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X .4L, ., ,. , , -. ' -m5x'.'.1'i'x-wa: -',::1,f.:gf'-:,,.f'ggzg-gr, , Q .V ,-,.g..fsx:.s:p5,.'5.w1,y,J. 7f UDLOIZLET U Ll. I7 U T LLL EDITOR IN CHIEF MAKE UP EDITOR PHOTOGRAPHY EDITOR PHOTOGRAPHER ADVISOR MARY HINRICHS JACK MCNEEL LOIS HENIGER BOB CRATES FLORENCEL BARTA I 7 f .., Z E K If E' l-i qi. .fXTIl.if.fill ,471 1: Ind IUJII Xjutfuf-L Vin: 5 IEEILLLIQLI CYEELI, Q IQIlmufEIz , iff. N 9 V . Av M .M .. -:- .Z S333 W ,law 5 'E .4 f , .R mf mwannunumw u . gf 0 5 M'7fZ?' W 's'95'i.,:'!a'4-W' if 94 3. . , ' " .v W qc sl,-60' f V . 6? 5. ww , . ' Q' 5K'i?'?',' , 'Q- '. ,Q 4. Ili ' :1f i' :' ii? M. . ..,. .. ,... . 5 4 43 Q35 4 we-if bi f 11 fs, ,v ,., ,W A , I .QQ av, Q -'M vw V y H - -:25::,:::-I, ,. , Kggvdb QP fi P 2255 .. - f , pg . 42 'Wg ' ..,.. fr - M 'W 53222 112 ,.:..,: - .. Q an , A -3 ,., is ,I ,25,.: . ix 5 ' ,E 1-3' B ,sg A an 65 .Q 4 f 'VW Q Q W J, sf .Q 1 - ' wif '- " ' ' Q V: fm iz g x . 2 zz -mga fa 2 3,155 Y iff. 1 - 1 Z7 g 'i , X W - -2 --::...: Q -::. ... ,R :,:f W ' W Tififiyfxv 1, . ' ' V..... soma, ww xaawm mm am: A nr ec vw4'w W X' 4 Q I g W LL7 Oc LL N braslca fury l-'ugh School the volce of The hrs? hugh school west of me Mlssourl may well be called the Ploneere of 49 lm thus changung world we prob ably have a great a challenge CIS dld our forefathers one d QLCHS ago Wher lhcy hravcd cermess determined lo bun d a clly lou thc pea c and se-corny ol thelr famllnee Today we need The some Lmdaumled splrlls lov ou: qenerallorl 'most mee? as great a challenge twat ol cx war lo o lcl and again build tor peace a serurlfy 7 1. F ,. l L A Q . , . . S- - - 1 . l '., . , . , , , . . . S . Ol , lwumclrv 'X 1 1 J ' 2 lhc? wil l ' , . I ' ., 'l 4 ' X Cl X 31 X "- ' . K f ' - g , l I P '- rm r' ' ' ' - md 9315 cmafioni f! Z? f' Z ff' I A ,3 Af, f Af' Qifl 127 , 1, f -l -,,,.. :5"'-it ,? XZ'- 334Z."'5", 5 5 -l- l,d,. il' .X W, , 2" 1: gf H .H F ,,- xf ' ff f . 0 Q- School Officials Faculty Seniors Underclassmen ,Z ,1" ,....f-- ,,,-- ",,. Supf. E. G. Lightbody It was only through the efficient supervision and guidance of the wagon masters that those prospec- tors and adventurist of eighteen hundred and forty- nine could accomplish what they set forth to do, Had it not been for the leaders their mission would have failed. Here in our school the superintendent, the prin- cipal and the board of education have served us faithfully as our wagon masters. They have con- tributed much towards the opportunities of our re- ceiving a better foundation of learning, and under- standing the many great tasks that will present themselves in the near future. We the members of the student body, will always remember it as a job well done. cz on asian Prin. Ely C. Feistner BOARD OF EDUCATION Reading left to right: Dan Hill, W. A. Williams, Dr. T. L. Weekes, Karl Nelson, Joy Hinrichs, Bernard Spencer, Frank Esser, Dr. H. D. Hebard, Dr. F. C. Reese, Supf. E. G. Lightbody. cz Laffy 0 V BYERS HELEN COULTER ROSS L ORGAN MARY ELLEN SLACK X B Peru State Teamher A B Omaha Lnnersltx A B Peru State Teacher: Three Xexr De me Dlpl fmt Shop Shorthand Txpeurltmg Shop Nlechamcal Dranmg P u State T0l1l19I C llt ct Bt kethull Knath bocloloex Trades and Induatrxes r 5 I mx AMELIA M PETERSON DON MCGAFFEV JESSIE W PLACE B S lll Education B F A LIIINEYSIIY of Nebraska A B Colmaflu lmxer ltx Noral Nluslc Inktrumental NIUSIC Ceneral Nlathematltg CORINNE S GILBERT SEVERIN B SORENSEN ULALA SMITH MARVIN L HOLSCHER lmxvr :tx of Nehra X B S4 uth Dakota I nner :tx X B Haute S1319 TQ'JlllPI'S hugh h B S Irma folleze College Bu men I- ugh h h0K'3ll0I13l Aerlrulture f0H1fIlGl'Cl3l -Xrlxanrcl Nl nt .. ','. 'S .. .. T 'L u'e':1 Q ' h' " ' . ' " er I 1- 'Q lu '4 1" 2 ' ' ' A ' L j ' ' Gi I" 'l I eical Ellllvllllllll .,'.- I . .. . V V' 'l .' l' . . . ' ' V' N' b' fuiverslty of Nebraska M. Mus. Univergity of Nebraska Commercial Mathemativf X. li. ' ' J A' .' 'Ska i. .fu ' ' " 5 j :. . .K ' ' A.B.l'vruS11m- Tr-.mln-lx ' ' N . ' l'hc'miNtr5 9'1j1 ' ' ' ' ."t,4h acufzf GEORGE 0. BLOCKER ELLEN L. ALBER ARTHUR B. MAJORS MARYLOUISE KENNEDY A. B. Peru State Teachers .L B, Vniversity of Nehrafka A. B. Peru State Teachers A. B. Lniversity of Nebraska Physical Education Languages A. M. University of Nebraska Dramatica Social Science English Science Debate .pu JV MARIANNE S IDA ROBERTS L, r uhm? DALE R HARVEY -X B Lnneisltx 0f'Xel1raska ITUIll9lllJl'xlll B S l nneisitx of 'Nebraska FH heh Funball and Track Coach Phx ical Education .v DORIS MCGAFFEY FLORENCE L BARTA DELLA W MAAS D W CHALOUPKA Dlrentor Guidance nc 51110 Teac iei B Lnixer in of Nebraska X B l lllN9I'SltX of Nebra ka 'Nl -X Inner ltx of Xelwra Nc 1 Vi orlfl Ce raphx DVIYIH COUFQC Cnnc Orientalmn Science AIIIEFICBII Historx Xl orld Hwtory ,ft , i RB ' i B. Full ge uf .xg if - - 4 - A 7 ' 5 5 ' ,, A' . .g. l , x S-.f f- A lf : I ' N fr? -4 .. - i' . ' .X,li,lVLl5'.2 "ls A. fv' .v z"' .. -l Q' ,. . ' " Q' W' A' ' Ska , 'lnnl l'i1lmlica!in1if ' 1 lv! D' fl 4 - The Senior Class of 49 is composed of 80 members A number of out standing honors have been earned by various members Charles Montgom ery won the only Outstanding superior at the Rocky Mountain De bate Contest over 400 students from ten states At this same meet Vlctor Gladstone and Charles were given the award of outstanding team Mary Ann Boerner won the state Good Cut izenship Contest sponsored by the D A R Roger Stuckenholtz made the All State football team Rodger Pntstick and Robert Gangel passed examinations for the Naval R O T C Other honors will be announced at Graduation Exercises SVZLO 'Zi SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS President Dayton Murphy J Vice President Bob Hoback Secretary Tom Weekes Treasurer Dick Clark SENIOR SPONSORS Ely Feistner Doris McGaffey Helen Coulter Don Chaloupka Un Jlflamo 'Liam This page is dedicated to Ted Kruger and Donald Keys, inseparable Senior com- panions, 'who were fatally injured in an automobile accident September 10, 1948. Ted was active both in Band and in the photography for the annual. Don was a -xy Boy Scout and a T. and I. student. Both were affiliated with the National Guard and worked at the local newspaper plant. Happy-go-lucky George Abbott pushed his burly frame through many a linesmen to help cop this year's Confer- ence Title. George lettered in Football this season and is a member of the Letterman's Club. Active in Band and Choir is Harold Andrews. Partici- pated in Band 2, 3 and 4 and lending his singing ability to the choir during 2, 3, and 4, he is also a member of this year's Mixed Octette. Harold devoted time and effort to the '49 Pioneer. Combining a variety of activities during his high-school career, David Barnes played Tackle for the '48 season and is now a new member of Letterman's Club. Active in Track 3 and 4, Mixed Octette 4 and FFA 2, 3, and 4, this blond-haired Iowan has a rollicking sense of humor. Majoring in a secretarial course, Marilyn Baucke has been a member of most of the school's organizations at one time or another. Marilyn has been a member of Choir 2, 3 and 4, and Girl's Sextette 3 and 4. She was a class officer 3, volleyball 2, Dramatics 3 and 4, and Guid- ance 3 and 4. Pep Club claimed her during 1 and 4. This Q BRICE BELL, JR. GEORGE BILLINGSLY JUNE BLEVINS MARY ANN BOERNER TOM BOSWORTH ARDELL BREMER cute brunette was also selected as this year's Carnival ueen. GEORGE ABBOTT HAROLD ANDREWS DAVID BARNES MARILYN BAUCKE .mio 'za Brice Bell a carefree, happy fellow plans to be a theater projectionist after completing high-school. We wish him much success. Answering to the nickname of Bungs, George Billingsley is an active, alert young man. George plans to become a dry cleaner. Dark-haired, dark-eyed June Blevins has been active in GAA throughout her high-school days, A member for three years, she has also been an officer for two years. Honey-blonde Mary Ann Boerner has taken part in many activities during her three years here. A member of the Otoean Staff 3 and 4, she was co-editor this year. She also held position of Bookkeeper for the annual. A member of Guidance 4, Pep Club 3 and 4, Cheerleader 3 and 4. She has also lent her voice to the choir during 2. 3 and 4, and is a member of the Girl's Octette, Mary Ann has been in the upper 10 per cent of the class during 2 and 3, and was chosen 1949 Choir Sweetheart. Actively associated with Band, Tom Bosworth has been a member during 1, 2, 3 and 4. Participating in B Football and intramurals, cheerful, cooperative Tom has been a great asset to the Class of '49. Slim, blonde Ardell Brenner has participated in Choir during 1 and 4. Also a member of the Pep Club 2, this striking girl was selected as NCH's 1948 Snow Queen. Tall, active Dick Clark has carried our school colors throughout the entire four years. Lettering in Football during 2, 3 and 4, Basketball 3 and 4, Track 2, 3 and 4, the Letterman's Club has also claimed his membership. A class officer for four years and Guidance 3 and 4, hand- some Dick has contributed much time and effort to pro- moting the glory of NCHS. Petite, blonde Sherry Clites has held membership in many of the school's organizations. A member of Pep Club 1 and 4, Guidance 4, and Volleyball 2, 3, and 4, Sherry has also been on the Otoean Staff during 2, 3, and 4, and was co-editor this year. This zestful, energetic Miss was also one of NCI-IS's 1948 representatives at Girl's State. Small, but aggressive Eugene Cody was Student Man- ager during 2, Upper 10 per cent 1, and a class officer 1. Lending his talents to the Otoean 3 and Letterman's Club 2, 3, and 4, Cody is sure to be found where there is any excitement. Quiet, dark Darrell Cottingham has been a choir mem- ber during 3 and 4 and active in Intramural. Majoring in debate this year, Darrell is also a member of the National Forensic League. BOB CRATES TOM CRUICKSHANK CHARLOTTE DISHONG JACK DISHONG DONALD DIXON DICK CLARK SHERRY CLITES EUGENE CODY DARRELL COTTINGHAM into 'za Tall, angular Bob Crates is the crack photographer of the Otoean and Yearbook staff. Transferred from Kansas City, this lanky fellow was active in varsity football this season. Always on the go, Bob is rarely seen not chewing gum. Shy, pleasant Tom Crulckshank has been active in In- tramural Basketball. He played football for the Reserves during 3 and 4. Slender, friendly Charlotte Dishong has been very ac- tive in girl's athletics during the four years. A member of GAA during 2, 3, and 4, and Volleyball 3 and 4, Charlotte also found time to be a member of Pep Club during 2, 3, and 4. Choir claimed her during 2. Likable, cheerful Jack Dishong was active in Track 2 and 3. A relay star, Jack will work after receiving his diploma. Donald Dixon, an ardent sportsman is quiet, and re- served. He plans to work after completing his education. Handsome, witty Bob Dore has given most of his extra- curricular time to athletics. Seeing Football action during 3 and 4 Basketball 4, Bob was elevated to the Letter- man's Club this year. This friendly chap was also out for Track in 3. Robert Duncan's schedule was kept filled by his FFA duties. Quiet, shy Bob was a member of this organization during all four years. A combination of Choir and FFA claimed most of Jerry Dyer's leisure time. Impish, dependable Jerry has been associated with choir 2, 3, and 4, and FFA 1, 2, 3, and 4. Friendly, unassuming Donald Ehlers also majored in FFA throughout high-school. Active in FFA in 1, 2, 3, and 4, adept Don has gained many friends because of his pleasant attitude toward people and life. BOB EMSHOFF MARILYN ENGH CLARENCE ESSER EUSTELLA ESSER PAT FLEMING ROGER FOX BOB DORE ROBERT DUNCAN JERRY DYER DONALD EHLERS 5125074 Quiet, studious Bob Emshoff has been active in farming all through high-school. Majoring in agriculture this year, Bob plans to farm after graduation. Small, blonde Marilyn Engh has lent her singing talent 'Sf' to the Choir 2, 3, and 4. and Girl's Sextette 4. Attending Girlls State last year and ranking in the upper 10 per cent 1, 2, and 3. Marilyn was also Secretary of the Pep Club this year. Attractive Marilyn plans to enter nursing after graduation. Tall, likable Clarence Esser has majored in Shop and is interested in mechanics. Clarence has a remarkable talent for mechanical devices. Blonde, talkative Eustella Esser participated in Choir 2, and Pep Club 3. Working at a local theater after school, this happy, charming girl was active on the Otoean Staff 3 and 4. Pat Fleming was kept busy by various activities. Pep Club claimed her 1, 2, and 3. Active in GAA during 1, 2, 3, and 4, Volleyball 3 and 4. This small, pretty brunette was also a member of this year's Guidance Council. Quiet, co-operative Roger Fox majored in FFA during all four years. This tall, friendly fellow plans to farm after graduation. ,po Another Future Farmer. active Bill Francois also made farming his high-school career. FFA claimed his spare time all four years. Versatille, dependable Richard Gamlin has been a member of the Band during 1. 2. 3. and 4. Dick also play- ed Football the past season. Full of fun and hard work sum up his traits. An excellent leader, Bob G-angel was elected to National Honor Society during 3. Playing Football and Basketball 4, Bob is also a member of the Letterman's Club and Guidance Council. Cheerful and co-operative, he has lent his vocal chords to the Bass Section of the Choir 3 and 4. Enthusiastic, cute Mary Jo Gaskill has combined various activities to add to her 'memory bo0k'. Volleyball attract- ed her 3 and 4. GAA 1, 2, and 3, and Pep Club 4. Gifted with a beautiful voice, Mary Jo has been a Choir member during 2, 3, and 4, and is also a soloist. ANNA GAWART KENNETH GILSON VICTOR GLADSTONE BARBARA GRUNDMAN ALLEN HENG RUTH ANN HENG BILL FRANCOIS RICHARD GAMLIN BOB GANGEL MARY JO GASKILL endow Aimable Anna Gawart has been a member of GGA dur- ing all four years. Pep Club 2 and 3, Volleyball 3 and 4, and Guidance 3, comprise the extra-curricular activities of this likable girl. Handsome, dark Kenneth Gilson has given freely of his time to aid anyone who called upon him. Kenny played Football and has been active in Choir 2, 3, and 4. Adept at science and math, Victor Gladstone was se- lected to National Honor Society during 3. A vigor- ous Debater 3 and 4, and a member of the National For- ensic League, Victor has been in the upper 10 per cent 1. 2, and 3. He is also a member of the Guidance Council. Beautiful Barbara Grundman has been very busy dur- ing high-school. Associated with Choir 1, 2, 3, and 4, up- per 10 per cent 1 and 3, Pep Club 1 and 4, cheerleader 2, 3, and 4, this charming brunette was also elected to Na- tional Honor Society during 3. A Class Officer 1, 2, and 3. 'Bobbie' has been on Guidance 3 and 4. Quiet Allen Heng plans to farm in the future. Active in FFA 1, 2, 3, and 4 pleasant Allan was in the upper 10 per cent 1 and 2. Ruth Ann Heng is one of those 'rare personsf. Always willing' to help whenever needed, this happy blonde plans to work after graduation. Answering to 'Lu', Lois Heniger has devoted much time and effort to the Annual 3 and 4, being Junior Editor and Photography Editor, respectively. A member of Guidance 4, Choir 4, and Pep Club 4, attractive Lois plans to continue her schooling upon graduation. Blonde, vivacious Mary Hinrichs was Editor-in-Chief for the '49 Pioneer. Serving as Junior Editor 3, in Band 1, 2, 3, and 4, Choir 2, 3, and 4, Octet 4, and Guidance 4, charming Mary was also elected to National Honor Society 3. She has been in the upper 10 per cent of the class dur- ing 1, 2, and 3. Tall, handsome Bob Hoback has been a member of the Letterman's Club for four years. Playing Football 2, 3, and 4, Basketball 3 and 4, Bob also was a track man during l, 2, 3, and 4. A Class Officer 4, Choir 2, 3, and 4, B0y's State 3. and Guidance Council 4 complete his crammed .fix social ticket. Short, attractive Dolores Hoyle has been associated with the Otvean 2, 3. and 4. Also aiding on Yearbook 4 and known for her vim and vigor, this girl is sure to lead a successful life. JANET JANES MERCEDES KRAMER JEAN KREIFELS JOYCE KREIFELS EVELYN KUHLMAN EUGENE LECHNER -J Q LOIS HENIGER MARY HINRICHS BOB HOBACK DOLORES HOYLE into 'zz Reserved, cute Janet Janes came here from Junction City, Kansas. A member of Choir 3 and 4, Janet has majored in a secretarial course and plans a career along these lines. Slim, pretty Mercedes Kramer has wavered to athletics. Volleyball has claimed her all four years and GAA l. Gift- ed With a wonderful personality 'Merc' has lent her voice to Choir during 2, 3, and 4. Combining forces here, we pause to enumerate on Jean Kreifels. Having an almost identical twin has added to her zestful attitude, this spicy blonde plans to be a sec- , retary after graduation. both. Not to be outdone by her twin, Joyce Kreifels has also concentrated on becoming a secretary, Peppy, co-oper- ative Joyce should go far in the world. Best of luck to Tall, dependable Evelyn Kuhlman was a member of this year's Band, Ranking in the upper 10 per cent l and 2, charming Ex elyn plans to become a nurse. Eugene Lechner, both likable and helpful, belonged to FFA l, 2. 3. and 4, and Choir 4. He is undecided as to his future plans. Cheerful Wanda LeCure has been in Choir 2, 3 and 4. A member of the Pep Club 1, this pretty brunette plans to be an office worker. Being both versatile and witty, John Marks has a splendid school record. Attending Boys' State 3, John has been a member of the Lettermans Club 2, 3 and 4. Choir claimed him 4 and debate 3. Ranking in upper 10 per cent 1, 2 and 3, John is also a member of National Forensic League. Curly-haired Jack McNeel has been kept active by Band 1, 2, 3 and 4, and Choir 1, 2, 3 and 43 Pep Band 2. 3 and 4. A member of Guidance Council 3 and 4, handsome Jack was Art Editor on this year's annual. Adept at acting, curly-headed Richard Mead kept the audience in stitches with his fine performance in '48 Junior Class Play. Dick also played B Football. ROBERT MEAD BETTY MILLET CHAS. MONTGOMERY D. J. MURPHY JR MARJORIE PETERS JOHN PETERSON WANDA LE CURE JOHN MARKS JACK MCNEEL RICHARD MEAD I EIZLO 'Zi Tall, husky Robert Mead was active in FFA 1, 2, 3 and 4. Bob also played football during 3 and 4 and was a member of Letterman's Club 3 and 4. Light-brown-haired Betty Millet has devoted her time to prepare for a teaching career. Cute Betty plans to teach country-school next fall. Good-looking Charles Montgomery has played the drum for the Band 1, 2, 3 and 4. A member of Choir 4, Guid- ance 4, Debate 3 and 4, vigorous 'Charlie' was also head- cheerleader this year. In addition, the National Forensic League has claimed him during 3 and 4. Handsome, agile D. J. Murphy, Jr., has been a class of- ficer all four years. A four-year member of the Letterman's Club, 'Murph's' athletic career includes Football 2, 3 and 4, Basketball 3, and Track 1, 2, 3, and 4. A member of National Honor Society 3, upper 10 per cent 1, and holding important positions on Otoean Staff 2, 3, and 4, have kept this attractive fellow plenty busy. Perserving Marjorie Peters has been a conscientious debater during 3 and 4.A member of the National Forensic League. Dramatics 3 and 4, and upper 10 per cent 2, Marjorie is always willing to assist when needed. Clever, nice-looking John Peterson has been a member of the Lettern1an's Club all four years. Participating in FFA 1 and 2, Track 1, 2, 3, and 4. Football 4 and Otoean 2. 3, and 4. John plans to be a mortician. Captivating Rodger Pitstick's name is often to be found on the school's Honor Roll. Playing Football 4, Track 3, Choir 2, 3, and 4, Boys Octette 4, upper 10 per cent 1, 2, and 3, and Letterman's Club 4, 'Rodge' was also a class oficer 2. Dramatics claimed him 1, 3, and 4. Sparkling, pert Jo Ann Placek has been a member of Choir 2 and 4, and Pep Club 4. This brunette has majored in a secretarial course. A mid-year graduate Carol Pope Roddy is both efficient and industrious. A member of GAA 2, 3, and 4, and Pep Club 3, we wish her the best of luck. Small, sweet Alberta Printz has been active in Band 2, 3, and 4, and Choir 2, 3, and 4. BETTY PRINTZ MARY ANN SCHOMERUS SHIRLEY SHARP DON SHERIDAN HAROLD SPEAKMAN JEANETTE STOCKER RODGER PITSITICK JO ANN PLACEK CAROL POPE RODDY ALBERTA PRINTZ 5125015 Planning on a teaching career, attractive Betty Printz has been a member of NCHS Choir during 2, 3, and 4. Slender, magnanimous Mary Ann Schomerus has par- ticipated in Choir 2, 3, and 4. She was also a member of this year's Girls' Octette. An ardent member of GAA 2, 3, and 4, and Pep Club 3. Shirley Sharp also worked at a favorite hang-out of the N. C. H. S. students after school. Don 'Deedle' Sheridan was a trackman 2 and 3, Letter- man's Club 2, 3, and 4, and Choir 3. Exciting Don was employed at Woo1worth's under the T. and I. program. Harold Speakman is an authoity on Home Permanents. This curly-haired fellow likes to hunt and fish. Good-natured Jeanette Stocker has been very active throughout high-school. A member of Dramatics 3 and 4, Pep Club 1 and 4, and Yearbook 4. Jeanette's sunshiny disposition has gained her many friends. Slow and easy-going Allan Strange is a new member of the Letterman's Club. Active in FFA 1, 2, 3, and 4 and Football 4, 'Allie' plans to work after graduation. "Smooth," describes lanky Roger Stukenholtz. An active athlete. 'Stuk' was a member of the All-State Football Team this year. Active in Debate 4, Football 3 and 4, Basketball 3 and 4. Letterman's Club 3 and 4, and Choir 2 and 4, attractive Stukenholtz was also a four-year member of FFA. Small, muscular Rollan Stukenholtz claimed member- ship in Football 4, FFA 1, 2, 3, and 4, Choir 2, 3, and 4, Guidance 4 and Letterman's Club 4. Active 'Rollie' plans to farm. Were. there, everywhere, is an accurate description of Robert Trail. A member of FFA 1, 2. 3, and 4, and Choir 2 and 3, 'Bob' is known for his ability to converse. NOEL TRIDLE FRIYTZ VOGES EARL WEBB, JR. TOM WEEKES NAOMI WIRTH BILL YOST ALLAN STRANGE ROGER STUKENHOLTZ ZOLLAN STUKENHOLTZ ROBERT TRAIL .mio 'za Pert, Noel Tridle is also known as 'Queeniei Besides being '48 Homecoming Queen, Noel belonged to Band 1, 2, 3, and 4, Choir 2, 3, and 4, GAA 1, Dramatics 4 and Guidance 4. Amiable Noel plans to become a nurse. Talented, sleek Fred Voges answers to the name of 'Fritz'. A member of Otoean 3 and 4, and Boy's Octette 4, 'Fritz' wants to attend art school. Dependable Earl 'Buddy' Webb is going to Peru State Teachers College where he plans to take up coaching. Lacking in height but not in ability, jovial Tom Weekes played Football 3 and 4. Basketball claimed him 3 and 4, Choir 2, 3, and 4, Letterman's Club 3 and 4, Guidance 4, and Class Officer 4. Popular Tom was chosen Choir King for 1949. Pretty, efficient Naomi Wirth has been a member of Choir during 2, 3, and 4. Working at a local drug-store part-time, Naomi is going into the secretarial field after graduation. Quiet, smiling Bill Yost was active in Intramural Basket- ball 1, 2, 3, and 4. Bill was one of the top scorers during '48-'49 Intramural Season. LU2 LO 'Zi CLASS SPONSORS Ross Organ Cormne Gulbert Ulala Smuth Della Maas Maruanne Srb Thus Jumor Class us composed of forty nune gurls and forty eught boys In the fall they gave theur play The Nught of January 'I6th Thus was an unusual play un that ut had twenty sux characters Funds from thus entertaunment wull be used to defray the expenses of the annual Junuor Senuor Prom held un May Sunce a full time speech Instructor has been employed by the Board of Educatuon members of the class take one seme ter of speech un the Junuor Year Rungs ordered early un the fall made theur arruval un January These were un varuous suzes and colors of gold and stones but all of the the same desugn Class members competed for top places un musuc dramatucs and athletucs These wuth theur puctures are lusted un the varuous actuvutues Perhaps the chuef hobby of the Class of 50 was the lead they took sponsorung after game n formal dances un the Junuor Hugh Recreatuon Room CLASS OFFICERS Jum Lughtbody Stanley Supple Margue Roser Max Kutzelman . ,, . H . . . . 1 ' ' . C . . . , .. . , . , . . . , . . - I . PHYLLIS ADAMS DAVID C. CASE MYRNA BEADLESTON JUNE COOK LEONARD C. BEHRENDS BEVERLY COOPER JIM BISCHOF DEAN CRUIKSHANK MARY ELLEN BOSWORTH DONNA DEE DEMING VERA BROERS ANGIE EDMISTEN A! 3- if if 1' HN KN 'Vi if 41' 1: vs Q-J .-nv' QAJ ff" "7 ARNOLD B. EHLERS VAN LEE FLETCHER NORMAN EHMKE NANCY FOUTS MARYELLEN ESSER BETTY GAWART LOUISE EVERETT LE Rox GILMORE MARCELLA FAHRLANDER EUGENE GOFF DON FLAU SARA LEE GOLDEN HANS GOSCH BOB HANSEN CLARA LOU GREENROD PHYLLIS HEINKE DON GRIFFIN DONA HEMPHILL ANNA LOU GUN N MARY ELLEN HEN G KEITH GUTHALS BARBARA L. HERZOG ROBERT HAMMON S ERWIN HERZOG BERNARD KREIFELS JIM LIGHTBODY HAROLD KREIFELS GORDON MARTS RUTH KRUGER DARLENE MILLER NORMA LANDIS MERLE MORROW JO ANN LEIDIGH BOB MURPHY RICHARD LESLIE JOHN NELSON LORRAINE ROHSE RAY SHERIDAN MARGIE ROSER EUGENE O. SHIRLEY SALLY ROSS STANLEY SIPPLE RICHARD ROWEN JIM SKINNER WILLIAM RAY SCHREINER DELORES SMITH LOIS SHARP MARTHA SN YDER Jan., iw and di sl' ff fin' mir 404 ,.anv" w 0035 ,Aff VERL STETNSHOUER NORMA JEAN TRITSCH MARGARET STOEWE A LVIN TURNER MARY ANN STOLL AGNES VARENHORST NANCY STOOKER BARBARA WESTFALL JEANENE THOMAS DARLENE WURTELE IRENE THOMPSON CLIFFORD STOKES 5012501120155 A E I Ihr H cLAss OFFICERS fl' President .,.......... RONNIE RYDER Vlce President CLAIRE CONLEY Secretary JACKIE PICKERING Treasurer LOU STEPHENSON CLASS SPONSORS Severin Sorenson Art Mayors Marvm Holsher Florence Barta CLASS HISTORY and twenty the largest class ln school Thus class has won highest honors several tnmes scho lastlcally These honors have extended Into other fnelds as well Marcella Lollman and Pat McMlllan quallfned for The Thesplan Society Pat also made the Debate Team Music ns one of theur many flelds wlth more than twenty an the seventy piece hugh school band One third of the mnety pnece robed chonr are 5lers Several boys are rapldly approachlng the top In athletics Ronnie Ryder lettered In football and basketball thus year ln the Sophomore Class there are sixty-five girls and fifty-five boys, totaling one-hundred MISS SRB. Absent: Verlene Creek. BACK ROW Left to right Roy Keith Bryant Bob Burden Carl Crouse Donald Dunlap Steve Allee Ronald DeVorss Edward Bosworth Earl B1ere Bob Balfour THIRD ROW Donna Dlllman Betty Boyd Mary Lee Campbell Mardella Chllders John Crates Kenneth Courter James Butterbaugh B1llB1urnel Donald Borrall SECOND ROW Laura Lee Bosworth Clalre Conley Vernus Abbott Bermce Dennis Lucllle Cox Janet Baker FIRST ROW Charlene Cook Betty Dlxon Frances Belre Patty Bell Barbara Balfour MR SORENSEN THIRD ROW Left to nght R1chard Frederlck Alan Grauf Harold Harroun Charles Gess Don Halle Aldean Grundman Jack Haupt SECOND ROW Mary Frances Hanley Lucllle Glles Eleanor Gullllatt Mary Emshoff Ellen Goff RhOblE Hauptman Mlna Haley Mary Lee Dunlap FRONT ROW Illa Gawart Ida Graham Nadlne Frakes Pat ETWIH V1rg1n1a Hagar June Gess Loretta Fenton Donna Esser - 1 1 1 1 P . 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - W 1 1 1 - 1- , . 1 y 1 1 - - - , 1 1 1 "' 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 . . . 1 1 1 . MISS KENNEDY Absent R1chardMered1th BACK ROW Left to rrght B111 Haupt B111 Herman Melvm Krexfels Lloyd Howell John Kuhlman Vernon Krelfels Happy Klndred Norbert Lechner John Krelfels THIRD ROW A J Jones Bllly M1ller Marlon Lechner Joan Leeper Dorls Herzog Warrel McCowan Edvun Heng Floyd KIHDISOH Francls Mlllet SECOND ROW Jeanette Lechner Patrlcxa McM1llen Coletta Lechner Dorrs Hoffman Marllyn Lundln Marcella Lollman Thelma Horner Rlta Henlger FIRST ROW Elxzabeth McCowan Lors Lathrop Joyce Kruger Barbara Lechner Maxxne Helser Mary Hebard Jean Hxggms MISS SMITH Absent Sh1rleyTr1tsch BACK ROW Left to rxght Robert Peterson Jackle Prxest Ronny Ryder R1chard Whrted Allen Schrerner Loran Patton Leo Maybee Thomas Sorensen Don Strlder Bob Reese THIRD ROW Edvun Peters Rlchard Voges Marwlyn Ph1ll1ps Barbara Pope M1t1z1 Reese Joan Spencer Mary Donna Wler Donna Stearns Charlxe Plckerlng SECOND ROW Phyllls Voges Charlotte Rams Elxzabeth Mlller Jane Spencer Jacklyn Plckerlng Ardell Wllhelm FRONT ROW Darlene Rogers Joan Roach Shxrley Moore Mary Ann Moyer Lou Stephenson , t , . .. ... Y I J,,,V,,,,,,., . . , . . - - - y , , . , - P Y. . , . . - , , , . - , - , , , . . , x 2 . .I . . ,M 1 - ..., . - . . , . . . r- ..., . , , . , . Cyan O 52 FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS LARRY EMMONS ........... President JOYCE FUNKE ......... Vice-President CAROL GRUNDMAN ........ Secretary CAROLYN CONKLING ....... Treasurer FRESHMAN CLASS SPONSORS Ellen Albers O V Byers Marylounse Kennedy Jessne Place Home Room Officers reading left to right Ralph Peterson Gordon Pllmore Leonard Kreufels Jack Golden Nia. Home Room Offlcers reading left to rnght Slwlrley Home Room Offlcers reading left to right Janus Clark Janet Fullruede Joyce Funke Carolyn Conklmg Tnede Barbara Sharp Carol Ransdell Bob Thlesfeld 2 1 I 3 , . l ' I 1, 3 4 'T , ff v A-5 ' f ,,:: ..,. I .. . , W F-.,,: . H, , V V :i nf .wff I I I ' I l I ' MISS Albers Home Room Readlng from left to rlght Front row Joyce Funke Carolyn Conk Img Nancy Garreans Jeanette Bretthorst Mary Lou D2.V1S0l1 Second row Janet Fullrlede Mar 1or1e Behrends Dorothy Glllxsple Dorothy Dlshong Rose Marle Cook Third row Shlrley Clark Joan Connors VaDonna Compton Carol Broers Connle Bohl L1la Colhns Back row Mark Cor dell Verl1n Axles Dlck Copenhaver Larry Emmons Lyle Bennett Cleo DeW1tt Rlchard Earl Leo Flemmg awavmuvalbamlsailxdivf 50 can ' as u 'Md lin. Mrs G1lberts Home Room Readmg from left to rlght Front row Beverly James Elleen Goff IaVerne Paben Eleanor Moore Esther Myers VlCklC LeCure Second row Leonard Krelfels Gordon Pllmore Rosemary Palnter Opal Hoback Betty Mulllgan Carol Ann Grundman Ralph Peterson Jack Golden Ronald Helnke Back row Donald Glover Dean Lyon Jerry Nlday Jerry Hall Arlen Grxepenstroh Don Kuhlman J1m Hart Chalmer Hawthorne . . 8 . . D ' ' - . . V . - . V V - V V V . V V V V Y 1 1 1 ' v - - V V V V V V y A x K, . . 'M I i M M6 Q " X "' f A A A Q vs ev' A 1 x W, i V , , .. V - , I-P V I lr'w ' S i Vg: l 2 5 3 , -,ali Xl". :UW .1 , Z 4 rl, -fa riffs? Y Q r . x'7' 5 P ' aw 3 v 6 fm " "'- Q. , ... I V . ' ' ' ' V V V ' , . . - . V V V 1 V . l . . 'V V . ,' V V V V .1 . 1 - in V - v , . . . . awwwwx WW we WM ww was 'abr fr :lr 3 Mrs Places Home Room Readlng from left to r1ght Front row Vlfglllla SlI'llI'l'lS lVI'l1g'1lSf, Swlnney Barbara Sharp Joan Royer Donna Bell Carol Ransdell Velda Wnth Sallye P1tst1ck Second row Charlotte Wrlght Esther Sorensen Patrlcla Sammons Nxna Poggemevel Joann Ramold Jams Tlede Patty Stoll Margaret Raben Back row Betty Smlth Geo1ge Schvxe1tzer Kenneth Wmklehake Dale Stukenholtz Bob Thlesfeld Robert Pursel Halry Tyson Perry Slms B111 Rudd 'K 4 Q x, X Freshman Glrls Glee Club-Readlng from left to rlght Front ron V1ck1e LeCu1e Crnol Rans dell, Carol Broers Rose Marle Cook Velda Wlrth Betty Mulhgan Opal Hoback Janet Fullx 1ede Vlrglnxa Slmms Second rovx Patty Stoll Joyce Funke Connle Bohl Joan Connors Pillllild Sam mons Margaret Sv-lnney Sallve Pltstlck Shlrlex Clark Back roxx LRVGIHC Paben Dolothx Gllllspxe Carol Ann Grundman Mary Lou Dawson VaDonna Compton Maleaxet Rane n Jo Ann Ramold Rose Mary Palnter Joan Royer, Eleanor Moore 2'2 " ' 'S ' 3 LT. " X ':::.a::- wif' xv- 3- ':ia52gsg.5si 1.3.5 5' x V '. 5i...fI'.5 4 , C . , .J J . ..drr -l,- .N 1 er " A '.-fe:: .1::ffI'3f H ' ' B W Y W pw wif' f 5 Q N N Q 5 Q 'S 1 - l 'ix ,M Q 2 4 Sv N V x f . 5 - Q42 ' 5 xii , Q' W2 ' G 5 2 rg l . 1 - ' ' ,V - .4 - - K . .C . ..s.q:g,l?- 1 if Q una f if-"-' l-""' ,i ff' 4? i4 , ir 7-'V fZ Vff .55 Q' 4f4""' ,,-- ' " fm 5.1, fff ,, -55' 'l j- ,gf-G-if 41' mr? ,si"' V 'idy - '2' 'f -- 4 fi' - - f -V ' ,f -V7 1 f s J, s ",'V s 5' f"' .af f I I '4 ' - ' ' lik Ztii ilu-"" Q Q" 11 -i .,. al i.. ,f Y. ip: - ipfff is ,xg-'aibf-a5igtJ X 5' ,M Y K Z' 1,4 2 fig? xanilv -Z -A -f' E! " 1 'sgf,f'-5, ' QM' - ' if., -,V. 'EI i . 'jf f f - fd .cv'.f-' 'f,,.f-3' , 1 Ml fl -l Z, V V if X Y W al , Y ,f X 7 if 'Y Q Q! aff :Ti Z4 -sf " WMS n,. 0 X? XXX 2 ,ff-' as .ag XX ,Zid- ' H-4271 'If 1 I if fi, X12 141 f-:.-I ' Journalism Guudunce Vocahonul Classes ' 4 1 - 5 , jf fA V 'f f '51,-f'f-E"'3-5"'L "if V ' .-f In yn" , A -3 ff ' is- ,, . Y , inf' J, ,YV H- f ,L ,V , ,ff 1, if-f ,,-f' ,lf 4- , ,ij K , - ,.---'-4 . f ' ' 'fa ' iv , ,5 -" !,,g,-- i , 7,5 'VV f ,I - , ' - "'i-f' ' V -,, 1-flff 'f- 1' ' , V 4 4k 4" 4 --Q , -" V K 'Z ff- f 4 if , 2 :1 f- . , . , , -Q, -4 - ,' ' - - -- ' fl:-" , 1-1 11' , ",. K ,.. 7. .. Q.-' f-ffl-L ' s 4 " F: ig is' ' -V'? 1:34221-555 :4 f .lf - V . - ' : 4 'Z 5' , V, 4 ' ' . ' Zi- 3,7 A, .. f, H V 'TL , " 'pil 4 ' Lf- I ' ,. , f-1 .- ,. fi-. - V' , s 4, j- '-- - . . 4-gggs, , f' V ' ' ,. -7 .fn fgegf- :-,.. 1 V -' f,-.Kf"'?- , 'I,i,,,.r ' . ,f""'f ' ' f V - - ' -- f- -- f' V, K 'Lf' - 4:-1 -. MV- C , ,, - -f - V - .-7 if 7:1--. f - 'ffff A ,Lf --Q -V ff-ff H- - ,LQ , " Eff f , "' .? if ' "-47.5, ,G ,., 'f-I Vi , -. Y ff' ,, ff V ,,?.2? - 1-' .ff-5' ' J -" , , ' ' ' "' f ' ' jr, VV My 'ff-if '54 -"V" if ., B f . ' , , : if Z f Y - " ,X V - ' -1, ,..,- V - 7 -j:1- . V K 4 A A -K -Y , A ,, , - , k Q' r ,V'. .W , -7-" ,:. 'C 'J' ' - ' ' V J ' '- -vi-'f 'ss f' 4' 4' 4' j 1 ' dvi-- qv- j X T Y - Y . ,- X "' -"' f 1 s' - Q V' V' - , -' """-' , 4 Q -. I., , .1 -- Ir, 2 ff Y, VJ.. , ""' ' ' 'fffr ' " ,,--'-V' -- 3 fer- ,. - - - s -A -- , 31:2 ' f,,f.4,V' X -'N -V E .-'- f . ff-,,: - -- A , A A --' .1 ' ,2" - 1-V - A- V f -' - -K - 1 ff' 1--lr' , ff - 1 ,f"' gl - ,V .LM - 4', AL' " f",f', -2- , 21- 1, ,JV ff' - 1 - - ' 4 -', --- ' ,g-ff. ' . , - - - if , 0 , ., 4 w fl-I V- . ' - . 4. -, 'Q V , , " Y- 2 V ' 1- ' , jr Us f " 6 1 - ' " ,- ' v gf - VV,,. 'I . V, "K ,--',- X 1 3' ' Y-- V ' 4-. f V--' ,.," - ,f ,ff . .- Vf' rf - 6. - fs , X f ,V , ,.f .- V ,-.,,,, , , 1 - A -L-" -:-f.: 'S,4f ff V V' KV , 4 , A - . ,, 9 - . f -. :.,,-- f---' ff' V , ,ff -- N -- ,,,.. p - fl T- K' AES. X - ff: ff! i s , 'X 1 - i "fi, , -A , - V V f - ,ff . - f -.., ,KQV fgffjf ,, '- fs " ' V ' nl x ' 3 " ff' if V . " A ' -- ' ' ' -Jo., ' ' 4- - I ' ""' ...sf .. ' ' , ' " , V V Q' -ff I V - ':-- V ' ,us , f " J ,r- 1 X " f I f ' 'fry , gf" .-f-- ' A - , -1 ff X. K X I f ' in , -f-" - ,- . " -- ' . f' 15 V 1 1 'f . "'-1. '- .? ,.. 2 'X I .X 1 4, V 4 , 5 A 'V . " ' , 'F f f . ' , xg V A ,r ' ,, ,. ' . V ff ' , - ,Q . , X 4 . ' ' 3 g 'V In Z X ,C ' - ' K ,L H v Qk .I f , ' if ' i ' . P , J f ' f f' mv . v X . f - - ,, ' . - ' ' , , ' ' ,. - '- '18, ' ff-, X ' , K 2 - I 4 !' .N - v, X 5 - x ',f , ' V ' -f , , x fu' ' NN A . . I ,V I V, -lr' 1, Ex -sbs V ,v ' ' 1 I , Wg f. Th -V ' " I I W1 s fvsg , , f,,- -fs , s . X. uw kv sf , V. J, ., I - , . U 4. 7 . , ,,f V f ,,,.-5 V 1- ,,'- '. . i , X, 7 , 4' if -.'. , - . I fb rf, - , 4 fr y "' 5' , '. - -7,4 ldfv - ' 5 V1 .-.,.. - .' X fvj, 1 .411 - 'w A - . Z - ' I AQ, ,,,- ' ' ' Zi- ' - ,- 1 1 , , .-V . ' ' VL, . ,-A-. ' Va -' . . foacm P10 R93 tuI'Sd dlng libov I2 B0 fro I 6 at 0 I'y L G Pete Ollt the 113 98 -V ,3 me o BO 05111126 11521: avllgbgrs of at e es an es an 286 F Ofve d 3ettyZLOrra1nred Vogean Staff QVQI 6112110 S Se S ary Band The Otoean the fIrst hIgh school paper Issued west of the MIssourI IS servIng ITS 28th year 'For the student body of N C H b .Q The paper tmanced entIrely by advertIsIng and Qftlw Juglbpje staffed by hlgh school students IS publIshed seml 050 what monthly wlth T6 complete edItIons per school year IS el' el 1- S H5012 o 6305 OSC P10 ofa!-Uflzg O10 ScholastIc Press ASSOCIGYIOH and the Nebraska Hlgh 110.95612 tb School Press ASSOCIOTIOH Our paper IS a charter member of the Natlonal BegInnIng and advanced Journallsm as well as The Otoean IS supervIsed thIs year by Mrs Florence Barta A L Seated at the table are some advanced IournalIsts and theIr Instructor Mrs Florence Barta They are readIng from left to rlght Junlor Murphy sports edutor Mary Ann Boerner Co edItor In f'hIef Mrs Florence Barta Instructor Sherry ClItes Co edItor In ChIef Dolores Hoyle and Stan SIpple reporters 4 i If W. as A11 A I - '12 th 8 1 E ,eh Hbj ar 1111 . Nthe n , , I. , , b D , 6 h . , ' M ' . . . S. 8 . . - 1 S to , f ., Q and . . . v ' fig? ,eall 5,811,985 E17 .8311 Q mei of W r o ' ' 1' . ' . . . . U 11 Q 6. z g IS . . C, . pic, W '72 After having a very successful yearbook QM- -so . r, cOn1e'5 . E the Plonee TheY are hs edi10f'l'1'Ch5l1+Ci me"'be'S'ym aischoi' .WDLOIZEST Mary HinrlC ' Yearbook te Sxocker, ' - Heni- me of 'he ' ht- Jeonet B sworthf Lols . 9 -I o Tgghdiig frQr1'12iel:sAZJrilH1nrlCl:Si 23:25. Tod Honlrmrigneel, and She' Y .109 gefi ,A449""' or the 5 fnony me chedule lceepabove ore Sok a for the year 1948, the class of '49 decided to sponsor the project this year. This was a huge responsibility for it not only en- tailed the gigantic task of raising S2,000, but the planning, writing, and photog- raphy needed to be blended together to achieve a smooth, complete picture history of the year. Money was raised for the PIONEER by selling magazine subscriptions for the Curtis Publishing Company and by giving the annual All-School Carnival on November 12. Advertising also made up a large percentage of the funds. The theme, the hundredth anniversary of the trek across Nebraska, was carried out on the division pages by pen sketches drawn by Jack McNeel. Under the very able supervision of Mrs. Florence Barta, the staff members worked together as a team. No task was too great, no time too limited, no responsibility too gigantic for these untiring, faithful workers. Early morning, noon, and night found them busy in the Pioneer office or on the street collect- ing ads or arranging for pictures to bring enioyment to the readers of this year's annual. Members of the staff are: Editor- in-Chief, Mary Hinrichs, Business Manager, Mary Ann Boerner, Art Editor, Jack McNeel, and Photographer, Bob Crates. Almost all of the Seniors and many underclassmen contributed to the completion of our 1949 PIONEER! ghe S hown . Q,-boo king lo meefter school' 5 make ll"'5 Ye Boomer' Wolf members 0 then time lok Y MGYY An? hs .lim Pifzricfmve 12 S? Slim wucicessu They Cpxodger Pgtaikgsl 5herrY 5 Hoy I . Bo s r Dolore LOB Hem9e ' Skinner' McNeel' Here are the "wheels" of the Pioneer Staff. They are Lois Heniger, Photography Editor, Jack McNeel, Make Up Editorp Mary Jane Hinrichs, Editor-in-Chief, and Mary Ann Boerner, Bookkeeper. uicfcmcs Ounci wt' Guidance Councils officers and Mrs. McGaffey meet to discuss plans for College Day. They are reading from left to right: Barbara Grundman, Margie Roser, Jim Lightbody, Mrs. McGaffey, Bob Gangel and Marilyn Baucke. Expressing the men's point of view on the Guidance Council are Stan Sipple, Charles Peterson, Bob Pfann, Larry Emmons, Max Kitzelman, and Ronny Ryder who were caught in the midst of laying out some College Day plans. At the right are the members of the Senior group of the Guidance Council. They are planning College Day. First row, Pat Fleming, Mary Hinrichs, Jr. Murphy, Sherry Clites, Lois Heniger. Second row, Mary Ann Boerner, Noel Tridle, Tom Weekes, Jack McNeel, Bob Hoback, Victor Gladstone, Charles Montgomery, and Dick Clark. The NCHS Guidance Council who sponsors the annual Career Conference and College Day, serves as the final representative group for the entire school. Members consist of class officers, honor society members, Band, Choir, FFA, GAA, Lettermens Club, and the Pep Club presidents and the editors of the Otoean and Pioneer. Mrs. Doris McGaffey is supervisor of all guidance work in our high school. CUZSEY, dy Nebraska City High School was host to Seniors from seven Otoe county high schools at its third annual Career Conference, November 33. Career Conference is a cooperative effort of school and community to focus attention on career choice and career success. Donial Kelly, is seen showing a group of boys his information fr o m Creighton. A group of students dis- cussing the days activities. Seated in the middle is Helen Formanack from Saint Joseph Hospital in Omaha, showing material to those in- terested in nursing. Lydia Brancroff, Sec. of State Guidance Office, is shown with a group of students discussing the oppor- tunities of secretarial work. E my Otoe County Seniors attended the second an- nual College Day sponsored by N. C. H. S. Guidance Council, February 23. College Day was originated in order to acquaint the students with training opportunities after high school. Eighteen schools and hospitals sent representa- tives. Pictured at the extreme left, being served tea, is Donald Twiford, State Di- rector of Guidance, he was the principle speaker for the day. 9.9. . Miss Pete and the members ofthe F F A Quar tet who are David Barnes Bill Schreiner Rollan Stukenholtz and Jerry Dyer 'WW Wx 5 3 W F lg. sg. ir Mr. Sorensen instructs the senior class of F. F. A. boys. Jerry Dyer is shown above with his pig prolect F. F. A. boys in N. C. H. S. number 69. Severin Sorensen, instructor, makes their projects extremely interesting as well as instructive. This year to help earn money for their annual vacation, they purchasd a popcorn machine. Boys sell pop corn at basketball games and other activities. Bob Emshoff, Senior, won 'first in the district speech contest and will enter the state meet. Other honors were as follows: Allan Schriener, red ribbon group with his prolect Jerry Niday, white ribbon group in creed speaking, and the Officers, white ribbon group in parliamentary procedure. Approximately 300 guests and members of our F. F. A. chapter attended the annual F. F. A. Banquet. Pictured to the left are the boys with the Nebraska City Business Men who are their sponsors. These men furnished money with which the boys purchased gilts. From these each boy raised a litter of pigs, giving a butcher pig to the Sponsor and a gilt to another F. F. A. member. 9904 lwfin I. ' A 'ww ' Q sw ' " M I 21855 J' ' ge, , K ' 1 . N m ' im' ' 1 I I ax J' Y .X 1 X H ' 7 ' 5 X . wen . s ff' 7 ' if ' . 1- F ff? W if Hg, S Mosman . Al ' 5? - ' - , f, Y - G 3' 1 . I N , 1 Q ' ' i , F ' 2 gt . 'K -9 - N . e Nl! . XM Q35-f The F F A members cho e extremely capable offucers for the year 1948 'I949 The above ore the efficient men Bob Tranl Bull Schremer Harold Kreufels Roger Stukenholtz Alvln Turner and Rollan Stukenholtz Ninth grade boys are busy Vernon Kreufels Edwun Heng learning how to test mllk and Aldecm Gmndmcn and Carl Krause are busy welding form machinery CFSQIT1 Mr Verne Jones of the Omaha Cold Storage meets with the F F A boys to study the posslblluty of broader productuon Ovedoadlng. So Tired! -171. ,f ff.-5,5 ' 'I , 'ii ' ne:.5 1fN - 1 '34 IG' ,. .... f J- .V wN':,:'W" . "" D , - 4 5 "M mlb .,., -' f' ' gf, Q A A M 14: f- My ww -.q Awmwmggwl An dy 1 49" Gokng Steady? Tgpgy, Turvy N. C.fNo Comment. Xanotion. 'S Lonnfrlo exp Miss Srb's schoXars x' Q "" 2 - 4. 1, W1 ' I H 1. ,E K W b an , a, A f . a 1321.5 Shack and her understudies. Wahing for a 'D Sffeef-CCT . fm. Convermon Nancy hohimg up the wa!! Wheres Caesar? Green Fr eshies? ar 3 If A pf-.W V A 22.1 1' 11 N ,MQ a : My 5 'f .- E g Four years of high 5 Q Ig ww 355 ,fig chool education! Seeing Do uble Burden, Haile andi , Ryder's Harem, Inc. Margie Mom Barta herding home her boys Just PLAIN Stan! ,.,,,uing Beauties? First Bell Sho I ud we call this t e reshm W , an Page? ,. J AAL,,yj,,,jQ Shoe Shin Ida K. e? ' ..rc,.- f 'W' the photographer could distroct this typing closs, Not even busy on c five minute typing. Miss Coulter is running the stop watch. ulll r X l l "Deck the Hall" might well have been the theme song of the Holiday Dance decoration committee who planned the decorations for the gala Christ- mas affair, Here the finishing touches are being put on the stage. Butch Place is running Mr. Hoscher a little com- petition in Geometry class. Evidently he has this problem all doped out -or is he telling his neighbor about last night? Here's some N. C. H. S. biologists listening intently to "Pop" Mcxiors' stories, which odd o lot of color to their class. You're clwoys sure to find the Shop Closses hord ot work. Pictured here ore some students diligently f?J ot work on their proiects. Mr. Arthur White, cz scientist, finds his lost rodiur: in Rodger Pitstick's pocket. r . 'mai' This scene in Mrs. Barta's world history classes should be familiar to everyone in N, C. H. S. Heres an intelligent looking group! Meet Tom Bosworth. E :Roufuzes fa!! , 1 ,ffin 4-JQ l 'Z ff? 45 ? ' 5-"E Q! , , ff ,cw W - 2 5 V " '4 JLQQ, J-fir' X 'ea 1' I 'xliifzip fx? L Z 49' Music Debate Dramuhcs Special Achvlhes Queens f I ,fs- 3 if A A - .---ff" 4' 'J 'EL I i Z D A- if gd A nv, ., ' , - -5 f ' , 'I 4 4 - - . .J 4 ,- Z g ,W 7 i -Z, - " 5 , 411' ? , 7-34'-f - lj,-Q' - Y , ff" -4, Z6-4? ,Y ,? , ,A -4 .. I . - e Af - A e e ,eff ef: 4 - QT, Vi, 'e - 1' 4 ff , , -Lf' --C-I I f ,ye -' eff V " e A fx, 2 --A -V ' . l' 4 -, . Q Y, K- Y' , ,if - -- ,-- e e , ' f f IL! , -f Y-- ,Q ' 'r ,3 , f'-' t f Y L1 E - 72,4 , f 14 f ' , - - f- 1 L , f' , ,ff - E A ' . W - , . , f , iw, ff' . 533 A fi: ' 4 'A M , 1 . - -- "' ' 4-4-L -4 ffqyffdf, V, . I .5-f - v ' ff. . P , -:ie 4 ',.e ' 7' ,, X ' .. W Y ,Z5-, V, - ,, L f f' - I N' f A - Y U f - ,y rf - 1 -Q V ,fx Y. AX Q4 ' A ' n f A-3 fy r K l ,f fwffu, fe,-H2 ,fe , ' 5 -.pff - ,, J , 1 1 1 1 - , ,,,y - 1 :rf ,a -V . , . M x - 7, - I 5 1 ,4 X ' ! l 1 i Iv 3 r , , . l , f' fr ' , V' ' l ,f f- K T' ' X - v I i A-,,, " Y,':' I' .v Q. V , 5 f 4 fv ' lx ,I f' gi -' ' .f l . ff Q ff , I - ' f - x '11 X , 1, . , 5 4 X L X J 1,1 1 XX I :gf ' , 1, , . Vw , nf - 4 df :-' ' . 5 ' .. 1,1-.Qc -N .' ' . . . . . . Baton Twrrlers Barbara Westfall Phyllus Helnke Ruta Hen uger Malorefte Lou Stephenson Nancy Stooker Mary Hebard and Norma Landis 6 Co roof me e ofa! o sllon o ce ' 0 WLV-Nl me er' Or Un c evmgk W x0 er G 9 x c. r O00 ue 50 ref-055 O efofe 6 to of n f S LV eww X o ergeh 61,7 onaefzf Lrsted here are the members of the concert band Clarrnets J Brawner C Conlex M Hebard P Hernke T Hor ner K Hrnrrchs M James L Jansen E Kuhlman N Landls L Lathrop M Lundrn R Peterson C Rarns M Roser M Stocxre N Trrtseh B Westf 11 Alto Clarrnet J Conners Oboe M Hrnrrchs Flute J Fullrrede N Stooker N Trrdle Glockensperl C Conklrng Alto Sarcophones V Dennrston T Hebard E1 Herzog Y Kruger J McGaffes J Prckerrng A Prrntz M Reese Tenor Saxophone M Peterson Barrtone Saxophone M Phrllrps French Horns P Bell R Kruger B Pope M Raben M Surrrney Barrtone Horn J McNeel R Whrted Cornets H Andrews T Bosworth R Gamlrn E Gurllratt D Halle J Kuwxrtzkv J Lrghtbody J Nelson R Pfann D Prckerrng Tronrbones V Arles P Fahrlander V Fletcher E Johnson R Rovsen R Rxd r D Smrth D Stukenholtz Bass R Balfour A Ehlers Snare Drums C Plckerrng B Rudd R Voges M Werr C Montgomery Csmbals J Spencer Bass Drum B Schrerner fioiz .faofzfa 0 l zilz 1 The Nebraska City High School Choir is the largest organization in our school, consisting oflll members. Boys octette, girls octette, girls sextette and the mixed octette are chosen from this mass choir. The annual Christmas Vespers, Spring Concert, and The VOCGl Clif1iC, held under the direction of Mr. David Foltz of the University of Nebraska, were the outstand- ing events presented by the group during the past year. To help pay choir expenses, they sponsored four dime programs, which were offered to the school. Proceeds from the programs helped considerably in paying for new music and other minor expenses. The choir and its small groups also sang before many of the local and civic organizations upon their request. Besides talking a prominent part in various School activities, eqgh year they por- ticipated in the local and district music contest and regardless of the high competition, rated well among the best. Pictured above are the 1948-1949 choir officers. Jim Lightbody, Treasurerg Marilyn Baucke, Presidentg Jim Skinner, Secretary, and Bob Hoback, Vice President. Stanley Sipple and Marilyn Baucke are shown during one of the Dime Pro- grams which were given during the year. Swinging their way through all the catchy tunes were Barbara Grundman, Marilyn Engh, Marilyn Baucke, Wandeen Hirst, Sally Ross, and Norma Tritsch under the title of Girls Sextette. SECTION LEADERS Soprano l ........ ........ M ARY HINRICHS Soprano II . .. MARY ANN SCHOMERUS Alto I ..... . ........ NORMA LANDIS Alto ll . .. ...... DONNA DEMING Tenor l .. ... CHARLES PICKERING Tenor ll .. .. . CHARLES PETERSON Baritone . . .... STANLEY SIPPLE Bass ............. ...... H AROLD ANDREWS iii? Bill Schreiner, David Barnes, Mary Jo Gaskill, Vera Broers, Margaret Stowe, Jackie Pickering, Harold Andrews, and Jerry Dyer blend their voices in the Mixed Octette. ga .sq W An exciting event of the year in the choir organization was the trial of Miss "Pete" vs. the W. Bfs. This society was formed in 1946, organizing the Wonderful Basses of the N. C. H. S. Choir, On one momentous day the basses created a trivial disturbance which brought on the extraordinary trial. After the verdict of "Gui1ty" was announced, the W. B.'s walked out. This first event which was followed by a strike is shown above. X r I 6 uucuuzs 5" 0165 'oe at wifi x9 QKKXAQG' ov ei KN' ,yexsoefii 0 . Cb' 6 offbyidxil O0 President ...... OQQQ Qioqef Vice President xr, C' QOQTK1 Secretary .... 6906+ Q0 Treasurer ........ Off Q00 Q91 Librarian .......... Xogri Qqxc QRO Assistant Librarian . . . I Q00 S60 ,660 Business Manager ... I 0, Stage Manager .. . ffx0ie46O Robe Manager ....... Q0 Assistant Robe Manager Accompanist ......... X JZ ffia 54 Iczgilz .. MARILYN BAUCKE ..... BOB HOBACK ..... JIM SKINNER ...... JIM LIGHTBODY ....... JOAN LEIDIGH MARY ELLEN BOSWORTH BOB GANGEL BOB HOBACK ....... RONNY RYDER .. MARY JOAN GASKILL . BARBARA GRUNDMAN fl 566 8 05 O S ry I ,I7 0,70 505 S' S fs 660.5- ,qhsyse ob? oar 76 1 11,6 f 'Vi 44 1 e 6 e'77,Q79Oef 75013, 9,2466 ' Gd! .oc OID' Q Orlcfrs ,She ed r Sf .' ' 11, OW: log 'sos 'Se S S U 6 4, W 07060109 '77So?70ff ' 410 R603 6e"3 600- 'rfb G, o,e. 9,0 PS,e:f4QUi 4,0203 Non, .40 J' 0,707 'S ,Z W Xa RE MER Ugg 51 P-ROELX. B Snow Queen YL Psvxxq BOYRKAY Y QQQGO MW . CGOX Of fig 57672 444 P11 y Cc"'f71'vQ,y 84 UC Qbeeqkg NOEL TRIO! Hofnecomfng cz 'Hz 6 va Two members of the Faculty, Supt. E. G. Light- Carnival Queen Marilyn Baucke and Hobo body and Prin. Ely C. Prince Jack McNeeI were crowned royalty for Feistner are caught enioy- the Carnival. ing a vaudeville. The second annual Carnival for the T949 Pioneer was held on the night of Friday, Nov. 5, the proceeds amounted to 5200, which will be used to help finance the PIONEER. The highlight of entertainment was the Den of Horrors from which emerged many frightened patrons. The crowd also enjoyed the vaudeville acts, refreshments, and other concessions. The cooperation of both faculty and students made this carnival possible. Marilyn Baucke was honored at the Carnival during the coronation ceremony in which she was crowned "Queen of the Carnival" by Jack McNeal, one of the PIONEER editors. Runner-ups for Queen were Bobbie Grundman and Margie Roser. Below shows a snap of the large crowd and two of the entertainers, Don Flau and Charles Peterson. -"' w1-'- '13 5 H Q 'L J F LUZLOT iff' i7D'ZOl77 CUZL1 l .szzioz IQQS Junior class president Junior Murphy, and senior class presi- dent Curt Conley, pose with their partners Maralee Helfer and Jane Borcherding respectively, at the Junior-Senior Prom of 1948. Coolies Rita Heniger, Mary Donna Wier, and Mary Frances Hanley add to the effect of the clever Chinese decorations. Ray Bachman and his ten piece orchestra from Omaha furnished the dance music for 125 couples at the annual Junior-Senior Prom, Friday, May 7, in the Memorial Building. The colors, Chinese pink and iade green, were used to carry out the Chinese theme. The stage resembled a large Chinese temple with a gold buddha on either side of the door. Black steps covered with white gardenias led down from the temple. Silver Chinese symbols were mounted on the balcony which was covered with black paper. Above this was a canopy of Chinese pink, white, and jade green. Colored lanterns furnished the light. At nine o'clock Mary Donna Wier sounded the symbols which started the grand rnarch. Two other coolies held open the doors of the temple as Junior Class President Dayton Murphy and his partner, Maralee Helfer, led the procession followed by Curtis Conley, Senior Class President, accompanied by .lane Borcherding. - OZZIJU, CUZCE fit 'ff Max Kitzelman and his partner Barbara Westfall standing by the mammoth Christmas tree. 'wi' The annual Holiday Dance was held December 20 with 75 couples attending. Pick and His Tophat- ters supplied the very well select ed program ot music in the beau titully lighted and picturesque as- sembly room. Centered in the mid- dle of the dance floor was a large Christmas tree, trimmed with streamers and icycles. One ot the highlights was the crowning of the Holiday Queen, selected by the couples attending. This year the young lady who reigned over the dance was Miss Ardell Bremer High School Senior. She was crowned by Senior Presi- dent Dayton Murphy, Jr. Attendantg to the queen were: Senior Misses Barbara Grund- man, Mary Ann Boerner, Marilyn Baucke, and Marilyn Enghp Junior Misses Margie Roser and Margaret Stoewe, Sophomore Misses Mary Hebard and Claire Conley, Fresh- man Misses Carol Grundman and Senior President Jr. Murphy and Queen Ardell Bremer Shirley Clark. Another highlight was the singing of " 'Twas The Night Before Christmas", given by a group of Junior and Sen- ior choir members. This group was selected by Miss Amelia Peterson, choir director, and accompanied by Barbara Grundman. Also in the line of vocal music, Don Flau, sang the "Serenade of the Bells", as a request. "TWAS THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS" .nm-di' W.. ,N 'ul 5iu.," ttwrk.. tlusiqtkyttwtrwl M ll... Tom Weekes and Mary Ann Boerner were presented as King and Queen at the Valentine Dance, February 'I4 in the Junior High Assembly. February 14, in the Junior High Auditorium, Mary Ann Boerner and Tom Weekes reigned as King and Queen at the annual Choir Dance. Red and white crepe streamers ending in a large heart on the stage decorated the hall for the gala event. Queen Mary Ann and King Tom stepped from this heart and walked through a chain of daisies held by the Choir members. Marilyn Baucke, Choir President presented the royalty with their pins. Card games, checkers, and dancing were enjoyed during the evening by all those who attended. Runners up for Queen were: Barbara Grundman, Wanda LeCure, Marilyn Engh, and Margie Roser. Re- maining candidates tor the Kingship were: Roger Stuckenholtz, Jim Lightbody, Charlie Pickering, and Bob Hoback. Pictured above are a few of the many couples who attended the Victory Dance held March ll in the Junior High Assembly. A variety of dances including the Broom Dance and Whistle Dance were enjoyed by all those attend- ing. 676001 ance Shown above are some of the stu- dents and factulty members who at- tended the Valentine Dance. This is an annual event sponsored by the N. C. H. S. Choir. Noel Tridle was chosen as the 1948 Homecoming Queen. Due to the weather, the coronation took place November 5 at the Homecoming Dance in the Junior High Assembly. Left to right are: Phyllis Heinke, Rita Heniger, Lou Stephenson Ckneelingl, Queen Noel, Nancy Stooker, and Mary Hebard. 501111 Years Ago a three act comedy was chosen as the Semor Class Play to be present ed Aprnl 29 Thus play takes place In 1913 In the small town of Wollaston Massachusetts Ruth Jones portrayed by Marulyn Engh IS the leadlng character un the play Ruth IS a Rollan Stukenholtz IS practlcsng has Innes wnth the and of John Marks and Marulyn Engh Other Important cast members not pictured are Lots Hennger Marllyn Baucke Barbara Grundman and Noel Trldle teen ager whos ambutlon IS to be an actress Her father an old sea captam played by Rodger Putstlck wants her to be a physical culture mstructor Other cast members mclude Catherine Loss Henlger and Anna Marulyn Baucke as Ruths best gurl friends Annue Jones Barbara Grundman Ruths worrisome mother Mr Bagley John Marks a Y M C A represen tatlve Mass Glavm Noel Trldle a physlcal culture Instructor Mr Sparrow Rollan Stuckenholtz and Fred Whntmarsh Charley Montgomery Under the dnrectnon of Mlss Marylounse Kennedy and tudent dnrector Jeanette Stocker and with the assistance of the numerous committees we are sure to have a successful Semor Play 3 These are after school practice shots as the play was presented after the PIONEER was pnnted The above actors are readmg from left to rught Rodger Pltstuck Marulyn Engh Charlie Montgomery and Jeanette Stocker 11 11 I I I l . I . . . ' I I I I I , . . . . ' ' I 1 , . I . . . . . , . . . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - . 1 1 1 , , . . . . ' I I I I - I 1 I ' , S I I ' I 1 ,gy ' an 9 5 X 4 ,M x Q.. ' 1 - 1 : I I I - Here Mrs. John Hutchins is taking her oath. Watching are Dr. Kirkland, Jim Bischofg Prison Matron, Deloris Smithg Stenographer, Lorraine Rohseg District Attorney Flint, Charles Petersong Judge Heath, Richard Rowen: Mrs. Hutchins, Clara Greenrodg Clerk of the Court, Bob Pelsterg Flint's secretary, Dona Hemphill: and Policeman, David Case. The play characters who are not shown are: Merle Morrow as Elmer Sweeney: Joan Leidigh as Jane Chandlerg Jim Skinner as Sigurd Jungquistg and Jim Lightbody as a Policeman. The Junior Class presented to the public for their approval "Night of January Sixteenth" in the Senior High Auditorium, November 19. This play was very unusual for a high school pro- duction in two Ways. The play was centered around the court room and all acts were parts of a trial. Another feature was the large cast with twenty-six members. Karen Andre tMary Ann Stoll? was on trial for murder. As each witness testified the plot thickened. A jury was selected from the audience. Opposing lawyers Flint 1Char1es Peterson? and Stevens fTad Hammondh provided much merriment during the questioning of the witnesses, especially when Mrs. John Hutchins 4Clara Greenrodl, a negress, and later Roberta Van Rensselaer tNorma Tritschm, a night club dancer, testified. The play was coached by Miss Marylouise Kennedy, aided by Stanley Sipple, student director. A large and enthusiastic audi- ence attended. Proceeds were used to finance the Junior-Senior Prom. L gf 0 CUZLLCUZ ioffi Here a small feud develops between Karen Andre, Mary Ann Stoll: and Larry Regan. Max Kitzelmang who are secret lovers. De- fense Attorney Tad Hammond and his secre- tary, Marcia Peterson, watch. As Larry Regan, gangster, crashed into the court tension heightened. Here is the scene with Larry Regan, played by Max Kitzelmang the Bailiff by Eugene Shirley, Defense Attorney Stevens by Tad Hammond: Karen Andre by Mary Ann Stoll, Judge Heath by Richard Roweng and District At- torney Flint by Charles Peterson. A few of the witnesses pose. They are: Nancy Lee Faulkner, Martha Snyder: John Graham Whitfiels, Bob Pfannp Magda Svenson, Nancy Foutsg Homer Van Fleet, Verl Steins- houerg Defense Attorney Stevens, Tad Ham- mondg and Roberta Van Rensselar, Norma Tritsch. Eagafs Above are the top notch N. C. H. S. debators who have mode a name for themselves this year. Stan Sipple standing at the speakers rastrum while debators and their coach Miss Marylouise Kennedy fill in the background. Seated, left to right are: Victor Gladstone, Charley Montgom- ery, Marjorie Peters, and Pat McMillan. Stand- ing are: Lorraine Rhose, Charlotte Dishong, Darrel Cottingham, Dave Barnes, June Cook, Miss Kennedy, Roger Stuckenholtz, and Rollan Stuckenholtz. Miss Marylouise Kennedy, Debate Coach, gives her two top debators, Charlie Montgom- ery and Victor Gladstone, good tips for future de- bafe baffles' Debate and dramatics are comparatively new subjects in N. C. H. S. Added to our high school cur- riculum when Miss Marylouise Kennedy came here to teach, they have both become much talked about sub- , jects outside of school as well as in the classrooms. Many top honors and ratings have been won by Ne- braska City High School students under the very able supervision and direction of Miss Kennedy. The Debate and Dromatics Club under the supervision of their instructor, Miss Marylouise Kennedy, en- tertained guests at their Christmas party in the Junior High Auditorium. Caught by the camera in the midst of the holiday gaiety are the Thespians and their officers. f KMCfO'Z .14 'Z' J? il? ggi Ns. 0 Q ,. va? ft. f f Z f X ,W gg X G'5!7,,,,g- N zz:-a 5,1 Q' 43, llw! 'J f Aff!! Qu AAy aix 55 f H f 45 'lA, X f Z P Z 4? J ,2. X 3 Q' , Z.. 3 gf Fooibull Bcuskeiball Track Pep Club Girls Afhlet cs DIZ ' ' it - 4? 2,-1.12 Z X! xx , Q X , , ' ,,, f . . f - , 1 , ' 236 -4' ' 5 Y ir. 'Lf .. N - 1 P- 5" 1" 2 an -fi. X , ffm 1, S13 1 ,f 7 3401 WQ 4, me n , tr -:- Lv, Q f rn lf' Y 'N t . 4 . H 'M 4 I 4, 5 KW K ,V my .41 , um, X. f 1 fr, K, I 'l,'k-xg ,I K '. 'I I I I 1 gh-i f S. f X 1.1 1. L .. A I 1 B , -125 ' 1' Y' ' 5, f -'XT ' ,fff f ff 2' Z, K n I1 11 4 - - Mk .JY , H 4, - ,lin f 'if - 5 -ffg , 'VA ' 1 -! ,Q - 'Q' . ,X , , f ' f . , i 'E -1 1 Max Kutzelman Rollan Stukenholtz John Marks fzicf Hans Gosch 5, Bob Crates ALL CONFERENCE First Team Junior Murphy ........ ...back Bob Dore .... . . .center Tom Weekes .... . . .back Max Kitzelman ..... . . .tackle Roger Stukenholtz ...... .,.. e nd Second Team Hans Gosch ..........,.. . . .end Stan Sipple .... .... g uard Jim Lightbody .... .... b ack Dick Pilmore ................ back Honorabl Mention Bob Hoback .................. end Rollan Stukenholtz. .. .. .guard Junior Murphy John Peterson Bob Gangel Tom Weekes George Abbott Stanley Sipple Bob Dore Dick Pilmore Mfg?" vie? Pilnioie inc Cosch mote in to nail fi Benson opponent during the fin il game of the seison Q "' it Q iw., 'fv,.,,3,, ., - A -we i,.,. W. X. i ,wffwlwiw fi The boys receive a short pep talk previ- ous to the all impor- tant Falls City game. After a lateral from Pilmore, Mur- phy attmpts to elude Benson would - be facklers. Coach Harvey, fol- lowed closely by Or- gan, ambles toward the practice field to perfect the school football team. tl' 1' GP 7f'f'7?'f 7f A e " awww tai l W I "" Q Wygffg , l I l l 1 'ill t Q. s. A A ' -if 'Q' Q I f -M ,V ga vi: ' y , I' .-12:-L ' f .... . A Emi!' if .. 12-' ' '-51: K 1 W 5? Organ supervises blocking practice. The 1948-49 Pioneer football team coached by Dale Harvey had the most successful season in Pioneer history. The gridiron players finished the season with a record of six wins, two losses. and one tie. The Purple and Gold eleven came out on top of the Southeast Conference with four wins and one tie in conference battles. The Pioneers were also rated as the fifth team in the state, Lanky Roger Stucken- holtz received the honor of being placed on the World-Herald's All-State class B team. Several other players received hon- orable mention. Coach Harvey's Pioneers were also the dominating factor of the All-Conference football team, picked by the coaches of the schools of the conference, by placing five members on the first team, four on the second, and two honorable mention. For the past eighteen years Nebraska City has consistently fallen to the all- mighty Falls City eleven. Our offensive was touched off when Murphy intercepted a short pass and ran eighty yards for a touchdown. From then on to the final gun it was all Neb. City. Those who made the trip to Falls City. last fall, experienced a much different story as the boys literally romped over our ancient foe of Conference Play. The situation looks bad for Pilmore as two Benson players close in fast for the tackle. .fam EQETUE LLQC - . Q 1 , 3211...-fn, --'-' Above is the B squad starting lineup for the Louisville game, Reading from left to right is Webb, Shirley, Kindred Herman Ehlers, Hammond, Steinshauer. In the backfield is Pelster, McNee1, Burden, and Morrow. N. C. RESERVES OPPONENTS V, A Misgfi 13 .. ....... Louisville 31 A f' 3 584,15 3 6 . . . . .Lincoln Northeast 21 "lille 1 " N 12 .. .. Auburn0 27 .. .. Syracuse 0 33 .. ..... .. Auburn 0 O ... ... Weeping Wafer 21 Two of this years student managers. George Schweitzer and Bob Murphy. Not pictured is Warren MeCowen. Bob Gcmgel Oflfi TSMUS CZCU72 I1 Dick Clark Gordon Morfs Jum Lnghtbody Tom Weekes Coach Buzz Byers Hans Gosch Ronny Ryder Bob Hobclck Bob Dore Roger Stukenholtz The Pioneer basketball squad consisting of Tom Weekes, Gordon Marts, Jim Lightbody, Roger Stuken- holtz, Hans Gosch, Ronnie Ryder, Dick Clark, Bob Dore, Bob Gangel, and Bob Hoback, captured the Southeast Nebraska Conference Championship in basketball for the first time in seventeen years. The Pioneers won seven conference games and lost only one, that to a strong Falls City crew. Six members of the 1948-49 basketball squad are Seniors, three are Juniors and one a Sophomore. Coach "Skeet" Chaloupka nine points each. aifeefliczff NEBRASKA CITY-16 LINCOLN CENTRAL-Sl A spunky Nebraska City team held a tall Lincoln Central quintet for one half. but could not match the pace of the fast stepping Links in the second half to drop a one-sided 51-16 contest in the seasons opener. The Links could man- age only 11-2 quarter lead. and a 20-6 half-time margin amassing most of their points in the final stanza. Phil Hall paced the Links with nine points with Joe Good setting them up with his accurate pin-point passing, Jim Light- body was the spark plug of the Pioneer crew, scoring five counters. NEBRASKA CITY-25 LINCOLN NORTHEAST-45 A smooth Lincoln Northeast aggregation flashed to an easy 45-25 conquest of an out-classed but hard scrapping Pioneer quintet. After breaking an early dead-lock. the Rockets surged ahead to take an 8-2 first stanza advantage and were on the long end of a 16-7 count at the intermission. John Niderhaus paced the Rocket scoring with 10 tallies. while Jim Lightbody collected 8 for the locals. NEBRASKA CITY-23 OMAHA BENSON-44 The classy Benson Bunnies handed the Pioneers their third straight loss in taking a 44-23 win on the Benson court. .The Pioneers scored but one fielder in the first quarter to trail 2-16 at the quarter and 9-28 at the half-time margin. The Purple and Gold quintet improved in the second half scoring 14 points to the Bunnies 16. Hans Gosch, chunky Pioneer center, totaled 10 points to pace the Pioneers. Hron and Pidersin shared scoring honors for the Bunnies with azgafgczff NEBRASKA CITY 22 BEATRICE 28 A flghtlng Ploneer qulntet forced a determlned Be trice team Into an overtlme perlod before droupmg 22 28 The Pxoneels tralled 5 7 at the quarter rallled to t1e xt 9 all at the half and lead 18 15 gomg lnto the fourth Gordon Marts then came through wlth a free throw to send the game 1nto an extra period Three quick fleld goals by Beatrxce gave them the game Roger Stukenholtz spearheaded the P10 neer attack wlth exght po1nts NEBRASKACITY 39 FAIRBURY 49 The Farlbury Jeffs handed the Ploneers the1r f1fth stra ght loss of the season 49 39 on the Jeff maples The Fa1rbury te m led all the way ahead 21 15 at the rest perxod and 35 30 at the th1rd quarter mark The P1oneers scored the larger amount of the1r po1nts agalnst the Falrbury seconds Jlm Llghtbody held scoreless rn the precedlng game against Beatrice meshed the nets for 18 po1nts to led the P oneer scorlng Dlck Anderson swlshed through 18 po1nts to pace Falrbury NEBRASKA CITY 49 AUBURN 19 J1m Llghtbody poured ln 24 pomts to pace the Ploneers to an 1mpress1ve 49 19 vlctory over Auburn for thelr flrst w1n of the season The Ploneer offense clxcked for the frrst tune as they ch lked up po1nt after po nt over the helpless Auburn f1Ve NEBRASKA CITY 35 TECUMSEH 31 The Ploneers rallled ln the f1n l frame to overcome the Tecumseh lead for a close 35 31 wln Thls was the Ploneers second stralght conference vlctory pushlng them to the lead1ng posltxon mn th Southeastern Conference race The Ploneer qumtet led at the quarter and half slumpmg ln the th1rd to allow the Ch1ef a 29 26 lead Llghtbody and Stukenholtz led the attack as the Ploneers roared back Wlth 9 po1nts to Tecumsehs 2 ln the fmal perlod Llghtbody scored 20 po1nts to take 1I'ldlVldl1B.l scormg po1nts NEBRASKACITY 37 FALLS CITY 35 An underdog Ploneer cage crew upset the applecart ln nxppxng an over confident Falls C1ty aggregatxon 37 35 ln a thrxllmg game on the N C maples Wlth the score t1ed 34 all at the end of the regulat1on game J1m Llghtbody potted two free throws to provlde the Ploneers w1nn1ng margrn B111 Farmer star Bengal center whose eye was 1nJured 1n the early moments of the game SWlSh6d through a flelder as bedlam mcreased but offlclals ruled lt was made after the gun went off endmg the regular game Lxghtbody scored 14 for the Ploneers wlth Farmer collectxng 17 for the Tlgers NEBRASKA CITY 38 PAWNEE CITY 37 Hans Gosch hlt a hook shot ln the last seconds to give the Pioneers a 38 37 vxctory over Pawnee Clty and an undlsputed lead 1n the S E Conference The game was a see saw affair wlth the Ploneers taking a 13 9 quarter lead and trall mg 17 21 at the half The N C cagers rallied to take a 26 24 th1rd quarter lead then allowed the Pawnees a 34 30 lead at the offlclals time out Gosch led the Pxoneers wrth 13 po nts s Bacon dupllcated the feat for the Ind1ans NEBRASKA CITY 40 TECUMSEH 31 The Ploneers padded thelr conference lead ln taklng an easy 40 31 contest from the Tecumseh Chrefs on the N C court The Pfoneers Increased thelr margln over the Chlefs ln thelr second meetlng taklng only a four po1nt vlctory m thelr flrst contest The Purple and Gold boys started off slow leadmg 114 at the quarter and 25 14 at half txme The subs took over 1n the second to rest the starters Hans Gosch hook shot artlst for the Ploneers cut the cords for 15 counters . 2 . . - y - . - ' f' - . a , 1 ' - ' 1 I A . . . . 2 . - - . . 2 - I Y C . , - . , .... . ' I ' 1 1 I 1 y - Y - v - - D A I - , . . , . . . . r . . . , cl . . F . . . - y . , ' -' - - ' ' - I I azgefgczff NEBRASKA CITY-33 PLATTSMOUTH 30 A surprised Pioneer quintet were forced to fight off a last min- utes rally before eking out a 33-30 win over a fighting Plattsmouth team. Leading 32-21, the Pioneers controlled the game throughout, leading 8-4 at the quarter, and 26-15 going into the final period. Lightbody was high for the Pioneers with 12 points. NEBRASKA CITY-52 AUBURN-22 Coach O. V. Byers' Pioneer cagers extended their win string to seven at the expense of the Auburn Bulldogs 52-22 on the losers me ples. The Pioneers have taken two victories from the Bulldogs this season, both by a margin of 30 points. The Pioneers started off fast picking up a 12-3 first quarter lead, making it 25-8 at the half, and 37-17 at the third quarter margin. Jim Lightbody, sharpshoot- ing Pioneer forward, warmed the nets with 25 points. Stuart tallied five for the losers. NEBRASKA CITY-35 SHENANDOAH-50 A highly-rated Shenandoah team snapped the Pioneer's winning streak at seven. taking a 50-35 victory on the Iowan's floor. The Mustangs were constantly in the lead, after breaking a 2-2 dead- lock at the opening of the game. Don Shum poured in the points in the first half. pacing the Mustangs to a 14-19 intermission mar- gin, with Jack Ladds taking over the scoring work in the second. Jim Lighbody and Hans Gosch combined for 11 and 9 points, respectively. Ladds scored 18 for Shenandoah. NEBRASKA CITY-28 BOYS TOWN-48 Superior height gave a highly-rated Boys Town team the de- ciding edge in a game which saw the Pioneers leading most of the way in the first half, but falling down in the second to drop 28-48 to the Boys Towners. The Pioneers were tied 5-5 at the quarter, and were trailing 17-18 with 10 seconds remaining in the half when 6'5" Norman Freeman dropped in a fielder to put the West- Enders ahead to stay. Hans Gosch collected 10 points to lead the Pioneer scoring. NEBRASKA CITY-35 FALLS CITY-46 The Pioneers suffered their first conference defeat in seven starts at the hands of a hot Falls City crew 46-35 on the Prichard auditorium floor. Bill Farmer, effective Tiger pivot man, provided 10 out of 10 gift shots and 6 field goals for a total of 22 points. Coach Byers' starters surged to an early lead by relinquishing to the Tigers a 17-12 quarter lead and 32-21 intermission margin. Jim Lightbody kept the Pioneers in the game with 11 tallies. NEBRASKA CITY-40 PAWNEE CITY-38 The Nebraska City Pioneers poured on the pressure in a crucial tilt with the Pawnee City Indians to cop a 40-38 victory and their first conference championship in basketball in 17 years. The only blot on the Pioneer's record is one lone loss to Falls City, who will battle for second place with the Pawnees March 4. The lead changed hands continually throughout the contest, the score being tied 19-19 at the half. Jim Lightbody, hotshot Pioneer forward, dropped in 17 pants to lead the Pioneers to the all-important vic- tory. Jensen Pawnee forward. took individual scoring honors with 19 points. All-Star Intramural Team Bill Yost, Bob Crates, Alvin Turner, Dick Gamlin, Junior Murphy, Earl Webb, Tom Bosworth, Glen Place, John Peter- son, and Tom Cruickshank. INTRAMURALS Co-Champions-Dogs and Kittens The winners of the Intramural league were the Kittens. Its members were: first row, Tad Ham- mond, David Barnes, Bill Yost, second row: Junior Murphy, Arnold Ehlers, and Jim Bischoff. Captains Cubs-George Abbott Bears-Bob Mead Cats-Allan Strange Bees-Earl Webb Dogs-Dick Gamlin Pups-John Peterson Kittens-Junior Murphy Frogs-Bob Crates 'MICE Bob Theisfeld, fresh- man, gets set for a mighty heave. 332 , Q . I it ll I Q 1 . Tom Weekes shows his skill in diving. AQ .- This 'I949 track team is composed of around eight returning lettermen. They are Junior Murphy, sprints, broad-iump, Bob Hoback, sprints, weights, Dick Clark, hur- dles, Don Pickering, distance, Jim Light- body, pole vault, high-lumps, Dick Pilmore, Sprints, John Peterson, sprints, and Jack Dishong, sprints. Promising material in- clude David Barnes, Hans Gosch, Max Kitzelman, Bob Dore, Gordon Marts, Bob Murphy, Bob Thiesfeld, and Bill Haupt. These thin-clad lads have a very rough schedule ahead of them. But with the very capable coaching of Dale Harvey, they should complete their season very success- fully. The gun is first 'fired for the North- east meet and then in order for: Southeast Conference at Syracuse, Hastings College Invitational, Southeast Intramural, Peru Invitational, Southeast Conference, and the Beatrice Invitational. This isn't Jim Light- body and his flash- light, it's his bam- boo pole. Gordie Marts and Dick Pilmore clear the hurdles in early practice. Bob Dore is caught in action with the shot put. urn: " ...qo- f ,-,, ' 5 . 5 -ww f. A Q04 Bob Hoback and Junior Murphy The bath house is shown as the 'WO f0U"Ye'-7" lelfefmefh background for Tom Weekes in action. warm up. you -, 1 an I .... cllecfczf azz 'N- Coclch Dole Harvey beams proudly over the Southeast Conference trophy while his two blond bombshells, Bob "Couch" Dore cmd bock, Dick Pilmore, look on. The Lettermans Club is made up of those individuals who have filled the requirements set up by the c1ub's constitution. At the present there are twenty-nine members. This does not include those who will letter in track this spring. This year the club has sponsored such activities as the Apple Bowl. a six man football game. the Turkey Bowl, an eleven man game between veterans and non-Veterans. also the Homecoming Dance where Noel Tridle reigned as queen. The last event of the year for this club was the banquet for lettermen and their guests. Letterman's initiation is one of the "fun" spots of the year. The initiation begins early in the morning when boys come dressed in fashions dictated to them the day before. Shoe shining and egg rollng as pictured to the left seem to be the favorite commands issued by those carrying the pencils and cards for black marks. V,... At - 4 ,,.,J rceacung from the Iront row Left to 1-eight: Eugene Cody. David Barnes. Bob Hoback. Junior Murphy. Dick Pilmore. Stanley Sipple, Clifford Stokes, Roger Stuckenholtz, Max Kitzelman. Charles Pickering. Second row: Rodger Pitstick. Dick Clark. Allan Strange. Ronny Ryder. Rollan Stuckenholtz. Don Pickering. Bob Murphy. Bob Theisfeld, and Gordon Marts. Third row: George Abbott. Hans Gosch. Jack Dishong, John Peterson. Tom Weekes. Bob Dore. Jim Lightbody. and Bob Gangel. Last row: Bob Crates, Arthur Majors, Dale Harvey, Don Chaloupka, Ross Organ and O. V. Byers. The Pep Club, newly organized this year, is composed of the cheering section, cheerleaders and pep band. The girls are selected by closed try-outs. The purpose of the club is to promote school spirit and enthusiasm for all forms of ath- letics. The girls attend all games played at home and the The Pep Club Officers, left to right: Lois Hen- club chartered a bus to attend several out-of-town games. The iger, President: Barbara Grundman, Vice Presi- club sponsored a great number of dances after the games, in- dent5 Marilyn Engh' Secretary' and Charlie Mom' cluding two victory dances, for both the football and basket- gomery' Treasurer' ball boys who were South-East -- -------A---A--AAA-A-'-'- Champs, A purple skirt, gold sweater with an "N. C." emblem and membership pin, and a pur- ple beanie, is the official uni- form adopted by the club. Skits and rallies, planned and presented by the girls, were held for each home game. The outstanding rally given this year was the night before the Falls City football game. A snake dance and bon fire were held to honor the Lettermen. The officers 'for T948-49 were: president, Lois Heninger, vice president, Barbara Grund- man, secretary, Marilyn Enghp i treasurer, Charlie Montgomery, sponsors, Miss Mary Ellen Slack, and Mrs. Jessie Place. inn?-I La. The Pep Club members are. reading from left to right, front row: Shirley Clark, Joan Connors. Jeanene Thomas. Barbara Grundman. Charlie Montgomeryl Mary Ann Boerner. Donna Deming, Jean Higgins, Joan Leeper. Second row: .Jeanette Stocker, Marilyn Engh. Doris Herzog. Vickie LeCure, Illa Gawart, Eleanor Moore. Martha Snyder. Carolyn Conklin, Lois Heniger. Third row: Mrs Jessie Place. group sponsor, Sherry Clites, Joyce Kruger. Mary Jo Gaskill, Carol Grundman, Vera Boers. Charlotte Dishong. Miss Mary Ellen Slack. group sponsor. Fourth row: Ellen Goff. Dona Hemphill, Mary Ann Stoll. Nancy Fouts. Marilyn Baucke, JoAnn Placek. Mary Ellen Bosworth, 93512 UILLLZ in 6405011 Pictured at right are the varsity Yell Leaders for the 1948-49 season. Left to right: Mary Ann Boerner, Barbara Grundman, Charles Montgomery, Don- na Deming and Jeanene Thomas. Middle right is one of the signs which adorned local business places during the enthusiastic days before the N. C. victory over the Falls City gridders. 1, Wnpvw' , , 3, , .. . t Lower right are the reserve cheerleaders who served at all B games this season. Reading left to right: Shirley Clark, Jean Higgins, Joan Leeper, Joan Spencer and Joan Connors. :::- M , k 3 . , A if ts , Q 1? ix f A f M . 4 A .xi 9 1 - hw.-at J' 'QM 4. w:1Qv,.t To the left is a snap taken during the Snake Dance held the evening before the N. C.-Falls City football game. The chain was led by the Band and the Cheerleaders. 1 est tm JW ,A .. Q 'is Lower left is a photo taken during the between class rallies held before games. Spirit ran high with the Pep Band and cheerleaders igniting the spark which blossomed into full fire. 1 W., mf y ,QE EZ-1? y L 2 fm V- C' 49 5 1. ff -t..,'vtr L .,y, QQTR' . get x " xx L. t 'M .f iolzsffez VOLLEYBALL SCHEDULE T0tNN OPPONENT N. C. Above are the N. C. H. S. Pionettes in action against U-MOH 13 47 the Syracuse team. Johnson 26 28 Talmage 26 19 Brock 24 26 Syracuse 16 32 Owe 13 37 I Any girl in high school who is Alumni 15 56 interested in volleyball may tryout . for the team. Those who meet the Alumn' 15 60 requirements are eligible to be Douglas 26 27 Pionettes. At the right are the Talmage 20 24 captains for the Otoe County Burr 30 18 Tournament. Viewing the trophy Syracuse 17 33 presented for second place in the Nemghq 18 30 tournament are pictured at right: Nehowkq 12 52 Vera Broers, Marcia Peterson, Mer- peru 17 37 cedes Kramer, and Miss Mary Ellen Slack, volleyball coach. Volleyball girls reading left to right, bottom row: Mercedes Kramer, Marcia Peterson. Sec- ond row: Margaret Swinney, Donna James, Mary Joan Gaskill, Sherry Clites, Doris Hoffman, Pat Fleming, llla Gawart. Third row: Dona Hemphill, Phyllis Adams, Myrna Beadleston, Donna Deming. Top row: Eleanor Guilliatt, student manager, Phyllis Heinke, Miss Mary Ellen Slack, coach. gifs cqffifefia ssociafiofz Pictured above are the officers of the Girls Athletic Association for the school term 1948-49. Left to right are: Pat Fleming, June Blevins, Bar- bara Pope, Shirley Sharp, and Anna Gawart gift ,,v Y' -. ..IF -r 'Z' ., if f : .QV - fl V ,,.. . I f af af M M' , Pi W 4: i ' . X ' gb . 4 , F 1'-4 .. f . E-7 sr M W , . Q h ik if I 'Wu . - 'A iles .5515 F 3. V. , .o..fe1-si. -A Caught by the camera are a few of the G. G. A. girls who were good sports during initiation day and kept it up during all of the many games throughout the year. --4:11 At the left are the girls who attended the annual G. A. A. Christmas party held in the Junior High lunch room, December l4. High- light of the evening was an exchange of gifts. Not only do the girls use their athletic abilities for school activities, but also for other indoor sports. Pictured below is the group bowling on January TO. These are only two of the many activities of the year. The obiectives of the Girls Athletic Associ- ation are: ill to promote athletic interests and activities for high school girls, Q21 to foster ci high standard of sportsmanship and leadership, l3J to develop an intramural pro- gram which will be broad enough to meet the interest of all high school girls. Those be- ing a member for two years are awarded ci letter, and three years earns a sweater. Ini- tiation of new members is held each year. A in . f., ,,, fr 12, ,f sy? 23 ll A, wwf' if The following Professional men of Nebraska Cnty wash annual PIONEER DR F C REESE Dental Surgeon Phone 152 10th and Central DR A E SOUDERS Dental Surgeon Phone 140 8th and Central DR E J KOTAB Dental Surgeon Phone 354 115 North 8th DR D K PHILLIPS Dentist Phone 148 H D HEBARD Dentist Phone 11 DR T L WEEKES Physician and Surgeon DR. W. C. KENNER Physician and Surgeon 107 North 7th Phone 297 J. P. GILLIGAN, GLEN BURBRIDGE, BEN EWING Physicians and Surgeons Office Phone 335 JOHN M. DIERKS Building and Loan Building congratulate the class of 49 on this second LLOYD E PETERSON 700 Central Avenue T SIMPSON MORTON Otoe County National Bank Bullding MORAN and JAMES SPENCER and NEUMEISTER Wessel Buildlng GEO M LATHROP 715 Central Avenue OTTO H WELLENSIEK Farmers Bank Building TYLER and FRERICHS DRS RAMACCIOTTI and MclLLECE Physicians and Surgeons 105 North 10th Phone 473 BROWN HOSPITAL 1702 2nd Avenue Phone 149 Dr. C. Eugene Brown DR. DeJARNETTE Chiropractor 72212 Central Avenue Phone 1099 DR. STONECYPHER Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat 10715 South 9th Phone 144 5 fi' NM. w ,ww 6 , ,, .y ,AW .- ., ,J in mf .XX Y 2 K' 'X Nixwwmmuuuqq, M 9. W' gg, g f wm.5,..,,-, 1 vi 2-3 f"f IW ' uf 1 . - .5 , W, Q -ni lPGtQ1SOH Bdoltuary ll North 'llth Most Modern Bulldnng and Servnce Ambulance Servnce Amr Condatloned HAROLD W PETERSON JOHN B PETERSON Phone 126 Harry Vondrak of the Otoe County Implement proudly showing the new streamlnned features of the 49 Packard N Ice roomlness compactness and over all beauty coverlng a dependable powerful motor Seat ed In the car are Mary Ann Boer ner and Noel Trndle Viewing the beauty of the car are Jim Skinner and Rodger Pltstlck mime 1 l nb N X -1 'Vg I71 N IL? iTf+ f I I3-5 Q T Y r is l IT it ll ii Y I 5- Lvl L L nn- I I: -I I l1TA-l-Ll'-Lfllll E-, 'l J leg Ez: tt UM M-eeswe 1 JL E-sh ,-ffl, Flowers for all occasnons IS the servuce motto of BERTHOLDS FLOWER SHOP Thelr ervlce Includes clelnvery nn Nebraska Cnty telegraph servsce elsewhere, and courtesy flowers for various school actnvltles EUSTELLA ESSER, MERCEDES KRAMER, and ARDELL BREMER were presented corsages precednng the showmg of the beautiful flowers offered for sale by Mr G E Berthold To order flowers for any occasion, call 700 or 324 Purchasing attractive llngerle IS a treat when all the nationally advertused brands are avail able for your selection as they are at WESSEL'S SHERRY CLITES, DOLORES HOYLE and l.ORRAlNE ROHSE are bemg shown a new style by Mrs Ted Granger. is I . o- t' its ' , I ' - a s .55,a..4 :' .A .gnu ,Y ., Qjlgiliq? ':i3.fg:t:s.isgr.z,f5g' ir.:'r:'f1" - -5: rt' ' fa .Yi ' X -- 7.-K ' sg Mg 'l'f:-im -'f:. ff2f l 1 1 'C-4 fi: if-'la '51 X X vm- 1 1" ll '5""'ain ire- .-.3-Y '-l ' 1 F :J - Y Y -' 'r-.:s,g . -xll l I ln ,c i-rant. vs -X pl - T . X nl! ll Sf, Al I' if ,-,, --- U :jig gli '74 'fl ffl-:Tin .1 'f til: 1 Viz- YYQIVYCFLLXW- I?ff 'l l . . . NN' vin, 1 X if L' V 's, :ge E ft I ' .Q- Li if - 1 - E22 ' ' , ' l L'l'Lr lqlld Fila , Zilg-PAW r yff 4 ' . x1!zL-g,Q,l nl N l . .. ,A slwg ' fl' 1 VNU? 1 ' -'tt .I - -, - - .A . 1 , ivr -, , - Hhfn. ..fag S, - 'e55+q lem! I 222-WV'tleehw ' li lgf- I --- - gif! ll . 'L 74,1 l -zf: N ,Y .,. 2, ll ' Il ' ' , I . S . X 5 T'ZCl5.QCl 1 l GAS ELECTRIC AN "-'1---ii L f L D WATER Q.-ali' ,:,:'5i qu-u'l"?" J -gu SERVICE vw fififiai M W The modern all electrlc katchen by General Electrlc complete with range dushwasher sunk and garbage disposal cabinets and two door refrngerator wuth frozen storage compartment are the topnc of discussion between Pat Farrell Sales Gnrl MISS SRB Home Ec Instructor and MARY LEE CAMPBELL on the Utnlntues Salesfloor The dream kitchen of tomorrow can be yours today M nqjflli ? STUDIO OF PHOTOGRAPH! Mr. cmd Mrs. Virgil I. Pitstick are found relaxing in their pleasant living room at Pits Acres after finishing the photography for The Pioneer. Both gave generously of their time and energy to meet the dead line and furnish their usual top ranking pictures. Cltlfcmfafa fwza 5 ..r DON'T CUSS, CALL US! gy. ra .ff-is . Beautiful girls in a beautiful car is a combination hard to beat. Pictured above in Olds- mobile's Futuramic "88" Convertible Coupe is MARY HINRICHS, JEANETTE STOCKER, LOIS HEN- lGER, MARY GASKlLl. and WANDA LeCURE. Mr. Oscar Wurtele of Wurtele's Garage in Nebraska City points out the main features of the 1949 Oldsmobile and explains the power provided by the new Rocket engine. There's plenty of accent on youth and action when you're driving a new Oldsmobile. Wurtele's Garage has always been a main part of N. C. H. S. They provide all the school's transportation to and from basketball and football meets. .lust recently, they purchased two new school buses for our use. U65 Jvagzaiga Ulf? cyoca- Cjofa Boffgng domfzcuzy anzgolzi 6440 fo 'zz T02 SOUTH ELEVENTH STREET a w J, , , iii trash... V ig? l at i 2 f i Cyfammy cyofmai ofofz 0. A 53? 9525? S l. W. Streuli is pointing with pride to the new features of the 1949 Ford: more visibility, extra roominess, stability on the road, longer body and frame, over-drive performance, and improved braking action. Pictured with Mr. Streuli are prospective buyers: HANS GOSCH, FRED VOGES, and JIM LIGHTBODY.

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