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Text from Pages 1 - 74 of the 1957 volume:

EVERYONE ' S TALKING ABOUT THE.. NEBO HIGH SCHOOL Nebo, Norih Carolina McDowell County Public Library 90 West Court Street Marion, NC 28752 ...A TYPICAL AMERICAN HIGH SCHOOL LASSIES, AND CLASSES PORTRAYED IN THE 1957 PIONEER PUBLISHED BY THE STUDENTS OF NEBO HIGH SCHOOL foreword Much has happened since we were freshmen at Nebo High School. Many changes have been made and now the New Look is reflected everywhere. We , the annual staff of the 1957 Pioneer , have tried in the following pages to give you a full and memorable review of the new along with the old. As you look back you will re- call with pride the changes to the New Look at your school. iAl a Mater Here ' s to thee, our Alma Mater, Nebo High, our school, Praise we sing, thy sons and daughters, Hearts you ' ll always rule. Raise the chorus, sound the echo. Loud her praises sing. Hail to thee, our Alma Mater, Hail Nebo, our queen. N is for the new friends found here, E for efforts glow; B is for the bonds that bind us, O for onward go. Dedication Mr. and Mrs. E, Lawson Brown To our former principal and his charming wife for their sympa- thetic understanding of young people, for their participation as leaders in school and social activities, for their friendship and guidance, their devotion to Nebo school, especially their assistance in bringing the New Look to our school, we, the Senior Class do dedicate with pride and af- fection this 1957 volume of the Pioneer to Mr . and Mrs . E . Lawson Brown . County AdministtatioH School School Jaculty Left to Right: Miss Rose Stacy, Mrs. Mae Porter, Mr. Richard Laney, Mr .James Johnson, Mr. Robert Woodward, Mr«. Margaret Norris, Miss Rachel Keisler . Slementary faculty Front Row, Left to Right: Mr s . Keith Arlidge , Mrs . Beverly Foster , Mrs . Pearl S. Austin, Mr . Stuart Triplett. Second Row: Mrs . Margaret Hartley, Mrs . Faye Mode , Mrs . Sidney Kerley , Mr . Otto Gross, Third Row: Miss Helen Plant, Mrs, Jessie Snead, Mrs, Cassie Ledbetter, Mr. Tom Stacy, Fourth Row: Mrs. Margaret Barker, Mrs. Lela Wilson, Mrs. Lona Laughridge . School Board Left to Right: Ned McGimsey (Chairman), Mrs, Jack Corpening, Mr. Theodore Browning, Mr. Bernie Fender, Mr. Tom Chapman, MR. JAMES JOHNSON PRINCIPAL Message Zo Seniors Graduation! The word that brings joy to the hearts of seniors all over our land and symbol- izes the fruits of twelve years of work toward this end. You have now reached this goal but, in itself, this is not success , The period you have spent here has been a preparatory period designed to enable you to take your place as an adult citizen in an adult world. Childish actions and ways have been discarded because you have realized they accomplish no de- sirable end. However, the fundamentals which you have gained here will have to be applied and used if they serve you. Just as talents hidden benefit no one, the fundamentals which now are yours will diminish if not used. They will grow into richer harvests and serve you upon application. Commencement! This is another word very closely associated with graduation. Education, formal or informal, is a continuous process. Regardless of the amount of education you have, the need for more and the need for bettering one ' s self always exists. No man ever completely educates himself. There are varying amounts of education in all people. You have graduated from Nebo High School and have a certain amount of formal education. This has prepared you to commence - to add more knowledge to what you have already earned. The knowledge you now have associated with the realization of need of further study is suf- ficient to take you to the fulfillment of your hopes and needs and, subsequently, to your just place in a society that needs and uses good citizens of integrity and knowledge. Keep your lives in progression. Always do more and do better than in time past. » Student Council Through elected officers and representatives the council practices the ideals of a democratic government . Mr, James Johnson- -Sponsor Safety Patrol Mr. Richard Laney, Sponsor President, Louise Watson Senior Officers Secretary Barbara Dobson Treasurer Shirley Beam Reporters Peggy Queen Sylvia Gunter Pre_sident ' Py Finley Vice-President . . . George Gibbs Mascots Michael Watson Lynn Whitely JCast Will Hd Zes lament State of North Carolina County of McDowell City of Nebo Article 1 We, the graduating class of 1957 of Nebo High School leave our love and appreciation to the entire faculty of Nebo High School. for trouble , finding it everywhere, diagnosing it wrong- ly, and applying unsuitable remedies. I, Loretta Fish , leave Nebo a Florida sand-spur; watch the stickers! Article 2 We leave to the Juniors the responsibility of becoming Seniors, being leaders in the school and carrying on the work of the Senior Class. Article 3 Individual Bequests: I, Mary Baird, don ' t have anything of importance to leave to anyone, so I will keep all I have. I, Amberse Barlowe, leave my renown hair style to Harold (Elvis) Byrd. Please use it. I, Shirley Beam, need all I have and plenty more, so I had better not leave anything. I, James Crawley, leave my basketball career to Paul Presnell . I.Barbara Dobson, leave to Jackie Cooper, David Jaynes, Donald Smith, Charlie Finley, Dean Buff, Carol Jaynes , Charles Hensely, and all the other sophomore boys , my memories of the fun we had in World History class. I, George Gibbs, leave my honored position as senior representative on the Student Council to anyone who has the ability to qualify. Since this world is sure to misunderstand everything, mere defensive instinct prompts me to give it as little as possible to lay hold upon. Nothing is more impene- trable than the intimate , sincere , and beloved closeness of my dear friends and sisters , Mary and Judy . I, S lAna Guntgj: , leave to them my individuality, independ- ability, and initiative , as tokens in remembrance of the hilarious, desperate, and stunning events we shared each day. I, Jean Hemphill, since having nothing really worth- while to leave to anyone-I ' ve used e verything-leave to my little " sis " , Shirley Bailey , the slowly fading mem - ories of the crazy, mixed up life we led, the record " Changing Partner s , " and my obsession for collecting souvenirs. Get a trunk, Shirl . . . I, Clara Minish , leave to my sister Ivory my little seat at Nebo. See if it fits, Ivory, I, Vernon Peters, just leave Nebo. We . M a X i n e Peters, and F ' risrilla Fpni Itnnw so little and need so much that we can ' t afford to leave anything of any value to anyone , so we will just take everything with us. We , the three comrades , Pearl Evans, Peggy Queen and Louise Watson , leave our raving love for Elvis Presley to the beloved faculty. I, Tommy Fender , leave my knowledge of the art of mkkrnglove to all the girls to " Di ckie Bir ' Hgi lifield . The joys of my high school " daze " are soon to cease, and I find I must will something to an underclassman. To Ar zella Harklerode I . W ilma Fend er, leave my worn out " e ' fasers . ' " pehc ' il stubrsTaTtattered text book or two, and the mad fascination of being a Senior. I, Edith Ferguson, leave all I never learned from all the books I never read to Glenda Farr and Bonnie Pres- nell. I, Roy Finley, leave to Carol Jaynes the art of looking r- — — — I, Margie Hicks Potter , w i 1 1 my love for fun and laughter to my sweet sister , Mary B . Potter . Also I leave her my bangs, because it looks as if we ' re stuck with them . I, Eunie Seagle , will my ability to get along with people to Charles Owensby. I, Robert Toney, leave all the opos s um s that I have caught in the past years to Paul Presnell and Charlie Gibbs . I, Bruce T r o u t m a n , leave my ability to charm the teachers to David Jaynes. 1, Margie Williams .being of sound mind, do leave to sl£ejney my s i s t e r , something to work for . See if you can find it, Irene. Superlatives FRIENDLIEST Louise Watson Vernon Peters BEST ALL AROUND Margie Potter Amberse Barlowc Superlatives MOST STUDIOUS MOST ATHLETIC Loretta Fish Peggy Queen Edith Ferguson Sylvia Gunter Bruce Troutman James Crawley Superlatives BEST PERSONALITY Priscilla Fender Wilma Fender Robert Toney MOST POPULAR RoyFinley Pearl ' E aYis SENIOR CLASS MOTTO " Knowledge comes, but wisdom lingers. " CLASS FLOWER Violet MOST COURTEOUS Margie Williams Eunie Seagle VCLASS COLORS Black and White " CLASS POEM THE PARTING We seniors leave old Nebo High To take our worldly stand; We think of cherished days gone by And every helping hand. Our hearts are filled with unshed tears, For things we ' ve known so long. Our friends, our fun, our many years Of work in this, our home. We hate to leave our Alma Mater, The halls echo each voice; But on, to things still greater! For each has made his choice. S ylvia Gun t e r •n Margie Potter 1 Senior Statistics " Jo " 4-H Club 1 ,2; Vice-President 2; Glee Club 1,2; Dramatics 2; Softball 1 ,2 ,3; Junior Play; Commercial Club President 4; Office Staff 4; Circulation Manager Highlights Staff 4. AMBERSE BARLOWE " Am " 4-HClubl.2; Cheerleader 1,2; Key Club 2,3; President Key Club 4; Glee Club 1,2; JuniorPlay; Secret ary Junior Class; J. V, Basketball 3,4; Bus Driver 3,4; Sports Editor Annual Staff . SHIRLEY BEAM " Tippy " F.H . Club, Secretary 2; Vice-President Glee Club 2; Dramatics Club 2; Softball 2; Marshal 3; Miss-Hi-Miss 4; Treasurer Senior Class; Picture Editor Annual Staff; French Club, JAMES CRAWLEY " Keeneye " 4-HClubl,2; Key Club 3,4; Bus Driver 3; Basketball 3,4; Presi- dent Junior Class; Co-Captain Basketball 3,4; Glee Club 2; Junior Play; Dramatics 2. BARBARA DOBSON " Babs " Glee Club 1,2,3; Vice-President Sophomore Class; Beta Club 2, 3,4; Dramatics Club 2; T M.A. 2; F.T.A. Secretary and Reporter 2; President 4; Secretary of County F.T.A. Council 4; Office Staff 3,4; Office Staff Secretary 3; Chief Marshal 3; Cheerleader 3,4; Commercial Club 4 ; Secretary Senior Class; Red Cross Camp Representative 2; High School Radio News Editor; Business Manager Annual Staff; Junior Play 3; French Club 4; Highlights Staff ' s Feature Writer 4. GEORGE GIBBS " Einstein " Science Club 1; Dramatics 2; Glee Club 1,2,3; Baseball 1,2,3,4; President Sophomore Class; Bus Driver 4; Student Council 4; Vice-President Senior Class; Picture Editor Annual Staff; French Club; Typist Highlights Staff. SYLVIAGUM IEB. Glee Club 1,2,3; Coordinator 4; 4-H Club 1,2, 4; Dramatic s 2 Beta Club 2,3,4; Marshal 3; Highlights Staff 3; F.TJV . Club 3,4 F .H.A. Club 3 , Reporter 4; Basketball 2,3,4; Co-Reporter Senior Junior Play; Commercial Club 4; French Club. JEAN HEMPHILIi. " Jeannie " President Freshman Class; Dramatics 2; Red Cross Camp Re- presentativ e 2 ; Girls State Representative 3; Junior Play; Marshal 3; HighlightsStaff Club Reporter 4; Highlights Staff 1,2,3; Office Staff 3,4; f rr . ;iub 2,3,4; Vice-President 2,3; F.H.A. Club 2,4; Glee Club 1 ,2,3; Librarian 4; Basketball Manager 4; High School Radio News Editor and Announcer 4; French Club. CLARA MINISH " Clarabell " Glee Club 1 ,2; 4-H Club 1 ,2; Dramatic s 2; Softball 1 ,2 ,3; Com- mercial Club 4; Prompter for Junior Play 3; Typist Annual Staff; Business Club. MAXINE PETERS " Bib " 4-H Club 1; F.H.A. Club Program Chairman 2; Dramatics 2; F. T.A.Club 4; Junior Play; Safety Patrol; Vice-President 4; Com- mercial Club 4;GleeClub 1,2,3, Secretary 4; Senior Editor An- nual Staff; French Club 4. PEARL EVANS " Kid " Dramatics 2; 4-H C 1 u b 1; Glee Club 1 ,2 ,3; Librarian 4; F JI.A. Club 1 ,2; J un io r Play 3; F.T J . Club 4; Beta Club 2,3; Vice- President Beta Club 4; Cheerleader 2,3,4; Circulation Manager Annual Staff 4; French Club. VlLMA FENDER ' " Kittgp " 4-H Club 1; Cheerleader 1 ,2rXIramatics 2; Basketball 3; FJI.A. Club; Song Leader 3; Treasurer Junior Class; Junior Play; F.T.A. Club Treasurer 2; Secretary Sophomore Class; Glee Club 1,2,3; Treasurer 4; Marshal 3; Office Staff 4; Highlights Staff 3; French Club 3. (PRISCILLA FENDER . " Pris " 4-H Club 1 ; Dramatics 2; Commercial Club Secretary 4; Glee Club Vice-President 4; Office Staff 4; Circulation Manager Annual Staff. TOMMY FENDER " Tom " 4-H Club 1; Baseball 3; Key Club 3,4; Junior Play; Bus Driver 3,4. EDITH FERGUSON Freshman Class Reporter; 4-H Club 1; Softball 1; Library Club 1 ,2,3; Secretary 2; F.T.A. Club 2; Glee Club 1 ,3; History Club 3; Future Nurses Club 3; Commercial Club Treasurer 4; Student Council 4; French Club; Editor Highlights Staff 4. LORETTA FISH " Bell " F.H.A. Club 1; Librarian 1; Commercial Club 4; Business Man- ager Highlights Staff 4. J ROY F INLEY 1gee VreV ' 4-HClub 1; Dramatics 2; Glee Club 2 " ;3; President 4; Key Club 3; President 4; Baseball2, 3,4; Basketball 2,3; Bus Driver 4; Cheer- leader 4; Junior Play; President Senior Class 4. VERNON PETERS " WUl " 4-H Club 1,2; Glee Club 1 ,2; Junior Play; Dramatics 2; Bus Driver 3 ,4 . MARGIE POTTER Glee Club 1,2,3; Cheerleader 1,2,3; 4-H Club 1; FJi.A. Club 2; Beta Club 2, 3, 4; Treasurer 3; County Beta Reporter 3; Annual Staff 3,4; Editor-in-chief 4; Marshal 3; Highlights Staff 3; Class Play 3; French Club 4. PEGGY QUEEN " Queenie " 4-H Club 1; Glee Club 1,2,3; Dramatics 2; F.T_A. Club Treasure! 3, Reporter 4; Reporter Senior Class; Basketball 2 ,3 ,4 , Co- Captain 3; Commercial Club 4; Photographer , Annual Staff French Club 4. EUNIE SEAGLE " Slim " Key Club 3,4; Junior Play. ROBERT TONEY Junior Play 3; Typist Annual 4. BRUCE TROUTMAN " Brucie " F.FjVClub 1; Beta Club 3,4; Key Club 3,4; Circulation Manager Annual Staff; Junior Play; French Club, LOUISE WATSON " Louie " 4-H Club 1,2; Beta Club 2,3,4; Secretary 3; Dramatics 2; FJI.A. Club 2; Basketball 2,3, Co-Captain 4; F.T A.. Club 4; Safety Patrol Vice-President 4; Junior Play; Sports Editor Annual Staff; French Club. MARGIE WILLIAMS Glee Club 1,2; Dramatics 2; 4-H Club 1,2; Softball 1,2,3; Com- mercial Club Program Chairman 4; Safety Patrol Reporter 4; Office Staff 4; Typist and Artist Annual Staff; Artist of Highlights Staff. Senior Snapshots Nellie Dean Fox Dottie Gardin Cline Garden Charles Gibbs M juniors Arzella Harklerode Richard Hollifield Alice Hoppes Frieda Jamison Doris Jaynes ' (J Reba Jaynes Hazel Jenkins Ivory Minish Catherine Moody Charles Owensby Lois Pt ters Bonnie Presnell ' Juniors Paul Presnell Travis Proctor Nancy Pyatte Betty Revis Harold Revis Betty Roland Donald Roland Mae Troutman J. M. Walker Johnnie Westmorland Irene Williams Bruce Young Sophomore Class Officers President Zelda Lawing Vice-President Donald Smith Reporter David Jaynes Treasurer Jackie Cooper Secretary Dean Buff Marie Atwood Charles Ayers Shirley Bailey Robert Ballew Jerry Baird Dorothy Baucom Dora Black Cecil Buchanan Dean Buff Sophomores Alice Christopher Ray Cole Doris Connor Jackie Cooper Mary Alice Craig Robert Crawley Ray Creswell Margie Earley Glenda Farr Mary Ellen Fender Bernie Fender Charlie Finley Edgar Gardin Mary Gunter Charles Hensley Sophomores Carol Jaynes Zelda Lawing Louise Lewis Joan Maney Eugene Nichols Barbara Owens Ray Patton John Presnell Fred Proctor Peggy Randolph Donald Smith Elwanda Toney Therry Wilson Peggy Jo Wright Jreshman Class Officers Treasurer Jesse Hinland President Helen Watson Secretary Frances Perkins Reporter Margaret Holland Vice-President. . Herman Buchannan Shirley Anderson Jean Atwood Joe Bishop Betty Branton Bruce Brown Herman Buchannan Johnny Bumgarner Willie Bumgarner James Childers David Conner Bill Curry Joe Duncan Jreskmen Mary Elliot Bobby Jean Epley Donald Fender Harvey Ferguson Gene Gibson Judy Gunter Howard Hendren Nancy Hendren Jesse Henlin John Hensley Margaret Holland Harney Jaynes Ruth Jaynes Shirley Lawing Bobby Ledford Mary Lewis Brian Lonon Jimmy Loudermilk Delia Faye Maney Lorraine Moody Frank Newton David Newton Hugh Newton Alden Owensby Jteshmen Burton Patton Joan Patton Frances Perkins Mae Presnell Cline Pyatte Rosa Reese Dale Reese Bobby Revis Lavern Revis Ray Sigmon Ruby Smith Nancy Snead Douglas Spencer Edward Stevens Richard Styles Bobby Terrell Billy Ray Truett Barbara Vick Helen Watson Wilma Willis Imogene Wilson Gloria Wise Mary Baird Commercial Club Mrs. Margaret Norris Office Staff Priscilla Fender, Shirley Bailey, Wilma Fender, Jean Hemphill, Barbara Dobson, Margie Williams, Peggy Wright, Alice Christopher. Barbara Dobson 7uture Zeachers Mrs. Mae Porter President 1 1J Pluh Sponsor RoyFinley f Mr. Otto Gross President- Roy Finley 0lee Club Director Miss Helen Plant President Charles Hensley 4-H eiub Highlights Staff Edith Ferguson, Editor in Chief; Priscilla Fender , Assistant Editor; Shirley Beam and George Gibbs , Typists; Sylvia Gunter , Sports Editor; Margie Williams, Art Editor; Barbara Dob son. Feature Writer; Jean Hemphill, Club Reporter; Peggy Queen, Sports Editor; L o r e 1 1 a Fish, Business Manager; Mary Baird and Robert Tony, Circulation Managers . Miss Ro3e°Stacy JfCHCh Clut Mrs . M . Norris future J urses Pearl Evans jCuMch Koom Staff Mrs .J.J. Crouch, Supervisor it Zakerettes Shirley Lawing, Helen Watson, Louise Watson, Nancy Pyatte , Mary Gunter, Dottie Gardin Louise Lewis , Sylv a_ Gunt er , Peggy Queen, Judy Gunter , Zelda Lawing, Hazel Jenkins , Coach, Mr. Laney. Coach Mr. Richard Laney Co-Captains Louise Watson, Zelda Lawing iSljl illL fSlliiii jCakers Jackie Cooper , Robert Crawley , Donald Roland, Dean Buff, Charles Hensley, Amberse Bar- Iowa, Donald Smith, Harold Byrd, Paul Presnell, James Crawley, Cline Gardner, Richard Hollifield, Jack Early, Charlie Gibbs. Co-Captains Donald Smith, James Crawley baseball Zeam Coach Mr. Jack Triplett Cheerleaders Barbara Dobson, Chief Mrs. Norris, Instructor - (Not Picutred) Pearl Evans , Shirley Baily, Nancy Snead , Barbara Dobson , Dorothy Baucom, Nancy Hendren, Irene Williams, Reba Jaynes. QUEEN Nancy Snead Harvest festival KING Ronnie Gentry Miss Hi Miss SHIRLEY BEAM (jirls State JEAN HEMPHILL Margie Potter, Barbara Dobson , Chief, Jean Hemphill , Wilrjia Feiisle r , Shirley Beam , Sylvia Gunter , -J • V € • « • - . ' • i . — — « ■ , I • » , • , . - . , , i . . r . e. as « ' --(ft ' T - ■ t ■• ♦ » • . . r " Marion, North Carolina ' I r- JIMESON ' S tI J HARDWARE 4 - Maripn, Nortn Carolina ' IDEAL CLEANERS 113 West Henderson St. Dial 7 ' 61 A J Marion, North Carolina JUMBO GRILL DAIRY BAR Curb Service Phone One Mile We , Highway 70 Marion, North Cj . ina 7 y7 . Marion, 4 . NC»CROSS BELK - BROOME COMPANY North Carolina BIG DOLLAR FOOD CENTER North Main Street Marion, North Carolina EASTCOURT MOTOR CO. Marion, North Carolina GIBBS ' aaPE tiJyiARKET Marion, North Carolina JACK BEAM ' S GROCERY Nebo, North Carolina PROCTOR ' S FEED STORE Dial 3421 Marion, North Carolina McCALL ' S HOSIERY MILL Marion, North Carolina S. B8r SERVICE SERVICE WHEN YOU NEED IT i North ' Carolina Marion , YOUNG BUCKNER ESSO SERVICE ( sso ) Marion, North Carolina j_ - J ' -X JTON MILL ' FURNITURE COMPANY. . Cs " SU i - 7l c di ' V ki l ' % FUNERAL HOM • a 1 l C. R. McCall, Owner Id I ' ' ' - McCall, Charles McCall, ' " Assistants C2_ . Oxygen Equipped Ambulance EA ur Service - Phone 2120 North Carolina 1 ' ANJPES MOTOR COMPANY Dodge - Plymouth - Dodge Trucks Sales Service 2-. Phone 4341 514 E. Court St. North Carolina LAUGHRIDGE FURNITURE CO. 3415 lifl ' tQS , N o t ' C a r o 1 i n a STATE-WIDE SEWING CENTER For Every Sewing Need Marion, North Carolina 3 jXw g es Ea=ib:_9f - s v ' " Marro -orf== = r ' _ — T- , HOUSE MARION THEATRES Marion, North Carolina 2- BROWN MOTSr COMPANY North Carolina R CO. mont Carolinas North Carolina ROSELAND FLORIST ' . Y , NvMain St. ' 5 Ph ' pne 73 71 ' v Marion, North Carolina THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK Members of Federal Deposit Insurance Company- Marion, North Carolina SMITH FURNIT URE CO. Marion, North Carolina TAINTER ' S DRUG STORE Prescription Headquarters Stationery, Cosmetics Phone 2133 Marion, North Carolina 7 EVAJIS ' DEJ E ItORE I. « ' «r9?.a Congratulations ' And Best WifiMes 7 THE AMERICAN IHREAD COMPANY 1 MARION Sevier, North Carolina — ' Congratulations - ) y .y ' ' ' ! GRADUATES - tr ROBERT W. PROCTOR AND E.P. DAMERON Marion, North Carolina do ) r — 4 ' y U. S. Highway Jq . Nebo, , And Children 128 S. Main t. ' C RICE WHITE FlIRNITUR Household Furnishings kai Nort l C ' ' ' COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. Marion, North Carolina MARION FINANCE CO. 3 1 5 E. Court St. Phone 2191 Marion, North Carolina M UCTS COMPANY, INC. " f ■ ' ' if Ready Mixed Concrete Building Blocks Phone 6861 North Carolina : A ' ' CLINCHFIELD MANUFACTURING CO Wide Cloth Print Marion, North Carolina LOVEN FURNITURE CO. Complete Line Of Home Furnishings 6-8 Main Street Phone 82 y " Marion, Nort vGarolinefe BARGAIN STORE For All Types School And Weather Needs Marion, North Carolina FLORISTV } Flow|er by wire FlLw ers ' fo x lA bccasions Maii t A I riH Ja h ' ar na BILL GRIFFITH ' S JEWELRY STORE Haviland China Gorham Sterling Imperial Crystal 26 1 2 S. Main St. Marion, North Carolina OpikTORE ■ iy i} ' Fresh •IRESTONE HOME AUTO SERVICE Heating Plumbing Marion, North Carolina UNTER FLORIST Flowers by wire owers for all occasions 128 S. Main St. Phone 4291 Marion, North Carolina -1, LEW MOTOR CO. fi!i ' iaii y 436 E. Court St. Phone 2157 o North Carolina A McCALL-BURGIN HARDWARE Marion, North Carolina YOUNG ' S SHOE STORE 38 S. Main St. Dial 8371 Marion, North Carolina GORDON FURNITURE COMPANY Dial 7411 15 South Main St. Marion, North Carolina MARION BUICK COMPANY Marion, North CanrBliVial k frVf V ' ?ts J s Energy -Packed . Reach For WALDENSIAN BAKERIES Bakers of Sunbeam Bread Valdese, North Carolina ,.b ' H GLENWOOD STEP CO r i READY MIXED CEMENT Marion, North Carolina GORDON F. MORRIS RUTHERFORD ROAD Marion, North Carolina x PHILIPPS 66 S. Main St. Marion, North Carolina at LAZARUS DEPT. STORE Morganton, North Carolina W E S T M 6 R E L A N D - HA W Kl FUNERAL SERVICE S. J. Westmoreland, Manager Mrs. S. J. Westmoreland, Lady Assistant H. T. Hawkins and Walton Clapp Jr. Embalmers Marion, Ambulance Service North Carolina Comj iments of . V A. BIANTON Marion, GROCERY COMPANY North Carolina H nqratulations to the (L aSrf ' class of ' 57 MARION MANUFACTURING COMPANY ' 0 Marion, North Carolina 6 COBLE DAIRY y -if —3-- PRODUCTS, Quality Leader of the Sou li ' r 3 1 4(5 " ( otel arel ' ; ■ y Compliments of 4 sWi A. Belfty Jean Beauty Shop ■ y i May Day Beauty Shijfp i. tL(- .V - ' ° ' ' ate ' Furnitui-e ' Co. Thfe Children ' s Shop.. McNeal giilf ' S l VIee ' ■ ■ Hayi ' ie s Jewei rs , Potest ' 8 Beifttff ' sfe ' Mariatf F. C. X. Hall arber Shop ff Roses 5f.l0-25f St e ' ' Huskins ' si,S«-i4irce Cent £y- Adkin ' is ' hoe Hospital Robinson Clot rin g- ' Store Seagle ' s Feed Store Sarah ' s Beauty Nook Thread City Service Station Beaman Lumber Co. Branton ' s Landing Mary Lyn Shop Harold Martin East Court Barber Shop Lake City Service Stati John Thurkill Teague ' s Market Lake City Barber Shop Oasis News And Smoke McNeil Texaco Service Polly Ann ' s Cafe Elizabeth- James Mills Pat Beam ' s Grocery Crawley ' s Gulf Service Jack Buchanan Lafever ' s Grocery Dallas Rowe Grocery East Court Amoco Pyatte Oil Co. Bill ' s Curb Market Catawba Cafe Rowe ' s Grocery Store Walker ' s Self Service Charles G. Poteat Miller Suengle Furni Reid ' s Jewelers Army 8t Navy Store Shop Station Inc . ture Co. ; 3 I Mcdowell county library McDowell County Public Library 90 West Court Street Marion, NC 28752

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