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I iHf pionfffi NINETEEN HUNDRED FIFTY-SIX Cecil Dobson Mary Ann Browning Patsy Smith Editor-in-Chief Business Manager Senior Editor VOLUME 8 ANNUAL PUBLICATION NEBO HIGH SCHOOL Nebo, North Carolina McDowell County Public Library 90 West Court Street Marion, NC 28752 MeyoHd Zke Keyhole Zo OUR THEME " Only take heed to thyself, and keep thy soul diligently, LEST THOU FORGET the things which thine eyes have seen, and lest they de- part from thy heart all the days of thy life. " Deuteronomy 4:9 FOREWORD As the reality of this school year fades into memories, our experiences and acquaintances will grow dim. Knowing that you would like to have more than just a keyhole view of the school year 1955-56, the annual staff presents you with THE KEYS TO MEMORIES so that you may open the doors of Nebo High School, as often as youlike, andglance back on the past- " Lest Thou Forget, " Memories With Zhe Keys Of... " jCest Zhou forget " Dedication Miss Mae Ramsey Mrs. Zelphia Jarrett Mrs. Jo Hemphill Supervisor County Schools County Secretary County Bookkeeper iJ ebo School Koard Left to Right: Ned McGimsey (Chairman), Mrs. Jack Corpening, Mr. Thedore Browning, Mr. Bernie Fender, Mr. Tom Chapman. Principars Message Zo Zhe Seniors The elements of knowledge consist of many things. You have sought and obtained many of these yet the road to success is to be found in hard work, religion, and intelligent thinking. The path you have completed now becomes a road that needs your immediate attention. It can lead in many directions, uphill and down, detours , and very few by-passes. Along this road of learning to live, will be found many of the other elements you will need for happiness. Now is the time to devote the knowledge of your former path to the greater things that will confront you. As a graduate of Nebo High School you can ob- tain your place on this road by exerting the basic essentials that your school has contributed, along with the abilities each one has. Some will find the road easier and more successful than others, but remember the contribution you make is going to determine your place on the road. I hope that good fortune and happiness will follow the members of the gra- duating class of 1956 as you find your place in society. High School ' O. K., girls, let ' s go to class ' Mr. Lawson Brown Economics and Health " Bonjour, Comment allez-vous? ' Miss Rose Stacy- Senior Advisor English and French " I ' ll talk to Mr. Brown about that. " Mr, Robert Woodward Junior Advisor Science and English ' Get quiet and pay attention! " Mrs. Mae Porter Freshman Advisor Mathematics and Geography ' Thank you sweetly. ' Mrs. Max Robinson Freshman Advisor Home Economics r) «rv IBs " Coaches Mr. S. R. Triplett Boys ' basketball and baseball " Quit lagging along,boys! " Mr. T. W. Stacy Girls ' basketball ' We ' ll scrimmage a little today. Mrs. Hoyle Hemphill Piano Instructor SlemcHtary laculty Seated left to right: Mrs. Beverly L. Foster. Mrs. Pearl S. Austin, Mrs. Lona G. Laughridge Mrs. Cassie Ledbetter. Mrs. Margaret E. Barker. Mrs. Lela B. Wilson. Miss Helen Plant. Standing: Mr. Stuart R. Triplett. Mrs. Margaret W. Hartley. Miss Margaret Edwards Miss Ethel Burleson. Mrs. Jessie Snead, Mrs. Elizabeth Greenlee. Mrs. Faye L. Mode, Mrs. Sidney Kerley, Mr. Thomas W. Stacy. Senior Officers President Nolan Peters (Not Pictured) Treasurer Patsy Smith Reporter Fannie Lou Craig Secretary- Patsy Toney Vice President Mary Ann Browning CLASS MOTTO conquers who conquers himself. " Seniors JAYNET ADAMS Marion High School 1, 2, 3; Glee Club 1; Bible Club 1, 2; F. H. A. 1, 2, 3; Softball 1, 2; Lunchroom Worker 1,2,3; Drivers Education 3; Nebo Highlights Staff 4; Office Staff 4. MARY ANN BROWNING F. H. A. Club 1, 2; Glee Club 1, 3, 4; Basketball 2, 3, 4; Softball 1, 2, 3; Class Secretary 1, 3; Beta Club 2, 3, 4; Annual Staff 4; High- lights Staff 3, 4; Marshal 3; Cheer- leader 1; Harvest Queen 1; Miss- Hi-Miss 4; Vice President Beta Club 4; Vice President Senior Class 4; President Glee Club 4; Office Staff 4; Dramatics Club 3. FLORA TURNER BURNETTE F. H. A. 1. 2, 3; 4-H Club 1, 2; Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Marshal 3; Annual Staff 4; Treasurer 3; French Club 3, 4; Softball 2; Dra- matics Club 3. MICAH WENDELL CARTER Basketball 1, 2; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Key Club 2, 3; 4-H Club 1, Glee Club 2; Junior Play 3. THOMAS CLINTON CARTER Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Junior Play 2, 3; Glee Club 2, 3; Harvest King 2; Dramatics Club 3; F. T. A. Club 3, 4; Bus Driver 4; Vice President Junior Class 3. FANNIE LOU CRAIG F.H. A. 1, 2; Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 2, 3,4; J. V. 1; Softball 1, 2, 3, 4; Beta Club 2, 3, 4; Vice President Beta Club 3; President County Beta Club 3, 4; Nominee for State Vice President Beta Club 3; Highlights Staff 4; Marshal 3; French Club 3, 4; Junior Play 3; Office Staff 4; Class Reporter 4; Dramatics Club 3; F. T. A. Club 3, 4; Reporter F. T A. 3; Presi- dent F.T.A.4; Class Historian 4. Seniors CECIL PRUELLA DOBSON Beta Club 2, 3, 4; Treasurer Beta Club 3; County Beta Treasurer 3, 4; Annual Staff 3, 4; Editor-in- Chief 4; Glee Club 1,2,3, 4; Bas- ketball 3, 4; J. V. 1; Marshal 3; Basketball Manager 2; F. H. A. 1, 2; Class Treasurer 3; Class Re- porter 1, 2; French Club 3, 4; Dramatics Club 3; Office Staff 4; F.T.A. Club 3,4; President F.T.A. Club 3; Highlights Staff 4. KENNETH EUGENE EARLY 4-H CluD 2, 3; Glee Club 4; Bas- ketball 4; Junior Play 3; Key Club 2, 3, 4; SAseball 2, 3, 4; J. V. Basketball 2, 3; 4-H Club " Heppccrter 2; Bus Driver 4; Dramatics Club 3; Vice President Key Club 2; Cheerleader 2,3. ZELDA JANE FENDER F. H. A. 1, 2; F. T. A. 3, 4; Beta Club 3, 4; Basketball 2, 3, 4; Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Softball 1, 2; Junior Play 3; Annual Staff 4; Dramaiics Club 3; 4-H Club 1,2; Cheerleader 1 , 2; Talent Show 2. SHIRLEY MAXINE FOX F. H. A. 2, 3; 4-H Club 1, 2, 3 Glee Club 1, 3, 4; Softball 2, 3 Office Staff 3, 4; Junior Play 3 Dramatics Club 3. ELSIE MARIE GARDIN F. H. A. 2, 3; 4-H Club 1, 2, 3 Softball 1. 2, 3, 4; Junior Play 3 Office Staff 3, 4; Glee Club 1 Dramatics Club 3. BARBARA ANN HICKS F.H. A. 1, 2; Class Reporter 1, 2, 3; 4-H Club 1 ; Secretary Glee Club 1; Cheerleader 1,2,3,4; Bas- ketball 2; Beta Club 2,3,4; Junior Play 3; Highlights Staff 3,4; Mar- shal 3; French Club 3,4. Seniors HARRIET JANET JAYNES F. H. A. 2, 3; 4-H Club 1. 2; Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Harvest Festival Queen 4; Office Staff 4; Dramatics Club 3, REBECCA LOUISE LAMB J. V. Basketball 1; F. H. A. Club 1,2;4-H Club 1, 2;Secretary 4-H Club 2; Glee Club 1, 2, 4; Softball 1, 3, 4; Beta Club 2, 3, 4; Block S Club 2, 3; Basketball 2, 4; Letter; Sweater 2; Co-Captain 4; Dra- matics Club 3; Annual Staff 4; Highlights Staff 4; Office Staff 4; Seneca High School 2; Clermont High School 3. KATHRYN B. LEDBETTER F. H. A. Club 1, 2, 3; 4-H Club 1, 2; Glee Club 1. 2, 3, 4; Softball 1, 2, 3, 4; Dramatics Club 3. NOLAN EDWARD PETERS Class Treasurer 2; Harvest Fest- ival King 2; Beta Club 4; Class President 4. BENJAMIN POTTER Glee Club 3, 4; Secretary Glee Club 3, 4; Treasurer Glee Club 4; Junior Play 3; Class President 3; Substitute Bus Driver 3, 4; Base- ball 3; Annual Staff 4. MARGARET LOUISE PYATTE F. H. A. 1, 2; Cheerleader 1, 2; 4-H Club 1, 2; Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Dramatics Club 3; Highlights Staff 3; AnnualStaff 4; Beta Club 2, 3, 4; Class Reporter 3; Junior Play 3; Marshal 3; French Club 3, 4; Office Staff 4; Softball 1, 2. Seniors EUGENE JAMES RHOM Glee Club 3, 4; Bus Driver 3, 4; Junior Play 2, 3. ETHEL GRACE REVIS F. H. A. 1, 2; 4-H Club 1, 2; Glee Club 1,2. 3, 4; Basketball 2, 3, 4; Softball 1, 2, 3, 4; Beta Club 2, 3, 4; French Club 3, 4; Junior Play 3; Dramatics Club 3. HOWARD KENNETH REVIS Glee Club 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Annual Staff 4; Baseball 3; Har- vest Festival King 4; Bus Driver 4; Class President 2; Dramatics Club 2,3. VINCENT REVIS Glee Club 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2, 4; Baseball 2; Bus Driver 4; Dra- matics Club 2, 3; Junior Play 3. PATSY ANN SMITH F. H. A. Club 1, 2;Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Glee Club Librarian 4; 4-H Club 1, 2; Highlights Staff 3; An- nual Staff 4; Beta Club 2, 3, 4; President Beta Club 4; Chief Mar- shal 3; French Club 2, 3; Junior Play 3; Dramatics Club 3; F. T. A. Club 4; Office Staff 4; Class President 1 ; Treasurer of Class 4. CAROLYN TERRELL Glee Club 1,2,3, 4; F. H. A. 1, 2; 4-HClub 1 , 2; Basketball 3; Cheer- leader 1, 2; Marshal 3; French Club 1, 3; Harvest Queen 2; Beta Club 3, 4; Junior Play 3; Annual Staff 3, 4; Softball 1; Dramatics Club 3. Seniors PATSY CHURCH TONEY Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4; 4-H Club 1, 2, 3;Secretary 2; F. H. A. 1, 2, 3; President 3; Annual Staff 4; Mar- shal 3; Class Secretary 2,4; French Club 3,4; Beta Club 2,3,4; Secretary 4; Dramatics Club 3. ELAINE VICK Spanish Club I; Softball 1; Bas- ketball 1; 4-H Club 1. CLINTON ADAM WALKER Dramatics Club 3. JACK LEE WILSON Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Key Club 3, 4; Treasurer Key Club 4; Junior Play 3. MASCOTS PATRICIA TONEY Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Toney. " Pat " EARNEST LAWSON BROWN, JR. Son of Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Brown. " Brownie " THE KEY TO THE PAST Class History As I look back through the years, the spotlight seems to fall on the year of nineteen-hundred forty-three and forty-four, when we entered school for the fir st time . I remember the shyness of some of my class- mates and how hard it was to make friends those first days. Then there was the feeling of satisfaction when those friends were gained and re- mained throughout the years. The most outstanding memory of our primary and grammar years was the presentation of a Tom Thumb Operetta and the day that we sang for a county-wide teachers ' meeting. In those years we gave several plays, but the most remembered one was the " Rosewood Box " , which we com- posed and directed. Those last two years of grammar school we shall never forget, part- icularly the seventh grade, when it was our delight to place ants in our teacher ' s pockets. Thatwas the same year we got the belt used on our pants. When we were eighth graders, we began to learn to appreciate good literature and fine arts. That is when we read " Travels of Richard Halliburton " , and " Treasure Island. " We also enjoyed a great number of poems by Poe and Kipling We finally reached the long awaited day-the first day of High School. We entered with the determination not to be outdone by Upperclassmen. It will have to be admitted that we were a very mischievous group. We did everything from reading our scripture passages every morning to breaking window panes a few moments later. Our freshman advisor was Miss Bobby Jean Gregg. In our Sophomore year we had to study more and take our studies more seriously. Our advisor, Mr. Dickson, also our junior advisor, guided us throughout these two years. In our sophomore class we boasted of hav- ing seven girls and four boys on the basketball teams, five boys on the baseball team and ten in the Beta Club. The highlight of our junior year was our junior play entitled " Fraidy Cat. " This play was full of suspense, laughter, and thrills, and enjoyed by everyone, especially the characters. Another highlight of this year was our Junior -Senior banquet, the setting being in the Spruce Pine Country Club and carrying out the theme of a " Gypsy Caravan. " We had dropped from thirty-six sopho- mores to twenty-four juniors and have gained four new classmates to make a total of twenty-eight seniors. We shall remember these days gone by and our leaders, Nolan Pet- ers, President; Mary Ann Browning, Vice President; Patsy Toney, Sec- retary; Patsy Smith, Treasurer; and Fannie Lou Craig, reporter. We hope to attain our goal of graduation May twenty-fourth, nineteen hundred and fifty-six. We owe much to our principal Mr. E. Lawson Brown, our senior advisor, Miss Rose Stacy, and all of the High School faculty, our parents, and fri- ends, for their advice and guidance throughout the years. It is not with a sorrowful heart that we bid our farewell, but with a heart that ' s light and heads held high in order to face the future. Fannie Lou Craig, Historian Best All Around Patsy Smith " Smokie Joe ' s Cafe " Tommy Carter ' Rock Around The Clock ' Most Dependable Catherine B. Ledbetter Most Studious Carolyn Terrell " I ' ll Be Home " " Teach Me Tonight " Best Dressed Margaret Pyatt " Silk Stockings " Jack Wilson ' Blue Suede Shoes ' Most Popular Cecil Dobson " Seventeen " Kenneth Early " Only You " Most Talented Zelda Fender Best Sport Grace Revis " Don ' t Let the Stars Get in Your Eyes " ' Go on With the Wedding " ScHipr Hit Biggest Flirts Elsie Gardin ' Them There Eyes " Vincent Revis " I Want A Girl " Quietest Elaine Vick Eugene Rhom " Tiptoe Through the Tulips " " Wee, Wee Hours " Prettiest Girl Mary Ann Browning Best Looking Boy Clinton Walker " Adorable " " Daddio " ' Most Athletic Fannie Lou Craig Howard Revis " No More " " Davy Crockett " Best Personality Barbara Hicks ' ' Jezebel ' ' Benny Potter I ' m a Lover Man " Most Likely to Succeed Rebecca Lamb " Band of Gold " Nolan Peters " Rise and Shine " Cutest Flora Burnett Neatest Janet Jaynes " Me and My Teddy Bear ' ' She Wore Red Feathers ' THE KEY TO THE FUTURE Class Prophecy Behold! A bearded prophet. " Old man can you tell me what lies ahead for the class of " 56 " ? I asked. " Yes, my child. How distant a fut- ure glimpse do you want? " " Ten years will do, sir. " " Very well. Look well, but don ' t close your eyes ; for after having closed your eyes, the vision will vanish, " Through a large transparent pane, which he calls the " window of the fut- ure " , I see a gayly decorated room with a large sign over the banquet table pro- claiming " New Year ' s Eve, 1966. " I hear faint strains of " Auld Lang Syne ' and see a mingling group of merry adults with familiar faces. A clock strikes twelve times. The people all loudly welcome 1966. The first face I see is Patsy Smith. She and her husband are telling Benny Potter how they like to live in New Or- leans and about their twin boys. Benny is clad in a Forester ' s uniform for the state of Wyoming. Who in the world is that stately looking woman talking with them? Why that ' s Grace Revis. She has just told Patsy that she owns a chain of restaurants. Another uniform joins the group. It ' s Eugene Rhom as a North Carolina patrolman. How handsome and straight he stands ! And his wife, Dora Lee, is on his arm. Carolyn Terrell and Howard Revis are sitting on a little sofa talking to Flora Burnette and her Teddy. They say that being millionaires in Japan is very exciting. Fannie Lou Craig is gazing intently into the dark, mysterious eyes of a tall handsome Spaniard whose name is Hos- ilito. Fannie is living in Spain , and she and Hosilito are going to be married. Shirley Fox, who now owns Roses ' Dime Store in Marion, is talking to Becky Lamb, a very successful lady in the cosmetic business. Zelda Fender is with her husband. Storm Brown, a famous band leader. They are talking with Cecil Dobson and her wealthy husband. Cecil worked in religious education till she met him and they eloped. Tommy Carter joins the group. I can tell by the stripes on his arm that he is a high ranking naval officer. He tells them that his brother Mike has made ten million dollars pro- specting for uranium. Mike is stand- ing near and talking to a striking blond in a secluded corner. She has a mink stole over her shoulders . Iget a closer look and see her face and find it ' s his wife, Elsie Gardin. Janet Jaynes,the famous authoress, is radiant, but is a little shy as she talks of her success to Kathryn Led- better and Earnest who have made their career the U. S. Air Force. Nolan Peter s , now principal of States - ville Central High, is talking with an- other one of our " 56 " grads, Vincent Revis, who is in the mechanical field. There heis-the rage of the National and M.G. M ' s pride and joy-that hand- some movie star, Clinton Walker. He is standing, the lone male in a bunch of noisy women, and looks rather uncom- fortable. Elaine Vick, our only school teacher, is talking to Mary Ann Browning whois married to a well-noted pediatrician. One of Mary Ann ' s diamond earrings drops off. A gallant Jack Wilson , now a stock car driver, picks it up for her. They are joined by Janet Adams, sec- retary to a big executive. Kenneth Early, a jet test pilot, runs to answer the door bell and admist a late Margaret Pyatte. Even though she is a foreign news correspondent, she still can ' t be on time. Laughingly she talks to Patsy and Homer Toney about her work. Pat and Homer live in San Francisco and own a hotel. But where am I ? At last I spy my- self. I ' m looking into a little black book and talking to a strange man. " But Harry, " I say, " I can ' t play the Old Vick in February, because I ' m booked at the Helen Hayes . . . . but .... there I accidentally closed my eyes and when I opened them the vision was gone. I ' m grateful for my gaze into the future and have been able to relate to you the gay revealing scene I was so fortunate to have experienced. The class of " 56 " will surely be a lucky, wealthy, and colorful group. But how else could it be ? Barbara Hicks, Class Prophet THE KEY TO OUR BEQUESTS Cast Will And Zes lament state of North Carolina County of McDowell City of Nebo We, the graduating class of 1956 of Nebo High School, make these personal be- quests : I, Janet Adams, leave my ability to " tickle " the piano to Shirley Beam. I, Mary Ann Browning, leave my posi- tion as editor of the school paper to Jean Hemphill. I, Flora Burnette, leave my ability to act innocent to Shirley Beam. I, Fannie Lou Craig, do will and be- queath all of my bad habits, including taking my shoes off in every class, to my little sister, Mary Alice. I, Elsie Carter, leave my ability to have lots of fun to Priscilla Fender. I, Tommy Carter, leave my superlative, " Best All-Around " to Cline Gardner. I, Micah Carter , bequeath my career in the Navy to Ed Davis. I, CecilDobson, am afraid to leave any- thing because I ' ll need all I ' ve got, and more too ! I, Kenneth Early, leave my ability to stay out of trouble to Ed. Davis. I, Zelda Fender, leave my ability to play first string for two years in bas- ketball and win a trophy, to Peggy Queen. I, Shirley Fox, leave my superlative of being the most thoughtful to whoever deserves it. Upon the death of my high school days and having used up everything thathas fallen into my possession since school first started, find I have nothing left except my cheerleading uniform, which is tattered, torn , and worn, a few faded love letters and remnants of past love affairs. All these things which I still hold dear I, Barbara Hicks, wish to divide equally between my beloved cou- sin, Margie Hicks, and my soul -mate, Mary Barton Potter, as tokens of re- membrance of the mad, gay, exciting life I led. I, Janet Jaynes, leave my ability to get by without studying to Dora Lee Black. I, Rebecca Lamb, leave my position on the basketball team to Nancy Pyatte who deserves it more than I do. I, Kathryn Ledbetter, leave my ability to always be dependable to Maxine Peters . I, Margaret Pyatte, leave to Nancy Pyatte the keys to my car; to Barbara Dobson I leave the memories of all the fun we ' ve had together. I, Benny Potter, leave my love to all the girls. 1, Nolan Peters, will my ability to get along with people to Tommy Fender. I, Grace Revis, leave my back seat in bus " 14 " to Bonnie Presnell. Make good use of it, Bonnie. I, Vincent Revis, leave my ability to get into predicaments to whom it may concern. I, Howard Revis, leave my school bus to Mr. Stacy, since I always have bus trouble while he ' s on duty. I, Eugene Rhom, leave my bus and my ability to drive safely to Roy Finley. I, Carolyn Terrell, will my ability to get into mischief while trying to stay out of it to Dorothy Baucom. I, Patsy Toney, leave to Wilma Fender my ability to find all the teachers, when no one else can, especially when I wish to stay out of sight, I, Elaine Vick, will my quiet ways to Priscilla Fender. I, Clinton Walker, just leave Nebo. I, Jack Wilson, leave my safe driving ways to Amberse Barlowe. I, Patsy Smith, was going to leave my willingness to assist, but now that the annual ' s almost ready to be sent to press--it ' s all gone. I ' m tired! Nolan Peters, Class Lawyer Mary Baird Amberse Barlowe Shirley Beam James Crawley Carl Davis Barbara Dobson Pearl Evans Priscilla Fender juniors Tommy Fender Wilma Fender Roy Finley George Gibbs Sylvia Gunter Jean Hemphill Margie Hicks Clara Minish Maxine Peters Vernon Peters Peggy Queen Eunie Seagle Robert Toney Bruce Troutman Louise Watson Margie Williams OFFICERS Secretary Eugene Barrier President Mary Barton Porter Reporter Charlie Gibbs Treasurer Richard Hollifield Reporter Alice Hoppes Vice-President Jack Earley Sophomores Margaret Anderson Blanche Bradley J. G. Barrier Joyce Buchanan Harold Byrd Harold Church Jack Earley Dottie Gardin Nellie Dean Fox Robert Bruce Young Sophomore Cline Gardner Charlie Gibbs Arzella Harklerode Richard HoUifield Alice Hoppes Frieda Jamison Doris Jaynes Reba Jaynes Hazel Jean Jenkins Grace Lewis Ivory Minnish Cathryn Moody Charles Owensby Audrey Patton Ruby Patton Lois Peters Class Mary Barton Potter Bonnie Presnell Paul Presnell Travis Proctor Nancy Pyatte Betty Revis Harold Revis Betty Roland Donald Roland Ruth Swafford Jeannie Thomas on Mae Troutman Carrol Vick J. M. Walker Johnnie Westmoreland Irene Williams Not Pictured Eugene Barrier darie Atwood Charles Ayers hirley Bailey erry Baird obert Ballew orothy Baucom ean Bishop ora Lee Black ecil Buchanan ean Buff laxine Chapman lice Christopher i I I 1 Jteshmen Doris Conner Jackie Cooper Mary Alice Craig Robert Crawley Margie Earley Glenda Farr Bernie Fender Mary Ellen Fender Max Fender Charles Finley Connie Finley Edgar Gardin Ray Gentry Mary Ruth Gunter Donald Hemphill Charles Hensley Joyce Hill Carol Jaynes David Jaynes Jerry Lamb Jreshmen Zelda Lawing Louise Lewis Joann Maney Hugh Newton Eugene Nichols Barbara Owens Floyd Pack Horace Phillips Orville Phillips John Presnell Fred Proctor Barbara Pyatt Calvin Pyatt Daisy Roland Donald Smith Boyd Swafford Elwanda Toney Leonard Washburn Therry Wilson Peggy Wright ' Heads " -we went to the movie , " Tails ' -we went If it stood on edge, to the grill. we studied. Sleepy heads , get to bed ! The Key io PARTICIPATION " lest T iou Forget " Patsy Smith (Chief Marshal), Cecil Dobson, Fannie Lou Craig, Margaret Pyatte, Patsy Toney, Carolyn Terrell, Mary Ann Browning, Barbara Hicks, Not Pictured: Flora Burnette. Marshals Office Staff President, Margaret Pyatte; Secretary, Barbara Dobson; Treasurer, Patsy Smith, Sponsor, Mr. E . L. Brown. GRAND KING AND QUEEN Dora Lee Black, Buddy Hunt Harvest festival Sponsored by the P. T. A. Student Of Zke year Carolyn Terrell Page sponsored by the NEBO MEN ' S CLUB President Mary Ann Browning High School Qlee Club Seniors Begin Plans To Re- visit The Beach Page 7 Jokes Page 12 En AvantI IHE HIGHLIGHTS Junior - Senior Washington Plans Near Completion Page 4. J u n i 9 r Play A Success Page 5 Volume 3 Nebo High School February 13, 1956 COUNTY BETA CLUB MEETS AT OLD FORT Our Beta Club to Old Fort, Tu« ruary 1 4 . Twe our members -w a body. They wi other Betas fro county. Margare will accompany the absence of c Miss Stacy. Fannie Lou Crai of the McDowell Club, will presi meeting. The m the program wil the installation for the coming y Fannie Lou wi Charles Burgln Gardens as the dent, and Cecil install Joyce treasurer. IA lk. .. . will be installed as the new reporter. Special guests will be dele- gates from the newly organ- ized Marir sponsc Robins In the a vaud( prese nt Club. F served 1 meeting BEG The Neb Club, afte now begun We have under wa few: a p, Mary Ann students, a uacKstop for the ballground, sowing grass and planting shrubbery. On December second the Nebo boys ' team played Oak Hill The starting team was com- posed of Smith, Bar lowe, service to tne scnooi, service to the students. Our services Include anything from picking up paper to sitting in for a teacher who is out sick. ' lubbers from the West- playing hard, the score at the half was 25 to 41 in favor of Oak Hill . The high score was tied be- tween Crawley with ir and H. Pevls with 19 HIGHLIGHTS STAFF Editor - Mary Ann Browning Assistant Editor - Cecil Dobson Business Managers - Wilma Fender and Jean Hemphill Art Editor - Barbara Hicks Sports Editor - Fannie Lou Craig Feature Writer - Margie Hicks Club Reporter - Sylvia Gunter Typists - Rebecca Lamb and Jay net Adams Sponsors - Miss Rose Stacy and Mr. Otto Gross let Of the State of „o _ Editor olina will meet in Browning j district meet- ing this year. Our club will be represented by Amberse Bar lowe. Jac k Ear ley , and Mr. Gross. Quite a number of people have heard of the Key Club, but many do not know the meaning or the purpose of it. First, our club is a service The Key Club is made up of students from the twelfth grade, eleventh grade and the tenth grade. We have two members from the twelfth - As Higji score wa " 1 8 points, R Cecil Dob 7, Barlowe 4, " were Earle y 5 points, Wilson 4, Gibbs 2. The final score was 53 to 81 in favor of Mt. Vernon. There has been some change in the basketball schedule. Instead of playing North Cove here January 31, Nebo will meet Old Fort in the Old Fort 1956 HONOR STUDENTS ANNOUNCED Brown, principal today that Pats; , daughter of Mr . Smith of Marion I valedictorian o ting class. Ceci liughter of Mr. i II B . Dobson e 2, was declarec Zecil will give th speeches atth( ment Exercisei on that date. Thei ay North Cove ii slum on February ate for the Mc• | u n t y tournamen t for February 23 le boys ' team has . " eatly by the loss of so many players, the new team is making progress. Coach Triplett has this tc say about his players, " My boys are coming along pretty Kov need more ints im- sure he tve heard about the way the 11 between id the last ' The team .t and very nip. I say che interest len showing ove them- good sports in taking the hard -fought ' ■stant Editor broken a recuiv. _ ing so close to winning without taking the |victory. We have played three games, lost two by one or two points, and won the last one. Our girls, like the boy s , lost all but one of the varsity players. But the new girls are showing improve- ment, and we. hone thev will Howard Revis - Margaret Pyatt Sports Editor - Art Editor Carolyn Terrell - Barbara Hicks Photographer - Moral Support Zelda Fender - Patsy Toney Circulation Managers Pioneer Staff Mary Ann Browning Business Manager BETA Science Club Mr. Robert Woodward -Sponsor Robert Ballew-President Mrs. Max Robinson-Sponsor Jean Hemphill-President Jutute Homemakers Of America School Store High School 4-H Club Sponsored by the Senior Class SlemcHtary 4-H Club Left to Right: Vincent Revis, Eugene Rhom, Kenneth Early, Carl Davis, James Crawley, Roy Finley, Tommy Carter and Howard Revis. us ' Drivers CuHch Koom Workers Mrs. A. D. Finley, Mrs. Tommy Gibbs, Mrs. E. H. Buff, and Mrs. J. J. Crouch, Supervisor. Custodian Mr. Garlin Moody Left to Right: Zelda Fender, Nancy Pyatte, Rebecca Lamb, Jeannie Thomason, Zelda Lawing, Mary Ann Browning, Fannie Lou Craig, Margaret Pyatte, Cecil Dobson, Grace Revis, Louise Watson, Sylvia Gunter, Peggy Queen, Louise Lewis, Hazel Jean Jenkins. Tom Stacy, Coach. Cakerettes Co- Captains jL- ' ' V-- Peggy Queen and Coach Tom Stacy SCHEDULE FOR 55-56 Oak Hill Mt. Vernon Marion Mt. Vernon Morganton Morganton Oak Hill Old Fort December 2 December 6 December 9 December 13 December 16 December 19 January 3 January 6 First Row: Kenneth Earley, Charlie Gibbs, Roy Finley, Howard Revis, Carl Davis, Tommy Car- ter. Second Row: Coach Jack Triplett, James Crawley, Amberse Barlowe, Harold Byrd, Vin- cent Revis, Donald Smith, Jack Wilson, Donald Roland. Cakers N. C. S. D. N. C. S. D. Glenwood P. G. Glenwood North Cove P. G. North Cove Marion January 10 January 13 January 17 January 24 January 27 February 7 February 10 February 17 February 22 Co-Captains James Crawley and Howard Revis Coach Jack Triplett Cheerleaders Barbara Hicks, Chief. Left to Right; Margie Hicks, Shirley Baily, Mary Barton Potter, Barbara Hicks, Barbara Dob- son, Pearl Evans. y.V. Basket ball Zeam First Row: Coach Jack Trip- lett, Donald Hemphill, Max Fender, Jerry Baird, Robert Crawley. Second Row: Carol Vick, Charles Hensley, Calvin Pyatt, Jack Early, Cline Gar- din. baseball Zeam Coach-Jack Triplett Captain -Howard Revis When the boys of Nebo fall in line . . . Victory, Victory, hear our cry! With a V. I. C. T. O. R. Y. " Unforgettable Js Zke Word ?or Jt Ml " Congratulations Fronn McNeill Gulf Station City Tire Appliance Sunset Restaursmt May Day Beauty Shop Seagle ' s Seed and Feed Store Betty Jean Beauty Shop Lafever ' s Grocery West Court Food Center Jack Beann ' s Grocery Poteat ' s Beauty Shop Marion Motors Inc. Eckenrod ' s Camerea Shop East Court Amoco Station Beaman Lumber Co. Main Street Amoco Service Court House Gulf Station Hall Barbar Shop Log Cabin Service Station Mary Lyn Shop Breeden Poultry Egg Co. Roses Five and Dime Dr. Lloyd Miller Bill ' s Shoe Store Melody Shoe Shop Marion - Morganton North Carolina PYATT GARAGE General Auto Repairs Body and Fender Repairs " Bring cill your auto repair jobs to our garage. " Nebo North Carolina BILL GRIFFITH ' S JEWELRY STORE Haviland China Gorham Sterling Imperial Crystal 26 1 2 S. Main St. Marion North Carolina SOMERS ' GROCERY Tharry LHEMPHILL ' J AMOCO SERVICE Nebo IS OUR FIRST THOUGHT Belk ' s have the brands you like to buy, at prices you don ' t mind paying. " Your home of better values for over 24 years. " Osh Kosh Ship ' n B ' gosh shore Workwear blouses Marion North Carolina Compliments of BURKE-McDOWELL FARMERS DAIRY with Best wishes for the Classes of 195 5-56 and For your best buy Buy Burke None Better Plant: Morganton, N. C. Phone 1126 Morganton North Carolina HUNTER ' S FLORIST Flowers by wire Flowers for all occasions 128 S. Main Street Phone 4291 Marion North Carolina PYATT MOTOR CO., INC. Two miles East of Marion on U. S. Highway 70 HAYNES ' JEWELERS We repair watches, clocks and jewelry 18 West Court Street Marion North Carolina GOUGE Marion GLASS COMPANY North Carolina Marion ' s Complete Dept. Store Main Street EVANS ' DEPT. STORE EVANS SULLIVAN ' S GULF SERVICE Gulf products, tires, tubes, batteries Main Street Dial 3601 North Carolina Marion TAINTER ' S Prescription Headquarters Stationery, Cosmetics, Candies Phone 2133 Marion North Carolina BUILDERS SUPPLY Marion Phone 4391 S. Garden St. North Carolina SARAH ' S BEAUTY NOOK 112 State Street Marion North Carolina HOUSE MARION THEATERS Marion North Carolina ASHEVILLE SHOWCASE FIXTURE CO. Asivevllle North Carolina LAUGHRIDGE FURNITURE CO. Dial 3415 Marion North Carolina PROCTOR ' S FEED STORE Dial 3421 Marion North Carolina IDEAL CLEANERS 113 West Henderson St. Dial 7261 Marion North Carolina ENNIS MOTOR COMPANY Dial 7291 E . Court St. Marion North Carolina ALLISON ' S DUTCH GRILL Bar-B-Q Steaiks Chops and Chicken Curb Service Dial 2-3661 One Mile West, Highway 70 Marion North Carolina MARION MACHINE COMPANY Dial 4481 Marion North Carolina ROSELAND FLORIST tM N. Main St. w Phone 7371 Marion North Carolina YOUNG ' S SHOE STORE 38 S. Main St. Dial 8371 Marion North Carolina TROY ' S 1 ' CAFE 36 S. Main St. Marion North Carolina BARGAIN STORE " For all types of school and weather needs " Marion North Carolina PHILLIPS ' MOTOR COMPANY Mercury -Lincoln -Phil CO Sales - Service Phone 7 321 414 E. Court St. Marion North Carolina JIMESON ' S HARDWARE Marion North Carolina JACK N ' GENE Apparel For Women And Children 128 S. Main St. Marion North Carolina SMITH FURNITURE COMPANY Marion North Carolina Marion, N. C. TO VISIT MODERN CLEANERS ETTA PAPER BOX CO. 21 Burgin St. Phone 8261 " Boxes of all kinds ' Marion North Carolina COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. k " Coke " i Marion North Carolina THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK Members of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Marion North Carolina EAST COURT MOTOR CO. Marion North Carolina MARION BUICK COMPANY Marion North Carolina (y y , Ki Marion GREESON AUTO SUPPLY Automotive Parts and Supplies W. Court St. Phone 2-2 371 North Carolina McDowell building loan association 19 W. Henderson St. " Save to Build; Build to Save " Marion North Carolina McDowell insurance agency, inc J. E. Neal, Jr. R. M. Dark, Jr. Marion North Carolina ROBINSON ' S CLOTHING STORE 200 South Main Street Phone 2-3781 Marion North Carolina L.V. BRADLEY STORE " Dry Goods Notions " U. S. Highway 70 Phone 512 3 North Carolina SUBURBAN RULANE GAS COMPANY Phone 2154 P. O. Box 648 North Carolina Nebo Clinchfieid R. R. Underpass Marion WBRM News -Sports Public Service Marion Marion North Carolina North Carolina BALLEW M 436 E. Court Street Phone 2157 Marion North Carolina BIG DOLLAR FOOD CENTER North Main Street Marion North Carolina OTIS L. BROYHILL FURNITURE COMPANY Manufacturers Bedroom Furniture Marion North Carolina WESTMORELAND-HAWKINS F7 1 J Marion FUNERAL SERVICE S. J. W tmoreland, Manager Mrs. S. J. Westmoreland, Lady Assistant H. T. Hawkins and Walton Clapp Jr. Embalmers Ambulance Service North Carolina ■ - dferj Allots v . TJ[ . 4 iway 221 Zb , Marion me North Carolina GENE ' S DRIVE-IN Where all ages Meet and eat. Curb Service Phone 9114 Morganton North Carolina Marion CATAWBA GRILL Phone 9925 North Carolina BURAND ' S 117 East Union St. The specialty store for Men and Women Morganton North Carolina MARION STEAM LAUNDRY AND CLEANERS 111 2 North Logan Street Phone 4261 Guaranteed Odorless Cleaning Marion North Carolina SNIPES MOTORS, INC. Dodge - Plymouth - Dodge Trucks Sales Service Phone 4341 514 E. Court St. Marion North Carolina McDowell cement products company, inc. Mirion Ready mixed concrete Building Blocks f ' Phone 6861 North Carolina Compli m ents of A. BLANTON GROCERY COMPANY Marion North Carolina It ' s Energy -Packed Reach For WALDENSIAN BAKERIES Bakers of Sunbeam Bread Valdese North Carolina Congratulations and Best Wishes MARSHALL LUMBER COMPANY OF MARION 200 Yancy Street VEGEIAfiLES Marion, North Carolina CLINCHFIELD MANUFACTURING COMPANY wide cloth print Marion North Carolina Complim e nts MARION FINANCE COMPANY 315 E. Court Sr. Phone 2191 Marion North Carolina WARD ' S RADIO TV SERVICE Carl Ward -Owners -N. B, Cline 123 South Main Street Marion North Carolina BOST ' S CUT RATE FURNITURE STORE 121 S.cMaiThrSt.- ' " A Friendly Stfere by- Friendly People n Come see us. " Marion LENTZ ' S LANDING TACKLE SHOP Nebo, N. C. North Carolina LOVEN FURNITURE COMPANY Complete Line Home Furnishings 6-8 Main Street Phone 8211 Marion North Carolina THE AMERICAN THREAD COMPANY Sevier North Carolina Marion North Carolina Autographs . I Mcdowell county library 3 7810 43502884 9 McUoweli County Public Library 90 West Court Street Marion, NC 28752

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