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Text from Pages 1 - 62 of the 1954 volume:

1954 PuLfiikeJ THE SENIOR CLASS OF NEBO HIGH SCHOOL NEBO, NORTH CAROLINA McDowell County Public Library 90 West Court Street Marion, NC 28752 We treasure the memories of our school life and realize tnat they will become more priceless to us through the years. Perhaps through the pages of this volume of the Pioneer, we can portray to otr.ers and can keep for ourselves some of our cherished memories. We present it not as a literary product, but simply as a picture of happy years in Nebo High School. It is our wish that the joy received from this book in later years will repay us for our efforts toward making it a success. « ■ « For her faithfulness and kindness shown to us during our intellectual growth thus far for giving her time and energy so willingly to each of us---for the unselfish way in which she gave every moment she could spare to help with our Junior - Senior Banquet for her many efforts these last two years to make our class outstanding we, the Senior Class of 1954, dedicate this sixth volume of " The Pioneer " to our class sponsor, MISS ROSE L. STACY. flDmiOISTfiflTIO Mr. J.J. Crouch, Chairman; Mr. Bernie Fender, Mr. Ned L. McGimsey, Mr. W.G. Jarrett, Mrs. Anna Sisk. F A C U L T Y PRINCIPAL NE BO SCHOOL MR. E. L. BROWN MESSAGE TO SENIORS In the course of these past four years it has been a wonderful experience for me to work with such fine young people. I sincerely hope that we here at school have contributed something of educational, spiritual, and moral value to such a fine group as this graduating class of 1954. In the years to follow let it be known that you have attempted to achieve a better understanding of your fellow man, as a result of pur- suing educational opportunities that many have passed by. You now are setting upon a course of study for the continued improvement of your life. Let the small " fire " of knowledge you have obtained at Nebo High School burn bright, warm } and long to carry you further into the richness and greatness of better things. I sincerely hope that in your travels you will keep in mind the sincere efforts we have made in trying to aid you to serve mankind better. Let your efforts now be stimulated by your knowledge of the past. FACULTY MISS ROSE STACY English, French Junior Senior Sponsor MR. ZEB VANCE DICKSON Math , Science Sophomore Sponsor MRS. HAUSS Home Economics, English Freshman Sponsor MR. T. W. STACY 8th Grade Girls ' Basketball Coach MISS HELEN PLANT 7th Grade, Commercial MR. A. A. JOHNSON 7th Grade MRS. LOUISE FANJOY 6th Grade MRS. MARGARET BARKER 6th Grade MR. JACK TRIPLETT 8th Grade SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS CECIL BRISTOL Newspaper Staff 12; Annual Staff 12; K«y Club 10; Athletics Club 9. GENE BROWNING 4-H Club 9; Bus Driver 10, 11, 12; Class King 9; Library Club 9; Safety Club 9; Dancing Club 9. ROY EDWARDS Athletics Club 9; Baseball 10,11,12; 4-H Club 9, 10; Dancing Club 9, 10; Annual Staff 12; Bus Driver 11,12; Class Vice-President 11, Newspaper Staff 12; Class King 12. INEZ FINLEY F.H.A.Club 9,10; French Club 11,12; Folk Dancing 10; Softball 10,11, 12; Dramatics Club 9. CECILE FRISBEE Vice President Class 9; Glee Club 9; F.H.A. Club 9, 10, (Secretary 10); Queen 9; Dramatics Club 9; Class Secretary 10; Class Favorite 10; Folk Dancing 10;Softball 10,1 1,12; Queen 10; Class Treasurer 10; French Club 11, 12; Miss Hi-Miss 12. HOWARD HOLLIFIELD BusDriver 1 1 ; 4-H Club 9, 1 0; Marshal 1 1 ; Class President 1 1,1 2; Annual Staff 12; Library Club 9; Safety Club 9; Folk Dancing 9. HOWARD JAMISON Key Club 11; 4-H Club 9; Athletics Club 9. JOANNE JAYNES Science Club 9; 4-H Club 9; 10, 11; Dancing Club 11; French Club 12; Newspaper Staff 12; Softball 12; Home Economics Club 9, 10. SUE JARRETT Class Treasurer 10; Glee Club 9,10, 11; F.H.A. 9,10; Basketball 10,11,12; Allied Youth 9; 4-H Club 9,10; Beta Club 1 1 , 12; Dramatics Club 9; News- paper Staff 12; Annual Staff 12; French Club 11, 12; Marsnal 11; Oueenl2; Library Club 9; Vice-President Beta Club 12. LILA B. JENKINS Basketball 10,11,12; Glee Club 9,10; Dramatics Club 9; 4-H Club 9; Marsnal 1 1 ; Annual Staff 1 2; Beta Club 1 0, 1 1 , 1 2; Frencn Club 11,12; F.H.A. Club 9,10; Newspaper Staff 12; Secretary Beta Club 12; Library Club 9; Treasurer Class 1 I. LIBBY LAUDERMILK Basketball 9,10,11; Softball 9; Hiking Club 9,10,11, President 9; Home Ec. Club 9,10,11, President 10; Oueen 10; ' Latin Club 10,11; Commercial Club 10,11; Glee Club 11; Glee Club Presi- dent 12; Chief Cheerleader 12; Editor Newspaper 12. CLOE PETERS Dramatics Club 9; F.H.A. Club 9,10; Dancing Club 10; Softball 10,11,12; 3eta Club 12; Glee Club 9. SENIORS SENIORS JIMMIE PYATT Bus Driver 10, 11, 12; Key Club 10; Library Club 9; 4-H Club 9,10; Safety Club 9; Dancing Club 9. JAMES REVIS Basketball 9, 10, 11, 12; Best Athlete 12; 4-H Club 9,10; Athletics Club 9; Baseball 10,11,12. HELEN TONEY Dramatics Club 9; F.H.A. Club 9,10; French Club 11,12; Vice-President Class 10; Marshal 11; Folk Dancing 10; Beta Club 10,11,12, Vice-Presi- dent 12; Annual Staff 12; Newspaper Reporter 12; Softball 10,11,12. OPAL TONEY F.H.A. Club 9,10; Dramatics Club 9; Folk Dancing 10; French Club 11,12; Softball 10,11,12; Glee Club 9. JUNIOR TURNER Dancing Club 9; Bus Driver 11, 12; Newspaper Staff 12; Athletics Club 9. MIRIAM WILSON Glee Club 9,10; 4-H Club 9,10; Chief Marshal ll;Beta Club 10,1 l,12;Presi- dent Beta Club 12; F.H.A. 9,10; French Club 11,12; Editor Annual 12; Basket- ball 9 J 0, 1 1 , 12; GirlsState 12; Library Club 9; Newspaper Staff 12; Secretary Class 11,12; May Court Attendant 9. JUNIOR CMS OFFICERS SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS PRESIDENT Ned Hollifield VICE PRESIDENT Howard Revis SECRETARY Patsy Church TREASURER Flora Burnette Bobby Anderson Annie Rae Baucom Katherine Berryhill Josephine Bradley Vaughtie Mae Boone Mary Ann Browning Flora Burnette Patsy Churcn Fannie Lou Craig Cecil Dobson Not Pictured: Tommie Carter Dewey Ellison SOPHOMORES Kenneth Earley Zelda Fender Shirley Fox Elsie Gardin Ruby Gilliand Barbara Hicks Ned Hollifield J anet Jaynes Rebec Joyce Eug en Glenn ca Lamb Lavender e McKinney Mills fit 4i Donald Peters Margaret Pyatt Donald Rains Howard Revis Vincent Revis Eugene Rhom Grace Revis Patsy Smith Ruth Swafford David Terrell Carolyn Terrell Clinton Walker Not Pictured: Jack Wilson FRESHMAN CUSS OFFICERS PRESIDENT Jean Hemp hill VICE PRESIDENT Grace Lewis SECRETARY James Crawley TREASURER Jack Jaynes Beverly Autry Ambers Barlow Mary Baird Donald Benefield Harold Boone Lee Brown Louise Conner James Crawley Carl Davis Barbara Dobson Pearl Evans Tommy Fender Priscella Fender Wilma Fender Blanche Bradley Not Pictured: Blanche Bradley Von Farr , -- v t It • MUM MASCOTS CLASS POEM CLASS COLOR Green and White As we, the seniors, have to go, Our thoughts go back to long ago, Of happy times we all did share; We realize now how much we care. CLASS FLOWER Rose As others follow in our footsteps here To do the tasks we still hold dear. To labor at the work we leave behind, Much happiness we hope they find. Now that our life has just begun, We ' ve a job that must be done; We ' ll face the future for others ' sake To make the world a better place. Not forgetting the things we ' ve been taught By Nebo teachers, and the joy they brought. Scenes may change as the years go by, But we ' ll never forget Old Nebo High. Cecile Frisbee CLASS MOTTO ' Forward forever; backward never; within ourselves our future lies. " CLASS HISTORY T ie ,nost difficult of all our sc iooI years was the first year in high school. It was not only because we were shy, but we were scared to be in a different kind of school life and meet new friends. The persons to wnorr we give credit for helping us through tne hardest part were Miss Buckner, wtio was our home room teacher, and Mr. Brown, the principal. I know it was a nard road for them because it was all we could do to _et through ourselves. Tne number of students enrolled in our Freshman year was tnirty-six. We were a very nappy j;roup the last day of that school year when we found we nad managed to escape from having to stay a Freshman another year. Our class had decreased from tairty-six to twenty-four students in our Sophomore year, but that number seemed to be enough to fill the science room. Mr. Dug ar was our adviser that year. We really began to enjoy comm.; to school then, because there were so many activities in wnicli we could participate. The most enjoyable of these activities were those of the Beta Club. We had great fun initiating Helen Toney, Lilla B. Jenkins and Miriam Wilson. It was great fun to watci them bow to some person every fifteen minutes. Other members of our class who have joined the Beta Club are Sue Jarrett and Cloe Peters. W:ien we think of class parties we always think of hay rides, which usually ended in car rides. Those were really the uood old days, especially the reat fun we would have trying to see who could eat the most hot dogs, or drink trie most Pepsi Colas. Then came our Junior year that lad in store for us :reat times. We recall our Junior play ' Galloping Ghosts " which was filled with thrills and norrors. We will never forget the precious hours we spent practicing it. All the credit does not go to Juniors for the reat performance of it, but to our director, Miss Rose Stacy. The main highlight of that year was the Junior -Senior Banquet. The Hawaiian theme was complete with everything from pineapples to Hula Dancers. Everyone, even to the waitresses, were dressed " fit for a king. " We students look forward to trie Senior year with its many activities, tne most important one being the publication of the school newspaper " The Highlights " , The greatest thrill we hope, will be taking the trip to Washington. There are now only sixteen out of the thirty-six that started together in high school. Two new ones joined us in the twelfth grade, Joanne Jaynes from Glenwood and Libby Laudermilk from Marion, which makes eighteen tnat will graduate in the class of 1954. These last four years have been the best years of our lives; there are so many events we will remember when we think back over our school days. Yet there are some things we will try to forget; such as Geometry Classes, but we appreciate Mr. Dixon ' s patience in trying to teach us. We also want to thank the other members of the high school faculty, Mr. Brown, Mrs. Hauss, and Miss Stacy for guiding us through our Senior year. With the continuance of our pleasant memories, we leave Nebo High School hoping we shall have as much happiness in the future as we have had in the past. Miriam Wilson CLASS PROPHECY As I am now secretary to the governor of North Carolina, in this year of 19o4, I make many business trips to the different parts of the U.S. On my most recent trips North I had the misfortune of getting my car torn up by none other than one of my old school mates, who told me he was now working for the " Hell Drivers. " Because of a slight injury, I was taken to the famous Johns Hopkins hospital in Baltimore, Maryland. After being admitted there, I met a very nice looking nurse. I came to know that it was Joanne Jaynes. She is now a registered nurse. I left the hospital wondering about my other class mates, what kind of work they were doing, and how the world in general was treating them. Continuing on my journey , 1 arrived in Detroit, the motor city of the world. Pass- ing by the General Motors Corporation, I saw Junior Turner and Howard Hollifield. They are now test drivers for CM. In Detroit I saw Gene Browning, who deals with cars also; but he is a stock car driver and has just won the Indianapolis 500 mile race. The three boys invited me to have dinner with them, and said they would bring me up to date on some of the other members of the class. They informed me that Lilla B. Jenkins, the most athletic girl in our class, is now playing professional basketball with the Arkansas Travelers. Also in the sports field is Opal Toney, who is swimming instructor at the University of Virginia. Cecil Bristol is an Electrical Engineering professor at the University of Virginia, too. Leaving the boys I continued on my northern journey and arrived in New York just in time for the Jackie Gleason Show. At the show I learned that Libby Lauder- milk is a prominent member of the chorus and does very well the " Can-Can. " After the show I met Libby backstage in her dressing room. She told me that on their recent tours, she saw Cecile Frisbee and Helen Toney, who are now airline hostesses. She also saw Inez Finley, who is an Interior Decorator for the Waldorf Astoria Hotel. Roy Edwards, the brains of the class, is now a jet pilot. I left New York and headed back for the Southland. In a little town outside of Virginia 1 saw Miriam Wilson, who is dietitian at the city hospital. She informed me that Howard Jamison owned a leading garage. Miriam told me that Cloe Peters and James Revis are partners in a big candy company. They remembered how we sold candy in school so that we could get money to go to Washington. I returned to North Carolina and was satisfied to know that all my classmates had done well in tneir chosen profession. Sue Jarrett LAST Will AND TESTAMENT We, the class of 1954 of the Nebo High School, do hereby make and declare this to be our last will and testament. ARTICLE 1 To the faculty we do give and bequeath the rest and residue of our estate, includ- ing our gratitude for their guidance and help, and our deep affection. We also leave them a large amount of sympathy for their depressing attempts to pound knowledge into our cranium s. ARTICLE 11 To our Alma Mater we do render our thanks for the joys and sorrows of the past four years, and our tested and proved loyalty for all time. ARTICLE 111 To the Junior Class we bequeath our capacity for fun, our ability to giggle, our good times, our friendship, and our loyalty. ARTICLE IV Personal Bequests: I, Gene Browning, leave my ability to get into everything that is hard to get out of, to Jimmy Gibbs. I, Lilla B. Jenkins, leave these famous words to Frances Smith, " Get ' em while you ' re young. " I, Roy Edwards, being in sound mind and body, hereby will my ability to stay out of school and go hunting to Charles Lewis. I, Miriam Wilson, leave my ability to get along with Air Force men to Barbara Gentry. I, Junior Turner, leave my ability to get along with the women to Donald Raines. I I, Cloe Peters, leave my ability to get along with college boys to Joanne Stacy. ' I, Howard Jamison, leave to Lloyd Moody, woman trouble and the proverb ' Live and learn; die and forget it all. " I. SueJarrett, leave my Superlative, " The Biggest Flirt, " to Mary Ann Browning. I, Jimmie Pyatt, leave to Dean Finley, my good luck while driving and bad luck with women. I am leaving Nebo, though with great difficulty I have got hither; yet I do not re- pent me of all the trouble I have had to arrive where I am. My textbooks I leave to him that shall succeed me in my pilgrimage; my courage and skill to him that can get it; my marks and scars I carry with me to be a witness that I have been to Nebo Cecil Bristol. I, Opal Toney, leave my ability to read newspapers during Geometry class to Edith Finley. I, Inez Finley, leave my ability to mispronounce French words to Sybil Farr. I, James Revis, leave my position as a basketball player to Jimmy Gibbs. I, Joanne Jaynes, leave my ability of talking in class to Devon Fender. I, Helen Toney, leave my back seat in Reed ' s bus to Shirley Fox. Make sure vou use it, Shirley. I, CecileFrisbee, leave all my memories of happy days gone by, to Arvella Fender ' Howard Hollifield. leave my ability to drive slightly fast to Jack Buff, who is coming along very well. 1, Libby Laudermilk, leave my hair style to anyone with enough nerve to use it Wedoherebyappointthe principal of the school sole executor of this our last will and testament. In witness whereof, we attach the signatures of the class of 1954. Libby Laudermilk, Testator. A C T I V I T I E S ANNUAL STAFF BETA CLUB President, Miriam Wilson; Vice President, Sue Jarrett; Secretary, Lilla B. Jenkins; Treasurer, Helen Toney. KEY CLU B President, Jimmy Gibbs; Vice President, Max Browning; Secretary, Laurence Barlow; Treasurer, Bobby Church; Reporter, Dean Finley. The First Typing Class of Nebo High School NEWSPAPER STAFF Lawrence Barlow, Lilla B. Jenkins, Cecile Dobson, Libby Laud erm ilk, Editor; Miriam Wilson, Cecil Bristol, Sue Jarrett, Joan Jaynes, Helen Toney, Jean Hemphill, Junior Turner. TYPING CUSS The First Typing Class of Nebo High School Gene Browning, Donald Peters, Reid Crawley, Jimmy Pyatt, Junior Turner, Not Pictured, Roy Edwarda. (IRIS ' BASKETBALL Glenda Crouch, Ruby Gilland, Rebecca Lamb, Geraldine Wise, Zelda Fender, Joan Welle, Lilla B. Jenkins, Sybil Farr, Frances Smith, Sue Jarrett, Miriam Wilson, Grace Revis, Fannie Lou Craig, Mary Ann Browning, Margaret Pyatt , Barbara Hicks. BASKETBALL SCHEDULE December 1 Glenwood December 4 Glen Alpine December 9 Marion December 11 Oak Hill December 15 Morganton December 17 Union Mills January 1 Marion January 8 North Cove January 15 Glenwood January 19 Glen Alpine January 21 Union Mills January 26 Oak Hill January 29 Old Fort February 2 Pleasant Gardens February 5 Morganton February 9 Pleasant Gardens February 12 North Cove February 16 Old Fort MR. STACY GIRLS ' BASKETBALL COACH BOYS ' BASKETBALL Tommy Carter, Howard Revis, Jimmy Gibbs, Jack Wilson, Bobby Cnurcn, James Crawley, Lawrence Barlow, Dean Finley, Jack Buff, David Terrell, James Revis, Vincent Revis. FINAL SCORES Nebo Opponents December 1 Girls 65 34 Boys 82 45 Decembe r 4 Girls 29 43 Boys 33 36 December 9 Girls 61 85 Boys 66 59 December 11 Girls 38 30 Boys 78 34 Decembe r 15 Girls 35 25 Boys 37 53 Decembe r 17 Girls 75 28 Boys 88 41 January 1 Girls 44 b5 Boys 54 52 January 8 Girls 53 43 Boys 57 37 January 19 Girls 70 60 Boys 59 37 January 23 Girls 45 Glenwood 41 Boys 65 49 MR. BROWN BOYS ' BASKETBALL COACH CHEERLEADERS 4 i Ambers Barlow, Margie Hicks Carolyn Terrell, Wilma Fender Libby Laudermilk Kenneth Early, Barbara Gentry BASEBALL r) rs r ' ■ aialfc. a J| Tommy Carter, Bobby Church, Donald Peters, Jimmy Gibbs, Kenneth Early, Dear Finley, Marvin Byas, Lawrence Barlow, Jack Wilson, Howard Revis, Vincent Revis, David Terrell. HALLS BARBER SHOP 1 J. We So Ixfitnttfw - (1 0 $ For Men Who Care Opposite Marion Post Office ROSELAND FLORIST Member of F.T.D. ' We make Wives of Sweethearts and Sweethearts of Wives. " Marion North Carolina ALLISON ' S DUTCH GRILL The Home of the Finest Bar-B-Q in Western N.C. Steaks Chops and Chicken Curb Service One Mile West, Highway 70 Marion North Carolina HOUSE MARION HITCHOCK ' S Name Brands you Know Hotel James Building ! Marion North Carolina YOUNG ' S SHOE STORE Marion North Carolina J. R. STEPPE IN Marion North Carolina THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Marion North Carolina REACH FOR f I WALDENS IAN BAKERIES, INC. BAKERS OF Sunbeam " Bread and Cake LOVEN FURNITURE CO. Complete Line Home Furnishing Phone 8211 6-8 Main Street Marion North Carolina CLINCHFIELD MANUFACTURING CO. WIDE CLOTH PRINT Marion North Carolina BALLEW MOTOR COMPANY, INC. 436 E. Court St. Where Friends Meet Freinds 7 CHEVROLET EXPERT BODY MECHANICAL WORK AUTOMOBILES ACCESSORIES Dial 2157 2158 Marion North Carolina Mcdowell grocery co. WHOLESALE Phone 6441 Marion North Carolina Compliments of CITY MOTOR COMPANY Marion North Carolina PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. MERCURY and PHILCO Sales Service 414 E. Court St. Phone 7321 Marion North Carolina Compliments of BECKER SAND AND GRAVEL CO. BEAMAN LUMBER COMPANY QUALITY BUILDING MATERIAL Marion North Carolina HEMPHILL GROCERY Intersection of Hwys. 105 70 Nebo North Carolina WALKERS FLOWERS Phone 9914 26 W. Court St. Flowers for all Occasions Marion North Carolina C ongratulations From MARION MACHINE COMPANY CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES MARSHALL LUMBER CO. OF MARION Marion North Carolina Compliments of OTIS L. BROYHILL FURNITURE CO. MANUFACTURERS BEDROOM FURNITURE Marion North Carolina Compliments of MARION STEAM LAUNDRY Phone 4261 Marion North Carolina Marion IDEAL CLEANERS We call for and delivery 1 13 West Henderson St. Dial 7261 North Carolina THE RiDERicnn THREAD CO. Sevier North Carolina L V. BRADLEY SON N.C. Highway 70 Phone 5123 DRY GOODS NOTIONS Nebo North Carolina Flowers by Wire Flowers for all Occasions HUNTER FLORIST 28 S. Main St. Dial 4291 Marion, N. C. Quality means so much COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY SNIPES MOTORS INC. 314 E. Court Street Marion North Carolina CROSS COTTON MILLS CO. DOUBLE CARDED AND COMBED KNITTING YARNS Marion North Carolina MARION FINANCE COMPANY Dial 8391 Financing - Refinancing 315 West Court Marion North Carolina T MARION. N.C Music . News . Sports Public Service Mcdowell insurance agency J. E. Neal, Jr. , President Marion North Carolina FARMERS FEDERATION Feeds - Seeds - Fertilizers Oliver Equipment Dial 6249 Marion North Carolina DREXEL FURNITURE CO. M a r i on North Carolina WESTMORELAND -- HAWKINS FUNERAL SERVICE S.J. Westmoreland, Manager Mrs. S.J. Westmoreland, Lady Assistant H.T. Hawkins and T. Walton Clapps Jr. Embalmer s AMBULANCE SERVICE Marion North Carolina Compliments of W.M. Gladden Loan Co. H.L. Lance Service Sta. Poteat ' s Beauty Shop McNeil Shoe Store Broadway Service Sta. S W Service Center Betty Jean Beauty Shop C.C. Bolich Motor Co. May Day Beauty Shop Skyland Motor Co. Seagle Feed and Seed Stor e Williams Service Station Branton ' s Cafe Schmidt Grocery Seagle Grocery Troy ' s Cafe S mith Barber Shop Compliments of MARION MANUFACTURING COMPANY LENTZ LANDING TACKLE SHOP Boats and Motors For Rent Fishing Tackles and Out Board Motors For Sale Nebo North Carolina LAWRENCE D.GREENE J ewelry Watch Inspector For Southern Railway Marion North Carolina MARION CASH STORE We Sell It for Less Phone 8901 We Deliver Ma rion North Carolina PROCTOR ' S FEED STORE Chesterfield Feeds Dial 3421 Better Feeders Feed Chesterfield Marion North Carolina JOEL UPHOLSTERY AND FURNITURE SHOP Call 5805 Baldwin Ave. Gray ' s Corner GORDONS FURNITURE CO. Dial 741 1 1 5 South Main St. Marion North Carolina FARMERS FEDERATION COOPERATIVE Phone 162 Complete Freezer Locker Service M arion North Carolina . Young ' s Esso Station , CSSO) NORTH MAIN STREET (cSSOj Phono 8341 Owned and Operated By: W.T. (Bill) Young W.R. (Butch) Agee Marion North Carolina Compliments of NEBO LUNCHROOM Nebo North Carolina BOST FURNITURE MATTRESS SHOP " Bost " Better Built Beds Route 2 Nebo :.:r:r. Co m p i m e nts and Best Wishes From CHARLIE SMITH Marion SARAH ' S BEAUTY NOOK 1 1 2 State Street North Carolina SULLIVAN ' S GULF Marion North Carolina PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS Mary Lynn Shoppe La Fevers Grocery Marion Barber Shop Lake City Cabs Jimeson ' s Hardware Store City Tire and Appliances Compfimenfs of Morrows Jewelry Roses 5 h 10 Store Seagle and Lawing Service Sta. Etta Paper Box Co. Royal Cafe Hagna and Field " You are Cordially Invited to Visit Our Home ' McCALLS FUNERAL HOME C.R. McCall, Owner Mrs. C.R. McCall Charles McCall, Assistants FUNERAL AND AMBULANCE SERVICE Marion North Carolina Compliments of A. B LAN TON GROCERY CO WHOLESALE GROCERIES Dial 4331 8421 Marion North Carolina BELK BROOME " HOME OF BETTER VALUES " For Over 22 Years in Marion Visit Belks 2nd Floor Fashion Department . . for all that ' s new. Marion North Carolina SUBURBAN RULANE GAS CO., OF N.C. INC. Clinchfield R. R. Underpass Phone 2154 - P. O. Box 648 MARION BUICK COMPANY BUICK DVNAF10W DRIVE Marion North Carolina Compliments of LAKE TAHOMA GRILL West on Highway 70 Marion North Carolina BALLEW STORE CROSLEY APPLIANCES A Friendly Place To Trade Nebo North Carolina Compliments of WESTERN AUTO ASSO. STORE Marion North Carolina BARGAIN STORE " For all Types of School Wear ' " For all Weather Needs " Marion North Carolina GOUGE PAINT AND GLASS Telephone 3041 Highest Quality Paint Glass M arion North Carolina Dial 2-2794 1 19 E. Court St. The Home of U.S. Royal Masters ROYAL TIRE SERVICE Distributors For U.S. Royal Tires Recapping Specialists Adam Barlen, Mgr. OUR POLICY To give you the newest and the latest styles at the lowest possible prices. STELENS SELLS FOR LESS Marion North Carolina Compliments of R. L. JAMES SON M anufacturer s HOSIERY FOR MEN R. L. James - R. E. James Mari on North Carolina FIRESTONE HOME AUTO SUPPLY Merchandise of High Quality Marion North Carolina PORFPT w pponn p AND P P U A M C In J n Marion North Carolina EAST COURT MOTOR CO. PONTIAC— GMC SALES and SERVICE Marion North Carolina HC REF 371. 8 NEB 1954 Nebo High Sjcjhj g JD12 37810435031454 MCDOWELL COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY 90 WEST COURT STREET MARION, NC 28752

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