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jfkj { eye ' McDowell Co. Public Library 90 W. Court St. Marion, NC 28752 iftieth cAnniverAary, Page 1. Foreword 2. School Building and Dedication 3. Administration 4. High School Faculty 5. Grammar Grade Teachers - Ledbetter, Stacy, Owens, Edney, Chadwick, Plant 6. Primary Teachers - Gibbs, Gibson, Tipton, Wilson 7. Seniors - Robinson, Watson, Reynolds 8. Holland, Swafford, Patton 9. Way Back When - (Seniors) 10. Class Prophecy 11. Superlatives (Seniors) 12. Last Will and Testament 13. Class History 14. Juniors 15. Juniors 16. Sophomores and Freshmen 17. 8th and 7th Grades 18. 6th 7th Grade and 6th Grade 19. 5th Grade and 4th 5th Grade 20. 4th Grade and 3rd Grade 21. 2nd 3rd Grade and 2nd Grade 22. 1st Grade 23. Yearbook Staff 24. Paper Staff and Beta Club 25. 4-H Club and Library Club 26. Home Economics Club and Key Club 27. Girls and Boys Basketball 28. Baseball Team and Cheerleaders 29. Lunchroom Workers 30. Mechanics and Xan Hicks 31. Bus Drivers and Dramatics Club 32. Harvest Festival Kings and Queens and Radio Program 33. Snapshots 34. Snapshots 35. Janitor foreword Memories of past years of Nebo linger in our minds as we, Seniors of ' 50, complete our school days here. These full and happy days have been filled with work, play, joy, sorrows, laughter, and tears. But let us not forget the ones who are only beginning this life and also the rest here. Through many hours of pleasant toil the Staff has tried to bring back a few of the best of these memories. Each time you turn a page, may it bring to you a new and pleasant memory. dedication We, the Class of ' 50, dedicate this issue of the annual to our school and to the first two graduates of our school. Not to the building alone, but to all the building stands for, ------- our friends, teachers, ideas, our problems, and our joys. As we go through life we will always be proud and grateful for the impression that our school has left upon us. To the first two graduates of Nebo High School: Miss Mamie Stacy, who is now principal of East Marion Elementary School, and Miss Jennie Hunter, who is now Mrs. Ross Archer and living in Greensboro, North Carolina. c4dmini3 tra Hon N. F. Steppe, Superintendent McDowell County Schools Richard Shaw, Principal Nebo High School Jaculty, Mrs. Donald Chadwick English, Biology Sophomore Advisor J. C. Rayburn Algebra, Geometry Mathematics 8th Grade Elizabeth Seagle History, English Junior and Senior Advisor Betty Jo Brooks Home Economics, Health, Geography 9th Grade Advisor Mrs. Edney 5th Grade Mr. Donald Chadwick 6 th Grade Miss Plant 6th 7th Grade Miss Tipton 1st Grade Mrs. Wilson 1st Grade eniorJ CHARLOTTE ROBINSON " The first step is all the difficulty. " Glee Club 1,2,3,4 Class President 4 President, Beta Club 4 Vice-President, Student Body4 Chief Cheerleader 4 Library Club 3 President, Allied Youth 4 Annual Photographer 4 Class Vice-President 3 Class Play 3. LOIS REYNOLDS " Happy am I, from care I ' m free, why can ' t the rest be content like me? " Marion High School 1,2 Girls Athletic Club 1 Library Club 2 Class President 3 Basketball 2,3 Home Ec. Club 3,4 Dramatics Club 4 Glee Club 3,4 Annual Editor 4 Tattler Typist 3 Class Play. Cheerleader 4 Glee Club 3,4 Allied Youth 3,4 Paper Staff 2 Library Club 2,3 Beta Club 3,4 Student Council 2 President, Key Club 4 Class Vice-President 4 Winner, County Oratorical Contest 3. SeniorJ GENE PATTON " Silence is golden. " Bus Driver 4 Sanitation Club 3 Allied Youth 3,4 4-H Club 1,2,3 Class Play 3. JEWELLE HOLLAND " When I feel an energetic spell coming on, I sit real still un- til it goes away. " Vice-President, Beta Club 4 Vice-President, Allied Youth 4 Dramatics Club 4 Glee Club 3,4 Assistant Editor, Annual 4 Tattler Reporter 3 Social Editor, Tattler 3 Home Ec. Club 3,4 District Attorney, School Court 3 Class Play 3. JACK SWAFFORD " Foot loose and fancy free. " Allied Youth 3,4 Annual Manager 4 Bus Driver 3,4 Treasurer, Key Club 4 Baseball 2,3 Treasurer, Senior Class Class Secretary 3. (Baby Pictured Wittiest ClaJJ It is 1960 as we sit dreaming of the good old days, oftimes we wonder how nature has treated each of our friends, especially the graduates of 1950. Let ' s go back into the past and see for ourselves. Here we see Gene Patton the conformed bachelor now reformed into the typical henpecked husband. No one in our class ever dreamed that Gene liked fat red headed women. We also see Charlotte Robinson, the brain of our class, seated in the office of a great business firm, Oh no! not applying for a job, but waiting to see, who do you think, her husband happens to be the office boy. Lois Reynolds who was the reserved sort of a person is now work- ing in a matrimonial agency, helping others to the happiness which she now enjoys. We see Jewelle Holland who was within her means on Arthur Godfrey ' s show, of course anyone can be that dumb. There is Jack Swafford who has finally settled down. Doing what?-- Driving in stock car races. Let ' s see, that leaves only one - Who could that be - It must be Gene Watson - Wait - Who is that yonder rolling that carriage - Could that be Gene - It looks like him. He must have decided to be the Fatherly type. His college career must have been more successful than the rest, at least he has his B.S. degree, that is, his Baby Sitters degree. Superlative Friendliest Most Courteous 7 aJt Will and Z)e3tament We, the Senior Class of 1950, being in full possession of weak minds, poor memories, and shallow understanding, do hereby publish and declare this, our last will and testament, hereby revoking any and all wills by us before made. The largest and most important of our belongings is advice and not wishing to be partial to our heirs, we leave equal shares to the Juniors, the Sophomores, and the Freshmen. Our advice is to keep ever before them the shining example of the Class of ' 50. To our teachers we leave our sincere thanks for all they have done for us. Also our deepest sympathy for the loss they have suffered through our departure. To the school we leave the valuable suggestion that the desks we have used be put into one room which shall become a museum of precious relics, for posterity to gaze upon with awe and reverence. In addition to these bequests, there are only a few personal ones we will mention here. I, Jewelle Holland, leave my ability to cast aside love for more important things to Katherine Hicks. I, Gene Watson, leave my ability to be found in the right place at the wrong time to Xan Hicks. I, Jack Swafford, leave my ability to get girl friends to Ray- mond Evans. I, Lois Reynolds, leave Period. I, Gene Patton, leave my po- sition as bus driver to Bill Gray. I, Charlotte Robinson, leave my ability to get along with teachers to anyone that needs it. ClaJJ CLASS HISTORY OF 1950 In the early fall of 1946 about 30 eager pupils set sail on the high school sea in a good ship called Nebo High School. At the helm was our Captain, Stanley Livington. We carried with us a peculiar luggage. Beside our regular luggage of ambition, courage and hope, we each car- ried our pet luggage of jealousy, selfish- ness and conceit. The sailing was rough at times and during the first year several passengers grew weary and set sail on other waters. Some of them took a short cut to higher learning by way of matrimony. The second year of our voyage was less trying and more interesting. We had a larger bundle of ambition and a smaller amount of our old luggage of hate, jealousy and conceit. Many times we all would have liked to steer clear of the rough waters of hard study, but our captain said, " No. " By the time we finished this second voyage there were only seven of us left. In the fall of 1948 the seven of us set sail with a new captain at the helm. Captain Richard Shaw carried some of the same sort of luggage that we had. The ambition to steer us safely to shore, the courage to try and the hope that his efforts would be successful. He also carried a large bundle of understanding and a good sense of humor. Many times when we had a chance, we took charge of the controls and steered ourselves into troublesome waters, but our good captain always came to our rescue and steered us back to safety. During our last two years we had to throw overboard our jealousy and selfish- ness in order to have a successful journey. In our last year there were only six of us. Many times we tormented our teachers by climbing on deck and threatening to jump overboard. At other times neither the love of man or money could have lured us from our cabins because we knew that our good captain was doing his best to guide us to a safe landing. No graduating class would be com- plete without some romance and the class of 1950 is no exception. There was a time when Jack Swaf ford had three best girl friends and was said to be going with all of them. I, Jewell Holland, had a tender ro- mance with a blond haired guy from Avery County. This romance was so tender it withered and died when cold weather came. During these past years Gene Watson has looked on Charlotte Robinson as his leading lady. No party was complete un- less Charlotte could be his date. Char- lotte had her share of dates when she wished, and perhaps Gene sometimes had his, but when she grew tired of the other guys she knew that Gene would be wait- ing for her. Lois Reynolds seemed never to be lacking a date when she wanted one, but still she told a classmate she would give her head for a date with a certain guy. Last but not lest is Gene Patton, who seems to be the most level headed person in our class. He has been a good student and a loyal friend. He has looked on our romances with interest and per- haps some degree of pity. Each time we became entangled in a new web of ro- mance, Gene watched us in thoughtful silence and wondered - - Could this be LOVE ? Our voyage is over and we are now standing on the shore of time. We feel that we are prepared to start on another voyage into the sea of higher learning. As we six students stand tonight we are as tiny buds on a beautiful flowering shrub. Until now we have received our nourishment, Physical, spiritual and in- tellectual from our Parents, Teachers, Friends, and Neighbors of good old Nebo High. With a continuation of such nourish- ment amid the sunshine of smiles, and the dampness of tears we will endeavor to unfold these buds into full grown flowers that will shed the beauty of kindness and the fragrance of usefulness upon all with whom we come in contact. uniorA Evelyn Revis Lois Revis Frances Walker Jre ltman Cla53 fourth Jtftk QradeA 3ir3t Qrade Yearbook (Beta Club braru Club Key Club (Basketball uncltroom XVorkerJ Left to right Mrs. A. D. Finley Mrs. J. A. McNeil Mrs. Roy Morgan Mrs. J. J. Crouch Mr. Hugh Price Mr. Raymond Robinson " The men who keep our buses going. " Mcdowell ecu Raymond Evans Brisco Lawing Gene Patton Jack Swafford James McNeil bramatic Club Top: Harvest Festival Kings and Queens janitor 3, fr 4 c4dvertid ing, THE ANNUAL STAFF WOULD LIKE TO TAKE THIS OPPORTUNITY TO EXPRESS THEIR AP- PRECIATION TO EVERY INDIVIDUAL AND GROUP THAT MADE THIS YEARBOOK POS- SIBLE. THANK YOU VERY MUCH. NEBO HIGH SCHOOL ' S FIFTIETH ANNIVERSARY 1900-1950 " The Carolina ' s 2nd Largest Non-Daily Newspaper " over 25,000 Readers FIRST IN LOCAL NEWS ONLY FIRST WITH LOCAL PICTURES 8 PAGES OF 4-C0L0R COMICS FIRST IN ALL ADVERTISING Compliments MARSHALL LI MBER CO. OF MARION Marion North Carolina WESTMORELAND-HAWKINS FUNERAL SERVICE S. J. Westmoreland, Manager H. T. Hawkins, Embalmer Mrs. S. J. Westmoreland, Lady Assistant Ambulance Service 220 South Main Street Phone 276 476 Marion North Carolina Home of McDowell County Mutual Benefit Burial Association Compliments of MARION MANUFACTURING COMPANY MARION, NORTH CAROLINA Marion North Carolina Clinchfield R. R. Underpass Phone 4-M-l Marion, N. C. McC ALL ' S FUNERAL HOME Funeral and Ambulance Service Marion North Carolina CROSS COTTON MILLS CO. Marion North Carolina Double Carded and Combed Knitting Yarns FIRESTONE Merchandise of High Quality but Low in Cost, Tires Tubes Home Cr Auto Supplies — Hardware Toys FIRESTONE HOME AUTO SUPPLY Marion North Carolina SNIPES MOTORS, INC. 314 East Court Street Marion North Carolina Dodge-Plymouth Cars Dodge Job-Rated Trucks FOREST CITY SAUSAGE COMPANY Wholesale and Retail Meats Forest City North Carolina MARION THEATRE HOUSE THEATRE OASIS THEATRE Movies Are Your Best Entertainment SMITH Marion FURNITURE COMPANY " Just Good Furniture " North Carolina Compliments of JOSEPHINE MILLS, INC. Marion North Carolina Compliments of OTIS L. BROYHILL FURNITURE COMPANY Marion North Carolina L. V. BRADLEY ' S STORE Fresh Meats and Fancy Groceries Dry Goods and Notions N. C. Highway 70 Nebo, N. C. SEAGLE MORRIS LUMBER COMPANY Marion North Carolina Compliments of MARION PLUMBING COMPANY " Marion ' s Home of Better Plumbing " Phone 485-M Oak Street Marion North Carolina Mcdowell CUT RATE DRUG STORE THE BEST FOR LESS 12 S. Main Street, MARION, N. C. TAINTER ' S Prescription Headquarters Phone 33 Marion North Carolina " We Make Wives of Sweethearts and Sweethearts of Wives " ROSELAND FLORIST Phone 444 Member of F.T.D. Marion North Carolina Compliments of JIMESON ' S HARDWARE Marion North Carolina HARRISONS DRUG STORE Walgreen Agency " Where Friend Meets Friend " Prescriptions and Fountain Phone 22, 9010 Marion North Carolina OASIS NEWS AND SMOKE SHOP Magazines, Greeting Cards Drinks and Ice Cream Pipes and Tobacco R. C. Lambeth, Owner 20 Vz S. Main St. Phone 86- J Marion North Carolina Compliments of GORDON FURNITURE APPLIANCE CO. 1 5 South Main Street Phone 473 Marion North Carolina IDEAL CLEANERS We Call For and Deliver Phone 115 133 West Henderson Street Marion North Carolina LAUGHRIDGE FURNITURE COMPANY " Quality Furniture — Always " Marion North Carolina BOTTLING COMPANY MARION, N. C. CLINCHFIELD MANUFACTURING COMPANY Marion North Carolina A. BLANTON GROCERY CO. Wholesale Grocers Phone 25 Marion North Carolina The First National Bank MARION, N C. Member Federal Reserve System Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation B£LK.ftftOOfI)£ CO. Marion, N. C. AMOCO GAS AND OIL Crosley Kitchen Appliances BALLEWS GENERAL STORE Highway 70 Nebo North Carolina YOUNG ' S ESSO STATION W. j. Young H. L. Lance Marion North Carolina EAST COURT MOTOR COMPANY Pontiac Sales and Service P.O. Box 496 Phone 39 Marion North Carolina Compliments of SARAH S BEAUTY NOOK 1 12 State St. Phone 53 1-J Marion North Carolina MARION MOTORS, INC. 105 East Court St. Phone 242 Marion North Carolina Your Ford Dealer Compliments of LOVEN FURNITURE COMPANY 68 Main Street Marion North Carolina Flowers by Wire Flowers For All Occasions HUNTER FLORIST 26 West Court Street Phone 300 Marion North Carolina A Friendly Welcome Awaits You at ROBINSONS CLOTHING STORE " The Friendly Store " Marion North Carolina Compliments of WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE Marion North Carolina Compliments of C. M. POOLE Sheriff ETTA PAPER BOX COMPANY, INC. Paper Boxes Telephone 174 Marion North Carolina R. V. HORTON AND SON Groceries, Meats and Feed West Marion North Carolina Compliments of Mcdowell insurance agency J. E. Neal, Jr., President R. M. Dark, Secretary Treas. Marion North Carolina It Pays to Look Well MAIN STREET BARBER SHOP 103 South Main Street " Prompt and Courteous Service " Baths Shoe Shines Marion North Carolina Compliments of ROWE ' S GROCERY STORE Nphn North Carolina 1 N t VJ J 1 ' I W 1 1 1 1 — » fc4 1 J MUM Compliments oj Compliments of BUICK and ROBERT W. PROCTOR INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER and DEALER E. P. DAMERON Phone 469 Marion North Carolina Marion North Carolina Compliments of WALDENSIAN BAKERIES, INC. BAKERS OF Sunbeam BREAD AND CAKE Compliments of THE STYLE SHOPPE. Mrs. W. H. Norris CITY TIRE AND APPLIANCE CAROLINA CAFE ROY W. DAVIS, Attorney at Law SELF SERVICE GROCERY JOHNSONS ELECTRIC STUDEBAKER SALES SERVICE at PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. 414 East Court Street Marion Telephone 1 38 North Carolina " For All Types of School Ware " ' For All of Your Weather Needs " Trade With The BARGAIN STORE Marion North Carolina We Grow by Helping Others Crow COBLE DAIRY PRODUCTS, INC. Quality Leader of the South Ati FRIEND,, 1 JS NC REF 371.8 NEB 1950 Nebo High School OCT 1 9 2012 37810434628854 MCDOWELL COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY 90 WEST COURT STREET MARION, NC 28752

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