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V.- (- • . i r - Jr ' ?921 ‘if-... ,■ ' ■■ ■ ' ' ■■ ' ■ B . . . The Pioneer 1966 m V MM MCDOWELL COUITTY PUBLIC LIBRARY 90 WEST COURT STREET MARION, NC 28752 Cxinti ' nte DEDICATION ADMINISTRATION FACULTY CLASSES TRIBUTE JUNIOR HIGH FAVORITE ORGANIZATIONS ATHLETICS ADVERTISEMENTS Jjorehiorti In this annual are represented the students and fac- ulty, and their activities as they are seen each day at Nebo High School. In the years to come these memories will be relived in the pages of this yearbook. Keep it. Treasure it. And when the time comes for you to march to the strains of ‘‘Pomp and Circum- stance,” you can take a real part of Nebo High School with you your yearbook. Renee Ballew Behtratton Because of her faithfulness, kindness, enthusiasm, and patience to the students of Nebo High School, we wish to honor her. Because she has given so willingly of her time and energy to each of us — for giving every minute she could spare to help with our Junior Senior Banquet — for her many efforts in the last two years to make our school better, we wish to honor her. Because her daily schedule has always included us—we, the Senior Class of 1966, dedicate this 18th volume of the Pioneer to Mrs. Alma McGimsey. nnrijjal s Message In the pages of a school yearbook, the great moments and treasured memories of one’s school years are preserved. As the time of separation draws near, friendships become deeper. After you have left the surroundings of this school, you may view again the faces of old friends and reminisce the enjoyable times you have spent in our midst. I am very happy when I realize that I have shared some of these hap- py experiences. May you always live the rich and wholesome life that you deserve. pioneer taff Editor - RENEE BALLEW Business Manager - PATSY WILLIS Junior Editor - JOYCE WELCH Junior Business Manager - JOYCE McGALLIARD Advertising Manager - DANNY DOBSON Circulation Manager - BARBARA WOOD Junior Adv. Manager - MIKE BYRD Art Editor - LAVINIA THOMASON Sports Editor - JIMMY MOODY Copy Editor - WANDA JO CLONTZ Typists - JUDY BROOKS, KAY SISK Sponsor - MRS. KELLEY (CinmtiT James E. Johnson Mrs. Lloyd Cuthbertson COUNTY SUPERVISOR: Mrs. Leola Wright COUNTY BOOKKEEPER: Mrs, Charlie Mae Holland COUNTY SECRETARY: Mrs. Zilpah Jarrett GUIDANCE COUNSELORS Mr. Howard Haynie Mr. Milton Hornaday ©fftters President - Mrs. Hawley Hicks Secretary - Mrs, Robert Ballew, Jr. Vice President - Mrs. J. V. Powell Not Pictured; Treasurer - Mrs. E. K, Miller School Moarb FIRST ROW; Mrs. Clyde Clontz; Mrs Bill Smith; SECOND ROW; Mr. Ray Lane; Mr. Ned Me- ' Gimsey; Mr. R. E. Bumgarner. Miss Plant Mrs. Wilson Miss Greene ’ ’ Mr. Whitt I Mrs. Smith Mrs. Swift Mrs. Tennant Mrs. Stronach Mrs. Blankenship Mrs. Walker Mrs. Wade Mrs. Ballew Mrs. Brown Mrs. Jaynes Mrs. Dover Mrs. Griffith Mrs. Steppe Mrs. Stronach Mrs. Mode RALPH GREENE English LEATHA P. KELLEY English and French ALMA McGlMSEY Home Economics MAX ROBINSON Trade and Industrial Arts LARRY H. BROWN Mathematics CHARLOTTE HARTLEY Commercial GRANVILLE HARTLEY Science O. M. GROSS Social Studies RICHARD LANEY Social Studies and Physical Education MARY JOYCE HOLLAND Librarian RUTH ELLIOTT Librarian 47821 (llafet ria taff FRONT ROW - Mrs. Bartha Bailey; Mrs. Phil Spratt; Mrs. Mabel James; Mrs. Tulla Crouch; BACK ROW - Mrs. Jeanette Beam; Mrs. Florence MacLaren; Mrs. Timia Hunsinger. Mr. Frank Eckard Mrs. Addie Scott (irk00 President - — — gj j Vice President - Stone Secretary - - Brooks Treasurer Jimmy Moody Mascots - Brenda Hensley Kenneth Patrick AUCE RENEE BALLEW NANCY LOUISE BAUCOM " Fink " " I ' m no angel! " F. T. A. 2,3,4, Reporter 4; F. H. A. 1,3, Fashion Show 1,3; Program Committee 1; Com- mercial Club 3,4, Hit Parade; Bus Patrol 1,2, 3, 4; Library Club 1.2, 3, 4. " Spanky " " Nothing is so full of victory as patience " F. H. A. 1, 2, Vice President 2; F. T, A. 3; Commercial Club 3,4; Basketball 1; Glee Club 3,4; Mar- shal 3; Junior Editor 3; Pioneer Editor 4. ALVIN RAY BERRYHILL " Perky " " Fools rush in where angels fear to tread. " V. I. C. A. 4; Bus Driver 4; Bus Patrol 3; Superlative Most Un- predictable; Commercial Club 3. PATSY ANN BEAM " Goatie " " Life is very short, and very un- certain; let us spend it as well as we can, " Commercial Club 3,4; Library Club 1,2; F.H. A. 1,3,4, Treas- urer 1, Vice-President 3; Glee Club 3,4; F. T. A. 3,4, Secre- tary 4; Basketball 1. BRENDA SUE BISHOP " Lloyd " " Live today as if it were your last, but prepare to live a thou- sand years. " Student Council 3; F. T. A. 3,4; Commercial Club 3,4; Office Staff 3; Library Club 3,4; Bus Patrol 3,4; Paper Staff 3; Miss Junior; Superlative: Best Looking; Key Club Sweetheart. PATRICIA ANN BOONE " Trisha " JUDY FAYE BROOKS " Judy " " Love all; trust a few. " F. H. A. 1,3,4, Secretary 3; Commercial Club 3,4; F. T. A. 2,3; Annual Staff 4; Class Sec- retary 4; Superlative: Most Tal- ented; Glee Club 4. " Can one desire too much of a good thing? " F.H, A. 1,2;F.T. A. 2,3; Glee Club 4; Commercial Club 3,4; Paper Staff, Club Editor; Super- lative: Most Courteous. WILLIAM DEAN BYRD " Bill " " Love me; love my dog. " Basketball 3,4; Baseball 1,2, 3,4; Monogram Club 2,3,4; Mr. Sophomore; Class Pres- ident 2, Vice President 1, 3; Commercial Club 4; Su- perlatives; Most Likely to Succeed, Most Popular. Co-Captain Basketball 4. RICHARD LARRY COX " Larry " " Man wants but little nor that little long. " Bus Driver 3,4; F. T. A. 4; F. F. A. 1; Commercial Club 4. WANDA JO CLONTZ " Joey " " What you struggle for is far better than what you find beneath your feet, " F. H. A. 1, 2, Secretary 2; Homemaking award 2; Com- mercial Club 3; Basketball 1, 2; Newspaper Staff 3; An- nual Staff 4; Miss Freshman; Junior Marshal; Beta Club 4. Most Dependable; Most In- telligent. JOHNNY MACK DILLARD " John " " Dreamer, dream no more. " Bus Patrol 2,3,4; Commer- cial Club 4; V. I. C. A. 4, Reporter; F. T. A. 3; Nebo Recreation Representative 3,4. JAMES DANIEL DOBSON Jr. " Danny " " I envy no one who knows more than me, but I pity those who know less. " Junior Treasurer; Mr. Junior; Basketball 1,2, 3,4; Monogram Club 1,2, 3, 4; Vice President 4; Student Council 3; Future Teachers of America 3, Com- mercial Club 4, Best Looking, Best All-Round. DIANE EDWARDS " Dy " " The only thing that bothers me is my conscience. " F.H. A. 1; F.T. A. 2;. Photo Club 4; Commercial Club 3. NINA ROSE EDWARDS RHONDA GAYLE EZELL " Ezell " " They say silence is golden but I wouldn ' t know. " Student Council; F. H. A. 1, 2, 3; F, H. A. officer 2,4; Com- mercial Club; President Com- mercial Club 4; Paper Staff; F. T. A. 3; Class Officer 1; Glee Club 3,4; Most Unpredictable. " Nina " " Men may come and men may go, but not if I can help it. " F. H. A. 1,2; F.T. A. 3; Com- mercial Club 3, WANDA LOUISE FINLEY " Finley " " Why be unpleasant? With a little effort you can be a real stinker. " Beta Club 2,3,4; F.H. A. 1,3; F.T. A. 2,3,4; Commercial Club 3,4; Library Club 3; Class Officer 1; Marshal 3; Miss Hi Miss 3; Biology Award 2; News- paper Staff 4; Glee Club 2, 3; President F. T. A. 4: Bus Patrol 4; Student Council 4, LINDA GAIL HENLINE " Gail " " Silence is golden " Bus Driver 4, F. H. A, 1,3,4; Commercial Club 3,4; Fash- ion Show 1, 3, 4, SIDNEY ROBERT GADDY, JR, " Sidney " " Keep Smiling. Tomorrow will be a better day. " V.I. C. A. 4. BARBARA JANE HUNSINGER " Barb " " The ear that heareth the re- proof of life abideth among the wise. " F, H. A. 1, 2,4; District Conven- tion 1; F, H. A. Song Leader 1; F. T. A. 3; Commercial Club 2, 3,4; Glee Club 2,3,4. JIMMY HOPPES " Jim " " I’m still living so I guess every- thing is O. K, " V. I. C. A. 4; Commercial Club; Superlatives, Most Intelligent, Quietest. ALVIN EUGENE JAMES " Alvin " " Stolen sweets are best " V. I. C. A. 4; Commercial Club; F.T. A. 3. DONALD AVERY JAMISON " Tiny " " I can resist everything but temptation itself. " Key Club 3,4; Vice President 4; Commercial Club 4; F. T. A. 3; Glee Club 3. REBECCA SUE LOWERY " Susiebell " " Brown eyes have been the down- fall of more than one man. " F. H. A. 1, 2; F. T. A. 4; Photo Club 4; Commercial Club 3,4; Library Club 1, 2. ROGER ALLEN MILLS " Ringo " " I was born to be an angel; but somebody goofed. ” Glee Club 1; Science Club 1, 2; Commercial Club 1,2,3, 4; V.I.C.A, 4; Most Talented. PATRICIA ANNE MELTON " Pat " " God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the dif- ference. " F.T.A. 2,3,4; Commercial Club 4; Beta Club 2, 3, 4; Monogram Club 2, 3,4; Chief Marshall 3; Basketball 1, 2, 4; Manager 3; Most Likely to Succeed, VICKIE LYNN MOODY " Vick " " Silence is golden. " F.H, A. 1,2; F.T.A. 2, 3; Commerical Club 3,4; News- paper Staff; Class Reporter; Glee Club 2, 3,4; Bus Driver 4; Fashion Show award. JIMMY EUGENE MOODY " Moody " " Live hard, die young, and have a good-looking corpse, " Captain Basketball 3, 4; Base- ball 3,4; All-Conference 3,4; Athletic award; Citizenship award; Annual Staff; Most Valuable Baseball, Basketball; Mr. Senior F.T.A. 3,4; Stu- dent Council 3, 4; Monogram 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Most Athletic. MARY MARGARET PETERS " Marty” " It is better to be small and shine than to be large and cast a shadow. " F. H.A.; F. T.A.; Basketball 1; Commercial Club. DORIS LUE REESE " Doris " CHARLES DELANE REVIS " Charlie " " He who rebukes the world is rebuked by the world. " " Happy am I, from care I ' m free, why can ' t the rest be content like me? " F. H.A. 1, 3, 4; Commercial Club 3, 4; Fashion Show 1. Basketball 2, 3,4; Baseball 1, 2,3,4; Monogram Club; V. I.C.A. 4; Superlatives: Most Valuable to School, Most Dependable. DENNIS CARL ROLAND " Denny " " I believe in work, but I ' m not in favor of it. " Pep Club 1, 2; Commercial Club 4; V.I.C. A. 4; Key Club 4. MARY KATHERINE SIGMON KAREN FAYE SISK " Kay ” " Make one person happy each day, even if it ' s yourself. " President F. H. A. 1,2;F.T. A. 2,3; Commercial Club 3,4; Newspaper Editor 4; Miss Senior ; President of Senior Class; Glee Club 3,4; Fashion Show Award 1; Basketball 1,2; Superlative, Friendliest. ' Mary ' " Whosoever keepeth his mouth and his tongue keepeth his soul from trouble. " F. H. A. 1; Fashion Show 1; Senior Superlative, Quietest. BARRY CLYDE SPRATT " Spratt " " The last thing to be civil- ized by man will be woman. F. T. A. 3,4; Commercial Club 4; Key Club 4. STEVEN WILLIAM SMITH " Steve " " I was born an American; I live as an American; I shall die an American! " V. I. C. A. 4, PATRICIA LEE STEVENS " Cotton " " To dry one ' s eyes and laugh at a fall, and baffled, get up and begin again. " F. H.A. 1; F.T, A. 2; Beta Club 2, 3, 4; Student Council 1, 2, 3, 4; Student Council President 4; Commercial Club 3,4; Class Officer 1; Library Club 2,3,4; Marshall 3. GENEVA ANN STONE HOWARD LEVON -TONEY " Toney " " Taking the advice of others may lead you to making their mistakes. " Key Club 2; V.I.C.A. 4; Superlative, Most Courteous. " Ann " " Out of the strain of the doing; into the peace of the done. " Class Officer 4; F.T. A. 2,3, 4; Vice President of F.T. A. 4; F. H.A. 1, 3, 4; Commercial Club 3,4; Newspaper Staff 4; Glee Club 3, 4; Fashion Show 1, 3. RAYMOND ARTHUR THOMAS " Ray " " With hope we look to the future. How do you look at the past? " V.I.C.A. 4. LAVINIA ANN THOMASON " Squeaky " " To mourn a mischief past and gone is the best way to bring a new mischief on, " French Award 3; Scholarship Award 2; Biology Award 2; His- tory Award 3; Student Council 2; Treasurer 2; Beta Club 2, 3, 4; F. T. A. 3; Commercial Club 4; Paper Staff, Cartoonist 4; Annual Staff 4; Bus Driver 3,4; Marshall 3. JUDY DARLENE THOMAS " Snooper Du per " " Weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning. " F. H. A. 1, 3, 4; Song Leader 1; Secretary 3; President 4; Fash- ion Show 1,3; Commercial 3, 4; Vice President 4; Newspaper Staff 4; Cheerleader 2,3,4; Monogram Club 3, 4; F. T. A. 3,4; Library Club 4; Student Council 4; " Miss Twerp Week " , Most Popular. ROSA WILLIAMS " Rosie " " Smile and the world smiles with you, " F. H. A. 1,4; Commercial 3,4; Fashion Show 1, 3, 4. EVELYN DARLENE WARD " Red " " A loving heart is the beginning of all knowledge. " F.H.A. 1, 2, 4; Reporter 1; Parliamentarian 4; Fashion Show 1,2,4; Basketball 1,2, 3, 4; Library Club 3,4; Secretary 4; Commercial Club 3,4; F.T. A. 3; Glee Club 3,4; Monogram Club 3, 4; Most Athletic. PATRICIA ANNE WILLIS " Patsy " " Think all you speak but speak not all you think. " " Miss Sophomore " ; " Miss D.A.R, F.T.A. 2, 3,4; F. H. A. 1, 2; Commercial Club 3, 4; Glee Club 3, 4; Storekeeper 4; Monogram Club 4; Superlative, Most Valuable to School. Business Manager of the Pioneer. HAROLD DEAN WILSON BARBARA JEAN WOOD " Babs " - " Nothing is impossible to a willing heart. " F.H. A. 1; F.T.A. 2. 3; Paper Staff 3; Annual Staff; Commercial Club 3,4; Li- brary Club 2, 3; Best All Round; Glee Club 4. " Gomer " " Don ' t worry if you get kick- ed from the rear; this simply means you are out in front. " Commercial Club 4; Future Teachers of America 3; Bas- ketball 2; Bus Patrol 2, 3; Sec- retary 2; Reporter 3; Bus Driver 4; Superlative, Friend- liest. JUANITA GRACE WOODY " Nita " " One ' s eyes are what one is, one ' s mouth is wnat one be- comes. " F.H. A. 1,2,4; Secretary 1; Historian 4; F.T.A. 2,3; Commercial Club 3, 4; Glee Club 2, 3; F.H. A. Convention 1,4; Monogram Club 4; Cheer- leader 3, 4; Library Club 3, 4; Reporter 4; Student Council 4; Girl ' s Class President 4. BEST LOOKING Brenda Bishop and Danny Dobson MOST COURTEOUS Patricia Boone and Howard Toney MOST TALENTED Judy Brooks and Roger Mills MOST POPULAR Judy Thomas and Bill Byrd BEST ALL-AROUND Barbara Wood and Danny Dobson MOST VALUABLE TO SCHOOL Patsy Willis and Charles Revis MOST UNPREDICTABLE Rhonda Ezell and Alvin Berryhill FRIENDLIEST Kay Sisk and Harold Wilson MOST INTELLIGENT Wanda Jo Clontz and Jimmy Hoppes MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Pat Melton and Bill Byrd QUIETEST Mary Sigmon and Jimmy Hoppes MOST DEPENDABLE Wanda Jo Clontz and Charles Revis •4 Mrs. Leatha P. Kelley Mr. Richard Laney MOST ATHLETIC Darlene Ward and Jimmy Moody Senior Sponsors CLASS FLOWER Red Rose CLASS COLORS Red and White CLASS MOTTO The doorstep to the temple of wisdom is a knowledge of our own ignorance. " ICcist anb (Li ' etament We the Senior Class of 1966 do liereby publish and declare this to be our Last Will and Testament. Realizing that we are about to sever our relationship as students of Nebo High School, we bequeath the following items to the following persons: I, Ren e Ballew, leave to Joyce Welch the planning dummy for the annual, I, Nancy Baucom, leave to Minnie the memories of all our wonderful times together. I, Patsy Beam, leave my good times to ray brother, Dennis. I, Alvin Berryhill, leave to Gary my bus and my good times in high school. I, Brenda Bishop, leave all my wonderful school memories to my nephew, Ricky. I, Patricia Boone, leave my wonderful times at Nebo to Cathy and Debbie. I, Judy Brooks, leave to Steve Taylor my success in being on the annual staff. I, Bill Byrd, leave my sports ability and charm with the girls to the freshman boys. I, Wanda Jo Clontz, leave my wonderful school memories to David. I, Larry Cox, having nothing to leave, just leave Nebo. I, Johnny Dillard, leave my ability to speak French to Jimmy Haynes. I, Danny Dobson, leave my sports ability to Ray Barlowe. I, Dianne Edwards, leave Nebo to my nephew, Mike. I, Nina Edwards, leave to Margaret Davis all the good times I have had at Nebo. I, Rhonda Ezell, leave the joy.s of being a senior to Beverly, Lana, and Party, I, Wanda Finley, leave all ray wonderful times at Nebo to Brenda Willis. I, Sidney Gaddy, leave all the joys of being in high school to my sister Dianne. I, Gail Heniine, leave bus 22 and its glorious memories to next year ' s lucky driver, I, Jimmy Hoppes, leave Nebo to my brothers, I, Barbara Hunsinger, leave to Rebecca and Debra all my good times in high school. I, Alvin James, leave my chewing gum to anyone brave enough to pass it out. I, Donald Jamison, leave all love for the girls to Ronnie Beam and Ray Barlowe. I, Barbara Lamb, leave all my good times in high school to Juanita and Linda. I, Sue Lowery, leave the fun and hard work of high school to Juanita and Albert. I, Pat Melton, leave with no regrets. I, Roger Mills, leave my superlative, " Most Talented, " to Conard and Sig. I, Jimmy Moody, leave Ray Barlowe trouble, bruises, and heartaches. I, Vickie Moody, leave all my good times to my nieces, Gina and Sandra. I, Marty Peters, leave to my brother Melvin the ability to study hard and have fun. I, Doris Reese, leave to Wilma Cody all the good timjes we have had together. I, Charles Revis, leave my basketball ability to my brothers Lester and Wiley, I, Dennis Roland, leave Nebo to the rest of the good looking and intelligent people. I, Mary Sigmon, leave to Alice and Dallas all that Nebo has to offer, I, Kay Sisk, leave all my wonderful times in high school to Sherry, Patti, and Debbie. I, Steve Smith, leave my teachers and all my studies to my little sister Susan, I, Barry Spratt, leave Mrs. Kelley peace and quietness. I, Robbie Stamey, leave to my brothers, Ray and Benny, the joy of becoming a senior. I, Pat Stevens, leave Minnie my position as Student Council president and Freddie and Debra my place in the Beta C I, Anne Stone, leave to anyone brave enough to talk in homeroom Mr. Greene’s encyclopedias. I, Howard Toney, leave all the joys of being a senior to Dwight and Pat. I, Judy Thomas, leave all my good times at the ballgames to Beverly, Juanita, Emily, and Judy. I, Raymond Thomas, just leave. I, Lavinia Thomason, leave my bus and broom to anyone who wants them. I, Darlene Ward, leave to any girl the ability to stick with basketball. I, Rosa Williams, leave to my sister, Linda, all the fun and adventures of high school. I, Patsy Willis, leave to Kathy and Debbie the following advice, " Study, girls, study. " I, Harold Wilson, soberly leave all the good times in the hall to the freshmen. I, Barbara Wood, leave all my good times in high school to Kathy, Rose and Judy. 1, Juanita Woody, leave all my good times as a senior to the friends I leave behind. President - Terry Miller Vice President - Mike Byrd Secretary - Patty Carswell Treasurer - Glenn Slick Reporters - Steve Taylor Pam Bowman ffln $c diuntnr JERRY SILVERS JUANITA McMAHAN Mike Byrd Linda Dicks C. E. Edwards Patsy Ellington Ronnie Beam Pamela Bowman Craig Bradley Mike Bumgarner Charles Burleson Larry Conard Ronald Crain Patty Carswell Ricky Ellis Beverly Ezell Marlie Fender Jimmy Foster Patty Gardin Jimmy Haynes Robert Hester Lana Houck Homer Ledford Merwin Gross Terry Gilliand Linda Lewis Earle Mace Juanita McMahan Donald McPeters Joyce McGalliard Robert McKinney Dwight Toney Carroll Walker Joyce Welch Mrs. Hartley Glenn Slick Kaye Spencer Jimmy Stacy t-r. Allen Troutman Minnie Stevens Steve Taylor Judy Turner Bill Vallini Mr. Gross iHarshals 1966 CO -CHIEFS Terry Miller Joyce McGalliard Glenn Slick Mike Byrd Joyce Welch Juanita McMahan Earle Mace President - Larry Bowman Vice President - Gleason Baker Secretary and Treasurer - Brenda Willis Reporters - Vickie Melton Roger Jaynes Mr. . ' nphitnuirr GLEASON BAKER BRENDA WILLIS iTnnr Albert Aldridge Billy Anderson Donald Bailey Gleason Baker Jane Chapman Charles Cox J. K. Crawley Margaret Davis Charles Dicks Ted Duncan David Eckard Richard Ellington William Fincher Connie Grady Kathy Grant PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE Rufus Hamrick Dean Hester Ray Hoppes Jerry Jaynes Roger Jaynes Vickie Justice Linda Lamb Johnny Lancaster Douglas McGee Becky McKinney Vickie Melton Kay Miller Johnny Minish Nina Poteat Angela Pendley Alvin Rhom Randy Sigmon Anita Stacy Don Ray Stamey Jessie Sisk Judy Swafford Patty Toney Wilma Vallini Douglas Reese Linda Revis Terrie Revis Doris Smith Brenda Willis Kathy Willis Mr. Greene Mr. Brown President - Paul Fincher Vice President - Paulette Morgan Secretary - Joyce Powell Treasurer - Freddy Stevens (Not Pictured) Reporter - Ricky Jackson iHr. Miss jFireshntan STEVE PENDERGRASS EMILY TURNER ' 1 i f ■ ' 1 ■ ' ■ 1 ' Nita Atkins Edna Blevins Marty Branton Helen Buff Jimmy Burleson Gary Capps Charles Carter Roger Childers Wilma Cody Harold Creech David Dulaney Charlene Edwards Paul Fincher Wayne Foster Patty Franklin Loretta Gardin Jean Gardner Linda Hall Polly Hall Juanita Hamrick Stanley Haynes Ann Hensley Stephen Hendrix Marie Holland Ralph Hollifield Pam Howell Rebecca Hunsinger Ricky Jackson Gail James Kay Justice Kenneth Laws Mac Lewis Gary Loudermilk Gary Mace Iris McCormick Susan Lowdermilk Archie McGee Larry Miller Elizabeth Minish Paulette Morgan Lois Newton Dean Owenby Jack Patton William Patton Steve Pendergrass Victor Pendley Joyce Powell Dean Pyatt Jean Pyatt Allen Queen David Re vis Jennie Rhom Edna Rhymer Steve Roberts Cecil Robinson Judy Rowe Dennis Shepard Gary Sisk Sherry Sisk Revonda Spratt Fred Stevens Linda Styles Nancy Suttles Toney Taylor Ronnie Truett Emily Turner Betty Ward Dean Welch Janice Welch Nicky Wood Mrs. McGimsey Mr. Hartley 3)n [rtbute We, the class of 1966, would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere gratitude to a man who has meant much to us during our school years. He has taught school for nearly 60 years and was one of the best-loved teachers at Nebo. He taught his courses in such a way that it was a pleasure to study and learn. He was also a wonderful athletic instructor and coached many teams to county championships. He instilled in his students the desire to be the best in whatever they did. Students ad- mired and respected him. Nebo School lost one of its best teachers when he retired, and the students lost a faculty member who was a dear and close friend. The class of 1966 places this page in the 1966 Pioneer in tribute to Mr. Thomas W. Stacy. { Steve Atkins, Linda Ander- son, Barry Bailey, Karen Baker, J. A. Baucom, Steve Beam, Nedra Bradley Margie Branch Christine Browning Charles Buchanan Kay Buff Virginia Callahan Danny Castle Shirley Cox Mike Crain Rebecca Crawley Roger Duncan Thelma Eckard Pamela Ezell Mike Fender Wanda Fisher Teresa Hensley David Hicks Nancy Holland Bobby Hollifield Terry Issacs Steven Jackson Tommy Lancaster Veda Lingerfelt Linda Mace Chester McCormick Lorraine McKinney Mark Hall Riley Harklerode Bill Hardy Jerry Morgan, Eliza- beth Newton, Jewel Noblitt, Sharon Pack, Roger Patton, Lester Patton, Curtis Pendley Dennis Perkins, Gloria Peters, Stanley Price, Jerry Randolph, Jackie Ray, Kristi Reynolds, Alvin Rhymer Michael Salyer Ricky Shepard Mary Shipman Patti Sisk Denise Smith Jimmie Smith Debra Stevens Diane Taylor James Thomas Bonnie Troutman Bart Vallini O Mike Watson Mrs. Wilson Miss Plant Linda Aldridge Judith Bailey Eddie Barrier (fighth (l rabe Bonnie Butler Danny Carroll Alice Carter Linda Carter Debra Castle Roger Chapman Lucille Clontz Betty Davis Mike Dicks Carolyn Dillingham Carolyn Duncan Edward Eckard, Delores Fender, Terrell Finley, Dianne Gaddy, Jean Gardin, Judy Gardin, Jane Gibbs Amy Gross, Lee Hemp- hill, John Holland, Donnie Hollifield, Wayne Hoppes, Roger James, Juanita Lamb Donnie Lane Ronnie Ledford Jimmy Mace Libby McKinney Charles McNeil Elaine McPeters Mary Philbeck Doyle Poteat Freddie Powell Wayne Miller Carolyn Moody Darlene Owensby Gary Patton Joel Perkins Not Pictured: Patricia Hoppes, Sharon Lowery, Loretta McGee, Wanda Presnell, Peggy Seagle, Homer Sisk Cathy Pyatt Sondra Randolph Wiley Revis Kathy Roberts Ann Robinson Donnie Salyer Kenneth Schultz Alice Sigmon Dallas Sigmon Gail Sisk Ronnie Smith Trina Snyder Henry Spencer Faye Stafford Kay Stafford Sherry Williams Dianne Willis, Guy Willis, Rose Wood, Miss Greene Mr. Whitt WAc: Htss 3ilt00 JOYCE McGALLIARD PATRICIA WILLIS 4 V 1 : Bln JERRY SILVERS BRENDA WILLIS Left to Right; Pat Melton, Chief; Lavinia Thomason; Pat Stevens; Wanda Finley; Renee Ballew; Wanda Jo Clontz Blarshcils 19B5 Each year as graduation approaches, the marshals have a major part in commencement events. They decorate for the Graduation and Baccalaureate service, usher, distribute pro- grams, and assist in many other ways. The chief marshal leads the seniors through their final march together as a group. Thus it is only appropriate that the marshals be honored in this 1966 Pioneer, ffl H. Ledford C. Bradley H. Toney D. Brenda Bishop SWEETHEART Jamison C. Burleson S. Taylor Mr. Gross B, Spratt M. Gross J. Silvers D. Roland R. Hester R. McKinney D. Toney Lavinia Thomason Wanda Clontz Pat Melton Patsy Stevens Patty Gar din Joyce Welch Donald Bailey Charles Dicks Ray Hoppes Reva Buchanan Judy Swafford ciper taff Editor, Kay Sisk; Co-Editor, Rhonda Ezell; Club Editor, Patricia Boone; Class Editor, Vickie Moody; Mis- cellaneous Editor, Wanda Finley; Circulation Editor, Ann Stone; Cartoonist, Lavinia Thomason; Sports Editor, Judy Thomas; SPONSOR - Mrs. Charlotte Hartley Cnmmerttal (flub President - Rhonda Ezell Vice President - Judy Thomas Secretary - Beverly Ezell Treasurer - Patty Carswell SPONSOR - Mrs, Hartley MtbrariJ (Uluh President - Joyce Welch Treasurer - Edna Blevins Vice President - Joyce McGalliard Reporter - Juanita Woody Secretary - Darlene Ward SPONSOR - Miss Holland (flub President - Vickie Justice Vice President - Roger Jaynes Secretary - Robert McKinney Treasurer - Steve Taylor Reporter - Gary Mace SPONSOR - Mr, Granville Hartley 3H.3.CA. President - Charles Burleson Vice President - Howard Toney Secretary and Reporter - Dennis Roland Treasurer - Ronald Crain SPONSOR - Mr. Max Robinson President - Judy Thomas Vice President - Kay Miller Secretary - Vickie Justice Historian - Juanita Woody Treasurer - Rhonda Ezell Reporter - Kathy Willis Parliamentarian - Darlene Ward SPONSOR - Mrs. Alma Me Gimsey 2f M.A. President - Wanda Finley Vice President - Ann Stone Secretary - Patsy Beam Treasurer - Juanita McMahan Reporter - Nancy Baucom SPONSOR - Mr. Ralph Greene ’tubcnt dlounnl President - Patsy Stevens Vice President - Glenn Slick Secretary - Terry Miller Treasurer - Steve Taylor SPONSOR - Mr. Larry Brown lius Bribers FRONT ROW - Gail Henline, Vickie Moody, Lavinia Thomason, SECOND ROW - Harold Wilson, Dwight Toney, Ronnie Beam, Donald Jamison, Alvin Berryhill, Larry Cox Bus utrul FRONT ROW Glenn Slick, Donald McPeters, Melvin Peters, SECOND ROW - Wanda Finley, Diane Edwards, Nancy Baucom, Brenda Bishop, Judy Turner, Lana Houck, Minnie Stevens, Thomas Scott, Mike Watson (!plee Club President - Kay Sisk Librarian - Beverly Ezell Vice President - Wanda Finley SPONSOR - Mrs. Ballew and Miss Elliott Secretary and Treasurer - Kathy Willis Blonogrum Club President - Jimmy Moody Secretary -Treasurer - Pam Bowman Vice President - Danny Dobson SPONSOR - Mr. Richard Laney , V ' s , imm : 1 W . USSSSf F : jflP||Q| 7iViam ,4. mSm A (Iltrls basketball Left to Right: Nancy Suttles, Pat Melton, Darlene Ward, Linda Lewis, Pam Bowman, Margaret Davis, Patsy Ell ington, Sandra Castle, Kay Miller, Kathy Willis, Vickie Melton, Barbara Lamb CO-CAPTAINS SUMMARY The Nebo girls are enjoying a fine season after a slow start which saw them lose four of their first five games. The girls suddenly came to life and have won eight of their last nine contests. At this time they lead the conference with three league games left to play. This is one of the most exciting teams to represent Nebo in several years, and the future looks bright since only two girls will graduate this year. Patsy Ellington and Kay Miller Left to Right: Mike Byrd, Terry Miller, Danny Dobson, Charles Revis. Bill Byrd. Ray Barlowe, Jimmy Moody. Allen Troutman, Steve Taylor, Larry Bowman, Jerry Silvers, Richard Ellington, Bill Vallini CO-CAPTAINS SUMMARY The Nebo boys have won eleven games and lost three as they enter the last month of the season. At this time they are in second place in league play with three conference games to play. This edition of the Bears is a high-scoring one with an average of seventy- one points per ganie. With the conference tourna- ment only one month away, the rapidly improving Bears’ championship hopes are high. Bill Byrd and Jimmy Moody LINDA LEWIS KAY MILLER 0 MARGARET DAVIS SANDY CASTLE PAM BOWMAN BILL BYRD RAY BARLOWE DANNY DOBSON JIMMY MOODY JERRY SILVERS CHARLES REVIS Leit to Right; Larry Miller, Charles Boone, Ronnie Truett, Roger Childers, Mack Lewis, William Patton, Stanley Haynes, Marty Branton, Johnny Lancaster, Ralph Holifield, Paul Fincher, Nickie Wood, Dean Owensby, Steve Roberts, (Guntur iUarsitjj TIMEKEEPERS --Merwin Gross Mr, Max Robinson SCOREKEEPER- -Patsy Willis COACH- -Mr. Richard Laney MANAGERS --Roger Childers Linda Lamb baseball Left to Right: Danny Dobson, Bill Vallini, Mike Byrd, Johnny Lancaster, Richard Ellington, Terry Miller, Albert Mi nish, Charles Revis, Bill Byrd, Jimmy Moody, Ray Barlowe, Earle Mace. CO-CAPTAINS Judy Thomas- -Chief Juanita Woody Beverly Ezell Emily Turner Judy Turner Juanita McMahan PAT BEAM’S STYLE CRAFT GROCERY KNITTING MILLS Nebo, North Carolina Marion, North Carolina Compliments of B.K. H. GRADING Duval Farm Center Morganton Grill Rich’ s Beauty- Flowers ' Brothers M Carbon City Barber Shop Hobby Sporting Center Owners and Operators Atkins ' Shoe Hospital R. E. (BOB) BUMGARNER Ledbetter ' s American Station ALTON KELLEY TULL HOPPES Crook ' s Grocery Hauling -- Bulldozing -- Grading Carbon City Trade Center Phone 695-4123 Nebo, N. C. Compliments of La Fevers Grocery HAROLD KELLEY Ledford ' s Produce JEWELER Huskins Service Station Max Woody Furniture Shop Marion, North Carolina Watkins Fruit Stand CLINCHFIELD MANUFACTURING COMPANY T elephone ' 697 - 1 1 63 or 697-1 104 Li ' Marion, North Carolina Congratulations to the Class of 1966 HILLMUN SECURITY REALTY COMPANY " Complete Real Estate Services " Home Builders ' ' ' Home Loans Insurance 319 S. Sterling Street Phone 437-4574 Morganton, North Carolina MARION OIL COMPANY, INC. GULF PETROLEUM PRODUCTS DISTRIBUTOR Fuel Oils and Kerosene Phone 695-7241 Box 307 Marion, North Carolina Visit the New Belks of Marion 34 Years Serving Marion and McDowell County, " Home of Better Values " Home of Archdale Heiress Miss " B " . Marion, North Carolina COMPLIMENTS OF DREXEL FURNITURE COMPANY Marion, North Carolina BROYHILL FURNITURE FACTORIES Representing Lenoir Chair Co. (Lenoir) O. L. Broyhill Lenoir Furniture Corp. Conover Furniture Co. Harper Furniture Co. Lenoir Chair Co. (Newton) Lenoir, North Carolina BURKE FARMERS DAIRY Morganton, GOOD LUCK Whoever You Are Whatever You Do North Carolina Electric Comfort Heating is trouble-free ! Marion, You enjoy trouble-free operation and save on repair bills with flameless elec- tric comfort heating. There’s virtually nothing to wear out or replace with elec- tric comfort heating, because the only moving parts are In standard thermo- stats. Talk to your Duke Power Residential or Commercial Representative. Switch to electricity for a better life DUKE POWER North Carolina JAMES R. CONDREY CONTRACTING COMPANY Complete Home Builders and Repairs " Your One Stop For All Your Needs " Maple Avenue Marion, N. C. Phone 697-8653 OLD FORT FINISHING PLANT Dyers and Finishers of Cottons and Synthetics Old Fort, North Carolina Congratulations to the Senior Class BURKE-McDOWELL ELECTRIC MEMBERSHIP CORPORATION Serving Our Members With Electricity at Cost Morganton, North Carolina Compliments of BILTMORE DAIRY Marion, North Carolina l iUpiiAi in. aiitji fh. iJu At Lft ' T oJttd oodi. EAST COURT MOTOR CO. IDEAL CLEANERS Phone 695-7261 113 West v y Henderson Street FiP Tli( Marion, North Carolina Marion, North Carolina Compliments of POTEAT’S CITY ESSO SERVICE MOTOR Phone 697-8055 COMPANY Rutherford Road Marion, North Carolina 111 North Garden Street Marion, North Carolina ( OOdI food - .1 LinLE BUCK’S HAWKINS LUMBER CO. Kiln Dried Lumber S WTT x Mill Work 6 Miles West of Marion on Asheville Road Phone 724-4166 Marion, North Carolina Pleasant Gardens, N. C. You ' re Money- Ahead at THE BARGAIN LOVEN STORE FURNITURE COMPANY Phone 697-5891 Phone 695-8211 32 South Main Street 6-8 Main Street Marion, North Carolina Marion, North Carolina Compliments of HALL’S BARBER SHOP " For Men Who Care " Marion, North Carolina Better Furniture and Better Prices SMITH FURNITURE CO. Marion, North Carolina Service When You Need It KAYLOR GULF STATION Marion, North Carolina 131 South Main St. Marion, N. C. YOUNG’S SHOE STORE PROCTOR’S FEED STORE 315 West Henderson St. Marion, N. C. WESTERN ETOl i ASSOCIATE STORE H. B. CLARK Owner Phone 695-6331 2 3 South Main Street Marion, North Carolina BILL JORDAN - JOHN LOWDER SERVICE PHARMACY Phone 697-8371 38 South Main Street Marion, North Carolina " Builders of Better Health " South Main Street Marion, North Carolina Compliments of MORGANTON HARDWARE Since 1896 Phone 437-0431 Morganton, North Carolina PERKIN’S GROCERY Morganton, North Carolina Compliments of LOGS AND LUMBER Nebo, North Carolina Compliments of NEBO LAUNDERAMA Nebo, North Carolina HILDEBRAND RADIO T.V. SERVICE Admiral T. V. Sales and Service Phone HE 7-1966 (Morganton Ext. ) Route 2, Nebo, N. C. McDowell TIRE AND RECAPPING Your Firestone Dealer Marion, North Carolina Compliment s of ELIZABETH JAMES HOSIERY MILL Marion, North Carolina JENNIE’S RESTAURANT South Main Street Marion, North Carolina H S TIRE LOWE’S COMPANY ASSOCIATE STORE Hwy . 70 West Phone 697-5961 Dial 697-2622 Marion, North Carolina Marion, North Carolina ROBINSON’S GOUGE PAINT 29 South Main Street AND GLASS CO. Marion, N. C. Dial 697-3781 Nationally Advertised Lines: " Highest Quality Paint and Glass " Botany " 500 " Griffon Dial 697-3931 Hubbard Arrow 119 South Main St. Dobb ' s Hats Marion, N. C. GREEN ' S SURFSIDE PYATT’S 66 USED AUTO PARTS Highway 70 East Lake James, North Carolina Marion, North Carolina Converse Basketball Shoes DR. BELL JIMESON ' S CHIROPRACTOR HARDWARE Phone 697-5321 Phone 695-6271 419 South Main St. Marion, North Carolina Marion, North Carolina Compliments of H. B. CLARK- -Distributor SEALTEST PRODUCTS Phone 697-3Z51 Marion, North Carolina JIM SEGARS - HARRY PATTON BOBBY ROSS TAINTER’S DRUG STORE Phone 697-1134 P. O. Box 466 Marion, North Carolina Compliments of GRIFFITH JEWELRY K t.A . T ee psake WEDDING SETS BALLEW MOTOR CO., INC. 436 East Court St. Telephone 697-1157 Marion, N. C. Marion, North Carolina BROOK’S AUTO AND HOME SUPPLY CAROLINA FURNITURE APPLIANCE The Best In Home Furnishings " Phone 695-2821 Phone 695-7341 414 East Court Street Marion, North Carolina East Court Street Marion, North Carolina Marion, North Carolina BURGIN HARDWARE Dial 695-8351 N. Main St. Marion, N. C. BROWN BROS., INC. McDowell INSURANCE AGENCY, INC. Let Us Do Y our Phone 697-5961 105 East Court Street Marion, North Carolina GREESON’S AUTO SUPPLIES 117 W, Henderson Street Marion, N. C. WOODLAWN BEAUTY SHOP Worrying Marion, North Carolina Compliments of E. WILSON - District Manager HOME SECURITY LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY Marion, North Carolina WINTERS’ MOTEL Hwy. 221 North Woodlawn, North Carolina Hwy. 221, North Phone 756-4332 Marion, North Carolina Compliments of GUNTERS ' GROCERY BOST BREAD COMPANY Nebo, N. C. Shelby North Carolina CITY BARBER SHOP South Main Street Marion, North Carolina GREEN AND ROBINSON Your Home Improvement Dealer Marion, North Carolina RAY H. ROBINSON GULF SERVICE Marion, North Carolina Compliments of HANEY ' S CURB MARKET East Court Street Marion, North Carolina LANEY ' S FLORIST Marion, North Carolina LENTZ ' S TACKLE SHOP Lake James, North Carolina Grading and Hauling Dial 695-8441 or 695-6761 F. D. GLENN SON, INC. Marion, North Carolina TOM ' S CREEK SERVICE STATION Route 4 Marion, North Carolina Lillie Allman - Joyce Hogan ALLMAN-HOGAN FLORIST Phone 695-4291 128 S. Main St. Marion, North Carolina WEBB ' S STUDIO Quality Photography Morganton, North Carolina GREGORY ' S JEWELERS Morganton, North Carolina SHUFORD FURNITURE Marion, North Carolina EAST COURT BARBER SHOP Marion, North Carolina R. V. HORTON GROCERY 200 Stroud Street Marion, North Carolina Compliments of WEST SIDE GROCERY Sugar Hill Rd. Marion, North Carolina ROGER CRENSHAW MOBILE HOMES Highway 70 West Marion, North Carolina SHOE HOUSE Shoes for Each Member of the Family Hwy. 70 West Marion, N. C. CUT-RATE FURNITURE STORE " New and Used Furniture and Antiques " A. M. Evans - Owners - A. Caraway 695-3044 - Phone 121 S. Main Street REEL WATKINS FRUITSTAND Fruits, Vegetables, Fresh Produce Hwy. 221 South Marion, N. C. SIGMON CROWN SERVICE STATION Carson Street Marion, North Carolina HAGNA and FIELD Records - -School Supplies-- Stationery- -Cards Compliments of the Dial 695-5281 Marion, N. C. , 28752 MARY-LYNN SHOP WILLIS USED CARS Dial 697-5952 Hwy. 70 West Marion, N. C. Calvin Willis, Owner Norman Rickett, Salesman CECIL SMITH ' S BARBER SHOP Marion, North Carolina WEST COURT FOOD CENTER James R. Hollifield Marion, N. C. Dial 695-8231 THE RAMBLE RACK Name Brand Factory Outlet Save With Ellen and Joanne Dial 695-2075 Hwy. 221 N. Marion, N. C. PILOT HOUSE MOTEL REST. Three Miles N. of Marion Hwys. 226 and U. S. 221 Phone: 695-9854 Marion, North Carolina HILLTOP GRILL Good F ood Hwy. 221 N. Marion, N. C. Compliments of PICK SAVE SHOE STORE ARMORED GARMENTS, INC. Marion, N. C. HARVEST DRIVE-IN Marion, North Carolina LUTHER BERRYHILL ' S SHELL STATION 221 S. Rutherf ordton Rd. Marion, N. C. E. P. BOYD SONS CONSTRUCTION CO. Compliments of Grading, Gravel, and Hauling J mem Dial 697-8172 697-8811 Marion, North Carolina Marion, North Carolina Compliments of WILLARD’S THOMAS FOOD STORE HOWARD CO. Yancey Street Marion, North Carolina ROSELAND LAKE CITY FLORIST BARBER SHOP Quality Flowers Plus Personal Attention 3 East Court Street Phone 697-1176 North Main Street Marion, North Carolina Marion, North Carolina TUCKER OIL CO. FULLER’S JEWELRY Distributor of Esso Products Bulova and Elgin Watches American Tourister Luggage Charms Phone 695-5464 Columbia Diamond Rings P. O. Box 709 All Types Repairs Marion, North Carolina Marion, North Carolina IFIT S COODFOOD YOU WAMT- YOUNG’S ESSO SERVICE JUMBO GRILL Marion, North Carolina Marion, North Carolina CAROLINA LAUGHRIDGE TIRE CO. FURNITURE CO. " Complete Household Furnishings " Phone 695-2415 Trade where your dollars count most. Marion, North Carolina 129 West Henderson Street Marion, North Cajrolina JIM AND JAN’S CURB MARKET Grocery, Meats, Produce, Drugs Just " Toot " for Service J)j . CATAWBA SKATELAND 330 East Court Street Hwy. 221 North Marion, North Carolina Marion, North Carolina BUILDER’S LOG CABIN SUPPLY CO. SERVICE STATION A South Garden Sti+edt Dkf 695-4391 Maribrsi, ' iNdrth Cai,r61iha ' Mdrgaritonj North, Carolina JACK’S USED CARS Phone 695-1542 626 East Court Street Marion, North Carolina Congratulations to the Class of 1966 WESTMORELAND AND HAWKINS Marion, North Carolina Congratulations to the Class of 1966 F rom JACK BEAM’S GROCERY Phone 697-2686 Nebo, North Carolina Compliments of A FRIEND GENE ' S DRIVE-IN Morganton N. C. AMERICAN THREAD COMPANY MORGANTON ELECTRIC SERVICE Sevier, North Carolina Morganton N. C. MORGANTON TIRE STORE Morganton N. C. REID ' S JEWELERS MARION MANUFACTURING COMPANY EXCELLENCE - In Fabrics Area Code 704 697-1151 700 Baldwin Avenue Morganton N. C. Marion, North Carolina BRADLEY LUMBER CO. Wholesale Liimber Marion, North Carolina Compliments of THRIFT FURNITURE CENTER 4 Miles West Hwy. 70 Marion, North Carolina KASH KARRY Rutherfordton Road Marion, North Carolina CROSS COTTON MILLS Double Carded and Combed Knitting Yarns Marion, North Carolina BI-RITE MOTOR SALES " Home of Klean Kars " 200 Yancey Street BI-RITE GARAGE Wrecker Service, Day or Nite, Phone 697-7751 Ne w and Used Auto Parts, Auto Repairs and Body Work Bill Bradley, Owner, 200 Yancey Street, Marion, N. C. TASTEE-FREEZ " For the Best in Eats, Whether Meals or Treats Stop by on East Court Street " Marion, North Carolina BRADLEY’S FOOD STORE " $hop and $ave, $t imptown, U. S. A. " East Court Street Marion, North Carolina, Compliments of VESS SERVICE CENTER Butch, T ommy, Jimmy, and Butch Hwy, 221 South Marion, North Carolina MARION MACHINE COMPANY Marion, North Carolina RADAR ' S STOP AND SHOP No. 2 Glen Alpine North Carolina 437-3597 Highway 70 ROSES STORES, INC. Marion, N. C. Phone 695-8241 KEN YOUNG OIL COMPANY Sinelairi Dial 695-8331 Marion, North Carolina 17921 TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY TKe W»rld » Ye»rbooi» Art Tivior-T »oe r mcoowell county library 3 7810 43371989 4 NC REF 371. a NEB 1966 Nebo High School 19-- 3781 04337 lijSB 2 0 2013 ■i , ; . MCDOWELL COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY Y Y:- Y 90 WEST COURT STREET ' V . ' MARION. NC 28752

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