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'F 4 ,M W? J--if if E E To the Nebo Parents and Teachers-- who durinq more than a quarter of a century have opened a greater life for their children, not formed of brick and stone, but of a guiding and invisible spirit conceived in the hearts of parents and teachers, born in the hours of toil, nurtured on their ideals, and made strong through their sacrifices. Their ideals are the School's tra- dition. That we may in some way ex- press our respectual appreciation, we dedicate to them this fifth volume of The Aces. The Nebo P.T.A. was organized in l929, and in l935 became a member of the National P.T.A. The following have served as pre- sident: Hrs. H.B. Jackson, Mrs. Claude Porter, Mrs. J.B. Wooton, Mrs. Haden Harrelson, Urs. walter Carneal, Hrs. Montie Harris, Mrs. Dave Donnelly, Hrs. Hortense Nis- wonger, Mrs. Alice Knox, Mrs. J.E. Arnold, Mrs. H.H. Morrow, Hrs. Marcus Cowan, Mrs. John Hill, Mrs. Bill Malls, Mrs. Delmar Townsend, Mrs. W.C. Lewis, Mrs. Bracie Joyner Mrs. Erskin Lynn, Mrs. A.N. Mangum, and Mrs. Alton Tichenor. ,vi ' -15 , g . H f w 6 I -Y , Wife ,... Vw . M 7,45 1125 f zfkll . f gi! ,M ' 'Q . yyfglm A" , ' f , wgxg L+, fW!'JA Q, Af J .f - , 1. al ff- .,f'1:,W,, .f 1 1' ' QW 5 f lxgwsh , K 1, 'f A, Y k, y iw , ' ' A A f 4. : Q gywi 9 A F19 f'f-Qs, 5, ff' :a':fr" L f ' V" , ,, 5 A ,:,: ..? .-N' f, fs ff 523' 1 ff 5 W , 1 -2+ f 1 ' K? ,QV ,-:+",'f-Q QQ' H' HIJIHIHISTRHTIUH ,Qg,x GNWW S. ,V Ci! K qs, ,J fig X a glue? . !'5f5?iJg1 "xv-w'fP,J'a' .IVE SL ' -Q V f -inf , J X .xxx E 5 , 4 1 , :"33Jf' -Fa Q., Q- I 9ff?3i'A , , 'SS47 Q 15 1 '4-as 5 6.1 5'5f -3' 65,9111 N 00 za 3 " Q 43' 5' I., 5 Q 31' ,U ' .S Y' I' 'fig' -5 ,, A Auvergne Carneal nPrincipa1n Ge 01-ge Wooten COACH Grade 10 Robert Morton HMusicH Corine Utterback Grade 12 Martha Wooton Grade 11 J.T. Parrish HCommercia1H John Henry Porter GRADE 9 GOOCH WOOTON GRADE 8 Mary Lou Sharm Graie 7 l Ella Mae Wyatt GRME 6 Clara Bone GRME 5 GRADE M W Ina Pearl Noel Hortense Niswonger GRADE 3 H H Sarah Barron GR ADE 3 Willie Morrow GRADE 2 8 3 Barbara Noel GRADE 2 Ne 11 ,Tucker GRADE 1 Kathleen Porter Grade 1 Mrs. Carneal, principal, bookkeeper, counselor, and friend, directs the school activity from her office, WT ,W Lixgp Working and planning together is the keynote as high school teachers meet with Mrs. Carneal in the library xt gig' U U Vw.: fx! W Q fy 252255 W-2713! YR 1 K, X aw ' fag, Amfiii W.,-v-f-M N-W-f""'! A SZ -f.?f3?" R T SEHIUHS J, 'K 5 1, vzijk. if M. , ,, 5f if 'fm' i .f ' ' 44? if' I., ' gg.4fj--w , , R. u p . 1 K v ,.,j ii mf J W ., ,Q 45 'S f 5 kim ' -. K if-Q if .. h il' d',y04?yfiI R iff" fa!i15f,"'5QA . Y 'fl .ff " fb' "I-f' IA,-' PRESIDUNT Joe Bd Taylor NF1attopU VICE-PRESIDENT T. C. Noffsinger UT-Modeln HBra1n1essH I SECRETARY Jane Lutz TREASURER Mary Bowles Naggien Tommy Brantley HShortyN Shelby Capps nHawkeyeH Shirley Cates UGigg1esU Ronnie Daves HRedll Rodney Dement II nKeg FHGTS OH ilpetoll Claude Dixon UDickU Jimmy Durham NBu11N dill Betty Hlnkle llGeell Charles Lutz UD ll June Morgan HJune Buen Helen McAna11y UButchH Randolph Osburn NRudo1phN Carrol Peyton HPateU Jonelle Peyton HTOY' U Forrest Puryear nCry Babyu William Sadler USaddle Horsen Peggy Starks ll I mll Jimmy Scott NScottyn Billy Ware ULoud Mouthn Robert Winstead nGermU Shelby Webster uLitt1e Websteru Wilma Webster nTarzanW Darrel Weir NBeanpolen CLASS MOTTO: Do or Die CLASS COLORS: Green and White CLASS FLOWER: Yellow Rose CLASS SPONSORS: Mrs. Auvergne Carneal and Mrs. Corine Utterback gh ust SCOut1Hg roun H u is rg, HTravo1insH Hwhoa, sailoru :v-- Q A TMH last walkn f ::,: E i??F'3 ,1g.g? Q gillip I! Our!! Eiitor GDT GF J' HISTGRV' 7 'Uma 'LES' NDVISED UNE B tt H b ood lda Duncan J?gSES?gEEg?n 'VIZF gREgISENTH NSECRETARYU 'IRPASURFR' Xxx Class Motto Mb stick together through thick and thin. Class Color Blue and White Class Flower white Carnation Class Spgnggr Mrs. George Wooton Lynn Garnett Moore Dor Duarl Pate Donnie 6 Jerry Baylor Phillips .I mw I -- Townsend K Larry Tucker June walker Keneda Weir Jspggglgggggon HVoce-Presidentn HSECRETARYN HTREASURERH Shelby Bartgn Robbie Blanchard Virfqinia Brantley Shirley Capps MOTTO: Always Prepared COLCRS: Pink and white FLOWER Pink Carnation , e,,ee,,. iii? ' s w e eszegfgw L4 " iz ewmiimewna .gg rr' Ze Yam ! me A an 3 M , Q fixgpnfmm ,N H ,fm , Qgfff? X 55 is J J a r Gfmaf Y .V SQL X 'f 5 5 A l X inf va gem VS , Don Cates Bertie Crowe Yvonne Betty DUQSGT j!!I ! gEk Vffoe Haynes Shirley Jenkins ----' Phillip Patricia Lewis ' ff:f,gw'. ,gag 5 9: 3 Q my M fir R31 KE QW, 2 ,ffm Q 39 Q40 Kb? Y N Q A Q W 2 Q r Y :uf Hp Q-'z 1 , hx gx,-Wifi ibm, : --V 5,, ,,,m, X A x me X 2 5 14,4 23 ? Quin? S X i Q 3, X 2 , 242 Q E fiigeiiiikakiiiikia qmgwjygggygqm Glen Lynn ,EL Ruth Ann Peyton Mafy SHED ' ' "A L S 1 .L V'5.1svl5i 1 h Sue Tittswort VICE-PRESIDENT Prbsiaent smcsm ARY Rona MOTTO: Find a way or make one COLGR: Red and White Jimmy Bearden FLOWTR: Red Rose erry Katherine English Gerald Floyd Mary Hancock James Hart Kenneth Lutz David osburn Patsy Parrish Barbara Poe Sue Pryor we ,o ur wf at A ' 2:45, f2J,ss'3lQ,,:. ' -Ei ' :e?ifii5?fl5f'2J51 5 at mmwwwi .J 3 ir if tx ft M wiv' , vi' r X' X .ae 2 K K P , lx . ,N f ., ..,.: R, if 1 1 EEWQWMEQNE W 4 . f Lottie Stewart Lena Villines Billy Walkgr fdygwwtitwiiw zrwwwamapgygwr Kerry Webster Eugene Weir Hilda Whitfield Linda WiHSteaP J!!E!!!?' I f Q G. Anderson J. Babb J. Barnwell B. Bearden C. Brooks R. BTYHU 1 L. Carneal S. Carneal B. Cannon P. DeMoss L. Duncan P. FVT9 idle N as A.., ,.., L L Bo if J. Harris C. Hatler R. Heflin B. inks d wJoo J. iobgood 1 aff , Y Q Q' S M, or I B? i n Q ci Hunt "' T. uutz J ynn B. Mangum G. Martin s. M 1125 . , 2 L iff? J, Minton K. Morrow L. Morrow P. Morse L. Parish G. Phelos L. Phillips F Poe 3. Pryor U, Pryor R. Pryor U. gimms J. Qimms M. Staton H. Stirsman L. Tapp C. Villines B. Weir T. Williams B. Blanchard K Blehm H Burton Cannon C S. Cates b C di N. Hanks R P' M. Kylg 4' Y up 'Yank ,- 1 L AW .A A . a R. Osburn R. Sadler C. ware J Wilson K Winstead illiams R FIRST GRADE BACK ROW CLeft to Rightb G. Ipock, P. Winstead, R. Rodgers R. Weir C. Bruce, C. Byrum, P. Barnes, and S. Deaton. MIDDLE ROW ZLeft to Right? T. Gunn, N. Clark, D. Cannon, R. Allen, J. Clayton, E. wood, G. McKnight, and MRS. TOMMY PORTER, Teacher. FRONT ROW CLeft to Rightl T. Cates, B. Anderson, P. Elkins, M. Tapp, D. Clayton, V. Daugherty, and B. Fletcher. ,yyA FIRST GRADE BACK ROW CLeft to Righty K. Ware, T. Jones, J. Lutz, E. Eddings, J. Richardson, T. Farris, P. Farris, F. Imboden, and M. Duncan. MIDDLE ROW CLeft to Rightb S. Lutz, P. Gary, F. Cates, J. Blanchard, J. Crowe, H. Atkinson, S. Lindsey, R. Williams, and MRS. NELL TUCKER, Teacher. FRONT ROW CLeft to Rightl R. Ipock, A. Tapp, F. Cope, D. Dame, J. Stirsman, M. Richardson, and M. Alexander. 2nd GRADE BACK ROW CLeft to Rightl J. Byrum, L. Compton, B. Creasy, N. Helm, G. Hunt, M. Ipock, J. Gibson, and L. Clark. 2nd ROW FROM BACK CLeft to Rightl J. Jones, L. VanBenschoten, C. Parish, R. Cates, C. A. Morrow, C. Morrow, and J. Blanchard. 3rd ROW FROM BACK CLeft to RightD D. Clayton, B. Clayton, R. Cope, J. Childers, C. Gogley, S. Ipock, B. Stewart, M. Jones, and MISS BARBARA NOEL, Teacher. FRONT ROW CLeft to Rightl D. Simms, L. Hef- lin, S. Clark, S. Harris, M. Bourland, R. Duncan, Q. Harris, and D. Kelley. 2nd GRADE BACK ROW CLeft to Right? D. Outler, T. Allen, B. Oakley, C. Utley, F. Osburn, L. Moore D. Morrow, and C. Phillips. 2nd ROW FROM BACK CLeft to Righti B. Phelps, M. Richardson, R. Duncan W. Stewart, H. Mitchell, R. Harris, and S. Pryor. 3rd ROW FROM BACK CLeft to Rightb B. Ayres, J. Peyton, T. Tapp, W. Pryor, L. Ranes, D. Rainwater, L. Rainwater, and MRS. WILLIE MORROW, Teacher. FRONT ROW CLeft to Rightl L. Stewart, S. Bumpas, S. Dugger, G. Rickard, A. Poe, S. Morrow, P. wise, and R. Polley. l 3rd GRADE BACK ROW CLeft to Rightb D. Anderson, T. Webster, R. Richardson, M. Hamby, O. lmboden D. Farris, J. Cates, S. Demoss, and A. Goodnight, 2nd ROW FROM BACK CLeft to Bightb B. Cope, S. Starks, J. Ware, H. Staton, R. Gamblin, J. Heflin, L. Barron, and J. Goodnight. 3rd BOW FROM BACK CLeft to Rightj M. Lutz, J. Brown, O. Hunt, M. Gunn, G. Cates, L. Kirkwood, W. Peytoh, S. Elkin, and MISS SARAH BMRRON, Teacher. FRONT ROW CLeft to Rightl L. Cole, L. Wood, T. Fletcher, S. Cannon, W. Barton, L. Daugherty, J. Lutz. S. McKnight. O 3rd dc l+th GRADE ,BACK BOW CLeft to Right? E. Hart, A. Myres, J. Duncan, R. Mitchell, H. English, J. Hamby, and L. Putty. 2nd ROW FROM BACK CLeft to Right? P. VanBenschoten, P. Cox, D. Wise, R. Basham, L. Stirsman, P. Summers, and R. Oldham. 3rd ROW FROM BACK CLeft to Rightl C. Crowe, B. Tittisworth, P. Parkest, J. Parrish, F. Hunt S. Carnal, and MRS. HORTENSE NISNONGER, Teacher. FRONT ROW ZLeft to Rightl 111. Hanks, G. Peyton, C. Kelley, J. Harris, S. Lynn, M. Martin, and R. Elkins. Nth GRADE BACK ROW CLeft to Right? L. Peyton S. Whitmer S Parrish L K ' ht E. vliiines, N. Mitchell, N. Clark: J. Barton,'M. Lutz, N.'H05uenlgna' C. Duncan. 2nd ROW FROM BACK CLeft to Rightl L. Morgan, R. Phelns S. Walker, J. Buchanan, S. Beeny, W. Moore, B. Lantrip, D. Clayton, J: gulbenig, S. Wilson, and D. Bourland. 3rd ROW FROM BACK CLeft to Righty E. .1 liams, P. Duncan, J. Tapp, B. Proctor, L. Pendergraff, T. Hobgood. . Blanchard, T. Tichenor, R. Ayres B. Deaton D. P r 1 h Mas. INA NOEL, Teacher. FRONT ROWCLeft to Right! Jf rapp? E.SP5y2g? L, Hill- Yards J- Dames C- PUTGY, F- CTOWG, J. Day, W. Woods, P. Helm, L. Clark. and A. Prvor, 5th GRADE BACK ROW CLeft to Rightb L. Pryor, M. Pryor, C. Dugger, r. Blanchard, G. Webster, T. Putty, D. Goodnight, G. DeMoss, E. Heflin, P. Hibbs, B. Burton and L. Starks, 2nd ROW FROM BACK CLeft to Rightj B1 Duncan, R. Weir, B. Tyler, S. Carter, L. Winstead, J. Imboden, J. Hibbs, F. Wiley, P. Simms, J. Stirsman, L. McCulley, and M. Jones. 3rd ROW FROM BACK CLeft to Right! B. Clayton, D. Marshaff, D. Brooks, R. Lynn, C. Caldwell, B. Daugherty, C. Gooch, S. Compton, E. Lynn L. Blanchard, S. Osburn, J. Clark, and M S. CLARA BONE, Teacher. FRONT ROW CLeft to Rightb J. Cates, V. Hanks, C. Weir, K. Morrow, C. Harris, C. Cope, M. Cannon, G. Williams, J. Kelley, J. Basham, and R. Carnal. -WL etn GRADE BACK ROW CLeft to Right? L. Blanchard, J. Fyre, J. Barnes, W. Hibbs H. Cates, N. Cates, J. Burton, D. Rickard, and J. Parrish. 2nd ROW FROM BACK CLeft to Rightl S. Phelps, T. Hinkle, L. Ware, C. Staton, J. Harris, L. Bearden, J. Hanks, E. Cates, E. Alexander, and C. Ham- by. 3rd ROW FROM BACK CLeft to Rightl D. Hart, B. Day, J. Daugherty, R. Bruce, P. Beeny, R. Lutz, D. Kirkwood, D. Kelley, J. Hunt, and M s. ELLA MAE WYATT, Teacher. FRONT Row CLeft to Rightl T. Phelps, D. Crowe, E. Canler, L. Hancock, J. Ayres, R. Tucker, S. Lutz, Z. Nance. and L. Harris. 9 The school year 1955-56 has been a suc- cessful one for the P.T.A. The events listed will show the sonder- ful corporation of the Nebo organization. l. P.T.A. bid accepted to serve Alunni Banquet, June l, 1955, with lO9 present. 2.lQecond district conference meeting Thursday, October 6, 1955, with the largest Uelegate attendance on record. 3. Annual Halloween Carnival was success ful. AM. The Membership drive ended November 15, l955 with QM8 active members. 5. Entry of float in Christmas Parade Nov- ember 26, l955, nThe Merry Go Roundn. 6. Eight delegates were nominated by P.T. A- Members to Fall Conference, the Nebo P.T.A. was presented with the HSeeperiorH Award. 7. UFounder's Dayn was celebrated in its annual UPot Luckn Supper. 8. Sunday School and roon count prizes went to highest percent of attendance at each meeting. 6 9. Other prejects are under consideration. Listing of our officers are asufollowsg Mrs. Alton Teichenor, president, rs. Cosby Crowe, first vice-president, Mrs. W.R. Harris, second vice-president, Mrs. Toby Lantrip, becretary and treasury. A. ACES STAFF SEATED KLeft to Right? Helen McAna11y, EDITOR: and Jonelle Peyton, TYPIST. STANDING KLeft to Right? Jimmy Scott, Sports EDITOR, Garnett Moore, ARTIST, Buddy Puryear, BUSINESS MANAGER, Mrs. Auvergne Carneal, SPONSOR, Jesse Bearden, ASSISTANT EDITOR, and Neal Crawford, ASSISTANT BUSINESS MANAGER. Also Shelby Webster, FEATURE EDITOR fN0t picturedl O FLASH STAFF SEATED turn to Rightl Shirley Cates, SOCIETY EDITORg Betty Hinkle, EDITOR, and Jean Morrow, TYPIST. STANDING CLeft to Rightj Sandra Winstead, FEATURE EDITORg Beverly Clayton, ASSISTANT EDITOR3 Mrs. Corine Utterback, SPONSOR, Garnett Moore, ARTIST, and Claude Dixon, SPORTS EDITOR. New member Emerson Hill and Carrol Peyton, REPORTERS, fNot pictured?- 39 SENIOR HIGH STUDENT COUNCIL SEATED lLeft to Right! Shelby Webster, senior, Beverly Clayton, juniorg and Jane Kemble, sophomore. STANDING lLeft to Right! Emerson Hill, senior, Jesse Bearden, juniorg and Kerry Webster, freshman, JUNIOR HIGH STUDENT COUNCIL SEATED lLeft to Rightl Linda Tapp, eighth, Carolyn Helm, seventh, and Charlotte Phelps, seventh. STANDING KLeft to Right! Billy Hobgood, eighth, Randall Bryan, eighth, and Leon Peytoh, seventh. GRADE SCHOOL M-H PRESIDENT, Judy Parrish, VICE-PRESIDENT, Gail Webster, and SECRETARY AND TREASURER, Banda Lutz, HUGH SCHOOL M-H PRESIDENT, Alton Scott, KNot picturedl, VICE PRESIDENT, Larry Qualls, and SECRETARY AND TREASURER, Ga16 W11SOn, W E gfv JK TYPING CLASS HOME ECONOMICS CLASS THE CAFETEHIA THE C USTODIANS NEBO BETA CLUB CLeft to Right! PRESIDENT, Jonelle Peyton, VICE-PRESIDENT, Betty Hobgood, SECRETARY, Emerson Hill, TREASURER, Jesse Bearden, June Walker, Gale Wilson, Betty Hinkle, Keneda Weir, Linda Parish, Eleanor Townsend, Anna McKnight, Mary Helen Stirsman, Wanda Ware, Betty Sue Dugger, Bertie Crowe, Shirley Cates, Jo Ann Clayton, Sandra Winstead, Ruth Peyton, Yvonne Daves, Claude Dixon, Garnett Moore, Rodney Dement, Jimmy Scott, Jane Lutz, Shelby Capps, Mary Bowles, Helen McAnal1y, Peggy Starks iNet picturedl, and Mrs. Martha Wooten, SPONSOR. PEP CLUB The newly organized 'Pep Club' of the Nebo High School is sponsored by the cheerleaders. They are, Yvonne Daves, June Walker, SOPHOMORES, Eleanor Townsend, Betty Hobgood, and Anna McKnight all JUNIORS, The officers of this organization are, PRESIDENT, Sandra Winstead, VICE- PRESIDENT, June Morgan, and SECRETARY, Sylvia Lynn, PING PONG FOR ALL! THE P. T . A. CHRISTMAS FLGAT The Nebo ann Hanson Band if , U Ala, 1 5 A The band of 1955-56 as they pose, in Madisonville, just before joining the Christmas Parade. All thirty-six members were present. HALLOWEEN QUEEN D.A.R. AWARD 'Betty Linklo Mit and Miss N. H. S. se Bearden Umerson Hill and Jane Lutz Cl d, Di nd H 1, M A ll ' ' au P UHZSE Zmbitgoggn C na y UMost studiousn Whos Who of Seniors Jowlle Payton and CaI'011 POFHCOU Randolph Osburn and Wilma I-Iobstor .HMost likely to succnnoon HMost friendlyu Snapshots Uornation Joe Ed Taylor, SENIOR M years Jerry Taylor, JUNIOR 3 years Ronnie Daves, SENIOR A years Buddy Puryear SENIOR 3 years , P' Darrel Bruce, JUNIOR Darrel Francis, SOPHOMORE 3 years 2 years 1 Y THE ACES BACK ROW CLeft to Rightl COACH George Wooton, D. Bruce, G. Moore, D. Francis, J. Taylor, R. Daves, T. Noffsinger. FRONT ROW CLeft to Rightj MANAGER Larry Trucker, B. Puryear, J. Bearden, N. Crawford, J. Taylor, and MANAGER Paul Long. A ' 'W A THE DEUCES BACK ROW CLeft to Rightl COACH George Wooton, N. Crawford, J. Bearden, T. Noffsinger, G. Moore, K. Webster, D. Cates, and L. Phelps. FRONT ROW CLeft to RightD MANAGER Larry Tucker, L. Qualls, J. Bearden, Weir, P. Landrum, G. Lynn, and MANAGER Paul Long. Anna McKnight June Walker i Eleanor Townsend Yvonne Daves oorae Wooten Salem ------ --- Clay ----- ----- Earlington---- Trenton ------ - Hanson ------ -- Dawson ----- --- Crittenden Co. Dalton Q CUUJUJIT' gzli D'Ol""4 I-"lr" 555970 DCE' F500 gg 3:1159 SD: C'l'O0g D0 O'UH I5 Uwmd' I ll-"l'4 ICD 'Dil IO IUIII I0 llll !nlHtUUPF'F'U3UIF'U1W'b bb Ir' S4 O Z3 O O 5 C5 cf- Q4 Slaughters South Hopkins Charleston Salem Crittenton Co. Uniontown Clay Earlington Trenton Hanson Dawson Springs Dalton Crittenton Co. South Hopkins Crofton Dawson Springs Lyon County Slaughters Fredonia Hanson Earlington Trenton Crofton Charleston Uniontown Dalton Salem Nebo High School is glan to wel- come Mr. George Wooten back as our basketball coach after an ab- sences of four years. Mr. Wooten left Nebo in 1951 to enter the service. He returned to Nebo in 1955. South Hopkins- A Crofton ------- H Dawson ------ -- A Lyon County--- H Slaughters ---- H Fredonia ------ H SCUZDIAL HHHSOD ------ -- A 155-156 Earlington ---- H Trenton ------- A Croften ------ - A Charleston ---- H Uniontown ----- H Dalton ------- - H Salem ---- ----- A 67 Nebo 68 M3 Nebo 70 73 Nebo 65 67 Nebo 65 56 Nebo 93 31 Nebo 77 73 Nebo 87 78 Nebo 77 73 Nebo 51 68 Nebo 73 61 Nebg WL 71 Nebo 77 Q9 Nebo 59 62 Nebo 61 54 Nebo 60 71 Nebo 69 72 Nebo 6o 62 Nebo 58 34 Nebo 95 55 Nebo 73 77 Nebo 73 61 Neob 68 66 Nebo 56 62 Nebo 59 74 Nebo 66 68 Nebo 69 71 Nebo 66 71 Nebo SH ll00ll Co - Captain Escorts A .XS N, K? .. S 5 . HIJVERTISIHG I x 'Ha S xi .wk X Ns: "leaf tu.-5 ,-ax w. X N, X NN! Sk xiii I Ng 71:.,! N ss' , M my :L ff 5 ' , ,,.L 2 t ' ifwq.-' E -1.,f"'NN wx ff :ff 1 M , K MA Q .Q , , x xx? f we - xx N ., Q-fx KR Q. gi - Q NS. 3 'P' H .xy ea... xx W ,,,Mw m ip 3 A 1 gf L . WWV Tlf,-.. . 5 lffRg,,.:::f7 'x ,X .KXNV4 rail 1 ! .4.aJ1.!' 'L xx f fbi F gi' if 52: 5 Q QQ is a K' x QQ L ' 1 w ,f ff w..,,f' 'Rx aa M RX N ,L W, 4 'W E J X Sfi : -Q , M M :?k,,fq , 11 I TANLEY Ros. CASEY co me E- HEAT f Nm, mm REFRIGEATION ,ugh ITT FIRST WI'TH TE YEARS OF TIEXACO SERVICE TEx7AC0 BATTERIES T' RES L UNCHL-S Mona 2681 N590 'W SUCC 62? COMPANY PHUNE 2331 EAST MAIN ST SALE S " smvncz Pnovzomce KENTUCKY Ia.: core can srnmn CL4, u N Q I n SHORT ORDFRS 0 6,9 DRINKS "Sou phgne NEB6 I HOPKINI COUN TY , , . gi AU 'ronosmz DEALERS H, ASSOCIATION mf aoosmss CHEVROLET HAWKINS MOTOR SALES DIL-my czfiv. MADISONVILLE MOTORS QER, S W CATES MOTOR co UNIVWICYIL comm Moron co. PURDY morons Xgigslxifff has DUNVILLE Momoas PURDY Moran co S I fQa?f2s. .. - nunsnu L qs NEBO MILLS. HAYES' TRUCKING Sum' HAYES 8. SONS PURINA AND WAYNE FEEDS GENERAL HAULING GRINDING AND MIXING AND TRUCKING FERTILIZER IIIIJNIE: 2502 Ncao, KY. LLCGENDDURRIS E FIRE, AUTO, LIFE INSURANCE 38 South Main M di '11 Ky. 1.1. 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Suggestions in the Nebo High School - Aces Yearbook (Nebo, KY) collection:

Nebo High School - Aces Yearbook (Nebo, KY) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 23

1956, pg 23

Nebo High School - Aces Yearbook (Nebo, KY) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 20

1956, pg 20

Nebo High School - Aces Yearbook (Nebo, KY) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 63

1956, pg 63

Nebo High School - Aces Yearbook (Nebo, KY) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 28

1956, pg 28

Nebo High School - Aces Yearbook (Nebo, KY) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 6

1956, pg 6

Nebo High School - Aces Yearbook (Nebo, KY) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 43

1956, pg 43

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