Neah Kah Nie High School - Treasures Yearbook (Rockaway Beach, OR)

 - Class of 1960

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Neah Kah Nie High School - Treasures Yearbook (Rockaway Beach, OR) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 112 of the 1960 volume:

I A! I, gf", XJ ,O E, , ff, al! .V fvl' 6 ff' J K f 5 3 I i 1 j x S Q. , Hx SJW 1 ,A X uixfbfg . If A3 Tfslfgjsli M w""'w-ff gvhxhkoy M ff? n Xue., ' 'wi ' rx gJ"'M 'tv 4 JV 3 ' 1 . I 4 Ojfsvwv I as A vb 'KJ M U t Q. Q-NLF ju.. hy., "' h N -ki' 1' A Jw '9g?,xi'5"Q M D , iq I4 w Q Q, A ,1 1 f 5 .fq,'xA 1 5 I, 4 I, 4 K Q M sf , L 4, M 1M M511 ff ws ,J ' , 'UI J .w n40rx,x!VtU i L5V16Hf'."A J' 3 O5 36 f L , K1 bl f L 0 . L Mn' M D 25352 U7 366 iid MfJ5'Q5iW 4231 Q1 3322 . Eg if? g Q ggi 23 3555 FEES? is SEQ? 5 SQ SSQQ S552 IX 1 nay. , ni' 1 A ,l ,., ff?f'fLff f ferr' f fav' 'F 1 ' . x 1 4 v 3 2 Q, Z 3-. - 1 . .V ,ur.:"f-Nw, x - ' R l' - -af M ., 1.1 H , A '.:N,' , ., A , 5. .Hd : 1 n.h Qffl 1' il HV, .. X, A, - VL ' ' . 1. , X , ,. ,J L.. ,J W , V J xf i , M? , THE ANNUAL STAFF PRESENTS TREASURES ADMINISTRATION FACULTY f 0 MY- Waldren Mr. Severence Mrs. Gienger Chairman Clerk SCHOOL BOARD Si Here are the unsung, unpaid members of our community who labor far into many nights to help make our educations ----.-...N ossible We would like to take this opportunity to thank p . them for caring, and hope that each of us will use our ed- ucations in such a way that we will justify their sleepless nights. Mr. Heinrich Mr- Bum Mr. Cram MTS- Jud Mr. Hanson ,...s.. .. 5. ii :E if! l' 'lx Al Q 1 xqgx JAMES ROBINSON Superintendent EDWIN BALL - Vice Principal LOIS BALL - Girls Counselor CHESTER GILLAM - Boys Counselor fi 1 5 i a 2, A OFFICE STAFF Mrs. Bea Langton is our very efficient and cheerful school secretary, and if one has a clear conscience, a trip to the office can be a very pleasant experience. She is assisted by various members of Mrs. l-Ierchenhein's office practice class as represented by Jeannine Hamby. This year we have a very attractive addition to the front office in the person of Mrs. Clara Gienger, who as clerk of the new school district finds herself a very busy lady indeed. TOM GRIGSBY Band Choir General Science ED BALL Vice Principal Biology RU TI-I Mc DANIELS Home Economics STAN RUSSELL American Problems French Business Law IVY HERCHENHEIN Typing I Shorthand II Office Practice VERNE LULL Typing II Shorthand I Bookkeeping I RON HAWORTI-I Head Football coach Geometry Math 9 WINIFRED WHISLER English III English IV GEORGE KURT2 Algebra I Algebra II Trigonometry Elementary Analysis ELLA MAY ROBERTS Spanish I 8 II Arts and Crafts Librarian LES ROBERTS General Science Chemistry Physics BILL LINKER English II English III English IV journalism CHESTER GILLAM U. S . History Geography 'rs MERLIN STAATZ Industrial Arts Mechanical Drawing Driver Education ROY RUSSELL I Q BRYCE WHISLER Algebra Senior Math Consumer Math General Science - , 1. I k zl. g ' s 5 Math 9 , -P General Business World Geography Library NEAL ABRAHAMSEN Head Basketball coach Director of Athletics Boys Physical Education World History Health LOIS BALL Girls Counselor English I CAFETE RIA Wx, . ' if i 'fQ f Mrs. Roach Mrs. Dey Mrs. Watters. Mr' M CLISTODIANS M'WmP1ef Our building if not the cleanest in the United States, is one of the cleanest. "Doc" Wampler and Louis Best work hard to keep it that way, and could certainly use more of our cooperation in their efforts. Most of us really appreciate our two fine custodians. BUS DRIVERS SCHOOL BUS Duke Fisher, Mrs. Shipley, Mrs. Illingworth, Frank Stevens, Mrs. Curtiss, Mrs. Boyle. Before most of the human race has had its second cup of coffee in the morning, our bus drivers are making their appointed rounds. Our teachers don't know, our parents don't know, but our bus drivers know all right, all right. They know what it is to be faced with forty-or sometimes even more-charming, clean cut, full of the natural exuberance of youth, boys and girls before eight o'clock on a cold, rainy day. It's something to think about all right, all right. 252 f QT ,f . - L 4 S sei S S 4- lm 3,41b"'Ek.3i5n ' r ..--'S-er 5 5 It-' X3 wx 5 gyms U. , 's 2.8, , sr- A ,. ,, M i 4 . . me sm ii SEATED: Norma Holm, Ted Mathey, Sally Keenon, Jean Kaser, Larry Huffman, Ron,Woodward, Dennis Wagner, Scotty Burns. STANDING: Wallis Wheeler, Janie Lommen, Sharon Monaghan, Mary Dorris, Mr. Ball, Suzanne Bohlman, Fred Watters, Wayne Lattimer, Terry Boardwell. QTUDE NT COUNCIL The student council is an organization of students, elected by students, to serve as their official representatives in all matters of concern to the entire school. It provides a medium through which students opinions may be heard and a forum for the consideration of common school problems. The student council is a training ground for leaders and followers. The student council is involved in the real problems of the school and can offer many suggestions for improvement. Thus, involvement in the real and important problems of the school gives students an opportunity to be heard and the accompanying understanding that their opinions are not only listened to but are also acted upon. SENIORS WA M136 .kk MOST STUDIOUS BEST PERSONALITY jim Malsam jean Kaser Ted Mathey Sally Keenen FRIENDLIEST CUT UPS Patty Smith jon Torrey Inez Hester John Glover A I ., Sumum- Bolxlmnn Sandy Grasscth SENIOR QUPERLATIVES MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED BEST LQOKING Larry IIufI'man Irma Dedcru Mary Buru Ken Damon MOS T ATHLETIC BEST CITIZENS 'TIS' NWRSTQ Mbna: sslij PDQ Sag "lieu Sharon Monaghan Jim Krcofsky I I ' N X I .. -lg! -ef - XXEE if f' X U .,.,. . .. N X SX X X X X NN XXX X X l X5 NS? I XX xwxxgx X XR YW X X XR g 1 NX XX X Qnx Q I QXXX Ns IX VX X xg XQQQ ,ef X S NN X .- X tx X XV-X. . .QI Sxaxx' x RX X XXX ffj, X 4 MARCO ABDIE Honor Society 3, Vice - Pres. 4 Pep l,2,3,4 Seagulls 2 Annual Staff 2,4 Chorus 1 Newspaper Staff 1, 2, Editor 4 junior Class Sgt. at Arms B. I. ARNOLD CHARLES BAKE anna 1, 2, 4 DON BALMER Football 1, 2, 3, 4 league All Star Football 2 Buebe111,2,3,4 letterman 1, 2, 3, 4 . Chorus' 3, Vice President 4 Basketball 1 Christian Club 3,4 1 , JON BENNETT Football 1, 2,4 'Il-ack 1, 3 Wrestling 1,4 Chorus 1 RON BENSON Transferred from Fortuna H. S. 3 Track 3,4 Letterman 3, 4 Annual 4 KEN BETTIS Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Baseball 1, 2, 3 'Il-ack 1, 2, 3, 4 Football Manager 1, 2, 3 Annual Staff 4 Letterman 2, 3, 4 SUZANNE. BOHLMAN Honor Society 3, 4 Student Council 4 Home Room Rep. 4 Pep 2, 4, Vice-Pres. 3 G.A.A. 2, Vice-Pres. 3, Pres. 4 Annual Staff 3, Editor 4 Junior Class Secretary BONNIE BURNS Honor Society 3,4 Pep 1, 2, 3 Band 1,2,3,4 Chorus 1,2,3,4 Junior Class Treasurer Christian Club 4 MARY BURU Student Council 2, 3 Student Body Vice-Pres. 3 Sophomore Class President G. A. A. 2, 3, 4 Pep 1, 2, 3, 4 Honor Society 3,4 F.H.A. 1 I. V. Yell leader 2 Varsity Yell Leader Thespians 2 FRANK CI-IIMENTI Football 1, 2, 3 Baseball 2, 3, 4 Letterman 2, 3, 4 Key Club 4 GAIL CORNELIUS Pep 2,3,4 Band2 33 Yell Queen 4 E 3, 2 K 4 we -, GLENNA COIL Chorus 1, 3 Christian Club 4 KEN DAMON Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Baseball 3, 4 Letterman 2, 3,4g Sgt. at Arms 1 BETTE DAVIS Pep 1, 2 Chorus 1, 2 DOUG DECKER Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Football 2, 3 Letterman 3, 4 Freshman Class Treasurer f 'Z ' H' .f"'-" INQJ 'F'-wil' ff KAREN FOUNTAIN Honor Society 3,4 ROWELENE FOUNTAIN Transferred from Tillamook I-I. S. 2 Student Body Secretary 4 Christian Club 3, Vice-Pres. 35 Pres. 4 Pep 3, 4 Student Council 4 LAU RA LEE GA INER Transferred from Lebanon H. S. Honor Society 3,4 Band 3, 4 Chorus 4 Christian Club 4 JANET GILLEY G. A. A. 2 ,A QE if ff? if X I IRMA DEDERA Pep 1, 2, 3,4 G.A.A. 2, 3, Sports Manager 4 F. H. A. 1 Honor Society 3, 4 BOB DEI-IA R T Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1 Baseball 1, 2 Letterman 2, 3, 4 Chorus 3,4 Key Club 3,4 JIM msn Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1, 2 Letterman 1, 2, 3, 4 Band 1, 2,4 2 Chorus 1 Freshman Class Sgt. at Arms Sophomore Class Sgt. at Arms VIRGINIA FOSBERG ,f Ax V-N MIL icon ol! 'I f'N""l', wma? JOHN GLOVER Basketball 1 Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Key Club 3, 4 Track 2, 3, 4 Letterman 2, 3,4 Baseball 1 Band 1, 2, 3 Chorus 3 league All-Star Football league All-Star Track SANDY GRASSETH Basketball 1, 2,a,4 Football 1,2,3, cmcapr. 4 Class Secretary 3 Class Vice-Pres. 4 Annual Staff 4 Track 4 Chorus 1, 2, 3,4 league All-Star Football NANCY CRIMES Annual Staff 3 Pep 1, 2, 3 Chorus 1, 2,3 Band 1, 2, 3,4 IEANNINE HAMBY Pep 1,2,3,4 G.A.A. 3,4 Sophomore Class Vice-Pres. Annual Staff 3,4 NANCY I-IARTNELL Transferred from Milwaukie Christian Club 2, 3,4 Pep 3,4 Band 3 F.H.A. 3 RENA HAUGEN Pep 1, 2,33 Pres. 4 Chorus 1, 2,35 Pres. 4 Band 2 Seagulls 1, 2, 3 Freshman Class Treasurer Sophomore Class Secretary Senior Class Secretary GREG HENRICK Football 1 Basketball 1 Chorus 3 Wrestling 4 JUDY HENRICK Band 1, 2,35 Pres 4 G.A.A. 2, 3,4 Thespians 1 Christian Club, Sec. 4 H JEAN KASER Freshman Class Secretary Ass't. Student Body Sec. 2 Student Body Secretary 3 Student Council 2, 3, 4 Pep 2, 3, 4 G.A.A. 1,2,3,4 Honor Society 3, Pres. 4 SALLY KEENON Student Body Manager 4 Student Council 4 Pep 2, 3,4 Thespians 2 c.A.A. 2,3,4 F. H. A. 1 Honor Society 3, 4 junior Class Treasurer STEVE KESTERSON Freshman Class Vice-Pres. Sophomore Class Sgt. at Arms Band 1 Ietterman 1, 2, 3, 4 Baseball 1, 2, 3,4 Basketball 3, 4 Football 2, 4 league All-Star Football 4 RON KRASKE Transferred from Hlghllne H. S. Football 4 Basketball 4 Annual Staff 3,4 INEZ HI:'.STER Pep 1,2,3,4 G.A.A.1,2,3,4 F.H.A.1,2,3,4 LARRY HUFF MAN Student Body, President 4 Student Body Sgt. at Arms 3 Key Club 2,3,4 Honor Society 3,4 Thespians 3 Track Manager 3 Ietterman 2, 3, 4 GILBERT HUDSON Transferred from Los Angeles 4 Football 4 BRUCE JoHNsoN Basketball 1, 2 Football 2, 3, 4 Track 1, 2, 3, 4 Ietterman 1, 2, 3,4 JIM KREOFSKY Key Club 3, 4 TAM KROMREY Band 1, 2, 3,4 DAVE IJEAVELLE Transferred from Moclips H. S. JIM MALSAM Transferred from Benson H. S. 4 Christian Club 4 TED MATHEY Basketball 1, 2, 3 Football 1, 2, 3,4 Letterman 1, 2,35 Pres. 4 Honor Society 4 Class President 4 Baseball 3 Annual Staff 2, 3 Band 4 JIM MCMULLEN Freshman Class Pres. Student Council 1 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Key Club 35 Pres. 4 Annual Staff 3, 4 Football Manager 1,2 Letterman 1, 2, 3, 4 WA NDA WOODWARD Chorus 15 Secretary 4 Band 25 Secretary 3 G.A.A.1,2,3,4 Christian Club Sec. 3,4 Honor Society 4 Thespians 1 Annual Staff 3 SHARON MONAGHAN Honor Society 3, 4 Student Council 4 Home Room Rep. 4 Pep 1, 2, 3, 4 G.A.A. 2,45 Sec. 3 Annual Staffg Ass't Ed. 33 E Sophomore Class Secretary junior Class Vice-Pres. ditor 4 wg, L A , , 1 , iff, w.w,. V , , , , .1 'K fi" Q' VM? dw My l ,Ei 1 6 wg' fl 4, 1 , 1 I' 1 .,,.--w,, u df, ' l Y! 2 1 CAROL RHODES Student Council 3 Newspaper Staff 4 F. H.A. 1,2, Vice-Pres. 3 Pep 2, 3, 4 Pirates 2 Varsity Yell Leader 4 junior Class President Annual Staff 3 G. A. A. 3, 4 JUDY ROBINSON LARRY SEVERANCE Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1, 2 Key Club 3,4 Letterman 3, 4 IRVINE SMITH Chorus 1, 2, 3,4 Freshman Class Vice President Sophomore Class President Annual Staff 3 Letterman 1, 2, 3 Vice Pres. 4 Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 2 NANCY MONTGOMERY Thespians 1 Band 1,2,3,4 Chorus 1,3,4 Pep 1,2,3,4 G.A.A. 2,3,4 GERALD NUTE ALETHEA DE SAULTEL Pep 1,2,3 G.A.A. 2,3 DON PINGEL Basketball 1 Chorus 1, 2 SHARON ZENZEN F.H.A. 1,2 Chorus 1 Pep 1, 2,4 G.A.A. 2,4 Annual Staff 2 PAT SMITH Transferred from Frankl Pep 3, Vice-President 4 G.A.A. 35 Secretary 4 Annual Staff 3 Paper Staff 5, 4 SHERRYL SMITH Honor Society 3,4 F.H.A. 1 Thespians 1 G.A.A. 2,3,4 Pep 3, 4 Christian Club 3,4 ED TAPLIN Letterman 2, 3, 4 Football 2 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1 RONALD THORNE Baseball 4 Football 2, 3, Basketball 3 Letterman 2, 3 in 1oN TORREY Key Club 3, 4 Letterman 3, 4 Basketball Manager 2 Annual Staff 4 DAVE VEDDER CARY WISEMAN Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1, 3 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 Letterman 1, 2, 3,4 junior Class Sgt. at Arms KAY WOODWARD Honor Society 3, Sec. 4 Pep 1, 2, 3, 4 J. V. Yell Leader 1 Varsity Yell Leader 2, 3 Pirates 4 Ass't. Annual Editor 3 Chorus 1, 2, 3 Band Secretary 2 Sophomore Class Treasurer Junior Class Vice-President QW ,Nfarf X X X. SENIOR ADVISORS Mrs. Whisler Mr. Linker JUNIORS JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Dennis Wagner - President Dennis Cornish - Vice President Paula. Wright - Secretary This was the year of the broken head, the broken knee, Q'- broken arm, you name it we broke it. We caught this trio at Tillamook ' eral Hospital, as Paula and Dennis paid their respects to their fellow class of ser Dennis Cornish in - C11 wmv., icuurrnuu li , X 3 H. I 'Fx' -fs JUNIOR CLASS ADVISORS Mr Les Roberts Mrs. Ivy Herchenhem yum 14:1 0.-Mgr Sai-ey Adams Sandra Bettis Judy Cherry Dennis Cornish Larry Fredrickson iharon Akerill A"'liu,, Linda Blaser Ron Chimenti Deloras Curlin Ia mes Allphin Zeorge Benedict lichard Benson is ...ef 'swf' Kenneth Bolton Brad Christie Lorraine Davis Helen Brimmer Fred Collins Edward Dilley Ierry Cherry 1-9-fry Corley Sandra Finch E137 V' -will 532343 'S 3 Robin Haase Rosa Lee Haase Diane Halverson 5 Q22 YD- HOHY HQSS Linda Hufford 4 .af Jim Hinds Pamela Hunt :f I -nf, A . i' :L ' 1' ' fl " . 5' -.I lb' .1 'f Dennis Hixson Evelyn jones ' U V p : ,I , X If R.. A ' S lr. I ! Robill Holm Frederick Jorgensen Sylvia Holm Wayne L09-2111 133, k Q V s 7 fa f 5? , N I 2 y J 4 if nf' '12 X 5 ,,f:,. . ,. .. K xx X X X X x X S XX X X X5 Q X 5 Y X91 sd X XX XY Q S X xkx 1 X ,xi M U x 4' f 1 Y I 19.119 Lommen MelaineMeadors Paul Owens Shelley Mammano Joy Modrell Dianne Palmer .af David May Kathi Monchamp Marilyn Plummer 5 J X J -if NW .5 Bob McMOrris Janet Moss Candy Purcell Pat Mead Lorinda Niminster Ron Randolph If flarquita Ricketts sw LMQ -?l52'fs:i4eSsw K L M . V ,,:, I .,,, .:..,, t is fri i A Robert Rinehart Carl Schmadeke 5 .4 F sf William Smith Anna Stevenson Dennis Wagner Merriel White A liQ.Ei:e?S'iz 7?fliEi5fi2'1ff? iii' 'welll L V' mg, :,v-Tigre-ggnae ' ' '1 '- . -- Ax :SK ' ::.:fSsQa23 , 55,5 vi " ' , Qi" :w i " ' xg W, R ,.... Ei i Lam smith Roberta stone Earl wawi-on Alvin Wilkins un? G 'ff' Patty smith Gerald sfucky Fred Watters Ron Woodward Rosa Lee Sessions David Shiel Larry Snyder Alton Trelstad Melvin Wendling Paula. Wright Steve Sorensen John Vincent Sue West june Wyman ,av JCWY Young Roger Yunker Margie Zimmerman Nancy Zogg Ethel Zuercher SOPHOMORES V P I Y W 441 we 'ga,,!N:44:f M 'wwxQgS,gm-gggfxiffmmiwz:lf-Naigwg,-Q.m M My .., fbM..fW-MW 1- .,..J,.,.J,, , , ,, ,. . ,. . . . Q- Wmx -I A vezfsyw H . L, g g 'H 5 ' 2-swf was Pegzsxgw,msg,igffafzm,gggsgggeggizweggfsvgf,mf drffffi ,QesffdfififsfisifefbiffsfzigfgfifwigSze. ffmwreazsefg1?1ggw1gszQ,21Q1wgfgywfgQQg:Qgf:ffw is ,mm:swfezmemwffzwz 'mmfsffffzzefssaiffsisfiwfzlwezieffm fl ' ' V'Hf7i s,'Pz 35-N ww,..iH?i5iY1s31.z,w Y'w7'si'fx,.sw'f-Yfmwm XM-vzjgkyq wm,.Pz'wgg , ,fu gms: 582 9f.fs:,:mw wwfkmlfw 2--fish New ' wif wxwem . f. 2 .ww wsssfefzzgezlsfq, w,sms,gwz'Qs,,M,gM4 ffzwgw wwf " 5 sf:fjgffgyfsszii,'fsE5mge:g's3asaz:swim,guiIQQQSYSQQQQg??gf?f2wtm?35 my .'?ifeuMmff ,z sfifg:wm.f1f1gmszirwMmQ- ? f!f2IfY4i':4?ss1Eff EW: 4: A "Wi ff?-W3 .L if ffff ., 1 S -fwswffgs ww: .zxwifz f f .1 ., 1rzfe:2QffwA,-gzgifgf Lgg4q:MyQ,.i, .QM 4g,5W,f .mf,fggfQg, ,,,,,-,f -wan. ,:gwaa,mn1af--H-:1 , wi-+gM1 ,, Mai wfxsw-f - M:,.PsA-if 1 z.fv,.s1-wf1f'mfg1.v, -wgvl Axmw-,f ,K wvz5E??5vs.fax Zmivllfili sf 2 Iffffivw finiYfffff:fSTfig?Q49ZQW55Q5sf14sfasig53fQi5ff4f1gef,a5gg2gQE3Sgii4iSEfTvf3ff5:Q w :zfmzsfm- .2 Pffkfzgiw fx-ww ,mamma'f-vwfezwfkff:mffswff gwsemszf. K V fy vw- -H-iieffifgwmsifsz wifzwf rf fsfz.s1ffis5fSw,vw:-lf: -WIN sftswg MEM:-f'f LLissfffzg?'ffwfflgzei-iff??'s.wf4?d5f5KfPf1?vfi'3 QF Q1 ,fqfli-f.f-1Ifszigi,vgfijiiwigwis'figs-1iii' A X f L' Mfeiifzzgsf' Y mf rw:-ws,112gwffgjgafss yzgffgifffjgq 5 U fligfggfr 'iigiawfi1-m1Q-x+:g5ggQagg1ff,uZ-15faggw,fH ,, N A ,W-1 if weilmwg- 2 wk-m,,W. - JM :W .. A "Ms: 3, .fl , is ,, in GE , 2 , K1-.6 :fb .. . ,,,:" P32 rn 1 -5, SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Mary Dicky - Secretary Scotty Burns - President Darlene Hamman - Vice President 4 Www . , , . ..,,. 5 K inn"-N.- :ff x Q x N Mfg? Q if Ji f Aww ' ,fi ,WM WW.,,W. ,,1stP""" X W xx if SN it ' ff S 1 1 i 5 3 Q vi 'X K. X x N X- X . N x " x A Q x ,-VPN . .MW m w- FXST: X xkxx X gl X wx gg X xw X alll? J. Don Adams Richard Brown Patty Day X w , Janice Ayott jack Bael Mary Dickey I3-H195 Blackman Scotty Burns David Dilley Donald Best Mike Chimenti Gary' Dilfl LaWaI1da Boerner Richard Crossley lan Douma Cheryl Fisher Beverly Fosberg Loma Faye Fountain Donna Goshert Patricia Graves Dennis Grimes Michael Grimes Darlene Hamann 'TZ' Richard Hamann Roger Hester Charlene Howard ff Earl Hunter l Juanita Hunter Donna Jackson Dennis Ioncs V19 Edward Jones Suzanne Hueman Sharron Lee james 101195 Marlene Laknes Janice Lommen ,. li. 'ff' Roberta Kent Stanley Lasley Kenneth Lommen 1 GUY Rimber Wayne Latimer Sharon Lyster Karen Kreofskv Marion Lawrence Betty Meyers Betty Malsarn Bonnie Malsam Larry Maxwell Gary Miller Diane Monaghan ww' f-ff Janet Moore Sandra Phillips Steve Ruef Sharon Sraben Betty Tgwngend David Olsen Donald Nash Phyllis Smith Needra Taplin Deanna T1-afner Murphy 015011 JOYCE PiUSm2D William Smith Judith Taylor Susan Vike ,-I W x Q V l S Sharon Newbury Catherine Prenfiss Edwin Smith Benja-min Thompson KSU Weigel Doug O'Rourke W-Kylie Rogers Karen Sorensen Linda Torrey BOVD W9St Tanya West Christopher Wetmtein HHITV Whitten Dale Wolter Richard Widenoja Tom Wiseman FRESHMEN at Arms - WW... yds ' Qu gr sign me Q' g ? 5 5 -.Mi fd +2 fig' 4 mx , 33, ,ti mifga - ze 22:3 si VE? 1 ian If Q H A 5 K , 4- . ,.e.,M. .. -1 J EA I 0 2 is ., X X f I. Q EJ .M Alberta Abrahamson L. Mr. Verne Lull Mr. Merlin Staatz Q Not Pictured: X Mrs. Lois Ball Q31 2 wx .1 Qi .QQ x5 ig XS, f-wi 49 - , . , ,U Q - .Q-fi, . rm Q ,., .. , mi K M y i w , Yyxw, - - . .Q ik jack Akerill w Eugene Antinoja Rosalee Backman Paul Barnell Mike Blaser Richard Billups James Blankenship Richard Bolton Terry Bordwell james Braun me - ' 22 ' ' Laurie Brown Richard Collins Loretta Bllletset B0Yd COX Sherry Butler Robert Cram Richard Cole I-21116 Pat Cyl' Irene Collins Jack Dilley Mary Dorris john Downie Judy Erickson 8 Ron Fouts Sharron Frampton 6 f My v.a?l'2 Cheryl Goshc rt james Grasseth Linda Grimes Karen Halverson Mary Hartncll Kathleen Helzer Norma Holm Terry Hoy jolm Hunter Charlene johnson Louise johnson Richard Lane David McVay Barbara Koch J'-1dY I-Undquisf Faye Meyers I Sandra Lakin Dennis Martinson Davy Monchamp Marjoria Lampman Mary Lane Allen Maxwell David Miller Richard McMillan james Murphy Eddie Nash Mary Otterstedt Sharon Roaldson S, Slaughterback K9 Shirley Nelson Raymond Nimister Shirley Pingel Bob Schwinof Tedd Stewart JEYYY Oliver Nikki Reynolds Lpn Seaman Leonard Stinnett James Olson Harry Rinehart Betty Sessions Lynnette Stone X hr. Ed Sullivan Merle Pike Don Schneider jon Sorensen Theodore Sommers Robert Swetland Glen Taber Q I I Edyth Summer Sharon Thompson Davina Vedder Nancy Wade Keith Wilkins Alton Tomlinson Iernon Tomlinson Allen Waldron Bill West Marilyn Woodward Alice Wade Wallis Wheeler Neil Worf Richard Wilkins Ron Warnock Kay Zinzer Martha Zwald .0 ' Jan Thorne ORGANIZATIONS I l 1 19" wrin- Y I KEY CLUB jim McMullen - President Mr. Roberts - Advisor WNY I f m Win uwvli fn fx 3 sis ""'x2NL,fe""'f"xQ5 's 3. Larry Huffman, John Glover, Larry Severance, Frank Chimenti, Fred Wgtters, Bob McMor1-is, Bob Hart, Robert Rinehart, Ron Woodward, Scotty BIQITIIS, Ken Lommen. Tom Wiseman, Fred Collins, jon Torrey. n- flixse 5 ANNUAL STAFF - Advisor .3 This yeapg issues of the "Pirate 's log" were It's purpose is to co N h 1-reebgaiifibn. k ' - - .LMBTQO Abdiew ' B - ,K .- 55 . L - ' - ,+wA.X:szQ 1. V h f , QW Wm-WMM - ,,,. .. Q ver and pub1icize Mf5iE A.d3fhrent school events. It h M fftllsfimmstzgfifgimts who havemdchievgd and E, ,q,.1 5'g'5'fGfQQxkSiS year's Journaljgm class , a se ' Mwwmwvmv 'F' ,tx-.. ,L..w..lluumuurT if z' .K--- rf .... A . - . o,'.'- I ix Q 3 x S 5 N x QQ J A 1. x, x s. X .mv ,: , :L .. -NR: as N...5.. B NAV ,F vf Q, f K .. 'S 'x 4QQp S wg., I H Nw W pw 'W 199 .,,,,,, , , ,- f Ax int Mw,M?f ' fyhmhhi w -7 3 V V A ,wx ww wgwxr. I Q K? f 4', - f M 4q4w-: -gimNQxmm,fx. mpwm... . 1 . , Nami, M, QL x.g.A A b 1 Q . V 3 , wMWN ,Qx,, w Mmv,,Mww,,,w M was ,. ,J L , I Larry Hu -STL E. - 5 :Nfl QQ 1331: XLa.urgx1ee Bohlman, i ffman. X XM ?Q Q First Row: Sandra Finch, Nancy Montgomery, Karen Sorensen, Kay Woodward, Judy Cherry, Mary Buru, Carol Rhodes, Sylvia Holm, Diane Palmer, Lorinda Nirnister, Second Row: Paula Wright, Margo Abdie, Rena Haugen, Pat Smith, Jeannie Hamby, Marilyn Plummer, Darlene Hamman, Sharon Staben, Mary Dickey, Marion Lawrence, Cathy Prentiss, Marlene Laknes, Shelley Mammano, Janie Lommen. Third Row: Pat Day, Janice Lommen, Janice Ayott, Sharon Monaghan, Suzanne Bohlman, Rosalee Backman, Sally Keenon, Jean Kaser, Irma Dedera, Sherryl Smith, Tanya West, Nancy Zogg, Loretta Bulletset. Fourth Row: Melanie Meadors, Holly Hess, June Wyman, Martha Zwald, Kay Zinzer, Norma Holm, Linda Grimes, Sharon Roaldson, Kathy Helzer, Sandra Lakin, Mary Hartnell, Louise Johnson, Wallice Wheeler, Judy Erickson. Fifth Row: Linda Blazer, Helen Brimmer, Sharon Zenzen, Joy Mo- drell, Anna Stevenson, Sandra Bettis, Suzanne Hueman, Barbara Koch, Charlene Johnson, Cathy Monchamp, Nikki Reynolds, Mary Dorris. Sixth Row: Murphy Olson, Janet I-Ieinrick, Diane Monaghan, Murial White, Roberta Stone, Sharon Thompson, Karen Halverson, Shirley Pingel, Davina Vedder, Shirley Nelson, Cary Adams. Seventh Row: Sharon Lyster, Marge Zemmerman, Pamela Hunt, Marilyn Woodward, Joyce Pittman, Charlene Howard, Linda Torrey, Roseanna Hasse, Sue West, Sharon Ackerall, Linda Huffard. Eighth Row: Diane Halverson, Irene Collins, Nancy Hartnell, Loma Fountain, Susan Vike, Sharon Newberry, Betty Townsend, Donna Jackson, Sherryl Fisher, Mary Otter- .1+A.-I+ MAJ, BAND First Row: L. Gainer, N. Montgomery, S. Nelson, E. Jones, N. Worf, F. Jorgenson, T. Mathey, R. Yunker, S. Lasley, T. Kromery. Second Row: B. Burnes, Judy Henrick, H. Rinehart, S. Burns, B. Christie, A. Will-tens, J. Heinz, Nimister, R. Bolton, R. Rinehart, L. Huffman, N. Taplin, L. Davis, D. Randolph, J. Hunter, N. Gr1mes, Third Row: D. Best, West, B. Cox, C. Bake, J. Fish. CHORUS First Row: R. Billups, A. Waldron, R. Hester, L. Snider, D. Balmer, R. McMorris, J. Grasseth, S. Sorenson, M. Pike, C. Schmadeke, M. Blaser, R. Woodward, I. Smith, Second Row: J. Stucky, R. Brown, M. Kreech, J. Akerill, G. Benedict, S. Grasseth, G. Nute, J. Reeves, B. Christie, J. Allphin, B. Arnold, G. Cortimelia, S. Lee, N. Montgomery. Third Row: B. Dehart, A. Wade, B. Sessions, K. Halverson, D. Palmer, N. Woodward, B. Burns, S. Graham, W. Wheeler, R. Sessions, P. Smith, J. Lommen, P. Day. Fourth Row: I. Collins, L. Thomas, C. Johnson, D. Monchamp N. Reynolds, R. Backman, P. Graves, S. Thompson, J. Modrell, L. Cainer, J. Moore, D. Trattner, J. Taylor, D. Goshert. Fifth Row: A. Stevenson, M. Laknes, B. Koch, S. Slaughter-back, M. Dorris, M. Zimmerman, R. Haugen, P. Smith, M. Woodward, S. Pingel, M. Lane, C. Goshert. fi if 3 . . 117: - 91 ' z , .il--.f Q 85 611 Q ' -x JI J ,Q S T M Q E5 g 2 -ea Bm' -vl- Left to Right: Sylvia Holm, Carol Rhodes, Mary Buru. CHEERLEADERS The Yell Leaders and Pirates have done a fine job in promoting school spirit and sportsmanship this year. During stormy weather, as well as good, they were out there doing their best to keep up the spirit, and to cheer the players on. It it weren't for these leaders of our pep squad, the players would gain few wins. It takes much practice, pep, and energy to fulfill a job such as theirs. The Pirates and Yell Leaders should be congratulated for a job well done. ATHLETICS :S -we 5, , 291 12, ,. . ,A .Sk wok ws i A n A Y X Y First Row: Irvine Smith, John Vincent, Sandy Grasseth, Ted Mathey, Derinisgklixon, Bguceijohnsoii, Eu1,Wg1Ek'on,- john Downie. Second,Row: ,Mr. Haworthf, John Glover, Dennis Wagner, Steve Kestex-son,fDorfBai1mer, h xh huns, :Larry Severance, Ron Krafske, Cary Wiseman, M1-,e,Russe11. fffhind Row: Bolg DEI-Iart, GeprgeIBe,ned1c,t, 3x Ron Woodwax-d,4wBenny Thompson, Tom Wiseman, Lim Beckman. W , in x e Q , X P x K A -s . 551:11 q Nr? X XX Neah-Kah-Nie won 6 of the nine league games played this year. Some by very impressive scores. 51. i , ss an S' K .K M N My X wif x y M .swf ' ins. i is we 9' x 1. xy ss James Backman, Ear! fair, John Hunter, Wiseman, Jim Grass , 'A ' Geogge Benedict, Coach Doug O'Rour 1 Merle Pike, Allan , Lf ,W E ,,,,, L ,,,, l , Li -x L . - k K K LLK 7 Q S L Mb' L 2" lL ll l LL 2 L , 2 L f f 5 Q35 - V, LL 'K L f , L-mm' f ' L X L l lll L l ' Lmff Lg, L 7 L ,L Q 3? ,L A2325 8 1 Q. .f L l L -wg ,, L Li in M 54,2 K, k 'ig ' vs --1, 1 --" bf' L :L- ,W , -A L f QL Q , L, XZ 'swf 1 'L R! f'Q'?fsEFLL- YU, La ,fn L - ,L 'ggi L L L - L f L LL if ,'ll, ,L1L15w1f2LfLi?f K' , , M Q33 W A In ' 'Wim' L Lqj K A L A 1 Lf 1 f ' V f, L, 'P ifi fff ig if A ' Qi-W , K L M , 7 L wiv? ,ELL :Q Q L1 ,K , ,Lgqmsih Mig Q 5: L , ff ,L lf ,,,, ,,, L ,L . L L , ,,l, ,L , , f Dill JA 1 L - A L - L QTL f L L L, nnslamcn s mug BY wfeiwiaf 0913? QRHG0, if LL L QL, I ff,5uLgL 12 l - ZALLIM V 1 KLLL , 4' fn ,QL 3 ml kgrgFRWm ag1bi4LziGZi 5 ,LLL , V 1 L-,kk ii L A Q F - 1 - -f gag gs ' L is , K il fi x 3 X ,X -,xi L ij 555 L, -L L L", L M LL jg, ,L N LL L , L Q 5 W in M 1 Lawns. L nf,--41, ,W f 9 if fa-f""' wwf? A I . J' Atl-l" mi mpnnm T Bill West, Niel Worf, Greg I-lenrick, Fred Collins, Jim Backman, jim Hinds, Jon Bennett, Don Adams, David Dilley, on the mat, Scotty Burns, George Benedict. Neah-I-Li's newest sport experienced a successful beginning having won five out of seven they also placed five men in the district wrestle off, all of whom did well. Coach Geo. Kurtz Coach Tom Grigsby THIS PAGE SPONSORED BY TILLAMOOK COUNTY BRANCH TITLE AND TRUST CO. --TILLAMOOK, OREGON vARsnv BASKETBALL 5' .hun-f 1959 - 60 BASKETBALL SEASON Nea-Hi Nea-Hi Nea Hi Nea-Hi Nea-Hi Nea-Hi Nea Hi Nea-Hi Nea-I-H Nia-Hi Nea Hi Nea Hi Nea-Hi Nea-Hi -Hi Nestucca. 33 Yamhill 52 North Marion 44 Coquille 48 Yamhill 32 Tillamook Catholic Nestucca 36 fOTj Warrenton 30 Banks 46 Seaside 45 Vemonia L48 Seaside 48' Tillamook Catholic Warrenton 74 Banks 53 Vernonia 60 Seaside 49 Seaside 42 Se agen h record 15 wins 3 loss 'mf 24 1- . 1 . .- N kkx. x . Stk M is 5 S A K an Y Q if H U 14 -'Q I lm wwf' i W X X 'X Q X O wwf j QA 'ixx 2 A M- Nui? ,, 1 i X ' if an S if .Q X Q S i. X Yi S 3 - wkssxxm x nv BASKETBALL ' ' EIEQHMEN BASKETBALL dv i kv Q 2 -f i li in,- 4' Ps J 1 19, vb ,MMM . j me , if 'W v..,mM-k K .M , M, vs ' "L f I V 5 K H z N I H F? 5 H, ink q?'2"tQ. ? ff M as M K 1 A KQ . Q11 --as-,Q as 15 f g 1 , , 1 Rik-Q 4 - ,i ' IA is fi gl ,ky QQ! K ys 1 T , v " ' ' 59? ' ' f ff : 55 'Q . A J h Wim, k ' X 5 gk 5 A332 f .5 M,,wfw,"gg,43Q"'5?"gQ3,.,1,,L'fg4551 ' ' 5 L kg fa- KE iff if K Q ',j. F fe' Q , . , f f - f rl V .2 if yr Q wif ' 7 1 Q' ,pi r, ,mms TLAQTL ia h N mihfefaiig ig-11 Q25 ff" '- H -:QW x ' x 52, W - in-N. I fs ,gg ,,, . ,,Jf V 4f, , ff f ,," , ,.,,, wwf M. WQKW' Wav MHVYQWZ My fwfr haw -ya mm , M WKMW ,,,, my Y 'l --WX- .X X X X N ""' -W X :A ' , Q X f ' EEE: - X ' . - Q --A: . g g XL -gig X ir - ,f ' 3 ,R . K- " XQXXQXN 3 ' :gi -1 . -.T .. I N ,J-X: Xi 1- gs fg- X z.1.. X X Y S ' g ii"?l .iffy ' 'f X gig:-sf - L - 2 . P lx My X X 'R . XCX .- af ,..x -iii?--ss -1 k X 'iiisz' - , -f ". ' . X 24-Q vs x if W Q35 yay X . w MX- 3 fx X' 1 Q kms- IGI, '03 X gun ' gr , f Hifi '-S 'Q A . .A 5 W3 is A W X L J-4.54 X X ?...X - is sf. X-51 .XX ,F X5 Xi X 1 EX :Q X fw RE X ii S X , ,tx T. Q X X X ' X X X x R n N 6 Q XX X if s Q X S3 KX Q Q SVR. K8 .' kb Q if X rf f 7 R ' ' 5, X . as XXV x X Q X -V is X . . .' XX WU SOPHOMORE DANCE i ...f Q 4? hm K S iw' S fklx L A ik X wqwwmw.. X , r f fl NX - X -X 11 . qi,,f1 Sk fi vsmy LAMB SCHRADER BUILDING SUPPLIES TILLAMOOK, OREGON ROCKAWAY DRUG PRESCRIPTIONS, COSMETICS FILMS AND PHOTO DEVELOPING PHONE EL 5-2288 PETE'S GROCERY WHEE LE R, OREGON TYEE GRILL "THE HOUSE THAT CLAMS BUILT" A. R. OLSON REAL ESTATE ROCKAWAY BRANCH OFFICE CAROL BURSELL, SALES EL 5-2566 SAVINS BAKERY BAKERS OF ROYAL BREAD TILLAMOOK, OREGON COAST SANITARY SERVICE "LET GEORGE DO IT" ROCKAWAY NEHALEM WHEELER MANZANITA CONGRATULATIONS FROM NITA'S BEAUTY SHOP PERSONALIZED HAIR STYLING AND CUTTING GARIBALDI, OREGON PHONE DA 2-3535 DOUMAS MARKET WHEELER, OREGON JOHNSON'S APPAREL TILLAMOOK, OREGON HATCH DRUG CO. WHEELER, OREGON PRESCRIPTIONS ELLIOT AND PORTMAN GENERAL INSURANCE TILLAMOOK, OREGON HYSMITH'S HARDWARE HOUSEWARES, GIFTS, HARDWARE TILLAMOOK, OREGON COMP LIMENTS OF DR. ROBERT MacGlLLIVRAY OPTOMETRIST TILLAMOOK, OREGON ED RIDDERBUSCH INSURANCE AGENCY TILLAMOOK, OREGON BUEL HARDWARE TILLAMOOK, OREGON COMPLIMENTS oF' THE MAN's sHoP TILLAMOOK, OREGON ANDERSON FLORISTS TILLAMOOK, OREGON WAUD'S FUNERAL HOME TILLAMOOK, OREGON ROCKAWAY HOMETOWN HARDWARE We Give S. 8- H. Green Stamps ROCKAWAY, OREGON FRESH EGGS ORVAL KASER BAY CITY, OREGON LEEDO FLORAL CO. TILLAMOOK, OREGON SEASIDE BOWLING TEN MODERN LANES AUTOMATIC PINSPOTTERS SE ASIDE, OREGON THOMAS GROCERY TILLAMOOK, OREGON J. C. PENNEY CO. TILLAMOOK, OREGON STURM'MEIER AGENC Y INSURANCE THAT PROTECTS' SEASIDE, OREGON fi 'S ke mmf .W KW A . ,ww ,Q W-we wm- a . - Q l2Af 5 451' xx .Q A ggi a. f .,:. f '-:' 'f Q 'Q V H we 33 Q 5 41 5 'NJ 'hi i rf BARVIEW STORE Barview, Oregon DYNAMIC RADIO SERVICE Seaside, Oregon MORRlS'S CHEVRON STATION Bay City, Oregon CORKY'S SUPER MARKET Bay City, Oregon FERN CAFE Tillamook, Oregon TILLAMOOK HEADLIGHT- HERALD Tillamook, Oregon GARIBALDI HARDWARE Garibaldi, Oregon WESTCOA ST INSURANCE Tillamook, Oregon GABBEY'S DRIVE' iN l0'I Highway North of Tillamook CLE M'S HOW-DO-YOU-DO Garibaldi, Oregon l'lERMAN'S MEN'S STORE Tillamook, Oregon "We Cover the Male Population" DORIAN STIDIO 3l6 Main St. Tillamook, Ore on Fine Photograpliy Cameras and Supplies. THE FOOD BASKET Garibaldi, Oregon THE BOOTERY "For Beautiful Shoes" Congratulations to the Senior Class Tillamook, Oregon TILLAMOOK MOTOR CO. Tillamook, Oregon souR's RICHFIELD STATION Garibaldi, Oregon THE MODE Ladies' and Misses" Fashions 302 Main Tillamook, Oregon WIEBE REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE Tillamook, Oregon ACKLEY INSURANCE Tillamook, Oregon WYATT'S RICHFIELD SERVICE STATION Tillamook, Oregon FISHING TACKLE AND MOORAGE Hand-Knitted Sweaters and a Good Place To Eat ANGLERS INN-NEHALEM SCHMIDT REAL ESTATE Tillamook, Oregon DEAN MOTORS Rambler and Jeep Tillamook, Oregon NEHALEM MOTORS Nehalem, Oregon Mob il Products I A C Q 1 'UNQMIW 33 1 A f .VM 'u.. rf 1 A Lf Q, s .Z ... ay EJ? 'F iii Pt 4 g X O -wygiu J, QQ' f 41955 r xx 1 Ex s S3 M X if l MERLE F. FERRELL General Insurance Real Estate Ferrel Bldg.-Nehalem, Ore. Tel. EM 8-355i NE HALEM SPORTING GOODS STORE Jim and Winifred Churchley EM 8-2364 Nehalem, Oregon CONDIT CHEVROLET Tillamook, Oregon CARMEN BARNELL KOZY KORNERS CAFE Neha lem, Oregon Insurance-Real Estate Shane Knight TILLAMOOK COAST REALTY Nehalem, Oregon TED DUFRAIN Insurance-Real Estate Twin Rocks, Oregon MONK'S APPAREL Finest in Sportswear Latest Styles for Youn Men and Women Rocsaway, Oregon NORWOOD VARIETY AND GIFT The Friendly Store School Supplies Fred and Fay Southard Rockaway, Oregon CHARM AIDE BEAUTY SHOP Rockaway, Oregon CLAYTONS VARIETY Souvenirs, Gifts, Toys and Varieties. Rockaway, Oregon RALPH AND HAZEL'S PUBLIC MARKET Rockaway, Oregon R 81 M CLEANE RS Quality Cleaning at Moderate Prices- Minor Repairs Gilbert Jackson EL 5-2307-Rockaway MANZANITA MOBIL STATION Jerry Davis-Proprietor Manzanita, Oregon ROCKAWAY BARBER SHOP Pat Amos-Proprietor "The Place To Go for a Good Haircut" Rockaway, Oregon TILLAMOOK PORTLAND AUTO FREIGHT Tillamook, Oregon ARNETTA'S BEAUTY SHOP Tillamook, Oregon THE NEW VICTORY HOUSE Tillamook, Oregon FREDDIES MARKET In the Piggly Wiggly Tillamook, Oregon TUCKER'S MARKET Groceries and Meats Garibaldi, Oregon WEBER'S, T.Va Building Supplies T.V. Repair Garibaldi, Oregon HARDWARE, BUILDING, PLUMBING 81 PAINT ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES NEHALEM LUMBER CO. NEHALEM, OREGON GENE STOC KTON ETTA STOC KTON NEHALEM MARINA DEALERS FOR SCOTT OUTBOARDS BELL BOY BOATS CATAMARANS SALES AND SERVICE CONGRATULATIONS T0 THE CLASS BUS. PHONE EM 8-2341 HOME PHONE EM 8-3662 OF 1960 0R4z5Gmm1mWAwmN1wQux IHLYWQJQID QMXIPANY MANUFACTURERS OF Team! we? GARIBALDI, OREGON MILLER'S I.G.A. ROC KAWAY, OREGON PIRATE'S SUPPER CLUB GARIBALDI, OREGON Astoria Office Appliance JACK WITTLIFF AND ROBERT ODELL ASTORIA ST. HELENS, AND TILLAMOOK. WRIGHT'S GROCERY MANZANITA, OREGON HOMEMADE CANDIES FROM PHILLIPS 217 Broadway SEASIDE. OREGON NATATORIUM SWIM AND BOWL ROCK-AWAY, OR EGON -pq WHEELER MOTOR SERVICE WHEELER, OREGON ROEHM FURNITURE CO. "HOME FURNISHING SPECIALISTSH 715 BROADWAY-PH. RE 8-6261 Seaside, Ore. SEASIDE FAMILY SHOE STORE WE STOCK SHOES FOR CHILDREN AND GROWN-UPS WHO NEED SHOE CORRECTIONS. VE RNE MEYER AUTO ELECTRIC SEASIDE MOTOR COMPANY 6 05 AVENUE A-P.O. BOX 6 SEASIDE, OREGON TEL. RE 8-6412 J. T. ROBINSON A. A. CROISANT DR. OF OPTOMETRY ALDERMAN BUILDING TILLAMOOK, OREGON SUNSET GARAGE Dodge-Dart and Dodge Trucks 2105-4th Sires? Tillamook, Oregon Sam fsezl The poor man's friend gives you the best deal in town. DOROTHY'S SHDPPE YOUR FRIENDLY P.U.n. Tillamook, Oregon Phone Vlctor 2-6289 Sigxfeirnggwing LOW COST M I' QB ELECTRIC SERVICE y Elna-Necchi Sewing Machines BUTTERICK PATTERNS DRAPERIES - DRESS FABRICS "Your Friendly Breodman" BILL CAMP COASTWAY MOTEL Tillamook, Oregon FARMERS CO-OP Tillamook, Oregon Congratulations Class R. F. BRENNAN of '60 HARRY L. RETHLEFSEN DISTRIBUTOR KASERVILLE GROCERY Distributor P.O. BOX 73 Hiway North Tidewater Oil Co. TILLAMOOK, OREGON Tillamook, Oregon Phone Plant VI 2-4563 MOBILVP5L6ggMPANY "THE FARMERS OWN STORE" 415 TILLAMOOK FARMERS HAWKINS AND JAMES COOPERATIVE, INC. Amands fm P Automotive Electrical and Carburetor , f I h i , ii - 1 I n 4' 'F -"1 -:fu ' ' -A L 5 'T SET-F: -- "i is: :E-' ::1,, - -.., Service 401 Main Avenue Tillamook, Oregon Phone VI 2-2558 Auto-lite Delco-Remy Ditzler Paint Hyatt Roller Bearings New Departure Bearings Carter Stromberg Rochester and Holley Carburetors and Parts For the sportsman we carry Wilson Athletic Equipment Shell Reloading Supplies Guns and Ammunition Camping Equipment Sports Supplies Fishing Tackle. BUEHNER LUMBER CO. Tillamook, Oregon PACIFIC HARDWARE Seaside, Oregon MIKE MANION INSURANCE Seas ide, Oregon J. L. BESTER Tillamook, Oregon COMPLIMENTS OF THE SEASIDE SIGNAL SEASIDE, OREGON WAYNE ERSKINE CHEVRON DISTRIBUTOR GARIBALDI, OREGON STANDARD OIL fe c Q' . :ny fr JDJ, , 1 x .2-r'f,ff -6-' gui 411 .,N..--f-"1" H ,,-" ' . he-J . fa ""' . 5,1 . N ,,. ,,. v, p 4 .1 t V , H ,,,.a , , .. ,L . . r , ,516 . 5 . 4 U K V, ,. ... E . ' ' '- 1 , L P' , . -4 , . ,"' , -.--abd' uf- 49" 3' I .,, an. 4 Q JJA - . ' I ,. 'kk'-fr - I ' -A' ..w. ,.... , A W. V ' . The builcling of the replica of the Morning Star, constructed originally by the early pioneers of Tillamook County in 1855, re-enacted in the summer of 1959. Duilt by volunteer labor on the grounds of the Tillamook County Creamery Association in celebration of the 100th anniversary of Oregon becoming a state. TILLAMOOK COUNTY CREAMERY ASSCDCIATION I"eerl Department Cheese Factories Fluid Milk Division i'Y0u Never Outgrow Your Need for Dairy Procluctsi' an -. ,,, Congratulations to the 1960 Class - - - NEHALEM WELDING SHOP AL VEDDER BENNET'S CAFE UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT MR. AND MRS. RAMEY CDENNIS CORNISH'S MOMI ROCKAWAY, ORE. .4 I KENWOOD PRESS REMINGTON RAND AUTHORIZED DEALER OFFICE MACHINE REPAIR ALL MAKES TILL AMOOK, OREGON TWIN ROCKS CHEVRON f 7 SIIPRFUI lllllll COMPLETE LUBRICATION NEW AND USED PARTS FOR EMERGENCY SERVICE PHONE EL 5-2232 Dave Sandberg POWER FOR PROGRESS IN TILL AMOOK COUNTY .1 ' S ,I jaw x BIB 9 PACIFIC POWER 8g LIGHT COMPANY Tillamook Oregon 1"fr-, MX+, """NJ I Ye - N W 'ia X Qgfm, A Qu if ,, 'Wm 'fs-0 y-Q www MENTS OF le Hoczrdis Hardware CS? Fumjfure CO. Phone EMerson 8-3434 Wheeler, Oreg rn-, ,- ., Tillamook Veneer Company Tillamook Branch W If P ll P d A Safe Place T S Y M y VI 2 7503 T Il k O g T II k O g PACIFIC BUTTLING C0. C00 Bohlers Of That Popular Drink - Wheeler, Oregon T II k O g STEWARTS SUPER MARKET Ga1fz'baZa'z'Plzarmacy MARK SANDERS, Druggist ,L ! 5, RSCR os S WE WISH TO THANK OUR ADVERTISERS FOR MAKING OUR YEARBOOK POSSIBLE. WITHOUT THEIR SUPPORT A YEARBOOK WOULD BE BEYOND OUR POCKETBOOKS. READ TI-E. ADS CAREFULLY AND THEN SUPPORT THESE PEOPLE WHO HAVE SO GENEROUSLY CON TRIBUTED. IET'S SHOW OUR KIND FRIENDS THAT YEARBOOK ADVERTISING IS ADVERTISING MONEY WELL SPENT. SAY YOU SAW IT IN YOUR NEAH- KAI-I-NIE TREASURES WE ALSO OWE A DEBT OF GRATITUDE TO THE FOLLOWING STUDENTS WHO BRAVED TI-IE ELEMENTS, AND TI-IE DENS OF PROSPECTIVE ADVERTISERS TO SELL THESE ADS THAT MEAN SO MUCH TO ALL OF US: MARCO ABDIE SALLY KEENAN JEAN KASER KAYWOODWARD SHARON MONAGHAN sUzY BOHLMAN IEANNINE HAMBY JIM MCMULLIN PATTY SMITH FRANK CHIMENTI JON TORREY 'Vw MMT? gt x foal J I' .AQ X K S7 Qi Y ff , S X h M K L 1 . fxwmqi W ' w0 is E LU f 1 . 1,1 .lf ,.1 . , 7' ff," f!?Af 5' ,X 0 -Q ff ., If xx A 4,5 ,f L, Ax ,f I f ,f 'Av ff- fj ,J AV -- V, f R A Yr' 444,64 'Q

Suggestions in the Neah Kah Nie High School - Treasures Yearbook (Rockaway Beach, OR) collection:

Neah Kah Nie High School - Treasures Yearbook (Rockaway Beach, OR) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 84

1960, pg 84

Neah Kah Nie High School - Treasures Yearbook (Rockaway Beach, OR) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 21

1960, pg 21

Neah Kah Nie High School - Treasures Yearbook (Rockaway Beach, OR) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 109

1960, pg 109

Neah Kah Nie High School - Treasures Yearbook (Rockaway Beach, OR) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 38

1960, pg 38

Neah Kah Nie High School - Treasures Yearbook (Rockaway Beach, OR) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 48

1960, pg 48

Neah Kah Nie High School - Treasures Yearbook (Rockaway Beach, OR) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 26

1960, pg 26

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