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,uf C' C721 f7Ae WS W. C7 1953 HHZHHETH SBHUUL UF HUHSIHG LEXIHGTUH, HEHTUUHU QAM j'ZnL7z-27. ibecbca fion :'5 IN 'E XX iii 11 We proudly dedicate, with deepest love and esteem, the 1953 edition of the N. S. N. to you, our director of nurses, Sister Clare. Because your devotion, interest and guidance have inspired us to the higher things of life, and because your everlasting zeal and thoughtful deeds have been a living example to those who have been fortunate enough to receive your guidance. ofyoifa! .xdclminidfrafor Sister Margaret Teresa, our hospital administrator is a graduate of Nazareth College and Nazareth School of Nursing at St. Joseph Infirmary, Louisville, Ken- tucky. Sister is a member of the Nursing Education and Nurse Registration, The Kentucky League for Nursing and the American College of Hospital Administrators. 4 swf .f.zv.,...,.. FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Rev.G.O'Bryan, Chaplain. C. Scotty E. Ranking F. Massieg I. Kanner R Qurlhn S Warreng A. Ballowsg M. Darnell. SECOND ROW: A. B. Barretrg R. Crutcherg W. Penningtongj Sprague J McCe11 and: T. Bryantg A. L. Cornishg J. Floyd. B. Hunterg R. Boltong A. Millerg P. Simmons. QAM staff Doctors were not present when picture was takenj 011:52 l0Cf0l"6 FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: E. DaSa1viag N. Tunag M. Cejting C. Plott. SECOND ROW: D Hull chref res1dent A. Altrnang B. Cassidyg J. Lane.: C. Roach. G. Fonsecog C. Ortizg G. Asho were absent when prcture was takenj ig' fl 2 Q T? P if ....g. wmv!!! 5 7 V C.: 5- ' x i L Q gf-ff' 5 Miss Chumley, nursing arts instructor, Miss McKinney, medical and surgical nursing instructor, and Mrs. Minella, assistant director of nurses, are the Well known teachers and clinical instructors who have had the grave responsibility of guiding us, the nurses of tomorrow, through a well-balanced period of training. They are real leaders in the field of nursing, and have taken an active part in preparing us to meet the challenge of being nurses who are worthy examples of our noble profession. 6 lil' ami, Da ta 1 'Qs Ltfdlflg eruice SEATED: Mrs. Smith, evening supervisor, and Sister Margaret Vincent, director of nursing service. STANDING: Mrs. King, night supervisor. fMiss Lancaster, night super- visor, was absent when picture was takeny 0 Q- ulaeruidord STANDING: Sister Margaret Vincent, Mrs. Merchant, Mrs. Miller, Mrs. Omohundro, Miss Fitch, Miss M. Amato, Miss E. Chum ley, Mrs. Secoy, Miss Hilton, Mrs. Pur- win. SEATED: Mrs. Long, Miss M. Kear- ney, Mrs. Wasson, Miss E. Kearney, Sister Charles Elizabeth, Sister Ann Jude, Mrs. Johnson. Iss.,-s 0 s, Q ' at 1 A N1 'Q , Y. .V I I, s 1 .. K Q ., 1 F ssii x fl 'ff 1 K' M ' X5 I5 I it '45, iril 5. , .- ,.,, . 1 mile -ff- I Sm W 1 I Al. 4 . fir. , 4, Editor , , Anna Lou Robinson Assistant Editor . . Mona Sharp Business Manager . Sally Bowling Photography Editoi' . Lena Fritsch Typist . . . Jeanette Defilippo Advertising Manager. ,Ann Wilder Sponsor. . . . . .... . . .Mrs. Celeste Minella, R.N. f7Ae ne:ifAe5ia eloarfmenf ST'-if Dr. Warren Sergent, M.D. Mrs. Helen Carpenter, R. N.A. Dr. Orville Zeller, M.D. Dr, Virgil Goodman, M.D. its , M ,M- f,q5us:5:Q: A waxy w . 4 aw sw , xl N , I ' , 1 ' f gf -vga we claw THE NURSES' PRAYER O, my God, I am about to begin a days work in the hospital. Teach me to receive the sick in Thy name. Give to my efforts success, Sweet Jesus, for the glory of Thy Holy Name. It is Thy work: without Thee 1 cannot succeed. Grant that the sick Thou hast placed in my care may be abundantly blessed, and not one of them be lost because of anything that is lacking in me. Help Thou me to overcome every temporal weakness and strengthen in me whatever may enable me to bring sunshine and joy to the lives gathered around and about me day by day. Make me beautiful within for the sake of Thy sick ones and those lives which may be influenced by me. Amen 10 rseodfazf, of me HQIMGCUKG fe C0l'lC'0l0fL0l'l SODALIST: Margaret Grant Ruth Lane Betty Woodall Faye Hagen Marilyn Dale Lucy Martina Jeanette DeFi1ippo Mary Ann DeFi1ippo Ruby Lane Betty Maher Ida Means Joyce Wicke Frances Baskett Carolyn Grant Lena Fritseh Betty Santel Ckifclren 0 a 11 ueen 0 ,Heaven President RUTH LANE "Ruthie" Stanton, Kentucky "Well I'11 be." enior Cfadd Ohm ' Vice President LUCY MARTINA 13. If "J err y" Lexington, Kentucky "Are you fer real?" Secretary and Treasurer GENEVA DISPONETTE "Baby Lou" "Is that rite P" BETTY CARROLL "Hil1bi1lie" Cynthiana, Kentucky "My honey". FRANCES BASKETT "Yankee" Fairfield, Illinois "Let's go to Paris". JEANETTE BUCK Ivlanvl Neon, Kentucky "Sounds all right. " 13 eniom "A, r en L 0l':5 IEANET TE DeFILIPPO nF1i-pu Lexington, Kentucky "Say, Lady." MAYME BALLINGER "Baby" Frankfort, Kentucky "Oh, you don't mean it MARY ANN DeFILIPPO " F1ipp1ets" Lexington, Kentucky "Hey, sis." 14 SARA EVELYN DISPONETTE "Juicy" Versailles, Kentucky "Ain't that something. " LENA FRITSCH " Fritchie" Paris, Kentucky "And to top that! FLORENCE FITCH "Chris" Mt. Sterling, Kentucky "I'm just a doll. " 15 eniom ANNA LOU ROBINSON x no "Robbie" Paint Lick, Kentucky "I'm wired for 1ovin'. " eniom M n, bmw ' A' "Pudd1es" Corbin, Kentucky "Wou1dn't that kill ya?" 'hu -ww SALLY BOWLING "B 1ossom" ,V Corbin, Kentucky "You have had xt. BETTY JEAN MAHER "Mayer" Maysville, Kentucky "Love that man. " ,,...f-...t CAROLYN GRANT "George" Lexington, Kentucky "Isn't that a site?" WILLIE KATE MILLS "Willie" Lexington, Kentucky "Oh, you all. " 17 mxmw eniorfi We -"' eniom ,W RUBY HALL " Lafoon" Morehead, Kentucky "Oh, what a line." JOY PHILLIPS "Joyous" V, CAROL ANN HALL "Doo doo" Stamping Ground, Kentucky "Let me sleep." Olive Hill, Kentucky "Well, tut, tut. " 18 BETTY LEE SANTEL "Frenchie" South Fort Mitchell, Kentucky "Well if the combination isn't there what are you go'na do?" '89 ANN WILDER "Annie" Booneville, Kentucky "Sweet Savannah." RUBY LANE nsisvl Stanton, Kentucky "I'm gonna take five.' 19 un Q to eniom - 'ae-1"v-P---A a, ,I-'ar' eniom 7 rgsta CARLEEN PARDI H Miken Frank fort, Kentucky "Brother elevator. " an-mt .,, ' wr, MARJORIE TUTTLE "Margie" Lexington, Kentucky "Crazy man crazy." JENNY LOU WHITE "J6l'1Hie " Morehead, Kentucky "Well, pardon me." 20 HARRIET WILLIAM WILEY "Willie" Lexington, Kentucky "That's my man. " PAULINE MULCAHY "Pau1a" Lexington, Kentucky "We11, shoo-gat." 21 enioro ,..f..,.,.n-fm' fN"1"N -s f if l 9 lASl WIllA IHESIAMI I We, the Senior class of nineteen hundred fifty-three, do herebgf make and declare this to be our last will and testament, to be rea on the 13th day of May. Lucy Martina leaves her love for Jerry Lewis to Dorothy Myers, also the nine hundred and ninety nine photos she's collected of him, Marjorie Tuttle leaves her charming personality to Beuna Isaacs. Jenny White leaves her ability to sleep through all noises to the poor students on night duty, Lou Robinson leaves her ability to get along with the doctors to Marie Williams. Willie Kate Mills leaves her giggling'ability to Jane Compton. -""'- Geneva Disponette leaves her good behavior to Jane Riddell. Carry on the good Work, Mayme Ballinger leaves her long blond hair and bi blue eyes to anyone who thinks they can use them as Well as she dig, Bettye Carroll leaves her political ability to anyone that's in a hurry for their "honey" to come home. With your help we may win this war. I- Mrs, Wylie leaves everything except Ray. -ff"-k Carleen Pardi leaves her superb nursing technique to all the young hopefuls. Mona Sharp leaves her striking combination of beauty to Noma Prince, Ruth Lane leaves her ability to excel in all sports to Phyllis Ruddell. Ann Wilder leaves her knowledge to the freshman class, You'll need it. Ruby Hall wants to leave just so she can see "mommie" and Ellis more often. 4 Frances Baskett leaves her excess, energy to Jewell Hatfield. i Carol Hall leaves her hot temper to Maxine Whitaker. Joy Phillips leaves part of her long hair to Loraine Meinhardt, l so her ears won't be co d this winter, 47:-' Carolyn Grant leaves her ability to be heard at all times to Mary iw Herrington. "Juicy" Disponette leaves her ability to get along so well with others to Jean Shick. ' Lena Fritsch leaves her red hair to Maxine Whitaker, so she f can have an excuse for her temper. J Jeanette Buck leaves her love for crossword puzzles to anyone ' smart enough to work them. JI Sally Bowling leaves her many beaus to Marilyn Dale. Let's hope she doesn't keep them waiting so long. Betty Maher leaves her weekly ticket to Maysville to Ida 19 Means. Someone has to keep the bus company in business. N Jeanette and Mary Ann DeFilippo leave their quietness to I Barbara Wilson, as she needs it as much as they do, Rub Lane leaves her good naturedness to Joan Brogli, Paula Mulcahy leaves her ability for staying in trouble to someone that has more cunning ways of getting out of it, Florence Fitch leaves her habit of neatness to Elizabeth Harrod. Betty Santel leaves her friendliness toward everyone to Rena Higgins. 2 Z.-' Q pam ,Z-,ff 5 JS'-3' f"'Z gm ig-f PRIIPHHIY It is the year 1960, and the biggest Alumnae Banquet 1n the history of Nazareth School of Nursing 1S in full swing Guy Lom bardo's Band is furnishing the music in the background of the school's beautiful new ballroom Everyone 1S there except Ruby and Ruth Lane They are stationed with the Navy Nurse Corps in Hawaii Their telegram of regrets arrived late this evening but as we look around we can spot all the other nineteen fifty three graduates In fact, Lucy Martina was the very first one to arrive She was full of news from Hollywood She has at last succeeded in breaking .Terry Lewis s arm and is doing private duty with him After her grand entrance, it wasn't long until her old roommate Betty Santel, pulled up in her very own Cadillac convertible It seems she has the General Hospital 1n C1nc1nnat1 well 1n hand She is head of the anesthesia department there Lou Robinson is having a lovely time greeting old acquaintances Her dream of being orthopedic scrub nurse has at last become a reality Willie Kate Mills 1S going around looking at people planning her next wr1teup in the A J N Her picture 1S sure to be seen 1n the next 1ssue as she has recently been elected the new editor in chief Jenny Lou White and Mary Ann DeF1l1ppo have their noses together over 1n the corner They have really made a success of their dress designing business their originals are being copied by Paris designers Juicy" D1sponette had to leave her guns and spurs at the door but she brought in her unbelievable stories of Frontier Nursing Carolyn Grant has given up her nursing career and has joined the F B I so she can keep up with Bob Three members of the State Board are talking shop and looking over old friends and classmates You'll remember them Ann Wilder, Carol Ann Hall and Joy Phillips Mayme Ballinger is having a wonderful time making eyes at the boys in Guy L.ombardo's band Ruby Hall 1S teaching nursing arts in Morehead She and I H ffl!!! Ellis have finally settled down as man and wife. Jeanette De- Filippo is living in Texas with her husband, Sonny, who is making a career of flying. Florence Fitch has taken over Mrs. Secoy's place as head nurse on Second East. Her probationary experience sure came in handy. Carleen Pardi is superintendent of the hospital in Frankfort, and will soon be getting her doctor's degree. Sally Bowling has at last picked the lucky man and is devoting her tender, loving care to one patient. Everyone is making up for lost time talking to Marjorie Tuttle and Geneva Disponette. It seems they have the knack for raising families. At the last count their children numbered an even six for each, Mona Sharp is still hiding the scalpel from.Dr, Pennington, she's his private scrub nurse. Paula Mulcahy and Jeanette Buck are still working on O. B. In fact, they are the "Heads," Mrs. Wiley, better known as Harriet, just announced the arrival of her second daughter. She and Ray are planning another honeymoon because the first one was so short. Betty Maher's nursing ability is coming in handy. Her three sons have just recovered from an attack of measles. Frances Baskett has finished her post-graduate work and is now settled down in a cute little cottage with Bob, Speaking of "cute little cottages," Lena Fristch has just re- modeled her home. She has taken up interior decorating and making it a side-line to her nursing profession. Every one is settling back for a nice long stay because Betty Carroll is just beginning to tell about her excitement when her "Honey" came home. So on went the banquet and on went the lives of the Alumnae-- We wish for each of them good luck and happiness. T74 m m ... m m m V S 'i' -L? mm -.4 IHI Jll IIIRS X I ,f X. 'o 1 X Q OFFICERS: FRONT ROW LEFT TO RIGHT June Harrison Joann Brogli Mary Io Dixon Marilyn Dale Kaye Queen Mar garet Grant Jewell Hatfield SECOND ROW LEFT TO RIGHT Phyllis Ruddell Joyce Pulliam Delta Rose Vice Mary Jane Herrington Maxine Whitaker Jean Schick Evonne Elarn THIRD ROW LEFT TO RIGHT Louise Durham Betty Mulberry Georgia Crager Jane Riddell, Eunice Courtney, Betty Woodall, Vera Walker. FOURTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Barbara Wilson, Ann Hughes, Elizabeth Harrod, Dorothy Myers, Wanda Snedeger. FIFTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Norma Prince, Buena Isaccs, Marie Williams, Joyce Wicke, Jane Compton. President -- Maxine Whitaker Vice President -- Wanda Snedegar Sec. and Treas. -- Dorothy Myers IHI HHSHMI FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Zelma Perkins, Ada Roe, Dorothy Shelton, Barbara Dickerson, Maxine House. Betsy 'ff Switzer, Ann Riley. SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Vivian Bailey, Patsy Brown, Lettie Johnson, Beth ann Huff- ., meyer, June Seal, Velma Gray, Ida Kurtz. THIRD ROW, x ,,.,, LEFT TO RIGHT: Ann Curry, Rosette Key, Ruth Dotson, ip- X Elizabeth Kirby, Peggy Wills, Carol Sparks, Dolores Deaton. 0 '42 of FOURTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Wilma Alexander, Jean- Q! ette Galloway, Rosalie Baker, Joyce Bramel, Betty Bald- win. FIFTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Elvena Johnson, Ida Means, Shirley Dosier, Bonnie Wardle, Faye Hagen, Betty Cobb. SIXTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mary Gallihue, Betsy Bramlett, Sue Combs, Irene Webb, Ann Coomer, Betty Preston, Joyce House, Lorrine Meinhart, Betty Collier. OFFICERS: President -- Maxine House Vice President -- Velma Gray Sec. -- Bonnie Wardle Treas. -- Vivian Bailey 25 Y ra 4- H , .f'ri',' f' 'W " ' Q N.-Y ' pg..u'r'h" .i,!"?,. - ' "N x 3 Y V X V'.:.v 4'-I vt'.l N M I 6 ' . Q . ,K gx X - 'X' K I N 1 4 ' ' x ' ' x x U . g+t't V - s , 'H I Nb ' 1 , , fa ' V' n . " , X 3 N ...K as x .N x '- ' ' N I K I i iw M' . , Q4 1 1 , I , . .jgx av , I 4 T , - n .a5 f + WMM IBM ' 1 'M H- - ' 2,4 5 Y? M' v 'Ng A, if 5 8 '-1 'M 4? lb' Y I , X Y x W f X , 4. .- gx 1' fy! . J A I ,.,, , ' K .21 H145 9 yt X ig' fx i .Q EQ' ', Q. L c ' . his ' .3 f tn, .Q S' 4 44x i 'M i . ' ul f ' f 'f 1 1' W s ., , ,. 'QP' u ,..,.i' '0 'K :B W W g ' . Q A ' Q' g 'f g"'b'- .. x ML S' 1 , 1-.Q '- ga 4 -S 1 A 'WM 5 r n 4, yo' 'ggi v I H- 'WI pages were donated by: , ' . HALBERT LEET . CHAMP LIGON L . CARL WIESEL ee. . V . JOHN ROMSYFN L L . f H . IRVING GAIL. . WILLIAM L1PscoMB A A ' ,I , 4 1. vu 'jx Q ' Our LiVinS Room 71 B Our Room .Quai e our Lobby , by 1 Q ' X is s l 3 Q " WI, Our Matrons 6upAraAia G To our "House Mothers," Mrs. Scully and Miss Kenney, we pay out most sincere appreciation. These are the ladies who are always ready to serve us and, in a motherly way, give us encouragerrient when we are discouraged or confused. We are everlastingly grateful to them for sharing our happiness and our sorrow and making Euphrasia Hall a second home. 28 30 ribeal' fo ULU' edftff ---- ',..,fw -l., Dear to our hearts, indeed, is Mrs. Minella. Assistant director of nurses and Annual advisor are only her titles and could never relate our real feelings. It was she who stood bravely before our class of giggling girls and tried to persuade us that "taxes" are necessary even in Kalamazoo, and it was she who gave us our annual "booster" shot fwhen she could catch us., Even for things such as these we can forgive ----- because we love her, her undying smile, her warm welcome, and the way she was ready with an answer that would make any problem only a trifle thing, Our only regret is that this was her last year with N. S. N. Mercy Hospital in Hamilton, Ohio has added a great nurse, teacher, friend, and person to their staff. For these reasons and many other reasons, Mrs. Minella, we want you to know that, "As long as we live you will always be ------ so dear to our hearts, " 29 anx- W Wafer 0I'l'l'la Q ATTENDANTS: Betty Carrol Ruth Lane 2 ! f !mT! I p W if' 'Y' ' I o , .,A t SMNT .ig ff: fr ' V SEPH S HSSP UAL 'MQ fx"-..,, -all . We invite you to Walk with us through the halls of Saint Joseph Hospital, into the happiest years of our lives, Admitting Office The Front Corridor Pharmacy 1 .fs 15013ti0n any Colored Ward Q: g, Surgery Post -""""' je Anesthesia Room -f1.y. : ..,1., .:V kz7:r4:L7, riwrkvyl K V f Q " A Q Nursery i l r I ff QQ. 6-'-ff, 51.3 ,yy Ei fll- 1 f , Q -.,-.--,,, M.. J. ,Y ,k.f ,ef sf? Q 5 x if f . .-........ - ., . ' '-1 , V ' n 3- ' H www? my f y 6 l X U 5, K The Blood Bank The Emergency Room The Delivery Room The Pathology Lzaboratory X-Ray 5 W ll i I S . W... -. 1 S 1 ' K A ,Q 1 . 1 X. W Q H , iq lggu I 'E I V , " ., I E U ...,f..,. 415, f,,,.,,,,X, 1 V lu EV 'W . lwrs. ' P h f' MiL!.!i V ' y J , - . m 3 2 m 5...- , Q- 'sl Q Iv- w ' X' -N, W f ' if Y e L. 'sn .fd jridufe th, fs Do you want to apply for a job at this beautiful Hospital you have just been through? Sister Margaret Vincent will take your application because she is well-known to the hospital staff as, "Director of nursing service" or "Assistant hospital administrator. " But she is best known to the class of '53 for her devotion as their nursing arts instructor. It was her kind but firm hand which guided us safely through our probationary period. From the time she greeted us at morning prayers until she dismissed her last class, we were ever conscious of her enthusiastic spirit, energy and store of knowledge. She was always right behind us or not far away when she was needed most-- such as the morning we received our daily assignment sheet with "medications" written on it for the first time, our first prep, or rounds with Doctors---and the greatest moment of all, capping. It is really impossible to tell you why we feel so close to Sister Margaret Vincent, but if you ever meet her you'll understand. And, by the way, if you haven't met her you don't know what you have missed ----- we know because we have known her three years, three wonderful years we can never forget. 35 I ' , V, ' ' wx -. x .- 4' 1 5 fa ,v v Q vo , I ldfllflg ki A arm cc js YW' A' ,M 2 K Mt! P E Kg 6 t .Q 1 5 I Outstanding Senior: LUCY MARTINA Being recognized by the president of the Junior class MAXINE WHITAKER ff! Sister Celestine Marie Ho s pital Adminis tr ato 1- ur A ckiafric Sister John William y As sistant Hospital Administrator 3 8 .Afhga fion 66 77 SAFE? lIA!0lfl6!Ql'!ll,K Monika ,ff K l H., ' f ' as 'W 4' - risk, I in I . M . W . I 3, my fix? " . f . .Q A f ' Q fd ' A V he ' 1 x ' S Y , A V 1' 50 3 A iw , A ' uv ...7 'Q E X3 U' -5 0 K 4, , ,.:: lr A , arf: f an V' , X, ,, A ego if i A Qt 'in i K er ,D A 'WI "Af . X A t ' if 9' ,! I ' ', ' - ',, 4 S fy .5 " Hommerzccmcnf program The Childl'en'S Prayer ........,...,.A..,.,....,,, ,. ,,,. , 7..,, emE. Humperdinck "Hansel and Gretel" My Creedee., ....v D .......V...,., ... - .,w...,... ,... . .,,... .,,...,, D orothy Alexander N.S.N. Glee Club Processlonal War March of the Prlests Mendelssohn Lexlngton Cathohc Hlgh School Orchestra Rlght Reverend Monslgnor George J OBryan Presldlng fChapla1nl Address Rev Alfred F Horrlgan Presentation of Candldates for Dxplomas and Awards Rlght Res Monlsgnor George J O Bryan Conferrlng of Dlplomas Most Reverend Wllllam T Mulloy D D B1ShOp of Covlngton Presentatlon of Honor P1n and Closmg Prayer The Most Reverend BlSh0p Recesslonal Pomp and Clrcumstance Elgal Scholarships ,...,e..,.e.......e,,..........,. ..e. ...... T h e Most Reverend Bishop 1 V TO N. S. N. The summer sun is falling on the loveliest spot of all--- The summer sun is gleaming through our dear N. S. N. halls. The autumn months are coming and the leaves are bright as gold, All nature seems to smile upon this graduating fold. We love to cast a backward glance upon those happy years, When kindly,words from Sisters helped to cast away our fears, But now we have come to realize these blissful days are past, And in a vastly different sphere our future will be cast. What song, O dear N. S. N. , shall we sing in praise to thee? Ah, thou hast taught us how to live, this shall our tribute be, That by living and nursing we may ever prove our loyalty and love And may our song, sweet blessings bring, to thee from Heaven above ,Q W. Q Z i. V, F1 2 M dy ' " .. f , , 4 f 1 4 if '3 Eq A .1 , T .,,,., rw A Jii, i ff' w oi 5 , yf. s 'SL Z 9140? ' :- gg ...lf 42 Q, ' L, . af J' 9,551 .ix N .,,,, ull- . y A 4-. , N g i M 4' 1- ,. 7 .p""'- spjmle -Q 1 ,fi -WLS-x 2 5' L. Qi! " ff? V' g Qhqilrb If .Q X4 NX, ' . bl Q. 5 1 5 wsqg ,Ad X f R L f 1 if YW 4 3 ,ki 52 4. V, wx i gi 'C .3 .tv 'Q ,X 1- 0,5 , N ' , A f A 3 Q , ,. N' f ai. by E 'X ,fi 1 f . ,I X. . .mf -2,3 xiii 'M 3' of: ,' , Q an 1' 2: wf' 1 nf ., 5 Q 4 67 fr- X, 9' A W ., ' ' ' '11 A k f A if W 45 sj ooo fem DR. EUGENE TODD DR. RICHARD STEVENSON DR. ERNEST WELCH, JR. MR, ERNEST WELCH, SR, DR. STANLEY PARKS DR. MARSHALL JONES DR.. B. F. COMBS DR. A. E. SMITH DR. COLEMAN JOHNSTON DR. RICHARD RIPY DR. JOHN KEYS DR. A. J. WHITEHOUSE DR. RICHARD ELLIOTT DR. HALBERT LEET DR. CHAMP LIGON DR. WILLIAM LIPSCOMB DR. IRVINC1 GAIL DR. CARL WEISEL DR. JOHN ROMPF SODALITY OF THE BLESSED VIRGIN N. S. N. ALUMNI OUR THANKS As the years advance and We approach the evening of life, We shall often wish to go back, in spirit, to the days of our youth. Since we may not then be able to recall all the pleasures of our training days, and may forget some little joys, which may mean so much to us, and when hallowed by years of memory, may mean even more, we have taken this means of perpetuating all our joys and also our trials. Though we realize there are short comings in the make-up of this, our first Annual, we shall always treasure its pages and We trust that this memory book will keep alive Within us the sweet spirit of our Alma Mater. Many thanks to our Boosters and Patrons who have aided in making our yearbook possible. THE ANNUAL STAFF ,E .Ml I' FV if X 1 la 1 . n l : .. "' ' - 5 ff x 1,1 V T 1' , ' r K T '54 2 W , 5, . A 5 I E . J i a .-,'.- ff T im Compliments of TINY'S JEWELRY STORE 109 North Lime Street Lexington, Ky. SKULLER'S Lexington's Leading Jeweler and Silversmith 115 West Main Street Lexington, Ky. D. M. fTULLY1 LOWE FUNERAL HOME Henry Moloney W. B. Hopkins W. G. Hiles Merritt Martin 536 Second Street Lexington, Ky. Compliments of LEXINGTON OPTICAL COMPANY 133 West Short Street Lexington, Ky. Phone 3-2.221 Nurses Watches A Specialty At ROBERTS JEWELERS 105 East Main Street Lexington, Ky. Compliments of CHARLES STURGILL MOTOR CO. INCORP. Pontiac Sales and Service 129' East High Street Lexington, Ky. ALMA S. MOORE SHOPPE Fabrics For Every Need Park At Our Door 637 East Main Street Lexington, Ky. Compliments of .IERRY'S DRIVE IN Compliments of RAY'S BARBER SHOP .IORDON FLORIST 645 E. Main Street Lexington, Ky. SMITI-I'S SERVICE Gulf Products Tires and Tubes Batteries Main and Lafayette Lexington, Ky. X0 M A Q A 'I f 'A .w -aff . ao I shii, , I '25 ,I - . .. a ryl 1 4 .65 V J ahah v 'I .tw -z r .., . -' -, A, . :lj E2 Ont eq , S X .' gf 'I - Q f Y .4 I I .ffrgzig 5 XXT NM .gf f Q. f - f-ew.. tit- rw - I-,tw-' ,, ,,l'j, 1' 3 KAY SllRl3IlIAl IIIINIPANY .1414 f0gl'Ctl0A6 .!4lfL f0gI"CLl0Af5 YEARIOOKS ff 14" MYERS ANDCO INC TOPEKA, KANSAS

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1953, pg 61

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