Nazareth Area Middle School - Echo Yearbook (Nazareth, PA)

 - Class of 1975

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1' f e L 1 N 5 1 1 1 l 1 1 JPN tis' 93.99 v q 5 he at ' -x J A 2,5 Sit and think about it-- What do you want to be? There's a great big world out there just full of opportunity. Sit and think about it. What is there that you can do To increase the value of life Or will you hope for peace to pull us through? Sit and think about it. Will you just take the time? There's a great big world out thereg New Horizons are yours and mine. Sit and think about the future. Will you just take the time Or will you put it off and say "Later, after I watch T.V., After my bath." But then it's too late-- You're tired and say, "Maybe tomo rrow. " Debbie Berry New Horizons '75 Nazareth Area Junior High Sc Echo Introduction Faculty and Administration Classes - Activities Sports ii i N 'Jef Features -.vl hool 1-3 4-8 9-Z6 27-37 38-54 55-56 ' f "".-ff Vocational- Technical Assembly The fourth annual Vo-tech Assembly took place in our auditorium on October 31, 1974. Students from the Vo-tech school presented a show and tell program to all interested ninth grade students. For the first time members of the TV group of the Audio-Visual Com- munications shop ofthe Vo- tech school taped the pro- gram in order that the AV student could gain experi- ence in indoor telecasting and our students could see a Vo-tech faculty mingled with the various groups to answer questions about the shops. Each of our students was able to learn about three shops of his choice and to gain new insights into the complexities involved. Pictured here, Brad Kocher and jeff Welty observe Rich- and Butz and Kathy Wilson operating two of the closed circuit TV cameras, while Mr. Markley directs op- erations. Vo-tech students, Tom Wills from Pen Argyl and Bob Hale from Notre Dame, demonstrate some plumbing tools to Dave Rohn and Kevin Coughlin. Pat Szutar, Jeff Welty, and Mary Letson manipulate some of the audio-visual camera equipment. Debbie Yeska, Donna Temos, and joan Sigafoos, among others, confer with the Painting and Decorating instructors. Sa- brina Kaufinger studies one of the Technical manuals. Functioning as the junior high coordinator, Mr. Wea- ver oversees the large group. Below, Emie Keller and friend consult with interested students, while Carol Bil- heimer discusses cosmetol- ogy. Mr. Weaver and Vo- tech teacher Mr. Nicholas Pallotto address those present. Nia? A i ggi? x t Q . 'Q A 1 If . S . , 2, A H . ft 4 .l tk! t I , T i ,yu gliiffffef - Hsisftiw 1 vknpigd fi 'a X 2 .. X.,-9 'X f it f 1 cw xr i 2 5 c . . D Q Y A !i4k?a224lZ'Pef3S2h?4Sr.l'cQHE8x.1i:+5s . a ,, Km, x'.k t' . -i. i, .,, .Y Y .. -Q -,Q rl 1 - in if Q ' i 1 H. It Vocational- Technical Pield Trip The Vo-tech field trips occurred during the week of November 11. Each day approximately thirty-five interested students visited three shops during their moming stay at the Vo- tech school. In addition students were able to ask questions about any phase of Vo-tech life. Acting as guides, Vo-tech students provided direction and in- formation for our students. This visitation was the cul- mination ofthe Vo-tech orientation program. With all the information pw- vided and by all the shops observed, it was hoped that each student would be able to make a wise choice of a Vo-tech shop area. Shown here are Mike Hol- odnak and Andy Rodgers conferring with a student in Technical Design. Mr. Pallotto answers questions concerning some of the technical equipment. Bob Brennan, Robert Kocher and Don Jacoby take time-out in the cafeteria. Andy Rod- gers tries his hand at some ofthe apparatus. Another student directs attention to more equipment in the Technical Design shop. Scott Scholl, Ron Rader, Karl Kipp, Larry Grube, Paul Davidson, and Jed Kahler fill out forms. Be- low, Frank l-lofer and Len Castellucci listen to Kris Shafer and Mr. Pallotto. F.. v N la is if fa. " li LKLQQ. Faculty Edward Christman, a life long resident of Nazareth, eamed a B.S. degree in Health and Physical Ed- ucation after attending East Stroudsburg State College, Penn State University, and Muhlen- burg College. For years, he has coached basket- ball and tennis, and re- cently he became De- partment Chairman for the Physical Education Department and the Di- rector of Physical Ed- ucation for the Borough of Nazareth. After 38 years of teaching and coaching, Mr. Christman hopes to travel, pursue some part-time employ- ment, 'and to enjoy his sporting hobbies, egpe- cially tennis. Mr. Christman assists his grandson, Mike Knecht, a seventh grader, in gymnastics. Coeducational classes . Practice, practice, work, work, discipline, discipline. Mr. Christman X ggi! e ,gulf W f N194 Y ' V i".3'5 :,:' if A, A , 5 is , M , far if ' B ni 5 A as-1 1 . ,arg-3, ,--, V YS ' "Wi 'Q f "ff 1 r. Xi. wea- " rr' , 'N , ,a"' ' ' 5 -f wif? Mr. Heist Horace Heist graduated from Emmaus High School, Allentown Pre- paratory School, Muhlen- berg College, where he recieved his Ph. B., and Lehigh University, where he earned an M.A. in History. Before beginning his teaching career, Mr. Heist was an Industrial Analyst at Bethlehem Steel, and employee of the United States De- partment of Labor, the superintendent of the Lehigh County Home, the manager of a com- mercial chicken farm, a pitcher for the St. Louis Cardinals farm team, and a coach for the Muh- lenberg College base- ball team. From 1939 to 1972, he and his Wife managed the Heist and Heist Insurance Company in Emmaus. He has taught for 23 years, two years in Berks County and twenty-one in Nazareth. Mr. Heist has taught govemment, civics, occupations, history, and world history. "Those who forget the past are condemned to relive it." "It is much easier to be a harmless dove than a wise serpent." "The man who makes l proper use of his study 1 of history lives by the i wisdom of the ages." I Charles Roth, Principal ,Robert Jones, Assistant Principal Joseph Amoroso Rosalyn Bombala Ruth Bortell Austin Buck Carmella Carrescia Dale Cassler Irene Christman Lois DallaZanna Gladys Day Carol Eigenbrot Susan Feyrer Robert Gehman Phillip George Steven Gertner Jean Gogel Carl Gold Stephen Goodling Sally Gray Robert Hallman William Hamilton V . Q .,,l T' ef-a-' 1 ,J f . 1 ' ' .' f N l l! I 4 fi ""' 'v ' W 4. 1 rs 8 : 74-' u 4 ' i - lf sf. N if ft zz t ,gl Iago , 3 X llia.i . Q A glib., 1 fl-fl all 35: 5 3 A ,l 4 fx i f v , .." 3 "gy fd, 'Lf' J ' ' K ' W Q " lfllne A.. 6 A 5 ' SS J X a - w x ii N-,a-af x . 2 A Q - W ,. A A S G ', If fra, Y 4 Hg . 'gf .nv S 5 233 a.4l 'f ff f' ' iii jail ' l Q5 Sm 2 C A 9 iQ'53 F V0 s 'P 'vs '1 .H 4'1- v'+K .,,, 4 ' 4 A Q ,,, K 1 I , a N fix . VV X.. . " W 'f'- . , ,, ,- V Vx QQ ,g QV f ,rf Da. . 6 nn 'Q K . .2 ' U 'i-4, f fl. "fy NWT: , V L A gig' 6 is l" Q A ff" 4 'ra , , f 7 I 5 f I saws Custodians: Laura Ackerman, Ruth Rothrock, Carrie Mitman, Leuella Beck, Anita Begie Raymond Schwab Alben sandr, No:- man Butz. 'lf 'L' x bl ' ' Irene Hill Barry l-Ionsel Evelyn Huth Ann Marie Hutz Daniel Ifkowivz A Alvin Itterly Ruby Jacobs Dale johnson Elda Mae jones Virginia jones Steven' Kulicki Clarence Lichtenwalner Elizabeth Melick Carol Merkel Philip Miller Lawrence Oberly Kenneth Osipower Clarence Patterson Margaret Paul Denise Repsher Charles Roe David Saveri Joseph Saveri Frederick Schuster Barbara Smith .57 Edward Tafelski john Weaver Lee Weidner Augustine Weinhofer Diane Werkheiser james Wright Joanne Zamadics Geraldine Mack, Miriam Kershner, Pat Kilpatrick, Mildred Allen, Ann Eschenbach, Kathryn Hartman, Florence Searock. Yolanda Burley and Geraldine Mack Yesterday Today and Tomorrow 51,3 we 2255 I 1 vi 1 5 y - ef K. ,+o f we ,- ... " 14 MQ. Af.. ij, Q f ,ta 33 S+ Yi. A 'F' , "' 'SQ Ex ar gw 3 N F f Wir L: " fi " R55 'fT77T7" 4' x ., E, 'Q ,ai W' "w ,yu,.4nrV""' ,Q . Jrnnwr - ,yf ,W . 1 A , 1 ' Classes +3155 0 1. it flikgxmtg h I-rf' ' W iw 1 X Freshmen 10-16 4. 2 1" " " fa Eighth Graders r W 17-21 I I M f, f, 3,5 me N I ' Q ' . 421 fyfi . 'KrM-sn Seventh Graders 22-26 Duane Ackerman Lisa Albanese Sherwood Albert jr. Brian Altemose Richard Altemose jr. I Scott Amerman Cheryl Atherholt Cindy Baltz Denise Bali! Craig Barker Susan Bartholomew Earl Bassett Ir! A Gail Bastian Deborah Bender Donna Bender .Shirley Bender Deborah Berry ' Jeffrey Bittner KevinTBorl11 g Mildred Bowers V Brian Boyer I Lee Brandt ' Y Robert 'Brennan r f A Robert Brindisi ' ' Lori Broad W Hale Brown, 1 y A Joseph Browpg 1 1 y Gai1'Bu5 7 7 T Denise Calabrese I? ,wf ..f Q, 55 aw ,501 ef 4 x ' 5 ,rx y Q La 5 9 U - ,A - ., e if W' Y 1, , , Q wilf' .' . in 1 'Q I Q if jg.. 3 l ' 5 .ai gn, 11 'fx ky Q 5 9275 . . 4 f ' as YL """-1. lg, w,o a i fb D xv? wg :gg Z , x A I I Bewyfcampmas. e 1 4 W A Davidpasgellucei I Leonand2Caste1hicci SI'-?Pbei1 Cfislller 1 , Randy Cottrell Q z 1 ' Bemice- Cosranzo y ' KevimCough1in Q2 Mary Cunningham 3 D6r1r1iSi. a1'ey - t Kafhy Daney' A W ' DW14 P26915 f : E-Ir, ' Paul Davidson 1 , 'oenrseinayi 3 ' Lf ' Deborah 'Dech g W V Keith Decker E - 2 ' - N K. AQ .A is 9 A eg by w .D , s. 1 -55. ' vig 2 -I 1 ,V ,. W F Q , 44 I , X "-bat 3 .s., , , . 3 .gy i sf . .-,' pg' V fi T? -any J 1 l if 2 ! 4 as v S Q. 4 1' , 9 SY4 ' in if . 'zz if fi Qs, M , '12, .q I 1, ,.. v .I 4, ., ,. .4 I 'six ' f 1' 'fs .Vw I f- iff? 4 XXX 4 L' X, 'jiri S- 'ug Q b . 1,14 Y . L s V Q. Q' 2 ' ' ' " 545. 2' L fe- f -f W , 'if P3 2 - ' a fr ' ' 1 A t M e . gag-5 Ny! J W in 3 3 ':, gk . 1 'i ii' azz- 'E Q Ei -- ,if , 'M' . Y Q5 a tt -- ' ff if i A " .3 ' ,.f , 1: mfr -5, ff-1 1 SMQQ . J. Q1 f C W ny' 214:1- , ,.,, 'N .R . F.. - ... 'zz' X " -ir if . 1 ,,-x, R. ' f' ful. fn. Q. n we " , D . - , C f ai C , ix ' 'V l C e 2 at 256 , , :W , Q' is I. ' ' Eg. .A A 'D " ' Q, 3' ' ag., I . L ' ii, N v I 51 V: M W 4 'A X Egg :Q J QT, I Ai' - f ' 321 DEH I S1 . 3: W I 9 . . .LJLV l ' - " ff l x we- i x y 5 W 4 33.3 , ,F ,X ff 553 All . 54- .5 . -y X44 K . X , y y QEQKW W- 1 f .- ft ' My 'N Patricia DeGarmo Donna DeReamus Anita Deutsch Deborah Deutsch William Deutsch Delinda Dewalt Lisa Diehl Donna Dietz Carl DiGer1ando Carol Dlugos Robin Dotter Colleen Doyle Michael Drabick William Dufilho Mark Duignam Patti Erdie Eileen Ernst Tammy Ervin Craig Evanko Harry Famack Craig Fehr Lori Fenstermaker David Fisher Thomas Flegler Roxanne Flick Arthur Flyte jr. jeffrey Fogel Perry Fogel Valerie Fogel Cindy Frank Donna Fratipietro Susan Fritz Christopher Fry Walter Fry Jr. Christine Garr Sandra Garr Cathy Garren Kathleen Geosits Sharon Getz Ronald Godiska Terrance Gondek Brenda Gradwohl Ray Groff Larry Grube Christopher Gruver N Q-J Melanie Gutshall Michael Haberle Karen I-Iaffling Jean Hahn Kerry Hahn Lori Hahn Lori Hammer Jack Harlzell Comelius Hawk H Sherri Hackman Kristen I-Iellstrgnjn Jack Herbst Q Donna Hemog Brian Hess i 'L Judi Hess A Kathleen Hess Kevin Hess, J V' y ,.CathvlHir2k9t1ie1191fijifl, U e Ffandii f'1i1!3'?'ib?Tfi?idF'i ? Q KimHflxyignafagafwef eA A 1 Lisa Headley' Frank Hofrf Q- Qwf' Michael ,Holpdnak Lisa I-Ionsel Michael Hopwood V Eric Hummel J jamie, Hunt . f , Audrey' Itterlyf - ' - f' Donald jacobygj' a Frank I31'ldlfOSi'Q flf. A Kamialwiyfffilfilailia- ., Joseph.-janjpe1f.'ji.ff,g.1, iMichiie1AKaeh1i.fieQ ' 'A led' zf,ah1ef'35,fg:-film..-, 'DPW-?ifK4f???ti7i'5'5"i josephfKarde1isf1I1 f L, y' Sabrina Kaufingerfgyfi. Danny Keelnhpld 1 Tammy Keenholcl, ' Cindy Kemmererf A Karl Kipp ,Vee, Richard Daniel Kissele ' , Cathryn Knudsen , Bradley Kbchery, an V A, b Q , . Q ' Z A nka iz W 4 -if d Q ' 'x-W1 ' ' , I S f n M ,f .,. za 1 2' EW :V 2: U' 'Yi 72 . 2 x at iii S s 4 'S - Igqffal 'Q I T T21 f .4 ,iw fs sz? n ffl A F A fx L3 Q , . I ?.f , I e an ""' ' 2, at fi., , b 'Q ' ez., 2, , Y f???'A y ,ga 3 s 3 5 f d .X Q1 d - Q ' ggi 'gn . fb ' as K K' , -SES f 'f .jk d ' ix ug 1 1 . ,N A .b" ffygrmi W 5- ae' by 1 ez. -X M X ld f . -QQ If '53 'S L I ff e ' 1 'E ' A , A 4 1 21 X xi K Q 43,5 - Ilia? 4. 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'1 fl, 5?-sg-.-fa if Richard Kocher Robert Kocher Debra Koehler Michael Kostick Michael Kresge Daniel Kroboth Terry LaBar Kim LaBarba LaRue Lahr Tammy Lahr Todd Lahr Cheryl Lanari Stella Laponuke David Laubach Kathy Laubach Gregory Leh William Leh Mary Letson Todd Lichtenwalner Robin Lilly Susan Loetzbeier Edette Longenbach Pamela Longenbach Michael Male Diane Marakovits John Marakovits Terry Marchak jack Marsh Deborah Marth Judy Martino Frank Maurek Brenda McGrath Charlene McGrath Luann McPoy1e Christine Meixsell Clay Mendola Richard Merritt Michael Meyers Jane Michael Jeffrey Miller Kevin Miller Gregg Mitman Cheryl Mohn Dee Mondschein Anne Musser 3 'i T i iff? Q ff: ' Ann Nagle Scott Nagle Perry Nardella Blaise Nealon Danny Nellett Cindv'-Rlfmseva A 4 Cherylilgxpert Q V f Roberta Rutt, -x Steven Sandbrqok- Connie Sands 1 FL ., 1-'-fvn ,rs K", W auf? V ' ivan? 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B as if Q I I t Monica Tanzos Cathy Tauschrnan David Tavianini Donna Temos Rita Thorman NGMIAWIRIP? Michele Tindula Bruce Tomsic Dean Tomsic Dale Transue Robert Transue Sally Transue Craig Tress Jeffrey Tripp Robin Viglione Andrea Vogel Robeifwasner . A JeanettefWambold' Q joanvwambold Donna Wamer Eileen Warner Karen Weaver Jeffreywelty ' Cynthia Qwerkheiser Donna Werkheiser Kim Werkheiser Phillip Werkheiser Betty Werner K:ImberlyWemer Robert Werner Robert Wilhelm Donna Williams Robyn Wilson I.. Timothy Wolfe Cynthia Wuest Edmond Yandrisevit Susan Yeakel Debra Yeska May the Bird of Paradise make you last in the lunch V line. A Welcome to the second annual Popcorn Bowl. f ": QM. F' f b . V. 5555 5 W ' gf Q - X ., gf. 'iigsgw X it E, 5 r A 'B V sat , ga: A A 652. 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Mary Stettlerx A j ' Richard' Stier' ' f ' ' Sherri Stocker-A , Brian-Stout W ' ' David Stwohll j Carl Strye Q - Randy Supers - , Marjorie Sweeney 1 '- 5 5 Lydia Siegfried 1 - M ' IU! Christine Tarnow Thomas Timberman Susan Tocheny Stanley Tomasevich! ff Beverly Transue , Lynn Trbuza V . Steven TSBOIIR "f',5ix 'ss Tammy Wglmtktt. '-2 ' Brian Wagnerfuff, A 3 'Karen Waifliheldiijq JQSQPTI W?l?E1?J1f:?5 ' ' Ajay Werkheiserg-, fy 3 Mar1yn'.WeihK5RX frmayjwemef-jf Pamela Wesser' A' LynnfWi11iarns Debra 'Williamson 'J J0SePh1Y3YD1?3ki,':f2f2 etiieelvnisiheflfwl 12 ii HP:f1feQ 2 ,. 'Q " .. as-,1 - a ,kv ., , 1 ' Q . H 1 'il 'ia W f" x' if 15' is riff? v 3 N 'Q N fl ggi Qc . if ff ,1"'.1si1f. jx "' : ,ay n,. 5' A 'X c Mr. Frredhof has suc- cessfully headed our tutoring program this year. The purpose of the student tutors to assist those students having difficulty in various ac- ademic subjects. Each session is held form 3:30- 4:30 on Mondays and Wednesdays. Tutors assist with homework, discuss new assignments, and drill with the basic sub- ject matter. Many stu- dents have been able to improve their grades as a result of the program, while tutors have gained valuable experience working with others and realize how it feels to be on the other side of the desk as a teacher. Most tutors and students gain a feeling of accomplish- ment. - 'i ,Iwi if me .,, W M iv 'X AW 'ig'-is Vi ' use .a..... " W- wa- Q' win' , y ,six 51329. 3 it bs 2. , My S-4 . 'A .. if -A 1 ii. t w.: X ,h X f - ' l if .,, in PK.. E Im T . Q.-I Q , .5 -5,8 ,- I N: . g' " t, is fs 'jf...,L...... Jil' Q W A M . ...Y s .wav fi, H" a ,- 'T' 0 ' .fr VLC i if , it its f ,.fisf', wr .rghs ' was as Q f.. ...x ,Q ft, Q, f S "a A 1 E Ji-I all X L Activities Experiences are as varied as life itself. Kim Era decorates on behalf of the student council. Tav helps to prepare the jun- ior high's homecoming float. Carol Dlugos and Anne Musser discuss art work for the ECHO. Fresh- men practice songs for the Christmas concert. Mike Holodnak gets ready to trumpet. Every three years it is the junior high's respon- sibility to sell magazines and records to collect money to help finance the newspaper, yearbook, assemblies and other projects. This year's goal was S15,000. The total yield was 5515, 984.5-4. Mrs. Mel- ick's eighth grade home- room won the award for selling most subscriptions. The highest ninth grade homeroom was Mr. Buck's, and Mr. Ifkowitz's homeroom led the sev- enth grade. Lisa Bush was high salesman. Stu- dent captains included Donna DeReamus, Carol Dlugos, Cathy Hicker- nell, Cathy Knudsen, Anne Musser, Mary Lou Pysher, and RobynWilson. The responsibilities of the captains were to count the money that was brought in from each homeroom by its appointed representatives and to distribute prizes to each homeroom. Mrs. Hill functioned as fac- ulty coordinator. Mr. Stage displays prizes. Brutus sits tall and proud. Mr. Roth awards Lisa Bush. Mike Hopwood, jon Sokasits, Ken Smith Greg Leh, Lori Fenster- maker, Michele Tindula, Tammy Ervin, Diane Marakovits, ChrisMeix- sell, Cathy Sweeney, jane Michael, Ann Shook, Sabrina Kauinger, Lori Broad, Brenda Pritchard, and Betty Campanaro. Roberta Rutt, Sandy Sny- der, Valerie Shelley, Kim Werner, Rita Thorman, Cheryl Rupert, Wendy Raidline, Sharon Getz, Kathy Geosits, Karen Weaver, Betty Wemer, Colleen Doyle, Charlene McGrath, joan Wambold. The largest chorus in four years headed by Mr. Ta- felski consists of 236 stu- dents in the three chor- ruses. According to Mr. Tafelski, the depart- ment's goals and purposes are to expose the music students to all types of music, to have students understand and appreciate the different styles of the past and present, be able to listen and talk about music intelligently, and gain initial exposure to vocal ensemble and per- formance skills. Sue Hunt, Connie Miklas, jane Uhler, Becky Santee, jamy Waha, Sherri Arm- our, Stephanie Slutter, Donna Urmy, Linda Pais- ley, Sherri Baylor, jackie Baylor, Lynn Longenbach, Anita Millheim, Gwen Kresge, julie Anderson, Debbie Mayes, Vicki Tamock, Tina Rodgers, Judy Whitesell, Anna Kirlick, Kim Snyder, Anita Hahn, Debbie Na- gle, jamie Roth, Donna Krupa, Joy Meixsell, Mary Gregory. QPhotos on P. 293 joe Bobeck, Todd Seip, Dave Siegfried, Tom Timber- man, Tom Bender, Steve Kresge, Keith Milten- berger, Terry Lorrah, Steve Treon, Bruce Shoe- maker, Bob Mitch, Mike Ferretti, Tom McDonald, Larry Finnegan, Larry Cascario, Randy Russel, Mark Hardy, Frank Star- ner, jim Roth, jim Shif- fert, Gary Setzer, Carl Strye, Gary Romig, Mark Altemose, Curt jumper, Fraser Glickman, joe Steltzman, Dave .Q-, , ,,. ra as ' Q N .s:'...- 2 ,T 3,45 ' " 5, V .Ala in 1 Q s T 553334, . "fe P 1 rg -.3 5 ff "ff3f3-Jw .2 . , .gigg flif B15 E X. -W., -ANA, , Q. gp. .L f '-,j X iw ' N Y - ' X' Q gal. F cj X yf ..,.f-W X aszgia y 4 Choruses u. ,J ,ANA aaa 'S , a e Flo S 4 355 G . G A X -1 0 , A T -,gi Q 'A 4,--if C .El . Y J' gg- 1 A f as - W I V ' . V ' , , , an ' 5 Strohl, Dave Rader, Joe Weber, Kevin Correll, Bill McGrath, Dave Sevi, Mike Knecht. Tom Gum, Brian Rohn, Tom Jumper, Wayne Snyder, Joe McHale, Mike Jewett, Ron Auden- ried, Dave Johnson, Doug Tripp. Debbie Hartman, Joyce Getz, Rose Kennedy, Carol Strohl, Linda Young, Margaret Yeakel, Car- olyn Rupert, Sue Kulp, Kathy Butz, Katherine Correll, Karen Raddish, Karen Hahn, Tracy Sil- fies, Martha Guest, Tracy Lichtenwalner, Brenda Geffert, Cheryl DiGer- lando, Kathy Correll, Kim Shafer, Sandy Rad- dish, Tammy Doncses, Helen Janoski, Maureen Mengel, Donna Gordon, Priscilla Hahn, Tracy Orsinger. Shelly Morrison, Terry Nellet, Gail Bruch, Stephanie Rice, LuAnn Huth, Margie Sweeney, Linda Farnack, Cindy Auerbach, LuAnn Rice, Debbie Knauss, Patti Buskirk, Jill Gordon, Linda Frey, Beth Herbst, Vicki Zeitner, Lori Soffera, Joann Gallo, Terry Kem, Bridget Klepeis, Connie Kocher, Chris Huth, Linda Schoeneberger, Ann Bennett, Connie Mitman, Wendy Reese, Karen Harper, Tammy Spohn, Jody Roth, Sue Dlugos. Chris Shank, Lois Guth, Lynn Williams, Melanie Scott, Ann Beltrane, Lisa Hahn, Doretta Kilpatrick, Shelly Anthony, Lori Woodward, Gwen Bealer, Lisa Masters, Sherri Stock- er, Melanie Shelley, Jenny Prizer, Jamie Nealon, Tammy Miller, Cindy Weiss, Debbie Bronson, Chris Tarnok, Cora Siefgried, Sue Pizzuto, Carol Schneebeli, Nealen, Tammy Miller, Cindy Weiss, Debbie Bronson, Chris Tarnek, Cora Siefgried, Sue Pizzete, Carol Schneebeli, Amy DeRaymond, Jack- ie Zeiner, Linda Amer- man, Michele Bucchi, Lynn Trbuza, Kim Wuest, 3 Shelley Meyer, ,L ine 5-T 4.245 1 ' A at ,Q ,,, J, .f Q or ' qw -rn...-A ii. Q, 7:3 ore , :Q if .5 ' 2' 2 Q z Q el C Q rr' 'ff kg? 8 x 43 Zo .1 3.23 ' 1' M .-r HQ ,QE e f , t , i Y..,' f 5 5 K' I Ja if - L, ten 8th graders and ten 9th graders in the high school marching band. In addition, there are four freshman majorettes and three freshman color guard members. Plans for next year are to elim- inate the 8th graders completely from the high school band and to have the majorette and color guard squad com- posed of 10th, 11th, and 12th graders. Looking farther ahead into the near future, one can expect to see for the lst time, the N.j.H.S. marching band complete with uniforms, majorettes and color guard squads. Junior High Band Larry Kleintop, Scott Miller, Sue Loeizbeier, David King, Bruce Knecht, Tim Reph, John Elliot, Tom Timberman. jennifer Prizer, Sariann Knerr, Steve Cauller, Keith Klipple, RayGroff, jeff Getz, Tim Reph, John Elliot, Debbie Knauss, Lisa Bush, Lori Fenstermaker. jamie Nealon, Tony Snyder, Mark Steiner, Kevin Reph, David King, Bruce Knecht. Dave Tavianini, Steve Cauller, Mike Meyers, Keith Klipple, JeffGet2, Ray Groff, Lori Fenster- maker, Eileen Warner. Stage Crew Steve Sandbrook, jack Herbst, Chip Albert, Keith Fairman, Joey McHale. The main responsibilityof the stage crew is to set up equipment for assemblies and plays. All equipment must be kept in good working order. Lights and special effects must be used appropriately during all presentations. Much coordination and work are necessary, but meet- ing people of diverse background and person- ality can be rewarding and enjoyable. Rob Yavorski, Louie Rissmiller, john Sofka. Library Helpers Brenda Gradwohl, Eileen Emst, Dennis Daley, Kevin Hess. Tom Ackley, TedAshen- falder, the Klipple twins. Lois DallaZanna, Kim Hill, Renee Ritter, Sherry Remaley. The library Helpers play an important role in helping Miss DallaZanna and Mrs. Christman to run the library smoothly. They work during reg- ularly scheduled study halls varying from one to five times a week. Their duties include charging and stamping out booksg checking in books, putting magazines in order, shelving and straightening booksg giving advice in book selection, and setting up displays, jean Brown, Sharon Zell- ner, Jody Wunderly, Wendy Werkheiser, Jane Brown, Kim Rohn, Renee Shafer, Annette Stout, Lori Hahn, Lisa Mc- Ewen, Pam Wesser, Connie Rissmiller, Lisa Hahn, Desiree Dech, Paige Flurer, Tammy Kern, Mark Miller, Cindy Weiss, Carol Schneebeli, Tammy Newhard. D in 1 will ,rl Honor Society David Tavianini is a member of the basket- ball team, plays in the band, and serves as pres- ident ofthe Student Council. Donna Williams plays hockey and basketball and serves on Student Council, the yearbook staff, and the newspaper staff. Mary Lou Pysher has been active in the tutoring program. jonathan Sokasits par- ticipates in chorus and in the tutoring program. Currently the Honor Society consists of four ninth graders: Mary Lou Pysher, jonathan Sokasits, David Tavianini, and Donna Williams. Before a student is inducted into the society, his citizen- ship, leadership, charac- ter, grades, and service to school and community are taken into account. A student must qualify for the Principal's List at least every othertime. If the society were larger and if there were an ac- tivity period, the Honor Society would be able to conduct tutoring of students having dificulty in classes. Citizenship Awards Robyn Wilson and jon- athan were voted as the 1974 Citizenship Award winners. Echo Staff 'I'he 1974-75 ECHO staff has been hard at work since September under the direction of Lee Weidner. Photography, creating page layouts and write- ups and managing the sales campaign have occupied much time. The format has been changed with the addition of can- did photographs and art work across the bottom of each page. Cathy Knudsen, Kim Rodgers, and Debbie Berry compile mug shots. Donna Williams, Dale Transue, Judy Martino, Lisa Honsel, Lisa Hoad- ley, Bernice Costanzo, Cindy Wuest, Audrey Itterly, Karen Haffling, Dee Mondschein, and Stella Laponuke. Dale Transue, Adviser Lee Weidner. Craig Tress, Kathy Hic- kemell, Anne Musser, Kim Rodgers, Donna Williams, Carol Dlugos, Dale Transue, Tim Wolfe, jack Herbst, Gregg Mitman . Below, Carol Dlugos de- signs her art work to rep- resent page numbers. ,Jane 1.10 NHC lilxil I Cx 9 KJ wxnvotes RE.5Pfl.liN6 4. r i Q . 2 H 9 .- ei if ,ff 55 ' ,ap . ,Y U 8 0 2 -4 Q . f fi . fu ,r"'1 Nui Cardir1al's Chirp Staff The CHIRP staff consists of thirteen freshmen and twenty-five eighthgrad- ers. There are some fresh- men members who have special jobs. Robyn Wil- son, the editor-in-chief, writes editorials for each issue of the newspaper. The other editors are Chris Garr, literary ed- itor, Cheryl Rupert, art editor, Donna Williams, feature editor, and Frank Maurek, sports editor. Pictured below, Mrs. Huth discusses the current issue with Donna Wil- liams, Robyn Wilson, Chris Garr, Frank Maurek, Cathy Tauschman, and Cheryl Rupert. Freshmen reporters at left above include Lisa Diehl, Dale Transue fphotographerj, Kris Perna, Lisa Honsel, Carol Dlugos, Judy Mar- tino, Linda Rothrock, and Edie Longenbach. Eighth grade reporters Brenda Geffert, Michele O'Toole, Kathy Auer- bach, Linda Mitch, Larry Kleintop, Rob Yavorski, Dave King, jane Uhler. Other eighth grade report- ers pictured include Kelly Hooper, Annette Budzak, Kim Rohn, Laurie Simp- son, Kim Era, GregPo- lnski, Karen Williams, Tim Halbfoerster, Chris Agnew, Diane Tomino, Karen Keller, Dave Koeh- ler, jamie Roth, Donna Krupa, Carolyn Rupert, Donna Gordon, Maureen Mengel, and Debbie Fischl. X " 4 X Ln: .i , . 1 1' : J ' ,g l f 2 1 - ' ' ul' 7' 5 L '. 'N Q 4' ' f e.- L. :Wi fl au A ' Student Council David Tavianini, pres- ident, conducts the meet- ing, Lois Da11aZanna, adviser, confers with Rob Yavorski, treasurer. Below, Chris Honsel con- fers with Karen Williams, secretary. Kris Perna assumes the president's duties in his absence. The student council helps to improve the school program by sponsoring and directing various projects such as dancesg selling candy, pens, pencils, T-shirts, pen- nantsg sewing as guides during open houseg dec- orating the cafeteria, and, this year, by pro- viding lunch on a day- to-day basis. The coun- cil is working to get busses for away basket- ball games, trying to improve lavatory con- ditions, and gaining a better relationship be- tween students and faculty. Shelley Morrison, An- nette Budzak, jane Brown, Randy Gardner, Frank Maurek, Chris Honsel, Bob Eschenbach, Lisa Diehl, Kris Pema, Rob Yavorski, Cathy Geosits, Cathy Knudsen, Renee Baylor, Jeff Hunt, Carol Schneebeli, Jody Roth, Amy DeRaymond, Jean- ne Lantzer, Anita Mill- heim, Jackie Zeiner, Diane Tomino, Tim Masters, Bob Schleicher, Connie Miklas, Lewis Rissmiller, Greg Pol- lanski, Brian Altemose, Mike Knecht. Below: Beth Herbst, Bon- nie Coyle, Sabrina Kau- finger, Frank Stamer, Brian Coyle, Tim Halb- foerster, Brian Altemose. 1 51 fill' 'bv-. .5 , , , 1 E .,'Mni.,,,,wm Til is .' X fc.. . , : i ' 'fi '-,5 37 ii' Q " Lili 5 X Kris Perna, Donna Wi iams, Lori Broad, Die Tomino, Connie Mik jeff Hunt, Frank Starr Brian Coyle, Tim Hai foerster, Tim Masters Lewis Rissmiller, Rol Schleicher, Greg Pole Shelley Morrison, An Budzak, Jane Brown, Honsel, Randy Gardn Frank Maurek, Bob E chenbach, Cathy Ge: sitz, Cathy Knudsen, Renee Baylor, Anita Millheim, Dianne Tc mino, Connie Miklas Carol Schneebeli, jea Lantzer, Lewis Rissmi Jody Roth, Jackie Zei Greg Polanski. jack Herbst, Gregg M man, Brenda Pritchar Monica Tanzos, Donn Williams, Lori Broac Rob Yavorski, Timl-I foerster, Frank Stame Brain Coyle, Jeff Hun Lewis Rissmiller, jod Pettis, Brian Altemosl Robert Schleicher, G: Polanski, Mike Knecl' Randy Gardner, Roy Marquaxdt, Cheryl R1 pert, Bernard Garrity Below: Carol Dlugos, Lisa Honsel, Debbie Nagle, Kim Wuest. U Sports Cardinal Power Eagle Pride Lew Rissmiller, Chip Albert, Joe Kardelis, Rich Schneebeli, and Dave Laubach on defense. Blaine Phillips connects for two. Ron Rader works for a pin. Mr. Christman as referee. ,U . 3. N-,,..,.. .' N- f- ,, i'gi:'H! Y A-iff 352 J- Mr. Luna, student teacher. ' i ' yy we ml Aint. 3 Cheerleaders conduct the first pep rally of the year. Seventh graders get their first taste of field hockey. .fx-'fF'W4 ' ., ' ,rn-Ma.. .sif t V Q41-.,.43" V A ,. f fP3'jm24 A .-ml 4.2.4. yt Q- f-i. .Ji 71,20 1. ,f-ff.fLff i , 4 .!1!! 44:f'5:.r'fb . Q -' m e . i g? gif- 5. ijzzl . ii .45 , 55 " J 'K s if Jg Y 2, U , Q. Q ' f .v JT. ,'!k 4 .x 1 Uri' W5 -W M g, , -we Mgr-, ,y Y, V L .- . ' s ' 1' V. 'ff' 02 fff- 5' .' ,, A-, ,... ,. .. r N - .v . ' i ' W' ' 2 . Q .x l , A .1 'f M , -. , :.A ,L . . L 47 . r K ai 4 'QA xr gn.-.. . s Q 1' ...W 'vw J A P-34' 141' f.-Oo, sy. , 4 i' xv" A ' 5 ,. 4 M ,. , "'1.i ef K ,4 KA 1 Q .,7:. 'Q' 'vii fwwrl L, '-: 'Y ii 9.1 . he if 40 . ,. X A' 531,-f.ef4?: R . Q we ff- . 5: ,ZZ-f,:,Z-J.. A -' tit? ,-Q fini ,lg All.: gg?-5,54 T? x , P- - f H. , If 1' s - f ,Y ' . YV Q.-x if J- fi --"'1"'t-7 C ew-ff m C 52' ff af sf' as y C Fen ,V . A Ac? my IQ? My ' Y ii , 'V , may l .,l,,,,A,.., """"'::::': V If i f' "' ff." Q A qv-1,- -S' -- - a 1 11824, Q fy A . A L- in Q --0-W -,-.....n Freshman Football Coach Cokefair, Coach Voda, Brian Altemose, Dave Laubach, joe Ser- fass, Greg Leh, John Reuss, Rich Schneebeli, jan Smith, Coach Spang- ler. Manager Carl Strye, Jack Herbst, Craig Evanko Mike I-Iaberle, Joe Kard- elis, Steve Sandbrook, Chip Albert, Mike Kos- tick, Pat Szutar, Man- ager Steve Treon. Bob Sauexzopf, Mickey Jan- drositz, Tom Flegler, Ron Rader, joe Brown, Keith Bender, jeff Welty, Tim Wolfe. Tricaptains jack Herbst, Bob Sauerzopf, Rich Schneebeli. Pre-game huddle with Coach Voda. jeff Welty calls the signals. Welty pitches out to Sandbrook or Bender. Bender drives for a few yards. Time for defense. Sauexzopf, Serfass, Herbst, and Haber-le combine on defense. Punting practice . The Nazareth Freshmen Eagles, coached byChar1es Voda and assistants john Cokefair and jeff Spang- ler, finished with a 1-6-1 season. The Eagles were inexperienced but should develop into a fine j.V. team. Whitehall 20-0 Saucon Valley 6-20 Pocono Mt. 8-2 Beth. Catholic 38-28 Catty 20-20 Wilson 14-8 Eastern 32-O E. Stroud. 28-22 Blaine Phillips and Steve Cauller ham it up during a pep rally. - Fumble recovery--it's our ball! Welty aims for a completion. V Tough Defense Oops--the one that got away Sideline strategy Sclmeebeli scores! W Mick jandrositz--you win some and you lose some. John Reuss displays good punting form. Defense, Defense! Time out for the pause that refreshes. Trainer Biff Stannard administers to injured jack Herbst. Girls' Basketball Freshmen Heidi Schramm Donna Williams, Monica Tanzos, and Karen janny 14-3 Record Northampton 8-4 Catasauqua 14-21 Palisades 4-39 Parkland 18-32 Pocono Mountain 19-36 Jim Thorpe 2-34 Pleasant Valley 6-8 East Stroudsburg 19-32 Bangor 27-31 Pen Argyl 28-16 Parkland 8-17 Pocono Mountain 16-44 jim Thorpe 7-28 Pleasant Valley 20-37 East Stroudsburg 25-31 Bangor 15-14 Pen Argyl 15-18 fopponents' scores firstj Mony drives for a layup. Karen sets at the foul line. Below, Donna gains position. Heidi practices her jump shot. Mony grabs a rebound. Donna prepares set shot. I 20:5 ,...,s .ax , if , : 1, , 6 f Q 3' .E ,Shi 3.2: "S, n I Freshman Basketball john Weaver, coach, Bob Sauerzopf, David beli, jack Herbst, Mark Duignam, Ed Yandrise- vits, Edward Christman, coach. Chris Wolf, Blain Phillips, Scott Olenwine, Frank Hofer, Kevin Hess, akovits, Dale Transue. Dean Detweiler, joe Brown, Mike Kostick, Frank Maurek, Dave Castellucci, Len Cas- tellucci, Perry Naldella, Paul Davidson. Pregame warmups. li 'YQ 5 jack Herbst practices ' " A, his jump shot. fe A I wr I V f 33 l Vi, Two points on the drive. 2 , -.,Z'af,l 4' 5 ' ns 5 P vi A to ' . V nu . -3 ,a ,' .C A S' 'W' I x v W 'G 'lf Flf'-?"SY 5' ' Eff, 3 ,gy V gh, 4 rx glfa j4A 4 K , 'Q A1 yn. X X Ai an ' ' '- Tavianini, Rich Schnee- 6 Tim Mendola, John Mar- 12-2 Record Allentown Central 38-40 Allentown Central 45-53 Pocono Mt. 30-53 Southern Lehigh 32-63 Pen Argyl 24-48 Wilson 23-67 Bangor 60-62 Southern Lehigh 55-40 Pocono Mt. 26-58 Bangor 61-39 Saucon Valley 43-58 Saucon Valley 39-58 Pen Argyl 38-65 Wilson 36-52 Go Cardinals, go! Mark Duignam at the line. Perry Nardella on defense. The Cardinals were thwarted in their champ- ionship bid by a strong Bangor performance on the winners' court. Below, Perry Nardella takes a foul shot during the first game against Bangor, a 62-60 squeaker Mr. Hallman prepares the electric clock prior to the game's beginning. 'AM' er 54 1' f-eegk' ., 44. fx , if jack I-Ierbst, Perry Nar- della, and Mark Duignam battle for the rebound against Bangor. Look out, here we come, We've got the Slaters on the run, So look out Slaters, here we come! Go Cardinals Go! The annual faculty- freshmen game climaxed the 1974-75 basketball season. Led by such stars as Dandy Dan Ifkowitz and Bouncing Bob Hall- man, the seasoned vet- erans romped to a 70-37 Victory. As Bashful Barry I-Ionsel, Terrible Tom Kcrzlosky, jumping joe Saveri, and Freelancing Fred Schuster assume positions, Charismatic Chuck Roe applies pres- sure defense. Blaine Phillips leaps to get off his jump shot. Scott Olenwlne scrambles for the loose ball. Basketball or freeforall? Tav during warmups. Team hucldles during tense Bangor game. All eyes on the center jump. The Cardinal team is ready to fight, With all the power, strength and might, So go, go, fight, fight hard, Cardinals fight, fight hard! "-- ' Q' ,yu wM,,.,.w ,A Q xl 1 f swfw 'A -vthv M Pl x. 55 342 192-Tix 5 :Q L4-.Q 'g-411 3' .51 sf My " 1-f Field Hockey The seven freshman members of the 1974 field hockey team includ- ed Mary Cunningham, halfbackg Cathy Hicker- nell, fullbackg Terry Marchak, haltbackg Mony Tanzos, halfbackg Cathy Tauschman, innerg Ei- leen Warner, halfbackg and Donna Williams, goalie. The hot sum- mer practlces, foot drills, sprints and cross- field pass practice be- come worthwhile during a successful season. 4 OPP Southern Lehigh Sahsbury Pleasant Valley Parkland Northwestern East Stroudsburg Wilson Saucon Valley Pocono Mt Pen Argyl Palisades Bangor ffl -sf Nh if .. W 1 ' ' 'R ,I A Q, : 1 0 1"'K VS' FT Q-iv Ira-Q .. ' we sy , 1504 x -I K 9' ---X zz: 1' - W vu ' W 5 f . Q, w M ,llllh lllllll I I W 1 Defend the Freshman Q +1 Cheerleading A Z' Lisa Honsel, Gail Buss, I, , W- Kris Perna, Brenda Prit- .5 chard, Kathy Daney, 1 Lisa Albanese, Annette Stout, Donna Dietz, 1 Colleen Remal ey, Patti Erdie. Cheerleaders get high on spirit. Fight hard, don't stop W , . . e re r1s1ng to the top, F-I-G-H- T on to victory, Fight hard! D senior high junior varsity cheerleaders chose the 1974-1975 freshman squad. The girls practiced during the summer to prepare themselves for the upcoming football season. After the foot- ball season, the squad cheered at both home and away basketball games and wrestling matches. The freshmen also plan and lead pep rallies to spread thei uring April of 1974 the r school spirit not only to h t e student body but also to the players. e re with the team so fight, blue and white ? Now or never, get it together cet ir right, fight! Let's go, let's go, Cardinals, We want, we want a victor Y V-1-c-rio-R-Y Cardinal victory is our cry! Colorgu ards- Majorettes Colorguard members Kathy Laubach, Sherri Heckman, and Donna De Reamus. Maj orettes Cindy Baltz, Sue Yeakel, Chris Gan- and Kris Pema. The girls ij perform at footballgames, in rnajorette-colorguard competition, sometimes at basketball games or pep rallies, and at the Globe-Times Band Fes- tival. Also, this year the majorettes and color guards accompanied the senior high band to Tem- ple University Band Day in Philadelphia. Pride and dedication are the two words that aptly describe the goal of the band front. Responsibility is gained during hard practices that may be held during 300 weather at 7:00 A.M. Not only do the girls practice as a unit, but also each practices on her own. This spring the girls will accompany the band to Niagara Falls to compete with other bands from all over the East. Par- ticipating students were dedicated enough to raise the required money to finance the trip, and the community can be proud of this group of students because they represent the Nazareth area admirably. ig: yi I 'u x, 5. ., Q J HM .. w , . Llmwar ff 'I ---uuuuuqli IHHHZ HH1Qj lihig hlilj :Khin fm-f l1Sl1 QQiQi 'l1Ci1 Zfil IHQQQ -a.-gm-r-:alll lllllll i i I I I I i!s.s!slsl!l asm? Matmaids Kim Rodgers, Cathy Tauschman, Audrey Itterly. Cathy Knudsen prepares posters. Anne Musser, Kim Rod- gers and Cathy Tausch- man prepare the mat for the match. The 1974-1975 mat maids were chosen as a result of their answers to a ques- iiormaire and on the basis of recommendations by Mr. Kulicki, other teach- ers, and wrestlers. The girls include Audrey It- terly, captain, Cathy Knudsen, Terry Marchak, Anne Musser, Kim Rod- gers, and Cathy Tausch- man. Responsibilities are attending matches,keep- ing score, cleaning the mats, and making posters or signs to publicize the freshmen wrestlers. Terry Marchalc The maids roll out the blue crpet. 9- 2 Bethlehem Catholic 48-2 3 Easton B 1 8- 54 Warren Hills 26- 34 Saucon Valley 12-57 Easton A 44-1 5 C atasauqua 9 -55 Emmaus 8-44 Northampton 9- 54 Stroud Union 15-43 L ehighton 1 5 - 40 Pocono Mountain 3- 50 Pin vaj- Q " Freshman Wrestling Coach Sebastian Ram- pulla, Craig Evanko, Steve Sandbrook, Todd Lahr, Mike Kresge, Greg Leh, Chip Albert, Bob Transue, jeff Welty, Lew Rissmiller, Ron Rader, Mike Male, Tim Sieg- fried, Jeff Tripp. This year's usual lineup included jeff Tripp at 90, Mike Male or Ron Rader at 100, Lew Rissmiller at 107, Jeff Welty at 114, Craig Evanlko at 120, Tim Siegfried or Bob Transue at 127, Greg Leh at 133, Chip Albert at 140, Todd Lahr at 147, Steve Sand- brook at 157, Mike Kresge at 169, Craig Miller at 187 and Irvin Davidson at heavyweight. Brian Boyer is the third freshman in the history of Nazareth Area Junior High to wrestle Junior Varsity and Varsity. Most likely Brian will wrestle at 108 during the district meet. Jeff Tripp is the only freshman wrestler to have an undefeated 1974-75 wrestling season. Jeff took second place in the Christmas City Tourna- ment at S8 and will wres- tle at that weight during the districts. W .Si 1 x ,, as ,A L ,53- ir-ih-u.. ,... , , ., JL xi -fs: B nnzans' N 355 Golf Team Ed Yandrisevits on the backswing. Jo ey Reichart displays con- c entraiion while putting. Frank Maurek using his nine iron. Perry Nardella addresses the ball. The golf team practices during the previous spring to prepare for the fall season of competition. The five players with the best scores during practice sessions qualify for com- petition with other schools. Three other team mem- bers participate in the golf matches, but only the top five players gain points for their team. This year's team, coach- ed by Barry Boyer, finish- ed the season with four wins and five losses. OO 'as Would you Believe? Manpower- -Womanpow er Shut up before I schlop you in the mouth. 83-77-8 1-Hike ! Future Rembrandts? What's up, Doc? Three Hsted power play. Hey, who hit me in the head? O.K., men, here's the battle plan. To beak or not to beak. We're number one! A Culinary Conquest One day the boys in Mrs. Hill's food class had pre- pared too much cocoa so they offered it to the girls' sewing class. The girls decided the boys were not too bad at cooking and suggested that they pre- pare the girls a dinner. After much discussion a menu of tossed-salad, lasagna, garlic bread and chocolate souffle was de- cided upon. In return the girls, at the boys' request, made the boys bow ties. On December 20, amid candlelight, dinner music, and centerpieces the boys served the girls dinner. Not to get carried away too far, the girls washed the dishes and cleaned the kitchen afterward. During the dinner conversation someone suggested a coed home ec class. lnjanuary, 5 of the girls joined the boys' food class and one of the boys joined the sewing class. The boy, by the way, did a beau- tiful job making himself a denim vest. Colleen Remaley, Sherry Remaly, Perry Nardella, Janine Remaly, Susan Fritz, Blaine Phillips, Bill Dufllho partake of chef's salad. The main course: Robin Viglione, Delinda Dewalt, Cheryl Rupert, Cheryl Atherholt, Denise Cala- brese, David Laubach, Bill Dufhilo, Kevin Hess. o o o 1, O ' may ,X ,, A 5- ,N , 4 wi' 4, Castaway on Polynesia Chief-No-Got-Dough's QRoger Maninij guards QSteVe Kline, Shawn Browningj protect him as Buddy Sidekick's fE1d Dimmigj marriage pro- posal is misinterpreted. Alone Alot QAndrea Toms- icj interrupts the wedding ceremony between her husband Got Loot Uody Wernerj and Princess Sweet'n Lovely fPaige Flurerl by taking the mortgages. Going over last minute details is the production staff consisting of Desi Dech, Melinda Seip, Dean Kloiber, Keith Clewell and Debbie Van Horn. Missing was Rae- Ann Fehnel. Other cast members include Tammy Kern, Kelly Williamson, Ed Pensyl, andjirn Klemka. Miss Carmella Carrescia and 8-2E combined talents to produce a comic melo- drama of the South Seas, "Castaway on Polynesia," to be presented as the junior high's school of the week program and to be acted before a live audi- ence. The plot involves Princess Sweet'n Lovely, daughter of Chief-No-Got Dough, who is forced to marry Got Loot, the island's onlymillionaire. The chief, who has mortgaged all his belongings, has no way of paying his debts but to give his daughter to Got Loot in marriage. All seems to be to no avail until two Americans, thought to be wealthy, appear on the scene. But alas, they are not as rich as they appear to be, and Got Loot once more looks forward to becoming a happy bridegroom. Enter Alone Alot, a women's lib advocate, and Got Loot's wife, who marches him off to Lazy Daisy Island, and everyone lives happily ever after. F J 4 I 5 E 3 :- Q 4

Suggestions in the Nazareth Area Middle School - Echo Yearbook (Nazareth, PA) collection:

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