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1978 COMET X. x 5 , P'-I-',-I-"I Y! -wf I NAZARETH AREA SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL NAZARETH, PENNSYLVANIA VOLUME 58 LLOWTHE LIGHT OF OUR SPECTRUM . . . TABLE OF CONTENTS x5 Q ' cw-'NS ,V ' A i xx . . ' i wx J L' 3 we . nam x ' , J wr 4 . , A E Q I 4 Q 'E Q' ' 1 L 1 :xiii xiii' X Y 2.x 2 ' I f K V A . sf W - N-.9 f ,gay lk XE , N ,mf ix,-1. A - . A x . .. l 1 ' L VN 5. 1 Af 1,.., , ' X-. F 4 Blk. In H? Q4 --, ' -."' "- 1 A A-Q mg.. . . ,Ep i VV ,, . . - - X X g E I I X, . I X Q - C . - A I f . ' if ,ai-nm, 3 IISI3fB V Piifll W IHS! H1 IMPFEAL V A T a 1A 1 an 1 , ' , , . ' ' 'V " , ll . A, um A' 'Y A 'kv' -1-7 . -'--- ,Q . 4 . , Q N Y I I I ' unocqmw, I " oonftnn -Iv J' Yellow Pages X Q 1 I 41- ill Memnf ,, ' QEEFDIC - vii n."w'.,,,,,....- FRIENDSHIP UNDERSTANDING TGGETHERNESS "4 7 f , iii? , , :id DISAPPOINTMENT AGGNY FRUSTRATION ,QXX "-H-' KNOWLEDGE LEARNING ACADEMICS K MV 523, J A if f M ' , ,A, 5 55 1 3 L f gf 3 wwf Vm m,.. VV , ,gp T lxij x 'A fglswt 5 KVZ, 5 'Q 1L , A K K gig ' lq 1 33 , ' . i v?V ,, gf K, 4 6 of ix ,ff ggi f 12 ,, 4 as ,, L W fw nr fff.fqfiz2:i:,- zz! W 1 f A 1 ' f Kinky gd :M Q 4 If X if 2, W , MJ Nw 1 ig Q ' , R if' ' , ' I , ,mtv g,wwf,,zwfs1a-,, , , - f f 3 ff, - L ' 1 ' , ,gi -,531 -J, 1 , f ,M , 24 , 1 V r- I ff Cf' 51. .M fi? A ' 1 ,r'f , ,1- ' f ' W ,,,,,,,,WN. l IA? V . V I, ,vg :.V,,gg4i 454 ,ML 1 W L, ,. .A 4 T .V x J f fy if x iw, . FACU l. CD 14 Q-4 O CD vii Ll-1 CL vii GJ J P 311 v ' r . lit ,fumes ' ff f 5 Q., V,., 3145? r :". : J g .ew ga f i 521- - . .. ...Mk .Lil A , . ' Behind The Counter 1. 2. 3. 4. if Clerical Aides Joyce Dech and Lillian Knecht perform an indespensible service to the teaching staff. Guidance Counselors Marlyn Roth and James Jordon are always willing to help students in choosing their future vocations. Vice Principal David Price and our Princi- pal Claude Shappelle work together to make the school run smoothly. Joyce Flowers, Dabra Gilio, and Laura Harding assist the administrators by pro- viding valuable secretarial service. lu 3 1 2 I an, N... . .... wfaw,..5f.ig'1 4 I' i Q ' 3 A C . an . Y -"s1,sz'rsw,gg:s,f' 'mv-fswfw ww if ,g au- " .2 -R Q.. ..,-k.. A X 3 W' ' fn.. . During the past three years, members of the staff have been involved in the following activities: I. MARLYN ROTH - Guidance Counselor for the sopho- more and junior yearsg Student Council adviser. 2. DEBRA GILIO - Offiee clerk. 3. JOYCE FLOWERS - Guidance office clerk. 4. JAMES .IORDON - Junior and Senior Guidance Counse- lorg Student Council adviser. 5. SALLY JO SHRIVER - Library assistant, 6. LILLIAN KNECHT - Teachers' aide. 7. JOYCE DECH - Teachers' aide. 8. DAVID PRICE - First-year vice principal. 9. CLAU DE SHAPPELLE - First-year principal. previously vice principal. IO. MARION WHITESELL - School nurse. II. ROSEANNE EMIG - Library assistant. I2. LAURA HARDING - Office secretary - s v JP' . .4 :S .57 132255 . f-Q-1.-E' wig . ,gf . 1:51 4 -6 'xi B i allail- W , 74' JV. EM 9 1-IP, 3 :Fill I 'Wa wan .sw fi IQ? I.: Ms: IZ. FHM 5,31 We 'Si n 12 153 53 35 21 fi a a -5 eff fa as 75. 'L . .Qt iw a, '. 15.1 8 9 6 7 1U A 5 1 2 11 3 12 'Www -tzwvzww La 1? aa aa 'Gig 3, ms, ,z, I was fist? gswq EH A . .I W. T' .151 ' ai'-5 M .SS 5 2-f ,ggi Ea , . 'I Ml A'-'QZQEQ 51 4 . 97 .1 iw F. JLTY Franeai , Und Deutsch. mwaae lis I'O TC lt z F w a w 2. U L lr , i' M Ii i. ' I ' ,, A .. - A . Mm. mr, ,Q ,, fm fe,,g:ffffw W ?,,a.fw,,L ,, .W Q a,,a,.,,,,f a 'W 4 aww--M Eirfm it ,, N 5 W M ,wk ,wg f , wfwfialifz, m22savfwTs- 'ri P FT C i- -l -C l. Marie Voronkevieh running oil into a dream world. 2. Joan Paul finds a moment of seriousness in a romantic language. 3. Peter Newman points out that "Bill" Shakespeare really liked Dr. Pepper better. 4. Pat DeAngelis portraying her favorite song, "Me and My Shadow." Q ii. l 4 Q.-f -x i' x m-fxfaimliiiiymst-eF1!m.z3.,wi,-gag, .v ,, 1 iff? 37119151 gi? " 39 fa. f-lf1:A'-Witt' nail. Q.-i t-Eisxfltf w.faf ,ls3lr,kt, do ,1t.wk.,..fiyf5gm,.vga,..i..:,.4t:aQ,,.,, .. 1- sr iaaainawgbsgwaww EEEKSQHeaiigggwwvggbbEWQEXSWMQTHbwnrkadiM35JEWQAWQQaabwnnnnwwbinnomawwaawawaaanwnwngwwrnzamas uf 1" 3 J 'A' rv It of During the past three years. members ol' the stall' have been involved in the following activi- ties: l, SHARON ADAMS - Librarian: Library Skills. 2. MARIE VORON KEVlCll -Junior English,Spcech. Commencement Speakers adviser. 3. PETER NEWMAN - Senior English mini-courses: Cileam Adviser: Chaproncs area theatre trips. the late. great Ski Club. England trips. 4. ROBERT llOl.l.AND - Sophomore and Junior English: Journalism: Blue and While Standard adviser: Student Council adviser: Ski Club adviser: liootball and Track coach. 5. JOAN PAUL - lfreneh l,ll,lll.lV: Sophomore and Junior English: Adviser lior Honor Society and Junior Miss Pageant: Foreign Language department chairman: Chapcroncd trips to lfrance. 6. JAMES EVANKO - Sophomore and Junior English: llead l-'ootball Coach. 7. ALAN Mll.l.ER - English and Dramatic Arts. 8. JOHN COKEFAI R - Senior English mini-courses: Senior Class Play: Drama Club: New York Trips, Stagccralt Club: Youth Enabling Service ol' Northampton County. Musical l. ll.lll: Drama Competition. 9. DEBORAH IILQTCHINSON - German I.ll,lll.lV. IO, PATRICIA DIZANGEIJS - Sophomore and Junior English: Pep Club: YEA: Musical, vs. L., W n Q Q if gg fc 463:55 5932. 5 5136, QM i as , ii F I5 FACULTY ith S ffl orld u S-4 5 cn we ' ' flfff. 53 + 55 il fi as em ww , , -eg. 55 W. i ER W HE fi we sie are ' E ew in 1 .3 55 1 A .a 1 L '., J Q E7 H . . as if FACULTY ff, we eff- We ak Mr. Zell, Mr. Bo ef, Mr. Lewis ,R W: 1. Quentin Zell discusses another interest- ing current event. 2. Daniel Kemeter relaxes as his class finally begins to respond to his questioning. y 3. Ronald Lewis keeps a close eye on the clock in hopes of another Nazareth victory. 4. Miriam Zell, Department Chairperson in Social Studies, smiles as she takes a break from her many duties and responsibilities. ii i K 5 RONALD LEWIS-Junior American Cultures, Senior ,AnthNnmHogy,FootbaH and Track Coach. DALE HARRISON-Sophomore World Cultures, American Indian, Sponsored Trips to American huhan h4useunu Schohnsuc Scdnnnage,AdvBon QUENTIN ZELL-Senior Problems of Democracy, Political Science, Poverty, Current Issues and Law. BARRY BOYER- Sophomore World Cultures, As- sistant Baseball Coach, Varsity Basketball Coach. MIRIAM ZELL-Junior American Cultures, Social Studies Department Chairperson, Honor Society Ad- wwn DANIEL KEMETER-Sophomore World Cultures, Junior American Cultures, Youth and Crime, Junior Varsny Basketbah and BasebaH Coach. NEIL SHOOK-Senior American Government' Junior American Cultures' Political Club Adviser fl . N . WWE' 1' I I W I7 FACULTY Through Math And Science 0 . . . . ! Futu UI' ing For OI' Expl Gary Lazo keeps himself busy adjusting to our routine during his first year as a teacher at Nazareth High School. Barbara Saltern, busy as usual correcting papers. Jerry Treon struggles to get a concerned student to comprehend his latest assign- ment in math. Earl Peck gives his calculus class a smile of encouragement and inspiration. ff' E.. Q x Y" , l ull' FACULTY -A SHERWOOD FREDERICK Geometry Algebra ll Honors Geometry Trlgonometry Analytlc Geometry Sen 1or Class Advlser Honor Socelty Advlser ESSC Math Contest Advlser INGRID SIMKE Blology I General Sclence Track Coach Envlronmental Educatlon Commlttee Chalrperson .Iacobsburg Stae Park Trlp Advlser EARL PECK Math ll math for Llvmg Algebra I Algebra Il Analytlc Geometry Calculus Stage Band Dlrector JERRY TREON Math ll Trigonometry Probablllty andStat1st1cs Elementary Functlons Algebra ll Program mable Calculator Football and Track Coach FRANCIS FRIEDHOFF Earth Sclence Space Scrence Planetarlum Shows Jun1or Class Advlser BARBARA SALTERN Chemlstry Advanced Chemls try Scholastlc Scrrmmage Advlser Chess Club Advlser GARY LAZO Physlcs Advanced Physlcs LEONARD BAST Blology I Modern Toplcs 1n Blology Vertebrate Anatomy MICHELE PARVENSKY Chemlstry General Scrence Intermural Basketball Tutorlng Program Drrector w-.qw 19 Through CC CII i Exp r '11 me 0 C 2 on .E : Y-4 Practice For ur Futures W Www l. 2. 3. 4. Victor Lesky and John Roanoke are always willing to help the schoolls organizations whenever special props are needed. Robert Lichner and David Sestak appraise the creative flower arrangements which were made by the Crafts class to be entered in competition at the Annual Chrysanthe- mum Show. William Hamilton and Philip George are immensely interested in promoting in- creased enrollment in the music programs in our school. In addition to her duties as teacher in our Business Department, Andrea Kadar manages the ticket sales for all productions and public performances. fsf H+ x f3,E....,, XM A L I A W r. .stat-,f L.-,i5,,..1-.Q .,..Q,:gx:i,nT,s5,Y ,,,,Y Y,-.,., , .. ' r....f.f,-fn-fa -.,... .,,. ,.Wag- , W ,-W.,..W.RJ--M.,,,,,.,,,-....,.........,. l. PHILIP GEORGE-Marching Band, Concert Band, Junior High School Band, Instrumental Lessons. 2. WILLIAM HAMILTON-Concert Choir, Chorale, Jazz and Show Choir, Treble Singers, Music Theory, Music Appreci- ation, Host for 1977 District X Chorus Festival, Musical I, II,III. 3. DONALD FREDERICK-Business Math, Personal Typing, Typewriting l,IIg Golf Coach, Assistant Softball Coach. 4. BELVA KOLESSAR-Typewriting II, Clerical Skills, Comet Staff Adviser. 5. EVELYN KILPATRICK-Shorthand I,lI, Office Practice, Typewriting Il, Clerical Skills II, Music Clubs Concert Co- ordinator. 6. DAVID SESTAK-Crafts, Photography, Ninth Grade Art. 7. VICTOR LESKY-Industrial Arts Wood, Advanced Wood, Stagecraft Adviser. 8. A. JANE JARRETT-Typewriting I, Personal Typing, General Business, Record Keeping, Magazine Campaign Ad- viser, Sophomore Class Adviser, Honor Society Adviser. 9. ANDREA KADAR-Typewriting II, Personal Typing, Ac- counting I,IIg Business Law. 10. ROBERT LICHNER-Art I,II, General Art I,II, Crafts, ssiffzsfmlf-1' r Fl .1 I 1 itmiigg. .fli'fIf,fQf. l if 1 ' I fizffilffffffi I 1' ri.:-Irma , 11 . 1 .,,,,. . l, .. .,,::v: 113 ifQ.fe:effiff,i.. .. , .W-ii, if I f:fsf,1,f:- in ii I - .. ! lil I ll ' - i' , .:f1f,1,1,.w I ii, ' ,. ,,,. ..,, 1 7 W' ,:: ::'::::E:IEl' s:fg:.f:ef,: r:svf::sfss.s 1 l l ' ..,..,,.,, ill Eifliliiwflift 'I ' Ill ? li li' 1 .,,. . il ,D illil ALC l ..,. fi Junior Colony Window Display. ll.JOHN ROANOKE-Industrial Arts Exploratory Metals, it Industrial Arts Metals I, Advanced Metals, Technical Draw- ing, Assistant Football Coach, Head Baseball Coach. FR Wm Zl zfefxssffssisfl . I i -svfssigssski -' ' l V: l :SEQ FACULTY I'CEltC S SSC la 'U CD O U 1, ., g.. we 1. i 'ii , M, l NISE.. .411 ii 'S 1. l Uno: W 1. ,tie ,Q s ' 11 -ixlfgrfix'- .1 'V .',,A'- my LQ MW V ,p, i l iff X i ii ,'-f fu ,.-: I f qu ill ii 1 ggi '11Zi':f'f ' mg. rr.. . F1311 :' " ll :sgiff-jQfiQ1.1i M 'ilwifilflif www mmm gill MMM WWW www U2 r li IE? 3 www FACULTY -A QM" mx . ., ,gg gg.. ,,l,.fI,f..f1Q,ff ' wi.. Experience For Everyone .. K J K - .. .-.. . .tl .asm M aiiwwm www. J' E ctfjf 'mf Q Q.. N N A new Ls. 'W X Q-sem sf.. e, , eeeeV so i is r r if qw R as av 4 Y. 3 -'Q ,. t X -it M is :if . . .. M Q -xsqxge ,x is 'T' 1. Raymond Nunamaker, varsity wrestling coach, explains human bone structure to a sophomore health class. 2. Patricia Auerbach and Mary Jane Siemin- ski acquaint students with the vital roll each of us holds in the life of the family. 3. Nick Drosnock and Frank Krisch try to look inconspicuous as they cover up a dent in the Driver Education car. 4. Gary Thorne is always willing to assist physical education students in developing new skills. 'Q -A532-zesi:1v:1,, W ' A A "' "Nw K r'c' - K ..,, V. - -'-f-' . X .M i ,. A . .,L:. WLLL 2 1 L .--a::.l V ki' k,k"' 7:5 '-'k A iil' 1 '--' ' cggx: 7 Q ix is if :jr si RUTH ANN McCAY-Health and Physical Education, Girls Basketball Coach, Cheerleading adviser. MARY JANE SIEMINSKI-Homemaking. RAYMOND NUNAMAKER-Health and Physical Education Cross Country Coach, Varsity Wrestling coach. REGINA CHASSARD-Physical Education, Field Hockey Coach, Softball Coach. PATRICIA AUERBACH-Child Development, Adult Living Homemaking I, Creative Foods, Creative Homes, Home Crafts Bachelor Living, Future Homemakers of America Adviser. NICHOLAS DROSNOCK-Driver Education, Physical Educa- tion, Boys' Basketball Coach. FRANK KRISCH-Driver Education, Girls' Basketball Coach Girls' Field Hockey Coach. GARY THORNE-Health and Physical Education Intramural Program. 23 FACULTY ff ta ecia 'TJ Sv O C S 4 r H l W P amf:ee- .wma xaywmsft mmm J-vssrv 62' 5:-ewww fr: refs n H ?-:tw efwsfif .. f--f , . .. . 4 . , . N. if f i le' pf-4 X 3 . M "XF w.5wm-Pvzlvs M MP l. Housekeepers Zena Bath, Mable Wam- bold, and Julia Hilliard. 2. Day Custodians Marvin Frey, Granville Klein, and Charles Diener. 3. Cafeteria Staff Pearl Bitz, Fern Rupert, Mable Graf, Kathy Hess, Pat Hayden, Claire Johnson, Katherine Silfies, Evelyn Shankweiler, Anthonina Ovcrholt, Anna Bieler, Claire Bush, Joan Nagle. '-nf-we f E '72 it .3 . S , Mr. ..Jh.i. - NJ ,AE-1-Q Elias,-Q .tm-R ti may H1 .,,a-,Rauf w-'1'rrrwu:,tv,q,.-,fpw.1r-1-Q.,m,maf:vt'v'QYE-'xzqvkwHW'fr'ffSW156s"T3WW:7::Nant.1'UKff'QYJ' va-mQvwz?a":'1:.,-1t-i-w,.'.-- ,, ,Mika 5,59 r, ,gf 5,64,a,,,.,.ag,,,,,.aag,um,,,, a,asa,,m,w,,ZW.maias.,,W:5,a,,frfifatm-.iw-:teamsqniaimagta-Wienwt-fawzaasass?ws'J41r ttfwmafsmatf -War- parl,-i1t.1qama,,:Ws:,rggtaatfgw'fraaatwwwsaa,iw-,P.emmaawe51wgw:.amva,,grwfqa-rat-nw f a4za3vy2v5'am,pa2:. tlgeaagf ff,.a.,,::tQ., if. gf? ,wr-,Q 3-2 are , :vi N W, ,W 2,5 -,X .fait K X? rxffpt ig H, 5 ,, , 1-, ,kt L 1-, , 1 i ,L if 3 gk i if 45413, -i J . ., , r, , r X, ,.,, ff, ,War ., ac. a My ,r-,ise,.aa..., X ..t.f.zft,Xr e.,,.wt,,. at afaifaf mf- ' fgkcf . nk -e , , e-assfslhsei 2 Q I ' E My 5 W 1 I, I W fi Guidance Counselor Marlyn Roth appears to ap- preciate versatile Ruth Ann McCay's handwork. Our school newspaper is only one of Robert Hol- land's responsibilities. Mr. Holland is also football and track assistant coach and Student Council adviser. Home Economics teacher Patricia Auerbach is credited with the great strides which have been made in that department's program. Many student teachers get practical experience in our school Miss Coffee worked with Sherwood Fred erick in the Mith Department f 1: t 1 its 3 1 '42 1 . 1 , H ,ea H i . 2 Q-r 1' .zz at "lr-'A r L-'43 , t 5 ft, t . --fi.: JF .. WN'-6 V -:. sa 5 1 , 4 :EE 9 '1 '24 A- W K tt? A 1,5 e -, mt s i 4 s 1 , fi? tr ac 4 5 F1 7 1, 'z taxa W2 if W i if Hw- - 3-t'a'fi' Jug, , .1 f r If In H57-:at f FACULTY s-4 CES GJ l sia OVCI' Um? FACULTY For School Board Y mlm 'HD Q , Vincent Paukovitch carefully examines his notes before the start of a meeting of the Board. Richard Hunt, newest member to the Board of Education, becomes aquainted with Board procedure. Individual conferences are frequently held prior to a regular meeting. William Broad, president of the Board of Education, has recently been reelected For another term. 4 -E i . "' Mia. . --f --,Y ..,,,,, W 1-17 . in --- --::. --f --..M J -- """',, ' 1 4. - I , ' ' ' 3--f Y1,V. , .M --111. Y V,,,,f-i-- --'fs-K-,gi.x-f.-g::.,z:f--Y W W g: . - ---- - g . - l . ,,,, -W T, -1, -----Bm.. 1 gl I I . 5 4 -- Controversy is the key word in describing the Board of Education's new policies for the l977-78 school year. Some ofthe new policies included the elimina- tion of foreign trips, ski club, and the majority of activities outside of a 25-mile limit, except athleti- cal activities and some band activities. We believe that the experience of the senior class were less educational and memorable because of these deci- sions. We sincerely hope that these policies will be reversed so that each future class will have a more educational and enjoyable senior year. l. Palmer Lindenmoyer 2. Board President William Broad 3. Elmo Frey 4. Superintendent of Schools Herbert Cobley 5. Secretary-Business Manager Wilfred Sheetz 6. Raymond Reinert 7. Richard Hunt 8. Vincent Paukovitch Missing from the picture are Gail Schultz, Conrad Tripp, Carl Hahn and Solicitor Walter Peters. 27 L 3 , ,g A 28 1 W ,, . ,Va X W ag -'MA ST'-' , A ' . . , ' Hff-1C'fl'lZf2l'.'-:LV fm' 1 J' -. .tu f- ,ff , C T' E' , , U 1, M -VM, 1 Q Muff , . " ,, , 1 1 w 5 , 1 X fp ,44 ff 4 iffroiv bfi!-T .. 52 x"4' - ' v ,M , if WK 9, we-p fa, ,gb fy ww 3 -5. :J My 31,41 Eff' WLM DUANE ACKERMAN Coilege Prep Library Aide l,2. LISA JEAN ALBAN ESE Business , Track ig JV Cheerleader 1, Varsity 2, CoCaptain 3g Pep Club L23 Prom Com- mittee 2g Senior Play Usher 3g Ski Club 3g Homecom- ing Committee 1,233 Sen- ior Class Committee 3. SH ERWOOD A LBERT Chip College Prep JV Football l, Varsity l, 2,3-g Track 2,3g Colonial League All Star Foot- ball First Team 3g Northampton County All Star Footbali Team 33 Big 33 Nominee 35 Ali Area Football First Team 3. BRIAN SCOTT ALTEMOSE Vocationalifeehnieal JV Football l, Varsity 21 Track i,2,3g Cross Coun- try Tri Capiain 34 Prom Committee Chairman 2g Homecoming Escort 3g Senior tClass Committee 3. gf, A LEFT: Coming back to our last year in high school will bring back many memories. We had many ups and downs to remember. CENTER: Among the extracurricular activities that students be- come involved with is our fine sports program. Brien Alte- mose was a member of the cross country team, Besides spending time in classes, sen- iors find time to relax and enjoy each othefs company in the senior center, and also in our well-equipped library. Kim LaBarba, Frank Heier, and Mike Male were frequent visitors at both these places. f-W4 SCOTT AMERMAN Vocational-Technical CHERYL ATHERHOLT Secretarial Pep Club 2. fi Wi, , f 'H CINDY L. BALTZ Baltzie Secretarial .IV Basketball l,2, Tri'Cz1pt- tain 33 Tennis lg Varsity Sofi- ball 2,3g Pep Club 23 Majorette l,2,3g Comet 3: Homecoming Committee 2,33 Senior Class Committee 3. Ti X CRAIG BARKER Vocational-Technical . .fyxw X 1 Y V 10" 9 -HSN 4. K 4: PQlT.'rr' 'S P . ii A K 4 "kkk s. V --,,3.",4,,.f"'Z4 fe .4 at SUSAN C. JENNIFER A. BASILE EARL BASSETT GAIL ESTHER BASTIAN BARTHOLOMEW .lffrmy Vocational-Technical College Prep Vocational-Technical College Prep Softball l,2,3: Ski Club l,2,3g Senior Play 33 School Musical Library Aide 1,23 Chess Club ' T 2,3. 3g Dramatic Club 3. KEITH ALLEN BEN DER Vocational.-Technical l Vafsity Baseball 39 Varsity Football 2. I DEBORAH Eysiankv Debbie College Prep Softball 1,2,3g Prom Com- mittee 23 Comet 3: Home- coming Committee 3g Senior Class Committee 3. JEFFREY D. BITTNER Jeff College Prep JV Baseball lg Tennis 2g Senior Play 33 Dramatic Club 3g Honor Society 33 Chess Club 3g Basketball Statistician l,2,3g Tuior l,2,3. KEVIN E. BORTZ l College Prep Prom Committee 2g Senior Play 3g Musical 2,33 Comet 33 'Dramatic Club 2,33 Honor Society 2,32 Homecoming Committee 3, DANIEL Boyce l SENIORS .edg- BRIAN D. BGYER College Prep .IV Wrestling l, Varsity 2,3. 32 LEE A. BRANDT College Prep Homecoming Committee 3. ROBERT BRINDESI Bob College Prep JV Baseball 1, Varsity 2,3. 32 Golf ff im , f ,ww I , Q iw' ,, J '- 4, ,. +1 V we A W ng 51 4 JA 4+ W' Q. A , S. lx its 4i,ZiW . i - 13 '.,,' X i Q,...,-U.. in TOP LEFT: Gail Bastian takes an active part in Ger- man class instruction. RIGHT TOP: Totally absorbed in her work, Jenny Basile ponders over an algebraic expression. RIGHT BOTTOM: Joe Brown rechecks his account- ing assignment for the up- teenth, time, CENTER: Sen- iors Bernice Costanzo and Mike Kachline. LEFT: With his eyes on the clock, Kevin Bortz awaits the all-impor- tant 3:l5 bell. uf' Q in A v:4'f"T'P 'O of if LORI BROAD College Prep Library Aide 3g Student Council l. HALE BROWN JOSEPH BROWN Business JV Football l, Varsity 2,3g Track l,2,3g Colonial League All Star 2nd Foot- ball Teamg Easton Express All Area Honorable Men- tion Football Team 3. GAIL LOUISE BUSS College Prep Softball l,2,3g JV Cheer- leader 1, Captain 2g Var- sity Cheerleader 3g Pep Ciub l,2,3g Prom Com- mittee Zg Blue and White 3g Student Council 33 Homecoming Court 3. SENIORS DEN ISE MARIE CA LA BRESE Neice Vocational-Technical Honor Guard l,2g Flag Squad 3g Senior Play 3g Musical 31 Homecoming Committee 3g Senior Class Committee 3. BETTY A N N CA MPANA RO Secretarial Treble Choir l. DAVID CASTELLUCCI Arts JV Football l, Varsity 2.3. LEON ARD CASTELLUCCI Vocational-Technical LEFT: Roberta Rutt keeps busy with her full schedule as she completes an account- ing job. CENTER LEFT: Enrolled in our Secretarial Course, Joan Wambold hopes to put her skills to good use after graduation. CENTER RIGHT: Wendy Raidline completes her project in a World Cultures class. CEN- TER BOTTOM: Sharon Getz, busy as usual. Sharon rarely wastes time, as she volunteers for many jobs around the school. BOTTOM: Enjoying lunch in our attractive cafe- teria is one of' Mike Kostick's favorite times ofthe day. rl Tff STEPH EN .IOH N CAU LLER College Prep Band l,2, Drum Section Lead- er 3g Stage Band 31 Prom Committee 21 Homecoming Committee I,2. '+..,"r X RANDY CORRELL Vocational-Technical xg-up .Ai X X BERNICE COSTANZO College Prep Pep Club 21 Prom Committee 23 Senior Play 33 Musical 3g Ski Club 2,3g Dramatic Club 3g FHA 3g Stagecraft Club 3g Homecoming Committee 3. FW. M., I KEVIN M. COUGHLIN College Prep Golf l,2,31 Tennis 1,23 Ski Club I,2. gs 'Wind ' QT W7- MARY ROSE CUNNINGHAM College Prep Field Hockey 1.2. Co-Cap- tain 3g Track I,2. Pep Club Ig Prom Committee 2g Stu- dent Couneil 3g YEA 23 Home- coming Committee l.2.3. 2 DENNIS R. DALEY Arts .IV Baseball I, Varsity 3: Prom Committee 23 Student Council 33 Homecoming Com- mittee 3g Senior Class Trip Committee Chairman 3. .gym .,,. of KATHY LOUISE DAN EY Secretarial Prom Committee Co-Chair- man 21 Ski Club 2.3g Blue and White 3g Student Coun- cil 3g Homecoming Committee l,2, Co-Chairman 33 Senior Class Committee 3. 35 LISA MARIE DAUGHERTY Doc College Prep Track 31 Senior Play Student Director 3g Musical 3, SENIORS DENISE MARIE DAY Secretarial Varsity Basketball Manager l,2,3,g Band I,2. Secretary 3. -1 V l 4 Q 5 f I5 MM' DEBORAH K. DECH Business Pep Club i,2g Prom Com- mittee 25 Senior Play Co- Director 31 Ski Club 2,33 Blue and White 33 Homecoming Committee I,2,3g Senior Class Committee 3. KEITH DECKER UQ, f PATRICIA DeGARMO ,W-9' A DONNA DeREAMUS College Prep Field Hockey 33 Varsity Soft- ball I,2,3,g Cross Country 33 Flag Squad l.2g Rifle Squad Captain 3g Prom Committee 23 Blue and White Page Edi- tor 33 Homecoming Com- mittee 3. SENIORS 1564 ANITA E. DEUTSCH College Prep Tennis 2g Pep Club 2g Senior Play 33 Musical 35 Blue and White Co-Editor 2g Honor Society 2, Secretary 31 Library Aide l,2g Chess Club 2,3g PSPA Keystone Award 3g Homecoming Committee 3. 36 1'5 DEBRA DEUTSCH Vocational-Technical WILLIAM DEUTSCH his Tu sr A u I ft fs -'e , . W C 3 lv- 1... l'I.....1 TOP LEFT: Kevin Coughlin's putting helped the golf team to a winning season. TOP RIGHT: Mark Duignam, a basketball whiz and runner-up for the physique of the week contest, enjoys the senior center. BELOW: Donna De- Reamus uses the facilities of our foreign language depart- ment, CENTER: Shelly Murphy and Lisa Diehl "circle up" for another great session with Mr. Newman. LEFT: Book in hand, Betty Cam- panaro tackles another trans- action in accounting class. DELINDA DeWALT College Prep Tennis 23 Pep Club lg Prom Committee 2g Senior Play Student Director 3g Mu- sical 3g Treble Choir 3g Jazznnd Show Chorus 3g Dramatic Club 34 Library Aide l,2g Homecoming Committee 3g Senior Class Committee 3. LISA JANE DIEHL College Prep Tennis 2,3g Pep Club 2g Prom Committee 2g Senior Play 3g Ski Club l,2,3g Honor Society 3g Home- coming Committee 2,34 Senior Class Committee 3. DONN A Dl ETZ Business JV Cheerleader l, Cap- tain 23 Pep Club 1,23 Prom Committee 23 Home- coming Committee l,2,3. CARL DiG ERLANDO College Prep Band 1,2,3g Stage Band lg Pep Band l,2. SENIORS SENIORS H G""'l"' I CAROL MARIE DLUGOS College Prep Mat Maid l,2,3g Pep Club 1,23 Prom Committee 23 Senior Play 3g Musical l,2g Class Secretary-Treas- urer lg Dramatic Club l, 2,33 Honor Society 33 Stu- dent Council 2, Secretary 3g Homecoming Commit- tee l,2,3g Senior Class Committee 3g Keystone Merit PSPA Award 2, ROBlN DOTTER W., ,.W, . ,cf,. ,, , .,,, ,s rt, 4 V H' N b Q """r-u'i"' i X 'ft ef- -...M ,. - r- A it , T -,...,., ,sg ,, t.l,yi. C 5 in 4 'W COLLEEN GLORIA DOYLE Vocational-Technical Girls' Cheerleader 2,3g Pep Club 2g Prom Com- mittee 2: Homecoming Committee 3. MARK HICKS DUIGNAM ' Degsy College Prep JV Basketball 1, Varsity 2, Captain 33 Cross Coun- try X23 Blue and White Staff Writer 3. ,v 'wk . v x , -3 t -Q, . t. i 1 1, s t 1 t s s ,Q 1 i s ,I-Erin wxyyixx "Rh x A RQ, . Q, 3 -xx 4 V Yxqyxm . - fs. ., , g H LEFT: Kathy Swceny and Chris Mcixsell, both mem- bers ol' the flag squad, pre- pare for a half-time per- formance CENTER TOP: Al- ways sporting a smile, Ann Shook distributes the daily absentee list. CENTER RIGHT: Mike Skutches, a varsity wrestler and physique of the week nominee, gives us a smile from the wood shop BELOW: Michelle Stark spend after school time on the tennis courts. BOTTOM: Donna Warner makes use of the microfilm viewer in the Library. Files of nationally circulated newspapers and pe- riodicals are uscd for research wOrk. BRUCE EINFALT we C an-fi Q 'Y' l I S TAMMY ERVIN I CHERYL LANARI ERDIE Secretarial Pep Club lg Homecoming Committee l. sn- PATTI LYN N ERDIE PE Secretarial Pep Club l,2g Prom Com- mittee 2g Senior Play 2g Blue and White 3g Class Vice Presi- dent lg Homecoming Commit- tee l,2,3g Senior Class Com- mittee Chairman 3. EILEEN ERNST .,,. P - . g g C .Vkh i ..t:Vk S x R R .5 . 'W """" , N Q...-4 . t CRAIG EVANKO College Prep JV Football l, Varsity 1.2.33 Football All League Second Team Offense and Defense 2: JV Wrestling l,2. ft LORI FENSTERMAKER Business gx JACQUELYN FINKBEIN ER Vocational-Technical SENIORS DAVID FISHER , THOMAS J. FLEGLER College Prep .IV Baseball I, Varsity 2. RQXANNE MARIE FLICK Flicky College Prep Track Statistician 2,34 Pep Club 1,23 Prom Committee 23 Senior Play Committee 2g Blue and White 3g FHA 31 Homecoming Committee l, 2,33 Senior Class Committee 3. I' A qw rw W 5 1 , ry: ' V ll't - 2' ' , ARTH UR FLYTE vw L4 Qswr 95 , ., if I it ' my.s A 'EV X, JEFFREY A. FOGEL VALERIE FOGEL CINDY L. FRANK DONNA A. FRATIPIETRO ANS Vocational-Technical Secretarial SENIORS Pcp Club 1,21 Honor Guard 2: Flag Squad 3g Prom Com- miltcc 23 Blue and White l,2, Page Editor 31 Comet 3: Hon- or Society 3. 0, ML: at r"h,q:rm,i l.Q I ,a f AMX I ' 17, -M iwif' F4 -1" , , K., .W ,,, ' A 1 1 Qrlf' ' G - K T ,uf 433: ' 1 Iiglw ix., N-...MN 4.-..,,N TOP LEFT: Brenda Pritchard managed to find time to assist with Homecoming activities all three years. TOP RIGHT: Bob Sauerzopf appears to be a little impatient for the bell to ring at the end of class. BE- LOW: Senior David Rohn enjoys one of the privileges of becoming a senior - the pause that refreshes. CEN- TER: Joe Reichart and Ron Rader, like many ofthe senior guys. participate in the annual ping-pong tournament. LEFT: Andy Rodgers, the guy with the irresistable smile and charm. 4 1 WQTFN' -"P"f't Vfhsg, 'bt vi SUSAN ANN FRITZ College Prep Tennis 2g Pep Club 1,23 Flag Squad 2,3g Prom Committee Zg Senior Play 3g Ski Club 2,3g Comet 33 FHA 3. CHRISTOPHER FRY CHRlSTlNE ANN GARR Chris College Prep JV Basketball lg Track 23 Majorette l,2,31 Prom Committee 2g Honor So- ciety 3g Student Council lg Homecoming Commit- tee l,2,3g Senior Class Committee 3. SENIORS sarguoas 1 SANDRA ANNEGARR Sandy Secretarial Honor Guard lg Flag Squad 2,3g Prom Com- mittee 23 Comet 3. CATHY GARREN ACKERMAN DEBORAH JEAN GAVIN Debbie College Prep Pep Club 2g Prom Com- mittee 2g Senior Play 3: Musical 33 FHA 33 Home- coming Committee 2,31 Senior Class Committee 3. KATHLEEN MARY GEOSITS Kathy College Prep Pep Club l,2g Prom Com- mittee 2g Senior Play 3g Musical l,2,3g Dramatic Club l,2,3g Honor Society 33 Stage-Craft Club 3g Pa. Governoris School for Arts Ig Scholastic Art Award lg Art Show First Place Eg Teachers Choice Award of Merit 1. F Sf? 1 ,WEN 5 Sl? 5 ls! LEFT: Kevin Reichel sporting a fancy pair of safety glasses, courtesy of the chemistry de- partment. CENTER TOP: Karen Weaver directed our class plays on the road to suc- cess. Karen is also a member of the chorus, and the Jazz and Show Choir. CENTER RIGHT: Football player Bob Sauerzopf proves he is not all brawn and no brains. BE- LOW: Debbie Marth com- bines her interests in crafts with future homemaking plans. BOTTOM: Our Horne- coming Queen, Mony Tanzos, is an active participant on the field hockey and basket- ball teams. sk W 42 JUSTINE A. GETZ Secretarial SHARON E. G ETZ Business FHA 3. Pep Club l,2: Prom Com- mittee 23 Homecoming Com- mittee 33 Senior Class Com- mittee 3. .. L: i i. d x iff Q in Lwf ,1 L ggi rg 436 Ov Y, -P I A h 2 . ,y 4 M . 1 g . 0 RONALD GODISKA College Prep H onor Society 2,3. TERRANCE GONDEK ' . dl! .fi BRENDA LEE GRADWOH L Business Library Aide 2.33 SCOTT GRAN D1 Vocational-Technical kv, RAY J. GROFF College Prep Cross Country 34 Band l,2,3, Ski Club 3, 'V LA R RY G RU BE Vocational-Technical SENIORS CHRISTOPH ER GRU VER lei STANA GUTEKUNST College Prep Track l,2,3g Cross Country 3: Pep Club 23 Prom Com- mittee 3: Blue and White Page Editor 3g Senior Class Com- mittee 3. MELAN LE A. GUTSHALL Business Pep Club 1,23 Prom Com- mittee 2g Blue and White 32 Honor Society 3g Homecoming Committee 33 Senior Class Committee 3. MICHAEL A. HABERLE Haber Arts JV Baseball 1, Varsity 2,33 JV Football l, Varsity 2, Co- Captain 3. KAREN ANN HAFFLING College Prep Flag Squad l,2,3g Prom Com- mittee 21 Senior Play 3g Mu- sical 2.35 Ski Club 2,33 Con- cert Choir 2,3g Chorale 2,34 FHA 3g Homecoming Com- mittee l,2,3: Senior Class Committee 31 Junior Mies Representative 3. SENIORS KERRY T. HAHN College Prep Exif wkyybkikx - LORI I-I A I-I N Vocational-Technical Flag Squad l,2,3. K K .. .. :KV X LORI HANNER Star College Prep Field Hockey 2,33 Track l,2,3 Pep Club l,2g Prom Com- mittee Zg Ski Club 33 FHA 3 Homecoming Committee 1,2 35 Senior Class Committee 3, K E i it r TOP LEFT: Idle hours are spent many different ways. The Senior Center is always a popular meeting place, but many others prefer to remain in assigned study halls. Stana Gutekunst ponders over which place to go. TOP RIGHT: Lori Hanner checks the clockg a persistant senior habit. TOP BELOW: Jack Herbst never has a decision to make - the Center wins every time. CEN- TER: Kim Hill and Audrey Itterly in a quiet respite in the Center. LEFT: Duane Ackerman chooses another option and takes advantage of a class in Personal typing. 4 5 JACK HARTZELL SHERRI LEA HECKMAN College Prep Softball l,2g Flag Squad 1, Colorguard Captain 23 FHA 3. JACK R. HERBST College Prep JV Basketball Tri-Cap- tain lg Varsity Football 2,3g Prom Committee 2: Student Council lg Home- coming Committee 3. DONNA HERTZOG Harper College Prep Library Aide 1.2: Con- cert Choir 2,31 Jazz and Show Choir 3: Musical 2,34 Dramatic Club 2,3: Prom Committee 2: Pep Club l,2: Chess Club 3. SENIORS SENiORS T T EZ BRTAN HESS Vucational-Technical JUDI HESS KATH LEEN H ESS KEVTN HESS College Prep JV Baseball 1, Varsity 2,3g JV Basketball l,2g Cross Country 2. LEFT: Our girls' athletic teams can new boast of their very own cheering squad. Cel- len Doyle was a member of our first cheering squad. CEN- TER TOP: Kevin Hess dreams of a relaxing game of ping pong in the Center or perhaps just a chance to getaway from English class. CENTER RIGHT: Lisa Daugherty, who came to our school in our Jun- ior year, was a big hit in "The Man Who Came to Dinner." She was alse student director for "Arsenic and Old Lace." BOTTOM CENTER: Lisa Headley, une of the lucky students enrolled in the crafts courses. BOTTOM: Jack Herbsi, Mike Hostick, Jeff Welty, and Lew Rissrniller in their "Singles Living" class. CATHY L. HICKERNELL Hick College Prep Varsity Basketball Statistician 2,3g Field Hockey l,2, Co- Captain 31 Softball l,2g Prom Committee 23 Homecoming Committee 33 Senator Class Committee 3. We ti t FRANCIS HILDEN BRAN DT Vocational-Technical .Q-gtxt ffm A if U 8 :57 Q3 KIM HILL Vocational-Technical Field Hockey l,2. LISA HOA DLEY Bedside Secretarial Pep Club 1,21 Prom Com- mittee 2g Blue and White 24 Homecoming Committee I,2, 33 Senior Class Committee 3. fapya ttti . f S""K ii' l. MELODY ANN HOADLEY FRANK HOFER Business FHA 3. 'QTY' .il , t9 ' Y Sm MICHAEL ALAN LISA ANN HONSEL HOLODNAK College Prep College Prep JV Cheerleader 23 Pep Club Tennis 1,2g Track 33 Cross 1,23 Majorette 3g Prom Com Country 31 Band l,2, Treas- mittee 2g Senior Play 3: Mu urer 33 Stage Band 3g Pep sical 33 Ski Club lg Blue and Band 3. White Zg Honor Society 2.3 Student Council l,2,3g Home coming Committee 33 Claes Committee 3. ' SIENIORS MICHAEL HOPWOGD Mike College Prep Senior Play 3g Blue and White 3g Merit Scholarship Semi- finalist 3. ERIC HUMMEL Arts Homecoming Committee 3: Football Manager 2. ,Ay JAMIE LEE HUNT Vocational-Technical Track Statitician 2g Pep Club l,2g Senior Play 23 Student Advisory Council Ig Home- coming Committee l,2g Tutor l,2. A U DRI-EY MARIE ITTERLY Audj Secretarial Pep Club l,2g Honor Guard 1, Lieutenant 23 Flag Squad Lieutenant 33 Prom Com- mittee 23 Comet 2g I-lgma- coming Committee 2g Senior Class Committee 3. DONALD JACOBY SENIORS FRANK ANTHONY JANDROSITZ, JR, Mickey College Prep .IV Baseball 1, Varsity 2,35 JV Football l, Varsity 2,39 Scholar Athlete 3g First Team Colonial League All Star Cen- ter 3. X s KAREN M. JANNY College Prep Varsity Basketball I,2,33 Ten- nis lg Softball 2,33 Prom Com- mittee 2g Honor Society 2,3. fm MICHAEL B. KACHLINE College Prep B 8 2 , ag. 'H+-is ir " -'I W' ii Q Q '. in-Gu ' 'K , as 'Ei' ' y yt. V t. i 't khk' i i V 1 wi . i yr 'X 5 A ,H Q, S W 5 Hr ,Q , . 'ft A ...,, it v V I' -4 K N 1 E ' 2 .D K Pg Q .L Mt, x ' 5 4 Q, L ll! I tit il :QED In A A ll X, , f , of? . is is 555 . 5, N ,4 . TOP LEFT: Chemistry Class always offers a challenge to Mark Duignam and friends. TOP RIGHT: Joe Kardelis and teammates spend anxious moments before the Home- coming game. BELOW: Sen- ior English students lucky enough to be assigned to John Cokefair's class in the "Mys- terious" CENTER: Mary Lou Pysher and Stella La- ponuke interpret just one of Peter Newman's "required reading." LEFT: Eric Hum- mel in a quiet moment in our Library. 1 -.QS WW JED KAHLER 'Mn tive Q, 7 X... 5 is J? ft Q I DAVID A. KARCH College Prep xi ""' ris' Senior Play 31 Ski Group 3. N. JOSEPH C. KARDELIS lll Business JV Football 1, Varsity l,2, 3g Track l. .Q-v DANNY KEENHOLD SENIORS ' VSV' TAMMY MARIE Kaawuow 4 Business 'Pep Club l ,2g Majorette 33 Prom v Committee 3g Homecoming Committee 3. 'L c:I N DY KEMMERER Vocational-Technical KARL F. KIPP, JR. Skip Vocational-Technica! CATHRYN KNUDSEN College Prep 4W.::. ,f Nw-"" ' 1 w ' 'ig -4 5333, LEF'T:1 jpuning A mgerher .4 yearbouk takesmfforg, stamina and Crbativity Here ,Cathj Tauschman and Judy Yvfavrting make' just one of the mam important ,decisians requirqz to produce a memorable year book, CENTER TOP: 'AL though school is a p lace'ic learn, occasignally educationa assemblies are included in om sche:du1e.hCENTER Rial-rr Work from thg: very start. and extremely dependable pw ple are vital in gredientsb ir producing the COMET, CEP-Tl TERBOTTOM: Steve Sand- brook and Ray Graff beiieve our assembliem are toofev. and far between. BGTTOMJ Although' state competition eluded Mike Kosticky he was a' vafuabie part of our cross country team. BRADLEY KOCHER X ' RICHARD KOCHER MICH AEL KOSTIC K MICHAEL KRESGE N i-'YV DONALD KROCK f-gg, I TERRY LEE LaBAR Vocational-Technical fxyfeff Y KIM MARIE LaBARBA Arts Track 33 Pep Club 2. LaRUE ANNETTE LAHR College Prep Softball lg Pep Club lg Prom Committee 2. SENIORS l TAMMY CAROLYN LAHR College Prep A Tennis 1,23 Track 3g Softball lg Pep Club 2g Prom Com- mittee Chairman 23 Senior Play Chairman 3: FHA Vice Presicient 34 Homecoming Committee 1,25 Senior Class Committee 34 t TODD HAROLD LAI-IR Coiiego Prep l Track 3g JV Wrestling 1, Varsity 2,lCo-Captain 3g Stu- dent Council Committee Chairman 3g Homecoming Assembly Co-Chairman 33 All-Area Honorable Mention Wrestling 2. . l MICHAEL, LAYQIDRY l 5 'S-1. STELLA LAPoNUKE cottage Prep l lvomeeh Student' lceuneix, Diversified Occupations, g DAVID ALLEN LAUBACH College Prep .W Football 1, Varsity 2g Ten- nis 2,33 Prom Committee 2g Musical 3g Blue and eWhite 2g Chess Club 2,3g Senior Class Committee 3. o semoesle l KATHY BETH LAUBACH Business Band 1gSki Club 34 Blue and white 3, ' GREGORY CRAIG LEH l Greg College Prep JV Baseball lg JV Football ll, Varsity 2,3g JV Wrestling l,2, Varsity 2,33 Musical 33 Con- cert ,Choir lg Whds Who Among o American High School Students 29 Senior Class Committee 3. 'W WILLIAM J, LEH Vocational-Technical t far' AP' YW' M8 N av 'iq get lpn "NK TOP LEFT: Not all seniors rush to the Senior Center dur- ing free time. LaRue Lahr prefers peace and quiet to complete an assignment. TOP RIGHT: Clerical Student Kathy Laubach works on a typing assignment. The Busi- ness Department is proud of its modern, up-to-date facilities. BELOW: Mary Letson, one of the reasons our class play was such a booming success, jots down a few notes. CENTER: Diane Marakovits and Edie Longenbach take advantage of one of the privileges of honor students - their very own room. LEFT: Tammy Ervin and friends enjoy the 20-minute break in the school day provided by the activity period. furry-'v-. ' 5uu-' I Xxx Y' ' w Y K We f MARY E. LETSON Mel College Prep Concert Choir 33 Library Aide 2,3. TODD HALE LICHTENWALNER College Prep Honor Society 2,3. SUSAN LOETZBEIER EDIE ANN LONGENBACH College Prep Varsity Tennis l,2,3g Pep Club l,2g Prom Commit- tee 2g Senior Play Com- mittee 3g Honor Society 2,33 Homecoming Com- mittee 3g Senior Class Committee 33 District Ten- nis Third Place 3g State Tennis Qualified 3. SENIORS SENIORS G ' f ..,. . it PAMELA MARIE LONGENBACH Secretarial Magazine Caimpaigri Staff l,2. - h LYNN MALE VocationaI'TechnicaI m Pep Club 1: Homecoming Committee 1,3. MICHAEL MALE Mike Vocational-Technical JV Wrestling I,2, Varsity 3. DIANE MARIE MARAKOVITS t College Prep t Tennis. l,2,3g Softball lg Pep Club l,2,3g Prom Committee 2g Muscial 2,3g Treble Choir 1, Concert Choir 2, Chorale 2,33 Dramatic Club l,2,3g Honor Society 2,33 Student Council 3g Homecoming Committee l,2,3g Senior Class Committee 3. 'Y i , , .1-- ..,,. - :sis . - - - M K X . kj . ,AQ - :1:..,, .M .x TOP LEFT: Carl Digerlando, active in our marching band, breaths a sigh of relief after a busy day.'LEFT TO? CENTER: Mel Gutshall, a student in the Health Assistant Program at Vo-Tech, completes a typing as- signment. LEFT CENTER: Though most people enjoy having their photo taken, Michele Stark thinks differently. CENTER RIGHT: Brenda Gradwohl gets ready for another game of rugged competition in gym class. BOTTOM: Unlike most active students, Mark rests quietly in the Senior Center. lll.l . t..,,.. .. JOHN MARAKOVITS Vocational-Technical JV Basketball I, Varsity 2,3g .IV Basketball l, Varsity 2. aftgw' . TERRY ANN MARCHAK Business Basketball Statistician 33 Field Hockey 1,2,3g Mat Maid 1,23 Pep Club 1,2g Prom Committee 2g Ski Club 33 FHA 3g Homecoming Com- mittee 1,2,3g Senior Class Committee 3. ii"""' DEBORAH MARTI-I Secretarial .t sl JUDY MARTINO College Prep Pep Club 1,25 Prom Com- mittee 2g Comet 3g Dramatic Club 33 Honor Society 2, Vice President 23 Homecoming Committee 1,2,3g Senior Class Committee 3. rx., . My ' -'A .3 xxx " , FRANK THOMAS BRENDA KAY MCG RATH CHARLENE A. MCGRATH MAUREK Arts' Charlie College Prep JV Basketball l, Varsity 2,33 Varsity Basketball 3g Golf l,2, 33 Prom Committee 23 Home- coming Committee 3, Vocational-Technical Track Announcer 2,3g Band Announcer l,2,3g Blue and White 33 Comet 3g Honor Society 35 Stagecraft Club 3g Homecoming Committee 2,35 School Play 3. rf'- LU ANN MCPOYLE College Prep Ski Club 2,3g FHA 33 Home- coming Committee 3g Senior Class Committee 3. SENIORS KAREN TH ER ESE MCSWEEN College Prep Track Statistician 2,33 Pep Club 23 Honor Guard 23 Flag Squad 33 Prom Committee 23 Blue and White 33 Library Aide l,2, Homecoming Com- mittee 33 Senior Class Com- mittee 3. DEBRA MARIE MEASE Debbie Vocational-Technical "'N2:::.s"' CHRISTINE MEIXSELL College Prep Honor Guard I3 Flag Squad 2,33 Prom Committee Chair- man 23 Ski Club 2,33 FHA 33 Homecoming Committee 3. W7 CLAY MENDOLA 'US RICHARD ALLEN MERRITT Business JV Football l, Varsity 23 Track I,2,33 Ski Club 33 Student Council 2. SENIORS ,3 . MICHAEL MEYERS College Prep Band I,2, President 33 Pep Band l,2,33 Magazine Cam- paign Staff I,2. .-"my x JANE MICHAEL Business Pep Club 1,23 Prom Com- mittee Co-Chairman 23 Senior Play Committee 33 Blue and White 33 FHA 3g Homecom- ing Committee l,2,3g Senior Class Committee "B-5... JEFFREY MILLER ff.: tv" TOP LEFT: Lisa Diehl enjoys the freedom granted an honor student to spend scheduled study periods in the Honor Room. TOP RIGHT: Softball and basketball player Karen Janny. CENTER: Kris Perna and Lisa Hoadley take a few free minutes before their Crafts Class to catch up on the news arqund the school LOWER RIGHT: Heidi Schramm, an enthusiastic basketball and track member, takes time to give us one of her perpetual smiles. BOT- TOM: Ron Stincr gets a taste of what it is like to be on the other side of the teach- er's desk. KEVIN M. MILLER College Prep Senior Play 3g Musical 3g Honor Society 2,33 Merit Scholar Finalist 33 Chess Club 3g Gleam A- wards l ,2g Basketball Statistician 1,2,3. CH ERYL LEIG H MOHN Vocational-Technical Track lg Pep Club l,2g Homecoming Committee l,2,3g Senior Class Com- mittee 3. DEE MON DSCHEIN Pep Club lg Majorette 2, Head Majorette 33 Prom Committee 2g Homecom- ing Committee l,2,3. SH ELLY AN N MURPHY College Prep Track 2,31 Prom Com- mittee 23 Blue and White 3g Homecoming Com- mittee 3. SENIORS ANN E LOU ISE MUSSER Secretarial Softball Manager lg Mat Maid l,2,3g Pep Club l,2g Prom Committee 2' Honor Society 3. ANN N. N AG LE Vocational-Technical Pep Club 1.2. PERRY NARDELLA College Prep JV Baseball 1,2,3, First Team Colonial League 3g .IV Basketball l, Varsity 2, Co-Captain 33 Golf l,2,3. BLAISE CHRISTOPHER NEALON College Prep JV Football l, Varsity 2,33 Track l,2,3g Class Presi- dent lg Homecoming Committee 3. 5 8 TOP LEFT: Leading man in Arsenic and Old Lace Ken Smith apparently enjoys re- minising on the success of the senior class play. CENTER TOP LEFT: This pile of passes shows attendance is booming in the Center. LOW- ER LEFT: Our own Mr, Ir- restible Jan Smith puts fame behind him and tackles a math assignment. RIGHT CENTER: Every year the senior class leaves a bit of themselves on the walls of the Center. Brian Hess sits in front of the mural left by the Class of '76. BOTTOM: Bob Brindisi appears appre- hensive as he thinks about the upcoming baseball game, -ZF...- 'sr Ai DEN lSE NEMETH Arts FHA 3. JEROME NEMETH A g X ...kk Q is T it 'fo JUDITH AN N NESFEDER Secretarial JO AN N NIKLES Business Field Hockey Manager 2g Pep Club lg Prom Committee 2g Student Council 3g Home- coming Committee l,2,3g Senior Class Committee 3. we rf""W' arzwv' SCOTT OLENWIN E College Prep 5 .IV Basketball l, Varsity 2,31 Cross Country 2g Prom Com- mittee 2g Homecoming Com- mittee 1,2,3. E., . DANA L. PAISLEY Vocational-Technical KENNETH PANOVEC JOHN PAPCIAK SENIORS KRIS PERNA Arts Varsity Cheerleader l,2g FHA lg Homecoming Com- mittee l,2,3g Homecoming Court 3g Pep Club lg Musical 33 Ski Club 3. News 'Y BLAINE L. PHILLIPS Piggy College Prep JV Baseball Captain 1, Varsity 2,3g JV Basketball 1, Varsity 2,3g Cross Country First Three-Year Letterman, Captain 3g Comet Photogra- pher 2,3g Class Treasurer 2,3g Student Council. BRENDA MARIE PRITCHARD Arts Pep Club lg Prom Committee 23 Ski Club 3g FHA l,2g Homecoming Committee 1,2, 3. MARY LOU PYSHER Emma College Prep Prom Committee 2g Blue and White 23 Comet 3g Honor Society 2,3. 3921522 ' ' S1 fl" RONALD RADER WENDY RAIDLINE ELLEN J. REDLINE JOSEPH REICHART Arts Vocational-Technical JV Wrestling l,2. Pep Club l,2g Ski Club 2g SENlORS Treble Choir l,2g FHA lg YEA lg VICA 2. '45 Y C T ssrri , .3 K. gf l . . We Seniors managed to take ad- vantage of all senior privileges. TOP LEFT: Chris Garr, Sue Yeakel, and Lee Brandt on a frequent visit to the Center. TOP RIGHT: Wendy Raid- line attending a not-too- frequent assembly program. LOWER RIGHT: Cathy Hickernell prefers the quiet of the Library. CENTER: Amidst ping pong games and checkers, LuAnn McPoyle and Jane Michael exchange the latest news. BOTTOM: Diane Marakovits gets into position to return the volleyball. KEVIN REICHEL COLLEEN MARIE REMALEY Vocational-Technical Track 23 Varsity Cheer- leader 1.2, Captain 3g Pep Club l,2g Homecoming Committee 3. JANINE REMALY ROGER REMALY SENIORS SENIORS -if 45 . .9 I F. L x SHERRY REMALY BUSS Arts Pep Club 1,23 Homecom- ing Committee l,2,3g VICA 2. JOHN GEORGE REUSS Vocational-Technical JV Football 1, Varsity 2,32 Track l. our 'H If -5, BRIAN SCOTT -Q.. RISSMILLER 1 X A' Vocational-Technical ,mf KIM JANE RISSMILLER Business Pep Club 1,23 Honor Guard 3g Prom Committee 23 Blue and White 3g Comet 33 Homecoming Committee 3. TOP LEFT: Scott Olenwine tries out the facilities in the Home Ec Suite. LEFT TOP CENTER: Involved in our Art Program, Joey Reichart spends most of his free time taking advantage of the modern equipment in the Crafts Room. LEFT LOWER CENTER: Chris Garr appears to enjoy "Catcher in the Rye," even though it is an assigned reading in English 12. RIGHT CENTER: Rich Schneebeli, a three-year mem- ber of our football team, was also impressive as our heavy- weight wrestler. 0'P""f, UE SM ij ' fllgxxk ' 0. AK We fin... for Six' 1 kg is . 3, Q, C' 4' C, Y AQ 2:3 'fbi it so 2 0 ' X bi ' az.. Ciao s . 'i5"':b s. N NLD LEWIS C. RISSMILLER College Prep JV Football I, Varsity 2,3g Track l,2,3g JV Wrestling l,2, Varsity 3. ANDREW CHARLES RODGERS Andy College Prep JV Baseball I, Varsity 2: JV Football lg Track 3g Tutor 23 Prom Committee 2g Student Council 3. .V 1 gg , .. I f X X is ' x NDN is X we 4. w . Si X x xx 3 X X 0 4 I KIM ROG ERS Vocational-Technical YEA 2. DAVID WARREN ROHN Vocational-Technical JV Baseball 1,2. ""'lnu. if THOMAS R. ROHN Tom Business Track 2,3g JV Wrestling 1,2 Varsity 3. JAY ROSEBERRY LINDA ROTHROCK College Prep Field Hockey lg Softball 2 Prom Committee 2g FHA 3 Homecoming Committee l,2, 3g Senior Class Committee 3. CINDY SUE RUMSEY Business Pep Club lg Prom Committee 2g Senior Play 33 Musical 33 FHA 33 Homecoming Com- mittee 3g Senior Class Com- mittee 3. SENIORS Cl-IERYL L. RU PERT Vocational-Technical FHA 3. ROI?-ERTA RUTT Robin Secretarial FHA 3: Senior Class Com' mittee 3. STEVEN DAVID SANDBROOK College Prep JV Football l, Varsity 1,2,3g JV Wrestling LZ, Varsity 31 Prom Committee 23 Ski Club 2,3g Class President 2,3g Stuw dent Council l,2,3g Home- coming Committee Court and Queen Float 3. CONNIE JEAN SANDS Vocational-Technical Mm eww 'Nr-wp--f ROBERT SAUERZOPF College Prep JV Football Captain 1, Var' sity l,2,3g Track l,2,3g JV Wrestling lg Blue and White 2, Editor 3g First Team Coionial League All Star Football, Second Team All-Areag Big 33 Nominee, Northampton County All-Stars. SENKJRS RICHARD R. SCHNEEBELI College Prep .IV Football Captain I, Var. sity l,2, Captain 33 Track l,2, 3: JV Wrestling 2, Varsity 2,33 Blue and White 33 First Team Colonial League Ai! Star Football, Second Team All- Area, Big 33 Nominee. 64 LUCAS SCI-IOEN EBERGER SCOTT SCHOLL Vocational-Technical U . 1 3, X 7 sas- D ' 'iiilkliiaf TOP LEFT: Lou Rissmiller gets advice for his upcoming bout from Coach Nunamaker. TOP RIGHT: Cheerleading Squad Captain Colleen Re- maley appears apprehensive about the outcome of a .IV basketball game, LOWER TOP RIGHT: Darla Seaton, one of the 80 members ofthe cast in our 3rd annual musical. CENTER: We are all proud of Jeff Tripp's performance as state runner up in the wres- tling tournament. BOTTOM: .los Kardelis, one of Mr, Price's frequent visitors. ?"0, 4 tx if xl . 1, -' 35-gg , HEIDI LORRAINE MAE SCHRAMM College Prep JV Basketball 1,23 Field Hockey 2,33 Prom Com- mittee Zg Class Vice Presi- dent 2g Magazine Cam- paign Staff lg Student Council 3g Homecoming Committee 1,33 Senior Class Committees 3. DARLA A. SEATON Seed Secretarial Track lg Pep Club 2,3g Musical 3g Ski Club 3g Treble Choir lg Concert Choir 2,3g Chorale 3g Sen- ior Class Committee 3. JOSEPH SERFASS RAN EE JOY SHAFER Vocational-Technical SENIORS my X mm ,,3l:'.':,: K- ,ax-xx Vx I 5213, ' ' Vligigffax ' sEN1 oRS f PAUL SKUTCHES ARTHUR SNHTH JAN SMITH' KENNETH SMITH Coilege Pfep Tennis 23 Prom Committee 2L Senior Play 3g Ski Club 2,3g Concert Choir 2,35 Chorale 3g Homecoming Committee 3g Senior Class Committee 3. -ww., ax u ,gi ,, I. .. . w. N 1 is in . 1 A " ..,. 3 N. V p..- w xx 'J TGP LEFT: 5Shc Hy1,.MuQphy arfcf Dwm DH'2R?f2f1?'1l1Sz 'ofdinate another p fine bf the Blue a'nC1'Wliite1Slaa'1Q4w ard. Shelly is ais0 a meniizyerfiif the 'track team ai1d !3lgmr2ei plays an 11165 softbailf 3 h' iffs2x'1'f1g5 CENTER TOP LEFT: S1359 Gptekunst one of thelfour fqafgef editofsf ef puff Schqoi News-E paper, 7 Sherri Hackman fandv Kafgn Haffiingi move a ,head litfizwgtffcii cafeteria fBOTTOMi 7CIi2xfh lane McGrath andgliim Rissk miller are part of thc' Life ,editbrs of the COME'fgf B0'rTo M: Q l , Qi R ' :kk 5 5' " ' , X x"fS2e FRED SHANKWEILER iss. r"I' VALERIE DIANNE SHELLY Val College Prep Senior Play 3: Treble Choir 23 Concert Choir 33 Blue and White 2,3g Comet 33 Library Aide 11 Senior Class Commit- tees 3. is-it eermisfii ' '- 5. KEVIN SHOEMAKER Vocational-Technical ANN MARIE SHOOK Business Field Hockey 1,23 Softball Manager 1,23 Pep Club lg Prom Committee 2: Treble Choir lg Senior Class Com- mittee 3. S Q ,.. ggi, sf. TIMOTHY JOHN SIEGFRlED College Prep JV Wrestling 1.2, Varsity 31 Band l,2, Student Director 3: Stage Band 3g Pep Band l,2,3g District and Regional Band 31 District Orchestra 33 Senior Play 3g Musical 2,33 Student Council 2,3gStudent Forum 3. BRENDA SILFIES Secretarial ....u' 5 RONALD SILFIES 67 '19 is., 7 TERRI SISSON College Prep Varsity Basketball 31 Tennis 3g Softball 2,31 Mat Maid Wrestling Photographer 33 Prom Committee 21 Blue und White 31 Comet Photographs 33 Homecoming Committee 3g Senior Class Committee 3. SENIORS WILLIAM SMITH , t-ii' ' CURTIS SNYDER 'fer' RQQ pfxxlf-.. FAWN SNYDER SANDRA SUE SNYDER Sandy Secretarial ang-xv JONATHAN F. SOKASITS College Prep Varsity Basketball Manager tg Stage Band 33 Musical Orchestra l,2,3g Senior Play 3g Concert Choir l,2,3: Cho- rale 2,31 District and Regional Chorus 3g Dramatic Club l, 2,3-g Honor Society 31 Merit Scholarship Letter of Com- mendation 3g Scholatsic Scrimmage 2,31 SENIORS sf CYNTHIA MARIESTAHL Cindy. Rosie Secretarial Pep Club l,2g Honor Guard 2, 33 Track Statistician 2,33 Prom Committee 21 Musical 3g Blue and White 2,3g Magazine Campaign Staff l: Homecom- ing Committee 2.3g Senior Class Committee 3. 68 Vibe' MICHELE ANN STARK RONALD LEE STEINER College Prep College Prep JV Basketball 2: Tennis 2,33 Senior Play 3g Musical 33 Dra- Pep Club 1,23 Senior Play 3g matics Club 3g Honor Society Ski Club 3. 2, President 31 Merit Scholar- ship Letter of Commendation 3g Chess Club 3g Scholastic Scrimmage 2, Captain 3. TOP LEFT: Jon Sokasits ef- fectively playing his roll in "The Man Who Came to Din- ner." TOP RIGHT: Mark Duignam and Mike Kostick observe the half-time festivities during Homecoming. LOW- ER RIGHT: Getting all wrap- ped up in a boys' basketball game is Cindy Baltz, a mem- ber of the girls' team. CEN- TER: Seniors Kathy Sweeney, Diane Marokovitz and Karen I-laffling get set for chorus rehearsal. BOTTOM: Audrey ltterly puts the finishing touches to a page of the Senior Section. We arf", HENRY STERNER DAWN KATH LENE STEVENS Kathy Arts LINDA M. STOFANAK College Prep Ski Club l,2,3g Homecom- ing Committee 3g Senior Class Committee 33 Li- brary Aide 1.2: Stagecraft Club 3g Senior Play 3. ANNETTE MARIE STOUT Vocational-Technical JV Cheerleader 1, Varsity 2: Pep Club 1. SENIORS LORI ANN SUPERS Vocational-Technical Pep Club l. TlNA S UTTER Vocational-Technical JV Basketball lg Track l. 2,3g Pep Club lg Prom Committee 2: Ski Club 34 YEA 2,3g Homecoming Committee 2. KATHRYN DIANE SWEENEY Kathy College Prep Pep Club 23 Honor Guard lg Flag Squad 2,31 Prom Committee 23 Concert Choir 33 Homecoming Committee 2, PATRICK SZUTAR 70 TOP LEFT: Pat Szutar, en- rolled in a Singleis Living class, meticulously puts the finishing stitches on a cuff of his shirt. CENTER TGP LEFT: We have the answer to Hollywood's Richard Dry- fuss in our own Kevin Miller. CENTER RIGHT: Cathy Hickernell in her version of Frankenstein during a Home- coming Assembly. CENTER BOTTOM LEFT: Aunt Abby and Aunt Martha from Arsen- ic and Old Lace as Cindy Rumsey and Carmel Tremble sees them. BOTTOM: Brian Altemose in a state of collapse following a Cross Country victory. W: 'Q 'JU' jziiig A JCNI TALPAS MON ICA TANZOS Mony College Prep JV Basketball l, Varsity 2, Captain 3g Field Hockey l,2,3g Prom Committee 23 Musical 3i Comet 3g Class Secretary 2,33 Student Council l,21 Homecoming Queen 3: Senior Class Committee. CATHY TA USCHMAN Secretarial 3 Tennis l,2,3g Mat Maid l,2g Pep Club 1.21 Prom Com- mittee 2g Comet 3g Magazine Campaign Staff lg Student Council Staff lg Student Council 23 Homecoming Com- mittee l,21 Senior Class Com- mittee 3. Y "fs-fs 55+ .,.. qv, DAVID TAVlANlNl College Prep JV Basketball l.2, Varsity 3g Tennis Four Year Letterman: Band lg Class Vice President 31 Honor Society 2,3g Stu- dent Council Treasurer l, 2,35 Homecoming Committee Float Chairman l,2, Dance 33 Who's Who 3. te V, Q" nur-"re DONNA TEMOS Q'P"'wr RITA LOUISE THORMAN College Prep Pep Club l,2g Senior Play 39 Ski Club l,2g Comet 3. itft " MICHELE TINDULA Vocational-Technical Track 3g Pep Club 2g Home- coming Committee 3. 7 l 'nav' DALE TRANSUE SENIORS ROBERT TRANSUE jx. SALLY TRANSUE Vocational-Technical CARMEL ANN TREMBLE College Prep JV Basketball 2g Track 2,33 Pep Club 23 Senior Play 33 Musical 33 Blue and White Editor 3g Dramatic Club 3g Honor Society 3. CRAIG TRESS College Prep Track 31 Cross Country 33 Ski Club 33 Student Council 3. Uv JEFFREY TRIPP College Prep Varsity Wrestling l,2, Co- Captain 33 Class AAA State Runner-Up at ll21f. SENIORS ROBIN ANN VIGLIONE College Prep Prom Committee 23 YEA 21 Homecoming Committee l. 72 e ROBERT KENNETH WAGNER Vocational-Technical Track l,2,3. TODD WALLACE Governor Vocational-Technical JV Football 1. ,W .M .ang .wr of 7 3 x 9--455 i fx TOP LEFT: One of our sen- iors who is busy every minute of the day is Anne Musser. TOP RIGHT: Cindy Stahl struggles with balancing an account in the practice set which must be completed for her accounting class. LOWER RIGHT: Monica Tanzos per- fects the pages for the sports section ofthe yearbook. CEN- TER: Seniors should be show- ing a little more enthusiasm at a Pep Rally. BOTTOM: David Tavianini mans the refreshment stant at the C0- lonial League Wrestling meet. Guy' Av, if xi KRISTY WALTERS JEANETTE WAMBOLD JOAN MARIE WAMBOLD Secretarial Treble Choir 1. DONNA LEE WARNER College Prep Pep Club 1,2g Honor Guard 33 Prom Committee 23 Magazine Campaign Staff 23 Homecoming Committee 2,3g Senior Class Committee 3. SENlORS R i - . , , K 'ho . "L "nv C I . X X Q , .ce .. EILEEN MARIE WARNER College Prep JV Basketball 2g Band l,2,33 Senior Play Com- mittee 33 Musical l,2,3g FHA 3. KAREN M. WEAVER College Prep Tennis l,2g Pep Club l,2g Prom Committee 23 Sen- ior Play 31 Musical 3, Jazz and Show Choir 35 Comet 3: Dramatic Club 3g Homecoming Commit- tee l,2,3g Senior Class Committee 3. J EFFR EY A. WELTY Arts JV Football l, Varsity 31 JV Wrestling IZ. DON N A KAY WERK HEISER Business O TOP LEFT: Bob Brindisi, Karen Haffling, Donny Krock, and Sherri Heckman prove that four heads are better than one. CENTER TOP LEFT: Kevin Bortz and Karen Wea- ver, editors of the Faculty Section, wait for the mem- bers of the Board of Educa- tion to arrive for pictures for the yearbook. CENTER RIGHT: Mr. Jerry Treon helps Kevin Coughlin with a difficult assignment in proba- bility and statistics. CENTER BOTTOM LEFT: When "Spring Fever" sets in, seniors decide to show that school can also be enjoyable. BOT- TOM: Scott Olenwine and Bob Sauerzopf cutting up during, a tailoring class. 3 'Z Z f, s 1 I 5 'Jil an 5 . 1 ,-4 , If ,... Vg 1-Ze: .. wxfwf-"" -3 1 .1 A .Six PHILLI P C, WERKHEISER Vocational-Technical 'lv GERALDINE MARIE W ER N ER Gerry Vocational-Technical pw- A. ROBERT WI LHELM Wt' l DONNA L. WILLIAMS JV Basketball 1,25 Field Hockey l,2,3g Mat Maid 31 Musical l,3g Class Historian 1,2,3g Student Council l,2. President 3g YEA l,2,3g Co- lonial League Field Hockey All Stars 2,31 DAR Award 3, Honor Society 2,3. FHA Sec- retary I, Treasurer 2,3g Prom, Homecoming, Senior Class Committee l,2,3. ,. ROBYN DAYL WILSON Secretarial Blue and White 2, Co-Editor, Page Editor 33 Comet 3 Honor Society 3. JAMES E. WINGER .lim Vocational-Technical . y ,. 'ies .: 1. 1. ft-f ff 1 Ifffzizs, f. ' r-' 1 I, KW KEY, f A 'X fl, f if TIMOTHY WOLFE if' CYNTHIA L. WUEST College Prep Pep Club 1,23 Senior Play 3g Musical 3, Dramatic Club 31 Honor Society 33 Homecoming Committee lil Senior Class Committee 3. SEINIORS SENIORS EDMOND J. YANDRISEVITS Arts JV Basketball l, Golf l,2. 3g Homecoming Commit- tee 2,3. SUSAN JANE YEAKEL Ji ' f J A wit C f 3 F' i 1 W.. Susie Secretarial Pep Club 23 Head Major- ette I, Drum Majorette 2, 34 Prom Committee Z3 Sen' ior Play 31 Blue and White 33 Homecoming Commit- tee 3. DEBRA YESKA JULIE ROMERO Exchange Student "N 3 Nt TOP: Audrey ltterly and Deb Berry, editors for our Senior Section, were not only respon- sible for layout, but also took on the role of photographers for the candids in this section. CENTER: Jenny Bzisile took an active role in every one of the drama productions. BOT- TOM: Senior Class Treasurer Blaine Phillips and Don Krock, who is Nazareth's Charmer ol' the year, spent hours checking the finances of thc class. Rais' ing funds for the Class Trip involved the cooperation of every senior. .xt sh if 'in rr- fi , K I ww ' ff O ff ' ' P 1 I M' Q , 'Wm t it - l -ttt M, ., .J K :sg . K. K .H t., :lit 1 u w: si: K S H g N 1 -V 0 .E ,kkk.V F kb i x V L S ix. if F N 9 was we Q7 T T : " A . UQ 1 eeee T T ' o K ,, J 1 A 'K' e T 2' G H .5 - X Q S ,. Q M.. . X L' -: at P ' 4 5? Q' .i l ii., ,, Q ' H I 3 Q Q. . h 2 ,S Hifi .f v. . , 1. Q. Qs ii if E ii? Ex ' . ff My rf -Q,,,f 5 any '.. ':Jg.L'!-ri 92515. Aw' ' J. BOTTOM LEFT: Traveling from Bolivia, Julio Romero spent his senior year with us as an exchange student. Among his studies here, Julio enjoyed his participation in our chorus and the work he did in our crafts classes. TOP: The Comet Staff, in an effort to be clever, pose forthe class numerais '78, 77 Seniors W" if 5 if 2 , V hi 1 i xg.. Qa- J .J Q -.L w, K! v. Although Homecoming, l977, was greeted by the sight of rain, the stu- dents' enthusiasm and spirit were not dampened. The hectic day started with last- minute finishing touches of decorat- ing. Streamers, balloons, and signs camouflaged lockers, halls, and homerooms all through the school. Senior girls rushed down to the sinks to buy their hush pins. With the thought of giving away their hush pins on their minds, they tried their hardest to keep quiet. Their efforts, however, were futile, as many of the guys' shirts were pinned with mouth-shaped felt pins. Sophomores were seen hiding be- hind doors, running to classes, and staring at the floors trying to dodge the seniors lurking in every hall searching for their next initiation victim. With lipstick and rouge cov- ering their faces, nursery rhymes and "We love you, seniorsf chants were familiar sounds heard from the sophomores. Executioners, equipped with their own version of axes, appeared at the lunches to help with initiating. In the afternoon the auditorium doors were barely hanging on by their hinges as the student body ex- ploded with spirit at the assembly. Brian Knecht led into the program with a dynamic solo on the drums. Majorette guys and Rah-Rahs took everyone's attention as they leaped, jumped, and sprang across the stage. Saucon Valley's chubby cheerleaders, under the supervision of Coach Deb Berry, showed the Nazareth fans a typical day at cheerleading camp. Mmmm - mmmm good! HOMECOMING 13- TOP: Escort Blaine Phillips shares the excitement and glory with Monica Tanzos as she sheds tears ofjoy after being crowned 1977 Homecoming Queen. Monica was selected from among seven other girls who were nominated by the football team. ABOVE: Saucon Valley's Chub- by Cheerleaders are mocked by Karen Weaver, lvlony Tanzos, Carol Dlugos, Stana Guta- kunst, and Lisa Honsel a mmm - mmm - good! These chubby cheerleaders were only one of the many humorous skits presented during thc Homecoming Assembly. 80 Nomecamzhg Spa rks Enthusiasm '29 fxiq fir it fi pr Q9 ff ,ZA TOP: Three candidates for Homecoming Queen pose with their escorts: Gui! Buss :ind Scott Olenwine. Ptittic Iirdic und Perry Nairdellzt. :ind l.tiRue l,zihr Lind Brian Altcmose. CITNTHR LEFT: Kristzi Hoch, lust 5c:ir's quecn.joins in the festivities ofthe 1977 Homecoming. CPN- TER RIGHT: Deb Berry Lind Clirol Dlugos :irc Ioyil Tzins who support our tczim even in I'oul wcuther. BOTTUVI l.lfI-"T: Senior gms perform tis Rath-Ruhs in the Homecoming Assem- bly. BOTTOM RIGHT: Colorguiirds cheer our team on to ti victory, HOMECOMING Eagles Take Frida 71: Homecoming ii T' is? pw' ,i ipmm-"' K1 in X :iz 1- g-- 1 w L .., E roisr : ,C 5 TOP: Candidates for Homecoming Queen pose with their escorts: Terry Marchak and Mike Kostick, Kris Perna and Kevin Reichel, and Colleen Remaly with Mark Duignam. CENTER LEFT: Rah-Rah guys Joey Reiehart and Jay Roseberry lead the student body with enthusi- asm and spirit. CENTER RIGHT: Hockey players entertain with their Midget Fidget skit. ABOVE LEFT: Students moek ri scene from Hee-Haw. ABOVE RIGHT: Edie Longenbaeh and Diane Marakovits add a touch of royalty. 2 2 S 3 Q E l l ::::,: ef! HOMECOMING 82 0t.f:A's, . s 5, W f TOP: Senior girls show their spirit and team support as they sing and dance to their own ver- sion of Rubber Duckie for the football playcrsg "Nazareth Eagles, you're the one. You make football so much fun," sing Brenda Pritchard, Cindy Ramsey, Karen llaflling, Chris Meix- sell. Sherri lleckman, and l.inda Rothrock. ABOVE: Homecoming Queen Monica Tanfos sheds tears of happiness as her escort Blaine Phillips gives her a comforting hug. She was crowned by last year's queen Krista lloch. 83 Seniors incorporated sophomores to the assembly by initiation. Sopho- more talent emerged as they sang the Alma Mater and Row, Row, Row Your Boat, fulfilled their ap- petites with whipped cream pies, and held a beauty contest with .lay Roseberry singing "Puppy l.ove." Mr. lrresistable, .lan Smith, receiv- ed the largest number of hush pins, while Pat Szutar tallied the most votes for the senior football player with the sexiest legs. Though the assembly came to an end, the spirit of Homecoming was just beginning for Blue Eagle fans. The highlight of the day came when the Eagles carried through with their enthusiasm as they defeated the Saucon Valley Panthers 46-0. Halftime activities on our home field were entertaining and exciting. The band performed various songs as the colorguard displayed their routines. Then anticipation mount- ed as the Homecoming Court was escorted onto the field for the an- nouncing of our new queen. Blue Eagle fans cheered with approval as Monica Tan7os was named I977 Homecoming Queen. Constructed by the freshman, soph- omore, junior, and senior classes, the floats were paraded around the field. Although they represented a lot of hard work, the unity of the juniors came through when they were awarded the trophy for the prize-winning float. After the game, a Homecoming dance was held in the cafeteria. with the entertainment provided by Trix. Homecoming I977 had ended. The football field was silent and dark. lighted only by the street lights on the side. The doors ofthe auditori- um were once again closed. with the sounds of joy. laughter, and spirit embedded deep in their wood. l'lOlN'1liiCON1llXlfJ HOMECOMING 3. if TOP LEFT: Karen Haffling participates in our Homecoming assembly by singing a medley of hits. TOP RIGHT: Majorette guys prove their talents as they stomp to the beat. lt's tradi- tional for senior guys to make fools of themselves. "Take it away, Stevie!" BOTTOM LEFT: The scoreboard shows third quarter excitement as the Eagles soar to a victory. BOTTOM RIGHT: Honor Guard anxiously awaits its cue to perform the special show planned for hall'- time activities at the Homecoming game. 84 Spirit Reign: Over lfornecomin , ,mf +-J?E3fmfr-- L L f A 2 si , IF x as ' T 2 iaif 0 Qin fm TOP LEFT: Lisa Hoadley and Sue Yeakel sing their song oftogetherness, TOP RIGHT: The sophomore guys stand by as their host .lay Roseberry sings "Puppy Love." CENTER: Tim Siegfried takes time to Hash a smile to his fans. Dave Tavianini gets a kick out of Homecom- ing. Diane Marakovits sings her way through the Homecoming Assembly. ABOVE LEFT: Perry Nardella escorts Patti Iirdie across the football field. ABOVE RIGHT: The .Iunior Class Hoat took the prize with their African theme, 85 HOMECOMING Seniors "9l1arge" yl!f0 8001811 -f -., ,VJ - ,ff-1 TOP LEFT: Jeff Bittner orders Sue Yeakel to leave the house. TOP RIGHT: Kevin Miller discusses Panama Canal plans with Ron Steiner. CENTER: .lonathan Sokasits and Ron Steiner struggle with Jenny Basile. Students prepare make up Iior opening night. Kevin Bortz, Kevin Miller, and Cindy Rumsey have a quiet discussion over tea, ABOVE LEFT: Members ofthe cast and stage crew take time to pose with director. John Cokefair. ABOVE RIGHT: Kevin Miller adds an interesting look to the play. Senior Class Play 86 T A V. N. 1 . -3, df' ,y-.,, f TN... 55' .II . I i TIT! V v 1 TOP: Mortimer, played by Ken Smith, Director .lohn Cokefair, Student Director Carol Dlugos, l.t. Rooney and Mr. Gibbs, played by .leff Bittner and Dave Karch of the stage craft crew, watch eontentedly as others work on the scene, ABOVE: Policewomen Officer Brophy played by Kathy Geosits, and Officer Klein played by Karen llaffling, drag Jonathan Brew- ster off for questioning as l,t. Rooney yells orders. 87 As the clock ticked to a quarter of ten, the faces of all seniors were dC- pieted with wonder and fear. The same question prevailed throughout each room as they tried to concen- trate on work, but the sounds of the clock washed out all concentration. Where could Ron Steiner be? lf he doesn't come soon, there won't be a Doctor Einstein for the Senior Class Play L'Arsenic and Old Lace!" Finally --- seniors sigh with relief as Ron walks into school with a sprain- ed finger, which he had hurt during an earlier performance ofthe play. Everything was set now, and only time was the factor of the start of the play. At 7:30 the curtain opened to the largest audience ever to at- tend a senior class play. Despite doors that wouldn't stay closed and a window seat that fell apart, the play was a huge success. The plot centered around the antics of two little old ladies, Abby Brew- ster fCindy Rumseyj and Martha Brewster tCarmel Tremblej, who delighted in killing old men, putting them out of their misery by drug- ging their wine. The audience watched in suspense as the guests entered the Brewster living room. Kevin Miller added spark to the play as he played the delirious Teddy Brewster. Think- ing he actually was Teddy Roose- velt, he would constantly run up the steps shouting HCHARGEV' Doctor Einstein tRon Steinerj and the criminal .lonathan Brewster tjonathan Sokasitsj added some wickedness to the plot. There was also a romance between Elaine llar- per tjenny Basilel and Mortimer Brewster tKen Smith.j Somehow everything seemed to work out. Teddy and the old ladies were put in an institution, while Jonathan and Doctor Einstein were put in a different kind of institution, a prison. Senior Class Play Where's my article? Didn't you type it? HOW much longer must I make my feature? What do you mean my football statistics are inac- curate? Mr. Holland, I have too much copy for my page! My page has no headlines!! Help!!! Publishing an issue of The Blue and White Standard for the entire student body is a grave and difficult responsibility. A person must be aware of the activities, ideas, and opinions of the students and teachers in order to write appealing and accurate articles. Robert Holland, the adviser, assists the staff and guides them in this area. He assigns drills in the journalism textbook, copyreading and proofreading worksheets, and a project of cut- ting out and analyzing local newspaper arti- cles for structure and content. The staff spends fourth period writing, cor- recting and rewriting articles under the super- vision of Co-editors Carmel Tremble and Bob Sauerzopf and the adviser. They often find, however, that the 50 minutes are not enough to plan layout and actually put down on paper the issue that is to all in the hands of their fellow classmates and teachers every second Monday of the month. The staff members are often caught in study periods slaving over a crowded desk of articles, headlines, layout paper, pencils and large eraser, trying to meet the deadline and avoid arousing Mr. Holland's impatience. BLUE AND WHITE STANDARD jlfi -SHN TOP: Robert Holland, adviser of the Blue and White Standard, has learned to master his patience when working with the newspaper staff. Mr. Holland has been the adviser for the past four years. ABOVE: Mr. Holland takes a little time to review an issue of the paper with the Co-editors Carmel Tremble and Bob Sauerzopf. The editors assist Mr. Holland in seeing that headlines and articles are written and that deadlines are met. 88 Student Reporters J4'z'fn 76 Ynferfn ' t J s rf ,t :w.,i. f pu Y, I1 . gr L 1' -.'e E l i ll T f I . effe . A -W " at-A ,pf f x H Wm t,t, +2 fl Q 1 I Axe t its :ge - .ty 1, 'Jr tl f 'Q Y . -ut-"'i Q., t wiih vai"'l" Gnu' TOP: Blue and White Standard stz1l'l'ti1kes time from their busy day to write txrticles and compose headlines for our well-planned school newspaper. CENTER: Page editors lior the second semester editions were Donna DCRCLIIITUS, Kttren Williams. Stttntt Gutekunst. und Kelly Hooper. Editors during the first semester were Valerie Shelley. Donntt Frtttipietro. Stztntt Ciutekunst, und Robyn Wilson. BOTTOM: Two stall' members look for unique ideals lor the next issue. .loe Kztrdelis, Mark Duignam, und Rieh Sehneebeli ure eztught in at rttre moment ol leisure. 89 BLUE AND WHITE STANDARD 9euneil Represents Student .Body ,F .,.x ,M ., .,...., X ,tA221"-' f ,,.i if! 3 TOP: Rob Yavorski prepares material for a future Student Council meeting. Council mem- bers are interested in the issues discussed at their meeting. James Jordan, adviser to the Stu- dent Council, maintains his usual calm expression during a group discussion at a Council meeting. CENTER: The members ofthe 1977-78 Student Council and their advisers James Jordan and Robert Holland. BOTTOM: Council members discuss an important problem. Carol Dlugos, secretary, is responsible for the minutes of Council and also informing the student body of Council activities. Student Council 90 W1 rf - W., A f A 1 " -if "- .ees-.iffff .-,k. - 'fseikai-ff,-TJZr'Qs:vf: ' YVILYEY TOP: Representatives ofthe Student Council plan the details forthe Greaser Dance. Officers are Vice President Kristy Walters, Secretary Carol Dlugos, President Donna Williams. and Treasurer David Tavianini. They sacrifice time and energy to lead the student government. BOTTOM: Student Council members get involved at meetings which are scheduled for every two weeks to discuss school events, 91 Many of the activities in the school and the presentation of the ideas and desires of our students are a result of the efforts ofthe Student Council. The officers of the 1977- 78 Council were President Donna Williams, Vice President Kristy Walters, Secretary Carol Dlugos, and Treasurer David Tavianini. Since the beginning of the school year, the officers and their Council had issues and projects which kept them very busy. Fund raising pro- jects and Homecoming activities involved a great deal of time. One of the major accomplishments was the selection of Steve Sandbrook as our student representative to the Board of Education, Other projects supervised by the Council were the constant updating of the marquis, the scheduling of dances such as the Greaser Dance, and putting up the new bulletin board in the rear of the school. The Council assists the student body in other ways as well. They discuss ideas to improve faculty- student relationships, and have in- stituted the Fifth period activity suggestion-complaint ideas pro- gram. A new activity developed this year was Spirit Week, with the major events taking place February l, 2, and 3. Physique of the Week, deter- minded from the winners of the basketball and wrestling physiques, was won by Todd Lahr, who rc- ceived a trophy. The highlight of the week was a faculty-student basketball game. Student C ouncil Chorus is . . . great, l love it . . . one heck ofa job . . . singing for fun and perfection . . . giving time to perform for others . . . hard work . . . a good time for everyone. These are just a few comments made by this year's choral groups. Jazz and Show Choir, music, Concert Choir, which features pop the largest of the choirs, and the Treble Singers, an all-girl group, makes up this program. year's vocal music When one walks by the music room any day during fifth or sixth period, the sounds of the chorus preparing for concerts is a cer- tainty. The groups presented three major concerts, the Christmas Concert, the Pops Concert, and the Spring Concert. Along with these presentations, the groups made ap- pearances in some mini-concerts. The Concert Choir attended an all-day choral clinic at Lebanon Valley and scored "out- standing" at the Easton Area High School Adjudication Festival. Members of the Cho- rus also sang at the Baccalaureate and Com- mencement Exercises. Although the choruses are not heavily popu- lated with singers, the quality of their work is tremendous. The choruses would have liked to sing at other performances, but were dis- appointed when they did not receive other invitations. CHORUS Yessgik . ' N. f- K TOP: TREBLE CHORUS-TOP TO BOTTOM: Delinda Dewalt, Cora Seyfried, Kim Wuest, Stephanie Rice, Marie DelRe, Michele O'Toole, Kathy Auerbach, Anita Sokasits, Lisa Masters, Renee Vargo, Joyce Getz, Kathy Correll. ABOVE: Some members of the Show Choir, Karen Williams, Kim Era, Darla Seaton, Karen Weaver, Karen Haffling, and Diane Marakovits get into the swing of things. 92 Nagy. A Shzghzg Znriches Tulare lives ...-v-""" ff' R ,- E , by . 15.4 V, 1f1 ,f Nl. T7 ss- v'lP""""". .J . nr-- . TOP LEFT: Our Jazz and Show Chorus presents programs to clubs and organizations in our com- munity. TOP RIGHT: District Chorus Representatives Ron Audenried, Jon Sokasits, and Rob Yavorski. CENTER: Treble Singers have a last-minute practice before the Pops Concert which was presented during our observance of "Music in Our Schools" week. LEFT: Joyce Getz, Michele O'Toole,and Marie DelRe intent on ONE TIN SOLDIER. ABOVE: Our I977-78 CONCERT CHOIR. 93 Wener Students Receive ?rivileges ,L+ TOP: Judy Martino and Kevin Bortz have figured out who's who. Kevin Miller studies the die to plan his next move, while Ron Steiner waits for his turn during a game of back- gammon. CENTER: Ron Steiner, Cindy Wuest, and Kathy Geosits relax in the Honor's Room. Lisa Honsel lights her candle at the induction banquet following her speech on schol- arship. ABOVE: Anne Musser monitors Anita Deutsch's important call to the Office. HONOR SOCIETY 94 ur TOP: National Honor Society Officers are Vice President Judy Martino, Secretary Anita Deutsch, Treasurer Karen Janny, and President Ron Steiner, Joan Paul and Miriam Zell are advisers to this group. BOTTOM: Made up of more than 30 active members, the Honor Society visited Lehigh University in May to hear lectures ranging from science to plans for the future. 95 Early in the year, Honor Society members met with Mrs. Joan Paul, their advisor, to elect new officers. Ron Steiner was elected president withyludy Martino as vice-presi- dent. This year's secretary was Anita Deutsch, and Karen Janny served as the treasurer. New members were admitted into Honor Society during the fall in- duction banquet at Walp's Restau- rant. After the meal, the new offi- cers were sworn in, and there were speeches made about the qualifica- tions to become a member in Honor Society. Finally, new members were inducted into the Delphian Chapter and congratulated by Mr. Claude Shappelle. Rules and honor's passes were also handed out at this time. These passes would now allow them to go to the honor's room during study halls. This year the honor's room was slightly changed. Different furni- ture was brought in and a television and record player were added to the room. If someone didn't want to sit at the table and do homework, they could always watch tv or listen to records. Much of the time was spent in games of chess and backgam- mon. The blackboard provided a major source of communication, with people leaving notes for the next period to see. ln May, Honor Society members went to Lehigh University. While there, members attended lectures as part of an annual conference. HONOR SOCIETY When a student becomes a senior, he is given responsibility, which includes making a schedule to help with future plans, maintaining grades to graduate, and setting an example ofdedication to our school. Along with these responsibilities, however, the seniors gain certain privileges. One such advantage is the use of the Senior Center. The "Center," as it is frequently called, is an exclusive room equipped with an 8-track player, ping-pong tables, sofas, chairs, and doodled round tables. By obtaining a pass from the math planning room or from Mr. Sherwood Frederick, any senior can visit the Center during a study period. Here students gather and socialize, taking advantage of the spare time by spending it with friends. The Center also provides a place to release and store one's talents, as shown by the artistic paintings on one of its walls. This year's addition to the gallery of artwork was done by Kathy Geosits. Talents were displayed further when the seniors competed in a ping-pong tournament in March. Survival of the fittest prevailed as the number of players decreased to reveal the winners: Perry Nardella and Lisa Diehl won the singles match and Jeff Bittner and Ron Godiska ping-ponged their way to winning as Doubles Champions. Fun and responsibilities are com- bined when Mr. Frederick decides it is time for spring housecleaning. Then passes are distributed only to those seniors who are willing to help clean and straighten the Center. The seniors may have a place to relax and enjoy themselves, but they must take care of it, too. SENIOR CENTER Q. W N, TOP: Chip Albert works on homework in the Center, Along with being able to relax listen to music, and play ping-pong, some seniors manage to study and finish an assignment BOTTOM Kathy Stevens and Tina Getz engage in a challenging game of chess, as Denise Nemeth works on engraving her initials for posterity, Tables are decorated with names ind favorite sayings leaving behind a memory for others to read. Senior Venter .livens Atmospkere 5? contribution to the Center wall. 97 TOP: One privilege ofthe Center is the availibility ofsodu, The two signs show some instruc- tions left by Adviser Sherwood Frederick. Deb Berry tries to finish some homework while listening to the 8-traek. CENTER: Some relaxing seniors during Ll free period in the Center. BOTTOM: This unfinished mural by KuthyGeositsi1nd Joe Serfuss will be the Cliiss of'78's SENIOR CENTER A' 3acekanal r 34rd 's 31315474 "Blow, Blow that Winter wind. Freeze, Freeze, "Yes, to smell pork to eat the habitation which ..I was born to gpeak an mirth and no thou bitter Sky," your prophet the Nazarite conjures the devil matter ,, ' into!" E , - , ' , o t 1, ,l, "li l A ef' l it ,,i1.,,, JK z A, 2 ,P S-,A 1, 5 4'-Xl - i wth' "Did you beg any? God forbid!" "lf music be the food of love, play on." P 'F r 5 ,. . ,M 5 ' Q , l J-fi "Try fortune with him in u single fight? "Advantage feeds him fat, while men delay. SHAKESPEARE PARTY Q , I ww' 'r ,fx Kslx bf NLM " 9 li- '- -Q lf' ,,,,,,,.....i ABOVE: Faculty players act out a scene from "A Midsummer Night's Dream." "l kiss the wall's hole, not your lips at all," BELOW: Students perform from "The Taming of the Shrew." "Woman are made to bear, and so are you," 99 Despite very cool weather, Shake- speare's 414th birthday party was enjoyed by all who attended. As a first for Nazareth, Senior English Instructor Peter Newman felt that, "lt was time to take Shakespeare out of the classroom." As coordina- tor for the birthday party, Mr. Newman gathered all interested students and faculty members to pay tribute to Shakespeare. The day began at 5 a.m. when a pig was roasted in the school courtyard. The guests arrived at 4 p.m. to en- joy a few scenes from Shake- speare's plays. Sitting on blankets or lawn chairs, the onlookers witneddes, perhaps with surprise, the talent of our faculty. Five members of the staff, along with Principal Claude Shappelle, presented a play within a play from 'LA Midsummer Night's Dream? Student players acted out scenes from "Macbeth" and f'The Taming of the Shrew." Michele Zimmerman, Lori Rogora, Donna Hertzog, and Mary Letson sang authentic Elizabethan songs and were accompanied by Gregg Mitman on guitar. Mary narrated the background story of the songs and explained the lyrics. After the performance, a feast of Elizabethan food was served in our cafeteria. The dinner menu of roast pig, sausage and peppers, barbe- qued chicken, bread, salad, rice, and desserts was eaten in Shake- speare's style, with spoons and fingers, since there were no forks at that time. The evening ended with showing the movie "Henry V" with Laurence Olivier. Plenty of hard work characterized both the good and bad practices of the school play. Although many sac- rifices had to be made, the play proved to be fun for all of the cast and com- mittees involved. Seniors, juniors, and sophomores all worked together to perform in "The Man Who Came to Dinner." Many of the practices had to be cancelled be- cause of snow storms, but everyone seemed to pull their weight. Opening night made it all seem worthwhile when the audience filled the auditor- ium with laughter. Although a musical is performed an- nually by the entire school, this was the first school play in which all three classes participated. The turn-out was good, so probably more plays involv- ing the entire student body will be presented. This play was sarcastic humor about a radio broadcaster who visits the Stanleys for dinner. After slipping on some ice, he winds up spending Christ- mas and a few extra weeks with the family. This interrupts their normal lifestyle in a very comical way. Mr. Whiteside, played by Kevin Mil- ler, and his secretary Maggie Cutler, played by Carol Dlugos, were the two main characters. The play was under the direction and supervision of Mr. .lohn P. Cokefair. SCHOOL PLAY TOP: Margie Yeakel, assistant radio technician, directs the choir in singing "Silent Night." Choir members are Jamie Waha, Ellen Uding, Donna Stampf. Leanne McSween, Kim Wuest, Tina Stahl, Tom Albani, Michele Zimmerman, and Rich Skripek. ABOVE: Miss Preene, played by Lisa Honsel, has a look of disgust on her face as Banjo, Ron Steiner, carries her to Whiteside. Mr. Whiteside, played by Kevin Miller, was not surprised by Banjo's bizarre actions. l00 V gf. xi .ji 3.5-fx. 55- X ,iii , , N fr 'z Ui , -.1 w-Q, Y 5 , 1-gx I M., -Q. T15 QS W, H. X ---wav! 1.1. '!g,fI' . Q'---xwi'9'pe H"yf,HfAfx Q . ff . I .lx ' 1 1 319231: Q I'?f"n:: . x' Ak 4' k X f-.x E-1L,,A K lv' 1 I , 1 if I 4 gA Q Q 2 3 2 A UQ I F Xian, -v :J 9 J' -Q P W A fi lj v.4T"4" X b' ' , QM r..,.-- C! 54 ig 91 abs 9en ter razmd Ynvalvement miie 'N ills nl--Ee Wx mi TOP: Stagecraft Club members are Bernice Costanzo, Keith Seaton, Jane Brown, Charlene McGrath, Greg Polanski, and Adviser Victor Lesky. Members ofthe Chess Club are Jay Werkheiser, Adviser Gary Lazo, Jeff Bittner, Kevin Miller, Ron Steiner, and Rich Skripek. FHA members planned and published a booklet on Child Abuse. BOTTOM: Students in- volved in YEA assisted in the tutoring program in our elementary schools. CLUBS 102 -, Avy-Ari.,-,,,.. Q ABOVE: Future Homemakers of America organizes our girls who are interested in the role of homemaker. The discussion and probing of current social problems is an important func- tion of this group. BOTTOM: Despite the difficulty in organizing the independent ski club, everyone enjoyed the opportunity to visit our local ski slopes. 103 Very important to our student life are the numerous clubs that func- tion throughout the year. FHA, our largest club, traveled to a regional conference at the Community Col- lege to meet with other FHA groups. Their main project was their work on a birth defects and child abuse booklet. A meeting was held at the Farm Show in Harris- burg to exchange ideas with other FHA organizations. Four repre- sentatives were Sent to the con- ference in Lancaster. YEA assisted at the special Olym- pics at Lafayette College and five students from Northampton High School visited here for a day as the guests of our YEA members. A bake sale was held to finance a special Christmas party for all members. Stagecrew was faced with the job of making sets for the two major stage productions and the musical, "Mame." They designed the props and produced lighting effects for a professional appearing presenta- tion. Last year the Ski Club boasted of the largest membership of any club in the school, but this year, because of the 25-mile limit for school func- tions, the Ski Club became inde- pendent of the school. Steve Sand- brook deserves a lot of credit for coordinating the Club and organiz- ing the 45 students who would have been deprived of the opportunity to participate in this activity. Becoming an active participant in any one of these organizations is an important part of our school life. CLUBS What is Vo-Tech? Many people think it is a place for students who would not make it through high school. Then there are others who think it is just a chance to escape from the home school. But, besides being Eastern Northampton Coun- ty Vocational-Technical School, it is a place for classroom learning and "hands-on" experience. There are 22 shops at Vo-Tech which vary from one, two, or three years of learning. No matter how long your particular course may take, everyone strives for the Senior Award. . This year four Nazareth students were honored by receiving this award: Craig Barker for his work in the Machine Shop, Terry LaBar received the award in Print- ing, Chris Meixsell for her excel- lence in the Health Assistant pro- gram, and Bob Wagner received the Welding Shop award. Vo Tech ,,..Mw.,. nag, Lib. L. ABOVE: Denise Calabrese practices her beautician skills on Mel Scott in her class in Cos- metology. Classes range from make-up to manicuring techniques and include hair cutting and styling. BOTTOM: Todd Santo cleans off the cylinder ofthe Heidelberg Kord printing press. IO4 'V6-72clz Wains ?ar Employment Y. rf! li' . J-L. ,I Ffr--A i',f l n 353951 Alf" su ,rx 4 ABOVE: Randy Gardner works on an IBM machine, while Mark Altemosc completes a job in the Appliance and Repair Shop. CENTER: Lori Hahn and Pat DeGarmo put thc finishing touches on a painting in the Painting and Decorating shop. Bruce Knecht and Tom Timmcr- man try their skill at spray painting. BOTTOM: Donna Hinton waters and cares for thc plants in the Horticulture Department. 105 Vo-Tech 9ofnet Staff Frqpares Memory Back A eees ' Hwfp-., ff' My M 3 is -ff gsx , ,.,- fx fxusrf has --. pi in bi -cr-'- x W Q X X tai l 'Nl i is VN ' CENTER LEFT: The new and different coverage of school sports was developed by Mony Tanzos, Blaine Phillips. and Cindy Baltz. CENTER RIGHT: Activity Section Staff has to be everywhere to ensure complete coverage of the student life program. ABOVE: Thousands of details in the Senior Section are carefully checked by Audrey Itterly and Deb Berry. ' RIGHT: Val Shelly, Rita Thorman. and Sue Fritz spent ma'ny after-school hours developing get X - K our attractive Unclerclass Section. ""s' My BA 3.3 COMET 106 4 iv 1 wily' f MTV f .Qi 1 .' 4 . ss. ggi . . ' ,rin K A- X . f2..":. 0 t S63 e TOP: Kevin Bortz and Karen Weaver worked on the faculty and administration section ofthe yearbook. One of their major problems was getting teachers to pose for the photographer. ABOVE: The layout for Homecoming was the first project tackled by the Student Life section. Gathering ideas, planning layouts, and composing captions and headlines all con- tribute to the big job the Activity Section has to handle. X .g For most students, first period every day pro- vided either a chance to wake up from the night before or an opportunity to fall asleep again. But for I8 seniors, first period was anything but boring. Every first period in Room I8 the Comet Staff was kept busy with either handling their responsibilities or arguing with other staff members. Anyone walking past the room was sure to hear outbursts of screams. shouts, and laughter. lt was not all fooling around e the members of the staff worked hard to ac- complish their goal. Each section had a special assignment and had to meet the deadlines set by the yearbook company. In the beginning, deadlines were easily met, but by mid-year most of the staff found the work overwhelming. This frantic rush to finish assignments created many argu- ments. How many words did you say we needed? The deadline is Wednesday, how will we ever get this done? Who stole our Senior Center pictures? What do you mean you lost our copy? These questions were just a sample of those some sections were heard screaming at others. Belva Kolessar, yearbook adviser, taught the staff the basics of creating a yearbook, while Richard Wachter, the American yearbook representative, visited the staff once a month to give advice on scheme. cropping, and lay- out. With the help of these people and the dedication of the staff, the '78 Comet Staff is proud of their yearbook. COMET Silence, peace of mind, and solitude are some of the characteristics seldom found in our school library. Occasional outbursts of laughter, chatter, and singing from the friendly librarians' own radio sta- tion, WBON fBunch of Nutsj, assist in giving the library a warm, comfortable, and at-home atmos- phere. The library is rarely empty. Stu- dents of all types - research- conseious, bored, book hungry, or talkative-stroll in to have their green passes punched by the noisy but accurate time-keeper. The staff, consisting of Sharon Adams, Sally Shriver, and Rose- Ann Emig, are always arranging the shelves, preparing passes, and making sure the books and maga- zines they receive are recorded. They are kept even more occupied filing and securing overdue books and unpaid fines. Frequently stu- dents are offered discounts to en- courage payment of fines during the celebration of a special holiday or occasion. Mrs. Adams and her assistants have equipped the library to meet the demanding needs of teachers and students. Term papers, book re- ports, brief accounts, personal re- search, and reading for enjoyment can be accomplished in this attrac- tive two-floor area filled with books, magazines, newspapers, and micro- film records. Our school library can truly be designated as a place of wealth of information, an abundance of re- sourcefulness, and a bounty of friendliness, courtesy, and assis- tance. LIBRARY pwqgg , TOP: Our busy staff, Librarian Sharon Adams, and her assistants Sally Jo Shriver and Rose- Ann Emig, show one of their many tactics to liven up the library and make it more appealing to the students BOTTOM: Joe McHale is patiently trying to find some books for research among the many sources the library provides for us. 108 .52 fdfy Stay' his 71: Researc N"'N:s. M .tl v T i QFD?" TOP: Our librarians managed to keep the library in top shape with the help of a staff' of library aides: Connie Rissmiller, Helen Lakotas, Brenda Gradwohl, Donna Gordon, and Mary Letson are shown with Mrs. Emig and Miss Shriver. BOTTOM: Lisa Honscl is deep in thought as she reviews her homework in the peaceful spot ofthe library. Mrs. Sharon Adams, Miss Sally Jo Shriver, and Mrs. RoseAnn Emig organized a special display during National Library Week, 109 LIBRARY 24121 Want fills Rr Peffecfian iff T2'-if ABOVE: The Flag and Rifle Squad display their equipment-used in their routines. CEN- TER: The Band Front always lends a helping hand as they fold the boxes and prepare pizzas for delivery. Charlene McGrath has been our competent band announcer for the past three years. BOTTOM: The majorettes in parade rest style. Sue Yeakel leads the band as Head Drum Majorette, Tonya McKenzie is featured as twirler, and Sherri Heekman is captain of the colorguard. BAND FRONT ll0 NOC ...NNI 32 ' l illur ftiglr fllarrlnug iltlllll Nuzaxrrlli. ,ilrnnagluzmin Mg :Vin , ABOVE: The Honor Guard carry symbolic flags to lead the band in parade. Kathy Correll is their leader. Tammy Kern and Lindaschoeneberger are our proud banner squad girls. BOTTOM: The complete band front Constitues a surprisingly large percentage of the band personnel. Ill A band just wouldn't be a band without its colorful band front. They highlight the marching band with their display of spinning flags, the precision of the rifle squad, and the twirling techniques of the majorettes. Each show performed by our color- guard and majorette squads at half- time at all football games is a result of early morning practices with the band as well as individual unit practices. Routines are prepared for each show and parade with the assis- tance of the leaders of each squad. Audrey ltterly is Captain of the flags, Donna DeReamus Captain of the rifle squad. Sue Yeakel leads the majorettes with the aid of Dee Mondschein. Blue Eagle spirit abounds in the band front, as they scream and cheer for our football team from the stands. The band homeroom tied in the homeroom decoration contest for Homecoming. As the most involved organization in our school, the colorguard and majorettes are proud to be part of the Blue Eagle Marching Band. BAND FRONT Music is beginning to become ap- preciated fully in our school. Stage band and the Blue Eagle Marching Band enjoyed a successful year with recognition from students and our community. Our I8 member stage band per- formed at a special Band Aids meeting, the Pops Concert, the Spring Concert, and the Arts Festi- val and Senior Class Festival. First- year director Earl Peck commented that he enjoyed the year very much. "The students worked very hard and came a long way considering the lack of experience we had at the beginning." The stage band did go a long way and received much acclaim from their performance at the Sth An- nual Pops Concert. "Woodchop- per's Ball" was a favorite with the audience and their applause was thanked with a repeat performance of the tune. Our Blue Eagle marching band is one of the few organizations that remains active all through the year. Practice starts in the summer months, as they march to their music to put together a field show for the fans at our football games. Once school starts, band members rise early every morning for 7:00 a.m. practice to bring their presen- tation perfection. Though the traditional pizza sales were held this year, the band was disappointed with the news that there would be no spring trip. Other activities included parades and com- petitions in the area and one parade in Philadelphia. BANDS st'-ft. ff? .lil iii ABOVE: Our Blue Eagle band takes its formation on our football field. The band played popular tunes during the season to entertain the fans. Philip George is the director of our marching band. BELOW: The newly-formed stage band, with Earl Peck as director. proved to be a favorite with the student body. ll2 Wkzareth Bands Soar Jzke Jin Eagle .i ti i l: ' 5, ,., w E 1 l l Q iuiazrf-flaxgfffllzi ing in ff? if O 'hmm TOP: At four different times this year the cafeteria was turned into 11 pizza parlor operated by the band. Familiar scenes were the box carriers, pizza makers, and band members trying to look busy from the sidelines. CENTER: Does anyone ever add the hours the band spends to present their annual Spring Concert? BOTTOM: Jon Sokasits is an invaluable member of our Stage Band. 113 BANDS 10111 Annual Band fanquet Salutes Senzars L1 3:5 lhk, m N. n ' W tfqg f E , I , N, 4 ,f -,..,: Q , 1 L Q gf t, aa it -w TOP: Charlene McGrath receives her trophy for faithfully being the band announcer for the past three years. Mr. George opens his present from the Band-Aids. Jonathan Sokasits receives his Stage Band trophy. MIDDLE: Sherri Heckman was a colorguard member for four years. During her last year, she was captain of the colorguard, The majorettes display their trophies along with rifle captain Donna DeRcamus. BOTTOM: Spinning Hags and honor guard members proudly present their trophies. Tim Siegfried accepts his US Marines Foundation Music Award. BAND BANQUET H4 L, . li A fill E11 psf TOP: Senior Band Director Philip George presentes trophies to the seniors with a humorous speech. Each senior was given a trophy designating their particular category and the number of years of band membership, 115 "We Believe in Music" was the theme of the Tenth Annual Band Banquet which was held on May 27. The Reverend Blake Heffner, As- sociate Pastor of St. John's United Church of Christ, offered the invo- cation at the beginning of the pro- gram. The guests feasted on a roast turkey and ham dinner. President of the Band-Aids, Mr. William Kleintop, summarized the activities of the past year and praised the band for the time and effort the members sacrificed during long hours of practice. Philip George, band director, intro- duced the senior band members to our principal, Mr. Claude Shap- pelle, who presented each senior with a trophy decorated with a musical note for the band members, a flag or rifle for the colorguards, and a majorette for the graduating majorettes. Special recognition was given to Tim Siegfried for his musical talents and his all-around dedica- tion to the marching band. Jona- than Sokasits was honored for his work with the Stage Band by Director Earl Peck. Sue Yeakel was commended by Mr. George as "one of the best drum majorettes in the Lehigh Valley" and for her outstanding performance over the past two years as drum majorette. The evening concluded with dancing to the music of Gandolf. BAND BANQUET "MAME", performed for three consecutive evenings in our audi- torium, received a standing ovation following each performance. This was very gratifying for the or- chestra, the singers, the dancers, all the committees, our directors, and the entire cast involved in producing this Broadway hit. Senior English instructor John Cokefair directed the acting, Choral Director William Hamilton was our music director, and Mrs. Patricia deAngelis coordinated the choreography. Student Directors Karen Weaver and Cindy Wuest were nearly frantic at the rehear- sals in their effort to ensure that everything ran smoothly. "MAME" supposedly took place from 1928 to l946. Scene l opens with Maine tMichelle Zimmer- manj throwing one of her wild parties. On answering the door, Mame suddenly becomes 'fAuntie Mame." Her only living relative Patrick Ueff Zimmermanj, steps in with his Nanny CAnita Sokasitsj. From then on, Mame and Patrick stick together through good and bad times. Unfortunately, Mame loses all of her money in the stock market crash. Her bosom buddy, Vera Charles t.lane Uhlerl, tries to help her get a job but it turns out to be a disaster. Trying her hand as a manieurist in a beauty salon, Mame meets her future husband. After their honeymoon, and Burn- side's tRon Steinerj sudden death, Mame returns to New York to find that Patrick has really grown up tRob Yavorskij. Mame does some quick maneuvering when Patrick's future bride appears on the scene, and manages to have him meet another girl., and they eventually marry. Mame is a vibrant and carefree person. She has a definite influence on all around her, and made a last- ing impression onthe audience. MUSICAL ,Y ' 5.1 N-t.. ra. l. , X ga A, any C N .fist ,pi I l Ls is Ac'--S59 A tlie.-S TOP: "MAME'S" cast included actors and actresses and a large singing and dancing chorus. Our own school musicians formed the orchestra. BOTTOM: Mame Dennis tMichelle Zim- mermanj, Agnes Gooch CAnita Sokasitsj, lto ffiary Lajeunessej, and Mame's Bosom Buddy Vera Charles Uane Uhlerj chat with one another in Mame's apartment, ll6 Meme ecehfes Standing vation 9-ff I 4 TOP: Mother Burnside IKathy Geositsi conducts the daneers into a ehorus of "The Fox Hunt." RIGHT: Agnes. Mame. Patrick. and Beauregard decorate Ito as a Christmas tree. CENTER: Scenes from Peekerwood with "The Darien Dip," the Upson family, and musi- caI's most impressive dance, "Mamc." BOTTOM LEFT: Vera Charles and Maine sing and dance on the transformation of Agnes Gooch from Patriek's nanny to the "Queen of Rumaniaf' RIGHT: Part of the "MAME" east. II7 MUSICAL rt Skov Uzkyalays Yilenfs k....,. 'i ""'l-u-.. i +9 1 H N 2, 3 in g1 2. 'E' " . , 5 r Q B "" I Qtr?" 2 TOP LEFT: Elementary students gather around the pictures displayed by their fellow stu- dents. RIGHT: Linda Stofanak's display of her photography work attracts the attention of some envious students. CENTER: Paper-mache animals are always a popular exhibit. Cathy Tauschman and the display which won her a second place award. Deb Gavin, Sue l.oetz- beier, Lisa Daugherty, and John Cokcfair admire the work of the Art classes. BOTTOM: lt's always exciting to find your own picture! ART SHOW ll8 Hea- is -M! V-il jf jf N-.J X1 ,G E 'Q N?-""A ABOVE: Paige Flurer, l,isa lloadley, and Kris Perna discuss the interesting craft displays featured in the Art Show. BOTTOM: Students of every grade level submitted entries to be judged on ability and originality. Prize winners included Kris Perna, Terri Sisson, Sharon Kocher, Lori Hanner, .ludy Whitesell, Carol Dlugos, Blaise Nealon and Kathy Geosits. ll9 Our high school gymnasium was filled with students' talented exhi- bitions during May IO, ll, and I2 as the Annual Art Show was pre- sented to the public. The skilled efforts of students rang- ing from kindergarten through grade l2 were judged and viewed by teachers, parents, and peers alike. Additional talents were performed live as the senior high Stage Band and Sixth Grade Chorus entertain- ed the public. Craft displays were also included as art students demonstrated the tech- niques ofceramics, needlework, and wood carving. Photographers set up displays of their work with other students, sports events, relatives, or objects of interest. Judges commended students by awarding ribbons for outstanding artwork. ln the art category, win- ners were Kathy Geosits for first place, Carol Dlugos for second place, and Sharon Kocher third place. Craft display winners were Kris Perna and Lori Hanner who tied for first place, Cathy Tausch- man for second, and Judy Whitesell for third place. Steve Sandbrook was awarded first place for photog- raphy, second place was awarded to Terri Sisson, and third place went to Blaise Nealon. ART SHOW Our students at Nazareth prove that they have talent, as each year many of them receive recognition for their individual achievements. Donna Williams was chosen forthe Daughters of the American Revolu- tion Award. Dennis Daley received the Sons of the American Revolu- tion Award. Five students com- peted against six other schools at the Bucks County Playhouse in New Hope on May 5. "No Exit," a play by .lean-Paul Sarte was selected by the cast consisting of Michelle Zimmerman, Jeff Bittner, Jane Uhler, Ron Steiner, and Kevin Miller. Judges awarded Jane Uhler the award for best actress, and Kevin Miller received the award for best actor. ln addition, "No Exit" was awarded a trophy for best play. Mr. John Cokefair was the adviser. Three students were selected to perform with the Lehigh University Youth Symphony. Tim Siegfried, Larry Kleintop, and Anita Hahn practice every Saturday morning with other schools in the area from as far away as Stroudsburg. The l977 GLEAM, advised by Mr. Peter Newman, received a Key- stone Award, the highest award presented by the Pennsylvania Scholastic Press Association. Also receiving awards for articles printed in the GLEAM were Kevin Miller for his entertainment feature and short stories, Kathy Geosits for an illustration and a cartoon, Carol Dlugos for a serious poem, and Tim Wolfe for a light verse and two familiar essays. The Blue and White Standard, ad- vised by Robert Holland and co- edited by Anita Deutsch and Robyn Wilson, received a second place award. First place winners included Anita Deutsch for straight news. Donna Fratipietro for a movie re- view, and Bob Sauerzopf three first place awards for music reviews. Recognition 623' t'S'.Z.-w7' QW ' 15, Q.. 49 'fa sf 14 ABOVE: The cast from "No Exit" hug their trophy which they received for presenting the best play at the Bucks County Playhouse. .lane Uhler was named best actress and Kevin Miller best actor. Mr, John Cokefair advised and directed the cast. BELOW: Tim Siegfried, Anita Hahn, and Larry Kleintop were chosen to play with the Lehigh University Youth Symphony Orchestra. Tim and Larry were also involved in PMEA District X Band and Tim was chosen for PMEA District X Orchestra and Regional V State Band. l20 Yniizfidual 7m'eres!s ?rove ewardhz ,ug z E vw4,,,ff"" . A .,i an ? --ml. I f' A0 , ,, , 1' , Q ABOVE: Donna Williams received the DAR Award. Kevin Miller and Michael Hopwood were honored for their achievement in academic studies. Our SAR winner is Dennis Daley. CENTER: GLEAM award winners Carol Dlugos. Kathy Geosits. Kevin Miller, and Tim Wolfe with adviser Peter Newman. The Bluc and White Standard first place winners are Anita Deutsch, Donna Fratipietro, and Bob Sauerzopf. The paper was co-edited by Anita Deutsch and Robyn Wilson. BELOW: Mickey Jnadrositx. winner of the coveted Scholar- Athlete Award. The Scholastic Scrimmage team of Ron Stcincr. Donna Williams, Jeff Bittner, Kevin Miller and Jon Sokasits is advised by Barbara Saltern. l2l Recognition 'UK arney Park WY ht Felebrafecl 3g W' 75' my '7 V. x 'N l 2, t I Q y yi s T s N 'mm . 3 Q ' ',. i 2 VW' T T 8 , . fy wi, , . , 'Wi " ' 'Sl M ,,-il" Q ' W 5 "lf 7 was A w-H+ ' Mp av fi- A" le fs TOP: Some of our Nazareth students enjoy themselves at Dorney Park as Alfundo gets in on the uct. CENTER: Cindy Baltz seems to enjoy her ice cream cone as Kathy Auerbach wishes Cindy would be a little more generous. Kim Rissmiller, Leann McSween, Donna Fratipietro, Michele O'Toole, and Cindy Stahl try to get enough nerve to risk a ride on the Monster shown in the background. BOTTOM: One of the trials in any amusement park is the long lines of waiting to enjoy the rides. Here our daring students wait at the Iceberg for a thrilling ride on the roller coaster. DORNEY PARK 122 Scenes like the two above are familiar to the residents of the Lehigh Valley, who are proud of the facilities of the Dorney Park and for many years have enjoyed school and family outings at this famous amusement park. 123 Help---lp ---- lp ---- I-I Get me off this thing! Ohhhhh, I feel dizzy. How did I let you talk me into this'?'?'?'?'? If I die, I'll never go on it again! These were just a few of the commonly heard exclamations screamed on Friday evening, May 26, as the populace of Nazareth visited the New Dorney Park as part of the fund-raising program for the benefit of the senior class. From 6-I0 everyone pitted them- selves against the terrifying fear which accompanies the fast paced, whipping, and exciting amusement rides at the park. The Roller Coaster, the Bucket of Blood, the Iceberg, and the Journey to the Center of the Earth were some of the more popular rides. The more courageous at- tempted the new thriller known as-the Flying Dutchman. Inbetween rides, the food stands were super busy as everyone tried to quench their thirst and satisfy their hungry stomaches with all kinds of snacks, ice crushed sodas, and other picnic foods. After a while, the benches were filled with ex- hausted onlookers. Despite upset stomaches, head- aches, and burning feet, many were not ready to leave the park at closing time. It was a time seniors will always remember. DORNEY PARK May 5, l978 As the clock ticked away each sec- ond, the students became more tense in anticipation of the oncom- ing prom. The halls were filled with shouts, and the classrooms echoed with phrases of "What color is your gown?" or "See you tonight at 8:30." When the last bell of the day rang for dismissal, everyone rushed out of the building to go pick up tuxes and flowers. At approximately 6:00 last minute details were being checked out as prom goers posed for pictures in their homes before leaving for the dance. Posing for relatives was the most tedious part ee now, the rest of the evening would be a breeze. On arriving at Holiday Inn West, more flashes hit our eyes as couples posed for the professional photog- rapher. After being given a number, the pages directed the upperclass- men to their tables. Voices buzzed and filled the air with shouts of laughter as girls ran around getting friends to pose for still more pictures. Time passed quickly, and before we realized it, the dinner was being served. With a choice of either steak or veal par- mesan, the entire room took on an atmosphere of elegant festivity. PROM , ' .,,,,. Kitswgrf- i 4 J ,Z .fw- e,,f,, . fi ,K as' K 5:43 f s me .. ' fl J 1' 5 f' -f g sr f1ss.,.t -. .W As - 1 P .. -. ' 354211 'ill TOP: Couples arriving at Holiday lnn West pose for the professional photographer to have pictures taken as memories ofthe l97X prom. Posing above is Donny Krock and his date. BOTTOM: This bouquet of roses sets off the picture as token necklaces and a remembrance of the prom are displayed as a centerpiece on one of the prom tables. 124 ree :rl Myhltgkfs Prom Uf 78' lf., s V l 7 , TOP: Annette Budzak und her date enjoy dancing und swinging to the music of Abilene. Mary Letson and Kevin Bortz do a disco dance to ti country tune. CENTER: Dave Castelluc- ci and LaRue Lahr enjoy the cuisine at the prom. Bob Brindisi digs in! Michael Hopwood and Tonya McKenzie wait patiently for their turn in front of the camera. BOTTOM: Tom Brown and Debbie Fischl dance in the heat ofthe night. The group Abilene entertains for the prom goers. PROM 0 55 Q! 56' O Q! Tram wings 75 uburn Ani Jfbzlene 95... .......v-"" -3,-mv-Q Q. ii 'V . PROM TOP: Queen of' our Prom Lisa Albanese flashes her ultra-bright smile. TOP RIGHT: .lohn Marakovits and his date have their tickets checked before beginning the evening's festivities. CENTER: Cheryl Rupert and Kevin Bender are caught up in the brilliance ofthe prom's decorations. The table is a display of an array of mementos which go along with every prom. Roberta Rutt and her guest are waiting to get their table assignment. BOTTOM: Auburn, one ofthe two groups engaged forthe evening, provided the Rock 'n Roll part of the dancing. The sign greeted the prom-goers as the couples entered to Ballroom at Holiday Inn. " - vf P . 2 N, .. ...a li it was fs TOP: Getting dressed up in formal gowns and tuxes and posing for pictures was just a small part of the evening forthe many couples who attended the prom this year, BOTTOM: Soph- omore Pages helped with the registration and assisted their upperclassmen by directing them to their reserved tables, l27 Excitement, anticipation, and ex- pectation Filled the air the night of the prom. Couples danced through the night as though there was no to- morrow. The two groups engaged for the evening, Auburn and Abi- lene, created the fantasy world mood that captured each and every couple. At last A time forthe crowning of the 1978 Prom Queen. As Matt Duignam announced the runner- ups, the tension grew and exploded the moment Lisa Albanese was crowned our new queen. Through tears of joy, Lisa made her way to the Queen's throne for the moments ofrecognition and inevitable picture taking. Once again the mood returned to normal as the groups played a mix- ture of country songs and rock and roll. After many songs were played, and conversation dwindled, the eve- ning finally had to come to an end. As the last number was over, couples drifted toward the doors which closed on their fantasy world and opened into the real world and the dawning of a new day. PROM N tus, , i 1 . , S PROM 2 VM. f il T fy! TOP: Juniors und Sophomorcs get into thc action in thc annual salute to thc uppcrclassmcn. Jamie Waha and Jon Sokasits exchange greetings bclore being caught up in a jubilant coun- try tune. BOTTOM: Couples sway into action!!! .lohn Papciak and Margic Ycakcl step in time to thc band. 128 Tram Gives 246 75 9herisheJ Memodes 4' Q! ' f""Qf" 1' A-ff C, O t. Q wif 'G by C, T 1" rf A-or 'lsr' TOP: Couples rclux by taking 21 break from the continuous duncing which wus provided by two musical groups. Candles, flowers, and momcntums give the prom Ll special touch. Three Sophomore Pugcs check the table numbers. CENTER: Few couples sat out any of the num- bers presented by Auburn. Eileen Warner und Dave Koehler seem to enjoy the l'ull-course dinner. BOTTOM: Lydia Siegfried und Keith lfuirmzin search for their table. Queen l.isu Al- bunese reigns over her Court ol' Mary Cunninghzini, Chris Gnrr, Carol Dlugos. Karen llufll- ling, Lori Hanner und Shelly Murphey. l29 PROM 'lfhexpeeted Freud .Jrrives Devife Rain WJ in 5 we V QNAM , , , , 'Q my ,M ,, , . Hull! ,. N 1 , ST 'LF ' 'J ' Af" -i-.-.1 ls i 4 O .. , ABOVE: Our clowns stop to sell balloons and talk to the children. Ray Groll' waits, with ap- prehension, forthe next person to "dunk the punk." CENTER: Stage Band was part of the entertainment, as they present a medley of their favorite hits. Robyn Wilson grimaees as she has a whipped cream pie thrown in her face. BOTTOM: Steve Sandbrook and Cathy llicker- nell were the winners ofthe pie eating contest. Edie Longenbaeh smiles through her oversized ....,,,.,t- glasses. sw w . . " x--:-- fl 'nemeae -:Ev ,.. . X :va 'S .tyi ,T SENIOR CLASS FESTIVAL l30 M gf Q- . yfiy Yf S Y 'Wt .Ax , . 'MY lx ABOVE: Sherri Heckman and Linda Rothrock dressed as clowns to entertain the children who came to the Festival. BOTTOM: Anne Musser concentrates on explaining the game of "Roll 28" to a little boy who is trying his luck to win another lei or a cane. l3l Seniors worked frantically most of Friday night cleaning the park and getting ready for the Festival on Saturday. Although the weather forecast was for showers on May 13, we continued with the schedule as planned. Saturday morning was a time for last-minute preparations. No one was really sure if this had to be done, because it appeared as if the Class of '78 was going to get anoth- er day of rain. Finally, at ll:00 oiclock it was announced that the Festival would be held rain or shine. What else could be done, when con- stant downpours were predicted for the next week? One o'clock arrived, and anxious seniors manned their stands. People were there to work, but where were the people who spend the money? Lady Luck must have been on our side, for although the sun didn't shine, the rain did stop and people began to roam around the park. Afternoon and evening activities in- cluded a pie eating contest, bake sale, Bingo, games, and, of course, plenty of eating. Our Stage Band provided continuous entertainment with shows every half hour. By ll:00 O'clock everyone was ex- hausted and ready to call it a day. Even though the Festival was over, seniors had to stay to clean up. The Festival was not only a source of in- come, but it also provided one of the last times for the seniors to work to- gether as a class. SENIOR CLASS FESTIVAL Early Monday morning as most Nazareth residents were avoiding the unpleasant task ofgetting out of bed, the class of '78 seniors were eagerly awaiting the arrival of the chartered busses at the school park- ing lot. With luggage, ice skates, hockey sticks, tennis rackets, and cameras in hand, they boarded the busses to leave for a fun-filled day at Host Farm and Corral in Lan- caster, Pa. Once there, seniors were led to gorgeous rooms with their own refrigerator, coffee or tea maker and color TV. Outside the rooms, seniors found a host of activities to keep them busy throughout the day. A two-mile trail was available for the bikes and tour carts. An indoor skating rink supplied the ice which many seniors either glided on with pride, or took a spill with humilia- tion. Tennis enthusiates found numerous tennis courts to satisfy their athletic natures. Horseback riding was available with an instruc- tor to lead the way. Two beautiful outdoor swimming pools awaited the seniors with special poolside sun lounges, sliding and diving boards, and a whirlpool bath. Inside, seniors were treated with heated pools, saunas, sun lamps, and steam rooms. Additional facilities such as shuffleboard, bil- liard tables, and game arcades were also enjoyed by the Nazareth seniors. After dinner was served in an ele- gant dining room, the group S'Magic,' played at the dance. Seniors bumped, hustled, twisted, and diseoed their way through the musical night as "Magic" enter- tained the class with their style. After the encore song, 'LMovin' Out", seniors gathered their belong- ings and once again boarded the busses, this time much more tired and exhausted. SENIOR CLASS TRIP in , . . N "' f ..,, ,- xg 2 'N . A N i X 'M f Avis. it aa .Ti it TOP: Chris Meixsell, Karen Haffling, and .lane Michael relax on poolside lounges in the bright afternoon sun. Seniors pose on private poolside terraces leading up to the Host rooms above. 132 5 lilly, .West farm WEIBOMBS Wfzzareth Seniors sf Am., 21st ' 'Z'." 'f f , A I ' fem, ll' -we A! ' " ', H-ij "2 . T A S 1 ' Q wg J' ,Q unman "f,lf0WE nAzAnEr'liRAl,'CSE co Eumzmunsur , ms so sl' WR LOUIGEHTLY 9 I' 3 . it X ,115 M? is , , 3A 4 i ini! nf i' f 'Q . 'getty fi, 'N TOP: Mr. Krisch, Mr, Friedhoff, and Mr. and Mrs. Frederick take a rest at the Host Farms Corral. Lisa Albanese, Patti Erdie and Luann MePoyle dry off on their towels after taking a dip in the pool. MIDDLE: Students and ehaperones took advantage of the numerous activi- ties offered at Host Farms. BOTTOM: The welcome sign is displayed for Nazareth seniors. Karen MeSween rides atop a horse at the stables. 133 SENIOR CLASS TRIP ?7zese Memaries 'ZWII linger Rrever. .. ?'I4.ifuu TOP: Principal, Claude Shappelle announces thc names of the seniors as diplomas are handed out by Herbert Cobley. Classmates listen attentivcly as a fellow student speaks. MIDDLE: Valedictorian, Mary Lou Pysher, Salutatorian, Lisa Honsel, and third speaker David Tavianini encourage the graduating class to look to the future. BOTTOM: Class of '78 forms a procession on the field for the commencement exercises which will signal the end of their high school days. Jeff Bittner receives a handshake of congratulations. GRADUATION 134 Sick and Beneficial Society - National Bank of Nazareth Prizes ' F Education Student Award for girls Music Award Belt Police Association of County Driving Award Club of Nazareth Merit Scholarship Corporation Industrial Arts Award Wgod Scholarship Award M5131 Certificate of Merit Finalist Timothy Siegfried Donna Fratipietro Ann Musser MaryLou Pysher Jonathan Sokasits Todd Lahr Sherwood Albert, Jr. Michael Landry David Tavianini Kevin M. Miller - V Letters of Commendation Semifinalist Timothy Davidson Award for Scholarship, School and iiiii'i'ft - . Community Involvement and Creativity Nazareth Area Senior High School g Senior Writing Award -' lst 2nd Creative Writing Award Michael E. Hopwood ' A Jeffery D. Bittner, Lee Brand1,,Ri5nald Godiska, Todd Liehtenwalnerg-.lonathan F. Sokasits, Ronald L. Steiner if eet. ,g Mathematics Award -vgfi A ,,, German Award English Award 5 Kevinigiiifer ,M Band Award M Ronaidif H aka ' ' i Science Award for Boys ' lst Photography 2nd " - . 3rd Vocal Music Shorthand Award Physical Education Awa Kiwanis Club of the Nazaret'lf3LiKi'ea Outstanding Achievement in Art, ' Crafts, or Photography rd- Share Your Life Award J. Frederick Knecht Memorial Awards College Prep Arts Level General Level Andrew S. Leh Physical Ed. and Athletic Award Steven Sandbrook 'ggi' Teresa Sisson A Blaise Nealon Karen Haffling Sandra Garr Donna Williams Carol Dlugos, Kathleen Geosits Phillips, Teresa Sisson Charlene McGrath Ronald Steiner Donna Fratipietro Kathleen Hess Gregory Leh za, .L , ,eq The class of ,78 was united for the last time at the commencement exercises at the Andrew S. Leh stadium on Wednesday, June 14. The seniors filed onto the football field in step to the tune of the Blue Eagle band. After the invocation, Valedictorian' Mary Lou Pysher spoke of the similarities between Plato's "Re- public" and Nazareth high school. Her speech was "A Parable For All Purposesf, David Tavianini spoke next as he compared graduating from Nazareth with the prisoner escaping from the cave in Platois "Republic" "The Search for Knowledge" was salutatorian Lisa Honsel's speech. Lisa asked the graduating class if "the search for knowledge is necessary, worthwhile, and will it lead to a rewarding life? The concert choir selected "Down the Road" to sing at the exercises. Mr. Herbert F. Cobley, superinten- dent of Nazareth Area Schools, presented the diplomas to the grad- uating class. Mr. Claude Shappelle presented the awards to selected seniors commending their perform- ances throughout their high school years. Academic keys were awarded to eighteen seniors for maintaining high honor status. The class of '78 then sang the Alma Mater together for the last time as a group honoring the Blue and White and joined the reces- sional out of high school and into adult life as a crowd of parents, relatives and friends applauded them for their success. GRADUATION ,i 4 Y XZ! if 79 'bm v Wm! S55 3 4f X ,F 'Q,......-- B 'Kb' 3 ,ligmi !'LZ1Q5hl'd Sherri Baylor Kevin Bender Cynthia Bickert Denise Brown Jane Brown .lean Brown Shawn Browning Curtis Buck Annette Budzak Lori Buskirk Karen Butz Kathryn Butz JUNIORS Chris Abel Christine Agnew Robert Albert Vernon Anglemeyer Ted Ashenfalder Ronald Audenried Katherine Auerbach Russell Ayers Mark Baltz Karl Basile George Bauder Jacquelyn Baylor CANDY BARS, CANDLES, AND 'MJ by 2: i l yt. "lbs wi Marlyn Butz Cathryn Correll Kathy Correll Brian Coyle Jeffrey Croft Robert Danner Desiree Dech Richard Dentner Peter DeRaymond Dennis Deutsch Cheryl DiGerlando Patricia D'Imperio THE PROM LEFT: JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS AND AD- VISER: Secretary Sue Hunt, Historian Karen Wil- liams, Adviser Francis Friedhoff, Vice President John Liming, and President Matt Duignam. Missing from the picture is Treasurer Amy Trbuza. Tammy Doncses Matthew Duignam William Efkovics John Elliot Kim Era Richard Erdie Robert Eschenbach Keith Fairman Thomas Fassl RaeAnn Fehnel Corinne Fenon Deborah Fischl JUNIORS Lenny Flank, Jr. Paige Flurer Peter Fray Terry Frey Barry Fritchman Ronald Fulmer Mary Ann Galites Randy Gardner Brenda Geffert Jeffrey Getz Stephen Getz Edward Godiska JUNIORS H 'Ii DO YOU THI K HE BELIEVES George Godiska Mary Gregory Thomas Grcssler Dorothy Grube Kerry Grube Rosie Grube Stephen Grube Martha Guest Thomas Gum Adolph Haberle Anita Hahn Priscilla Hahn 140 m WE'RE REALLY WORKING? Suzanne Hunt Carol Huth Brenda lnhoff Ricky ltterly Robin Jackson Brian James Joseph Jennings Ni Michael Jewett ,1 David Johnson X f A' fl' Thomas Jumper Kenneth Kehs is kxbx Karen Keller 1 K 1 141 William Hahn Timothy Halbfoerster Richard Hank Stephen Hann Beth Hartzell Julie Henderson Debra Hill Donna Hinton Christopher Honsel Kelly Hooper Robin Hopple Jeffrey Hunt JUNIORS Sharon Kocher David Koehler Dawn Kratzer Gwendolyn Kresge Donna Krupa Susan Kulp Anna Kirlick Tina Landry Lynn Laudenbach Tracey Lichtenwalner John Liming Thomas Livingston JUNIORS Rose Kennedy Tammy Kcrn Susan Kichlinc S i David King Lawrence Kleintop James Klemka Keith Klipple Kent Klipple Dean Kloiber Brian Knechl Bruce Knecht Sue Koch PRECIOUS MOME TS ARE ' s., r I gf x 2. J, Q! 142 3 ,. , 1 .lf EVER FORGOTTE Gregory Lockwitch Roger Manini Alan Markovits RuthAnnc Marquardt .ludy Marsh Timothy Masters Debra Mayes Dean McAllister Mitchell McClure Terry McCormick Patricia MeFall Joseph McHale was David Meixsell Joy Meixsell Maureen Mengel Edward Mertz Michelle Meyers Connie Miklas Stanley Miklas Karen Milkovits Mark Miller Scott Miller Anita Millheim Linda Mitch JUNIORS Dale Morrison Debra Nagel Ambie Nagle Jacqueline Nicradka Steven Noversel Michele O'Toole Linda Paisley Brandon Parsons Todd Pettis Michele Pierzga Gregory Polanski Christopher Pristash JUNIORS IS SCHOGL ALL WORK Carol Pritchard Patti Jeanne Pritchard Joanna Rampulla M . All Cynthia Ranck David Raymond Timothy Reph Todd Repsher Anthony Ricci Tina Rodger Lori Rogora Brian Rohn Kimberly Rohn l44 AND O PLAY? Laura Shuman Richard Siegfried Dennis Sigafoos Kathy Silfies Tracy Silfies Laurie Simpson Stephanie Sluttcr Glenn Smith Shelly Smith Brian Snyder Wayne Snyder John Sofka l45 ix-ll: Jamie Roth Pamela Roth Carolyn Rupert Becky Santee Robert Schleicher Dwayne Schoeneberger Howard Schoeneberger Janet Schuch Keith Seaton Melinda Seip Melody Setzer Kimberly Shafer JUNIORS Steve Taff Vickie Tarnok Daniel Thomas Suzanne Thomas Robert Tocheny Chris Todora Diane Tomino Christine Transue Amy Trbuza Bernadette Tremble Michael Treon Douglas Tripp Jane Uhler Donna Urmy Debra VanHorn JUNIORS Glenn Solt Kyle Solt Sidney Spencer Wanda Stauffer Mark Steiner Lisa Stine Frederick Stocker Carol Strohl Robert Strouse Alan Sutter Christopher Szutar Randy Taff UNICRS PARTICIPATE Q- Renee Vargo Richard Wagner Jamy Waha Richard Walakovits Deidre Wambold Scott Warner Scott Weisel Glen Weiss Kent Weiss Carl Weist George Wentzell Wendy Werkheiser N NUMEROUS ACTIVITIES CAMERA SHY Thomas Ackley Mark Buskirk Mary Clift Donna Gordon Carl Harper Robin Harper Terry Heckman Anna Kirlick Steven Kline Daniel Kraycik Vincent Murante Edwin Pensyl Frank Pitsko John Plebani Michael Salmon Becky Santee Jeffrey Smith yi-an is. Jody Werner Sandra Werner Margaret Yerkel Judith Whitesell Karen Williams Kelly Williamson Christopher Wolf Jody Wunderly Robert Yavorski Judy Yons Linda Young Sharon Zellner Philip Zopl' Joyce Getz Todd Santo JUNIORS Guy Ackerman Thomas Albani Wayne Albert Mark Altemose Randy Amberger Lynda Amerman Michael Andretti Jeffrey Anglemeyer Cindy Auerbach Brenda Barker Kelly Barnhardt Lynette Baylor SOPHOMORES .Ht ,.. , Sr SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICER Renee Baylor Gwen Bealer Carla Beil Thomas Bender Jon Benfield Jeffrey Bocich Sandy Bratsch Mary Brown Gail Bruch Michele Bucchi Lisa Bush Patricia Buskirk 148 p- 4 -53 vs- rw xN,....:' T K, Sa 'Nair X 'T Q- TOP LEFT: SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS AND ADVISER-Secretary-Treasurer Bonnie Coyle, Adviser A. Jane Jarrett, Historian Kim Wuest, Vice President James Shiffert, and President Susan Dlugos. SHOW GREAT LEADER HIP Amy DeRaymond David Deutsch Cynthia Dieter Susan Dlugos David Dotter Tara Einfalt ' Diane Erdie Jeffrey Erdie Scott Ervin Jeffrey Eyer Jeffrey Farnack Renee Fehnel 149 1 " ,Ja Elton Buss John Butler Beth Butz David Cantrel Lawrence Cascario Jeffrey Corby Kevin Correll Bonnie Coyle Michelle Crone Sandra Daley James Davidson Marie DelRe SOPHOMORES Lori Garren Bernard Garrity Margaret Gavin Michele Genery Robert Genery Doreen Getz Annette Giuffre Joseph Glickman Jill Gordon Timothy Grube Lois Guth Stephen Haberle SOPHOMORES Gwendolyn Fenner Connie Ferraro Michael Ferretti Cynthia Flank Randy Flyte Raymond Fogel Herman Frey Linda Frey Pamela Frey Helene Friend Joann Gallo Robin Gardner SOPHOMORES ENGAGE Qu.. 150 Te' I' liz SQ ' v 4 f" an suv Lisa Hahn Mark Hardy Karen Harper Dolores Hartman Dody Heffelfinger Beth Herbst Jill Herczeg Ross Heyer Helena Hill Robert Hopple Andrew Hopwood Timothy Houck N SOCIAL ACTIVITIES 52:2 I J , K,,i, ,". ' r'1A Q -1-ff? was ' -xm- f A rws q"7 4618, ibn? vc 'D 'iilnuu-au, I quo-""' Q4 F 151 John Huber Steven Hummel Christine Huth Luann Huth David Ifkovits Leonard Ihle Joseph Johnson Marie Keglovitz Joseph Keppel Karen Kern Doretta Kilpatrick Bridget Klepeis SOPHOMORES Deborah Knauss Judy Knauss Michael Knecht Sariann Knerr Connie Kocher Danny Krasenics Ronald Kratz Steven Kresge Kimberly Krock Jennie Kromer Timothy Kulp Timothy Lahr SOPHOMORES X Gary LaJeunesse Helen Lakatos Patrice Lambert Michele Lance Jeanne Lantzer Donna Lesher Jacqueline Levey David Lilly Steven Lockwitch Thomas MacDonald Michael Macy Stacy Male 152 . . . I y tit , ttttt,, THE CLASS GF Sc PREADS ENTHUSIASM Susan Miller Tami Miller Keith Miltenberger Robert Mitch Connie Mitman Mike Moeller Lisa Mondschein Shelley Morrison Gail Nagel Jamie Nealon Tammy Newhard John Nixon 153 Steven Marakovits Thomas Marchak Lisa McEwen William McGrath Tonya McKenzie Colleen McPoyle Leanne McSween Anne Merritt Sherry Messinger Guy Metz Robert Meyers Brad Miksch SOPHOMORFS Wendy Reese Theresa Reid Richard Repash Kevin Reph Randy Ressler Kenneth Rice LuAnn Rice Stephanie Rice Michelle Rios Connie Rissmiller Kenneth Rohn Gary Romig SOPHOMORES Terry Nolf Richard Noversel Jeffrey Olson WGN? Roy Oplinger Beth Parry Terry Patoki I i 'XX R K Jody Pettis Suzanne Pizzuto Todd Powell Tanya Pristash David Rader Lynn Rader i A FRIENDS A D A WARM X V, ,sf l54 A -L , Douglas Roth James Roth Jody Roth James Rozum Patricia Rozum Gary Rundle Kevin Rundle Christine Sakasitz Gary Sands Carol Schneebeli Linda Schoeneberger Melanie Scott SMILE EASE O R SCHOGL DAY l55 Kevin Searock Todd Seip Robert Sell Gary Setzer David Sevi David Seyfried Lori Shafer Melanie Shelly James Shiffert Richard Skripek Mary Slog Patricia Slusser SOPHOMORES Alan Smith Glenn Smith Sandy Smith Tami Smith Kim Snyder Laurie Ann Soffera Anita Sokasits Tammy Spohn Tina Stahl Donna Stampf Frank Starner Kathaleen Stettler Mary Stettler Roger Stevens Richard Stier SOPHOMORES Q vi '1 is we at " . x-sw - t.t it A ., M -. 'W' N VARIOUS EXPRESSIONS ARE Sherri Stocker Brian Stout David Strohl I Carl Strye Randy Supers Marjorie Sweeney Christine Tarnow Michael Thomas Richard Tiley Nancy Timar Thomas Timberman Susan Tocheny 156 "-59 tvs 'V s"'S T ll' ir ' EASILY CAPTURED Lynn Williams Debra Williamson Cathy Winiarski Kenneth Wismer Lori Woodward Kim Wuest Joseph Yavorski Margaret Yeakel Joseph Yost Jackie Zeiner Vicki Zeitner Bradley Zipprodt 157 CAMERA SHY David Abel Shelley Anthony Lawrence Finnegan Glenn Gehret Glenn Hertzog Regina McBride Randall McClain Cora Seyfried George Starner Michelle Zimmerma Il Beverly Transue Lynn Trbuza Annette Tremble Steven Treon Ellen Uding Tammy Viglione Brian Wagner Debra Wagner Joseph Weber Cynthia Weiss Jay Werkheiser Marlyn Werner Trudy Werner Pamela Wesser Charles Williams SOPHOMORES X 'iwih YN 5:3 it "' 5. an Q "qfa"f is-dh! 158 v 3' xi.. .V .,. ' s my o A f'1"N x wg 2 as 2. E4 ,wif 3PA:..rn 4 . - I wr QW My :aaa im: ,am Q65 5 .4 ,S6 -' 1 66 -.,,,.....,,, 6 ...,. 6 6 , 66 QQI .', wii 1, 6 hy "" 3 : f.. BOYS' BASKETBALL 6666 6 66666 ' i R ' ' . 11: Dmfuff Northampton 4 BASKETBALL 6 Panther Valley Easton 19 37 . Blue Mountain 3 6666.6N0rthampt0n 3333 38 40 . ,,f ' fflfsbufy 6 6 2 ' 3 'sades 33 4 , 1 i C t 43 6CataS2uquH H 54 3 asauqua sa 6 42 11 - ' 4- i,- I 6 .i.1 -'ii-1 iwllson ' 74 40 wjwllson 34 ' B- ' ",- isaucon Valley 54 51 Sfazucon Valley 26 5 3 6 llj ll,l .l,lll lll 73 57 1 llll Stroudsburg 48 41 Whitehall 5 45 56 42 63 1' hhh Pafk121Hd 63 6.666466 66 Pen Afgyl 29 41 Pen Argyl 58 Palmerton 41 44 V Palmemm 61 Notre Dame 31 38 1 leee ellf 66 Bangor 6 38 40 Southern :,k Southern Lehrgh 46 49 Salisbury 4 5 7 i Salrsbury 35 51 444-e 78 40 73 ii. ::: ,K 6i1f2ia6 ggiCa1aSauq4ua 4 ss 44 51 76 57 66 l,4l 44 27 pen A,-gyf 77 61 1- - ' i v 6 30 53 6 elle 6 oelo 42 57 Pen M3521 39 42 55 53 3 35 59 . ,416 3 'O Losses 4 4444 5441 14,.. 6 '-'. 6 - - ,.., 44. - f 6 :' J ' CROSS QQUNTRY NASHS QPP. 455l -6PaE!41aH11 20 40 eo e 4464 lleo 6 olll 6 5,51 .f,, ' L 6-66 V 6 jcd auqua 27 29 e rg ton ' 22 3 Bmmaus - 5 5 22 Southern Lehigh 28 6 Sallsbufy 38 Bmlgof 23 6 . 45 P l d he 6 X, I a rsa es 40 6, jg W 15011 29 C t 4 -4'5 ss 1 1321115-31165 23 3 aSa'1q1m 6 4 1 321162 as Southern Lehigh Q 25 20 53116011 Valleyt 46 KSSBQUCOH Va11Cy 6666 Pc'lAfgY1 6 0 .416 an or 9 Sallsbllfy 46 14 4 i ' lg Stroudsburg 8 1192 4 2 3 atasauqua 'ills 6 iii? - Wrlson 12 4 3a4 1h1?bUfY f 646l 66l66 6 12 1? PH . 6 6 6 6 ih1ii6lzEQ2g,li4' Lehlgh 35 33 6 Valley 34 64eh ' 66 6 6 6666 llh 7 Wm 9 Losses 6 . isauqua Lemgh 6666, 1 it 6'44 4 Ih: 6ff6 ,MQW ,TN MQ kil- ggz 66,V 46.6 6 66666 E ir , Ymw Y f6 66h.Q:g6,7f6:66113663664666-6.6: 4,,W6i6g X 4- 4 , 4, an in-12245 'v:f'z-414 -6:g'211z-4: zgefgrfgzziihi 6 164fmwr6 egs2i4.1gf1v4 hh-:rw-4 -vw-A 5 rf fvh Ah 3:33 44 4 33354: 355. 3339333342 Z4 444 W 11 F " 3m1" '13',.3Q'w ww + -R l ,466-' ' Va ey 1 Yhern Lehigh Zffi 4 64'-Hfsmibiiifiiaiiimggi 66-664 1 556 .--,s Afgyl 66666 66666 6 1314 1 Valley ' 66 4 1 4 4 I 6 6 -"- 4 6 f H 6 5 E M, . ll , 6649, 44 gill- iggh4,1?'?"h Q 4 I 4 'Wh' ' 2 5 52 P? 4 ,T , gg 4 6 6 3' 2 4 E . ,S Q 3 -4 , H rS'g,1f! 1 65 'fi 4, H Q vim ,L 6. , E 4 E41 ' wi if N 5 if 3 4 6 6 ki 1 NH 4 ' 4 hy! , 35,5 1+ figs, 4 . 66, 4 WE 46 QE 6 I0 4 4 46 4- 5 4 321 flr W, 1 is 3 4 ' 4 66666666.6666 , 6 3 6, 466 ' 1 n fi W 4 4 f 4, IL '31 l. I -QS lrf - 66 66666666 . U66 66666 66666 6 64. . ' 1 ff 666, 6 ,,,, ,,,66 6 666.6 'L S 4 4 6 666iM6, 3665 16 6666 L " if 3:4 k , 1 42 6'eg-6t?f'..fgf6t6-6"'.fiQqi' 2 l.: 12? 1 1 1 l 4,6 5 gr sh 3 4 " F31 Y I Qi .1 5 g 'l ' 4 65 6, 43 666 66 6. , 4' 3412- '12 'Z li 2 1 6 A X 4,4626 44, ,f6l,,,,66 66 6686g,i?5g6h6g::qhggifggffvgvii E 3, , k 44 66536 6.6 6,,.,6, ,66.6,66 .666 66 66,66- . 4 1 4 64-6414 6, mu... "'1'k"f 56 ,EQ 3 g5,g4 th , qgjigg g fgg ,E : 1 1 'rf if S 14: - Z -4 3 3' ' :: 6a 3 5146664 6 A 6 widif' 33 'W A lm wa 4 1 Q IQ' PP alley Argyl i high 0 0 3 0 ,. 0 0 2 e 1 0 1 0 l Salisbury Wilson Southern Lehigh Palisades Saucon Valley Pen Argyl Southern Lehigh Salisbury Palisades Wilson Saucon Valley Pen Argyl Bangor . Southern Lelgh Salisbury ii Palisades Wilson Saucon Valley Pen Argyl Bangor 3 7 Wins, 8 E ie A ' L aw B -3' 2 , wk ,, .W ,-.M he 3 5 4-V2 l 4s 3 6 Rewarding Season For Cross Countr Teams Dcspitc an ovcrall rccord of 7-9. thc Nalarcth Cross Country tcam was a group which workcd vcry hard. Coach Nunamakcr said. "The scason was succcssful if thc pcoplc involycd thought thc timc was wcll spcntf' Ray Nunamakcr also coachcd thc girls' tcam which. for its first ycar. did vcry wcll. llc proudly said. "Thcir hard work and pcrscrvcrancc wcrc rcwardcd by winning thc Districts and advancing to thc Statc mcct. Thc girls wcrc lcd by Chris Agncw. Robin llarpcr. and .lamic Ncalon. lacking an outstanding runncr. thc boys' squad dcpcnd- cd on dcpth. Brian Altcmosc. a tri-captain. placcd fifth in thc District mcct and advanccd to thc Statc mcct Blainc Phillips. Na1arcth's first thrcc-ycar Icttcrman and Nliltc Kostick wcrc thc othcr captains, ltitzggfrr, Y U vim i N TOP RICillTi Tri-Captain Nlikc Kostick. ABOVE: Tri-Captain Blainc Phillips, Cl-'NTlfR RICSIIT: CilRl S' l977 CROSS COUN- TRY Tlf.-XN1: Karcn Williams. Donna Dc Rcamus. Chris Agncw. Robin llarpcr. Martha Ciucst. .lamic Ncalon. Coach Raymond Nunainakcr. Stana Ciutckunst. l.0WliR RIGHT: Tri-Captain Brian ,-Xltcmosc. 162 iffy-Qi.. gk V f M, -,mv-,sa I - , fine . 'S 'K' elf, . A ' -.. , 4 .' .xx . 1. , , . ,Y 4 . ...X X ,. . i 1 'Wm-, - I. ,-,,. yyfe ..-M vw N77 X' -XRSITY CROSS i'Ol X-TRY Tlf,-X N1- I-'RONT ROW: Chris Agnew, KarenWillia1ms.Donn:l DcRcumus, .lzimic Ncninn, Nlnrllm liuusl. ROW Tvvol Rob N'LlYOI'Sixi..lOi1I'l liming. Mikc Ilolndnzik. Bob Schlcichcr. .loc johnson, .lim Ro- lum. Craig Trax. .lclT l'roI'l. Robin llurpcr. Roger Mzmini. Rag !iroff.Slnn:1fiulckunsl. BACK ROW: Manager Mnric TLIIIIOS. Xiiumgcr Kim ljfll. ikmcli Raymond Nuimnmkcr. Dave Kuchlcr. Tim Wolfc. Hub lischcnbznch. M1111 Duignnm. 'Xlikc kimick. Ilrigin -Xltcnmxc. Bluinc Phillipx. Chrix Ilnnscl. Bob Snyder. 163 CROSS COL' NTRN 1977 GIRLS' FIELD HOCKEY TEAM-FRONT ROW: Pam Fry, Cindy Baltz, Monica Tanzos, Cathy Hickernell, Mary Cunningham, Donna Williams, l.ori Hanncr, Terri Marchak. ROW TWO: Manager Donna Gordon, Donna Leshcr, Donna DeRcamus, Karen Keller, Robin Harper, Joanna Rampulla, Chris Agnew, Kathy Stout, Manager lleidi Schramm. BACK ROW: Ann Shook. Brenda Hartzell, Amy DeRaymond, Michele Picrvga, Cindy Weiss, Karen Jones, Kathy Reid, Wendy Fair- man, Coach Regina Chassard, Coach Frank Krisch. I64 Eaglette Spirit Ends In Disappointment Lack ofexperience and missed goals hindered the Nazareth Girls' Field Hockey Team as they ended the season with a 4-9-3 record. Many of the losses were by a single goal. Regina Chassard, head coach, felt that the season was dis- appointing even though everyone gave so much of them- selves. Assistant Frank Krisch felt the players lacked skills in the beginning but improved with the season. He com- mented that he became more familiar with the game as the season progressed and really enjoyed his coaching position. Scoring was a problem for the offense, although the defense was strong. Rampulla led in agressiveness, while the good stickwork of Tanzos combined with the goalie sliills of Wil- liams for a powerful defense. T With determination and hard work the team did the best they could. Although disappointed, the Eaglettes gained valuable experience. TOP LEFT: CAPTAINS MARY CUNNINGIIAM AND CATHY HICKERNELL. CENTER LEFT: Monica Tanios uses her tricky stickwork during the first home game of the season. ABOVE: CO-Captain Mary Cunningham moves in quickly to keep the game ex- citing and everyone in suspense. l.OWER LEFT: FIELD HOCKEY COACH REGINA CHASSARD. 165 FIIID HOCRI-Y Eagles Finish As Colonial Champs With a fine attitude and great desire, the Nazareth Blue Eagle Football team proved to be the best in the Colonial League. Summer practices with the conditioning mile, and weeks of hard work were important factors contri- buting to the success of the team. After the Wilson victory, Coach .lim Evanko posted his 100th win and the Colonial League Champs presented him with the ball. Coach Evanko's feelings were, "As each day and each game passed. l came to admire them more and more." Coaches Roanoke and Treon felt that at the beginning of the season there was little chance for the title. Both saw this feeling reversed after the season began, Coach Treon felt the tremendous attitude was what gave them the League Championship. The team's maturity was the fac- tor which changed Coach Roanoke's feelings as the sea- son progressed. I TOP LEFT: Brian Coyle opens the game by pinning the Sau- eon Valley team against their own goal line. CENTER RIGHT: Co-Captains Rich Schneebcli and Mike Haberle. LOWER RIGHT: Coach ,lim Evanko planning game strat- egy with Quarterback Robbie Albert. I66 Coach Ronald Lewis. Head Coach .lames Evanko. Assistant Coach Jerry Trcon. Assistant Coach John Roanoke. I977 VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM - FRONT ROW: Tom Fassl. .loc Brown. Frank Jandrosilv. Keith Bender. David Castellucci, Chris Szutar. Tim Lahr. ROW TWO: Todd Seip. Steve Marakovits. Craig Evanko. Mike Haberle. Don Kroek, Blaise Nealon, .lan Smith. Ron Kratz. Shawn Browning, ROW THREE: Coach James Evanko. Coach Jerry Treon. Brand- on Parsons. Chip Albert. Frank Starner. Dave Sevi. Greg Leh. Jack Hcrbst. Robbie Albert. Coach .lohn Roanoke. Coach Ronald Lewis. BACK ROW: Joe Serlass. Rich Schneebeli. Mark Buskirk. Howard Schoeneberger. Jeff Hunt. .lohn Reuss. Robert Saucrzopf. Brian Coyle. t I67 FOOTBALI ,ff QF l977 JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM- FRONT ROW: Tim l.ahr. Ron Krati. Todd Seip, Tom Marchak, Rich Sticr, Steve Marakovits, Doug Roth. Mark Sell, Dave Sevi. Coach fharlcs Voda. BACK ROW: Coach Robert Holland. Rich lloopcr. I-'rank Starncr, Will Crane, Rich Skripek, Jeff Erdie, Steve Hummel Rich Sauerzopf, Coach Randall. Missing from the picture is .RI Smith. 168 Q pig ia Nazareth Eagles Are umber One Captain Rich Schneebeli said that the team was closely knit and everyone played an important role, Co-Captain was Mike Haberle. The season was also rewarding for Senior Chip Albert, who became one of Nazareth's l000-yard runners. One of the greatest problems was the loss of key players through injury, but fine substitutes soon solved the problem. Winning nine out of ten games, the .IV team finished with a very good season. Coach Holland felt that the players were very coachable. He said that the only problem was the loss of some team members to the varsity. A Eagles worked very hard to achieve what they wanted. Therein lies the secret to their success. All the hard work and tremendous sacrifice oftime and effort are evidenced in the pride in being a Nazareth Blue Eagle. TOP LEFT: Behind the scene Trainer Biff Stannard shows how very much he is needed and depended upon by all our athletes. ABOVE: Our Blue Eagle offense puts it all together. CENTER LEFT: Nazarcth's varsity football team struts on, all psychcd for another victory. 169 Determination Falls Short Being a very young team, the Eaglettes were dedicated and aggressive, but were disappointed with the results ol their season. Returning leltcrwomen Edie Longcnbach, Cathy Tauschman, Michele Stark. and Diane Marakovits combined with Theresa Reid and Donna Stampfto make up the top six girls, who, very confidentally, went into each match. Tennis, both an individual and a team sport, gives each girl a chance to do her part in making every match suc- cessful. Newcomer Coach Debbie Gibbs gave the team her time, support, and a desire to win. Although thc girls gained experience for the coming years, the season ended in disappointment. Everyone gave their best, but their determination fell short. . . . 'vim-vii? LA: -g A :Q-1 5. Qi ' ' s. f A Y, I J. ,J Q W.-. . ' S .K ,g m 2 - , af f 5 qlk' e EU .JT 7 S f '5'5+:i ABOVE: GIRLS' TENNIS TEAM-FRONT ROW: Cathy Tauschman, Lisa Diehl, Michele Stark, Donna Stampf. ROW TWO: Diane Marakovits, Terri Patoko, Terri Sisson. TOP RIGHT: Edie Longenbach slams the ball in a competitive match with Southern Lehigh. CENTER RIGHT: Terri Reid returns a serve. BOTTOM: Cathy Tauschman returns a baekhand volley. l70 Golf's Best Record In Three Years K Green Pond Country Club became the home course for our GolfTeam as the Eagles finished with a I2-4-l record, the best compiled in the past three years. Coach Donald Frederick was satisfied with a third-place finish for the season. Perry Nardella, the top man, was second in the champion- ship flight and Frank Maurek finished first in the second flight during the Colonial League Tournament. Overall, the team finished in fourth place only twelve strokes behind Salisbury, the first-place team. Four-year veterans Nardella and Maurek held first and second positions. Seniors Ed Yandrisevits, Kevin Coughlin, and Robert Brindisi filled in the next three slots. The team agreed that the season was successful and rewarding. 1 Lefti- 4159" i I TOP RIGHT: VARSITY GOLF TEAM-FRONT ROW: Robert Brindisi Ed Yandrisevlts Bruce Knecht BACK ROW: Coach Donald Frederick, Kevin Coughlin. Brad Zipprodt Frank Maurek Perry Nardella ABOVE: Perry Nardella, swings his way out of a sticky situation. CENTER Frank Maurek practices his swing before an importnat match. RIGHT: Ed Yandrisevits lines up for a perfect putt l7l Eagles Potential Falls Short "I will always remember that this team had the potential to be a great one," commented Senior Co-Captain Mark Duignam, referring to this year's 7-9 record. He, along with Perry Nardclla, led the varsity team to what Nardella felt was a successful, although not a winning, season. Ending the year with a win over Southern Lehigh meant a lot to graduating seniors Duignam, Nardella, Blaine Phillips, Scott Olenwine, Dave Tavianini and Frank Maurek. They battled hard to defeat the Spartans 55-53, a deserving win for the Eagles. Captains Nardella and Duignam, the only returning lettermen, stood out statisti- cally as high scorer and rebounder. Nardella was chosen as a member of the Colonial League All-Star Second Team, while Duignam received an honorable mention. Both players were also selected for L.A.R.C. Varsity Coach Barry Boyer stated, "We had the poten- tial, but it remained unfulfilled." TOP RIGHT: Jim Roth starts the game while controlling the tap. MIDDLE LEFT: Varsity Basketball Coach Barry Boyer. MIDDLE RIGHT: Blaine Phillips displays good form while connecting for a free throw. BOTTOM: Mark Duignam and Dave Tavianini pulling down an all-important rebound against Bangor. ' M :M UK TOP RIGHT: Coach Barry Boyer explains strategies to his team during a time out. TOP LEFT: Captains Mark Duignam and Perry Nardclla. ABOVE: l978 VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM-FRONT ROW: Scott Olcnwinc, .lim Shiffert, Bob Sell, Coach Barry Boyer, Frank Maurck, Matt Duignam, Perry Nardella. BACK ROW: Dave Tav-ianini, Mark Duignam, Blaine Phillips, Jeff Hunt, .lim Roth, Ed Godiska, Bob Eschenbach, Manager Scott Miller. l73 VARSITY BASKETBALI I I TOP LEFT: Our emotional .lunior Varsity Basketball Coach Daniel Kemeter. ABOVF: JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL TFAM-FRONT ROW: .loc Weber. Dave Seyfried, Coach Kcmeter, Larry Finnegan, Keith Correll, Flton Buss. Manager Peter Fray, BACK ROW: Mike Moeller, Frank Starner, Al Smith, Bob Eschenbach, Bob Sell, Todd Santo. Missing from the picture is Manager Raymond Fogel. NM-'A Q5 fl Q' '55 L, .Obi . A . lv if K ld S2111 is X V , N Q l is 6 i fs fi'-fc 'si 'Q' I '53 ff , 4 , V Little Blue Strives For Improvement "I feel what you do in practice, you do in a game." com- mented Nazareth's .IV Basketball Coach Daniel Kemeter. He believes his team's intensity at practice was not con- sistent and thus caused the team's below-average record. Nazareth's young .IV Basketball Team had the potential but could not quite make it. Winning the last three games caused Coach Kemeter to believe that some progress was made in terms of improvement: however. some work was still needed. Captains forthe squad were Bob Sell and l.arry Finnegan. As captain. Finnegan also led the team in assists and l'oul shooting.-Sophomores Mike Moeller, top lloor shooter, and Al Smith, high scorer and rebounder. chipped in their share for the Eagles. Defensively, Bob Eschenbach stood out as the best for the squad. Although the perfection-seeking Coach Kemeter was un- happy, experience and knowledge was gained to make the future picture appear brighter. SLB h 3, 5, 1 4 N -l I ii 436 i TOP LEFT: Al Smith displays the technique which made him our top rebounder. CENTER LEFT: .IV players and Coach Daniel Kemeter intensely assist their teammates during a game with Bangor. ABOVE: Captain Bob Sell listens closely to game strategy during a time out. LEFT: Bob Eschenbach shows deep concentration when preparing to shoot from the foul line. 175 .l.V. BASKI TBAI l TOP RIGHT: GIRLS' VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM- FRONT ROW: Cindy Baltz, Karen Janny, Mony Tanzos, Terri Sisson. BACK ROW: Coach Frank Krisch, Michele Lance, Jody Roth, Amy DeRaymond, Jamie Roth, Joanna Rampulla. TOP LEFT: First-year coach Frank Krisch. ABOVE: Tri-Captains Cindy Baltz, Mony Tanzos, Karen Janny. I76 es" . . 'H i New Coaches For Girls' Basketball Inconsistency caused the Girls' Basketball team to come up short for an average season. Coach Krisch commented, "I know we had a better team than our record indicates, but we just could not put it all together." This was Coach Frank Krisch and JV Coach Pat Bracken's first year with the Girls' team. As a coach, Krisch felt that he lacked the experience and the knowledge neces- sary to be successful. Seniors Cindy Baltz, Monica Tanzos, and Karen Janny were honored as team tri-captains. In addition to being a captain, Baltz led in assists while Juniors .Ioanna Rampulla and Jamie Roth were outstanding in rebounding and shoot- ing. Sophomore Amy DeRaymond was high scorer as center for the team. Although the season was not particularly rewarding, both the coach and the team gained valuable knowledge and experience. 1 K3 fi r Os: 1 as 6 A i gg. E TOP LEFT: Amy DeRaymond sinks the shot for two during the PenArgyl game. CENTER LEFT: JUNIOR VARSITY TEAM- FRONT ROW: Lori Hahn, Sharon Setzer, Sheryl Rissmiller, Kathy Reid, Mary Snyder, Sue Kostenbader. Kathy Crush. ROW TWO: Manager Denise Day, Wendy Fairman, Brenda Hartzell, Karen Jones, Statistician Cathy Hickernell, Manager Jackie Finkbeiner. LAST ROW: Coach Patricia Bracken, Michele Lance. Jody Roth, Darcy Fritz, Donna Krupa. CENTER RIGHT: Cindy Baltz outmaneuvers her opponent during an important contest with PenArgyl. LEFT: Mony Tanzos shows concentration and good form during a free throw. I77 GIRL'S BASKFTBAI I We Are The League Champions Again At the start ofthe season, Coach Ray Nunamaker knew he had a winning team. This Nazareth Blue Eagle Wres- tling team was one of the best which Nunamaker ever coached. He felt that they were good wrestlers and good kids. Mr. Nunamaker remarked, "I had very few problems in coaching this team." Roger Manini making weight was the only major problem. Important highlights of the season were the State Finals with Jeff Tripp against Jay Patterson of Wilkes-Barre Meyers. Jeff lost 8-6, but wrestled outstanding in the tour- nament. To be second best in the state of Pennsylvania is quite an accomplishment. Beating Saueon Valley for the second consecutive Colonial League Championship was very rewarding. Seniors Todd Lahr and .Ieff Tripp did a fine job as Co- Captains for the squad. TOP RIGHT: Coach Raymond Nunamaker holds thc cherished trophy awarded his League Championship l978 Varsity Wrestling Team. ABOVE: Our Matmaids share the feeling that we are ifl. CENTER RIGHT: Nazareth's Captain Todd Lahr, a leader on and off the mat. RIGHT: Co-Captains .leff Tripp and Todd l.ahr. l7X 4? fl' TOP LEFT: Nazareth Blue Eagle wrestlers break through for another victory. TOP RIGHT: Senior Rich Schneebeli concentrates during a vital match with Saucon Valley. ABOVE: COLONIAL LEAGUE CHAMPIONSHIP BLUE EAGLE VARSITY WRESTLING TEAM-FRONT ROW: Dave Rader, Steve Treon, Mike Male, Jeff Tripp, Brian Boyer. ROW TWO: Tim Halbfocrster, Jody Werner, Keith Fairman, Robbie Albert, Lewis Rissmiller, Roger Manini, Coach Raymond Nunamakcr. BACK ROW: Todd Lahr, Greg Leh, Paul Skutches, Al Haberle, Rich Schneebeli, Tom Rohn, Steve Getz. . I 79 WRESTLING Us , t 454, 269 -ff are K . . I 3 ' fi ik Q, ff' ..."' TOP LEFT: Greg Lch posts a big victory. TOP RIGIIT: MAT MAIDS - SITTING: Donna Wil- liams, Lydia Siegfried, Anne Musser, I.ynn Rader, Becky Santee, .lane Brown, Sue Dlugos. STAND- ING: Kim Shafer, Cathy Correll. ABOVE: JUNIOR VARSITY WRISSTLINGSQIIADZ FRONT ROW: Jody Pettis, John Sofka, Rich Stier, Mark Daney, Steve Treon, ROW TWO: Brian Stoudt, Guy Metz, Peter De Raymond, Tim Halbfoerster, Steve Tuff, Randy Tall, Mike Ferretti. BACK ROW: Coach Steve Kulieki, Lenny Ihle, Ron Audcnried, Karl Basile, Dave Sevi, Glen Hoffman, Coach Sebastian Rampulla. Another League Title For Nunamaker Senior Greg Leh added to the triumphs of the season by placing first in the First Annual Colonial League Tourna- ment. Juniors Robbie Albert, Roger Manini, Keith Fair- man, and Jody Werner also posted fine records. Albert advanced to the State Tournament after finishing second in both the District and the Regional Tournaments, and placed first in the Christmas City and Colonial League Tournaments. Many records were set this season, perhaps the greatest of which was the fact that Coach Ray Nunamaker surpassed his l50th win since he has been wrestling coach at Naza- reth, truly a remarkable achievement. Jeff Tripp also broke a school record for posting the most wins in one season, with 30 wins and 4 losses. With a final overall record of I4-2 and 8-0 in the League, the Blue Eagles ended another outstanding season. TOP LEFT: Jeff Tripp chalks up another win to add to his 30-9 record, one of the finest ever compiled. CENTER LEFT: Robbie Albert proves why he was able to advance to thc level of State recognition. ABOVE: Junior Tim Halbfoerster putting pressure on a formidable opponent. LOWER LEFT: Roger Manini chips in a victory to bolster the score for the Big Blue. l8l WRESTLING Potential And Talent, Fall Short Both the varsity and the junior varsity baseball teams had the talent and potential, but found difficulty in putting it all together. Varsity Coach John Roanoke and Assistant Coach Frank Krisch believed the team's hitting did not meet their expectations and also that the team had every opportunity to become a fine team. Having no captains, the varsity squad was led by the top seniors Mike Haberle, Frank Jandrositz and Perry Nardella. JV Coach Lesky tried to play as many boys as possible, using an average of I8. Coach Lesky commented, "The object of the JV team is to learn and have fun while playing baseball. It is nice to win, but giving everyone a chance to play and learn comes first." With a find attitude, the team was led by outstanding individuals Joe Weber, Tim Lahr, Rich Woodward, and Harry Fatsinger. Varsity and Junior Varsity teams both showed determination and improvement, but fell short of a successful season. TOP RIGHT. Frank Jandrositz warms up for another hit. ABOVE Varsity Coach John Roanoke and Assistant Varsity Coach Frank Krisch. CENTER RIGHT: Varsity Coach John Roanoke watches the Eagle defense perform. BOTTOM RIGHT: JV Coach Lesky reviews the fundamentals of batting. I82 JUNIOR VARSITY BASEBALL TEAM-FRONT ROW: Carl Strye, John Fitchman. Larry Finnegan, Jeff Bender, Mike Fischl, John Flegler, Dave Werkheiser, Dwayne Meyers. ROW TWO: Bernadette Tremble, Tracy Lichtenwalner, Clark Mazzi, Randy Ambcrger, Steve Haberle, Doug Hooper, Rich Woodward, Rich Sauerzopf, Rich Huth, Harry Fat- singer,' Greg Einfalt, Tonya McKenzie. BACK ROW: Coach Victor Lesky, Joe Weber, Dave Seyfried, Steve Marakovits, Bob Sell, Tim Lahr, Bill Crane, Tom Pasciewiez, Ron Andrews, Bob Kelchner, Rich Getz, Margie Yeakel. VARSITY BASEBALL TEAM-FRONT ROW: Bruce Einfalt, Danny Thomas, Dave Johnson, Rich Walakovits, Glenn Solt, Dennis Daley. ROW TWO: Tom Gum, Bob Brindisi, Chris Wolf, John Marakovitz, Tom Fassl, Frank Jandrosits, Mike Haberle, Perry Nardella, Manager Lisa Diehl. BACK ROW: Statistician Mony Tanzos, Coach John Roanoke. Frank Maurek, Ed Godiska, Blaine Phillips, Scott Weisel, Kevin Hess, Assistant Coach Frank Krisch. . l83 :gf , c -w e If iSfM Mllll 1 If i , 5 M 3 1 gf-fzsesiwiwr .J "fi-2 ' if I , V 1" . ' "HC 1---' ' Q y-N. , Sqn' , YT A ,ig 'bww BASEBALL X' CU N ef .T S-3. bl -2-f .:"'5'Q 'X I 4-K4 T 71 " it ,917 l4r9fF0EE39' L, P 5ri'4i'lMw A , - X-. Jlliyrlti f 11,1-Vg, . ii ' I r lf, ii V az i ... , M 4 A V uv. lx f.f-,17'5":f,f'f' "4 45' TOP RIGHT: Anita Millheim and Cindy Balt! get ready and anticipate every play. TOP l.lil-'Ti Coach Regina Chassard shows her concern during the Parkland game. ABOVIQ: GlRl.S' SOFT- BAl.l. TEAM-FRONT ROW: Pam lfrey. Robin Ilarper. l.ori llahn, Kelly Hooper, Cindy Bally. Kim Dech. ROW TWO: Kathy Reid. Wendy l-'airman. Anita Millheim, Sue Siegfried, Cathy Winiarski. Theresa Reid. Karen Correll. Karen Jones. BACK ROW: Coach Donald l-'rcderick Manager Lisa Phillips. Gail Bastian. Cathy llickcrnell. Donna DcReamus. Sharyn SCIICF, and Man- ager Jean Dusinski. Head Coach Regina Chassard is missing from this picture. I84 Q-gl Blue Eaglettes Constantly Improve Our l978isoftball team was a very small team with a lot of spirit and determination and every player constantly improving all through the season. Coach Regina Chassard believed that no single individual was outstand- ing, but that every player was outstanding in their own job and at some point of every game. She also remarked that some girls have a lot of ability that has not surfaced as yet. With each game they gained ex- perience, for they were eager to learn and willing to try different ideas in their desire to win. - Coach Chassard and Assistant Coach Donald Frederick felt that the team's attitude was good, and they were never depressed by the team's performance. Problems which the Eaglettes did encounter were their low number of hits and the losses by very small margins. Ending the season with a 5-3 League record, the team gained valuable experience. They progressed as the season went on and performed well as the mighty Eaglettes. Q . Aim ly f..- W - S I 0.0 - TOP LEFT: Captains Donna DeReamus and Cathy Hickcrnell. MIDDLE LEFT: The Eaglettes cheer on during a close game with Palisades. ABOVE: Assistant Coach Donald Frederick keeps the spirit flowing with the Eaglettes. BOTTOM LEFT: Robin Harper decides with determination to strike her batter out. 185 SOFTBAI l 0 I Mighty Eagles Hold Their Own Confidence, concentration, and never giving up are all important aspects of tennis. At times the Nazareth Boys' Tennis team lacked one or more of these. Finishing with a 6-8 record in the Colonial League, the team was much better than their record indicates. Coach Robert Hallman expected that more boys would come out for the team. All boys who did come out made the team. Top individuals for the squad were Rob Ya- vorski, David Tavianini, John Liming, and Brian Coyle. Coach Hallman commented "Our first four players made us fairly solid in singles matchesg however, I do be- lieve they lost some matches they never should have lost. At the start of the season he felt the team would do bet- ter than they did. Overall, he enjoyed coaching. He said that most of the boys on the team were a pleasure to work with, which made his job easier. One thing that hurt the team was a lack of depth, which is so essential to becoming successful. With the compara- tively small turnout, the Eagles produced a respectable record. . ,.M-.,, T -.. . X x X " "-N-xkvw w "Q,-ss N --, V....... . . g a ss. o, -. . " L' . ,, 4 fs ak .w. is- . , . .eva 5-A.. W, ,, ,,.,.. 0.33 ','.' 4.,.,,.,., ,,..a. M ,, W... .-,- .,s' ' xysp .. s 1 M.: 4 K i'i.3'f1i"b'? I 4215365 3- t W "N ' W. .. '!?5rf5rAW':5ff"' ?'?9'1'f'if': 'iff' 1' 1? " K fi ' A '- 1 .V-ii ff? Y' f . A -' ' '- . f ..43,1, ,,.r,Lr.Q. ga Q T - J I .. I . . Jaap- - X ' . .- TOP RIGHT: Coach Robert Hallman explains a tactical move to Bob Snyder. ABOVE: Tim Siegfried serves to his opponent. CENTER RIGHT: Brian Coyle and his pounding backhand. BOT- TOM RIGHT: Coach Hallman shows what it takes to become aten- nis star. 186 is S TOP LEFT: David Tavianini with his great follow through.TOP RIGHT:Brian Coyle playing the net in an important dou- bles match. ABOVE: VARSITY TENNIS TEAM-FRONT ROW: Willard Mohn, Mitch McClure, Rob Yavorski, Tim' Siegfried, Keith Miltensberger. BACK ROW: Brian Coyle, John Liming, Coach Robert Hallman, Steve Sandbrook, David Tavianini. 187 TENNIS E if a-Q5-ls-'Ld -Wh- TOP LEFT: Chris Agnew gains a quick lead in the mile run. TOP RIGHT: Karen Harper shows good form while striding thc hurdles. ABOVE: TRACK TEAM - FRONT ROW: Chris Agnew, Kathy Behrens, Joanna Rampulla. Leanne McSwecn, Brenda Geffert, Sherry Messinger, Mary Snyder, Lori Diehl, Heidi Rissmiller. ROW TWO: Coach Ronald l.ewis, Statistician Cindy Stahl, Heidi Schramm, Karen Harper, Dianne Tomino, Pat Buskirk, Tammy Bajan, l,ori Hanner, .loanne Wagner, Lisa Gcrcnser, Corrinne Fenner, Carol Sehneebeli, Statistician Tina Stahl, Coach .lerry Treon. BACK ROW: Coach Robert Holland. Statistieians Beth But? and Karen McSwecn, Amy DeRaymond, Patti Ro7um. Connie Rissmiller, Karen Keller, Shelley Smith, Doreen Getz, Connie Ferraro, Stana Gutekunst, Jamie Roth, Statistieians Roxanne l-'lick and Tammy Miller, Coach ln- grid Simke. 188 l 9 Girls Track: Team Of Champions Coach lngrid Simke had no doubt in her mind about this season. She commented "I felt it in my bones that we would end up on the top .as champions." General attitude improved greatly and there was a lot ofcn- thusiasm shown for the individual achievements. Outstand- ing League Meet records were set by Joanna Rampulla, Amy DeRaymond, and the two mile relay team of Chris Agnew, Mary Snyder. Stana Gutekunst. and Amy DeRay- mond. Taking first place in all three weight events, Ram- pulla and the 440 champion DeRaymond defended their titles from the previous year's League Meet. All ofthe girls on the team were outstanding in their own way. Captains for the team were Lori Hanncr and Stana Gutekunst. They did a fine job encouraging the team to victory. Having some injuries in the beginning of the season, the girls had to take over additional events and did the best they could. The Eaglettes came back and proved that they are the champions. ef. if F' -C .wg . am TOP LEFT: Amy DeRaymond finishes first with an excellent time. CENTER LEFT: Corrinnc Fenner and Sherry Messinger lose no time in passing the baton. ABOVE: Co-captains Stana Gutekunst and Lori Hanner. LEFT: Mary Snyder paces hersclfduring the two-mile run. 189 TRACK Boys Track. Lot of Determination With a fine attitude and hard work, the track team put forth their very best effort. Even though the boys failed to finish in the lop two, all the boys did the best they could. Leading the team as captain was Chip Albert. Other outstanding in- dividuals were Mike Kostick, Lewis Rissmiller, Robert Wagner. Richard Merritt, Patrick Szutar, Alan Smith, and Richard Schnee- beli. Frustration from injuries and sickness was one of the main prob- lems, but the team kept coming back. From the start ofthe season, they worked hard together. Saturday morning practices proved that the team had determination and drive. Over this last season the boys showed signs of great improvement. Becoming exposed tothe discipline and competiton ofan individual and team sport, compensated for whatever disappointment the team may have felt with their record. TOP RIGHT: Alan Smith preps himself for the start of the race. CENTER RIGHT: lt's the start! Mike Holodnak and Dave Koehler begin the exhausting two-mile race. ABOVE: Head Coach Ronald Lewis becomes concerned and hopeful during a crucial meet. BOT- TOM RlGHT: Joe Johnson strides to victory. 190 all lr K TOP LEFT: Coach Robert Holland, Cozieh Ronald Lewis, Couch Ingrid Simke, Couch .Ierry Treon. TOP RIGHT: Andy Rodgers sprinls to the finish line. TRACK TEAM-FRONT ROW: Jeff Croft, Tom Gressler, Ted Ashenfelder. Joe Brown, Andy Rodgers, Louis Perez. Tom Marchak, Mike Holodnak, Jim Rozum, Craig Tress. ROW TWO: Coach Lewis, Steve Hummel, Pat Szutur. Chris Szulur. Rich Merrill, Lewis Rissmillcr, Greg Polzinski, Frank Sturncr, Dave Koehler, Joe Johnson, Tim Wolfe, Mark Sell, Dave Ifkovils, Bob Eschenbach. Couch Trcon. BACK ROW: Couch Hol- land. Dave Sevi, Howie Sehoeneberger. Mark Buskirk, Mike Koslick, Rich Schneebcli. Alun Smilh. Jeff Hunt. Chris Honscl. Duane Sehoenebcrgcr. Mark Hardy. Murk Slurner, Couch Simke, lm TRACK Cheerleaders Lead School Spirit Being a member ofa young cheerleading squad brings each girl a great many responsibilities. Cheerleaders have to lead school spirit even when noone else follows their cheers during a football or basketball game. Plan- ning our three pep rallies this year, providing skits, competition cheers and teaching the student body the new cheers were only part of the activities that took hours and hours of time. Spirit is left to many people, but the cheerleaders carry it through during every game for each and every player. So whenever credit is given for school spirit, the cheerleaders must be the first to be congratulated and thanked. N "' kw- sas . 3 .., ff' ',.,.,f - sfe t , ...Q it t... ,M K -f 5. , l . Q . K '- Q s, Ls K-, Q s, , ., 1 mis,-me-X - , " ' Y.-ESLRSJS. N' N IS .1 TOP RIGHT: Lisa Albanese, a IARC cheerleader. shows her school spirit during a basketball game. ABOVE: Our cheerleaders show plenty ofexcitement during an important play at a home foot- ball game. MIDDLE RIGHT: Colleen Doyle, l.aura Shuman, Anita Hahn, Anita Milheim, .lamy Waha, our loyal cheerleaders for the girls' team. BOTTOM: Our Eagle football team is Number l. as shown by all the cheers. l92 'lll TOP LEFT: JUNIOR VARSITY CHEERLEADERS-FRONT ROW: Michele Meyers, Lisa Masters, Jackie Zeiner. BACK ROW: Sandy Smith, Sherry Messinger, Cathy Wininarski, Mary Brown. TOP RIGHT: Co-Captain Lisa Albanese: Captain Colleen Remaley. ABOVE: VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Sherri Stocker, Lori Woodward, Jane Uhler, Lisa Albanese, Colleen Remaley, Gail.Buss, Patti Jean Pritchard, Wendy Werkheiser, Doretta Kilpatrick. W3 CHEERLEADERS 00 00000 000 0000000 000 0000000 00 00 00 0000000 000 0000000 000 00000 00 0000000000 OOO O OC 32283333222 :3:::'I.4'6 m333 .383233333 oooooooooooo :0 00 ooooooooooo oooooooooooo ooooooooooo ssooooooooo ooooooaooooo unoooooooogz oooooooosooo ooooooocooo oooooooooogz OIQIIIIIOOQII ooooonooooss osooooooooo O4 0 so , 'Sk c,,,,f ff 38 if KAR VI. ,-girg:f,: x,..-I -ena- gum is s , i' 'U TOP LEFT: COLONIAL LEAGUE FIELD HOCKEY ALL STARS Joanna Rampulla, Chris Agnew, Robin Harper, Donna Williams. TOP RIGHT: NORTHAMPTON COUNTY FOOT- BALL ALL STARS Bob Sauerzopf, Mark Burskirk, Chip Albert, ABOVE: ALL LEAGUE FOOTBALL SECOND TEA M-FRONT ROW: Chip Albert, Joseph Brown, Frank Jandrositz, John Reuss. BACK ROW: Mark Buskirk, Richard Schneebeli, Bob Sauerzopf, Robbie Albert. ln addition, Bob Sauerzopf, Mark Buskirk, and Chip Albert were named to the Northampton County All Star Football Team. 1 l95 AWARDS Tanzos and ardella chosen ideal athletes if 331 Q ov. Q 1 - H I - t o ar if I at - , W- TOP LEFT: Perry Nardella receives the award for outstanding performances on the basketball court. TOP RIGHT: Donna DeReamus was presented the award for outstanding achievement on the Girls' Soft- ball Team. ABOVE: Award winners Stana Gutekunst, Brian Altemose, Edie Longenbach, Richard Schneebeli, Donna Williams. Blaine Phillips, Karen Janny, Mark Duignam, Mony Tanzos. Chip Albert, Lewis Rissmiller, Jeff Tripp, and Perry Nardella. 196 Awards for outstanding performance in every varsity sport are present- ed annually by the Knight of Columbus. TOP LEFT: Frank Maurek presents the coveted award for tennis to David Tavianini. TOP RIGHT: A distinguished award to the ldeal Boy and Ideal Girl Athlete is presented yearly by the Pequoit Society. Recipients of this year's award went to Mony Tanzos and Perry Nardella. CENTER LEFT: The award for outstanding achievement on the track is presented to Stana Gutekunst. ABOVE: The Boys' Track award was won by Lewis Rissmiller. LEFT: Brian Altemose is presented with the Knights of Columbus award for his performance on the Cross Country Team. 197 ALL SPORTS BANQUE1 nb I 'W -01,514 sw' '- .wswqf Us 1 41 v 'V'-I Mr. 0 4 . , , ,, -mx, 4 ,xi ,Q . xx ff-df' '-"WM mf Qv x 1 1 s 1 5 8 ADS Phone: 2151759-6321 AL'S MEAT 8. SEAFUUD MARKET Route 248 - NAZARETH, PA. 18064 13735 FRESH MEATS and SEAFOOD il K Deli and Poultry Departments Af, ' BUSH'S ' H EXXON Keeps Things Moving. T New 84 Walnut Sts, Nazareth, Pa. A Call 759-9920 ForService BANK 8 TRUST CU. Member F.D.l.C. Congratulations May Tomorrow's World Be Better Because ol' You. 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Q- I o GALLERY '76 RESTAURANT 3 Cheryl '7X nntl 'l'ony '77 Dr :ind Mrs 'l'ltont.ts li. Dickson. .lr f'l1I'lN'7CY-llltl .lmiy '7P4 X4r .ind Mrs. fyllen .X Diel'entlerI'er Nlr .intl 'Nlrs Phil Cttrroeeltt Nlr .intl Xlrs l-tlysin R Diehl lee C'lttroni '-ll Mr .intl Nlrs .lohn Diehl '49 Rttny C l.troni '73 l is.t Diehl '7P4 Milf! Clill l.turxe Diener Mr. .ind Mrs Donttltl C lyinei' l'y1f.l1lyd Mrs, Arllittr Dieter Barry 'MK C lteryl '70. ll .l CMC "U Mr .ind Nlrs Robert Dieter. Sr Nlr. Bruce Ci Cole '7-1 Xkillnim li. Dilehertl Nlr gtntl 'ylrs Cieorge C ole. li Pnl D'ltttperio '70 MT. A1115 'WIN W H1 0 fvlflll-Ill Diseount Tire C enter. Patlnter Donna Collier Township Alice .ind Dennis Corttloittitti Qyml, ljisnghcf Doininie .intl Contloiiiitti '60 Dime lpuugllh Randy C'ontlontitti '77 lirtgmin Doyle '7o Sztnt ttntl louise londoinittt '-W 'slr .intl Nlrs .Ioltn Doyle l.trrie C onners 'ol r .H-1 Ijrgvt '75 4'11fflC -lfld MIAU 4 Ulllwff Mr ttntl Mrs. Nteholzts Drosnoelx Michael C UIHNCY '76 'Nlorinat .ind Dottie Dtthy 'WI' Llttd VIN C'l1AflCN li Qlllffll Nlr .intl Nlrs Phillip X, Due .intl lts.t Nlr .tntl Nlrs loseph l osenf.t. ,lr IJt1lI'y '7X .ind lttntiny '70 "Bill" C oyle Nl.itt Duignant '70 Bonnie Coyle V.tnessn Durns Ctlllgl '70 -lllll Sllllllj '75 .lnyne and Dttsinslsi lite C'l'1tl11NCN'N Nlr .intl N1rs llttslltslxl Xlr, .intl Xlrs Chet C'r' Ir Nlr .intl Xlrs Delbert C .intl l- ltntily Nlr tintl Nlrs, Dontiltl C Nlr .intl Vlrs. lixinls lntby Mr. ttntl Nlrs Xtrgil C "My l-1l,1tsn" Nlr Lind Nlrs D.ti'rel C oolt .intl N1f Aintl 'Vlrs VYrllt.tnt l. lfberls Iltinily Nlr .ind Nlrs .Iolin l-el-tert Nlr. .ind Nlrs xl-ljll-Wil li C roll C Ron .ind C'l.iudi.i ltlelinrin Nlr .intl Nlrs llern1.inCr'nsl1 llgxtrhcr ,I ltlttnrtls Mr .intl Nlrs R. C' Nlr .intl Nlrs liernnrtl leisenherg l rank C'senesits 'NP .lohn .intl .latntes l'lliott Mr .intl Xlrs C'lIlllllllQll1.lIll 'Nlr nntl Nlrs llruee lfrntg Cftrol C'uslUl .Ioy .intl Daniel l'ngIet' .ind Son Cy '73 .intl , '77 l intl.t l ngler "X Nlr .intl Xlrs Nlnrlin l ngler D Nli' .intl Nlrs Xietoi' l'ngler Hob lsehenhztelt Dennis D.iIey '7H l'stlter 'Sl lim. letleen .trttl.lin1iiiy Daley Robert D.iIey '7-1 l Christine .intl llill D.tney Kntlty Dnney '7X Vyently ltiirintn 'Nl Mttrk Dttney 'Sl lr.tnls lttssl '7-1 Nlr :intl Nlrs lrxtneis I' D.tniels up ,mtl Nlrs l.ttlsl Bob .intl Dot D.inner 'Fl lseitlt l.tust louknn D.tnner '77 Rtelsy l.tust '76 DAF -llld Dtllltl Ally 7 .l.tntes l lxtustner Mr. ttntl Nlrs .loltn D.ti'lw.teli -lllll Delbert l'ehnel .intl lttinlly liltllttf .Ltekie lehinel .-Xnnathelle '56 .ind XKilli.tin D.ty R,,CAnn frghngl Denise llty '7X Rqnge Ielmel 'Ml Vlrs, De Xngelis Nlr .ind Nlrs Ax.llltJl'lClll1Cl Deb '70 Nlr rind Nlr. leht' DCB Dtrll '75 xxlllllllll l' WF, und VH Rlflillfll U l7CCl1 Ci.1il lltirtlell lensterrnntker 'ov C'.tpt, .l.tels Deiehntttn Kciih Igns1Qrm,1ltt5r"72 Nlr .l.tntes Deiehinttn I mrjgl Ignstt5rm.1lter'7'F Nlrs. Nl.try Del llC.l Quillgts .ind Rullt leristerttialtei Dennis Ami Krlllli Xlr .ind Nlrs. Dontinie .l, lerr.tro Don DeRettinus '77 Connie lferruro Mr. and Mrs, Robert DeRettinus Mr- ond Mr, limes Ierrgtro Derek '70. .Ioltnntt '70. Stney Will. .Liekte lrinkbelner '78 Teri '05 Nlr .ind Nlrs Donald ltsehl .I.tne .intl Xie Detyyiler N1r.nrtd Ntrs R.ty lisehl Dennis Detitselt '76 Nlr .ind Nlrs Nndreyy l'lNlllCl' Dennis .l. Deutselt '79 Mr .ind Mrs lohn li ll.tnk, .lr lid '68 .ind Sztlley Deutsch Mr and Mrs. l.enny llztnk Mr .ind Nlrs Arthur Deymlt Nt, and W,-X .yltcn lllsmy X1r,nntl Nlrs Burton C' Deyntlt Rnndy llurer '77 Delindn Deyy.tlt '78 D,,ug'l mcg 'ss Rox '7l, N1.ttt .intl .l.tson Deyygtlt fgwcn f-'mcg s Dick ttntl .lane ADS A DS SCHUI TZ WELDINC1 SHOP IIII1LI'NNIIk.If vmirlroner K. S XII OI SOIILIILI ID II VIN QS S 'N I D Sl ZNI QI I X x I-U R WOLF INSURANCE AGENCY THE MARTIN GUITAR STILL HANDMADE IN NAZARETH PA. All Krnds Of Insurance Since 1833 Business Lrfe Home Auto 22 S Marn St Phone 759 6920 Nazareth Pa IT S THERE When you NEED It ' I APOLLO STUDID It Is well to be prepared for every emergency A Savrngs Account rs a buffer against the unexpected Open an account today CENTENNIAL FEDERAL SAVINGS and Loan Assoclatlon Bangor Nazareth Pen Argyl Member Federal Snvlnga A Loan Insurancu Corp NAuro SMOCIKS pr S Sportr IJ UQ PM 8,5 Goods Bnkes PHONE I2I5D 759-9932 SQHUBIEIIUI S BAIQIEIW DECORATED CAKES FOR ALL. OCCASIONS +-.v,,H,,,f NAZARETH, PA 1eoe-4 F 7-ll NEVER CLOSES IIZS Mom Street Nazareth IDG 'Colo 5 759 1998 Stockerton Road 84 East Lawn Brt ' '4 -' R ' ' ' st".'4rIt I'm'.' Types A. .5 VN I5l,IfCTRIC' and XCIIVIYI I NI VII-1 , INCH XRIxX CODI-' Ili PIIONIQ 7i0VI'?5I GOI I DS 0 RI5D,X ,IAiIl,ff 0, 'IxI .' VVATIQR SYSI INIS Iz,-X."I'O . Par. NU-I1 I.I'NC'Ol,N NNI-'I IRS and ,' ,PPI II S IAI. Iff II'XII'N'I' RI' 'r IRS Bo' I, . .D. I 1 973 ' no " ' x .., E- II T ' I Y Stereos ft' I A I Nazareth Pcnna. I8064 Good Luck Graduntcs I Y I IN W 49 NO BROAD STREET ,M v W , w Ca. NAZARETH MOTQRS, INC. P BLISH NAZARETH Maueh Chunk 84 Church Sts. Nazareth, Penna. l8064 Telephone: 759-0887 Mike Fraee "-1 Mr. and Mrs. Ronald B. Gold Mr and Xlrs Iohn lranciak '-U Donna Gordon Cindy Frank '78 Mr. and Mrs. David H. Gower Mr. and Mrs Nlex Frankenfield Brenda Gradwohl Mr. and Nlrs Woodrow Frantl Mr. and Mrs. Walter F. Gradwohl Mrs. Carole lrantl The Grand Waloo '78 Al BANI-Sl-GARDEN Cl-NTER Charles '36 and Minnie Fratipietro Mr. and Mrs. Norman H. Graver, I ann 5: Garden Supplies Numan Slack Kevin Fraunlelter Sr. Vegetable H Flower plums mlnalnd 'lhopalghl-rederiek QenryCJGre,enleaT7.9Jr. Sminining Pool Chemicals A, A .one rl' uit' ,K dry rcpiry . , H 360 Elm Mmrcxlmn Ruud. wmd Ulm PM N064 Shelbie Frederick 30 i Terry and Ciloria Gressxler phone 015,119-4699 Mr. and Mrs. llarry lz. Frey Mr. and Mrs. .Joseph Groman Judy Frey '71 Mr. and Mrs. Paul Grover Pam Frey '80 Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Grube Mr. and Mrs. Robert Frey Mr. and Mrs. Francis Grube Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Frey, Jr. Martha Guest '79 Mr. and Mrs. Michael Friend Charlyn Gustin '89 Friendly Rocks Mr. and Mrs. Orrin Gum Mr. and Mrs. Harry liritehman Dee Gutekunst '56 Nancy Fritl Kara Gutekunst '92 Mr. and Mrs. Donald Frit7 Krista Gutekunst '82 l.isa Fritl '77 Stan Gutekunst '53 ' ' . ' M .t d M R. 'll F 't. St' C t'k It '78 Q onipliments ol . . S.l,,il"r.iiZ'7vs H 7 1.5.22 dill -18 Sue Fritz '78 Mr. and Mrs. James Guthrie Christopher Bath Fry Anna Mae Gutshall '47 V i 1 Mrs. Helen Fry Mel Gutshall '78 .fxlofw c .c,ciciiiH.axR o Mft we ,. Woodrow and Fva Fuls C1H'0lC l"ClClmllFI l'i5l'C Mr. and Mrs. Dennis G. llahn and , Sue Fyfe '81 Family N IN 7 I T x Y C l Ernie '70 and Jenny '7l Hahn 8 1 ' 'C 1' - 4 - fi Mr. and Mrs. Ira Hahn , N Mr. and Mrs. James Hahn .Ioanne Gallo 80 Mr, and Mrs' 'larry Hahn Gandalf the Wizard lisa Hahn .80 Robin Gardner Ibn Hahn .724 Cindy '75 aind Rich '74 Garr Isriscillu Hahn .79 DMC 'mfr 77, 1 1 Mr. and Mrs. R. Haldeman. Jr. Dolores and Riehard Gairr Mr' and Mrs. plumes Hamm Mr. and Mrs. Richard Garr Terri Himmwrxwnc Mr. and Mrs. lirnest and Garren Cindy Hlmncr and family L - H, , .78 Richard and Nancy Garren and Morilangnflflll Stephen Manner Steaks And Hot Dogs Ml1lmlg'M B d X C Sym, Hannc, Q ' i r. an . rs. ra 1 . iaumer AI . H1 ,I Call 759 5033 For lake out Mf- and Mfg- lidwlf' Guumff Mrriciliid Clair W. timing Rl- 191 Gemart, Plamer1Park Mall Mark Harding .XO Between Nazareth And Newburg Kwan? S Tflwlng Scfvlfv Dean Hardy' -gl Phllllp 5' George' 'lr' 1 Mr. and Mrs. Terry Harold Mr. and Mrs. Wayne George Dee Hummm .XO Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Geostu Mrs. Earl B, Hartman Km? Gwen' '78 Beth Hartzell '79 C l' t f H In Remembrance ol' August Getl. Jack R- Harwell S O 4 'lr' Q Jerry and Judy Hartzell 8 Uml- R0yCC and TVUCY CYUW Mr. and Mrs. Donald Hausman Dllfccniclelf KXU Mr. and Mrs. Terry Hay and Family JOM 0911 79 John and omg Heckler -72 l-UU'5e GSU Xl 1 Mr. and Mrs. Donald H. lleckman FIR E Ml' lln2lMr5L7?'lbc"l GHZ' Sr' Mr. and Mrs. llenry R. Heckman. Royce 'et7 ' Jr, 5l1Llf01'1 GSW K-73 Mrs. Kenneth lleekman AN Mr. and Mrs. Walter Gety. Sr. and Rgmcfl Hcckmlmh J, lillmlly Mr. and Mrs Robert Heckman. Sr BU C Deb Gilio L75 Robin lleckman '77 A M E R Mr. and Mrs. Michael Gilio She,-fi liggknjlgn '73 Sue Gills! K76 Moselle M. llelilelfinger MF. Und Mrs UUSSCI' Mrs. Zoa llelfelfinger GICHU '7l Und Cindy A77 Mr. and Mrs. l.eon Heller G, S, QSWALD Joseph Glivknwn '80 Rueben and Mildred Heller Ffilltk G0CllSkLl '76 Mr. and Mrs. Harold llelm and Jodi Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Godiska jill Hgrimg ROD Godisku '73 Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Hess 48 Center Kllilh Gogfrl '77 Cathy llickernel Nzlzafgtha Fvtlyn Gold Connie Hickernell M0r1iCLl Gold Mr. and Mrs. .l. S. Hickernell 205 ADS ADS R. J. BARTHOLOMEW FUNERAL HOME NAZARETH PENNA Coneratulatione CI isa ol' 78 BOB HOFFMAN S GARAGE Auto And Recreational Sales 8 Service OSSA Motorcycles Phone Nazareth Pa 12155 7591300 Robert G Hoffman Owner Ro e 512 RD No 1 Wrndgap Pa 18091 R 191 PHONE 7590170 NAIAREIH PA 18064 NAURUH MOTEL itrznv AND ROSEMARY Arnconotnowro KROBOTH PROPS HECKTOWN BUILDING SUPPLY Quality Building Materials American Hardware Lumber'M1IIxnork0Anderson Windows Distributor Forge Textolite R I Bethlehem PA Phone 866 0744 ' 0 . , Z U r I. Petra. na Conrail tounge IV'S . Y . . . 7 JOHN DEERE LAWN 8L GARDEN GEO. V. SFUPLE Sc SON RD. 2 Van Buren Road Easton Pa. 18042 Phone 215-258-7146 ILAINFIIQI DAUTO SALVACIE fc A ti arts 5' gf: .IiSea 5 -3444 S -I fr, k, C 759-3559 W Y -use I '14 f Ne-- O R ' 5 f mm, JOE S FRUIT MARKET uality Is Our Specialty RD, 2 Bethlehem Pa. 18017 At The Heektown Dairy Phone 759-7877 Fruit Baskets Specialist HECKTOWN DAIRY FARMS Jug Mint RD 2 Bethlehem PA 759-2883 Open: Weekdays 9:00 A.M.-8:00 P.M. Saturday 9:00 A.M.-6:00 P.M. Sunday 10:00 A.IVI.-6:00 P.M. EAST LAWN MARKET AND DAIRY BAR CHERRY HILL STORE Nazareth PA I 1 UQLI u 1 P Bu in' trs tr rp 7 9 I Top or trSal PH 1 za 93 PHILIP -1.2 STOFANAKQI I - ESTABLIVSHEID 10507 v 5PsciALizir-mam. S NY ITCHENCABINET A as B2 THLEHE A13 7 462 Bushkill Center Road 7 mrrwmns YE RBOOK STAFF HELPS i1.:i5zi2?t:::.31:m FINANCE BOOK BY CONDUCT I G CANDY SALE NAZARETH MUSIC' CENTER RALPH E BRODT JR Prop Complete 1.1r1e of Musical Instruments PR1VATE TEACHlNG RENTAL PLAN REPAIRING 162 S Main St Area Code 12152 Nazareth Pa 18064 759 3072 ORWIG S OF NAZARETH Orwig s Automatic Brush Wash Orwig s Restaurant Self Service Gas 24 Hour lee Cube And Blocks l'1ClllOl'1Cll BANK OF NAZARE'lF-l with otltu s it Nazareth Newburg 0 25th St Shopping Center NAZARETH 759 5700 Nwveunc sm smear snopvimc CENTER 759 6370 258 7201 plcc: I 7 'HE S ' Z 207 Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Lester Jones and Family llildenbrandt Mr. Ronald Jones and Steve Dorothy Hiltlenbrandt Sue Jones '77 Francis llildenbrandt Mr. and Mrs. James Jordan Gladys llildenbrandt Joy '79 Mrs. Minnie llildenbrandt Judy and Steve '76 Mr. and Mrs Ray llildenbrandt Dave '70 and April '71 .lurasits Kevin J. Hill John and Barbara Jurinko and Mrs. Miriam Boyer Himler 'ZX Family William llimler '28 K Jim '65 and Janet '66 Hinkcl Robert llinton Andflill D Klldllf George lliriak Chliflch Kllhlcf Lisa lloadley '78 Fay Kllhlcf Mnbcl Hhndlct Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Karch Mnrk lhnnjlcyi Mr. and Mrs. Bruee Karch Myrtle and Dick Hoadley Diwld A- Kttrvh '78 Mr and Mrs. Paul W. Hoadley and MVS- Ell71lbClh Klifflh xtnhnit Mr. and Mrs. George Karch ghnlcy and 'gen '50 Hondtcy Mr. and Mrs. James Karch and str .ina Mrs. John Hoch Fllmily Dr. nntj 'v1,-5, john J, Hggh Karmclkorn Shoppe - Palmer Park Krista VN. Hoch '77 Mllll Tamara D. lloeh '74 MT- limi MTS- John Kilt? Mr. and Mrs. Robert Holland and MF- and MTS- Edward JtK11fD0WiCh Sons Mr. and Mrs. W. Thomas Kavanagh Mr. and Mrs. Robert llulva Dllmc and Doug Keck Mrs. lzlilabeth Homakc MV- and MVN- DOUEKIS Kcfk jack Htnnrncr Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Keen, Sr. Mr. and Mrs, Barry llonsel Mr- and MVS- Frank Kcglfwllf Chris itonsct -79 Kelly Kcwh EAHS '80 Cindy Hopwood 'XO Keith '75. Kathy '79, Kevin 'XO I-'funk 5. Hurwulh Loretta and Earl Keller Mr. and Mrs. George Howard M2100 :md l5l'Y1lC Keller '75 John Huber -X0 Mr. and Mrs. Jon Kelly and Jena Mr. and Mrs, Barry is ittien Johr-'661md Judy '63 KCDPCI Mr. and Mrs. Dale llughes Christine l-011150 Kern M,-5, Mnbci flurnhuc Mr. and Mrs. Douglas R. Kern Mr. and Mrs, Alvin D. Hunt Elhfln Kern '77 jnnnc Hunt -73 Mr. and Mrs. Ethan Kern and l.ois Hunt '65 Family Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hunt and Sheree KHFCYY Kern '80 Sue Hunt '79 Stephanie Ann Kern Dan lluston '67 Mr. and Mrs. Nadis Kershner Mrs. Hutchinson Sue Kichlinc '79 Chrig Hugh '30 Doretta Kilpatrick Vgrnn lu Ilulh Miss Evelyn M. Kilpatrick Mr. and Mrs. George Hutter Mr. and Mrs, James Kilpatrick and Family I Kim and George Rick lucrly .79 Ka-rl and Lorena Kipp Victoria and Barbara ltterly 'Shi' KHP? . ' Skip Kipp 78 j Ann Kirlick Larry Kleintop Robin Jackson '79 Mr, and Mrs. Granville Kline Jamie 'XO and Randy '77 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kline Sr. and Jamie and Rick Family Jun '77 Anna Knauss Jane '79 Mr. and Mrs. Elwood Knauss Fran Jandrositz '77 Barbara and Wilson Kneeht Pat Jandrosit7 '74 Havgn 12 Knggjht Tess Jandrosit7 '73 Larry and .lane Knecht and Family Mr. Frank Janny Michael Knccht '80 Karen Janny '78 Mr. and Mrs. Russell Kncebone Jeff '89 and Erin '9l Erie Knerr '83 Joan and Dominic '60 Sgrignn Knerr '80 Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Johnson Ann Marie Kncsz '75 and Chris Dave Johnson '79 Migg Cathy 1- Kgch Mr. and Mrs. Earl Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Donald W. Koch Mr, and Mrs. Jerry Johnson Sue Koch '79 Mr. annnd Mrs. Karl Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Edward Kochie Mr. and Mrs. Richard Johnson and Jennifer Kochie Filmlly Kristina Kochie Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Jones Mr. and Mrs. .lohn Kohonovich Mr. and Mrs. Donald F. Jones Lt Thomas D. Kolessar, '70 ADS ADS 12151759-3391 CONNIE 84 1-11LDA'S BEAUTY SALON Compliments of 1 Care About Your 11air Hilda Deutsch 155 S, Main St. Connie Bassett Nazareth. Penna 18064 44 Belvidere Street Nazareth, PA Bushkill Township THE FLOWER CART Tax Collector Phone 7517 11116 i1iC1CP11011CcJ1'l.1CFSCV11CC X1.111.1h1c 11'11111q'1 111 ' 111 11' 1 1' ' '1'11'1"1"P THE STAFF or N.A.S.H.S Prnspccl 84 Whi11'1e1d Sts 9110 ,-X N1 '1i11il111P X1. 'Won -1'r1 io oo 11 N1 1'114'1111P N1 S111 51111011-11111111P111111N C0ngf211U121lC5 411,,u1gu,,dM 1111111 1 X1 11111111111 N1 11.111 -1'ri The C1355 Qf 1973 1111111 X N1 Toi 1111 1' X1 S411 17-1'1F17f111U1'11' t'111se11S111111.11 To V 13.1111 11C1111C111J111 1"i.1N1l111 SPCC1-111111111 111 N11111res1n1111 N.1l,1I'C111 51UC1xC1'1111111 XM-mlm? 1'i1o11crs1or1'1er1Ucc.1si1111 1i"'11F1N ciO111P1C11S1,I'11L'l'1.1k.'I111ICS'X1.1I1.11N1C W1"""'Ui'111"' I ,mm 1, xv I-UQPX1 Dum 11r111.11s111 N.11111F.1 S.11llFt1.11 17 XN1 T115 PN1 111o.1so1'.111 16 Easton Road Q1 Nazareth, Pa. 1 1,1 "Tj'151.g1jg,rg .E '1 1 3 ,i1z?oJi'xfnhfi , Q - 1 1 M 1 11' M k 1 1 11 flii- 1- .XY I C S al' E Mrmu R1-:DL1N1-:, P11011 301 Belvidere Street Nazareth. Pa. phone: 759-6648 . I X, ,XE X 5.j5mWlm X CLARON VS TAVERN F18 Sh 111 3 219 5 kjf 1 Sunday Papers "' 19' Rt. 191 Nazareth 'Y T 'iii 1 Class Of' Kr fj 121,-f4ola1'1-1ours: Deiw 7:30 ann io IO pm A Sundav Q dm 13 IQ pm YEISLEY S FURNITURE STORE Peter F. Yeisley, Prop. 436 S. Main St., Nazareth, Pa. Q Famous For Fine Food Best Wishes To the Class 01 178 P nn- r In r h 11 From The Ca P te C Ia CLASS OF 679 111 gap, Bf1F1SyV3f1I8 208 Comphments 017 JODI FASHIONS INC R 1 Highway 191 Nazareth NAZARETH HARDWARE COMPANY Hardware ' Housewares 0 Furniture 4957 S Main St Nazareth Pa 18064 SNYDER S FARM MARKET Quality And Retail Routes 248 And 191 N wareth PA 759 6921 Wednesday Thrusday Friday 9 00 9 00 Tuesday And Saturday 9 00 6 00 YOUR PROFESSIONAL DRYCLEANIERS CAN GIVE YOUR CLOTHES THE FINEST CARE R V O F F E R DRYCLEANING and PRESSING ALTERATIONS and REPAIRS LEATHER and SUEDE COATS CLEANED Drapes 8: Household Items Cleaned 8: Pressed FAST SERVICE DRYCLEANING CIf Neededl Rent Your STEMEX CARPET CLEANER Here WALTERS Tuxedo TRIANGLE CLEANERS Rental CLEANERS P1i21Algg11zl:1 slr and 103 s MAIN s'r A INAZARETH Phone 759 1390 53.95 Phone 759 2111 , . .D. ' ,PA -SE ICES ED- O . . . . .L i. . ' l i I . I i . i- A ' 'A ,r.d. 209 SUPPORT THE LOYAL BUST SSME N THE NAZARETH AREA Dan, Kyle, John and Sue Mr. and Mrs. Claude R. Leh '49 and Kostenbader '48 Mr. and Mrs. Henry T. Kraemer Gregory C. Leh '714 Barry Kram '74 Jerry A. '71 Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Krain Mr. and Mrs. Lonnie G, '70 Mr. David Krasenies, Sr. and l-'amily Mr. Raymond ll. Leh Mr, and Mrs. David Krasenies. Jr. Steph Lereh '73 l.inda Mae Krasmakites Mr. and Mrs. John Letson. Sr. and Mr. and Mrs. Ronald C. Kratv Family Stanley Kratzer Mr. Lewis Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Krause Heather and Ashley Lewis Dorothy and Jim Kresage Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Lewis Gwen Kresge '79 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Liehner. .lr. Mr. 1-'rank Kriseh Mr. and Mrs. Robert Liehner Ernie Kremer Rosie and Joe Liehner '64 Janet A. Kromer '77 Tracey Lichtenvnalner '79 Jennie Kromer '80 Dale Lieberman '68 Kayandiilenn Kromerand lfaniily Mr, and Mrs. .lohn Lieberman Williard and Shirley Kromer L, V. l.ieberman's lixeavating Dr, and Mrs, Edward Krupa Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Lieberman Donna Krupa '79 and Family Sue Kulp Linda '79 Blain LaBar Ray and Delores Lindennioyer Mr. and Mrs. Carl LaBar Lisa and Keith Terry l.aBar Mr. and Mrs. Tony Liskowski Josh l.aBarba Lizzie Kelly l,aBai-ba '81 Mr. and Mrs. Paul l.. Lobb Kim l.aBarba '78 llsa Loetzbeier Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Lahr Mr. and Mrs.Thomas W. l.oet7beier Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lahr Helen Long Gary Lajeunesse Mr. and Mrs. lilwood Longenbaeh Mr. and Mrs. Martin A. l.alpas,.lr. Mr. and Mrs. George Longenbaeh Patrice Lambert and Family Gerald Lance Jerry' and Roberta Longenbaeh Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Lance Lester Longenbaeh Harry li. and I-'ranees M. Lance Pam Longenbaeh '78 Diek and Betty Laubaeh Vyonne Longenbaeh Gail and Lisa Laubaeh Lori '80 and Steve '78 Mrs. Helen Laubaeh James Lorish and lfamily Pat laubaeh Lorkey '79 Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Laubaeh Mr, and Mrs. .lanies Lueot Rich Laubaeh Cletus H. Lutz Sherri J. Laubach. M.D. ,Vi Lynn Laudenbach '79 ' Bm Lcncr Mr. and Mrs. l-'raneis Macy Sr NAZARETH NEWS AGENCY 160 South Main Street Nazareth, PA 759-0820 Newspapers Film-Film Developing Magazines Ceramic Gifts SUIUOUCVY School Supplies ADS Magurite and Lester Class of "-16" Mr, and Mrs. Ronald Mahorsky Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Male Gary Male '77 Mr. and Mrs. James Male Jr. and Jennifer Jim and Ruthmary Male John Male Mandi Jessica Male '94 Robert Male Stacy Male Harvey W. Mann Frank Marakovits "76" Mr. and Mrs. Frank Marakovits Diane Marakovits "78" Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Marakovits Joyce and Frank Marakovits "52" Lee Ann Marakovits "74" Connie Marchak '76 Fred Marchak '74 Mr. and Mrs. Fred Marchak Sr. Terry Ann Marchak '78 Tootsie and Louie Malitsch Roger and Girlene Manini Master-Minds '78 Lisa Masters "80" Nancy Marren Mr. and Mrs. Truman W. Marsh Mr. and Mrs. James Marshall and Family Debbie Marth Mr. and Mrs. Frank Martin Angelo '42 and Shirley Martino David Martino '66 Judy Martino '78 Rick, Denise, Michael and Jason Martino David F. Maurek Mr, and Mrs. Frank S. Maurek Frank T. Maurek Jule Maurek Mary '78 - Kevin '77 Ambrace and Teresa Marzen Mr. and Mrs. Harold McArdle Karen McCay Mr. and Mrs. William McCay Ruth and Bill McClister Hugh and Debbie McFarland Rosie '64 and Larry McGee George and Bev McGrath Joseph McHale "79' Ervin MePoyle Mr. and Mrs. G. McSween Karen McSween '78 Mr. and Mrs. Chester Meixsell Chris Meixsell "78" Grace and Shorty Vleixsell Kathy Meixsell "75" Mike Meixscll "78" Barb and Tim Messinger Ernie and Lois Messinger Mr. and Mrs. Roland F. Mcssinger Sherry Messinger Mr. and Mrs. Robert Metvgar Sherman "57" and Hoyce Metzger and Family Sterling R. Metlgar "73" Mike Meyers '78 Floyd and Linda Michael Mr, and Mrs. George S. Michael Richard Michael '73 Michelle '79 Michele and Craig Mr, Richard E. Mitsch Mitch '75 and Kathy '78 Karen Milkovits '79 H. E. Miller .lr. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Miller Mr. and Mrs. Lester H. Miller Mr. l.orin Miller Mr. and Mrs. Marshall M. Miller Scott Miller "79" Tom and Betty Miller Anita Millheim Keith D, Miltenberger Mindy and Al "79 and 77" Mr. and Mrs. James Mingle Janet and Francis Minnich Mary Mitchell li.lI.S. "76" Connie Mitman '80 Barry and Sandee Mlodossieh Frank and Shirley Mlodossieh Mr. and Mrs. William Mohn Delores H9605 Mickey Molnar Lucille Monteforte Mony and Blaine '78 Mr. and Mrs. Edward Morber and Chris Mr. and Mrs. Donald Morris Mr. and Mrs. Robert .l. Mugione Mule '78 Musselman'sJewelers Palmer Park Mall N Deb Nagel "79" Eleanor and Eugene Nagle Mr. and Mrs. Gary E. Nagle Mrs. Lorean Fehr Nagle '28 Ray Nemeth '76 Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Nemeth Joanne Nesfeder "73" Judy Nesfeder "78" Woodrow Nesfeder "75" Mr. and Mrs. Woodrow Nesfeder Peter Newman Joann Nikles '78 Mr. and Mrs, Frank G. Nikles, Jr. Tom Nikles '77 Chic Carty Nissley '38 Fred and Vicky Nolf Nomad Travel-Whitehall Mall Nottles '77 The Nunamaker's The Nunamaker Family O Bill '65 and Judy '64 O'Bryon Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd A, Ohl Old Lady Jean Gilbert Olesen Mr. George Oswald Michele O'Toole Mr. and Mrs. Paul Over P Mr. and Mrs. Michael Pagano Paige '79 and Steve '77 Mr. and Mrs. Howard Paisley Pam '79 and Dave '80 Mr. and Mrs. George Parenti Jean and Jane Parenti "72" Jane Paskewicz '82 Mr, and Mrs. Jeffery Patoki and Family Terry Patoki "SO" Patty and Mitch Paul '77 and Ann '78 Mr. and Mrs. John M, Paul Earl Peck Jr. Mr. and Mrs. William PeHenger Cathy Pensyl '76 Cindy '73 and Gordan '69 Pensyl Mr. and Mrs, Harry Pensyl Ron and Barb Pflugler Ron and Donna Pickering John Picha Michele Pierzga '79 Mr. and Mrs. Lionel L. Pinette Sue Pizzuto '80 Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Powell Mr. and Mrs. James Powell Sylvia Pretopapa Mr. and Mrs, David Price Pauline Primrose Carole and Ron Pritchard Nain Pritchard Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Pysher Mary Lou Physher '78 R Betty Rader and Charles Rader Gary Rader '77 and Jane Michael '78 JoAnna Rampulla "79" Tom Rampulla "77" Rance and Larry Jim Rasy Mr. and Mrs. Adolph Recker Bob "58" and Carolann "6O" Recker Mr. and Mrs. Fred Recker Mr. and Mrs. Dale E. Reddinger Ellen Redline "78" Gloria "45" and Bill "43" Redline Mitch Redline "75" Will Redline '74 Mr. and Mrs. l.lewellym C. Reeser Terry Reese '74 Timothy Reese '75 Mrs. Reid Denise Reid Kathy Reid Larry Reimheimer Mr, and Mrs. Harold Reinmiller Kimberly Reinmiller l944 Wendy Reinmiller l983 Annabelle "52" and Sherwood Remaley "47" Colleen Remaley '78 Early and Patricia Remaley Terrie Remaley '76 Pearl Remaly Rick Remaly '76 Sherry D. Remaly '78 Lloyd R. Re mington 1918 Mr. and Mrs. Carl T. Remel Meryl and B etty Lou Repsher Donald Ressler '59 Gloria Ressler '60 Cindy Rice '74 Elmer and Maryann Rice Bernadine Ricevuto "6l" Tom and Jul ie Rinker Kim Rissmiller '78 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rissmiller '75 Mr. and Mrs. and Son Sterling D. Rissmiller Sheryl Rissmiller Emilie Ritter '75 Mac Ziegenf Roger '77 an Jim Romano Mr. and Mrs uss Roberts '28 d Deb '79 , Donald R. Roseberry Mr. and Mrs. Milton Rosner Steve Rosner Mr. and Mrs. Roth Barl and Don Roth '53 Mr. and Mrs. Charles T. Roth Debbie Roth Jamie Roth '79 Mr. and Mrs, Jim Roth Jody Roth '80 Mel and Joan Roth Ruth and Al Rothrock Mr. and Mrs. William Rudle Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Ruggiero Mr, and Mrs. Barry Rumscy and Family Delphine M. Rumscy '77 Mr, and Mrs. George Rundle Cheryl Rupert '78 Mr. and Mrs. Donald Rupert Fern Rupert Ken Rupert Kenny Ruper l Mr. and Mrs. Warren Ruppert Jim Rutt ln Memory o f Robert Rutt Jr. '7l Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rutt Sr. Robin Rutt '78 S Mr. and Mrs. Frank Sabol, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Sackovics Mr. and Mrs. Phillip A. Sacks Chris Sakasit Sally '76 and Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs 1 '80 Ken '75 . Kenneth Saltcrn . Edward Sandt Becky Santee '79 Mr. and Mrs . Dale Santee Mr. and Mrs. John J. Santo Mike and Clara Santo A Friend David Schell '70 Jane Sessa Schell '73 Jodie Schell Pete Shiro Robert and J l995 oyce Schisler Mr. and Mrs. John J. Schlamp Mr. Floyd li. Sehlegel H. .lohn Schlegel Henry J. Schlegel Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Schmidt and Sons Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Schmidt Peg Schmidt Phyllis and Wallace Schmidtt Mr and Mrs. I-'red P. Schneck l.tnda Schoeneberger '80 Mr. and Mrs. liric T. Schramm Heidi Schramm '78 Mr. and Mrs. Otlomar Schramm Swayae Schramm Kim '75 and Patti SCJIUHI Herschel Schreck '77 Janet Schweitzer '76 Scherman Trucking Mel Scott '80 Mr. and Mrs. John W. Searock Shirley and Dale Seehler and Family Mrs. Helen Segel Mr. and Nflrs. Arling Seip Brian Seip '76 Mr. and Mrs. .lohn Seip Marion R. Sell Tub li, Sell '80 Ciro Senneca Donna Seesa l982 Mr. and Mrs. David Sestak Mr. and Mrs. Williard Seller and Family Gerlad Sey fri ed sl. S linger-it 'ii 3: was-A. s1..i 1 7 ,stag COMMUNITY OF NAZARETH SAL TES THE CLASS CF 1978 Julie Seyfried Kim Shafer Kris Shafer '77 Raymond J. Shafer 331-Russell and lrene Shafer-133l Mr, and Mrs. Harry Shannon Mr. and Mrs. Claude Shappelle Sheila '70 and Al Sheats Richard B. Sheavly Brian Shelly '77 Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Shelly Kevin Shelly Melanie Shelly '80 Valerie Shelly '78 Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth D. Shiffert Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Shivc tl947j Judy Shook '60 Kevin Shook '77 Mrs. Leo Shook Mr. and Mrs. Neil D. Shook Mr. and Mrs. William Shook Kim Shorley '75 Mr. and Mrs. Shuba and Family Victoria Shuman Carol Shupp Lydia Siegfried '80 Mr. and Mrs. Richard Siegfried and Family M. J. Sieminski ln Remembrance of Robert Silfies Sr. Tracy Silfies '79 Jessica Sinclair Mr. and Mrs. Foster Sisson Mr. and Mrs. John Skinner Rich Skripek '80 Slate Belt Office Products Ms, Geralyn Slavish '69 Mr, and Mrs. Peter H. Slavish '45 Mr, and Mrs. Peter J. Slavish '65 Frank and Helen Slog Mary Slog Edward M, Sloyer Pat Slusser Mr. and Mrs. Semm Slutter Stephanie Slutter '79 Betty and Jennings Smith and Family Captain and Mrs. Joseph F. Smith Mr, and Mrs. Charles Smith Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Smith Mrs. Florence Smith Mr. and Mrs. Frank Smith, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth H. Smith. Sr. Pauline and .lohn Smith Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. Smith Rose Smith '70 Shelly Smith '79 Smuggler's Den-Palmer Park Mall Angela Snyder Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Snyder Mr. and Mrs. l.ulher J. Snyder Mr. and Mrs. Carol Solt '48 Fran Solt and Richard Glenn Solt '79 LuAnn Solt '75 Patti Solt Tammy Spohn '80 Mr. and Mrs. Allen Stahl, Sr. Nancy Stahl Tina Stahl Donna Stampf '80 Mr. and Mrs. Frank Stampf. .Ir. Eugene '52 and Barbara '5-1 Stark Margaret A. Stark '58 Michelle Stark '78 Patrice Stark '81 Mr. and Mrs. Steve Stellman Janet Stem '58 L. K. Stem IV W. H. S. '78 R. M. Stem W. H.S, '51 Mr. and Mrs. Stevens Dawn Stevens Holly Stevens '75 Elwood and Eleanore Stewart Dick and Dolly Stier '54 John Stier, Jr. '63 Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs, John Stier, Sr. Melvin Stier Mrs. Joan Stocker Sherri Stocker Michael Stofanak Mrs. Helen B. Kathy Stoudt Mr. and Mrs, Mr. and Mrs, Mr. and Mrs, Family Mr. and Mrs. Carol Strohl The Strouse's Mr. and Mrs. Stumpy '78 Stone Donald Stout Donald P. Stout Robert Stout and Theodore G. Stout Brian Strouse Mrs. Maybelle Kahler Sullivan '28 Dorothy Walker Sunberg '28 Mr. and Mrs. Jane Sweeney Charles Sweeney '77 Kathy Sweeney '78 Margie Sweeney '80 Mary Snyder '81 Tim Snyder '8l Frank Sysko Mary Sysko T Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Tanzos Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Tanvosh Mr. and Mrs. Michael Tarnok Vickie Tarnok Mr. and Mrs. William Tarnok '40 Mr. and Mrs. William Tauschman Betty Tavianini '56 Mr. and Mrs. Harold Teets Ethel V. Tenges John Terlinden Mr. and Mrs. James R. Thomas David and Donna Thorman Mr. and Mrs. John D. Thorman. Sr. Rita Thorman Timothy and Natalie ln Memory of Robert Tindula Mr, and Mrs, Tomino Tract "SZ" Jeanie and Steve Trager Chris Transue "79" Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Transue and Boys Mr. Treon Tronis Flea Market U Catherine Uhler "4l" Marion Uhler Robert Uhler Cindy Unger Mr, and Mrs. .lohn Urban V Debbie VanHorn '79 Lori VanHorn Chanta'l Vargo Renee' Vargo Mr. and Mrs. Robert Vargo Robert and Jan Deiehman Velekei Mrs. Caroline Vickery Frank W, Vogel "37" William F. Vogel "7l" Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Vought W Deb Wagner Mr. and Mrs. Earl Wagner Mr. Robert K. Wagner Mr. and Mrs. William N. Wagner. Jr. Jamie Waha '79 John F. Waha, ll '75 Mr, and Mrs. John F. Waha Walt '76 Ester M. Walter Mr. and Mrs. Alfred P. Walton Joan M. Wambold Mr. and Mrs. Russell Wambold, Jr. Wanda and Dave Cher, Watson '78 Bruce and Donna Weaver Mr. and Mrs. Henry Weaver Karen Weaver '78 Mr. and Mrs. Wilmer R. Weaver Scott Weisel Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Weist John S. Welk, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Carl C. Werkheiser Diane Werkheiser '74 Donna Werkheiser '78 Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Werkheiser Esther and Elton Werkheiser Ike and Maryellen Werkheiser and Family Mr. and Mrs. Paul Y. Werkheiser Alan Werner '76 Harold Werner '77 Mr. and Mrs. Harold Werner Mr. and Mrs. John Werner and Family Wetzel Roofing Mr. and Mrs. Francis M. Wexinger Mae and Jim White, Shaklee Distributors Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Whitehead Mrs. Marian Whitesell and Judy Whitesell '79 Barb, Skip and Charlie Will Kenny Williams '76 Sherrie Williams and Robert Browning Robyn Wilson '78 Vickie Wilson '81 Cathy Winiarski '80 Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Winter The Wite7ak Family Mr. and Mrs, Gary Wolf Karl Wooest Mrs. Barbara Wuest Cindy Wuest '78 Karen Wuest '76 Kim Wuest '80 Holly and Warren Wunderly Sandra L. Wandcrly C.H.S. '63 Y Mr. and Mrs. Edmond J. Yandrisevits Mr. and Mrs. Paul Yandrisevits Deb Yates Mr. and Mrs. Jack R. Yeakel Judy and Rod Yeakel Margie Yeakel "79" Maury Yeakel Judy Yons '79 Mr. and Mrs. Aloys Yost Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Youngkin Loraine F. Yuskiewicv Vincent Yusckiewici Z Mrs. Marie Zegalia Jackie Zeiner '80 Sharon Zeiner "80" Mr. and Mrs, Quentin Zell Mr. and Mrs. Michael Zerfass PATRONS THEME 212 3 QQ I if 2 'QS I3 gym J' '31 ,, 5 i R 1 Q? S Enjoyment Recreation Relaxation if X S+, 'SF 1 f uw. .vM'!l1G ,M Expression Talent Creativity L X E I0 ""7' N-ZA i 1 5 lb 44 218 Pride Competition Success STUDE Abel Chris A 138 Abel David Ackerman Duane A 30, 45 Ackerman Guy 148 Ackley Jr Thomas T Agnew Christine 138, 162, 163, 164 Albanese Lisa J 30, 143, 192 Albani Thomas 100, 148 Albert Robert R 138, 166, 167, 179 Albert Sherwood L 30, 96, 167 Albert Wayne 148 Altemose Brian S 30, 70, 81, 162, 163 Altemose Mark 148 Amberger Randy 148 Amerman Linda 148 Amerman Scott C 31 Andretti Michael 148 Anglemeyer Jeffrey 148 Anglemeyer Vernon T 138 Anthony Shelly Arndt Rebecca Ashenfalder Ted D 138 Atherholt Cheryl A 31 Audenried Ronald C 93, 138, 180 Auerbach Cynthia 92, 148 Auerbach Katherine L 138 Ayers Russell C 138 Azar Stephen J Baltz Cindy L 31, 69, 106, 164, 176 Baltz Denise L Baltz Glenn Baltz Mark 138 Barker Brenda 148 Barker Craig A 31 Barnhardt Kelly 148 Bartholomew Susan C 31 Basile Jennifer A 31, 33, 76, 86, 87, 101 Basile Karl A 138, 180 Bassett Earl F 31 Bastian Gail E 31, 33 Bateman Linda Bauder George J 138 TI DEX Bender Thomas 148 Benfield Jon 148 Berry Deborah E 32, 76, 80, 81, 97, 106 Bickert Cynthia A 138 Bittner Jeffery D 32, 86, 87, 96, 101, 102 Bobeck Edward M Bobeck Joseph Bocich Jeffrey 148 Bortz Kevin E 32, 33, 86, 94, 107 Boyce Dan L 32 Boyer Brian D 32, 179 Brandt Lee A 32, 61 Bratsch Sandra 148 Brennan Robert G Briggs Jim Brindisi Robert L 32, 58, 171 Broad Broad Bronso Brown Brown Brown Brown Brown Judith L Lori L 33 n Debra L Denise A 138 Hale B 33 Jane E 102, 138, 180 Jean M 138 Joseph D 33, 167 Brown Mary 148, 193 Browning Shawn L 138, 167 Bruch Gail 148 Bucchi Michele 148 Buck Curtis R 138 Budzak Annette P 138 Bush Lisa 148 Buskirk Lori J 138 Buskirk Mark K 167 Buskirk Patricia 148 Buss Elton 149, 174 Buss Gail L 33, 81, 193 Butler John 101, 149 Butz Beth 149 Butz Glen A Butz Karen L 138 Butz Kathryn A 138 Butz Marlyn H 139 Baylor Baylor Baylor Baylor Bealer Bealer Jacquelyn R 138 Lynette 148 Renee 148 Sherri L 138 Gwen 148 Tammy L Beil Carla 148 Bender Keith A 32, 167 Bender Kevin M 138 1 Calabrese Denise M 34 Campanaro Betty A 34, 37 Campbell Dave Cantrel David 149 Cascario Lawrence 149 Castellucci David J 34, 167 Castellucci Leonard M 34 Cauller Stephen J 35 Clewell Keith A Clift Mary A Corby Jeffery 149 Correll Katherine M 139 Correll Kathy L 92, 111, 139, INDEX 220 180 Correll Kevin 149 Correll Randy A 35 Costanzo Bernice 33, 35, 102 Coughlin Kevin M 35,37,171 Counterman Joseph Coyle Bonnie 149 Coyle Brian K 139, 166, 167 Croft Jeffrey S 139, 163 Crone Michelle 149 Cunningham Mary R 35,164, 165 Daley Dennis R 35 Daley Sandra 149 Daney Kathy L 35 Danner Robert M 139 Daugherty Lisa 35, 46, 101 Davidson James 149 Day Denise M 36, 177 Dech Deborah K 36 Dech Desiree M 139 Decker Keith R 36 Degarmo Patricia E 36 Delre Marie 92, 93, 149 Dentner Rick A 139 Deraymond Amy 149, 164, 176 Deraymond Peter G 139, 180 Dereamus Donna L 36, 37, 66, 89, 162, 163, 185 Detweiler Dean A Deutsch Anita E 36, 94, 95 Deutsch David 149 Deutsch Deborah J 36 Deutsch Dennis J 139 Deutsch William S 36 Dewalt Delinda 377, 92, 101 Diehl Lisa J 37, 57, 96, 170 Dieter Cynthia 149 Dietz Donna M 37 Digerlando Carl A 37, 54 Digerlando Cheryl L 139 Dimperio Pat A 139 Dlugos Carol M 38, 80, 81, 86, 100, Dlugos Susan 149, 180 Doncses Tammy A 139 Dotter David 149 Dotter Robin L 38 Doyle Colleen G 38, 46, 192 Drosnock Philip J Duignam Mark A 37, 38, 49, 54, 69, 82, 89, 172 Duignam MatthewJ 139, 163, 173 Efkovics,Wil1iam 139 Einfalt Bruce 39 Einfalt Tara 149 Elliott John 139 Era Kim D 92, 139, 163 Erdie Cheryl L 39 Erdie Diane 149 Erdie Jeffrey 149, 168 Erdie Patti L 39, 81, 85 Erdie Richard M 139 Ernst Eileen J 139 Ervin Scott 149 Ervin Tammy A 39, 53 Eschenbach Robert W 139, 163, 173, 174 Evanko Craig S 39, 167 Eyer Jeffrey 149 Fairman Keith D 139, 179 Farnack Jeffrey 149 Fassl Thomas M 139, 167 Fehnel Raeann 139 Fehnel Renee 149 Fehr Craig C Fenner Gwendolyn 150 Fenon Corinne R 139 Fenstermaker Lori A 39 Ferraro Connie 150 Ferretti Michael 150, 180 Finkbeiner Jacquelyn 39, 177 Finnegan Lawrence 174 Fischl Deborah J 139 Fisher David L 40 Flank Cynthia 150 Flank Lenny L 140 Flegler Thomas J 40 Flick Roxanne M 40 Flurer Paige A 140 Flyte Arthur 40 Flyte Randy 150 Fogel Jeffrey A 40 Fogel Raymond 150 Fogel Valerie J 40 Franceschino Julie Frank Cindy L 40 Fratipietro Donna A 40, 89 Fray Peter 140, 174 Freer Greg A Frey Herman 150 Frey Linda 150 Frey Pamela 150, 164 Frey Terry S 140 Friend Helene 150 Fritchman Barry R 140 Fritz Susan A 41, 106 Fry Annette M Fry Christopher B 41 Fry Walter Fulmer Ronald E 140 Galites Mary Ann 140 Gallo Joann 150 Gardner Randy L 140 Gardner Robin 150 Garr Christine A 41, 61, 62 Garr Sandra A 42 Garren Cathy A 42 Garren Lori 150 Garrity Bernard 150 Gavin Deborah J 42 Gavin Margaret 150 STUDE TI DEX Geffert Brenda A 140 Gehret Glenn Genery Michelle L 150 Genery Robert A 150 George Thomas W Geosits Kathleen M 42, 87, 94, 97, 117 Germain John J Getz Doreen 150 Getz Jeffery 140 Getz Joyce A 92, 93, 147 Getz Justine 42, 96 Getz Sharon E 34, 43 Getz Steven J 140, 179 Giuffre Annette 150 Glickman Joseph 150 Godiska Edward J 140, 173 Godiska George J 140 Godiska Ronald 43, 96 Gondek Stephen V Gondek Terrance M 43 Gordon Donna K 164 Gordon Jill 156 Gradwohl Brenda L 43, 54, 109 Grand Grego Gressl Grof f Gross Grube Grube Grube Grube Grube Grube Gruve Guest i Scott 43 ry Mary K er Thomas J 140 Ray J 43, 50, 163 Conlin Dorothy L 140 Kerry R 140 Larry L 43 Rosie 140 Steven P 140 Timothy 150 r Christopher J 44 Martha L 140, 162, 163 Gum Thomas A 140 Gutekunst Stana L 44, 45, 66, 80, 89, 162, 163 Guth Lois 150 Gutshall Melanie A 44, 54 Haberle Adolph 140, 179 Haberle Michael A 44, 166, 167 Haberle Stephen 150 Haffling Karen A 44, 66, 69 83, 84, 87, 92 Hahn Anita 140, 192 Hahn Karen J Hahn Kerry F 44 Hahn Lisa 151 Hahn Lori A 44 Hahn Priscilla A 140 Hahn William K 141 Halbfoerster Timothy A 141, 179, 180 Hank Richard 141 Hann Stephen M 141 Hanner Lori A 44, 45, 164 Hardy Mark 151 Harper Carl L Harper Karen 151 Harper Robin F 162, 163,164, 185 Hartman Dolores 151 Hartzell Beth A 141 Hartzell Jack R 45 Hawk Kathy Heckman John C Heckman Sherri L 45, 66, 83, 110 Heckman Terry L Heffelfinger Dody 151 Henderson Julie A 141 Herbst Beth 151 Herbst Jack R 45, 46, 167 Herczeg Jeffrey Herczeg Jill 151 Hertzog Donna 45, 99 Hertzog Glenn Hess Brian L 46, 50 Hess Judi L 46 Hess Kathleen M 46 Hess Kevin L 46 Heyer Anne Heyer Ross 151 Hickernell Cathy L 47, 61, 70, 164, 165, 177, Hickswa Cheryl A Hildenbrandt Francis F 47 Hill Debra A 141 Hill Helena 151 Hill Kim A 45, 47 Hinton Donna K 141 Hoadley Lisa A 46, 47, 57, 85 Hoadley Melody 47 Hofer Frank J 30, 47 Hoffner Valerie Holodnak Michael A 47, 163 Honsel Christopher 141, 163 Honsel Lisa A 47, 80, 94, 100, 109 Hooper Kelley A 87, 141 Hoople Robert 151 Hopple Robin D 141 Hopwood Andrew 151 Hopwood Michael E 48, 101 Houck Timothy 151 Huber John 151 Hummel Eric J 48, 49 Hummel Steven 151, 168 Hunt Jamie L 48 Hunt Jeffrey R 141,167,173 Hunt Suzanne L 139, 141 Huth Carol 141 Huth Christine 151 Huth Luann 151 lfkovits David 151 lhle Leonard 151, 180 lnhoff Brenda A 141 Itterly Audrey M 45, 48, 69, 76, 106 ltterly Ricky L 141 Jackson Robin A 141 Jacoby Donald 48 James Brian C 141 Jandrositz Frank A 48, 167 Janny Karen M 48, 57, 95,176 Janoski Helen R Jennings Joseph D 141 Jewett Michael D 141 Johnson David A 141 Johnson Joseph 151, 163 Jones Cynthia Jumper Curtis Jumper Joseph R Jumper Thomas L 141 Kachline Michael B 33, 48 Kahler Jed J 49 Kapanka Laura J Karch David A 49, 87 Kardelis Joseph C 49, 65, 89 Kaufinger Sabrina L Keenhold Danny A 149 Keenhold Tammy M 150 Keglovitz Marie 151 Kehs Kenneth K 141 Keller Karen J 141, 164 Kemmerer Cindy E 50 Kennedy Rose M 142 Keppel Joseph 151 Kern Karen 151 Kern Tammy K 111, 142 Kichline Susan B 142 Kicska Donna M Kilpatrick Doretta 151, 193 King David A 142 Kipp Karl F 50 Kirlick Anna M Kish Richard M Kissel Daniel A Kleintop Lawrence 142 Klemka Jr James M 142 Klepeis Bridget 151 Kline Steven J Klipple Klipple Kloiber Knauss Knauss Knecht Knecht Knecht Keith R 142 Kent G 142 Dean J 142 Deborah 152 Judy 152 Brian 80, 142 Bruce 142, 171 Michael 152 Knerr Sariann 152 Knudsen Cathryn L 50 Koch Debra Koch Susan 142 Kocher Bradley J 51 Kocher Connie 152 Kocher Richard E 51 l 2M Kocher Sharon A 142 Koehler David P 142, 163 Kostick Michael E 34, 46, 50, 51, 69, 82,162,163 Krasenics Danny 152 Krasenics David Kratz Ronald 152, 167, 168 Kratzer Dawn D 142 Kraycik Daniel 1 Kresge Gwendolyn J 142 Kresge Michael J 51 Kresge Steven 152 Kroboth Daniel Kroboth Kenneth Krock Donald F 51, 76, 167 Krock Kimberly 152 Kromer Jennie 152 Krupa Donna M 142, 177 Kulp Susan J 142 Kulp Timothy 152 Kurlica, Ann 142 Labar Terry A 51 Labarba Kim M 30, 51 Lahr Larue A 51, 53,81 Lahr Tammy C 52 Lahr Timothy 152, 167, 168 Lahr Todd H 52, 179 Lajeunesse Gary 116, 152 Lakatos Helen 109, 152 Lambert Patrice 152 Lance Michele 152, 176, 177 Landry Michael 52 Landry Tina 142 Lantzer Jeanne 152 Laponuke Stella 49, 52 Laubach David A 52 Laubach Kathy B 52, 53 Laudenbach Lynn L 142 LehGregoryC 52, 1677,179 Leh William J 52 Lesher Donna 152, 164 Letson Mary E 53, 99, 109 Levey Jacqueline A 152 Lichtenwalner Todd H 53 Lichtenwalner Tracey K 142 Lilly David 152 Liming John F 139, 142, 163 Livingston Thoms C 142 Lockwitch Gregory T 143 Lockwitch Steven 152 Loetzbeier Susan E 53 Longenbach Edette A 52, 82, 170 Longenbach Pamela M 54 Macdonald Thomas 152 Macy Mike 152 Male Lynn M 54 Male Michael T 30, 54 INDEX STUDE Male Stacy 152 Manini Roger E143,163, 179 Mann Jack L Marakovits Diane M 53, 54, 61, 69, 82, 85, 92, 170 Marakovits John 55 Marakovits Steven 153, 167, 168 Marchak Terry A 55, 82, 164 Marchak Thomas 153, 168 Markovitz Alan G 143 Marositz Joseph S Marquardt Ruthanne Marquardt Ruthanne 143 Marsh Jack F Marsh JudyLee A 143 Marsteller Michael Marsteller Warren Marth Deborah A 42, 55 Martino Judy J 50, 55, 94, 95 Masters Lisa 92, 193 Masters Timothy D 143 Matula Gary Maurek FrankT 55,171,173 Mayers Lori Mayes Debra J 143 McAllister Dean S 143 McBride Regina McClain Randall McClure Mitchell K 143 McCormick Terry F 143 McEwen Lisa 153 McFall Patricia 143 McGrath Brenda K 55 McGrath Charlene A 55, 66, 102, 110 McGrath William 153 McHale Joseph N 108, 143 McKenzie Tonya S 110, 153 McPoyle Colleen 153 McPoyle Luann 55, 161 McSween Karen 56 McSween Leanne 100, 153 Mease Debra Marie 56 Meixell David E 143 Meixsell Christine L 38, 56, 83 Meixsell Joy A 143 Mendola Clay T 56 Mengel Maureen K 143 Merritt Anne 153 Merritt Richard A 56 Mertz Edward A 143 Messinger Sherry 153, 193 Metz Guy 153 Meyers Michael A 56 Meyers Michelle 143, 193 Meyers Robert 153 Michael Jane 1 56, 61 INDEX TI DEX Miklas Connie A 143 Miklas Stanley A 143 Miksch Bradley 153 Milkovits Karen A 146 Miller Jeffrey A 56 Miller Kevin M 57, 70, 86, 87, 94, 100, 102 Miller Mark A 143 Miller Scott 143, 173 Miller Susan 153 Miller Tami 153 Millheim Anita L 143, 192 Miltenberger Keith 153 Mitch Charles Mitch Linda 143 Mitch Robert 153 Mitman Connie 153 Mitman Gregg A Moeller Mike 153, 174 Mohn Cheryl L 57 Mondschein Dee A 57 Mondschein John R Mondschein Lisa 153 Morrison Dale E 144 Morrison Shelley 153 Murante Vincent J Murphy Shelly A 37, 57, 66 Musser Anne L 58, 73, 94, 180 Myers Dreema Nagel Deborah A 144 Nagel Gail 153 Nagle Ambie L 144 Nagle Ann N 58 Nardella Perry L 58, 81, 85, 96, 171, 173 Nealon Blaise C 58, 167 Nealon Jamie 153, 162, 163 Nellett Danny L Nellett Terry Nemeth Denise M 59, 96 Nemeth Jerome K 30, 59 Nesfeder Judith A 59 Newhard Tammy 153 Nieradka Jacqueline 144 Nikles Joann 59 Nixon John 153 Noble William A Nolf Terry 154 Noversel Richard 154 Noversel Steve 144 Olenwine Scott D 59, 62, 81, 173 Olson Jeffrey 154 Oplinger Carol M Oplinger Roy 154 Otoole Michele L 92, 93, 144 Paisley Dana L 59 Paisley Linda R 144 222 Panovec Kenneth P 59 Papciak John A 59 Parry Beth 154 Parson Brandon T 144, 167 Patoki Terri 154, 170 Pensyl Edwin H Perez Luis C Perez Sally Perna Kris D 57, 60, 82 Pettis Jody 154, 180 Pettis Todd M 144 Phillips Blaine L 60, 76, 80, 83,106, 162, 163,172, 173 Pierzga Michele A 144, 164 Pitsko Frank W Pizzuto Suzanne 154 Plebani John K Polanski Gregory A 102, 144 Powell Todd 154 Pristash Christopher J 144 Pristash Tanya 154 Pritchard Brenda M 41 , 60, 83 Pritchard Carol 144 Pritchard PattiJeanne 144, 193 Pysher Mary Lou 49, 60 Raddish Karen Raddish Sandra J Radel Lori D Rader David 154, 179 Rader Lynn 154, 180 Rader Ronald J 41, 60 Raidline Wendy M 34, 60,61 Rampulla Joanna J 144, 164, 176 Ranck Cynthia 144 Raymond David J 144 Redline Ellen J 60 Reese Wendy 154 Reichart Joseph M 41 , 60, 62, 82 Reichel Kevin 42, 61, 82 Reid Denise A Reid Theresa 154, 170 Remaley Colleen M 61, 65, 82, 193 Remaly Janine B 61 Remaly Roger 61 Remaly Sherry D 62 Repash Richard Jr 154 Reph Kevin 154 Reph Timothy 144 Repsher Todd D 144 Ressler Randy 154 Reuss John G 62 Ricci Anthony J 144 Rice Kenneth 154 Rice Luann 154 Rice Stephanie 92, 154 Rios Michelle 154 Rissmiller Brian S 62 Rissmiller Connie 109, 154 Rissmiller Kim J 62, 66 Rissmiller Lewis C 46, 63, 65, 179 Rodger Tina L 142 Rodgers Andrew C 41, 63 Rodgers Kim J 63 Rodriguez Almando Rogora Lori 99, 144 Rohn Brian S 144 Rohn David W 41, 63 Rohn Kenneth 154 Rohn Kimberly A 144 Rohn Thomas R 63, 179 Romano James R Romero Julio 76 Romig Gary 154 Roseberry Jay H 63, 82, 83 Roth Douglas 155, 168 Roth James 155, 172, 173 Roth Jamie S 145, 176 Roth Jody 155, 176, 177 Roth Pamela A 145 Rothrock Linda L 63, 83 Rozum James 155, 163 Rozum Patricia 155 Rumsey Cindy S 63, 70, 83, 86, 87 Rundle Gary 155 Rundle Kevin 155 Rupert Carolyn J 145 Rupert Cheryl L 64 Rutt Roberta M 34, 64 Sakasitz Christine 155 Salmon Michael D Sandbrook Steven D 50, 64 Sands Connie J 64 Sands Gary 154 Santee Becky C 145, 180 Santo Todd 147, 174 Sauerzopf Robert C 41, 42, 64, 88, 167 Schaffer Scott Schleichcr Robert M 145, 163 Schneebeli Carol 155 Schneebeli Richard R 62, 64 89, 166, 167, 179 Schoenbeger Dwayne A 145 Schoeneberger Howard F 145, 167 Schoenberger Linda 1 1 l Schoenberger Lucas F 64 Scholl Scott K 64 Schramm Heidi LM 57, ,65, 164 Schuch Janet A 145 Scott Melanie 155 Searock Kevin 155 Seaton Darla 65 Seaton Keith R 102, 145 Seip Melinda S 145 Seip Todd 155, 167, 168 Sell Robert 155, 167, 168 Serfass Joseph 65, 97, 167 Sessa David J Setzer Gary 155 Setzer Melody A 145 Sevi David 155, 167, 168, 180 Seyfried Cora 90 Seyfried David 155, 174 Shafer Kimberly L 145, 180 Shafer Lori 155 Shafer Ranee J 65 Shankweiler Fred P 67 Shelly Melanie 155 Shelly Valerie D 67, 89, 106 Shiffert James 149, 155, 173 Shoemaker Kevin R 67 Shollenberger Kim D Shook Ann M 38, 67, 164 Shuman Laura 145, 192 Siegfreid Richard N 145 Siegfried Lydia 180 Siegfried Michael Siegfried Timothy J 67, 85 Sigafoos Dennis B 145 Sigafoos Jean L Silfies Brenda L 67 Silfies Kathy L 145 Silfies Ronald C 67 Silfies Tracy J 145 Simpson Laurie R 145 Sisson Teresa 67, 176, 170 Skripek Richard 100, 102, 155, 168 Skutches Paul M 38, 66, 179 Slog Mary 155 Slusser Patricia J 155 Slutter Stephanie A 145 Smith Alan 156, 174 Smith Arthur A 66 Smith Glenn 145 Smith Glenn 156 Smith Jan D 58, 66, 83, 167 Smith Jeffrey A Smith Kenneth H 58, 66, 87 Smith Sandy 156, 193 Smith Shelly L 145 Smith Tami 156 Smith William R 68 Snyder Brian J 145 Snyder Curtis W 68 Snyder Fawn L 68 Snyder Kim 156 Snyder Pamela Snyder Sandra S 68 Snyer Wayne H 145 Soffera Laurieann 156 Sofka John M 145, 180 Sokasits Anita 92, 101, 116, 156 Sokasits Jonathan F 68, 69, 87, 93, 113 Solt Glenn C 146 Solt Kyle D 146 Spencer Sidney T 146 Spohn Tammy 156 Stahl Cynthia M 68, 73 Stahl Tina 100, 156 Stalbird Terri Stampf Donna 100, 156, 170 Stark Michele A 38, 54, 68, 170 Starner George 156 Starner Frank 167, 168, 174 Stauffer Wanda M 146 Steiner Mark 146 Steiner Ronald L 57, 68, 86, 87, 94, 95, 100, 102 Steltzman Joseph A Sterner Stettler Stettler Stevens Stevens Stevens Henry W 69 Kathaleen 156 Mary 156 Dawn K 69 Leona Roger 156 Stier Melody Stier Richard 156, 168, 180 Stine Lisa 146 Stocker Stocker Frederick Jr 146 Sherri 156, 193 Stofanak Linda M 69 Stout Annette M 69 Stout Brian 156, 180 Strohl Carol A 146 Strohl David 156 Strouse Robert 146 Strye Carl 156 Supers Lori A 70 Supers Randy 156 Sutter Allen 146 Sutter Tina M 70 Sweeney Kathryn D 38, 69,70 Sweeney Marjorie 156 Szutar Christopher S 146 Szutar Patrick S 70, 83, 167 Taff Curtis R Taff Norman S Talpas Joni A 71 Tanzos Monica 42, 71, 73, 80, 83, 106, 164, 165, 176 Tarnok Vicky A 146 Tarnow Christine 156 Tauschman Cathy J 50, 71, 170 Tavianini David 71, 73, 85, 172, 173 Temos Donna L 71 Temos Janet Thomas Danny 146 Thomas Suzanne 146 Thorman Rita L 71, 106 Tiley Richard M 156 Timar Nancy 156 Timberman Thomas 156 Tindula Michele 71 Tocheny Robert E 146 STUDE TI DEX Tocheny Susan 156 Todora Chris J 146 Tomino Diane L 146 Tomsic Andrea Transue Beverly 157 Transue Christine A 146 Transue Dale E 71 Transue Robert L 72 Transue Sally A 72 Trbuza Annmarie 146 Taff Randy 146, 180 Taff Steven 146, 180 Thomas Michael 156 Trbuza Lynn 157 Tremble Annette 157 Tremble Bernadette 146 Tremble Carmel 70, 72, 87,88 Treon Michael E 146 Treon Steven 157, 179, 180 Tress Craig J 72, 163 Tripp Douglas A 146 Tripp Jeffrey S 65, 72, 179 Uding Ellen P 100, 157 Ulher Jane E 101, 116, 146, 193 Urmy Donna M 146 Vanhorn Debra J 146 Vargo Renee A 92, 147 Ventin Michael W Viglione Robin A 72 Viglione Tammy 157 Wagner Brian 157 Wagner Debra 157 Wagner Richard J 147 Wagner Robert K 72 Waha Jamy L 100, 147, 192 Walakovits Richard J 147 Wallace Todd R 72 Walters Kristine 73 Walters Michele Wambold Deirdre K 147 Wambold Jeanette L 73 Wambold Joan M 34, 73 Wambold Karen Warner Donna L 38, 73 Warner Eileen M 74 Warner Scott G 147 Weaver Karen M 42, 74, 80, 92, 107 Weber Joseph 157, 174 Weisel Scott L 147 Weiss Lynthia 157, 164 Weiss Glenn S 147 Weiss Kent H 147 Weist Carl S 147 Welty Jeffrey A 46, 74 Wentzell George A 147 Werkheiser Cynthia A 2D Werkheiser Donna K 74 Werner, Geradine 75 Werkheiser Franklin V Werkheiser Jay 102, 157 Werkheiser Kim L Werkheiser Phillip C 75 Werkheiser WendyS 147, 193 Werner Betty Werner Jody 147, 179 Werner Kimberly Werner Marlyn 157 Werner Robert P Werner Trudy 157 Wesser Pamela 157 Whitesell Judith 147 Wilhelm Robert G 75 Williams Charles 157 Williams Donald Williams Donna L 75, 164, 180 Williams Karen S 89, 92, 139, 147, 162, 163 Williams Lynn 157 Williamson Debra 157 Williamson Kelly L 147 Wilson Mark Wilson Robyn D 75, 89 Wilson Tom Winiarski Catherine 157, 193 Wismer Kenneth 157 Wolf Christopher M 147 Wolfe L Timothy 75, 163 Woodward Lori 157, 193 Wuest Cynthia L 75, 90, 94, 101 Wuest Kim 100, 149, 157 Wunderly Jody E 147 Yandrisevits Edmond S 76, 171 Yavorski Joseph 157 Yavorski Robert 93, 147, 163 Yeakel Margaret 100, 101, 157 Yeakel Susan J 61, 76, 85, 86, 110, 76 Yeska Debra A 76 Yons Judy L 147 Yost Joseph 157 Young Linda M 147 Zeiner Jacalyn 157, 193 Zeitner Vicki 157 Zellner Sharon A 147 Wenger James 75 Werner Sandra 147 Zimmerman Michele 99, 100, 116 Zipprodt Bradley 157 Zoph Philip L 147 1 INDEX Comet Staff Collapses Gver Last Page 0 75000 O flf 46,7 A! 0 G00 400 A 4v 0 O 0 O ,p O' f o 'O is? Cx' 780 -Q 'Sf 6 'P so O 00 Q fry 28 ! 47 SX K 1 0041 A041 Q9 QB QQ' 'YA YD lo QQ' SQ S '90 0 39 QC? ws? .PG Jae, 0 'E' so 65 Q4 O 'ff- Q W Q5 We W7 641 2, si QP bv ,gin 0,,. Q 45. U AS 5 '53, 4143, M Qff if 6 QP, 91, 0 21, ,QC 6' S cl 'I' of ' O QX Y? "fy fo O ff Q6 Q? 5? 639 'pdf 070 Q- 40 O S Oo KP A QQ 4 fx i' 'o of' V25. fi Q Am QL xg - fc, 55' CSV Q0 we of ,Q ao QV' 40.90 91.06 l l 4306! Q AX 23 0 Q of Y' 224 lif. ff QP, Oy J 9,2 O? ff, 45 f 0 C' ,C Qi! 0 '50 ,, Z

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