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FOREWORD As we, the Class of 1962, present our annual Concerto, the memories of our short, but nostalgic stay in the Nazareth Area Senior High School return again and again. The yearbook staff has attempted herein to recapture some of the highlights of this journey. It is the sincere wish of all those associated with the 1962 edition of the COMET that our graduates will contribute to the advancement of our town, our state, and our nation. A s CONTENTS Pages Administration _1-8 Sports _9-24 Activities _25-52 Curriculum_53-66 Students _67-112 Advertisements _113-128 CONDUCTORS OF OUR ORCHESTRA Herbert F. Cobley, Superintendent of Schools, assumes the respon¬ sibility of correlating the programs of the entire school system. These programs are designed to meet the needs of the various types of students and to provide equal opportunities to all. Mrs. Laura Harding and Mrs. Joyce Flowers, secretaries in the Senior High School office. Miss Maryann Toth, secretary to Mr. Cobley. F. C. Benfield, Senior High School principal, who is responsible for the supervision of the curriculum, ad¬ vising the student body, and general operation of the school. 4 ASSISTANTS TO THE DIRECTORS Robert Reichard, Guidance Counselor, and Broni Krisukas, School Psychologist, discuss a student ' s profile prior to advising him as to college entrance. Mrs. Josephine Scott, our school nurse, attends to minor wounds and illnesses of the students. Our school librarian, Mrs. JoAnn Seyfert, arranges cards in the card catalog to aid us in finding books in our well-supplied library. ■ -. SCHOOL DIRECTORS The school board works many long hours in order to keep our high school in smooth running order. Their ultimate goal is to graduate good students so much needed by our nation in these strenuous times. Their success in attaining this goal is often not fully appreciated. Certainly nothing can better stand as a monument to the labor of the school board than the fine records of past students and present citizens of our community. It is therefore fitting that we, the student body, express sincere appreciation for their hard work. Presently the twenty-five member board has been reduced to eighteen members, due to the reorganization caused by the union of our six districts. The board is comprised of members from Nazareth, Stockertown, Tatamy, Buskhill, Upper Nazareth, and Lower Nazareth. A r. r • late i NAZARETH AREA SCHOOL BOARD SEATED: Hugh Leake, Cary Fry, Wilfred Sheetz, John Fox, The Reverend Floyd R. Shafer, Herbert F. Cobley—Superintendent of Schools, Charles Schnerr, Floyd Lahr, Mrs. W. W. Thomas, Leo Shook. STANDING: Joseph Fry, Maurice Zellper, Charles Peischl, Gustave Fox, Russell Metzgar, Lester Scott, Woodrow Brong, Raymond Reinert, John Urban, William Beck, C. Forrest Bowers, Norman Millheim, Woodrow Hartzell, Louis Kleintop, Stanley Clewell. NAZARETH AREA SCHOOL BOARD OFFICERS President _ __ The Reverend Floyd R. Shafer Vice President _ John J. Fox Secretary _ Wilfr ed Sheetz Treasurer _ Charles P. Schnerr William Beck C. Forrest Bowers Woodrow Brong Joseph Frey Carl Fry Gustave Fox NAZARETH AREA SCHOOL DISTRICT Board of Directors John Fox Woodrow Hartzell Frank Huryn Lewis Kleintop John Leiberman Russell Metzgar Norman Millheim The Rev. Floyd R. Shafer Charles P. Schnerr Lester Scott Leo Shook Marguerite A. Thomas “ RECORD-BREAKING” Construction of our new football field began in Jan¬ uary, 1962. The new field is to occupy the area to the north of the Senior High School, and is expected to be completed in two years. It will replace the field to the south of the high school. Even though the field is sorely needed because of the lack of seating capacity, it is sad to note the passing of the old field, upon which many exciting defeats and bitter victories took place. Indeed, to many people, football in An addition to the rear of the Junior High School building was started in May, 1961, and is to be completed late this year. The addition includes a new cafeteria, a home economics suite, shop, and four classrooms. The need for the new addition was brought about by the steadily rising number of students entering the school system. Besides adding this wing to the building, complete reno¬ vation was undertaken in the Junior High School. This program included the installation of new heating, lighting, and lavatory facilities. New windows and doors were installed in the entire school. Although the construction involved incon¬ veniences to both the students and faculty, its importance and value cannot be overemphasized because of the new opportunities which will be presented to the future Junior High School stu¬ dents. This addition represents one phase of the modernization of the Nazareth Area School Sys¬ tem. Nazareth will not be the same. Exciting football games and track meets will be identified with the old field for years to come. Dozens of Nazareth men made their first touchdown and many Nazareth girls cheered their team on to victory on this gridiron. The land which is now used for football is to be used for the new elementary school. Construction of this school will begin in May. 7 1 - - - _ EVENTS OF THE YEAR il ITJ 1 |fifl j ; JU 6 1B ‘ At 9:00 A.M. on March 16, 1961, the Nazareth Area High School band be¬ gan its journey to Hyattsville, Maryland. At 3:00 P.M. the band reached its desti¬ nation, seven miles from the Capitol City. Cordially received, the band members dispersed to their hosts ' homes where they found warm hospitality. Members of the two bands became acquainted through dancing and social¬ izing at various house parties. After hours of assiduous practice under the direction of A. C. Weinhofer, Nazareth ' s conductor, and Michael Ronca, Hyattsville ' s conductor, the band polished the program. The climax of the exchange plan came on Saturday night when a crowd of 900 people applauded enthusiastically as the bands played a magnificent concert. Legislation from Harrisburg required the change of the title of the head of the borough from Burgess to that of Mayor. As the new Mayor, Wainwright Diehl, a local attorney, will have the same duties as those of ex-Burgess Robert B. Rei- chard. These duties include a power of veto over acts passed by Borough Coun¬ cil, control of the Police Department with the exception of hiring and firing, the responsibility of granting special permits, the enforcement of all ordinances, and the handling of less serious juvenile cases. Everyone wishes Mayor Diehl success in the performance of his new duties. Shown above is Wainwright Diehl being sworn in as Mayor by Justice of the Peace Charles Roth. The outgoing Burgess, Robert Reichard, looks on. Bonnie Mae Wolfe and Carol Louise Yeisley, seniors at Nazareth Area High School, participated in the first Junior Miss Pageant sponsored by the Nazareth J. C. ' s. The con¬ testants were judged for appearance in sportswear and evening wear, talent, and poise. Bonnie sang " If I Could Tell You. " Carol presented a water color exhibition and sang, " The Sound of Music. " Carol was first runner-up to Marcia Garcia of Eaton. Bonnie was honored as a semi-finalist. Along with the other contestants, both girls added glamour and lustre to the Nazareth J.C. ' s annual Fiesta. 8 Bonnie Wolfe Carol Yeisley __I_ _B_.IIMil.lll llllll I ' - ---- - - - - - 1 - - - - - — l MEET THE BIG BLUE ROW 1: Francis Deutsch, William Granda, Jack Deichman, Scott Bowers, Richard Keck, Lonnie Herritt. ROW 2: Ronald Mahorsky, Stanley Fehr, Robert Freeman, Warren Snyder, Barry Smith, Stephen Kraemer, Ronald Snyder. ROW 3: Gregory Brock, Manager, Robert Miklas, Stanley Metz, Allen Miklas, Richard Buss, Frank Groller, Barry Rinker, Glenwood Rissmiller, John Brobston, Manager. ROW 4: Dennis Viglione, Gerald Brace, James Herceg, Robert Bayda, Nicholas Drosnock, Richard Douglas, Michael Mahorsky, Alan McNear. Coaches Amoroso, Owens, Christman, Hayne, and Roth. 1961 VARSITY FOOTBALL SCHEDULE Opp. NAHS September 9 Berwick _ _ 12 13 September 16 Hellertown _ _ 7 26 September 30 Whitehall _ _ 7 27 October 7 Parkland _ _ 0 24 October 14 Washington, N. J. _ 7 19 October 21 Pen Argyl _ 40 7 October 27 Bangor _ _ 7 12 November 4 Northampton _ _ 54 0 November 11 East Stroudsburg _ _ 21 19 November 23 Wilson _ _ 0 6 10 ‘LITTLE BLUE’ LEADS SUCCESSFUL SEASON P ROW 1: Dennis Potts, Lon Werner, James Deichman, Ronald Smolenyak, Douglas Filchner, Larry Resar, Carmen Pezzuda, Joseph Gostony, J. Frederic Knecht, Jr., Ronald Beers, Gary Nagle. ROW 2: Paul Klotz, David Werner, Kim Kromer, James Dymond, Steven Beck, Stanley Zurowski, John Male, William O ' Brien, Gary Wagner, Peter Slavish. ROW 3: John Shafer, Steven DeRea, Theodore Lewis, James Karch, Ronald Gotto, John Schaadt, Thomas Konya, James Wilson, Dale Lindenmoyer, Donald Kessler, Glenn Gold. ROW 4: Lawrence Bittner, Robert Christman, Stewart Behn, James Lutz, Peter Pesareri, Graig Alpaugh, Gregory Sheetz, Gene Beitel, Lawrence Wildonger, Lawrence Cawthon. ROW 5: James Wolfel, Michael Tarnok, Keith Reimer, Michael Vigilotti, James Peppel, John Scobo, Bruce Johnson, Michael Lilly, Edward Smith, James Hinkel, Rodney Yeakel. ROW 6: Coach Owens, Edward Christman, Jr. Manager, Assistant Coaches Serfass and Amoroso. The " Little Blue " finished their season with a 4-1-2 record. The only defeat was suffered at the hands of Wilson. What could have been worse? Coach Owens was well pleased with this record and is ready to recom¬ mend these players to fill vacancies on the varsity squad. JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL SCHEDULE 1961 NAHS Opp. September 18 Leighton _ _ 0 0 September 25 Hellertown _ _ 27 0 October 2 Whitehall _ _ 0 0 October 16 Wilson _ _ 0 18 October 23 Pen Argyl _ _ 14 1£ October 30 Bangor _ _ 28 0 East November 6 Stroudsburg .... _ 6 0 I I Nick Drosnock starts a 30-yard run in the Wilson game. i ATHLETIC SENIORS STAR mt k DALE AUDENRIED FRANK GROLLER RICHARD BUSS STANLEY FEHR FOOTBALL FACTS Times Kicked Off _33 Times Punted _25 Average Yards Per Punt _28.8 Passes Attempted _75 Passes Completed _29 Total Yards Passing _464 Total Yards Scrimmaged _1628 Total First Downs _96 Fumbles Lost _11 Total Points _153 Fumbles _23 ROBERT FREEMAN STEPHEN KRAEMER RICHARD MAHORSKY STANLEY METZ ALLEN MIKLAS ROBERT MIKLAS 12 1 IN GRAND FINALE ON GRIDIRON BARRY RINKER GLENWOOD RISSMILLER BARRY SMITH RONALD SNYDER With only nine minutes and thirty seconds remaining in the game, the Blue Eagles came from behind to win their opener at Berwick. Freeman ran 62 yards for the touchdown and brought the Eagle score from a 7-12 deficit to a 13-12 lead. Berwick had pos¬ session of the ball with one minute and ten seconds remaining, but was unable to score. The Big Blue won their first Lehigh- Northampton League game by defeating the Hellertown Panthers by a score of 26-7. Stan Metz made the first two touchdowns with both conversion attempts failing. Aft¬ er Barry Smith recovered a fumble, Nick Drosnock scored. Freeman went on to make the conversion. The Panthers then scored 7 points. Nazareth converted a Hellertown on-side kick failure into a touchdown with Metz scoring and Freeman completing the conversion. WARREN SNYDER Teamwork was the keyword in the Eagle ' s defeat of Whitehall by a score of 27-7. Drosnock scored after Metz and Snyder had covered substantial ground. Freeman scored next after a pass interception by Steve Kraemer. Metz went all the way after a pass interception and brought the score to 20-7. Stan scored the extra point. Free¬ man ran from the 10-yard line to score the last touchdown, ending the game in a 27-7 victory for the Big Blue. Dennis Viglione started the tally as Nazareth met Parkland. Warren Snyder caught Robert Freeman ' s pass for a 39-yard touchdown play. A series of passes by Freeman and Drosnock brought the ball to the seven, from which Stan Metz slammed off-tackle to score. Viglione scored the final touchdown from the 16-yard line to end the game 24-0. Halfback Bob Freeman intercepts a pass intended for a Parkland receiver. — I BIG BLUE IN ACTION Allen Miklas breaks away to score in the Washington, New Jersey game. Allen Miklas scored the first touchdown against Washington, New Jersey with Metz and Freeman leading the way. After Miklas intercepted a Washington pass, Fehr and Drosnock moved the ball to the 5-yard line so that Freeman could score. At the end of the third quarter, Freeman carried the ball for a 6-yard touch¬ down run. Washington scored 7 points in the fourth quarter, making the final tally 19-7. As tension mounted in Lehigh-Northampton League competition, an unbeaten Pen Arqyl team came to play the also undefeated Blue Eagles. The Green Knights racked up 40 points to the 7 of the Blue Eagles. Nazareth ' s sole bright spot came in the second period when halfback Bob Freeman took a kickoff and returned it 85 yards for a touchdown. After the demoralizing defeat at the hands of the Green Knights, the Eagles retaliated by defeating the Bangor Slaters 12-7. Free¬ man made the first touchdown by faking a pass and running 34 yards for the tally. Bob also scored the second touchdown by circling the right end. Nazareth ' s Richard Buss in hot pursuit of a Washington man. 14 Allen Miklas picks off an opponent ' s pass. NAZARETH TOPPLED BY “KONCRETE KIDS ” Bob Freeman faces the Pen Argyl defense. Little did the Big Blue know what was in store for them as they went to Northampton to play the Koncrete Kids. After Jeff Cole scored the first touchdown, Frank Herzog, Wogenrich, Kraemus, Erdosy, and Lisetski followed the poor example. The Big Blue only beat the Koncrete Kids in yards penalized. The final score was 54-0. The following week the Eagles went to East Stroudsburg with new fire and determination. The game was nip and tuck most of the way. Freeman made the first touchdown with a 55-yard run down the far sidelines. Warren Snyder scored next for the Eagles from the 10-yard line. Alan McNear scored the third touchdown with 31 seconds remaining in the third period. Bob Freeman ran and scored on the conversion for the extra point. With plenty of student backing, the fiery Big Blue headed for Cottingham Stadium on Thanksgiving Day to match mind and muscle against the Wilson Warriors. Robert Free¬ man, recipient of the Easton Jaycees outstanding player award, scored the only touchdown. Alan McNear and Stan¬ ley Metz both played key roles in keeping the Warriors scoreless in the last game of the season. The Eagles wound up in third place in the Lehigh-Northamp- ton League. Stanley Metz breaks away for the first down. The cheering section shows its approval of a pass interception. 15 - VOCAL LEADERS It mi k At! VARSITY CHEERLEADERS ROW 1: Carol Yeisley and Mary Louise Seyfried, Captain. ROW 2: llene Suter, Bonnie Wolfe, Dale Ruhf, Nancy Letson, Lois Miller, Sandra Lichner. M Cheerleaders whip up enthusiasm at a pep rally on the eve of Thanksgiving Day game with Wilson. JUNIOR VARSITY CHEERLEADERS ROW 1: Sarah Groner, Cindy Chumas, Carol Lee Knecht. ROW 2: Linda Bath, Jane Ginther, Diane Quinter. 16 GIRLS’ BASKETBALL MAKES SUCCESSFUL DEBUT KNEELING: Donna Thomas, Mary Lee Richards, Lynn Steckel, Catherine Hunt, Carol Ruth, Mary Woodcock, Sandra Michael, Judy Schutt. STANDING: Miss Janet Stewart, Constance Olson, Bonnie Sysko, Eileen Moll, Susan Rhoades, Virginia Elkins, Helen Laurito, Sally McGonigle, Beverly Buzas, Gail Sensenbach, Jean Falcone—Manager. Missing from the picture: Leona Thomas and Trudie Ackerman—Manager. Miss Janet Stewart, girls ' physical education instructress, entered Naza¬ reth Area High School in the roles of the Lehigh-Northampton Girls ' Basketball League. Taking only 18 girls from all of the classes. Miss Stewart arranged plays and combinations that best suited the girls. In the guard position were two seniors, Catherine Hunt and Sandra Michael, and one junior, Beverly Buzas. As forwards for the squad, Miss Stewart used one senior, Mary Woodcock, and two juniors, Virginia Elkins and Susan Rhoades. " Ginny " Elkins and " Susie " Rhoades averaged better than 16 points a game. Coach Stewart is especially delighted that these girls are juniors. Very well pleased with the results of this first season, Miss Stewart is proud that girls ' basketball is here to stay. 1961-1962 GIRLS ' BASKETBALL SCHEDULE NAHS Opp. NAHS Opp. Dec. 22 Fountain Hill 42 30 Jan. 30 Bangor 28 19 Jan. 9 Bangor 41 33 Feb. 6 Fountain Hill 54 30 Jan. 16 Wilson 57 12 Feb. 13 Pen Argyl 42 34 Jan. 23 Pen Argyl 31 38 Peb. 16 Wilson 65 46 Susan Rhoades takes a long-range shot. Connie Olson looks for someone to receive the pass. 17 BASKETBALL TEAM TRIUMPHS VARSITY BASKETBALL SQUAD KNEELING: Larry Roth, Paul Elkins, Bernard Hahn, James Ewadinger, E. Bailey Hartman. STANDING: Coach Melvin Kessler, Robert Freeman, David Bowers, Alan McNear, David Schultz, H. Warren Snyder, Barry Smith, William Grucella Manager. The Blue Eagles had a great first half by remaining un¬ beaten by any Lehigh-Northarmpton League team. Robert Free¬ man averaged 24.8 points per league game, and Dave Schultz was next high scorer with 12.8 points per league game. Early in the second half, the first defeat came under the boards at Wilson. Coach Kessler ' s starting line-up usually consisted of Bob Freeman, Alan McNear, David Schultz, War¬ ren Snyder, and Larry Roth. David Schultz starts to dribble in for the basket. VARSITY BASKETBALL SCHEDULE NAHS Opp. NAHS Opp Dec. 1 Whitehall 58 52 Jan. 16 Parkland 55 46 Dec. 5 Easton 26 43 Jan. 1 9 Bangor 65 39 Dec. 8 Southern Lehigh59 54 Jan. 26 East Stroudsburg77 35 Dec. 12 Phillipsburg 46 42 Jan.30 Southern Lehigh 69 53 Dec. 15 Parkland 54 50 Feb. 2 Pen Argyl 50 37 Dec. 1 9 Fountain Hill 44 54 Feb. 6 Wilson 4759 Dec.22 Emmaus 45 52 Feb. 9 Hellertown 41 47 Dec.29 Pen Argyl 74 66 Feb. 13 Bangor 87 30 Jan. 5 Wilson 63 60 Feb. 1 6 East Stroudsburg 63 52 Jan. 9 Fountain Hill 31 41 Feb. 23 Inter-Division Jan.12 Hellertown 59 57 Championship Game Lehigh-Northampton League Games—Northern Division 8 Despite defensive efforts, Freeman goes up to score. IN LEAGUE COMPETITION JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL SCHEDULE NAHS Opp. Dec. 1 Whitehall 31 40 Dec. 5 Easton 23 24 Dec. 8 Southern Lehigh 47 21 Dec. 12 Phillipsburg 33 30 Dec. 15 Parkland 35 53 Dec. 19 Fountain Hill 36 41 Dec. 22 Emmaus 38 43 Dec. 29 Pen ' Argyl 65 46 Jan. 5 Wilson 36 45 Jan. 9 Fountain Hill 48 27 Jan. 12 Hellertown 40 34 Jan. 16 Parkland 39 55 Jan. 19 Bangor 35 38 Jan. 26 East Stroudsburg 64 46 Jan. 30 Southern Lehigh 31 27 Feb. 2 Pen Argyl 80 48 Feb. 6 Wilson 25 49 Feb. 9 Hellertown 42 35 Feb. 13 Bangor 64 37 Feb. 16 East Stroudsburg 45 35 Feb. 23 Inter-Division Championship Game Lehigh-Northampton League Games Northern Division David Schultz takes a rebound. JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL SQUAD KNEELING: Robert Saltern, Lawrence Werkheiser, Glenn Engler, Carter Young, William Woodcock, Glenn Gold, Jack Deichman, Theodore Lewis, Michael Quentin Huber, Russell Miller, James Deichman. STANDING: John Hommer— Lilly, Joseph Lichner—Manager, Coach Marlyn Roth. Manager, J. Frederic Knecht, Jr.—Manager, Nick Drosnock, Larry Heckman, MATMEN GET IN THE SWING WRESTLING SQUAD ROW 1: Dale Williamson, Delbert Buss, Earl Silfies, Allen Miklas, Barry Smith, Allen Muth, Robert Peters. ROW 2: Thomas Seaton—Manager, Thomas Fehr, William O ' Brian, Glenn Rissmiller, Dale Rissmiller, Bruce Brong, Lawrence Lopresti, Rodney Yeakel, Eugene Beitel. ROW 3: Coach Bruce Hayne, Robert Miklas, Eugene Zurowski, Ernest Arduini, Gerald Brace, Lawrence Snyder, James Herceg, Scott Bowers, Leonard Kunkel, Virgil DeGarmo, William Granda, Robert Simons, Lon Werner, Richard Metz. WRESTLING SCHEDULE NAHS Opp. December 7 Easton 18 34 December 14 Phillipsburg 18 39 December 21 Emmaus 14 32 January 4 Hellertown 35 17 January 1 1 Southern Lehigh 16 35 January 18 Notre Dame 26 28 January 25 Wilson 16 40 February 7 Palisades 32 24 February 8 Parkland 1 35 17 February 15 Bethlehem 16 32 February 24 Eastern Division Tournament March 3 District 1 1 Tournament March 10 Northeast Regional Tournament Division Meets " Conditioning " was the key word when Coach Bruce Hayne took over the NAHS Grapplers for the 1961-1962 season. The matmen started their season with a few defeats, but the tide turned by the time they met and defeated Hellertown by a score of 31-21. In the unlimited class, Ernest Arduini, a first-year junior, had a commendable record with a 6-3 tally after only nine matches. In the 149-pound class, Eugene Zurowski, a senior letterman, had a good season with a 7-2 record for his nine matches. Robert Miklas, our 138 pounder, turned in a rec¬ ord identical to Zurowski ' s. Delbert Buss, the veteran 103-pound letterman, had a 6-2-1 record at the end of the first nine bouts. Coach Hayne is well pleased with the season and has good prospects for the coming year. Eugene Zurowski prepares to pin his man. 20 —. r " CINDERMEN FINISH THIRD IN LEAGUE ROW 1: Robert Meixsell, Lawrence Murphy, Lawrence Snyder, John Hearn, Jeffrey Marsh, Brooks Doyle, Robert Roth, John Hedgecock, Stewart Noble. ROW 2: Richard Buss, William Granda, Thomas Seaton, Grant McNear, Manager, Dale Sandt, Ronald Snyder, Richard Douglas, Theodore Lewis, Allan Muth. ROW 3: James Kachline, Russell Miller, Gerald Brace, Lawrence Resar, John Kubelis, James Egan, Ronald Kubelis, Virgil De Garmo. ROW 4: William Steckel, Manager, Bruce Hayne, Coach, John Masters, Manager. 1961 TRACK SCHEDULE Opp. NAHS April 7 Emmaus _ 412 3 48 3 April 12 Wilson _ 46 53 April 18 Hellertown _ 56 43 April 21 Whitehall _ 39 51 April 26 Parkland _ 652 3 33 s April 28 Phillipsburq, N. J. _ 59 40 May 3 Banqor _ 58 41 May 10 Pen Arqvl _ 32 67 May 13 L. N. 1. A. L. _ Nazareth Placed Third May 20 District XI Championship _ . Nazareth Placed Sixth i Jeff Marsh and Brooks Doyle take their marks at the start of the 220-yard dash. Jeff ' s time of 22.0 seconds is a District XI record. John Hearn clears five feet with ease in the high jump. Coach Hayne led the " Cindermen " in a fair sea¬ son with a 4-4-0 record. Jeff Marsh set records in the 100-and 220-yard dashes and the 440-yard run. His record times were 10.0, 22.0, and 53.2 seconds, respectively. Helping Jeff set records were Ken Butz, Warren Snyder, and Richard Buss. Ken hurled the discus to 144 feet 9 inches and heaved the shot put to 48 feet 8 V 2 inches. Warren Snyder pole vaulted to 10 feet 11 Va inches and Richard Buss threw the javelin to 164 feet, 10 inches. 21 ROW 1: Robert Saltern, Lon Werner, James Deichman, Glen Engler, Dale Lindenmoyer, Jack Deichman, David Filchner, Melvin Messinger, Lonnie Herritt, Nick Drosnock. ROW 2: Martin Manning, Larry Roth, Delbert Buss, Dale Mengel, Albert Toth, Lynn Rothrock, Ronald Gold, Walter Fry, Samuel Werkheiser, Lester Butz, Sherwood Roth, Stanley Metz. ROW 3: Barry Rinker, Frederick Kindt, Managers; Ronald Serfass, Larry Werkheiser, William Grucela, Robert Stocklas, George Spence, Stanley Fehr, Glenn Gold, Robert Bill, Alan McNear, Coaches Roanoke and Leh, Gregory Brock and George Strobl, Managers. BASEBALL STATISTICS Name AB R H E RBI B.Av. Toth 41 11 16 0 3 .390 Fry 38 16 18 0 8 .473 Rothrock 37 9 11 8 5 .298 L. Roth 36 3 6 0 5 .166 Butz 41 4 14 0 10 .341 Mengel 35 6 14 7 6 .400 Werkheiser 37 7 4 0 1 .108 S. Roth 33 3 6 2 3 .181 Gold 18 3 3 7 0 .166 Manning 10 1 3 0 0 .300 Buss 5 0 1 1 0 .200 Spence 1 0 1 0 0 1.000 Metz 5 1 1 0 1 .200 TOTALS 337 64 98 29 42 .324 Al Toth shortens stride to round first base. 1961 BASEBALL SCHEDULE OPP. NAHS April 7 Pen Argyl _ _ 3 3 April 1 1 Bangor _ _ 4 1 April 14 Whitehall _ _ 4 14 April 18 East Stroudsburg _ _ 1 9 April 21 Wilson _ _ 3 12 April 25 Pen Argyl _ _ 13 1 April 28 Coplay _ _ 0 4 May 2 Southern Lehigh _ 0 3 May 5 Fountain Hill _ _ 0 6 May 9 Parkland _ _ 2 3 May 12 Hellertown _ _ 1 0 May 16 Bangor _ _ 0 6 22 DIAMOND MEN IN THE SWING Larry Roth crosses first base with ease. The Nazareth Blue Eagle baseball team had a very suc¬ cessful season under the guiding hand of veteran coach Andrew Leh. With an 8-3-1 record, the team took second place in the Lehigh-Northampton League as Hellertown snagged first place. Ron Gold ' s pitching was excellent, and by the season ' s end he had won 5 of the 8 games snagged by the diamond men. Martin Manning is credited with winning 2, while Stan Metz won the Whitehall game, the only game in which he pitched. Captain Walter Fry led the batting with an average of .473 and first baseman Larry Roth, a sophomore, had a spectacular fielding average of 1.000 with no errors in 108 put-outs. The Wilson game was one of the highlights of the base¬ ball season. A school record was set and a triple play was executed. The school record was broken when the first inning lasted 54 minutes. The diamond men trailed 3-0 when they came to bat in the first inning. A nine-run attack, led by Dale Mengel, followed. Later in the same game the triple play was executed. The action started as the batter lined a single to center with runners on first and second. While rounding third base, the runner who had been on second base fell and was thrown out at home. By this time the ball was flying to third to tag the runner who had been on first. The ball was thrown to second to tag the batter. Another remarkable feat was the game at Hellertown. Hellertown won 1-0 after 16 innings. Although seven seniors were on the 1961 team, the coming season looks very promising. Lester Butz slams a triple. 23 TENNIS TEAM ENDS FINEST YEAR ROW 1: James Riefenstahl, Bernard Hahn, David Bowers, Frank Naracci, Browne, James Peppel, Thomas Ruloff, Craig Leake, Carter Young—Manager. Richard Rundle, Scott Bowers, Richard Keck. ROW 2: Coach Christman, Barry With five determined lettermen from the previous year, the tennis squad attained its best season ' s record of 4-5-1. All of the four wins were shut-outs (6-0), while Easton had the only squad able to shut the Blue Eagle netmen. Two of the senior lettermen, Richard Rundle and Frank Narracci helped attain this goal in both singles and doubles, l | while the third senior letterman, James Riefenstahl, aided ( with doubles. Although a .500 average was not attained, our tennis team showed a marked improvement. Experience will provide the margin to give Nazareth an edge in the coming season. 1961 TENNIS SCHEDULE NAHS OPP. April 19 Bethlehem _ _ 1 5 April 21 William Allen _ _ 3 3 April 24 Reading _ _ 6 0 April 25 Easton _ _ 1 5 May 1 Dieruff _ _ 6 0 May 3 Reading _ _ 6 0 May 5 Bethlehem _ _ 1 5 May 17 William Allen _ _ 2 4 May 18 Easton _ _ 0 6 May 19 Dieruff _ _ 6 0 24 fl Koste, bidder ATHENIAN HOLIDAY Junior Class president, Paul Elkins crowns Valeria Happel queen ENLIVENS BALLROOM The queen and her court—Joan Antoine, Rebecca Bartholomew, Valeria Happel—queen, Ruth Ann Young, and Judith Willimet—ruling the " Athenian Holiday. ' " Athenian Holiday " transformed our gymnasium into a realm of majestic beauty. The chairmen of the various committees included Paul Elkins, Mary Lee Richards, Carol Houser, Mary Louise Seyfried, Sandra Feller, and Charles Peischl. _ STUDENT COUNCIL HOSTS ALUMNI Peggy Jo Betz poses while members of the Art II class sketch. Miss Ruth Leh, librarian of the Nazareth Memorial Library, delivers the annual Alumni Day address. Mary Kresge, Kathy Billheimer, and Mary Powell model the dresses they made in Home Economics class. 28 SENIORS PRESENT “GOODNIGHT LADIES ” Confusion reigns as Dean Eggleby surprises the Raleigh family with an unsuspected visit. Helpful coeds, Judy and Betty, are trying to revive George. Lulu revives George, who fainted when he unsuspectingly discovered that the " aunts " weren ' t the real aunts. 29 ANNUAL OVERTURE The plot of " Good Night Ladies " evolves around the lives of the Raleigh children, Helen, Jane, and Sam, who have inherited an old house but no money for its upkeep. They decide to change it into a dormitory for college girls. Since the school demands house matrons, they decide to get their two poor aunts, Flora and Barbara, to come to be the matrons. A slight delay in the arrival of the aunts puts the children in a precarious situation, for Dean Eggleby tells them that they must have the house matrons in order to open the dormitory. They finally get the idea of dressing Sam and Jug, a friend of the family, in old dresses and wigs in order to im¬ personate the aunts. Professor Dexter, a kind, understanding man, finds out about their scheme, but vows he will not tell Dean Eggleby. Finally the dean finds out about their hoax and threatens to expel everyone con¬ cerned. Professor Dexter, however, offers to buy the dormitory and is rewarded with the news that he has been elected president of the college. Backstage activity of the senior class play. The grand entrance of Aunt Barbara and Aunt Flora. SENIOR CLASS PLAY USHERS 30 Joy Benfield, Ann Dulac, Dolores Ventin, Cecilia Wilson, Mary Woodcock, Mary Richards, Marie Smith, Nancy Jurasits, Helen Wentzell, Virginia Ott. PLAYS TO A PACKED HOUSE j m 11 S ,|§ | f n r ■ | I.jn 11 1 : • x St ; I :,f f I 2 1 ¥ ■i I J Ik | f! i ! i ill [ 1 1 ii b- eLLctfH yLi i 1 m | 1 I % I f I 1 j 11 1 3 w m f : m 1 1, 1 f fc:; | f 1 j 1 Li ■ W 1 1 ii 4 -j 1 1 : I 1 1 1 1 r J ' tii ' -r’l ' . «. Anne Kostenbader, Charles Peischl, JoAnn Reppert, Lawrence Murphy, LoCicero, Renee ' Koehler, Gail Pritchard—Student Director, Judithann Julianne Csernak, David Board, Adviser Miss Janet Stewart, Joseph Noecker, Frances Donnelly, Elizabeth O ' Sullivan, Sandra Walters. CAST OF CHARACTERS Helen Raleigh _ Jane Raleigh _ Sam Raleigh _ " Jug " Brown _ Professor Dexter Dean Eggleby _ Angela Rumini ... Larry Dobson ... Lulu Gif fen ... Judy West _ George West _ Betty London _ ... Julianne Csernak _ Renee ' Koehler _ David Board _ Joseph LoCicero .. Lawrence Murphy Judithann Noecker _ JoAnn Reppert Francis Donnelly Anne Kostenbader Elizabeth O ' Sullivan _ Charles Peischl _Sandra Walters Miss Janet Stewart, Adviser; Gail Pritchard, Student Director; Catherine Hunt, Prompter. 31 SING ALONG THE MIXED GLEE CLUB The Mixed Glee Club, under the direction of Mr. Floyd Schlegel, presented their annual Christmas Concert and Spring Festival of Music. The Sophomore Choir is a newly organized group formed because of the great response on the part of students to choral singing. 32 WITH MR. SCHLEGEL The Girls ' Glee Club, which is comprised of about seventy sophomore, junior, and senior girls, meets once a week under the direction of Mr. Schlegel. It is a musical experience organ¬ ization, which participates in the Christmas and Spring Choral Festivals as well as in student assemblies. | I Members of Girls ' Ensemble are Kathleen Hagenbuch, Toma Walters, Julianne Csernak, Judithann Noecker, Lois Miller, Carol Houser, Mary Louise Seyfried, Bonnie Wolfe, and Carol Yeisley. 33 — MAINSTAYS OF THE GLEE CLUBS DISTRICT CHORUS MEMBERS ROW 1: Raymond Oswald, Mary Louise Seyfried, Nancy Letson, Russell Miller. ROW 2: John Brobston, Peggy Jo Betz, Robert Peters, Carol Houser, George Brodt. ROW 3: H. Warren Snyder, Lawrence Murphy, Charles Peischl, Ronnie Meixsell. ROW 4: Alan McNear, Larry Snyder, James Himler, Ronald Kuhns. The Mixed Glee Club and the Girls ' Glee Club have entertained throughout this school year with many fine performances. The Sophomore Choir, newly organized this year, is a welcome addition to our school ' s musical program. Nazareth was especially for¬ tunate in placing 1 7 members in District Chorus competition; this total helps to emphasize the strengthening of our entire music program. OFFICERS OF THE GLEE CLUBS 34 SEATED: Virginia Ott—treasurer, Robert Peters—vice president, Paul Elkins—president, Mary Louise Seyfried—secretary. STAND¬ ING: Librarians Evelyn Gove, John Brobston, Ronald Kuhns, Connie Olson. THE ANNUAL CHRISTMAS CONCERT Audience is attentive as singers advance down the aisles. Under the direction of Mr. Floyd Schlegel, the Mixed Glee Club pre¬ sents their annual concert of Christ¬ mas music. |l« " Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow! " The Mixed Ensemble sings some Christmas favorites. kM ' W U| | . ■ SS=SL ■SSL : 1 n , A BAND SETS TEMPO i The members of the Color Guard are Edward Buss, Jef¬ fery Hahn, Richard Uttley, and John Clewell. Augustine C. Weinhofer, director of the Nazareth Area Senior High School Band. Pep rallies are enlivened by the band. During the year, they participate in numerous parades. This year they received second place prize in the annual Veter¬ ans ' Day Parade in Hellertown. The Nazareth Area High School Band provided exceptional performances for our half-time entertainment during the football season. IN OUR MUSICAL WORLD DISTRICT BAND MEMBERS Barry Rissmiller, David Altemose, Jan Betz, Barry Nottle, Gregory Ruth, and Thomas Fehnel represented Nazareth Area High School at District Band, held at Emmaus High School on January 18, 19, and 20. Under the direction of Bertram Francis from Mansfield State College, 140 students were chosen from 66 high schools in the district. A concert was presented on January 19 and 20 before an audience of 850 people. The Cornet Quartet, consisting of Jan Betz, Thomas Fehnel, Gregory Ruth, and Franklin Buss, played " The Four Heralds " during the majorette routine at the football games. Constance Olson lends color to the half- acrobatic routine to the music from time activities by performing an original Exodus. " SUPPLYING THE MELODY SENIOR BAND MAJORETTES Janet Eckhart, Cheryl Fry, Beverly Koch, Dorthea Smith, Holly Hess, Susan Edel- man, Judithann Noecher, Kathleen Dros- nock, Carol Houser—Head Majorette, Linda VanGorden, Susan Rhoades, Judith Seip, Leona Thomas, Sandra Michael, Jane An¬ toine, Kathy Hagenbuch, Carol Bush. BAND PERSONNEL Bells Sandra Groller Sharon Stewart Cymbals Marian Hahn Nadine Happel Thomas Fehnel, student director of the Nazareth Area High School Band. Cornets Jan Betz Robert Bowers Richard Burley Franklin Buss Karl Butz Thomas Fehnel Harry Graack Kenneth Huhn Larry Johnson John Long Keith Reimer Thomas Ruloff Gregory Ruth James Schleicher Neal Wolfe Trombones Thomas Fehr Dale Lindenmoyer James Lutz Louis Marth Robert Newman James Schultz Arthur Spangenburg Bruce Winter Ronald Yeakel Saxophones David Altemose Larry Bittner Virginia Elkins Larry Fehnel Ronald Kuhns John Seip Nina Stettler John Strike Tenor Saxophones Joseph Condomitti Robert Hahn Sandra Hagley Craig Harding Barry Kershner Anna Stettler French Horns Rodney Gruver Lawrence Murphy James Sloyer Baritone Horns Leonard Kunkel Madeline Richebachen James Schultz Clarinets David Altemose John Christman Loretta Christman Sandra Hagley Valeria Kunkel Linda Lilly Richard Malarich Ronald Meixsell Carol Miller Janice Miller Sally McGonigle Carl Moosch Connie Olson Charles Peischl Ann Reichard Carol Ruth Iris Ruth Truman Serfoss Anna Stettler Sharon Stofflet Doris Wilson Tubas Barry Nottle David Schultz Flutes and Piccolos Janie Leh Nancy Nagle Eileen Roth Paul Siegfried Percussion Bruce Applegate Francis Donnelly Glenn Fehr Aaron Grim Dennis Hahn Michael Kalapick Dennis Kingcaid Raynond Oswald Barry Rissmiller Curtis Siegfried r ACCENTING THE MELODY OFFICERS OF THE BAND The Band Officers are Harry Graack, quartermaster; Charles Peischl, treasurer; Thomas Fehnel, student director; David Schultz, quartermaster; Carol Ruth, librar¬ ian, Sharon Stofflet, librarian, Sharon Stewart, librarian; and Con¬ stance Olson, secretary. Nazareth High is proud of its high-stepping band members. The snappy rhythm of their music and the new intricate routines have added great entertain¬ ment during halftime at our football games. Their performance at the annual Wilson Game was a splendid example of their ability. The band never ceases to improve its rating in competition with other schools. This year a trumpet quartet and an acrobatic routine were added to the program. Our band is a very busy organization. Each morning during football season you can see the members practicing on the field. After the football season is over, the band turns its attention toward their Spring Concert. Carol Houser, a capable leader, is our Head Majorette. She is also president of the Band Club. Other officers in¬ clude Janet Eckart, treasurer, and Leona Thomas, secretary. 39 STEPS IN OUR MUSICAL SCORE CHESS SCHEDULE Advised by Quentin Zell, the Chess Club members meet during the three activity periods. Veteran members comprise the interscholastic team which belongs to the Penn-Jersey League. December 6 December 13 December 20 January 3 January 10 January 17 February 7 February 14 February 21 February 28 March 7 March 14 NAHS Opp. Easton 4 3 Bethlehem 6 1 Allentown V 2 51 2 0 Easton Bethlehem Allentown 4 21 2 41 2 Easton 3 4 Bethlehem Postponed Allentown 4 3 Easton 5 2 Bethlehem 1 6 Allentown " " " " Wiij—— ufmm m 1 1 M. t 1 t i l, § SpK if iL ||| ,, jt JR; 3 mm i ’ - LIBRARY CLUB Under the direction of Mrs. Joann Seyfert, the members ing books, checking magazines, typing, and arranging the of the Library Club help in the general work of the showcases and bulletin boards, library. Some of their duties include repairing and shelv- 40 OFFERING THE LYRICS The Sophomore Dramatic Club presents one-act plays during assembly period for the enjoyment of the student body. Officers pictured are Lois Schmidt, secretary; David Sheffler, president; and Gail Sen- senbach, vice president. Missing from the picture is Carol Lee Knecht, treasurer. Presenting " Three Daughters to Marry, " Mr. and Mrs. Kennedy look over the latest ads in the newspaper as their three daughters engage in polite conversation. The Junior-Senior Dramatics Club presents perform¬ a nces for the public and programs for our student assemblies. Officers pictured are Julianne Csernak, secretary; Gail Pritchard, treasurer; David Board, president, and Bruce Applegate, vice president. Mrs. Miriam Zell is adviser to the Dramatic Clubs. a MEET THE COMPOSERS BUSINESS STAFF SEATED: Ann Dulac. STANDING: Sandra Walter, Brian Roth, Mrs. Belva Kolessar—Adviser, Nancy Schoeneberger, Nancy Jurasits, and Andrew Beam. ART STAFF Anne Kostenbader, Carol Louise Yeisley, and Robert Clift. Miss Jean Clute is adviser to the art staff. CO-EDITORS SEATED: Cecelia Wilson. STANDING: Dolores Ventin. 42 OF THE CHORAL RICHARD J. SCHMOYER Adviser LAYOUT STAFF SEATED: Cecelia Wilson and Dolores Ventin. STANDING: Helen Laurito, John Rampulla, Andrew Young, and Gwenyth Cobley. EDITORIAL STAFF SEATED: JoAnne Golla, Sandra Feller, Beth O ' Sullivan, Trudie Ackerman, and Susan Cvammen. STANDING: Christine Reynolds, Carolynn Sakasits, Carolann Sakasits, and John Masters. 43 S TUDENT COUNCIL LENDS THE BEAT ROW 1: Mary Louise Seyfried, Charles Peischl, Carol Houser, Robert Freeman, Sandra Feller, Larry Snyder, Judy Seip. ROW 2: H. Warren Snyder, Carol Yeisley, David Bowers, Jane An¬ toine, Richard Douglas, Kathleen Drosnock. ROW 3: Robert Saltern, Diane Smith, Linda Strunk, Dennis Viglione, Jane Ginther, Ted Lewis. ROW 4: Craig Alpaugh, Becky Baltz, Jean Falcone, John Christman, Sandy Lichner, Jean Muschlitz. ROW 5: John Masters, Paul Elkins, Bernard Hahn, Alan McNear, Carol Lee Knecht. ROW 6: Mr. Robert Reichard and Mrs. Miriam Zell. OFFICERS SEATED: Paul Elkins—vice president, John Masters—president. STANDING: Robert B. Reichard—adviser, Carol Yeisley—treasurer, Mary Louise Seyfried—secretary, Mrs. Mir¬ iam Zell—adviser. JUDITHANN NOECKER HONOR SOCIETY OFFICERS President _ CHARLES PEISCHL Vice President _ CAROL HOUSER Secretary _ JUDITHANN NOECKER Treasurer _ ANN KOSTENBADER ANN KOSTENBADER CHARLES PEISCHL CAROL HOUSER DELPHIAN CHAPTER ROW 1: Judy Noecker, Carol Houser, Ann Dulac, Nancy Schoeneberger. ROW 2: Mary Louise Seyfried, Dolores Ventin, Judy Philip, Arlene Pysher, Beth O ' Sullivan. ROW 3: Charles Peischl, John Long, Nancy Jurasits, Trudie Ackerman, Virginia. Elkins. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY ROW 4: Dennis Bartholomew, David Board, Frank¬ lin Thompson, Richard Keck, Craig Leake. ROW 5: Advisers Robert Reichard, Mrs. Ruth McGonigle, J. Frederick Knecht. 45 ARRANGERS OF BLUE AND WHITE EDITORIAL STAFF Editors of the Blue and White Standard, under the guidance of Mr. J. F. Knecht, strive diligently to publish our school paper. They learn the skills of journalistic techniques through this newspaper-writing experience. SEATED: Charles Peischl, Eileen Moll, J. Frederic Knecht, Joyce Muschlitz, and Mary Lee Richards. STANDING: Vir¬ ginia Elkins, Jean Sawyer, Constance Gavin, Joan Owens, and Jane Roth. ' V- Students join forces to finish the typing for the Blue and White dead¬ line. Supervised by Mrs. Virginia Graver, the typing staff eagerly performs the task of preparing the copy for our school paper. 46 OUR SCHOOL NOTES The Blue and White staff, headed by Mr. J. Frederic Knecht, keeps the student body well informed on all major events. The Blue and White staff works la¬ boriously to get out another edition. Jeanne Muschlitz and Diane Mount of the Blue and White Business Staff prepare the mailing list and handle the distribution to homerooms. In the process of publishing the Blue and White, students are taught the basic funda¬ mentals of newspaper reporting. Maintain¬ ing the high standards of good writing, the staff works industriously to render this im¬ portant service to our school. The newspaper is the instrument used to present Nazareth Area Senior High School to the public. Our Blue and White informs our student body of school happenings and fu¬ ture events. 47 BUILDERS OF THE ORCHESTRA PIT Ideas which will be put into effect by the Stagecraft Club are originated in the Art Club. These suggestions are care¬ fully considered both for appropriateness and practicability. The plans are submitted to the Stagecraft Club which has its head¬ quarters in the wood shop. Here the frames and props are constructed for use on the stage. The Dramatic Club de¬ pends on this valuable aid in the produc¬ tion of a play. Members of the Stagecraft Club build flats with windows for the Senior Class play. Members of the Stagecraft Club construct flats and incidental equip¬ ment necessary for all stage pro¬ ductions; these include the Senior Play, the Christmas Programs, Dra¬ matic Club presentations, and the Spring Concerts. Along with the re¬ sponsibility of construction is the planning for effective lighting and sound operation. Stagecraft Club is advised by Miss Jean Clute, Andrew Brock, and John Roanoke. 48 Stagecraft Club is busy preparing for the Glee Club Christmas Concert. Here they are building the set for the tableau. DEVELOPING SCIENTIFIC IN ROW 1: Greg Potts, Glenn Riss- miller, Kim Kromer, Lawrence Lopresti, Dale Lindenmoyer, Robert Marsh, Forrest McGrath, John Nagle. ROW 2: Gene Beitel, Jim Deichman, Kenneth Stimmel, Mr. Shekletski, Forrest Bauer, Peter Pesaresi. ROW 1: Raymond Marsh, John Long, Mr. Roth, Richard Keck, J. Frederick Knecht, James Peppel, Edward Buss. ROW 2: Samuel Cumberland, Roger MiII- heim, Kim Kromer. PREPARATION FOR HOME LIVING Home and Hobby Club mem¬ bers observe the wood pro¬ jects exhibited by Mr. Brock and Mr. Roanoke. Members of the Knitting Club learn the fundamentals of knit¬ ting under the supervision of Mrs. Jane Bleiler. OF AMERICA Officers of the Future Homemak¬ ers of America. SEATED: Carol Wentzell, secretary; Linda Morris, president; Judith Philip, vice president; Shirley Hoff, reporter. STANDING: Linda Cress- man, parliamentarian; Anna Cress- man, historian; Judith Sandt, treas¬ urer; Miss Nancy Miller, adviser. PRACTICING ADDITIONAL EXERCISES College Board Club, directed by Miss Elizabeth Sloat, helps the students prepare themselves for the college board examinations, which are given annually for the purpose of acceptance in college. Miss Eva Lazorack assists the members of the Math Club in exploring new areas of mathematics, which includes advanced procedures of general mathematics, basic college math, trigonometry, and algebra. 51 • ..V .. X-r.: Jr.A . PRACTICING FOR COORD NAT ON SPORTSMANS CLUB Members of the Sportsmans Club are taught the basic principles of indoor and outdoor activities. Their instructor, Mr. Melvin Kessler, teaches good sportsmanship, cooperation, and participation. The club provides its members with an opportunity to build their character and to prepare for a healthy mental and physical life. GIRLS ' ATHLETIC CLUB Girls ' Athletic Club, advised by Miss Janet Stewart participates in many activities such as hockey, volleyball, basketball, and softball. 53 REHEARSING FOR James Roth teaches Biology and advises the Photography Club. He received his B.S. degree at Pennsylvania State University. Miss Eva Lazorack instructs Plane Geom¬ etry, Trigonometry, Algebra II, and advises the Mathematics Club. She received her B.S. degree in Secondary Education at Kutztown State College. Franklyn Kostenbader teaches Physics and Physical Science I and advises the Science Fair Projects Club. He received his B.S. de¬ gree from Moravian College and his M.A. degree ' from Lehigh University. Guy Cump instructs Plane Geometry, Alge¬ bra II, and Vocational Math. He is adviser to the Projectionist Club. He received his B.S. degree from Gettysburg College. Adam Shekletski received his B.S. degree from Lehigh University. He instructs Chem¬ istry, Physical Science II, and biology, and ad¬ vises the Radio Club and the Science Fair Projects Club. Alice Lynn and Joann Reppert prepare an ex¬ periment for Mr. Kostenbader ' s Physical Sci¬ ence I class. SEATED: James Roth, Miss Eva Lazorack. STANDING: Franklyn Kostenbader, Guy Cump, Adam Shekletski. 54 Alan McNear demonstrates a proof for the other students and Miss Lazorack in Plane Geometry class. FUTURE ACHIEVEMENTS Students of the 12th grade Chemistry look on as Mr. Shekletski demonstrates of detecting radiation. Mr. Roth shows a group of Biology students how the acidity in the soil can change the color of litmus paper. James Deichman explains a Geometry problem while Mr. Cump looks on. In the sophomore year the students are taught a basic course in Biology. Math courses include Plane Geometry and Busi¬ ness Math. Juniors taking the College Prep cou«e usually select Physics as their elective. Senior classes include a course in Chem¬ istry with a math course in Trigonometry. nwiiB BUSINESS TRAINING PREPARES Diane Mount listens as Mrs. Metz explains a journal entry in bookkeeping. Mrs. Virginia Graver instructs Shorthand I and II and Office Practice, and advises the Blue and White typists. Mrs. Graver received a B.S. and an M.A. degree from Syracuse University. Mrs. A. Jsne Bleiler instructs General Business and Consumer Economics. She received a B.S. de¬ gree from Bloomsburg State College. Mrs. Bleiler advises the Sophomore Class, the Magazine Cam¬ paign; and Knitting Club. Mrs. Belva Kolessar instructs Typing I and II and advises the Blue and White and Comet Busi¬ ness Staffs. She received a B.S. degree from Rider College. Mrs. Mildred Metz instructs Bookkeeping I and II. She is our School Treasurer and advises the Senior Class. Mrs. Metz received a B.S. degree from Rider College. Miss Evelyn Kilpatrick instructs Business Arith¬ metic, Typing I, and Personal Typing. She attained a B.S. degree from Bloomsburg State College. Miss Kilpatrick keeps the school ' s attendance reg¬ isters. SEATED: Mrs. Belva Kolessar, Mrs. Jane Bleiler. STANDING: Miss Evelyn Kilpatrick, Mrs. Virginia Graver, Mrs. Mildred Metz. 56 FOR FUTURE PERFORMANCES Miss Evelyn Kilpatrick demonstrates the accepted pro¬ cedure in the solution of a problem in Business Arith¬ metic. Students learn to operate standard office machinery as Mrs. Graver supervises. Typing I students practice balanced hand drills as Mrs. Kolessar and Gloria Braun observe typing technique. Sandra Walter practices shorthand as Mrs. Graver plays dictation records. TODAY’S STUDENTS ARE Students perform various jobs in the metal shop as Mr. Roanoke supervises. Miss Nancy Miller instructs her homemaking students in the fundamentals of accurate pattern markings. Miss Jean Clute, adviser to the Arts and Crafts Club, observes students as they work with types of metal. Michael Allen listens attentively as Mr. Roanoke discusses the con¬ struction of a funnel. 58 Home Economics students prepare canned-food. TOMORROW’S CITIZENS Under the supervision of Mr. Brock, students learn the techniques of good woodwork construction. SEATED: Miss Jean Clute, Miss Nancy Miller. STANDING: John Roanoke, An¬ drew Brock. Miss Jean Clute, who received her B.F.A. degree from the Philadelphia Museum School of Art, instructs Art. She advises the Arts and Crafts Club, Stagecraft Club, and supervises the art work, for the Comet. Miss Nancy Miller is instructor of Home Economics and is adviser to F.H.A. Miss Miller received her B.S. degree in Home Economics Education from Mansfield State College. John Roanoke received his B.S. degree from Millersville State College. He is the instructor in Metals and co-adviser of the Stagecraft Club. Andrew Brock, who received his B.S. de¬ gree in Industrial Arts at West Virginia Insti¬ tute of Technology, teaches Industrial Arts and advises the Stagecraft Club. He obtained his M.A. degree at Pennsylvania State Uni¬ versity. Mr. Brock is also an adviser to the Senior Class. 59 DEVELOPING OUR SEATED: Miss Janet Stewart. STANDING: Andrew Leh and Guy Owens. Miss Janet Stewart, who coaches our girls ' basketball team, teaches Physical Education and Health. She directed the senior class play and advises the cheerleaders and the Girls ' Athletic Club. Miss Stewart received her B.S. de¬ gree from East Stroudsburg State College. Guy Owens, who received his B.S. degree from West Chester State College, teaches Health Education and Driver ' s Education. He is also our J.V. football head coach. Andrew Leh received his B.A. degree from Muhlenburg College and his M.A. degree from Columbia University. He is the instructor in Health Education and Physical Ed¬ ucation. Mr. Leh is head coach of the baseball team and Director of Athletics. The purpose of the Driver ' s Education class is to aid our students in learning to drive safely. Learning proper health habits is the goal of the stu¬ dents in health class. The students learn habits of good sportsmanship and how to develop athletic skills in physical education classes. William Sterner demonstrates how to handle a car as the driver ' s education class observes hisskill. 60 COORDINATION AND RHYTHM Members of Mr. Leh ' s gym class practice sit-ups. Students in Miss Stewart ' s gym class learn the fundamentals of tumbling. 61 STUDENTS ABSORB Mrs. Miriam Zell instructs the American His¬ tory classes and is adviser to the Student Council and the Dramatic Club. Mrs. Zell received an A.B. degree at Susquehanna University. Melvin Kessler, our basketball coach, teaches World History and Sophomore English. He was graduated from Muhlenberg College with an A.B. degree. Quentin Zell, who received his A.B. and M.A. degrees from Moravian College and Lehigh Uni¬ versity, instructs the Problems of Democracy class¬ es. Richard Schmoyer teaches World History and Problems of Democracy. He is adviser to the Com¬ et Staff. Mr. Schmoyer is a graduate of Kutztown State College and New York University, where he attained his B.S. and M.A. degrees. SEATED: Quentin Zell, Mrs. Miriam Zell. STANDING: Richard Schmoyer, Melvin Kessler. 62 MUSICAL HISTORY Under the supervision of Mr. Schmoyer, Wilber VonSteuben examines a copy of the Congressional Record. John Y. Ellis presented an in¬ teresting discussion on the Afri¬ can country of Tanganyika to the students in the Social Studies Department. REPRESENTATIVES TO THE MODEL U. N. ASSEMBLY ROW 1: Ann Dulac, Anne Kostenbader, Judithann Noecker, Virginia Ott, Sandra Walter, Leona Thomas. ROW 2: Susan Cvam men, Toma Walters, Trudie Ackerman, Joyce Muschlitz, Elizabeth O ' Sullivan, Carol Houser. ROW 3: Charles Peischl, Lois Miller Franklin Thompson, llene Suter, John Masters, Mary Louise Seyfried. ROW 4: JoAnn Golla. ■nnM Rebecca Ackroyd locates the birthplaces of Pennsylvania ' s authors for Mr. Knecht ' s Junior English class. CONDUCTORS Miss Sloat instructs the Senior English students in the art of writing better compositions. Mrs. Trivelpiece aids her Sopho¬ more English class in diagraming complex sentences. V i OF OUR MUSICAL SCORE SEATED: Melvin Kessler, Mrs. Verna Trivelpiece, and Miss Joan Mesko. STANDING: Miss Judy Thomas, Miss Elizabeth Sloat, and J. Frederic Knecht. Mrs. Verna Trivelpiece teaches sophomore Engjish. She at¬ tended Bloomsburg State College, Pennsylvania State University, and Columbia University. She holds a B.S. degree. J. Frederic Knecht teaches junior and senior Englis h and serves as adviser to the National Honor Society and the Blue and White Standard, our school newspaper. Mr. Knecht received his B.A. and A.M degrees at the University of Pennsylvania. Miss Elizabeth Sloat is a senior Enqlish teacher and instructs the College Board Review Club. Miss Sloat is in charge of the publicity which is released from the school. She received her M.A. degree from Co¬ lumbia University and an A.B. degree from Lebanon Valley College. Miss Judy Thomas has attained her B.S. degree from Lebanon Valley College. Miss Thomas has a Certificate in Special Education and teaches Junior and Senior High School reading. Miss Judy Thomas, our reading instructor, pre¬ pares students for the necessary reading fun¬ damentals of the future. 65 Dolores Ventin and Lowell Sny¬ der listen as Miss Mesko plays a French record. John Rampulla, Craig Leake, Sandra Lichner, Charlotte Fischl and Eileen Moll listen as Mrs McGonigle plays the tape re¬ corder. Carol Lee Knecht, Craig Al- paugh, and Joan Vondercrome observe the life of a Roman family in Mrs. McGonigle ' s Latin II class. Mrs. Ruth McGonigle, Miss Joan Mesko Mrs. Ruth McGonigle instructs Lat¬ in II, German I and II. She acts as adviser to the Honor Society and coaches the candidates for the Ora¬ torical Contest. She received her A.B. degree from Ursinus College. Miss Joan Mesko teaches French I and Junior English. She attended Moravian College where she re¬ ceived her B.A. degree. FLOOR 67 ■HOI m ■ SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS SEATED: President Charles Peischl, Secretary Lois Miller. STANDING: Treasurer Nancy Jurasits, Advisers Mr. Andrew Brock and Mrs. Mildred Metz, Historian Judith Noecker. Missing ' was Vice President Stanley Fehr. TRUDIE ACKERMAN Trudie College Prep Petite honor student . . . neat dresser . . . pleasant personal¬ ity .. . enjoys swimming and dancing. CURTIS ANTHONY Curt Business Good looking . . . neat dresser . . . auto mechanic . . . enjoys hunting. JANE ANTOINE Jane College Prep A snappy Majorette . . . witty sense of humor . . . attractive black, wavy hair ... an ardent worker. 68 DALE AUDENRIED Dale College Prep Quiet personality . . . well liked and cooperative . . . hard-hitting guard. THEODORE BARR Ted College Prep Happy-go-luckv . . . main in¬ terests are nce, chess, and girls. SIXTY-TWO DENNIS BARTHOLOMEW Dennis College Prep A quiet honor student . . . skilled chess player . . . excellent mathematician. DIANE BARTH Diane General Peppy and fun loving . . . baseball fan . . . enjoys swim¬ ming. THOMAS BARTHOLOMEW Tom College Prep Congenial student . . . chess enthusiast . . . interested in mathematics. ANDREW BEAM m Andy Business Hunting and fishing enthusiast . . . avid sports participant . . . witty personality. WILLIAM BENDL Billy General An avid archer and hunter . . . good sense of humor . . . likes skating and girls. JOY BENFIELD Joy Secretarial A lively student . . . enjoys minature golf, swimming, and skating . . . pleasing person¬ ality. KAY BENSING Kay Business Affable student . . . energetic when it comes to horseback riding and square dancing . . . great sense of humor. PEGGY JO BETZ Peggy Jo College Prep Constant giggler . . . avid gum chewer . . . affable personal¬ ity 70 SIXTY-TWO ROBERT BILL Bob College Prep Pleasing personality . . . hunt¬ ing, fishing, and canoeing are his hobbies . . . good sense of humor . KATHLEEN BILLHEIMER Kathy Business Enjoys dancing and singing . . . dependable . . . likable per¬ sonality . . . her great interest is classical music. DOLORES BLEAM Dolores Secretarial A dependable student . . . soft spoken . . . enjoys swimming and dancing. DAVID BOWERS Dave College Prep Energetic personality . . . ex¬ cellent tennis player and bowl¬ er .. . witty sense of humor. a 71 EVA BOYER Eva Secretarial Affable student . . . giggles easily . . . interested in golf and dancing. HOMER BROUTIN Homer Business Easy-going . . . especially in¬ terested in mechanics. FREDRIC BRAUN Beaver Business Keen interest in tinkering with cars . . . not particularly ad¬ dicted to school. ERNEST BULLER Ernie Business Casual . „ . interested in hunt¬ ing and mechanics. Mr. Kostenbader applies finishing touches to Renee ' Koehler ' s make-up. DOLORES BURRITSCH Dolly Secretarial Petite girl . . . neat dresser . . . loves joke telling and dancing. 72 DELBERT BUSS Del Business Good wrestler for Blue Eagles . . . friendly personality . . . interested in racing and cars. EDWARD BUSS Ed College Prep Active 4-H member . . . color guard for the band . . . par¬ ticularly interested in hunting. RICHARD BUSS Bussie College Prep Friendly student . . . depend¬ able . . . good-natured . . . interested in sports. SIXTY-TWO LESTER BUTZ fes Business Quiet but friendly . . . easy to get along with . . . en¬ thusiastic about sports. SANDRA BUTZ Sandy General Business Quiet but friendly . . . nice personality . . . fond of miniature golf and skating. 73 JOHN CLEWELL John General Business Color guard in band . . . fun-loving . . . affable . . . interested in hunting and fishing. ROBERT CLIFT Bob College Prep Excellent artist . . . easy go¬ ing . . . favorite pastimes are fishing and swimming. JULIANNE CSERNAK Julie Secretarial Avid sports fan . . . neat dress¬ er .. . amicable . . . fond of dancing. SUSAN CVAMMEN Sue College Prep Pleasing personality . . . love¬ ly complexion . . . affable . . . ardent sports fan . . . likes swimming. FRANCIS DONNELLY Bud General Business Congenial . . . dependable stu¬ dent . . . great bass drummer . . . interested in sports cars. ANNA DULAC Ann College Prep Fun to be with . . . depend¬ able . . . conscientious worker . . . excellent in math. 74 £ JANET ECKHART Janet College Prep Cute red-haired majorette . . . amiable . . . well liked . . . loves football and dancing. JAMES EGAN Jim Business Odd sense of humor . . . hunt¬ ing his favorite pastime. PAUL ELKINS The Elk College Prep Amicable and popular . . . excellent Junior Class president . . . enjoys reading. SIXTY-TWO THOMAS FEHNEL Tom College Prep Popular dancer . . . member of school dance band . . . scientif¬ ic interests. CAROLE Carole FEHR Business Carefree student . . . collects coins as music. a hobby . . . enjoys CAROLYN FEHR Carolyn Practical Arts Friendly . . . likes to sew and dance. STANLEY FEHR Stan Business Reserved but friendly . . . two-year varsity football mem¬ ber . . . enjoys hunting and deep-sea fishing. SANDRA FELLER Sandy College Prep Cute . . . enjoys the great out- of-doors . . . enjoys horseback riding, swimming, and ice skat¬ ing. ANNA FERRARO Anna Secretarial Friendly student . . . ardent reader . . . collects records as a hobby. ROBERT FERRETTI Bob Industrial Arts Ardent Stagecraft member . . . interested in hunting, horse¬ back riding, and leathercraft. V 76 £ ROLLIN FLUCK Rollin Business Friendly . . . basketball mana¬ ger . . . enjoys tinkering with cars. BRUCE FRACE Soupy Business Quiet . . . interested in radio mechanics . . . likes fishing. ROBERT FREEMAN The Frish College Prep Amic¬ able student . . . hard worker and sports participant. SIXTY-TWO ■ BRENDA GEHMAN Brenda College Prep Usually quiet . . . enjoys read¬ ing and sewing. J Our 1962 Mascot relaxes on Mrs. Seyfert ' s desk. SHIRLEY GETZ Shirley Business Plays accordion . . . diffident . . . sewing enthusiast. RENEA GINDER Renea Business Reserved but friendly . . . en¬ joys dancing, popular music, and swimming. ALBINO GIOTTO Bin o Business Affable student . . . builds plastic models . . . collects records . . . enjoys dancing and listening to music. JOANNE GOLLA Joanne College Prep Friendly, understanding, and industrious . . . fond of bowl¬ ing and sewing. LUCILLE GORDON Lucy Business Active in Girls ' Athletics . . . collects nickels for a hobby . . . enjoys roller skating. SIXTY-TWO IRENE GOSTONY Renee Business Talkative . . . active in girls ' athletics . . . enjoys dancing, hiking, and swimming. EVELYN GOVE Porky Secretarial Always smiling . . . likeable personality . . . hard working . . . three-year Glee Club mem¬ ber. FRANK GROLLER Crow Business Friendly . . . three-letter man . . . wrestling manager . . . likes fishing, dancing, and tink¬ ering with cars. - HELEN HABERLE Hab Secretarial Fun loving . . . attractive brunette . . . member of the Comet business staff . . . enjoys experimenting with stylish hair-dos. 79 IlflUMBd w U Hilda JUDITH HAHN KATHLEEN HAGENBUCH Kathy College Prep Peppy majorette with a pleas¬ ing personality . . . avid read¬ er .. . enjoys horseback riding and dancing. JANE HAHN Janie General Quiet but friendly . . . Girts ' Glee Club member . . . out¬ standing feature is her red hair . . . enjoys collecting dolls JEFFREY HAHN Jeff College Prep Tall and dark haired . . . one of our high-stepping color guards . . . sport cars are his interest. Judy Business Quiet student . . . enjoys swimming and dancing. ROBERT HAHN Bob Practical Arts Quiet but not shy . . . Home and Hobby Club member . . . likes to hunt and fish. THOMAS HAHN Tommy College Prep Reserved student . . . enjoys fishing and .hunting. V ; vi ' VICTOR HALDEMAN Victor College Prep Faithful friend . . . enjoys fishing . . . hopes to be a forest ranger. DALE HENDERSHOT Dale General Easy going . . . car enthusiast . . . likes hunting. SIXTY-TWO LINDA HONSZER Linda Secretarial Cute . . . friendly . . . neat dresser . . . hard-working student . . . always willing to do her part. £ JAMES HIMLER Jim College Prep Pleasing personality . . . witty . . . deep bass voice . . . avid bowler. CAROL HOUSER Carol College Prep Personality plus . . . outstand¬ ing head majorette . . . honor student . . . active member in Student Council and Glee Club. ' . - NANCY JURASITS FAITH HOUSER Faith Business Friendly student . . . favorite subject is German . . . enjoys dancing, collecting popular rec¬ ords, and cooking. Nancy Secretarial Bright and comprehensive per¬ sonality . . . enjoys music and dancing. SALLY ANN KOCH Sally Secretarial Never a dull moment . . . record enthusiast . . . enjoys dancing. RENEE ' KOEHLER Renee ' College Prep Long, blond hair . . . amiable personality . . . happy-go-lucky. CATHERINE HUNT Cathy College Prep Witty sense of humor . . . avid sports enthusiast . . . Senior Play Prompter . . . en¬ joys playing piano. BARRY KERSHNER Barry College Prep Affable personality . . . enjoys music, photography, and sports. ANNE KOSTENBADER Anne College Prep Pleasing personality . . . witty sense of humor . . . quiet to those who do not know her. 82 —-— - - - - ■ SIXTY-TWO SHARON KOTULKA Sharon Business A pleasant and quiescent per¬ sonality . . . enjoys sports. STEPHEN KRAEMER Steve General Well-liked president of Stage¬ craft . . . enjoys hunting, fish¬ ing, and dancing. ERNEST KROCK Ernie Industrial Arts Casual personality . . . earnest and sincere . . . enjoys sports. RONALD KUHNS Kuhnsey College Prep Humorous personality . . . lots of fun . . . enjoys music and dancing. JOHN KRESSLEY John Business Loquacious, affable student . . . fond of sports . . . enjoys most forms of outdoor activity. The Varsity cheerleaders rally students at Coach Christman ' s home on the eve of the Wilson game. PATRICIA LAUDENBACH Pat Secretarial Odd sense of humor . . . en¬ joys dancing and ice skating . . . record enthusiast. A JO ANNE LERCH Jo Anne College Prep A very pleasing and optimistic personality . . . enjoys music and art. NANCY LETSON Nan College Prep Good sense of humor . . . peppy cheerleader . . . enjoys sailing. JOSEPH LoCICERO Joe General Black wavy hair . . . brown eyes . . . friendly disposition . . . enjoys tinkering with cars. 84 ORVILLE MACK Orville College Prep Possesses a far-away look . . . known for his teasing . . . interested in farming. FRANCIS MACY Joe General Witty and comical . . . sense of humor . . . artistically in¬ clined . . . enjoys working with a certain Ford and playing cards. RONALD MAHORSKY Horse Business Cordial personality . . . very capable football player . . . enjoys variable sports. JOHN MASTERS Rexx College Prep Well liked . . . active Student Council president . . . inter¬ ested in riflery and tinkering with cars. SALLY McGONIGLE Sally General Three-year band member . . . cheerful and full of pep . . . interested in drawing and painting. 85 DORIS MEIXSELL SANDRA MICHAEL Don ' s General Friendly and talkative . . . likes to drive a little Corvair. Sandy Secretarial Enthusiastic majorette . . . pleasing personality . . . en¬ joys sports and music. STANLEY METZ Stan Business Fleet-footed fullback . . . friend¬ ly smile . . . congenial . . . sports rate highly with him. ALLEN MIKLAS A General Ready smile . . . sports his primary interest . . . interested in a future Marine career. MARY LOUISE SEYFRIED Daughters of American Revolution Award Winner. ROBERT MIKLAS Bob Business Active student . . . enjoys the outdoors . . . interested in be¬ coming a game warden. 86 CAROL MILLER Carol College Prep Easy to get along with . . . cordial . . . favorite pastimes are ice skating and movies. LOIS MILLER Lois College Prep Friendly cheerleader . . . spark¬ ling brown eyes . . . depend¬ able and reliable worker. LINDA MORRIS Linda Practical Arts Friendly . . . interested in sew¬ ing . . . winner of Vogue Pat¬ tern Contest. SIXTY-TWO GALE MOYER Gale Friendly, blue-eyed student . . . pleasant personality . . . enjoys water skiing. General s V LAWRENCE MURPHY Murph College Prep Likeable personality . . . odd sense of humor . . . interested in dramatics . . . ardent work¬ er. JAMES MUSCHLITZ Jim Practical Arts Quiet fellow . . . energetic Stagecraft Club member . . . member of 4-H Club. JOYCE MUSCHLITZ Joyce College Prep Well liked and dependable . . . always has a smile . . . active Blue and White editor . . . avid babysitter. «©o«®o©o© e 00000000008 -°®0° 90 ®00«o ® 0000000086 © The Comet staff takes a break for a Christmas party. JUDITHANN NOECKER Judy College Prep Inquisitive honor student . . . flirtatious . . . dependable and willing worker . . . known for her banana splits. ELIZABETH O ' SULLIVAN Beth College Prep Possesses a witty sense of humor . . . neat dresser . . . enjoys dancing at Notre Dame. RAYMOND OSWALD Ozzie College Prep Friendly disposition . . . devil¬ ish brown eyes . . . never a dull moment . . . fun loving. 88 VIRGINIA OTT Susie Secretarial Pleasing personality . . . neat dresser . . . hard-working secre¬ tarial student. ) SIXTY-TWO CHARLES PEISCHL Chuck College Prep Affable and industrious student . . . six-year Student Council member . . . college plans. ROBERT PETERS Pete College Prep Witty sense of humor . . . hunting and fishing enthusiast . . . enjoys wrestling. JOSEPH PITSKO Joe College Prep Newest member of the senior class . . . affable but quiet . . . working with radios is his fav¬ orite pastime. ELLIS PLOWMAN Ellis College Prep Grotesque sense of humor . . . friendly . . . hard-working stu¬ dent . . . Blue and White re¬ porter. T GAIL PRITCHARD Gail College Prep Hard-working student . . . en¬ joys food and reading . . . always lots of fun . . . stu¬ dent director of senior play. FREDERICK RECKER Fred Business Diffident but affable student . . . coin collecting a prime interest interest . . . Business School plans. JOANN REPPERT Joann College Prep Pleasing personality . . . talka¬ tive . . . enjoys dancing and music . . . fond of art and painting ... art school plans. MARY RICHARDS Mary Lee Secretarial Busy and talkative . . . enjoys bowling . . . sports fan . . . co-editor of Blue and White. BARRY RINKER Barry Business Hefty football tackle . . . well liked . . . affable . . . enjoys hunting and fishing. 90 F SIXTY-TWO GLENWOOD RISSMILLER Nip Business Flirt . . . hard-charging guard . . . working on the farm is his primary interest . . . enjoys hunting and fishing. BRIAN ROTH Brian Business Pleasant and affable student . . . likes reading and mathe¬ matics . . . good sense of humor. CAROLYNN SAKASITZ Carolynn Secretarial Friendly personality . . loquacious . . . likes bowling . . . interested in music . . . likes to dance. JUDITH SAMLER Judy‘ Secretarial Loquacious blond . . . friendly and pleasant personality . . . enjoys athletics and dancing . . . fond of painting. CAROLANN SAKASITZ Carolann Secretarial Quiet but friendly „ . . pleas¬ ing personality . . . fond of cooking and music . . . errjoys reading and being in the out¬ doors. Coach Edward Christman gives a cheerful prediction for the Thanks¬ giving Day game- 91 DALE SANDT Dale Business Willing Stagecraft Club work¬ er .. . primary interests are sports, hunting, and fishing. NANCY SCHOENEBERGER Nancy Secretarial Attractive, tall blond . . . gen¬ erally quiet but friendly . . . excellent dresser . . . favorite pastimes are sports, reading and dancing. DAVID SCHULTZ Dave College Prep Tall (6 ' 2 " ) . . . enthusiastic basketball player . . . baseball secondary interest . . . active in 4-H . . . college plans. THOMAS SEATON Tom Practical Arts Good sense of humor . . . nice blue eyes . . . interests include swimming and bowling . . . Air Force plans. MARY LOUISE SEYFRIED Mary Louise College Prep Energetic cheerleader . . . plea¬ sant personality . . . enjoys music and sports . . . full of vigor and vitality. 92 mm—mom ' ff p tiit sti HAROLD SIEGEL Harold General Jovial . . . fun loving . . . enjoys sports. WINIFRED SIEGFRIED Winnie College Prep Quiet, friendly personality . . . chess enthusiast . . . enjoys sports, music, and dancing. BARRY SMITH Schmitty College Prep Quiet . . . serious . . . keen personality . . . highly interested in sports. SIXTY-TWO CATHERINE SMITH Cathy Business Amicable . . . fun loving . . . pleasant personality . . . en¬ joys bowling and listening to rock and roll records. DOROTHEA SMITH Dotty Secretarial Attractive blond majorette . . . sunny disposition . . . full of vim and vigor . . . enjoys music. 93 MARIE SMITH Marie Secretarial Fun loving . . . good natured . . . sunny disposition . . . enjoys 4 bowling and driving. » ■ PEARL SNYDER Pearl Business Quiet, amicable personality . . . enjoys music and sports. f?ONALD SNYDER Ronnie College Prep Congenial band member . . . enjoys sports . . . comprehen¬ sive ability. WARREN SNYDER Tuney College Prep Blond wavy hair . . . good bass voice . . . outstanding track member. ARTHUR SPANGENBERG Art College Prep Passive . . . happy-go-lucky . . . enjoys hunting and fishing. NEAL SPRAGUE Sprague Business Keen sports enthusiast . . . likeable personality . . . enjoys the easy-going way of life. SUSAN STARNER Susie Secretarial Attractive blond . . . pleasant smile . . . friend-winning per¬ sonality . . . enjoys music, danc¬ ing, and sports. SIXTY-TWO WILLIAM STERNER Bill Business Quiet . . . easy to get along with . . . fond of sports. WILLIAM STOCKLAS Bill College Prep Witty personality . . . has a great liking for hunting and various other sports. KENNETH STIMMEL Ken Business Congenial . . . nice personality . . . enthused Phillies fan . . . the outdoor type. SHARON STOFFLET Sharon Secretarial Fun to be with . . . enjoys a good joke . . . active band member . . . enjoys bowling, music, and sports. 95 JOHN THOMAS FRANKLIN THOMPSON Lin College Prep Easy going ... a sedate per¬ sonality. DOLORES VENTIN Dolores Secretarial Dependable, cooperative and gracious . . . enjoys music and sports. DAVID TEADA Dave Business Happy-go-lucky . . . hot-rod enthusiast. LEONA THOMAS Leona Secretarial Affable ... a radiant majorette . . . very adaptable to any situation. NICHOLAS VIGLIONE Nick General Business Straightforward and persua¬ sive . . . keen disposition . . . definitely energetic. 96 WILBUR Willy VON STEUBEN General Friendly . . and devilish main interest . has his quiet moments . . . is horses. SANDRA WALTER Sandy Secretarial Sociable and reliable blooming with cheer. TOMA WALTERS Toma College Prep Sweet personality . . . petite . . . benevolent. RICHARD WEISS Richard Business Quiet but affable . . . hunt¬ ing enthusiast . . . enjoys tink- HELEN WENTZELL Helen Secretarial Enjoys a good time . . . sedate ... a great reading fanatic. Students purchasing tickets to attend the Wilson game. SAMUEL WERKHEISER Sam College Prep Quiet and sociable . . . easy¬ going personality . . . base¬ ball fan. CECELIA WILSON Cece Secretarial Popular music enthusiast . . . enjoys spectator sports . . . a great liking for Corvettes. BONNIE WOLFE Bonnie College Prep Vivacious cheerleader . . . con¬ scientious student . . . ardent personality. CAROL YEISLEY Carol College Prep Socially active . . . neat in dress and appearance . . . ardent cheerleader. EUGENE ZUROWSKI Gene Business Wrestling and bowling are his favorite sports . . . fun loving . . . likes to travel. 98 CLASS OF “SIXTY-THREE” JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS SEATED: President Bernard Hahn, Mr. Robert Reichard, Adviser, Vice President Larry Roth. STANDING: Treasurer Virginia Elkins, Secretary Sandra Lichner. CLASS HISTORY The Class of ' 63 consists of 140 students, 66 boys and 74 girls. They placed 2 representatives in District Chorus—John Brobston and Larry Snyder, and a repre¬ sentative in District Band, Barry Nottle. The girls ' basketball team was composed of many juniors. The main project of the Junior Class was the Prom which was held in May. ROW 1: Janice Atherholt, Patricia Cumberland, Beverly Buzas, Nancy Christman, Carol Bush, JoAnn Ahles. ROW 2: Lois Billheimer, Sheila Bender, Linda Cressman, Anna Cressman, Doris Bealer, Kay Baker. ROW 3: John Brobston, Robert Dilcherd, John Christman, Gerald Brace, Joseph Condomitti, William Dech. ROW 4: Scott Bowers, Bruce Applegate, Robert Bayda, Danny Bartron, Michael Allen, Barry Betz, Forrest Bauer. 99 - CLASS OF “SIXTY-THREE” ROW 1: Sandra Houser, Barbara Fry, Shirley Hoff, Mary Ann Ferretti, Betty Hawk. ROW 2: Constance Gavin, Jean Falcone, Carol Hann, June Flick, Alvera Flyte. ROW 3: Bonnie Filchner, Erna Frack, Katherine Franczak, Donna Foltz, Virginia Elkins. ROW 4: Larry Hoch, Terry Handwerk, Holly Hess, William Grucela, Bernard Hahn. ROW 5: Gregory Bill, Edward Frace, E. Bailey Hartman, Harry Graack, James Ewadinger. ROW 1: Gloria Lambert, Cynthia Mackes, Alice Lynn, Marlene Matthias, Linda Marth, Sandra Lichner. ROW 2: Jane Leh, Susan Krauss, Janice Kresge, Doris Lewis, Carol Messerschmidt, Veronica Jurasits, Diane Kalapick. ROW 3: Kenneth Huhn, John Long, Phyllis Lindenmoyer, Richard Keck, Craig Leake, Willard Laubach, Judy Hunt. ROW 4: James Jones, John Johnson, Fred Kindt, Louis Marth, John Kubelis, Harold Klump. 100 CLASS OF “SIXTY-THREE” ROW 1: Joan Owens, Diane Mount, Dolla Miltenberger, Connie Olson, Wilhelmina Richebacher. ROW 2: Arlene Pysher, Cheryl Ritter, Susan Rhoades, Eileen Moll, Judith Sandt, Jane Roth, Linda Peters. ROW 3: Judith Philip, Carol Ruth, Glenn Newhard, George Patton, Robert Saltern, Dale Ruhf, Christine Reynolds. ROW 4: John Rampulla, James Schultz, Greg Potts, Harold Remaly, Glenn Rissmiller, Barry Nottle. ROW 1: Betty Trach, Mary Ann Soffera, Nancy Sisolak, Nancy Trinkley, Diane Werkheiser, Sharon Stewart, Sharon Simons. ROW 2: Connie Sieg¬ fried, Carol Wentzell, Lynn Steckel, Judy Schutt, Judy Seip, Linda Van- Gorden. ROW 3: William Schissler, John Stier, John Olson, George Spence, Robert Stocklas, Dale Williamson. ROW 4: Gary Sharer, Larry Werkheiser, George Strobl, Richard Sysko, Ronald Serfass, Barry Smith. ROW 5: Richard Teel, Eugene Solt, Leonard Kunkel, Richard Uttley, Larry Snyder, Andrew Young. 101 MUSIC WHIRL Saturday evening, March 18, 1961 marked the highlight of the four day ex¬ change program between the bands of Northwestern Senior High School in Hyattsville, Maryland, and Nazareth Area High School as the two groups combined in a public concert at Hyattsville. CLASS OF “SIXTY-FOUR ” SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS SEATED: President Alan McNear, Historian Linda Ritter. STANDING: Mrs. A. J. Bleiler, Adviser, Secretary Jean Sawyer, Treasurer Becky Baltz. MISSING: Vice President Nicholas Drosnock. CLASS HISTORY The Class of ' 64 consists of approximately 218 students. All officers have main¬ tained a good scholastic average and are considered competent leaders. Three of the officers have been associated with school basketball and cheerleading. The class chose the rose as their flower and blue and white as their colors. In school activities the class has contributed four members to District Chorus and has or¬ ganized a Sophomore Choir. The Class has also represented itself very well on the Honor Roll. ROW 1: Nancy Berger, Sandra Charles, Holly Bowers, Connie Baltz, Anna Bender, Beverly Acker. ROW 2: Lois Butz, Joy Audenried, Gloria Braun, Carolyn Arndt, Patricia Breyfogle, Sandra Behn. ROW 3: Sara Bartholomew, Judy Bossert, Gwyneth Cobley, Becky Blatz, Linda Bath, Cynthia Chumas. ROW 4: Gene Beitel, Gregory Brock, Darrel Cummings, Barbara Buss, Sam uel Cumberland, Robert Brown. ROW 5: George Brodt, Barry Brown, Rom aid Beers, Craig Alpaugh, Ronald Butz, Stewart Behn. 103 CLASS OF “SIXTY-FOUR” ROW 1: Erma Fox, David Fogel, Ronald Flick, Charlotte Fischl, Carol Fry, Sandra Gehman, LaLue Filchner. ROW 2: Diane DeReamer, Maryjane Eberts, Barbara Frace, Norma Fogel, Roberta Drissel, Barbara Gehman, Kathleen Drosnock. ROW 3: Barry Dorshimer, Douglas Filchner, Larry Fehnel, James Deichman, Glen Engler, Francis Deutsch, Lester Frantz. ROW 4: David Filchner, Glenn Fehr, Nick Drosnock, Ernest Garren, Virgil DeGarmo, Jack Deichman, Richard Douglas. ROW 1: Sandra Groller, Sandra Flandelong, Diane Hawk, LaRue Hoff, Etta Hertzog, Sarah Groner, Marion Hahn. ROW 2: Diane Halberstadt, Jane Ginther, Norma Fogel, Sandra Hagley, Karen Hoke, Romona Johnson, Ann Heimbach. ROW 3: Larry Johnson, Ronald Gotto, Quentin Huber, Roxanne Gum, Sarah Haldeman, Shelia Harstine, Jack Hommer. ROW 4: Larry Heck¬ man, James Kachline, Arthur Jones, William Giamoni, James Herceg, Aaron Grim, Thomas Itterly, William Granda. 104 CLASS OF “ SIXTY-FOUR ” ROW 1: Sandra Kemmerer, Sandra Kissel, Carol Lee Knecht. ROW 2: Helen Laurito, Yolanda Krasnopero, Ethlyn Lewis, Helen Kocher, Candy Kahler, Kathleen Knisley. ROW 3: Nancy Keller, Priscilla Kotulka, Betty Lambert, Richard Kaniper, Sandra Lilly, Joyce Knisley, Valeria Kunkel. ROW 4: Wayne Kuhns, Joseph Lichner, Daniel Krock, Lawrence Lopresti, Ronald Kubelis, Ralph Lahr. ROW 5: Ted Lewis, Donald Kessler, Howard Kostenbader, Michael Mahorsky, J. Frederick Knecht, Jr., Dale Lindenmoyer. p ni 4m 1$ fc RI ROW 1: Barbara Manning, Gail Meyers, Susan Mertz, Allen Muth, Diane Quinter, Jeanne Muschlitz, Elaine Nagy. ROW 2: Sandra Millheim, Janice Miller, Sandra Peters, Barry Rissmiller, Carl Moosch, Jacqueline Richie, Anna Ostrosky, Judy Nickum. ROW 3: Frederick Meixsell, John Nagle, Roger Millheim, Robert Marsh, John Pitsko, Timothy Male, Peter Pesaresi, Russell Miller. ROW 4: Ronnie Meixsell, Gary Nagle, James Peppell, Larry Paulus, Larry Resar, Alan McNear, Forrest McGrath. 105 CLASS OF “SIXTY-FOUR” ROW 1: Donna Thomas, Peggy Young, Marie Yeakel, Linda Young, Bonnie Sysko, Sandra Washko. ROW 2: Lon Werner, Doris Wilson, Lorraine Werner, Carol Stauffer, Anna Stettler, Elaine Weist, Evelyn Werkheiser, Thomas Van Blargen. ROW 3: Carter Young, Pat West, Susan Toth, Linda Strunk, Joan Vondercrone, Luana Uhler, Judy Stewart, Kim Kromer. ROW 4: Dennis Viglione, Jack VanNatta, William Stewart, James Wilson, Ernest Werner, William Woodcock, Clifton Weist, Carl Wunderly. ROW 1: Mi ldred Silvert, Linda Romig, Diane Smith, Nancy Roger, Sarah Serfass, Gail Sensenbach. ROW 2: Patricia Standard, Lois Schmidt, Jane Solt, Prudence Siegfried, Jean Snyder, Earl Silfies, Linda Solt. ROW 3: Lester Smith, Diane Schaffer, David Shankweiler, Jean Snyder, Earl Silfies, Linda Solt. ROW 4: Joseph Seyer, Lee Schweitzer, George Seifert, Thomas Ruloff, Allen Schoeneberger, Lowell Snyder. ROW 5: Truman Searfoss, Robert Simons, Gregory Ruth, David Scheffler, Paul Siegfried, Charles Schoeneberger. 106 ACTIVE NOTES DAVID BOARD Dramatic Club 1, 2, President 3; Glee Club 3; Honor Society 3; Prom Com¬ mittee 2; Science Fair Projects 2, 3; Senior Play 3; Student Council 1. DAVID BOWERS Basketball J.V. 1, 2; Class Officer 1, 2; Football J.V. 1; Glee Club 1, 2, 3; Prom Committee 2; Student Council 3; Tennis J.V. 1, Varsity 2, 3; Sports¬ mans Club 1,2, 3. EVA BOYER Our Junior Varsity cheerleaders for 1960-61 were llene Suter, Bonnie Wolfe, Nancy Letson, Dale Ruhf, Lois Miller, and Sandra Lichner. Girls ' Athletic Club 3; First Aid Club 1; Glee Club 3; Library Club 1. TRUDIE ACKERMAN Girls ' Athletic Club 1, 2; Comet 3; Honor Society 2, 3; Magazine Cam¬ paign Worker 2, 3; Prom Committee 2; FTA 1, Vice President 2. JANE ANTOINE Girls ' Athletic Club 1, 2, 3; Band Ma¬ jorette 2, 3; Dramatic Club 1; Glee Club 3; Prom Committee 2; Student Council 1,2, 3. DALE AUDENRIED Band 1, 2; Football Varsity 1, 2, 3; Glee Club 1, 2, 3; Prom Committee 2; Dis¬ trict Band 2. THEODORE BARR Band 3; Chess Club 1,2, 3; Prom Com¬ mittee 2; Math Club 3. DIANE BARTH Girls ' Athletic Club 2, 3. DENNIS BARTHOLOMEW Chess Club 1, 2, 3; Honor Society 2, 3; Math Club 3. THOMAS BARTHOLOMEW Chess Club 1, 2, 3; Prom Committee 2; Math Club 3. ANDREW BEAM Comet 3; Football J. V. 1; Wrestling J. V. 1. JOY BENFIELD Comet 3; Glee Club 1, 2, 3; Magazine Campaign Worker 1, 2, 3; Prom Com¬ mittee 2; Library Aid 3. KAY BENSING Girls ' Athletic Club 1, 2, 3; Glee Club 3; Library Club 2. PEGGY JO BETZ Girls ' Athletic Club 1, 2; Band Major¬ ette 3; Cheerleader J.V. 1; Class Secre¬ tary 1, 2; Ensemble 3; Glee Club 1, 2, 3; Prom Committee 2. ROBERT BILL Sportsmans Club 1; Baseball Varsity 2; Football Varsity 2; Home and Hob¬ by Club 3. KATHLEEN BILLHEIMER Girls ' Athletic Club 3; First Aid Club 1; Glee Club 3; Library Club 1. DOLORES BLEAM Chess Club 1; First Aid Club 1. DOLORES BURRITSCH Dramatic Club 1. DELBERT BUSS Baseball J.V. 1, 2; Home and Hobby Club 2, 3; Wrestling Varsity 1, 2, 3; Painting 1. EDWARD BUSS Band 1, 2, 3; Projectionist Club 1; Home and Hobby Club 1; Stagecraft Club 1; Wrestling Varsity 2; Photog¬ raphy Club 1,2,3. RICHARD BUSS Sportsmans Club 1; Basketball J.V. 1; Football Varsity 1, 2, 3; Track Varsity 1, 2, 3; Math Club 2; College Board Review 2. LESTER BUTZ Baseball Varsity 1, 2; Football J.V. 1, 2. SANDRA BUTZ Girls ' Athletic Club 1, 2, 3; First Aid Club 1. JOHN CLEWELL Band 1, 2, 3; Chess Club 1, 2, 3; Glee Club 1,2, 3. ROBERT CLIFT Comet 3. 107 STUDENTS TUNE JULIANNE CSERNAK Dramatic Club 1, 2, Secretary 3; En¬ semble 2 , 3; Glee Club 1, 2, 3; Senior Play 3; Girls ' Sextet 2. SUSAN CVAMMEN Girls ' Athletic Club 1, 2; Comet 3; Magazine Campaign Worker 2, As¬ sistant Manager 3; Prom Committee 2; FTA 1, 2; Secretary 2. FRANCIS DONNELLY Band 1, 2, 3; Dramatic Club 3; Ensem¬ ble 3; Glee Club 1, 2, 3; Senior Play 3; Sportsmans Club 1. ANNA DULAC Comet 3; Honor Society Treasurer 3; Math Club 1, 2; Math Clinic 2. JANET ECKHART Band Majorette 2, 3; Glee Club 1, 2, 3; Magazine Campaign Worker 1. JAMES EGAN Track J.V. 2; College Board Review 2; Math Club 2. PAUL ELKINS Athletic Club 2, 3; Basketball 1, 2; Class President 1, 2;.Ensemble 3; Foot¬ ball Varsity 3; Glee Club 2, 3; Prom Committee 2; Student Council 1, 2, 3; Track Varsity 1; Math Club 2. THOMAS FEHNEL Band 1, 2, 3; Glee Club 2; Science Fair Projects 1, 2, 3; Orchestra 2, 3. CAROLE FEHR Knitting Club 1. CAROLYN FEHR Knitting Club 1; Library 1. STANLEY FEHR Baseball Varsity 1, 2; Class Vice Presi¬ dent 3; Football J.V. 1, Varsity 2, 3; Home and Hobby Club 1, 3; Painting Club 2. SANDRA FELLER Comet 3; Glee Club 2, 3; Prom Com¬ mittee 2; Student Council 1, 2, 3; Col¬ lege Board Review 2; FTA 2. ANNA FERRARO FHA 1, 2; Knitting Club 1; Library Club 2. ROBERT FERRETTI Home and Hobby Club 1, 2, 3; Stage¬ craft Club 1,2, 3. ROLLIN FLUCK Athletic Club 2; Chess Club 1. Students arrive at school prepared for the day ' s work. ROBERT FREEMAN Basketball Varsity 1, 2, 3; Chess Club 1; Football J.V. 1, Varsity 1, 2, 3; Glee Club 1, 2, 3; Prom Committee 2; Stu¬ dent Council 2, 3; Track Varsity 1; Sportsmans Club 1, 2, 3. BRENDA GEHMAN Girls ' Athletic Club 3; FHA 2; First Aid Club 1; Glee Club 2, 3; Library Club 1. SHIRLEY GETZ Knitting Club 1; Library Club 1, 2. RENEA GINDER Girls ' Athletic Club 1, 2, 3; Library Club 1. JOANNE GOLLA Comet 3; Math Club 1; College Board Review Club 2. LUCILLE GORDON Girls ' Athletic Club 1, 2, 3; Knitting Club 1; Painting Club 1. IRENE GOSTONY Girls ' Athletic Club 1, 2, 3; FHA 1, 2. EVELYN GOVE Glee Club 1,2, 3. FRANK GROLLER Football J.V. 1, 2; Varsity 2, 3; Home and Hobby Club 1; Track Varsity 1, 2; Wrestling Varsity 2, 3; Sportsmans Club 1. MARILYN GULICK Girls ' Athletic Club 1; Blue and White 3; Knitting Club 1; Art Club 2. HELEN HABERLE Girls ' Athletic Club 1, 2, 3; Comet 2, 3; Art Club 1. UP ABILITIES KATHLEEN HAGENBUCH Band Majorette 1, 2, 3; Dramatic Club 1; Ensemble 3; Glee Club 1, 2, 3; Magazine Campaign Worker 3; Prom Committee 2. JANE HAHN Dramatic Club 1, 3; Glee Club 1, 2, 3; Vice President Girls ' Glee Club 2. JEFFREY HAHN Band Color Guard 1, 2, 3; Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3; Photography Club 1; Math Club 2. JUDITH HAHN Girls ' Athletic Club 3. ROBERT HAHN Band 2, 3; Home and Hobby Club 1, 2, 3; Stagecraft Club 2, 3. THOMAS HAHN Chess Club 1, 2, 3; Math Club 3. DALE HENDERSHOT Athletic Club 1; Blue and White 1, 2; Projectionist Club 1, 2; Stagecraft Club 1 , 2 . JAMES HIMLER Ensemble 3; Glee Club 1, 2, 3; Stu¬ dent Council 1; Photography Club 1; College Board Review 2. LINDA HONSZER Girls ' Athletic Club 2, 3; Prom Com¬ mittee 2. CAROL HOUSER Band Majorette 1, 2, Head Majorette 3; District Chorus 2, 3; Ensemble 2, 3; Glee Club 1, 2, 3; Honor Society 2, 3; Prom Committee 2; Senior Play Com¬ mittee 2; Student Council 1, 2, 3. FAITH HOUSER Glee Club 1, 2; Knitting Club 3. CATHERINE HUNT Prom Committee 2; Senior Play Com¬ mittee 3; Senior Play 3; Math Club 1,2, 3; Math Clinic 2. NANCY JURASITS Class Treasurer 3; Honor Society 1, 2, 3; Magazine Campaign Worker 3; Comet 3. BARRY KERSHNER Band 1, 2, 3; Projectionist Club 1; Photography Club 1,2. SALLY ANN KOCH Blue and White 3; Dramatic Club 1; Knitting Club 2; Prom Committee 2. RENEE ' KOEHLER Comet 2, 3; Dramatic Club 1, 2; Glee Club 1, 2, 3; Magazine Campaign Worker 1; Prom Committee 2; Senior Play 3. ANNE KOSTENBADER Comet 3; Dramatic Club 2, 3; Senior Play 3; Painting Club 1, 2; Math Clinic 2 . SHARON KOTUKLA First Aid Club 1; Knitting Club 2. STEPHEN KRAEMER Football J.V. 1, 2 , Varsity 3; Sports¬ mans Club 2, 3; Stagecraft 1, Vice President 2. JOHN KRESSLEY Stagecraft Club 1, 2, 3; Drawing and Painting 1 ■ Painting 2. ERNEST KROCK Home and Hobby Club 1. RONALD KUHNS Band 1, 2, 3; Barbershop Group 2; District Chorus 2, 3; Ensemble 3; Glee Club 1, 2, 3; Science Fair Projects 1, 2; Dance Band 2. PATRICIA LAUDENBACH Dramatic Club 1. JOANNE LERCH Dramatic Club 1; Glee Club 2, 3; Knitting Club 2, 3; FTA 1; Art and Painting 1. NANCY LETSON Cheerleader J.V. 1, Captain 2, Varsity 3; Comet 2; Dramatic Club 1; Ensem¬ ble 3; Glee Club 1, 2, 3; Magazine Campaign 2. JOSEPH LoCICERO Home and Hobby Club 2. NOTED JoAnn Ahles gives our mascot time to stretch. LAWRENCE MURPHY Band 1, 2, 3; Chess Club 1; District Chorus 2, 3; Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3; Ensemble 3; Football J.V. 1; Glee Club 2, 3; Oratorical Contest 2, 3; Science Fair Projects 3; Track Varsity 1, 2, 3; Wrestling 2, 3. JAMES MUSCHLITZ Stagecraft Club 2, 3. JOYCE MUSCHLITZ Blue and White 1, 2, Co-Editor 3; Li¬ brary Club 1; Senior Play Committee 3. ARLENE MABUS Dramatic Club 1, 3; Glee Club 1, 3; Girls ' Athletic Club 2, 3. ORVILLE MACK Blue and White 2, Football J.V. 1; Ham Radio Club 2; Glee Club 2 , 3; Home and Hobby Club 1. FRANCIS MACY Blue and White 2; Football J.V. 1; Prom Committee 2; Home and Hobby Club 1; Track Varsity 2. RONALD MAHORSKY Blue and White 2; Football J.V. 1, Varsity 2, 3; Home and Hobby Club 3; Stagecraft Club 1. JOHN MASTERS Comet 3; Oratorical Contest 2; Student Council President 3; Track Varsity 1, 2, 3; Math Club 1, 2; College Board Re¬ view 1, 2. SALLY McGONIGLE Girls ' Athletic Club 2; Band 1, 2, 3; Dramatic Club 1; Knitting Club 2 , 2 -, Photography Club 1; Drawing and Painting Club 1. DORIS MEIXSELL Girls ' Athletic Club 2; Knitting Club President 2. STANLEY METZ Baseball Varsity 1, 3; Football Varsity 1, 2, 3; Student Council 3. I 10 SANDRA MICHAEL Band Majorette 3; Dramatic Club 1; Girls ' Athletic Club 2, 3. ALLEN MIKLAS Football J.V. 1, Varsity 2, 3; Stage¬ craft Club 1; Wrestling Varsity 1, 2, 3; Sportsmans Club 2, 3. ROBERT MIKLAS Football J.V. 1, Varsity 2, 3; Ham Ra¬ dio Club 2; Stagecraft Club 2, 3; Track Varsity 1; Wrestling Varsity 1, 2, 3. CAROL MI LLER Band 3; Knitting Club 1; Library Club 1; Photography Club 1; FTA 1. LOIS MILLER Cheerleader J.V. 2, Varsity 3; Class Historian 1, Secretary 3; Glee Club 1, 2, 3; Magazine Campaign Co-Mana¬ ger 2, 3; Prom Committee 2; Student Council 1; FTA Treasurer 2. LINDA MORRIS FHA 1, Vice President 2, President 3; Knitting Club 2, 3; Drawing and Paint¬ ing Club 1. GALE MOYER Comet 2, 3; Dramatic Club 1; Glee Club 1, 2; Prom Committee 2. WILLIAM NEIGH Baseball Varsity 1, 2; Intramural Bas¬ ketball 2. JUDITHANN NOECKER Band Majorette 3; Blue and White 2; Class Historian 3; Dramatic Club 1; Ensemble 3; Glee Club 1, 2, 3; Honor Society 1, 2, 3; Magazine Campaign Publicity Manager 2, 3; Play Com¬ mittee 2; Senior Play 3; Drawing Club 1 . ELIZABETH O ' SULLIVAN Blue and White 1, 2; Comet 3; Glee Club 1, 2, 3; Honor Society 2, 3; Prom Committee 2; Senior Play 3; College Board Review 3. RAYMOND OSWALD Band 1, 2, 3; Ensemble 2, 3; Glee Club 1, 2, 3; Prom Committee 2; Track Varsity 1, Ensemble 3; Dance Band 2. VIRGINIA OTT Comet 3; Glee Club 1, 2, Treasurer 3; Prom Committee 2. CHARLES PEISCHL Band 1, Treasurer 2, 3; Blue and White Associate Editor 1, Co-Editor 2, 3; Class President 3; District Chorus 2, 3; , Ensemble 3; Glee Club 1, 2, 3; Honor Society 2, President 3; Prom Com¬ mittee 2; Senior Play Committee 2; Senior Play 3; Student Council 1, 2 , 3; District Band 1, 2; Region II State Band 2; Political Campaign Candidate 2. ARRANGEMENTS ROBERT PETERS Chess Club 3; District Chorus 3; En¬ semble 2, 3; Glee Club 1, 2, 3; Track J.V. 1, Varsity 2, 3; Wrestling Varsity 1,2,3. JOSEPH PITSKO Science Fair Projects 1, 2. ELLIS PLOWMAN Blue and White 1,2, 3. GAIL PRITCHARD Dramatic Club 1, 2, Treasurer 3; Glee Club 1, 3; Magazine Campaign Work¬ er 2, 3; Prom Committee 2; Play Com¬ mittee 2; Senior Play 3. FREDERICK RECKER Home and Hobby Club 1; Stagecraft Club 1. JoANN REPPERT Girls ' Athletic Club 3; Blue and White 2; Dramatic Club 1; Glee Club 2, 3; Prom Committee 2; Senior Play 3. MARY LEE RICHARDS Blue and White Co-Editor 2, Editor 3; FHA 1; Glee Club 1, 2, Treasurer 3; Magazine Campaign Worker 1; Prom Committee 2. BARRY RINKER Football J.V. 1, Varsity 2, 3. GLENWOOD RISSMILLER Football Varsity 2 , 3; Home and Hobby Club 3. BRIAN ROTH Chess Club 1; Comet 3; Math Club 3. MAGAZINE CAMPAIGN MANAGERS SEATED: Mary Louise Seyfried, Lois Miller. STANDING: Eileen Moll, Beverly Buzas, Virginia Elkins, Mrs. A. Jane Bleiler, Adviser; Susan Cvammen, Lois Billheimer, Constance Gavin, Trudie Ackerman. CAROLANN SAKASITZ Blue and White 2; Comet 2, 3; Girls ' Glee Club 3; Knitting Club 1; Library Club 1. CAROLYNN SAKASITZ Blue and White 2; Comet 3; Girls ' Glee Club Treasurer 2, Secretary 3; Knitting Club 1; Library Club 1. JUDITH SAMLER Girls ' Athletic Club 1, 2, 3; Library Club 1; Science Fair Projects 1; Drawing and Painting Club 2. DALE SANDT Basketball J.V. 1; Football J.V. 1, 2; Prom Committee 2; Stag ecraft Club 2, 3; Track J.V. 2. NANCY SCHOENEBERGER Girls ' Athletic Club 1, 2, 3; Comet 2, 3; Honor Society 3; Prom Committee 2; Drawing and Painting 1. DAVID SCHULTZ Band 1, 2, 3; Baseball Varsity 1, 3; Basketball Varsity 2, 3; Projectionist Club 1; Sportsmans Club 1, 2, 3; Brass Ensemble 1,2, 3. THOMAS SEATON Football J.V. 2; Student Council 1; Wrestling Varsity 3. MARY LOUISE SEYFRIED Cheerleader J.V. Captain 1, Varsity 2, Captain 3; Class Treasurer 1, 2; Dra¬ matic Club President 1; Ensemble 2, 3; Glee Club 1, Librarian 2, Secretary 3; Honor Society 2, 3; Magazine Cam¬ paign Manager 2, 3; Prom Committee 2; Student Council 1, 2, Secretary 3. HAROLD SIEGEL Prom Committee 2; Stagecraft Club 2,3. WINIFRED SIEGFRIED Chess Club 1, 2, 3; Library Club 1,2. BARRY SMITH Band 1, 2, 3; Basketball Varsity 3; Class Vice President 2; Football J.V. 1, Varsity 2, 3; Track Varsity 2, 3; Sportsmans Club 2, 3. CATHERINE SMITH Girls ' Athletic Club 2, 3; Blue and White 1. DOROTHEA SMITH Knitting Club 1. MARIE SMITH Girls ' Athletic Club 2; Blue and White Typing 2, 3; Girls ' Glee Club 2, 3. Ill HIT RECORDS PEARL SNYDER Girls ' Athletic Club 1, 2, 3; First Aid Club 1, 2; Glee Club 2, 3. RONALD SNYDER Ensemble 2, 3; Football Varsity 1, 2, 3; Glee Club 1, 2, 3; Prom Committee 2; Student Council 1; Track Varsity 1, 2 . H. WARREN SNYDER Athletic Club 1, 2, 3; Basketball J.V. 1; Class Vice President 1; District Chorus 2, 3; Ensemble 3; Glee Club 2, 3; Football Varsity 1, 2, 3; Student Council 1, 3; Track Varsity 1, 2, 3. ARTHUR SPANGENBERG Sportsmans Club 1. NEAL SPRAGUE Athletic Club 1, 2, 3; Baseball Varsity 1; Basketball J. V. 1;. Football J. V. 1. SUSAN STARNER Blue and White 1, 2; Dramatic Club 1; Glee Club 1, 2 , 3 . WILLIAM STERNER Wrestling J.V. 1, 2. KENNETH STIMMEL Basketball J.V. 1; Football J.V. 1; Ham Radio Club 3; Projectionist Club 1; Stagecraft Club 2, 3; Sportsmans Club 1 , 2 . WILLIAM STOCKLAS Basketball J.V. 1; Chess Club 2, 3; Sportsmans Club 1. SHARON STOFFLET Girls ' Athletic Club 2, 3; Band 1, 2, Librarian 3; Blue and White 2; Glee Club 3. ILENE SUTER Girls ' Athletic Club 1; Cheerleader J.V. 2, Varsity 3; Ensemble 3; Glee Club 1,2, 3. DAVID TEADA Stagecraft Club 1, 2; Track J.V. 1. JOHN THOMAS Ham Radio Club 3; Stagecraft Club 1, 2, 3; Home and Hobby Club 3. LEONA THOMAS Girls ' Athletic Club 3; Band Majorette 2 . FRANKLIN THOMPSON Blue and White 1; Glee Club 1, 2, 3; Honor Society 1, 2, 3; Prom Committee 2; Student Council 2. DOLORES VENTIN Comet 2, Co-Editor 3; FHA 2; First Aid Club 2; Honor Society 1, 2, 3. NICHOLAS VIGLIONE Chess Club 1, 2; Student Council 1. SANDRA WALTER Comet 3; Glee Club 1, 2, 3; Knitting Club 1; Prom Committee 2; Senior Play 3. TOMA WALTERS Dramatic Club 1; Ensemble 2, 3; Glee Club 1, 2, 3; Magazine Campaign Worker 1; Prom Committee 2. RICHARD WEISS Sportsmans Club 2. HELEN WENTZELL Blue and White Typing 3; FHA 1; First Aid Club 1, 2; Glee Club 1; Knit¬ ting Club 1; Home and Hobby Club 1. SAMUEL WERKHEISER Baseball Varsity 1, 2, 3; Basketball J.V. 1; Chess Club 2; Sportsmans Club 1, 2. CECELIA WILSON Comet 1, 2, Co-Editor 3; Dramatic Club 1; FHA 2; Knitting Club 1; Girls ' Ath¬ letic Club 1. BONNIE WOLFE Cheerleader J.V. 2, Varsity 3; Dramat¬ ic Club 1; Ensemble 3; Glee Club 1, 2,3. MARY WOODCOCK Basketball J.V. 3; Glee Club 3. CAROL YEISLEY Cheerleader J.V. 1, Varsity 2, Co-Cap¬ tain 3; Class Secretary 2, 3; Comet 3; Ensemble 2, 3; Giee Club 1, 2, 3; Magazine Campaign Worker 3; Prom Committee 2; Science Fair Projects 1; Student Council 1, 2, Treasurer 3;. Girls ' Sextet 2. EUGENE ZUROWSKI Wrestling Varsity 1,2, 3. Enthusiastic fans watch a Nazareth basketball game. 112 ' , BUSINESS SUPPLIES BIL RICH., INC. PREMIX PLANT Asphalt Paving Materials Hot and Cold Mix Material Tatamy Road Nazareth, Pennsylvania 759-0101 NAZARETH SPEED WASH 39 S. Main Street Nazareth, Pennsylvania May we wish the Senior Class all suc¬ cess in their endeavors, faith in the fu¬ ture, and fortitude to meet and con¬ quer the challenges of the modern world. NAZARETH STEEL FABRICATORS, INC. A Broad Street view of activity of our loading and shipping department that forwards precision fabricated steel for all major United States industries. 114 )UR INSTRUMENTS SECOND NATIONAL BANK of Nazareth, Pennsylvania A satisfied customer makes use of the convenient Drive-in facilities of the Sec¬ ond National Bank. I Fine Furniture by ENSEMBLE CONTEMPORARY, INC. Selections of furniture in Contemporary, Colonial, and Provincial. A truly different furniture store. Quality furni¬ ture at reasonable prices. UNIVERSAL STAINLESS COOKWARE CO., INC. A complete selection of stainless steel cooking utensils and accessories. STEAK O RAMA Charcoal Snacks, Pizza, Thick Shakes, Soft Ice Cream. J. W. NEFF LABORATORIES, INC. STOCKERTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA Best wishes to the 1962 graduates of the Nazareth Area Senior High School NEFOLAC for Phonograph Records NEFSLABS for Traffic Markings PATRONIZE OUR NAZARETH NATIONAL BANK AND TRUST COMPANY Patronize Your Local Merchants and Bank With Us. Modern, Progressive, and Experienced " The Bank for My Money " THE TRUMBOWER COMPANY, INC. Easton Road Nazareth, Pennsylvania Call Nazareth Office and Yard 759-3450 Ready-Mix Concrete 759-3334 Coal, Lumber, Building Supplies, Crushed Stone, Ready-Mix Concrete " Everything to Build Anything " NAZARETH MILLS, INC. Belvidere and Whitfield Streets Nazareth, Pennsylvania ADVERTISERS H. HOCHBERG MANUFACTURING COMPANY Manufacturing Ladies ' Sportswear Located in Moore Township THEY SUPPLY OUR CAFETERIA STAFF Mrs. Donald Burley, Mrs. Eugene Weiss, Miss Miriam Michael, Mrs. Carl Hallman. This year, for the first time, the home eco¬ nomics classes exchanged places with the wood¬ working classes for one week. The girls made small bread boards and learned about different wood finishes. The boys made cookies and coffee. 118 The boys from the woodworking shop enjoy the refreshments which they made in home economics class. BACKGROUND MUSIC Sally McGonigle, Joanne Reppert, and John Rampulla make the county home at Gracedale more cheerful by painting Christmas designs on the windows. Art students painted the attractive show cases for the Yuletide season. CONDUCTORS OF OUR L. G. BALFOUR COMPANY Cla ss Rings Walter G. Fly, Representative 2038 Sycamore St. Bethlehem, Pennsylvania CARLDON ' S RESTAURANT Sunday Dinners our Specialty May We Serve You? PHONE 759-9943 122 South Main Street Nazareth, Pennsylvania HERCULES CEMENT COMPANY KRAEMER Division of TEXTILES, INC. American Cement Corporation Nazareth, Pennsylvania Stockertown, Pennsylvania C. F. MARTIN CO., INC. Established 1833 PENN-DIXIE CEMENT Manufacturers of World Famous Martin Guitars, Mandolins, CORPORATION and Ukuleles Nazareth, Pennsylvania 10 West North Street 759-1560 Nazareth, Pennsylvania PEOPLE ' S COAL SUPPLY CO. NAZARETH CEMENT Stockertown, Pennsylvania 759-3710 COMPANY Fuel Oil, Coal, Lumber, Building Supplies Nazareth, Pennsylvania " Everything from Cellar to Roof " COMMUNITY NEEDS NAZARETH GENERAL PAVING We construct roads, parking areas, and pri¬ vate driveways with hot and cold bituminous concrete. We distribute asphalt oil and dust oil. We are also responsible for asphalt planning. I 10 Park Street Nazareth, Pennsylvania ST. REGIS PAPER COMPANY Nazareth, Pennsylvania BARTHOLOMEW FUNERAL HOME WILLIAM T. SHOOK Plumbing and Heating 759-1220 21 1 East Center Street Nazareth, Pennsylvania Contractor 101 N orth Green Street Nazareth, Pennsylvania BELL BOX COMPANY Easton Road Nazareth, Pennsylvania BEVERLY BLOUSE COMPANY 210 S. Main St. Nazareth, Pa. Sewing Machine Operators Wanted at This New Plant. CHURCHMAN BUSINESS COLLEGE 355 Spring Garden Street Easton, Pennsylvania Lehigh Valley ' s Most Modern Business College BEN CHANE CLEARFIELD GENERAL STORE Men ' s and Boys ' Wear Route 2 60 South Main Street Nazareth, Pennsylvania Nazareth, Pennsylvania 759-0218 V. J. EASTON BOOKBINDING COMPANY BLUE MOUNTAIN CONSOLIDATED WATER COMPANY 459 Center Street Nazareth, Pa. 759-1030 Gold Stamping and Plastic Binding 62 South Main Street King James Version of the Bible Nazareth, Pennsylvania Bound to Individual Requirements BROOKS DOYLE, SR. ROY T. FEHNEL Electrical Contractor General Building Contractor Exterior Painting Interior Decorating Industrial—Commercial—Residential 759-4549 Route 3, Box 474 Route 3, Box 142, Nazareth, Pa. Nazareth, Pennsylvania 759-1 140 or 759-2390 ADVERTISERS FOGEL ' S HARTMAN ' S PORK PRODUCTS Gulf and Fuel Oil Service Route 3 Phone 759-9931 Nazareth, Pennsylvania Broad and Belvidere Streets 759-1960 Nazareth, Pennsylvania HIMLER ' S MARY ANN ' S BEAUTY SHOP 56 East Lawn Road 201 South Main Street Nazareth, Pennsylvania Nazareth, Pennsylvania WALTER C. HIMLER Contractor Route 3 Nazareth, Pennsylvania NAZARETH FAIRGROUNDS and FARMERS ' MARKET, INC. Nazareth, Pennsylvania KEYSTONE DEHYDRATING CO. NOLF ' S LOCKER PLANT Route 2 167 South Broad Street Bethlehem, Pennsylvania Nazareth, Pennsylvania 837-3551 759-4460 Prescriptions and Drugs WILLIAM KARCH LUMBER PRODUCTS KOEHLER ' S PHARMACY R. D. 3, Nazareth—Route 191 Your REXALL Store 35 Belvidere Street Stock and Special Mill Work Cabinet Making—Molding—Doors Custom Kitchens—Sash—Windows Nazareth, Pennsylvania " Everything in finished lumber for the home " THOMAS J. FRANCZAK THE NAZARETH General Contractor Painter and Paperhanger JACKSONIAN CLUB, INC. 222 Oak Street Nazareth, Pennsylvania 759-1892 Nazareth, Pennsylvania GENE ' S HOTEL 326 S. Main Street Nazareth, Pennsylvania Liveliest Spot in Town Gene and Ethel Hartzell GEORGE ' S ATLANTIC SERVICE S H Green Stamps South Main Street and Easton Road Nazareth, Pennsylvania SUNCREST FARMS Wind Gap, Pennsylvania LEHIGH VALLEY SAND AND GRAVEL CO. Easton 258-2325 1401 South 25th Street Easton, Pennsylvania 122 AID THE COMET Builder and Contractor FRANK J. TANZOSH, JR. Route 2, Nazareth, Pennsylvania 759-4010 Massey Harris, New Holland Farm Machinery, Sales and Service J. A. LOPRESTI Stoclcertown, Pennsylvania 759-1580 TATAMY PRODUCTS COMPANY Manufacturers of Agricultural Machinery Tatamy, Pennsylvania SEYFRIED MOTORS, INC. Mauch Chunk and Church Streets 759-1680 Nazareth, Pennsylvania REBER ' S BODY SHOP 113 East High Street (Rear) Nazareth, Pennsylvania 759-1901 Sales and Service Chevrolet and Oldsmobile SOLT CH EVROLET 49 South Broad Street Naiareth, Pennsylvania FLOYD W. SCHMIDT, MORTICIAN 357 Belvidere St. YEISLEY FURNITURE STORE Naiareth, Pennsylvania 436 South Main Street 759-2650 Nazareth, Pennsylvania Licensed in Pennsylvania and New Jersey Peter F. Yeisley, Prop. NAZARETH MUSIC CENTER Ralph E. Brodt, Jr., Prop. Compliments of 162 South Main Street Naiareth, Pennsylvania TRIO FARMS 759-3072 Enthusiastic rooters cheer the " Blue Eagles " to victory. 123 BUSINESS MANAGER ' AUTOMOBILE PARTS AND SUPPLIES NAZARETH AUTO PARTS Nazareth 759-2400 Easton 258-7297 Green and Prospect Streets Nazareth, Pennsylvania WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE Home Owner and Operated Phone Nazareth 759-1998 112 S. Main St., Nazareth, Pa. BEAUTY SHOPS IRENE ' S BEAUTY SHOP 115 North Main Street Nazareth, Pennsylvania SHIRLEY KROMER BEAUTY SALON 37 Mauch Chunk Street Nazareth, Pennsylvania MOLLIE ' S BEAUTY SHOPPE 342 East Walnut Street Nazareth, Pennsylvania LEOLA SHOOK BEAUTY SALON 19 Schoeneck Avenue East Lawn, Nazareth, Pa. CLOTHING STORES ALBERT ' S MEN ' S SHOP Phone Nazareth 759-4349 45 Belvidere Street Nazareth, Pennsylvania DEE ' S APPAREL SHOPPE 103 South Main Street Nazareth, Pennsylvania To the Graduates of the Class of ' 62— " May each succeeding day be better and happier than the day before. " NELSON FREEMAN ELECTRIC APPLIANCES AND CONTRACTORS BUZZARD ELECTRIC COMPANY 61 South Main Street Nazareth, Pa. LESTER A. BEIL Electric Appliances Television and Radio 52 Maple St., Nazareth, Pa. BRUCE I. DOYLE, JR., Electrical Contractor Industrial—Commercial—Residential Box 477, R. D. 3, Nazareth, Pa. FEDON ELECTRIC COMPANY 25 South Main Street Nazareth, Pennsylvania ELMO L. FREY Electrical Appliances 235 South Main Street, Nazareth, Pa. R. K. STOUT Electrical Contractor Phone Nazareth 759-2800 Main Street, Nazareth, Pennsylvania FARM EQUIPMENT AND FEED STORES EDWARDS ' FARM EQUIPMENT Roufe 2 (Route 512 at Clearfield) Nazareth, Pa. Phone Nazareth 759-0249 GEORGE N. MILLER Farm Equipment, Sales and Service General Merchandise Route 2, Nazareth, Pa. Phone 759-2260 SNYDER MILLING COMPANY 435 South Main Street Nazareth, Pennsylvania FLORISTS ALPAUGH’S FLOWER SHOP Distinctive Floral Arrangements for All Occasions 66 South Main Street, Nazareth, Pa. Phone Nazareth 759-1900 RHYMER ' S FLOWER SHOP 138 South Main Street Nazareth, Pennsylvania GARAGES AND SERVICE STATIONS BUCK ' S GULF SERVICE 52 East Lawn Road, Nazareth, Pa. Phone Nazareth 759-9928 COOPER ' S MOBIL SERVICE Lubrication—Battery Service—Tires Car Washing—AAA Service and Towing Official State Inspection Main Street, Stockertown, Pa. FINKBEINER ' S ESSO STATION Lubrication—Gas—Tires Tatamy, Pennsylvania 124 — ■ _ ■ ■ ■ — ONTROL FINANCIAL AFFAIRS GARAGES AND SERVICE STATIONS GAMMER’S GULF SERVICE All engines SCOPE analyzed Ignition Specialists Route 12 and Route 22 Interchange HERMAN ' S MOBIL SERVICE Broad and Center Streets Nazareth, Pennsylvania Phone Nazareth 759-9924 R. R. HESS AUTO REPAIRS 142 North Spruce Street Nazareth, Pennsylvania J J SERVICE CENTER Inspection Station—Mechanic on Duty AAA Radiator Repairs Phone 759-9944 East Lawn Road, Nazareth, Pa. KLIPPLE ' S FLYING A SERVICE Phone Nazareth 759-9960 Nazareth and Bath Highway T. F. LEH, INCORPORATED Ford Sales and Service 235 Broad Street Nazareth, Pennsylvania MESSENLEHNER ' S SUNOCO SERVICE A to Z Lubrication 574 South Main Street, Nazareth, Pa. Phone Nazareth 759-9930 WELK ' S ESSO SERVICE STATION Walnut and New Streets Nazareth, Pennsylvania GROCERY, MEAT, AND SEAFOOD STORES BUSS ' MARKET Open Daily 7:30-9:30 Sundays 8:30-12:00 Phone Nazareth 759-0780 4:30-8:00 420 South Main Street, Nazareth, Pa. DARROHN’S SUPERETTE Phone Nazareth 759-4458 Hecktown, Pennsylvania FRANTZ ' S GROCERY STORE 301 Belvidere Street Nazareth, Pennsylvania JOE GEIDER Main and Mauch Chunk Streets Nazareth, Pennsylvania KERN ' S MEAT MARKET Edward H. Kern, Prop. Home Dressed Meat and Poultry 105 South Broad Street Nazareth, Pennsylvania LANCE ' S SEAFOOD MARKET Clambakes to take out on order 251 East Walnut Street, Nazareth, Pa. Phone Nazareth 759-0390 OTT ' S GROCERY STORE 307 South Broad Street Nazareth, Pennsylvania PENSENBECK ' S GROCERY Home baked goods our specialty 49 North Broad Street, Nazareth, Pa. Phone Nazareth 759-9932 M. WYNNE, GROCER 18 North Main Street Nazareth, Pennsylvania Phone Nazareth 759-2123 HARDWARE DEALERS NAZARETH HARDWARE COMPANY 49-51 Main Street Nazareth, Pennsylvania NAZARETH TOOL SUPPLY COMPANY 150 South Main Street Nazareth, Pennsylvania Peter F. Yeisley, Prop. HOME AND BUILDING SUPPLIES NAZARETH BUILDING BLOCK Manufacturer of Building Blocks and Building Materials Bethlehem Highway, Route 12 Phone Nazareth 759-1820 125 WHERE CUSTOMERS SAVE HOME AND BUILDING SUPPLIES NAZARETH FURNITURE COMPANY 136 South Main Street Nazareth, Pennsylvania HARRY E. FRANTZ Modern Kitchens Ceramic and Rubber Tile 204 North Green Street Nazareth, Pennsylvania HOTELS AND RESTAURANTS AMERICAN HOTEL 202 South Main Street Nazareth, Pennsylvania BUSHKILL CENTER HOTEL Route 2, Nazareth, Pennsylvania Phone Nazareth 759-2449 COMMERCIAL HOUSE 128 South Main Street Nazareth, Pennsylvania MOORESTOWN HOTEL A Landmark of Fine Food and Cocktails Route 512 between Bath and Wind Gap TOWNE HOUSE Broad and Belvidere Street Nazareth, Pennsylvania INSURANCE BATT, JANOS, MARKLEY AND BATT AGENCY, INC. 148 South Main Street Nazareth, Pennsylvania 701 Wood Avenue Easton, Pennsylvania ROY S. HAHN, General Insurance 151 South Main Street Nazareth, Pennsylvania JEAN K. HAUPT Notary Public Erie Insurance Exchange Agent 125 East Center Street Nazareth, Pensylvania FRANK HUTH SONS Insurance in all its Branches 104 South Main Street Nazareth, Pennsylvania Phone Nazareth 759-4900 MELVIN G. KANIPER Nationwide Insurance Auto—Fire—Life 109 Lincoln Avenue Stockertown, Pa. Phone Nazareth 9-3878 COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND JEWELERS R. D. LAMBERT Belvidere Street Nazareth, Pennsylvania G. D. OSWALD 48 Center Street Nazareth, Pennsylvania MANUFACTURERS NAZARETH BURIAL VAULT 162 South Main Street Nazareth, Pennsylvania NAZARETH PAPER BOX COMPANY 181 South Whitfield Street Nazareth, Pennsylvania NAZARETH PLANING MILL CO. Sash Doors—Shutters—Blinds—Frames Prospect and Green Streets Nazareth, Pennsylvania IME AND MONEY PHARMACY NAZARETH PHARMACY C. L. Scovell, Registered Pharmacist Prescription Specialists Russell Stover Candy Nazareth ' s Largest and Finest Drug Store 68 South Main Street, Nazareth, Pa. PHOTOGRAPHERS APPOLLO STUDIO Nazareth Pennsylvania STULL ' S PHOTO SERVICE 156 South Main Street Nazareth, Pennsylvania PLUMBING CONTRACTORS AND SUPPLIES Compliments of EAST LAWN SUPPLY CO., INC. Nazareth, Pennsylvania NAZARETH PLUMBING AND HEATING I 14 Belvidere Street Nazareth, Pennsylvania Phone Nazareth 759-0760 SPECIAL SERVICES BETHLEHEM BUSINESS SCHOOL, INC. Union Bank Building Bethlehem, Pennsylvania Phone UNiversity 6-5121 Accounting and Secretarial Courses CLEWELL ' S CIDER MILL Apples—Cider Home-Cooked Apple Butter in Season R. D. 3, Nazareth, Pennsylvania Compliments of JAMES FERRARO, Attorney 127 South Broad Street Nazareth, Pennslyvania G. C. MURPHY COMPANY Belvidere Street Nazareth, Pennsylvania BOB POTTS USED CARS Buy—Sell—Trade—Finance On the Bath-Newburg Road NAZARETH PUBLISHING CO., INC. 46-48 South Main Street Nazareth, Pennsylvania Phone Nazareth 759-1070 NAZARETH STEAM LAUNDRY Established 1915 Elton E. Johnson, Owner Make Our Phone Line Your Clothes Line Phone Nazareih 759-2230 NORTHAMPTON FARM BUREAU " Owned by Those it Serves " Tatamy, Pennsylvania Phone Easton 258-2871 WILLIAM M. SILFIES, REG. PROF. ENGINEER Designing—Building—Construction 363 South Broad Street Nazareth, Pennsylvania SPORTING GOODS NAZARETH NEWS AGENCY Stationer and Sporting Goods 143 South Main Street Nazareth, Pennsylvania NAZARETH SPORTING GOODS Broad and Belvidere Streets Nazareth, Pennsylvania Phone Nazareth 759-1535 TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY Affiliated with Columbia Scholastic Press Association Pennsylvania Scholastic Press Association National School Yearbook Association in : f Y ' ,Y , ‘ " 3% •i . • •- V ' ' V , i 3 . « ' . . „ ' I ,• . « ‘ , • w A - i : , : ■ WSS • -

Suggestions in the Nazareth Area High School - Comet Yearbook (Nazareth, PA) collection:

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