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' -- -4? af- f van?- :D V, ui-V3 1, - A, . - ,- ,,,,+-'-:' 1 ' "':l', P: IL X. .- . an f - W' -gif' fr ' 'S , vfr x f A 1 P " fl -., ,, .. ,Q 'SH K- :TJ 31, "FQ.':1,g THE COMET P1lbZ1.Jl1Kli by the' Class of l953 Nazareth Area Senior High School NAZARETH, PENNSYLVANIA Member of Columbia Scholastic Press Association Member of Pennsylvania School Press Association NAZARETH AREA SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL, NAZARETH, PENNSYLVANIA CTO be occupied in the Fall of 19551 Web' and Hahn, Architect Foreword The Comet Staff has tried to present a complete picture of day-to-day happenings at Nazareth Area Senior High School. If, in years to come, students leaf through the 1953 Comet and recall with pleasant memories activities or events recorded here, the staff will feel repaid for the months of concentrated effort used in the preparation of this memory book. Contents ADMINISTRATION AND FACULTY .,.. ..... P ages 4- 8 CURRICULUM, CLUBS, ACTIVITIES ......... Pages 9- 48 SPORTS ............................... ..... P ages 49- 64 CLASSES ............. .,... P ages 65- 94 ADVERTISEMENTS .... ..... P ages 95-104 C. F. MARTIN GUITAR FACTORY ' NAZARETH BCJRO Dating back to 1740, Nazareth, the earliest settled of the Joint Area Districts, extends over an area of 1.7 square miles with a population of 5810. From this district come 184 of the 475 students attending the Area Senior High School. Industries are Varied, including milling, steel fabrication, and the manufacture of cement, paper boxes, textile products, and musical instruments. Back in 1859 a German craftsman, C. F. Martin, began the manu- facture of quality guitars. The successor to this early craftsman is the present C. F. Martin and Company, which produces monthly between 1000 and 1200 guitars and fretted, stringed musical instruments. These instruments are shipped all over the United States, to Canada, and as far as Hawaii. ADMINISTRATIO FACULTY NAZARETH AREA JOINT SCHOOL COMMITTEE Seated: C. Knauss, Secretary to the Boardg Gustave Fox, Lower Nazarethg George A. Smith, Prefident, Nazarethg A. Russell Snyder, Vice President, Nazareth, Charles P. Schnerr, Trearurer, Nazareth, Elwood Unangst, Nazareth. Standing: F. A. Marcks, Superinterzdentg Paul Burley, Tatamyg Peter F. Yeisley, Nazareth, Stanley W. Clewell, Nazareth, John Fox, Stockertowng Vincent Altemose, Bushlcill. Abreui: John Weinerth, Upper Nazareth, Clinton L. Bunn, Nazareth. dministration Back in the spring of 1950, the Nazareth Area Joint School District came into existence after an agreement had been approved and signed between representatives of Nazareth Boro, BushkillTownsh1p, Lower Nazareth-Township, Stockertown Boro, Tatamy Boro, and Upper Nazareth Township. NAZARETH AREA JOINT SCHOOL BOARD Burhkill Townrhi Stockertown Boro P Floyd Lahr Vincent Altemose George O. Werner Edgar E. Fehr Robert E. Correll Mrs. Evelyn M. Happel Howard Riefenstahl John Fox Mrs. Eva Prendergast Carl Fry Lower Nazareth -Tozaruhip Tatarhy Boro Norman Mlllheim Frank B. Heckman Walter Buss Gustave Fox George Bartron Nazareth Boro George A. Smith Charles P. Schnerr A. Russell Snyder Peter F. Yeisley Clinton L. Bunn Elwood Unangst Stanley W. Clewell Harry Frey Rev. Floyd R. Shafer A. C. Dereamus Paul Burley Lester Happel Upper Nazareth Towmhip Louis C. Hoffmeister Leo Shook Woodrow T. Hartzell John Weinerth Mrs. Marguerite Thomas l A 1-K K. 'it 1 Superintendent illarckf Jtudief cz report When the Nazareth Area Joint High School was formed in June, 1950, by agreement between six districts, Mr. Marcks, serving as superintendent of the Nazareth Borough District, the only district of the third class in the -lointure, became the chief administrative and supervisory officer of the joint school. In this position he serves in much the same capacity relative to the high school as he did before the formation of the Jointure. As chief executive officer of the Joint Board, he advises the board in matters relative to the teaching staff, courses of study, selection of textbooks, purchase of supplies, employment of non-professional personnel, etc. In the building program presently under way, he serves as adviser to the board in all matters pertain- ing to the program. He coordinates the contributions of the professional staff, and works closely with the architect, the Department of Public Instruction of the state and other agencies, in an effort to make the new senior high school building a truly functional building for a type of educational program best suited to this community. As principal of the -loint Area High School, Mr. Graver emphasizes that under the jointure the Nazareth Area Senior High School is the high school of all the districts and of all the students. This spirit of cooperation is now evident in the planning for the new area senior high school. illiff Kilpatrick and illrf. Weir: me illr. Grower cheeky electric mirrzeograph a .fchedule Ouri Lefz to right: Augustine Weinliofer, Jean Clute, Mrs. Mary Hand, and Irvan Chelly 4 l AUGUSTINE WEINHOFER JEAN CLUTE MRS. MARY HAND IRVAN CHELLY Instrumental Music Art Vocal Music Industrial Art Band Stagecraft Club Glee Club Comet Art PEARL SCI-INERR DORIS JENKINS Foods Sewing MRS. MILDRED METZ MRS. MARGARET SHEKLETSKI MRS. A. JANE BLEILER MRS. VIRGINIA GRAVER Bookkeeping Typewriting Salesmanship Shorthand Record Keeping Comet Business Typewriting Oflice Practice Introduction to Business Blue and White Business Introduction to Business Blue and White Typing Knitting Club Knitting Club School Treasurer First Aid Club Lfftto right: Pearl Schnerr Lfft Zo right: Mrs. Mildred Metz, Mrs. Margaret Shelcletski, and Doris Jenkins Mrs. A. Jane Bleiler, and Mrs. Virginia Graver 6 Facult Left Zo right: Guy Cump, Adam Sheklerski, Franklyn Kostenbader, and James Roth GUY CUMP Mathematics Faculty Athletic Adviser J. FREDERIC KNECHT English Blue and White The Gleam MARIE BRYAN English History Sophomore Class Adviser ADAM SHEKLETSKI FRANKLYN KOSTENBADER JAMES ROTH Chemistry Physics Biology Consumer Science Consumer Science Photography Club Senior Class Adviser Senior Play Agriculture Club ELIZABETH SLGAT MRS. MIRIAM L. ZELL English American History The Comet Dramatic Club The Gleam MRS. CHARLOTTE BONNER Librarian Library Club Assistant-Girls, Craft Club ROBERT HARDING English Chess Club QUENTIN E. ZELL Problems of Democracy Blue and Wliite M ' Left fo ri ht: Mrs. Miriam Zell Left to right: J. Frederic Knecht, Elizabeth Sloat, arie g Bryan, Mrs. Charlotte Bonner, and Robert Harding and Quentin Zell 7 Facult Left to right: Stanley Skuta, Edward Christman, Margaret Heckman, Donald Smith, Andrew Leh, Guy Owens, and Robert Weiss STANLEY SKUTA EDWARD CHRISTMAN MRS. MARGARET HECKMAN DONALD SMITH History J. V. Football Coach Physical Education Basketball Coach Track and Wrestling Coach Girls' Sports Coach Assistant Football Coach Cheerleader Adviser ANDREW LEH GUY OWENS ROBERT WEISS Physical Education Health J. V. Basketball Coach Football Coach Driver Education Baseball Coach V. Football Coach NORMAN HUGHES MRS. RUTH MCGONIGLE CHESTER FELVER History Latin Commercial Arithmetic Problems of Democracy German Consumer Education Student Council First Aid Club Business Noon Activity Program Craft Club Student Council Junior Guidance Counselor Senior Guidance Counselor Sophomore Guidance Counselor 8 Left to right: Norman Hughes, Ruth McGonigle, and Chester Felver ns., I gilt 1 .M 1 A .X , .. 1- - ' f iftnmf' is V VV . 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V . t A X -,V an 3 ,wY1i215f'g-'gf V: ' - ' EB V - f' ' - if 1 WVWW-if-Q-f-M wi - N- gf-gf Q ' K all Y -I 'MNH ' A ,1 -- ,L P - it fifiiiizff-fig? V - fVf'?:lili7 ' z : - : -- e . ' V t v ' - ' 3' :ww ,r a V 5it'Q-f:1'i -- V f"fi.-, VQf"?5m'?iW' , : jj -,WgfQA1'j,7s,7V - -"' Q ' 5 -yy A V, MV, K 3 gy- V W V .g:. A .VLMVV V-'gf --. V, A, -74:5 V W ,X ,g K ' .VUL Mf P ':.'- 1 " '...te,.-f-w,fV' fs 'Mi ' K -V -- at Vs-YK' . 415 , M -:YV . 1 Fifi V V S ' A , lid 1 . 53: -3 X-'11 1 ?f'r'e'1-we-V V, K ' V - W 'ff-' - V-'viii -- ' .HA- - , '- V Q V -x --W V on f ' -- ,.-,V - 6- -i- '-Vugw ,' fe: -4-5' mill- -' A- ,K w ' I ' 1 N . . . ' I-rw "-i ' J .gf ,X -. . -- " A 4 V ' I 'Z .gk A: A A f j:.g,i--Y ', ,. gf., If gkgxzsg :M Ta- V V V V.--Vfff A ,, . af- ' -- -----pafg gi g tz. - V -1: f fifty? - - 1 - Z S, ' -- ' ' 'l,g15I5.Wl5I?f?E'7 1-f -V I 1 . - - 5'S'1yQ 3 ' .V -, EQ V. -191, 1' V . 4 V --fe : j L- ,mir , ' 4 Q, , y Ve V- N- -. av-1128. 1. Q - V 72 ::,-wi M . - ' Vt .:V -' -YL ,X .,,, . , ga, me ,V . V ,ss V is ,V . f W .. ,. VV . :wifi-a,4gg: ,,1 -V 1.,eax- 'Y Y-,My Pe'-v," ' , V c " - V,3'ifQQoR1r4?gQ if A Q fiizwggv -51 1 ,gay ,: . 'f - W' V V ' V Vg-i,y1,1 , ' VM ' -.1 ,V .V X ' 3 . -- A "ef 1. - - -, V 1V , - V. A 'fag,Vi. V - ' -V Pl - g .3-'ff L -gm if --'gg , E' ' " " ' VV 'M , " - 4 F '-ijyfnf V . 32 5Vf,-sing, h L -. 5' . -Y :,,.,'V41'-'Wkgs.V"'f.2n,,V..-,:,."1?SY-21,-' . is , -i' ' -,Q Q- 1' '- 'i n' ,- N 3 ,' - X Viijffi - Y - 5:-' V, .W gr- 1.2 ,- - .If ., . ' V ' V- 2 " Q iss-, . 6.1, , 1 .4 . . -' -7? '. -1,- zz V : V -ff- Q- -V2 V1.5 , -fw-:sp.1.-- 'f- , f...- , -, ,- . .V . VNV, . V -1 ' 1:-My V 1 11, -,f es V Ck 4- I-L '59, - ' '- T w i Vw- - 1'W1.:-:I-g-.V---5 ' .. SQFEVV, ' VV ' " -' V ' ' V' V hm - 1' 2 -if . - V. --fa-NV-tr. 'L'1"5f .. .'a...,:f:'VV:f.sV - " -sw -4' '-ri.-3.- Pr: - - Q.- -14,193 Vw' Q Q V4 5. . ' ' fs- .. MT . ' .- - .V 1-ae: gsefl-:-L "f"':-:- , fn - ':V t -'--'--V-ef. V- V .V wife, - mg,gQmV?-' 5 ' 'iig '-:gif-'5-jf ff ' ,.' - :g -: " -g f ir '-V' 1195! Q--VP lp ' .IV-if 1 X-V, A . - h , ,A I if an y s.,,,,, V V, ,.',V,,.,i yn ,N ,V 7, K, V I Quin 'EM EXZ " ,M , f ' 1 X 1 ' : - 1 . q-s :4:. 'V ' 1g'yw--' rp 2 '-skin . "w.ez-:T - . , VV 'Eli MQPSQE' il mise 35,4 --fv1'fffyf,LI'Q1m i 9: -' V . I ii?-' Ef:Z .: -" f'5Qf'l M- "T3'H'w Q 1115- " ' i -V -l1I- Y ' 'HTH ,,.,,, ' v i' fi: " Aix-lei'5fif1 VV WTS A V 'll W-'i'yE25t . 'X-zff waifi Wi 51 ' im-wlmi LIT -'V , 'FT'-2 Qfkiilfl-'S- 7,1 Lf, V A - g'3'?"i7 ' '- 'QV Vflmt'-Vs,,fV. 2fl'Vag . 1- , me -IVV. M, - V H- V. 1-.S EM M1-Vt: . V' f V ' V ,V V - f , V PENN-DIXIE CEMENT CORPORATION UPPER NAZARETH TOWNSHIP Consisting of an area of 7.3 square miles, Upper Nazareth Township, one of the Joint Area Districts, has a population o attend ing the Area Senior High School. f 1991 with 58 students This section, where the Penn-Dixie Cement is engaged largely in the manufacture of cement. with the merger of three cement plants-Dexter, Penn Allen, and Pennsylvania - the Penn-Dixie Cement Corporation came into existence. At the present time this corporation employs 591 men and produces 3,840,000 barrels of cement annually. Corporation is located, In September of 1926, lf' ' TIES LUB URRICLILU '91, t X ,Q Q4 SA Zi?-' 1 Students Enllven 3Y Democratic band paradfr for Stevemon As part of the social studies program last fall, both the Demo- cratic and Republican candidates and their platforms were discussed in P. D. and American history classes. By November students had become acquainted with the backgrounds of the candidates and the issues at stake. Then as a climax to several weeks of discussion, the entire student body participated in a polit- ical rally in the gym on November 3. Both the Republican and the Democratic parties had speakers representing their nominees - Stevenson and Sparlcman for the Democrats and Eisenhower and Nixon for the Republicans. Student enthusiasm for their candidates was highlighted with bands, par- ades, and much fanfare by the student body. Finally on election day, Nov- ember 4, a polling place was set up Wayne Nottle :peaks for Stevenson and manned by a student election board with students voting for the candidates of their choice. Nazareth Area High School, true to town tradition. went Democratic with the of 233 votes for Stevenson and 205 for Eisenhower. final tally ' Student: cart ballot! Gaining t Lfdlfff K ff 355 Lili In , A.,,, , Knowledge I. Second yzar German .ftudfntx study paxfive voicf. 2. I n Englifh clan, :enior .ftudentf revife com- pofitiom. 3. Art fzudent: work on portrait Jketchex. and Developing 4 Cherniftry studentf ob! rife the path of cathode ray: through a vacuum ll 5 tlfrs. Metz explainf a t and Lou State- Proi, rnett to a Bookkeeping 6 In Office Practice Of t' be. claff. the girlf learn the me duplicating machine! and A the electric typewriter Skills I n the Languages, Science, Business Education 4 1. A5 a phafe of Driver Educa- tion, ,vmdentf .rtudy an automo- bile motor. Y 4 2. junior phyfies Jtudentf :Lady N the prineiplef of an electric motor. 3. In algebra clay! Jtuderztx factor mini ana' difference: of eizbef, N v 1 Social tudies, Homemaking, and Arts 4. In order to study locationr, Anzerican hit-tory stndentf me a map. 5. Shorthand I Jtndentf take dictation. 6. Putting their knowlfdge to practiml zur, xtzzdmt: bake coolaief. .,Qm:wM,m4w . Y V , , .ow ,,, - K , ,- -- -' ' ug' W , . A--. ,N A A , - . Q- k V, ---' , Q 'M . Qu , ho " 113, , "U -- MS so Q V, A ' HN 4 gy Yagi, 1333 ., 'ff t ,?gf-vwff, 7.-.g , vt 2953239 , , ,,.-, ff , 1 o,,. . ,,, g.,, A . t , L , Aw my ton. - -sawiemfaasvammwm,,a,McrsMw 1,-3, -- Dr. fohn Fraunfelder examiner zvreftlerf ? S . ,aww Mrf. fofephine Tintera, .fehool nnrfe, giver Barbara Weaver and Elaine Baltz audiorneter teftf In the eleventh grade phyxical checkup, Dr. Raymond Benjamin , checks the blood preffure of Hazel Barnhart while Dorir Graver and Elaine Fehnel wail their turn. Thorough Medical Examinations Given Students As a part of the school health program, each student is given a thorough medical and dental examination every other year. This health examination lays the foundation for remedial health Work throughout the school year. An additional health service to the student is a periodic chest X-ray. Prior to each season of parti- cipation, candidates for sports - football, basketball, Wrestling, baseball, and track-are given a special examination by the school medical inspector. Games and Dancing Featured in oon Activity Program At noon ftudentf enjoy reading in our well-equipped library Boy! Jharpen up for coining ping-pong tournament Dancer! jitterbng to the rnufic of the Stardreamer: At the beginning of the second year of noon- activities the student cry was "More games! More games!" And so each Monday, Tuesday, and Thurs- day noon the game-minded students enjoy ping-pong, checkers, quoits, and cards in the bandroom and basketball in the gym. For those not wishing to participate in games, the library is open for reading. For students interested in dancing, our own Lehigh Valley Playboys provide the music for square dancing on Wednesdayg our Stardreamers, for modern dancing on Friday. The noon-activities are shared by both out-of- town and town students and are in charge of Mr. Hughes. A rebound if taken after ez beuketball Jhot if mined StudentCouncil Plans Social Activities and Helps With Noon Program Selected by the student body to represent them in planning and super- vising school activities, the Student Council, composed of twenty-eight mem- bers, meets each Monday during the eighth period. The Council held dances - both mod- ern and square - at HalloWe'en, Thanks- giving, Christmas, Valentine's Day, and a Spring Hop during the past year, managed the noon-activities program, chose various assemblies, and supervised the refreshment stand during the football season. Each month the Council selects the "Boy of the Month" to represent the school as a guest at a Lions Club dinner meeting. Mr. Hughes and Mr. Felver are the Council advisers. I. Student Conneil Offieerr: Mr. Hugher, aa'vi.rer,' fonef, Ant. Sec.-TreaJ'.,' Roberir, V ice Preridentg Rader, Prerizientg Gold, Secretaryg W oodring, Trear. 2. Council rnenzherf deeorale for the Chrirlrnar Dante. 3. Student: enjoy the holiday dance. 4. The zlancerf enjoy refrerhnzentf. 5. Mr. Lee, a reprefentative of Lafayette College, .rpealer lo Jtndentf. 6. Mrf. MeGonigle, .renior guidance counselor, difcufxex eolleger wilh Barbara lllengel. 7. Mfr. Sell, reprefentative of the Bell Telephone Company, .rpealer to the .renior girl: interefieal in becoming telephone operator-.r. 8. Mir: Anna Kraemer of Penn-Dixie explains the oariouf part: of the invoice lo Jludentr. 9. Bond, Regi, Wooalring, Nilelef, Yandrirevifr, and lllr. Leffertf lake time out for lunch before touring the Penn-Dixie Cement Company Officer. Guidance Program Includes Conferences, Tests, and Office Visitation Ar the present time each of the senior high school classes has its own guidance counselor: the seniors, Mrs. McGonigleg the juniors, Mr. Hughes, and the sophomores, Mr. Felver. Throughout the year students who have problems or diHiculties may interview the guidance counselors for help. Frequently these interviews enable students to im- prove their weak and develop their strong points. As a special service to the students, the Nazareth Rotary Club is instrumental in securing speakers for vocational con- ferences in the areas of student choice. Scheduled during school time, these con- ferences cover the nature, preparation, and advantages of various vocations. Besides these career conferences, students are given an opportunity to take Vocational Aptitude Tests ad- ministered by a vocational counselor from the State Employment office at Easton, Pa. Through the cooperation of four local business sponsors- Penn Dixie and Lone Star Cement Companies and Nazareth National Bank and Trust Company and the Second National Bank-each of the fifty- seven senior commercial students has had an opportunity to observe the operation of business in an office. Before proceeding with the ofhce visitation program, each businessgroup took the students to lunch. ,W L.-Q--' if o l In the play, CUSTER,S LAST SIT, father if rniftaleen for a burglar l Father acivifef hir family about keeping late hourf 'in DATE FOR l BOBBY Sox Dramatic Clubs Exchange Programs and Attend Plays DRAMATIC CLUB This year there are two Dramatic Clubs with an approximate membership of forty. Mrs. Zell's club meets each Tues- day, Wednesday, and Thursday, While Miss Bryan's club meets only on Wednesday of each Week. Several of the seven plays produced this year were used as exchange programs with Pen Argyl, Bangor, and Wilson High Schools. Besides producing plays the Club mem- bers have had the opportunity of attending the Drawing Room Theater in Bethlehem and dress rehearsals of Lafayette College plays in Easton. Father Zayx down the law about getting in late in In CUSTER,S LAST SIT, Cutter inyxteriouxly BE HOME BY MIDNIGHT contractx :mall pox Stagecraft Club Prepares Sets for Plays STAGECRAF T CLUB Meeting every Thursday, the twenty- four member Stagecraft Club plans stage settings during activity period. In order to have the stage prepared for the numerous productions, students relinquish many of then study halls, and, when necessary, remain after school to Work. Since the senior high schools, a quick change of scenery is frequently necessary. This year the Stagecraft Club arranged the stage for seven Dramatic Club plays. Several members accompanied the Dram- atic Club on their exchange programs to operate the lighting, curtains, and sound effects at Pen Argyl, Bangor, and Wilson Hlgh Schools. Miss ean Clute is the club adviser. auditorium is used by both junior and ' J The Stagecraft Club fort: properties under the .vtage The Stezgecraft Club prepares the .ftage for ez play joe haf his pick of secretaries in TAKE A LETTER I. Craft Club members braid beltf and key ehaiuf of plaftic craft-Jlrip 2. Girl: enjoy farhioning cortume jewelry from .fhellf and bead: 3. Craft Club girlr crochet Jcatter rug: Clubs Encourage Worth-while Hobbies CRAFT CLUB Since many girls enjoy making jewelry and small personal items, the member- ship ofthe Craft Club has to be limited. Before the holidays the twenty- seven members made small decorative Christmas trees from green cellophane paper. For their other projects they crocheted scatter rugs, braided belts and key chains of plastic craft-strip, Wove baskets of reed and raffia, and made shell-craft pins and ear- rings. Mrs. McGonigle, assisted by Mrs. Bonner, supervises this group each Tuesday and Thursday. PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB Under the supervision of Mr. james Roth, the elementary and advanced photography clubs, composed of twenty-nine mem- bers, learned to print and develop pictures. After the students have learned these fundamentals, they Work on special projects. Irr Photography Club Inhoff and Jlletzgar Photography group cooperate in producing a mzx chemiealr motion picture Chess Club Wins League Championship By defeating every opponent, the Nazareth Area High School Chess team Won the championship in the Penn-Jersey Interscholastic Chess League in 1951-52. During the Tuesday and Thursday activity periods the club members Work for maneu- vering skill, While the thir- teen-member team strives each Wednesday to Win the school championship. This yearls team Won seven out of eight tourna- ment games, and again has Won the League champion- ship for the second con- secutive year. Since the Penn-Jersey Interscholastic Chess League was started in 1951-52, the Nazareth Chess team has held the championship title. Mr. Harding is the club adviser. Irt a .fecond hal champtoruhzp game wzth Phzllzpxburg Nazareth wwf 5 2 While coache: and team member: look on, Captam Arthur Reph wuz: over Phillipfburg J man First Half NHS OPP. Quakertown ..... O Easton .......,.. 6 1 Phillipshurg ..,.. 4 3 Allentown ....... SM 1M Second Half NHS OPP. Quakertown ..... 5 2 Easton .......... 3 -L Phillipsburg ..... J 2 Allentown ..,. 5 2 To explam the movement o the Kmght to the Chen' team, tlflr Hardmg ure: the demontfratzorz board Library Club 'memberf .rign out bookf Reinbold and Sfeltzvnan demonftmte a step Zo the Dancing Club member: Mfr. Zlfletz and Mfr. Bleiler help Jtudent: in Knitting Club Club Activities and Vary LIBRARY CLUB Consisting of fifteen members, the library club helps the librarian, Mrs. Charlotte Bonner, to keep our library in tiptop condition. Meeting the eighth period each Tuesday, club members repair books, letter new ones, file book records in the card catalogue, learn to do desk work, and at the end of the year help to take an inventory of all books in the library. DANCING CLUB During eighth period on Wednesdays the seventy-five members of the dancing club learn new steps and endeavor to improve their dancing under the direction of Mrs. Phyllis Bush, an outside instructor. KNITTING CLUB Under the supervision of Mrs. Metz and Mrs. Bleiler, the nineteen-member Knitting Club meets each Tuesday and Thursday during activity periods to learn to knit, to purl, and to pick up dropped stitches. Through the year the club members make articles-socks, sweaters, mittens, scarves, slipper socks, and baby blankets. Their articles are displayed at the annual Art Exhibition in May. Provide Pleasure School Routine FIRST AID CLUB During the eighth period every Wednes- day the thirteen members of the First Aid Club are given instruction in the standard Red Cross First Aid Course. In addition to learning how to prevent accidents, they learn proper bandaging, how to perform artificial respiration, and the approved first aid treatment for severe bleeding, fractures, and common emergencies. After completing the course, they take a test for their First Aid Certi- ficates. AGRICULTURE CLUB The fifteen-member Agriculture Club meets each Tuesday. Taking charge of meetings, individual members discuss vari- ous topics: growing potatoes and apples, grading eggs, testing soil, and studying insect pests. AERONAUTICS CLUB The twenty-one members of Aero- nautics Club meet every Tuesday during activity period to study flying in general and the structure and mechanics of air- planes. In connection with learning more about the occupational possibilities of this field, the Club made a trip to the Allen- town-Bethlehem-Easton Airport to get acquainted with the opportunities and qualifications of various types of Work in aeronautics. Flying model airplanes and displaying them during Club period helped students learn more about types of planes. The members also investigated the courses offered by different aeronautic schools. 11772 Koftenbezder applief nialee-up to Shirley Turner Early in September when Mr. Kostenbader announced tryouts for the senior play, jenny Kirfed ille, approxi- mately twenty-five seniors responded to the call. As soon as the cast was chosen, rehearsals began. While the cast Was busy rehearsing, the business staff snapped into action promoting the sale of tickets and the other committees began work on stage properties and getting costumes. Since the net proceeds of this project helps finance the senior trip to New York City in June, every senior helped by selling tickets, ushering, or serving on one of the various committees. Mr Koftenbader ineditatef during reliearfal Cn Stage and Qff Students and Facult Prepare for the Senior Pla Senior Play iifhery pore Fronl row: Kienzel, Breinig - Middle row: Mrs. Metz, Kepp, Peters, King, Gotto Standing: Yandrisevits, Stranzel, Mr. Shekletski Milburn, and Schweitzer Student: work on their liner f , , '- A we '- it 'lf 7' af ww 'lf itil Q, 321, s, i f ' if Stagecmft crew ret up a flat In order to carry out its many assignments the Stagecraft Club is divided into committees to handle lighting, construction and painting of new sets, putting up flats, and arranging properties. As this club prepares sets for the senior play, band concert, music festival, and the fashion show, it is kept busy throughout the year. Besides these special events the club also arranges the scenery for the plays presented by the Dramatic Club. - 5 f 155 ,ia v ,gg W 4 5 f, Student: fit a door into the flat fa. . , .. ,. V i I. Sifter Nlary and Miff Stearns prefent their problemy. 2. Father Moynihan if .rhockfd by Jixtferi-year-Ola' Chiu Jmokirig and wing make'-ap. 3. Bag ana' baggage, fermy arrive: at the rfctory. 4. Zllr. Parlefidf mretf Fathfr Jlloymfhan. Seniors Present JENNIE KISSED ME JENNY KISSED ME, this yeai-'s senior play, opened in Father Moyni- han's rectory with his housekeeper demanding that her orphaned niece come to live with them at the rectory. Finally, much against Father's wishes, Jenny arrives. After plain Jenny has lived at the rectory only two months, Father Moynihan decides her appearance needs to be improved. In order to make her more attractive, Gwen Parkside, son of a prominent busi- ness man, offers a few helpful sugges- tions. Soon Owen and Jenny are dating regularly and many problems arise involving everyone at the rectory. During this time Michael Saunders, a thirty-four year old bachelor, has secretly fallen in love with Jenny. Now that Owen started courting Jenny, Michael's jealousy is aroused. As Michael finally realized! he loves Jenny, he goes for a marriage license despite Father Moynihan's objections. CAST OF CHARACTERS FATHER MOYNIHAN ....................,.. Robert Lauffer MICHAEL SAUNDERS .,.. .... G ene Rader MRS. DEAZY .................. ....... S hirley Turner SISTER MARY or THE ANGELS .... ........,... J ean Regi SHIRLEY TIRABOSSI .......... . . Jacquelynne Hartman Miss STEARNS ...... MARY DELANEY HARRY ...,...... . . . Jo B OWEN PARKSIDE JENNY ........ PRISCILLA ..... JANE ......... MR. PARKSIDE . 30 Eleanor Scroce . Corinne Gold Isabelle Julius arbara Mengel .William Gano Dolores Sandt . , . Jane Scott . . . Jane Diehl Conrad Tripp 9" ' P.. X -A - ' 1 ," s. X , ' 1 f' 1, X I 4. ' I . . - K J' ' 1 4 P" :.' N l ' 1 :" J. X . ' 1 Q" ' s. Barbara Reinbold and Lorelta Golto interview Mr. Nlarrkf for a Blue and Ilflzite artitle. llliff Paul giver inflrnrtionr to lzer Blue and While Szeqf Seated: Fox, Buff, Seoti, Beilel, Stinimel, Clewell, Gruver, Werner, fanief, Elkinf, and W'ei.v.v. Standing: .Mite .Margaret Paul Staff t Cooperation Blue and hite Teeming with activity during eighth periods, the Blue and White staff, the largest ever, prepares the eight issues of the school paper. While each issue is in preparation, reporters dash about the building to gather news items. The editorial stall' Writes, and then the editors revise the material, While the typists prepare it for the printer. After the galley sheets are re- turned from the printer, the stall: proofs. cuts, and pastes articles on a dummy to be sent back to the printer. From this point on the presses roll off the completed issues. Under the direction of f. Frederic K neeht and Quentin Zell the following .viudenif are proqfreading articler: Graver, Fischl, Gilio, Geider, M agdifeh, Frey, Reeleer, N ordoi, Darhner, Barnhart, Sandi, Abel, M ale, C. Koftenbader, Hertzog, Heidenwolf, M atthieu, Elleinf, Kraemer, Gruver, Eckert, Mitman, Diehl, Lauffer, Leh, Pottf, and Hartzell. l Produces Standard The business stall' handles the distribution of the Blue and White to students and prepares the mailing list to outsiders who enjoy reading the school paper. In the issues this year more pictures have added interest to the articles. Again this year the Blue and White placed third in both the Columbia Scholastic and the Penn- sylvania School Press Association Contests. Mr. Frederic Knecht and Mr. Quentin Zell are faculty advisers of the publication. Under Llie .riiperoiriou of lllff. Grazler, the following iypiftr prepare copy: Hahn, Stranzel, Traupman, Nagle, and Yandrixerfitf Helping Mfr. Slieleletylzi prepare the mailing lin for Zhe Blue and W hite are Davif, Keck Falcone, Siewari, and King Mr. Knecht and Mr. Zell make Juggeftiom' af the following .rtudentf parte the dummy: Young, Ultley, Siegel, V. Peterf, Ferrara, Mengel, Petefr, Barnhart, Sandi, Abel, fohmon, Burh, Werkheifer, Fehr, Elkim, Gotio, Efkerl, Hvff, Reinbold, Diehl, Burley, fuliuf, and Campanaro BUSINESS STAFF Firft Row: Scott, Julius Second Row: Young, Lerch Third Row: Rcgi, Gold Standing: Miss Sloat, Scroce, Himlier, Ncmith PERSONALITY WRITERS Firrt Row: Hartman, Bond Second Row: Purdy, Bonser LAYOUT ARTISTS Firft Row: Hartman, Falcone, Nikles Second Row: Keck, Dupsick, Cressman, Mrs. Shekletski Standing: I-Ieckman, Steltzman, Davis, Schweitzer "Where's the dummyfv inquires one of the editors. Then a member of the layout staff asks, "Is this going to be a double spread?" "I'd like to know what happened to that football Writeup I was working on?" chimes in a sports writer. All these questions indicate another Comet Staff activity period. As a theme for the 1953 annual, the staff chose the six district area-Bushkill Township, Lower Nazareth Township, Naza- reth Borough, Stockertown Borough, Tatamy Borough, and Upper Nazareth Township- comprising the Nazareth Area High School. Choosing representative industries from each district, the artists went to work sketching various ideas for the divider pages and end sheets. Meanwhile the layout group planned what pictures were to be taken to depict the over- all picture ofthe year,s happenings at Nazareth Area Senior High School. Then they set up the schedule for the photographer. As soon as the pictures were taken, they began work on layouts. Comet Staff Six-District I953 Chooses Area for Theme Firrt Row: Serfass, Mitch, Milburn, Mackes Second Row: Meixsell, Peters, King- caid, Smith Soliciting ads from the local business people and supervising the selling campaign for the book kept the business staff busy from September until March. The editorial staff began Writing the personalities, copy, and headlines in order to meet the various printer and engraver deadlines. In this all-year activity the entire staff has learned to Work together to present an over-all picture of the life at Nazareth Area High School. Besides this the business staff has had the opportunity of meeting business people and learning to handle moneyg the art staff, to Work out and develop ideasg the layout staff, to plan and use pictures to the best advantageg the editorial staff, to Write effective copy and headlinesg and the typists, to prepare material for the printer. The yearbook advisers include Mrs. Margaret Shekletski, Businessg Miss Jean Clute, Artg Miss Elizabeth Sloat, Layout, Editorial, and Typing. TYPISTS Slanding: Keller, Dieter, Turner, Ruth Seated: Deutsch EDITORS Miss Clute, Rader, Clift ARTISTS 1 Leftto Right: Bortz,NikIes,GoIcI,Gruver,BoncI,Hoff, Lfft to Right Yeakel, Gfuvefv Keller M6SSIngEr, T1'aCI1, LCI1 CONCERT SOLOISTS PERCUSHON Increased Instrumentation Improves I I I I REEDS Presented in the high school auditorium on April 30 and May 1, the annual Spring Concert of the Area High School Band Was enjoyed by large audiences. This year's program consisted of a variety of selections including three solos: Ruftimtin, Rufuy on the marimba by Roma Mary Gruver, a juniorg The Debu- tante on the trumpet by Dallas Yeakel, a sophomoreg lllurical Typift on the accordion by Robert Keller, a senior. The tonal timbre of this year's band was improved through the acquisition of two new instruments, an oboe and a bass clarinet. These instruments added depth to this yearls concert numbers, especially Lady of Spain, Park Avenue Fzmtafy, and Bloffom Time Overture. 1 l Gold, T. Nottle, Barnhart, Mr. Weinhofer, Yeakel, Graver, W. Nottle BAND OFFICERS Tonal Timbre of azareth Area Band BRASS Clarinet: Elaine F ehnel Doris Fuls Doris Graver Doris Houser Carolyn Lerch Constance Lowe Patricia Merola Joanne Nissley Patricia Roth John Schwartz Charles Searock Richard Sell Connie Toth Patty Toth Janet Wagner Dawn Young Saxophonz: Sheldon Butts Robert Gerenser Benedict Lanari Bradford Peters Helen Smith Charles Toth MAJORETTES AND COLOR GUARDS Band Personnel Cornez: and Trumpet: Richard Hawk Michael Kavcak Glenn Kromer Harry Miller Walter Minnich Thomas Nottle Dallas Yeakel Percnffion Joan Bond Shirleyann Bortz Corinne Gold Roma-Mary Gruver Asa Hoff Sandra Leh Ella Ann Messinger Anna Nikles Jan Trach Frznch Horn: . Hazel Barnhart Nancy Jean Gruver Philip Kostenbader Barbara Weaver Trombone: Barr Clarinft Leonard Campanaro Mamie Fehnel Joanne Dinstel James Metzgar Wayne Nottle T nba Thomas Lerch 38 Drum Major La Mar Bush Majorette: Elaine Baltz Theresa Condomitti Dorothy Hamel Jacquelynne Hartman Carolyn Hellick Constance jones Joan Kratz Maryann Magditch Joan Male Kay Michael Gloria Peters Eleanor Scroce Gail Sleeman Mary Lou Wagner Sandra Zellner Color Gnardf Harold Heckman Lester Jones Gene Rader James Seyfried Gustave Tillman Oboe Delores Houser Baritone Horn Robert Keller Band Marches to Dance Steps The development of American dances -the Waltz, Two-Step, Charleston, Polka, -litterbug, and Tango- Was the theme of this year's marching band. f 1 The maneuvers and intricate steps in these dances were original interpretations developed by Mr. Wein- I hofer, director, for the Nazareth Area High School i Band. Followed by fifteen high-stepping majorettes and five i snappy color bearers, the flashy drum major, LaMar 1, i Bush, led the fifty-four precise-marching instrumen- talists. The majorettes not only performed with the march- ing band but also added zest to the Spring Concert by giving a Zippy interpretation of the Mexican Hat Dance. Delores Houser, a sophomore, represented the . Area High School at the Eastern All-State Band Concert in Sayre, Pennsylvania, on February 5, 6, and 7. STATE BAND MEMBER A Delores Houser Area Music Activities Varied I Participating in the Eastern District Band Festival at Central Catholic High School, Allentown, on March 11, 12, and 13 were Patricia Roth, Connie Toth, Doris Graver, Dallas Yeakel, Delores Houser, and Corinne Gold. In the Eastern District Chorus Festival, held at Minersville on March 26, 27, and 28, Robert Herd, tenor, and James Seyfried, bass, represented Nazareth Area High School. Among the active musical groups ofthe Area High School Were the Zllelodierr, a group of eight boys -- William Gano, Robert Herd, Donald Himler, Carl Metzgar, Walter Minnich, James Seyfried, Conrad Tripp, and Richard Werkheiser-Who sang at senior high assemblies, a Woman's Club meeting, the Wilson Exchange Program, and churches during the school year. Left to Right: Seyfried, Mrs. Hand, Herd Left to Right: Roth, Toth, Graver, Yeakel, Houser, Gold DISTRICT CHORUS MEMBERS DISTRICT BAND MEMBERS Music Festiva Yeakel, Elkins, and Mrs. Hand CONCERT ARTISTS AND THE DIRECTOR Square Dancers in Skip to My Lou Seated Left to Righl: Firrt Row: Hamel, Fuls, Roth, Meyers, Florey, Bayda, Accompanirt, Mengel Second Row: Leh, Engler, Doris Houser, Hellick, Schleicher, Thomas, Klotz Third Row: Miller, Woodring, J. Roberts, Washko, Graver, Johnson, Fehnel Standing Left to Right: Firrt Row: Molm, Werkheiser, Buralli, Kowalchuk, Herd, Yeakel Second Row: Messinger, Kepp, Diehl, V. Roberts, Garr, Himler, Seyfried Third Row: Happel, Turner, Uttley, Breuer, DeReamus, Mertz, Tripp flccompanim Elkins Director: Mrs. Mary Hand Features Many Novelty umbers Assisted by the Mixed Chorus, the Girls' and Boys' Glee Clubs, directed by Mrs. Mary Hand, presented the Mtlsic Festival to a large and appreciative audi- ence in the high school auditorium on March 13. Soloists Were Sand1'a Zellner, soprano, Robert Herd, tenor, James Seyfried, bass, Marilyn Elkins, pianist, and Dallas Yeakel, cornetist. As special features, several novelty numbersf Chiapanecaf, a Mexican clap dance, johnny Schmolefr, a Pennsylvania Dutch Folk song, and Skip to Jlly Lou were presented. Herd, Zellner, Seyfried FESTIVAL SOLOISTS Seated Left to Right: First Row: Dech, Zellner, Feldman, Cerrone, Delores Houser, Groner, Y. Jones, C. Jones Second Row: Shingler, Shoemaker, P. Young, Long, Gostony, Third Row: S. A. Young, Gove, Evans, Kostenbacler, Heyer, Standing Lzft to Right: Fint Row: Siegfried, Metzgar, Franke, Werner, Shclclctslci Strand Row: Gano, L. Jones, Butts, Boyer, Dieter, Toth, B. VVerner, Payonk, Jones Third Row: Minnich, Abel, Slutter, Nikles, Kline, Hearn, Milburn S. Young Heidenwolf At the Junior-Senior Prom-the big social event of the high school year-held on May 9, 1952, the long- gowned gals and gallant lads of '52 and '53 danced to the soft music of Parke Frankenfield's Orchestra. Left to Right: Barbara Reinboldg Dolores Sandtg Marilyn Elkinsg Barbara Mengelg Eleanore Scroceg Roy Fabiang Norman Hughes, Advifzrj Robert De l ' During intermission talented students entertained their classmates with vocal and piano solos. Later foot-Weary couples enjoyed refreshments. After the prom the two- somes wandered near and far to complete a never-to-be- forgotten evening. Reamusg Gene Rader, Clzairmang Robert Kellcrg NVayne Nottleg Robert Laufferg Charles Steltzmang Charles Ruthg Dean Rissmiller Portrait: and ceramiar difplayed at Art Exhibrhforz Student: dfmomtrmfe pofterx, water color fleetchef, and portrait: Vifitorf examine 'metal toolrngf 44 n 7 Parents and Friends Enjoy Student Art Exhibit On the evening of May 29, 1952, the high school building was crowded with appreciative parents and friends who attended the annual Art Exhibition-fine arts, industrial art, and sewing- from 7:00 until 10:00 o'clock, In the senior high school ex- hibition all phases of the Fine- arts were included -painting por- traits, landscapes, and posters in oils, pastels, water colors, pen and ink, and poster paints. In the crafts, students were interested primarily in making ceramics- pottery, lamp bases-and metal tooling. Besides this, students demon- strated their work in illustrations, modeling clay, painting portraits in oils, drawing from still life, and working with metals. An unusual feature of the ex- hibit was a display of work done by Don Peterson, a graduate of Nazareth High School and now a student at Syracuse University. Many of his cartoons and posters on display had been used as cover designs and illustrations for his college magazine, The Sy1'aeu.fia11. Senior high Jehool porter: displayed Don Peterfon exhibitf college art work 45 1. Ready for a stroll in their Easter outfits are Shirley Sieg- fried and jackie Hartman. 2. Edith Burley and little sister Hilary model identical dresses. 3. Off for an outing in slacks and wesleits are Vera Di Ger- lando, Florence Dragositz, and Betty Kienzle. 4. lllarilyn Cove, Claire Kepp, and Elaine Baltz promenade in their afternoon dresses. May Fashion Show I-.M e,., H, M ,n..,.....,1,m-.......,,..m...,.,,,.,,,,,.,..... - up-f -inqgg Highlights Student At the annual May Fashion Show, An Afternoon Tea, the girls modeled their pajamas, housecoats, sportswear, school dresses, skirts and blouses, suits for traveling and shopping, ork and dresses for afternoon wear. The Fashion Show was presented in the high school audi- torium on May 29, 1952, as part of the Arts Exhibition. jackie Hartman, modeling her afternoon dren, takes' her dog for a Jtroll. In their Sewing classes the senior high school girls studied different types of material, learned to assemble patterns and cut material, and the actual sewing of wearing apparel. Besides this, they learned through prac- tice the art of applying make-up, and how to groom their hair and nails, 47 l KEYSTONE DEHYDRATING COMPANY BUSHKILL AND LOWER NAZARETH TOWNSHIPS With an area of 37.9 square miles, Bushkill and Lower Nazareth Townships are more than three times the size of all the other Districts of the Jointure combined. These two townships have a total population of 3389 and an enrollment of 119 students in the Area Senior High School. In this area, devoted largely to farming, is located the Keystone Dehydrating Plant which produces, besides pharmaceuticals, eight thousand tons of alfalfa meal and one thousand tons of corn annually. The National Cement Company is another industry located in Lower Nazareth. ' SPORTS ., Five Wins and Nazareth Third Lehigh-Northmpton A Nerquelzoning halfbaclz gainf around Nazarflh end 1 , 1 o 1 OPP. N.H.S O 1 7 Sept. 27 Nesquehoning ..,. 13 14 Oct. 4 Whitehall .... O 19 Oct. 18 Coplay ...... 0 52 Oct. 25 Pen Argyl .... 7 26 Nov. 1 Bangor ...... 0 7 Nov. S Emmaus ......... 9 7 Nov. 15 E. Stroudsburg 27 14 Nov. 27 Wilson ....... 27 6 83 145 W'frkhez.rer tacklff zz Ns.fquf1zomng bark for a 1051 .--4" VARSITY SQUAD -Firft Row: Mularick, Martin Mengcl, Senneca, Rissmiller, Meixsell Serond Row: Uhler, Metz, Temos, Mohn, Morris Mengel, Wverkheiser Third Row: Coach Skuta, Gilbert, Ferraro, Fischl, LaToure, Leh Three Losses Net Place in League With two undefeated seasons behind them, the Nazareth Blue Eagles were marching to what seemed to be a third undefeated season. Then after twenty-five successive games without defeat, they were upset by an aggressive Emmaus squad, which was the last team to top Nazareth before their undefeated streak began back in 1949. NESQUEHON ING The Blue Eagles, hoping to start the 'SZ season successfully, faced a stubborn Nesque- honing eleven. Senneca scored on a long run while Meixsell scored on a brilliant defensive play by blocking a punt, picking up the ball, and running into the end zone for a touchdown. Mengel converted both placements and netted Nazareth a close 14-13 victory. N iklef turn! a Neyquehoning halfback toward the inside WI-IITEHALL Although the first quarter wasn't too con- vincing, the second game was proof that the team wanted to carry the ball through another un- blemished season. Herd turned the battle tide in the second quarter with an intercepted lateral and a quick touchdown. A persistent Nazareth squad scored two more touchdowns in the second half for a 19-0 victory. COPLAY The first league game gave Coach Leh a chance to see what his reserves looked like, for the second quarter ended with Nazareth holding a commanding lead. Rissmiller, Senneca, and Metz shared scoring honors as Nazareth chalked up their 23rd consecutive undefeated game with a S2e0 score. VARSITY SQUAD - First Row: Herd, Himler, Williamson, Happel, D. Roth Sfcond Row: Schrammel, Iursits, Weaver, Kocher, Nikles, Sleeman Third Row: Keck, Roth. Hagenbuch, Bush, C. Wagner, E. Wagner, Coach Leh llflularifh hreahf through for yardage Rixfmillfr trier Zo wade waiting Whiiehall tackferf Rismziiller goe: for a long gain against Wliilelzall .Mularick and Illeixxell move in to tackle a Wilton back PEN ARGYL The Pen Argyl game took the Blue Eagles on their first road trip. They fumbled twice in the first quarter, but they bounced back with Rissmiller scoring four times and Mengel con- verted twice for an impressive 26-7 Nazareth victory. BANGOR Nazareth, at home, met an old rival, Bangor, who tied Nazareth by a 13-13 score in '51. The Eagles were up for the Slate Belt boys. In the second period Ferraro passed to Mengel for seven yards for the only score, as Nazareth went their merry way with a 7-O win. This was the 25th straight victory. EMMAUS All good things must come to an end, and that's exactly what happened when Nazareth traveled to Emmaus. Emmaus drew blood when Houseknecht passed for a TD, but failed to con- vert the extra point. Nazareth quickly scored with Rissmiller bulling his way over. Mengel converted and put the Blue Eagles out in front 7-6. This score remained until the fourth quarter when Houseknecht, with five minutes left, kicked a field goal from a diHicult angle to win for Emmaus 9-7. Riumiller brought down by two W arrior: Led by Herd, Rirsmiller return: kirkoff against W'iLvo1L EAST STROUDSBURG Nazareth, trying to rebound against a power- ful East Stroudsburg team, led 14-7 until the fourth quarter, only to be downed by three East Stroudsburg touchdowns to lose the game 27-14. Ferraro, with accurate passing and Riss- miller with all-round play, kept Nazareth ahead in the Hrst half. Semzeca brmler into fha open for hi: 70 yard 71471, WILSON After resting ten days, the Leh lads Went to Easton with high spirits. A victory over Wilson would make the season successful. Nazareth received the kick-off and after three attempts decided to punt on fourth down. Wagner took the punt and ran back 70 yards for a touchdown. Wilson scored again in the againrt W'i1.ron J. V. SQUAD Firit Row: Laubach, Kratz, McGrath, S. Searock, Alte- mose, Eckhart Second Row: Franczak, Doyle, W. Rissmiller, Metz- gar, Rothroclc, Manager Audenried Third Row: Getz, Reilly, D. Searock, Wolfe, Einfalt, Mengel, Coach Owens J. V. SQUAD first half to lead 13-0. Nazareth came back with renewed spirit and promptly marched for zz touchdown, climaxed by Senneca's 70 yard sprint. Mengel missed the extra point, resulting in a 13-6 score. Lesher's power scored twice to win 27-6. The Blue Eagles, playing only S games, had 5 victories and 3 losses. The first 5 games were won, extending the 20 game streak to 25 consecu- tive games without defeat. This is a record that will stand unblemished for a long time in the annals of Nazareth Area High School. 1952 f J. V. SCHEDULE October 6 Whitehall October 11 Hellertowu October 27 Pen Argvl November 3 Bangor November 10 Palmerton November 17 East Stroudsburg Fin! Row: Nikles, Wood- ward, Douglas, Johnson, Achenbach Second Row: Fry, S. Alte- mose, Dech, Klipple, Keck, Roth Third Row: Coach Christ- man, Rissmiller, YVeiss, Butz, Spohn, Zellner,Lesher J. V. BASKETBALL SQUAD Fin! Row: Nikles, C. Roth, Altemose, Dech, Heckman, Eckhart, Douglas, Leh, Robert Mengel, Ronald Mengel. Second Row: Coach Weiss, G. Weiss, Fritchman, Rothrock, Gold, Audenreid, Mlller, Kllpple, Brown, Sell, Kromer, Manager Hagenbuch Nazareth Area Basketeers Place Third in League During the 1952-53 basketball season the Nazareth Area High basketeers fared well as they garnered an impressive record of 10 wins and 8 losses, two of the losses being in non- league competition. Placing third in both halves of league play, Nazareth also established a new individual high scoring record for one game, 94 points, against Pen Argyl on the home court. The cagers showed a never-die spirit and plenty of hustle which earned them upsets over Parkland and Coplay. Their untiring efforts also resulted in victories over every league team except Wilson. BASKETBALL SCHEDULE Opp December 5 WI-IITEHALL . ,. , .. 57 December 12 PEN ARGYL . . , . . . 46 December 16 PALMERTON . . . . . . 70 December 19 BANGOR ...... . . . 49 January 6 HELLERTOWN ..,. . . . 62 January 13 FOUNTAIN HILL . . . ., 61 January 16 WILSON ........... , . 57 January 20 COPLAY .,........... . . 60 January 23 EAST STROUDSBURG .... .. 56 January 26 PARKLAND .......... . . 66 january 30 PEN ARGYL ..,. .. 54 February 6 BANGOR ....,.., 60 February HELLERTOWN ,... February PARI-:LAND ..,..,.. February FOUNTAIN HILL . . . February WILSON ......,.... February COPLAY ,.......... February Polzer taker a rebound Happel put: one in the bar EAST STROUDSBURG Cano ma Polzer preparef for a Hellertowrz and Nazareth player! Polzer atternptr a jump :hot fcramble for a rebound lay-up .rhot To guide his team to a winning season, the new coach, Don Smith, relied mainly on speed and good team passing. Bill Gano copped all individual high scoring honors by caging 238 points. Al Polzer and Don Roth followed closely in the scoring parade by each contributing 220 points. Coach Smith will rely on the returning varsity members and several potential V. players for next season's cage wars. The Varsity players returning next year are Robert Shekletski, Williani Agnew, Dale Miller, Frank Nikles, and Richard Werkheiser. VARSITY BASKETBALL SQUAD Firm? Row: Keppel, Happel, Gano, Roth, Mengel. Nagle, Polzer h Second Row: Coach Smith, Agnew, Werklieiser, Nikles, Shekletskl, Miller, Manager Heclcman Undefeated Wilson Brothers Wrestle WilJo1i gow' in for cz talef-down Alich tavern: hi: opponent Nooerfel maintain: OffK7Z.S'1iZ7K control Although greatly improved over last year's team, our matmen met with stiff competition and had to settle for a five-win, five-loss record to finish in a tie for third place with Easton. At the conclusion of the regular season, the District Meet was held to determine the best Wrestler in each of the eleven Weight classes. Nazareth had two district champs-Harold Wilson in the 105 and his brother John Wilson in the 135 pound Weight class. Losing in the finals, William Daney and Richard Hooper placed second in the 122 and 187 pound Weight classes. Frantz .rparf with hir opponent After tying a league record of pinning eight opponents in ten matches and breaking a school record by registering an eight-second pin, un- defeated Harold Wilson beat Gaines of Easton S-1 in the final round to gain his crown. John Wilson, who was one of the four Wrestlers to Win all ten bouts in one Weight class, bested Laury of Northampton 7-O. In the regional finals Harold Wilson placed second When he lost a referee's decision to the defending regional champion, Zikowski of King- ston, after the score had been knotted 6-6. John Wilson also placed second when he lost in the final 3-2 to Courser of Forty Fort. Their Way to District Titles 1952 53 WRESTLING SCHEDULE OPP N H s December II Easton December I8 Phllllpsburg NJ anuary 7 Allentown anuary 15 Bethlehem anuary 22 Northampton anuary 28 Easton Feb1uary 4 Phllllpsburg NI February 12 Allentown February 19 Bethlehem The umiz fated Wtlson brother: DISTRICT IX MEET AT NORTHAMPTON Febluary 78 79 Northampton Bethlehem Nazareth Easton Allentown WRESTLING SQUAD F1'5tRw Erhe R No rsl beyfned Wambold L ones B ck V1gl one Ka ak Zellner R Tobias Second Row Bu ll1 Goodl aid W Jones Reph C Nov rsel Lal bach Wlson Me t Al1cl H Wllson Mal Daney R1ssm1ller Frantz Hooper Coach Skuta 59 l 33 " , .. ...... 15 35 J ,....... .. 3 37 J ...... .... 2 3 19 J .... .... 2 5 22 J ..........,.... 35 16 ' l' , .. ....,. 12 32 9 31 ,, ..,.z5 17 f - February 25 Northampton. , . .... 28 20 topped titlef 27 22 21 i 0: t',.. vee,' ', ,.-l , e, , vc,. 1,3 I . ' .' ra , lt, . , , . e , 1 ,-I. 1 , rz, 1, . , C, 1 1. The lmttfr maker a perfect lmnt 2. lllfngel hitr cz Texaf-leaguer 3. Walakowitr let: cz low ball pan' Diamond Performers Win Second Place in League In spite of a rebuilding season, the baseball team surprised their opponents by Winning seven out of twelve games. Six of these victories Were conHicts in an eight-game league schedule with Nazareth finishing second in a highly competitive nine-team league. The most outstanding game of the season for Coach Leh's diamond per- formers Was the Nazareth-East Strouds- burg tilt. In this game N.H.S. beat, by an 8-7 score, favored East Stroudsburg and the previously unbeaten Ray Steele, who had been scouted at every game by the big league scouts. Because of the large number of under- classmen on the 1952 squad, the prospects are bright for the 1953 baseball season. 1952 SCHEDULE OPP. N.H.S. April 9 Whitehall ........ 9 7 April 16 Pen Argyl. . . . . 5 4 April 18 Bangor ..... . . . 10 16 April 22 Parkland .... , 9 2 April 24 Hellertovvn ....... O 4 April 30 Bangor .....,.... 9 10 May 2 East Stroudsburg . 7 8 May 6 Wilson ........... 7 15 May 9 Pen Argyl. . . . ,. 6 5 May 13 Coplay ...., . 4 May 16 Phillipsburg. . . . 3 May 20 Fountain Hill ..... 2 5 2 11 Firft Row: Searock, Werlcheiser, Fox, Seip, Lch, Agnew, Johnson, D. Nilcles, F. Nikles Serond Row: Rissmiller, Iurasits, Slutter, Mengel, Donello, Robert Walakovits, Mitch Silfies Danner Fischl Third Row: Mmnich, Nem1th,Wagner, Meixsell, Weaver, Richard Walakovits, Senneca, Kbller, Miilarick, 1-lahn, Happel, Eckhart, Uhler, Coach Leh BASEBALL SQUAD First Row: Boerstler, LaToure, Gano, L. Sherman, Barnhart, Stump, Happel. Eberts Second Row: C. Roth. Ruth, Sakasitz, Herd, D. Sherman, Werner, Gower, Wilson Third Row: Daney, Shekletski, Grube, -I. Roth, Einfalt, Metzgar, Frantz, Ferraro, Coach Skuta Trackmen Break Previous Records RECGRD Nazareth 54 .............,... Northampton 27 Nazareth 16 . . . ............ Whitehall 65 Nazareth 5, . . .... Wilson 76 Nazareth 64 .......r......... Bangor Z6 In the Lehigh-Northampton League meet, the squad placed third in a field of five. The team placed eighth in a Held of ten in the Penn Relays. They scored two points in the District XI meet. Highlighted by two broken records, the Blue Eagle track squad racked up an average season of two victories against three setbacks in dual competition. Leaping 19' 10yg", Glenn Boerstler broke R. Ahern's 1950 broad jump record of 19' SMH. Larry Sherman ran the mile in 4 minutes 58.4 seconds to eclipse the old record of 5 minutes 1.6 seconds chalked up by E. Levan in 1941. Sherman break: the Cano attemptr the high Boerrtler maker ez record mile record jump broad jump Dieter and Creffmaoz completr' a bully Slza fr Zacklfr Elfemf All Classes Share Intramural Honors Beginning with the opening of school in September and continuing until May, each Tuesday and Thursday when the 3:46 buzzer sounded, the sports-minded girls dashed for the gym to participate in intramural sports-hockey, basketball, Volleyball, and softball. The Hockey Varsity 11, cap- tained by Barbara Cressman and Phyl Happel, and the Question Marks, captained by Ruth Dieter and Jackie Hartman, ended the season in a tie with one Win, one loss, and two ties each. The individual high scorer Was Myrtle Shafer, a sophomore, With three points. Led by Captain Barbara "Jeanie" Mengel, our enthusiastic cheer- leaders were at all football and basketball games to urge our boys on to victory. Captain Mengel, Cressman, Happel, Drake, Bauer, Muth VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Diehl and Slrobl talee a relzouncl forwaralr Woodrzng and Engler work the ball up court Speetatorf cheer or tlzezr team at the ehampzonfhp Game Meetmg every Thursday durmg the elghth Bangor and W1lso11 football games, and trained perlod, the cheerleaders, Workmg 1n close con candldares for cheerleadmg. junctlon Wxth Mrs Margaret Heckman, com posed new cheers, new mouons, planned pep Mrs Margaret Heckman is adviser of the meetmgs for the Nesquehonmg, Pen A1gyl cheerleaders F1r.vZROw.' Hellicl Na le Captain Slrobl Fel' Slimmel Firfl Row: W'00a'rinL Peten' Captain Engler Diehl QZCOIZIZ Row: Toth Ixraemer Edelman SEL'071d Row: Hahn Defi Kien'le SOPHOMORE SEMI-FINAL BASKETBALL CHAMPS SENIOR BASKETBALL CHAMPS 63 . 4 . .. I ' N " e ff Q F S ' , . . a I 9 g 1 J 1 Nm gs s J 1 N 1 K 1 s 1 s a 4' - r r 1 Encourage Teams Heidenwolf, Browne, Captain Happel, Jones, Florey, Sleeman I. V. CHEERLEADERS I i Gerry Gall lzelpf a weak .verve Firft Row: Scott, Dieter, Woodring, Engler Second Row: Fehr, Hagenbuch, Happel, Graver Third Row: Shafer, Heidenwolf, Nichols, Feldman MANAGERS AND ASST. MANAGERS OF GIRLS' INTRAMURAL SPORTS Crerfman 'ares a backward volley to relurn the ball to the opporing team With the opening of the basketball season in January, 107 girls rushed to participate. Captained by Betty Engler, the Gro-Pups Won the school championship from the sophomore Winners by a margin of ten points. High scorers for the season were Margaret Woodring with 47 points, Barbara Cressman, 42 points: and Allene Solt, 25 points. With the crack of a bat and the sound of running feet, the softball season opened. When the Weather permitted, these girls were out on the held from 4:00 until 5:00 o'clock each Tuesday and Thursday. Cap- tained by Jackie Hartman and Marilyn Elkins, the Checkerboard Kids, then juniors, were the school champions. Mrs. Margaret Heckman coaches all girls' sports. Cheerleaders 1 "vi A Qjfffffi' ' ,, '55 "fm ' Q - f' , at , f 4 5' t N., 'wma mm, S , A. -W., N.. ,. + 'V?'9"Wwi 4fL - - J '-:H L. 'n'j,,,,vg, . Ml, -Q sal' :.n,?T'?fJN - A vig, I " ' i FifFf fv'5,T?QA3s, . :,ig,:r53:4zmJf1,Q!Q, ,fi?,L.ttl,,..,,,. , ,,,i,1--N55 -1 vi ' , , , I ,W A ,1'-fftk,V?,r..'f , W , rw, l fi' l 93 ,,MWl,, ,,.,,,., ,,r.,,.,, , . . , , . swf-G-ffm-ww-V. .,...,..Q,,,,,,,.,, ii in 1gx.g.L,,w,., H A, ,lisa . 8:5 .f x 53 ' ,., . rf as azzmzae,-A:-,pr , F w- ' ff' is W , A Z f . 1-jf - ' f A sef.fSp'1? A i l i uf fill Q ' ' E ..:5.-5-.f. Y ' . 1 u 11 fm- . ,V 'K ' 1' -1 ,ww ,A K' i ld? ll zffge use 324 Alvffhl 1-:Emil , l A L A M ii Q6 325455411 gjgjgok w::l!n 4? gif". 'A ' " luv- 1 f M. S si, jg! 'A S . , , 'g ift' i is , 252,11 A ' if S , , S S. .S A S , f f ---ew 4" ,.,. , ae. . : -V 'H - 3' .. A A 155, 'firms 2 Emma Q- '- gi - 'gl ' H '. Q ,' ' , .M ' ,',Qjzfgiij5ys1-,- A - V03 5 ly- , 3...-airs 1 J , ss ' '- ' 1 -- 5 ' 1 r. x D t A ' i 1-NN . - ,,. .,.,, ,..,......f ' - ' ' . -, ff , ,M WT-i0j2 :'f ' 1 -"fo -r 2,-,Q A , A L I I W.. A ,k. K . I ,:,"fih .H . , Q. X ,, 'vi - I Jwf- --Q-mf . ,. , ., ,, ' 1-" -:sa ' I Q w W-Mfrs ' , Q V . Qi"-s ' L f 1:1 -. - . . n . , . 'J , -A -B722 I-lv' .' fi 5:1 '. . 1- w-pw - -:an 1-'si-..-:na-. V i:,p:if- mfs . .,af"x:,ftr A ,, ,. Q ffl' ' A , .f, if-za' 1 " V :'fz.:-,Q--f,+yirx'-'rzqgi-fs'-grflf-A 'ar g-., , -"tw-ifEtXf,.:f, - K V- 4 . vii" 5 ..-, f" -A , -1 , " 'X i f T-V-,f,f.g'-s'Tff5:f: ,A 4 E i , -M' 'ii S- gr, Sv? , , . S M ., , QANN RZ, 5 7: l.b5:4C ,,::,,33 7,:N,,,l H - . - 'wk NEI-'F'S LABORATORY STOCKERTOWN BORO With an area of .8 square mile and a population of 729, Stockertown Boro enrolls 35 students in Nazareth Area Senior High School. Neff's Laboratory, established here six years ago, employs approx- imately fifty people in the plant, ofhces, and laboratory, and manu- factures several million pounds of plastic phonograph record compounds annually. The Hercules Cement Company is the largest industry of Stockertown. CLASS S Sophomore Firft Row: Berger, Dashner, Amarlore, Edelman, Condomitti, Browne, Bayda Serond Row: W. Altemose, Bessenhoffer, Clewell, Cressman, Bartholomew, Dieter, Buss, C. DiGerlanclo, R. Achenbach, Carl Third Row: P. DiGerlz1mlo, S. Altemose, DeLong, Eckhart, Arnclt, Buralli, liinfalt, Fehr Firrt Row: Florey, Fischl, Gove, Getz, Heidenwolf, Hartman, Hamel, Gilbert Second Row: Grayhill, Franczak, Gilio, Frey. Gelder, Grogg. Fuls, Feldman, Ferraro Third Row: Grossbauer, Heckman, Grube, Gooclhard, Franke, Herd, Henry, Fogel. Heller, Garr Firfzf Row: Y. Jones, Lahyack, Kostenbader, Delores Houser, Klotz, Koehler. -lanny, Kremer Szcovzd Row: Kresge, Kowalchuk, Doris Houser, Heyer, Lang, Kraemer, C. Jones, Krern, Keenhold Third Row: Kroboth, Kavcak, L. Jones, Kinclt, Kratz, Johnson, G. Kromer, Kachline, Klipplc, Hopwood 66 lass Q Fin! Row: l.2lLll52lCll, Meyers. Michael, Messenlehncr. Mitman, Nichols, Magtlitch, Muschlitz, Millheim Sfrfnul Roux' G. lMllI12I'Ci0. Minnich, Merolzx, Morris. Nagle, Norfloi, Matthias, Noversel, l.0Cicero, Oswald llzmi Roco: L. Mmardo, Merzgar, Niklcs. l,eh, l.aTourc. Macy. Mertz, McGrath, Mitch, Nolf . X 'I vw. K 1 V . ffl: sls: QQ- ' Fin! Row: Recker. Remaly. Payonk. Siegfriecl. Schleicher, P. Roth. -lane Roth. Shoemaker I A Seroml Row: Leo Skrapirs, Roherts. Searock, Schriner. -lean Roth, Shafer, C. Roth. Louis Skraplts. E. Siegfried Thin! Row: Scola, Rissmiller, Sakasitz, Shireman, Bradford Peters, Seyfried, Leon Peters, Donald Slutter, Daniel Slutter, Reilly I V4 I' f i Fin! Row: Vlfalakovits, Stimmel, Vllashko, Yankowy, Werner, Toth, Thomas, Strohl, S. Young Second Eow: Wolf, VValters, Welty. Yeakel, Trach, l". Werkheiser, Stout. Wesscls Third Row: l.. Stahl, R. Young, Ventin, Yost, S. VVerlcheiser, Smith, VVoodwz1rcl, Tobias, Vargo, A. Stahl 67 Sophomore Activities SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Doius FULs ...,.,...........,.... Prexident WAYNE ALTEMOSE . ,... . .. Vice Prexident PATRICIA MEROLA ........ Serretary-Trfaxurer Miss M,ARIE BRYAN.. , ....... Clair Advifer In ninth grade, students anticipate coming to senior high school. When September rolls around and they find themselves sophomores, they must adjust to new surroundings, subjects, and teachers. As the upper classmen and teachers are hospitable, this is not too diHicult. The sophomores have their special social function, the annual I-IalloWe'en Party, held this year on October 17, 1952, from 7:30 until 11:00 o'clock. I. Eight hands' around 2. Swing your partner 3. Sophomoref mjoy refrefhmmif at at their Hallowien party Merola Altemose, Fuls, and Miss Bryan SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Junior Activities JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS RoBER'r SHEKLETSKI ...,.........,. Prefident SANDRA ZELLNER ...., ...... V ice Prefidenz ELAINE FEHNEL ........,. Secretary-Treafurer MR. NORMAN HUGHES .......... Clan Advifer During the month of October juniors began to feel important when they ordered their class rings. By March they were busy planning for their big social event of the school year, entertaining the seniors at the Prom, scheduled this year for May 8. ORATORICAL CONTEST Presented as an assembly pro- gram on April 10, the oratorical contest included the following stu- dents: Gene Rader, Joanne Roberts, Roma Mary Gruver, Charles Searock, Elwood VVagner, Patricia Merola, james Seyfried, and Carl Metzgar. Gene Rader won first prize, Elwood Wagner, second, and Patricia Merola, honorable mention. Mrs. McGonigle worked with the students in preparing their orations, while Mr. Kostenbader supervised the speaking. Miss Marjorie May, a member of the Pen Argyl High School Faculty, was the judge. 1. Mr. Walter Fly meafnres junior: - Stofflet, Zellner, Happel, Hagenbnch, and Altemore ffor their clan' ringf. 2. junior clan' officerf: Fehnel, Sheleletflei, Zellner, and lllr. Hughes, Adviser. l ORATORICAL CONTESTANTS Fin! Row: Gruver, Merola, Roberts, Metzgar Second Row: Seyfrlecl, Wagner, Rader, Searock Junior First Row: Baltz, Bessenhoffer, Dech, Barnhart, Abel, Burley Second Row: Darrolm, B. Butz, Brush, Altemose, D. Agnew, Bortz, W. Agnew Third Row: Albright, Bush, Berhel, Danner, Bartholomew, M. Butz, Broad, Daney Fin! Row: Deutsch, Donello, Fehnel, Graver, Eckert, Evans Seforzd Row: Getz, Fehr, Gollatz, Ferraro, Gruver, Flank Third Row: Gregory, Franczak, Dorozowski, Fox, liinfalt, G. Hagenbuch Firft Row: Harhart, Kline, Kroboth, C. Happel, Hartzell, Kostenbader Serond Row: Johnson, Kratzer, Hearn, P. Happel, R. Hagenbuch, Henshue Third Row: Kocher, Hawk, Grube, Inhoff, Kowalchuk, E. Jones, Keck, VV. Jones GSS Firxt Row: Long, Mackey, D. Mengel, Nagle, Male, Peters Sammi Row: MacDonald, Muth, Liclitenwalner, Clson, Leh, Rinker, Metz, Nottle Third Row: McGrath, Nemitli, M. Nlengel, Nikles, Potts, Millheim, Miller Firrl Row: T. Stampf, Srofflet. Siegel, Siegfried, Sterner, Shingler Serond Row: Stier, Rothroclf, Schuch, Steward, Srimmel, Solc, R. Stampf Third Row: Sleeman, Searock, Sakasitz, Schrammel, Roth, Seip Fimf Row: Young, Trach, Zimitz, Weaver, Uttley, Zellner, Wilson . Second Row: Walakovits, Temos, H. Uhler, S. Werkheiser. L. Young, S. Young, E. Wagner, Price, C. Wagner Third Row: Wentzell, C. Uhler, Toth. Tavianini, Tillman, G. Werkheiser, R. Werklieiser, Werner 'af - f.Y4,' - ,, g . .. .1 .R .,,.-. H... m?ijil'Ql'5 1' ltfvigl, , '1fl'?" sais .gxvf ' 3151 SZ ai . t-.'ffvls35 Ki3al1s.f- qw- 5 ff, , wh- 1 . ' -f1,fqh:,,.g . - " w,afS,l -5 x.:ef...s11-Q ,....k.,, ,A . J i 'PK 6. r s Wall 32 3 , 'wel f ill Kagfftdlisi ' Q , ,lf Ei 135 S s in 5 A 1 5 i ig 5232 'K fig F , f W . 7 . .. . .. if , .:!"f::1P:i:-fi ,,:?f.1' ' THEODORE J. ABEL Teedie - drives blue Olds -likes to sing - enjoys parties and dances- future business man JOSEPH L. BAUER Joe - avid hunter and hiker - good accordionist - interested in Boy Scout Work - member of Stage Craft crew Stagecraft l,2. Treasurer 35 Dramatic Club 3 JOHN F. ALICH Jumbo - small, mischie- vous chap-district wrestling champion in 95 pound class Dramatic Club Ig Chess Club I,2g Wrestling l,2,3g Stagecraft Club l.,2,3 WILLIAM R. BECK Becky - short-ambitious -care free and fun loving- enjoys hunting and fishing VVrestling 35 Agriculture Club l,2,3 CLAIRE L. ANDREWS Claire- quiet but pleas- ant-avid stock car racing fan- not addicted to school Basketball 2,35 Dramatic Club 23 Craft Club 35 Photo- graphy Club 3g Dancing Club 3 STANLEY V. BLUM Stan - tall and dark com- plexioned - skillful at chess -likes cars -not addicted to school Chess Club l,Z,3g Wrestling 35 Aeronautics Club 3 SHIRLEY M. BALTZ Shirley- blue-eyed- short -quiet but cheerful blonde -commercial student Craft Club 2,33 Photo- graphy Club 3g Dancing Club 3 ALLEN W. BOHUN Allen - quiet - active chess player - extensive Week-end traveler - future merchant marine Chess Club 2,3 JOAN J. BOND Joan - friendly and coop- erative - good C0ll1lIlCI'ClE1l student - enjoys roller skat- ing - faithful band member Blue and VVl1ite Business l g Chess Club 2g Comet Layout 3g Basketball 3g Volleyball 3g Baseball 3 MARIAN M. BREINIG hlarian - general student -enjoys eating-a great giggler - future beautician Knitting Club lg Baseball l,2g Volleyball l,2g Craft Club 25 Photography Club 35 Da11cing Club 3 SHIRLEY M. BONSER Shirley - serious but friendly general student - willing to help others - plans nursing career Knitting Club 23 Comet Layout 3 FRANCES D. BREUER Frisco-tall and slim- eommercial student - likes to dance and roller skate- neat dresser Baseball Ig Volleyball 2 DOLORES A. BOWERS Dolores - friendly and cheerful - enjoys knitting, dancing, and movies Agriculture Club Ig Craft Club 25 Photography Club 3g Dancing Club 3 JUNE L. BRODT June - quiet commercial student - trim figure - en- joys dancing and swimming SHERWOOD R. BOYER Boyer - quiet - ardent fisherman and hunter- en- joys square dancing - varied interests not including school Aeronautics Club lg Chess Club 2,3g Glee Club 3 LaMAR H. BUSH Bushie - high- stepping drum major - dramatically inclined - an excellent danc- er- not too fond of school Band Drum MHj01' I,2,3g Blue and White Editorial 3g Dramatic Club l,2 , nn! .. . -5 Q e : MW , AA2 an M , ,F W -LEW A 4 f ,,, sf if fs -L Y was if Gif' as 2 egg,-Eff., X LS iq, 4 1 X. . Ln f ' H' 7 r Sm f -i 3 1 'V' A 9 at f fe J f U , Q .. ,. ,541 ii K ' If H i ii, a , 'ff L. M35 Q- ' ' mr-H . Ji l 5? 1 f 711' J W- 15 'F3'.'52w5"' if -: 3219: his IRENE A. CREAMER Irene - mischievous alld fun loving-sports enthusi- ast - enjoys dancing Volleyball I,2,3g Baseball 33 Basketball 3 BARBARA J. CRESSMAN Barbara-a friendly cheer- leader - participates in all sports - commercial student - enjoys dancing - future secretary Comet Business 3g Blue and Vllhite Iiditorial 25 Cheer- leader J.V. l, Varsity 2,35 Chess Club 2g Baseball l,2,3g Volleyball l,2,3g Hockey l,2, 33 Basketball l,2,3 LEONARD CAMPANARO Leonard-our tall and frequently tardy trombonist - not too fo11d of school- extrelnely quiet Chess Club 25 Band 2.35 Blue and White Business 3 WILLIAM A. CLIFT Clifty - general student - girl teaser - enjoys art - not too fond of school Football J. V. lg Aeronau- tics Club lg Comet Art 3 DELORES E. CRESSMAN Delores - quiet commer- cial student-ardent foot- ball fau-enjoys collecting movie star photographs Photography Club lg Li- brary Club 3 PATRICIA L. CERRONE Patsy-serious commer- cial student-ardent sports fan- enjoys polka dancing -future secretary Student Council l,2g Oper- etta Minor 2 MATILDA A. CORTEZ Hilda - happy-go-lucky- talkative- curly black hair -not too fond of school Band hlajorette Ig Volley- ball l ROBERT E. DANNER Bobby- tall and slender - flirtatious - a frequent hot-rodder-not fond of school Band Color Guard l,2,3g Operetta 29 Blue and VVhite Editorial 2g Student Council I DORIS A. DAVIS Hotrod-small lively brun- ette-happy-go-lucky-plans to be a secretary Blue and White Business 3 MARY ANN DEUTSCH lNIary Ann - pleasant com- mercial student - enjoys polka dancing - friendly cllatterbox Knitting Club lg First Aid Club 25 Blue and White Editorial 2g Comet Co-editor 3 RUTH A. DIETER Ruthie - tall, slim, aca- demic student -active in sports - member of glee club - college plans Library Club 21 Senior Play Promptcr 3g Music Festival 33 Comet Editorial 3: Base-' hall l,Z,3g Wolleyball I,2,3g Hockey 2,33 Basketball l,2,3 DUANE R. DECH Buck- tall- pcsty - cn- joys bowling and dancing- future salesman Stagecraft 2,33 Chess Club 33 Dancing 3 JANE L. DIEHL Janie - conscientious aca- demic student - happy-g0- lucky and well-liked - enjoys singing- barticipates in all sports - college plans Operetta 23 Music Festival l,3g Blue and VVhite l, Asso- ciate Editor 2, Co-Editor 3g Athletic Council 3g Baseball l,2,3g Volleyball l,2,3g Hock- ey l,2g Basketball l,2,3 JOANNE B. DINSTEL Joanne - trombonist in the band - frequently in trouble - an unusual gigglcr -future nurse Band l,2,3g Baseball l,2,3g Volleyball l.Z,3g Basketball l,2,3g Dramatic Club 2,3g Knitting Club 23 Craft Club 3 ROBERT E. DeREAM US Bobby -flashing smile - quiet only in class-enjoys playing miniature golf- spare time garage-worker Basketball .l.V. l,2g Stu- dent Council 2g Prom Com- mittee 23 Glee Club 33 Comet Editorial 3 CECILIA M. DEST Cilly - friendly commer- cial student- not too fond of school-enjoys dancing -avid sports fan Baseball 2,35 Volleyball 2,33 Basketball 2,3 jf V 15,1 . ZZ. .-,M My - , Qfpyf 'asf' ""f ra fglgwqf lg,-'R ,Wav f . f 'img ,V 4. V fl , 'M i - , ' g tg' ff ' .,,' by Q V, DOROTHY A. DRAKE Dotty - friendly cheer- leader - talkative - enjoys dancing-not too fond of school - participates in after school sports Blue and White Editorial 25 Student Council 25 Base- ball l,2,35 Volleyball l,2,3g Hockey 2,35 Basketball I,2,3g Chess Club 25 Cheerleader J.V. l,2, Varsity 3 ROY E. FABIAN Roy- shy but flirtatious -enthusiastic 4-II club meni- ber-interestcd in agricul- ture - active stage - craft member Prom Committee 25 Stage- craft Club 1.2.3 IRENE A. DUPSICK Renee - pleasing person- ality - neat dresser - touch- es up photograpl1s-com- mercial student Comet Business 35 Dram- atic Club l,2,3g BIagazinc Campaign Assistant lNIana- ger 2, Nlanager 3 MARY A. FALCONE Mary - dark wavy hair - friendly - enjoys dancing and basketball - ardent foot- ball fan Comet Business 35 Blue and Ivhite Business 35 Base- ball 3, Basketball 35 Dancing Club 3 MARILYN R. ELKINS Blarney - academic honor student with pleasing per- sonality - enjoys dancing - active in sports - future music supervisor Glee Club Accompanist l, 2,35 Blue and WVhite l, Assistant Editor 2, Co-Editor 35 Class Treasurer 2: Baseball l,2,3g Volleyball l,2,3g Hock- ey 2,35 Basketball l,2,3 ' N 1 - f.5. .,C. , ,iw-'af7.?i.iflIla7i'5H-5'1 Pi t. , - 4 f,e, f.. I 'V-fla x ' ' :i-: .. TEY2 ' , P.-, . -' ffl ,,Z'fff' ' t- ' - f ag, the :1p..a- - fha ' . V- - ' -- , 3 i1iHwa? l25f ' 11 Y.f,f'1l1"li .V V- ' JULIA FARNACK Julie- quiet but friendly commercial student - not too fond of school-future airline hostess Photography Club l 5 Dramatic Club 35 Library Club 3 ELIZABETH A. EN GLER Bets - all-round girl - good student - excels in bas- ketball - enjoys dancing - nursing plans Operetta 25 lNIusic Festival I,3g Athletic Council Secre- tary 35 Volleyball l,2,3g Basketball l,2,3g Band Majorctte l,2 JEAN E. FEHNEL Jean - friendly commer- cial student - school a nec- essary evil- enjoys sewing a11d dancing Baseball 25 Basketball 2,35 Volleyball 2,31 Knitting Club 25 Library Club 2,35 Blue and IVhitc Business 3 MAMIE E. FEHNEL Mamie - plays clarinet in the band - studious - quiet - curly hair and brown eyes - a permanent friend - col' lege plans Band l,2,3g Craft Club 25 First Aid Club 23 Library Club 35 Knitting Club 2, Dancing Club 33 Baseball l,2,3g Volleyball l,2,3g Bas- ketball l,2,3 3 6 ,'t..:. , SHIRLEY M. FILCHNER Shirley - good shorthand student - happy-go-lucky - quiet - enjoys baseball -not fond of school Library Club 2g Photo- graphy Club 2,3 FREDERIC K. FELDMAN Fritz - quiet Zlllil pleasant academic student - enjoys art and football - college plans Football, J.V. l, Varsity 23 Chess Club 3 N. w-, , ,,., . 'ik :gf 3 , JY. if Q F s W are K 5 Q, , 1 ei. , , js , ' , Moe- 3 x W' ' 22 , 2 R? , 4' X M 3 , xr 5 ki . ,Q , A. ,,, ,, . 2. n C' e I etli 1 X if Wglafirfii ZX r X' , Z Y K lab xfl, ,,,, , , l,,,AV, . 'f In rf-Wfiiifvfs fri V :xt git :filer Qlise-brag' JOSEPH L. FISCHL Butch - good-looking, popular and friendly - a red and black Mercury his pride and joy - participates in football and baseball Football Varsity l,3: Base- ball 23 Chess Club 2,33 Danc- i11g Club 3 GREGORY N. FERRARO Wa,zzie - dark, curly hair - Varsity quarterback - class cut-up - fond of sports, dancing, and girls- college plans Football Varsity l,2,3g Student Council 2,33 Basket- ball J.V. lg Track 2 METRO FLANK lllcter - serious but cheer- ful - interested in sports - future state police officer. Track lg Wrestling lg Varsity Football l,2 EDNA J. FILCHNER Edna - small and serious minded - enjoys art - quiet but friendly-plans a nursing career Craft Club 23 First Aid Club 23 Pl1otography Club 3, Dancing Club 3 4 4 E , fb L K Nas if Wal gf SEQ' Q ? 1 l ' 5 K. q - if 'fsljlif 1? 7 sit-'S waz-:vQe1'..,,'s, ,r fa, igtr gm s za- 112242, 'Wi-f'E -' 'V Mi- ' ,,f-sinsififlitfsg ,, at E M l Q 2 5 if 5 tl LEE 1 5 Y. si 3 . l s ja eg ri, Q 5w'Ss,fzf: wi ' , z silSL'Q2'iQl 1 as we l sd,,ar.fwfsz,, f we -. ff . ARTHUR J. FLEGLER Ata - a friendly general student - neat dresser -- a. great tease - enjoys hunting and fishing MARY A. FRANCZAK Biary - small - quiet and reserved but friendly- enjoys dancing - commer- cial student Dramatic Club 3, Presi- dent Zg Photography Club 3 ALBERT O. 0. GETZ Albert - short and excep- tionally quiet - friendly smile - school non-essential - interested in agriculture Agriculture Club 2 slle s THU ' ,. , . I .::55V,3., ' mg ,,,. r r ,, 544322 WM ' HZ ' . w w w -' . ,.,., r gm., -, f 1 -,., . wwf : S., 1: :sf:4:I.za2,:, .,,5w'.ff .as-2, - -2 msf1.z4'f-., ALLAN M. FRANTZ Ezra - mischievous - visits teachers after school- four year wrestling letterman - enjoys chess- Cardinal fan - college plans Chess Club Ig Track l,2,3g VVrestling I,2,3 VELMA R. GETZ Velma - talkative - flirtatious - enjoys roller skating - jokester - plans a nursing career Volleyball 23 Knitting Club l,Z,3g Dancing Club 3. ,:.q-sew-1 I -wry LEONARD L. FREY Jacks - short - enjoys baseball and basketball - speedster - plans military career Baseball, Blanager lg Agri- culture Club l RICHARD L. GILBERT Squirrel - rugged football end - pleasing personality -enjoys outdoor sports- a hardworker - college plans Football Varsity l,2,3g Track 25 Aeronautics Club l,3g Dancing Club 3 WILLIAM P. GANO f Bill- tall. dark and hand- 1 some - feminine heart throb ' - good dancer - fond of l basketball and track - col- l lege plans X Football J.v. Ig Basketball W Varsity 2,3g Track l,2,3g ' Band Color Guard 25 Oper- etta 25 Aeronautics Club l,3g l Senior Play 3 l RUTHMARY H. GILBERT Rutlunary-enjoys argu- , ing -not too fond of school- l work-likes to dance and play basketball Cheerleader J.Vr l 3 Library Club 2,33 Volleyball l,Z,3g . Basketball l,2,3 W DORIS M. GILLINGHAM Doris - enjoys square dancing-good stage hand -commercial student Stage-craft Club I ,2,3g Library Club 2g Photography Club 3g Agriculture Club 3 RICHARD E. GOWER Blindy - teacher problem boy - loves to clown - rug- ged football guard - excel- lent eard player - business man Football J.V. I,2, Varsity 3g Track l,2,3g Chess Club l,2,3 CORINNE A. GOLD Corinne wr drummer in the band - friendly - hard- working student - college plans Dramatic Club l 3 Oratorial Contest lg Basketball l,2g Band l,2, Treasurer 3g Dis- trict Band 3g Blue and White Editorial 23 Comet Editorial 33 Senior Play Minor 3g Class Secretary 35 Student Council Secretary 3 JAMES E. GRANDA James - exceptionally quiet - good-natured - paper boy-applies effort to schoolwork - general student VIRGINIA A. GOSTONY Virginia - quiet but friendly general student - enjoys 1'oller skating and dancing - future beautician Glce Club l,2,3g Dramatic Club 3 GLORIA M. GRONER Gloria- shiny black hair - big blue eyes - keen sense of hninore enjoys dancing and singing - neat dresser -- active in sports Music Festival lg Operetta 25 Basketball 2 LORETTA GOTTO Letty - gift of gab - chubby with black curly hair -friendly - ardent football fan - commercial student Blue and White Editorial l,2,3g Baseball 3g Volleyball 2,3g Basketball 35 First Aid Club 2g Dancing Club 3. KENNETH R. HAHN Kenny - likes hunting and baseball - a great talker -future forester Agriculture Club lg Base- ball Zg Library Club 2,3 JOHN J. HECKMAN Jol1n - friendly and genial - quiet Worker - enjoys baseball- interested in sec- retarial work Basketball Bfanager l,2,3g Athletic Council 33 Comet Business 3 ROBERT V. HERD Herdie - football center - speedie trackman - good- looking and carefree- Dis- trict Chorus member- eu- joys hunting- college plans Operetta 23 Music Festival l,3g District Chorus 2,35 Football Varsity l,2,3g Base- ball l 3 Track 23 Aeronautics 3 MARJORIE P. HAHN Margie - likeable - sporty dresser - sense of humor - commercial student - curly hair - fond of dancing Blue and White Typist 39 Baseball l,3g Volleyball l,3g Basketball l,3g Dramatic Club l THOMAS T. HAPPEL Tom-quiet but genial lad - neat dresser - inter- ested in baseball and hunting Chess Club l,2,3g Photo- graphy Club 2g Baseball 2,3 HARRY K. HAPPEL Horsey - an all-round tall athlete- enjoys telling fish stories and roller skating- college plans Student Council lg Foot- ball J.V. l, Varsity 2,3g Basketball J.V. l, Varsity 2,33 Track l,2,3: Stagecraft l,2,3 J ACQUELYNNE L. HARTMAN Jackie - high stepping majorette - active in school sports -frequently 011 honor roll- enjoys sewing, danc- ing, and baking- secretarial plans Band Majorette l,2,3g Comet Business and Layout 33 Senior Play 3g Class Treas- urer 3g Student Council 3g Knitting Club Z5 Chess Club 2, Baseball l,2,3g Volleyball l,2,33 Hockey l,2,3g Basket- ball l,2,3 NEIL M. HERTZOG Slim - tall general student -interested in agriculture -future state policeman Blue and Wliite Editorial 3, Photography Club 2g Agriculture Club 2 DONALD W. HIMLER Donnie - active partici- pant in class discussions- quiet but friendly- enjoys sports - keen sense of humor - college plans Class President lg Football J.V. l, Varsity 2,3g Operetta 2, Athletic Council 2,35 Stu- dent Council Zg Comet Editorial 3 + l ASA H. HOFF Asa. -- tall, with curly l1air -Band bass drummer- full of fun-likes to argue -not addicted to school Photography Club lg Blue and VVhite Editorial 35 Band 2,3 FRANK A. JURASITS Dopey - happy-go-lucky -not too fond of school- gcneral student - active participant in football Baseball I,Z,35 Football J.V. l, Varsity 2,3 DORIS E. KATZ Dolly - friendly - de- pendable worker - great talker - commercial student RICHARD W. HOOPER Hooper - quiet - not too fond of school- teacher pest - active in wrestling and baseball Blue and Wlhite Editorial 35 Football J.V. l, Varsity 25 lfVrestling l,2,3g Chess Club 3 RICHARD M. KAHLER Dickie - great tease - cheerful "hiya" for everyone -enjoys adventure stories Agfrieulture Club I ,2 5 Aeronautics Club 3 MARYANN E. KECK Kecky - friendly lass - enjoys roller skating-en- ergetic Blue and lYhite and Comet worker Baseball l,2,3g Volleyball l,Z,35 Basketball I ,2,3 5 Hockey 25 Blue and White Business 2,35 Comet Busi- ness 3 BARBARA A. JONES Jonesy-tall and boister- ous - enjoys eating - usually late-not too fond of school- likes to roller skate Music Festival 35 Dramatic Club l,2g Baseball 35 Volley- ball 35 Basketball 3 , , , as X 5 , 'A fxafl' l a W fx L.. 5 1 W, fag lf W Pj . iff ,E xif LLL fl, We ol L 5 4 y Mya' Q ' , nfl im M w 9 fr ff un ti , K ,mi-ff-:,::1.a1f-3-raw,,S ISABELLE I. JULIUS Issy - flirtatious chatter- box- active in after-school sports - friendly general stu- dent - college plans Hockey l,25 Volleyball I, 2,35 Baseball l,2,35 Basket- ball l,Z,35 Chess Club 2,35 Student Council 25 Blue and White Editorial l,2,35 Comet Editorial 35 Senior Play 3 :' U- f i . 2 i 'Q' iaffii?-3:'i.f, . ' . il. 5 f ,K fi S 5 i 4. 2 J 2 'ffl kj Z r ,f V? i. K x . lil -1 ' la- - " a'- . .. flti .'r-rwlgwbi m 3 ., 5 ,- .5 L. Www , ,if- E , l if 'Emmy 'rj K' rf j , l Y glea m Y bw, kj :ik li! . 111 x I 5 1 fiffg 141' 'Alf K l zf' 1- nffffflf i rllltrlr f W. w 4 Q ' .Q N ' fa-Y I QI :mr J I Hiylktil r X K K1 fa iii '4 . Q. +4 f' sling N-W " Y- . 81 , SHERWOOD H. KEENHOLD Jake - enjoys hunting and driving- school not his pri- mary interest - plans to join the Navy EDWARD C. KELCHNER Eddie-tall, blo11d a11d blue-eyed - a great tease - dance enthusiast Football J.V. lg Library Club Zg Aeronautics Club l,3 THOMAS C. KEPPEL Tommy-shy but witty - good student -- interested in sports - basketball guard Basketball J.V. l, Varsity 2,3 ELIZABETH M. KIENZLE Betty-a genial student - quiet - participates in sports - future housewife Chess Club lg Baseball l, 2,35 Volleyball l,2,3g Hockey l,2,3g Basketball l,2,3g Craft Club 2,3g Photography Club 2,3 ROBERT W. KELLER Bobby - intelligent - good musician - Capitol Page boy- baseball player - friendly - college plans Oratorical Contest l,2g Photography Club l,2g Class Vice-President 2,3g Band 2,35 Comet Co-Editor 3g Chess Club l,2g Baseball I,2,3g Wrestling l,2,3g Athletic Council President 3 BETTY M. KING Betty - short - freckled - gift of gab -likes horse- back riding-future beau- tician Baseball l,2,3g Volleyball l,2,3g Basketball l,2,3g Blue and White Business 2,3 CLAIRE G. KEPP Claire - enjoys sewing - W a stude11t librarian - partial ' to flashy colors - plans to , become a nurse 3 Glee Club 25 Photography Club l,2,3g Knitting Club 23 ' Dancing Club 3 f 4 l 4 l PATRICIA A. KINGCAID Patsy - quiet and friendly - enjoys reading and skating - commercial stude11t - future secretary Knitting Club l,2g Comet Typist 3 BETTYANN A. KROMER Bettyann - a willing com- mercial student - tiny with a friendly smile- quiet and reserved Photography Club Ig Li- brary Club 3 4 JAMES A. MALE Jim - short - curly head- ed - enjoys working with motors and painting- a good wrestler - future mechanic Wlrestling l,2,33 Library Club 3 ROBERT A. LAUFFER Bob - pestiferous and talkative- fond of reading and dancing- interested in scientific farming Glee Club lg Agricultural Club l,2g Blue and VVhite 2,33 Prom Connnittee 23 Senior Play 3 -469 BETTY I. MAST Betty - quiet and reserved - pleasing personality - ardent sport fan-future telephone operator Craft Club 35 Library Club 3 CAROLYN J. LERCH Lerehie - good academic student - quiet and reserved -plays clarinet i11 the band - possesses an unusual laugh -future nurse Dramatic Club lg Basket- ball l,2g Volleyball l,2g Base- ball l,2g Band l,2,3g First Aid Club 23 Knitting Club 25 Dancing Club 3g Comet Editorial 3 MIRIAM C. MACKES Nlimi - curly l1air - small but peppy- friendly and loquacious - commercial student Glee Club l,2g Comet Typist 3 I Em RANDOLPH P. MCGRATH Randy - enjoys trapping and roller skating- good square dancer Agriculture Club I ,3g Dancing Club 3 ALBERTA E. MEIXSELL Birdie - tall, blonde, com- mercial student - cheerful disposition - enjoys dancing -future secretary Dancing Club 35 Comet Typist 3 CHESTER E. MEIXSELL Chet-tall and brawny -energetic football captain and guard-popular all- round sportsman Football Varsity l,2,3g Basketball Varsity 23 Base- ball 2,3 SHIRLEY L. MILBURN Shirley - an excellent commercial student - enjoys roller skating-active glee club member- a future see- retary and housewife Magazine Campaign Asst. Manager 2, Manager 33 Comet Typist 3g Operetta 2g lNLIusic Festival l,3 BARBARA J. MENGEL Jeanie-small but viva- cious head cheerleader-em joys singing and square danc- ing - a good pianist - active in sports-college plans Operetta 2, Music Festival l,33 Senior Play 39 Student Council 2g Baseball I 3 Volley- ball l,2,3g Basketball 2,3g Cheerleader J.V. I, Varsity 2,3g Prom Committee 2g Athletic Council 3 PAUL L. MILKOVITS Paulie - fun-loving - a great tease-school a nec- essary evil-intercsted in trucks Chess Club l MARTIN E. MENGEL Ox-tall and handsome -l1usky varsity tackle and end who possesses an edu- cated toe - enjoys square dancing - college plans Football Varsity l,2,3g Basketball J.V. I, Varsity 2,3g Baseball l,2, Manager 3 HARRY R. MILLER Harry- trumpeter in N. I-I.S. band - quiet - enjoys chess and woodworking Band I,2,3g Chess Club l,2,3 ELLA A. MESSINGER Ellie- quiet pleasant lass - enjoys roller skating- plans a nursing career Knitting lg Glee Club l,3g Operetta 25 First Aid Club 2,3 NANCY MILLER Nancy - friendly - en- joys singing- a great talker -future airline hostess Operetta Zg ltlusic Festival l,3g Volleyball 33 Basketball 2,3 WALTER D. M INNICH Walter -- tall trumpet player - a good worker - friendly personality - likes to bowl- .'lC3flCIlliC student Band l,2,3g Operetta 2g Basketball Blanager l,2,3g Baseball Manager l,2,3g Chess Club l,2,3g Athletic Council 2,3 ARMELL D. MOSER Armell -' eheerful blonde from Capella -active in photography elub - enjoys square dancing Library Club l,2,3g Stage- eratt l,3, Secretary 25 Photo- graphy Club l,2,3g Agricul- ture Club 2,3 WW? H: . . HR K K .7 V A - 1 if-I V Z fi, Q .. ' 149, , 2.5" . . K i I . R. "lf its ly iVtT'fl3tlil .My f w, W' EVE MITCH live - a quiet but friendly general student- neat dress- er - dependable - plans nursing eareer Comet Typist 35 Baseball 33 Volleyball 2,3g Basketball 2,33 Dancing Club 3 GEORGE C. MULARICK Gooks - hard running halfbaek-enjoys a good argument - great talker - enjoys sports Football J.V. l, Varsity 2,33 Baseball l,2,3 YM 3 gf. -- gg- M' il 5 a- ,H X af V U i 3 Q 'ff' DQ-W5 ff .21 M-, 'Y' .f'S'Q affiikeititf gi?-'i Pwr. ff . JOHN MITCH Johnny- not addicted to sehool - quiet and reserved -enjoys baseball, hunting, and fishing Baseball l,2,31 Chess Club 2 DIANA L. NAGLE Diana - eonstant misc-hief maker - enjoys daneing - ardent football fan - eollege plans Baseball l,2g Volleyball 1,23 Knitting Club 23 Library Club 2,35 Blue and White Typist 3 JOAN E. MOONEY Joan - petite - blue eyes - eheerful disposition -likes to dance Craft Club 33 Library Club 3 LEO D. NAGLE Bugger - good-looking - well dressed-active sport fan- good basketball for- ward- enjoys roller skating - college plans Basketball J.V. l, Varsity 2,33 Chess Club 29 Student Council 2 RICHARD J. PEISCHL Peischl - ardent auto- racing fan-interested in hunting-plans to join the air force Agriculture Club l,2g Dra- matic Club 3 GLORIA M. PETERS Gloria - high stepping majorette with sparkling brown eyes - friendly - participates in sports - secretarial plans Dramatic Club lg Operetta hlinor 2g Band Majorctte 2,35 Comet Typist 3g Hockey lg Baseball l,3g Volleyball l,3g Basketball l,2,3g Base- ball l,2,3 FREDA N. NEMITH Freda- a chatterbox full of vim, vigor, alld vitality- pleasing personality -fond of dancing-plans nursing career Volleyball 23 Basketball 2, 3g Dancing 39 Comet Editor- ial 3 WAYNE R. NOTTLE Fish - band trombonist - base fiddler in noon activity band - teacher pest - plans music career Band I, Quartermaster 2, Student Director 35 VVrest- ling l,Z,3g Prom Committee 25 Stagecraft 2,3g Photo- graphy 2 JUNE V. PETERS June - reserved com- mercial student - enjoys dancing-not too fond of school Baseball 23 Volleyball 23 Hockey 29 Basketball 23 Blue and lVhite Editorial 2,33 Knitting Club 3 A ANNA P. NIKLES Anna - peppy commercial student - drummer in band -fond of polka dancing- plans secretarial career Band l,2,3g Craft Club 25 Comet Business 3 CHARLES J. NOVERSEL Oscar - mischievous - three year wrestling letter- man-school not his pri- mary interest - plans to join Marines Wrestling l,2,3 . "".n1-Elm., , 1 '--- X rr' 2. xfp . .f2,.v',z,fx. a:f's:'-,120 ' if, .sql 1. 4. , . .1 gflvifa , ' QP ,.f1,s2?Q': s-if "" , Qi 1 , 1 ALFRED J. POLZER Schnobby - adept basket- ball guard-popular and flirtatious - neat dresser - enjoys all sports, square dancing, and swimming- interested in business college Class Vice-President 2g Basketball J.V. I, Varsity 2,3g Chess Club I,2,3 1 LOIS E. PURDY Lois-artistic but quiet -enjoys roller skating and horseback riding - plans secretarial work Comet Layout 35 Stage- craft l,2g Craft Club 25 Mag- azine Campaign Publicity 3 ARTHUR C. REPH Art-quiet but friendly - chess enthusiast - enjoys playing cards, square danc- ing, and wrestling lVrestling 2,35 Chess Club l,2,3 DEAN T. RISSMILLER VVinkie - powerful full- back - class president - an all-rou11d athlete - good chap-college plans Class President 2,35 Foot- ball Varsity l,2,3g Base- ball l,2,35 VVrestling l,2,3, Regional Champion lg Stage- eraft Club l,2,3 GENE E. RADER Gene-tall and thin- dramatically and artistically inclined - popular - excep- tional dancer Band Color Guard l,2,35 Blue and White Editorial l,2,35 Student Council l,2, President 33 Dramatic Club l,2,35 Prom Committee 25 Oratorical Contest 25 Comet Art 35 Senior Play illajor 3 DONALD F. REPH Donald - excellent at cards and chess - fun loving -enjoys woodworking Chess Club l,2,3g Photo- graphy Club 2,3 .IOANNE E. ROBERTS Jo-short and friendly - good academic student - enjoys bowling, dancing, and school sports - college plans hfusic Festival l,3g Oper- etta 25 Blue and VVhite Edi- torial I,2g Student Council l,2,3g Baseball l,2,3g Volley- ball 2,3: Hockey 2,35 Basket- ball l,2,35 Prom Committee 25 First Aid Club 2,3 A. JEAN REGI Jeanie-tall and slender - neat dresser - partici- pates in after-school sports -secretarial plans Comet Editorial 35 Senior Play 35 Baseball l,2,3: Hock- ey 35 Volleyball l,2,3: Bas- ketball l,2,3g Cheerleader .l.V. 25 Dramatic Club l,2 BARBARA A. REINBOLD Peanuts - short and friendly blonde-fond of dancing - exceptional pian- ist - academic student - future nurse Blue and YVhite Editorial l,2,35 Prom Committee 25 Photography Club 25 Knit- ting Club l GRACE A. RODGER Gracie - short flirtatious blonde - avid reader of horse stories - commercial student Knitting Club Ig Photo- graphy Club Zg Craft Club 3 DONALD L. ROTH Slim - husky football tackle and basketball guard - friendly - works after school Baseball lg Basketball l,2, Captain 3g Football Varsity 2,35 Track lg Chess Club l,2 t ifizizwm ff il - ,Vgrwwyf:ggfgw ,pt -'M azz- . -1 ar. , fu- H :air-1. rl - :tgg1,wQ- "f" A, Wssrgkll 'fat' altyf loyyt flirt, Ref 'Ng 5 5 wp 3 w or ' , fir J 2 F SE Z at w e tl ' lf to Q ',! dl ' 2 25,11 if Jbptrh .fu-riff' M t E tilts ' 2. all I sl we I Y s , B . Q 'my 23" ng, I X f , F r , .X W.. , X JACK C. RUTH Duck - tall - blond - good-looking - Yankee fan - enjoys school - television repairman Football Varsity lg Chess Club l,2 BEVERLY A. RUMSEY Beverly-blue-eyed blonde -clerk in a shoe store-enjoys dancing - active in basket- ball Basketball I,2,3g Volley- ball l,3 DOLORES E. SANDT Dolly - a friendly aca- demic student - Jenny in fanny Kifffd Zlle - partici- pates in sports-active in dramatics - plans nursing career Blue and Wliite Editorial l,2,3g Senior Play 35 Class Secretary lg Prom Com- mittee 2g Dramatic Club l,2,3g Baseball l,2g Volleyball I,2g Hockey I,2g Basket- ball l,2 JOHN I. SCHAFER JR. John - guitarist i11 square dance band - easy-going - amateur photographer - in- terested in aviation, radio, and television Aeronautics Club l,3g Photography Club l,2,3 CHARLES W. RUTH Charlie - always cheerful and witty - dramatically inclined - good dancer - enjoys all sports Music Festival Ig Operetta 23 Comet Editorial 3g Track 2,3g Prom Committee 23 Dramatic Club l,Zg Aeron- autics Club 3g Basketball J.V. I MARILYN J. SCHWEITZER lVIarilyn - great talker - flirtatious smile - enjoys skating - dependable stu- dent Comet Business 35 Blue and VVhite Editorial 25 First Aid Club 2g Knitting Club Ig Basketball I JANE L. SCOTT Jane-tall and slim- acadernic student with a pleasing personality - active in sports-enjoys dancing and swimming-plans a nursing career Knitting Club lg Library Club 23 Senior Play 33 Basketball I,2,3g Volleyball l,2,3g Hockey 2,33 Baseball 33 Comet Editorial 3g Ath- letic Council 3 ELEANOR R. SCROCE Eleanor - high-stepping majorette - dramatically inclined - flashy smile- a New York accent-college plans Band Majorette 3g Comet Editorial 3g Blue and VVhite Editorial 23 Senior Play 35 Prom Decorating Committee 2g Dramatic Club 2 JOANNE L. SHIREMAN JoAnne - tall friendly general student - enjoys square dancing - interested i11 photography - plans nursing career Knitting Club lg Craft Club 23 Agriculture Club 2,3g Photography Club l,2,3 LARRY A. SHOEMAKER Larry - short - enjoys teasing girls- plays Hawai- ian guitar-future farmer Agriculture Club 3 MICHAEL J .V. SENNECA Crow - good-looking speedy halfback - unusual laugh-enjoys all sports Football Varsity 2,32 Basketball Varsity 2g Base- ball Varsity 2,3 EVELYN G. SILFIES Tottie - quiet and re- served - friendly commer- cial student -- active Stagecraft Club member - enjoys square dancing Stagecraft Club l,2,3g Li- brary Club 2,3 LUCILLE J. SERFASS Lucy - tall and slim - friendly - enjoys roller skat- ing and movies - ardent basketball fan-plans to be a secretary Knitting Club l,2g Comet Typist 3 MARIE H. SILFIES Marie - quiet but friendly - enjoys sewing and cooking - co-operative student - a future telephone operator Craft Club 3g Library Club 3g Photography Club 2 LILLIAN H. SMITH Lillian - quiet but friend- ly-enjoys ice skating and movies - plans secretarial work Knitting Club l,2g Comet Typist 3 ROSE ANN C. STRANZEL Rose Ann - a genial com- mercial student - frequent giggler - enjoys dancing Craft Club 25 Volleyball 2,35 Blue and White Typist 3 DONALD G. SOLT Solty- quiet but friendly general student - carries papers - future printer Photography Club Ig Agri- culture Club l MICHAEL M. STROCKOZ Mike - shy - quiet - not too fond of school- avid baseball fan - future un- decided RICHARD L. STANNARD Dick - clark wavy hair - mischievous - girl teaser -not fond of school-en- joys hunting Agriculture Club lg Photo- graphy Club l,2,3 RICHARD E. TASHNER Tashner-amateur photog- rapher-good square dance caller-interested in avia- tio11 Student Council Ig Libr- ary Club Zg Photography Club l,2,33 Aeronautics Club l,3 CHARLES J. STELTZMAN JR. Charlie - black, curly hair -pleasant and jovial -en- joys square dancing and piano playing Operetta lg Comet Busi- ness 3g Prom Committee 2 VERNON P. TOBIAS Toby - blond, general student- likes stock cars -not too fond of school- future truck driver Agriculture Club l PHYLLIS A. TRAUPMAN Phyllis - quiet but friend- ly - enjoys roller-skating and swirnining-future sec- retary Blue and White Typist 35 Library Club Z5 Photo- graphy Club 2 SHIRLEY M. WARNER Shirley - pleasant but quiet lass - commercial stu- dent - enjoys sports - plans secretarial work Volleyball 2g Hockey Z3 Library Club 2 :zi if . '1,i . i V , no y uyyy y iu,i1 i.iy A iiii l l yl , ,, , .,,yi ,, . .ijt ,H M ,VAX V . .sgfggg .ufl.5:s .. f t iiyy in Lt, V, Lr..f t. -V AL., ifi? il! , -1"f:- 'irmkfiqghil f H , S1 . CONRAD B. TRIPP Trippi - tall and friendly - general student - possess- es a jalopy - college plans Operetta 23 Music Festival l,3g Senior Play 33 Stagecraft lg Agriculture Club l,2g Aeronautics Club l,3 THOMAS A. WEAVER Turkey-loves to clown - teacher problem child - enjoys dancing and sports Baseball l,2g Football J.V. l, Varsity 2,3 ,i-XM SHIRLEY M. TURNER Turner - cheerful academ- ic student with a contagious giggle - enjoys square danc- ing and bowling - active in sports-plans to enter nursing school Comet Editorial 33 Senior Play 33 Student Council 25 Baseball l,2,3: Volleyball l, 2,3g Basketball l,2,3g Dra- matic Club lg First Aid Club 2 AUDREY E. WERKHEISER Audrey - quiet but pleas- ant - general student - enjoys roller skating Blue and Yvhitc Editorial 35 Knitting Club 3 RICHARD P. WALAKOVITS Dickie - tall, lanky, and quiet-fond of hunting- pitcher on baseball team Baseball l,2,3 ERNEST L. WERKHEISER Ernie - tall, slender, blond chap - friendly - not too fond of school-a fre- quent hotrodder Athletic Council lg 'Wrest- ling Ig Stageeraft l,2 GARY G. WILLIAMSON Jasper - football guard - enjoys talking and arguing -well-liked - general stu- dent Student Council 2,3g Foot- ball .I.V. I, Varsity 2,3 JOHN E. WILSON John - short and quiet -frequently tardy- out- standing wrestler WVrestling I,2,3g Football Varsity l,Zg Track 2,3g Chess Club 3 PATRICIA A. YOUNG Patsy - conscientious ac- ademic student-quiet and friendly-likes to sew- plans nursing career. Music Festival lg Dra- matic Club lg First Aid Club 2g Basketball 33 Cornet Ed- itorial 3 MARGARET A. FLORENCE M. WOODRING YANDRISEVITS lifargie - Short - neat FIOTCIICC - tall 1 talka dresser - enjoys dancing, tive-ardent polka dancer babysitting, and sports- -future secretary Secretarial Plans Blue and White Typist 3 Student Council l,3g Ath- Volleyball l,2,3g Basketball letic Council 3g Hockey 23 l,2,3: Craft Club 2 Basketball 2,3 WILLIAM W. ZELLNER Zellner - mischievous ac- ademic student - enjoys chess - delights in arguing - college plans W1'estling Z,3g Chess Club l,2,3 Standing: Mrs. Metz, Ferraro, Keller, lVIr. Shekletski Seated: Gold, Rissrniller, Hartman SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS President ......,,.,.,,,,. ,...., . .DEAN RISSMILLER Vice President .,..,,., ,...,,,,,.,,,,. I IOBERT KELLER Secretary ...,,,,,...r,. ,......,,,.r.i.,,.... C ORINNE GOLD Treasurer ,...., t,........,,.,.,,, . IACQUELYNNE HARTMAN Historian ,.,. ., ......,.,..,,,...,.,,...,,,.,. GREGORY FERRARO Advisers ...,.... ,,,..... M Rs. METZ AND Mn. SHEKLETSKI ,llr. Eckert pezlforvns cz daily chore Casuals Zllr. Buff mop: a corridor Nottle, Vllagner. lslappel, E. Bessenhoffer, Fabian, Oswald, Temos, l.. Bessenholfer. Bauer STAGECRAFT CR EW Roberts, Happel, Miller, Himler, jones, and Blum in l'Vhat': Elly Rafleet P. D. ASSEMBLY PROGRAM Houser, Searock, Elkins SPELLING CHAMPS To create more interest in spelling, the annual Lehigh Valley Spelling Bee, sponsored by the Call-Chronicle, was held March 17, 1953, in Allentown. Delores Houser, sophomore, Charles Sea- rock, junior, and Marilyn Elkins, senior, represented Nazareth Area Senior High School in the semi-Finals. WHAT,S MY RACKET was presented as part of Mr. Hughes' P.D. assembly program on Feb- ruary 27. Slzitter arid Sermeca N. H. S. Bana' on parade Charlie Jiopf for his between-elasfef .rip ori the way out mn Back zrz 1949-8-4 girl: N.H.S. cheerleader! We didrft do anything, horzeftf Watch the birdie 1. Alrerft we feeling high at lUarily1i,5 party? 2. Ezra, Horse, Crow, arid Schnobby play eard: at the pool 4. Relaxing before the noon buzzer Time Gut 3. Charlie aria' Barbara ha: Jjoririg arrived? MESSINGER MANUFACTURING COMPANY TATAMY BDRO With a population of 604, Tatamy Boro, comprising .8 square mile, enrolls 27 students in the Area Senior High School. W The Messinger Manufacturing Company, the largest single industry in Tatamy, dating back to 1857, employs 60 men and prodluces 5000 agricultural implements annually. ADVERTISEMENTS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING BANKS NAZARETH NATIONAL BANK Sz TRUST COMPANY One ofthe strongest banks in Pennsylvania Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Corner of Main and Mauch Chunk Streets, Nazareth, Pennsylvania SECOND NATIONAL BANK "The Bank of Real Service" Nazareth Pennsylvania INDUSTRIES HERCULES CEMENT CORPORATION Stoekertown Pennsylvania HIMLER'S Cleaners and Dyers East Lawn, Pennsylvania KRAEMER HOSIERY COM PANY Nazareth Pennsylvania NAZARETH CEMENT COMPANY Nazareth Pennsylvania NAZARETH STEEL FABRICATORS, INC. South Broad Street Nazareth, Pennsylvania PENN DIXIE CEMENT CORPORATION Bath Pennsylvania ST. REGIS PAPER COMPANY Multi-Wall Bag Division Nazareth, Pennsylvania 96 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING JEWELERS I.. G. BALFOUR COMPANY, CLASS RINGS 141 East North Street Bethlehem, Pennsylvania PLUMBING AND HEATING HERMAN F. BREUER, PLUMBING AND HEATING Gould Pumps and Oil Burners Nazareth, R.D. No. 2, Pennsylvania SHOOK AND TOTH Plumbing and Heating Contractors Nazareth, Pennsylvania PRINTING, ENGRAVING, PHOTOGRAPHY CEMENT NEWS PRINTING COMPANY Glenn Young, Proprietor Quality Printing Northampton, Pennsylvania MIERS-BACI-IMAN LITHOGRAPHING COMPANY Color and Commercial Lithographers and Printers VVest and Elm Streets, Allentown, Pennsylvania SANDERS-REINHARDT COMPANY Makers of Fine Printing Plates 711 Linden Street, Allentown, Pennsylvania STULL'S PHOTO SERVICE 156 South Main Street Nazareth, Pennsylvania 97 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING BEAUTY SHOPS MARY ANN'S BEAUTY SHOP 107 South Main Street Nazareth, Pennsylvania CLOTHING STORES JACOB MAYER On the Square Easton, Pennsylvania HENRY SCHLEGEL Men's Store Nazareth, Pennsylvania COAL, LUMBER, AND WATER BLUE MOUNTAIN CONSOLIDATED WATER CO. Main Street Nazareth, Pennsylvania NAZARETH COAL AND LUMBER CO. Coal, Lumber, Fuel Oil Nazareth, Pennsylvania PEOPLE'S COAL AND SUPPLY COMPANY Coal, Lumber, and Building Material Phone 802 Nazareth Stockertown, Pennsylvania THE TRUMBOWER COMPANY, INCORPORATED Main Oflice, Phone 798 or 799 Easton Road, Pennsylvania CONTRACTORS JOHN S. TASHNER Carpenter and Builder Phone Bath 6711 Bath, Pennsylvania CONVALESCENT HOMES BAKER CONVALESCENT HOME R. F. D. No. 3, Easton, Pennsylvania Phone Nazareth 629-J DAIRY, MEAT, PRODUCE, AND GROCERY PRODUCTS JOHN FOX Apples, Potatoes, and Fresh Fruits Stockertovvn, Pennsylvania HARTlVIAN'S PORK PRODUCTS R. F. D. No. 3, Nazareth, Pennsylvania Phone Nazareth 1086 HECKMANIS ECONOMY MARKET 105 Belvidere Street Nazareth, Pennsylvania KEPPEL'S Pioneer Self'-Service Markets Centre Square, Nazareth, Pennsylvania WILLOWDALE FARMS T. D. Kostenbader Sz Sons Nazareth, Pennsylvania 98 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING FARM EQUIPMENT -1. A. LOPRESTI Farm Machinery Stockertovvn, Pennsylvania FIRE INSURANCE CITIZENS MUTUAL FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY Protects for Fire- Lightning- Extended Coverage 2 Centre Square, Nazareth, Pennsylvania FARMERS, MUTUAL FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY OF NORTHAMPTON COUNTY Insures for Fire-Lightning- Extended Coverage 72 South Main Street, Nazareth, Pennsylvania NAZARETH MUTUAL FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY Covers for Fires-Lightning-Extended Coverage 16 Belvidere Street, Nazareth, Pennsylvania FUNERAL DIRECTORS BARTHOLOMEW FUNERAL HOME 211 East Center Street- Phone 252 Nazareth, Pennsylvania FLOYD W. SCHMIDT, IIIORTICIAN 357 Belvidere Street Nazareth, Pennsylvania Licensed in Pennsylvania and New Jersey GARAGES NAZARETH MOTOR COMPANY Buick Sales and Service . North New Street, Nazareth, Pennsylvama SOLT CHEVROLET Sales and Service-Chevrolet and Oldsmobile 49 South Broad Street, Nazareth, Pennsylvania R. F. ZIEGLER, INC. Sales and Service-Dodge, Plymouth, and Dodge Trucks Nazareth and Easton, Pennsylvania 800 7288 HARDWARE DEALERS NAZARETH TOOL AND SUPPLY COMPANY Peter F. Yeisley, Prop. 150 South Main Street Nazareth, Pennsylvania MANUFACTURERS NAZARETH DRESS MANUFACTURING COMPANY TATAMY SHIRT MILL Wood Street and Madison Avenue Nazareth, Pennsylvania NAZARETH PAPER BOX COMPANY 181 South Whitfield Street Nazareth, Pennsylvania NAZARETI-I PLANING MILL COMPANY ' Sash Doors - Shutters - Blinds - Frames - Colonnades - Stairwork Prospect and Green Streets, Nazareth, Pennsylvania 99 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING MANUFACTURERS NAZARETH MILLS INC. Belvidere Street I Nazareth, Pennsylvania PLUMBING, HEATING, PAINTING, AND PAPERHANGING WARREN H. BOWERS Painter and Decorator-Floor Sanding and Refinishing Stockertown, Pennsylvania ALBERT M. TOTH Plumbing and Heating Contractor R. F. D. No. 3, Nazareth, Pennsylvania Phone Nazareth 624 RESTAURANTS CARLDON'S Restaurant and Soda Fountain . 122 South Main Street, Nazareth, Pennsylvania NICHOLASEN'S LUNCH Fountain Service-Home Cooking ' 148 South Main Street, Nazareth, Pennsylvania SCHOOL SUPPLIES KEMMERER PAPER COMPANY School Supplies 355-357 Hamilton Street, Allentown, Pennsylvania TRANSPORTATION I HOWARD SILFIES Comfortable Coaches-Capable Drivers Bath, Pennsylvania MISCELLANEOUS JAKEAS HOTEL John and Mary Polzer, Proprietors 326 South Main Street, Nazareth, Pennsylvania Phone 9041 MENGELS, VARIETY STORE For Your Everyday Essentials 123 South Main Street Nazareth Greeting Card Center NAZARETH FAIR GROUNDS AND FARMERS, NAZARETH SPORTING GOODS 41 Belvidere Street Nazareth, Pennsylvania Phone 1536 UNITED CEMENT, LIME AND GYPSUM WORKERS, INTERNATIONAL UNION, LOCAL No. 4 Bath, Pennsylvania 100 MARKET CLASSIFIED AUTO STORES COMPLIMENTS OF WESTERN AUTO STORE 27 Belvidere Street Nazareth Pennsvlvania NAZARETH AUTO PARTS 210 South Main Street Nazareth Pennsylvania CLOTHING STORES BEN CHANE MEN'S and BOYS' WEAR 60 South Main Street Nazareth Pennsylvania FREEMANS ALL-WAYS RELIABLE The Three Nicest Stores in Town Nazareth Pennsylvania LEADER STORE Main and Belvidere Streets Nazareth Pennsvlvania COLLEGES BETHLEHEM BUSINESS COLLEGE :oth Year An approved business training school CHURCHM AN BUSINESS COLLEGE 395 Spring Garden Street Easton Pennsylvania CONTRACTORS PETER J AMADORE General Contractor Excavating Compressor, and Hauling 145 Spring Street, Nazareth, Pennsylvania DAIRY MEAT AND GROCERY PRODUCTS BAJAN S FOOD MARKET 96 Seip Avenue Nazareth and East Lawn, Pennsylvania ROY T BARNHART 49 Belvidere Street Nazareth Pennsylvania BEIL S GROCERY STORE 224 Mauch Chunk Street-Phone 631 Nazareth Pennsylvania DONNELI Y S MARKET Stockertovvn Pennsylvania 3 .. Y .1 3 Y , 5 7 .- Bethlehem, Pennsylvania I .. 7 Y I I 3 7 5 ADVERTISING FI,ORY'S GROCERY Belvidere Street Nazareth, Pennsylvania JOE GEIDER Main and Mauch Chunk Streets Nazareth, Pennsylvania I-lAHN'S GROCERIES Meats, Frozen Foods, Vegetables, Ice Cream Fourth and Main Streets, Tatamy, Pennsylvania I-IAHN'S MARKET Newburg, Pennsylvania Phone 9023 JONES MARKET Eggs, Potatoes, Groceries Bethlehem-Nazareth Pike at Brodhead KERN'S MEAT MARKET Home Dressed Meat and Poultry 105 South Broad Street, Nazareth, Pennsylvania MOWRER'S ICE CREAM Telephone SI Nazareth, Pennsylvania M. WYNNE, GROCER 18 North Main Street Nazareth, Pennsylvania CHARLES NAGEL, DISTRIBUTOR Schaihel's Bread and'Cakes Nazareth, Pennsylvania STEW BADY 251 Walnut Street Nazareth, Pennsylvania WILLARD SMITH 430 South Main Street Nazareth, Pennsylvania WAYNE TRACH, GENERAL STORE Phone 527-R-1 Moorestown, Pennsylvania DRUG STORES KOEHLER'S PHARMACY, Prescriptions Belvidere Street Nazareth, Pennsylvania NAZARETH PHARMACY C. L. Scovell, Ph. G. Prop. Prescriptions a Specialty 68 South Main Street-Ph 101 one 353 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES BUZZARD ELECTRIC Main and Belvidere Streets Nazareth, Pennsylvania FEDON ELECTRIC COMPANY 25 South Main Street Nazareth, Pennsylvania HOWARD F. FOX "Everything in Electric" Bethlehem R.D. I Phone Bethlehem UN 6-1969 R. K. STOUT Electrical Contractor 32 South Main Street-Phone 346 Nazareth, Pennsylvania L. R. WERKHEISER 16 West High Street - Phone 98 Nazareth, Pennsylvania FUNERAL DIRECTORS COMPLIMENTS 0F BENSING FUNERAL HOME Moorestown, Pennsylvania KERMIT KNECHT 201 Belvidere Street Nazareth, Pennsylvania FURNITURE AND OFFICE EQUIPMENT I. SCHWARTZ 540 South Main Street Nazareth, Pennsylvania STOTZ OFFICE EQUIPMENT COMPANY Royal Typewriters 158 Northampton Street, Easton, Pennsylvania A. FRED TREHER Office Furniture and Supplies 105-107 N. Fourth Street, Easton, Pennsylvania GARAGES AND SERVICE STATIONS BATH SERVICE STATION Robert W. Scaife, Prop. A to Z Lubrication -Car Washing Main Street, Bath, Pennsylvania FOGEL'S GULF SERVICE Broad and Belvidere Streets Nazareth, Pennsylvania S. GREGORY GARAGE Studebaker Sales and Service 27 Mauch Chunk Street, Nazareth, Pennsylvania R. R. HESS AUTO REPAIRS 142 North Spruce Street Nazareth, Pennsylvania KLIPPLE'S TYDOL SERVICE Nazareth and Bath Highway LEH'S FORD, SALES AND SERVICE 235 Broad Street Nazareth, Pennsylvania MESSENLEHNER'S SUNOCO SERVICE A to Z Lubrication 574 S. Main Street-Phone 9004, Nazareth, Penna. ROHRBACH'S GARAGE Hecktown, Pennsylvania SMITH MOTOR COMPANY Kaiser-Frazer, Sales and Service East Walnut Street, Nazareth, Pennsylvania SQUARE DEAL GARAGE Pontiac Sales and Service 25 South Broad Street, Nazareth, Pennsylvania DICK STANNARD Atlantic Service Stockertown, Pennsylvania WELK'S ESSO SERVICE STATION Walnut and New Streets Nazareth, Pennsylvania HARDWARE DEALERS NAZARETH HARDWARE COMPANY 49-51 Main Street Nazareth, Pennsylvania TAYLOR'S HARDWARE Phone Nazareth 1033-R Stockertown, Pennsylvania INSURANCE ROY S. HAHN Notary Public and Insurance 113 South Main Street, Nazareth, Pennsylvania FRANK HUTH AND SONS, INSURANCE 104 South Main Street Nazareth, Pennsylvania JOSEPH F. PAYONK, JR. Insurance Nazareth-Bethlehem Pike CLASSIFIED LAUNDRY AND CLEANERS ELMO'S CLEANERS 39 Belvidere Street Nazareth, Pennsylvania NAZARETH STEAM LAUNDRY 165 South Whitfield Street Nazareth, Pennsylvania IEWELERS R. D. LAM BERT Belvidere Street Nazareth, Pennsylvania LICHTY'S WATCH REPAIR Watches-D iamonds-Jewelry - Phone 804 124 South Main Street Nazareth, Pennsylvania G. S. OSWALD Hamiltons, Diamonds, Silverware 48 Center Street, Nazareth, Pennsylvania MORRIS JEWELERS 357 Northampton Street Easton, Pennsylvania MANUFACTURERS BINNEY AND SMITH COMPANY Easton Pennsylvania BUSHKILL PAPER COMPANY 1220 Northampton Street Easton, Pennsylvania C. F. MARTIN AND COMPANY, INC. Nazareth Pennsylvania MESSINGER MANUFACTURING COMPANY Tatamy Pennsylvania NAZARETI-I BUILDING BLOCK COMPANY Blocks of Distinct Quality and Beauty R. F. D. 1, Nazareth, Pennsylvania NAZARETH BURIAL VAULT COMPANY 162 South Green Street Nazareth, Pennsylvania BILL-RICH BITUMINOUS MANUFACTURERS Tatamy Road- Phone 1303 Nazareth, Pennsylvania SNYDER MILLING COMPANY 435 South Main Street Nazareth, Pennsylvania ADVERTISING PLUMBING, CONTRACTORS, PAINT- ING AND PAPERHANGING HORACE BOWERS Painter and Paperhanger-Phone 289-J-2 Route 3, Nazareth, Pennsylvania ALPHA T. BURLEY Plumbing and Heating-Petro Oil Burners Tatamy, Pennsylvania ROY T. FEHNEL, Building Contractor Route 3, QBelfastJ Nazareth, Pennsylvania RAYMOND D. TEEL, Contractor 216 South Whitfield Street Nazareth, Pennsylvania MISCELLANEOUS PHYLLIS BEIL,S DANCING STUDIO Belvidere Street above Odd Fellow Hall Building Specializing in all types of dancing and majoretting Class and Private lessons Phone-1660-I or 797-I-3 ANTHONY FERRARO, Beverage Distributor Main Street Stockertovvn, Pennsylvania FRITOS OF CENTRAL PENNSYLVANIA, INC. 640 South Spruce Street Nazareth, Pennsylvania GERNET'S SHOE STORE 108 South Main Street Nazareth, Pennsylvania H. 81 R. INDUSTRIES Walnut Street Nazareth, Pennsylvania EARLE C. LICI-ITENWALNER Golden Sun Bleach Qfor whiter washl 335 South Broad Street, Nazareth, Pennsylvania GEORGE N. MILLER SALES Sz SERVICE R. F. D. 2 Nazareth, Pennsylvania G. C. MURPHY COMPANY Belvidere Street Nazareth, Pennsylvania NAZARETH METAL FINISHING WORKS 12 West Walnut Street Nazareth, Pennsylvania Phone 1124 NOLF'S LOCKER PLANT 167 South Broad Street Nazareth, Pennsylvania 103 V '-g,gm ,gx , -"Q, . u , 11 .:g'-S.-1S11fm1,' V ' -' ' V' ' ::'.V, gp ,,.-V1-Mrk'-5 -,-3 ..V.V-,--.pu t w- , V.,-.- J airii? -' ' ' 'Wig' 1' 1, , F i ' I ,M ' ' Fra wg. -5-nm-v1v2 ,V-V.n1 ,f . .V+ , haf,-1.412042 :'?.' ,- ff . .f .VJ- Agswwf' - s -,Vf - -.,.. , ,, f-gh . I mv' -, ., .1 -. l,. C'-69 .erm 'R-1-. --o-' -- .1 .. ,-.a...fV ,...v, f.. ...- . - ,,.,-. ras.. . 9 , ,.,.ij' 'ggi-zac h , -, , V-P ,...:f4'Sr 4, " Vx,- .- "-- --, " -- A V 1 ' 1 A ,. -'- -K.:-v , 4---Qgraw 1 Q L 'Qi V ' , fg:5.-pwqgg rx gif ,F . . 5'V:ff5'f' 'Vg X ' ,-4514 A 195. 71 ? U U . X .-i-"Wi-v ' " 331 , 4' x 1.41. ' ' :ilfid I A '11,.'V W ' uf--M -V Vs Vw - V g . 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Suggestions in the Nazareth Area High School - Comet Yearbook (Nazareth, PA) collection:

Nazareth Area High School - Comet Yearbook (Nazareth, PA) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


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Nazareth Area High School - Comet Yearbook (Nazareth, PA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


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