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i) ■ . y ' r ' TlOip««%e« V.V «.St E i as s B i HTVIHih ' ii ' ir- " " " " ' ...:»v ii L ii ij. B m ;. -.uj i , fL NAZARETH HIGH SCHOOL Published by the CLASS OF 1950 NAZARETH HIGH SCHOOL Nazareth, Pennsylvania i)t tErombone Cfjoir Every Easter morning the strains of the Moravian Trombone Choir echo through the quaint community of Nazareth. Rising at two in the morning, the members march through the town, stopping to play at numerous street corners. As the sun begins to come up, they continue to the cemetery and play for the sunrise service held there. This solemn service commemorates the resurrection of Christ on Easter morning. The Trombone Choir is one of the town ' s many customs which has survived through the years. Since the founding of Nazareth in 1740, colorful backyard flower gardens, sauerkraut making, auctions, holiday cookie making, and many other activities have become traditional. Against this Pennsylvania Dutch background, we, the class of 1950, have pictured our school life. Besides the regular school curriculum and sports, our school and activity periods not only develop new interests and reveal abilities, but also reflect our rich community heritage and interest in art and music. A .-S y n I: ' 1 |: I 5; f S ' F ' 1 VH-y t ' ! V ?,;; ; V ' -f ■■A? ? " i ' !| ' ' : ' ' . ' .-? ' iSvjS. Pieie ituinf, n i.»...a:t P O l ? ' 4t- ' ' Lejt to Right: Frederick Marcks, Superintendent of Schools; Stanley Clewell; EUvood Unangst; A. Russell Snyder, fiee-President; Clinton Bunn; Peter Yeisley; Charles Knauss, Secretary to the Board; Charles Schnerr. Treasurer; George Smith, President. NAZARETH SCHOOL BOARD With diligence and foresight the seven-member School Board of Nazareth guides the affairs of our schools. At the monthly meet- ings the board makes decisions concerning school taxes, the purchase of school supplies, the approval and administration of the budget, and the general supervision of schools in this district. f. U ati Mr. Marcks, Superintendent of Nazareth Boro Schools, plans school policies and keeps all phases of the school system running smoothly. Although Mr. Graver has been our principal for only a year, he carries out his duties efficiently. Mr. (iRaver and his secretary, Mrs. Weiss V " . U. j U oducii Seated: Miss Clute, Mrs. Hand, Miss Schnerr, Miss Jenkins, Miss Berger Standing: Mr. Weinhofer, Mr. Chelly Jean Clute Art Stage Craft Club Comet Art Mrs. Mary Hand Vocal Music Glee Club Pearl Schnerr Foods M. Charlotte Berger Librarian Augustine Weinhofer Problems of Democracy Band Ivan Chelly Manual Training Doris Jenkins Sezving t iUMiWir Guy Owens Health and Driver Education Assistant Football Coach Andrew Leh Physical Education Football Coach Mrs. Margaret Heckman Physical Education Coach Mr. Owens, Mr. Leh, Mrs. Heckman Mrs. Quentin Zell History Dramatic Club College Advisor Paul Goulding Problems of Democracy Guidance Counselor Open Forum Marie Bryan English Sophomore Class Adviser Stanley Skuta History Track, Wrestling Mrs. Zell, Mr. Goulding, Miss Bryan, Mr. Skli Oun. cuuHJiif Robert Harding English ElIZABKTH Sl.OAT English Comet J. Frederic Knecht English Blue and White Mrs. Frances Chase Latin QUENTIN ZeLL C,er)nan Blue and IV h lie Mr. Hariiinc, Mis.s Si.oat, Mr. Knecht, Mr.s. Mr. Zei.i. Chester Felver Commercial Education Arithmetic Commercial Club Mrs. Mildred Metz Bookkeeping Record Keeping School Treasurer Mrs. Relva Kolessar Mrs. Virginia Graver Shorthand Typing Office Practice Typing Club Junior Class Adviser Comet Blue and JVhite Business Mrs. a. Jane Bleiler Salesmanship and Penmanship Mr. Felver, Mrs. Graver, Mrs. Metz,, Mrs. Kolessar, Mrs. Bleiler Franklyn Kostenbader Physics Consumer Science Senior Play Adam Shekletski Cheynislry Consumer Science Senior Class Adviser Guy Cum I ' Senior Class Adviser Guy Cump Mathematics Faculty Athletic Manager James Roth Biology Photography Club Mr. Kostenbader, .Mr. Shekletski, Mr. Cump, Mr. Roth I « Sauerkraut iWafeing As surely as autumn comes to a Pennsylvania Dutch community, so does the time for making sauerkraut. For don ' t all good Pennsylvania Dutchmen still enjoy sauerkraut and pork? After the cabbage has been grated and salt added, the mixture is stamped in an old-fashioned crock. The ripening process then begins. Just as these eager Pennsylvania Dutch workers were kept busy doing home-like tasks, so are the students busy with their school tasks of preparing assignments and attending classes. The industrious students work toward a good fin ished product just as did our Pennsylvania Dutch sauerkraut makers. f - m . r 1 - -! ri. Wi »5r- ' 7 i d4. «( " — I i ■Uui... .im: (lei44. mlHXf yta Schaoi Students chat on the way to the next class With the coming of September, the famihar back-to-school call is again heard. Approx- imately SOO students flock to the open door of Nazareth High School eager to begin another year. The buzz of chatter fills the air as boys and girls unite and meet new acquaintances after the long summer vacation. The first day found students busily filling out program cards and getting schedules arranged. Pupils stop for a refreshing drink. Students fill out program cards. Pla44 nUt( Wi utun Vocatlo4 To all students seeking help in voca- tional fields, the Kuder Preference Record is available. This is a device used in the guidance program to discover broad student interests. Mr. Goulding and a group of students study Kuder Tests. In our homeroom periods students discuss many topics of interest. Some of these include the qualifications of a good citizen and Student Council activities. Students have a homeroom discussion. The College Advisory Service is design- ed for those needing aid in choosing a college. At individual conferences, qLiali- tications and entrance examinations are discussed. _- . A ' Irs. Zell gives suggestions about choosing a college. - ' ■ ' - • ■■v.t --.„;«- ooAila Uf jin ScieHx:e Biology students gain practical krtowladge by making microscopic observations of plants and an imals and by dissecting frogs and earth- worms. They also gain a knowledge of the utilization of biology in milk pasteurization and cheese and butter making. Developing an understanding of science and an appreciation of the part that chemistry plays in our daily lives is the chief objective of chemistry students. A scientific attitude is developed through study and labora- tory experiments. Through laboratory experiments the physics student learns to think as well as work with his hands. The laboratory course is an experimental supplement to the regular class work. Part of this knowledge is used as chemistr - prepara- tory work. Top to bottom: Mr. Roth explains the anatomv of a fish. Students experiment with the explosive qualities ot various mixtures of gas and air. Students demonstrate lift and force pumps. P ie pxi Ui y a Co-4niften oUd ocatloHd. In office practice classes students learn to use the mimeograph, rexograph, ditto, and mmieoscope machines. For practice, general office work, assembly song sheets, study outlines, and tests are prepared for the entire school. Not only do students learn the tunda- mentals of typing but also good posture, speed, and accuracy in the first-year classes. As future stenographers, seniors pre- pare for their careers through shorthand transcription. Top to bottom — Students prepare office practice assign- ments. Mrs. Graver checks typing posture. Mrs. Koiessar dictates a letter. t. »v 2 l4xu4Min(f. S oe ufdcuf. PnjoMe4nl In American history classes stu- dents learn about our American heritage and an effort is made to awaken an interest and appreciation for our American way of hfe. A student volunteers in American history. Learning to use reference books and to locate information in a library is taught as part of our high school English course. Library reference assignments are being prepared. By means of discussions and proced- ures, Problems of Democracy classes endeavor to practice democratic govern- ment. With the aid of student reports, films, and outside speakers, students acquire an understanding of democracy. The class chairman leads a discussion 111 Problems of Democracy. Studifincj. VaAlao £afuf44.a(f In the German classes grammar, vocabulary, and translation are stressed rather than learning to speak German. Learning to smg German Christmas carols during the holiday season adds enjoyment to the classes. German students learn sentence structure. In the English classes, students study grammar, oral and written composition, and literature. Book reports supplement the regular work. English students Uani to diagram. Latin students acquire a back- ground of Latin through translatmg and studying the vocabulary and ancient Roman customs. Latin students translate a story. -.-. Lt-. ... ...- QfieatlHXf. mmHi Oun. tJtoHxIU Some of the projects undertaken in the art classes are designing and painting posters for the senior play, tooling metal plaques, illustrating stor- ies, sketching portraits, and making fabric and fashion designs. Students use clay for making lamp bases, Pennsylvania Dutch plates, and models of animals. For students interested in industrial arts, a course in machine woodworking is offered. Safety is an import- tant factor stressed in the shop. The projects include a cedar chest, a chest of drawers, a serving table and end tables, and bookshelves. Top to bottom — Students are working on poster and water color paintings. Students prepare their ceramic pieces for the first firing in the kiln. The boys are studying the operation of a lathe. P actioUtcf. Jl ' aine4ftaJzi4iXf. In addition to choosing textiles and making cloth- ing, the girls in home economics classes learn personality adjustment, good manners, and groom- ing. Home management, child care, and family re- lationships are also studied. In the food classes, hook work is comhined with prac- tical experience. Nutrition, meal - planning, consumer knowledge, and table-setting and service are taught. Top to bottom — Girls learn to operate machines in sewing class. Students are mixing a cake in foods class. Girls practice table set- ting and serving in home economics. riirtiK QUecJziH PUifA ioal Wel GAe Under Nazareth High School ' s three- fold health program, each student is given a complete physical and dental examination every other year. Before participating in sports, athletes are given a ph sical check-up. Top to bottom — Doctor Fraunfelder gives a thorough physical check-up before these boys participate in athletics. Juniors have their teeth examined by Doctor Wagner. Our school nurse helps Doc- tor Stites give the physical examinations. jHeoAnlna unaxiinentaU. Advanced mathematics, including plane geometry and advanced algebra, is an elective course chosen mainly by students preparing for college. Mr. Cump demonstrates the slide rule to trig students. In order to build strong bodies, good health habits, as well as know- ledge of the human anatomy, are taught in health classes. Students return from a driving lesson. Warren Eberts explains the digestive tract in health class. As part of the Driver Educa- tion Course, students study traffic laws and the responsi- bilities of drivers. Then they practice driving with an in- structor in a dual-control car. Learning good driving habits and earning a driver ' s license are the goals of this course. eaeiofiutt eMealUuf, Boaied. In gym class students learn not only sportsmanship and coordina- tion, but also develop skill in games. Besides keeping the body fit, these sports provide recreation for leisure time. Top to bottom — Boys demonstrate hand stands. Girls volley in gym class. Boys play an exciting volleyball game The girls learn folk dancing. COMMENCEIVIENT AWARDS PRESENTED IN 1949 For outstanding work ni varioiis fields, town and out-of-town organizations present students anniialK ' with monetary and trophy awards at Commencement. Tall Cedars Science Award — Frank " ' andrasit s Lion ' s Club Industrial Arts- Andrew Pierzga and James Nolf Woman ' s Club Scholarship — Roberta Scheffler Woman ' s Club Sewing — Pearl Smith, Tessie Gamboni, and Betty Lou Rumsey Nazareth Band — Robert Tomino Nazareth Choral Society — Joan Frable Alumni Association Oratory — Wilbur Hahn and Frances Drmnm " " Boy Citizen — Harold Henning " " Girl Citizen — Barbara Person " " TYPEWRITINC-Joan Fuls " " Shorthand — Patricia Giovanni Junior Woman ' s Club Art — Don Peterson, Edna Freestone, and Florence Hahn Pequot Society — Ideal Boy Athlete — Marlyn Roth " " Ideal Girl Athlete — Arlene Miller Nazareth Item — Football — Marlyn Roth Basketball — Marlyn Roth " " Baseball — Harold Henning " " Track — Don Peterson Chamber Of Commerce — English — Don Peterson " " " Mathematics — Roberta Scheffler r u. Uti ije Auction In the early days the Pennsylvania Dutch- man ' s week was frequently enlivened bv an auction. This was, and still is, their means of disposing of household goods, farm machinery, and livestock. The auctioneer who guided this affair had the responsibility of adding zest to the bidding and rivalry amongst the bidders. A time of continual activity, an auction lasted for a few hours or could become an all-day affair. Resembling these old-time bustling auctions, our school activity periods are filled with busv moments. This activity, however, is more than mere busyness. The various clubs and other organizations hel[) students develop a cooperative spirit as well as leisure time activities. s FEH ■IS n - s " .A .•ff " i ( Pn I " 1 ii - • , r ' .i « :: : " vio« 1 il i t " ' i«SS??»-:. ' U ' Ui - ' -«f ' ' ' ' - ' «- « -, ' » .m(»6««St« ?i 5 ' -- ;. ■ J I Wa kincj, e4nac iac4f. The Student Council, composed of a boy and girl representative from each homeroom in the senior high school and three faculty advisers, is responsible for student government in our high school. The Council assumes responsibility for the social program through the various parties planned and held throughout the year. These take in a wide variety ranging from the square dance to the holiday socials. Besides this, the Council sells refresh- ments at the home football and basket- ball games. Top to bottom — A Council committee plans the Christ- mas dance. The facult ' and council officers arrange future assemblies. Student Council members learn parlia- mentary procedure. anclH U 444 Top to bottom — Students enjoy the Sweetheart Dance. Time out for refreshiiietns! Swing It! " Good Night, Sweetheart " . lie e ' l A a " owjo uhu The long awaited moment had finally arrived. Couples strolled mto the gym to the melodic strains of Jimmy Meigh- am ' s Orchestra and found a brightly colored Mexican village. Little Mexican figures in blankets and sombreros added reality to the scene. A huge array of gaily colored balloons and cactus plants added life to the atmosphere. Around 9:30 when everyone was hungry, sandwiches, punch, and cake were served by pages in gay colored peasant costumes. The dancing continued till the final strains of " Goodnight Sweetheart " were heard. Everyone enjoyed our Mexican Fiesta. ' ltenJ ' l u6i o Ufld JUNIOR-SENIOR PROM May 13, 1949 High School Civm Program Committee: Anita Young Jean Young Russell Kindt Richard Miksch Lela Colver Joanne Engler John Dusinsk Ralph Brodt Ronald Gross Frances Drumm lipJxufUtXj, Oun iniutaiiuBI MEET IN November 3 and 4 " Meet Me In St. Louis " produced laughter and suspense as the four Smith girls plotted against their father, who had decided to move to New York just before the opening of the great World ' s Fair in St. Louis. Due to the girls ' mischief the plot backfires, and everyone ' s plans are ruined. After Mr. Duffy ' s scheming is discovered, the play progresses to a happy endmg with the boom! boom! of the fireworks announcing at last the opening of the fair. Top to bottom — The cast of " Meet Me In St. Louis " Esther and Rose swallow chicken hearts as Ida and Fred say " Hello " . Rose glares as Lucille completely captivates John. nxi nailc talent ME ST. LOUIS High School Auditorium Pl m4 44 Xi 4w. G iexitiHCf, LAYOUT ARTISTS Smith, J. Enffler. Hamel, Kostenbader After the Comet Staff was selected in September, its first task was to choose a theme. Following several periods of discussion, a Pennsylvania Dutch theme was chosen with the idea ot using those customs still in vogue in Nazareth and vicinity to serve as a background for picturing our year ' s activities at Nazareth High School. EDITORS Clewell, Regi, Person, Dusinski (absent) BUSINESS STAFF StanJing: Jones, Reimer, Fuls, Mrs. Kolessar, Kindt. Krutchey, Hofer, Mathews, Pleiss, Thomas. While the layout artists planned the layout page by page in preparation tor the photographer ' s first visit, the business staff solicited adver- tisements. Next they solicited tor patrons and then took orders tor the book. The entire revenue tor publishing the Comet comes from our adver- tisers, patrons, and the sale of books. Seated: .Ahch, Koehle Ou yeanJpo-ak mj } TVUrr At r c% ;if. ARTISTS Schweitzer. Wagner, Werkhelser. Hahn. Nagle (absent). Miss Clute. Art Adviser (absent) During this time the editorial staff wrote the senior biographies and de- cided on the material to be included in each section. As quickly as the editor- ial staff wrote copy, it was prepared for the printer by the t pists. Perhaps the most indus- trious of all were the artists sketching the designs for the divider pages, borders, and spots which add to the interest of our yearbook. The artists worked under the direction of Miss Jean Clute; the business staff under the direction of Mrs. Belva Kolessar; and the editorial, layout, and typing groups under the direction of Miss Elizabeth Sloat. ASSOCI.ATK KDirORS First Row: McCandless. ' i ' ount;. Yost, Kebnel. Stroiiil Roif: Harden. K. EnRler, Shinier. Ray Buss. S cuidin : Miss Sloat. TYPISTS first Rii:v: Torh. Traupman, Werner. Second Row: Colver, Rinker Roth. Tliird R a Bcaler. Stout. lipicUfUuf iL i I Sii flr IS I J 1 T 1 ' ' 1 ANNUAL SPRING BAND CONCERT High School Auditorium May 3, 4, and 5 Band Officers Director Mr. Augustine Weinhofer Student Director Russell Kindt Secretary JoAnne Engler Treasurer Haven Knecht Quartermaster Charles Suter Librarian Bruce Reimer Betty Houser Elizabeth Frantz 0(4 9 iAi Hicd oleHi HAND PERSONNEL Flutes and Piccolos Keim, Nancy Kenyon, Loiene Toth, Johanna Toth, MaryAnn Clarinets Bourguignon, Dons Engler, |oAnne Fifield, Mildred Frantz, Elizabeth Fills, Doris Hoiiser, Betty Houser. Dolores Houser, Doris Kenyon, Viola Knecht, Haven Miltenberger, Mary Ellen Roth, Patricia Riimsey, Joan Stannard, Gloria Toth, Connie Werkheiser, Reynold Yost, Shirley oung, Jean O. Aha Saxophone Koehler, Donald Stannard, Arthur Stout, Joanne Tenor Saxophone Todora, John Zellner, Robert Cornets and Trumpets Harnhart, Owen Fehnel, Linford Garr, Richard Groller, |ohn Kindt, Russell Miller, Harry Reimer, Bruce Suter, Charles Trinkle, John Unangst, John eakel, Dallas Horns Bealer, Shirley Eberts, Warren Peters, Dorothy Wagner, Charles Trombones Jones, Nancy Nottle, Wayne Rader, Terry Reuner, David Shook, Elaine Smith, Frederick Baritones Brodt, Robert Metzgar, William Tubas Brodt, Ralph Jones, Daniel Robinson, Joseph Drums Gold, Corine Hahn, Florence Kmg, Marjorie Kostenbader, Marlyn Mengel, Doris Ott, OIlie Ann Siegfried, Donald Wagner, Elwood Majorettes Altemose, Patricia Beers, foanne Beil, Phyllis Bessenhoffer, Eleanor Cortez, Mathilda Engler, Betty Hartman, Jacquelynne Mathews, Connie Nardella, Louise Pleiss, Shirley Rader, Glennie Schnerr, Louise Stout, Charlotte Unger, Martha Werkheiser, Jeanette Bush, LaMar Color Cuards Kostenbader, Thomas Noll, James Spangler, Gerald Teklets, Joseph (leltea UlnCf ljOA. On January 12, 13, and 14 Nazareth High School was host to the Eastern District Band composed of 133 students from 55 schools and sponsored by the Music Educators Asso. of Pa. Erik Leidzen, arranger for the Gold- man Rand, conducted for two public concerts. Students register for Eastern District Band. District Band re- hearses for concerts. NAZARETH WELCOMES U ' « L i- - J i K 4e liixf. Coeni To the many service clubs, piitrons, and sponsors who made this three-day festival possible, the band wishes to express gratitude. A clinic for M Directors is held the i?and Room. The Band puts fina touches to the pro gram. THE DISTRICT BAND I . « ■ Tt3%w. ' : ' % ?%y W . •• •«■, ' ; 5 f 5 sp ' ' ' iX ' .« W ' , - w: Catltli jtUe Standing: Mr. Knecht, Dr CO-EDITORS 1. Pt-rson, Kin;;, Mr. 7.ell. Sealed: H. Kni-cht. Published for a period of twenty years, the Blue and White Standard, the Nazareth High School monthly publication, presents a coverage of current school news. Formerly a three-column newspaper, the Standard has now become a four- column, four-page monthly. Occasion- ally the Blue and White carries addi- tional pages for the creative work of students or for outstanding feature articles. Although all areas of school activities are covered, stress is placed upon news. By means of its staff, comprising editorial, typing, business, and circu- lation divisions, senior high students take charge of the first three pages, while junior high, with its own editorial staff, is responsible for the fourth page. ASSOCIATE EDITORS Standing: Mr. Knecht, Lautfer, Hooper, Halin. Mr. Zell. Sealed: Smith. TYPISTS First Row: Nagle, Rumsey, Shireman, Shingler, Bourguignon, Mrs. (iraver. Second Rmo: Dieter, Jones, Siegel. Johnson, Stout, Davidson, liUue a4 d WUUe Sta4 JlaA lt The junior high school statt, chosen largely from ninth-grade students, concentrates upon general news cover- age. This training frequently has a carryover value and students continue on the staff in senior high school. The practical training received by staff members has proved useful to many graduates. As a result of their journalistic interests in high school, some have continued in the field of journalism after graduation. As a member of both the Pennsyl- vania and Columbia Press Associations, the Blue and White Standard has won a third place rating this year. ■■1 warn pV H HK V W 1 fclr rd mjlm iLjfl ip Uh ■ ijt0 4 ■ ?J:iji K 1 .k LUllUklAL first Row: Houscr. Rampulla, Jones, Macy, Burnard. Second Rozv: Sanilt, Howell, Ott, Drumm, Smith. Third Row: King, .Milkovits, Lauffer, Person. Fourth Row: Knecht, Hooper. Standing: Mr. Knecht, Mr. Zell. Hunt, Hahn. BUSINESS First Row: Herd, Clift. Edelman. Second Row: Mrs. Kolessar, Butz, Fassl. JUNIOR HKiH ST.AFF First Row: Diehl, Fuls, I ' .ngkr, Stannard, Cerrone. Second Row: tikins, Happel, Julius, Minnicli. Third Row: Sandt, Roberts. Standing: Miss Paul. Qoln j, 2 (uaH Tom Wilder, impersonating Arizona Tom, spins a arn for Emily and Diidines. Dudines: Toth, Werkheiser, Drake, Woodring, Thompson, Bartholomew, J. Hagenbuch, J. Sandt, Hunt, M. Sandt, Young, Mertz, Anglemire, Loder, D. Hagenbuch, Burly, Beers. Center: Tom Wilder and Emily Meet Arizona, a two act oper- etta, was presented to a capacity audience by the Glee Club under the direction of Mrs. Mary Hand on March 30 and 31 in the high school auditorium at 8:00 o ' clock. The Stage Craft Club under the direction of Miss Jean Clute built and painted a Dude Ranch stage set. Other faculty members directed dances, make-up, costumes and business. MEXICAN QUARTETTE Antonio, Maria, Carlotta, Carlos with Mexican chorus in background singing " No Country Like Mexico. " MEXICAN CHORUS Standing: Eberts, Koehler, Brodt, Faulds, Boerstler, Barnhart,Reimer. Kneeling: Toth, Harding, Roth, Kratzer, Frantz, Cump, Puis. Sitting: Shook, Houser, Clewell, Hagenbuch, Young, Weiss. Jack Guldy and Cowboys dis- cuss the situation of who is to be- come owner of the ranch. Back row: standing: Kilpatnck, Werkheiser, Hellick, Metzgar, Reag- gan, Siegfried, Reimer, Altemose, Gross. Stooping and sitting: Rader, Sutter, Kratzer, Zeller, Ashenfalder, Zellner. A Uaxi-fta Wcuf. Orphaned Larry Hcnson, adopted by Colonel Hlair, declares that Mr. Hlair on his dying bed mentioned makmg a wdl. Ciuldw being a scheming manager, would natnrall ' profit by no will being toiind. Lettie Blair, the Colonel ' s niece, isearl niade aware ot the Benson-Giiidy feud. Then big- hearted Cappy, the corral boss, finally brings the will to light. Although it takes the best part of two acts to achieve this triumph, it is tinall ' accom- plished with diverting comedy. Principal characters, director, and accompanists of " Meet Arizona " . Sianding: Fehnel, Gower, Mengel, Mrs. Mary Hand, Dollinger. Stoopint : Fifield, Engler, Kern,Trach, Phillips, Scutt. Siiiin;j:: erkheiser, Remel, Counts, (laston, Ahern, Reagan. Lettie iJlair, Rennie, Cappy, Larry Benson, Bertie, Tonita Sunrise, Aunt Lavinia, group around the ranch house before the Fiesta. Jean H. Young doing the Mexican Hat Dance at the Fiesta. Scarf Dancers: .Messinger, Schnerr, Detwiler, Rissmiller, Gall. Center: Jean H. " oung. Cnj04fUuf ActUUtif Pen od This year ' s successor to the Forum Club was the open meeting in which any topic of interest to students was discussed. Some of the subjects con- sidered were the characteristics of good teaching from the student view point, teen-age datmg, and the value of extra-curricular activities. Knitting was added to the club roster this year. In addition to the funda- mentals of knitting the girls learned various stitches in preparation for their projects. Dish cloths, ribbed beanies, mittens, sweaters, and argyle socks were knitted. Top to bottom — Students make topic suggestions. Kermit Bensing gives his opinion. Mrs. Bleiler, club sponsor, inspects a student ' s knitting. Siaxjint A Plaif. The Stage Craft Club prepares the setting tor Sauce for the Goslings. The faculty applies the make-up. To help in preparing stage settings and to take care of the lighting are the main pur- poses of the Stagecraft Club. Stage settings prepared this year were for the senior play, the operetta, the band concerts, and the dramatic club productions. The Dramatic Club ' s program for this year included acting and studying pantomimes and impersonations. The one act plavs — The Christmas Pearl, Just What They Wanted, Sauce for the (ioslings, and Wilbur Faces Life — were assembly or exchange programs. The Stagecraft Club covers a frame. The cast of Sauce for the Goslings. Sitting: Jones, Keim, Macy Standing: DiGerlando, Counts, Gil- bert, Smith eoelapl uf. A e4AjL Skilll During the first semester a gun club, under the guidance of Mr. Graver, was started. The interested boys were taught ballistics and the history and evolution of firearms from the matchlock to the present-day gun. Methods of handling modern sporting firearms for huntmg and target work were discussed. Besides these activities, the members saw and handled various types of American mdi- tary rifles from the flintlock of the Revolutionary Period, to the Springfield of today. By developmg, pnntmg, and enlargmg pictures, the Photography Club attempts to develop the scientific and artistic abilities of interested students. Subject material consists of everyday life in and out of school, sports, plays, social events, and other subjects. Top to bottom — Boys inspect different types of guns. Shafer and Frack enlarge prints. Students develop pictures. AnxM dina Qo4nHtenxUcd 9nte e6Z Mr. Felver prepares to show a movie in Commercial Clu President Kratzer conducts club meeting. To give commercial students a broader know- edge of business activities, this club, directed by Mr. Felver, Mrs. Metz, and Mrs. Bleiler, took trips to the Telephone Exchange, the Nazareth Banks, and the Waist Company. Speakers and various films were also presented in club periods. Club members type personal letters. Mrs. Graver explains the parts of a machme to the Taping Club. To provide non-commercial students with the opportunity of learning to type, this club was formed. Members learn the fundamentals of typing and become familiar with the parts of a typewriter. Usixf. OnA JliLn a Our library, one of the most frequently used rooms in the high school, is visited daily by almost every student. Approx- imately 6000 books, including fiction, non- fiction, poetry, drama, science, and govern- ment, fill the shelves. Besides this, there are 74 magazines available for faculty and student use. Between 80 and 100 books are taken out daily by the students and approximately 10 to IS magazines. With the assistance of student librarians, Miss Berger supervises the use of the library. Students use Readers ' Guides to locate reference material. English students select books for reports. Students enjoy reading newspapers and magazines in leisure time. Student librarians mend books and replace pockets. HJOif ftc Btude4tt ale U Top to bottom — Students caught unaware while enjoying an assembly. The boys display their tal- ent. Members of the dramatic club present Sauce for the Goslings. » Callitfjumpian anb Whenever a Pennsylvania Dutch couple were married, their neighbors serenaded them with a " kettle " or Callithumpian Band. Since the purpose was to make as much noise as possible, the instruments composing this band were sleigh bells, metal tubes, rosined strings, co ok pot lids or other household utensils. When the noise became un- bearable, the young married couple in- vited their serenaders into the house for refreshments. These early Pennsylvania Dutch settlers resorted to these activities for entertainment, because they had no or- ganized sports. Today sports, in school and out, replace many home forms of entertainment used in early times. M ' -- .-.■-.-■■t t ;a 5 . " ' - | M : . 4 " ' ' , - ■. 5 ' ' r X pi V h % ■5 5| - I «Uh , ' SV f«jlii ,-iJi5 - ? ' ., liiuldu ScUoxU SfiMt Will the meeting please come to order? It ' s the monthly meeting of the Athletic Council about to discuss their financial statement. Checking receipts and expenses and choosing managers is all part of the Council work. Standing: Loder First Row: Deutsch, Kostenbade Person, Mrs. Heckman, Dusinski Second Row: Unangst, Lance, Smirh, Mr. Leh Third Roa ' : Mr. Skuta, Scutt, Mr. Cump ATHLETIC COUNCIL Rah! Rah! Rah! That ' s the varsity and junior varsity cheerleaders eagerly cheering the team on to victory. During football and basketball season the girls practice vigorously in the gym. With the aid of the student body, the cheerleaders keep up the school spirit at all games. V. ' RSITY CHEERLEADKRS J. ' ounn, Trach, . . Young, Hofer, Hayden, Hamei. JUNIOR VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Hartzell, Burlcv, Walters, Milkovitz, Detwiler, Rissmiller. n.alnln f, yo Adlan j i t±iij % -2 ' ' A A 35 7P 5B; e mz 22 10 32 IB ' .t 17 16 42 y - - JUNIOR VARSITY SQUAD FiVj- o:; ' ; Wilson, NaKV, Snyder. Arduini, Follwciler, Hartz, Markulics. Gowcr, R. Gaston, Menscl. Second Rozv: Ruth, Nettle, Male. Feldmen, Jurasits, Weaver, Deck, Roth, DeReamus, FischI, Mularlck, Ferraro, Coach Christman. Third Row: Kraemer, Herd, Butz. Happel, Itterly, Flank, Audenried. Florey, Albert, Williamson, Talpas. FOOTBALL Before a cheering crowd, the Nazareth High Blue Eagles plunged into their first victory with a 25-0 defeat over Shillington. N ith the boys all steamed up for the first league game, another exciting victory was chalked up. Nazareth ' s blocking Coplay ' s kick-off set up the first touchdown and gave Nazareth a 6-0 lead. With this as a starter, the opposition grew stronger, and, with the aid of the coaches and the cheering crowd, a 27-13 victory was Nazareth ' s. The Pen Argyl game proved less difficult. Ahern ' s only pass of the season was re- ceived by Eickhoft for the first touchdown. Amid drizzling rain, the team came through with a 19-6 victory. A screen pass by Marakovits proved to be the season ' s finest in the challenge against Bangor. The first half was a continuous struggle with ost scoring the only touchdown as the result of a perfectly executed screen pass. Heavy rain started out the second half as Bangor came through with a touchdown tying the score. Although the Eagles put up a heavy battle, the final result was a 12-6 defeat. Playing on home ground, the Blue Eagles defeated a less spirited East Stroudsburg eleven by a score of 26-0. Thanksgiving Day dawned cool and crisp as a cheering crowd packed into Cottingham Stadium. From the moment of the kick-off a thrilling battle was witnessed. Endless struggles of both teams to reach the end zone proved in vain as the first half ended in a 0-0 tie. A colorful display by the Wilson and Nazareth bands added highlights to the game. Encouragement from the coaches pepped the boys up for the final half of the important game. With the crowd yelling wildly for action, Eickhoff received a jump pass from Gaston and carried the pigskin for the first touchdown. The ever-needed extra point was produced by Ahern ' s perfect place kick. .Action really grew as Wilson plunged across the goal line two minutes later. Obtaining the extra point, Wilson tied the game 7-7. In spite of frantic efforts on both sides, the game ended in a tie. {Please Turn Page) FOOTBALL The Eagles really found tough competition among the non-league teams. Slatington, our second opponent of the year, proved to be a difficult match and Nazareth was de- feated 25-21. Playing at Breaden field, the Eagles witnessed their first night game and also a narrow defeat as Whitehall reigned victorious 13-12. A fast powerful Emmaus eleven also outshone the Eagles in a final score of 19-7. Although this year ' s backfield defense was not quite up to par. Coach Leh feels that next year ' s team will show marked improvement through the experience they have gained. To top off the season, Vincent Ferraro was elected honorary captain of the squad. Top 10 bottom — Ahern goes over for a touchdown durm scrimmage. Quaterback Gaston calls signals. Coach Leh gives the team a pep-talk. Ou VanAdiif ooiLalt ' ea4n tO - :- sfJl «»Q4 • 80 65 51 88 74 87 76 95= (5 VARSITY FOOTBALL SQUAD First Row. Stump, " ' ost, Hartztll, Alu-rn, Graver, Gaston, A. Ferraro, Eickhoff, ' . Ferraro, Seyfried, Miller, Eberts. Second Ro:v: Coach Leh, Schmidt. Deutsch, Hildenbrand, Hadl, Dzurak, Nolf. Marakovits, Ahch, Polzer, L. Nagle, Ever, Koehler, Coach Skiita. Third Ruw: Bocrstler, A. Nagle, PeischI, Fehr, Rissmilltr, Philhps, Meixsell, Wagner, Hocking, Metzgar, Siegfried, Keppel. Date Sept. 18 Sept. 24 Sept. 30 Oct. 15 Oct. 22 Oct. 28 Nov. S Nov. 12 Nov. 24 1949 VARSITY FOOTBALL SCHEDULE Opponents 0pp. N.H.S. Shillington 25 Slatington 25 21 Whitehall 13 12 COPLAY 13 27 Pen Argyl 7 19 Bangor 13 6 Emmaus 19 7 East Stroudsburg 26 Wilson 7 7 The varsity has a scrimmage. SUaoilfK Ou VARSITY lUSKKTBALL TEAM FusI Row: Nolt. Hahn, Buck, D. Reimcr, Hartzell. Second Row: Gaston, Linilcnmoyer, Lance, B. Reimer. Third Row: Manager Unangst, Shater, Kickhoff, Hoadley, Coach Leh. BASKETBALL December found the Nazareth Blue Eagles plunging into practice for the coming 1949-50 basketball season. The opening game against Whitehall proved quite a blow with the final score endmg 62-33. Continual practice and some new tactics aided the boys, but the competition still was heavy. Although the Eagles ' attempts to wm during the first half of the season seemed futile, the bovs really came through with some action in the second half. Nazareth ' s old rival, Wilson, put up a forceful battle, but the Eagles reigned victorious 43-42. This exciting game turned out to be one of the highlights of the season as Wilson later went on to take the League Championship. Another outstanding feature on the records was the fact that no technical fouls were called on the Eagles. Coach Leh gives a blackboard talk. The ream works a play. 194 ' Dale 6 9 1-1 U. 20 2.? () 10 1.5 17 24 27 .51 10 14 17 21 VARSITY BASKETB Whitfhai.l all schedule 0pp. N.n.s. 62 5 1 n r Wilson 49 54 Dec. Per COPLAY F ST Stroudsburc 5S 40 3,5 Dec. Dec Pen Arc-.yi .... .54 .... S7 . 1 42 Jan. Bangor . , 5S 60 Jin 44 59 Jan South Whitehall .... 74 40 ■i an. Fountain Hill . . . . 48 4 ■i Jan. Wilson .... 42 45 Jan. Jan. Feb. FpS CoPLAY . . . 68 24 East Stroudsburg .... 4X 46 Pen Argyi Bangor .... 41 .56 46 i4 Feb Hellertown .... 38 40 Ffh Parkland 6S 40 Feh. Fountain Hili .... 41 44 Hoadlev makes a basker. The ream forms a guarding drd w- " - " n uBA444 « - St i4U4iXf y oA. Pen eciuut Polzer attempts a lay-up shot. A jump ball starts the action. JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL SQUAD First Row: Kienzle, Dusinski, Roth, J. Polzer, Donello, Boerstler, Butz. Second Row: Dech, Keppel, Arduini, Ruth, A. Polzer, Mularick, Gano. Third Row: Manager Weaver, Ferraro, Happel, Detwiler, Wilson, Meixsell, FischI, Coach Christman. SULAD Firs! Row: Frantz, Rissmiller, Davidson, Sherman, Hack, Washko, Siegfried. Second Row: Eyer, Flank, Alich, Hahn, V.Ferraro, Rorh, Phillips. Slanding: Coach Skuta, .Applegate, Boyer, PeischI, Follweiler, Mondscheine, Koehler, Noversell Dal,- l.n, Jan. Jan. Jan. Ian. Feh. Feh. Feh. Feh. 1950 WRESTLlNt; SCHEDULE Opp. N.II.S, 4 W. ' VSHINGTON, N.J 2() U) 12 Phili.ipsburg, N.J II 2 19 Al.LENTOWN 4.S 5 2.S .Ali.entown Central Cath. (i2 27 Northampton }2 14 1 Faston ,i7 9 9 Phillipsblrg, N.J., J.V l. 2S 16 Easton, J. V 19 n 24 Northampton iO 11 District XI Meet at Northampton. Ever lost to Romero of Bethlehem m the District tinals at Northampton. TEAM Washko, Davidson, Roth, Hack, Hahn, .Alich, Eyer, Siegfried, Phillips, Rissmiller, V. Ferraro. Last year ' s wrestling club de- veloped into a wrestling team this year with four wins in nine matches. Eyer working Alich into a pin with a cross bodv ride. HeacluiiJCf 0(4 Qaal As part of their training preparation for the season, the team jogged around the track or did calisthenics in the gym to get in condition for the meets. In 1949 the track team had a very successful season, wmning three out of four dual meets and placing second in the Lehigh- Northampton League On April 30, the team traveled to the Quaker City to partici- pate in the annual Penn Relays. Richard Ahern, Donald Houck, Ronald Gross, and Donald Happel ran the mile relay for Nazareth High. The team placed sixth in the ten-team competition. According to th e record, Donald Happel and Richard Ahern were the outstanding men of the year. Ahern scored a total of 74 points, while Happel earned 65. " Al " Ferraro throws the discus. " On your mark. Get set. " Sprinters get ready for a quick start. 1949 TRACK RECORD Nazareth 62 South Whitehall. . .33 Nazareth 34 Wilson 65 Nazareth 673 2 Northampton 31} 2 Nazareth 57 Bangor 33 Lehigh-Northampton League held at Muhlen- burg College: First Second Wilson 63 Nazareth 40 District XL P.LA.A. Meet held at Pottsville: Nazareth placed eighth with 9 points, the best score on Nazareth ' s record. Penn Relays: High School Class — One Mile Relay Nazareth placed sixth. Richard Ahern Ronald Gross Donald Houck Donald Happel RECORD BROKEN 440 Yard Dash: Richard Ahern — 54 seconds High Jump: Donald Happel — 5 feet, 9-5 8 inches Highest Score in One Year: Richard Ahern 74 pts. Ralph Brodt braces hmiseit for an attempt at pole-vaulting. 9n nxick ' tjh TRACK SQUAD First Ro:v: Dollinsjer, J. Dusinski, Ahern, Counts. Happel, Senneca, Andrews, Pliillips, R. Dusinski. Second Roa ' : Schlcnt-r, Ronald (Sross, Reagan, Diehl, Yandrasits, Fischl, Boerstler, Peterson, Brodt. Third Rozc: Gower, Kyer, Hoiick, .Serfass, Ferraro, Richard CJross, l ' at;ni, Sherman, Beam, Skuta. Dusinski attempts a high jtimp. ;; j_m u i «m i Jtitii4 xi Ji-a4ne dun f» .-.. ' ei .■4- 4: If ,r ii The pitchers warm up. April 12 April 21 April 26 April 28 April 29 Max- 4 Ma V 6 Mav 11 Mav 13 Mav 17 Mav 23 Mav 25 May 31 June 2 1949 BASEBALL SCHEDULE OPP. N.H.S. Phillipsburg 5 6 Coplav 11 19 Whitehall 4 3 Bangor 7 4 Fountain Hill 3 19 South Whitehall 1 10 Hellertown 19 Bangor 3 East Stroudsburg 4 11 Wilson 15 Pen Argyl 2 14 Coplay 4 Coplay-Emmaus 1 20 Emmaus 17 9 Rissmiller warms up at the plate. The pitchers practice proper form in winding-up. T»W PI LL I IJT-» jyOA. Mte CUainp.lO ' nd.UlpL i % I |4 f .F fH , : - -s BASEBALI, TEAM First Rotv: L. Nagel. D. Reimer. Keglovitz. Donello. Mast. Dzurak. Second Row: Marakovits, T. Nagle, Wessner, Rissmiller, Santo, Butz, Hcnninj;, Ivostenbadi-r. I, eh. Third Ro:v: Rennet, Gollatz, Millet, B. Reimet, Lodet, Sevttied, Ciattocchi, Gaston. Lance. With the coming of spring, the Eagles again plunged into another exciting baseball season. For the second consecutive year. Coach Leh ' s boys won the Lehigh-Northamp- ton League Championship with a total of four games lost and ten won. With Coplay and Nazareth tie for the League Title, the Eagles came through with a 20-1 victory. Emmaus, playing on home territory, proved a greater challenge and Nazareth lost the District 11 play-off by a 17-9 score. In the course of the fourteen games, Walter Kostenbader pitched a no hit no error game against Bangor, scoring a 3-0 victory. Captain John Santo aided the team with the high batting average of .475. Mr. Leh explains a slide. Pa tlclp.atUixf An Ground sticks, ground sticks, ground sticks, smack! Every Tuesday and Thursday the girls practice new tactics for the intra-mural hockey season. Although both juniors and seniors work- ed diligently, the senior team. The Stix, won the championship. Girls have liockey scrimmage. Twice weekly at the end of the school day, the girls rush to the locker rooms to dress for sports. Hockey season starts things rolling. Then comes basketball. Volleyball, too, provides enjoyment for many of the girls. With the arrival ot spring, comes the baseball season which ends the round of sports. Skills, sportsmanship, and recrea- tion are provided by these seasona activities. ter school volleyball provides recreation. Ajjten.-SoUoal IctuUtled Shoot! Shoot! That ' s the famil- iar cry of the girls starting another peppy basketball season. Both captains and co-captains strive to have their teams win. During the basketball season students learn the fundamentals of refereeing. With the assist- ance of the instructor, the girls referee champion- ship games. After playing vigorously during the entire basketball season, the senior girls, the Dingle Dangles, won the school championship. You ' re out! With the coming of spring, the girls again flock out- doors for the baseball season. As in all other sports, the girls strive to have a championship team. Top to bottom — Girls dribble toward a goal. Student referees watch a practice game. The Dingle Dangles win the school championship. (jirls warm up in baseball. i- r I E Cookie iWafeing Cookie making, still a part of the holiday preparation in Nazareth, typifies one ot the early Pennsylvania Dutch activities. In those days, cookies of many varieties, shapes, and sizes added ginger to their tempting meals. Just as cookies come in varieties, so do the interests, abilities, and personal- ities of students differ. Just as these early Pennsylvania Dutch housewives baked large batches of cookies, so today there are large numbers of individuals in our classrooms for teachers to awaken new interests, encourage abilities, and develop well-rounded personalities. The school, like the Pennsylvania Dutch housewife with her cookie-making, is kept busy shaping these individuals into good citizens. ,i.iK5ii ' i ' r " ' " »£? , ■ h. ii SP, ' ;W«»- ' WBWfi ' «l.i i;SE i ■4 ' irCffO iA. f " Vj ?» " ' r " j ' . L. •■ x )s ■i»s!i?p? v»a !5s j4; ' e§w.« « ,- ' f 57 ? " !? ? ' ia. . ■ , - ■ ■ ■ X, A .1 Q K RICHARD AHERN Dick Fleety fullback . . . good baritone voice . . . District Chorus for two years . . . friendly . . . witty. Operetta I, 3; Music Fes- tival 2; Football Farsity 2, 3; Track , 2, 3. WILLIAM ALICH Bill Drives a blue Plymouth .... big smile tor everyone . . . likes to tease the girls . . . a neat dresser . . . good dancer. Operetta 1 . 3; Music Festi- val 2; Dramatic Club 1; Wrestling 2, 3; Comet Busi- ness 3; Football J.J ' . 1, Varsity 2, 3; Basketball J. f. 1; Track 3. EARL ALTEMOSE Earl Blond midget of the sen- ior class . . . enjoys telling jokes and playing cards . . . sleeps in Trig, class. Science Club 1; Gu?i Club 3. W SHIRLEY ANDERSON Sh irley Attractive blonde ... re- served and sincere . . friend- ly ... a baseball fan. Commercial Club 1, 2; Dramatic Club 1. BENJAMIN ARDUINI Ben Dark curly hair . . . tricky and full ot mischief. . friend to all . . works for Miss Sloat in English. Typing Club 1 ; Stagecraft Club 2; Gun Club 3. SHIRLEY BEALER Bealer Toots an alto horn in band . . . enjoys cutting up . . . good sense of humor. Band 2, 3; Comet Typist 3: Commercial Club 2; Dra- matic Club 1. YERNON ALTEMOSE Altemose Member of the Tatamy gang . . . always chewing gum . . . works at a gas sta- tion . . plans to go to college. Science Club 1; Football j.r. 1. JOHN BEAM John . good thinker . . . fre- quently on the honor roll . . . good looking . . . likes to work on the farm. Swimming Club I. PHYLLIS BEIL PhU Peppv liead majorette . . . good dancer . . enjoys sports ... a great eater . . shows good sportsmanship. Band Majorette I, _ ' , 3; Operetta 1 , 3; Music Festival 2; Prom Committee 2; Dram- atic Club L 2; Folleyball L 2 : Basketball 7, _ ' , i. " KLRMIT BENSING kermit Blond, curly hair . . . not too interested in school, especially Knglish . . . fond ot chewing gum. Student Council 1: Foot- ball J.J ' . 2: Open Forum 2. DORIS BOURGUIGNON Boozie Tiny and quiet . . studious . . . plays clarinet in the hand . . interested in L rsin- iis College. Band 1, 2, 3; Blue and Jl ' hite Typist 2, 3. RALPH BRODT Brodtie Little man with a hig horn . . District Band two years . . Mr. Smith of Meet Me In St. Louis. Band J, 2, 3; Operetta 1, 3; Music Festival 2; Senior Play, Major 3; Class Fice- President 3; Track 1, 2, 3: Prom Committee 2: Dram- atic Club 2, 3; Science Club J . HUBERT BUCK Bucky Captain of Varsity basket- ball . . teachers ' torment . . not too keen about school. Historian 2; Football J.V. 1; I ' arsity 2, 3; Basketball I ' arsity , 2, Captain 3; Typing Club 2: Science Club ELLSWORTH BUSH Bushie A small, tricky lad . . hails from East Lawn . . builds model airplanes as a hobby. Cun Club 3. PATRICIA BUSS Pat Agnes in Meet Me In St. Louis ... a rapid talker . . . races around in her Dad ' s truck . . an active member of 4-H club. Senior Play .Minor 3; Baseball 1, 2 :l ' olleyballF 2; Hockey 2; Basketball 1 ; Dra- matic Club 7, 2, 3. RAY BUSS Bussie " Carrot-top " . . . helpful to everyone . . . winner ot many 4-H prizes . . . second place in the 1949 judging contest at the livestock show in Chicago ... a future farmer. Comet Associate Editor 3; Science Club 1. ROY BUSS Bussie Sleeps in class . . . forever reading library books in study hall ... an active member of the Tatamy gang. Football J. r. 2: Track 1. JOAN CLEWELL Skip Friendly . . . likes to tell jokes . . . active in sports . . . an honor student . . . plans a college career. Photography Club I ; Comet Editor 3; Student Council 2; Baseball 1,2: folleybalU , 2, 3; Hockey 2, 3; Basketball 1, 2, 3; Prom Committee 2; Typing Club 2: Stagecraft Club 2; Dramatic Club 1,2,3. MARJORIE BUTZ Margie A blonde ... a pleasing personality . . . comes from Stockertown. Blue and White Business 3; Commercial Club 2. LORRAINE CLEWELL Lorraine Not very fond of school . . . collector of absentee slips . . . frequently drives her Dad ' s car to school. Glee Club 1, 2; Baseball 2, 3; Stagecraft Club 3; Student Librarian 1; Dramatic Club 1. CONCETTA CIARROCCHI Connie Rather quiet in school . . . active in sports . . a diligent worker . . . enjoys dancing and movies. Commercial Club 1, 2. ELLIS CLIFT Ellis Visits school occasionally . . . enjoys variety . . . likes farm work ... a great dood- ler . . . interested in the Navy. RUBY CLARK Ruby Spends every Wednesday and Saturday a-dancing . . . does school work under pressure . . . works at Naza- reth Box Factory after school. Baseball 1, 2; Volleyball 1, 2; Basketball 1 ; Commercial Club 1, 2, 3. FERN CLIFT Blondie Fair . . . soft-spoken . . . spends little time at home . . . enjoys dancing and movies. Blue and White Business 2, 3; I ' olleyball 3; Basket- ball 3; Commercial Club 1 . LELA COLVER I.ehi A pleasant smile . . . genial . . . good rvpist and business manager . . . prompter tor the senior piaw Operetta 7, 3; Music Fes- tival 2; Glee Club Business Manager 3; Comet Typist 3; Student Council 3; Volley- ball 2, 3; Basketball 3: Prom Committee 2. VICTOR DETWILER Bingo Mr. Skuta ' s problem child . . . not fond of school . . . works in spare tnne . . . en- joys huntrng mimenselv. ' Cini Club 3. NELLIE CORTEZ Nell A small, dark gal ... a rapid talker and a great giggler . . . not too fond of school . . . rather quiet to those who do not know her. Glee Club 2: FoUeyball 1 : Commercial Club 1 , 2. RICHARD DOLLINGER Dick Nice personality . . . likes to clown . . . another speedy trackman . . . hails from Belfast. Operetta 1,3; Music Festi- val 2; Track , 2, 3 ROGER COUNTS Roger A neat dresser . . . special- izes in flashy shirts . . . one of our trackmen . . . enjoys tishmg and swimming. Operetta 1, 3: Music Fes- tival 2; Track , 2, 3; Dram- atic Club 2, 3: Science Club 1 . FRANCES DRUMM Drumnue Good speaker . . . keen sense of humor . . . friendly . . . comes from Tatamy . . . a good cook. Blue and White Editorial 2, 3; Prom Committee 2; Open Forum 1 , 2; Oratorical Contest , 2, 3. GERALD DAVIS Polly Delivers milk . . . always tardy for school . . . not scholastically inclined . . . enjoys hunting and fishing. JOHN DUSINSKI John Curly hair and big brown eyes . . . pleasant smile . . . works at gas station after school . . . honor student . . . whiz at chemistry . . . future chemical engineer. Basketball J; Football 1; Athletic Council 3; Dramatic Club 1, 2; Prom Committee 2; Band 1, 2; Librarian 2; Operetta 1 ; Music Festival 2; Comet Editor 3; Student (Council Secretary 3; Track 1, 2, 3. VERA EDELMAN Vera Soft spoken . . . shy . pleasant disposition . . drives her father ' s car. Commercial Club J, Blue and JJ ' hite Business JAMES EVER Jimmy One of Miss Berger ' s torments . . energetic guard on the football squad . . . sense of humor . . . track- man . . . college plans. Band , 2; Operetta I: Football J. r. I, I ' arsity 2, 3; Track , 2, 3; Wrestling 2, 3; Science Club 1. BRUCE EICKHOFF Ike A lanky six-footer . . . speedy end on football team . . . good basketball player .... likes to swim . . . mis- chievous moments. Class Treasurer 1 ; Student Council 2; Football J. V. , Varsity 2, 3; Basketball J. V. 7, Varsity 2, 3; Science Club 1. OLGA FARNOCK Olga Tiny, shy, and very quiet . . . studious . . . plans to be a teacher. Blue and White Business 2, 3; Photography Club 7, . ' . TOANNE ENGLER Jo A neat dresser . . friendly personality . . . Lucille in Meet Me In St. Louis . . . plays clarinet in Band. Band Secretary 7, 2, 3; Operetta 7, 3; Music Festival 2; Comet Layout 3; Senior Play Major 3; Student Coun- cil 1, 2; Baseball 1 ; Volley- ball 1, 2, 3; Basketball 1, 2, 3; Prom Committee 2; Dram- atic Club 1. LOUISE FASSL Louise Quiet and short . . . likes dancing . . . fond of sports, especially volleyball. Blue and White Business 2, 3; Volleyball 3; Basket- ball 3; Commercial Club 1. KATHRYN ENGLER Kitty Friendly smile . . . not too fond ot school . . . enjoys reading and swimming . . . future hair dresser. Comet Assistant Editor 3; Blue and White Business 2; Student Librarian 3; Photog- raphy Club 1, 2. BETTY FAUST Betty Hails from Hecktown . . . Ida in Meet Me In St. Louis . . . friendly person- ality . . . likes sports. Senior Play Minor 3; Baseball 1, 2, 3; Volleyball 7, 2, 3; Hockey 2: Basketball 7. 2, 3; Commercial Club 7, 2; Dramatic Club 1, 2. EDGAR FEHNEL Edgar Tall and handsome . . . friendly to everyone ... a wliiz m trigonometry . . . honor student ... a member of the Chicago team that won second prize in Inter- national Livestock Judging Contest. Librarian 2; Operetta 1; Music Festival 2;Comet Asst. Editor 3; Student Council 1 , f ' ice-Fresident 3: Dramatic Club 2; Oratorical Contest 1, 2; Science Club I. HAROLD FRACK Frackie Good sense of humor . . . friendly disposition . . . likes to clown . . . good bowler. Science Club 1; Photog- raphy Club 1, 2, 3; Stage- craft Club 3. LINFORD FEHNEL Luid Hails from Tatamy . . . good sense of humor . . . nice disposition . . . band trum- peter . . . interested in base- ball. Band I, 2, 3; Operetta 1 ; Track I. l ARBARA FROMM Barbara Katie in Meet Me In St. Louis ... a friendly smile . . . easy to get along with . . . neat appearance. Blue and White Typist 2; Student Librarian 1 ; Dram- atic Club , 2; Knitting Club 3; Hockey 1; Basketball 1. ALBERT FERRARO .41 One of the mischievous terra ro brothers . . . power- ful tackle . . . pleasant dispo- sition . . . enjoys clowning. Football J. r. I, I ' arsity 2, 3; Basketball Manager 7, 2, 3; Track 1,2, 3: Typing Club 2; Sceince Club 1. ARLENE FRUTCHEY Frutchey Pleasing personality . . . neat dresser . . . sports fan .... enjoys a good joke . . . friendly smile. Comet Business 3; Prom Committee 2; Dramatic Club Treasurer 2; Photography Club 1 ; Knitting Club 3. VINCENT FERRARO Fi ice Other half of the Ferraro team . . . speedy gLiard . . . quite flirtatious . . . enjoys jokes. Operetta 1; Class Vice- President 2; Football I ' arsity , 2, 3; Track 1, 2, 3: Ji ' restling 2, 3; Science Club I. CARL FRY Squirrel . giggler . . . one of the . not fond class clowns of school . torment. teachers ' JOAN FULS Joan Comet business manager . . . good sense of humor . . . very active . . . works at Stockertown. Music Festival 2; Comet Business 3; Baseball 1 , 2, 3; J ' olleyball 1 , 2, 3; Hockey I , 2, 3; Basketball 1, 2, 3; Dramatic Club 1; Photog- raphy Club 1 . WILLIAM GILLINGHAM Bill Dark haired and quiet . . . fond of horses . . good stu- dent . . . friendly . . . mter- ested in art. Typing Club 3; Stagecraft Club 3; Commercial Club 1 ; Dramatic Club 2; Photog- raphy Club I ; Science Club I . TESSIE GAMBONI Tessie Mischievous look . . . not fond of school . . . friendly . . . natural curly hair . . . roller skating enthusiast. Baseball 1,3; f alley ball J , 3; Basketball 1, 3; Typing Club 2; Photography Club 2; Open Forum 3. DOLORES GORI Dolly A small, quiet and shy blonde . . drives her father ' s tractor . . . friendly . Blue and White Business 2; Photography Club 1 , 2. RICHARD GARR Dick Fred Gregory of Meet Me In St. Louis . . . plays trumpet in band ... a hum- orous and serious side . . . hails from Cherry Hill. Band 1, 2, 3; Senior Play Minor 3; Typing Club I; Photography Club I. ALFRED GRAVER Jlfred A friendly smile and twinkling eyes . . . attentive in school . . . good math student. WILLIAM GASTON Bill Speedy quarterback . . . friendly . . very cooperative . . . good sense of humor . . . enjoys sports. Operetta I, 3; Class Presi- dent 2; Football J.F. 1, 2, Varsity 3; Baseball I, 2, 3; Prom Committee 2; Dramatic Club 2; Science Club J. ROBERT GRAVER Bobby Speedy end on football team . . . mischievous . . . enjoys a bull session. Football, J. F. 1, Varsity 2, 3; Basketball J.V. 1; Track I, 3; Wrestling 2, 3; Stage- craft Club 2; Science Club 1. RONALD GROSS Ro n n ie One of N. H. S. ' s track miltrs . . . likes to sing . . . willing worker and good student. Opcrt ' tta , 3: M usic Festi- ' mI 2: Football J.F. 1, 2; Track I, 2, 3; Science Club 1 . MARIETTA HAHN Marietta A shy and qniet IJushkiil Center gal . . . works at Murphy ' s . . . not too fond of school. Commercial Club 2; Knit- ting Club 3. CARLTON HACK Ilackie Canie to N. H. S. from Kaston . . . enjoys playing haskethall . . . quite talka- tive . . good sense of humor. Baseball 3; Wrestling 2, 3; Stagecraft Club 2, 3; Gun Club 3. ' PEARL HAHN Pearl Neat in appearance . . . willing worker . . . friendly .... a sport ' s fan. Glee Club 1, 2; Baseball I, 2; I ' olleyball 2, 3; Basketball 2. 3; Dramatic Club 2; Knitting Club 3. FLORENCE HAHN Flossy Worked on Comet layout . . . enjoys painting Penn- sylvania Dutch designs . . . plays cymbals and bass drum in band . . . enjoys dancing. Band 3; Operetta I ; Music Festival 2; Comet Layout 3. IRENE HAMEL Irene A popular lass . . . one of our peppy cheerleaders . . . participates in outdoor as well as indoor sports . . . plans a nursing career. Operetta I ; Music Festival 2; Comet Editor 3; Prom Committee 2; Stagecraft Club 1 ; Dramatic Club 1 ; Photog- raphy Club 1; Baseball 1; Basketball 1,2,3; Folleyball 1,2,3; Hockey 1,2,3; Cheer- leading J.V. 2, Varsity 3. KENNETH HAHN Kenneth Sunny disposition . . . frequently absent . . . mis- chievous . . . not too ambi- tious. DONALD HAMM Donald Serious looking, but really quite friendly . . . likes bowl- ing .. . enjoys movies. DONALD HARTZELL Donald Powerful center on foot- ball team . . . nuiscular hiiild . . . mainly interested HI sports. Science Club I; Football J.V. 1, Varsity 2, 3; Basket- ball, J.V. 1, 2, Varsity 3; Track 3. MARILYN HERD Maryiey Quiet . . . friendh ' . . . not too tond of school. Blue and White Business 3; Student Librarian 2. HELEN HAYDEN Helen A peppy cheerleader . . . neat dresser . . enjoys sports especially bowling . . . quite a chatterbox . . . good stu- dent. Operetta 1 ; Music Festival 2: Comet Asst. Editor 3; Baseball 3; Vollexball 1,2,3; Hockey 1.2; Basketball 1,2,3; Cheerleader ] .V . 1, Varsity 2, 3; Prom Committee 2; Athletic Council 2. NEIL HOADLEY Hoadley Tall . . . flashy basketball player . . . teachers ' problem child . . . not fond of school. Basketball J.V. 1, Varsity 2, 3. MARGARET HECKMAN Margaret JoUv lass from Point Phillips . . . enjoys dancing . . . cooks and sews . . . plans to be a beautician. Music Festival 2; Com- mercial Club 1, 3; Photog- raphy Club 1; Dramatic Club 1. FRANCES HOFER Francie Cute, blonde cheerleader .... friendly smile . . . likes sports, especially basketball .... capable and willing student. Comet Business 3; Class Secretary 3; Student Council 1; Volleyball 1, 2, 3; Basket- ball 1 , 2, 3; Cheerleader, ] . V . 2, Varsity 3; Prom Com- mittee 2; Dramatic Club 1, 2. JOAN HENSHUE Hensh ue A talkative miss . . active in sports . . . good student . . . president of Student Council . . . likes roller skating. Student Council President 3; Stagecraft Club 3; Open ' Forum 3. WILLIAM HOMMER Billy Enjoys sports . . . witty . . . likes to tease the girls . . . friendly. Gun Club 3. DONALD HOUCK Houckw Hails from Stockertown . . . track star . . . quiet . . . good student. Track 1, 2, 3. CHARLES KEENHOLD Keenhold Enjoys hunting . . . mis- chievous . . . attached to his gum . . . not fond of school. Football 2; Gun Club 3; Science Club 1 , 2. MAYNARD JOHNSON Johnson His Ford is dear to his heart . . . curly hair . . . woman hater?. Operetta 1; Football J. I ' . 1; Wrestling 1; Photography I; Gun Club 3. PAUL KEALMERER Rem merer Drives a flashy car . . likes to clown not too enthusiastic about school. DANIEL JONES Jonesie Tuba player . . . rushes about for Blue and White . . . not interested in school . . . enjoys P. D. class. Band 7, i, i; Comet Busi- ness 3; Blue and White 1,2,3. LORENE KENYON Lorene Plays the flute in the band . . . quiet . . . interested in photography. Band , _ ' , 3; Photography Club I, 2, 3; Knitting Club 3. EMMA LOU JONES Emma Lou Eriendly and freckled . . . interested in dramatics . . . drives her boyfriend ' s car . . . commercial student. Blue and White Typist 2, 3: Baseball 1; Folleyball 1; Hockey I ; Basketball I ; Dra- matic Club 1, 2, 3. ROBERT KERN Rernie Ardent baseball fan . has fun on the Bath ... a good student. Science Club 1. bus i ' tVU viwiirff ' ' ' ' RUSSELL KINDT Riiss District I?and member . . . Student I and Director . . . filibusters m P.D. class . . . keen personality. Band 1, Student Director - ' , 3; District Band , 3, 3; District Orchestra 2,3; Oper- etta 1; Comet Business 3; Student Council 3; Baseball 1; Prom Committee 2; Pho- to!;raphv Club 2; Science Club L BETTY KOSTENBADER Kusty Tall . . . likes sports . . . flirtatious . . . enjoys art. Music Festival 2; Comet Layout 3: Baseball 2, 3; rolleyball 2, 3; Hockey 2, 3; Basketball 1, 2, 3; ' Prom Committee 2; Dramatic Club 1, 2; Athletic Council 3; Science Club I. MARJORIE KING Kingie Esther in Meet Me In St. Louis . . can really bang out a tune on a piano . . . keen sense of humor . . . co- editor of the Blue and White. Band 2, 3; Blue and White Editorial 1, 2, 3; Senior Play, Major 3; Class Historian 3. PHYLLIS KRATZER Phyllis Commercial student . . . quiet . . works at Murphy ' s alter school . . . enjovs sports. Operetta 1, 3; Music Festi- val 2; Baseball I, 2, 3; Volleyball 1, 2, 3; Hockey 1, 2, 3; Basketball 1, 2, 3; Com- mercial Club 3. HAVEN KNECHT Haven Belongs to Blue and White . . . honor student . . . odd sense of humor . . . likes to bake. Band 1, Librarian 2, Treasurer 3; Blue and White Business 1, 2, 3; Senior Play Minor 3; Prom Committee 2; Stagecraft Club 2, 3; Science Club 1. JANE KROMER Jane Small, shy, and quiet . . . commercial student . . . serious about her studies . . . 4-H club member. Photography Club 1 ; Knit- ting Club 3; Commercial Club J. DONALD KOEHLER Koehler Plavs the saxophone in the band . . . enjoys clown- ing . . . black wavy hair . . . original ideas. Band 1, 2, 3; Comet Busi- ness 3; Track 1, 3; Wrestling 3; Stagecraft Club 2, 3. GERALD LANCE Lancie Tall and shy . . . shifty guard on the basketball team . . . enjoys swimming and bowling. Basketball J .V. 1, Farsity 2, 3; Photography Club 1, 2. JEAN LESHER Jean Came from Stroiidshiirg High in her senior year . . . tall, pleasant brunette . . . enjoNS horseback riding, ice and roller skating . . . hiture telephone operator. Basketball 3. ISKTTY MANNING Betty Cjood student . . . bads from Bath . . . plans to be- come a nurse. Class Secretary 2: Student Council 1; Dramatic Club 1, i, 3. CARL LINDENMOYER Lindx Works at his father ' s garage . . . very talkative . . . enjoys sports . . . plays basketball on the team. Basketball J. r. 7, J ' arsitx 2, 3. WILLIAM MANN Bill Likes sports, especially football . . . nice personality . . . enjoys dancing . . . not too studious. Football J.t ■ , f ' arsity 2; Gun Club 3. JULIUS LODER Loder Tall . . . always kidding around . . . whiz on the base- ball diamond . . . flirtatious but mannerly. Class President 3; Student Council 2; Football f ' arsity 1 ; Baseball I, 2, Captain 3. ELIZABETH MARKULICS Betty Small and quiet . . . com- mercial student . . . enjoys square dancing . . . friendly. Operetta 1; Commercial Club 2; Dramatic Club 3. JOHN MACY Macy Plavs the piano . . com- mercial student . . . enjoys teasing the girls. Blue and IVhite Editorial !. 2. 3. STEPHEN MAROSITZ Stevie Dark haired and good looking . . . the Romeo of Room 25 . . . possesses a tricky sense of humor. Class Treasurer 2; Prom Committee 2; Typing Club 2; Open Forum 3; Gun Club 3. JOHN MARTH John A buddy to everyone . . . enjoys sports . . . hails from Stockertown . . not too fond of school. Gun Club 3. LOIS McCANDLESS Lois Red hau " and dnnples . . . an Irish temper . . . pleasant disposition ... a giggler . . . enjoys sports. Music Festival 2; Comet Assistant Editor 3; Volley- ball 1, 2, 3; Hockey 1, 2, 3; Basketball 1, 2, 3; Dramatic Club 1 ; Knitting Club 3. CONSTANCE MATHEWS Con7iie An attractive majorette ... a pleasant personality . . . always giggling . . . Stu- dent Council Treasurer. Majorette 1, 2, 3; Comet Business 3; Student Council 3; Baseball 1 , 2, 3; Volleyball 1, 2, 3; Basketball 1, }, 3; Dramatic Club 1, 2. RICHARD MIKSCH Miksch John Sheperd in Me In St. Louis . addicted to school . . sense of humor. Senior Play Minor 3; Prom Conimitiee 2; Gun Club MEET . not funnv CHARLES MATTHIAS Charley Small, with a G. I. hair- cut . . . drives a jalopy . . . not very fond of school. Gun Club 3. EDWARD MATULA Eddie One of Mrs. Metz ' s head- aches . . . enjoys clowning with the fellows . . . spends time in Northampton. Student Council 2; Wrest- ling 2; Gun Club 3. HAROLD MILLER Miller Ardent baseball player . . . bashful grin . . . friendly to all . . . enjoys all sports. Football J.V. 1; Baseball 1, 2, 3; Gun Club 3. ROBERT MILLER Miller Head of the Tatamy gang . . . interested in taxidermy . . . enjoys hunting and trap- ping . . . likes to clown. Football J.V. J, 2, Varsity 3; Track I. BiKjnfS- ANN MITCH Jim Not too fond of school . . . quiet and reserved . . . likes art . . . pleasant. Comnu-rcial Club 1 ; Dram- atic Club 2. ETHEL NAGLE Eihel Comes from Stockertown . . . enjoys movies and danc- ing . . . not serious about school work. Baseball 3; Volleyball 1; Hockey 1; Basketball L 3; Commercial Club 2; Photog- raphy Club 1. ROBERT MITMAN M it man Short and quiet . . . often the center of many jokes . . . active boy scout member. Wrestling 3; Photography 2, 3; Science Club 1. BETTY NEUMAN Betty A small, quiet commercial student . . . active in sports, especially basketball . . . wants to be a secretary. Baseball 2, 3: J ' ollevball 2, 3; Basketball 2, 3; Com- mercial Club 2; Photo raphv Club 1. PHYLLIS MUTH Muthie Enjoys sports and movies . . . lends a helping hand . . . quiet but witty. Operetta I; Music Festi- val 2; Dramatic Club 1; Knitting Club 3. JAMES NOLF Jimmy An excellent woodworker . . . likes hunting . . . experi- ments with animals. Band 1 , 2, 3 ; Photography Club 2. ANDREW NAGLE Andy Enjoys square dancing . . . ardent sport fan . . . not too keen on English . . . lias a pleasant personality. Comet Art 3; Football J. I ' . 2, I ' arsity 3. OLLIE ANNE OTT Ollie A band member . . . en- joys hunting and sports . . . odd sense of humor. Band 2, 3; Operetta I: Blue and White Editorial 7, 2,3: Baseball 1,2, 3; Folley- ball 1, 2, 3; Hockey 1, 2; Basketball 1 , 2, 3;Prom Com- mittee 2; Typing Club 2; Stac;ecraft Club 1; Dramatic Club J. ' LUCILLE PAYONK Lucky Attractive . . . good Ger- man student . . . popular . . . always giggling . . . comes from Moorestown. Operetta 1 ; Music Festival 2: Student Council 2. SHIRLEY PLEISS Pleissie Commercial student . . . jolly . . . likes sports ... a high-stepping majorette. Band Majorette 1, 2. 3: Coviet Business 3; Dramatic Club 1: rolleyball L 2: Basketball , _ ' , 3; Science Club 1. BARBARA PERSON Babs Studious red-head . . . honor student . . . active in sports . . . certain to make good. Comet Editor 3; Blue and White Editorial 1, 2, 3; Senior Play Major 3; Class President 1, Treasurer 3; Student Council 3; Prom Committee 2. ROSE RAMPULLA Rosie Has interests outside of school . . . likes sports, especially basketball . . . wants to be a hairdresser. rolleyball 1; Basketball J, 2, 3; Commercial Club rice-President 2; Photog- raphy Club 3. DOROTHY PETERS Pete Serious band member . . . quiet and reserved . . wants to be a hair dresser. Band 2, 3; Comtnercial Club 2; Knittnig Club 3. JAMES REAGAN Jimmy Tall and quiet . . . odd sense of humor . . . wants to be a farmer. Music Festival 2: Gun Club 3. GERALDINE PIKE Jerry Likes to giggle . . . lots of fun . . . not too studious. Operetta 1; Typing Club 2; Knitting Club 3. LARRY REAGAN Larry A fine tenor voice . . . par- ticipated in District Chorus . . . always joking. Operetta 1, 3; Music Fes- tival 2; Track 1, 2, 3; Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3. LILLIAN REGI Dnlly Tail, talkative, and friend- ■ . . has a liiiTiioroLis out- look . . . enjoys all sports. Oprrt ' tta 1 ; Music Festival -, ' Comet Editor 3; Senior Plav Business Manager 3: Baieball L2.3: rollexball 1, 2, 3; Hockey , _ ' , 3; Basket- ball , 2, 3; Prom Committee 2; Dramatic Club 1. JOSEPH ROBINSON Joe Enjoys his pipe . . . fre- quently tardy, but mostly absent . . . likes square dancing . . . expert at thiiik- ing up excuses. Band 3; Dramatic Club 2, 3: Photography Club 1, 2; ()pe)i Forum 3. BRUCE REIMER Bruce Plays trumpet in band . . . friendly . . . member of the basketball team . . . enjovs bowling. Band Librarian J, 2, 3; Music Festival 2; Comet Business 3; Senior Plav Major 3; Student Council 2; Basketball J. r. , f ' arsity 2. 3; Baseball I. 2. 3; Dramatic Club President 2; Photog- raphy Club I. DORIS ROTH Dottie Attractive . . . nice com- plexion . . . likes to dance . . . one of two female trig students . . . future house- wife. Music Festival 2; Dram- atic Club 2. CARL REMEL Rem el Twice participated in Dis- trict Chorus . . . popular with his fellow students . . . Mr. Dodge in Mkkt Me In St. Louis. Operetta 1, 3; Music Festi- val 2; Senior Play Major 3: Prom Committee 2; Dramatic Club I, 2, 3. LORRAINE ROTH Lorraine Student librarian . . . com- mercial student . . . likes to laugh . . . enjoys sports, especially basketball. Comet Typist 3; Baseball , 2, 3: r ' olleyball , 2, 3; Basketball . , 2, 3: Student Librarian 1, 2, 3; Commer- cial Club 2; Photography Club 1. DOLORES RINKER Dolly Quiet commercial senior . . . good student . . . pleas- ant . . . future undecided. Comet Typist 3; Volleyball 1. 3; Basketball J, 3: Prom Committee 2; Commercial Club I. MARVIN ROTH Dickie Big joker . . . friendly . . . not interested in studies . . . frequents Bushkill Park skating rink. Band Color Guard 1 : J J ' . Basketball 1,2; Wrestling 1, 2; dun Club 3; Science Club I. pssm FRANKLIN RULOFF Pee Wee Small in stature, big in personality ... a jitter- bugger . . . good joker . . . professional pest. Blue and While Typist 2. 3; Class Vice-President 1; Student Council 1; Prom Committee 2; Typing Club 2; Commercial Club 2; Dra- 7natic Club 1 ; Science Club 2. FRANCIS SCHWFITZFR Fran One of the taller members of the senior class . . . Comet artist . . . pleasant person- ality. Comet Art 3: Student Council , 2, 3; Football Manager 1; Track J; Prom Committee 2; Wrestling Stagecraft Club 7, ' • tography Club 1. Pho- JOAN RUMSEY Rumsey Always laughing . . . well liked . . . band member . . . her father ' s plumbing assist- ant. Band 1, 2, 3; Blue and White Typist 2, 3; Baseball 1: Volleyball 1; Basketball J; Student Librarian 1. DOUGLAS SEYFRIED Dougy Dependable linesman . . . baseball player . . well-liked by his fellow students . . . college plans. Music Festival 2; Football Varsity , 2, 3; Basketball 1, 2; Baseball 1, 2, 3; Wrestling 2; Photography Club l;Cun Club 3. MARY SANDT Mary Peppy and popular ... a commercial student . . . aspires to be a model. Baseball , 2; Basketball 1 ; Cheerleader J .V. 2; Dram- atic Club I. BERTRAM SHAFER Bert Another tall member of the senior class . . . interest- ed in photography . . . con- tributed to Comet pictures .... enjoys hunting. Music Festival 2; Basket- ball J.V. 1, 2; Prom Com- m ittee 2; Photography Club 3. ROBERT SCHLENER Bobby An outdoor man . . en- joys farm work . . . not fond of school. Operetta 2; Track 2, 3; Wrestling 3; Dramatic Club 2. PATRICIA SHIMER Patsy One of the Tatamy belles . . . good student . . . Mrs. Waughop in Meet Me In St. Louis . . . plans to enter college. Comet Associate Editor 3; Senior Play 3; Student Li- brarian 1; Typing Club 2; Dramatic Club 2. MARION SHIREMAN Marion T;ill blonde fiom Hath . . . chftry smile . . great talker in study hall . . • interest ni stenography- Bhw and White Typist 2. 3: Baskftball 3: Studnit Librarian 1: Commercial Club I. GLORIA SMITH Clo Reserved, tall blonde . . . likes hiintmg . . ■ attracted to Lafayette . . . cashier at local movie theater. Commercial Club I, 2; Dramatic Club - : Knitting Club 3. ANNA SIEGEL Ann Reserved . . . interested m cooking . . . enjoys dancing . experiments with hair colors . . . plans to be a receptionist. Blue and IVhite Typist 2, 3. PEARL SMITH Pearl Ardent Comet worker . . . many outside interests . . ■ hkes to sew... future plans involve photography. Comet Layout 3; Prom Committee 2; Typing Club 1 ; Dramatic Club 1 : Photog- raphy Club 1, 2, 3. DONALD SIEGFRIED S iegy Tall, bass drum player ... art student . . . tries to beat the buzzer. Band 1, 2, 3: Operetta 1; Music Festival 2: Basketball J.V. 1; Track I, 2; Photog- raphy Club 1. RUSSELL SMITH R ussell Hails from Stockertown fond of the library . • ■ plans to attend Church- man ' s Business College. LORRAINE SILFIES Lorraine Quiet gal from Bath . . . commercial student . . plans to be a beautician. Commercial Club 2; Knit- ting Club 3. DONALD STARK Starky One of the class wolves . likes poetry . ■ • not addicted to school ... in- definite future plans. MARY JANE STARNER Janie Not too interested in school . . . full of pep . . . eniovs dancing . . . likes to visit Pen Argyl. Music Festival 2; Oper- etta 3; Volleyball 2, 3. f ▼ y --7 % f JOHN TODORA John Keen sense of liLimor . . . tenor sax in band . . . not interested in school. Band L 2, 3; Track 1, 2; JVrestling 2; Gun Club 3. JOANNE STOUT Jo Good student with a fine personality . . . sax player in the band . . . plans to be a telephone operator. Band 1, 2, 3: District Band 3; Comet Txpist 3; Blue and White Typist 2; Basketball 1; Student Librar- ian 1, 2. MARYANN TOTH Shorty Tiny and quiet . . a good dresser . . . band member . . . enjovs reading . . . plans to be a stenographer. Band 1, 2, 3; Operetta 1, 3; Music Festival 2; Librar- ian 3; Comet Typist 3; Volleyball 3; Basketball 3. THOMAS SUTTER Sutter Came to us from Mary- land . . . studied soil con- servation . . . likes hunting . . . fond of telling jokes. Lusic Festival 2. ROSE TRAUPMAN Rose Friendly and attractive . . . pleasant . . . enjoys dancing ... an honor stu- dent. Comet Typist 3; Blue and White Typist 2; Basketball 3. JOAN THOMAS Tomviie Tootie in Meet Me In St. Louis . . . likes to laugh and dance . . . works at Hommer ' s . . . frequently tardy. Comet Business 3; Senior Play 3; Basketball 1, 3; Prom Committee 2; Com- mercial Club 1. SHIRLEY UMSTEAD Sh irley Neat, friendly, and fun- loving . . . fond of dogs . . . a commercial student . . . clerks at the five and dime. Student Council 2; Dram- atic Club L - ' , 3. - « ai i iiiilllililll CLARA UXGER Clara Enjoys dancing . . . gen- eral course . . . interested in sports . . . plans to be a beautician. Volleyball 1: Commrrcial Club L TEANETTE WERKHEISER Jeanette Peppy majorette . . . en- joys dancing . . . interested in art . . . college plans. Band Majorette 1, 2, 3; Operetta I; Music Festival 2; Librarian 3; Cornet Art 3; Student Council 3; Baseball L 2, 3: rolleyball 1, 2, 3; Ilockev 1, 2, 3} Basketball J. 2, 3. ' STEPHEN UNGER Stevie Quiet ... a commercial student . . . enjoys sports .... aspires to a baseball career. RODERICK WERKHEISER Roddy Came to us from Easton High . . . enjoys football . . . doesn ' t care for school . . . interested in art. WILLIAM WAGNER Bill Grandpa in Meet Me In St. Louis . . . blond crew- cut . . . neat dresser . . . interested in art . . . college plans. Comet Art 3; Basketball J.J ' . 1, 2, Varsity 3; Track 1; Senior Play 3; Dramatic Club 1 , 2; Science Club I . MARION WERNER Marion A quiet redhead . . . de- pendable . . . good typist .... interested in school . . . enjoys driving. Photography Club 1 ; Com- mercial Club 2; Comet Tvpist 3. EMMA WEISS Emma Enjoys dancing ... a commercial student . . . active in sports ... a future bookkeeper. Volleyball 1,2,3; Basket- ball 1, 2, 3; Photography Club 3. JEAN WIMMER Bunny Slightly shy . . . quiet . . . a neat dresser . . . tall . . . amateur photographer . . . interested in sports. Blue and White Business 2; Basketball 3; Commercial Club 1 ; Photography Club 3. JOHN YAVORSKI Yavorski Enjoys bowling and swim- ming . . . interested in wood- work . . . former soprano soloist . . . plans a business course after graduation. Operetta 1, 3; Music Festi- val 2; Librarian 2; Photog- raphy Club 2, 3. JEAN H. YOUNG Jeannie Tiny, cute, and blonde .... vivacious cheerleader .... talented pianist and dancer . . . sense of humor. Comet Associate Editor 3; Class Treasurer 2: Volley- ball h 2, 3;Hocke 2: Basket- ball 1, 2, 3: Cheerleader J.J ' . 1, Varsity 2, 3; Prom Com- mittee 2; Dramatic Club I, 2. GREGORY YOST Iggie Came from Central Cath- olic in 10th grade . . . tall good-looking with curly hair . . . shy but pleasant . . . blushes easily . . • mighty football halfback . . . active in sports. Football J ' arsity 3; Base- ball 3. JEAN O. YOUNG Jean A quiet blonde . . . comes from Belfast . . . faithful band and glee club member . . . plays clarinet in All-Girl Hand. ■ Band 1, 2, 3, ■ Operetta 1,3; Music Festival 2. SHIRLEY YOST Shirley Conscientious student . . . faithful band member . . . tempermental " Rose " in the senior play . . . enjoys sewing . . immaculate dress- er . . likes sports . . . definite plans for the future. Band 1, 2,3; Comet Asst. Editor 3; Senior Play Major 3; Student Council 1 ; Base- ball 1,2,3; Volleyball 1 , 2, 3; Basketball 1, 2, 3; Typing Club 2; Dramatic Club 1. ROBERT ZELLNER Bobby Pleasant and quiet . . . small but mighty . . . talent- ed saxaphone player . . . District Band member . . . enjoys swimming. Bandl, 2, 3; District Band 2, 3; State Band 2; Photog- raphy Club 3; District Orchestra 3. ANITA YOUNG Yovngie Friendly . . . head cheer- leader . . ' . faithful glee club member . . . active in after school sports . . . enjoys driving. Operetta 1, 3; Music Festi- val 2; Baseball 1; Volleyball 1; Hockey 1, 2, 3; Basketball 1, 2, 3; Cheerleader J.V. 1, Varsity 2, 3; Prom Com- mittee 2; Knitting Club 3. onjo-ifincf. JlelUL e l4ne 1. A scene from " ] What They Wanted " . 2. OIlie Ann tries a novel procedure in eating. 3. Fellows in an after-school huddle. 4. A make- believe tragedy. 5. Gals at the Y. 6. Drumm, Person, and Henshue— model housekeepers. 7. The ref calls a fall. 8. Enjoying a coke at the dance. 9. Fellows pose before school begins. 10. Out for an afternoon of fun. 11. Polzer smiles for the camera. 12. Wagner kibitzes. ST. Ont iocUuUficj, Oi4 Most Likaly to uacc(Z(2 L John Du 5iYi6ki Barbara. Person - Best D dnccr5 Frdt k|iTi Ruloff Jaan H- Your»o Wt llidm VJd.OX (Lr Jear)ctt(L Wc-rkhdiscr yy Bdst Lookinc Riclad-rd Ahcrn Frdncei Holer Out iandUKf Seiua d n endli dst Juliu.5 Lodcr Lillian R«.g« Ujist Atk I (Ltd 5 Hubo-rt Buck Emma Wci55 CkJ Ru55 i|| Kindt Joanna 6tou,clt Bait ViLLslciains jlJ) CI I 9 Id55 L I0Wn5 Albert Rrraro QUki A ' nOtt J First Rozv: Berger, DcCiraw. Bcssenliofer, Cump, Buck, Haitliolomcw. Danncr, Alicli, Buss, Clark, E. Bowers Second Row: Brodt, Burnard, Berger, Bush, Barrall, Ciarrocclii, Amicli, Applegatc, Davidson Third Row: Beers, Bayda, M. Bauer, Dest, A. Deutscli, Condomitti Ue Sufua ' f ' t %. First Row: T. Deutsch, Frantz, D. Gum, Dieter, Gilbert, S. Fehnel, N. Gowcr, M. Hahn, Eckhart, Franczak, Fogel. Second Row: C. Fehnel, Gamboni, Gray, Drake, Fificld, H. Fehnel, Dupsick, Fisher. Third Row: R. Hahn, W. Hahn, Hadl, Gregory, Fehr, R. Gaston, C. Deutsch J First Row: Hooper, Hunt, Kilclimr. Hi-nnins;, Kick. I.. Joins, Harclinj;, D. Jones, Jolinson, Harhart. Harke Second Row: R. Jolipson, R, KtniHl, J.inny, Hockint;. Hickman, ICinyon, Keijlovit ., V. Jolinson, Heincy, P. Keppel Thirii Rn:c: H. Keppel, HIKlinhrand, Hann Ae U4 lc n4. First Ro ' .c: Mengel, King, Milkovitz, R. Miller, Maryas, I.auffer, Gnm. Mohn, Kern, E. Miller, Heckman Second Row: D. Klipple, R. Klipple, Metzgar, l.alir, Molnar, Miltenberger, Koclur. Kilparrick. Meyers, Lynn Third Ro:r: I.elir, MonJscluin HMIiilH ftff sT f ( " Si First Row: Nemith, Phillips, Racier, Ressler, Robinson, Nagle, Rinker, Povveil, Nicholasen. Purih ' , Rampnlia Second Ro " Ji: Pierzga, Murdoca, Polzer, Peisclil. Olsen. Nardolla, Recker, Nolf, Nagel, Roth Third Row: Reimer, Renner, Phillips First Row: M. Smith, Shook, Rumsey, Joanne Seifert, Sell, Silvius, Steltznian. Shingler, Seip, Schuch, Scutt Second Roio: Smith, John Seifert, Snyder, Spanuler, Stark, Sandt, Rothrock, Schater, Scholl, Siegfried Third Row: R. Smith, Serfass, Ruth First Row: V. Werkheiser, Toth, Stump, 1 honipsun, 1 r.ich, " l ost, Walter, Woodring, Stranzel, Zellner, Weiss Second Row: Suter, Wagner, Trinkle, Wukovitz, Stout, Walters, Teklits, Unangst Third Row: Umstead, R. Werkheiser p» n —1 a First Ro:v: Altemose, Detweiler, Burley, J. Danncr, Ditierlando, linnaiio. Buck, S. Allitrt, Anglemire, Clewcll, Beers Second Row: Ashenfelder, Barnliart, Audenreid, H. Danner, DtPuu, Albert, Arduini, Albani Third Row: R. Danner, Boerstler, Butz, Achenbacli Ae Sap AafHO ied r . m First Row: Frantz, P ' ry, Gregory, Ebner, Gall. Getz, Drovich, Haftl, Doris Hagcnbuch, Dolores Hagenbuch, Fehr Second Row: Doncllo, Dusinski, Dzurak, Follvveiler, Florey, Faiilds, ( iilliiigham, (j. Fritz, Graver, Flyte Third Row: D. Fritz, Eberts, Edelman, (jrollcr o s first Row: Heller, Houser, Klcintop, Harliart, M. Jones, Hartzell. Gratzer, Fox, Faust, Kocher, Gostony Second Rou-: R. Heffintraycr, Kahler. X. Jones, N. Koehler, Howell, Keim. Kecniiold, Hilberg, Kienzle, Hellick Third Row: Kolb, Hartz, Hanim, Kostenbader, K. ICoehler, HotY, I. Heffintraver, Heckman te Sofi ta HO ed ,u ' B 9 9 il first Row: Pauly, Payonk, LoJer, Lesher, Mackes, Moser, Meixsell, Mooney, Mensjnger, Kuller, _- Pysher Second Row: Miller, Metzgar, Messinger. Mondschein, Mertz, Lichtenwalner, Marykin, Minnicb, Mohn, Peters Third Row: Kratzer, Miltenberger, Leslier, Marakovits, Mast, Nagy, Mabus, Macy, Rader " Ue SofMjO ' Konjel o r f f» First Ro:;-: Roberts. Schnakl. Ritter, Schlcnt-r, Ruloff, SanJt, Schleiclu-r, Rissmillcr. Schultz. Rcpslier, Robinson Second Ru:v: Rodijer, Rohn, Roth, Schnerr, Schoeneberger, Rohrbach, Roberts, Schmidt Third Ro:c: Rice, Rissmiller o r» ft First Row: Snyder, Solt, M. Seyfried, Bourguignon, Spurhng, G. Stannard, Stimmel, Stier, Stout Second Ro!v: Steward, Stump, R. Seytried, A. Stannard, Thomas, Stark, Temos Third Row: Silfies. Strockoz, 1 enges Firs! Row: Unger, Yost, ' i ' ouni;. Walters. Weaver. Wetzel. Wcint Second Row: Washko. Zerlass, Wambold, lobias, Sherman Third Row: Young, Zeller, Wetzel 4 JB ' Mr. Mrs. T. C. . hern Mr. Mrs. Frank .Alicli Mr. Mrs. Lawrence Alicli Mrs. Charles -Mpaugh Mr. Mrs. ' ernon .Altemose Mr. Mrs. John E. .Anderson Mr. : Mrs. Samuel Aristide Mr. 8c Mrs. Frank Ault Mr. Wesley Bartholomew Mrs. C. F. Bealer Dr. Mrs. J. Francis Bchler Mr. Mrs. Herbert Beil Mr. Mrs. Ernest C. Sensing Mrs. Herbert R. Bensing Mr. Mike Beres, Sr. Miss M. Charlotte Berger Miss .Martha H. Bickert Miss Anna R. Bitz Mr. Melvin V. Bortz Mr. St Mrs. R. . . Bourgulgnon Mr. Mrs. Warren Breinig Sr. Mrs. Emma Brodt Mr. Mrs. Ellsworth C. Bush Mr. James K. Bush Mr. Mrs. George Buss Mr . Mrs. Walter Buss Mr. Mrs. John Butz Mr. Mrs. Edward Cassler Mr. Mrs. Ernest Catino Mr. Mrs. A. Ciarrocchi Mr. Mrs. E. B. Clewell Mr. Mrs. Earl Clewell Mr. Mrs. Arthur Clift Mr. Mrs. Elwood Colver Mr. Mrs. C. J. Counts Mr. Mrs. John Davis Mr. Mrs. A. William Day Mr. Mrs. Edward Dech Mrs. A. Derr Mr. Donald Diehl Mr. Mrs. Robert Dollinger Mr. William Drumm Mr. So Mrs. William Ducy Mr. Mrs. .A. J. Dusinski PATRONS , Miss Elizabeth Dusinski Mrs. Hannah Ebcrts Mrs. Ellen Eckert Mr. Mrs. Floyd Edelman Mr. Mrs. William Edieman Mr. Mrs. Kenneth EickhotT Mr. Mrs. Emery Engler, Sr. Mr. Charles A. Eyer Mr. : Mrs. Joseph p ' assl, Sr. Mr. So Mrs. John Faust Mr. Mrs. Ray Fehnel Mr. Mrs. Roscoe Fehnel Mr. : Mrs. James Ferraro Mr. : Mrs. Joseph Ferraro Mr. Mrs. Michael Ferraro Mr. : Mrs. Howard Fogel Mr. Mrs. Thomas Fogel Mr. Mrs. Charles Frack Miss Marion L. Frack Mr. Mrs. Paul Frack Dr. John A. Fraunfclder . Ir. Mrs. Joseph F. Frcy Mr. Mrs. ' ernon Frutchey Mr. Mrs. David H. Fuls Mr. Mrs. Dean M. Fuls Miss Violet Gaumer Mr. : Mrs. Joseph Geider Mr. Harry (ilose Mr. Stephen Gastony Mr. Mrs. Raymond ' . Gove Mr. Mrs. Harry E. Gower Mr. Mrs. Elvin Gradwohl Mr. : Mrs. Clifford Graver Mr. Sc Mrs. Lee Graver Miss Margaret Graver Mr. Mrs. W. P. A. Graver Mr. Mrs. David Hahn Mrs. Pearl E. Hahn Mr. Mrs. Raymond Haldeman Mr. Mrs. John Hamel Mr. Mrs. George Hamm Mr. Mrs. Carl Hannon Mr. Mrs. George Hardy Mr. Mrs. Walter Hariegle eckm.. 1 MV rs. Calvm llartze Mrs, Fmma E. H.nt .ell Mr. Mrs, Geoi Mr. Mrs. hiaroli Mrs. .Mary Ha eil Mr. : Mr . Mr. 8; Mrs. Rich " Mrs. Fred D. Heck Mr. 8; Mrs. George I Mr. Mrs. Heilman Mr. k Mrs. Frank F. He Mr. Herbert Heller Mr. Mrs. Leon Heller Mr. Mrs. Marvin T. Heller Mr. £c Mrs. Raymond C. Heller Mr. : Mrs. Harry Herd Mr. Mrs. David A. Heyer Mr. Mrs. Preston Hill Mr. : Mrs. John Hofer Mr. Mrs. William Hommer Miss Margaret Homoki Mr. William J. " Bill " Hontz, Jr. Miss Ruth Hordendorf Mr. : Mrs. Paul Houck Mr. : .Mrs. Charles Hull Mr. Richard Huth Mr. Mrs. W. F. Huth Mr. Eiton Johnson Mr. 8; Mrs. Eugene Johnson .Mr. Mrs. Howard M. Jones, Sr Mrs. Mable M. Jones Mrs. ' irgil Jones Miss .Annabelle M. Kahler Mr. Mrs. Walter Kahler Mr. k Mrs. Bertine Keefcr Mrs. . nna Keenhold Mrs. Charles Keenhold Miss Betty Kelchner Mr. k Mrs. Lovine Keller Miss Eleanor Kerler Mr. k Mrs. Andrew Kern Mr. Mrs. Arlington Kcssler Mrs. C. P. Kleppinger Mrs. Raymond Klipple tt ]l|| r u. ati PATRONS Mr. Mrs. Lester E. Koeliler Mr. Mrs. Thomas Kolessar Mr. Mrs. C. J. Knaiiss Mr. Elwood Knauss Mr. Mrs. Haven E. Kmchr Mrs. Sarah Kramer Mr. Mrs. Frank Kroborh. Jr. Mr. Mrs. Wilson Kromer Mr. Mrs. John Lerch Mr. Earle C. I.ichtenwalner Mr. Mrs. Harvey I.ockwooil Miss LiMian Mackes Mr. Mrs. Charles Manning Mr. Mrs. Frederick Marcks Mr. Mrs. David Margerison Mrs. Naomi Markuiics Mr. Mrs. Adolph Marth Mr. Mrs. Frank Marth Miss Sally Maslanka Mr. Mrs. Gene Mathews Mr. Mrs. John Mathews Miss Ardalene Matthias Mrs. Anna Matyas Mr. Mrs. D. J. McCandless Mr. Mrs. Claude Metz Mr. Mrs. Irwin Metz Miss Darlene Meyers Mr. Mrs. Chas. F. Miksch Mr. Mrs. George Miller Mr. Mrs. Lester Miller Mr. Mrs. Ignatz .Mondschein Mrs. Emma Moser Mr. Mrs. A. J. Nagle, Sr. Nazareth Mills, Inc. Mr. Mrs. Donald Newman Mr. Mrs. Howard Newman Mr. Mrs. Charles Nicholas Mr. Robert Nixon Mr. : Mrs. Arthur Xolf Miss Michelle L. Ott Mr. Mrs. Frank Payonk Mr. : Mrs. Edgar S. Person Mrs. Margaret Peters Miss Hattie Petz Mr. k Mrs. Milburn Pike Mr. Mrs. John Polzer .Mrs. .Andrew Rampulla Miss Beverly Ann Reagan Mr. : Mrs. Henry Reagan Mr. Mrs. Horace Reagan Mr. Mrs. William A. Reagan Mr. Mrs. John Redline. Sr. Mrs. Jean Regi Mr. Mrs. Allen P. Remel Mr. Mrs. Elvin E. Reimer Miss Eva M. Reimer Mr. Mrs. Frederick A. Reimer Mr. Mrs. Herbert Reimer Mr. Mrs. Stanley E. Reimer Mr. Mrs. Charles Rice Mrs. Hattie Rinker Mr. Mrs. Granville Rissmiller Miss Verna Rohrbach Miss Gloria Roth Mr. Roy W. Roth Mr. Mrs. William Roth Mr. William H. Roth Mr. Mrs. Wilson P. Roth Mr. Rolland Rothrock Mr. Mrs. Gorden Ruhf Mr. Mrs. Wilbert Rutt Miss Pearl E. Schnerr Mrs. Phillip Sandt Mr. : Mrs. Howard Saylor Mr. Mrs. J. Allen SchaelYer Mrs. Robert Schlener Miss . " Mice A. Schmidt Mr. Mrs. Charles Schnerr Mr. Mrs. Mark Schwartz Dr. W. J. Scutt Mr. Mrs. Russell Seip Mr. Mrs. Lester Shafer Mr. Mrs. Charles Shimer Mr. Mrs. Lloyd A. Shimer Mrs. William Shook Mr. Mrs. Samuel Siegel Mr. Mrs. William Silfies Mr. Stanley C. Skuta Mr. Bertrum Smickley Mr. Mrs. Richard Stannard Star Dollar Cleaner Mrs. Ellwood Stark Mr. Mrs. Thomas Starner Mrs. Felix Stem .Mr. Mrs. R. K. Stout Mrs. William H. Sroudt Miss Joan Phyllis Thomas Mr. Mrs. Victor H. Thomas. Sr Dr. Mrs. F. V. Thompson Mrs. .Anthony Todora Mr. Mrs. Albert Toth Mr. Mrs. John D. Toth Mr. Mrs. John Traupman Mr. Jack Turner Mr. Fred Uhler Dr. Mrs. Norman C. Uhler Mr. Mrs. Charles Umpstead, Sr. Mr. Mrs. Edward Unger Miss Theresa Unger Mr. Mrs. Stanley Vetovitz Mr. Mrs. Victor Viti Mrs. C. Christopher Wagner Dr. Mrs. Floyd Wagner Mr. Mrs. Ernest Waldman .Mr. Russell H. Wambold, Jr. Miss Annabelle Weaver Dr. Mrs. A. I. Weintraub Mr. Mrs. Joseph Weiss Mr. Mrs. George Welty .Mr. k Mrs. William Werkheiser Mr. k Mrs. Raymond D. Werner Mr. k Mrs. Donald C. Wilkinson .Mr. Mrs. Michael Wimmer Miss Kathryn M. Woodring Mrs. Daniel annuzzi Mr. Mrs. Peter F. Yeisley Mr. Mrs. Robert Young .Mr. Mrs. Russell D. Young f- U ati 1 6i4 Oun. Skull 1 Mr. Smith mops the floor. 2. Mr. Rice drills. 3. Mr. Eckert tends the fire. 4. Participants in the Oratorical Contest— S fl«f »ii;.-Hoiiser, Drumm, Kostenbader, Marakovits. Seated: Hartzell, Walters, Anglemire, Rodger. 5. Students ponder over a game of chess. 6. .Students rehearse for District Chorus: Reagan, Remel, , ' hern, Gower, Scutt. L. G. BALFOUR COMPANY, CLASS RINGS 141 East North Street Bethlehem, Pennsylvania HERCULES CEMENT CORPORATION Stockertown Pennsylvania KEYSTONE PORTLAND CEMENT COMPANY Bath Pennsylvania KRAEMER HOSIERY COMPANY Nazareth Pennsylvania NAZARETH CEMENT COMPANY Nazareth Pennsylvania NAZARETH NATIONAL BANK TRUST COMPANY Corner of Main and Mauch Chunk Street Nazareth, Pennsylvania NAZARETH STEEL FABRICATORS South Broad Street Nazareth, Pennsylvania MERIN STUDIOS Official Photographer, 1950 Comet Philadelphia PENNSYLVANIA DIXIE CEMENT COMPANY Bath Pennsylvania SANDERS-REINHARDT COMPANY Makers of Fine Printing Plates Allentown, Pennsylvania THE SECOND NATIONAL BANK " The Bank of Real Service " Nazareth, Pennsylvania SHOOK AND TOTH Plumbing and Heating Contractors Nazareth, Pennsylvania BAKER CONVALESCENT HOME R. D. 3, Easton Phone Nazareth 629-J HIMLER ' S Cleaners and Dyers East Lawn R. J. BARTHOLOMEW Funeral Home Center St., Nazareth HOMMER ' S RESTAURANT SODA FOUNTAIN 122 South Main Street Nazareth BLUE MOUNTAIN CONSOLIDATED WATER COMPANY Main St., Nazareth KEPPEL ' S Pioneer Self-Service Markets Center Square, Nazareth W. H. BOWERS Painter «k Decorator Stockertown KLIPPLE BUS LINES Bath Phone 2211 FARMERS ' MUTUAL FIRE INS. CO. OF NORTHAMPTON COUNTY Nazareth MARY ANN ' S BEAUTY SHOP 107 South Main Street Nazareth FINKBEINER ' S ESSO SERVICE STATION Tatamy JACOB MAYER On the Square Easton HARTMAN ' S PORK PRODUCTS Fisit Our Modern Slaughterhouse Phone 1086, Nazareth MIERS-BACHMAN LITHOGRAPHING CO. Commercial Lithographers and Fruiters Allentown, Pennsylvania HECKMAN ' S ECONOMY MARKET 105 Belvidere Street Nazareth ROBERT C. MOYER Chrysler-Plymouth Service 324 S. Main St., Nazareth NAZARKTH COAL LUMI5ER CO. 432 S. Main Street Nazareth PEOPLE ' S COAL and SUPPLY CO. Lumber and Building Material Stockertown NAZARf:TH DRESS COMPANY TATAMY SHIRT MILL Nazareth ST. REGIS PAPER COMPANY Manufacturers of Paper Bags Nazareth NAZARETH MOTOR COMPANY Buick Sales : Service N. New St., Nazareth SCHAPPELL ' S GROCERY MARKET Free Delivery Stockertown NAZARETH MUTUAL FIRE INS. CO. 16 Belvidere Street Nazareth HENRY SCHLEGEL Men ' s Store Nazareth NAZARETH PAPER BOX COMPANY South Whitfield Street Nazareth FLOYD W. SCHMIDT, Mortician 357 Belvidere St. Nazareth NAZARETH TOOL SUPPLY 150 S. Main Street Nazareth SOLT CHEVROLET 48 South Broad Street Nazareth NICHOLASEN ' S Modern Rkstaurant 148 S. Main St., Nazareth THE TRUMBAUER CO., INC. Main Office, Phone 798 or 799 Easton Road NORTHAMPTON FARM BUREAU COOPERATE ASSOCIATION Phone Easton 2-0243 WILLOWDALE FARMS T. D. Kostenbader Son Nazareth R. F. ZIEGLER Dodge-Plymouth, Sales Service Nazareth Easton V- U. ati BAJAN ' S MEAT MARKET 96 Seip Ave., Nazareth FLORY ' S GROCERY STORE Bclvidere St., Nazareth BARNHARTS FRUIT MARKET 49 BelvicJcrc St., Nazareth FOGEL ' S GULF SERVICE Belviderc : Broad St., Nazareth BINNEY SMITH COMPANY Easton FRITOS OF CENTRAL PENNA., INC. 640 S. Spruce St., Nazareth HORACE BOWERS, P. iNxtR Paperhanger Route 3, Nazareth JOE GEIDER ' S GROCERY Main Mauch Chunk St., Nazareth BEN CHANE, Men ' s : Boys ' Wear 60 S. Main St., Nazareth GERNET ' S SHOE STORE 108 S. Main St., Nazareth CHURCHMAN ' S BUSINESS COLLEGE Easton S. J. GREGORY GARAGE U Mauch Cliunk St., Nazareth DOBNOFF ' S PARAMOUNT INC. 409 Northampton St., Easton ROY S. H. HN, Notary Public i: Insurance 113 S. Main St., Nazareth FEDON ELECTRIC COMPANY 41 Belviderc St., Nazareth PAUL W. HECKMAN, Prescriptions 68 S. Main St., Nazareth ROY T. FEHNEL, Building Contractor R. D. 3, Nazareth (Belfast) R. C. HELLER, Grocer 18 N. Main St., Nazareth A. J. FERRARO Main St., Stockertown R. R. HESS, Auto Repairs 142 N. Spruce St., Nazareth SAL FERRARO, EMPIRE HOUSE Tatamy LEON I. HEYER SERVICE STATION Stockertovvn HONTZ ' S VARIETY STORE 125 S. Main St., Nazareth GEO. N. MILLER, SALES SERVICE R. D. 2, Nazareth ERANK HUTM Sc SONS, INSURANCE 104 S. Main St., Nazareth c;. C. MURl ' HY COMPANY Belvidere St., Nazareth EDWARD H. KERN 105 S. Broad St., Nazareth NAZARETH ARTIFICIAL ICE CO. Nazareth KLIPPLE ' S TYDOL SERVICE Route 45, Nazareth NAZARETH BURIAL VAULT CO. 162 S. Green St, Nazareth KOEHLER ' S PHARMACY, Prhscriptions Belvidere St., Nazareth NAZARETH DAIRY STORE Nazareth R. D. L.AMBERT, Belvidere St., Nazareth NAZARETH HARDWARE CO. 49-51 Main St., Nazareth THE LEADER STORE Main Belvidere St., Nazareth NAZARETH MILLS Belvidere St., Nazareth 1 LEH ' S FORD, SALES SERVICE 235 S. Broad St., Nazareth NAZARETH STEAM LAUNDRY 165 S. Whitfield St., Nazareth NOLF ' S LOCKER PLANT 167 S. Broad St., Nazareth MAHI.ON J. RUMSEY, Plumbing HEATiNr. STANNARD TROXELL, Atlantic Service 151 S. Whitfield St.. Nazarerh Stockertown RHYMER ' S FLOWER SHOP 135 S. Whitfickl St., Nazateth STAR JANITOR SUPPLY HOUSE 30 S. Main St., Nazareth SANDT ' S GROCERY STORE Main St., Stockertown STEHLY ' S MEN ' S SHOP 124 S. Main St., Nazareth L SCHWARTZ SON 540 S. Main St., Nazareth A. O. .STURGLS SON, Insurance 23 S. Main St., Nazareth SKEET ' S SHOPPE Belvidere St., Nazareth TAYLOR ' S HARDWARE STORE Main St., Stockertown SMITH KAISER-FRAZER, Sale.s Service E. Walnut St., Nazareth TED ' S SHOE REPAIR 12 Belvidere St., Nazareth SMITH GROCERY 430 S. Main St., Nazareth RAYMOND D. TEEL, Contractor 216 S. Whitfield St., Nazareth SNYDER MILLING COMPANY 435 S. Main Street, Nazareth TOWN HOUSE Broad Belvidere St., Nazareth SQUARE DEAL PONTIAC 25 S. Broad St., Nazareth WEEK ' S SERVICE STATION Broad Center St., Nazareth YOUNG ' S PRESS High St., Nazareth " g-g»|«g«n«_|«, -.. , i» ' ■ " - ' - ' ' ' - . , .f » w •t. ( ri fe - t;? i2;( f ' - ' ■i ' r «S«s. .• ' ■ A - y . J ■■■ F. SCHWElTZfR. jji ,-;-_ ,,_ S ' « ♦ ' • l «%iii nb Itoaps Jf lotoers! Each sprinjj brightly colored flower gardens add gaiety and life to the back yards of many homes in Nazareth. Caring for these gardens occupies many pleasant hours and gives the feeling of pride to the owners as well as enjoyment to neighbors and passers-by. Breaking the soil in early spring, planting seeds and bulbs, and tending the flowers in their growing stage kept these people busy. So, the business staff of the Comet was kept busy earning money to publish this yearbook. Only through the support and the aid of our many patrons and advertisers was this book made possible. To them we express our sincere appre- ciation and thanks for their generous contributions and patronage. ' fUrUwWMMI iHiMBmaH M ru....c . .v «v., mmin- Y ' t t ? !l- " . '

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