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The Comet PUBLISHED BY THE Senior Class Nazareth High School VOLUME XXVIII We, the Class of '47, want this yearbook to serve as a key to those precious and heartfwnrming memories of our school days, Contents DEDICATION ADMINISTRATION CLASSES ACTIVITIES FEATURES ADVERTISEMENTS Comet Staf COfEDITORS Joanne Unangst Caroline Ursprung ASSOCIATE EDITORS Marion Frack Theresa Yavorski PERSONALITY EDITORS Samuel Aristide Dorothy Heckman Fanny Mitch Miriam Noll Doris Eberts Doris Mack Lois Mohn jean Searles Donald Erwin Jean Mackey James Murdoca Ruth Werkheiser Mary Hadl Bernice Minnich Jean Nickel Wilson Zerfass ART EDITOR PHOTOGRAPHY EDITORS ATHLETIC EDITORS Edward Morse Anna Mae Carty Catherine Edelman Clara Redline joseph Tanzos Walter Wunderly BUSINESS MANAGER Anne Woodward ASSISTANT BUSINESS MANAGERS Viola Ambrose Theresa Shatz Gerald Fehnel Vera Bonney Elsie Deutsch Mary Didovitz jean B. Clutc Harriet Gower Mary Groller Miriam Gruber TYPISTS Charmaine Hutchison Elizabeth Kemmerer Kathryn Roth FACULTY ADVISERS Florence L. Nicholas Lois Shimer Lorraine Sprague Gloria Trach Betty Werkheiser Kathryn Woodring Elizabeth S. Sloat U4 7 I3l Frederick A. Marcles A. B., MUHLENBERG COLLEGE Superintendent of Nazareth Public Schools Yletlicaiion We, the Class of '47, dedicate this our yearbook to Superintendent Frederick A. Marcks, whose understanding, integrity, and sincere kindness serve as a constant asset to the welfare and development of our school system. Mr. Marclgs has been associated with our public schools since 1909, when he held a teaching position. Two years later he was made principal, and in 1915 he became the supervising principal. Since 1937, Mr. Marclgs has been superintendent of the Nazareth Public Schools. l4l The Nazareth Public Schools The high school gym and surrounding rooms are filled with people, buzzing with ad' miring and approving exclamations. It is the evening of the annual art exhibition. This eagerlyfawaited project is one of a varied group of extra class activities carried on and supported by the Nazareth Public Schools. An efhcient art program- is conducted both in the elementary schools and in the high school. Home Economics and Industrial Arts are offered for high school students, and comprise two valuable phases of our educational system. Musical training is an important branch of our school curriculum. The traditional program of Christmas carols, given by the children of the elementary schools, and the popular band concert, presented by the Nazareth High School Band, are two important musical events of the school year, These are but a few of the variety of opportunities Nazareth High School extends for its students in the way of clubs and organizations. Because of this variety, the student will find at least one activity in which he is interested. The Forum Club and the Oratorical Contest offer students, interested in public speaking and current problems,a chance to use their talents. The Blue and White Standard and the senior yearbook are projects carried on by students interested in journalism and business. These are a few of the projects undertaken by the students for their enjoyment and development. Both in interfmural and intrafmural sports activities, Nazareth Public Schools has developed a sound program of athletics. Throughout the school year, the high school gym is the scene of many and varied activities, because both boys and girls cover a carefully worked out program in physical education. Nazareth High is furnished not only with a wellfequipped gymnasium, but also an athletic held with bleachers, seating 15,000 specf tators, tennis courts, a hockey and softball field, and an outdoor play area. The elementary schools have wellfequipped playgrounds, and the Whitheld Building is fortunate to have a gymnasium in addition to outdoor hrcilities. Healthy boys and girls enjoy sports and the Nazareth Schools have satished this desire. The first public school house in Nazareth was built back in 1855. About 30 years later, the North Broad Street Building was erected. For a time this building housed both the elementary and grade school, but when the need for an elementary school became evident, the Fairview Building was erected. Nine years later, the Whitfield Building was started. In 1923, 176 pupils and 6 teachers moved into a new high school on Belvidere Street after the old high school had been condemned. Within six years the new high school had to be enlarged to almost one and a half times its original size. After this enlargement, seventh and eighth grades were moved into the new high school building and combined with ninth grade to form a junior high school. The North Broad Street Building remained unoccupied until 1939 when it was renovated and became an annex to the junior high school. The Hrst class of 10 students was graduated from Nazareth High School in 1893. This year the graduating class numbers 158. Round about 1918 the commercial curriculum was added to our school program. Music came into our schools a little later. Art and sewing were added in '24, and that year also saw the introduction of Industrial Arts. Physical and Health Education were started in '27, with Mr. Leh instructing both boys and girls. Our library developed encouragingly and, in 1931, a librarian was employed. In '36 instruction in instrumental music was begun and a band was organized. One year later, Nazareth High School became accredited. In this year Mr. Marcks was made superinf tendent of the Nazareth Public Schools. Because Nazareth draws many of its students from nearby districts, the enrollment of the high school is much greater than that of the elementary and junior high schools. Our school system has developed steadily, and the teaching staff has increased naturally with the growing enrollment and enriched curriculum. 047 1 1 ! i Alma Mater ln the old historic Nazareth 'Gainst the rising sun Stands our loved Alina Mater Pride of days to come. Here with daily tasks we struggle With our goal in sight Ever mindful of our brothers And the Blue and White. By thy name, dear Alma Mater We shall win the fightg And for us, thy sons and daughters, Days will e'er be bright Nazareth High, to thee we're pledging All our main and might- Never shall dishonor cloud thee Nor the Blue and White! -Earl Laudig ll6l lm-1. .2 f .N w'fz2f,a:ea1i:1',2f-A.. a. f M'-vii 2 - ,, - f1f1,,:,fr,2gg:-j-51, - ' , ztfiiif . f1u.2f3W"" --p::.1'f ,V V,1v:,f::v!:5':'fi',:ii'.4-'-'- .r,'f'5:' 'w,,fW.zf:Q',5 . . Q.: 13.-11"--' N .' ,mx-" 4, . ,.. . , :xiii -wg ' 3 3 1 43 b , - ' ,. ,, .,,,,z1:''.,:,i.,,pz,-, '- ' 5435. pw' ' f .v?5,iF2Q:Wf?f-V' lf' jfff1fT',-AQ33-f'55'1 V Nfl a ' if-'P ,fwfr M -' 4, 3 sf, 45111: 1 R, - A L-. ' ggmf -,1y1i.J61F36LfU,1f:?s" ' -' 5 ',n ' ,, ,-Mfg-.,:,,m,1-.-' V ,,zx,3i4-,.i:s'f:f - f LW - ,, , 1 ,A 13-'AG 3 ,, - JA.: . f " v ' J ' , 35- A ' . i..,:5'1 N' ' T15 'V + Q-i? Ff1 V Q" I ig - , 1 . fr", 1-nf. -f -. . - ., jg -A ' if fake, Sai 763' .7 2E.f1.'?""'i"f11'.- . ,' "fl , H?" v, ', W' ' 1 ' "" f , , 'w'-H" 'x . ' - , :Hy ' bm iffy? 5' m-:.':1:f::wx'-nLs:,'.2p1bf 12' V. vw: J, ,H if V 1 F " ' 'I "' ' -W -" 7' ' ff: A" "' '1z11cAq,,M,H , . ,' . , 1 , 4, k I N V rg- vi. a ia ff ff 1 ' ffiiii ff ., ' 1? ' ' f: z-.vp sag-5. f-ff .'sr:.v.: - X ,- ,H 2- , w v mug, : Q s 'N ' 1 185 iff y 1, 1 ," . ,K 2. " . ' , - A ' 'f f' - " 7 .Q , 15:2 r , i 1 .,.fw.,-.N-m. , ,MN ,T .sl 1 -54' mai- ,,,...f ww wv'r!"'44" ' ' ,-'- +' + , W' 1 , w ' w " ' H M' N g n gg f , Q J , ' " z'1f.v,3. M 1 -w r ' - V 'N A ff 1 4 J ,- , V 1,1251 wif: A ' 9- ..-.- fwi, ,J e ' M -' 'ff 51219 A? ' 1 6 1' "Uv 'hamql-f if A :mi-. ggi- -S - . H ' ,123 :1 y T " 93 5: iwiv L 'af' gg ' 5 3 3 ' IH ' 'I F U W, ,Q f A f QE K 12 ! SP'-,Nr - ,, 1, 1922, . f ,wa'5::p:::ifzfsfJ f New ,wa , A' i .iiwy ' ff? , , - - . 2 ffl in 15 3 ' - e - :api fs g - - ff,.N,,, ..,. : . , h, . My-N, , '4'??'Wf5? ,N " 'hu ' ' j " L' - ' f' il ET - kb - -' H' . - L ,- .-., '- wif L H ' U ,wx .X FS V., , .gl'A.w..mif'W7.W-.ewmamwf-53.1 'Nj "' Si ' " , we-+ Q ww ,.,,,,,,.x -. ' KQT Tg, " X H w,..,x ,.,:w- qW,4,,,..., f"fCff51jjfv"S"',,,4,"'waa,g1:.f:Affj'f K " . N A Admz'nz'stmz'z'0n il7Il X94 7 Nazareth S611 oo! Board GEORGE A. SMITH, President A. RUSSELL SNYDER, Vice President CHARLES P. SCHNERR, Treasurev C. J. KNAUSS, Secretary to the Board A. Russell Snyder, Frank B. Lch, Peter F. Ycislcy, Clinton L. Bunn, George A, Smith, Charles Knauss, Charles P. Schnerr, William Henry ,rf ' -1- IISII Florence L. Nicholas B. S., M. A., COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY Principal of Nazareth Senior High School 1191? 94 7 6 CHARLES BARTOLET SARAH B01-'ro History Lihravian B. S., Lebanon Valley College A. B., Maryville Collegeg B. S., in L. S.. Drexel IRVAN CHELLY lTlLi1LSfT1HlLA7fS B. S., Pennsylvania State College ,y ,A ., .4 R, GUY CUMP MARGARET FRANCK Mathematics Physical Education B. S., Gettysburg College B. S., West Chester State Teachers College ll10ll MARIE BRYAN History and English B. A., Misericordia College JEAN CLUTE Art Pennsylvania Museum School of Industrial Art VERNEDA GEPHART Biology B, S., Shippensburg State Teachers College FRANCES CHASE Latin A. B., University of Pittsburgh PAUL GOULDING Problems of Democracy B. S., West Chester State Teachers Collegeg M. S., University of Pennsylvania H Qi' MARY HAND ROBERT HARDING Dokrs JENKINS J. Fmzniaiuc KNECHT Vocal Music Leave cf Absence Home Economics English B. S., West Chester State B. A., Syracuse B. A., Park College A. B., M. A., University of Teachers College Pennsylvania FRANKLYN KOSTENBADBR ANDIKEW I-EH Algebra and Physics Physical Education A. B., Moravian College Ph. B., Muhlenberg College: M. A., Columbia University MILDRED Mnrz Lois MBTZGER DOROTHY PAPP Commercial Commercial German and English B. S., Rider College B. S., Bloomsburg State A. B., Ursinus College Teachers College JAMES ROTH Health B. S., Pennsylvania State College lllll X94 7 6 BELVA SARICKS PEARL SCHNERR ADAM SHEKLETSKI ELIZABETH SLOAT Commercial Home Economics 5CiE1lC6S English B. S., Rider College B. S., New York University A- B-, Lehigh Uf1iV61'SifY A' B' Lebanon Valley College M. A., Columbia University MIRIAM UNANGST EVELYN WEAVEIK Histovy Commevcial A. B., Susquehanna University B. S., Ceclar Crest College 1 . . j . 3 ,wk AUGUSTINB WEINHOFER LOUISE LEHR, R. N. DORIS TRACH IRENE UHLER Music School Nuns Secretary to Mr. Marcks Secretary to Miss Nicholas A. B., Muhlenberg College Abington Memorial Hospital l12ll fy .':,m. -1-:w,65Lg511,,Lx f'if,,:.wFm . . ' fi -f,..x:1-,,, , . . f . 4-s . iii-M , 43,-+Es'fx, Xi -353,3.y1.vL,,,:,g-hz A , N-1-:'f.3,59Lgg"' ' J 3WiSS2EiEQmEQyafi?v?wmnQ. YEEQHQMWH " N:--. if Q 3 Qlm?ff' l541-" 'wpM'WE5aQs5iQQg. ffaT+cwfE?iwQm+ai.emQQMNw ., " vw 'I n5..1.:. f-ix , -i-Qsafwmwyf' wr- 'vii i s--:w.ffs:1Q5f::.-'." 1 .Mez-:asf vf, --, P: v T:-m:,:2'f,Q1.2 uf- ., ru B .NL . - :j.,,f:,vf F 15 1, 2 6 59 1:1 "nf 5 'Yi .,,f'-wk ' I 4 45 fg gf. X'-qw xl - A4 ,..4, 1..,:z,p,. . fn-why!!! . v,, W ,. 4- 4,,, - .. f .M M w..,n s' Q1f,e'fweifz.?. :f,2f9:H,f': , Jim--11 X VH NM-4. N- . . Hia 3, Wt.. :ff ,. 'S f ' x ii " .. ' wr ' N' " 7' I-- ? Qggvzff- kwa Lil Y ffl --Nl ,. -ew ' "wg wi- izfa.,-:iv 1:24 -.r 5:SQ"v-I, y ,-. "mi: 'a -Q., wr-gf. YW- ,J -swf, ,X 'Fin J-.,ff. N: 1 ' L, .. 1 . if gffim fr: A-ms. , 'A w f H W - f- ' , ' " QL--fgf,. -,,g: :My My 1--fi? ,Qu : '1 '5i' 5 5E:l -- -V M,.f+11a 'L . f 4 ... Q 1'-45:1-1-,1q:A,, 4 R11-f 4- ,,., gg ,fu 'lv . far'-W-W---'.1" 'ff 5373- -41. ,Q .,,f., Kim. ,g ..,.l. , Q, ,I . ,, ,wif-1w,:sf,LM 1.3. :.,,NEg3,. 53 ,ww ,i ' , QAM' 5'i5u22,gf1':,:i'-ffm'QkSEi'i" 1"3"7'-ff ,x x. W .21 ?"1f'K"5fk:-M., " 1 lg 1 J-A , 4 ii Qmzm afiiwiQ Q.'ffm5pL A 1 gfgmglu Nhadelfj 1 . 'Z ii , f A +1- 11 ff :.,Qpx-yum, 2 ff, f Xe., AQimni4,,:,"f' 'vw Hai g R. - -, 14 :- 1 q 11, 1 .-,. "" " -fr fi : Q ' J F- 5 . -' .5 mu., 'lf,g:,--wfrsm,-. :+L E h - , fx 2 ,:,'--MQELL ,ip .1-f ' :Q - Q has-- . l - Mi r 1: ' 'gg :Af---'N- "M-gi f -:iM-X' b' . , digg wgIi,59.:i1,a,i3-xy.,-,vw f . '..,,.J', ., fQ,..,.,a, -.- - br , A-' jr ww., , 1 r ns' -Q11 - ' 1 1. , K- x " ,-4 'wi' .- sg -. ' wa? .'v-Qfmr "' ' Y. lffmwvpa xfvy-Q Y 1, ,,.f1.- ,F .. 1, .s-rs V 15, .. if 4 .51 f : am-ig, f 1' , ,W M A e ar- Q - 1 f Mfwwmwwggwgsa g-Qw:G?Hi,,,4MMQh,if?3q 1 N. farm- 4-vu-.1-w..v wa- me --wr. 5 w n 'fe-1 f. M- --, W F J 'ww ...,v,,X-W-:s9:-eN"A1wu1raf4rs?v12" MSW 1 N. wif: - ' . .-..,- 'W afvwfs aNQ2ww2QEEQ5iigQ?vf. 1E+?44sv1'f J+4Lff W ' V'fkffH g 15:5 - "r ' " f if .,,, . . 1.,,w . .+,.f:.ff5:9:ssf x14 W ' H ' -M '1ayfi,if':"' " , f - M .friA.2:.:,w,aL,,zq,fegg-22:5 , ,. ,.-555, ,y4fff'1-, ..., .. ., A f Wm .. -, ,m:fies6W1f"f5" ' ,..+. ,,,-... f, , . V .'...J:mff:f ,N '-" , 1, .'1.-3 4 ' " WX ,..........M ""'h1fffg1.wfm,, - H f - 3-W "' ' . --V 1 ,- '- M E.. ' Qsfsgwzfff - :D 4-D ,- 'P - - vmaixmw- . -E enior Class Pzbtu es II13II MAE E. ACKERMAN "Mae" Mae is one of the many seniors who hail from Stockertown. Her merry laugh and pleasant ways help her to make friends. Ma: especially likes ice skating, but another activity which helps to fill her leisure time is dancing. She also enioys music, and has been an active member of the Girls' Glee Club during her senior year. Mae has no plans for the future, but "Time alone will tell." L Club 3. YOLANDA V. AMBROSE "Susie" Swish! There she goes. Yes, it's Viola, better known as "Susie." Anytime you see her, she is either in a hurry to do an errand or she is rushing down the hall collecting absentee slips, "Susie" is one of our more active seniors. She likes school clubs and sports. "Susie" is head over heels for a certain sailor from Tatamy. jitterbugging is one of her favorite activities, especially with Donald. How about it, Viola? Working at the Nazareth Dress Factory keeps her pretty busy after school. Fofrum Club Z, 3g Blue and White 1, Z, 35 Magazine Campaign 15 Basketball 15 Valley Ball lg Comet Staff, Business 35 Dmmatic Club 3g Glee Club lg Cummevcial Club 1, 2. Baseball 25 Commercial Club 1. 2, 3g Glee Club 35 Dramatic LESTER J. ANDERSON "Les" Looking for "Les"? He's probably sitting in his car listening to the radio. "Les" is one of our more quiet senior boys. Every' where "Les" goes, joe is sure to be with him. "Les" is fond of driving his Pontiac. especially over weekends, and he never lacks passengers. "Les" ought to be able to drive to Bushkill Park blindfolded by now. He's had enough experience anyway. ll14ll SAMUEL J, ARISTIDE, JR. "sam" One can easily recognize Sam by his big smile. As Matt Rock' wocd in "january Thaw," Sam played a major part in making the play a success. A conscientious worker, Sam also helped the band along by serving in the color guard. Sam's main interest is in sports: basketball, football. and baseball. his favorite. Sam is another senior who helped his team take the class basketball championship three consecutive years, and he also earned his place on the team that played the J. Vfs. Sam intends to become a dentist. Student Council, Vice President 1, Z. 3: Comet Staff, Personality Editor 3g Forum Club 1, President 2, 35 Band. Color Guard 2, 3. 1. V. Basketball 1, Assistant Basketball Manager 25 Senior Play. Majorg Class Basketball l, 2, 3g 'Track 3. CARL J. ASHENFELDER "Ashey" Carvrfl! Carl Ashenfelder! You've guessed it. Ashey's been caught running through the hall and down the steps. Even though he hails from Christian Springs, Ashey spends a lot of time in Bath. What's the attraction, Carl77 We know you don't work there anymore. Carl is undecided about the future. MARTHA H. BICKERT "Mart" This shy little lass hails from Cherry Hill. Upon further acquaintance, Mart is at times inclined to be quite talkative. She is not very studious, but manages to get her work done on time. Even though she is not an active participant, Mart is interested in sports. To be someone's private secretary is Mart's ambition. Glee Club 1, 3. ll15ll 947 MARGARET M. BITZ "Bitzie" "No kidding." is one of "Bitzie's" favorite phrases. How we envy that natural curly hair! "Bitzie" is a commercial student from Stockertown, who doesn't take her school work too seriously. She spends much of her time at the skating rink at Bushkill Park, and can usually be seen with her faithful companion, "Edelman," We hear your favorite subjects are English and bookkeeping, "Bitzie." JANE E. BLINTON "fame" "Dance, Janie?" is a frequent greeting to "Janie," one of our accomplished dancers. Although she scares easily, she enjoys all sports, and was one of our cheerleaders. Dancing and collecting records occupy most of her spare time. At present, however, her main interest is centered in a brown1haired graduate. Her future seems rather vague to everyone. Commercial Club 1, 25 Dramatic Club 15 Valley Ball Zg Hockey 2, Basketball 2, 35 Senior Play, Properties 35 Cheerleader, j. V. Z, Varsity 3, Prom, Entertainment Committee 2. VERA F. BONNEY "Vera" "Guard her! Shoot!" That couldn't be anyone but Vera, the best basketball guard in the senior class. However, her ability in sports is not limited to basketball alone, but extends to baseball and volley ball as well. Although not a bookworm, she succeeds in doing satisfactory work. Her main interest seems to be in Bethlehem. Commercial Club 1, 2, 35 Basketball 1, Z, 35 Baseball 1, 2, 35 Valley Ball 2, 35 Blue and White, 'Typist 2, 3,' Comet, Typist 3. ll16ll A. RAY BRONG "Ray" Quite talkative plus not a care in the world makes Ray one of the happyfgoflucky individuals of the senior class. Nights, Ray can be seen behind the counter at the local Y. M. C. A., holding down his sofcalled position. His spare time is spent in shooting pool and bowling, in both he is able to hold his own. Whatever the future holds for him, Ray is sure to be a success, for he is a hard worker on every job except school work. JAMES T. BURLEY " j 1mmy" Small in stature, but an lturbi at the piano gives an excellent picture of "jimmy" as everyone knows him. Although he claims school is a trying task, he always manages to do creditable work. Reading German, as it should be read, is one of his major accomplish' ments and makes him the envy of all German students, After school jimmy plans to continue his study of music. ANNA MAE S. CARTY 'lMcCarty" Shoot! Shoot! Glancing over the gym floor you'll spot our blonde "hombshell" urging her team to victory. A'McCarty" enjoys all sports, and was an efficient guard on the basketball team. She was one of the photography editors of the Comet. Happyfgo- lucky and cheerful, she is sure to add to the fun wherever she is because of her ability to tell jokes. You certainly know how to handle the clarinet, too, "McCarty." Baseball 1, Z, 35 Basketball 1, 2, 3g Hockey 1, 2, 35 Volley Ball 1, 2, 35 Senior Play, Mino1,'Band 1, 2, 3. ll17ll 947 STANLEY B. CHRISTMAN "Cl1'ristman" Short, blond, and freckled Christman hails from Stockertown. He and Tony may be frequently seen strolling around town or teasing the girls, Christman says that he knows the identity of the "Moon Barker." See Mr. Knecht. Whatever the future holds for Christman, it will be all right with him. Class Basketball 2, 3. FRANCES C. CONDOMITTI "Francie" Another chatterbox from Room 23, Francie has a ready smile for everyone. Francie's specialty is telling the latest jokes. Much of her spare time is taken up by someone from Easton. Skating and jitterbugging at Tatamy are Francie's special loves. Not very much interested in sports or very enthusiastic about lessons, Frances isn't too ambitious. Baseball 35 Valley Ball 3. NORMA I. CRESSMAN ic "Ich gehe nach Hausef' Yes, that's Norma, one of our ex' cellent German students. conversing with some other fellow student. She is an allfround good sport and in her spare time she can be found reading a book or listening to records. Her interests in life are having fun and going to college. Friendliness with the opposite sex and the ability to accomplish many things will help Norma in her future. Dmmatic Club 1, 2, 3g Class, Secretary 1. ll 13ll SIDNEY G. CUMBERLAND "Sid" "Sid" hails from Valley View Farms. He is much interested in school work and usually has his lessons prepared. His interest lies in the opposite sex, but not around here-so he tells us. Either fbi army will have him after graduation or he will become a metal at er. A. WILLIAM DAY "Bill" That all his classmates look up to him is evident, for "Bill" is six foot eight inches tallg and when seen with "Wally," they look like Mutt and jeff. He has helped his classmates out of many tough situations, especially in basketball. "Bill's" motto seems to be: "How to Get In, but Not Out, of Trouble," His high light comes every day in English class. Whenever there is a roar of laughter, you usually find "Bill" in the middle of it. His only ambition is to End a job. Senior Play, Minor. ELSIE V DEUTSCH "Elsie" At a glance, Elsie seems to be quiet and reserved, but looks are often deceiving. She is a commercial student and did her bit as a Comet typist. Elsie is also one of Miss Botto's faithful student librarians. Her motto seems to be, "Where there's a will, there's a way." This attitude should be an asset in her career. Baseball 15 Basketball 1, 3g Hockey 25 Valley Ball 1, 35 Dmmatic Club 15 Commercial Club 1, 2, 35 Student Libfrarian 1, 2, 35 Plwtogf raphy Club 3, Comet, Typist 35 Senio1 Play, Uslm 3. ll19ll X94 7 MARY A. DIDOVITZ "Mime" Gab! Gab! Gab! Talking rapidly, endlessly trying to conf vince her pals of some brain storm she just had, is our 'iMitzie." Her favorite subject is bookkeeping and she can talk circles around anyone about it. 'iMitzie" did her bit as Comet typist. Any question about Northampton, locality or population, will be answered on request by uMitzie." In the future she plans to become a bookkeeper. Baseball 1. 2, 35 Basketball I, 2, 35 Hockey 1, 2, 3g Valley Ball 1 2, 3, Commercial Club 1, 2, 35 Photography Club 3, ALBERT E. DLUGOS "Al" Not too studious, but chuck full of pranks, puts Albert into the category of the Hitches." Keeping Room 33 a lively spot is one of Al's chief accomplishments. He proved his worth in sports as an outstanding lineman on this year's football team. We wonder what "Al's" interest in Room 5 could be. Maybe that's why he asks permission to see Mr. Leh so frequently in the hfteen minute periods. Football, Vanity 1, Z, 35 Baseball, Mdndg81 Zf Class Basket' ball 1, Z. ERIC M. DOLL "Edgy" If you ever want to hear a corny joke, here's your man, for they seem to be his specialty. Besides being fun loving, "Ecky" is interested in science, and is one of the senior art students. Psycho' therapy seems to be "Ecky's" chosen profession. By the way, Eric, why, in art class, do you always try to imitate a certain crooner? Science Club 1, 2, 35 Forum Club 3. H2011 HERBERT DOROZOWSKI "Herbie" 'sl-Ierbie" is an amusing character at times, but he can be serious too. His interests are not wholly devoted to school, but are divided between sports and girls. Baseball, basketball, and football are all his meat, His position as end on the football team shows proof of his ability on the gridiron. "Herbie" Ends blushing hard to overcome, maybe it's one of his innate characteristics, Football 2. 35 Baseball 2, Captain 35 Class Basketball 1. 2. BRENT W. DOYLE "Brent" "And I believe," is none other than the Walter Winchell of the senior class speaking in P. D. class. He not only holds his own in any argument, but his interest and ability in football made him a constant menace to opposing linemen. This auburnfhaired chap hails from Stockertown, but can be seen in Nazareth quite fre' quently. We wonder whether his interest could be centered around one of our commercial students in Room 23. Football, Varsity 1, 2, 3. DORIS M EBERTS "Lefty" Giggle! Giggle! There's never a dull moment when x'Lefty's" around. This trait accounts for her many friends. She plays a clarinet in the band and also enjoys pounding the piano. One of her hobbies is dancing at the Blue Room where she can be found quite often. Lately, she's been dayfdreaming in her classes. Could it be a certain Lehigh student? Dmmatic Club 1, Z, 35 Band Z. 3, Volley Ball 1, Student Libravian 15 Comet Staff, Personality Editor 3. ll21ll 947 CATHERINE D. EDELMAN "Edelman" Not every student has the distinction of being able to live in a village named after one's ancestors, Edelman claims this distinction as her town is named after her great grandfather. Frequently assuming a rather serious expression, Edelman may not appear to like life, but she certainly does enjoy roller skating at Bushkill Park. What's the attraction, Edelman? Besides being active in sports, she is a good commercial student. A capable worker. she served as Comet Athletic Editor. Basketball 1, 2, 35 Volley Ball 2, Manager 35 Hockey 2, 3g Baseball 1, 2, 35 Forum Club 2, Secretavy 35 Student Librarian 1, 25 Com-me1cial Club 1, 2g Blue and White, Typist 25 Comet, Athletic Editor 3, Senior Play, Propevty 3. EVELYN G. EDWARDS "Ernie" Ready with a good joke and a merry laugh, "Evie" can often be seen jabbering with "Bitzie" and "Ginny," A helping hand and a pleasing smile make her popular with all her friends. "Evie" likes to bring her Chrysler to school, because at noon she and her pals climb in and off they go for a riding spree. An office job is her aim if someone doesn't have different plans for her. Magazine Campaign, Renewal Manager 3. FRANCIS J. ENGLER L'F'ritz" "To sleep or not to sleep" in P. D. class is the question, isn't it, "Fritz?" This short, curlyfhaired chap hails from Edelmans. "Fritz" does not seem to have much ambition to prepare his school work, but he shows great interest in farming. This chap is happy- go-lucky any time you meet him. H2211 DONALD C. ERVIN "Ervin" Looking for Donald? Oh, you mean Ervin, that snappy, handsome, and loyal Bath citizen. He's our news broadcaster in P, D. class. You should see 'iErvin" blush when teased about girls, he usually tries to avoid them. Ervin spends his outfoffschool time working in the American Store at Bath. He doesn't like "brown noses," do you, "Ervin"? Comet Staff, Personality Editor 3. SARAH E. FAUST "Sa'rifElle'n" That "SarifEllen" is a good student is evident from her report card. Blonde hair, blue eyes, and a sunny disposition have won for her many friends. An outfofftovvn student, Sarah managed to participate in several after school activities. Writing letters to a certain sailor is one of her favorite pastimes. In the future Sarah may enter the Held of aviation, for she says she would like to be a pilot. Dramatic Club Z, 35 Basketball 1, 25 Baseball 15 Senior Play, Business Committee 3. GERALD A, FEHNEL "Felmel" Tall but eiicient Fehnel finds his height no handicap in or out of school. His hobies-drawing, woodwork, and fiddling with radios- occupy most of his spare time. Fehnel has a wide interest in sports, but was unable to participate in any of them. Gerald is an ambitious worker who follows the adage: "Work while you work and play while you play." He wishes to further his technical training in college after graduation. Band lg Senior Play, Stage Manage1 3g Basketball 15 Comet, Business 3. ll25ll 947 BETTY M. FEHR "Betty" Through her cheerful "Hi!" for everyone she meets, Betty has made many friends, She is very active in all sports and is especially fond of dancing. She has also proved her ability as a bass drummer. However, her happiest moments are the weekends her sailor comes home. How about that, Betty? Basketball 1, 2, 3g Baseball 1, Z, 35 Volley Ball 1, 2, 3g Hockey 1, 2. 3g Dramatic Club 1, Z5 Commercial Club 35 Band 1, 2. 3. EDWARD L. FEHR, JR. "Eddie" In a matter of seconds "Eddie" comes from Cherry Hill to school on his motorcycle. His main interest, however, is not in school. By the way. Eddie, how is that English coming along? As an ardent football fan, Eddie was seen at most football games. He does not have any plans for the future, but we wonder about the interest in Bushkill Center. STERLING R. M. FEHR Stevlmg An exfserviceman, Sterling has returned to Nazareth High to complete his studies and earn his diploma. While in the service of Uncle Sam, he served in the European Theater of War. He was in England, Norway, Sweden and Germany. His only interest in school is to get his work done and done correctly. This is verified by the fact that at times he is so quiet his presence isn't known. After graduation Sterling would like to secure a job at the Guitar Factory. ll24ll JAMES D. FERRARO "Ferraro" Hailing from Stockertown, Ferraro can be seen driving around in his '28 Ford jalopy nights after school. Rather than study. he prefers taking part in outside activities. Although he did not participate in any of the varsity sports, he is an avid follower of the Nazareth High teams. Having difliculty in keeping track of the things going on in English class, Jimmie has no trouble producing an innocent, hurt countenance. After graduation, Ferraro plans to be a business man. Senior Play, Stage Committee 35 Class Basketball 1, 2. ELAINE M. FRACK "Elaine" "The meeting will come to order," says Elaine, our eificient TrifHifY president. She has a smile for everyone and her willing' ness to help has won her many friends. Elaine's spare time is spent listening to the radio or reading. Her determintaion to get some- thing done should be an asset to her in the future. Blue and White Standard, Business 1, 2, Business Manager 3q Dramatic Club 1, 2g Commercial Club 1, 25 Magazine Campaign. Assistant Business Manager 25 Prom, Decorating Committee 2. l25ll l EDWIN C. FLICK "Flickie" i'Flickie" is a fellow who lives in a world all his own and speaks only when he's spoken to, This chap tends strictly to his own business. Why can't we all be like him? He is a very attentive student who tries to make good in all his subjects. An allfround sport, 'iFlickie" plans to travel after high school is completed. 1947 MARION L. FRACK "Frackie" Meet "Frackie," one of the few belles who was a member of the District Band that performed in Palmerton in February. She spends much time practicing on her cornet, for she does have talent. Efficiency and accuracy are two of Marion's excellent characterisr tics. Many girls envy her curly, brown hair, especially in damp weather. l'Frackie" is quite athletic, and as soon as she reaches a gym floor, she goes into action, and whiz, what action! With her ability, we know i'Frackie" will reach her desired goal in life. Prom, Entertainment Committee 25 Band 2, Assistant Librarian 1, Assistant Secretary 3, Magazine Campaign, Manager 3, Dramatic Club 1, 2, Commercial Club 1, 2g Photography Club 35 Forum Club 3, Blue and White, Editorial 1, Z, 35 Comet, Associate Editor 35 Baseball 1. THOMAS F. FRANCZAK l'Tommy" What "Tommy" needs most is the ability to Hnd something to do in the fifteen minute periods, however, Miss Sloat usually comes to his rescue. Music is one of his interests, and he has proved his ability as a band soloist. Besides playing the tuba, he is also quite at home with his accordian. We understand the Maritime Service interests "Tommy." Band 1, 2, 3. DOROTHY J. FRANTZ Dottie What's that noise down the hall? It's only "Dottie," laughing at some joke. Her carefree manner and sense of humor have put life into many dull moments. Lessons are a burden for her, since she'd rather be out having fun with the "gang" Next to dancing, her favorite pastimes are baseball and basketball. Her dark, naturally curly hair is the envy of all the girls. By the way, "Dottie", just what particular attraction does Pen Argyl have? Commercial Club 15 Senior Play, Properties 35 Baseball 2, 3g Basketball 1, 3, Valley Ball 1, 2, 3. ll26ll WALLACE G. FREY "Wally" Well, well, if it isn't the "little itch!" How did you get that name, "Wally?" Could it have been your actions in English class? "Wally" is very active in whatever he does. After school, he can be found working at Heckman's Drug Store. One of his hobbies is driving around with his friends including "Big Bill." Since hs is so small. he gets into a lot of mischief, especially in Room 33. Nevertheless, he's a good sport. Science Club 3, President 15 Prom, Decorating Committee 2. LEE R. FRITZ, JR. "F1itzi" Here comes tall, blond "Fritzi" with a box under his arm and a corsage in his hand, making deliveries for a town florist. "Fritzi's" interest in experiments accounts for his active participation in the Science Club. It is i'Fritzi's" desire to make the army his career. Science Club Z, 3. JOHN E. GIERING "Slqinhead" A streak of blue sweeping the ends and Giering is off for another touchdown. But this is not all, for john's talents do not end with football as his portrayal of Uncle Walter in "january Thaw" indicated. "Skinhead," as he is known to most of us, hails from Dover, Ohio. Quick in making friends, he immediately became one of the "gang" Upon his graduation john wants to continue his studies in the field of medicine. Football, ll. V. 1, Varsity 2, 3g Class Basketball 1, 2, 3g Class '1'1easu1e'r 1, Vice President 35 Senior Play, Major 35 Science Club 3g Oratorical Contest 15 Prom, Decorating Committee 2. l27l X94 7 CLEMENCE B. GOWER "Clem" 'iClem" hails from Schoeneck and bicycles to and from school. As a boy scout, Clem has learned the art of usefulness and appre- ciation of nature and the great outdoors. His short stature does not handicap him from being an active sport participant. "Clem" has, as his hobby, a collection of arrowheads and proudly displays many other trophies. "Clem's" experience in dealing with chickens will go far, since he intends to make agricultural work his profession. Class Basketball 1, 3g A Cappella Choir Z. HARRIET M. GOWER "Harriet" A partially smothered giggle issues from a study hall. It's Harriet again. Her infectious laugh and her "gift of gab" are well known by everyone. Although she dislikes school, she is in her element in gym class when playing basketball. Time and again her ability to guard has meant victory to her team. To be a secretary is her future ambition. A Cappella Chair lp Dramatic Club 15 Baseball 2, 35 Pliotogf raplzy Club 3g Basketball 35 Volley Ball 35 Comet, Typist 3. STERLING J. GRAVER "Sterling" At first appearance, this lanky Moorestown chap seems very quiet, but just lend an ear and Sterling makes a good conversation' alist. A pleasing personality and a keen sense of humor make him a favorite with his pals, His interest in cars and farming take up his spare time. Science Club 1. l23ll MARY M. GROLLER "Mitzi" An ever present smile is "Mitzi's" trademark. Having a special fondness for sports, she participated actively in all of them. Dancing holds first place among her recreational interests. The two 'kMitzis," Groller and Didovitz, are great pals and are usually seen together. Can anyone tell us why "Mitzi" gets so jittery while reciting? A commercial student, she served as a Comet typist. Commercial Club 2, 3g Photography Club 3g Comet, 'Typist 3g Baseball 1, 25 Hockey 25 Volley Ball 1, Z, 3g Basketball 1, 2. MIRIAM M. GRUBER "Miriam" Here's our future missionaryg at least that is Miriam's am' hition. Miriam doesn't participate in any sports or other activities, but she does manage to earn average grades by constant studying. We can't imagine why she spends so many evenings in Bethlehem. Could it be a certain trombone player, who also wants to be a missionary? Although Miriam appears to be the quiet type, she always has the latest news about Bethlehem. DONALD A. GUM 'iGummy" Donald, who came to us from Topton in his senior year, is wellfliked by students and teachers alike. His main interest is in sports, and "Gummy" can be seen quite frequently at the games. Although he claims the girls hold no interest for him, he certainly knows his share of them. Could Donald be keeping something from us? Class Basketball 3. ll29ll 947 MARY T. HADL "Mime" There's never a dull moment when "Mitzie" is around. Her ability as a joke teller helps to brighten many a blue Monday. She has been an asset to the Forum Club, her arguments always have a basis, or do they? There are two main things in her life-a certain fellow named "Ralph" and becoming a secretary to some lawyer. Baseball 1, Z, 35 Basketball 1, 2, 35 Volley Ball 1, 2, 35 Hockey 1, 25 Dramatic Club 1, Glee Club 1, Z5 Forum Club Z, 31 Photog- raphy Club 35 Commercial Club 1, Corner, Personality Editor 3. BERNICE L. HAGENBUCH "Berny" Happyfgoflucky 'ABerny" can invariably be found with her sis, Irene. Strange as it seems, they never fight, and that is quite rare with sisters. A'Berny" is one of the trombone members of our Band, and another of the members of the District Band who per- formed in Palmerton. just look for a peppy goldenfhaired maiden, always smiling, and you're sure to find her. "Berny" may seem a bit shy at nrst, but once acquainted is the life of any party. Band 1, 2, Librarian 35 Class Treasurer 35 Basketball 2, 35 Volley Ball 1, 3. ' M 94, 5'-tiglzldiii ANTHONY A. HANNER "Tony" Towering above most of the other fellows in Room 33, we see tall, blond Tony. He is deeply interested in sports and displayed his athletic ability by manning important positions on our football and baseball teams. Besides being an excellent athlete, Tony is popular with his fellow students. His chosen field is professional baseball. We know you can do it, Tony, so we'll be looking for' ward to seeing you on the AllfStar Team. Football 1, 2, 35 Basketball 2, 3g Senior Play, Property Committee 3. ll30ll DOROTHY J. HECKMAN "Dottie" A pleasant and friendly personality has won this attractive senior many friends. Long, neatly kept hair is her pride and joy and the envy of many girls. German is "Dottie's" specialty, but she is serious about her other subjects. When walking out town after school, she and her companions can be heard conversing in German and laughing at their mistakes. To be accepted as a student nurse is one of her ambitions for the future. Penn State is interesting, isn't it, "Dottie"? Cofmet Staff, Personality Editor 35 Volley Ball 15 A Cappella Choir 25 Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3. REUBEN R. HELLER usmelleru Toot! Toot! echoes through the halls from the bandroom, for WILLIAM C. HERBST Quiet? Well, Herbst never heard of the word. He can do good work if the spirit moves him, but it seldom does. Although not active in sports, he is an enthusiastic football and basketball fan. Much of Herbst's time is spent at Hommer's, where he Reuben spends most of his time practicing on his cornet. Reuben is the first and only Nazareth High School student ever to have been awarded First Chair Soloist in the AllfState Band. Also a member of this year's basketball team, he made up for his handicap in height with speed and deceptiveness. On the other hand he is quite appealing to the opposite sex, but "Smeller" seems to have no time for gals. His future is undecided, but it will either be music or the Held of dentistry. Band 1, 2, 35 Basketball I. V. 1, Varsity 3, Class President 25 Student Council, President Z5 District Band 2, 3g State Band 2, 35 District Orchestra 35 State Orchestra 2, 3, Forensic League 3. "Herbs" is one of the capable dishwashers. ll31ll 947 ROBERT G. HOFFMAN Robert takes pride in being a member of the high school band, where he contributes as a cornetist. His next love is shop and there he spends his extra time. However, lessons and Robert don't seem to agree. One must only talk of things outside of school and Robert perks right up. Band 3. DALE R. HILDENBRAND "Gus" From the city of Stockertown hails this ponderous tackle. "Gus" is the only Nazareth High varsity football player who has participated in three consecutive victories over our arch rival, Wilson. His chief dish is Chemistry!!! lsn't it, "Gus7" Football 1. Z, 3g Baseball 2, 3. "Bob" DOROTHY M. HOUCK "Dot" "May I help you?" asks Dot from behind the counter of Murphy's Five and Ten. Although many of her after school hours are spent working or studying, she always has time for her favorite pastime, dancing. At noon in Room 25, you can usually hear her merry laugh or her excited chatter as she discusses the latest bits of news. This commercial student has not decided upon her future work. ll32l CHARMAINE E. HUTCHISON "Chavlie" Whiz! There goes Charlie, another one of our Bath students, in her Plymouth. Because she is a neat dresser, she always presents a pleasing appearance, What eyefcatchers those red-rimmed glasses are! Her favorite sports are swimming and dancing. Upon gradu- ating she intends to enter business college. Commercial Club 1, 25 Blue and White, 'Typist 3, Comet, 'Typist 3. ELIZABETH I. KEMMERER "Lizzie" Giggle! Giggle! Lizzie can easily be located by her well-known laugh. She may be small, but she certainly gets around. Although she hails from East Lawn, she is often seen driving through Wind Gap and Pen Argyl. Basketball, baseball, dancing, and swimming are her favorite activities. Saturdays she can be found working at her dad's garage. Cammefcial Club 1, 2, 3, Basketball 1, 2, 35 Blue and White, Typist 1, 2, 35 Baseball 1, Z, 3, Comet, Typist 3. LEOPOLD A KEPPEL "Keppel" "Sarah! Paula!" That's Herbert shouting for his children in the senior play, "January Thaw." Taking the part of the father, Keppel certainly acquired much information that should he useful in the future. A high degree of intelligence, a friendly personality, and the ability to adapt himself to new surroundings and people will help to make him a success in any occupation he may choose. His main pleasure in school, however, seems to be getting into heated discussions with the teachers . . .? ?? Class President, 15 Dramatic Club 15 Class Basketball 1, 2, 3. Prom, Decorating Committee 2, Science Club 35 Senior Play, Major, 3, Student Council 3, Secvetaryffreasuver 1, Vice President 2. ll33ll Q47 HARRY N. KERN "Harry" School is a place where teachers must scold and students must work. Well, that's what Harry thinks many times. However, now and then, P. D. class has witnessed Harry's ability to do some real thinking. An avid basketball fan, he can often be seen dis- cussing previous games with other classmates. The Navy seems his probable goal. FRANKLIN J. KESSLER "F1c111li" Here's a lad who always greets everybody with the latest kind of nonsense. "Frank" is well-known for his party loyalty and is ready to defend it at all times. Variety makes life interesting. Perhaps that is why "Frank" enjoys class basketball, participates actively in the Dramatic and Forum Clubs, and had a role in "january Thaw," our senior play. "Frank" plans to enter the field of medicine. V Dramatic Club 2, 35 Forum Club 2, 3, Senior Play, Minor. WILLIAM S. KLEINTOP, JR. "Steward" Who is that couple slowly walking down Center Street every noon time? It's Steward and Doris, who always take the longest way to school. "Steward" has been a veteran band member for three years. He spends his outfoffschool time playing in orchestras and working at the American Store. Music is Steward's favorite pastime and activity. He is also a good dancer and can be found at nearly any school dance. Band 1, 2, 3. ll34ll NELSON E. KLOTZ "Klotzie" A cloud of smoke in the lab! Relax. It's only "Klotzie," who miscalculated the result of an experiment. To those who don't really know him, Nelson may seem quiet and subduedg but given half a chance, he soon proves to be jolly and full of fun. He can be recognized by his black curly hair and friendly smile. "Klotzie" spends much of his spare time on Prospect Street. Science Club 1, 2. JOHN P. KNECHT ujejf' Tall, blond. and eligible. These three words give a vivid picture of "jeff" Wherever there's a laughing crowd, you'll find him having a rollicking good time. As the clown of the class, he causes headaches for many teachers but entertainment for his fellow classmates. An active member of many school activities, he helped to strengthen our football team during his three years in high school. After school each day and Saturdays ,you'll Hnd him working in his father's store. Football 1, 2, 3, Class Basketball 1, 2, 3. ll35ll MARGARET KLUMP "Klumpie" 'sShoot! Shoot!" That's uKlumpie" shouting instructions to her team. They were effective, too, because her team won the championship. Those banana splits on the coach, enjoyed by the winners, tasted good, didn't they, Margaret? Basketball is not her only achievement, for she can hold her own in baseball and volley ball as well. Her pet subject is bookkeeping. She already has a job clerking in an Easton shoe store Saturdays and expects to conf tinue this work after graduation. Hockey 15 Basketball 1, 2, 3g Valley Ball 1, Z, 35 Baseball 2, 3. X94 7 DAVID W. KOLB S'Kolbey" "The shyest boy of the senior class" is descriptive of this Chapman Quarries boy. "Kolbey" is usually quiet and composed, but in chemistry lab he makes up for lost time. Interested in Gshing, hunting, and trapping, he spends most of his spare time at his hobbies. "Kolbey" is not sure, but he may become a future farmer, JOHN KONDIKOFF "johnny" Go ask Kondikoif. He'll know how to fix it. Tinkering with old engines and new tools is Johnny's pastime. Hailing from Bath, he rounds out the pool shooting trio of Sherer, Siliies, and Kondif koif. Being a quick thinker and having a good sense of humor are johnny's chief assets. WILLARD E KROMER Kramer It's up and in. Kromer just took a net shot and added two points to our team's total. Having earned three letters, Kromer is a veteran team man. He was captain of this year's basketball team, too. Although he is quiet and keeps everything to himself, he knows his basketball. His specialty is blushing, isn't it, Kremer? Basketball 1, 2, 35 Football 2. ll36ll HAROLD L. LAHR "Hume" Small but mighty! That's "Hunze." This auburn haired lad hails from Newburg and is most frequently seen with his Hecktown pals. His cheery disposition is one of his outstanding character' istics. To him lessons are a burden, but this burden he bears with a smile. He enjoys dancing and is quite good at it. When school closes for the day, he can usually be found working in Heckman's grocery store. Class Basketball 3. sure it's Joe. JOYCE M. LAKEY " J oyceu i'Keep quiet or you'll have to get out," says Joyce at noon acting as student librarian. This gal from Chapmans is very active in sports and has been a great help to her basketball team. Her cheery disposition has won her many friends. Joyce, why the blush when you are asked a question in P. D. class? Commercial Club 35 Glee Club 35 Student Librarian 2, 3. ll37ll JOSEPH LAKATOS " J oe" Has anyone seen Joe? He's probably sitting in Les's car listening to the radio. These two chaps are like eyesg they're always together. Joe sometimes Ends school interesting, especially when there are assemblies and vacations. English is Joe's favorite subject, isn't it? Joe is another one of these blushing seniorsg his face becomes red if one even looks at him. If you see a new Oldsmobile whizzing out Belvidere Street, you can be pretty 1947 SHIRLEY M. LEH Long, blonde hair, blue eyes, and a quiet disposition are out' standing with "Shirl", one of our commercial students. When she isn't with Mimi and Mae, her leisure time is spent in singing and reading. Off hand information claims that "Shirl" is quite a follower of a famous croonerg perhaps this is the reason for her interest in singing. An oflice job is her goal. Glee Club 35 Commercial Club Z, 35 D-ramatic Club 3g Volley Ball 1. EUGENE W. LAUBACH i'Slugger" A friendly hello is 'lSlugger's" greeting to all his classmates. This Hecktown lad can frequently be seen with his pal, Claude. "Slugger," a commercial student, occasionally has a worry which involves school work. What's the attraction in Washington Park? "Slmi1l" HELEN E. LEIBY "Helen" Dark brown hair, big brown eyes, and a quiet disposition describe Helen, one of our commercial students. She is kept quite busy with her work at Bath Garment Company. Most of Helen's leisure time is spent in dancing or reading. Singing is another one of her interests. Her friendly smile and pleasant manners help her to make friends. Helen has no definite plans for the future. Glee Club 1, 25 Blue and White, Typist 2. l33ll MARY JEAN LERCH "Le1chie" In the near future "Lerchie" may be in training at the Uni' versity of Pennsylvania, for her object in life is to become a nurse. Her calm, quiet nature is sure to be an asset in this profession. Though an outfofftown student. Mary jean still took part in several after school sports. Among other things x'Lerchie" enjoys ice skating during the winter months. Hockey 1, 25 Valley Ball 1, Zg Basketball 2g Dramatic Club 25 Glee Club 35 Senior Play, Business Committee 3. THELMA E. LEWIS "Bunny" Long golden tresses, blue eyes, and a cheerful smile all add up to Bunny. Her sunny disposition brightens many a dull moment. She is one of the many girls who work in the dress factory after school, An active participant in sports, she has learned to work well with others. Bunny hails from Tatamy but spends considf erable time in Nazareth with her chum, Bernice. She hopes to enter the business world. Commercial Club 1, 25 Glee Club 2, 35 Baseball 1, 25 Basketball I, 2, Volley Ball 1, 2g A Cappella Choir 2, LORRAINE L. LILLY "Lil" Short, blonde, and lively! Must be "Lil" Whether she is playing basketball in the gym or merely observing a game, she takes great interest in the progress of her favorite team. "Lil" can always be seen at school dances "cutting a rug" with one of her many friends. Lorraine was a faithful follower of our basketball team this year, but we think the immediate company was of even greater interest than the games. After graduation l'Lil" hopes to attend a school of beauty culture in Philadelphia. Glee Club 15 Senior Play, Business Committee 35 Volley Ball 3. ivan U 04 7 DORIS M, MACK "Mackie" Always laughing, always ready for fun, but never too enthusiastic about studying, seems to lit "Mackie," Fond of all sports, she especially likes ice skating and swimming. "Mackie" is doing her bit for the Comet by writing personalities. Doris, who is interested in art, plans to be a fashion designer. Comet, Personality Editor 3. JEAN L. MACKEY "jean" That jean is one of our more studious senior gals is proved by the frequency of her name on the honor roll. Upon first impresd sion, Jean is thought to be a quiet mortal, but she can bring life into any crowd. jean and Tessie are inseparables. jean is interested in sports, particularly ice and roller skating. To become an air hostess is her ambition. Volley Ball, Captain 1g Basketball lg Comet Staff, Personality Editor 3. JOHN F. MAGDITCH "john" Having found Emmaus very enchanting, john has his eye on a certain girl over there. As he was on the basketball and football teams, john has developed into an allfround athlete. He finds homework very boring, but he can really study when he's forced to. Whenever you are looking for john, just go to Amadore's Gas Station. No doubt Tony and joe will also be there. Football 1, 2, 35 Basketball j. V. 1, Varsity Z. ll40ll V ANITA K. MARTINO "Annie" Shiny black hair. sparkling black eyes with a naughty twinkle in them, and a flashing smile-all these combine to make 'iAnnie" a favorite with her fellow students. "Annie" can really do things when she wishes. As Head Cheerleader. she helped pep up our school's morale. Besides being very active in sports and having a winsome personality, "Annie" will be remembered as the pigtailed daughter, Sarah, of "january Thaw." Hmm, cute, not so, boys? We wager someone else thinks so, too. Cheerleader, I. V. 1, Varsity Z, Head Cheerleader 35 Senior Play, Major 35 Basketball 1, 2, 35 Valley Ball 1, Z, 35 Hockey 1, 2, 35 Baseball I, 2, 35 Commercial Club 1, 25 Class Vice President 3, Prom, Cliairlady Decorating Committee 2. aa",f VICTORIA A. MEIXSELL "Vickie" When you see a twirling Hgure come to a stop, you will probably find that "Vickie" is finishing another jitterbug number. Dancing is one of her major interests. Almost every Saturday night she can be seen at the Blue Room enjoying herself. A certain tall, blond junior is often seen with her. We think Claude is going to be lonely next year, 'RVickie." GEORGE W MICHAEL "George" Wellfliked by his fellow students. George proved himself a capable manager of the football team. Besides this, he is an active member of the Athletic Council. Among his favorite sports are dancing and basketball. In the evenings he can be found working either at Elmo's or at the George denies having anything to do with the girls, but we know better. Football Manager 1, 2, 35 Athletic Council Z, 35 Senior Play, Properties and Stage 35 Science Club 35 Blue and White, Sports Editor 3. l41l 94 7 AGNES B. MILKOVITS "Aggie" 4 Look at "Aggie!" Her unusual hairfdos, her application of makefup, her dark-rimmed glasses all indicate that i'Aggie" belongs to the sophisticated world. "Aggie" likes to keep posted on present happenings and new jokes, but she is a conscientious worker. She is especially fond of dancing and is a whiz at sharping. She plans to become a beautician after graduation. Commercial Club 1, Basketball 1, 25 Baseball 1, 25 Volley Ball 1, 2, 3, Hockey 1, 2, Student Council 35 Senior Play, Business 3. ROBERTA A, MILLHEIM "Bobby" Accompanied by her inseparable pal, Alice, "Bobby" manages to get into Room 25 just before the buzzer sounds. A crash, a bang, or a giggle helps start the day, In the many scraps MBobby" gets into, she manages to come out on top. A pleasing personality and a good sense of humor are two of her wellfknown characteristics. After graduation she plans to enter the business world as a receptionist. Blue and White, Eclztonal Staff Ig Basketball 1, 25 Volley Ball 2. BERNICE I. MINNICH "Bernice" Since Bernice lives in Cherry Hill, she walks to school quite often. Maybe this accounts for her slenderness. She plays the piano and enjoys singing very much. Because she is a conscientious student, she accomplishes much but still fmds time for other things. She likes chemistry lab because she's fond of meddling with the different chemicals. Watch that sulfuric acid, Bernice! Basketball 15 Baseball 1gGlee Club 1, 2, 35 A Cappella Choir 25 Senior Play, Usher 35 Comet Staff, Personality Editor 35 Student Lib'ra1ian Z, 3. ll42l RAYMOND H. MINNICH , HRaymond'l Here's Raymond, the other half of Smith and Minnich, Incorporated. This lanky lad spends a lot of time with his chums from Bath and Chapmans. Raymond has a good sense of humor, and enjoys cracking jokes for the amusement of his classmates. FANNY MITCH "Fanny" Fanny is inclined to he the quiet type who knows much but says little. Her cheery smile indicates a cheery disposition, and her marks indicate a good student. Her athletic ability has helped many teams to victory. During her spare time, she listens to music or reads a good book. Fanny's versatility is proved by the fact that she does well and accomplishes much in whatever she under' ta ES. Dramatic Club 35 Glee Club Z, 3, Baseball 2, 3, Senior Play, Usher 3g Comet, Personality Editor 3. LOIS M. MOHN "Loie" "Never give up" is the byfword of this Belfast blonde, 'ALoie." Whether it's guarding a towering forward or tackling a tough equation, we can always count on her. Ice skating is her most important pastime in winter, but listening to good music hlls in after that. The ability to make friends is one of "Loie's" traits that will surely help her in anything she does. Dramatic Club 35 Basketball 2g Comet, Personality Editor 3. ll43ll X94 7 D. EDWARD MORSE "Ed" Ed, Comet Art Editor, helped to make our book attractive as well as interesting. Art lessons at Muhlenberg take up his time every Wednesday evening. He plans to make art his career. How- ever, he's quite interested in school activities, and as George in "january Thaw," he afforded the audience many a hearty laugh. Ed's one of our seniors who is an experienced driver and attracts attention when sailing by in his blue car. Forum Club lg Science Club 2, 35 Senior Play, Minor 35 Comet, Aft Editor 3, Class Basketball 1, 2, 3. JAMES J. MURDOCA Hjtmmy' A laughing group gathered around a dark-haired boy would probably describe jimmy telling the "gang" another joke! jimmy, with his black, wavy hair, is the envy of many boys and girls. His pleasant smile and friendly personality have won him many a friend. Personality writing was jimmy's contribution to the Comet. We think he is unattached-that is, to a girl. However, we could be wrong! ! ! Blue and White, Editorial Zg Science Club 15 Comet, Personality Editor 3. HERMAN NAGLE "Herman" The terror of Room 11 during the lunch period, Herman succeeds in keeping Mr. Cump on the job. Wellfliked by his fellow students, he is always fooling with someone, but he manages to keep on the safe side of his teachers. Herman, who hails from East Lawn, helps his dad before and after school on the baker truck. When asked about his future he replies, "I have not decided." ll44ll FLORENCE M. NARDELLA "Flo" Rather than spend her time studying, "Flo" would prefer shooting baskets or having gym all day. Tall, darkfhaired, and very friendly is this girl from Bath. "Flo's" quietness in class is a coverup of her truefself, for she can be very talkative at times. A steady correspondence gives a hint about "Flo's" main interest. Volley Ball 2, 35 Basketball Z, 35 Baseball, Manager 2, 3. CONRAD F. NEUNER MC. Fredericll Mixing up some concoctions in lab and causing some exciting moments is the chief delight of our chemistry "Whiz." We wonder what Heckman's would do without him or Conrad without Heckman's! As Treasurer of the Athletic Council, this cleancut chap has shown himself capable. After graduation UC. Frederic" hopes to venture into pharmaceutical school. What about girls? Oh, Conrad's a friend to everyone. Science Club 1, 35 Athletic Council, Assistant Secretary and Treasurer Z, Treasurer 3. JEAN C. NICKEL "Penny" Participating eagerly in all school activities, i'Penny" Ends sports most interesting. Her great vitality has been an asset in making her an outstanding athlete, as well as a peppy cheerleader. Gab, gab, gab! This one little word helps to describe "Penny," She seldom has a quiet moment as many teachers can testify. After graduation she plans to enter an air line school in Kansas, Missouri. Band 15 Dramatic Club 15 Blue and White 1, Cheerleading, j. V. 1, 2, Varsity 35 Basketball 1, 2, 35 Baseball 1, 2, 35 Volley Ball 1, 2, 35 Hockey 1, 2, 35 Class President 2g Student Council 3g Senior Play, Properties 35 Comet, Personality Editor 3. ll45ll 947 MIRIAM R. NOLL "Mimi" "Mimi," one of those people who possess the gift of gab, can be spotted talking any and everywhere. Sports seem to be her big interest. Her rough playing accounts for the crooked linger on her left hand. Jitterbugging is another one of her accomplishments. "Mimi" did her bit for the Comet by writing personalities. Her ability also helped the Blue and White in some tough spots, In the future "Mimi" will become a woman in white. Hockey 2, 35 Baseball 1, 2, 35 Basketball Z, 3q Blue and Wl-lite, Reporter 1, 2, 35 Glee Club lg Prom, Decorating Committee 2,- Comet, Personality Editor 3, Senior Play, Prarnpter 35 Student Librarian 1, 2. ADELINE A. PARENTI "Shorty" "Shorty" is really a very appropriate nickname for this dark- haired senior. However, her lack of height does not hinder her from taking part in sports, especially baseball. Adeline enjoys reading, too. She is also a good dancer and dances wherever and whenever she can. "Shorty" has no definite plans for the future, but perhaps some day she will be an eihcient secretary. Baseball 1, 2, 35 Commercial Club 1, Z. JOSEPHINE P POLANSKI osre "Jack of all tradesg master of none," That's "Josie," for there's nothing she can't do or won't try. A good allfround sport, "Josie" is a favorite with everyone-teachers and pupils alike. Her beautiful wavy hair wins envious glances wherever she goes. Always cheerful, "Josie" can smile even while discussing such a distasteful subject as an approaching English test. On brisk winter days, "Josie" is frequently seen ice skating at the park. Commercial Club 1, Z. ll46ll KENNETH J. RASH "Ken" Meet "Ken," one of our exfGI's. He left N. H. S. in his junior year to answer the call of duty, but has now returned to complete his high school work. One of "Ken's" main obstacles is his eye' sight, but in spite of this he works hard. In the future "Ken" hasn't yet made his choice between becoming an auto mechanic or going into some type of business. RAYMOND S. REAGAN "Ray" Meet one of our future good mechanics. Tall and lanky Ray, who hails from Plainfield Township, comes to school every day in his "Chevy." One of Ray's outstanding qualities is his pleasing bass voice. One of the more serious seniors, he never has much to say, however, when he does speak, it is always worth listening to. His main interest is in things mechanical. CLARA M. REDLINE "Cla-ra" Dancing seems to be Clara's main interest at present. Fref quently at the Saturday night dances, Clara and "Rainy" try out new jitterbug steps. A cheery Khin and a pleasant smile accom' pany her wherever she goes. Popular with her classmates, she tells us she is just friendly with everyone. Possessing all the qualities needed by a good office worker, she is sure to be a success in business. Hockey 1, 25 Valley Ball 1, 2, Basketball 1, Z5 Baseball 1, 25 Commercial Club 1, 2g Glee Club Ig Class, Vice Pvesident 1, 2, Assistant Secretaryffreasurer 35 Comet, Photogvaphy Editor 35 Prom, Entertainment Committee 2. ll47ll 947 ASHER I. REESE "Asher" One of the high stepping color guards of the hand and now a member of its trombone section, Asher makes a snappy appearance. Quite tall, he has become popular with the opposite sex and can be seen at most of the school dances. At the same time, he has quite a struggle with English. For further information see Miss Sloat. After graduation Asher wants to enlist in the armed forces. Band 1, Z, 35 Baseball Z. EARL H. REESE "Reese" Every Tuesday and Thursday morning you can hear "Reesie" in the bandroom, helping to make noise-that is with his trumpet! Having been a faithful member of our hand for a long time, he will surely be missed next year. Although he is often quiet, Earl can be very active in a gab session. Dancing is one of his favorites- square sets preferred! Who is "Reesie's" shadow? Oh, that's "Rupert!" Band 1, 2, 3. JOSEPH F. REICHEL , "joe" That "joe" possesses a fine sense of humor is a fact which is well known by most of his classmates, for at one time or another we've chuckled appreciatively at his jokes. He is a member of the Phoenix ugang' and can usually be found with Tony. 'S-Ioe's" interests run to sports and music, he even plays the trumpet. Dancing is also right up his alley. Tall, darkfhaired 'iJoe's" ambition is to become an undertaker. Football 1. l48ll SHERWOOD G. REMALEY "Shorty" One small fellow plus sparkling eyes plus a cheery smile equals Shorty, the boy from Walnut Street, As long as there's a bike to be had on a clear afternoon, Shorty is in his element, When he finds time, Shorty often plays baseball with his friends. Although he dislikes school, he managed to do his work and get through. Class Basketball 3. ALICE C. RICE "Allie" Meet "Allie," one of our tall slender seniors. "Allie" enjoys dancing, reading, and loves riding on trolley cars. Eating at hotels is another of her diversions. She is one of our gay, carefree lasses, who giggles at the slightest provocation. We know she'll make an excellent secretary in the future. Valley Ball 25 Basketball Z5 Baseball 25 Magazine Camapign, Manage1 35 Class Secretavy lg Blue and White, Business 3. CLAUDE R ROHRBACH "Claude" Bashful but resourceful, Claude likes all his schoolmates. Although not very active in sports, Claude spends most of his time helping at his da.d's garage. He and his pal Eugene can frequently be seen thumbing their way to Hecktown on the days when Claude is unable to drive to school in his brown Nash. This chap wants to make mechanical work his vocation after graduation. ll49ll 947 KATHERINE M. ROTH "Kass" Who is that darkfhaired, chubby lass who enjoys sports and dancing? 'Tis none other than "Kass," Always feeling free as the air and happyfgoflucky, she has a very gay and bright outlook on life. As a commercial student, she did exceptionally well in bookkeeping. Her typing ability was an asset to the Comet and will help her in the future. Hockey 1, 25 Basketball 1, 25 Volley Ball 1, 2g Commercial Club 1, 25 Comet, Typist 35 Glee Club 1, MILDRED M. ROTH "Milly" With not a care in the world A'Milly" strides through the hall to her next class. A general student who enjoys reading, Milly is also an enthusiastic sportswoman. Most of her leisure time is spent waiting on tables at the Nazareth Inn and writing letters to a certain sailor. Baseball 1, 2, 3g Basketball 1, Z, 3g Valley Ball 1, Z, 3. WILSON G. ROTH Willie Buzz! There's the buzzer, but where's "Willie?" Possessing the ability to always turn up late or never, A'Willie" keeps his home room teacher busy marking the absentee slips and excuses. His lack of interest in his studies has made it impossible for him to End a permanent place on any varsity first string. However, he surges ahead of the other students in P. D. class discussions, be' cause of his ability to argue about anything that comes to light. His future plans are kept pretty much to himselfg he only wishes june would get here a little faster. Blue and White, Editorial 25 Basketball 1, 2, 3. ll50ll RICHARD W. RUPERT "Rupert" Another faithful member of our band is "Rupert," a drummer boy. Possessing a good sense of humor, he is always ready for a laugh, Richard is reliable, and he usually has his school work completed on time. As he is "Reesie's" pal, dancing is a favorite of "Rupert's," too, but he prefers the polka. Band 1, 2, 35 Science Club 1, 2. ELAINE C. SCHAFFER "Elaine" Tall, lank, darkfhairecl Elaine is inclined to be quiet, but this does not prevent her from being an active sport fan. Elaine also takes a great interest in 4-H work and has been a Club member for the past seven years. Her aim in life is to be an efhcient secretary. Valley Ball 1, Baseball 1, VIRGINIA E. SCHLAMB "Ginny" Mix one gay laugh, one good sense of humor, and the ability to make friends, and you'll have "Ginny." "Pedestrians beware!" might be "Ginny's" slogan as she goes whizzing past in her Chrys- ler. "Ginny" is a sport enthusiast, however, she does not believe in putting heart and soul into school work. Perhaps it's because her heart belongs to a certain someone named Bill. Band 1, 2, 3. ll51ll X94 7 JEAN A. SEARLES "1 eannie" "Come on, Team! Let's go," says one of our Varsity cheer' leaders at basketball and football games. ujeannien is one who always succeeds in whatever she does. She added her bit of humor to "january Thaw" too. Those goodflooking clothes bring many a second glance, especially from the opposite sex. She plans to attend college after graduation, Cheerleader, junior Varsity 1. 2, Varsity 35 Dramatic Club 1, 35 Magazine Campaign, Publicity Manager 1, Assistant Business Manager 2, Business Manager 35 Blue and White Sta-If 1, Associate Editor 2, CofEditor 35 Baseball 1, Z, 3g Basketball 2, 35 Volley Ball Z, 3g Hockey 35 Senior Play, Major 3g Comet Staff, Personality Editor 3g Student Librarian 25 Prom, Decorating Committee 2. ANTHONY M. SEAROCK 'LSunny" Anthony's main problem is how to get along with teachers. Not too interested in school and not worried about anything makes Anthony at times a kind of problem child, Although "Sunny" has his troubles, he is usually found in good spirits and ready to fool at a moment's notice. After graduation he would like to enter a trade school and eventually become a mechanic. THERESA E. SHATZ Tessie Here is our only 140 words a minute senior in shorthand. Now "Tessie" hopes to pass her 160 word test before graduating. Good speed, "Tessie!" This brownfeyed lass can usually be seen breezing down the hall, invariably in a hurry to get somewhere. i'Tessie" enjoys dancing and roller skating and is also quite active on the gym door. Her efficiency and neatness will insure her an excellent position after graduation. Commercial Club 2g Glee Club 25 Baseball 25 Senior Play, Usher 3, Comet, Business Staff 3. ll52ll CHESTER S. SHERER 'iChet" Whiz! There goes Sherer's blue Chrysler. "Chet" spends quite a bit of time on his car and keeps those white sidewalls spic and span. Pestering girls and making the librarian look his way for being noisy during the lunch period are two of "Chefs" pet pranks. His main form of recreation is shooting pool, and he has really be' come a "shark." LOIS SHIMER 'LBe'r11'lyu With a flashing smile comes "Benny," tripping down the hall. She participates in many school activities and is popular with everyone. She is one of the competent business managers of the Comet and was also on the business staff of our Blue and White. She is efhcient and will prove valuable in any position she may hold in the future. 'iBenny" is another of our female drivers, but has spared the fenders so far. Next time you decide to go for a drive, "Benny," remember to have sufficient gasoline in the tank! Pram, Refreshment Committee 25 Blue and White, Business 1, 25 Dramatic Club 1, Z5 Commercial Club 1, Z5 Student Council 1, 35 Senior Play, Advertising 3g Class Treasurn 2, President 35 Comet, Business 3. HERBERT J SILFIES "Herbie" When talking on such general subjects as world affairs, one can't get a peep out of uHerbie." But just raise an argument or start a discussion about sports, and this Bath boy is all ears. Baseball and football especially hold his interest, and shooting pool is one of his pastimes. Holding a part time job at Schaffer's Bakery in Bath, Herb's future is tied up in the baking business. ll55ll 047 CARL G. SMITH "Schmitty" "Schmitty" certainly earned the title of "Mr. Kostenbadefs problem child." You sure like the lab and physics, don't you, "Schmitty"? Hailing from Chapmans, this stocky lad can be seen frequently with his twin Raymond. He enjoys all sports and is especially interested in basketball and football. "Schmitty" is uncertain about the future. DAVID C. W. SMITH "Dave" Working after school and Saturdays at Murphy's takes up most of "Dave's" time. He can also be seen driving a car, packed with girls, to and from school. "Dave" is quiet and wellfliked by those who know him. He doesn't care too much for school, but manages to get by. "Dave's" future vocation is yet undecided. WILLIAM J. SMITH, JR. "Bill" "Bill" came to us in his sophomore year from New York and never did lose that decided accent. Leaving to join the Navy last year, Bill returned this year to complete his senior work. His outstanding features are dark wavy hair, blue eyes, a pleasant smile, and last, but not least, chewing gum. What's the attraction in Room 33, "Bill"? lI54I LORRAINE M. SPRAGUE L'Rairiy" "Yeah, Team! Fight!" shouts "Rainy" as she leads the cheering crowd, Although small of stature, she has a mighty voice that is a great asset to her as a cheerleader. Claiming to have two hobbies, she refuses to say which she likes best, eating or collecting records, Both take her time and money! Secretarial work seems to hold a special charm for her, and she expects to do oflice work after graduation. Class President 3,' Student Council 1, Secretaryffreasurer 35 Senior Play, Propenies 3g Prom, Decorating Committee 25 Comet, Business 3,' Commercial Club 1, 2g Hockey lg Valley Ball 15 Basketball 1g Glee Club 1g Cheerleader V. 1, 2, Varsity 3. DIANE F. STARK "Diane" Although she enjoys chattering. Diane does have her studious moments. She is particularly fond of bookkeepingg however. her other subjects get the necessary attention too. Because she is employed at the dress factory after school, Diane doesn't participate in many school activities. Boys don't interest her especially, but there is one who rates above the others. Student Librarian 2, 3g Hockey 1, Zg Valley Ball 1, 25 Baseball 1, 2g Basketball 1, Zg Athletic Association 3. ll55ll FRANK L. STAMPF 'kStreaky" "Streaky" hails from the west end of town. He can usually be seen with his palsfTony, joe, and Johnnie. Although not participating in many sports, he enjoys hunting. Give him a gun and some shells and he'll be satisfied. Frank is a happyfgoflucky chap, for nothing, not even school, ever bothers him. i'Streaky" and studying seem to dwell on opposite sides of the track. Some day he hopes to be accepted as a member of Uncle Sam's Army. 947 RUTH E. STETLER' "Ruthie" Having performed as a soloist at the band concerts for the past three years, Ruth has certainly proved that she is "Mistress of the Marimba." She provides an added interest at Heckman's, where she pushes sodas across the counter after school and on Saturdays. Although she lives out of town, she cloesn't seem to mindg it's a good excuse to get a phone call every night. After graduation she plans to journey to Missouri, where she will attend an air line school. Tiny in every sense of the word, there is no doubt about her fitting into the work and the plane. Band 1, Assistant Treasurer 25 Treasurer 35 Senior Play, Properties 3g Glee Club 2, GLORIA J, STETTLER "Gloria" Tall, blonde, attractive Gloria is one of our energetic seniors. She is an enthusiastic sportswoman and enjoys all types of dancing. Wherever there is a gymnasium or a swimming pool, Gloria can easily be found. She is also partial to driving and hiking. Gloria has quite an artistic hand and sketches pictures easily. She hopes to become a beautician in the future, and with her skill and ingenuity we know she will prove a success. Volley Ball 1, 2, 35 Basketball lg Baseball 1, Zg Hockey lg Commercial Club lg Class, Treasurer and Assistant Secretary Ig Student Council, Secretary and Treasurer 25 Athletic Association. Presiderlt 3. TERESA J. STOHL i'Honey" K'Tessie" is a happyrgoflucky girl with not a care in the world. She is pleasant, cheerful, and always neatly dressed. Her basketball ability has aided 'The Stinkers" in winning the intramural cham- pionship. "Tessie's" spare time is spent dancing or listening to the radio. After graduation she plans to work in an office. Hockey 1, Basketball 1, 2, 3g Volley Ball 1, 2, 3, Commercial Club 25 Photography Club 35 Glee Club 1. ll56ll GERALD W. STOUDT H Whiskers" "Fill 'er up, Stoudtyf' is a familiar cry that is heard at Welk's gas station. Yes, 'lStoudty" spends his leisure time being a grease monkey. What a time he must have washing that slimy grease off his face and hands. "Whiskers" is wellfknown and liked by all his classmates and teachers. Anytime you need gas, see Gerald. . JOSEPH H. TANZOS "Skippy" Quite good looking plus a pleasing personality make R'Skippy" popular with all. A member of this year's football team, he proved himself an asset with his outstanding line play. His interests lie in photography, and a certain senior in Room 17. Although quite active, he is an excellent student. The future business world should find 'iSkippy" an excellent worker. Class, Vice President 2, Football, Varsity 1, Z, 3g Dvamatic Club lg Comet, Sports Editor 3. ISABELLE H THOMAS Missy" A dark head, a giggle, and there is "Issy" just around the corner. This happyfgoflucky lass adds pep to any crowd with her bubbling mirth. "Issy" is frequently seen at the Blue Room with her chum, Bussy, "cutting a rug." At a football game "Issy" can always be seen and heard, cheering our team to victory. Secretarial work is "1ssy's" future ambition. Volley Ball 1, 2g Baseball 1, 25 Basketball 1, Z, Commercial Club 1, Z5 Glee Club 1, 2. l57ll X94 7 JAMES A. THOMPSON 'lHotfoot" This small but mighty senior hails from Stockertown. Arguf ments are his specialty, and he usually has a sound basis for them. His wide interest in sports helped him to become our dependable and capable basketball manager. After graduation "Hotfoot" plans to join the army. Basketball, J. V. Manager 1, 2, Vanity Manager 35 Athletic JANE A. THOMPSON "Janie', Laughing and telling jokes are two of the main activities of this auburnftopped senior. Her list of male friends makes "Janie" the envy of many girls. School isn't particularly interesting to her, but she manages to get along all right. "Janie" is quite active on the gym floor and can usually be seen handing out snacks in the locker room. If she doesn't go to business college after graduation, she'll get a job and settle down to work, unless . . . ? 7 ? Forum Club 1, Z, 35 Commercial Club 1, Z5 Basketball Ig Hockey 15 Volley Ball Ig Student Librarian 1, Z, 35 Glee Club, Libmvian 1. Council 3g Forum Club 2, 3. TONY J. TODORA "Wolf" In order to increase his knowledge through books rather than through experience, this discharged navy veteran returned to school. He is one chap who aims to help his fellow students. "Tony" can usually be found pestering or teasing some gals. His industry in school work enables him to get along. ll53ll MARIE TOKARZK "'r0km" Meet the tiny blonde from Room 25. "Tokar" is wellfknown for her one green and one blue eye. Although she isn't too inter' ested in school work, she is interested in Wind Gap. She can frequently be seen at the Blue Room doing some fast jitterbugging with her friend, "Vickie" Usually "Vickie" and Marie can be found together. CARL C. TRACH "Carl" A drawling voice says, "I guess I don't understand it," in answer to a question in English, P. D., or chemistry class. Evif dently you don't care very much for studying, Carl. This lad's husky frame sometimes can't even hold up that sleepy head in class, Carl seems to be a happyfgoflucky fellow, for he isn't very active in either sports or lessonsg he just lets life drift merrily along. Anyway, an auto comes in handy when one hails from East Lawn. Baseball, Assistant Manager 2, MdHdg61 3. GLORIA J. TRACH "'Trachie" There is an odd contrast between Gloria and her brother, Carl, for this gal from East Lawn is one of our excellent commercial students. Although she earns good grades, she has time for sports. If you hear giggles from Room 25 at noon, it's only Gloria and her pals enjoying themselves. Gloria delights in reviewing the latest big event in her life. Perhaps that is one reason why she likes dancing so well. Another of her favorite pastimes is swimming. If she becomes a future secretary, she will be a very eiicient one. Blue and White, Typist 1, 2, 35 Comet, Typist 3, Commercial Club 2, 35 Baseball 2, 35 Basketball 3. ll59ll 94 7 MARCELLUS P. TRACH "T1achie" Tall, handsome, and wellfliked, Marcellus, although very reserved, has a cheerful disposition and a host of friends. Baseball and hunting are his favorite sports. His spare time is spent working on his dad's farm. You certainly get places in that green Chevrolet, don't you, Marcellus? RICHARD R. UEBERROTH "Dickie" One of the bestfliked students in the senior class+that's Dick. He hails from Bethlehem and entered Nazareth High in his junior year. Although he usually saunters through the halls with apparently no ambition at all, he has shown plenty of speed on both the football field and the basketball floor. After graduating, Dick intends to head for Montana, unless, of course, Helen can change his mind. Football, Varsity 2, 3, Basketball, Varsity Z, 35 'Track 35 Class Sec'reta1y 2. Baseball Z, 3. JEAN R. UHLER "Uhle'r" "Uhler" is another of the senior girls who clerk at Murphy's Five and Ten after school. Although this darkfhaired lass is interested in sports and other school activities, she doesn't have much leisure time to participate in them. jean's favorite recreation is dancing. Reading also occupies some of her spare moments, "Uhler", who hails from Stockertown, has not decided what her future career will be. ll60l JOANNE UNANGST "jo" Holding the two top positions on N. H. S.'s only journalistic enterprises, CofEditor of the Blue and White and the Comet, Joanne has shown marked ability in this field, Following graduf ation, she plans to enter Duke University and major in English. Although "Skippy" occupies lots of her leisure time, she is a good student. Possessing a lively sense of humor, Joanne can always see the funny side of an incident and never hesitates to laugh, even when the joke's on her. Comet, CofEditor 35 Blue and White, 1, Associate Editor 2, CofEditor 3g Student Council, 25 Class Treasurer 3, Dramatic Club I, 2g Prom, Decorating Committee 25 Magazine Campaign, Publicity Manager 35 Senior Play, Publicity Manager 3. CAROLINE M. URSPRUNG "Carol" Through her knowledge of English and her ability to put words together in an interesting fashion, "Carol" has helped to make both the Blue and White and the Comet a success by her wholefhearted effort. As Marge in "January Thaw" she revealed her ability as an actress. Blonde hair, blue eyes, and a friendly personality help to make her popular with her fellow classmates, After graduation she plans to enter Cedar Crest College. Blue and White 1, Associate Editor 2, CofEditor 3: Dramatic Club 1. 35 Athletic Council, Secretary 35 Comet, CofEditor 3, Volley Ball 1, 2, 35 Hockey 3g Basketball 1, 2, 3, Baseball 1, 2, 35 Student Librarian 25 Senior Play, Major 3. C. CHRISTOPHER WAGNER "Chris" Calling Dr. Wagner! Calling Dr. Wagner! Chris intends to hang out a shingle in a few years and become one of Nazareth's pill magnates. Interested in basketball, Chris had a part helping the class of '47 keep the championship for three years. He also enjoys baseball and football. As Mr. Loomis, the lawyer, in "january Thaw," Chris helped to make the play a success. Chris' hearty laugh at a joke indicates his good sense of humor. Class Basketball I. 2, 3g Senior Play, Minor 3: Student Council lj Football 1. ll61ll 947 Commercial Cluh 1, 2, 3g Comet, Typist 35 Blue and White, BETTY JANE WERKHEISER "Berry" Here's "Betty," one of our more quiet gals, who can be depended upon to do any task required of her. Brownfeyed "Betty" enjoys all sport activities. Her experience in typing for the Blue and White and the Comet will aid her in obtaining a successful position in the future. Typist 3, LORRAINE M. WERKHEISER "Lorraine" Interested in dances, records, and books more than her studies, Lorraine waits patiently for that day in june. An avid fan of Vaughn Monroe, she spends most of her time chasing after his newest records. Sports hold a special interest for her, and she can be found at all sports events cheering loudly and long for her school team. Her future plans are very simpleg no career for her-all she asks is a piece of paper and a chance to say, "I do!" MARIE A. WERKHEISER Mane Quiet, dependable Marie, who enjoys reading, dancing, and the great outdoors, can often be seen driving around town in her '37 Dodge. Although quite busy after school hours, she always has time to aid anyone who may need help. As a commercial student, Marie intends to carry on the family tradition by working at Binney and Smith after graduation. Commercial Club 1, Z, 3. 116211 RUTH E, WERKHEISER "Ruthie" If you see a wellfdressed, darkfhaired girl dashing through the hall, that's "Ruthie!" A friendly smile, a pleasant personality, and an appearance of neatness are her three main characteristics. Working at the St. Regis Paper Co, after school does not allow "Ruthie" much spare time for clubs, but she is a student librarian and helped on the Comet Staff as a personality editor. After graduation she intends to continue her office work. Why the talk of nice places for a honeymoon, 'ARuthie"???7 Student Librarian 3, Comet, Personality Editor 3. KATHRYN M. WOODRING "Boopie" One of the jolliest lasses in the senior class, bluefeyed, golden' haired "Boopie" is both energetic and helpful. She spends much time enjoying the social activities of senior high and also TrifHifY. Although giggling seems to be one of her chief diversions, she can be an able student, and is sure to become a success as a secretary after graduating in june. Senior Play, Business 3, Blue and White 1, Business Z, 3g Dvamatic Club 1, 25 Co-mmevcial Club 1, 2, Magazine Campaign, Assistant MdHdgC1 25 Comet, Typist 3. ANNE E. WOODWARD "Whiz" "Whiz" is one of our blonde, petite senior lasses, who is capable of handling any argument that may arise. You'll remember her as "Mathilda Rockwood" in the senior play, and she was a real credit to it. "Whiz" is an active person and takes special interest in all sports. She is also a lover of music and enjoys col' lecting records. Her neatness and industry will help in her future secretarial work. Volley Ball 1, 2, 3g Basketball 1, 2, 35 Baseball 1, 2, 3, Hockey 1, Z, 3, Commemial Club 1, 2g Dramatic Club 1, 25 Senior Play, Major 3, Comet, Business Managev 3, Blue and White, Editovial Staff 1, 2, 3g Student Librarian 1, 2, 3. ll63ll U4 7 SHIRLEY M. WUNDERLY "Shirley" "Silence is Golden" must certainly be Shirley's motto, for her quiet manner is known to everyone. However, this does not inter' fere with her having a good time. Dancing tops the list as a favorite pastime, closely followed by ice skating. In her spare moments she collects recipe booklets. After graduating she plans to take up sewing as a vocation. WALTER B. WUNDERLY "Tex" "Wunderly messed it up again," is the familiar cry back at Wagner, Frey, and Wunderly's table in the lab. Walter took the humorous part of jonathan Rockwood in "january Thaw." Coupled with Bill Day, "Tex" helped the senior class to down the J. V.'s in their game last March. Wunderly claims the girls don't bother him much, but sometimes we wonder. Class Basketball 2, 3, Band 2, 35 Senior Play, Major 3. THERESA L. YAVORSKI Tess The giggling and chattering between "Tess" and Jean indicates that "Tess" isn't a quiet girl. She is one of our out' standing students, since high grades and "Tess" go hand in hand. Dancing, reading, and ice skating hold a large share of "Tessie's" interests. Business manager of the senior play placed a lot of responsibility in her hands, proving her dependability. After school she plans to enter college. Senior Play, Business Manager 3, Valley Ball 15 Basketball, Captain Ig Class, Treasurer 25 Comet, Associate Editor 3. ll64ll LAWRENCE F. ZEINER 'lLar1y" "Trouble with your car?" If so, "Larry" could give you some helpful advice. He's an experienced hand at this since almost all his spare time is taken up working at the gas station. "Nothing to say," is his slogan in P. D. class, but in physics class we know better, for Mr. Shekletski has a hard time keeping him quiet. The family Buick really gets a workout when "Larry" goes to town. The Navy is a future possibility. Football 1. President .... Secretary, . . . . Treasurer ..,.. Student Council .... President ..,. Secretary .... Treasurer ..... Student Council WILSON A. ZERFASS, JR. "junior" Wilson is that tall, handsome fellow who helped the basketball team to many victories. He is also a member of our band. Although he always seems to be busy, Wilson still manages to iind time for a certain little senior from Room 17. He is serious when it comes to school work, and he is sure to succeed in all he undertakes. After graduation Wilson intends to enlist in the army. Somebody is going to be very lonely. Basketball, junior Varsity 1, Varsity 2, 35 Band, Color Guard 2, 3. SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS FIRST SEMESTER ....LorraineSprague .........Lois Shimer . . . . . . . . . . ...Bernice Hagenbuch . . . jean Nickel and Samuel Aristide SECOND SEMESTER . . . . . .Lois Shimer . . . .Joseph Tanzos ...................JoanneUnangst . . . .Agnes Milkovits and Leopold Keppel X94 7 ll65ll Zin Memoriam M135 Myra Druckenmzller On September S, 1946, Miss Myra Druckenmiller, the principal of junior high school for the past fifteen years, passed into Life. Both as a teacher and as a principal, Miss Druckenmiller was considerate and willing to help her students. This teacher helped to mold line character in the boys and girls who passed through her hands. The death of this well loved woman is a great loss both to students who have graduated under her guidance and to those students who were not fortunate enough to have had her as a teacher. Miss Druckenmiller came to Nazareth in 1909 and began teaching in the sixth grade of the elementary school. In 1923, when the intermediate school was organized by com' bining seventh and eighth grades in the North Broad Street Building, she was chosen principal. After the addition was built to the present high school in 1951, the seventh and eighth grades were moved to the high school building and combined with ninth grade to form the junior high school. She was elected principal of the junior high school in 1931, where she served until her death. In the fifteen year period in which she served in Nazareth Junior High School, well over a thousand students came to know and to love this teacher and principal. ll66ll 1 ., .Y Emi z i 1 i ' an " NX 512 N. -- . ri I r Nw., . A . ff. X ff . ,W l A M- .X egigm W. W 1" , f- 4.-fx-" I y "uf .1 1 Y, - - A, , 3. , bf! , R wwf a. zfifigljli F' ' jf" , M 5 ,A G 3 ' 1 f ' K .,,. -J ' 'Z -gg' ,A ,J S' ie ,,.-w:f'fS"' 'six -'iff--172: , - ff f -vi. '5 gk, , .--f f fu , I whiff , .' ff'.,f'1i wi .5642 'ff ,, ' 'mv N 1 1 S "EH: " e,1f. . 1i. R, Q 1 ,uf J? Q t - - 5 I- P if A ug :Y - 2 sw f Qff:-fl' ,, ' - Q , , 44 f' ,Q ' 'W , ,ff x 1 ' V f' 2 nf ,ff W .gf age, A nik' NX 54 Alia I 5: , M ., f"' ff? 4. M, .f ' 1 , f eg if ,A-:TV 3f"'i"? ' 1 if" ?I?hsw' . 25 fff' :1"'ti" -Tam 4 '.. -nm. ' ' Q ff .1 "l.v:1?V ' , A M:gf,Qg' 1 . . A "W ,. -'l . 1 Rik- , ' H 1- .125 -421 , if ff ? 2 gi . W' MQW 5? g -: -53 V. ' Yrfq-mg g1g?:g13qy:,ex:.d my r . ' wg 1 -, fr? - 1-125 - , , 3 , M., kk.-. 4 f 1, . v z, ... , , - . 3 N. . - I fy,w..,..v V ,Bn .- .. 'Q . gy? sf N. -. - ' ,cf " . . f,3,i,s'y.-rf Ay' 'Q' xii-J ' ': 5' . 5 ' :K iw - 4 fy 252' F , ra Rf Q 'Q .Q gf f5.5f ! W i Iff ' 5 .V - f 45,92 "QQ , -' ' 5:...Vf '91 , - 'f ' M .1 g M 2 ' - ff X. .QQ f - ::r,:f,, , -Q gff .A fa 3- if' V,g yy N. fi.,:,"?f'jMg1vl.g5,:,.Af,,5,-.-wi,.,,gfggpJ5-Sw-',:5g5 55? .. , 5 ,vw 1 - a . ,Q if-' .,:.:w,-,.f frm: 'ga .Q f f, ,H if -5 ,Yew VF 5-,ze pg V 1 ' ' A f,...- ' f14?25.41'QYvi7Ef'?5 ' ' 'C 1:9 'ik 73? 3 ' 3 N - f 5 gf, il' :ff 3 s f b ' 5 f ig 1 5 : ' 5 J' 5 EfgJ,.M-Alxiw x-1-f,f"f1 , M - ' fag s ., Y :Zs11':.f-Mzfwqlf.-,F-My F952 " -. ' i' Q . 1 - fb ' ' ff Hwizfrzlirf p AWE A " ? f"'5,f?fif?2" D' 'J - 4. Q S F L7 Qffi' 2 ' 5 4- ,-:::,. M .'- V,-Him,--at -. f 11: -QW" . . ws-H-Q 1 ' -- X N W - f-- J iv-K. N, a --Qf J -f ---' 1-'-'flj',gj,QM,gQ5w-411, .M--N-M-"V 4, h X. ,, ---,MM -"' ,,,. .5,, -'-- 4 , -mx, . -,---- .,X..., Q ,, .. M-.ww ei':g12.,-ge. mam 1g.,,,w ,1.a , ,,:,. ' f:::::?fu165sfw324:li5-444i ' , . . .. rw... , A fn H V -- oplzomo 6 6? Junior Class Pzttures W7 First Row: Bajan, Auchenbach, Diehl, Detwiler, Deily,K Altemose Eventt Custer Appelgate F Altemose Ciarrocchi. Second Raw: Betz, Derr, Dzurak, Beers, Daniele, Doll, Donello Brewer Abel Faust Barheb Third Row: Ambrose, Davis, Bayda, Deutsch, Abbott, Dech Bessenhoffer Bensmg Ferraro Junior Clan First Row: Hunt, Hartzell, Kenyon, Hagenbuch, Hearn Heller Fhck Franczak Heldenwolf Homokx Second Row: A, Houck, R, Kahler, D. Kahler, M. Houser Hul'Fsm1th L Houck Hxmler Fuck Hess 'Third Row: Fulmer, Fritz, jandrositz, Frack, Julius, R Houser Hahn Graver i j1 "5-'L--u O1 S- F181 nu? 'Skin plum mlm mann! H68 First Row: Second Raw: Third Row: First Row: Second Row: 'Third Row: Klipple, Miksch, Milkovits, Manning, Nagle, Knauss, Laubach, Kocher, Matthias, Marsh. Morey, W. Keppel, Lieberman, Kleintop, Meyers, Millheim, Mitch, Milteriberger, Kessler, Knecht. Powell, Kraemer, Nagle, Kern, Leh, Mittemeycr, Mondschein, M. Keppel, Kurtz. Junior Class Roberts, Oswald, Oplinger, Silhes, Schultz, Smith, S-moyer, Schisler, L. Smith, Frantz, Schnerr. Neuner, Pancottine, Ruloff, Schaffer, Siegfried, Reese, Slavish, Sherman, Petz, Ostrowski, Petty Reichart. Schweitzer, Schramrn, Port, Neel, Reinert, Reagan, Powell, Nolf. , 94 7 First Row: Winn, Trach, Spangenberg, Woodring, Tenges, Watson, Trinkle, Ziegler, Tajnay, Yeisley, Steltzman. Second Row: R. Stout, Solt, Uhler, R. Unger, Sweitzer, Werkheiser, Spangler, Taylor, Zerfass, Yandrasits Yuhasz. 'Third Row: A. Stout, Zipf, Vogel, Weiss, Ventin, Turner, A. Unger, Sullivan, Zeller. Junior Class JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Fmsr SEMESTER ' President .... ....,,....... . , .Bernhard Mittemeyer Secretary ..,.... ....,. ..,.,,...... K a thryn Heller Treasurer ......... .........,,..,,,..... E lizabeth Miksch Student Council ,,.. ,.... K athleen Altemose and Heber Graver SECOND SEMESTER President ..,. ...,............ .... E l izabeth Ziegler Secretary ....... ........,........, A lbert Neel Treasurer ....,... ..,...,..,.......... J oyce Trach Student Council .... . . .Betty Milkovits and Albert Houck ll7Oll 794 7 First Row: Second Row: Tl1i1d Row: Fzrst Row: Second Row: Third Row: Deutsch, Buss, Brodt, Berger, Fehr, Fazekas, DeLong, Bond, Albani, P. Dorozowski. Fassl, A. Eckhart, Butts, DeReamus, Dest, Bailey, Abel, Drosnock, R. Bortz, Cressman, Eschenf felder, Biechy, Andrews. Butz, Farnock, J. Dorozowski, Campanaro, Correll, Bartholomew, Edelman, L. Eckhart, Clewell, M. Bortz, Diehl. Sophomore Class Miss Bryan, Adviser, Flory, Frable, Fiheld, Gamboni, Gregory, M. Frantz, S. Happel, V. Gaumcr, Gehringer, Freestone, Giovanni. Harhart, Gollatz, Franczak, Hadl, AI. Frantz, Ferraro, F. Heckman, T. Hahn, E. Heckman, 1. Frey, C. Hahn, Fischl. Graver, Gammer, Gutierrez, H. Heckman, D. Happel, L. Hahn, Gilbert, Gower, Henning, E. Gaumer, W. Hahn. ll72l First Row: Second Row: Thivd Raw: Fwst Row: Second Row: Third Row: jurasits, Kositz, Kromer, Kraemer, Kuhns, Himler, Kahler, Klepeis, Keller, Kilpatrick, Heyer, Kleintop, Lahr, Kowalczk, Kline, Kale, Hoch, Licht, Johnson, Kelchner, Leh, Leh. Ifratfi Klump, S. Klepeisz, Keppel, F. Klepeisz, Kostenbader, Hoadley, C. Leh, Henshue, Keiper, erc . Sophomore Clan Metz, Schuch, L. Roth, Scheffler, Pike, Sayler, A. Miller, Remaley, Peters, Remsing, Shimer. Moser, Santo, Petraglia, Mucha, Pritchard, A, Roth, Reichard, Port, D4 Meyers, Miuardo, M. Roth, Pierzga, Powell, Rapp. gfiolgn, Olson, R. Roth, Pagni, Schocncberger, Nagle, Peterson, Rothrock, Reagan, H. Roth, ys er. W 947 First Row: Suter, Williamson, Wunderly, Welty, Shimer, Wambold, Thomas, Ueberroth, L. Smith, F. Unger, Stamph, Zellner, Shook. Second Row: Miller, Shafer, Meyers, Tomino, Way, J. Teel, Woolbert, Werkheiser, Steward, Trach, A. Smith. Third Row: Vetovitz, Wolfer, R. Smith, Todora, Wessner, Senneca, K. Unger, D. Teel, Stark, Siegfried, Shotwell, Yandrositz. Sophomore Class SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS FIRST SEMESTER President. . . ............. ..... L ouise Roth Secretary. . . ..,...... ...... L orraine Fifleld Treasurer .... 1 . . ........................ john Diehl Student Council .... . . .Ruth Ueberroth and Randolph Roth SECOND SEMESTER President. . . .................. . . .Phyllis Metz Secretary. . . . . . . ......,.. Lorraine Fiiield Treasurer ......... ................... M arlyn Roth Student Council .... .... A nita Roth and Samuel Senneca 117411 ' 1 5 1 f -N, gd. X N1 rw, f 17,15 1... . Nm'-fx.. 4, "w ' - 5 x V, ,FM x l - . 'QR Mix . . , 1 VM I ev, ,J if ,Z ,, A 1 ix .yli-in-1. -A wx Q W., f l3f.1.k,,h: X v, 1 1 ,f ,, . V 1 . A V . 5' f,-if - , -fm-,M-1' 'Gi' ' .,. V- ' , R -UJ HEZE A ' f . .ff '- M . ,A - wx' 'WuQE?QSSMHQKmWQi5E?i5ELwm5?mEmagMw f - XY5 P? 0 1iQ5f 4 . Af. .f 51+ ,. .. v ' . 4 ?e-1"fF5'w. f- f fag ' ,A -- ' " , 35. " ' ,I Tufizzf ' N 5'4" N 52 ff! mwwswwwwwfi fifyafgmwavwrwgaawwsmmhwmmawwx Aqk -'v'+ff ,Jw :Un faggggwaawi -f?ffaffVwQ:wiwgwwQaswzwwfMf,Q ng, ,wQ, MW Fr N 'Q . 1- fi Jftsivftfi- 6.1 , 1 , , ui' -" 'J fe, '1'f!Q'2Rfs' - ., . A 'f'.'f"f1f51,,.'H5 " L-MQ. 215 5 . , ' 1 Qi ., g15,e ,Qw 1 AV - ..',a4 , fail? f Wil 1' -A-"uf -gf ,V 'f'f221'Ik"Vi v ' -'1 if' fa 5 , ,gy-gf ' -- ' Wqgigszf , .f ,gf fir' -Qigaiiiiaeii ?Qee- sin- ?'1wwZsgSEf?QQ55gw?,fwggfQ2Qqvwg ' .. f 1' - n , ,, - U 3.5-Q fa L nv gif: ,M ffam- wg, ' . w fi 1: . 4 , m,,ww3Hwimw 4'im -in qggw QW- thaw vu'-' v,3f!L3392j . 1 1: -1 .xsiwf '.J' f4'e2f-' ,4 ,... .M . . , gl 1 , . v ffm. ,pn , . .,,.M-fL.,.,., f1,, 1--.. . . X ., pf. gain. -. ,ghd , R' ' 5 ' x ,L 'ge 1 ' .. , ,,,,,, W x4,5..,,...,,aC,. , . . we , ., ., ,. If ' --bf., -' ff' ' .. ap 4,4-iw. vflffb- lg . 1' .f 'K lx R.-1, 1'-ii!-151 I 1 -Q U m F' N up V ,, M ll 2 ' 4 5- 1 :api N nffn5TWg'V?3?29??2 if Ex Qzfifi Eiiih im? In Elgxgmi ! " 7' f3f', '- 'QS ji W" , .Grim Ma Z '5ffQ?n. f f ' x -1 ' .25-, - . - ' , I- ,1?ffffsL2P X 'X 43. + ' 3" ' 7 ' 'HEk'5Z9f' w xv1"'s19G?'I5v "ff ' Rl.. "' bi V- 5" 'faq' ! QV x viii 32W-iwxuf f fm-i2xi?Q1N 9.wmw z'fwv Siiv . gQ5f1w 'S g,gf b"q1 I' 5 . fuk: 'ig AW i '36-WE' V' L., Q ---- :V -, ,"-y5y3,,,,w,gHx 1, 0 :Mui wmv, ,QM ly - : ,li-ff :H 1 ' -' 5 " 2'--ffm, ef' fm, ! fv "' Zi , 1, 2 LL i 'gf-1: be gk 5 pi, Aa? .. i 3 1? Sai: 2 5 Af 'URL '-'Zhi 5 1 x 17 'fl 7 gi . Q: .2 .?5i',24,5,.,gg3pz1' NM- -' n A fy V ' W'-Af--g b m'+'Lf-3 55,35 5,2923 5 ff NM 1 X -'M-Hi? ws 5 Xian -' wh il WV' .. F V ,WM paw . -. : 1 7, ' qv-,g . 1 Qu W, -, , -,j v az. ,-, V- 1 3 1 q '- 1 W 4-fw-4 'WM ,532 if m.gLH5yQy,, ,axe -m.,.,., -M' .MM-A,1- A -'.,f,,.4A,,,i, Am, .A gf R., 1' MQW1, .W , nmga 1.5.-,-41-,ft ,, 1, - mv -hwwimmwwmmamf HVVmWWmQwWwWQUYw7fmi lwwi, www' EmgwxwiwW, WW. -' 1, 359 ggi: Wifi 5 -f:nf:Lf. ':'-' F - .- .g ,A fr-5 ww. ' . "'f"-f'M""":':4f: we I 44. -1, gqv-f ,A , 2 1 a,-jfagj ' :Q QQQQ' 'Y 4 ' ' ' ' 'A " W-ff? x,g:,,5:gf'q:-ga 1 EXW . ' MTN- 373122 A in ,T 5 . .I A M-T-4, MA :Mm-5 '.w,W,..f,V..M ',.,M.,.,,4. . Y ' ' " f.:-iii-1 .g4ff'1 1' - , ' 5 : - , W - . 'X Anti ities 575B X94 7 Student Cozmczl Giving up much of their spare time, the Student Council members Work to improve their school and fellow students. While their classmates are enjoying a football or basketball game, these nine members sacrifice their time to sell refreshments and clean up the gym or football field after an event has taken place. Under the able leadership of their president, the Student Council functioned in many fields. The Lost and Found Committee notified students of any article lost or found and kept an accurate list of such items. The duty of the Catalogue Committee was to maintain and take charge of a catalogue library of indexes to various colleges. These catalogues were made available to the students and through the Student Council, undecided seniors found suitable colleges for themselves. The Building Committee, consisted of boys and girls interested in the preserving of school property, discussed the condition of the building and arrived at conclusions of ways to improve our school. Each semester the sophomore, junior, and senior classes elect a boy and girl representative to the Student Council. All the class presidents automatically become members, making a total of nine. Officers are nominated and presented to the student body in an assembly program. After each candidate has been introduced to the student body by individual campaign managers, everyone votes for the person who he thinks is best qualihed to Ht the position. S Four dances were sponsored by the Student Council with the money raised from the sale of refreshments at sports events. The Thanksgiving Dance, Christmas Dance, Winter Hop, and Barn Dance were all thoroughly enjoyed by senior high school students. Refreshments were served, games provided for those not wishing to dance, and fine music for dancing presented. The aim and accomplishments of the Student Council have tended toward the promotion of a spirit of cooiileration among students and a Eine attitude toward the school, Miss Florence L. Nicholas is faculty adviser to t e group. OFFICERS Fmsr SEMESTER President ......... ..,.,,.,.,...,, . . ,Bernhard Mittemeyer Vice President ............. . , . , . , ...,.,., Louise Roth Sccretaryffreasurer ........... ...,.......... ..,. L o rraine Sprague Assistant Secretaryffreasurer ..., ................. .... K a thleen Altemose SECOND SEMESTER President .......,. ..,,.,..,,.,...,., , . ,Leopold Keppel Vice President ............. ...,.......... .... A l bert Houck Secretavyffreasurer ....,....... . . .Samuel Senneca Assistant Secvetaryffeasuver .,.. ,.... L ois Shimer First Raw: Altemose, Graver, L. Roth, Mittemeyer, Sprague, Senneca, Miss Nicholas. Second Row: Houck, Metz, B. Milkovits, Ziegler, A. Roth, Aristide, Shimer, Nickel, Ueberroth, A. Milkovits, R. Roth. l76l First Row: Edelman, Carty, Ziegler, Ursprung, Nardella, Stark, Nagle. Second Raw: Michael, Neuner, Miss Franck, Miss Nicholas, Trach, Thompson. Third Row' Mr. Leh, Mr. Cump. Athletic Assoczkztion The meetings of the Athletic Council were held on the Hrst Thursday of each month. To approve ex- penditures for athletic activities, to vote the awards for various sports, to select student athletic managers for the year, and to transact other business pertaining to athletics was the purpose of the Council. M gelling tickets at all the home football and basketball games was under the direction of the Faculty Manager, r. ump. OFFICERS President ...,... ....,..... , . . .Gloria Stettler Secretary .... .......,. C aroline Ursprung Vice President ,........,..,...,. Elizabeth Ziegler 'Treasurer .... ............,.. C onrad Neuner Assistant Secretary and Treasurer ............,...., ..... D iam: Stark FACULTY ADVISERS Miss Nicholas ..... ....,.,,.... P rincipal Mr. Leh .........,.,..,.,.,.,.,.,.,,.. Coach Mr. Cump ..,... ..... F aculty Manager Mr. Christman ............,,,. Assistant Coach Miss Franck .,.. ....... G irls' Coach Mr. Bartolet .... Assistant Coach and Track Coach STUDENT MANAGERS Football ........ ............,......,.....,.,.,.,. G eorge Michael Boys' Basketball .... .,.. I ames Thompson Girls' Basketball. . . .... Betty jane Nagle Girls' Hockey ......, ..... A nna Mae Carty Girls' Volley Ball .... .... C atherine Edelman Girls' Baseball, . , . . , . ,Florence Nardella . Boys' Baseball ..,. ....... C arl Trach X94 7 Senior Play "Ain't nothin' a lawyer can do. Mathilda and me got a right to live here until the day we die, and that might be quite a spell." This is jonathan Rockwood declaring his right to move back into his Connecticut horse after an absence of six years. That the Gages had purchased the house in the meantime meant nothing to im. The problems of the Rockwoods and Gages were solved in the three humorous acts of "january Thaw," presented January 14 and 15, However, before this was accomplished, the Gage family began to wonder whether they would freeze or starve. They all agreed that they preferred to starve rather than to eat a con- coction of corn flakes topped with olives and syrup. The disappearance of Barbara, the Gages' young and beautiful daughter, with the Rockwoods' son made matters worse. Both families feared it was an elopment. Mr. Rockwood was particularly annoyed because he did not believe in intermarriage. "Democrats should marry Democrats," he said. When Mrs. Gage discovered the barn was iifty years older than the house, she was determined to redecorate it and move in. This took care of the housing situation. CAST Frieda ,..... . , , ...... jean Renner jonathan Rockwood ..... ...,. W alter Wunderly Herbert Gage. ,,., ..... L eopold Keppel Mathilda Rockwood ..........., Anne Woodward Sarah Gage. , . . ,... .Anita Martino Mr. Loomis .......... ..., C hristopher Wagner Paula Gage .... ..,..... J ean Searles Uncle Walter ..,.,. .....,.. ,I ohn Giering Marge Gage .,.., ,,,. C aroline Ursprung Matt Rockwood ..,., .... S amuel Aristide Barbara Gage ,... ..... A nna Mae Carty Carson .,...... .... F ranklin Kessler George Husted ........,.....,,.. Edward Morse Constable .... ..... W illiam Day PRODUCTION STAFF Dnuzc-ross-Mr. Kostenbader and Miss Gephart. STAGE4GBf8ld Fehnel, Eric Doll, George Michael, and James Ferraro. FACULTY Anvisizns-Mr. Irvan Chelly and Miss jean Clute. PROPERTIES-Catherine Edelman, jean Nickel, Dorothy Frantz, Jane Blinton, Lorraine Sprague, Anthony Hanner, Ruth Stettler and Dale Hildenbrand. Pusucrrr-Joanne Unangst, Lois Shimer, Elaine Frack, Kathryn Woodring and Fanny Mitch. BUSINESS-Theresa Yavorski, Clara Redline, Agnes Milkovits, Frances Condomitti, Margaret Klump, Raymond Reagan, Lorraine Lilly, Ruth Werkheiser, Sarah Faust, Lois Mohn, and Mary jean Lerch. First Row: Morse, Carty, Searles, Keppel, Ursprung, Martino, Aristide. Second Row: Giering, Wagner, Renner, Day, Woodward, Wunderly, Kessler. H7811 The Blue and Whz'te Standard "But the work's gotta be ing it goes to the printer tonight!" This is a sincere and worried plea, expressed time and time again by the sweating Blue and White Staff just before the school paper "comes out." But eventually the work is completed. This year the Blue and White Standard capped third place honors in the nation' wide competition among newspapers of senior high schools, with enrollments of 300 to 750 pupils. The Columbia Scholastic Press Association is the sponsor. Both the school and the Blue and White Staff is proud of this recognition. Our school paper was also awarded third place in the annual contest sponsored by the Pennsylvania School Press Association. There is more to publishing a school newspaper than meets the eye. Terms such as "prooffreading," uheadfliningf' and "dummy" may be mere lingo to some, but to the editorial staff it means work and often times headaches. But it's fun. Fun for the staff to produce, and fun for the student body to read. The publication is bifweekly. STAFF C0fEDITORSS Joanne Unangst, Caroline Ursprung, Jean Searles. Assocmrrz EDITORS: Elizabeth Ziegler, Kathleen Schnerr, Phyllis Sherman. Enrroiunr. STAFF: Miriam Noll, Anne Woodward, Katharine Winn, Marion Saylor, Dolores Woodring, Robert Leh, Lorraine Fifield, Thelma Flory, Marion Frack, Miriam Kowalczk, Marjorie Frantz, Latimer Eckart, Roberta Schefller, Don Peterson, jean Buss, Robert Tomino, Constance Kraemer, Viola Ambrose, George Michael. Trprsrsz Heber Graver, Thelma Lewis, Gloria Marsh, Charmaine Hutchison, Elizabeth Kemmerer, Gloria Trach, Margaret Ruloff, Romaine Hearn, Betty Milkovits, Rose Heidenwolf, Stella Oswald, Rozalia Ostrowski, Vera Bonney, Doris Meyers, Betty Werkheiser, Lorraine Werkheiser, Geraldine Reese, Isabelle Kocher, Mildred Detweiler, Anna Laubach. Busrmsss STAFF: Kathryn Woodring, Elaine Frack, Lois Shimer, Alice Rice, Hilda Lieberman, Betty Hartzell, Anna Deily, Mary Donnello, Colomba Daniel. FACULTY Abvrsnns: Mrs. Ernest Papp, Miss Belva Saricks, Miss Florence Nicholas, Mrs. Wilbur Weaver, Mr. J. Frederic Knecht. 947 il79l The Commerczbl Club The main purpose of the Commercial Club is to increase student knowledge along general business lines. This idea was carried out by the presentation of various programs arranged by a special committee. The club, under the direction of Mrs. Evelyn Weaver, met on the first Tuesday of each month. Among the programs presented was a discussion of Rider College and the courses of study it offers presented by Miss Belva Saricks. That a good personal appearance is of great value was demonstrated by a skit on good posture. The actual operation of a busf iness concern was observed through a tour of the C. F. Martin E? Co. Guitar Factory. Social activities were not overlooked by the club. The members enjoyed a Christmas party and a picnic at Nazareth Borough Park in June. President ...,... ...... B etty Miksch Vice President .... ....... G loria Marsh Secretary ...... .... P auline Dorozovvski Reporter .... ..... M arion Saylor llS0ll First Row: Michael, Frey, Huth. Second Row: Mr. Kostenbader, Butz, Andrews, Tomino, Giering, Kratz. 'Third Row: Doll, Leh, Day, Morse, Neuner, Roth, Graver. Science Club For the first time the Science Club, represented by five members and the faculty adviser, took part in a Science Congress held at Allentown High School on March 19. While there they gave a demonstration entitled "Cooking and Heating by Induction." To perform this experiment a specially constructed coil was used. The purpose of the Science Club is to enable students to use the facilities of the school to help further their knowledge of the sciences. The Club, which is advised by Mr. Franklyn Kostenbader, meets in the laboratory the last Wednesday of each month. At each meeting a picked committee of two or three members performs and discusses an experiment in some branch of physics or chemistry. 94 7 Forum Club "And so, fellow citizens, if you want labor unions to continue exercising their crippling influence, if you want to witness a hopeless skyfrocketing of taxes, then vote the Demo' cratic ticket !" On November 4, 1946, these unforgerable words were delivered by Robert Leh, who left no doubts in the minds of the audience concerning which party he favored. But Catherine Edelman, a staunch Democratic supporter, presented equally forceful arguments, and before long, the auditorium was seething with conflicting political en' thusiasm. Samuel Aristide favored the Republicans and upheld the opinions of Robert Leh, while Franklin Kessler, completely sold on the Democratic party, voiced reasons for his choice. The political rally was a success, The Forum Club, under the supervision of Mr. Paul Goulding, meets on the fourth Friday of each month. At these monthly getftogethers, the members discuss subjects aimed at helping them to improve their public speaking and oral reading. On February 7, 1947, Roberta Millheim, Charmaine Hutchison, and Clara Redline told the club of their experiences at the Weekfend Work Camp, located in Philadelphia. "To encourage the development and expression of student opinion" is the aim of the Forum Club. OFFICERS President ,.,. .,....... .... S a muel Aristide Secretary .... .... C atherine Edelman First Row: Kessler. Aristide, Edelman, Kenyon Second Row: Thompson, Frack, Leh, Hadl, Wolfer. Thivd Row: Doll, Ambrose, Mr. Goulding. LQU ,Q 1 i I rw l82l 1 V UI ....s'.'m 35?5?p Oratorical C ontesz' This year the Oratorical Contest was held in the high school auditorium on Wednesf day, April 30. Sponsored by the Alumni Association, it was coached by Mr. Paul Goulding. Sarah Faust spoke on the topic, "Why Must We?" in connection with the prejudice against japanese Americans in this country. Bernhard Mittemeyer spoke vigorously on "Whither America," stressing the kind of individual citizen this country needs to make democracy thrive. Robert Leh emphasized the prevention of a depression in his talk entitled "The Vanishing American Dollar." Pauline Kenyon presented a vivid picture of the millions of people starving in Europe in her topic, "Mom, I'm Hungry." George Wolfer encouraged the conservation of natural resources in the United States in his talk, "Things Can't Last Forever." After the speakers delivered their speeches, Attorney Walter Peters, the judge, presented the first prize to Bernhard Mittemeyer and the second prize to Pauline Kenyon. In making his decision, Mr. Peters took into consideration the manner of delivery and the contents of the speech. U4 7 l33l CLARINET Anna Mae Carty john Dusinski Doris Eberts Joanne Engler Mildred Fineld Elizabeth Frantz Charles Knecht Haven Knecht William Konrad Robert Leh Don Peterson joan Rumsey john Todora Shirley Yost jean Young Bama' Personnel FLUTE AND PICCOLO Irene Hagenbuch Lorene Kenyon HORNS john Ambrose Raymond Neuner Warren Zerfass PERCUSSION Betty Fehr john Gilbert Richard Rupert Louise Smith Luella Smith Ruth Stetler Robert Tomino Walter Wunderly CORNET AND TRUMPET .1-ROM BONE james Eyer Linford Fehnel Marion Frack Robert Frack Bernice Hagenbuch Donald Happel Asher Reese David Reimer SAXAPHONE Donald Koehler BARITONE Ralph Houser William Kleintop, jr. Barbara Shimer TUBA John Bensing Thomas Franczak COLOR GUARDS Samuel Aristide Michael Masters Randolph Roth Wilson Zerfass DRUM MAJOR Peter Knarr DRUM MAIORETTES Phyllis Beil Reuben Heller - - V Betty Engler Robert Hoffman ggggigksggirsb Marjorie Frantr ussell Kindt Anita Gamboni Earl Reese lgIeancyKGre1gory Br c Reimer tty oc Tllcfdore Schafer Glennie Rader john Unangst Kathleen Schnerr H8411 i First Row: Stetler, Smith, Schlamb, Hagenbuch. Second Row: Frack, Knecht, Reese, Heller, Carty. Band OfC6f5 Director ..,.,.,........ ..... A ugustine Carl Weinhofer Student Director .,,....,... .....,.,..... R euben Heller Assistant Student Director .,.. .........., C harles Knecht Secretary ............,.., ..., A nna Mae Carty Assistant Secretary ......, ..... M arion Frack Treasurer .........,.. ,..,...,............... R uth Stetler Assistant Treasurer .... .......,.,.,.,. ......,.... L u ella Smith Librarians ,... . .,..,.... , .,,..,. Bernice Hagenbuch and Virginia Schlarnb Manager ......,,,...,,.,.,. .......,.....,............,. E arl Reese The Spring Concert of the Nazareth High School Band was presented at 8:00 p. m. in the high school auditorium, Wednesday, Thursday, and Monday, April 16, 17, and 21. Soloists at this annual festival were: JAMES BURLEY, Piano .............. "Piano Concerto No. 1 in B Flat Minor" by Tschaikowsky REUBEN HELLER, Comet .,.......,........,..,..... "Hara Staccato" arr. by Harry james Cl-1Am.Es KNBCI-rr, Clarinet ..,.. ................. ' 'Miami Moon" by john DeBue1is RUTH STETLER, Marimba ..,.,... ..., ' 'Marirnba Capers" by Ernest O. Caneva LUELLA SMITH and jAMEs BURLEY. . . ......,.,.,......,..,,.. Accompanists ll35ll X94 7 Dramatic Club y The Nazareth Hi Playhouse held its meetings on the last Tuesday of each month. Its purpose was to give students an opportunity to learn more about and demonstrate their ability in acting, stage managing, costuming, and makefup. In order to better appreciate dramatics, the group attended plays at Cedar Crest and Lafayette Colleges. The Nazareth Hi Playhouse also presented a play entitled "The Christmas Rose" for the Christmas assembly. Oilicers for the year included Kathryn Heller, president, Joyce Trach, secretaryg Heber Graver, treasurer, Elizabeth Ziegler, assistant secretary and treasurer. Miss Unangst is the adviser of this club. lS6ll l l Gzbfls ' Glee C lub The Girls' Glee Club, under the direction of Mrs. Mary I. M. Hand, presented two numbers at the Christmas assembly on December 20, 1946. The following selections were presented at this program: "A DAY OF JOYFUL SINGING"-by jackson HCANTIQUE DE NOEL"-by Adams A group of Glee Club members, consisting of joan Frable, Marjorie Frantz, Constance Kraemer, Louise Roth, and Kathleen Schnerr, presented a program at the Nazareth Moravian Church on March 6, 1947. The selections presented were: "MY HERO" USWING Low, SWEET CHARIOTHQ HGYPSY LOVE SONGN, Ofhcers for the 1946-1947 season are as follows: President ........................,.,.,,.,,. Barbara Doll Secretary ......,..,. . ..,.....,,.,...... Betty Kelchner Librarians .... .,,. A nita Roth and Viola Watson Accompanist ..,. .,..........,... L uella Smith W7 Photography Club The Photography Club, a new activity at Nazareth High School under the direction of Mr. James Roth, gave students an opportunity to study the principles of photography. At the bifmonthly meetings, members discussed the parts of the camera and their uses and the composition of pictures. They also took pictures, using various cameras, and experimented with the developing and printing of them. Some students developed an interest in advanced methods of picture reproductions. This introduction to photography will enable these students to continue this hobby. The officers for the year were as follows: President .,..,............... .... K athleen Altemose Secretary ........,. .,.,..,.. M ary Hadl Publicity Manager .... ..., M arion Frack First Raw: Bajan, Miller, Stohl, Hadl, Altemose, Oswald, Winn, Heidenwolf, Deutsch, Mr. Roth. Second Row: Gower, Didovitz, Groller, Klipple, Frack, Ziegler, Sherman, Deutsch, Trinkle, Heller. Third Row: Tomino, Andrews, Butts, Leh, Saylor, Fehr, Abel. ll88ll Prom joyous junior and senior couples danced to the music of the Arcadians at the annual juniorfSenior Prom held on May 16. The red rose, the senior class flower, was cleverly combined with red and white streamers to decorate the gym. The girls' evening dresses added to the colorful effect. Games were provided for those who did not Wish to dance. The dancers gathered in the lunch room during intermission and enjoyed refreshments served buffet style from tables gaily decorated with spring flowers. PROM COMMITTEES ENTERTAINMENT! Betty Miksch, Chairladyp Kathleen Schnerrg Katharine Winng Alice Klippleg Phyllis Shermang Kathleen Altemoseg Marion Himlerg Albert Houckg Robert Beers. DECORATINGZ Margaret Ruloff, Chairladyg Romaine Hearng Audrey Robertsg Gladys Miltenbergerg Gloria Marshg Luella Smithg Catherine Siegrfiedg Anna Manningg Dorothy Kahlerg Bernard Mittemeyerg Earl Reinertg Heber Graverg Carl Soltg William Moreyg Charles Knechtg Jack Turner. REFRESHMENT: Betty Kelchner, Chairladyg William Kerlerg Paul Portg Bernice Millheimg Shirley Knauss. FACULTY ADVISER: Miss Belva Saricks. X94 7 Student Libmrzkzm The student librarians-volunteers from the sophomore, junior, and senior classes- assist Miss Botto with library work during fifteen minute periods, at noon, and after school every day. Their duties include keeping the library books in order, checking books and magazines in and out, notifying students of books ready for their use or books overdue, and preparing new reading material for use. First Row: Deutsch, Gchringer, Ambrose, Minnich, Miltenberger, Young, Marsh. Second Row: Werkheiser, Thompson, Carty, J. Frantz, Ferraro, D. Frantz, Lakey, Roberts, Bailey, Abel, Everitt, Miss Botto. H9011 Social Acfz'w'tz'e5 Because successful social activities in a school are needed to help the students develop into wellfrounded individuals, Nazareth High School has made sure the social life of its students is not neglected. The Sophomore Party, the series of dances sponsored by the Student Council, and the Prom fill this need, Golden cornstalks, weird, black witches, and illuminated halloween masks lent atmosphere to the initial social event of the school year-the Sophomore Halloween Party. During the first part of the evening the students took part in group games. After refreshments had been served, the scene changed, and the young people danced to the music of Reuben Heller and his orchestra. The Student Council sponsored a series of four successful and informal dances through' out the year. These dances are open to sophomores, juniors, and seniors, and are very popular among the students. White and red corn cobs contrasted against deep green, provided an effective background for the Thanksgiving Dance. At the Christmas Dance, two beautifully decorated Christmas trees, and holiday greens spread throughout the gym, put everyone into a festive mood. Much to the delight of the students, Santa himself made an unexpected appearance and added to his popularity by distributing sweets. After the intermission, during which refreshments were served, all those present joined in singing Christmas Carols. The group singing was led by our Brass Choir. Reuben Heller's Orchestra furnished the music for both the Christmas and Thanksgiving dances. The Winter Hop came next in our series of dances. Reigning supreme over this gala affair, goodfnatured snowmen smiled down from their lofty perches above the baskets, on the merry scene below. Fitting in with the scheme of things were crystal icicles and winter greens. Students danced to the changing tempo of the Nomads Orchestra. Nazareth High completed its social season with a good old barn dance. Girls, dressed in fetching cotton frocks, danced merrily around the gym with their hillfbilly partners clad in blue dungarees and flashy shirts. The Nomads Orchestra provided peppy music for the square sets and folk dances and kept the crowd stepping. Bunches of straw and old' fashioned lanterns added to the originality of the dance and helped to make it a success! 94 7 ll91ll Football Team This year's football team, winning all but two games, lived up to everyone's expectaf tions, especially as they defeated our archfrival, the powerful Wilson squad by a high score. Captain Hildenbrand led his charges through six victories, but the team lost the all' important Bangor game. The heavy, charging line, and light, fast backfield formed an almost unbeatable combination. The punting, passing, and placefkicking was extraf ordinary, and 50 yard punts, 40 yard passes, and 50 yard kickfoffs were expected in most of the games. Although the team won no championships, they played their best, and the games were all interesting. 1946 N.H.S. Opp. 1946 N H S Opp Sept. 20 Shillington .,.. 35 0 Oct. 26 Pen Argyl .... Sept. 28 Washington .... 19 O Nov. 2 Bangor ,..,.,.. Oct. 5 Whitehall, . .,... . . 26 6 Nov. 9 Emmaus .... . . , Oct. 12 Allentown J, V.'s. . . . . 8 0 Nov. 16 East Stroudsburg Oct. 19 Coplay, , ,. .,. 74 7 Nov. 26 Wilson. . . . . . .. Fmt Row: Coach Leh, Assistant Coach Christman, Shoeneberger, W. jandrositz, Tanzos M Keppel Doyle Hanner, Dorozowski, Ueberroth, Giering, Roth, Magditch, Gammer, Assistant Coach Bartolet Second Row: Klepeisz, Dech, Morey, Sullivan, Klusko, Kurtz, Bessenhoifer, Houck, Nagle Fulmer Santo Rissmiller, Senneca, Reinert, Julius, Taylor. 'Third Row: Manager Michael, V. Ferraro, A. Ferraro, Loder, Bayda, Kostenbader, Gollatz D Ferraro Hahn Fourth Row: Kraemer, Bortz, Stoudt, Vogel, Hontz, Neel, Unger, Buck, Kemmerer, Graver, Seyfriecl, Mittemeyer, Pagni, Dlugos, Knecht, Happel Hoadley Wessner Shotwell, F. jandrositz, Campanaro. An.. 1921 First Row: Neel, Heller, Zerfass, Kromer, Master, Ueberroth. Roth. Second Row: Coach Leh, Faculty Manager Cump, Kostenhader, Schoeneberger, Hontz, Dech, Student Manager Thompson. Varsity Basketball After losing the hrst three games, our basketball team went into the league game schedule and came out in a tie for first place in the middle ofthe season. However, we were defeated in the playoffsg but we came back the second half, a determined and revengeful team. Although the scores don't show it, the team played its best to the very end. Captain Kromer, with his stars, Marlyn Roth and "Dick" Ucherroth, scored a great many points. Roth was elected to the league all-star championship team. The alumni game was the last one, and the high school won it by a high score. 19461947 N.H.s. opp. 11 21 ss Dec. ......... . Dec. 13 .... .,.. Dec. 17 .... ,... Dec, 20 .... ..., Palmerton. . . . Whitehall ...... Hellertown ....... South Whitehall ..... . . . Jan. 7 .,.,. .... F ountain Hill ...,. jan. 10. Wilson ......,... jan. 14. Coplay ......,..... . . . jan. 17. East Stroudsburg .... . . . jan. 21. Pen Argyl ...,.... . . . jan. 28. Bangor ..,...., jan. 31 . Hellertown ..... Feb. 4 ..... ..... Feb. 7 ,.... .... Feb. 11 .... ,... Feb. 14 .... .... Feb. 18. . Feb. 21 .... .... Feb. 25 .....,.... March 4 .,......, March 6 ..,...... Hellertown ....... South Whitehall Fountain Hill. . . Wilson .,...... Coplay ........ East Stroudsburg ,,.. . . . Pen Argyl ..... Bangor .,.,.... Alumni ..... 19311 X94 7 Junior Varsity Basketball Under the coaching of "Ed" Christman, the J. V.'s won more games than they lost. The Coplay games were the closest and most exciting. Buck and Correll, the two highest scorers, made points and helped to win many of the games. Captain Hoadley and Roth also made many baskets that counted. First Row: Second Row: 1946-47 N.H.S. Opp. Dec, 11 ,.,. . . , Palmerton. . . . , , , 22 45 Dec. 13 .,.. ,,.. W hitehall ..,. . . . . , 18 54 Dec. 17. . , . Hellertown ,...,.. . . , , 30 23 Dec. 20, . ..., South Whitehall ..... . . . 18 40 -Ian. 7. . . . , Fountain Hill ..... . . . 34 24 jan. 10. , . . . Wilson .,.,.,. , 33 23 jan. 14. . ,.,. Coplay ......,.., 32 30 jan, 17, . ..,. East Stroudsburg, . . . . . 41 36 Jan. 21 . . .... Pen Argyl . . 43 24 jan. 28. . .... Bangor ......, 23 33 Feb. 4 ..... .... H ellertown ..... . 44 36 Feb. 7, . . , . South Whitehall . . , . 14 40 Feb. 11. . , Fountain Hill. . . . 22 39 Feb. 14 .... . . . Wilson, . , . 32 18 Feb. 18 . . . . Coplay .,.,... 43 41 Feb. 21 .,., . . . East Stroudsburg .... . . . 24 33 Feb. 25, , . . . Pen Argyl. . . . . . 51 25 March 4 .... . . Bangor ........ , 34 51 March 6 ,... . . . N. H. S, Seniors. 38 41 M. Roth, Hahn, Happel, Edelman, Correll, R. Hoadley, R. Roth, Buck, Gaston, Gaumer, Hartzell, Mr. Christman, Petraglia, Martin, Alich, Siegfried. N. Hoadley, Flick, Reimer, Lindenmoyer. Stout, Mr, Cump. l94ll 1 .1 Q" Fi1st Row: Bessenhoffer, Karlowitch, Julius, Beers, Gollatz, Taylor. Second Row: Tonay, Dum, Dorozowski, Hanner, Reese, Hildenbrand, Flegler. Third Row: Mr. Cump, Gammer, Houser, Rissmiller, Trach, Abbott, Klusko, Coach Leh, Nardella. Baseball--1946 Last year's baseball team played marvelous ball. The team started the year with the LehighfNorthampton County League Championship, defended it, and this year's squad will try to pass it on. In the play off game, Nazareth won the league championship from Hellertown. As league champions, Nazareth played Bethlehem in the District 11 playoff and was defeated. The pitching was excellent. In the first game with East Stroudsburg, Nardella, whose record was 4 wins and 1 loss, struck out 23 and gave only 1 hit. In the Wilson game, Hanner, whose record was 4 Wins and Z losses, homered to score the only run, thereby winning his own game. 1946 April 16 ........ April 26 April 30 May 3. . May 7. . May 10. May 14, May 17. May 23. May 29. june 4. . june 5. , East Stroudsburg ..., . . Wilson .....,., Hellertown ..... Fountain Hill. . . East Stroudsburg Bangor ........ Wilson .,., , . Hellertown. . . . Fountain Hill. , . Bangor ....,., Hellertown. . . Bethlehem. . NJis.opp 1 0 1 0 5 2 4 2 6 i 7 3 1 2 0 2 7 2 o 5 4 3 2 7 l95l 947 Cheerleadery Who led noisy pep meetings and spurred our football and basketball teams on to victory? None other than our peppy and vivacious cheerleaders. VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Blinton, Nickel, Searles, Altemose, Martino, Sprague, JUNIOR VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Heller, Kahler, Milkovits, Trach, Metz, Kraemer, l96l wi 1:22 lfbLhqV l?a!l Every Tuesday and Thursday after school the girls enjoyed volley ball games. MANAGER: Catherine Edelman ASSISTANT MANAGERS: joan Kline and Louise Roth CLASS Anvlsaaz Miss Franck Idbckey Every Tuesday and Thursday after school the girls had hockey scrimmage. MANAGER: Anna Mae Carty ASSISTANT MANAGERS! Marjorie Frantz and Thelma Flory CLASS Auvrszkz Miss Franck II9711 947 Girly ' Basketball Walking past the gym during the basketball season on both Tuesday and Thursday after school, one could hear shouts of "Shoot!" and "Guard her!" Yes, it's the intramural basketball teams Hghting for the class championships. In the playfoffs joan Kline's team, the sophomore champions, played Betty jane Nagle's team, junior champions. Kline's team defeated Nagle's and went on to play Margaret Klump's senior champs team. In the final game Klump's team defeated Kline's and took the championship. MANAGER: Betty Jane Nagle ASSISTANT MANAGER: Violet Gaumer CLASS Anvrsizkz Miss Franck SOPHOMORE TEAMS Name Captain Won Lost Little Lulus. . . ...... joan Kline .,...,.. . . . 2 0 Star Dusters. . , . . Phyllis Metz. . . . , 1 1 The Onions. , . . Marjorie Frantz. . . . . 0 2 JUNIOR TEAMS Blue and White Champs .....,.. Betty jane Nagle .,.. . 2 0 Eager Beavers ..,......... . . . Dorothy Kahler, . . . . 0 2 SENIOR TEAMS The Stinkers .... . . , Margaret Klump, ..., . 2 0 The Cagers. . , . , , Mary Hadl ..,,., . . . . . 1 1 Nameless .......,.,.,......... Anne Woodward ,......,,.,,. O 2 ll98ll F Kd tu res U II 794 7 If only every female member of the class of '47 had Dorothy Heckman's hair Fanny Mitch's complexion Annie Martino's eyes Lois Shimer's dimples Joanne Unangst's smile Jane Thompson's sportsmanship Bernice Minnich's figure Teresa Stohl's clothes Alice Rice's dignity Elaine Frack's neatness Janie Blinton's pertness Lorraine Sprague's personality Kathryn Woodring's sense of humor Anne Woodward's vivaciousness Clara Redline's dancing ability Lois Mohn's disposition Ruth Stetler's musical talent Theresa Yavorski's perseverance Jean Nickel's athletic ability Miriam Noll's flirtatiousness if? If only every male member of the class of '47 had: Tony Hanner's hair Leopold Keppel's brains Jimmy Thompson's eyes Raymond Reagan's voice Joseph Lakatos' car Herbie Dorozowskfs physique Dickie Ueberroth's athletic ability John Kondikoffs sense of humor John Giering's dimples Chris Wagner's clothes Wally Frey's money Walter Wunderly's sportsmanship Conrad Neuner's scientific mind George Michael's dancing ability Donald Ervin's perseverance Jimmie Burley's piano technique Reuben Heller's lungs Gus Hildenbrand's profile John Knecht's woltishness Chester Sherer's experience ll100ll CHEMICAL EQUATIONS Dickie Ueberroth-l-basketball -P 2 points victory Conrad Neuner-kchemicals -P no more Conrad Bill Day-l-Miss Sloat -P appointment at 3:30 Gym Class -1-exercises -P groans -l-sore muscles Leopold Keppel-I-work -P Cno reactionb Eric Doll-l- jokes -P corn Theresa Yavorski-I-chemistry test -P 100 percent Lois Shimer+car -P a walk for gas Miss Botto-l-study hall -P Shhhh! Bunsen burner -4-hydrogen sulfide -P stink ii? PRESTO . . . CHANGO! Roof garden complete with beach umbrellas and lounging chairs Escalators and elevators Taxi service to and from school Coke machines replacing fountains Tramways to carry books from class to class Swimming pool and bowling alleys in the gym Books complete with answers Cafeteria open at all hours Individual radios and telephones at each desk Human models in the art room Name band at the Prom Bing's croon to announce the change of classes Automatic drills to scratch names on wood Fortune teller to predict unexpected tests A Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Students 1110111 794 7 102 Mae Ackerman Viola Ambrose Lester Anderson Samuel Aristide Carl Ashenfalder Martha Bickert Margaret Bitz Jane Blinton Vera Bonney James Burley Anna Mae Carty Stanley Christman Frances Condomitti Norma Cressman Sidney Cumberland A. William Day, Jr. Elsie Deutsch Mary Didovitz Albert Dlugos Eric Doll Herbert Dorozowski Brent Doyle Doris Eherts Catherine Edelman Evelyn Edwards Francis Engler Donald Ervin Sarah Faust Gerald Fehnel Betty Fehr Edward Fehr Sterling Fehr James Ferraro Edwin Flick Elaine Frack Marion Frack Thomas Franczak Dorothy Frantz Wallace Frey Lee Fritz John Giering Clemence Gower Harriet Gower Sterling Graver Mary Groller Miriam Gruber Donald Gum Mary Hadl Bernice Hagenbuch Anthony Hanner Dorothy J. Heckman Reuben Heller Boosters William Herbst Dale Hildenbrand Robert Hoffman Dorothy Houck Charmaine Hutchison Richard Huth Elizabeth Kemmerer Leopold Keppel Harry Kern Franklin Kessler William Kleintop Nelson Klotz Margaret Klump John Knecht David Kolb John Kondikoif Williard Kromcr Harold Lahr Joseph Lakatos Joyce Lakey Eugene Lauhach Shirley Leh Helen Leiby Mary Jean Lerch A. Ray Brong Thelma Lewis Lorraine Lilly Doris Mack Jean Mackey John Magditch Anita Martino Victoria Meixsell George Michael Agnes Milkovits Roberta Millheim Bernice Minnich Raymond Minnich Fanny Mitch Lois Mohn Edward Morse James Murdoca Herman Nagel Florence Nardella Conrad Neuner Jean Nickel Miriam Noll Adeline Parenti Josephine Polanski Kenneth Rash Raymond Reagan Clara Redline Asher Reese Earl Reese Joseph Reichel Sherwood Remaley Alice Rice Claude Rohrbach Katherine Roth Mildred Roth Wilson Roth Richard Rupert Howard Saylor Elaine Schaffer Virginia Schlamb Jean Searles Anthony Searock Theresa Shatz Chester Sherer Lois Shimer Herbert Sillies Carl Smith David Smith William Smith Lorraine Sprague Frank Stampf Diane Stark Ruth Stetler Gloria Stettler Theresa Stohl Gerald Stoudt Joseph Tanzos Isabelle Thomas James Thompson Jane Thompson Tony Todora Marie Tokarzk Carl Trach Gloria Trach Marcellus Trach Richard Ueberroth Jean Uhler Joanne Unangst Caroline Ursprung Charles Wagner Betty Jane Werkheiser Lorraine Werkheiser Marie Werkheiser Ruth Werkheiser Kathryn Woodring Anne Woodward Shirley Wunderly Walter Wunderly Theresa Yavorski Lawrence Zeiner Wilson Zerfass JJIOSJJ 947 Miss Am Knauss 4 and Mrs. Ray Ackerman Mrs. Chas. V. Mr. Alpaugh Mr. and Mrs. John E. Anderson Mr. and Mrs, Burton F. Andrews Mr. and Mrs. Sam Aristide Mr. and Mrs. Edward P. Barrall Dr. and Mrs. S. G. Beck Mr. and Mrs. Merle Bickert Mr. and Mrs. John R. Blinton Mr, and Mrs. Elmer Bonney Mrs. M. Borden Dr. and Mrs. Reuben I, Brazina Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Clinton L. Bunn Paul Burley Miss Dorothy Cerrone Mr. and Mrs. Courtland S, Cressman Mr. and Mrs. Worthy J. Cumberland Mr. and Mrs, A. William Day Mr. and Mrs. Don Detwiler Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Deutsch Mr. and Mrs. Martin Deutsch Mr. and Mrs. Frank Didovitz Rev, and Mrs. Walter H. Diehl Mr. and Mrs. Peter Donello Mr. and Mrs. Bruce I. Doyle, Sr. Mr. Frank Eberts Mr. and Mrs. Harvey I. Edelman Mr. and Mrs. William Edelman Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Edwards Mr, and Mrs. John A. Faust Mr. and Mrs. Forrest F. Fehnel Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Flick Mr. and Mrs. Preston Flory Mr. and Mrs. Walter T. Fogel Miss Kathryn Mr. and Mrs. I. Follweiler Paul F. Frack Patron Lzkt Herman's Mrs. Anna Hoffman Mr. and Mrs, Paul E. Houck Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hutchison Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs: Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mis Floyd Kauffman Donald C. Keller Lovine L. Keller Leopold Keppel William H, Kessler Milton Kline Y and Mrs. Charles J. Knauss Chas. E. Knecht and Mrs. J. Frederic Knecht and Mrs. Wilhelm H. Knecht and Mrs. Lester E. Koehler and Mrs. Lester E. Kratz s Lorraine E. Kratzer . Frank Lahr Michael Lakatos Albert Lakey . Walter Laubach . Lester C. Lerch Russell Lerch . Russell A. Lilly Lester Longenhach . Paul R. Mackey F. A, Marcks Anthony Martino . John Meixsell . Paul Meyers Mr. Gerald Kurtz Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. George W. Michael Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. Leslie Milkovits Robert E. Millheim E. D. Morse and Mrs. Charles J. J. Nagel Miss Margaret Franck Mr. and Mrs. Ezra M, Frantz Miss Henrietta Frantz Dr. and Mrs. John A, Fraunfelder Mr. and Mrs. Lee Fritz Mr. and Mrs. Walter Fry Mrs. J. H. Fulmer Rev. Mr. and Mrs. Robert I. Giering and Mrs, Chester Gower Mr. and Mrs. Heber S. Graver Mr, and Mrs. John Groller Mr. and Mrs. Howard V, Gruber Mr. Geary Gum Mr. and Mrs. Louis J. Hadl Mr. and Mrs. John H. Hagenbuch Dr. and Mrs. R. B, Halberstadt Mrs. Sadie Haldeman Mr. and Mrs. Harold Harron Mr. and Mrs. Albert G. Neel Mr. and Mrs. Charles Nicholas Miss Florence L. Nicholas Dr. and Mrs. W. Calvin Nickel Mr. Stanley Ostrowski Miss Corinne M. Ott Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Parenti Attorney and Mrs. Walter L. Pete Dr. and Mrs. H. C. Pohl Mr. and Mrs. John Polzer Mr. Harry Port Mr. and Mrs. John G. Redline Betty L Reese Miss . Mr. and Mrs. Earl H. Reese Mr, Franklin H, Reese Mr. and Mrs. Howard J. Reese Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Reichel Dr. and Mrs. Earl B. Hartman Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. George Heckman William Heckman Charles A. Herbst Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Reimer Mr. and Mrs. Grant Remaley Mr. and Mrs. Spencer M. Reph Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Rice 510411 IS Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Rodgers Mrs. Effie Rohrbach Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs, Mr. and Mrs. Elwood Rohrbach Chester Roth Edgar Roth Elwood Roth Roland Roth Mr. and Mrs. Russell Roth Mr. and Mrs. Idus R. Rupert Miss Belva Saricks Mr. and Mrs. Allen Schaeffer Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Schlamb Mr. and Mrs. Henry Schlegel Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Schnerr Miss Pearl E. Dr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Dr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Attorney and Mr. and Mrs. Schnerr W. L. Scum: Maurice R. Searles John Senneca E. A. N. Seyfried Theodore Shafer John Shatz Benjamin M. Shimer Mrs, Charles L. Shimer David D. Smith Miss Marion A. Smith Mr. and Mrs. William J. Smith Mr. and Mrs, A. Russell Snyder Rev. and Mrs. H. C. Snyder Mr. and Mrs. Harold Sprague Mr. and Mrs. Frank Stampf' Mr. and Mrs. George Stetler Mr. and Mrs. Clinton Stettler Mr, and Mrs, William Stohl Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Tanzos Mr. and Mrs, Victor H. Thomas, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Basil M. Thompson Dr. and Mrs. Frank V. Thompson Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Tokarzk Mr, and Mrs. Michael Tomino Mr. and Mrs. Donald Trach Mr. and Mrs. Harry Troxell Mr. and Mrs. Dr. and Mrs. Miss Miriam L Mr. and Mrs. Dr. and Mrs. F Mr. and Mrs. Mr, and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Uhler C Uhler Unangst Herman Ursprung N Wagner Floyd Walters Augustine C, Weinhofe Edward H. Werkheiser John A. Werkheiser N, . Mr. and Mrs. Elwood J. Unangst M Mrs. Martha Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. John Winn Mr . and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr, and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. . Werkheiser Paul F. Werkheiser Stanley R. Woodring John L. Woodward Kermit Wunderly Paul T. Wunderly Peter F. Yeisley Robert Ziegler I ,,,-a f f' Q M, ,.2Kfi?---'Q-iweafbl-. ,. -..M , . ,rr Q -.fvagwwfuiaw ' ' 1. 4 14 ,-' 1' L . X , .,,--- qv, - Q21 ,- ,, f rw: - ,,g --M2 ' . ,Ss -. 'j-N Amish' ' 75: - f- ' 1 ' - , V f W X-W ' ...v .f f ' f Y '- "X, , 'five-P,ffz4"":m1,.,y1- A . - V 5: . . , .5 -3 ' 'ff-E 'W iz- f 4 Y , , 1 -, V n 1. - x . , 5 ., mv.-wi., 1 F ' V wx-ff v -J-1 my .1 s , v -.11 , fea uwfff N M' X . Jil-1-ii L Vw 2 . : - - ii . A Xl f l N93 - 34 1 Q--' J:,,f ,JS 5 . ,i nf-M, Q, . - va V N' 1 a:i , gj-f:'A'f',g,fa':a1-1'7" mf, ,V f - , ff V 1 MQ V J , '1 H -'-4:fQ4L-f'1+1-1 +V' - W' - -. ' 2 , 1 1411- J . f, ' 'lfg' - ,4,ff'+ ' ' 1 "" - -3- . - ,' .zwiix - 'f' 'f 4' , f' .. iff'-1 'Hv1 ' 1: , ' ' 5 z a . ,gf :Q ,, . 1' . :m g - ' f glwg, .:f,.m."'r1Sg1f-z.m.fq95,f,ffmvx Tm, g,, ,. , 1. ,L Q M X ,,L,W . ,.,,,, W, A N2 5, . 1 - .- 1,' ' -- . .. , . ,z W aqui. Q V M Q-53, . 5 ww , 1 df, 555 ' V A afar , 1 , A - 5 " f-fi. . ' -- , ' 1' -'ff X 1.+- 2, , 1, -tg. J ' ' ' ' im fr" " ' 15 E55 "' l ' J L, -i f.g,.::fw , , A-b.+ z..Q sw , , ww f . .1 X. .4 K 5: 5, M. , . , yew my fl, :u k A 5, , . ' ' 71 1,-ffsvfiff .NNV4 M fi ' ? .ffgf rfii :'if'Efg5?ZZ5N1 37 - ': ,ii'5f4 w e Fifi! 'Q AQ, if ., xxil 1 ,Q fp'-t 1 f wk agjyi' -1 ,:. , ,, .- l -:Q--'41-ga -ew.-,., f -1 5. ,. 1- , vig, fg gy .V , , y y-11fi1':4fZissz' j 5 1 n,Q,gP1! ,Q 1, 1, . 5 S Mn y , , 1 , . if A . , -rg z' Y ik Y ', -3- ' Y ,Gaia 5 pf w "":-W"jg,":'f 1? f 4522, ,-f. 5,3 2 1 '-YH f f ' v f ' wif 'ww , uw , nf . Mfr .V ,fy . ,. . W if A - , W, Q' ,gif f . -4 Shiga. '. -- V1-' 1-ff n 5 1--:za-1:1531 -fx f 1 1 wig, Q f A . - . ,Q Fx- -' if f 'A f Q ' 1 11-f.v f..w. . -smug. 'H' .- M, MH .: 4- me . 5 4.12 f'+'vQ:9. :fl .. 1. f ti- ' Q gem f X ff - - X M--f TL .Te V Fe his if 4 A vi .ff- 'K' 'aah -Q . 4:92 . 1 'F 12.191 ' f -' N F ? - if A 1- A '2f:4 Q: ..2.L mcse ' "1 'Tp " ' 'E M ' ' uw- " u J ' 'EfQ"? J6W x " ' . "Q in , x , . ,,,, 4 , T5 , ,, "1 - ':i' s5i5?Kfis+ " "1ff'- .XT ' ifiil Q + Aa' ertisem en ts U4 7 1110511 a E was a master because he tool: infinite Pains. We are his earnest disciples? N K 510611 i fy.-. - ,I - I-Y 1 .S-f Th W 'll f W ' To be a successful saver you must overcome obstacles, forego some pleasures and practice a little self-denial . . . in brief, you must have the will to win. But isn't the attainment of financial independence well worth any price you may pay? NAZARETH NATIUNAL BANK WAND TRUST COMPANY NAZARETH, PA. Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporatzon X94 7 Congratalafiom az to Graduates . . . To the young men and women of the Class of l-L7 we say, "Good lVork and Good Luckf' Some of you will go into business, some will marry, some will go to college. You all will find, sooner or later, that a close relationship with a sound bank is a valuable asset in life. Wie extend an invitation to all of you to make this bank your bank. Start an account here, learn about our services, get acquainted with us. But wherever your path may lead, we wish you a bright and pros- perous future. -H - u-1..w - P-l'45'5f?:kE?55H4"'M . ,qi:QQQQigi3ffE!gi9 if-f:,':fi4'4 , 334 seamen S537 HATEHNIAL I . W Lzftmt B!3.Nll unllhou ' V" -:JW U ii ,sf '2 are 655-ll ' 5 ' ,Q to 5 x...,,-3.-J.. NAZARETH, PENNA. A Member, Federal Reserve A Member, Federal Deposit System Bank I nsarance Corporation Bank IUOSH Nazareth Cement Co O General Ojice: NAZARETH, PA. '55 Sales Ofi7:C6S.' 4-1 East 42nd Street Commercial Trust Building NEVV YORK CITY PHILADELPHIA E5 PRODUCTSI Nazco IIigl1-lflarly Strength Portland Cement Nazareth Portland Cement Nazareth lllortar Cement ll109ll U4 7 NAZARETH STEEL FABRICATURS, INC. STEEL PLATE CONSTRUCTION LIGHT STRVCTITRAL STEEL SCREW CONVEYORS ENGINEERINC 'If G. A. SMITH, President H. J. Em:LMAN, Vice-President L. E. ACKERMAN, Vice-President P. E. Mmvmzs, Secretary-Treasurer 1111011 CUMPLIMENTS to the NAZARETH HIGH SCHOOL FACULTY and BEST WISIIES tothe ENTIRE CLASS OF 194-7 Q HERCULES CEMENT GURPURATIUN Plant STOCKERTOWN, PENNA. Ojices PHILAD1 LPHIA - Nxcw YURK - BOSTON 511111 U4 7 No No No No. Pennsylvania-Dixie Cement Corporation NAZARETH, PE NN SYLYA NIA PDRTLAN D 1 KINGSPORT, TENN. 2 CLINCHFIFILD, GA. 3 IIICHARD CITY, FFICNN. 4 NAZARETII, PA. 1 PLANTS No No. No. No. 5 PENN ALLEN, PA. 6 BATH, PA. 7 PORTLAND POINT, N. Y. 8 VVFIST DES MOINIAIS, IOXVA I11211 Keystone Portland Cement Co. BATH, PENNSYLVANIA Manufacturers of KEYSTUNE PORTLAND CEMENT "A Better Cernentu VELRUCA HIGH-EARLY STRENGTH "A Perfect High Early Strength Portland Cement" KEYSTUNE DARK CEINIENT "A U niform Color Dark Cement" 5 Gem-ral Offim-sz 1400 S. PENN SQUARE PHILADFI PHIA. PA. Sales Offices: PHILADFLPIIIA - Nlcw YORK - BOSTON 1111311 947 MERIN STUDIOS Specialists in Yearbook Photography Providing Highest Quality Wlorkmanship and Efficient Service for lVIany Outstanding Schools and Colleges Yearly. il? Offcial Photographers to the 1947 Comet 'ik Some portraits appearing in this publication have been placed on file in our Studios, and can be duplicated at any time for personal use. lVrite or call us for further information . il? 1010 CHESTNUT STREET PHILADELPHIA '7, PENNA. 511411 CSubsidiary of Julius Kayser Cf C0.D SALES OFFICE . . . 366 BROADWAY, NEW YORK MILLS . . . NAZARETH, PA. There are styles to suit ages from I to I6 years. Infants, shirts and panties, chilflren,s waist suits, boys' and misses' union suits in various styles and fabrics, boys' athletic shirts and shorts. Also, Nazareth Sleepers in one and two-piece styles. All retail at popular prices. Compliments of. . . Stanley J. Hahn GENERAL BIERCHANDISE Fruits . . . Vegetables . . . M eats it Plwne: Nazarel ll 9023 511511 U4 7 ' J H zm I er 5 CLEANERS Sa DYERS Ask about our COLD STORAGE VAULT For FUR COATS FUR SCARFS LADIES COATS LJVICRCOATS SUITS DRESSES Call Nazareth 451-J or 543 Stores in Nazareth Bethlehem Easton Compliments of . . . Kraemer Hosiery Co. '55 NAZARETH, PA. E11611 Compliments of . . . DetweiIer's Road Side Market FRESH FRUIT, PRODUCE, AND GROCERIES Q FREE DELIVERY Phone 522-R-11 Located on Road Leading from Cherry Hill to Wind Gap Gkfdkdtdan, For zip and go, drive on Fleet-Wing Gasoline. For happy landings, lubricate on genuine Flee!-Wing Oil and Grease. ITEET-WING FORREST F. FEHNEL, Manager Blain and Easton Road N zmzareth, Pa. f94 7 ff117H Compliments of . . . Eedon Electric Co. FRIGIDAIRE APPLIANCES REFRIGERATORS, RANGES, WATER HEATERS, RADIOS, VVASHERS, FREEZERS 6 Phone 663 111 South Blain Street N2lZil1'Ct11, I R. E. Ziegler, Inc. DODGE - PLYBIOUTH Sales and Service if? Easton 7288 Nazaretll 355 H1181 FARMERS' MUTUAL FIRE INSURANCE CUMPANY UE NURTHAMPTUN CUUNTY INc'oR1'o1:A'r1-nn Miuuru 17, 1845 Insures for FIRE - LIGHTNING - STORM - EXTENDED COVERAGE Over a Century of Dependable Service if Farmers' Mutual Building 72 S. Main Street Nazareth, Pa. Geo. II. Welty, President R. S. Ifrailrlo, Treasurer The Nazareth Coal 81 Lumber Co. COAL - LUMBER HARDIVARE and BUILDING MATERIAL Building Paper, Lead, Paints, Varnishes Admiral Electric Refrigerators GJ Radios, Horton Electric Washers, Lehigh "Blue', Coal 430 and -A36 S. Main Street Nazareth, Pa. 511911 U4 7 'iv if HIC H f RMXD1' DAIRY PRUD1 Q PS f ww " Wzllowdale I H Farmy . ' 'P , ff ,'flA ' T. D. KOSTENBAIJEIQ 8: SoN Phone 132 ur 117 Shook 81 Toth PLUMBING AND HEATING CONTRACTORS 3 Office: 101 NORTH GREEN STREET NAZARETH, PA. Phone 706 Store Phone 433 Office STOKERS ELECTRICAL AND :XPPLIANCES OIL BURNERS SALES - SERVICE H1201 Zollinger- Harned's The Department Store That Gives "S Cr' H " Greert Stamps HAMILTON STREET NEAR SIXTH ALLENTOWN, PA. George N. Miller FARINIALL TRACTORS MCCORMICK DEERING FARM EQUIPMENT Sales and Service W GENERAL MERCHANDISE, FLOUR, FEED, SEEDS, FERTILIZER, AND SPRAY MATERIAL 5 Bushkill Centre Nazareth, Pa., R. D. 2 HIZIH 794 7 THE TRUMBOWER COMPANY D IGALICRS IN Coal - Lumber - Crushed Stone Building Blaterial and Ready lVIiXed Concrete Blain Office Easton Road Phone 798 or 799 NAZARETH, PA. f 3 Brunch Office 23 S. Main Street Phone 157 CONCIRATULATION S Floyd Wi Schmidt "MORTICIAN" Mcensed in Pennsylvania and New J ersey 3 Pl 1c11x e 15 Cor. Belvidere SL Fairview Sts. Nazareth, Pd IIZZH Compliments of . . . Solt Chevrolet CI'II'1YRUl,E'l' and ULlJSlNIOl5ILE Sales and Service N H! 4-0 S, Broad Street Nazareth, Pu. WELK'S Mobilgas SERVICE STATION J O11N W1-:1,K, Proprietor Gas, Oils, Accessories, and Certified Car Lubrication ? Phone 9003 BROAD AND CENTRE STREETS NAZARETH, PA. 1312311 94 7 Compliments of . . . 122 S HOMMER'S RESTAURANT AND SODA FOUNTAIN M b E NAZARF P OUTH AIN TTR ,TH, Compliments of . . . H away P. Dietz 3 PHOTOGRAPHER 5 b tl W1 bt t Nazarc th, P 512411 KEPPEL'S PIONEER SELF SERVICE MARKETS CHR CENTRE STNUT STREET - BATH 3 Phone 4921 3 SQUARE 5 NAZARETH, PA. Compliments of . . . "EVER Honfz 'J YDAY ESSENTIALSU '55 195 South Main Street Nazarvth, Pa. HIZSH 794 7 Elmds Restaurant 16 Bl-:LVIDI-:RE S'rRm:'r NAZARIfITII, PA Short Orders Our Specialty 3 Sunday Dinners Paramount Portrait Studio NPORTRAITS OF- QUALITYH '52 Phono Easton 2-5 14-l 4-52 NORTHAMPTON STREET f0ppositc State Theatrej E12611 TATAMY WELDING COMPANY Blanufacturerscf Blend Spechdties GUSTAV BRAUN, Prop. Job Welding - Electric and Acetylene Sales Now and Used Welmiing Machines and Dual Arc Gas Driven WVcldcrs Eislor Spot-VVolding Equipmvnt to your specifications F PHONE EASTON 2-7166 TATAMY, PENNSYLVANIA Compliments of . . . William Klipple Bus Lines BATH, PA. 8 1112711 947 Gut Best wishes to the Members of Nazareth High School Class of ,47 Compliments of . . . The Ulintnne Ztauuse Broad Street at Belvidere N azareth, Pa. Geo. S. Messinger, President Geo. F. Rmzsn, Treasurer 9 People s Coal and Supply Co. Dealers in COAL, LUMBER, HARDWARE AND BUILDING MATERIAL Building Paper, Leml, Paints, Varnishos Old Companys Lehigh and Lehigh Valley Coal use PIIONEZ NAZARPITH 483 STOCKERTOWN, PA. 512311 Barnlzarziv Marker FRI'ITS - VEGETABLES - FISH T2 Phone 214 4-9 BICLVIDERE STRI-:RT NAZARETH, PA. CHURCHMAN BUSINESS COLLEGE "A Thorough Business Training School" C. E. CHURCHMAN, Principal Now Loca COURSES FOR IIIGH SCHOOL AND C Advanced Accounting Business Administration Executive-Secretarial DAY AND lava Mcxmlmcr of the National Association of Ac A roved by the Pennsylvania State Committee PP Standards for Private Bus Free Placement Service 355 SPRING GARlJI'IN STREIAYI' led in Our New College Building ES OLLEGE QQRADUAT Junior Accounting General Business Stcnographic NING SESSIONS credited Commercial Schools OH iness Schools Catalog mailed upon request EASTON, PA. U4 7 M2911 Compliments of . . . Ralph F. Heckman RIEATS - GIIUCEIIIES - ICE CREANI Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Frozen Foods Phone 376 105 Belvidere Street Nazareth, Pa MESSINGER MANUFACTURING COMPANY TATAMY, PENNA. wr ' v2 Manufacturers of Dusters - Threshers - Dust Bfixers - Seed Treaters Corn Shellers - VVo0dw0rking Blachines 512,011 Compliments of , . . Nazareth Dress Manufacturing Co. 5 Phono 716 3 124 PROGRESS AVENUE N'AZARE'TII, PA. For Quality and Service IH Nazareth Motor PRINTING Company Come to Buick Sales - Service oung S ress Q Y ' P ik F. J. SCIII-IICTZ, Prop. Phono Q30-R Q if 127 East High Street Nazareth, Pa. Phono 388 NORTH NEW STREET NAZARETH, PENNA. 794 7 1113111 Compliments of . . . Shop at - KIEFER'S C. F. Martln 8: CO. For Inc. , , , N Pzunts-Hardware-bportmg floods- Establislu-fl 1833 Delta and Porter Cable Power Tools M akers of Q . PHONE 6176 Nfartln GllltHPS - lllandolins and Ukuleles ik NAZARETH, PA. J. NI. KIEFER 460 Northampton Street Easton, Pa. There was a very old miser Who bought a brand new Kaiserg When the car broke down, He was ten miles from town And now the old miser is wiser. 'ACl'lTiS Wagner. KOCH BROTHERS Shoes for the lvhole Family ,... . -, vt" ' CENTRE SQUARE EASTON, PA. swlii 9' an. , 'Ir lNIen,s and Young llenls Clothing and lFllI'l'llSlllHg'S t CENTRE SQUARE N. E. CORNER .-XLLENTOKVN, PA. ll132ll Compliments of . . . LEE SUCKS FRANK G. KEIM Man 'J Store "Complete Electrical Servicen 15? Q 21 SOUTH THIRD ST1uc14:T EASTON, PA. Phone 174 224- MAUCH CHUNK STREET N,AZARETH There once was a horse named Dick, Who figured that he was quite slick. He jumped and he tore And he knocked down the door Which was of course a mean little trick. 4Frank Kessler Elwood S. Rohrbach GENERAL REPAIR WORK AND FARM MACHINERY Oficial Inspection Station Phone: Nazareth 30-R-2 ROUTE 1 BETHLEH1-JM, PA. Nazareth Planing Mill Co. Manufacturers of "lNIll.LVVORK OF QUALITYH Sash Doors - Shutters - Blinds Frames - Colonnades - Stairwork Moulding - Interior Trim, Etc. PROSPECT AND GREEN STREETS NAZARETH, PA. U4 7 H1331 FRACK 81 LEH AUTHORIZED SALES AND SERVICE Telephone lil-L NAZARHTL1, PA. Paff SC Darrohn Square Deal Garage PONTIAC G. M. C. TRUCKS Sales . . . Service Q Phone 8 Q5 SOUTH BROAD STRR1-:T NAZARETH, PA. A jailfbird whose name was McGee After many long years was set free. Then with his friend Hank He held up a bankg McGee is now back in "cell threen! 'JOE-H716 Unzmgst Compliments of . . . Compliments of . . . St. Regis Paper Co. Frank Huth 85 Sons BATES XVALVIC BAG IDIVISION il? Manufacturers of PAPER BAGS for Flour - Cement - Plaster Ground Limestone - Gypsum and Other Pulverized Products NAzAm:'r11, PA. Q INSURANCE that can be dcpcndecl upon in an emergency Telephone 177 513411 Compliments of . . . Compliments of . . . Cherry Hill Hotel Phone Al-95-J-2 ROUTE 2 NAZARETH, P A. Fellzer 'J Studio il? Phone 2-54-73 208 NORTHAMPTON STREET EASTON, PA. There was a young lady so thin, That a rnan she could never Wing She cried, then she sighed, For at least she had tried, Even though quite a fool she had been. fCa1oline Ursprung Compliments of . . . C. W. Hartman BELFAST, PA. il? MEAT - ICE CREAM Bushkill Paper Co. "Everything in Paperw sPEc'1AL1sTs IN IND USTRIA I, PAPERS Towels - Cups - Containers W'rapping Papers - Bags - Twine Butcher Papers - Toilet Tissues Toys and Novelties Office Supplies - Grocers Papers 1220 NORTHAMPTON STREET EASTON, PA. Telephone 8144--l-5 947 ll135H Michael Bucchi and Sons Electric Shoe Rebuilding and Shoe Shining Q 452 SOUTH EIAIN STREET N,AZ.ARl5TH, PA. Compliments of . . . Kepler's Coal Co. Coal and Fuel Uil 'ik EASTON, PA. Propellers, Slashing and lashing invisible circles Gracefully pointing their slender blades skyward. Shimmering, glimmering silvery knives Whirring and purring Creating the power To lift the grey and mechanized hird Majestically into the vast realm of space. -joanne Ummgst Raymond D. Teel GENERAL CONTRACTOR AND BUILDER Specialist in Roofing - Siding - Insulation Tile Bathrooms - Tile Kitchens Hardwood Floors Also Concrete Work Johns-Manville Shingles a Specialty PHONE NAZARDZTH 143-R 216 SOUTH VVHITFIELD STREET NAZARPJTH, PA. I. Schwartz 6? Son H. T. VANNATTA, Mgr. HOME OUTFITTERS Furniture - Rugs Stoves and Bedding ik 540 SOUTH M,AIN STREET lYAZARETH, PA. 1115611 Compliments of . . . N AZARETH ARTIFICIAL ICE CO. The Leader Store COR. MAIN AND BICLVIDERIC STREETS NAZARIITII, PA. FRANCIS FLIc'K, Distributor il? IVICARING APPAREL Q for the Entire Family Phone Q69 STYLED . . RIGIIT NAZARI-DTH, PA- PRICED . RIGHT There was a young man from Wechauken Who always did plenty of squakin'! One day at the game He did just the sameg Now with no teeth he does little talkin'! fDono.ld Ervin R. f. Bartholomew FUNERAL DIRECTOR ik Q11 EAST CENTER STREET NAZARI4ZTII, PA. Roy T. Fehnel GENERAL BUILDING CONTRACTOR Q Phone Nazareth: Office lfll Residence 131 Shop 131 ROIITE No. 3, NAZARPITII BELFAST, PA. 794 7 1113711 Congratulations! ! ! To the CLASS OF '47 si? G. C. Murphy Co. "The Friendly Store" wilt NAZARETH, PA. NAZARETH TOOL AND SUPPLY CO. I'n'r1f:R F. YEISLEY, Prop. Q Phone 77 150 South lNIain Street Nazareth, Pa. My aunt was so terribly fat: I always feared when she satg The chairfit would break A fall she would take And squash her poor little cat. fjames Burley Compliments of . . . T ovlz 's Inn RUSSELL C. YOUNG, Prop. Phono Nazareth 9036 STOCKERTOWN. PENNA. BROAD STREET MEAT MARKET E. II. KIGRN, Prop. HOME DRESSED FRESH Sz SMOKED MEATS POULTRY Si? 105 South Broad Street Nazareth. Pa. H13811 Compliments Of. h t We Specialize in . . . Young Blenls Suits a Sport Coats and Slacks THE 1NIAN'S STQJRE Shoes and Hats Popular Priced Clothing Q for Young Men Henry Schlegel if 13-17 BELVIDERE STREET N.AZARETH, PA. ALLENTOWN, PA. We give S Sz H Green Stamps Porky, a very fat hog One day wandered out On the bog. A man shot and drilled her Immediately killed herg Now Porky is only a hot dog. joarme Ummgst Lawn Nlowers Sharpenerl SL llcpaireil BETHLEHEM BUSINESS COLLEGE BETIILEHEINI, PA. Keys Cut - Locks llcpairecl SPECIALIZING IN AUTO KEYS 5oth Year Safety Glass AN APPROVED BUSINESS TRAINING SCHOOL Tools Sharpenecl Complete Secretarial, Accounting, Busi- See ness Administration and Business , Machine Courses Clayton Mesyznger Day and Evening Sessions Phone I3-L AsK EOR ANNUAL BULLETIN PINE STREET NAZARETII, PA. X94 7 Compliments of . . . Compliments of . . . Anthony f. Ferrara Clinton D. Frantz SHOES Q iff MAIN S'rRif:E'r 108 SOUTH MAIN STREET STOCKERTOWN, PA. NAZARETH, PA. MISS SLOAT: "After all, Bill, you're not the only fish in the ocean." BILL DAY: UNO, but I'm the biggest!" Compliments of. . . J A Lopresti R- D- Lflmbfff Milk Cimiiiis - Milking Machines Stanchlons em Automatic Typing Pick-up Bzilcr Massey-Harris Farm Maicllincry JEWELER Q JU' PHONE NAZARb1TII 660-R-I NAZARETH, PA. S'roc'KnRTowN, PA. ll140ll Compliments of . . . None to Compare For Value and Wear The American Hotel Dining Room Open 11:30 to 1:30 .IcZC0l7 fllclydi' and 5 to 8 DEHCIOUS CLOTHIER HOME COOKING Q if 1410110 9045 53 YEARS ON TIIE SQUARE 202 SOUTH MAIN STREET EASTON, PA. NAZARETII, PENNSYLVANIA There was a young man who said, "I'd rather stay single than wed." He met her in june Beneath a bright moon And soon to the altar was lead. f'Tl1eresa Tavorski ii? Compliments of . . . Snyder Milling Co. BLUE MOUNTAIN CONSOLIDATED WATER W COMPANY X I. .Ik Extends its Compliments QL Z STAR X to the 5 1:5 Zu'-:X CLASS OF ,47 PHONE 145 lk NAZARETII, PA. 947 76 Beautiful Compliments of . . . Buyhleill Park MANAGEMENT OF THOS. V. LONG iz. D. Q, EASTON, PA. FIRE INSURANCE CO. Q Organized 1867 Boating, Bathing, Baseball, Coaster, Camping, Dancing, Fun Housc, Rollcr 753 Skating, Dining, Picnic Tables Open All Year for Roller Skating, Doggie Roasgs, Etc. 52 Sovru MA1N STREET NAZARETH, PA. Phono 6941 Phonc 2-9355 Cornplacently she looked around, Carefully tucked in her leg. Confidently without a sound The chicken laid her egg . . . -joarme Unangst HARVEY AND WALTER FRANTZ Quality Fruit BUILDING CONTRACTORS APPLE5 AND PEACHES Armstrong Linoleum Screens - Storm Doors - Storm Sashes ik Floor Sanding - Hardwood Floors Q JOHNNY FOX HARVEY FRANTZ VVALTER FRANTZ 123 N. New St. 18 E. High St. STOCKERTOWVN, PA. Phone 793 Phone 698-J E14211 Lewis J. Male Compliments of . . . Painting, Paper Hanging, and F1001' Sanding BINNEY 8: SMITH COMPANY Q ik P11oN1c NAZARI-ITII 686-J BIGLFAST, PA. Miss SLOAT: "Contrary to fact statements take what mood?" BRIGHT STUDENT: ulndigestivelu Compliments of . . . S. J. Gregory NAZARETH BURIAL VAULT s'1'Ir1J1c1sA1i14:11 COMPANY Cars ..... Trucks Sales . Service Q il? 162 SOUTH GRI-:EN STR1-:ET I Y w Y I HOIW' 478 IXAZARETH, PA. 27 MAUCH CHUNK STREET NAZARETH, PA. 794 7 Compliments of . . . B. CHANE lXIen's and Boys' Wieur Q 60 SOUTH M.A1N STREIQT NAZARI'ITIi, PA. Compliments of . . . Horace R. Bowers Painter and Paper Hanger Floor Sanding and Refinishing ik' PHONE 289-J-2 1iOUTI41 3 NAZA1iI4ITlI There was a young man named Jim, Whose ambition was learning to swung When he dived off the plank, To the bottom he sank, L t his life all because of a whine. OS -Marion Frrack Compliments Nazareth Creamery and Dairy of PASTEURIZED MILK CREADI - BUTTER STE H LY'S MENS SHOP Buttermilk and Cottage Cheese 3161138 Furnishings Q P11oN1s 81 il? 124 S. lVIA1N ST. NAZARETH NAZARETH, PA. 1114411 Plmtograpllic Artistry by The Jenkim Studio IIOXVARD IlI'I'CIIIIC, Prop. Q 213 NORTIIANIPTON STREET EASTON, PENNSYLVANIA Compliments of . . . Nazareth Hardware Co. GENERAL HARDYVARE Electrical Appliances Garden Seeds and Paints ii? PHONE 378 49-51 SOUTH M,AIN STREET NAZARETH, PA. A little cutie named Vi Decided her hair she would dye The artificial magic Turned out to be tragic SO now she has a G. I. -joarme Unangst ANGLEMIRES Record Shop has the Latest Records HEADQUARTERS FOR THE Famous Esterbrook Re-New-Point Fountain Pens ALWVAYS A GOOD POINTl Q 4.0 SOUTH MAIN STREET NAZARETH, PA. Compliments of . . . L. R. Werkheiser ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES Sales and Service iff PHONE 98-J 17 VVEST HIGH STREET NAZARETII, PA. ll145ll 94 7 Com E. Smith FOUNTAIN, CUT RATE DRUGS, AND SUNDRIES Q Phone 9043 27 Belvidere Street Nazareth, Pa. George F. Heaney Distributor of Lehigh Valley Cooperative Farmers Dairy Products ik PHONE BANGOR 195-li ACKHRMANVILLE, PA. There was a man named Ty Who had a weak left eyeg It came not from thinking, But it did come from winking At a certain girl named Vi. -Catherine Edelman Compliments Of . - - ALBERT O. STURGIS Art Shop MRS. MARK PARSICG HIAN Yarns - Flosses Crochet Threads - Stamp Goods - Jewelry Sir QQ SOUTH MAIN STREET NAZARETII, PA. Sc SON Real Estate General Insurance Notary Public Q Telephone 157' Q3 SOUTH MAIN Srmxm' NAZARETII, PA. 514611 Compliments of . . . Congratulations to the Class of 1947 .... Heller's Grocery Store Q Paul W. Heckman PHONE 413-M I8 NORTH MAIN STRE1-:T NAZARICTII, I . N azareth's Oldest PRESCRIPTION DRUG STORE ,A fa? A teenfagecl boy named Dave One day was feeling quite brave: When I asked him why, I heard him reply, "Today I got my hrst shave." -Marion Frank Compliments of . . . H. S. Arnold GROCERIES, MEATS, AND VEGETABLES ii? Phone Nazareth 763-R-1 STOCKERTOVVN, PHNNA. Dr. Leon Kolb OPTOMETRIST Eyes Examined 118 SOUTH MAIN STRm:'r NAZARETH, PA. Phono I-I-6 Q H ourssFriday Only 2:00 p. m. to 6:00 p. m. 7:00 p. m. to 8:30 p. m. X94 7 II147II Compliments of . . . NAZARETH'S ORIGINAL BODY AND FENDER SHOP S AGAIN ON SM UNDERBODY SEAL GROCERY STORE il? Q Ask us for Information 430 SOUTH MAIN STREET NAZARETH, PA. R. R. Hess There was a young fellow named Ted Who from chemistry lab one day fled His mixture was wrong It was much too strong And had Ted not fled, he'd be dead. -Caroline Uvsprung ECONOMY STORE Kessler's Grocery Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Hershey Ice Cream sir Phone 98-R 215 NORTH MAIN STREET NAZARETH, PA. Compliments of . . . ROY S. KOSTENBADER GENERAL MERCHANDISE SNYDER'S FEEDS Q Phone 332 Nazareth BELFAST, PENNSYLVANIA 1114811

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