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mpm JIM sk% h)H • • ' 3 .; ;;.; ; :« •s .. .«• •)4 ‘l m$M »%| ; : jj£y « ! $ :■ ' ■ ' • ' • n£ yN ‘ vfc V P s| , ■ Jf . THE COMET PUBLISHED BY THE -- ■ ■■ = SENIOR CLASS NAZARETH HIGH SCHOOL 19 4 6 VOLUME XXVII FOREWORD We, the Class of 1946, want our yearbook to serve as a reminder of the carefree days we spent together at Nazareth Senior High Scho ol. CONTENTS DEDICATION ADMINISTRATION CLASSES ACTIVITIES FEATURES ADVERTISEMENTS 1946 DEDICATION . . . We, the Class of 1946, dedicate this yearbook to the American High School—one of whose purposes is the development of commendable citizenship. ALMA MATER a T In the old historic Nazareth ’Gainst the rising sun Stands our loved Alma Mater Pride of days to come. Here with daily tasks we struggle With our goal in sight Ever mindful of our brothers And the Blue and White. By thy name, dear Alma Mater We shall win the fight; And for us, thy sons and daughters, Days will e’er be bright Nazareth High, to thee we’re pledging All our main and might— Never shall dishonor cloud thee Nor the Blue and White! —Earl Laudig, ’31 ' ■ iJo-fbava (e p»w NAZARETH SCHOOL BOARD 3cr George A. Smith, President A. Russell Snyder, Vice President Charles P. Schnerr, Treasurer C. J. Knauss, Secretary to the Board A. Russell Snyder, Frank B. Leh, Peter F. Yeisley, Clinton L. Bunn, George A. Smith, Charles J. Knauss, Charles P. Schnerr, William Henry COMET STAFF 3cr EDITOR-IN-CHIEF George Way irley Brody ASSOCIATE EDITORS Muriel Herd Jeanne Kahler Ronald Roth Anna Cowling PERSONALITY EDITORS Carl Kraemer Charles Tonay Jean Gold Ruth Leiby Dacia Wagner Arlene Kahler Marguerite Remel Anne Wimmer Martha ART EDITORS Houser Ronald Roth Barbara Kleppinger Lester Scott SOCIAL EDITOR Mary Jane Neel FEATURE EDITORS JOKE EDITOR Dorothy Danforth Barbara Muth Lorraine Repsher Donald Markle ATHLETIC EDITORS MUSIC EDITORS PHOTOGRAPHY EDITORS Helen Tamandl Mary Reph Lorraine Florey Frank Sours David Gower Theresa Fickert BUSINESS MANAGER JoAnne Kern ASSISTANT BUSINESS MANAGERS Irene Horvath Alice Rohrbach LaRue Arndt Jean Brown Gloria Edelman Kathryn Follweiler Elizabeth S. Sloat TYPISTS Doris Hunt Amelia Klusko Viola Ritter FACULTY ADVISERS Florence L. Nicholas Mary Hahn Mary Uhler Virginia Siegfried Veronica Temos Doris Trach Irene Vitez Jean B. Clute Frederick Of. Marcks A. B., Muhlenberg College Superintendent of Nazareth Public Schools Florence £. cN.ich.olas B. S., M. A., Columbia University Principal of Nazareth Senior High School FACULTY The 2 T Charles E. Bartolet. Marie Bryan. Frances W. Chase. Jean B. Clute. Guy Cump. Lois E. Metzger. Verneda E. Gephart. . . Paul W. Goulding. J. Frederic Knecht. Franklyn E. Kostenbader Mildred O. Metz. Dorothy J. Papp. Belva M. Saricks. Evelyn S. Weaver. Adam E. Shekletski. Evelyn G. Singer. Elizabeth S. Sloat. Doris M. Jenkins. Pearl E. Schnerr. Steve Sheetz. Mary I. M. Hand. Augustine C. Weinhofer. Andrew S. Leh. Margaret M. Franck. . . . Sarah L. Botto. Grace Neumeyer. Irene Uhler. . Histor y . English . Latin . Art . Mathematics . Shorthand, Office Practice ,. Biology . Problems of Democracy . English . Physics, Consumer Science . Bookkeeping, Typewriting . German, English . Typewriting, Penmanship Salesmanship, Consumer Education . Chemistry, Consumer Science . American History . English . Home Economics .. Home Economics . Industrial Arts . Vocal Music . Instrumental Music . Physical Education . Physical Education . . Librarian . Secretary . Secretary — I ■ .•fH _«• : i-f aJA 9 j ' W ai mS ww WALTER C. ALBERT " Walt” The Toot! Toot! Here comes ‘‘Walt,” one of our trumpeters, tooting his trumpet. Although he seems very quiet, he has quite a sense of humor. He played the part of ‘‘Grandpa” in the senior play. We hear that Walter has a special interest in Room 17. After graduation he hopes to become a farmer. Senior Play, Major 3; Band 1, 2, 3. RICHARD J. ALTEMOSE " Dick” " Dick " grins when teased about girls, but tries to avoid them at all times. Although he is not very fond of school, he enjoys sports, hunting being his favorite. He is well-liked by his classmates and can usually be found roaming around with his Tatamy pals. Probably Uncle Sam will plan “Dick’s” future. MARGARET A. AMBROSE " Margy” Meet " Margy,” one of the managers for the Magazine Campaign, who is a dependable and industrious worker as well as a good athlete. " Margy " likes to argue and she usually has a good basis for her arguments. Her main interest is the Navy. Magazine Campaign, Assistant Manager 2, Manager 3; Blue and White, Typist 1; Volley Ball 1, 2; Baseball 1, 2; Basketball 1, 2. ANNA M. ANSCHAU " Nan " " May I help you, please? " says Anna from behind the counter of Murphy’s Five and Ten. She is a commercial student and goes about her work in a cheerful manner. " Nan " appears to be quiet, but can usually find something to chatter about. Writing letters occupies most of her spare time. As yet Anna is undecided about her vocation. Maybe she isn’t telling us. Glee Club 2, 3; Operetta 3; Volley Ball 3; Baseball 2, 3. LARUE G. ARNDT " Arndt” Petite and peppy, “Arndt” was one of our cheerleaders. LaRue is interested in sports and enjoys dancing, especially with Bill. Although not too keen about school, she nevertheless earns good grades. Despite LaRue ' s quiet looks, she can be quite entertaining when she chooses. “Arndt” plans to continue her commercial work at Rider College. Class Secretary 1, 2; Comet Staff, Typist 3; Glee Club 1 ; A Cappella Choir 1; Commercial Club 1, Vice President 2, Secretary 3; Prom, Entertainment Committee 2; Cheerleader, J. V. 1, Varsity 2, 3; Blue and White Typist 3; Magazine Campaign 2; Basketball 1, 2, 3; Volley Ball 1, 2, 3. GORDON A. ARNOLD " Fodder” This chap, whose mind is never on the ground, is the future air ace of the class. The main reason " Fodder” gets along in school is that, when his marks are too low, he is not allowed to fly. Because of his jokes and his sense of humor, " Fodder” is a favorite with all the teachers and pupils. Class Vice President 2; Football, J. V’s. 1, 2. . im 9 " — HAROLD H. ARNOLD " Harold” The Harold finds school very dry and even dozes in P. D. Class. He may seem quiet in school, but when he ' s with the gang he ' s just as lively as anyone else. Harold spends his leisure time working at a dairy, but is more interested in a certain girl than in his work. He plans to spend the future in the Merchant Marine. A Cappella Choir 1. CARL M. BARLIEB " Barlieb” “Barlieb " is one of the quietest boys in the class, at least in school. Carl usually speaks only when spoken to but what he says is carefully thought out. An average student, he enjoys driving his Plymouth around. Carl’s main interest is a certain junior from Room 11. PEARL M. BARRALL " Pearl” This chubby little miss hails from Point Philips. One ' s first im¬ pression of Pearl is that she is quiet and shy, but she has a cheery disposition. She can usually be seen with her pals, Pauline and Ethel. Commercial Club 2. -It ARLENE A. BARTRON " Bartron” Every morning Arlene whizzes into room 33 about one minute before the buzzer rings. She always has a cheery smile for every¬ one. “Bartron " isn’t too keen about lessons, but always manages to get hers done. After school she walks down the hall with a tall, blond junior from Room 31. She enjoys sports---baseball, hockey, and volley ball. Hockey 1, 2, 3; Volley Ball 1; Baseball 1, 3. SHIRLEY M. BRODY " Brody” Quite a whiz with words, “Brody” amazes us all with her human dictionary vocabulary in conversation. Shirley is quite a studious girl; however, she finds time for dancing and sports. “Brody” has a pleasing personality and is training to become a stenographer. After high school she plans to continue her com¬ mercial work at Rider College. Senior Play, Business Staff 3; Comet Staff, Associate Editor 3; Dramatic Club 2; Commercial Club 1; Forum Club 3; Glee Club 7; A Cappella Choir 1; Operetta Chorus 1; War Stamps and Bonds 3; Library Assistant 1, 2, 3; Prom, Entertainment Committee, Chairlady 2; Blue and White, Typist 1, 2; Magazine Campaign 1, Renewal Manager 2, 3,- Basketball 3; Volley Ball 2. JEAN R. BROWN " Jean” Studious and ambitious, Jean does all the tasks assigned to her efficiently and is an excellent commercial student. She was one of the Crowell managers in the Magazine Campaign and is one of Miss Botto ' s faithful library assistants. Jean hopes to become a secretary. Co met Staff, Typist 3; Student Librarian 1, 2, 3; Blue and White, Typist 1, 2; Dramatic Club 2, Secretary 7,- Commercial Club 7, 2, 3; Prom, Refreshment Committee 2; Sale of War Bonds and Stamps 3; Magazine Campaign, Assistant Manager 2, Business Manager 3; Basketball 3. -zm ✓ GERALD C. BUTTS " Ike” " Ike ' s” motto is to leave the opposite sex alone. He is tall and lanky and hopes to become a naval aviator some day. He enjoys outside sports and can otherwise b e identified by the black ' 37 Plymouth which he drives. He doesn ' t care much for school, but does enough work to get by. Science Club 3, Treasurer 2. ROSE C. CARLO " Rosie” Who’s that brown-haired, active soul from Room 23? It’s " Rosie,” whose specialty is basketball. As captain of the " Dribbling Drippers, " she can be seen flying around the gym, urging her team to victory. " Rosie” can often be seen riding her bicycle. She hopes to be a secretary some day. Blue and White, Typist 1, 2; Student Librarian 1, 2; Magazine Campaign 2; Volley Ball 1, 2, 3; Basketball 1, 2, 3; Baseball 1, 2, 3. DOROTHY V. CHRISTMAN " Dottie” “Come on, team!” is one of Dottie ' s frequent outbursts. She is one of our cheerleaders and interested in all kinds of sports. One of the well-dressed seniors, " Dottie” can be seen frequently driving the fa mily Buick. Her long trek to school has often caused her to be tardy? “Dottie” especially enjoys writing limericks about dimples and blue eyes. How about it, " Skinhead?” Chris hopes to become a woman in white. Class President 3; Student Council 3; Athletic Council, Secretary 3; Senior Play Committee 3; Prom, Refreshment Committee 2; Cheer¬ leader, J. V. 1, Varsity 2, 3; Student Librarian 1, 2; Hockey 1, 2, 3; Volley Ball 1, 2, Manager 3; Basketball 1, 2, 3; Baseball 1, 2, 3. VERA E. CLEWELL " Vera” Vera is petite and quiet and takes life seriously, but is still able to enjoy a good joke. Her spare time is spent bicycling, playing with her fox-terrier, going to the movies, or taking care of children. She is an active member of the Glee Club and enjoys singing. In the future she hopes to become a nurse. Glee Club I, 2, 3; A Cappella choir 2; Dramatic Club 2, 3. ANNA D. COWLING " Anna” This merry little lassie hails from Bath. Anna helps to sell war bonds and stamps outside of Room 23. She likes sports, especially basketball and volley ball. Anna writes to someone in navy blue. Glee Club 1; Senior Play, Usher 3; Cornel, Personality Editor 3; Blue and White Typist 3, Business 2; Sale of Bonds and Stamps 3; Student Librarian 3; Baseball 3. DOROTHY V. DANFORTH " Dottee” A flash of blue and white on the football field is Dottee, one of our able drum majorettes. Blonde hair, blue eyes, and a pleasant smile are three of her main characteristics. As an art student and a co-associate editor of the Blue and White Standard, Dottee has shown initiative. She plans to enter college and specialize in art after graduation. Senior Play, Major 3; Senior Operetta, Minor 1; Band, Majorette 1, 2, 3; Magazine Campaign, Publicity Manager 1, 3; A Cappella Choir 1; Glee Club 1, 2; Blue and White 2, Co-editor 3; Prom, Decorating Committee, Chairlady 2; Volley Ball 2; Cheerleader 1; Athletic Council J; Comet, Social Editor 3. V LUCY K. DETWILER " Lucy” Lucy is one of our really quiet and soft spoken seniors. She is a faithful member of the Girls ' Glee Club. Eventually she hopes to become a nurse. Lucy likes to play basketball and showed her ability as a forward in gym class. We think her main interest lies somewhere over in England with an R. A. F. flyer. Glee Club 2, 3; Operetta 3; Volley Ball 1; Basketball 1. LEROY T. ECKERT " Eckert” This small, quiet lad comes to us from Point Philips. Although he gives us the impression of being quiet, we hear he ' s quite a talker in his classes. He doesn ' t participate in sports but enjoys baseball, basketball, and square dancing. LeRoy attends night school and hopes to be a draftsman after graduation. PAULINE M. ECKHART " Polly” Giggle! Giggle! Here comes “Polly” down the hall with a couple of her friends. When " Polly” is in a gang, there is never a dull moment. In P. D. it seems as if nobody can make “Polly” change her mind once it ' s made up. She likes modern and square dancing and can be seen at all the school dances. “Polly’s” name is frequently seen on the honor roll. GLORIA M. EDELMAN " Gloria” Here is pleasant and cheerful Gloria, who greets everyone with a smile. She is a good worker but still finds time for skating and dancing. Recently Gloria received her driver’s license, and what a driver! If you want a thrill, just ask Gloria for a ride. At the present time, a certain senior from Pen Argyl has her undivided attention. Student Council 3; Comet, Typist 3; Glee Club 1; A Cappella Choir 1; Operetta, Minor J; Blue and White Typist 2; Magazine Campaign 1, 3; Volley Ball 1, 2, 3; Baseball 1, 2, 3; Hockey 2; Basketball 1, 2, 3. ELIZABETH M. EYER " Lizzie” Despite “Lizzie’s” quiet nature, she has won many a friend. She studies hard and spends most of her leisure time reading. " Lizzie " is a member of the Commercial Club and is on the business staff of the Blue and White. In the future she hopes to travel. Blue and White, Business 3; Commercial Club 2, 3. PAULINE L. FENSTERMAKER " Polly” Blonde hair, blue eyes, and a cheery smile is “Polly,” one of our out-of-town students. She has many friends, but is often seen with Ethel and Pearl. Outside of school “Polly” enjoys bicycling and swimming. After graduation she would like to become a telephone operator; that is, if the Navy doesn ' t step in. Glee Club 2, 3. MARGUERITE L. FERRARO " Maggie” “Maggie,” as she hates to be called, is quite a lot of fun with her contagious giggle and corny jokes. After school she can usually be found at Heckman’s, drooling over a chocolate soda and discussing the events of the day with Lois. Although she ' s not particularly interested in school, she takes an active part in dra¬ matics. “Maggie” showed her ability in " Ada Gives First Aid, " as the maid who was the exact replica of what a servant shouldn’t be. Glee Club 1, 2, 3; Operetta 3; Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3; Student Librarian 3; Baseball 3. THERESA B. FICKERT " Tessie” “Tessie,” the whiz of our German class, is another of our out- of-town students. A good student and an all-round sport, she has proved her ability as Business Manager for the Blue and White and as “Nina” in the senior play. “Tessie” hopes to become a nurse after graduation. Senior Play, Major 3; Comet, Photography Editor 3; Dramatic Club 1, 2, President 3; Glee Clu b 2; Blue and White, Business Manager 2, 3; Prom Refreshment Committee 2; Magazine Campaign 2. JOHN J. FLEGLER " Flegler” “Flegler,” who hails from Penn Allen, is one of the few senior boys who is taking the commercial course in school. He is a fairly good student and seems to have no interest in the opposite sex. His favorite sports are baseball and basketball. English is your specialty, isn’t it, Little John? Baseball 3. CATHERINE M. FLICK " Flickie” Tall and thin is “Flickie.” Usually found with Arndt, she has a good sense of humor and can laugh quite easily. Interested in dancing and sports, “Flickie” finds time to work in Hommer ' s and get good grades. Although a commercial student, she would like to attend beauty culture school after graduation and become a hairdresser. Her main interest at present is---you tell me. I ' m so confused!! Commercial Club 7, 2, 3; Student Librarian 1, 2, 3,- Band 1, 2, 3; Blue and White, Typist 2, 3; Basketball 1, 2, 3; Baseball 1, 2, 3; Volley Ball 1, 2, 3; Hockey 2, 3. LORRAINE E. FLOREY " Florey” “Florey” is one of our more serious seniors, who lugs home a stack of books each night. She hopes to attend Ursinus College after high school and wishes to become a teacher of American History at N. H. S. She is a member of the Girls ' Glee Club and A Cappella Choir. “Florey,” what is that Swiss boy’s name? We’d all like to know. Senior Play, Usher 3; Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3; Glee Club 1, 2, 3; A Cappella Choir 1, 2, 3; Oratorical Contest 2; Operetta, Minor 1, 3; Comet, P hotography Editor 3; Magazine Campaign 3. KATHRYN I. FOLLWEILER " Fo” “Fo” is one of our class cards, the joker. Possessing a fine sense of humor, she keeps us all entertained. A good dancer, “Fo " will try anything once. If she doesn’t succeed, “Sissy” can at least laugh at her own efforts. She does have her serious side, however, for she works diligently at her studies. “Fo” is a typist for the Comet. Class Historian 3; Comet Typist 3; Commercial Club 1, 2, 3; Blue and White Typist 3; Magazine Campaign 7; Basketball 7, 2, 3; Baseball 1, 2, 3; Volley Ball 7, 2, 3; Hockey 2, 3; Senior Play, Usher 3. ! KENNETH H. FREY " Kenny” “Kenny " can be found working at the Cro-Tone Call Company after school. He is a good dancer and attends all the school dances. He is always well-dressed and has a smile for everyone. “Kenny” gives all girls a chance. His ambition is to be an under¬ taker. English is your favorite subject, isn ' t it, “Kenny?” Football 1. DONALD L. GEILING " Handsome” “Handsome " is another of our students who hails from Moores- town. He enjoyed sports and was a member of the varsity football squad last season. Donald is another of the aviation addicts of the class. Band, Color Guard 7; Football, Varsity 2, 3. JEAN E. GOLD " Goldie” Small but mighty is “Goldie.” A very active athlete, she excels in every sport. Jean would rather be shooting for baskets or playing baseball than participating in some more feminine activities. A good dancer, “Goldie” especially likes jitterbug numbers. She is doing her bit as a personality writer on the Comet. Co met, Personality Editor 3; Basketball 1, 2, 3; Hockey 2, 3; Baseball 1, 2, 3; Volley Ball 1, 2, 3. DAVID H. GOWER " Speedy” David earned this nickname because of the phenomenal speed at which he does everything. And, although Muriel must wind him up every morning, he does pretty well in his work. “Speedy” isn ' t sure whether he wants to teach music, join the Navy, or try running for Congress. He would make a good senator, too, because he enjoys and takes an active part in P. D. and Forum Club discussions. Co met Music Editor 3; Senior Play, Major 3; A Cappella Choir 1, 2, 3; Operetta 1, 3,- Band 3; Radio Club 1. MARY A. HAHN " Hahnie” Another of our senior girls who has a car is “Hahnie. " She drives the car with a carefree air, but she can really handle old “Nellie. " “Hahnie” is a commercial student but is more interested in sports and hopes to become a physical education teacher. If you want to see Mary blush, just ask her how “Muscles " is. Magazine Campaign 2; Senior Play, Costume Committee 3; Athletic Council 3; Glee Club 3; Comet, Assistant Business Manager 3; Operetta 3; Hockey 1, 2, Manager 3; Basketball 7, 2, 3; Baseball I, 2, 3. PAULINE M. HEIDENWOLF " Polly” “Polly” left us when she was a sophomore and went to New York for her junior year. She is a member of the Girls ' Glee Club and Forum Club. “Polly” likes sports, especially basketball and hockey. She has charge of selling war stamps in Room 33. She just adores chemistry, don ' t you, “Polly?” Forum Club, Secretary 3; Glee Club 3; Hockey 7, 3; Volley Ball 7, 3; Science Club 7; Operetta 3. VIRGINIA L. HEINEY The 11 • i» Ginney Meet this pleasant lassie, “Ginney, " who hails from Wind Gap. She is one of our " tiny” classmates, but, nevertheless, she is always in a happy mood. “Ginney,” is frequently found with “Lakey,” her faithful companion. She is a member of the Glee Club and takes a great interest in sports. After graduation “Ginney” intends to study nursing at Temple. Glee Club 3; Volley Ball 3; Baseball 3; Operetta 3. MURIEL M. HERD " Myrtle” “Myrtle” is one of those students chosen as most likely to succeed. Besides being an honor student, Muriel is active in the Dramatic Club and is one of the Associate Editors of the Comet. Muriel, who hails from Chapman Quarries, is a favorite with everyone. Blue and White Editorial Staff 1, 2, 3; Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3; Athletic Council, Vice President 3; Comet, Associate Editor 3. JOSEPH S. HIRMAN " Hirm” “There’s too much talking over there,” says Mr. Shekletski, looking at “Hirm” during Pre-Flight class. He is seldom seen without his pals, Kenny and Walt. He thinks that school work is too much trouble. What happened between a certain junior and you, “Hirm?” Was it Bangor? He spends most of his time at the “Y” after school. Science Club, President 2. FRED J. H OOPER " Brains” Fred is one of the more studious chaps of the class, who played the part of Doctor Blodgett in Spring Green. Although he is not active in sports, he is an enthusiastic fan of our football and basketball teams. Fred ' s hobby is drawing. He can frequently be seen with " Rothie” at the Blue Room. Student Council 1, 3; Class Assistant Secretary and Treasurer 3; Senior Play, Minor 3; Dramatic Club 2; Prom, Decorating Committee 2; Magazine Campaign 1, 3. IRENE B. M. HORVATH " Irene” Dark eyes and hair and a winsome smile make you want to take a second look at Irene. She takes school quite seriously, but is always ready for fun. Irene was an asset to the Business Staff of the Comet. She enjoys swimming and dancing and spends much of her time reading. Irene isn’t partial to any one boy or so she says. In the future she plans to join the ranks of women in white. Student Council 3; Senior Play, Business Manager 3; Comet Staff, Assistant Business Manager 3; Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3; Glee Club 2, 3; A Cappella Choir 3; Blue and White, Typist 3. JOHN A. HOUCK " John” Flash! Flash! Here comes that tall, tricky lad from Plainfield Township. He has a pleasing personality and is liked by all his school pals. He seems to be a quiet lad, but just get to know him and you ' ll change your mind. He can be the life of the party. John played the part of “Dunk” in the senior play, Spring Green. After graduation he hopes to own a ranch. Senior Play, Major 3; A Cappella Choir 1, 2, 3; Operetta, Major I. i MARTHA L. HOUSER " Martha” Here’s Martha, a short lassie with a famous giggle. Studious¬ ness, intelligence, and a pleasing personality are three of Martha ' s major characteristics. Dancing and reading are her favoiite pastimes. Her cheerful disposition and pleasant smile have helped her to win many friends. Martha plans to become a nurse after graduation. Co met, Art Editor 3. WALTER M. HUBER " Huber” Here ' s the curly-headed blond constable of the senior play. He has a pleasing personality and is liked by all his classmates. If you want to argue, just come around, because arguing is “Huber’s " meat. He can usually be found wolfing and teasing with his pals. Although Walter had been discharged previously from the Navy, Uncle Sam will probably have plans for him after graduation. His main interest lies in Wilson Borough. Senior Play, Minor 3; A Cappella Choir 1, 2, 3; Band 3; Dra¬ matic Club 1, 2; Operetta 1; Football 2, 3. DORIS M. HUNT " Doris” Blonde hair, blue eyes, and a cheery smile describe Doris, one of our attractive seniors. She is especially fond of sports and really “goes to town” on the gym floor. Driving her Ford is her specialty. Doris’ pleasing manner should be an asset as a tele¬ phone operator in the future. Class, Assistant Secretary and Treasurer 3; Comet, Typist 3; Blue and White, Typist 3; Magazine Campaign 3; Sale of Bonds and Stamps 3. CATHERINE E. INHOFF " Cathy” A pleasant and dependable person, Catherine makes good grades in her commercial work. Although she is one of the less active souls in Room 23, at times she can do her share of chattering. Adept with her hands, Catherine is an excellent penman and is an expert at her favorite pastime of crocheting. Senior Play, Usher 3; Blue and White, Typist 3; Sale of Bonds and Stamps 3. JOHN S. JULIUS " Johnny” “Johnny " is the boy who would much rather be outside hunting or fishing than in school doing lessons. An avid sportsman, " Johnny” is good in whatever he tries—-even school when he settles down to work. ARLENE A. KAHLER " Kookie” Brown-haired, well-groomed, and a friendly smile---that ' s Arlene. A dependable person, she was chosen vice president of the senior class in the first semester and is a personality writer for the Comet. Arlene hopes to be an office worker some day. Did the Navy or Pen Argyl give you your nickname, Kookie? Glee Club 1; A Cappella Choir 1; Comet, Personality Editor 3; Student Librarian 2, 3; Volley Ball 1, 2, 3; Baseball 1, 2; Basketball 1, 2, 3; Hockey 1, 2; Class Secretary 2, Vice President 3. • im JEANNE L. KAHLER " Jeanne ' Here is one of our drum majorettes, whose name frequently appears on the honor roll. A good student, with a pleasing personality, Jeanne is sure to go far in life. She did good work as " Tony " in the senior play. Jeanne’s favorite motto is " Variety is the spice of life.” After graduation, she hopes to enter Penn State College. Class Presidenf 2; Student Council 2; Senior Play, Major 3; Band Majorette 7, 2, 3; Glee Club 7, Vice President 2; A Cappella Choir 7,- Blue and White 2, Co-Editor 3,- Comet, Associate Editor 3; Operetta 7; Magazine Campaign 3. PAUL A. KAHLER " Donuts” “Donuts” is known by almost everyone for his outstanding basketball ability. He was not very fond of school, but he did enjoy telling corny jokes to his classmates. “Donuts” played varsity basketball for two years and later was captain of the 1944 team. He left us to join the Navy in the latter part of December. Baseball is also another of his favorite sports. Basketball, Varsity 1, 2, Captain 3. STEVEN F. KARLOWITCH " Chinky” “Chinky” is that half-pint halfback who sparked Ihe football team to victory last fall. Although small, he was the most valuable man on the team. Steve is an all-round sportsman and excels in everything. He could be a capable student if he applied himself. Basketball 7, 2, 3,- Football 3; Baseball 3. JoANNE O. KERN " Jo” A quiet smile, a merry twinkle in her eye, and a pleasant hello, win “Jo” many friends. She spends most of her time playing the piano, and hopes to become a teacher someday. Her sense of responsibility often causes her to be given a great deal of work, and there is usually a voice saying “Jo, we thought you wouldn ' t mind, so would you?” One of the efficient business managers of the Comet, “Jo” helped to make our yearbook a success. Class Historian 2; Co met Business Manager 3; Dramatic Club 1, 2; Glee Club 2; Blue and White Business Staff 2, Circulation Manager 3; Prom Refreshment Committee 2; Magazine Campaign 1 , 2 . BARBARA H. KLEPPINGER " Bobby” Excellent posture, long hair, and vim and vigor that are an asset in a game of basketball, plus her ability to leave trails of laughter in her path describe “Bobby.” As Eula in the senior play, she attracted many second glances. She is usually found with Neel, Muthie, and Tamandl, if Nollie isn ' t around. Barbara’s interest in sports is keen and she manages to hold her own in school. She is looking forward to attending art school. Senior Play, Major 3; Comet Art Editor 3; Prom Decorating Committee 2; Glee Club I, 2,- A Cappella Choir 1, 2; Operetta, Minor 1; Blue and White 1, 2, 3; Magazine Campaign, Publicity Manager 1, 3; Basketball 1, 2, 3; Baseball 1, 2, 3; Volley Ball 1, 2, 3; Hockey 2. AMELIA L. KLUSKO " Millie” Giggle! Giggle! Here comes “Millie” laughing and joking with some of her pals from Bath. She has a pleasing personality and is liked by all her schoolmates. " Millie” enjoys sports, dancing, and bowling. She is often referred to as “muscles.” We wonder why? If you want your hair curled, girls, just call on “Millie”, for after high school she hopes to become a beautician. Why the blush at the mere mention of salted peanuts, " Millie”? Class Assistant Secretary and Treasurer 2; Senior Play, Usher 3; Comet Typist 3; Sale of Stamps and Bonds 3; Student Librarian 3,- Blue and White Typist 3; Basketball 2; Baseball 3; Manager 2; Volley Ball 2. CARL F. KRAEMER " Batsy” The “Batsy ' s” main interest besides studying is to tease a certain girl from Room 17. His favorite sports are football and basketball. He is one of the few boys taking pre-flight aeronautics. Kraemer spends most of his time at the Y.M.C.A., where he works as a clerk. He plans to go to college and take up aeronautical engineering. Student Council 1; Football 1, 2, 3; Prom Decorating Committee 2; Comet Personality Writer 3. RALPH F. KRATZER ' ' Kratzer” “Kratzer” is kept busy working after school and Saturdays at the Acme store. He enjoys talking rather than studying in the fifteen minute periods. His favorite pastimes are bowling and shooting pool. At the present “Kratzer ' s " attention is drawn to a dark-haired junior from Room 10. ETHEL C. LAKEY " Lakey” One ' s first impression of Ethel is that she is quiet, but looks are deceiving. She is friendly to all and can be easily identified by her ker-choo! ker-choo! her innocent and almost noiseless little sneezes. “Lakey " is a member of the Glee Club and participates in sports. Why the blush at the mention of the Coast Guard, “Lakey?” Could it be-??? Glee Club 2, 3; Operetta 3; Volley Ball 3; Baseball 3. ROBERT G. LAMBERT " Lambert” “Lambert " is that big fellow who takes little interest in school and a great interest in flying and driving his father ' s car. He doesn ' t enjoy sports very much, but he can always provide a good argument when the subject of aviation comes up. Naturally, his favorite subject is Pre-Flight. Science Club 2, 3. MARION V. LEH " Bunky” “Hey, did I tell you?” begins Marion as she proceeds with her recital of the latest gossip tidbit. Short, attractive, and talkative are the outstanding traits of " Bunky,” who is quite a whiz at basketball and excellent at jitterbugging. She is outstanding in both shorthand and typing with her name frequently appearing on the honor roll. There seems to be a tie between the Navy and the Merchant Marine in Marion ' s heart. Which one will you choose, “Bunky”? Class Treasurer 2; Magazine Campaign, Renewal Manager 2; Blue and White Typist 1; Student Librarian 2, 3; Glee Club 1; A Cappella Choir 7; Volley Ball 1; Basketball 7. RUTH M. LEIBY " Ruth” Who is the tall, dark lass seen flying through the halls? It’s none other than Ruth, one of our personality writers for the Comet. Very much interested in sports, she is a wicked guard in basketball and is handy with a baseball bat. Two of her favorite activities are dancing and writing letters to the Navy. Ruth plans to be one of our future women in white. Glee Club 3,- A Cappella Choir 3; Operetta 7; Dramatic Club 2; Oratorical Contest 2; Co met Personality Editor 3. J EVA M. LIEBERMAN " Eva” This little lassie hails from Hecktown and walks over two miles for the school bus daily. Eva may seem quiet and shy in the class¬ room, but outside of class she is just as talkative and full of fun as the next person. Eva likes to play basketball, baseball, and volley ball. She also likes to ice skate and to ride horseback. Commercial Club 3; Basketball 1, 2; Volley Ball 7, 2; Hockey 2. DORA T. MANNING " Dora” The first impression of Dora is that she is neat, pleasant, but very quiet; however appearances are deceiving, because she brings life and fun into any crowd. Dora takes her school work quite seriously, but she still finds time to write to that “certain soldier.” After high school she hopes to attend business college. Hockey 1; Volley Ball 2. DONALD C. MARKLE " Don” Don, one of those chosen as most likely to succeed, is one of the busiest students in the senior class. He proved his speaking ability by winning first prize in last year ' s oratorical contest. Besides Don is a member of the Forum Club where he can argue to his heart ' s content. He is a member of the band, and when he finds time, he takes part in sports. Class President 7; Forum Club 7, 2, 3; Dramatic Club 7; Band 7, 2, 3; Student Council, Vice President 7; Oratorical Contest 2. I mBm FRANK S. MAUREK " Frankie” Tall and lanky, Frank has proved to be a great help on the basketball team. His “Chevy” can often be seen serving as a means of transportation for his schoolmates. “Frankie " is not too keen about school, but he manages to get along in his work. Basketball 1, 2, 3. ROBERT C. MEIXELL " Bob” Crash! Bang! What ' s that noise? Oh, it’s only “Bob, " leaning back too far and falling off his chair in Chemistry class. He con¬ fuses us all with his Chemistry brain-storms which possibly had their origin in his work in the research department of C. K. Williams Co. last summer. Studies never faze this boy; he can take them or leave them, but usually he leaves them. “Bob” did excellent work as Newton, the child-prodigy in Spring Green. Senior Play, Major 3; Magazine Campaign 1, 2, 3. CHARMAINE H. MEYERS " Charmaine” Giggle, giggle! It isn ' t anyone but Charmaine sharing a joke with her twin, Elaine. Life always seems to be a barrel of fun for her, but she has a serious side, too, and is conscientious about school work. Her “do or die” attitude makes her burn the midnight oil and should be an asset in her career as a nurse. A Cappella Choir 1 , 2, 3; Glee Club 1, 2, 3; Operetta, Minor 1; Dramatic Club 1. •im ELAINE H. MEYERS " Giggles " It ' s not hard to explain how Elaine received her nickname, for in a group her merry laughter can be heard constantly. When she is with her twin, Charmaine, you might think you ' re seeing double. At close inspection, however, Elaine is a little taller than her sister. “Giggles” is a faithful member of the Girls’ Glee Club. A Cappella Choir 3; Glee Club 3; Operetta 3. FRANK MIKLOS " Sonny” This tall, husky lad hails from Stockertown. He can usually be found teasing or pestering some of the girls. He enjoys dancing and tennis. We also understand that he enjoys roller skating at Bushkill. What ' s the attraction? English isn ' t exactly your specialty, is it, Frank? After graduation he ' d like to become a mechanic. JAMES E. MIKSCH " Weasel” The “Weasel” is that little round fellow who is the terror of the physics class. Jim is another one of the class comedians and there ' s never a dull moment when you ' re with him. Although Jimmy isn ' t an honor student, he might have been one if he had worked. Science Club 1; A Cappella Choir 1; Glee Club 1. ETHEL R. MILLER r t " Ethel” Swish! there goes that Plymouth with Ethel hanging on to the steering wheel. She always has a merry twinkle in her eye and a friendly greeting for everyone. Ethel is a commercial student and a member of the Glee Club. Why do you blush when the opposite sex is mentioned, Ethel? Glee Club 2, 3. GEORGE E. MILTENBERGER " George” Small and meek is George, one of our out-of-town students. At the first impression, one might think that he is the quiet type, but his friends and teachers know him as a great talker. He takes things just as they come. George enjoys sports and is interested in basketball and baseball. As he has no definite plans for the future, he ' ll take whatever comes along. SHIRLEY E. MORRIS " Sherry” Shirley believes in walking, for she treks to school from Cherry Hill almost every day via shoe leather express. Although she seems to be rather quiet, looks are sometimes deceiving. Shirley is a commercial student and hopes to work in an office some day. What is the attraction in East Lawn, " Sherry " ? BARBARA J. MUTH " Muthie” Five feet five of pep describes “Muthie.” She has an unusual ability to get into all sorts of scrapes. She finds the junior class quite interesting. As varsity cheerleader and feature editor for the Comet, she has proved herself very capable, and will surely be successful in her future work. Operetta, Minor 7; Comet Feature Editor 3; A Cappella Choir 1; Glee Club 7; Cheerleading 7, 2, 3; Blue and White Staff 2, 3; Magazine Campaign 1; Hockey 7, 2; Basketball 7, 2, 3; Baseball 7, 2, 3; Volley Ball 1, 2, 3; Prom Decorating Committee 2. ERNA E. NAGEL " Ernie” “Ernie” hails from East Lawn and enjoys her hike to school every morning. She always has the latest jokes to tell and keeps everyone happy. Why those rosy cheeks? “Ernie” must be blushing again. Although she is kept busy with her homework and clerking at Murphy’s, she still finds time to write to that certain chap in the Navy. Operetta 7; Write-A-Fighter Club 7; Baseball 7, 2, Manager 3; Volley Ball 7, 3,- Basketball 7, 3. ANGELO D. NARDELLA " Wimpy” “Wimpy,” another of our commercial students, hails from Bath. He is an all-round lad and can usually be found laughing and joking with a crowd of boys. He is interested in sports and proved his ability by playing baseball for the Legion in Philadelphia. Uncle Sam may find a place for Angelo after graduation. Football 7; Basketball 7, 2, 3; Baseball 3. MARY J. NEEL " Neelie” “Yeah, Team!” It ' s our head cheerleader, “Neelie, " cheering us on to victory. Very much interested in sports, Mary has partici¬ pated in all of them, and still finds time for one o f our rivals---Pen Argyll Tall, with hazel eyes, brown hair, and a pleasing per¬ sonality, she is loads of fun, and is an asset to any group. “Neelie” plans to be a fashion illustrator after college. Class Vice President 3; Comet Art Editor 3; Blue and White 3; Volley Ball 2, 3, Captain 1; Basketball I, 2, Captain 3; Baseball 1, 2, 3; Glee Club 1; A Cappella Choir I; Operetta, Minor 1; Prom Decorating Committee 2; Cheerleader, Varsity 2, 3. ROBERT W. OSTERSTOCK " Oyster” This tall lad is known to his fellow students by the name of “Oyster.” His ability to blow ofF steam has been shown in many a class. Although not very interested in school, “Oyster” seems to enjoy the fifteen minute periods. STEPHEN J. PAUKOVITS " Steph” Tall and dark, “Sleph” was our well-known football captain Very much interested in athletics, he also played varsity basketball. “Steph” is quite mischievous, but we all know he can make good grades when he works. Whether or not he plans to further his education, “Steph” is sure to succeed. Football, Varsity 1, 2, Captain 3; Basketball, Varsity 1, 2, 3. CARMELLA P. PERNA 11 • 51 Camie Happy-go-lucky “Camie " can most often be seen with her pal, Frances. How all the girls envy her long tresses and dark eyes! Outside of school, dancing occupies most of her time and she always adds merriment to a crowd. In the future “Camie” hopes to become a secretary. Glee Club 2. JOHN P. PETRAGLIA " Johnny” “Johnny,” although rather short in stature, has a well-built physique, and his dark hair and eyes cause many heads to turn. He plays jokes on others and proves to be a good sport when the joke’s on him. During the Christmas season he helped Uncle Sam with the mail deliveries. He is interested in civil engineering and is planning to enter Lafayette next year. What about girls? Oh, Johnny ' s a friend to everyone. MICHAEL A. PIERZGA " Mikie” Tall, lank, and carefree, Michael has a weakness for flashy bow ties. Since he works at the Steak Shop, he doesn ' t find much time for extra curricular activities. He does enjoy dancing, especially jitterbugging. He hopes to start a business of his own some day. Basketball 1, 2, 3. DAVID A. PRITCHARD " Davy " “Davy, " one of the smaller boys of the senior class, finds his size of little handicap to him. Even in class basketball he is always ready to sink the ball for a goal. He is an average student and algebra seems to be his favorite subject. “Davy " spends most of his time playing basketball and softball for the Y.M.C.A. Science Club 2; Class Basketball 1, Captain 2, 3. MARGUERITE E. REMEL " Maggie” This well-dressed senior hails from Tatamy. “Maggie” is a good commercial student and quite capable at anything she under¬ takes. Her name frequently appears on the honor roll. A pleasant personality has made her many friends and “Maggie” is doing her bit as a personality writer for the Comet. Her main interest is--- well, “Scotty” would know. Class Assistant Secretary and Treasurer 2; Senior Play, Property Committee 3; Co met Personality Writer 3; Commercial Club 3; Secretary 2; Blue and White Typist 2, 3; Magazine Campaign, Renewal Manager 3; Baseball 2, 3. MARY R. REPH " Mary” Long golden tresses, a happy expression, and one of the best- dressed figures in senior high describe Mary. She enjoys singing and spends a lot of her time playing the piano because she has talent. Honesty and courtesy are inborn characteristics with her. Her amazing ability to do chemistry problems leads us to realize that she will be successful in any walk of life, if some lucky man doesn ' t discover her first. Senior Play, Major 3; Comet Music Editor 3; Glee Club 1, 3, Secretary-Treasurer 2; A Cappella Choir 1, 2, 3; Operetta, Major 1; Dramatic Club, Treasurer 2; Prom, Decorating Committee 2; Blue and White 2, Co-Editor 3. »v LORRAINE G. REPSHER " Repsher " Kachoo !! Hang on to your seats, everyone. " Repsher” has just let loose with another of her famous sneezes. A joke usually follows, ending with an appreciative Ha! Ha! from her audience. A faithful member of our band, she was also “Genevieve” of our senior play. Lorraine intends to be a nurse. Senior Play 3; Comet, Joke Editor 3; Dramatic Club 2, 3; Band 2, 3, Blue and White 1, 2, 3. VIOLA G. RITTER " Ritter” Giggling and merry-making are the specialties of this Thomas- burg lassie, who is frequently the cause of a disturbance in Room 25. A capable worker, Viola is secretary of the Lower Nazareth 4-H Club. Her favorite pastime is playing the piano. Why is Viola so interested in Northampton High School? Co met, Typist 3; Blue and White Business Staff 3; Commercial Club 2, 3; Sale of Bonds and Stamps 3,- Volley Ball 2; Baseball 2. ALICE I. ROHRBACH " Alice” Alice is a serious, hard-working, dependable gal, and a good commercial student whose name nearly always appears on the honor roll. She was a member of the Commercial Club, Dramatic Club, and took an active part in the Forum Club. Alice’s interest in books has made her an efficient student librarian. For two years she was one of the managers in the magazine campaign. Alice has quite a sense of humor, and has a special interest in playing basketball. She plans to become a secretary. Student Council 1; Senior Play, Chairlady, Property Committee 3; Comet, Assistant Business Manager 3; Dramatic Club 1; Commercial Club 2, 3; Forum Club 2, 3; Assistant Student Librarian 2, 3; Prom, Chairlady Refreshment Committee 2; Magazine Campaign, Assistant Manager 2, Manager 3; Volley Ball 1, 2, Basketball 1, 2, 3; Baseball 1, 2; Hockey 2, 3. I GLADYS E. ROTH " Rusty” About five feet of fun topped with beautiful bronze hair describe " Rusty. ' ’ She is especially fond of basketball and can " sink them” every time. A peppy chatterbox, " Rusty” adds life to any group. Her main interest lies in the Army. She hopes to enter the field of nursing. Dramatic Club 2, Secretary 3; Band 1, 2, 3; Glee Club 2, 3; Operetta 1, 3; A Cappella Choir 1, 2; Baseball 2, 3; Basketball 1. RONALD D. ROTH " Rothie” Tall and blond, " Rothie” is quite a busy person. He is a member of the band and also its much praised drum major. Ronald ' s champion salesmanship during the magazine campaign won him seats to the Penn-Navy game for two consecutive years. He likes to dance and is also interested in becoming an art teacher. “Rothie” is an associate editor on the Comet Staff. Class, Treasurer 2, Historian 1; Senior Play, Stage Manager 3; Comet, Associate Editor 3; Band 1, 3, Secretary 2; Drum Major 2, 3; A Cappella Choir 1, 2; Dramatic Club, Treasurer 1, Vice Presider. 2; Operetta I; Blue and White Typist 1,- Magazine Campaign 1, Publicity Manager 2, 3. LOIS M. ROTZELL " Lois” Lois, with her ability as a joke teller, is exactly what the doctor would order for a blue Monday. Taking school rather seriously, she is outstanding in chemistry. She is usually worrying about something, or browsing in the library with Maggie and Gloria. Lois appears to love cartoons, especially the “Little Lulu” ones. Her spare time is taken up by writing to a certain chap in the A. A. F. Senior Play, Publicity Committee 3; Glee Club 2, 3; Dramatic Club 1, 2, President 3; Student Librarian 3; Baseball 3. -tm ♦ ■MM——— THEODORE R. SCHAFER " T. S.” “T. S. " is the fellow who wonts to be a teacher of senior girls. Ted can frequently be found studying Chemistry or working in the lab. He is one of the comedians of the class and always enjoys a good joke. “T. S.” is a member of the band and also manager of the basketball team. Senior Play, Major 3; Science Club 2; Band 1, Assistant Treasurer 2, Treasurer 3; A Cappella Choir 1; Basketball, Assistant Manager 1, 2, Manager 3; Blue and White Editorial Staff 2, 3; Athletic Association 3. JEAN I. SCHAFFER " Jean” This merry lassie who hails from Newburg has dark brown hair, big brown eyes, and is tall and slender. If you ever want to find her, all you have to do is look for her two pals, Arlene and Viola. Jean likes to play baseball, volley ball, and basketball. Volley Ball 2, 3. ARLENE L. SCHORTZ " Schortzie " A merry giggle comes from the rear of Room 25; “Schortzie ' s” at it again. Whenever there ' s laughter in the crowd you can be sure that Arlene and Viola are presenting the latest jokes. Her hobbies are ice skating and horseback riding. We hear she makes quite a hit with that Hecktown lad. What ' s the secret, Arlene? Commercial Club 3; Volley Ball 2. LESTER R. SCOTT " Scotty” “Scotty” is one of the Comet Art Editors. He played tackle for this year ' s football team and helped the team to many a victory. During the summer Lester works at the hay dryer. Scotty ' s main interest outside of school is a certain senior from Room 25. He can be seen walking home from Tatamy almost every Saturday night. He is also a vigorous participator in class basketball. Co met, Art Editor 3; Football 1, 2, 3; Class Basketball 3. JOHN W. SEAROCK " Pop Eye” This quiet chap was a member of the Student Council in his third year. Although not very fond of studying, John enjoys hunting, fishing, athletics, and dancing very much. “Pop Eye " hopes to get a good job after graduation. By the way, John, where did you pick up the name of “Pop Eye”? Student Council 3. DELPHINE L. SHAFER " Delphine” Here ' s Delphine who has been an active band member since she was in seventh grade. Although she is interested in music, she hopes eventually to become a nurse. She works each Saturday at Murphy ' s 5 and 10. Delphine may seem quiet at first, but when she is with her friends, she is quite a chatterbox. Band 1, 2, Secretary 3; Glee Club 2. 1 J i I A LESTER E. SIEGFRIED The " Siggy i f One of the class teases, who wears an ever-present smile, is “Siggy.” He enjoys basketball and music. This was proved by his activity on the basketball floor and in the band. He spends the summers working at the hay dryer. What ' s all the interest in Easton every Saturday night, “Siggy? " Couldn ' t be a girl friend, could it? Band 1, 2, 3; Basketball, Varsity 1, 2, 3. VIRGINIA M. SIEGFRIED " Ginny” Giggle! Giggle! Here comes “Ginny, " the gal who came to us from Bethlehem in her junior year. “Ginny” is cooperative, friendly, and a conscientious worker. Although she appears quiet, she likes to have fun and participates in various sports. " Ginny " claims that the opposite sex is of little interest to her. We wonder? Comet, Typist 3; Senior Play, Usher 3; Commercial Club 2, 3; Blue and White, Typist 3; Sale of Bonds and Stamps 3; Volley Ball 2; Basketball 2, 3; Baseball 2, 3. KENNETH H. SMITH " Smitty” Here ' s “Smitty,” tall, fair, and handsome, who came to us from the Bronx in his freshman year with a decidedly New York accent. Kenny ' s interests are not wholly devoted to school, but are divided between sports and girls! His sport specialties are baseball, basketball, and rope climbing. His future work is going to be in the Navy, he thinks. Since he ' s not going steady, girls, be on the lookout! Football, J. V. ' s 2, Varsity 3; Basketball J. V.’s 2. MARION A. SMITH " Marion " This brown-haired lass, another one of our quiet seniors, comes from Belfast. Marion wastes no time in study hall, for she is anxious to finish her lessons for the next day. She enjoys dancing and playing basketball. Each afternoon at 3:30 Marion races out Belvidere Street to the G. C. Murphy Company, where she clerks. Blue and White, Typist 2, 3. WILLOUR A. SMITH " Smutz” Small but mighty is " Smutz.” Very much interested in sports, Will was football manager and played varsity basketball. " Smutz " is a good dancer and can usually be heard, along with Frank and Mike, accusing someone of " brown-nosing.” Although not too keen about school, " Smutz” can make good grades when he tries. His pleasing personality and ready humor make him liked by all. Athletic Council 1, 2, 3; Basketball, Varsity 2, 3; Football, Assistant Manager 1, 2, Manager 3. ’Blackie” FRANCIS A. SOFFERA Dark wavy hair and a flashy smile describe Francis. In addi¬ tion to spending his spare time at the “Y,” one of his chief delights is teasing the girls, especially a certain blonde in Room 25. Francis is not too studious, but nevertheless he manages to get his work done and keeps out of trouble. Commercial Club 1. I WALTER G. SOLT " Soapy” Small but mighty! That ' s " Soapy. " Besides being one of the clowns of the class, he has a pleasing personality. He can usually be found with the rest of his pals joking and teasing but seldom, if ever, working. Although school isn’t his main interest, he seems to get along, even if English is difficult! Class, Treasurer 3; Football I, Varsity 2; Basketball 1, Varsity 2, 3. FRANK T. SOURS " Sours” This husky guy with an ever-ready smile did a wonderful job as end in football, and will be missed very much by next year ' s team. Frank is popular with everyone, especially that certain junior. His future ambition is to be a Navy man. Co met, Sports Editor 3; Science Club 2; A Cappella Choir 2, 3; Football 1, 2, 3,- Operetta, Minor 1; Radio Club 1. FRANCES M. STELTZMAN " Frances” Frances is inclined to be the quiet type who knows much but says little. Her radiant smile indicates a cheery disposition and her natural wavy hair is the envy of the girls. Her favorite pastimes are listening to music and dancing. She is also kept quite busy writing letters. Her goal is nursing, but she is definitely interested in the Navy. Glee Club 2, 3; Dramatic Club 3; Senior Play, Usher 3. GEORGE H. STEWART " Stew” One long, low whistle plus a " huba-huba " and what do you have? Yes, it ' s " Stew,” the wolf of our senior class. A faithful member of our varsity football squad, he is popular with boys and girls alike. Dancing and football are two of “Stew ' s” main interests. Football J. V. 1, 2, Varsity 3; Science Club 2, 3; Class Basket¬ ball 1, 2. HELEN C. TAMANDL " Helen” There goes Helen with that tall junior from Room 9. Helen possesses an unusual quality—that of being a friend to all. A varsity cheerleader, she was also " Scootie " of our senior play. Happy-go-lucky and always cheerful, she is sure to add fun wherever she is. Helen plans to be another of our women in white. Senior Play, Major 3; Cheerleading, Junior Varsity 2, Varsity 3; Student Council 2; Prom, Refreshment Committee 2; Glee Club 2, 3; Basketball 1, 2, 3; Hockey 1, 2, 3; Baseball 1, 2, 3. EDWARD F. TAYLOR " Ed” Meet " Ed, " a lad who hails from Stockertown. He is rather quiet and thinks that school work is a lot of " phoney. " He is greatly interested in boy scout work. Ed ' s favorite subject is Algebra. II J ) il VERONICA C. TEMOS " Ronnie” Looking for Veronica? Just go to the library. That is where she spends most of her spare time. “Ronnie” is not too interested in school work, but she nevertheless does creditable work. She enjoys dancing, and can be seen quite often at the Blue Room, even though she lives in Bath. “Ronnie,” who’s the fellow who always saves a seat for you on the bus? Co met Staff, Typist 3; Senior Play, Usher 3; Volley Ball 2; Baseball 3. " Dick” RICHARD E THOMPSON Crash! Bang! That ' s Dick fooling around the lab again. Although he doesn’t participate in any sports, he is a steady follower of the teams. “Dick ' s” main interest in school is in a certain junior from Room 5. He worked at Magnetic Windings during the summer vacation last year. His favorite subject is Consumer Science. Science Club 3. CHARLES D. TONAY " Charlie” “Charlie” is the “Y ' s " prodigy. He works there, plays there, and even eats there sometimes. His favorite sport is basketball and he can be frequently found in the “Y " gym. He is also a good student. He helped out as a Personality Writer for the Comet. Class Basketball 1, and 3; Basketball J. V. 2; Comet Staff, Personally Editor 3,- Baseball 3. DORIS M. TRACH " Doris” Blonde hair, blue eyes, and a pleasant personality describe Doris who hails from East Lawn. Her main interests are skating and writing to a certain soldier. A good commercial student, Doris served as a tpyist for the Comet. She hopes to become a private secretary in the future. Comet, Typist 3; Commercial Club 3; Operetta 1; Glee Club ?; Magazine Campaign 2, 3; Volley Ball 3; Baseball 3. MARY E. UHLER " Uhler” One of our tallest senior girls, Mary finds her height an ad¬ vantage during basketball games. “Uhler " has a pleasing per¬ sonality and can find any joke amusing. She is a good dancer and can usually be seen on the dance floor during any fast jitterbug number. Mary hopes to become a beautician after graduation. Comet, Business 3; Glee Club 1, 2; A Cappella Choir 1, 2; Hockey 1, 2; Basketball 1, 2, 3; Volley Ball 1, 2, 3; Baseball 1, 2, 3. IRENE A. VITEZ " Irene” “Now stop that talking!” Yes, Irene was caught chatting by one of the teachers again. She always has a good time with Alice. Irene is an efficient worker and can hold her own in P. D. discussions. She is an able library assistant and a member of the Dramatic Club. After graduation she intends to become a secretary. Co met, Typist 3; Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3; Blue and White, Typist 2, Business 3; Sale of Bonds and Stamps 3; Student Librarian 2, 3. I 1946 DACIA K. WAGNER ' ' Daisie” Giggle! Giggle! It ' s “Daisie " and her chum " Woodie " having another laughing spasm. " Daisie " is an enthusiastic sportswoman and an all-round good sport. She enjoys having good times in English class and amusing her pals with her Pennsylvania Dutch accent. Just look around the dance floor and you ' re sure to find her jitterbugging with one of her pals. Daisie’s name frequently ap¬ pears on the honor roll. Class, Assistant Secretary-Treasurer 2; Commercial Club 1, 2, President 3; Glee Club 1, 2; Prom, Decorating Committee 2; Senior Play, Business 3; Magazine Campaign I, 2, 3; Basketball 1, 2, Captain 3; Baseball 1, 2, 3; Volley Ball 1, 2, 3; Hockey 1, 2, 3. KENNETH P. WARNER " Kenneth” Being quiet in his classes doesn ' t mean that Kenneth doesn’t enjoy conversing, for he ' s quite a talker. Working takes up most of Kenneth ' s time after school. What’s the attraction at the Waist Mill, Kenneth? Uncle Sam will probably have plans for him after graduation. Football 1. GEORGE E. WAY " McGurgle” George is the class genius, for nothing seems to stump him. " McGurgle” was a guard on the football team and an asset in the center of the line. He is also Editor-in-Chief of the Comet and a good leader. George is one of those students most likely to succeed. Co met, Editor-in-Chief 3; Class, Treasurer 1; Football, J. V. 1, Varsity 2, 3; Oratorical Contest 2, 3; Forum Club 3. ANNABELLE R. WEAVER " Annabelle " This blonde-haired lass from Hecktown has a pleasant per¬ sonality. Her interest in school is shown by the pile of books she carries home each afternoon. Annabelle ' s chief joy in school lies in playing baksetball at which she has proved herself an active forward on the team. Working in her father’s grocery store occupies much of Annabelle’s time. Volley Ball 1, 2, 3; Basketball 1, 2, 3; Baseball 1, 2, 3; Hockey 2 . DORIS J. WEISS " Weiss” " Weiss” is one of our studious seniors. She may seem quiet at first, but when she is with the crowd she is full of fun. Nights after school and Saturdays she works at Murphy ' s 5 and 10. " Weiss” likes to swim, ice skate, and is frequently seen at the " Blue Room " dancing with her pals. Her name frequently appears on the honor roll. Class, Secretary 3; A Cappel a Choir 1, 2; Glee Club 1, 2; Blue and White 2; Operetta 1; Magazine Campaign, Assistant Business Manager 2; Senior Play, Costume Committee 3. ANNE WIMMER " Hunsie” Tall and slim, " Hunsie " enjoys sports and is an asset to any team. She is very quiet and also conscientious about her school work. Anne is a good commercial student and hopes to become a stenographer after graduation. Co met. Personality Editor 3; Commercial Club 2,- Magazine Campaign 2; Volley Ball 1, 2, 3; Basketball I, 2; Baseball I. _ m6 . Il l » ' -..—---- I- ELAINE E. WOODRING The " Woodie” Of course, everyone knows “Woodie” to be our town ' s milk¬ maid. Since she gets so little sleep, she has quite some trouble staying awake in classes. She claims it’s her work on the route, but sometimes we wonder!! “Woodie” is an enthusiastic athlete and enjoys dancing. Although “Woodie” has quite a lot of fun with Daisie, she finds time to earn good grades. Elaine is training to be a stenographer, but Bill might change her mind. Class, Secretary 1, Treasurer 3; Commercial Club 2, Vice Presi¬ dent 3; Magazine Campaign 1; Student Council 1; Hockey 1, 2, 3; Basketball 1, 2, 3; Volley Ball 1, 2, 3; Baseball 1, 2, 3. PAULINE K. WUNDERLY " P. K.” This well-dressed senior is “P. K., " our class president, Athletic Council president, and Mrs. Rumble of the senior olay, Spring Green. She’s a versatile young lady whose special interests are swimming, dancing, playing basketball, and a certain sailor. Her future plans involve nursing. Student Council 1, 3, President 2; Class, President 1, 3; Athletic Council, Vice President 2, President 3; Glee Club 1; A Cappella Choir If Senior Play, Minor 3; Magazine Campaign 1; Volley Ball 1, 2; Basketball 1, Captain 2, 3; Hockey 1, 2; Baseball 1, 2. GLORIA S. YEAKEL " Blondie” Petite, full of pep, plus the disposition of an angel---all these factors contribute to make “Blondie” well-liked by both boys and girls. Having the ability to work as hard as she plays, she is quite well-rounded and is never too busy to lend a helping hand. Her sense of humor is outstanding. “Blondie” participated in the Dramatic Club play as “Ada, the feather brain.” She has her heart set on nursing in the future. At the present her big concern is a certain dark-haired boy in Room 33. Dramatic Club 2, 3; Glee Club 2, Secretary-Treasurer 3; Baseball 3. JOHN F. ZIEGLER " Zeke” " Zeke " is that tall, gangling fellow who is frequently seen with a still taller, more gangling fellow. He enjoys sports and good jokes. His favorite hobby seems to be getting into trouble. John is frequently on the honor roll and has little trouble with his studies. Football 1, Assistant Manager 2; Senior Play, Major 3; Student Council 2; Science Club 3; Prom, Decorating Committee 3. JOHN E. GERENSER " Johnnie” This dark, handsome chap who hails from Dexter left our happy fold in November and is now wearing the Navy blue. Although not too keen about school on the whole, " Johnnie " did enjoy P. D. classes where he always participated in the hottest arguments. Driving around in his Dodge was " Johnnie ' s” favorite pastime. SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS President . Secretary . Treasurer . Student Council President . Secretary . Treasurer . Student Council FIRST SEMESTER .Dorothy Christman .Pauline Wunderly .Walter Solt .John Searock Gloria Edelman SECOND SEMESTER .Pauline Wunderly .Doris Weiss .Elaine Woodring .Irene Horvath Fred Hooper • M6 I— — ..... LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT 3Cr We, the Class of Nineteen Hundred and Forty-six, being sad and discontented at the thought of leaving these beloved premises, do hereby draw up our last will and testament in order that posterity may enjoy the following priceless possessions: Walter Albert’s southern " drool” to Eric Doll (Bow Wow!). LaRue Arndt’s height to Bill Day (Hmm). Gordon Arnold’s curly hair to Jean Searles (Rain won’t harm it). Harold Arnold’s sleepiness to Jean Macky. Car! Barlieb’s fidelity to Kathleen Schnerr. Arlene Bartron’s comb and mirror to Gloria Gamboni. Rose Carlo’s bicycle to Jean Nicholasen. (Keep it in good condition, Jean). Vera Clewell’s laugh to-on second thought, let ' s keep our valuables. Anna Cowling’s wolfing to James Burley (Follow the master’s footsteps, Jimmy). Lorraine Florey ' s books to John Magditch. (Don’t wear them out, John). Kenneth Frey’s dancing to Dale Hildenbrand. (Tread lightly, Gus). Jean Gold’s vigor to Clemence Gower. (Keep in high gear, Clem.) Pauline Heidenwolf’s smile to Katherine Roth. (Now you’ll be the rage of the age, " Kass.”) Mary Hahn’s athletic ability to Katherine Winn. (Think you can do the fish-f)op now?) Joseph Hirman’s studiousness to Chris Wagner. (What’s the answer, Chris?) Fred Hooper’s trot to Tony Hanner. (We hope you get there!) John Houck’s cowboy boots to Dolores Trinkle. (Hi-ho, Silver.) Walter Huber’s wisecracks to Gerald Stoudt. (Heaven help Mr. Goulding!) John Julius’s counterfeit signatures to hookie-playing addicts. (Restful days ahead for someone!) Steven Karlowitch’s fur jacket to Anna Mae Carty. (Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!) Barbara Kleppinger’s lyrical limericks to Carl Ashenfelder. (Merry times for next year ' s English classes.) Carl Kraemer’s eyelashes to Brent Doyle. (For that demure look.) Ethel Lakey’s dimples to Charles Knecht. (To help keep you playing, maestro!) Ruth Leiby’s frustration to Herbert Dorozowski. (Not on the gridiron though, Herby.) Robert Meixell ' s mechanical mess to Digger O’Dell. (When better cars are built, Gloria would like one, Meixell.) Stephen Paukovit’s shoulders to Robert Frack. (Don’t let the women maul you, Bob.) Theresa Fickert’s knowledge of bus routes to the information bureau. (So it can be useful to all.) David Gower’s speed ?? to all shorthand students. Ted Schafer’s poker deck to all who know how to use it. Carmella Perna’s hair to Frances Altemose. (Better buy a bigger comb.) David Pritchard’s corn field to Carl Muth. (If it gets too crowded, make a few fritters.) Mary Reph ' s piano to John P. Knecht. (Keep it in tune, John.) Alice Rohrbach’s gas tank to Jean Nickel. (May you never run out of gas.) Theodore Schafer’s chemistry antics to Mr. Yeska. (Neutralization may occur.) Lester Siegfried’s hat to Lorraine Sprague. (Sharp, eh what?) Kenneth Smith’s eyes to Betty Milkovits. (The better to see you with, Herbie.) Willour Smith to that certain junior. Francis Soffera’s complexion to Gloria Graver. (You won’t have to bake in the sun¬ shine anymore.) Frances Steltzman’s quietness to Dolores Woodring. (Silence is golden.) Edward Taylor’s Boy Scout uniform to Claude Abbot. (Uniforms are the thing.) Richard Thompson’s empty milk bottles to Kathryn Woodring. (Keep those bottles quiet.) Charles Tonay’s job to John Ambrose. (Remember, John, the customer is always right.) George Way’s " yo-yo” to Wilson Zerfass. (Something to keep you out of mischief during your idle hours.) Pauline Wunderly’s extra-curricular activities to any ambitious soul. Gloria Yeakel’s lab key to Ruth Stetler. (Who’s going to help you look for it, Ruthie?) Donald Geiling ' s haircuts to Doris Eberts. (They won’t need so much attention.) Dorothy Danforth’s green ink to Carl Solt. Pauline Eckert’s engagement ring to Harry Kern. (You may have use for it later.) Muriel Herd’s weight to anyone over 300 pounds. Jeanne Kahler’s beaux to " None but the Lonely Heart.” Ronald Roth’s white band uniform to Wallace Frey. (Roll up the cuffs, Wally.) Shirley Brody’s intelligence to next year’s sophomores. Donald Markle’s speaking ability to Bernard Mittemeyer. (Carry on, old top.) The Spirit of the senior class to all juniors. (Best Wishes.) John Ziegler ' s classroom " meekness " to whoever wants it. (Providence help the faculty!) George Miltenberger’s aggressiveness ???? to Joe Reichel. (Tame down, Joe.) Dorothy Christman’s journey home to anyone with sore feet. All the sore muscles in the senior class to next year’s gym classes. Our homerooms and beloved desks to our successors. " Hamlet” to all Shakespeare fans. (Enjoy it, kids.) Our ability to yawn with closed mouths to the junior class. (Sophistication must be maintained.) The A German girls’ ability to sing Christmas Carols to the Glee Club. (A little German hurts no one.) Helen Tamandl’s laugh to Theresa Yavorski. (Dignity must relax.) Frank Sours football tactics to next year’s team. (Rah! Rah!) Two windshield wipers to Joe Gross. (They’d be helpful on those big windows, Joe.) Lester Scott ' s hitch-hiking technique to Jack Turner. (You can sell your bike now, Jack.) Lorraine Repsher ' s " chuckle” to Albert Dlugos. (Great oaks from little acorns.) All of our unexpressed thoughts to Martha Bickert. (The truth will out.) Dacia Wagner’s height to Viola Ambrose. (Now you won ' t have to stretch, Susie.) Elaine Woodring’s vim, vigor, and vitality to Gloria Marsh. Gladys Roth’s fidelit y to all flirts among underclassmen. The chewing gum in the drinking fountains to all future tobacco chewers. (Ought to make quite a chew.) Having distributed our valuables to these worthy recipients, we hope that they may achieve a notoriety comparable to our own. Shirley Brody Muriel Herd Jeanne Kahler Ronald Roth George Way •m6 After years of diligent research we, the Class of ' 46, make a prediction. It is our firm belief that by January 1, 2163 A. D., every member of this class will have completed his journey in this world and will have had some years of residence in the next. (Anyone now living wishing to contest our prediction may do so at the above date if he or she is accompanied by both parents. In such a case we will revoke and make amends for our rash prophesy.) With the aid of jet propulsion time has flown to the year of our Lord, two thousand one hundred and sixty-three. It is midnight on the evening of October 31, Hallowe’en. On the grounds that once belonged to N. H. S., we now find the fabulously beautiful Roth Memorial Park, erected by the public in memory of the great physicists, Doctors Gladys and Ronald Roth, whose patient and ceaseless efforts brought about the discovery and widespread use of MATQXVRLSCZ, a liquid of greater benefit to mankind than water. At the last stroke of twelve Dr. Ronald’s bronze statue trips gaily over to that of his colleague and together they move off to visit the haunts of their old school mates. Leaving the park by Cupid’s Corridor they stop at the statue of the eminent Walter Albert, whose constructive genius harnessed the power of radar, making it possible to drive an auto¬ mobile without hands. (This is indeed a boon to lovers everywhere!) However, his mechanism has been known to fail at times and these failures brought about the untimely end of Harold Arnold, John Houck, and Frank Miklos. In the next block they pass Thunderbolt Theater, a place full of dear memories. It was here that Marguerite Remel’s immortal book, Bringing Up Scoffs, was first given as a play in which Arlene Schortz, Jean Schaffer, Viola Ritter, Gerald Butts, John Flegler, and Robert Osterstock made their theatrical debut. The theater was partially destroyed when over zealous autograph hounds sought the star of stage, screen, and radio, Virginia Heiney. Miss Heiney, with her troupe designer, Ethel Lakey, and her manicurist, Anna Anschau, barely escaped with their lives. This catastrophe gave plumber Carl Barlieb so much business that he was able to retire a year later. Under the able direction of the architect, Pauline Heidenwolf, the place was made more beautiful than ever. In fact the stage was so large that shortly afterward, horses from Ted Schafer’s livery pulled Donald Geiling’s massive wagons in the now famous Prairie Schooner scene of Carl Kraemer ' s never-to-be-forgotten tragi-comedy, " Mid¬ spring’s Nightmare’’ or " What’s so rare as a day in April—without an umbrella?” Two blocks down and three blocks over stand the ruins of what was once the most beautiful Turkish Bath in town. Owned jointly by Pauline Fenstermaker, Pearl Barrall, and Ethel Miller, it was patronized by such celebrities as Willour Smith’s famous Galloping Golden Gophers—Frank Sours, Steven Karlowitch, Stephen Paukovits, and Kenneth Smith, the flashiest backfield in the history of professional football. Noted officials for many games included Walter Solt, Walter Huber, and John Petraglia with Jean Gold, Pauline Eckhart, and Doris Weiss covering for the press. Next door stands the building which once housed Anna Cowling’s Miracle Mud Pack Plant of which Amelia Klusko was president. Veronica Temos, Miss Mudpack Complexion of 1960, claimed that all her fame could be traced back to her first mud pack which was given to her when she took Marion Smith’s Success Course. Their only source of mud was Tatamy, in fact, Elizabeth Eyer’s property. This is what put Elizabeth and her family into the exclusive and refined 400 4 10 club of that little metropolis. Older folks who can remember the flavor of Pierzga’s Pies still drool at the very mention of Mike’s delicious pastries. Mike had such a large business that he had to hire Francis Soffera and John Gerenser to deliver them about town. Frank Maurek was honorably proclaimed " Woman of the Age,” when he patented his Wearever Nylons. However, Frank did not wish fame and so he soon sold his business to Kenneth Warner, who quickly amassed a large fortune. With stock broker, Ed Taylor, and insurance agent, Paul Kahler, to invest and protect his money it has been kept in the Warner family until the present day. The Class of ' 46 produced many prominent figures in the field of education. One of these was Delphine Shafer, who produced the educational movie, " Winning the Sweep- stakes,” which was based on Mary Hahn’s secret for winning any kind of contest, race, or game. Another was David Pritchard who was Superintendent of LeRoy Eckhart’s Body Building School. One of his pupils, Richard Altemose, became the Atlas of the Atomic Age. At Columbia University they found Irene Horvath’s tomb. She spent 20 years there obtaining her B. L. N. T. (Better Luck Next Time.) Students of the stars came from miles around to hear lectures by Barbara Kleppinger, doctor of Astronomy. Here, too, was found a plaque dedicated to Dottee Danforth’s discovey of flea powder for domesticated wolves. Flitting back to Nazareth they pass the remnants of Fred Hooper’s Home for the Feeble Minded. This home employed George Miltenberger as bouncer, Robert Lambert as caretaker, and Ruth Leiby as head nurse. They finally approach the Indian Cemetery where the rest of our school-chums lie at rest. The Secretary of the State of Coma, John Ziegler, was buried here by the mortician, Donald Markle. The hearse was driven by Dottie Christman. The main attractions at the Barnum Bailey Circus, two hundred and one years ago, were the daring feats of Lois Rotzell and Marguerite Ferraro on the trapeze and Gloria Yeakel’s stupendous leap from a 40-foot pole into Robert Meixell’s arms. At that time Helen Tamandl signed a life contract with Dorney Park. She took the place of the laughing dummy in front of the Devil’s Cage. Next they came across the graves of La Rue Arndt, Gordon Arnold, Arlene Kahler, and John Searock. All were happily married (not necessarily to each other, however.) Glancing from one stone to another, many memories were brought to mind. Muriel Herd used to beat a drum for the Flow Soap commercial on the Flow Hour of Charm which featured the Flow Gently Trio—Barbara Muth, Mary Jane Neel, and Lorraine Repsher, who made famous the aria, " Shall We Wash?” (Incidentally, " Flow” spelled backwards spells-.) Pauline Wunderly was Doctor of Obstetrics at the Philadelphia Zoo for forty successful years—40 triplets, 80 twins, and 10 singles were born during that time. The same year that James Miksch was elected to the presidency of the S. P. C. A., JoAnne Kern wrote the immortal book, Murder in the Butcher Shop or Who Killed That Calf? Vera Clewell succeeded J. Edgar Hoover as chief of the F. B. I. and induced David Gower to portray the villainous characters in Richard Thompson’s movies for anti-crime education. Colonel Lucy Detwiler of the Women’s Army Corps will long be remembered for her endless " Battle against Bugs,” of all shapes, sizes, and colors. In 1965 John Julius succeeded John L. Lewis as President of the United Mine Workers when he promised not to strike for less than two days’ work per week. This strike was aimed primarily against the Dora Manning Coal Company. Kenneth Frey, Charles Tonay, and George Stewart in a nation-wide poll were voted as the best dressed men of their day. Annabelle Weaver and Erna Nagle were competent secretaries to Joseph Hirman who worked himself up the hard way to the position of Commissioner of the Super Sewage Disposal System of New York City. Theresa Fickert became the Director of the O. B. I. (Office of Bus Information.) The Brown-nose Union for better marks with less apple-polishing was organized by Martha Houser. She devoted her life unselfishly to this worthy cause. - m George Way won celestial fame as the creator of " Luminous Licorice Lipstick. " It glowed in the dark. Other inventors were Carmella Perna and Mary Uhler whose contributions to science consisted of hearing aids for scarecrows and an eyewash for potatoes. Via the international telephone system Frances Steltzman married the Frenchman with whom she corresponded during high school days. (This established a precedent that has gone down through the years.) Their great grandson is present emporer of the Republic of Neutopia. Jeanne Kahler built and operated the Sunshine Special, the first railway tube to encircle the globe. Lester Scott painted the sun spots for the pictures of the sun which Jeanne used as a trademark. Lester Siegfried became captain of the U. S. Basketball team which captured the Olympic title in 1964. In the sports world of her time, Shirley Brody became the world’s bowling champion after 42 years of practice. (She never did give up.) In Irene Vitez’s sidewalk cafe Marion Leh and Margie Ambrose would cut a rug backward when Gloria Edelman and her Pennsylvanians played " Twista! Tosa!” the great composition of the prominent artist, Mary Reph. Angelo Nardella, in his Front Street Barber Shop in Bath, was the first to use the Radar Razor which had been invented by Ralph Kratzer. Adjoining the barber shop was Catherine Flick’s Finger Wave Salon. She won a nation-wide hairdressing contest and her exquisite hair styles became the rage of the year 2000. In Hecktown they found the remains of Eva Lieberman’s factory which, in its better days, manufactured costume jewelry that Catherine Inhoff and Shirley Morris modeled. In the nearby thriving metropolis of Newburg is found the first apartment store that dealt entirely with articles for twins, triplets, quadruplets, and quintuplets, founded by the Meyers’ Twins. Leaving Newburg they are attracted by the reminiscing of some town folk about the great achievement of Elaine Woodring who has gone down in the history of the Pygmies of deep Africa for her daily milk deliveries there. This had increased their stature to 6 feet 3 inches. Dacia Wagner, the sanitation officer, washed all the bottles. Elaine’s daily visits to Africa were a great boon to missionary Arlene Bartron. Arlene befriended Doris Hunt, Virginia Siegfried, and Anne Wimmer when they moved the headquarters of their Archeologists Company to the jungles. In their day Alice Rohrbach, Jean Brown, and Rose Carlo were known as the " Atomic Trio” because of Lorraine Florey’s atomic pen which enabled them to take shorthand at 1000 words a minute. Last, but not least, they travel to the tomb of Kathryn Follweiler. For some reason or other the inscription doesn’t make sense. " Passed on from a broken toe, because she didn’t wear shoes when she kicked the bucket.” It’s all in fun So don’t be sore; But if you are, Stamp on the floor. —Amen. Susie Spirit Sally Shade Annie Apparition Pauly Phantom Hector Specter Firsf Row: Faust, Bickert, Edwards, Fehr, Frantz, Blinton, Eberts, Kressman, Didovitz, Deutsch. Second Row: Ashenfalder, Bitz, E. Frack, Bonny, DeReamer, Davidson, Herd, Ambrose, Fogel, Frack, Ackerman, Cumberland. Third Row: Engler, Dlugos, Franczak, Campbell, Doyle, Anderson, Fehnel, Aristide, Christman, Doll, Dorozowski, Berger, Fehr. JUNIOR CLASS 3CT OFFICERS—FIRST SEMESTER President .. Vice President . Secretary . Treasurer . Assistant Secretary and Treasurer Student Council . .Reuben Heller .Clara Redline .Richard Ueberroth ..Theresa Yavorski .Elsie Deutsch Leopold Keppel and Joanne Unangst ■■1 4 mm 3 JUNIOR CLASS i 1 The OFFICERS—SECOND SEMESTER President .. Vice President . Secretary . Treasurer . Assistant Secretary and Treasurer Student Council . ..Jean Nickel .Lorraine Sprague .Mary Had! .Lois Shimer .Anita Martino Gloria Stettler and Samuel Aristide First Row: Miss Saricks, Johnson, Kurler, Hadl, Heckman, S. Leh, Gamboni, D. Houck, Lerch, Groller, Gower, Hutchinson. Second Row: Kondikoff, Herbst, Frey, Gross, Hordendorf, Gruber, Leiby, Klump, Hagenbuch, Lahr, Kern, Gower, Kolb. Third Row: Lakatos, Knecht, Laubach, Heller, Giering, Hildenbrand, Graver, Hanner, Hoffman, Keppel, Klotz, Kromer, Kessler, Fritz. Firsf Row: Nickolasen, Nardella, Saylor, Schaffer, Minnich, Millheim, Rice, Milkovits, M. Roth, Parenti, Redline, K. Roth, Renner. Second Row: Purdy, Minnich, Martino, A. Mack, Noll, Polanski, D. Mack, Mackey, Mitch, Meixell, Nickel, Michael, Remaley. Third Row: Murdoca, Reagan, Reichel, Reese, Magditch, Morse, Rohrbach, Reese, Lerch, Rupert, Neuner. JUNIOR CLASS ,2 T Class Flower —Red Rose Class Colors —Navy Blue and Gold Class Motto —Life is what we make it. f JUNIOR CLASS 3 T First Row: M. Werkheiser, Schlamb, Thomas, M. Tokarzk, Searles, Ursprung, Shatz, Trach, R. Stetler, Taylor, Shimer. Second Row: P. Tokarzk, Uhler, Thompson, Unangst, Woodring, Woodward, G. Stettler, R. Werkheiser, Stohl, Stark, L. Werkheiser, Yavorski, Silfies, Thompson. Third Row: T. Stoudt, C. Trach, Wagner, Ueberroth, Sheetz, C. Smith, Zeiner, M. Trach, Tanzos, D. Smith, Wun- derly, Zerfass, Sherer, Stampf. First Row: Second Row: Third Row: Fourth Row: Auchenbach, Bajan, Deily, Custer, Altemose, Franczak, Ciarrocchi, Everitt, K. Altemose, Doll. Dashner, Donello, Applegate, Detweiler, Diehl, Frantz, Daniele. Betz, Beers, Ambrose, Fritz, Dzurak, Derr, Brewer, Abel, Faust. Barlieb, Danis, Fulmer, Bayda, Bernecker, Durn, Bensing, Dech, Ferraro, L. Altemose. SOPHOMORE CLASS £ ? OFFICERS—FIRST SEMESTER President . Vice President . Secretary . , Treasurer . Assistant Secretary and Treasurer Student Council . .Andrew Julius .William Morey .Joyce Trach .Irene Hagenbuch .Romaine Hearn Dorothy Kahler and Joseph Bayda 1946 SOPHOMORE CLASS 3 T OFFICERS—SECOND SEMESTER President .William Morey Vice President .Bernard Mittemeyer Secretary .Marion Himler Treasurer .Irene Hagenbuch Student Council .Kathleen Schnerr and Michael Masters First Row: V. Kessler, Knauss, Kelchner, K. Heller, D. Kahler, Himler, Hagenbuch, Huffsmith, Hearn, Kenyon, Houser, Laubach, Hartzell. Second Row: Gold, W. Keppel, Kleintop, Kocher, D. Heller, Homoki, Klipple, Heidenwolf, Hunt, Graver, Hess, Jones, Kerler, S. Kessler. Third Row: Knecht, R. Kahler, A. Houck, Klusko, Yandrasits, Leh, Hontz, R. Houser, Kurtz, Hahn, Julius, Kraemer, Heckman. First Row: Milkovits, Ostrowski, Schaffer, Meyers, Manning, Masters, Neel, Schultz, Millheim, Matthias, Miksch, Nagle. Second Rowt Morey, Oswald, Schisler, Mitch, Roberts, Peterson, Schramm, Miltenberger, Schnerr, Ruloff, Mur- doca, Neuner. Third Row: Mondschein, Port, Panccotine, Muth, Powell, Nagle, Mittemeyer, Reinhart, Reagan, Matlock, Petty, Nolf. SOPHOMORE CLASS Class Flower —White Carnation Class Colors —Blue and Gold Class Moffo—Whatever is worth doing is worth doing well. im SOPHOMORE CLASS 3 T First Row: Miss Bryan, Trinkle, Young, Winn, Silfies, Sherman, Trach, Soulis, Yiesley, Smith, Smoyer, Sweitzer. Second Row: Uhler, Sullivan, Ziegler, Tokarczk, Werkheiser, Watson, Spangler, Woodring, Williamson, Stout, Taylor, Stoudt. Third Row: Zipf, Unger, Solt, Vogel, Yandrosits, Ventin, Siegfried, Steltzman, Tanges, Weiss, Unkle, Unger, Stoudt, Turner, Zerfass, Zeller, Sakasits. The Student Council is the representative body of the students of Nazareth Senior High School. It affords an opportunity for the students to have matters of student interest brought to the attention of the school through the Council members—a boy and girl representative from each class and the three class presidents. All problems are thoroughly discussed at the bi-monthly meetings and are acted upon accordingly. Miss Florence L. Nicholas is adviser to the Council. Three dances—a Thanksgiving, a Valentine, and a Spring Dance—were enjoyed by the student body through the sponsorship of the Student Council. Furthermore, they acted as hosts for the afternoon dances which were held between 3:30 and 4:45 p. m. This year a boy and girl representative from the Council served on the Student Faculty Assembly Program Committee. The Lost and Found Department functioned promptly and efficiently in returning misplaced articles to their owners. A college catalogue library was maintained to help all students in selecting the colleges in which to pursue their studies and vocational training upon graduation from high school. Besides this, a committee of the council aids in the care of the building. THE OFFICERS FIRST SEMESTER President .Reuben Heller Vice President .Leopold Keppel Secretary-Treasurer .Dorothy Kahler Assistant Secretary-Treasurer .Joseph Bayda SECOND SEMESTER President .William Morey Vice President .Jean Nickel Secretary-Treasurer .Gloria Stettler Assistant Secretary-Treasurer .Michael Masters First Row: Stettler, Edelman, Julius, Nickel, Christman, Morey, Unangst, Keppel, Schnerr, Kahler. Second Row: Searock, Horvath, Hooper, Miss Nicholas, Aristide, Wunderly, Bayda. Firsf Row: Hahn, Nagel, Christman, Wunderly, Herd. Second Row: Neuner, Mr. Cump, Miss Franck, Miss Nicholas, Mr. Leh, Schafer. ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION T The Athletic Association has helped to keep alive the traditional interest in athletics at Nazareth High. The association was active throughout the year selling tickets at all of the football and basketball games under the direction of the Faculty Manager, Mr. Cump. OFFICERS President .Pauline Wunderly Secretary .Dorothy Christman Vice President .Muriel Herd Treasurer .George Michael Assistant Secretary and Treasurer .Conrad Neuner FACULTY ADVISERS Miss Nicholas.. Mr. Cump. Miss Franck.. Mr. Bartolet . Principal Faculty Manager . . . . Girls’ Coach Mr. Leh. Coach Mr. Christman. Assistant Coach Mr. Kichline. Assistant Coach . . . .Assistant Coach and Track Coach STUDENT MANAGERS Football Manager . Boys’ Basketball Manager . Girls ' Basketball Manager . Girls’ Hockey Manager . Girls’ Volley Ball Manager . Girls’ Baseball Manager . .... Willour Smith .Theodore Schafer .Anna Mae Carty .Mary Hahn Dorothy Christman .Erna Nagle HI " You’d ought to watch ’em hatch, and feed ’em, and keep records on their growth, like I have.” This is T. Newton Todd at his hobby of breeding earthworms. Spring Green, a three-act comedy by Florence Ryerson and Colin Clements, was presented successfully December 6 and 7 in the high school auditorium. CAST OF CHARACTERS Nina Cassell .Theresa Fickert Mrs. Rumble. . . .Pauline Wunderly Scootie Cassell. . . .Helen Tamandl Mr. Putman .Walter Albert Tony Cassell .Jeanne Kahler Pinkie Ames .Mary Reph Dunk Doyle .John Houck Bing Hotchkiss.. .Theodore Schafer Genevieve Jones.. Lorraine Repsher Major Todd .John Ziegler T. Newton Todd.... Robert Meixell Eula Hotchkiss. Barbara Kleppinger Dr. Luther Blodgett... Fred Hooper Officer Ryan .Walter Huber Billy .David Gower PRODUCTION STAFF Directors Miss Verneda E. Gephart Mr. Franklyn E. Kostenbader Publicity Miss Jean Clute Dorothy Danforth Lois Rotzell Mary Jane Neel Business Mr. Adam Shekletski Irene Horvath Muriel Herd John Petraglia Annabelle Weaver Charles Tonay Pauline Heidenwolf Flaine Meyers Shirley Brody Virginia Siegfried Dacia Wagner Gloria Edelman Stage Mr. Steve Sheetz Ronald Roth Fred Hooper David Gower Prompter JoAnne Kern Wardrobe Mary Hahn Dorothy Christman Doris Weiss Properties Alice Rohrbach Virginia Heiney Marguerite Remel Ushers Vera Clewell Lorraine Florey Frances Steltzman Pauline Heidenwolf Barbara Muth Martha Houser Arlene Kahler Kathryn Follwelier Irene Horvath Irene Vitez Marion Leh Margaret Ambrose Veronica Temos Dorothy Christman Catherine InhofF Anna Cowling Amelia Klusko Doris Trach Erna Nagel Ethel Lakey Sitting: Tamandl, Danforth, Fickert, Kleppinger, Reph, Kahler. Standing: Wunderly, Houck, Schafer, Meixell, Ziegler, Huber, Hooper, Albert, Gower, Repsher. DRAMATIC CLUB 3, T The Dramatic Club, advised by Miss Evelyn Singer, met and discussed acting tech¬ niques at their meetings every third Thursday of each month. They presented a skit entitled Ada Gives First Aid in assembly on March 20. OFFICERS President .Lois Rotzell Vice President .Joseph Gross Secretary and Treasurer .Gladys Roth •im COMMERCIAL CLUB The e,cr The Commercial Club, under the direction of Mrs. Evelyn Weaver, is one of the largest and most active groups in Nazareth High School. A speaker on Insurance and a movie, Good Grooming, were presented as part of the regular meetings. Besides this, the club toured the St. Regis Paper Mill and the First National Bank. Among the social activities were a Christmas party before the holidays and a picnic at the Nazareth Borough Park in June. President .... Vice President Secretary. . . . Reporter. . . . OFFICERS .Dacia Wagner .Elaine Woodring ..LaRue Arndt .Kathryn Woodring First Row: Klotz, Rupert, Frey, Ziegler. Second Row: Lambert, Doll, Fritz, Mr. Kostenbader, Butts, Morse, Sours. SCIENCE CLUB acr This year the Science Club, under the direction of Mr. Franklyn Kostenbader, met every second Wednesday in the month. At each meeting a committee, composed of several members, was in charge of the activities. Some of the programs enjoyed during the year included a demonstration of jet propulsion, a movie on sound, and a program describing the Federal Bureau of Investi¬ gation. OFFICERS President .Wallace Frey Secretary .Richa rd Rupert Treasurer .A. William Day, Jr. FORUM CLUB 3 T The Forum Club, sponsored by Mr. Paul Goulding, presented two interesting dis¬ cussions in assembly. December 12—CONSCRIPTION. Speakers: Donald Markle, Shirley Brody, Alice Rohrbach, Bernard Mitte- meyer. February 20—YOUTH AND AMERICA’S FUTURE Speakers: Robert Leh, George Way. Panel: Viola Ambrose, Pauline Heidenwolf, Samuel Aristide. OFFICERS President .Samuel Aristide Secretary .Pauline Heidenwolf First Row: Rohrbach, Brody, Aristide, Heidenwolf, Thompson. Second Row: Kessler, Ambrose, Hadl, Markle. Third Row: Mitteme yer, Way, Leh, Mr. Goulding. Mittemeyer, Way, Leh, Mr. Goulding ORATORICAL CONTEST 3(T The annual Oratorical Contest, sponsored by the Alumni Association of Nazareth High School, was held Friday afternoon, April 13, before an audience of students and guests. Mr. Paul W. Goulding coached the contestants. This year the contestants unanimously decided to select topics of a lighter nature to balance the numerous other programs which we were privileged to have had devoted to world affairs. Bernard Mittemeyer spoke feelingly of his former homeland, Surinam, as " The Little Country of Milk and Honey.” Robert Leh wrapped numerous traditions about the White House into a package called " The Great White Father’s Wigwam.” George Way assured one and all that " There’s No Place Like Home.” EB THE BAND PERSONNEL J T CORNETS AND TRUMPETS Walter Albert Lee Arndt James Eyer Marion Frack Robert Frack Reuben Heller Russell Kindt Walter Kostenbader Frank Martin Ear! Reese Bruce Reimer Theodore Schafer John Unangst HORNS Ralph Houser Raymond Neuner Lorraine Repsher Warren Zerfass TUBAS John Bensing Thomas Franczak TROMBONES David Gower Bernice Hagenbuch Donald Happel David Reimer Ronald Roth Virginia Schlamb Lester Siegfried Frederick Smith BARITONE Steward Kleintop Gladys Roth CLARINETS Anna Mae Carty John Dusinski Doris Eberts Joanne Engler Charles Knecht Haven Knecht Robert Leh Donald Markle Delphine Shafer John Todora FLUTE Irene Hagenbuch Elizabeth Herd SAXOPHONES Catherine Flick Donald Koehler PERCUSSION Betty Fehr Nicholas Rampulla Richard Rupert Louise Smith Ruth Stetler Robert Tomino Walter Wunderly Luella Smith DRUM MAJOR Ronald Roth DRUM MAJORETTES Dorothy Danforth Jeanne Kahler COLOR GUARD Samuel Aristide Walter Huber Asher Reese Wilson Zerfass Heller, Schafer, Shafer, Stetler, Hagenbuch, Reese, Kostenbader THE BAND OFFICERS 3C. T Augustine Carl Weinhofer. Director Reuben Heller. Student Director Walter Kostenbader. Assistant Student Director Delphine Shafer. Secretary Bernice Hagenbuch. Librarian Earl Reese. Manager Theodore Schafer. Treasurer Ruth Stetler. Assistant Treasurer The annual spring concert was presented on April 11 and 12 with the following appearing as soloists: Ruth Stetler (Marimba)— " Dance of the Comedian’’ . Smetena Reuben Heller (Cornet)— " Napoli’’ . Bellstedt " My Heaven of Love’’ . Goldman Marion Frack and Earl Reese (Trumpet Duet)— " Elena Polka” . Kiefer Charles Knecht (Cl arinet)— " Long Long Ago’’ . Ritter Thomas Franczak (Tuba) ) Duet— " Cricket and Bullfrog’’ . Yoder Anna Mae Carty (Clarinet) I James Burley (Piano)— " Rhapsody in Blue’’ . Gershwin Kathryn Heller and James Burley were the accompanists. im ■■HMi GLEE CLUB The 3 T The Glee Club, under the direction of Mrs. Mary Hand, made its first appearance at the Christmas Assembly. They also sang at St. John’s Reformed Church on March 31. The program consisted of " Christ Triumphant,” " All on an April Evening,” and " The Lord’s Prayer.” This same program was presented as part of the Easter assembly on April 17. THE BLUE AND WHITE STANDARD i2 7 The school paper is published bi-weekly. In 1945-46 the Blue and White was awarded third place in the annual contest sponsored by the Pennsylvania School Press Association. CO-EDITORS Dorothy Danforth Jeanne Kahler Mary Reph Jean Searles ASSOCIATE EDITORS Joanne Unangst Caroline Ursprung Miriam Noll Jean Renner Marion Frack Gloria Graver Wilson Roth Viola Ambrose LaRue Arndt Vera Bonney Rose Carlo Anna Mae Carty Anna Cowling Catherine Edelman EDITORIAL STAFF Anne Woodward Theodore Schafer Robert Leh Lorraine Repsher Muriel Herd Mary Jane Neel Barbara Kleppinger Charles Knecht Katherine Winn Kathleen Schnerr Elizabeth Ziegler Phyllis Sherman Dolores Woodring James Murdoca Barbara Muth TYPISTS Catherine Flick Kathryn Follweiler Mary Hadl Irene Horvath Doris Hunt Catherine Inhoff Elizabeth Kemmerer Amelia Klusko Helen Leiby Thelma Lewis Clara Redline Marguerite Remel Virginia Siegfried Marion Smith Gloria Trach BUSINESS STAFF Theresa Fickert, Manager JoAnne Kern, Circulation Manager ASSISTANT MANAGERS Elizabeth Eyer Dorothy Frantz Lois Shimer Irene Vitez Elaine Frack Viola Ritter Helen Tamandl Kathryn Woodring FACULTY ADVISERS Miss Florence Nicholas Miss Belva Saricks Mr. J. Frederic Knecht Mrs. Dorothy Papp Mrs. Wilbur Weaver - m PROM 2(T Decorative top hats and walking sticks carried out the theme of “Tuxedo Junction” at the annual Junior-Senior Prom in the gym on May 10. Under a black and white canopy, couples danced to music furnished by Chet Cressman’s orchestra. Games were provided for those not wishing to dance. At intermission refreshments were served buffet style in the lunchroom which effectively carried out the black and white theme. PROM COMMITTEES DECORATING: Anita Martino, Chairlady; Joanne Unangst; Jean Searles; Joseph Tanzos; Leopold Keppel; John Giering; Elaine Frack; Jean Renner; Lorraine Sprague; Wallace Frey; and Miriam Noll. REFRESHMENT: Kathryn Woodring, Chairlady; Mildred Roth; Kathryn Roth; Edward Morse; Bernice Hagen- bach; Reuben Heller; and Conrad Neuner. ENTERTAINMENT: Clara Redline, Chairlady; Theresa Stohl; Marian Frack; Lois Shimer; Chris Wagner; Walter Wunderly; and Jane Blinton. FACULTY ADVISER: Miss Belva Saricks SOCIAL ACTIVITIES The Sophomore Hallowe’en Party on October 31 marked the gala opening of the social season at Nazareth High School. The gym was effectively decorated with black cats, goblins, and witches. During the first part of the evening group games were played with advisers participating. Reuben Heller’s orchestra provided music for dancing. Appropriate refreshments were enjoyed by all. The affair promoted a friendly feeling among the new underclassmen and faculty members. The Student Council, under the direction of Miss Florence L. Nicholas, sponsored three delightful informal dances. On the evening of November 16 the gym was bedecked with autumnal foliage and red and gold corn. The Nomad’s Orchestra provided music for dancing from seven thirty until eleven o’clock. Games were available for those not wishing to dance. Re¬ freshments were served during intermission. On the eve of February 13 a St. Valentine Dance proved to be a huge success. Approximately 330 guests, including servicemen from various branches of the armed forces, participated in the fun. Music for dancing was furnished by Reuben Heller’s orchestra, while those not wishing to dance enjoyed playing various games. Red hearts and gay cupids added the romantic touch to the atmosphere. Refreshments were served in the lunchroom which also carried out the red and white color scheme. At this dance a receiving line extended a cordial welcome and bade farewell to reluctant guests at eleven o’clock as the last strains of music seemed to whisper an evening to remember. Again on May 24 the gym was the scene of a Spring Dance. Lovely spring flowers adorned the gym. Refreshments were served in the lunchroom. Music for dancing was provided by Reuben Heller’s orchestra and games were played by those not wishing to dance. Something new this year is our after school dancing period. Each week on several nights from 3:30 until 4:45 Reuben Heller’s orchestra provided music for dancing in the gym. Miss Florence L. Nicholas and Miss Margaret Franck were the faculty advisers. Ml STUDENT LIBRARIANS 3CT The student librarians—sophomore, junior, and senior volunteers— assist Miss Botto during the fifteen minute periods, at noon time, and after school each day. They check books in and out, notify students of overdue books, and prepare new books for use. First Row: Second Row: Third Row: Fourth Row: Fifth Row: Mr. Leh, Dlugos, C. Kraemer, Karlowitch, K. Smith, Sours, Paukovifs, Scott, Way, Geiling, Stewart. Gammer, Knecht, Giering, Dorozowski, Hanner, Magditch, Ueberroth, Reichel, Hildenbrand, M. Keppel, Taylor, Yandrasits, Mr. Christman. Klusko, R. Kraemer, Neel, Kurtz, L. Keppel, Morey, Reinhart, Houck, Kern, Companero, Bessenhofer, Seneca. Unger, Rissmiller, Edelman, Davis, Trach, Bayda, Matlock, Roth, Solt, Julius, Nagle, Yandrasits. W. Smith, Andrews, Bartz, Bensing, R. Smith, Eckert, Ferraro, Mohn, Hahn. FOOTBALL Coach Leh, with four returning lettermen from last year, built up a team which won five games and lost four. In the beginning of the season the Blue Eagles were in a slump, but with team spirit, cooperation, and the old fight the team won the last three games. The season’s climax was the defeat of the Wilson Warriors for the second consecutive season. 1945 N.H.S. Opp Sept. 22 Shillington. . 14 7 Sept. 29 Whitehall. . 7 14 Oct. 6 Washington. . 6 41 Oct. 13 Coplay. . 19 7 Oct. 20 Pen Argyl. . 0 27 Oct. 27 Bangor. . 2 40 Nov. 3 Emmaus. . 13 6 Nov. 1 0 E. Stroudsburg. . 46 0 Nov. 22 Wilson. .. 7 0 • m The five lettermen who returned from la st year’s team, with the help of Coach Leh, produced a good season. The team in the first half of the season was in a rut, but with fine team spirit and the will to win, they came through the second half with a better record. 1945-46 N.H.S. Opp. Dec. 11 Slatington. 25 40 Dec. 14 Whitehall. 32 49 Dec. 18 Emmaus. 25 29 Dec. 21 Palmerton. 25 38 Jan. 4 Coplay. 36 28 Jan. 8 E. Stroudsburg. 22 23 Jan. 11 Hellertown. 32 39 Jan. 15 Fountain Hill. 30 28 Jan. 18 S. Whitehall. 34 50 Jan. 22 Wilson. 37 20 Jan. 25 Bangor. 46 30 Feb. 1 Coplay. 34 59 Feb. 5 E. Stroudsburg. 40 32 Feb. 8 Hellertown. 33 34 Feb. 12 Fountain Hill. 37 26 Feb. 15 S. Whitehall. 31 43 Feb. 19 Wilson. 34 15 Sifting: Smith, Pierzga, Siegfried, Paukovits, Maurek. Standing: Schafer, Roth, Ueberroth, Zerfass, Kromer, Mr. Leh, Mr. Cump. Firsf Row: Correll, Heckman, Schoenenberger, Dech, Masters, Abbott, Hontz, Neel. Second Row: Thompson, Gaumer, Kahler, Julius, Happle, Kostenbader, Hoadley, Aristide, Houser, Mr. Christman JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL J- T The Junior Varsity Basketeers, under the coaching of Ed Christman, came through the season with a record of fourteen wins and four losses. 1945-46 N.H.S. Opp. Dec. 11 Slatington. 39 29 Dec. 14 Whitehall. 44 32 Dec. 18 Emmaus. 31 27 Dec. 21 Palmerton. 36 37 Jan. 4 Coplay. 41 22 Jan. 8 E. Stroudsburg. 32 24 Jan. 11 Hellertown. 33 17 Jan. 15 Fountain Hill. 37 23 Jan. 18 So. Whitehall. 35 42 Jan. 22 Wilson. 43 16 Jan. 25 Bangor. 43 21 Feb. 1 Coplay. 27 28 Feb. 5 E. Stroudsburg. 32 29 Feb. 8 Hellertown. 27 33 Feb. 12 Fountain Hill. 52 23 Feb. 15 So. Whitehall. 36 27 Feb. 19 Wilson. 39 24 Feb. 22 Bangor. 40 18 CHEERLEADERS The VARSITY First Row: Muth, Neel. Second Row: Tamandl, Christman, Arndt, Martino. « » MHMfMNM J - ■ With the presence of our cheerleaders, enthusiasm was aroused to cheer our football and basketball players on to victory. RH JUNIOR VARSITY Left to Right: Searles, Milkovits, Nickel, Blinton, Altemose. VOLLEY BALL 3CP A large group of girls was present at every volley ball game cheering their fav¬ orite team on to victory. HOCKEY 3cr Due to unfavorable weather conditions, hockey was not play¬ ed this year. The girls were taught the fun¬ damentals and tech¬ nique and a few scrimmages were held. There were no definite teams or captains chosen. • fM GIRLS ' BASKETBALL J.CT ' Amidst a cheering crowd of spectators, the girls played their favorite sport. " Guard closer!” " Shoot, Shoot!” These were the shouts heard all through the games as each team tried to outdo its rival. Wagner’s team was this season’s champion. Seniors Wagner. . . Neel. Wunderly. . Won Lost 3 0 , 1 1 . 0 2 Juniors Hadl. Martino. . . Nickel. Roth. 3 0 2 1 1 2 0 3 Sophomores Soulis. 2 0 Milkovits. 1 1 Hagenbuch.0 2 LIFE 3 CP I do not see the stars above Or that the moon is bright; I do not care why roses grow For he has died tonight. I do not care that I have friends For he has gone above; I could not hold him fast to me Not even through my love. But one must stay and one must go It is the law of life; Our courage still will lead us on Till God will end our strife. —Ruth M. Leiby A TOAST TO SHORTHAND 3CP Shorthand is the subject we like the most, And so to it we’ll drink a toast! Useful? Indeed it is. For jotting notes, it’s a whizz. Interesting? How could you ask? And the homework is such an easy task! Sixty, eighty, a hundred words a minute, Though fate seems to be agin’ it; That’s the speed for which we strive. And through long practice we’ll arrive. Transcription is another story: Commas and periods in their glory; Nevertheless, a perfect letter we’ll turn out. And keep on fighting this endless bout. —Shirley Brody ON THE AIR-WAVES 3(T Judy Canova —Erna Nagel Cass Daly —Mary Uhler Henry Aldrich —Willour Smith Andrews Sisters —Amelia K., Veronica T., Anna C. Fibber and Molly —Scott and Remel Drew Pearson —Donald Markle Walter Winchell —John Ziegler Joan Davis —Lorraine Repsher Hildegarde —Mary Reph Archie Andrews —Steven Karlowitch Lowell Thomas —Walter Huber Corliss Archer —Barbara Muth Tom Mix —John Houck Lum and Abner —F. Hooper and R. Roth Hop Harrigan —Gordon Arnold Ethel and Albert —Robert Meixell and Gloria Yeakel Frankie —Joe Hirman Mr. District Attorney —George Way Woman in White —Muriel Herd Dr. Watson —James Miksch Billie Burke —Kathryn Follweiler John’s Other Wife —Dottie Christman Joyce Jordan —JoAnne Kern Ma Perkins —Theresa Fickert Stella Dallas —Anne Wimmer Hour of Charm —Huba! Huba! Backstage Wife —Jeanne Kahler Betty Crocker —Doris Weiss Just Plain Bill —William Smith Tommy Dorsey —David Gower Brenda and Cobina —Wagner and Woodring Lorenzo Jones —Gerald Butts Woman of America —Shirley Brody Romance of Helen Trent —Dottee Danforth Young Widder Brow n —Jean Brown Today’s Children —Underclassmen Bachelor’s Children —Meyers Twins Road of Life —Halls at 3:15 Portia Faces Life —Pauline Eckhart When A Girl Marries —(After 21) Valiant Lady —Pauline Wunderly Aunt Jenny —Alice Rohrbach Our Gal Sunday —Marion Leh Amanda of Honey-Moon Hill —Carmela Perna Life Can Be Beautiful —After School Date With Judy —Boys Crime Doctor —Ted Schafer Inner-Sanctum —Miss Nicholas’ Office Right to Happiness —Seniors (after graduation) —Ronald Scribbled SEVEN-NOTHING! 3 T It looked extremely mushy for the muddy eleven that day The score stood nothing—nothing with but two quarters left to play And so when Sours ran the ball and " Chinky” did the same A grateful roar arose from the patrons of the game. And then when Stevie called the play And Frankie took " it” through The crowd just simply yelled and cheered Till everyone was blue. Then proudly homeward trudged the mob Their turkey to digest; From Wilson there came many a sob From Nazareth many a jest. Easton Express Photo DID YOU KNOW THAT 1. The Arnold twins (Gordon and Harold) do not have permanents? (They do have them set every week, though. This is confidential.) 2. Ronald Roth doesn’t use rouge? He’s just full of wim, wigor, and witality. 3. Gloria Yeakel doesn’t use peroxide? Well then, what else? 4. Miss Botto is a professional barber? Step right up, please! 5. Our school was closed during the measles epidemic? P. S.—Joke! 6. Shirley Brody doesn’t try to fall? Gravity is just too much for her. 7. Dacia Wagner is the baby of the class? (In age, not size.) 8. Elaine Woodring can be quiet? No comment. 9. Mary Reph doesn’t wash her hair? (With shampoo—she’s allergic to it.) 10. Jean Gold doesn’t go into spring training? She does it in the fall. 11. Steven Karlowitch is extremely lazy? (Miss Sloat ' s opinion.) 12. Teachers are human? Who’d a thunk it !!!! 13. One of the P. D. classes has decided that communism is the only way out? The Traitors. 14. Theodore Schafer is a master of the keyboard? Master murderer! SUPPOSE .. . Arlene wore slacks instead of Schortz. Ronald Read instead of Roth. Kenneth Simmer instead of Frey. Theresa Thought instead of Fickert. Jean were Silver instead of Gold. Muriel Saw instead of Herd. George Path instead of Way. Marion Stood instead of Leh. Ethel Baker instead of Miller. Jean were Green instead of Brown. Doris Fish instead of Hunt. LaRue Isn’t instead of Arndt. Mary Jane Stoop instead of Neel. Walter Bought instead of Solt. Pauline played Hide’n Seek instead of Heidenwolf. Lester were Terrier instead of Scott. Frank were Sweets instead of Sours. • m FURRY , THE DEMON " Furry,” the bunny, is the demon Of the Class of Forty-six He can think up heaps of mischief And get you in a terrible fix. «« » • - For instance, Furry’s always chewing gum And cracking the bubbles, too. Who has to write " chewing gum” 200 times? Not " Furry”—it’s you. You’re supposed to put your pencil marks On paper, not on the wall. But you get a scolding for the writing that’s there When you know it’s " Furry’s” scrawl. ' iesterT? Scott Jr A test tube is broken in Chemistry Lab But how? No one was around. You look for " Furry” and whadya know? He’s nowhere to be found. —Barbara Muth )t iSa areti) Comet Vol. XXVII Nazareth, Pa., Saturday, April 31, 1946 No. 13 Washline Brigade of Teachers Turns Room 9 Into Babyland’s Paradise! " PAPA” KNECHT RECEIVES FIRST LESSON IN THREE CORNERED GEOMETRY A hopeful group of N. H. S. teachers decorated Mr. Kueeht’s home room with appropriate baby clothes showing that they were con¬ scious of the blessed event. W e sur¬ mise this is a hint for presentation of cigars by the proud father. MEASLES GIVE HOOKEY- WEARY STUDENTS A 7-DAY LEAVE N. H. S. is participating in the scrap paper drive with ease this year since excuses for hookey players and measle cases have in¬ creased the paper bundle. HIDE SEEK PLAYED BY ZIEGLER SLOAT BACK- STAGE DURING PRODUCTION OF SPRING GREEN Tall, dark and devilish, John “Zeke” Ziegler escaped Miss Sloat’s watchful eyes recently by scaling a ladder and sitting quietly while be¬ low his protruding feet the unsus¬ pecting teacher questioned thor¬ oughly the seemingly innocent cast. DANFORTH PAINFULLY PARRIES FOR PANTS " Joker” Karlowitch hid Dottee Danforth’s ski pants yesterday and as she searched in vain throughout lockers she yelled, “ Where’re my pants?—” Whether they be wool or silk, we hope she found them. " DARK HORSE " LAKEY GAINS KNECHT VOTE AS PRESIDENT OF MUCOUS CLUB Mr. Knecht in desperation has recently joined hands with the " miserables” of the Junior Class suffering from sinus. Postwar Kleenex is hopefully anticipated by the club’s growing membership. N. H. S. PLAYBOYS GO A.W.O.L. TO SEE ARMISTICE DAY PARADE A large percentage of students had explaining to do today for a sight seeing tour to Easton in an effort to see the colorful array of marching bands. THREE FEATHERS NOT AVAILABLE AT PAPP’S CAFETERIA Class of ’46 in its Junior year is enjoying accommodations in Mrs. Papp’s history classes. Chewing gum and cold fried chicken are often blissfully passed about the room. HERD CRANKS GOWER AND LITERATURE PROGRESSES Muriel Herd is gaining fame for giving Gower the high sign to start thinking. Herd simply imitates the cranking of a stubbo rn Model T and the issuing laughter stimulates Davy’s thinking. STIMULATING STINK SENDS CHEMISTRY STUDENTS SWOONING The chemistry classes conducted experiments on hydrogen sulfide (odor of rotten eggs) and for the first time the bobby soxers of the senior class swooned over something besides Frank Sinatra. GLEANINGS 3cn " To be or not to be”—Graduation " All that glitters is not gold " —Class Rings " Late, so late, but we can enter still”—Out of town students on any snowy morning " Let us away”—3:30 " Silence is golden”—Study Halls " All’s cold and grey without it " —Romance " Some deemed him wonderous, others deemed him mad”—John Ziegler " Leave her to Heaven”—Lorraine Repsher " If thou hast any sound or use of voice, Speak to me”—Discussions in assembly " Be silent always when you doubt your sense”—Walter Huber " So sweet the blush of bashfulness”—Mary Jane Neel " Endure a rival with patience”—The football team " For we will be merry”—The cheerleaders after a winning game " Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn and cauldron bubble.”—Chemistry Lab " Foul whisperings are abroad”—Back of room 29 " There’s mercy in every place”—Even in school " Sweet was the sound”—Of the buzzer " Under the wide and starry sky”—Band practice at 8 " Had I plenty of money Money enough and to spare”—The band would have new uniforms " The pleasing punishment that women bear”—Boys " As merry as the day is long”—Stevie Karlowitch " The course of true love never did run smooth”—Johnnie and Muthie " I’ll speak in a monstrous littlp voice”—Peter T. " A lion among ladies is a most dreadful thing”—George Stewart " Seme are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them”—George Way " Fair words never hurt the tongue”—Brown noses " Love me little, love me long”—Gladys Roth " We have some salt of our youth in us”—Favorite alibi of seniors " As ill luck would have it”—Measles " What’s mine is yours, and what is yours is mine”—My paper in a Chemistry test " Neither rhyme nor reason”—English Literature " Almost as like as eggs”—The Meyers twins " His cares are now all ended”—Shekels (now that we seniors are leaving) " Men of few words are the best men”—David Gower " Parting is such sweet sorrow”—Class of ' 46 " If you have tears, prepare to shed them now”—Before exams " This is the long and short of it”—Dacia Wagner and LaRue Arndt " None so deaf as those that will not hear”—Barbara Kleppinger " They never fail who die in a great cause”—The Comet staff " Arrested development”—George Miltenberger " The blush is beautiful but sometimes inconvenient”—Mr. Leh " The smile that won’t come off”—Ronald Roth " The pretty dimples of her chin and cheek”—Arlene Bartron " For ever and a day”—Chewing Gum THE NAZARETH COMET Page 8 CLASSIFIED ADS LOST AND FOUND HELP WANTED WANTED TO PURCHASE LOST—a terrific red and white sneeze. Return to Miss Sloat, Room 83. Reward—a 90 in English. SINGLE MEN Needed as escorts for Prom. Must have pleasing personalities and be good dancers. Pleasant working con¬ ditions. See all “Old Maids” of Senior Class TROUSERS—A new pair (seat on old pair is shiny). Mr. Paul Goulding. Room 31. EXCUSES—Already made and forged with proper names. See “hookey-players” of N. II. S. FOUND—Beech-nut and Spear¬ mint chewing gum—under 3rd seat in 4th row in the auditorium. Call at office. GARAGE MECHANIC WANTED To wind up David Gower every time he wants to speak. Splendid position and future for the right man. See any teacher. “ COKE” MACHINES—To replace fountains. II 2 O isn’t what the students want! LOST—all German books. Hooray! (personal comment of all German students.) MERCHANDISE FOR SALE FEMALE Faithful companion desired to take mind off geometric problems of prismatoidic value. See George Way TOYS—that teachers have col¬ lected from “playful” boys and girls. Anything from pocket knives to “yoyo” balls and lip¬ stick tubes available. FOUND-—a slam in the Blue and White (that naughty, naughty Editorial Staff!) NURSEMAID for John Ziegler Hours: 8:30 to 3:30 Must have patience and under¬ standing with children. LOST—all interest of students in studying. Return to N. H. S. Faculty. The teachers are frantic. BOOK—“The Mantle of Elijah”— Has been in the library since 19 25 and has been taken out only three times. LOST—all hearts in the spring time. Those already not coupled up— return to Cupid! Phone GO R-4. Results guaranteed! FEMALE Curly hair to be untangled. Corny jokes exchanged for success¬ ful work. See “ Fot” Arnold. NEW VANITY fitted desks with mirrors, powder, lipstick, and combs. •m6 ACKNOWLEDGMENT Mr. and Mrs. Walter B. Albert Mrs. Charles Alpaugh Mr. and Mrs. Burton F. Andrews Mrs. Susan Anschau Mr. and Mrs. Dewey H. Arndt Mr. and Mrs. Norman Arnold Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Barrall Dr. and Mrs. S. G. Beck Mr. George Bensing Mr. and Mrs. Warren L. Breinig, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Herman Brody Mr. and Mrs. Louis Brody Dr. and Mrs. George Brong Mrs. Edna Brown Mr. and Mrs. Clinton L. Bunn Mr. Paul Buralli Mr. and Mrs. Louis Carlo Miss Anna M. Carty Mr. and Mrs. Raymond J. Christman Mr. and Mrs. Walter H. Clewell Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Correll Mr. and Mrs. Russell Cowling Mr. and Mrs. Don Detwiler Rev. and Mrs. Walter H. Diehl Miss Leona Dieter Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Dieter Rev. and Mrs. Wilfred L. Dreger Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Eckert Mr. and Mrs. Mathias Eyer Mr. and Mrs. Oscar O. Fehr Mrs. Emily Fenstermaker Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Fickert Mr. and Mrs. George Flick Mr. and Mrs. Russell C. Florey Mr. and Mrs. Herman Fogel Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Follweiler Mr. and Mrs. Paul Frack Miss Margaret Franck Dr. and Mrs. John A. Fraunfelder Mr. and Mrs. James S. Fry Mrs. J. H. Fulmer Miss Marion Gaumer Mr. and Mrs. Henry L. Geiling Rev. and Mrs. R. I. Geiring Mr. and Mrs. Karl Gold Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Gotto Mr. and Mrs. Harry Gower Mr. and Mrs. John H. Hagenbuch Mr. and Mrs. Aaron F. Hahn Dr. and Mrs. Earl B. Hartman Mr. and Mrs. George Heckman Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Heller Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Hooper Miss Charlene Hough Mr. and Mrs. Russell W. Houser Mr. and Mrs. Maynard Huber 3CT Mr. and Mrs. Tony HufFsmith Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Hunt Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Inhoff Mr. Caddy Jones Mr. and Mrs. Allen O. Kahler Mr. and Mrs. Edward H. Kern Miss Amy Knauss Mr. and Mrs. Charles Knauss Mr. and Mrs. Francis R. Knecht Mr. and Mrs. J. Frederic Knecht Mr. and Mrs. Roy Knecht Miss Lorraine E. Kratzer Miss Naomi Kreidler Mr. and Mrs. Frank Lahr Mr. and Mrs. Albert Lakey Mr. and Mrs. Russell Lambert Mr. and Mrs. Frank B. Leh Mr. and Mrs. Howard H. Leh Miss Louise Lehr Mr. and Mrs. Earl Lieberman Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Manning Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Marcks Mr. and Mrs. Fred Maurek Mr. and Mrs. Russell Meixell Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur F. Messinger Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Meyers Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Miller Mr. and Mrs. Frank W. Miller Mr. and Mrs. Floyd J. Morris Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Nagel Nazareth Junior Woman ' s Club Nazareth Senior Woman ' s Club Mr. and Mrs. Albert G. Neel Miss Grace D. Neumeyer Miss Florence L. Nicholas Dr. and Mrs. W. Calvin Nickel Miss Corinne M. Ott Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Papp Attorney and Mrs. Walter L. Peters Mr. and Mrs. Peter Petraglia Mrs. Elizabeth Pierzga Dr. and Mrs. H. C. Pohl Mr. and Mrs. Arch Pritchard Mr. and Mrs. John Redline Mr. and Mrs. Howard J. Reese Mr. and Mrs. Elvin Reimer Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Reimer Mr. and Mrs. Allen P. Remel Mr. and Mrs. Spencer M. Reph Mrs. Ada Repsher Mr. and Mrs. John Rissmiller Mr. and Mrs. Wilson C. E. Rissmiller Mrs. Charles Ritter Mr. and Mrs. Sterling P. Ritter Miss Gloria Rohn Mrs. Effie Rohrbach Mr. and Mrs. Elwood S. Rohrbach Mr. and Mrs. Charles Roth Miss Mildred Roth Mr. and Mrs. Percy Roth Mr. and Mrs. Roland Roth Miss Florence Rowse Mr. and Mrs. Idus R. Rupert Mr. and Mrs. William J. Saeger Miss Belva Saricks Mr. and Mrs. Lester B. Schafer Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Schafer Mr. and Mrs. Paul W. Schisler Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Schlamb Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Schnerr Miss Pearl Schnerr Mr. and Mrs. Lester A. Scott Dr. and Mrs. W. L. Scutt Mr. and Mrs. Stephen F. Searock Dr. and Mrs. E. A. N. Seyfried Attorney and Mrs. Charles L. Shimer Mr. and Mrs. Stanley E. Siegfried Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Siegfried Mr. and Mrs. Warren W. Siegfried Mr. and Mrs. Russell Silfies Miss Evelyn Singer Mr. and Mrs. Albert Smith Mr. David C. W. Smith, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. David D. Smith Mr. and Mrs. V. C. Smith Mr. and Mrs. William J. Smith Mr. and Mrs. A. Russell Snyder Rev. and Mrs. H. C. Snyder Mr. and Mrs. Angelo Soffera Mr. and Mrs. Joseph V. Tamandl Mr. and Mrs. Victor Thomas, Sr. Dr. and Mrs. Frank V. Thompson Mrs. Grace H. Uhler Dr. and Mrs. N. C. Uhler Mr. and Mrs. Elwood J. Unangst Miss Lillian Vogel D r. and Mrs. F. N. Wagner Mr. and Mrs. Granville Wagner Mr. and Mrs. Joseph S. Wagner Miss Doris Walters Mr. and Mrs. David C. Way Mr. and Mrs. Roy Weaver Mr. and Mrs. George Widrig Mr. and Mrs. Harley R. Weiss Mr. and Mrs. Lester R. Werkheiser Miss Evelyn Wetzel Mr. and Mrs. Stanley G. Woodring Mr. and Mrs. Stanley R. Woodring Mr. and Mrs. Francis Wunderly Mr. and Mrs. Paul T. Wunderly Mr. and Mrs. Peter F. Yeisley Mr. and Mrs. John Yost Mr. and Mrs. R. F. Ziegler 7 ' V ' - l O JKtoJSistit H E was a master because be took infinite pains, We are bis earnest disciples.” SANDERS-REINHARDT CO. MAKERS OF FINE PRINTING PLATES ALLENTOWN PENNA. •m6 1 Congratulations to Cjraduates . . . T o the young men and women of the Class of ’46 we say, “Good Work and Good Luck.” Some of you will go into business, some will marry, some will go to college. You all will find, sooner or later, that a close relationship with a sound bank is a valuable asset in life. We extend an invitation to all of you to make this bank your bank. Start an account here, learn about our services, get acquainted with us. But wherever your path may lead, we wish you a bright and prosperous future. SECOND HsTiQfiflL BANK NAZARETH, PENNA. A Member , Federal Reserve System Bank Ik A Member , Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Bank • 1946 The i t COMPLIMENTS to the NAZARETH HIGH SCHOOL FACULTY and BEST WISHES to the ENTIRE CLASS OF 1946 § Hercules Cement Corporation Plant STOCKERTOWN, PENN A. Offices Philadelphia - New York - Boston Pennsylvania-Dixie Cement Corporation NAZARETH, PENNSYLVANIA PENN-DIXIE PLANTS No. 1 Kingsport, Tenn. No. 2 Clinchfield, Ga. No. 3 Richard City, Tenn. No. 4 Nazareth, Pa. No. 5 Penn Allen, Pa. No. 6 Bath, Pa. No. 7 Portland Point, N. Y. No. 8 West Des Moines, Iowa •im I KEYSTONE PORTLAND CEMENT CO. BATH, PENNSYLVANIA Manufacturers of KEYSTONE PORTLAND CEMENT “A Better Cement” VELROCA HIGH-EARLY STRENGTH “A Perfect High Early Strength Portland Cement” KEYSTONE DARK CEMENT “A Uniform Color Dark Cement” General Offices: 1400 S. Penn Square Philadelphia, Pa. Sales Offices: Philadelphia - New York - Boston • fW 1 Compliments of ... . Brandt Studio PORTRAIT : COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS cOo Phone 7-9981 12 E. Fourth Street Bethlehem, Pa. Studios Independently Owned and Operated Compliments of ... . - Brandt Studio PORTRAIT : COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS c 9o Phone 3311 219 Northampton Street Easton, Pa. 1 HIGH GRADE DAIRY PRODUCTS Willowdale Farms ☆ T. D. KOSTENBADER SON ☆ Phone 132 or 117 Compliments of ... . Solt Chevrolet CHEVROLET AND OLDSMOBILE SALES AND SERVICE 40 S. Broad Street Nazareth, Pa. Compliments of Kraemer Hosiery Co § NAZARETH, PA. Compliments of Harvey P. Dietz PHOTOGRAPHER ☆ 55 South Main Street Nazareth, Pa. im 1 CONGRATULATIONS Floyd W. Schmidt “MORTICIAN” Licensed in Pennsylvania and New Jersey § Phone 75 Cor. Belvidere Fairview Sts. Nazareth, Pa. Geo. H. Welty, President R. S. Frable, Treasurer The Nazareth Coal Lumber Co. COAL LUMBER HARDWARE and BUILDING MATERIAL Building Paper, Lead, Paints, Varnishes Maytag Electric Washers, Horton Electric Washers Lehigh and Scranton “Blue” Coal ☆ 430 and 436 S. Main Street Nazareth, Pa. • 1946 n 1 Compliments of ... . Roy H. Weaver MEATS - GROCERIES - ICE CREAM FRESH FRUITS AND VEGETABLES FROZEN FOODS ☆ Phone 376 105 Belvidere Street Nazareth, Pa. The Trumbower Company Dealers in COAL - LUMBER - CRUSHED STONE BUILDING MATERIAL AND READY MIXED CONCRETE Nazareth, Pa. Main Office Easton Road Phone 708 or 799 Branch Office 23 S. Main Street Phone 157 I J Compliments of ... . HOMMER’S RESTAURANT AND SODA FOUNTAIN 122 South Main Street Nazareth, Pa. Compliments of ... . Fedon Electric Co. FRIGIDAIRE APPLIANCES REFRIGERATORS, RANGES, WATER HEATERS, RADIOS, WASHERS, FREEZERS § Phone ( 63 110 South Main Street Nazareth, Pa. L J • im Farmers’ Mutual Fire Insurance Company OF NORTHAMPTON COUNTY Incorporated March 17, 1845 Insures for FIRE - LIGHTNING - STORM - EXTENDED COVERAGE Over A Century Of Dependable Service Farmers’ Mutual Building 7 2 S. Main Street Nazareth, Pa. Compliments of ... . Barnhart’s Market • 1946 GEO. S. MESSINGER, President GEO. F. REESE, Treasurer People’s Coal and Supply Co. Dealers in COAL, LUMBER, HARDWARE AND BUILDING MATERIAL Building Paper, Lead, Paints, Varnishes Old Companys Lehigh and Lehigh Valley Coal ☆ Phone: Nazareth 483 Stockertown, Pa. Compliments of ... . Detweiler’s Road Side Market FRESH PRODUCE AND FRUIT POULTRY ESPECIALLY § Phone 522-Rll Located on Road Leading from Cherry Hill to Wind Gap Free Del very II_ George N. Miller GENERAL MERCHANDISE AND FARMING IMPLEMENTS Distributors of Wayne Hog, Dairy, Calf, Horse, and Poultry Feeds ☆ Bushkill Center, Pa. P. 0. Nazareth, Pa., Route No. 2 Compliments of ... . Tatamy Home Bakery § Mr. and Mrs. Edward P. Barrall ■ ' - 1 • md 2 Tatamy Welding Company Manufacturers of Metal Specialities GUSTAV BRAUN, Prop. JOB-WELDING ELECTRIC and ACETYLENE SALES New and Used Welding Machines and Dual Arc Gas Driven Welders Eisler Spot-Welding Equipment to your specifications Phone Easton 2-7166 TATAMY, PENNSYLVANIA Compliments of ... . Stanley J. Hahn GENERAL MERCHANDISE Fruits . . . Vegetables . . . Meats ☆ Phone: Nazareth 9023 Messinger Manufacturing Company TATAMY, PENNA. Manufacturers of Dusters - Threshers - Dust Mixers - Seed Treaters Corn Shellers - Woodworking Machines § Compliments of ... . William Klipple ☆ BATH, PA. im i ©ttr Pest OTtsrtjesi to the Members of Nazareth High School Class of ’46 Compliments of )t tEoUme House Broad Street at Belvidere NAZARETH, PA. Elmo’s Restaurant l(i Belvidere Street Nazareth, Pa. ☆ SHORT ORDERS OUR SPECIALTY SUNDAY DINNERS ir J. A. LOPRESTI Compliments of .. . Milk Coolers - Milking Machines KEPLERS COAL CO. Stanchions Automatic Typing Pick-up Baler ☆ . Massey-Harris Farm Machinery ☆ Easton, Pa. Phone Nazareth 282-R-4 Stockertown, Pa. Mr. Shekletski: " Molasses and sulfur is a good cure for spring fever.” Bobby Meixell: " Who wants to be cured?” .. r Compliments of .. . ( Zam- BELFAST HOTEL Shoes for the Whole Family t JUST GOOD FOOD ☆ ☆ Centre Square Easton. Pa. Belfast, Pa. •m6 ! ELWOOD S. ROHRBACH Compliments of . . . GENERAL REPAIR WORK AND FARM MACHINERY C. W. HARTMAN ☆ Belfast, Pa. Official Inspection Station ☆ ☆ Phone: Nazareth 30-R2 MEAT - ICE CREAM Route 1 Bethlehem, Pa. Bus Driver (to girls leaving the bus): " Good-night. Keep your eyes open when you get home.” Veronica Temos: " Why?” Bus Driver: " So you can see.” BUSHKILL PAPER CO. Compliments of . . . “Everything in Paper ” LAMBERT’S GARAGE SPECIALISTS IN INDUSTRIAL PAPERS TOWELS - CUPS - CONTAINERS ☆ Wrapping Papers - Bags - Twine Butcher Papers - Toilet Tissues Toys and Novelties Office Supplies - Grocers Papers U220 Northampton Street Bath, Pa. Easton, Pa. Telephone 8144—45 I. REICH Over Farr’s Shoe Store For Better Photographs . . . ☆ RYAN EXPERT WATCH REPAIRING Jewelry and Gifts of Distinction § Complete Selection ☆ 80 West Broad Street 204 Farr Building Bethlehem, Pa. Easton, Pa. Pupil: " What does accessory mean?” Miss Sloat: " What are a woman ' s accessories? Her purse, gloves, and . . . John Ziegler: " Her boy friend.” Compliments of . . . Compliments of . . . LAUTER FURNITURE CO. Furniture Lamp Shades BUSHKILL MILLING CO. Draperies Dinnerware Slip Covers Baby Furniture Carpet - Inlaid Linoleum § Easton, Pa. -im j Compliments of .. . Compliments of . . . HOOVER PHOTO STUDIO H. F. DARROHN’S MARKET ☆ ☆ SODAS - MEATS - GROCERIES MOWER’S ICE CREAM 22 South Third Street ☆ Easton, Pa. Phone: Nazareth 9008 Mr. Shekletski: " Under what conditions is sulfur found?” Ted Schafer: " Under the ground. " CLARENCE C. HELLER BLUE MOUNTAIN CONSOLIDATED WATER BETTER COMPANY PAINTING DECORATION Wall Paper Extends its Compliments Custom Made Venetian Blinds and to the Window Shades CLASS OF ’46 ☆ ☆ Phone 176-R Wind Gap, Penna. - 1 Compliments o f . . . Compliments of .. . TOCH’S INN H. S. ARNOLD RUSSELL C. YOUNG, Prop. GROCERIES, MEATS, AND VEGETABLES § ☆ Phone Nazareth 9036 Phone Nazareth 262-J2 Stockertown, Penna Stockertown, Penna. Charmaine Meyers (to Dottee Danforth): " Was the San Francisco Conference held in London?” PARAMOUNT PORTRAIT Compliments of . . . STUDIO “Portraits of Quality” KUHNS SHANKWEILER The Man’s Store ☆ ☆ Phone Easton 2-5141 Popular Price Clothing for Young Men ☆ ☆ 452 Northampton Street (Opposite State Theatre) Allentown, Pa. -II • m j r nl KOCH BROTHERS Compliments of . . . ☆ ST. REGIS PAPER CO. Bates Valve Bag Division Men’s and Young Men’s Clothing and Furnishings Manufacturers of PAPER BAGS j ☆ for Flour - Cement - Plaster Centre Square N. E. Corner Allentown, Pa. Ground Limestone-Gypsum and Other Pulverized Products Mr. Shekletski: " Why is sulfuric acid transported in steel cars?” George Way: " To move it some place.” None to Compare For Value and Wear Compliments of . . . JACOB MAYER CORA E. SMITH Clothier § (formerly Swavely’s) o 52 Years on the Square § Easton, Pa. IL. - .- 1 | Shop At . . . Compliments of . . . KIEFER’S For . . . ROY S. KOSTENBADER PAINTS - HARDWARE - SPORT- ING GOODS - “PHILCO” ☆ REFRIGERATORS RADIOS ☆ GENERAL MERCHANDISE SNYDER’S FEEDS Phone (517(5 J. M. KIEFER ☆ 4(50 Northampton Street Easton, Pa. Phone Belfast 332 George Way (leaving room 33 after Comet Staff meeting): " Gosh, 1 hate to go out in the rain and hitch-hike home now.” Miss Sloat: " So do 1.” ROY T. FEHNEL ☆ Compliments of . . . GENERAL CONTRACTOR BINNEY SMITH Weather Stripping and Caulking COMPANY ☆ Phone Nazareth: Office 131 Residence 131 § Route No. 3, Nazareth Belfast, Pa. LL • m Compliments of .. . HIMMLER’S CLEANERS AND DYERS § Easton - Nazareth - Bethlehem NAZARETH BURIAL VAULT COMPANY § 102 South Green Street Nazareth, Pa. Mr. Dietz was about to snap the Band picture when Mr. Weinhofer noticed that one of the shades wasn’t pulled down. When he called to a student at the window to pull the shade down, Ted Schafer yelled, " And while you’re there, blow the cement dust off the window sills.” BETHLEHEM BUSINESS COLLEGE BETHLEHEM, PA. Established 1897 AN APPROVED BUSINESS TRAINING SCHOOL Complete Secretarial, Accounting, Business Administration and Busi¬ ness. Machine Courses DAY ANI) EVENING SESSIONS Ask for Annual Bulletin WHITNER’S ☆ CANDIES OF QUALITY FOR ALL OCCASIONS ☆ Dial 8343 fi North Second Street Easton, Pa. Breeder of highly colored | free singing chopper canaries and other cage birds Always Reliable Compliments of . . . RITTER BEAUTY SHOP VISITORS WELCOME ☆ Phone 324-R § MRS. J. F. HAHN PROP. 157 North Broad Street Nazareth, Pa. Nazareth, Pa. There was once a young girl named Daisie Who was exceedingly lazy; She was bored with all work, Her lessons she’d shirk; Now without a diploma is Daisie. —Dacia Wagner ‘Wo one knows Paint like a Painter ” I. SCHWARTZ SON THOMAS J. FRANGZAK H. T. VANNATTA, Mgr. SON HOME OUTFITTERS PAINTING, PAPERING AND Furniture - Rugs SPRAYING Stoves and Bedding ☆ ☆ Phone 380-J 540 South Main Street 222 Oak Street Nazareth, Pa. Nazareth, Pa. iL i • f946 J il We Specialize in . . . THE LEADER STORE Young Men’s Suits Cor. Main and Belvidere Streets Sport Coats and Slacks Nazareth, Pa. Shoes and Hats ☆ ☆ HENRY SCHLEGEL WEARING APPAREL for the 13-17 Belvidere Street Entire Family | Nazareth, Pa. STYLED . . . RIGHT We give S H Green Stamps PRICED . . . RIGHT Walter Solt (handing his excuse for absence to Miss Sloat): " It ' s straight! It ' s straight!” Miss Sloat (after reading the excuse): " Now Walter, 1 come to school when 1 have a headache.” Steph Paukovits: " Yes, but you get paid for it.” Compliments of .. . Compliments of . . . HORACE R. BOWERS EDELMAN’S GROCERY ☆ STORE PAINTER AND PAPER HANGER o ☆ § Phone 289-J2 IL Route 3 Nazareth, Pa. J • 1946 Congratulations! !! Compliments of . . . To the CLINTON D. FRANTZ CLASS OF ’46 § SHOES G. C. MURPHY GO. § “THE FRIENDLY STORE” 108 South Main Street Nazareth, Pa. Nazareth, Pa. There’s a scarce substance called butter Which can’t be found in palace or gutter; We rant and we rave, We skimp and we save But no difference—there still ain’t no butter. Muriel Herd Compliments of . . . RAYMOND D. TEEL GENERAL CONTRACTOR G. F. MARTIN CO. INC. AND BUILDER Established 1833 Specialist in ☆ Roofing - Siding - Insulation Tile Bathrooms - Tile Kitchens Makers of Hardwood Floors Martin Guitars - Mandolins and Also Concrete Work Ukuleles Johns-Manville Shingles a Specialty ☆ Phone: Nazareth 143-R 216 South Whitefield St. Nazareth, Pa. Nazareth, Pa. FRAGK LEH Compliments of . . . Authorized SALES AND SERVICE FRANK HUTH SONS Nazareth, Pa. ☆ INSURANCE that can he depended upon in an emergency Telephone 124 ☆ Nazareth, Pa. Telephone 177 There once was a nurse of Peru Who thought she had nothing to do Along came the war With sickness galore, And she found that it wasn’t quite true. Irene Horvath PAUL HECKMAN’S ALBERT 0. STURGIS SON Legally Registered ☆ Drug Store Prescription Service REAL ESTATE WHITMAN CANDIES SHEAFFER, WATERMAN, AND GENERAL INSURANCE PARKER FOUNTAIN PENS NOTARY PUBLIC § ☆ Telephone 157 68 South Main Street 23 South Main Street Nazareth, Pa. Nazareth, Pa. 1946 R. J. BARTHOLOMEW NAZARETH CREAMERY AND DAIRY ☆ PASTEURIZED MILK CREAM - BUTTER FUNERAL DIRECTOR Buttermilk and Cottage Cheese ☆ § 211 East Center Street Phone 81 Nazareth, Pa. Nazareth, Pa. Mr. Shekletski: " How can you tell if an Bobby Meixell: " Break it open.” egg is rotten?” Compliments of . . . - R. F. ZIEGLER, INC. NAZARETH MUTUAL FIRE ☆ INSURANCE CO. DODGE - - - - PLYMOUTH § Sales and Service ☆ 52 South Main Street Nazareth, Pa. Easton Nazareth 7288 355 If i Compliments of .. . -i BROAD STREET MEAT MARKET BRODY BROS. E. H. KERN, Prop. 5, 10 AND 25 CENT STORE ☆ 45 South Main Street HOME DRESSED ☆ FRESH SMOKED MEATS POULTRY HARDWARE STORE ☆ 39 South Main Street 105 South Broad Street Nazareth, Pa. Nazareth, Pa. Miss Sloat: " Every race has a racial odor.” John Ziegler: " We have B. O.” NAZARETH PLANING MILL CO. Compliments of . . . Manufacturers of R. D. LAMBERT “MILLWORK OF QUALITY” Sash Doors - Shutters - Blinds JEWELER Frames - Colonnades - Stairwork Moulding - Interior Trim, Etc. § V Prospect and Green Street Nazareth, Pa. 1 - Nazareth, Pa. • 1946 n Compliments of .. . Compliments of . . . ALUTA MILL WM. J. MESSINGER SON Distributors of PLUMBING AND HEATING PURINA DAIRY POULTRY CONTRACTORS FEEDS Estimates Furnished on Contracts or Day Rate V ☆ Phone 522-R4 Route No. 3 Nazareth, Pa. Nazareth, Pa. Route 2 Phone 551-R There was a young man of Rangoon j Who sang a magnificent tune. He crooned on the air To the ladies so fair, And made them all fall in a swoon. —JoAnne Kern Compliments of . . . § ART SHOP MRS. MARK PARSED HI AN Compliments of . . . YARNS :: FLOSSES HEFFEY’S PHOTO SERVICE CROCHET THREADS :: STAMP GOODS : JEWELRY ☆ y 22 South Main Street Nazareth, Pa. For Quality and Service in PRINTING Come to YOUNG’S PRESS ☆ Phone 230-R 127 East High Street Nazareth, Pa. PAFF DARROHN SQUARE DEAL GARAGE PONTIAC SALES . . . SERVICE § Phone 8 25 South Broad Street Nazareth, Pa. Miss Nicholas: " Do you mean Antarctic or Arctic?” Gordon Arnold: " Up North.” ECONOMY STORE ANGLEMIRE’S STOUT’S GROCERY Record Shop has the Latest Records Fresh Fruits and Vegetables ☆ Fresh Killed Cut Up Chicken Headquarters for the FAMOUS ESTERBROOK RE-NEW-POINT FOUNTAIN PENS ☆ Always a Good Point! Phone 98-R ☆ 215 North Main Street 40 South Main Street Nazareth, Pa. Nazareth, Pa. Compliments of .. . L. R. WERKHEISER NAZARETH TOOL AND SUPPLY CO. ☆ PETER F. YEISLEY, Prop. ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES § SALES AND SERVICE ☆ Phone 72 Phone 98-J 17 West High Street Nazareth, Pa. 150 South Main Street Nazareth, Pa. Miss Sloat: " What happened in 1476?” Barbara Kleppinger (absent-mindedly): " America was discovered.” EAST END GARAGE F. J. SHEETZ, Prop. Compliments of .. . ☆ CHERRY HILL HOTEL General Repairs - Towing Anywhere Authorized Stromberg Carburetor Service - Correct Alignment of Knees Axles, Wheels § ☆ Phone 388 Phone 495- 32 Nazareth, Pa. Route 2 Nazareth, Pa. Compliments of . . . Compliments of . . . FELKER’S STUDIO § ANTHONY J. FERRARO Phone 2-5473 § 208 Northampton Street Main Street Easton, Pa. Stockertown, Pa. Miss Sloat: " Pronounce luxurious.” Stephen Paukovits: " 1 can’t.” Miss Sloat: " It comes from luxe. What Stephen Paukovits: " Soap.” is luxe?” Compliments of . . . FAIR GROUNDS INN S. J. GREGORY LOUIS W. CHRISTL, Prop. STUDEBAKER ☆ Cars .... Trucks Sales . . . Service FAMOUS FOR SEAFOOD ☆ CHICKEN STEAK DINNERS Phone 478 ☆ 27 Maucii Chunk Street Phone 9011 Nazareth, Pa. IL . .. Nazareth, Pa. •im BODY AND FENDER REPAIRS LEE SOCKS MAN’S STORE and § REFINISHING 21 South Third Street § Easton, Pa. R. R. HESS Miss Nicholas: " What is one of our favorite winter sports? " Gladys Roth: " Ice hockey, because only a few heads are smashed each year. " Lawn Mowers Sharpened Repaired • Keys Cut - Locks Repaired Compliments of .. . SPECIALIZING IN AUTO KEYS Safety Glass A Friend Tools Sharpened See o CLAYTON MESSINGER § Phone 573—R Pine Street Nazareth, Pa. L . - - ••• 1 { r . _ wp c « $0$ WMi » wg!Mww « w " • £i 1 ' % « f ' - : | SS f £ - jt 4 l ' - 5 v !«r J 4- - •• « ••» ,-£ - v ’ x ' x;j + ttri+$V+ mum ■ ' v mm • ,:• ; ,:••:•:::. :. •.; ,. .: x-; x •,: ‘ £ llipp . yj ’ jsfijtf ' ittt $5 - 4 . ■ iiSS fS«5. 5® m SUM II m ' %» PM wi ' - liilm |||§l|jl gjg ggj WM i wT-«ra? ' wV S Q 3 K: K gsig . SBWf! HI . . « ix »i ( M ■ I ■S ' - ' «Ki

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