Nazareth Area High School - Comet Yearbook (Nazareth, PA)

 - Class of 1936

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Nazareth Area High School - Comet Yearbook (Nazareth, PA) online yearbook collection, 1936 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 136 of the 1936 volume:

w r i J i I Que PUBLISHED BY CLASS OF1936 NAZARETH HIGH SCHOOL VOLUME XVII - OREVVO RD All our work is for your pleasure. In this, our book, we have tried to convey to you our three busy years at Nazareth High School in the spirit they were enjoyed, with the hope that in the fu- ture they may he relived with intense satisfaction. Y A h ..- E . -.-s--.--.:1.f-.-.:,.ws,L.ff-H . ..,, . . ....,,,.- ,- , .-,,. ' ' -If-". " 2-'-."s4'-ff-.fry fr--r .-1 1...-1" FZPHZ ..'. . " 'A'-1-'-ez 1 . -ez: -1-2 '-1 'f:'1:,,-1:25. ':1,L:,,,4f..'5,:ir.-:--!:-:,- x. . -'j .. .44 .,'-':-,,:i--.- w.f.n'T'.h':z:v5f1 .-Ziff :I1b--.5'y-1- '-: -. H. ' . "':4..'-1.L2'.. ::' .-11"'r"r: EFT'-': ' 1 ' .1--L1 -P"-'4--'kt 'Z ' -"' ' - " .'-s. ffff,-?.bf.g,-.e.: A .,..e:-33.-iv-'F-4:1q.:'1 . 1 f-yE5:q.,::.::4:Q4f:1f-x-.:-ff: - . s ,, ,- . ..- --.,-4-' ::.1. ,-v,,...,.n4 . , -. ...1-1.,, .. . 3, ,, .1 ., ..., ,.---- -.-,f.-tl' ...Q-Firezgiygu-5.5---.1:,g.-s.-f . ,-s,.sq,,..- 4:-.,u. v-:V - ' ' "" .'2"15."ffl"'2l1'.-L2-J '-25573. 871.J''w-'fC'.754'!ht"2fQ.f'S5inl5'."Z'?5f'S'-'.,- """5r - -v- - - ' '-iprgwgjg: ' ' ' -,'g-JJ.'j::.,p'g4iQg,,' 3,.aY'y"i:! ,,-L1.s-r.:L--e-i:,5,..,.-,.." ' - J 'f-' - f:7.".1',. -' -1 ',, " fir.-'11' 'I '- H.:531'rg1,,2r-'-:TLP-:i+?ELT55f',g-M4114 -tv'--2' 'frii-"Z' " ' 'fLf'l"-'ff' "u" " "'AE5'M2 "F' -- i . .. V-4 . .. 4 ' "'hw2l. s rw .,--g.,1'. .- rf- '::,- 3 ,....... .,4,,..., 'I ' ..- Eggs.,-,' '-hu,-: , ' "- " ' f-' . .J . , ruff- 5-, 4? is-Wm fl' i5 7 'ffm s 'rf if 'Q if-'u ' 3 '-,gc r fx' 'H' 5 "' El X? V1 :sf G-1,vf1"1,v'rf'j:. ff' f 441' -1' 'v nr- s-Riff' 5' 1.2 4 mfg-165 Ngisksf 1, Tifrsqs, .Jr .- -. ,1-gg., '41 Lge-5 -fi 4 far- .,..g.,.w .4331-.i ff vufv' f nf.. 4 X' 21111:-ili if 5 sf 14 ' ai ,u 2 3333. 1 ' , misw 1 in 1911 7,9 , ' fu"-:j'a. -. I . , fi.: .1 '- , - . 1 H . .-- 1 fr:-J.: SX - J ' 1-...Q-aa., -.-.."'if.:,,- , L-"zen f,ef,f:,.fg, - .4 r'-""?-.s 3.1 fc 1.4, ' ,Lp - ,4.....4-9 11'-w:1.-sf .. . " is 'gh - f-as in-cf-'fsezifw-fri. -.1-5'-. . M a. ,a - .,, gn. ,, ,....,.-. 1 . '- trawl .- . - 5 " 5- :". . ' -1 T yy 2 - f --: ' 622'-'1 11:7 .i"',Z"',-g Q51 fgiyyjig-ws.. xnf..-,,4: -.1 I -ik .vip A -, .va 6 ' "' '- - 1-.. - . I , N .. .... gm. . .-,gglm ,. M . , . , .gs T: ' ' f,,..,i-1, . j--fg-H :,ji,g'Q,, ,,-.-eglsb 4, ,Egg . 312362595-lf'-'Q V 1.i'.3.2iig-"i?2l'Q'u .iifrfE5?'1+' J5f1fi5?':Q1. 1'iji'TiLs5:'f2Q--'I 5-F-are 535113-,5+' iff: '+4:,::r.'.'.. .- I.:-.nes f .. -' N.. 12. 1 '-2 ,w.-.Q' ,Aff 4i'f:.'. v.,f-'1-s- . - ,-11 . f - --'iii -.::-,..,g '. 4 Q gg, 9 Q 'Q -1-14,1 H" ' 2: 41 --' '5"s31'- 2,1-' -e--as -. ,Q '!?li,jfJ.l 1" s g,2:e2'3' 1 's 'iff 1121, s 4.-inf? ,ful A-'HH-,---1.33211 :MF , ,-5:?ez!m:aw5:--:reads-.Fai-mrf'effr'eeerf-QEL? ffgfign ,514 ' J 1 . f 'F ,msg-" 215-i -"I' "1 1-191 -: . -, 1 - - ,- :MEA-f-s::.zs-w., -- V. -"2 W J- ' 7.21:-5-A -5533, .gig-K -9' "HQ ,.-Ev, Q Fizfdg 2 tfgqiguu, 3 1-sf , A .'ffg:1AL,i'?,.g-is ff 351.511 ig 1-5. , 'lf I ig - '--,.:'.-- H-3. z.: -1,,-.lp 1. .-af-s?.5::.:, 7.-gf '-::--- . - .,. -, --.-- . .,-,v gs 3 , A: ,y-. .vi-555.9 25- f-?"i15X5f:'SiQiT '4 , ' 4. 1? 'QQ 'af :ei 'Jeff ' 3111. + ,. ' . Q51 r?31'3i'q. rrilf-LEF' -E.-u-+,::r-r-'.- L 2 ,- iw 'fi '7 .' Ffa' 3- 11f,Lf,g+-,-.1 .,,--if-L "1'."2'+Ze'i: - 3.5" xr.. ' ' s ' ' 'Q - f ' ' " ' T '.II,.'ffg"'5?"'i '53- ,Qz-.,-s-:3:.:,.',.?'r ' Q1 .,. .-. : -15,7 ' .3 'Z . . .5--H .,. L- f " .,',saf. " 14825 2, il '::.'r145f11-5-V . ' ,T - 71- L - -.., . - .' .' "Z "du "L L, I -Q 'En '39 "Q 3 w e- it 'z 4 H if 1:15 1 1' C 'E -1-i"""L 1 QI? 'Qiiilizg 1 1 r I u ,hu f Qfigftfl , ifqf' '51, gk gi 3 41. . s Q, 5 4, , PM 15441: rt K, i ,gtg 'Tn 5 no-'ff'S?3f 1 r 2' l Ii I ,Q it 9 + v 1 v- -gklli 45 dh T r , fi it L. A 51,0758 RL-,teJ,I , feefiieeeses .. i rf Q 1 ,qt M gg Qaug 53533: wr F gE,s3,: , 'ini' Ik i :":'1'iH9' 'iii-39 .,!r.a.4'yi:-Lil 71:-.ifrliflzn hah HHHY4 ie iZ'cziicm" The rolling lains, the fertile lands Were all de ivered to our lJands From those settlers toiling their way To make Nazareth what it is to-day. Their Ambition, in those days of yore, Was to educate their children more: Thleiy built schools, with this in mind An left ignorance far behind. To-day 'we back our forefathers' plans, This community's pea les are the students' fansf More intensely now trey seek the best, Leaving the students to do the rest. Let's drink a toast to our community, And consider ourselves 'very lucky to be Living with people who are solkind- For any better will be hard to find. J. M. B. . -Q. CONTENTS ' Faculty Classes Organizations Athletics QA Come!- Front ROW: Starner, Smith, Schultz. Thomas, Fehnel, V. Miller, Kellmv, Luubuich, Grubb Florey, Barie, SUt1181'l21I'1ll, YX'alters, Mc.Fall, Miss Nicholas, Bzljun, Reinert, George. Last Row: Domert, Douglas, 1-lellick, Shook, lsl. Miller, Aunian, Dietz. Comet Staff Editor-in-Chief janet Barie Associate Editors Business Manager Mildred McFall Dana Sutherland Miriam Florey Assistant Business Managers Rictor Auman Frances Laubach Virginia Mi'ler Literary Editors ' Thomas Starner Irene Bajan Elaine Miller Social Editor Music Editor Dramatic Editor flrl Editor Lillian Reinert Ruth Kellow june Grubb Ruth llellick Athletic Editors Photography Editors Ray Douglas Elaine Walters Miriam Domert Foster Dietz joke lidilors ' Walter Shook Earl George Typists i Helen Fehnel Edna Schultz Mabel Smith Marion Thomas Faculty Arl'viser Florence L. Nicholas 79 6 J. 1 . , . ,. ., ..- ,.,- ,. 1 - .- :.,-. - ,3,.-,.1-f,. .. .. , . .. - '-H' - , f . . . 4 W 11.-f.--.-.. 1 - ' - ' " :.i.'.:.:..5,la,, . 1, ,. H f Y .1 " 1 . J! agvfzld'-fl ,- .ms 4 I' Url N at '-1 'gt Li 'H ui K W fm IQXSLX? 'S W U' efx na I ,f-t3:,,,H'f. r,MJ.,vr'7".'A nrf' 'A' :ihaaf 1-1 fr -- v A J vu 'ar-ffm. s f X if " us?-I F 'A p 9? I -3-,jlffx V WT' . M- K 2 ' 'STB K' 7 1- L5 Q 5 VQJ5. xii,-+ 'di ffm fu.: - ' . wsu: WF AE' ,nf -Q vs " .fn-1 -' 'Sims Y. in? 'LJ Lf-,.,,54.. ' 1 423-fr , 1 Q- .. 3 u, . V- 19391. , 'Q -Q. .-"uv -,, f ' 'f' , .. ':,.17:tf.yxx . 'xi ,-1 M L. . "1 o 5 1 7, 24,4 ' . :IR ""-W ww, ,gr ns, 1233? u 'art 11 vi? Yli 1 L ,-:W , Q 3-:rr U53 r i 21:5 X, A53 T Q +A"f-'z1'GQQr9ggJfZ7'3lf,.1Qa -5 51 - - 1' ,. .- . 1 F-523:51 f , .. , I- .5:f:::,.-, -I I U, f '--W ' :f :gq: s2' ' -' " --1f?:ff2+'.- -if 'H+ . ,An , '-- -s- ' .' -h-- , "Q wg, 1 1 : -: : ' I - 2 r 'l'g'5-5' 121: T11 i ' -3' ' XX" f. 'J ,.JgLi2Y ' Tg'.1Q245f??' " , J '-.K : f Affr 15- .gf ,W Sf , , A . r 1 J ! AL, 1 v fiiiefsafssi I , I. , ,- :Jgii 'H' ' ir .xr 'Fifa ,fffxiiy-r'I:,f. .- 'f' , 'lf' C.erm-355251555513 - 'if L . :ttf ,.,-I , . IN. A r I 5-,,:Ei715l:m::. - .,L fl W- ,,:, h V J. 1 . ' ff L- ,pf ' " - 1' .as X 3. 1 "' ' fxiffkf-Ijpg: A ' ,. ' ' 'Z . I A ,Var :Q ,- 'P':? 1 ' l.'nu:'l.5z ' ' fn Q' If f 1 x :.-3-av F'-5 ' ' 1 ' -2-1-!,--w ,- 33, if, . . 1' I M Y:'i3f':f ijfff-"li?' ' 'Z' 2!'s?x7 1 " xi- V 14 ,, bf,-21,1i:::ff:1': " . - ffnf' . F Y '. V up Y . E1 '. .I 'f 'u19:fil'. ' I' ' -ir f eff: 'I .- - . ' 5 ' '1 -.- -- - -H. , -S1 '-:5:'f7':',f.. '- ' .' .r ' 5, , f'-- - - ki" -' 'fav' f.3:f..w -51,-if gag, :'..,- ri 1 'f - 514' I . , ,f'i"Qa,- 'E-79:3 59' ' f'H'15, "Q .3 gf.. 2, 259 'asf SSTLI: .. " 1 24.53 W - ' M ' 2 fb 1' A, JE' . "-'.r-L"z 1' -' i Y ' - ' 51: f 'L ' ' lfiii? ' .-5' 4 . In .: . . . A Q. Q 5 -:tx 3-5594 , ' " 4- QQ 'Q .323 : . - -- .-.5 ,.1. ,.....4-1 " ' .,,,,,,- ".' -., A - ' ' Q.. 59' if - 3-:ff-' 9 ...iw ,F igf pgf, G iffy 2 1- ' ' 1' x . - ,M f 2, ,: :., -. -W-P, S 5 if:: '.f'w??vvi :-fflflffvffzff fl ,ff 'E fwzs fe EW A ,,.-1. ,. . ref' -Q-f f 1 -,ef . f .55i4?fs':zgz::t:. ' f-A-Efiwefwi I 'YE - H - 'ff - -1. 'swiiszf 5 Q? X. . ,- F-'f'1f3'.xf.' Qffff a g 4 gakgassf 1, ?f .fi .. ' lii5,?f:.ihf:-3:51 .2 ' ' ifffffl 5 5 55 . 1 A -, A ' 1,?Ei4j?fs?.f5ii3:2J 7532-." :H ".'- " - 51 ., 'rf fu? e X , Z 5 an Y' , ,-y'faa.1"' 'f ' Eff., gflg A324 iw ' '55--,. f ef .5 -iiff ' I- f fl Yi. "..:eSETQfjr. ,fi+. -Lf ' jig' ,- .-31:4'.,g5-1 , 'E 'Lf' ' .,3:':5s'f,f,- cg. -1.13-H--15:--S gt' ' Q ,V .2132-am up -" " 1 " . , . - . .ff f'-Q 4 535 1 .::f',535 '55-,f ya- '2Jl'f- ' 1 f -gf afgifigi ' iii ft , , iv f.,,,f . , ., ,.:'-L7:'f. 5 , 2251" :'. r ' ' 55 ' ' ' 'Z' 1 f?-..-1.'3'-l-- F ha ' ' ' 5 'K' J -.,-:J--F '-'iz' :'1"' 5'3"-'..Qfz22fv -' ':" 2 , ' fail? ,1..1Z. '--ff-L .1 5-,.. . "7f 1 Huff.. - 54 '- ,... ' ' ' . , V '51 - Q - 4 - f , .W . .:..7 .1r,..--Q-f --f --: , 1 z .-m1e,y-f-:- 4 . - .- ' . it afar! f ' Hi ' -AJ 1 14151. Easifix fri. " "Li:-'.,,- . ' 1?e-- T f'- Yi? 5,5 ' ff 'fi-Liehlf - ,""""'L' !i?:--' ' ,QW 3 ' 1'-V,"-Y, , ,. 4. 1 . wg 'Lib-g4.'.fI,.: 1 - 333521 -iFfrZ'f'4-:E-. V, A-' '3 . I -f, .. -Sh . f -1---H -- ,Af ,f-- , ., - ,,. . , 1 . Jw: :"' A If, ,, -'..,v,,-'n.9iPi' Z'."i-QL . ,l:,1.,4:-Eid' 1 'f' iii'-2.-pg-H , -.I ::L.1:: .145 L:5L5E:gji:5,i3l,ij -l . -:..-.,. .,, I - :,.- "gf I 9 lv L , y!efmz2zz2! cz lhlfl' Qhe Cemet- ,LY TT-fw?'-Q.,- Alma Mater I11 the old historic Nazareth 'Gaiizst the rising suit Stands our loved Alma Mater Pride of days to come. Here with daily tasks we struggle Hfitlv our goal in sight Ever mindful of our brothers .find the Blue and White. By lh-1' name, dear fllma Mater, We shall win the Hghtg Aizd for us, thy sous and daughters, Days will e'er be bright. Nazareth I ligh, to thee 'we're pledging All our main and might-- Never shall dishoizor cloud thee Nor the Blue and W hite! -Earl Laudig, '31 796 QA CCEVVLQZL- Front Row: Elwood J. Uuungst, Robert W. Pauly, l'1l'2lllk li. llc,-li, Charles P. Schnerr, Clmrlcs J. linauss. Second Row: C. F1'0C16I'lCli Martin, A, Russell Snyder, NVillium Al. 'Bc-nnetl., Jr Board of Education Presidenl C. Frederick Martin Vice-President Treasurer William Nl. Bennett, jr. Clhurlcs P. Schnerr Secretary to Board Charles .I. Knuuss 796 Qke Come!- A Message to the Class of 1936 OU have started something. No matter what you do next the education you have begun is a flying start. the take-off on life's air-way. Perhaps you are 'flying on to more school days, to higher learning in a wider lleldg perhaps you have an assured place in a busy world as your hrst landingg perhaps you know not where you may land. This much is sure: you are off. You have started something you dare not stop lest you crash in failure. You must keep your ship aloft until you reach the landing held. liiducation will help you. lt has brought you so far and it will take you as much larther as you decide to go. Study as you go, wherever you go. Learn about things, seek to understand people, never stop being a student in spirit. Cloistered halls are not essential, books are helpful but not vital: an open mind and a sincere desire to learn lead to real education. Let this be the power that lifts you high and carries you 'far to a worthy goal. You are off. l-lappy landing! C. Frederick Martin 796 Qke 79 l l FREDERICK A. MARCKS. A. B. Supervisivzg Privrcipal Grzuluzlle ol' 'Humans I-Iigh School I mown Preparatory School Muhlenberg College Grunlualr: Work :rl University ol' Pclmsylvzmizr Que FLORENCE L. NIC!-IOIAS. B. s.. M. A. Prirzcifml Gl'2ldl1Zl1.C of Nuzzlreth High School lizlsl Sll'UllLiSl7lll'g Sl -nchcrs College Tczlclmurs College. Columbm Llniversity Mnstefs Dcgrec. Columbia Liniversily 196 QA C5mez'-' E, Mabel Anders Guy Cump -lczm ll. C Semi 71 g M atbem atics fl rt B. S,, University of R. S., Gettysburg: College T'unnsylv:1nizL Alllqblllll :PCl'Il'lSl'lV11l'llZ1 School of 'lndustzul I Don. L. Detwiler lvzdzlstrial A rfs F'ennsylvu11 in S1310 'feacllers College 796 Charlotte Dixon ml. Frederic Knccht C'0'H1,'I1lE'l'lfil1l lflzglish, l'.l'LlIff7 1, C, S., liidvr C'crlL-1.11: A. Ti., M. A., Unixusltx of wylvu QA Cbmef' Andrew l..Lill Ruth Leh Anne Y. Long Plqvsical lfdncatimz lnlisiory Physical Ed1lcatio1z jim. il., Mnillunln-arg' Uuilege A. H.. Wilson f'olleg'c B. East St1'01.1rls'hn1'g State XI. A., f'UlllIllhiil linivvrsity 'l'euc'he-rs College I D X E. Elizabeth Marx Adam E. Shekletski Elizabeth S. Sloat l,angz1nge.t Sciences English A. H., Salem lfnlloge A. B., l,ehii:'h University A. B., Lebanon Valley College M. A., lmhlfrh llnlvorsily M. A.. Columbia University 796 QA Comef- Eva E. Stuckey Mae Yeisley Lahoma Peppell Commercial Music Librarian B. S., Temple University B. S., Temple University B. Kutzlown Stntc 'l'oHc-hers Cnllegrr- Mary Grim Evelyn E. Rader School Nurse S6'CN'f01'gv 796 . fm '.:.'- ' mu-ammzag -VA . .--,,,,,:, - V , . . , , , - 1 H - f tsqael 3:-:gg--QQ: .L-m..Vr:-V ' -1 , Q4 '-2 9' 355.-5.5: , H I N-H V ,,Ji'9:, .f -- -fff? . 2' 11:-f - V , -1 !5'r'i"we5g---wiewL2zf- ' ' . 'aQ:s?smi:ffrs-.1 1' . 'ff -"A 14 .Egf- ,..g g-gf,.y,1,,:,,, ,jg.,,.,. . -,...,.9Y,,,,.,,,,, , . ,.,i.,,?,, . .,, in-.rsafifsz-hafan-2-zxifwf - - 211'-eaifff-if if-'im-if-151 W F Vf22Sf?f?13frff7rb:1i?f2aSiei-2-f' A fx, 'f':37JgEEE3i?!Lif'E"l ' ' ffffwfiifrfii 131 mf? f, jfa A'-jllea Vziphuzmgg ' , ggggsigs HVJQ 21.0 ...-.111-vw ' - H ---V-4-W. ' .' '- Q:5:'1i11"'. -5 fs'-41352.-' 61" 4 V . 1"E:: igi'-35 -. A,-Q . ,nr vp ,Ui-L - 1:55. ' , " . . .. hz, 3,2 ,- 31.5-.. ,.a Ftfifif,-Eilf qw. .qv 1' fl'-S hi., H152-QEI' ,w K""'x 3 1 gt N mia, 1' .-,x7.' , ' . 3: 'E V: Q- - - Q1 '- j 'T5:f,?,:1s::fJfif,lE:ji,!rQ . . 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I ijrx CJK 5 .1 Half, --sw xgi- 11 5. ,, .ig-'J' 'Q ' ' ,, , '11 - ' uf' J ',S,wJ' ci. V1.5 U , , '- V. " ' A lug! " '. 1 i !fKv!f'il4 viii ifzlltl Lff'1l'i!??'1 . ,. 1 r '- 'ig' V1-:Ll - .- -f-+5 frzxgggs-:sa 1. V 1 -155-55 is-': 5.12 1-51-'l-2 52145:-f . . -" V.1'ft' 12.1, - -... - - Qgsfbgrru r -v A' I v fi-H" V 353' - ',.:-'iffi f f ,:'5A2nafQ::- -ffffgsfas --f 6, ' ,j' 41. .U wt, .-'-gh ff ' --- ,. - . U s 45.-gtg.-x::. 45 .y y-V, L.-A-zf -3'-1 ' 'I f-Wfflif 4554 "' - x a flgffrhvfiz 5- . V f. - " "Url W if ss- - ,- .nm ,C V,-15 1- Q.,-.:. - '.. "Z, ,sir SIN-" 5 YQ- " E 1---' f. . "H-4"" " '--' 4 .' .ad Qs- - psig. R' -1,1:u"fg5 vf ,---:vg:f2-:ia .. ' - " A ., 'A . . ,-:Q-""'s.,'-flpf ..' ,' 1575533 ., gf- ' 52-3-,g , ,v ' '45-11 1, f ' ,, .. ,--s - .Vw-.- ---sm rrfffa '5 ' -gf lfig.-qu E1 :51'fM-:Q ' ' 5.1 -,126 mini, '35 T555 - .Qgffifzrw LQ-" "" 5QL z' ' 511 . ,st-LR: 7. uma gh - 1, -L fi ' E 2 rv , ' 1 ,T gf' .' Xiu- 4' .. 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' Tir: i"f2f19lS" --5--2--:ZPSE JL 14-xii' 5" V' ' I-J-'-Ls' 'GW' - 'F' -5T"'ft"",1.'::,T--'f .+V.1yf -'., 'fi'-S'l:'7:f:'2E i'1f '3 ' - -Z .':wi1':f:f:-:sie .z::1:-meaflf-5115 " Q 222 -1 7411 - 5. , , :4-' .4.1.. d,,.,,f'1 '-" ,nn -,'a'-1'::-W-r :gg--.f .1 -. ,-,J Q , ,.w,..,::,,.4,..-54,f:,A1,15 ., - -. LV ' ifsj W ir .f Q f -'f' f-1- P111 - 1' -, ' "' -V- -, .rv 5 ,'5':.'?:.-Q-.,.-,': ugh .:,-Pr...-. y-ga.:-" ,V 2"f ' ,.,,,,L: A' P.-.f - . Aff -1f51'?::.4,--nf,-Qf.:.q,Q?, :J-rf - -9- 5 - :QM r: ,, ,g3easf31sga?e??f4fP:f 2124- fi ,-E , afsixfagipsi-d ' - 5 L . V --W 4ig-7g2sers2:v5f2-j43Ji?f'--5-f+i:,- Lggm-?,gf,..fif, :-55,1 5- - ,? 1 ,Egfr .TVX - 2-5:3-:.V-r hi , gaf-Q-z-ga. Q.. lr-:1u' Q. . .. T - ,- . va-,.-i-' 2-...G-5.5 ' ,, , H .f-- .,ggLLg--- - 'V ,R ' ' .. , ' ' 4'---f '- ' - '---' - S- ' J -if Y ff 'F' 2 f-if 3 ms.: j 1 QA Ccfmef- Senior Class History N the fall of ION. a rather timid group of individuals peered cautiously into the seemingly vast domain of Nazareth lligh School. Encouraged by the industriousness of those already within, they ventured inside and were soon absorbed in trying to find their own allotted place. This, dear reader, introduces to you out leap year class of '36. Having overcome all timidity, we spent the first ten months after our entrance in establishing ourselves firmly as Sophomores of the class of '36. As juniors, the following year, we resumed our activities with new zeal and earnestness. llow proudly we displayed our class rings of onyx and gold! Few of us will forget the impressive junior-Senior Prom at which our class members served as hosts and hostesses to the Faculty and the Seniors. All too soon our junior Year came to a close and we found ourselves elevated to the position of Seniors. llow we worked and strived to achieve our goal which seemed so close at hand! Our activities this final year were numerous and important. The first significant undertaking was the Senior Play, entitled "The Goose Hangs High". Among the first of the social events were the llallowe'en party and the Christmas party. With May came again the Prom. This year, it was our turn to be guests and we take this opportunity to say "Thank you. juniors, for the lovely evening". Spring also hrought with it "The Comet" in which we have endeavored to present a true portrayal of our hrief hut pleasant stay at Nazareth High School. Up to this time we were guided hy the same goal-graduation. Now we have come to the parting of ways, taking with us fond memories of these last three years that we shall not forget. With regret, we bid farewell to our Alma Mater. May the future hold for coming classes the same success and pleasure that we have enjoyed as citizens of this happy little community. -lrene Bajan, Historian. Senior Class Officers FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER Pracitieixl-Miriarii Florey President-Elaine Walters Vice-Presidenl-blohn Weiss Vice-Presizleiif-Lillian Reinert Sccrelzzry-'l'homas Starner Secrvfary-lylirizini Domert Trensurere-lylirialn Domert Trenxurcr-Stanley Berger flssislant Secrvlary and Tl'L'lfXlll'Bl'- ,'lS.ff.S'fl1l1f Secrelzzry and 7'rea:z-:rer- Elaine Walters Ella Hahn Sf!-ItfL'lIf Comu1i.'--Ralpli Wolfe ' Simian! Ciflltlllfif-lVlll'iE1l'l1 Florey Frances Lauhach Earl George Molto: floievr: Colors : "Semper Perganiusn 'lea Rose Maroon and White 796 Que Irene Bajan Cyclonic and energetic Editor of the Blue and White Standard, lf you want to see l Irene accomplish something. tell her she cannot do it. As a nurse you might believe her temperamentwoulcl intimidate the patients: but we know better. Class Historian C13 C23 C33 Blue and White Stall CI3 C23 C333 Editor-in-chief C33 janet Barie Rictor Auman "Rick" A "good scout" whether literally as an liagle. or as a hue lellow. Always a laugh IS ready lor some lun. Facts and figures appeal to him. Someday we may glide over some ol his bridges or lngliways. Football C13 C23 C33 Class Basketball C13 C23 C33 Blue and White Stall C23 Comet Stall, Asst. Business Mgr. C33 Cilee Club C13 C23 C33 Operetta C13 C23 C33 Science Club C13 C23 C33 Ass't. Baseball Mgr. C23 lutf., "l1zENE' Comet Staff C33 Class Basketball C13 C33 Class Hockey C13 C23 C33 Class Volley Ball C23 C33 C-lee Club C23 C33 Dramatic Club C13 C23 C33 Forensic Society C13 Latin Club C13 Nlagazine Campaign C13 Asst. Bus. Mgr. C23 C33 UJAN ETH Competent editor. enthusiastic cheer-leader. That soft. husky voice had plenty of volume on the football sidelines. All will remember her dusky. exotic beauty and athletic ability. Cheerleader C13 C23 C33 Head C23 Senior Play C33 Comet Stall, Editor C33 Glee Club, Operetta C23. Orchestra C13 C23 C334 5 A Class Basketball C13 C23 C33 Captain C13 Class Hockey C13 C23 C33 Captain C23 Class Secretary C23 Blue and White Statl' C33 Class Baseball C23 796 1 Stanley Berger Silent, sincere and studious. The llonor Roll would be decidedly lacking il' Sl:1nley's name did not appear-but no "book1vo1'm". please. lle's sociable and a good class president. l"le has il clear ple:1s:1nl voice and ll flashing smile. Football C25 135 Baseball C25 Science Club C25 C35 Orchestra C15 C25 C35 Band C15 C35 Class President C25 Class Ass't. Sec. and lreas, C15 Class ll.l'C2lSLll'Cl' C35 Student Council C15 C25 Senior Play C35 Class Basketball C15 C25 C35 Mary Broad She must sleep on buttons every night for those divine dimples. She perzimbulates to and fro in at bus always filled to capacity. A hitch- hiker's boon, we hope she will continue to be. 1 -7-'-'-,.,,... : QA Com ef- "BERGE11" . "MARY" Commercial Club C15 Re- porter C25 Glee Club C25 C35 Operetta C25 C35 Forensic Society C15 Class Basketball C15 Class Baseball C15 George Dech "DECHY" George has, in his Senior year, consistently maintained a good scholztstic ztverage while seeming to amble leisurely through school. Besides his interest in -football, "Dechy" has an added interest in :1 drirk-hairecl member of our class. ls Kortfs face red? Football C15 Varsity C25 C35 Basketball C15 Varsity C25 C35 796 lyke Camel,- Baseball C15 Foster Dietz Foxy 'fellow and also a photographer on the Comet Staff. Many a chin will he tilted by him and may they be famous ones. Miriam Dornert "M l M H ' Grand sport with a petite voice. Always on the honor roll, overcoming even lfrench. May the nurses apron prove profitable to yourself and mankind. Glee Club C15 Dramatic Club C15 C25 C35 Latin Club C15 E Blue and White Stall C25 C35 Ass't. Bus. Mgr. C35 Forensic Society C25 C35 Operetta C15 Class 'Treasurer C35 Science Club C35 Class Basketball C15 C25 C35 Capt. C35 Class Hockey C35 Class Vollcy Ball C25 C35 Class Baseball C35 Magazine Campaign Committee C35 Class Secretary C35 Comet Stall C35 79 6 Charles Diener "CHARLIE A Latin romanccr would exclaim over those orbsg Mr. Leh over those speedy legs. Both will serve as an "open sesame to l1fe's treasures, Charl1e-use them. Basketball, jr. Varsity C15 Varsity C35 HDIETZIE Student Council C15 Science Club C25 C35 Glee Club C25 C35 Comet Staff C35 QA Cbmef' Ray Douglas "RAZOR" Ray! Douglas! The familiar old cheer with the familiar scene ol a lootball game and Ray doing his darndest. Although Ray has Kuruals C??5 on the brain, he has maintained a good scholastic standing, as well as some enviable sport records. Football Varsity C25 C55 Basketball Varsity C15 C25 C35 Baseball Varsity C15 C25 C35 Class Vice-Pres. C15 Kermit Eberts NKERM na" A straying sheep ol' our artistic flare-but beware of fold. lle can express much the Communists. with paper and paint but the glee Club lljfzy C35 shorthand notebook over- Operetta Ci5C25 whelms him. Greenwich Class Baseball 4,3 lzl Village would develop that C1355 lgaslletbzlll U5 Home Room Secretary C15 Helen Fehnel HHELENU The perfect secretary Unobtrusive, acquieseent and ' intelligent. Another honor roll member who will make a conservative mark in the world as one of those invaluable aides to lihe energetic executive. Commercial Club C15 C25 Clee Club, Operetta C15 Dramatic Club C25 Business Staff, Senior Play C35 Blue and While Stall C35 Comet Stall C35 796 Zke Rosalie Finta suit. Latin Club C25 Glee Club C25 Science Club C35 144 I sam, Lf: 1 Stephen Finta "Dizzy Deans' growing nemesis, l-le provides regular journalistic food for the local papers, but he isn't flashy. Long may he curve the Miriam Florey " M 1 M" A sweet, heart-shaped face which reminds one ol moonlight and magnolias. Ancl to our chag,1'in, she is not a helpless female but well-trained in finance. Until we meet, may advertising managers demand you as a keen assistant. U Class President C35 Class Vice-President C15 Student Council President C55 Student Council Secretary and Treasurer C15 Business Mgr.. Blue and White Stali' C55 l-lomeroom Secretary C25 C35 Class Basketball C15 C25 C35 Business Mgr., Comet C35 Athletic Council L25 Class lflockey C15 C25 C35 Volley Ball C15 C25 Dramatic Club C25 C35 Class Baseball C25 Senior Class Play C35 Glee Club C25 Commercial Club C15 Tennis C15 C25 79 "Rose A strong supporter ol' our Creator. A nun's garb would clothe a .stout and loyal'l1eart. Unbeknown to us, Rose plnlosophlzes deeply on religion. We would do well to follow HSTEVE horsehicle lor the pennant winners. Basketball C25 Varsity Baseball C15 C25 C35 Football C25 Varsity C35 Science Club C15 1 Charles Fratipietro 1 UBEEFYU lf you see a good-natured grin. huge shoulders and muscular stocky legs coming Clown the hall, it will be none other than "Beefy", our well-known football star. He also l1as some repute as a dancer and can be seen trying new steps at our parties, making us wonder il' he really does "know his stull"'. Varsity liootball C15 C25 C15 Baseball C15 C25 C55 Glce Cluh C15 Class Basketball C15 C25 Katherine Gaston Katherine is capable of producing a glare or a glow in her deep, Clark eyes at a moment's n o t i c e . Her sporting ability will someday astouncl p u p i l s in her gymnasium. Glee Club C15 C25 C35 QA Cbmef- "KiT'rY' Class Basketball C15 C25 C35 Capt. C25 Class Hockey C15 C25 C35 Capt. CI5 Class Baseball C15 C25 C35 Class Volley Ball C25 C35 Operetta Cr5 C25 C35 Earl George "EARL" An oriental not only in appearance but in golden silence, politeness, and ability to absorb and think deeply. That's why he has been an irreproachable Student Council representative, and will make an understanding and sympathetic emhalmer. V Student Council C25 C35 Asst. Sec'y. and Treas. C25 Glee Club C15 C25 C35 Operetta C15 C25 C35 Comet Stall' C35 796 1 QA Cffmef' and White" typist. Commercial Club C15 Clee Club C15 Operetta C15 Magazine Campaign C15 Blue and White Stall' C35 Charles Gotto The blushing. baseball, basketball, and football letter man. lngeniously he slides thru Room 29-5 cloor just as the 8:45 lzuzzes. Don't be late June Grubb NGRUHBH june speaks in clear, sopliisliica-ted tones of excellent English. Dramatic talent also contributes to her personable character. We want the belle ol Stockertown to long ring. Commercial Club C45 C25 Glee Club C15 C25 Dramatic Club C25 C55 Treasurer C35 Vice-President ol llonte Room C35 Class Basketball C15 Comet Stall' C35 Operetta C15 C25 796 Evelyn Gorman " REDS Speakjng ol' the "lightin' lrish"-eliminate Evelyn. XVL votelor lreckles and flaming hair when worn by this tongue twisting Commercial. She has proven her ability as a "Blue HCHARLIE lor commencement exercises, Charlie! Football Varsity C15 C25 C35 Capt. C35 Basketball Varsity C35 Baseball Cl5 Varsity C25 C35 Ella Hahn Clear, sky-blue eyes gaze out of becoming spectacles on a tumultuous world. Of a happy nature-lzlla is kno warble in a way Wl1lCl1 would shame a nightmgale Glee Club CID C25 C37 Dramatic Club Cal Operetta Cll fill Cal Class Asst Sec'y'. and lreas C33 Dorothy Hartman Doll-faced mezxo-soprano, with curls galore! An operetta without her? No, Sir! True her trim "Egger" ,little resembles the hefty vocalizer QA Cffmef- DOLLY of Opera but neither does Glee Club CID C21 C31 Operettl up C25 C35 M1101 C33 Minor C2D Dmmitic Club C25 Josephine Heintzelrnan Thu xxillowy Mrs. Wesscls, who with remarkabl good humor. has withstood the chafing of amiable friends and has already made ber future without any predictions from us Class B'1sketb'1ll CID Glue Club CID C27 C33 Operetta C13 C-J C35 Dr'xm'1tic Club Cij C29 C33 9 "l,ftt.A" wn to .. ,, Lily Pons'. 'z ' .f A . z ' ,IO . , , 3 . . . 3 7 . . QAQ Camell- Class llockey C23 C33 Student Council C23 Comet Stall C33 Class Secretary C13 Operetta C13 C23 C33 Robert jones Here is our little man. Yes, every class has one. His pet pastime is teasing the girls which makes life misera- ble for them, and vice versa. Though Bobby appears quite studious, we believe he 1 is just a big kidder. ' Ruth Kellow U RUT' lu ls someone vociferatihg? lt must he Ruth. The subject might be her good typing-mark, or maybe football. We remember when Ruth was quite interestedff Never mind, Ruth, we're back of you. Dramatic Club C13 C23 Commercial Club C13 C23 Glee Club C13 C23 C33 Operetta C13 C23 C33 Comet Staff C33 Senior Play C33 Class Basketball C13 lr-lomeroom President C33 Homeroom 'lireasurer C13 796 Ruth Hellick "RU'1'11 Our stall artist with her "baby-lace" and vague motions has wrapped her dainty lingers arouiid the heart-strings of many, All we ask is that she pluck them gently. Cvlee Club C13 C23 C33 Custodian C23 Class Basketball C13 C23 C33 Captain 133 Costume Committee, Senior Play C93 "BOBBY Clee Club C13 C23 C33 Operetta C13 C23 C33 Dramatic Club C13 Science Club C33 Blue and White Stafl' C23 Magazine Campaign C33 Radio Broadcast C33 .-Xss't. Mgr., Basltetball C23 Kathleen Kienzle Another pair ol' liquid brown eyes fill up. a lout! sneeze. Ciesumlheit! Ihis inirotluccs Kathleen who intends to he a nurseg probably to eliminate those pesky little microhes that inhabit her anatomy. Glec ClLIl1CI5'l25ii5 Operetlzi C15 C25 C55 Dramatic Club C35 Ethel Kleckner Clank! Clank! "l'ithel, quiet! lake the gum out ol' your mouth! Report at BZIBOH Poor Ethel! But she forgets all about it the minute she leaves the building. She has QA Comei- " KAW" HES-SELU much more important things to occupy her mind. For instance, "Steve". l-low about it, "Essel"? Debating Club C15 l-lockey C15 Robert Koch "KOCHY" Our head-ducking, bashlui country boy with a slightly talkative nature. lile made a vqonderful ellort as President to control the Out-ol-lown Association. More power to you! Magazine Campaign, Business Mgr. C35 Glee Club C25 C35 Operetta C25 C35 Wood Craft Club C15 Class Basketball C35 Science Club C15 C25 C35 Radio Broadcasts C35 796 QA Come!- " Ko1z'1'z - joy not only has raven locks but she intends to show olf those smoky eyes. Uperetla C15 C25 C35 Student Council C25 Blue and White Stall C25 C35 1 C'5rches1ra C15 1 Band C15 Class Basketball C15 C25 C35 Class Hockey C25 C35 Class Volley Ball C25 Class Baseball C15 C25 C35 ,C l Frank Kuller An enigmatic smile slides across cold features and a deep voice follows up. A sleep-lover is Frank. who will N -. .. Frances Laubach l'RfW No girl in our class typilies the "perfect lady" more cretlitably than Frances. Boisterous mirth, slang, or rowdy conduct have no part in her personality. With quiet and eflicient charm, she sets aright all confusion. Her cameo-like features have a ready smile always. . Blue and White Stall' C35 Asst Circulation Manager Glee Club C15 Operetta C15 Dramatic Club C15 C25 C35 Forensic Society C25 C35 Class Volley Ball C25 C35 Class Basketball C25 C35 Science Club C35 Student Council C35 Latin Club C15 Orchestra C15 C25 C35 Comet StafT C35 Band C15 796 1 the locks of many i11 the capacity ol' a beauty culturist, For the health ol all, refrain from delying any dangerous glint in 7 . . Glee Club C15 C25 C15 'l'reas. C-5 bec'v, 115 Athletic Council, Vice-Pres, C35 Dramatic Club C15 C25 C35 Sec'x'. 155 HFRAN it most certainly choose mat- tress-tcsting as his profession. Blue and White Stalll 125 f Evelyn Learn QAQ Cbmef-' "'l-13A11N112" A neat, womanly Comme1'ci:1l. Springlime and lilacs provide the perlecl selling lor her Clzunlmess. Commercial Cl11b C25 Sec'y, C25 Glee Club C25 Operetta C25 Robert Lovell His voice is like that of ll represenlzilive from Con- gress: his report' card shows that he has ll keen mind which will probably astouncl the world with il discovery or invention. We all know Robert as T gr N I 5 5 lc. A ' A Agnes Magditch ? HBOBBYU a boy who is very shy and retiring, Science Club C15 C25 C35 Pres. C35 Senior Play C35 Class Basketball C25 C35 Class Baseball C25 C35 Radio Broadcasts C35 "AGNES" One amazing .fXmazon who talks little but says much. Hockey 1nz1nagemenl came close to her heart. GleeCIi1b C15 C25 C35 Operetta C15 C25 C35 Commercial Club C15 C25 Dramatic Club C15 C25 Class Baskelball C15 C25 C35 Class Volley Ball C25 C35 Class llockey C15 Mgr. C35 Athletic Council C35 Class Baseball C25 C35 796 QA Come!- Nina Merlo Vivacious, dark beauty. Reminiscent ol' the glamorous "Arabian Night" tales. Her perfect profile may decorate the covers ol' our nation's leading magazines. Class Hockey C15 C25 C35 Bernard Metz "ME'l'flli" The ice-cream business.has Bernard in its icy clutch, Barbers become mildly delirious at the thought of trimming that brown curly hair. Football C35 Glee Club C35 Operetta C35 Magazine Committee CI5 79 6 Mildred McFa11 "N111.vRED" A terror with test tubes: a peaches antl cream complexion: and an investigating brain-Mildred. Aniong l1lCll'l2ll'S. pestles antl hydrogen sulphitle, she expects some clay to discover whether microbes eat people or people eat microbes. Forensic Society C25 Vice-Pres, C25 Magazine Campaign. Asst. Mgr. C35 nN'NA,. Class Basketball C15 C25 C35 Class Volley Ball C15 C25 Class Baseball Ci5 C25 C35 Dramatic Club C15 C25 C35 Forensic Society C15 C25 C35 Latin Club C15 Glee Club C15 C35 Operetta C15 C35 joseph Meyer Class clown, gk?l5Cl'illlj' sccn cutting up with other Commercial students and never a care, not even stutltes. lletl make a good ratlio cometlian. Class Baseball CI5 C25 C35 Class Basketball CI5 Commercial ClIIb CI5 Donald Michael Blontle Nordic god, captain ol' the cagers, :Intl likable chap. A coaching position at a leading univer- sity would Set well on those broad shoulders. QA awf- "j 0-jo" l NDONU Football CI5 C25 Varsity C35 Basketball CI5 Varsity C25 C35 Captain C35 Baseball Varsity CI5 C25 C35 Elaine Miller A "ELAINE" A brilliant student gone air-minded. From reliable sources we 2lSCEl'fZlll'lt3Cl that thIs good-humored girl wIIl rule the zurwstys III the capacity ol stewarcless. Clee Club CI5 C25 C35 Operetta CI5 C25 C35 Costume Committee, Senior Play C55 Class lloclicy C25 C35 Captain C45 Glue Club Treas. C35 Class Basketball C25 C35 Class Volley Ball C25 C35 Comet Stall' C35 'liennis C25 C35 Class 'l'l'EIlSLll'Cl' C25 Class Secretary C25 79 6 .nl QA Comef- i Victoria Miller Shes our bone-iiclqler. Viclry's her name. Without her in lirench class lt wouldn'i be the saline. Dramaiic Club Cll C23 C53 Glee Cluub Cij Lzilm Club CID Class Volley Ball C17 Virginia Miller A baby-pink comnexion and sunny hair crowns ll honuyed disposition. Her honest character will serve her in good stead when she handles vast sums ol' money as cashier ol a bank . Lorraine Monprode "Cu ic" "Chic" because of a certain sense of wearing clothes with individual dash. An engaging personality which will make a . teaching position much less difficult, The University ol' Pennsylvania holds much for her. Forensic Society C33 Dramatic Club CSD Latin Club C31 Class Volley Ball C3D Class Baseball C33 79 - "X"iciw" i HGINGERH Commercial Club Cij C25 Commercial Club 'l'reas. C27 Clee Club CID Czl C35 Dramatic Club C53 Opereltzx CID C25 CAD Senior Play C32 Blue and While Stall' C33 Comet Slaff Cal Maxine Norris li7I'ZlgllB, iVCiry-coniplexionccl and clemurc Maxine. l-lei' portrayal of il sp11'1lcCl gralmlniolhel' 111 the Senior play was quite ClCCClVlllH, lor gcnllcncss pervades her. Senior Play C33 Commercial Club C13 C23 Glee Club C23 C33 Opcretta C33 Dramatic Club C33 june Osterstock lulappy as ll june Clay 15 long. Efhcieni. slciiograplici' with 2111 unconl1'oIl:1blc giggle. May Cl'l1Dl0yl'llCl1l agencies bc consicleratc of your capabili- ties, Qke Come!- I f1MAX,f ..-IUDY-3 Class Hockey C13 Class Basketball C13 Commercial Club C13 C23 Blue and White StalT C33 1 William Price "B1L1.v" Who left the door open? Oh! lt's only Billy "blowing ofT"! Seriously, Bill is ll good tumbler, pal and chemist. The "big top" will claim him as a clown. Cheerleader C'13 Band C13 C23 C33 Operelux C13 C13 C33 Glee Club C13 C23 C33 Orchestra C13 C23 C33 Science Club C23 C33 Class Baseball C13 C23 C33 Class Basketball C13 C23 C33 Foo1bz1'l C23 C33 Radio Broaclcast C33 796 Ae CBWLQZL- Woodrow Rash "WooDY" 4 "Woody" is rarely seen or heard. l'le can easily be Class Basketball C15 C25 C35 Class Baseball C15 C25 C35 Mabel Reese A hound at French and a pianist. Mabel will hand out tickets to every corner of the globe, entrances to the hearts of famous people and passes to entertainments-she hopes Lillian Reinert 'rLlLl4lE" With an understanding knowledge of French idioms, she helps French students out of their misery, Strong features indicate a strong character. From our study of chemistry, we conclude that success will be attracted to her as a negative ion to a positive pole. Latin Club C15 Glee Club C25 C55 Class Basketball C15 C25 C35 Dramatic Club C25 C35 Pres. C25 Class Volley Ball C25 C35 Class Baseball C25 C35 Class Vice-Pres. C35 Operetta C25 C35 796 1:1 identified by that lanky walk. lle's a wizard at tennis. too. ul5llABELn to become our librarian, Glee Club C15 C25 C35 Operetta C15 C25 C35 Dramatic Club C35 Assistant l.ll5f2lTlZll'lfl5 C25 C35 Esther Repsher - Back as still' as a ramrotl: heart as capricious as ever ntatle. lzsther smiles. syinpathizcs with and upholds all fortunate enough to be her l.l'lEl1LlS. Class I-locltcy C25 C35 Blue and White Stall' C35 Dramatic Club C15 Glee Club C15 C25 Class Basketball C25 Class Volley Ball C35 Burnetta Rissmiller Rotuml public-speaker on amicable relations with all. Good cheer radiates from her features. Social problems and studies intrigue her. 'l"hc Qke CCWLQZL' HESTl'lER" Russell Rohn HBURNIED coming generation may expect her as one of its pedagogues. Glee Club C15 C25 C35 Dramatic Club C35 Blue and White Staff C35 Operetta C15 C25 C35 HROHNNIEH Strange that an. l Q. .can remain as high withougbeneht ol' stutlious stimulation. 'I his phenomena cannot last forever: so take heed, Russell. I Assistant Basketbafl Managei' C15 C25 Dramatic Club C15 Science Club C25 C35 Cvlee Club C25 C35 Uperetta C25 C35 Class Basketball C15 796 QA Cffmef' Woodrow Roth l.z1tin Club C15 Wayne Ru1oE Genial grins, wavy hair. and carefree slouch. -Because of his flute playing, we hope to see him as the leader of his own 'l'in Pan Alley players. Orchestra C15 C25 C35 Sec'y. C35 Edna Schultz "Nu1sf11E" Prize-sheep raiser, energetic "Blue and White" tyipisl, and a smart girl. Edna can tellvtarmers how to grow bigger and better crops. XM: wonder it she lives in the country! Glee Club, Operetta C15 Commercial Club C25 Dramatic Club C25 Business Manager, Operetta C25 Business lVlanz1ge1', Senior Play C35 Blue and White Staff C35 Comet Stafl C35 Homeroom l.ez1der, Magazilie CIll'I1D2llgl1 C35 79 " Woomf' This 1'osy-clieeked lad has rendered service to the "Blue and White" via his liord which lakes the editor out to the printing oflice for galleys. hVllllCll'C5XY wants lo he one of the many who feed the nation. "R,xs'1'us' Cilee Cluh C15 C25 C35 C5pe1'et1,a l5'linor C15 C25 C55 Band C25 C35 Athletic, Council, Vice-Pres. C15 C25 Pres. C35 Cheerleader C15 Senior Play C35 Class Baseball C25 C35 1 Helen Segel An assertive circulation nianap,er, ancl.gart'ulous schoolmate -recollections ol llelen. As Z1 big buyer tor some gargantuan department store, she will prosper. Blue and White Stall' fjl Dramatic Club til tzj 135 Iiorensic Society KID till Latin Club CID Class Baslietiball Cul 625 C35 Class Ilockey til C27 tsl Class Volley Ball CID K' tl Class Baseball C25 C53 Alfred Sevi Whimsical, flirting hither and yon, sometimes gloomy and others glad. l-lis irre- sponsible movements are caused by the hectic experi- ence of nianaging our teams. QA Come!- "l'lEl.EN" I 1 ' 12 A 1. '- f' '33 'alba "ARsEN1c" Science Club C17 C25 C35 Biology Club til Athletic Council C3D Assistant Basketball Mgr. lil Football Mgr. K-35 Ass't. Lzl Class Basketball C23 f3D Earl Shafer "EARL" Another artist who chose a prosaic business course. Earl's quiet amounts to a cleath-like hush unless he sighs. We often wonrlet' what thoughts revolve behind those half-closed eyes. Class Baseball til fill 633 79 QA Come!- Dramalic Cluh C15 C2-5 C35 Glee Cluh 115155 Sec'y. C35 Asst Baseball Mgr. C25 Operetta C25 135 Nlinor C25 Home Room Pres. C25 Sedy. Senior Play C35 Safety Council Play C25 Cornet Stall C35 Blue and White Stall' C25 C35 james Shupp Heavy-set, dark eyes, extremely soft speech-when he speaks. As an outfielder. he aids Tatamy. This in- dustrious automobile me- "St1oo1i115 Compatriot of "-lo-jo", lllIl'llUI'CI11Zll'lZllCS in sonorous tones from the deep cavity ol' his throat. Our sign painter has 1 grand disposition which is not capable of small or mean actions Without outside zutl, he will make his mark. C35 "jim-iris chanic is ll hard worker with ll will to succeed, Class Basltethall C15 C25 Science Cluh C25 Robert Siebler "BURN "Long and l-anky" is appropriate. A friendly, slightly crooked, grin is the hahitual greeting he gives. As our hasehall captain his long legs carried him far. Please continue. Football C15 Varsity C25 C35 Basketball C15 C25 C35 D Baseball, Varsity C15 C25 C45 Captain C35 Orchestra C15 79 Eveline Smith At' proms and parlies the younger sul is nourished with tempting victuals prepared by the capable hands ol Evehne. "'l he true mark ol a good cook is to be able lo boil water without scorching il"--so liveline clai Magazine Campaign Conimillec H3 Class Baslielball C13 C23 C53 Qlee Club C13 C23 C33 Operella C13 C23 C33 Dramatic Club C13 C23 C33 Blue and While Stall C13 Class Baseball U3 QA Cffmef- USCH M rr'rY" Mabel Smith Preciseneal and possessor of heavy hair is our "Blue and White" lypist. Mabel has a brilliant mind and also n love of haral work. The "l3lllxBm." commercial field will always be open lo capable persons like yourself. Blue and White Typist C33 Comet Stal? C33 Nelson Snyder "NELS" Can he slrum il guitar? This bony chap with the goggling eyes has a humor as clry as Caesar aml his "Gaul". 'lhc perfect storage for Burns and Allen. Senior Play C33 X Blue ancl White Stall C33 Magazine Campaign C23 C33 Z9 6 QA Cffmei- Orchestra lil C23 C53 Bantl CID i 1 Thomas Starner A quirking eyebrow, puckeretl lip and professorial air, Thomas' itliosincracies are a source of wonder and laughter. l-lis Oxford English is refreshing. We're afraid his future as a physicist may be rudely interrupted by some of his obnoxious bombs, Richard Stier HDICKH Our well-dressed man. But why must you mutter so? Dick is Z1 recent entrant at H. S. from Ithaca. Maybe the college gave him suggestions on dress. Class Basketball C33 796 Robert Snyder " Bunmf Sereneness sits on his bmw and seems to have taken 1 permanent liking to that seat. Some clay that sereneness mav quiet a panicky muh. "l3olwhy" is a gentleman at all times antl an accommotlating une. "PROFESSOR Forensic Society C35 Oraturical Contest Q33 Senior Play C31 Operetta C31 Class Secretary C3J Class Treasurer C21 Comet Stall C33 Blue and White Staff C35 Science Club C39 Diana Sutherland "Patlon ma Sulltern accent"-aml Dizma sure has it. liresh lrom lexus, her speech is entertaining anal novel. Diana, in her one year here. has made us glad she arrived to help us out m the "Comet' and other activities. Second Prize, Oralorical Contest C33 Glee Club President C33 Dramatic Club, Vice-President C33 Senior Play C33 Forensic Society. Seca: 'lireasurer C33 Comet Stall C33 Blue and While Stall C33 Operetta 453 QA Cffmef- HDIANAU Marion Thomas Smooth machine for automatic actions, another intlispensable secretary. 'Vhere is nothing startling or sen-. sational in her system. Marion was a quiet :mtl ellicienl "MoLLY" "Blue and White" typist. Commercial Club C23 C-lee Club C13 Operetta C13 Blue and White Typist C33 Comet Staff C33 .1 f w fi, Millicent Uhler "MH-H Capacious and overpowering juno - Millicent blushes easily and huskily booms out information on county politics and the navy, One can see her as the commanding matron ol Nazareth society. Class Basketball C13 C23 Class Baseball C23 Operetta C13 C23 C33 Minor C13 Glee Club C13 C23 C33 Dramatic Club C13 796 QA Camel'- Nightingale, , Latin Club C15 Clee Club C15 C25 Operetta C15 C25 Class 'l'reasurer C15 Vice-Presitleiit C2-5 Class President C35 Comet Stall C55 jacob Walters The spirit of soninolence pervades ".lakie". Sleepy lids veil weary eyes. lfle is known as the "class cut-up" who will spend the rest ol' his days "taking it easy". john Weiss H,l0HNNYH A misleading man-he creates the impression ol' an innocent and deeply serious athlete and student. Then he clowns, defies teachers, and generally upsets routine. lle should not conhne that clown act to Nazareth but should make the world laugh through the medium of the circus. Football C15 Varsity C25 C3 Varsity Basketball C15 C25 C35 Glee Club C25 C35 Operetta C25 C35 Class Baseball C25 C35 79 Class Basketball C25 C35 Captain C35 Ass't. 5ec'v. and Treas. C35 Elaine Walters A'Mlf1KEY' The grand sport with spun-gold hair and slow speech We know her as our class president but we hope to see her as a ministering angel who lollows the creed ol llorencc Student Councfl U5 President C35 Football C25 Glee Club C15 C25 C35 Class Basketball C15 Cz Clperettta C15 C25 C35 "AlA1c1E 5 C35 Class Baseball C15 C25 C35 Science Club C25 QA Come!- Dorothy Wessels "DUT" Dark, exotic tlppearalice and sedate carriage raise her above the level ol a kitltlisli high school girl. She applies herself quietly to the work at hantl. Ralph Wolfe "WOLF1E" llflanager ol' basketball SECT- Wil TFSHS- Ol Slllflfflll and a store must keep you n Council C35 busy. But no, Ralph tloes Science Club C15 C25 C35 many things, Zllltl tloes them Biology Club C15 well. Glef: Club C25 C35 Athletic Council C35 Class Basketball 125 C35 Operetta C25 C35 Class Baseball C25 C35 Basketball Nlanager C35 Asst Manager C15 C25 Student Council C35 Glenn Young HYOUNGIEU The typical American boy-sometimes boisterous, a very goocl athlete. shy at times, good-naturetl, and always up on current events. l-le has a straight-forward manner which will guide him to his goal on the road of success. Football C15 C25 Varsity C35 Basketball C15 C25 Varsity C35 Baseball C15 Varsity C25 C55 Glee Club C35 Operetta C35 Class President C15 796 game Cbklflef- Class Prophecy 'l'he Great I-Iereafter, 189 Golden Stairs St., Feb. 25, zooo. YBROMO hydroxy mercuri flourscein failed again. This elixir was supposed to stave oil: death indehnitely, but it seems that I succumbed to that last malady. My, what a queer sensation I have, like floating on air! Why, I have wings and I am flying! A voice behind me says, "Good afternoon, Miss McFall." It sounds like Thomas Starner. It is Thomasg but, my how he's changed! l'Ie now has a Vandyke beard and horn-rimmed spectacles, but that's the least of it. I-Ie tells me that after his scientihc authority was established, he retired to searching for wild gold fish. After a bit of wandering, I found my life long friend, Dorothy I-Iartman Metz, who arrived here two years before, thus terminating a partnership of 35 years' duration. We had operated a beauty culture salon, where she beautihed the dowdy debutantes and their doting dowager mothers, while I made the cosmetics. Millicent Uhler had been in charge of the reducing department of our establishment. Dolly had several offers to sing in Grand Opera, but she did not like to leave Bernard, a successful manufacturer of permanent waving machines in the now large metropolis of Nazareth. While flying down the golden street with our golden slippers dangling dangerously, we met the Dechs, who had lived happily on the earth to see their 5oth wedding anniversary. George had owned a large chain of grocery stores, while joy had been physical directress at a fashionable girls' school before her marriage. A little 'farther on we met Robert jones, not much bigger than the day we graduated. Bobby had made quite a name for himself as the engineer who built that beautiful goo story colored glass sky-scraper, the only one of its kind in the world. Bobby had been up to mischief as usual. Isle had swiped the angels' chronicle and now was engaged in looking up the records of the Nazareth High graduating class of 1936. Well, this should be interesting. I always wondered what had happened to them, and to think I had to die before I 'found out. 796 Zara Cblflflell- CQuote from the angels' source bookj "Rictor Auman had an illustrious career along the line of General Pershing's, but met an untimely end at the hand of the spy from Mars. "Irene Bajan, after being editor of McCall's magazine for many years, is now spending her late years with her grand-children in Peoria, Illinois. "janet Barie, due to the able direction of Foster Dietz, won herself a place on the screen as a musical comedy actress. In l-lollywood, where janet is now retired, she is often visited by her old friends, Walter Shook and joseph Meyers, who formed a comedy team better than Laurel and Hardy ever aspired to be. "Stanley Berger's recent death was mourned by every citizen of Tatamy. lf-le had served as mayor of that town. whose population was now over a thousand. ' "Earl George, as president ol' the United States Steel Corporation, derived such a large income that his many fiscal interests required the constant supervision ol' three competent, private secretaries. These secretaries included some of the alumni ol Nazareth High School namely: Mary Broad, Helen liehnel, and Evelyn Learn. "Glenn Young, john Weiss, and Ray Douglas were greeted by St. Peter today, after a violent and sudden death at the hands of the Bolshevist Elements. These three composed the triumvirate, which governed the world-state through its most trying period. "Now t'hat the triumvirate is expired, the world laments the misfortune of Charles Diener, who as their exclusive tailor is no longer employed. "Ralph Wolfe received the Nobel prize in Medicine for his Chemico- Theropeutical application of hexachloraethane. lfle was nobly aided by his assistant, Miriam Domert, a distinguished bacteriologist. "The world is saddened by the death of Kermit Eberts, one of its most outstanding transport pilots, in the recent crash of his plane. The sorrow was augmented by the notification that Stephen Finta, a pitcher for the Detroit Tigers, Robert Seibler. also of that team, and Charles Fratipietro and Charles Gotto, formerly of the Notre Dame football team, were en route to an athleti: meet and died in this same crash. Elaine Miller, the regular stewardess on this plane, was fortunately confined to her bed with an acute 796 Qke Come!- attack of Encephalitis Tethargica, thus escaping a more tempestuous departure. "Rose Finta, who married shortly after her graduation, led a long and fruitful life and was happily greeted by St. Peter yesterday. "Miriam Florey succeeded Helen Wills Moody as the tennis champion of the world and is now selling bird seeds for cuckoo-clocks. "Ethel Kleckner, Ruth Hellick, Katherine Gaston, Nina Merlo and Esther Repsher led a happy existance as chorines of the Radio City Follies. The reason for their everlasting youth can be traced to Dr. Alexis Car0l's theory, which has been successfully proved, that of exchanging old parts for new. "june Grubb and Mabel Smith were associates in the administration of the commercial department in Nazareth l-ligh School. "Robert Snyder, a world famous clarinetist, while attending a presentation of Guiseppi Verdi's 'Rigoletto', succumbed to a fatal collapse. lt is said that the collapse was actuated by an unusually difflcult coloratura aria, sung by Diana Sutherland. Diana, until the occurrence of this event, promised to be a success as a vocal artistg after it and for the rest of her natural days, she never uttered a note. "Ruth Kellow, a nationally known organist on the earth, is now doing her bit here by playing the organ for those who ascend the golden stairs. "Robert Lovell and james Shupp were partners in a scientihc enterprise. Robert, a zoologist, performed experiments upon the cats raised by james on his cat 'farm in Emaus. .F "Lillian Reinert, the most celebrated model in New York, was frequently visited by her customers, Ella l-lahn, Kathleen Kienzle, Victoria Miller, and Dorothy Wessels, who married into such families as the Rockefellers, Schwabs, Vanderbilts and Astors, and were now the social matrons of New York and Newport. "Robert Koch operated the Waldorf-Astoria I-lotel, where he employed Eveline Smith as dietition, Evelyn Gorman and Agnes Magditch as cashiers, Russell Rohn as desk clerk, Alfred Sevi as house detective Qincidentally, who could never find the key to his own room.j Maxine Norris and june Osterstock were the telephone operators. Woodrow Rash was head-waiter and Wayne Ruloff was the leader of the orchestra. which was at one time 796 Qke Cbklflef' considered the best' in the country. Earl Shafer, a world 'famous painter, beautified the rooms of this hotel with his frescoes. "After several unsuccessful marriages, Lorraine Nlonprode was prostrated because her last divorce was denied. The services of a nurse, Elaine Walters, were required for several weeks. "Among the happily married members of our class were .losephine lfleintzelman, Frances Laubach, Virginia Miller, Mabel Reese, Burnetta Rissmiller, and Edna Schultz. These girls all made good wives and lived in or near Nazareth, washing dishes, tending babies, and dropping gossip tidbits over the backfence. "William Price distinguished himself as the funniest clown in the 'Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus'. "Woodrow Roth turned out to be the champion potato raiser in five states and is now the oldest living member of the Potato Growers Association, receiving honors yearly for the cultivation of potatoes with ears as well as eyes. "Frank Kuller owned a large clothing establishment in Belfast. l-lelen Segel was his buyer and took two trips to Paris every year. jacob Walters was employed as floor walker in Frank's store, and his pleasing personality enticed many ladies to deal there. The best advertisement for Kuller's goods, however, was that Richard Stier, a model of what the well dressed man should wear, purchased all of his clothing there. "Donald Michael became president of the National Y. Nl. C. A. in this country and proved that a young man of good habits will succeed. "Marion Thomas spent her life in converting heathens in the wilds of Patagonia to the Christian religion. "Nelson Snyder remained a bachelor for many years, each year hating women more: but when he reached the age of 6o, he was captivated by a plump matron who kept him comfortable the remainder of his days. Bang! there goes the book down through space. lt doesn't really matter, for l believe I have found all my former classmates. l will now give this document to St. Peter, who will see that it reaches the earth through the efforts of Nladame Rodmawilski. a spirit medium. Milal-ea lvlclfall 'raeknowiefigi-lag the assistance of Thomas Starnerj 796 Qde Cbklfleli- Last Will and Testament of the Class of '36 E, the Class of 1936, being duly Sworn, found sane ol' mind, regretfully knowing that the time has come for the departure from our beloved high school, are willing to bequest our most precious and hard earned characteristics to the persons here stated. We leave to our successors, the Class of 1937, the honorary title of Seniors. Here's hoping there are seats for all ol' you in Room 29. To the Sophomores, we bequeath two more years of play and work, To the janitors, we leave more work. Perhaps, now, the gym w0n't be the main attraction. 1. Rictor Auman's ability to get along with his sister to Edith Simmons. 2. Irene Bajan's quiet little romance P F to Laura Wambold. 3. janet Barie's cheerleading ability to Betty Beck. 4. Stanley Berger's heart to Edythe Williams-That is, if you don't already have it, Edythe. 5. Mary Broad's enthusiasm to I-larry Kachline. 6. George Dech's faith in one girl to Robert jones. 7. Charles Diener's screwy actions to Louise Kern. 8. Foster Dietz's out-of-town romances to Sadie Carty. Can you guess why, Sadie? 9. Miriam Domert's small lips to Sally Merlo. IO. Ray Douglas's walks down South Broad Street to ber future admirers? 11. Kermit Ebert's artistic ability to Mary Phillips. You can draw their attention now. 12. Helen F-ehnel's dignity to Emma Yukna. F3 '4 I5 I6 I7 I8 '9 zo 2l 22 23 24 35 26 27 28 29 30 Bl 32 33 34 35 Qde Rose Finta's job of collecting attendance slips to George Bartron. Something to do in the I5 minute period. Stephen Finta's fame to Chester Huber. Miriam Florey's activeness to joseph Betz. Charles Fratipiet'ro's pride in his dancing technique to Daniel Siegfried. Katherine Gaston's big brown eyes to Marion Kienzle. Earl George's politeness to jolm Sipos. Evelyn Gorman's retiring nature to William Moser. june Grubb's pleasant voice to Pauline Rotzell. Charles Gotto's blush to josephine Edelman. Now you won't need the rouge, josephine. Ella lelahn's melodious chirping to Grace Sensenbach. Dorothy lslartman's a-bility to hold her man to Marie jones. josephine lsleintzelman's thinness to josephine Muscler. Ruth llelIick's "come hither" look to anyone who is looking for a boy-friend. Robert jones' enjoyment of Chemistry Lab. to next year's Chemistry students. I Ruth Kellow's interest in everything to Francis Macy. Kathleen Kienzle's quietness to Dorothy Grubb. Ethel Kleckner's night life to Edith Barie. Robert lio:h's Boy Scout practices to William Lutz. joy Kortz's plumpness to Gladys Alpaugh. Frank Kuller's blonde hair to Elmira Colver. Frances Laubach's winning smile to Ruth Fortner. Evelyn Learn's last name to anyone feeling a thirst for knowledge. Robert Lovell's intellectual ability to anyone who is low in his subjects. tCome early and avoid the rush.j 796 Zke 66714621- 36. Agnes Magditch's serene silence to Grace Clauser. 37. Mildred McFall's love lor knowledge to William Bensing. 38. Nina Merlo's continuous chattering to Catherine Eckert. 39. Bernard Metz's curly hair to llomer Peters. 40. joseph Meyer's clown actions to Robert Uhler. 41. Donald Michael's athletic ability to William Schlegel. 42. Elaine Miller's carefree manner to Stephana Stohl. 43. Victoria Miller's giggle to Virginia Wolfe. 44. Virginia Miller's frail demeanor to Emerson Rundle. 45. Lorraine Monprode's pleasing personality to llelen Kleckner. 46. Maxine Norris' meekness to Eleanor Boerstler. 47. june Osterstock's red shoes to Virginia Tittle. QLittle Red-Riding I-l0od in person.j 48. William' Price's ability to bluff to I-lerbert jenks. 49. Woodrow Rash's height to Clarence Teel. 50. Mabel Reese's time spent on French homework to French students who aren't so good in it. 51. Lillian Reinert's job of running errands to whoever wants it. 52. Esther Repsheris baby talk to Virginia Chapman. 53. Burnetta Rissmiller's rollicking laughter to Edith johnson. 54. Russell R0hn's job ol paper boy to Richard Siegfried. 'Twill help to reduce you. 55. Woodrow Roth's taxi job t0 whoever has a car next year. A 56. Wayne RuloFf's part in next year's operetta to Milton Snyder. 57. Edna Schultz's bashlulness to joseph Schlegel. fWatch the little boy .blushj " 58. Helen Segel's perpetual motion to Allreida Neuner. 59. Alfred Sevi's vague replies to Wanita Berneker. 60. Earl Shafer's long walks home to Donald Marcks. 61. Walter Shook's stale jokes to anyone who thinks they're funny. Zde Come!- james Shupp's slow motions to Pauline jones. You'll last longer, Pauline. "Bobby" Siebler's long legs to next year's first-baseman. Eveline Smith's neatness to Woodrow Avalon. Mabel Smith's hesitancy to Pearl Arndt. Robert' Snyder's consideration for his clothes to Zena Ferraro. Nelson Snyder's taxi service to William Zakos. Don't be so scotch. William. Thomas Starner's vocabulary to anyone who can handle it. "Dick" Stier's ability to "Crash Society" to Emil Deutsch. Diana Sutherland's pleasing accent to Robert Edwards. Marion Thomas' stenographic ability to Stella Weiss. Millicent Llhler's strong vocal tones to next year's football rooters. Elaine Walters' dependability to Marie Rabenold. Maybe y0u'll get something done, now. jacob Walters' laugh to Anita Knecht. Yours is out of style, Anita. john Weiss' clowning to Robert Freeman. Somebody'll look at you now, "Bob." Dorothy Wessels' sophistication to Levere Gaston. Q Ralph Wolfe's managerial ability to Sherman Shook. Glenn Young's ruddy complexion to Clarence Eehnel. Take it easy, girls. ln Testimony Thereol, we, the Class of 1936, have subscribed our names and afhxed our seals to this, our last will and testament, this eighteenth day of May, Nineteen Hundred Thirty-six. CSig1zedj Class of 1936. Witnesses : Elaine Miller Florence Nicholas Elwood Buss 796 Q66 HCBVMQZIT- junior Class Cflicers FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER P1'eside1zt-Virginia Wolfe P1'eside11!-Virginia Wolfe Vice-Pnvsiclenf-Kathryn l-lahn Vice-Prcside-11I-llomer Peters Secretary-Louise Stohl Secrelary-Stephanzl Stohl Treasurer-.Milton Snyder Treasurer-john Runclle Assistant Secretary and Treasurer- ,fvsislant Smzretary nm! 7'reasm'e1'- Stephana Stohl Dorothy Billenhennler Stzldzvzt Cnzymcil-Louise Kern Sfmleni Cmmcil-Grace Simmons Richard Siegfried 1 Donald Mzlrcks l Molto: 796 "lt is better to undertake the right and fail, than tu fail to unclertuke thc right." Class Flower: Class Colors: Lily Green :md While ZAQ Cbhflef' junior Class Roll Elwood .Ackerman Harry Adams Pearl Arndt Lois Arnold Woodrow Avalon Edith Barie George Bartron William Bensing Wanita Bernecker joseph lletz Dorothy Bittenbender Grace Bittenbender Robert Breinig Elizabeth Buss Elwood Buss Virginia Chapman Clarence Clewell Russell Dech Alois Deutsch Emil Deutsch Rose Deutsch joseph Dlugos Elwood Eberly Catherine Eckert Robert Edwards Zena lierraro Ruth Eortner David Fortner David Eranczak Marguerite Graver Dorothy Grubb Orrin Gum Catherine Hahn Charles Hahn joseph Hahn Elsie Hearn Ralph Heckman Herbert jenks Edith johnson lVl2ll'lC jones Pauline jones Robert B. jones Harry Kachline joseph liavcalc Geraldine Kellow Louise Kern Helen Kleclmer Tony Klusko Cynthia Knauss Charles Krieger john Kunkle Ward Kunkle Eva Lakey Doris Leopold Robert Lerch Virginia Lerch Dorothy Lindenmoyer William Lutz Donald Marcks Victor Maslanka Grace McGrady Sally Merlo Millicent Metzgar Gertrude Michael Mae Michael josephine Muscler William Zakos Alfreida Neuner Homer Peters Mary Phillips Marie Rabenold Arlene Reese Emerson Rundle Pauline Rotzell john Rundle Henry Schlegel joseph Schlegel Brinton Searles Arlene Seip Sherman Shook Daniel Siegfried Richard Siegfried Thomas Siegfried Harry Silhes Grace Simmons Donald Sloyer Edward Smith Milton Snyder Louise Stohl Stephana Stohl Wayne Trach Robert Uhler Laura Wambold Mary Weber Stella Weiss Elton Werkheiser Edythe Williams Virginia Wolfe Charles Wunderly Emma Yukna .4 Zin imlrmnriam E LVA Fu LS Her mirth the world requiredg Sbe bathed in smilesof glee. But her heart was tired, tired, find now they let ber be." ' From "Requiescat" by Matthew Arnold 796 QA Comef' 796 unior Class History N this, our junior year at school, We've endeavored to do our best: Here's the history ol' things we've done, Which we hope will pass the test. We've had enjoyable social aflairs, ln which we all took partg ln lact, we think we've done quite well, And have a lairly good start. We purchased our new class rings. We think that they':'e an "eye-ful." We also had our Prom, you know, Which was said to be delightful. ln the Glee Clubs' Operetta, The juniors did their bitg ln fact, without them, we don't think, It would have been a "hit". ln other affairs throughout the year, We helped to head the list: We were also glad to be ol use, Wlierelvei' we could assist. And so this year is past' and gone, just where. 'tis hard to tellg But it has been a profitable one. And lots of lun, as well. Louise Kern, llisioriau Qke CEMQZL' Sophomore Class Ufflcers n FIRST SliMl,iS'IAER, SECOND SEMESTER I7 :iii '17 1' f J Pnfxirlevrl-William 'l'an1andl P1'e5fdenI-Elizabeth Beck lfizfv-I'rvsnlwzl-,Iessie Gold Vim-l'1'esi11e1zi-Clafence Fennel SL'lT1'l'flI1'jl-CIIBSICI' llubcr Secremry-Chester Huber Yfvasrzrvi'-llarrison Bzluman 'l're'asm'c'1'-lflarrison Bauman Assislarzl SL'lfI'L'fllTf1' and Treasurer- ,flssistzuzl Secretary and Treasurer- lilcanor Bocrsllex' Eleanor Boerstler Simian! l.'uum'il-Quenlin George Stmle-ut Council-Quentin George Sadie Carly Ruth Wagner Matin: "Life is what we make it." Clrlsx Flowers: Class Colors: Gardenia and Rose Red and White 796 Qde Come!- Sophomore Class Roll Gladys Alpaugh Bettyann Auman Betty Baldwin Raymond Bartholomew Evelyn Bauman Harrison Bauman Elizabeth Beck Lillian Beers Charles Bennett Mary Bensing Eleanor Boerstler Cora Bond Francis Breidinger Pearl Burley Ruth Buss Sadie Carty Anna Christ Grace Clauser Virginia Clewell Elmira Colver Fern Colver Elizabeth Correll Mary Cortez Eugene Dashuta john Davis Esther Dereamus josephine Edelman Elwood Eyer Marion Fassl Clarence Fehnel Charles Free Robert Freeman Ralph Fries Carl Fry Levere Gaston Quentin George jessie Gold Kathryn Gold Millicent Gold Anna Gradwohl Carl Hahn Virginia Hahn james Hamm 796 Mildred Hartley Ruth Hartley joseph Hawk LeRoy Heckman Stanley Heckman Mae Heyer Frank Holer David Houck Chester Huber Frank Huber Miriam Humphrey Roy james john jurasits Anna Karlowits Naomi Keller Marion Kienzle Anita Knecht Victor Kostenbader jennie Kowalczk Francis Kroboth Kenneth Kromer Peggy Landon Norraine Lapp Francis Macy Thomas Marcks Adolph Marth Minnie Martino Katherine Maurek Pauline Mengel john Mertz Wanda Mikolajczyk Marjorie Miller Howard Minnich Ethel Moser William Moser john Mucha Elwood Muschlitz Lovine Muschlitz Arlene Nace Grace Neumeyer Charles Nicholas jacob Noll Myra Noll Esther Pasini Edward Peterson George Pfeiffer Mary Rampulla Doris Rash Thomas Reber Marlyn Reigel Isobel Roberts Helen Rohn Charles Rotzell Donald Ruhl' Kathryn Sandt William Schlegel Thomas Schmidt Frank Schramm Grace Sense-nbach Virginia Shields Mildred Siegfried Edith Simmons john Sipos Richard Smith Helen Snyder joseph Soflera Ellwood Stofllet William Tamandl Helen Tarnok Robert Taylor Clarence Teel Virginia Tittle Kathryn Uhler Lester Uhler Miriam Unangst Ruth Wagner Elizabeth Walters Helen Wassick Robert Weiss Dirk Wiersma David Worman Elwood Yeakel Edna Young Kenneth Young Marjorie Young l Qde Cbklflef- Sophomore Class History E. the class of '38, arrived in the fall and launched our career as Sophomores ol' Senior l-ligh with only a few faint murmurs. However, as time went on, we became bolder and after a series of rather noisy class meetings Cthey improved laterj, we held a l-lallowe'en party. There were the merry notes of an orchestra, cornstalks, black cats, ping-pong, and faculty members to enliven the occasion. Gradually we were becoming quite prominent with three students taking leading roles in the recent light opera given by the Glee Club. We also had four members, who greatly enhanced the competition in the Oratorical Contest. Sophomore boys are especiaily active in athletics, therefore, we have quite a few rising stars in basketball, football, and baseball. Many of the girls have engaged in intra-mural sports with much zest. As we review this running start, we have strong hopes of achieving even greater success in our remaining years of high school and giving our school every reason to be proud of us. Edith Simmons, I-listorimz 796 like 7936 ,..1n-.-,- fmQs:!ees-fi-ww .., 1- '..,:-:xa.-g:- ms:-,y fm, ay-4-,ff -2,4L,fm,x54.?-Q,ga1,,, ' 's':i::5q-ff-:-Eh -: t"+'iwvnLfz,-.,. 1' . ,ip-:q:Qif7f. -Jgaifiwrf-334uy'153ij:.,, 49: 1-f.., -' -f?r"!'i5N2l::e'- sas' .: w'. ,..,s 4 11: 1 - ." '5-'. - . -sm. .--F, 'Y J++ - - . aw wf'-af A-A-f '-'-'M-L -, .. ff-..-.". 71 "gig. A 11:4 F ,L-,, 3221-aff' f' '-f3: "" 'f2? A' fffir 2?-'SLA' . .A -...-- - -f - . Q V , ,gf:--1-.-1-.4-.Au-. . . V :ck : ,Eg ,J Hz- R A lung 1,4 .s,,g9'i123J54',Ax K.. .,Gi'2,Eu 4 x2 512' I-af.-if' ii J u ' A-Q?':'F'5 -11?sfFa:Ef" '--' T .-., .- 45- - .5 H- 5, 2 -. .g1"w,p.f -1- MEY, ' - .4 ' . .4 .5 f"" rw- ' A .1441 'iii' - 34? -'3'2"1- 'Y ' ' -- Ewf' -Q. '1,:.1p5, tm-. , , "1-'f ' " M" 1- . --. , ,.,-,fwl-,G 9- , 15 ,g ,gf .3--N ,ig . .run , L V 55, , .,,:.:6n,-1,-: -Q J -, 1-.1 - fi., ,. ,- '51-Q-.:' f' f -:fi Q1-,,.--ggi: ' -"P 4 - f-'ru g . 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' ' ' 51,1 93, 55,1 ., , 4' ' -36 --'S' QU:-f: -:gfifgaa-.fQis. fp-f ag. rv ' f-.y" 'fs ,A 1, ,QV ffggsgffia .f,'1f5 'iE?-M .11 ,yr J., 'Z 52 -pg gm fs-' ...-.. - w .- -f '..-.'.-212:-E2-ffl, 151- 41-I ,sa-Lf: .gr A. I9 -" --- ' 4:2 ,iii elyi lfjfffi fi -:Eff 522- 'H 1 '- 3 : 'J . peg:-i,f:?.15f wi 1? ff--" r-gig-. , ' " . 63- -, mags:-1 -5- see k - if- fa-:sly '4 Fir- 'fl ff? .pf - ..-f.. . ,- - ., . ,H .-- . ' Eff' :1:,':'.:g- 93,3 gg-15-',,:?+ ' 1 12 --M -' ,nl -I ...f -- ,J-,. 515215 , --1 -'.-31-f ' -2,55-"L'!' " f .-we. -vi if .. '.I Jai- 'pw ' 9, , .-.,, .,, .'..,,. , -. Wh. pr. , 'png ,--f 4 , ,V I , 5T'N I- . 1,3 J- gi ,,-,-' Cr -95 .-Q - . f' A I, lg .sfjrlg -1- 5 .PQ .. gig:-yixfj .jc - I 32: -Lt' gjgf '56 .,,5-1 5 1: 1 mafia 3 E -HE., -x., .Af qsJf,,,,,:f17 5-I -5, 5, w ' Q fi .- A 1- T-2 vu-f11f:' - 2 wwe. 5:4 " f-g1ff2s,- mf "1 H Qf' fi - -I - 1 AG. wr - 1 F-vvfsn: , - I ,: -,fx-IL'-1 .- i 7- V. ,- . - . Q S' VE r. - - gg vga, -,1 Q.. - W .rg Aj 3 . "J-21 ' z ,qi - -. - 74 'X :'- 3 1' --sw iv ' , ff: --. 1 . . r -'-,JM '.'L'5.."f . iz: I lib' J., A - -g 4 1' Qi,-:li I: ,iefggftx s q .P:5is35Lg 1 ,,1 g.1 - Y ' ,'.:,. -' -- 'wan -' f' - I --.. -P ' ' - 1-555 . -- f N, 4: '- f. -21 1 5 ri'-.L- " fra, 45 ' -ef 'N - , -1gf,..Hai-2:11-Zak -p pu.-I. -rn 2,5-ng,-. ' fi ,- V' f., L fu,-fzf'-'-'J' -1' ff' W . g if -ig. vf' 2-gl 1--rf -F"1i?z'P" -f W - ' --H551 17" f-- '.-51- is - P 'f-,f':S55frjisQ1i-fEM-'ff 1,1'-ff - :!'3f::Y' . ' v . 'r - ::.- 5- " "gi ,-wif! 3" F-fr"f'-Yifjay,-iff .', :ggi-' ---..:4L,g5L r df- ,, s,1,. 513 gn .H Aa- -:JUFY ig! - ., gf,-Ji. Jug. ?5,--i'F- f:-:Ei?f-1-- . qwqsi, 5- 9 2-Q15- Q- . '. -55-.-12-,fig--4 --J .- V 1.. -, I .3 1 . w ' 1 ', -1., ,A -5"-' H"-2 , ,. 11711 -5":'+ff. WR- , " --'1- 'EZ-if-Y " 2 55' -f:':'9f"a-. Eiffy G."-,T'?'-'-,-.41 :I-ir, u,- .g3gEL'2?ifi4,,, ' ' 4- - "SEQ f. H11-,.-,.4.-, ,, --4 -Laugh AL -.L ,,., ., I: 5, YV., . H --hu , Y, 'f"9,fy-.-12-'.'Q'--,g:v,,i5,i:-V 33-,nz ':,-'i "fv-- j,u:,up - ,diggs ig '-Q ,.-ffitw 1 . -fqfame:-1:-f,-.,p-9. .Lg , 1-2: -"Mft-,::2i'1d' 1 ' fm:-Lf 'fail-wg:-A -A ,Q . ,yggf p - , .. -11-ggfi-flif ',. , ifigf? 5531133 ,lif im 1 -' . A- , -e -1-. - 1: . '- .f L. -'- -if 'f"""l'l1 N . '5 fl:-fifw' -.exif 'fiimcgin' 1-. - wfffigg, ' - nw- ,.n, ,. ., . . . ,-5' ,,,,- .x,, .- - e .vrym - - - GL- z-,- :ff Ai. -- if n f' '-17. .15Lf,"'--4-. - y' -"H -'f.','..-:Jf::-.2':'M--mr.f- ---' "ivan ., , -1,A,1u-1 4 . f,-.-Y.:-:-pg ,., ' au-P, ,- -g f - ,-5- 1- J ,gp '-':f5f"s- Ii ll Ii- - .1-.H - Q g f fx . 'i'1'A'!5 as "'--'-17" '1'- - -. , ,rg1,..-- f. ,.:4,,q ,-,E A ' ':14'l: 1Q5Ei5'Q- ?l,1""-23.11 ani 62215741 QA Cffmef- 5. Front. How: V, Wolfe, Kern, l'C. XVUH1-, t'arty, E. George. Lnufbach, YVag'ner. Sevnnrl llow: Marr-ks, lit-ek, Sn-,L:'t'riecl, Walter:-2, 4.2. George, Miss Nicholas, 'l':i,man1ll. Student Council To act for the welfare of the school is the foremost aim of this council. Besides sponsoring an all-student Thanksgiving dance, they arranged for the chartering of buses to transport students to the out-of-town basketball games, and planned for a movie. "'l'he Covered Wagon". The ollicers for the first' semester were: President, Miriam Floreyg Vice-President. Quentin George: Secretary-Treasurer, Ralph Wolfeg Assistant Secretary-'lxreasureig William lainandlg Lost and Found Department, Virginia Wolfe and Sadie Carly: liiling of Catalogues, Frances Laubach and Louise Kern. The second semester,oflice1's were: President, Elaine Walters: Vice-President, Elizabeth Beck: Secretary-'l'reasurer, Miriam Eloreyg Asst. Secretary-Treasurer, Earl Georgeg Lost and Found Department, Virginia Wolfe and Quentin Georgeg Filing of Catalogues, Earl George and Elizabeth Beckg Custodians of Documents, Grace Simmons and Elaine Walters. Miss Nicholas acts as faculty adviser to the council. 796 QA Come!- x l Front Row: Gorrnan, Segcl, Fennel, Schultz. Second Flow: Boerstfer, E. Barie, Repslier. Kern, Kurtz, llnmert, Kline, Steed, l.evnn, .Innes Third 'I'-Row: Unnngst, E. Simmons, l-I. Snyder, Smith, M1 Thonius, N. Slnyder, Starncr YVllli2fl11S. Bajan, Laubach, Sutlierlaind, J. Buric, Redline, XX'ci'klieiser, llls:-uniller. Fourth How: Mr. Knevlit, Miss litsclinlan, Bloyer, Pierzpza, Miller, Kne-crlil, Kluslco Osterstock, Beck, Shook, l-loch, L. 'lThonius, liyer, George, Miss Leh, Miss Ni:-holas. Blue and White Standard Bi-weekly, the Blue and White Stanclzircl. a student project, is read by enthusiastic subscribers. Ably lead by Irene Bajan, Editor-in-Chief, and Miriam Florey, Business Manager, the paper has become a paying proposition. The faculty advisers who help us make this paper a success are Miss Nicholas. Miss Stuckey, Miss Leh, Mr. Knecht and the junior High adviser, Miss Erschman. 796 Qke Front How: Sevi, Mai'-elcs, Kurtz, Buss, Ruloff. XVolfe, Shook. Se-coml Row: Magwlitt-li, Mr. lit-h, Mr. Crimp, Miss Long, Miss Nicholas, Knauss Athletic Council The meetings of the Athletic Council are held the first Thursday of each month. The work of the council includes the approval of expenditures for athletic activities, the voting ol' awards for various sports, the selection ol' student athletic managers, ami other routine business relative to athletics. President .......................... Wayne Ruloff Vice-President .. ....... joy Kortz , Secretary ........................ Cynthia Knauss Treasurer ........................ Donald Nlarcks Assistant' Secretary and Treasurer ........ john Sipos Football Manager .................... Alfred Sevi Hockey Manager ............. .. Agnes Nlagditch Basketball Manager lifjirlsl .. Elizabeth Buss Basketball Manager tBoysH .... Ralph Wolfe Baseball Manager ....,...., Sherman Shook Coach QGirlsl .......i....... ..... A nne Y. Long Coach rl3oys'J .................... Andrew S. Leh Principal of Senior l-ligh School . . Florence L. Nicholas Faculty Manager .,.................... Guy Cump 196 QA Comef- Front Row: Bamie. Second Row: Miller, Norris, Siitlmi-land, Florey. Kellow. 'Phird Row: Slzxrner, Lovell, Shook, llnlolll Snyder, l5C'l'gL!l'. Senior Play The presentation of "The Goose Hangs High" on November I and 2, lQ35, was a marked event in the history of the Senior Glass. Much to the disgust of Granny lngals and julia Murdock, Bernard lngals and his wife Eunice sacrifice their every comfort in order that their children, Bradley and Lois, may continue their extravagance and education. A misfortune befalls the lngals family. lts pecuniary resources are suddenly subjected to a complete collapse and it seems impossible for the children to continue their education. However, the children react to the situation most unexpectedly. Hugh delays his marital intentions and Lois and Bradley plan to give up college and secure jobs. Granny lngals solves thc- problem by restoring the family to its former status, thus relieving Hugh, Lois and Bradley of their sacrifices. The play was under the direction ol' Miss Sloat. The cast is as follows: lgernardl lngpls .. ...... XValter Sllooli llugh lngals .... .. Thomas Starner -unice ngas... ..,DianaSutheran R HIM -1 ku HHS, 1 ,B Noel Derby .... ..... X Vallace Schmidt I Siillcn ,Mlm OC twqiiet galil Leo Day .................. Nelson Snyder ' 5 ' """ ""' - ' Rhoda ................... Virginia Miller Bradley lille'-521l5 --f- Wayne 1311105 Mrs. Bradley CGrannyD .... Maxine Norris Dflglmf C2ll'f0ll Mlflllm l'l0ff1Y julia Murdock ......,....... Ruth Kellow Elliot Kimberly Robert Lovell 79 6 QA Camell- Social Events Dear Slceets: Whewl What a busy year for social events. my diary, I Gnd these high-spots of the year: OCT. 24, 1935 May 18, 1936 Turning back the pages of The Seniors made merry to-night, at a llallowe'en Party held in the gym. We danced to the orchestra of Eddie Duchin, Fred Waring and Wayne King Cover the radiol. Some ol' the games we played were, "Spin the Plate", followed by, "Eorfeits". ln the forfeitures, we discovered many hidden talents of our teachers flllll ClZlS5ITllll.CS. OCT 25, 1935 Our Sophornores had a rip-roaring time at a l'lallowe'en Party. Hilarious games. such as, "I-loneymooning", and numerous relay games were played. After some dancing, a tasty l-lallowe'en luncheon w'as served. ' NOV. 29. 1935 'Tis the day after' Thanksgiving-but we had a Thanksgiving Party, nevertheless, to celebrate Thanksgiving and our 'football victories. The autumnal shades provided the color scheme for the decorations. "Sirens" led many couples to dancing. Ping-pong Ding-pong tables, while checker wizards hovered over pretzels were served in the lunchroom. Dec. rr, 1935 Oh, for the life of a football hero! They were by some of their interested football fans. Speeches The tempting music of the players crowded around the intricate moves. Punch and given a banquet this evening were made by local athletic enthusiasts. The election of Emerson Rundle, as next year's football captain, was greeted with hearty applause. The climax of the banquet came when Coach Leh awarded letters to tl1e members of the football team. DEC. 20, H135 No Scrooges could have been present at our Christmas Party without being touched with the Christmas spirit. Christmas carols, gayly-lighted Christmas trees, and even Santa Claus and his good wife. helped create the Christmas atmosphere. lhe comical gifts, which we received, amused all those who were present. MA Y S, 1936 Am l tired Before a capacity-filled gymnasium we gave our Physical-Ed. Exhibition which consisted ol' quaint dances, intricate drills and apparatus work. lhe appreciation. shown by the Sl7CCl12'il'OI'S, made us feel that our efforts were not rn vain. MAY 15, 1936 Emerging from the palms at the entrance, lovely girls in soft gowns, escorted 796 Que Cbmef- by their best boy-friends, exclaimed with delight at the canopy of streamers, hung with miniature top hats and musical notes. Coziness was achieved by the simple expedient of individual lamps at separate tables lining the walls. At these tables, enthusiastic players were engaging in monopoly and checkers, while the dance floor was always filled with couples, dancing to the enchanting music of the "Sirens". Gigantic black top hats, with dancers gracing them, lined the gymnasium walls. Recognition and good wishes were extended to Ethel Kleckner, Wayne Ruloff and "Steve" Einta, whose birthdays were celebrated during the week-end. The orchestra thoughtfully rendered, "l-lappy Birthday to You", and the refreshment committee presented each with a birthday cake, lighted with candles. The junior refreshment committee served all, at candle-lighted tables, tasty sandwiches, ice-cream, cake and spicy punch. The guests enjoyed group singing, which was followed by a comical skit, presented by Emma Yukna. Dancing continued until the time came to bid our hostesses a pleasant good-night. Don't you wish you could have been with me this year, Skeets? Your American friend, Lillian Reinert. Romani Hodierni ln order that Latin students might learn more about the Romans, and increase their prohciency in Latin, the Romani lfflodierni was organized, under the sponsorship of Miss Marx. They made reports on famous leaders, discussed Roman customs and played many Roman games. The ofhcers for the first semester were: Consuls, Clarence Fehnel and Eleanor Boerstlerg Quaestor, Sadie Cartyg Scribe, David Wormang Aediles, Louise Kern and jessie Gold. The ofiicers for the second semester were: Consuls, Catherine Hahn and Frank l-luberg Quaestor, Kathryn Goldg Scribe, David l-louckg Aediles, l-le-len Rohn and Grace Neumeyer. Magazine Campalgn Pepped up by representatives from the Crowell, Allied and Curtis Publishing Companies, the Magazine Campaign was a bigger and better success than ever before. The net proceeds of 334333.62 are being used to pay for our extensive and resourceful library material. The ellicient leaders, who did their bit, were Robert Koch, lrene Bajan, Mildred McFall and Miriam Domert. 796 Qke Come!- Dramatic Club Contrary to previous years, the Dramatic and Science Clubs, Lll1LlCl' the direction ol Miss Slozit :intl Nlr. Shekletslci, combined in presenting monthly broadcasts over WCHA on the lust Tuesday ol each month at 4:45 P. lVl. Among the presentations were, "Sir Humphrey Davy", "Peter Miller", "The Story ol' Nathan llz1le" and "King ol' the Golden River". 'l'he students pzirticipziting in the broadcast were Diana Sutherland, Donald Mzirclcs. Daniel Siegfried, Robert Lovell. Frank Schramm. Charles Krieger, joseph Schlegel. llurry Kzichline, Grace Clziuser, Robert jones. Rictor Aumzin, janet Bzirie. Robert Koch, Wzindzi lylikolajczyk, William Price, Fern Colver and Stanley Berger. Ollicers ol' the Drzunzltic Club were: President-Lillian Reinert . Vice-President-Diana Sutherlzmd Secret :try--I oy Ko r tx lrezisurer-.Iune Grubb 79 6 Zhe Cbklflef- President-Elizabeth Beck Secretary-Wayne Ruloff Treasurer-Anita Knecht Custodians-Edith Barie The Orchestra Officers: flccompa11isfs 1 Elizabeth Beck Edith Bnrie Anita linecht Lorraine Eyer Paul Hommer The musical entertainment of the following events was the orchestra 796 November 1-2, 1935-Senior lligh School Play November 27, 1935--Assembly Program December I5-IS, IQBS'-'Clll'lStITlL1S Carol Service February 21-22, 1936-junior High School Play April 17, 1936-Oratorical Contest june 18, IQ36-SC'HlOI' High School Commencement supplied by Qke omef- Band With Z1 crash and a bang, a band was organized at N. H. S. Everyone had hoped for a band to pep up our athletic activities, especially our football games. The band made its hrst appearance on March I2 and 13, at a play entitled "Crashing Society", presented by the Parent'-Teacher Association. The proceeds of the play were appropriated for the purchase- of uniforms for members of the band. Officers of the band were: President-Milton Snyder Secretary-Pearl Arnclt Treasurer-Geraldine Kellow Custodians-jacob Nolf Charles Wunderly 79 6 Qke CBWLQZL- 7936 f "The M Zhe CEMQZL' Uperetta A light opera entitled "The Mikadon was presented by the Girls' and Boys' Glee Clubs on April 2 and 3, under the direction of Miss Yeisley. In presenting this opera, the clubs have taken a step higher in their musical career. Scenes of "The Mikado" were laid in a japanese Garden and in the Courtyard of Ko-Ko's Palace. The presentation proved to be very amusing. colorful and delightful. The principal characters were as follows: The Mikado of japan-Emerson Rundle Nanki-Poo, Son of the Mikado, disguised as a Wandering minstrel and in love with Yum Yum-john Rundle Ko-Ko, Lord l-Iigh Executioner-Milton Snyder Pooh-Bah, Lord I-ligh Everything Else-Wayne Ruloff Pish Tush, A Noble Lord-Chester Huber Yum Yum l Pauline Mengel Piffi-Sing , Three Sisters, Wards of Ko-K0 Anita Knecht Peep-Bo l Dorothy Hartman Kitisha, An elderly lady in love with Nanki-Poo-josephine Muscler 79 QA Cffmef' Mr, Kneeht. Landon, Sehrztnim, Mengcl, Matreks, Stltlierlztnel, Starner, Yukna. Forensic Society Euthanasia, capital punishment, and cancellation of war debts were some of the many subjects debated by the Forensic Society. Under the direction ol Mr. Knecht, the members were taught how to speak in an effective way and how to present their speeches and debates in an interesting manner to their listeners. The ofiicers for the lirst semester were: President, Frances Laubach: Vice-President, joseph Schlegel: Secretary-Treasurer, Lorraine Monprodeg Assistant Secretary-Treasurer, Miriam Domert. The otlicers for the second semester were: President, Donald Marcksg Vice-President, Edythe Williamsg Secretary-Treasurer, Diana Sutherlandg Assistant Secretary-Treasurer, Thomas Starner. Oratoriczzl Contest A large audience witnessed the Oratorical Contest sponsored by the Alumni Association on the evening of April 17. The judges awarded prizes to the following: First prize, Emma Yuknag Second prize, Diana Sutherland: Third prize, Thomas Starner. The students participating and their subjects WCl'Ki'I "Rudyard Kipling", by Peggy Landon , Nicarauguau, by Frank Schramm My School and l", by Pauline Mengel Will Rogers", by Donald Marcks The Supreme Court and the Constitution", by Thomas Starner Mercy Killings", by Emma Yukna HTexas Potpourri", by Diana Sutherland rr rr ar fc at 796 ' - -f-'l 1- A .,-L..,: ' if-.H sf-- '- F J ' 4 " "N -1' . ?, f' .-1' 1.1. A '1r:,.. ,,5 Jfi2,+ei? Q. , , 1 '! ' .gp'ff5' ' ..--'I 5-,z--11.2-'Tb-I vii? " QFEEFB ,gi1" i1"' ,ai 1 - fi ,-ff' -v -' 'nay 1--2.g3f.J'g!"5 -,4 . ' nie ljfi. MY? - -21" '- :if ,r , IMI- sg? nr 1, l ' - - qw' :salt .E F I J -. z, 142215271-5:':4:.,. f. ' 1 ' 1- -. 1' -.4 ,f.,:1s..-- -,W ,... . AU L'V".,i-Blk-.Q .:r-.QcLf.-P5931griilihilffiBiff?". f 9- . , - ' 'E+ ' my -- -A ffi 31 ' . '- ffm-. '1.'- x r- V. " - .- ff-WH ' ,- n, .1 .-n . . , --. ' - ' - ' N -1-'-.,'x-r .' Q M - ' 15 ' f A was-gg-02 9, -gf WM -,ff -'uewzfzrsxzsv f ya 5 , QL ' ' . A ' '39-1' D we ' if . -' 'i 'Q Q -,JW 1 , f - -' 1 w a- -. 5,516 - 1, f"W,:,-f-1-: ,A Asa. 3 A' 31.53 -iz' .1 L- , -5. wx. A --V :,. 'Fil 54385. 45.5. W,-A 5 +'!1.?fr'1. A Q jig.- - if 'g?11,if+,4 , 2f , - -,:nn':"' ' 5 'H ihxpa' A Ifll U A'-'ix:.Jf'5 1115 -lj -I ' - ' - 011' ' - ' ' Q62 - :5:5u.,-r'i55i- 'fv-A1 - kv- '14 I F' if -hofi. , H 3, - ' - - -- " ff.. .M 'A - -1 " L . 1 , vu ' , .f-1 f5ii,f? 3442 z. -.1 . 1 j. Jvc:- I 11, ' ' 1 .: ,y-Ag ,-.', 1... E-,L , , , Q ' ww -, ' Af , '14 1 .1-,6g:'1I:::5', 1,225-. .. .fa-.l.Etv1 -5-:.3J: W' w ff ..- ,3,. ' , ' 1 1 -v ' , wnegu 53: ,ga ,n .- , ,. 4 li :.,:,a.51'l" . '13:'5', " xy- . 1. 1' if '- ' , . , -r., 1' if W - , 35, ' hw -5 . -f,..f.x,' n ,A - f ,lm -A x , . 'A -.lf---1-iw ' ' ' -:gl A -1 - fa.. H , . - Fw- -4 -1 Q '.. . , N, .- ..- "" ' ' fl. l . -' '- 5."14.. 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' ' 1 V -- 2' 4' ""-H ' :fees 1 4 -34 .57 ,, sf' V,' Q- -.iz 'L ' 1,ggn3w3fr- .,f,-sg 2" , ' , H "-ggzfkiag' "mea-.-Q, Jigga -- ' M' ' il-1 Ip ,B Suri 3 , '--'F-A'--QEr' ' I 1 'REF Q 5 5, f - - Nr:-swf.. -. , A. , v .V . . . , - . - 43-.f.:5L.f,N-1 ,. u , . ,'- pf , ,-. ,- --9 . , ff . - ' 4 ' 1' ' ' "' -4 SI-A ,,. 0-fflbfi y QA Comez'-' Front How! I-Ialrlcman Ploroy, N. Me-1-10. Sun-onrl llow: Ilenshcr, li. Gaston, E. Miller, Hellick, Korlz. 'l'liir1l Huw: Miss Iyoligr, Cl'1:ip1imn, llfambold, Fcrraro, Bajan Heyer, J. Barie, Domert, Sz-gel. Kollow, Leopold, Beck, M. Hartley, Nngmlitch. F'm1rl.h ltuwz l.nm'lun, Rash, G. Simmons, Williams, Marlo, Li. Stohl, B. Buss, S. Stohl, Arnrlt, Wolfe, IC. l.fLlI'iC, Michael, KL-rn. Fifth Huw: Sandi, Memzrel, Gold, Senscnbuch, Boerstlcr, Bond, Siegfried, R. Buss, Clauser, Curly, ,line-cht, Kowalczk. Buck Huw: 'l1I. Simmons, Noll, Manu-ek, L, llasmn, Karlnvitz. Amman, Rzxmpuila, Martino, Ilnhn, Il. ,I-lnrtley. ' Hockey 'Vhe hockey ganus were played each hlonday and Tlunsday afuw school with sixty-eight pzmicipants. hlarkcd hnprovenunn could be seen in the technique of the Sophonune players as well as the veierzm Seniors at the close of the hockey season. The Seniors closed the season with the intra-n1ural chanipionship. SCl IEDULE Wan 1.051 Sr. 3 0 .I r. 2 I Soph. l. I 2 Soph. ll. 0 3 796 QA Camel'- '-T ' 1. ,S , - I -.LL J Front Row: Keiper. Kirby, Parenti, Leopold, Merlo, Monprorle, Muhorsky, Shafer, Hnfer, Homme-r, Heclcuian. Second Row: Doyle, E. Tlundle, Finla, Michael, Siebler, Douglas, .l'. llentsrlx, Capt. Gottn, Deeh, Fratipietro, J. XYeiss, Young, J. Ilunclle, Ilitter. Third Row: Coach Leh, lt. lVeisS, Price, E. Deutsch, A. Deutsch, Metz, George, lie-dlino, Free, Betz, Maslanlca, Auman, Tillllilllfll, Karnak, lleigrel, Billllllllll, Manager Sevi. Back Row: Heckman, Soll'erz1, TVunclerly, Bartrun, Kostenbauler, Krnnmr, ,I-leintzelnmu, Snyder, Becker, Fry, Grwbb, Keck, Sinus, lW're-einan. Football Nazareth High School was more successful on the football held than ever before. The team played nine games, won eight and tied one. They were co-champions of the Lehigh-Northampton County league due largely to the ability of Captain Charles Gotto, Ray Douglas, Charles Fratipietro, joseph Deutsch, john Runclle, Glenn Young, George Dech, john Weiss, Donald Michael, Emerson Runclle, Robert Siebler, Steve Finta, joseph Betz and Rictor Auman who were the letter winners. The graduating members of the team are rooting for a better ancl peppier 1936 team. We'll be watching you from the sidelines. 796 Qke Cbklflef- C71-IEEIiLEADER,S Arndt, Buss, lineieht, .l'. Barie, IE. Bnrie, Bea-k. The Varsity fy-11718 of Betty C0-adj "Charlie" Gotto is our mighty captain, Ray Douglas is our quarterback. "Don" Micliael is our roving center, "l3eely" is our star fullback. "Weiss" and "Deutsch" are always out to get them, "Dech" and "Siebler" have that football knack. Without the rest not mentioned we would never win, With our team we ought to hold them back. -Cheerleaders Football Schedule September 28 Nazareth 25 Stroudsburg October 5 Nazareth Whitehall October iz Nazareth Emaus October ig Nazareth Pen Argyl October 26 Nazareth Catasauqua November 2 Nazareth Bangor November 0 Nazareth Northampton November I6 Nazareth Lehighton November 28 Nazareth Wilson 796 QA Cbmef- VARSITY HASKIG'l"RAI,l. Front Row: Young, Gntto, Capt. Michael, Ueeh, lmuprlus. Second Row: Faculty Mgr. Cump, Mgr. NVulfe, lleutscli, Siebler, Ili:-ner, Muay, Com-li lith Boys' Basketball A second place berth in the Lehigh-Northampton County league was the best that our bnsketeers could do. However, they were ll threat to every team they played and were ri serious contender for the title. The junior Varsity, the preliminary uttrziction, had ai slow start but finished in fine form. 79 6 QA Comef- Naz. zo 24 28 26 26 zo 33 37 20 20 33 Bl 33 Dec. Dec jun. jan. jan. jan. jan. jun. l'cb Feb Feb Feb Fe b. li zo 3 7 lo 17 24 Sl 4 7 ll I4 18 JUNIOIL VAIISITY llA1SKlC'I"l3AI 1 'Front How! llclgel, rI'll.1Tl2l.l1dl, .l3l1I'l.l'l7l'l, A. Deutsch. Sc-L-01111 Now: Ass't,. lXl,9.'I'. Clewell, Scan-les, E. Deutsch, Betz, W'eiss. George, Asrft. Mrzfr. Kromer. Tl1i1-11 How: Ass'l. Mgr. Sie,2t'1'icr1, Nolf, Free, HPCVIKIIHIII, S0lll'Cl'il, Hofer, Coach Leh Varsity So. Whilchzlll Wilson Billlgfll' Coplay' l'lellc1'lown Sll'0LlClSl1Lll'g Alumni So. Wl1ileh:1ll Wilson Bangor Coplny I'-lcllerlown E. Sll'OULlSbLll'g SCHEDULE Nam. 4 Dec 1 5 Dec. 26 jan. IQ jan. 28 jan. 18 -Ian. 24 jan. 1 1 Feb 25 Feb 18 Feb zo Feb 9 Feb. 4.1 1 3 zo 3 7 I0 '7 3l 4 7 1 1 14 18 jayvees So. Whitehzxll Wilson Bangor Coplay I-lellertown E. Stroudsburg So. Whitehall VVils0n Bangor Coplay Hellertown E. Stroudsburg 796 lime Cbklflef- SOPI-TOMORE I Y SOPl'IONOliFI ll Girls' Basketball Approximately sixty-Hve girls came out for basketball and ten teams were organized with captains at the head. The games were played alter school and were much enjoyed by students who came out to cheer their favorite team. Senior ll captured the girls' basketball championship for 1936. After playing the tie with junior l, they emerged victorious with the final score 19-8. SCHEDULE Won Lost W011 Los! Tied Sr. II 9 1 jr. lll 3 5 1 jr. l S 2 jr. ll 2 7 Sr. lll 7 2 Soph. IV 2 6 1 Soph, Il 6 3 Soph. l 1 6 2 Sr. I 5 4 Soph. Ill 1 8 SOPHOMORE III SOP1-IOMORIC TV QA Cbmei- SENIOR 1 SENIOR II SENIOR Ill' .TUNTOTI I JUNIOR II JUNIOR III 796 ,jig Come!- Front How: Asst Mgr's. Kavcak, IHGCKIHLIH, Hahn. Second Row: Betz, J. Rundle, Young, Gotto, Douglas, Siebler, Finta, E. Randle, Michael, Free, Fraiipietro. Third Row: Faculty Mgr. Curnp, Coach Leh. Fry, Sipos, Silfles, Redline, George, Eyer, Reber, Hurber, Minnich, Mgr. Shook. Baseball Nazareth l-ligh School's baseball team, the champions of the Lehigh- Northampton County league in IQASS, continued its success by defeating St. Clair and Palmerton High School which made them District ll champions ol' the P. I. A. A. This year the defending champions had a splendid season. For the third consecutive year, they are champions of the Lehigh-Northampton County league. They played a total of ten games winning all of them by large scores. Elimination playoffs will again be held and the Nazareth l-ligh team hopes to repeat its previous success. i IQZS SCORES 3 Nazareth-St. Clair 2 3 Nazareth-Palmerton 1 1936 SCORES I7 April Nazareth-Wilson May Nazareth-Wilson 6 April Nazareth-Hellertown May Nazareth-l-lellertown ll April Nazareth-Bangor May Nazareth-Pen Argyl I5 April Nazareth-Pen Argyl May Nazareth-So. Whitehall 22 May Nazareth-So. Whitehall May Nazareth-Bangor 796 E62 ., .fslfv 43, , i' 'tp' .3jf?5. fag- A fffl--Z L, x igg,'5f..-rZ1..- I gf- 24'-.3511 ig'532,Qj,:-, 1-,gg J? :.,,., .gigjfyygg-aw, y -V 4. .rrj,:- 4: 1 ,- . .Vg U.-T - .-.-:M ,, . ,ri r!!' .-11,9 l-,r:3,g',f:-::!,t1,:-lg ., f.. . gg.. 25i:?!.::.iz,.: ,,, ,g,g,f,7F,-A 51,51 , - f TL, L:-:ir-in T 1-:IW 'fig -1- '4-f , A-1 -- 4 . -.. va- 4 .- JJ - " f,,,'V.,. ig",-ig? ,H 1 ' fifr- ' 1 , -1' " ' "--'r rv - '-.ZW 11'....-, J' 1"'.' 1 1 v- .f-- , - - 9241.552-12:52 ,-L5-fff":fe,ff.', J-"4 1 345: ' - gg., , 5, 5 f i. .-.g.f:-zgg . ff4.f - " :f'- 1- ggsau. . , ,5s"gsfiffvs?fzsresin, : w-52.-: rf, gl .: , as ffawsff-5. -iris-mt, .:3a,11: :.,1Q:Z'13'f' 5 ' ' I 'J '41 ill f'f:EE"g3! Sql '5-fifsP"'.fm 4,52-1552 435 lziii'-131 ak :'. ,::fg-fa s:g.9sgI!91f5g-5"Asffflw' , -V 5. .. . jd, 1 5 uyqgg-.. Li, 1 :zip-1 5, 5 . fn'-Cf' T 'I E3-5 :i'gfjQ'0i-..55?-'QMfgziig ." " ' 1 ., 54 ' , ' 'j 1.:f".,Q p' 2,31 -,- ,Q "zzz, 1. 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Dech C. j. Diener F. H. Dietz L M. Domert R. G. Douglas K. F. Eberts H. l. Fehnel R. A. Finta S. j. Finta M. M. Florey C. M. Fratipietro K. B. Gaston E, George E. Gorman C. L. Gotto j. A. Grubb li. R. llahn D, A. Hartman j.A. Heintzelman R. L. Hellick R. ll. jones R. A. Kellow K. G. Kienzle E. j. Kleckner R. H. Koch j. W. Kortz Kuller F, Laubacli E. A. Learn F. F. R. j. Lovell A. A. Magditch B. T. Metz j. j. Meyer M. B. McFall N. K. Merlo D. F. Michael Qhe Come!- Initial Impressions "Red Hot" Auman Ideal, excellent, but? just make-believe. Sax? Good blower! Mary's efiicient bus. Got his darling. Charles just ducks this studiesj. Finds his dames ? ? P Let Miriam do titj. Ray goes daffytahout Louisej. Kermit's flying earns Cmeritj He is faithful. Rose's alway friendly. Steve just flings Cbaseballsj. My meandering fellow. Catch my football. Kitty hehaves graciously Excellence-Earl's goal. Everything goes. Charles loathes girls. just a gigolette. Each ray tof sunshinej helps. Don't ask her. just a housewife. Rundle loves her. Robert has jitters. Rundle tE.j and Kellow??? Keeps great knowledge. Enjoys joy-killing. Really has kissed! just wait, Kortzie! Franks forever keen. Frank's t?D early love Enjoys attaining loveliness Robert just loves Chunlingj Another able miss. Belfast takes mileage. joseph just monkeys. May become married. Never keeps malice. Ducks fems much ? ? ? D. E. Wessels M, L. Monprode Mighty like taj man. E. S. Miller V.NS. Miller R. Miller V. M. M. Norris j. C. Osterstock W. E. Price W. A. Rash M. A. Reese L. A. Reinert E. M. Repsher B. L. Rissmiller R. A. Rohn W. F. Roth W. G. Ruloff E. A. Schultz H. A. Segel A. S. Sevi E, Shafer W. A. Shook j. A. Shupp R. E. Siebler E. M. Smith "Excellent" says me. Very smart-maybe! Very radiant miss. Maxine's mighty nice. june continually obeys. William's ever present. Why ask Rashy? Maybe accidentally right. Like a rose, Every male runsfafter Estherj. Burnetta likes Raymond. Russell's always ready. Woody's Ford runs. Walks Gerry 'round. Edna aspires fto be aj stenographer. Handles all studies tsuccessfullyj. Always studying-sometimes. Expert tinj shorthand. Went after Sutherland. just a station-attendant. Robert emanates Cfromj Stockertown. Eveline mixes sodas. M. M. Smith May marry Schlegel. N. M. Snyder Nelson manipulates tguitarj strings. R. l-l. Snyder Robert's fcarj has speed, T. N. G, Starner Trinitrotsluene nitro-glycerine Starner. R. Stier Really smart? D. H. Sutherland Demure, high, stately. M. A. Thomas Marion's a typist. M. I, Uhler Most impetuous usually. j. j. Walter jake just walks Cwith his E. H. Walters j. ll. Weiss R. W. Wolfe G. E. Young everything well. newspapersj. Everything has worth Cto Elainej. jonathan hath wit. Really wise, what? Grows ever younger. 796 Zhe CBWLQZI- 796 Riddles Marzgv ez person who owns an auto, Across our lovely country rozmzs. Now 'we'll tell you of our own folk, I-zz the following silly poerlzsz Woodrow Rolh drives a Ford We all think it is the best. He helps us out, and beyond a doubl He does it with plenty of gesl. Virginia Miller was driving her "Che1"z:ie" To .school along the higlrwojm' A fire went flaf, and there she sal, She did1z'l reach school that clay. Mary liroud lhivzks her car is qrlile good But it's frequently hard to slarlg' She holds her breath when she steps 011 the gas lfor fear ii 'will fall nparl. Foster Dietg who owns a Ford lflfuzs stuck in the mud one dl1j,',' He gave il the gas but the thing wou.ld1z'l last, So Poster walked all the way. Qhe CQWLQZL' Jingles Little Boy Blue, come blow your horn Call your live-stock out of the corn. lint it's Robert Snyder with his clarinet Plavvrng something quite classy, you bet! Mary. Mary, your car's contrary I say, how does it go? 7'here's a slipping clutch, and all such, .fl nd its pick-up is awfully slow! lu the days of long ago I started out to get some dough.: Got rich quick- Then came the war! Now, I aint got no dough no nzore. Walter Shook met a Spook While walking thru' the woody The Spook said "look-" While Waller shook. lint at the word "boo" He really flew, For he knew that it was best that he should! Old Mother Hubbard who owned a large cupboard Went to a picnic one dayp ' Upon her return, she found Evelyn Learn lfatrng her jam away. joy 1f07'1fQ' and George Dech .fl re traveling together, we knowp The more they see of each other The more they want to go. 796 Qde Come!- Seniorsw- Serious? Sophisticated? Silly! Name Rictor Auman lrene Bajan janet Barie Stanley Berger Mary Broad George Dech Charles Diener Foster Dietz Miriam Domert Ray Douglas U Kermit Eberts Helen Fehnel Rose Finta Steve Finta Miriam Florey Charles Fratipietro Katherine Gaston Earl George Evelyn Gorman Charles Gotto june Grubb Ella Hahn Dorothy Hartman Josephine Heintzelman Ruth Hellick ' Robert jones Ruth Kellow Kathleen Kienzle Ethel Kleckner Robert Koch joy Kortz Frank Kuller Frances Laubach Evelyn Learn Robert Lovell Agnes Magditch Mildred McFall Nina Merlo lfVbat They Hold Dearest lwmir rZ'l'l"'k Diana Humorous Her temper Getting along N. H. S. Sophisticated lady His saxaphone Suppressecl Her "bus" Barney Oldheld joy Fast Baseball- A classy guy His Forcl A lady-killer Her high voice Louise Shorthand Her list of boyfriends Her religion His pitching arm johnny ? Football "Brick" Newburg "Buddy" Football Dramatic ability Mary Broacl's car Bernard "jack" john Rundle His "Flivver" Musical ability Mabel Reese Wilson Boro Northampton Ability to boss lt's hard telling Frank Guess ! Agricultural ability West End Belfast ller noisy heels Lorraine Monprode "Scott" 796 Belle of Newburg Good Artist Typist Most anything "Dizzy" Dean A good manager A good dancer Attractive Not tall enough Teachers' pet Innocent Stockertown's belle Good girl Lily Pons A housewife A vamp Under-estimated Miss America Bashlul Tough Not appreciated A knockout Professional snoozer Brilliant Perfect A hunter Etlicient manager A prophet Being watched Dilierent Pc! .-'l1Ill7lfll7lI Be a dog-catcher Behave Break all athletic records Remain on the Honor Roll Dwn a racer Take life easy Be watereboy in the "League" Do like his Father Be a nurse Hear wedding-bells Be an aviator Be a secretary Become married .loin the "Leagues" Be somebody's wife Be Americas best-dressed man Be a Phy. Ed. teacher Own a car Keep her "red top" Keep hating women Alto get l'jackie" Take on weight Bc a hairdresser 'l'o be happy Keep her new "flame" Keep quiet wire Be an organist Make noise sometimes Be an artists's model Be a street-cleaner Marry Georgie Follow his brothers footsteps Be a hairdresser Win some man Keep going the way he is Sleep more 'leach Mr. Knecht French Be called "Neena" To relax QA Come!- Seniors---Serious? Sophisticated? Silly! Wliaf They Think Name What They Hold Dearest ' 7-Iwi! Are Bernard Metz joseph Meyer Donald Michael Elaine Miller Victoria Miller Virginia Miller Maxine Norris june Osterstock William Price Woodrow Rash Mabel Reese Lillian Reinert Esther Repsher Burnetta Rissmiller Russell Rohn Woodrow Roth Wayne Ruloff Edna Schultz llelen Segel Alfred Sevi liarl Shafer Walter Shook james Shupp Robert Siebler Eveline Smith Mabel Smith Robert Snyder Nelson Snyder Thomas Starner Richard Stier Diana Sutherland Marion Thomas Millicent Uhler jacob Walters lilaine Walters john Weiss Ralph Wolfe Glenn Young Dorothy Wessels "Dolly" Commercial subjects Sports Boys French ller "Chevvie" ller slender form Arlene Theresa llis lanky walk Kathleen ller wavy hair Souderton ller ability to drive llis paper route The Ford "Gerry" llerman's Ford ller rapid speech Chemistry Artistic Ability llis bass voice llome Stockertown A Seguinc's William llis clothes llis guitar llis vocabulary llis Buick ller southern accent "Sammy" "'l'ommy" Allentown The theatre English French Betty Trips to N. Y. Man about tBelfastD Funny man Basketball star A cute kid Center of attraction Commercial expert Venus 'l'arzan's mate Clark Gable A big guy Quiet Modest A lot "Aunt jemima" A good salesman Agriculturalist Rudy Vallee A good typist Who knows? Good football mgr. Woman l-later llumorist 'foo heavy Good at baseball A good soda-mixer A heart-breaker Too quiet Odd Einstein Classy Greta Garbo Grown-up All right alto An executive Natural-born joker llooked because he lives so near the school A good pitcher Grown-up Pei A nibitioiz Maintain that head of hair Pass Shorthand Keep ducking the "femmes" Attract someone Become slender Not to wreck her car Take on weight Get a man Be a professional bum Grow up Be a teacher like her dad Put Penn-Allen on the map Get taller Marry a millionaire Conquer the world Overcome his bashfulness Lead an orchestra Be a farmer's wife Be like ber sister A Keep his hair slicked down Master his subjects To be bothered by the women Keep his job at the "Pennico Remain lanky To be popular Take up housekeeping Clarinet instructor Play in a real orchestra Catch a wild goldfish Be popular with the ladies A-i detective She won't tell us Become famous Be a loafer Be stew for cannibals To graduate Own the store Become a good crooner Stay beautiful 796 ZAQ Cbmef' Jokes D. Marcks: "Say, Dick, you can't take that girl home. Shes the reason I came to the prom." D. Stier: "Well, you've lost your reason." Goofus: "I wonder why a clog hangs his tongue out so far." Rufus: "To balance his tail, you simp." Miss Dixon: CShorthand Classl "What do you say' when you practice your phrase outlines." joe Meyer: "Plenty" Miss Sloat: "What clid johnson try then?,' I. Shupp: "I-Ie got married." Student: "The Statue of Liberty was lit." R, Taylor: "I wonder how many quarts it took." 79 Qke C2'mez'- School Calendar for '35-'36 Oct. 24-25--l'lZlll0WClC'l1 Parties. Nov. I-2-St'l'llOl' Play "The Goose Hangs High". Nov. 28-NilZ2ll'6tl1-xVllSOIl game. We took the turkey, as usual. Nov. zo-Celebrated by having a dance. Dec. 13-Don, Michael and his team start warming up for the cage season. Dec. 20-The Seniors made merry at the Annual Christmas Party. Dec. 22-OLII' N.. I-l. Band tunes up. jan. I-First day ol' Leap Year. Watch out, boys! jan. 28,20.3O-EXRINS, or maybe you don't want to remember! Feb. I3--lililllllf MilIer's birthday-So what? lfeb. 20--'lil'lC Basketball team was overwhelmed by Stroudsburg. Mar. 17-zo-Art Exhibition. Verry, verry fascinating. Apr. 3-The limelight shifts to the baseball diamond. May I5-The junior-Senior Prom-Swell time! l May 18-Work, anal more work, and so to press. 796 QAQ Comet'- Acknowledgment E, the class of 1036. wish to express our sincere appreciation to our patrons advertisers and friends for their splendid co-operation in making our 'Comet' a success. Dr. and Mrs. Mr. Dr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Sem G. Beck and Mrs. William Bennett Reuben Brazina and Mrs. Warren L. Breinig and Mrs. Edmund Champion and Mrs. Robert Colver Dr. - and Mrs. William F. Cope Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Creamer Mr. and Mrs. Warren Dech Mr. Stanley S. Fehr Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Finta Mr. and Mrs. Howard Fox Miss Henrietta Frantz Dr. and Mrs. jacob F. Fraunfelder Mr. and Mrs. james Fry Mr. and Mrs. Steward George Mr. and Mrs. George Grim Dr. and Mrs. William joseph Happel Mr. and Mrs. William B. Harper Mr. and Mrs. F. D. Heckman Mr. and Mrs. joseph l-leintzelman Mr. Claude Kleckner Mr. and Mrs, William Krause Mr. and Mrs. C. j. Knauss Mr. and Mrs, jacob Kowalczk Mr. and Mrs. Frank B. Leh Mr, and Mrs. Howard Leh Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Marclis Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Meyers Rev. and Mrs. Paul S. Meinert 796 Miss Charlotte Michael M r. Mr. j. A. Miller, jr. and Mrs. William Monprode Nazareth Parent-Teacher Assoc. Miss Florence Nicholas Mr. and Mrs. Charles I-l. Nicholas Dr, and Mrs. Calvin Nickel Mr. and Mrs. Edward Norris Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Osterstock Dr. and Mrs. H. C. Pohl Mr. jacob E. Reese Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Repsher Mr. and Mrs. Sam Seguine Mr. and Mrs. Frank H. Schmidt Mr. and Mrs. Walter Scutt Dr. and Mrs. A. IE. N. Seyfried Mr. Charles Shirner Mr. and Mrs. lloward Shimer Mr, and Mrs. William Silties Mr. and Mrs. Sterling Smit.h Mr. Willard Smith Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Snyder Rev. and Mrs. H. C. Snyder Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Taylor Mr. and Mrs. P. S. Trumltower Dr. and Mrs. N. C. Uhler Mr. F. j. Unangst Sr Sons Dr. and Mrs. F. N. Wagner Mr. and Mrs. William Walters Woman's Cluh of Nazareth QA CZ.meZl- t:Y P55592-Wi". "rw i. I div, x ,' -I ':',4lsZZf,AQ,'1',,.f-fiiw if vw ff' . SW if-?aZ'5'fei:'241g'?iff-,,,, L4'.i'aL.Q"!if . -f,:1-'fQ-q- "'-"hf.fF 45fkf'1'lj""3"'F?'-7i.'Y E f fi , 'i54?fm Q" ga Q zfiifzmg . M " "'5!2'f1"-1 -u f ' f-2611:fs.!Q1-fdi5-5Z,.-4g,ir'-mf? i-'lm '?5f:?ii31"'g11 4' ''ziifgsdaigf2,3f:ff5-?'...fsi1,f12g!551Q3?.E:'f", vis,-,g,,. 'Jig f-L diy - . 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Y.f" 1 l ' ', -l5ff2'A :f.,'A-'N-' , 3 fflfdlil L' rf ' i?5:2ffC.-Qfrfg' 'S'-i iS" " -- rbi: .FS 2412553313 S'-1 Sin-arfn, F253 9'ffi2:'4f141f1'L"-Y u- 3 . 04 f E 'E 551551 :fkh T fr: , We. gfimig'-. ' 3- , Q ' .ffiiiiiiffiqff -E xg 53? ff r N' ? " if , gt.-'Ie jv, ,'.:H G " 1 r- 5 , 'ilk' '.5?Yi,'iTWl ' ,L-,?jf,Q,, 4, 5353: 51'-fi, V ' 5-11-Qi' .QPU g ' wgiff: 35, :EL-I 'sf ' ' yfrwga anim? ,E . , , . ' ' 5- ' ,Q gig-N 5fi5':::.5 ifghg viff:'f15E5'g::3g:gg:,1 , :Q . . wg '?fi.'a1yA1g: -:ex 'E , , ' "1izu5l"i . ' SEQ V ,I 'Ein wi-L?ff' 11- 1 '1.-Fin 'vkiiv "mire:-'.zv-44 ' nfs-L 7,527-, Eg I x ul, . .' Y ,EA-15.51 3,2 3 ...eLL.Au:E.: ' 5' 'tv if -- 1' : if asf-129: 5 , Q f 1 .w i H fsvfihze -f. Ami: ' 4.-. df -P ,ml- . :.f3PYV'i- Q':',!i f f f. - QU ' .' ' -v, .- 2 fp ' 'ffmgrff ' 3519159 2: . ' P ' ' I -4- f Q' api' ' "?5'5l'2,-ll -555 E A . KT. 'T' - bnili? f PF- :' ' if ru . P' fl: ' -W" fi' 'vfi'55"51iFif'f9- 'I EMM ! F SS-'m. : - 'ffif f '-- 'f H " if 41211554 N - .514 1 . tcezqqirf i-53,51 zi- " N: ' ff3g1,'51 43 mm 'W L ,: .:. I 9,1-:jf 5 av' gifs 1 , -42 fi gf iefw E 5 T , - , 'F VV ' Q , ' fx F ' l,.ifi1N- ' f' H ""'?g7?'71Elnf'3.if2Lzi-ifif ifggalfm 1:2 '11, !f1ii?4f2 z2fZ:f'fi eff- 'Q - -I-'-it:2f5f2'ff5':?'3 i-g a. gizgf' '-2. E511 F21 " 1 1z,:'3,gfi-,-5-52g9g:m4,gff.15?i123LQQ3, - gg 1 H dmgiz-,,-N 29- x3,e1y,fy.5,w-if-X fam - TU-'-girfw gftfh'-' xi" 5' 5 m13A3,gf -ig-1'- M5-gf:-:-.-Y' ' ' . 1-..f::'J-Fmt?-.rf-:ir-.., " -,-1532.1 mf 5?-5:53, 'L' Q M5525 -w-s2?i,24vi 1, ' '-f:fLf'P1.' hx, "-.F--1 " -- .ff :f'nps4 ' ,. 'e" '-'::sf5-,:i.- P -V , ' 'amz-' , 1' '1..' fE'f!,1W'3 L, jk 3,5 N ' jf. --7 ,gil B' 'iff ylcffedlffn eil 1 Penusylvauiafflixie Cement Corporaticm NAZARETH PENNSYLVANIA 8I'lZ71dSI "PENNSYLVANIA" HCLINCHFIELDU "DEXTER" "ROYAL" Plants: No. 1-Kingsport. Tenn. No, 5--Penn Allen, Pa, No. 2-CliI'lChfi6lLl. Cn. No. 6-Bath, Pu. No. 3-Richard City. Tenn. No, 7-Portland Point. N. Y No. 4-N2lZ21I'C'Eh, Pa. No, 8-Valley junction, lu. w Keystone Portland Cement Compau Bath, Pa. NlLlI1Lll7ZlClLlI'CI'5 of KEYSTONE PORTLAND CEMENT "fl Hatter CC17lG'lllfU and VELROCA A Pvrfccl, High liarly Strength P01'tla1zd Cemevzt Gefzcral Offcesi 14410 So. Penn Square, PhiIz1clelpl1iz1, Pa. Sales Ofhcesi Plmilmiclphia New York Boston ational Portland Cement Company I-Varies : Brodheud, Pcnnu. Capacity l.400,UOU Bz11'1'els zxnnuzllly N1Z1l'lLlfZlClLlI'CI'5 of Pioneer Portland Cement General Offices: The Bourse, Philadelphia. Pa. Sales Offices: Plnlrulelphin New York Boston Clievrolel Olrlsmohile Sales - Ser-rfice Hahn Chevrolet Company Geo. W. lflzihn, Proprietor IESSO GASOLINE, Oll-S and GREASES A'l'l.AS 'VIRIAES :intl TLIBIZS ACCESSORIES Phone ll CHEVROLETQ VL? V U t7 So. Brourl Street Nazareth, Pa uth l-lellicli: "What time is it when six cats are lighting in the alley? Student: "I rlon'l know." ulhz ul5lN'C1ll'lCl'Ol1C.U W. F. Messinger Plumbing -:f Heating Refrigerators Q South Main Street NAXZARETIAI, PA. W. li, Shimer, President L. G, Peters, 'l'rea5ur Geo. lfl. Welty, Secretary The Nazareth Coal 86 Lumber Co COAL, LLFMBER, HARDWARE und BUILDING lXfl.'X'l'ERl.tXl .tgo ztncl 436 South Nlzlin Street E NAZARETl'l. PA. Building Paper Lehigh Lend, Paints. Varnishes zintl Nlzlytag Electric Washers Scranton l7rigitl:tire. Electric Refrigerators "Blue" Circulating l-leaters Coal Edna Schultz: "l woultln't get my tlizunontl zu' l'7ishlwone Bros' Earl George: "You crtn't get Z1 ten-cent clirunond there. nnyhowf Complimcvzts of F. P. ROHN Undertaker and Embnlmer Clmrehman Business College "fl Tlioroizgli HllSiI16S.'i Traiuiiig School" Secretatrizil. Accounting and Business Atlrniiiiistrzxtitxii 'Courses- college grade. llusiness, Stenogrupluc, and special review courses, Thirty Colleges antl Llniversities, :intl thirty-eight high schools :ire represented in the stutlent enrollment this term. .Nluinlncr ot' the Xutiomil .Xssocizition ot' .-Xccretlitetl Commercial Scliools. Dany school is in session thc entire year. Night school is in ses- sion from September to Nlzty. Students muy enter :it :my time. liree placement service. Catalog mzulctl upon request. XV. lf. CllL7RCl'lM.fXN. Priilcipal go-32 South liourth Street, liztston, Pu. PIIONIY 1-,iosii D. Sutherland: "Whitt do they do Lit the press conference?" Earl George: "Press punts. what do you think?" l'Sl J ' 'riunhowt-i'. lrexiiluiil llowartl li. Shimer, St'C1'43fC17'f1 Mzinuliztcturers til' REG. U.S. PAT. Off . N CHILDRENS U DERWEAPX., Sztlcs tlllicc - still Bl'OL1LlWZlj' - New York Mills - N.-XZ.AXRli'I'll. PA. 'lhere :ire styles to suit ages from i ' . .. lnlzints' shirts and panties: childrens wzust suits: hoys' zinul misses' union suits in various styles and fabrics. Also Nzizzireth Sleepers in one ziml two-piece styles, Be sure to see our Polo Shirts which are new this year. All retzul at popular prices. to i6 VC'll'i How Many Lessons In An Education? You do not worry' ahout the I2,UOO lessons you will have learned before you complete your high school education, Do not worry. either, about how many deposits are needed to reach "a fortune," just keep saving a little hit at a time, persistently. and hnancial intlcpendence will he yours early in life, instead ol' late - or never. The Second National Bank Nazareth, Pa. "7'lllE' BANK Ulf RISA I, SERlf'lCl:"' janet Barie: I'XYhat time is it?"' li. Gaston: "About that." janet: "I thought it was only hall-past." l'0L"Rl? NEVER SURE 'TIL YOU INSURI5 Farmers Mutual Fire Insurance Company of Northampton County ' lncorporatetl March 17, 1845 Nearly a Ceiztztijv of lizsnrmzce Service Amount of Insurance in Iorce iSSQ,0IJfl.Uilil li:51l'iNIElTS IVILVIALIAL BUILDING 7211 So. Main Street Naicareth, Pa. Preston O, lless, Pres, Ilarry R. Young, Vice-Pres. William D. Kunkel, Scoy. Ilov1'a1'tI S. linecht, Treas. Woodley R Davis, Solicitors Amlrcw G, licrn, Pres, Wm. Ml. Santee, Sec.-Trans. THE TRUMBOWER CC. Dealers in COAL, LUMBER, CRUSHED STONE and BUILDING MATERIAL Nazareth. Pa. Main Office: Branch Gfhce: EASTON ROAD 243 SOUTH MAIN STREET Phnnc 47 Phone 157 Miss Sloan: "Wz1llcr, you're worse than the seven-year itch." Waller Shook: "I'vc only hecn here forty-five minutes." C0111pli11zw1l5 of Mutual Benefit Association NAZARETH CEMENT CO. NAZAR ETH, PA. THE ROAD To Success IS NOT EASILY TRAVELED BUT 1 ALL CAN TRAVEL IT WHO ARE WILLING TO PAY THE PRICE. l When you regard the supcess of the other fellow, do you not wish that his good fortune might also have come your way? First of all, have you thought of the effort he has had to make? Hard work and patient saving in nearly every case will he found to he the reason of his progress. Nazareth National Bank and Trust Company Member FUtl'6l'!1f Deposit lrrsrriwrzce Corporation Katherine Gaston: "Have a drink of water on me." janet Barie: 'Are you sure you can afford it?" Arbogast and Bastian Co. MEATS AND PROVISIONS U. S. Gowrniizevzt lizxpuction O Allentown, Pa. C0n1pli111c11ts of Bates Valve Bag Corporation .fl'Ia111ffaclzu'e1's of PAPER BAGS Flour, Cement, Gypsum, Ground Limestone, Plaster and Other Pulverized Protlucts . Woodrow Roth: "What's the use of playing basebal steal the bases and run home?" the players Phone: Nazareth 37-R3 GEO. N. MILLER and FAR MING IM PLEMENTS 1JiSIl7'ibItf0l'S of W A Y N E HOG, DAIRY, CALF, HORSE and POULTRY FEEDS Nxlzztreth, Pa., Route No. 2 Bushkill Centre, Pa. MESSINGER Dusters Threshers Corn Shellers also General jobhing Work and Grey Iron Sz Aluminum Castings Messinger Mfg. Co. Tatamy, Penna. Howard E. Yeisley lfunerzil Director O Graduate Indy .flssisiafzt o Phone Easton 2-5077 Tatamy - - - Pcnna. Ruth Kellow: "Now, we'll take one Foster Dietz: "l'll pass." at a time. Foster, you're first. Buiclds The Buy Nazareth Motor Co. S. W. Cor. Munch Chunk R Church Sts. Nazareth, Pa. Phone 355 DODGE Priced :it only a F ew dollars more than the lowest priced cars PLYMOUTH The low-priced huy DODGE TRUCKS R. F. Ziegler Mauch Chunk Sr Church Sts. Nazareth, Pa. Phone 355 CIJIllPlilIlL'lIf,Y uf R. D. Lambert jlili-f'l:'l.I5N Oplonwlrisl' Nazareth - - - Pennzl. C0llIfJ1Tll1t'IIfS nf Geo. E. Bensing SL Son FUNERAL SERVICE We Scrw in Pl 1'fz se :ill C Phone Nazareth 2S5R4l Monreslown, Pa. One of Mr. Knecht's clennitions: "A blonde is a light-headed woman." Benner SL Woodring Dvalvrs in MILK, CREAM and BUTTER o ISUTTERM I LK and COTT.-XG E CI I E ESE Phone ISQ ur 505-R NAZARETH Creavnery 599 Dairy Robert Edelman, Prop. o PASTEURIZED MILK CREAM z: BUTTER BUTTERMILK and COTTAGE CHEESE o Phone S1 Nazareth, Pu. C0111 limenls WINT sTUD1o if 617 Linden Street SL Allentown, Pa. 'N Lmnnpany I , llflmzufacfzrrers Dial 21310 for . of Appointment CRAYOLA He who laughs last laughs best, but when john Weiss laughs lust in English class, he must report at 3:30. Colzlplimezzls of llercules Trowlite The Peoplels Coal Portlzincl Cement Cement and CO' Stockertown, Pu. Compliments phone NHL 433 Uf 0 Your dealer for Hercules Cement Corporauon Lehigh Valley Philarlelphizl - Boston and New York ' l ' Lehigh Navigation Coal LLIMBER :: HARDWARE BUILDING MATERIAL Cnnlplilm-1115 of Charles C. Willauer Sloclie1'low11, Penna. Phone 121 Co111pli111e11is of Koclfs Meat Market S'l'RlC'l'LY FRESH MEATS POULTRY At All Times Walnut Street Nazareth, Pa. Miss Slozltz "ljdyll1e, you have your name on the board, paper under your seal,--" Edylhe: "And my slip shows," I. H. Newhart Est. o1.2N153mL srone and MEAT Ill.-XRKET 0 Cor. Main Zlllll Centre Streets Stockertown, Penna. Complinzezzts of Broad Street Meat Market EDWARD l-l. KERN All Kinds of FRESH amz SMOKED MEATS llome-Made Pork Products POULTRY lN SEASON A Phone 148 We Deliver Crulzfwlilfzvlzls of C. W. HARTMAN Belfast, Pa. M EAT and ICE CREAM C. F. Martin SL Co., Inc. Nzizarelh, Pu. Estuhlislietl :Sun Ma1z11,facl1r1'e1's of GUITARS, MANDOLINS zinrl UKULEI.I'fS Tenor Guitars llziwziiizin Guitars Special Orchestra Model and Other Styles Illustrated Catalogue 011 Request ist Pupil: "Whitt book are you going to take out for a report?" zntl Pupil: "I um going to get 'liitliirippc-:1l'." Flour Feed CANDY 5'l'A'l'lUNliRY 'rouixeco Grain 5 s fj0IIIf71IlI10IIfX nf U CUIIIPIIIIIUUIS Uf A D - . . A 7 N Plory Milling Co. SWAVELYS 435 So. Main Street ' ' I D Nazareth - - - Pennzi. F the Ollgma W .E t flif-IA G ' I ,gi Phone 145 0 CUT RATE STORE 1 u N , 27 Belvidere Street C 'F ll A Nzizzirelli, Pai. ,Q I N 5 P.-XTIENT 'ITII I.liT INIEDICINES ARTIlfI.I:S FRACK SL LEI-I ,-Xul Iinrixcml SALES and SERVICE 235 Suulh Broad Street Nazareth. Pa. Telephone IZ4 Bethlehem Business College Wilbur 'lirust Building Bethlehem, Pa. Secretarial, Accounting, and General Business Courses for Iligh School Graduates iusrniw and .wxmxnciin worm IN Au. conmiumzmr SUBJECTS Day and Ezimzirzg Sessions. Spccial Snnznwr School Free Placement Service l'l"ri!u, Phone fir Call for Cafalog W. F. MAGEE, President Miss Nicholas: "People Llon'l. have large families anymore." D. Sutherlanil: "What about the Dionnes?" Nazareth Planing Mill Co. Alnizzrfzrclzzzwrs of Mll.l.XVURK or QUALITY s.-xsu nooks, 5llU'l"l'1iRS, nrmus, ifimmies, C0l.ONNADliS, srfuk worm, lN'I'IiliIUR 'l'R1M, rxmul.mNc, rirc. lfstiinates ClJce1'fullj' l"ur11islJea' Prospect anal Green Streets Nazareth, Pa. C07lIPZilI1El1f,i of Frank Huth SL. Sons 50 South Main Street Nazareth, Pa. 0 Insnra1zce that can be depended upon in an d111E1'g67lCy O Telephone 177 RElMER'S Nazareth News Agency A full line of norms MAGAZINES STATIONERY KODAK SUPPLIES SPORTING 00005 cicmcs ciu,xieE'r'r11s Phone 230-R 143 South Alllll1 Street Albert O. Sturgis SL Son 23 South Malin Street Nazareth : 1 I Pcniia. Real Estate Geizeml lizsmmzce Notary Public O Telcplmne I5 Boys Beware! Our girls are gettin brick ice cream, and marble cake. g tough. They ezrt rock candy, Cr 2111 pli iile ' 1115 Of H. P. DIETZ PIlO7'OGRf1PHlZR Nazareth :: 1 Perma. o Branch Studio: Pen Argyl, Pa. TIIE NEW LEADER STCRE Cor. Main and Belvidere Streets Nazareth, Pu. a STUDENTS' APPAREL I Styled - Right Priced - Right Co11z.plime'11t.s of Henry Schlegel Clothing, Ilzlls. Shoes, liurnishings, at popular prices I3-17 Belvidere Street Nazareth, Pa. East End Garage GENERAL Avro REPAIRING BEAR AXLI2 ALIGNM ENT :incl FRA M E ST RA I G IIT EN! NG 'IUW I N G Phone 388 Day and Night Service Un the Slockerlown Pike Nazareth, Pa. D. S,: "Cam you bleach your ha ir with sulfuric acid?" W. S.: "Sure, it makes you bald." J. W. Jackson hllf,-XTS and cs Rocriiu ES I Ice Cream Czimly Tobacco Soft Drinks I Corner Belvidere and New Streels Nzizzlrclh - - - Penna. Telephone ooili nmcfxzlnia and 1.iaNmNG l.ilm.xRv S T O P and CONSIDER The proper way to save your 'food is by using Artihciul Ice made from Ross Common Water, and kept in Air Con- ditioned refrigerator, Nazareth Artificial Ice Co. Cor. Walnut X Pine St. Phone 269 C011zplime1zts Of Claude W. Fox GREEN VALLEY BUTCHER Only the Finest in llome Dressed Meals af Moderate Prices Phone: Bethlehem .1386-R W. T. l-IACK Represelzli-zzg Buzzard Elec. Co. lnc 28 So. Broad Sl., Nazareth, Pai. Authorized General Electric Home Appliances Phone Naz. 4511 - 49.g,l1 tw Miss Nicholas: 'llziving one husband or wife is monogamy and o is bigamyf' E. Shafer: "Three is trigonomet1'y." W, Shook: "Four is agony." C011ZfJlf'l7l61lZLS Of STARNER BEAUTE SALON HAHN Sz GOLD Builders Phone .19 INSURE IN SURE INSURANCE Assrrres 1. Prompt Payment of Losses. 2. l.ow Rule to Policy llolders. The Farmers Union Mutual Fire Ins. Co. of Penna. ll. P. Yeisley, Sec'y-'l"rez1s. PONTIAC Szzilex - - - Service GENERAL REPAIRS GAS 0lLs TIRES B,-X'l"I'ERlES Paff SL Darrohn 324 South Main Street Nazareth, Pa. Phone 2-9 G. Young: "Ditch digge more digs to ditch." rs go on strike because they h:iven't any Zollinger I-Iarnecl Co. DEPARTMENT STORE Allentown "xl grval xlore in a grant city" Ben Franklin Store 112 So. Main St. Nazareth, Pa. A unit of over 2400 independent home-owned variety stores han- : dling 5c to Sr merchandise : Dry Cleaning K Pressing Custom for Ladies anal Gents Tailoring Main Cleaners li1.i5lN A Yosr, Pizovs. 139 S. Main Sl.. Nazareth, Pa. Telephone 421 ll'c Call mul Deliver George Diener Mcrclzant Tailor Ba th, Pa. Miss Wm. Bensing: "l am." Miss Leh: "Wl1y?" Voice from rear: "l-lis Leh: mls anyone here in favor ol' war?" old man's an un4lerl'aker." "Service With a Smile" East Lawn Service Station JOSIEPH NV. lIlEl.l.l5R, PROP. Drink MUNVRl2R'S MILK lior Your lleallh'5 Sake 0 ICE CREAM O! So liresh Mowrer's Dairy Phone 2687 Bulhlelicm, Pa. Oliver N. Clauss Shoe Co. wi ioi-r3s,xt13 uisim is urons Boots, Shoes, Ruhlners untl lfinclings 29-31 North Seventh Street Al.l.liN'l'OWN, PENN.-X. Telephone - Nazareth 37R ROOMS FOR TOURISTS Clearfield Hotel Ed. Petersen, Prop. F. D. No. 2 Nazareth Miss Sloat: "Which one of the poets was affected with insanity? Mysterious voice: "They all were." Bushkill Park Picnic and fl111u.te-Hzent Recreation Centre of the Community Catering to Sunday Schools. liraternal Social Outings and lfzunily Reunions swim Mmm n,xNelNG RIDES Slant NG vim: ROUND .fl zlzlress T. V. LONG lzaston R. D. 2 Phone 6941 C ovizpliments Of a f'i7'i6'lZd C H. S. Arnold G ROCE RI ES Cold Meats Fruits S Vegetables Cigars, Cigarettes, Candy Breyer's lce Cream liar Qualify and V Sa1'z,'if:f in Priuling Come to Young's Press I27 Ez ist lligh Street Nazareth, Pa. Stockertown, Pa. Phfme 470- M Student: "Gosh! I'm hoarse enough today to pull a wagon." Baseball Fishing K Uniforms Tackle Wood FLOORS Cork and -ZI- Laid, Sanded, Finished, Equipment gicvclcs Cleaned, and Rewaxed lg ami Expert Mcalmiiics Rackets I Wheel UUULIS All Modern Equipment and N -Zi- Restringing L Football , -1 :- A Basketball W. I. Shetrer G0,fC,ubS N Som, Easton, Pa, Bags D Supplies S351 - Phone - 8351 SPORTING GOODS Broad S: Main Sts. Bethlehem Beauty IN THE MODERN MANNER ai Haldeman's Beauty Salon 1.5 Belvidere St. Nazareth : 1 : Pennrx. . - . '- l. lzyes lgxamtnetl Hmm' Mom 'ly C 'iz' P. Nl. Glasses Fitted D to l 30 7 Friday Phone 140 ji to 8,30 P M Dr. Leon Kolb orfrom Ermsr IIS S. Main Street Nazareth, Pa. lst Student: "What is 21 metaphor?" :ntl Student: "To keep cows in." Ch ryslcr Plymouth Salas and Swzficr Broad St. Garage ll, Siegel and R. Al. Wessner, l7ropriulorS GARAGE and SERVICE S'l'.fX'l'lON 125 South Brontl Street Nzxzztreth, Pu. Phone 257 Upon Day and Night Stocker Brothers Dealers in I-non GRADE DAIRY PRODUCTS Phone - IIT Nazareth C077If?lf77IE1IfS Sale Uf and S. I. Gregory's Garage CITCUIGT Plume 478 Printing Nazareth, Pu. CL Specialty GENERAL .txuro REPAIRS , IIUPMOBILE 6 8 Nazareth Item Pub. Co. STUDEBA KER Sales amz' Svwice 48 South Main St. Nazareth, Pa. Girl: I'What is a harmonica?" Boy: "Corn on the cob set lo music." This Book Was Prinletl by The Nazareth Item Publishing Co. Pzfblixlners of "The Nazareth Item" vis ,I 1 -3 ' S Commercial Printing of l:'1'e1'y Description lforaw-1z1oH'r soum MAIN s'rm21i5tr NAZARETII, PENNSYLV.fXNl.'X ,f ff' - 'N -TEQMA 'LTL' ffFf:,E':-TP' jg , lf: Il,-1, ,-, .,.i,L,?-,W A' 'iiijgQ , ig If 2555 Ti' 'f.l7" ' ' ' " "4-'NT-1 42? QEZTVQ 'Elf ' I V ' A -iii 1' x X I Q 4-2 L A' iii? X 'T' 'WN' 'MIA , F- 1 jj ' K: My ,K 4 iw' flx-Nix V- - Qi, .J - I --lr ii , A A ,-,421 ,-A-A-f - -' Q13 iff , ag . , 0 mf 5 ff'?31K fi 11-L 1..- 'pu xx f .rO --- IFN gf " L.: ' ' ' 1:3 '17 X T , ,lf ,f i, ,ag , ,, f E J , ' P, fly? T ' 3 ,Z -TI 'Tgfg ' 2921 Ei? 'Wfff 1' 5 fi Zf:Z4f 7 :Z2f,:,u.rAN?f-Ei-35. Wi? 3452? ff fi? If " 4 ,QL K0 " 'Q eg ' if., ln, -Twzfnpslt - H IH f .1 ip! Zilfagj I' f'w4f.1 I I -WIT ' 'pf II .... I -I IJIPI i 4' MGM wr: ,. - - Q I ff E f. 'A-' "ml-AI. I -L , Z1 L1 I. - " f .Q-1-4'411':1'iif' A"" .5535 5? If gy XXX I ' ' lf!YfmTKT7IIH1mIW7lT1'WrrIUYfI7TInlmTrHrlTrmrfl In. I'-S: g , .V my, N WI 21,12 I W,-A I. -f , . 11 'K I I f Mm rumrfrmmuug, I IIQLLIUHIHUIE n ml' k 'lII -- lv? M um My ,,., ' . . - ..,.,, 1 -"J-nl ., 7, h:,,,,,,,......,... I V-:Xiu M NH., If Ig-F1112 I 253 'I f?sQvf'1I3ws:3 +- g 2fsfSL:A:,- ' Ze' I . ff 1 'Q-r 1.f'z H' : ZMIIIC 55' W: IV HI 'f ' ---aff' II ' 'If' 'fI!WQi fi' ? 1 '1'I'wI', I!-PEI " Iizf 5? fw.4412mfiwzf., QI life -4 I! I 11" T23 ff. Im' AI' i I-If I 1,-Ii1f"fM .m 'I ffI2! I IV :J N ""' ' ' 2? . Ir" " ff If " ISS I ' pw,---ff I , Z W, if , If ---+,-4 T33 ar.. 4 II ' -1 I Nf l, laid I r Am I7i.iI!I:IIfI Iv3lx'I lF: if v K I L I 1 1 ' I ,1 -' II Ir Y f f I2 JKI Z, ,1,,rr Assy? l'I:qVAf! ,I II ,I I II'If I I II' 'GI QI . ffqugg I II' 7 I K v 'I I g, X III ,lil pg ly,I',.-4 , 5 If Q, fIy II I C. 2' IJI I III ' 'VF I ff 'I W, .L ' , ' ,I , 7 I f. ' ' , I gf Q 9 " fa Z1 n....,...I '...IdiIEI2! .....II....,..f,1 I e ' , Html ' Q UIT 1 I f ,If I, Q1 . , "?"- , f III AIIII I I , 5' if 4 f , ff ,M . , nf-P211 11' :F I ' N I, fp J ,T 1 f I ' If ' 1' 1' I. I T A II? 'II ,II II TAI I 105 If IX N M in III J ' f XX 5 2 I if I me f I, 1 IIE I f T' Q III. .I I II w g v4fr','f ff A -'I' , LN . I . I n I ,-'LUN ,, I, ,I I: wb Jgj, . 7Z 2g:2.fIIIIILIi.12,f I Hn. ff :TIF ' . UTI J 'f :Ig 7 - -ifiif mx L 'NEjLE3'f5f QQL.yQg,1,fy'lq,fIv .2 s' 2Q:: f. 'I l 5. i I 4 I III I -I L , A Ip If 'l I Qsgff.-,..:nIf.Q:!-T11 QI. ' 1 UI! f . f g If . ' T f wf I' -I - I nf, I . L if 5 :IF 'I I Ill- T I: -IWIEI" I 'UT-27313 'I' A ah .I I .1 ' AQ' ' '. -TQIIIJIE. I" 5j"1" 1 1,135 H1fsu,IJg.I'6:7i.III-w.?f 2522? me P546 F55 if gf-Af fnlf '-5-5121 if-P4If "mm .,,T- T . . Tn-1mHfI'IIII2I5fT' iIf,'2IfIIIfF T rl Iff-?2gi'IML'1I5I?"f , I Iii' 5,1 " - ,IF I gllif .2 'ltfQr,15P- ii-' fafffi- F Q1. if, 1:-ff-,f--f 2- -, ' V- . L F . -.- -- "1""" - ing -- -.f. fee OL L- M- - - '-,Lf -EIU 52:23 iilifg . ALL PF '?fLIIf,fl :, ..-Q--,.L , ,xx 145, -- S,f-v- --k-. f 1 ,Lk -Y,T. FINE AN NUALS LIKE BEAUTIFUL MEMORIALS ARE TI-IE RESULT OF TI-IE CO-ORDINATION OF SKILL, CRAFTSMAN SHIP AND EFFORT. SAN DERS-REINI-IARDT COMPANY Inc esfgners .ml Enngfavers of QLLOOI ,GZ-Immls 711 LINDEN STREET ALLENTOWN PA Qjafoyzfaf -Mzfoynyf-5 . 1 f '41 ,J-. - '.-.5-. , f Q 1 . ,Ari : fs' 3 ' x ,, , V Y V4 .. . . ,--, "ru-u-, 7' 'Q---0-54- .-.,.. 4.,4,.f. . .W-. .-1 , V-.XLZV 1 , Xi ' 1 -. , A .',,. -,. V ..., , . .x 1 . 1 1f,, ' 'fa .-- ,-.. -.f . Y. --- '-'-' . 3 . Y, . -.i Y - r - 1 - 1 I 4.-.....l.V l.. nf.- f-.vw 'T'-,

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