Nazareth Area High School - Comet Yearbook (Nazareth, PA)

 - Class of 1935

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Nazareth Area High School - Comet Yearbook (Nazareth, PA) online yearbook collection, 1935 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 122 of the 1935 volume:

, - V -,-11:-vig? M -f. aura, -:uf ff . A ,. x5f-3,,'.- -5 V. ,. ,. , fa :ff m-f . , 5234? Q- L.-:wwgf---.1'fu -.g -Legs. 'TQA fff,::'11.1g?S2f-rfh f.. ., -. "Kyiv -,1bF"""E- F. '- nf-. g!ii5137?fix?'ff3F'71SF1'3f'?-1 , luv, V"'m ' ily?-N aakalg N r: wi-, Q:-ww Q21 mais- Ki- . H- Y 'fi-f"5f"'f'W " " ' E? M '52 A'-Q ' f" L,5Z1??3i6" -- -QL-4 VW' ,NWN y 3- "'.:-'Z.'H'f'JSf- , 5 Kfgzmgjg Esty.grfqifgigamsi-.5???'3fa2!?faKi.E+i15i51Q.vLglqqvggxfQ- fxxmfr. 'J " . '- -"T,-5Pb-'P5"J?f!-iQ'3T'-"I".7-"L,'-L-'25'1?13'15'?A"'1-."4L--1- fl-'i'.r,Qf4v L' PVT f9'1'H 'Qggii- fsfafi 1'-A mvzfxafa-1-my:-ffsaxfrfsbi-zgwfxifs fa 4 1egibmvsifsv-4'fmfrafagsgavili:':ff1fixfF'-af-Br: 2 x 1-f-fifrsi-'fig:g,,4,,ggm. ini --ii, - Q f -w A' 3 .Q f, x Sfvigf.-,Q-5-Q.:-4e'f'2 x ' ' 'Lua15a-'r:.X,,-1-V-gf-.-.-. .1 .wr H 'V -.--:11y-wwe:-r-L Av - .64-S+ --f e..:.--ff: - fha-ri . ' s . .,,, ..., -.,-,. .. .,. , -,N...,. i '. . , 1 M151 wp. . 1 S ,, . f . . . ,H , . fgrggff' r.g?,..: , - , , f.L1,',f-Qgj., Q ...-'ffswv v v -Q2 '1.'33.Ar ffm? 1 Paf-feffifrili. . K ' ' a"5"if-' 1-1, - 1.- .1f.",ss-'i-if' ws4fweQ:f?.,.,:f rv.: .V :vim w i- V- 4 . 1 " .'S.':-,111-is 554 ji ,---' " 'ff --gt M:-,N N Q 1.-2-.:g,p.:1,:.1-,:.,...:-.+3, ,.. ,. A -..-- X31-sw, - . 11 'mf ., -. I-3.25 1, , 5 ,xx ' Qigxwgwfggx my -7:5f1,.-vial ' , ' ----1--f fax.. f K Y gg:i:r?5,?Z21S51g,Ni ,'--:f 131. 55,3 " -' ' LSE 13-'ff - A...-,,-5:1-9 , - h, . - ,5-Q. X-.-1, f W:-.:gr:-A - "1?."2.Q. -4' 4iX"N"' -T! '. --ff-' ' fYZ,i:'r3Tt'-:-il -f ,4 Nffw - . S' 5- ,. - -' .- -Vw .-' ' 1 ,g5g:w,wwa,-'ig.ifr5,a:'m-- - 5-'flak 455212 " air' ,--..-1253:-33.'52:31'9f . Q ks . Q:-:':3:l11i-L-q2!,f,g5"f?+f'-TE-37--' -R" '- ' '- 1 - -- 1 ,- f - ' ' -W , ,Q-fig--12655-:Sin---" ' ' 'fslw-iffh my " MQNFLKTS Ek LIBRIS N v Volume XVI TI-IE COMET A Chapter in the History of Nazareth High School Edited by the Senior Class Foreword The sincere df'- sire of the staff is: To remind you of happy ear- porierzces h e r eg To keep ever be- foreyou the mem- ories of High School daysg To characterize and show th 6 ac- complishments of your sclzoolmatvs. Contents Comet Staff Board of Education Adnzinistration Faculty Seniors Senior Class Prophecy Senior Class TVill l Juniors Soplzomores Act."vitics Athletics Features Patrons - I Advertisements I COMET Dedication To the members of our Faculty who ham' guided our class through its brief slay at Nazareth H i g h School, and have instilled a love for the Search of knowledgeywe rc- spectfully dedi- cate this, our yearbook. SME Comet Stag Front Row: HARPER, SEYFRIED, RINKER, MARX, NVIERSMA, HALBERSTADT. Second Row: BRODY, FEHNEL, NVERNER, FLEISCHMAN, BROBST, HALDEMAN. Third Row: OTTINGER, HAGENBUCH, RUDGE, GETZ, SCHRAMMEL, KISH. Back Row: CASSANO, GARDNER, MARCKS, FEHNEL, HEYER, MISS NICHOLAS. sux 13 Comet Staff Editor-in-Cltief Samuel Marx fissociatr' Editors Greta YViersma Renee Harper Business Zllanagor Paul Seyfried Assistant Business Illanagcrs Miriam Rinker Robert Halberstadt Alice Brody Literary Editors Gladys Fleishnmn Marjorie Getz Social Editor Dramatic Editor Illusic Editor Lorraine Heyer Lucille Hagenbuch Henrietta YVerner Art Editors Doris Fehnel Elizabeth Marcks Athletic Editors Joseph Cassano Frances Huldclnan Photography Editors Evelyn Rudge Elaine Ottinger Joke Editor Frederick Gardner Typists Theda Brobst Helen Kish Mildred Fehnel Theresa Schrammel Faculty Adviser Florence L. Nicholas SEV Ln COME Alma Mater In the old historic Nazareth 'Gainst the rising sun Stands our loved Alma lllater Pride of days to come. Here with daily tasks we struggle With our goal in sight Ever mindful of our brothers And the Blue and White. By thy name, dear Alma Dialer, We shall win the fightj And for us, thy sons and daughters, Days 'will e'er be bright. Nazareth High, to thee we're pledging All our main and might- Never shall dishonor cloud thee Nor the Blue and White I , -Earl Laudig, '31. eight 9 Hawk Row: C. FREDERICK MARTIN, A. RUSSELL SNYDEH, NVILLIAM M. BENNH'1"1'. Front Row: HOXVARD H. LEH, ELXVOOD J. UNANGST, CLARA A. HECK, CHARLES J. KNAUSS YVALTER E, KERN. Y Board of Education President C. Frederick Martin Vice-President Treasurer Howard H. Leh Walter E. Kern Secretary to Board Charles J. Knauss 1 111116 CGM? FREDERICK A. MARCKS, A. B. Supervisirzg Principal Graduate of Emaus High School Allentown Preparatory School Muhlenberg College Graduate lvork at University of Pennsylvania FLORENCE L. NICHOLAS, B. s., M. A Principal Graduate of Nazareth High School East Stroudsburg State Teachers College Teachers College, Columbia University Master's Degree, ' Columbia University ten X ::.,...L.':,-l.,,.... . . ,. Q Q M11-,.'.f,,..,. 'Y . , Sf- 'Li - x 'mfmitiil Wi . . .,. .,,m..-- i- ,- ....4:u4 -3- -qntg -M :Jer .vw . ' 1.x-,mfg ,WI-2'-Nlq..,.,, E: K.-3.3 Y V? 'QQ - ' 'Fifi 5 " N - .1 2 f dii agf- 12' ""..yw1f11Mi,fliQ V w ig! . ' fit- x .. ,- -wsu' J '-,,,- F-1:13. rg w ' , - . ,Q A .- - " 1 'qu 1,.,1u,x. -:wg-Q , ,- Ewa!!"Sf9ik11vsSiQffSk-Q57-z1f'wV ' F ' ,svim - '-'NSQY ',E .v3g,+ - U 'W"""Y K, ,Q v' R HJ . Q' wQ+2:9:92eaawfff1S5:QP -QU -." ' .ffff-gnifmw, MEisN'i-wrsufszmrfrfnrwfrig:W1. .... . . . Q A f wiv .." H, i - - -.1-iaqumwk. 1 . N-5.w:g,x ,,,,m1.-.:..,na:-Q-.2:1-V-.Am wk- 4.,,.f,4,.,fmv,. 1 .vw -an - 'Q-'ff,+tn..,.. - 9- K15Lnfmzpue'-4,,4:3-55-.,4.::.5.Nf-S212-ffvg-::4,,33-m,:1v'nfA-.:Eg-.'..-:-U.1.-.-x.-fp E11 J?a.,ggi'.f1lYpK'5,53lg1p-'rw .5 wx. wf - - -- . 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Leh English English Physical Education -X. B., M. A.. University nf A. B., Lebanon Valley College- Ph- B.. Mllhlenllefil College Pennsylvania M. A., Columbia University M- A-. C0lUmbi21 UHiV0rSity ihirteen CGMET 4 Anne Y. Long Lahoma Peppell Don. I.. Detwiler Physical Education Librarian Industrial Arts B. S., East Stroudsburg: State B. S., Kntztown State Temxhers I-'emlsylvanin Stzltv 'l'ez1cl1o111's Teachers College College College Mary Grim School Nurse fourteen Evelyn E. Metz Secretary w r" 'I . XJ a' . . Z affvs .. .far , . ,, .. ...Lac -x,.,1. 35 nj- . -f' - .. ' -. ., g1.ieTf'9'v 5' 1.555 tj. .- ' -. ' 8345 .:V.:. Z.. - ',.jf,',sS,",s- , N. ,E 3 ' 'Q-tj 5 , . - ' , . ,X S , A. rX?5g.?.,,,M 1 1 Q ' ' .mn aswlfffffff .712 ' . -' - -55.31 vxziqil . ., Q.. . ,. .. uw, .NX .-wp .sw-f .-fre , .- , X ftfb ' " ,:?Pf.xg'f+x-:.-,- V . " -. . fu- F ' -- -1 -' H - + mia. .S .J ,-fp".-.7 2 :C ,5- .lfilliivw ' 14 :Q Nll. If is Q- 1-2. 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At the beginning of our Sophomore year, there was a sort of vague idea in our minds as to what was expected of us. WVe soon were following a busy schedule, settling down to hard study, and participating in extra-curricular activities. A Hal- l0WC,C11 party in the gym enlivened our first year as members of Nazareth High School. And then, quite before we realized it, the majority of once ugreenn Sophomores had become rather "grown-up" Juniors. By this time nearly everyone had taken an interest in some outside activity. Some showed sin in abilit and did much to make the o eretta a success. Others g g Y P gained recognition in athletics, scholastic achievement, dramatics or public speaking. A most important event took place during our Junior year, the Junior-Senior Prom, at which we were host to the Faculty and Class of '34-. Our Senior year proved to be the busiest, yet most enjoyable of all. The "Comet" staff was appointed in February, and work began to progress rapidly, for each staff member was determined to make this year's "Co1net,' more outstanding than any previous one. In March, we successfully sponsored the movie, "Anne of Green Gables." April brought the Senior play, "Peg O' My Heartf' and May, the annual Prom. And now we have come to a cross-road. Heretofore, we have been guided along one straight road, but we, ourselves, must choose a direction from this point on. After graduation, numerous pathways will be open to us. Let us choose wisely, and remember the lessons our "Alma Mater" has taught us. So ends the history of the class of 1935. --Lucille Hagenbuch, Historian. seventeen QSM? RALPH ALTEMOSE 1'RALPH" "Science, if well digested. is nothing but good sense and reason." -Stunislaws BASKETBALL C13 VARSITY C23 C33 FOOTBALL C23 C33 RADIO CLUB C23 SCIENCE CLUB C13 C23 C33 ARLENE BAKER "JACKIE" "Well-timed silence hath more eloquence than speech!" -Tupper DRAMATIC CLUB C23 C33 FRENCH CLUB C33 LATIN CLUB C13 SCIENCE CLUB C23 C33 BASKETBALL C13 C23 C33 HOCKEY C23 HOCKEY MANAGER C33 STUDENT COUNCIL C23 ATHLETIC COUNCIL C33 GRACE BEAM "GRAClE" "lf you are but content you have enough to live upon with comfort." -Pluutus COMMERCIAL CLUB C23 C43 eighteen 1 - WARREN BREINIG "BUD" "I awoke one morning and found myself frunousf' 5 -Byron ORCHESTRA 111 121 131 BASEBALL, VARSITY 131 FOOTBALL, VARSITY 131 BASKETBALL 111 121 VARSITY 131 JOHN BUSS , Haussvf' "Fellows who have no tongues are often ull eyes and ears. -Halliburton CLASS BASKETBALL 131 CLASS BASEBALL 131 FOOTBALL 131 JOSEPH CASSANO "JOE" "Active IIEXLUFBS are rarely melancholy- Activity :ind sadness are incompatible." -Bovee STUDENT COUNCIL PRESIDENT 131 CLASS BASKETBALL 111 121 131 CLASS BASEBALL 111 121 131 FOOTBALL, VARSITY 131 FOOTBALL 111 121 131 GLEE CLUB 121 131 OPERETTA 12 131 COMET STAFF 131 CLASS PRESIDENT 131 nineteen SME HARRY BEERS "BEERSY" "Speech is great, but silence is greater." -Carlyle. ASST. FOOTBALL MANAGER L23 CLASS BASKETBALL ill 423 Q37 THEDA BROBST "HONEY" "Few things are impossible to diligence and skill." -Johnson GLEE CLUB 113 COMMERCIAL CLUB C17 427 439 DRAMATIC CLUB Q31 CLASS TREASURER Q33 i COMET STAFF 433 . BLUE AND WHITE STANDARD STAFF C37 OPERETTA 413 ALICE BRODY '-ABlE" "I have had my days and my philosophies." -Tennyson GLE14: CLUB ug 425 fam OPERETTA cu qzy csy FRENCH CLUB C35 DRAMATIC CLUB CU C31 LATIN CLUB C15 BLUE AND NVHITE C21 C31 COMET STAFF C31 ASS'T. SEC. AND TREAS. OF CLASS KU twenty 1 f HARRY ENGLER HSKIPPYP "True silence is the rest of the mind, and is to the spirit what sleep is Lo the body, nourishment and refresh- ment. It is ai great virtue: it covers folly, keeps secrets, avoids disputes, and prevents sin." -Penn CLASS BASKETBALL MGR. C21 BASKETBALL C11 VARSITY C21 CAPTAIN C31 MILDRED FEHNEL HMlLLY" "Silence when nothing need be said is the eloquence of discretion." -Shakespeare COMMERCIAL CLUB C11 C21 SECRETARY C31 BLUE AND VVHITE STAFF C31 BASKETBALL C21 C31 VOLLEY BALL C21 C31 DRAMATIC CLUB C31 GLEE CLUB C11 C21 C31 OPERETTA C11 C21 C31 COMET STAFF C31 GLADYS FLEISCHMAN HHAPPYY' "Every num meets his Waterloo at last." -Phillips. GLEE CLUB C11 C21 C31 OPERETTA C11 C21 C31 LATIN CLUB C11 C21 SECRETARY C11 FRENCH CLUB C31 DRAMATIC CLUB C11 C21 C31 INTRA-MURAL BASKETBALL C11 INTRA-MURAL HOCKEY C11 BLUE AND VVHITE STAFF C21 C31 COMET STAFF C31 SENIOR PLAY C31 twenty-one N Six CGME OLIVE COLVER "OLLlE" "A peace above all earthly dignities A still and quiet conscience." -Shakespeare GLEE CLUB Q19 C25 Q33 OPERHTTA LU 125 Q35 DRAMATIC CLUB KQJ FRENCH CLUB C37 ELIZABETH DAVIS "BETTY" 'lThough I am always in haste I ani never in a hurry. --Wesley DR.-UIATIC CLUB C15 C23 C35 DEBATING CLUB CU 0Pl'lRl11T'1'A CU C21 133 GLEE CLUB C15 C23 C35 FRENCH CLUB 133 LATIN CLUB C15 MARGARET ENGLER i'PEGGY" "1limlux'ation is the silken string: running through the pearl chain of all virtues." --Ilall anim c1.u1aoPERETTA Q13 129 gap FRENCH CLUB 439 LATIN CLUB um twenty-two 1 - MIRIAM FRITCHMAN UMlM" "Knowledge and timber sh0uIdn't be much used till they ure seasoned." -Holmes GLEE CLUB OPERETTA C17 122 L31 DRAMATIC CLUB C23 KSJ HOCKEY, VARSITY C11 CLASS C23 137 BASKETBALL, VARSITY KU CLASS Q25 C37 WESLEY GARR "WES" "Come live with me, and be my love, And we will all the pleasure prove That hills and valleys, dales and fields, Woods or steepy mountain yields," -Marlowe ATHLETIC COUNCIL, PRESIDENT KQJ FOOTBALL CD C21 CAPTAIN Q39 CLASS PRESIDENT C13 STUDENT COUNCIL, PRESIDENT C13 CLASS BASKETBALL C15 Q21 PAUL GILL "PAUL" A sacred burden is the life ye bear. Look on it, lift it, bear it solemnly, Stand up and walk beneath it steadfastly. Fail not for sorrow, falter not for sin, But onward, upward, till the good ye win. -Kemble SCIENCE CLUB C21 C31 BIOLOGY CLUB Q21 twenty-three COME DORIS FEHNEL "DOTSIE" 'ALnve will conquer at the last." -Tennyson BASKETBALL, VARSITY 111 CLASS Q25 CAPTAIN C35 HOCKEY, VARSITY KD CLASS C21 C37 OPERETTA MAJOR CD MINOR Clj KSU GLEE CLUB KU CUSTODIAN f2j PRESIDENT C31 STUDENT COUNCIL C21 l3J CLASS SECRETARY AND TREASURER 121 ASST. C32 COMET STAFF C31 GROVER FEHR HFAIRYU "We can do anything we want to do if we stick to it- lonu enough." -Helen Keller GLEE CLUB Ill SECRETARY C22 CSD CLASS BASKETBALL C21 C35 CLASS BASEBALL Q21 CBD BASEBALL FOOTBALL C25 OPERETTA KU CBJ Q31 ROSE FRANCZAK "ROSE" "Whence is thy learning? Hath thy tuil mfcr books con- sum'd the midnight oil." -Gay CLEE CLUB OPERETTA up 429 Cay DRAMATIC CLUB up Q23 Cap DERATING CLUB up LATIN CLUB up FRENCH CLUB Q33 oncnnsnm up 425 LIBRARY ASSISTANT Q23 HOCKEY up twenty-four 193 LUCILLE HAGENBUCH 'fLUCY" "Modest expression is n beautiful setting to the diamond of talent." -Chapin CLASS HISTORIAN C11 C21 C31 DRAMATIC CLUB C11 C21 C31 BASKETBALL C11 C21 C31 GLEE CLUB OPERETTA C11 C21 C31 FRENCH CLUB C31 LATIN CLUB C11 DEBATING CLUB C11 COMET STAFF C31 BLUE AND WHITE STAFF C21 BASEBALL C21 C31 HOCKEY C11 C21 C31 VOLLEY BALL C21 C31 KATH RYN HAHN 'lKlTTY" "Self-reverence, self-knowledge, seli'-control,- These three alone lend life to sovereign power." -Tennyson GLEE CLUB OPERETTA C11 C21 C31 DRAMATIC CLUB C11 FRENCH CLUB C31 RENEE HARPER UHARPYW "Zeal is the fire of love. active for duty burning as it flies." -W'illiams BLUE AND VVHITE STAFF C21 CIRCULATION MGR. C31 DRAMATIC CLUB C11 C21 VICE-PRESIDENT C31 FRENCH CLUB, PRESIDENT C31 COMET STAFF C31 BASKETBALL C31 LATIN CLUB C11 C21 GLEE CLUB C11 C21 C31 OPERETTA C11 C21 C31 twenty-f ive 1 semis 1 1 LENA FRANUSISZIN ULENA' "Live while you live, the epicure would say, And seize the pleasures of the present day." -Doddridge GLEE CLUB OPERETTA C11 BASKETBALL C11 C21 C31 BASEBALL C21 C31 FRENCH CLUB C31 LATIN CLUB CI1 VOLLEY C21 C31 HOCKEY C21 C31 FREDERICK GARDNER UFREDDY' "Men of courage, men of sense, and men of letters are frequent: But :1 true gentleman is what one seldom sees." -Steele STUDENT COUNCIL, VICE-PRESIDENT C31 ATHLETIC COUNCIL, PRESIDENT C31 FOOTBALL C11 C21 VARSITY C31 GLEE CLUB OPEI-IETTA C21 C31 CLASS BASKETBALL C21 C31 FORENSIC SOCIETY C31 SCIENCE CLUB C21 C31 DRAMATIC CLUB C31 SENIOR PLAY C31 COMET STAFF C31 MARJORIE GETZ "MARGYW "To business that we love we rise hetimes, And go to 'L with delight." --Shakespeare BLUE AND WVHITE STAFF C21 EDITOR-IN-CHIEF C31 FORENSIC SOCIETY C21 C31 VARSITY CI1 DRAMATIC CLUB CI1 C21 C31 FRENCH CLUB C31 LATIN CLUB C11 COMET STAFF C31 twenty-six 13 DONALD HEARN NDONV "Through thick and thin, both over bank and bush, In hope her attain, by hook or crook." -Spenser BASEBALL VARSITY C15 C25 CAPTAIN C35 FOOTBALL VARSITY C15-C25 C35 CLASS BASKETBALL C35 STUDENT COUNCIL C25 JOHN KIRLICK "KlRLlCK" "The more we do, the more we can dog the more busy we ure, the more leisure we have." -Hnzlitt SCIENCE CLUB C25 C35 SEC'Y AND TREAS. C25 CLASS BASKETBALL C35 RADIO CLUB C25 HELEN KISH "Gentle of speech, beneficent GLEE CLUB C15 C25 C35 COMMERCIAL CLUB C15 C25 C35 DRAMATIC CLUB C15 C25 C35 BASKETBALL C15 C25 C35 COMET STAFF C35 of mind." "KlSHY" -Pope twenty-seven CGME ROBERT HALBERSTADT MBOBBYP' "As we :ire now living in an eternity, the time to be happy is Lonialyf' -Grenville Kleiser COMET STAFF CSD ORFlIES'1'llA Q17 Q25 SECRETARY GD 0PERE'l"l'A CU SENIOR PLAY QFD CLASS BASEBALL C21 C31 CLASS BASKETISALL CU C21 C31 FRANCES HALDEMAN HTUFFYH "Strength of hearl: And might of linlh, but, mainly use and skill, Are winners in this pastime." -Tennyson Iionmzv. VARSITY up INTRA-MURAL 423 CAPT. rap 1N'1'B,i-a1UB.u. BASKETBALL my CAPT. up 125 cmss VICE-PRESIDENT up 125 CLASS PBBBIBBNT my LATIN CLUB qu SBCBBTABY 425 UBBNCH CLUB SECRETARY Q33 OBCB1-:STBA in Q23 gap GLBB CLUB OPERETTA up my lay BAND up Q29 . BLUE AND XVHITE STAFF may DRAMATIC CLUB 439 COMET STAFF gap MARTHA HALL 'LMARTP' "Silence is the perfvctz-st herald of joy: I were but, little happy, if I could say how much? -Shakespeare GLEE CLUB OPERETTA ffl FRENCH CLUB 131 twenty-eight 1 'll AUSTIN KNAUSS UJUBLUNSKYH "It is by wit that Illllll shines i11 co111p:111y." -Chesterfield ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION, TREASURER C31 FOOTBALL C21 C31 CLASS BASKETBALL C3j SENIOR PLAY C32 DOROTHY KOCH "Since we cannot get what we like, let IIS we CZIII gut." COMMERCIAL CLUB CU VICE-PR GLEE CLUB OPERETTA Clj CLASS SECRETARY C23 C31 ' STUDENT COUNCIL CID INTRA-MURAL HOCKEY C23 C31 INTRA-MURAL BASKETBALL C23 VOLLEY BALL CSD ESI DENT C21 C35 ELIZABETH MARCKS ADO-fn like what Cunfiicius C33 U BETTY" "There must, be now no passages of love Betwixt us twain I1encef01'wz11'd evermo VICE-PRESIDENT, CLASS C35 ART EDITOR. COMET C35 CARTOONIST, SCHOOL PAPER CD C25 GLEE CLUB CU C23 CSD DRAMATIC CLUB C11 C27 PRESIDENT C31 BASKETBALL CU C25 C33 SENIOR CLASS PLAY CD OPERETTA CU C27 C3J rv ' ' TCIIIIYSOII tII'G'IILy'IlIII9 CGME ELIZABETH HANGEN "BETTY" "Loneliness is only an opportunity to out adrift and find yourself." --Anna Shannon Monroe CLASS BASKETBALL Q21 C31 DRAMATIC CLUB C31 JACOB HARTZELL K'JAKlE" "Look on my works, ye mighty, and despair." -Shelly GLEE CLUB, OPERETTA UD MAJOR C23 C33 ORCHESTRA C15 C23 Q35 STUDENT COUNCIL C21 CLASS PRES1D1-INT 123 ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION, TREASURER C15 LORRAINE HEYER "LORRlE" "Silence gives consent-." -Goldsmith DRAMATIC CLUB, SECRETARY C31 CLASS TREASURER C27 KSJ GLEE CLUB OPERETTA Q15 C23 C31 STUDENT COUNCIL C31 FRENCH CLUB C31 COMET STAFF C3j SENIOR PLAY C33 CLASS HOCKEY C21 135 CLASS BASKETBALL f2j GD thirty 19 SAMUEL MARX "SAMlEf' "Oi plain sound sense life's current. coin is made." -Young BASKETBALL MGR. Q31 ASS'T. MGR. 611.421 SECOND PRIZE, ORATORICAL CONTEST C21 EUROPEAN HISTORY PRIZE C11 LATIN CLUB CONSUL II1 DRAMATIC CLUB C21 SCIENCE CLUB 421 Q31 MAGAZINE COMMITTEE C31 BAND up ATHLETIC COUNCIL may CLASS SECBETABT up ORCHESTRA can nap CLASS BASKETBALL C31 COMET STAFF, EDITOR C31 FORENSIC SOCIETY Q31 CLASS TREASURER C11 Q21 RADIO CLUB C21 MARGARET MILLHEIM HPEG" "True enjoyment comes from activity of the mind and exercise 01 the body: the two are ever united." -Ilunibuldt BLUE AND WHITE, ASS'T. BUS. MGR. 121 BUS. MGR. C31 BASKETBALL, VARSITY 111 HOCKEY, CAPTAIN C21 CLASS 131 CLASS BASKETBALL C21 K31 HOCKEY, VARSITY 111 GLEE CLUB OPERETTA C21 SENIOR PLAY C31 FRENCH CLUB 131 GERALD MEYER ffDlZZY" "The golden guess Is morning-star to the full round of truth." -Tennyson CLASS BASKETBALL up C21 may CLASS BASEBALL 121 C31 GLEE CLUB un Q21 C31 ORCHESTRA C21 can CPERETTA up SENIOR PLAY C31 SCIENCE CLUB C21 thirty-one CGME ANNA KOWALCZK "ANNA" "The only reward of virtue is virtue: The only way to have a friend is to be one-." -Emerson LA'r1x CLUB um DRAMATIC cLU1s qzp FRENCH CLUB 439 GLEE CLUB OPERUTTA my gay HENRY MIKOLAJCZYK "MICKEY" "'l'hinking, not growth, makes manhood." -Isaac Taylor SCIENCE CLUB, PRESIDENT 123 433 RADIO CLUB my NETTIE MILLER 'fNETTlE" "True modesty is an discerning grace, und only hlushos in the proper place." -Cowper COMMERCIAL CLUB CD C21 C31 thirty-two 1 'll ELAINE OTTINGER 1-ELAINEY' "I love tfllllflllll solitude And such society As is quiet, wise. and good." -Shelley 'GLEE CLUB OPERETTA C13 C23 C33 DRAMATIC CLUB C23 C33 ORCHESTRA C13 C23 C33 FRENCH CLUB C33 COMET STAFF C33 BAND C13 C23 GORDON RUHF A'GORDY" "To livc long it is necessary to live sluwlyf' -Cicero FOOTBALL C13 VARSITY C23 C33 CLASS BASKETBALL C23 C33 CLASS BASEBALL C23 C33 GLEE CLUB C13 C23 C33 OPERETTA C13 RUTH SANDERCOCK 'fSANDY" 'KI am n lone loru croaturc and everyblliug goes con- trary wit-h me." -Dickens GLEE CLUB OPERETTA C13 C23 C33 DRAMATIC CLUB C13 C23 CLASS HOCKEY C13 C23 C33 BASKETBALL C13 C23 C33 VOLLEY BALL C33 BASEBALL C23 thirty-thfee QSM? JOHN PRICE "JOHNNY" "A little work, :L little play To keep us going-and so good-day!" -Maurier OPERETTA MAJOR Q13 L23 C31 CHEERLEADER 415 HEAD 429 BASKETBALL C11 QD VARSITY K3l ORCHESTRA C11 C23 Q33 GLEE. CLUB fly Q25 C33 BLUE AND WHITE STAFF C23 BAND C13 C23 FOOTBALL C33 RAYMOND REINERT "RElNERT" "We grant, although he had much wit, He was very shy of using it-." -Butler CLASS BASKETBALL C31 CLASS BASEBALL C23 Q33 SCIENCE CLUB GD FOOTBALL C21 C35 GL1-:E CLUB 123 Q33 OPERETTA C21 C33 MIRIAM RINKER L-MIM? "Her voice was ever soft, Gentle and low, an excellent thing in woman." -Slmkespeare oU'r-0F-Towx ASSOCIATION, vicE-PRESIDI-:NT 435 FRENCH CLUB, v1cE-PRESIDENT qsy LATIN CLUB up my CONSUL DRAMATIC CLUB 423 gay COMET STAFF can thirty-four 'll PAUL SEYFRIED MSEYFRIEDV "The book salesman should be honored because he brings to our attention, ns an rule, the vc-ry books we need most and neglect most." --Dr. Frank Crane ASS'T. SEC. and TREAS., ATIILETIC COUNCIL C21 C31 MAGAZINE CAMPAIGN COMMITTEE C31 BUSINESS MGR., COMET C31 CUSTODIAN OF MUSIC C31 ROMANI HODIERNI C11 BIOLOGY CLUB C11 C21 STUDENT COUNCIL C11 C21 OPERETTA C11 C21 C31 ORCHESTRA C11 C21 C31 SENIOR PLAY C31 GLEE CLUB C11 C21 C31 BAND C11 SCIENCE CLUB C11 C21 C31 RADIO CLUB C11 C21 KERMIT SHOOK NSHOOKYH "I would help others, out of a fellow-feeling." -Burton ASS'T. BASEBALL MGR. C21 CLASS BASKETBALL C21 C31 HELEN WAGNER HWAC-iNER" "Happy who in life can gently steer From grave to light, from pleasant to sevc-rv." -D rydvn GLEE CLUB C31 OPERETTA C31 FRENCH CLUB C31 thirty-five CGME EVELYN RUDGE HRUDGEY" "All that we see or seem Is but, a dream within a dream." -Poe CLEC CLUB CPBBBTTA cn 429 433 LATIN CLUB up C23 FRENCH CLUB gay COMET STAFF 433 DRAMATIC CLUB isp VOLLEY BALL my BASEBALL Q25 THERESA SCHRAMMEL "TESS" "The secret of success is constancy to purpose." -Dismeli COMMERCIAL CLUB, PRESIDENT C35 DRAMATIC CLUB 121 C32 BASKETBALL 111 C21 CAPTAIN C31 BASEBALL Q22 C31 HOCKEY f2J C37 COMET STAFF C31 RUTH SEGEL "SEGEL" "Conversation is the laboratory and the workshop oi' the student." --Emerson CLEB CLUB up my an DBAMATIC CLUB Q39 LATIN CLUB up FRENCH CLUB 432 CPBBBTTA up Q23 Q33 thirty-six 19 WILLARD WERKHEISER 'LDUTCHW "All musicnl people seem to be happy: it is to them the engrossing pursuit: almost the only innocent, and un- punished passion." CLASS BASKETBALL CU Q25 CLASS SECRETARY KU CLASS VICE-PRESIDENT C31 FOOTBALL CD C25 135 OPERETTA MAJOR OJ C21 GLEE CLUB CID PRESIDENT QZJ Q35 ORCHESTRA 12D C31 -Sydney GRETA WIERSMA "GRETA" "All great art is the expression of mnn's delight' in God's work, not his own." -Ruskin STUDENT COUNCIL, SECRETARY TREASURER CD DEBATING CLUB, PRESIDENT Q31 DRAMATIC CLUB Q21 CLASS SECRETARY K3J COMET STAFF Q31 VOLKERT WIERSMA They can conquer who believe they can. SCIENCE CLUB 12D RADIO CLUB Q21 GLEE CLUB CD AAJEWN -Virgil thirty-seven LGME KENNETH SHOOK A-KENNY" "This is such a serious world that we should never speak at all unless we have something to say." -Carlyle BASKETBALL CU C23 VARSITY L33 FOOTBALL C17 VARSITY C23 Q35 LESTER UHLER ffLES" "The unspoken word never does harm." -Kossuth COMMERCIAL CLUB Q23 433 TREASURER C33 GLEE CLUB OPERETTA f3J SCIENCE CLUB C17 HENRIETTA WERNER "HANK" "Sincerity und truth are the basis of every virtue." -Confucius. BLUE AND NNHITE STAFF CU ASSEMBLY ACCOMPANIST C21 CSD GLEE CLUB KD C21 C3j ORCHESTRA C21 C35 DRAMATIC CLUB KD Q21 C33 OPERETTA CU C21 Q31 FRENCH CLUB C31 thirty-eight 13 Czlass Prophecy Pages from My Diary OCTOBER 9, 1950. HAT if I had not "Cutie Ming," my Pekingese lapdog, to cast a gleam of light upon the lonely path of my single life? Tears stained my face as I stood upon the New York pier today and waved "good-by" to Volkert as he departed on the St. Louis." Tears, not because he was leaving, but because he had not left long since. His heart and soul had longed for Germany, but the tall, freckled, domineering woman, who was his wife-oh well, she's dead, may she rest in peace! Volkert has picked up the fragments of his life and will be goose-stepping from now on with a Swastika upon his sleeve. Volkert was something more than a brother, he was a classmate. My dear, what has become of all my classmates? As the unattached aunt I have been employed as general nurse by the family, a family scattered all over the universe, the last case having been my freekled sis- ter-in-law. That brought me back to the States. Now I shall look up my classmates. OCTOBER 20, 1950. VVith "Cutie Ming" in my lap, I looked through the "New York Times" this morning. A picture in it looked familiar. Indeed "Jakie" Hartzell! The lines be- neath the picture told me that Jacob Shaffer Hartzell, the Jazz King, will appear in person with his orchestra at the Hotel Pennsylvania tonite. I must see him, I thought, and immediately after Lunch I took advantage of the sunshine and started for the Hotel Pennsylvania. I walked until "Cutie Ming" became too tired and then hailed a taxi. Leaning back in my seat I watched and admired the efficiency with which the driver slipped through the heavy traffic for I could see him through the window. How strangely familiar he looked, his head leaned toward the side, slightly, gracefully. We were at the hotel. I again looked at him. "I must have seen you before, I know I have," I said. "Quite possible ma'rn," he said coolly. "I've been trottin' this globe for thirty years, that will be seventy-five cents without the tip." I handed him the money mechanically, my gaze still intently fixed upon him. Suddenly it came to me. "Ralph Altemose, are you Ralph Altemose?" He nodded indiiiferently, leaped into the cab and drove away. I, however, stood with "Cutie Ming" in my arms at the curb, my eyes following the departing taxi. Same old Ralph Altemose. thirty-nine CGMET A bellboy informed me, that J. S. Hartzell had graciously consented to an in- terview. "Jakie" has changed very little except for the gray streaks at the temples and the small, pointed mustache under his nose. He was very modest when I congrat- ulated him upon his success, told me that he had for a long time played in dance orchestras until he was able to have his own. Did he know anything concerning our classmates? "Class1nates?" he said, as if in a dream, "VVhy yes, Doris Fehnelg I saw her a while ago. She lives in Greenwich Village and is suing for divorce right now, after having been married and divorced once before. She is considering going back to the first onef' VVhat is this world coming to? VVell, tomorrow I shall take "Cutie Ming" and intrude upon Doris' domestic happiness. OCTOBER 21, 1950. Doris was putting the finishing touches to a charcoal sketch, a portrait, which she had copied from a photograph before her. It was Frederick Gardner's pho- tograph. "Frederick has a job on a little stage up town," she explained. "He is consid- ered quite a good actor. I must hurry with his drawing for it is to go into the 'Times' next Sunday." I examined the picture. It was autographed "Archibald Douglas." VVhat a ro- mantic stage name! I'll hop to Newark tomorrow, where I'll see my cousin, Samuel Marx, he is pastor at the Moravian Church. OCTOBER 22, 1950. VVe were lounging in the cozy living-room of the apartment, which Samuel shares with his charming wife. From the radio the soft accord of a piano vibrated through tl1e room and a rich mellow bass began to sing: "Silvia's hair is black as night." Samuel smiled at me. "Do you recognize the voice?,' "I do not," I confessed. "VVell, wait and see," he said. The voice died, and presently the announcer's crisp tenor took its place. "Ladies and gentlemen, you have been listening to VVillard T. VVerkheiser, famous basso of the Metropolitan Opera Company. This program has come to you through the facilities of the N. B. C. studios in New York. Your announcer, Robert Halberstadtf' - Thrilling, this meeting old acquaintances without much effort, and in unex- pected places. Tomorrow we'll all go to Princeton, Samuel's Alma Mater, and see the Prince- ton-Yale football game. forty 13 OCTOBER 23, 1950. Phew, what a game! And how the bulldogs fought. But Princeton won. How could they help it with a coach like Joseph Cassano? IVell, I'm off for Nazareth. OCTOBER 26, 1950. Rain, rain, more rain. The sky is gray, the streets are gray, the frame houses of Nazareth are as gray as ever. All this does not at all keep me from getting what I came for, information about my classmates. Today I visited Henrietta VVerner, who has been living in Nazareth ever since I left, and naturally it follows, that she knows all about everybody in town, quite without her own choosing. Renee Harper is the social light of town, moving gracefully within her ex- clusive circle of friends. Paul Seyfried is one of the prominent business men of Nazareth, he thanks the business managership of the "Comet', for his success. Helen Kish gives cooking lessons at the Nazareth Inn, price Hfty cents, and Kenneth Shook may be seen chewing gum on the street-corners. He's the town cop. Kermit Shook operates an elevator at Bush Sz Bull'sg Anna Kowalczk may be heard over the air every morning enthusiastically dictating reducing exercises. Ruth Sandercock has a doggie stand on the Nazareth-Vllindgap pike. Henrietta, by the way, has been engaged to an engineer from Bethlehem for ten years. She has not. married him. as yet, because she is not sure of his efhciencyg he is not a graduate of Lehigh. IVe went to the movies together to see Shirley Temple, now quite a young lady, playing in a screen version of "Dorothy Vernonf' VVe arrived in the middle of the comic feature, and I had the surprise and delight to see John Price and a member ofthe Class of '37 moving across the screen in a rollicking comedy. Henrietta told me that they are the first successful comic combination since Laurel and Hardy separated in 1935. They act under the screen names of "John Skivirskiu and "Orrin Skivarf' People like I have luck-sometimes. The day after tomorrow there will be an alumni dance, which will enable me to meet more old acquaintances. OCTOBER 28, 1950. The dance was a wonderful success. Betty Marc-ks, Lorraine Heyer and Miriam Fritchman acted as hostesses. Betty and Lorraine are married to respectable Naz- areth citizens, one of whom has been Justice of the Peace ever since tl1e Republican party came into power. Miriam is employed as forelady in the Nazareth VVaistmill, and acts as chaperon in the Y. M. C. A. on ladies' 11igl1t. Henrietta came escorted by a little man with a thin crop of sandy hair. VVith them I made the rounds and talked to many old friends. Arlene Baker was there, she has a doctor's degree in chemistry. She turned fortyzohe SMB? down brilliant positions, however, and is content as head cook in the Northampton County Home, because she prefers living in a rural section. She still adores square dances. Grace Beam told me that she has very successfully operated a truck farm and received a prize in the recent exhibition of farm products for the largest pumpkins. Harry Beers is a poet and overwhelms his high salaried wife with lyrics. Theda Brobst is secretary at St, Luke's Hospital, Margaret Engler is the proprietress of a store in Stockertown, where she sells everything from flannel underwear to sardines. VVarren B1-einig is a horticulturist, whose nurseries and hothouses extend over a large area about Nazareth. He is famous for his huge dahlias, and has several times had the opportunity to name a new species. Olive Colver is a resident of Schoeneck, where she has made a name for her- seld in church activities. She's president of the Ladies Auxiliary, pianist of the Sun- day School orchestra, and teacher of the Elementary Bible Class. Betty Hangen, I'm told, does practically the same thing in the Lutheran Church at Nazareth. Eliz- abeth Davis pushed other people's baby carriages until, recently, she has been wheeling her own. Martha Hall proudly introduced me to her escort, a well known wrestler. A real pleasure it was to meet Marjory Getz, the editor of the Nazareth Item and president of the Northampton County Hairdressers' Association. She is chuck full of information. I learned that Austin Knauss has joined the Foreign Legion in order to forget some unhappy love affair, that VVesley Garr is preacher in the Bel- fast Methodist Church, very much adored by l1is congregationg that Mildred Fehnel and Lena Franusiszin could not be present because of night duty at the Easton Hos- pitalg and Miriam Rinker, who is also a trained nurse, works in Connecticut. Y I had a very pleasant chat with .lohn Kirlick. He cut an elegant figure in his faultless evening clothes and a monocle in his right eye. He is the president of his dream college which he founded with the money he inherited from a wealthy uncle. Every student, who enrolls there, takes only the subjects of his choice, specializes in them and is permitted to graduate. Harry Engler is one of the physical education instructors at that institution. It is, of course, co-educational. Nettie Miller and Theresa Schrammel are pooling their ideas, talents and ex- periences by jointly maintaining a huge chicken farm. ' Alice Brody and Lucille Hagenbuch are the librarians of the "Nazareth Public Library." They are said to be educating the public i11 and about Nazaretll with un- surpassed speed and ease. Gerald Meyer fell all over himself when he saw me. To him I mean but a few lines in the Nazareth Item, he's a reporter. He told me that Gladys Fleischman had taught in the Nazareth schools until, one day, she eloped with an itinerant violinist. forty-two 13 Kathryn Hahn and Frances Haldeman were hard to get, because neither of them would detach herself from her escort all evening. Kathryn insisted on "sitting out" every dance, and Frances danced with a tall, dark "Romeo,' all the time. She is the physical instructor at Nazareth High. I had for quite some time watched a couple dancing behind a group of palms. It was Evelyn Rudge teaching Paul Gill how to dance. Evelyn's husband, the pork- butcher, was still on his route and Paul's fashionable wife had kept another appoint- ment. Paul, the Mathematics teachers at Emaus, had, to the regret of his better half, not learned to dance as yet, and so he took advantage of Evelyn' loneliness for the evening. Among those absent were Margaret Millheim, Helen VVagner, Donald Hearn and Gordon Ruhf. Margaret operates a Moving Picture Theatre in Mexico City, Helen is head Waitress at the Bellevue-Stratford Hotel in Philadelphia, Donald, the second Babe Ruth, is in a southern training camp and Gordon Ruhf had to stay in l1is ice cream parlor tonight and "jerk" his soda fountain. Lester Uhler is responsible for one more gasoline station in Nazareth, Rose Franczak has a position as something or other at the Nazareth Inn, it seems to me, it is assistant managerg Ruth Segel operates a beauty salon. She receives credit for many of those dashing coiffures at the dance tonight. Dorothy Koch was sweeping the floor in a trailing evening dress of the latest style. She is clerk at a large clothing store in Allentown, and is very successful, they tell me. She can make corpulent ladies look slim, and skinny ones appear nicely curved. Elaine Ottinger has just returned from a trip to Europeg I'm not sure whether it was a pleasure trip or a wedding trip, at any rate, not so long ago she married the elderly doctor, in whose office she had been employed as nurse. Raymond Reinert is a much-sought-after paper hangerg his work causes very little commotion in a home because he needs no stepladder. John Buss is night watch-man at the Lone Star Cement mill, and has, by the way, been very ill recently. He underwent a serious operation at the skillful hands of Dr. Mikolajczyk, and very barely escaped the hands of Grover Fehr, the un- dertaker. lim weary. It is almost half past three in the morning and I can see the first streaks of dawn in the East. "Cutie Ming" lifts his head from his basket and blinks at me. Yes, "Cutie Ming," tomorrow we shall resume our wanderings. -Greta VViersma. forty-three CGME Last Will and Testament ol the Class ol '35 E, the Class of Nineteen Hundred Thirty-five of Nazareth High School, in the Borough of Nazareth, in the County of Northampton, in the State of Pennsylvania, in the United States of America, at this time, in our sane minds submit this, our last will and testament, to the public: I. To the Class of '36 we bequeath our seats in room "29." Come early to avoid the rush. k II. To the Sophomores we bequeath the task of carrying on in the footsteps of the Juniors and doing what they have failed to do. III. To various lower classmen we bequeath some of our personal characteristics: 1. Ralph Altemose's interest in Chemistry to next year's Chemistry class. Here's where Mr. Shekletski puts more 90's on the future Senior report cards. 2. Arlene Baker's soft voice to Ethel Kleckner. Don't you ever get tired, Ethel? 3. Grace Beam's capacity for hard work to Frank Vanatta. Your "loafing" days have come to an end. 4. Harry Beer's poetical talent to anyone who can use it. Is England look- ing for a new poet laureate? 5. lvarren Breinig's football technique to next year's quarterback. Lots of luck, Mr. Leh. e 6. Theda Brobst's business capacity to the treasurer of the class of '36. lVe know you'll make good. 7. Alice B1-ody's "5 and 10" to next year's Christmas Party committee. You'll be needing it. 8. John Buss's height to Robert Jones. Youill be able to put her in her place now, Bobby. 9. Joseph Cassano's executive ability to the next - presidential candidates. No more quibbles in Congress. I 10. Olive Colver's long walk to Robert Snyder. Vlialking is a good exercise. 11. Betty Davis's multitude of boy friends to Helen Segel. No spare time now, Helen. 12. Harry Engler's nickname to Mark Koch. I-Ie'd "Skip" classes if he could. forty-four 'll Margaret Engler's curls to Charles Wlunderly. George will have compe- tition in the family now. Doris Fehnel's artistic skill to the "Comet's" future Art Editor. Wie wish you much success. Mildred Fehnel's slimness to Marion Remaley. Dieting is no good. Grover Fehr's hilarity to Kermit Eberts. How about a laugh now and then? Gladys Fleischman's appreciation of music fespecially violin? to any elig- ible perspn. Calling all Sophomore iiddlersl Rose Franczak's musical talent to Janet Barie. They'll need you next year, Janet. Lena Fra11usiszin's talking habit to lVanita Berneker. You'll run out of words some day. Miriam Fritchman's ability to make the 8:-L5 bell to Charles Gotto. You'll have to run alone now, Charlie. Frederick Gardner's dramatic talent to the hero of next year's Senior Play. Here he comes, girls. Vilesley Garr's thoughtfulness to anyone who possesses an automobile. He never lets her walk home in the rain. Marjorie Getz's appreciation of journalism to any editor. The New York Times could use you. Paul Gillis friendliness toward girls to Glenn Young. One at a time, please. Lucille Hagenbuchis hair ribbons to anyone whoill wear them. The Sopho- more girls would probably like them. Elizabeth Hangen's meekness to Victoria Miller. Silence is golden. Kathryn Hahn's poise to Nina Merlo. Bc careful of that walk. Robert Halberstadt's red shirt and green tie to Santa Claus. The green adds a bit more color to the customary red and white. Frances Haldeman's athletic ability to all future athletes at Nazareth High. Martha Hall's wavy hair to whoever needs a permanent. The hairdressers will now suffer a drop in prices. fo rty-f ive some Renee Harperis "bus" to next year's "Blue and WVhite" staff. Better ser- vice at lower costs. Jacob Hartzell's influence usually an incentive. Donald Hearn's baseball League is looking for you Lorraine Heyer's geniality John Kirlick's ability as a be delivered promptly. with the ladies to VVoodrow Roth. A car is ability to "Dizzy" Dean. The All-American to Mabel Reese. Now we're all happy. worker to Elton VVerkheiser. All milk will now Helen Kish's red cheeks to Lillian Reinert. Austin Knaussis ability to drive a car to whoever wishes to learn. You'll need help. Annie Kowalczk's "ever-present" pack of chewing gum to Pearl Arndt. Let's hope this will quiet her. Dorothy Koch's sense of direction to the weather man. The most favorable wind is usually "VVes." Elizabeth Marcks's lipstick to Edith Barie. It will be very becoming. Samuel Marx's ability to get to class on time to anyone who needs it. No more late-comers from now on. Gerald Meyer's power to blull' to George Dech. All that strenuous brain work will be ended now. Henry Mikolajczyk's generous use of the alphabet to any beginners. Margaret Millheim's swimming ability to whoever is interested. Swim- ming lessons -- 35.00. Nettie Miller's reticence to Emma Yukna. Elaine Ottinger's rosy cheeks to Ruth Kellow. VVhat does it matter, as long as we're healthy? ' John Price's military walk to VVayne Ruloff. Shoulders back, head up! Raymond Reinert's bashfulness to iVilliam Price. Maybe that will quiet him. - forty-six 13 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 In Miriam Rinker's kind nature to Laura lvambold. Not so loud, please. Evelyn Rudge's permanent wave to Bernedia VVeiand. You will not need to waste any more money on end curlers. Gordon Ruhf's knowledge of pharmacy to those who wonder what it's all about. Ruth Sandercockis giggle to Pauline Rotzell. Handle with care. Theresa Schrammel's masculine voice to Kathleen Kienzle. Maybe you can tone it down a bit. Ruth Segelis dancing ability to Grace Simmons. Keen competition! Paul Seyfriedis business head to Clarence Clewell. Rockefeller had less. Kenneth Shook's "Hindenburg hair cut" to Joseph Schlegel. Instead of bobby pins, Joe. Kermit Shook's calmness to Edythe VVilliams. Quiet! Quiet! Quiet! Lester Uhler's knowledge of farming to Elwood Buss. Together you would be a great success. Helen VVagner's ability to sell tickets to the Juniors. If you need any extra money, youill find it useful. lVillard VVerkheiser's suspenders to the person who'll appreciate them. He'd wear them if he did. Henrietta VVerner,s small stature to Ray Douglas. VVe can't hear you. Greta VViersma's linguistic ability to Gle1111 Young. Volkert VViersma's ability to argue to Thomas Starner. Take care of that vocabulary, Tommy! conclusion to anvone who thinks he has been sli hted we ive whatever he J . g g thought he should have had. In VVitness, Wlhereof, we hereunto set our hand and seal this twentieth day of June, Nineteen Hundred Thirty-five. fSignedj Class of 1935. Attests: Renee Harper, Stanley Berger, Virginia VVolfe. forty-seven CGMET Junior Class Qfmficers FIRST SEMESTER President-Stanley Berger Vice-President-Glenn Young Secretary-Janet Barie Treasurer-Elaine Miller SECOND SEMESTER e President-Stanley Berger Vice-President-Elaine VV:1lters Secreta-ruy-Elaine Miller Treasurer-Thomas Starner Assistant Secretary and Treasurer- Assistant Secretary and Treasurer- YVayne Ruloff YVaync Ruloff Student Council-Ruth Hellick John Wfeiss Student Council--Joy Kortz Earl George Historiavz-Irene Baj an M0tt0illS6D1PCT P6l'gi1l11llSH Class Flower Red Rose Class Colors Maroon and VVhite forty-eight 19a Junior Class l-listory OOKING back over our third year of high school, we have recollections of an eventful year. With Miss lVeikel as our faculty adviser, the class was organized and preparations were begun for the ensuing year. VVe were well represented in the different clubs. Many of the characters in the performances given by the Dramatic Club were Juniors. Some of our members were among those taking principal parts in the musical comedy, "Bon Voyagej' presented by the glee clubs. The selection of class rings was held in November. NVQ: were all happy to receive them by Christmas. The Junior boys aidedigreatly in making the foot- ball season a success. Basketball and baseball also gave our boys an ex- cellent chance to show their ability. The girls were bus- ily engaged in intra-mural sports throughout the year. In May the Prom occupied our attention, for we were hosts and hostesses to the faculty and the Senior Class on this delightful occasion. As we approach our Senior year, we think of the classes before us and we hope that we can successfully fulfill our obligations with as much efficiency as they have. Irene Bajan, Historian. fort-y-nine CSME Junior Class Roll Lois Arnold-"Tall and sedate." Rictor Auman-'Wvhat a laugh!" Irene Bajan-"Still Miss Sloatls errand girl." Janet Barie-HIOOW 'Peplf' Stanley Eerger-"The blushing president." Mary Broad-"Beloved possessions-cats, car." Jennie Buss-"All-around athlete." Leonard Carmel-"The quiet English student." Francis Daniel-"B1underbuss." George Dech-"I'm always joyful." Joseph Deutsch--"One of the 'Deutsch Boys'." Charles Deiner-"Class-clownf' Foster Dietz-"I prefer blondes." Miriam Dornert-"Hard work brings 90's." Ray Douglas-"Basketball star." Kermit Eberts-"Back-seat bus driver." Helen Fehnel-"The silent lady." Rose Finta-"Hard worker." Stephen Finta-"The power behind the ball." Miriam Florey-"Life is just a bowl of cherries." Charles Fratipietro--"One more center plunge." Kathryn Gaston-"Changeable as the weather." Earl George--"I'm in the newspaper business." Evelyn Gorman-"She hails from Moorestownf' Charles Gotto-"All-around athlete." June Grubb-"I'11 shoot you!" QDon't believe her.j Ella Hahn-"Innocence? ?" Joseph Hahn-"Kitty's kid brother." Dorothy Hartman-"Her voice enthralls many." fifty Q OJ Josephine Heinzleman-"Tall, timid, and temperamental Ruth Hellick-"It's Johnny on the spot, with her." Robert Jones-"Pest," Ruth Kellow-"iVho drives the Belfast bus?" Kathleen Kienzle-"Quiet and demuref' Ethel Kleckner-"More sleep would help." Cynthia Knauss-"An efficient B. B. manager." Mark Koch-"Delivery boy." Robert Koch--"Science star." Joy Kortz-"Buy your groceries at Dech's." Frank Kuller-"VVake me up when the bell rings." Frances Laubach-"A winning smile." Evelyn Learn-"Live up to your name." Robert Lovell-"The Brain Trust." Agnes Magditch-"Her athletic ability is simply 0V61'W'l1ClI1'llIlg Mildred McFall-"Our female physicist." Nina Merlo-"Smiles! Laughs! Grinsiu Bernard Metz-"A newsboyf' Joseph Meyers-"I'1l have you know I'm present." Donald Michael-"Another three letter man." Elaine Miller-"Never say 'die'." Victoria Miller-"Laugh, and the world laughs wi Virginia Miller-"Sunbeams glint in her hair." Phillip Moll-"A hound at Commercial work." Maxine Norris-"Just a shadow here and there." June Osterstock-"Hush my mouth." Pauline Paukowitz-"Optimistic lass." lvilliam Price-"Am I good?" Sherwood Rash-"Sam-bo." Woodrow Rash-"Wanderlust" H Arlene Reese--"Boys! Boys! Boys? F fifty-one 011 SME Mable Reese--"Miss Peppellis assistant." Lillian Reinert-"A sunny disposition." Esther Repsher-"Little girl-big talk V' Burnetta Rissmiller-"Does she ever diet?" Russel Rohn-"lVoman-hater?" VVoodrow Roth--"Can't hear you." VVayne Rulofl'-"Now and thenf' Yvallace Schmidt-"The bluffing oratorf' Edna Schultz-"Basl1ful? VVe wonder! fb Helen Segel-"An inmate of N. H. S." Arlene Seip-"She ought to he in pictures." Alfred Sevi-"He'll be a musician some day." Earl Shafer-"Next year's Art Editor?" VValter Shook-"The coming poet laureate." Helen Shupp-"Do I like Geometry?" James Shupp-"Heavy and bashfulf' Robert Siebler-"Happy-go-lucky." Eveline Smith-"How she loves her silks and satins lx Nelson Snyder-"VVh:1t's the question?" Robert Snyder-"Going my way?" Thomas Starner-"My pet subject-French?,' Christian Sterlachini-"Me an' my dukes." Marian Thomas-"So you w0n't talk, eh?" Millicent Uhler-"What strong vocal cords! !" Elaine Walters-"Always plugging at her lessons. Jacob Walters-"Class cut-up." John Weiss-"Don't let me scare you." Elton VVerkheiser-"Am I coming or going? John VVerner-"Potato raising-my hobby." Ralph Wolfe-"Just one of the managers." Charles Wunderly-"Tl1e fish bite well on school days." Glenn Young--"News commentator." f ifty-twO 13 To Qur -I-ZdCl12I'S We dedicate this yearbook to the teachers of our school, To those kindly, seeing teachers, -who taught us the "Golden Rule." They worked with us for four long years, and now they see us go Into the wide, wide world so great, with the knowledge they bestowed They worked and slaved to tea-ch us things we never knew befofre, To help us in the deeds 1u'e'll do when we are here no more. They never can be praised enough for all the good they've done To make our life a better and a much more useful one. Then we, the class of "35," give thanks to them with song. lVe lift a glass and drink a toast "for fruitful years to comef CLASS OF "35." fifty-three CGMB Sophomore Class Qmcucicers FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER President-Edith Barie President-Virginia VV0lfe V, P ,d t H P t .Vice-President-Donald Marcks Else- WSI cn - Omer 6 ers Secretory--Jolln Rundle Secretary-Jolln Rundlc Treasurer-Alfrieda Neuner Treasurer-Pearl Arndt Mari Student Council-Milford Matthews Student Council-Edith Barie Noami Gower Milton Snyder Historian-Ed3'tl1 VVilliams Motto "It is better to undertake the right and fail, than to fail to undertake the rightf, Class Flower Class Colors Lily Green and VVl1ite fifty-four Assistant Secretary and Treasurer- e Jones 13 Sophomore Class History E, of the Sophomore Class, entered Senior High School with a great many ambitions. Facts, not my opinion, prove that many of these have been fulfilled. After several class meetings our Sophomore Hal- lowe'en party was held in the gym, which was appro- priately decorated with cornstalks. Jacob Hartzell's or- chestra played and members of the faculty joined in the frolic. Many Sophomores became active members of school clubs such as the Forensic Society, Dramatic Club and "Blue and VVhite Standard" staff. VVe were well represented on the varsity football team. After all, its the quality, not the quantity that counts in the largest class in High School. The Jayvee basketball games were made more spir- ited and victory more positive by Sophomore members. Vile review this record with pardonable pride and look forward to two more just as successful years be- fore graduation. Edythe VVillia1ns, Historian. fifty-five CGME SODDOFTIOVZ CIGSS Elwood Ackerman-"Me and my guitarf, Roy Ackerman-''Hanoverville tenor?,' Harry Adams-"Human canary." Pearl Arndt-"Sophomore clown." VVoodrow Avalon-"The star runner." Edith Barie-"Let's all sing like the birdies sing." VVilliam Bensing-"I re'hearse' with my father." Wanita Berneker-"Does anybody want a curl?" Joseph Betz-"Future football herof' Grace Bittenbender-"And, I'm not a peroxide blonde." Elizabeth Buss-"I wish I would go to Liberty High School." Elwood Buss-"I 'Dodge' the bumps." Forrest Butts--"Ladies' man." Virginia Chapman-"I'll never be a child's nurse." Clarence Clewell-"Proverbial joker." Dominick Condomitti--"Good night, little Pauline of my dreamsf' Kermit Davis-"Bright Eyes." Russell Dech-"The quiet newsboyf' Alois Deutsch-"Heil Hitler." Emil Deutsch-" 'Dutch' is my name." Rose Deutsch-"Can't you talk louder, Rose?', Joseph Dlugos-"Small but mighty." Elwood Eberly-"Slow motion." Catherine Eckert-"Yes, I have a nickel to loan you." Robert Edwards-"lNIoorest0wn commuterf' Zena Ferraro-"My red dress isn't as bad as his red shoes." Ruth Fortner-"She enjoys talking to Christian." David Franczak-"The Nazareth cowboy." Elva Fuls-"You'd be surprised how high I can reach." Bessie Gaudish-'Tm a girl, except for my cap." Naomi Gower-"She inspires many would-be poets." Dorothy Grubb-"VVe hitched it." fifty-six 193 Orrin Gum-"Toar." Charles Hahn-"Silence is golden." Erma Hahn-"She seems quiet,-but when she gets on fire." Elsie Hearn-"l don't want to miss my bus." George Itterly-"Do fish smoke?" Herbert .links-"Better late than neverfi Edith Johnson-"Surprises come in small packages." Marie Jones-"Me and my alumnus." Pauline Jones-"VVhere's Mr. Cumpf' Harry Kachline-"Toot! -- Toot! Gangway !" Frank Kametler-"The Harmonica wizard." Joseph Kavcak-"The Geometry wizard." Geraldine Kellow-"I'm not blushing, I'm just warmf, Louise Kern-"I guess I'll walk to school tomorrow." Helen Kleckner-"That's nothing, Forrest plays the saxaphone Stephen Klutsarits-"Castor Oyl." Andrew Kopach-"Varsity football guard." John Kunkel-"Pardon my gum." . VVard.Kunkel-"Playing with my shadowf' Eva Lakey-"You don't say." Doris Leopold-"Enthusiastic basketball player." Virginia Lerch-"Gentlemen prefer blondes." Dorothy Lindenmoyer-"Did you see 'Tuner'?" lVilliam Lutz-"The little manager." Donald Marcks-"The young professor." Victor Maslanka-"Those red cheeks l" Grace McGrady-"I like Algebra? ? ? ? " Sarah Merlo-"Hey, do you know what?" Millicent Metzger-"I wish he'd make up his mind." Gertrude Michael-"His initials are A. K., guess." Mae Michael-"He's a ninth-grader who sees her every noon.' Isabelle Miller-"l'm going to quit school when l'1n finished." Josephine Muscler-"Can we play the piano?" Alfrieda Neuner-"My Hddle and I." Homer Peters-"Just a little workshop where old friends meet Mary Phillips-"That smile !" fifty-seven Marie Rabenold-"VVhat did I do?" CGME Vincent Rampulla-"A giggle, a laugh, it must be I lnnie Marian Remaley-"From over the hills and far wat Pauline Rotzell-"Oh, gee!" Emerson Rundle-"Otfside Rundlef' John Rundle-"Craves for 'Gerry' blossoms." Henry Schlegel-"Do you know your history, Hemw P Joseph Schlegel-"Can I pitch quoits? ?" Brinton Searles-"Don't you wish your back-yard in ere an athletic held Sherman Shook-"Our stamp collector." Daniel Siegfried-"Dry humor." Richard Siegfried-"Conductor of the Cherry Hill bxmphony Thomas Siegfried-"See you Friday." Grace Simmons--"Yes, he plays baseball, too." John Sipos-"Rubinoff II." Donald Sloyer-"Save the flowers." Milton Snyder-"Goldieloc-ks." Forrest Stannard-"Cute." Louise Stohl-"I'm just a halff, Stephana Stohl-"I'm the other halff' Betty Thompson-"Pleasingly plump." Wfayne Trach-"Our History wizard." Robert Uhler-"Blonde Poker Face." Frank Vanatta--"I'm old enough to smokef, Laura lVambold-"VVindy." Mary Vveber-"Am I good?" Pauline VVeber-"He's from Bath." Stella VVeiss--"A good pal." Dorothy VVessels-"She holds frequent discourses with Clarence Bernedia Viiieand-"Yes, I put my hair up in curlers Edythe IVilliams-"Her mouth is in perpetual motion Virginia VVolfe-"Our blushing lady." Paul Vvukovitz-"How I love Latin?" Lesler VVunderly-"Ach, go vay." Laura Young-"I like my blue sweater." Emma Yukna-"No, I don't memorize my fifty-eight history . . -1-dx!-fiw-ZH:--'A ' , '- -xQ,X.- -:ri-Qiirhiixz,-.w. ::-'- -' ' 1 .5 . ,-:1:1gypm::,,.g:"'f-1 - - ,-JE-gf-325221313515-y..,. '55- ..f:-fzq-d?z:??9Q'?F'1 1 Y ,.......,---+:-w.':r:'H---'-- , "1 Y'REf5',x?-win-WM-Mfweez, ,K X: ': -xx, 4 Yam R .fgrw ,fm ... sf X 'wg-.. Y- 'la ,. -----c.--A+., A V --L ma' 1 'M -I 'X w-o:4'v:fI't.:-,-'- 55. 'z 445.5 gf?-3. ' Vg 'ry . ' -, ,,,y:p,- .. . ' .f,j.' 2 4, ". " . T-+'g1,72. A 'ska ' KX .-X - -1 - am'-X . 'wt A .K , 5 xi Ry .f. 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The members of the Editorial staE were: Editor-in-Chief, Marjorie Getz, Associate Editors, Irene Bajan, Mildred McFallg Club Editors. Miriam Domert, Pauline Rotzellg Athletic Editors, Rictor Auman. Frances Haldemang Alumni Editor, Cynthia Knaussg Chuckles Editors, 'Walter Shook, Frank Kullerg Exchange Editor, Edythe VVilliamsg Reporters: Senior High, Louise Kern, Thomas Starner, Louise Stohlg Junior High, Elizabeth Beck, Richard Roth. The members of the Business stall' were: Business Manager, Margaret Mill- heimg Assistant Business Managers, Gladys Fleischman, Pearl Arndtg Circulation Manager, Renee Harper, Assistant Circulation Managers, Robert Jones, Alice Brody, Typists, Theda Brobst, Mildred Fehnel, Joy Kortz. The Faculty advisers were: Miss Nicholas, Miss Sloat, Miss Weikel, Miss Etschman, Mr. Kneeht. sixty IQ Front Row: BERGER, HEYER, CASSANO, FEHNEL, SNYDER. Second Row: GEORGE, BARIE. HELLICK. GARDNER, XVOLFE, KORTZ, MISS NICHOLAS. Student Council The presidents together with one girl and one boy representative, elected by each class, compose the Student Council. Some of the duties of the Council are: The filing of college cataloguesg the main- tenance of a lost and found departmentg the approving of chartersg the appointment of committees for worthwhile student projects. The oflicers for the first semester were: President, Joseph Cassanog Vice-Pres- ident, Frederick Gardnerg Secretary-Treasurer, Lorraine Heyer gAssistant Secretary- Treasurer, John lVeissg Filing of Catalogues, Frederick Gardner and Lorraine Heyerg Lost and found Department, Ruth Hellick. The officers for the second semester were: President, Joseph Cassanog Vice- President, Frederick Gardnerg Secretary-Treasurer, Doris F ehnelg Lost and Found Department, Joy Kortz. sixty-one CGME Le Cercle Francais In the monthly meetings of the French Club the members learned more about the geography and civilization of France in addition to gaining facility in the use of the French language. Some programs were spent in playing games, the reading of papers and stories, and presentation of plays. The ofiicers of Le Cerclc Francais were: President, Renee Harper, Vice-Pres- ident, Miriam Rinkerg Secretary-Treasurer, Frances Haldeman. Miss Marx was the club sponsor for 1935. The Commercial Club The Commercial Club under the sponsorship of Miss Dixon and Miss Stuckey met on the third Tuesday of every month. The purpose of the club was, primarily, to acquaint the members with the local business organizations of town, and to hear valuable lectures on the new develop- ments of the business world. A delightful VVashington's Birthday Party was held at the February meeting. On April 18, the club members visited the offices of the Kraemer Hosiery Com- pany, where the Ledger Bookkeeping, and the Tele-type Machines were thoroughly demonstrated. A very worthwhile lecture on telegraphy, and the services offered by the VVest- ern Union Telegraph Company was presented on May 21, to the club members. As has been the custom, the club pays for one-half the cost of awards earned by the members who have done very commendable work in Typewriting, Penman- ship, and Shorthand. The officers who served for tl1e first semester were: President, Theresa Schram- melg Vice-President, Dorothy Koch, Secretary, Mildred Fehnelg Treasurer, Lester Uhlerg Reporter, Lois Arnold. The officers for the second semester were: President, Theresa Schrammelg Vice-President, Dorothy Koch, Secretary, Evelyn Learn, Treasurer, Virginia Miller, Reporter, Mary Broad. sixty-two 'll U Front Row: RULOFF, SEYFRIED, FLOREY, GARDNER, A. KNAUSS. C. KNAUSS, B Uxl+R Second Row: MR. CUMP, MR, LEII, MARX, MISS LONG, DANIELS, MISS NICHOLAS Athletic Council President ..... .... F rederick Gardner Vice-President . . . ...... lVayne Ruloff Secretary ..... .... R Iiriam Florey Treasurer Knauss Assistant Secretary and Treasurer ...... Paul Seyfried Football Manager .................. Francis Daniels Hockey Manager ............. Basketball Manager fGirlsj Basketball Managers fBoysj . . . Baseball Manager ........... Coach fGirlsj ............ . Coach CBoysj ................. Principal of Senior High School. . Faculty Manager ............. six ty-three . . . .Arlene Baker . . . . Cynthia Knauss . . .Samuel Marx . . .Rictor Auman .. ..Anne Long . . . . . . .Andrew Leh Florence Nicholas ......Guy Cump CGME Forensic Society The Forensic Society was organized under the leadership of Mr. Knecht for the purpose of developing stage presence and skill in argumentation. In the first semester the members studied the technical and practical side of public speaking. A playlet on "Parliamentary Lawn was presented in a Senior High School assembly and repeated in a VVoman's Club meeting. During the second semester the Society debated interesting, current topics. The officers for the iirst semester were: President, Greta Wiersmag Vice-Pres- idcnt, Mildred Mclfallg Secretary, Joseph Schlegelg Treasurer, Louise Kern. The otlicers for the second semester were: President, Louise Kerng Vice-President, Fred- erick Gardnerg Secretary, Greta VViersrnag Treasurer, Pearl Arndt. Science Club This year the Science Club presented a number of very interesting experiments at its meetings. Some of the members again worked on radio construction and per- fection. The club tried to arouse a greater interest in science for those not taking a scientific subject, and to supplement the work of those taking such subjects. The faculty sponsor of the Science Club was Mr. Shekeletski and the officers were: President, Henry Mikolajczykg Vice-President, Paul Seyfriedg Secretary- Treasurer, Helen Kleckner. sixty-four CJ The Dramatic Club President ...... . . .Elizabeth Marcks Vice-President . . . ......... Renee Harper Treasurer ..... .... E lizabeth Vvunderly Secretary ......................... Lorraine Heyer The Dramatic Club was again organized to study plays and stage technique. A number of short plays were presented during the year under the direction of members of the club. The climax of the year's program was reached when "The Tin Hero" by Charles George was presented to a large audience on January 25. "The Tin Hero" concerns a timid and retiring young man, Douglas Goodyear, who inherits some money and decides to take a trip abroad. VVhile in France he writes his mother that he has saved a young French girl from drowning. His mother exag- gerates things and by the time the local newspaper gets the story, he is a hero. This causes so much excitement that, on his return, a sports tournament is arranged in which he is expected to swim against a champion. He is at l1is wits' end for in six weeks l1e must learn to swim. In the end, Douglas proves himself a real hero by winning the race and the girl he loves. The success of the play was due to the earnest efforts of the club sponsor, Miss Sloat, the cast, and the committees who were in charge of the stage equipment and business management. Out-oi-Town Association The President and Vice-President of this association 'did much to make the noon- hours an orderly and quiet period. The out-of-town students were divided into two groups, the boys together with some of the girls remained in Miss Nicholas's room, while most of the girls spent the noon hour in Miss VVeikel's room. The officers of this organization were: President, Frederick Gardner, Vice- President, Miriam Rinkerg Senior Monitors, Theda Brobst, Arlene Baker, Raymond Reinertg Junior Monitors, Evelyn Gorman, Robert Kochg Sophomore Monitors, Elva F uls and John Rundle. sixty-five LCM? Cast of Senior Play Front, Row: MARCKS, HEYER, MILLHEIM. Second Row: SEYFRIED, MEYERS, FLEISCHMAN, GARDNER, KNAUSS, HALBERSTADT, sixty-sux 'll LJ The Senior Play "Peg O' My Heart," a comedy of youth in three acts by J. Hartley Manners, was presented by the Senior Class on Friday evening, April 26. Under the capable direction of Miss Sloat, the play was very well presented and held the attention of the audience throughout the evening. "Peg,,' a poor Irish girl living in New York becomes an heiress by the death of her uncle, and is called to England to be reared by an aristocratic aunt. She is like a duck out of water in these surroundings, but she wins her way and also a worthy Englishman named "Jerry." , The Cast Mrs. Chichester-Elizabeth Marcks Footman-Gerald Meyers Ethel, Mrs. Chichester's daughter-Margaret Millheim Alaric, Mrs. Chichester's son-Robert Halberstadt Christian Brent-Paul Seyfried Peg--Lorraine Heyer Montgomery Hawkes, solicitor-Austin Knauss Maid-Gladys Fleischman Jerry-Frederick Gardner Michael, the dog-"Jiggs." The production staff which cooperated so splendidly in making the play a suc- cess included the following committees: Stage Equipment--Miss Clute, Mr. Shek- letski, Volkert VViersma, Ralph Altemose, Henry Mikolajczyk and Samuel Marx, Properties-Miss Nicholas, Renee Harper, Greta VViersma, Grover Fehr, Alice Brody and Kathryn Hahn, Wlardrobe- Lucille Hagenbuch, Marjorie Getz and, Arlene Bakerg Make-up-Elizabeth Marcks and Henrietta VVernerg Prompters- Evelyn Rudge and Renee Harperg Business Staff--Miss Dixon, Frances Haldeman, Betty Davis, Theda Brobst, Miriam Rinker, Dorothy Koch, and Wvesley Garr. Music between acts was furnished by the High School Orchestra under the direction of Miss Yeisley. sixty-seven CGMET Cast of the Musical Comedy 'll u Musical Comedy Departing slightly from precedent the combined Boys' and Girls' Glee Clubs presented the sparkling musical comedy "Bon Voyage' on May 16 and 17. Neal Standish, the scion of a Boston Back Bay family, is sent to Europe with his friend, Larry O'Connel, to study art and "see the world." Neal and his friend meet Patricia Gallaway, also of Boston in the studio of Andre Maurois, the artist. Despite Neal's insistent wooing, Patricia persuades him to go on a five months' trip so that she may carry out the terms of her grandfather's will. I On their return, Larry, as chief "recounte,r', of their "Odyssey,', substitutes Nealls name for his own and succeeds in making Patsy jealous. However, all ends happily for Neal and Patsy are married and with Aunt Mary YValsh sail for America. The Cast Neal Standish, scion of a Boston Back Bay Family-Jacob Hartzell Larry O'Connel, Neal's buddy-John Price Mary Walsh, Nealis aunt-Louise Kern Priscille Standish, Neal's mother-Lillian Reinert Patricia Gallaway-Elizabeth Marcks Andre Mourois, the artist-Wlalter Shook "Madame Pietri," proprietor of the modiste shop--VVayne Ruloff Vivian, the girl from England-Edith Barie Margaritta, the girl from Spain-Doris Fehnel Gretchen, the girl from Holland-Henrietta VVerner Babette, the girl from France-Dorothy Hartman Dolcia, the girl from Italy-Lucille Hagenbuch Tony, the Italian Organ-man-John Rundle The Toreador-Clarence Clewell The bull-John Wleiss and lvilliam Price The bell boy-Robert Jones The heralds-Frances Haldcman and Edith Johnson sixty-nine LGME Senior Halloween Party The Class of '35 held sway on October 30, 19311-, in the gym whose decorations created a bewitching atmosphere. The affair began with a "Honeymoon Race" in which some of the fairer sex with the gentlemen's wardrobe and the grooms likewise donned their fair ladies' clothes. Incidentally "Peg" Millheim and "Jakie" Hartzell were the victors of this race. A great deal of amusement was derived from "Bobbing for Apples." Other Halloweien games were played but "Jake" Hartzell's orchestra was the outstanding feature on the program. "Mme. X" who knew nothing, saw nothing, and told all, camped in the north- west corner of the gym and earned her board by telling fortunes for the price of one pin. Don't we wonder what those cards foretold? ' After a tasty luncheon was served in the cafeteria, we returned to the gym where the cornstalks were the inspiration for the fascinating "Virginia Reel - " and so ended a happy evening. Sophomore l-lallovveien Party The "Sophs" opened the social season at Nazareth High on October 26, 1934 with a bang-I mean a Hallowe'en Party. The gym was transformed into a world of gaiety and mirthg every hint of "Fall in! Mark time! Forward march l" was hidden by cornstalks and mysterious Hal- lowe'en figures. The strains of "Jake" Hartzell's orchestra produced a captivating effect which further camouflaged the dying echoes of "Class halt! Count off by fours !" and sim- ilar well known commands. Other members of the class of '37, who did not dance, enjoyed themselves by playing games suggestive of the occasion. "Johnny" Rundle distinguished himself by beating Mr. Leh in a game of checkers. The Refreshment Committee well deserved the praises of its classmates by serv- ing an excellent luncheon in the cafeteria. Due to their good behavior the underclassmen were permitted to continue their merrymaking until a later hour at which every one went home happy, tired and looking forward to many more social functions. seventy 1:1 Junior-Senior Reception March winds and April showers usually bring May flowers but this year they seem to l1ave also brought the annual Junior-Senior Reception. This long anticipated affair was held in the gym on May 241 where the girls' pretty dresses harmonized beautifully with the pastel decorations which enfolded everyone in a spring-like atmosphere. Dancing, with music by the Sirens, was the preferred diversion of the eveningg ping-pong and other games were played by those who did not enjoy this favorite pastime. A During the course of the evening a delightful luncheon was served in the softly lighted cafeteria decorated with spring blossoms. Dancing was again resumed until midnight-or thereafter-when the strains of "Bye, Bye Blues" brought the evening to a close. Juniors, may we again say, "Thank you for the lovely evening?" The Magazine Campaign Perhaps you have wondered where our splendid collection of fiction in the li- brary comes from. All of the fiction books as well as the magazines were purchased from the profits of the magazine campaign. The students sold subscriptions for mag- azines of the Crowell Publishing Company. The student body divided into two groups with Greta YViersma in charge of the girls' team, and Samuel Marx in charge of the boys' team. Marjorie Getz proved to be a very capable manager in this project. seventysone LGME Qratorical Contest An oratorical contest sponsored by the Alumni Association proved an interest- ing and entertaining form of assembly program on Monday afternoon, May 27, at 2:30 o'clock. The contest was open to all Senior High School students who desired to try their speaking ability. The judges were Miss Leah Unangst, a graduate of Ithaca Conservatory of ltlusic, Mr. Frank Huth, Sr., the first principal of Nazareth High School, and Mr. George Grim, present County Superintendent of Schools. Miss Unangst announced the decision based on delivery, style of writing, and originality. The first prize of 310.00 was awarded to Louise Kern and the second prize of 85.00 was won by Samuel Marx. In her oration, "Jane Addams," Louise Kern discussed the beginning of settle- ment work in America at Hull House, Chicago, founded by Miss Addams, and her efforts for world peace for which Miss Addams was granted the Nobel peace prize. The oration of Samuel Marx received its title, "Selling Our Birthright" from the recognition of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics by the United States. The speaker's plea was that the wrongs of Russians cannot be righted by helping her present government. A musical program accompanied the contest, consisting of two Cornet solos "Morning Glory" and "Emmet's Lullabyu by Joseph Schlegelg two vocal duets en- titled "Sunshine of Your Smile" and "The Music of the South" sung by Elizabeth Marcks and Doris Fehnelg two violin solos played by Jacob Hartzell accompanied at the piano by Harold Snyder entitled "My Heart is an Open Book" and "It's Easy to Remember", and a piano duet, "Under the Do11ble Eagle" by Henrietta VVerner and Edith Barie. seventy-two 13 The Qrchestra OFFICERS President . . . ................. Jacob Hartzell Secretary . .. .... Robert Halberstadt Treasurer ..................... VVillard Viferklieiser Custodians of Music. Paul Seyfried and Joseph Schlegel Director ......................... Miss Mae Yeisley The orchestra assisted on the following occasions: Nov 22, 1934 Lehigh Valley Safety Council Dec 10, 1934 Christmas Carol Service Jan. 25, 1935 Dramatic Club Play, "The Tin Hero" Feb. 14, 15, 1935 Junior High School Operetta, "The Tea House of S Feb. 20, 1935 Assembly Program April 3, 1935 April 26, 1935 May 16, 17, 1935 June 20, 1935 Assembly Program Senior Play, "Peg O' My Heart" Senior High School Commencement seventy-three ing Senior High School Musical Comedy, "Bon Voyage" seventy-four w , .--c- .. ..'x,1M":" fi ...-.:,Q.., .3 . ,EA i i--2-5:13,-'f A.. 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'iiiHAM11' HSM ,4 . ,:,a4,gi. ,Q-'"Emi -' ii f L :93f"":"'- 'S ., "iil3ii"wS'5:'1dM"'5:" '- f "" . -Sz' 1. " -J: , ' . Jtwrq- , 1 ":1- ' v .A-,' -'M1-fs-w:','X E 1 f.. ' x 3- "' ' ".eRm,9.fL' - ' Q" 5 -if-5 ,:, --,-:-4:.:.v::.s1lv'2-img Ni- - 5, " .-e,..,qf:1:-1-X -A Q ff-wg" " .:,,,,,..,,.- ...-,Nia . , kwqdwiw-L -M.-wa -2 .J :E , - ,, , .,sa.f::m.z.m. - ,,,,'-- . an f -fm-my , " gil . " 1" " f" f .:liZfe,. """"'3S'2-'Wi ' ' "-'W'-W'i5f1f'1'?"?iIft"5-':f-- -ffmx1?."3i"?'Ql'-viii' - y 'f'L4""--H' ,Jx,,..... . A 4,sQi5:L-:xN.f.v.-,E-:gg-'a-.-gi.,,,:,qy.s.Q.xwwh,, ,,,.,,.,,f -.1 , A g?'x"'i"'Nf -fjgifygm-:y3lAaw.-QE-':a:Q:z-:f- ' "A' ' f v-ffQ- -A jgQiiY'iff.fjATQTIL- Fe IQNMV THLETIC CGM? Front Row: FRATIPIETRO, SIIOOK, E. RUNDLE, HEARN, CAPT. GARR, GOTTO, MILQGREGOR, DOUGLAS J. WEISS. Second Row: FACULTY MGR. CUMP, MGR. DANIELS, CASSANO, STOFFLET, RUHF, FINTA, J. DEUTSCH, DECH, SEIBLER, KNAUSS, MICHAEL, BREINIG, COACH LEH. Thirvl Row: MASLANKA, KOPACH, FREE, GEORGE, E. DEUTSCH, BETZ, J. RUNDLE, NVERKHEISER, J. PRICE, XV. PRICE, KAVCAK, SCHMIDT. Back Row: ASS'T. MGR. STANNARD, BAUMAN, VOGLE, BERGER. KOSTENBADER, DOYLE, AUMAN FEIINEL, REIGLE, SDFFERRA, R. VVEISS, ASS'T. MGR. BUTZ. Seventy-Six 13 Football Nazareth High School was again well represented on the football field. The team played ai total of nine games of which eight .Were won and one was lost The graduating members of tl1e squad wish tht 1935 team the best of success. September September October October October November November November November SCHEDULE Nazareth 19 Nazareth 7 Nazareth 14 Nazareth 6 Nazareth 7 Nazareth 20 Nazareth 19 Nazareth 7 Nazareth 19 seventy-seven Coplay Stroudsburg Emaus Pen Argyl Catasauqua Bangor Northampton Lehighton Wfilsou CGME Front Row, Juniors: MILLER, IIELLICK, GASTON, CAPT. J. BARIE, PAUKOVITZ, SEGEL, J. BUSS. Second Row, Seniors: COACH LONG, FEHNEL, HAGENBUCH, FRANUSISZIN. KOCH. CAPT. HALDEMAN, MILLHEIM, SCHRAMMEL, SANDERCOCK, HEYER, ARNDT, MGR. BAKER. Third Row, Sophomores: JOHNSON, B. BUSS, FERRARO, MERLO, E. BARIE, MICHAEL, CAPT. KELLOW, SIMMONS, CHAPMAN, WAMBOLD, WOLFE, L. STOHL, and S. STOHL. seventy-eigllt C Hockey The intra-mural plan of hockey for the girls was enthusiastically accepted by the students for the second year since its inauguration. This sports program enables a larger number of students to participate in sports. ln- tense competition is not stressed in this program but the ability to play with one another, the exercise, and the pleasure one experiences from playing the game. The call for hockey players was answered by a large number of girls interested in this sport. After several weeks of practice under the coaching of Miss Long, the class teams were organized, and class captains were elected. A series of three games were played between the Juniors and the Seniors to determine the championship team. After playing two tie games, the Seniors defeat- ed the Juniors 2-0. SCHEDULE Score Nov Juniors vs. Sophomores 7-0 Nov. Seniors vs. Sophomores 1-O Nov. Seniors vs Juniors 2-2 Nov. Seniors vs Sophomores 4-0 Nov. Seniors vs. Juniors 2-2 Nov. Sophomores vs. Juniors 6-0 Nov. 'Seniors vs. Juniors 2-0 Dec. Seniors vs. Alumnae 2-0 seventy-nine CGME SENIOR I SENIOR II Girls, Basketball The call for basketball players was answered by fifty students. Through the use of the intra-mural plan all these candidates were given a chance to play. Each class had sufficient players to organize several teams. After completing a schedule of thirty games a tie existed between the Junior V and the Senior I teams for first place. The championship game was played on March 24 before the Parent Teacher Association and friends. The seniors main- tained a lead throughout the game and succeeded in winning the championship. JUNIOR III JUNIOR V eighty lo 1 JUNIOR IV SOPHOMORE VI Following is the standing of the teams: XVO11 Lost Senior I 7 1 Junior V 6 2 Junior III 4 3 Sophomore VI 4 3 Senior II 3 4 Junior IV 3 4 Sophomore VII Z 5 Sophomore VIII 0 7 SOPHOMORE VIII I SOPIIOMORE VII eighty-one SME Front Row: SHOOK, BREINIG. CAPT. ENGLER, PRICE, RASH. Back Row: MGR. MARX, COACH LEH, YOUNG, DOUGLAS, MICHAEL, XVEISS, FACULTY MGR. CUMP. Boys, Basketball Nazareth High School's basketball team closed its season with a second place tie with Wilson in the Lehigh-Northampton County League. Nazareth played a total of twelve league games and one with the Alumni. In league competition eight games were won and four lost. The Alumni games resulted in a victory for Nazareth. As a preliminary to the varsity games, the Junior Varsity campaigned through twelve games winning eight and losing four. L Elgllfl'-tW0 'll Front. Row: REIGLE, KAHLER. GEORGE, DROSNDCK, NOLF. ' Seated: E. DEUTSCH, STOFFLET, DECH, MACY, RUNDLE. Standing: MGR. MARX, COACH LEH, R. WEISS, KOPACII, FINTA, J. DEUTSCH, DANIELS, FACULTY MGR. CUMP. SCHEDULE Varsity Jayvees Nazareth Pen Argyl 24 Nazareth Pen Argyl Nazareth South VVhitehall 24 Nazareth South VVhitehall Nazareth :Wilson 17 Nazareth VVils0n Nazareth Bangor 17 Nazareth Bangor Nazareth. Coplay 18 Nazareth Coplay Nazareth Hellertown 24 Nazareth Hellertown Nazareth Pen Argyl 14 Nazareth Pen Argyl Nazareth South Whitehall 38 Nazareth South NVhitehall Nazareth Wilsorl 16 Nazareth VVilson Nazareth Bangor 19 Nazareth Bangor Nazareth Coplay 30 Nazareth Coplay Nazareth Hellertown 22 Nazareth Hellertown Nazareth Alumni 24 eighty-three COME i 1 i Front ROW: BREINIG, SEIBLER, E. RUNDLE, FINTA, DOUGLAS, GOTTO, J. RUNDLE. Second Row: FRATIPIETRO, YOUNG, BERGER, FREE, FRY, MINNICH, J. DEUTSCH, EYER. Third Row: COACH LEH, K. DAVIS, GEORGE, BETZ, BAUMAN, FACULTY MGR. CUMP. Last Row: MGR. AUMAN, ASS'T. MGRS. S. SHOOK, NV. SHOOK, MICHAEL, CAPT. HEARN. Baseball Nazareth High School, the defending champions of the Lehigh-Northampton County baseball league, launched their 1935 season with a determined bid to repeat its previous success. Up to the present time Nazareth High has campaigned through six games undefeated and retains an undisputed hold of first place in the league. VVith two games remaining to be played, the Nazareth nine is practically assured of another championship. April 17 Nazareth 5 South Whitehall 1 April 27 Nazareth Z Pen Argyl 0 May 1 Nazareth 24 VVilson 2 May 6 Nazareth 5 Hellertown 2 May ll Nazareth 8 South XVhitehall 0 May 14 Nazareth ll Hellertown 10 May 25 Nazareth Pen Argyl June 1 Nazareth Wilson eighty-four Am., ,-:Q-w'f.1.,.,,.,.-.M: """1j- . 1fF""?""'NX. f iQ?",AY"Q-5' . , ,va , ,.-5, ,..A...,,N,,'5-xg?-x,...,.. 'ff' N -X vm. :gif .-,-.,.,,.,,,.. gf' , - -A . .,. QP 1133, f .'s.x1--H-Q xx ,L - gy .H -'fi' 'KAP-23 , , 452 fvixfff J V , N 'rl .+"T?"f.-5.13: ,q,:3339'R " .Rf .....N-... ff' Q q,i,fi?i::ff -'1 4, :lsr 51-gf ,Q "::f'f-it 1 ,..,. .-:::.-.-- K5 11, 1- Lv :L - , , 1i5 ' I.531xk..-gi ,am . ffl' if L , .1:' :,.':-aw--fx, - W- ,,.ffff::1.,,.. , " M 4.-,ffff-1 1-"1qa-- 'P' -,, Lx , ""X'tf"f'1-,::'1i ,-s- ..w---+-fQ- . 1fgp-2- X ,gb S N --:Tifl-:--:fix--' ' lv V 1 y'gQivf'1 N.-Q-A. .r .- - . Y :.- . .g f .f 5854 Exkkifiiud j - f -wF:'FxI -..UM - .-' A 1-WS.: ,ffm ' 71rZf'J'. E , - .4.,.,,t-.-,:ga.... .4 Hifi: .v e-'r '- fr' ifkwg 'ffl - N NN 9lLlL1i:.5.'.f1-1-N 5' f.fQQf'i':i'Sf' f' sigh! is Nm , ,, Z,..,.,,.g:g..... fins 5. ' Jw 1 .. Q g:. L 'F , ' 2g:::4.:g:"-'-- 5.-' Jffsg ' f -1-E-2,9 Qs-X ,3iS6if" ,339 4 - 7,1."- Sw: ....:-4- ' .M A Cr f- -,ASQ - '. , 'X ... lw-"WM-:'r:s'?-"'1xX,, Q :v f fs 'tk' N. wma-:Q f' if P14 ' gs: 1 2 wk 'W '-92121 P1 .9 if -."' .f 353 ,.,,- ., - X- M'-'H - ':...N... :rf -, '- -. , ,f ,--, - .LM-1-,al 1 ' ,,.K,... 3 Eg. .zp , 1 Q 1 K -.1f,v,:.vi3.f gg1'5.,,' - 'Tj 5 , 54-M-1 if -4 xr K .. Y. kj- . 1: -w'.f.:fr-- -'fi-'1 - -1 4' -V 'sul Xa .f -'lx' v .- , 'rl ' 1 f....x.-, ,. -fs . .- 1- ,- ,X , ..r W: . .. . .ff ex fi-, -:J-4. , ', , 'W a Y 5: ,Qi yf':,".i1z "T-131 :ue 'z 5 5:55 'Q HE- f 2- 'Pa' 45-':L-1 ' . 9, .4 f. ' 'fx -5: L if 3 G g '?Jf5....,- -,..Jf,.., ' ang, :gs-3 fkij' kwifliifhfsi - :gag 2. ' 31 if Ee 513- 2Ef...?'-. r, ..-- jg! ,115 .-..M..1f1, ,, " . 'B' 552, .fu j-Z' ' gm ' gf: 4 9s'f'-Sggnxiiifslm , r1,.-:Lf-f.--S-F--fl 5351.-QF gTff1f-Q WM1' f fa' f'-'nv--5'-ze:-12 f"' .51 'cw' 5 1 --12.115 ..., ,.---'- ,,,,,q1:f.'fff'- X 451153-1. lg I: ,,,1::':ae-Em-'g'r.5fgQ:gL'Q2 "QgQ3Q5,I...,...-. : Pi. F 5 . , ,A . " 9'fY"1Z'5"T1"L'f'Q 'Aff 1 gy,-5:91 5 121. . . - JMS V . 1 ' X -- . w-wr f 1N,,..,,,.,,n., F .x,r -g- -ffy-Mg-gsmam 'flgggk-.Q-,,.-.w5..:fe,.'.g,,i 5 ',.-N,.,.,.. ,4.,., -sf " .1 X- ,L.i:,fif"f13L:,.,g,. , t- s' - " -' ' ' '. ' '- "-'---xx-1' ".i1414-li-Q:-,... x:::se:fL.1. Q ba: ,- --U' ' ' 53:7--"'-"' ' I , " fig ,:..,,.....::.:.:.g',g .,... . V -. -.fw--'+--.-f'--- - .zum -n .. , - ....-.v4..N,..,-... ' -::'i.':m, ..-gpsx-m,,M+-fQLf3'3,Eg:,lJ."33 --awlza-M - "TLS:- ,xg ':f.,,4f, """"'.-..'...y...-usl"""us.,.,..g1fLwvvA-f-:,y ', "SJ:-L-.--1,-:4.x-' - - 1:1 --gi.. .,,. -- :- .,-,- .1 ,J-,-wa.: ,H- --'illfk p,.::::':a'- Af -S-It--A " .V " 'l,.'. E+" "Tmff . f -. ' XS? "Qf"?ra5:riTi: .'QItf2Z'F.L,f4:Q- , Af.--."-.:,,..X..:-,-.-N' '-4--It:-.:3J-343-,fazlmym-TaiN X: 1913g,I,3-HQ:-Q..-IAN, fill?.J,.q:f'f":jA::'l'e. "-.-J"-M,-.,5,:,-1.f.-'S-1--fww-isis-5' 'j"if'i'jj,Q2"""'.,f" wg .x.:.,-Qpeilf-fs-.. . ' 'ri ' 11552: fggigiggwgvifw- 41 Zig., 3 1 ,,.'n-,, 'E ' f ' ':6iz'5w1:'??:'1-2:-S'iiiEI..?f:'+f'"f"'K'fl-:wT5""R2sE:J-WG' K' 4' vw--fm. . ,vffxfs X H - ---nf.'A ." ". Q " 1-vJ.q.,f4+-:uw-:-'4!1.,,x,'A..,.wE 4 ,. 5, -gf -N , .. ,. X 2 F,.:-'mwr'-:L -mx N h ' 5 F1333 'xg' x..,L,.:4g:1.f- 5:5 L- 4. M,..ev.,, ',:..,:, ,i ,,,,'--. K ,,-,Mm vuwliyf- 9 is 4, . wg, 5 4:-'5w5:"51e-.:'f17fJi21'4Qf1x,-14" ffjrff-S'.2gfmL"-,S 1x m,iaW.,.,,w- . . ' t w ? A "m's:x,,?+?:, ' -:fwfffegwe-,?.f1,''-arf--f"1'f'1a,?:.,.SX,,,iv-wf E. . - mu' 1 ,wfk-.. I N12 Q. "'i7Lf:1f"'f M-'-.f-+"' " Iv wa! 3' ..f'.- ,,g3'1,Q:1v-+vQv-- .- -- . -wr' ,,,':A "K-.4 ,..,:-:.w ----. -,g- big ,...., - vw i .Q '- ,,,. ' fi, -1-tw--w --'21 -: 'ivlmsfli-L-:Sf-'55.g'f1:. Y 3' 'LL-fg2'l-112-N gf' -N-Ny 4, 'NET' .i':'2'h"""1- --2 ' fm-'QM-s-fp.M3 df--P Www 1 -' 1 ' -- x ,eqgix -X,...'w,,..f. . V..f,,,., .,-A-9-h..u.,,,. ,vin fa ...,:- a -My ,. P: '11 f 1 xgnsili-ff"LZ21f'fr'-.x4,.-1w?1?:f--,,,-v'-355+ .sf,?r5' g, Kg-QHkxQw.,'w'Q . 'wig:.1-1:".iJ-",J-J-A-'x-'1Q1. rw 22+ .fm:- N1-' "'X'f"I " 1','91-Iwffflff-'ffli'-?.f'xf' Q: ', 4. L15-g::4'.--'ff.".2':l1f:."f?f?f. - N13 F: ' T-1-31-Q'4"f,-M36 '1 5 k+?f,:n1L..R"C,'I..:.Ef5i':f:-,-.x' gg - 1' . " 5 ?' P .. 55 .1fg:'a:,-7.223-x?q, . ' ---,L'g1'-ff-W' ' f ., ' ' 1 ' -' ' -5 ggfg , 3 ' -.U .ww.xgx.. J IQ. , ,xg 5 X-:....1" K Ar ""C21",..Lj Mk, .hifgjii NWA 'p1m.:sa:.-f , . F ':., -N, -' -f w" ww-3 ""'-9' ,. ."" Fe wx 'EEATU E 0 Name Ralph Altemose Arlene Baker Grace Beam Harry Beers lVarren Breinig Theda Brobst Alice Brody John Buss Joseph Cassanof Olive Colver Elizabeth Davis Harry Engler Margaret Engler Doris Fehnel Mildred Fehnel Grover Fehr Gladys Fleischman Rose Franczak Lena Franusiszin Miriam Fritchman Frederick Gardner VVesley Garr Marjorie Getz Paul Gill Lucille Hagenbuch Kathryn Hahn Robert Halberstadt Frances Haldeman hfartha Hall Elizabeth Hangen Seniors f7har11.cte ristics A nervous chap Narrow body, but not mind Short, but! "Lead," and still light Not tall, b11t still they fall A typical typist She's all a'flutter Tall center, narrow circumference Short, dark, and handsome A. studious girl Quiet at times Thinks much, says little A robust country lass lvonderful voice Slender Stenog. Always undecided Sometimes quiet Of a silent sort? Never noisy Better late than never A practical jokefrj A husky fellow A literary mind Likes school but not girls A good poet Dislikes men An ardent baseball fan A female athlete Speaks of dates A tall lady eighty-six CGMET Rendezvous His workshop County Home Stockertown Y. M. C. A. Corridor Church Five and Ten VValnut St. Y. M. C. A. Schoeneek Tatamy Road Hunter Fry's Stockertown Lower hall Church Hellertown Drinking fountain Bethlehem Bethlehem Seguine's Room No. 17 South Broad Hay Terrace, Easton Home Broad Street Theatre North Broad Cor. Main and Belvidere Room No. 29 Shoeneck Evergreen St. 13 Hobby Radio Everything Music Sleeping Making 7-sided hexagons Knitting Playing the piano Fishing Collecting football plays Playing the piano Riding bike Reading rule books Hiking Dancing Dancing Dancing Reading Reading Dancing Collecting junk Studying Psychology Farming Hairdressing Farming Reading Movie Magazines Reading Collecting stamps Riding bike Sewing Collecting stamps Seniors Favorite Sport Tiddley-winks Hockey Baseball Basketball Ping-pong Basketball Basketball Baseball Football Baseball Roller skating Basketball Volleyball Football Fishing Baseball Tennis Hiking Swimming Swimming Swimming Football Motoring Hunting Swimming - Hiking Baseball Swimming Baseball Tennis eighty-seven Ability to: Make noise Keep quiet VVOrk hard Write poetry Box Type Play the piano Study Prob. of Dem Plan football plays Talk Chew gum Play basketball Study Chemistry Sing Type Laugh Snatch Sophomores Talk with Lena Talk with Rose Chew gum Think?? Tackle hard 'Write Farm Dance Snub Throw a line lvalk with Kenny Dream Study Name Renee Harper Jacob Hartzell Donald Hearn Lorraine Heyer John Kirlick Helen Kish Austin Knauss Dorothy Koch Anne Kowalczk Elizabeth Marcks Samuel Marx Gerald Meyer Henry Mikolajczyk Nettie Miller Margaret Millheim Elaine Ottinger John Price Raymond Reinert Miriam Rinker Evelyn Rudge Gordon Ruhf Ruth Sandercock Theresa Schrammel Ruth Segel Paul Seyfried Kenneth Shook Kermit Shook Lester Uhler Helen VVagner VVillard Wlerkheiser Henrietta VVerner Greta VViersma Volkert lViersma LGME Seniors Characteristics She likes driving A shiek A future big leaguer A future Miss America A hard-working farmer A good talker Robust and healthy Likes things rough A mighty Barnum A splendid dress mode An honest toiler The talkative sort Is short and likes short Waves Plump rosy cheeks Neither stout nor thin A quiet and modest student An active individual A lanky sure-shot A bashful, blushing maiden Another quiet student lvilling worker F? Likes whispering above a yell The masculine type A good saleswoman He likes the opposite sex Interested in a barber shop Hard worker?? Quiet and shy A country lass A golden voiced basso A musical artist Pleasant smiles The argumentative type eighty-eight Remlezvous Allentown Bethlehem Lower hall?? Corridor Home R. F. D. No. 3 Home Qsometimesj South Broad Jake's Place ? P ? P ? Gray Cottage His Essex His workshop Bethlehem Broad Street Theatre Spring City 332 Belvidere St. Poconos Her front door step Home Drug Store Belfast Home Home Chapman Room No. 29 Green St. Tatamy Belfast -1114 Bank St.??? Centre St. School Reimer's 13 Seniors Hobby Favorite Sport Ability to: Driving a car Swimming Talk in her sleep Delivering sermons Tennis Argue Petting fdogs?j Baseball Whisper aloud Collecting picture Hockey Pick a bud Gardening Baseball Do Algebra Hiking Basketball Talk Study artillery Tennis Hitch-hike Hiking Hockey Stride Collecting recipes Baseball Drive a Ford Collecting cosmetics Dancing Model dresses Collecting stamps Tennis Make 90's Trumpet playing Football Bluff Radio Tit-Tat-Too Make noise Dancing Hiking Blush Collecting Indian-head pennies Swimming Chew gum lNIusic Basketball YVrite Fooling Pitching pennies Tumble Hunting Football Kill wild game Reading Swimming Blush Reading Tiddley-winks VVrite Raising rabbits Football Concentrate? P? Sports Basketball Talk loud Hiking Basketball Defend herself Reading Basketball Sell Making dates Auto Races Make dates Reading?? Fishing Talk with F. H. Studying? P Basketball Sleep Hunting Football Farm Hiking Baseball Talk Collecting coins Tennis Sing Collecting Silhouettes Dancing Play the piano Art Skating Sketch Collecting stamps Soccer Argue eighty-nine CGME The Five and Ten Pushing and bumping Shaving 807110 more Are the jostling crowds In the ten-cent store. They can step on one's foot ll'ith the greatest of ease, And pass it off quickly Ulith a "Pardon me, please." Counters of ribbons, Candies and topsg Christmas balls, popcorn And big lolly-pops. "Ifere, I want this - - ' "No, Fd rather have that - - "Oh, wouldn't this feather Be nice on my hat?" "Oh, isn't that cute."' "Say, how -much are these?" The salesgirl ashs patiently, "Ten cents for that, please." "Dia-mnza, buy me this doll, Dlarnma, look at that train! lllanzma, tell daddy to bring me That dandy air-plane." lVith arms full of packages, l"Vomen and 'men Are all strerrming out of The Five and Ten. For buying presents .lt any time The most popular place Is the Five and Dime! -Lucille Hagenbuch. Qyster Stew A-n oyster -met an oyster They were oysters two. Two oysters met two oysters, And they 'were oysters, too. Four oysters met a quart of milk, find they -were oyster ste-ze! -Wlalter J. Shook. ninety 13 Going to Classes Dow-n the stairs and through the halls, Away we go to classes, And on the way, look not at walls, But flirt with pretty lasses. Frederick Gardner Happy Landing A house on a hill, A hill under a house. Remember the story of Jael: and Jill? Forget it, this is about a mouse. It looked like cheese, the color was yellow. Said the mouse: "Just the thing for a hungry fellow." Ile commenced to gnarc' and chew there on the floor, But was interrupted by a terrific roar, And now the-re is a 'mouse no more. Dyna mite and Dyna mite not, But this Dyna did, :Ind 'now we are rid Of another unfortunate who forgot To read the "caution" on the lid. ninety-one -Gordon Ruhf. CGME Acknowledgment E, the class of 1935, wish to express our sincere appreciation to our patrons, advertisers, and friends for their splendid cooperation in making our "Comet" a success. Mr. Floyd Altemose Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Bajan Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Baker Mr. and ltfrs. Emory Barlieb Dr. and Mrs. Sem G. Beck Mr. and lifrs. Wlilliam Bennett Dr. Reuban Brazina Mr. and Mrs. VVarren L. Breinig Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Brobst and Mrs. C. L. Bunn Mary Cassano and Mrs. Edmund Champion and Mrs. Robert Colver Dr. and Mrs. VVilliam F. Cope Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Derr Miss Pearl Engler Mr. and Mrs. Clarence F. Fehnel Mr. Stanley S. Fehr Mr. and Mrs. Howard Fox Mr. and Mrs. Morris D. Frable Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Franczak Miss Henrietta Frantz Jacob F. Fraunfelder James Fry Dr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. George Grim and Mrs. Raymond Haldeman Dr. and Mrs. VVilliam Joseph Happel Mr. and Mrs. VVilliam B. Harper Mrs. Mary L. Hartzell Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Heaney Mr. and Mrs. F. D. Heckman Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Heintzelman Mr. and Mrs. Wilmer A. Heyer Mr. and Mrs. D. E. Keim Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Knauss Mr. Mr. Mr. hir. hlr. Rev. Mr. Mr. hir. Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Kuauss and Mrs. VValter Knecht and Mrs. Jacob Kowalzck and Mrs. Howard Leh and Mrs. F. A. Marcks and Mrs. Paul S. lNIeinert and Mrs. Howard Meyers and Mrs. Ludwig Mikolajczyk and Mrs. George N. Miller J. A. Miller, Jr. Nazareth Parent-Teacher Asso. Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Nicholas Miss Florence Nicholas Dr. and Mrs. Calvin Nickel Dr. and Mrs. H. C. Pohl Mr. and .Mrs. John Price Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Schaeffer Mrs. A. G. Schmidt Mr. and hlrs. Frank H. Schmidt Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Schrammel Mr. and lNIrs. Sam Seguine Dr. and lNIrs. A. E. N. Seyfried Mr. Charles Shimer Mr. and Mrs. Howard Shimer Mr. and Mrs. VVilliam Silfies Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Snyder Rev. and Mrs. H. C. Snyder Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Taylor Mr. and Mrs. P. S. Trumbower Dr. and Mrs. N. C. Uhler E. J. Unangst and Sons Dr, and Mrs. F. N. VVagner Mr. and Mrs. Howard J. VVerkheiser Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wlerner VVoman's Club of Nazareth ninety-two r??1'?- .ff in f--. . ,fwsai-4?"1':' 1 ' 1' 5-1, -M .f3,i5dz5?f'-'Wi'-?'1' -Q ' L' ' Isqlwi, A f"'N',fA.:.i:.1 V .HSQVQTVI.Z,2iLfv?,TVVVf.ff' ' - - . - ' . X- x qi V " L " -Qi.-7-1 li 'f ' "'Jm-vifff ., . '15, V: V , 1. . V--'win ' - - M.. " ., 3 2 . ---3-5:f....... giaifg 5E :V iilg.-I.-Qj""'A ' V33:Q:f- ' as-' V -55 -34 y f.. A - SN" , V -V ,V . V V .- - 'ZIP' , V ,.,, ,, V-mmvr CVM .5 A-75 - '5V 41S"VV.- Lili, , -:'1':':. -- -if-2Q:,, . f ., 4- s- ,-" J- ' .Wil-."..', : Iif J- ' 'V V V V- V --"'m--R:--f ' :Vzxiiia "' ' -- iff- . 3 2-1, QL 1- , . V . : .V w X I-1 V 4:, , W -. .V.ATf"'- .Mr fr,,.VLVV-- - V- 3.1-L-3 1- ' , , ,, ' Vitesse'-g,.f , t. 33-vj?ii-33,3 '..1V3'?f-YET'-. .:5w:.4 'V V V-.5 K -.2 ., si' ' ""' 'YW-f'fi9 ' : 2 gt" ,z ., -xf-"1" 'pg 9' , 014' - . '- N- "-'Nui fl'-'-I- V' V, V gm- , VV-V -V EV ' .5.,f,V.-.QV I " " " ' '---V..f,-V-:M f-Life . A f. - .- .. ' . ,gg ,, ,.V,. V ,,.,,..., ,Y .. VME., Vg - .agp Lb., 3. A, 5 Vpggzo, -V 'fifii I- -- Q ..... ,-., V 5-Ely -5- my :V - VA t ,V . 3,..,..:Vf-Vg'- Q. A, -Q 5- -- ws- 3. is-f . V V- - V X " . A V ,. V dir..-1 . V, W-.2-1- ' - - -- '- V. V. ,V gQ1?LV..j,,,j4V - . V 1 .,V,,..,,- '- ...X-za.-,,g,g5 ig31Lfi -' ff ' .f "W ' - gg.-.V 'Vi-,. ., ., :L 5 , '-- '-HV .5-.-r.-'1.vV.v 2 f'--rv -.Ie .Fi-I 2? ,f ri-R J V '. ' 1 ." 'E . .':rg+j.:J.fV 'fvu-:fl-I.-"-1 Q I I f"1":.14 V-':5 l"f!' 5" 5 - ' - H1 , .V ff-5435.1-2' " V 1 3- ' - if . Vi- Q-: 'E ' ,V '42-V aw- E V - V 'm ,V VV- -ex. VV if wwfx- V .m Vf . Les-. VV Lg, V bf. , . , V. .. . - . Pgf,-9 Vt-.-E rig- wry. - '-V-1-u . Via.:-335.2 f - fl' Vym- Sinn -i - ----VVVS - J: K ,-V,-1 V K 7.15---V Q, Q - ,- ,Ve - . VV V V- H21-1' 4 f--- . - -- - ., , asian- 1,- 'VVQC5 3113? Vfiaxfgr- ' a ' " "-1. -l ' -iff ' V- V--V 'V .V 4-.' 4 1 -..- - '-.7 1.39 .rg -V . f 1 V 1 53- V-'ff' J I-?-'bzblz--"" -if ' 'N-. 4' '- - V...f.. -yfifkf' '-'F V-,Jk -.--2 J - .VV KV ff' 5 V V -Vw VV VV- AV, V- 4 .M Q1.V.:.---' , . .1 V ... ,. . ,MW X , ' 'q1:,'112, 1,-5-E-,V-' Lqzg-QV " -- --V-1.3.--:'4:q.g..I,z: .,,.,,,,., -- -:zum-5.1. .f mhgh f. wr-. A- ., .. V.,. ,gm V...-s .r. .V . ..,kVV.VL. V --SQ' . 21-f'L'i'-'-"12v"" '. ' -li'-1.1'V -VJ 2 "-fm 1'f I K' ' NX --4' f7'f"f .fTv'--r:f:.::q,-:f----- " . G .. b. Q V :,::,: .:Q2L'E5 t 'V .V J . I .gm gi - 431: . -5353 l ,. f-,,V..V:'V- . - - ..,.fss?+f-' ..- 0211?-rx U, --NV, -Q 9...-Vg. ' . Vw V ... ..,, ., ,,.4.., .,f . --,.- . .f.- ,, V V,, ff... . .p.V,,V4V ,e4,5g1,,.,,,V p.,,.,,S? .V V A VV ,...,V4f.,13.,,,Vv: , V jg ... . V , V f- . 4,1-1, . . :.G1,1s?? ' ' ----rg. f . . , it V . 7153- . . 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W., f1Q3VVV,a'2 r: --VsmVf:-?VVV.1.-'.:-- L-' "I "--V--Y 'QL' .Ni -2' - : " sf. , .1 F '5- . axle' x I ,1.,c,.V, ,.:.,,.:w,i.55,j 5V-. .Vgf V al L:.if !V ,.5VV..j-V A I 5, ' ' .E-ETP' Q 'c-3.:VV5-'Q-x-MW-5 ...M ,. lf --gi f ..i.'5V. .g ifs asifag5f1--ei 2 . ---NM .gi " :-'Q5l. f:,... ,,.-1--' '- Q.,.f-"ish ' fi ' ..,.'c,.5'V-:'V:1:s:'i.!-51al V- "W F ...VgVa1- V ,- , . b v-'lfh -V-11-ff., 1, ,-VM. -- 5: 1.--P gs- :V ' ' - -V . 'r-?:r1-1.--.1 ,33,:.:gV1:VfaI'Vgf.--:f. -2-Ivf 7 1537- -Y -- f-VV -3:1 t ' .- - 1-sw----12-'ak' -. 5'-' -C 1'-Tic..--V ' -if 'S LV 2-ff '-if ' Am. . V V V. ---SQ ,. A V ,mx-., V . V V , QQ.:-VV, V xy- .VN -745:K,,:,, - , ,gh WV -HY... - - .QF - . -VV-f. h 4... , N-gig-K... 155- ,ff-L :-1--4. ,k ' 11 J. " 'Vis-:ffl .H .. ,': ' 'f. ,1 .x,- -- '- """T--' , . "i3'fif1Vk1f?5" :fl-f -- 'VW -575-l -'X - hvxmws 1,-I 1 -- ' .' f,gVV-X531V1...f:--1'-Vi:V, , . V ... ,.,,V V, VV .,,,,.Vq. .FV ,, W... . , ..Vg V .,-,W ,. "S-P" 'H:fff7f5if4fV955?"'5"715-ifwi-wi-3-1. l' V-1-'s1 .'f. k' . ,.r' 'N F ' L" ' 751- 1'-V--xv--f--N---QQV. V.. '-A 1 ' --1-f' -'V 5 . 1 .. .'11:+:.:::: 3,1 "?""' 2' : : , .ty F-Emma! -f BVERTISEMEN T3 PENNSYLVANIA - DIXIE CEMENT CORPORATION NAZARETH PENNSYLVANIA Branrls: "PENNSYLVANIA" "CLINCl-lFIELD" HDEXTERN No. 1-Kingsport, Tenn. No. 2-Clinchiield, Ga. No. 3-Richard City, Tenn. ho. 4---Nazareth, Pa. "ROYAL" Plants : No N0 No No H I Penn Allen, Pa. Bath, Pa. Valley Junction, Ia. ninety-four Portland Point, N. Y Keystone Portland Cement Company Bath, Pa. Manufacturers of KEYSTONE PORTLAND CEMENT "A Beiter Ce-ment" and VELROCA A Perfect, High Early Strength Portland Cement General Offices: 1400 So. Penn Square, Philadelphia, Pa. Sales Offices: Philadelphia New York Boston ninety-five Chevrolet Oldsmobile Sales - Service I-IAI-IN CHEVROLET COMPANY Geo. VV. Hahn, Proprietor ESSO GASOLINE, OILS and GREASES ATLAS TIRES and TUBES ACCESSORIES Phone 12 ,?l 1' al 47 So. Broad Street TTHEVROLET Nazareth, PH- n?ll-'I7 Miss Sloat: "VVhat was important in Dicken's life?" QA prose writer Kenneth S., '35: "He was made poet laureate." W. F. Messinger PLUMBING - HEATING REFRIGERATORS South Main Street NAZARETH, PA. ninety-six VV. K. Shimer, President - L. G. Peters, Treasurer Geo. H. Viielty, Secretary The Nazareth Coal and Lumber Co COAL, LUMBER, HARDXVARE and BUILDING MATERIAL 430 and -L36 South Main Street XAZARETH, PA. Building Paper Lehigh and Lead, Paints, Varuishes Scranton Maytag Electric VVashers "Blue" Coal Miss Sloat: "The girl went west and had - - Evelyn Learn, '36: "Six children." CCorrect answer-"Many expcriencesfj Co-mplimcnts of F. P. ROI-IN UNDERTAKI-:R and EMBALMER ninety-seven Churchman Business College "A Thorough Business Training School" Secretarial, Accounting and Business Administration Courses- college grade. Business, Stenographie, and special review courses. Twenty-three Colleges and Universities, and thirty-nine high schools are represented in the student enrollment this term. Member of the National Association of Accredited Commercial Schools. Day school is in session the entire year. Night school is in ses- sion from September to May. Students may enter at any time. Free placement service. Catalog mailed upon request. VV. E. CHURCHMAN, Principal 20-22 South Fourth Street, Easton, Pa. PHONE 2-4041 M. Rinker, '35: CTranslating F1'6l'lChD "And what a perfect husband she would make." P. S.'Trun1bower, President Howard E. Shimer, Secretary Manufacturers of ICG. UJ. PAT. Off cH1LDREN's UNDERWEAFCJ Sales Office - 366 Broadway - New York Mills - NAZARETH, PA. , There are styles to suit ages from 1 to 16 years. Infants' shirts and pantiesg ehildren's waist suitsg boys' and misses' union suits in various styles and fabrics. Also Nazareth Sleepers in one and two-piece styles. All retail at popular prices. nin ety-eight HOW MANY LESSONS IN AN EDUCATION? You do not worry about the 12,000 lessons you will have learned before you complete your high school education. Do not worry, either, about how many de- posits are needed to reach "a fortune." Just keep saving a little bit at a time, persistently, and financial indepen- dence will be yours early in life, instead of late - or IICVCT. Tl-IE SECOND NATIONAL BANK "THE BANK OF REAL SERVICE R. Franczak, '35: Qfloncluding oral book reportj "And then she died- all by herself." YO U'RE NEVER S URE 'TI L YO U INS URE Farmers Mutual Fire lnsurance Company ol Northampton County Incorporated March 17, 1845 Nearly a Century of Insurance Service Amount of Insurance in force 839,000,000 FARMERS MUTUAL BUILDING 720 So. Main Street Nazareth, Pa. Preston O. Hess. Pres. Harry R. Young, Vice-Pres. William D. Kunkel, Sec'y Howard S. Knecht, Treas. Woodley 8z Davis, Solicitors ninety-nine Andrew G. Kern, Pres. VV111. J. Santee, Sec.-Treas The -I-rumhower Company Dealers in COAL, LUMBER, CRUSHED STONE and BUILDING MATERIAL Nazareth, Pa. Main Office: Branch Office: EASTON ROAD Z3 SOUTH MAIN ST Phone 47 Phone 157 REET E. Rudge, '35: "YVhy do they shave a person's head befo e1ectr0cuted?" A. Brody, '35: "So his hair won't burn." re he is Chrysler Plymouth O Sales and Service BROAD ST. Compliments GARAGE H. Siegel and R. I. Wessner Proprietors of GARAGE and SERVICE STATION " 125 South Broad Street Friend Nazareth, Pa. Phone 257 I , O Open Day and Night one hundred Compliments of Mutual Benefit Association NAZARETH CEMENT co. NAZARETH, PA. lVe wonder if the girl that marries "Dutch'l Vlieirkheiser will be a Duchess." The Best Lesson You Can Learn- "Is io Bank Your M one-:yu The book that will teach you more than any other book, is the Bank Book. lt will teach you the value of money- the best lesson any person can learn. XVe offer you the Safety and Service of our strong bank and will pay you one and one-half percent interest on your deposits. NAZAIQETI-I NATIGNAI. BANK and TFQUST COMPANY One of the Strongest Ba-nks in Pennsylzvania, one hundred one Cofnzplfmen is of THE NAZARETH INN Under New Manage ment We Cater to BANQUETS and PRIVATE PARITES SUNDAY DINNERS A SPECIALTY Chester P. Schmoyer. Prop. MESSINGER Dusters Threshers Corn Shellers also General Jobbing VVork and Grey Iron 81 Aluminum Castings Messinger Mfg. Co. Tatamy, Penna. J. C., '35: "Methinks I'1l get some Indian neckwear-.' F. G., '35: ulVll21t,S that?,' J. C., '35: HBOVV tie and ARROVV collar." DODGE - PLYMOUTH Passenger Cars HOWARD E. YEISLEY DODGE TRUCKS Funeral Director At New Low Prices Graduate Lady Assistant Mauch Chunk Phone Easton 2-5077 and Church Street Tatamy - - - Penna. Phone 355 Nazareth, Pa. one huud red two Compliments of Compliments of SIMEON B. HARDING FUNERAL DIRECTOR R. D. LAIVIBERT JEFVELER 32 South Main Street Nazareth, Pa- Nazareth, Penna. Heard in the lavatory during March: "I know it seems strange, but this is the only place in the building where we can get some fresh air, for it's the only place we're allowed to open a window." Compliments MEADOW BROOK of FARM GOLDEN GUERNSEY 8: SON MILK FUNERAL SERVICE We Serve to Please All- Distributed by Phone Nazareth 2851241 Benner 31 W00dfiHg Phone 189 or 595-R Moorestown, Pa. one hundred three Phone: Nazareth 37-R3 GEO. N. MILLER GENERAL MERCHANDISE and FARMING IMPLEMENTS Distributors of NV A Y N E HOG. DAIRY, CALF, HORSE and POULTRY FEEDS Nazareth, Pa., Route No. 2 Bushkill Centre, Pa. Nazareth Creamery and Dairy John D. Edelman, Prop. PASTEURIZED MILK CREAM :: BUTTER BUTTERMILK and COTTAGE CHEESE Phone 81 Nazareth. Pa. E. A., '37: "Do you want C. C., '37: "VVhat for?" E. A., '-37: "Thirty cents. as to buy two fifteen-cent tickets?" .f1llentown's Leading Studio for Students WINT STUDIO 617 Linden Street Allentown, Pa. Dial 21310 for Appointment l'ompliments Of BINNEY 81 SMITH COMPANY Blanufachlrers of C R A Y O L A one hundred four Hercules Troux lute Portland C RE Cement - . A lil Mlnhv- I num I , l l r I, fl 'I ,: for - f -V All Nazareth News .11 wr ' 'sin-. ' -F Hercules Cement IV? Cater to Corporation II. S. Sports Pllilndelphia - Bostfn New York Miss VVeikcl: "I'm very sorry you brought your map books today. Xou won't need them." E. B ' ' " ' uss, 37. I stramed myself carrying it." Miss VVeikel: "Let me see it." E. B.: "I forgot it." The People's Coal 8: Supply Co. Stockertown, Pa. Dealers in COAL :: LUMBER BUILDING SUPPLIES Complinwnfs of Charles C. Wil Stockertown, Pcnna. lauer one humlrvd five Phone 121 Compliments 0f KOCH'S MEAT MARKET STRICTLY FRESH IVIEATS POULTRY At All Times WValnut Street Nazareth, Pa. J. H. NEWHARD Est. Dealers in GENERAL MERCHANDISE FRESH MEATS and PROVISIONS Cor. Main and Centre Streets Stockertown, Pa. H. P., '37: "You must have more lives than a cat." D. H., '36: "VVhy?" H. P., '37: "Curiosity has killed catsf' Compliments of Compliments BROAD STREET MEAT MARKET EDWARD H. KE RN All Kinds of FRESH and SMOKED MEATS Home-Made Pork Products POULTRY IN SEASON Phone 14-8 VVe Deliver Of BATES VALVE BAG Corporation Dlanufacturefrs of PAPER BAGS for Flour, Cement, Gypsum, Ground Limestone, Plaster and Other Pulverized Products one hundred six Compliments of C. W. I-IARTIVIAN Belfast, Pa. MEAT and ICE CREAM CAPS :: GOWNS Tuxedo Suits for Sale and Hire Suits for All Occasions ll lllf .W I sl -- mix f l l ' I s I 1 - L Costumes and VVigs Professional Mal-:e-Up C. E. ROTI-I 206 N. Tenth Street Allentown, Pa. Tuxedo Including Vest - 322.50 Mr. Shekletskiz "Did you ever see a large sieve?" E. VVerkheiser: "Yes, a Sophomore's head." C. F. Martin 8: Co., Inc. Nazareth, Pa. Established 1833 Illanufacturers of GUITARS, MANDOLINS and UKULELES Tenor Guitars, Hawaiian Guitars, Special Orchestra Model and Other Styles Illustrated Catalogue on Request Flour Feed Grain Co'mplime'n.ts of FLORY MILLING CO. 435 So. Main Street Nazareth - - - Penna. mu XVJX ROW 'ft 31 Lo RisI E Epsl P 0 I, in Phone 145 one hundred seven CAADY STATIONERY TOBACCO S F RACK Sz LEI-l Complinzmzts A Authorized of N 9 SWAVELY S D W the Original CUT RATE STORE I SALES and. SERVICE C Z7 Belvidere Street H 235 South Broad Street Nazareth, Pa. E Nazareth, Pa. S PATENT TOILET Telephone 124 MEDICINES ARTICLES ' I Student: "I can tell the score of the basketball game before it starts." ' II Student: "What is it?" I Student: "Nothing to nothing before it starts." Bethlehem Business College VVilhur Trust Building Bethlehem, Pa. Secretarial, Accounting, and General Business Courses for High School Graduates REVIEW and ADVANCED NVOI-IK IN ALL COMMERCIAL SUBJECTS Day and Evening Sessfons Special Summer School Write, Phone or Call for Catalog VV. F. Magee, President Nazareth Planing Mill Co. Manufacturers of MILLWORK OF QUALITY SASH DOORS, SHUTTERS ISLINDS. FRAMES, COLONNADES, STAIR WORK, INTERIOR TRIM, LIOULDIXG, I-ITC. Estimates Cheerfully Furnished Prospect and Green Streets Nazareth. Pa. one hundred eight Compliments of FRANK I-IUTH 8: SONS 56 South Main Street Nazareth, Pa. Insurance that can be depended upon in an emergency O Telephone 177 REllVlER'S Nazareth New Agency A full line of BOOKS MAGAZINES STATIONERY KODAK SUPPLIES SPORTING GOODS UIGARS CIGARETTES Phone 230-R 143 South Main Street Heard back stage during rehearsal for the "Tin Heron: "If it were true that every kiss shortens one's life by ten seconds, as a scientist recently said, some of the girls in this school would have been dead over three hundred years ago." Albert O. Sturgis Sc Son 23 South, Main Street Nazareth : : : Penna. O Real Estate General Insurance Notary Public 0 Telephone 157 Compliments of H. P. DIETZ PHOTOGRAPHER Nazareth - - Penna. I Branch Studio: Pen Argyl, Pa. one hundred nine Q THE NEW' LEADER STORE Cor. Main and Belvidere Streets Nazareth, Pa. O STUDENTS' APPAREL U Siyled - Right Priced -- Right STORE - VVIDE SALE MEN'S and YOUNG MEN'S SUITS - also - ' YOUTHS' and BOYS' 4 - PIECE SUITS Reduced Prices on: Florsheim Shoes Mallory and Emerson Hats Flannel 'Trousers Munsing Underwear HENRY SCHLEGEL Nazahretlfs Leading Store for Men and Boys J. R., '37: "VVhat's the difference between a horse and a girl?" R. S., '36: "I d0n't knowf' J. R., '37: "You must have some wonderful dates." EAST END GARAGE GENERAL AUTO REPAIRING BEAR AXLE ALIGNMENT and FRAME STRAIGHTENING TOVVING Phone 388 Day and Night Service On the Stockertown Pike Nazareth, Pa. J. W. JACKSON MEATS and GROCERIES I Ice Cream Candy Tobacco Soft Drinks O Corner Belvidere and New Streets Nazareth, Penna. Telephone 9016 MAGAZINE and LENDING LIBRARY one hundred ten THE NEW' COOLERATOR Safe Zlfodcrn Refrigeration. UNIFORM COLD TEMPERATION PROPER HUMIDITY ELIMINATION OF FOOD ODORS NVASHED AIR 10 DAYS FREE TRIAL -Bl Sold by Nazareth Artificial Ice Co. Nazareth, Pa. Compliments of BRODY BROS. 5, 10 and 25C STORE 45 South Main Street HARDXVARE STORE 39 South Main Street Nazareth, Pa. After Mr. Sliekletski had finished giving some directions in the labora- tory. Senior: "I wasnlt looking. lVl1at did l1e say?" S. J. GREGORY GARAGE 6 - HUPMOBILE - S Sales and Service SUNOCO GAS and OIL AUTO REPAIRING and SUPPLIES 27 Mauch Chunk Street Nazareth, Pa. Phone 478 Compliments of CLAUDE W. FOX GREEN VALLEY BUTCHER Only the Finest in Home Dressed Meats at Moderate Prices Phone: Bethlehem 4386-R one hundred eleven O W. T. HACK REFRIGERATION RADIO Member of Radio h'IE1l1llfElCfL1I'CI',S Service Q Guaranteed Service fVork on All Blake Radios C Phone Naz. 287-R-4 Compliments of CHARLES THOMPSON and CLARENCE J. MATTHEWVS Representatives of Metropolitan Life Insurance Co. 400 Northampton Street Easton, Pa. We wlli be glad t-0 advise you in ax retirement program to fit your needs Phone Easton 22131 Ask About Our Free Nursing Service Mr. Leh: "I'Ve changed my mind - " Student: Un an undertonel "I wonder i f it works any better." COLD MEATS C-ROCERIES Compliments Compliments S of C of 0 E fl o.A.cU1v1 Q 4 Wambold s S Tammy' Pa. C . Grocetler R C Candy E Broad and Center St. Light Lunch A Nazareth, Pa. D G d 0,1 M Y as an 1 Phone 315-M FILLING STATION CIGARS TOBACCOS one hundred twelve Complimen ts 0f STARNER BEAUTE SALON i I-IAHN 8: GOLD Builders PHONE 49 I Senior Qafter rehearsal for the senior playyz "I hope I'm not lean ing on you too hard." II Senior: "That's all right, the pressure is all mine." INSURE PONTIAC IN SURE 6 and 8 Sales :: Smrvice INSURANCE SQUARE DEAL .fissures 1. Prompt Payment. of Losses. Low Rate to Policy Holders. The Farmers Union Mutual Fire Ins. Co Pali' 81 Darrohn, Props. 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Suggestions in the Nazareth Area High School - Comet Yearbook (Nazareth, PA) collection:

Nazareth Area High School - Comet Yearbook (Nazareth, PA) online yearbook collection, 1931 Edition, Page 1


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Nazareth Area High School - Comet Yearbook (Nazareth, PA) online yearbook collection, 1936 Edition, Page 1


Nazareth Area High School - Comet Yearbook (Nazareth, PA) online yearbook collection, 1937 Edition, Page 1


Nazareth Area High School - Comet Yearbook (Nazareth, PA) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Page 1


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