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1 . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 L , 1 1 1 1 ' 1 , 1 1 1 ' 1 , X, 1 W 1 1 1 W 1 1 1 W 11 , , N 1 ,1 1 1 1 1 .1 1 1 1 "1 11 1 1 . 1 , -1 I 1 1 , 1 1 1 , 1 1 1 1 1 1 :1 ,1 1 .1 ., 1 I " 1 1 X L 1 1 1 , 1 , r . 1 .--,..,..-. -. ,i.' - -,L..- .4 -.z.... . -Q- L w V f'ikY-, ,f "1 . -, ,141 1 , v, IJ x. V , -1,15 5 v- .1 1 ' 'f 27' xi-sig:-j ., 'Li L51-nf.-' A levy , jf ." f..- :L .:- - 5 .l. ,'r :U r i 'f f' ' Q Y -ilg ifil L A, -. 1514757 V771 - ,, my V -- Y: ,, H' ff -l,Qg qi ! 4 . 5-if l . Y 11 . Y f - " 744: fu! -.,-f - V ' AN- .:- W4-. W' W Aa N A I 1 i 5 I 5 W N w 1 Y I i . LW- Q---w, -- J. The CQMET 1 9 3 4 A Chapter in the History of Nazareth High SchoQ1 vorurvus xv Edited by the Senior Class Foreword MAY this book be a perennial monument, treasuring memories of our high school days and the good-Will and affection between the student body and the faculty. Contents Dedication The Fa-ther of the Public School System Comet StaE School Board of Education Administration V Faculty Greetings Seniors Poem In Memoriam Classes Organizations Activities Athletics Humor Patrons Advertisers A CO GOVERNOR GEORGE WOLF Dedication To Governor George Wolf who established and upheld free public education in Pennsylvania, we gratefully dedicate this "Comet", EIJGII CEFOQI.-L934 CO "The Pgtheftof The Public School System" T the end of the trail of 100 years from the little log school house to temples of learning built of concrete and steel, we pause this year to celebrate thecentennial anniversaryof our educational system in Pennsylvania. We, in the county of Northampton, which has had the honor ol' being Qthe birthplace of the man, through whose determination and perseverance education was provided for all children, rich and poor alike, highly honor the memory of that man-Governor George Wolf. This man, known as the "Father of the Public School System", was born in Allen Township, Northampton County, Pennsylvania, August l2lili, 1777, ol German parentage. l-lis father gave financial and moral support in helping to erect the "Wolf Academyug and at eight years of age, young George began his elementary education in that building. After graduating from there, he passed on to other fields of workg but later returned to teach at the same school, which was still a private institution. George Wolf held many positions. Some of these were: lawyer, postmaster of Easton, clerk of Orphans' Court, a member ol Congress, and Governor of Pennsylvania, but he is best remembered for his eliforts in establishing a public school system in Pennsylvania in 1834. When the committee on education ol' the state House of Representatives, 183o-31, reported an estimation that "ol 4oo,ooo children between live and lifteen years of age, more than 25o,ooo have not been in school during the last year", the campaign lor free public schools was on. There was much excitement over the state as the 1833-34 session ol' the General Assembly got under way with 'free schools as the chiel' issue. Governor Wolf said in his message: 'Alt is time, 'fellow citizens, that the character of our state be redeemed from the state of stupidness and inditlerence under which its most important interest, the education of its citizens, has so long been languisliingf' Proponents of the free public schools were victorious in a rather spectacular battle and the bill was unanimously passed by both House and Senate in 1834. Schools began to grow throughout the state but education yet faced its greatest struggle. 3 Two years later opponents of the school sy-stem began their nght for repeal, and Governor Woll, who bravely asserted that the new system was decidedly preferable to the old from every point of view, was defeated at the ensuing election. Thaddeus Stevens in the Assembly made a famous speech which won the victory for free schools. We, the school children ol today, who are enjoying the benefits ol this school system, believe as did Thaddeus Stevens in 1835 when he said of Governor Wolf, "he dt-serves the undying gratitude ol the people lor the steatly, untiring zeal which he has manifested in favor of common schools." E1v111.Y G. Huones ,341 HIGH . CHGOQI. - L93-4E CO COMET STAFF Back Row: Jurasits, D, Uhler, Kidd, R, Uhler. Front Row: Christmank Nagle, Haldeman, Miss Nicholas, Blveiler, Wunderly, Werkheiser, Hughes, Carmel, Hugo, Radovich, Scheetz, Hahn, Boerstler, Schissler, Saeger, Thomas, Heyer, IYLVIJIIIIIIIIIGIH-'Ili 0 - L93 ' L61 COMET Comet Staff Editor-Iii-Chief OLGA RADOVICH Associate Editors FREIJA SCHEETZ EMILY HUGHES Business M imager BEATRICI3 CARMEL Assistant Business Managers ANNE BOERSTLER FRANI4 TEIvIIvIEL TRUMAN KIDD ' Literary Editors ORTHIA HEYER NAOMI I-IERZING Music Editor Dramatic Editor Social Editor VERNA THOMAS EVA IVERKHEISER GERALDINE BLEILER Art Editor RAYMOND UHLER Athletic Editors DONALD UHLER KATHRYN HALDEMAN Photography Editors EVELYN CI-IRISTMAN MARGARET SAEGER joke Editors NELDA SCHISSLER FRANCIS STANNARD LOUIS jURAsI'Is Typists ELIZABETH VVUNDERLY FLORENCE HAHN DOROTHY NAGLE LILIAN HUGO Faculty Adviser FLORENCE L. NICHOLAS EDGE CHDQL-L9 4 NAZARETH HIGH SCHOOL Alma Mater ln the old historic Nazareth 'Gainst the rising sun Stands out loved Alma Mater Pride of days to come. Here with daily tasks we struggle With our goal in sight Ever mindful ol' our brothers And the Blue and White By thy name, dear Alma Mater, We shall win the light: And for us. thy sons and daughte Days will C,Cl' be bright. Nazareth High, to thee were pledging All our main and might-- Never shall dishonor' cloud thee Nor the Blue and White! EARL LAUDIG 31 HIGHS CHUQL - L934 CO BOARD OF EDUCATION Back Row: C. Flfedlerick Martin, A. Russell Snyder, William M. Bennett Front Row: Howard I-I. Leh, Elwood J . Unangst, Clara A, Beck, Charles J. Knauss, Walter E, Kern, Presidenzf C. FREDERICK NIARTIN Vice-President Treasu1'e1' I-IOWARD I-I. LE1-1 NVALTER E. IQERN Secretnrjf to Board C1-IARLES j. KN.-xuss -EJCZH O - QL 4 CO FLORENCE L. NICHOLAS, B. Principal Graduate of Nazareth High School East Stroudsburg State Teachers College Teachers College, f , S.,M.A, Columbia University lVlaster's Degree, Columbia University FREDERICK A. MARCKS, rx. iz. S7L1767"UiSi7'Zg Principal Graduate of Emaus l-ligh School Allentown Preparatory School Muhlenberg College Graduate Work Elf University of Pennsylvania EDGE CHOQL-L9 42 l10J 'ak II 5'IIU!1.....:gjV u..,' 1 ' -gUnmmvmmnmurmunumum1ulmlmmllruumnfmmul mmmfuwlugzeuurnxlrlwmug E . 41.-I V Wu E111.Ji'lUlnIlmHTwwnm,'R11iulv1q11rnn:nmullmfgungrqynlsuln.:31nw5frgsg1giMlHH2QQv, X' ggi mf' 4 i , Q, , em. 3 1 .X 41- Av, ,- 4 f X., Px , Elm?-E- .f MQ Q Y LfL -L -f- .1QfW fsxi ww f "ff 'L A -L waF3 V f A 1 Q ...V ,1 fa - N' if 4-if 1 -5:1-1211 -:-- 121 - ,2 P EEYEEJ-'1XxVN'e,wK I' - XX Q 1 .3-Lqxiia ---QBQT:-tr-41 ,-1' .- If X, QNX' W, ff,E1- f IWSEMHFM 'H .1 "Fl"!'1l1!!5f t?'f"""fQfi fl- 4' QW". I W -V mlnnnlmlin1'K'1lll!IilllllllllllllLlLl!'!"'f-f?U!?' 4' Wifi Vnhl DVI-'i fy 'xIg:4i4f"'f.-Alii-.ig- f'i'4 fiiin -YW Wrmuuwcf f IJ .5-fy' gygggx :QQ J V! K Eff i ' Jef- 1 'f -. ' X5 X! , Wg, L? , Y-21 :EE 'Q '4 F W 1, N K f 1 E-'QQ1-l Pg 'D Q ,lf E , E Lg - L :uv W fwf QB Gab? X - Hmm CO 'vm i J. FREDERIC KNECHT ELIZABETH S. SLOAT A. B., M. A. A. B., M. A. English English ANNE Y, LONG ANDREW S. LEH B, S. Ph. B., M. A, Physical Education Physical Education Q ADAM E. SI-IEKLETSKI DOROTHY WEIKEL A. B, B. S. Chemistry, Physics European History 51615121 CHOQL - 1934 ' Q CO D, L' DETWILER JEAN B. CLUTE Industrial Arts Art ELIZABETH MARX GUY CUMP A. B. B. S- Languages Mathematics CHARLOTTE DIXON EVA E. STUCKEY B, C. S. B. S. Commercial Comm-ercial EUGQH CHUQL- CO 6 MAE YEISLEY E. MABEL ANDERS B. S. B, S. Music Sewing LAHOMA PEPPELL, B, S. Librarian sz EVELYN E, METZ MARY GRIM S-ecr-etary School Nurse 4 E141 COME1 A n Message To THE lVlEMBERS OF THE CLASS or 1934, GREET1Ncs: You are preparing to leave your homes and local school where you were protected from many of the temptations which you must face alone. It is my hope that we are as wise as the birds who keep their young in their nests until the wing muscles are sufficiently developed to enable them to fly. Ever remember the standards of right and wrong taught, by precept and example, in the home, the school and the church. Try and remember the many blessings you enjoyed-the gifts of a liberal social group: be determinecl to become a good citizen, ever supporting those who strive to do what is right and honorable. GEORGE A. GRIM, County Superintendent of Schools - 1 515! lla-i,, 1 ,,g .Es - . f' E151 CO Senior Class Cflicers First Semester Second Semester P7'6Sld67lf--FRANK TEMMEL l'reside1zt-FRANK TEMMEI. Vice-President-GEORGE XVUNDERLY Vice-Preside1zt-KATHRYN HALDEMAN Secretary-FREDA SCHEETZ Seamtary--DoRo'l"HY Swmvrwoon T1'easm'er-EMI LY STROUSE Treamre1'-NAOM1 I-I mm NG Ass't Sec'y and Treas.-STER LING FULS Ass't Secfy and Trans.-G EORGE XVUNDER LY Student Council-EVELYN CHRISTMAN Stzuieul Cozlmzil-Douo'r1-1Y NAGLE -FRANCIS STANNARD -FRANCIS STANNARD l'IlSt0Tll11Z-STRUMAN Kmu Motto: "Let us be judged by our deeds." Class Flower Class Colors White Rose Green and White l16l CO Senior, Class History INALLY the moment which we had anxiously awaited arrived, when we, the class of IQ34, were to become students of Nazareth lligh School. There were one hundred seven seekers of knowledge about to enter this higher school of learning from which everyone some day wished to graduate. Our Freshman class was organized in due time. We were all backward and bashful at hrstg but to get better acquainted, we held a l'lallowe'en Party in the junior l-ligh Gym. Well! we sort of lost our bashfulness when we entered our Sophomore year. There were eighty-six pupils returning to continue toward their final goal. During the year, many of our classmates participated in such extra-curricular activities as Athletics, Clee Club and Debating. Boy! how proud we were when we entered the junior year. We knew that we would receive our class rings and would also have the honor of giving the Seniors a reception. Music for the occasion was provided by Danny Dever's orchestra. During the year our hearts were saddened by the death of I-lelen Phillips, a classmate. Finally on September 2, 1933, fifty-seven of our classmates returned for our hnal year as Seniors. At the beginning ol the year, the Senior Class was entertained by the class ol 1935 at a reception. ln February, members of the "Comet" staff were elected and they started immediately to try and make this book a success. The Senior play, "The Patsy", was presented on April zo, in the Nazareth l'-ligh School auditorium. We are now preparing ourselves for the Hnal goal, Commencement. We shall soon be going out to begin our life work but we shall always cherish 'fond memories of our high school days. TRUMAN Kiop, I-listoriaiz EDGE TCEOQL - CO IRENE BARLIEB "Irene', This tall, charming Senior lass chose the business side of life for her vocation. Any business executive will surely welcome her in his ofllc-e. In seeking a position or higher education, we wish you all the luck in the world, Irene Grlee Club CD HOMER BATH "Bathy" Ladies and gentlemen, behold our future big baseball hero. Homer is also a football man and quite a ladies' man, too. If you don't believe us ask the girl friend. How about it "KaVy"? Horner's school work is outstanding and shows much preparation, especially in Problems Class. Best wishes for a career, "Bathy". Assistant Secretary and Treasurer 119 Class President Q23 Student Council l2J Latin Club 117 t2J Football 127 135 Varsity t4l Baseball L15 Varsity 127 139 Capt. 445 Commercial Club C25 GERALDINE BLEILER Jel 1 y "Jerry" will be "somebody's stenog" in the near future and, We suppose, some'body's wife in the far future: for her pleasing personality and charming ways indicate that. At present, her interest in a certain Senior is quite evident. Happiness will be yours, we are sure, "Jerry", Commercial Club C23 147 G1-ee Club C35 Operetta Q35 Blue and White Standard Stall l-41 Comet Staff C41 EHCGQEI CHUQL - E181 ANNE BOERSTLER , "Jakie" "Jakie" has a very famous giggle and makes great use of it, She also makes much use of her blushes. A good time can be had when she is around. Anne is a go-getter and has helped the Comet and the "Blue and White Standard" on the financial side very efficiently, We Wish you luck in taking up your chosen vocation of a Dietitian. Blue and White Standard Staff C15 C25 C35 C45 Magazine Campaign Committee C45 French Club, Vice-President C45 Ass't. Basketball Manager C35 Current Events Club C15 - Latin Club C15 C25 C35 Comet Staff C45 Glee Club C15 C25 C35 Concert C15 Operetta C25 C35 Hockey C25 C, FORREST BOWERS "F0I'1'l6 A slap on the back and a chuckle are "Forrie's" ways o-f announcing himself. He sure can make noise for his size, though yo-u'd never guess it by looking at him. "'Forrie" has tediously struggled through four years of Latin as he Wishes to tack an M. D, shingle on his door. In a few years, We hope we shall be trailing our ails into Dr, Bowers' oflice. Class Treasurer C25 Glee Club C15 C25 C35 C45 Orchestra C25 C35 C45 Concert C15 Latin Club C15 BEATRICE CARMEL "Beat" Beatrice is our champion saleswoman. She sells anything from candy to "Comets", "Beat" has also shown her ability in athletics, as Well as in many other projects which she helped to boost these past four years. We think she would be a great asset to any advertising firm, or any fmn that needed business pepping up badly. Righto! Beat, we're with you. Latin Club C15 C25 Basketball Varsity C25 C35 Class Basketball C45 Hockey Varsity C25 C35 Capt, C45 Blue and White Standard C15 C25 C45 French Club C45 Glee Club, Operetta C35 C45 Comet Staff C45 EUGIH -E93 F191 Current Events Club C15 CO HELENA CHAPMAN "Helena," A tru-e friend can be found in this young girl, As Helena intends to seek a position in an oillce in New York, her commercial training will help her to secure it. Here's hoping the big city won't frighten you. Class Basketball 137 147 Intra-mural Hockey 147 Dramatic Club 147 Commercial Club 137 147 Glee Club 117 EVELYN CHRISTMAN "Moxie" "Moxie" is certainly a. "live wire". W-e don't believe she can be still for more than two minutes. As a result, her liveliness and eagerness to do things have won her the position of errand girl for the teachers. H-er interest in drarnatics was shown in the Senior Play as well as in short plays presented in assembly. She is contemplating going in training. If you do, Evelyn, our parting shot will be a horse-shoe. Student Council 117 Ass'-t. S-ec, and Treas. 137 Vice- Pres. 147 Basketball 117 127 137 Intra-mural 147 G1-ee Club 117 127 137 President 147 Magazine Committee 147 Concert 117 Current Events Club 117 Senior Play 147 Dramatic Club 127 147 Comet Staff 147 Operetta 127 137 147 French Club 147 Class' President 137 Latin Club 117 JOHN CORRELL "John" John is a quiet typ-e of fellow and is quite fond of science. So far, John has steered clear of women. Perhaps he'1l become a scientific farmer, for he hails from the wide open spaces. Best of luck, John, in whatever you undertake. Sci-ence Club 137 147 Radio Club 147 lY.VlJlllll lI I I ll - , E201 HERMAN D'ACHILLE "Hern1ie" Hermanks mathematical ability is only one of several things in which he excels. He practices being seen and not heard. In the Senior Play he was an excellent taxi-cab driver, but in real life he intends to be an excellent aeronautical engineer, May fortune shine upon you, Herman! Class Basketball Q23 C33 C43 French Club C43 Senior Play C43 American History Prize C33 LESTER, DAVIDSON Lester Some day in th n ar futur , We ll stop our car alongside the road and gaze in admiration at hundreds of chickens. We'll look up at the sign and read: "Davidson's Chicken Farm." We know that is your ambition, Lesterg but keep this proverb in mind, "Dont count your chickens before they're hatched." Glee Club 643 Science Club 643 Class Basketball Q43 Class Baseball 133 Radio Club 143 Op-enetta C43 JOHN DEICHMAN "Jack" "Jack" is another clown in our classy but he can be serious, too. His part in the play as a dashing YOU11g millionaire playboy has made a hit with many girls. His great ambition is to be an aviator and fly the skies to his heart's content, Go to it, "Jack", your classmates are with you. Football C33 Varsity C43 Basketball C13 Q23 C33 Q43 Senior Play C43 Dramatic Club t23 Vice-President Q13 EEC CCHAOQL - L9'3-45 I211 BRUCE DOYLE "Bruce" Bruoe has suddenly become an actor, as perhaps most of you have seen. He likes to tinker around machinery. Bruce is also a typical nrst-class boy scout. Girls, here's your chance to get a "handy" man around the house, Good luck, kiddo! Football Q23 447 Sci-ence Club Q33 C45 Glee Club ill CLAIRE EDELMAN "Claire" Claire is famous for her ability to play humorous roles in our operettas. We ind her just as humorous when sh-e is with us. As a hair dresser she is quite well known, and we hope soon -to see her hang up the sign, "La Claire Shoppeen. As this is your main ambition, we wish you the best of luck. Glee Club C23 C35 645 Secretary and Treasurer C41 Operetta C35 149 Latin Club 113 Class Basketball 139 Senior Play C45 MILDRED EDELMAN . Mllhe N. ' At a moment's notice, that is, wh-en the word "test" is mentioned, "Millie" throws laughter out of the window, and becomes serious. But that dofesn't last long. Her hum-or is well known by every one in high school, Her love of children and patience with them are Hne traits to aid her as a chi1d's nurse. May you be happy with them, "Mill". Blue and White Standard Cl? Latin Club 119 t2J Glee Club 119 k2J t3J C43 Operetta t3J C43 Hockey Q23 lvlanag-er C33 147 French Club C41 Class Basketball 145 GH -L93 E221 CHARLES EILENBERGEER. "Tosh" One of our most enthusiastic commuters from Stockertown is "Sh'arley, vas you dere?" "Tosh" possesses the real athletic figure, which he uses to advantage. The athletic world will welcome you as acoach. May you enjoy your work, Charles. Senior Play C43 Baseball C13 C27 C33 Football CD C21 C35 ANNE ENGLE Beana. Believe you me, "Beana" is one of our jolly girls and at great cut up. A giggle and a mop of yellow hair are her two main characteristics. School work never gave her much worry for her interests are directed elsewhere. How about it, Anne? May luck be with you always, and all your troubles be little ones. Class Historian C15 C29 C33 Basketball C13 C29 C33 C49 Glee Club C19 C25 C33 C41 Op-eretta C23 C3l C47 Commercial Club C25 C35 Sec. C43 Class Treasurer C33 STERLING FULS "Sterling" Sterling is our class midget who comes from the big metropolis of Stockertown. He may not be very bigg but nevertheless h-e certainly is active, slipping here and there where others couldn't get through. His one ambition is to be a chemistg and after a glance at his chemistry marks, we can safely say that he should surely succeed in that field. Good luck to you, Sterling! l Ass't, Secretary and Treasurer C45 Class Basketball C33 Class Baseball C23 C35 Science Club C39 SEYGH - 342 E231 ,CO FLORENCE HAI-IN "Florence" Florence is an ambitious commercial student. She is a willing helper and won't hesitate to give her time to assist those who need help. She has shown her loyalty to her Alma Mater by selling candy regularly at games. Florence aspires to be a stenographer and We can prophecy from her work here that she will be a very efficient stenog, G1eeC1ub113 123 133 143 Concert 113 Operetta 123 133 143 Commercial Club 123 133 143 Blue and White Standard Staff 133 143 Comet Staff 143 KATHRYN HALDEMAN "Katie" "Katie's" interest in the opposite sex is quite Well known and can only be rivaled by a few others in our school. Her sketches for posters have helped to advertise many of our social events. Her scholastic standing indicates that she would be successful as an art teacher. Blue and White Standard Staff 123 133 143 Class Hockey 143 Ho-ckey Sub. 133 Class Basketball 123 143 Sub, 133 Latin Club 113 123 Secretary 113 Orchestra 113 123 133 143 Class Vice-President 143 Custodian of Music 133 Glee Club 123 133 143 Operetta 123 133 143 Class Treasurer 123 Comet Staff 143 Class Secr-etary 133 French Club 143 f WINIFRED HAPPEL Wmme' "Winnie" is a merry little girl from Stockertown. As a commercial student, she is quite well known. Although very quiet, sh-e is a true friend. We are sure of yotu' success as a stenograph-er, if you keep on as well as you have done in the past, Commercial Club 123 Glee Club 113 EDGE CHC , f- L9-3 E241 ARLEINE HELLICK4 "Hellick" A bing, a bang and a loud noise tells us that "I-Iel1ick" is near. Talking about Wilson Borough, swimming, tennis and basketball seem to be her' main hobbies. Her pet ambition is to be an Instructress of Physical Education., May you enjoy life always, as you have while with us here. Basketball C15 C255 Varsity C35 Capt. C45 Hockey C15 C35 C45 Commercial Club C25 C35 Sec. and Treats, C45 Class Ass't. Sec, and Treas, C15 Glee Club C15 C25 C35 C45 Operetta C25 C35 C45 Current Events Club C15 NAOMI HERZIN G "Herzmgr" Dancing seems to be second nature with Naomi. In gym class her acrobatic stunts make us wish we were as good as she. Her laughter is welcome wherever she is, for she is always making some one?s life brighter. As a dancer or a hair-dresser, your future surely looks bright to us, mate. Hockey C35 Class Hockey C45 Glee Club C15 C25 C35 C45 Class Basketball C35 C45 Orchestra C25 C35 C45 French Club Sec. C45 Operetta C25 C35 C45 Class Treasurer C45 Comet Staff C45 ORTHIA I-IEYER "Orthia," Her house at 'the -end of Belvidere Street is well known to all of us, and we'r-e always sure of 9. welcome there. Sh-e is a true pal whose 'writings have contributed much to the success of this book, She is musically as well as romantically inclined and we wish her the best of luck in all her ventures. Blue and White Standard Staff C35 C45 Dramatic Club C2 C35 Vice-President C45 Magazine Campaign Committee C35 Debating Club C25 Varsity C35 Glee Club C15 C25 C35 C45 Class Vice-President C35 Comet Staff C45 Curr-ent Events Club C15 Latin Club C15 C25 Opleretta C25 C35 C45 Senior Play C45 Student Council C25 Concert C15 'ECQL - 1934 E251 LILIAN HUGO Although living in Bath, Lilian has quite actively participated in school alfairs. As a typist for th-e "Blue and White Standard" Staff and for the "Comet", her time hasbeen much in demand. We Wish you the best of luck, Lilian, as a typist or as somebody's wife. Blue and White Standard C39 C43 Commercial Club, T1'32.S111'-31' C43 Comet Staff C41 EMILY HUGHES "Em" Once her friend, always her friend: thats "Em". Work! She isn't afraid of it, small as she is. She has prov-ed. it with her able assistanc-e in helping to fill columns of our school paper and pages of our year bo-ok. Once a nurse, the patients will never f-eel blue with her around. "Emmie", our pal, success is yours. Comet Staff Q41 Blue and White Standard Staff C43 Glee Club L13 C27 C39 C47 Operetta 125 133 641 French Club C43 Latin Club 419 Q23 Class Basketball 439 Concert QD tllliln N l LOUIS J URASITS "Louie" Naza.reth's good baseball scores were raised considerably by "Louie's" efforts and his recitations have shown that he studies as hard as he plays. Louis has also done much to make the Humor Section of this book a success, Best of luck and good wishes from your classmates, Comet Staff C43 Baseball C35 Q49 .CH-GQL1 L E261 TRUMAN KIDD "Kiddy" "Hail, fellow, Well met." That's Truman, our favorite optimist. He sees the humorous side of lifeg but, of course, he has his serious moments, too. When asked to do a favor for someone, his jovial answer is always, "Why certainly". This chap can argue too. His arguments with "Kratzie" have challenged our interest in Problems Class, Good luck, pal. May your optimism stay with you always. Class President CD Student Council C17 C27 Class Basketball C37 C47 Historian C37 C47 Com-et Staff C47 Science Club C47 Latin Club C17 SAM KISNER "Sam" "Sarn's" mornings begin with a ride from Bath to Nazareth and usually he is wide awake when he arrives at school. Although he is a man of few words, h-e is well known around here. If your aim is to take up a stenographical position, we wish you heaps of luck, Sam. Class Basketball C37 Commercial Club C47 EVA KOSTENBADER "Eva" "Eva" seems quiet and shy on the outsideg but once yo-u really know her, you'l1 find that she is at regular pal, Coming from Cherry Hill she has quite a long walkg but she doesn't seem to mind it and takes it quite as a matter of course. She likes Nazareth quite a loft since a certain b-oy lives there. His name? Well, that would be telling, Good luck, Eva, in whatever you do. Class Basketball C37 Dramatic Club C37 Glee Club C47 Oper-etta C47 Commercial Club C37 C47 EDGE CHDCZL - IQ34 ravi so COS HAROLD KRATZ "Kl'2Lt4Z" That Harold is fond of arguing, we all know. The Kidd vs, Kratz debates in Problems Class have raised many-points in the discussion of the lesson. Since Manual Training is your pastime and you also wish to make it your life work, we wish you the best of luck, Harold. Glee Club C29 C39 Football C19 Varsity C29 C39 Captain C49 Student Council-Vice-President C29 Class President C39 Class Basketball C29 C39 C49 Student Council C19 Manual Training Prize C29 Latin Club C29 JOE MAHORSKY "Joe" ' Joe is one of the quietest boys in our class. Here 1 you will find a true friend, Joe likes sports and has been a member of the varsity teams during his high school career, We're all wishing you miles of smiles and good luck, Bask-etball C19 C29 C39 C49 Football Varsity C29 C39 C49 RICHARD MICHAEL "Dick" Dick is a peppy little fellow, except when he gets a "tired" streak. His basketball ability has helped N. H. S. over many rough spots, and we were proud to have a star varsity player with us through our high school days. Latin Club C19 Basketball Squad C19 Varsity C29 C39 C49 Ass't, Football Manager C39 Manager C39 Athletic Council C49 Class Vice-President C19 Student Council C29 , meiam moon. - Q4 CARL MILLER "Carl" Miss Yeisley will be minus a tuba in her orchestra in September. Our high school will miss the general use of Car1's car when errands are to be done for high school events. Not only as an orchestra member but also as manager of the boys' basketball team has he shown giood Wiork. May Lady Luck be your best friend, Carl, Basketball Mgr, 145 Ass't, Mgr. Q23 43? Glee Club C19 C25 C33 C45 Football 427 C33 C43 High School Band C27 C35 C43 Orchestra C35 C43 Latin Club cn Athletic Council C45 THOMAS MILLER Go-od.-naturiedniess is one of "'s" outstanding traits, especially when he lends his valuable assistance in English to a certain Senior girl, This old World won't scare you. Tommy, all of us wish you happiness. Vice-President, Out-of-Town Association 64? Current Events Prize C19 Student Council Q37 Class Basketball 62? C33 64? Class Baseball Q23 C39 Science Club L33 LESTER MILLER "Lester" It didn't take Lester long to make himself known in our class when he joined us. His Witty remarks in the different classes have given us many a laugh. Lester believes in studying for his recitations indicate that, May your happy disposition accompany you through life. Baseball C43 uvronnnyn EU GH QLF- 42 E291 CO BEATRICE MOHREY "Beatrice'f Beatrice is a shy and modest girl, who, unlike the most of us, prefers to keep quiet. We know Beatrice expects to be a stenographer and we also know that she will be a capable one. Her shyness will not prevent her from being somebody's competent stenog or somebody's loving wife. Glee Club 123 133 Dramatic Club 123 133 '143 Commercial Club 143 Operetta 123 133 143 DOROTHY NAGLE "Dot" A diligent worker is Dorothy, willing to work and never grumbling about it. Her business ability has helped us many- a time for our Year Book and for the Senior Play, Take it from us, her marks are of the best. . Lady Fortune tells us that someday you'll be somebody's perfect stenog, Ass't Sec, and Treas. of Commercial Club 123 Commercial Club 123 133 143 Treasurer 133 Senior Play, Business Manager 143 Blue and White Standard Staff 143 European History Prize 123 Glee Club 113 123 133 143 General Science Prize 113 Current Events Club 113 Dramatic Club 133 143 Student Council 143 Operetta 123 133 143 Comet Staff 143 Conc-ert 113 OLGA RADOVICH Olga. ' Olga is quite a versatile lass. She shi-nes in whatever she undertakesg whether it be in dramatics, debating, or helping to make this book a success. As you are undecided in the choice of your lifework, we suggest that you try dram-atics, Your class is backing you, Olga. Debating 123 143 Varsity 133 Dramatic Club 123 Secretary 133 President 143 Class Basketball 123 Blue and White Standard Staff 133 Comet Staff 143 Editor-in-Chief Glee Club 113 123 Concert 113 Oratorical Contest 133 First Prize EH -L93 E301 WARREN REINERT ' "warren" Hunting is Warren's hobby. Who knows, maybe in years to com-e, he may become very famous for just that. Warren is also the tallest boy in our class and has opened the windows many a time for the smaller Seniors, As a big game hunter we Wish you as much success as Frank Buck. G1-ee Club C43 Class Baseball C33 Class Basketball C43 Science Club C43 Football C43 MARGARET S AEGER P01 ky Although "Porky" is our class cut-up, she can also H11 several other roles quite well. Her melodious voice and dramatic ability have helped to make a success of two of our operettas and the Senior Play. However, she still seems to ind enough time to devote to a certain Sophomore. As a dietitian, she will be able to cater to his constant appetite. I-Iomeroom Asst, Secretary and Treasurer C43 Hockey Sub. C23 Varsity C33 Intra-mural C43 Operetta C23 C33 C43 MRJO1' Part C23 C33 Class Ass't. Secretary and Treasurer C23 Blue and White Standard Staff C43 Dramatic Club C13 C23 C33 Glee Club C13 C23 C33 C43 Senior Play C43 Latin Club C 13 C23 Comet Staff C43 French Club C43 Concert C13 FREDA SCHEETZ "Fritz" Our class is: very happy to have this ardent little worker with us. Freda has shown h-er leadership' throughout the four years of her high school career. She intends to take up teaching, and we are quite sure that her pupils will like her as much as We do. Heaps of luck, Fritz! Blue and White Standard C33 Editor-in-Chief C43 Dramatic Club, Vice-President C33 Athletic Council, Secretary C43 Magazine Committee C33 C43 French Club, President C43 Student Council C23 C33 Class Vice-President C23 Oper-etta C23 C33 C43 Glee Club C13 C23 C33 C43 Latin Club C13 C23 Current Events Club C13 Class Basketball C23 Class President C23 Com-et Staii C43 Class Secretary C43 Concert C 13 HIGH CEIOQL-L9 4 E311 1... CO NELDA SCHISSLER "Nellie" "Nellie's" ready giggle has thrown many a solemn class into gales of laughter, whether we got the drift or not, She is always willing to help and once she starts a thing, she never gives up till it's finished and done well, Her one and only ambition is to maintain a chicken farm. We hope that all her "peeps" will grow into big husky egg layers, Operetta C29 Glee Club C23 Latin Club C11 C21 Class Basketball C37 C43 French Club C49 Hockey C49 Comet Staff C41 DONALD SIEGFRIED "Don" Donald has only been with us for a short time and we are happy to have him graduate with us. He is a very quiet boy, who usually knows his lessons. He is also a baseball player and plays as hard as he works. May you succeed, Donald. Baseball Varsity C45 Glee Club C47 HILTON SHAFER "Hilton" Hilton's athletic figure is the result of having to run to school just before the last bell, Another of his exercises is rolling an-rl mowing their lawn, which can not be over-looked by any means. Now, of course, we A don't mean that Hilton lacks interest in school work. He has proved himself the sales champion for selling tickets for our Class Play. Good luck, Hilton, Class Basketball C13 CC2J C39 C47 Glee Club C33 C43 Class Baseball C13 C25 Ol-L934 i321 The CO FRANCI S STANNARD , "Biff" 4"BifE" is one of the gang Who's always ready to start something, I-Ie's also one of our athletes and a good rooter. His happy-go-lucky and carefree attitude make him a likeable fellow who can croon our blues away, . May your optimism help you on the road of life. Student Council, Ass't. Sec. and Treas. C47 Comet Staff C47 Football C27 Varsity C37 C47 Athletic Association, Ass't Secretary C37 Baseball Varsity C27 C37 Basketball C27 C37 Glee Club C17 C37 Operetta C37 EMILY STROUSE Emily Behold our class Titian-haired maid-en. Although Emily's greatest interest is not in school, she does not let that' distract her mind from her studies. Throughout her high school career she has participated in a great many activities, We suppose you Will seek a position as stenographer after leaving school. If you do, good luck, Emily, Class Basketball C17 C27 Current Events Club C17 Commercial Club, President C47 Student Council C17 C37 Class Vic-e-President C27 Class Treasurer C47 DOROTHY SWARTWOOD "Dot" Dorothy's performance in the Senior Play was really remarkable. Besides being active in dramatics, "Dot" takes a keen interest in athletics of all kinds. She is a good sport and always Willing to help us, if necessary, Her classmates sincerely wish her success in life. Blue and White Standard C37 Current Events Club C17 Class Basketball C27 C47 Basketball, Varsity C37 Glee Club C27 C37 C47 Operetta C27 C37 C47 Commercial Club C27 Hockey, Varsity C37 Class Secretary C47 Dramatic Club C47 Class Hockey C47 Science Club C37 Senior Play C47 WE CHDQL-L9 FRANK TEMMEL "Frank" We know that Frank is an ambitious, hard working young man. In his studies he ranks as one of the highest in our class and as a leader, not many can excel him. Men with Frank's qualities have succeeded in life and we feel sure that here is another great man in the making. As you ascend the ladder of success to fame, our best wishes follow you, Student Council, President C43 Class Piesident C43 Class Secretary C33 Senior Play C43 Debating Club C43 Varsity C23 C33 Oratorical Contest C33 Class Basketball C23 C33 Football, Varsity C33 C43 VERNA THOMAS "Verna" This sedate young lady is rather quiet, at least in school. Verna. has shown her worth as an eilicient basketball manager and we are sure she will show that same worth and eificiency as a, nurse, to which she is looking forward. If her patients will like her as much as we do, she will surely succeed. Dramatic Club C23 C33 C43 Glee Club C13 C23 C33 C43 Operetta C23 C33 C43 Basketball Manager C43 Class Basketball C23 Concert C13 DONALD UHLER Don' Our perplexing problem is to decide like "'I'opsy," whether "Don" was born or "just growecl". His interest in athletics has secured for him the positions of athletic editor of the "Comet" and manager of boys' baseball. His sensible reasoning in Problems class has thrown light on many dark subjects. Good luck, "Donny We're all boosting you. Football Sub. C33 C43 Baseball Manager C43 Ass't Baseball Manager C33 French Club C43 Science Club C43 Comet Staff C43 Blue and White Standard C43 Athletic Council C43 QE - -L93 F341 CO RAYMOND UHLER, "R,ay's" artistic ability has added much to this book. Not only is he an artist, but also a musician. Yes, he plays the fiddle. "Raymi" is a good natured fellow and likes a good joke. His wo1'k in the Manual Training Department has been much admired during these past few years. Keep up the good work, "Ray", and you will certainly succeed, Blue and White Standard Staff C35 Class Basketball C15 C25 C35 C45 Orchestra C15 C25 C35 C45 Latin Club C15 C25 Operetta C35 Glee Club C15 C35 Concert C15 Comet Staff C45 Football C25 EVA WERKHEISER A merry giggle and two flashy dimples introduce Eva on the scene. Aside from this, Eva tells us she is planning to take up nursing as her career. Her scholastic work proves that her ambition will not be a difficult task. We know you will succeed, Eva, and lots of luck to you from us, Blue and White Standard Staff C35 C45 Ass't. Basketball Manager C35 Dramatic Club C25 C35 C45 Glee Club C15 C25 C35 Glee Club Concert C15 Operetta C25 C35 Debating Club C25 Comet Staff C45 Basketball C35 C45 Hockey C45 EU allay!! VICTOR WEISS "Vic" If silence were sunbeams, this chap would never see a. rainy day. Thats "Vic", His quick thinking and action have helped the teams many times to reach their goal. The fainer sex do-esn't bother him Very much, but someday a girl will be lucky, May the rain clouds never cross your path, but may the sun always shine. Football C15 Varsity C25 C35 C45 Basketball C15 Varsity C25 Captain C35 C45 Baseball C15 Varsity C25 C35 C45 HEva'!! GHC - I934 F351 ELIZABETH WUNDERLY "Betty" "Betty" is one of our best all-round students and We couldrrt begin to list all the things .in which she's intersted, Her typing ability and readiness to help at all times have been a valuable aid to the "Comet" and school paper, She is also adept in Shorthand, and so-on she'll be a great success in the business world. Current Events Club C15 Glee Club, Concert C15 Op-eretta C25 C35 C45 Commercial Club C25 C35 ViCB-P1lSSldfE1'1t C45 Dramatic Club C35 Secretary C45 Blue and White Standard C45 Comet Staff C45 Hockey C35 Class Championship Team C45 Class Basketball C45 Manager C35 GEORGE WUNDERLY "George" George is our Walter Winchell. He is "in the know" on everything that happens and can give us all the details. Georges greatest desire is to be a physician and we know he will succeed in that Held. May good luck be with you, George. Latin Club C15 C25 C35 Debating Club C25 Varsity C35 Secretary C45 European History Prize C25 Class Vioe-President C45 Ass't. Secretary and Treasurer C45 Blue and White Standard C35 C45 f MAURICE ZELLNER 7 Cllner This fellow hails fro-m Hecktown, although he is seen quite frequently on the Easton Road. Maurice toiots a gay melody on the trtunbone. You may have seen him with it in the Nazareth Band. In whatever field of life you wander, may it be one of happiness, Ass't. Football Manager C25 Orchestra C15 C25 C35 C45 Class Basketball C35 C45 Dramatic Club C25 C35 Football Manager C35 Science Club C35 C45 Debating Club C45 Athletic Council C35 Band C25 C35 Latin Club C15 C25 Football C45 17.711 I I HIGH 4 E-4 L93 CO Class Prophecy H FTER leaving the suburbs of Philadelphia, the powerful car sped along the road, for the two girls demanded that they reach the Poconos before ------ " "Poconos ---- Philadelphia?" ---- I murmured to myself. "Here I am sitting on my deck chair on the 'Europa', bound for New York and I'm reading about places near home. Nazareth--let's see--one--ten--it's eleven years since l've seen it. 1934--and fifteen years since I graduated from High School. Little, I thought then, I'd be a buyer for Frazier and Martin Inc., but I guess hardly anyone thought they'd be doing what they are, like--like--." Then I suddenly realized I didn't know what even one-fourth of my old classmates were doing and right there, I suddenly decided I'd take the trouble to End out--anyway, I did need a vacation. I was eager to Qsee New York harbor and after the ship docked the next day, I soon reached the hotel where I usually stayed. At dinner, I was seated near three gentlemen, who, I imagine, were politicians, and since I had nothing to do while I awaited my order, I centered my attention upon them. Upon hearing them mention Pennsylvania several times, I pricked up my ears and the following is a part of the conversation I heard: "I'm watching that senator from Pennsylvania. He has good ideas and everyone knows it. He fights for what is right and it'Il get him some where," the one gentleman said. "Yes, he certainly has his name in all the papers and he has everyone talking about him, too," another added. lVly curiosity thus aroused, I bought a paper as soon as possible, and there was the name of none other than I-Iarold Kratz in big, black headlines. There was the hrst name to my list and I hadn't even searched for any. Something told me that this would be easy, this job of mine. Then another idea dawned upon me. You know, if you look for something, you can't rind it, but if you don't want it, there it is. Why couldn't this apply here? With this thought, I entered a taxi and decided to report to my hrm. Having done my work satisfactorily, and having won my point about the vacation, I strolled out to the room where the mannequins were displaying 'costumes before the customers. After greeting several old friends, I was attracted by several new faces and by one especially, for though I seemed to know it, I couldn't place it. I casually asked one of the salesladies, who seemed shocked at my not knowing the leader of society, married to one of the wealthiest men in the East. After hearing that her name before marriage had been Orthia I-leyer, I couldn't understand why I hadn't recognized her, but after all fifteen years does make a difference. ' Naturally, I spoke with her and found she was the same old Orthia I had known before. We talked about old times and she thought' my-idea CEI-OCZI. - L934 E371 CO concerning a vacation such a good one that she decided to accompany me. She told me that Evelyn Christman, who came to see her occasionally, was happily married and living in the now, large town of Edelman. Evelyn had been a quite well-known nurse but couldn't resist answering "yes" to the fatal question. She also knew that Anna Fngle was secretary to a prominent lawyer in Cleveland and Arliene Iflellick had won several places lor America in the Olympic games. She wasn't a bit surprised when I told her that I heard Raymond Uhler had won much fame abroad as an artist, 'lor she said she had expected as much since he illustrated our "Comet," I asked about some ol the other girls, lor somehow or other, I had lost all track of them. "Yes", she answered, "I wonder what has become of Kathryn and Naomi, but don't forget what you said about things turning up." With that we dismissed the thought and planned to see a show in the evening. We went to see the sensational hit "Zarunfla" with Nancy Ilill as the star dancer, and the instant she appeared on the stage a flash ol recognition crossed our laces. We glanced at one another and both murmured, "Naomi". Yes, Naomi Iflerzing was the renowned Nancy Islilll With some dilliculty, we found our way back stage and presented our cards. Ol course, Naomi was as glad to see us as we were to see her: and she was able to help us, lor though she and Kathryn were lar apart, they still corresponded. Kathryn 'lelaldeman had followed an artistic career and had made a great success of lt. She was, at present, in Florida making a series ol sketches and had written that she had met Florence llahn there. lflorence was private secretary to the manager ol a branch plant ol the Nazareth Waist Company located there. She also told us that Kathryn had recently visited Nazareth, which by the way, was now a city. Ihere she had found Beatrice lVIohrey happily married. . "Oh", I hastily interrupted, "what about Eva Werkheiser? You know they always were chumsf' "That's right", Naomi exclaimed, "I meant to tell you, she's head nurse of jefferson I-Iospital in Philadelphia." "What a memory I have," she added, "for lrlelena Chapman is right here in New York. Il you remember, she always said she'd come here and she did. She's secretary to the manager ol' the "New York Chemical Corporation", the hrm with which Frank Temmel is head chemist. Remember how good he was in chemistry? lfle certainly chose his lilie work well". "By the way", she began again, "did you see Forrest Bowers?" "No", I answered, "why?" "I-le.was playing in the orchestra tonight and I thought perhaps you had seen h-im." . OQI. - L934 CQ - Naomi suddenly remembered she had an engagement and so we left rather hurriedly. Orthia and l planned to go the next morning to see Eva, just for old time's sake. k We met early the next morning and after wasting about fifteen minutes debating whether or not we should go by airplane, we Hnally left for the airport. There to our amazement, we boarded a plane piloted by Hilton Shafer and which he told us had been constructed from plans designed by Herman D'Achille. This greatly added to our comfort for we felt unusually safe. Hilton was able to tell us that Charles Eilenberger was manager of the New York Yankees. Speaking of baseball, Emily Strouse was the wife of one of the players on a team in the Atlantic Coast League. He let us guess who the lucky man was, which of course we could do. Before we realized it, we arrived at an airport outside of Philadelphia. We chatted again with Hilton who said he would be staying around there several days and would be glad to help us at any time. Bidding him goodbye, we began our half-Hnished journey by car. As fate willed it, we were blessed with a flat tire and were forced to stop before several immense buildings, which we learned after a little investigation, were distributing plants for chickens shipped from farms owned by Lester Davidson. By this time, the tire was adjusted and we soon reached our destination. To our disappointment, Eva told us that George Wunderly, a now famous doctor, had been there only half an hour before to attend to a special case. He left for Buffalo where several doctors were having a consultation and he told Eva that Dorothy Swartwood was the only woman doctor asked to be present. "Good for Dot", Orthia said, "I knew she could do it". Eva, too, enlightened us on the whereabouts of two more classmates. On her last t'rip home, she visited our Alma Mater and discovered there Irene Barlieb as private secretary to the principal and Dorothy Nagle teaching commercial subjects. Eva said she was going home and if we'd care to do so we could accompany her. Of course, we promptly accepted her invitation and then l remembered Hilton. He might take us homeg and as soon as Eva was ready, we left for the airport. Hilton was glad to see Eva and glad to help us and, on top of everything, he fsaid he had a surprise in store for us. After flying a short time, Hilton landed the plane at, what seemed to be, a privately owned airport. "Come on", he said, "l'll show you something." We walked a short distance and soon beheld between the trees, what seemed to be, an ideal home in a perfect setting. We all gave an exclamation of surprise. Hilton, however, calmly proceeded: though we feared, perhaps we were trespassing. I . QQ 3 4 E391 CO By chance the owner herself answered the door and again an exclamation passed from our lips. "Nelda--Nelda Schissler", we chorused. "None other but", she simply answered and ushered us in. Nelda told us that she had made a fortune with her chicken Ia'rm but now she was keeping them just because she liked them. She was entirely happy with her home and hobby. She insisted that we stay for the evening: for among her guests would be Claire and Mildred Edelman, Beatrice Carmel and the mayor of Nazareth. Claire Edelman owned a large beauty salon in Nazareth and Nelda said she had no competition, for her work was unexcelled. Mildred EdeIman's work, of course, we guessed. She had been a chiId's nurseg but now was busy taking care of her own babies, her house and her husband. Beatrice Carmel, too, had decided that marriage was her career and had changed her name to King. Verna Thomas was another who couldn't refuse a proposal from the right man and was now living in Easton. Nelda made us feel at home and as we sat there chatting, a mantel clock chimed five. "Good heavens", Nelda exclaimed, "the radio--I never miss him." Who's that", I asked, "for after all she hadn't said who." Biff Berky", she answered. Yes, of course, of course", I answered, rather dryly. Oh", she exclaimed, looking puzzled and then saying, "you don't know who it is, do you? lt's 'Biff' Berky, the croonerf' Seeing that I was still in the dark, she finally said: "Francis Stannard, to you." "Oh", I uttered rather weaklyg but how was I to know? After listening to BitT's program, we went to our rooms to dress for the party. ' Guests began arriving for the dinner and we were delighted to see the girls. Beatrice told us that Anna Boerstler was teaching Home Economics at I-Iood College and she had spoken to the girls at Nazareth lligh several times on that subject. She also knew that Margaret Saeger had been a star in several plays but had hnally given up this career to marry a man who had played opposite her. Emily Hughes had been home to visit her parents two or three months before and had stopped in to see Mildred. She told her that she was taking care of three children in a wealthy family living on Long Island. She was very contented with her work for it had always been her ambition. just then dinner was announced. As we seated ourselves, whom should I see at the head of the table but Truman Kidd. Ilad Nelda forgotten to mention him? I was anxious to speak to him, but I couldn't be rude and shout from one end of the table to the other. Orthia, at my side askecl me about him, but I knew no more than she. At the close ol' the dinner, Nelda rose and asked the mayor of Nazareth to say a few words. "Oh, yes, but who--who--" I thought. n u u rc - .GOOGL- stereos 'i The answer to the question was soon revealed for Truman Kidd rose. Nelda told us that she had purposely told Truman to keep out of our way for she had wanted to surprise usg and l must say, she certainly did. We learned from Truman that Carl Miller was a member of the Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra and advised us to listen for his horn sometime. . He knew, too, that Lester Miller was chief electrician with the General Electric Company at Schenectady. We were talking about different members of the class when l happened to mention what l had heard about Harold Kratz doing what was right. Truman thoroughly agreed and said Harold was investigating a case of graft at that time. To defend the case Harold had e-ngaged one of the best lawyers he could get--Olga Radovich from Chicago. Olga had been admitted to the bar quite a while ago and had won practically every case she had. Truman also told us that Warren Reinert was the owner of a number of good-sized 'farms on the outskirts of the city. 'He had made use of all the newest machinery and methods and so had found farming a very successful occupation. As dawn was now creeping upon us, we decided to get a few hours of sleep and then visit Nazareth. At 8:30 therefore we climbed into Nelda's luxurious car and were headed toward Nazareth. As we rode along, we saw a huge sign with these words--"Turn 'right for Green Meadow farms owned by john -I. Correll". So john had become a farmer! Well, after all, someone had to supply the people with products. Nearer and nearer we approached Nazareth and soon the Hercules Cement Plant loomed into sight. 'fl have half a suspicion", said Hilton, "'s stop. l want to see if l'm right. You wait here while l go in." When he appeared again. he was accompanied by Maurice Zellner. who was chemist at the plant, and Sam liisner, who was bookkeeper. They were interested in what we were doing and told us Sterling Fuls was a forester down South. We were forced to say "good-bye" and continuing our journey soon arrived at Eva's home, where we were heartily welcomed. l-lilton. Orthia and l each visited our respective homes, but made Eva's place a sort of headquarters. When l returned to Eva's place the next day, Orthia was already there and quite excited. She had been looking through a paper and had read about Thomas Miller, an influential politician. While we were planning to go to the high school, Hilton arrived. excusing himself for being late. At that moment, he remembered he had to make another phone call and started paging through the phone book. "Dea--Dee--Dei--oh look", he almost shouted--''Deichman, john-- 3i4o Western Avenue. Do you suppose that's jackP', -. -. .SCHDQLL -.l93-4 f41l A iiii CU C We agreed that it might beg and after Hilton made his call, he phoned to whom we thought might be jack. The phone was answered by a man. Hilton cautiously questioned the speaker to see whether or not it was jack and 'lorrttlnately it was. jack asked us to stop in on our way to the school, which we decided to do. On our way there, whom should we meet but Louis jurasits. He wars visiting in Nazareth and was now a lieutenant in the army. He said on his way to Nazareth he had stopped at Detroit to see Donald Seiglried, who was employed at the Ford plant as a mechanical engineer, He also told us that Donald Uhler had married a rich widow and they had just left jenkintown, where they resided, to take a trip around the world. Bruce Doyle was electrical engineer at Westinghouse. As this was all Louis could tell us, we continued on our way to ,lacks home. Having found the house, l-'lilton rang the bell and sure enough jack answered the door. l-le introduced us to his wlle, whom he had met during his career as a stage and screen actor. l-le offered to escort us to the high school and on the way he told us that Homer Bath was baseball coach at Princeton and Richard Michael, basketball coach at a high school in Pittsburgh. Athletics seemed to have attracted many of the boys, for Victor Weiss had played All-American halfback at C. C. N. Y., and was now a coach there. On reaching the school, we were met by Dorothy Nagle, who as l mentioned before, was teaching commercial subjects there. She said Geraldine Bleiler was teaching commercial work at Churchmanls Business College and Wimfred I-lappel was secretary to the owner of a large department store in Stockertown. Lilian l-lugo was companion and secretary to an elderly wealthy lady. They were traveling abroad now, and there were rumors that she had attracted the lady's handsome son. Eva Kostenbader was happily married and living in Nazareth and Betty Wunderly was teaching typewriting in a high school at Elmira, New York. We visited the other rooms and finally the gym. It had been greatly enlarged and whom should we see there, putting the boys through exercises, but joe Nlahorsky. joe had been engaged there for a number ol' years and liked his work much. As we left the school we turned to get one last glimpse of our Alma Mater, for we realized how much happiness seeing and hearing about our classmates had brought us, Not for a moment did we regret the time we had spent in order to see them. Our only regret was that we must leave them, each to go his own way. FREDA Scrnserz HGH L f- L934 i421 Last Will and Testament of the Class of 1934 E, the Class of Nineteen I-lundred Thirty-four of Nazareth High School, in the Borough of Nazareth, in the County of Northampton, in the State of Pennsylvania, in the United States ol America, being in our sane minds do hereby bequeath the following: I To the junioris we bequeath the good times that we had in our Senior year. Il To the Sophomores we bequeath the task of car1'ying on in our footsteps. lll To the Faculty and ,student body we bequeath the gootl fellowship that existed between our class, the Faculty, and the entire student body. I IV We, the Seniors, will the 'following of our somewhat obvious characteristics: 1. I, Irene Barlieb, will my height to Henrietta Werner. Don't get lost in the clouds. 2. I, llomer Bath, will my baseball ability to Charles Diener. Now, we want some results, Charles. 3. l, Geraldine Bleiler, bequeath my dancing ability to Kathryn I-Iahn. Now watch the fellows rush her. 4. I, Anne Boerstler, give my list ol beaux to lVlabeI Reese. lllay your list flourish. 5. I, Forrest Bowers, leave my giggle to Ruth Segal. Use only when - necessary. 6. I, Beatrice Carmel, bequeath my toughness to Kathleen Kienzle. Beware, everybody. 7. I, I-lelena Chapman, bequeath my dark eyes to Virginia Miller. Now watch your step. 8. I, Evelyn Christman, will my pep to next year's English class. Good luck, Miss Sloat. 9. I, john Correll, leave my shyness to john Price. May this slaclcen your pace. I 11 L9-3 CO ro. I, Herman D'Achille, will my mathematical ability to Paul Seyfried. This takes some hguring, cloesn't it, Paul? 11. I, Lester Davidson, give my "Chevie" to Volkert Wiersma. Now you can take her for a ride, Volkert. 12. l, john Deichman, will my popularity to next year's shiek. Extra! l-lartzell lost in the rush. 13. l, Bruce Doyle, bequeath my knowledge of mechanics to Mark Koch. Be sure you know what it's all about. 14. l, Claire Edelman, will my impertinence to Nettie Miller. May you have my luck for staying in classes. 15. l, Mildred Edelman, leave my babyishness to Ruth Kellow. O. K. Duchess! 16. l, Charles Eilenberger, will my build to Robert jones. l hope you can beat Wilson in iootball. 1 . l, Anna Engle, ffive m chewin gum to Katie Didivitz. Don't 7 C e Y E get tangled in it. 18. l, Sterling Fuls, bequeath my height to john Buss. Does that make things even now? 19. l, Florence l-lahn, will my ability in commercial subjects to Dorothy Koch. You'll get 90's now, Dot. 20. I, Kathryn, l-laldeman, will my dignity to Ethel Kleckner. Ple-a-se, Ethel. 2l, I, Winifred l-lappel, give my freckles to l-lelen Kish. Flash! Flash! Flash! Paris says dots are all the vogue now. 22. l, Arliene l-lellick, will my athletic ability to Mildred NlcFall. Now watch America get 'hrst honor. 23. l, Naomi l-lerzing, give my roller skates to anyone who can put them together. Then we can have fun. 24. I, Orthia l-leyer, leave my bluliing ability to Evelyn Gorman. You needn't study anymore, Evelyn. 25. l, Emily Hughes, bequeath my slenderness to Anne Kowalczak. Take good care of it. 26. l, -Lilian Hugo, give my string of admirers to Josephine Heintzelman. Do you need the telephone directory? IEVIJIIII I H 015 .dili ' L9 i441 C O- - I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, l, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, Louis jurasits, will my interest in Current Events to Kermit Shook. Someday you may be a senator, Kermit. Truman Kidd, will my good naturedness to Austin Godshall. lt comes in handy sometimes. Sam Kisner, bequeath my bashlulness to Warren Breinig. Perhaps, now, you can stay out of trouble. Harold Kratz, will my ability to argue to Wallace Schmidt. Heaven help us! Eva Kostenbader, leave my hike every morning to Lorraine I-leyer. Now you'll have to get up earlier, Lorraine. joe Mahorsky, give my red handkerchief to Earl George. Now you can copy Clark Gable. Richard Michael, bequeath my share of "Porky" to Wayne Ruloff. Maybe that will help you. Carl Miller, will my horn to Henry Mikolajczyk, Don't let it get the best of you, I-lenry. Lester Miller, leave my witty remarks to Donald Hearn. Maybe Doris will appreciate them. Thomas Miller, bequeath my lisp to Samuel Marx. Demosthenes lisped too, Samuel. Beatrice Mohrey, give my shyness to Gladys Fleischman. We are not adverse to this change. Dorothy Nagle, will my seriousness to Ruth Sandercock. This is a pleasant surprise. Olga Radovich, leave my daily task of delivering the absentee slips to Burnetta Rissmiller. May this keep your form in trim. Warren Reinert, give my knowledge of farming to Rictor Auman. Good luck, Rictor. Margaret Saeger, will my vamping ability to I-lelen Shupp. Beware, boys! Freda Scheetz, leave my small-sized shoe to Millicent Uhler. A Cinderella in disguise. Nelda Scliissler, bequeath my plumpness to june Plotts. Make good use ol' it, june. I-lilton Shafer, will my lawnmower to anyone who wants il. Never mind the excuses. - . O1 :YLSV .4 t45J CO 45. I, Donald Seigfried, give my other halt' to Thomas Starner. May you both be Einsteins. 46. I, Francis Stannard, bequeath my ability to croon to Gilbert McGregor. Perhaps you can do something with it. 47. I, Emily Strouse, leave my auburn hair to Renee Harper. We're waiting for results, Renee. 48. I, Dorothy Swartwood, give my "come hither" look to jennie Buss. Don't rush her, boys! 49. I, Frank Temmel, will my executive ability to next year's Senior Class President. May they keep order and agree in class meetings. 50. I, Verna Thomas, will my numerous jackets to Cynthia Knauss. Don't catch cold, Cynthia. 51. I, Donald Uhler, ,bequeath my blush to julia Walters. This would be an asset, julia. 52. I, Raymond Llhler, leave my artistic ability to next year's Art Editor. You'll need it. 53. I, Victor Weiss, give my football ability to Raymond Reinert. I-Iarvard could use you. V 54. l,Eva Werkheiser, give my dimples to Arlene Baker. Consider yourself lucky, Arlene. 55. I, Elizabeth Wunderly, bequeath my commercial ability to next year's Commercial Class. Now Watch the midnight oil burn. 56. I, George Wunderly, give my curly hair to john Kirlick. Keep in line, girls. 57. I, Maurice Zellner, will my trombone to anyone who can handle it. Finally, we bequeath to next year's Seniors our pleasure in publishing this "Comet" ln Witness, Whereof, We hereunto set our hand and seal, this twenty-first clay of june, Nineteen Hundred Thirty-four. CSIGNEDD CLASS or i934 ATTESTS: OLGA RADOVICH SAMUEL IVIARX IVIILDRED IVICFALL l f lg l ll i ll CII Ili 'F L9 E461 CQ MEI Farewell Farewell, .dear high school, and teachers, too--- Lower classmen. We say adieu. These happy years we'll ne'er forget, We owe to you, this one great debt. Remember, mates-- When Freshmen we were much distressed To 'Gnd ourselves so green? If we were lost 'twas ne'er confessed, But blushes here and there were seen. And then-- When Sophomores we began to think Of the goal so far ahead, We weren't given time to blink, For up the ladder we were lead. , And so-- At last the junior year came round My! but didn't we do well? Fun and happiness, too, we foundg 'Twas more than I can tell. But now--- As Senirorswe begin to wonder What the 'future holds in store. All that We can do is ponder What is out beyond that doorl ORTHIA Nl. I-IEYER '34 HIE ECG. .-l ll934f IN MEMORIAM Our beloved classmate. HELEN PHILLIPS. Died October 9, lQ32 I As long as memory lasts We'll think of you- Remember ull the things you said, Your joyous laughter, too. Although we go along our way And see you not, Please do not think, dear friend, That we forgot! i 3 L93 42 Zz.-"' ,,,.:,. 5 -A X if 1 I' if 1 - j 7 ' W , , p A ly f' I 'aj uf ' -P- , fi' ,1 J LM? , iii 'lf-74M -1'-"' 1 4 H ,Q-L., 2 , , , il Z',1"""w 1 w L24 . f' -'1'--1 -.r-1 "Y Mquf f ff X a Hr C fm W -4,4 v M " -Mf' f I.: -x 1 'X , Y X ,' -QP' klklm Mlm? f J ' .X ln V' vlk-X X llflk 7' I. . X rf xy Zy l - W 'xi ,lv l V 5 'N 'lf' K ' f ' ' I 1 'H' X tif N K' 11" :xi X V a X I. Zhi KLM H SMU I wx XM, I shi JM, xu I ff' n Q 'H f .M imp , P 'I '31 W2 yf K ' mi: x f' 'W ,, , - K 1 A w jf I M fl ' , 155 I 1 A 4 S +.i:Q,,gE?f -',g75T,gqmh r g' ,ifff 6 X--rg. X , J W- vl - gf fr: 5'111f?f r Wx mf 15 ,fr , -- r '11-'Ar 4 Q--xS!.'-TQ ll 'i ai?-X, -Q 'Lf'3L'i?f?rQ4:?-fy 1534-, Az, ' 'f55JY',v '-fp 'fiww SX fy' - MHA' -, E 'xggd F MHA' ' Hx-fx fi '-"-:f.-,- Aw ff ' "rf J vim, G FVIWHY3 E wizi' f ' sw"f - 5-?.,,L:!lg?QfV:,1?Y' Q Y W - if' ' S, i W 'EA fl " f,-Avi' A 'UL' -"" "Sith ?"" : - - . aw X- if. -f , I' 1 'V 4 Y - I ' immfaas , .ff - -'T"lj Ag: A-AL-X. lj If X ' ' - 'dl if i 5:-:Q-5 . - - i. L , 3- -E 4 ,242 ,L25-, ,,....--N2'A ,.,- A - 1v'- fi -3--I A 111,-?N: N A- L-v QUXSSES CO unior Class Officers First Semester Second Semester Presidem'-JACOB IsIAR'rzELL President-I5R,xNc:Es l'lAI.DliMAN Vice-President-FRANCES I-IALDEMAN Secretary-WARREN BREINIG Secretary-DoRo1'1-:Y Koen Treasurer-SAMUEL MARX TTELZSZLTE1'-l..ORAlNli HEYER Ass't Secfv and Treas.-JOHN PRICE Student Con-zzcll-Doms Fm-1NE1. -DoN,x1.D Ifl13ARN Student COIt71Cll-ARLENE BAKER -XVESLEY CARR fllSfO7'll1'lZ-LUCILLE I-IAGENBUCH Motto: "What we do, we do well." Class Flower Class Colors Red and White Carnations 'Real and While Vice-P11eside1zt-WI l.1.fxRD XVISR KIIEISER Ass't Sedy and Treas.-GROVIER FIEHR EIJGIH CHOQL - LS734 E501 unior Class History EPTEMBER 6, 1933, heralded our return to Nazareth High School. We organized our class and planned a busy year. I December I5 was the date chosen for the annual junior-Senior Prom. Through the cooperation of our adviser, Miss Weikel, and various committees this affair was a huge success. The gym was appropriately decorated in the holiday colors, red and green, and small Christmas trees gave the gym a very festive appearance. The evening was pleasantly spent in dancing' to the music of Danny Dever's orchestra and in playing games. After much debate, class rings were' selected in january and those receiving them anxiously awaited their arrival. Many of our class participated in extra-curricular activities, including sports and clubs. We were well represented on the staff of the l'Blue and White Standard." The leading parts in the'Operetta, "The Belle of Bagdadf' were taken by members of the junior Class. Our junior Girls' basketball team won the intra-mural championship. And now, the goal which we have been striving for has virtually been achieved-our Senior year! May we carry out the duties which will confront us, efficiently and whole-heartedly, as have the classes which have gone before us. Luci LLE I-IAGEN BUCH, I-listoriavz mql E001 - CO RALPH ALTEMOSE ... ARLENE BAKER GRACE BEAM ..... HARRY BEERS ..... WARREN BREINIG .... THEDA BROBST .... ALICE BRODY. .. .loHN BUSS .... JOSEPH CASSANO. .. OLIVE COLVER .... BETTY DAVIS ..... HARRY ENGLER ...... MARGARET ENGLER. .. JOSEPH FASSEL .... . DORIS FEHNEL .... NIILDRED FEHNEL .... GROVER FEHR .... ROSE FINTA ........ GLADYS FLEISCHMAN. ROSE FRANCZAK ..... LENA FRANUCISZIN. .. IVIIRIAIVI FRITCHMAN.. FREDERICK GARDNER. XVESLEY GARR ....... MARJORIE GETZ. .. PAUL GILL .......... LUCILLE HAGENBUCH. ELIZABETH I-IANGEN.. KATIIRYN HAHN ..... ROBERT I-IALBERSTADT ..... FRANCES I-IALDEMAN. unior Class Roll u ..."My brother is an electrician. l Female physicist Second hddle. . . .Pb:lead. "Qnibbler." "He's from Northampton." "I got it wholesale." "Our stick." Bashfnl? We wonder! ! "Don't be so dump." ....Next time pn-leeg don't snore. . . .S1nall, but a sure shot. . . . . .Beware of thin ice. Who dug yon np? "Senor Don--Oh-h! he is gr-rand." "0hl I met the cutest' fellow!" . . . . The Dutch Fairy. " Volkert, my pal." "I eat Fleischman's yeast." "He's a Bethlehem violinist." . . . . Innocence? . . . . ."One Minute to One." . . . . .Hl'171 going to be cz scientist!" . . . . . just a country boy, but oh, my! ....She has prospects for becoming an Editor indifferent to our females. "Dancing Lady." Tall of stature. Blase. Haberdasher. They call me 'Tuffy' I" EUGII - E521 I CO MARTHA I-IALL .... RENEE I-IARPER .... JACOB HARTZELL .... DONALD HEARN .... LORRAINE HEYER. . . JOHN KIRLICK ..... HELEN KISH .... AUSTIN KNAUSS .... DOROTHY KOCH .... ANNE KONVALCZK. .. ARTHUR KRAUSS. .. EMILY LAUDIG ...... ELIZABETH MARCICS.. SAMUEL MARX ..... GERALD MEYERS ..... HENRY MIICOLAJCZYK MARGARET MILHEIM. ELAINE OTTINGER, .. AAIRIAM RINKER .... EVELYN RUDGE .... GORDON RUHF .... RUTH SANDERCOCK. . . THERESA SCHRAMMEL PAUL SEYFRIED ...... KENNETH SHOOK .... KERMIT SHOOK. .. LESTER UHLER .... HELEN XVAGNER .... JACOB XVALTERS .... JULIA XVALTERS ...... XVILLARD VVERKHEISER ..... HENRIETTA XVERNER. GRETA XVIERSMA ..,. VOLKERT XVIERSMA. . . .I "Oh, my permanent wave.' "Think nothing of it." "Love me, love my violin' What a man! Curly brown hair, and eyes of blue. Does he know his Physics! A winning smile. Ski-shoes. She's not going North or South but "Wes," Heavy-weight champion. Bookworm. Our future Olympic swimming Sophisticated Lady. Are those red cheeks natural? Diggy thinks in circles. Henry M.--Sabina's brother. She makes her "Mark" ! I What? A clarinet player? A true friend in every way. star. "Keep the floor clean, my poffs janitor here Never say "die"! Giggle, giggle--laugh, laugh. She talks bass. "If only I were good." Future basket-ball hero. "Hoodoo" A silent boy from the wilds. "My wave is natural." Kitty's rather cute--eh? "Come up'n see me, some time." "No imagination." They all laughed when I sat down to play I. I tank I go back to Svedenf' Little man--big talk. EIIGQH CHQ QL-I9 4 E531 17-Vlgillllll EIJ GH '- CO Sophomore Class Officers First Semester Second Semester President-GLENN Youwo President-GLENN YOUNG V ice-Presidevzt-RAY DOUGLAS Vice-President-Mmmm FLOREY Secretary-RUTH HELLICK Sec1'etar'jf'-WAYNE RULOFF T1'easm'e1'-ELAINE XVALTERS Treasurer--M1Loman lWCl,:Al.L Ass't Sec'y and Treas.-WAYNE RULOFF Ass't Sedy and T7'l3!l5.--'S'l'ANl.EY BERGER Stucle-ntCou1zcil-Mmmm FLOREY Student Comzcil-NIILDRED SMITH -CHARLES XVUNDERLY -HFos'r15R Dufrz Historian-IRENE BAJAN Motto: "Semper Pergamusf' Class Flower Class Colors Red Rose Maroon and While 1 E541 L94 I Sophomore Class History S we look over our hrst year of Senior l-ligh School membership, we recall much fun and enjoyment experienced in that one year. On September 2, 1933, as Sophomores, we made our initial appearance in Senior I-ligh School. Soon we were busily engrossed in the curricular and extra-curricular activities of the school. ln the fall we held our l-lallowe'en Party, which opened with a lolly pop hunt. In the course of the evening we had an unexpected but welcome guest. A beautiful black cat added to the weird atmosphere of ghosts and goblins. It-seemed to take an immediate liking to a member of the Faculty and remained his companion throughout the evening. Most of the evening was spent in dancing and playing games. Delicious refreshments appropriate to the season were served in the spacious dining room. Almost immediately following this came the football season. The Sophomore boys aided greatly in making the season a success. The basketball season also brought to us an opportunity to exhibit our ability. The various clubs claimed many of our members. Two of the major parts of the Operetta were performed by members of our class. We were also well represented in the public performance of the Dramatic Club. Although we have been successful in many respects, we know that we have yet to realize many ambitions. We hope to achieve higher goals in the two remaining years of our high school career, and thus live up to our motto-"Semper Pergamusf' IRENE BAJAN, Historian IVV!-111 it I . ll. Eli S -1 ' E551 Sophomore Class Roll ELMER ACRERIVIAN.. LCIS ARNOLD ....... RICTOR AUIVIAN. .. IRENE BAIAN .... JANET BARIE ..... ALMA BECKER ..... STANLEY BERGER. . . MARY BROAD ....... JENNIE BLISS ....... LEONARD CARIIIEL. .. FRANCIS DANIEL. .. GEORGE DECI-I ...... JOSEPH DEUTSCH. . . KATIE DIDOVITZ. . CHARLES DEINER. .. FOSTER DIETZ ..... HELEN DLUGAS ..... MIRIAM DOMERT. .. RAY DOUGLAS ...... KERNIIT EBERTS .... HELEN FEHNEL. .. STEPHEN FINTA, .. NIIRIAM FLOREY. . .. CHARLES FRATIPETRO ...... KATHERINE GASTON. EARL GEORGE ...... AUSTIN GODSHALL.. KERMIT GOLD ...... EVELYN GORMAN. .. CHARLES GoTTo. .. JUNE GRUBB ..... ELLA HAHN .... joSEI1I-I HAHN .... W lJere's E liner? "Isu't he l2audsorue?" Excess baggage. Miss Sloat's erraud girl. Hail! fellow, 'well inet. "I am back to the old one." "I"ue got 'sax'-appeal." "H0uk! Hank! Here Touiboy Taylor. The Sheik. F oxy. "Pudd'1i Head jones" A pal. Latiu Star. "f1i1z't I cute?" "Smile, izow 'watch the Quiet aud industrious. The girl with the little "l'lozedy, down there. "I did'I1't get time to do A ehampioin typist. A big bag of muscles. We all like her. Our "he" mau. "What will I do 'Ieithozl Half-pint. Baby-face. TlZl'Z!11Z???? I come." Number!! birdie." voice. il " It jacob?" The belle of Da1iiel's Slate Quarry He's a good gugv. Imported laugh. Buddy. Strawberries. Q EDGE - L9'34 1 i E561 CONXET DOROTHY HARTMAN ...... "Meat and Ice Cream fMy Specialtyjf' GROVER I-IAUSER ..... ' ..... "I'ru a hunter." ' JOSEPHINE I-IEINTZELMAN..Whispering jo. RUTH HELLICK .... lRENE HOFFMAN .... ELIZABETH JOHNSON ROBERT JONES ..... lVlARY KAVCAK .... RUTH KELLOXV ..... KATHLEEN KIENZLE ETHEL KLECKNER.. CYNTHIA KNAUSS.. MARK KOCH ....... HOWARD KOEHLER.. JOY KORTZ ....... MAE KRAUSS ..... FRANK KULLER .... EVELYN LEARN ..... FRANCES LAUBACH.. ROBERT LOVELL .... GILBERT MCGREGOR AGNES NIAGDITCH. . . MILDRED lwCFALL.. NINA NIERLO ...... BERNARD lWETZ .... JOSEPH NIEYERS .... DONALD MICHAEL.. ELAINE MILLER .... VICTORIA MILLER. .. VIRGINIA MILLER. .. PHILLIP MOLL .... lVlAXINE NORRIS ..., JUNE OSTERSTOCK.. PAU LIN E PAU KOVITZ ,..... JUNE PLOTTS ...... WILLIAM PRICE .... SI-IERXVOOD RASH .... WOODROW RASH .... Variety is the spice of life. Brains of the Sophorrzore Class. "My Freuch coiffuref' Our "big" little rrzau. Mary had a little lamb. '4Duchess." As quiet as a mouse. Will she ever rurz down? "Oh, Eddie!" What would he do without Peggy? N1,7'l1 a rrrilkruarzf' She takes after her rzame. I like red. That voice. The graduate from "Nisky Prep." "Good marks are my specialty." "My gun arid I." "Hot stuff, I calls myself." Angel-face. Figure it out for yourself. "Nee-1Ia's the 11a11Ie." Curlyhead Our clown. A"dou"is. Direct arztithesis of Vicief' Pleasiugly plump. Gerztlerueu prefer blondes. "Oh Yeah!" Frail arid delicate. Her pastirue is walkirzg. "Going my way?" Graceful. Prepare for a laugh, here comes Bi Our platinum bloride. Smile, daru you, smile. lly. -I E571 CO ARLENE REESE .... NLXBEL REESE .... LILIAN REINERT .... ESTHER REPSHER ......... BERNETTA RISMILLER ..... RUSSEL ROHN ....... XVOODROW ROTH. . . WAYNE RULOFF ..,. PEARL SCHAFFER .... XVALLACE SC!-IMIDT. . . EDNA SCI-IULTZ ..... GRACE SCHULTZ .... HELEN SEGEL .... ARLENE SEIP. .. ALFRED SEVI. .. EARL Sl-IAFER .... XVALTER SHOCK .... HELEN SHUPP .... JAMES SI-ILIIJP .... ROBERT SIEBLER .... EVELINE SMITH .... MILDRED SMITH .... NELSON SNYDER .... ROBERT SNYDER .... THOMAS STARNER ........ CHRISTIAN STERLACHINI .... IRENE THOMAS ........... MARION THOMAS .... MILLIOENT UI-ILER ........ ELAINE WALTERS .... ANNA VVEAVER ..... JOHN VNIEISS ........ ELTON XVERKHEISER ..... . . JOHN XVERN ER ...... RUTH WI LSON .... RALPH XVOLFE ........... CHARLES XVUNDERLY ...... GLENN YOUNG ...... Fashion Plate. " Wherefs Kathleen?" "Can you speak Dzltch!"' Seldom seen but always heard. Where's Elrnerl' Your glasses are good S'll1Z-7'Ufll!lZf0l'S. What's it all about? Blonde Senior S'l'I!JfCl7l31'. Somebody's Stenog. "Play, hddle, play." Giggles. Bells, bells, bells, etc. A second Lowell Thomas. "Oh! I do1:'t go 'Iufth him, anymore "Ooh.' I'nz1zerz'ozIs." A stzrdions lad. Bang! I ! Future still-walker. H1,1'l'l on a diet." How's the weather np there? An image of Mary Pickford? ? Always industrious. More spinach, Snyder. "My stamps." "Webster's my source." Is he "Rnthless"? Pretty. Shy. "Oh-h. Mr. Knechtf' Onr Latin Shark. Tonghie. Another of "the" Weiss brothers. Ls1z't it funny? Small for his sire. " Whe1'e's Christian?" Small but mighty. "Did you ever hear this one?" Our fag King. ElQlQf CEIOQL -A 19-34 l581 frfffx f-Xw ,i .-. ,, X, x jx fix A1 45' gain W QRQANIZATJQNS CO -Km' Back Row: Miss Nicholas, Christman, Nagle, Fehnel. Center Row: Dietz, Florey, Haldemzan, Smith, Temmel, Front Row: Hartzell, Stannard, Young, Hearn, Student Council UR Student Council is composed ol' two members from each class, and the president of each class. lt aims to promote in all ways the best interests of Nazareth High School. The Council approves charters, and recommends appointments for committees. lt maintains the Lost and Found Department, and conducts the annual Magazine Campaign. The prolits from this campaign were used to buy magazines and books 'for the library. A committee ol' the council also files catalogues ol' numerous educational institutions so that we may keep in constant touch with the requirements of the best colleges and universities. The ollicers for the hrst semester were: President, Wesley Garrg Vice-President, Evelyn Christman: Secretary and Treasurer, Miriam Floreyg Asst. Secretary and Treasurer, jacob l-lartzellg Lost and Found Department, Arlene Bakerg Custodian of Documents, Frank Temmel: Filing of Catalogues, Evelyn Christman, Miriam Florey and Charles Wunderly. Second semester ofiicers were: President, Frank Temmel: Vice- President, Donald l-learn: Secretary and Treasurer, Doris lfehnelg Asst. Secretary and Treasurer, Francis Stannardg Custodian of Documents, Donald I-learn, Filing of Catalogues, Dorothy Nagle and Doris liehnel. Ql.-E734 E601 CO Blue and White Standard CCT HE Blue and' White Standard" with new editors has again been successfully financed and published. This bi-monthly paper is truly representative of the student body. The Editorial staff members for this year were: Editor-in-chief, Freda Scheetzg .Associate Editor, Marjorie Getzg News Editors, Emily Hughes, Irene Bajang Club Editors, Eva Werlcheiser, Renee Harper: Athletic Editors, Kathryn Haldeman, Donald Uhler: Alumni Editor, Gladys Fleischmang Chuckles Editors, Alice Brody, john Priceg Exchange Editor, Eveline Smith, Staff Cartoonist, Elizabeth Marcksg Reporters: Senior High, Orthia Heyer and Lucille Hagenbuch, junior High, josephine Manguesa and Donald Marcks. The members ol the Business staff were: Manager, Anna Boerstlerg Assistant Business Managers, Florence Hahn, Margaret Milheimg Circulation Managers, George Wunderly, Margaret Saeger: Typists, Dorothy Nagle, Lilian Hugo, Elizabeth Wunderly, Geraldine Bleiler. Faculty Advisers were: Miss Nicholas, Miss Sloat, Miss Peppell. Miss Weikel, Miss Etschman and Mr. linecht. EDGE CEIOQL - CQ-- Commercial Club l-llS year the Commercial Club was organized under the supervision ol Miss Dixon. Club meetings were held the third Tuesday in the month. Mr. Frank Schmidt, who is President of the First National Bank and Trust Co., spoke on "Clearing Houses and Drafts." Mr. Lantz, a representative ol' the Bell Telephone Company, explained the method of curing telephone poles, the mechanisms and installation of the telephone. An interesting visit to the Waist Mill was made instead of a regular club meeting. A delightful Christmas party was held in the gymnasium 'lor the members and their friends. Members of the Commercial and Dramatic Clubs enjoyed a steak roast at Black Rock on May 22. As in previous years, the club again presented typewriting pins lor speed and accuracy in a I5 minute speed test allowing no more than 5 errors in any test. There were diiierent awards for dillerent speeds starting with 30 words per minute. The ofiicers for the second semester were: President, Emily Strouse: Vice-President. Dorothy Kochg Secretary, Arliene l-lellickg Treasurer. Lilian Hugo, The 'following committees functioned throughout the year: Program, Sam Kisner, Cynthia Knauss, Dorothy Kochg Entertainment, Florence llahn, Christian Sterlachini, Helen Kish. Dramatic Club HE purpose of the Dramatic Club is to develop dramatic ability. cultivate stage presence, teach stage technique, and acquaint the students with one-act plays. This club held meetings bi-monthly with Miss Sloat as sponsor. During the course 'of the meetings diliere-nt members presented one-act plays and experimented with make-up. Three one-act plays, "Green Shadows", "My Cousin from Sweden", and "Two Crooks and a Lady" were presented on February I5 at a public performance. The net proceeds, which amounted to !il26o.z5, will be used to purchase play books and make-up. The officers were: President, Olga Radovich, Vice-President, Orlhia l-leyerg Secretary, Betty Wunderlyg Treasurer, Wayne Rulotlf. C -- . CHOQL.-1 T COMET Romani I-'lodierni l-IE "Romani l-lodierni" or "Romans of Today" met the third Wednesday in the month with Miss Marx as faculty adviser. The club was divided into two cohorts which planned the programs for each meeting. The meetings were opened by the roll call which was answered by "Adsum." After the business meeting, the members played Latin games and held "vocabulary bees." For the assembly program on April 18, the club presented a play, "Rome and the Modern World." . The ofiicers were: Consuls, Miriam Rinker and Elaine Waltersg Scribe, Frances l-laldeman. French Club HE aim of the French Club is to stimulate interest in the languagej the customs and the people of France. Discussions concerning these interests were features of each meeting. Each member of the club corresponded with a high school student of France. These letters were read and discussed as part of the club meeting. - This club met the third Wednesday in the month under the supervision of Mr. Knecht. The ofiicers were: President, Freda Scheetzg Vice-President, Anna Boerstlerg Secretary, Naomi Herzingg Treasurer, Martha Simmons. IIIGH CHDQl.+E9 4 CO Science Club TIJE Science Club again resumed its work under the leadership of Mr. Shekletski. This club was divided into two groups: the first studied the construction of theradiog the second studied biological problems. ' An assembly program, which consisted ol' several experiments illustrating various physical phenomena, was presented on Wednesday, May 9. The officers were: President, Henry Nlikolajczykg Vice-President, Ralph Altemoseg Secretary and Treasurer, john Kirlick. Out-ofTown Association TIJE Out-of-Town Association is composed of out-of-town students. The purpo-se of this organization is to maintain order in the study room and in the halls during noon hour. The officers were: President, Frank Temmelg Vice-President, Thomas Miller. The president appointed the following students as assistants: Senior monitors, Herman D'Achille and Winifred l-lappelg junior monitors, Frederick Gardner and Arlene Bakerg Sophomore monitors, Robert jones and Evelyn Gorman. 51633641 CHOQI. - L934 COMET Back Row: Edelman, Mr, Leh, Miss Long, Miss Nicholas, Thomas, Mr, Gump. Front Row: Ruloff, Uhl-er, Scheetz, Miller, Hartzell, Seyfried, President ...... Vice-President . . . Athletic Council Secretary .................... Treasurer ..................... Assistant Secretary anal Treasurer . . Football Manager Hockey Manager ........... Basketball Manager CGirIsj .. . Basketball Manager CBoysj .. . Baseball M ana ger ANNE LONG Principal of High Faculty Manager Coaches School . . . . . . VVESLEY GARR .. NVAYNE RULOFE FREDA SCHEETZ . . . . JACOB I-IARTZELL .. . PAUL SEYFRIED DICK MlCHAEl. MILDRED EIJELMAN .. . VERNA THOMAS CARL MILLER DONALD UI-ILER ANDREW LEII FLORENCE NICHOLAS GUY CUIVIP WGIH CIETOQI.-I9 4 L 65 J- CO Debating Club I-IE Debating Club met bi-monthly with Mr. Knecht as faculty adviser. D ' During the meetings debates on current questions were held. This was followed by a general discussion and criticism of the individual debaters and their merits. The latter part of the year was devoted to public speaking. The oflicers were: President, Frank Temmelg Vice-President, Maurice Zellnerg Secretary and Treasurer, George Wunderly. Band N October l2, 1933, another of our musical organizations, the band, was organized under the leadership of Miss Yeisley. The oflicers were: President, Charles Wunderlyg Secretary and Treasurer, Wayne Ruloffg Custodians of Music, joy Kortz and Francis Laubach. The band participated in the junior High School Commencement, june 19, 1934. mqm ciaooit -4,934 . - V 1. COMET Girls' and Boys' Glee Club ' I-IIS year, again, these clubs were successfully organized under the direction of Miss Yeisley. The Girls' Glee Club elected the following ol'lice1's:President, Evelyn Christmang Secretary and Treasurer, Claire Edelman, Custodians of Music, Doris Fehnel and Henrietta Werner. The Boys' Glee Club elected: President, Willard Werkheiserg Secretary and Treasurer, Grover Pehrg Custodian of Music, john Price. The Glee Clubs appeared on the following occasions: December 12, December 20, january 15, February 12, February 14, May I7 and 1933-Assembly Program. 1933-Minstrel in Assembly. 1934-County Institute. IQ34-VNfOITll1I1,S Club. 1934-Assembly Program. 18, IQB4-SF. High School Gperetta, "The Belle of Bagdadf, EIIG-B CBCQL -L934 E671 CO MAX ,-'X-, XNXEL ' T-.-"W", I XJ pf Dff'1'is,, Crchestra I l-IE orchestra, organized on October io, 1933, met with much success during the past year. The oflicers were: PI'ESlLlfi'l1l, jacob Hartzellg Secretary and T lC'l5LllCl Warren Breinigg Custoclians of Music, Wayne Ruloll and Elizabeth lVl uclis The music was splenclidly rendered and highly appreciated on the following occasions: November 23 and 24, 1933. .junior l-ligh School Play, 'Daddy long December 1 2 December zo December 20, February 14, February 15, April 6, IQ34 Legs." 1933 ........ Assembly Program. 1933 ........ Minstrel in Assembly. 1933 ........ Community Carol Service. 1934 .... .... 1 Xssembly Program. 1934 .... .... l Uramatic Club Presentation. ..... . . .. ...Assembly Program. April 20, 1934 ....... , ..... Senior Class Play, mllillli Patsy May I7 and 18, 1934 ...... Senior l--ligh School Operetta, Sl lic Belle ol Bagcladf' june 21, 1934 ........ .... S enior High School Cominenccincnl EDGE E681 Fmwmig CO CAST OF SENIOR PLAY Back Row: Herman. D'Achi1le, Frank T-emmel, John Deichman Bruce Doyle, Jr., Charles Ei16I'1b'81'g'81'. Front, Row: Evelyn Chnistman, Dorothy Swartwood, Margaret Saegr, Orthia Heyer. CHOQL - Senior Play N Friday evening, April 20, the Senior Class presented a delightful three-act play, "The Patsy," to a capacity house under the direction of Miss Sloat. The story concerns Patricia Harrington, ai girl who "runs second" to her older sister, Grace. She is the Patsy who is blamed whenever anything goes wrong, and is forced to remain in the 'background in order that her sister my be presented to advantage. Her father, a traveling man, is on her side, and he finally declares his independence by putting Ma in heruproper place. This brings about Patsy's ultimate triumph, and atlords her happiness as the bride of the man she loves. TH E CAST Bill I-Iarriiigzfotii, the father ............... FRANK TEMMEL Mrs. William Harrington, the mother.. DoRo'ri-iv SWARTWOOD Grace I-larriiigtoii, Patsy's older sister .... EVELYN CHRISTMAN Patricia Harriiigtoiz, The Patsy .......... NIARGARET SAEGER Billy Caldwell, Grace's fiance .............. jfxcri DEICHMAN Tony Aizdersoiz, who was in love with Patricia BRUCE DoYLE,jR. Sadie Bucbaiiaii, a society rival ............. ORTHIA HEYER Francis Patrick O'Flaberty ...... .... C HARLES EILENBERGER "Trip" Busty, the taxi driver ......... l-IERMAN D'Act-HLLE The High School orchestra under the direction of Miss Yeisley, furnished music between the acts. The committees were as follows: Business Staff, Dorothy Nagle, Claire Edelman, Beatrice Carmel., Forrest Bowers, George Wunderly and Anna Boerstlerg Properties, Kathryn Haldeman, Emily Hughes, Naomi Herzing, Truman Kidd, Carl Miller and Hilton Shafer: Stage, Harold Kratz, Raymond Uhler and Warren Reinertg Wardrobe, Freda Scheetz and Olga Radovichg Make--up. Martha Simmons. ' WEP - i934 C., Operetta l-llS year again, as in previous years, the combined Boys' and Girls' Glee Clubs presented an operetta, "The Belle of Bagdadu on the 17th and 18th of May. Fair Day in Bagdad is marked by the arrival of various visitors who are presented to the Caliph, and his favorite daughter, jewel, the Belle of Bagdad. From him they learn that an assassin is abroad who carries a bomb concealed in a camera. lmmediately the Caliph orders all persons with cameras to be shot. . Dick Taylor arrives with his mechanics from Hollywood in search of a lovely girl known only as "the Belle of Bagdadf' They carry with them as a means of identihcation some photos which reveal her wearing a sacred amulet. The mechanics carry a camera to take pictures and are captured. Meanwhile Dick meets jewel who welcomes him cordially. The mechanics in disguise capture the real assassin. The Caliph orders jewel to present Dick with the sacred amulet that she wears, and this identifies her as "the Belle of Bagdadf' The cast was as 'follows in order ol' their appearance: Mrs. j. l-lorace McCann, new flnierican consul in liagdad .Biziwnlcia CARMEI. Elsa McCann, her daughter ............................. ORTl'lIA llliarlilz Anne Blakewell, a friend of l5lsa's ........ .... T Zi.lzixm5'l'H MJXRCIQS Archie FitzGibbons, from dear old London ., ....... joHN PRICE Zelinda, a dancer ...................... ..... N ,xozvu llERzlNo Rose, a daughter of the Caliph .. ...lllaNRna'I"m WERNER Lily, another daughter .............., ...... N l1l.1..lCiiN'l' Lli-ILER Ali Ben Nlustapha, the prefect of police ...CHR1s'l'lixN S'rERI.AcHlNl lilassen El Carib, the Caliph of Bagdad . . . . . .vVlll.I.ARD Wlznkmalsiak je-wel, his favorite daughter .......... ...... l Doms lzlil-INEI. Bob Ballentine, an airplane mechanic . . . . . .l'3REDERlc:xi GARDNER Bill Blake, his friend and companion .... .... X VAYNE Rutorrf Henrietta Whipstitch, a romantic Spinster ...CLAR15 Enlilmixu Dick Taylor,fr0-in the Super-Snprenze lfilnz Co.. . . .... jixcon llAR'rxEi.1. lY.:Vl5lllli, II C!! e , . ' dl. 'L93 Alma Becker Claire Edelman Dorothy Swartwood Elaine Ottinger Elizabeth Marclcs Emily Laudig Eva Kostenbader Eveline Smith Evelyn Christman Florence Hahn Grace Schultz Helen Fehnel Helen Kish Kathryn Haldeman Margaret Milheim Lorraine Heyer Millicent Llhler Rose Finta Ruth Hellick Virginia Miller Agnes Magditch Arlene Reese Beatrice Carmel Betty Davis Doris Fehnel Willard Werkheiser Kermit Eberts Austin Godshall john Price Lester Davidson Donald Siegfried Warren Reinert Raymond Reinert Grover Fehr GIRLS' CHORUS: Dorothy Hartman Elizabeth johnson Verna Thomas Mildred Fehnel Ethel Kleckner Evelyn Rudge Ella Hahn Gladys Fleischman Helen Shupp Henrietta Werner Katherine Gaston joy Kortz Lucille Hagenbuch Mabel Reese Margaret Saeger Margaret Engler Mildred Edelman Miriam Fritchman Olive Colver Orthia Heyer Rose Franzcak Ruth Kellow Alice Brody Anna Kowalzck BOYS' CHORUS: Forrest Bowers William Price Mark Koch Christian Sterlachini Paul Seyfried jacob Walters Earl George Robert jones CQ Betty W underl y Burnetta Rissmiller Cynthia Knauss Dorothy Nagel Edna Schultz Elaine Miller Emily Hughes Evelyn Gorman Frances Laubach Frances Haldeman Freda Scheetz june Grubb josephine Heintzelman Kathryn Hahn Kathleen Kienzle Lois Arnold Marion Thomas Miriam Domert Mildred McFall Naomi Herzing Ruth Sandercock Ruth Wilson Ruth Segel jennie Buss jacob Hartzell Rictor Auman Carl Miller Wayne Ruloff Hilton Shafer Gordon Ruhf Charles Fratipietro Frederick Gardner mql smoemtef WM Qc A Letter DEAR Com ET: When I look back upon this school term, I am as proud as a peacock to say what a grand success each social event was. It's no use my telling you what a grand and glorious time we had, unless I really tell you about each one individually, so here goes. The junior-Senior Prom lived up to its standard splendidly, as being the biggest event of the year. On December 15, lQ33, the Seniors and Faculty responded to the invitation of the junior class. There was the music of Danny Dever's orchestra to dance to, if we wished, and games for the rest. At 1o:3o refreshments were served in the dining room which was decorated appropriately for the Christmas season. I almost forgot to tell you that Naomi I-lerzing and john Young were the lucky couple in the "elimination dance." When the time approached to leave, we all felt sorry that this pleasant evening had sped so rapidly. The Seniors had their own gala event on October 30, IO33, celebrating the I-lallowe'en season. The party was held in the gym, where all our events are held, decorated in the l'lallowe'en spirit. Dancing and games afforded the chief amusements for all present. At 10:30, led by Harold Kratz, chairman of the refreshment committee, we entered the candle-lit dining room where refreshments were served. Will we ever forget this occasion? , Last but not least is the Sophomore lclallowe'en party. This get-together spirit, on October 26, 1033, was initiated by a lollypop hunt. A novel surprise was in store for us in the form of a pretty black cat which was promptly adopted by one of our faculty. Leaving the goblins, jack-0-lanterns and weird witches behind us, we entered the dining room where sandwiches, pretzels. and cider were served. Dancing to tl1e Stromberg- Carlson radio was the chief amusement. ' Can you blame me for being so proud? And my only wish is that next school term's social affairs will be just as successful, if not more, than this year. Sincerely yours, ALMA Marisa. matt c151oQ1.. -1 -Ni VTP,-?-.., W .Y ... ,TTFU -T,i--F-- 1 x i I ' U ,Q 1 ,LL N1 'N , vw-., N' M In ' 1. 'nj 'QS ' M yn , , - -. M M- M ,Vx -- ., , g.. - , ,,. 1, Q ' vu ,, , Q YL, 3-.. A-,,,.,--3,-4,,,.L, , , .:. .ggi -WW 9 l--f"e--v- Lf: ' -+ 1137- '-' " S14-"H 5 f:----'-f--fif-"f- ' 'S-Qffw-f Zzzmv--:fn 1 Q-"'i"r"'W' 'r..'T"'f'L' - ":GT".f9iff, :Fmt M ' . pw M 1 T5 lf-, I. ,K - I .Af 921 l N - , + ,. I 1 If-."n",. A37-K 2' 'V 5 2 I ' 5 7 I ja H ,w 'i I if-, 'JA '13 Q! f, Q, 1,3 "Lf 'ig",' . F' A ill,-L f' ljfi'-J ""Z-l'Y!'1L-L-l'.,Q,'1,,',L-.J,:Y.'l,EJLJXX 'kjfgp 4- 51y.,iT'1L,:':Ll,-i1,Qi1':gI' 'Ly :L.g.,.,.,...x,,,,fjf,.f---'!L..,.,1s.,, E751 1 1 The CO - Alumni Association O we have an Alumni Association in Nazareth? The best way to answer this question is to review their numerous activities lor this year. Probably most' important is the Scholarship Fund which has been set aside for anyone who desires to enter college and needs some linancial assistance. The sum of one hundred dollars a year lor four years will be paid to a worthy graduate ol Nazareth High School provided it is returned after a dehnite period of time. On March 28th, the Alumni Association presented a delightful assembly program. Many ol the alumni who lJZll'llClI72ll'CLl were grztduates within the last ten years. The association also sponsored two social functions during the year, a Christmas dance during the holiday season and another in the month ol' june, at which time the members ol the class ol' 1934 were honored guests. Both functions were held in the High School gymnasium. The following prizes were awarded to Nazareth High School students for 1932-1933: Citizenship, Virginia Shankwieler '33, and Walter Pysher '33, Chemistry, Romaine Ruhl' ,331 Physics, Prank Temmel Y-34, Athletic tCirlj Martha Simmons '33, QBoyj Herbert Iilaas '33g Commercial, Martha Muschlitz ,332 American History, Herman D'Achille '34: European llistory, Willard Werkheiser ,35, and Samuel Marx '35: Debating, First prize, Olga Radovich '34, Second prize, Maria Marx '33: Biology, Willard Werldieiser '35, The ollicers lor the 1933-1934 were: President. Mr. Charles Shimerg Secretary and Treasurer, Miss Mae Yeisleyg Ass't. Secretary and Trea'surer, Miss Evelyn Messinger and Mr. Thomas Achenbach. The Parent-Teacher Association HE Parent-Teacher Association ol' Nazareth endeavors to maintain a closer relationship between the parents ol' students and the teachers. The oflicers for the Nazareth division were: President, Mrs. C. F. Barieg Vice-President, Mr. A. W. Day: Secretary, Mrs. William jacobsg Treasurer, Mrs. Asher Hahn. The following committees functioned: Program, Mrs. F. A. Marcks Qfor the 'first half year! and Mrs. Wilmer Heyer tlor the last half yearly Membership, Mrs. Raymond Christmang Publicity, Mrs. Clarence Zieglerg Hospitality, Mrs. Walter Stolllet. 51633763 caoca. - L934 X S Xfxxf -QQ ,A gg rig , ,I If , 'AJ V f 1 , -ff ,if nw w l .L X K Q 5 ' wt f ' IN 1 , 1 'ef4Q5fjQQ X I f Qif 'Qiifi--T ' -,Aff 7 .V ,',..1l-?,'F' . XV ,-ff!-xr, a f r f-ff: g:., fg- , 1 4:5 , fi- ii :wt-P lx XX-fi if -:Yhg:N YA I -umer' K ' -Q' flaming C O , nfi A fx L A .. - A. Back Row: Betz, Mgr. R. Michael, A. Deutsch, E. Deutsch, Kopach, Fehr, Walter, Knauss, Ass't, Mgr. Beers, Kavcak, Forrest Staxinard, Third Row: Coach Leh, Ass't, Mgr. Daniels, Rundle, J, Weiss, Miller, Hauser, W, Reinert, Auman, Kermit Shook, D, Michael, J. Deutsch, R. Reinert, Faculty Mgr. Cump, Second Row: Seibler, Uhler, Kenneth ,Sho-ok, Ruhf, Zellner, Delchman, Cassano, Doyle, Dech, Gardner, Werkheiser, First Row: Mahorsky, Temmel, Hearn, Gotto, Garr, Captain Kratz, McGregor, Fratipietro, V. Weiss, Francis Stannard, Bath. HIGH CEIDQ1.-L934l 1 l E781 C Football HE 1933 Football Squad had the most successful season since the advent of Football at Nazareth High School, winning seven games, losing two. and these two by but one point. The initial game on September 23, ended in defeat, when the visiting team, Coplay, trounced us with a scoreof seven to six. On September 30, the Nazareth team defeated the Stroudsburg team, a new team on our schedule. The Hnal score was I4 - 6. Two weeks later, the Emaus boys journeyed to Nazareth and defeated us with a 7 - 6 victory. 3 On October 21, we got our start in the Slate Belt Championship when we conquered Pen Argyl. The Hnal score was I4 - o. The next week, for the first time in our football career, we defeated Catasauqua. lt should be especially noted that the score at the end of the first half was 12-0 in favor of Catasauqua and ended l2-I4 in 'favor of Nazareth. . November 4, saw us at Bangor, where, after persistent hard efforts. we held them scoreless and gained fourteen points for ourselves. The following week the Northampton High squad was our guest. but it was not dealt with lightly, for we emerged from the fray with a I3-6 victory. On November 18, Lehighton, another new team on our schedule, was defeated when they went down on our well-planned attack. The final score was 22 - 6. ' Our season was successfully completed when on Thanksgiving day, we defeated our traditional rival-Wilson. The final score was 40 - o. Those boys leaving the squad do so with regret. but wish their successons more success than they have had. SHIQH Sfmf sin and 3 t'79J CIO Back Row: Mgr, Edelman, W-erkheiser, Schissler, Chapman, F1'0I1'l3 Row Z Wunderly, Coach Long, Saeger, Haldeman, Swartwood, Capt. Carmel, Hellick, Herzing, Christmzm, Hockey HE Senior team won the school hockey championship lor ILHYS. Due to several weeks' steady practice and Miss l-ong's lielplul instructions during t'hose practices, the girls made a decided improvement in their playing during games. Cold weather towards the end ol the season kept the girls moving and competition was experience by helping Nov. 9 Nov. 16 Nov. 20 keen between the classes. The girls also guinea to referee the games. Schedule Score jr. vs. Soph. 2--o Sr. vs. jr. 3-1 Sr. vs. Soph. Q-i EDGE CHDOI- lf 801 CQ Point System HIS year Nazareth l-ligh sponsored a new and modern plan for its athletic activities. The girls played only int1'a-mural games in all sports. The plan aims to eliminate the intense rivalry and strenuous playing in interscholastic' games, and to teach the girls to play with each other instead of against each other. This form is more healthful and gives all the girls who are interested in sports a chance to develop their skill, instead ol merely developing picked teams. A The intra-mural games which took the place of the interscholastic games were even more interesting and exciting than ever, and proved the plan a success. Due to this change, a point system has been planned so that students can still earn the letters formerly awarded for interscholastic varsity playing. The maximum number of points which may betearned each year is 450. These points may be earned by taking part in hockey, tennis, basketball, baseball, gymnasium demonstration, soccer, and volley ball. One hundred is the maximum number of points which a player can obtain 'lor one sport in a year. Minimum amounts which can be earned in a game vary according to the sport. Any girl who obtains nine hundred points will be awarded a letter "N", Special provision has been made for the members of the Senior class of "34" who will be awarded a letter if they have earned 450 points by the end of the school year. Five extra points will be awarded to each girl who plays on a class team each time that her team becomes School Champion of a sport. Five points will also be given to the referee of every game and three points will be given to the timekeeper. To be eligible for class games in any sport each player must have attended at least nine-tenths of the total number of practices in that sport. Managers will be awarded points by this 'same system, and credits will be given for leadership, sportsmanship, and posture. As a further reward, each champion team will have its picture placed with those of 'former victorious teams. SHEET -IQ34 E811 Back Row: Mgr. Thomas, Sandercock, Coach Long. Front. Row: Davis, Kish, Marcks, Capt. Koch, Fritohman, Franuciszin, Laudig, Girls' Basketball HE juniors proved their athletic ability this year by winning the intra-mural basketball championship. This lact should insure a successful season next year. Because of the large number ol' candidates. each class organized two teams, with each team electing its own captain. Alter a lew weeks ol' preliminary practice, the real competition began. At least sixteen games were played, a greater number than would have been played in interscholastic competition. When all of the scheduled games had been played, the junior I and the Senior Il teams were tied lor first place, each having won lour games and lost one. The deciding game was played before the Parent'-'l'eacher Association. From the toss-up until the end, the game was close and exciting. The juniors had the lead from the start but the Seniors rallied once and tiecl the score. However. the juniors soon topped them again and stayed there to win the game. Following is the standing of the teams at the completion ol' the season: Won Lost Won Lost jr. I .... . 5 1 Sr. l . 2 3 Sr. II . 4 2 jr. ll . 2 if Soph. I .. 3 2 Soph. ll .. . o 5 .nlvlfxnlia 1. s . W ,. - " ' T CHDO-L - LQ34 an ln E821 OMET 11 11 .. ,, 11 5 .w .5 i -QE,-1' l u ,H . Eg, ' 'N ' Q an ,L' 5. . .J . . Back Row: Coach Leh, Faculty Mgr, Gump, Daniels, Wunderly, Dech, S-eibler, Deiner, Koch, Young, Cassano, Price, Mgr, Miller. Front Row: V, Weiss, Michael, Mahorsky, Douglas, Capt, Deichman, Aitemose, Rash, Engler, J , Weiss. Boys, Basketball l-IE 1933-34 basketball season was fairly successful 'lor the Nazareth High Cagers for they tied Coplay for third place in the Lehigh- Northampton League. The scores of the games do not show the playing of the boysg for in spite of the fact tl1at they lost seven of the 'fourteen games, they played several superb games, especially the second game with Wilson in which they W6 FC Dec. jan. Feb. Mar. scored against in the last few minutes of the game. Varsity J. Varsity Naz. Opnts. Naz. Opnts. 19-Lehighton . . 27 IQ I3 I9 22-PCD Argyl ..... .. 18 I2 I7 I2 5-So. Whitehall .. 22 18 I3 23 Q--XVllSOl1 ....... 21 26 l2QBHl1gOF ..... 24 I7 22 29 19-Coplay ..... . . 26 IO 18 I4 26-l-lellertown .... . . 43 18 27 I3 6-Pen Argyl .... . . 5o I5 26 16 9-So. Whitehall . . . . 16 42 26 27 I6-WrVilSOI1 ....... . . 26 27 18 25 20-BZll'lgOl' ..... . . 16 29 23-Coplay ..... . . 23 28 22 25 28-Lehighton . . . . 2Q 34 21 29 2-l'lCllE'l'IOWl1 . . . . . 43 27 I7 IQ E831 CO l r. Back Row: Gotto, Fratipietro, Michael, Deiner, Coach Leh, Mgr. Uhl-er, Ass't. Mgr. Shook, Faculty Mgr. Gump, Matthew, J , Rundle, Young, Cassano, Sipos Front Row: Miller, Zellner, Siegfried, Douglas, Seibler, Capt, Bath, Weiss, Jurasits, Finta, Hearn, E. Rundle, Baseball OR the third time in the annals ol baseball at Nazareth l-ligh School, the team has had an undefeated season and has again won the first place trophy in the Lehigh-Northampton lnterscholastic Baseball League. The games were all closely contested and, with the exception of the first game, the victors were not determined until the last inning in any of the games. The outlook for next year's team is seemingly bright for only three varsity men, Bath, Weiss and jurasits are graduating. Although these men will be missed, others have shown their ability to fill these vacant positions. Naz. Opnts. Hellertown . . . 9 4 Pen Argyl 7 6 Pen Argyl 5 3 l-lellertown . . . 6 5 E841 wx i, Hs X 'XX Wfux ,iff-, N f' .ff 2-'il UMQR MJ? CO The SEN IORS NAME WHAT PM PROUDEST OF IREN E BARLIEB ..... HOMER BATH ........... .... GERALDINE BLEILER. ANNE BOERSTLER .... FORREST BOWERS .... BEATRICE CARMEL ..... .... HELENA CHAPMAN .... EVELYN CHRISTMAN. JOHN CORRELL .... . . . HERMAN D'AOHILLE .... . . . . LESTER DAVIDSON ..... .... JOHN DEICHJVIAN .... BRUCE DOYLE ..... CLAIRE EDELMAN. . . . . MILDRED EDELMAN .......... CHARLES EILENBERGER ..... ANNA ENGLE .................. STERLING FULS ..... FLORENCE HAI-IN ...... My height .................. My good looks ...... My typing ability. . .. . .. Bangor ........... My 'Sax' appeal .... .... My athletic figure. . skating ability. . .. Edelman .......... Keeping quiet. . ., My Whippetu.. My "Uke". .. laugh.... My build .......... .....Earnie's new Ford. . .. .The meat-vender ..... " My skating ability .... . . . My job ........... height.......... My cooking ability ..... ..." u ss KATIEERYN HALDEMAN ........ My sex appeal ...... WINIFRED HAPPEL ..... .... ARLEINE HELLICK .... NAOMI HERZING .... ORTHIA HEYER .... EMILY HUGHES .... LILIAN HUGO ..,... LOUIS JURASITS .... TRUMAN KIDD ..... SAM KISNER ..... My Problems ..... Wilson .......... . . . . .My Blond Junior. . . "My boy" .......... My language ability .... . . ." My crooner ......... .... ' ' My report card .... My "Ana," thema ..... . . .' Anything ......... u u FAVORITE EXPRESSION Oh, my! " Ah-go om." oh, gee." M Hey, George! Wait for me." "When was this?" "Eddie's diflTerent-he'd hafta be." "Where do we go tonight?" "Is that so?" Sure." I couldn't start it." I'11 be there." I was there." You wou1dn't understand," What did you say?" AW, I didlft do nothing." Are we going?" "Now, I don't have no boy." "All right." N0 kidding." You 'Fuzz' ." "My boy-friend likes this one best." You did!" Oh! my stripes." C'mere once, I wanna, tell you sumpin Is that so?" Hey, you." "Now-wait a minute!" 'Why certainly! ! !" Is that right? " QL- 4 E861 CO The SEN IORS NAME WHAT PM PROUDEST OF FAVORITE EXPRESSION EVA KOSTENBADER .... .... M y daily hike ............... "Oh, gee." HAROLD KRATZ .... JOE MAHORSKY .... RICHARD MICHAEL .... . . . CARL MILLER ....... THOMAS MILLER ..... . . . . LESTER MILLER .... BEATRICE MOHREY .... . . . DOROTHY NAGLE .... .... OLGA RADOVICH ..... . . . WARREN REINERT ..... .... MARGARET' SAEGER ..... . . . FREDA SCHEETZ ...... . . . NELDA SCHISSLER ..... .... HILTON SHAFER ..... .... DONALD SIEGFRIED ..... .... FRANCIS STANNARD ..... .... EMILY STROUSE ..... . ........ DOROTHY SWARTWCOD ...,. FRANK TEMMEL ..... VERNA THOMAS .... DONALD UHLER ..... RAYMOND 'UHLER .... .... VICTOR WEISS ....... GEORGE WUNDERLY .... ... MAURICE ZELLNER ,... . . . EVA WER,Krm1sER ..... ... BETTY WUNDERLY ..... .... EDGE My dad's car ................ My Girl Scout Membership. J' My athletic ability .......... " My "Bari-e"-tone ...... My feminine influence ...... 1' My energy in Ch-em. Lab. .... " .My quietness .......... My dramatic ability ..... . . ." .My expressive hands .... My shooting ability ..... My men ............. My a-"Bill"-ity. . .. My Figure ..... My sidewalks .... My stoicism .... My crooning .......... My "Grab" big man. . . .. My eyes ............. My Chemistry ..... ....My "Jack"-ets. . . .. My vocabulary .......... My power over Women ...... " My girl in Boston .... . My hair ........... My girl ....... My dimplzs ........ .Being a girl scout. .. u u an n u as n an u u u u "Why-no." Gee-ja have your English? I don't know" When?" Oh, gosh" Was you ther?" Wha-a-a-t?" Where's Elmer?" "Oh! for Pity's sake." Chust try it wonsti' Do you wanta get tough? We don't have enough mateual Now, taking the cow by the horns Hey, wait a minute." X'Do you have it?" I'1l smack ya one," "Hey, W2-Lit Lil." "Oh, isn't he cute?" 'And furthermore." Oh, my!" Yes, mafamf' Aw-Wright!" Any mail for me ?" Sa-y-y-y-y-" "Did I say that?" Look out, don't bump me "What dy 9. W3'I'1t? " CHOQL - E871 CO Answers to the Qgestions "WHAT WOLILD YOU DO IF YOU HAD A MILLION DOLLARS?" CLAIRE EDELAIAN-"l'd buy a blue roadster." BEATRICE CARMEL-3681431 a dictionary." MILDRED EDELNIAN-"Buy a butcher shop." TRUMAN KIDD-ulld buy a yacht." GEORGE WUNDERLY-"I'a' establish a hospital." DONALD UHLER-"'l'd give it away." RAYMOND UHLER-"I'd nse my talent and get two 'l'llllll07Z.H NVARREN REINERT-'il'a' spend it." OLGA RADOVICI-I-hYOZl'd be snrprisedf' VERNA THOMAS-"Spend some of it." EVA XVERKHEISER-Hlllllllf do yon think?" HOMER BA'l'H-H1Vl?'ZJ!?7' mind." FRANK TEIVIMEL-"Oh, gee, I don't know." CARL MILLER-A'1'd get myself ont of this dnnzpf' KATHRYN HALDEIVIAN-"l'd nzove to Florida." MISS METZ-"OlJ, why that?" MR. SHEKLETSKI-nlfVlJfV ask nie?" HAROLD KRATZ-H586 the world." BRUCE DOYLE-HBZLQ' a car for the old man and give half to mother." THOMAS MILLER-"1'd loaf the rest of my life." HERMAN DIACI-IILLE--"1 wonldn't work." DOROTHY SWARTWOOD-"What kind of a joke is this?" MARGARET SAEGER-HIfVO1tlLf I spend it? And how!" FREDA SCHEETZ-"I'd hate to tell you." ANNA BOERSTLER-H You mean what I wonldn't do with it. MISS SLOAT-HTlJ67'6,S some catch to this." ORTHIA HEYER-"1'd buy nie an education and a car." NELDA SCHISSLER-USER America krst, and after that, welli MR. KNEc:HT4"I think this is going in the school paperf CHARLES EILENBERGER-"Me, I'd give it away." JOE MAHORSKY-ffl conldn't believe it, l'd pass ont." MISS NICHOLAS-"1'd adopt a great many babies and raise them. I hope there'd be some twins anzong them." MR. COMP-"Mmm-what's the joke?" DOROTHY NAGLE-".q02'6 half and spend the rest." LILIAN HUGO-"I'd never work." rn 1 EDGE g C- l9'3 I881 BETTY WUNDERLY-"l'd pnt it in the bank." GERALDINE BLEILER-l'd get a new car, nrst of all." FLORENCE l'lAl-IN--nl think 1'd travel." EMILY STROUSE-"1'd spend some and keep the rest for fntnre nsef' SAM KISNER-"If I had a million dollars, I'd invest it." IRENE BARLIEB-"1 wouldnt be sitting here in school." XVINIFRED l'lAPPEL-HG0SlJ! I don't know." ARLEINE l'lELLICK--"1'Ll get married." EVA KOSTENBADER-"I'd take a trip-oh no- I'd buy a new pair of stockings." Miss STUCKEY-nl 'wonldn't quit teaching school." Things You Wouldnlt Know Unless We Told You There are really some persons who are going to seek higher education elsewhere. And a certain tree on Belvidere street is doomed to oblivion by the hand of two juniors. , Emily Hughes is really interested in someone called 'lEddie"- Eddie who? Donald Uhler is really on a diet-who'd a thought it? Naomi Herzing doesn't really use peroxide on her hair-well, then what? That most of the junior girls are ga-ga about a Senior from Stockertown. That' Harold Kratz has worn out several sets of tires this winter going to Wilson-I should know, I'm in the tire business. That Claire and Mildred were in such a hurry in Chemistry Lab. that they put the tubing on the wrong end of the burner. George Wunderly really doesn't have a permanent. Mildred Edelman really likes children. joe Nlahorsky is a member ol the Girl Scouts-charter member. m E 1 GH. E f'l.9T3 l89fl r r r r 1 r r r r I 1 CO Song Review When You Build a Little I-lo1ne"-lVlr. Shekletski May I?"-Seniors - graduate. I Like Music"-Anne Boerstler Oh, You Nasty Man"-Exams Spin a Little Web of Dreams"-Naomi l-lerzing Henry Made a Lady Outa l.iggie"-Claire Edelman Boulevard of Broken Dreams"-Victor' Weiss Flying Down to Rio"-john Deichmzin Baby Face"-Mildred Edelman Sophisticated Lady"-Kathryn lelzilclemun Goin' to Heaven On a Mule"-Beatrice Carmel Wonder Bar"-Seguine's I just Couldn't Take It Baby"-lilunking in Chemistry So Shy"-Beatrice Mohrey After Sundown"-Bed fmz1ybe?j Puddin' Head jones"-joe Nlallorsky Don't Be a Cry Baby"--Anyone who flunlcs in English Dancing On a Rainbow"-Passed! l l A Hundred Years Froin Today"--We'll all be dezul. Turn Back the Clock"-Ouch! l'm lzue. Keep Young and Beautiful"-Try and do it. Heaven Only K nows"-l-low I passed. Looks Like a Beautiful Day"-Let's play hookey. Roll Out of Bed With a Smile"-All you night owls. My Dancing Lady"-Evelyn Christman Temptation"-A chocolate sundae vs. Nelda Schissler The Last Round-up"-Commencement night. You're Such a Comfort to Me"--90 in French Surprise"--We passed just a Year Ago Tonight"-We were juniors You're In My Power"--Faculty Beautiful Girl"-Any girl a boy falls for Hush My Mouth"--Arliene Hellick What Will Become of Me"-Seniors L93 E901 COMET Things We'll Miss ---- Monthly tests? P P Report cards ! ! The Kratz vs. Kidd debates in Problems class. Raymond Uhler's original ??? jokes. "Leave the room and report at 3:3o." Scrambling into our clothes after gym class. Book reports. The junior-Senior Prom. Beatrice Carmel's 'Did you bring your "Comet " money?" Claire Edelmarfs impertinence. Vacations and holidays. Dot Svvartwood's peanuts. Porky's pig latin and baby talk. Miss Weikel's greenhouse. Forrest Bowers' bicycle service. Miss Sloat's Hone at a timef, Freda's shrieks when tickled. Anna Boerstler's stories about the boy friends. Orthia I-leyer's stories about the same. Nelda SchissIer's pretzel and jelly bean handouts. Miss Nicholas's advice. Good times in Chemistry Lab. Mr. Knecht's deviations in French class. Mr. Cump's tall stories. john Price's stale jokes. Evelyn Christnian's "I-Iere l am, you lucky peoplef' Lester Miller breaking things in Chemistry Lab. Olga Radovich scurrying through the halls. Miss Peppell's "Quiet, please." Greta Wiersma's sarcastic remarks. The Milheim and Koch romance. Evelyn Rudge's capers. - EIIIGIIM CEIDQL-L9 4 co The Haunted Bookshop Strawberry Acres-Emily Strouse. Cherry Square-Eva Koslenbacler Early Aziturmi-September 7 lane Eyre-Dorothy Nagle Barren Ground-N. l-l, S. lawn Years of Grace-Flunking There's Always Another Year-To come back next year The Silver Slipper-Belonging to Evelyn Chrisllnun The Bririzmirzg Cup-Drinking fountain Cheekers4l-lomer Bath vs. the Y. M. Cl. A. champ. So Big-Volkert Wiersmzx Lighted Windows-N, l-I. S. night sessions Vanity Fair-Eveline Smith The Iron Woma-ri-Nelda Schissler Girl of the Limberlost-Lilizmn Hugo The Harvester-George Wunderly Sorrel and S011-.lOl1l'l Young and Roberl jones Bob, Son of Battle--Lester Miller The Peremzial Bachelor-Frzlnk 'Vemmel Freckles-Winifred Happel A Master's Violirzdjacob l-Inrtzel A Weaver of Dreams-Naomi I-lerzing Severiteeii-Orthizl Heyel' Beau Ideal-To pass Mother Carey's CTJlCk67IS-ELl6llUZll'l sisters The Story of My Life-Comet Aviation Stories-l-lilton Shafer Tom Sl1'LUf,V67'-Tl'LllT121l'l Kidd Dawgs-Freda Scheetz , Haunted Bookshop-The Library Adventures of Francois-Francis Strlnnard Main Street-Nazzlreth Raiders of the Deefi-Sharks Twelve Tests of Character-l-lerman D'Achille Skyward-Bruce Doyle K.-Katlwyn l'lZIlClCl11Zll1 HIGH A CHOQL nn .ln E921 MC O Remarks Heard While Comet Was In The Making rc Hey, you can't read that paper." "Well, she did." "She's on the literary stall and you're not.'l "You're- supposed to buy this book, not read it before it's llnishedf, "Look out, he took the write-ups." "Hey, you-scramf' "Donald, have you finished the write-ups on the games?" "Oh, no, l'll do them to-morrow." rl Oh, no, you won't. You said that before. You sit down there and do them right now or l'll report you to Miss Nicholas." "Oh, please, l have to go. l'll do them tonight, honest l will." "Well, be sure you do." "Where are my columns? Oh, for goodness' stakes, do you have them again F" Well, everyone else read them." If . V ' KK 1 l! Suppose you be the only one to be surprised when the Lomet comes out and don't read them before hand." if Hey, lay off of the Prophecy, nobody is supposed to see it." "Oh, my gray hair!" Ten Years Hence Forrest will be a clown in B. ck B. Circus. Naomi will be tap-dancing in movies. Raymond Uhler will be a famous cartoonist. Olga Radovich will be a great' dramatic star. Margaret Saeger will be a famous ballet dancer. Harold Kratz will be a famous orator. W. Reinert will be a 'famous fox hunter. Mildred Edelman will still be a child's nurse. HIGH- -. .--.-l93ui 1 f93Ql Acknowledgment We. the class of I934, wish to express Our sincere appreciation to Our patrons, Z1CiVCI'tiSEl'S, Zllld friends for their splendid cooperation in making our HCOMETU 21 Success. MR. AND MRS. C. A. ANGLEMIRE MR. AND MRS. STEPHEN BAJAN MR. AND MRS. CLARENCE BAKER MR. AND MRS. EMORY BARLIEB MRS. MARY A. BECK DR. AND MRS. SEM G. BECK MR. AND MRS. WM. BENNETT, jR. MR. AND MRS. j. L. BOERSTLER DR. R. I. BRAZINA MR. AND MRS. NVARREN BREINIG MR. AND MRS. JACOB CARMEL MR. AND MRS. EDMUND CHAMPION DR. AND MRS. W. F. COPE MR. STANLEY FE!-IR MR. AND MRS. HOWARD Fox MR. AND MRS. MORRIS FRARLE MISS I-IENRIETTA FRANTZ DR. AND MRS. j. A. FRAUNFELDER MR. MR. MR. AND MIIS. JAMES S. FRY AND MRS. HAROLD GETZ AND MRS. GEORGE GRIM MISS ELLEN HAHN MR. AND MRS. GEORGE HAHN MR. DR. MR. MR. MR. MR. MR. MR. AND AND AND AND AND AND AND AND MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MIIS. MRS. MRS MIIS. RAYMOND HALDEMAN WM. j. HAIJPEL WM. HARPER LESTER HAWK FRED HECKMAN jos. HEINTZELMAN D. E. KEIM C. j. KN,-XUSS MR. AND MRS. JACOB KOWALZK MR. HERMAN LAUDEN BACH MR. MR. AND MRS. F. A. MARCIiS AND MRS. HOWARD LEH REV. AND MRS. PAUL S. NIEINERT MISS CHARLOTTE iViICHAliI. MR. JOHN Mll,LER, -IR. NAZARETI-I PARENT-TEACHER ASSO. DR. AND MRS. CALVIN NICKEL MR. AND MRS. CHARLES NICHOLAS MISS FLORENCE NICI-IoI.AS DR. AND MRS. H. C. POI--IL MR. AND MRS. ZIVAN RADOVICH MR. AND MRS. j. A. SCHAEFFER MISS EVELYN SCHEETZ MR. AND MRS. A. Ll. SCIIISSI.I2R MR. AND MIQS. ARTHUR SCHMIDT MR. AND MRS. F. H. SCI-IMIDT MISS PEARL SCHNERR DR. AND MRS. E. A. N. SEYFRIED MR. CHARLES SHIMER MR. AND MRS. WILLIAM SILFIES REV. AND MRS. H. C. SNYDER MR. AND MRS. CLIFFORD TAYLOR MR. AND BARS. P. S. TRUMBOWER DR. AND MRS. N. C. UHLER MR. E. j. UNANGST AND SONS DR. AND MR. WoMAN'S CLUB OF NAZARETH MRS. F. N. WAONER AND MRS. THOMAS XVEIL MR. AND MRS. H. P. YEISLEY L941 PennsylvaniafDiXie Cement Corporation NAZARETI-l :-: PENNSYLVANIA Brands: "'PENNSYLVANlA" "CLlNCl-IFIELDH "DEXTER" "ROYAL" Plants: No Kingsport, Tenn. No Penn Allen, Pa. N0 Clinclineld, Ga. No -Bath, Pa. No. 3-Ricl1ardCity, Tenn. No -Portland Point, N. Y. No -Nazareth, Pa. No Valley junction, la. E951 E. bl. UN.,xNGs'r, President E. lTR.fl.NTZ, Cashier W. li. Srilmeiz, l'ice-President How Many Lessons ln An Education? You do not worry about the l2,000 lessons you will have learned before you complete your high school ecluczition. Do not worry, either, about how many deposits ure going to be needed to reach "at iortuncf, .lust keep saving Z1 little hit at ai lime. persistently, and financial independence will he yours early in life, instead of lute-or never. We Pay Three Per Cent Interest on Savings Accounts The Second ational Bank NAZARlfTl'l, PENNIX. "THE HANK Ulf Rlifll, SERVICIJ' i961 J Keystone Portland Cement Compan BATH, PA. Mcmufrxcturers of Keystone Portland Cement "A BETTER CEMENTU and Velroea A PERFECT HIGH EARLY STRENGTH PORTLAND CEMENT Gevzeral Ofhcesi 1400 So. Penn Square, Philatlelphirl, Pa. Sales Offices: Philadelphia New York Boston T971 Chwrchmcm Business College W. E. Cl-IURCIIMXN, Priluripal A Thorough Business Training. What we have done lor others we can do lor you. Ask the memhers ol the Class ol logs who entered last fall, what we did lor them. Counsasz Accountancy and Business Administration, Commercial, Secre- tarial, Stenographic and Preparatory. Advanced Classes lor High School Graduates. Day and Evening Sessions. Students may enter at any time. Graduates assisted to positions. Catalog and Accountancy Bulletin mailed upon request. Phone 2-.to4i I6-I8 South Fourth St. : : FASTON. PA. Nelda S. '34: "The movies are t5c lor children." Donald U. '3.t: "l'm going to put my knee pants on." Nelda S. '34: "So am I." Kraemer Hosiery Company N,xz.fxnE'ri-1, Pa. Ill!!ll'll,ft1Cl'Il,l'EI'S of S U P E R B CHMIDTL -and- GLGVE SILK UNDl?RWl.EAR All Styles and Colors l198J The Best Lesson You Can Learn-0 "ls to Bank Your Money" ..ouoonoounusanunnnnooaoanaauauunuaunnusnonnoonanooooaoousnunonoaososucu-9,. fu The book that will teach you more than any other book, is .E the Bank Book. lt will teach you the value ol' money-the ---5 best lesson any person can learn. We offer you the Safety 5-H g and Service ol' our strong bank anal will pay you three per S 1 cent interest. 5 Nazareth National Bank and Trust Company ONE OF THE STRONCEST BANKS IN PENNSYLVANIA Miss Sloat to Raymond lf. '34: 'Stop slvoulhzg under your breath." Chevrolet Oldsmobile SALES - SERV l CE Hahn Chverolet Company Geo. W. l'lAl-IN, Proprietor GENERAL AUTO REPAIRS ESSO GASOLlNE, OILS AND GREASES ATLAS TIRES X TUBES ACCESSORIES Phone I2 1 ' LU -.- ,LQHETBOTLTQ 47 So. Broad St. Nazareth, Pa. E991 W. K, SHIMER, President l-. G. PETERS, Treaseurer i GEO. I-l. NVIQLTY, Seerelmjv The Nazareth Coal 86 Lumber Co. COAL, LUMBER, l'lARDNVARE AND BUll-DlNG lVlA'liliRlAl., 430 and 436 South Main Struct N.f'XZARE'l'lel, PA. Building Paper Lehigh and Lead, Paints, Vnrnishes Scrunlon "Blue" Coal Miss Nicholas: "Explain some l1lZll'I'l2lgC laws." Warren R. '34: "Well, you have to be nzarried before you can be divorced." W. F. Messinger l'l..l7KllllN1i :mal llli.X'l'lNli South Xlain Street NAZARETH, PA. lI1001 C. F. Martin GL Co., Inc. NAZARETIY1, PA. Esifalalisbed 1833 Manufacturers of Guitars, Mandolins and Ulculeles Tenor Guitars, Hawaiian Guitars, Special Orches- tra model and other styles llliiszfrated Catalogue on request CA PS-COW NS Tuxedo Suits lor Sale and Hire Suits for All Occasions ff?-" ugdff ., ,f . l W COSTUMES and WIGS Professional Make-Up C. H. ROTH 2o6 N. loth St., Allentown, Pa. Tuxedo Including Vest lilfi22.5O Truman li.: "Never set your refrigerator near the stove." Anna B.: "Why?"' Truman li.: "Because smoke gets in -vom' ice' FLOL7 R, FEED GRAIN Compliments of HOMSTYLE MARKET E. S. Phillips, Mgr. flnytbivzg to Suit Yom' Palate Prompt Delivery on All Orders Phone 277 45 Belvidere St. NAZARETH :-: PENNA. Flory Milling Co. 435 So. Main St. NAZARETH :-: PENNA. . . .iff 3 Q. . Qnvgir tyl ,f IT? lt s ..., Phone 145 i101J Phono: Nazareth 37R3 Aeo. N. Miller D - General Merchzimiise George Iener Fz1I'I'niIIg Implements MERCHANT TAILGR DistI'ibIIzf0I's of BATI-I. PA. W A Y N fl llog - Dairy - Call' - Horsu Zlllki Poultry Feeds NZlZZll'Cli1. Pa., Route No. 2 BusIIIIII.I- CENTRE, PII. Miss Sloat Cto Carl Miller after having clmngcd his sczltj: " i.0l'l'7'C clJa1zged peI'I1za'Ize1zlly fm' ll II'lJile." Complimcnt.s CIENERAI. AUTO REIIAIRINC. Ol' Cfxs, OILS, ACCESSORIES TQWING . HGTCTHGH Phone 388 , A BELFASI , PA. Dm' ,IND NIGHT SERVICE '23 0:1 the Stockertowzz Pike MEAT and ICE CREAM NAZARETI-I, PA. l1021 NAZARETH Creamery 599 Dairy joHN D. EDELMAN, PROP. PASTEURIZED MILK C R EA M B UTTER Buttermilk and Cottage Cheese Phone Sl Nazareth, Pa. To The Class of '34- Tl-IE BEST OF LUCK AND GOOD FORTUNE from the New Baronial Hotel Miss Pcppel to Margaret K. '33: "Margaret, dia' you take a post graduate course in talki-rrg? lf 11-'OH did, you certainly' should have a Mastefs Degree." HAVE YOUR- COPPER ETCH INGS -und- LINE CUTS Made by The Bethlehem Globeffi es Ask Us for Price! Compliments ol' FOSTER NV. SM l'l'lel'S Mobilgas Service Station N,xz.rxRl3'ru and STOCKERTOWN Telephone r84j and 9094 lf 103 Allcntowifs Leading Studio for Students WINT STUDIO 617 Linden St. ALLENTOWN, PA. Dial 2 1 3 IO for Appointment Compliments of Binney SL Smith Company Nlnnufzlcttlrers of CRAYOLA Miss Slout: 'iWlmt Emily L. '35: "His were some of l.zmie1"s cliflicullics " wife and children." R. Compliments of 764.-A ' X E. Saeger Jeweler .Say lt Wiib- Flowers for All Occasions Mrs. Cl1as.Alpau.gl1 NAZARli'l'l'l, PA. Phonu 3 I7 We send flowcrs by wire lo :my part ol' thc world lVlEMBER or li. T. D. l1041 Nazareth lun Smzcmi- SUNDAY DINNERS Catering to Banquets Special Party Dinners A. B. KRESGE, PROP. I. S. Kepple fl "Better Store" Home Owned Home Operated By A Friendly Neighbor Phone 9009 345 Mauch Chunk Street NAZARETH, PA. Miss Nicholas: "Who are the producers ol' milk?" Evelyn C. '34: "'C0u's." Phone 14-R Martha Beauty Shop Bonat Permanent Waving System Complete Modern Beauty Service E'Z.f'L'7li71g Appoint-1ne1zts I8 Belvidere St. NAZARETH, PA. Store Wfide Sale -Of- lVlEN'S AND YOUNG MEN'S SUITS also YOUTHS' AND BOYS' 4-PIECE SUITS Reduced Prices 011: Florsheim Shoes Mallory and Emerson Hats Flannel Trousers Munsing Underwear Henry Schlegel Nagaretlfs Leading Store for Men and Boys l105J CANDY STATIONERY TOBACCO Compliments of s Compliments S 0 of 0 P lc H It 5 S " D ran ut ons ft 1 9 A , , F Swave y s ,6 S. Main Street O 0 NAZARETH, PA. U the Crlglnal U Q1 Cut Rate Store Insurance that can be depended A 27 Belvidem St' A :. .: upon in an emergency :. .1 L NAMRETH PA I: Telephone I77 PATENT 'roII.ET AIEDICINES AR'I'IcI.I2s Miss Sloat: "What are you looking lor?" Warren B. '35: "I do1z't know, but I can't Und it." REIMER'S Nazareth News Agency A full line of Booics NIAGAZINES STATIONERY KODAK SUPPLIES SPORTING Goops CIGARS CIGARETTES Phone 230-R 143 South Main Street J. W. Jackson MEATS AND CJROCERIES lce Cream Candy Tobacco Soft Drinks Corner Belvidere and New Street NAZARETH, PA. Telephone oo I 6 E106l X Albert O. Sturgis SL Son 23 S. Main St. Nazareth -2- Penna. Cgmplimemg of REAL ESTATE GENERAL INSURANCE Russel D Lalnbert NOTARY PUBLIC Telephone I 57 Mr. Shekletski: "Did I ever tell you people that your heads z1rL like sieveSF" Senior Students: "Yes, you Said that before." Mr. Shekletskit "Well, I just 'wanted to empbasige it." FRACK SL LEH SALES and SERVICE 235 South Broad Street NAZARETH, PA. Telephone I24 Compliments of H. P. DIETZ PHOTOG RAPH E R NAZARETH 1-1 PENNA BRANCII STUDIO: PEN ARGYI.. l107l The PeopIe's Coal QL Supply CO, Bushkill Center STOCKERTOWN, PA. Hgfel Deulcrs yn: WM. KRAIISE, COAL LUMBFR Proprietor BUILDING SUPPLIES Mr. Knecht: "I-low crm you make your voice more impressivcf I-Ielen S. '35: "Hy talking with your bmzdsf' HAHN GL GOLD C iyll I '12-mm I BUILDERS rm Charles B. Willauer 'J S'lAOCKER'I'0WN,. Phone 49 IJENNA. I108I H. C. Repsher NAZARETII DAIRY I PURE MILK AND CREAM RAW AND PASTEURIZED Phone 413-I 223 South Main Street' N,xzARE'1'H, P1-x. Phone 121 Compliments N ol' Koclfs Meat Market Strictly Fresh Meats At All Times Walnut Street Nazareth, Pa. Olga R, '341 Ulf there were QQ in a boat' and it turned up-side down. how many would be left?" Nelda S. '34: "None, I guess." Olga R. '34: "You're wrong, there would be 66." Nelda S. '34: "I-low do you get that?" Olga R. '34: Well. QQ upside down is 66, is1z't it?" C11RYs1.ER PLYMOUTH Sales and Service Broad St. Garage I-I. Siizcfet AND R. j. WESSNER. IJROPRIETOR5 GARAGE AND SERVICE STATION 125 South Broad St. NAZARET1-1, PA. Phone 257 OPEN DAY AND NIGI-IT Dr. E. E. Bruch R ,4' OPTOM ETRIST At I-ZIlTlI7Cl'Il,S jewelry Store Every Saturday Prom 3 P. M. to 9 P. M. 43 BELVIDERE ST. NAZARETIAI. PA. I109J Nazareth Planing Mill Co. llflavzufactzirrem nf MILLWORK OF QUALITY SASH DOORS, SHUTTERS, BLINDS, FRAMES, COLONNADES, STAIR XVORK INTERIOR TRIM, MOUIEDING, ETC. Estimates Cbeerfully Fzlrnislied Prospect and Green Streets NAZARETH, PA. Studebaker 699 Roclcne Sales and Service For Good Service ziml Iwur Treatment GENERAL Au'ro REPAIRINU AND AUTO s'roRAoE GULF AND No-Nox oAsoL.lNEs ITIRESTONE 'runes AND 'runes ACCESSORIES SPARTON RADIOS sPARToN AND KEi.viNA'roR REl1iuuERA'roRs R. F. ZIEOLER. Proprietor Mnuch Chunk St. Phone 355 NAZARIZTI-I, PA. john Price to Miss Marx:"Don't ask Austin what he ordered lor dinner?" Miss Marx: "Why P" j. P.: "He doesrft know bore' to say "HA I"' in l"1'encli," The New Coolerator The relrigerzitor that only requires from one to two iceings a week, and the only safe way to keep your food, at factory prices. Phone 269 or call at oflice Nazareth Artificial Ice Co. Cor. Walnut and Pine Streets J. H. Newhart Est. Dealers In GENERAL MERCHANDISE FRESH MEATS AND PROVISIONS Cor. Main :intl Centre Streets S'I'OCKIfiR'IAOWN, PA. l1101 Compliments of Dr. F. l. Edelman VETERINARIAN Telephone 25 BATH PENNA. BETHLEHEM BUSINESS COLLEGE Wilbur Trust Building BETHLEHEM, PA. Established I897 Secretarial, Accounting, and Cien- eral Business Courses for high : 1 school graduates : 2 Review and advanced work in all commercial subjects DAY AND EVENING SESSIONS SPECIAL SUMMER ScHooI. Write, Phone or Call for Catalog W. F. MAGEE. President Miss Sloat explaining Robert Burns' inspiration to write "To a Louse": "Robert Burns went to cbztrcb. A11 aristocratic rzonzan in front of bint had a bonnet and a louse was crawling around on zt. Not saying the louse was a natifve there," she added as an afterthought. New Childrerfs Underwear includes WAISTS wAIsT UNION SUITS PLAIN UNION SUITS INFANTS' SHIRTS BLOOMER5 VESTS AND ATHLETIC SHIRTS lnsist on "NAZARETH" Known From Coast to Coast Compliments of Broad St. Meat Market EDVX-'ARD H. KERN All Kinds of FRESH and SMOKED MEATS Domestic and Imported Cheese POULTRY IN SEASON Phone 14S We Deliver lllll "To be what we are, and to become what we are capable of bl?C0'H1i7Zg is the only and in life." Clinton D. Frantz -ROBERT Louis STEVENSON 5 .7 . . - . V, l,W- 'avi SHOIQS 1' Il O S I E R Y 4 .Z loS South Malin Street A, Nlxmrunn, P.-x. Emily L. '35: "Ah, it cloesn't take much energy to chow gllITl.H john P. '35: "You should know." Compliments of Bates Valve Bag Corporation Compliments - - c l' Manul acturers ol' D PAPER BAGS for Flour, Cement, Gypsum, Ground Limestone, Plaster and Other Pulverizecl Pro- : 2 ducts 1 2 A FRIEND l112l The Road to Health and Strength all f- .Stems '7 -21 5 m QZRETVQ Willowdale Farms NAZARETH, PA. EAL'l'l-l is the most important thing in the world. lt is the glorious possession of youth. With health comes strength to do your work elliciently. Without health everything else is impossible, yet it usually is not appreciated until alter it is lost. Lost health means lost time. Lost time means less income and lower standards of living, Health maintained is preferred to health regained. Everyone can stay on the Road to I-Iealth and Strength by guarding habits ol food and drink. Form the good habit' of drinking MILK every day. lt is the perfect food and perfect drink. But it must be Clean milk from laealtbgv cows. Willowdale Grade A Raw Milk is from pure bred regis- tered Guernsey cows which are tuberculin tested under state and federal supervision . This insures healthy milk While sanitary housing and bottling conditions insure clean milk. Anne B. '34: "What happens to the flame?" Nelda S. '34: "lt's distinguislvedf' Compliments ol Tlllf CLASS OF 1934 l113l ANDREW G. KERN, President WM. KI. SANTIEE, Sec.-Trans The Trumbower Company Dealers In COAL. LUMBER, GRLISIIED STONE AND BUILDING MATERIAL NAIZARETIII, PA. Main OIIICG: Brzmch OIIICC: EASTON ROAD 23 SOUTII MAIN STREET Phone 47 Phone 157 Marjorie G. '35: "Gee, I like white dogs, but my dog Sandy is brown." OIgu R. '34: "IfIf'by 'nal me peroxide!" COM PLI M ITNTS OF F. P. RQH II II Undertaker and Embalmer f114J ma ,.,,,..,.,,,,,. :,.:. --51?7fl'v 'L - ,:' "' , t-lx, E7 .f -vL T..-..i.,----k -f .-.. -L-L, z . xixjj, ""k' --'-'- Q f1,IIl!,u""" -.37 ,, L , L7?.,C JT L ,Iv . 1,- ZT-4-.T f - f1Q7f,ff,f , wfifgf Yifvlfo K fl , 77 WQVA. 1 1 MQ, A A-f.'v-rf 4 -:Q Ti 'fa 47 si L, -U ,Ag I ,,LgF-ixifj '41, Y I F- - 5" o"-5 5 .442 -"' mf- 'g-"'A""g"AA" E1 Q44 ,N ,IQ -FF - .. -ii--wx- - -- -- -MTI?-E fi? If-f "'Q ?'?iQ 6 Qimw ' 5 f""" V' 1 .1274 L. Qffsgp 53 f- "'7'Q'u :xx If 'f' r - L4 fnff -OF-A . K ' 5 xg' J xx "VI f fff 1 If I w 3 ff '-11:21 . f 0 1' 5 V f 3g-fif: - fff7f 'T' 57' , ZH 5 - ' 7' II I FI HIPIQ i1f',ELsI,I .f ' ff -Tw, ,Q -'- AAA n '--'--- .f 1 4 W' X Z' I Z' ' -1 .... ,,-- ---4 - - - W'-'-'QL-. ,- R .Iwqyf :QI QIII - -,, .. if I7 M IQ ' II 'II TNI .' i 'J'-IH II 'II' I I uummumu M 'I-. f f A ILLIUEIDUIL Ill mh' , 'llI- ,mf Imll 'J F ,.......... ,.,- ,.,,A 1,5 ,I ,l,, ' M :gf-M,.........rg'jrxnn 1.3, I f:f 'j,..f' 5. gryfj , 515--. gg. V65 ,, g vja-?n:y, '--Q? !g,::..'1, N I I I Q f' .. III EI -I, I IIEI If ? iw ,, .fu,L,.iLlLI2 ,Q HLJLLIIIQ f' I IW H P ' FI. H fi? 7 I -1IffI'lfIL'JIqIIV III4'IIsrrrz7'G"r, Ig Z-5 III 'I ' -I' - a' fWuwf,f Iwffs ., gf II I! Hlzfx I 'sf If 1 J ' :ff I I I 61ITiT"1- I I 'ILA' ' II .. f - 'P if f- 15,1 ', I-:IE Bl c,lFf2Q'l f 3 I I f In Ig If I f I, Q, W WE yf fi I'i1J1lEg'g' ef f : f f In f m f- . fx -1 71 , L 'Q I I- -II . c gi -V f l-W - 2- - ' - I 4 ' '. I 1. 14 '1 2 1 LII, Y fl , mi:nuI WII.m-im?-E--I.I . In RFI ' ' I" , I L PXI LUV ""' 5I"""'II7'f"' ' I 7 'IW 1' .-2 2 S I fv fre I -f x:-H112-If 11 12. 1 "III I' f -. '. I I IIIQI IIF I I III 4 t W 7 i.5IffE2Pd"fi?IS7 4, .. III IILIQIJIIIII -. .li II? III WI IF FI-III 1 I "Iii-'gg-in if", 55 --IJHIIIEA III? II. 1 'IX , -W XV mf ,!II2.QI: -,HE 3s?ifgff2FT --'- A ,I ,g.:k-fit: .I-51 Ii 7' -igc Y I, KAVI lk- I :7W'III?fI'f ,E fIffiIIl'21Ix5? 7,4 -In 41 ...n.if1aez4f L M ,I IIII7 1" :,', E5 n---- 'R ,Q rl- 1 -' ,M 'Inf-:'L-1z:Q5..,. ...V fkjz 2. ,j . 555,147.35 A, 2.5, , , 3 H H gh KA L z4i1f6i-1'?L:4,, 2-E' Tl 953- 12:57 I -fu QE? ii 5, i , I 1: L+, iesfif R .Lf - QIIr?j:'l:f Ze- fifrigi f,T"ft,fTi' V V :-TiI?.l V -' L I fn ff "-Y - , lil. A Q 5- U-4--f 3, ,P fp,-L-LL.1 1' L -ai .-T , EIR: L:- FINE AN NUALS- LIKE BEAUTIFUL MEMORIALS ARE TI-IE RESULT OF THE CO-ORDINATION OF SKILL, CRAFTSMAN- SI-IIP AND EFFORT. SAN DEIQS- IRI-EINI-IAIQD-I' COMPANY, Inc esagnm am! Engravers of elim! .GFIMWIS 711 LINDEN STREET ALLENTOWN,'PA L1l5l IHJII ll ll ll ll ll II ll ll ll H IIEBI ll THIS BOOK WAS PRINTED BY THE U H Nazareth Item Publishing Co. Il-ll 5:3 lim Publishers of : "The Nazareth Item" : . F. 'r Z 2 : Commercial Printing : I of Every Description ll 7 U - i sale Bill i and Circular z Printing a 2 : Specialty : lillilf TIIII I El FORTY-EIGHT SOUTH MAIN STREET U U NAZARETH, PENNSYLVANIA U IEJII II ll ll ll ll ll II ll Il ll H IIEHI l1161 MH! Q , , ,ff ff ffff I I s f I, I s .X ,-' X N.-bxkx K X i 'wx 1' ' X X -xx JY 'W x N Cr 4? XINX 1? XX X ivy? X ff!! lflfg ,ff 1 1 U WN V.. , ,. .fJ.,i,fY.,. ::,.':.v.m.:S.e.g-1vqm-,a. gr-'--1aawy-' Y - if .Y A X.- U , V V - Qfiyy - - W, Y71-V.- :::.T.,f1-if-T2 vmffw: , Wai ,X i x 4 .1 '1 W .J 1 N

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