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W7' ' I Q A . ,.1.:, --, .1g-Nggggfkgflrqgmq ' -Exif-X 15f.4:.12a.'-:Lrifx-.--14-ni'-4'...-s.1'az "N-X-1157? :?f5-Te-i'E5:z.If,5zJ3l1z! ls 'dl 'fl ,IM'gjfhiixx13'1A"5,315'f?-iifiifiggzi'L?,l,iffm H-Q-. -new 5 K I A Y x 66 ,. A f? ff I ' n 64 I f 3 vs., . x rj K fr, V, -4 K 4 if Pa w K ,K ., f 5, 2 1. 5 . ., , , lf' 'X 4?-Q fb ,., '1 '- Nr if I' -qi .ff .if I Af' A , h Qfx? ff' 4 if , ,fl 1 ,af XX s""S-x 4? 'f fl. tr, .I ffh fm :V ff, -A nf 'J 'a L, , I r 1 ,f. 1- 1 'I Pri If f , 1 f, ff? , S' ' J ' 5 :S ww ,Q I l N ZZ . w' A ,QQ :ES W X 1 Xb 'Aw J fl W. mx, ' Li' 1-"' ' 1 'RN ' L ' L .HX . xi .fx I L li 4 K A rg i,.,,, W- X wx .X T X xy ,fly-4? 1. X, V K -A ,Z n if f Eswn X' "gl .. 3 A . , .R r I.. 1 f't1""'J ff'i'Aj' J f A " 351' ' Nix . , ' . N' , Y ., ,I 9-H1k,r",TN-.ig7'X"4'SX ' -. . A "jf" fy, "XT Q3 n J 1 -gl M my 1 ' 'i-Q Q ' " " ' ' ' " '- - '- " ' o- -- if--f 1-- Q' JOYCE A. FLAVIN PATRICIA E. MEADE Co-Editors VIRGINIA A. KEEGAN FRANCES V. ZOLNIEROWSKI Business Editors ? 555 ZZ, The Faculty and Senior Class of NAZARETH ACADEMY of Rochester, New York present . . . 5 "lg .gn fi x ,Iv X- 7 'r Q Before the Main Entrance l .. ,, f m.:,, I ,6f',gg9if4Fr - 4. ,',f.- ,.:'. x 1- n 3 ., 4 1 nr ,X f 1ff':'f' . W -. ' -., 4.1 Q YR 5' . .fs ,aff Mr A, 11,-'L' - 1' 1 ff 1.7 'r flied! , ,af From Convent Windows I . Chapel Entrance heme: The 1951 Lfzntlaorzz because of the important part which the Catholic Church during the past Holy Year of 1950 played in the lives of millions of Christians, has for its theme the guiding spirit of the Church, God the Holy Ghost. Throughout its pages, we have endeavored to point out the tremendous influence which the Holy Spirit has over the well-being of all mankind by recording some of the invocations with which the Church addresses His August -Person and some of the fruits and gifts we receive through our partici- pation in the sacraments of the Church. olor: Red, a liturgical color, symbolizes the love of the Holy Spirit. rt Motif: The dove is a symbol ofthe Holy Spirit. 6 Mu' Q. ND- 'il i . .av 31, 4 1 A. "' r U V v if . .--' Ar ,J,v,'ff-9-9-I Viv' 1-'jggiurlf ' ' ' Ng ,,5u, lf. ,ff if A fff' .ft '. - N' ' M7554 f 4' QQ f , , M. , N, f " 3-ra,-45 mf,g,.r,.,-1 " ' Q, L,f"5f??1"'9"'T, L. f ' " ' " . -1, mf.4sf:""- -. . .K f, -1-fs.: by , ay -Ai.. ,--P,--A' ." ..M,'g,g,,4 . I ,we 4 utirbg, , ., . . 31, .w-3.1.3, Y df" .. 157' ,S 1,071 4.M,kgnggJ.f.:: , ,Mf,-5.41. gl. Qizfsl-ia,,,v,1gi. ,aff +17 7 Jil" 75.-,145 -' WA ' 51315024 ea. f 1 ' 1 'V fr! L 't'f"n.'QPk51,u'A' '-1i3Q"""'f "HB V - 4573--"f ' 3sl'5'li'fgtat'1s,3 - -Aug-Pvfg, vfaga 4 Y .'."'i-,--,v ,' , 4 A-4, f-,4 -K., --147,513 .. ' it cu -f 'f "sq, -fit' 'ja-aff ,tx-,I Y . .. - , . .Q ww if-J-"""t. .. . ..- 9''-U.-, - f. , '- ,d - fn.-sw. Our Lady's Grotto Faculty Curriculum Underclassmen Seniors . Activities Patrons Index . Pages 12-45 . 46-71 72-111 112-115 116 7 e dedicate our 1951 Lfmfbarn to Our Holy Pather, Pope Pius XII, the Bishop of Rome, who traces an unbroken lineage back to the days of Peter to whom Christ said, "Thou art Peter, and upon this rock I shall build my Church." Reverend J. joseph O'Conne11 Spiritual Director W l , A rwfk f f 4'1 .I ' , ' -nr The Most Reverend James E. Kearney, D.D. Bishop of Rochester Spiritual Director Slster M Paulme Prmczpal Slster Mane Aimee Slster M Annunclata Prdect of Dzscxplme G' 5 -I Ki 11 Dzrector o Studxes Our Office Personnel fReadmg horizontally from topj Sister Agnes Gertrude xecre tary SlsterM Aquma axsxstant secretary Sxster Wxllxam Marne bookkeeper Selechng A Program Louerl Sxster Annuncnata dl rector of studnes helps Patrxcxa McCann a former resxdent of Schenectady to plan a work able program Years of experx ence have proven that success after graduauon depends upon the success of each hngb school year and each years success upon a well balanced program VENI SANCTE SPIRITUS .alptisin is ll sacrament through which we are made Children of God and heirs to the Kingdom of Heaven. l Av, s through Baptism we gain admission to the Church and share in all her benefits, so as underclassmen we gain admission to Nazareth and partake of all her privileges. Breathe in me, 0 Holy Spirit, That my thoughts' may all he holyj Act in me, O Holy Spirit, That my work, foo, may he holy. ST . AUGUSTINE Ga: wb- .A Officers of the Jumor Class fReadmg counter clockwzxe from upper 140 Carol Schlffhauer presndent Carol Sanderson vxce presxdent Mary E Walsh treasurer Patrxcxa Latus secre tary Our Hobby Mmded Jumor Officers Patncxa Latus secretary of the Jumor Class displays her talent for the other oflicers Carol Sanderson vlce presndent Carol Schlifhauer presxdent and Mary Walsh treasurer Hx o Q0 f' 12 'ff 47 f N 'A ' H 2: 4 T , 2 'EL , 'Wo " ."6+"'kJ4 W'W""4-4-1wo ' if 6565 dv var as dxf' f- 5 I if 3 I A i L5 fa Q ,Q W, 60 Y' tl sb I a 1, A an I I, w"m ' K .223-' ,gf ' I 1 J The Gift of Understanding . . . fUpperj: . . . enables us to learn our faith. The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is one of the most interesting units of junior religion. Here Patricia Voegtle, Jean Flanagan, and Kathleen Kirk are explaining the symbolism attached to the sacred vestments of the Mass. ne of the most consoling texts which we learn in our religion classes comes from the New Testament. It is Christ's words to His disciples: "I shall send you the Holy Ghost and He shall teach you all things." Yet so few of us listen. We engage so much of our time in building for ourselves a charming rsonality, an attractive home, a substantial ank account according to the lights of the world that we give little thought to the teaching of the Holy Spirit through His Church. Yet all the above is irrevocably ours if we but seek them through the Holy Spirit. The person who really possesses true charm is one who is endowed with the gifts of the Holy Spirit. He is wise, strong in adversity, a good counselor He possesses knowledge, understanding, a love for prayer and a fear of offending His God. In fine he is in the true sense of the word a prince among men. An attractive home need not be a pretentious mansion, a four-room cottage may sufhce. All that is necessary is that its chief adornments be fashioned from the fruits of the Holy Spirit Prudence must support its foundations There must be peace benignity patience and joy in its atmos phere Goodness long suffering modesty continency and chastity must be the raiment of those who live within As for a substantial bank account there is no better currency than the grace we receive from the sacraments through the Holy Spirit no better paying dividends than the safe keeping of the commandments. These are the treasures which are really worthwhile. They shall be ours if we seek them at their true source- God, the Holy Spirit, the guiding Spirit of the Church, our Sanctifier. ' V 'V . Eiglfafu 3 U' "Y" 1- - ' ' ' , ,- H 3 L!-jzsfg' t 'fl fri 1--as fg rig:-I YVLJA .Ein -W 34 .fum-IIAV' . L- QQ yy 6' as 02 ov ws , G G9 6 6 3 S s 'Q 0500 1'-S, 665 ?9F,??f'Q KC SJ QQ 5 'Q G9 3" he keys are at our disposal, the locks are in readiness to be opened, the treasure is a knowledge of life: how others have fought and won or fought and lost. We have but to turn the key, and from the lands of reality and make believe out step the most fascinating characters the world has ever known. In the novels especially, we find many friends. We share in the hardships, hopes, and joys of David Copperfieldg we admire Abbie Deal's courage and determination to move westward with the man she loved in the face of many obstaclesg we do penance with Hester Prynne for her age-old sin, and we see beauty in Jane Eyre's simplicity and virtue, as we too fall in love with the tempermental Mr. Rochester. There is poetry with all its emotional force and beauty. We see clearly the enchanting beauty which the moon In Quest of Inspiration fllpper, 140: Success in theme writing is often achieved by a little get-together meeting outside class period. Here Sister jean Marie gives some of the fine points of good composition to Joanne Bargy, Margaret I-lasenauer, and joan Pfaff. Junior Thespians fLowerD: As part of an English assignment, this English III class dramatize a part of Shakespeare's Midsummer- Nighfs Dream. While the prompters, Margaret Moeller and Barbara Lum, sit on the platform in true Shakes- perian fashion, joan Fink as Egina, the irate father, points an accusing finger at Audrey Neddo as Hirmia for daring to love whom she chooses rather than whom her father wishes, in the presence of Audrey Pehta as Lady Hippolyta and Marlene Andrews as Duke Theseus. Our English Teachers fReadmg horizontally from top, Sister M Christina English Relxgxon Merxdxan Club Sister M Consuela Englxsh Relzgmn S1sterjaneMarie Enghsb Religion Gabriel Sister Marte Catherine En lxsh Religion journalism Gabriel Adviser Sister M Roberta L1 rarxan Sister M Rosalie English Relxgxon Sister Rose Eileen En lrsh Rel: ron Alumnae Associatxon Sister M. Victoria. English Re igion Ga iel. bestows on the quiet night in Walter de la Mare s Silver we feel the love in the lullaby which the dying mother sings in The Ballad of rhe Harp Weaver and hear the . . . appi tapping at my chamber door of Poe s raven come to li e' and the beat of the horse s hoofs as the highwayman comes riding to his death. Continued on page 215 Ea .. L W1 . 13 W I 'gal' if . 'P ,Q 2 1 '- M - 6 .G 'f - 't' - e Ex?ov5?swQiL Q K'-vb is "5,- 4 5 og 90 s' 65 NA, fb 45 63 W0 01 '45 5 ,uviivvv Sb L -'K' A . -.. ' ' . 1X :Q ,, 1 ' t-N, ' - 5 af - 1 . ul 1 - , fv- I '-:- - U r '. f', Q A I A 5 U L? 3 ,W . 'Rip-N4 W 4 R JO in , K N A I 5 Q Q 60 69 020 3 Q .V I : rw Q ' V 'T "1vfi'? , 'ggi if .444 it i A A ,LV , A 4? W 1 Q 5' ' f' fi' ' ',,,..f Q ii' , 4' .an Q iq Q ' AN "W 3' 5 , .., ENGLISH CContinued from page 181 And who does not like a play? Only to have be- come acquainted with the simplicity and naiveness of the two Throessel sisters of Quality Street or the wholehearted generosity of Barrie's Cinderella, to have felt the inertia which cloaked the lives of those who came and went on Sinclair Lewis' Main Srreer, or to have enjoyed the quiet satire with which Barrie reversed the position of the Admirable Crichton and that of his English master, or to have felt the grief of those two great lovers, "For never was a story of more woe Than this ofjuliet and Romeo." There is the short story-the storv whose snap and vigor has won for it a popular place in litera- ture. Who has not enjoyed Aldrich's Marjorie Daw, the girl who was only a name, but who helped a young man to endure the boredom of enforced outcome of Conan Doyle's The Sperkled Band or The Red Headed League? Who can read deMaupassant's Piece of String, or Poe's The Carla of Amanrillado or Stevenson's .fir Mez!erraif'J Dear, although we shudder at the gruesomeness portrayed, without eagerly seeking another? Then there are the best of all-the essay and biography where we become acquainted with real men and womenfin the latter through what they have done, in the former through what they have thought. In their writings then and in other people's writings about tlrem, we come to know the great men of all ages. Yes, the treasure is truly great, and it is ours for the taking in the English classes at Nazareth. Our teachers are the keys, the books wait to be opened, and for just opening these books we can experience the thrills, hopes, fears, joys, and sorrows of il'1ValiCliSII1' Of Wl'10 l'1aS IIOI been thrilled at tht? endless new personalities Homeroom 306 Sister M Annunclafa, Moderator Front row Alma Camardo Rose Marie Bonacci Mary Louise Stmer Frances Bianchi Rose Marie Terrigino Mary Ann MaCk0w1ak Rita Pospula Edna Bishopmg Kathleen Kirk Theresa Micholoski Second rou Patricia Voegtle Eleanor Rossi Grace Ventura Ruth Heger jean Flanagan Mary Ann Mazza Barbara Scavone Barbara Sullivan Mary Ciaccia Marie Marfuggi Phyllis Buccione Thxrd row Constance Cassata Lorraine Lyons Phyllis Agostmelli Noreen Havens Carol Sanderson Maureen Newton Nancy Keiling Josephine Imburgla Kathleen Entress Carol Hartung Fourlh rou Rose Ann Rakowski Patricia Gouse Marlene Biegler joan Sorel Angela Norselll Loretta Rae Rita Usselman Beverly Heier Veronica Smock Marion Pearson Fgfth row Eleanor Wiecorek June Burley Marlene Jaeger joan Wittman Arlene Costigan Rose Marie Buccione Diane Smith Arlene Snell Mary Whalen Maureen Shapley 21 , . 0 - Q - A I 1 I , . 1 y 1 1 ' . . 7 ' l . . V". , 9 , 1 1 1 1 1 9 9 1 1 Q - 1 , 1 , 1 1 1 , . ' Q . . Y . Y. . . . ' ' . 1 , 1 1 1 1 1 1 , s , ' 1 1 1 1 y 9 1 1 , . COME Civic Minded Seniors HOLY SPIRIT fLower leftj: Sister Miriam arouses spirited interest on of the day's assignment-senatorial apportionment in Congress-among these members of her American PEACE History class: standing Doreen Sobczakg Arlene Alsfasser, SOCIAL STUDIES he portal to the story of the ages is our history book. Within its gates we are barred from nothing that has to do with the history of mankind. The world, its beauty and its sordidness, lies open before us. Within we may go back to the wonders of prehistoric times, even to its beginning as related in the Book of Genesisg back to the land of the pyramids, to Babylon and its hanging gardens, to Greece and its magnifi- cent acropolis, to imperial Rome that fell but rose again more glorious. Within we may travel with the crusaders to the holy places, with Marco Polo in his quest of riches and sweet spices, with Columbus over unknown seas to discover unknown continents, with the Spanish and French missionaries to conquer hearts for God. Within we may walk hand in hand with heroes of all climes and ages, heroes of our own land and learn of them to profit by their mistakes and victories, and to gain from their lips a better knowledge of our own great nation and its ideals. Indeed, vast stores of knowledge lie awaiting us, if we but pass beneath the simple archway, convenient to us all-our high school history book. Our Social Studies Teachers fReading horizontally from topl: Sister Anna de Sales: Social Studies, Religionf Sister M. Edwardine: Social Studies, Religion, Sodalityy Sister M. joanice: Social Studies, Religiong Sister Miriam: Social Studies, Religion, History Clubg Sister M. Theodora: Social Studies, Sister M. Ursu- line: Social Studies, Religion, Italian, Safety Council, Italian Club. Rosalyn Andolino, Grace Beritella, Cesidia Bianchi, Barbara Boland, Elizabeth Bosch,frst aisle,' joan Brien, Barbara Richardson, Regina Casey, jane DeRyke, Patricia Entress, second aisle. ,, A XELVY Qiiif' 'F N N f -- 1 LX,-"'x 2 I 22 S . , f g6,.,,,, -' ,N -Wy., ga,- ' -, J' 'f' Wi' ' v " 'w r',t:- l , ' . , :".--1 "'V,, W! A A Ahh . . x - , X P, 7':.- "' ' Y, 4. is ,gg 6 , :vw , S ,NL . 5 5 - " X. KF ,,,,LNt,.. .4 ,. I . f -3 V . 4 km m m Q L wwf 35' Z.,-i ' , I s 60 iv W9 ' fvn T 1 Q' M W 'R 6666 .Q vii f 6 ggi: 127 ag' xf Wald' --.-y if 'fl--' Officers of the Sophomore Class fReadmg counler clockwise from upper lqftj Margaret Pavelskl presxdent Lounse Kraus vlce president Vxrgmxa Brook secretary Edna Loeser treasurer Spirited Soph Officers Sught Snow Spree These officers of the so homore class Margaret Pavels 1 presx dent seated Vtrgmxa Brook secretary Louxse Krause vlce presxdent and Edna Loeser treasurer standmg antlcxpate a coming snow party 1 N it - ' ' in , 1 , . Q 6090 6 sdisiw 054100506 gg -' ,N wwf? 3 Qi is .if fb Q Q.. m 65 0 60 YO Yo . h G A inn-: - ..' X L . . cr: 5 3? . Re. Q -A - I wg: ' gf-f . j- 7sg9vbQsogf'v x 11 di so JB oo as ab 63 .:- 55 Ag '73 Q 2 f7.? TZ' 5 A '- 5 A bg, i 1 Q ig . Q Q .. '34 vb-4 'V !49WG' 0w GOSZSESO Wi 'fwfww-M 17 ' '5 Y ' Q f?? fQ,f1 'T , v ,. -:Q ' ' V,-l i t?-,,. Mm fill-'. Maj ,453 Z Ji, qv iw, " iff .' , A ' g sfw ,fe .VF .9 '-,wiv if . M,,- 15 ,y ., ,, ir-an, 7 ,, I - 1 ,I W, . fs L aa 7' 1 'iiA+w" Y if A 5 I K' ref .xxx Q QQ A ' 'QTF aw PF nm' my , .Ph y Effqsffqdfii a,:Q,,:?S 'kj 40 O5 J 5 Go 'N' " 00 " ir W? ,QA J. 4- +5 , G W ga 60 fb as ve -5 so 1 W9 Q 'K A em . ,L b ' 5 ,K 5 LJ -fb' 'ff i' 63 ga cb fb 46 go be vw ' Qi ' f 3 A 5- Q A g ff X A 'W' . ffm ,A ' H Q 4 ' su dia 8 'i . , , ' -'Q 'bf3"' '. ' ', .' + bf? N-1 V-' H. '2 arq,Z,ff - '- ' ' H, n 1 4 4 1 Q Q do gg 4 ag 5 Q5 00 , ' it M Q: 1 G va Q. ' A .f,,Q! z. Y ' ' ,fi Qs Q 4 5 L 42 "V.. 4 I Jil"- 49 L 4 H a LANGUAGES QContinued from page 29D own musicians, Bach, Beethoven, Brahms, are truly the qualities of a home-loving nation. Italian introduces us to a warm-hearted, talented people whose lilting songs and glorious operas are as popular today on Broadway as they were when first they echoed across the quiet street canals of Venice or among the grape-laden vineyards on sunny uplandsg and whose immortal madonnas grace the walls of homes on every continent. Buried within the literature of French authors are the admirable qualities of a religious people- a people whose love of God brought forth the first great gothic cathedralsg a people from whom came forth many saints of God-an Isaac Jogues and a Rene Goupil and those other missionaries whose untiring efforts converted much ofour own America' ajoan of Arc, a Teresa of Lisieux, a Bernadette of Lourdes who have captured the hearts and changed the lives of many of our own time. Spanish is called a language of romance, and as we study it, we learn that Spain is a land where love and adventure walk hand in hand. It was love of God and love of adventure coupled with a spirit of adventure that gave to sixteenth century Europe two vast continents wherein vast stores of wealth and numerous souls awaited conquest. These are the people whose characteristics we love to find in our friends, yet they are the people to whose nations wars have come. We hope then that through the study of their languages we may bring about a better understanding between us and thus avert the terrible tragedy of war Homeroom 219 Sister M Ursuline, Moderator Front rou Marguerite Leonardi Carol Cornelius Laberta Bianchi, janet Faraone Margaret Rheinwald janet Muscato Betty jane Kerhaert Barbara Corrigan, Kathleen Brown jean Foos jeanne Kosmicki Tlnrd rou Frances Volpe, Lorraine Kubasiewitz F june Aurelio, Arlene Amico Ann Sheppard, Mary Weeks Marie Verna joan Cappellino Patricia Van Epps Fourth rau joan Vollmer Mary Brett Scanlon Norma jean Mayer, Janet Connorton Mary Lercher, ,IRDICC Miller, Bafbafa DCUISCI1, Elizabeth Matronlano, Suzanne Andrus, Gertrude Welsher 29 4 - .y . , . . y . , , , Second row: Mary. Hall, Dolores Fischer, Barbara Dominik, Mary Ann O'Connor, Josephine Petrantoni, Dorothy Hertweck, Mary jane Allan, 'Na 4 Our Science Teachers QReading horizontally from toplz Sister M. Bernardine: General Science, Religion, Algebra, Sodality-Head Moderator, Sister Christine Francis: General Science, English, Carver Club: Sister Grace Marie: Hygienef Sister Marie jose: Physics, Reli ion, German, Geometry, German Club, Sister Rose Adelaide: Ciem- istry, Religion, Student Council. itches and goblins have nothing on the scientific minds awork at Nazareth. Here in our three laboratories-chemis- try, physics, and biology-new and interesting facts are uncovered every day. In chemistry class under the skillful hands of our color alchemists liquids by the addition of a single drop of some chemical magic change their color, black material like a chastened soul becomes gleaming white, while the burning of certain metals takes on all the glory of a brilliant Fourth of July night. Even some of the secrets of the dreaded atom bomb are theirs. Within our physics laboratory we learn why doors, as we approach them, open of themselvesg why voices and scenes from distant places become as distinct to-us as the room in which we sit and the people with whom we talkg why SCIENCE Nciture's Tug of War QUpper 140: The laws of nature are such that their forces maintain perfect equilibrium as shown by this physics class: Roberta Kelly, jean Borgmann, Rita Zlotnik, Eleanor Wie- corek, Rose Ann Rakowski. doorbells ring and inanimate objects seem to take on life when charged with an electric current. Through the microscope in the biology laboratory we can observe many forms of life that we never knew even existed. A grasshopper we found is a gentleman of many parts, that Madame Butterfly is not in early life so beautiful, that air is peopled by many invisible plants and animals which are by no means spiritual, that such names as cortisone, aureo- mycine, and antihistamines have become an elixir to many patients whose illness was formerly thought incurable. These form only a small part of the wonderful workings of nature, and witches and goblins are stripped of the glory which surrounded them in the bedtime stories of our childhood. K 19,2 - L' 1" I' -..A-Qi it QV4' N' Hi" 'Y 'x V '? ,. , , , R . "M , fx, , L F 6 1: , ,V . 1 ' fx 4. dx '19 .Q n ,, 0 l G - M 54:2 . ., 3, W xl? 3 ' M W' 65' , I wx gf' Q .nib . ,fl V A, .Kgs mf 2 a X I 1.1 W: , 2 . 49? 0 to 'Q tj x .1 t SY 4 . Sw 1 Q QC 4 Wt ow would you like to live in a world where mathema- tics did not exist? True, there would be no inside butterfly feeling on examination day, nor embarrassing marks on re- port day if there were no elementary, intermediate, or advanced algebra, no plane or solid geometry, no trigonom- etry, if no mathematics were taught at Nazareth. Without simple arithmetic there would be no clock to regulate one's day, nor calendar to herald a happy holiday, no cookbooks to endorse delicious meals, nor those other books with which to cuddle up on rainy days, no jewelry, no filmy formal for the Christmas dance. And this is not all. Without our simple arithmetic what would become of higher mathematics? Without geometry our beautiful city with its stately buildings, its magnificent cathedrals, its bridges could never have been erected. Without higher mathematics electricity could never have been put to use. There would be no bright lights, no tele- phones, no radio, no cinema, no television, nor any of the many household gadgets that make life in this twentieth century worth living. Indeed, mathematics existed before the world was created, so there is no use wishing otherwise, it is here to stay. MATHEMATICS b Our Mathematics Teachers fReading horizontally from topj: Sister M. Anicetus: Algebra, Geome- try, Business Arithmetic, Religion, Sodalityg Sister M. Carlina: Algebra, Geometry, Intermediate Algebra, Religiong Sister Dorothy Agnes: Algebra, English, Religionf Sister Marie Christine: Geometry, Religion, General Science, Hobby Clubf Sister Mary de Porres: Intermediate and Advanced Algebra, Solid Geometry, Trigonometry, Religion, National Honor Society. A Rift in the Clouds CUpper ldtjz A brief explanation about a diflicult geometry problem from Sister Anicetus quickly dissolves much murky reasoning for Carol Boase, Patricia Clark, and Barbara Lum. N ff - . ' 5 aff., f Cf w , i go og 00 0 ,Q 15 H66 65 4-- ,-eu, , I 4,3 Q, 5 - 5 , ' 3 If , . W' Q0 Q4 43 G0 00 S5 60,10 'Q .J .. dvr., ff- BQ' ., ,,. HU." X I i f Q af 1 iii' N f , F Officers of the Freshman Class fReading counter-clockwise from upper leftjz Mary Pat Klee, presidentg Geraldine Lom- bardo, vice-presidentg julia Clark, secretary, Eileen Brooks, treasurer. Getting Acquainted with the Freshman Class President One of the big joys of the freshmen class is getting to know who's who. Here Geral- dine Lombardo, vice-presidentg julia Clark, secretary, and Eileen Brooks, treasurer, con- gratulate Mary Patricia Klem, president of the class. , 5, -.. , , f .M ' W : l , , v ' If 9 , I' V ,V . vt 3 h -- ' ff N , 4 1 ,A ,X 'fx I ' f ' K fm- I: 4 'Qi' 'EZ "E-iff' Exif' QS 60 do Q6 CO I za if M if 5 ,fu N ,dig J W' . . wg M 5 A., . J A' in Q, VJ any go 0 0 sv 8 .. iv-' ' ' , , . ' ' -ig-Tn-1 ', 3 l -4 f ' -. 2 -' v . -V.. 1 .. . -A gr. . . . - . 5--' 'Hai' f in , N , - ' . 1 -, ., r , , v ,t an-. 9 g 5'Q f-S V Z 'Q' 6 Ca ,,va.:s 6305" agen 5' WB . mf' ff Q 5 E ga Q .51 59 5.-Q 0 iv Wifi 40 ' , ... m as 'wg 3 f 6. fl Y I. W ,, W - .. 'M' M " 4'1- 1 , 'lx U, , u -f ,,,. 4. 1. .. N96 X , 65, " f -'Avi W "QV 5 -.fs 6 'F' L so 66 ay 45 os dw 'F w +1 .1 ,Q as 5, os 44, gl, so .4 M 003 "x 5-5'3" 4- . Hx f Y Q ' i -Bs-., ff' '+P 9924 Q. R -. all X G A Mg E V 5 95 dc 'J A32 2. 2 2 Rfk ff. R G ' QQ fo tb 95 0 cb 05 5 F5 -5 Q 'W' 00 60 FINE CContinued from page 36D Christmas play when the Perosian choir and orchestra make these two plays the most popular of the school year. But still stronger is the tie that exists between our dramatics and radio classes. Here many a budding Bernhardt who has responded with joyous heart to curtain calls before an ap- plauding student body often finds herself before a microphone at one of our local broadcasting sta- tions, for those who choose dramatics invariably elect radio the next term. ART the eye. It is our art department with its courses of drawing, painting, ceramics, and crafts. Here the DaVincis, the Bonheurs, and the Rockwells of tomorrow learn the theory and principles of art, and contribute their pensive madonnas, their colorful woven baskets and mats, their pictorial masterpieces to the Scholastic Art exhibit from which many awards wing their way back to Nazareth. In time-honored tradition we have saved the best until last. Here the thread of our tapestry is of a different woof the thread whose beauty enchants All in all, we are proud of our fine arts depart- ment, as we view its importance in the tapestry of N our school life at Nazareth Homeroom 108 Sister M Christina, Moderator Front row Patricia Civitello Gabrielle Repp Patricia Osterman Betty Ann Rankin Adele Zamarelli Marlene Zamarelli Elizabeth Slayton Margaret Welch Marilyn Polaski Tbxrd row Joanne Brown Dorothy Kenney Gretchen Koch Marie Cornelia Ann Cushing Barbara Mehne Clara LaRussa Anne Reed Adeline Lombardo gurl? rou Nan McGuire Patricia Walker Marianne Thomann Barbara Flanagan Marie Bovenzi Nancy Mmges Shirley Ross Dorothy iSte ano 39 Secand row: Barbara Bayer, Patrieia McCarthy, Aurelie Vail, Carol Srokose., Audrey Lista, Mary Peters, JoAnn Cinelli, Mary Hosenfeldg y Our Business Teachers CReading horizontally from topj: Sister M. Anacletus: Bookkeeping, Ofce Practice, Religion, Spanish Cluby Sister jane de Chantal: Short- hand, Typing: Sister M. joan: Secretarial Practice, Typingf Sister john Mary: Shorthand and Transcription, Religion, Athletic Association, Sister Marie Perpetua: Bookkeeping, Business Law, Typing, Religion, Sodalityg Sister Mary Aquin: Shorthand and Transcription, Commercial Honor Society,' Sister Rose Ellen: General Business, Religion, Social Studies, Athletic As,tociation,' Sister Teresa Daniel: General Business, Typing, Bookkeepingf Sister M. Ursula: Ojice Practice, Typing, Alumnae Association. n efficient secretary, a competent office girl, an accurate bookkeeper, an able stenographer-these are required by businessmen everywhere. The proper training necessary to gain proficiency in all commercial subjects may be found at Nazareth Academy. A course introducing the fundamentals of business gives each student some preparation for the higher training to be received by those striving to make a business career their goal. Then, shorthand, typing, bookkeeping, filing, the operation of dictaphones, comptometers, adding machines, and other ofiice machines are taught by most capable teachers. All those desiring positions- as secretaries or stenographers have the advantage of learning to handle all types of work which they may be required to do from taking dictation at one hundred words a minute to the proper method of chang- ing a typewriter ribbon. The girls majoring in 0fl'lCC work are capable of operating all the machines that may be found in any ofiice upon the completion of their course in office practice. Those aspiring to become expert bookkeepers gain skill in placing all the entries in the cash book and even making it balance correctly! While learning these secrets of the commercial world, each business aspirant also discovers that cooperation, courtesy, and self-control are essential factors to her success in the future. This high quality of education provides many Nazareth graduates with the means of securing top-notch positions. , . .I,9?:1?jQf, , 6 ' 'V A .1 'X ' . A ey P1 "ea+ ,,Qsg5S . ff .4 . 3 " ,V , . f ,. i A 3 S r 55 5 A " A ' f 4445! MM O0 0i as gg .5 if s asf I ,L T A gg ' Q, . K I Q' 'L in F . Y , 'Y fl Hxf, Y 1 35g"G?1 A1 + "" ,"'N M Q5 90 C5 6. Gag -ef Q W f -T4- 99 I " V' W ', 0 ,f -. S if gx , -M X J' B A 69 an 4 fb Q E., , A , HOME ECONOMICS Our Home Economics Teachers fReading horizontally from topjz Sister Maria Gratia: Cafeteria Managementg Sister Marie Anthony: Foods, Family Lie, Home Managementg Sister Marie Lawrence: Clothing, Home Economics Club. Snow Whife's Rivals fRigbtJ: Although Shirley Ann Storey, Monica Spitale, Mary Agostinelli, Mary Palazzo under Sister Marie Anthony's direction are not baking pies for hungry dwarfs, they certainly could, we are sure, outshadow the famous little lady of fairyland. House Work-Their Specialty fLowerj: It would take a far keener mind than that of Simple Simon to find these pies of Louise Weiss, Rose- mary Zipfel, Elizabeth Cox, Shirley Ann Storey, and Helen Kirchner anything but delicious. 'if ne of the most popular departments at Nazareth is that of Home Economics where courses in foods, clothing, child care, and home management produce young women capable of caring for a home of their own. A part of the two-story building in which the department functions is fitted out as a modern home with its living room, dining alcove, bedroom, and bath. Here all the modern methods and theory of home planning from hanging drapes to serving a full-course dinner are taught to aspiring home-makers. Here, too, little rubber johnny often receives more loving attention than does many a genuine johnny whose mother has not been instructed in the art of infant care. In another sunny room the foods course is given. From the early days of autumn-those canning and jelly-making days 3 ,Q 1 -through the holiday season with its pie, cookie, and candy making, on to the one day in spring when a banquet is prepared to which all the pretty cooks sit down, the home economics kitchen is one of very tempting odors. On the second floor we find the clothing classes. Pretty dresses, aprons, made-over clothing for younger sisters and brothers, knitted sweaters, gloves, and socks, pretty tatted edges for towels and handkerchiefs come from the busy fingers of those who elect the clothing course. All in all, the home economics department is a very inter- esting part of Nazareth especially to parents who come to visit it on P.T.A. nights and during the home economics tea and fashion show which form the grand finale of the year's work. COME HOLY SPIRIT OUR COMFORTER 44 Homeroom 112 Sister Christine Francis, Moderator Front row: Helen Cavanaugh, Frances del Monica, Barbara Karnes, Diane Sweeney, Mary Ann Saetta, Marilyn Terry, Patricia Gabel, Margaret Reiland, Kathleen Kramer, Second row: Noreen Brown, Ann Judge, Corinne Smaldone, Joanne Orrico, Marilyn Salamone, Susan O'Day, Patricia Quetchenbock, Lucille Tomczyk, Barbara Bock, Jacqueline Gabelg Third row: Julia Hill, Sheila Hill, Elaine Brooks, Estelle D'Agostino, Mary Ann Lark, Nancy Stahl, Claire Loder, Mary Moak, Ann Wray, Fourth row: Gail Baglin, Linda Russell, Virginia Foubister, Mary Wynne, Margaret Scheid, Jane Gardiner, Mary Wells, Patricia Taylor, Loretta Callahan, Mary Lee Biegler. Balanced with Vitamin D fLowerJ: The radiant smiles of this junior gym class: Sue Fowler, Joan Foster, Elaine Johnson, Suzanne Costich, Carol Hautekeet, Patricia Mills, Joan Young, frst rowg Rita Zlotnik, Jeaneen Lyon, second rowg Carol Predmore, on top,' show the enthusiasm with which we greet our gym day. Slimming in the Sun fLower, opposite pagej: Every Nazareth girl will agree callisthenics are more fun in our newly acquired tennis court, as Gloria Geraci, Carol Predmore, Sue Fowler, Joan Young, Suzanne Costich, frst row, ld! to rigbtf Pat Dugnan, Joan Foster, Joanne Jopson, Rita Zlotnik,Jeaneen Lyon, second rowg Carol Hautekeet, Elaine Johnson, Philomena Bartolomeo, Carolyn Hautekeet, Patricia Mills, back rowf clearly prove. ' l :gg-fei-1 1:1-f :ff- l T f, ,,f' -. n '41 ' X., gm- X Our Physical Educators CReading downl: Miss Caroline Conheady: Pbysical Educationf Miss Mary 'V' ffl. Walsh: Scbool Nurse. Our Rockefeers fUpper, rigbtjz This quick and nimble quintet: Geraldine Schmitt, joan Brook, Shirley Pilot, Mary Heckle, and Maureen Cleere, pose awhile during gym period for a Lantborn picture. .4- .T-4 -gf' ill' .1 """plll . ,Hu fs' ""ivv"!!flli - ' Q.-ffwai f . 4 '. .... 9 A 4 'Y' N r., X. L. '-s V A .. Was, 2.1 -.7 Q.. n apple a day keeps the doctor away may have some vestige of truth in it, but a better method to keep him from knocking at the door may be found right here at Nazareth. No miracle cure is a part of the plan for better physical well-being, but the secret is found through the well-equipped and well-directed physical education department provided here. An extensive program of varied recreational activities is provided during the gym classes. Such competitive games as basketball and volleyball are interspersed with the milder tumbling games and square dances to make up the schedule -L ' , E , ,9. l ,,.. sl ,. . ' fb - :iff ,S K., N' Y V .1gs,j.:.'-asf2s'j'ifyffY1i is , i Lf V' in 4 7 W Wi' ,es 5 . if ff it sw' 3 -ri' ,sa 91: .., at 'fr' J i '-N"43' r-A ' gan ,Q , , f -f J, K, ,w5,,.-X .. .aifibg i . -fwaiff N- 12-'Y'fffi"' i ' , ,N 5 .I 1 .jtMy,z.- at - mp -f A a+?"-ffl i t-f "iT , X. fe :Ag 'su ,M 6 for days when classes are held indoors. When fair weather permits outdoor participation in sports activities, field hockey and soccer baseball become the new interests for all students as they are provided with the necessary exercise, fresh air, and sunshine for good health. This is the tested and proven formula that keeps the doctor away, but it also docs much more than just that. A real liking for sports may be acquired with the learning of their fundamentals. The necessity, also, of co-operation on the part of all members of any group may be better under- stood along with fair play, honesty, and skill in playing. X VENI SANCTE SPIRITUS y v 4 , 1 .alrrimnnv iQ Ll S1lCI'LllI1Cl'1I Inch unirux .1 Vhrisrigln :fun and XYOINLIU in lawful :n.1rr1.1uu. s matrimony unites a man and woman in a more holy union, so the associations of our years at Nazareth link us more closely to our Alma Mater. Draw my heart, O Hob Spirit, That I love hut what if holyj Act in me, 0 Holy Spirit, That my work, too, may he hob. ST . AUGUSTINE all 'S WM in--r Q'- Officers of the Semor Class Uleadmg counter clockwzse from upper leftj Mary Margaret Zaenglem presl dent Mary Massa vlce presldent Mary Anne Hellenschmldt secretary Shirley Pnlot treasurer Crowmng Our Class President Mary Massa class vnce presxdent pms at the proper angle the blue and gold cap the dxstmguxshmg mark of a Nazareth senxor on Mary Zaenglem presldent wxth the approval of Mary Anne Hellenschmxdr secretary and Shlrlev Pilot treasurer V317 MUSIC GRADUATES This musical quartet: Patricia Mance, Rose Mary Mackie, .teatezh Barbara Boland and Dorothy Kavanaugh, standing, have successfully completed the regents' require- ments for a music diploma. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Front row: Marlene Wilcox, Noreen Gall, Joyce Flavin, joy Veltz, Marlene Noessner, Patricia Ball, Barbara Nellis, Vera Saikley, Carolyn Civiletti, joan Ringelstein, Patricia Iuppag Second row: Mary Margaret Zaenglein, Patricia Meade, Arlene Klem, Angeline Mastri, Ruth Karnisky, Marie Russo, Eileen O'Connell, Nancy Burke, Anne Rains, Barbara Looney, Third row: Ruth Bickel, Catherine Woerner, Grace Miller, Carol Brautigam, Betty jane Hunt, Marguerite Falcone, Shirley Pilot, Ellen Hettel, Lauretta Chase, Madeline Nearyg Fourth row: Barbara Hunt, Betty Merkel, Anita Wiuel, Anne Hodes, Maureen Keenan, Natalie Kehoe, joan Ewing, Sheila Conheady, Ann Leckinger, Genevieve Suski, Frances Leone. Wi-'J L QTop rou left to ngblj BETTY A ADAM Sacred Heart 84 Truesdale St Arnulrex iodality Home Economics Club Carver Club Lanthorn Staff ARLENE A ALSFASSER Our Lady of Perpetual Help 1060 oseph Ave Arnuhex Bellarmine Club Commercial Club At letic Asso ciauon BEVERLY L AMANN Sacred Heart 916 Ridge Rd West Acrluhex Sodality Athletic Association Carver Club Gabriel Staff. KATHLEEN L. ANDERSON SS. PelerandPaul 46 Colvin St. Actin-itiex: Bellarmine Club Home Economics Club Athletic Association. "!"' fSerond rou left to rxgbll ROSALYN M ANDOLINO St Andrew 38 Grafton St Adttltlex Athletic Association Student Council Represents tive Lanthorn Staff ISABEL M ANNECHINO Holy Rosary 430 Lake View Pk Arlnmes Sodality Bellarmtne Club Le Cercle Francais Il Ctrcolo Dante Athletic Association Carver Club JOSEPHINE C AQUILINA St Bridget 3 Emmett St Aenutres Sodaltty II Ctrcolo Dante Athletic Association Carver Club PATRICIA A. AQPENLEITER St. Thomas 10 Thatcher Rd. Adi:-ities: Sodality Bellarmine Club Athletic Association Carver Club. fTbird row ld! to rigbtj: MARIE V. ATTARDO Sl. Ambrose 66 Culver Pkwy. Arlit-ities: Sodality Athletic Association. I X PATRICIA j. BALL Sl. Margaret Mary 229 Seville Dr. Aclit-ities: Sodality Bellarmine Club Athletic Association grrger Club National Honor Society Lanthorn Staff Meridian u . Ufourtb rou left lo rigbtj: CAROL H. BARKER Our Lady of Good Counsel 175 Lehigh Ave. Adi:-ities: Sodality Athletic Association Carver Club. BETTY V. BAUER SI. Ambrose 109 Warwick Rd. Artit'itie.t: Sodality Bellarmine Club Athletic Association. CONCETTA D. BELLANTI Our Lady of Mount Carmel 1 3 Leopold St. Aeliritiex: Perosian Choir, Glee Club, Athletic Association. GRACE C. BERITELLA St. Francis Xavier 170 Fifth St, Actiritiex: Sodality, Bellarmine Club, Athletic Association. Carver Club, Gabriel StaH'. l ffrnnt row left to ngbtl CESIDIA D BIANCHI St Anthony of Padua 25 Moore St Actnmes Sodalny Bellarmme Club llCircolo Dante Athletic Association Carver Club Fontbonne Band RUTH M BICKEL St Margaret Mary 158 Seville Dr Activities Sodality Chairman of Eucharistic Committee Athletic Association National Honor Society DOLORES M BOEHLER Our Lady W' Perpetual Help 1002 Joseph Ave Actxwhes Sodaltty Perosxan Choir Glee Club Athletic Asso ctation Carver Club BARBARA J BOLAND Holy Apostle: 31 Rogers Ave Activities Perosian Choir Orchestra Athletic Association 1Second row left to ngbtj ELIZABETH T BOSCH St Charles Borromeo 2685 Dewey Ave Actwmes Sodality Perosian Choir Athletic Association Carver Club Fontbonne Band JOYCE M BRASLEY Holy Rosary 449 Blrr St Activities Sodaltty Bellarmme Club Athletic Association Carver Club CAROL J BRAUTIGAM St Thomas 357 Roch Beach Rd Activities Sodalxty Home Economics Club Athletic Asso cxation Pan America Club GeMaryan Club Carver Clu National Honor Society Lanthorn Staff EILEEN A BRENNAN Sacred Heart 240 Albemarle St Activities Sodality Athletic Association Pan America Club Carver Club Varsity Basketball fTlnrd row 141 to rigbtj KATHRYN BRETT Holy Rosary 259 Bidwell Ter Activities Bellarmtne Club Athletic Association Carver Club JOAN M BRIEN SS' Peter and Paul 86 Kenwood Ave Activities Sodality Bellarmine Club Commercial Club Athletic Assoctatton Carver Club fFourtlJ mw ldt to rigbtj BARBARA R BROCKMYRE Our Lady of Lourdes 241 Fair Oaks Ave Actxwtxes Sodality Le Cercle Francais Senior Science Athletic Association Carver Club Student Council Representative JOAN M BROOK Sacred Heart 752 Flower City Pk Activities Le Cercle Francais Athletic Association Carver Club Varsity Basketball Captain 1Fi tb row left to rigbtlr GRACE M. BROWN sr. Monica 100 Ellicott si. Activities: Sodality Perosian Choir Bellarmine Club Athletic Association Hobby Club Meridian Club Carver Club. MARY JANE A. BROWN Sacred Heart 511 Pullman Ave. Activities: Home Economics Club Athletic Association. fTop row ld! to ngbtj SALLY ANN BROWN Holy Apostle: 56 Sunset St Aetwxnex Sodahty Athleuc Assoctauon Carver Club Gabrtel Stall' ARBARA A BUELTE St Cerllm 152 Vinton Rd ctnuhex Sodalnty Athlettc Assocnatnon Carver Club Uecond row ld! to ngbtj MARY ANNE L BLLLINGER Our Lady of Perpetual Help 145 Rutledge Dr Aclwxtm Sodalnty Glee Club Semor Sctence Club Athlettc Assoctanon NANCY D BURKE Our Lady of Perpetual Help 1304 Clinton Ave N Actxvxnes Sodallty Bellarmme Club Der Deutsche Veretn Ath lettc Assoctauon Natnonal Honor Soctety Class Presldent 1 lTb1rd row ld! to ngbtj MARY E CAMA Holy Redeemer 880 North St Actnuhes Bellarmme Club Commerctal Club Athlenc Asso ctauon MARY L CAPO Holy Apoxilex 1 19 Saratoga Ave Actuuhex Perosnan Cholr Glee Club Athletxc Assocxauon fFourtb row ld! to ngbtj CONSTANCE M CARDARELLI St Pbrlnp Nerf 287 Elltson St Actwxhes Perostan Chotr Athleuc Assoctatlon LORETTA M CARROLL Holy Rosary 216 Lexmgton Ave Actxwhex Athletxc Assoctatlon LORNA M CASEY Sacred' Heart 103 Palm St Actxwtxcs Athletxc Assocxatlon Lantborn Staff REGINA M CASEY Sl Ambrose 4 Caves Pl Actxvxlxex Sodaltty Bellarmme Club Athletnc Assoctauon QFJIIJ row ld! to ngbtj LAURETTA T CHASE St Theodore 191 Evelyn St Actwrtrex Athletlc Assocnauon Merxdxan Club Nauonal Honor Socnety LOUISE E CHASE Sl Tbeodore 191 Evelyn St Actrwtrex Athletxc Assocnatlon Mer1d1an Club ROSE P CILANO Annum-uznun 123 Blakeslee St Acmnhe: Sodahty Athletlc Assoclatxon Carver Club CAROLYN E CIVILETTI St Franca Xawer 106 Central Pk Aclwntrex Sodalxty ll Cxrcolo Dante Athletnc Assoctauon Carver Club Natxonal Honor Soclety Lantborn StaB' fTop rou left to ngbll BARBARA A CLINTON Sacred Heart 526 Clay Ave Acmmex Sodahty Glee Club Home Economxcs Club Athlettc Assoctatton Carver Club MARY C COCUZZI Holy Apostle: 26 Cameron St Annum Sodalny ll Cnrcolo Dante Athlenc Assocnuon K arver C lub SH EILA A CONHEADY Holy Apostles 140 Curtts St Acrumex Sodaltty Prefect Le Cercle Francats Athlettc Assoctauon Nauonal Honor Soclety Varstty Basketball DOROTHY E CRANE St Augustme 167 Normandy Ave Acnunes Bellarmme Club Athleuc Assoctatton fSetoud rou left to rzgbtj PATRICIA j CROWLEY St Thomas 80 Belle Clatre Dr Adu :nes Sodaltty Home Economtcs Club Athlettc Asso- ctauon SALLY M CRUPPI SI Patnck 542 N Plymouth Ave Adu mes Home Economtcs Club Il Ctrcolo Dante Prestdent Athlettc Assoctauon Rl TH A DAILEY Sacred Hear! 57 Keehl St Adu mes Athlettc Assoctatton Carver Club MARY G DALTON Sacred Heart 256 Electrtc Ave Adnmex Bellarmme Club Athlettc Assoctatton Carver Club f'I'b1nl rou ld! lo rlgblj MARILYN C DAVIS St Cbarle: 125 Caltforma Dr Armmex Orchestra Athlenc Assoctauon Hobby Club Mertdtan Club Carver Club Fontbonne Band FLORENCE F DeGEORGE St Franca! Xatner 40 Crombne St Actnmex Sodaltty Bellarmme Club Athlettc Assoctatton Carver Club lfourth rou ld! Io flgbf, LUIS M DEGLER Sacred Heart Aclumex Athlettc Assoctatmn Carver Club Gabriel Stafl' Lanthorn Stall' Varstty Basketball PATRICIA A DEGNAN lrmnaculale Conception 131 Cady St flclumex Sodaltty Bellarmme Club Athlettc Assoctatton I arver Club SALLY M DELBRIDGE Our Lady dGood Counsel 261 Thurston Rd Arlnmex Sodaltty Athlettc Assoctauon Pan America Club larver Club Nattonal Honor Socxety Lanthorn Stall' Class President 2 MARIE A DELLE FAVE Sl Parncb 452 Oak St Acnunex Il Ctrcolo Dante Mantuan Ctrcle Athleuc Asso CIIIIOU Bunyan, -22-ddv 'L K .6 .....v--5"'X"'2 7 Mangold St Ars-1 44 I fTop row ld! to nghtj MARJORIE R DeMENTO Our Lady of Perpetual Help 130 Townsend St Actwxtxes Il Cnrcolo Dante Athletlc Assocxatxon Carver Club BERNICE C DEMERSKI Sacred Heart 11 Flower City Pk Actwmes Commercxal Club Athletxc Assoclatlon JOAN M DENNIS St Charles Borrorneo 919 Brxtton Rd Actxumes Athletnc Association JANE DeRYKE Achwlxes Athleuc Assocxauon Glee Club Perostan Chou' QSrcond row ld! to rxghtj JOYCE A DIETRICH Holy Famsly 61 Wetmore Pk Aclxwtzes Bellarmme Club Home Economncs Club Athleuc Assocnatnon Pan Amerxca Club STEPHANIE DILAURA Corpus Christ: 98 Woodward St Actwxhes So ahty Il Clrcolo Dante Athletic Assocxatxon Carver Club BETTY JANE DIRIENZO Holy Ghosl 5363 Buffalo Rd Actwmes Sodalt Il Cxrcolo Dante Athletnc Assocxatton Carver Club Lant orn Staff MARYALICE E DISPENZA S! Augustine l36L1ncoln Ave Artwxtxes Sodallty Perosnan Choxr Home Economics Club ffhxrd row ld! to rxghtj VIRGINIA M DOESCHER St Thomas 180 Valley Vnew Cres Actwmes Sodahty Orchestra Presxdent Bellarmme Club Athleuc Assocnauon Mendlan Club Carver Club Fontbonne Band Student Councxl Representatnve JOAN M DUTCHER St Thomas 149 Harvmgton Dr Actwmes Sodalnty Bellarmme Club Le Cercle Francais Semor Sag-nce Club Athletxc Assoclatton Carver Club Lanthorn Sta ffourth row ld! to rfghtj SALLY A ELAM Sacred Heart 324 Augustine St Arhvmes Sodalxty Orchestra Bellarmme Club Home Eco nomacs Club Athletlc Assocxauon Carver Club PATRICIA A ENTRESS Holy Ghost 340 Coldwater Rd Actumes Bellarmme Club Athletic Assocnauon ffyth row lqft to nghtj PATRICIA A ESSE Our Lady of Lourdes 96 Edgewood Ave Acnvxlux Perosxan Chonr Bellarmme Club Athlenc Asso cnatnon Student Council Representatxve JOAN R EWING St Augustine 107 Normandy Ave Adwmes Athletnc Assoclatlon Carver Club National Honor Socuety 5 , : I. . , . . . , - : . . . , y . .i , : . ': . 1 , . v . , . . .. : .T . , . . . , , . . : ... , . .' . , Athletxc Assocxauon. , : . ... 'I . D. ' . . - . ' I ' ,l .. , , . '. .. .I . , ' . Q . , ., . , , , ' , ' : . 'I Q I ' uh ' 1 ' , , . .. Y . : , . .I . . . y , . 155 Knickerbocker Ave. fTop row ldt to rxgbtj MARGUERITE R FALCONE Holy Rotary 26 Backus St Activities Sodalit ll Circolo Dante Athletic Association Y Carver Club National Honor Society Lanthorn Stall' ANGELA Activities M FALLOCCO Holy Cross 31 Meech Plt Perosian Choir Il Circolo Dante Athletic Asso CIIIIOI1 ANNE C A ctrvttrex FEENIN SS Peter and Paul 834 Main St W Home Economics Club Athletic Association ROSE MARIE D FERRARA St Plnlxp Nen Actwtttes: 1780 Clifford Ave Sodality Bellarmtne Club Athletic Association Lanthorn Staff. Second row, left to rigbtj: LORRAINE A. FILIBERTI Corpus Cbrisli 30 Peck St. Activities: Sodality, ll Circolo Dante, Athletic Association, Carver Club, Student Council Representative. DARLENE A. FINLAYSON Sacred Heart Activities: Sodality, Senior Science Club, Athletic Association. QTbird row, ldt to rigbtj: JEANNE K. FLANIGAN Holy Redeemer 164 Bernard St. Activities: Sodality, Athletic Association, Carver Club, Gabriel Staff. JOYCE A. FLAVIN Sacred Heart 100 Clay Ave. Activities: Sodality, Bellarmine Club, Der Deutsche Verein- President, Athletic Association, Carver Club, National Honor Society, Class Secretary l. JOYCE M. FORD Sacred Heart 356 Flower City Pk. Activities: Sodality, Athletic Association, Carver Club, Varsity Basketball. JOSEPHINE R. FRAGNOLI St. Monica 37 W'ooden St. Activities: Athletic Association. QFourth row, ldt to rigbtj: NANCY R. FRALONARDO Immaculate Conception 35 Shelter St Activities: Sodality, Perosian Choir, Glee Club, Athletic Asso- ciation, Carver Club. KATHLEEN A. FRAZER St.jolm 25 Allerton St Activities: Sodality, Bellarmine Club, Athletic Association. SHIRLEY B. FREDERICK Holy Family 64 Barker St Activities: Bellarmine Club, Athletic Association, Carver Club GERALDINE C. FREDRICK St.jobn 1877 Ridge Rd. W Activities: Sodality, Bellarmine Club, Athletic Association. Uecond rou ld! to rxgbtj EILEEN A GIBAUD Holy Cross 145 Latta Rd Achwhex Athlenc Assocnatnon Mertduan Club Carver Club BEVERLY j GILLILAND Holy Aporllex 559 Lyell Ave Afzlllflti Sodaltty Athletic Assocxauon Carver Club Gabrlel Sta lTlnrd row lefl to rrgblj MARIE A GILLIO Sl james 324 Merchants Rd Arluuner Sodalxty Bellarmme Club Le Cercle Francans Athletlc Assocnauon Carver Club Lanthorn Staff JO ANN M GODSAVE St Charles Borromeo 323 Stone Rd Arlnmex Sodalxty Bellarmme Club Athleuc Assoclatnon Carver Club MARY C GOODLEIN Sl Bongface 39 Nicholson St Actnrher Perosnan Chotr Bellarmme Club Athleuc Asso ctatnon Crop row ld! to rzgbtl JOAN H GABORSKI St Stanxxlau: 88 Agnes St Aeuwhex Sodaltty Bellarmme Club Athletic Assocntxon NOREEN L GALL St Helen 226 Elham Rd Actnuhex Athlettc Assoclatlon Mertdlan Club National Honor Socxety Gabrxel Stall' Co Ednor Lanthorn Stud' -IANET M GATTELARO Corpus Cbrnh 96 Kenilworth Ter Achvrhex Sodallty Il Cxrcolo Dante Athletlc Association GILDA j GIAMBRONE St l'rancrxXav1er 183 Third St Acnvmex Sodahty Bellarmme Club Athleuc Assocnatnon Carver Club JOAN E GORDON Sacred Hear! 1 Azo St Arnnhex Peroslan Choxr Bellarmme Club Athleuc Asso cnauon Gabriel Sralf Lanthorn Stall' lfaurlb rou ld! lo ngbtl SHIRLEY I GREEN St Margaret Mary 32 Dover Rd Arlurnes Sodalnry Athletnc Assoctatnon Carver Club MARGARET M GRIFFIN SI Cbarle: Borromeo 181 Britton Rd Arlllllld Sodalnty Perosnan Choir Bellarmme Club Athletxc Assoclatlon Carver Club Student Councnl Representative MARY ANNE P GRUTTADARO Holy Rosary 171 Selye Ter Arhuhes Sodahty Perosxan Cholr Bellarmme Club Presl dent Sensor Science Club Athletic Assocnatnon Carver Club MARLENE R GRUTTADAURIA SI Mzcbael 1Athens St Achulnx Sodalnty Bellarmme Club ll Cxrcolo Dante Atbleuc Assocnnon Carver Club 1Top row left to rrgbtj JOAN R GUETTI S! Patrick 290 Brown St Actwxnes Home Economics Club Il Cnrcolo Dante Athletxc Assoclatson BERNADINE A HACK Sacred Heart 1453 Ridgeway Ave Arhwtns Sodalnty Bellarmnne Club Athletlc Assocxauon Carver Club Gabnel Stall' Oetond row ld! to ngbtj MARY E HANOVEN St Ambrose 416 Rosewood Ter Actwmes Sodalnty Home Economxcs Club Athletic Asso ctauon Student Councnl Representanve Class Presxdent 3 Class Vlce President 2 Varsnty Basketball JO ANN J HARDING St Mxcbael 19 Don-beth Rd Actsutnes Sodahty Athleuc Assocnauon Pan Amernca Club Carver Club ffbsrd row ld! to rxgbtj ROSEMARY A HAYES Sl Ambrose 54 Meredith St Actwmes Sodallty Home Economxcs Club Athletxc Asso cnatlon ALICE M HEBING Blessed Sarrament 79 Packard St Actnuhes Sodallty Perosxan Choir Athletic Assocxauon ffourtb row left to rrgblj MARY M HECKLE SI Ambrose 87 Garden Dr Actwmes Sodahty Perosnan Choxr Atbleuc Assocxauon Student Councnl Representatnve BARBARA J HEFFERON Holy Rosary 247 Alameda St Actumes Sodaluy Bellarmme Club Le Cercle Francais Presldent Athletic Assoclatlon Hobby Club Lanthorn Staff PAULA B HEIECK Sl john lbe Evangelist 122 Arbordale Ave MARY ANNE T HELLENSCHMIDT S! Augustine 60 Alberta St Aclnmes Sodalnty Commerclal Club Athleuc Assocnauon Student Councnl Representanve Lanthorn Staff Class Vnce Presldent 5 Class Secretary 4 ffjlb row left to ngbtj JOAN M HERTWECK St Michael 777 Clmton Ave N Artwxtxes Sodallty Bellarmlne Club Commercial Club Athletic Assoctatton Carver Club ELLEN L HETTEL Holy family 250 Avery St Actwmes Sodaltty Peroslan Cholr Orchestra Athleuc Asso cnanon Carver Club Nanonal Honor Socxety ANNE M HODES S! Bandar: 55 Oakland St Aclwmes Sodalatv Bellarmnne Club Athletic Assocnauon Carver Club Natxonal Honor Socnety Class Treasurer l ELEANORE j HORYLEW Our Lady of Perpetual Help 55 Saranac St Actwmes Sodallty Bellarmme Club Commercial Club Ath leuc Assoclanon Carver Club Student Councsl Representatxve M K 1Top row ld! to rxgbtj BARBARA A HUNT Holy Apoxtle: 498 Emerson St Actwmex Bellarmine Club Der Deutsche Verein Athletic Association National Honor Society Varsity Basketball BETTY JANE A HUNT St Andrew 144 Chapin St Activities Sodality Athletic Association Carver Club National Honor Society Meridian Club PATRICIA R IUPPA St Ambrose 2145 Culver Rd Actnuhex Sodality Bellarmme Club Senior Science Club Athletic Association National Honor Society SHIRLEY A JANKOWSKI Holy Redeemer 145 Fnedericlt Pk Acrwme: Athletic Association Carver Club Uecond' row left to rxgbtj DOROTHEA M JOHNSON St jobn 78 Elmguard St Adwxnex Sodality Bellarmme Club Pan America Club JEAN M JUPINKA Holy Fannly 1032 Campbell St Actrvntxes Athletic Association Pan America Club RUTH A KARNISKY S! Ambrose 130 Hazelwood Ter Actwmes Sodality Bellarmine Club Athletic Association National Honor Society President DOROTHY M KAVANAUGH Holy Rosary 490 Glenwood Ave Activities Sodality Orchestra Bellarmme Club Athletic Association Carver Club fTb1rd row ld! to ngblj MARY LOUISE KAVANAUGH Holy Croxs 59 Pollard Ave Actwmes Perosian Choir Glee Club Athletic Association JOAN C KAZMARK Blexxed Sacrament 2 Belmont St Adwmes Bellarmine Club Athletic Association Carver Club Uiourtb row ld! to rigbtjz VIRGINIA A. KEEGAN St. Bonyace 345 Averill Ave. Activities: Sodality Le Cercle Francais Athletic Association Lanthorn Staff. MAUREEN J KEENAN Our Lady of Good Coumel 36 Brookdale Ave. Actitiries: Perosian Choir Senior Science Club Athletic Association Carver Club National Honor Society. NATALIE E. KEHOE Sl. jobn the Etaangelixf 71 Berwick Rd. Activities: Sodality Senior Science Club Athletic Association Pan America Club Carver Club National Honor Society. JOAN A. KEILMAN Sacred Heart 41 Knickerbocker Ave. Aditiriex: Glee Club Athletic Association Meridian Club Carver Club. QTop rou ld! to flgbf, MARIA RFLLNFR Our Lady of Help 455 Avenue A lflnmes Mantuan Circle Athletic Association MARY F RFNNEY St llmuea 250 Sawyer St irlumex Sudality Athletic Association Carver Club FLIIABFTH A RFSEL Holy Apa.ttle.t 184 Rockvtew Ter -lrlnmes Perosnan C hour Athletic Association Carver Club HFLFNF C RIRCHNFR Holy Cross 106 Clearview Rd -ldumex Athletic Association ffemml rou left to ngbtj ARLFNE M RLEM Sacred Heart 35 Langford Rd iclnmes Sodaltty Orchestra Athletic Association Meridian K lub Carver C lub National Honor Society MARC ARFT A RLEM SI Ambrose 675 Parsells Ave 4rlumex Sodality Athletic Association Varsity Basketball BEVFRLY A RLOS Immaculate Conception 2 Mt Pleasant Pk Carver Club C ONSTANK E M ROETH Sl Cbarlex 39 Martha St 1ttult1e.t Athletic Association 1Tb:rd rou left to ngbtj jAC Ql ELYN M ROLB Holy Rotary 275 Lake View Pk lemme: Sodality Bellarmme Club Athletic Association MARY AGNES T ROMOROWSKI St Stamtlaut 55 Peckham St 1ftn1t:e.t Sodality Athletic Association Carver Club ffourtb rou ldt to rugbtj SHIRLFY M KOWALSKI St Stanislaus 1354 Hudson Ave irlnmex Sodaltty Athletic Association Hobby Club MARY j KRAMER St Momca 88 Elmdorf Ave 4cru mes Sodality Chairman of Apostolic Committee Home Economics Club Athletic Association Carver Club Student Council Representative QFJIIJ rou left to ngbtj ELIZABETH A KREMER Our Lady of Perpetual Help 33 Townsend St lrhunex Sodality Athletic Association Carver Club LORETTA P KRLG St Andrew l4l Delamaine Dr 4rl1ul:ex Sodality Athletic Association Pan America Club Hobby Club Carver Club A .v. . .4 , 1 ., ' ' 1 v - ' I . . . :I x. A A ' . I . . ' 4 I . , , . . . - I ' .' . , , . Artiriliex: Sodality, Bellarmine Club, Athletic Association, A . ll- . V 1 5 , l . 1 . ' I . I. . ' . . . , l ' I .Il . .I . ' . . . ' . - N A . U , , A .v, , I. . ' . . Q ' . I ' ll. ' 'I l 1 I I Q Y - I .. , - fTop row, left to riglztjz JUNE A. KRUSE Holy Apostles 1211 Lyell Ave. Activities: Bellarmine Club, Home Economics Club, Athletic Association. H. KULZER Mather of Sorrows 187 North Dr. s: Sodality, Le Cercle Francais, Athletic Association, ne Band. Second row, left to rigbtj: IRENE H. LACINSKI St. Stanislaus 200 Nester St. Activities: Sodality, Athletic Association, Hobby Club, Carver Club. AUDREY A. LAMBERT St. Boniace 27 Oakland St. Activities: Sodality, Orchestra, Bellarmine Club, Athletic Association, Meridian Club, Fontbonne Band7Pre.sident. p -' I v t ' 1 1. - 4 Q -e 1 - - ' -I fbbirznow, ldt to rigbtl: d ANGELINA M. LAMENDOLA St. Philip Neri 1255 Goodman St. N. Activities: Sodality, ll Citcolo Dante, Athletic Association. EVELYN ANN LANSING Holy Rosary l 19 Dove St. Activities: Sodality, Le Cercle Francais Athletic Association, Carver Club, National Honor Society. ' Q 1' ' Uiourtb row ldt to rrgbtl ANNE B LANUTI St Michael 18 Evergreen St Activities Sodality Bellarmine Club Athletic Association Carver Club MARY L LARKIN Immaculate Conception 459 Jefferson Ave Activities Home Economics Club Athletic Association JO ANN LATUS Our Lady of Good Counsel 206 Genesee Pk Blvd Activities Perosian Choir Bellarmine Club Glee Club Athletic Association Carver Club Student Council Representative DOLORES M LEARY Sacred Heart 110 Electric Ave Activities Sodality Bellarmine Club Athletic Association Carver Club Student Council Representative fFJtb row ldt to rrgbtj ANN C LECKINGER St Charles Borrarneo 42 Estall Rd Activities Sodality Perostan Choir Bellarmine Club Athletic Association Carver Club National Honor Society Student Council Representative Gabriel Stall' BETTY A LEO Holy Family 24 Potomac St Actgutxes Sodality Athletic Association Hobby Club Carver Clu FRANCES S LEONE St Andrew 203 Oneida St Actrvrtxes Sodaltty Il Circolo Dante Athletic Association Carver Club National Honor Society OSEPHINE C LIBERTI St Francis Xavier 116 Hebard St Ac 1 tvxtxes Sodality Athletic Association Hobby Club Font n ne Band 9'-an gr' x Qfun C bo ' . ' ' ' ' X-. y I t t. , , in ,D f L t Cf I ' 4 '7 .17 lTop row, ldt to rigbtl: DOLORES R. LICATA Holy Apostles 58 McNaughton St. Activities: Bellarmine Club, Athletic Association, Hobby Club, Carver Club. BARBARA A. LOONEY St, james 631 Melville St. Activities: Sodality, Commercial Club, Athletic Association- President, National Honor Society, Varsity Basketball. MARY L. LUX Blessed Sacrament 15 Lansdale St. Activities: Home Economics Club, Athletic Association. ANNA M. MAGGIO Holy Apostles 226 McNaughton St. Activities: Bellarmine Club, Athletic Association. lSecond row, ldt to rigbtjz MARILYN C. MAGIN Holy Family 182 Canton St. Activities: Athletic Association, Carver Club. JOYCE A. MAHON St. Monica 615 Genesee St. Activities: Sodality-Chairman of Publicity Committee, Le E " i 14 1 QFourtb row, ldt to rigbtjs ROSALIE A. MARSALA St. Francis Xavier 166 Third St Activities: Sodality, Bellarmine Club, Athletic Association Carver Club. NANCY L. MARTELLA Holy Family 8 Elser Ter Activities: Sodality, Il Circolo Dante, Athletic Association Carver Club. JEAN M. MARTIN Good Counsel 57 Rosalind St Activities: Athletic Association, Carver Club. MARY E. MASSA Holy Apostles 124 Avery St Activities: Perosian Choir, Bellarmine Club, Athletic Asso- ciation, Student Council Representative, Class Vice-President 4 Cercle Francais, Athletic Association, Carver Club, National Honor Society, Fontbonne Band. PATRICIA I. MANCE St. Au ustine 95 Woodbine Ave. Activities: Sodality, Perosian Clfoir-President, Glee Club, Athletic Association. FRANCES M. MANCUSO SS. Peter ana' Paul 38 Franklin Sq. Activities: Sodality, Perosian Choir, Bellarmine Club, Athletic Association, Carver Club. ffbird row, ldt to rigbtj: RITA G. MANCUSO St. Francis Xavier 128 Fifth St. Activities: Sodality, Perosian Choir, Bellarmine Club, Athletic Association. DIANA MARINO Holy Cross 36 Corrigan St. Activities: Sodality, Bellarmine Club, Il Circolo Dante, Athletic Association, Lanthorn Staff. -76 QTop rou ldt to flgbf, MARIE T MASSETH Holy Rosary 560 Bxrr St Artumes Sodalnty Perosxan Chotr Bellarmme Club Athletic Assoclatton Carver Club CAROLYN J MASTRELLA St Patncb 165 Kent St Adnmes Perosnan Choxr Athletic Assocxauon Pan America Cluh ANCELINE R MASTRI St 'llxcbael 45 Oakman St Artnxlu-s Sodalnty Bellarmme Club Der Deutsche Verem Athletnc Assocnatnon Carver Club Nattonal Honor Socnety JOAN V MATTIA Holy Rosary 603 Emerson St Artu mes Sodalnty Athletic Assoctauon Student Councxl Representanve fSeconJ rou left to ngbtj GERALDINE A MCERLAIN Immaculate Conception 128 Tremont St Actnmes Athletic Assoctatton Merndxan Club Carver Club Gabrlel Staff Lanthorn Staff MARY LOU McFALL St Anne 132 Elmerston Rd Actnmes Sodaltty Orchestra Athletnc Assocnatxon Merndxan Club Fontbonne Band Gabr1elStafI Lanthorn Stall' NANCY E MCGLYNN Blessed Sacrament 217 Richard St Arlnmes Perosxan Choir Glee Cluh Athlettc Assoclatton Actumes Bellarmtne Club Athlenc Assocnauon Carver Club fTlnrd row lqft to rxgbtj NORMA I. MCVEA St Ambrose 323 Crossheld Dr Armahes Athleuc Assocxatxon PATRICIA E MEADE Sacred Heart 90 Rnd eway Ave Adu mes Sodahty Athleuc Assocnatnon Men nan Club Carver Club Nauonal Honor Socnety Gabnel Stalf Lanthorn Staff Co Edntor ffourtb row ld! to ngbtj CAROL I. MEAGHER Holy 1postles 38 Austtn St Actnmes Sodaltty Athletnc Assoctatton Varsxty Basketball BETTY A MERKEL Our Lady of Good Counsel 195 Weldon St Artnztus Sodalnty Athletic Assoclatlon Carver Club Natxonal Honor Soctety ffl tb rou ldt to flgbf, LORAINE A METZ Holy family 1017 Maple St Acnulus Sodalnty Orchestra Athleuc Assocnanon Carver Club Nattonal Honor Soctety I-'ontbonne Band PATRICIA M METZGER Sl 'lloruca 54 Devon Rd Actnnus Perostan Choxr Bellarmnne Club Glee Club Semor Sctence Club Athleuc Assocnatton Pan Amerxca Club 7 l MARQARET E. MCKEOWN DSI. Michael 6 Durgin Stl .7 ,V ' Z 5 Crop row ld! to rxghlj ANN E MEYERING Our Lady of Perpetual Help 188 Weaver St Adwnnex Sodaltty Athletlc Assoclatlon Carver Club jOAN C MEYERING Sacred Hear! 544 Flower Cnty Pk Actwxhes Sodalnty Bellarmme Club Athletlc Assoctatxon CAROL A MEYERS St Thomar 58 Hermxtage Rd Actwrhex Sodalnty Peroslan Choxr Bellarmme Club Athleuc Assocxatxon Carver Club MARY A MIGLIORE St Anthony 312 Smxth St Actwmer Perosxan Chotr ll Cxrcolo Dante Athlettc Asso cnatton Uecond row ld! to rxghlj GRACE T MILLER St Mzchael 72 Radxo St Actxvxtlex Sodahty Chaxrman of Catholtc Truth and Soctal Llfe Commnttee Bellarmme Club Commercnal Club Athlettc Assocnuon Carver Club Nauonal Honor Socnety Student Councnl Representatxve Gabrlel Stall' Class Treasurer 2 Lanthorn Staff MARY H MOELLER Holy Apostle: 47 Mnchngan St Actunhes Perosnan Cboxr Athleuc Assocxauon Carver Club fThtrd raw ld! to right, BETTY A MORANZ Mother of Sorrows 176 Kuhn Rd Aciwstrex Sodaltty Bellarmme Club Athletic Assocxatlon Carver Club JANET L MORANZ Mother d Sorrows 176 Kuhn Rd Actwxhes Sodalxty Peroslan Chonr Bellarmme Club Athlettc Assocxatxon Carver Club MARILYN D MORELLA St Bridget 6 Payne St Actnuhes Sodalxty Peros1anCho1r Bellarmme Club llC1rcolo Dante Athletic Assocnatlon Carver Club JOANNE M MORGANTE SI Andrew 210 Mohawk St Acluxhes Commercnal Club ll Clrcolo Dante Athletic Asso cnatlon ffourth row ld! to nghtj JOANNE M MURPHY St Charles Borromeo 507 Oakwood Rd Aclwxtxex Sodallty Athletnc Assocxatlon Carver Club BEVERLY A NASCA St Stanislaus 1114 North St Actwmex Sodallty Athletic Assoclatnon Carver Club MARGARET NATALE Sacred Heart 722 Flower City Pk Acnunex Sodalny Bellarmme Club Athletic Assoctatton NANCY M NATALELLO St Anthony 301 Smlth St Actwmex Sodahty Athletic Assoclatxon Merldnn Club Carver Club National Honor Society Fontbonne Band Gabriel Staff ffop mu ld! to ngbtl MADELINE A NEARY Sacred Heart 101 Eastman Ave Adnmes. Athlettc Association Mendlan Club Carver Club Nattonal Honor Socnety BARBARA A NELLIS Blessed Sacrament 145 Shepard St Actumes Sodaltty Bellarmme Club Semor Sctence Club Athlenc Assocnatton Carver Club Natnonal Honor Soclety Lanthorn Stall' PATRICIA A NEVIS Sl Ann 81 Westmoreland Dr Aclnnhes Sodalxty Athletlc Assocxatlon Carver Club Prest dent Student Councnl Representative Class Treasurer 3 MARLENE B NOESSNER Sacred Heart 140 Kmclterbocker Ave Actwmes. Sodalnty Commercxal Club Der Deutsche Verem Glee Club Athletxc Assoclauon Nattonal Honor Society S5 fsecond row left to rrgblj HELEN M NORTHCOTE Sacred Heart 35 Bardm Achvmes Sodallty Athletic Assoclatnon CONSTANCE A NOWAKOWSKI St Stamslaus 16 Northeast Ave Achvmes Perostan Chonr Glee Club Athleuc Assocnauon Pan Amernca Club ffbrrd row ld! to ngbij PATRICIA K NUGENT St Momca 420 Genesee St Artnfmes Sodaltty Bellarmme Club Athletic Assocnatxon ANGELA M OCA Sl Ambrose 1820 Culver Rd Actwmes Sodahty Perosnan Chotr Bellarmme Club Home Economics Club Athleuc Assoctatlon EILEEN A O CONNELL Holy Aposlles 19 Fern St Acuwhes Sodalnty ll Clrcolo Dante Mantuan Clrcle Pres: dent Athletlc Assoclauon Carver Club Natxonal Honor Soctety Gabnel Staff KATHLEEN M OMARA St james 103 Hurstbourne Rd Acnulles Sodallty Bellarmme Club Il Clrcolo Dante Athlettc Assocxatlon Gabriel Stall' Co Edltor Lanthorn Stall' ffourtb row 14: to rlgbtj MARY jEAN O NEILL Corpus Cbrrsh 72 Joslyn Pl Achwhes Sodallty Peroslan Chotr Bellarmme Club Athletic Assoclauon Hobby Club Carver Club CATHERINE A OSTRYE Blessed Sacrament 76 Vassar St Adu mes Orchestra, Le Cercle Francus Athletic Assocxauon Fontbonne Band MARY T PALAZZO St Plnlzp Nen 1204 Goodman St N Adwmes. Sodallty Il Cxrcolo Dante Athleuc Assoclatlon CONSTANCE M PALMERO S! Francxs Xawer 37 Dlrtnger Pl Acuwnes. Athletnc Assoclatton A1 fTap row, left to rigbtj: JANET A. PALOMBINO St. Anthony of Padua 20 Fulton Ave. Activities: Sodality, Glee Club, Athletic Association, Pan America Club, Student Council Representative. ANITA M. PELIQSIO Holy Apostles 104 McNaughton St. Activities: Perosian Choir, Bellarmine Club, Glee Club, Com' mercial Club, Athletic Association. Uecond row, left to rigbtj: MARY E. PIERCE SI. Alonita 348 Brookg Avg, Activities: Sodality, Bellarmine Club, Athletic Association, Carver Club. SHIRLEY j. PILOT St. Charles Borrorneo 382 Oakwood Rd. Activities: Sodality, Commercial Club, Athletic Association, Carver Club, National Honor Society, Class Treasurer 4, Varsity Basketball. f'I'hira' row, left to rigbtjz .IACQUELINE E. POLINO St. Ambrose 2528 Clifford Ave. Actit'ities.' Athletic Association, Pan America Club. MONICA E. QUINLAN St. Monica 89 Bradburn St. Activities: Sodality, Athletic Association. Uiourtb row, left to rigbtj: ANNE B. RAINS St. Thomas 74 Montclair Blvd. Activities: Mantuan Circle, Athletic Association, National Honor Society. LUCY j. RANIERI Our Lady of Mount Qrmel 138 Lewis St. Activities: Il Circolo Dante, Athletic Association. GERTRUDE A. RESCH Motber of Sorrows . n 491 Island Cottage Rd. Activities: Sodality, Perosian Choir, Bellarmine Club, Glee Club, Athletic Association. DOROTHY T. RHODES Sacred Heart 460 Westmount St. Activities: Sodality, Bellarmine Club, Athletic Association. fFiYtb row, left to rigbtj: BARBARA j. RICHARDSON Holy Rosary 527 Augustine St. Activities: Perosian Choir, Bellarmine Club. JOAN H. RINGELSTEIN St. Margaret Mary ll Lanualc St. Activities: Sodality, Bellarmine Club, Mantuan Circle, Athletic Association, Pan America Club, Carver Club, National Honor Society, Student Council Representative. NATALIE R. ROACH St. Charles Borromeo 81 Westwood Dr. Activities: Sodality, Athletic Association, Carver Club. IRENE L. ROBERTS St. Charles Borrameo 146 Maiden Lane Activities: Sodality-Chairman of Mission Committee, Athletic Association, Carver Club, Student Council Representative, Class Secretary 2. .L y- 'U' 7 x fTop rouy left to rigbtl: MARY C. ROBONIE St. Ambrose 180 Hazelwood Ter. Activities: Sodality, Orchestra, Athletic Association, Meridian Club. Fontbonne Band. THERESA A. ROBONIE St. Ambrose 180 Hazelwood Ter. Activities: Sodality, Orchestra, Athletic Association, Meridian Club, Fontbonne Band. GERALDINE M. ROLAND Sacred Heart 77 Goodwill St. Activities: Athletic Association, Meridian Club, Student Council Representative. VIRGINIA L. ROSSNEY St. Monica 747 Genesee Park Blvd. Activities: Athletic Association, Gabriel Staff. . X A . L lSecond row, left to rigbtj: MARCELLA S. ROTH St. Michael 142 Avenue A Activities: Sodality, Bellarmine Club, Athletic Association, Carver Club. SHIRLEY ANN ROTH St. Augustine 190 Hague St. Activities: Sodality, Athletic Association, Class Secretary 5. ERSILIA M. ROTONDI St. Lucy 51 Waverly Pl. Activities: Sodality, Bellarmine Club, Athletic Association, Hobby Club. MARIE A. RUSSO Holy Apostles 50 Angle St. Activities: ll Circolo Dante, Athletic Association, National Honor Society. ffbird row, left to rigbtj: NANCY A. SACKETT St. Monica 905 Woodbine Ave. Activities: Sodality, Perosian Choir, Athletic Association, Hobby Club, Meridian Club, Carver Club. NORMA j. SACKETT St. Monica 905 Woodbine Ave. Activities: Sodality, Bellarmine Club, Athletic Association, Hobby Club, Meridian Club, Carver Club. Uiourtb row, ld! to rigbtj: VERA R. SAIKLEY St. Bridget 120 Hand St. Activities: Le Cercle Francais, Athletic Association, National Honor Societv. JOAN B. SANTO SS. Peter and Paul 260 Rugby Ave. Activities: Athletic Association, Hobby Club, Carver Club. 1. SARGENT Our Lady of Perpetual Help 34 jewel St. Sodality, Bellarmine Club, Athletic Association, Carver M. SCANCARELLO Holy Family 70 Riddle St. Activities: Sodality, Bellarmine Club, ll Circolo Dante, Athletic Association, Student Council Representative. L Q'1'op row, IJ! to rigbtj: DOLORES M. SCHARR Our Lady of Perpetual Helg l044g:nsep Ave. Activities: Mantuan Circle, Athletic Association, rver Club. GRACE V. SCHIANO St. Augustine 419 West Ave. Activities: Athletic Association. GERALDINE M. SCHMITT St. Charles Borrorneo 142 Pomona Dr. Activities: Perosian Choir, Athletic Association. MARY j. SCHULTZ Our Lady of Good Counsel 901 Post Ave. Activities: Sodality, Athletic Association, Carver Club. fSecond row, Idt to rigbtj: MARY LOU SCHULZ Immaculate Conception 371 Champlain St. Activities: Perosian Choir, Glee Club, Athletic Association. HELEN E. SCHWIND St. Monica 196 Hawley St. Activities: Sodality, Athletic Association, Carver Club. MAUREEN A. SHEEHAN Corpus Cbristi 509 University Ave. Activities: Athletic Association. JANET M. SHREDER Sacred Heart 476 Pullman Ave. Activities: Sodality, Senior Science Club, Athletic Association, Carver Club, Gabriel Staff. 1Tbird row, ld! to rigbtj: ANN M. SIPPEL St. Cbarles Borroneeo 135 Westwood Dr. Activities: Perosian Choir, Bellarmine Club, Glee Club, Athletic Association. , DOROTHY A. SKELLY St. Monica 68 Ellicott St. Activities: Sodality, Athletic Association, Hobby Club, Meridian Club-President, Carver Club. Ufourtb row, ld! to rigbtj: AMARLYS M. SLATER St. Monica 718 Sgwgrd sg, Activities: Sodality, Bellarmine Club, Athletic Association, Carver Club. DOREEN B. SOBCZAK St. Stanislaus 94 Sqbiggki sg, Activities: Athletic Association, Carver Club, Student Cmmqil Representative. Uiytb row, ld! to rigbtj: JANET L. STILLMAN St. Cbarles BGYTDMOO U z no Wildwood Dr. Activities: Bellarmine Club, Senior Science Club, Athletic Association, Carver Club. MARILYN A. STROBEl. I Sacred Heart 52 Devitt Rd. Activities: Athletic Association, Hobby Club, Meridian Club, Carver Club. 'K x Ng! l'I'op row, ldt to rigbtj: MARY K. SULLIVAN Holy Rosary 37 Rainier St. Activities: Sodality, Bellarmine Club, Mantuan Circle, Athletic Association, Carver Club, National Honor Society. GENEVIEVE D. SUSKI St. Stanislaus 805 Norton St. Activities: Commercial Club, Athletic Association, Carver Club, National Honor Society, Student Council Representative. ILMA L. TAYLERT Our Lady :J Perpetual Heh: 712 Norton St. Activities: Sodality, Orchestra, Glee Club, Le Cercle Francais, Athletic Association, Hobby Club, Fontbonne Band. CLARA M. TERRIGINO St. Patrick 238 Spencer St. Activities: ll Circolo Dante, Athletic Association. Gecond row, ldt to rigbtjs CARMELA P. TOSCANO St. Patrick 471 Plymouth Ave. N. Activities: Il Circolo Dante, Athletic Association. MARY J. TRABOLD Immaculate Conception 1 Fenwick St. Activities: Sodality, Athletic Association, Varsity Basketball. JOYCE M. TUCHRELLO St. Micbael 83 Flower St. Activities: Sodality, Bellarmine Club, Athletic Association, Pan America Club, Carver Club. NORA A. VanCURRAN Blessed Sacrament 843 Goodman St. S. Activities: Perosian Choir, Bellarmine Club, Athletic Asso- ciation, Carver Club. 1Tbird row, ld! to rigbtjx DOROTHEA L. VAY Holy Family 26 O'Neil St. Activities: Sodality, Athletic Association, Meridian Club, Carver Club. JOY T. VELTZ St. Theodore 51 Baier Dr. Activities: Orchestra, Le Cercle Francais, Athletic Association, Meridian Club, Carver Club, National Honor Society, Font- bonne Band. lFourtb row, ld! to rigbtjz JOAN M. VOELKL St. Stanislaus 160 Ernst St. Activities: Bellarmine Club, Athletic Association, Hobby Club. BERNADETTE A. VORNDRAN St. Ambrose 205 Pardee Rd. Activities: Sodality, Orchestra, Athletic Association, Carver Club. Uiitb row, ld! to rigbtJ: ELEANOR M. WAGNER St. Margaret Mary 150 Seville Dr. Activities: Sodality, Der Deutsche Verein, Athletic Association, Carver Club, National Honor Society. PHYLLIS A. WAHL St. Charles Borrofneo . l 113 Worchester Rd. Activities: Perosian Choir, Orchestra, Bellarmine Club, Glee Club, Athletic Association. S fTop row, left to rigbtj: ANNE M. WAKEFIELD St. Margaret hlary 2804 St. Paul Blvd. Activities: Athletic Association. ELLEN M. WELCH Sacred Heart 446 Cla Ave y . Activities: Home Economics Club, Athletic Association, Student Council Representative. JANICE L. WERDER Sl. Andrew 407 Durnan St. Activities: Athletic Association, Carver Club. BARBARA j. WHITE Holy Rosary 14 Admiral Pk. Activities: Athletic Association. QSecond row, left to rigbtj: MARLENE A. WILCOX St. Charles Borromeo 54 Florida Ave. Activities: Bellarmine Club, Der Deutsche Verein, Athletic Association, National Honor Society. MARY E. WILKIN Holy Rosary 168 Alameda St. Activities: Sodality, Bellarmine Club, Athletic Association, Student Cquncil-President. QTlJird row, left to rigbtj: ANITA R. XVITZEL Holy Ghost 90 Scheg Ter. Activities: Bellarmine Club, Senior Science Club, Athletic Association, National Honor Society, Student Council Repre- sentative, Lanthorn Staff. DOLORES T. WOCHNA St. Stanislaus 962 Clinton Ave. N. Activities: Athletic Association, Carver Club, Varsity Basketball CATHERINE A. WOERNER St. Monica 420 Rugby Ave. Activities: Sodality, Der Deutsche Verein, Athletic Association. Carver Club, National Honor Society, Lanthorn Staff. SOPHIE L. WOjTCZAK St. Stanislaus 1404 North St. Activities: Commercial Club, Athletic Association, Carver Club, Lanthorn Stalf. Ufourtb row, left to rigbtj: MARY M. ZAENGLEIN Our Lady of Good Counsel 1015 Genesee Pk. Blvd Activities: Sodality, Bellarmine Club, Sehior Science Club, Athletic Association, Carver Club, National Honor Society Student Council Representative, Class President 4. ELEANOR M. ZIPFEL Holy Apostles 67 Ellington Rd Activities: Bellarmine Club, Athletic Association. PATRICIA A. ZIRRETTA Holy Rosary 1007 Dewey Ave- Activities: Sodality, Bellarmine Club, Der Deutsche Verein Athletic Association, Student Council Representative. FRANCES V. ZOLNIEROWSKI St. Stanislaus 1450 North St Activities: Commercial Club, Athletic Association, Carver Cluh, Lanthorn Staff-Business Manager. 9 141 IEW I-:IIA nk pn 'gig 22.12, .txaiggw 3 . HATS OFF Our Retreat Masters fLou'erJ: Father Foley and Father Egan discuss retreat plans with Father O'Connell as Lanthorn editors, Lois Degler, Joyce Flavin, and Patricia Meade get a peek at the retreat program. 71 '17 Good News for Scholarship Seniors fUpper rigbtj: Five of our scholarship winners, Angeline Mastri, joan Ewing, joyce Flavin, seated Sheila Con- heady and Eileen Brennan, standingg disagree with the old proverb, No news is good news. Angeline Mastri received her scholarship from Manhattanville College, New York City, the others from Nazareth College, Rochester, New York. Publicity Gets under Way QCenIer lqftjz joan Wittman, Patricia Metzger, and Patricia Haffen inspect the 1951 junior Red Cross poster. As junior Red Cross leaders at Nazareth they plan the annual campaign for funds. COME HOLY SOURCE of PATIENCE Yr VENI G SANCTE SPIRITUS hrougli the Holy Sacrince of the Blass we are priv- ileged to renew the offering of God the Son-I-lis Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity in the Sacrament ofthe Holy Eucliarisre-to I-lis Eternal Father. s through the Holy Eucharist We may manifest our love and thanksgiving to Almighty God by a gift worthy of Him, so through our activities we may prove our love and gratitude to Nazareth. Strengthen nee, 0 Hob Spirit, To defend all that if holyj Guard me, then, O Holy Xpirit, That I always may he haly. ST . AUGUSTINE Mission Minded CUpper ldtjz Although these Sodality mission- aries: Shirley Sero, Dorothy Rhodes, standiugf Irene Roberts, Catherine Gordinier, Ann Marie Stauber, kneelingg may never sail to foreign countries, their gifts of food and clothing often travel to the missions. A Florol Note CLower Iejtj: Marian-Eucharistic Committee membersg .Ruth Bickel, Patricia Latus, and liita Zlotnik arrange a bouquet for the chapel a tar. 74 SODALITY 0F OUR LADY e Sodality of Our Lady of Nazareth is not merely an organization but a vital part of the life of each Nazareth girl, With the Sodality as our means we strive for personal sanctification and holiness, much needed in today's troubled world. There are none who show greater zeal for Our Lady than our committee chairmen -our mission committee chairman who sends packages to eager, happy children all over the world, who directs the color- ful mission day festival, and who dis- tributes Christmas cards for sale for the mission budgetg our Catholic truth com- mittee chairman who tries to bring us a little closer to Christ by distributing books and pamphlets about the Christian view- hs-V sf ,uJglq-- Congratulations, Father O'ConneIl! fUpper rigbtj: Carol Predmore, Eileen Prender- gast, Catherine Gordinier, Ann Prendergast, and Betty Schmitt confer with our spiritual director, who was this year made Diocesan Sodality Moderator. point on current problemsg our social life committee chairman who heads our big- gest event of the year-our big Christmas formal danceg our publicity chairman whose apt posters for all occasions insure adequate publicity of sodality affairsg and our Marian-Eucharistic committee chair- man who on the First Friday of each month arranges the flowers and the altar befitting our Divine Guest. All these committee heads would, of Course, be able to do very little without the loyal support of every Sodalist of Mary at Nazareth. Sodality Chairmen fCenterJ: In a meeting of the committee heads, Sodality Prefect, Sheila Conheady, seated, center: confers with the other officers: Irene Roberts, Joyce Mahon, Ruth Bickel, Mary Kramer, and Grace Miller. The Sodality's Ad Club QLower rigbtjz Remember those catchy Sodality posters which deck the halls of Nazareth? Here, Marjorie Hadlock shows the other mem- bers of the publicity committee: Margaret Pavelski, joyce Mahon, xfmm'iug,' Catherine Duncan, Susanne XVaters, seated: a poster which tells its own story. Q0 T543 75 COME DIVINE SPOUSE of the BLESSED VIRGIN sr- --J -vu, 4.2 . .. - 1 Manfuan Circle Quad' QUpper rigbtj: In their study of Virgil, Anne Rains and Marie Del Fave point out the beauty and delicacy of the statuary of ancient Rome to joan Ringelstein, Dolores Scharr, Maria Kellner, Mary Sullivan, and Eileen O'Connell. II Circolo Dante QLowerj: Here Italian Club members are enjoying a movie from the opera, Lucia di Lammermor. Oper- ating the machine are Mary Palazzo, Rosalie Petix, Mary Ciaccia, while in the foreground are Frances Leone, Eileen O'Connell, Frances Bronchi, Mary Ann Mazza, joanne Diamond, Anna Tornatore, and Marie Marfuggi. Der Deutsche Verein fCenterj: Fudge is delicious in any language agree joan Merritt, Anna May Waytowich and Patricia Fromm preparing candy, the money from whose sale will be turned over to the missions. CLUBS ' 4 'Wa - Pon-America Club fLowerJ: Spanish students: Patricia Macon, Carol Kliment, Barbara Zie- linski, Elaine Kirchner, and Muriel Sargent get a glimpse of Spanish art reflected in Mexican handicraft. .14 owhere can we obtain a better perspective of what Nazareth girls are like as in the activities of our clubs. Many of our clubs delight in acquiring a knowledge of people of other nations. There are our language clubs whose members take an active interest in' the country whose mother tongue they are studying. Through slides, mo- tion pictures, and lectures they learn of Rome from the immortal works of the poet of Mantua who sang of her glories, and from the moss grown ruins of her once magnificent citadelg of Italy from the great operas which echo in the evening from the street canals of Venice or by day from the grape laden vineyards of her Alpine hillsidesg of Germany from the castled banks of Le Cercle Francais fUpperJ Guest speaker at one of their meetings, Mme Jacqueline Baclaw shows joan Mans, joyce Mahon, and Barbara Hefferon her former home on the map of Paris the Rhine or from the magnificent Gothic cathedrals which proclaim to what extent the men of that period reverenced their Creator of Spain under vyhose flag the fvna flue Pznm and the .Ydllfd Marza set forth ox er choppy seas to open up vast helds where the bravest and strong est from eyery country of Europe was free to develop what he deemed best of the culture of his homtland A personal touch is added also to our knowl edge of other countries by the first hand in formation of the pen pals of our Meridian Club not only through letters but also through pic tures and small gifts which they send us. Then there are our other clubs whose members delight in those activities which unite them more closely to Nazareth-our Carver Club members who annually plant a tree on Arbor Day to perpetuate their memory who take a plane trip to enjoy a view of Nazareth from the air who this year brightened Shakespearian Lane by planting yellow daffodils white nar- cissi, and multi-colored tulips along its borders our Hobby Club members who laced and stitched pieces of leatheresometimes a little unevenly- to produce wallets and belts for their friends our Home Economics Club members who brought smiles and tears to the eyes of the aged at St. Anne's Home when the latter were presented with baskets of fruit and other good things to eatg and lastly, our Commercial Honor Society members who pride themselves on their speed in typing a hundred and twenty words a minute CCor1timzed an page 78D CLUBS :iii .a-v' e ur' Y JAVA Home Economics Club fUpperj: Preparing a basket of food to be distributed to the needy, Mary Pierce, Monica Quinlan, Marie Barone, Shirley Green, and Carol Brautigam practice one of the corporal works of mercy. Hobby Club QLeftJ: It's loads of fun to make our own leather goods, muse Mary Hall, Geraldine Kohlmeier, Mary Ann Link, Shirley Hans, and Ann Sheppard as they 5 1C0!1ffl1IlEdff0fIl page ffb -a recommendation for the good positions secured by many of its members. Yes, often we come to know another side of students active in clubs, and we find them far different from what we know of them in the classroom. Girls who are sometimes termed rather retiring by their companions are found to have a humorous side, too. Left entirely on their own initiative, many a leader has been dis- covered, many a debater hailed, and many a winning personality has come to the surface through participation in our clubs. 78 display their handicraft. 3 S-Y J' V1 'C' qv '67 i ,L Commercial Honor Sociefy QUpperj: Perfect typing is the goal of these keyboard whizzes: Grace Miller, Marlene Noessner, Shirley Pilot, and Frances Zolnierowski, seated' Mary Anne Hellenschmidt, Genevieve Suski, and Sophie Wojtczak, standing. Meridian Club fCenterJ: Enjoying the gifts and letters received from their pen pals are Theresa Robonie, Dorothy Skelly, and Mary Robonie, seated Mary Lou McFall, Arlene Klem, and Nancy Sackett, standing. Carver Club 1Lower lqftj: One of the most popular of the Carver Club's activities is their annual snow party. Here janice Edwards, Elizabeth Raetz, jean O'Brien, Barbara Gulino, Marie Cornelia, Barbara Karnes, and Mary Elaine Sher- Rfiogd prlepare for a thrilling descent on one of the steep hills of Powder i Par . 79 COME HOLY SOURCE of GOODNESS COME HOLY SPIRIT OUR ADVOCATE Camera Clique fbfzper 140: "There's something more than the click of the shutter in taking good shots," explain Noreen Gall and Nancy Natalcllo, two Lantborn photographers, to two interested freshmen, Loretta Callahan and Patricia Cannon. Nothing Negative About Their Decision QCeulerj: Examining negatives, a group of our business staff all beam their agreement that the negative under consideration would make a sharp, interesting picture. The experts are Barbara Nellis, Virginia Keegan, Lorna Casey, Betty Adam, seated' Carol Brautigam, Sophie Wojteczak, Monica Quinlan, and Frances Zolnierowski, slanding. e have watched our Lanrbarn grow word by word, page by page and have come to know the trials and troubles of yearbook editors. Yet, when we look in the scrap book of our memory, we shall find these tribulations frosted with the sweetness of happy moments and exciting occasions. Our work was difficult at times. lt was difficult to con- vince freshmen who had never even seen the cover of one of our top-honor Lanrbarm that two dollars and fifty cents was a fine bargain, to encourage some of our co-classmen to persuade a procrastinating patron to uncap his pen and sign a contract, to smile through jealous tears, when we first faced captionless pictures and copyless pages, that the editors of other years had used the best and cleverest ideas and left us only scraps of trite phrases and broken pieces of ancient cliclaer. Yet, there were happy moments, too. We forgot our woes when we boarded a plane for Syracuse to attend a two-day convention sponsored by the Empire State School Press Association with a chance of winning a scholarship to Syracuse University, and with an exciting football game Ns-f ' Y-...J 7 Ir' and a laugh-provoking talk by Sheila John Daly in the ofling. Again, our troubles went winging when we heard the conductor cry, "All aboard," on March seventh as we stepped aboard the train to New York for the Columbia Scholastic Press Convention with dreams of the United Nations Assembly, Broadway, and Fifth Avenue flashing through our minds. Perhaps the happiest moment of all was when every bit of copy was in'and approved, every picture captioned and every bit of furious scrambling and brain-wracking was at last at an end. Yes, this has been a year of events. These events have pushed the covers ofthe 1951 yearbook apart, and as we, the Lantharn staff, present it to you, we hope that you will treasure, as much as we, the memories contained in our 1951 Lantlaarn. LANTHORN Lcmthorn Officers flmfividual pictures, reading downj: Joyce Flavin, Patricia Meade, co-edilorsg Frances Zolnierowski, Virginia Keegan, managing editorx. f V L tuba NI v. fx- Lanthorn Lights CLowerD: A good layout page brings a smile of appreciation from our Lanthorn editors: Mary Zaenglein, joan Gordon, Patricia Ball, Betty jane Hunt, Joyce Flavin, standing' Marlene Wilcox, Patricia Meade, Geraldine McErlain, Marguerite Falcone, and Catherine Woerner, seated. The Lighter Side 1Lower left, opposite pagej: Havin a chuckle over a witticism in one of our Lantiorn articles, Lois Degler, Rosalyn Andolino, Mary Ann Hellenschmidt, seated: Grace Miller, Sally Delbridge, and Betty jane Di Rienzo, .rtandingf enjoy a short respite from work. G THE GABRIEL Gobriel Editors flndiridual piftures, reading downlz Noreen Gall, Kathleen O'Mara, co-editorsg Geraldine McErlain, managing editorg Virginia Rossney,feature editor. New York Bound fLowerD: Dreaming of Grand Central Station and Columbia University these Gabriel editors: Mary Lou McFall, Eleanor Rossi, joan Gordon, Nancy Nata- lello, slandingp Geraldine McErlain, Shirley Sekel, joan de Stephanis, and Barbara Scavone, seated' scan the map with impatient eyes. K n W ws' 5- -1 A 3 MHP- 'A ' .. Wi ii X ,Mn y be Gabriel is the heart of a city, a city of twelve hundred young ladies, a city with news-worthy events, a city with a newspaper. This city is Nazareth Academy. Its newspaper is The Gabriel, around which evolves school life, spirit, and happiness. In it we End crisp editorials, defining Catholic doctrine, as the dogma of the Assumption, the most recent proclama- tion of the Catholic Churchg editorials promoting civic welfare, editorials urging each individual student to aid in conforming to the regulations of the school, thus keeping it on the high standard which it has always attained. In it we find a fashion and glamour column which gives each girl the do's and don't's of dress and make-up. This column suggests flattering fashions in dresses, shoes, and formals suitable to make any girl the belle of the annual Christmas Dance. In it, we find interviews of famous personalitiesfDavid Rubinoff, famed composer-violinist and owner of a two hundred year old Stradivarius, the unassuming Marian Anderson who, as the result of winning a singing contest in 1925, has become one of the world's greatest contraltos, ,CJ va-f, we ln! 9-1 4' All I Hof Of? the Presses fCer1!erj: First proofs and galley sheets are a necessary evil in the newspaper world, testify Shirley Sero, Barbara XVeiss, Virginia Rossney, joan Mans, Beverly Heier, Marie Eiifert, and Mary Frances Connors. Pofenfiol Pulifzers fLou'er rigbtj: Examining the Democrat ana' Chronicle Newspaper Award earned last year, are four top- notch reporters: Kathleen O'Mara, Patricia Meade, Lois Dengler, and Jeanne Flanigan, who are striving to win that award again this year. 83 Q...-s ,-.- ,.g, -it Keyboo rd Conference QUpper righlj: The Gabriel typists: Ruth Dailey, Carol Melich, Sally Cruppi, smile at the thought that another Gabriel will soon be at the press, and Vanessa Brown, stage and screen star, whose'portrayal of Celia in Shakespeare's Ar You Like It thrilled Rochester audiences. In conclusion we Hnd Gabby, the intangible mascot of Tbe Gabriel, our curly red-haired angel, begowned in pink, who is constantly getting into mischief and creating a bedlam for the staff in 316, the home of The Gabriel. These are some of the high lights of Tbe Gabriel, the heart of Nazareth, the center of this veritable city. This is our newspaper. This is The Gabriel. COME HOLY SOURCE of JOY .Z- e """u... .C T r - 1 - T N' X-H231 :l1...e3esm-sa.- cz 1-' Perosicn Choir Personnel Front row: Roberta Heffernon, Ellen Hettel, Mary Lou McAvinney, Grace Brown, Patricia Mance, Frances Man- cuso, Patricia Esse, Nancy Sackett. Second row: Barbara Boland, Joyce Lockington, Helen Wehs, Mary Goodlein, Maureen Keenan, Carol Meyers, Elizabeth Kesel, Angela Fallaco, Ann Leckinger. Third row: Marie Marfuggi, Carol Ives, Mary Migliore, Margaret Griffin, Mary Lillian Greco, Noreen Havens, Rosemary Zipfel, Barbara Richardson, Margaret Baker. Fourlb row: Victoria Kryzanowicz, Carolyn Mastrella, janet Moranz, Patricia O'Day, Phyliss Buccione, Marlene Lawrence, Mary Moeller, Mary Massa, joan Mancuso, Angela Oca, Marilyn Morella, Marie Masseth, joan Rabita, Constance Nowakowski, Constance Cassata. Perosicn Choir Officers fReading counterclockwixej: Patricia Mance, president,- Barbara Boland, vice-presi- denlg Barbara Bailey, treas- urerf joan De Stefanis, librarian. 1 Glee Club Officers fReading clockwisej: Jeanne Kos- micki, presidentp Patricia Taylor, vice-presiderztf Edna Loeser, secre- taryf Ann Inderbitzen, treasurer. NJ l , 'K 'J 3 1 1, 3 5 N l , A 4-'C so W0 S f fix -M ff , , if . , 1 x I i J I I ' f J - L ' ' V ' 4? "", X , A - r 1.2 . A 1, , ,. 3 u S- S ,- Q3 ' A eg Sir! , nf, P ' " S 4 1 3 ,ft-t l f STX. I ai, I ' .1 -I J-HA ,. i tx I A ll X. :X B - I l l E . 3 I 5. Glee Club Personnel Front rouvjean Foos, Carol Cornelius, Laberta Bianchi, Janet Muscato, Dorothy Bluhm, Beverly O'Dell, Elizabeth Russotti, Kathleen Nolan. Second row: joan Weber, Theresa Russell, Marie Mancuso, Ann Sheppard, Mary Ann Bauer, Edna Loeser, Elizabeth Driscoll, joan Cappellino. Third row: janice Maier, Mary Rivers, Shirley Meyer, Betty Schmitt, judith Wehle, Gail Gates, Patricia McCarthy, Gertrude Welsher. Fourth row: Phyllis Rabita, Mary Ann Beurmann, Lucille Del Vecchio, Nancy Auer, jeanne Kosmicki, Marjorie Roder, Geraldine Marriott, Patricia Pfaff, Arlene Amico. 85 f Officers of the Orchestra Uleading clockwise across double pagej: Virginia Doescher, presidentf Theresa Fink, vice-presi- denty Carol Doescher, secretary and treasurer. ...qf 'Ny 'fam Nazareth Academy Orchestra Personnel Violin Ellen Hettel Dorothy Kavanaugh Barbara Knipper Patricia Holly Arlene Klem Patricia Hammill Marita Martin Catherine Casaceli Ann Nary 86 Mary Wells Dolores Wiesner Velma Bridgeman Viola joan Regelsberger Patricia Blash Violincello Delores Attardi joanne Bargy String Bass Bernadette Vorndran Rose Mary Mackie jean Yaskulski Dorothy Bluhm Flute Barbara Mackie ne sometimes wonders if a band of merry angels have suddenly perched atop the roof of Nazareth Academy Music Conservatory to serenade its students. Upon further investigation, however, it is found to be the Nazareth Academy Orchestra practising for one of its many assembly programs. It may be the lilting strains of this year's operetta, The Cbimef ofNorma11dy, or one of the many beautiful Strauss waltzes, a gay polka, or a lively overtureg but, whatever it is you can be sure it will be received with enthusiasm by the entire student hody, for our orchestra truly adds much to the cultural program at Nazareth. J. t , I . ,ff INR' il, Clarinet Hom Baritone Catherine Ostrye Virginia Doescher Veronica Smock Carol Doescher Tmmpet Percussion Mary Lou McFall M ,I D , Eb Alto Saxophone joy Veltz an yn mils . Ann Vermeire Joyce Le Beau Suzanne Cosuch T,o,,,1,0,,e Accompanixt Bb Tenor Saxophone Loraine Metz Mary Robonie Theresa Robonie Theresa Fink joann Young 87 COME WITH THY GIFT of WISDOM X COME HOLY SOURCE of MILDNESS Clarinet Kathleen Bay Jessie Bianchi Carol Doescher Marilyn Froehler Virginia Fulton Marcella Gardiner Mary Harrington Betty Heyer FONTBONNE BAND Officers of the Bond QReading counterclockwisel: Mary Ann Riley, president: Veronica Smock, vice-presidentg Barbara Mackie, secretary and treasurer. , Q f so 3 i Q , if 5. Q4 T ' c 6 1 . X Fonfbonne Band Personnel Carol Ives Suzanne Klee joan Kulzer Josephine Liberti Carolyn Magioncalda Patricia Mills Catherine Ostrye Maureen Shapley Betty Slayton 88 Flute Audrey Lambert Mary Lou McAvinney Piccolo Barbara Mackie Oboe Margaret Miller Eb Alto Saxophone Joyce Le Beau Rose Mary Mackie Bb Tenor Saxophone Loraine Metz Nancy Natalello 16 he tramp, tramp, tramp of the marching feet of our Fontbonne Band have tramped themselves into every one of our hearts. With their uniforms and instruments flashing in the sun, and their stirring marches that make us glad to be alive, they have enlivened our basketball games, our assemblies, and even our civic Memorial Day parade. Sour notes and faulty rhythm during band practice do not dampen the band's enthusi- astic members. Try, try again is their mottog and, when a final performance is given, their persever- ance is rewarded by an applauding student body that appreciates good music. A -, A ..a Y- e,,,i..M,sf:ygv.-vvwewgmyy -.a-... N- sfxf1s, 1 E as Trumpet Suzanne Costich Nancy Gollogly Constance Knoepfler Teresa Li Vecchi French Horn Virginia Doescher joan Foster Mary Patricia Klee Patricia Slayton Mary Lou McFall Baritone Mary joan Rowan - Mary Agnes shapley Veronica Smock Donna Spong Trombone joy Veltz Eleanor Zapf June Aurelio Carol Byrne Gayle Dettman Frances Hack Mary Ann Riley Mary Robonie Theresa Robonie Carol Vigliotti Peggy Waters Bassoon Beverly Heier 'V 4 in-Jr' 'wwe r -fggfwgrwflif J Sousapbone Theresa Fink Mary Wynne Percussion Anne Boland Anne Ennis Louise Kraus Patricia Taylor Barbara Toolan 'S -L Our Snappy Maioreftes fUpperl: Our twirlers: Patricia Lodi, Patricia Noonan, Marlene Biegler, Patricia Clark, and Suzanne Fowler, their leader, are about to give one of their peppy demonstrations during band intermission. COME WITH THY GIFT of UNDERSTANDING l fnf' ,NN A Snack among the Cornstalks CUpper leftj: In keeping with the season these freshmen: Carol Seitz, Aurelie Vail, and Anne Reed, enjoy a delicious morsel in the Haloween bedecked gym. ..- The Bean Battalion CLower lejtjz One of the high lights of the party was the bean race, which was a breath taking event for Mary St. George, Ann Inderbitzin, Marie Mathieu, and Dorothy Onufryk. 90 SENIOR-FRESHMAN PARTY espite the rustling cornstalks, flaming-eyed pumpkins, soaring witches, and dangling skeletons, the senior-freshman Halloween party was a very merry affair. All events were conducive to a quick get-acquainted party-the grand march headed' by Father O'Qonnell wherein each big sister senior introduced a little sister freshie to all whom thc. former knewg ' d with freshmen and were often the contest games wherein seniors vie ' worsted to the former's chagrin, a short program wherein the talent of both was manifested and applauded, and lastly that remover of all ' ' A - ' h f cokes dou hnuts, barriers to friendship an informal lunc eon o , g and lollipops. Indeed, the senior-freshman party is a boon to each timid new- comer. Imbibing some of the spirit of Nazareth which has grown strong during the years in each senior, our little sister, too, begins to feel herself more truly a part of Nazareth. White sheeted ghosts, broom-mounted witches, blinking pump- ' h b h friendships kins, and ghastly skeletons last only for a mg t, ut t e made on that night last all through school and often, in many cases, through the years. "And Next on Our Program . . . ," fCenler rigbll: . . . announces Geraldine Schmitt, chairman of our annual senior-freshman party, as she takes over the mike before an enthusiastic audience. Lovers of Lollipops fLowerJ: Would you believe that these lollipop-licking ladies: jacquelyn H l W Mar Massa standing' Joanne Godsave Scancarello, Eleanor ory e , y , , Carol Sargent, Ann Feenin, Marcella Roth, second row,' Marlene Grutta- dauria, Shirley Frederick, Joyce Dietrich, Mary Anne Bullingetgfront row,- are dignified seniors of Nazareth? .1 3- i.. Cl 1'- 1 COME WITH THY GIFT of KNOWLEDGE Principals in Cost Judith, a Dancing Girl . . Patricia Nevis Tabbath, High Priest . . Noreen Gall Hilliel, High Priest . . Eleanor Horylew Salome, Herod's Sister . Barbara Hefferon Herod, Ruler of Jerusalem Mary Zaenglein Slave ..... Patricia Meade Miriam, in Quest of Her Father Maureen Keenan Mary ...... Shirley Roth Joseph . . Carolyn Mastrella "Lo, and Behold" fUpper, Iqfijz Before the enraptured gaze of the shepherds Qlrene Roberts, Josephine Aquilino, Marie Del Fave, and Dolores Wochnaj an angel of the Lord appears to announce the birth of the Savior. And They Saw a Star Shining in the East fCireleJ: With ardent faith and longing, the Magi fMarie Gillio, Joanne Godsave, and Rose Cilanoj search for the Christ Child. be Bethlehem Road by Margaret Hubbard, this year's presentation of the annual Christmas play, brought happy reminiscences to the student body and their parents alike. Vivid and memorable scenes-the plotting of Herod, Salome, and the High Priests, the capture of Miriam and Seth, her protector, the pensive dancing of the lovely Judith, the chase by the Roman soldiers, and finally the Ending of the Christ Child-were artis- tically woven through the beautiful fabric of the ancient story. CHRISTMAS PLAY 4 f,X of Wx 1 .14-r, , if ,i x And They Come Adoring QUpperJ: The manger tableau presents the worshippers gathered around the central figures of Mary QShirley Rothj and joseph fCarolyn Mastrellaj. "You Are Seeking Your Father?" fCenter rigbtj: Herod CMary Zaengleinj quizzes his captives QMaureen Keenan and jacqueline Scancarellol as to why they have come to him, while Herod's sister fBarbara Hefferonj defies them to ask any favor of her. "She Is the Culprit! . . . fLower rigbtb .... Declare the High Priests 1Noreen Gall and Eleanor Horylewj and lovely Judith, the dancing girl fPatricia Nevisj, is taken captive by the Roman soldiers lMary Wilkin and Ilma Taylertj as the slave boy CPatricia Meadej looks on. 93 rx s , 'T NI' it ..-5 V p ave you ever longed to gaze upon the graceful lines or enchanting mistiness of Jean Baptiste Corot's masterpiece, The Dance of the Nympbf? There is no need to travel the vast Atlantic to the Louvre in Paris, for our own Christmas formal weaves for us the same glimmering web of enchantment. Pale blues, delicate yellows, and shell pinks con- trasting with deep blues and dark browns turned our auditorium into a huge masterpiece. The spotlights gave the dancers an irridescence found only in those An Enchanting Trio QLJO: During intermission Patricia O'Day, joanne Bargy, and Catherine Casaceli are caught after stealing away from their escorts. A Guy Interlude fRigbtj: Marion MacDonald, Barbara Corrigan, Arlene Klem, and Darlene Finlayson and their escorts exchange greetings between dances. Powder Room Pow-wow QUpper, opposite page-J: Before returning to their escorts, Theresa Fink and Mary Lou McFall add a few finishing touches to Catherine Ostrye's tresses. X Q , ' , P' 1 ' 357 fl who people dreamland. The delicate scent of flowers, the fragrance of pine and the silver notes of Syl Novelli's orchestra made our painting more enchanting. As midni ht drew near the li hts slowl faded, the 8 8 Y dancers reluctantl cleared the floor, the orchestra Y packed their instruments, and the curtain was drawn. Yes, the curtain was drawn, but the curtain can never be drawn across the memory of our Christmas holiday dance. 94 S X' aaa- 3. ,, N W W V Y- an-5. 1 K- iz 'Tis the Night after Christmas . . fLowerj . . . And all through the school Nazarenes and escorts Celebrate the yule. , ' COME HOLY SOURCE of ETERNAL PEACE D SENIOR PLAY Casf of Characters Joyce, the youngest daughter Frances Mancuso Sylvia her oldest sister joy Veltz Bobble, the younger brother Dick De Nagel Evangeline the literary sister Joyce Mahon Mrs Dermott their mother Sally Delbridge Oliver, the elder son Eddie Schickler Griggs, the perfect housemaid Mary Zaenglein Uncle Daniel, the uncle from South America Bill Quinlan Faith, pretty and brainless Carol Meyers Mrs. Crombie, her mother Mary Wilkin X ff 1 ,,f -,,,, 'A ,.t-W " 1 'l'f1'f!' a .'f,"5' "Jag 13,61 My dear Mrs Crombue' QLeflj Griggs fMary Margaret Zaengleml the perfect maid, announces Mrs Crombxe fMary Wilkinj her daughter, Faith fCarol Meyersj and excitement begins in the Dermott household R .f V hcl 4 Q. in I kv, vga' . KX W X ,"'1if-my , , ff , " ', bfi? 714 ' ' .5 'jlullfll 96 .7 f ff' 5 75 I' ,' ' ---.. 'f.g4j14'5' ,,, 11 , 4,1 ,Ir .ff -'1f,1' ""1 21144-117 f ,C 5,111-'v' f'f 755 "We're Ruined!" fR1glJtJ: Mrs. Dermott fSally Del- bri gel announces that they are penniless to the dismay of her chil- dren fFrances Mansuco, Joyce Mahon, Joy Veltz, and Dick De Nagelj. "What Charming Characters! . . ." CLower, opposite pagejz ". . . Waiting for a man to die, and then getting disagreeable because he says he doesn't want to," Sylvia fJoy VeltzJ berates her brothers and sisters fEd Schickler, Joyce Mahon, Dick De Nagel, Frances Mancusoj on their behavior toward Uncle Dan, whom they have discovered to be penniless. he sharp wit of Noel Coward was displayed in this year's senior play, I'!l Leave It to Yau. The bright, fast- moving British comedy was enacted well by the equally bright personalities of the cast. The play which takes place in a suburb of London evolves about the Dermott family. Each of the five children has natural abilities but lacks the ambition to develop them, until Uncle Dan from South America comes to visit them. After pretending he has amassed a fortune and has only three years to live, he spurs them on to make something of themselves by saying-"The one of you whom I consider has done most for himself and the family name, to him- or her-I will bequeath every penny I possess. " The children all succeed in their respective fields, but complications develop when they discover that Uncle Dan hasn't a cent. The play proved to be very entertaining. So fine a British accent was mastered by our Thespians that, we are sure, its presentation would delight the most British audience. "I'Il Leave If fo You! . . ." fLq'tJ: . . . Warns Uncle Dan as he urges each one of his sister's pampered children: Joyce fFrances Mancusoj, Bobbie QDick De Nagelj, Sylvia fJoy Veltzj, Oliver fEd Schicklerj, Vangy Uoyce Mahonj to make something of their future while their mother 1Sally Delbridgej wonders how this can be done. 97 COME WITH THY GIFT of FORTITUDE -X va 1 PEROSIAN CHOIR x K "v is he Perosian Choir presented this year, the opera The Cbimef of Normandy, composed by Robert Planquette. The setting is the small country village of Corneville in Normandy. Bailli, an ollicial of the village, Wishes to win Germaine, but she falls in love with Henri, Count de Corneville. Gaspard, who had stolen the jewels and gold hidden in an old castle belonging to the deceased Marquis de Lucernay also has possession of a letter declaring that one of the village maidens is actually the daughter of the Marquis de Lucernay. Serpolette claims to be this certain maiden, but because of a locket which Germain always wears, it is proved that she is the Marchioness de Lucernay. All ends happily as Germaine marries the one whom she loves, and Serpolette gives her hand to John Grenicheux. 98 ? VL , Q-4 ' x ol 'acl .Q ., , A 5. ..,l42i?51 ifvhf ff - 'it Vkwi PRINCIPALS IN CAST Henri, Count de Corneville john Horton Grenicheux, a Sailor james Coleman Gaspard, a Miser john McStravick Bailli, the Village Governor Thomas Hussey Germaine . . Patricia Mance Serpolette . . Patricia Metzger Manette . Winifred McLaughlin Gertrude . Marjorie Capadano "Come, Lef's Go In, . . .' fbbper rigbtjs . . . Challenges Serpolette QPatricia Metzgerj as she pushes the reluctant Bailli. the village governor fThomas Husseyl, and Grenichaux, the sailor Cjames Colemanj, toward the haunted castle. "You Are a Stronger here, Monsieur? . . fCenterj: . . . questions Germaine QPatricia Mancej, as she curtsies to Henri, Count de Corneville Uohn Hortonj, while Grenichaux, the sailor fjames Colemanj, looks on. COME WITH THY GIFT of FAITH "You Are the Morchioness . . .' CUpper, opposite pagel: . . . Declares the Count of Corneville to Germaine fPatricia Mancel after her identity had been disclosed in a letter he has just received from Gaspard, the miser Uohn McStravickJ. "Ding, Dong, Ding, Dong, Ding . . ." fLower, opposite pagel: . . . "When the heir returneth then the bells will ring," sing these merry dancers: Nancy Keiling, Anita Pelusio, Loretta Rae, Catherine Danehy, Michelina Sapienza, Mary Ann Pelino, Carol Manion, accompanied by a group of Perosian choristers. "Gold, Jewels, Mistress of My Heort! . . ." QLou'er rigbtjz . . . exclaims Gaspard, the miser Uohn McStravickD, gloating over his jewels, while Grenichaux fjames Colemanj on guard at the palace door, truly thinks he has seen a ghost. C' Q HOME ECONOMICS DAY "Try One of These . . fl'pperJ: . . . suggests janet Sweetland arrayed neatly in her dainty dress which she has made in the clothing class, as she olfers her mother a tray of tempting sandwiches. Shirley Ann Shorey also entertains in a dress she too has fashioned. Service with ci Smile . . . CLowerJ: . . . amid a very attractive background makes the Home Economics Tea a delightful occasion for the guests and students of the foods, clothing, and home-making classes. Here around the table are Mrs. joseph Ringel- stein, Nancy Dick Cpouringly W'innifred McLaughlin, Ida Salah, Mary Agostinelli, Ann Feenin, Patricia Mills, Betty Leo, joan Pfaff and her small brother. , 'ilialf 1:71 ff? 57 100 Lemon or Cream? fLj2perJ: Carol Brautigan, one of the charmin hostesses, smilingly in quires ai to Mrs. joseph Mattle's Choice, while Mrs. Erwin Pfaff, Beverly Burns, and Patricia Iuppa ad- mire the rettily decorated table as P they await their turn. Behind The Scenes CCer1terj: Team work is the secret that brings about the success and effi- ciency with which these girls carry on their party. Here are Mary jane Schultz, joanne LaRocca, Mary Kramer, Margaret Rombaut, Diletta Bartolomeo, and Carol Hemmer. 524 fl. :Qi ice . ef Q.. ,er 4 y i it ,L uw-.a 5, 've eeks prior to the Home Economics tea and fashion show the Home Eco- nomics department is in a flurry of ex- citement. Upstairs the sewing machines whirr at an alarming pace. Downstairs the dust mop and vacuum cleaner take over the living room while in the kitchen the refrigerator and oven doors open with dizzy regularity. And then finally comes the day-Home Economics day at Nazareth. This year as usual early in the after- noon students and guests assembled in the auditorium for the Home Economics fashion show. Girl after girl stepped out on the stage to model suit or gown of her own making. And almost before the clapping died away, the models had become hostesses. Ushering the mothers and members of the faculty into the Home Economics House, they proceeded to bring forth from the kitchen shelfedainty frosted cakes, tempting cherry cookies, and sand- wiches of every shape and description. These the young ladies presented to their guests with urgings of, "Take one, Mother. I baked them myself." Too soon, however, the day came to an end, leaving mothers and faculty with the picture of beautifully dressed girls, a delicious tea and a sparkling house! and also the knowledge that the Nazareth Home Economics department can make delightful hostesses and competent horne- mal-:ers out of budding cooks and clever seamstresses. X. X A w , -,,, 1 Q N X lx I X I I .Xgg COME WITH THY GIFT of CHARITY shering in the sports year when school begins, Fall, the first herald of sports activity, descends upon the campus bringing with her such lively pastimes, as hockey and horseback-riding. Hockey enthusiasts chase drives while many a riding fan canters down the trail. Swimming and bowling, two sports impervious to the season's changes, also begin immediately and continue all year long as many keep in shape by a brisk swim or fast game each week. Following closely behind Fall, Winter, the king of the cold outdoors, chases everyone into the gym for the start of basketball. Every day girls, whether experts at the game or not, try their skill on the court. Volleyball follows when the first signs of Spring appear 102 sponrs Shooting Stars fUpperj: As joyce Lockington, Rita Bauman, Margaret Rom- baut, Maureen Cleere testify, shooting stars can be seen in the sunny daytime as well as in the evening twilight. Take Me Out to the Ball Game! . . . KCEIIIEV, ltjftj: . . . Where Shirley Nixon prepares to hit a homer as her teammates, Shirley Hans, Sarah Luna, Marie Verne, Ro- berta Flick, kneeling: and Laberta Bianchi, standingg urge her on. Gloria Hamm is the catcher. AV' and badminton is another protege welcomed to Nazareth by springtime. These two sports are pleasing as less strenuous activities, and they are popular with all, as can be wit- nessed by the large number of participants. When the warmer months bring Summer to school, she in turn brings tennis and baseball with her. The lusty smack of a tennis ball against a racquet or the crack of a baseball bat sending the ball to scurrying helders gives evidence that Spring has put Nazareth well on its way toward the finish of a Fine year. Then, the inevitable end is here and the four messengers that brought each full season to Nazareth have once again faded into the memories of all. Q fy, I . H. . MQ. f ,, 4 N, "?'s4 .Q- . A iii' w x. W X' ire 1. f s lb LX H .G QQ It if S il 1 - QQ Q ,. 1 Lg a ' , ' , , ,I 'Z i Q 2 ,' Q3 y'- ff , '- . -f i 'Jw "IW Q 9 V. . - . 3 - if '30 ' V Q-H ' NX 4? 'QE 'i' uring the past years Nazareth s Varsity has proven itself to be a good winner as the teams com pleted undefeated seasons by thumping all op- ponents in tension-filled thrillers. The 1951 team, however, proved to be a good loser as well as a good winner as they bowed twice at the hands of stronger teams. Playing a full schedule of eleven games, the varsity romped on to victory, halting eight op- ponents after tying with Harley in the opening scuffle. The close tilt against Batavia became a heartbreaking loss, but every member of the varsity recorded it in her books as a good game and de- cided that "you can't win every one!" The other black mark against the team was an over-whelming defeat by Canandaigua which began with a blazing first half attack to which our varsity finally suc- cumbed. Add all these outstanding contests to- gether, and a season displaying some of the hnest play and one of the best teams ever to represent Nazareth on the basketball court goes into the records and the memories of everyone. Congratulations to all players, the forwards: Barbara Hunt, Shirley Pilot, Eileen Brennan, Mary Jane Trabold, Barbara Looney, Lois Degler, and Carol Meagher, and the guards: Margaret Klem, joan Brook, Sheila Conheady, Dolores Wochna, Mary Hanoven, and Joyce Ford, who have been a credit to Nazareth by exhibiting the fine sports- manship and the great ability for which this school is noted. Y BASKETBALL Y Scores 1951 junior Teams Played Varsity Varsity Harley 16-16 55-14 Harley 3 1- 16 Sacred Heart 27- 10 Alumnae 21-18 24-20 Bmvla 53-55 46-25 Nazareth College 3 6- 3 2 Auburn 36- 2 2 Canandaigua 15-32 20-16 Nazareth College 40-22 De Sales 35- 7 66- 7 Sacred Heart 44-33 War 'rf An Ace Junior Team QUpper 140: After an undefeated season our junior varsity, Marie Eiffert Suzanne Klee, caplaing june Palmer, Maureen Cleere, jirst rowg Barbara Wood, Lois Butler, Patricia Duignan, Barbara Sullivan, second rows Cath ering Gordinier, Lucy Apton, Patricia Dulfy, Helen Skelly, third row are proud of their team as is everyone else. Varsity Tops Despite Losses QLower rigbtlz Varsity members: Shirley Pilot, joan Brook, captaing Eileen Bfenllafhfff-V f0wi Mary jane Trabold, Mary Hanoven, joyce Ford, Barbara Looney, second row: Barbara Hunt, Sheila Conheady, Margaret Klem, Dolores Wochna, tbird row: eye season's record with mingled feelings about the games. Absent from picture are Lois Degler, Carol Meagher. 104 K , ,Q- " V -fi 752- -S ax if tv. sl Z L COME HOLY SOURCE GOODNESS rw MISSION DAY In the Dog House CUpper leftj Many hungry Nazarenes VlSlICd the refresh ment stands to enjoy a lusclous hot dog Plctured here are Elaine johnson june Burley Betty Schmxrt and Mary Agosunelln The Pause Tha? Refreshes fLowerJ A warm day a shady spot a cool drmk what more could one want7 rhmk Patrxcla Tracy Rose LePore Ann Mane jopson front row Mary Bar letra Carol Ives and Ednh Powers second row 106 he May Day blossoms were scarce settled on Our Lady s brow before the mxssxon members of the Sodahty had begun the1r work of launchlng m1ss1on day Gaily clad students happ1ly spendmg thelr llflgllllg penmes ruckels and d1mes were attrafted by the XOICC of the slde show barker callrng them to explore the mwsterxes concealed by a coverless ent 'Xt noontxme Hot dogs refrcshxng pop and homemade Cake were substituted for the usual sandwlch and chocolate mllk To what avall ou may ask was Ih1S mcrrx mak1ng9 Lsuallx tht word mzffzam IS linked wrth nuns and prlests saung souls 1n dark Afr1ca parts of 'ina or frlqld 'Xlasl-za Our mxsslon day PI'OXflmlC5 a pleasant was Ofg1N1Ug the nceessarx hnan c1al ass1stance to the cause ofthe ITIISSIOPS So at the end of the das txred but happy we returned home knowmg that ou spcndlng and our labor was done m a good cause Balloon Brigade fLpperJ Cynthla Sexton Patrlcna. Noonan Shelby Gundell jean Foos fron! rou Nancy Auer Laura Holmes Phyllis Buccxone show thelr mlssxon splrlt wxth Hymg balloons Double Header, Please fLouerj And Marcella Bryant and joan Le FIOIS are kept busy iillmg cones for Audrey Lambert Betty Doctor Mane Alice Welch 2 2 Y, ,gs ww O i 'v -3 if .4 lima f!f If 107 3 7 A ' i Q '. , 5 1' V 17 E ' lk A I L , ' - Y , . , - A J , , A - n l A V V l 1 i 'A 1 td V I .. Q. y ,I 3 , l , e as 1 dxf C , : . , . . 1 V I Q i , 3 . 3' 'V Q l . , - . . A ,. . 6' 1 im - it , . L 1. . . 2 f and joan Stein. y , h E ll 2 - , I 1 I ., t ,,.,0 'J - H, Y' .ffl-U ' - S- Q Q 'S' ' 0 lv X ... x A f , 4, tv' 5 i J f K Q t Q . I A - XY. A 1 N f y Y Y x N . Q , ,' 5 j 5 . - A N Y 'S v X L ?, l K -Q A U f , l ,. e ' '45 L ' 1, ,J .1 -4' '33 .25 N f 5 E R M D . Our May Queen QUpper figbtlz Only Mary reigns as queen of the May at Nazareth. Mary Margaret Crane, chosen by the entire student body to perform the privilege of crowning Our Lady, places the circlet of roses on Our Lady's head. 90 .6 MAY DAY O5 OS -+4 C. gf U. f -4- 4 f 108 63 S 1 ..5 :J I' ' ,W jl Q , , .I I.. haake t i . very year when the snow begins to melt and the tulips pop their red and yellow heads through the warm earth every 1rl at Nazareth looks forward to that best love of all days May Day Last year as IS the custom the day was begun with the celebration of Solemn Mass in the audi torium by Monsignor Duffy after which the entire student body assembled on the front lawn to watch the May procession The tiny crown bearer with her circlet of white rose buds led the way for the queen and her court, all resplendent in snowy white against the dark background of di nifiecl Nazareth uniforms, and a canopy of Our Lasyk blue sky. Each member of the court laid her offering of one red rose at the feet of Our Lady, and as the queen placed the white crown over our Lady's brow, a solemn hush fell over the entire assembly. Then the air swelled with a song of love and praise " .. 13 1 The Procession fljpperjz Led by the crown bearer, Shirley Hans, thirty white gowned homeroom representatives, one elect- ed from each room, make their way up the broad entrance walk to the May Shrine. 1 ! ' ,A 'ww Q for Mary. Truly, everything is clearer on Our Lady's Day. The birds sing sweeter, flowers are more fragrant, and skies are bluer on Mary's Day, our May Day. Our Lady's Attendants fCircle, opposite pagej: Mary Margaret Crane center, accompanied by her attendants, Geraldine O'Brien and Barbara Bartenstein, is about to receive the rosebud crown from the hands of Monsignor Duffy. And Now the End fLowerJ: Margaret Ryan, school standard bearer, leads the final procession past Monsignor Duffy, Monsignor Stauder, the faculty, and the student body. 109 x "-4-6' D ..Q1 fn? 161 V .. QF? 435 in 4 5 Mary' Maids fCenterD: Queen and her attendants: Mary Margaret Crane, Geraldine O'Brien, Barbara Bartenstein, are surrounded by Patricia Entress, Mae Roach, Shirley Hans, Betty Lynch, Loretta Monti, Dorothea Vay, Geraldine Busco,frs! row,' Yvonne Peluso, Lorraine Filiberti, second rowf Rosalyn Andolino, Bertha Guetti, Mary Ciaccia, Patricia Lynch, Joanne Bargy, Marguerite Vay, Mariorie Capadano, Phyllis Kress, third row,' Patricia Fromm, Mary Cattalani, Maureen Sheehan, Barbara Spindler, Barbara Nellis, Margaret Pavelski, Carol Sanderson, Helen Skelly, fourth row: jean Yaskulski, joan Gross, Sally Delbridge, Patricia Gardner, Jacqueline Schreiber, Mary Brien, Amarlys Slater, Diane Branch,fiftb row. COME HOLY SOURCE of PURITY :ay St. Jmqplm, pgumn nt thu LlI1lX'CI'5L11 churuh, pumuu rhuw wlmmu guxluxxmty' 11115 nladc our Inniffwrfz possible. 110 I 0 A Aaron, Anna and Ada Aab Abbotts Frozen Custard Ackerman Brothers Hot Stand Adam Brothers Adriana's Apparel Shop Aero Hardware Al's Market Albert, Mr. Donald J. Allen Candy Company Alliance Liquor Store Alma Loraine Bridal Studio Amann, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Ames Restaurant Ames Shoe Repair Ancona Cooling and Heating Co. Anderson Florist Andy's Service Center Ann's Variety Store Ansini, Mr. James Antczak, Mr. John Aquilina Family Arpeako Arnett Dry Cleaners Arnett Shoe Repair Arnett Style Shop Arrow Food Markets Art Print Shop Atlantic Food Market Atlantic Stamping Company Atomic Cleaners Attardo, Mr. Louis Attinasi and Sons, R. Auer's Hotel Austin,Jean '44 Avery Bowling Center B Badhorn and Tremer Bahr's Grocery Baier, Reverend John J. Bareis and Son, G. Barker, Vincent, Photographer Barmont Construction Co. Barnard Market Barr and Creelman Barfholomay Dairy Bartolomeo, Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Bastian Brothers Battistos Grocery Bauman and Baynes Bauman, E. W. and Son, Dairy Beaucaire, Mr. Frank M. Beauty Nook, The Becker, Mr. Charles F. Becker, Miss Dorothy R. Beierl, Mr. R. F. Belle Isle Pharmacy Belmar Drive-In Belmont Liquor Store Bel-View Restaurant Bendon, Mr. Fred Beniamino-Rottellini Bianchi, Mr. Nicalo Billiski, Mrs. E. Bisett, Mrs. E. L. Blanchard Florist Blue Boy Dairy Blue Coal Bobby, Mr. Sam Bojara's Grocery Book Lovers' Shop Borden Company Borrelli Furniture and Appliances Boucher, George, Florist Bourne, John R., Company Bowker Ice Cream Boys from Industry Brasley, Mr. and Mrs. E. Braun, Miss Dolores Breitschwerdt Coal Co. Brennan, Mr. Donald Brewster Crittendon and Co., Inc. Brien, Mr. Joseph F . Brighton-Dale Ice Cream Brighton Place Dairy Brite Cleaners Brockman Radio Service Brodsky Textile Corporation Brongo Brothers Brook, Mr. John A. Brook, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Buckley, Mr. Joseph J. Buckpitt Budinski, Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Buelte, Charles F., Inc. Burgart, A., Inc. Burke, Mr. and Mrs. Lester C. Burkhalter Market Burns, Rt. Rev. Monsignor George V Burns, Mr. Raymond Burns, Walter B., Real Estate Burtwell's Grocery and Delicatessen Bush, Mr. and Mrs. Roy F. Buss and Pete Esso Service C Cable, Wiedemer, Inc. Cadet Cleaners Cali, Mr. M. A. Campus Fountain Cantisano, Mr. Frank E. Carls Delicatessen Carlson, Mr. and Mrs. H. R. Carpenter, Mr. Dick Carroll, Dr. and Mrs. E. F. Carroll Radio Sales, Inc. Casey, Rt. Rev. Monsignor Lawrence Cassata, Mr. James Catalfo, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Cavallo's Market Cavall's Central Sales and Distributing Co. Cerame, Mr. Michael D. Champion Athletic Co. Charlotte Appliance Charlotte Beauty Salon Chester's Sandwich Shop Chilson Pharmacy Chimes Restaurant Christoff, Kosta Christopher, Mr. C. J. Ciaccia Sporting Goods, Frank Cimino, Mr. and Mrs. Jessie D. Circle Gift Shop Circle Super Market Civiletti, Mr. Anthony Clancy Carting Co., George Cliff Hardware and Heating Co. Clinton, Barbara, '51 Club 29 Coca-Cola Bottling Corp. Cocuzzi, Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas College Barber Shop College Club Beverages Collins, Myron A., Pfc. Commentucci, Paul, Mason Contractor Community Poultry Conheady, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph M. Connor Pharmacy Connors, Rt. Rev. Monsignor T. F. Conroy, Mr. Michael Cooper, Ada, Millinery Cooper Delicatessen Cooper, Ella, Dresses Cooper, Norm, Delicatessen Cordaro, R. and Sons Cordy, Miss Irene Corey's Red and White Store 'Cornwall Clothes Shop Costich, B. G. and Sons, Inc. Costich Exclusive Dress Shop Cosy Oak Grill Courneen and Dash Grocery Coyne, Mr. and Mrs. John J. Cramer's Liquor Store Cravets, Jack, Grocery Crescent Puritan Laundry, Inc. Crosby Frisian Fur Co. Crystal Dairy Culver Fruit and Vegetable Store Culver Herald Engraving Co. Culver Liquor Store Curtin Agency Czebatol, Mr. John D Dailey, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Dakin, Leonard, Insurance Dale's Market Danehy, Dr. and Mrs. Cornelius P. Davidson Brothers Davis Drug Company Deahm's Red and White Store Degler, Mr. and Mrs. A. P. Deisinger Flowers Delavau Studio Delehanty, Miss Joanne Della Ventura's Grocery Dellefave Brothers Bakery Denk, Miss Thelma Derleth, Mr. Clem De Ryke, Mr. Marene De Sando, Dr. and Mrs. C. De Sando, Mrs. Gertrude De Sarto, Mr. Angelo Dewey Avenue Pharmacy Dewey Britton Food Market Dewey Furniture Co. Di Laura and Sons, Grocers Di Nieri, Mr. Angelo L. Di Pasquale Shoe Co., A. Di Rienzo, Mr. and Mrs. Angelo Dohr Construction Co., Peter Dolly's Beauty Salon Dom's Cleaners Donnelly's Appliance Dtinoghue, Reverend Francis E. Don's Fruit Store Don's Vegetable Market Doohan, Miss Margaret M. Dorschel Appliance Dox Drug Co., Inc. 'Drexel Dry Cleaners Drum, Clare J., Delicatessen Du Bois Press, The Dudley's Esso Service Duffy, Rt. Rev. Monsignor John M. Duffy McKenna Hudson Sales, Inc. Duggan, Mr. F. D. Dunsker, Mr. Sidney Dutchtown Hotel Dwyer Electric Company E Earls Gift Shop East Main-Richmond Liquor Store Eckert, Mrs. Margaret Eddie and Anne Eddie's Corner F.ldie's Service Station Eddy, Miss Virginia Edna and Frank's Grocery Eggleston Restaurant Ehmann's Market on Clinton Eisenmenger's Grocery Elaine's Bootery Elam Dairy Elam, Mr. and Mrs. Howard A. Ellicott Market Entress, Mr. A. Entress Market Epping, Reverend Raymond Erb, Miss R. L. C. Esler's Esposito, Mr. Joseph Esse, Mrs. Edith H. Bishop Kearney and two of his small guests at the Alumnae's day IEUDIOU. F Fackelman, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Fairfax Beauty Salon Falconio Brothers Farmen Florist Farrell Brothers Farr's Sunoco Service Station Farruggia, Mr. John Faud, F., Service Station Feldman Coal Co. Feldman, W. A., Realtor Felerski, Leonard J., D. D. S. Ferrara, Mr. Michael Filiberti, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Filmar Florist Finewood, Mr. L. B. Finlayson, Mr. and Mrs. H. Fiore's Florist Fiz Beverages 112 Fleckenstein, Mr. A. Flower City Carting Co. Ford, Mr. and Mrs. FranklinJ Foy, Reverend Edward Fragnoli, Mr. and Mrs. John Frances Kitchens, Inc. Frank, Dr. Barnett Frank and Jerry's Grocery Frank's Market Frank's Shoe Rebuilder Friends G Gagliano, Mrs. Maria Gallipeau, Mr. Edward Gardner Photo Service Garnham, Mr. John H. Gaynor, Reverend Joseph T. Geck Plumbing and Heating Supplies Gefell, Reverend Genesee Bootery Genesee Ice Cream Genesee Laundry Genesee Liquor Store Genesee Park Bakery Gentiles Florist Gibaud, Eileen, '51 Gigliotti, Mr. Joseph S. Gilliland, Mr. and Mrs. H. Gilliland, Mr. Richard Gillio, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Goater, Mr. John Gokey Real Estate Goodie Shoppe, The Garbowski, Mrs. Katherine Grace's Delicatessen Grand, Miss Josephine Gravino's Market Grayson's Card Shop Green Cab Company Green Electric Company, T. H Griffin, Mr. Maurice Grinnan's Market Grock, Mr. Richard Guetti and Sons, A. Guly's Shoppe H Hagler, Mr. and Mrs. Hahn Photo Company Hall, Bill, Painter Hall's Flower Shop Hall Texaco Station Hall-Welter Co., Inc. Hanss Electric Co. Harding, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Harrigan's Barber Shop Harry's Coffee Shop Hart's Food Stores, Inc. Harvey's Hardware, Inc. Hat Box, The Haubner and Stallknecht, Funeral Home Heckle, Mr. E. L. Hedges and Hoffman, 'Funeral Home Heid, Mr. Peter E. Henchen Bowling Hall Hensler, Bernard J., Jeweler Hermans Hobby Shop Hermans Quality Bakery Hettel, Miss Eleanor Hettel, Miss Margaret Heveron, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hickey, Miss Phyllis Ann Hickey, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Hickson Electric Co. Hi-Hat Restaurant Hodes, Mr. and Mrs. Leo G. Hodson and Santo, Plastering Hoefen, Reverend Frank Hohman, Mr. and Mrs. F. Holcomb Watch and Clock Shop Holy Rosary Church Home Portrait Service Homeroom 208 Horton and Quinn Co., Inc. House of Charm, The Judge Motor Corporation Jung, Mr. Albert G. K Kanapickas Bakery Kasky, Mr. ThomasJ. Katerle, Mrs. Richard Kay and Jerry's Snack Bar Kay Jewelers Keilman, Mrs. Adam Keilman, Mr. Kenneth Kelne, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Kenney's Grocery Kerhaert's Garage, Ray Keviat, Philip D., Life Insurance Keystone Builders Supply Co. Kielson's Pharmacy Kildea, Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Kirchner, Mrs. E. Kittelberger Furniture Co. Kitzel's Restaurant Klee's Delicatessen Klem, Miss Margaret C. Klem, Mr. William Klier, Mr. George A. Klos, Mr. John A. Koehler, Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Kosticki Meats and Groceries Kowalski, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Leckinger, Mr. and Mrs. Leo B. Leddie Jewelers Lee's I-lot Stand Le Frois, Reverend Vincent E. Leinen, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Len's Dry Cleaners Lenhard's Grocery Leone, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel R. Lester Hardware Co., Henry Le Veque, Reverend John Liberti, Mrs. Mary and Family Liberty Sweet Shoppe Licata, Mr. Rudolph B. Lilley and Son, Bob, Movers Lills Kozy Korner Lipani Bakery Listman, Mrs. C. H. Little Folks Shops Little Miss Shoppe, The Loiacono, Mr. Joseph Lombardi's Grocery Louie's Candy Shop Loveland, Mr. George W. Lucas and Dake Co., Inc. Lucia's Beauty Bar Lyell Tavern M Mack, Miss Martha H. Howe, Mr. Gordon A. Hulse Pharmacy Hy's Delicatessen Hysner Sport Shop I Iamon's Beauty Salon Imhof's Hardware Ingoglia and Son, Joseph Italian Chef Products J Jackson's Fine Pastries Jacobson, Louis, Meat Market Jankowski, Reverend Peter T. Jarvis and Spitz, Inc. Jay's Restaurant Jennel Bridal and Dress Shop Jennie Gift Shop Jennings, Mr. Clarence E. Jerris Confectionery Jim's Hots John's Food Market Johnny's Food Shop Johnson's Bakery, Inc. Johnston Bakery, H. A. Johnston, Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Jordon and Sons, W. W. Joy's Pharmacy Kowalski, Mr. and Mrs. S. Kowalski, Mr. and Mrs. S. M. Kramer, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Kreckman Electrical Store Kress, Reverend R. L. Kress Foods Co. Kridel, Mr. William Krieter's Drug Store Kujawa Radio and Television Kulpinski, Mr. Stanley Kulzer, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert A. K - V - Liquor Store Kwiatkowski Family, The L Lacinski, Mr. and Mrs. Lake Drive Inn Lake Florist Lalonde, Dr. and Mrs. Paul S. La Mar Dress Shoppe Lamendola's Grocery Store Landisi, Mr. Albert Langefeld, Keirsbilck and Mertz Langie Fuel Service, Inc. La Plant, Mrs. Lillian La Russa, Shoe Rebuilding Lawler, Mr. Edward A. Leccese, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Le Chase Construction Co. 113. Mademoiselle Shop, The Madison Dry Cleaners Madonia, Mr. C. Maggio, Mr. Charles A. Maggio, Frank G. and Brothers Mahon, Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Maid Drug Company Maier, August M., Funeral Home Maier's Doughnuts Mance, Mr. and Mrs. Neil Mancuso, Mr. Fred V. Mancuso, Mr. Vincent F. Mancuso, Miss Virginia D. Mandia, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Maple Diner Maple and Glide Esso Service Station Maray's Dress Shop Margie's Beauty Shoppe Marie's Sweet Shop Marshall Boxes, Inc. Martin Dress Shop, Rose Mary's Linen Shop Mascari's Grocery Masiello, Dr. Frank Masseth Dairy, B. P.. Master's Furniture Co. Mastri, Miss Lucy, '50 Mastri, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Max the Florist May Furniture Co., Frank P. May Hospital Ins. Agency, Elmer McCormick, Miss Helen McCorry Brothers McDonald, Reverend E1merJ. McDonald, Mr. Robert A. McFarland, Reverend Eugene H. McGrath, Mr. George F. McGuigan, Mr. Bernard McKissock, Mr. George McOuat, Mr. G. C. McPullock, Mr. George Mead and Sons, Charles P. Meagher, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Meharg, Mrs. Muriel, Dresses Melin's Men Shop Menges Funeral Home Mentis, Mr. Andrew Merlin Hardware Meyers, Mr. and Mrs. StanleyJ. Miceli Furniture and Appliance Co. Michaels Dry Goods, B. Michele's I. G. A. Super Market Midnight and Son, Cleaners Mike and Johnny Mike and Tony's Restaurant Miller Brothers Funeral Home Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Miller's Son, N. J., Funeral Home Milliman's Pharmacy Mirkin Cleaners Mitlof, Mr. Albert Modello and Son Moeller, Mr. and Mrs. William Monroe Air Conditioning, Inc. Monroe County Window Cleaning Co. Monroe Creamery Moore, Mr. Alexander Morella Family, The Morgan Dairy Murphy, Mr. Joseph A. Murphy, Mr. Timothy A. Murray Drugstore, James T. Myers Glass Center, Richard E. N Naum's Diner Nazareth Academy Athletic Assoc. Nazareth Academy Sodality Neary, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Neary, Madeline, '51 Nevis, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Newcomb, Reverend John C. Newman Florist New York Floral Co. Nirevas Beauty Salon Noce, Henry, Fruits and Vegetables Nolan's Gulf Service Nolan, Reverend William F. Norlene Bridal Shoppe North Herald Delicatessen Norton Culver Foods Nowack, Miss Lucy O Oca, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph O'Connell, Mr. James E, O'Connor, Mr. James P. O'Hagan, Mr. and Mrs. C. R. O. K. Barber Shop Old Topper Goodwill Club O. L. P. H. High School Sodality O'Malley, Reverend John P, O'Mara, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel O'Meara, Mr. and Mrs. M. O'Neil, C. J., Jeweler O'Neil, Dr. WilliamJ. Ontario Biscuit Company O'Rourke, Reverend Daniel B. Ottley, Dr. and Mrs. Carl Owen, N. E., Jr. Owen, Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Father O'Connell with Marcia Morrisey and Marion Hoctor of the Class of 1950 welcomes Father Daniel Egan, S. A., back a second time to Nazareth for retreat exercises. This year he was invited again. P Paddy Hill Players Paine Drug Company Palermo Grocery Palmer Motors, Inc. Palmos, Mr. George S. Papolia Servicenter, Al Paprocki, Mr. Henry Paramount Dairy, Inc. Park Sons Parmelee Shoe Shop Pasch Coal Company Passarell Brothers Paul Jewelers Pavone's Meat Market Peak Super Market Peerless Produce Co. Peggy and Larry's Restaurant 114 Perdue and Company, Inc.. Perfection Shirt Laundry Perry's Flower Shops, Inc. Petrillo Bakery Phillips, Mrs. C. M. Pierce, Mr. and Mrs. Grover Pilot, Mr. and Mrs. Bernard E. Pines Bowling, The Pisani, Mr. A. Pittinaro, Mr. Samuel Plymouth Dairy, Inc. Point Pleasant Hotel Polito, Mr. Anthony Pommerening and Son, H. C. Poole, Mr. Robert Pop's Confectionery Potter's Red and White Store Power Meat Center Predmore, Mr. and Mrs. Delbert A Predmore, Reverend George V. Prenner Fuel Service Projansky, Inc. Proud's Service Station Provenzano, Mr. and Mrs. Pat E. Puchyr's Soda Spa R Rabin, Mr. Samuel Raff's Women's Wear Rains, Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Ranieri, Mr. and Mrs. Cangano Ratcliffe Upholstery Raymonds Market Reichenberg's Meat Market Renz Gulf Service Station, Art Renzi Studio, G. H. Rhodes, Mr. and Mrs. William Riccardo, Mr. Alfonse Ridge Gift Service Ridgeway Pharmacy Rieder, Mr. and Mrs. A. Riley, M. J., Printer Rivoli, Mr. Peter Roach, Mr. Earl Roach, Reverend John E. Robonie, Mr. and Mrs. John M. Robot Electric Appliance Co. Rochester Book Bindery. Rochester Bowling Center Rochester Business Institute Rochester Cleaning and Dyeing Co. Rochester Custom Built Shoes Rochester Echo Singing Assn. Rochester Envelope Company Rochester Gas and Electric Co. Rochester Helen Corporation Rochester Kelso Laundries Rochester Maid, Inc, a 4 Rochesterwlieal Estate Co. Rochester's Best Washing Fluid Rochester Transit Corporation Rogers, Mr. George Rogers Red and White Grocery Ro1and's Dry Goods Romansky, M'r. Anthony Ronnie's Beauty Studio Rossney, Mr.. and Mrs. F. D. Roth, Mrs. Hattie Roth, Mr. Leo Roth, Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Rozzi's Cleaners Ruby's Sporting Goods Ruisi and Son, Meat Market Russell's Dairy Russell's Toggery Shop Russer, Max, Inc. Ryan Carting Company Ryan's Florist Shop S Sackett, Mr. and Mrs. Chester Sacred Heart Sodality St, John, Miss Eileen D. Salerno's Fruit and Vegetables Salvia, Mr. John A. Santillo's Restaurant Saratoga Pharmacy Seitzinger, Mrs. Anna Seneca Lanes Bowling Alleys Seneca Motors, Inc. Senz Tavern Shannon Supply Company Sheehan, Frank, Real Estate Shulman Furniture Co. Siller's Drug Store Singer Sewing Center Skilly, Francis, Inc. Skinner, Mr. Albert W. Slater, Miss Corene Smalline, Mr. Abraham Smalline Pharmacy Smithers, Mr. and Mrs. R. Snitzel, Reverend Gabriel Sobczak, Mr. and Mrs. Bruno Soha Shoe Repair, John Soule, Mr. Albert W. Sours for Flowers South Side Pharmacy Spencer, Mr. Merle Spencer Sweet Shop Spezio, Mr. Joseph Spic-N-Span Dry Cleaners Spinelli's Meat Market Springer Friendly Service, Gerry Spowell, W. D., Building Contractor Stadler's Market Texaco Service Station, Bud's Texas Hots Thomas Dry Cleaners, El Thomas, Reverend William M. Thorpe's Homestead, Jim Thrifty Variety Store Thurston, E. E., Inc. Tishler Drugs Tobey Asphalt Driveways Tolster, Reverend Edward Tomczak Brothers Tony's Grill Torrey's Jewelers Towne House Doughnut Co. Town Talk Bakery, Inc. Toytown Trant's, Inc. Triangle Millinery Tripi and Sons, Hardware Troisi, Mr. Michael Tuchrello, Mr. and Mrs. JosephJ Tuchrello, Mr. Lawrence R. 20-20 Food Market Tyser, Mr. Louis U United Dry Cleaners V Valley Cadillac-Pontiac Saratoga Restaurant Sarge and Grace Sargent and Greenleaf Sarson, Alvera Sarvey's Gulf Service Savage, George, Funeral Director Savoia's Pastry Shop Scagliola and Vacchetto, Inc. Schater's Jewelers Schaefer Brothers Scharr, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Schavogel, Mr. Grover Scheuer's Grocery Scheuermann's Dry Cleaner Schifferli, Reverend Jerome F. Schifferli, Reverend William Schmanke's Shoe Store Schmitt, Geraldine, '51 Schmitt, Mr. Raymond F. Schmitt, William J., Inc. Schnacky, Reverend Albert Schroeder, E. A. Schu, Mr. William Schuler's Foods, Inc. Schultz Dry Cleaners Schulz Dairy .I A Schwind, Miss Eleanor Sea Breeze Service Station Seigel's Drug Store c Stage Coach Inn Star Shoe Service State Sandwich Shop State Smoke Shop State Tux Shop Staub and Son, Inc. Steven's Hardware Stillman, Mr. and Mrs. Harold P. Stock's Sausage Stoesser's Service Station Stonewood Ave. Food Shop Stout, Mr. Clarence, Insurance Suburban Roadways Sugar Bowl, The Suhr, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Sullivan Coal and Coke Co. Sullivan, Mr. and Mrs. John L. Sullivan, Mr. John L., Jr. Summerville Service Station Sun Theatre, The Superior Pharmacy Super Oil Burner Co. Swagler, Dr. Joseph H. T Tarumina, Mr. Joseph Taylor, Reverend FrancisJ. Tellier's Food Shop Tenth Ward Republican Organization 115 Valley Dry Cleaners Valtex Products Co. Van Dame, Carolyn, '48 Van Der Veire, Mr. Theophile Vay Funeral Home Vay Girls, The Ver Hulst Brothers Vesuvio Pizzeria Vic and Irv's Vic's Egg Mart Villone, Leonard, Plumbing and Heating Voelkl, Mr. and Mrs. A. Voelkl, Mr. and Mrs. Leo W Wagg's Department Store Wahl, Reverend Raymond Waldert Optical Company Walker's Grocery Wallace's Wallack Pharmacy Walsh, Mr. Edward F. Walsh, Reverend John Walsh, Mr. John P. Walz and Krenzer, Inc. Ward's Delicatessen Warner Food Market Waters Grocery and Delicatessen Waugh Hardware Co., H. O. Weber's Dairy Wegman's Dairy Wegman's Food Markets Wehle, Mr. Louis A. Weiss Jewelry Co., S. Welch, Alice M., '50 Welch, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Welch Beauty Shoppe, Loretta West End Beauty Shoppe West Side Bakery Whelehan, Mr. Max M. White City Grocery and Market White, Mr. and Mrs. ,Harry White Oak Dairy White Oak Restaurant White Star Market and Grocery White Wire Works ' Wilcox, Mr. and Mrs.,C. Wilinsky, Dr. I. Willig, Mr. Michael. Wilson's Garage Windmill Grocery, The Activities Division 72, 73 Administration 10, 11 Art 36, 37 Band 88, 89 Basketball 104, 105 Bishop james E. Kearney, D.D. 10 Business 40, 41 5 Business Teachers 40 Carver Club 78 Christmas Dance 94, 95 Christmas Play 92, 93 Clubs 76-79 Carver 78 French 77 German 76 Hobby 78 Home Economics 79 Italian 76 Latin 76 Meridian 78 Spanish 77 Dedication 8, 9 Director of Studies 1 1 Dramatics 36, 37 English 18, 19 English Teachers 18 Faculty 3, Business Teachers 40 Director of Studies 11, 1 English Teachers 18 Home Economics Teachers 42 Language Teachers 26 Mat ematics Teachers 32 Odice Personnel 1 1 VENI SANCTE SPIRITUS Physical Education Teachers Prefect of Discipline 1 1 Principal 1 1 Science Teachers 30 Social Studies Teachers 52 Spiritual Advisor 10 Father O'Connell 10, 7 1, 75 Fine Arts 36, 37 Foreword 7 French Club 77 Freshman Day 90, 91 Freshman Division 34, 35 Freshmen Homerooms 34-45 Gabriel 82, 83 German Club 76 Glee Club 84 Hobby Club 79 Home Ecc nomics 40, 43 Home Economics Club 79 Home Economics Tea 100, 101 Home Economics Teachers 43 Homerooms 14-45 Freshmen 34-45 Sophomores 24-33 juniors 14-23 Italian Club 76 junior Honors 14, 15 junior Homerooms 14, 23 Languages 26, 27 , Language Teachers 26 Lanthorn 80, 81 - Latin Club 76 Mathematics 32, 33 Mathematics Teachers 32 May Day 108, 109 Meridian Club 78 43 Wittman Appliances Witzel, Mr. and Mrs. Woerner and Sons, William Wojciechowski, Miss Josephine Wojtczak Bakery Wojtczak, Mr. and Mrs. Wood, Reverend George S. Woodcliff Liquor Store Wynne,-Mr. Robert J. Y Yates Coal Company, The Z Zahner and Company Zamiara, Mr. Casimir Zeller Sausage Products Zimmer, Reverend E. Zip's Shoe Repair Zirretta, Mr. Christopher C. Zugnoni, Mrs. Hugo Zweigle's Mission Day 106, 107 Music 36, 37 Newspaper Staff 82, 83 National Honor Society 49 Office Personnel 1 1 Oratorical Winners 70 Orchestra 86, 87 Patrons 1 10- 1 1 5 Perosian Choir 85 Physical Education 44, 45 Physical Education Teachers 43 Prefect of Discipline 1 1 Religion 16, 17 Retreat Masters 7 1 Scholarship Winners 71 Science 30, 31 Science Teachers 30 Senior Play 96, 97 Senior Division 46, 47 Senior Panels 51-69 Sister M. Annunciata 1 1 Sister Marie Aimee 1 1 Sister M. Pauline 1 1 Social Studies 52, 53 Social Studies Teachers 52 Sodality 74, 75 Sophomore Homerooms 24, 33 Sophomore Honors 54, 55 Spanish Club 77 Speech 36, 37 Sports 102, 108 Student Council 70 Underclassmen 1 2-4 5 Yearbook Staff 80-81 fwfzmsmrw - . qi W- ggi a w z..m - L 3 . N n J V ' .I 5 5 . X S Q S . Qi A 'X , . -Q 'R 'N 3 '1 r1.1 4 . A F7 .Sig Ti TW 52 , ff i x . 3. ' W Q1 , ix F v ' ' ' W x ' ' f' - 4, - 4 y - , , wg, ' ,. f Q4 L Q,-A ,.z, -K-z..,,,, 4. -' 1'-H . ,, - ,.,-- V, 7 ., ,.- , , . fe' X v--' 1.4 11 0 , 1. . xv L.. '-111' 4 ,ri 1,1 . ,xv -ww.. M '- -A - V-1.4! Zu' 4- 1 ! ', .GPU ' I I , I '1 7 F' .- ...fn Ill!!! I 'WW' .2 fm! fr vm' nnnm 'AWE 1 wx X ff

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