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yy .Q 059 35? Mwgfggf M W if s Sv-f R, 4 f- V ,F if f 41 ' 'J ,pix L LM 3 L! ,,...1 'LIN- ' K I If 3 X !3,,,A.,tf 5,1 N 7 . ' , ,J .4 3 I . P Q 'f ' - .Q if ff 0 I-V i llufp . V , K. A , ,Q . A I V Wx Qs Q K I, " - ' L VE Vi' I I wif 4' I Q --2 1, V' ' 1: V 7. :Lv 0 I IQ,-1' "A 2 9 4 ' I Y . 4,5 lril I A . Y f-Yfmfwl A Y 'J H R I I- ' X , . We . QA ,N , ,Q r-, 3 4. . x ' " - A R I Q f 'f ' ig T? t' YE -:ii el - -J it :XI J Allk b' V ' 1? 2. T33 1 723 ' A F gif ' 55 xi ' ,. . K P U7 J 5? 1 , uf ,L 1 'AH 'Q 1-. 1" .HW-V" Q U' 5 V W ,1 aA,. 3 w JKT . e K. 'M 'J Q X ,..e'fL' gg, 18.1.-f' P ! 'Nj-41 ' ,I Q ah 4 kHQ,,4'V A 5 A XCQ67 A ' W A f' Ilw' ' , I A,-.,0'-ff' " 1 1 A 2 ,fy ' Vf 'R ,ZF A lm V1 ,ff It Q: ,Lai 1 K . . 'J I 1: J,- ' X " F 'Iv I i x 'S Z: V' W V42 I 'E 1 I A , ' . 'lf . f V rt L4 7,5 1 I l - K K ,I , V V, idk. r I ' ff' l, r fa. Lg '-, ' A R I r A V K KK " J' t .L-f .Q X' ' ' t 'V ff! , 2 g , a A .' 3 + xv P! 9 ' Marianne E. E gX Margaret M. Ryan Ann M. SCheibKe Assisfani Edlfors Marie F. Sontay Jeanne M. Benneti usiness x NWO l A X H lr gs , 5 A I I LUNIN 'lr vtg 17309 f?Nfv f-fx' Q 3 :"5i YQ 5 or it o ' 7 , ' 42, - 9' e A ' lf 'Q 4 RET-H pg? lllllllllllll lllllllllllll ROCHESlER,NEW YORK I l9A9 AW ARDS Y Q L An-ccnhonc Association ' Catholic School Press 1 ' " I - V , A Il " A 1 6- -' ' if' X I 7 Q, 4 I .,, P X f' A ' , All-American When Winrer Comes no Nazarerh ' National Scholastic Press Association Y J X ' A - ,i Medalist Columbia Scholastic Press Association v X Aj " 1, 5 ff 1 A x Q.. f ,WJ I Q' o " 1 ,Q 'Jn vw. . , I "xl ' , s ,, . , , Honoring Our Lady ct Her Shrine Our Alma Moter .N in 4,4-' fly' 5 in x ,L ,. . rf ,f 9 gif -'L' . f" 'Af' ,.,.f" Y 2+- ,'1 ,,r1 I f .Ag 7 .327 61,2 5-rf . Lv, 'fa Under the Protection of St. Joseph Ll- I x ,K NAZARETH ACADEMY I X' Rochester, New York r 9 'mix L? 'lt R.- I0 x 'lil lu? 99 E114 AC5 5 x 3 . ,- X 5 1 o , W. P vflf f 5 Title . . . 2-3 School Views . 4-5 Foreword . . 6-7 Dedication . . 8-1 3 Administration . . 1 4- 1 5 Curriculum and Faculty . Religion ..... . English-English Instructors . . Social Studies-Social Studies Instructors . . . . . . Languages-Language Instructors . Sciences-Science Instructors . . Mathematics-Mathematics Instructors Fine Arts-Fine Arts Instructors . . Business-Business Instructors . . Home Economics-Home Economics Instructors . . . . . . Physical Instruction-Physical Educators ..... . Underclassmen Division . . junior Oiiicers . . . junior Homerooms ..... junior Catholic Book Week Exhibit . Sophomore Officers ..... Sophomore Homerooms . . . Sophomores at Christmas Time . . Freshmen Ollicers .... Freshmen Homerooms . Freshmen at Halloween . . 20-51 20-21 22-23 26-27 30-3 1 34-3 5 40-41 44-45 46-47 48-49 50-51 16-51 18-19 18-27 18-19 28-29 28-37 28-29 38-39 38-51 38-39 Senior Division 52-7 5 Senior Ofhcers . 52-5 3 Senior Panels ..... 56-7 5 National Honor Society and Student Council ...... 5 4- 5 5 Scholastic Honors . 74-7 5 Activities Division . . 76-1 1 1 Sodality . 78-79 Clubs . . 80-83 Yearbook . 84-8 5 Newspaper . . 86-87 Glee Club . . . 88-89 Orchestra and Band . 90-91 Christmas Play . 92-93 Christmas Dance . 94-95 Perosian Choir Play . . 96-97 St. Patrick's Day Luncheon . 98-99 Sports ..... 100-101 Basketball . 102 103 Senior Play . 104 105 May Day . 106 107 Our Patrons . 108-1 16 HE theme of our 1950 Lantborn centers around the Sisters of St. Joseph, who in this year of 1950 celebrate the tercentenary of the founding of the congregation of the Sisters of St. Joseph.'Throughout its pages we have endeavored to pay tribute to them as our teachers, to narrate a little of the history of their congregation, and to illustrate by pictures some of the different activities through which members of the congregation give service to God and to their neighbor. , LUMIN 1, K 'fl 'X' u il' Q? fN 0 S' W 45 3 IJ ilfx- 5 rn 0 'sea -fi J, 1, Q 4 Z' v'54x"nS 7 f a 64 'A 'i' 19 C, P ETH A 4 ,, Q as vi" . 'V Aff? '15, ' a f5,5 A 4 ,ai E dedicate our 1950 Lfmflmrn to the many Sisters of St. Joseph throughout the world and especially to the Sisters of St. Joseph ofthe Diocese of Rochester, who this year celehrate the three hundredth anniversary of the foundation of their congregation in France. Reverend Mother Rose Miriam Present Mother Superior Reverend Mother Sylvester General Superiorfrom 1921 to 1939 Q5 'bd :Q A 1 Qgfifj if 0 fo 36 ' 9 ,og . Wf?3fL ' v ' ' we Q, an , f 9 5TH AC' J'H.,,..r' rr va' rr 111' , QUE I I sn. Institutions Established by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Rochester I v".:-..v-"F-i " J--.v- w,y,.63,t M , Ln:-u-vu-"-.i-J..-,,-.-' -,.b,Q,,. 1: E3- II' if 5..J V' ini: r bi 1 fCenterJ: Nazareth College. Upper leftlz St. Arme's Home for the Aged. QLower ldtj: St. Agnes High School for Girls. CLpper righf, opposite pagejz Nazareth Hall for Boys. QLower left, opposite pagejz Nurses' Dormitory, St. joseph Hospital, Elmira, New York. M., ,am ' . MAF ,W I I If llll llll THREE CENTURIES I , f 5 f f 4 f f ff ff Z' 7' 'W T i jg vi 5. ur "vii '49 x41 E dedicate our I.c171fl?0I'l1 also to Sister Huhertine, former principal of Nazareth. lt was she who lirst welcomed us as freshmen to Nazareth and who during the years we spent with her was ever ready to help us solve our ditliculties. Her encourage- ment and her praise to those of us who won honors for Nazareth spurred us to greater effort in our scholastic endeavors. Truly lor many years to come Sister Huhertine will he rememhered for her kind and gentle administration, Shmer Xl.lluherUne, pdncipaltf Flazareth .Kcadeniy froni 1941 to 1949, fl ft at . ' G ly-M, L its Through the Years 6y'U4ff,x QQ as fa QETH AC 0 fic i f'i l ,mi C1 gylfl Pl X Af'fri'i l ' l 1 1 , , , i Y in Lf. I Q X4 XX M' Kirflelz Sister Huhertine gives a few minutes ofa husy clay to Betsy Rieclman and Mary Ellen Voellinger, members of the class of 19-17, who point out Nazareth on a map of Rochester. fLou'erJ: Sister Hubertine congratulates Lillian Simpson, Carol Bates, and Catherine Dangler, who were received into the Catholic Church in 1945i " flfiper. opposite pagej: Sister Huhertine praises Kathryn Curran, winner in the American Legion Oratorical Contest of 1948. i I Swim XI. Nigaruclh, prnmipgl uf Naza- ruth Acgldcllu' fur mam' Vedra. prcdc pwwr and lmtqlwng frncnl wt Sure HL1lWCI'f1IlC 15 W'-5, M -Q '10 .v 1 175 -11 Q fh- 161 Q, if -any Sister Marie Aimee Sister M. Pauline Sister M. Annunciata Prefer! of Df,VCIYI!I.7IE Pr1'11c1y111l Director of Studies ADMINISTRATICN Program Planning 4l,f1111'rb: On eriterltig high sthtml there is nothing.: inure pltinniiig .1 pru- gram that will insure .1 happy and SllLiLiCNSf-Ui high sehiml career. Here Sister Pauline examines Mary Dtiti.tsh's pru- gram which she .md Sister Annunciixta haie wtrrked out. Sisters of St. Joseph . . . . . . zzfmxe 11111111 acts of 121111111655 z1'e sbaff often re111e111!1e1'. KRe111f1'11g fm1'1':f111ft1ff1 j'1-11111 topj: Sister Agnes Gertrude. secretary: Sister NI. Aquitm. ztssistitnt secremryg Sister XY'illi.1m Marie. hookkeeper. 'Y ,- -fff-'T"' 0 NM.. 'fa P g X 5 1 -. 4, -L W Xa '23 6 rn X 9 4f SS if h13 2, if t t gl hy. 'Z' Q Ny v , ff .X uyf-Q' 5 1x 4 'hr ,I A 79 I Q? 4Q P0 ETH AC Our Instructors in Studies Uwe are their garden zrhere they so 14' lhe seeds of cnftare and of lralh. They tend with luring care The beauty the-yfzzd there: They snip the zrifrf shoois from the stem. Then soothe with ointment each of lhem. Uwe are lheir garden--a heaatyul garden- a garden 0fV1'0llfb. In the picture on the opposite page are Carol Sanderson, Sister Vncturm, and Kathleen Entress. UNDERCLASSES Officers of the Junior Class QC rrffet re ufnlq IFIIIYS zfoubfc jragej Nhry Hanowen presl :lent Mary Anne Hellen Schmidt slce presxdenr Shtrley Roth secretary and Patrlua News treasurer ln ,pf Z'-J J" M Catlwollc Book Week Exhibit Jam fw Homeroom 114 Slster Morne Almee, Moderator fzrst rou, Ruth Karnxsky Betty jane Hunt Angellna IWIHSIFI Madeleme Neary Carolyn Cnllettx Ellen Hettel Cathernne XX oerner Second mu Arlene Klem Exleen Brennan Frances Mancuso Marlene XX tlcox Anne Rams oan Rmgelstem Marguerlte Falcone Tbzrd row Shella C onheady Noreen Gall Mary laenglexn joyae Flaun llleen O K onnell Ruth Bnckel Nancy Burke lourtb rou Amta Wxtzel joyce Mahon Anne Hodes Sally Delhrldge Irances Leone Barbara Hunt Natalie lxehoe joan Ifwnng 18 1 H ,A 'll .5 , :A K 1 -. V F-'. 1 i ax - , 'Q X '- :L '- 4 tw 'l , "f . 5 li. at A A 1?- llx 1: Y lf ,H M 4, Y? X' x 1 , r A tl if , Y 5 . X, ' , v, Q ' l an 'H A 'X 5 ff' ,W i I , x 7 ' M 1 .A rw A ll g ' We rx ,,,, x 2 F Y: H ,YH ff 2 fer, . . . H'-,K 'tiilfffl xg he . stef , ' I . f Q. . ,l y . .Y . U s ., ' .yi .' ., . t h N , i , r ' , A f- , V ,J , . - A '. V 't 1 7 4 x ! -I V qi 1 ' I Yi. -7 ' I . l'. 7 7 7' 5 1 I 7 9 7 1 ' Homeroom 207 Snster Rose Adelaide Moderator lxrst mu joan lxulman Lounse C hase Lauretta K hase Maryorxe DeMento Dolores Boehler Betty D1R1enzo joan Hertweck Beverly Gllltland C eraldme lredrleh Second mu Beverly Amann Shxrley Roth janet Shreder Mary jean 0 Neill Amarlys Slater Marcella Roth jane DeRycke Mary Louise Capo Third row bhxrley Pllot Dnana Marino Marte Masseth Marne Attardo joyee lord Darlene hnlayson Geraldxne Mchrlaxn fourth row Norma McVea Anne lanutn Marlene Lawrenee lllzaheth Moranz Mary Goodleln Mary Heckle Angellna Lamendola Dorothy Kavanaugh JUNICR fwwk it 'Q at Z 5 Champions of Somts Hp er 11 new ln their dns play lor ldfhllllk hook week the theme around vshxeh to huxld an utrraeme exhxhxt XX e LUl'1j.,!'lILll are lomnell lfkllfll. N1.1ureenNheeh,m .md Nl in XX lllxlil on thur sutge-ss Apprcusmg the Freshmen Exhsbut 1 Vlg I MSL ILIIIHYFN lrl x N in fum, em t ee 1 lf HI er etl nnt 1. le au llllllk tlerorx u mt or Q tt we lresh un wny t sw Q l l I 1 ' ' . h K 1" . 1.-D I 1 A -1 1 A l I 1 Q - 1 in I 4 v. ' -' .1 ' l 1 1 ' - 1 Q A 1 Q A 1 D ' 4 '. Y 4 Y 4 Y 1 ,Y Y ! 7 . 'Q--N swf Q 1 k f I gf 1, , 1 Q ' " L 3 As t 5 X -4 f . - ' 'r f'..f ,. - IJ .Q nfllfmtx ' 4' It X I 'l lf- 1 .Q 1 ' 14 ,i V- ,I1 ,, - , , , x K g. , f iumori chose the Saints als the l . .V . V r ' . yn 'F 1 V k 2 A X.. ' t. , .1 l' . flfltfr -xffv la 'Il-' ' ' , Nh' et' Pllol, .l. 1' V. - Afl-' , , gtnl Nlatxrccrt li-'nat . c ' t' - . 'g' est' A lt' Nat 1' " .t-l Q. mm which lu: mol to th- .1t- ,I tru i - '- n' holl' llllaty. A 3 12 , .. N, l""l Sisters of Sl. Joseph . as e Religion at Nazareth is not a garment for Sunday only. Indeed, it is dearer and more common to us than is our school uniform, Yet it is more than a garment. lt is the putting on, as the gospel com- mands us, the Lord Jesus Christ. And our religion is just that, for in our daily religion classes we learn to know the essence of God in the study of apolof getics and the gospels, to know His will through -S the study of His commandments, to know His great love for us through the study of Holy Nlass. As a garment adorns the hotly, so religion heauti- lies the soul. Thus we see this heauty in the eyes. and hear it on the lips, and experiente it in the atts of our teachers and our companions throughout all our classes and activities at Nazareth. Sacred Symbols for Sophomore Study fCirfleJ: The beautiful symhols of the ecclesiastical year shown to this sophomore religion class hy Carol Pred- more, Marianne Reynolds, jane Miller, and Margie Hadlock, provide always an interesting period. 20 ff 'riff mag X 4' A I KV? xnxff X llfh Z 5 A s e , , H 'S' T fm .yliggiy t ES, 5 4' Our Faculty . fkkxlllillg bm'1':ov1lt1H1 fronl Iofljz Sister M. Lhristitizi: lfwgfiilv. Reli- gion. Ge Htzriinz Club: Sister M. Cltmstielaiz Iinglixlw. Rdfgimzq Sister lame Marie: lfugfixb. Rkllgifzllf Sister Marie Cittherinc: lwgfiili. -Religion. C,.zbr'ie-I .i:ftisw'.' Sister Mary Matthew: l.ugfi.tlv. R4'f1'giou.' Sister Ni. Roberta: l1'br.1ritn1,' Sister M, Rosalie, Iugfiilv. Rcf1lqim1.' Sister Rose lzileen: lfugfisb. Rklllgiflfl, plllmlutze .is,wt'1't1t1'w1 ,1fl'1 1.XL'Y',' Sister 51. Victoria: Ifuglisb. Rtffigziow. Gizfvriel .lxiisftzul lffziwr. The Pity? Piper plivsg ttiiti we, tim, tire ittiptillel tri fltiltiw hitti. 'tist .is were tliu tiitltircti iii the lt-gtiiti tit' him .igti litit tntir Pitxi IJIVLTINIILPIli1L.'11YL'I1Q1IlNL1 tli,tr,itrgr tit iittitm Uttr ttimmtierti Piet! Piper ls titir English ttntthzr Nutr It titty Jtstttmttitui vvzthiii the ittlixritithiiie tives tit win: mist rtiwtatitqiii It iics within the emiittiitcl rgtliiis Ut' Ewtikititxi Here we must iJ.tx'iti Ciititwr!itAi.i, Uiimr' Tuzst. ttiui the iitiitt' tiiiQ1r1:i tit Hit kms tx-it..it1.iw: .titties f1,t','t mr iw't"'x ' 'ij iizi in-in ti! tb 1,-.:gi1t'pt?i ' ,4- Tsar 'S S 33 S53 if A ww A wr.,'Lwf , wana , f wnwamf it 1:'ffZiiW-f. Z an Wm ggi it 'K' 2 fir?" 7 . 1.'m 4 "'f?""nfL ai ', A f we - .-c ' . f 5" XV-' .' . -. grlfi ' x 1 - .7 "3 ' . 1 - EE?-r, M 'fl iid! Q4 , -+5 rv, - .'Z,fA I N " . .E A5,' .'f 'Q'f -A I , f 1 ' ' ' I f' 1 rf -1' Q., pf , ,,,q.,' ! .V . A ' hy A V 1 NJN 5 4 , 4' 5 ' w V 'T' - A 'Q, 11' Es gg 5 P 'X . A K AA, Ng f I . ' ,4M"x ' W i . " Af 1 ' "7 'Q m E , ' ax "mf, 1. The Pied Piper's Flute lontiniied trorti tl e ll V 2 stands .'ll1lWleDeg1l whohas taught us how to tarry high the lantern ol' hope, here ronips young Penrod in whose mis- ehievous pranks we have found laughter and enioyment. here lives Nlaria C,hai'tlelaine, beautiful in her siinplieity, enduring uneoniplainingly' the ltarelsliip ol pioneer life in the Canatliaii woods. 'if , , A ,f llere in the shadows lurks Xlaeheth, stained with the guilt of inordinate ambition. Behintl him, vainly ruhhing the stains on her liantls, Weeps his aeeoinpliee in erime, Latlv Nlatlweth. lltirnlet sits here, too, with the Cliildlilief5fl'lell.1 at his s1tle.z1Ild,lL1lletllxteltwasIl1eI't1xtliItgleg1Ves protlaim that Romeo lw eliiiilwinltg to her lmleonied easement. There are here many other tltaraeters from roniitntewg hi- ogriiithies, essays, and tlranias, all tontrihuting to our knowledge ol' human tharaeter. But our Pied Pipers tlutc has been sileneetl hi' the sound ol at hell, and reluetantly wc realize that our English period has come IO an Crld. They Come Sooner or Later QCITCIBD Those horrid exams, that make a tracery of design on our faces, if not so decorative at least more ermanent than that which jack Frost paints on the winter s win ow pane Here joan Dutcher center has not as yet succumbed to their attacks, but joan Brook and Arlene Klem seem to be ln the thick of the battle Homeroom 306 Sister M Annuncicto, Moderator Iirsf mu Nlary C oeuui Fleanor Yiptel Nlarie Russo joan lxulzer Joanne Niorgante Rose Niarxe Ferrara Lucy Ranieri Dorothea W ay Florence Defreorge jeanne llanigan femur! mu Patricia Degnan lielyn Olds Karol Nleagher Paula lleieek Sally Cruppl Vary Nligliore Dorothea johnson Frsilia Rotondi Iwelyn Lansing, i io lourlb mu 'hllf-C Hehlnie Nl1rieDelle lare Catherine Ostrwe Dorothy Nltellw -losephtne Nquilina Niarilyn Strobel Nally Flam Barbara Helferon Patriei17irrett1 I1 tb mu Ilma Tavltrt .Ioan Ciordon Carolyn Nlastrella Bexerly klog Xiary XX illein Io -Knn Ciodsawe Fllen XX eleh Barbara Nfoschcau Vw 'Fbinl mu: Nancy Natalello, joan Brook, Flizabeth Bosch, Eleanor Montatlbano, Isabel Annechino, Geraldine Roland, Jacqueline Kolb, Marie G'llA . iz .Q 'X h1s111r1 11111111 ls .111x1111Qs 11451 111 .1.1v1111z.:'1 T11I'LJL1g11 111cp11r1,11s111' W1rt11's11r Htighus' w111'14s wt 1'11tyr 111t11 111111th:1A 1117! N1 1111 511' 11.11111 11.111-1511, W- w1t111-ss the 11Q11'11t 111 th: 51'.ll1Is11 .K1'111.111.1 XX 1th 111. 1.111111111s wc w.i1111 1111- 11.lNI11L', 111! s111111111 111 11111111 11'r1111111', 1r11i111111'1111111'1' 111. 1111111. 111' s111111.11'r 11s 311111 1-.111x' 111111111t111t'11111's 1'lL'I' g11r1 xx111'11. T11Q11,11'1111'sp1r11 1I11DX'L'sL1s, wt 11111 111 111 IIQQ 111111s,' 111 Btirigcssts 111111 w1t111-ss tht' 111-,1t:11 11ch11tu 1117 V7-1 1111-rt11c ru'111t111thu 1111111111's, .11111 11L'.1I'l'11C 1111111111111 w11r11s111P11tr11k Henryr11111111gt11r1111g11 1111-11ss1-11111l1'. H11lX'L'IUC1l1WCI'If'11I'gIYCIl1L'11C.1I111" With 1111- 1x11r1111s wc 51111 w11t1h "f11t1 G111ry" Ylslllg tr11111111111111t 11111111 111C t111111agrg1t11111 111' 11111111 wars O111 G111r1', g1.1.111' wc1111111c11 1111111 1111 11111111 .11111 1111 ftlftlgll s1111, 1111 1.11111 111111 1111 sun 11s the sx'11111111 1111111 111'111111r11t11 111'111111111's :K111 11cr11111 111 1111- 11.151, 11111 11111111111 .111x'1'11t111'1' ls tlllfs, 1111 this kQy11pC11s11111s .11111 11111146 LIN s11.1r11s 111 1111 the liL1VL'I1fLl1'CN 111- t111' agus, 11' wt' 11111 131111 ll .1 c1111111c, Sisters of St. Joseph fkmlrliug fmr1':m1l11H'1 from topj: .4 Sister M. Jxlhtflili .Smial Stml1'1'1.' Sister .AIIIIJ 11cS111cs: 81111111 Slmliw. Rcfiginu: Sister Clara Hiriziinz 51101111 ,XI1nf1'1f1. Rrfigimz. f1'.1fl1.' Nstcr 51. l:11wt1rd1t1c: .Snczllf sflllfili. Rtfllll-UH. Sorl11f1'l1.' Sister NI. Yl11.1111t11: Sucllzf .sflllfl-EJ. RL'fiKI'fAIl,' Sister Hiriatni S111 1'.1f Sfl4rf1'c1. R1'f1'g1'ou. ll1'.1fo1'1 ffnflf Sister M. 'I'he111111ru2 8011.11 Stmfiefx Sister N1. 1'rs111111c1 Sf111'11l,SIn1fie1. Rrfzgimz. 26 pix ff' 1 Q.. ' ' Q 11 ...fn- sig 1 ..,..s...,,-0-W Officers of the Sophomore Class ffjrfles. rezmfiug izrrnrx flfinbltf pugep: Patricia Latus, j1re5i11'w1I,' Phyllis Heintr, l'iCit'-fIf6Sflft'I1f.' Anna May Xlfaytuwich, ,vu'rett1ri.' lieity Walsh. Ireilinrer. -C - , .,.,. ...A In 2- 5 nv W sr" At Christmas Time Homeroom 216 Sister M. Anicetus, Moderator First row: joan Sullivan, Gilda Petrillo, jean McCarron, Mary O'Brien, Shirley VanCurran, Patricia Manning, Jeanne Yatteau. Serum! row: Catherine Gordinier, Marion Grabowski, Mary Mazza, jean Ehmann, Nancy Kremer, Carole Ashley, Rose Marie Deliranco, Jaan Rabita, janet Ross. Third row: Marjorie Capadano, joan DeStefanis, Alma Metzger, Noreen Havens, Patricia Duignan, Rita Vsselman, Dolores Schulze, Patritia Mills. Ifourlb row: Sheila O'Brien, Maureen Cleere, XVinnifred McLaughlin, Phyllis Heintz, Marlene jaeger, june Metzger, Ruth XX'englein, Patriua Duffy, Catherine McCarthy. Homeroom 217 Slsfer Morne Perpefuo, Moderczfor lzrsl mu Margaret Romhaut josephnne Bovenn june Palmer, Helen Mt Mahon 'Vlary Ann Mackowxak Kathleen lxltk Barbara Provenzano Barbara Brennan Mary Nayarra Carol Ives Second mu Rita Bauman joan Merrltt Cllorxa heracu Grace Nentura oanne C Lehatol can llanagan oan 'Vllckewntz N1rg.,1n1a Nixlls Lots Butler Third row Helen Kankowlak Barharl NIL! ulloeh lxldfllbfl Pelrson Barbara llellnslcl Santlna Sidlillllld leona 'yltfyurn Patrlua Weary Alnce Crump Fourth raw Rose Ann Rakowskl, Joanne jopson, Marxanna Ange, jean Yaskulskx, Nlarv Ann Revnolds K arol Sthnfffh mer joan Regelsherger SCPHCMCRES .QL Qa Ng, no V" ' W ,J Q ll 1 Helpmg the Wlse Men Along flfu 61, Ks that l"Il'l9U1liS Story li not quite Lomplete yxxth mut the st wry of e N1lj.,l so the Chrxstmai Lrlh IS unhnlshetl without thur presenee Carol -Xshles hands Nhexla C,BI'l6I1 one of the llny tolorful l-txnxgs vnhlle Patrxua 'Nlnlls and une Nietzlger ad IHIFL their work Prepare Ye the Woy fl ,DIIVV 0l7l7'IfIf4'P1Ht'J Small Lrlhs and exerbreens form .1 part of the deux ranon lll almost every homeroom at C hrlstmas time lranees lrazer Nadle Niontana Nanny lxenlmg, and Betty Lynth hawe tharge of the detoratlons if ln llomeroom '19 , 4 :I '-' ' ' K a 4 'Iv K al if 1 7 Vlxv I v ' , ,. .V A, .' '. 'V , ,ik-l ., ,' ,EJ Y , ',x1 ',7' Av' Y '-'i. y ' .' ' ' A. 1 I J, Q' l 2 , , , '. 1 ,W 'Z g -.. if . Q W .- ' " ' Q , vu - ' 5 ., x Q I Q. 1 1 x 1 Al' . .1 'l 3 ff W' . ' aw .V , ,. , ,, , , ,V - 'Y,1 g .. as '7 H. 1. Xe . .N , . ,,, - . . .f"::' '1 '. Q " 'l "' .ly BI tw . th.t'.' , K- V . -. 5 V A . -' . t 4 'w , A ' K, J A ,,, , U ' ' , 4' Q . X ' 1 . . t I . . lk :. . ' g W y f ., . . ,Y , . ' Y 'si ' I . ',. " rv V 7yk4 I a A Q he at ' - Q B - ty' 'L .. . A ag? 'Q K 5, , N 22 H e , The magic carpet of all our studies is that which citrries us not only into strange litntls hut gilsn into the very centers of their culture the magic carpet of our languages. ln her curriculum Nazareth includes live: Latin, French, Germain, ltulian, 1tnclSpanish. l-1itin takes us hack to the heginnings nf the Runnin Eni- pire its mythical fmiiidgttitm on the seven hills its tnltl in the f1enun1,tlie rise nl the Clitesnrs 'Julius in his hrillitint conf l,imtii1t1etln:i pige 53, Porcels from Poris fSen1i-firclcj: Examining these French imported dulls, lirench III Students, Sue Xlfilson, Mary Ann DeLatira, Nancy DeStefanis. Doris Derleth, Maryellen Ifreemesser, and joan Kinsky admire the Charming peasant costumes in which the dolls are dressed. 'Na- ' r Time Out for Tenses KI pfzrrli Yirginiu Russney and Nl.tu- rene Keenan point wut in their Ltttin. Ill cl.tss htm' simple the sequence nl tenses really is. KX Good News in German II lfenifrjz Sister Marie jose greets Marlene Noessner with Q1 smile as she returns at recent lest paper. f.0I'lj.1X'.iILlliiIlUIlS Nlttrlenef Other members ufthe class: Ruth lleger. Ruth XX eng- lein, Nancy Kremer ffrffuf mu J. lnlintir Nttttlt- miiller, Putriciu linch, .ind l'.ttriLi.t l.ynth Uma! rffuj seem tn he uell plensenl, llltb. Our Faculty . fkefufing lJ07'iZ0?1fllll1'-fflllll tnpj: Sister M. Alfonsu: l.tz1in.' Sister Anne joseph: Latin. Religion. Iiuglirbf Sister M. Annunciata: llrlflillil. Refigiou, llaliau 1.11155 Sister M. Callistu: Latin. Religion. junior Honor .S'oc1'el.y,' Sister Grace Regina: l"renc'b, Religillll, Ifuglifh. lrwlrb Club: Sister Marie Aimee: I.tzl1'n. Religion. .xiilillllrlll Club: Sister M. Raymonda: Spanish. Social Studies. 141711170771 BllSifl6.VS Azlziser: Sister St. Dorothy: Laiin. Religion. Beauty in Spanish Art fl,nu'erj: Artistry is il part uf even the must common things in the Colorful land of Spain, as Mary Hellamah portrays in a beautiful Spanish tray to this Spanish II group. Homeroom 217B Sister .lone Morne, Moderator Izrsf mu Carol Melich Ida Salah Qhirley Loleman Ilaine Polizze llaine Dunn llizabeth Heyer Barbara lorest Second rou Mary Bott Hildreth Rogers joan C ox Phyllis Agostinelli Assunta DeLorenzo joan K ouch Flame lxirthner Fbzrd rou oan Roth joan lximmel I-lizaberh Zugnom Carol Schaubert Carole Manion Barbara Andolino Niarlene Nolan Barbara Beth Patritia Latus Homeroom 218 Sister Anna de Soles, Moderator first mu Mary L McAv1nney Theresa Mickaloski Barbara Hailey Theresa link Mary lxuhn Minhelina iapienra Fdna Bischoping Second rou Marilyn Davis Rosemarie Mtrlee Rose M lrisone joan Niancuso Mary Ortolani Dorothy Fitzgerald Mary Dimruff Frances Ingrao Tbxrd mu Helen Skelly Mary Schwan Mary K urran Loncetta Nash josephine Imburgio lleanorDom1niak joan loster june lxruse Maryj Fontaine Fourth rau Patricia Voegtle Carol lxliment Carol Hautel-teete Carolyn Hautekeete llaine johnson june Burley Margaret Baker l onstange Cassata 32 , I l'. Y A QW- ' Y Y I 1 I Q V - N ' I I ' Q Y ' I' Q ' "I J v v 1 1 - - v -' 1 ' u 1 1 ' lfourlh row: Barbara Spindler, Dorothy Z1entara,josephine Marchese, joanne Bauman, Louise joy, Diane Smith, Arlene Snell, Yolanda Falconto, 1 I l'- I ' ' i S D I .Y . I . 1 :I V .Y 5 4 N A I X D ' S ' I . V ' . ' ' . ' 1. ' A ', . 1 -, . ' .V l , Q Y ' A l'- 7 7 ' 7 N Y 7 1 1 4 V 7 ' ' ' ' , i ' ' , l , N , 5 ' , , , I ' The Maglc Carpet of Forelgn Fabrlcs N S t 1 n 1 K11Qust1s11. Ill ag whose heat 1 1 lL n tx 1 t 1 1 s 111 11 c 11 cat xx 1111 hr 1111ght forth s11 h111e11 e 1 1 H1 I1lfl1Jl'lL 1r1t11 1 L Tlbllld 1 s tent l 111 c 1 tamtcr 1 1 11111 llower H c s 1rt 111 US 3.5 1 1 lre111l1 yer 1111 111gl1 1 Lllll lll we become acquamted w1th a language whose people were famed as archltects, art1sts composers and sctentlsts The castles along the Rh1ne the GOChlC cathedrals the compos1t1ons of Brahms, Beethoven, Men delssohn and Bach, the Wagner1an operas, the world renowned un1vers1t1es where1n poster1ty has profited by the1r med1cal and sc1ent1fic research all these contr1bute to Germany a glory wh1ch w1ll never fade, a glory wh1ch guarantees lastmg permanence to ICS language W1th accents softer than the lapp1ng sound of the gondo 11.11111 111 the str et tanals ofYen1ce we are mtroduced IJ the lt 1111111 language It IS a language rooted deeply 1n a s 1 1 th at er11hod1ed the best of all ancxent cultures and born 1 1111111 the Rena1ssance through the gen1us of Dante Th1s 11 1s the language of the MCdlCl, the Borg1as, the Ors1n1 the nat1ve tongue of many popes Thxs IS the language of many beaut1ful songs and operas Santa Iucza, Torn 4 become dear to our Amencan people Span1sh mtroduces us to a natxon rxch 1n colorful back ground Here we VICW a land where Moorxsh arch1tecture blossomed 1n all IES beauty as portrayed 1n the Cid a land where Ferdmard and Isabella held the1r court and whence Columbus led the way to those vast unexplored regtons the Latm Amencan countr1es wh1ch are of xnterest today to all Span1sh students ThlS IS the land where the 1nv1nc1ble Armada, dur1ng her days of pr1de and grandeur returmng from her conquest of many lands, made Spam the r1cnest of all European nat1ons Thus to all these lands our languages the mag1c carpet of our stud1es, carr1es us the mag1c carpet on wh1ch we have rece1ved the key to the hterature of cultured peoples lzrsl rau Mary Ann R1ley Mary 'Irawers Margaret Roth Mae Roach Frances B1anch1 Angelma Defesare Mane lxfilffuggl .Second mu Nlaureen Newton Patrtua Hally Rose Mane Maggxo Loretta Rae Nlargaret Nlarshall Eltzaheth Cox Third mu Arlene C1r1mm Mary lx Sm1th Mary Ann C ollet brace C,1gl1a Dons Niunganest Angela Narselll Ruth He1lman Barbara lxmpper Iourtb mu Theresa Ruggen joanne Lehner Patr1c1a Haffen Marxlyn Malta VlCIOfl3 lxrzanowmz Norma Falvo Marcella Gardmer 1 111111111 11,'. 1 from page BO quests 111' 111111 111 U'llllll1'1l1ll return lil-11111 the land of the 11QI'.5 A ' 7 ' , ' C111Ll1sLlIl1l 111' 11- A glcsgl 1 'Q 'Ve ' A A 117' 1 - . V ' L 1 , ' ' ha 111111 the then -111 story Llllcl Swllkg for early v 1 houf c 'A - i ' 11111 year ' 1 'g- 1' pe' e 'h 1 7 1 ' 11 L ' A ' . ' .1s ,X11111.1s, th-11111-1, lJ1n11cx', and Nl.1rte11us,as e .-11 '1 A ' ' ' ' ' ', 111'fltL'1'H Ill h1s 111111111rta1 1 . '111s, - ' . ' ' l111111r st11.ly11fl-rc11 11,welearn111'tl1c111111111f' fncc. D - f ' l 111' .11t1sts, 11111 111 Nllllll 1311111 by Illxlfllf, the 19- h Q1 ' -ra, 50"ff'1f01 U Tf0Wf0fC, and M4d4m4 Buffffflj'-WhlCh h3VC .1 11111n11'1 s1.1e 1111111e 1.11111111s 111' th" 111111111311 1' 's, Or- ' - leans .1111 5.11111 vlllglll, l.lNlL'llX 11111 1ts lj A A '- , oly ' ' ' ' ' , l.11111'.11s .11111 111-111.111 ettc .111 11e111111e .1 111 ' we U ' ' ' 1llll!l1'llllf' .1pplv111rs1-lveszo 1 ' " bs. ' , ' , ' -,. .. ,L KY ,N 3 p A . . . . , V A a . . , 1 . - ' 1 3 ' . 1 . . 1 Homeroom 218B Sister Clara Miriam, Moderator . , ,, , , , . , . in ',l V' Y ..i 'Q .1 'lt . ,' ,,v,' V' A 1 . in ' ',' ,,,, C , 1 , v 4 fi iii R gb f' IN ' 3? J 5 'VF , Lenses, Light and Focol Lengths Iliff. oppoxile pagej: Physicists measure focal length of lenses hy passing light through the lens to form an image on the screen. joan Kulzer, liarhara Brock- myer, Nancy Costich foregrolnzd. Mary Vfurtz, Eileen Flanagan. Anne Noth- nagle, and joan Gaffney bacbgroznm' Could see the images even though the camera failed our photographer. The Inside Story . f.'.ou erj: . . . as shown by Mary Cramer to Louise Chase. Lauretta Lhase, Angela Defaesar, Mary Ann lielanger, Mary Kay Sullivan Seater! and joan Nleyering. Nlary Kenny, Norma Vankurren, Mary Augustinell. joan Cfohorski, Lydis Romano xfinzffiug in biology demonstration. Greater than the Wiyartl or'O1, Xlerlin with llls twwertitil amuleti, or tht' genie UliSlIllX1tl the Sailor .III our XX'IZ.lT'tls ot Scicme. lltrre. every lit' in our tour l.1hor.1tor1es 1111r.1gl:s .tru pt-rtorimtl that woulg Ilhllit' t-vm these thru: tritksters emi- ous l.gt11s Visit IllQm't'Utl!Ils11l Vk'l!.lTslI'f'.1Iltf s.':I11rot1rs4lx'.'s 1LlNfXK'll.lIlll.1Q1tIUFlNl1l.lN .lIltlPUIglll1lYLI1s what 111tst1t.1l Vcstllts.17'e'11lNt.llI1gxl l1Fsl,1Il rlietlmupszrt ..1lw:'.1t11rt in su sultui' lx-ing ht'.1tetl IIT .1 ttllk' Now it Measuring Up ff1'n'l1'j: Mary Margaret Leary knows the iniportatite 1ml'.lf,u1ratcly measuring liquids, even ll O. w.1ter..111.lprustowwl1.1wpl.1st1gs Ngxt,.11111:11.1:11r:thqm1t.1l A Qartlun is grttttetl hcliorr our eyes. Soni: pr.-tM1re,l iotlim is potire-tl 1ntog1tl1en11t,1l solution .lllel u1st.11t:l5, .1 r11.1g1t.1l fairy A!-ltslcn :1tTc.1rs. toitltwst-tl or intritat: lll2I'l1.llLlI'J :lowers with ' K tiny s11ow1w.1l4s in thetl1st.111t,- ln tht twfllql' we spy .1 liuhhlmg lr.-:its if isetl, .uttl w1tth's hrew tlklllxlllll from whit: tw grrczi or hluq .1s toh.1lt 1ut1.1tt Is .itttlttl buth ls the w11.11xlri' ot the tlietnistry lah! .1 914. 11' .1:'.f111.1:'x' 1Tl'.lfUl'X lx tmtirt-tt into toltl ln thc gem-r'.1l :st1t'11t'r l.1ls,ir41tory, .irc ltlsf in time to see 1 ,J-I ,1?.v1g:3- ,as ' ik A 2. A 24 3. 2. 8. J. FAFRHEUFI iii 9. 2. ii 5- i2iEg2s2..a.-9-iii The Wizardry of Science 'Continued from page '55, some girls demonstrating the power of that invisible giant, Air Pressure. As we watch, we see a girl place a live gallon container over a Bunsen burner to conjure up the spirit ofthe giant, and then before our incredulous eyes, the container is crushed by some invisible hand. Even solid objects are not safe from these junior magicians. Une girl, to demonstrate this, holds a solid iron sphere over the same liunsen burner Y-and, as she mumbles some indistinguishable formula we can't quite hear, the sphere miratulously expands. Now, sunlight is caught in a clear prism, and as it passes through, it is unbelievable thanged into a rainbow' violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red. Could Merlin with all his amulets give Such a eonvinting demonstration of magic? The physics laboratory presents an interesting maze of coils, magnets and galvanometers, batteries, and dynamos. We are just in time to join hands in the chain to show how electricity travels through an unbroken circuit. As sure as any "message" received by any seer of old, we can feel the impulse travel through our bodies as electricity is generated by the magnets. Inanimate objects take on new life as they are charged with Homeroom 319 positive or negative charges of electricity. Then, as one of the charged objects is moved towards the other, the second moves by itself, always eluding the first. The genie of Sinbad was famous for his ability to shrink and grow large at will, but just as convincing a demonstration of this power is given by the girls with their concave and convex lenses. A tiny pinhead can be made to appear as big as a golf ball, while a large sized marble looks almost like a grain of sand. As we step into the biology laboratory, we find the girls all gathered about a microscope. Closer investigation discloses the object of interest to be a drop of water under a microscope. What a transformation! In this drop of water, we see a minia- ture kingdom of living plants and animals, so microscopic that a single drop contains thousands. We could go on and on enjoying and prying into magic formulas and ingredients and viewing the mystical results until even the most skeptical person would have to admit that wizardry does exist in the world of science. Sister Marie Catherine, Moderator First-raw: Barbara Weiss, Vivian Palladoro, Mary Matthews, Anne Boland, jane Mahoney, Katherine Duncan, joan Mans, Rosemary Spencer, Patricia Slayton, Margaret Baumgartner. Second raw: Patricia Fromrrt, Suzanne Costich, Carol Predmore, Marie Bonn, Dorothy Gorzynski, Marianne Reynolds, Beverly Heier, Suzanne Klee, Kathleen Wingert, Rita Zlotnik, Joyce Lockington. Third rout: ,Marguerite Martin, Barbara Sullivan, Anna May W'aytowich, Suzanne W'aters, Arlene Costigan, joan W'ittman, Mary Ann Palliani, Beverly Smith, Margaret Miller, Rita Buckley, Maureen Shapley. Ifourtb rout' Eleanor Xlfiecorek, Norma Saeli, Marie Eitfert, Mary Frances Connors, Elizabeth Mahar, jean Borgmanmjoanne Morris,jane Miller, Geraldine Africano, Arlene Hunter, Lucy Apton, Margie Hadlock. QQ Officers of Freshman Class ffzrcles reading acroxs double pagej Louise lxruse president Roxana Hall ufepresxdent oan Flnks secretary Vlrgmxa Brook treasurer Homeroom 103 Sister John Mary Moderator Fmt row Nellie Leonardl, Kathleen Bay, Margaret Rhelnwald Angelina Stanzlola Kathleen Brown, Gloria Gennell, Marilyn DeMarxa, Loretta Mont: Barbara Corrngan Second rou Ellzabeth Rauber Evelyn Muto Mary Ann Dmgfelder Patrxcla McCarthy jeaneen Lyon Marjorxe Roder Genevieve Valle Kathleen Nolan Patrxcxa Pfaff Bernice Betkowskn Third rou Carol Flemmg Mary Fraher Mary jo Lxttle Murlel Sargent julxette Wehle C arol Aspenlelter Teresa L1Vecch1 Valerie Bartletl Ann Marne Alexander Fourth row Dolores Wlesner Patrxcxa Mason Marlene Luddy joan Fmk Mary Frances Thomas Audrey Pehta joan Exsworth Barbara Dom: mck Geraldxne Busco Joyce Dalba sn l Y 1 AR, ., L A ls 4 g M' X I .. ' -fi' ,4 I ' 'sal At Halloween 1 . I Y W Y Z 58 Homeroom 104 Sister Anne Joseph Moderator lxrs! mu Mary Ghlannn Gayle Dettman Laherta Bxanthx lxathleen Brodner C arol Cornelxus Lonretta LoLurto Marguerite Leonard: joyce Adamskn Second row lxathleen McMahon Audrey Neddo Yvonne Peluso Barbara 'loolan Anne XX negand Dorothy Bluhm janet Faraone janet Barra Mane Verna Tlnrdraw Nancy D1ck,joan Pfaff Donna bponp., Irene Mack Cferaldme Marrxott C arol lox Dolores Sgogra Flmabeth Russottn joanne Reeder Elizabeth Remmell Fgurtb row Ada Hxll, Roberta Fhck, Lorrame Rossner, Mary Ann Lmk, Dorothy O Connell Marnlyn Smtth ihtrley Meyer Marne Lohfmk S nrley Nixon RESHMEN dw Some Ghostly Goodies ll fuerj 'Store delluous than the am hrosxa and nectar ofthe gods are these doughnuts and ctder of All Saints he ts the tonsensus of opnnton at thus freshman Hallov een party Geraldnne I k' lietltow sl-.1 seafen' need no urglng to auept the serwmes ot joue Dalba and -Xnn Nlarte Alexander The Goblms Wlll Get You 11,0 1 nppfuleplgfl lfsou dont xx trh out prophutes lllnlweth Rauber sw ho takes the role ot sooth sa tr tn 1 Halloween slut turn lixrluri ljUl'l1lI'llLlx Nltrlme Ludtx xllfy Mtn l3ll'lj,f-Clklll' Nfllllfilll, .ind cnuxur Xa e Xorg 1 Nttnnoa llllalnth Raulwer u 1111! to members ot Homeroom los 9 I f' Q' I' A, N y ' A ' It r' , I Q ' , 1 ' l Y ' 1 ' 1 : ' G Y I K I l 7 V' 1 1 7 7 l' -' l ,t G ', ',l ' h ,Q I , I, ' y ' '. . . . , . . . - - U .- y - 1 - y 1 F l 6 .. ' on i I' I! f 1, r V in P ' x . k Y 'I V 4 5 X! its Busco, Patricia McCarthy, and Bernie Vg 1' ' ' ,L H - - f f X - pc, -I li". A KI 1 Z . . 1.1 . ' L R i . .K ' ' 0 - V- Q V V- Y V. tw 4 ' , . , ' I W xi L . . ' '. t . ly, ' A . 1 ' .- ' ' ' it ' 1, G Q. ffllv, ,.lk -l,' . A b-,, , . 5 fe 5 ,JP vfv' sf ,N X K' fu Sisters of St. Joseph . . 44 . fRFIIljl'lIg borizorllaffy from loflj: Sister M. Anicetus: fllgebm. Geomefri. Business xiritlametif. Refigiou, Socfalilrm. Sister M. Carlina: Algebra. Geomelry. g i , etrg. Refzgiou. Ger1en11SCier1fe, llofzbrt ate Algebra. Sofia' Geonlelry. Refigiou. i ex Would your cup of coffee remain untasted if some morning the daily press carried the startling news items: The Brooklyn bridge falls into the East River! The Empire State building collapses! The Lincoln highway crumbles to dust! The whole universe is in a turmoil, for mathematics has vanished from the earth! If mathematics could really disappear overnight, this news item would truly be an unexaggerated account of the condition of the world. Mathe- matics plays such an integral part in our daily life that it is taken for granted, but without it life would cease to function, The student taking algebra probably cannot see how af 4- bf 2 cf can fCont:nued on page 43, 40 Rel! 1'm1.'Si5ter 'Niarie Christine: Geom- Cl11b,'Sister Mary de Porres: Iutermezfi- L gr' 4 Y -,K X 1 h X N R 2 355. 1322? A ijzaia ww " A Q idmil 'fi A 0,55 I A ' 3 J, ' 35 , 1 'f f Vt' 9" 'J 'ef ' - -. 4 .4 W. ,cg Jn, , ,N,,,Q,! 4 J L4 , V., 6' k . ' .nga -. ' ' Z3 , , A K A , ,Q I - E 'Li ,V ,,n , , x 6 gf A R E ' ,Q 'V qjft ' if H ,, ,W ' fe -V 'Mba fum 3. Q1 ' 9 V A ,yin 4 ef , V , , ' ,P y F3 W nh , N , Q 'Xi 4 6' 4+ 'fr 5 I A , ,Q I' E W 1 xx s, X M 4 'L' W m, " , f' f W 99 . f , Q'-5 Eatfigigfykgffgai A 33 9- 5"'fA5 - gffmag 5? go No one need bury her talent at Nazareth. She who feels within herself the aspirations to become an artist -to create a masterpiece in painting, to model a dainty figurine, to sing a solo at one of our assemblies, to take part in one of our school plays, to speak to thousands of listeners over one of Rochester's broadcasting systems--needs only to elect a course in art, voice, dramatics, public speaking, or radio. Competent teachers soon discern and encourage latent talent. Indeed, no talent lies hidden at Nazareth. Recalling here certain passages of Grays Elegy in a Village Cburclgard, we feel had the poet chosen to write his immortal elegy within the walls of Nazareth many of his lines could never have been written. , I is .. fy f .ff ff 'Ai x xx. x f Y N l . ag QU Si 53 I he Rb Our Faculty . fReading lnorizontalljp from topj: Sister Agnes Louise: Melody Writing. Band: Sister Anne Vir- ginia: Voice. Glee Club: Sister M. Clarissa: Speech, Radio Speech: Sister M. Evelyn: Speech. Radio Scrzpt Wriling, Dramatics: Sister Marie Stephanie: 'larnzony Orcbetlra: Sister Rose Teresa: Voice. Perosian Choir: Sister St. Ger- trude: Speech: Sister St. Margaret: Ari. Lanlboru Adtiser. j li X851-1 'S tsl wat . z And the Angels Sing Muller-iz The tape recorder is something new at Nazareth. We all agree that Patricia Mance, liarlwara liricker, Virginia XY' idmann, and Genevieve Marotta will advantageously bring out aell its tine points. rf Pottery Proiects ,li , IAW1 tfirfle. opposite pagei: XX'ith skillful hands Hetty Lynch, Mary ' Schwan, Mary Komorowslci, Ifrsilia Rotundi, Eileen Corcoran, Maureen Sheehan, and Marie Masseth fashion Howers for pottery howls and dishes for pretty Christmas gifts. Radio Research fl.ou'cr. opjmsile pugey: flood radio reception often depends on a knowledge of correct ratlio technique. Dolores Manuel gives a few pointers to joan liurroughs, Barbara llartenstein, Sally Styles, and Mary Louise Davin. .gf Outdoor Classes fl Lbperl: Sketching in the open on sunny autumn days is one of the joys of the art classes. Marlene DiMattia poses for members of Art III class Homeroom IO9 Sister Marie Christine, Moderator first rnuz' Lorraine Kubasiewitz, Margaret Mueller, Loretta Mastrodonato, Arlene Kuha, Dolores Hall, Shirley Hans, Mary Hester Harrington, Phyllis Kress, Dennise Gruttadaro. Second rouz' Elaine Murray, Constance Knoepfler, Virginia Krenzer, Mary Hall, Betty jane Kerhaert, Velma Bridgeman, Mary W'eeks. Third row: janet Clifford, Shelby Gundell, Mary Ann U'Connor, Geraldine Kohlmeier, Patricia Hogle, Sally Mathews. Ifnurlb mu: Evelyn Kirchner, Carol Haggerty, Margaret Hasenauer, Maureen Golding, Patricia Heveron, Gloria Hamm, Marlene Englerth. 32' as CD Bt " 9' 1'- Cf! if 'Q .as 9' ap Ml! .QP Sisters of St. Joseph . lkeading boriznntally from lopj: Sister M. Anacletus: liookkeepirlg. General Business, Spanish, .Spanish Club: Sister Helen Concepta: Shar!- band, Bookkeeping. f.i0lII!Ilt"f'l'idl Club: Sister M. juan: Secretarial Prac- fice, 'litpingr Sister john Mary: .S'lJur!l111r11f, 'Ii1gl7ing, Religion, Atblelit' k i I Association: Sister Marie Perpetua: Business Lair, Tipping. Religion, Sndality: Sister Mary Aquin: Sbnrtbanrl. Yiipirlgq Sister Rose lillen: Business Law. General Business, Religion, Alblelir ,'1ssociation,' Sister M. Ursula: Ojire Practice. Learning the Language of the Keys Qlsibperjz "Practice makes perfect" say the typing technicians, therefore Margaret Griffin, Mary Heckle, Mary Anne Hellenschmidt-foreground merrily proceed to type their way into a good position after gradu- ation. Tuning Up on Office Techniques QLowerJ: These future secretaries are displaying their skill on the various machtnes in office practice class. Some Fine Points on Filing QCirclej: Dorothy Goodman passes on a few hints about the numerical file to Margaret Spencer in 4 Val l secretarial practice class. I QX Careful, exact training hy competent teachers accounts for the many excellent secretaries, hooklceepers, and stenographers turned out hy the Commercial Department of Nazareth Academy. Here, the education of a commercial student is as carefully planned as the erection of a well-huilt structure. A firm foundation of general business and husiness arithmetic gives the future office girl a solid beginning along with an introduction to the wonders ofthe business world. lt's a real thrill to he ahle to type that first sentence without peeking at the keys even once and to know the reason why that contract for goods was voidahle. The final touches to the lwuilcling of a career are added in oflice prac- tice and secretarial practice classes. llere the students are acquainted with regular oflice routine. With flying fingers we feel like Mercury as we skim over the keys of the electric typewriters. Nor is there necessity for the emharrassing admission, "Please repeat," for the dictaphones may he regulated to our speed, Third year shorthand and tran- scription, duplicating, filing, calculating machine, and dic- taphone work complete the student's preparation hefore going into the husiness world. A well instructed person makes a place for himself in the world, and a Nazareth commer- cial graduate will not have a very difficult time finding her place. Homeroom lll Sister Grace Marie, Moderator lirst ruuz' Rose LePore, Eleanor Zapf, Susan Ritz, Patricia Tracy, Dolores LeBoo, Kathryn Vfurtz. .S'ec'm1d row: Bernice Slomczewski, Joanne Kick, Carol Kerurn, joan Petisi, janet Sweetland, Anne W'ittman, Rosalie Petix. n V I Tbirrl row: Anne Tozeshi, Loretta Proia, Mary Gaudino, Patricia XX'illis, Arlene Kiefer, Margaret Scheid. Ufwlorning, evening, noon, and night, praise God?" sang Iirownings Theotrite. A similar prayer niay' he ollered in the future hy' many' a fortunate hushand of a Nazareth girl who has elected the eourses olliered in Nazareth's home economies department. Here young aspirants desiring to make their future ahode not only' a house hut a home are husily' engaged in learning the doniestie arts. Skillful hands hold the needles and the yarn whieh will in a twinkling he formed into a pair of tozy, eomfortahle mittens, while nimhler lingers fashion pretty' edgings for dainty' gift handkerehiefs and tut out patterns for hostess aprons in our tlothing elasses. Students ofthe foods class soon learn that there is no short tut to eookingg praetieal applieation is the only means of attaining suttess. How prolitahle will it he to know how to eook a roast of heef with that savory, melt-in-your-mouth taste, to watth the delight with which your crisp hrown eookies are greeted as they make their appearanee at juniors birthday' party? Students are also instrueted in ehild eare and home management, for just as vital as the eulinary arts is the proper care of ehildren or the managing of a home to make that home one where song and prayer 'those outward signs of happiness and gratitude make up the hours and minutes of a truly Catholic family"s day. ivy -4 sa X 'uwlnwunp 'D 4 9'V9"' 48 They Spin Not ffzrclfy hut they sew for Nlarw llanoyer and Iiirhara Rooney know the truth in the adage 'X stileh in time yes ine Ihe learn he e hon operite a sewing, miehine under the guitlanee of Nister liernirtline Kris Kringle s Kitchen Aids Cl Lllftll. XX hile Nister Niarie Xnthony instructs other girls inthe art of' mak- ing Lhristmas eookies Sally' tri api and 'iegina kasey' remove their lin- ished produtt from the owen to the admiration of Betty' Leo and Mary Lou Larkin. XX'on'r Old St. Niek he pleased when he finds a plate of these cookies awaiting him onthe mantel? u-.1 Sisters of Sl. Joseph . lReadiug bor1':w1!t1ff1 from tofu: Sister Nl. Iiernartlinc: C fotbiug, Ltziiu, qifgebrtz. .Smftllxh Nlofftfrtzmrx 5ister Maria Gratia: ftzfeleritz .i1t1r1t1gemw1t.' bistcr Marie Anthony: loozfx. Home Mtzzltlgezllerzl. flume lfcwzzfmfizzt Club, ,'i!IlIlI?1dL' .I5Soc'it1lim1. l N-..... 1 . xi- 1. figs Bedside Manner . . . llppw-iz . . . displayed lwy Dorothy Millard and Ellen XX elch brings ti sigh of umtentment to Margaret Mueller. Christmas Cookies llffutrb: One or the must popular proiuts 1blilhCl'llUklN tlass is the make ing uf dainty Christmas ytmkics. Here Dolores Bryant ttntl liarhara littcltc are preparing their lmxes for mont antl tlanl, -19 Whether it he the outdoor days of sunny spring and mel- low autumn or the indoor days of hlustery winter, gym classes are a source of physical stimulation the school year round for Nazareth girls. The ominous groans at the hegin- ning of the year are replaced hy healthy laughs toward the year's end, for the games that seemed too complicated or horing proved fun and the exercises a necessity for an alert, alive body. Tumbling has heen emphasized in this year's gym classes. The forward roll, the hackward roll, the head stand, and the flying angel have all heen tried and executed admirahly hy some. Gym exercises stress the need for a healthy, straight hody, the necessity of proper hreathing, muscle co-ordination and fast reflexes. Field hockey and haskethall hoth call for last reflexes and quick muscle co-ordination. Archery requires a steady hand and a sharp eye. Badminton, tennis, and ping- pong hring out the skill of a player at iudging distance. x,' A S11 EM, Reading rfouwji Miss Larolyn Klon- heady: Plnysiuzl Edumiiwz. .-ilhletir Associatiorzf Miss Niary Walsh: School Nurse. 50 X X Our Faculty Af' One important purpose of gym classes is to en- courage the student to tal-ce part in extra-curricular sport activities for the heneht ofthe health of the individual. Games taught during gym classes promote sports- manship, and complete a well rounded program spiritual, mental, and physical. xc? 1 Q 1 2. ig 12.11911 an R giiiiiiii Hill: 9-1 7' ,WW f' xi. , Z7 ,wwf LV L Liga , . , 4 23,2 1 , , ,QQRM , ,Wm ,JW , I, 5 1 Our GuldCS m Splrltual Thmgs IV hat jay to walk a path accompanied by riends W ho ,E now the beauty 0 the land Beyond the zallejs and the rugged hills- T0 walk can derztb with them hand in hand. In the pict re onthe mpposire . page are Sister Iiernardine Barbara Nellis an 1 Catherine Danehy. SENIOR LUMIN 1152-5.573 5TH AC. QSXL 45 S' ul O 2 V, 5 S ? 1' . ?'c?'ag6 1 9- veq f, 19 P lf I 1 I ff I If fi , 53 Officers of the Senior Class if irtfefi. Vtkllflllltf inrmi iffinhfi jmgi I: Clara l"risit.iriim, fzmfilirfwlfg flarissu liulziml. Iinf-f1rc.t1'rfw1l,' liar-' tcnslcin. wt r'1li1r"i,' Mary liricri. twin- 117172 f T .wg I -fi? 3 ai L F At Parent-Daughter Mixer "y' National Honor Society-McQuaid Chapter First row: Mary Ann Flynn, Phyllis Griffo, Margaret Ryan, Lucy Mastri, Dorothy Wisner, Mary Brien, Mary Ann DeLaura, julie Clohessy, joan Lark. Second row: Sarah Buscaglia, Marianne Englert, Celine Farrell, Mary Rita Tascketta, Mary Wunz, Margaret McKay, Marilyn Hynes, Sally Styles, Rose- marie Bovenzi, Carol Ann Winterkorn. Third row: Mary Grace Battle,Joan Kinsky, Clara Frisicano, Marie Siwicki, Mary Bellamah, Sybil Rosenbauer, Josephine Salamone, Betty Foos, Dorothy Rozzi, Ann Connors. Fourth row: Anne Kregal, Patricia Lanigan, Sylvia Knehel, Mary Margaret Leary, joan Stein, Anne Nothnagle, lfileen Flanagan, Marion Hocior. Eliza- beth Pinks. Absentfrom picture: Nancy Costich and Ann Scheible. 251 fv- 76' -av' 5-1 45- lfirst row: Marlene Nolan, Edna Loeser Marilyn Hynes Mary Frances fonnors Margaret Marshall Joanne japson Geraldine Marriot Helen Thompson. Serum! row: Dolores Inger, Mary Ann Dintruff Irene Roberts Margaret Cirifhn jane Jessup Barbara Fricker Patricia Leonard Q atherine Danehy, Ada Hill. Third row: Phyllis Kress,jane Kussmaul Ann K onnors fpresidentj Alice Burke Palma Massa Ruth Belanger Frances Mitrano Dolores lxryk Fourth row: jo Ann Latus, Patricia lisher Helen Vveks Mary Iaenglein Betty Deckman Patriua Nevis Catherine MCC arthy Mary Massa Mary Wilkin. 3 All Join Hands ond Around You Go If IIVLILQY. ffpjmslh pizgsjz Modern iitterhuggers change their danc- ing step to the good old-f.1sh- ioned square dance with Hom and Did, Best Foot Forward il 'lumix lheyre oil' to .1 good start-epareiits and their senior tlatiglitcrs goin in thu grand iimrgh, led hy Bill llotmtlotii, orQhcstr.tlc.1der. WLU MW4 KQV.,- -.171 Q 9 'N if 4 , 9 lg-rn Ach f an vi fl' f K' andy' l L 'U' CR: ulmg rrossu ISE' rom top left ff rtgbtl ,Il AN M ARNOLD Si :ne 64 Cyoltl St ldxutzes Sodaltty Athletic Assocnatxon MARII A ASPHNLI lTlR St llargzret lllry 108 Maplehurst Rd lclxutxes Qodallty Home lconomlcs C luh Athletic Assou anon CONC LTTA j HARBAT CJ S! lury 216 'Iroup St Artnxtxes Soclallty Athletic Association BARBARA BARTFNSTFIIN Holy Rosary 175 C urlevs iduzlxes Sodaltty Commercial Club Athlettc Assoctatnon Pan America Cluh C1eMaryan Club Student Counul Repre sentatne Class President 5 Class Secretary 1 MARY CRACF lx liA'I'ILI St lmbrose 61 lastvlew Ave idnztzes iodaltty liellarmtne C lub C lee C luh Sensor Science Club Athletlc Assouatton C1eMaryan C lub Nattonal Honor Souety Student C ouncnl Representatne Rl 'I H V BELANC FR St Bom are 705 Lmden St irtzutxes Glee Cluh Athletlc Assoctatton Student Counctl Representatn e, Czabrtel Staff HFVPRLY A BELDL I' Holy Rosary 15 Ray Ter Aduztxex Athletxc Assoctatxon MARY T BELLAMAH Holy Apostles 19 Curtts St Aclxutxes Sodaltty Athleuc Assoclatton Pan America Cluh Carver Cluh Natnonal Honor Society JEANNE M BENNFTT St Ambrose 1 19 longuew Ter Artzutxex Sodalxty Perostan Choxr Bellarmme Club Clee Club Athletic Assouatlon Hobby C lub C arverC lub Lanthorn Staff LI CY A BFRTOLAINII Sl Pafrxci 59 Romeyn St Adu xtxex iodalxty ll Cnrcolo Dante Athlettf. Assouatxon MARjORlE S BITTPN Sl Ceorge 58 St jacob St Aftztztzes Sodalxty Bellarmme Club Athletic Assoctatton Pan Amertca Club Hobby C luh MADELYN C BORZILLERI St Ambrose 59 Overbrook Ave Artxutxes Sodalxty Athlenc Assocxatton Carver Club CAROL A BOVENZI St Anlbony 80 Lake Ave Actnxtxes Sodaltty ll Ctrcolo Dante Carver Club Athletxc Association ROSF MARIE BOVFNYI Holy Apostle: 149 Curtis it Actxutxes Sodallty Commerctal Cluh Athletic Assoctatxon Pan Amertca Club President Carver Club National Honor boctety Md, J .Z 2 rl Q+- .45 'ky hd' 63 '56 'ig'- 4' -...... -7 L C of . L 56 l 1 Ckeadmg croxsu ue rom top Inj! to rzgbtj BARBARA A BRADY St Thomas 15 Delta Ter Actuxtxes Sodality Bellarmine Club Athletic Association Hobby Club lr DIANF BRANC H Sl Charles Borromeo 1631 Ridge Rd XX Actnxlxes Sodality Orchestra President Athletic Association Nazareth Academy Band ANINI BRPNNAN Sacred Heart 2-50 Albemarle St icnutxes Athletic Association Hobby Club Carver Club Gabriel Staff MARY F BRIIN St llomca 362 Hawley St irtuxlxex Sodality Commercial Club Athletic Association National Honor Society C lass Treasurer 1 Class Secretary ALIC I M BRCJDNI R Sl Theodore 220 Rossmore Qt Arlnitzes iodality Cylee C lub Athletic Association MARC FLLA M BRYANT St Margaret Han 599 XX lnona Blvd ldrzxtxes Sodality Home lconomtcs Club Athletic Associa tion Carver C lub DORIS l B1Clx1R'I YI lfbrl 226 llmtgrove irlnxtzes Qodality C lee C lub Athletic Association BARBARA M Bl LMER St Helen 56 Mareeta JOAN M Bl RRCH GHb St Auguslme 52 C hester St ictxuizex Sodallty Bellarmine C lub Glee C lub Athletif. Asso ciation GeMaryan C lub C arver Club Varsity Basketball SARAH A BL SC AC1LlA S! Iranus Xauer 69 Coleman Ter Aclnxtres Sodallty Commercial Club Cnlee Club ll Clrcolo Dante Athletic Association National Honor Society ARLl'Nlf hi Bl 1C Hl:R SI Augustme 12 lrorbes St Adnznes Sodality Bellarmine C lub Athletic Association Carver C lub MARC ARIT A C AHILL Sl Homrd 172 Sawyer Qt Adnxtxes iodaluy Bellarmnne C lub Athletic Association Carver C lub DOLCJRES C CAINIARDCD Si! llargaret Har, 16 Westbtiurne Rd 4rl1ulxex Il C ircolo Dante Athletic Association VIRC INIA M C AMPBI LL Sl Charles Borromeo H llorence Ave flrlnxnex Sodality C1leeC lub Athletit Association C eMaryan Club Carver C lub is Q.. Q'- .J 5 '3' ""' dl 141 1-...W 'YZ' K ig.. N ax vas... Q Y.- . 39, Q x!e' Wim , ff' 2 . ,. f . J ' Z: 1 A ' Q Q A , 4 5 f l ' :,3- 3, A' Q N. I wb! J V 5 1-2, ' V: ', ' - . " ttryl A L 1 3 3. T 3 ' i ' . . 2 1 V Rd. ' 1 ' . ' I '. , Rd. ' f ACfI'l'ifI't'5.' Sodality, Athletic Association, Gabriel Staff. i , s .VIIYP QI. I .. .Y ' . 3 y U an Q. I C l A . ,f 1 C A 5 F . 3 L 3 - " Q Q 1 ' I Q . ' M ,. 'sf ' . .. V t I L 'I' . 'I ,lb 3 M : - :SG ' -wi. , 0 ' nu i 1.-1 "3-' --Z.. ju- i 3-.-v' il.. 'Q-'Z' 'C' 'S' 'mf L Qlleazlxrzg crossuxse rnm top left to rxghtj MARII A CARUSO Sl iugustme 201 Depew St Aftzutxes Sodality Athletic Association C1eMaryan Club Carver I lub MARY T CLIFFORD Our I 4:11 ofGoo1I Counsel 881 Post Ave Actxulies Sodality Bellarmme C lub Senior Science C lub Ath letic Association Nieuwland Klub CeMaryan Klub Carver Club Gabriel Staff C lass Treasurer 2 JLLII' M CLOHI SSY Holy Rosary 164 Lakeview Pk Aclxuties Commercial Club Athletic Association National Honor Society ANN M CONNORS Sl Homca 95 Ilba St Aclxulzes Sodality Commercial Club Athletic Association Pan America Club National Honor Society Student Council Representative Student Council President Gabriel Staff Class Vice President 5 LOUISI' H C ONNORTON Sacred Heart 50 Hectric Ave Ac1it'i!ies:Glee Club Athletic Association Carver Club Cabriel Staff. ANN L. COONISY Huh' Rosary 12 Straub St. Acti1'1'Iies.'Sodality Athletic Association Hobby Club Senior Science Club. EILEEN A. CORCURAN Sacre1lHeart 805 Ridgeway Ave. Aclirifiex' Athletic Association. NANCY E. COSTICH St. Hlmbrose 199 Stonehenge Rd. Actiz'ilie.v.' Sodality Orchestra Glee Club Senior Science Club Athletic Association GeMaryan Club Carver Club National Honor Society Nazareth Academy Band-President-3 Gabriel Staff Varsity Basketball. MARY M. A. CRANE Sl. ulugusline 167 Nlormandy Ave. Acliritiexr Sodality Bellarmine Club Athletic Association Pan America Club. MARY ANNI1 COX Holt' Cross 598 River Hgts. AFfl'l'' Soda ity Perosian Choir Cilee Club Home Eco- nomics Club-President Athletic Association Carver Club. MARY P. CROXYLEY sltffbll 364 Peck Rd. Spencerport Artiz'i!ies.' Sodality LeCercle lfrandcais Athletic Association Carver Club Student Council Representative. NANCY A. CROXYLEY S!,jflJr1 if-1 Peck Rd. Spencerport Adi1'iIie5.'Sodality Orchestra Cilee Club Athletic Association. CARULYN DAILITX Sl. ,flmbrnsc 180 Pardee Rd. '1di1itie5:Sodalily Athletic Association. RIQNIZIZ I.. DAl 'XYIQ f, ,111 Dllifl 266 lflint St. Arfiz-ities: Sodality Perosian Choir liellarmine Club LeCerclc Francais Athletic Association. 58 at 907' WS. 'SIT' Clleazlmg rrossu :se rom top left to rzgbij MARY L DAVIN Sl! Helen 2l0l Buffalo Rd Actxulxes Sodallty Athletlc Assoclatton .IOANN R DAVIS Sl Charlet Borrnmeo '12Iglant1ne Rd Aftxulxex Sodallty Peroslan C hour Glee C lub Athletlc Asso clatton BETTY JANI DEC KMAN Corpus Cbrxstz 59515 Hayward Ase icfnxtxes Soclalnty Iiellarmnne C,lub Athletic Association Student C ouncll Representative NIARY ANN 'I DeLAI RA St Iranrzs Xauer 556 Bay St lclnzlzes Soclaltty LeC ercle Irancans Senior Science C,lub Athletic Assoclatton C1eMaryan C'l'ub Csarver C lub National Honor Society JOANNI A DILl:HAN'IY YI Ilnmca 852 jefferson Ave ictxulxet Athlettc Assocnatton Carver C lub Student Counctl Representative C FC ILIA bl DI I.I.Y Yi I NCI St Claxr lctnztxes Sodallty Peroslan C hotr Orchestra Glee Club Athletic Association Hobby C lub ll C lrcolo Dante NIADIMLINH R DelN IC C lllO St lulbouy 222 Spencer St lrtxtxtzef Soclallty lerosl in C hotr llellarmlne Club Cnlee Club -Kthlctlc Association 'NIARLI Nl nl De'NI 'YI IIA llflt Ruslry lllllryan St lflllillef Nodalnty Bellarmme C lub Cylee C lub Athletlc Asso ctatlon Hobby C lub Carwer C lub Lanthorn Staff DORIS 'K DI RLI TH Holt Redeemer 8 Thomas St ldnxtut IcC ercle lsrancats -Kthletlc Assoclatton N ANC X NI DeSTFl'-KNIS Our Luft I erpefual Help 109 Norton st ldnxtzef I.cC ercle lrrancans -Xthletxc Assoctatlon DOLORIN I DI HI Sl Stmzvltznv G4 Roycroft Dr irlxzztxev liellarmtne C lub Commerctal Club Xthlettc Asso ctatlon ANN Nl D1C1IROI.A'NIC7 C rpuvCbr1vt1 717 Bax St icnzztzef Soclalxtw Bellarmme Club -Xthletnc Assocxatnon Cyabrxel Staff Lanthorn staff HITTX j DOC TOR sl llzrqzrft Ilan 78 lielmeade Rd lrtzulzes Noclallty Orchestra Athletlc 'ASSOLIBIIOD C,arwer Club XALIRIA I DOM Alhlxl St Stauftlaus 187 Frnst St ictxulxer llellarmlne Club Athletlc Association Czexlaryan lub C 1rwerC 't WZ" TCS li' "Q-in -Q" 1' .,... L LLU Mly .nl I , 4 9? C NIN4 ts Un M371 J' fha AC' Jw? i li 'EJX ' ' W5 1 1. fRe:ufiug croxswise from lop left lo riglyfj: NANCY E. DONLON Our 1.a1lvrJPerpel1n1l Help -18 Strong St. .'1c1it'ilies.' Sodality, liellarmine Club, Athletic Association, Hobby Club, CieMaryun Club, Gabriel Staff. SHIRLEY M. EBERHARD St. Tbeorlore 55 Elder St. Actiz-ities: Athletic Association. MARIANNE Ii, ENULERT St. .llouiciz 5 Bradburn St. Actiz'i!ie.t: Sodality, LeCercle Francais, Athletic Association, GeMaryan Club, Carver Club, National Honor Society, Gabriel Staff, Lanthorn Staff-Editor-in-Chief. ROSE MARY A. ERWIN .llolber rj Sorrows 309 Island Cottage Rd, Ac!1'1'ilies: Sodality, Orchestra, Athletic Association, Hobby Club. LILLIAN P. FANTAVZZO St. Francis Xavier 395 Bay St. Actiz'ities.' Sodality, Il Circolo Dante, Athletic Association. MARY CELINE FARRELL Holy Cross 4 Meech Pk- Act1'z'itz'es: Sodality, LeCercle Francais, Athletic Association, Carver Club, National Honor Society, Student Council Repre- sentative. KATHLEEN M. PERRARO St. john. Greece 2872 Ridge Rd. xv. Acliz'1'tie5.' Sodality, Athletic Association, Carver Club. PATRICIA R. EINCH St. Margaret Mary 2-59 Longacre Rd- Aclivitiesf Athletic Association. :A 5115 ar-if nth 32" .N n4:"" wnvilqi. FV! 1 30. A 1' W-T"" 'E 426 Fisher Rd PATRICIA A FISHER St Helen 'icizuhes Sodality Athletic Association Ge'NIaryan Club Carwer C lub Student C ouncil Representative ILIYABETH A FIINRS Our Larli of Perpetual Help 25 Oscar St Aclxutzev Sodality llellarmme C lub Cylee C lub Athletic Asso ciation C eMaryanC lub NationalHonor Society LanthornStaf1' IILII'N M ILANAGAN St iugusfme 178 Inclevwood Dr Ictxunev Sodality Orchestra Senior Science C lub Athletic Association Hobby I lub President Cie'VIaryan I lub Karwer I lub National Honor S vciety Gabriel Staff liellarmine 1 lub I A'I HERIVF A II KNWI RY lmmaculfte Conception 77 Champlain St lctn :ties Sodality Athletic Association I arwer C lub MARY ANN ILYWN Holy Rosary 41 4 Selye Ter Aclxufxes Sodality Prefect blee Club Athletic Association Pan America Club C arver C lub National Honor Society MAR-IORIE -I FONT AIINI: Sacred Heart 198 lxmclterbocl-ter Awe 4cnurxes Sodality Athletic Association C,e'NIaryan K lub CReadir1g cro55u'i5e from top left to rigblj: BETTY FOOS Hob' Rr1511ry 250 Bidwell St. Ar1it'it1'e5.'Sodality, Bellarmine Club, Commercial Club-Presb dent, Athletic Association, National Honor Society, Lanthorn Staff. MARY B. FORBES CTUFPIIS Cbrisli 886 Garson Ave. Artit'i1ie5.' Soclality, Home Economics Club, Athletic Asso- ciation, Pan America Club. MARjORlli F. FORD Sacred Heart 7-l Lapham St. Ac1it'it1'e5.' Sodality, Bellarmine Club, Glee Club, Athletic Asso- ciation, Pan America Club, Hobby Club. MARYELLEN FREIQMESSER Blessed Sllffrlllleflf 915 So. Goodman St. .-lrtit-1'1ie5.' Sodality, LeCercle Francais, Athletic Association, Carver Club. BARBARA J. lfklcjiuzk 11f,1,f,-ipwlef 100BurrowsSt. .'lct1'i'1'1ie5.' Soclality, Perosian Choir, Bellarmine Club, Athletic Association, Student Council Representative. CLARA M. FRISICQANCJ lloh Rn5ury 90 Selye Ter. xlr!1't'1't1'e5: Sodality, Cilee Club, Athletic Association, Pan America Club, Carver Club, National Honor Society, Student Council Representative, Class President-2--l, Class Secre- tary-5, Class Treasurer-l. jCJAN M. CiAlil7NlfY Xl. Jlicbuel 22 Princeton St. .'lrti1'i1ie5: Soclality, liellarmine Club, Senior Science Club, Athletic Association. HELEN A. GARLAND Sl, 1111116 161 lfclgemont Rcl. Arlirities' Bellarmine Club Home Fconornics Cilub Athletic Association P' I 3- 6 ---V A -iso 43, ,.,......,. . ....,.....-1.-..- '57 9 v"' wwf '51 flu.. N N IRGIVIA J GAVIN l2lIIll?Ifltl1l0PI 252 Taft Awe lrl111t1e5 Sodality Perosian Choir Athletic Associati in VICTORIA I GFSSNI R Sit 111211511116 195 XX est Ave lc11t1t1e5 Sodality Bellarmine C lub Clee Club Athletic Asso ciation C arwer Club Cfabriel Stal? X CJLAN DA F GIAVNI S7 lrar1r15 155151 643 Smith St llflllflff Sodality LeC ercle lrancais Athletic Association X arsttv Basketball DONIPNIC A A GIANX IC C HICJ it Iranrxs Xatxer 629 lirst St itrzutzet Soclaltty ll Circolo Dantc Athletic Association Hobby Club DCJRCDTHX GCJCDDHAN Illllllrlfllflff'CHVIFBPYIIIII is Spring. St ldunzev Sodality Athletic Association HI Ll N 'VI C OODHAN Illllildlllllf? Cw1rep11m1 'ai Spring, St lK'flIlfl?Y Nlantuan Circle President Athletic Association C lrver C lub Varsity Basketball 1, LL 117 in-f' 6 I '1 J 1 0.1-U Nly W U4-L, 4 ' 95' ffu A xy,LU MIM' If-lv 5 P S6 lo 4- " 1 0 .W M D ! P 7 1 MAE- A 164 ki 95 F Yu AC 62 G55 1" .L Ulla: L las.. ? CReudmg croxsu :se rom mp left to rzgbtj NANC Y F GORDON Immafulxie Cfmaplmu 566 Plymouth Asc S icnulxes Athletic Assouatxon QHIRI FY A C OI LD Holm Rusarm 328Ch1ltl idx: fixes Qodalxty llcllarm1neC lub C lee C lub Athletic Asso uatxon C arver C lub PHYLLIS T C1RIl I O Y! lmfreu Ili Pelross Dr Adu :ties ll C nrcolo Dante Athletic Assouatlon 'Nlauonal Honor Souety C1abrlel Staff HERNADETTI M C RIMM Holy Redeemer 12 I 5 'Vo Cnootlman Alctxulxes Bellarmnne C lub Athletlc Assouatlon DORIS M C RIMM Holy Redeemer 291 Bernard Qt Nidnxtzes Sodalxty Iiellarmme Club Athletnv. 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C lulw lxfhltllt ASSCJLIJIIOD C QM irym C lulw C.1rw.rC uh DCJRCDIIIY NI SINRALA Sl sflllllllllf I5 Northeaxt Awe lzlnzlnr IICIIIFIUIHE C lub Athlun 'kssuuilmn CDYC I 'NI SINICJNIDS SS Peter null ml 4 Henmn St lllfltf Scd.1l1ty I ruslm Chulr C L llom LU FICJIIIILS C lulw 'Ithletn Assuu mon MARII A NIXX IC Ixl S1 Sf mnlznx Zl IJCLICIIIIII Sr Ictuzluv Athletn Xssou mon C lrwcr C lulw N monal Ilonor Souuy C xlurlcl SUIT NI RC ARI I 'NI SPI 'NC IR S Ilwm 1 96 Illlu1ttSt lzfuxlnv Sodallly IICIIIFIIIIHL Club Athletxu IISSOLIJIIOD C arwer C lub Student C uunul Rcpresenmtxu ANNA NI 5IJI RR Sl Illcblef 'IX R1Ll1oSI 1111189 Numlalxry II lIlI'!I1ll'1L Club Per-usxm Chmr C L6 Club Axhlum Xssuuxumm X xrsnly lhsketlull NIARIINI NI SPINDIIR Sl Hun zu 66 Nu C mrdmm St lIIfllK X ern Xsxou mon C 1rxerC s clnzfn on 1 IIN mu Lonmnms Xthletln -Msn tmn C +.NI1rs1'1 C lulw C 1rurC 'N R N1 All ll 4 I 'H XX IIIIINIELICHI Rll lclzutiu Ihr lleutsehe N cram Xthletu 'Issou mon -KN Il NI lilfmd Sur :mean 1009 Park 'XXL Ifflllflcf Sodalxts l.eC ezmlm lrlmams 'XIIIILIIL kiauuumn C GNIAFSAFI C lub C .1rw.erC lulw NJIIOHJI Honor Nuuers C alwrxel Nia ILIIIOFII1 C hxel NALLX I NTI LFN St Ingnvlme "U" XXOCJCIIWIFIE -ML IL'1IlIfltK Sodalltw IIEIIIFIUIDC Clulw Xlhltlli. Aisoudtmn Hu by Cluh C GXIIFNHU Cl lw C lrscr Clulw 'Nltxonal Honur Souety RH Rl I X -X T-INC Ixl I Iifuxuf S111 lmeul Iv C mrerhurw Rd 4 lllllzf No allts Le erre II'1l'lCllS President Nemor enu. C lulw Mhleuv. xnuatmn C eNI1ry in 1 w Caru Club N munll Hmmm' Nouns C 1lwr1elNt1f'f C l1ssPrc.51denr I Ll N 5 Um I nfl Infufu if Help Ill Rcsolulc Nt z xzzlfu Nur xlxty Churmm of 'Iposumlu CCJII1I'l1lII8 ,L mm n Ilume lurnm Clulw Mhluu. Mxuudt10r1 6 Y? ..a-4 rw L, Ewan, 'IE' "WS- L 'N' L 1-.-X S I A A A X LVWE, A 45-ru A F , 5 I , tt 1 ' 0' ' fa l J ' -C --'-fv, ' , , x, 5 A . I .ixj , .I , I xi' 5211... 1. .. mi ,-iffy' fm f ' ', 4 je .HA 'Q ', Ile- C,lulw, e lf' - C A A .' 'A',Qa 4-fs. 4 lA Q Qi f1,. 5' A mi, A I 1 A. . K' ' ,v . R ' . I y M ' , . "mf-. .-mt-' '. A qi I' Q . - ,1 'Q all-' ' L li ' .hi .' fu f1"XIl7'f . 5 1 5 fl n I I Q .. ' a , .1 ' . L1 . - SIIIRIIY ANN Sllllf S.lcr'mf1l4'.1r'l 9 46 Magee Ave. ' .-1- s i.l '. H. - 12' 'W Cilulw. .C '- - B, 1 Cla' , In 1 lu. 1 . Q1 ' Qlulw. 'NH' I IfI.IfqX. 'CJ If. f '. IMI' f .LlfR Sf, Il.1r'grrr1l I.1r'1 10,3 .f"IfIX 1 W E- I I . pe I M R 'Q A 1fu,Q14'1ll ,.'z4A,i I MA 7 A. 3 ' f"'1'.-x, .ner 5 d -cn R1 fl 141 . ' A sq N. 1 ,. Q A5 ' , Q. I ll rim, Q -If Q Q Illi 't'11 l'lfI1'u1121. 'I I- 4, I . 1 I +9 ' , ,D .N A I 4, ,- 4 .i-r"'- ,'.' Q Ia"-fa' . q ' I ' e,IAr- 2 am' Q Siu Choir. ir 'HICS I .. ' 4 I -' I ' I Q vwil ' 1- xl ,el . 1 --b..,,f if 4 9 7l 1 N4 ' ui? MA 'Lthr 3' qu, 9' Ck 'O N -Q .-7 if' oi 'Y CR6rI!!il1.2 cr-ns5t1'i.wfr'n111 tnj1 ltjl In !'lkbfjI REA l. THCHWAS 916 Ritlgt: lioaltl Wi. Arlirifies: Perusittn Cfhuir, Athletic Assuciattitm, Nttmreth Academy Band, Lztnthorn Stuff. JCTANNE Al. 'l'RAl'Cll.lNCJ SI. lfrirfqel .ZC1CQolc St. ,'lc't1't'ifivx.' Sotlality, Athletif Association. CQARCJI. ANN 'l4iClfACfY .S't1c'1'e1f Hcflrl 267 liluwcr C.ity Pk. ,'ia'tiz'ilies.' Sudality, Cilec Cilub, Athletic Associutiutt. CiARlNllfLA P. 'l4lClfl5lANlCJNDlf .S'f1t'1'c'1fllc'il1'I 7-50 lfluwer Clity Pk. ,'lt'li1'itie,g.' Sotlztlity, Home lfcunmttics Cllub, Athletic Assu- ciation, DCJLCJRIES CQ. l'NCQIiR Sf. .ll11rg1n'el.lli1r1 218 Sumershire Ur. Actiz'ilies.' Sodality, Glee Cllub, Athletic Association, Pam America Cllub, CieMaryun Club, Student Clouncil Repreientzt- tive, Ciahriel Staff, Lanthurn Staff. IRSI LA F VAC C A Sl Pzhub Q N1r1tog.,1 Au ldrunet Sodality Athletit. Assoutttmtt lNlARCzARl'I 'Nl VanC ISI S1 lllgllfflllt 798 Arnett Illxd 4rt1z1t1e.v Qodality Perosidn Choir C lee C lub Xthletic Assn ctatitm C1e' C lub LARULI .I Wim de XX ATI R St lbemfrne S05 C ole Aw. ACf1l1fI8X Athletic Association 0--Q -ls" ,Q Q... L A W? KQ- Vl Rl Y A Y tn RCFSIX 'N Sl UIHI l2'av lun 'ond Rt 14111 :Het Sodallty Athlettt Assuultion Carver C lub BARBARA j Y Al C HAN Sl Iifru 1m 'ai Mulberry St 111111110 Athletiv. Asstrultmn RC C llilll N1 Il It I lllllll ZGCDNLH St ldzuizev Sodaltty Perus1.tnChotr Arhlettt 'lssutntion 1lNAC Un I nli C llffll w62 C enesu. l'.xrk lilx l IlIfl6'f Sotlaltty C lac Cl 1 utittiun tlvr Staff NAINC Y A Y HCIAN II111R1vnx 507 Ltltt N ten lfflllfltf Sodaltty liellarmtne C lub Commertitl C lub C I Club Xthletit Xsstmuattun Pan Amertta Cl b C trier C l Gabriel Stat? JOYC l 'NI VI RSIRINC Sl Clmrles Iimrfzzlef 2559 Dewey Ave. .' C izifies: Sotlality Cilee CQ b, Ath Atic Associ' i in an Americ1CQlub Ciarver Cilub, Lanthorn Staff. CRe111f1'11g f!'0X.Y1l'f.Yt'f!'UIll 1141 1111 111 r1g151J.' ANN 'I'. VILLA Holy 1-Ijmxtlex 90 Avery St. 1-l1'1i1111'ex.' Hellartnine Club, Home lfconomics Club, Il Circolo Dante, Athletic Association. CARMIQLA lf. VINCI S1. lr11111ix.X'1111'm- 59 Miller St. ANN M. VCJCYI' Holt Rezfeenzer 96 Thomas St. .'1C'ffIifi?.Y,' liellarmine Club, Cilee C.lub, Athletic Aisociation. ELLEN D. VCJLKMAR S1.4If1bu 1328 Long Pontl Rd. 11111 ifiiiil' Sotlality. .Athletic Association. BETTY S. XYALLACIS .S'11cre1l IIe11r1 1562 Dewey Ave. .lc1i1i1iex: Sodality, liellartnine Club, Athletic Association, Ciehlaryan Club, Carver Club. CARCJL M. VCIZCJMAN H1111 111111111 86 Lisbon St. .'11'1i1i1ie5.' Soclality, Bellarinine Club. Cilee Club. Athletic Asso- ciation, Hobby Club. CieN1aryan C.lub. C.arver C.lub, Varsity Basketball. CQLARIQ XY'liIl7lfR liltat.ve1l ,S'111r11n11f111 3-3 Xlferner Pk. .fl1'1111'1ies: Sotlality, Athletic Association, Varsity Basketball. VIRGINIA M. XYLIIDMANN Holi liillllill A92 Hague St. .'l1'1i1i1iex. Sotlality, Peroxian Choir, liellarinine Club, Cilee Club, Athletic Association. 'uf """' XM We-. -1' 4-mi """7? L 1 e I Zane-I. iv Q.. Y?-' tA CI 1tr11!lI11r1 it6Cl1y xe lr lllflk Notltlitx Clrchcstrt C lcc C lub Athletic Associ tti in C IFYCFC 1b 'VI ARA ANN XXIIHN1 Slcrczf H1 nl 5 8 Nlitgee Awe 111111111 Athlctic 'ASSCILIICIUFI C 1rxerC ub NI IANNI C XX ILNCJN Yuma' 11ezr1 '40 Alamecll St l1111111e Notlality l.eCcrclelr1nc11s Athletic Association Stal? Lanthorn Nt lfi C ARCDL ANN l NN INIIRRORN 0111 I 1111 fPerpe1l11f llclp 760 Axenue D 111111111 Qocltlits Chiirman ot Nliriin Fucharistic Commit tee Commercial C lub C Ice C lub Athletic Association C arxer Club N itionll Honor Societs I lnthorn Stiff DCJRCYI HX j XX INNI R H11 Rtfffflllkl 90 Norton St Clflllflt' Athletic 'XQSULIIIIUFI National Honor Noctetv ARLI Nlr D XX INNIIXX Slxl S1 811111 fmt 816 Norton Nt c Illflc llClllI'1IlIl'16 Club C lce Club Athlcttc Associitton Cirwcr C lub Linthorn Stiff L A at 'wiv gun vig S..- LAL 1 J 39- A 151 Q' , 9 Eng 5C, Hr A rb :sr 1 i , 1 ea A x L I ' H' in 5' . 1 Y " -a . if it l A . 'J i .M 'W A i f .- f f C 1 'Ga S 'P ' A F yi AL Y -' L . , 6 , it -H .ALI .5 MARIII XYIELCIII .Sl 11 ' A It ' ,A' . , .' 14 1-13 ' - t. i"i .. 'it 't , 'W 'N ' .4 Qlt . 'A '11 . I 1 .IQTNK -Al it -Q-iii ol l , 1 , 1 1. ' . , CieNlaryiiIn CQIub.xCQiirver Cluib, N-aiioiial 'Honor Societf'.Ciii1briel ' .5 -ii, i is Q ..'.'?.Ki".U4f ' 1' '.1 C1 ' 1 ' A . " i ' Tift: ' i f 1. in w 5, l If 50 ' V X1 75 ,f 'tx ik. Q25 Q... Reading rrosszuse rom lap lefl Io rzgbtj ir OAN N XVOLLQC HIICFR St Bridge! 195 Avenue li IRINI H YASlxl LSlxl S1 Slzmvlans 95 Solwleskl St Activities Peroslan Choir Athletm Assouatxon larver Club lC'fllIfI6'5 Sodallty Perosnan 1 hour liellarmxne C luls C le MARY A ul R-I-7 H011 Rajan 423 Glenwood Ave Klub Athletxc Assouatlon C1eMary1n C lub Carxer C lub Activities Sodalxty Athlet1CAssoLtat1on Carwerlluh National FLINOR C ZIMMIR Holt Rmnt il Runes Pk Honor Socxety Gabriel Staff iztzums Athletu. Assoclanon Student! ounul Represenunwe xbl-UMUV was f 1' LSQ45 f' :Alf ETH A Mary F Brten v ,. M Marianne l' Englert A- Scholashc Honors Q' fCl7'Cl8S, Sentors who have attained a yearly average of mnety per cent and above m final and quarterly examinations for four years Sarah A Buscaglna 'il 1-' X 5 x 'li I Hr? L Dons A Derleth 1 xl in Ann M Connors ,V Patrlclaj Lamgan 4 'X Nlartlynj Hynes af julxe M Clohessy Center QT., 3 v Marlon A Houor 'Ui A15 1? ' f s joan R lxxnsky z,, xx 1 , Q Ji' 7 g. QQ' 2 5' 'lv L ... L 1 . V. f . I, Q6 . t 460 s 1- O - rn 0 . D 4 xv . ' tt N l ve f I 1 9 4' . I . . . 4? CPO . . . i . x N A I X XX N, 1 l f. . X vw A 4 H , Q J A, A . f 'ff W l x J l av, ' - 1 , f U, + l F a' 6' 13' 'hiv Su ? joan N1 Lark ci l lu1.y A .utr Muslc Gr zanne C XX llson Q- ' fa acluates Dorothy j 41-SQ Tir Niary A XX ur Q Us 1 . 5 - fi' A R R.-pr , I -J ' i ' A K. ' " A ' . 2 t -I I 3' 3: 5 ' an .4 .,x ' gg. 2 .A -T7 1 , v . . ' .MO ' ' X joan H. Stein QT,-ga. 1. ' " p W' i ' J 'X m .. x 5 v ' , 1' : Y , ' V KZ ...J Margaret M Mchay 'Vlargaret M Ryan fwlter 'bf at i. -'17-Q I An XX lsner fs 141 '19 54- nne IN Dorothy n M Schelhle othnagle A Roux yf A Bug Day Ahead QLeflj Looktng., forward to their graduatton recital Flleen Ilanagan Duane Branch seated Mary Hunter look over some of thetr and faw orlte selectnons 5 if Q J Our Leaders in Activities .Unch of the victory achierecl in any game, iII11ch of the success attending work well done, ,Iluch of the applause received 1111011 the stage Belongs more to him who trained than to him who zcorz. In the picture on the opposite page are Sister Rose Teresa and Patricia Metzger. ACTIVITIES XLLU MIN Q 40 ffxb Q1 5TH AC 5 47- 36 fo iff Q 4 cOJ I Q1 1. rn 1 v ! I I . -1551 1' 1 m e 944, f 0 77 - lt nv' .u-4' Q.. N. Sisters of St. Joseph Highlights of History The community of the Sisters of St. joseph had its origin in LePuy, France, in 1650, when Reverend john Paul Medaille, S.-I. applied to the Most Reverend Henry de Maupas, Bishop of LePuy for its foundation. The Sisters whose lives were consecrated to the caring of the sick and the poor were one of the first groups of religious women to combine the active with the contemplative life. Tying up the Material with the Spiritual CI ppm-J: lrene Roberts, joanne l.el7rois, Marie Ann liruppenluacl-ter kneeling. llelen Sltelly, Alice Marie Vfelch xltzmfiug. members of the mission committee, stop their wrapping ol' packages headed lor Selma and missions abroad to admire one of the pretty dresses destined for some little Negro girl in Selma, Alalutiiigt. Precious Minutes ll fljler. opfmxife ptzgeji lfwery minute in a sodal- ist'5 life is precious. Here, Sodality officers, Anne Nothnagle, Mary Ann lflynn, lleleti Teuschel, Patricia Lanigan Awful. Margaret Leslie, -Ioanne Lelfrois, Carol Ann XYinterkorn. joan Kinsky 5mmf1'ug. are reading over the minutes ot' the last meeting. Hercilds of Prayer flffuerj: All worth-while tivities merit publication. Mar- jorie Hadlock, Margaret Leslie, Rita Zlotnik,-loan Gaffney, and Helen Kenny, members of the publicity committee, post the special intention for prayers for each day in November. '78 W , -A aff 'hir Qs. v' L..-l t,-lb-fl 'fjtftlj L--l L-,J L..-ll--'l - an 11 cf. 'i if ,I in ai The tiny messenger angel knocked on the door and waited eagerly for the filing angel to answer his sum- mons. :Ks he stood there, he looked up at the large gold letters embossed on the door, HEAVEN? FILE OFFICE. PLEASE KNOCK. Suddenly the door opened and a voice asked, "Well, little angel, what do you have for us today?" "The yearly summary of the Sodality at Nazareth :Xeaden1y," he timidly answered. With an "All right. Thank you," the filing angel took the report and the little angel turned and flew away. As he walked toward the liles marked SUDALITY, the tile angel looked at the report he held in his hand. On it was written: Nazareth Academy Sodality, Rochester, New York, Lf S. A., Earth. Yearly report: 1949-1950. "Always a good report?" mused the angel as he glanced over the year's record. 'Wienerated the relic of St. Francis Xavier in October," he continued. "Why, the next time I see St. Francis, l'll have to tell him about that. l'm sure he-'ll remember them before the throne of the Queen." "Hmmm," murmured the angel, "sold Christ- mas cards to help educate a Lhinese girl, No wonder their hearts were so ioyous at their Cihristmas dance." Mariel this ls their March report: Reception of the s H sodalists a. andmaids of the Blessed Sacrament and their Diocesan Day of Recollection. Now, let me see," 79 he mused. "If I remember correctly, there were about eighty sodalists received as handmaids. That really was quite a showing for the King. And those sodalists made good practical use ofthe ideas presented them on Recol- lection Day." "Ah, here is the May report! How Our Lady loves the month of May? May Day! Mission Day! And how she loves her ladies of Nazareth with their beautiful May Day ceremonies." Then as he glanced over the proceeds of Mission Day, he bowed his head and approvingly said, "Those students certainly aren't afraid to spend a little money on Mission Day. Why, it's amazing how the missions are helped through the proceeds of Nazareth's Mission Day sales." As his eye caught the last item on the page: Committee Projects, his interest redoubleel. "Socialists," he read, Hworked in settlement houses after school and on Satur- day, helped the Sisters of the Cenacle after school, gave clothing, their pennies, and their prayers to the missions, and promoted the spread of good Catholic literature through publicity campaigns and through distribution of magazines. "Well, well," he said, "those Nazareth sodalists are really going right to town. Every year their report gets longer and better. It won't be long before they have a special tile drawer all their own." 4 lyk QE Sisters of St Joseph Hlghlughts of Hlsfory The rule ofthe Ststers of St joseph drawn up by nts founder, Reverend john Paul Medanlle S J follows the rule of St Ignatius, whnch has for nts basxs that of St Augustine, one of the four anclent rules recognized by the Church It ns just but lirm and those professmg tt are bound by the perpetual vows of poverty, chasuty, and obedxence Imagine stepping into a room void of all color, Walls, ceiling, floor, furnishings blend into one drab, gray massi This would be the picture of Nazareth if there were no clubs, for elLllWs.1eltl color and life to all other activities. The language clubs are most colorful. The lirench club's .innual play l,ii'lIlbc'f2t' du Cltetuf Bltme was particularly bril- liant, as brilliant as the lireneh horse himself. Yergil's birthday party served by the members of the Nlantuan Circle, clothed in glistening white tunics with sleeves lined with scarlet, had all the coloring which Dido, the Phoeni- cian Queen, would have used for Yergils immortal Aeneas' banquet centuries ago, Then red hearts and flushed faces pre-dominated on the occasion ofthe ll Circolo Dante party and dance, for it was held on St. Valentines Day, that greatest of lovers' days. is for the Der Deutsche Yerein club, its members have learned many songs: l'1'e1dez1rbj!en1, Hobby Club fffirclej: Hop on your hobby horse and find yourself a hobby This is the cry of Phyllis Kress, Maureen Golding, seated: Helene Kirchner Rose Marie Lincoln and Libbie Nasello who are soliciting a membership drive Monufcn Circle fl.uu'erj: How would you feel on your 2,0l9th birthday? Helen Goodman, Doris Derleth, jacqueline Rose, and Margaret Ryan wonder as they watch Ann Scheible eut Vergil's birthday cake Le Cercle Francais 11 lflflff. npjmsile pfzgejz Card games are universal games! Vera Saikley is explaining in French a game played in France to Beverly Rainear, Barbara Hefferon, and Marie Santay Der Deutsche Verein t1,nu'er, nppnsile pagejz Folk songs are always favorites, but they become even more so when sung in their native tongues. This happy group are members of the German club: Ruth Heger Marlene Noessner, Catherine Vfoerner, Margaret Baumgartner silling: Dorothy Bluhm, Nancy Keiling, joyce lflavin, Edna Loeser Nancy Kremer, Nancy Burke, Margaret Mueller, Ruth W'englein Katherine XX'eber, Barbara Hunt, Helen XY'ehs, Angeline Mastri slaruling. v l'f6'7"Qf.fJl716f7Z!1!L'li7f, and 0 Tifer ztezt, O 11011671 are but a few which paint beautiful color pictures. But most charming of all is the traditional hesta of the Pan America club, as senioritas, magnificent in their gay-colored costumes, paid tribute to Espana in its fall dance, Color also permeates all other clubs. We have but to take a ringside seat to view the circus of colors that adds zest to our annual Bellarmine club debate with Aquinas, Then there are the blue ribbons for which the Clommereial Honor Society put in so many hours of practice before the typee writer, and the striking pastels of our Meridian club sta- tionery which links our GeNlaryan division with England, France, and Germany, our Orion division with Puerto Rico, Chile, and Argentinag our Oriental division with the Philippines and Japan. The Hobby club also has its array of color in its stamp book collections, its beaded embroidery fCw1tnme1!oi1 page V22 7 3-J . e e X, X, f Nw l 4 i s i , e , . ex' xx 5 ' i xbx ' Lt N Q 5 81 Sisters of St. Joseph Highlights of History Prior to the French revolution the congregation existed only in France. Communities of the Sisters of St. joseph besides that of LePuy were established in Bas, Boissen, and Monistrol, where Sister St. john Fontbonne, who was to do great things for the congregation, was first appointed superior. Commercial Honor Society fffeuterjs Surrounded hy Ann Connors, julie Clohessy, Anne Kregal, Mary llrien, and joan Lark, her five-point Commercial Honor Society star, Sister Helen Concepta shows them their hard-won certificate of admission. Senior Science Club QCirclej: Looking at slides through the micro- scope prove a worth-while project for Mary Anne DeLaura, Eileen Flanagan, Sylvia Knebel, Mary Margaret Leary, Mary Grace Battle seated. Nancy Costich, Elizabeth Finks, joan Gaffney, and joyce Kirchner slandiug at this meeting of the Senior Science Club. r-v QS K,-'I Meridian Club fLou,'er. opposite pagebz Striving to master chop- sticks sent to them by a Chinese pen pal is the aim of Patricia Slayton, joy Veltz, and Geral- dine Roland, coached by Grace Brown and Margaret Miller. CContinued from page bill work, its tlclitiitc sht-ll icwclry. to stu' nothing of thc pitttircsqtic tostultlcs of its collection of importctl tlolls. iirccn .intl hrown will gilwiiys stantl for onrf irvci' tluh lo prow tlictnsclvt-s Xlothcr Xattirc s hclpt-rs, thc Chir- vcrnins pl.intc.l ti sllltill pinc ,is ti part of thcir tr.itl1t1on.1l Arhor ilu tclchmtion intl X'Vll.1ILlLllWl1LlS mort to .lo with colors than thc Scnior SLICITLC tluh. lhc trvstahnc tolors ot tht- thcnnoils, thc prisrniitit tolors of .1 my of hroltcn light, thc soft tolors of ntttnrc itll gttltl to thc t-nioy rncnt of rncinhcrs of' this tluh. Thus our sthool hlc is inittlc morc lwcantiful hx thc colors wc hntl in thc tlnh hfic tit Ntizgircth 82 Carver Club Upper rigblj: A Christmas quiz provided fun for these five Fine whizes at the cluh's Christmas party. Santa fGeraldine Kohlmeirj is awarding a prize to joan ne Bargy, while Geraldine Busco, Denise Dolan, Loretta Petix, and Angela Stan- ziola congratulate their winning opponent. 'LW' E41 4 9 .-f pQP'0"""' X N .1 ' ' 4? ' E2 - lv., Anil Allis I it 5 4 1 4 xx g xg l Q a ts- .Ji Sisters of Sl. Joseph Highlights of History 'V-' During the Reign of Terror the con- gregation was suppressed for loyalty to its Catholic Faith. Mother St. john re- turned to her home as did all the other religious throuighout France. Later she was imprisone : and, although she her- self escaped death, a number of Sisters of gt. joseph received the crown of martyr- om. 13214 UA ., V e-'-wtuilb Ea ..-e r A H fe...:'4 if ,ff J' . - 'W ' ' "U -- .a":e4-M A ... -.-Is Giving the Dummy the "New Look" QUpperJ: A bigger and better Book is the aim of Marion Hoctor, Nancy Donlon, Patricia Lanigan, Suzanne Wilson seated, Carol Lappan, Mary Anne DeLaura, and Mary Grace Battle as they cut, fit, and paste up dummy sheets. A Pause That Refreshes . . . Clipper, opposite pagel: . . . a pause in which Mary Margaret Leary, joan Lark, and jean Lark enjoy a bit of clever copy. To Make or to Mor . . . fLower, opposite pagej: . . . is the special privilege of any photo. Therefore, Elizabeth Finks, Rea Thomas, Dominica Gianvecchio, Sylvia Knebel, Margaret McDonald seated, Marie Kruppenbacher, Bernice Krzanowicz, Elizabeth Foos, Margaret Mur- ray, and joyce Verstring standing choose them carefully with an eye to sharp, clear pictures. , 1 'Ioyce Kilmer could never have heard of our Ianztborzz staff when he wrote: "Although the way was steep and long, And through a dark and lonely land, God set upon my lips a song And put a lantern in my hand," Yet, with slight variations these words could easily be applied to the feelings of the staff as we worked throughout the year to produce the best lamzlvorzi ever. As we struggled through the first few months, enticing the student bodv in September to part with two dollars and fifty cents, the price of the Larztlwrzl, which would DOI be delivered until June, and our co-classmen to place their pride in cold storage until their four patron contract blanks were filled, then deciding on a suitable theme, capable of 84 being carried through the book, planning a workable dummy, which would not plunge us into the red, yet artistic enough to warrant a top-notch book after submersion in the acid test of contest judges all these showed us in a very short time that the way of a good yearbook is steep and long. But if the way was rugged and ditlicult, the land to which it led was anything but bright and friendly. Darkness settled upon us, as we groped about looking for interesting copy, clever captions, and good subiects for outstanding photos. Yes, the land was dark and lonely, but how wonderfully thrilling it was when we discovered what we sought! How our voices rang out! How our hearts sang! The land was no longer dreary. And now thatllune is here, there is a song upon our lips, for we have come to place our 1950 Larztlmrai in your hands -..J-eq' i Hub of the News Wheel if Iiflllil, Vhltfllllg 110111131 ,Ioan Stein, editor-in-chief: Ann Ui- Kiirnlmno, associate editor: lfi- lccn lflamignn, photugrzlpherg ffirzlw, nllljmxilv jmgu. rrazzlirlg left In rzgbtj: Louise Cimtmorton. nrt editor: Marie Siwicki. fea- ture editor. 'N-J if QR! K i """"s . ..,. uu- News Mongers cl 7 Nui lux jlnvr ism if M6 Sisters of St. Joseph Highlights of History After the Concordat of 1801 upon the request of the Bishop of Lyons, Mother St. john Fontbonne reestablished the Congregation of the Sisters of St. joseph in the diocese of Lyons. From here foun- dations sprang up over all France. Nor was France the only country of their labor. Under the superiorship of Rever- end Mother St. john, the congregation spread throughout Europe as well as North and South America. 10? ' if avr' ' I .Amy . A A -4 .1t' mi 1 Jiruthx liuni 5 Eaeh month ol' the sehool year at a eertain time anxious niurmurs sweep through Nazareths lltllls, "When is the paper eoming outf The stall worries even more than the students. Then, lust when it is least eltpeeted, the sehool newspaper arrives And the stall' reioiees, rernemlwering their slogan, "When youre down and out, lift up your head and shout, 'Therelll he .1 lialiriell ll l.ool-ting in on an unusual room on the third lloor ol'L'fll, one tan see .1 long "tonl'erenee" tahle, various taliinets topped lu' rulers, .1glL1L'L.lIl, pentils, a typewriter, and Yfii Yer-L Tumi tnagazines seattered here and there. Th liling ealwinet. This ls the "oline" ol' the Gabriel, Here the ere ls also it steel ealiinetelllled with llafsll lwullis, .ind a stall tan he seen eaeh month pouring patienee, pains, and paste into eaeh issue. The policy of the staff is that the school newspaper is school spirit in print. A dead paper signifies a dead sehool. Therefore, sehool life and the school paper must he closely integrated, for if there were no eager sports partieipants, there would he no lively sports victories to write up. If the student eouneil did not earry out any sueeessful proieets, there would he no real news. If students didn't on-operate on eonimittees for danees and parties, there would he no meaty front page or soeial life news. The Gabriel is one of Roehester's leading sehool news- papers. That is heeause of its eager reporters, aeeurate Iyplsls,eu-UpCI'a1IiVC editors, and a splendid faeultx advisor. Nloreover, it is the will ol' a spirited student hody that keeps the Gabrzel in eireulation, to preparing proofs for Just Looking CLowt-rj : How does the 7 Dolores lfnger, Angela they examine exchange fllbper, oppasiie pageb: An artistic-looking page goes a long way in increasing the subscription list, as jane Jessup, Joyce Marshall, and Nancy Verian know. Here jane and -Ioyce assist Nancy who cuts galley sheets prior school newspapers. "Tops," answers Ann Connors, Mary Rita Tascketta, Shirley Pesch, Betty Lou Olsen, GabrieI's Posfe-Up Artists the printer. Gabriel measure up to other high Palmieri, and Marilyn Hynes, as numbers from other schools. fl ff ,I ,ect if If J F55 Nh -gps p lr .ii ,sk ..-4' -1' Sisters of St. Joseph Highlights of History In 1836 six Sisters of St. Joseph, two of them nieces of Mother St. john Fontbonne, came to America at the request of Bishop Rosati of St. Louis. These Sisters first- opened a mission at Carondelet. The little log cabin which formed the first convent of the Sisters of St. Joseph in the United States and which became the motherhouse of stands today. no ij "Thirty Minutes with Martha" QA condensation of Frederick von Flotow's opera Martbaj The thirty minutes we spent one night last May with our junior songsters, Nazareth Academy Glee Club, in their presentation of "Thirty Minutes with Martha" was all too short. Frederick yon Flotow himself would have applauded as heartily as we their sweet clear tones. Their colorful peasant costumes with their pretty poke honnets, which they designed and made themselves, added much to our enjoyment of this light comedy. We are looking forward to another and, we hope, a longer song treat this spring. many foundations in America, still st ":"N ff, ...Q .at A st t 3 .y a . lvl Q3 gi i l 3 A , Rishi .,.,., , , AF We Do Mending, Baby Tending" . . U awerj: . . . "Vie can cook, sir ' and what more could anyone even The Sherilt CTh0mas Hurkholtlerj wish for in hiring one of these pretty maids: Nancy Reil- in , P tricia Ciouse, Ger- trude Resch, and jo Ann Latus. 88 Officers of The Glee Club ffjrrles. reading across double pagej: joan DeStephanis, president: jeanne Ehmann, vice-president, Patricia XX'ay- towich, secretary, Patricia Pfaff, treasurer. f M , ,4 if x f fa ja, f fi? W? f vi j 1, f ff J 9 f f fa? as 9 Y . n r -. mv "" v. .f -. ...- ' li .: 5 Y 4 .,, ,V 1 ' S 1: la 4 3 l W- P ' sf. l A Q I r . R, wx' Nj 'P' 'Wi ' A x ' -fit' L A ,, .,. ff . ah "Come and Join Us at the Richmond Fair . . " fl.ou'erJ: . Sing these lads and lassies as they join hands with their partners for a graceful folk dance. 89 1 5 2 v E Nazareth Academy Glee Club Personnel First row: Rosalie Petiz. Lorraine King, Margaret Rhein- wald, Mary K. Smith, Mary DiNitto, Roxana Hall, Kathleen Nolan, joan Sullivan, Mary Travers, Patricia Pfaff, Rosemary Zipfel, Beverly O'Dell. Second row: Loretta Rae, Carol Aspenleiter, jean Foos, jean McWhinney, Maureen Newton, Barbara Bailey, Nancy Kremer, jeanne Ehmann, Elizabeth Driscoll, Marjorie Capadano, Constance janczak. Third row: Carol Doescher, Kathleen Nolan, Mary Ann Bauer, Nicolina Petrarca, Patricia Willis, Noreen Havens, Winnifred McLaughlin, Nancy Keiling, joan Rabita, Carole Manion. Fourth row: Eleanor Wiecorek, joan Mickewitz, Eleanor Dominiak, Patricia Gouse, Norma Falva, joan LaVeck, Rita Usselman, Edna Loeser, Mary Ghianni, juliette Wehle. Fifth row: Arlene Amico, Nancy Auer, joan DeStephanis, Barbara Weiss, joan Weber, joyce Adamski, Mary Ann Dingfelder, Alice Traut, josephine Bovenzi. Sisters ol St. Joseph Highlights of History Within four years of the arrival of the Sisters of St. joseph in America new mission houses were established throughout the country. From the novitiate at Carondelet Sisters were sent in 1840 to take Charge of an orphanage in St. Louis. In 1847 an- other or hanage was opened in . Philadelphia. These missions proved so successful that on the invitation of the bishops of the dioceses others were soon founded in St. Paul, Min- nesota, Toronto, Canada, and Buffalo, New York. Nazareth Academy Band Personnel Front row: Catherine Ostrye,josephine Liberti, Marcella Gardiner, Margaret Miller, Audrey Lambert, Mary Louise McArinney, llma Taylert, joyce Leiieau, Nancy Natalello, Rose Mary Mackie, Lorraine Metz. Back rows: Suzanne Klee, Patricia Mills, Elizabeth Hier, Carol Ives, Carol Doescher, Dolores Lelioo, Beverly Hier, Mary Harrington, Mary Ann Riley Theresa Fink, Carol Vigilotti, Diane Branch, Rea Thomas, Virginia Doescher, Veronica Smock, Patricia Slayton, Mary Agnes Shapley, joan Foster, Mary Louise Mclfall, Eleanor Zapf, jay Veltz, Constance Knoepfler Suzanne Costich. Sfdlllfiflgf Gloria Billitier, Frances Hack, Mary Robonie, Theresa Robonie Louise Kraus, Mary Lillian Greco, Geraldine Schmitt, Marilyn Davis. '66 ..."2., 1 . Officers of the Band K-1 fl'Pl7f.'r z'ircle.t, rernfiug .1t'r'o.vs double pagej: Audrey Lambert. president: Rea Thomas, vice- presidentl Theresa Fink, secre- tary and treasurer. 5 3 .?"' 'Y ,U 43 as-ts., V L Officers of the Orchestra ll.ou'er circles. reading across double pagej: Diane Branch, presidentg Nancy Costich, vice-presidentg Suzanne Cos- tich, secretary and treasurer. v M., qi '18 l Nazareth Academy Orchestra Personnel lirrml rouz' lfllen Hettel, Barbara Knipper, Arlene Klem, Patricia Hammill, Mary Louise McArinnery, Audrey Lambert, Ilma Taylert, Catherine Ostrye, Virginia Doe- scher, Diane Branch. Back rows: Patricia Noonan, Patricia Hally, Dorothy Kawanaugh, Theresa Fink, Mary Hunter, Sally lilam, Margaret Baumgartner, Joanne Bargy, Delores Attarde, Lorraine Metz, joy Veltz, Rosemary Mackie, Mary Lou McFall lpartially hiddenj Veronica Smock, Suzanne Costich. Strnzzliugx Bernadette Vorndran. Eileen Flanagan, Marilyn Davis, Mary Lillian Greco. 91 T lv s he 'ii CVCI1 took lm, L' id cena by Dorothy Rood Stewart his year the dramatic classes departed from the usual custom of presenting a play which customari ets its scene in the lnn, Instead, the main scene place heneath the stars on the road to liethle where many strange events occur. A simple hearted poet served to inspire a dynamic mer ry Galilean that money could not change the ts that were to occur on this strange night night strange indeed, for on this night the age old prophecies of the Old Testament were to he fulhlled a Savior was to he horn Principals in Cost JM new if ui' Mary . joseph . . The Galilean The Poet . Cake Waxman Anna . . jacob . . Geraldine O'Brien . Betty Munding Marlene DeMattia Mary Lou Heisel . Joyce Verstring . Carol liovenzi Audrey Hunt fi t if v 17Q"'l,1Qh "'l'W""'fnw if 3 5 .fl K '. 'L 'I gd E-C txhcifxii A sl' . . -s . gt J! , QL' JK R, ff Sisters of St. Joseph Higmagm, of History On December 8, 1854, the litst foundation of the Sisters of St. Joseph in New York was mule at Canandaigua. There they opened an acade- my, free school, and o-riphanage. In 1857 at the rzguest of Bishop imon the community open an institution for deaf mates in Bufalo. In 1864 an asylum-St. Pntrick's lum-was built in Rochester for children manned dur- ing the Civil War. "For unfo Us o Child is Born" QCircleJ: The shepherd fBetty Deckmanj and an Angel fRita McGuireJ adore the Infant as Mary fGeraldine O'Brienj and , St. joseph fBetty Mundingj lovingly watch over Him. "You Liked Our Song . . ." fLowerJ: . . . Asks the singers fCecilia Delly and Dolores Massaj. "Well enough," the Galilean QMarlene De- Mattiaj admits grudgingly, as the pass- ershy iMarie Caruso and Sylvia Knehelb and the poet fMary Lou Heiselj throw them coins. "A New Lomb in Winter . . ." fUpper, opposite pagej: . . . exclaims the cake woman fjoyce Verstring, fourth frum lgftj to jacob fAudrey Hunt, holding the lambj, marvelling at the miracle that has taken place. "5-fl X mzigxkx s 'mf C: 'aff . I.,- -fs:fsfqj,sfgssfQ,s:sff.fgy. x . ,X 'The Prophecy Is to Be Fulfilled . . .'er. opposite pagejz . . . "The heavens declare the glory of God," exclaims the poet CMary Lou Hei- sel shmdingl to the awe ofthe unbelieving Gali- lean fhlarlene DeMattia 56'COHlllff'0II1 rigbtj as the boy fMary Bellamahj, jonas fjoan Burroughsb. Simon 1Anne liregalb, Anna Klarul Bovenzij, Rachel Qlletty jane Doc- torb, and jacob fAudrey l"lll!'llj gaze wonderingly at the star. 95 ,wwf The hustle and hustle of preparations for the Christmas dance had suhsided. Hundreds of heds had heen stripped of their linery, the refrigerators had given up their fragrant corsages, the stammer- ing Prince Charmings had passed the parental in- spection and had escorted their lovely Cinderellas to their Dad's cars or taxis, and quiet had settled down in their respective neighborhoods. But it was not quiet at Nazareth, The dancers had transported their gaiety, fun, and laughter with them. Three hours they danced, some in the audi- torium to the accompaniment of Syl Novelli's orchestra, others in the gym to the popular music of Bob Bruce and his orchestra. It was a heautiful sight. In the dimmed dance halls the lights of our Lady's shrine and those of the Christmas crib, together with the colored light of the many Christmas trees shining on the graceful figures of the dancers, gave the dance halls a fairy atmosphere. No one would have heen surprised, we are sure, if as the witching hour arrived, her escort turned out to be some enchanted prince. XX4 'L M, A Sisters of St. Joseph Cinderella Dances llfpper rigblbz Could Cinderella of Fairyland have had any more enchant- ing evening than did we at our Christ- mas dance! Smiles Were in Style . . . lffenter righljz . . . as Mary Margaret Zaenglein and her escort testify. Hearts and Flowers fLou'er rxgbtjz Say it with Howers reads the ad. Therefore, these hashful escorts present Patricia Clark and Shirley Ann Shorey with dainty corsages. In a Holiday Mood, opposite puqeji Mary Teresa Clifford merrily narrates an amusing episode to Kathryn Brett and Ellen Volkmar hetween dances, while their escorts listen in. lj S tx Q rig' I ' A7-X Highlights of History When in 1868 the Buffalo diocese was divid- ed and Rochester became a separate diocese under the Right Reverend Bernarddj. McQuaid, the Sisters of St. Joseph dissolve their aili- ations with Buffalo and became a diocesan community. They established their mother- house at St. Patrick's Orphanage in Rochester, where Reverend Mother Stanislaus became their first general superior. J I 1 'Y' 33, by George Hobart-Victor Herbert As sweet antl young as the name of this year's operetta were the members of the Perosian choir. In hlmy formals they sang for us our favorite lyrics from Victor Herherts "Sweet Sixteen" in young, sweet voiees, making us glatl we too are young and passingly fair. As for the eometly itself, the members of the tlramaties classes performed their parts superbly, We shall long remem- ber Zeke with his southern tlrawl and pretty Yvonne with her petite French manner, Mrs. Hammontl's naive simplicity in adopting the "polish ofthe elite" under the tlireetion of the very polished Monsieur Beaueaire, to say nothing of Yietoria's turn of heart in her love affairs with Todd and Morton. It was an evening we thoroughly enjoyed as are all the annual operetta evenings we have spent with our Perosian Choir and tlramaties classes. Principals in the Play Mr. john Hammond Gene Ferguson Mrs. Hammond, his wife Dolores Massa Victoria, his daughter Barbara Fricker if 1 jefferson Todd, his friend Russell Cassata Stanley Morton, Todd's secretary Robert Murray Gertie Greene, a manicurist Genevieve Marotta The Laird of Loch Lomond Francis Giannone Monsieur Beaucaire joseph Manning lm? ts ' - . , , E , l Q ' i f K s i b 0, "There's None So Sweet as Rosalind I i l lLou'erl: . . . Mabel fiiecilia Dellyl sings the charming Rosalind at the celebration for the guests, members ofthe Perosian Choir. 6 ,,N,, , 96 ww i 2 F... s P. N555 jk Q Happy Birthday, Patricia! 1Lou'erJ: How lucky is Patricia Pfaff to have picked St. Patrick's day for her hirthdayl Enjoying her birthday cake are Patricia herselfhloan Bargy,-loan Bisch- oping, Sheila Ford, Elizabeth Rauber, Patricia Sullivan, and Madelyn Meyer. Looking on are Donna Spitali and Betty Schmitt treading clockwise around tablej. When lrish Eyes Are Smiling . . fLnu'er, opposilepagejz . , . Every- thing looks as hright and as tempting as these trays of good things, carried hy Alice llehing, Darlene Finlayson, Patricia As- penleiter, and Shirley Green, who have taken over the serv- ing in a spirit of ftin. St llitritk lilltlscll ttmul.ln't have lountl niore ttilleens tletltetl 111 green not more slmtiirueks in lrelgintl than those that gratetl our tafeteria on his titty. lestive naplxiiis hetiimep.itty'h.1ts.tt1tl aprons l' W F -X'L'll Illk' llltllll Spfilllfkll tQT'L'Cll U'1lllllllllgN turslevf Y lr trimmetl plates ut hiseuit, tream ehitlten .mtl Irish potatoes, slmiiirotltashapetl pear salatl, .mtl tup- ttllies with emeraltl trusting were some of the tempting items listetl on the menu hoartl in the eg1lctel'1.1. lt was a tl.iy for the lrish, anti we were .ill Irish that elayl Emerald Frosting fCirclel: Surrendering her knife to Patricia Deg- nan's urging, Mrs. Gertrude Mathis watches Patricia as she dresses these St. Patrick's Day cupcakes in green coats. '--... 'S' It V, D 4 n. ,, .iff 98 Sisters of St. Joseph Highlights of History Reverend Mother Agnes succeeded Mother Stanislaus in 1882. She hlled this oEice for many years. Under her guidance the work of the com- munity increased. Besides stalling many parochial schools throughout the diocese, she established Nazareth Hall, a select school for boys, in 1884, and Nazareth Normal School for the training of young religious teachers in 1898. The Green Solods Were Popular! fl pperj In a festive spirit Mrs. Kathleen Neary permits Betty Moranz to Hnish garnishing this tray of salads with bits of green. -N "H-. 'S'W't9-- . Xu agar c Early in the year the Athletic Association train began its journey into Sportsland. There were those little towns quite near home-Hockeyville, where we stretched our limbs as we romped over the turf eagerly seeking a chance to drive the ball into the yawning goal, Tumbling Town, where with Kathryn Woerner, very skilled in the art of tumbling, we walked on our hands, built pyramids of people, traveled in carts with amazing wheels, and learned secrets of how to defy the laws of gravity. Others traveled only so far as Ping-Pong Point and Badminton Burrough, where an epi- demic of lost balls, broken birdies, and stringless rackets quarantined them for some time. Nevertheless, while there the lively tournaments compensated much for the fun they forfeited in other places. As the miles piled up behind us, other towns appeared. There was Bowlingburg, where we clutched our umbrellas, only to be informed by Arlene Klem that the roaring thunder did not foretell storms, but rather showers of fun that fell as bowling balls struck down stubborn pins. Next came Swimmersville. Here our mermaids, led by Carol Predmore, splashed and frolicked to their hearts' content. At last the city of our destination arrived Basketball City, the capital of Sportsland. There the courts were the scenes of contests between intramural groups and visiting opponents, presided over by referees and umpires, members of Sportsland's judiciary body. So important is this city that we have devoted a double page to its merits. Suflice it to say, it lost none of its glamour on close inspection. On our return home many of us abandoned our railroad compartment at Jodhpur junction, for May had arrived. Thus by horse 'Il' saddle we ended our delightful journey through Sportsland. . a,.y....... Hockey Enthusiasts fUpperJ: The fall campus was the scene of many lively games led by our hockey varsity: Dorothy Rozzi, Angela Palmeri, joyce Ford, Carol Meagher, Clare Weider, and Sybil Rosenbauer kneeling, Carol Wegman, Rose Marie Lincoln Carol Ann W'interkorn ean Arnold oan Brooks, and Lois Degler standing. l J l J Sending Sally Down the Alley . . fLowerJ: . . . ls a favorite activity among these junior sports fans: Mary Robonie, Lucy Apton, Therese Robonie, Marilyn Bloomer, Arlene Klem, Carol Meagher, and Eloise Kemp. Dolores Wochna takes her turn. 100 Defying Jock Frost . . . fLlt1per rigbtj: XVinter does not har Nazareth mermaids, Anne Rains, joan Ringlestein, Carol Predmore, Carol Hautekeet, Carolyn Hautekeet, Helen Thompson, Su- zanne Costich, Barbara Buelte, joan Dutcher, Carol Meyers, Monica Quinlan, Mary jane Schultz from enjoy- ing their favorite sport. i h an ' 1.1 Bowling Scores any .2 Shirley Sekel 250 Mary Sullivan 247 Irene Lacinski 241 Lucy Apton 255 Doreen Sohczak 199 joan Meckewitz 196 Dolores XY'ockna 195 Theresa Robonie 195 Carol Fox 188 Mary Robonie 181 A Busy Sports Yeor Ahead 1Cirfle7: Together with Miss Con- heady. Betty Bauer, Dorothy Rozzi, Shirley Sekel. and Patricia Pilot plan an active sports docket for the 1949- 1950 sports year. Bot-er Up fLou'erj.' Barbara Looney awaits her chance to make a homer, but not if joan Arnold, catcher, lives up to her reputation. J J.- fal it P t V, N" if if A sf 'L I I - ' ea- vw., WY" ' M Sisters of St. Joseph Highlights of History The turn of the century brought new foundations: St. Ann's Home for the Aged, and St. Agnes Institute, art school and music studio, both in 1906, St. joseph's Ho?ital in Elmira, and the new Nazareth Aca emy building on Lake Avenue in 19163 all were established during the superiorship of Rev- erend Mother Agnes. Her wise and gentle administration ended on her death in May 1 92 1. f "I ' fi if " A :Qu Ya ' 'I . ' A f' 'Y f- wg, xx 62342 T1 P , 1' M Sa- 4 g - --.,.... KJ Jr,u,L L Q! f J tlbaflu 'X' lair! U V ffl!! X 'ky l . pl i Our Junior Varsity fCircleD: Barbara Looney, Shirley Pilot, Lois Degler front row,- joan Brooks, Carol Meagher, Joyce Ford, Margaret Klem second row: Barbara Hunt, Sheila Conheady, and Betty Bauer have worked hard this year. They too have an excellent record. Good Ball, Helenlll? . . . Uioweri, rigbtl: . . . No, not quite! and cheers become groans in this animated game between Sacred Heart Academy and Nazareth. Although never officially recorded in an astronomical treatise, there is a special constellation visible to Nazarenes from December to March. lt is our basketball team. The thirteen star members can be found in the gym almost every afternoon during these months, practicing pivots and shots until they shine with perfection. This constellation takes the form of a V symbolic of their victorious season, for unlike the heavenly stars they have never fallen. If we were to look into one of their practice sessions, we might discover their secret for maintaining a victorious formation. Tiny and scrappy comes the captain, Sybil Rosen- bauer, leading the guards as she leaps up for rebounds. Not far behind follow Anna Sperr and Mary Lou Heisel hovering over any opponents who might try to score. Conhdently mastering a new zone defense, Nancy Costich, Clare Weider, andjoan Burroughs can be found shining in their own right. On the other side of the center line the shooting stars, our forwards, master their various shots. Yolanda Gianni pivots around for her special side shot while Helen Good- man cuts in for her sure-scoring push shot. With her efficient passes, which set up many a play for the no-less brilliant forwards, Clarisse Roland and Dorothy Rozzi, comes Rose Marie Lincoln, a reliable star in the constellation. Next 102 la A G 6 J in follow jane Trabold and Carol Wegman, whose spectacular long shots provided many thrills during the alumnae game. As the star-filled horoscope revolving in its sport orbit disappears, the entire school is proud of its star basketball team and hopes that in the future equally wondrous con- stellations will arise on the Nazareth scene. A Breath-Taking Moment . . . fblbper right, oppoxitepagejz . . . For Nazareth fans, as Dorothy Rozzi lumps high out of reach of Sacred Heart Academy's guards to break a tied score during the third quarter. Graceful as a Ballerina fCenter right, opposite pagejz Whether the score goes up or not, we enioy watching Helen Goodman do some fancy jumping steps, and as a rule her aim is met with cheers. Salute Our Smiling Varsity . . . fLower, oppositejz For Yolanda Gianni, Sybil Rosenbauer, Nancy Costich front mwf Clare Vfeider, Helen Goodman, joan Bur- roughs, Dorothy Rozzi second mug' Carol W'egman, jane Trabold, Rose Marie Lincoln, Anna Sperr, Mary Lou Heisel, and Clarisse Roland back row have good reason for smiles with a no-loss basketball season. 1 'S , o ' 7 " ' 5 9 X Chai we Q x Q4 .- Q, mzfwwi , lx or by Sally Benson The gay and sparkling family comedy Meer Me in St. Louif was presented this year as our senior play. The action occurs in St. Louis in the year 1904, the time of the great world's fair. The whole city seems to be very much excited about the fair and the Smith family is no exception. However, a problem is pre- sented when Mr. Smith announces that his firm has decided to send him to New York to manage the company's oflice there. A hilarious series of events follow in which the whole family does its best to make it possible for the family to remain in St. Lauis. After all the confusion has been settled and all a o gies have been made, the ly ends with 6 humming the gay and m -' s time' 'il eet e in St. Louis." f . ' f .1 , K' , yy i r? 4 f L, 1 AV' if ' "L Principa s in Cast Mr. Smith, a St. Louis business man john Murphy Lon, his son . . . William Wegman Grandpa, the great story-teller William Quinlan Tootie, who believes Grandpa's stories Mary Grace Battle Katie, the cook . Mary Theresa Clifford Rose, whom Grandpa calls "The Queen Carol Bovenzi Esther, determined to stay in St. Louis Clarisse Roland Agnes, another sister . . Rita McGuire Mrs. Smith, who dreads leaving her St. Louis home . Barbara Bartenstein f. Tigvai- fi 2, ' Tuisk, 'Qs ff be "Mama, Look ai The Fountain of Stars!" fLowerJ: Tootie fMary Grace Battlej and Agnes CRita McGuireJ foreground are over- joyed at the big fireworks display along with Grandpa QWilliam Quinlanj, Rose fCarol Bovenzil, Lon CWilliam W'egmanl, Mama fBarbara Bartensteinj,-Iohn Shephard Uohn Travisj, Esther fClarisse Rolandj, Papa Uohn Murphyj, and Fred Gregory fRobert Zurekj. 104 J' 5 X'- if' K LCV Sisters of St..Ioseph Highlights of History On the expiration of her term of omce in 1931, Reverend Mother Sylvester was suc- ceeded h Reverend Mother Rose Miriam. Reverendyi Mother Rose Miriam has admir- ably followed the example of her prede- cessors in their untiring work for the com- munity. The erection of Nazareth Colle e 'id' term" "a"i1'zf.:" S' 'rinsi- ment o t. nes ig oo or s, e opening-of a Negro mission in Seah, Ala- bama-all attest her zealous love for the furtherance of God's glory. xx 'N' f f "Now She Did lt" fUpper rigbtj: An angry Mrs. W'alsh fjoan W'oll- schlegerj accuses Tootie fMary Grace Battlej of detailing a trolley car to the amazement of Rose 1Carol Bovenzij, Papa fjohn Murphyj, Lon fwilliam W'egmanJ, the conductor CRobert Zurekj, and john Shephard fjohn Travisj. "Swallow One of these Chicken Hearts . . . ffpper lefij: . . and you'll marry the first man you shake hands with," promises Katie CMary Teresa Cliffordj as she offers the hearts to Esther fClarisse Rolandj to the delight of Edith fAlice Vfelchj, Rose fCarol Bovenzij, Annabelle fBetty jane Doctorj, Ida Cjoyce Verstringj, Sophia fVirginia Gavinj, and Lavinia QMargaret Spencerj. "John and I Are Good Friends" fLou'er1eftj: The menace from the East. Miss Lucille Pentard fjoan Gaffneyj flirts with john Shephard fjohn Travisj much to the disgust of Rose CCarol Bovenzij and Lon fXY'illiam Vfegmanj. "Ouch! . . . My Leg . . ." fCircle, oppositepagej: . . . Mr. Dodge Wfilliam Toolej exclaims loudly as Tootie CMary Grace Battlei tries to prove how unruly she is. Mama fBarbara Barten- steinj, Papa fjohn Murphyj, and Duffy QRichard Riversj are shocked, but Agnes fRita MCGuireJ finds it amusing. 105 ,-f- f Y? I 1 5 a f ' 3 ,O 4" ffl' 'Li if if A rife, 1. . Am t I t.. vying.. ti 'sw 'QS 2, 5 IVA li .Q is i rliiiwf The Crowning fCirclej: While the student body and their guests stand in reverent silence, Mary Angelini crowns our Lady, the Queen of May. Presentation of the Crown fLaufer, opposile pagej: Having blessed the wreath of roses, Monsignor Shay bestows it on Mary Angelini, Mary's maid of honor, who will crown Mary our May Queen. nd, l A ,..'g it QQ4 .Jill if , 1- 1 'H 'ft wi" -K' fw- X f"'f ,gf ffm H' .1 ugh 1 4 Sisters of St. Joseph Highlights of History Thus from its small beginning of four Sisters at Canandaigua in 1854 the diocesan community of the Sisters of St. joseph at Rochester now numbers over eight hundred members. God has seen fit to bless the work of those who with St. joseph as their patron have consecrated themselves and their work to do all for the greater glory of God. Cur Lady's Attendants CCer1terj: Our homeroom representa- tives in their seats of honor view the May crowning. Our Flower Bearers Upper, opposite pageb: Each home- room chooses its representative flower bearer. Here Marilyn Ladd and Bertha Guetti lay their homeroom offerihg of rosebuds at our Lady's feet. The Procession fLawer leftjz The student body lined up on the campus watch the proces- sion of Hag bearers lead the partici- pants in the ceremonies on their way to Our Lady's shrine. 1 A Q ' ,,. , x f -. 4' Q K M arms-e Q5 ' if uf' 106 J 'W ' iff A little angel sat on a hright, lleecv cloud directly over Nazareth one sunny May day. He looked down on husy hands lovingly constructing a hower of roses and lilies for our Ladv's shrine. Presently he saw the student hody clad in hlack and white lined up on the front campus, past whom a douhle line of white, crimson, and hlue gowned maidens gathered around the newly arranged hower, some to sing NIary's favorite melodies, others to present their gifts of rosehuds. Flying down for a closer loolc, he heard, mingling with the fragrance of the roses, spring tlowers, and incense, the strains of "O Mary, we crown thee with hlossoms today" and saw Nlary, our Queen ofthe May, receive the traditional crown of sweetheart rosehuds in our annual May Day ceremonies. How pleased the little angel must have heen to hurry hack to report to the other cheruhim how Our Lady smiled on her Nazarenes on this special sunny day in May! I f ,f- .Q 7 0 1 -sit' 1: 3 X4 A rv. i PQ 4 L Q lr YJ , 'Vw ,f a fri' A S1434 1' 4 454: 107 . H ' s 'i 66 -U I Q gf' to Af Sf. Joseph's Villa The Sisters of St. joseph care for the orphaned. In the picture above Sister M.Theophar1ei5 shown with a group of orphan boys at St. joseph'5 Villa, Rochester. 108 A Ace Food Store Ackerman Brothers Hot Stand Adamski, Reverend Henry F. A. D. Cleaners and Dyers Advance Graphic Photo Service Aero Hardware Agnes Dress Shop Agostinelli Brothers Market Allen, Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Alma Lorraine Bridal Studio Ames Restaurant Angelini, Mrs. Josephine Antczak, Mr. and Mrs. John T. Apex Grill Arnett Bakery Arrow Asphalt Paving Co. Arrow Food Markets Ant Craft Optical Co. Art Print Shop, The good book always finds readers, but a good book must have financial backing. We, therefore, thank our patrons for their generous support in making our 1950 Lantbom possible. Balcerak, Rt. Rev. Monsignorjoseph A. Bamann, Mr. and Mrs. Arthurj. Bareis, G. and Son Barker Studio Barney's Stand Bartals Athletic Club Bastian Brothers Bastian's Dress Shoppe Battisto's Grocerv Battle Bros., Mason Contractors Bauer, Reverend E. Charles Bauerschmidt Hardware 8c Supplies Bauman 84 Baynes Market Bauman, E. W. and Son, Dairy Beaulac Market Beldue, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Bell, Mr. and Mrs. William J. Bellamah's Baked Goods Bennett, Mr. Robert J. X Bennett, Mr. and Mrs. William F. Bernice Art Studio Bonadio, Mr. and Mrs. A. Bonin Garage, Ralph Bonner, Mr. and Mrs. Edward T Book Lovers' Shop Borden Ice Cream Borelle Fence Builders Borlen, Mr. Arthur Borzilleri Printing Co. Boucher, George, Inc. Bourjois, Inc. Bourne, John R. Company Bourne, John E., Gift Shop Bovenzi Grill Bowee Products Co. Bowker Dairy Products, Inc. Bradley, Mr. and Mrs. L. Brady, Mr. and Mrs. C. V. Brennan, Mr. David Brien, Mr. Thomas F. Brighton Dale Ice Cream Brighton Place Dairy Burgart Plumbing and Heatmg Burke s Market Burns Rt Rev Mons1gnorGeorgeV Burns Mr and Mrs erry Buscaglla Mr and Mrs Buss 8: Pete Esso Servlce Cadet Cleaners Cafarelll s Restaurant Cahxll Mr and Mrs oseph P Callahan Mr Gregory Campagno Len Photographer Campanella Mr Louls Campbell Mr and Mrs Joseph F Campus Fountam Capoblanco Mrs Fllomena Cardella Mr George G Carl s Servnce Statnon Carmel s Beauty Salon Carmme Beauty Box Carmody Mr Frank E Carr Pharmacy Carroll Dr and Mrs Edward Case Snack Shop Casey Rt Rev Monsl nor Lawrence B Casper Coal Company Champlon Athletnc and Sportswear Co Charlne s Grocery Chase Mr Earl L Chase Mr Howard F Chef s Restaurant Clmmo Xxto 'R Sons Inc Clnema The Clpolla Mr Stephen Cxrcle Gnft Shop Clrcle Spot Cla1re s Dress Shop Clancy Cartlng and Storage Co Clancy Geo M Carnng Co Clark s Dry Goods Coca Cola Bottllng Corp Cohber Press Cohen s Cleaners Cole Pharmacy Int Commumty Dalry Co Connor Pharmacy L V Connors Rt Rev MOHSlgUOfJ Connorton Ruth Mary Conroy Al1ce and Mlke Consolidated Ofhce Equnpment Contmental Bakxng Co Cooper Ada M1ll1nery Coray s Market Corbett Mr Donaldj Cornelnus Mr E C Costanzo Mr Constantrno Costlch B G and Sons Inc Coughl1n Mlss Maryan Covert Mr and Mrs W Ray Cowan Mr Robert A Coyle Dr and Mrs Charles F Cozy Oak Grlll Crescent Purltan Laundry Inc Chester s Sandwxch Shop Chxll Gates Garage Chllx Sherwood Tallors and Cleaners Chlmes Restaurant Chmappn M Grocernes Chrlstlana Dress Shop Belle Chrlstoff Kosta Clarfello Ralph Coal and Fuel Onl C1esl1nsk1 Reverend john E Crxno Dr 'vlrchael Crowley 'Vit and Mrs ohn Culhane Dress Shop Culver Herald Engravlng Co Cupxd Ice Cream Curtam Agency Dakm Leonard Insurance 110 F Dale s Market Danehy Dr and Mrs C P Danny s Esso Statlon Dauwcc Mr and Mrs Rent Davldson Bros Funeral Home Davres Mrs Baxter T Davms Drug Company Dealm Red and Whlte Store Delslnger Flowers De ohn Mr john Delavau Stud1o Delehanty Patrxcxa 49 DelMese Grocery DeLuua Peter S DeLuxe Barber Shop DeLuxe Shoe Shop DeMatt1a Mr and Mrs Arthur H DePalma Mr Mxchael Dewey Avenue Laundromat Dewey Furn1ture Co Dewey Super Market Dez1k Electnc Company Dramond Bake Shop Drana Opucal and Photo Supplies D1Bella Grocery Store D1ck s Dellcatessen D1Gaetano Grocery D1G1rolamo Mr and Mrs D Dltto Inc Dodd s Restaurant Dohr Mr Wrlham F Dolllnger Corporatxon Domestic Fuel Servxce Don s Market opposrt Aqumasy Donnelly s Appllances Dot s Beauty Shoppe At Sf Joseph s Hosputol The Sisters of St joseph care also for the slclr m then' own excellent hospnal tn Elmnra, New York Plc lured here are several nurses nn trunmg Doughty s Ice Cream Dox Drug Co Inc Dr1scollElectr1c Co E E DuBois Press Inc. Du lley Esso Servlet Duffy Doctor B I Duffy Rt Rev 'Vlonsxgnor ohn Duffy Cartlng Co Wm B Dukelovy s Dlncr Dunbar Company Adam Dwyer Electnc Company t I I - ,I I - '. 1 rs , L , . , , ' ', . ' '. 4. . ' ' '. ,. ' , . .4 . , , , A .J A .A , . Y l DJ' . C U .. . , . . , . ., . ' ' tl 1 ' , . .J . . . . , l ' 1 1 1 Y V, -l y , . . , . Y ' I I , . . ' , . . . . 1 ' , ', . B. U Y . . ,- 1 - , , . Co. . . . , 7 Y , . . ' f , . . , . . , . . . 1' , . .U , . , V 1 ' ' D . , . . , . , . . , . . . , , I I , . . , , - LI- ' 1 ' ' , . . a I 1 ' ' y - . ' V . . . Q. . A 2 f 1 2 , C C ' '. 5 s Q-Q , l . . . ., . ,l . .J c, - , ' k .V 1- . -1 ' V, P .' . 1 'H ' ', . ' .. ' KI N D V I 'V v Pr A Y y D I ., . . , Y ' V s . . D , xv 1 7 L 7 A ' . y I , y , , 'Y E Eaton G. Furnace Work Eberhard Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Eberhard s Delicatessen Ecltl Hardware Eckle Rt Rev Monsignor G Economy Paper Company Efhnger Mr and Mrs Andrew Ehmann Mr Andrew D Ehmann Mr Y al Ehmann Market Eiscle Mr and Mrs Albert Eisenmenger s Grocery Eismont Market and Grocery Ellicott Market Elsa s Beauty Shoppe Embledge Pharmacy Emma Funeral Parlor Empire Food Market Epping Reverend Raymond Ernie s Auto Upholstery Shop Eschrich Reverend E Esposito s Barber Shop Evans Coal Company F W F 8t F Service Station Fagan Mr and Mrs R Farace Bros Gas Station Fargnoli Mr Angelo Farm The Farrell Brothers Funeral Home Farrell s Grill Farruggia Mr ohn Feldman Coal and Coke Co Feldman Real Estate W A Ferraro Plumbing and Heating W Flynn's Auto Livery Forbes, the Caterer Fort Hill Liquor Store Foster Mrs. Rachel Fourmost Floor Co Fox s Esso Frances Bonnet Shop Frank s Market and Grocery Frank s Smoke Shop Freemesser Mr George Friederich 84 Sons A Frredland Hy Friends Fromm Brothers Front Page Restaurant Ful Shade Briter Process Fumia Mr oseph Galante Liquor Store Galleco Grill Galluccio s Delicatessen Gamby s Hardware Garden Grill Restaurant Gargano Brothers Inc Garham Fruit and Vegetables Gavin Mr and Mrs oseph Gaynor Reverend Joseph T Gefell Reverend joseph G General Baking Co Genesee Bootery Genesee Liquor Store Gennuso s Grocery ack Gentile s Florist Shop Geraci Bowling Hall Gessner Henry H Garage Gianvecchio Mr and Mrs Vincent Gilbert s Grocery Glamour Dress Shoppe Griffo, Mr. Thomas Grzeszcak Market Guerin Mr. Charles J. Guetti 84 Sons Meat Market Gulvin William S Watches Guly s Shoppe Gupp Mr and Mrs Raymond N Hafner Home Laundry Haggerty Mr and Mrs ohnj Hall Welter Co Inc Halloran Henry D 84 Sons Harry Hart s Food Stores Inc Hart 84 Vick Seeds Plants Bulbs Haubner 84 Stallknecht Hauer Adam Furniture Hawk s Hamburger Shop Heisel Reverend William Henner s Liquor Store Hensler Bernard eweler Hermitage The Ruby G Chase Hetzler Mr Herman G Hi Hat Restaurant Hines Susan S Furrier Hock Louis C 8. Son Inc Hoctor Mr and Mrs Thomas Hoctor Thomas jr Hoefen Reverend Francis Hogan John B Realtor Holfoth s Meats and Groceries Holy Family Theatre The Holy Rosary Church Holy Rosary Veterans Inc Home Dairy Cafeteria Home Equipment Co Honest ohn s Polish Am Restaurant Hopkins Dry Cleaners and Tailors Horacek Hayden Inc Hotel Alexander House of Charm Beauty Salon Finch, Jane Ann, R.N. Glaser's Market and Grocery Howard Bowling Hall Finch, Mr. and Mrs. Ivan C. Glen-Lake Market Howe, Mr, Gordon A, Fiske 84 Handy, Funeral Directors Godwin Pillow Mfg. Co. Hudson Shoe Repairing Flanagan Furniture CO. I Goetzman's Esso Service Hudson Variety Fleck Roofling and Insulation Co. Goodie Shoppes, The Hutchinson Agency, A. Edwin Flick's Fish House Goodman, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Hysner Sport Shop Florack, Mr. John Gorman, Mr. and Mrs. james Florence's Diner Gottry, Frank 8: Son I Flower City Liquor Store Gottry Carting Co., Sam 130100 BCHUYY S2100 Flower City Realty, Inc. Grayson's Card Shop Ideal F005 Store Flynn, Reverend Patrick J. Green, T. H., Electric Co. Iml'10f'S Hardware 111 Immaculate Dances The Industrial Painting Co. lngmire 84 Nagle Funeral Directors Irene Fashionable Apparel Ives Mattress Store Ives Mr. and Mrs. Ray Jake s Little Store ennel Bridal and Dress Sho ennings Mr. C. E. o Anne s Beauty Bar oe s Barber Shop John s Food Market ohnston Bakeries H. A. oseph s Delicatessen joy s Pharmacy Judge Motor Corporation Junior Miss Beauty Shop Kanapickas Bakery lxappler Fred H Engravcr Kappler Mr and Mrs F Kay 8x Jerry s Snack Bar Kayhs Florist Keber Barbara 49 Keber Family The Keiber Mr and Mrs ohnj Kelley s Market Kellman Mr and Mrs Leonard Kendall Service Station Klier George A. Pharmacy Kliest Barber and Beauty Shop Klingenberger Bakery Kniflin Mr. Edward Knowlton s Bakery Koehler Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Kominz Dr. Louis H. Kreckman s Electrical Store Krieg Service Station Krieter Mr. Alfred . Kroll s Kruppenbacher Mr. and Mrs. Frank S. Kubitz Elmer G. Optician LaComba john Watchmaker Ladd Mr. and Mrs. Walton H. Lake Avenue Food Market Lake Drive In Lambert Rt Rev Monsignor GeraldC Lambert oe Esso Service Lamendola Mr and Mrs Carl Langie Fuel Service Inc LaPalm Mr and Mrs R E LaRussa Shoe Store LaX era Pizzeria Napoletanna Leary Mr and Mrs Edward L LeChase Construction Corp Ledlie ewelers LeFro1s Reverend X incent E Len s Dry Cleaners Kenny joseph P Groceries Kerhaert s Garage Kerner s Dry Cleaners Klnsky Mr and Mrs Edwin B Kirby Mr and Mrs john Kircher Mr Joseph Klee Press The Kleinhans Prescription Drug Store Kleinhenz Garage Lenahan Scheible Sales Inc Leonardo s Market Leschander Mr and 'Virs A Lester Hardware Co Inc Ld cque Reverend Liberty Dairy Libcrtx Swcct Shoppc Libertx Tailors Lill s X aricty Store 112 Lincoln Mary . '47 Lincoln Mr. William G. Lincoln Mr. and Mrs. Williamj. Lingesso Mr. Peter Lis Reverend Peter Listman Red and W hire Store Little Mr. and Mrs. . B. Little Store The Lombard Mr. Peter A. Long s Shopping Center Longman s Cleaners and Dyers Lucas tk Dake Co. Inc. Lucci Grocery Lytle Dr. Theodore Madelon Furs Maggio F. G. and Brothers Maguire Walter F Pharmacy Mahon Mr and Mrs Gerald Maico Hearing Aid Centre Maid Drug Company Maier August M Funeral Home Maira Heating Co Maira Heating Co Chris Mancuso s Sinclair Service Mandcll s Pharmacy Manley Reverend Thomas Manuel Mr and Mrs Frank Maray s Dress Shop Marie s Sweet Shop Mariotti Louis Furnace Repairs Marotta 8. Son Building Contractors Marshall s Restaurant Mart s Grocery At St Anne s Home for the Aged The Sisters of St oseph strive also to make the lone y days of those grown old happy and spiritual Marty s Fruit and Grocerv Store Mars s Gift Shop Mary s Linen Shop Xflaselli Revcrend Benedict 'viastcrs Sunoco Servicc m 'viastri Mr and Mrs Ralph 'viattil 'vlrs Ruth Nfiattle Mr John XX 'Xllauro s Rollcr Rink 'vlax Dairy Nflartin T May Furniture Co Frank n I , 1 .I 1 7 I 7 1 y 3 ' 1 1 7 , , .l J , 7 .l P 1 J ' J i ' J , , J x 1 7 J , L ' M J , , , Y 3 ' ' . - ' , . ., . N 1 , D I - ' , . x II. I K ,J , ' 1 , . . ' ' 1' , ., ' I I , '. ' 7 . '1 1 ' ' ' , . R. . . A 1 . ' . 1 ' 1 V, 7 , I I . S. ' . A 'I ' , ' . a .l- , . .j . ' J ', - - , . ,. ' ' . 1 - - Lemoyne, A. L., Painter dk Paperhanger Mafffmla Dr- A- Eugene . ., . , 1. 1 1 , ' I I Q I ' 0 , I, ' , ' A - . 1 1 v- 1 A ez I, . A. 'A ' " , . A . . g ' ' ' ' "', Ji I, . . . S ' ., . I B ., . . j, . '. - '- , J. . ' ' , i '. , - I . ' , . V. , , iv as n A 1 ' . . . ' ' A I. ' - A I, ' lv, A ' . . ', ', , A ,lv ' .Y , Mayfair, The Max the Florist McCarthy, Mr. joseph McCormick Beauty Salon, Helen McCormick, W. A., Plumbing McCorry Brothers McDonald, Mr. and Mrs. Lee McEvoy Motors, Inc. McFarland, Reverend Eugene H. McGregors Florists McIntyre, Mr.. and Mrs. Frank McMichael's Buffalo Rd. Food Market Meacham-Pontiac Co., Inc. Mead, Charles P. 84 Sons Melin's Men's Shop Messerino's Market Metzger, Miss Lucille Miceli's Furniture Store Miceli Furniture Co., Inc. Michaels, Bemard, Dry Goods Miller, Mr. Edward A. Mirkin Cleaners and Tailors Model Cleaners and Tailors Mogavero, Mr. Domenick C. Monroe County Window Cleaning Co. Moore, Mr. Alex F. Morgan, Reverend john Morgan, R. A. and Sons Morrell's Morse, C. H. and Son, Inc. Mother's Laundry Muehleisen Bakery Mueller, Hans, Dressed Furs Muratore, Thomas, Tailor and Cleaner Murphy, Mr. and Mrs. john D. Murphy Funeral Home Murray Drug Store Murray Liquor Store Myers and Snyder, Shoes Noce Bros., Heating Units Noce, Mr. Henry Nolan, Reverend William F. North Chili Hardware Store North Dairy Nothnagle, Mr. and Mrs. John Nuijens Paint 84 Hardware O Oberlies, W. A., Pharmacist O'Connell, Mr. and Mrs. John O'Dea, joseph C., D.V.M. Olles, joseph and Son Olympic Driving Range O'Malley, Reverend john P. Ontario Biscuit Co. Ormond Hosiery Shop O'Rourke, Reverend Daniel Oster, Doctor C. W. Otis Dress and Variety Shoppe Ottman's Texaco Service Owen, Mr. N. E., jr. P Pacemaker Shoe Service Paine Drug Company Palermo's Grocery, Sam Palmos, Mr. George S. Papalia's Service Station Parmelee Shoe Shop Parrish, Mrs. A. Pasch Coal Company Pasquale, Mr. and Mrs. Roco Passero's Red and White Store Pat's Drive-In Pat-Ola Beauty Salon Patsy's Grill Patsy, Ladies' Tailor Paul's Sweet Shop Peters, Mr. Robert J. Pike, John B. and Son, Inc. Pilot, Mr. and Mrs. Bemard Pines Bowling Hall Pioneer Drug Store Pizzutelli, Mr. Anthony Plymouth Dairy, Inc. Polis, Mr. and Mrs. james , Pommerening, H. C. and Son Ponazecki Restaurant Poole, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Portland Cigar Store Predmore School Supplies Proia Hosiery Shop, Mary Projansky, Mr. and Mrs. Henri P Proud's Service Station Provenzano, Mr. and Mrs. Pat E. Przysinda 84 Sons, Hardware Purdy, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Putzig 84 Bauman Q Quinn Motors R RaiI's Liquor Store Rainear, Mark D., Insurance Ralph, Mr. and Mrs. K. T. Ralph Pontiac, Inc. Rathke, E. C., Hardware Raymond's Market Reliable Leather Co. Renner, Mr. Jacob F. Renzi Studio Republican County Committee Reynolds Bowling Hall Riccardo, Mr. Alphonse Rice, Mr. F. C. Pawlik, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Richardson Corporation Rich ter's Grocery Ridgeway Pharmacy N Pawlik, Edwin, Sheet Metal Work Riley, M. J., Printer Nasello, M-, ASPIWIF Paving Payne 84 Dunham Ring Fuel Co., Inc. Nazarcth AthlCtiC ASSOCi2ti0n Pecora's Market Ritzenthalcr's Restaurant Nazareth Sodality of Our Lady Peerless Radios Rivoli Beauty Shop Nfidfffmaicff Mr- John Pcgnam, Reverend Frank Roach, Reverend John E. Newcomb, RCVCFCIIJ J0hl'l C. Peluso, Mr. Francis Rochester Book Bindery New Crown Beverages Pcluso, MF- and MYS- Nicholas Rochester Business Institute Newman Florist Pennise's Market Rochester Gas and Electric Corp. New Y0rk Telephone CO- Perry's Bowling Hall Rochester Griddle Restaurant NiCk'S Marker Perry'S Food Store Rochester Real Estate 113 Rochester Trucking Co. Rock Beach Grocery and Market Rodenhouse, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Roedel, Mr. George J. Roesser's Grocery Rogers, Earl, Plumber Rogers Fuel Corporation Rogers, George, Groceries Rogers' Red and White Store Rombaut, Edmond P., Insurance Rombaut, Leo F., Insurance Rombaut, Mr. and Mrs. Paul B. Roncone, Mr. Patrick Ross, Mr. and Mrs. John Roussos Confectionery Royal Cleaners Ruby Sporting Goods Rumrill, Charles L. 84 Co., Inc. Ruth's Dry Goods Ryan Carting Company Ryan Florist Ryan, Mr. and Mrs. George Ryman, Mr. and Mrs. William S Sacred Heart Post 1127 C.W.V. Sacred Heart Sodality Saetta, Mr. Michael St. John, Miss Eileen D. St. Paul Super Market St. Stanislaus Sodality Sak Dental Laboratory rs- Salamone, Angelo 8: M. Sandhope Sallerson, Mr. Harry Sam 8: Pat's Friendly Service SandIer's Woolens Store Sankel Gas and Grocery Santangelo, Geraldine, '50 Santangelo, Mr. and Mrs. N. Saratoga Pharmacy Sardi's Toggery Shop Sassone's Meats and Groceries Sauer, Mr. William, Jr. Sauter, George, Dry Cleaners Schaefer's Market Scheible, Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Schiff 's Shoe Stores Schifferli, Reverend William J. Schmankes Schmidt, Rudolph 8: Co. Schmitt, Reverend George J. Schneider, Mr. Alfred Schreiner Milk Company Schuler's Foods, Inc. Schulz Brothers Schweigert, Mr. John Se1litto's Restaurant Seneca Jewelers Seneca Market Shafer, Mr. Richard Shortino Market Silver Dry Cleaners Simonds Press Simonetti, Reverend Albert L. Singer Sewing Machine Co. Siwicki, Mr. and Mrs. John, Sr Snitzel, Reverend Gabriel Sommers Garage, C. F . Sours for Flowers Spencer, Mr. and Mrs. DanielJ Spinelli's Stadler's Market Stanley's Ice Cream State Smoke Shop Staub 84 Son, Inc. Steger Market, George Stugis, Mr. Walter C. Styles, Mr. and Mrs. Morris F. Sugar Bowl, The Sullivan, Mr. and Mrs. John P. Sullivan's Coal and Coke Co. Sunset Recreation Center Syke's Kiddie Shop T Taylor, Reverend Francis Taylor, Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Taylor, Tom and Fred Jackson Tellex, Mr. and Mrs. J. Tenth Ward Republican Organization Thorne, Mr. William S. Thriftway Superette Throm's Grocery Store Thurston Dress Shop Thurston, E. E., Inc. Timmons, Mr. Ronald Toal's Grocery Store 114 Tobey Asphalt Co. Tobin Packing Co., Inc. Tobin Trucking, Clarence J. Tolster, Reverend Edward Tom Thumb Restaurant Tomczak Brothers Tony's Circle Market Top Quality Cleaners Topliff, C. M., Organ Repairing Torri Shoes Townsend Sporting Goods Co. Town Talk Bakery, Inc. Toytown Trant's, Inc. Trent, Mr. and Mrs. Boyd Trimble, Mr. W. J. Trott Funeral Home Tuckers, Inc. U Ulsamer's Bakery Union Outfitting Co. University Pharmacy V Valle's Food Market Valley Club Beverages Valliere Drapery Studio VanAllen Apparel Shop VanSaun, Howard, Photo Supplies Vaughan Tea Room Vay Girls, The ' Vay Funeral Home Vecchiotti, Mr. and Mrs. Remo VerHulst Brothers Verstrin , Mr. and Mrs. Herman 8 Verstring, Miss Shirley if Vick's Egg Mart Vincelli Brothers, Inc. Vincent, Mr. James Vinci, Mr. Matthew G., III Vogt, Mrs. Agnes B. Vogt's Meat Market, Carl Vogue Dry Cleaners W Wadc's Beauty Shop, Edna Wahl, Reverend Raymond Walden Flowers, Phyllis Waldert Optical Company Walker Food Market Wallace's Ice Cream and Gifts Wallace, Mr. and Mrs. William Wallock, Mr. Joseph Walsh, Mr. and Mrs. Edward F. Walsh, Jay J., Inc. Ward, Reverend Lawrence E. Waugh Hardware, H. O. Weber's Dairy Weegar's Red and White Store Wegman Dairy Wegman, Mr. John Weider, Lawrence A. 8c Sons, lnc. Wenner, Mr. Ralph W. Westend Market West Shore Fuel Co. Wheaton, Comdr. John K., Ch. C. Whelehan, W., General Insurance Whitbourne, Mr. James Whitbourne, Mrs. Margaret White Meat Market White Oak Dairy White's Restaurant, Gus. 115 White Star Bakery Corp. White Star Market and Grocery, Inc. White Wire Works Co. Wiest, Mr. Richard F. Willette's Ice Cream Co. Willow Florist Wilson Service Station, Tom Wilson Service Station in North Chili Window Fashions, Inc. Wirzberger, Mr. John Wishing Well Wittman Motors Woemer 84 Sons, Wm. J. Wohlrab, Reverend Paul G. Wolff Pharmacy Wollschleger, Mrs. Josephine Wood, Reverend James T. Woodworth Dairy WSAY Radio Station Wyner Service Station Y Yalowich Drug Co., Wm. Yaskulski, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Yates Coal Company Yellow Van and Storage Co., Inc. Youngsters Shoe Mfgrs. Z Zachary, Miss Eva Zahner 84 Company Zamiara's Meat Market Zeilman Pharmacy Zielinski, Mr. Leo R. Zlotnick's Service Station Zugnoni Plumbing and Heating 7 M SQLVLZV f?'X 'f Mrfmjffww' I J 41.9 Xml! you ,V fbi, V-ff-fa. ,, JJ. Wf f 'ff A4 Ai 2 yo ff 7, Lffwo, aficd J If ,WW fm W, QNQL K w haf' F N K fwi N? fb ff' rf M fwkfv , ' i ,,, . :- X J 4 I V Y I 4 K w ff ' f V L 1 f I J .,- 'f VVQOZ4 Qbvrwt ff A L f.!,6, -wt, , if " ,fj Af Y ff .3 5 , I Q, wf' ,Ivy--L'w -..,.Zyvya Cf !f,f,,VZQ , 24 1 f -M M EPP 1 K 09 ' ,f ' f f jj Q V V .Z Lag- far A94 , mil' 4 , Z f bkxk .L I, V,,y V ,Zrf.,s.. fx- - Ng f NXVM A7DkVM- ,hc MQ ' I fffvi X -- f A I ff, f -Y f Q ' , fa fl--V Q ,,, TX f 'N ! L, c 'V-XR X ! I7 5 'L' X ww C 0 M NAB, Kjigykf fs x' if VJ - 3 .. L yay V L VYLK ,A bff ,ff ,J W NM.. 1 " 'ri' 'sf-f 2 f in X r - ,J A ' ' ,. 'L Y N A A 1+ a 1 . AA AAAUAA A .. X, AA AA AA - A . H - ,nn ,. , V fi L , ' ., ' r A. ' 'f ,., .3 ,, . . . , , , Q ,, X Q NA - 1 ,Am 'W 9 ' - ' ' 'N Q.. 4 ..' ' 21, X, X A yy - .v , A - - . , , V3 , A A, A ,A A , AA 4, iii. y 'f L ' A, HN H- AA, ' A , AAAAA A , - - . .., 4 AA " M' A fm " W, F I 1 . - J A -A h . AAA A A. oA ing. ' .. f' ' ' ,, W . ' - ' - .QD 4- A, A,gA,A ' 4 'ji X ' . X,-X I , "" , ' , NA: -vi h A QA .i , ' . X? K ' 'air xx, X54 '., Qi A A M h ' ' i y ' f VW: '- , x . X? A X 4 p we 4 L ' " . Y v , f W . 4 -A XA A AA A , . Q v K

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Nazareth Academy - Lanthorn Yearbook (Rochester, NY) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


Nazareth Academy - Lanthorn Yearbook (Rochester, NY) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Nazareth Academy - Lanthorn Yearbook (Rochester, NY) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


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