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" Rl y f X . F Lf, , V 5 I, ' E Z' " 1 VW kV,1jvL,.fi 9 f ' I 1 , TQ . MMM . MW ff ff 5 1 ' ff W ' 99 1 M !ycl J-V"INVLx FQ!,.L I4 M-Ajflf, .L gi,!,,',fxJ1j-ff1-!llVLT!1- ' if ? .,- i ,un . ,w ,' 5. fp " ff.,-U-Q Cpdvm 5511, . 1 f' L' ' n""'1l' ' frffcfl ' I, Q, A I , v . A,-.AJHL ifuifvf . 2 . '. -11 ' 5 7, as-y"'fh ji,f'v1,y" !,LgQ. E 5 . aww WM Mmfwfii Vw if.Lff'zi,ffzd,u,4 ,4 fHgj"Wf fm E ci Qwwf drwtb ff .V -.iff Nfl. .93 1 . 1' ?i'1q'fa,, 'Fuji . 1,3 YV ' A1 f A" . , .1 ' ,Q 1'- cj' V t. H 91.3 ?.' . ,.. . i. . 'I . fl z 2 . af cg 4- ,1 Q, , ..- ' ' I ," I ' Ana Q. 1 1' . T ?' - +1 Mui. '?'i ,ff X fx X' X f 5 4 N5 1' 'Se K4 YQN ,OX C 2 Ami. new 5 ' xv - - Q fi 1 2 3 4 ' 9 1 xU-UMIN N , , Q rv Q, Xe Fm ACP, E fsfl' w mv- ' is EL. uffi., ff' Y S+! 7 ' ff-jdlfjjli H51 Scfnom 3'i'T-'9"Ql" 5uTuuf WDM mm m: 'iimsgwxd' THE T946 LANTH presented THE FACULTY AND of NAZARETH ACADEMY 0 4 x ' 'i Q J? s ' huns., J Y VJ x"S J ' XJ x J QE I M 'U J 5 J? 1:5 QT' 74 J I Q 4 J' J nq ,F foiiii-U ma X 1 1 Se if .NNT O-5 ----- 2 gi . 'ms ,",..g'h , X 'I' J- E T XX '95TH ACVQX Thanksgiving Number b Y STUDENT BODY ROCHESTER, NEW YORK NORMA AMESBURY Edifor-in-Chief BETTY ROSSNEY Associafe Edifor FRANCES TARANTO FRANCES ATTINASI Business Managers 1 aw m t X Q7 N.1z.1retli. mcrlnoking the banks ot' the UH I-C f Cit-lit-ace Rixer, is Ivttititititill' sittmtcti in one 1 ., X X fl A' M T' ' . x ' KL X . ya X44 , K O, X 5 W E G I V E T H A N K S nt tlie Iiighcst at-ttions ol Rotlicsterg but Ii llie lutitiun ol Nwiretli itself is hivh its . .A . . 5 , . xpirittml .intl L' sttituscs ure none tlic lem lofty. For sex'enty-five years the n.iint' ot' N.1z.1retl1 lux been tl pre-tions cn tiorseinent for tlie tlioustintis of young women who lovingly retail the tlgiys wlien, like tix. they too liorineti p.1rt nf the student lmtiy nt' N.1z.irctIi. The First Promise of Spring This bright sunny March day allurcd many of us to recreate un the steps uf the main entrance. W -1 NAZARETH ACADEMY Rochester, New York Let Us Go to Joseph This ilflihlil' piucc of statu- ary was dmmtcnl lay the Class of 1925. ou, Fo Cu! ,lf"c1,c ty Re . -"nw ew, side '7I.'1 H. lllj hilly hCe '7.s,,,n ls hi Acc, ' W . c- 1 li any b2111,mll111g,,1 I b H7411 "fn 163110 . I1,,.l, .73 - 'll il 1.-vi: N f XLLUMIN 1' W1 , Q' J -5 U - 3 5 :C X D X l P , . W. Al,. 7 . ' HT. A v 'f 7 Q ' Q ,X YQ , . 5 . 5iNlL'I' M. Puulim- SllfHl'li,VIl of Sllnliu t 1 E A I Sf1iv'ilu.1l Ilirawrn' 'l'hc Must RL-vcrcnd jnnu-s I". Kcalrmw, l3.lJ, t , XYL' uhm h.1x L- ha-cn I'L'.lI'L'Li in tht- Inght ul .1 C hristi.m uh:- , mtitm .tru glI'.lfL'fvlll to rhtm- xxhtm h,1xu lwrcwI1tctl us with , th.1t IQI'L'.lf llL'I'tf.l4QL' whitll thc C.1thuht fhurth umlcr tht V 4gt1nl.1mt' ut' thc Holy Spirit, IIJS lmilt up flll'tHI.QllUl1l tht Sister Mario .xillldt I 'K'Ufllfil'N- Prvfnl of llinijllillt' I Rl f3QT9W5:'f, . f XI, I, 'XO tbl-.K t as EX! .Mg 2 ft Nw--4--N uv? Y A . O . f -iff: 7 13111 1 5165 , Q5 rlfxil D- I xN.R,.,f' rt Praise from the Principal lheftl: Stepping into :he spollighi an the National Scliolauliu Ari fiUl'llChl were Norine Millner, Marie Powers, jenn cil5lCI'lllllU who reu.-ived h o n o r al In l e ineniion, und Nanci Darrow amd Anna l.el:l. gold k ey winner 5, whom Sister lluherline warmly L'Ul1'QI'illlllZlll'5. flmul lc lj Sisur M Hulnrune Prinrijml flmul, llgllfl. Rexerend Ioseph Ukonnell luilrmlor Ill Rlllglllll Congratulations from the Chaplain fLou'erj.' Their paths brightened hy the announce- ment of scholarship awardg to Nazareth Collcgt. Shirley Hull, Anna Fleehuck, Marie Cianterl, and Mary Carroll receive ax l1C2ll'Q',"citNlllNVOI'k, ladies!" from l:'llllCl" U'C'onnell TORS -1 I lllhv ---FOREWORD W E G I V E T H A N K S HE keynote of the 1946 Lantborn is that of gratitude. It is a year when we may once more look forward to the happy fulfillment of our dreams, for war has ceased and peace again has blotted out fear and uncertaintyg it is also a year in which we pause to look backward, for seventy-tive years ago Nazareth was chartered as a secondary school under the University of the State of New York. It is a year in which we have been privileged to partake of the excellent heritage which Nazareth during these many years has built up. We, therefore, give thanks to God for this year of 1946 through His Saints whose intercession we have so often invoked for success in our nu- merous activities. Our slogan for our 1946 Lantbom is W e give thankxf with it we have linked each page of our yearbook as we record some of the many happy events of our last year at Nazareth. May our slogan be forever engraved on our hearts! 8 through THE MOST HOLY EUCHARIST for ...the Greatest Proof of God's Love Because our theme is one of thankfulness, we dedicate our 1946 Ltlllfh0l'1l to the Holy Eucharist, that great sacrament in which mankind is privileged to offer thanks to his God with a gift far surpassing all that the wealth of earth can olfer,--His own Divine Son. e u ,- X' XL UMIN 1' Mal! V if ETH A ZQS L ' 4a X f fmt 4 i -li-gli 8 2. 'N , '4 9 7 9 - Reverend Mother Agnes was the founder and tirst president of Naza- reth Academy erected on jay Street in l87l. lt was through her also that the present Nazareth Academy on I.ake Avenue was huilt in 1916. A silver case. on its cover embossed in gold the name of Nazareth, and within it on its velvet cushion a beautiful diamond. The silver case is Nazareth, the golden letters, the stamp of Divine approyalg the diamond, the seventy-tive years which Nazareth has devoted herself to the most wonderful of all works the education of youth. us look back through the years. Let us look at this diamond. and we shall tind in it the beauty of all other precious gems, for those many years conf Reverend Mother Rose Miriam, who is its present president, was at one time one of the faculty of Nazareth. Under her guidance arose the beauti- ful English Gothic buildings of Naza- reth College on East Avenue, to which many of us seniors have enrolled for higher education. Jubilee Jewels Reverend Mother Sylvester founded the splenclidly equipped Nazareth Normal School on East Aveune for the education of our Sister-teachers. Mother Sylvester was president of Nazareth Academy for almost twenty years. that loyalty which inspires many of her graduates. now in all parts of the world. to write how proud they are to be numbered among her children. XX'e cle' light in the cool green ol the emerald. the hope that shines brighter with each succeeding year hope of a still greater Nazareth in the years to come. Yet. more beautiful than all is the red of the ruby. that bond of loye that burns undimmed through time between faculty and student body. tain them all. Deep in its heart we find the violet of the amethyst. lt is the labor and privation of the early founders to place Nazareth where it is todayf one of the leading secondary schools of New York State, Beside it gleams the blue of the turcluoise. f N c f xt-Ll-'.'Qv Q fs EQ uc, 0 Yr X '96-TH Acp Wfe who are privileged as the Senior Class of this jubilee year of Nazareth Academy to behold this dia' mond must perforce in time enclose it in its case. but its beauty with all its significance will he engraved on our memories throughout the years to come. 07 'Uot . . . 0 U R D l A M C N D .through ST. TERESA For.. St 'lk-res.t eretted ,mtl got erned m.tny tonvents for the honor and glory of God 1 Sister Marcella is numbered among the early graduates of Naza- reth Acttdenty. She became its directress and principal in 1884 and remained in ollice until her death in 1940. Her wise and gentle admittistration won many hearts to her and the nobility of her spirit lives on in the graduates and Sister-teachers who during these many years came under her loving guidance. JUBILEE x WMUV W I Y Y oc X mi m4-G3 mxZJfI-I + Q' , I 5 -W X v ' I, .-.gag - 1, ligifvfgfn .L ve I 24111, 1 I 4, Aa X1 CONTENTS ADMINISTRATION . . 6-7 FOREWORD AND DEDICATION . 8-9 ANNIVERSARY . . . 10-11 FACULTY . .... 14-21 UNDERCLASSMEN . FRESHMENZ Homerooms, School Life, Honors, Officers, Scholarship Pupils . SOPHOMORES: Homerooms, School Life, Honors, Officers, Scholarship Pupils . jUNIoRs: Homerooms, School Life, Honors, Ofhcers, Scholarship Pupils . SENIORS ..... 46-69 Senior Panels, Officers, Honors, Scholarship Pupils, School Life . 46-69 ACTIVITIES .... Sodality of Our Lady . . Assemblies .... Nazareth Academy Victory Corps Clubs ..... Perosian Choir . Glee Club . Orchestra . . Christmas Dance . Christmas Play . Senior Play . Sports . . Basketball . Gabriel Staff Lanthorn Staff . Other May Days . . PATRONS . 102-112 12 22-45 24-31 32-38 39-45 70-101 72-73 74-75 76-77 78-79 80-81 82-83 84-85 86-87 88-89 90-91 92-93 94-95 96-97 98-99 100-161 Our Dioceson Superintendents of Education lt is generally conceded throughout educational centers of New York State that the educational standard of the Catholic Diocese of Rochester in both elementary and secondary schools is one of the high- est in the state. This is due in no small part to the untiring zeal of our diocesan superintendents of schools. As little girls in grammar school, whenever Father Duffy, former superintendent of education, or Father Mahoney, our present superintendent, came to visit our schools, we were always proud to dis lay our knowledge of the questions that were askec us on these occasions, and we sat down quite compla- cent when our Sister-teacher looked approvingly on us. Now, as we glance back, we realize that Father Duffy and Father Mahoney were just as proud as we were that under their guidance the excellent system of education adopted by the Catholic Diocese of Rochester was being maintained. During the past year Father Mahoney has become superintendent and Father Boyle, assistant superin- tendent. Both are always welcome visitors to our schools, and their names would be almost as well loved as our Bishop's, had they the same inclination for granting holidays as His Excellency. Reverend Charles j. Mahoney Superinlemlvnt of Schools Reverend Charles V. Boyle Assistant Superintendent of Schools N, LLU Ml fs, X N in KQIW, 1 x Q1 ff" 4? f G tx " ' fs s '-A., PM - 13 R' Reverend Mother St. John Fontbonne Umm Hussey poses as Molbcr Sl. jolmj I 1 GUR FAC .through MOTHER ST. JOHN tor.. Back in the days of the French Revolution a young nun, Reverend Mother St. John Fontbonne braved the hostility of a rabid mob, saved the Blessed Sacrament from desecration and herself and her companions from death. After the revolution, Reverend Mother St. john was the first superior of the newly reorgan- ized Congregation of the Sisters of St. joseph. Our Sisters are proud of their heroic founder. Although she has not as yet been canonized b Hol Y Y Mother Church, her cause has been recently brought before the Sacred Congregation of Rites at Rome by the Most Reverend Archbishop Cushing of Boston. Sunshine or Caesar lLower right, opposile pagej: Shooing away thoughts of Caesar, this happy group of Sister Bernardine's Latin class enjoy their noon hour in the sunshine. May We Have Your Picture, Father? fLo'wer leflj: Father O'Connell will- ingly poses with our victorious Varsity of 1946. ULTY Sky, Water and a Free Day fUpperj: A very enjoyable part of this Eicnic with the faculty was its oating on the Genesee River. What. Classes Outside! fCenier1.' No, that would be too wonderful! Sister john Mary has only agreed to have her picture taken for the Lantbom with these students of her homeroom. Inu-15 ta e- l Y " Y '1' 1 , X , xixuifgv liz XSLWH A9 I , fr Sidi it-57 f W 'Q 'AL . t Eg. 'ts . "' 9 YAP " ' ggi? V If Lift IH l'lYL'!7l.' flffril wfiz'j: Sister Agnes Ciertriitie Xet'i'ef.ii'1.' Sister Aimtletus. limfietjvlzzq, il'1f7lVIt'. .sf7iJ!Iltfi7. Sister Anim Cecilia, 7 It'tf1Aq1ff1i.' Sister Anim tie Sales. .S'ni'i.1f Sim!iw.' Sister M. Anmintinta. lil'hlL'2fUf'. ill.1li.m, Sfiilfzlifvy ,Hf1ilw'.1!w'. fxtillllif mit 2 J Sister M. Aquiim, xliiii!.111! 5't'i't'el.l1'1.' Sister M. Berimriiine, I..1fm: Sister M. C,.iIIist.i. I..zl111.' Sister M f.1rIin.i. ,'il'qe!n'..', Cfiw11t'fi"i.' Sister M. fiiristinia, Ifulqliili. ll'fwif win lf Sister Cliristine lfr.intist.i, CriL'I1t'7'.1f St'jt'7lt'4'. Sister C,l.1ri1 Miriam, llfilwi ff: Sister M. C I.1riss.1, Xfvuvifv Sister M. f.OI1SllCitl, Ifulqfiifi, Sefljm' llnwwvffwf ,Hm!w'.1lf1i'.' Sister M. Dorothea, Giuffrfzlrli. Cffwzzflilrfy. fl'fflll'fjV rffiilf Sister M. Iftiwiirtiine, fliilnri, Sfltfilfffj Mmfw'.1lni', St'1lfUI' llnfzlvrwfm ,Hmlt'1'.1!m'.' Sister M. lfmilirm .Hlltltf Sister M. Evelyn, Xfwetfv, IJ!'.JtIl.Jllt't. Iflilglirlif Sister M, iflorentiiie, Cytfflllbff'-'j, linimeii ."1?'lffU11l'fft', Al lqtlam. .Sm!.1l1!V1 ,Hrii!w',:lm': Sister Vmmes Teresa, Ifizgljilv, Swziffr' llfwftrffffuz ,Xlm1'w'.1fm'. ll- Good Recordsl UP'4'l:'l.' Many splendid records are tiled by Sister Agnes Gertrude, secretary, who is showing an ex- ceptionally good one to Mary lillen Voellinger. for lnspecfion fl.o1rvrl.' Sister Teresa lfdwztrd inspects ztpprovingly the costumes of the lending eliarzleters. Ruth Ciudinas and Mary ul. Mills. in the St. Patriclfs Dny Glee Club program. Behind Sister are Patricia Bauer and Wil- nut lleier whose dresses will he displayed at at tea sponsored by the Home Economics Club for the mothers of the members of the club. Both costumes and dresses were made lay the students in clothing class. 74:84 .vi 1 2594, 1. 1 :gli 42.9 Keepers of Costly Treasures fl'j1fu'r2: Sixier Saint llurmlmy explains him' in use the Revs uf lilwrary treasure CIICSIS In Mary llixnn, Shirley l.j'lM'i1, BCIIQ' Stumpf. .lean Meyering, library aides. Our Physicisis in Aciion H.ou'c'rl.' Delving into the Ill- Iriguing mysteries of electricity. Shirley Ford and Lnretta Vlfagner find it very il'IIL'l'CSlil'l2 with Sister Marie jose to explain away their xlifiiculries. F' rr v ir . u I , l.1ri.1l l'i'.1t'tire, iliyllrffllq. i i fSemml rnirj 5 Sister M. Io.1nic0, 8'ffri.1f .S'!11.lh1i .' Sister lolin Mary, Itvfiqiffzf, .S'rfJ.1lily ,Hmfw.1!w'.' Sister M. losepliine, lirfffif-t'ef1w'.' Sister M.iri.1 fif.lfi.lS, f,'.:ft'fw'i.1 ,Xl.111.1'Quu1w1l: Sister Marie Aimeef 1..11i11. L.1fm tffnh ,iln.f4f,-,,1m1 l'liinl rff11'l.' Sister Marie Anne, ,Ylvfi'lf1.1Ilif, Ulfire l'i'.z-'lit-e. 'l'V3'f1i11Iq.' Sister Marie Anthony, lffwifi, flume ,ii.Jl1.1vQt mmf, llnwe l:'t'm1m11iri t,'ln!1.' Sister Miirie Clntlierine, lfafiqfiilv, fflllfllilffilll, GAHRIVI, Shzjf f1.!1'inr',' Sister Marie cihfNim'- lf"X!f"f'. Cfw1ti'.1f Si'it1.'i'e.' Sister Marie tie Chantal, Glue Club, Munir. nnrllv rr1u'1,' Sister Marie jose. Cftrzmfff, l'l1.igm'i. Sz'fc'1lt'l', Cr'c'l'U!.Jll Cfi'11f1,' Sister Marie Ltiwrente, liffiimaii ,'irf!lw1eNt'. x!7fIl'lfY.Illif, I..J1l'.' Sister M.1rie Perpettm. 'l'3j1!f1q. lff!m.lm'lm1f ln l5mi11tai,i', 1fnq!i,ilv.' Sister iX1Lll'iil1.1 Marie, lltxzlllv Sllilillilj' llunf ,Hmfw11lfu'.' Sister Mary lfllen, Iiefiiqiwf, Xmf.1filw3 Mmfer'.1lff1'. V ff fn rilqlwff KI1 Jiri w1u'l.' Sister Grate Regina, lfrwzrlf, Ijffgfjili, lfreurlv C,'ln!1,' Sister Helen Cioneeptti, 'l'v3f2i11lq, ,S'lwrllv.111.!, ffm1m1ei'-- t'i.1l t,'lff!1,' Sister M. Hilda, L.iln1. Sf,1,l.zf1ly ,ilm!eiu1!m'.' Siiler M. Irmingi, lfffmf f.vllffIll'L'.' Sister M. loan, Seti'u U-U MI X06 x N K v ee x slr ow T f' f--3' fs r V , -UU , 33, " ,I Vo ,W Y ,,,,-,..- .... - .,. ,N .,., . ,, M, V , -W .lilk C57 L -fx Q In P i i it W: J. i i Y' X - H- , 4- i 4 H " 19 Goldie-'s Winter Quarters Spe H in-4112: Skill' from flu' mrucllics ul illsl Alan XXlllllL'l' is iuvlnllr :tml llls uunpaumiuns ulmsc -.umxm'r Imnw is in thc grnluv poul, SlNlL'F fllH'lNllllt' l:I'2lI1l'lx1'il inlurnm Qlmmm- lliggins. lfnlna Murphy, and Marv Mills, thru' intcrcxtcnl nu-mlwcrs of ilu- KQLIFNUI' Kflulw. ed Unlimited cmd No Accidenis fI.f1lll.'fj.' ln faux, spccal is thc lllXiII' izxlwlc aim In whinlm Sislcr llulcn Um- rcpul cmuuragcs Cie.-lwviuxu l,2lllt'll4l nml lfllcn Mxllum-x. lufl In rilqfllx flfiiiil rrfzrj .' Sister Mary Lourties, R4'!jtQjUl1, .YrfJ.ilI!y fiImft'r.1lm'.' Sister Mary Matthew, lCvlitg2rf1,'.' Sister Miriam, Iliif fnrvy. llj.l'fIlI'Aj' Club, Swljm' llfiufui-mffff ,iimft'r.ilf1i', Sister M. Pauline, l11fm'weJi.1le f'HtQL'!lI'.I, 'lijtgmlfffflt1113, Sfifiil Cr't.'flIllt'lI'.1', fi1f1'.Illt'c'i! xlllqvfnxi. SL"!flIl4 llmuw-fmfu .iIfi,fw.1fm'.' Sister M. Raymontia, Sjhiiifili, I.AN'l'iluRN Slajf liffaimaii f'i4!I'j.i't'I'. f.S'errf11tf 1'r111'l.' Sister M. Roberta, I.if1i'.iri.111,' Sister Rose lfiieen, lfnlqfiilf, Selllm' Ilnwemnm ,iIi1ifer.1lrfi',' Sister Rose Teresa, lfrffn' f.illfflH't', llimfrui nf ,iImii'. Orrlwilui. l'ermj.111 Cfmjiy' Sister St. Dorothy, RL'!liQjllll, ,rIi.ii,if.i11! lj- i !1i'.zri.m.' Sister St. Margaret, riff, I.,-xN'l'HoltN Slajf Aif1'i.iw'. f'I'lvirif miwj 5 Sister M. Stephanie, .iIfr,iir.' Sister Teresa lltiwarti, f,ifl1lf7jlltQ. liamify Life, Sflifilljf-1 iiImfi'1x1!f1r.' Sister M. Tlieotiora. .Sm-i.1l S!1ltffc'.t.' Sister M. Ursula, Ujfire I'r.ir1irif.' Sister M. Vittoria, lfzflqfiili, Cl.-xiiitii-ii. Slilff mimi, lan! x1J1'f.iei', 1 D l"r1m'fl1 1'r111'j.' Sister W illiam Marie, lifwllhwfrifftg. SL'UjUl' llfwfeivww iiIf1.fw'.1lw'.' Miss ,Iosepiiine Ciliase, Ifiiiiinil Iii!- lltlllfllll Iuilrnrlwg' Miss Mary XYi.liSil, Srlmff! lN'1n'ie, .sv X ,fii.U!M1 S ect' f Nix I 'W Ox x W ,Of as I K .,,. .5 Q QB' w Q7 79.5-P' Kgs gg Mi tl-1 EHAOCS i 5 X. , 4- St. Agnes H .. f fAnn Kelly poses as SI. Agnesj ,L .XQUR UNDER .through ST. St. Agnes, at little girl of one of the noblest fam- ilies of ancient Rome, was put to death because she refused to denounce her belief in Christ. We shall probably never be called upon to give our lives for our faith, but we, standing staunch to the Christian principles and training we have received here at Nazareth, may tal-ce her for our model. Meet the Fans of 2I8 1Lou'er right, opposite pagej: Gathered for a last photo before the close of the basketball season are these sophomore sportsmen: Frieda Kroeckel, Philomena Zaurini, Monica Kenny, Bernadine Sheehan, fxealedj: Mary McDonald, Doris Morris- sey, janet Striebich, Lucille Passero, Kath- leen Mangold. Ready to Mount fLou'er leftj: From their smiles, we know that these equestriennes enjoy their fre- quent canters over sunny trails with Miss Chase ffrontj, moderator of our riding club. AGNES for. . 1, gfti T' ,tt I K Mfg 'Q sis ' , 'li-eNli, 4: ' at I A Salute to Nazareth I fffenlerj: With the words of the school song in their hearts, Carol Bates, Marie Gudinas, and Irene Hoffman return a snappy salute to the gold and blue, our school banner. Marjorie Believes in Signs - fljpper rigbrj: Majestically as the royal King Arthur, Marjorie Boyd, as the sign I bids, sits astride this charming white stal- lion. CLASSMENU 7 I' Sth!-UM kin! L iff Q- Fru Ag! ,f--eg, . 6 ly 41? , Q f S+ .fre 0 nr l t tx 1, e f x " .f EI ,f -ff' LLUMW if QQETH VACEO 1,1 I , f E I I i l l l l X X ,-'X .' v . f s 1' A M K 4 v I A i L L a 1 i l l x l i r l 1 l l V il i 1 V F R ES H M E N H O N O R S ...Q Seeds If.irc'lej.' The live highest sglmlarslmip NIllLlL'IllS nl' the lfreshmen Class: iiusrunie clolls is the current interest zunmig the girls who lmlal mp place in the lfreslnnen Class. lllillllt' Kussmzlul shows une ul Sallyk umllenliun to Kaitli- leen Mcliax, liernacletle Silmenlierr, anal Rurli Cinmlinns while Sullyilluckett luoks nn. Freshmen Firsts Officers of the lfreslnnen Class: flu,wrll.' lilllll Ciudinus, president: fIr1u'vr fnuzell. Anne Cfliirk, vice-presimlenlg liileen Cunliezuly, sa.-cremry: Mary llzielil. ll"L'2lSllI'L'I'. ft 'Was v ff" 3' ' . 1:-K--. - Q Q' ., 4 X. 1Nf.""'- A: xy W . ... N - Qffhg I Q ' 1 M Q ' ' 'iz 'fb' gf H' 45- 5 Q4 M we ., N Q ,yew .X LAX.. I , . 6Q g:p 50 1 Q' on 45,9 to 9 Q Q 151 as S' is SC Q -Q14 tv so U, Q" 'm+ Q EQ P' Q ig os OO I oo ga 60 Wwso 543. we 5 Q0 bvyu Sb so 609'-f 60 at 6 V-Mig 'H .. .. ' A391 Q Q X - R ,gg-fa' ' ff 9 ,f3,,, x QQ V958 X QUYQ iw vb! f.. - , U . as 1. 3 is ' " ' 60 9 -F 4 Q 'f T. NA - G 5 fs, 9 53 55, . I . vs -" 00 V to sb 1 ' . . 'f 1?-35.3-Ggatawiif ' 51' dl ga SJ gSl S0 5 ' 1 I 1 'lim -Eff' 34' L, A A ' .--1 A -,-lg: .1-A-,Qu A-,ex Q xV x ii-xx: QAM x 75,55 W F . A. 'fuk ""' "M"S2.. ,fg, 49, 66 R ff if E a 14 5 m . L - K ,ff KA .ilk-fy' ' ga 'of E. f,' fil 1b " Q 4 5' , ta UO 5' S0 x,Q, V"""'f'M'g" "M 'Q"4x-9 I P ' fi I 'ff "' :fw- ,3k,,'A F 6 ', fi' , U -I .v,,,,.. "Wi" 53 W fax .ew fax .Q K 'Nga 6, is of f f K X .QL Xvwyqf- aa, Q- 'V so as bw N- f b to .. Q m Q an 5: , A J W :Q ly Q. lsguit' fy , s- vs s. 5 3.9 gg: .,. CA Q 60 .-.100 40 5 ag is gy E.. " so "' so ds., " if oo Q.. 64 ,,,, 'D' 5' 5 3 Og 6 'C wiifv QQ, 6, Q, . ,x V ,N Q K.. 'KT-i 'f'4f7'.:,,?V w dy A.. , 4: 1, .. f R 1 ww , . gr-1 1 :w . 1-4-f 445: ' ' Y 9' 3' T1 r 3- y I Q fn" -A ' ' bi-I .- ,A ,' 'mx ' fuel' - - 'ff had G Q m an ,Qin , ,471 'icq' if un' 1 X v ' Q.. L- , ' QAM! X ' Y s ca 1 'Q m m - H V -2 AN gs I . W 'X P A 'ln A Q f A 4, . w ,, . ' fm 'M' Bk K W qs, IQ 11955. km' Through ST, PHILQMENA lor. 1 l'?i:lffw.-:in 4lilvH1:'Vl: MJ, irirx l1.i.m,iii. . 'wimilii V1 'X W Fields Afar .wi uk' part of thc uurlnl, wlulu mlzirluu-ss lTl2lIllxL'lN ilu- nppus raiinc Piurcc. Dolls, Posters and Pamphlets Puzlrrrcc in preparing :in iippmprigilc cxliilaii. A Bit of Library Science fl'j1j1w', r1j:f1mili"j1i1gz'!.' l.ilfl'llkl lzlpl flmllfzfj r'csm Cfhristinzi. S .....,----' x 1 ,l' r, .- 28 Il,in'lv!.' 'lAllL'liL'll in his lillln' In-il. llic liliim-sc umlic is lmllxcrcnl lwy mm suili prolwlum, XX'lix is il light in um snlu. sllmui whlrli -lllllii ifcrlin is mlcmunslrullixig In fl.ou'z'rj.' VUQ'2lIl0l1VNL'L'l'i is als imuli .1 P.lI'l ul Alllffll ls lhc rulmfs tirsr sung. Sister Maury l-llcn guinlcs Dunn: li hr r V mn R h l l ls l IJ il 0 e. ua c nu-r, mum frcncriis aim um ix llic williclrzwsals ul Milnlrcnl Slwlclrn, ljlllflllil liulzm Belly lfnglcr! umlur thu vumlilul guiilgimv ul' Sisur - --Our Year in Come, let us Like your h.u1tl h.1s .1lw.tys been the w.u'iu, helplul olliering lrom Nazireth Aouleiny, XVli.1t .1 reliel it w.1s to us Ireshmen to grxislw th.u lhllltl when we .ill were little Alites, blintlly stum- . , , bling up the stone steps to the XX ontlerlimtl at 1001 luke Avenue-l WK- tlung to our .QI'.llllII1.lf school lrientls .intl lutl somewhere, .inywhere, .it the sight oli .1 mighty upper kl.lS5IN.lIl. liverything w.1s so new .llltl lrighteningg .i tlitlerent te.uher lor e.1th subiett, l.OLIlll.llI1 pens in- stt-.ul ol inkwells, bl.1tl4 serge with white toll.1rs lllltl tutls, the Llll-ClL'l'l.l twenty-cent special, blue gym Wonderland suits, llll, lui, SIU. NVQ' felt .ts insignilitant .intl lost .is tlitl tiny Alite swimming in her te.1rs, The weeks ymissetl cluitkly Alllkl soon we toultl pass to our tlnsses without it single peek git our sthetlule list. We were theeretl to tliseover that many of the kintl Sisters knew us .mtl felt wnrmetl by their lrientl- liness when theyll .isle "Are you M4uy's sister?" or "Ditln't l tetieh your mother?" Soon we were spinning in the whirl ol sthool tur- I'lL'llltl like the busy rabbit of vc!OI1LlCI'l.lI1kl. lnsteml ol' the l1'llllll17llL'AlllOI1 table, we juggletl with the ulplm- bet in math, ISIIUIIIU Jim became the morning greet- 29 W E G l V E T H A N K S f 4 Y--X f ,:'Li:UMl GX' f-'f ,ZH tg tt X4 X .v xxx If, N-ig GQ 1, x i l ml y l'l , L ty? X, A. 'VX mg, XXYIIKILWCI' flltblltllllf uc woultl lm turning miner! Tlmcn t.tmcotI1cr cwntx nluitk .mtl tftst until it was UMW ' , X V? 4 4 Y f 5" 'A f-ff. - 1 ., .J I .frat f 7112-.' I 'fgyjg E, P . 'if H U .n ,J . VXA.-" X QF L 5 - if O 1 y ' vlf' .J . - : 0 A 1 I ff " : .L I A .1 7 2 ,C .4 " :. 1 I j 4 'X :- I T :7 N 'T A 5 2 E 7 6 1' E :. -1 ' "' , T A 3 -- .. -1 ' 'X 7 Z. " .... r- 'T r- -. ft - A 'f - I ' Z 1 'T A -I- ff , - J: ' -. -A .. '-4 gf 2 f- ff E E 1 -3 f- ' 1 Q I. 7' ...' E.. 1 I L' 5 7' L C fi lf ff C C .1 Y 1 ' T' .. 7 v 1 .. ,. , -. 7 4 --x .., f- -- - ff I2 -1 -T L- ft " T I.: -1 .1 '-' :' fi -- if 2 ft : -I- W 1 Q -- f f- 3 F- -1 .1 -1 -- ' . ff: L' I f- f -1 ,-. C fx 3 .4 F N71 3 . A ' 5 3 i 3 .., ,4 . -'IA 'T .1 Z --4 fs. f? " : 'T 2- .4 .1 71 -1 1- 4. .4 1' -1 -. 1 R4 -. C 'T 4 ,, .. 5 -1 ... Q ... I2 - ' .1 E' 7 :- rf ff L l - rt ff .3 S- 1 5 ,T .. F ,- : 34 fl 7- " I 4 ,- .- 7 .A :L .-. f? 1 -' .A ... ' f A -I - fx' I' -" .L .1 "' ' .1 3 Wi j .Z 5 :. ,-. I A ,,, --J .4 . .. ft - 3 . C - Y 5 4 7' :' 5 5 5 5 FT 7. f"' -' 1- ' C Z' J fl' f-+ LA K-4 3 T f. U C I ff ... - V ,- 7: f- Z u ff f Z - ff j- L V " - : ll' A N44 -A -1 -1 I V ' f- I. -1 1' C , -1 T -- 1.1 V 77- 1 C v ... I 3 :' 1 E- 3 'T S T "' ' xf r- -: .1. Z. fl ' 2 3 :. :.- 3 f , ff :. - V 7: ff 1 : F- .... ... 3 ff .. f 7 I 2 -' ' 7 ' :L - I 7' f- f- , .4 - Z. J 'N -ff -. J ..l -- . ..f ' ,4 - ff 7.1 I 2 A. 2 - 7' 3' w -1 3 " - -.. I. C .1 "' J 7.. -- xr 2 -. T' -' ,-. J 7 ., ,. L Q 'Q vi ' Z.. " 1 , , ,.. X4 . f 4 , J L L- .. - A : ... -1 ' : -' E ' :- 7 -GW W4 XZZPI-4 -Lf? lwmtm' 4 lmicrvll.tx .ts uc .lWkXX'.ll'1Hy Plllllttl .1 rose- lmtf ttwtxtgn- tu our tlrst lAlH'Ill.lI .md glitiui into thc .mtltttmttnm Im' tlrt' C.I1t'1stm.u J.1mc. stmngc .mtl new cmuuntcrs ot' our wpltmlmrt- yL'.ll' FRESHMEQN on -34 .I 1 , ,E .. ..-, t'5y'. 1, -an '- gr... Homeroom IO9 Sister Marie Lawrence, Moderator 'l.J.' t,.f,!. I fu' f st' Itrmxt, I,.llIlkI.l Attltmwt, FXItf1m.1 llmxu. Irtut lxlmlflmkl, Hlnxl Nttlltmtt, Marx fxllgklltll. lwtttt.l Arpt, Inu t.trttln.lIt N.. fx.: "l1'Nl? M.t1vtl1.1 f ttltt if-mtlxxxlt, I'.ltlttl.l Kumn, imut Sltlllflfflt. P.lll'lL'l.l Dv ALIQLINIIIN, Authu lnlwlvx, l'.lt1ut1.1 Cntllx. MAN 1,1-um lf.1.. tt t, Htltlm Vlt.m Iilmtl, C,I.l1lu If lwms, Vt'l111.1 Hurt, Mary Rltf. Hvrty 'lam' Iznglurt. Aunt' H4-tklu. Itntmt lwltx, I- ,wwf wit : I-1.111 Cmlwtll-I, AIJIIIYII limp, M.u'y lfllvn XYJII. Alitt- XX'L'I3I7k'l', Alina- Kmmlski, ,ln.m ,Ie-H11-y, Dull-tu litvntllt, I-lu.tlwt'tlz Ntvxxnt 30 lost no longcr. ln Lut we had mttgltt up with Mr Ralvlwlt .mtl XYL'I'L' .mxtous to Iollow lmn into tht -:1lv'- " " 'Zz X 5 4 "?""-- 2, gl f Q vw oo" '-.,Q use 65 yin wo., ' if-2' P ,fe .Q 'NIV 'f' Ol Q 'Yi Ai FQ T93 N" 5' as-A 43 1 ' Q x ' I , ,'-. ,A A r 3 ,,. ' ni. M Ivmfiwky -I ' Mx . .M ' yd., l Avg gi G Q " Q 'f' 'X av "" "' 60 'Uv 59 . 'A' 5 fm 6 m A ve X 1 'gras G - , Q X: .QQQ xx: v- ' H s r"w . + , va 7 0 X fffs LU Ml 'Ye V- STXLQ Q45 in ,Q . , - or I :S-1 lair s 0 P H o M 0 R E H 0 N 0 R 5 .vrslgxf buligfv Q 'ville' W E G I V E T H A N K N N,.. Buds of Great Promise'l'lz'j.' The five liiglicst pupils of thc Suplimnorc Class: Shirley Keenan fxcullcrl,1'wllc'r'l. plays limlvss In Anna- Rciml- inzm, Luis Arluclgc, llannclurc Bi.-yur :incl llarlmrzi llaullmk. Sophomore Celebrities Officers of the Suplmniurc Claw: Ilmcrllx Ruth Kasey, president: flower parlcll. joan judge, lrczisurcrg Flurcmu Kosficlnv. vice-lwrcsinlcnt. Pauline Mciscnmhl, M.'lI'L'l2ll'j'. Usa Q9 v 95 Nm E. A ,, , .,v,,, , , , K, rv f . ,Neva 5 . - . . --.1-531-1.-, -" ,- -'fpf-H. ' '- ,1 b 4 1, V -ffm If - . J' .IV " . .. fm ' ' 'f ' ' Q 'Q if 6-A , . 'q,h,f . - .QQ . V 9,7 4 Y h . .Tj xx. . , Q .. . . l ., ,ja 4 . gxg-, P W-. x - , ,Q '., A xi, Q .. . V I A. x M., .NV x .r ,M Qs. , 1 5- 'V -L . - T5 Py- nQ . - 1 0 1 Img to A , eg ,ny U I '52 .Q when fg ' ' Q IQ Q5. HW ' g , 'r ' Q Q Sd so tc to 9 " " vv 5 -UI 1 ,giflf I-'Nm 4 . 5- gif R .EL L 3 -'G' 'L 1 NJ 0 1- .5-'if X . Us ggv' 5' yt fb ,gwq as 'g,QM'.mn Wf"'-r'+p- -A is? - K Nj - -' -- 'A ,ffl :af fm ez-1'-:.ef' A 5, O. gag Q0 9-0 gas ,f-Lp 'Q iff- , Ln" ,M r ',.' Q fm Q an Q as bf qu.-9 ii wr -fb as Q-f sw sw u- ff A S9 - Q Q Qwf-:Q Cf if 21 Q .. awww 1 w-3. 3-f '-is "gms: '50 1' f 4 Q 4 A JN ' x D xv.-u, s gm M A E C ' wmv Q 5 ,Lx Wsx Q. it 0 J: H9 G Q si A W 4. V' 'N 0. Q" Will'-Ap, 45, gif. Q E5 'A "" Jil fr. 3 ffbliiy Q' w +1 sb w 0 'H sig' gg, , , -ff -1 ' .4 ff- C90 1- :Ni 'fi id + QW -" :' 1 , W Q - ' - 4, ,amy f 'V1' P . ,-.I I' 4 an e 'Mx Xu Q ' A - , MA':'l'?3Vv vim' avail d .,A, . - K Q3 - ga Mt 'Y , 6'Vx 6' as lo Qi fb Na ' in .5 53 4 f " 'f' 49 'T' 10. Sf' 4 As '53 8930 -51" V gm' ' 'Giles I 6?5"tf . 39 '-' . 'M Ns- ' 'M' 5 gl ss rf sl rt Sm? Q Syl f Vi gy, r an IQ 'V' . WF. '-I Q '-' "' an '59 'mf' Q' 05 V -JW Oo 0. HM 'Q Kb? 95 gs sw QQ H C2 5' 4' V' vi vo0Oggs, FIT ,Qf if Ln" Q lap- ' . K x .E ' -4 - Q E V 5 .. G ' 'hh' . 4: A iv- W- gk .xr 3 A.. J . X ,- I Jw v 'm vi A Mx- A X 4 'l .. , Q 93' X. Sai Y s-93-H x Q Q A W ,Q af -4 '. 4- .1 , Q J' , , . , - . as .., 'Al' 5 A-5-.. ' - Q m vt - ' - 01 1 A-Sf' -'E' ' N-' A , l -8 .. 1- GJ F :xl wfgg' . 1 - if t . liz '- I I , 4 - .A N' A . sv- , ,,1 ,Q - A x '- ws 'X . - 55 W I If 3 5 4 i Qui. fr K1 '-Q5 15.4 'ara ww ww, l .through ST. URSULA for.. Nl l isi,l.t with iuaitx lllltlcllcll voting Htllllcll ltll l:ti no ,t ui liigluul tl uuig' flu - i lowfitli ttutuix on .i xxouilcilul .ulvc'nlui'c' lot lnut to ttuivtit tlu i.l:'.lIl pi-ipltc ol lutopl to C luismtiiilx. ...Our Quest for Adventure Vile left the XXfonderland of our first year at Naza- reth, left Mr. Rabbit with his interesting personality to enter with a spirit of exhilaration the adventures of the sophomore year. Could we choose anyone more helpful than Chesterton's lovable Father Brown as our guide? Though we were prepared for the danger- ous curves of geometry by numerous warning signs along the road, many times dear Father Brown guided us to welcome safety. How we sleuthed in those early September days, combing classrooms and halls looking for a freshman who wanted a "practically new" general science book, or for someone who had a C,'fze.r.1r for sale! Nor was it long before we ardently wished we had been less anxious to find Mr. Caesar with his Veni, zfidi, wifi. Often we could not fathom the necessity of those lengthy English book-reports, why gym periods passed so quickly, why French had so many irregular verbs, All took the wisdom of a Father Brown to solve. lt was not difficult, however, to find the reason why our Bishop gave us a day off when he came to visit Nazareth for anyone who knows our Bishop, that's sutlicient nor who sent us the "Guess Wl1o" valentine, nor why the Kelly-green socks on St. Patrick's Day went without comment from the ollice. No, that was the easiest of all, for Sister lilubertine has a little bit of Irish in her heart. Thus we sped through the year down the straight Lenten road which led to retreat and liaster vacation, past the Glee Club Concert with our flowing formals, until, finally, before we knew it, june exams had come! With a prayer on our lips and dear old Father Brown at our side, we solved all the problems. Our second year at Nazareth had passed by, where? Not even Father Brown could tell. Despite our problems, we had grown to love our sophomore year, which has left us a legacy of cherished mem- ories. SP Health Is Wealth fLou'erj: Concrete examples of the food mentioned in their texts are proudly displayed by the members of the health class: Elizabeth Fhmann, Cecilia Reich- enberger, Mary Stickel. and Frances Ventura. Notes as Sweet as Sweetheart Notes fCircle, oplzosile pagel: Carol Haggerty accom- panies some of our future prima donnas in this voice culture class. ll,llK 'llll ll ...--n--' 1.,..1-1-I ,....--1-I-I ...Q-an "-1. M ,gh 36 X hi N K a I lr ' 'W ' - , 5 ? 'P qw 1 y LJ! ,vi A -- ,V ly L. w. ' Q, V" ' ' J ' ge 'Z-9' .Egg Kfgvii A if 'aun- """" if - r 1 i .,'-?', ,Lis 4 H' ' , Sw ' -hx ' Jw. X' ' 'iv fi vw A P Q Q wi. X . X it' 1 F -2 1 x ,. if?W QQ sg M sv 5 sa 0 1 A x . ov 4, -uw- f ' 'YYY ' 77 YQ 'VY C 'Q V ' 5 m1?5i?5Q5F5W Ss O 53, . 80 OO 0 9 v. 'Gang' '42 5 Q m -ff 15 . "" "' " ww -fb -.f N4 Q 4' U-,Q mm sf I 23, 'V' ':--- 31 hifi? 3 JUNIQR HONORS r "Wu -in v4 'T J Lamps That Burn Bright flfiwlejx The six highest selmlarsllip students of the junior Class: Pml cards are a very entertaining lwlwby as ,loan Hussey Kex- lrenn' riglvlj is convincing Constance Cosueli, jeannc Strachan, Mary Hush, Belly Nagle and Helen Collins who examine some uf ller K'0llL'l'Il0l1. Guiding Lights Officers nl' the -Iuniur Class: 1lu.verlj.' Mary Kay Donovan, pres- ident: Umrzvll. Peggy llerlwsl. treasurer: Mary Lou Moore, secre- tary: Geraldine Gaffney, vice-president. ,jx we "FX fin Ji - . ' .4 ' FQ t if fy ln, , if" r Y E , 'v1'i,. - 54' .QQM A .guy ,Q5 J , . P , . . . .. -A . 4 A mf' , Q91 ,H il. V , .. I at ' ' .V ik ' J b ' lf, . A-L Q Y W ,W i 'Qi A fn , if ' 7 ' s A . if 2 U ' :- l , . h -nf 4 , n F I J ,,x S '1 S . W' Wljf 1 U , X wud 'Afqx ,AK4 my i I ft Y , lm -F Ah g,.. Q M- E 3 'gi' Li .fer ,A MA WM ' . A5 ,Fig N V V il 1 f ' 1, can ...g, 4, WS' mei? -an NA' Q 1. ' V A . --. 5 x . , A 2 if . wk: xt Hx a . ,N , A , K Q 3 dw , go , f Q-, ,. 6 l5Q',,Q-"4if.":?3t-R"?x!4b-n v Ni H! :L - My 9 59x 5 Q, Q . V.g ?.i 3 'i"'A"'E. gg-fw- Q"' 'L Q f 5 , SQV' '- 9 i, QQ 60 -is 43, il Q Q Q 9 ' 'FT' 'x . 594 vi 35:0 fl" " W , -' KN is wi 2 N Q cgi '5 is as so 4- F9 5 Q 600 Q WW ggi .W- 55 C5 D may 'Sli Afnf gofq' gmpq-xg QQMQJ AQ., M, ' ." 'ITL ' ' , sv' ' 'qw "l!"'l ,., ' ' Q , , ,' ' ,,i,,i A J ,A A ' ':1 ' , A V -,. S . , .- A X . N A 6 ,R a I ARRAY i 3 SM Y , TQ. KEN . gl Q I v ul, p ., . x K Mm New K 4 M' I 4 V yd V b Q m Q RA. vt. x. CV - ia 251 ,-'T fr- ' L,-, . , -A 'Eg .L- - 4 H' U'-s S, ' MN- H X fwr Am V . , I . w x,,k 'El . fn Q W l , ' 3 l -, ' . . n 5 V-, 'gm' 1 ,.. ,z 1--, ,. 3 Q.- .. k ' P' -.0 K Q: Q. V Z, , ' v 1 'I I- :gh xy - I 9,2 ggi, 'N ..- We S21 '1 ',,,.r'ff9 Y 'ir Y -H.. Q , 1 ...Making Gur Decision 'l'wo years have passed years lull of gifts from Nazareth. Yet as we eagerly entered upon the wel- toine ol our junior year, we re-experienced the antici- pation and hesitaney ol' our tirst trip to XVonderland. lfor this was the year in which we slowly, tentatively opened the doors doors muth more important than Christopher Morley opened, lor they would lead us to and through our liuture. lintouraged by loving tounsel, we ventured a step or two beyond each door beliore deciding which lit our footprints best. Now having taken our plates on the third lloor liront, not even a letter from liartia tould have forced us lrom our post? Here we fought those unending ranks ol' Cicero Gremlins. liatally wounding them all. Nor did we surrender when no ammunition re- mained! Wfe relied only on our intelligente to cope with the hundreds ol' tifty-first dragons confronting us on the Espanol and Deutsch papers. To be sure, some of us bore scars whieh forbade our re-entrante through these doors. Still, our days for the most par! were as happy as those of little Mary Wliite whose theery greetings brought sunshine to the village where she lived. Now we were Perosians with blue satin caps and gowns for special oetasions. WK- presented the an- nual orchestra concert perhaps not Enditott's, but equally as enjoyable. We tould listen to senior ora- toricals. hear reeordings of Keats Milton's, and W E C5 l V E T H A N K S 1, EET Q5 x Agvx X4 QM A f 0 'L' ef- ef. 9 i .ti . 1- K A v s 4' , .e X fe, T 0911 W E G1 I V E T H A N K S Slit-Iley's immortal odes, in lfnglish tlassg and it took All too soon the time had tome lor us to deiide no David Grayson to show us their true value. These behind whith door our future lay. 'lihis door we were some ol' the doors we would always leave open. found, and marked the steps .x. for they perlettly There was also the supreme joy of our tirst hand' litted our footprints. Truly we would miss the old made garment from sewing class, and of our first familiar third floor whith had heaome so muth a hroiled iuicy hamburger that would have made home and which held so many delightful memories. I.amh's tharatter ol' roast pig fame abandon his won- But the year ol years awaited us a year whith we derlul discovery at the mere sight and whitl' of this had desired so long our senior year ol I5 and -io. twentieth tentury special, ,-XT rj r a Homeroom 304 Sister Marie Anne, Moderator fl!!! lo ilgllifyl' Init! fun I lxlarttline fooli, Ruthmaiy fonnoiton, Geraldine Alsfassei, Anita Angilella, Mari' li.llIl1l.lll. Rosemarie liellaidi. liewilex lhadi. loan lheiman ,Mofrfif our g Dolores lNlatt'allini, lNladelyn latolwelli, Loretta Vfagnei, Margaret lltihst. ,lean Qiihaud. Rita l"aiiell. l'hyllis Dtltiaxe, lirne faint-lli. Catherine fallllll. flhlhf :nu 3 Ruth llautk, -lean Stliiriner, Shirley Seullieit. Kathleen SL'liai'r. lNlai'garete Riedel. liiantes lXloi.ui1nIi, lileanoi 'i'iilsi..i.,. Ruth Kouxalslxi, Anna Di l.enola. lffniffr ion 5 l'iantts l,amonato, .loan Meyer. Mary Vkegman, Cliristine lhomas, llatiitia lNleiiunan. Doris Ciaiilnri, Maiion Ntuail, Mail Ntitkel. Mildred johnson LUM1 X e X Qt, xg, WQI45 V Q 0 f KX O R Rf' 1 il E Q P ' rr -- pa.: THA 'N.Nh,f N 'iff-,?N,1-' if. 44 ,. , ,W , 5 N V . M.. dx an . 4 f- , F '. -5 :-V ' 1- 3 . V Q . y 3 .Mn ' 1:-Ev" -wk? G 'f as A ' Q 2 vi " X , Q ' if -h as ' Ov 4 Nav.. A ' of " We vv Q 51: Q Q Q' "' 'lr 'TD' . J' .QL if A O, sg. OOQQXKNX , 5 CD 5 6 5? 31 1 15 , f...e4 .W-Ea .. ., .... Q .E 5? E5 :Q fx -'9 L13 'F A Q3 551 qv Al 'Q' so 0, if ga' 'N' sb W9 , 'Q' 'TX I U' 99, 5 SO A +I Of, V V '-4""'f-'f' we Q, .4 M' S, 5 , -'AA 1- ' ff QI' f'f'Q fri,-vi 5 M , xv f W ' l bislgwkg. vm , .. P. -- ff RQ Q Q Q 5, Q P. .. - ..-M -. A. . V ,, " g fi? ,fha ga gf," ia va W sa L IS sg 'YS L if th The Little Flower of Jesus fMargaret Donegan poses as the Little Fluwcrj 46 OUR ..through THE LITTLE FLOWER ot JESUS tor.. The Little Flower of jesus promised that after her death she would let fall to earth a shower of roses. May we, when we have finished our studies here, scatter some of the rose petals gathered in the garden plots of Nazareth. Hats OFF l l Sen fUpper rigbtj: We salute Yvonne La Borie, president of the Sen- ior Class. and Helen Schoenherr, editor of the Gabriel for their splendid work and leadership during the year '45-'46. iors Set the Scene fLou'er, opposite pagej: Typical of the comracleship of Nazarenes is this group of seniors enjoying the first touches of spring. Hiki ng without o Hitch fCenierj: Refreshing themselves a bit before resuming their pace. this gay group includes Shirley Archibald, Elizabeth Dever, Eliz- abeth Conway, Dorothy Richard- I son, and Jeanne Roche. V. Wrestling with Winter fLou'er leflj: Unhampered by mounting snow drifts, Gilda De Felice cheerily dons a ski suit and takes up a shovel with a merry heigh ho! f-Kf XLLU MIN fo 47 J K iN S96 if 'Wi 460 2 fx - i SENICDRS 1 ve at .1 1' -1 'Qi . K On to Greater Glory ff.iVrl1'l.' The tru' IliQ1hL'Sl scholzlrslrip students of :lac SL-niur Class In a curncr of ilu- lrlwrary Anim l'lL'lkI1lH'k Hull ,uulull rn-mls am zumrsrng lm of hrswry to Manu lizmlcrl, Marne imciimrs. Shirlu Hall, and -lmcplrinc Tasukurm. Senior Seleciion The officers of llw Scniur Class: fImw'll,' Yxunnc In Boris, prcsi clcnl: fjmuvll. lone Rlclly. VIQL' prcxldcrltz .Mrslrcy linglllr. Sl'kTCI1lFY Fllcn Doyle. II'L'iiSllf'CI'. 'sf' vi? wr -19 So en SENICDR HONORS'--" Proudly We Hail U,irilv2.' Many pvnpli- in Roulicstcr haue haul UCt2l5lUll to hv.-:lr Shirlcy llalll livillzvll mr-I the rauliu in lhc -lllllilll' 'I'uu'n illvvlillg of ilu' xiir, From theme pairlicipalnls who was clmsun in spcnk mi-1' ll Rncllcslcr-Lonilon hookup. NVQ are prnucl In lmvc hcr fur our vnlcclinlnrizui un unnlncmcnicllt night. Standing In-side Shirley is nur other spczxkcr for that night nf nights .Minn lflciliuck, sailulzlluriznl. Arfisis'rrl.' Ihwinu-rs for luinrc wriling arc given hy Sisicr lfraimcx il1CI't'SAl in scninr wriicrs who have haul Illllgilllllt' ill'L'CPl2lIlLL' lur prow or poclry alnring ilu- vcnr. fSmlul, lvfl lu rigldl, Ihosy arc: lim-in Iimmcy and june 'linrau'i, ixlilliflllxll :lnllvologv of l'vru'.' Patricia QlIl't'lI'.l llori: Tlicrcszi Din-lcr, pun-l alnil L-sxanislg fjhlillliilgj, Ann Burke, Qllt'1'lI'.l ll"uri,' iI4llL'I'CN2l Conn, lirloriinl: Arlene -.1 'T llLll'l, Slmlrul Ijfvq Maury Knulh, l'if'lr1ri.u1.' Doris PL-lnxu, ixlillillllill l'w,u'.' Mary .-K. Sk'l'lX'S'2lY'I, l'z'rxz' .mil lf.m.n'.x. .'klW5k'lll from picture llft' lltlly' Still, Cilllralir Yuullfg Ili-in Nurnmn, Yxunm- In lloriu and Annan l'.lCCllllKilx, xlilfillllill lll'l'Xl' .-lulfvnlngvy. -4' 'lil 1 :QQ L XLLUMJ'-X 'f'VfS'ffH N40., , lsr . i X Q K fl 0 l LN W . f'Y1LXvI-- , liz ri-1--wr-v,w . i Q Xml l Xgifwffl Tv l' e lx , V4 gm 7 xfff mics? IJ My LU M L, U- UV42 g Q0 u x, N0 f -X A f Q54 2691 lil x A , A fl l ill lx lflff . fwfg. A W E 6 I The Smile's 'che Thing ll is Nazareth Smiles that make one happy, so joan Michaunl, Corinne V Slilllli, Shirley Hall, Dolores Fekert. Patricia Flanagan, Audrey Baglin, E and Mary Ellen Coughlin put on their best smiles to greet you. T NAZARETH ACADEMY SENIOR CLASS or I946 H I ff' fffn flu: iff udffl A .-NVIHRI Y M. ADAMS Uni l..1ilm ffl l'if1ufn,1l Hilff N lllltl vlowpli Axe. I..'x1nr.i. N4-il.ilitx, lic-lluinnne flulw, N. A. Atlulelii ASS'n, N. A. K Xnloix flops S lil"lll lf, ACillYl'l"l'A HHH .'lffff-lfi- 152 RIImlxXIL'XX 'l'L'l. li.':11.'1i1 Nifililutv. lielluinvm- flulw, llonie lion-nniis flulw. N A. A. Yiilolx Coips. 'Xllwlilu ASS n. N NURMA MARH AMl,il4l'RY M, 'lluff.lfm '9 Sl. Pin-:ie DI. l..'nr.'.'.f xi-ilililv. l'uioSx.ui flu-ui, llellmmim- Clulw, f.iif ASs'n. l..imlio1n Null liliroi-in-f.liieI. ill. N. A. Atlulutn MARII I ,-XMIM? l..'xff.'1i- Noilililx, ll lil--rlo llinle, N. A, Allilitii ASCII, N. A. X-il-:ix Iolyw M, rlfmfii RJIH Like Au-, ll'f Y I ANlvl l,lNl llf-fx lx'ff-mx rw' lmeuoli SI. lik.-znff-' lk-voSv.ivi flioii, Oiilnstni. l4ell.ilmlm- flulw, Cvlee flillf, X A, Yiiloix Coipx. NlllRllY A. :Ulf llll4Al.l3 .Mlirof Him! IOS AllWCl1l.lllK' St. li .'1zff'fii Nulnlity, l'exoSi.m Clroll, llellumlllc flnlv, l.c' fclili' l','.irS. N A Atlilm-tn ASS'n, N. A. Yukon Coupe. 'Q E Bfffrffm fffu 5 11.111 ff, irglwrf l:RANCfl'S V. A'l'il'lNASl Helm Rfmlvl 1-5 filIIll'XK St. xlifirrflin Soilnlity, Peioxun fhoii, Hellumine Llulw. N. A. Alliletu ASS n. l'.ln A1111-l'u4l Clulw, l,.mtl1oln Stall, N. A. Vliloyy Coipx. DORIS A. Alllill Af. .llilvumil .llmi .Vw R.ui N. xlilnimi: Hellumine Cllulv. llume lmonomln lilulv. N. A. Atlilcln ASx'n, N. A, Viitoiy ffoipx. Alll5RliY liAlil.lN Uni' I.i1.f1 ffl ffffful Vfffffrfll Sl Kingxlmioiigli Ril. ,'liln1Hii,' Soilxllty. Hellumine flulv, N. A. Alllletn Amin, l'.m Alllerna f.lulx, N. A. Vlitory Corps, f.l.1xS 'l'le.xsulel bl. l7ll.l.'l'il'A ll. l'lAR'l'Ul.0Ml.U XX. .'ln,envNrn Si folgatc St. .flfflzlliiif Smlallly, l'lell.l1'mlne filiilw, llome lionornxix flulw, N. A. Atlilellu Axfn, N. A. Vlitoiy fnipx. VAROI. M. HATIIS Hffli Rifliimif ,WJ lluils-in Aw. .lilllllnif Sml.ll1ly, Hellumlm' flulw. N, A, Allulerli ASVI1, NIL-lm l.iml Clulw. ll.lZAHl.'l'H -I. HAl'l1R Hffli .-lfvffiflii ."H Deuex' Aw. xlilirlfn-.' S-ul.1lity, Home l,i-mornin flulx N. A. A hh-tn ASCH, I l'.in Aim-mia flulw, Idintlwrn Stall, N. A. Viitolx foipx, Yaisuly li.iSlxetlv.lll. ,- if uh.: liiril mir: Iktlltflllpf ilurwll PATRICIA D. BAUIER Om' Lady nl Cowl Cnuuicl 860 Genesee Park Blvd. .'1l'lll'IliIl'.l.' Sodaliry, Bellarminc Club, Home Economics Club, N. A. Athletic Ass'n, N. A. Victory Corps, Mendel Club. PATRICIA j. BliA'I"I'IIi Our Lady of Prrpelual Hrlp 212 I-Iollenbeck St. .4rlirilii'i: Sodality, Bellarmine Club, N. A. Athletic Ass'n, Lan- thorn Statl, N. A. Victory Corps, Varsity Basketball. Cl.ARlCIi BEIKIRCH Sl.1nhnIi1'angrli.r1 755 Vlinton Rd. N. .1ili1'il1ci.' Mantunn Circle, N. A. Athletic Ass'n, N. A. Victory Corps. -IIZAN M. Hisr3HoPiNca rm-1..,,1y01 P.'fpm..1lH.r1p vo Lang sr. Ac1ii'ilif.r: Bcllarminc Club, Dcr Deutsche Verein, N. A. Athletic A5s'n, N. A. Victory Corps. liI,I.liN P. BLOCK Sl. Murgarcf Mary 102 Wirnblcdrvn Rd. Ani:-ilir.i.' Sodality, Home liconomics Club, N. A. Athletic Ass'n, Lanthorn Staff, N. A, Victory Corps. MARGARET A. BOLAND Xl. .-inm' 38 Irvington Rd. A4'li1'iIicJ.' Sodality, Le Ccrcle Franqais, N. A. Athletic Ass'n, Ga- briel Statf, Christmas Play. .Yriuml mir: tkculling rllllflll GERALDINIE R. BONADONNA Sr. Bridguf S3 Lowell St. Arlir'itiv.f.' Sodality, Bc-llnrminc Club, N. A. Athletic Ass'n. Lim- thorn Staff, N. A. Victory Corps. MARY li, BOYD Sl. Murgmr! Mary 2562 St. Paul Blvd. A1'lf1'ili4'.i : Bellnrrnine Club, N. A. Athletic Ass'n, N. A. Victory Corps. MARY M. BRADLEY SI. Clnurltir Bm-rnnl.u 203 Chcsterticld Dr. Ai!i1'iiir'.i ,' Sodality, Pcrosialn Choir, I.c Cerclc Francais, Mantuan Circle, N. A. Athlutic Ass'n, N. A. Victory Corps, Class Treas- urcrffl. MARY BRAUN Huff Rniurj NVQ Rzlinicr St. Acl1r1flr.i: Sodality, Bellarmine Club, N. A. Athlutrt Ass'n, Gabriel Statl, N. A. Victory Corps, Christmas Pl.iy. MARIIi A. BROWN H1113 Trmitj X56 Ridge Rd., Xvcbstcr .f'iiI1i'ilii'u.' Sodaility, Commcrcizil Club. ROBIZRTA I. BRUXVN Sl. Cfhfnlri BUVIUIVIII1 IIS Cgilifornizi Di. AcIir'itici: Sodality, Home liconomics Club, N. A. Athletic Ass'n, N. A. Victory Corps. Tlurrl mir: tknldirlg nflllffll GEORGIA M. BRYANT Sl. Mrxrgrncl rllilrp 599 Winimnri Blvd. Aclirilir.1.' Sodality, Bcllarminc Club, N. A. Athletic Ass'n, Nicuw- lnnd Club, Pan Amviricu Club, Gabriel Staff. N. A. Victory Corps, Christmas Play, Senior Play. MARGARET I.. BUBIZI. Holy Frllllilj SS l.oicnzo St. .'Irli1'ilii'.i.' Sodality, Home Economics Club, N. A. Athletic Ass'n, N. A. Victory Corps. ,IACQUELINI2 A. BURGIESS Surfed Hr-.lrl 21-I Merrill St. .'1rlirilii'r: Sodality, Pcrosian Choir, Bellarminc Club, N. A. Ath- lctic Ass'n, Nicuw and Club, N. A. Victory Corps. ANNIi K. BURKE Holy Roimp' 40 I..iltc View Pk. .1irir1m'i: Sodality, Bclhirminc Club, N. A, Athletic Axs'n, Gabriel Stall, N. A. Victory Corps. PATRICIA BURKIE Our I..'m'y nl Cum! Cfumicl 140 Congress Ave. .4rliritir.i.' Bellarminc Club, Commcrcixl Club, Pan Am6rica Club, N. A. Victory Corps. SHIRLEY A. BURKI2 Holy Ajmillri XS Canton St. Acliriliri: Sodnlity, Bellarminc Club, Gabriel Staff. Sl lfu-1 mn: lRl.1lln1u ifffllfll CilfRAl.l7lNli li. BURNS lilinufl .Ymnlfrllllf 998 Munmc AVL' ,"llf1z'll1l'-.' llclbirmlnc Club, N. A. Atblt-tn Ass'n, N. A. Virtury Cuips. AGNlfS A. HUIUIAACCIU .Mnvnl Illarl Irvs Augustine St xlrlniml. Sml.ility, ll Crruvlo lhntc, N. A, Atblctit Ass'n, N. A. Vittury Curps, MARY l.. CARROLI. M. fllrlluffl, INN Ihriksnlr- Avc. .'lrl1r1lnv: Smlmlvty, Pcmsmri Lbnir, Urillcstm. PATRICIA A, CASARli'l"l'l fwfmi f.'lu'iuli 'Ib Cummings St. Klllflillch' Sutlnlity. Hcllarminu Club, N. A. Athlctit' Ass'n, N. A. Yntury Cmps. -IOAN Y, CASTANIA lffufm: Clvllll Zh Arlington St. I.llK.ll.l.l. f.l.FAl.ll Hffly Rtilzrfmr -t Linmln St. xllflzlzll-.' Pacllnrminc Club, Humc llunnulniis Club, N. A. Atblctiri Asfn, N. A. Yntmy Corps. .M 1 ffm! fffui 4R- .nlzrly .lun ui ANNA M. CHINAPPI H1115 Fdffllf-J 921 ,lay St. .4fln1ml.' Smlnlity, ll Ciruxlu Dante, N. A. Atblctis' Ass'n, N. A. Vittury Corps. Mll.lJRlfD M. CHISTOLINI Sl. Philip Nw: 69 Dursct St. .'lrln1llrl.' Sml.il1ty. ll Ciruulo Dante- Prvsitlt-nt. M.intu.m Cirmlc, N. A. Atblutu Ass'n, N. A. Virtury Curps. MARY li. COLLINS Salud l'liH'f 455 Magcc Avc. xlflzflmwf Smlality, Home liumnmits Club, N. A. Atblvtit Ass'n, P4171 Anwnun Club. N. A. Vittory Corps. 'l'HiiR1f5A aj, rj0L1,yNs Hnly ,flpmrlii 1-3 Sunset Sr. .'lf.'1r1.'1li. S1--Lllity, Hcllarminc Club. N, A, Atlilc-tit Ass'n, Pnn Aim'-r1..t Club, N. A. Vlttnry Cnrps. MARY I'l.lZAHlz'l'H CUNXWAY .Ymull Hunt bl Clay Avo. qiifuzlnlx Smlality, Hcllarminc Club, Home liummnus Club, N, A. Atblc-In Ass'n, Am6rn.i Club, Nicuwlnml Club, N, A. Vntoly Cuips. VlKCilNlA M. CUNXVAY XI. xlrrlhvffu IIUR li.tgsl1ul'C Blvtl. .'l1llll1lz1.' Sutlality, Hcllnrmim- Club. M.intu.ln flIfklL', N. A. Atlr lt-In Ass'n. liabrn.-l SMH f-Ncws litlltur, Christmas Play, Senior Play. 'Illini mu' tklmllrly llffunl MARY l.l.l.l1N f.f,licvl'll,lN Sl. .llffulnl IU Arvillr PL. .'lrl111f1.v.' Smlnlity, Bclbirmlnu Club, N. A. Atblctn Ass'n, Gabrlcl Null. 'l'lll5Rl'SA A. C0220 Sl. limfllll Xfllivr lb! lilltll Sl. ,'h1n1ml.' Smlaluty, Pcmsmn Chmr, Hcllarminc Club, Glcr: Club, N. A. Atlilctu Ass'n. Gabriel Stall. RUSH Ci. CUl.O'IA'I'A Xl. Hr'lrl,ul'l 90 Haml St. .'llln1!lti.' Smlnlrty, Bt'lllll'I't1I!'lC Club, N. A, Atlilctit Ass'n, Ciabricl Stall. lllANli A. Cli'l'Al.l Xl. .Ylilvinlfllrl 901 Norton St, Jllllllflll. Smlnlity, ll Cllunlu Dnntc. ,lUANNlf l.. I7'APRll.l' Sl. .'1fr:brm. 1-"-I Puscllw Arr. Antnrtics: Pclwrxmn fillttll, Hrllarinlnc Club, lllvnu' lwvnwllliis Club, 'Xl A All lat A i . . 1 -it ss'n, Pan Allllzflld Club, N, A. Vntnry Corps, C,l1iistn1.1s Play. SL-mor Play. lXlllO'l4HY bl, DAVIS Xl, Iflunlli Iinrlffrllmf IJ5 fillllllllllld DI. .'lllnifn1.' Sutl.illty, Hcllnrrmnc Club, Harm- lkunurnics Club, N, A. Atlxlctis Ass'n, N. A. Vittury Corps. - I Ring in the New lt was hearty welcomes such as this that made our new students, Patricia Lemm and Mary 0'Connor Qleft, back rowj feel completely at XQ1- V W E G I V E home at Nazareth. Rose Marie Kuchman, Miriam linglert, Dolores Eckert, Yvonne La Bone, and Audrey Baglin are showing them the beauty spots at Nazareth. NAZARETH ACADEMY SENIOR CLASS OF I946 Trip fully' fl.t'fl ln rlglrfl VIRGINIA li. DAVIS Holy Rnufra 292 I.:ik1.- View Pk. .'Itfiriliri: Sodnlity, Bcllttrminc Clulw, Ilan Amerxa Club, N. A. Vittory Cotpx. DOLURIZS Ii. DIiNISIi 178 Nalmnt Rtl, .-hlirllirn Hg-llairminc Club. Le Certle Francais, Cirtlc, N. A. Athlctir Ass'n, N. A. Vittory Corps. IiI.IZABIi'I'H B. DIZVIER Huly Rvttury 2-IJ Pierpont St. .'lt'lil'lllt'I.' Sotlaltty, Hellttrrnine Club, Home litooomics Clulw, N. A. Alllletit Ass'n. 'I'HIiRliSA j. IDIIZTIER Striwd Hun! oo Ridge- Rtl. WR-st .'Irl11'iliru.' Sotlality, Commercial Cluh, N. A. Atlilctit Axsfn, N. A. Victory Corps. ,IOAN M. DIIETRICH Sl. jnlw. Cimut 3055 Ridge Rd. XVL-st .-It'Iir'ififn.' Sodality, Home Iifonornitx Clulw, l.c Cattle lirnnqatis, N. A. Athletir Ass'n, N. A. Victory Corps. GILDA j. DIFIELICIE Xl. .Il.n4t4.nt'1 .Ilmj U 'Iliornton Rrl. .'ltHl'Illt.I.' Sotlality, Iflcllarmine Club, II Cirtolo Ilmtt-, N. A. Atlu- lt-tin Aw'n, Christmas Play. Hullffm v'f1u': fl.t'fl In rfglffl N IDURUIIIY I.. IJISPIQNZA Xl. Alnfllrtl lllll GCIICSCL' Pk. Blvtl. xltllzlfltw .' Sotlllity, I.e Ccltlc liranquis, N. A. Atlilutit Asx'n, N, A. K Vittory Corpx. l'A'l'lllClA A. DISPIENZA Xl. Alflflllll llltl ciCIK'V.'L' Plc. lllvtl. S fltliilmw .- Sotlnltty, I.t- Cerflc FranQ.1iSf -Pre-Sitlcnt, N. A. Athletic Ass'n, N. A. Vittory Corps. ROSE lvl. DUIVIINAS Sl. G'I'fH'gt' 795 Avthut' I7 .'lili:flrtw: Choir, Hcll.u'minc Club, Comtncrtinl Clulv, N. A. Atlilvtlt' Asfn. l'llfl.l',N I7. IXJNUCIIUI1 Sl. Alurllt I1 I55 Barton SI. .-Itlflfmix Sotlulity, Iiclltitminc Clulw, N. A. Atlilt-tit Axfn. ACiNlfS M. lX7RKlfY Hffli Rv-an 124- Curtis SI. .-Itllrfmts Sotlnlity, Bcllairminc Club, Der lk-utxtltc Vt-rein, N. A. Atlilctit Axyn. Nicuul.aml Cluh, N. A. Vittoty Corps, Claus Sutter t.tiy 1. lfI.l.IiN R. DUYl.Ii Holy xlpmllti R0 Myrtle llill Pk, .'ltl1z1l1tt,- Sotlnllty, Home litouomirs Clulw, N. A. Atlilt-Iii Ass'o, N. A. Vtttoxy Corps, Class President -I, Cl.isx Sctrctuy I. . Q f ,.,--. X!! '11 C 6 le K ' I , ' 'v ' A I J 4' ff' 1 XLL9 f ow ,x f-fx, - V X, ,ff LUMT- .fg-: N0 Q X I I X 1 OX I cial! l 37' I . .P .' ' XYX1. " ' Q1 I 1 Y? H I. I V A f lvl seq., it .I ow QP JJ ' 4223 A W E G l V E T H A N K S Snowbound Snow is beautiful to look at, hut more fun to frolic in is the philos- ophy of Joanne Christi, Shirley Archibald, Helen Ennis ffront rowjg jeanne Roche, Betty Conway, Phyllis I-Iartle hack rowj. NAZARETH ACADEMY 'lhlf mu : rl.iff In riglvl lXbI.URl:S H. IfCKIfR'I' Xl. illnrliml R-l Strillliornl Plc. flalllllliu' iotlility, Nieuwlaml Clulx Previilent, CIIIISKIILIN Play, Minor Play. l4l1'I'iI'Y M. IzIilfINGIfR lfffrfrzn Clvrlafi ISR! Iinst Main St. .'lil111l1ii.' Soilmlity, Home Iitonomiss Clulw, N. A, Atlxletin Ass'n, Nueoulnntl f.lulw, Gnhriel Stall, N. A. Victory Corps. lll'I"l'Y ,l. I2l.l.I0'I"I' Cm-pur Chris!! -lo7 Alexnnder St. xlilnluii. Sotlqillty. Hellguminc Cluh, Gnlwriel Stall, N. A, Victory I orps. MIRIAM K. l.NGI.IiR'I' Sf. Mlilmrl 198 Seville DI. :li.'1r1mi.- Sotlnlity Cl1ilirm.m of Apostolic Committee, Hellqirminc lluls, N. A. Atlxletu Ass'n, N. A. Vntory Corps. lll l.I.N M, ILNNIS Hwlj Kuonj S85 Sena.: Pkwy. .'li.'1i1ln-.' Sotlnllty, Perosiam Choir, HCll.lI'FlllFlL' Cluh, I.e Ccrtle MARY LOU IZRVIN Sl. illffzinu 17' Roxhorougli Ril. .lilfizlfi - 5 Home Iznonomns Clulw, cl.ll'1I'ICl Stall. SENIOR CLASS OF I946 Bullffm 1'f1 um' flmll in right! MARGARET M. FIETZNIER Xl. john 2415 Ridge Rtl. West .'liH1'il1i'u.' Smlzlllly, Perosmn Choir, Home Iitonomits Club, N. A. Atliletii Ass'n, N. A. Vittory Corps, Varsity Hgukt-th.ull. AGNIZS M. FINK Xfnrm' Hmlfl l-15 Keehl St. Ai lirlliw .' Ass'n, N. Sotlality, Perosmn Choir, Hellaxrminc Cluh, N. A. Atlxlctit A, Victory Corps. SHIRLEY M. FINUCANIT Xl. Aliugm-rl ,limp 211 Wfimhlenlon Rtl, Soilality, Hellarmine Club, Mantuan Cirtle, N. A. Ath- N, A. Vittory Corps. !Ii'ri1'ilira .' letit Ass'n, MARY I.. FISHER Om' 1.11411 of Gum! lnuuml llo Fisher Ril. .'lilirll1ui.' Home Iuonomiu Cluh, N. A. Atlxlctit Asfu, N. A, Viitory Corps. PATRICIA A. FLANAGAN Sf. Mnlmul 21 Remington St. .'lili:'1lliw.' Srmtlialitilllinirman of Literature Committee, M:mKu.ln Cirtle, N. A. Athletic Ass'n, Lanthorn Stall, N. A. Vittory Corps. MARY C. FLANIGAN Ilfflj Rfionly 207 Oriole St. .iilirillru Smlality, Perosinn Choir, Bellarmine Club, Home Iiio- nomlex Cluh. N. A. Virtory Corps. 54 Firir mir: lkunlifzg uJUIl'llI ANNA Fl.liCHUCK Xi. Miilnlrl -IRI Clifford Ave. .-Iir1ri11ri.- Sotlality---Chairman ot' Our I.acly's Committee, Bellar- minc Club, N. A. Athletic Ass'n, N, A, Victory Corps. ROSIEMARY A. FOGARTY Sl. flllgllllillt' So Xvoodbinc Avi: ,'Iz'liritiui.' Soclaliry, Home Iiconomics Club, N. A. Athletic Ass'n, N. A. Victory Corps. SHIRLIEY A. FORD .Ymvnl Haart 7-I Lapham St. .'Irlfr1fn'i.- Soclality, Ilcllarminr Club, Home Iiconomics Club, N. A, Athletic Ass'u, Gabriel Statf, N. A. Victory Corps. MARY 'I'. FRAVIiR Um' lmly nf Gund Colnlirl I9 Miltnn St. Ail1rilii'i.' Soclality, Pcrosian Choir, Bcllarmine Club, Der Deutsche Vcrcin, Lilac Club, N. A. Athletic Ass'n, N. A. Victory Corps. MARGARIYI' DI. FRIIEND Hulj Ronny 25 Rainier St, .I4'liril1r.i.- Sotlality, Hcllarminc Club, Glcc Club, N. A. Athletic Ass'n, Gabriel Stall, N. A. Victory Corps. MARY Ii. FRISCH Hub' Rotary lol Pierpont St. 4'IllIl'Iffl'l.' Soclality, Ilcllarmine Club. .Yuioflil mir: lkumllrlg Julrlll JOANNIQ W. FlII.RIiADI2R Sl. illimliil UI Ellicott St. .'limvlic'i.' Soilality, Orchestra, Bcllarmine Club, N. A. Athletic Ass'n, Lanthorn Stall, N, A. Victory Corps. DOROTHIIA I.. GRAMIINTO Sacred Hmrl 80 Clay Ave. .'Il!lI'illt'l.' Soclality, Pcrosian Choir, Bellarmine Club, Commercial Club, Glcr Club, N. A. Athletic Ass'n, N. A. Victory Corps. MARIE C. GAN'I'I2R'I' Xl. 1IfIurgm'rI Mary 310 Wfinona Blvcl. .-hr11'rrii'i.' Soclality, Le Cc-rcle Francais, N. A. Athletic Ass'n, Ga- briel Stall, Lanthorn Statli. RUSIiMARlIi K. LEIAMBRONIE Xl. Fmnivi Xuzdrr 182 Third St. l'IllIl'ffIt'.l.' Soclality, Pcrosian Choir, Bellarmine Club. IiI.AINIi li. GIUSTINU Hul-3 Rumrj 275 Santee St. .'lcrir111i'i: Soclality, Purosian Choir, Glcc Club, II Circolo Dantc-, lialwicl Stall, N, A. Victory Corps. lEl.lZAHIE'l H M. GOGGIN Hnly nlpnizlcx- H Austin St. .'Iilil'lm-if Stttlrlllly, NL-Il.lrn1inu Club, N. A. Athletic Ass'n, N. A. Victory Corps. lfilril mir: lRc'rlilH1,u ilnrrnl MARION H. GRACIZ lfrlrrmiuluti' tfurriufpllufz 12 Grccnwoocl St. .1clirilic'i.' Soclality, Bellarminc Club. DOLORIES I. FIIRSTOSS Our I..1cl9 nf Prrpcrnirl Hclp 279 Keeler St. .-Iililvfic'-: Soclality, Purosiau Choir, Hrllarrnim- Club, N. A. Athletic' Ass'n, Ci.ibrit'I Statl. IIARHARA I.. GROSCII Holy licnmly Sl XRICIIIIHYL' Pl.. .'Icln'1tn'i.' Soclality, Hclbxrminr: Club, Der Deutsche Vcrcin, N. A. Athletic' Ass'n, Gabrlul Stall, N. A. Victory Corps. DURIS M. GROSSIZR Xl. Auguufinr -I-I Marlborough Rcl. ,4i'1jr11i.'i,' Soilality, Bellarminc Club, Mantuan Circle, N. A. Ath- lctic Ass'u. MARII2 IT. GRZYMKOVVSKI Oni' lalclp 'If Puvfzcllml Hull? Z9 Blcilc 'I'v:r. .'li!l1'lln'i: Soilality, Pcrosian Choir, Hcllarnune Club, Glcc Club, N. A, Athletic Ass'n, N. A. Victory Corps. MARIIE j. GUDINAS Xtu'r'c'cl Hmrr mt Wfinchcster St. ,1li'l1ririi'i.' Soclality, l.c Ccrclc- Franqais, N. A. Athletic Ass'n. 55 5 -cr F, 56 Firrl raw: 1Rvuding dnrrnl ALUYSE H. HAHN Hnly Crrru -lil Hllllilll Rtl. Ai-lir'ilii'.r.' Sodality, Bellarminc Club, Der Dcutsrhc Vcrcin, M.rntu.rn Circle, N. A. Athletic Ass'n, N. A. Victory Corps. MARY JANE HAIGH Sacnul Hmrl ltlllli Lake Avc. Ai'li1'ilie.r.' Sodalit , Perosian Choir-Prcsiclcnt, Urclicstrri, llclhtr- minc Club, Glue fllub, N. A. Athletic Ass'n, N. A. Victory Corps. SHIRLEY A. HALI. Our Lady ol Grind Cfrfurrvl -lil Post Ave. Aclirilieri SodalityfChairman of Publirity Committee, llcll.irminc Club, N. A. Athletic ASs'n, N. A. Victory Corps, Class Sccrctitry -is-1. MADELFINE S. HAMMILL Sl. AIur'gan'l Mary 59 I.4lnv:llc Pls. Ai'1i1'i1ie.r: Home Economics Club, Gabriel Stntl, l..1nthorn Stull. SHIRLEY M. HANSBURY l'Ili'irml fmrimrcrrl 439 South liooilmur St. Acliri1ie.i'.' Le Cerclc Franqais. DOLORES E. HARSTER Hrfly Riulifrfmv' IU75 North St. At'll1'lll8.f.' Soclality, Bcllarminc Club, N. A. Athletic Ass'n, Pun Amirica Club, N. A. Victory Corps. .Yrrond rnrri tRcaJirlg rlurnrl ARLIZNE T. HART Corplrr Clrri-li Zlrl I.ynilhurst St. PHYLLIS M. HARTLF Sucrcnl Hmrt IZIU Dt-wcy Avc. Aclir'i1ii'r.' Sotlality, Bellarmine Club, N. A. Victory Corps. CORINNE A. HAUBNFR Holy Fdflllllj 465 Campbell St. Ai'lirifiv.r: Smlzility, Bellarmine Club, Home Lconomiis Club, N. A. Athletic Ass'n, N. A. Victory Corps. GIZRALDINIE A. HIZID Xl. f.'lmrli'i Bwrrrrrlifr S2 XVc'stuoorl Dr. Arliriliw: Sotlality, Bcllnrminc Club, N. A. Viitory Corps. WILMA A. HFIFR Corfrur Clrrlrll 79 Copclaml St. Arli1'ilie.r: Sodality, Home Economics Club, N. A, Athlc-tit Ass'u, N. A. Victory Corps, Christmas Play. CARLA R. HFSS Holy Rnulry rl9l Driving Park Avc. Aciirilirr: Home Economics Club, I.4inthorr1 Stall, N. A. Victory Corps. Third mir: lRt':ullrlg dfrirrll FVELYN F. HETZLFR Holy Rvulrli U Starling St. Arliz'i1ivf.' Perosian Choir, Bellarmine Club, N. A. Athletic Ass'ri, N. A. Victory Corps. ROSE MARY C. HETZLFR Holy Rotary BR Lake View Plc. Artir'ilir.r.' Soclality, Perosian Choir, Bcllnrmine Club, N. A. Athlctu ASs'n, Lanthorn Stall, N. A. Victory Corps. CATHERINE M. HOFFMAN Sl. illrrlmvl K6 Kctihum St. Aclir'ili4'r.' Soclality, Commercial Club, N. A. Athletic Ass'n, I..rn- tborn Stall, N. A. Victory Corps, N. A. Rccl Cross Rcprcscnhitrvc. IRENE B. HOFFMAN Holy Rnlccrmr oi XV.rtlrius Ter. Al'fi1'lllP.f.' Sodnlity, Pcrosian Choir, Cilec Club, N. A. Athlctir Ass'n, N. A. Victory Corps. BIZRNADETTF F. HOLDEN .Virtual llfiltl l9I Rurril St. Acliririer: Soclality, Perosian Choir, Bellarminc Club, N, A. Athletic Ass'n, N. A. Victory Corps, Christmas Play. HELEN C. HOLLEY 51. Vlllliffll :lv Piml -torso Bull.rlo Rtl. Arfi1'ilre.r.' Sodality, Perosian Choir, Orchestra, Bcllarminc Club, N. A. Athletic Ass'n, N. A. Victory Corps. Nazareth Abroad No hooks at the Summer School of Catholic Action at Montreal. Our representatives from Nazareth were Patricia Flanagan, Miriam Englert, joan Michaud, jane Ward, and Rose Marie Kuchman fllvird rourl. NAZARETH ACADEMY 'lbjr wuz' fI.r'Il lo VIQLIIIII 'I'IIliRIfSA M. IIOUSIZI. lilirirrl' S-lrmflriwl 221 Iiilgcrton St .-lrllrlllrm' Sodrrlity, Pcrosiur Choir, Hellrrrrrrine Clulw, Glcu Clrrlr, N. A. Atlrlctit AQs'n President, Chrhrrcl Statl, N. A. Victory Corps IXIRUTIIY M. IIIINT .Vrnviif Hull! I7 BIIIIIIII St xIillr1ln'r.' Sotlrlrty, lIcII.rrrrrirrc Clrrlr, N. A. Atlrlctic Ass'rr, N. A Vrrlory Corps, Varsity H.rvkutIr.rII. MARION Ii. HUNT Hfflur xlfmrzlrr 498 lirrrcrsorr St. .'lrlir'il1i'r.' N. A. Atlrlctit Asfn, C.rlrr'icI Sl.rII, N. A. Victory Corps 'I'IlI2RIiSA P. HUNT .Yrnrrrl Ilhltl 17 liirrilirr St .'Irliriln'r: SotI.ility, Bcllrrrrrirrc Clulr, N. A. Atlrlctii Asirr. MARY A. -IIESSUP Ulu Lrnlr ffl' I.vml'di'r 78 Sunset Dr .'lilir'ifir'r.' Soihilrtr, licllgrrrrrirre Clirlw, N. A. Athletic Ass'n, Nicuw liirril Clrrlr, Cirrhric Stall, Varsity H.rskcth.rII. PATRICIA I.. xlIiXVliI.I. Hfrlr Rimini It-S Driving Park Ave .-Irliri.'ir'rq Sotlirlrty. llcllarrrrirrc Clrrlv, N. A. Viitorv Corps. Atlrlctic Aws'rr, N. Ai SE N I O R C L A S S linllwrl VUIIH' llmll In riglrll CATHERINE M. KANI: ,l'urr'uIl Alrli1'iriu,r.' Sodality, Glce Clulr, Home Ictit ASs'n, N. A. Victory Corps. OF I 9 4 6 Ilmrt Sl Kcelrl St. N, f XLI-UMIM . f e Q r r 3 .F xx o fm-Q 0 -' - In P fi 'fr iq J W E G I V E T H A liconorrriix Cluh. N. A, Allr- N K S PATRICIA A. KANIiAI.IiY Irfllllrlillftllr' fffnui-jrliful CoIrrrrrIri.r Avo. .-Irlir'1r1i-.rx Sotlrrlity, Bcllrrrminc Clrrh, Home Iiionorrriis Clrrlr, I".rrr America Clulr, N. A. Victory Corps. HIZRNICIZ A, KIZHOIZ Holy Frrmilj' 20 Ries St. .'Il'lIlfI'ft'I.' Sodirlity, Bcllarmine Clulr, Home liionorrrics Clirh, N. A. Atlrlctrc Ass'n, N. A. Victory Corps. ANNE T. KIiI.I.Y Xt. Clrilrlvr Hf1r'wr11wr 46 Cgrstleforil Ril. r'lilir1fit'.f.' Sodrrlity, Home llconorrrics Nreuwlrrnil Club, N. A. Victory Corpi. CAROL Ar'11i'i1ii'.r.' Soilarlit Perosirin Choir Hi Athletic WI I.MA rIi'lir'ir'irr .- Y- I Ass'n, Grrhricl Statl, N. A. Vit Clrih, N, A. Atlrlctic Ass'n, R. KELLY Om'' uf Gfrfnj 4jmu1.u'l lI2S Genesee P.rrk Blvd. mme Iironomics Cluh, N. A. tory Corps. A. KIRBY Holy Ajrrullvr 126 BrrrrowS St. Soilality, Home Economics Clulr, N. A. Atlrlctic Ass'n. in 57 through ST GERTRUDE 101. N1 1111111111 11111111111111s1111111 r11111111111s1111l111s1 111111 111.111 111111 1111-11 1111111 1111 s111111s 111 111111 11111111:,111111 11 Our Yeor 01 Years 111 111111 11111 111 S1111 1 Ll s s 111 11111 111 C.1QL'1A .111111111.1111111 1-H1111 11111 .1111111-1111: 1111 1 LL 1111 ll 11 111111111'r1'111 111 1l.lYL' 1111 11-1111-r 111' 1111- S1.ltQL'1 XV1- 1 1111111 111111 1 11 11111 111 TL 1111 1111111 .1111111111 11111111 .111 .111111111's .11 N.1z.11'1'111 111111111 11111 s111 111 1111- 1-.1111 111111111 111.111 1111-11 11111- s11'111-1 s11 1 ' N5 1' 111 H01 1111111111 111 11111 1111111111113 so 11111111 .1 IW.lI'1 111' N.lZ.lTL'11l W1 Ilfill IN K 1 1 1111 111111 1 11111 1111 111111ss11111 111 111111111111s1'111.1111111 111 1-11111 1I11' 11 U1 1 11st 111 111111111 11.1111 111-1-11 11111'111'11111.111'. 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Plates Instead ot Pies fCir4'lej.' Nu! su zippeliving to the pall- are hut very heauliful lu the cle are the cerzunics which liernaulelte llulnlen is I'CIl'lUVlHjl from the kiln. f s 'Q' CQ? X 1 k Vs, :W f L M1 J' V Q! 4 X Q u Acgv ' -.- f- 5 cu 4- Q 6 -. f' o 'I 1' -L " 6 lt Q a r - X X' 4.5 li . K 1 tw as. A 7.1 , ,T . W E G I V E T H A N K S fContinued from page SSJ gram, the numerous club activities, the sports docket to arrange. but like dear old Crichton, we managed all in the most superb mannerg and the curtain was drawn at the end of each scene amid the applause of faculty and underclassmen. But there were scenes that would have been quite strange to those connected with Nazareth a decade ago, for to them no war-torn Europe was stretching forth emaciated hands for bread, nor were hospitals lilled with the maimed bodies of many of their fathers and brothers. Yes, the eighth Victory Bond drive of lfifii would have been strange to them indeed. Yet, it was just in this that we made one of the biggest hits of the year. The announcement of the total sum of nearly s5So,ooo.oo derived from the drivekal- NAZARETH ACADEMY SE hp mic .' ll.i'll In riglvll Al.liRl1DA S. Kl.lijMliN'l' Xl. Slaniilanr 38 Peckham St. ."lilllIlIt'l.' Sorlality. Bellarmine Club, l.e Cercle Francais, N, A. Athletic Ass'n. Gabriel Staff. .IlANNlf'lA'l'lQ C. Kl.l2M Xl. xlnzln-no' 67S Parqells. Ave, .-lil111ln'i.' Sodality, l-'erosian Choir, iilcre Club, llornc- lfconornics Club, N. A. Athletic Axs'n. l.AVl'RNli M. KNAPP Karin! Hcunl 757 Flower City Pk. .'liHi1Hc.: liellarmine Club, Commercial Club, N, A. Athletic Ass'n, N. A. Victory Corps. Mll.l3RlflJ A. KNl'l"l'lfR Ulu laltly of Prrjrrlmll Help S25 Remington St. .lillizm-.A Soclality. Perosian Choir, Hc-llarrnine Club, N. A. Ath- letra Assn, N. A. Victory Corps. MARY A. KNUTH Xt. flmlvcrir' l1l5 Norton St. .lilrrrllr-.' Hellarmine Club, Glee Club, N. A. Victory Corps. DlANl. li. KRUUUALKIAN .Yffrrrrl Holi! BIOS Dewey Ave. 'lr Hr Ill. i 5 l'ontr11L'lt Club. most seven times our quota--fairly brought the house down with its applause. Death could not be laid at our door. There are no Lady Macbeths with stained hands and guilty consciences at Nazareth. We had played our part. Then came the last act, the most splendid and sublime, but saddest toofour graduation. In meas- ured tread to litting melody, we made our last ap- pearance. Each of us, other juliets, arrayed in whis- pering silk, or organdie, or net, and carrying red roses, advanced, received our Alma Mater's approval, and bade farewell to her, our beloved Nazareth, Yet forever there will be for each of us, an overture of happy memories to recall to us many times over the four joyous years we lived in her protective guiding care. NIOR CLASS OF I946 Hlfllnlfl rnrfk' Ilmfl lu Ugly!! ROSE MARIE KUCHMAN Our lalflj ul Ptrfvrllml Help ll3l joseph Avc. f'lt'll1'llll'l.' Sodality-Prelect, Hellarmine Club, Mantuan Circle, N. A. Athletic Ass'n, N. A. Victory Corps. liMll.Y 'l'. LABINSKI Sl. Xian:-limi 3240 Klein St. .'lr1ii-iliri: Soclality, Hellarmine Club, Home lironomics fluli, Pan America Club, N. A. Victory Corps. YVONNE H, l.A BORHE Sl. Alirlmul -175 Avenue A .'li'lir'il1c'i,' Soclality, Hellarmine Club, Mantuan Circle, N. A, Alh- letrc Assin, Gabriel Staff, N. A, Victory Corps, Class President -l. l.liNA D. LACAGNINA Xl. Pcllllrlf SUB Plymouth Ave. North .fflilirllitcx Bellarrnine Club, ll Circolo Dante, N. A. Athletic' Asfn, N. A. Victory Corps. El.lZABli'l4H R. LANIHNDULA Xl. flrlllwrly of Putin.: 97 jones Ave. .Ali'Il1'ilIr'i.' Soclality, llellarmine Club, ll Circolo Dante, Circle, N. A. Victory Corps l.ORRAlNli C. LARK Holy Rc'Jr'rr11ir 25' XY'.il7loi'il Rd. Ar!1r'1tic'i.' ol' Social l.ile Cornmittec, Hellarrniue Club, Commercial Club. 60 Ifnif wir: llhlllllrzg ilffulll -IUAN Ci. l.IfAMY XI. mlugflilim' 5011 Chili Ave, .'Iilirlllru.' Sodzllily, HCIIJIIIIIIIC Club, N. A. Atblctir ASS'H. N- A- Viltory Corps. I'A'I'RICIA D. I.Iili Hula lilrllll-w IIIH jay St. .'Iili:1liw.' Smlnlily, Rcll.umiuc Club. N. AZ Atblctil Amin, Nicuv- Innd Club, I.amtboln Stall, N. A. Vlntory Corps. MARY A. I.IiONI Our' l.lnl-y of Jllfllllll C.'uI'lrli'I III Xllfcld St. .'Ia lll'llll'l ,' Sudllity. ANNA I.. I.IE'I'A Xl, fllillmrl 702 juxcpb Avc. .'Iifirllii'i.' Oullcstrn, lilac Club, Il Ciriulo Damlu. N. A. AFIIIUKI1 Ass'n, National Silmolzntn Gold Kay Art Award, AIOAN Ii. I.V VliQllIi Sl. xllgulnlflli' S6 Hnmmk Sl. .'h1iri1ir-: Sod.uIily, l.v Ccrilc Fmnqnis, M.lntu.m Circle, N. A. Alb- lctii' Axs'n. I.lI.I.IAN I.. I.IfXVANl7OXVSKl XI. .Vmrlllflflrv H95 Sc. jaluh Sc. Allliritiilx cilillllllblkldl Club, Cummuui.ll Honor Club, N. A. Ath- lvlu Asx'n. .M i will run : llfilnlnrg flfurrlb IJLIANUR 'I'. I.INGI. SI. Hllllyllllllll ill Ringlc Sl. .'Ill1r1liii.' Smlllily, Ilomc liumoums Club, N. A. Athlctin Assfn, N. A, Viltuiy Corps. l.llCY M. I.llCCIlliSI Ulu,1 nj .llfuuu Clurml S Sigel St. .'li11rllni.' Sodallity, Il Ciriolu Dams, N. A. Athlctii Axs'n, N, A. Viitury Corps. DIANA D. I.YDON Xl. .llfifuhf 126 Avcnuc Ii .'Illir1m'l.' Sudxlity, I.c Ccrnlu I:I.IIlQ.IIS, N. A. Atlllclil Axim, N. A. Villuiy Corps. lilI.l2IiN Il. LYNCH Hffly' Tfilllll Xvclvslcl, N. Y. .'Iil11'1m':: N. A. Atlllctim Axim, Ci.lbricl Smtl. Vuxily I'l.lskctb.1lI. PATRICIA II. MAII7 Hill-3 Rffufly H49 Al:uncd.1 St. .'Ill1r1l1lw.' Sod.iIity, HL'll.II'IllIIIC Club, N. A. Yutury Corps. RUTH A. MARTIIALLIE Blum! 5'i:lv.1n1.r1l 1414 Riilmld St. .'IlHr1ni'i.' Ilcll.uminu Club. 'I lvml wir. llfnnllrlg iluirul FRANCINII ,l. MASAI'AN'I'0NIi Xr. .-Iullmna H0 Fulton Aw. .'Iilir1l1i'v: Sud.ility, I,CIllNl.III Choir, BClI.lI'!HII'IC Club, N. A. Alb- Ictn Ass'n. MARION ,l. MA'I"I'IfS Om' 1.1111-1 nf Pl'rpl'lu.1l Hrlfv 20-IZ Clintun Ave. Nortb .'Ii1ir1fifi.' Suddlity, N. A. Athlctil Axs'n, N. A. Victory Corps, ADIiI.If 'I'. MAZUR Sl. Tln'u'u1 'H9 Hudsun Avc. .'I4fIl'IlIll.' Cummcui.1l Club, N. A. Atblctil AsS'n. MARILYN R. MIARTHIVR Hulj Kfmii -I575 I.11kc Ava. .'Iiln'iliri.' Sud.1lily, N. A, Akblutin Ass'n. PATRICIA K, MICURMICK Sf. .lIw1ii.1 I9 Kruu St. .'Iiln1lii'l.' Sodulity, Iicllnrmim- Club, N. A, Atblctii' Ass'n, Pan AIIHIIIKA Club, N. A. Vutory Curpa. PATRICIA A. MIMAHON Um loulj ffl Pufufmal H4111 539 Rcmington St. .'I1nr1ln'1. Sudnluty, Hcllanuinu Club, Commcriinl Club, N. A. Ath- lctil Axim, fI.lITI'ICI Stall, N. A. Yiltuiy Corps, lin if ion: IRI ailing :Inu 11 I PATRICIA j. MLNALLY Sl. flllrbutl Zio Conltcy Avc-. ,'IIfil'llic'l.' Bcllarminc Club, Le Ccrclc Francais. FRANCES A. MEISENZAHL Xl. Thuvdfu'r S0 Spcmcrport Rcl. flt'fIl'lfft't.' Soclality, Bellarmine Club, Home liconomics Club, N. A. Athletic' Ass'n, N. A. Victory Corps. MARIE il. MESSURA Holy Ronny 9 Locust St. Ai'I1i'im'a.' Sodality, Pcrosian Choir, Glcc Club, II Circolo Dante, Gabriel Staff, N. A. Victory Corps. 'IOAN M. MICHAUD Mnllwr 'If ,lfmfflz 43 Lowilcn Point Rcl. xltliriliw: Soclality---Chairman of Mission Committcc, Hcllarminc Club, N. A. Athletic' Ass'n, Gabriel StaH, N. A. Victory Corps. MADELINE R. MILLER Surfed Hruvl 202 Flowcr City Pk. Arlzrilitfix Sodality, Home Economics Club. MARION I.. MILLER Holy Family 119 Masscth St. riiiirftii-if Soclality, Bellarminc Club, Der Deutsche Vcrcin, N. A. Athletic Ass'n. .Yuorld mu: lRz'adm,g dffirnl SHIRLEY A. MILLER mly Apfitflo 414 Lycll Ave. 1'I!fi1'I1ll'l'.' Soclality, Bc-Ilarmine Club, Commercial Club, N. A. Ath- lctic Ass'n, N. A. Victory Corps. NORINE M. MILLNER St. Charltir Barrnmvn GH Wcnclliurst Dr. xltiirimftx Sodality, Bc-llarminc Club, Glcc Club, Home Economics Club, N. A. Athletic Ass'n, N. A. Victory Corps. IZLEANOR B. MITKIZWICZ Xl. Slfmirlaur 47 Durnxm St. .'It'li1'11ir,r.' Soclality, Bcllarmine Club, Commercial Club, Home Eco- nomics Club, N. A. Athletic' Ass'n. ANNA MARIE C. MITRANO Sl. Anllwny N Saratoga Ave. Atli1'niri.' Soclality. Bellarmine Club, II Circolo Dante, N. A. Ath- letic Ass'n, N. A. Victory Corps. IiI.I.liN A. MOLONY Holy Cmtr 3-I Winans St. .fltrirrlivis Soclality, Le Cerclc Francais, N. A. Athletic Axv'n, N. A. Victory Corps. liI.AINI1 M. MONTIEITH Sturm! Hrarl ZSI Clay AVS. fltlllllltlf Soclulity, Bcllarminc Club. 'l'lvr1l mir: llftilfllfllg flffunl M. PATRICIA MORRISSEY lmrrmiulult' Cflrlreplinn 33 Greig St. Atririlivr: Bcllarminc Club, N. A. Athletic Ass'n, N. A. Victory Corps. Tl-IERESA NI. MURATORE XI. Andrru' 201 Northland Ave. Arliririvr.- Soclality, Bellarmine Club, N. A. Athletic Ass'n, N. A. Victory Corpx. MARY IZ. MURPHY Corpus Llwrirli 29 Copeland St. Ar1irilit'f: Soclality, Bellarminc Club, Glce Club, Home Economics Club, N. A. Athletic Axs'n, Gabriel Staff, N. A. Victory Corps, MARY IE. NOCE Sl. Amlfrme 2185 Clifford Ave. A1nime.i.- Soclality. Home Economics Club, Pan Am6rica Club, N. A. Victory Corps. liI.IZAbli'I'H A. NORMAN Bltio-J Sucwmnul 219 Ficlcl St. ,'Iili1'lliri.' Soclality, Pcrosian Choir, I'lv:II.irm1nc Club, N. A. Athletic Ass'n, N. A. Victory Corps. ROSIZMARY T. NORMAN Hlfrwd .Yatrarm'r1l Ill Pzilisatlc Pk. ,4i'r1i1l1v.i.' Soclality, Orchestra, Bcllarminc Club, N. A. Athletic Ass'n, Nicuwlancl Club, N. A. Victory Corps. 62 Vocation Week Program X J ' 'X f-sa x N4 S ,, o o .1 Q 'X 9 ' T 1 ' l ' f V x I 6 11 oe, The bride in Sister Edwardine's vocation play, "Midnight Snack" is Virginia Primer with little Sharon Shea as flower girl. ln the back- ground are jerry Dennis, Lorraine Lark, Dolores Eckert, Jeanette Bol- lin, Irene Hoffman, and jack Apfel. NAZARETH ACADEMY SENIOR CLASS OF I946 'lhp rnrzx' 1l.i'Il lu rlglvll MAl'lllf 'l'. NUXVACK Xl. ,Ylillllvluln 10,50 llunlmn Ave. .'ltlfI'lllt'l.' HL-llarmine Club, N. A. Athletic Ass'n, N. A. Vittory Corps. GlfRAl.DlNlf H. 0'HRlliN .Yinml Html 5.2 Russ St. .'lllll'IIii'I.' Sotlality, Home litonoruits Club, l.e Ceitlc Francais., N. A. Atliletir Axs'n, Gabriel Stall. jUANNli K. CYBRIIEN Smv-ul lltunf 589 Raines Pk. .'Iilir'ilim.' Sotlality. Hellarmine Club, N. A. Atliletn Ass'n. Pau Ami-iita Club, N. A. Vivtory Corps. MARjORllf A. O'HRlliN Ulu''J of Gfwd Cvxnlul 60 l.elii,uli Ave. .'lil1r'1lit'i.' Sotlality, Permian Choir, N. A. Atliletit' Ass'u. Rl'l'A M. O'CONNlil.l. Xiriml Html 202 Steku Ave. .-liiir-Him: Sotlality, Bellarmine Club, N. A. Atliletif Asyn, Gabriel Stall, N. A. Vittory Coipx. MARY li. IYCUNNUR .'iilir'lli4'.n.' Sotlality, l't'rosi.m liiauqais, Gabriel Stall. Helm Rnuny 5-89 Hill St, Choir, llellarmine Club, l.e Ceitle 65 Hnflfml rnu'.' Il.rfl lu rigfrll SHIRLEY A. OSTISR Surrnl Him! I-ll9 Lake Avc. ,'i1Ill'llft'I.' Sodality, Glee Club, N. A. Athletit Ass'n, Gabriel Stall, l.anthorn Staff. BARBARA A. 0S'l'RANDl2R Sl. flllgllilllll' ll? Hobart St. .V-lifiirfluu Sotlality, Bellarminc Club, Home Etonomits Club, N. A. Atltletrt Ass'n, N. A. Virtury Corps. DOROTHY H. 0'SUI.l.IVAN Hnlp Rffmry 265 Driving Park Ave. .-ii1iri.'ir-.' Sotlality, Bcllarmine Club, Pan America Club. MARY A. PAVELSKI Sauer! Hrarl 45 Magee Ave. .'liIi1'l.'n'n.' Sotlality, Bcllatmine Club, Glcc Club, Home lfconomits Club, N. Athlctim Ass'n, Pan America Club, Gabriel Stall, Lan- tliorn Stafl, N. A. Victory Corps, Varsity Basketball. Llflf D, PAVIA Crlrfvlrr Chfiall Xl Yates St. fIir1i'1m'.- .- Sotlality, Bellarmine Cluh, Gabriel Staff. DORIS M. PIELUSU H1113 Family 685 Campbell St. wh1111.'n'v: Hellarminc Club, N. A. Athlt-tif Ass'n, Gabriel Stall N. A, Vittory Corpx. l W E G I V E T H I A N K S . K, , xy,LU MIN Q6 fx -HV! A A f f 5, 7 'f Af TS Q' 'hr'-F4 '4 1: '24 vo XF X 2 W E G I V E T H A N K S Brockport Bound Anticipation lights the faces of Rose Dominas, Mary Pavelski, june Taraci ffronl rowj: Dolores Harster, Geraldine O'Brien, Elizabeth Nor- man, Ire:-and rou'2.' Bernadette Holden. Dorothy Hunt, Mary Wittnlan, Anna Leta fbark rowj as they jaunt off for Brockport State Normal School on sub-Freshman Day. NAZARETH ACADEMY SENIOR CLASS OF I946 Trip mu 5 Ilmlf In vlgbll Barium my 5 llxjf 11, vrglwli llliI.l2N il. PFTRUSSI S95 Rawlinson Rd. MARY YI. QllAl.llY Heli Rffuni Ill Driving Park Ave ,'l4Ifllllr'l.' Smlality, Commercial Club, N. A. Vittory Corps. Arlirilntg Sotlality, l'lelI.trmroe Club, Pan Am6rit.r Klub, N. A Athletlt Axs'n. UliRTRUDli A. PIliNDl2l. Hffly Rmlzwzzw' 130 XVilkim St. H , 1 Q .'lr11rllnr.' f.ommerni.1l Club, Glee Club, N. A. Athletic Ass'o, N. RUIH M' QUl"lCHl:NBAf'H UW ,mil Nl f"""l l""""l A. Vittory Corps, Senior Play. in b"'!lNl""" Rd xlrlirlm'-: Home Ktonornus Club. N. A. Atlrletit Aws'n, N. A. Vu I-l.AlNl1 H. POLITZ XI. Klfarzlvlnlfi Mo Wfeyl St. tory Corps. .'lt ' if -. -Cl . . - A' . . 'i' ' .. ,. ., , fluixxltlt litlltrmnnt ub, N A Atlrlttrt xsn, N A Wutory LVLRIRUDI1A.QL,IUUAX Huh 'churn IM Ami' pk .'ltlir1rirw.' Hellatmrne Club, Crrtle. ,lANli T. PULIZZI Xl. Plvlip Nrrl 109 Cummings St. M Q H Y N l I 1 ,'l4lllllltl.' Hellmrrnine Club, Glee Club, Pam Amt'-t'lt.1 Club, N. A. lHl1Rl35A M- Ql'lfll-lil Hula .Aljwrxln Sn Iqflrx ht Vutory Corps. Afli1'il1t'i.' Sotlality, Bellgirnuue flub, Cvlee f.Iub, N. A. Atlrletut Asfn, N, A, Vittory Corps. 4lU5liPHlNl: 'l'. PRATO Xl. Ifrflrliii Xrllvtfv- 70 Portage St. r V I k xltlirlm-.' Smlalrty, Perosian Choir, Hellrtrmine Club, Glee Club, KATHLHZN M' QUINLAN 'll' 'All'-u"""'l lll N""""l"ll All ll Cutolo Dante, N. A. Vittory Corps. Atll1'ili1'i.' Sotlalrty, Permian flrorr, Hellarrulne Klub, N. A. Atlrletu Ass'n, N. A. Vlttory Corps, VlRC1lNlA A. l,RlMlfR Xl. Alirlmr-I 2-lt! Avenue A W Q ' xlrfnlm-,' Sotbility, Permian Choir, llellrtrnune Club, N, A. Atln- MARY M' 'U'-DWfND 'V' l'll"'l" l""""""' W D"llU"' ll' lt-tn Asx'n, Nleuulatul Club, Chtbriel Stafl, N. A. Vittory Corps, ,'i:llrrllrl.' Sotlaltty, Bellarmine Llub, N. A. Atlrlt-tu Au'u. lhm flux Plemleut- 3, AIHKQIHRI Club, N. A. Vlslory Corps. 64 Frrvl mir: tRi'ading tlorrnl MARY K. REGAN H011 Rami-J S5 Holmes SI. .4iri1'itirf: Sodrility, Home Iiconomics Club, Pan Amerita Club, N. A. Victory Corps. IONE M. REILLY Xl. jnlw H15 Bucltman Rd. .'1i'ti1'itir,r.' Bcllarmine Club, N. A. Athletic Ass'n, Gabriel Stafl, Lanthorn Stall, N. A. Vittory Corps, Class Vice-President-4, Class Treasurer--fi, Varsity Basketball. ,IANIE'I' A. RIZISS Holy Cwu 256 River St. .4i'1iritiu.i: Sotlality, Permian Choir, Bellarmine Club, Glee Club, N. A. Athletic Ass'n, N. A. Victory Corps. ROSIZMARY M. Rlfilf Xl. Btlflifrllt H17 Benton St. .1irir'ilit'r.' Sodality, Bellarrninc Club, Le Cercle Franqais, N. A. Athletic Ass'n, N. A. Vittory Corps. IXIROTHY Ii. RICHARDSON Hnly Rn-my 527 Augustine Sl. .'Irlir1tii'.r.' Soclality, Bellarminc Club, Pan America Club, N. A. Vittory Corps. ,IIZAN M. RICHARDSON Xi. .-luguifzm' P0 Gardiner Ave. .'ItIIl'flIl'J.' Sotlality, N. A. Athletic Ass'n, Gabriel Staff, N. A. Victory Corps. Xiwrrlrl vwrr: tRr'rJd1:1g durinl K. JEANNE ROCHIE Sinful Hum' 140 Albemarle Sl. Arliririrr: Sodality, Perosinn Choir, Bellarmine Club, Pan Ame-rica Club, N. A. Vittory Corps. ANNA D. ROIEGER Xl. Mirbirrl 2-to Remington St. .'Illil'ilil'.l.' Bcllrirmine Club, Der Deutsthe Verein, Mantuan Cirtle, N. A. Athletit Ax:-'n, N. A. Virtory Corps. PATRICIA A. ROLAND Sizrrrd livin-I I0-I Knickerbocker Ave. .lilfrrlii-if Sotlality, Bellarmine Club, N. A. Athletic Ass'n, N. A. Viitory Corps. l'IlZ'I'TY A. ROSSNEY Xi. Manila 207 Ellicott St. .'IllIl'ffit't.' Sotlality, l.e Certle Franqais, N, A. Athletic Ass'n, Lan- thorn Stall--Associate Editor, N. A. Victory Corps. ,IUNIE F, RUIILAND H1113 .41fm.rrlri 166 W'etmorc Pk. .'Illll'IlIl'.t.' Sotlailitz, Bellarmine Club, Commercial Club, N. A, Ath- letu Ass'n, Pan merit.: Club, Gabriel Staff, N. A. Victory Corps. MARION 'l'. RUSSI Sl. .-Iuilri-u' 58 Mohawk St. .lirrrlmws Iiellztrmine Club, Home Etunnmics Club, N. A. Athletic Ass'n. N. A. Vittory Corps. 'l'lvn'il mir: lRi'i1.lmg ilurrul ROSE A. RYAN Sr.rcn'J Hrurr 567 Flower City Pls. .-Iil1r'irliw.' Sotlaility, Bellarmine Club, N. A. Athletic Ass'n, N. A. Vittory Corps. ROSIEMARY A. RYAN Our' 1.41113 vf I.vunlv.f 155 Sunset Dr. .-liiiriliwi: Sotlality, Perosian Choir, Glee Clubwllresident 2, Bcllar- mine Club. N. A. Athletic Ass'n. CliCll.lA C. SAYRIZ Hnly Rnurry 564 Driving Park Ave. .'Irliril1r.i: Bellarmine Club, Mantuan Cirtle, N. A. Athletic Ass'n, N. A. Victory Corps. IRIZNIE ,I. SCHl.lIiKIil.MANN Xi. C.'Imrlr'i Bnfmnrrn 27-I XVoodt'rest Rd. .'li11rrrii'i.' Sotlality, Hellarmine Club, N, A. Athletic Ass'n, Nieuw- lnml Club, N. A. Victory Corps. ARLINIZ M. SCHNIEIDIER Xl. .ifrrhwiy ljg limping Blvd, .irlif-1ln'i: Perosizin Choir, Home Iiconomits Clubfpresident, N. A. Athletii Ass'n, N. A. Vittory Corps. Hi2i.r2N 1. SCHOIZNHERR our Lmiw ,if P.-r-p.-M1 11.-lp H5 Resolute St. .1ilir'1lir'i: Sotlnlity, Hellrtimine Club, Circle, N. A. Athi letit Ass'n, Pan America Club. Gabriel Statf--Iitlitor, N. A. Victory Corps, Class Vine-President 3. 65 9 "E? lflvll you: 1li'l.1.f1r1q .lounl MARII P. SCHROIH Holm lilfflllx ll lNl.lxsL-Ill St. .illlrllllvf Smlnllty. Pc:-m.m Chou, Kula-L4 flulw, Holm' lxonolmu Club, N. A. Athlutu Au'n, N. A. Yurou forpx, INIARY I.. SCIIXVAKZ Xl, Jlrrlfwfwl H' llnlwuk R-I. .'lt1II'lll1'l,' Pcroxmn Choir, Hcllnrrmm- flnlw, Clue Vlnls, llomn' Iwo nomlu Clulw, N. A. Afhlctu Axs'n, U.1lvrlL'l Stall, ldmlllom Stall, N. A. Vintory Corps. l.ll.l.lAN -I. SIMPSON Um' 1.11.11 of l'ff1u.'u.1l Illlfr .W l,oom1x Nl. .'lll11lln'4,' Smlallty, Pcroxlan Chou, IlL'll.HllllIN' flnlv. Cvlcc fklulx, Home Iiuvnollllu Clulw, N. A. Allllclu Axs'n, N. A. Vnloly Coxpx, HKQIZNIA H. SMITH Ilffly Trmfly HHS Slmoclmlt R-l. .Ailfllllivu Smlality, Bcllurulnc Clulw, Dex Dvutxllu- Vrlcnlm, N. A. Atlllctin Asfn, N, A. Vlntory Corps, V.1lxltv li.1skctlK.lll. MARY K. SMITH XI. Alffrlihz Ill lllnnloxl Au. .'It1Il'ilILl,' Smlallty, Bcllarrnrm- Llulw, N. A. Vutory fkorps. DOROTHY M. SMYIIS Xl. .HHrm.1 'QOH M.ugnol1.1 St. .'lfl11'il1u. Sodnlity, Onlucstm, Hcllarmum- Clulx, Homo lnonolnns Clulw. N. A. Athlctin Axfn, N. A. Yutoxy fhoupx, V.nsltv l5.nlu-tlmll. .Yu um! rffu . IR: mllflg .lffu 11 I KATHIiRINlE A. SPAGNOLIA Holy foo M Umm- RJ. .4l2i1'imw.' So1l.1l1ty, HCIIAIITIIDC Clulw. M.1ulu.m fkxulc, N. A. Vin' tory Corps. MARY II. SPKCKSUC N PR M, .llllfunl .'0 lIloommp1nl.ll1' SI. ,'IAIllillA1.' Soshllty, Cormncuial flulw, N. A, Yntozy Corps. CIORINNI1 C. SbI'AI7B Xl. Alflfunl llhf VL'lx.4lllc'x Hal. xhflrlln'-.' Sodnlxty. C.ommcu1.1l Club, l.r In-ulc, N. A. Atlxlclln Axi'n, N. A, Victory Corps, N. A. R1-Il Clow RcplL'xL'11t.lf tlvc. INIARJORII2 H. S'I4I'.I.l.XVAlQI'.N X1. Hffrfllml l.'.'lw llmton Au: South xlffnlrnl: Sodnlltv. Pcroxhm Chou, lk-llalminc llulw, blur flulw. Home lkonomnx Club, N. A. Alhlvtn An'n, l,.mtl1om MMI, N A, Vintory Corps. KATHLIZIEN IZ, STIQPHANY M. .Hnlunl S IM .longr Sl. .Alllixililrf Sodaluty, Commcxninl Clulw, M.nntu.m fxulc, N. A. Vu. tory Corps. MARY l:l.I.l:N S'l'If'Kl:l. XX. Plm ,nhl l'.111l I0 I nlgruooll VK. 'l'lvv'fl ffm :'1uq ,lffu IH l.l,lZAHIf'l'lI .l. N'I'll.Z M. Alf'vm.l 9 fuxlvl Nl. .lflnllnfx Bcll.lrrmnc fklulw, fomrm-I-ml flul-, l'.nn Arm-uv-.n llul-. N. A. Vntory Corps. lll1l.l1N I'.. Sl'OKl'5 Ilfflw lulwllm IN Cumlplwll N .'llIi111iw,' N. A. Atlnlv.-tn Axfn, Pan Arm-m.n flulw. N. A. Vutou Corps. ROSEMARY M. STOKPS Ilffla lulmflm Nl funpls:-ln N. .Alllirllluvx BCIIIIFIIIIHL' Club, Homc llononms flulw, N. A, Atllln-tn Axfn, N. A. Vlntory Corps. RUTH H. Sllllili Urn hilly fff l'1ffnln.lf Half' ,'l liolllmlll SI. .'lrHr'1lim.' Sodallly, Home lllonomnu Khlulw, N. A. Atlnln-th Axs'u, Gabriel Skill, N, A. Viatory Corps. PATRIKKIA H. 'I'ANl.Y Xlnvull' IIl.1v.' ii! Krmlwulwolku Au .'IAlIIIll1l.' Sonl.xlit5', Hcllumxm' flulw. N, A. Allulctil AxCn, N-vnu l.xml Clulw. VIUNI: K, 'l'ARAf,l fl. Pfvlllff .Nur .WIN fuuunntlp Sv .Alflilllnnf Sonlality, l'L'loxl.m Choir, IM-ll.umlm' Clnlv, N A. All: lctin Ass'n, Cvnlwrucl Smfl, l..mthorn Stall, N. A. Ynloly forps. 66 Not Scrap, nor Scrcppy X XLLUMIM1, X 5 I R MUN 7-1 1 j 9 9 ,H ACF 0 . 1' . l+ll'ff'flQ L 104 fel' Q! Salvaging the last rays of fall sunshine are Joanne D'Aprile, Rose Dmninas, and Gertrude Pienclel. NAZARETH ACADEMY SENIOR CLASS OF I946 lujf :flu 1 rl.-11 rf- ffyffrf IIKANLIS l.. 'IARANIU M. .Imlvrn lI1.' lllrlgge Rel, l'..lmt .lIm'1mr.' lic-ll.umme I lub, Cralwxrel Stall, I,.r!1llmvn Stall lluxineas. Nl.lII.IIQt'I. ,IOSI l'lllNl R. 'IIASLKI-'I 'l A r ffvjvnr I lrrlrff fri l..1nte1'bury Rtl. .lrfnnn 1: Smlalxty, l,e1mr.1r1 Llmru, lit-ll.rrminc Club, l.c Curtlt-, ,lNl.lntu.m Klub, N. A. Atllletlt Aw'n, Ggrlwrnel Stall- As-'tl1tm'. IIARIIAKA il. 'l'AYl.liR'l' M. Tl-ffrznrl 597 limk licgttll Rtl, .'IIIlllIlt1.' Smlallty, llcllaxmlne Klub, N. A. Athlt-tit Axim. N. A. Vntnry flwrps l3Ul.Ulll'.5 l. IAXLUR M. 1lv.n'lt'r Bfllflflllkfl FU ffrxnrattl Dr, .lrlllllnrx Smlallty ul l3r,un.rtit Committee, Cfrwrnntcr- tml Klub. l ll.l l N N. 'l'llANl'.Y X1. .llff'11r.l 288 INIL-lmse St. .'IIl1r'1l.'tn.' Srulalrty, lit-ll.l1'r11ll1e Club, N. A. Atlllutlt Ass'n. MARII' li. 'l'UNAl'l Hfflx liffnlrj ,IST SL-lye Ter. .lrllzlllrvx N. A. Atlllctlt Asfn, Varsity H.ulxctlw.1ll. Iiffzlffm wir: rlmli tw rlgbil l,A,l'RlfflA M. 'l'RlGKl.liR Sf. f,'l1rU'lr'J Bffrfrmlrn 89 VCHCSS AVC. .'lrli1'lliu1.' Smlality, Hmm' limnomics Club, N. A. Athletic Ass'n, Gabrrcl Stall. PAUI.INli j. TROUT Holy Romry IZU Glendale Pk. .'lIlirrliur.' Hume lfrnnumits Club, N. A, Athletit' Ass'n, N. A. Vlttury Corps. UIIZANNE A. UDERITZ Sl. Charlrr Bllffllfllfll 4iZ Oakwood Rd. .'I1li1firiv.r.- Sotlality, Bullarminc Club, N. A. Athletic Ass'n, N. A. Vrctnry Corps. MARY LOU VANMULEM Sl. Margarri Alury 214 Versailles Rd. .'Ill1rimr.- Sutlality, Crurnmertial Club, N. A. Athletic Ass'n, Pan Arnerira Club, N. A. Vrctory Corps. SYLVIA M, VILLARIZALE Sl. Philip New 105 Keller Sl. .'Il11r1fnr.' Sutlality, Pcrusian Clmir, Glee Club, ll Cirmlo Dante, N, A. Vlttury Corps. ,lIiAN M. VINCI Sl. Afnhrruv I6 Lawndale Tet. .'lt'fl1Ific'f.' Sudality, Perosian Choir, Orchestra, Bellarmine Club, Der Deutstlru Vercin-President 3, Glee Club, N. A. Nlcuwlantl Club, Gabriel Stall, Lanthurn Stall, N. A. Athletic A55'n, Victory Corpx. W E C5 I V E T H A N K S 67 Pint mfr: fReaa'ing dnrrnl PHYLLIS C. VOELCKEL Holy Rflmry Z-1 Brooklyn St. Anivitier: Sodality, Bcllarmine Cluh, I.e Cerile Fmnqais, N. A. Athletic Ass'n, N. A. Victory Corps. ,IANE M. WARD Sl. Francis Xariuv' ,il Coleman Ter. Af!ivilie.r: Sodality-Vice-Prefect, Bellarminc Club, N. A. Athletir Ass'n, N. A. Victory Corps, Senior Play. JOYCE L. WARD Sl. Augurlirrr M Devonshire Ct. Artiuitier: Sodality, Bellarmine Cluh, Commercial Club--President, N. A. Athletic Ass'n, Pan America Club, N. A. Victory Corps. GISELA R. WEBER Sr. Michael 209 Avenue C. Activilierf Sodality, Orchestra, Bellarminc Club, Glee Cluh, Der Deutsche Verein, N. A. Athletic Ass'n, N. A. Victory Corps. IRENE A. WEHNER The Nalirfily ul the Blvvrml Virgin Maris 189 Sagamore Dr. A4'll1'lll6'.f.' Sodality. Scrvzrld mu: lRemiirrg dornil LOIS M. WEIDER Sr. Mouira 'S-89 Wellington Ave. Ani:-ilierf Sodality, Bellarmine Club, N. A. Victory Corps. PHYl.I.lS A. Wlil.'l'ZlZR Our Lady of Cond Cnimrrl V 360 Roxborough Rtl. Arfir'itier: Sodality, Bellarmine Club, N. A. Athletic Ass'n. DOLORES M. WHlT'E Holy Apnrflrr IMI Lyell Ave. Actifiilier: Soclality, Perosian Choir, Home Economics Club, Senior Play. JOANNE M. WILSON Sl. Augurrinr 651 Chili Ave. Aclirfitifis Soclality, Home Economics Club, N. A. Athletic Ass'n, Nieuwland Club, N. A, Victory Corps. LOIS M. WINTERROTH Holy Rvrary SR Finch St. Arfiuitier: Sodality, Bellarmine Club, Home Economics Club, N. A. Athletic Ass'n, N. A. Victory Corps. AILEEN M. WISER Holy Rnrary I4 Lakeview Ter, Aclivilier: Sodality, Bellarmine Club, N. A. Victory Corps. Thin! wut lRrading rlniwrb MARY E, WITTMAN Sl. john 1225 Loop: Pond Rd. Arliritier: Sodality, Bcllarmine Club, Mnntuan Circle, N. A. Vit- tory Corps. RUTH li, YAWMAN Blcmxfl .5'm'n1rrlrr1l ll Girtou Pl. Artiriilier: Sodality, Bellarmine Cluh, N. A. Victory Corps. ,IEAN A, YEOMAN Hnly Rmmv 910 Augustine St. Arti1'itier.' Sodality, Bellarmine Club, Home Economirs Club, N. A. Victory Corps. RUTH A. YOCKEL Sl. flillfffll' 1355 Norton Sl. Acfifilier: Sodality, Perosian Choir, Bellarminc Club, Home Eto- nomics Club, N. A. Athletic Ass'n, N. A. Victory Corps. VIVIAN D. ZlELlNSKl Sl. Xlunirlalir 1529 North St. .4rri1-irirr: Sodality, Bellarmine Cluh, Home Economics Club, N. A. Athletic Ass'n, N. A, Victory Corps. 68 We're Coming Your Way Having attended the Summer School of Catholic Action at Mon- treal, Miriam Englert, Rose Marie Kuchman, joan Michaud, ffront rowj: Jane Ward, Sister Annunciata, Sister Edwardine, and Patricia Flanagan Iback roufj were well prepared to lead us through a Sodality year program. Music Majors Ready for their graduation recital are Mary Carroll, violing Rose- mary Ryan, Mary jane Haigh and Lucy Angelini, piano. ' ' UM S f- LL I N MQ 'isa 4' 0 TH 5 0 S' X X. S I, fa oi g , . in . Y 7 D , . ite-'gl.g'g is ' 1' l I x A p,' L v .k 'lg " ,A -1 J 0 'P A ff W E G I V E T H A N K S 69 SL Elizabeih of Hungary ffean Cixlernino poses as St. Elizabellvj ...OUR ACTIV .through ST It is related of St. Elizabeth, Queen of Hun- gary, that during her reign, she performed many acts of charity, much to the dislike of the king. One day carrying bread to the poor, she met her husband who asked her what she had concealed beneath her cloak. Dismayed she opened her mantle, but to her own and her husbands sur- prise, there instead of bread, lay beautiful roses. One Unpopular Activity ILou'er righl, opposite pagej: Gertrude Piendel, Jacqueline Burgess, Joanne Ful- reader, Theresa Housel, and Rose Dominas agree that the most unpopular activity of the school year is waiting for the busg yet paradoxically its membership is one hun- dred per cent. Bicycles and Blue Skies fLower leflj: Starting off on a Co- lumbus Da hic cle hike these ELIZABETH For.. . y y . sophomores are experiencing the truth of Helen Hunt jackson's lines concerning 0ctober's bright blue weather. Riding High seems to be quite at home in the saddle. Row, Row, Row Your Boat fUpperj.- Gliding gently down the Genesee,'I.orraine Lark and Corinne Staub smile for the birdie. J fCenterj: Teresa Manfer's horse seems either camera shy, or impatient to be off. XVhichever it is, Teresa Tf . XU-UMIN 45TH ACP' f- x f ITIES 2 71 Q111L11 oi 1s IL son 11 1111111 1 song xxI111I1 1111 1 LIS r1ll fl wl1111 xxorl l111x1111xs xx1t1 111111111 XXL 1 Iilll0XNL L11 9111 1 I xr 1 1111 to 1-1 ll 1111 xx 111 1 XXL prou ly l11st11xx11 our 111111 1111111 NILIY l.llL'f 1111 XL 1ourxL L 1 111 get 11111 or ll C l1r1st1111s Slllll 1fQl1xcrL11 1111111 111111111 x 1111111 'Xl1z111tl1 111 ll L I11 was 1111 tl111r 111 lc LyCi l1r0t1crs H111111r1111111 1111111 1 our thru thousu 1 1 l.1YS, 1 1 1 mga Ll 13111111 sxxutu 111111 tl1L L 1 I foxx , Ex P . 1 lm. 1- 'il 7 2 Q 1 '.t4 gg 1 . ax '5' H- 2 M mg 5' Q - E M - ss ii an E ggi T f- gg: , 2 L1 Q I . xi X -int its 1 7 .f TM" ii f",-'?"lx,, 1 L ' U lk 1 ' i . .. .,, ,,,,, 4' 1 K , .. ' lg LY' ,A v--f' ' ...img Hthrough ST. MARTHA for... ,W rf 'TK C 1 K , ' gzx Oil-1, Nxt lint St'Ili.1I41ftlr stiluittiiis slit i't.11ll'l1'4l'li'l'-'ill -lfxl Ullfu J- Y' 1 Fill i 'ublffib P' llt sistlttl lift lift: lituiia In llt'tl1.1'ttk T ' lL41f'lj 1 A i T T NT Tfl'lfij'Q'r 'I , ,." 0 ,' 4554 ALVK! e se-J . . ur GY of erings XYliost' ht-.trt h.1s not thrillcd .1t tht- words: l.ctis lwrouglit us l1.1tk to our own tountry, one to its pio h.11t' .1 party. or lt-t's go to thc inovics, or lct's put on ncci' d.1ys when h.1rdships lTTUlalL'tl suth niun .is Alwrpt VV .1 show? lt' thcsc words lmvtt not inspired yo11 with h.un l.intoln, .lI1Al thc other through songs .llltl ht-.tu E 1'nthusi.1sn1, your yo11tl1 l1.1s tlcd. .llTtl il'lIlTL' Sf.llTslS with tiliul settings to its Il'.1tllllUIT.ll holid.1ys. l1is stytht- .1w.1iting you just Around the torncr. llut thc joy ol our htntrts is .1 show liind or pro, C XVQ likt' .1ll kinds ol' l'!.lI'llL'Sf hoincrooin p.u'tits dutt- Al good pl.1y. .uid thc SIJKQL' is yours, 'l'l1t- So F. , , . . l V E. T H A N K wht-n IT.lPl'ilI1S, tlL'kUI'.llL'tl with designs ol' tht' ditl't'i'- cnt l1olid.1ys ot' thc, rtrc sprcitd on our desks to rt-1ci1'c .111 itt- trt-.nn tup, thotolutt- t.1kc, hrownirs .1nd t.1ndyg l1irthd.1y P.ll'llL'S tclcl1r.1tcd in the tilt- lL'l'l.l .it .1 I.llHlL' troin whith toincs thc I'L'liI'.lll1, "l'l.1ppy liirtl1d.1y to you," .ind wc look, .uid surt- cnough thcrc is tht- l1c.1util'ully dctor.1tcd t.1kt- shining with liglitcd t.1ndlcs. 'l'hcn tht-rc .irc thc inorc sutnptuous p.1rtit-s ot' the tlitltrcnt tlulws: The lftllltlll Cluli with its 1.iuu!f. ttifllllrffl. ,ifufrmultq .1nd thc fiCfI1T.lIl Clulw prof xidinltl such dclitatics, .1s lsifrtfitfll. .t1'fw'ft1! Zll1'lt'i'11'tfi'l .1nd Citf1wi'1ff1tf1. lltrtics tcrtninly go our hig tit lNl.lZ.lfL'lll. d.1ltty s pl.1ys wart- UlIlSl.llltlIlTtLf, lts 1ot.1tion pl.1y, xl .lljifuigfvl 511.111, took top honorsg whilt- tl IW.lj.jL'.lITl in honor ol Christ thu King w.1s truly inspiring, .lltfrti to tht- lircnth Clulw lor thostt two dcliglitliul inodt-rn l.lIlt'lI.lY'L' wl.1ysg .1ITtl, though wt- .u'- n it Aho ,,1, qt sf l,intolns. wc lit-.1rt1ly p.1y pt-rtctt trilwutt' to thc Htl l.lFlTTIlTL' Clulis cxtt-llcnt prcscnt.1tioi1. intluding .1 stt-nc lroi11 c.1rly AlTTL'flt.lIl n1.1rtyrs .ind .1 portr.1y.1l ol thc l.unous C..1tholits ol' thc Ruolution. 'l'hus wc got togcthvr. lWL't.lI1TL' .lLLIll.lllTlCll, .ind looked liorw.1rd to those xtry lvriglit spots in lll lto g,...1 gctliei' hright .1nd h.1ppy ytntr. S As lor o11r .tsscinhlics in thc .llltlllOI'lLIITT. in suth inoxics. .ts 11.11111 Iffyrt' .1nd Hun' Girftfii It .lli lftfft 1. wt- visited .1nd lut-1.111114 .tttltmintt-tl with thc ptopltp ot' tht- lT'lO0Fl.lITtlS .ind thc mining regions ol' thc Brit- lsll lslcs. 'Hit Yfffmlq ,ll1. ljutfffff .ind llufftlii lun Coltes ond Corn Stollcs fI.ll1l'L'f ltfflix lfun and trolit toniliinctl with Philippine mission lull lllklill' the Sotlulitt ll:1llowc'cn party it two-fold stiwcss. Do- lores Tones, Mttrit- Ronto, .Xnn lloniorno, Ilztirc ftincr, and -It-:ui It-wis strc enjoying their party of cokcs :intl doughnuts. Those Whom We Appreciate! Il.irt'lvl,' Sister Marie l,z1w rt-mu .ind Sister Ht-riialrtlirw willingly gixt- tht-ir time to show us sonic of our falxoritu inovit-s. as "' u o Q, . -M.f""'M JM I ' 1 'Q if ' , - V A 39? ru q M W ,QQ if --f ' X 4? . 'Q' .f ' W E G I V E T H A N K S -v-fx f ff--e fJ XLLUMUFK 47s feb f Ol k' .through ST. CATHERINE lor.. N1 4.11111 11111 .'t1o11.I11111s1-1tl111111.totlit 1.11f.11l 'I11 sul ll' 1111s111'.11s,111sl 1f11111'1 11tl:11sI111tl1f s,1,111 ikltllx ,A .Our Victory-Minded Nozorenes ljlllllltllh .1re .1 tl1i11g ol tl1e past i11 our big cities, yet tl1ere .lre still tliniouts .mtl even lwlgukouts in IHJITY l1e11rts, l"or those who look lor no t'L'lLIfI1lll4Q soltlier boy, for our wountletl soldiers, .mtl for the l1o111eless 11ntl st.11'1'i11g in lfurope .intl 'l.ll7.llI, tlimotits Qllltl lvlntkonts are 11ot yet over. lt w.1s tl1is knowletlge tl111t spurretl our N1lZ.lfClll Ac111le111y Vittory C orps to enter wl1olel1e.1rte1lly i11to n1.1king tl1e lfigl1tl1 Victory Bontl Drive .1 l11111tlre1l per tent success. S11t'l1 was the ClTlllLISl1lSlN tl1.1t before tl1e tlrive ll.l1l re.1tl1e1l its l1.1ll'-w.1y II'l.lfl'i, 111ost of tl1e llOlNCf00l11S' tl1ern1o111eters were l-.lf ox er their topfinost 111.1rks, .intl our quota for 5511111111 was real- izetl. Hy tl1e ti111e tl1e tlrive wits over tl1e grttntl total .ultletl up to the 11111 l1elie1'.1l1le s11111 ol LllIl10Sl seven ti111es its quota. A t.1sl1 tolleetion ol' 5396.35 w.1s sent to the Retl Cross llC1InlLlll4lflCf5. lwesitles tl1is our 'lunior RL-tl Cross ineinbers sl1owetl they too were not l.ltl-Kllllll in ze.1l. Knittetl sweaters Llllll otl1er warm clothing were pntketl, .llltl we .1re sure tl1.1t tl1e smiles ol' tl1ose wl1o reeeivetl the boxes were .1s l1rigl1t .1s tl1e smiles ol' tl1ose wl1o p.1eketl tl1en1. Wfe .lre proud ol' tl1e work tlo11el1y our N.1z11retl1 At.1tle111y Vittory Corps, .mtl we lllllllli our generous Parents .intl l'1'ie111ls for tl1e p.1rt they plnyetl in mriking tl1is 19116 Ll victory yut f. " --Xe -eros-,Ai QTQWQV X S119 - Tc-PQQT J 76 OFT with ci Bong lCiv'1'1eJ.' l:1lll1L'!' U'lfi111nell writes out il cheek for tl lmntl 111 tl1e lirsl IllCL'llIlt1 of the mlrive alter its open- ing. Arouml l1i111 are Rl!SL'lllilI'y lletzler, Carol llL'll1lIlQ.LL'F, lfarnl lletller anal Paltrieiai, represen- tatives of the l1UlIlCf00ll1S with llll' l1igl1es1 mulls i11 lilillll and stump sales. BONDS 1 549, RED CROSS fi AJ Yi x kv if Someilwing to Smile About Hulluif I,I'lllHlllWlX it was llltll' siiiilus Iii-lim-rl Ralli- In-cn Ihirlxc, Marx Alum' ll.iigli ffmul mu If .iml Marx I Ihr: - , IIIIIJ lmiisl flu' grzirial Iivliil. STAMPS I Z , 5 Q Service wiili c Smile fl'jrf1ur2: Happy uilli thc lllUIlgl1lN ul thc ivy llicw lmxcs ul' nlutliing will luring In ilu' nculy ul' lfurupc, Sisicr Cirgiuu Rcgginzi, Currinc Sl2llllT .mil fXilll'lC'I'll1L' llullmaiii puck fllillllllll pn-pzirccl by our N1ll2lfl'lll Aluniur Ru 9 f fuss. We Point with Pride fl.uu'vrl.' liulli Sister Mary lniirnlcx xml SlNlt,'I4 Miiric .-him' lmik approx Q5 mer the rr-sulrs ul ilu- clillcrcm lmrm-rmmi lmml :mil Nlillllp pur cliim-N lwruiiglil In lllklll lu Mary ljllilllj' alml llcllx liiiucr. W1 . ilu ze cz- u Q ll fi l . ll E l EQ N lm r . lf rl'-r f l m,r11'., . rl ,l l- ,ll 1 '- xl-1' ' f -. nur: 4 1-l rm 1 lvf r 1 W4 ffl' - l'l:Jf' lmm Spun to ll.1ly, Irum lhlison to Limulnf our 5klIUUl all Inu K llIQlIl ux into tllc xxlurl ul l.ll' .lxxxly mlm-.1ms.1ml r.1rrlul L, Our Culfurol Circles ummlm-' trxmlx :ml lmlru :mmm '. . - ' Q-nt ol tlmsc' umlorlul Spgmisli wtllumntx xxlurln mug pmtulyul III .1 pl.1y by lllc l5L'll.lfITIII1L Clulw flll 1 llxmu r III LI up xulul llllllllgll llfllll lim ml Pmxml kllll ml' ilu Nl J mumlu Clulwk win-lmltiulm ol' I.m Al11L'flL.ll1 Day. Thr . " ' C 7 ' ' m.ulcmoimcllu .xml mu I umlm C lulw 4 lllltml llN to tlrur munlry ol A4 ' ' ' ' ' . V V ' . ' , ,fm Crllllllf mum tlrmw lv tmlr IVIQNLIIINIUII ul tllc plly 1, I uw uf I '. 'fm uf lr um lllI'Ull'Qll tlw NiL'uxvl.1ml f lulw llmt wr- Incl l..1x'oig mll llhlklll' .mil llwur' nmny L'XI7L'l'lIUL'lllN, lllnx Xu xlllll Illlx . x tlumw l.lIltlN up lun Q-xpluml .mrl ilu- mu l lmmlx up lmw mul lllflllllllll tlmc Lll.lIlI1L'lS ul our many rlulws. 'S 'D vie A Classic Circle I llmru. ALIIHIII X luing sxmlml ul llwlr' nzlllluw. 'l'l1L' Alilll ll. ll I " ', lluwc r 1 mlm X ,, lrmn IX suuluuu .xru 1-.uggur lulllmn-rx K ul M111 rhmu lm lu ul IIHILN us f ' URN A N I xfl 1' 1 lulnl lwx Yirgil. flumv' rinff lx fklllfltl lhfikirllm, Nlllrlrul Ilmimmlim. law Mgr rw lXlltl1Il1.lIl. Nurnm .Xrm.-slmlw, hcl' MN lrunlu Quiglcx, llvlvn Skl1lWL'lll1t'l'I' Q Yxnnnc I.: l'mric. fuclia Sgnrc, -login IL- Ya-quu, Knllnlu-ll Su-plmm: fnlllml fall mll J: .Xlmw llgllm, lllmlu-Ill I..l- mn-mlnl.l, Marx Xxvlllllhlll, xlllhl Rm'un'r Kulllrl riuufwl mill: I'.lrri1i.1 l'lrlI1.lL2lll. F X lI'g1IllI.l QUIUXQIX, .Klux Hl'.lklll'X, 'lusc- Pllllll' l.lvlxL'II.l. l5ulul'cs l,l'lllNl'. Lovers of Culture The Clubs and their Presldonts I3,z.lfr1fl'lNvI'svIl1xNl1-wll.l71:lhlllwfu llulqfll, Nlllxlrul flllxlolllll. ll ffnnfn llmle. lint.: l unix, 1.11141 4 fnfr, I,.llI'llY.l l,lNPL'Ill.l, Il 1.1.11 lr.1u5.1il,- hlmzfl- lrlajlq N lt'g1l1m iumx.lx, .H.1uln.m lir- lfr, lluluru lalxcrl. Ni4l111f.n1J lfnfr. Ircm- Rxlnulxi. Glu fluff, Slmirlu .X. liliml, Pm! 'lme'ri1.1 Klub, x'll'j,jlIll.l llguix, li4'ff.l1'mim ilnfl. Xlwwnl lrmlv pirturn' :lrc .lmw XX.urml. frufzlmrlml llrnmz fluff Lllltl xfllllt' 5xlllN'Itl1'I. llrmla' I1 mmmflx tfnflv. ' x French Club before Hue Footlighfs fc.inlf2,- Pdlfl uf thc canst uf l,r1 ljrlilll ul IUI Grrnlrl lllI't'lIll'lH' and l..1 l.ir1gni.xlz'. Ixus mmlcrn liillgllllgij PIRIQN zllmul llrc LliHvi1.lllliL'N uf lwu sul- cliurx urnlcring Rl foreign IHCZII amd llxu inhcrilzlmc of Al uollcgqc senior, arc Mary Bradley, llumllmy lhxpulml, Shirlcx Arclmilwnlnl, Pcuuv Iiulami, and ,lnwpllirw 'I4z1xck1ftlzl. K 4 I Q Looking Backwards fl,nu'n'l.' 'lklking us Inuk lu thc pin CNITCIIICIQ plcalsing lVJlSIliUIl, l.lllL'I Iiciw, Marx lfllcn lfouglllin ffrnnl 111112. Marx Sflmnrl, Mary Ifriwlw. liurniau KL-imc. Holly C'm1vm1y, Kurlmlccn Quinldn, Row Ruin, Marry RL-rlrmvml fmiflfllu mrri, Mnllx Qunlcy, Mary limun, Flnuluclinu liurguss. I-'iluun 'l'lmm-v, amd l':rlriri:l Roland Hur! rn J us of lu-r L'St'UI'l'N Pilfl in lln- hullnling ul our linitcd Slillts. ,Q 1 4 4 ,rim 'QV AQ, ,X L I X Q0 Cie DX :, f' " 'Yf' Lv 3,6 x XYffr1-TAC5 7 X ' ,X X,-er N5 A in 4 i s . r ef. ifv ...through ST. ROSE For.. Because of the sweetness with which St. Rose bore her life of suttering, it is said that, when she sang the psalms, angels came to accompany her. ..CDur Chonters ol Hymns Like row on row of candles in a sanctuary stand fall. In their concerts, whether they burst forth into our Pefosujn Cholfi HS thcl' Sing to U5 tales of Mozart the short sweet flickering melody, Lillie Maid, or bare and lullabies of Brahms. They joined their voices in welcome to the newly elevated Chinese prelate, Car- dinal Tien, on his visit to Rochester, and in hymns a bright and luminous flame, or whether their har- monious voices swell into a rapture of llvlmr 1.r This gf Praise 35 the beauty gf their music Came Over the Splemlor, all Nazareth is warmed and delighted by broadcasting program, Catholic Corner, early in the the pleasing quality of their tones. Perosicn Choir Personnel: fLowerl.' lFirs! fowl: Mary Alice Kolb, Anna Marie Panzica, Lucy Angelini, jean Marie jaboud, Dorothea Gramento, Dolores Norton ISecond fowl: Agnes Fink, Patricia McMahon, Frances Fornicoia, Marie DiGiacomo, Rosemarie Giambroni, Elaine Guistino Mary Fraver. fTbird rowl: Rosemary Hetzler, josephine Prato, Mary Morasco, josephine Tascketta, julia Putnam, Beverly Palmer, Mary Ducci fFourtlJ fowl: Margaret Fetzner, Dorothy Fetzner, Marianne Fitzpatrick, joan Hussey, Dolores Furstoss, Ernestine Cianca Marie Hanss. fOppo.rile pagel: IFirsl rowl: Marie Camelio, Phyllis Delfave, Margaret Herbst, Anita Angillelo, Katherine Dangler, Mary Margaret Bradley Carol Kelly. fSerond fowl: Eileen Foley, Doris Mason, Mary Ann Brownyard, Dolores White, Mary jane Toomey, Lois Moran, Ann Cowell ITbir1l rowl: Nancy Owen, Norma Amesbury, Patricia Quigley, jean Vinci, Irene Carcelli, jean Burns, Carol Brady. Hiourlh fowl: Mary Carroll, Dorothy Dalle, Mary O'Connor, Ruth Yockel, Theresa Cozo, Elizabeth Nagle, Patricia Merriman jean Ann Grey. v R M 0 in 2 8,1 T Perosion Choir Officers flfirrlL'J.' Mary june Hzligh. pres- ident f.vm1wll,' Ruscnmry Ryan, Margarut llcrhst. Mary Fllcn Bricklcr fxlmnliugl. Sv- fi 1 f' XLLUMI 1 KLAIWQ-V U Q fm A I fy .XX o ' ' p ' , MES!-as - v " I ' x 4 X , 0 J ...through ST. PERPETUA for... So sweet was the song of her life that although very little is known of her save that she underwent martyrdom during the early persecution of the church, God even today grants the requests of those who call upon her. fx 'T'x 1 -,J mt-G1 mf ...Our Nozoreth Nightingoles "Musicians Only" should be the welcome or warn- ing sign tacked to the door of 318 when the Glee Club is within. An ear to the key hole by us less musical contemporaries-and what do we hear?-a bit of an Irish melody or the tales of a Spanish Glee Club Personnel: IUPPHQ-' MKZJPI-I ll fFifsl 7011715 Shirley Walzer, Mary Jo Mills, Dorothy Jaskot, Mary Scotto, Patricia Attinasi, Rita Fanta, I Second Y0ll'l.' Carmela Angelini, Mary Louise Mandia, Nancy Evangelista, Cosma Viva, Irene Rodak, Taylor, Elizabeth Taylor. fTbifd 701021 Ruth Piazza, Antonina Corbelli, Eleanor Metz, Shirley Gilbert, Anna Marie Rause, Mary Philippone, Helen Listman. Uiourlb fowl: Theresa Volkmar, Vilma Bertman, Ruth Gudinas, Kubiak, Bernice Kalish. fOppo.rile pagel: fFifsl f01l'l.' Rita Ennis, Patricia Crilly, Jeanne Marie Ropper, ulian Katherine Wieczorek Juanita told with heartwarming notes of laughter and solemnity. There are privileged days, too, days when we need not depend on key holes tunless standing room only remainsj, but days when we become 21 bewitched audience for their enchanting concerts. Josephine Frisicano. Jeanne Myers, Marjorie Ellen Creeclon, Virginia Marilyn Karp, Michaeleen Insalaco, Josephine Rosica, Rita Alice Klaver, Wanda Bilakiewicz, Pierina Santillo, Madeleine J . I Second fowl: Claire LeFrois, Joan Campbell, Irene Rybacki, Sarah Northcote, Mary Agnes Brett, Theresa Flannery, Phyllis Trepani, Rosemary Quigley. ffhifd f0ll'l.' Lorraine Pierce, Margaret Fucile, Anne Grace, Patricia Clemente, Josephine Bianchi, Joan Brewerton, Jeannine Burke, Shirley Gardner. fliouflb f0ll'l.' Eileen Conheady, Marilyn Aldrich, Dona Kulis, Alice Webber, Jane Hall, Alice Kowaeski, Mary Cashy. www KMYTM, A 0 xxqmx? 9 lx Em AC f- f' , 5 f X Q f 'QQ Q o iw -A , . .g, - f 1 m . s .3 ,f Ve 82 Officers of the Glee Club f1fin'lvl.' lrcnc Ryhacki. president: .Ioscphinc Bianclmi. vice-president: Hronl rou'l.' Picrina Santilln. secretary and II'l'2lSllf'Cl'Q joscphinc Rosica. pre- fcut. wr O uv 5 . Q I . f , f. Vs" I Q 2: 5 huly if E L A 5+ 'A y l , Nr , .. -- x x ' ' V-A L f X ,L K xl .X K ,. F X N-,MS pw 'T m- l x JJ L 'gf- i 1213 'fm fx yi! 'fr' bv' W E G I V E T if f H Officers of the Orchestra A N K S X, ,fi WLU MIN - Sf ? "du lift ...through Sr. CECILIA tor. liciausct St. fc-1cli.1 s.1r1,gtl11 .xortls or ltotl lll hit lu.1tt .111-l loit-tl tl11 llll1Hlt which llis ttitssalgt' lvori. slit is lionorttl .is 'lu loxinxg tuitrotitiss ol llrl INIK, ...Our Music Masters No rainbow could hold us more spelllwound tl1.1n .1 ll1lISlL.ll program of colorful strains and melodies. As we yield to the hypnotism of those magic notes, we tome to the end, and yt-t the beginning, for we have found the treasure of gold, the music reapers, our orchestra. They shine through .1 downpour of dis' couragement and sadness to catch us up in .1 rapturous 1loud of cheerful harmony that Ho.1ts from violins, trumpets. .md tulw.1s at their concerts and festivities. They .tll .ire XX'lZ.lfklS of Oz whose singing wand melts ones "troubles like lemon drops." ff,fIfI0.fiff.' page, rciuliug Kl'0ll'?lj.' Mary Carroll, president: Constance Costich, vice-president: Katherine Fleck. secre- tary. fAlwr'uj.' Rosemary Lawson, treasurer. r X Oz X . e W: 2 eq llff' lr 0 65", We vfm AQ JH S4 'E' ' A 1 , . ' f 1 A. OUR ORCH Violins Cello.: Dorothx' Srnvles Harriet Ifallahan Sally Ganley Mary Mastantone Shirley Murray Doris Metzger Frances Flindell Catherine Lawson Mary Carroll Rosemary Ryan Arlene Schmeer Carmela Angelini Rita Ennis Margaret Holden H"-U ,Ioan Pietloltl lfileert Ilanlex l'irl Rosemary Lawson ' 'I Mary -lane Haigh joanne Buckerl 84 ES TR f Qg l"lul1' CUIISIRIIIUU Cfmzticll l.lurim'l.v Ursula Ccnnamc Rita Pilzltu SrI.X'0fIl?IIllt' Rnwnmary Norman A PERSONN Horn Kathcrinc Fleck 'I 'ru III frelx Helen Holley lfilecn Schwartz EL Pl'fL'Il.V5i0Il Joanne Fulrcadcr Margaret Hall Marie McCarthy' Barbara Mathieu Piano Carol Haggerty 85 .through the Traubadors at Paradise for... Yiht-ii wt toiisitlui' .i littlt' thiltl t-rtliihits joy hi' ilitiitiirtg, .mtl thu ol s ' hlrtiwloii. or lliutxtii, wt, t.xi1 not hvlp hut .tyrw with Siwtcr l:lc.inort.t in hor pocinx lit ' . lf w it I t l',i1.itf,'w. with llllllf' in hix l'.:z,1.1'1tt th.1t tontriry to tht- lm-litwtk ol' tlitit'iwtl.1iitiii.i3unitiiilitutxvii ...The Joy of a Christmas Dance As .tn itc trtnun suntlac isnt tomplctc without that lwright rt-tl thcrry sitting i.tutily on its pillow of whippctl arc-am, neither xxoultl tht' C liristinas holitlgtys hc tomplctc without thc Clhristmiis tl.intt to top it oll, XVQ, tlicrclorc, tlonnctl our filmy lormnls, oircssiiigly pinnul on Printc f.lI1ll'II1lI1g'S torsiigc, iintl with laugh- ter playiiig on our lips .mtl stars twinkling in our uycs, glitlctl ltlttr .in 4-iitlmntctl worltl ol music tintl romiincc. Wlhirling chit'- lonx .intl t.itl' smoothly swishctl hy to thc rhythm of junk lintlk ortlit-str.i, .intl lmppincss riitliiitctl from every time telling tix it tht- niliglit ol nights stnntling out in our l.1st ffhrist' tum holitl.iy .tt N.lz.irctli. The Grand March Begins fl.mrw-1: Opt-ning the cu-niiig, RosclNliiric Kuclmmim and Dick Meir-ring pins through thu zirrh formed hy Betty Norman antl .,t. i I liirc lla.-inirlgcr. sa Qrx xx ,i tx 0 n Iva--2"vr-w VHA . A 7' 1 A Pleasant Interlude ft.er1rw'l: just sitting at dance nut may pmye iust an much fun ns tlrmeing. At It-nxt Kath- leen Reitl. Torltrlly' Connors, :mtl Mary Inu Meyer seem tu think su. A Bit of Galahad Chivalry 1C.'irrfeJ,' On this night uf nighta, lfileen Callztn :tntl Mary Gaffney tintl their nmtlern- gnrhetl knights as clmivatlroua ns those nf King Arthur. Pop, Not Punch, Has It Il.mwr rigfvll: Pup forms ll favorite heveratge for at snack hetween tlnnees. Dnyitl Srheihle, N ilatreugrrethhllntyt-rn, ,lg-urnMeyering,.zmtl joseph Schnorr are zunong tht- many who visited H H tn. t.tltttrl.l turing nnttrnnssmn. XSS-, 'W .0 , . ,, fx X- 0 V f 3, r X lit an a a fe t - l at .funn ? 7' , , ' fx . V 1 - ' f ' . xr' . ,I Q5 W XifMs9ff W E ...Our Christmas Play G I V E T H A N K S An empty room . . . but only for a Prince- -'f- and so tl miserly innkeeper debars the entrance of the Holy Family for wealth and selfish greed. Again our Christmas play is portrayed by the drainatics classes in The lfmjify Room, I ww M Iv 1 lksvg l!'L fm AC'f ,eQs"' f kelkroxl 14 C gl fx-55, .ty it ' Sy ,, gig 'f 3"-f xi.-2 ...through ST. A Heavenly Prince lf,irclvI.- Al that time the shepherds Cliilda De Felieej said. Let us go over to Bethlehem . . . and they found Mary fMarv Braun, and joseph QWil- ma Heierj, and the Infant lying in a manger. PRINCIPALS OF CAST Mary ...... Mary Braun juxefllv . . . . Xyliilllil lleier i , Bernadette Holden -V'f'l'l'f""l5 - - Gilda lie lieliee l -loanne IYApriIle Kelzerm. Mullwr of llumur , . . Georgia Bryant Noblelmm . Margaret Boland loamm . . Virginia Conway Ilimmr . , Dolores lfckeri I NM. 1 Au , 7 .'. , 5. I N V, 1' X 0 .5 3.51" W' Q 1 ff 'X. 4tSL'9?i'ft9f5s- ...through ST. ANNE for. .. ll Wy' Blessed Virgin, is invoked by Youth for guidance' in the right thoitc ol' .i lite partm ri 'fm Ac' e NTL' - . . . - - . . cqgiCg lXl Model nt a hippy witc and mother Qt Anne witc ot Yt loulnm mtl mother ot thc 1, i fs X on W E G l V E T H A N K S ---Our Senior Ploy, 'The Romonces by Emmo' lms yur thc Senior C,l.iss tlcvcrly cnilctctl 'The Rom.intcs hy limmgif' .i pl.iy hiist-tl on ,ltinc Austcn's noxcl. "limm.1." .in intritgitc intcrmiiigling of British Attcnt, oirly ninctucnth century tostiimcs. and thc niisiittcssliul .ittcmpts ot' llIlTl1T.l to miikc miitthcs hc- twct-ii hcr liricntl, llirrict, .intl thc wrong persons. The The Tlirougliout thc pcrliormmtc thc-ru was cxtcllcnt Lil1LlfLlt'lCf portr.iy.ilg .intl thc quiet humor, tlistinttiw of jane Austcn's roimntcs. provokt-il m.iny I.niKglis, At its close wc manic L1XV.1y with thc lict-ling wc had witncssctl something not only, hut .ilso something wcll tlonc. xi? I Nineteenth Century Fother fl'ppcrj: Hlfllllllill 'Tis pinkf You'll :ill ht- poisonctl if you so much as inunch on thc pink sugar!" Mr. XVootlliousc'l'C Dc Mzlrcoj cautions his nlauglitcr, lfmiiiai fxllfglllltl Conwayj as Mr. and Mrs. XYICNIUII QXY'a1lt Long :incl Georgia Bfylilllb prepare to cut thc wcnlnlini.: rzikc. tlranclaill Cjoziiiiic lD'AprileJ :intl Serlc fOwcn Boylanj look on. Supercilious Mrs. Elton fCirrlc'j,' "fil1ilI'l1lCLllH replies Mrs, lflron tiicrtrutlc Pie.-mla.-lj as she is introclufell to Fmnul fVirginizi ffonwilyj hi hvr hus- lsnncl Cliill llonavanl. 90 I 4 . 5 u ? Wm, A , r JY ,' X-4- X . my I. t ,iw s V. .5 il -. , A f . '-QW Qi - w L l .. w .i 1, IE? ...W I ' K XIX 5 fx, 9,11 ,Nap 5 -'M TBM: :l:Sl!?4fnl" b Nthrough ST. CLARE for... l' xx is lou oi lui n.uixt' titv .ind tllst'tAg.Htl oi sell tlmt i.tsy W leo: het tloi-,tt-itd hom: In stent tht .itI.ulxs ol the on the tttx ot :lv-ist in tltt tliiitteittli itrttuit ..Our Active Athletes Une would not think th.1t s.unts tould he mixed up with sportsr hut to tome right down to it, it is the stune tlmrtteterise tits: lox e ot' neilehhor .ind seltilessness that produce hoth s.tntv tity .uid 'good sportsnunship. Our Nazareth Atndemy Athletit Assotmtton h.ts provided nmny opportunities for developing thtse two th.1r.uteristits. Oh, the joy ot seeing the sotter hgtsehttll hnnner pinned up in your own hoinerooin through the tombined efforts of you .uid your toinp.u1ions, or hearing your ntune tnlled .ts one ol' the field hotkey or xqtrsity hitskethnll tetuns, hecgtuse you knoxx you h.o e lween thosen not so muah lor your skill, but hetytuse you h.txe passed the .uid test ol' good sportsntttnship. 'I'here .ire ol' tourse other sports that do not require te.unA work. Vie llitly enjoy the thrill ol' the water slide nt the Y. XV. C , A., the joy ol' sending the howling hgtll down the Lilley at linonoinos, .ind exliilnruting L.ll1iCI' along rural roads. In these, too, there is totnpetition whith goes it long wtty in promoting Aloud sportsimnslup. Truly, the Nazareth Atxtdetny Athletit Assothuion under the guidttnte of Miss Chase h.ts done much to tiurthei' this s.une good sportstnatnship. 92 Another Bonner Year fI.o1z'er2.' With Miss Cliatse, tht otlieers of the Niuztreth Aeatd- emy Athletic Assoeiatioit,ffrrmll I Shirley Ford, treasurer: flmt mul Rosenmrs St, Peter, xite- president: Tlieresgt llousel, pres- ident: and Patricia lfitrroll, set'- retzlry enjoy looking oxer tht reeord of the tear. WJ' e yi' 4 ,Ex s if mi ' 'F f 33 2 ffl? .if I W .r C VI i' ef " wav x 'SY f f f 3 S.. Q- . x lx ' l . in . . , 1 - W Q , id I' ight" .,- 5 , X, f 1 F 313 Wifi, f 1-hz 1 1 a+ 'A . i. NK , X jx 'V "wa: . .W in wk Vllf N 1 ff' . N 435, QE 1 Sa, Ri J IV' 5 5 il A' f . Q . 5:9 A 4 ff I El I 0' ., .Q gi, N, .r-nh M. f-- . ,., ..,. 9. My ,. X V, .xv . ,xv I. ' 's . A -'b Qi 76 'HA 'KP 5' 1 y ' ,NiQ'Tf. ,f 1 in 5 , 1:1 an W5 xg.. ' V fe ' . Y' . L L X . .. Q-f57 ' "' 3 3 V1 2 ' ' ' AQQ l W' , .gel-vp, 'f QM... Bi a - M .s sl W E .through ST. JOAN OF ARC lor.. Once upon a time a little French girl because ol' her faith and trust in God led her G l V E 'l'he spirit of Aloan ot' Arc lives in many of our young women ot today. Certainly it can be found in T our Varsity basketball team. lt took courage and H tiaith in the beginning ot' the season to break down the awe with which we regarded the splendid record of last year's undefeated team, yet we overcame that awe. and gloriously, True, the lirst two games went A N K S country's troops to victory over a great army. to the opposing teams, Auburn and the I9 ti Varsity, but our rebound was great not one score ol' the re- maining games was written in the red. XVe shall always remember how the persistent guarding by Virginia Ciritlis kept the Harley store down in the last game with Harley School, but it was little Peppy XVhite who scored a high of lwaskcts at Geneva. Nor shall we forget the untiring zeal with which Miss Chase made ours one ol the best girls' basketball team in the cityg nor the contagious en- 19 gg f L,xLLUM1E? fi? .f 1 Ggagf' cxsjof Jfiit l'1'L 6 94 ,N A0 M t I -. i lk? will t - ftffts' ! ff' X547 rt thusiasm with which lfather O'C.onnell and the en' couraging presence ol' the other tnetnbers ot' the tat- ulty spurred us on to victory. No wonder that the season ended so brilliantly with a line score card showing eight wins against two losesf . 0 Who's Got the Ball? fCfirt'le2.' Nazareth or Auburn! lt is really hard to tell as forwards and guards tangle in Illts exciting game with Auburn. Our I946 Varsity IL0u'c'r rwllerls Marie Tonti, Rita Nciiill. Peppt XX'hite, Miss Chase, instructor. Patricia Beatty. bran: Tantalo, joan Miller, l,reaI01U, Marie liryitnkowski, Virginia Tas. Rosemary St. Peter. llelen Mtirc-gor, Virginia Ciriflis, Betty Hatter, Loretta Tennity. lfllen Doyle, captain. Spice, Ginger and Vitamin C fl7pp4'rJ.' XVith snappy and vigor- ous cheers Lucille I.cta. Mary Ann Kocrncr, joan Carey, and Dorothy Fctzncr cntourngc the varsity on to amothcr victory. ood Ball, Patricia! fl.ou'vr riglvll: Rom.-:nary St. Peter and Virginia Tas with her hands joined prolxzlhly in prayer. seem not qllill' so surt- of Patricia Benttyk fins: shot. SCORES I945- I 946 I KUIIIIJ Pluywl A luninatc . Hurley Auhurn , llc Sales . Auburn A Harley Pittsford . Aluninnu . llnrlcy Dc Sales . Starr 45-2-1 28-20 28-ZZ 45-7 29-1,5 21- lil 47-55 S8-21 54-ZZ -17-20 fr 'Q Go ge! 0.4 ,f xyv t f xx Anofher GABRIEL Ready for Press fIvflfll'l'j.' Vfilh ll sigh uf S1lliNIv.lAliUI1 Marx OT :mum Imlclx up thc GQ1l1ri4'l prmmf xhccl lu In-r' sm!! unn- ITZIIIIUIIN, ilunnic ci0Nlill1, Shirlcy Iiurkc. Klux lllcu Ckmglmlin, Mary Pnvclxki mul .Xnn linrkc. flmvrl I: Halen Smhucnlu-rr, 1.-nlilur-in Q Im-I: ffnmul 1. Vluscphinc Tglsnkctlal. .lsxminlc-ccliturg lirxcrlx limit: lwusim-ss IIHIIHIQCTL Virginia Prism-r, H-.zlurc LWHIUI. Welcome! Any News? f,.0Il'l'P', njrfzmilw fulgrjx 'llhix is ilu- vUI'L'i'lillj.L llhll Slslcl Marie Cntlucrim- amcl her wif! mcxnlwrs, Sluirlu 1,NlL'l. pillflliil MdNIa1l1m1, Virginian Kmmgu, will gin- um ii you cu-r lmppun uv open thc minor nt 410. , if rw fgg 'WA 95? 1 f Lum XL IN4, TN AL' if f' 9 - x 1 " f o' 1- f li Q 1' I r 1 1, 1 h " fo, .0ur News Envoys Unit! .1 yt-.1r wc .1w.1it L-.lgcrly thc gohlin-ti.1t'c1l lwuiupkin ol H.1lIowc'cn, thc juicy hrown turkey ot' 'l'I1.111ks-igi1'ir1l1g lhy, thc tinkling ol' S.ll1l.llS sleigh lwclls, tht- l5L'.llIlll-lll song ol' thc rohin in Carly Spring, hut these .irc nothing L0I11IW.lfL'kl to thc .lI'lllLilPLlll0ll with whith wc look tiorw.1r1l to tht- 1listrihution of our sihool paper. As thc Arilmngcl Gahricl .uuiountul thc coming- cvciits .1t thc other N.1z.1rc-th, wc look to o11r Gularicl lor .1 toriiirigfcvciits l'orct.1st. But th.1t's not all: Rc' xii-ws ol' cvcnts ot spt-1i.1l notc, things .1 Lguly ot' N.lZ.ll'L'lll likes to rt-rncinhcr, .1 tit-w mtorm .11l1'ci1t11rCs, c1litori.1ls, .intl .1 hit ol' tulturu supplictl hy our own pot-ts, .ill .go into thc own intlt-ul thc hc.1t of spcctl tlisplnyul in Elo thc wcck lwcforc PLll7llL'.lll0I1 woultl ll1.lliC you think it so to tonic out thc t.1sticst morscl you cvcr l.1i1l cycs on, our Ciilzmf 9? if 2? V fl W kdxx v Y'-f ,f 97 Dead Line Rush fljrilclx Marianne liitrpalrick surihhlcs off sonic news tial- hits. while Shirley Vocckl and june Ruhland, typisis, discuss with Made' line Hammill some news material sent in. l l J 1 Y 5 1 1 1 1 ii l 1 I 1 ,E l l L r A 4 0 The Ups ond Downs of o Yearbook Staff 951' -f 3-I xqtfm- f ,-N al" ,uul av ,U- ...- tl' nel' nl' nl' ..v" ccv'. of' v"' qc s C 't' .n p unv' .fn s"' av' :.l"' It may scum SIYIIIKQL' to giu tlxmkx Im' the Jliilullt no xlmulgl rmcxur rn-.lllzu the guy ul vmux N nw, tlurn things in lifl yd ii' it wg-rn not Ihr lllcsc olvstgulns. wen- timcx xxlmun wr ti-Ir wry limxn, lm' xmrkx um ui' thc IQfL'.lIL'5I XKFCJNQIIIILQ ll1.lIklIL'N mor um .ufmit hc mls on top .llllllhl umtinu.1lly, Ntulw L 'sn U 4 tmp' - WR ' A ' '. . . -. ' J . nc c 1 , . ' 'IH . . . 5 ' ' ' '., that thu st.1tf's lmmluct .lt wlmll l'..lfIlL'i onmll r IIIL 1 nk FOOIN tl 1lI1LfN 10110 1 IUULN S ' u Q Q -. ' . A 1 'mx A mmk last rm-.1I. H ct now tl1.xt uc lwlnuld our l,.ml!'fff' , wning jc-wg-I of our joy, NVQ prmu-fly I s It on to you, luuixcx of N.lZ.lfL'Ill, .lm 1 'l,., ' . ' IK". Typewriften Copy withoui a Mistake infz' .' , 1, 1 ll, - . x u ring, hr . V u w' , -um 'z Hui f. 'Alu . ,' 0 I L' Q 1 Blmk arc quite spun-dx and Cf-H1it'lll. zffij'--- :,- ,J-': klmrul xx.1s xmgul fItLfIlI IICIK in SIN tllv st.lH vcrsux thc Jummy, On luokilmtg lmak xw must lmm to thy c-ml. 'I'I1cn tum, PUIIXIKTIIIAQ mul K-v T l X f'-v-fn wufk ' 1 The Dummy under Centro! flv,I,H'VJ.' -luallmlw Fulruauhw, Mary Pnvclski, Patricia 1.1-c fymlwU.' Shirley Oster. Marie ffillillifl. IWRILQUHIIC Halm- mlll, l'nlru'rl BLNIIU I . -' xhlmlirigi. cnluy il happy breathing spcll, fur lTlflllI'L'S xum In J " nmlch PL'I'fL't'llQ' with thc Llummy. Keepers of the Light fIll.1t'l'lf.' Nllflllil .-Xlncslvury, cahlurfin-rlxiufg Hmrlull Fram- 0 1 rcs 'l'.1ramlo, lmsilnws IIHHIZIQLCF, l:l'klllL'L'N Allinnsi, hluincss 42 udimr, Htlly' Russnuy usxistauu calilnr. Tl 1, Stars Shine in 209 3'rr, ufxjmxilufmgvl: Patricia Llklllkljlllll proudly Llisplalyx 1 thc .201 llmm-mum patron pnstcr, crmuln-Ll with stars. L-aah 4 Tl fCl7fk'hl'lllilljl 52.50, to thc mln.-r mcmlwrs of lhc slallf, Mar N juris SIL'HVViljLl'll, lfralllcvs rhlilmzzsi, llclcn Slukus fxzullvzll lonu R1-illy, AlLlI'Q.1ZlI'l'I FL-lim-r, .lugm Vinui, Carla Hess :md -E L1 l'nlrlcm htlhlillltlll fllnllltllllgf. who NL'L'Ill ln lw as happy as Puruu xlmul ll 4 . . 4 ,safe "Q" Y h W 1 X ,4 ,i l! '1 51 3 I I 1 4 i , r ff? x. ,f Lumlgvx Q 'YA 'Y' aj f fxx , A , AH ' ' X, N , x O cfff K -' 5 '5 K A N .Xb R - 241, -fx, . NRA HEY-'f'i"1f Af ' h ,NVQ 1, AV ru ' - 49-f QQ r K 'Q I . P To Crown Our Queen Hfirrlej: juan Spimller of the class nf I9-li, altcnclenl hy Mary jane lirawley anal Ruth NVQ-lah walks hetween a lluwer-laulen guard uf honor and the Sllllllllll hardy. Following is the llislmp with a numher of the priests ul the diocese. 1 The Crowning Ceremony fOj1po.iile fmgrl: ln PM-I, Our Lady was cmwnenl hy Marjorie Vaeth while her illIL'I1Rl2ll1lS were -lane XVarrl of the present Senior Class, anal Margarr Henman, class of 1945. Sophomores Pay their Tribute fI.o11'c'r2.' ln DMZ. ewry class haul its uwn shrine al each of which the crowning ceremony mole place. There was much ri- valry helween the classes as In which shrine would he the inns: heautiful. K Y 1 5 Viz. X flguqll .ii X! pu 4 I rv w,.vx Ju.. ,Peo 1- -a-KY -I N .through MARY, QUE Xlmzx. fxlittti' wi all xN.lllllNlllf'lf1'lIl s fliu ilu ..1iiiiii,.i.l 1-ul .i -,mini ..Our 0th There are many days at Nazareth, outstanding for their beauty and joy, but none is so exquisite as the day in spring on which we crown Our Lady, Queen of the May. A few days prior to May Day a senior, who is to have the honor of crowning Our Lady, and her at- tendants, representatives from each homeroom, thirty in all, are elected by the student body. On the long awaited day, this group in flowing formals led by flag bearers and the blue-gowned Perosian Choir, and followed by our Bishop and priests of the diocese, 9.4- qs i i 1 l l l li s l i l , '. l l te, at i, Jug ,.,, AM - l , W f- T f' , i EN of All bAlNib for., ,H 'inf l'llIl"ll1l.l to zlii i' it t- 'l-www 1 I r M ci D s l e y o y and friends, beneath the blue sky, radiant with spring l-- sunshine, surrounded by flowering shrubs with a background of the early green of awakening trees " After Mass the crown bearer with her assistants ap- uroach the statue on which she laces a crown of tin I P Y rosebu d s. ft -N It is a beautiful and inspiring scene a scene most fitting for the close of the year for all at Nazarethg ,Ji but for us, the seniors, it is most significant, for May ' Day and Commencement form the last two events of ' our four happy years, yet instead of causing any feel- march in procession to our altar erected on the broad steps of the main entrance. Here the Bishop cele- brates Holy Mass for the student body, their parents ing of separation they cement rather a bond of union between us and our alma mater KKTEN4 k 1 31 T54 AC' ,Xi . 9 ,X sp In fi . ee.-- is d ee-, 2 o ', J P LL 'li A.. We gif! .N 'p t 101 EOS , IL- N4 ,O ' 9' 0 0 0 2 f -- O U R PAT R 0 N S . e If'f f Uthrough CHRIST THE KING Ior.. E G I V E T H A N K S N A Crown 'For Our King Patricia Costich, Dolores Eckert, Audrey Baglin, Norma Kirchoff, Marie Schmitt and Norma Trahold pay their trihute on the Feast of Christ the King. May Christ the King, Whom we have crowned, reign in your hearts, in your homes, and in all who are dear to you. May He grant you peace and success in your undertakings. o 4' fn A ' 102 OUR PATRCNS A Ackerman's Hotel Ackerman's Hot Stand Adams, Mrs. H. Agovetta, Mr. and Mrs. S. Walter Alling 8: Miles, Inc. Alma-Loraine Shop Al's Super Market Amico's Groceries Anderson, Raymond J. Angelini, Mrs. Josephine Antczak, Mr. John T. Archibald, Lt. Col. T. R. Arnett Bakery Arpeako Arrow Asphalt Paving Co. Art Print Shop Atlantic Stamping Co. Atlantic Supply House Attinasi, R. 8: Sons Audycki's Store Auer, Henry F. Auer, S. C. Austin, Jean Avenue Delicatessen Azzi, Reverend Charles B Babcock Coal Co. Bareis, G. 8: Son Barner Hardware Barry, Helen and Ethel Bartel Meat Market Bartolomeo, Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Bartolomeo, Antoinette '45 Bartolomeo, Mr. Joseph Bartolomeo, Josephine '41 Bastian Bros. Co. Bastian's Dress Shoppe Bauer 8: Raetz Garage Bauer, George E., U.S.N.R. Bauer, Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Bauer, Capt. and Mrs. William Bauman 8: Baynes Market Beaucaire, Frank M. Beck's Market Beikirch, Mr. and Mrs. Norman J. Belle-Isle Pharmacy Bellittera, J., Interior Decorating Ben's Cut-Rate Drugs Bennett's Bakery Benny, Milly Bergan, Rt. Rev. William F. Berman Fur Co. Berman, Thelma Betty's Specialty Shoppe Bianchi, F. P. Insurance Billo, Jessie Hair Styling Bizub, Joseph Blaakman, Emiel, Contractor Blanchard Florist Blank, A. S. Blue Boy Dairy Boland, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Boller 8: Clark, Insurance Bonadonna, Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Bonnybrook Dairy Co. Bonnybrook Dairy Milk Bar Borden Ice Cream Co. Boucher Florist, Inc. Bourne, John R. Co. Bralski, Mr. Michael Braun, Miss Anna M. Brennan, George E., Real Estate Bridgeman, Mr. and Mrs. George Brighton Place Dairy Brooks Machine Shop Brown, Mr. and Mrs. George Newell Brown, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Brown, Marie Ann '46 Bruton, Rev. Charles Bryant, Mr. and Mrs. George D. Buckley, Joseph J. Burgess, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence L. 0 - Q X. W E G I V E T H A N K S v Q W 9 lla' ' W icq . A u,, ik. Burke, Burns Burns, Burns, Cadet 7 OUR PATRCJNS Mr. and Mrs. Richard Rt. Rev. George V. Mr. and Mrs. james Mrs. O. C Cleaners C 8: C Food Market Callahan, Charles E. Camelio Brothers Carl's Sinclair Service Carr Pharmacy Carson, Mrs. Mary Tobin Carver Science Club Casaretti, Caroline Casper Coal Co. Catholic Courier-journal Cerreti, Miss Louise Champion Athletic 81 Sportswear Co. Charlotte Appliances Charlotte Bowling Hall Chauffeurs, Helpers Union Checko's Peanut Grill Chistolini, Mr. and Mrs. Mario Cimino, Vito P. Clancy Carting 8a Storage Clancy, George, Carting Co. Clancy, Mary Elizabeth Claus, C. W. Inc. Clements, H. Everest Cleveland Food Market Cohen, M., Furrier Cole Pharmacy Coleman, Mr. W. Collins, Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Collins, Neil P., Restaurant Collum Acoustical Co. Concessi, Anthony Connors, Reverend Thomas F. Continental Baking Co. Coon, W. B., Company 118 Cooper, Ada Cooper, Norm, Texaco Station Cora's Dress Shop Corcoran, Patricia Cordovano, Mr. james Costich, B. G. and Sons Costich, Bernard G. Costich, Edward J. Costich, Francis B. Costich, Louis W. Covill, D. E., jewelry Coughlin, Mr. john Cozzo, Mr. Philip Craig, Mr. Thomas J. Crandall Tree Surgeons Crescent Puritan Laundry Crowley, Harry B., Insurance Crown Baby Furniture Co. Culhane, Miss Ann Culver Herald Engraving Co. Curtin Agency Cutali, Mr. Augustine Czepiel, K. J., jewelry D Dairy Maid Sweet Shop Dakin, Leonard, Insurance D'Aprile, Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Davis, Barbara A. Davis Drug Co. Davis, Rev. L. Emmet Davis, Mrs. William Davison, Miss jane De Badts, jacob, Sr. De Carlo, Louis, Contractor Decker, Ford Delavau Studio Del Conte's Air-cooled Beauty Salon Delorme, Maryin j. Denise, Mr. and Mrs. Glenn C Dennis Candy Factory, Inc. Dern, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Deverell Plumbing 8: Heating Dicker, Honorable Samuel B. Di Felice, Mrs. john Dispenza, Chas. M., Realtor Diver's Food Market Dodd 8: Miller's Grill Dolly Madison Bakery Domestic Fuel Service Donovan, Betty '45 Donovan, james Donovan, Mortimer, Heating Donovan, R. K. Dooley Family Doser's Grill Doty, Dr. Ernest C. Doyle, Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Dreier, Edward H. Drew, john E. Dwyer Electric Co. Inc. Dykes' Market E Eckl, Rev. George W. Edna 8: Frank's Delicatessen Eflinger Red 8: White Store Eggleston Hotel Ehmann Market on Lyell Ehmann Market on N. Clinton Eisenmenger Grocery Elam Shoe Co., F. S. Ella Cooper Dress Shop Emblidge Pharmacy Empire Furniture Co. Empire Textile Weaving Co. Enders, Philip and Son Englert, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur J. Ennis, Arthur F. Epping, Rev. Raymond J. Erskine, Donald Esse, Rita A. Estelle Dress Shop F Farrell Bros. Funeral Home Fairfax Beauty Salon xy,LU MIA, 1. lla! TH 5 69 4 1 X S v fl 0 ' 7 N 8 2. A. , ,u 5 ,rn . J 1 ' ' if! "9 Q 44 ,O I Feeney, Rev. Francis M. Fehrenback, Mr. and Mrs. William Feldman, W. A. Ferguson Hardware 8: Electric Figler's Furniture 81 Appliances Filippone's Filmar Florist Finewood, L. B., Trucking Finnegan, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Fisher, Miss Gertrude Fischer's Royal Dairy Flanigan Furniture Co. Flannery, Bernard T. Fleckenstein Meat Market Flower City Am. Legion Post Flower City Carting Co. Flower City Specialty Co. Flynn, Mr. and Mrs. joseph P. Fogel, Max Fracassi, Gloria '45 Fraver, Mr. and Mrs. Leo Friedman Ice Company Friends Fulreader, Mr. and Mrs. O. J. Fur Studio Furlong, Mr. Henry M. Furstoss, Miss Estelle H. G Gaesser, Mr. William Gargano, Mr. Frank Gargano Bros. Inc., Candy Garnham Fruit 81 Vegetables Gen's Beauty Shoppe General Baking Co. Genesee Pattern Works George Burns Press George's Market Gibbons, Rev. Paul J. Gibbs, Ernest V. Gilbert's Children's Wear Gioia Macaroni 'GUR PATRGNS 105 W E G I V E T H A N K S LLUM N fry AC 1 N ,os ' X Q , ,L xl f ze i K' ' nat ' ' ' rx ii- S 7.2 .ii ' ,xx s l,- CUR PATRONS Giustino, Leonard A., Realtor Glatz, Mr. Charles F. Glatz, Mr. joseph Goldberg, Nathan Goodie Shoppe, The Goodwin Agency, Tom C. Goschar, Mr. and Mrs. john I. Gottry, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Gottry Carting Co., Sam Goutremout, J. E. Grady, Rt. Rev. joseph E. Graham, john E. Grande, Miss Antoinette Green, H. L., Company Green, Miss Kay Green, T. H., Electric Co. Grierson, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Grinnan's Market Groh Better Driveways Grosch, Mr. and Mrs. Frank C. Grosser, Mr. Stephen A. Grosser, Mrs. Stephen A. Guerra, Concetta Guetti Market 81 Grocery Gundell, Mrs. Edward S. H Hafner Home Laundry Hahn, Mr. and Mrs. Ramond Hahn, Sgt. Ramond J., jr. Hall, Ethel B. Halloran Sons, Funeral Directors Hally, Mr. Williain Hammill, Mr. F. R. Hammill, Mrs. F. R. Hammill, Frank Jr. Hammill, Margaret '42 Hanna, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hart Sc Vick Seed Co. Hart Food Stores, Inc. Haselmaier, Carl Hassett, Frances Haubner 8: Stallknecht Hawken, Mr. George B. Heisel, Rev. William Henner, Mr. George Henner Liquor Store Hensler, Bernard, Jewelry Henry, Dr. and Mrs. J. P. Herrling, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Hertle 8: Thorpe Hetzler, Mr. Herman G. Hetzler, Rosemary '46 Heyer, Marie, In Memory of Hock, Louis 8: Son Co. Hoddick, Mr. and Mrs. V. C. Hoefen, Rev. Frank Holy Redeemer A. A. Holy Redeemer Y. A. Holy Rosary Church Homeroom 201 Homeroom 209 Home-Town Finance Co. Inc. Hopeman, A. W. 8: Sons Co. Horton 8: Quinn Co. Hottois, Mr. Donald Hottois, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Housel, Charles E. Howe, Gordon A., Supervisor Hubbs 8: Hastings Paper Co. Hudson Dairy Co. Hudson Toy Shop Hungerford Smith Co., Hunt, Marion '46 Hunter Electronics Hunter, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hunter, Roberta Ruth Hunting Co., The Hutchens, Mr. Harold G. Hyde, Maurice Hy-Grade Foods I Iacona, Paul C., Insurance Iamon Beauty Shop xi-U M 'N4 in 2 TH AC' 0 ,f r f ' ii 1 l I 1 1 ' 1 - 3 1 l 1 I . 5? 54" 5 ' I Y l i.-311' , J' 5,11 fa 4' ff' -sf F' ,SJ Ideal Roofing Co. Imburgia, Joseph Imhof, Paul V. Immaculate Friday Nite Dances Irons, Mr. and Mrs. George J ,Ian-Lee Beauty Shoppe Jarvis, Russell, Realtor Jennings, Mr. Clarence E. Jessup, Mr. and Mrs. R. C. jim's Candy Shop ,Io Anne's Beauty Bar ,Io Anne Specialty Shop uIoe's Esso Service Johnston Agency Inc., james judge Motor Corp. K Kalbfleisch Travel Agency Kammer, Mrs. Vlfilliam Kanapickas Bakery Kelleher, Rev. Robert Kempal, Isabelle Y1!c U.S.N.R. Kenny's Grocery Kermis 8: Co., Awnings Kitty's Kake Shop Klee, Joseph G., Stores Kleinhenz, P. J., Elec. Appliances Klem, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Klem, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Klier, George A., Pharmacy Knitter, Mr. and Mrs. George Kock, SfSgt. and Mrs. C. R. Koehler, Mr. Frank Koeh1er's Restaurant, "Doc" Koetter 8: Sayre, Inc. Koscianski, Mrs. Leo Kroll's Kuchman, Agnes '45 L Lake Ave. Hdwe 8: Paint Co. Lakedale Beauty Shoppe Lamendola, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Lammers, Rev. William Langie Fuel Service Langie, Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Latimer Radio Clinic Leamy, Mrs. H. Ledlie, J. O., jeweler Lehigh Valley Coal Sales Co. Lena's Dress Shoppe Leonardo, Rose Lesczinski, Albert Leta Family Letson's Food Shop LeVeque, Mr. and Mrs. Edward F Liberty Sweet Shoppe Liberty Tailors Liggetts of 219 E. Main Liggets of 411 E. Main Liggetts of 42 W. Main Lindelow, Mr. and Mrs. C. Lisette Schwalb Beauty Shop Kuchman, Rev. Bernard Kuchman, Miss Ruth Kulzer Bros. Kunz, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred J. Lockwood, Walter E., D.M.D. Lombardo, Anthony V. Lorenzo's Restaurant Loretta's Gift Shop Louis Lotz Hardware Lucas Sc Dake Co., Inc. Luccas Poultry Luccass, Pvt. Louis Luddy, Rev. Francis W. Luellen Agency, Frank E. Lussier, Mrs. Irene A. Lyell Avenue 'Market M Macauley, Loretta MacKenzie, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Mahar, Al OUR PATRCDNS 107 W E G I V E T H A N K S LU MIA, N Q CDUR PATRONS ' " Mahoney, Mr. and Mrs. Ernes Maid Drug Co. Maier, August, Funeral Home Maier-Boyce Funeral Homes Maier, William L. Malley, Rev. John D. Maloy, W. J., Real Estate Manufacturers Tool 84 Die Co. Marcille, H. B. Marks 84 Abramson Maroon 84 White Swingsters Mars Distributors Co. Mary, Pat and Betty of '46 Mary's Linen Shop Masters, George J., Attorney Mattern Dry Goods Mattern Hat Shop Matthews 84 Fields Mattle, Mr. 84 Mrs. john W. Max the Florist Mayer, Mr. 84 Mrs. Edmund Mazur, joseph, Garage McArthur, Mr. and Mrs. james McAvoy, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur McCabe, Rev. Alexander McCarthy, Emily, Beauty Shop McCormick Beauty Shoppe McCormick, W. A., Plumbing McCorry Bros. Coffee Co. McFarland, Rev. Eugene McGillicuddy, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel McGrady, Muriel '45 McMahon, Mr. and Mrs. R. McVay, Mr. and Mrs. S. Edward Mead, Charles P. 84 Sons Meisenzahl Food Products Melin's Grocery Mengel's Restaurant Menges W. C., Funeral Parlor Messura, Mr. and Mrs. John Metchick, M., Tailor Metz Beauty Shoppe Metzger 84 Brayer Co. Midvale Country Club Miller Bros. Funeral Home Miller, Jos. C., Fuel Miller N. 84 Son, Funeral Home Miller's Garage, Wes Miss Rochester Frocks Monagan, Mr. and Mrs. R. Monroe County Dem. Committee Monroe County Window Cleaning Co Monroe Fuel Service Morgan, Raymond A. 84 Son Morrissey, A. W. Morrison Dry Cleaners Mount Read Pharmacy Murphy, Jos. A., Funeral Home Murray, james T., Druggist Muxworthy, F. N Nagy, Anna C. Nangle, Rev. Charles R. Nazareth Academy A. A. Nazareth Academy Sodality Nellie's Restaurant Newcomb, Rev. john C. New York Telephone Co. Niger, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Noce Bros. Heating 84 Roofing Norriss, Mrs. Betty North Chili Hardware North East Liquor Store Norton Super Market Nowack, Milton H. Nusbaum, Harris, Dept. Store O Oakes, Mary Agnes Y2fc Oakley, F. W., General Insurance O'Brien, Allen 84 Gleason, The Mrs. O'Brien, Mr. and Mrs. john E. O'Connell, Mr. and Mrs. john J. Y . . 85 X . 4" 1' 'l A ll X O Q- - Q 1 1 l 1 L 1 f ', If 1. M - ' O'Neill, Mrs. W. B. Ontario Biscuit Co. O'Reilly Restaurant O'Rourke, Rev. Daniel B. Orzechowski, Mr. and Mrs. S. Oster, Dr. Charles W. Oster, J. 8: Co. Ostrander, Mr. Pierce J. O'Sullivan, Miss Mary Owen, N. E., Service Station P Paine Drug Co. Palermo, Pvt. and Mrs. Joseph A. Palmire, Mr. Joseph Palmos Sweet Shop Pan-America Club Park Avenue Candy Shop Parmelee Shoe Shop Pasch Coal Company Pat-Ola Beauty Salon Payne, W. H., Coal 8: Fuel Co. Peluso, Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Perdue 8: Co., Inc. Perkins, Henry T., Real Estate Perry Flower Shop Perry, Pheilshifter, M. G. Platt, Dr. Bernard Polizzi, Jane Polizzi, Mr. Joseph Potter, A. E. Predmore, Rev. George V. Predmore School Supplies Price's Fish Market Projansky Furs 8: Clothes Projansky, Mr. and Mrs. Henri P. Proud Service Station, George Pure Food Co. Q Quigley, Richard XLLUMIN 5 u A f"'s it , so 1' Tl XX. J fee i t D -V - ' , 1 l - fret'-az J J X 1- klhkvf. .x 1 gp f I ,g 'l f' Radel, August E. Radionic Appliance Service Regan, Mr. and Mrs. Jos. Reiss, Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Renner Plumbing 8: Heating Retallick, Hew, Rruggist R. F. J. D. Rice, Mr. Leo Richardson Corporation Richter Grocery Ridge Fruit 8: Veg. Market Ridgeway Pharmacy Riedman, F. J., Insurance Riley, Mr. Leo A. Riley, Mrs. Mary Riley, M. J., Printer Riverside Dry Cleaners Rochester Book Bindery Rochester Coca-Cola Corp. Rochester Gas 8: Electric Rochester-Hornell 8: Elmira Rochester Novelty Works Rochester Provision Co. Rochester Radio Supply Co. Rochester Stationery Co. Rochester Store Fixture Co. Roeger, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Roessel, Mr. and Mrs. Martin H Rogers, Rev. Harold F. Rogers, H., Real Estate Rose, Joseph Rosenbloom, Morris 8: Co. Rossney, Mr. and Mrs. Frank D. Royal Candy Shoppe Rozzi Cleaners Ruby-Gordon Inc. Ruby, Mr. Joseph M. Rump Barber Shop Ruppert, Harry, Realtor Russ, Thomas, Furrier Russer, Max, Market OUR PATRONS 109 Express W E G I V E T H A N K S . 'x, LUMIN4 1- iff! FHA rt S I TJ- 0 D ' .Q T Y tffsiai ' fu j W ggi ,! .nf O U R PAT R O N S Russi, A., Mgr. of St. Anthony Mess. Ryan Carting Co. Ryan 84 Mclntee S St. Mary's Hospital St. Michael's Men's Association Sampson Brothers Sansom, Miss Betty Sansom, Rev. Lawrence Santan, A. C. Saratoga Pharmacy Sargent 8: Greenleaf, Inc. Sassone, Alexander, Realtor Saur's Florist, Inc. Scardino's Liquor Store Schaefer Markets Schiff Shoe Store Schlageter, Loretta '45 Schleif Bake Shop Schmanke's Shoe Store Schmidt, Mr. and Mrs. Otto Schmitt, Rev. George J. Schmitz, Al Schmitz Furniture Co. Schneider, Mr. and Mrs. John Schroeder, E. A., Real Estate Schuler, Nicholas H., Restaurant Schuler Potato Chip Co. Schulik, TfSg and Mrs. Norman Schulman Appliance Co. Schulz Brothers Schwalb, Miss Arline Schwalb, Nick 8: Son Schwarz, Mr. and Mrs. O. G. Schwartzmeyer, Miss Gertrude Scott's Bakery Seaman, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Seaton, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Seccombe, Harry Seneca Bookbinding Co. Senn's Hardware J. Senz, Williani H. Servas, Jos. B. Jeweler Shafer Company, Furs Shaw, Mrs. Helen Tobin Shay, Rt. Rev. Charles F. Shopper's Parking Silver Dry Cleaning Co. Silver's Dry Goods Silver, Miss Ida Skinner, Sheriff Al Smalline Pharmacy Smith-Gormly Co. Snyder's Beauty Shop Sodality of St. Stanislaus Sovatsky, Bill Sparacino, Dr. S. Specksgoor, Miss Mildred Speer's Portrait Studio Spicer's Watch Repairing Staub 8: Son Dry Cleaners Staub, Mr. and Mrs. Chet Staud Shoe Corporation Steinwachs, Otto 84 Son Stellwagen, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph J Stephan, Martin, Groceries Stephany, Gloria Stillman's Men's Shop Stilz, Mr. and Mrs. E. Stokes, Edward J., Groceries Stokes, Mrs. Thomas Stokes, Sr. Inesilla, In Memory Stokes, Sr. Rose Agnes, In Memory Stone, Miss Helen Stonewood Food Shoppe Strong, Mrs. Alva Stuehler's Groceries Sugar Bowl, The Sullivan, H. H. Inc. Sullivan's Hut Sun Theater Sweetland, The .Y LL MIM' 65 1 Rn! FTMA . X Y . A . :L 6 'i J' ' 'x xy l 1 2 Q ' Q 1 . . 57, f . 4 'P . XX 0 f f Tatfet, Max, Delicatessen Taft, Herb, Lumber Co. Taylert, Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Taylor, Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Taylor, Mr. james V. Tenth Ward Republican Organization Thompson Ice Cream Parlor Three Musketeers, The Throm, Carl, Delicatessen Thurston, E. F. Tischler Drugs Tolster, Rev. Edward J. Town Talk Bakery, Inc. Toytown Trant's Catholic Supplies Trant, Miss Esther Tressy, Rev. john J. Troisi, Mr. Michael T. T. Bearing Co. Tucker, Mr. Charles A. Tuite, Rev. Paul E. Tydings, Rev. M. J. U Ulsamer, Mr. Joseph Universal Furniture Co. V Van the Floor Man Van Lare, Mr. Frank E. Vay Funeral Parlor Vic 8: Anne's Grocery Vic's Egg Mart Victory Fruit 8: Veg. Market Virgil, Vesta J. Vogt Store Volpe Brothers W Wagg's Department Store Wahl, Miss Marcella Wahl, Rev. Raymond Walczak, L., Plumber Waldert Optical Co. Wallace's Drug Store Warren Hats Waugh Hardware Weber's Dairy Weber's Grill Weis, Mrs. Charles Welch, Jos. R., Plumbing Sc Heating Weltzer, Mr. Vincent G. Whelpley 8: Paul Opticians White Tower Restaurant White Wire Works Co. Window Fashions Inc. Winterroth, Rev. Theodore Winterroth's Shoes Wilson Florist Wilson, Mr. and Mrs. Lewis F. Wittman, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Wittman Motors Wohlrab, Rev. Paul G. Woiciehowski, Walter, Grocer Wojtczak's Bakery Wood, Rev. George S. Woods, Howard M., Attorney Woodworth, H. Y Yalowich Drug Co. Yanisk, Mr. Edward Yates Coal Company Yawman, Ruth '46 Yeoman, P. E., Coal Z Zahner 8: Co., Sausage Mfgrs. Zapf, jean '45 Zimmer, Dolores '45 Zimmerman, Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Zugelder, jean Zweigle's Quality Sausage Products -----OUR PATRONS 111 Qfifzzfofgwzpbf 46,0-1-46' . ,yM, , Mf, fifufiif QW My SWK 'Jiwwtfy jf? ffW,f1'f M ffff fjgwffjf My jf! A P?fhW!yK?H1QwL.yxJjf jf! 7!M an fijf'7x if fffaf' X ' x K 1 nf-X,-g Q3 xi N A Qqqxfiti 0 QLXCKES S, ,NRS A Kwik? J' X-'H H - xx RY ' E X K x 'JA- X . ,X - . xg ' K xfic-+2 QS M wk X X 'xx Q , mv A , l Xx Q 5 1 lx. 1 'fbiw Mix ,SQ X N - 'xx ka X Q X I s 'x 1 A 2 . .lx XS . X. K N 5552 ' im SXQXS W fr aJ6e,v-ali fa-r-f.f-w-ooJm..l7uvUw.. Q51 V g . U 7 , v X . I fi t!O4,r ll w ,f1ffff'W" XB , L,L1+'iZff W' ' JW W LL 0rd!""'qL ff' ,wff f Y W ...fl N A L A 'iii J 1L'LuAtE? my Q 3 WLLTAT iiffvgf Q3 'XX ,I -"'f-M75 0 "Wz" f'N"2' WWW! fmw-Mi FW """""'?7 '7rWfy-- X 4 f 7r""f2"6' rWf""v 15" SQx14Xg- ff"1Ff"D""'fr mfffr 11-G f . Bw ' ,fjjx .4 5 qu "vp 5, "3 H ,Ra-5 .1 " QF ..k R Q 7.3. .., -oo9o90'yQ19.,,,-il i . 3-'vp 2-1 'n'vJ'W0 f+f"ffv "' ,arf-vvvfty +91-U 4' E fifww iw 5 Q? fm Jffkfpf Sf A J K .TE A Qe! 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