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I The FQCUIW cmd 1- of l i of I Iq 5 R 0 C e 5 T e r ' F i f , Sc n o u. N,.Sf,,,,Mso F? r e s e n T mm ,gf M 5 Smassocmw THE Lf? Senior Class Academy Editor-in-thief New York Idamh A 'ate Ediio - Sally Lou B h . Hedwig M 'rheAve Marlo Number . B eff Edzior K h fine P P h of G ld' V y IXITHCDIQIXI JUNE 1945 ,,.,..., I... 9 1 lg M.. 5 f 5 f Q fx I I ,SX "1 mn mea I V W -.r f 1 V v, 4, 1 fu Ht il' rd H , r 'K 3 K . ,, I -1 , 'I , R W 5 w w V' w I i, I N X X x 'T N 'W --W-r 3 .. ,,,.,-,WV V V: 4-1:1711 -Q W -. L-1 ,ff- 0 UZUI' eth X f 154' i lj R , 1 , X Q! 'NMS-Maman.-.L i K V - "' X io 'i ,J XX lil' V ,il 'M , ii? ' YES-li N f':,'l': x ,E N T af f , -, JJ Q, ,f a'f.,,y H Q +1 i X f ' L , , I S 1 6 , l '4 -L A l' lip ,I I f K l f f' 7 Q Wh fl l Ill y L T7 X If x ,W , X i ?u f f 4, f A Z1 N K 1, Q Q For -- cfw7 ifF?ars Nazareth has nourished and tended the flower of Catholic girlhood of Rochester. During the course of the years many thousands of Nazareth stu- dents have grown to maturity in this sequestered garden where the Christ Child plays, and Mary smiles and joseph guards the gates. NAZARETH ACADEMY ROCHESTER, NEW YORK 457-H Ach! l 0 1 Q n ' , ' p . - ,Pkg - N- H 'M C,-' Xx x! , 'KVA FQIQEWQIQD A V E M A R I A 1, filj-UMIN VW 'fig MQ ft J W x S66 ,ij iloox tg? ey . T, y We have dedicated the 1945 "Lanthorn', to Mary, the Virgin- Mother of God. We have chosen Mary as its theme, honor- ing her under her beautiful titles and in her glorious feasts through the works of noted poets and artists. "Ave Marian is the song motif which links the pages of our book into what we hope to be a melody worthy of her whom Heaven has chosen Queen of the Angelic Choirs. On the page opposite is Mary's shrine on May Day 6 To thee, O Mary, we dedicate our book, echoing the words which Geoffrey Chaucer Placed on the lips of the Prioress before she related her touching story of thee, O Lady: 1 My hfzouflevige if 50 weak, O hlirrful Queen, To tell ezhwmd thy mighly worthiners, Thai I the weight of il may not farming o But ar el ehild of twelve mofzlhf old, 01' ferr Thar lezhorelh hir lmzgmzge to ex,D1'e5r,' Even 50 fare I ,' ami, therefore, I thee pray, Guide lhozz my Jong, whieh I of thee fha!! my. fM0de1'nized hy William W01'd5ZZ'O1'ff7j DEDICATICDN 'B S ,fs fig xx 8 .ga lp ltragfg ,ner 5 - vc' - 53- 5 CONTENTS FOREWORD AND DEDICATION . 6-7 ADMINISTRATION . . . 10-11 A FACULTY ....., 12-19 V UNDERCLASSMEN . . E FRESHMEN: Homerooms, School Life, Officers, Scholarship Pupils . M A SOPHOMORES: Homerooms, School Life, R Officers, Scholarship Pupils . I JUNIORS: A Homerooms, School Life, Officers, Scholarship Pupils . SENIORS ...... 44-69 Senior Panels, Officers, Scholarship Pupils, School Life . 46-69 ACTIVITIES ..... Soclality of Our Lady . . Nazareth Academy Victory Corps Clubs ..... Nazareth Academy Orchestra . Perosian Choir and Glee Club Christmas Play . . . Senior Play .... Nazareth Academy Athletic Association . . Basketball . . . Gabriel Staff . . Lanthorn Staff . A Nazareth Graduation . PATRONS AND ADVERTISERS . . 96-161 INDEX TO ADVERTISEMENTS . . 162-164 X XL M X C - 'lim TH Pk 8 20-40 22-29 50-57 58-45 70-95 72-75 74-75 76-77 78-79 80-81 82-85 84-85 86-87 88-89 90-91 92-95 94-95 REVEREND JOHN M. DUFFY REVEREND CHARLES j. MAHONEX' Former Szzperinfefzdefzt of Srlaaolf SIlfEI'i77fE7ZbZ7E72l of Sfhoolr Purim' of St. f1HgZl.fli776!.f Chwfh This year has brought about changes in the Catholic Board of Education. We The are sorry to lose Father john M. Duffy as superintendent of schools, for he has always been interested in the activities and progress of Nazareth. Father Charles J. Mahoney, former assistant to Father Duffy, has been appointed in his place, We congratulate Father Mahoney on his advance- ment and extend a word of greeting to his successor, Reverend Charles Boyle, assistant superintendent of schools. high scholarship which distinguishes the Catholic Schools of the Roch- ester Diocese is due largely to both Father Duffy and Father Mahoney, zealous workers in the cause of education. To each of these go forth our good wishes for success in his individual efforts. REVEREND CHARLES V. BOYLE Affiflanl Szzperizztezztlezzf of Scfaaolr f MU MIN., NL l OU ETH A f- T,- XQS' 'Q COX 45 as 2, . 1 9 AD Sister MarieAimee , Prefer? of l77f4'ij7fi1ie!ff'jZf lt 'J WW! 'i'f,-f:!Jf ,ny-'J,xV ,JM J Q .Af 2 N XJ lj Lf,-1 I I, ielyhr lf' The Most Reverend james E. Keatney, D.D. Spiziimzl Diretlm To these we may go ever Qonhdent IH thelr gL11dd11LC for our welffue our ehvuacter our edueanon wh1ch IS Chrlst and the thmgs of Chnst The Reverend oseph O Connell Iizrfzmlw 111 RLXIQIOII our future-is their sole interest, the center of 7 I-J . A' 10 1 , . M I N I 5 T R M I Q H C3 ri-'W 1:2-ff-f-'uxsurifa-',':: ii ri is if H L3 an Sister M, Pauline QS SZlp5I'I'jJ'U7' of Sfndiey ii is si lv A ,i .--2 1 X R,-' Eg QA :LA 1' 'Lx 13 , ax 5 A ii Sister M. Hubertinc Pmfrijiiif ? .1 a 'xr f f-JLLUMIN4 1 if 95 ,Q Cox S fi , 1. . :IPM .1-f va- if 1 I ' A. Ee if Zj 44 if 5TH AC 11 C 0711 P0.Y.fZfUl2 by H of nmzzzz j 12 THE NATIVETY FA Mother of Christ IN THE HOLY NATIVITY OF OUR LORD GOD l A No, no! your Kifzgk not yet to seek V WbC7'6 I0 rejiofe H25 royal heady E l See, see bow mon H25 new-bloomki cheek y iTwix'ei motbefr breezrlr is gone to rleep Sweet Z1 ' ' e ozce, .feud we! no way but 50 Not I0 lie role! ' A R CHARD CRASHAW I A , ye! .rleep zn mow. R1 As Jesus found l oving shelter within Mary's arms, we at Nazareth turn to our teachers, those other Marys, for encouragement and instruction not only in educational fields but also in virtuous living. It is they who have taught us by their lives how sweet it is to live with jesus. On the page opposite are Agnes Dorkey, Phyllis Commentucci, Shirley Ann Blind and Mary jane Frawley Qfirst rovvj g Jean Gibaud and Gertrude Lynch fstandingj. N, f' BLU M I N? 30 ox X 2 Q 4 Qll g LT V ta X445 TH Af-PZ J 15 - ki X ., N, f' xU-U Ml,yX J' 45 S we O 0 .e L E 5 0 ' -Q. 1, LL Ng . J 5 H AC' Sister Anna Joseph -f fi IJ 2 Q , . A note in the minor key saddened our otherwise A V M .A Fi l ffl E i 3 sl 4 l 5 ll 1 happy year. During the Christmas vacation the Angel of Death visited the convent of our Sisters and took away with him Sister Anna joseph, who for many years taught at Nazareth. Sister was espe- cially devoted to the Infant Jesus, and always at Christmas time her homeroom had its small manger, where we liked to gather to think on the mystery of Christmas. We feel certain that the Baby jesus opened wide His little arms, and Mary smiled her welcome to Sister last Christmastide. Beneath Mory's Mantle Sister Hubertine congratulates Lillian Simpson, Carol Bates and Catherine Dangler who during the year were received into the Catholic Church 1 f', 1, ' F26 Row Top: Sister Agnes Gertrude, Secretary, Sister M. Anacletus, Bookkeeping, Spanish, Typing, Spanish Club, Sister M. Anicetus, General Science, Geometry, Social Studies, Sister Anna Cecilia, Religion, Sister M. Annunciata, Italian, Sodality Moderator, Italian Club. Sammi Row Top: Sister M. Aquina, Assistant Secretary, Sister M. Bernardine, Latin, English, Sister M. Callista, Latin, Sister M. Carlina, Algebra, Geometry, Sister M. Christina, English, "Gabriel" Staff Assistant Adviser. Fin! Row Botlom: Sister Christine Francisca, Health, General Science, Sister Clara Miriam, Social Studies, Sister M. Clarissa, Speech, Sister M. Consuela, English, Sister M. Edwarda, English, Introduction to Business, General Science. Second Row Bollom: Sister M. Edwardine, History, Social Studies, Sodality Moderator, Sister M. Evelyn, English, Speech, Dramatics, Sister M. Florentine, Algebra, Business Arithmetic, Geom- etry, Sodality Moderator, Sister Frances Teresa, English, Sister M. Geraldine, Chemistry, Geometry, Chemistry Club. i ' , A . X 1 , A r Fifxrl Rau' Top: Sister Grace Regina, French, English, French Club, Sister Helen Concepta, Shiit- hand, Typing, Commercial Club, Sister M. Hilda, Latin, Sodality Moderator, Sister M. lrmina, Voice, Perosian 'Choirg Sister M. joan, Secretarial Practice. Serena' Ryu' Top: Sister M. Joanico, Social Studies, Sister John Mary, Religion, Sodality Moder- ator, Sister M. Josephine, Bookkeeper, Sister Maria Gratia, Cafeteria Manager, Sister Marie Aimee, Latin, Latin Club. Fifi! Razz' Bnftfmz: Sister Marie Anne, Office Practice, Shorthand, Typing, Sister Marie Anthony, Clothing, Sister Marie de Chantal, Music, Voice, Glee Club, Sister Marie Catherine, English, "Gabriel" Staff Adviser, Sister Marie Jose, General Science, German, Physics, German Club. Serond Rau' Bolfomx Sister Marie Lawrence, Business Arithmetic, Law, Shorthand, Sister Marie Perpetua, Introduction to Business, Typing, Sister Martina Marie, Health, Sodality Head Mod- erator, Sister Mary Ellen, Religion, English, Sodality Moderator, Sister Mary Lourdes, Religion, Sodality Moderator. , f I .ably .-I Sister M. Beatrice We had hoped that Sister Beatrice would be back with us this year. In the little oHice off the main cor- ridor we have looked in vain for her welcoming smile and word of greeting. For many years Sister was treasurer at Nazareth, but because of illness she is now at Nazareth Motherhouse. We hope that Sister's health will improve and that her days will be happy, sweet with the peace that living in close union with the Holy Ones of Nazareth, alone can bring. Our "Friend" the Ditto KCi1fclej: Sister Ursula explains to Ellen Holland and Eileen janowski the fine points of the "Ditto," which turns out so many of those "awful" quarterly exams. A "Close-up" of the Heart KL0we1'j: In the study of health the heart is one of the most popular organs for inspection. Under the direc- tion of Sister Martina Marie, Carol Kelley, Mary Qualey, Norinne Millner, Marjorie Stellwagen and Patricia Lee are examining the sections of the heart. N, X f' XLLU Ml k i? A .AVI 195-TH ACP' N st ,aa mol Q e .sk xv Lp A '42 i X I v In W 4' Q Q 2 Health Record A Plus fUppe1Aj: Miss Vfalsh congratulates Mary joan ' Hart on examining her health record. Mary joan is one of many Nazareth students who possess 'in excellent health record. Service with ca Smile fCi1'flej.' There were no forced smiles on Play Day, the day on which the Athletic Association entertained other basketball teams of the various girls' high schools of Rochester. Here Marilyn Mogenhan offers tea to Miss Chase, adviser of the N. A. A. A., who is enjoying the day with fx Alice Normile and Joan Keenan. " L 1 I 7 f' lf 1 Checking the "Props" ILou'e1'j .' Sister Evelyn with her stage crew, -Iuanita Torruella, Mary Elizabeth Mogenhan, and Betty Messe, inspects the stage property called for in the senior play. 18 1 Q, ' J ' A .. i Q i v ' , ' Jw y f - -My 1 I ' Fifi! Rau' Top: Sister Mary Matthew, Religion, Sister Miriam, History, Social Studies, History Cluhg Sister M. Pauline, Intermediate Algebra, Trigonometry, Solid Geometry, Sister M. Ray- monda, General Science, Spanish, "Lanthorn" Staff Business Adviser, Sister M. Roberta, Librarian. Scwnd Rau' Top: Sister Rose Eileen, Englishg Sister Rose Teresa, Voice, Music, Perosian Choir, Orchestra, Sister St. Dorothy, Religion, Assistant Librariang Sister St, Margaret, Art, English, "Lanthorn" Staff Adviser, Sister Teresa Edward, Foods, Home Economics Club, Sodality Moderator. Firrl Rauf Barlow: Sister M. Theodora, Social Studies. Second Rauf Bo1lo111.' Sister M, Ursula, Oiice Practiceg Sister M. Victoria, English, Sister Williain Marie, Bookkeeping, Miss Chase, Physical Education Instructorg Miss Walsh, School Nurse. THE ANNUNCIATION Compofilimz by Hojjtmmmj UNDER 20 Mu ry, Full of Grace AFTER THE ANNUNCIATION Mary, the maiden, walked oat in the country, Telling the wheat what the angel had told her, The heer tanzhled oat of the flag-flowery to lirten, The hirdy .Stopped their fledglingr and told thenz to heed her. A woman in hlae with wheat to her kneer, Mid a silence of hirdr and a rtillners of heer, Singing, "Golden, ah, golden, with Jeedrprayr nnfnrled, Ripen within nie, O Wheat of the world !" EILEEN DUGGAN After the Annunciation Mary rejoiced in the great privilege that was hers -the dwelling of the Divine Child within her. As students of Nazareth we too live close to Jesus. We may receive His doctrine from the lips of our teachersg we may visit Him in the Blessed Sacrament in our school oratoryg but, more sacred still, we may receive Him in Holy Communion every First Friday in the school auditorium. Thus we also rejoice that within the silence of Nazareth We have the opportunity to sing with Mary her wonderful song, "Ripen within me, O Wheat of the World!" On the page opposite are Geraldine Alsfasser fstandingj and Betty Nagle fkneelingj. A V E M A R I A f-f Kf- f' XLLUMIN WW 36 if-it WM R 'QFTH A0 3 X 9 . i-Mag 7 tr' uh It, A 'fre S' 4 ' 0 21 k.,- A V E M A R I A N,- XLLU M I N we 4-'Ill' X Qfm Af-P, is Amex X S F 1 6 o mm? M l Q P xr, Z? Q 11, 1 .:'A A v ' 'f' 4' A 6 Q J Novices "Par Excellence" Shirley Keenan, Luis Arlidge, Hannelure Beyer fssatedj g Bar- bara Hadlofk and Anne Riedman Cstundingj. 46" Freshmen Favorites fCirrle,r reading dozwzjx The Freshmen Class officers are Vjir- ginia Sherry, presidentg joan judge, treasurerg juan Myers, vnce- presidentg Eileen Callan, secretary. Hangers The five highest scholarship students uf the Freshmen Class are .M ,L,,, VJ V LM, AKA .4 H ch, , A Y A-K A VV H5 , ' w g m .L ' M -, ,LM :etffww N' 52, ,Q ' " wk 'fiffb -WP V v A Mn I Sig Vh.' yi, Tiff M x 7 ' mm., . , Q A .lil--if-:fQ'?+4" ,wwf V , H ,wg-' fm' " 934 ' flxaff' .g A A -,fm w mm? 3 2 y N ww gba: ml: f 3 my L YQ? if V.e5"""'1:?T VA T? ,L L-':w L, yi' ak v 2 , f- ,, N 3 m w QA A ,.,g1 if ' ' . .. i Q ,m,,.w z Sk A, 4-qv, , MMA ,4 gg .Q 2 2. ,, '15 gy T F .f 'K Hysanbk A E 3 is 1 1 W Q v '1 b K-yi. I ky' 'Q ,. . I gf, ' c 'sins MRA -x , W fm ..k A 6- ft 1 56,5 . W HQ WE ff' Sh ' EL W. f 1 I f .. ,V,,, 2 VIS Atky O W. Y E Q V O : W Jo QQLMQQ, g l I . H ' Q 0 53 ,O YW ww - ya is Q 22 L AK X M' " f 3 Y . 9, ' x , W mf 'EM -1 fwn ww Q ' V W A YEAR OF FEARS AND THRILLS School life at Nazareth Academy resembles nothing so much as the life of a young flyer in training. As every airman new in service exper- iences strange and harrowing encounters, our freshman year at Nazareth, too, was one of fears and thrills. Our chief fear at first was getting lost, not in the clouds, but in the maze of corridors at Naz- areth. At times we felt like the hero in the "Lady or the Tiger" when we were about to open a door, for we never knew what we should find on the other side-a group of smiling sen- iors amused at our embarrassment, or, oh, joy! an empty seat surrounded by familiar faces, all welcoming us. Then there was that fear of run- ning out of gas. We were sure our tanks were filled when we entered those quarterly exams, but The Mystery of Sound there must have been a leak somewhere, or why else in Latin did we conjugate nouns and decline verbs, why did we not remember those formulas in algebra? As for religion, English, social stud- ies and general science, we learned by the aid of red pencil marks that we had taken many a wrong turn. These blunders brought about the biggest fear of all, a "nose-dive" report card. Some of us took such a drop that we all but plunged "out of the picture." As we look back now, we can laugh at these fears and wonder why such trifles should have bothered us. If we feared at times, we experienced some breath-taking thrills. We soared high above the clouds in our two-day sodality institute and dur- ing our Holy Week retreat, gliding back home with the joy which talking to God brings. Then CContinued on page 261 KL0we1'j.' These general science students, Helen Marie Hynes, Joanne Garey, Anne Riedman. Barbara Cooney and Mary Ellen Mahoney, are discovering the relation of air to sound-no sound without air. fi ji 5 5 W ii 3 A YEAR OF FEARS AND THRILLS fconfinued from page 241 there were those dawns viewed for the first time from the airfdawns that heralded our first Mis- sion Day and all the fun it brought to us to say nothing of the three hundred pieces of silver it netted for the home and foreign missionsg our Christmastide parties and baskets for the poorg our first May Day, its shrines banked high with flowers, its solemn procession about the campus, and its beautiful closing ceremony of crowning Our Lady, Queen of May. All these day-dawn- ings combined to hll our freshman year with hap- piness. june found us all the better for that year of beginnings, even though the training was a little "rugged" at times. Before us the sky was clearg and our plane began to level ofi' as we approached our base, joyous in the realization that we had successfully made our first fiight. f' W' f' XLLUMIN4 MQ what Q N Q5TH ACR HOMEROOM IOS Sister M. Colrlina, Moderator fluff Io rigblj: Fifi! row: BETTY MILLER, NANCY MYLES, URSULA CENAME, ARLENE LAMOINE, MARILYN MCDONALD, MARY ANGELO, PATRICIA CLANCY, ROSEMARY SHERIDAN, LEONA FARRELL. Swrmd row: FLORENCE KOSCIELNY, BETTY LARKIN, MARGARET DONEGAN, LEONA BOLAND, ELLEN SCI-IOEN, KATHLEEN BRIEN, ROSEMARY QUIGLEY, NANCY WEAKLEY, BERNICE FRAWLEY, MARIE MCCARTHY. Third row: CHARLOTTE BRUCATO, LUCILLE KRENZER, DOLORITA MAY, MARY CASBY, JANET JEWETT, BETTY ANN RAPP, ELEANOR FAZIO, PHYLLIS KUNZ, ROSEMARY JONES, PATRICIA COON, ROSE MARINUCCI. Funrlh ww: NANCY DIBIOSE, MARIE BANCHIZRI, MARGARET BARAGER, MILDRED XIUENDER, MARGARET KENNY, MARIANNE WIL- LIAMS, JOYCE SMITH, NANCY POXXIERS, MARY GAFFNEY, lill.EEN CALLAN. Qs, .T cox S V We L O Q 1 el D - -: P J X . . . 1 :SA A v --, 1 ,xs f ri: ' J g ' 26 wa 'Hai Efggsik SD ' ' - 'raw V . .K ' 163, f - , w..,.4 -f- , ' , .2f,.:, H, If wk-in 4 , ,. ,. ,,,. I K I s 7' H kgrgk lk X , I I M w K AT . enfff ,,i, fJ, , LV..k if JL Vryy ,V ii 4 Q 4 , f' w X f V m ,'h, , :Q .v'?'.g,M ' , f ' 4 ' I 'f V . X, Q. ff"'1LfLY 1ff'AQ+-f, ' ,, A ' WWA ' ' N ' L f f A y Af ,ml a 'Iifmw ?5147'1 f , - 2' m m : , Q Li 'b fi 3. as .i1 V l 1 K 8 Y gg ' A KVVKVK ,gg, , K 1 , f- , ! A I - K V as In Rf Q J I K K K AX if Ov 5 A 9 t , i ' - M g ' JN fl . 4'L-vat E 1,525 V V y u 9 Vg ff, E ' ,sk A pain, xv gi-an - 9 ' - k jg is f s. QU? . 4, 4 I 7 MS. A A A , ' 1 'A L Sam 6 Q 'Q "" , f ' A Q ' an 'M A ,, Z L- mi? K 5 f V 1 r qv Q ,.,. ,A . , ,Q , ' 57 K . -mf Q-wg f -4. L. M ,iw ,Wy w'23:"'Y 'f-fm, 3 k fl ' " Vpgmp, -"Ns-55 N A I. K ' , NWQQ. Mgmi B ' g A ' igk Q35-if in - . ' M 'iw A.: , D M ' is V'1q,M .WK "gg, A it A 1 M - , X A VA AR, 2 . idx, ' ' K a 'kj f .1 W ,f,Q A Q I 753,35 , , f,,31? ' 1 ,,., I 4 " Y K A 'A ' s 'tw' L A J' A.. 6 F' ' v' 6' 1 'Q 9 Www- E453 .5 S Xf 'Aw M 3 if , my 'wa N 'li ., C 9, W? 5 Q Y 'E W Av ya M Q I L 1 , J' V' Wei I l 'Q M if if' WW O-gg We 4 3 is md nl Q fe Q . A kv 'wi-'J 'U JR Ag K my AM 1 'H6""U"'m"""' "'9"""'r- M,, iw- gm . 'awk' -fi uw" 1' 'xv f. - N , -., M' ' -sw Li" gs., M . 1 , ?":' v y ,w ' 4 1 f' , ,r ik V N 3:15 14 ' fx , My 5 ,W .ag ' 3 A rw A' X l if M M m ' 3, x Q, L- E 2 5' 3 W2 M -M ff .,. .E.: ' Q Q f 5 K Lk K ,K if ,.h: Vg 'Q .i 'YF as Q f. 1, f XLLUMIN :Gr QETH ACV x fa 4, SP , A ,O Ks 4 25 o 'A ' P v rl 1 ,' . l v JH? p e 2 Holders of 'che Reins ' ' Sophomore Stars The five highest scholarship stuclenis of the Sophomore Class are Connie Costich, Betty Nagle fseatecljg Mary Kay Donovan, Mary Bush and Mary Ann Mans fstandingj. fCirrlef reading dmwzj: The Sophomore Class officers are Mary Kay Donovan, presidentg Peggy I-lerhst, vice-presiclentg Kay Dangler, secretaryg Geraldine Gaffney, treasurer Q Honors 50 V 1 X , f 4-1: up 4 , M5 .xgsv '- 41" 3 Y v .4 -, ,W - ,Q -.. u 1.1-, , ,- E 4 L, ,i 'R A . V' E1 ' AK Q 3 ' ,, -ax 'W ,Q fx age. aaa fy M-,Mi 1' ,Q 316 g am E K2 ,n '-S K 4 Y, lk H hi N1 . E Q 'QQ QM, K .1 0 ' I 3 EQ Q 0 gia1 il A Surprise for Mom and Dad KUppefj.' One of the pleasures of the cooking class is to exhibit at home what one has done during the day. This picture shows apple-pie day with Virginia Pike, Patricia Trickler, Lena Cannerella, Rosemary Fogarty, Jean Brunette, and Lois Henderson removing their "lessons" from the oven. f Three Fingers Wide f' we f- XLLUMIN fCirflej.' No, Jane Ann Grey and Dolores McLoughlin are not "getting set" for a piece of those delicious pies above, they are only practicing head tones in Sister Rose Teresa's vocal class. A YEAR OF LEVELING OFF Winging its way skyward, the sophomore plane took off toward the blue horizon. With "fair today and tomorrow" and nary a threatening omen from Aeolus, god of the winds, we were on our second flight to those "Shangri-La" of happy days. efrj 'PETH Agp X ff, 4, QQ .g 'Q if fm ei of '-.' 2 . U, .1 X79 Ay' Q1 Q1 I 32 Time flies! I know, for is not this only the "tomorrow of yesterclayl'-yesterday, when we were maneuvering near hangars 218, 217 or 319? Was it not last night that I dreamed of rhombuses and parallelograms? It is not yesterday, and I am but another Rip Van Winkle! Two years I fContinued on page 341 if iif- .2 gfJfsf5!faix swf. .1rQm,Wi'52.nA-YL.-' .- . ...W-L. 5, ,.,. .vfkk 7 , 515 Q' 3' 9: ,- M x H x M Q f Y 'fivw-mwfqdzxw,M..., Y f . Q .W A. ., 1 5.91: 1' ga fmafyvgffslp-3. ,f-.2ge.f15,f.e,1 A-4:-,fYw,, www, S A z V .Z 7- . : PMN ? Z--I. if Hg RJ. 13 knew. f-fmg:g1'::. , www f .1 ,L Q..fsevfww555fPM,.:,,'f'A P g.:vfs..Hmf S2 risfdvfsa.-,lf ? -ww.- .. f.b,,,.f-gyms. ,. 1, 5, L ,M W .. Ayn: A 3... X ff, , I , I,-1' 1 W -f . - 1 A v E LF.. ,Q 3 ,,L. ' fix gi - 'X 'N 0. jwfz. if .... is .lf .if ,232-I-5551 1 .1'2igsMQ?1sviau.3i5Sfe4askwf51-W f ffgwef' ,M,,- ,W K , ,, .N ,, X, AM . Q,?,.,-,,.,2 5. if . 32.52 . Q Q . Q- 5 K a :Mi , 5 IA 'W , - X. 2 ii, M iw 3- ff .Mm wwwg.gk,f1- ff Y ' 1" wg.fvx,g.,, W. ' 1 K -- A Av FP L' 4 5 1 K RWM Nfl- A' if , , 1 x , W ' 1 2 .Minus 3-mi - .Mi V., ,Plow- :53 -. .5 YI - 1...-mn K gi. f 151 , . ..L . , 1 KV - -ai, g . Q .gg .. . . 5 Q ,ef Q , .,,. L 'K .1 325- f - K . EwFi'.-Zl"- Wy, .. H R . , f Q x ,. . we .,,, .. N z ip -V kj wy- V' 34 . ' ' 1 , ,S gi , .1 , kgs - . .. ., .. U ' f ' L .,gf:aAfi'a ,Q ' , N ww. 'I .,,.. 1 .. . " " 5 "' -Q' . .QM .sm fef M? '-.Q Wx. A YEAR OF LEVELING OFF fconfinued from page 32l have slept to awake not with a flowing white beard but with a treasure box of memories. We laughed our way along happy days. We danced through "mission miXers"g and we sold our wares, crying, "Step up and spend your mon- ey here," at the Harvest Festival. We, too, bur- ied Caesar on the Ides of March and fervently wished the Latin texts were with him. We joined our voices with those whose tones sweetened the songs of the Glee Club and with those again, not quite so sweet but none the less welcome, which cheered our athletic teams on to victory. Seldom did they see defeat! Our hearts and hands were also busy working toward another type of victory. As a result prayers winged heavenward while sweaters and bandages went to our fighting boys by way of our Victory Corps. All this was fun and clear sailing! But there were times when storm clouds loomed and high mountain peaks threatened. Trials greater even than that of the case of "The Devil versus Daniel Webster," confront the soph. Whereas Daniel had only the evil genius of the devil to contend with, the sophomore has Caesar and Cisalpine Gaulg the US. A. Sf, and corallaries of geometryg ubuenos noches" in Spanishg Ubon journ in French, or auf Wiedersehenu in German. We murmured, inaudibly of course, in home ec- onomics when French seams had to be ripped, or an otherwise delicious lemon too browng in English when assigned and research work were not grounded for long. knew our task was to soar when the crust on pie became a little book reports were piled up. Yet we As sophomores we aloft, so gathering strength we looked forward with determined faces and sailed on, flying safe and high and leveling off into our junior year. HOMEROOM 2I8 Sister Merrie Jose, Moderator l1.rff1 1 fij, 1912 ' 0 f . Irnrf ww: BERNICE AMAN, DOROTHY HART, MARY JANE CIUFO, MARY LOU O'HARA, JEAN BYRNES, CATHERINE CAHILL, KATH- Sri Hrlrf Tlrirrl 1'-NIIVIZ7 N, XLLU MIN4 ki? gg! X '9ErH ALP f' 6 X 0 f A Are im ,O lt fo T1 J Dk 'I W 3' - .5-, ' ,. 1 I 7- If I ',, ,fl V94 I ' li figj, ERINE STUART, MARY DUCCI, DOLORES MACCALLINI, FRANCES VENTURA, KATHLEEN GARLAND, DOLORES MCLAUGHLIN, ELEANOR VOLPE, MILDRED JOHNSON, SHIRLEY SEUFFERT, SHIRLEY STREIFF. A row: VICTORIA ROSSI, JEAN CISTERNINO, VINCENTIA VECCHIO, MARIE YATTEAU, LOIS BRAUCH, LORETTA TENNITY, MAR- GARET SKELLY, ARLENE STEWART, KATHERINE DANGLER, DOROTHY DALLE, NANCY OWEN, THELMA TOMASSETTI, PATRICIA QUIGLEY, TERESA JOHNSON, JULIA PUTNAM, MARY HICKEY. mzrm' GERALDINE YAWMAN, MARY BAUMAN, VIRGINIA KRENZER, ARLENE STEVENSON, JARICE KRAM, JOAN BRENNAN, NORMA TRABOLD, ARLENE SCHMEER, KATHERINE FLECK, BEVERLY ALTPETER, IELEANOR TUBIOLO, ROSEMARIE BELLARDI, SHIRLEY VOELKI., MARY LOU SHIPTON, PATRICIA LYND. ww: JUNE SWEETING, JOYCE HINKELMAN, PATRICIA MONAGAN, JEAN SCHLUETER, JOAN SCHLUETER, ANN COLWEI.I., VIRGINIA TAS, JOAN STUTZ, RITA BURNETT, RUTH BECHTOLD, HELEN EGAN, VALENTINE ROMEO, MARIE HAUSS, JOAN XVARD. 54 . P , 1 m.fgf5,v.,' .5 my ' ggjgiggf V- , ,wf , V5.1 ,, . Qs' ,. Q ,i 4 1 my K ,, , kv, ,. - , - 'J . V. v .4 , aff, 3 . ,. 4 k.,k ' L. 1 if ,,.' .. Www. if M j ' . Q te wf T I Mn ,N ,,f7W',lA ' li vw ff, 0' so sf? sa 531 . gag vb ggfjvl iw' Xa w .,,-s-Mm mw:1ffm..wm1wf.w,mm-'wwwwm-1-1w-f--- Y . Lx UMW.Wffrfwwwwfwwmw, x , ., Q --V Q Q-.W-frame'--iswf ,,1,,'.,ff. L, . - ,M -ff ,ff-M, J, f.,wu,1 Wm-..,-4-1-I M. .-. .aw ' ii? -all 'I ,M . . ' wp: .h 'RWE' 12' i ef 1 .w W 1 Q, K ,fa?-yigg u mf -if My ' 2 f Vvg,,Ag: Ry y r, N :, -we , ,L - N 4 ,, f , ,, :Q 53,5 , A , ' k ' 35 2? I , K L 7' ,Fwy f V 'Ak A ' , A H 'Aw - ' W F" ' y t . 13. 'im 1 3 K ff' ' A W K3 "F "S Qffxggvggvgr f : -"A fi? M, , me .Q A . 1 ., f , , K .. - ., ww f - ,z - . - ,- J , f N , N J it , ff' W A W 1, Q g?1,A.,,L ,,1h..,,,a :iff I? , , :Magi V , " A 2- ke ff . ai , t ' l' ff ,1 Q, ,-L ' 4' W " 4 .W , ., ,A , 2- ' H S, 'Q 5 KT 'g-TE" z my it - if L " 'L' Af - m pb" H if , Lag , , X L' Q A K V v. , 'A "1 , ' In "" f ' wah- L L ' ' ' 22 n A '33 .WW mf -I L' I ' ' 'Mi f 4 'L Wg. A M ,L V , 1 , M 1-,R -- f- 'fm K . 3 a ww- H Q Ji' g ,W N- A ,Q gk , Rim .K ff W M- ii S , ' - f Q iff!! H, an QVAN ' 2? 113 L2 it fy .,2,,. m V K K .. K K 2 K . VV: ' ..g- W .V W W , 9:-, xg, , gg 3 . .. nm 35 4, Q. wg. 5' in ey. mil- K qw 5 ' A ' A 5 .:"' 'f W ' 2 Niww V ? sa, g Lf. iii V . -..: i v L L ' , 4 lg N - R, Ez ,M ,M V S A ESM. 'W A e Chosen Few KCi1'fle,v reudifzg dozvnj .' The junior Class officers are Shirley Hall, secretary, Helen Schoenherr, vice-presidentq lone Reilly, treasurer, Virginia Primer, president. Honored Places The five highest scholarship students of the junior Class are Shirley Hall, Anna Flechuck, Lorraine Lark fseatedlg Marie Gudinas and Josephine Tascketta fstandingj. Honors A V E M A R I A 'Xf f XU-UM! oe 6 A3 G 9 4 Q5 TH A ff X N I 'D 1 x , :- lg Q F' ie ' " v 'L-5' ' Q- . 9 fy! X 00, HOMEROOM I I4 Sisier Marie Aime'e, Moderator fLeft lo rigbtj: . Firff row: SHIRLEY HALL, JOAN DIETRICH, GERALDINE O'BRIEN, BERNICE KEHOE, BETTY ANN ROSSNEY, JOAN COSTANIA, AGNES DORKEY, LUCY LUCCHESI. Second row: MARIE MESSURA, MARY MARGARET BRADLEY, MARIE GANTERT, DOLORES HARSTER, GILDA DEFLICE, TERESA HOUSEL, DOLORES WHITE. Third fowl- MARGARET FRIEND, SHIRLEY FINUCANE, NORMA AMESBURY, MARGARET BOLAND, ROSE MARIE KUCHMAN, DORIS GROSSER, ELAINE GUISTINO. Fourth row: ROSEMARY FOGARTY, JACQUELINE BURGESS, PATRICIA LEE, HELEN SCHOENHERR, YVONNE LABORIE, BETTY EEEIN- GER. fLeft lo righij: Firft row: RUTH STREB, DOROTHY DISPENZA, PATRICIA DISPENZA, ANNA LETA, JOAN MICHAUD, DIANE CUTALI, ROSEMARY RICE, MILDRED CHISTOLINI, Second row: KATHLEEN QUINLAN, MARY REGAN, LAVERNE KNAPP, ELIZABETH GOGGIN, GEORGIA BRYANT, HELEN PETROSSI, CLARICE BEIKIRCH. Third row: MARY ELIZABETHCONXYIAY, JUNE RUI-ILAND, MARIE TONTI, MARY NOCE, PATRICIA BAUER, PHYLLIS HARTLE, DOR- OTHY GENOVESE, PATRICIA MCCORMICK. Fam-fb row: ROSE SCHUBERT, BERNADETTE HOLDEN, MARY LOU FISHER, LILLIAN SIMPSON, DOROTHY HUNT, THERESA DIETER, ANN KESSLER, RUTH AGOUETTA, ELIZABETH BAUER. HOMEROOM 30l Sisier M. Anolcletus, Moderator I K. ,, ' . 4-, at . f ,, .,.,, x, H ' '-1543. , N, ' fi' -x J 1 f ' , 5221 L, .LY 4? 30' JV, H- t LW , :' Wg. , ,ff 2,-v 51:14 - A,--hh I w in a 'Z 'X ,H . - . . N A, ' X ww Wy, 9 4 y.. HJ. , ga " W J yy W X rw, fi? 'Q 1 Y LK. M A -3 N ,Q X , , ,x 'QQ gf ,. Q ' 'Q W 4 ff ,E f M X A A , ji ,Q 'e Q 'Q if 'vb ' ,,kk L H - A m M If YR- er Wm WY2, J j r V . A Q' 'Q g ,fqiagf-gja fy A A QW if A x .1 Q GF' , . 1 n , . A .ax s gwg 31201, 1 3,335-sf', f Va.,-1 W' if ' 'Inu . A ..g,yN.Ye., Q ,. L' Q6 A 3 . O ,L Q +' Aff .fx 4 V 2, A qi 4 W nf? A., V x ,. wr . A NL? 5 91 ' fx W ww, ,. 4 KV' fn fs. 'W' ,, an 0 we .K .4 FN , 3.5 S Q , F' 3 Q 'P' f 1 7" ' M V gait + . 1 f ' ' E. 'DQ Q ' W Q-L' V ' 'mek A Q -new 3 .MQ-1 Us Z a ,rf , N ' I N Q XX fl , - L A J ? ,yep-5-sux A 5 K .mn ' gi Q as g .C XS. V ' up 5 ' - 2' , . ' -M ' W. "7 - 'Mx T-'K , - ' .. -.f N-Q' -A f 3,4 5 s '1-,Q vw Giving "Junior" His Bath A V E M A R A Hail, Mistress of Studies A YEAR GF CLEAR SAILING High above the earth with its threatening moun- tain peaks no longer a menace, high above the clouds with ceiling and visibility unlimited, we steered our junior ship experiencing the joy of freedom which only self-confidence can bring. We were having a taste of 'ibeing on our own." We were about to make these major flights which were to determine for the most of us what our later life was to be. Should we choose the right ones, those most fitted to us? It was a weighty question, for on it might depend our future hap- piness. What were these flights? Nazareth offered many to us. One might discover herself some day an- other Edison, a Curie, a Burbank, for physics, chemistry, and biology laboratories offered un- doubtedly more in the way of equipment and in- struction than those in which the geniuses men- tioned above began their great careers. Mathe- matics carried one past the hyperbolas and parabolas of intermediate algebra, past the signs, co-signs and tangents of trigonometryg on to the cones, spheres and cylinders of solid geometry. In the cheerful atmosphere of St. joseph's Workshop one learned to take care of that Mdarlingl' little house of her dreams and the occupants within it, from fContinued on page 425 K.. "i""1fs - -'sflsiiifwmf Vs!-ine fLeftJ.- There is "lots" of fun in child care classes, besides useful knowledge. Here Mildred Bates shows Kay Schirmer and Joanne ' Osier how to give the baby its bath. Learning How to Shift . . . fUppe1' right+0j1p0.rife page! .' . . . Not gears, but carriages are these , future typists under the guidance of Sister Helen Concepta. Modeling Their "Own Make" fL0ufer righl, oppofize pugej .- 'ff' These future dressmakers and de- signers, Marion Russi, Althea Helmbold, Ruth Marthage, Estelle Jackman and Rosemary Stokes, ex- hibit their own work at a tea given I by the sewing class, a tea to which all the mothers were invited. " 3. 4 'sfi Q c s Af A YEAR OF CLEAR SAILING Iconfinued from page 4OI "Daddy" down to that last little newcomer lying in his crib, for cooking, sewing, home manage- ment, and child care are courses taught in our Home Economics Department. Then there were those flights in which we breathed in an aura of culture. We gazed out of our windows to see in the distance horizons of art, music and literature stretching before us. We came to know and appreciate the beautiful. What a thrill it was to recognize the masterpieces of great men! The strains of the "Viennese Waltz" we If it were not for Latin we should never have known the beauty of the "Iliad,' or the pomp of Cicero's orations. The same may be said for the other foreign languages: French, German, Italian, and Spanish. Their culture became ours for the asking, for Nazareth offered these courses to us, As for English literature, what a rich heritage has come down to us, a heritage too vast to enumerate in so small a space! That spirit which makes one say, "Let's go on to bigger and better things," was ours. After all, what could have stopped us? We had met and mastered foe and fog alike, conquering these with the demand which is the surest way of rid- ding them of their power over usfunconditional surrender! soon coupled with Straus, the "Moonlight Sona- and the lullabies with enabled us to point out Ancient Greece, of the which followed. ta" with Beethoven, Brahms. Art principles and enjoy the art of Renaissance and of that TX, fc xN-I-UMW XQETH A HOMEROOM 304 Sister Marie Ann, Moderator lLi'ft la rzgbljf Firm ww: ELLEN BLOCK, DIANE KRAUBALKIAN, ELAINE MONTEITH, MARY FRISCH, GERALDINE BURNS, MARY -IESSUP, ROSEMARY RYAN, SHIRLEY MILLER, ,IEANNE ROCHE. ww: PAULINE TRANT, MARIE SCHROTH, ELEANOR LINGL, LENA LACAGINA, CORINNE HAUBNER, BARBARA GROSCH, KATHLEEN STEPHANY, IRENE KELLY, ANNA FLECHUCI-I. 'Hvinl ww: ALOYSE HAHN, JUNE TARACI, SHIRLEY ALBRIGHT, MARION MOTTES, SHIRLEY USTER, PATRICIA MCNALLY, VIRGINIA DAVIS. MARIE NOWACK. wzzn' DOROTHY SMYLES, SHIRLEY FORD, MARION ENGLERT, HELEN DONOGHUE, RUTH QUETCHENBACK, ROSEMARH HETZLER, LUCILLE CEFALU, fri um! limi: Ib f-I X. SPS AIGOXI Ks 2. an I Q r P X A1 IW A F .veq ' cpe! ' 42 fww 4 lr 'wig Y' .K 0 ,',c.'-- . K , 5 , i-9x:E?fi f Q A V Q " A ,Q , Q 'M V --W" ' w ki Q X sr Wf Liv 3f's . 3 S... E M f fxnxx yy' M A 'Y A 5 'Y y, . A7152-Wig -'YT M S if ,w fy A K W 5: 'N W 51 QI , fax ,fmxk I 'WV' I Y m " vas W' 4-'-N 'W' e R W ffi , ggllig ,ma ,. M Q M--Q ' A ., ' gy A A ' o 5 L :Ar ig! A 'gi -3 ,dmv if ' ' A nf ' il if 33? 3 A' ,Q ,P go V t 5, Num T Af.,-ljy A-,xv i,q:,:SE V, nh w if I 1 W! 4 W s wa ow QW up if y if rl ,p ,mn 1 , ff ww-if ,QQ Vg ,Q , 5. 1' ' V..-M ' ,,,f'. , - A ' If . , W , . ,, 1' 5 509' i iff' ' ' fk 'f wr A, - 'as 1, 4 F. 'Q V 'Q ve, , M so V50-'R 'Q ' . 'f A - A , nv aj 'i ii-,E n"w ff: .N.g,x 3ff F' J f 2' ,x1 V W 1' ':-: w , 2, ? Q . X . ' I Q K YK asm' ' ,g. .. 'A jk -366' x 1 -ab WY m +' ' ' ' A , 6? ' , K ffm , 'Z K it 5' Y .A 5 K N U I EV V 5 ' - w - ,. M.-2 f ' P ' ' 2 , Ezt 5 . "L- 3, 2 wr Q 6 ,Q fm. an 8 W., ' i'f-595 X K C0771 poyitiwz by Murilfo 44 THE ASSUMPTION OF THE BLESSED VIRGIN SE N Blessed Among Women THE ASSUMPTION OF THE VIRGIN Maria, men anal angels Jing, Maria, mother of oar King. Live, rosy princess, live, and may the hright Crown of a most incomparahle light Emhraee thy radiant hrorvf. O may the hest Of everlasting joys hathe thy white hreast. Live, oar rhaste love, the holy mirth Of heaven, the hnmhle priile of Earth. Live, crown of vfomeng queen of men, Live, mi.ftre.r.r of our Jong. Anil when Oar weak ilesirer have a'one their hest, Sweet angels come, and ring the rest. RICHARD CRASHAW One of the most glorious prerogatives of our Lady is her Assumption. After her death she was carried by angels into Heaven and crowned Queen of Angels and Saints. Our graduation resembles Mary's assumption. We receive from the hands of our Bishop the highest mark of distinction Nazareth can bestow-our diplomas which signify not only success in certain branches of education, but better still, the training in those virtues which characterize the true Christian woman. On the page opposite are Nancy Darrow, Virginia Allen, Viola Cooper. A V E M A R I A f-'if f XLLU MIN Wwe 36 A 7 lfrt QQ, ETH ACP! Lf X 366 400i X5 2 1159 'il 5 5 3 l 4 y .X 5 Budding Orators fL0we1'j: During the past several years the youth of Rochester have been encouraged to develop ability in public speaking. Posing before the microphone is jean Innocenzi, winner in the Bishop Kearney Oratoricals, while Dorothy Louis, Jean Reinhardt, Jean Marie Walil, speakers on the junior Town Meeting of the Air, and Katherine Popo- wich fseatedj, Nazareth representative in the American Legion Oratoticals, listen in, 46 The Arti Writers' Club of Room 206 c KUppe1' lefzj: The title is, of course, un- official. Kneeling they are Felicia Wolos- zyn, Sally Lou Bemish, Eileen O'Halloran. Standing are Shirley Schoenherr, Virginfa Allen, Kathleen McDonald, Shirley Snow, Marjorie Stellwagen and Shirley Oster. Sally Lou had an interview accepted for the na- tional periodical, "Student Life", Shirley Schoenherr's essay, "For My Grandmother," is to be published in the "Victorian", Shir- ley Snow's "Young Priest's First Mass" ap- peared in a recent "Catholic Courier jour- nal", while Shirley Oster won twenty-five dollars in Monroe County for her essay on citizenship. The others had poems accepted for the National Poetry Society Anthology. Sister Frances Teresa is here reading her es- say, "Poets' Discoverer" in the October 28 "America" for which she writes, as also for the "Torch," "Magnificat" and educational magazines. sts All fCiwlej: Bernice Senkala does a pastel paint- ing before the admiring eyes of jean Cister- nino, Ellen Van Atta, Viola Cooper, Marie Powers, and Eleanor Hayden. Bernice, El- len, and Marie received gold key awards, while Jean, Viola and Eleanor received hon- orable mention in the recent Regional Schol- astic Art Contest. The Elite The tive highest scholarship students of the Senior Class are joan Kunz, Rosemarie O'Ha1'a, Ellen Van Atta fseatedj, Ida Lynch and Patrxcm Gantert fstzmding 5 A V E M A R I A At the Helm KCiffcZe,r reading down! : Officers of the Senior Class are Rose Marie O'Brien, presiclentg Ruth Ann Healy, treasurerg jean Marie Wfahl, vice-presidentg Joan Keenan, secretary. N, W x1 f'oClU'UMlN4b X , 3 o C 5 il D 'H ,,..kvw l - 'iv l ve M- Al? J 44,5714 Af-,oz 47 A THREE-PCDINT LANDING "Time, you old gypsy man, why hurry awaylu Before I can put forth my hand to detain him, he is beyond my call! Thus have my four years of air training almost departed, The destination is in sight. So as the giant ship wings its way amid the blue on the last lap of the journey, sitting at ease I glance back along an airway of happy days. Forevermore I shall be remembering this hap- piest of my years at Nazareth-my senior year! We were a joyous company sailing through the springtime of youth in a blaze of light, wishing and willing that there might never be an end. Of keepsakes of this year many are mine to cherish: the friends I met and made, the teachers who gave me knowledge and inspiration to push on and up -always upward. In history I met the men who blazed trails through a virgin land and, as a parting gift, willed me my liberty in the Constitution. Leisurely I leafed through the pages of "Macbeth,' or sipped upon the sweet Sonnets of Browning in English class. Thought, my weapon, l dueled with the au- thors of heresy in apologetics, while with a Bun- sen burner in my hand, I explored the field of Lavoisier and Curie. Virgil introduced me to the Rome of his day, its Colosseum, its Appian Way. All this was not a task. It was a delightful pleasure. ' The gypsy man is out of sight now. Gur ship noses down to establish a beachhead on the thresh- old of fresh Helds to conquer. Good old "terra Firma" seems to be coming up to greet us. The last test in our training has already been passed. Why, we've made a perfect three-point landing! Library Research Nazareth students enjoy the many hours of research spent among books in the library, During these days the globe also has its attraction. Mary Elizabeth Crowley, shows Anne Fitzgibhon, Elaine Schmitt and Marguerite McDonald where "Johnnie" in the Pa- cific, is defending his country. 5 Q E. The Joy of "Holding the Floor" Mower ciwlej: Discussion periods in English classes are very popular, Connie Mika gives her views to an interested group of seniors. Magic Powder-D. D. T. fU,f1,11e1'j: So far and no farther can Helen O'Neill fseatedj, Ruth Welch, Dot Casper, and Eileen Tuite go in the chemical research of the secret formula, D, D. T. To go this far we think was a great achievement. The Beautiful Meter of the "Aeneid" fUpper rirflej .' Scanning lines of Latin poetry is fun for Felicia Wolozsyn, joan Spindler, Melvina Schmitt. Then, too, reading them aloud afterwards they delight in the beauty of its rhythm. N, F XU-UMIN f 0 It 1 we A AV 45TH A fd sf' qfoxl f fn A 8 'ff.r.', xv . - J ' wifi Q' veq ss 4 f- XLLU MIN CTT LBA? VIRGINIA M. ALLEN 301 Roxlyrz Sf. Sl. Alonira Sogiality, Pcrosian Choir, Bel- larmine Club, N. A. Athlctic As- sociation, N. A. Victory Corps. MILDRED A. BATES 544 Troup Sf. SX. Peler and Paul Sodality, Bcllarminc Club, N. A. Victory Corps. JOAN E. BIEBER Z0 Roraliud Sf. Om' Lady of Good Coamel Soclality, Bellarmine Club, Le Cercle frangais, N. A. Athletic Association, N. A. Victory Corps. Q! 5TH ACP, A X C, 4 Seb f'-1 co i S El . i 95 l ow 0 eq? Alf , ANTOINETTE P. ALTAVENA 5 Miller SI. Sf. Frzzririr Xd1.'i?1' Sodality, ll Circolo Dante, N. A. Victory Corps. KATHLEEN A. BEATTIE 212 Hollenlverlf Sl. Om' Lady of Perpelzzal Help Sodality, Perosian Choir, Glec Club, N. A. Athletic Association, N. A. Victory Corps. RITA M. BIRDSEY lil Hawiland Park Sl. Cbarlef Borv'omi'o Sodality, Home Economics Club, N. A. Victory Corps. 50 DORIS ANDREWS 159 Burlington Ave. ' Our Lady of Good Counrel Eucharistic Committee Chair- man Sodality, Perosian Choir, Bellarmine Club, Glee Club, Men- del Club, N. A. Victory Corps. MARGARET E. BEEMAN 43 Hermilage Road Sf. Tl:zama.r Soclality, Bellarmine Club, N. A. Athletic Association, N. A. Victory Corps. EVELYN C. BLOCCHI 40 Hand Sl. Sl. Bridge! Il Circolo Dante, N. A. Victory Corps. NAZAREU4 ACADEMY DOROTHY A. BARTLETT 118 Hartrdale Road Sl. Salome Sodality, Orchestra, Bellarmine Club, Home Economics Club, N. A. Athletic Association, Gabriel Staff, N. A, Victory Corps, Play, "Sir Folly", Christmas Play. SALLY LOU BEMISH 82 Tbomrlife Drive St. Tlzomar Sodality, Bellarmine Club, Sec- retary Mantuan Circle, N. A. Athletic Association, Gabriel Staff, Associate Editor Lanthorn Staff, N. A. Victory Corps. ERMA T. BOEHMER 671 Hadron Ave. Holy Redeemer Sodality, Perosian Choir,.Bel- larmine Club, N. A. Victory Corps. N q,J cj! O ANTOINETTE R. BRANCA 249 Emerwn Sf. Holy Roimry Sodality, Glee Club, Secretary Il Circolo Dante, N. A. Victory Corps. MARY PATRICIA CA INE S1 H0l'lL'I1.f6 SI. SS. Pelcv' mm' Paul Sodality, Home Economics Club, l.c Cercle Francais, N. A, Athleti Association, N. A. Victory CW. 'ii ' Fx .1 , 1,1 s ' Af I , 'la 5' 4 I 'l if JJ I I 1 1' . 1 tl X l if ANN L. BROWN 1156 Dewey Ave. Holy Rom:-y Sodality, Bellarmine Club, Com- mercial Club, N. A. Athletic Asso- ciation, Varsity Basketball, Varsity Hockey, N. A. Victory Corps, So- dality Play. MARY L. CALLEMEYN -100 Flower Cify Park Selwcd Hum! N. A. Athletic Association, Pan Amorica Club, N. A. Victory Corps. Q li . iff, ,r 'only . CARB-M . CATHERINE CAVANAGH Qjpfllfn gtirlf' Hoy iamjlj .20 Evangeline Sl. Sl. Alauica , 74: 6 fgi,da1,tQL15c,,,5,,, ho, Giopffx smiaiify Bellarminc Club, N. eit xi3"'M Cl . . t' . 't , P Jdentfgl' wan Oi-11. Club, 6 ' el-dl ncaa fbi V' . iletic Association MM Q U iorn Staffj'N. Al i iltory C . , A my Y' l lc Swell., ' I JIU iw fl Q l ANi,M QW "4 , symr JJ 'U . .f 1- M A r iv!! A. ,lf ,xx 1 I-'J I fr. Zio JN . 'yy SENIOR CLASS OF 1945 l 5 l ' A lf! JEANNE F. BRUNETTE 48 Colenmfz Terrace V Sr. Ffaneu Xnefer Soclality, Bcllarmine Club. EDNA I.. AN ELLA 79 :I'L'I'gl'L" t. 'SL zllirlmel 1 y Per ' Choir, Dr- c tra, n lub, N. . Ath- letic Asso i n, Nie nd Club, N. A. V'tor Cor . ISABEL K. CHAMBERS 13 Bvwoklyn St. Holy Romrj Soclality, Bellarmine Club, N. A. Victory Corps, Christmas Play. I PATRICIA ANN CAI-IILL 21 Roiezwoad Terrace Corfmr Cbr'' Sodality, Orchestra, Bsllarminc Club, N.. A. Athletic Association, N. A. Victory Corps. INIARY LOU A. CASEY 2172 Lgell Road Sl. 'lilvfvelvrw N. A. Athletic Association, Pan Amcfrica Cluh. 'ARLENE H. CHASE 27 IVUIH Sl. Holy Apwllfii Sodality, N. A. Athletic Assoti ation, Nicuwlnncl Club, N. A. Victory Corps. F .7 . ,M of I .ff-I , 1. 4,4 , , f - , ix, ' l 7 . A ' . J.. . f , will . .," A V M l i f , x X ijgxfm 1, PATRICIA M. CHATTERTON 305 Sozflla Goodman Sl. Blefrea' Sari'amr'nt Sodality, Bellarmine Club, N. A. Athletic Association, N. A. Victo orps. ' I 1 4 f " Dnrnan St. H . And' uf 0 . ' 7 rmi Cluly' N. ' . 1- V- . Nieuw- 't RY E CROWLEY -ii lxenwood Ave S Aagariine Soclality Perosian Choir Bellar- mme Club Glee Club N A Ath- letic Association N A Victory Corps BARBARA J. CHRISTOPH 215 Na1'av'i'e Road Sl. Margaret Mar-5 Sodality, Bellarmine Club, Vice- president Commercial Club, N. A. Athletic Association, Pan America Club, News Editor Gabriel Staff, N. A. Victory Corps. ' I IRENE M. CONOLE 128 Glenwood Aw, Holy Rotary Sodality, Bellarmine Club, N. A. Victory Corps. Qi .xl MARY ELIZA ' CR WLEY 454 Hawley 1 St, , onira I5 xii S d l't , P osian Ch0iriBellar- minie Cliib, S Cercle Fbyfigais, N. A. At e Associat' lg, N. A. Victor r s, Senior Yay. QR lift A . -l el' AX V JOSEPHINE M. CIMINO 509 Clinton Ave. North SI. Bridget Bellarmine Club, N. A. Victory Corps. VIOLA B. COOPER 68 Barfholf Road Bellarmine Club, Home Econom- ics Club, N. A. Athletic Associa' tion. CLAIRE T. DARBY 191 Winbourne Road Our Lady of Good Coanrel Sodality, President Perosian Choir, Bellarmine Club, N. A. Athletic Association, Operetta, "Mocking Bird." fi 1 f V! ,fl Y t ,W if 'J I l 'K Nl F J f C A I l - If U ff ,if ' f g, j If NANCY T. ' ERE' f 9 TlJon1S!. ffrjHo Roialy I Sodality, Bell? 'ne b, Co mercial Club, N, - h tic As? ciation, Pan Ameri a Club, N, . Victory Corps. f If fi A fl fl! E W . P ffl" RITA COTTOM 69 Colgate SI. St. Aaguftins Soclalig, Bellarmine Club, Com- mercial lub, N, A. Athletic As- sociation, Pan America Club, Lan- thorn Staff. SHIRLEY M. DEAN 54 Briggr Sl. Sf. Augurlinr Sudality, Home Economics Club, N. A. Athletic Association. NAZARETH A ACADEMY 52 SENIOR CLASS OF 1945 MARY K. DELEHANTY 852 jejerron Ave. St. Monica Soclality, Home Economics Club, N. A. Athletic Association, N. A. Victory Corps. LORETTA J, DI CRISCI 26 Hana' Sl. St. Bridge! Sodality, Perosian Choir, Bel- larmine Club, Glee Club, N. A. Victory Corps, Operetta, "Mock- ing Bird," MILDRED R. EBERHARD 223 Lincoln Ave. St. Augorline Sodality, Bellarmine Club, Le Cercle Francais, N. A. Athletic Association, N. A. Victory Corps. gas..- ROSE M, DEL VECCHIO 251 Parkway Sl. Anotbony Sodality, Bellarmine Club, Com- mercial Club, Il Circolo Dante. HILDA T. DI GIULIO 442 Seyle Terrace Holy Romry Sodality, Perosian Choir, Or- chestra, G-lee Club, Vice-president Nieuwland Club, N. A. Victory Corps, N, A. Athletic Association, Play, "Sir Folly." AGNES J. EDWARDS 63 Chili Ave. SS. Peter and Pool Sodality, Bellarmine Club, N. A. Athletic Association, N. A. Victory Corps. dvr TWV. JEANNETTE DE MEYER 1102 Long Pond Road Si. fobn, Greece Sodality, Bellarmine Club. BETTY DONOVAN 15 Maron Sl. Holy Rorury Sodality, N. A. Athletic Associ- ation. MARY LOU EGAN 219 Welmore Park Holy Aporfler Sorlality, Mendel Club, N. A. Athletic Association, N. A. Vic- tory Corps. 55 . TlNGE 201 rowr St glroly J S ' A ss - ci ' 'euwlan Cu . Victory C .hp JANE DUNN 37 Fillmore Sl. SI. Augurfine Sodality, N. A. Athletic Associ- ation, N. A. Victory Corps. ANN SHIRLEY EHRSTEIN 41 Gmflon Sr. SI. Andrew Sodality, Perosian Choir, Bellar- mine Club, Christmas Play. f' of f' XLLU Mlyv grain G, QETH A x S9 41 A 3 W 'o 2 1 -4 ' ,r --safe l x -19 L-Q W , eq K 'rj K cv , f "X,c f f-XLLU 5+ 5-1.-so A SHIRLEY C. EHRSTEIN 340 Werlfield St. Om' Lady of Gund Cnlnirel Sodality, N. A. Athletic Assu- ciation, N. A. Victory Corps. HELEN CLARE FARRELL 83 Clay Avenue Surfed Heart Soclality, Glee Club, Le Cerclc Francais, N. A. Athletic Associa- tion, N. A. Victory Corps. JANE ANN FINCH 249 Longncre Rand Sl. Mll1'g:l1'l'l Mary Le Cercle Francais. XJ 'VJ QETH A 9 X S' MIND -X . is if -9 I CL it J L in-F2 ii 1 i ' ' be Wwllfif 'xi J X ce! X f' "' .' J X MARION ELTER 74 Lux SI. Sr. Amlruzu Sodality, N. A. Athletic Associ- ation, N. A. Victory Corps. BERNADETTE FENLON 61 Minden' St. Sacred Henri Sodality, Bellarmine Club, N. A. Victory Corps. RUTH G. FISCHER 309 Bernard Sf. Holy Rederniei' Soclality, N. A. Athletic Associ- ation. 54 EILEEN EMBURY 264 Flower Cify Park Smwd Hear! Sodality, Le Cercle Franguis, N. A. Athletic Association, Class Treasurer 1. OLGA M. FERKANIN -488 Colfin St. Holy Family Sodality, Bellarmine Club, N. A. Athletic Association, Gabriel Staff, N. A. Victory Corps. ANN M. FITZGIBBON 37 Stonehenge Rand St. john the Ewngelirl Sodality,Perosian Choir, Orches- tra, Le Cercle Frangais, N.A. Ath- letic Association, N. A. Victory Corps, Sodality Play. NAZARETH ACADEMY CATHERINE FALLON 115 Midmle Terrace Our Ludy of Good Cozumel Sodality, Vice-President Perosian Choir, Bellarmine Club, Glee Club, Mendel Club, N. A. Athletic Association, N. A. Victory Corps, Senior Play. LENORE M. FESS 521 Lyell Are. Holy Aparzlex Sodality, Perosian Choir, Le Cer- cle Francais, N. A. Athletic As- sociation, Nieuwlancl Club, Lan- thorn Staff, N. A. Victory Corps, Christmas Play. GERALDINE FITZPATRICK 279 Collingwood Drive St. Mar'g4ret illary Commercial Club, Le Cercle Francais, N. A. Athletic Associa- tion, N. A. Victory Corps, Senior Play. fr I N J, , f' ,mf 17" ,,ff'!f' ' I 1 Q7 'R - of 'f 1" lf KATHLEEN F, FLANAGX i ae 21 Remington St. St. Mich Sodality, Bellarmine Club, N. A. Victory Corps. MARY JANE FRAWLEY 243 Weldon Sl. St. Monica Sodalitg, Perosian Choir, Bellar- mine Clu , Le Cercle Francais, N. A. Athletic Association, N. A. Victory Corps. HELEN B. GIARDINA 103 Cameron Sz. Holy Aporrler Bellarmine Club, N. A. Athletic Association, Nieuwland Club. sian Rfcrliss LORETTA C. FLORACK 88 .Ycrumom St. Sl. Michael Sodality, Bellarmine Club, Home Economics Club, N. A. Athletic Association, N. A. Victory Corps. MARIAN T. FREDERICK 28 Ierold St. Xt. Andrew Sodality, Bellarmine Club, N. A. Athletic Association, Varsity Basketball, Varsity Hockey, Sports Editor Gabriel Staff, N. A. Victory Corps, Sodality Play, Senior Play. NANCY C. GIBNEY 102 Empire Blvd. Sr. Ambrore Sodalitg, Pemsian Choir, Bellar- mine Clu , Home Economics Club, N. A. Athletic Association, N. A. Victory Corps. GLORIA J. FRACASSI 16 Cole SI. Our Lady of Virlory Sodality, Bellarmine Club, Pan America Club, Lanthorn Staff, N. A. Victory Corps. ' JOYCE E. FREY 1230 Lake Shore Boulevard St. Tbomof Sodality, Bellarmine Club, Le Cercle Frangais, N. A. Athletic Association, N. A. Victory Corps. JOSEPHINE M. GIRARDI 44 SI. jacob Sl. Holy Redeemer Sodality, Perosian Choir, LeCer- cle Frangais. NATALIE A. FRAGNOLI 37 Wooden Sl. Sl. Aluuim Sodality, Bellarmine Club, Men- del Club, N. A. Victory Corps. PATRICIA M. GANTERT 157 Linden SI. Sl. Ann Sodality, Perosian Choir, Secre- tary Le Cercle Francais, Mantuan Circle, N. A. Athletic Association, N. A. Victory Corps. MARGARET L. GOETZ 42 Paul Place St. Bwrilacr Sodality, Perosian Choir, Glec Club, N. A. Victory Corps. U3 pl ,R v Q if MPM' if-.14 ' , f .f '. , 4' I , E, l 1!1,,'affli', in ' JJ 55 JOYCE C. GOODWIN 221 Sagamore Drive Sz. Tbomar Publicity Committee Chairman Sodglity, Perosian Choir, Gabriel Sta . JANE E. GURNEY I4 Lorlyner Place Holy Redeemer Bellarmine Club, Der Deutsche Verein, Nieuwland Club, N. A. Victory Corps, Christmas Play. ROSE MARIE HARTZ 241 Burrow! St. Holy Apwilei Sodality, Der Deutsche Verein, N. A. Athletic Association, Nieuwland Club, N. A. Victory Corps. LEONADA A. GOULD 2652 Chili Roar! St. Helen Bellarmine Club, Commercial Club, N. A. Athletic Association. DOROTHY L. GUERINOT 154 Mauerh Sr. Holy Family Sodality, N. A. Athletic Associ- gticgi, Pan America Club, Gabriel ta . I x A i.f"'t"'.-A , I 4- EANNE E AL we ERESA MARIE HANEY 459 Dr-in , , 3 Tacoma SI. Holy Roiary 0 Ji R01 N. A. Athletic Association. Pan So li A ' ry C s America Club, Lanthorn Staff, N. masylay' ' l A. Victory Corps. ELEANOR R. HAYDEN 548 Averill Are. Sf. Boniface Sodalit , Perosian Choir, Bellar- mine Club, Glee Club, Home Eco- nomics Club, N. A. Athletic As- sociation. 2 1 r uv nad rrrflle RU AL 77 e lv R . erred aw' em ality, er i n C ir, L Cer- anqa' , . A. At letif sso- ciati , . ' tory orpil Mantuan ist as Y ss Pre rd r e , f tl l l JEANNINE M. GUILLIER 201 Longview Terrace Sl. Amlzroxe President Le Cercle Franqais, N. A. Athletic Association, N. A. Victory Corps. ROSEMARY T. HART 36 Eglantirle Road 51. Cha:-lei Borromerl Sodality, Perosian Choir, Bellar- mine Club, Home Economics Club, N. A. Athletic Association. ANN M. HEFFERNAN 52 Eartaiew Are. SI. Amlirofe Mission Committee Chairman Sodality, Le Cercle Frangais, Man- tuan Circle, Mendel Club, N. A. Athletic Association, N. A. Vic- tory Corps, Play, "Sir Folly." NAZARETH ACADEMY 56 SENIOR CLASS OF 1945 ALTHEA C. HELMBOLD 19 jewel Sl. St. Michael Sodality, Bellarmine Club, Men- del Club. EVELYN L. HILLER 65 Locurl Sl. Holy Rarary Sodality, Bellarmine Club, Com- merical Club, DerDeutscheVerein, N. A. Athletic Association, Ga- briel Stall, Play, "Sir Folly", Christmas Play. ELLEN E. HOLLAND 506 Glenwood Are. Holy Rorary Sodality, Bellarmine Club, Ga- briel Staff, N. A. Athletic Associ- tion, N. A. Victory Corps. MARIE E. HESS 3180 Lyell Road Sz. Theodore Der Deutsche Verein, N. A. Victory Corps. o ercial u , Deutsche Vere ri, N. A, ictor Corps. MARGARET M. HOSS 735 Nine Mile Pain! Road Holy Triniiy Sodality, Bellarmine Club, Der Deutsche Verein, Home Economics Club, N. A. Athletic Association, N. A. Victory Corps. I , ali 4, LOIS M. HEYER 126 Oremia Drive Sf. Salome Bellarmine Club, N. A. Ath- letic Association, Christmas Play, Senior Play. JEAN M. HOFMANN 31 Irringzon Road Sl. Arm Sodality, Bella-rmine Club, Pero- sian Choir, N. A. Victory Corps. VIRGINIA M. HOWELL 231 Lark SI. Holy Roxury Soclality, Bellarmine Club, Le Cercle Francais, N. A. Athletic Association, N. A. Victory Corps. ELEANOR H. HILLER 65 Larurt Sl. Holy Rom:-y Sodality, Bellarmine Club, Com- mercial Club, Der Deutsche Verein, N. A. Athletic Association, Ga- briel Staff, Play, "Sir Folly", Christmas Play. ESTHER J. HOGAN Lima, N. Y. Sl. Rare ofLin1a Sodality, Vice-President Bellar- mine Club, N. A. Athletic Associ- ation, American Legion Oratori- cals, Christmas Play. JOLINE HUGHES 9 Tony 7'errm'e St. Tborfmr Commercial Club, Home Eco- nomics Club, N. A. Athletic Asso- ciation, N. A. Victory Corps. 61. - X, I '-4.4-L '91-ll., 6 f o - ,- ,AMX 1 K EA , Medi-L I 5 3 57 Utf- Kr- LUMI fee l' 'Q " 4. 'Q I . - I 7A4Ja,u.'u.l Lf. M'-' f!'1' ffl", ' W ,N ' .2f....-..c- f 4 4 WL- 41--gf-l:r'l': .,.'.......5 ANITA M. INCAV ff-41-W4-5,11 JEAN A. lNNOCENZl BESSIE A. IEZZONI 955 jay Sl. Holy Family Sodality, Il Circolo Dante, Ga- briel Staff, N. A. Victory Corps. EILEEN D. JANOWSKI 309 Royfrof! Drive Sl. Amlrfu' Sodalit , Gabriel Stall, N. A. Victory Corps. JOAN E. KEENAN 203 Durtmfmlb St. Bleuezl Sacmnzem Sodality, Le Cercle Franqais, Nieuwland Club, N. A. Athletic Association, N, A. Victory Corps, Lanthorn Staff, Senior Play, Class Secretary 4, Varsity Basketball. e C. . iqbox 45 so D '- All xv , ' g ,iv -1.945 J X fi, E P QETH AC. 2 St. jacob Sl. Holy Rederfnw' Sodality, Perosian Choir, Glee Club, Le Cercle Frangais, N. A. Athletic Association, N, A. Vic- tory Corps, American Legion Ora- toricals, Christmas Play. ELIZABETH J. JOHNSON 78 Ellllglldfd Road Sf. john, G1-Pere Sodality, Bellarmine C l u b , Home Economics Club, Mendel Club, N, A. Athletic Association. MARIAN B. KIESSEL 1823 Lyell Are. Holy Family Bellarmine Club, Secretary Der Deutsche Verein, N. A. Athletic Association. 58 4759 Lake Arie. Hnly Crou Soclality, President ll Circolo Dante, N. A. Victory Corps. KATHRYN A. KANKA 273 R0l'blllgf?dlV1 Sl. Blerred S'acr'amcz1t Sodality, Perosian Choir, Glee Club, N. A. Athletic Association, N. A. Victory Corrs, Play, "Sir Folly"g Sodality Pay. BARBARA M. KING 88 George Sl. Blerreal Sacrament Sodality, Bellarmine Club, N. A. Athletic Association, N. A. Victory Corps. NAZARETH ACADEMY ESTELLE M. JACKMAN 133 Avery Sl. Holy Apairlri Sodality, Bellarmine Club, N. A. Athletic Association, N. A. Victory Corps. . ,fi -Fl L . AQ., 7 A f . ,.!' JP IVQT, A tf54f,?'.f-,iw V- LLEXXXR if Klang. 1: 55 Refalute Sl. W" ,, Our Lady of Perpetual Help Sodalit , Bellarmine Club, Com- mercial Club, Pan America Club, N. A. Athletic Association, N. A. Victory Corps. MARY M. KIRCHER 26 Lirbon St. Holy Family Sodality, N. A. Victory Corps. LORRAINE E. KIRCHOFF SZ Charley 51. St. Salome Bellarmine Club, N. A. Athletic Association, N. A. Victory Corps. TERESA M. KRENZER Braolaf Road, Weir Hemietia y St. Monica fSodality, Der Deutsche Verein. PATRICIA M. LATIMER 380 Pax! Aw. SI. Auguflinf' Chairman Literature Committee, Secretary Sodality, Bellarmine Club, Le Cercle Franqais, Mantuan ' Circle, N. A. Athletic Association, Gabriel Staff, N. A.Victory Corps. SENIOR CLASS OF 1945 59 DOROTHY A. KOLB -450 Maple Sl. SS. Pelrr and Paxil Sodality, Bellarmine Club, Le Certle Francais, N. A. Athletic Association, N. A. Victory Corps. AGNES D. KUCHMAN 1131 jayeplo Ave. Our Lady of Perpetual Help Sodality, 'Bellarmine Club, N. A. Athletic Association, N. A. Victory Corps. JOAN R. LOCHNER 62 Dayifm XI. Holy Redeemer Sodalit , Perosian Choir, Bellar- mine Club, Glee Club, N. A. Ath- letic Association, Pan America Club. BERNICE M. KRAFT 177 Willii' Are. Sl. Clmrlu.r Bm-ramen Sodality, Perosian Choir, Bellar- mine Club, Commercial Club, N. A. Athletic Association, N. A. Victory Corps. . ,J ' , -Q 1 I' ' I .1 Arspgmi KU ZW if libs mayb ' HM'-rflimfzy Sodahty, D6utschefVerein, Mantuan .2 c e . A,'Athlet1c Association, Laritbgtfgstafg N. A. Vrctrmryfnrgv ', n J 1 ' ' rf . - 4, KATHRYN M. LOEWENGUTH 62 Alliance AN. Blefxed Sarmmenf Sodalit , Perosian Choir, Bellar- mine Club, Glee Club, N. A. Ath- letic Association. BETTY M. KRAMER 88 Elmdrfrf Aw. Sl. Alonini Sndality, Bellarmine Club, N. A. Athletic Association, Pan America Club, Feature Editor 5, Managing Editor 4 Gabriel Staff, N. A. Victory Corps. ! ,JPATRICIA A. LANG 590 Laurellon Roaa' Sl. Ambroie Sodalit , Perosian Choir, Bellar- mine Club, Glee Club, Home Eco- nomics Club, N. A. Athletic As- sociation, N. A. Victory Corps. DOROTHY R. LOUIS 52 Wahl Rd. O1zrLady0f Virlory Chairman Our Lady's Commit- tee Sodality, Le Cercle Francais. .K ,- A V E M A R I A 41,1 I , ,J x X fj q MJ J, D .mms I gk J A JOAN T. LUSSIER 1525 Clifford Ave. V St. Philip Neri Sodality, Perosian Choir, Bellar- E mine Club, Il Circolo Dante, N. A. Victory Corps, Christmas Play. A DOROTHY A. MAGNER 379 Genefee St. St. Monira R Sodality, Perosian Choir, Bellar- mine Club, N. A. Athletic Associ- I ation, N. A. Victory Corps. I A D YLARY 'ly N CCI ' Bxsljfglan we Pd!! C1051 d it , Ho Eco ics Club. X f 1 J' x - sf me ' hx ,X Q 5 . M IDA T. LYNCH 109 Wolcott Ave. St. Theodore Sodality, Le Cercle Francais, N. A. Athletic Association, Editor Lanthorn Staff. JANE M. MAHLER Sl Lanifale Sl. St. Margarel Mary Sodality, N. A. Athletic Associ- ation, Mendel Club, Nieuwland Club, N. A. Victory Corps. ,IANICE LEE MARTIN 280 Sagamore Drive St. Tlaomar Athletic Varsity ball. ,Q GILDA A, MACCALLINI 84 Loran St. Holy Rotary Sodality, Bellarmine Club, Il Circolo Dante, Lanthorn Staff. HELEN M. MANDELL 22 Morningside Park Blessed Saframem Sodality, Bellarmine Club, Com- mercial Club, N. A. Athletic Asso- ciation, Gabriel Staff, N. A. Vic- tory Corps. RITA J. MAXWELL KATHLEEN E. MAGINN 155 Cameron Sl. Holy Aporfler Sodality, Bellarmine Club, Com- mercial Club, N. A. Athletic Asso- ciation, Gabriel Staff, N. A. Vic- tory Corps. MILDRED MANION 389 Sawyer Sl, St. Monira Sodality, N. A. Athletic Associ- ation, N. A. Victory Corps. DOLORES T. MAYER 29 Wert Main St., Avon, N. Y. 388 Flin! Sr. Sz. Monica Sr' Agnn Sodality, Bellarmine Club. Glee Club, N. A. Athletic As- sociation, Pan America Club, N. A. Victory Corps. U if yu- F 1 I , lg- fel- ll'LW'.tff NAZARETH ACADEMY F. . ' ' ,Q-J ' ' LL' A K . .lil . gv 0 KJ glyv MM nfl itil Ai' Uni! 'vm -" 60 SENIOR CLASS OF 1945 so 4 RITA A. MCALPIN 1890 Lake Road, Ontario, New York Holy Trinily Commercial Club. MARGUERITE II. MCDONALD 190 Rorlyn Si. Sl. Monica Sodality, Perosian Choir, Bell- armine Club, Glee Club, Home Economics Club, N. A. Athletic Association, Senior Play, Class Secretary 3, N. A. Victory Corps. MARION L. MCGUIRE 237 Magee Are. Sacred Heart Sodality, LeCercle Frangais, N. A. Athletic Association. JANE M. McCARTHY 227 Clay Ave. Sacred Heart Sodality, Mendel Club, N. A. gfhlletic Association, Pan America u . DOLORES M. MCGAHAN 57 Hooker St. Our Lady of Perpetual Help Sodality, lferosian Choir, Le Cercle Francais, American Legion Oratoricals, N. A. Victory Corps. MARJORIE M. McNULTY 175 Seneca Parkway Sacred Hear! Sodality, Bellarmine C l u b , Nieuwland Club, N. A. Athletic Association, N. A. Victory Corps. FRANCES McDONALD 142 Stone Road St. ClJa1'le.r Borromeo Sodality, Perosian Choir, N. A. Victory Corps. MURIEL R. McGRADY 10 Bloomingdale Sr. St. Michael Sodality, Orchestra, Bellarmine Club, N. A. Athletic Association. JEAN T. MEISENZAHL 79 Elmgrore Road Sl. john, Greece Sodality, Bellarmine Club, N. A. Athletic Association, N. A. Victory Corps. 61 KATHLEEN A. MCDONALD 142 Stone Road Si. Cbarler Borromeo Sodality, Perosian Choir, Bellar- mine Club, N. A. Athletic Associ- ation, N. A. Victory Corps. ANNE M. MCGRATH 90 Culver' Road Blerred Sacramerzl Sodality, Bellarmine Club, N. A. Athletic Association, Varsity Basketball, N. A. Victory Corps, Christmas Play. BETTY ANN MESSE 284 Por! Avo. SI. Aagaitine Sodality, Bellarmine Club, Le Cercle Frangais, N. A, Athletic Association, Nieuwland C l u b , News Editor Gabriel Staff, N. A. Victory Corps. rv N, f- XLLUMIN of X 45TH Af-'J Q5 47- S 'O 2 I, ', g 5 2 19- ' 'il , iii! 1 ,gg , is v rf ,ia 64 'VA 9 J 1, LUM fqe h IN4 f O L5-gli! A 5 TH l f"'e-. Se 'SL co g 4 L 5- . . ",..'f C 7 Y 1- I rpg e w DORIS R. METZGER 97 Malling Drive Sr. Michmfl Sodality, Orchestra, Mendel Club, American Legion Oratori- cals, Senior Play, Christmas Play. MARILYN H. MOGENI-IAN 68 Terrace Par! SI. Monica Sodality, Orchestra, Treasurer N.A.Athletic Association, Nieuw- land Club, N. A. Victory Corps, Varsity Basketball. MARY ANNE MURPHY 4130 Dewey Arenue Motlaer of Sfm'o11'.r Le Cercle Francais, N. A. Vic- tory Corps. CONSTANCE J. MIKA 122 Burmird St. Huly Redeewzm' Soclality, Bellarmine Club, N. A. Athletic Association, Gabriel Stall, N. A. Victory Corps. I M YEL '1 o a ! lla mine ub . A. Athd ' 1 ' I' Presid t Varsity a ket ' . " ' Corps. M9 ' I VN. HA s4 'e z' lv 0 ' A170111 d 1 A ' I 1 , I p b' V1 ' Q CAROL E. MYKINS 29 Ef7!l'17l'lf7 Sl. SS. Peter and Paul Sodality, Commercial Club, Commercial Honor Club, LeCercle Frangais, N. A. Victory Corps. ' 62 W XJQ,-J' GERALDINE C. MILES I-134 Clinton Are., South St. Bmiifnre' Sodality, Perosian Choir, Bellar- mine Club, Mendel Club, N. A. Athletic Association, N. A. Vic- tory Corps. HEDWIG E.3MUELLER 21 B A-fy gif. A 26117, adj' awerp al elp S l't , Pc os' n, oir, ellar- mingii-:-ln-rf rciilmvgfi. Club, Glec Club, . A. Athletic Associ- ation, As. ' Edi anthorn Staff, N. . AILEEN M. NEALON 972 Cliflnrfl fire. Hn1yRedeemef Sodality. Perosian Choir, Glee Club, N. A. Victory Corps. NAZARETH ACADEMY l 0 will .QW SHIRLEY ANN MILLER 156 Milbank SI., Sl. Monica Sodality, Le Cerclc Franqais, N. A. Athletic Association. MARY ANN NIULLER 32 Admiral Park Holy Rofafy Soclality, Bellarmine Club, Der Deutsche Verein, N. A. Athletic Association, N. A. Victory Corps. MARIE N: NITTI 97 Dix Sl. Holy Afwrflcx Soclality, N. A. Victory Corps. af' MARGARET M. NORMII.E 201 Woodbine Awe. Sf. Iqugllffifll' Sodality, Bellarmine Club, N. A. Athletic Association, N. A. Victory Corps, Varsity Basketball, Senior Play. EILEEN M. O'l-IALLORAN Z7 Rand Sl. Surfed Hmrt Bcllarminc Club. HELEN C. O'NElLL 65 ZWUIJIJVHI Sf. Om' Lady of Pcvpetlml Help N. A. Victory Corps. SENIOR CLASS OF 1945 63 ROSEMARIE ' o'HARA ' 147 Bakerdule Roan' Sr. Cbarler Bm'v'fm1c'f1 Sodality, Perosian Choir, Glee Club, Le Cercle Francais, N. A. Athletic Association, Lanthorn Staff, N. A. Victory Corps, Amer- ican Legion Oratoricals. V R P-. , T --1 . - , ! . I xi- nys H H- 1.31 25' cn E If eg ?3i:bg. gn Z ' X, A I- -4 i if nm 5'-rf S Z 'A ,Z 5' ""f Q ' .f 'L 3.52 -i l ' ., fgzim iv Q 1 EF m 2' U1 I... AL' TU ati: . E 'A A S265 Z .K I F 23.9, A :vt 0155:-.iv ? . fb' On xg ,fa Q-QP? S x NX V .1 F-QR' ' E ', """U 3. 4, 'Q if-g-Z 5 .. N I. I i I 7 j , , Nil A W :si-25" No" N X 3 LT 0 5 et ,X SSW? it 22:-We . Sfagsffxx X ..,, . y 6? o X K X 2-Q m wig-. x QW' --cm. ' X 2330 R 1 s' or H .,, . ' Xe..- - 2. 524 3 v 'X 2- " 2 K - cv 2 gg CN x P51 2 ' 'x CX ,yjf , BARBARA L. OLMSTEAD 158 Gerlewe Park Bnlllwanl Om' Lady of Good Com1.rcl Soclality, Bellarmine Cluh, N. A. Athletic Association, N. A. Victory Corps. f K i. -,VI , 1 f"l,"' HIEL M..o'NE1i.i ,N . YJOANNE E. osmk . as . i , , m!S'8,HolriI'ff:tfl. Nltilp-Iroly Rumi! ZS Rugglri Sf. Holy Cv'n.i.f r' Seibfity, Bc-llafgqinci f ' N. Sodality, Bcllarminc Club, N. A. K thletic Assocfti ,'Nli A. Ak Athletic Association, N. A. Victory Cvgilpi. 5 V i 7 '. 5 vit qry Corps. ' P i' .CMV 'Q V .. r i- -4' KSN ..,: I: . VU , X x My f'X 1 r ' r, i U -'X ij X x I ill!!! EILEEN M. O'CONNELL 1834 Ridge Road Eart Holy Redeenm Sodality, Bellarmine Club, Pern- sian Choir, Mendel Club, N. A. Athletic Association, Gabriel Staff. DOROTHY K. O'NElLL 138 Duffcrfi Drive' Sl. Charlet Bfzvwzmrfv Sodality, Bellarmine Club, N. A. Athletic Association, N. A. Victory Corps. DOROTHY OSTERMAN 100 fviirey Xl. Sl. john the Efangrlfij Sodality, N. A. Athletic Asso- ciation. MARIE A. PASTIGLIA 202 Emeftron St. Sl. Anllwny Sodality, ll Circolo Dante. ARLINE R. PIXLEY 410 Emermn Sl. Holy Rfuary Sodality, Bellarmine Club, Home Economics Club, N. A. Athletic Association, Pan America Club, IEE. A. Victory Corps, Christmas ay. RUTH M. QUINLAN 2958 Elmwood Ave, Our Lady of Lourder Sodality, President MendelClub, Secretary Nieuwland Club, Christ- mas Play. MARY ELLEN PEARTREE SS Smzlwille Rd. Sl. Monica Sodality, Le Cercle Franqais, N. A. Athletic Association, Gabrief Stall, N. A. Victory Corps. KATHERINE M. POPOWICH 1037 North Golidman SI. Xl. Philip Nerf Sodality, President Bellarmine Club, Commercial Club, Pan America Club, Business Manager Lanthorn Staff, N. A. Victory Corps, American Legion Oratori- ca s. MARGARET M. RAETZ 127 Sunret St, Holy Aporrler Sodality, Le Cercle Franqais, N. A. Athletic Association, N. A, Victory Corps, Christmas Play. MARILYN A. PEER 155 Maxwell Ave. Sl. Monica Sodality, Bellarmine Club, N. A. Victory Corps. VERNA M. QUETSCHENBACH 40 Dakola Sf, Haly Family Bellarmine Club. TI-IERESA M. REDMOND 98 Dufem Drive St. Charley Borromeo Sodality, President 4, Commer- cial Club, N. A. Athletic Associ- ation, President of Field Hockey, Pan America Club. VIRGINIA L. PIKE 55 Gorrline SI. Perosian Choir, BellarmineClub, Home Economics Club, Mendel Club, N. A. Athletic Association, N. A. Victory Corps. JOANNE M. QUIGLEY 5673 Lake Are. Holy Crn,u Sodality, Perosian Choir, Secre- tary and Treasurer Bellarminc Club, N. A. Athletic Association, N. A. Victory Corps, School Ref- eree Basketball JEAN D. REINHARDT 89 Tyler Sf. Our Lady of Perpetual Help Sodality, Bellarrnirxe Club, Vice- President Mendel Club, N. A. Athletic Association, Editor-in- chief Gabriel Stall, N. A. Victory Corps. . ' x - v NAZARETH ACADEMY 64 SENIOR CLASS OF 1945 JANE F. RESCH 325V2 Reynolds St, Immaculate Conception Sodality, Orchestra, N. A. Ath- letic Association, N. A. Victory Corps. THERESE F. RUSSER 59 Appleton Sl. St. Augustine Sodality, N. A. Athletic Associ- ation, N. A.Victory Corps, Christ- mas Play, Senior Play, Class Secre- tary 2, Class Treasurer 1. MARY L. SAUER 7 Iaquer St. Eleued Sacrament Sodality, N. A. Athletic Associ- ation, N. A. Victory Corps. LORNA M. ROBERTS 227 Sanford St. St. Boniface Sodality, N. A. Athletic Associ- ation, N. A. Victory Corps. JANE E. RYAN 567 Flower City Park Sacrea' Heart Sodality, Bellarmine Club, Home Economics Club, N. A. Athletic Association, N. A. Victory Corps. KATHRYN E. SCHIRMER 69 Vemailler Road St. Margaret Mary Soclality, Home Economics Club, N. A. Athletic Association, N. A. Victory Corps, Sodality Play, Christmas Play. MARY ELLEN ROLAND 104 Knickerbocker Ave. Sacred Heart Sodality, Bellarmine Club, N. A. Athletic Association, N. A. Victory Corps, Perosian Choir. MARY T. RYAN 154 Reynoldr St. Immaculate Conception Soclality, Home Economics Club, Le Cercle Francais, N. A. Victory Corps. LORETTA G. SCHLAGETER 868 Bay St. St. Ambrose Sodality, N. A. Athletic Associ ation. EL R. SCHMITT . ' , TV, , ' c a, mi l N. i. yi , l , 65 MARY ALICE RUFFINO 26 Renwooal St. St. Ftancif Xavier Sodality, Bellarmine Club, N, A. Athletic Association, N. A. Victory Corps, Perosian Choir. NORMA ST. PETER 260 Michigan St. Holy Roriy Sodality, Bellarmine Club,Ho e Economics Club, N. A. hlet-ic Associa V' o Ps. 0' 5 Spruce Ave Be r u Me ub N t etic Associati n A Corps Christmas Per ian oir, r- b, Q l Play Senio lay. l I A 'X1 LU MI i f 'G 2 J. lnggtf S! Q, SET:-4 AC 1 fe e 4 'O S W-. 1- 5 o f 'Q 9 'Wh-1, . 1 I 'bf -1- - w- v ' " 1 Y 64 , vo N,- ,- XLLUMIN loin? ETH AC X 5 4 l .Seb 502 2 real sl - W-at ' 1 1 I X . 1 .Yew sy EVELYN C. SCHMITT 35 Argonne Sl. Sl. Ma1'ga1'el Ma1'y' Sodality, Bellarmine Club, N. IAI. Athletic Association, Sodality ay. DOROTHY A. SCHROPP 495 Biff St. Holy Rorary Sodality, Perosian Choir, Der Deutsche Verein, Glee Club, N. A. Athletic Association, N. A. Victory Corps, Christmas Play, Pan America Club. SALLY J. SHIPTON 610 Tifur Ave. St. Margaret Mary Sodality, Le Cercle Frangais, N. A. Athletic Association, Nieuw- land Club, Gabriel Staff, N. A. Victory Corps . MELVINA T. SCHMITT 577 f0.ref1lJ Aw. Holy Redeemer' Sodality, Bcllarmine Club, Der Deutsche Vcrein, Mantuan Circle, N. A. Victory Corps. 5, ,gvLLf- -lr 3" 'JL 1'-, 5 VV' I. y GERALDINEJLQ' S Y WART LVL! . . f21171'Zii,U, ' S om rr c ifiaalffso- gl ' , ey-isiqn ', Bellasmiyge b,-Mend! .- ub, . A.'-fKtm- f l igiissociation, I?6LSkd,fi' ba L, 'Pang erica Club!! . ' .l Vityiryf . ,ps,LSenifrcf'Pl y. fvvbtyl .Af I-:Ur ' ' 4. we . gf SHIRLEY M. SEIBERT 507 Amer Sf. Holy Family Sodality, Bellarmine Club,I-Iome Economics Club, N. A. Athletic Association, Pan America Club, N. A. Victory Corps. ' 66 LV" Q JIM If PATRICIA A. SCHMITZ 1496 Clover Road Our Laa'y of L0IH'dLIJ' Sodality, N. A. Athletic Associ- ation, Perosian Choir, N. A. Vic- tory Corps, Bellarmine Club. BERNICE D. SENKALA JS Noftlaeart Are. SI. Slanirlam Sodality, N. A. Victory Corps, Gold Key Award in Scholastic ,Arts Contest 5-4. ,Ml - M. BERNADETTE SLATER 1278 Latta Road Mother' of Sorrowr Le Cercle Francais, N. A. Ath- letic Association. NAZARETH ACADEMY SHIRLEY ANN SCHOENHERR 1060 North Sl. Holy Redeemer Sodality, Commercial Club, A. Athletic Association, N. A Victory Corps. ANN M. SHANHART 222 Hermitage Road Sl. Tbomar Sodality, Treasurer Perosian Choir, Bellarmine Club, Commer cial Club, Glee Club, N. A. Ath letic Association, Lanthorn Stal? N. A. Victory Corps. LOIS L. SMITH 180 Cami Sr. Holy Rorafy Sodality, Bellarmine Club, Corr' mercial Club, N. A. Athletic As sociation, Pan America Club, Lan thorn Staff, N. A. Victory Corps SHIRLEY A. SNOW MARY ROSA LIND SOMMER 49 Horlenre St, SI, Augmfine 605 Clay Are. Surfed Heart Sodality,-Le Cercle Francais, N. Soclality, N. A. Athletic Associ- A. Athletic Association, Bellar- ation, Nieuwland Club. mine Club, . 2 4 f r M ' I J , 1 , , K 1 JOAN K- SPINDLER ' V T, ELORENCE R. SPRINGETT 9253 Albemarle"gI. yfffd Heikt -' SY Maple SI. St. Agner. PrefeeKSodality, Le Cdjle Fran- Aww' New YUM wp: Mantuari Circle, N. A.'Afh- ' Bellarmine Cluh, Mendel ciub, letic Associition, A. Victory, N. A. Athletic Association. Corps,,Class Presi' ent 3. I ' 1 HELEN T. SWEENEY MARY G. TAYLERT 221 Weldon St. St. Monica 53 Lozier Sl. Sz. Auguyzine Sodalityj, Perosian Choir, Bellar- mine Clu ,Home Economics Club, N, Athletic Association, Pan America Club, N. A. Victory Corps. SENIOR CLASS OF l945 67 Sodality, Glee Club, N. A. Ath- letic Association, N. A. Victory Corps. EVELYN M. SPALL 90 Rfffifdlld Sf. SI. Ambrore Sodality, Perosian Choir, Com- mercial Club, Commercial Honor Club, Glee Club, N. A. Athletic Association, Pan America Club, N. A. Victory Corps. ANN M. STUART 253 Colzmzbin Are. Immaculate Conception Sodality, Bellarmine Club, N. A. Athletic Association, Pan America Club, RITA K. TIRPAECK 290 Kenwood Are. Immaculate Conception Home Economics Club, N. A. Athletic Association. GENEVIEVE C. SPALLINA 22 61117161 SI. St. Philip Nerf Sodality, N. A. Athletic Associ- ation, President Pan America Club, Assistant Business Manager Lan- thorn Stalf, N, A. Victory Corps. MARJORIE A. SULLIVAN 147 Mezrllzorongb Road Om' Lady of Good Counsel Dramatic Committee Chairman Sodality, Bellarmine Club, Le Cercle Francais, N. A. Athletic Association, Gabriel Staff, N. A. Victory Corps, Sodality Play. FLORENCE A. TONER 1128 Generee Sl. St. Monica Sodality, Bellarmine Club, N. A. Athletic Association. tryed . ,M M ,yflfiff ini 1, J LORIiA.IN'E L. TORMEY ,126 fardiner Ave. St. Augurtine fl ,. ,ff , , iii If I sf! "'! lf N ' cf fy Sodality, Bellarmine Club,Home Economics Club, N. A. Athletic Association, Lanthorn Staff, N. A. Victory Corps. F 1 f l .Mid J V! I LLM' i . in . ill . If 4 I ar re Sgt 43 J, ,Zur L-ady of Count ,' I' 'I nlgdalliwer Choir, r- . e - , erc an , 'P LA. Ae' sso' iogc n Q ' Staff, N 'AV' r s JY - P' . . ,fp n ,- " uf , . f'f l ,J ,C ' PATRICIA A. WADDELL , J' . 298 Wmfiezfz sf. 'C f Our Lady of Good Coumel ,f Glee Club, Le Cercle Franqais, Mendel Club, N. A. Athletic As- igciation, Gabriel Staff, Senior ay. IUANITA M. TORRUELLA 24 Willirlon Road St. Clzarler Borromeo Sodality, N. A. Athletic Associ- ation, Pan America Club, N. A. Victory Corps. ELLEN A. VAN ATTA 36 Dumont St. Sl. Margaret Mary Perosian Choir, Le Cercle Fran- qais, N. A. Athletic Association, Gabriel Staff, Lanthorn Staff, N. A. Victory Corps, Gold KeyAward in Scholastic Arts Contest. DOROTHEA M. WAGNER 495 Lake View Park Holy Rorary Sodality, Bellarmine Club, N. A. Victory Corps, N. A. Athletic Association. GRACE M. TROVATO 520 Remington Sl. Our Lady of Perpetual Help Sodality, Bellarmine Club,Com- mercial Club, Il Circolo Dante, N. A. Victory Corps, Senior Play. GERALDINE T. VAY 26 O'Neil St. Holy Family Sodality, Perosian Choir, Bellar- mine Club, Glee Club, N. A. Ath- letic Association, AdvertisingMan- ager Lanthorn Staff, N. A. Victory Corps, Senior Play. JEAN MARIE WAHL 75 Druid Hill Park St. Ambrore Sodality, Perosian Choir, Or- chestra, Glee Club, Mantuan Cir- cle, Mendel Club, N. A. Athletic Association, Gabriel Staff, N. A. Victory Corps, Christmas Play, Senior Play,-Class Vice-President 4, Class Treasurer 3. ALMA T. TSCHETTER 139 Burlington Ave. Sl. Monica Sodality, Bellarmine Club, N. A. Athletic Association, N. A. Victory Corps, Class President 1, ARLENE A. VOELLINGER 150 Winbourne Road Our Lady of Good Coumel Sodality, Commercial Club, Der Deutsche Verein, N. A. Athletic Association, N. A. Victory Corps. DOLORES M. WEGMAN 86 Lirbon St. Holy Family Sodality, Bellarmine Club, N. A. Athletic Association, N. A. Victory Corps. NAZARETH ACADEMY 68 S EN I O R V4-e ve N X I LO AINE M. WEISE 1085 Norlh Sl. Sodality, Perosian Choir, Bellar- mine Club, Commercial Club, N. A. Athletic Association, Lanthorn Staff, N. A. Victory Corps. FELICIA B. WOLOSZYN 61 Korciurko St. Sr. Stanirlaur Sodality, Bellarmine Club, Le Cercle Franqais, President Man- tuan Circle, N. A. Athletic Associ- ation, Lanthorn Staff, N. A. Vic- tory Corps. ELEANOR M. YOCKEL 244 Verrailler Road St. Margarel Mary Parish Contact Committee Chair- man, and Vice-Prefect Sodality, Bellarmine Club, Der Deutsche Verein, Mendel Club, N. A. Ath- letic Association, N. A. Victory Corps, Varsity Basketball 4, Var- sity Hockey 3. RUTH WELCH Sl Roger! Ave. Holy Aporfler Sodality, Der Deutsche Verein, Glee Club, Home Economics Club, N. A. Athletic Association, N. A. Victory Corps, Christmas Play. HELEN V. WOLTER 73 Clifford Ave. Sl, Michael Apostolic Committee Chairman Sodality, Perosian Choir, Bellar- mine Club, Glee Club, N. A. Ath- letic Association, N. A. Victory Corps. JEAN E. ZAPF 87 Terrace Park Sf. Mmzzra Sodality, Bellarmine Club,H0me Economics Club, N. A. Athletic Association, Play "Sir Folly," So- dality Play, Christmas Play, Senior Play. MARY LOU WERNER 392 Part Ave. Sl. Augufline Sodality, Bellarmine Club, Le Cercle Franqais, N. A. Athletic Association, Lanthorn Staff, N. A. Victory Corps. ANITA C. YAWMAN 21 Girlon Place Blerred Sacramem Bellarmine Club, N. A. Athletic Association, Pan America Club, N. A. Victory Corps. ANNA MARIE ZIMARINO 215 Ravine Ave. Holy Rami-y Sodality, Bellarmine Club, Com- mercial Club, Pan America Club, Lanthorn Staff. 69 MARILYN J. WHITE 169 Rana' St. Sacred Hear! Sodality, Perosian Choir, Bellar- mine Club, Commercial Club, N. A. Athletic Association, Lanthorn Staff, N. A. Victory Corps. PHYLLIS A. YECKEL 512 Inglewaod Drive Our Lady of Good Caumel Sodality, Bellarmine Club, N. A. Athletic Association, N. A. Victory Corps. I., DOLORES E. ZIMME' 31 Rainer Para oly Rorary Bellar ine t N. A. Athletic Associati . ' X if jf 'XXX K. .W 4-iw' 'ff O N, L M XL IN4 e 'ill' 'X' 4 'QETH ACP do A f' U ii - S' f 5 K., 1, o as 3 Ta i D " -q J P . 'sp' . 1 ff V- if , ALII, Z THE IMMACU LATE CONCEPTION Composiiimz by GL1glip11'dij ACTIV 70 Immaculate Conception DANTES HYMN TO MARY "O Virgin Mother, ilaaghter of thy Son! Here thoa to ar, of charity ana' love, Art, ar the noonilay torch, anfl art, heneath, To mortal men, of hope a living rpring. So mighty art thoa, lady, ana' so great, That he, who grate alerireth, and comer not To thee for aitlance, fain rvoalil have ilerire Fly rvithoat wingr. Not only him, who arhr, Thy hoanty fiiecorrg hat a'oth freely oft Foreran the arhing. Whatroe'r may he Of excellence in creature, pity milil, Relenting mercy, large miinijicence, Are all comhinea' in thee. fParadiso, XXXIII, 1-215 Down through the centuries Mary has been ever active in assisting those who envoke her. History proves, moreover, there is no invocation so pleasing to her as that of her Immaculate Conception, that great privilege by which she was from the very first moment of her existence freed from the stain of orig- inal sin. In all our undertakings during the year we have directed our prayers for success to Mary Immaculate. We, therefore, have dedicated this activity section of our "Lanthorn" to Mary under her beautiful title, the Immaculate Conception. On the page opposite are Geraldine Gaffney fcenterj, Estelle Jackman, jean Marie Giesman, Rita Farrell and Nancy Cleere fkneelingj. A V E M A R I A 'Xf- fi-LUMIN ,Y fm at I t I 4 X QFTH AU' X oc' aff Se +13 fox I E E Q I 1, Q ' 'Qi if-X"l5 fr Lffi ' xr 9 2 71 k., "mm, THE QUEENS CRUSADERS There is nothing medieval about these Nazareth members of Our Lady's Sodality as they meet every second Friday of the month. They are modern from the very latest uhair-do" down to the very newest in shoegear, yet no crusader of long ago set out with greater zeal to conquer the Holy Lands than do these sodalists to aid their Queen in ransoming a pagan world from ignorance and sin. Personal holiness is their weapon. Catholic action is their work. If we consider what these sodalists have accomplished during the past year, their weapons are without doubt of the keenest steel. Their works speak for themselves. Over thirty- two hundred dollars collected from the homeroom mission boxes, from the proceeds of the Christmas Dance, and from the fall and spring Mission Day went to mission fields all the world over that Christ's teachings through Mary might be known in every land. Leaders of Our Lady's Crusade fCenzerj.' A merry group are they, these ofhcers of the So- dality. joan Spindler, at piano, accompanies Soloist Doris Andrews While Pat Latimer, Gerry Schwartz, Marjorie Sul- livan, Eleanor Yeckel, Dot Louis, Helen Wolter, Ann Heffer- nan listen admiringly. A Treat During Retreat KCi1'rle l'f?7ZfE7'j.' One of the most welcomed exercises of the annual retreat is the Bishop's conference on closing day. Here is Bishop Kearney with Father Manton, retreat master, Esther Hogan and Joyce Goodwin, sodality ofhcer. .- K .0 N' 3' 3' 1 .S 4 73 Mission Minded Maids fLeflj.' Hands busy with mission work, Marilyn Aldrich, Anne Taylor, Ann Heffernan, and Cecilia Borjorno sew clothing to send to Selma, a negro mission in the south conducted by the Sisters of St. joseph of Roch- ester. 72 Higham. KE JW W 5 if fi gg- A . ., -:': f f y .,,.. ' ' , L. , ,pl , gf 0 - QW , V f 2 MARY'S PEACEMAKERS "An army of youth" aptly describes our Nazareth Acad- emy Victory Corps. Our army, however, instead of using bombs, tractors and planes, makes use of prayer, work and sacrifice in the struggle for peace. We know from experience that "more things are wrought by prayer than this world dreams of." News of Father Welch's release from japanese internment proved the truth of these words. Visits to the chapel for our loved ones "over there" and for a lasting peace play their part too, as our Nazareth Army marches on. Whole-hearted cooperation in the recent Red Cross War Fund Drive to help "keep the Red Cross at his side,', and one hundred per cent enrollment in the Iunior Red Cross are but one phase of our campaign work. To the tune of "Knit oneg purl twof' we knitted over three hundred gar- ments and buzzed away at sewing machines to complete about two hundred more. Besides carrying our school pro- grams, most of us are also filling part-time jobs. Approximately one hundred five thousand dollars in bonds and stamps is credited QApril SOD to the sacrifice division of our army. Reaching into our purses for this money week after week has given us the satisfaction of " owl M " - we sm aw , 1 I v W5 was Wx' .X x 3 ix ii, A QM ' ji" we 'ls fa VY knowing that we are doing our part. Nazareth Abroard fCi1-flej: Much more welcome to the patients in hospitals than roses and cigarettes, are the smiles and songs of these Nazareth girls, the Block sisters, Jeanne '44, Ellen '46 and Clare '42. Bonds of Fealty Sister Mary Lourdes and Sister Marie Anne who are in charge of the sale of war bonds and stamps, survey with Mary Alice Kolb, Peggy Ann Rossney, and Pat Turner two of the war machines made possible by the students of Nazareth. ffm , ir, U, iv - ,ft -,yt Justiliobly Proud fljpperj: Juanita Torruella displays to Sister Grace Regina, adviser to Nazareth Red Cross M , Unit, the record of Nazareth's effort toward peace. Merry Christmas! To the Navy KLowerj.' Ruth Quinliin inks her linoleum block for Christmas menu Cards for the Navy with Kathleen McDonalcl's help, while Therese Russer, Anna Leta and Bernadette Holden tlisplay posters, part of 21 Navy Christmas unit. li Z t A A ?'7s',sf.i'Zf k ff' I. ' ' W X55 A 1'2" .lf ii 2. ' - Strength in Unity fCi1'cIej: One of the most lauded features of the year was the play in which the modern language clubs pooled their talents to the delight of the faculty and the student body. Above are the Art 'From Latin-America evieve Spallina. leaders of the various clubs: jean Vinci, Kather- ine Popowich tseatedjg Felicia Woloszyn, Ther- esa Redmond, jean Innocenzi, Doris Auer, and Genevieve Spallina. Coming events cast their shadows in the halls of Nazareth last November as Roosevelt won over Dewey in our own Bellarmine Club-sponsored elec- tion. Getting oft' then to their usual good start, the "third Friday gather- ings" of the Nazareth Clubs, romped through '44 and ,45 only slightly ham- pered by "the storm" to obtain speak- ers, collect food and soap, entertain visitors and give parties. Some clubs were so diligent that fu' ,... . LLU MW4 f Ox -P vt Q' TH A ,f-N. 2, .s f L 2 ng' N . ' 1.4, , 1 ,I in , K . rj THE QUEENS AID Clubs cmd Their Presidents Ballatmine Club Katherine Popowich Commercial Honor Club Theresa Redmond Der Deutsche Verein jean Vinci Glee Club Marie Camelio Home Economics Club Doris Auer Il Circolo Dante jean Innocenzi Le Cercle Francais Jeannine Guillier Mantuan Circle Felicia Woloszyn Nieuwland Club Dorothy Casper Pan America Club Genevieve Spallina 76 fCe'nzerJ: Putting up an exhibit for Pan America Day are Joyce Ester, Mary Bauman, Sister Ana- cletus, adviser of the Pan America Club, andAGen- their findings were enjoyed by the whole student body. Welll never for- get the "Padre of the Pacificl' nor the iilm of Our Lady of Guadeloupe. And the whole modern language group treated us with the snappy "Le Scrutin Fatalf, an all too short play. Songs in every language, heated de- bates, and strange odors issuing from the chemistry lab all are going to be nostalgic memories to carry away from our four years of Nazarethls clubs! Food for cs Hungry People ' fUpperJ: The busy young ladies of the Dante Club headed by jean Innocenzi, Rose Pastiglia, Antoinette Altavena and Antoinette Branca, collected canned goods for the Italian Relief Fund. , President Plays Hostess fL0wefj: Mimi Mogenhan, president of the Athletic Association, pours tea for 21 Sacred Heart visitor, Rita McGill, Ellen Doyle, Gerry Schwartz, Peggy Normile and Janice Martin, on Play Day, a memorable day for Mercy, Nazareth College, Harley and Sacred Heart visitors. 5. K, W uni ,Q 5, ., V ,t m Q ,,-'Lf , ,snm...,L,,. .... , f ,,,..-...,. s- THE QUEEN'S TROUBADOURS a A troubadour of old courted his "lady-love, neath an ivy blanketed balcony. Our music mak- ers court the friends and student body of Naza- reth. No lover of the past was more eagerly await- ed or lovingly greeted than are the members of our orchestra on concert nights. Theirs is the power of slipping a cloak of sweet abandon about usg and, although we divest our- selves of its comfort with reluctance, such music inspires us to return more willingly to those "musts" of this super-animated world of 1945. ,,,,,,,N.,,,.A,,N.NsNmAAAANvsAAff-N Orchestra Personnel Conductor-Mr. Harold Geschwind Violinrz Mary Carroll, Rosemary Ryan, Arlene Schmeer, Lucy Angelini, Margaret Holden, Rose- mary Lawson, Mary Jane Haigh, Mary Ann Miller, Shirley Murrayg Viola: Joan Buckertg Cellar: Dor- othy Smyles, Nancy Mylesg Ba,r,v.' Joan Pietzoldg Flulem' Edna Canarella, Constance Costichg Clari- rzezrr: Ursula Cename, Rita Pilatog Saxophone: Rose- mary Normang Tr1mzpel.r.' Helen Holley, jane Maleg How: Katherine Fleckg Perfur.fion.' joan Fulreader, Margaret Hall, Barbara Mathieug Piano: Carol Haggerty, Pierina Santillo. Officers of the Orchestra CCi1'cle. rrpporite pagej: Mary jane Haigh fseatedl, Mary Louise Carroll, Helen Holly. 5 V S SSSQQEZ QE W is a A' . :,f f X X 5 xr- .. --' 'aw 4, I ,mL,, . ,ku E V' "V,. .. xp J W5 .Wi A VL , 57' W NA ' 1 2 2 F 4 I S5 , wang 7 .1 , ky ' . 1 K. :Eg 1-yi, gf gig fi, 'S' Q l Pix , -H921 Wh- :H '21 , - -.41 A nw- ' . , , , 2 N, f XLLUMIN A C LMA, A e 'QETH AC Perosion Choir Personnel Officers of the Glee Club Claire Darby, Marguerite McDonald, Mary Jane Haigh, Ann Shanhart, Kathleen McDon- ald, Irma Boehmer, Anita Incavo, Mary Schwarz, Patricia Gantert, Ann Shirley'Ehr- stein, Norma Amesbury, Shirley Archibald, Rose Dominas, Helen Ennis, Margaret Fetz- ner, Agnes Fink, Dorothea Gramento, Elea- nor Hayden, Jean Hoffman, Helen Holly, Arline Schneider, Dorothy Schropp, Loret'a DiCrisci, Irene Hoffman, Sylvia Wfard, Janet Reiss, Catherine Fallon, Margaret Goetz, Rosemary Hetzler, Marie Grzymkowski, Ber- nice Kraft, Geraldine Miles, Jeanne Roche, Helen Sweeney, Mary Elizabeth Crowley, Mary Jane Frawley, Mary Carroll, Lucy Angelini, Frances Attinasi, Jean Vinci, Joan Lochner, Mary Bradley, Rosemarie Giam- brone, Teresa Cozzo, Rosemary Ryan. fCirrleJ: Marie Camelio, president fseatedj g Jean Ann Grey, secretary, Patricia Quigley, vice-president, Dolores Maccallini, treasurer Glee Club Personnel , Marilyn Aldrich, Anita Angilella, Catherine Begandy, Josephine Bianchi, Evelyn Boehmer, Mary Agnes Brett, Joan Brewerton, Mary Ellen Brickler, Jeannine Burke, Jean Byrnes, Marie Camelio, Patricia Carroll, Joan Casarette, Ernestine Cianca, Patricia Coon, Constance Costich, Gloria Ann Dalberth, Marie Di Giocomo, Mary Ducci, Barbara Elliott, Nancy Evangelista, Dorothy Fetzner, Olga Ferraro, Katherine Fleck, Mary Fornocoia, Teresa Flannery, Josephine Frisicano, Jean Gibaud, Jean Ann Grey, Margaret Hall, Marie Terese Hanss, Mary Alice Kolb, Joan Kremble, Frieda Kroeckel, Rita Kubiak, Dona Kulis, Prudence Leon, Helen Listman, Dolores Maccallini, Patricia McDermott, Mary McDonald, Frances Mancuso, Jeanne Myers, Alice Moffett, Sarah Northcote, Shirley Oehmlce, Joan Pietzold, Patricia Quigley, Rosemary Quigley, Anna Marie Rouse, Josephine Rosica, Madelyn Ross, Irene Rybacki, Pierina Sanrillo, Barbara Scahill, Garaldine Scalzo, Elizabeth Taylor, Catherine Testa, Mary Jane Toomey, Phyllis Trepani, Janice Victoria, Lorraine Williams. F X. of-i Aigqxk 3 me O J 2 ,i 'L S 'E ' 'Q . V .-4 . y 1- ' -X , , ' e f G1 " J I ' so THE QUEEN'S CHORISTERS "Sugar and spice and everything nice"-yes, this is our Perosian Choir and Glee Club! At the fall and spring concerts when these "oriolesU lend their voices to swell into a breath-taking crescendo or blend melodiously into an "alleluia," we re-echo their song, thankful that we have these choristers to grace our school. It is they who at our school gatherings put the finishing touch to many a perfect day. Indeed, their melodies are yet another of the priceless gems you and I can tuck away in our treasure chest of memoirs. "Al- leluia," they sing to usg and "Alleluia," we chant to them in reply! Officers of the Perosian Choir fCirrleJ: Clare Darby, president fseatedjg Ann Shanhart, treasurer, Mary Margaret Bradley, secretary, Catherine Fallon, vice- president. 81 THE QUEEN'S CHRISTMAS by Alice Gerrlenberg The hard heart of Elizabeth, Queen of England, sheds its iron coat of mail in a tale of compassion interwoven with mercy -"The Queen's Christmas." With the warm embers of love burning in the hearts of all men, wicked Elizabeth does not escape its magnetic attraction. At such times her generosity and understanding endear her to her people and in their eyes she becomes "good Queen Bess." N"Q'-gf-.7 , A Story Ever Ancient, Ever New fLowerJ: "And so it was that the Three Wise Men of the East fol- lowed the strange new star," re- lates Master Buxton fPatricia Ro- landj, the tutor, on Christmas Eve as Diana Uoan LeVequej and Cuthbert Uane Gurneyj, the Earl's children, listen entranced. A Change of Heart r CCi1'rlej: "Come, my people, let us pray that this Light may come again to earth," urges Queen Eliz- abeth fDolores Whitej as her courtiers, Lord Foxcroft fElaine Schmittj and Lord Coventry fLe- nore Fessj gather with her before the Nativity scene, presented by the mummers, ,joseph fKatherine Schirmerj and Mary fRuth Wfelchj. 82 SH - I X, m , ' x L ,xv - X A ,lib . I . , x., L2 E5 W. xg! 'E ff' M, If , 4 my fe s . H C, V Q. 1 L STREET OF DREAMS by john Rami We delight in the occult, we fancy a fable of suspense, our funny-bone reacts to a quip and a witty sally, and all these were ours, all wrapped up in one big bundle and labeled a "Street of Dreams." studded stars way, aspiring on the woes grins of that white wayf, Reaching for the silver that shine over Broad- actresses give us a line and sighs, laughs and struggle on the "great, Tony Meets His Rival QUpperj: "You may not think so. but I tried my hand at that writ- ing stuff once," laughs Roscoe Uack Hannaj as he is introduced to Tony Barton QDon Amanj by Jean fCatherine Fallonj while Linda fDoris Metzgerj is silently sympathetic. A Secret Becomes Known fLo11'erJ: "Me-are you sure she Wants to see me?" asks Evelyn QGeraldEne Schwartzl as Georgia Justin, the "Cosmetic Queen" fAr- lene Pixleyj, awaits her daugh- ter's recognition. Principals in Double Cast jean Weaver, a would-be actress, Catherine Fallon, joan Keenan Anastacia Gregorski from Moscow, jean Zapf Ingrid, a Swedish maid, Elaine Schmitt, Ther- ese Russer Virginia, shy and Southern, Geraldine Fitz- patrick, jean O'Brien Evelyn jones, a girl of mystery, Geraldine Schwartz, Mary Elizabeth Crowley Linda Eastman, jean's friend, Doris Metzger, Jean Marie Wahl Tony Barton, a hopeful playwright, Don Aman Roscoe Myers, a successful stock broker, john Hanna Others: Ruth Anne Healy, Grace Trovato, Patricia Waddell, Margaret Normile, Ger- aldine Vay, Marian Frederick, Lois Heyer, Marguerite McDonald, Arlene Pixley, joan Lussier. Virginia "Makes the Footlightsu fUpperj: "-and somebody says to me, 'Where's the post ofT1ce?"' explains Vir- ginia fGeraldine Fitzpatrickj as she reads her part in the play to a cynical Bonnie fPatricia Waddellj. "Culture" Unrecognized QCenzeM: "I, the Countess Anastasia Gre- gorski, I who haff played in the best theaters of all Europe," rages Anastasia Uean Zapfj as she complains of Amer- ican producers to Bonnie fMargaret Nor- milej. Greta Garbo's Would-be Double fL0werj: "I yoost can't see what Greta Garbo's got dot I ain't got," insists In- grid 1Therese Russerj to Evelyn fMary Elizabeth Crowleyj. 85 THE QUEENS CONTESTANTS If one of Nazareth Academy's claims to fame is its sports, we can thank the Athletic Association. From September to june the crowded gym re- echoes during lunch hours and after school with enthusiastic basketeers, badminton fans, and ping pong champs. Homeroom basketball and soccer baseball games, and the various tournaments keep this interest high. This year the Athletic Association's riding and bowling clubs have been very active, cantering down Marsh Road trails, and making strike after strike set the pins toppling at Buonomos. The Association played host to College Frosh, Mercy, Harley and Sacred Heart in a gala Play Day on February twenty-eighth, climaxing the rousing basketball games and a Wobbly three-legged relay with a tea at St. joseph's Workshop. Our sports associations will be some of the strongest ties to bind us in future years to Nazareth Academy. i Orchids for the Frosh of l04! fUppe1' lefljz Good school spirit and sportsmanship are developed in the freshmen through the homeroom soccer baseball teams. Above are Agnes Casey and Mary McDonald ffront rowjg Marie Bertsche, Patri- cia Carroll, Madeline Gruttadaro, Lucille Passero and Pamela Morrison fsecond rowjg Mildred LaCrosse, Eileen Herman and Marian Mattia Cthird rowj. 86 A Sports Docket Well-Planned! fLou'er cenzerjz Miss Chase, adviser of the N. A, Athletic Association, with the oHicers drew up a very successful plan of events for the ath- letic-minded Nazareth stu- dents. Wfith the exception of Rita McGill, secretary, here are the officers: Ellen Doyle, treasurer, Mimi Mo- genhan, presidentg Marilyn Mogenhan, vice-presidentg and Miss Chase examining the docket. First on the Sports Docket fUpj1erj: Fall Ends our Val'- sity hockey team ready for ac- tion. They are Marie Gan- tert, Mimi Mogenhan, An- Marian Frederick, Ann nette Clement, joan Michaud, Mc- Grath, Theresa Redmond ffirst rowjg Janice Martin, Peggy - Normile, Marilyn Mogenhan, Ann Brown and Hilda Guilio fsecond rowj. A Near Rival of Basketball An Ulfliddle rigfallz Badminton has turned out to be the second favorite in the line of sports. Practicing here for the spring tournaments are Joan Michaucl, keeping scoreg Dorothy Smyles, Rosemary St, Peter, Patricia Beattie, and Agnes Fink. All-Season Favorite fivliddle lefzj: Every season finds the base- ball fans in the gym or on the campus. Shown here are Esther Hogan, pitchingg Joyce Frey, catching, and Mary Lou Eagen, batting. Awaiting their turns are Lenore Fess, Aileen Nealon and if Ann FitzGibb0n. Di- fv N, f' XLLU MIN fx ,Q S' P 5 , 1 2 r 9 "gg 1' ' 2 s'v",1 tr 4 Q Z 87 , 5TH ACP OUR LADY'S CHAMPIONS A paralizing snow storm followed by an acute bus shortage all but sent our basketball season to an unheralded grave. Nevertheless, once the season did get under way, despite a heatless gym, cheers and greetings went up from the crowded bleachers and even from the reserved seats in the balcony, where sit the faculty, as our varsity, at the begin- ning of each game, bounced into the gym. Letls discover the secret which made these "queens of the court" the champions of all games played this season. There is Captain Marilyn Mogenhan whose clever maneuvering has won for us so many games. Ann Brown's long range shots and swift passes are the bane of our oppo- nents, who, whether they are victor or vanquished, always come back for more. Darting about the court is Forward Peggy Normile, as light as a nymph on her feet. Ann McGrath's, Marian Frederick's, and Dot Casper's under-the-basket shots always change the score. As for guard work there are those splendid interceptors, Hilda DiGuilio, Janice Martin and Eleanor Yockel. At the end of the file, far from being least, is Mimi Mogenhan. We felt a chill of fear at the Harley game when Mimi was forced out of the right be- cause of a turned ankle, but we saw her there "on the beam" next time, playing a better game than ever. Neat plays like these call forth the "queens of the cheer," who have cooperation galore, so much so that pocketbooks are opened and cotton stuffed into ears. Even the faculty can not restrain their enthusiasm. Father O'Connell jumps from his seat and his voice can be heard across the court, "Fine! Fine!" A wide smile beams upon the face of Miss Chase, and from the balcony laughter and hand clapping give evidence as to how the rest of the faculty feel about this wonderful varsity of ours. Scores I 944- I 945 Tea 7711 Played Alumnae Harley St. Alphonsus fAubumj Harley St. Francis de Sales fGenevaj St. Francis de Sales lGenevaJ Time Out for Admiration rowj. 88 Score 32-15 46-18 51-13 33-25 23-10 36-12 Here they are, our Varsitylz Mimi Mogenhan, Marilyn Mogenhan ffirst rowjg Janice Martin, Peg- gy Normile, Ann McGrath, Ann Brown fsecond rowjg Eleanor Yockel, Dot Casper, Hilda Di- Guilio, Marian Frederick fthird The Team That's Tops--209 fUpperJ: Homeroom 209 is not only the winner in the basketball games between the senior and jun- ior homerooms, but it was also first in paying for its "Lanthoi'n" subscriptions, besides going far over the top in its "Lanthorn" "ads" quota, Here Ann Brown and Hilda DiGuilio fkneelingjg Mar- jorie Boyd, Joanne Quigley and lone Reilly proudly display 209's banner. A Cheer for the Cheer Leaders! Ho! No fCi1'rIeJ: These six "pep" lead- ers, Virginia Conway, Dolores White, Geraldine Mattes fkneel- ingjg Mary Kay Donovan, Peggy White, and Rita Vincent know how to make the gym resound with cheers for both the home team and the visiting team as well. cl Your Breath! fL0wer lefzj: Dot Casper, An- nette Clement, Janice Martin, Hil- da DiGuilio, and Joanne Quigley stand with feelings divided as Joan Keenan takes a free shot. Mesh Work Here! fL0wer rigbljz Eleanor Yockel, varsity, shows good guard work as she prevents Annette Clement, re- serve, from making a play. Q l Our Lady's Trumpet Beorers fCirrle.r reading dazvnj: Betty Messe, assistant managerg Barbara Christoph news editorg Jean Reinhardt, editor-in chiefg Eleanor Hiller, business manager .mms 'if vw K K-Q-T , ,ww if e iii if so S3135 'mg Stem! 4!""'L Not Too Busy To "Look Pretty" fUpper Righzj: Shirley Hall, Josephine Tasc- ketta, Connie Mika, and Betty Reininger stop their Work for a "Lan- thornu picture. "Secret" Service fLnwer leflj: Now we know the secret of the "Gabriel's" s u c c e s s. Here Sister Marie Cath- erine explains the"whys and the wherefores' of journalism to Evelyn Hiller, Joan Michaud, Marian Frederick and Kathleen Maginn. 90 Critics Convene lRig!a1j: Sister Chris- tina with jean Vinci, Sally Lou Bemish, Vir- ginia Primer, Dorothy Guerinot and Betty Kramer points out good journalism i n o t h e r school papers. H455 3 T . fm' gilt ,. 4 5. X 1 . X ix x qx,xgc3,,,3.XtM S . ffmmfaff qw- - We K 'A if 3, . WY L f K' 4 ,. N- 'MI' ' at . ' -- . - 'f Hail, Lady of Good Tidings THE QUEENS MESSENGERS "Caution. Hurricane within!" This sign, ex- pressive in itself, should be tacked on the entrance of the Gabriells workroom, for the week preced- ing the paperls "going to press" is one of concen- trated activity. An alien to this strange land of "geniuses at work" would either be blown over by a terrific amount of vigor and vitality or literally tossed about in the hurried bustlings of the staff. If he were noticed, he would most likely be asked, "Quick! What's another word for lassitude?" or "Where did I leave that interview ?" For in this world, where unmet deadlines signify disaster, "velocity" means everything. And what ensues? The uwhos, Whys and whats," we all want to know, present themselves in a streamlined sheet, the "Gabriel," which is our life-line to the tid-bits of Nazareth's news for us now and in the future. Blow, "Gabriel,', blow! -Xf- f XLLU Ml 4 4 5 5 Ps 7-H AC. Q J N XSS' R COX if f fa O ' ., . in ' X4 P9 ' 91 E . ' Ra' uf THE QUEENS LAMP battle-scarred from encounters with trite and hazy ideas, craniums creaking with the thought that our dummy might prove another Frankenstein, that the engraver might not produce those cuts, we emerged nevertheless from the conHict with the "Lanthorn's" flame glowing i brighter than ever before. With the Ave Maria behind us, directing our thoughts and our pens, we could not have failed. So we will this priceless "Lanthorn" to you, O Nazareth, and especially to you, Class of '45 May your days be as merry as ours! Co-operation Plus fUpperj: All that! Every star an ad! Homeroom 209 has again, an- other year, set a record to be en- vied, Genevieve Spallina, Gilda Macallina, Theresa Haney, and Mary Lou W'erner gaze at the poster record with admiring eyes. "Over the Top?" Almost! lLmr'erj.' This is the good tidings Sister Raymonda gave to a few of the business staff, Lois Smith, joan Kunz, Marilyn White, Rita Cot- tom, and Gloria Fracassi, quite early in the year. The Lan'thorn's Acolytes KCi1'cle, opporite page, reudmg doufnj: Hedwig Mueller, associate editorg Geraldine Vay, business managerg Sally Lou Bemish, associate editor, Ida Lynch, editor-in- chiefg Katherine Popo- wich, business manager. Typing Tidbits fUpper, oppofife pagej: Ann Shanhart pegs away at the keys while Dot Casper, Ellen Van Atta and Eileen Tuite dictate a few "somethings," Those Final Touches fLou'e1'. opprzrife pugej: Lorraine Tormey, joan Keenan, Lenore Fess and Rosemarie O'Hara stand about Ann Zimarino and Sister St. Margaret, who puts the final "O. K." on the "Lanthorn" write- ups. 92 fwin ,af kwin CHILDREN OF MARY Red roses clasped in their arms, billows of white gowns swirling about them, a tender, reminiscent smile upon their lips, these are the graduates of Nazareth who have been and are yet to be. As their lips move to sing "The Lord Is My Lightf an aura of ethereal light seems to close in about them. Graduation night brings them closer to Mary, for on this night they become true chil- dren of Mary, truer than ever before. The white of their gowns is the banner of Mary's innocence. The red of their roses symbolizes the gratitude 94 that is in their hearts for Mary their Mother, for their parents and for Nazareth. The unending stream of eternity will flow on and on. The memories of life's activities will be- come blurred by the elements of age and time, but the remembrance of this commencement night, will never grow dull. As year follows year, there will always be Nazareth graduates, Mary's chil- dren, passing on into life's stream in their bil- lowing whiteness of their gowns, a red rose fon- dled in their hands. A Nazareth Graduation Our Speakers on Commencement Night fCi1'rlej.' jean Innocenzi, sulutatnr- ian seated and em Reinhardt 1' f Dv .I ' I 1 valedictorian Cstandingi, were chosen from the ten highest scholarship stu- dents to represent their class on grad- uation night, N, KTLLU MIN 'Wx Eg ft L7 Q. -.Z f 7 X i 09 0 6 -X 'Q Q ,.:' wb U P O ?x - u w.-ig . Q X 11-V ,t '17 A QQ' .J A V E M A R I A f XLLU M I ly Q-: ox SB lE, ow 5 TH A 1, 7' 3 Q, ' 2 1. lg 1' 'sl Eeqku PJ 4 Q cs! Rt. Rt. Rt. Rt. Rev Rev Rev Rev Rev Rev Rev Rev Rev Rev Rev Rev Rev Rev Rev The Wil Most Reverend james E. Kearney 5 Rev. William F. Bergan Rev. George V. Burns Rev. joseph E. Grady Rev. Charles F. Shay . Charles J. Bruton . George W. Eckl . William W. Heisel . Frank J. Hoefen . Bernard Kuchman . John Maney . Roy B. Morphy . Charles E. Muckle . John C. O'Donnell . Daniel B. O'Rourke . George V. Predmore . Arthur Ratigan . John B. Sullivan . R. J. Wahl . Paul G. Wohlrab resa Agostinelli lis F. Algers Verne F. Altonberg E. A. Bauerschmidt Pfc. Mrs Mr. Mrs Wil Roger A. Blocchi . B. A. Boehmer and Mrs. Charles Bosdyk . Mary Bott liam Charlell Arlene Chase, '45 Mrs Wil Mr. Mr. Mrs Mr. . Harry A. Dean liam Harold Dean and Mrs. Frank Donovan and Mrs. john M. Dulean . E. Ehrstein and Mrs. Leo Ehrstein Edith A. Ferris Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Elmer J. Fess and Mrs. john C. Fitzgibbon Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Florack Mr. and Mrs. john Fragnoli Mr. and Mrs. Frank Frey A Friend Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Gobe and Mrs. John R. Goodwin Patricia A. Goodwin, '40 Francis B. Hallett Mr. and Mrs. Walter E. Hofmann Mrs . Paula Hoffner Ruth Hoffner, '45 Homeroom 201 Homeroorn 208 Philip A. Incavo Mr. and Mrs. Charles Jewell Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Kaiser Mrs. Robert Kanka Marilyn Kennedy Mr. and Mrs. james King Mr. and Mrs. George Kircher Fred Krenzer Philippine Krenzer Theresa Krenzer, '45 Ruth Kuchman, '39 Mrs. William Lannigan Mrs. R. Lehnert Nellie I. Lill Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Lizzio Mrs. Edward Lynch Mr. and Mrs. P. Maccallini joseph A. Maeder Mrs. Anna Marinucci Mr. and Mrs. T. H. Maxwell Mr. and Mrs. Fred McGahn Ensign john P. McTammany Mr. and Mrs. joseph S. Murphy Murtagh P. Murphy Mr. and Mrs. William H. Mykins Mrs. Margaret H. Normile Mr. and Mrs. Emmet V. Norton Mr. and Mrs. William O'Brien Mr. and Mrs. Harry T. O'Hara Mr. and Mrs. Emmet O'Neill Dr. C. W. Oster John Panzica Rose Pastiglia Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Pike Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Pittfield john Plumb and Family Mr. and Mrs. B. Quinlan Walter Rodenhouse Mr. and Mrs. john J. Schmitt Mr. and Mrs. Alfred W. Schmitz Rose Marie Senz, '44 Mr. and Mrs. Delos Shanhart Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Sommer Mr. and Mrs. jack Spallina Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Springett Dr. joseph H. Swagler Mr. and Mrs. john Torpey Mr. and Mrs. Charles Trout Mr. and Mrs. Salvatore Trovato The Vay Girls C. W. and W. Gerard Wegman Mary Winterroth, '42 Peter A. Van Remoortere Mr. and Mrs. William A. Zweigle l l 1 THE IMMACULATE CONCEPTION-Murillo We recommend our patrons and advertisers to Our Lady. May they be happy and successful in their enterprises which we place under the loving protection of her through whom we receive all graces and blessings. ADVEIQTISERS 535 fs Nazareth Gullzge nf Qfiuclqwlzr Liberal Arts College for Women is pleasantly located on a broad campus on East Avenue. Opportunity is offered for a large range of specialization in professional and vocational fields. A complete, vigorous campus life invites to health as well as to cultural development. BSE .....,..............,....... .......... 335 98 33 Q C on gmtulationf to the Clary of 1945 from CADET CLEA ER Main office and plant For free call and delivery 1685 Dewey Avenue Glenwood 4543 STORES AT: 1683 Dewey Avenue Q1 block south of Ridgej 484 Genesee Street fOpposite West Highj 635 Monroe Avenue Q1 block east of Goodmanj 194 N. Winton QCorner Blossom Roadj 1141 Culver Road fNear Parsellsj ,......... .........,.....,..,.......... 99 PIOTECTOMOTOR STA EW FILTERS for air, gases, liquids, including models for pipe line, intake and ventilat- ing service. Many special designs for han- dling hot andfor corrosive liquids and gases. DOLHNGER CORPORAHON fFormerly Staynew Filter Corpj 11 CENTRE PARK ROCHESTER 4, N. Y. FURLONG-STUDIO 'kit Plaotogmpbery for "THE LANTHORNH af -if if 27 CLINTON AVENUE SOUTH .g.....5..g..g..g ..g.....g 100 -0--0+-O--CQ -01-of-cnc-if-01-v 000-vwwv-I--0-0--v-0-vm-M-v 0-4- vt--0--0--0--0--0--I--of-01-0-ww .,...g. ..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g. -l--0--0-4--lf-Q00--0--Of-I-Own guy.. Ny... ..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..q..g..q.. ..g..g..g..p..g..g..g..g..3. MAY THE YEAR 1945 MEAN HOUR VICTORY YEARU AND THE RETURN OF OUR BOYS TO A NON-COMMUNISTIC LAND OF PEACE Herman G. Hetzler SHEET METAL WORK ROOFING HOME INSULATING FLESCH 8: SCHMITT, INC. 118 BROWN STREET MAIN 5234 9? 5 6 6 6 3 Q 4 Q 9 g..g -0 -0 --I--Q--0--0--I--0-0--N-0-o-vQwo1v0--0--0--0'-0-0-9+-l-0--0--0-- Q 2 5 s 5Zf,..,........ ,Ci 101 Q, ... ..g..g........g..Q.......................g..g..g..............g..g.....g..g..,..g..g........Q....................g.......................g Q "Here's to our G. I. Joes" fgi wise -'x N We Rochester Coca-Cola Bottling Corp. l85S 58. "OVER THREE-QUARTERS OF A CENTURY" ALUMINUM BRONZE CASTINGS S 8. G aluminum castings are as close Pl q 1- bl , Ar, io perfedion as i1's possible fo make lMpREGNA1-ION Novelties case in 'h A" " Y ' "' MCG FACILITIES ON ALL He I Treat License. Bron cashng ' Brass or Bronze. an es NORMAUZEDI P odudio TYPES OF RUNS vV,Nv,Nv,,,N,v,N,,,,,N,,,N short runs. LOCKS AND HARDWARE SINCE 1859 SARGENT 8: GREENLEAF, INC. 24 SENECA AVENUE O ROCHESTER 5, N. Y. ..,..,..............,...........,.....,.....,.... 10 n..q..g.. .........,..g...... ..g..,.....,........,.. Q Prerenling the W0rld'I great T!9i72,E61'.l', Wrileffr, Smtermen, Anim Q 5TH SEASON Now IN PREPARATION 2 5 . . ' 2 Season Tickets In September I f ff if 5 E AQUINAS INSTITUTE 5 CHRISTIAN CULTURE LECTURES ' 9 5 - A ROCHESTER INSTITUTION - 3 i 2 i' i' 'k 5 2 Z 2 Listed in former series were: 2 2 RICARDO ALFARO, ALFRED NOYES, RT. REV. FULTON SHEEN, E. W. FOERSTER, I Q JACQUES MARITAIN, ARCHDUKE FELIX, FRANK SHEED, MORTIMER ADLER, MAR- 5 TIN C. D'ARCY, S.J., ANTON C. PEGIS, YVES SIMON, JEROME G. KERWIN, MAISIE 2 WARD, FRANZ WERFEL, HELEN ISWOLSKY, INIARGARET ANGLIN, LOUIS K. AN- ? SPACHER, PRINCE LOWENSTEIN, LEONARD FEENEY, IVAN DIMITRI, RULKA LANGER, 5 OTTO OF AUSTRIA, COLONEL M. TCHOU, GERALD B. PHELAN, PHILIP MURRAY, E. K, RAND, ROBERT M. HUTCHINS, MAUREEN DALY, PADRAIC COLUM, HENRY I C. WOLFE, GEORGE SOKOLSKY, OSCAR HALECKI, JOHN ERSKINE, ALPHONSE SCHWITALLA S. J., ARNOLD VVALTER, SISTER INIADALEVA, HON. ROBERT BRENNAN. L ' T-sr ' Greaf Shades of Caesar . . . Wlll You 5 0 Look What We Up And Sand! Q . If we haver1't forgotten our Latin, that means, "Let The Buyer Beware" ' . . . mighty sound advice, especially as it concerns the buying Of meat for the table! Beware, lest your points and your food dollars buy meats of inferior grade . . . just ask for ARPEAKO, from now On . . . and , then don,t worry about the quality, for as friend Julius might have remarked . . . "it's Semper Eademj' . . . yes, always the same! BUY SERVE BETTER MEATS MEATFOODPROMS BETTER MEALS i ROCHESTER PACKING DIVISION Q EIA PXEIZIHE emma Q iocu:sm.w-'- ? 5 F I in ' 103 JCE 31 H eatin H end mzrterf 8 9 uYgs', ,"NV lPASCH ml COAL A I in l lily l lll"'l-,f. All P A PASCH COAL CO. GIRLS OF THE SENIOR CLASS OF '45 ARE YOU INTERESTED IN A PRoFEss1ON THAT OFFERS PERMANENT EMPLOYMENT INTERESTING WORK PLEASANT ASSOCIATIONS OPPORTUNITIES PART OR FULL TIME WORK Would you like to visit our Long Distance Office Established 1886 CALL 515 CLINTON AVE. NORTH MISS MCGRATH Main 485 Main 9800 Extension 301 NEW YORK TELEPHONE CO LONG DISTANCE OFFICE Succede et Pfofpem ! South Avenue Liquor Store 23 SOUTH AVENUE T. H. GREEN ELECTRIC CO. 51 NORTH WATER STREET Rochester, New York Telephone: Main 555 Ei ................. 335 l 104 Q .... .g..g..g..q..g..g..g.. Q Congratulationa to the Graduates of 1945 from. REV. DANIEL B. OROURKE and the Nazareth students of Our Mother of Sorrows Parish 'A' 'k 'k Mary Ann Murphy '45 Mary Brickler '47 Bernadette Slater '45 Katherine Anne Fleck '47 joan Michaud '46 Marilyn McDonald '48 A. W. HOPEMAN 85 SONS COMPANY B U I L D E R S ROCHESTER, NEW YORK .g..q..g.4..g..g.. .g..q..g..g..g..g.. 105 Q. ..., Congratrrlrzlionf 20 the Class of 1945 if MARTIN STORAGE WAREHOUSE,t INC. ARTHUR L. MARTIN, Prey. RYAN CARTING CO. RYAN BROTHERS MOVING - STORAGE FRANK H. DENNIS STORES, INC. C. D. STREETER, PRES. 57 Centennial Street Phone Genesee 6710 Wbolefal e Distributors C A N D I E S COCA-COLA - FOUNTAIN SUPPLIES - PAPER BAGS Daggelfs Chocolates Complimentf of ROCHESTER TRANSIT CORPORATION o s ! o 2 u z u x 6 4 2 9 vc--Un!-I--Dubai'-can-Q-40-41mwi--0--0--0-.0 wvfhwwb-vow'-mvlwiwlwl-W-wwtwtm-+ I-o-no Ci nl-'O-Q-fhvk 106 .-g..g..g..g..g... .Q.4.-g..g..g..g..g..g.....g..g.....g.....g..g..g..g..g g g Q Q Q ..g..g..g..q..g..g..p.q..g..p g g g 9 g q WH . . YCDU READ. 8 O often tempers our thinking on matters of social and economic conditions. How often l-LJ we hear someone say, "I know it's true, it was in the "Courier." And you're right-in all matters of importance the essential factor for us is to know the facts as inter- preted in the Catholic viewpoint. Read your "Courier" and know! The "Courier" serves over 26,000 Families weekly Catholic Courier 50 CHESTNUT STREET ROCHESTER 4, NEW YORK MEMBER, N.C.W.C. World Wide News Service R.N.S. Religious News Service ' I.N.S. International News Service C.I.P. Catholic International Press Congratulations to the Class of 1945 Nazareth Academy Athletic Association Q -0 0 o I' 0 BSE 332 SUCCESS TO THE CLASS OF 1945 TENTH WARD REPUBLICAN ORGANIZATIGN BEST WISHES OF A FRIEND TIRES RECAPPED All Sizes Including 5.50 x 16 N0 Delay-Use Your Cm' Every Day i' 'A' 'A' ALLING 84 MILES 82 STONE STREET No INFLATION HERE IN THESE WAR DAYS when the price of practically everything used in the home has risen the electric power companies of the country can point with pride to their achievement in holding cost to the consumer down to pre-war levels. They have done this without government aid of any kind . . . in fact they contribute about 24 cents out of every dollar they take in to local, state and federal governments in the form of taxes. One thing those who are fighting the threat of inflation do not have to worry about is the cost of electric service. " ROCHESTER GAS and ELECTRIC me 15 108 From Former 206'ers I0 Prexent 206'ers Rita Kress '42 Betty Marchner '42 Helen Weber '42 Frances O'Brien '42 Catherine Foley '42 Virginia Dominiak '45 Marjorie Fischer '43 Mary Keenan '43 Marion Boland '43 Lorraine Reif '44 Geraldine Heintz '44 jane Marie jones '44 joan McGuire '44 Patricia Pieters '44 Margaret Hart '44 Elsie Kiersbilck '44 P C om pliments of W . B . C O O N C O . MAKERS OF WoMEN's SHOES 37 Canal Street Qnlq U I--Of-0-+0--l--0--0-'O--0--0-'Of-0001-O--O-4' no--U as Q-4.4--Quo--0--0--C 9 9 5 9 9 6 5 5 i 2 5 Complimefztf of "DOC" KOEHLER'S RESTAURANT 835 PORTLAND AVENUE Nafionk Three Leading Brandi of Shoef ROBLEE for Men AIR STEP for Women BUSTER BROWN for Claildefz S C H M A N K E S 1480 DEWEY AVENUE AT RIDGEWAY D I V E R I S NORMAN COOPER "Where-Better-F0od!-a1'e-Beltew IIMU-ewfzu TEXACO SERVICE 534 DEWEY AVENUE Glenwood 4149 With A Smile 2678 DEWEY AVENUE HEAD MILLER INC. FOODS AND BEVERAGES Rochester 11, N. Y. Ofiice Phone Residence Phone Main 137 Genesee 132 FRANK J. RIEDMAN GENERAL INSURANCE 17 STATE STREET Rochester 4, N. Y. NEIL P. COLLINS HUMIDOR FRESH CIGARS AND TOBACCOS SANDWICH BAR 55 EAST MAIN STREET Rochester 4, N. Y. Phone, Main 7817 Above White Horse Tavern Complimefztr to THE SENIOR CLASS OF '45 33............ .......................... iii ,:Q........,...... Q 3 I 5 ELECTRICAL CONSTRUCTION AND MAINTENANCE COMMERCIAL AND INDUSTRIAL WIRING OVERHEAD DISTRIBUTION LINES 3 UNDERGROUND CABLE SYSTEMS E I-IORACEK-I-IAYDEN, INC. 16 HOWELL STREET STONE 3750 Q Complimenlf of 16 FRONT STREET 3 Q 2 bo--0--Q--0--ou g..g.....g..g..g..q... .6 111 I Cozfzplimefzff of GEORGE F. ROGERS DEMOCRATIC CONGRESSMAN FOR 40TH DISTRICT Meet your Friefzdf at Rochester's Most Popular Friday Nite Dancing Centre IMMACULATE AUDITORIUM S. PLYMOUTH AND EDINBURGH RIVERSIDE BOOK BINDERY COMPLETE BOOK BINDING SERVICE 145-163 ST. PAUL STREET Main 7205 WILSON FLORIST Flowery for all orrafiom 835 HUDSON AVE. STONE 1599 I C E Daily Seroire llae Year Round 19th Ward Inclusive Any size to meet your needs GENESEE 324 WEST POINT ICE Wm. P. Waterman, Prop. 961 JEFFERSON AVENUE Complilneflff of STADLER'S MARKET HOWARD ROAD SCHUDT MARKET INC. 511 E. MAIN STREET Rochester 4, N. Y. Stone 290 ZAHNER AND COMPANY The H owe of OLD FASHIONED SAUSAGES 59 FRONT ST. MAIN 1990 BSE ..,........ 325 Compliments of the SODALITY OF OUR LADY NAZARETH ACADEMY WILLIAM E. PREDMORE A SCHOOL SUPPLIES, RELIGIOUS ARTICLES, CHURCH GOODS 93 STATE STREET A A NOISE QUIETING ACOUSTICAL CORRECTION COLLUM ACOUSTICAL COMPANY, INC. Acoustical Engineers and Contractors CELOTEX ACOUSTICAL PRODUCTS 211 EAST AVENUE MAIN 6406 Other offices in: Syracuse, Buffalo, Albany Complimentx of CLARENCE E. JENNINGS g..g..g..g..g..g..q Sf ace JAMES L. COYNE LATHING, PLASTERING, ACOUSTICAL TREATMENT MAIN 6406 CULVER 5048 Coffzplimenff of ST. MICHAEL'S MEN'S ASSOCIATION 343 CLIFFORD AVENUE Rochester, N. Y. Complimefzlf of CHAMBERLIN RUBBER COMPANY 94 CLINTON AVENUE NORTH Rochester, N. Y. Stone 3393 Complimenhr of ABE COHEN PUBLIC MARKET C om plimentf of CHAMPION ATHLETIC AND SPORTSWEAR CO. 77 ST. PAUL STREET Rochester 4, N. Y. Main 4281 C077ZpZi77Z677l.f of the bL1k67'.f of WONDER BREAD AND HOSTESS CAKE CONTINENTAL BAKING Co C077ZPlil77672l.f of RAY COOK JAMES CROWLEY PLUMBING AND HEATING 454 HAWLEY STREET Genesee 1003 315 ...........,.....,... 3:5 A thought worth remembering : REICHENBERGER .k 4 A pound Of Pluck Is worth' Best Wishes A ton of E to the Class of '45 Luck Q i' E. K. and D. S. Class of ,43 .May you have both f GEORGE E. BRENNAN REAL ESTATE BROKER 0 65 BROAD STREET MAIN 4240 ROCHESTER, N Y Complimenty of M. J RILEY PRINTER 115 ..g..p-Q.-9--g..g-. BSE 33 DOT'S BEAUTY SHOP Complete New Beauty Treatment 2075 RIDGE ROAD EAST Culver 1695 Complimentx of THE LITTLE MISSIONARY publifhed by the SOCIETY OF THE DIVINE WORD FATHERS Techny, Ill. Complimentx of JIM,S CANDY SHOP Ftzmottx for p HOME MADE CANDIES 1521 LAKE AVENUE Pete Collis, Prop. ATLANTIC SUPPLY HOUSE INC. 79 ST. PAUL STREET The laome of GOOD COFFEE AND TEAS -ALSO- NUT MEAT S AND NUTS IN TI-IE SHELL CHAS. M. DISPENZA REALTOR Established 1912 6 STATE STREET MAIN 705 Compliment! of JOYCE LIQUOR STORE MAIN AND NORTH STREET ' Frank Joyce, Prop. Complimenty of MURRAY'S ATLANTIC SERVICE 542 THURSTON ROAD Rochester 5, N. Y. Surrey to the CLASS OF 1945 if METZGER BROS. 836 CLINTON AVE. N. If ............,....... .. .... ..,............ ........,........ .... . ,...- gg 33 Q C OMPLIMEN TS OF B. G. COSTICH Sc SONS, INC. MOVING . . . STORAGE THE YATES COAL CO. ANTHRACITE AND BITUMINOUS ALso COKE Orders solicited for private residences, apartments and buildings. Deliveries made under the personal supervision of Superintendent. Board! and Canvas used for protection. Phones: Stone 450, Stone 451 612 Lincoln-Alliance Bank Building General Office, 183 Main St , A Grover A. C iqL1e11no1,P1'c.s. I "' . 'I 0 . f " , 5155 - - it ':11 Compliment! of A. W. SCHMITZ C om plimefztf of EHMANN'S MARKET Complimefm of BARBARA KING, ,45 JANE DUNN, '45 Since 1390 SHIRLEY DEAN, '45 MARY SAUER, '45 CAROL MYKINS, '45 1105 LYELL AVE. GLEN. 5102 Conzplimefzlf of CONGRESS MARKET AND GROCERY Heaa'aua1'ler.f for- KEEPSAKE Diamond Rings Gruen Watches Parker 51 Pens Hallmark Greeting Cards JAMES O. LEDLIE JEWELER 842 DEWEY AVENUE Open Friday Evening Complete Repair Shop Body and Fender Wheel Line-up GENESEE 1286 EDWARDS BROTHERS GARAGE SOCONY GAS - MOBILOIL LUBRICATION 1 CHILI AVE. BERNARD HELD, INC Telephone, Stone 553 Sacrerforf to THE MENG 84 SHAFER Co. IlflL17ZZlfdL'l.7l7"?1'J' 117751 I777p01'lE7'.l' of Fine Farr 66 EAST AVENUE Rochester 4, New York F. W. WOOLWORTH CO. Complimefzff of JOHN E. KEENAN 5:E...........,... , -Q--gag.-0 .WIKI .mf-..- N. E. OWEN SERVICE STORE 1640 LAKE AVE., OPP. KODAK PARK GLENWOOD 233 O MOHAWK TIRES EXIDE BATTERIES LUCAS and DAKE CO., INC. 1 N S U R A N C E O 234 Granite Building MAIN 938 - 939 130 MAIN STREET EAST ROCHESTER, NEW YORK R. ATTINASI Sc SONS PAINTING - PAPERHANGING DECORATING 255 LARK STREET GLENWOOD 5735 GLENWOOD 5328-R Ben? Wishef Of JOHN M. BLACKWOOD 33Q............ gg 119 W. A. MCCORMICK PLUMBING AND HEATING 4 LAKE AVENUE Compliments of WATTS DRY CLEANING Co., Inc. 322 COTTAGE STREET Genesee 614 MAIN 7716 MAIN 4729-J CUTA1-V3 SPAGHETTI ELOCCI-II at PERSIANI RESTAURANT PAINTING - DECORATING 4 AND PAPER HANGING ROCHESTER, N. Y. 40 HAND STREET 107 North St. 25 Broad St. Main 8485 Main 8204 Complimefztr of C. F. SCHEUERMAN SONS FUNERAL DIRECTORS 712 WEST MAIN STREET ,fi I. J. DAVIES 56 RIDGE ROAD W. Distributor 40 Fathom Fish Oysters, Clams, Scallops GLENWOOD 2520 Phones, Culver 5808 - 5809 'k Claim Tracing - Personal Contact Service BAYER MERCANTILE AGENCY Collection of Overdue Accounts 1. . 67 3 LAURELTON ROAD MURRAY THEATRE LYELI. AND MURRAY ......Q 2 6 3 2 . ' Complzmentr of MONROE COUNTY WINDOW CLEANING COMPANY Q 29 BLEILE TERRACE Main 3851 2 Z Zweigles Famous for Quality Sausage Products 2 Sold at All Food Stores or ZWEIGLE'S RETAIL STORE 214 JOSEPH AVENUE STONE 6944 Ford Lincoln Mercury "Good Morning fncigeu 24 Hour Service-A11 Cars 15 Grease Pits-No Waiting Official Tire Inspection I fudge s 81 LAKE AVENUE MAIN 2807-8-9-10 a 0 o o o if 5 5 5 Q,..,........,.. C omplimentr of MONROE COUNTY DEMOCRATIC COMMITTEE ...,..... 12 1 BCE 33? GEO. I. VIALL 8: SONS, INC. 5-7 No. WATER STREET PAINT - VARNISH - GLASS FILMAR FLORIST 601 PLYMOUTH AVENUE NORTH BRUSHE5 Rochester, New York af A ff ,9 MAIN 751 M A I N 733 "For Good Thingf To Eat" if if -k THE WHITE GEORGE L. PALMOS DRIVING PARK AVENUE AT BROEZEL C om pliments of T R A N T ' S CATHOLIC SUPPLY STORE 96 CLINTON AVE. NORTH L O M B A R D O DRY CLEANERS 5: TAILORS MAIN OFFICE AND PLANT 67 FORD STREET Rochester 8, N. Y. STORES 342 Driving Park 499 Lyell Ave. 492 Main St. W. 497 Chili Ave. Phone, Main 2774 WIRE WORKS CO. 79-85 EXCHANGE STREET Complimefzlf of THE WILLIAM C. MENGES FUNERAL PARLOR 309 PORTLAND AVENUE Compliment! of HOLY ROSARY PARISH z Cf ......... -JCI CE 31 Complimenlf of CHAUFFEURS, TEAMSTERS AND HELPERS LOCAL NO. 118 34 STATE STREET I-IADLOCK PAINT COMPANY INC 466-470 CENTRAL AVENUE Rochester 9, New York Wbolefale Diffrilautom for ACME QUALITY PAINTS AND FINISHES MACMILLAN RING-FREE MOTOR OIL FUEL OIL - COKE - COAL OIL BURNERS - STOKERS LANGIE FUEL SERVICE, INC. Stone 4000 'Complimenlf of TI-IE HART STORES o--u- ..g 123 JCE 335 Compliments of HOLY REDEEMER ATHLETIC ' ASSOCIATION Compliment: of REV. MILTON KELLY KUNZER-ELLINWOOD, Inc. 123 BARBERRY TERRACE 'A' "A Milk io Depend Upon" O D E N B A C H ' S THE PEACOCK ROOM CLINTON AT MAIN 'A' Fine Food and Enterlaifzmefzl at Reaxomzble Priref LOEWENGUTH af DINEEN, INC. F. M. Loewenguth, Pres. ALL KIND5' OF INSURANCE ROOM 328 GRANITE BLDG. Rochester 4, N. Y. Phone Main 1251 FURNACES AND TINSMITHING PAINTS, OILS AND GLASS H. O. WAUGH HARDWARE 773 Lake Ave., cor. Lexington GLENWOOD 4740 Rochester, N. Y. TILO ROOFING CO., INC. 25 SOUTH UNION STREET C om plimenlf of ST. STANISLAUS SODALITY gg .................. Q Q .g.....g.-o..gQ .Q..g..g.. ..g,.g..p.g..g..g. ' Compliments of CENTURY SWEET SHOP 37-41 CLINTON AVENUE NORTH Charles Bouras, Proprietor LOUIS C. I-IOCK 8: SON CO., INC. GENERAL INSURANCE 322 GRANITE BUILDING, 130 MAIN ST. EAST MAIN 1013 ROCHESTER 4, N. Y. C om plimentf of . The BRIGHTON PLACE DAIRY DIVISION OF GENERAL ICE CREAM CORP. C on greztultztiom to tlae Clay: of 1945 ? o 5 2 9 --Owl-blwiwi--000-W-vm 2 2 Q O 1 COMPLIMENTS OF ST. MONICA'S PARISH Culver 1714 Res. Culver 2014 CLANCY CARTING 81 STORAGE CO., Inc. "SERVICE SINCE 1885" MOVING - PACKING - STORAGE WM. J. CLANCY 9 Grand Avenue Rochester, N. Y. Glenwood 3333 - Open 10 A.M. to 9 PM ADA COOPER MILLINERY Suzarl Sample H aff Located at 854 DEWEY AVENUE Near Driving Park Ave. Rochester 13, N. Y. E. W. FISKE C. E. HANDY Liremed Mafzagerf EISKE 8a HANDY FUNERAL PARLOR 105 LAKE AVE. JOSEPH A. RONCONE FUNERAL DIRECTOR 850 N. PLYMOUTH AVE. q- Not only BETTER HEARING Q23- but for the REST OF YOUR LIFE! The world's largest maker of hearing aids offers you a unique service begin- ning with a TAILOR-MADEFITTIIEG . . . f e- i and including many unique ac ors signed to assure you of UNINTER- RUPTED HEARING FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE. No other service like it! Come in for free tests and consultation. No obligation. SEVENTH FLOOR - TEMPLE BLDG. C om plimefzfr SCHAEF ER MARKETS 1050 DEWEY AVENUE 404 RIDGE ROAD WEST Stone 2142-I PAUL FIORE, ELORIST FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS 150 CENTRAL PARK Q Call Stone 701 C07llp!j17lElIf.f of DANIEL F. FITZGERALD Q ............ 335 ace as Complzmenm of :be ATLANTIC STAMPING COMPANY E E E 156 AMES STREET ROCHESTER, NEW YORK WM. WOERNER AND SONS Manzzfaemreff of CHURCH FURNITURE AND EQUIPMENT 485 HAGIJE STREET ROCHESTER, NEW YORK Camplimentf of JEANNETTE DE MEYER 127 PAYNE 8: DUNHAM af Lehigh Valley COAL Semet Solvay COKE 'A' Office and Yard 34 BRONSON AVENUE GENESEE 586 - 587 RELIABLE PROVISION CO. FRUITS AND VEGETABLES IN DAILY MEATS AND GROCERIES i 663 JEFFERSON AVE. Genesee 7236 WM. B. DUFFY CARTING CO. 62 SCIO STREET Rochester, N. Y. Phones, Main 3286 - Main 3287 Main 4894 PERDUE 8: COMPANY, INC. Engineerr - Contractors Heating - Ventilating - Plumbing 65 BROAD STREET Terminal Bldg. Fergus Perdue Compliment! of CARL'S SINCLAIR SERVICE STATION 1431 DEWEY AVENUE BLAUW BROS. PHARMACISTS 'lr S. GOODMAN AND CLINTON MONROE 925 lVlJ0lemle and Retail GAMROD-HARMAN CO., INC. McDougall - Butler Paints Varnishes - Enamel Imperial Wall Papers 75 Exchange Street Rochester, N. Y. Telephone, Main 3710 SCHULZ BROS. COFFEE SHOPPE 355 DRIVING PARK AVENUE Cor. Dewey Ave. BCE ................. 315 Cornplrnzentf of DI PAOLO BAKING COMPANY 598 NORTH PLYMOUTH AVENUE Rpchester, New York SCHULER'S Maker! of Anzericak Fine!! POTATO CHIPS PRETZELS 1 POPCORN Atal! Jzoref GENERAL OFFICES ROCHESTER, N. Y STAUB 84 SON Dry Cleaner! - Laandererf - Farriers Plant-951 Main St. E., Opp. the Armory Branch Store-1760 East Avenue One stop by oar roatefnan takef care of yoar Laandry ana? Dry Cleaning a i Bef! Wifbef ef MR. AND MRS. JOSEPH BIEBER 129 g..g.....g..g..q. Norbert E. Vay A joseph R. Vay THOMAS F. TROTT FUNERAL DIRECTOR VAY FUNERAL HOME if 604 MAPLE STREET 683 MAIN STREET EAST GENESEE 5938 STONE 1524 'Y E. FRANCIS E. BURNS OFFICE SYSTEMS - SUPPLIES DESKS - FILES 1099 JAY STREET NEW YORK LIFE INSURANCE CO. LIFE INSURANCE AND ANNUITIES 42 EAST AVENUE Bus. Main 1416 Res. Glen. 3899-W GRAVER'S ' Sperializiug in Graduation, Bridal and Bridesmaids' Gowns Open evening! 628 CLINTON AVE. NORTH MAIN 4470 Call Main 515 Res. Phone Cul. 1168-R MISS ROCHESTER FROCKS Manfzfartmferr of Dresses for Street and Afternoon Wear Nazareth Uniforms "From Factory to Customer" 390 N. Clinton Ave. Rochester, N. Y. WHELPLEY 84 PAUL Prwrripfiolz Oplifidfm SENECA HOTEL ARCADE . . Q3 Wbe1'e Good Glafrer Cor! No More Compliments of BOND BAKERS 392 NORTH STREET 322 ............ ..,.....,.....,.. Q I 131 iff BQ FRANCIS SCHWARTZ CARPENTER CONTRACTOR AND BUILDER 2083 CLIFFORD AVENUE CULVER 2137 F. S. ELAM SHOE CO., INC. Mmzufaclzzmrf 0 f CHILDRENS HIGH GRADE SHOES 1500 CLINTON AVENUE NORTH ROCHESTER, N. Y. ROCHESTER'S OLDEST DEALERS Q 18881 WINES, LIQUORS AND CORDIALS MCGREAL BROS. CO., INC. ' 407 MAIN STREET EAST MAIN 4400 COMPLIMENTS OF RAYMOND A. MORGAN THE HALOID COMPANY Rochester, N. Y. Makers of Haloid Photographic Papers Rectigraph Photo-Copying Machines Haloid and Rectigraph Photo Copy Papers FOR Y0UR TEAS, PARTIES, LUNCHEONS ...J'eI'1!6... CLUB CRACKERS 'k ONTARIO BISCUIT COMPANY "Supreme Bakerf' OTTO STEINWACHS Sc SON GENERAL CONTRACTORS 1661 CLINTON AVE. N. Rochester, N. Y. Glenwood 5689 M. PI-IEILSHIFTER CARPENTER CONTRACTOR AND BUILDER 731 FLOWER CITY PARK Glenwood 5500-R 4 Comlblimentr of REV. FRANK HOEFEN Glenwood 7653 Free Estimates AL. TURNER EXCAVATING AND GRADING CONTRACTOR Crushed Stone Driveways All Kifzdr of Hauling 316 ALVANAR ROAD HALLORAN SONS FUNERAL DIRECTORS Complimefztf of THE POWERS HOTEL M.. KELLY, Managing Director ff g..g..g..g..g.. .4-.Q--0--0--l--0 Q ,SE ace C077Iplilll67Zf.f of ANTHONY W. CULHANE T. T. BEARING CO. 454 COURT STREET Carpets, Rugs, Linoleum Asphalt Tile, Rubber Tile 'k HORTON 8: QUINN CO., Inc. 430 MAIN STREET EAST Stone 1206 Rochester, N. Y. SOUND EQUIPMENT Co., INC. ' 928 GENESEE STREET 'A' "S,l2efialiflI in Sound-A mplifyifzg A p paraluff' Phone Genesee 3073 MARY'S LINEN SHOP GENERAL DRY GOODS 371 SMITH STREET Main 1530 JAMES T. MURRAY PHARMACY KODAK SUPPLIES 492 LYELL AVENUE Whenever y0m"1'e 0111 Lyell Azfe. way Slap in give BILLY SENZ 4 play Makef no dijerefzre bow long you .amy Yozfre .wire 10 be .ferved live SENZIHE may. BILLY SENZ LYELL AVE., AT GLIDE ST. C077IlD!i7?26lIlI of I A. TRZECIAK Y Q .Q..Q-.o..s.-l..Q..s.m-m..o Q 9 TOWN TALK BAKERY INCORPORATED GLENWOOD 6772 'A' 601 PULLMAN AVENUE B. T. FLANNERY FUNERAL HOME 0 17 PHELPS AVENUE Glenwood 4251 L . B . E I N E W O O D HAULING CONTRACTOR 'A' 2490 MT. READ BLVD. TROTT BROTHERS CO. INC. 1120 MT. HOPE AVE. Phone, Genesee 7640 'A' JOSEPH A. MURPHY FUNERAL DIRECTOR 363 CHILI AVENUE MAIN 8753 ALS RESTAURANT A Good Clean Place to -Ea! Spaghetti 84 Meat Balls Our Specialty Delicious Food at Popular Prices It if 'A' 161 ST. PAUL ST. OPEN SUNDAYS Conzplinzenix of the MANHATTAN RESTAURANT 25 EAST AVENUE Cowplimefztf of DI SALVO DRY CLEANERS gg .......... Q 154 Main 428 - Main 429 HUBER ELECTRICAL SUPPLY CO. FOR THINGS ELECTRICAL 68 SOUTH AVENUE Rochester, N. Y. BURKE'S MARKET CHOICE MEATS 324 PLYMOUTH AVE. SO. Rochester 8, N. Y. Phone, Main 5670 WE DELIVER GENESEE 5964 A PASSARELL BROS. QUALITY MEATS AND GROCERIES FRUITS AND VEGETABLES BEER AND ALE 270 GENESEE STREET Two Doors Madison Theatre Rl.l55Ell'5 MARKET MAX RUSSER INC. BASTIAN DRESS SHOP SMART DRESSES MODERN SPORTSWEAR o 493 LYELL AVE. GLEN. 1715 JEFFERSON LIQUOR STORE 554 JEFFERSON AVE. Rochester, N. Y. 257 AMES ST' Frank Goodman, Prop. ROCHESTER. N.Y. ' GENESEE 5 115 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1945 RUFUS MAIER REV. MICHAEL P. O'BRIEN Q O 0 O 0 3:5 THE CRESCENT PURITAN LAUNDRY, INC. O 1630 DEWEY AVENUE For the Smart Girl Graduate Those smart young graduates, and Debs who would thrill at the sight of the beautiful, and lovely gradu- ating fashions-which will be fea- tured at the ANN CULHANE DRESS SHOP 571 LAKE AVENUE Phone Glen. 5700 Nazareth Uniformf Open - Mon., Wed., Fri. evenings until 9 WILLIAMSON FURNACES Dirtrihuled hy HEATING SUPPLY COMPANY, INC. 150 COLVIN S., ROCHESTER 11, N. Y Phones: Genesee 353 - 354 THE EGGLESTON Air Conditioned 47 AND 49 CLINTON AVE. S. Rochester, N. Y. The finer! irz good rhingr to eat and drink SINCE 1886 E. A. Dentinger Ward KRIETER'S Szzharharz ROCIJEIIETJJ Mort Complele DRUG STORE 659 TITUS AVE, AT COOPER ROAD Charlotte 2345 BLANCHARD - FLORIST Fafhiorzf in Flowerr 58 - 62 LAKE AVENUE Telephone, Main 1986 Memher Florirlf' Telegraph Delivery AJ'J'n Complimenlx of JOHN H. GARNHAM GROCERY o 823 DEWEY AVENUE KROLL'S 648 CLINTON AVE. NORTH ass ,gg Complimezzlf of OGDEN R. ADAMS MACHINERY 264 - 266 STATE STREET Bef! Wifbef GORDON A. HOWE SUPERVISOR Town of Greece HAUBNER 8: ST ALKNECHT FUNERAL HOME i' 828 JAY STREET Genesee 300 Edward E. Haubner - Sarto W. Stalknecht Complinzefztf to CLASS OF '45 from ROCHESTER STATIONERY Co. Complimefzm of ROCHESTER LINOTYPE COMPOSITION CO., Inc. 145 ST. PAUL STREET Rochester 4, New York WALDERT OPTICAL CO Alwayr Better Glafref Never Higher Prirer 56 EAST AVENUE Complimezzlr of WARD'S HARDWARE 567 JEFFERSON AVENUE JUST Us THE ANTHONY-KLEE CORPORATION COMMERCIAL PRINTING AND ADVERTISING MAIN 7193 165 ST. PAUL STREET Rochester 4, New York E. E. THURSTON CO. ' CLEANERS AND DYERS Stone 4956 1023 NORTON STREET Rochester 5, N. Y. MILLER BROTHERS FUNERAL DIRECTORS 474 LYELL AVENUE Sizes 2 to 12 Stone 3263-L YOUNGSTER SHOE MFG. Sturdy, Durable ana' Comfortable Wear For Real Saoirzg - Buy Direct TALLUTO BROS. 102 BAY ST., COR. MILLER Rochester 5, N. Y. Phone, Main 2475 ZACCARIA'S FURRIERS - LADIES' TAILORS FURS, COATS AND SUITS Ready Made and Made To Order Repairing - Remodeling - Storage S. ZACCARIA, Style Defigrzer East Ave. Rochester, N. Y. BAUMAN 8: BAYNES MEATS - GROCERIES VEGETABLES 333 DRIVING PARK AVE. For Particular Peo ple HAFNER HOME LAUNDRY INC. 595 CLINTON AVE. NORTH Main 2978 Compliment: of DAVID ROSENBLOOM i' UNION OUTFITTING CO., INC. 286 EAST AVENUE . . ..g..g.. C om plim efzff of CASPER COAL CO. COAL - COKE - FUEL OU. KEARNEY AND LAPALM ' 383 COLVIN STREET Genesee 733 AUGUST M. MAIER JOHN G. MAIER CLARK'S AUGUST A. MAIER READY-TO-WEAR FUNERAL HOME FOR FUNERAL DIRECTORS 1119 JOSEPH AVENUE Stone 6737 MEN - WOMEN - CHILDREN GENESEE AT BRONSON Genesee 5362 Complimenlf of THE HUDSON DAIRY CO. SPIC-N-SPAN DRY CLEANERS 927 N. CLINTONfCORNER RADIO QUALITY DRY CLEANING at Reamzzable Prism Fur Storage - Xpert Dyeing 3-Day Service AL LITTLE'S GRILL 4430 LAKE AVENUE 4 4 4 All Legal Beverages Beit Wifbef for Nkzfzy Yearf of Continued Jervire 9 Complimefzlf of PERMANENT ROADWAYS, INC. C ow plimezzlx of THE RICHFORD HOTEL ROBERT R. DAVIDSON, Mgr. Complimefzlf of ULAUBES OLD SPAIN U The memory of qllclfiljl 7'677ldi7I.f long after the prife if paid. JOHN MULLER 781 DEWEY AVE. We Deliver Glen. 1830 ROGERS RED 8: WHITE STORE -472 GENESEE STREET Opposite West High School Open Evefzilzgf-Szllzdayf 'k All Cold Beverages Pleafafzt View Slofk Farm Fine Howe! and Caltle EUGENE E. MEISENZAHL Greece, N. Y. Glen. 7511-M 79 ELMGROVE ROAD THE HOME STORE Clolbifzg for the ENTIRE FAMILY 012 Badger Terwf I2 STATE ST. MAIN 3928 Rochester O'CON N ELL FUNERAL HOME james M. O'Conr1ell L1MA, NEW YORK --0--0--Of-A--0--0--Oo-QQ 9 T T e Q P 'I' e 5 a e E E 2 9 6 9 9 5 2 6 a 6 z 9 5 9 6 a e 6 5 6 Q a oo o Q Q D L I B E R T Y TAILORS AND DRY CLEANERS LADIES' AND MEN'S GARMENTS Cleaned, Pressed, Dyed, I Repaired and Remodeled Glenwood 3024 - We Call and Deliver 281 DRIVING PARK AVENUE IN LIBERTY THEATRE BLDG. STONE'S BAKERY FINE BAKED GOODS 707 HUDSON AVE. Stone 1253 RING FUEL CO., INC. COAL - COKE - FUEL OIL Glenwood 1748 Day-Glen. 6851 Night-Glen. 6022-XX' 'k WITTMAN'S GARAGE 2496 RIDGE RD. W., GREECE, N. Y. CHUCK'S BICYCLE SHOP Bicycles fixed, sold, and bought Genesee 5505-R 185 VIRGINIA AVE. Charles O'Grady, Prop. LIBERTY SWEET SHOPPE HOME MADE CANDIES ICE CREAM SODAS, CIGARS AND TOBACCO ' DRIVING PARK AVENUE GENESEE VALLEY DISTRIBUTING CO Complimenzf of 93 PORTLAND AVE. C. O'NEIL E FROZEN DOMESTIC RABBITS J WELER 587 JEFFERSON AVENUE Crwzfllimenlx of IDEWIEY-STONE ROAD LIQUOR STORE 508 STONE ROAD Glenwood 887 CARMEN'S BEAUTY SHOPPE 86 EMERSON ST.-NCHY Lake Ave. Rochester 13, N. Y. Specializing in FREDERIC' TRUE-CURL AND COLD WAVE PERMANENTS Phone-Main 1586 Open 9 A.M. to 9 P.M. MATTERN'S HAT SHOP 877 CLINTON AVE. N. ROCHESTER, N. Y. RED AND WHITE 1582 - 86 EAST MAIN STREET A. J. Effinger, Prop. MEATS - GROCERIES - FRUITS VEGETABLES We Deliver Culver 125 - 126 Complimentx of CLEVELAND FOOD MARKET 483 BROOKS AVENUE Complimentf of I. F. MUXWORTHYS HARDWARE 563 TITUS AVENUE Ckmzplinzenm of MR. AND MRS. AIBERT J. SEIBOLD 512 REMINGTON STREET Rochester 5, New York NEW YORK FUR SHOP Cmtofzz Furrie1T Exclufively 704 CLINTON AVE. N. 3:E,.....,. , , g QQ SUN THEATRE 986 JOSEPH AVENUE C om plimefztr of THE ROCHESTER HOTEL W. STEENMAN, Mmmger THE PAINE DRUG CO. 24 and 26 EAST MAIN ST. Estabiished 1820 L O R E N Z O ' S "Food Fi! for a King" 33 CHESTNUT ST. STONE 732 AN DY'S GARAGE 209 CLINTON AVE. NORTH 'A' COMPLETE 24 HOUR SERVICE C07?Zpfi71l67ZlJ' of GEORGE A. KLIER, PHARMACY 692 MAPLE STREET The Real Hot Stand ACKERMAN AND KLEIN LYELL AND HOWARD ROADS Cofzgmtzzlatiom to the CLASS OF 1945 Mr. and Mrs. Carl Hartz BCE ..................... 35 JAY CLEANERS 3: TAILORS 857 JAY STREET Co mplimenli of RIDGEWAY PHARMACY 1470 DEWEY AVENUE XVe Deliver Glen. 3046 Cofzzplizzzenm of PLYMOUTH DAIRY CO. 388 SEWARD STREET CATHERINE BOITINGER 941 CLINTON AVE. SO. DRY GOODS AND NOTIONS SCHULMAN APPLIANCE 81 FURNITURE CO. 975 CLINTON AVENUE NORTH Main 2293 Open Evenings Complimenlr of BENNETT'S BAKERY 1252 CLINTON AVE. NO. Main 2557 Congmlulationr to ROSE MARIE HARTZ STILLMAN'S MEN'S SHOP 831 DEWEY AVENUE H ead quafterr for HOLEPROOF WOMENS HOSIERY J. C. MIRGUET, INC. 104 - 108 PLATT STREET Main 2425 and 2426 REFRIGERATED FUR STORAGE Wholesale and Remil Fur: RED AND WHITE FOOD STORE 653 TITUS AVENUE Charlotte 2720 Complete Food Seroire Conzplimenli' of SIMONETTI MARKET 81 GROCERY Complimenlf of GENESEE LIQUOR STORE 576 THURSTON ROAD ROZZI TAILOR AND CLEANER 554-558 THURSTON ROAD Genesee 2365 WILLIAM YALOWICH DRUG CO. 658 - 659 HUDSON AVENUE Ma?n 9084 Main 8398 Trusses, Abdominal Supports and Elastic Hosiery nz low prirer A. L. WORTHINGTON PHARMACY Your NEiglJb07'!900d REXALL STORE 449 LYELL AVE. Complimenlr of FRANK HEMMERICH Supervisor of the 24th Ward . Conzplimentf of jf 1 GENESEE BOOTERY 178 GENESEE STREET Complinzefzfi 0 NAZARETH MODEL SCHOOL EMERSON FUEL CO. Red Star Brand COAL, COKE and CHARCOAL Telephone: Glenwood 800 - 801 - Yard at 549 LYELL AVENUE License No. 176 Complimefm of FARRELL BROTHERS COLONIAL FUNERAL HOME Complimefztf of WAGG'S DEPARTMENT STORE 1535 LAKE AVENUE KOSTA CHRISTOFF Retail FRESH BAKED GOODS DAILY FANCY AND STAPLE GROCERIES All Kilzdf of Frexh Fruitf and Vegetalalef 404 Lexington Avenue Phone: Glenwood 2000 HOWE 8C BASSETT CO. Emzbliflaed 1885 PLUMBING - HEATING AUTOMATIC SPRINKLERS PERMOTIT WATER SOFTENERS 840 UUNVIRSITY AVENUE Call-Monroe 3 CU17IPljI7l61If.l' of ST. CHARLES BORROMEO PARISH if s 0 0 o Q gn...g...........g.....q..g.....g.....,.., g g 3:2 Servire Ream nable HOWARD W. WITZEL PRINTING Co. PRINTING OF DISTINCTION 163 Sr. PAUL ST. ROCHESTER, N. Y. Telephone Main 4112 TISHLER DRUGS 1166 No. GOODMAN ST. MARTIN WUEST DAIRY PRODUCTS 222 LINCOLN AVENUE Genesee 4952 Complimentf of ST. FRANCIS XAVIER YOUNG LADIES SODALITY FRANK M. FROEHLER MUSICIAN - TEACHER Saxophone - Clarinet 389 CAMPBELL ST. GLEN. 1794-M CHILD ST. PHARMACY The Rexall Slofe A. P. Domeika, Ph.G. Genesee 4196 369 CHILD ST., COR. JAY ROCHESTER, NEW YORK Complimentr of Alfred J. Kunz and Andrew Wuest MAY-HE-CO Hand made Silver jewelry from Mexico and Peru GIFTS - NOVELTIES - PRIZES 1836 STONE RD. GLEN.- 7582-I RAY'S SAMPLE HAT SHOPS HATS-31.49 to 353.99 BAGS-31.99 to 395.99-tax not incl. 51 N. CLINTON AVENUE 26 ST. PAUL STREET 81 So. CLINTON AVENUE Complimemff of STONEWOOD FOOD SHOPPE 305 STONEWOOD AVE. SARVEY'S GULF SERVICE DEWEY AND DALSTON Charlotte 2296 COMPLETE LUBRICATION SERVICE Hours 9 A. M. to 9 P. M. Flowen for All Ormriom WILLIAM C. WESTFALL 1092 MOUNT HOPE AVENUE Compliment! of UNION HOTEL FRED G. WAHL WATCH AND CLOCK REPAIRING 2001 RIDGE RD. E. Rochester 5, New York Camplimentr of THOMPSONIS ICE CREAM PARLOR Next to Cameo Theater SHANNON 8: GOTTERMEIER 638 LAKE AVENUE Plumbing, Heating, Tinsmithing, Tin, Copper And Sheet Iron Work Furnaces Installed and Repaired Q .........,........... ......................,,........,,..............................,..,........................,.,....,........... . . . . ........, BEST WISHES T0 NAZARETH CLASS 1945 if Honorable Harold P. Burke THE ONLY REGISTERED MEDICAL SECRETARIAI COURSE IN ROCHESTER See catalog for other Secretarial and Accounting Courses brbuul uf Ciummerre 362 East Avenue Main 5530 Associate Member, American Association of Junior Colleges Complimezzlf of A KENNEY'S GROCERY' 838 GENESEE STREET Opportunity for You Let R. B. I.'s famous "Success Clinic" show you the career for which you are'best suited . . . and let R. B. I.'s exclusive "Balanced Business Training" properly prepare you for that career. New day school terms at the newly modern- ized R. B. I. begin every 3 months. Write today for full particulars. h Rochester BUSINESS Institute 172 Clinton Ave., South . . . Rochester 4, N. Y. STAUD SHOE' CORPORATION Shoe! from Cradle lo College 155 ST. PAUL STREET Rochester, N. Y. BEST WISHES T0 ALL NAZARETH STUDENTS from Sl-IERIFF ALBERT SKINNER P. E. YEOMAN COAL and COKE WEST POINT ICE William P. Waterman 957 jefferson Ave.. 247 Cottage St. Telephone: Genesee 324 Complimefllf of a Friend 00 0000 SOUTH AVE. HARDWARE Leo. G. Hocles, Prop. PITTSBURGH PAINTS - OILS 0 0 0 0 O 0 0 Phone, Stone 937 - 936 Auto Delivery JOSEPH J. BROWN MARKET CHOICE MEATS AND GLASS and 666 SOUTH AVENUE . FANCY DRESSED POULTRY Moflfoe 8827 I7 RICHMOND ST. ROCHESTER, N. Y. DUPONT PAINTS HUNT'S HARDWARE 390 THURSTON ROAD GENESEE 3687 Q Compliment: of G. BAREIS AND SON ' EVERYTHING IN FOOTWEAR 826 JOSEPH AVENUE Complimenlf of HOLY REDEEMER YOUTH. For Your Drug! Needs L. V. CONNOR PHARMACIST ASSOCIATION 470 Genesee Street Opposite West High I E. J. BARNER IOS. GRZESZCZAK . Dealer In MEATS AND GROCERIES QUALITY AND SERVICE STONE 3236-J 92 ST. CASMIIR ST. HARDWARE, PAINTS, VARNISI-IES, ENAMELS, GLASS, METAL CEILING, ROOFING AND PuRNAcES 485 DEWEY AVE. GLENWOOD 4515 GARDNER 8: BADER Automolive Service with 4 Reputation Complete Automotive Maintenance Battery - Carburetor - Ignition - Body - Fender Gas and Oil MAPLE AND CHILD STREETS Genesee 6055 Phone, Stone 565 ' JOHN T. ANTCZAK HIGH GRADE COAL AND COKE RANGE AND FUEL OIL 746 NORTON ST. ROCHESTER, N. Y. JOSEPH BATALL GORSKI,MILLEWICH FRESH MEATS - GROCERIES FRUITS - VEGETABLES 819 PORTLAND AVE. STONE 1714 Phone Main 5404 STONE 2204 STONE 2205 BERMAN FUR CO, FIORAVANTI FLORIST 298 NORTH STREET Rochester 5, N. Y. MANUFACTURING FURRIERS AND LADIES' TAILORS 688 CLINTON AVE. N. Rochester, N. Y. ASHTON FUNERAL HOME, INC. 656 W. MAIN STREET Jos. Broderick Mrs. C. Ashton Licemed M gr. U nlivemed Genesee 4390 : Gen. 1444 Q C0 0000000 Culver 3912 and Culver 5035 EDW. BROCKMANN'S SONS CUT FLOWERS, PLANTS, FLORAL DESIGNS 1945 RIDGE ROAD EAST Rochester, N. Y. 0 0 Q gg iii Complimefzty of LILAC LAUNDRY SOUTH AVENUE CANDY KITCHEN 686 SOUTH AVENUE Complimenlr of PHILIP ENDERS 81 SON Complimerztr of DYKE'S MARKET 808 BROWN STREET ENDICOTT JOHNSON CORPORATION SHOES 332 Main Street East 88 Main Street East 282 North Street 395 Ridge Road West Complimefzfr of lbe ELECTRICAL WORKERS LOCAL UNION B-86 ' DUKE'S VARIETY STORE 1382 CULVER ROAD C am pl im emi of HAROLD J. QUIGLEY "Aluwly.I' Look Your Bef!" AGNES BEAUTY SHOP 295 AVERILL AVE. Monroe 4048 SANKELIS GAS AND GROCERY 5014 RIDGE ROAD W. Spencerport, N. Y. SID'S ATLANTIC SERVICE 809 CLINTON AVE. So. Rochester, N. Y, Monroe 9399 THE FUR STUDIO 505 LYELL AVENUE Glenwood 5018 AUDYCKI'S STORE GROCERIES 742 AVENUE D MAIN 8681 GEORGE STAHL BAKER 1192 JAY STREET Complimenlf of THE AMERICAN SPECIALTY CO. FARMEN - FLORIST 331 DRIVING.PARK AVE. Glenwood 1240 Cnmplimenll' of Ifve ARNETT BAKERY 344 ARNETT BLVD. Camplim emf of ELLICOTT MARKET 119 ELLICOTT STREET C,.U7llflijlIlL'llf,l of live BONTON BEAUTY SALON 1 162 2ool RIDGE ROAD CULVER FAYS BEAUTY SHOP PERMANENT WAVE SPECIALISTS Marion Kornet, Prop. 456 PARSELLS AVE. Phone, Culver 5801 Rochester, N. Y. Complimenzx of BANNINGER AUTOMOTIVE 940 RIDQEWAY GLENWOOD 5260 CU77ZpU7llL'71I.1' of BARNARD GRILL Prop. E. I-I. junker 2822 DEWEY AVENUE NICK CHINAPPI 8: SON GROCERY AND MEAT MARKET 1004 LYELI. AVE. 922 JAY ST. Phones: Glenwood 7484 Genesee 5401-V' EVELYN ANDRUS BEAUTY SHOPPIE 195 GENESEE STREET Phone: Gen. 2018 SCE ......... gg 0 ,gg iii Complimemf of DWYER ELECTRIC COMPANY, Inc. C om plimelzff of 5 JOSEPH BUCKLEY FUNERAL DIRECTOR A 796 DEWEY AVE. GLEN. 4906 THE ROCHESTER HOTEL ASSOCIATION Complimenlf of i' CADILLAC - HAYWARD - POWERS ROCHESTER - SHERATON SENECA - EASTMAN May We Serve Yon? THE BOEHM SURGICAL INSTRUMENT CORP. 205 ST. PAUL STREET C om plimefzlf of THE PERRY FLOWER SHOP 441 CHILI AVENUE GENESEE 117 Oj mfAy Fzmfierx and Tailom TO Gentlewomen n and SENECA HOTEL ARCADE READY TO WEAR CLOTHES MAIN 8447 39 EAST AVENUE D. E. COVILL DIAMONDS - WATCHES HOTEL SENECA ARCADE Rochester, New York i SHAFER CO. F U R S 51 EAST AVENUE if .................... if IRONDEQUOIT PHARMACY 2062 E. RIDGE RD. AT CULVER Culver 5934 Rochester, N. Y. g g 9 g g g ..g..g..g..g........g.....g..g.....g.....g g Q WILLIAM S. GULVIN Ceflified Watfb Maker 246 MERCANTILE BUILDING Rochester, New York DIAMONDS AND WATCHES STONE 3910 PERFECTION CLEANERS - DYERS COR. ROSEWOOD TER. AND WEBSTER AVE. Phone: Culver 5970 ROYAL CANDY SHOPPE 131 CLINTON AVE. SO. CONFECTIONERY - SODAS LIGHT LUNCHES Oppofite Loeuff Theatre ACKERMANS HOTEL COR. LYELL AND HOWARD ROAD RED 84 WHITE R. J. Schlottman GROCERIES, MEATS, VEGETABLES AND FROSTED FOODS 566 PARK AVENUE Monroe 3748 - 3749 Sales and Rentals Property Management GARLAND- REAL ESTATE 281 EASTMAN AVENUE Phone, Glenwood 2462-M MANDELLJS CUT RATE PHARMACY PORTLAND AND NORTON Prexcriptionf Accurately Compounded FREE DELIVERY ANYWHERE IN THE CITY Main 3018 - 8478 BERNARD HENSLER DIAMONDS, WATCHES, JEWELRY 301-503 COMMERCE BUILDING Main St. cor. South Ave. Stone 496 METZ BEAUTY SHOPPE Open Tues., Thurs., Fri. 9 to 9 Cloxed All Day Wednexday' Open Mon. and Sat., 9 to 5 500 LYELL AVE. GLEN. 5030 I-IANK'S FRIENDLY SERVICE FRANK QUIRK 595 JEFFERSON AVENUE GLENWOOD 341-R M. AND A. MATTERN DRY GOODS, NOTIONS AND GENT'S FURNISHINGS RW 39 87 CONKEY AVE. ROCHESTER, N. Y. LENA'S DRESS SHOPPE SHAMROCK CARRIES A COMPLETE LINE WRITING PAPER OF DRESSES AND TABLETS "Half-Jizef Out' Speeialtyu - 878 PORTLAND AVE. MAIN 1497 C077Z.Dlf77l97ZI.lP of MORRIS ROSENBLGOM 84 CO. 29 ST. PAUL STREET Monroe 5704 J. LEO KEATING JEWELER Wattoh, Clock and jewelry Repair 694 SOUTH GOODMAN STREET Near Clinton Ave, S. ROCHESTER, Y. 335 ........... 335 Q..g..g..e..o. Q -0-vi--0--0--0--0+-0--CMO-Oo -0--M -91-If-0--Cv-0-0--0-4--O-fm-I-so-10 C001 0011041 9-if-0--O'-Ov-C 0--0--In0--:wiv-C--Qwmvl--0+-C-M-0--U-0 -Q-CHO-O--Ov-Quin!--9'-0--0--0--l--In 0- two -C-fl--0--Q--0-0--I --O vc ISE Compliment! of BITTNER 85 SCHEIBLE, INC PRINTERS AND PUBLISHERS 5 ST. PAUL STREET Rochester FRANK S. GOTTRY 8c SON 15 CHARLOTTE ST. Rochester 4, N. Y. Bef! Wifhef of H. L. GREEN CO. BASTIAN BROS. CO. 1600 CLINTON AVE. N. MANUFACTURING JEWELERS AND ENGRAVERS Glenwood 3380 W. R. TIEFEL, Reprefenzafive C om plimefztf COWANS PHARMACY 2910 DEWEY AVENUE Complimefztf of DOERNEIVS BEVERAGES DEL-BAR FUEL SERVICE COAL - COKE FUEL OILS 373 SMITH STREET Main 5050 EDWARD J. HOGAN AUCTIONEER Phone 47-R Lima, N. Y. ...Q Q O O a --o--o--o--O--O--O--w o u o 1 o O .q..o..g..p-4... SULLIVAN COAL 81 COKE CO. 402V2 LEXINGTON AVENUE O O O O Q PAUL V. IHMOF HARDWARE - PAINT - GLASS 1011 - 1015 DEWEY AVENUE Glenwood 5339 n CALL When Your Eye Pbylfician , Examinex Your Eyef-Have KITTY S KAKE SHOP FOR YOUR MR. HICKEY Make Your Glanef 277 ALEXANDER STREET WILLIAM C. SCHWAB HIGH-CLASS PRINTING 289 Campbell St. Genesee 2159-J H. J. TORMEY MOVING AND CARTING 126 GARDINER AVENUE Genesee 826 VICTORY SWEET SHOPPE 625 HUDSON AVENUE OUR OWN ICE CREAM - SODAS - SUNDAES FROZEN CUSTARD - FRAPPES Phone Main 7768 VOGT'S STORE DRY GOODS AND MEN'S FURNISHINGS Phone Ivfain 1513 969-71-73 Clinton Ave. N. BIRTHDAY and WEDDING CAKES 571 JEFFERSON AVENUE Genesee 1935 JENNY SHOP 15 NORTH CLINTON MILLINERY - BAGS COSTUME JEWELRY Complimenty from G. H. RENZI STUDIO PHOTOGRAPHER Open Sunday! ' 541 STATE STREET Phone Main 2875 Rochester, N. Y. ALBERT G. JUNG ELECTRICAL APPLIANCE DEALER REFRIGERATORS - WASHERS - IRONERS Servire on all makef of wafber 1799 - 1803 NORTH CLINTON Glenwood 4235 Phone, Charlotte 312 1 JOHN SCIPION I ROOFING AND SIDING AND REPAIRS OF ALL TYPE Saliffaction Auured All Wfork Guaranteed 4629 LAKE AVE. CHARLOTTE, N. Y. I Caurlefy of HARRY HURVITZ CO., INC. 316 JOSEPH AVENUE DIAMONDS - WATCHES JEWELRY Complimenzx of KELLETT MOTORS 1871 RIDGE ROAD EAST Rochester, N. Y. LAKE AVENUE HARDWARE AND PAINT COMPANY GLASS - HOUSEHOLD GOODS - GUTTERS ELECTRICAL AND PLUMBING SUPPLIES FISHING TACKLE 1479 LAKE AVE. GLENWOOD 2420 Complimentf of SCHMIDT'S MARKET 747 JOSEPH AVENUE l Q .. g g . 5 9 5 guy--0.-of-0--l..g.-q..g..g..g..g. O Q g Q 0 O I PHONE - GEN. 3152 BREAD - CAKES - PASTRY SCHLAFFERS BAKERY Orders Taken FOR Wedding.f and Parfief 355 AMES ST. ROCHESTER, N. Y. T U C K E R ' S RELIGIOUS GIFT STUDIO 74 EAST AVENUE Buy Where the Clergy Buy EMERGENCY CASH "Pick up the Phone and make a Loan" Rates at ZW Per Month To Borrow 3100 Today You Pay 39.46 a Month For 12 Months Loans made for Medical and Hospital Expense, Car Repairs, Taxes, or Other Needs. "Your Home Town Company" HOME TOWN FINANCE CO., INC. 65 Broad Street Rochester, N. Y. Phone Main 6437 JOSEPH A. SCHANTZ CO. Fine Ffmzimre - Fireproof Slorage' MAIN 2332 CHAS. P. MEAD Sc SONS, INC. PAPER, TWINE AND PAPER SPECIALTIES 568-574 ST. PAUL STREET Rochester, N. Y. RYAN 8c MCINTEE FUNERAL SERVICE if lbe bert and 60511 no more 'k 247 ST PAUL STREET CALL STONE 1464 B. LEO MCINTEE h f N Y 207 CHESTNUT STREET Ro' etter -1, . . 1. S ik The Fzmeral Home - N 012-Sevzariazz HOME GROCERS FRUITS - VEGETABLES - MEATS ICE COLD BEVERAGES 199-203 PARK AVENUE Phone, Monroe 9326 ST. MARY'S HOSPITAL SCHOOL OF NURSING 5 -0'-0'-l-Q-w-4--0-4-0-Q--0-+o-0-f0+4--o--0- -000- .g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g. 9-0-0- -m.a-- 0-aw x ! 6 me9--0-v-0--0-0--0'-0--lu0--C--o--q.-u..o-o--0--u--Q-o-- ..g..g..g..g.. 0- q..a..o--onoevo-eo 0--0--I--D--0--Oni-of-0-0-fo get ............. azz O O O I l l O O O O O O O 0 I O O O'l"l"l'0U"i0O-'Owl O O O O O O O O O C O I O O U O O "O"l"l"l"l"ll'O"l OHOIOOIIO Q Complimenlx of MART'S GROCERY 747 HUDSON AVENUE MERRI'I'1"S GROCERIES AND DELICATESSEN 45 CONKEY AVENUE Complimenlf of HARRIS NUSBAUM DEPARTMENT STORE JOSEPH AT KELLY ANDREW COLMAN QUALITY DEVELOPING AND PRINTING 461 BROOKS AVE. PHONE GENESEE 7264 CAMELIO BROS. MARKET and GROCERY OT1s, COR. AUSTIN We Deliver Glen. 5285 HENRY M. MAY MEAT MARKET i JAY STREET COR. CHILD Genesee 1522 Fla wen' for All Ocmxionf CLARK FLORIST 820 JEFFERSON AVENUE Genesee 1332 GUS. L. DAMASCHKE FUNERAL DIRECTOR 1080 NORTH STREET Phones, Main 998 Q Main 6629 GEO. PROUD SERVICE STATION COR. DEWEY AND DRIVING PARK AVE: TIRE CAPPING AND GOODRICH TIRES Tel. Glen. 424 Rochester, N. Y. CARR PHARMACY Pfexcriplion Speriuliflf 957 GENESEE ST. COR. BROOKS AVE. For Prompt Delivery Call Genesee 2445 or Genesee 7617 Bef! Wifher 10 the CLASS OF 1945 FARR'S SUNOCO SERVICE 2829 DEWEY AVENUE Complimenlf of COPENI-IAGEN'S ICE COMPANY MAX THE F LORIST 1467 LNKE AVENUE Glenwood 716 I FLOIWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS DIRSO'S RESTAURANT CHOICE BEER, WINES AND LIQUORS Mealf and Sandwirlzef al all bourx 703 HUDSON AVE. ROCHESTER, N. Y. Compliment! of THE DE RYKE ICE CREAM Complimentr of DONUT CENTER 1469 LAKE AVE, GLENWOOD 7151 iff g.....n..u.-u..o...-Q 0 0 0 0 336 GEORGE M. CLANCY CARTING CO. 8 CIRCLE STREET Monroe 8018 CUl7Zp!i77Z67ZlJ' of DAVIS DRUG CO. 1481 LAKE AVENUE Compliment: of THE CURTIN AGENCY GENERAL INSURANCE GRANITE BUILDING MORTIMER DON OVAN For Properly Balafzred Heating SEE ME FIRST D 99 EARL STREET Genesee 6363 Stone 3519 B O U C H E R HEDGES AND HOFFMAN . FUNERAL DIRECTORS FLOWERS 141 Sclo STREET Phone Main 620 o 422 MAIN STREET EAST Rochester, New York John M. Hedges C077Zp!i7?Z6l7lJ' of FRANK GRINNAN C om plimefztf 0 f FLOWER CITY SPECIALTY CO. .,..,..,..,..,,.,..,..,.................,... 0 . . . . . . ...............,............... . .........,..,..,..,..,.. .........,........, Q Phone: Genesee 1118 WILLIAM A. CARL Clothes Individually Tailored 617 MAIN STREET WEST Rochester 11, N. Y. Compliment! of MARTY'S FRUIT 86 GROCERY . FRUIT AND GROCERY 1231 NORTH CLINTON Main 5908 J. KIRCHER MARKET AND GROCERY 701 HUDSON AVE. STONE 3574 GLENWOOD 1999 WE DELIVER ESTER'S LIQUOR STORE ' 'CARL 5, ESTER Imported and Domerlic WINES, LIQUORS AND CORDIALS 1487 DEWEY AVENUE 5 Doors from Ridgeway Complimenzf af CRAMER DRUG CO. 25 CLINTON AVE. N. THE DUTCH MILL RESTAURANT 2901 DEWEY AVENUE Large private room amilalzle for WEDDING RECEPTIONS, BANQUETS, ETC. Complimenlr of - MOTOR DIVISION EQUIPMENT 42 FELIX STREET ROCHESTER, N. Y. ESSO Esso MOTOR OIL TIRES E S S O S E R V I C E FRED WURSTER EAST AVE. AT SCIO STREET Phone: Main 7225 Compliment! of CULVER GRILL 794 - 6 CULVER ROAD Otto Murrer, Prop. Culver 5990 LITTLE SUPER MARKET 880-882 PORTLAND AVENUE FRESH FRUITS - VEGETABLES GROCERIES COLD BEER and ALE MCCORRY BROTHERS CHOICE TEAS and COFFEE 68 OTIs STREET Rochester 6, N. Y. COHEN'S TAILORS FUR STORAGE Remodeling - Repairing - Cleaning 5I9V2 LYELL AVENUE Phone Glen. 6033 Rochester, N. Y. Compliment! of LATINI SHOE REPAIR 605 TITUS AVENUE MOBILE GAS AND OIL KNOWLES 8: BUSS 530 THURSTON ROAD Genesee 6919 EMPIRE CLEANING and DYEING WORKS Frank Cohen, Proprietor 622 HOLLENBECK ST. GLEN. 1102 K L E E ' S DELICIOUS ICE CREAM 635 TITUS AVENUE o so o CE .,..,..,..,....................,.....,..,.............., ....,.....,.....,.. .. ....... I 5 8 g..g..g.....g..g..g..g. . .. ..g..g..q..g.. C0ll1plflIl6lIf.f of I RIDGE CREST BAKERY 2006 RIDGE ROAD EAST Culver 1759 THE GOODIE SHOPPES HOME MADE CANDIES AND ICE CREAM Two Sloref 1700 CLIFFORD AVENUE 535 PORTLAND AVENUE GOETZMAN 84 NEWMAN MOTOR EXPRESS 492 OAK STREET Main 1592-3 NEWARK - ROCHESTER - SYRACUSE C077lpli77lElZlJ' of HUDSON MARKET 613 HUDSON AVE. WISE 84 PHILLIPS A GENERAL REPAIRING Ponliac Spefialifzf 'A' Glen. 3164 1850 DEWEY AVENUE "The Home of Fuwziizlre Failaiofzf' FRANK P. MAY FURNITURE CO. Complete Home Outfitters 261-265 NORTH STREET Rochester 5, N. Y. Phone: Main 427 Open to 9 P. M BLUE PRINTS - PHOTOSTATS DRAWING AND ARTISTS' SUPPLIES H. H. SULLIVAN INC. 67 SOUTH AVENUE Stone 550 Complimezzly of FRANK FREY ARCHITECT ........g.-4-fo. 326 .,........,.. Ci OD Ol OOO ll Complimentf of POOSCH HOME MADE ICE CREAM CANDY - LIGHT LUNCHES SUGAR BOWL 1514 DEWEY AVENUE SOUTHWEST SHOE REBUILDER ASK "CHARLIE" 503 THURSTON ROAD GEN. 5900 We Call and Deliver DR. SCHOLL FOOT COMFORT SHOP SHOES and ARCHES 44 CLINTON AvE. N. STONE 4542 I O O l O O O O O DHI-'INCH Got Relief This -mmmuwwiiim . . Use MAID'S NOSE SPRAY. Results guar- anteed or money will be refunded. Combination No case is too chronic, 31.25 Refxlls no baby too young. Use 2 oz.351.00 for head colds, conges- 1Oz.3 .60 tion or Sinus. Sold at All Drug Stores FLOWER CITY LABORATORY 511 Dewey Avenue Complimenll' of W. S. SHOCKLEY GEORGE F. STEGER for CHOICE MEATS 456 MAPLE STREET Phone: Glen. 491 ' Rochester, N. Y. MARY KRESS GROCERY AND BAKERY 360 TI-IURSTON ROAD Genesee 2826 PARMELEE SHOE SHOP 54 EAST AVENUE Director, John J. Moore "W'bere Filling Slooey i.r a Srienrd' STONE 2812 STARK FLORISTS S99 CLINTON AVE. N. Main 4145 468 RIDGE RD. W. Glenwood 3838 DUNK'S BEST BEER AND ALE, WINE AND LIQUOR Aluzzyf a friendly welrome No. 1 at 461 MAPLE STREET No. 2 at 806 WEST MAIN Complimentf of ECKL HARDWARE J A II D I N E ' s GRAINS OF HEALTH For Chronic Comtipatian To Regulate Liver and Bowelx JARDINE PHARMACY 392 STATE STREET Compliment! of IRONDEQUOIT LIQUOR STORE QE ........... . CE A Ackerman and Klein . . . . . Ackerman's Hotel .,., .. Adams, Ogden R, .... Agnes Beauty Shop Alling Sz Miles ...,., ...... Al's Restaurant .,..........., American Specialty Co., The ., Andrus Beauty Shoppe, Evelyn Andy's Garage .,.... ........ Antczak, John T. ..., ,.,,.., . Anthony-Klee Corporation ,... Arnett Bakery . .,.,...,..,.. . Arpeako Meat Food Products . Art Print Shop ,. ..,.,.... .. Ashton Funeral Horne, Inc. ., Atlantic Stamping Company ., Atlantic Supply House, Inc. .. Attinasi Sz Sons, R. ....... . Audycki's Store ...... B Banninger Automotive . . , . . . Bareis and Son. G. , . . . . . Barnard Grill .... . . . . . . Barner, E. J. ..... . Bastian Bros. Co. ..,. Bastian Dress Shop . . . . . . Batall, Joseph ......, , , . Bauman Sz Baynes .,........ Bayer Mercantile Agency .... Bennett's Bakery .,.,.. ...... Berman Fur Co. ............ . Bieber, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Bittner 8: Scheible, Inc. ..,.. . Blackwood, John M. .. Blanchard, Florist , . . Blauw Bros. .,.. .. Blocchi 5 Persiani .......,... Boehm Surgical Instrument Corp. .,......,..,,..,.,... . Boitinger, Catherine .. Bond Bakers ........ , Bonton Beauty Salon .. Boucher, Flowers .........,.. Brennan, George 'E. . , , ..... . . Brighton Place Dairy, The . . Brockmann's Sons, Edw. , . . . . Brown, Joseph J. ........... . Buckley, Joseph J. ..... , Burke, Hon. Harold P. ..... . Burke's Market ....,., Burns, Francis E. - . . . . C Cadet Cleaners ..., . . . Camelio Bros. , . . .... . . , Carl, William A. .....,...... , Carl's Sinclair Service Station Carn1en's Beauty Shoppe Carr Pharmacy ....,.....,... Casper Coal Co. .,.,.... . Catholic Courier ,..,. . Century Sweet Shop .... Chamberlin Rubber Co. Champion Athletic and Sportswear Co. .....,. . Chautfeurs, Teamsters and Helpers Local No. 118 ..,... Child Street Pharmacy ....... Chinappi Q Son, Nick ....... Christian Culture Lectures Christoii, Kosta ...,,.,.. 143 152 137 150 108 134 150 150 143 148 138 150 103 161 148 127 116 119 150 150 148 150 148 153 135 148 138 120 144 148 129 153 119 136 128 120 151 144 130 150 157 115 125 148 148 151 147 135 130 99 156 158 128 142 156 139 107 125 114 114 123 146 150 103 145 INDEX C Chuck's Bicycle Shop ....,.... Clancy Carting Kr Storage Co., Inc. ........,...,.... . Clancy, George M. . Clark Florist . ..,... . Clark's Ready-to-Wear ,,..... Cleveland Food' Market ,.,.,. Cohen, Abe, Public Market ,, Cohen's Tailors . .,,......,. ,. Collins, Neil P. .,.,..,....,, . Collum Acoustical Co., Inc. .. Colman, Andrew ,.., . .,... . Congress Market and Grocery Connor, L. V. .....,,........ , Continental Baking Co. . Cook, Ray ....,.,..,. Coon Co., W: B. . .. Cooper, Ada .... , . . ,,.... . , , . Cooper, Norman ,... , ....,. . Copenhagen's Ice Company Costich 8: Sons, Inc., B. G. ,. Covill, D. E. , ..,.... ..... . .. Cowan's Pharmacy ., Coyne, James L. Cramer Drug Co. .......,... , Crescent Puritan- Laundry, Inc. Crowley, James ,,...... . ,.... Culhane, Anthony W. ....... . Culhane Dress Shop, Ann Culver Grill .,.... ...,.,..... Culver Herald Engraving Co... Curtin Agency, The ,. ..,.. .. , Cutalis ,. ...,. .... , ,, D Damaschke, Gus. L. . Davies, I. J. ....... . Davis Drug Co. ,.... . Del-Bar Fuel Service .......,. DeMeyer, Jeannette .....,.... Dennis Stores, Inc., Frank DeRyke ,Ice Cream .....,..... Dewey-Stone Road Liquor Store Di Paolo Baking Company Dirso's Restaurant .. ...... .. Di Salvo Dry Cleaners Dispenza, Chas. M. . . . . . Diver's .........,., . . , Doerner's Beverages . . . . Dollinger Corporation . . . . . Donovan, Mortimer . , , . . , Donut Center ........ Dot's Beauty Shop .......,... Duffy Carting Co., Wm. B. .. Duke's Variety Store .....,.,. Dunk's ....,.,.,.......,...,. Dutch Mill Restaurant Dwyer Electric Company, Inc. Dyke's Market ..... , ....... . . E E. K. and D. S. .. Eckl Hardware ,....., . Edwards Bros. Garage . , . . , Eggleston, The , ..,,,. . . . . . , Ehmann's Market . ,....., .... Elam Shoe Co., Inc., F. S. Electrical Workers Local Union B-86 ..,........ . . . Ellicott Market Emerson Fuel Co. .. 162 142 126 157 156 139 142 114 158 110 113 156 118 148 114 114 109 126 110 156 117 151 153 114 158 136 114 133 136 158 140 157 120 156 120 157 153 127 106 156 142 129 156 134 116 110 153 100 157 156 116 128 149 160 158 151 149 115 160 118 136 118 131 149 150 145 E Empire Cleaning and Dyeing Works ...... Enders Sz Son, Philip .... Endicott Johnson Corporation . Esso Service . ,,.. Ester's Liquor Stroe , ..... Evelyn Andrus Beauty Shoppe F Farmen, Florist Farrell Brothers .,..... Farr's Sunoco Service .. Fays Beauty Shop ., Filmar Florist .,.. Finewood, L. B. Fioravanti Florist Fiore, Paul, Florist Fiske Kz Handy .,... Fitzgerald, Daniel F. .. Flannery, B. T. ...... . Flesch 8: Schmitt, Inc. Flower City Laboratory Flower City Specialty Co. Former 206'ers ,........ Frey, Frank ......,, Froehler, Frank M. Fur Studio, The .... Furlong Studio G Gamrod-Harman Co., Inc. Gardner Ka Bader ,,.... Garland Real Estate .. Garnham, John H. .. Genesee Bootery ........ Genesee Liquor Store ......,., Genesee Valley Distributing Co. Goetzman 8: Newman Goodie Shoppes, The . . . . . . Gorski-Millewich ....... . . . Gottry 8: Son, Frank S. . . . , . Graver s ...,,.......... . . . Green Co., H. L. ...,.,.. Green Electric Co., T. Grinnan, Frank J. .. Grzeszczak, Jos. ., Gulvin, William S. .. H Hadlock Paint Co., Inc. , , , , . . Hafner Home Laundry Inc. Halloran Sons , ,......... . . , , Haloid Company, The Hank's Friendly Service ..... Hart Stores, The ......,...., Hartz, Mr. and Mrs. Carl J. Hartz. Rose Marie ...,....... Haubner Sz Stalknecht ...,... Head Miller Inc. ...,........ . Heating Supply Company, Inc. Hedges and Hoffman ,,.. ,.,,. Held, Inc., Bernard ...,. Hemmerich, Frank .,.. Hensler, Bernard J. . . , , , . Hetzler, Herman G. ......... . Hickey, Mr. ,,.,.. .........,. . Hock E Son, Inc., Louis C. Hoefen, Rev, Frank J. Hogan, Edward J. ..,,.. . . , . Holy Redeemer Athletic Ass' Holy Redeemer Youth Ass'n Il . 158 149 149 158 158 150 150 145 156 150 122 134 148 126 126 126 134 101 160 157 109 159 146 150 100 128 148 152 136 145 144 142 159 159 148 153 130 153 104 157 148 152 123 138 132 132 152 123 143 144 137 110 136 157 118 144 152 101 154 125 132 153 124 148 Irondequoit Pharmacy , . . . . , H Holy Rosary Parish ., Home Grocers ,...,..... ..., Home Store, The ...,.,.,.,.. Home Town Finance Co., Inc. Hopeman 8z Sons Co., A. Horacek-Hayden, Inc. ..,.... . Horton 8: Quinn Co., Inc. Howe 82 Bassett Co. ......,. '. Howe, Gordon A. ..,......... , Huber Electrical Supply Co. . Hudson Dairy Co. ...,.,..... . Hudson Market ...,.......... Hunt's Hardware .....,. . . . Hurvitz Co., Inc., Harry I Imhof, Paul V. ......... Immaculate Auditorium ...... lrondequoit Liquor Store , . . . . K J Jardine Pharmacy ..,. . , , Jay Cleaners 8: Tailors , ..... Jefferson Liquor Store ,. Jennings, Clarence E. .. Jenny Shop ,.......,.,. Jim's Candy Shop Joyce Liquor Store ., Judge's .........,. Jung, Albert G. .. Kearney and LaPalm , . , . . Keating, J. Leo ,..,. . . . Keenan, John E. .... Kellett Motors ......... . . . Kelly, Rev. Milton J. . , . . . Kenney's Grocery . . , , . . Kircher, J. ..,.....,. . . , Kitty's Kake Shop ...... Klee's ,...,..,...,, . . ,...,. . . Klier Pharmacy, George A. Knowles Sz Buss ............., Koehler's Restaurant, "Doc" .. Kress, Mary ....,... ........ Krieter's .......... . . . Kroll's .,,..,........., . . . Kunzer-Ellinwood. Inc. .. L Lake Avenue Hardware and Paint Company ,..,..., Langie Fuel Service, Inc. Latini Shoe Repair .,...,.,... Laube's Old Spain , ...., Ledlie, James O. . , , . .. . Lena's Dress Shoppe . . . , , . Lester Hardware .,....,...... Liberty Sweet Shoppe ...,..,. Liberty Tailors 8: Dry Cleaners Lilac Laundry ,.........,.... Little's Grill, Al ..,.......... Little Super Market ..,....,.. Loewenguth 8: Dineen, Inc. ., Lombardo Dry Cleaners ,...,. Lorenzo's .,..,............... Lucas and Dake Co., Inc. M Maier Funeral Home, August A. Maier, Rufus ...,,......,.... 122 155 141 155 105 111 133 145 137 135 139 159 148 154 154 112 160 152 160 144 135 113 154 116 116 121 154 139 152 118 154 124 147 158 154 158 143 158 110 160 136 136 124 154 123 158 141 118 152 117 142 142 149 139 158 124 122 143 119 139 135 IND Mandell's Cut Rate Pharmacy. Manhattan Restaurant Martin Storage Warehouse, Inc. Mart's Grocery .,...,..,.. Marty's Fruit 8: Grocery Mary's Linen Shop ...,,..,... Mattern, M. and A. Mattern's Hat Shop ....,. Max the Florist ,. .... May Furniture Co., Frank P... May-He-Co ............., May, Henry M. , ....... ., Mead 81 Sons, Inc., Chas. P... Meisenzahl, Eugene E. Menges, The William C. , Merritt's ................. Metz Beauty Shoppe Metzger Bros. .,.... . Miller Brothers ...,. Mirguet, Inc., J. C. ..... . Miss Rochester Frocks Monroe County Democratic Committee .,,....,..,,. Monroe County Window Cleaning Company .,... Morgan, Raymond A. Motor Division Equipment Muller, John , ....,,.,... . Murray, James T. Murphy, Joseph A. ., Murray Theatre .......... Murray's Atlantic Service Muxworthy, J. F. ...... . Mc McCormick, W. A. .. McCorry Brothers , ..... McGreal Bros. Co., Inc. .. N Nazareth Academy Athletic Association .... Nazareth College of Rochester. Nazareth Model School New York Fur Shop .,... New York Telephone Co. . Nusbaum, Harris ..,...... O O'Brien, Rev. Michael P. O'Connell Funeral Home . Odenbachs .............. 0'Neil, C. J. ....,.,.,.. . Ontario Biscuit Company O'Rourke, Rev. Daniel B. Owen Service Store, N. E. .. P Paine Drug Co., The .. Palmos, George L. Parmelee Shoe Shop Pasch Coal Co. ..., . Passarell Bros. , ..,.,. .. Payne 8z Dunham ,...... Perdue 8: Company, Inc. Perfection Cleaners-Dyers Permanent Roadways, Inc. Perry Flower Shop ....,. Pheilshifter, M. Plymouth Dairy CO. .. Poosch ..........,.. Powers Hotel, The .. 165 EX P Predmore, 'William F. ., Projansky ,... .... ....... . Proud Service Station, Geo. Q Quigley, Harold J. .. R Ray's Sample Hat Shops .. Red and White .,,.,..... Red dz White ...,.....,.,. Red and White Food Store . Reichenberger ..,....,... Reliable Provision Co. Renzi Studio, G. H. .. Richardson Root Beer Richford Hotel ....... Ridge Crest Bakery Ridgeway Pharmacy . . , Riedman, Frank J. . Riley, M. J. ...... . Ring Fuel Co., Inc. ..... .. Riverside Book Bindery Rochester Business Institute Rochester Gas and Electric Rochester Hotel Association Rochester Hotel, The ...... Rochester Linotype Composition Co., Inc. .. Rochester Stationery Co. .. Rochester Transit Corporation Rogers, George F. ..... . ., Rogers Red Ez White Store Roncone, Joseph A. ...... . Rosenbloom Sz Co., Morris Rosenbloom, David ....,... Royal Candy Shoppe ...... Rozzi Tailor and Cleaner .. Russer's Market ..,......, Ryan Carting Co. .. Ryan Q Mclntee S St. Charles Borromeo St. Francis Xavier, A Young Ladies Sodality .. , St. Mary's Hospital School of Nursing ..........,.,. St. Michael's Men's Ass'n . St. Monica's Parish ..... St, Stanislaus Sodality San kel's ..,.,............ Sargent Q Greenleaf, Inc. . Sarvey's Gulf Service Schaefer Markets .,..... Schantz Co., Joseph A. .. Scheuerman Sons, C. F. . SchlatTer's Bakery .... Schmankes ........ Schmidt's Market .. Schmitz, A. W. Scholl, Dr. ........ ,. School of Commerce .. Schudt Market Inc. . Schuler's ,......., . ,..,. Schulman Appliance 8: Furniture Co. ...... . Schulz Bros. .,.,.. . Schwab, William C. . Schwartz, Francis , . , Scipioni, John S Seibold, Mr. and Mrs. Albert J. Senior Class of '45 . .,..... ., Senz, Billy ...,....,......... Shafer Co. . ,.,........ . . . . "Shamrock" .......,.... . . . . Shannon Q Gottermeier .,.... Shockley, W. S. ......,...... . Sid's Atlantic Service .....,., Simonetti Market Sz Grocery .. Sixteen Front Street ..,...., Skinner, Sheriff Albert ...... Society of The Divine Word Fathers ..,...... ..,. Sodality of Our Lady . ..., .. Sonotone .,...,............,. Sound Equipment Co., Inc. .. South Avenue Candy Kitchen South Ave. Hardware .....,.. South Avenue Liquor Store .. Southwest Shoe Rebuilder .,.. Spic-N-Span Dry Cleaners .... Stadler's Market . ,.,.,.... Stahl, George . ,.,..,..... .. Stark Florists ....,,..... .... Staub 8: Son ..,,......,....,. Staud Shoe Corporation ..... Steger, George F. ,,...,..... . Steinwachs Sz Son, Otto Stillman's Men's Shop ,...... Stone's Bakery ......,... . , . . Stonewood Food Shoppe .,.... INDEX S Sugar Bowl ...,..,.,........ Sullivan Coal 8: Coke Co. Sullivan Inc., H. H. ..... Sun Theatre ,.,.... .. T T. T. Bearing Co. ..,. .. Talluto Bros. .. ..,....., .. Tenth Ward Republican Organization ....,........ . Thompson's Ice Cream Parlor Thurston Co., E. E. ....... .. Tilo Roofing Co., Inc. ..,. .. Tishler Drugs ...,.... .. Tormey, H. J, ............. . Town Talk Bakery ........., Trant's Catholic Supply Store. Trott Brothers Co., Inc. Trott, Thomas F. ..,... .. Trzeciak, J. A. ...... i ..,.. . Tucker's Religious Gift Stlfiio. Turner, Al. ...,.......,,.,. . U Union Hotel .,.,, ., V Vay Funeral Home ,.,...... Viall 8: Sons, Inc., Geo. I... Victory Sweet Shoppe ,..,.., Vogt's Store ......... .. f- XLLUMQN4 X L 019 fx! !! ' s Q i ,' "R 1 N if Q V v .i"' a ,Yi-"3'K':,2 A ' v S"'ffl'5" f eq X Q, 164 W Wagg's Department Store .. Wahl, Fred G. ..... ,.... . Waldert Optical Co. Ward's Hardware ..,...,.,. Watts Dry Cleaning Co., Inc. Waugh Hardware, H. O. .. West Point Ice ............ Westfall, William C. .,,, , Whelpley Q Paul ....... .. . White Wire Works Co. .. , Wilson Florist ....,.. . Wise 8: Phillips . Wittman's Garage .. . Witzel Printing Co., Howard W. .....,....... . Woerner and Sons, Wm. J. Woolworth Co., F. W. . . . . Worthington Pharmacy, A. L.. Wuest, Martin .....,,,.. . Y Yalowich Drug Co., William .. Yates Coal Co. ............ . Yawman and Erbe Mfg. Co... Yeoman, P, E. ..,........... . Z Zaccaria's . .- ........, . Zahner and Company , Zweigle's Retail Store . 145 146 137 137 120 124 112 146 130 122 112 159 142 146 127 118 144 146 144 117 130 147 138 112 121 k Aufogrcfplw Mfffj? Mffffj figfw Mffwqv' Gfigfggfwffw Q , xx ' , , 4 I . . iw A, J, QQjjMwMaf uogrcfps MW M Oegmf WDy9,efyYfJ! EVM 'Nw xiii? W' wi QQ, 5 M5gy Egg E555 ,,, ,W , ,, , , , X M Aufograpfws fmamczzmas ' vu.:-em: -mmggsg - m m. 2 ..- Y Wififf'

Suggestions in the Nazareth Academy - Lanthorn Yearbook (Rochester, NY) collection:

Nazareth Academy - Lanthorn Yearbook (Rochester, NY) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Page 1


Nazareth Academy - Lanthorn Yearbook (Rochester, NY) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Page 1


Nazareth Academy - Lanthorn Yearbook (Rochester, NY) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 1


Nazareth Academy - Lanthorn Yearbook (Rochester, NY) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 1


Nazareth Academy - Lanthorn Yearbook (Rochester, NY) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 1


Nazareth Academy - Lanthorn Yearbook (Rochester, NY) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


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