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Nazareth Academy - Lanthorn Yearbook (Rochester, NY) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Cover

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K Q -V A Y 99? Qi , N CP U Kcficu 'io A A I. ,J I A .. L x kk X, V A ' ' T 3 E . 5 ,Q 1 N fp T ,, 1- xx N 4 fa? M R 0' . CQ-XL' ffxfi ' ,PX , g -r A ' XX. 2 " ' ,JCQJP KX w' jf , A CQ 6 fi fC nzdd x X, W 4 xxxx X Z' N f N T F X M . 7, ff cvs Q I ,5 i .X s if X , M 5 :Lg NT' 3 Q3 ,Q X x A X X R -- X il? , L Q x - , , .X Xi 8, .ilu rg r , K 6,h.x X EXXX ' -L. 222 1 it - 5 . 3 f' 'N' v N y N . s 3 4 N, Q 5 '1 K' X5 Xxx 6 Q Ci V X X 333 Q SN EM X GJ mv -ix l ,,, x fsfi ,4 xx, SN A EY Qigf xx 1 ? E v. 's ! v 2 i 5 ae as II Il Il ll ll Il II ll I! IN ,, Il ,, I! gw rf ll It lx Il I! I I, I ,, I I I IN nw ,, I .. I I I lu I! I1 IA ll I4 f l I' I l n 3 I U I n I, I I I I I I E ! I I I I I r I in .,.,,, W., UWM? ffm ' 'fma:r:Z'fL?fjf9 V mai? Q3-5 'bb' 162' S:fb QMVW f W 4,4 fnfffff.. f"""f1ff2 ' WWW 'f- , I P" T THE FACULTY AND SENIOR CLASS OF NAZARETH ACADEMY OF I ROCHESTER, NEW YORK 5. 1 V ,r - L . . ' V 'T' f'- 5 i A f I ,gg-... iisq.-L fv-:na g KN. L I ' ' Q .Y 7' X .., ' " 1' ,S - E, K , 43, ,yu-H. ff - "-- 1 ' .ff A., 2.4 -' J ' ff '.f , f . li 1 , 1 , if - .1 , I iv dw! +4'Qc"L' ' if SQ49 "'VY7t'51' slit., L KS silk? ,L,- .- . A ' , , . 7 t I , V 4 ,ff 'L""-'--!'4..X 'Yi ' Ld'5f'Af1"'f, .x,,".A- 'nl Mi' l the ' ' ' x.,fa:.,..-fSf rx. It xv fv"' 1, 4 ,F I H at r . VJ, P I ef E 2"'F"m2"'?'- 1' 1 '-766' A 61 D 5 j IW Q ' A ' A, xl' - ' , ' ' 'E' -Q X Q , 4 ,-fA,Q,! ,IAJ ' - I 'N LL,fyL,b! , XY-. . .- .5 , 1 .' .ls 7.5-I X" f l I V, ' if 1 f 'IMI S A yf' . wus! -4-fff gv4,4,f ,ffgff-ifLffr1,'Uj I,-i, i.gf0f.,Qf71,f ,f'1AfJ..L KRAM' fjff-44 ' . a. A- ' f' ff' 'GSW - ffffi 6 'N lk f ' Y f 7'-ff Af. wa' qmglggjymu J C! Ny! x V Lf! p 4 ,.., .Af '.f'm5A Hi:-if Et QUINLL ' 2'-f0'IflJ . ' JAM! " 46? . 1 ' ' I 19 N . '-A Zigi- .S c1RoLL ' Zhi! 4,14-,L,f" ' ' V Vfylwi fix- "V-'v'.fY ff' 'aim-fe WW, ' J X' . I I, W. Mg A - ,- J- ' 2, - F, 1 I X VA Q Y 501014, A lH!f:'f14f44ffff,f, Cf .f A , 'P' if E ' 5 ,ff ff fi it -- ' f 4' 'I-' ,fy X, ."'fW -+1 ,.' A f , C11 -'JN .,, Q' xl ef- Est' I92' .A F I . ff"C.f1,4 xx - .Qs va f f if , f , , ,Y 4 . S - . 'Sm f f ff 444 . 9--Y.,-gg 'gfjx--A , A . . ,vi q:A.r,gj? j?'.7:": JN. 1 , A fi' xf ' ' ' ' 'I A-.1-':,,., 4VU'x"-. kb- -- --2 N' sa.. -.,-. .... , Ms j,,sW,,bgss,gsZ f7,'s1i27 7M JM, 5.j!VdwbiP 3 PRESENT THE THIRTY-SECQND VQLUME OF LANTHORN Ju NE 1944 A e Editor ' - ROSE M A 'XENZ ' Business Monagq A. :IF ' BERNICE 'FAAR sERNADeirnfNoLAN - I NAZARETH ACADEMY ROCHESTER, NEW YORK We ' f ix , ,.f ,An 'x ox 52 fm? H R g -ka,-iz ,I I N 7' 7 ,N"A1'7.f' ' X vi, AVR lj X 95' TH AC' ee ff QMW ,ZQJL7 QAMQH, 4 Eff " ,f ff f' f -f if . if it ffffzwffenw 'xg ,ff Qgfyf ,U - ii, , ,, 1 ,ff,,I,,.,., 1 HI have loved the ben ty of thy house.H mzm In the joyous eagerness of youthful minds, in the shining countenances of virtuous hearts, in the prayerful meditation of silent lips, Nazareth is the counterpart of that other Nazareth among the Galilean hills- the home of the child jesus, Mary and Joseph. 5 i i i N 1 1 mn-'umaunwwm fs-.-X-www i.twN,m-may-aff 2 e-f- i-mfw-E -- X- My -ew fm s z""" slr..'HT-'nf 4+ FOREWORD Title : Lanthorn is the archaic form of lantern, a frame enclosing a light. "The Lanthornn then is Nazareth Academy-its faculty, its student body, its activities. Its light is Christ. Theme : Cover: Ever since its foundation in 1871, Nazareth has had for its motto, "The Lord is my Light," which is the opening verse of the twenty-sixth psalm. We have, therefore, appropriately, we think, taken our school motto as the theme of the 1944 "Lar1thorn." Witlm peace dawning on the horizon, we know that only through the knowledge of and adherence to Christ's teachings will the full and glorious day of peace gladden the war-torn world. We have chosen our school colors, blue and gold, for the cover of "The Lanthornf' The school seal, on which is inscribed "Dominus Illuminatio Mea," "The Lord is My Light," is its art motif. 6 ,- tum 55112 s AC oi J 'Xp f' f' ,fir .L fd. ami' M Q '- ,.,- xv eq f Verses taken from Psalm 26j The Lord is my light and my salvation, whom shall I fear? The Lord is the protector of my life: of whom shall I be afraid? One thing I have asked of the Lord, this will I seek afterg that I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life. For he hath hidden me in his tabernacle, in the day of evils, he hath protected me in the secret place of his tabernacle. He hath exalted me upon a rock: and now he hath lifted up my head above my enemies. I have gone round, and have offered up in his tabernacle a sacrifice of jubilation: I will sing, and recite a psalm to the Lord. Be thou my helper forsake me not, do not thou despise me, O God my Saviour. Set me, O Lord, a law in thy way, and guide me in the right path. PSALM 26 - 7 CONTENTS DEDICATION ........ Pages Seventy-fifth Anniversary of the Diocese . Administration ......... Faculty .... . . Seniors .... . Underclassmen . , Grammar School . 9-15 16-17 18-19 20-27 28-49 50-66 66-67 Nazareth Academy Victory Corps . . . ACTIVITIES . School Activities 'Xf- fatt a, Sodality . . . fi .g l l ill-i"5"'4'?, l Perosian Choir 4 9 Orchestra . . Christmas Play and Dance . . . CLUBS ............ Nazareth Academy Athletic Association . Basket Ball .......... School Publications . . . Senior Play ..... . A Nazareth Graduation . . Patrons and Advertisers . . 8 84-85 86-87 88-89 90-91 92-93 94-95 96-97 68-95 70-73 74-75 76-77 78-79 80-81 82-83 lf H In the name of the Father, und of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost Men. 28:19 ...we, the Senior Clears of 1944, dedicate thier book to: OUR BELOVED BISHOP in honor of his thirty-fifth anniversary to the holy priesthoodg OUR DEVOTED SPIRITUAL DIRECTOR in memory of his tenth anniversary to the holy priesthoodg OUR ZEALOUS PASTORS in commemoration of the seventy-fifth anniversary of the Diocese of Rochester over whose churches they have been appointed heads. DEDICATION MosT REVEREND JAMES E. KEARNEY, DD. 10 The Lord is OUR BISHCDP the Protector of my life, of whom shull I be afraid." Psalm 26:2 . . . who watches devotedly all his sheep. Safe within his fold we have come to know that he is ever mindful of Christ's words: Feed My lambs. of Eff' ? Qgkiiwfqo L7,. ?gcL? G: WJ' 1 ,S-be 'Q-PJ .2 C' M 0-v'J esp. -'VB 0" an US L- -2- fn ef" Q . ' Xe- W C- , XGWD Mf Q, ' 1" YBOCQ Q50 'Z as C-Oe., X0 Lf -,, ,, 0' , Q J-M' - h e-J awvvilyam ,-" . - , AB 'Shi' "" '-2-'W-sf s, tw" 7 1 v,,, Xdy E 5 Ohgql vi: QV' Jr z . - 7 4 2 ' .,........... fi i ir 'lr 'E 4 e IN TE DOYIINE SPERIXVI 7 G ' r W e 5' erorr 'r Gi ' W , I ll REVEREND J. JOSEPH O'CONNELL 12 H180 OUR SPIRITUAL DIRECTOR.. y way, und guide me in the right path." Psc1Im26:'II . . who during our four years at Nazareth has carefully directed our steps along the path which leads to Light. f' XLLU f- N, 4 K fm I MM? 'VJ '967-H ACP Q5 f S ,OX 5 4 I . "II..qfh , 2 "I-I , .I 'txl S. 13 2 X.,- OUR PASTORS "One thing I have asked of the Lord, this will lseek ulter that . . Through whom we were made children of the Lightg to whom we have gone for peace of mind and nourishment for our souls. Rt. Rev. Msgr. William F. Bergan St. Monica? Parish Rt. Rev. Msgr. John Francis Boppcl St. B0r1ifare's Parish Rt. Rev. Msgr. George V. Burns Sarred Heart Parish Rt. Rev. Msgs. Joseph S. Cameron Immaculate Corzeeptiorz Parish Rt. Rev. Msgr. William M. Hart Corpus Christi Parish Rt. Rev. Msgr. Charles F. Shay Holy Rosary Parish Rev. Charles J. Azzi Our Lady of Mi. Carmel Parish Rev. john Baier Sl. johrz's Parish K Greece Q Rev. John M. Baksys St. George? Parish 14 Rev. Rev. Rev. Rev. Rev. Rev. Rev Rev. Rev. joseph A. Balcerak St. Starzislaus's Parish Gerald T. Brennan St. Bridgefs Parish Charles J. Bruton Sl. Margaret Mary's Parish Paul M. Ciaccio St. Anthorzyis Parish Thomas F. Connors Blessed Sacrament Parish Sebastian Contegiacomo Precious Blood Parish George W. Eckl St. Arzdrew's Parish Raymond J. Epping St. Theodore's Parish Edward I. Eschrich St. Salome's Parish I muy dwell in the house of the Lord ull the Rev. Arthur F. Florack . , U. In SI. Mzchael J P4115 Rev. Emil Gefell SS. Pefer mul Pa11l'.r Pfzrirh Rev. William W. Heisel Holy Fmlzil y Parifh Rev. Francis J. Hoefen l Parirh Om' Lad y 0 f Perpetlml He p Rev. George M. Kalb Holy Trinity Parifh Rev. Robert A. Keleher Sl. Charles B0w'omeo'J Parifh Rev. Francis W. Luddy Our Lady of Lourdef' Parish Rev. Raymond A. Lynd Good Shepherd Parifh Rev. Frank W. Mason Sl. Am.h1'0re'r Parirh Cube Rev. Alexander Mc Holy Croff Parifh Rev. Edward T. Meagher cl Cozzmel Parixh Our Laqfy of Goo 5 N,- tww 1. XX , Qc, TH AC' '- , K- N41- I ro f' V A"' ff 1 'S We ' L X 2 5 - 'fa V219 , days of my life." Psalm 26:4 Rev. Patrick Moffatt St. Fmncir Xavier'J Parirh C. Mooney Rev. Leo St. Patrichfr Parirh kle Rev. john F. Muc Sl. Thornafr Parifh Rev. john H. O'Brien St. AllgIlJfl77E,J Parixh Daniel Bernard O'Rourke Rev. llffolher of Sorrowr Pnfifh George V Predmore Rev. . Holy Aportleff Parirh Rev. George J. Schmidt Sl. Am2e'.f Pariyh Rev. F. William Stauder Holy Redeemer Pnrixh . Beecher Sullivan Rev. I Sl. H elelzff Parirh Rev. John Bernard Sullivan ' Sl. john the E1Ja11geliJt'.r Parirh Rev. Camiel A. Van der Meulen Om' Lael y of Viclory Parirh 15 f- ,Q f- NLLU MIN 'U Q, Let us reioice in the Lord, our God Ps.32:l A JUBILEE YEAR Into the newly created Rochester Diocese in the year 1868, came its first shepherd, the saintly Bishop Bernard J. McQuaid. Under his inspiring leadership churches sprang up, and the foundation for the Christian education of Catholic children was laid. At the time of his arrival in Rochester there was only one Catholic school. This school was for the education of boys who could meet the required tuition. Like the true shepherd he was, Bishop McQuaid loved equally all his sheep, and he set about to establish schools in which the poor also could be taught by religious instructors. Thus, besides high schools for both boys and girls, a seminary for the education of priests, and a normal school for the instruction of religious teachers were founded. At the time of his death every church throughout the diocese that could support one had its parish school. But the cause of education did not suffer at his death. His successors Archbishop Thomas F. Hickey, Bishop Francis J. O'Hern, Archbishop Edward 1. Mooney and our beloved Bishop james E. Kearney, realizing the importance of his work contributed greatly to that which Bishop McQuaid had begun. They, too, have built churches and established schools. Today in our Silver jubilee Year we have cause for rejoicing. After seventy-frve years of continuous progress in the face of hardships and opposition the educational system of the Rochester Diocese is regarded highly by recognized edu- cators. A great part of its success in recent years must be credited to Rev. john M. Duffy, superin- tendent of schools, and Rev. Charles J. Mahoney, assistant superintendent. Their untiring efforts in searching out better methods for advancement have met with gratifying results. We at Nazareth realize fully what has been done for us. Besides receiving a thorough training in secular education, we have learned that such knowledge avails nothing unless it is accompanied by the knowledge and love of God. We appreciate all that has been given to us by our bishops, our pastors, our teachers, and our parents in the excellent educational system that they have helped to build up. In a special way we are also grateful to Dr. Maynard Connell of St. Bernard's Seminary. Every first Friday he comes to Nazareth that we may receive the Lord, our Light, in Holy Communion and visit Him in the exposition of the Blessed Sacrament in the chapel throughout the entire clay. We know that the spirit of Bishop McQuaid will live on in the diocese that he loved so well, guiding the educators to the attainment of those great things of which he dreamed, but which no one lifetime, however long, could accomplish. 7 S'-' 1C ' ff I' ml m Q " . . .,, - x slgdf- ' '- 'g.sf,- f Q J 45TH A REV. JOHN M. DUEEY REV. CHARLES 1. MAHONEH' REV. MAYNARD CONNELL, PH.D Y Ll-U f y MIN ix C E " Unless the Lord build the house ' , 3341 ',l I V fl 1- A. X Wi' J Okhei 30 Y-cveicna M Sister M. Beatrice, Trearurer 18 ' tkafgu SC Ml pfesiffl Our educators consider religion as the foundation of all cultural attainments. gut The Most Reverend james E. Kearney, D.D., Spifilnal Adviser ADMINIS Reverend joseph O'Conne1l, Spirilmzl Dirertor TRATION Sigtet M Hubemhe P U , 12111724 Z Sister M. Pauline, Direcior of Strfdief 19 f XLLU MIN .x A he labors in vuin who builds it " Ps.m,:n C5 1' ML, THA 5 N, , 'rxx f N ' :- 9 vigghgg: J 5 "X e X. Ref' X,,Y P9 1 'J " B e tho u Authors All Sister Frances Teresa has contributed articles to "America," "Mag- nif1cat" and "Spirit" Seated around Sister are Alice Rutan, Gerry Heintz, "Queens Work"g jane Marie jones, fprize winning orationjg Sally Lou Beemish, "Catholic Courier"g Ann Schanhart, "Twin Cities' pro- gram." Standing are Claire O'Brien, "Queen's Work'g Fawn Schef- fel, Qprize winning orationlg Jeanette Georger, "Queen's Work." Music Major fCen1er1 jean Austin, a graduate in music, is shown with her teacher, Sister Rose Teresa. ls That My Voice? Sister Evelyn smiles as Mary Lou Tha- ney, joan McGuire, Nancy Riggs, Olga Voss and Ann Rice question their own voices. On the opposite page are Sister Huber- tine, principalg Sister john Mary, home- room mocleratorg and Patricia Quinn, freshman. k dl my helper-forsake me nof."Ps.z6:9 FAC U LT Y... p 2.5 O OXVCIS O 0 MEA h f 11 f Christ have taught us to ove the Light. X! if SISTER AGNES GERTRUDE SISTER AN ACLETUS SISTER ANNA CECILIA SISTER ANNA JOSEPH SISTER ANNUNCIATA Serrelnry Bfmlekeeping. Typing, Sjlrlfliffa Religion l . Social Sflzdiey Imlfrzn, French Q' 1 "Good Reports" Sister Hubertine sends good reports home to Georgia, Pat, and Dolores Bryant's mother, a graduate of Nazareth Academy. SISTER CHRXSTINA SISTER AQUINA SISTER BERNARDINE SISTER CALLISTA SISTER CARLINA Engliyb. Adriref AJ'J'i,fId7Il Sefrezary Englirb, Latin Latin Al b 'I of " ' ge m, Geomenj Tbe Gabrlelu Stuff SISTER CLARE' MIRIAM SISTER CLARISSA SISTER CoNsUELA SISTER EDWARDA SISTER EDWARDINE World Hl.l'f0l'J'.V Speech Ezzglirb UVa:-ld Hirfory, Hiriorg' C, W'orld Hirlory IIIH'06l1llCfl0!1 zo Bn.r111e.r.r Inlrodurtiorz to Bu.rir1e.r.r Serious Thinking Sister Pauline explains to Patricia Cahill the future importance of her school program. Points for Perfection Sister Clarissa instructs Doris lncavo, one of the speakers in the Bishop's Oratorical Contest. 23 SISTER EVELYN SISTER FLORENTINE SISTER FRANCES TERESA SlSTER GERALDINIQ SISTER GRACE REGINA Speerb, Englirb, Dmmaliar Geometry, Algebra, Bufilzerr Englzrlo Cl76'711lJ'1?'j',- G6'f1f'P'dl SCIEIZCP, Frerrrb Q Arithmetic . . Geometry 4 SISTER HELEN CONCEPTA SISTER HILDA SISTER IRMINA SISTER JOAN SISTER JOANICO , T-iping. Slmrllunld Lalizz V oive. Pero.rim1.r, Senior Sirzgizzg SPl'l'6'f!II'f:I1 Pmrrirc' Il"orld Hiriory 0' l I on Those Whom We Appreciate joan Hayes and jean Kelly ask Sister Ir- l mina, director of the Perosian choir, to sign l a full-page advertisement to the "Lanthorn." X Boutonnieres For Boosters Bernadette Nolan, Sister Raymonda and Bernice Terhaar look approvingly at the attractive emblems given to those who reached 24 their quota of "Lanthorn" ads. l SISTER ,IOHN MARY SISTER JOSEPHINE SISTER IWARIA GRATIA SISTER LIARIE AIMEE SISTER IWARIE ANNE ' Religion Gmzzzmar School Sfzlzjern Crzfefei-i.I Lalin Sborlbarzd. T-,ping l l . MMM M 1S,m A I I SISTER PAULINE SISTER RAYMONDA SISTER ROEERTA SISTER ROSE EILEEN SISTER ROSEMARY Irzlermediute Algebra, S pnnixb, General Srieflce, Librarian Erzglixb Sparziib, Erzglifb Trigorzorlzetry Trea.rm'er of "The Lanlbmvf' I First Aid on 'che School Front Mildred Chistolini looks on concernedly as Miss Walsh bandages her hand. SISTER ST. IVIARGARET SISTER ROSE TERESA SISTER ST. DOROTHY Ar: Muxir, Voire, Glee Club Religion, A,I1fi.r1arz! Librarian Englixb, Adzfirer to SISTER STEPHANY SISTER TERESA EDWARD Larztiorrzsgfnjf Muff: Clothing SISTER THEODORA SISTER URSULA SISTER WILLIAM MARIE MISS CHASE Miss WALSH Social Siudier. Health Offire Prarrice Bookkeeping, Law In.r1rurror in Pbyriml Education School Nurre Won't Somebody Be Lucky Helen Neary awaits Sister Marie Anthony's approval of her baking as Hedwige Mueller looks on. Helping An Aide Sister Roberta gives Ioan Keenan, a library aide, a few "tips" on the duties of a librarian. 'Xp f I 4 27 X LWDE, XQM TH Af-'Q V, Se c, .ge C 'V QW? i lx Q.' .43 I 2 "He hath Senior Counsellors OFFICERS or THE SENIOR CI.Ass: Seated around Alice Ryan, President, are Betty Schiller, Treasurer' Marry Elizabeth McBride, Secretaryg Gerry Heintz, Vice-President. Silver-tongued Orators jane Marie jones, winner of the American Legion x Oratoricall Contest, and Fawn Scheffel, speaker in i the Bishop's Oratorical Contest, smile an appreci- X ation of the check which the former has received. "All-Catholic" SCHOLARSHIP STUDENTS or THE SENIOR CLASS: Agnes Meyering, Marjorie Esterheld jane Marie jones, and Jeanette Georger Standing! Alice Rutrm, Ann Romeo Ruth Barry, and Betty Wurtz. On the page opposite are Rita Flanagan joan Lynch, and Lorraine Reif, seniors Sealed! joan Lynch, Bernice Kunzer exalted me SEINllCDl2Si.. . . . who at Nazareth have been grounded in the principles of a Christian education, and who are now ready to go forth desirous to fulfill the command set them by Christ: Let your light shine before men . . . that your good works may glorify the Father Wllo is in heaven. 29 MEA X WG ELEANOR M. ADAMS 92 Albemarle St. Sacred Heart Hz' bath given Hi! angels charge over lbee to keep Ibre In all thy ways. Ps. 90:11 Sodality, Mendel Club, Nieuwland Club, Tratiic Marshall, N. A. Victory Corps, a junior Red Cross. ., I . ' , .Am r. .-' 1 PAULINE ALDERMAN 1335 Park Ave. Blessed Sacrament Lei, O Lord, the liltio up of my handr be 41 an evening Jflt'I'lgL'6. Ps. 14022. Sodality, Bellarmine Club, N. A. Athletic Association, N. A. Victory Corps, Junior Red Cross, Lanthom Staff. .fel- X X. 4 ANE . AR . abr. . - 35 dd Eur zidy MfG3Q 2' fu - . For lbe. 1 1J d ar rea!--4 lreaf rm' of jaghmd glmlneQKEdilu. 15:6f9 e Sodality, Der Deutsche ' . . Vic- tory Corps, Junior Red Crt! . MARGARET MARY ARUNDEL 1 Costello Park Immaculate Conception Lord, Thou bait been our refuge in all' gz'm'mt1of1.r,' from 21-'erlarling to M'erl.f1.rl- mg Thou art. Ps. 8921. Sodality, Bellarmine Club, N. A. Victory Corps, junior Red Cross. JEAN E. AUSTIN 91 Pullman Ave. Sacred Heart They by their :kills .fought out musical IIU1-EJ, and pilhlislaed ranticler of -lbe rrrlptnrer. Ecclu. 44:5. Perosian Choir, Vice-President of Orches- tra, Christmas- Play, Dramusical, N. A. Athletic Association, N. A. Victory Corps. RUTH BARRY 56 Sycamore St. Blessed Sacrament Thy bamii, 0 Lord, have made me am! formed me. Ps. 118173. Sodality, Bellarmine Club. Nieuwland Club, Pan America Club, Christmas Play, Dramusical, N. A. Athletic Association, Junior Red Cross, Senior Play. 30 N A Z.A RIET SYLVANE BEMENT 71 Carlisle St. Sacred Heart The lipr of Ilze just lmrb many. Prov. 10:21. Sodality, N. A. Victory Corps, Junior Red Cross. RUTH B. BIRECREE 507 Augustine St. Holy Rosary Gad hall: anoinrca' thee with the oil of glm1'nv.r.r. Ps. 44:8. Sodality, Bellarmine Club, N. A. Victory Corps, Junior Red Cross, N. A. Athletic Association. ,IEANNE E. BLOCK 102 Wlimbledon Road St. Margaret Mary In toe trc'rz.rure: of 1l'iJ!I07ll ir under- .rlorldlng and rellglounlerr of knowledge. Eccle. 1:26. Sodnlity, Nieuwland Club, Bellarmine Club, N, A. Victory Corps, N. A. Ath- letic Association, Junior Red Cross. ELEANOR M. BOLAND 51 Rogers Ave. Holy Apostles Amen, .ray io you, if jon have failb ar q gfdllllllf 7lIll.l'lL1I'd we , fzofhing .rball be lmporub e lo you. Matt. 17:19. Sodality, Bellarminc Club, Home Eco- nomics Club, N. A. Victory Corps, junior Red Cross. MARY E. BONSIGNORE 849 Jefferson Ave. St. Monica Sbe that ir J-wee! in wordr. .rlnrzll nlrain lo greater things. Prov. 16:21. Sodality, ll Circolo Dante. I 1VE Y B , 6 pire B I , . A rose .f y war 0 o d, 1 r e a ' y and lndrieu. j . I :16. C oda ity, i Cho' , hllar e C uh, Le Fra als, is as ay, N. '. Vic . ps junio ci C ss, N. At etc 0 ia ' n. X- ,A W L-AX"'s -5 SENIOR CLASS ACADEMY LUCILLE M. BRADY 407 Selye Terrace Holy Rosary The Lord if my fork and my fortr'e.r.r. Ps. 1725. Sodality, Perosian Choir, Christmas Play, junior Red Cross, N. A. Victory Corps. BETTY T. BRANNAN 26 Mark St. Holy Redeemer By the hlc',Ui11gJ of Ihr jim the city Jhnll he exalted. Prov. 11:11. ' Sodality, Perosian Chrfjrl Bellargnlnh Clu , Dramusical, W. A. Victory fps. ,T ' N , ., ' . A iwfeliijlgvn'1if!o2l'HjP ii v I x if '. s My 1 1. A ., I N ' if C V J JR' 4, aptly 1 if EJIAIA M. li 1156 Dewey Ave. Holy Rosary I will bleu Ihr Lord, who lmrh gi:-en me rofuzrel: I hare .ffl the Lord alwnyr helorv my face. Ps. 1517, 8. Sodality. DOLORES BRYANT 599 Wlinona Blvd. St. Margaret Mary Thou har! laid Thy hand upon IIIP, 0 Lord, Such kfiouflerlge if mo u-ondt-rful for mc. Ps. 15815, 6. Sodality, Perosian Choir, Mantunn Circle, Bellarmine Club, Le Cercle Frangais, Christmas Play, Dramusical, News Editor of Gabriel, N. A. Athletic Association, N. A. Victory Corps, junior Red Cross, Quill and Scroll. MARIE BURNETT 523 Elmgrove Road Immaculate Conception I hom' pufrhated Thy tertimonisr for an inheritance, 0 Lord, hcraurr they are fu joy to my heart. Ps. 118:111. Sodality. BARBARA M. BURNS 118 Sherwood Ave. St. Augustine Thy ward, O Lord, if fl lamp to my feat and a light to my path. Ps. 118:105. Sodality, Bellarmine Club, junior Red Cross, Christmas Play, Der Deutsche Verein, Lanthorn Staff, N. A. Athletic Association, N. A. Victory Corps. OF 1944 MARY TERIZSA CAHILL 21 Rosewood Ter. Corpus Christi I will gire prairie to Thee, O Lord, with my whole heart: I will ri-late all Thy womlefzr. Ps. 9:2. Sodnlity, Perosian Choir, Le Cercle Fran- eais, Bc-:llarmine Club, Nieuwland Club, N. A. Victory Corps. FRANCES P. CAMERA 132 Burrows St. Holy Apostles In whore Jpiril lbefe ir no gnile. Ps. 31:2. Sodality, Home Economics Club, Junior Red Cross, Nieuwland Club, Bellarmine Club, N. A. Victory Corps. JOSEPHINE CANZANO 49 Phelps Ave. St. Anthony The mort' humble thou nit, the more :halt thou hm! grace before God. Ecclu. 3:20. Sodalitv. Le Cercle Frangais. LENA CAPONETTI 1175 Bay St. St. Ambrose Bn! the path of the jurt, ar a .rhinmg light, goeth forward and tltrrenrwh unto perfert day. Prov. 4:18. Sodality, Perosian Choir, ll Circolo Dante, Bellarmine Club, Dramusical, N. 'A. Vic- gury Corps, Trafhc Officer, junior Red ross. DOROTHY E. CARDUCCI 1065 Bay St. St. Ambrose I will he employed in Thy command- memr. Ps. 118178. Vice-Prefect of Sodality, Chairman -of Parish Contact Committee, Bellarmme Club, N. A. Victory Corps, junior Red Cross, Senior Play. PAULINE M..g4E5r.A '- 54 villrfixt. f 'Q yy lYHQ,iary I nzgiiitiilifd 7110 on Thy fQ0lmdUdWI Wu-'hirh I loFt'Ti,Ps. 11814 . '--- 4 ff- .. N--14 Sdlhf L C l Ftn ', Bellr 'he c'iuii,'1-ibm? ES2'SJL.rcfeif.LS, Juniff 'vita Cross, N. At .Victory Corpsk' cw.. A 'J ' Y- . .K -KPN. C., '- 5. . x x ELEANOR M. CHIMERA 69 Nantucket Road St. John the Evangelist The deriro for wisdom bringelh to the ercrlaylirig kingdom. XVisd. 6:21. Commercial Honor Society, Junior Red Cross. MARIE CHRISTMAN ll5 Parkside Crescent St. Margaret Mary The fruit of lhe :piril is goodrierf. Gal. 5222. Sodality, Home Economics Club, N. A. Victory Corps, junior Red Cross, N. A. Athletic Association. JEANNE CLARK 367 Ellicott St. Our Lady of Good Counsel To Thee, 0 Lord. have I lifled up my eyei, who dwellexl in the hearenr. Ps. 12221. Sodality, Perosian Choir, Nieuwland Club Bellarmine Club, N. A. Victory Corps, junior Red Cross, Christmas Play, Dm: musical, Senior Play. MARIE A. COLLINS 555 Ames St. Holy Family Grace ir poured abroad iu lhy lipr. Ps. 44:53. Sodality, Secretary of Perosian Choir, Sec- retary of Pan America Club, Secretary of Mantuan Circle, Bellarmine Club, Dramu- sical, Christmas Play, Lanthorn Staff, Ga- Erie-lnStaff, junior Red Cross, Quill and cro . LORRAINE COOK 108 Clay Ave. Sacred Heart The Lord if my deliwrer and my helper. Ps. 17:3. Sodality, Le Cercle Frangais, Mantuan Cir- cle, Be larmine Club, N. A. Victory Corps junior Red Cross. JANET COOPER 529 Lake View Park Holy Rosary Thou, 0 Lord, hast given glndflexf in my hearl. Ps. 4:7. Sodality, Bellarmine Club. 32 N A Z A RIET ELEANOR COUGHLIN 101 Electric Ave. Sacred Heart The tongue of the ilu! ir ar choice Jil- rer. Prov. 10:20. Sodality, Orchestra, Bellarmine Club, N. A. Victory Corps, junior Red Cross, N. A. Athletic Association. NORA MAE CROSTON 43 Linnel: St. Holy Rosary In lhe lip! of lhe wire i: u'i.rdorn found. Prov. 10:13. Sodality, Bellarmine Club. IRENE M. CULLEN 246 West Ridge Rd. Sacred Heart For wifdom i.r lhe hrighlmnvr of eternal light. Wisd. 7:26. Sodality, Nieuwland Club, Pan America Club, Perosian Choir, Social Editor of Perosian Choir, Senior Play, Christmas Play, Dramusical, N. A. Athletic Associ- ation, Senior Play. U,-L 4 ' Ii Q. -"S .. ff" fp f- Mxljf LW xiflf ' 54 bp fi I Y-Qvfnv., "lf,z"'fw3",l PATR-All ANN Quays xf lmlqizillgte ,MJ . WV 9 - . MJ' Gi' ROSEMARY DAMIA ' 668 Emerson St. Holy Rosary To the meek He will gin' grace. I Prov. 3:34. Sodality, Home Economics Club, Ijlellar- mine Club, N. A. Athletic Association. JANE DAVIS 376 Flower City Park Sacred Heart The grace of her moderry ix above gold. Ecclu. 7:21. Sodality, Christmas Play, junior Red Cross, Senior Play. SENIOR CLASS ,i ,.i . '-ki .4 . ACADEMYI J , .. ll v .rf A- 1 IRENE M. DE CLERCK ' 178 Ellicott St. St. Monica Among the jurr, grace Jhall abide. .Prov. l4:9. Sodality, Perosian Choir, Mendel Club, Bellarmine Club, Dramusical, N. A. Vic- tory Corps, junior Red Cross, N. A. Ath- letic Association. PATRICIA DENNIS 130 Goodwill St. Sacred Heart I-le .rhall l'01'El' lhcr' with His wing.r,' Hix ffllfhi Jhall be lhy rhield. Ps. 9015. Sodality, Pan America Club, Bellarmine Club, N. A. Victory Corps, junior Red Cross, N. A. Athletic Association. JEAN DEVERELL 78 Devon Road Our Lady of Good Counsel They shall remember Thy name through- out all generariom. Ps. 44:18. Sodality, Chairman of Social Committee, Olrcaiestra, Le Cercle Franqais, Bellarmine Cu . JOSEPHINE DEPONZIO 410 McNaughton St. Precious Blood W hat ir richer than wisdom, ufhirh flIdk9flJ all Ihingr. Wisd. 8:5. Sodality, Il Circolo Dante, Bellarminc Club, N. A. Victory Corps. , 0 4 1 ' Y 1 1 I l Rose-Dr snwo- fl 297 lqinchey,Road ,. St. Helen 'I .rkfblhe Lord alwayr in my right. t ' W , Ps. 15:B. 'Sodality, Perosixm Choir, Nieuwland Club, Bellafmine Club, Home Economics Clu-b, Dramusical, Christmas Play, N. A. Vic- tory Corps, Junior Red Cross, N. A. Ath- letic Associationf ' COLLEEN G. DI STASIO 12 Willow St. Holy Apostles Hear in silence, and for lhy reference good grare Jhall come lo thee. Ecclu. 3'.Z:9. Sodality, Le Cercle Franqais, Bellarmine Club, Home Economics Club, N. A. Ath- letic Association, N. A. Victory Corps, .junior Red Cross. F1944 EDITH T. DITTMAN 41 Malling Drive St. Michael My heart hath utlered a good word: I speak my ufordx to the King. Ps. -4422. Sodality, Bellarmine Club, N. A. Victory Corps, junior Red Cross, N. A. Athletic Qssciiiation, Lanthorn Stalf, Quill and liffl . ELEANOR DONALS 1454 St. Paul St. , St. Michael Honor and glory. the word of the wire. Ecclujbjfld. L 5 'J goclnlity, NIIA. victory' Corps, Junior Red ross. ' 1 1' K A I i X - . ' x r " I - V ,i i A1 I " K4 h ,i , , J . M31 - K 1 Aj FMARGARETA DCNOGHUE , f- 155 Barton St. ' Sf- Mon I 1 V 4 f 1He that walhelh JlflC0fFQ,,ill'Hlkflb c - fidenlly. Prov.' 10:9. ' 1' ' 1 VI. Sodality, Perosian Choir, President of Le Cercle Francais, Bellarmine Club,. Lan- thorn Stalt, N. A. Athletic Association, N. A. Victory Corps, junior Red Cross. RUTH F. DONOGHUE 39-I Cottage St. St. Monica That I may dwell in the houre of the Lord, to behold the beauly of the Lord. Ps. 26:15. Sodality, Mendel Club, Le Cercle Frangais, N. A. Victory Corps. RUTH DOWNS 256 Curlew St. Holy Rosary The lore of God if honorable wirdom. Eccle. 1:14. Sodality, Bellarmine Club, Pan America Club, Commercial Club, N. A. Athletic Association, N. A. Victory Corps, junior Red Cross. MARY ANNE DOYLE 80 Myrtle Hill Park Holy Apostles A faithful friend i.r :he medicine of life and immortality. Ecclu. 6:16. Sodality, Nieuwlancl Club, Bellarmine Club, Editor of Lanrhorn, N. A. Athletic Association, N. A. Victory Corps, junior Red Cross, Quill and Scro l. 53 I Q Q.,- I 'I . 1, . I 1 , Q, 1 . '- l I VIRGINIA DWYER A60 jordan Ave. St. Theodore Thou an near, 0 Lord, and all Thy ufay: are truth. Ps. 11S:151. Bellarmine Club, Junior Red Cross, N. A. Athletic Association. JUNE ELKINS 1540 Culver Road St. Ambrose Tbe ligbl of Thy counfemwce, 0 Lord, ir rigned upon ur. Ps. 427. Sodality, Perosian Choir, Bellarmine Club, Nicuwland Club, Drarnusical, N. A. Ath- letic Association, Junior Red Cross, N. A. Victory Corps. L O R D Fjiv J, JOAN H. IENGLERT M' 198 Seville Drive ' fi St.V..Michael .fZ.m'Z.Z'M:. elsif M fef'fwf"1 So Iity, P, ian Choir, Sedetary of Der M Deutsche V ein Bell mine Club N. A. Y Victory Corps, jirnior Ifed Cross. I o ' 'I' if l J BETTY C. ESTER 60 Vayo St. St. Ambrose L I G H T Mutb peace bare they who lore Thy law, 0 Lord. Ps. l18:165. junior Red Cross. MARJORIE ESTERHELD SZ Somershire Drive St. Margaret Mary Tbat I may dwell in tba houre of the Lord, and virit Hi: temple. Ps. 2614. Sodalitzg Pan America Club, Vice-Presi- dent o -Mantuan Circle, Bellarmine Club, Dramusucal, Senior Play, Quill and Scroll. 1 -C "X .an . .Q gg. -R-A., A YsV"i " t il. ' 1, '5-, s Q- S ' L, XS 'N. ZH., 'N X x K.. ,3- .aa 'ee '1-. ,' '1 E-21 f g "' Q' fr . . -ANT0-LNBTTE M. M2105 'T ' 51fgQ?I1CCa Pkwy! Hay Rosary B Thoilgn ggi cadfamq, will lifi up iny Khalid: HT y,-name. Ps. 'S. es.. so ,P AE' cis, 1 ' - .e'i-?.lff'j5E1fr51f'AfiilLtl2ff.r..02r..i0., iG?"R7 '-L., Vidogyx Corps or Red1CQs. Fx ""' -Q N 4.2- ".Y,.,v- - I , ' - ,B 1 fjin KX., ,-fe'-'Nb 'Nav 5"'a5V 34 " "L 4' ea, Rx... le " up gf ' -"1C'.xA' 4. Q Vi? ' J. "Ai ,. 1 ..,. ,.l s --' on V, -.. s ' 'fungal X ...f 0-. ' ,e I .. ' - 9 0 0 1 , ...Q , kjlxb ' at i X,-x"" kk " ,X .f x .X If , .sc - f y ,,. wif. . . I r "xxx xv. X ,. .1 , .MEM .kj '1,,sNjj1,g AR ET :J 'Qi' Y 't cj A ROSEINNNE FISCHER . '. 'K 125 Trafalgar St. St. Monica Our God ir our refuge and Jlrenglb. Ps. 45:2. Gabriel Staff. ALICE FLAI-IERTY 30 Oriole St. Holy Rosary The good rlmll shine ar the lilier on the brink of the water. Ecclu. 50:8. Sodality. RUTH FLANAGAN 36 Mazda Terrace Our Lady of Perpetual Help I will blerr tb: Lord Who bath given me council. Ps. l5:7. Sodality, N. A. Victory Corps, Junior Red Cross. MARY ELLEN FLANNIGAN 65 Ferris St. St. Ambrose Tbe expertalion of the jun ir ioy. Prov. 10:28. Sodality, Perosian Choir, Bellarmine Club, N. A. Victory Corps, junior Red Cross. CATHERINE H. FOOS 250 Bidwell Ter. Holy Rosary I rejoiced for wirdam went before me. ,A Wisd. 7:12. Sodality, President of Orchestra, Mendel Club, N. A. Victory Corps. ELEANOR M. FREDERICK 226 Fairgate St. Holy Apostles Tb 1 fb xh 'In ' rl: of 515254. 1'3f..v.'H.iZ3F 'I ' W Sodality, Bellarmine Club, Pan America Club, N. A. Athletic Association, N. A. Vrctorly Corps, junior Red Cross, Commer- cial C ub. simon CLA ' aw- SS - f 'VL 1 yt Yrf ij, 91' 'T QA' fllfl, 1 RN ., GK I N. xy Q' , . Q f ' ' ,L A all , ' , , I ' ' Q X. K 1 ' . . X fATRlCIAl A GALIIAGH-ER7' F. 1 .f 28 Pdplag Shi f, Ixnlmacuiae Conception A I' 'l t ', . h7ff'tz5Zfff5',i6.Lf'r'53."f43f1i"N""'f bf' I 1 A 5 lgqdality, Treasurer of Home Economics ' Cllb, Bellarmine Club, Mendel Club, N. A. Victory Corps, Junior Red Cross. 'l . GLORIA j. GALVIN 177 jefferson Ave. SS. Peter and Paul The lip: of lhe jurl romider what ir acceptable. Prov. 10:32. Sodality, Pan America Club, Commercial glub, N. A. Victory Corps, Junior Red FOSS. BETTY JANE GARDNER 3461 Culver Road St. Margaret Mary Unto Thee, 0 Lord. do I lift up my .mul . . . for none that wait an Thee rball he nrhamezl. Ps. 2422, 3. Sodality, Nieuwland Club, Bellarmine Club, Le Cercle Franoais, N. A. Victory Corps, junior, Red Cross, Der Deutsche Vvrem. ,kt Y ML . UWA- I ' 'JJIX Q . f if . ,, qv ' 4 , .r ' I 2 ' 1' ,' ii il", nfl NES A. QE, g2L1,,-1 ,V 26rClifTord lzkfely' , 4- l St. Michael hi iuyleflglad ivhlen they raid unto me: Lei . -1 , ' N - V, " P . . . l ,,, 'ur at Ill! the lwizre pf rhf Lord. V, l ,fl ax 1 l .hi 5 R214 V VPan1-Americ Clpll, Bellaiminef u , N. ,ff A: -Victorylznrpsq Junior Red ross. W r fx vp ' ,-' A ' li! Y' ,fl ,. ' i. J , ii X LOUISE S. GEFELL 50 Avenue C St. Michael . -Blerrea' are they that lrurt in the Lard. JV., 4' Ps. 1:13. Sodality, Bellarmine Club, N. A. Victory Corps, junior Red Cross. JEANETTE K. GEORGER 36 Winbourne Rd. St. Monica Sing ye to the Lam' tl new rrmtirle, .ring ye to the Lord. Ps. 52:3. Sodality, Chairman of Mission Committee, Perosian Choir, Orchestra, Nieuwland Club, Mendel Club, Christmas Plav, Dm- musical, Varsity Basketball, Pan America Club, N. A. Victory Corps, Bcllarmine Club, President of Sophomore Class, Sec- retary of junior Class. or 1944 1 s 'Y iz I ,J H , 'fu V-af 1' x 'iff . f. w ii -s.' -f 1,1 , .flfin , ,r J ,ff . If . Y . Br I A . . 1 :' " 4. VIS it r ll ' " s-Qs.. ,. A, uf, EDITH GIANGRECO f" - J ' L. 22 Copeland St. St. Francis Xavier If The mouth of the iurt .rhahpxbring forth A K witrlam. Prov. 10:51. Sdl't,P ' ch"M dl-Jai? is5'rf2J.iiQd e'i'5Ef"ee l:2I5hire,El'uE,vN.'ll. f Victory' s, Ju'i1io,, ednfrossj k J 'Ji . KF" 'X ' if yr J w ix li l" I U ll-'ii 4 A A Y li!! 3 , xi X JJ YA, W, G. I r uv. rw, Q ,J 1 rr, .' 3' , I We Mljxl V' , FJ nfl ,J Q y L X , J Y " ly li., l NV' J ir xiii oo Tl-IAQ A. .QLOSSNERy ,fy fr 05 Portland Ayeyjf XSL Andrew l ' 1 The blerxing olf the Lor maketh men 7 1 ,tfr,i, Y10:-2. Sodam Pergsian Choir, Bellarmine Club, Panff 6 ici Club, N. A. Victory Corps, juniorlhrkelsll Cross. RUTH E. GORDIER 150 Curlew St. Holy Rosary I um delighted with the law of the Lord. Prov. 7:22. Sodality, Pan America Club, Bellarmine Club, Home Economics Club, N. A. Ath- letic Association, N. A. Victory Corps, junior Red Cross. FLORENCE M. GOTTEMEIER 21 Austin St. Holy Apostles The wire took oil in their reuelr with the lampr. Matt. 25:-1. Sodality, Pan America Club, Bellarmine Club, N. A. Victory Corps. JOAN M. GREENWOOD 30 May St. St. Anne They :hall be brought with iladnerr and rejoicing into the temple of t ePK1r3i. 16 s. 3 . Sodality, Chairman of Eucharistic Com- mittee, Perosian Choir, Bellarmine Club, Mantuan Circle, Le Cerclc Frangais, N. A. Victory Corps. MARCELLA A. GRIMM 1215 Goodman St. Holy Redeemer The mouth of the jurt .rhall bring forth wirdom. Prov. 10:31. Sodality, Perosian Choir, Bcllarminc Club, Gabriel Staff, N. A. Victory Corps, Dra- musical. 55 I I JOAN GUTBERLET 502 Driving Park Ave. Holy Rosary Ar e or lb li ht 11 come and the ir . f I 1: ' . glory of the Lora' if upon Ihee. ,B Is. 60:l. Sodality, Perosian Choir, Commercial Club, Der Deutsche Verein, Dramusical, Christ- mas Playv N: Victory Corps. X .ie iv" 119' . .1 .gf gf--1 ,sz . - -e -. x 4. X . , -rr' l AT 4 Yin, iff J' , v 'gl' 'N ll. 3.7, l ! ,FJ LJ, IV. 1 Lx: K 3,1 x it . QQ' xp my-, ,lk 1 4,45 1' xyxrgtgcrllt A. oriifipetiy .9 ' 'I 311'Se1ye.Tef. ,.Q7L'i ,sill Holy Rosary H ., ' 1 .' : , ' She.J'11:p.if1Qpr11.f1e11q,T:l!rl camel-y 1'0fqdl2i f cs Ae. T19 Sodmy, PetoslzinX2lioiii',,Chl'igt1r1?1 Play, N nA., Adqletlc Association. ' .l, 't Lb" P A LORETTA GURNEY I4 Lochner Pl. Holy Redeemer I loved Thy !'07llfII11lIdmPf1l.f above gold. PS. 11lZl27. Sodality, Der Deutsche Verein, Bellarmine Club, Christmas Play. N. A. Victory Corps, junior Red Cross, N. A. Yeoman Service, Senior Play. THERESA J. HALLATT 459 Driving Park Ave. Holy Rosary Re'oire in the Lord 0 e ri hteoruf 1, , . y, e prune II romely for the upright. Ps. 52:l. Sodality Perosian Choir, Bellarmine Club, N. A. Victory Corps, Junior Red Cross. MARGARET A. HART 2444 Dewey Ave. St. Charles Thou art near, O Lord: and all Thy Way: are lrulh. Ps. 118:151. Sodality, Bellarmine Club, N. A. Victory Corps, Editor of Gabriel, Treasurer of Sophomore Class, Quill and Scroll. RUTH HASSELBERG 53 Woodbine Ave. St. Augustine He lhar mer wisdom bemmr: lhe friend of God. Wisd. 9:-1. Sodality, Perosian Choir, Nieuwland Club, Bellarmine Club, junior Red Cross. 36 xl ,J . A 1' xl k JR., Q 'lAlARLIH .fFQ'yfQj 'y JOAN HHYES .N 1 , R124 Biilrlington Aven ' ' A Q Our Laujy of Gqsid Counsel Thou .rlmlf walk canfiderltly in thy way and thy foal JIJJI not rlzmlble. Prov. 35:25. Sodality, Treasurer of Perosian Choir, Orchestra, Nieuwland Club, Mantuan Circle, Christmas Play, Bellarmine Club. Dramusical, N. A. VictoryNCorps, Red Cross High School Victory Council, Senior Play. - N , , 1 HILDEGARDE A. 'HEINRICH 76 Valley View Crescent St. Thomas !Q"'He thai follawelh me walkelh 'not in darhncrr, but ,rhall hare lhe light of life eternal, mifh lhe Lord. john 8:12. f 1 . . ll RAL N 6511 P l 'li Ave! St. Augustine ' h he li n thy au! arm' fm Q 0 iw I v. 5:22g o ai 't ro ' o' e Cerc .Fax 9115 Hom om1c ristm p Pay Dram ical J sr ' Vlct Cor s jf ssoc :1- 1 gl , P, l n I U .' . P ' uh, as l ,l , ' , r ed " ., . ' th ' 'Q 1 .grin , -Pres t juni 1' ass Vice- jf res' nt' nio lass, S Play. 15 1 1. MARY THELMA HOLDEN 191 Rand St. Sacred Heart In all hir workx, he gave lhankr to lhe mail High u-'iih wordx of glory. Ecclu. 4729. Sodality, Perosian Choir, Bellarmine Club, Pan America Club, Dramusical, N. A. Athletic Association. MILDRED F. HOLLAND 390 Driving Park Ave. Holy Rosary W'ira'om is the tree of life to Ihem that lay hold on her. Prov. 5:18. Sodality, Pan America Club, Bellarmine Elub, N. A. Victory Corps, Junior Red ross. BERNADINE M. HUETHER 1239 Lexington Ave. Holy Rosary Thou .rhall give joy and gladrierr. Ps. 50:10. Sodality, Bellnrmine Club, N. A. Victory Corps. SENIOR CLASS ACADEMY MONICA M. HUNT 498 Emerson St. Holy Apostles W'i,fdom renderelh to the jun lhe wager of Iheir laborr, and conducted them in 4 wrnrderflxl way. Wisd. 10:17. Sodality, Perosian Choir, Bellarmine Club, N. A. Athletic Association, N. A. Victory Corps, Junior Red Cross. DORIS M. INCAVO 2 St. jacob St. Holy Redeemer I will worship lownrd Thy holy templef mm' I will give glory to 7 hy mmrc, Ps. l37Z2. Sodality, Pan America Club, Bellarmine Club, Christmas Play, Dramusical, N. A. Athletic Association, N. A. Victory Corps, junior Red Cross, Senior Play. MARIE JOHNSON 32 Evangeline St. St. Monica The ronlr of Ihr: iufr are in lhe lllllldf of God. Wisd. 311. Sodality, Perosi n Choir, Bellarmine Club, N. A. Victory Corps, Junior Red Cross. JANE MARIE JONES 692 Arnett Blvd. St. Augustine There if gold and rx mullimdz' of f?1l't'l.f, bill the lrpr of hrraufledge are iz preciour rerrel. Prov. 27-21. Sodality, Le Cercle Frangais, Bellarmine Club, Dramusical, N. A. Athletic Associ- ation, N. A. Victory Corps, junior Red Cross, Senior Play. HELEN R. KARVELIS 44 Barons St. St. George The lruil of humilily ir the fear of Ihr Lord, richer and glory and life. Prov. 22:4. President of Der Deutsche Verein, N. A. Victory Corps. DOROTHY J. KASTNER 87 Adams St. Immaculate Conception With all hir heart he praired rhe Lord and loved Goa' that made him. Ecclu. 47:10. Sodality, Pan America Club, Bellarmine Club, junior Red Cross. UF 1944 ALICE J. KEENAN 172 Rockingham St. St. Boniface A .rweel word mulripliefh friendr. ' Ecclu. 6:S. Sodality, .Nieuwland Club, Bellarmine glub, junior Red Cross, N. A. Victory orps. ELSIE KEIRSBILCK 218 Navarre Road Our Lady of Perpetual Help In God rhall we glory all the day lang. Ps. 4319. Sodality, ,Bellarmine Club, Lanthorn Stalf, N. A. Victory Corps, Cheerleader, Junior Red Cross. GERALDINE KELLER 385 Ridgeway Ave. Sacred Heart Behold ihou url fair, my beloved, and comely. Cant. 1:14, 15. Sodalig, Home Economics Club, Bellar- mine lub, Christmas Play, N. A. Ath- letic Association, N. A. Yeoman Service. SHIRLEY L. KELLMAN A 280 Pullman Ave. A Sacred Heart Oh, Jing unto the Lord a new Jong, for He bath done marvelous things. Ps. 97:1. Sodality, Perosian Choir, Orchestra, Der Deutsche Verein, Dramusical. IRENE KELLY 46 Castleford Rd. St. Charles Borromeo Lei not lrmh leave thee, hu! wriie it on lhe tahler of thy heart. Prov. 3:3. Sodality, Perosian Choir, Pan America Club, Bellarmine Club, Dramusical, Junior Red Cross. f l ,-I JEAN K Y ill and ll IIZ7. Choir, Le N. A. Red Senior u' f ijt? N of il J l if 1 MARIE C. KELLY 515 Magee Ave. Sacred Heart Blerred ir the woman who jndeth wir- dom, and if rirh in prudence. Prov. 3:13. Sodalit , Bellarmine Club, Home Econom- ics Clu , N. A. Victory Corp, junior Red Cross. DUAYNE KENDELL 150 Catalpa Rd. St. Margaret Mary Her hear! hath confidence in the Lord. Dan. 13:35. Sodality, Vice-President of .Nieuwland Club, N. A. Athletic Association, junior Red Cross. JANE DONNA KLEIN 100 Ridgeway Ave. Sacred Heart A grarioux wornan Jhall ind glory. Prov. 11:16. Sodalig, Home Economics Club, Bellar- mine lub, Dramusical, N.. A. Victory Corps, N. A. Athletic Association. MARILYN K. KLEIN 2433 Lyell Rd. St. Theodore Who Jhall :rand in His holy place? The innorenl in hand: and the clean of heart. Ps. 23:31, 4. Sodalit , Nieuwland Club, Bellarmine Club, A. Victory Corps, Junior Red Cross, Senior Play. MARJORIE KO!-IL 175 Norton St. Sacred Heart He hath found one pearl of great price. Matt. 13:46. Sodalit , Pan America Club, Bellarmine Club, Igramusical, N. A. Athletic Associa- tion, Lanthorn Staff, Junior Red Cross. DOLORES M. KOHLER 27 Ludwig Park Holy Redeemer The grace of a diligent woman .rhall de- lighl. Ecclu. 26:16. Sodality, Perosian Choir, Commercial Honor Society, Le Cercle Franeais, zllar- mine Club, N. A. Victory Corps. 38 N AIZ A R El'H BERNADINE T. KRAFT 3 Ludwig Park Our Lady of Perpetual Help The .ronlr of rhe jun are in lhe hand: of God. Wisd. 3:1. Sodality, Perosian Choir, Bellarmine Club, N. A. Victory Corps. JEAN KRENZER XVest Henrietta, N. Y. Good Shepherd To the humble he giveth grace. Ps. 515. Sodality, Perosian Choir, Dramusical, N. A. Athletic Association. E l 1 J!! . 1 ' , 2 1, t -'I X Iijlflb .. 4 fl "A , ' if rr ' BER KU E fi Hx- 2 ,ffl 370'Carter S . , ,Ly St. Andrcvi' . W Well ne, 0 ood andlfaithful Jerflafri, ,fl era than har been fait cover .M e Ihingr, I plare I e over rn A ' ing:.lIl? A ..5:21: J , ' 1, sedan , an A 55gAf6ub, t. ' C0151 ercial'ClfUiT ellar 'eClub,f . . I Viq ory Corps- unio Cross, N. 'ff' Athletic Association, I g Bearer. . I' 1 ,c .1 , " m5,VV,J. A A J .J lllfl., J IU' ' 1' If Q Aly J Ji- if JJ . :' lSlAK1K1F9'fAEI,LKNCE 1 ,jf 5 ,I 9S,lCar4gl61e Sl. lf! Boniface 7f,.f'f 'f ' .1 7 K 1ugQ'4'eAiihA mylrelf i thy rum dldi 1 may why "li lovele ' eedingly. ff' rw w ofefeewaf S Sodzvlitf, ' Leyftlrcle Fra-niiajff Bellarrrfine .,!"f' Clubf' N. Ap Athlggjc-'Ass ciation, N. A1 J 1" Victory. Corps, ju or Red Cross. ' L' . f , ,M 1.1 MAYBELLE J. D. LAMA 106 Birr St. Sacred Heart Wfiulonx ir fhe image of G'od'.r goodnerr. Wisd. 7:26. Perosian Choir, Le Cercle Frangais, Bellar- mme Club, Dramusical, N. A. Athletic Association. DORIS M. LANGENBACHER 18 Avis St. Sacred Heart A wire heart :hall acquire knowledge. - Prov. 18:15. SENIOR CLASS ACADEMY MAUREEN LANGTON 287 Flower City Park Sacred Hear! A at . ' 1,1 fgala' and rilrer is able tonroiziltgrtiifil lze Rwdm'-U of he' ,MPL ily. Ecclu. 6:15. S d l't , C mmercial Club, Bellarmine Cllulifll. A? Victory COIPS. ,.lUnl0f R931 Cross, N. A. Athlettc Association, Gabflf StaH. KATHLEEN LARK 257 Walzford Rd. Holy Rfdfemff Merry and truth pfepdff g00grg3f"fi222- 1' , L C le Frangais. Bellarmin-'f SCllli1:,m1LI. Xilitorv COIPS- lunlof Red Cross. 1 f a X ,QNX I 's fr 1 r', , . . ,.,. , ANN 'LEIMBERGER V, 84 Efiergrecn st. Sta Michael ,I Jball be a lady f0fff'J"- IS- 47'j1"' godamy, Pan -America Club, Christmas Play. . f N I ' I 1 'kv ' ' J K s I' I J 14 I RITA LERCH 54 Camden St. Holv Cross I will bleu the Lora' at all timer: Hif praire rball be continually in C1 l' , P ' Choir, Le .Cercle Fran- galmis? lgramidiilil? N. Victory' COFPS. N. A. Athletic Association. LORETTA LEVIS 29 Evergreen St. St. Bridgef In the bean of the prudent fenetb wir- dom. Prov. 14:33. Sodality, Perosian Choir, Bellarmine Club, N. A. Athletic Association. DORIS LINFOOT 145 Wyndham Rd. Holy Cross Grace ir like a paradixe in blerringr. Ecclu. 40:17. Perosian Choir, Der Deutsche Verein, Bel- larmine Club, junior Red Cross. OF 1944 HELEN TERESE LINGL 290 Keeler St. Our Lady of Perpetual Help I will Jeurrb tby law, and keep it with my -wbole bean. Ps. 118134. Sodality, Pan-America Club, Commercial Club, Dramusrcal, N. A. Athletic Associ- ation. N. A. Victory Corps, Junior Red Cross. President of junior Year. CORINNE B. LORENZ 3086 St. Paul Blvd. St. Margaret Mary Tbey Jball publirb the memory of the abundance of thy Jufeetnefr. Ps. 14:4, 7. Sodalitg, Bellarmine Club, Home Econom- rcs Clu , Christmas Play, Cheerleader, Ed- itorial Staff of Lafzthom, N. A. Athletic Association, junior Red Cross. PATRICIA LORENZ 100 Belmont St. Blessed Sacrament Send forth flowerr, ru the lily, and bring forth leave! in grace. Eccle. 39:19. Bellarmine Club, Junior Red Cross. JOAN H. LYNCH 25 Wlest High Ter. St. Monica I will praise with ramicle: and blerr the Lord in Hir worlar. Ecclu. 59:19. Sodality, Perosian Choir, Pan America Club, Bellarmine Club, Christmas Play, Dramusica-l, N. A. Athletic Association, N. A. Victory- Corps, Chairman of Our Lady's Committee, ljunior Red Cross, Treasurer of junior C ass. RUTH MAGIN 158 Avenue B St. Salome Ar in all thing: you abound in faith. 2 Corinth. 8:7. Sodality, Commercial Club, Commercial Honor Society. SHIRLEY MAID 189 Alameda St. Holy Rosary I will go and abound with deligblx. Eccle. 211. Sodality, N. A. Victory Corps, junior Red Cross, N. A. Athletic Association. 39 v JANET MALLON 391 Clay Ave. Sacred Heart Behold, I will .fend my angel who rhall go begore thee and keep thee in thy jour- ney. xod. 23:20. Sodality, Home Economics Club, Bellar- mine lub, N. A. Victory Corps, junior Red Cross. MARY L. MALOY 285' Clay Ave. Sacred Heart Lord, thou didrl deliver to me bee tal- ents, behold I hare gained live and above. Matt. 25:20. Sodality, Chairman of Apostolic Commit- tee, Orchestra, Pan America Club, Bellar- mine Club, Treasurer of Mantuan Circle, N. A. Victory Corps, N. A. Athletic Asso- ciation, Gabriel Staff, junior Red Cross. ROSE MATTHEWS 356 Post Ave. Our Lady of Good Counsel Be glad in the Lord and rejoice all ye that are upright in heart. Ps. 31:11. Sodality, Bellarmine Club, Le Cercle Fran- Qais, N. A. Athletic Association, N. A. Victory Corps, junior Red Cross, N. A. Yeoman Service, Commercial Club. ALMA MATTIA 603 Emerson St. Holy Rosary Hearhen lo My ufordr. for they are life to thore that find them. Prov. 4:19, 22. Sodality, Le Cercle Franqais, Bellarmine Club, Home Economics Club, N, A. Vic- tory Corps, junior Red Cross. MARJORIE MAXWELL 195 Parsells Ave. Corpus Christi Hola' up my goingr in Thy pathyf Jhou' Thy marrelour loving hindnerr, 0 Thou that Jazferl them that trlut in Thee. PS. 16:5, 7. Sodality, Bellarmine Club, N. A. Victory Corps, Junior Red Cross, N. A. Athletic Association. ESTHER MCAVOY 678 Genesee St. St. Monica The Lord beholdelh the ways of man and ronridereth all hir rlelu. Prov. 5:21. Junior Red Cross. 40 N A Z A RIET H MARY ELIZABETH MCBRIDE 426 Broadway Blessed Sacrament Blerred are the clean of heart, for they Jhall ree God. Matt. 5:8. Sodality, Perosian Choir, Bellarmine Club, Le Cercle Frangais, Dramusical, N. A. Victory Corps, junior Red Cross, Treas- urer of Senior Class, N. A. Athletic Asso- ciation, Christmas Play. BERNICE T. MCCALL 82 Monica St. St. Monica Much peace have lhey that lore thy law, O.Lora', and to them there ir no .fram- blmg block. Ps. 1l8:165. Sodality, Chairman of Publicity Commit- tee, Perosian Choir, Pan America Club, Bellarmine Club, Mantuan Circle, Sodality Editor of Gabriel, Christmas Play, Dra- musical, N. A. Victory Corps. FLORENCE T. MCCARTHY 11 Velnx St. Sacred Heart A friend if he ronlinm' .rteadfa,r1. .rhall be to thee ar thyrelf. Ecclu. 16:11. Sodality, Vice President of Perosian Choir, Pan America Club, Commercial Club, Eellarmine Club, Dramusical, Junior Red ross. HELEN T. MCDONALD 10 Columbia Ave. Immaculate Conception The knowledge of the holy if prudence. Prov. 9:10. Home Economics Club, Vice-President of junior Class, Bellarmine Club, N. A. Vic- tory Corps, Lanthorn Staff. JAYNE MCDONALD 73 Edgemere Drive Mother of Sorrows For He hath clothed me with the gar- ment: gf ralrallofl. and with a robe of jltjllft' Jalh He corererl me. Is. 61:10. Sodality, Le Cercle Franqais, Bellarmine Club, N. A. Victory Corps, Junior Red Cross, N. A. Athletic Association. JOAN MCGUIRE 27 Stutson St. Holy Cross She glorificlh her nobility by being ron- 1'er.rar1t with God. Wisd. 813. Sodality, Orchestra, Perosian Choir, Lc Cercle Frangais, Christmas Play, Senior Play. SENIOR CLASS ACADEMY TERESA MCNULTY 175 Seneca Parkway Sacred Heart For He hath flatbed me ur a bride ndov-ned with her jewelr. Is. 61:10. Sodalit , Home Economics Club, Bellar- mine glub, N. A. Victory Corps, junior Red Cross, N. A. Athletic Association, Lanthom Staff. RITA G. MEISENZAHI. S0 Spencerport Rd. St. Theodore Lip.: of knowledge we a preciour wuel. Prov. 27:21. Sodalitv, Pan America Club, Bellarmine Club, Junior Red Cross, N. A, Victory Corps. MURIEL MEYER 29 Laurelton Rd. St. Ambrose jurlire kerpellf the :my of llre immrenr. Prov. 13:6. Sodality, President of Pan America Club, Bellarmine Club, Lanthorn Staff, junior Red Cross, N. A. Athletic Association. AGNES MEYERING 2-li Norton St. Our Lady of Perpetual Help Le! ur u-nlk in the light of lhe Lord. Is. 2:5. Sodality, Prefect of the Sodality, Secretary of Sophomore Class, Nieuwlancl Club, Mende Club, Der Deutsche Verein, Christmas Play, N. A. Athletic Associ- ation, N. A. Victory Corps, junior Red Cross, Senior Play. BARBARA M. MILES 143-4 Clinton Ave. So. St. Boniface A peaceable langue it a tree of life. Prov. 1514. Perosian Choir, Sodality, Der Deutsche Verein, Bellarmine Club, Dramusical, Christmas Play, N. A. Athletic Associa- tion, N. A. Victoaf Corps, junior Red Cross, Lanthorn Sta . 2 Rou . A ubat e er AJ r ar 1 J a . p r Ps 1 5' m Econo s Cl N.' A. or . ' Ally - l . . . X e' . : . ali ictory orp . A. At C ociation Ei d s, S i -IA U I ' ER , f xv t LOUISE MILLER 55 Grover St. St. Augustine A 1vi.w refmul ir acreplnble lo lhc King. Prov. 14:55. Sodality, Home Economics Club, N. A. Victory Corps, N. A. Athletic Association. MARY ELIZABETH MILNE 6 Emanon St. Our Lady of Victory Tlge learned in u-'ard Jbull find goat! lbmgr. Prov. 16:20. Sodality, Nieuwlnnd Club, Bellarmine Club, N. A. Victory Corps, N. A, Arhletig Association. HELEN MISHIA 122 Dulkeith Rd. St. john, the Evangelist Far bl'ffL'f is one day in Thy ro I., 0 Lord, above Ilanlmuulx. Ps. 83:1lll f Sodality, Vice-Prefect of Mission Commite tee, Perosian Choir, Bellarmine Club, N, A. Victory Corps, junior Red Cross. GRACE MITRANO 33 Saratoga Ave. St. Anthony I will em'ompa.rr my home wilb Ilsem ibm Jerry. Zach. 9:81. Sodality, Il Circolo Dante, Bellarmine Club, President of Mantuan Circle, N. A. Victory Corps, junior Red Cross. FRANCES MORAN 216 Alameda St. Sacred Heart Tby u-ark ir carried on diligently. Esther 518. Le Cercle Franeais, Bellarmine Club, N. A- VICYOYY Corps. Junior Red Cross. PATRICIA E. MURRAY 19 Admiral Park Holy Rosary Thou bar! Jbowfl grace am! fidelily. 2 K. 15:20. Sodality, Perosian Choir, Bellarmine Club, Treasurer of Nieuwland Club, Dramusical Christmas Play, N. A. Athletic Associn: tion, N. A. Victory Corps. 41 BENEDETTA NANNI 131 Frankfort St. St. Patrick To speak a word in due time ir like applet of gold on bed: of silver. . Prov. 25:11 Sodality, Bellarmine Club, Gabriel Staff, N. A. ictory Corps, N. A. Athletic Asso- ciation, junior Red Cross. HELEN K. NEARY 18 Elsdon St. Holy Apostles He tba! loveth cleannexr of bear! rlmll be a friend lo the King. Prov. 22:11. Sodality, Home Economics Club, Junior Red Cross, N. A. Victory Corps. RUTH G. NELSON 46 Ellicott Sr. Sr. Monica How good and Jwget, 0 Lord. ir T111 Jpiril within ru. Wxsd. 1211. Sodality, Perosian Choir, APan America Club, Bellarmine Club. junior Red Cross, N. A. Victory Corps, N. A. Athletic Asso- ciation, Christmas Play. CARMELA M. NIGER 269 Lyndhurst St. Mount Carmel By wisdom the boure :ball be built, and by prudence it :ball be strengthened. Prov. 2413. Sodalit, ll Circolo Dante, Bellarmine Club, Hunior Red Cross, N. A. Victory Corps. BERNADETTE NOLAN 5 Superior Ter. SS. Peter and Paul A glad heart maketh u cheerful ronme- mznte. Prov. 15:13. Sodalit , Perosian Choir Nieuwland Club, Le Cerlcle Franeais, Bellarmine Club, N. A. Athletic Association, N. A. Victory Corps, Advertising Manager of the .Lan- thorn, Red Cross High School' Victory Council, Quill and Scroll. EILEEN T. NOONAN 96 Gorsline St. Siffed Hfilff Nothing can be compared to a faithful friend. Ecclu. 6:15. Sodality, Bellarmine Club, Der Deutsche Xerein, junior Red Cross, N. A. Victory orps. -42 N A Z A R El'H ALICE K. NORMILE 201 Woodbine Ave. St. Augustine For wirdom if an infinile ifearure I0 men. Vllisd. 9:-1. Sodality, Perosian.Choir, President of N. A. Athletic Association, Bellarmine Club, Christmas Platy, N. A. Victory Corps, Marsity Basket all, Hockey Team, Senior ay. GERTRUDE NUSZ 115 Mohawk St. St. Andrew My bear! hall: rejoiced in the living God. Ps. 83:2. Sodality, Home Economics Club, Bellar- mine Club. CLAIRE O'BRIEN 354 Magee Ave. Sacred Heart Bleu the Lord in -all Hit work: in all place: of Hu dominion, bleu the Lord, O my mul. Ps. 102:22. Sodalityl, Treasurer of Pan America Club, Bellarmme Club, N. A. Victory Corps. DOROTHY O'BRIEN 709 Seneca Parkway Holy Rosary Before lhe Angels Jlmll I .ring praire unto Tbee. I will worship and pmite Tby Name. Ps. 13711, 2. Sodality, Pan America Club, Bellarmine Club, N. A. Victory Corps, N. A. Ath- letic Association, junior Red Cross. MARGARET M. O'CONNOR 225 Greeley St. Corpus Christi Bleued are tbey who dwell in Thy house, 0 Lord. Ps. 85:5. Sodality, llellarmine Club, N. A. Victory Corps, junior Red Cross, Senior Play. MARION O'CONNOR 250 Hamilton St. St. Boniface He that it a friend lovelb at all timer. Prov. 17:17. Sodality, Bellarmine Club, President of Nieuwland Club, Mendel Club, Christmas Play, Lanthorn Staff, N. A. Athletic Asso- gation, N. A. Victory Corps, junior Red ross. SENIOR CLASS ,.l rv. 1 I l ' -ff u '- r 'S Q3 X in A X2 NR 1 r A' fp rf MW , j 1 -f 2 AILEEPI . o'oEA ' 633 P AVE. ' Lady of Good Counsel And I irjahjdelight in the uhundanre of perzgi' sg 36:11. Soda' , P osian Choir, N. A. Athletic Association, ellarmine Club, President of Home Econg, ics Club, Dramusical, N. A. Victory Co s. MARGARET ORLANDO 17 Galusha St. St. Bridget Truth if strung out of the earth, and juxlire hat loo ed down frornphergzen. S. 212. Sodality, Le Cercle Francais, Bellarmine Club, N. A. Victor Cores, Secretary and 'Treasurer of Nieuwland lub. GERTRUDE E. PALULONIS 803 North St. Holy Redeemer Magnify Hi.r :mme and give glory io Him with lhe voire of Ihy lrp.r. Ecclu. 39:20. Sodality, Perosian Choir, N. A. Athletic Association, Bellarmine Club, Dramusical. BETTY PEARSON 55 Pearson St. St. Charles Borromeo The Lord .rhall gather togeiher the lamb: with Hi! arm. Is. 40:11. Sodality, Bellarmine Club, Le Cercle Fran- cjais, Secretary of Home Economics Club, N. A. Athletic Association, N. A. Victory Corps. MARY PELLIGRO 2300 Clifford Ave. St. Ambrose The eyes of the Lord are upon them that lore Him. Ecclu. 34:15. Sodality Perosian Choir, Bellarmine Club, Il Circolo Dante, Junior Red Cross. JEANETTE M. PETROSINO 423 ,lay St. SS. Peter and Paul The Lord raireth up the mul, and en- lifhlenelh the eyer, and giveth life and b suing. Ecclu. 34:20. Sodality, Der Deutsche Verein, Gabriel Staff, Bellarmine Club, Home Economics Club, junior Red Cross. OF I944 PATRICIA J. PIETERS Xlllebster Holy Trinity The flnle and prallery maize rl fu-'eer mel- ody. hui 4 pleuranl longne is ahora them both. Ecclu. -50:21. Bellarmine Club, N. A. Athletic Associa- tion. FLORENCE M. PISARCZYK S2 St. Stanislaus St. St. Stanislaus I,red.n1y hear! ufilh ufirdom from :he begimimg: therefore, I shall noi he forsaken. Ecclu. 51:28. Sodality, N. A. Athletic Association. AUDREY M. PIXLEY 410 Emerson St. Holy Rosary To Him lhal 521-elh me rvirdom, will I give glory. Ecc u. 51:23. Sodality, Bellarmine Club, N. A. Athletic Association, N. A. Victory Corps, Basket- ball. MELANIA J. PRYHODA 48 Cleon St. St. Stanislaus Thou .rhalt bll1l'f0ffhJ and hlorxom and fiom-ifh like :he ily. Is. 3i:1, 2. Sodality, Perosian Choir, Pa-n America Club, Commercial Honor Socretynjunror Red Cross, N. A. Athletic Association. DOROTH cn W 3196 L. ta d. of Sorrow mi up justice, and I wil i all ' ' . Is 45:15. Bell m' lu , . . ictory Corps, un' ed Cross , f MARGARET QUIGLEY 56 Felix St. Holy Apostles His rememhrrrnre shall bc' .su-eel ar honey ni every month. Ecclu. 49:2. Sodality, Orchestra, Pan America Club, Bellarmine Club, N. A. Victory Corps. 43 A! MARIE ANN OUINLAN 141 Normandy Ave. St. Augustine Mag H 1' gfrllll lrr illj'-IIl1llt'.l'.f of hmrl, and llml flwre hr' peace ru nur days. Ecclu. 50:25. Sodrility. Perosian Choir. LORRAINE REIF 3 Canary St. Holy' ROSHYY Let your .mul rejoin' in Hit frrtwcy, full you rlmll P101 be rcrrrjolzrrded nr H11 jrrnirc. Ecclu. 51:37. Sodality, Perosinn Choir, .Commercial Club, Commercial Honor Society, Bellar- mine Club, Christmas Play, N. A. Athletic Association, N. A. Vltfmfy' QWYP5, Dra- musical. IXQXW' ,NJ -X N . J . V .Q .J Q- .bf ' w Xxx X JA 0 rg -. v f V ' J ,. 'Y' V ,Ji Q avrwx '- x N f 'MARlAN,xRl2YNDI!D. if-CJ ' . t 1 f ' 'J ' 1 Sir l Roshiry 6j5,1nnet.4 4, jj.. If 4133 YA A N! J Blerrrd 1.r hevrw 1.r 1'0Q'L'fIdI!lf1V1 good A ' 1: he lhiir 141561: lhenrvp in hir earl rhalL he ug? A m1yp.,Ecclu..S8:pfl. .sodalitgijfe Cercle Frand1iis,,HQn1c Eco. norqicr lub. Nl A. ,VNIOFY 90fP5- , 'f S. " . I .--. I J I s N ,J ANN RICE 2731 Elmwood Ave. Our Lady of Lourdes The Lord .shall feed Hit flock like a .rhv,hhvrd. and He rhnll rake rbr' lamhr up in Hif homm. Is. 40:11. Sodality, Perosian Choir, Bellarmine Club, Le Cercle Franqztis, Drnmusrcnl, N. A. Athletic Association, Senior Play. ELIZABETH RICHARDSON 267 Cole Ave. St. Theodore Lcf all krmu' that rlufrll upon the earth that Thou mer Gad, fha lnvhvlder of all agar. Ecclu. 56:19. goclality, N. A. Victory Corps, junior Red ross. lt ' ' I", 527 Augustine St. Holy Rosary I 7,1 J yjllrrxrksi FKC4lilfA1TQigN Do lhy work in mrfelfmmf fnrfl than .rlmll be brflurcd nbore lhe glory of mm. Ecclu. 3: 19. Sodality, Commercial Club. .14 N A Z A R E Tll MARY JANE RICHARDSON 535 Lyell Ave. Holy Apostles The lighi of God guidelh hir rtepr. Ecclu. 50:51. Sodzrlity, Pan.Am' ica Clio, Bc-llarmine Club, N. A.f'Athl icftssociationg-' N. A. Victory Corps. ll' , it by , .f I, I... h A .f ' V' P .l 1 A vi - IJ1 re fi' " W1 " ' 'I . , 'I 1 V If r- , . 54 r , . kr MARY EL RTEDEI.. 82 Manchester Stl Holy Redeemer The .rpiril ofvhe Lord ,rhall ren rrprul him: the rpiril ol ufixdom, rbe .Tim of lmowledge mm' I e rpiril of go? iuerr. s. 11:2. Sodality, Der Deutsche Verein, Bellarmine Club, Junior Red Cross. NANCY RIGGS 3872 Lake Ave. Mother of Sorrows Come and lr! ur ga up ra Ihr' fllflllllldlll of lhe Lord, nnrl rr-e will walk in Hir puihr. Is. 2:3. Sodality, Perosian Choir, Treasurer of Le Cercle Frangais, Bellarmine Club, N. A. Athletic Association, N. A. Victory Corps, - junior Red Cross, Dmmusical, SeniorPlay. ELAINE RINGELSTEIN 11 Lanvale St. St. Margaret Mary Erlahlirh ufilhilr ibyrelf a hear! of good mrmrel: for there ir no alher thing of more worth In Ilzee lbdll ir. Ecclu.37:l7. Sodality, Bellarmine Club, N. A. Athletic Association, N. A. Victory Corps. CONCETTA RIZZO 268 Spencer St. St. Anthony W'hen I urn.: yet young, I .roughf for wi.m'om openly in my prayer. Ecclu. 51:18. Sodality, ll Circolo Dante, junior Red Cross, N. A. Victory Corps. FRANCES R. ROMAGNOLO 595 Smith St. St. Anthony of Padua 0 Gad, my God, to thee do I wurrh at break ol day. Ps. 62:2. Sodality, Secretary of ll Circolo Dante, Bellarmine Club, Junior Red Cross, N. A. Victory Corps. SENIOR CLASS ACADEMY ANN ROMEO 550 Clinton Ave. No. St. Bridget Gold ana' Jilven' make the Zeet .rtaml sure. but wire countel it a ave them bolh. Ecclu. 40:25. Sodality, Bellarmine Club, President Il Circolo Dante, Vice-President of Commer- cial Honor Society, junior Red Cross, N. A. Victory Corps, Dramusical. CELESTE L. ROUCHE 58 Forbes St. St. Augustine The .foul of a holy man diicorerelh .rometimet true thiftgr, more than .revert zvatrhmeft that Jit in a high place to watch. Ecclu. 57:18. Pan America Club, Bellarmine Club, N. A. Victory Corps, N. A. Athletic Associ- ation, N. A. Yeoman Service. ARLENE RUMP 1049 N. Clinton Ave. St. Michael For it-'i.rdom it more beautiful lharl the .fllll and above all the orders of the rtart. Wisd. 7:29. Sodality. l jEAN RUSSELL 'JBC- 201 Scottsville Rd. St. Monica L' The jar! .rhall we the King in H beauty. Is. 33:17. Sodality, Perosian Choir, Drnmusicnl, A. Victory Corps. kj, 'PSY-J'x MARJORIE A. RUSSELL ' 151 Irvington Rd. St. Anne In all thy worlar let the true word go before thee, and steady roumel before every action. Ecclu. 37:20. Sodality, Perosian Choir, Le Cercle Fran- eais, Bellarmine Club, Dramusical, N. A. Victory Corps, junior Red Cross, Christ- mas Play. BARBARA RUSSER 59 Appleton St. St. Augustine Health of the .foul in holinen of jurtire ir bettef than all gold and Jilver. Ecclu. 30:15. Sodality, Home Economics Club. OF 1944 JOWEEN D. RUSS! 24 Ontario St. Our Lady of Mount Carmel In all his u'ork.r he gave thank! ta the Holy One arm' to the Mort High with wardi af glory. Ecclu. 47:10. Sodality, Perosian Choir, Home Economics Club, Pan America Club, junior Red Cross, N. A. Athletic Association, N. A. Victory Club. ALICE M. RUTAN I7 Henry St. Holy Redeemer Ana' he u-'at knorrn to be faithful in his zrortlt became he .raw the God of light. Ecclu. 46:18. Sodnlity, Bellarmine Club, Commercial Club, Pan America Club, junior Red Cross, N. A. Victory Corps. ALICE MARIE RYAN 386 Clay Ave. I Sacred Heart A faithful friend ir a .rtrrmg a'elen.w.' and he that hath formal him, hath found a treamre. Ecclu. 6:1-1. Sodality. Perosian Choir, Bellarmine Club, Dramusical, junior Red Cross, Lnnthorn Staff, President of Senior Class, N. A. Victory Corps, N. A. Athletic Association, Rochester Youth Congress, N. A. Yeoman Service. jOAN SAETTA 496 Plymouth Ave. St. Patrick The .rpirit of the Lara' hath iimructed him ana' taught him the path of jzutlre. Ps. 40:14. Sodnlity, N. K. Athletic Association, N. A. Victory Corps, junior Red Cross. MARY JANE SAMPSON 404 Ridgeway Ave. Sacred Heart Richer and strength mire up the heart .- but abore there it the fear of the Lord. Ecclu. 40:26. lunior Red Cross, News Editor on Gabriel Staff. FLORENCE SCI-IANTZ is Lake View Ter. Holy Rosary He that fettrvlh the Lord :hall tremble at fmthing: for He is hi.: hope. Ecclu. 34:16. Bellarmine Club, N. A. Athletic Associa- tion. 45 FAWN M. SCHEFFEL 582 Roxborough Rd. St. Augustine Airy' He gran! ur i0-Yfldlll?.f.f of heart, an rhal there he ,heave in our days lorerer. Ecclu. 50:25. Sodality, Perosian Choir, Bellarminc Club, gramusical, junior Red Cross, Christmas ay. .1 Iii., ini-,-lf' 4 ic. ' .J l el i .. ,,. P l V PL-2 ELrzABE11j1W,Mf s'CHILLE13W " , 114 Bradburn St. l . Sc. Monica'- Your 'o rtoso ' rhall take " hu, gl V' ' '.-'f1l?'3l1nn?16:22.3! Sodality, Pe osifn Choir, Pan America Club, Bellar ' Club. Christmas Play, Dramusical, ' nior Red Cross, Lanlhorn Staff, N. A. Victory Corps, Secretary of Senior Class, President of junior Class. ROSEMARY SCHLAFFER 543 Ames St. Holy Family I lnrefl wirdom ahora health and beauty and chore to hare her inrreaa' of light, for her light tidflillll he pat out. Wisd. 7:10. Sodalitv, Commercial Club, Bellarmine Club, junior Red Cross, Dramusical, Ass't Business Manager of Lanthorn, N. A. Vic- tory Corps, N. A. Athletic Association. MARY JANE SCHLEICH 229 Simpson Rd. St. Margaret Mary My .roul halh hoped in the Lara' , . , from the morning watch errfn until night. Ps. lZ9:S, 6. Sodality. Perosian Choir, Bellarmine Club, Junior Red Cross, N. A. Victory Corps, Commercial Club. BARBARA G. SCHLIEKELMAN 45 Hooker St. For the Lord ir auf judge, the Lord ir our larvgirer, the Lord ir our King. Is. 33:22. Nieuwland Club, Mantuan Circle, N. A. Victory Corps. MARGARET H. SCHOEPFEL 44 Curtice Rd. St. Margaret Mary Good thingr were created for the good from the hvginning. Ecclu. 39:50. Secretary of Sodality, Chairman of Cath- olic Literature Committee, Pan America Club, Bellarmine Club, N. A. Victory Corps. Gabriel Stall, Dramusical, Christ- mas Play. 46 f., G. N A.Z A R El'H ANNE SCHNAPIER 552 Hudson Ave. Holy Redeemer Let ur go lo the hours' of God, and He will leach ur Hir ways. ls. 215. Sodality, Perosian Choir, Dramusical, junior Red Cross. MARTHA ANN SCHROEDL 80 Radio St. St. Michael God ir the guide ol wirdom and the director of the wire. Wisd. 7:15. Sodality, Bellarmine Club, Treasurer f Der Deutsche Verein, N. A. Athletic A - ciation, N. A. Vnictoty Corps. df' I . r 5' NV rj 1 il, VAJRJ fl, r 'lk' HL , , V L, V - v,, J' - .Q-,J " , , -Lf - AJ' 7 1- ' ' i J ,X . . f-f" B, . , A Daisy ia. lsciyrra o 1,3-l . lint St. f 1 ' Immaculate ,Conception V , gen ye gazes, and let the itlfl, that kehpvejth t truth, enter in. Is. '26:2.f .,- f . Sodality,.f3 imma club, N. A. Athletic Association, N. A. Victory Corps. ,tj .jf , A .,. 4 ,. .' .f THERESA A. SEATON 129 Sunset Dr. Our Lady of Lourdes The 12? of him who ir content guith what e hath, rhall he rweei and rn it thou .rhall find a treasure. Ecclu. 40:18. Sodality, Nieuwland Club, Pan America Club, N. A. Athletic Association, Junior Red Cross, N. -A. Victory Corps. JEAN SEIDEWAND 130 Berlin St. Our Lady of Perpetual Help I will Jearch Thy law: and I will keep it with my whole heart. Ps. 18:34. Sodality, Bellarmine Club, Mendel Club, N. A. Athletic Association, N. A. Victory Corps, Junior Red Cross. ROSE MARIE SENZ 673 Glide St. Holy Apostles My heart deli htea' in wisdom, my foal walked with hzer in the right way. Ecclu. 51:20. Sodality, Mendel Club, Bellarmine Club, Drarnusical, N. A. Athletic Association, Junior Red Cross, N. A. Victory Corps, gtssciriiate Editor of Lanthorn, Quill and CIO . SENIOR CLASS s I ry 1.2 ACADEMY PAULINIE SERAFINE 416 Oak St. St. Anthony He :bar keepezb :be law, multiplierh ojferiugr. Ecclu. 35:1. Sodality, Il Circolo Dante. MARY CATHERINE SHAY 27 Bardin St. Sacred Heart The sacrifice of the jufl if arctzotable, and the Lord will not forget I e mr-- mafiul thereof. Ecclu. 5529. Sodality, Perosian Choir, Mantuan Circle, Bellarmine Club, Le Cercle Franqais, N. A. Athletic Association, N. A. Victory Corps. MARIE I. SHERRY 384 Avis St. Sacred Heart Thou, 0 Lord, will keep peace: peace, lreraure we bare hoped in Tbeei 6 s. 2 :3. Sodality, Pan America Club, Home Eco' nomics Club, Bellarmine Club, N. A. Vic- tory Corps, junior Red Cross, Gabriel Staff, N. A. Athletic Association. .S EILEEN M. STINER 941,12 Adams St. 4 Immaculate Conception I go to the altar of God, to God Wbo gioelb joy to my youth. Ps. 42:44. Sodality, Home Economics Club, Victory Corps, N. A. Athletic Association, Junior Red Cross. LAURA MAE SYZEMORE 14 Mitchell St. St. Andrew The eye: of the Lord are .upon rbefrl that fear Him ,' He IJ tbelr powerful protector. Ecclu. 34:19. Sudalitg Traffic Marshall, Secretary of Home conomics Club. EUGENIA L. SZULGIT 1470 North St. St. Stanislaus Work our work before the time, and He will ive you your reward in His time. Ecclzu. 51:38. Perosian Choir, Mendel Club, Bellarmine Club, Home Economics Club, Christmas Play, Dramusic, N. A. Victory Corps. CECILIA SLOWE pq., .S X ROSE V. TALLARIDA 124 Murrayrit. . Q - rlatyxrifiiy 1424 Clinton Ave. No. f 1 HI Giafeajglory 'mCQod ufitb nrffqibearr,-i our Lady 0 Perpema C P and mu 'b not rbe-fgt irzfflr of thy, Ar n bright fire, and fmnkirzcente burn- handr. Ecc 3536? 'Ty X Ji ing in rbe fre, ro ir a holy man in tbe Sodalityiws, z on hmfisglarmine temple of God. Ecclu. 50:7, 9. Home ECOPWYWC Hb, 515- "VlCf0fY Sodality, Perosian Choir, Il Circolo Dante, Corps. Jumor RCQLQ' . Christmas Play. N. A. Athletic Association, N. A. Victoryf , 1 xw, -L cry- 'T' Corps, Dramusical, Junior Reg, Crossl' X' 'fix ' .. Senior Play. I ' 'Lf A 'xx . --. 'tix Qffg, 111' xk L1 T. ' JVC. - I Z I ' silzk ,X IL! J . . , A ,H MARY T. sPAziANo . " ' , icrA A MV 39 Warner St. E Holy Apostles Q-jf 597 Rock Beach Rdf Il , Jjtmiomas zwfp"iff1,.f1.ff Gdl Mi, - 1- If rougbbl liltvraaud lilgizll Ze bifiiiedf H y cart , tgblea' nr au' om, my foot Ecclu. 34:14. Sodality, Pan America Club, Bellarmine Club, N. A. Athletic Association. 9 l . LUELLA SPRAGUE ' 19-l Bifberry Ter. Q Stt Andrew ,bive to the Mort Higlfaccording to the Ltzbility of rby handr, and He will give- f thee rezfen timer tu much. ' ' t f' , Ecclu. 25:12, 13. Sodality, Pan, America Club, 'Belldfinine Club, N. A. Athletic Association, junior Red Cross. ' , ' OF 1944 'Ike im Bfffo fb ua wht 5155-Jbelril Ecclh.vgEg0lou Sbdl't,P ' ch',H aa" ci..E,j,1SA.'ZL'l?Z'l, J..222UR23ec.5i'T0m'CS - I LOIS TAYLOR 50 Harwick Rd. St. Ambrose My peace I lerufe you, My peace I give you, railb the Lord. john 14:27. Sodality, N. A. Athletic Association, N. A. Victory Corps. 47 M Y J-1 g. BERNICE A. TERHAAR 212 Lux St. St. Andrew She halh lm! ou! her hand ro .rmmg fhmgf. Prov. 3l:9. Sodality, Perosian Choir, Pan America Club, Commercial Club, Commercial Honor Society, Bellarmine Club, Dra- musical, N. A. Athletic Association, junior Red Cross, N. A. Victory Corps, Business Manager on Lanthorn Staff, Christmas Elayil N. A. Yeoman Service, Quill and ccro . MARY LOU THANEY 288 Melrose St. St. Augustine A man of IllI!fL'I'J'fd?ldI71g is fnithful to Ihr' haw of God. and lhe Inu' it faithful ro hxm. Ecclu. 3513. Sodnlity, Mantuan Circle. Bellarmine Club, Le Cercle Francais, junior Red Cross, N. A. Athletic Association, N. A. Victory Corps. MARY LOIS THOMPSON 96 Vermont St. St, Ambrose The way ofk lhe ,glut if righf, the jmzh of :he jn.rl 1.r nga! fu walk in. Is. 2617. Sodality, Bellarmine Club, junior Red Cross, N. A. Victory Corps. SHIRLEY ANN TIRPAECK 290 Kenwood Ave. Immaculate Conception Ar lhe .um when ii rhinefh. ro did he .rhirle in the temple of Gad. Ecclu. 5027. Sodality, Fresident of Home Economics Club, Christmas Play, Bellarmine Club, N. A. Victory Corps. MARJORIE VAETH 70 Albermarle St. Sacred Heart He Dill upon her n holy robe of gold, fznfhhllle and purple, I1 woven work of a wire mmf. enflued wifh judgment and truth. Ecclu. 45:12. Le Cercle Francais, Home Economics Club, Christmas Play, N. A. Victory Club. BERNICE C. VAY 26 O'Neil St. Holy Family O Lorrf, we have ln1.'ienfly wniled for Thee: Thy :mine and Thy remembrance are the derire of the mul. Is. 2618. Sodality, Der Deutsche Verein, Bellarmine Club, N. A. Victory Corps. 48 NAZARET MARY VENTURELLI 65 Thomas St. Holy Redeemer Ar the flower of rarer in the day! of the rpring, .ra Lr the holy man in the IBIIIPIP aj God. Ecclu. 50:8. Sodality, Perosian Choir, Il Circolo Dante, Dramusical. r NANCY VOGT 3191 St. Paul Blvd. St. Margaret Mary Glarify the Lora' dj much ar erer yoyr ran, fur He will ye! far exceed. and Hn nmgnificerzre ir wonderful. Ecclu. 45:32. Treasurer, N. A. Athletic Association, Varsity Basketball. MARIE VOSE 384 Read Blvd. The langue af lhe im! ir ar choice ,wl- rer. Prov. 10:20. Commercial Club, N. A. Athletic Associ- gtion, N. A. Victory Corps, junior Red ross. OLGA VOSS 203 Versailles Rd. St. Margaret Mary When you exalt Him, put forth all your rfrengrh, for you can never go far enough. Ecclu. 43:54. Sodality, Chairman of Dramatic Commit- tee, Perosian Choir, Treasurer of Pan America Club, junior Red Cross, N. A. Victory Corps, Bellarmine Club, N. A. Athletic Association, Senior Play. CLARI2 VROMAN 210 Lexington Ave. Holy Rosary He l'l0llJEd him with a rohe of glory and !'f01l'IIt?d him with majemc alrlre. Ecclu. 45:9. Sodality, Home Economics Club, Junior Red Cross, N. A. Victory Corps. DOROTHY M. WALTER - 363 Hollenbeck St. Our Lady of Perpetual Help My mul hath dmired Thee: in the morn- ing early will I u-'arch for Thee. Ps. 2619. Sodality, Perosian Choir, Pan' America Club, N. A. Victory Corps, Dramusical. SENIOR cilss , AC ffl ,f,5,5,,.. Q 1 , - f if NANCY WAR 4 . 1 ff 1365 Genesee St! , N nic 1 VII 'V fl, uf if 1-9.-fm I - 0.231 015115, 113263. 1 ' Luo. Y lS.V36Z5. - Sndality, junior Red Cross,"N. Aflxvlqtory Corps. 'M i XC up X s LA . WI K 4 5 ugust'ne S y Roa ' Wirdom ab king .r ar are u-only ol her. . 6:1 . Soclality, Bellarmine Club. MURIEL 1. WUNSCH 60 Turpin St. - St. Andrew For I have derermiried io follow ulirdom, I baue had a zeal for good, and rball not be confounded. Ecclu. 51:24. Sodality, Commercial Club. F I944 ruff F 5 4'-1, 'tl ,fix X l ' QQ? I . .,.k N, . 1 El lie ff . vc, Q! R445 TH A l' , MARIE ZIMMER 1638 Sli. Paul Sf. Our Lady of Perpetual Help I.will .speak of thy tertimonier before lung: and delight myrelf in Thy com- mmzdmenn. Ps. 118246. Sodality, Der Deutsche Verein, Bellarmine Club, N. A. Athletic Association, Junior Red Cross. 49 JEAN WIRLEY S41 Driving Park Holy Rosary Hr' .rlsone dr the morning .ftar in lbe midi! of u cloud, and ur lbe moon at tbe full. Ecclu. 50:6. Sqdality, Home Economics Club, Bella:- mme Club, junior Red Cross. ANNE VVITTMAN 1225 Long Pond Rd. St. john, Greece I directed my Joul la wirdom, and in knowledge I found Iyer. Ecclu. 51:27. Pan America Club, N. A. Victory Corps. E'-. r BETTY C. WURTZ 425 Glenwood Ave. Holy Rosary The iurr .rhall rbine df the rainbow giv- ing light iu the brighl rloudr. Ecclu. 50:8. Sodality, Perosian Choir, Commercial Club, Bellarmine Club, N. A. Athletic Association, Dramusical. " For He huth Junior Journalists Evelyn Spall, Rita Tirpaeclc and jane McCarthy agree that letter writing can be worth while since they won awards in the "Queen's XX'ork." Users of Paints and Pallets Bernice Senkala and Ellen Van Atta look over the announcement of the National Scholastic Art Contest in which both girls won awards. Minor Muses Anna Flechuck and Frieda I-Iammerl's poems have been published in the "An- nual High School Poetry Anthology." On the page opposite are Carol Hetzlcr, freshmang Gisela Weber, sophomoreg and Dorothy Magner, junior. hidden me in His tabernacle." 125.2615 Under-Clossmen.. O Wim . . . who sheltered within the portals of Nazareth are learning that the flower of perfect womanhood flourishes only in the light of divine grace. K " 0 the depth of the riches of the knowledge of God " JUNIOR CLASS Rom. I 1:33 Lg,. ,,,, , , "All-American" SCHOLARSHIP STUDENTS OF THE JUNIOR CLASS: KSea1edj Joan Kunz, Rosemarie O'l-Iara, Teresa Redmond, Ellen Van Atta, Ida Lynch. lSlmzdingJ Grace Trovato, Anita Incavo, Katherine Popowich, and Patricia Gantert. Junior Advisers Orrxcrzxs or THE JUNIOR CL.-xss: Sealed around joan Spindler, President, are: Marguerite McDonald, Secretaryg Rosemarie O'Brien, Vice-Presb dentg jean Marie Vfahl, Treas- urer. H . - . ' - . K V 4. ii! s"93J1:ii-X ?2'Tf'I5 'E 2 - '1 -k" 7 'EM - -ii' ".. 1-5 - - - -29,7 153 1 5 if gs A f ,Q.' Q f if ff, K L 1 -V , .,k'h " K , Q , k L L ..4,i.,. V ,AE .X x 555 in H 9 my 2' s f 4 af' as 6 K? s i 2.' I X v 6 5 9- 9. W am 55,1 ai- up was i l G Q lfb. We A J A - w fu' 'L ' ' ' F I i,f xt. it ,x if 'Nf- UM I , Zo" Xu- INWPOX f xf 4 5 E1 I Q -' v J . '42 - 1 Liahvf fx I ve., Grj X 95TH ACP 1, JUNIORS HOMEROOM 302 Sister Mary Lourdes, Moderaior 1Lejl1origlnlJ.' Firxf mw: ANITA INCAVO, MARY ELIZABETH CROXVLEY, MARGARET HOSS, GERALDINE FITZ- PATRICK, ALTHEA HELMBOLD, MARILYN XVHITE, LORRAINE NVEISS, MARY LOU WERNER, CATHERINE BORREGGINE, KATHLEEN MAGINN. Szfrorla' raw: SHIRLEY DEAN, MARY ANN MUELLER, ,IOSEPHINE GIRARDI, GENEVIEVE SPALLINA, GRACE TROVATA, MARY MARINUCCI, MARION KIESSEI., MARJORIE MCNULTY, BERNA- DETTE FENLON. Third raw: MELVINA SCHMITT, DOROTHY LOUIS, ROSEMARY BOGNER, HELEN GIARDINA, LOIS SMITH, EVELYN SCHMITT, ELEANOR YOCKEL, ROSE MARIE HARTZ. Fourth row: KATHRYN SCHIRMER, BETTY DONOVAN, ,IANICE MARTIN, JOANNE OSIER, ROSE- MARIE O'HARA, ESTHER HOGAN, GERALDINE SCHWARTZ, HELEN O'NEILL. 54 HOMEROOM 303 Sister Mary Mcifhew, Moclercior f'Lz'Il lo right! : Firm' row: NANCY CLEERE, VERA MARY DENTINGER, JOYCE GOODWIN, ELEANOR I-IAYDEN, MARILYN PEER, RITA COTTOM, EDNA CANARELLA, KATHLEEN RADEL, ANN SHIRLY EHRSTEIN, ANTOINETTE ALTAVENA. Swarm' row: ELI.EN HOLLAND, PATRICIA SCHMITZ, MILDRED BATES, TERESA HANEY, BARBARA KING, CAROL MYKINS, DOROTHY KOLB, MARY CALLEMEYN. Third row: VIOLA COOPER, ANNA ZIMARINO, ELEANOR KARP, RUTH QUINLAN, PATRICIA LANG, CONSTANCE MIKA, JEAN KINSELLA, ROSE MARIE O'BRIEN, MARGARET NORMILE. JUNIORS !'Lz'jr Io rigbfj : Fir-.rl raw: SHIRLEY SCHOENHERR, VIRGINIA HOWELL, JOSEPHINE CIMINO, HELEN MANDELL, JANE FINCH, JEAN O'BRIEN, SHIRLEY MILLER, LEONIDA GOULD, ANN I-IEFFERNAN. .YL'l'0lld row: DOLORES ZIMMERMAN, THERESA REDMOND, RUTH HOFFNER, BARBARA CHRISTOPH, JEAN REINHARDT, GERALDINE VAY, DORIS METZGER, KATHERINE POPOXVICH. Third ruzu: DOROTHY GUERINOT, SHIRLEY SEIBERT, JANE MAHLER, RUTH BERGENON, LORETTA FLORACK, EVELYN SPALL, VIRGINIA PIKE. Fnurllz raw: LORNA ROBERTS, MARY RYAN, BERNICE SENKALA, SHIRLEY GAY, PATRICIA CAHILL, RITA TIRPAECK. HOMEROOM 304 Sisier Marie Anne, Modercrkor 'T 1 HOMEROOM 306 Sister Annunciata, Moderator 11.411 lo rigblf : Firrl mum' MARY ALICE RUFFINO, ANN SHANHART, DOROTHY BARTLETT, ERMA BOEHMER, BESSIE IEZZONI, ANTOINETTE BRANCA, MARION FREDERICK, JOLINE HUGHES. MARGARET RAETZ. Svruud raw: EVELYN HILLER, ELEANOR HILLER, MURIEL MCGRADY, DOROTHEA XVAGNER, HELEN O'NEILL, VERNA QUETCHENBACI-I, MARY LOU CASEY, AILEEN NEALON. IRENE CONOLE, MARY SAUER. Third row: SHIRLEY SNOXV, TERESE RUSSER, DOROTHY MAGNER, BERNADETTE SLATER, MARIE HESS, MARY MURPHY, EILEEN O'HALLORAN, ANN STUART, GERALDINE MILES. Fourfb row: ANN FITZGIBBON, DOROTHY SCHROPP, ANN BROXVN, MARJORIE SULLIVAN, JEANNINE GUILLIER, DOROTHY OSTERMAN, TERESA KRENZER, ARLENE VOELLINGER, MILDRED MANION. JUNIORS lLeft to righll .' Fim row: AGNES EDWARDS, KATHLEEN MCDONALD, MARY DELEHANTY, ANNETTE CLEMENT, MARIE NITYI, JANE RYAN, MARIAN MCGUIRE, EILEEN TUITE, ISABEL CHAMBERS, MARY LOU EGAN. I smmd mm- JEAN MEISENZAHL, JANE RESCH, ELLEN VAN ATTA, MARY ELLEN PEARTREE LORETTA Drcmscl, DOLORES XVEGMAN, HELEN XYJOLTER, OLGA EERKANIN, EILEEN JANOWSKI. Third raw: JOAN KUNZ, MARGARET BEEMAN, FLORENCE SPRINGETT, JEAN ZAPF, RUTH XVELCH, ESTELLE JACKMAN, NORMA ST. PETER, PATRICIA GANTERT. Fourlb row: JANE MCCARTHY, MARY CROWLEY, JOYCE FREY, MARY CAINE, ROSEMARY HART, FRANCES KELLER, MARY GERTRUDE TAYLERT, PHYLLI5 YECKEL. HOMEROOM 307 Sister Rosemary, Moderator Incrensln e sdom of God." SOPHOMORE CLASS "Medolis'cs" SCHOLARSHIP STUDENTS OF THE Som-zomoma CLASS: fSeutedl jane Walrd, Marie Gantert, Anna Flechuck, Marie Guclinas, and Shirley Hall. fSnmdingj Francine Xllfickes, Mary Bradley, Audrey Baglin, Josephine Tascketia, Betty Ann Rossney. Sophomore Monitors OFFICERS OF THE SOPHOMORE CLASS! Around Ellen Doyle, President, are jane Ward, Vice-Presidentg Mary Bradley, Treasurerg and Shirley Hall, Secretary. 57 HOMEROOM 2I6 Sister Florentine, Moderator lLffI to rigbll J Firxt r0u': KATHLEEN VASAPOLLI, MARIE SCHROTH, ELAINE POLITZ, TERESA COLLINS, DOROTHY DISPENZA, PATRICIA DISPENZA, ANNA FLECHUCK, PATRICIA MORRISSEY, LUCY ANGELINI, JANE POLIZZI. .Yvmml ww: THERESA HOUSEL, CORINNE SULLIVAN, DOLORES XVHITE, DOROTHEA GRAMENTO, PATRICIA MAID, ANNE BURKE, AUDREY ADAMS, SYLVIA WARD, ELLEN BLOCK, MARY JESSUP. Third mum' EVELYN HETZLER, JEAN LAXVSON, GERALDINE HEID, IRENE SCHLIEKELMAN, ROSE MARY HETZLER, ROSEMARY BOPP, VIRGINIA DAVIS, JEANNE ROCHE, ROSEMARY RYAN. Fourth row: DOLORES FURSTOSS, TERESA HUNT, MARION MILLER, JUNE TARACI, JACQUELINE BURGESS, JOAN HASLIP, ROBERTA VAN STREADER, PATRICIA LEE, PATRICIA TANEY, ELIZABETH STILZ. SOPHOMORES 1Lvjr za rigbzl .- First row: MARJORIE STELLXVAGEN, CONCETTINA RITZ, MARY RITA O'CONNELL, LAVERNE KNAPP, MADELINE MILLER, ELLEN DOYLI2, ANNE KELLEY, PI-IYLLIS HARTLE, MADELEINE HAMMILL. Serum! mum- BARBARA OSTRANDER, MARY CATHERINE FLANNIGAN, TERESA TARANTO, LOIS WINTERROTH, SHIRLEY MILLER, DORIS AUER, SHIRLEY HANSBURY, JOSEPHINE TASCHETTA. Third mfr: ROSEMARY REYNOLDS, ADELE MAZUR, MARY MARGARET BRADLEY, ROSE CULOTTA, FRANCES ATTINASI, BETTY DEVER, IONE REILLY, MARIE WALSH. P0l1ffl7 mu-: PATRICIA BAUER, JOAN CASTANIA, MARY QUALEY, CATHERINE SPAGNOLIA, MARY REDMOND, PATRICIA TRICKLER, JEANNE YEOMAN, BETTY CONWAY, MIRIAM ENGLERT. Fifflw roto: LUCILLE CEFALU, JULIA MUCHA, PHYLLIS WELTZER, ANNA KESSLER, LOIS XVEIDER, JOANNE FULREADER, RUTH QUETCHENBACK, GERALDINE O'BRIEN, NORMA QUINN. .Yixlb ron.-: JANET REISS, RUTH YOCKEL, GISELA XVEBER, JOSEPHINE PRATO, DILETTA BARTOLO- MEO, VIVIAN ZIELINSKI, HELEN SCHOENHERR, NORMA AMESBURY, DOROTHY AMESBURY. HOMEROOM 2l7 Sisier Joolnico, Moderator if 'K v , Q 31- "A G "" wr Q5 V N- .N QW 4 5 "- 'Y if ff "" S K it ow- E T5 if A Q N- H """ . Q 'W v as if Of f' .T is W' W g g , -E 4 ii? QQ we . 1- X91 Q 3 E.. E. 2. 5 Q-fd , 3 .Q 32. .fa .si -W , Jw as 3 AW 9 HOMEROOM 3l7 Sister Hilda, Moderator fI.4'fl In right! : ' Fu-fr mzus RUTH STREB, ROSEMARY RICE, ELAINE MONTEITH, JOAN LEVEQUE, HELEN PETROSSI, -' ELAINE KEETER, ELLEN MOLONY, MARY LOU VANMULEM, ROSEMARY STOKES, FRANCES VELLA. " Xfwwld l'Ull'.' CARLA HESS, INIARIE AIVIICO, GERALDINE BONADONNA, DOLORES HARSTER, DIANE KROUBALKIAN, ANNA MARIE MITRANO, GILDA DIFELICE, JUNE RUHLAND, ANNA LETA, NORINE MILLNER, ELAINE GUISTINO. I Tlvirrl !'IHl'.' SHIRLEY HALL, MARGARET FRIEND, JOAN LEAMY, ELIZABETH LAMENDOLA, AGNES BUTTACCIO, ROBERTA BROWN, JEAN RICHARDSON, MARION HUNT, DIANA LYDON, RUTH YAXVMAN, EUGENIA SMITH. ' Fflllflb row: PHYLLIS VOELCKL, EILEEN THANEY, TERESA DIETER, ANNA ROEGER, VERONICA BRANDT, MARGARET BUBEL, ELEANOR MITKEXVICZ, PATRICIA ROLAND, JEANNETTE KLEINI, IVIARY BROXVN, BARBARA TAYLERT. SOPHOMOREIS fl.cjr In riglvll: Iiirlrl r'r1u'.' CLARICE BEIKIRCH, FRANCES TARANTO, GEORGIA BRYANT, ALFREDA KLEJMENT, JOAN MICHAUD, LILLIAN LEXVANDOXVSKI, AGNES FINK, MARILYN SEELEY, CAROL BATES, XVINONA I-IABECKER. Sfffllld rouu' ROSE RYAN, LA VERNE DALTON, MARY FRAVER, ROSE MARIE KUCHMANJ DORIS GROSSER, DORIS PELUSO, SYLVIA VILLAREALE, MARY NOCE, PATRICIA JENXIELL, MARY REGAN. Third row: MARIE GANTERT, IRENE HOFFMAN, MARIE GUDINAS, SHIRLEY BENEDICO, SHIRLEY BURKE, MARILYN MCARTHUR, JANET PIERCE, RUTH MARTHAGE, MARIE MESSURA. Funrrlw row: GERTRUDE QUIGLEY, HELEN HOLLEY, BERNADETTE HOLDEN, DOLORES TAYLOR, ROSEMARY NORMAN, MARIE GRZYMKOXVSKI, MARIE NOXVACK, DOROTHY RICHARDSON, RUTH AGOVETTA. HOMEROOM 3I9 Sister Marie Catherine, Moderator "So that we who come in muy see the LighT."Lures:i6 FRESHMEN CLASS "Top Flighiersn SCHOLARSHIP STUDENTS or THE FRESHMEN CLASS: ISEL-fled! Elizabeth Nagle, Mary Teresa Bush, Helen Collins, Dor- othy Keller, Mary Ann Mans. fsfdildfllgj MarjorieXXf'urtz, Mary Catherine Donovan, jean Stra- chan, jean Marie Giesman, and Rosemary Sclmoenlierr. Freshmen Representatives Oifricmxs or THE FRESHMEN CLASS: Smrzdiug around Katherine Dang- ler, President, are: Margaret Herbst, Vice-Presidentg Mary Lou Moore, Treasurerg Geraldine Gafifney, Secretary. "', S 2 g 1 6 4 1 L v " , 3 . .WT gi ' gg 5. ii 54 3naJw iiw 2 l Q 3. 52 , W .Wu ae' 1i L 1. , ' .Si .sa fijlwiwhiiw HOMEROOM I05 Sister Corlino, Moderator fL:'fI fo rigbfl : Fin! row: MARGARET SKELLY, PATRICIA LYND, ANN HASSELBURG, FRANCES MORGANTI, CON- STANCE COSTICH, BEIIY HEWITT, JEAN TRABALZI, CAROLINE FALCONE, LORETTA XVOLTER, MARION RINGNVOOD. Scmrm' row: MILDRED JOHNSON, ANNA BONIN, DOROTHY MAEDER, JEAN MONTAGUE, THELMA TOMASETTI, BEVERLY PALMER, DOROTHY RUSSELL, BETTY DB FRANCESCO, DORIS JESMER, . RITA VINCENT. Tbira' rorr: AUDREY ROXVAN, CLARICE CARTER, DOROTHY VOELKL, PATRICIA QUIGLEY, MARY JEAN BURKE, MARIE BERWIND, JEAN STRACHAN, FRANCES ANDOLINO, VIRGINIA RICI-ITER. Fourth 1-nu-: DOLORES GURNETT, MARY GOSSELIN, JEAN ANN GREY, GERALDINE GAFFNEY, LOIS BOTT, ERNESTINE CIANCA, MARY DIXON, SHIRLEY BATES. FRESHMEN ILL-jf la rigbrl : I:iI'.Tf raw: HELEN CIVITELLO, ANNE MARIE PANZICA, SARAH ZIRRETTA, KATHERINE STUART, JEANNE ACKER, LENA SHELDON, PEARL BUCKERT, BETTY MQGUIRE, SHIRLEY SEUFFERT, FLORENCE PRETI. 51-cum! mum' LILLIAN DALBERTH, DOLORES XVRZENINSKI, JOYCE BAUMAN, ROSE HEILBRUN, CON- STANCE MESSMER, LOIS BROUCH, LORETTA NWAGNER, EILLEN KIEFER, KATHERINE FLECK, MARY JANE CUIFO. Tbim' rvrzu' MARGARET RIEDEL, DOROTHY DONOVAN, MARY DONOVAN, REGINA POMPELI, JOAN HAYES, SHIRLEY FOOS, THERESA SCANLON, MARY SXVEETING, DORIS GARDNER, HELEN ZIENKIEXVICZ. Fam-lb mzzn- ROSEMARIE BELLARDI, NORMA TRABOLD, ALICE BRYANT, ELEANOR KEHM, DOLORES SCHIPPER, ELIZABETH NAGLE, GERALDINE ALSFOSSER, ROSEMARY XVILKIN, JOYCE HEN- KLEMAN. HOMEROOM I06 Sister Collisto Moderator i, . E: as is i R .F A 2 2' " 2' 2+ R U 1 ff f' I W , N- 'W , 1 ,Q 6 2"Ai A K 1 .Q A,W3 f a ? 'bw 345 A Y ww N- Q ' x f 19 1 P ,,, W 5 y .zz ,.., K ,,,. in K, x fy V1 I M -.A Q x W W 5 . ab h gm? K. A bk i w , b ' W- ' qi . 'L f .4 W M , q ,zh i q b ., , I if X . J B W VV! HOMEROOM IO9 Sister Edwards, Moderaior fLefr to rigbzj .' 1 Fir!! l'Ull'.' INIARY DUCCI, GRACE LENZI, INIARIE INIIGNANO, -IOANNE FRACASSI, IVIARIE YATTEAU, JOAN DAVIS, KATHLEEN SABLE, FRANCES LAMONACO, RITA EICHAS. St'I'U71l1 row: MAJORIE BOYD, CHRISTINE THOMAS, ANN DRUMM, HILDA HASBROUCK, AUDREY LAWTON, JEAN MCVEIGH, VICTORIA ROMAGNOLA, CAROL BRADY, JOAN MILLER, SHIRLEY FRIEDRICI-I. Third row: PATRICIA QUINN, SHIRLEY SHAFER, MARY CHRISTIE, BARBARA HOUCH, CARYLL XVILBER, ELIZABETH MEYER, KATHRYN CLIFFORD, -IOYCE NVEGMAN. FRESHMEN fLuj'l lo rigblj .' Filill-f!1ll'.' ELIZABETH EHMANN, ANNA CASCARANO, JEANNE BUCKLEY, KATHLEEN SCI-IARR, BEVERLY ALTPETER, DOLORES MACCALLINI, VERNA HETTEL, MARY BAKER, PATRICIA MILLER. Summl raw: MARY XVEGMAN, LORETTA TENNITY, JACQUELINE SCOTT, ARLINE SCHMEER, DOR- OTHY SCHOEN, SALLY KIRWIN, NANCY NUGENT, BEI I Y STUMPF, MARY XVALSH. Third row: BETTY REGAN, CECELIA XVOHLRAB, SHIRLEY FORD, CATHERINE MCGOXVAN, JOAN HUSSEY, MARIE I-IANSS, MARJORIE FOSTER, PHYLLIS COMMENTUCCI. HOMEROOM I I I Sister Mary Stephen, Moderaior FRESHMEN KLBII to rigblj : Firm' roam' BETTY FARLEY, MARIE IADAROLA, MARCELINE COOK, RITA MCGILL, NOREEN KILEY, DOROTHY HART, MADELINE CANTISANO, CATHERINE HOWE, GERALDINE MATTES, ROSALYN VVHITE, CATHERINE TESTA. Xvrolld row: JEANNETTE BOLLIN, MARY FORNICOIA, MARY CONCANNON, MARGARET BAKER, MARY ELLEN BRICKLER, CATHERINE DANGLER, VINCENTIA VECCHIO, ANNA KINNEY, MARY CATTALANI, MARY STICKEL, MARY TANTALO. Third row: DOLORES MCLAUGHLIN, MARY BEIKIRCH, DOROTHY DALLE, JEAN GIBAUD, GLADYS ENGLERT, MARIE DIGIACOMO, JOYCE ESTER, SHIRLEY BLIND, CLARICE LAUBER, TERESA XVIMMER, ADELINE CONTESTABILE, GENEVIEVE PANETTA. Fon:-lb row: BEVERLEY BURNS, JOSEPHINE AGRESTA, JEAN BYRNES, MARY LOUISE O'HARA, CECILIA REICHENBERGER, GERTRUDE LYNCH, CORRINE LANNIGAN, JOYCE MENGEL, DOLORES HUGHES, JEAN SCHLUETER, JOAN SCHLUETER. HOMEROOM I I2 Sister Mary Ellen, Moderator Jax- "Of such is the kingdom of heaven." f- XLLUMIN t o GRAMMAR SCHOOL The grammar school this year presented an operetta, "The American Girl," a tale of mistaken identity. N' 9' J fm A00 a .fx 4 ' s - X f i f ci ii 3 Ei Q 4' P I 1- ' ' ,wt I' ve - X47 ' X" , ' CHARACTERS Vera and Myra Burden, Pupils- Eleanor Fazio and Nancy Di Biase Mir: Carewv, Principal, Mildred W'ender Min Miffirzf, Gymnastic Instructor . . Annmarie Duminuco Lady Melton, Aunt of Eva May Hope .... Sheila O'Grady Bridget O'Ha1lofan, Eva's Maid .... Patricia Clancy E1-'a May Hope, American Girl ...... Nancy Myles The Class In Costume Scene from "The American Girl" Opporite Page-Top fK11eeling1: Josephine Frisicano, Marie Bancheri, Florence Koscielny, Charlotte Brucato, Marilyn McDonald. fS1andir1gl: Elizabeth Martin, Marianne Willianis, Joyce Smith, Ann- marie Duminuco, Shelia O'Grady, Nancy Myles, Mildred Wender, Patricia Clancy, Nancy Di Biase, Eleanor Fazio, Janet Jewett, Betty Lou Beach, Betty Larkin. The Class in Uniform Fin! row-facing Joyce Smith: Nancy Myles, Marilyn McDonald, Patricia Clancy, Betty Larkin. Second Row: Josephine Frisciano, Betty Lou Beach, Marie Bancheri, Nancy Di Biase. Tbifd Roux' Janet Jewett, Elizabeth Martin, Marianne Vfilliams. Fourth Roux' Sheila O'Grady, Charlotte Brucato, Eleanor Fazio, Mildred Vfender. Fifth Rauf: Annmarie Duminuco, Florence Koscielny. 66 ' 3 ,. ... Lyra-r ., : ,, , . W .E -ig.. Vi. , . f ., gf-in K Xl: 3' , x 4 wi K J if is 2 if W F fads E Id T f y f fy 13 is 1 X Wvglfg, X.. ,. ., v ..'5, MX - , , ET ,.XL LV A A x Q I gg 5 f f ' M -. jf 37 LiiL 1 , ' 5 , v,.15 .22-U i -L x X 1 Vq ' lf Y -wig ' Q I I ima .-G--nj 4 " ii , . i f-ff. -: . . uv 1,5 QL fwQ..L - 1 Q pf is 11, X 2, , g, L 2. Y ' ' -1 'Yu f 'MYWE L' .... -six? Q' ' - . a ff? -f in PSHE? "I hav Education First knne Doyle and Alice Ryan welcome Colonel Adam- le of the heroes of "Vile Thought We Heard the Sing ' Colonel Adamson was invited to Nazareth k on the value of education. race Murray an alumna of Nazareth now with the States Employment Service 'msvners some of Pauline an s questions concerning the numerous careers open After High School, What? women of today. Other "Sevenl:eens" Our seventeens, Corinne Lorenz, Sally Lou Bemish, Gerry I-leintz, and Pat Curtis, enter' tain at a tea Miss Maureen Daly, author of "Seventeenth Summer." On the page opposite is Mary Ellen Brickler, a member of the Nazareth Academy Glee Club. 68 offered up u sacrifice of iubiIution."PS.z6.6 ACTIVITIES... MEA . . . Both in curricular and extra-curricular activities the spirit of Nazareth motivates all her students. It Q is a joyous spirit encouraging those under her guid- ance to strive always for the highest and the best. X! if "Gi V9 us this du The Faculty at Nazareth "hold religion to be the very warp and Woof of education and hold as the aim of Christian education to provide those experiences which, with the assistance of divine grace are best inculcated to develop in the young the ideas, the attitudes, and the habits that are demanded for Christ-like living in our American democratic society. U fPbilo.mpby of Nuzrzrelb f1t':Id6'II1-Tl Discussion Lencls Interest in Apologetics . . . Top: or Corinne's winning smile and red hair may help too, think Clare Vroman, Louise Miller. Maureen Langton, Helen Neary. Current Events? No, the Classics Circle: Lorraine Cook, a student in Latin IV, traces the voyage of Aeneas. "Open Sesame" Lower: Audrey Baglin, Patricia Flanni- gan, Gisela Vlfeber, and Patricia Maid realize here that many caves of treasures are opened to them in the reading of good books. .55.e,k?4Mf,f,zf+QffL:jk,f,, ffi-fw' ifffmw ' ,, A ,Q .mga 5 9 QMS. pdslgg .5 , . X fm X LM., M M 1 g .: II , R K I ,fy V' f 442 umjik -1- My fl- 'i X Ag A Qw,z.,m'X I ,Ll jg x H 'f f 4 f- fl f if ig JH' .. gif: .f if 1 ljfg ' Y' E ggi M.-yy L13 QW: 1541 f- M Fit' '3' fn ' ,Wifi-' Q, .1 - W, W? U , 1 Q " 11 'pi-., 5-4, .15-W 'SSA 'f ' fl: A., W- Q .X P 5 P . , . M ffmpd' 5 M K whwg i .11 -11 fffe1,'uX!'ifii 11- :Wf L - -rw' 1' , r af X ' N' g E ki? , Fashion Decrees Shorler--Nazareth Says Longer Eleanor Adams wonders whether the rule of the school ap- ' ' F 0 If w e plies to aprons, as she turns up a hem for Kathryn Schirmer. 72 The Bishop ls Coming! 'Were sure Marie Sherry's apple pie will taste deli- cious at the dinner given by the Home Economics Club in honor of the Bishop. A Study Hour? Yes, but they are having their picture taken. love the light of Wisdom."waSa.6:2s We recognize in our studies Z1 higher Wisdoin, which enlightens and perfects all who seek the higher things. A The Flag of Many Saints Mary Teresa Cahill, Ruth Donoghue, Mary Elizabeth Shay, and Margaret Donoghue of French III class are shown making the Hag which joan of Arc, Ber- nadette, The Little Flower, and many other saints loved so well. Probing 'khe Mystery of Lighl: Sister Marie Jose instructs Ruth Hasselburg, Mary Ryan, Jean Block, jane Gurney, and Elaine Ringlestein on the reflection of light. IIHU I, full of grace, the Lord rs Ninety percent of the student body pays tribute to the Blessed Virgin in THE SODALITY OF OUR LADY We honor Mary, for it is Mary, the mother of the Incarnate God, who has given us Christ, our Lightg and it is to Mary, the Queen of Peace, that we confidently pray that a just peace may soon heal a bleed- ing world. Central Council of the Sodality SISTER ROSEMARY-Head Modemror Prefer:-AGNES MEYERING C ommilfee Moderalor C baifmafz Eucharistic Sister Martina Marie Joan Greenwood Our Lady's Sister john Mary Joan Lynch Social Sister Teresa Edward jean Deverell Mission Sister M. Florentine Jeanette Georger Parish Contact Catholic Literature Dramatic Apostolic Publicity Sister Mary Lourdes Sister M. Hilda Sister M. Annunciata Sister M. Edwardine Sister Rosemary Our Lady's Handmaids THE SODALXTY OFFICERS: Seated Jeanette Georger, Dorothy Carducci, Agnes Meyering, Mary Maloy, jean Deverell, Olga Voss. fStm1di11g1 Joan Lynch, Bernice McCall, Margaret Schoepfel. Dorothy Carducci Margaret Schoepfel Olga Voss Mary Maloy Bernice McCall Our Lady--Every Nazareth Girl's Ideal Mary Elizabeth McBride represents Our Lady in the first monthly program of the Sodality. ..-ff' L - ? r 5112, L I 1 J x ' ,"'N li z yn . -3 ' eff ,,f gg, ,1g"?'f: W , f 5 A '55 Q - 5 :fi - ,I ve g I I -' f 5 Y W, " ' . Q k ...,. , .,,,A ,.,. , , ' 'H Q ' EA 'f w Qs5w ..,.,1S?9 Z W " 1155.21 ' fi ,if ,Evil L 'N - M6 4 .W M 'f Xi: , H, 'F . , , Q . - f b Q 4455 X 615' . 'ff' " .aw , if W: -Y gf, . 'm ,f VNS ASPM 15: 'f- s . -X Q ' M f'3fi,..f"F'. 'ei ' Y . 5 , - 'SUR Q XQNKNQ. K f 'N K 1 A .N ,x X . .xg n i3 Y '-+235 +I , 1 " f 'FQYFQ-1 XS ui 53: nav A " V lk . 1 1, 2 L Q P,-rgfsw-P A L' Wadi' . .3 K .bf A ifxg. me ...-.-. X A f H-. 5 . HF 15.59 . Iilx ,L .,m.1f EW . M ,si Q, . ,iq 554 ming , .A 7 gf Q .6 A Nw K ,.....,.... fh --7 if., Nazareth Academy has collected more than 850,000 in stamps and bonds-a whole fleet of jeeps! c L i May the peace of the Lord be with " NAZARETH VICTORY CORPS " knows that the only true peace consists in the love of God and the love of one's neighbor. Its members have wholeheartedly given themselves to the further- ance of winning the war and establishing a just peace. One of Fifty - Vitamins for Victory So Rosemary Hart believes as she takes her place in the cafeteria. i 76 55 ,, ?ifQif'1 ..,., w N X SfT'L"?1f 'Q .: 4 , Q ' . is 'N ' 5. 'ff!TLi, Q 5 ef V Heed Their AP a 1 M, ,.. 33- Www f f E,.mf5e. 'K x'-. K ' if Q 4 .r 1 A L EI xl . hx , 4 3 an 4, 1 I mil 19 A . x ', gg 1 .4 X X l s x ? 2 5 Q 1. Us . 1 - 4 W 5- .. V ,, as 5 Q V v 2 W .V gf ff"-7 "And He set singers "The First of a Dozen of Dozens" Top: French immigrant girls arriving at New Orleans Reading up they are: Edna Canarella, joan Hayes, Geraldine Schwartz, Irene Kelly, Frances MacDonald Mary Pelligro, Maybelle Lama. ':i5"R H if as 55339553 'WS' ,wi Last Minufe lnsfruciions A Middle: Miss Curtin gives Ann Rice some helpful hints. Reading from left to riglvl-' Ann Rice, Dick Springer, Fawn Sclieffel, Mildred Curtin, Bob Hennessey, joseph Runzo. "Come March Along with Me" Bottom: Manon fClaire Darbyj sings her song to Bob fTom Hanlonj. LV before the altar, and by their voices mode sweet melody." Ecclu.47:ll The Perosian Choir this year has added another important success to its already brimming cup. It is an operetta, "THE CMOCKING BIRD" by Sloane-Wfilson, a romantic, adventuresome tale of the struggle of the French settlement of New Orleans against Spanish domination. , , Q ' i I Af , ,, - , il l. CAST OF CHARACTERS General Aubrey, Governor of New Orleans ..... Milt Schmidt Eugene DeLorme, Aide to the Governor ..... Dick Springer Maxime Grandpre, a wealthy citizen .... Joseph Runzo Yvette Millet, Maxime's ward . Mary McBride Manon DeLange, an immigrant girl ..... Claire Darby jean LeFarge fKn0wn as Jacques Villiersj a famous French pirate . Salvatore Dalberth Bob Finchley, a Virginian . . Tom Hanlon Don Aurelio DeMendez, a Spanish envoy .... Bob Hennessy The Marquise DeVillebois, a wealthy colonist . . . Fawn Scheffel "The Signet Ring of the Countess Antoinettelu Cirrleu' The governor discovers the true identity of the Mocking Bird. In lbe foreground, reading from left lo fight: Claire Darby, Dick Springer, Milt Schmidt, Jeannette Georger. Curtain Call Bottom : The mfr: Members of the Perosian Choir and Aquinas Glee Club. "Praise Him on high Throughout Scripture music has been closely allied with religion. Nazareth, too, has always fostered a love of good music, . . . Hilde DiGuilio Mary Maloy joan McGuire Mary Carroll Rosemary Ryan jane Resch Lucy Angelini Arlene Schmerr Kathleen Scharr NAZARETH ACADEMY VIOLINS Mary Bowman jane Collins Geraldine Yawman Mary jane Haigh Ann Leta Janet Carducci Margaret Holden Rosemary Lawson Shirley Murray SO CELLOS Veronica Brundt Dorothy Srnyles Eleanor Coughlin BASSES Margaret Quigley Patricia Cahill Conductor soun Ing cymbuls."Ps.15o:5 and it is with keen anticipation that we look forward each e to the concerts given by the Nazareth Academy Orchestra. DRCHESTRA PERSONNEL Kenneth Wuide FLUTES Jeannette Georger Edna Canarella Constance Costich CLARINETS Dorothy Bartlett Shirley Gay Helen Egan HORNS Katherine Fleck Gisela Weber TRUMPETS jean Austin Catherine Foos Helen Holly 81 TROM BONES Doris Metzger Muriel McGrady PERCUSSION Jean Vinci jean Fulreader Margaret Hall PIANO Elaine Schmitt r- 'N' f ew MIN P os l f 'ETH A 7-X ' ' 4 .V ' 1,1 X f f ' N 0 ' K , r . ,X V ,vv,'bi-pii I, . l '-X E V Nc, THE STAR OF FRANCE The Christmas play by Eva A. M. jones had for its setting a modern French village in Normandy. The characters are simple peasants, victims ofthe ravages of war. The theme is based on that taught at Bethlehem-a story of sacrifice, unseliishness and faith. 82 "The Light A Miracle Performed Top: "Did I not tell you, Reneg see! A medallion of Joan!" exclaims Bernardine. .loan Prays for Peace Circle: "Send peace and happiness to France and all people." The Faith of France I.ouv'er.' "In the name of Him Who blessed it, drink it. It may perform a miracle," says Madam St. jean. PRINCIPALS OF CAST: Rene .... Joan McGuire Madam St. jean . Ruth Quinlan Benzadine . Hildegarde Heinrich Two German Soldiers . Therese Russer, Arlene Pixley joan of Arc . . Doris Metzger Mary ..... jane Davis jofepb . . . Shirley Tirpaeck Angel: . . Geraldine Keller, Marjorie Vaeth , is come into the world" John 3:l9 A Lig51 to difpel dm'l311e,r.r,' fl Prince lo bring peace CHRISTMAS DANCE When Johnny Comes Marching Home Top: Olga Voss, Dolores Bryant, Marjorie Esterheld, Marjorie Kohl and Virginia Allen with their military escorts at the Christmas Dance. Pause 'For o Piciure? !Circ1ej.' Patricia Roland. Mary jane Schleich, Margaret Schocpfel and their partners don't seem to mind, fLou'erjf Surely, june Elkins, Gerry Schwartz ancl theirs do not. 85 x x fm Q x w,, ,L , My a, L4 'R , 1 X. it 1 K , 3' as Q 'A in , x 2 4 3 Q. ig . EQ., . -V rf wav. ' - ' ' F amfem ,f fm ,vm K X+ in K ,vu W A71 ww - , , " 'gffyggf ' W - Q Q f l .wwf 14431. , ,f :gpg-wh n, -iz H . 1 I ' gl fl 9 'A "jx, wk. Q ,ff-3-bfzffgfiesiinwiii f i':,'.jsf ,f fi 9 g. 'pw V- ,,L,, K - 6 Lim. iff., '5 f , ::i"'...r.iI f : , ,!fV.,,g7' f rv V' 'X I i ww 1 " Club Presidents in Session Opporiie page: Facing Muriel Meyers and Marion O'Connor are first row, reading bottom to top: Grace Mitrano, Rosemary Ryan, Catherine Foos, jean Marie Kelly. Second row: joan Kunz, jean Deverell, Ann Romeo, Shirley Tirpaeclc. Third row: Bernice Kunzer, Ruth Quinlan. "Good Neighbors" Top: Some of the girls who rep- resented the various countries of the Pan-American Union in a play to acquaint students with our South American neighbors: Sranding: Eleanor Adams, Ruth Nelson, Audrey Scottebo, Shirley Gay, Dorothy Glossner, Cecelia Slowe, jean Seidewand. Kneel- ing: Melania Pryhocla, Laura Mae Syzemore, Louise Gefell. "Red Corpuscles" Cirrle: A nation needs red cor- puscles to succeed. It is the im migrant who carries this new blood to our own America. Here in a play sponsored by the His- tory and Pan America clubs, Au' dry Scottebo and Elaine Ringle- stein do a minuet, a French con- tribution to American culture. CLUB Mantuan Circle . Bellarmine Club . Le Cercle Francais Pan America . . Der Deutsch Verein ll Circolo Dante Nieuwland Club Mendel Club . Perosian Choir . Glee Club . . Orchestra . . Home Economics Cl Commercial Club . ub PRESIDENT . Grace Mitrano . jean Deverell Margaret Donoghue . Muriel Meyer . joan Kunz , Ann Romeo Marian O'Connor . Ruth Quinlan jean Marie Kelly Rosemary Ryan . Catherine Foos . Shirley- Tirpaeck . Bernice Kunzer Destination? . . . ltoly Italian Club members, Lena Capinetti, Concetta Rizzo, Frances Romagnola and Josephine DiPon- zio, pack clothing for war-stricken Italians. "The lord ruiseth up the soul und giveth health, We know that healthy bodies and disciplined wills are necessary toward win- ning a just war, but these are impossible without purity of soul which comes through the knowledge and love of Christ. NAZARETH ACADEMY ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION There are few students at Nazareth who do not participate in the various sports sponsored by the Nazareth Academy Athletic Association. Among those which rank high in favor are: Badminton Soft Ball Soccer Baseball Basketball Horseback Riding Volleyball Field Hockey Table Tennis Swimming Hail the Conquering Heroes Homeroom 103's pitcher demonstrates the play that won for them the soccer baseball champion- ship. Noclcling Approval at Athletics The officers of N. A. A. A.: Alice Normile, presidentg Marilyn Mogen- han, vice-president Ellen Doyle, sec- retaryg Nancy Vogt, treasurer. W'5"'-U. 55 " 45? 9 ,J iii E Q f,, in :iw x 12525 ,S 63,16 M x Uh it f. 5 S ii 4 2 if Eg w f 5 Q' av 5' Ir- 1 f gif fxgxgqgg f af 'fm ,.,, .LZ,, .. i,. ,W 4 " 'vii ' 55- X wi m.mL, , ,, ,qwfgyw mi. m..-wg..-: 5, -' , 5: Q.. ., 7.7.5. 5. ,. ,gy ,Q - Q X . .. . .X I Mi... 1. fsgii., k A 5 1: will . :Q-N nu-Ladwrev-' X Aff -xg tk 251 X 1 , W .. 4 X, 5 V 553. 1 2. ,fm , sk X WX Q K if L' Q X ., 9, X m .W 5 . 31? '- , gf 'L WF .. if Work Can Be Fun, Too Top: Margaret Schoepfel, Dorothy Guerinot, Gerry Heintz and Eileen janowski seem amused at what Betty Kramer is composing for "The Gabriel." Honor from Outside Bottom: Maureen Langton, Irene Cullen, Jean Russell fstanclingj and Marcella Grimm and Mary Ellen Flanagan fseatedj look at the awards from the various press associations to which our school publications belong. Circle: Standing behind Margaret Hart are Mar- jorie Esterheld, Dolores Bryant and Pat Curtis, members of "The Gabriel" staff. THE GABRIEL STAFF AWo,d0,P,ai5e,,om Both staffs congratulate each other on the excellent work 90 l Wrrte this for u m9m0I'lUl.HExod.I7:I4 Many happy days have been spent recording the happenings of our senior year, but happier days are to come when in later years we turn the pages of "The Gabriel" and "The Lanthornn and recall those with whom we associated and the things we did in our senior year, 1944. Quiet! Artist at Work Top: Marie Collins, Terry McNulty, Edith Ditt- THE , LANTHORN STAFF man, Alice Ryan, Corinne Lorenz fstandingj, and Barbara Burns and Marion O'Connor fseatedj watch Muriel Meyer put the finishing touches on the division page motif. Every Star . . . An Ad Bottom: Betty Schiller, Barbara Miles, Pauline Alderman fstandingj and Rosemary Schlaffer and I-Iildegarde Heinrich fseatedj look at the poster of Homeroom 209, that went over the top in ads. . Across the Page accomplished in their school publications. Circle: Standing behind Mary Anne Doyle are Bernice Ter- harr, Rose Marie Senz and Bernadette Nolan, members of "The Lanthorn" staff. 91 " at eveuled."2Th.2:s The tables were turned this year when the seniors donned nun's habits in their play- MURDER IN A NUNNERY " a tale of mystery SPlCCCl with spies and humorous bits. Mrs. Moss Feints Illness Tap: "It was nothing-a little dizzy spell," Mrs. Moss Uane Davisj ex- plains as Rev. Mother Urine Marie jonesj and Mother Peagle fMarjorie Esterheldj come to her aidg and Mother Trevor fAlice Normilej, Venettia Geza Goan McGuireJ and students fGerul- dine Heintz, Doris Incavo, Jeanne Clarkj look on. Philosophy of Life Cirrle: "But tl1at's life isn't it, Inspec- tor? The question always is whether to enjoy life or to do something about it, isn't it?" Mother Trevor fAlice Nor- milej asks the Inspector fRobert Na- pierj. Guilty-Who Knows? Tap: "It would have been simple-so very simple . . . I hold the knife so . . . " ad- mits Inez Escapado fDoris Incavol to fel- low students fMarion O'Conn0r, Jeanne Clark, Geraldine I-Ieintzj as Inspector Pear- son fRobert Napierj and Reverend Mother Uane Marie jonesj make a surprise en- IFRIICE. PRINCIPALS IN CAST Rezferevid Mother lllolber Perle . Mother' T1'C'1"0l' Moilaer Peagle . Veuelia Geza . illfir. A4015 . . Sergeant Mulligan Impecrar Pemzran The Baron . . STUDE NTS Verily Goodrlaild Inez E.fra,fmdo jane Marie jones . Irene Cullen Alice Normile Marjorie Esterheld . joan McGuire . jane Davis Vfilfred Scott Robert Napier Edward Keenan Geraldine Heintz . . . Doris Incavo Olberf . Jeanne Clark, Marian O'Connor Mrs. Moss Tells All Ciffle: "The truth is I am the one who murdered the Baroness" Mrs. Moss Uane Davisj confesses. ings concerning me have nn end Luke22:37 bu Closing Exercises at Nazareth Academy affords a most beautiful sight. It is the grand finale of four delightful years. But if the years allotted to us at Nazareth are spent, her influence will last throughout the years, helping us to adjust ourselves to the demands of a post-war world and to reach even beyond all earthly horizons a beautiful kingdom that knows no end. 94 l r s THA "of Tl1Y krllgdom there is no nd" A Nazareth Graduation Alice Rutan, Salutatorian, and jane Marie Jones, Valedictorian, of the Class of 1944, will appear before as lovely a group as the one pic- tured above. B , Luke I:33 V L ,XL XX C S 'H xx O Q " Q lx . egg . , , 7 fan up J r xl Y If ' x VNJJ , PAT R O N S f-be was i Most Reverend james Right Reverend William F. Bergan Right Reverend George V. Burns Reverend Thomas F. Connors Reverend Alphonsus P. Crimmens Reverend George W. Eckl Reverend J. Emil Gefell Reverend Frank Hoefen Reverend Milton J. Kelly Reverend Bernard V. Kuchman Reverend Eugene MacFarland Reverend Alexander McCabe Reverend john A. Morgan Reverend J. joseph O'Connell E. Kearney Right Reverend 'joseph Grady Right Reverend George F. Shay Reverend john C. O'Donnell Reverend Daniel B. O'Rourke Reverend George V. Predmore Reverend George Schmitt Reverend Albert H. Schnacky Reverend William H. Shannon Reverend Raymond J. Wahl Reverend Frederick Walz Reverend john A. Widman Reverend Paul Wohlrab Reverend George S. Wood A Reverend Raymond W. Wuest Mr. and Mrs. Karl K. Arlidge Mr. and Mrs. George D. Bryant Mr. J. J. Canavan Mr. and Mrs. C. Cattlani Mr. and Mrs. George Collins Victoria D'Alessandro '42 Margaret Deverell '42 William Diesel Mr. and Mrs. Andrew DiStasio Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Doyle Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Englert Ida Fortino Marie Fucile Mr. and Mrs. Frank H. Gardner Mr. and Mrs. Basil B. Hayes Frances Hayes '42 Mr. and Mrs. W. Heinrich Mr. and Mrs. joseph P. Huehne Mr. and Mrs. Ignace Kairis Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Karvelis Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Lark Richard LeBeau Rita Lerch '44 F. H. Loeffler Yflsmc GU 96 'QETH A x, 47 I .Q N 1 21, r Z l fo .. m Q 1 gf 7 l 1 . . X. ,Q XL V it 9 wt' -1 go J. W. Maddison, jr. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Malinauskas Charles H. Mallon Elmer McBride G. Meisenzahl W. Murray Frank Niger Charles W. O'Brien Mrs. Arthur B. O'Brien Mr. and Mrs. H. O'Connell Rose Pastiglia '43 Dr. and Mrs. Freeland R. Rice Mr. john J. Rouche Rouscos Confectionery M. L. Schaeffer Mr. and Mrs. Frank Seaman Mr. and Mrs. D. Vincent A Friend re shu a remembrance of you before the lord, your God. " Num. 10:9 3 We, the Class of 1944, shall remember in prayel before the altar all those who have made this "Lanthom" possible WADVERTISERS I Liberal Arts College for Women is pleasantly located on a broad campus on East Avenue. Opportunity is offered for a large range of specialization in professional and vocational fields. A complete, vigorous campus life invites to health as well as to cultural development. Terminal courses are offered, for one year and two year preparation for pressing needs in the national service. Four to six weeks' service courses are offered for the early summer. NAZARETH COLLEGE OF ROCHESTER 98 -...g...--Q-0-...4 l....g..g....-4..g..g.....g..g..g..,.....g..g..g.....g..... Q.. NAZARETH MODEL SCHOOL Je"'i's"1i'f.'ZE'.fl.I"S'll'l'.'fIl."""sm' wOffers complete training for boys and girls from three years of age through Fourth Grade. School under direction of the Sisters of St. joseph of the Dio- cese of Rochester, N. Y. Sr. M. Evangela, Principal . Telephone: Hillside 2808-I Terms: 3100 semester with transportation. 350 semester without transportation. Reduction made for two or more children in a family. Hot dinner, 3.35 School Days How powerful a class of girls can be in helping to discipline JUVENILE DELINQUENCY! Nazareth Graduates will help HERMAN G. HETZLER 35 ....,.,........... .. ,.... ........,................................,........,..,..........................................Q-.,.....,.....,..,.............., JCE 99 Left to right-from row: Irene De Clerk, Marie Collins, Jean Kelly, Florence McCarthy, Marjorie Russell. Second row: Patricia Murray, Mary Therese Cahill, Fawn Scheffel, Irene Cullen, Shirley Kellman, joan Hayes, Mary E. McBride. Concgmmlaztiom to the ldfj' of 1944 THE PEROSIAN CHOIR 100 -0v-0-0-0--U--0-10--0-I-01-0--I--O-N-l--Q-l--lv-O-0wf0--lf-Of-O--l- 3:5 g.....g..g..q--o-q.....g..g.. .g.4..g........gng..g.....g..1..Q-Q-.g..g....................g.....g.. Q NAZARETH ACADEMY SENIORS: 9.9.4..g..g..g-.Q..q..g..g-.g..g..g..g..g.-g..g..g.4..g..g.4-.g..g..g Be sure to investigate the opportunities for a tuition-free, liberal-professional education in your state supported college The New York State Teachers College BROCKPORT, NEW YORK Complimezzlr of SENIOR HOMEROOM 201 Camplimenlr of SENIOR HOMEROOM 208 2-bad we're leaving! 0-Oh, Oh, Oh! 5-and 30. Watch us grow! .g..g-.g..g..g.....g..g.. -.5 Compliment: of SENIOR HOMEROOM 210 C am plimentr of ST. ANNE'S PARISH REV. GEORGE J. SCHMITT PASTOR B. T. FLANNERY FUNERAL HOME 17 PHELPS AVENUE Glenwood 4251 ng.-Q-.5..g..g..g..5up-4..gugng.-...Q-.g..5..g..g..g..5-4.-Q-.g.....g -Q.. Your Story in Pictures Leaves Nothing Untold .Nw r ARTISTS ANDPHOTO ENGRAVERS ,1,' V U LV E R HBRHLD 102 Q 5 ? E 5 2 E 2 E 3 Z 2 E Z 35 -I-0-I-Q--I-I-I 4.4.- ..g.. .4-g.4.. "l"O0Ovl" -Owe-0 -0-0--0-0--Ov-N 22 3 5 E 5 Congratulations to the Graduates of 1945 from . REV. DANIEL B. OROURKE and the Nazareth students of Our Mother of Sorrows Parish Margaret Hart '44 jane McDonald '44 Dorothy Purcell '44 Nancy Riggs '44 Mary Ann Murphy '45 Bernadette Slater '45 'A' i' 'k Ellen Van Atta '45 joan Michaud '46 MARY BRICKLER '47 Katherine Anne Fleck '48 Marilyn McDonald '48 FURLONG STUDIO xx kit Pl70l'0g1'6llZ'1A761'5 for THE LANTHORNH 'k'k'k 27 CLINTON AVENUE SOUTH ug Q... g....guyus--9+-an.Qng-4..p..g..g..g..3--g..g..5..g..g.....g..g..g..g.-lug.. 103 Q - n--0-o--ono-o-m-Q--0-Q-ono--u-Q-0--1--ow...o..o.-9.-g..g........g..g.-Q-0.-g.................g..g.....g..g..g..g..g..g..q..g.....g..g.....g..g. Q A H: fA Now That You're RPFAKU Paying Your A B c's MEAT Foon PRODUCTS Not Saying Them! Remember this . . . on a "point" basis, and that's mighty impor- tant now, quality meats cost no more than those of inferior grade! So buy quality from now on and get the extra goodness, the extra nourishment always found in Arpeako Pure Meat Products! Yes, spend those "points" of yours for quality that has been, is now and ever shall be, The Peak of Perfection! RGCHESTER BOOK BINDERY . af if is LIBRARY and MAGAZINE BINDING Q af if 165 - 173 ST. PAUL STREET Gold Stamping ' Book Binding Q , Q 104 -0-in 'I+-Q-O ri 9,4..g..g, Q Prefenting the World!! great Tl9i72k67'5, W7'il67'5, Smtesmen, Arlim 4TI-I SEASON N OW IN PREPARATION ' 'A' 'k i' AQUINAS INSTITUTE CHRISTIAN CULTURE LECTURES - A ROCHESTER INSTITUTION - iii Listed in former series were: RICARDO ALFARO, ALFRED NOYES, RT. REV. FULTON J. SHEEN, F. W. FOERSTER, JACQUES MARITAIN, ARCHDUKE FELIX, FRANK SHEED, MORTIMER J. ADLER, MAR- TIN C. D'ARCY, S.J., ANTON C. PEGIS, YVES SIMON, JEROME G. KERWIN, MAISIE WARD, FRANZ WERFEL, HELEN ISWOLSKY, MARGARET ANGLIN, LOUIS K. AN- SPACHER, PRINCE LOWENSTEIN, LEONARD FEENEY, IVAN DIMITRI, RULKA LANGER. OTTO OF AUSTRIA, COLONEL M. TCI-IOU, GERALD B. PHELAN, PHILIP MURRAY, E. K. RAND, ROBERT M. HUTCHINS, MAUREEN DALY, PADRAIC COUM. Con gmtzzlatiom to the GRADUATING CLASS OF '44 -nf we if GEORGE A. HEINTZ AND JACOB R. PHILLIPPISEN 105 ug..q..g..g..g..g..g..q-4.4..3..g..p..p-but-.g..g-fy-an9.....g..g..g..q.....Q..g..g..g..Q-ong..g--0-Qu9.....g..g..5.....,........g..g--5--9-Q..q..l--0' --0--I Q-0-4-Ono-O.-Ona-Q.-nno-anU--ov-ow0--U-can-own-4-0-ann-o-O--awww-was-awsfava-onmn-0-1O--O-O-o-O-0-o-O-O-o-O-oem-o-aww-o-9--Q--Q-9-q..g..g..q-g-.g--g..q..q--4,3 SHEET METAL WORK Q ROOFING S HOME INSULATING 5 Q 4 Z S . E 2 z ' FLESCH 8: SCHMITT, INC. 3 T 1 18 BROWN STREET MAIN 5254 2 5 4- - 4 E 3 3 Y 5 2 i T T T 2 2 2 2 5 s 3 2 i 3 E W BOTTLED UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCA-COLA COMPANY BY 2 ROCHESTER COCA-COLA BOTTLING CORPORATION SU'U'llM0100O-00-'O-O-'O-fl-'D-0-lvlwivbwlwi-CMI'-lvvb-Owlwh'I-4OMUHONONO0!'OC'-O0O"lvO14O0lMO'0Of'Ow!vO-N'l'lU-0Ov'l0OvO'vO4'IwlwO'lOv4lvlO- bwlvllflwiulwll-INC'-Ol-Gig 106 Q ..g..g..q.mug.....g-Q..g..g..g..g..9.-pq..q.....g..g..g..g..g..Q-0-Q-no-n..g.-g.....g..g..g..g..q..g..g..g-.q..g. -. .g....-g..g..g..q- Q Congratulations to the Class of 1944 Nazareth Academy Athletic Association HAIL TO THE GOLD AND BLUE SENIOR HOMEROOM 209 Compliments of the SODALITY OF OUR LADY NAZARETH ACADEMY Compliments of A Friend pq.-p.g..g..g..g..g--9-o..g..g..5.....g. .pm--Q-509..Q..g..g..g-so-0-.g09.4..9..Q.-gag..Q--g,.g..g.-g..q........g.,,..g-mb-Q--...Q 17 Q can-1-0'I--Ov-Cvl-'O-0-I--Ofrl-Quin!--OuluIf-I-0-Inl--0-'M-lv-Q'-OuC--O-O-inl--0-A--lv-O-O-Ou!-4-Q--0--I-out-I--0-0w0vvQ-00-if Q off Likebf TO SUCCEED . . . IN THE PGST-WAR ERA! RE, THOSE of us most mindful of our position as American Catholics toward the needs of our neighbors-of every race-creed and color . . . the CATHOLIC COURIER does a thorough job of inter- preting the Catholic viewpoint. Over 20,000 homes receive it EVERY WEEK! mthuli uurier A. W. HOPEMAN 8: SONS CGMPANY BUILDERS ROCHESTER, NEW YORK iii ,..,..... ...............................................,.........................................,............................................,..,..,..,..,.. iii 108 -f .. .mf i:5........,.......... --ons--c-ano--a--o-o--n-fo-4-.n..o..q..e.......................g.....q ..q.....g..q..Q..g..q..q.................,.....g..... .......,...........q..o.-n--rg 6 2 Q 2 E C on g1'lllZlldli072.f Ei to llae Class of 1944 E COMPLIMENTS OF ' ST. MONICA'S PARISH I 1 l 3 2 E E Q No INFLATION HERE a IN THESE WAR DAYS when the price of practically everything used in the home has risen E the electric power companies of the country can point with pride to their achievement in t holding cost to the consumer down to pre-war levels. They have done this without 5 2 government aid of any kind . . . in fact they contribute about 24 cents out of every I i dollar they take in to local, state and federal governments in the form of taxes, One 3 ,E thing those who are fighting the threat of inflation do not have to worry about is the 5 cost of electric service. E I ROCHESTER GAS and ELECTRIC 5 2 E 2 5 1 G1-oxv'c1-A. CiiCqucnnoi.Pres. E , Sl 15,4 fi' I ' z 0 9' f ft' R -' Q , i?l:11s'515S -1:- . , .. ..... 1 lsf'Q5:'Q.-511. .4...A., ...'. I 2 E . ,.i. 2 FUEL on. - COKE - COAL 2 OIL BURNERS - STOKERS 2 . 1 E ' L A N G I E FUEL SERVICE, INC. i Stone 4000 1' 2 E QQulUQ1IUWCWOWININl"O".NO"Ql'."C"INCHI'0INOWOHINIWQ''U''O"C"."."O"l"l'lC"C"I'UINOHI''DWP'lvl'O'HONINIIHCHIN.NIKONli'IMININIWIND'UIlblvlullbl-'U"l"."G'O"lWllQ 109 te gug.. g-Q.-1-.4-q..3ugh...g..g..q..g-.g..g..g..g.m--in0--0..nv-Q-0...-.g..g..g-.g-.g..5..p. ..g..g..q..g..g..q. pq. .g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..q..g..g..g..g ij L. B. FINEWOOD HAULING CONTRACTOR 2490 MT. READ BLVD. SUCCESS TO THE CLASS OF 1943 TENTH WARD REPUBLICAN ORGANIZATION Complimentf of The BRIGHTON PLACE DAIRY DIVISION OF GENERAL ICE CREAM CORP. WM. WOERNER AND SCNS Mmzzzfactzzrers of CHURCH FURNITURE AND EQUIPMENT 485 HAGUE STREET ROCHESTER, NEW YORK Q Q..g...........,..,..g..,..g..g..g.....g.....,..q.....g..q.....g.....g..g..............9--o-9.-4..g--ov-wg-.q..g.....g..g...........,....... 4.-g.....,..p..g..n--s--wo-o--sno D no- Q aqui.-Quinning'lI0l0vllIlIlO"l'Il"l'vO1'l I"Ov'OMOWINIOUIHIOUQNNIlfulvifli'-CnOwOwQnjuQoolnQ-finial: n Qu ngugningnpagugngo-QnQnQn0nj -Quin-1090000031 2 X 2 Complimentr of 3 A Friend LUCAS and DAKE co., INC. f I N S U R A N C E O 234 Granite Building MAIN 938 - 939 Q 150 Main Street East Rochester, New York S T O C K ' S SAUSAGE MAKERS OF HIGH GRADE SAUSAGE 817 CLINTON AVE. SOUTH MONROE 15 68 5 Compliments of ' ROCHESTER TRANSIT CORPORATION 0wvQwlwlw0vMvln0u0wQn0w0nlw0-0-OMIMO-0-0-wwf-Ov-lv-0-Owl-O--0-C--Ivlvi-OMI-wwdwlwlwh-Owl'-Mwst-lv!-0-mul-wwh0'f l"l"l"0" 111 U4'0l 3:Q..g..,..g..g..g..g.-our-...n..e..u--0..q..g..g.....g..g..g..g.....g.....g..g.....g........q..g.. .g..q..g..g..g..g..p..q..g..q.. D --Q O--Q-of-9 ngnqwqwtvi- I ! i g..g.-0-Q-.Q-.g..g..g..g..g..g,.g..g..q..g..g-.p gn-gf-9-.p..g WILLIAM E. PREDMORE SCHOOL SUPPLIES, RELIGIOUS ARTICLES, CHURCH GOODS s 2 i 93 STATE STREET i E 2 T. H. GREEN ELECTRIC CO. I 31 NORTH WATER STREET 1 i 5 3 Rochester, New York Telephone: Main 555 5 Ford Lincoln Mercury "Good Morning fudge" 24 Hour Service-All Cars 5 15 Grease Pits-No Waiting Official Tire Inspection 3 ,- g Judge s 81 LAKE AVENUE MAIN 2807-8-9-10 5 , THE YATES COAL CO. 3 ANTHRACITE AND BITUMINOUS i Arso COKE I Orders solicited for private residences, apartments and buildings. E Deliveries made under the personal supervision of Superintendent. Z Board: and Canvdr ured for protection. 5 Phones: Stone 450, Stone 451 f 612 Lincoln-Alliance Bank Building General Office, 183 Main St. E. E ff...g..g.....1..g..g........9........,,.. .. -n.-p-Q-n--o--o-o-- -s' -0--0--0--o-0-40--0--Q--c--1--0--0--on - Q 112 O'vlwI'-O'-C0l"O"l"O"Q"l COMPLIMENTS OF RAYMOND A. MORGAN C OMPLIMEN TS OF B. G. COSTICH 81 SONS, INC. MOVING . . . STORAGE C omplimezztf of 16 FRONT STREET' FRANK H. DENNIS STORES, INC. C. D. STREETER, PRES. 37 Centennial Street Phone Genesee 6710 1171901 em! e Di5t1'i!9zzt01'.r C A N D I E S COCA-COLA - FOUNTAIN SUPPLIES - PAPER BAGS Daggetfs Chocolatex 1-lg -4-v-on-4-howlwhowvanw-v-hnvnnwcw-4-swan-o-o-moil-o--I-lv!-0-0Mr0w0wvwQ-vwwlwv-O-WHO-rf!--O-W Us I 2 2 Z 5 E 3 i s 2 ? Z I 5 T I I I 2 335 0wOwOwiulwlwiwiufulwiwl-OMIM!-0-0-0uonouqqqqqnqmgugugngupngng. lnq.q.g.g.g.gugngn0. Ng. -Qu wlulniuiv winlwl g.g.gulwwau0uc-1 E E me a E 3 2 2 3 3 z 3 2 4: 5 2 2 4 S s 2 315 Owl- -Q-4 -4-0-4-in N. E. OWEN SERVICE STORE 1640 LAKE AVE., OPP. KODAK PARK GLENWOOD 233 - MOHAWK TIRES EXIDE BATTERIES RICI-lendaotl. RGDT BEER S . E I Hifi .40 I COMPLIMENTS OF 3 SIMMONS MOTORS CQRP. 536 EAST AVENUE Rochester, New York R0che.fte1"J Most Reliable Automobile Agency Complimenty of CLARENCE E. -IENNINGS il"IllI'4O"l"l"l0l"f"l"l NCMO4'I'0l"O"l"UP'l"O"l"l"l"O"O"l' lW."l0l'll'PU"Q"I"l' "C'1l"l0I"C"l"l' "UNI MONO'll"l""'I"l"lN"i"l"l"l"l"l"O" Q 114- vc-owhwowovb-onmfo-0-0--9-Ovowt -0-vt road-do-9 O00-ul-v0vC"!" up-mug'-q.-Guimont-vo-mwono--0-Ofwwu --m.9nQ-.--n--0wl--0--0-Oo!-vt--I-l-inif-0-0--O-0--0-0-0-anI--C-If-l--0--0--I-Inlv-ln!,.g-Q Compliments of CHARLES B. MCGUIRE' Steak Dinners Sea Food a Specialty in season Meet Little johnny dl KREZDORN'S RESTAURANT 2 Oakman St., Rochester, N. Y. Large Hall available All Legal for Special Occasions Beverages R. ATTINASI 8a SONS PAINTING - PAPERHANGING DECORATING 255 LARK STREET GLENWOOD 5735 GLENWOOD 5328-R NOISE QUIETING ACOUSTICAL CORRECTION coLLUM ACOUSTICAL COMPANY, INCii Acoustical Engineers and Contractors CELOTEX ACOUSTICAL PRODUCTS as UI U7 'U E Z CD U1 Q 9 2 af H P1 O R F3 fb CD ,. F? U3 'TQ P1 95 C C U1 urn UU C' 'CQ N P11 vO 13' Pl' U' P9 D X4 E Z GN 'bs C OX QWOHPUC 3 2 Z E 3 Z i s 3 , 5 3 5 E g, 'af 2 Q 2 315 5.4.4-9.4-. -0--0-0 I-4-I-'lun-of-0 -Q-...pq- -Ov-0--lv-0-0 "Of'O"l"l'1ON0-cl P400 vOvO QNOWOWO' lMC'vlwO-'O0C"l"ll'O'4O"O"lMO"lwOvvOlll0lWl0O"l' Ben Wisbex Of JOHN M. BLACKWOOD QUALITY MADE IT FAMOUS B L U E B O Y D A I R Y 476 Exchange'Street Main 586 Compliments of W. B. COON CO. MAKERS OF WOMENS SHOES 37 Canal Street Rochester, N. Y. WM. KEARNEY ROBERT LA PALM TOBACCONISTS 40 STATE STREET 116 C"lK0WWO "YQ0FllIWQ'Q'X990KXK'4v90'll0'l-O0O'lll'l"O"O"l"I"l"l0l"IWl'4l0I"lv' fi 2 2 E 2 3 Z Z 2 2 3 2 2 E 2 z -0-you-lam OW!-10-'CHD' HCNOHIHONOWC 0-41. maule- 'I a CE g..g..g..q.-p-q--y--g--o--n--u--o-o--n--Q-0-0--1--0-mfs-o-o-9-Q CALL KITTY'S KAKE SHOP FOR YOUR BIRTHDAY and WEDDING CAKES 571 JEFFERSON AVENUE GENESEE 1955 C om plim enlf of FLOWER CITY SPECIALTY CO. GRAVER'S Specializing in Graduation, Bridal and Bridesmaids' Gowns Open evening! 628 CLINTON AVE. NORTH MAIN 4470 Complimemf of DI SALVA DRY CLEANERS 'OWOWOHl'vO"O'1ll'llflNOWlWlNO"I"l"D"O"l"lNO"O'lOMl'0O'4l0l'4O'0C"U v-I-0-0+-0-0-to-0-'Of-O--M-Q-'C-tw! Complimerm of REVEREND FRANK J. HOEFEN MORTIMER DON OVAN For Properly Balanced Healing SEE ME FIRST 99 EARL STREET Genesee 6363 C om plimerztx of FRANK J. GRINNAN Two Popular Bowling Hallf CULVER AND ATLANTIC ART AND Bos MAGIN Managerx -wwhwtvlvbwiwlvt-Q'-Nw-0-0--Qnmuoo-ln!--C-I--Owl-O-Owl' """'?3Zi if -'ov-o--r-o-o-n-n--o-s-n--n-o-s--wo-o-o-c--o-of-a--Q-o-o--o--o-Q-m-l-'wo--wwe-9-va-n.-cf - IWONONII'OMIMl"lv'O"O"O"O"O'1l0'lvO0l"l"O'1O"l0'l'-O"O"I"lvOvlvvO Q HONINII-DHI'II00"IIlllvll-0'l"O0O"l"I"O"O"l"l"O"l4'l"ll'Cl'I"l'vl'-lWOlllM0vOHO"l4'l"lN Q T U C K E R ' S RELIGIOUS GIFT STUDIO 74 EAST AVENUE W' e Feature Three Nalionally known Jhaex ROBLEE AIR STEP BUSTER BROWN S C H M A N K E ' S 1480 DEWEY AVENUE PHONE - GEN. 5152 BREAD - CAKES - PASTRY SCHLAFFER'S BAKERY Orderf Taken FOR IVeddingJ and Partief 355 AMES ST. ROCHESTER, N. Y. RYAN 'CARTING CO A RYAN BROTHERS MOVING - STORAGE C om pl imentx SCHAEF ER MARKETS 1050 DEWEY AVENUE 404 RIDGE ROAD WEST OTTO STEINWACHS 8: SON GENERAL CONTRACTORS 1661 CLINTON AVE. N. Rochester, N. Y. Glenwood 5689 Compliment! io CLASS OF '44 from ROCHESTER STATIONERY CO. C om plimeni: of ROCHESTER LINOTYPE COMPOSITION CO., Inc. 145 ST. PAUL STREET Rochester 4, New York 5 I-0-0-vi-4-0-4O-lf'O-I--I-fl-0-0--Cn!-0-if-lv-butwlu0w0-40--O--lu lv MO--I--Dew' U ...g.....g-.s--0-ol-O--0-of-Iwo-on0-Q-4--0..u-fo-o--o--m-ov-O--u-o-o-awv-o-o-uw -fll'l"Q'0OWl"DNU"l'0l"OHl0lvl-1010!lllvO"D'0l0l"O"l"l"O"O"l' -l-I--C--0-lul--Ifvlnlulnl--0nlv-l- --O--0--Owl'-I-I--0-lv-l Il-'OMC' BEST WISHES ' TO NAZARETH CLASS OF 1944 JOHN H. SCHEFFEL LANGEFELD, KEIRSBILCK 85 MEEH 799 CLINTON AVE. NORTH Mafzufarturerx of HIGH GRADE SAUSAGE MAIN 3534 - 3535 THE EGG MART 803 DEWEY AVENUE 'k Sperializifzg in C0lll1l1'y-FI'9.fb Eggs Alfo Complete Line of J 'k FRESH FRUITS and VEGETABLES Call GLENWOOD 5412 for delivery EMERSON AND UNIVERSITY CLUB HATS Prired fo Pleafe i' SADDEN HAT SHOP 404 STATE STREET .pq-gum4-9.-Q-.gng....Q..g.4.....q-.q..p..g..p.g.1g.-g..g-4.-Q--Q-4-4--3.-Q..y.g..p-sur In graleful appreriatiofz to the faculty of NAZARETH ACADEMY MR. AND MRS. C. KEIRSBILCK Complimezru of Uncle Frank and Aunt Hazel BEST WISHES T0 CLASS OF 1944 . LLOYD and RALPH M. LILL Follow lhe crowd to . . . THE RITZ The Home of tlne Ritz Hamburg PORTLAND AVE. at NORTON ST. 4,505ug-Q.-Qugap-.up-9.-bwI..g,.9-9--3..g..g..5...ngng--Q.-pngup.,...U-.Q-4.59.-Q--5-4.-Q.. ? MONROE 50 MARY'S LINEN SHOP N. J. MILLER'S SON GENERAL DRY GOODS FUNERAL DIRECTOR 371 SMITH STREET 706 SOUTH AVENUE Main 1530 Rochester, N. Y. RYAN 85 MCINTEE GLENWOOD 264 FUNERAL SERVIQE JAN-LEE BEAUTY SHOPPE 2 is the ben and conf no more 109 SARATOGA AVE. - NEAR LYELL i' Rochester 6, N. Y. CALL STONE 1464 B. LEO MCINTEE -k Q 207 CHESTNUT STREET We Spmalize in i 4 Permanent XVaving The Fllllffdl Home - N071-S6Cfd7'id7Z Halt Styling . LORIMER GROCERY AND i C077ZPZ17?2elZf.f Of MEAT M ARKET 2 THE V. Bovenzi, Prop. S' 100 LORIMER STREET Glenwood 1994 STONE 3958 5 LORENZCVS LECKINGER'S Q . 1 ,Wood Fit for a King, Wzlbzzr Coon Shoes . FOR S 35 CHESTNUT ST. STONE 732 TIRED ' FEET 32 St. Paul Street Rochester, N. Y. i:Q,..,..,.......-a.1-a-.n--o-o-+0--0-s--0--1-m-0-l-fno--0--mQ-owwnrnwwvriva-o-Mmoun-m-w-+-0-v-wwnnwwof-n--o-fo-c-w-o-w-p--u-0-0-vo--0-O--I--if-0-l--l-nf 1 120 9.4.4-.O-'O-0.-l Iliwfwlfvlvif-ll'l"OlO0l"ll'O'lNO"O"lvlvO"O0O"Ovll'lvlNO1'l"I"ON gang.....q..g..g.....g..g.........a-9.-gn...g..q..p..g..g..g..g.....g..g..g..q..g--n..o-o-.a.. Q 4.4 -0- -Ov-on -9.4- -Dara Q-Qviwiv-0-0-U O--0.-l-4-0 BIOLOGICAL SUPPLY COMPANY 1176 MT. HOPE AVENUE Ik SCIENCE LABORATORY SUPPLIES Phone Glenwood 4300 BOYINKS SMALL ANIMAL HOSPITAL ' 1685 DEWEY AVENUE GORDON D. BOYINK, D. V. M. Aniftanf A. F. FAVATA, D. V. M. ZWEIGLE'S A'Id77llfdL'lIlI'9I'.l' of TASTY SAUSAGE PRODUCTS -STONE 6944- 214 joseph Ave. Rochester, N. Y. C U T A L I ' S SPAGHETTI RESTAURANT 4 ROCHESTER, N. Y. 107 North St. 25 Broad St. Main 8485 Main 8204 .-g..g..g..5...--4-0-Q.-g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..q..g..g..g.-uno-g..g..g..p. The SCHOOL of COMMERCE oferx the only officially approved MEDICAL SECRETARIAL COURSE in Rocbefler See our catalog for other courses 362 EAST AVENUE Phone: Main 5530 Axfociaie member, Amerimn Arrorialiorz of junior College! Complimezzif of C. F. SCHEUERMAN SONS FUNERAL DIRECTORS 412 BROWN STREET CHAS. DOERFLINGER MARKET Mamzfarmrer of Fine Saumger 433 PARSELLS AVENUE Phones: Culver 451 - 452 OFFICE SYSTEMS - SUPPLIES DESKS - FILES 41'CI-IESTNUT STREET gn...g..g..g,.g..g..g..g..Q..a--Q.-Q--Q-.g..g.-p.g-.g..g..g..g..5..g..g..g..g..p--on .gn INIUONI' Q M T. T. BEARING CO. 454 COURT STREET C om plimentx of ' EHMANN 'S MARKET Since 1890 1105 LYELL AVE. GLEN. 3102 ANTHONY W. CULHANE FUNERAL HOME 1411 LAKE AVE. GLEN. 1411 FOR YOUR . TEAS, PARTIES, LUNCHEONS ....l'27'1J?... CLUB CRACKERS 'k ONTARIO BISCUIT COMPANY "Supreme Bakery" CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1944 RUF US MAIER BASTIAN DRESS SHOP SMART DRESSES MODERN SPORTSWEAR 0 493 LYELL AVE. GLEN. 1715 'V' Not only BETTER HEARING now-' but for the REST OF YOUR LIFE! The world'u largeut maker of hearing aids offers you a unique service begin- ning with a TAILOR-MADE FITTING and including many unique factors de- signed to assure gli of UNINTER- RUPTED I-IEA ING FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE. No otherk service like itl Come in for free tests and consultation. No obligation. SEVENTH FLOOR - TEMPLE BLDG. Compliment: of a Friend in e-0-one-ov-no-oe-fe-0-n-0 QE 'O0O"iHQ'4wCWl'4UlNl"O"l'llNO'ONINl0O'OWO'lI"O'1l0U"C"O0l0 -9-lgngng.-g..g.-Q..g..g..g.. Q..-.Q--g..g..g.. Q.....,.....png-.Q..q..............g..0.4.....g..,..,..q........g.....,,...........,..............g Q U--of-0 -Owls-0-0 u0-4w0vlw0f-lv-0wM-0-lv-t-0-+0v-0-ow0-0-1wo-o1-04-0-fo- 0-of-1-0--Ov-of-Q-0-fl-fo-fo-of-0-ow g.....g..lnQ-.g- --Q.-Q--0-Q-w 'H-O-'OUHOU-UNCH!-'C glfhw . as YUU are Tomorrow's CAREER WOMEN! Do You Know ?- that business training offers young women their most practical means of attaining economic security, of mak- ing interesting and worth while con- tacts, and of living useful, interest- ing lives. Do You Know ?- that a career course at R. B. I. can be an exciting, highly profitable ven- ture. Because-R. B. I. not only gives you thorough training in the skills, but personality and charm training, designed to raise you above the ordinary-to make you a vital interesting personality. ROCHESTER BUSINESS INSTITUTE 172 cuN1oN Ave., so. Rocnssrsn 4, N. Y. Associate Member American Association of Junior Colleges C om plimefztr of PALACE COFFEE SHOP 75 CLINTON AVENUE Next to Palme Theater C om pli77Z672l'.f of WATTS DRY CLEANING Co., Inc. 322 COTTAGE STREET Genesee 614 Complimenlr of REV. GEORGE S. WOOD M. PHEILSHIFTER CARPENTER CONTRACTOR AND BUILDER 731 FLOWER CITY PARK Glenwood 5500-R W. A. MCCORMICK PLUMBING AND HEATING 4 LAKE AVENUE MURRAY THEATRE LYELL AND MURRAY Q .....g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..q..g..g.....g.....q..g.....q..g..gug..g..g..g..g..m0..o-so--mil 33 I-vo-oo--onno-out--I--l--0--0--0--0-0--ov-0-U-m-IMO--lui'-of-I--lv-Ono'-0 Q IO0O'1CMl'4l'0O"O'llI'lvO"l4'l'fO"O"OHIHOUOQHOIHOWOQI00801-000"ONO"l0l"l"l"lNlNl0l"O"lQ ............. ! ua-own -lv!-out -0 -Q-1-0-1-0 ' uc.-Q Culver 1714 Res. Culver 2014 CLANCY CARTING 8: STORAGE Co., Inc. "SERVICE SINCE 1885" MOVING - PACKING - STORAGE WM. j. CLANCY 9 Grand Avenue Rochester, N. Y. C07IlplillZ6l1l'J of FLOWER CITY CARTING CO. 90 BRONSON AVE. BROOKS MACHINE SHOP 845 LAKE AVENUE 'A' LAWN MOWERS Sbarpened and Repaired GENERAL MACHINE WORK Glenwood 7074 A GECK PLUMBING AND HEATING SUPPLY CO. WHOLESALE Plumbing and Heating Supplies 650 SOUTH AVE. ROCHESTER, N. Y. Monroe 5544 .g..g..g..g..g..q..g-.Q.....g..g..g..g..g-.g-.q.-q..q.a-Q-g..g..g..q..g..g.4.-ov HAUBNER 8: STALKNECHT FUNERAL HOME ir 828 JAY STREET Genesee 300 Edward E. Haubner - Sarto W. Stalknecht ANDYIS GARAGE 209 CLINTON AVE. Noam A COMPLETE 24 HOUR SERVICE C om plim ent: of GEORGE A. KLIER, PHARMACY 692 MAPLE STREET Compliment: of A Friend --C-Ov-0-vo-vo-O--lvvl-fo--Ovfl -0- no-of-Ono-0 c--o-we -0-pu """"' neo- Qjugn-guy-ul"OwO"C'vlWO"l"lNO'4I'1O''CHUMCHDNOHO'IOI'CMO''lf'lv''Owl'PlNON!"U"Q"O"l"l"O0l0'llflvidINOWOHIIIIv-D001INCNlvlllflIvlvifvlf'l'vO11O"lnnllvOnll'l'0l"l"l"O-Golgi .g..g..g..5. an lvPO0lIll"l'1C"lNI0'O"I D .Q-Q..g01.4..g..3-onI-bi-'O--InI--OnOulu!-el-A0--0-I--lv-D-0'-In BLANCHARD - FLORIST Farbiom in Flowery 58 - 62 LAKE AVENUE Telephone, Main 1986 Branch, 1458 MONROE AVENUE Telephone, Monroe 7170 Member Florirtx' Telegraph Delivery AIIIH THE CRESCENT PURITAN LAUNDRY, INC. 1630 DEWEY AVENUE Compliment: of BELLE-ISLE PHARMACY J. C. Belle-Isle, Ph. B., Prop. 2310 MONROE AVENUE Rochester, N. Y, BAUMAN 8: BAYNES MEATS - GROCERIES VEGETABLES 333 DRIVING PARK AVE. Compliments of JOSEPH J. BUCKLEY FUNERAL DIRECTOR 796 DEWEY AVE. GLEN. 4906 GEORGE E. BRENNAN REAL ESTATE BROKER 65 BROAD STREET Rochester, New York MAIN 4240 If no answer call Monroe 1208 BOUCHER O FLO WERS O 422 MAIN STREET EAST C om plimefzir of THE BOEHM SURGICAL INSTRUMENT CORP. 205 ST. PAUL STREET Q l-Owiwlwo-lu!-40-00 Q U- 0-+410-'twkwl--uhh-our-O'-C++Owl--6-0--I--0-vo--lv U"O"O0lMI00O'4l4llvifflf'I"lHO"O"U"O'4l"l'0O"I"Ib'O"l0l"ONO-QOOIIH its Q..Q..q..g.....g..g...-.g..q..g..g. ..g..g..g..g-g.....g.. .g.....g...........g..g.....g..g..g..g..g..g..q........Q-.q.....g..g..p..D.-g..g..g.....g..g..g..g........g,.g..g..g..g...... 33 C om plinzezzn' of HOLY REDEEMER ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION LOEWENGUTH 8c DINEEN, INC. F. M. Loewenguth, Pres. ALL KINDS OF INSURANCE Room 528 GRANITE BLDG. Rochester 4, N. Y. Phone Main 1251 Complimerztx of ELMER T. THANEY New Floors Installed Old Floors Relinished Asphalt Tile FOR STORE, RESTAURANT OR HOME RESIDENTIAL AND COMMERCIAL GENESEE F LOCRING CO. J. DE CLERCK 178 Ellicott St. Gen. 4675 KIMSUL INSULATION JAMISON-SCHINDLER CORP. 1460 N. CLINTON AVE. - lWarm in Winter KEEP ICOOI in Summer C0lI7plf7lI677fJ' of HUBBS AND HASTINGS PAPER Co. 319 MAIN STREET WEST MAIN 6702 JEFFERSON LIQUOR STORE 554 JEFFERSON AVE. Rochester, N. Y. Frank Goodman, Prop. GENESEE 5 1 1 5 Conzplimentf of HANNA'S FOOD MARKET Qi .......,...........,..,...,...-...wg-.......q-0-............ .. ..,.............. BZ! 0--Q-0--I--0-0-r -01-Q-0-U--I-'Of-0-QI'10-0-Ov-O--if-O0O--0-'O-Nno-9--I--O--0-cl--0-0--lu -'O-0-'O-I s-Q-Q-Q.-Qu 014604 a--0-O-0-out-Sow -1-4-0-1 -0--Q-an 4... -0--0-.O-O4-9.-Q -of 0-fl.-l--O-0-' --on-nun.-O.. ..q.....g..g..p..g..g-.g..p..g..p..g THE EGGLESTON Air Conditioned 47 AND 49 CLINTON AVE. S. Rochester, N. Y. The fneyf in good tlaizzgx lo ea! and drink SINCE 1886 E. A. Dentinger Ward C om plimentx of JOHN H. GARNHAM GROCERY o 823 DEWEY AVENUE For Parlifular People HAFNER HOME LAUNDRY INC. 595 CLINTON AVE. NORTH Main 2978 LOUIS C. HOCK Sc SON CO., INC. GENERAL INSURANCE 322 GRANITE BUILDING MAIN 1013 If-0--Of-D-0--l-4--m-l-v0-l--l--lwl-- H0-I--I--D-O--0--0-Ono--assi-Ou DOROTHY'S BEAUTY BAZAAR 1182 DEWEY AVENUE Opp. Aquinas Institute GLENWOOD 4476 "The Lalext Smarl Style" DOROTHY HILDEBRAND Complinzefntf of VITO CIMINO 85 SONS LEO DODD-LOUIS MILLER RESTAURANT I BEER - WINE - LIQUORS I 564 - 568 CHILI AVENUE Rochester, N. Y. Genesee 7597 SINU8 Sulferers I GQ: In-In-1' 'Inns O ll if me law w up .'-' use MA1D'S Nosn SPRAY. Results guar- ., . anteed or money will be refunded. Combination No case is too chronic, 31.25 ReHlls no baby too young. Use 2 02.31.00 for head colds, conges- 1 oz. S .60 tion or Sinus. Sold at all Drug Stores FLOWER CITY LABORATORY 511 Dewey Avenue Cf I I I I I I I I ff 9-Q-own -pagan- BSE I I I I I I I I Z I3 Qu 0-Oulv-O-0-fl-Ov-0'-l-fl-'tv-I-'Owl--Ov-O00-vl-0v-l--l--l-O--0-i--Q'-O-vi--lv!-If-I-rlvv-Owivwvh-lwlwtwi-4-at--0-onU-'lv-Owl-mmwi-O--I-QwlnOv-luv-M-I--Dwi Q C0ll1lDliJI19l7fJ' of MONROE COUNTY DEMOCRATIC COMMITTEE H earl qlldl'lEl'J' for- KEEPSAKE Diamond Rings Gruen Watches Parker 51 Pens Hallmark Greeting Cards JAMES O. LEDLIE JEWELER 842 DEWEY AVENUE Open Friday and Satwday Ezfeningr KUNZER-ELLINWOOD, Inc. 12-3 BARBERRY TERRACE 'k "A Milk lo Depemz Upon" COIIIPUIIIEIIIJ' 0 f jIM'S CONFECTIONERY 1521 LAKE AVENUE C 0 m plim ezzlf INTERNATIONAL BROTHERHOOD ELECTRICAL WORKERS L. U. B. -86 113 N. Fitzhugh Street Rochester, N. Y. C omplimelztf of line LITTLE CHATEAU 5 CLINTON C om plinzefzls of LAMA'S GROCERY 610 PLYMOUTH AVE. N. THOMAS F. TROTT FUNERAL DIRECTOR ul' 685 MAIN STREET EAST STONE 1 524 i Z 'O"O"O'1ivC"9" nlwlfwndwuw-Datum -4-mul g.4-O-4-4 -0-O-4-ow "VW" Q ..q...........,..up-m-mano-4-Q-w--monwowv-O--ua-v-wuawwO-Q-0-O--u-0-v Q 'Q-ol -int-O-lf-I-'O-0-l--to-0-of-Q-Iwi-10--0--Dwi--0--If-0--O--l--I-Dal-luv G.. g..p..g..p..g..g..g Q.. -nlO-0..u..u.-1-onq..g..g..g.......-png..p..g..g..g..g..g.. ..g.....g..g..g-g..g..g. ..q..q.-pq..g..g..g..g..g..g..4..q..g..q.-Q.. Q K R O L L ' S 648 CLINTON AvE. NORTH THE AMERICAN SPECIALTY Co. R0fbe5ter'J Leading Supply Home i' FOOD SERVICE EQUIPMENT AND SUPPLIES 'A' 283 - 291 CENTRAL AVENUE SCHULZ BROS. COFFEE SHOPPE 355 DRIVING PARK AVENUE Cor. Dewey Ave. There Are Two SEARS ROEBUCK 81 CO. Sforex in Rorbefter 'k Monroe Ave. at S. Union-Stone 2500 476 Ridge Rd. XIUest--Glenwood 556 D. E. COVILL DIAMONDS - WATCHES HOTEL SENECA ARCADE Rochester, New York STAUB Sc SON Dry Clearrerr - Lalmdererr -- Furrierf Plant-951 Main St. E., Opp. tlIe Armory Branch Store-1760 East Ave. 'k One .flop by om' ronfezmzzz lakes rare of your Laundry and Dry Cleaning. THE ROCHESTER HOTEL ASSOCIATION 'k CADILLAC - HAYWARD - POWERS ROCHESTER - SAGAMORE SENECA - EASTMAN May lVe Serve Yon? HENRY D. HALLORAN AND SONS Ik M00ney'J Fzmerfzl Directory i' 541 PLYMOUTH AVENUE SOUTH Phone: Main 127 Rochester, N. Y. lj ..g..g..g..g.. . ....g,....g..g..g........g..g.....g..g.. .. .gn .mar-4..0..o-O..O.4..g..q..g..q-.g..g..g..... Q I I ll 1IIIlOMO"I'1l''OvO'1Uull'lIwQoll"l"O"O"l"O"O"O"l"l Carpets, Rugs, Linoleum Asphalt Tile, Rubber Tile 'A' HORTON 8: QUINN CO., Inc. 430 MAIN STREET EAST Stone 1206 Rochester, N. Y. COIIIPUIIIEIZU of FLOWER CITY PRESS Complimemfs of THE HART STORES F ILMAR FLORIST 601 PLYMOUTH AVENUE NORTH Rochester, New York MAIN 751 I'vO"l"lI'I"fflO'IlviuO''I"O"O"l00II'Owls-l-nU"O0O"l"C"l"I"l0lvO1 Complimelzfr of HENNERFS LIQUOR STORE 554 CHILI AVENUE MILLER BROTHERS FUNERAL DIRECTORS 474 LYELL AVENUE Compliments of HOLY ROSARY PARISH C om plimefm of WARD'S HARDWARE 567 JEFFERSON AVENUE -I--O--0-0-vo--0-0-0 CE 2 2 3 A IHOMO -0--O-O 0-cl-0-4 I-l-4-0-0-0-0-OMG-0-O-0+-I -Of-I--so-Q-Q-Q.. O00 ul-0-fl-4--l- -of-0-41 BSE 2 3 E 2 5 E Z 304-0690 PHONE STONE 3503 ROCHESTER COSTUME CO. 374 COURT STREET 'k Coftzzmef for All Occariam Made, Renled and Sold Wigs - Masks - Make-up Main 4894 PERDUE 8: COMPANY, INC. Engineefs - Corzlmctors Heating - Ventilating - Plumbing 65 BROAD STREET Terminal Bldg. Fergus Perdue C om pl inzezzlf 0 f FRANK M. QUINLAN ARCHITECT 406 WILDER BUILDING PAYNE 8: DUNHAM 'Ir Lehigh Valley COAL Semet Solvay COKE 'A' 34 BRONSON AVENUE GENESEE 586 Office Phone Residence Phone Main 137 Genesee 132 FRANK J. RIEDMAN GENERAL INSURANCE 1012 REYNOLDS ARCADE BLDG. Rochester, N. Y. C 0112 plimeuff of THE PERRY FLOWER SHOP 441 CHILI AVENUE GENESEE 117 O SENECA HOTEL ARCADE MAIN 8447 IIIISSEITS MARKET MAX RUSSER INC. 257 AMES ST. ROCHESTER. NX j mfky Fzzrriem' and Tailors To Gentlewomen and READY TO WEAR CLOTHES 59 EAST AVENUE 5? 2 E E E i ..g..gug.. Oulvlu .g-0+-aug.. -lvl-ooo 0-010-'Owl-I IO-'OHOH A-000'-Out lwfflffi -Ono- -0'-O-O -0-0-Q-vm no-4-:Qu -O BCE 5 E if E E E E E 2 2 2 blvlwl-lIwl0ll'0'4l"O1O"Cf'C"O' 0 U--In -- -0--0--0-OnU--I-+000--lv:-of-01-0-0--N-I--Q-inlv-Of-Oul--l--0-www-lun'lu-I-O-Ou0--Ov-on0--0-0-Owl-'O-+0-.0.-0v-0-0--Owiv-O-l-v0-vl-0'-0v-O-'tu FURNACES AND TINSMITHING PAINTS, OILS AND GLASS H. O. WAUGH HARDWARE 773 Lake Ave., Cor. Lexington GLENWOOD 4740 Rochester, N. Y. C. P. WARD INC. CONTRACTOR 700 I-IOLLENEECK ST. THE WHITE WIRE WORKS CO. 79-83 EXCHANGE STREET Day-Glen. 6851 Night-Glen. 6022-NX' if WITTMAN'S GARAGE 2496 RIDGE RD. W., GREECE, N. Y. 'lr GENERAL AUTO REPAIRING 24 HOUR Tow SERVICE -v-0-Q-0+-on --0-Q-out-. vo-4-of-Quo. lvl vo-ow!-'O--C-von If-D-Of-0001 5 6 5 5' I I WALDERT OPTICAL CG. Norbert E. Vay joseph R. Vay E Always Better Glaffex VAY FUNERAL HOME Never Higher Prifef 604 MAPLE STREET 5 GENESEE 5958 56 EAST AVENUE TOWN TALK BAKERY , INCORPORATED Comphmenn of E GLENWOOD 6772 T R A N T ' S CATHOLIC SUPPLY STORE 2 601 PULLMAN AVENUE 96 CLINTON AVE. NORTH 5 3 Z 2 31 .......,........,....................5........,... ....... ..,..g...........g.......................,..............g.....,...........,.....q... Q ...g. ...........,.,Q 2 'v-lvl-do-lu!--tw-in g..5..g.4.-g..q..g.....0..o.-Q-.g.-0--0 .mum no--O..0-'On Q g..g..g..g..... ..g..g..g..q..g... ....q.. Q -0-0--0-I--9-0--out-D ng-Q-p.4.4 ....4-.g..g..g..g.4..g..g.. g..g..m-on -Qui'-C -.Q.4..g-qnq.. -If-6-0-0-0--000--Ov-v --M41-O-0 Q "O"O"O g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g.... ..g.-q..g.q..g..g-. ..g..g.. C om plizlzenlf of DWYER ELECTRIC COMPANY, Inc. Compliment! of D1 PAOLO BAKING COMPANY 598 NORTH PLYMOUTH AVENUE Rochester, New York For the Smart Girl Graduate Those smart young graduates, and Debs who would thrill at the sight of the beautiful, and lovely gradu- ating fashions-which will be fea- tured at the ANN CULHANE DRESS SHOP 571 LAKE AVENUE Phone Glen. 5700 Nazarelh Uniform! Open - Mon., Wed., Fri. evenings until 9 Cozzgralulationf to lbe CLASS OF 1944 4' ar if EDWARD R. CLARK Fmzeral H owe ...,................. 1 3 3 9-4.-gn'-.q..g..g.-Q.. . - -9-.g..g..g..g-.g..g..9.. C 0711 plimezzlf of DAVIS DRUG CO. 1481 LAKE AVENUE GEORGE DIETRICH CO., INC. INSURANCE IV e do more llaan imure-we adzlire you STONE vs Rochester, N. Y. George Dietrich, Pres. J. E. Hasselwander, Treas. CROSBY FRISIAN FUR CO. 752 LAKE AVENUE Glenwood 206 'k Clolb and For Coat: Stored NEIL P. COLLINS HUMIDOR FRESH CIGARS AND TOBACCOS SANDWICH BAR -4336 EAST MAIN STREET Rochester, N. Y. Phone, Main 7817 Q.-g..g..g..... - 1--0-qu v-O -I-4-Cf. 'QWOHOHOHCMO' -Ovlviv-Owlvl"O"l"O' --0-Qw0f4--0v-O-0- I-C-cv-iw! -0--0w0--0w0-O-fl-lwlw0wOv4-O-sl-lw0-4ul-In0--owl--4-0- Complimeutx of NUNN BRASS WORKS 15 CAIRN STREET Rochester, N. Y. Albert E. Wischmeyer, Pres. O D E N B A C H ' S THE PEACOCK ROOM CLINTON AT MAIN -k Fine Food and Erzfewfaifzmerzl at'Reafo12f1ble Pricef MAIN 2332 CHAS. P. MEAD 8: SONS, IN PAPER, TWINE AND PAPER SPECIALTIES 568-574 ST. PAUL STREET Rochester, N. Y. C om plimefm of the MANHATTAN RESTAURANT 25 EAST AVENUE Q.4..g..g..g.q..g C on gmtzzlatiom to CLASS OF 1944 JOHN W. MATTLE 303 BROWNCROFT BLVD. 300 CUMBERLAND ST. Gasoline and Oil. C om plimentf of THE WILLIAM C. MENGES FUNERAL PARLOR 309 PORTLAND AVENUE "For Good Tloingx To Eat" 'k i' 'A' GEORGE L. PALMOS DRIVING PARK AVENUE AT BROEZEL 335 2 3 5 2 2 5 3 5 E 2 E 3 z 5 "'0l'lf0'U"Q44O""' Q wlvlvl' -Q--Q-Q--Ov-I-Jvt--U--Q-vif-Q-flv-C-I--0-Q -0-sul-Q-O-l--Of-0-4 --Q--:uso-0-an .-0-out-W --Owl-I-Owl--Ono-an --000-4--O--O1-0-.1-of-0'-Of-Quo-v --ova-0-0--own.. E 3 I z I z 2 s Q 2 I 3 5 5 3 Z 3 I 5 3 Q.""'.0l".""'.0"'.0l"l '--0--no-.snr 0.-I--Of-0'-0--0-of Q .......g........,..g.....,..,..g..............,........,........,.....,..g..... its ? l 2 KRIETER'S S11b11rlm12 R0rl2eJler'r Mort Complete DRUG STORE 659 TITUS AVE. AT COOPER ROAD Charlotte 2345 E. 3 L. HEUGHES and CO., INC Ezzgilzeerr, Derignerr - Mmzufactzlrerr STRUCTURAL STEEL OFFICES WORKS LYELL AVENUE Rochester, New York E i C om plimezztr of HENCHEN'S BOWLING HALL 2 I I 2 2 3 ? s Q 114711611 Your Eye Plnyririan Examiner Your Eyer Have Mr. Hickey Make Your Glasses WM. HICKEY MEDICAL ARTS BUILDING 277 Alexander Street Main 428 -- Main 429 HUBER ELECTRICAL SUPPLY CO. FOR THINGS ELECTRICAL 68 SOUTH AVENUE Rochester, N. Y. GEORGE B. HAWKEN 0 Painter and Decorator 0 186 CHAMPLAIN STREET Phone: Genesee 4765 THE HALOID COMPANY Rochester, N. Y. Makerr of Haloid Photographic Papers Rectigraph Photo-Copying Machines Haloid and Rectigraph Photo Copy Papers HEDGES AND HOFFMAN FUNERAL DIRECTORS 141 SCIO STREET Phone Main 620 Rochester, New York john M. Hedges Qgnl....su0.-0-.Q-an-.g.q..g..g..g..g........g.. .'..q.-g..g..g.-g,.g.-9.5.4. .. .g..g..g..g..g-.Q-anso-up-4--Q-.psy-Q..pq-q..Qnony....p.5-.Q-.3-.g..5.....p,g..g...-so-0-. Q .g.. ..q..g..g--pauaug.-Q.-g..g..g..g..g.-p-Q--g..g..g..g..q..q..g..g. .4 -o+.q..a..9-.9 o-ons--o-o-0--Q--Q-on0--a--o-ona--Q-Q--c--o--o-ona--n-0--c--l--Q--0-Q--o-0 Camplimezzls of A Friend JAMES T. MURRAY PHARMACY KODAK SUPPLIES 492 LYELL AVENUE WILLIAMSON HEATER CO. Triple-Life FURNACES - BLOWERS AIR CONDITIONERS il' JAMISON-SCHINDLER CORP. 1460 N. CLINTON AVE. C om plimefzlx of J. A. TRZECIAK Bef! Wiflaef GORDON A. HGWE SUPERVISOR Town of Greece Complimenzf of CHARLOTTE BOWLING HALL 36 STUTSON STREET Complimefztf of DANIEL F. FITZGERALD THE PAINE DRUG CO. 24 and 26 EAST MAIN ST. Established 1820 Q .,,....-0-Q--o--o-o-ona--o-onu--n--o-of-a-fo--o-c--o--4-s--s--0--onl--Q--0--9--A--Q-0--0--n-on 'Q 0--I-fl'-OvI'flv-0-O--I--Oni--lvft--Qu0--0-0-0--O--I--0-0--0--Q --s--ma--m-n--o-v-s--ensue--n-4-0--0--O-4-0-'own-0-u FRANCIS E. BURNS NIEW YORK LIFE INSURANCE Co. LIFE INSURANCE AND ANNUITIES 42 EAST AVENUE Bus. Main 1416 Res. Glen. 5899-W COHZPZHIZEIIII of BOND BAKERS 592 NORTH STREET THE ANTHONY -KLEE CORPORATION COMMERCIAL PRINTING AND ADVERTISING MAIN 7195 165 ST. PAUL STREET Rochester, New York The Real Hot Sland ACKERMAN AND KLEIN LYELL AND HOWARD RoADs Q--vfa-vg..g..g..q..Q..g..g..g..g-Q-m.-0-Q--g.....g..g STONE 317 - 518 - 519 FLOWERS 565 EAST AVENUE at Alexander Street Complimentx of THE CURTIN AGENCY GENERAL INSURANCE GRANITE BUILDING Stone 3519 GEORGE M. CLANCY CARTING CO. 8 CIRCLE STREET Monroe 8018 COIIIIDHIIIEIZIJ of ACKERMANS HOTEL COR. LYELL AND HOWARD ROAD Cf I 5 5 5 2 E 5 Q an 0-9- -41.45.-0-0-Q--1-gf-Quan .-0-0 -0-Q-Ov-Of-0-0 -Q-9-q-Q-a any -Q-4-Q ning 0-Q-Q-on -0-Q.. -I-Owl-G--0-+0-0-vo'-0-Owlwlwtwsu iff I 5 I 5 z 5 E Z I Qu. .-Q.-q Quin! -0--v-lv-Cul-la ..q..g..g..g...,.g -0-Ono-ov-ow-Q -.O-Ong -Q.-Q.-if-Q-QQ-0 DNOUONI ONONOKOOQGOOUIHOM uv-if-O.. -0-lv-0 0--I--01 -o-Q-Q-on 0--0'-I-4-4.-0-out -0-4-lo-0-on .0 lf-of,g..g..g..q..g.....g..g-g.. --Q-4-1-.g..q..g..g..q..g..g..g..q.-Q. JOSEPH A. RONCONE FUNERAL DIRECTOR 850 N. PLYMOUTH AVE. Compliments of DE MALLIE'S 440 PARSELLS AVE. TILO ROOFING CO., INC. 25 SOUTH UNION STREET C om plimenlx of W. J. SHOEMAKER 5 PULLMAN AVE. MARKET and GROCERY .Q-fl--I-Ov Complimerm of DEWEY SUPER MARKET STAUD SHOE CORPORATION Sboef from Cradle lo College 155 ST. PAUL STREET Rochester, N. Y. C om plimenly 0 f BILLY SENZ LYELL AVE. AT GLIDE ST. WEST END FOOD MARKET 290 - 292 W. MAIN ST. QUALITY MEATS, GROCERIES, FRUITS and VEGETABLES MAIN 1872 - 1873 Complete Line of Bezferagef .g..q..p..m.l--i-9--0.-O-0-4--l--lv0-0-O-9v-0Mt'vl-0- CF I I 3 3 I 2 I I E 'O-1506 .oancni-U v0f-c-4--0-OwO- -O-ob--Oo-01 -fa-vw-c-o 0-fl-fl--O-vb-4--0-0-0 ,awp- OMl"lMl"l"l-'CHC o-M paul ug.-gng.. Q,..g.......-Q.-o-4-.Q-Q-m-s--o-0-onn-4--0--0--Q-ons--s-o-o--n--n-v-0--c-o-o-on -Q U"."l'll 1 3 8 .mar-Owl-Q-pwpnqni--lnlnywm BCE 5 3 2 2 2 -35 9.4-4-4,4-0-4 9106040 ..g.....g.. -fo-su one-0.-O-a-O-c-c-O--O-O -If-Q-0 no -0-4-4 0-Oulvw-0 ui..9.4-foe-If-0-one-0-1snows-0--l-qui-Out--0-vb--0--Owl--I-C-I-1 .4-4-4 l--Q-Q Q-9-Offs-4-0-Q-Qu l--0--0-0-ww ..p..g..g..g..q-.5-4-. ..g..g..g........u--O-0..O-we-a..u..g..,........q..q SOUND EQUIPMENT CO., INC. 928 GENESEE STREET 'k "Sll7efialiTtT in 50111141-Amplifyizrg Appurat11J." Phone Genesee 3073 Satisfaction and Service Since 1895 PHONE MONROE 6856 YELLOW VAN AND STORAGE CO., INC. 200 HALIILTON STREET COAST TO COAST MOVING STORAGE - CRATINO - SHIPPING Chas. Mongenet, Pres. Rochester, N. Y. Complimexm' of R. H. CLASS OF '42 THE ESTELLE DRESSES 1455 LAKE AVE. GLEN. 6593 See our gmdimlion MCCROSSER BAKERY 1436 DEWEY AVENUE GLENWOOD 1654 PIES - CAKES - PASTRY - BREAD - ROLLS Couzplimenm of LUCY NOWACK ROSALAN BEAUTY SHOPPE 1030 HUDSON AVENUE Stone 5810 SOUTH AVENUE CANDY KITCHEN 686 SOUTH AVENUE SHAFER CO. F U R S' 51 EAST AVENUE REMEMBER 206 Phone-Main 1586 Open 9 A.M. to 9 P.M. MATTERN'S HAT SHOP 877 CLINTON AVE. N. ROCHESTER, N. Y. Complimenir of FRANK S. GOTTRY AND SON General Carling and Storage STONE 1412 15 CHARLOTTE Complimenu of EDWARD STOKES 101 SANFORD STREET -0-0-vt 0-9-Q. --of-0-0-0-0-4 -Q--can-0--C-0wO-9-w llffivbvlfifflv' u9-g-o--0-O-o--0- -'Of-Q'-0-I -000-O00 5.5.4 -0-4--0--0-4'-U--Owl-lu .5-0 Q --0.4-Q.-g..g..g..g..q..quQ..3.4..gngup-.3-.gug-.g..g..g-vp-9-.Q--0..g..g.. ..Q-Q-.g..g..g..g.Qg-ng-Q.-gf.g..p.g-.3-4.-g..g.q..g-.g.. 3-qua..5.-l-.g..g..g-.5-9-Q.-Q 0--0-one--O p..g-.gnu-0-.gag Whig p.g..g..q..g..g.g -0-'lvl--0-I-0-40 -Owi- -4.4. 000010 DO"l0O"l1-lvl-0 --Q-Q-4 -q Q ..Q-0--0-Q-. mul.. WOWO1'OHINIWIlilMl-'OIIUUOO'-O-O4'l"l0O"l'-CWI'lvl"O"O"O"O"O"O"lvl"O"l"O"O0O"l"lHOMl'vlI'O0l"lvl'-O"IHOOD'-OwlhillvfU"I"O0l0'lNO'1l'0l"O"O"C0OI'Q"I' Profenional Service 6 or 8 Exposure Rolls Compliment: of DEVELOPED AND PRINTED 25 MONSIGNOR BURNS DELXQSANCQFEDIO 840 DEWEY AVENUE FRED I. PARRISH GEORGE F. STEGER for PLUMBING AND HEATING CHOICE MEATS 456 MAPLE STREET 121 GREELEY ST. CU1-VER 1305 Phone: Glen. 491 Rochester, N. Y. Complimenif of D E Q K E R ' S DONUT CENTER DRY GOODS STORE 1460 LAKE AVE. GLENWOOD 7151 4415 LAKE AVENUE CHARLOTTE LOOK SMART WILLIAM C. SCHWAB VISIT MICKEY'S BARBER SHOP 282 Scro STREET J A R D I N E ' s GRAINS OF HEALTH For Chronic Constipation To Regulate Liver and Bowler JARDINE PHARMACY 392 STATE STREET HIGH-CLASS PRINTING 289 Campbell St. Genesee 2159-I CHARLES G. SPIEGEL ARCH SUPPORTS 210 ST. PAUL ST. GLEN. 4731 Complimentx of SECURITY REALTY CO. 109 WIOODWARD STREET Over 50 Yearx of Ser1fife- HOTEL AND TRAVEL IIESERATIONS TICKETS N. Y. THEATERS, SPORT EVENTS KALBFLEISCH TRAVEL AGENCY LINCOLN-ALLIANCE BANK BUILDING Newell Grinnell, Pres. STONE 878 FRANK CROCETTI GENERAL GROCERY STORE 4679 LAKE AVENUE EHMANN'S MARKET 1018 CLINTON AVE. S. ARROW FOOD MARKET MEATS . GROCERIES FRUITS - VEGETABLES DR. SCHOLL FOOT COMFORT SHOP SHOES and ARCHES 537 Dewey Ave. 326 North St. . Glenwood 177 Stone 5530 I 44 CLINTON AVE. N. STONE 4542 000000lvlNO'Ol'O"O0O'4l"l0l"l"OvO0liwlv-ONOIEDul-'lvl'-O-C'-O-'l'vI"l"l"!Ni"O44O0Ov'O-'DilUNOHOWOHOIIIOHOMI0lhONO"lNO"l'll"OvQ"."O"O"i"l"l"0" 140 E -n-u--ff -01-0-D I I I I i 5 1 9 2 I 0--0-O-Q 'Q z i I z i 6 O' ..g.. -on 4-4- O-0-0-Own lvlviv bow 0-0--0v-0- If-0-0-o-0 ug-an up-Q gf-Q-4 -0--of-9-an ug... -0-I-u -0-0-of-I-0 -on 9.4 'OWOMOHIMOWO uno-o..o-Q-4-4.-9-Q-cannons 0 I ! E 3 Congraiulafiom and Bef! ll"i.rbe.r -TO.. BERNICE VAY Telephone Glenwood 109 MARSHALIJS COAL 81 COKE CO. 8 CANARY STREET Rochester, N. Y. Complimerzu of DAIRY MAID MILK CO. Anthony Spiotti, Prop. 125 MCNAUGHTON STREET Glenwood 3537 J. C. MIRGUET, INC. 104 - 108 PLATT STREET Main 2425 and 2426 REFRIGERATED FUR STORAGE ll7bo1e.raIe and Remil Furs EMPIRE CLEANING and DYEING WORKS Frank Cohen, Proprietor 622 HOLLENBECK ST. GLEN. 1102 Phone-Genesee 3202 M I R K I N TAILOR - CLEANERS High Grade Suits Made To Order QUALITY CLEANERS and PERSONAL SERVICE 235 Genesee St. Rochester, N. Y. DIRSO'S RESTAURANT CHOICE BEER, WINES AND LIQUORS Mealr and Sarzdufiflaef al all bourr 703 HUDSON AVE. ROCHESTER, N. Y. ,V Eli' 1 :T PRINTING C0.l H awe Olrbzzibzy gym' I -A ff 5206 L!'if5Ii7 I Z7 WILSON ROCHESTER FLORAL Co., INC. 39-41 FRANKLIN STREET Phone: Stone 3453 S35 Hudson Ave. Phone: Stone 1599 DE VISSER BROS. HARDWARE COR. FLOWER CITY PARK AND DEWEY AVE. GLENWOOD 361 WHELPLEY 8: PAUL Prercripriorz Opticianf 6 SENECA HOTEL ARCADE where good glarxef cox! no more EMERSON FUEL CO. GLENWOOD 800 - 801 YARD AT 549 LYELL AVE. WILLIAM YALOWICH DRUG CO. 658 - 659 HUDSON AVENUE Main 9084 Main 8398 Trusses, Abdominal Supports and Elastic Hosiery at low ,bricex THE FUR STUDIO 505 LYELL AVENUE Glenwood 5018 NEWMAN FLORIST FLOIIVERS FOR EVERY OCCASION Gen. 4698 450 Brooks Ave. fC0r. P050 W. A. FELDMAN REAL ESTATE 261 FLOWER CITY PARK Glenwood 3444 P-mul-www.-'Q-y0--pq-.Q..9.-avr-owl-.0-o..l--Q-s..g.fa-0--Q-.g..Q gag Qu...9.4-9-Q.-5now...g--g..g..g.-g..g-guy.-Q.-g..g..g..q. gn.--9-guy.-Q--g-9--3.-gag.. z I I 5 2 5 5 I 2 Q I 3 I 3 .0.'0"'QWY'O"." 3 10-0- .g..g..g..g..q-.g..g..g.. ..q..g.-gf. 0-0-IO 4-suv-U--0-0--I-0-0-. vows- P40 w..g..g.. Q-0--0-0-int'-0-0 iff -..- 33? A I e Q 5 Q 2 A I f 9 5 5 5 5 5 ..g.....g..g..g - on ng . ni GEORGE F. MCGRATH,.....g..1........g..q.....g..............,.....9.....,..g...........4..............,....................,.....g..4.....g..g.-g ! I 5 GENERAL INSURANCE GENESEE BOOTERX E 1012 REYNOLDS ARCADE BLDG. 178 GENESEE STREET 4 I E Compliments of HUGH MCGRATH 3 CHARLES GUZZETTA 840 EAST MAIN STREET 2 LUNCHES, CANDIES, SODAS I 2 i LAKE AVENUE HARDWARE Q AND PAINT COMPANY 2 GLASS - HOUSEHOLD GOODS - GUTTERS ASHTON FUNERAL HOME, INC' ELEcTRIcAiIgxPIg1DqcI:LgiArlIlIg-ISILG SUPPLIES 656 WEST MAIN STREET i 1479 LAKE AVE. GLENWOOD 2420 3 Q FROM E GUARRERA S RESTAURANT LAEMLEINHS M ARKET 2 822 CLIFFORD AVENUE S83 PORTLAND AVENUE 3 Phones, Stone 6721 - 6722 5 LIBERTY SWEET SI-IOPPE J, E, HAMMOND 34 SONS 5 HOME MADE CANDIES HARDWARE AND PAINTS g ICE CREAM soDAs, cIGARs AND TOBACCO 9 Dm P A 1350 CULVER ROAD CULVER 68 Q VING ARK VENUE 9 3 L I B E R T Y 2 TAILORS AND DRY CLEANERS , KIRCHER LADIES' AND MEN'S GARMENTS 9 Cleaned, Pressed, Dyed, E MARKET AND GROCERY Repaired and Remodeleg I Glenwood T024 - We Call an Deiver T 701 HUDSON AVE' STONE 3574 281 ISRIVING PARK AVENUE 2 IN LIBERTY THEATRE BLDG. Z K L E E ' S KANAPICKAS BAKERY I 2 DELICIOUS ICE CREAM FINE BAKED GOODS 2 Twfmy F141'0f1f 520 HUDSON AVENUE 3 635 TITUS AVENUE STONE 4317 Q E SAM LA RUSSA C0lI1pliI7l6l1l.f of 9 E HIGH GRADE SHOE REBUILDER JACOBSONS MARKET 2 E 348V2 DRIVING PARK AT DEWEY 53 FRONT STREET Q Q BIN''HCMO-ID-'U''OHIHO"IUCNln.vfC'-Oswirlnil:lui'fluO001-O'-C-'CROWD'lv!'Pl'0C"l'IQWONONIUCIO"UNINCNO-'IUIDWDMII'ORCH!"'C'DOWOHU'llMIMOIIl'fl'-l"l"l"O"l"l"O" IH -D 14l nv Compliments of HOLY REDEEMER YOUTH ASSOCIATION Complimenrf of PAUL MISHIA BERNARD J. HENSLER DIAMONDS, WATCHES, JEWELRY 301-303 COMMERCE BUILDING Main St. cor. South Ave. Stone 496 Complimemx of JOHN C. MORCAN FUNERAL DIRECTOR COR. HUDSON AVE. AND ALPI-IONSE ST. GOODSTONE MANUFACTURING CO., INC. 470 HOLLENEECK STREET Rochester 5, N. Y. Glenwood 4166 Compliment: of SUPERVISOR AUGUST MUEHLEISEN FISKE St HANDY FUNERAL HOME 105 LAKE AVENUE Rochester, N. Y. Complimenlr of C. J. O'NEIL JEWELER 587 JEFFERSON AVENUE Q --Q--0-0--D--o--0 -0--0--0--Q-an0--o--cum-Q--0-O--D--0-1.-n..n-o--Q.-Q--0-9-.Q.-nun..9.....g.....g.....g..g..g..g... ...MQ..g..q.....g..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,........,..,. Complimentx of J. F. MUXWORTHY'S HARDWARE 563 TITUS AVENUE C om plimezzlf 0 f A Friend SEE MARAY'S -FOR- SMART INEXPENSIVE FROCKS 1507 LAKE AVE. GLENXVOOD 5884 WILLIAM S. GULVIN Certified Wkzlrla Maker' 246 MERCANTILE BUILDING Rochester, New York DIAMONDS AND WATCHES STONE 3910 UPHOLSTERER H. J. MCGUIRE 639 LAKE AVENUE GLENWOOD 14 FRANK GIOSEFFI HIGH GRADE SHOE RE-BUILDER Arch-Aid Wforla Expertly Done 510 LYELL AVENUE Rochester, N. Y. NEW YORK FUR SHOP Cuxtom Furriefzf E.x'rl11,ri1fely 704 CLINTON AVE. N. 'FROMM BROS. QUALITY SAUSAGE and MEAT PRODUCTS "Fo1k.r Favor Frommir Flavor" V 200 CAMPBELL STREET Q g..g..c.-0-0-p0s..Q-g..g--0-mIgnp..g..g..g..g..g..g.....g.-y-.Q-Q-.a.-gag.-g..g..Q..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g.....q..g..g..q..g..g..g..g..q..g..g..g.-g..g..g. .Q-.g..g..q..p..g..g-Q.. 5:5-fl-our-o-we--O-onO--0-O-m-O--O-vwof-O--0-onO--owo-af-o-0--u-1--0-o--O--O'-ons--O'-0-O--O--O-ona--O-O--onwe-onO--O-onn--l-0-w-0--nm-u--O-O--0--O-O-Q--O--O--O-O--0-O-nazi ? 5 I A 5 Glenwood 5533 Open 10 AM. to 9 PM. MARTIN WUEST Q ADA COOPER DAIRY PRODUCTS l MILLINERY Smart Sample Half 222 LINCOLN AVENUE 834 DEIXVEY AVENUE Genesee 4932 2 Near Drivmg Park Ave. E S D 1 Z A A GLENWOOD 2439 Z ? C0l71pIlll16'71l.f of 2 E VAN DE VISSE .sg KILDEA DRESSES, INC. DRESSES - COATS - SUITS - I-IOSIERY , E LUMBER CO' SPORTSWEAR 1503 LYELL AVENUE 466 RIDGE ROAD WEST 2 Corner Dewey Avenue i . I 1 CAMELIO BROS, Complzmentr of 3 g MARKET and GROCERY STEVE 01-IARA T Om, COR' AUSTIN BRIGHTON GARDENS ' We Deliver Glen- 5283 EAST AVENUE AT WINTON ROAD 3 ARR PHARMACY . WILLIAMS COAL AND OIL CO., INC. C . . . . f Prexcrzptzon Speczalzrlr 3 QUALITY blfLLEEN COKE 957 GENESEE ST. COR. BROOKS AVE. Q For Prompt Delivery Call 'i 1534 DEWEY AVE- GLEN- 162 Genesee 2445 Or Genesee 7617 3 CASPER COAL CO. HOME MADE ICE CREAM A D - LIGHT LUNCHES I COAL - COKE - FUEL OIL C N Y . SUGAR BOWL 383 COLVIN STREET GENESEE 733 1514 DEWFY AVENUE AL - Complimenlr of CO COKE 3 SARATOGA MARBLE at TILE CO. DOMESTIC FUEL SERVICE 2 196 LYELL AVE. GLEN. 768 ' Culver 571 Delivery Service A M. M ' h G. M ' CASARETTI GROCERY ugust mer JO " mf GROCERIES . MEATS - PROVISIONS AUGUST M- MAIER FUNERAL HOME I FRUITS AND VEGETABLES FUNERAL DIRECTORS FRESH FISH FRIDAYS , . 1119 JOSEPH AVE. STONE 6737 , 691 Bay Street Quahty - Price CLARK'S READY-TO-WEAR , I Complimenzr of a friend MEN - WOMIQZIR- CHILDREN GENESEE AT BRONSON ' E Genesee 5362 i . 4 5 322 .q..q..g........y.-O-s--U--O-O-O--U-fo-onO--0-O--O--0--O-O--0--O-0--O--if-O-on0-fl-Ou0--O--0-0-fo--0-onO--0-oul--l-4--inO--O-in0--O--I--O--O--of-O--O--0--0 l--0--I--O-0--0--O-rf Q..Q,.QnQn-O-OuI-vQuQnQ--lui'fl'1Owl'-lvllfivi'-O'-l"O"O"Dui"O"l"O"l-D01"C"O"l"UNCH."IMOHOIII''INCHO"l"U"O"l"II'l"O"O"O"O"l''I'-ONCIQOWOWOHOfvll-GMO'-O'-OHOKO' GEO. PROUD SERVICE STATION COR. DEWEY AND DRIVING PARK Tel. Glen. 424 Rochester, N. Y. I PAHXIA 3 TAILOR AND CLEANER 484 BROOKS AVENUE I Rozzi TAILOR AND CLEANER 554-558 THURSTON ROAD Genesee 2565 RED AND WHITE 1582 - 86 EAST MAIN STREET A. J. Effinger, Prop. MEATS - GROCERIES - FRUITS VEGETABLES We Deliver Culver 125 - 126 ROYAL CANDY SHOPPE 131 CLINTON AVE. So. CONFECTIONERY - SODAS LIGHT LUNCHES Oppoxite Laewlr Tlaeatre , 1' Complzmemx of GORDON H. CLARK RED AND WHITE STORE 1241 PARK AVENUE f C om plimeulf of SANTILLO'S RESTAURANT 405 PLYMOUTH AVE., NORTH Compliment: of MR. and MRS. STADLER I' 32Q...,..,..,..,.,,..,.....,..,...........,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,.....,...........J.....,.....,.. COIIIPHIIZEYIIJ of P O H ' S HOMEMADE ICE CREAM and CANDY S68 JOSE PH AVENUE Complimer1t.r of POTTER'S RED AND WHITE 332 ARNETT BOULEVARD Genesee 136 RING FUEL CO., INC. COAL - COKE - FUEL OIL Glenwood 1748 Complinzemf from G. H. RENZI STUDIO PI-IOTOGRAPHER Open Smzdayx 541 STATE STREET Phone Main 2875 Rochester, N. Y. ROLLER PALACE 155 CHESTNUT STREET OPEN EVERY EVENING Special Rates to Parties Main 8805 Complimentr of RIDGEWAY PHARMACY 1470 DEWEY AVENUE We Deliver Glen. 3046 Complimentf of MORRIS ROSENBLOOM 8: CO. 29 ST. PAUL STREET SOUTHWEST SHOE REBUILDER ASK "CHARLIE" 505 THURSTON ROAD GEN. 5900 W' e Call and Deliver az? one-Q--0-0 9-Q-O-0-1 nib' mpg.. 'O'- np. -of 0-O--0-1-0-0-000-M0'-0--O00-'O--O-O'-M'U-O-'Mm-'Q-vlwU-'O--v-inl--I-'U--C-'O-O--0--0-Q-I--Ing Qu..,..,,,,..,..,.,,..,.,..,...,.,...g..g..g..........................,.....0.......-Q..g.....g.....g..g.........,.,..,....4...................g..Q-.n..s........n.w-0-m-0--o-0-l-0-ofm-w l--0-0'-itz SULLIVAN COAL 8: COKE CO. 402W LEXINGTON AVENUE SILLER'S DRUG STORE L. Siller, Ph. G. 2 GENESEE 7743 615 THURSTON ROAD ROCHESTER, N. Y. Compliments of CULVER GRILL 794 - 6 CULVER ROAD Otto Murrer, Prop. Culver 5990 Camplimefm of SCI'IMIDT'S MARKET 747 JOSEPH AVENUE --Q-4.-Q-4-.9-Q-Q-Q Complimenlx of COOPER'S BEAUTY SALON 617 TITUS AVENUE "A1wayJ Reliablcf' THURSTON FLORIST 538 THURSTON ROAD Genesee 214 Flowenr For All Ocmrions Elowerr By Wi:-e VICTORY SWEET SHOPPE J. BQ SERVAS JEWELERS 213 BURKE BLDG.-5 ST. PAUL ST. VUIIICITES for Graduation Main 5633 Rochester, N. Y. JOSEPH BATALL FRESH MEATS - GROCERIES FRUITS - VEGETABLES 819 PORTLAND AVE. STONE 1714 Complimentr af SANTAN ATHLETIC CLUB of I SAINT STANISLAUS PARISH CANDY LAND 100 N. CLINTON AVE. HOME COOKED FOOD SODA FOUNTAIN Complimentf of FRANK F. SCHREIBER SHEARER PRINTING CO. 94 STATE STREET Rochester, N. Y. DUPONT PAINTS HUNT'S HARDWARE 390 THURSTON ROAD GENESEE 3687 ROBERT SCHLAFFER 9 .. 1 I 5 2 f 2 2 1 I 1 I 2 2 2 3 I 625 HUDSON AVENUE OUR OU" N ICE CREAM - SODAS - SUNDAES FROZEN CUSTARD - FRAPPES Phone Main 7768 Com plimentr of WAGG'S DEPARTMENT STORE 1535 LAKE AVENUE MEATS AND POULTRY W'lJoleJale and Relail ' 983 BAY STREET Phone Culver 2750 - 2751 Rochester, N. Y. C 0711 pliment: of CARMIE'S DELICATESSEN 2050 DEWEY AVENUE COLD BEER AND ALE 0--0-4-0--lun--QuO--0--Ov-0'-lv-I-M-lv-l-Owlv'!-0-O--0-f0-l--l-w-Onn- Complimerztx of PHILIP A. INCAVO CI-IET'S DONUT SHOP Plain and Fancy Donuts Home Made Pies Lunches and Dinners 334 Monroe Ave. 862 Dewey Ave. Char. 2754 Glen. 5504 THOMAS COSTICH 2000 CULVER ROAD Culver 2550-W TOPSOIL FILL DIRT Hardware - Devoe Paint - Glass Plumbing and Electrical Supplies BEN MILLER 551- 53 - 55 STATE STREET Phone: Main 6818 METZGER BROTHERS PICTURE FRAMING - GREETING CARDS RELIGIOUS ARTICLES Di.rlrib1nor.v of Palmf for Palm Sunday 836 CLINTON AVE., NORTII Rochester 5, N. Y. Phone Culver 5035 ' EDW. BROCKMANN'S SONS CUT FLOWERS, PLANTS, FLORAL DESIGNS 1945 RIDGE ROAD EAST Rochester, N. Y. C om plinzerztr of JOE DE MARIA FRUITS AND VEGETABLES 1054 CLINTON AVENUE SOUTH BEN'S CUT RATE DRUGS 944 CLINTON AVENUE N. Rochester, New York g..g..q-.g..q..g..g Flowers lor All Ormriony CLARK F LORIST 820 JEFFERSON AVENUE Genesee 1352 WINTERROTH'S SHOES GLENWOOD 1600 DRIVING PARK AT DEWEY C om plimerzlr of CRAMER DRUG CO. 25 CLINTON AVE. N. Complivzenlf of HENRY MELIN 542 HUDSON AVE. STONE 1410 E. J. BARNER Dealer in HARDWARE, PAINTS, VARNISI-IES, ENAMELS, GLASS, METAL CEILING, ROOFING AND FURNACES 485 DEWEY AVE. GLENWOOD 4515 SPIC-N-SPAN DRY CLEANERS 927 N. CLINTON-CORNER RADIO Quality Dry Cleaning at Reasonable Prices Fur Storage - Xpert Dyeing Garments brought in on Or before Wednesday will be ready Saturday Of same Week. Compliment: of G. BAREIS AND SON EVERYTHING IN FOOTWEAR 826 JOsEPH AVENUE NUSBAUM'S TRIMMING AND SUPPLIES BUTTONS - ZIPPERS - LININGS for Home Seufmg Promotion 150 N. CLINTON COR. ANDREWS ST. STONE 4281 'lui-Qui-Owl'-l--Ono'-0--QuOwh-I'-Owlwt--Onlu0--l-onlU-I-vi-m-A--0-Qu0--l'-i-l--lfvO-lvl-lvl--l--l-0wl--I--I-9w0--0--O'-r-l--0-0--I--l-0--I--lv-O-D--I-fl-0-av -0-Q ..g-Q--g..g..g..g..q..g..g..g.4.-5.4..g..q..g..g..g..g..g..p.p..g..g-Q-.g..g..g L lr 1' tr V Q il t J I PL 2 Page Page Page A C . . N H Ackerman's Hotel .... ., 137 Culver Herald Engraving Halloran and Sons, Henry D. . 129 Ackerman and Klein .,....... 137 Company, Incorporated .. .. 102 Haloid Company, The .1 ...... 135 Albert, .,.. . ..........,...,,. . 137 Curtin Agency. The ,,.... 137 Hammond Sr Sons, J. E. .. 142 American Specialty Co., The 5. 129 Cutali's ........, 121 Hanna's Food Market .. 126 Andy's Garage ............. 1 . 124 f Hart' Stores, The .... f. . . . , 130 Anthony-Klee Corporation, The 137 D Haubner Ku Stalknecht, ., ,. 124 Arrow Food Market , ......... 140 Dairy Maid Milk Co- H U 141 Hawken, George B. ..... .. 135 Ashton Funeral HOVHE, lnc- V- Davis Drug Co. ,.--- 133 Hedges and Hoffman ,. .. 135 Attinnsi Q Sons, R. .......... Decker-S H V A I A 4 V l I Q I l 140 Heintz, George A. ...,. .. 105 lay DQ1avan Studio , ..... 140 Hennerls Llllfwr Store " 130 . , y De Mamgs -4.. .A,A 1 33 Hensler, Bernard J. .....,.... 143 Bareis and Son. of ,.,. ... De Mm,idQx6JDe V ' 1 n ' '..' ' h in Hetzler, Herman G. .. . . . . . . . . 99 Barner, E. J. . .... l.. Dennis St res Inc. Frank HN 113 Heughes and Co., Inc., F, L. . 135 B551-lan Dress Shop '- 122 De Visser Bros. . ....,4..,,... 141 HlCkeY- Wm- J- -4-"4-'4-- M 135 Bntall, -lDS9Dl'l ------- - - - 14? Dewey Super Market 4 '--. A A I . 133 Henchen's Bowling 11-Iall . , , . . 135 Bauman 5 Baynes 12" Dietrich Co.. Inc., George ..., 133 Hoefen- Rewrelld 1'l'al'lk J-. -- 114 Belle-lsle Pharmfwyr -------"- 125 Di,-50's Restaurant ....A 1 ..... 141 .I-101351 Redeemer Athletic Ass'n 126 BE!1'S Clit Rate DI'-l1gS ....... 147 Di Paolo Baking, Company 133 Hgly Rosary Parish ,AA,....,4 130 Biological Supply Company 111 Di sawn Dry Cleaners .-.-.'. 117 Holy ReedemerLYouth Ass'n., 143 Blnokwsod. John M. ....... 'L .. 116 Doem-linger, Chas. .v--. A A. 121 Hock Sz Son Co.2 Inc., Louis C. 127 Blanchard, Florist .I ........... 125 Damestic Fuel Service U 144 Home,-00m 205 ,,.,.,4,,.,4,,, 101 Blue Boy Dairy ...,.......... 116 ,,Dmmvan. Mortimer Z I l I N . 117 Homeroom 206 ......., . 139 Boehm Surgical Instrument Donut Center 1 l I ' K . V l W I . U - 140 Hopeman Q Sons, CQ., A, W., , 108 Corp.. The -3' -"" " """' 125 Dodd, Leo ."- ' Illt 11 .--..'. 127, 'T-Iorton 84 Quinn Co., Inc. .... 130 Bond Bakers '-4' ' """""" 137 Dorothy's Beauty Bazaar' T.,.'j'127 Howe- Gordon A' 4--- H ----' - 136 Boucher .,....... ., ........ 125 Dwyer Electric Company, Inc' 133 Hubbs and Hastings Paper Co. 126 B0Ylllli'S Small Animal H0SPll-al 151 Huber Electric Supply Co. .... 135 Brennan, George E. ....,..... 125 E Hunt's Hardware ........ .. 146 Brighton Place Dairy The .... 110 ' ' ' Eggleston The .... . . . 127 I 1 ' . . .... 147 , , Brockmann S .Soni Edw Egg Mart, The ....,.......... 119 Incavo, Phllip A. ............ 147 Brooks Machine Shop .... 124 , Buckley Joseph J 125 Emerson Fue1fCo. ......,.,,,. 141 International Brotherhood Bam ffFmncis E' ' 137 Empire Cleaning and Dyeing Electrical Workers ..,. .. 128 S' , ' ' ' H ' Works , .......,,...,....... 141 Burns Monsignor . . . . . . 140 J ' Ehmann's Market . .... 122 Jacobsolfs Ma kat 142 C Ehmann's Market .,, .. . 140 J r "' ' ' ' ' ' ' 0 Estelle The V ...img Jan-Lee Beauty Shoppe .. .. 1-0 Camelio Bros. . ..,... . . . 144 ' ' ' ' 2' ' ' " ' Jamison-Schindler Corp. . . . . 126 Candy Land ,,... ..... . .. 146 F Jamison-Schindler Corp., . ,. 136 Carmie's Delicatessen .. .. . 146 Jardine Pharmacy ..... f. . . 140 Carr Pharmacy ...... 144 Fflflmfllli W1 A- -- 141 Jefferson Iiquor Store .. 126 Casaretti Grocery .... ....,. 1 44 llflmal' Fl01'lSt 139 Jennings. Clarence E. ... .. 114 Casper Coal Co. ....... .. 144 Fmewood. L- B- '---' 110 Jams confectionery .. 128 Catholic Courier .... fc . . . . . 108 Fiske 5 H9-ndY - -4--- 'Q - - - - 143 Judge's . . ...... . . . , . . . 112 Charlotte Bowling Hank? ..... 136 Fitzgerald- Daniel F- -- 135 K 1 Chet's Donut Shop .......,.,. 147 Flannery- B' T- -------- 1 1 , . - lbf T 1 .... Christian Culture Lectures 105 Flesch Klhscllmlifi, IHC- l--,105 is lflic gale Agency Camino sl sons, vim ..,...... 121 Flower Cllr' Carling CO- -- 124 Kafmgff ESM '1 mg M "" em-1,1 13 Clancy. George M. ....,.... 137 Flower C1ty Laboratory .... .. 127 Kgzieiic "- an rs' ' -A 142, Clancy Gaming Q Storage Flower City Press ....,. . 180 H , - - ----4'-"---'-- -' Co., Inc' '-'.,'- ..',-.. W V' . l, 124 Flower City Specialty Co. .. .. 117 Ifntfs Hake :Shop - -A '- 117 Clark, Edward R. .'f..wff .... iss Furlong Studio ----------- 103 Iflfies """"""" 142 1 4 147 Frommss Bros, ...,, 143 lxller Pharmacy, George A, 124 Clark Faust ......,..,.. 1 . ,, K d , R ta 115 Cmk Gdrdoh H 145 Fur Studio, The 141 .1 'ez OWS es Ufanf -- ' ' """ ' ' ' " 74 li. Q, Iirietefs .............. . . 135 Clark's Ready-to-Wear . . . . . . 144 Kmlrs 129 Conf--l Nell P- 1 --------- ---' 1 38, . G 1 K......a1.s..g.g 3..51. if 128 Gollum ,Acoustical Co., Inc. .Q 115 Garnham, John H. ........... 127 Corin Co., W. B. ......... 116 Geek Plumbing and Heating 'L Cooper, Ada . .,...... . . . 144 Supply Co. . . .I ......... 124 R Laemlein's Market .... A. . . . , 19142 Cooper's Beauty Salon .... . , . 146 Genesee Bootery . . . . . . 142 f3Lake Avenue Hardware . . . . . . 142 Cooper, Ella .,.. .... 144 Genesee Flooring Con? ,.. 126 Langefeld, Keirsbilck Sz Meeh.. 119 Costich 8: Sons, Inc., B. G. 113 Giosefti, Frank .... J' ...,. , 143 Langie Fuel Service, Inc. 109 Costich, Thomas J. .' ...... 147 Goodstone Manufacturing L- Lama's Grocery ......... .. 128 Covill, D. E. ...... . 129 Co., Inc. . .............. 143 La Russa, Sam .. .. 142 Cramer Drug Co. ........ 147 Gottry and Son, Frank S. .,,. 139 Leckinger's ........ .. 120 Crescent Puritan Laundry, Inc. 125 Gravefg ................. 117 Ledlie, James O, .,.. ,. 128 Crocetti, Frank ....... 140 Green lectric Co.. T. H. ,... 112 Lester Hardware . .,... 109 Crosby Frisian Fur Co. . . . . . . 133 Grinnan. Frank J. . . ..... 5. . 117 Liberty., Sweet Sl'l0DDE . J. . . . . . 142 Culhane, Anthony W, ., .. 122 Guarrera's -'Restaurant .. 142 Liberty Tailors E Dry Cleaners 142 Culhane Dress Shop, Ann 133 Gulvin, William S. ........ 143 Liederkranz Club, The . ....., 120 Culver and Atlantic X, .,... 117 Guzzetta, Charles J, .......,.. 142 J'Li1I, J. Lloyd and Ralph M. .. 119 Culver Grill .,..... 146 Hafner Home Laundry Inc. .X127 Little Chateau ...,.,....,... . 128 148 5 I Al I INDEX Q Page Page Page L P S Loewenguth Sz Dineen, Inc. .. 126 Perosian Choir, The .......... 100 Servas. J. B. ..... .....4.. 1 46 Lorenzo's ...........,..,..... 120 Perry Flower Shop, he . .... 131 Shafer Co. ......,. .....,... 1 39 Lorimer Grocery and Market.. 129 Pheilshifter, M. ....... 123 hoe ker, W. J. . . . . . . 188 Lucas and Dake Co., Inc. ..,.. 111 Phillippisen, Jacob . ..,... . 105 Siller' Drug t e .... 6 M Poh's ....,,......, ....,,., 1 45 'm ns Motor Corp, . . . . . . 4 Potter's Red and W 't .. .. 145 ixte Front t . . .. 13 Maier F1"'e'a1H0me-August M- 144 rredmnre, William . .... .. 112 soda f our y ov- Muler' Rufus '-"-'--'-""-4 122 Projansky . . . . ...... . 131 Sono ne ..... ..,....,, . . . . . 22 Manhattan Restaurant "-'--- 134 Proud Service Sta Geor e.. 145 Sou Equipm t Co., In . 139 Maruy'S .,-4.----------- --f-- 1 '13 Pure Quill ,,..... ...... . ., 134 Sout Avenue andy Kite 1 9 Marshall's Coal it Coke Co. .. 141 t West Sh Rebuild .A-. fl: Mary's Linen Shop ...,...... 120 - Q D1 -Span Dry ,R er lluk AN Maffemr Hat S1011 ----- 139 Qnininn, F nk M. ,. .,4... 13 spa ei, Charle G. .. . 140 Marne, John W. ............. 134 Sta 1, sl Son I .-.-.-4. 29 Mead 81 Sons, Inc., Chas. P. .. 184 R Stan Shoe C poration Ahu.. 8 Melin- Henry "'-""""'-" 141 N-.Red and ite .. . .- 1 5 Stadler, Mr. a Mrs. . xl Menges- The William C- -----' 134 n ' Stu , G. H . 145 eger, Geor F. 40 Metzger Brothers --4----'-' - 147 Rf . ...,. g ............ 13 wachs 6 on, Otto ...., . 118 M1ckey'S Burner Shun ""' -- 14 Rich rdso out Beer ,... 11 Stu 's .,... ...... ....., 1 1 1. Miller, Ben ..... 1 .......... . 1 Rid e ay Pharmacy vhilih 14 sto S' Edwa J. Miller Brothers 1--- ---'---- - 13 ieq , rank J. ....... 13 Su 1 Bnwi ........... ..... . 144 Miller, 1101115 ....... . . . . . 12 'ng nel on Inc. "-.'. I . - 14 Su n 81 a Coke ' I A A 46 Miller's Son. N. J. . .. . . 120 Ri Y he v,A..--.-.- lnlv A 11 Mirguet, Inc., J, C. .. ..,.. 141 Ro e ter ok Bindery H 104 T Mirkin .............. ,..,.... 1 41 Roc e 1. usiness Institu H 123 Te th Ward epublica Mishia, Paul ....... ...... 3 . 143 R0 este, omcola Bottling rganizatio ,..... .,.. 1 10 Monroe County Demo atic rpomti n ---4---A.-,. A U 5 10 ney, Elm T. . . . . . . . . 126 Committee ........ ........ 1 28 Ro ester stume Co. A 1 1 V A 1 - 13 urston Flo st ....... . . . . . . 146 Monroe Printing Co. ,..... , 141 Ro heater S and E1ect1.1c U H 109 Tilo Roofing o.. Inc. . 138 Morcan, John C. . .. .,..., A . 143 0 951191.11 te1AssDc1a he 128 T acconists ' ..,...,. 116 Morgan, Raymond A. ....... S. 113 R ester inotype L T n Talk Bakery .......... 132 Muehleisen. August ..,..,,. X-A, 143 mpositi n can 1,101 U 113 T nfs Cath i Supp Stor 132 Murray, James T. ...,. . 18 Ro ester acking Div- H 10 iT tt, Thoma . 128 Murray Theatre .,... .... . 128 R0 ester tationery Co. '-.-' 11 1 T zeciak, J ..... ...... 1 36 Muxworthy's J. F. .. . 143 Ro ter ansit Corporation. 11 111' . Bearin o. 122 Mc 7 Roler Pal e .......... ..,.. 145 ENS -'-- -'-4-v----4f'- - 113 McCormick, W. A. . ...... 1 ' R0 C ne- 591111 A- --'-- U McGrath, George F, . ..,.... 14 R0 1 11 B HW Shoppe -' 9 - Mcgraw' Hugh '.,..' ..'.1-- 1 42 R s bloo H Co., Morris .... 145 5 Frank nd A1111 H3Z91- - 119 McCrosser Bakery .... ....... 1 39 1 can Shoppe ----' 145 X1 V . McGuire' Chmqes B. ' .-'.'.v 115 R zzi Tail and Cleaner . . . 1 i 0 McGuire, H. J. ..... ....... 1 43 SNFB ef -------------- 13 " De V' 6' Ku 4 ' an Cal. - Co- Ahlhhh '... 1 1 ay, Bern ce ....... ..... 1 N an Q clntee ---..'t .'.'. 1 2 ay Funer I Home ........... 18 Nazareth Academy At etc tory Sweet Sh'-1999 -------- 14 Association ................ 107 S Nazareth College of Rochester 98 St, Anne's Parish ..... ....,. , 1 W Nazareth Model snnnni- .. 99 1. Monica's Parish ..., ...... 1 os, WBH2'S Department Store 146 Newman Florist ...... 141 Sudden Ham snnp .. ........,. 119 Wahieff 011110111 CO- -'---- 132 New York Fur Shop . ...... 148 Santillo's Restaurant ......... 145 Ward' 1110-1 0' P- --'4 --'--4 1 32 New York State Teacher Santan Athletic Club ......., 146 Warulu Hardware ------"-'-- 130 College, The ............ 101 Saratoga Marble 6 Tile Co .... 144 watts Dry Cleunrng C0-1 Inch- 123 Nunn Brass Works ......,... 134 Schaefer Markets ............. 118 wuugn Hardware' H' 0- '--'- 132 Nusbaum's Trimming and Scheffel. John H. ....... 119 West End Food Market ----- - 138 Supplies ................... 147 Scheuerman Sons, C. F. ,..... 121 Wnflpleyla Paul ------'-'--- 141 0 Schlaffer, Robert ....,. 146 Wfllfe WW Works The H 132 Odenbacws 134 scmaffex.-S Bakery 118 :g11l1ams Coil ani! O11 Co.. Inc. 144 WHEN Steve 144 Schmanke-S Illhbhuu 118 1son, Roc . Foral Co., Inc. 141 , . 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Suggestions in the Nazareth Academy - Lanthorn Yearbook (Rochester, NY) collection:

Nazareth Academy - Lanthorn Yearbook (Rochester, NY) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Page 1


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Nazareth Academy - Lanthorn Yearbook (Rochester, NY) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 1


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Nazareth Academy - Lanthorn Yearbook (Rochester, NY) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 1


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