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5 r., . iw M. .. 1 N, fr ,f . -,QA r .. Y,- Q24 Q . . , .. . , 1 -f . 6 H' f .- 'x 'EE ., . , S'- '+ . 'Eff' , wig' nl .', 'l Q! x V . . gf! 2.1 .A if ' xi ,T 1 gm L . 4.1. 5 .1 -Q -'Q 4.- 1 '.'4 4 . 1 . v THE FACULTY AND SENIOR CLASS OF NAZARETH ACADEMY ROCHESTER, NEW YORK pffesent Cdztov-an-Ghzef ADELE CARMAN 13usiness Colitoff EILEEN CORNELIA he WENTY-EiGHTH VOLUME EM IHQUHC All Cafholic Honorw 1956, 1958 1959 Firm! HonorJ, 1957 IZ? NAZARETH Nazarelhl lVhal volamef in a word Whal muwic in a namel Filling lhe .foul wilh memorief Which ienderelrl love muezf claim. 'Twa.r ihere for well nigh ihirly yearf Thai dwell incarnale Godl Ilwfair green fielde and .funny .rlopef H ie Sacred Feel have frod. 0 lzleenred Jpozfl The chowen re.rl Of Sainlw in every age,' The hook in which ihe Sacred Hear! Shineeforth on every page. 0 Nazarelhl To thy dear ,fhade Oar weary .rpirizir farn, When relrllemr zfrialer make our hearzir Wiihin ae holly barn. When one hy one .rhallfade away The day dreame of our youzfh, W e'll dream of ihee, .rweel Nazarelh, 11 nd Him-lhe Lje-lhe Tralh. The heauly of lhaf Heavenly Flower Which llloomed upon ihe hill, Haw never ceafed io hallow ihee, Ile perfume haunlw lhee ftill. ,Tim fhere we'll re.rl wilh Jeoalr, lhen, Far from fhe world apari. 11 nd conlemplale Him loveline.r.r, dnd read H i.r Sacred Heari. SELECTED DEDICATION ' ' 0 THAT FIRST lowly .Yazarellz from Nffll-Fl! innumerable .vazarellzm lzave lrprunyg To llze lzarmonloaon Trinily lylw dwell lbereln: Clzrfmlfperfeef Paliern of obedience and fllal devoilong fllary, Qaeenffllollzer crowned willz every vlrlae, robed in peerlemf parflyg JoTreplzfJaLrl man, of flze royal line of David: To oar Bzlrlzop Kearney wlzofe every llzoaylzl :lr dedlealed lo llze propayalion and defence of llze prinelplef for wlzlelz Nazarellz mlandw, wlzolre Callzolle aelion lzalr lauylzl af llze frae meaning of llzal wordf To our prleff.r, buf efpeeially lo lhofe elyhleen Hollzer Clzrl.rz'J', who are now enler- ing upon lheir Jacerdoial daiief, ,rlxleen of whom were prepared for llzeir Jeminaqy Jladief by zflze Slwlerlf of Sain! Jowefplzg To Nazarefh Convenl, Pllzifford, home of llze Sllrferf of Sainzf Jofeplz wherein l'J' care- fully nurlared zfbe .rplril of lfze Galilean lvazarellzg To oar own belvl-loved 4Vazarellz Academy 'foal and een ler of Clzriflian Znwplralion and Zdeabrj To ihofe wlzo have made lhim Nazarelh pofmible and fo oar facully, palieni, long- Jafferiny, belovedg To all ll1e lvazarelh lzomem mollzererl by our alam- nae,' To every .foul made love- lier by ilze l'l1fILl8I1C6 of 1fl1e Szlrlerf ofSaz'n l Joweplz, wl1oJe lrplril of Tvazarellz l1a.r been Roelzeflerlv herllage for more lban ezlqlzlyfive yeamj To lbefe, our friendw and yaidem, we, llze clam of 1940, ll1e Lrlxly-ezyldlz gradu- allng cla.r,r of Nazarellz dea- demy, dedleale llulr zlrfue of llze Lanllzorn in yralllade and love. THE TEACHER OF NAZARETH Y f cg-as PATIENT, knowing handm have guided fheinr fo do Hilr Holy Wi'll,' Hia' bleeding, ,oiereedfeel have marked zfhe Wag lhal LHJ' lheir own, Hif .raered wordf of wilrdom and of love have inlrpired lhem wizfh fhe will lo ferve. T o aw fheg gave fheir gQ'1f.r of undenrianding and of peace, of knowledge and of zfrae virzfue, of Jimplieifg and of jog. dnd we, receiving, fell H L-J' foaeh and loved ihem-for if. ADMINISTRATGRS AND FACULTY Za HIS HOLINESS, PIUS XII, Vicar of ihe Chrzlri of .Nazarelh . . . who clearly envisions the special necessities of the entire world, whose personal endowments: renowned scholarship, brilliant di- plomacy, priestly piety, and paternal kindness have become the legacy not only of his three hundred million loyal subjects but of all humanity. 9 OUR DIOCESAN CURIA ,...- fn, THE RIGHT REVERIQND WILLIAM M. HART THE Mosr REVEREND IAMES E. KEARNEY, D.D. TIIIE RIGHT RIQVEREND WILLIAM F. BERGAN V"m"GmL"'a! L OMF BUIZUP Chancellor ' f O OUR BISHOP, we are indebted not alone for free days. And what normal girl does not enjoy a free day? We cherish the memory of his words of counsel at the opening Mass each year, his presence at the Perosian tea and the luncheon served by the Department of Home Eco- nomics. Most of all, we appreciate his securing Father Murdock for our Senior Retreat and the conference on vocations during that retreat when We knew how busy our Bishop is in Holy NVeek. VVe also treasure the reverence and love he has instilled into our hearts for the sacred name of Nazareth. Our Vicar-General and Chancellor early caught the spirit of Nazareth as we find the former numbered among the graduates of Saint Bridget's School, Rochester, while the latter claims Saint Nlary's School, Auburn, as his Alma Mater. To both we offer loyalty and appreciation. THE REVEREND TIII5 RIQVIQREND IOIIN DUFFY EDXVARD DEIIPSEY Df.0f7fJ'fl'Y SHlJC"f"1ff"NfU'1f fl.v.r1'.rlz1nl Szzpcrizzlcfzdnfzi of Elilf1L'l1l1f'f1, hftpflll of lddimalfgn, Fira! frfemz' of Nazarclh ACLlliL'I7I.U, 1'l.r'fa1'ufly and .rludenl IIUFAU. 1'y'I'tfI1-U Chaplain of Nazarellz Academy, wlzamc many zrom'Ic.r1'e.r are I'lIl7lClIlbCl't?d wflh gl'al1'I1.zde. R VXIRIAM, Superior THE REVEREND MOTHER OSE 1 Nl H .liNE, 11Jf1'.rz'4z11l Superior S1STEK.. 14:1 THE MOST REVEREND IAMES AXOTIIER SYLVESTER, Comzcifm E. KEARNEY, D.D., Sp1'rz'lLzalFf1lfzc1' SISTER M. MARCELLA, Cazmcffor l1dl7'ZL'l'Ll.J'lll'ClllL'Vf3 U SISTER M. VALERIAN, C01lIZCL.!0l jqL'El'J of fha Szlrferxf of Sain! Jofeph of 1f0Ch6J'f6l' l , THE REVEREND MOTI'IER ROSE MIRIAM Prwfzfenf THE REVEREND IAMES E. KIEAIYNEY, D.D. Spz'r1'z'ual Superior' SISTER M. BEA'rR1cE T 1'ef1.rz4rer SISTER M. MARCELLA Prlnclzoal S1s'rER AGNES GERTRUDE 1fdl71L.l'lL'J'fl"!1lll.V6 Ujfcenr of Nazareih Afcademy, Rochenfer 12 Secreiaqy f f HE Mosr REVERENIJ Thomas F. Hickey, D.D. conducts on each Wednesrlay a special class in religious instruction for the members of the Senior Class. The Reverend Daniel B. O'Rourkc for our first three years of high school gave unsparingly of his time and wisdom to prepare us to face life's problems as well instructed Catholics should. Never can we forget either Father O'Rourke or his contribution to our spiritual preparation for life. NVe welcome to Nazareth the Reverend Ioseph O'Connell, our Chaplain and instructor in Apologetics. He has proved a helpful friend to every member of the Senior Class. By living up to the high ideals of Nazareth we hope to repay in a small way the labors of these three true friends and wise counsellors. THE ANTOST REY'ERENID THOMAS F. HIC1iIC1', D.D THE REVEREND IOSEPH I. O'CoNNELL THE REVEREND DANIEL B. OiROUIiKE SISTER FRANCES TERESA-Englllrlz SISTER M. ANNUNCIATA-Rellgion, French SISTER M. HILDA-Rellglon, Englllrlz, Laila SISTER MIRIAM'R6llgl'0H, Social Science, Engllwlz SISTER M. IRMINA- Vocal Jlafic, Chaim SISTER MARIE AIMEE'R6ll:Ql.0H, Latin SISTER ROSE EILEENfRelzyz'on, Englllrlz, Social Science SISTER ROSEMARY-Relzylon, Engllwh, Baflnedzr, 11a'vl.rer, "Qaeenlr Heralzly' Sfaf 14 NAZARETH ACADEMY NAZARETH ACADEMY SISTER M. FLoRENTINEfRe-lzlgion, Jlafhemaiief SISTER GRACE REGINA-Relelqion, Pkenclz SISTER M. HUBERTINE-Engfiflz, Social Science SISTER W ILLIAM MARIEfBuIrineJ,r SISTER MARY LOURDESARele1gion, Laiin SISTER M. EVELYN'EHg!L.Jh SISTER MARIE IOSE-German, 17Iafhemaiz'cJ SI. A EI f SISTER ROSE ANGELA-Social Science "'L 'X U JK AJ Q7 I g I5 SISTER M. CALLISTA-Fretrhlnan Subjecif SISTER M. CARLINA-Frefhman Suly'ecf.r SISTER HELEN CECILIA'SCl-EHCE, fllazfhemaficw SISTER HELEN CONCEPTA'R6lL:gL'0H, Bu.rineIrIr SISTER IOHN MARY5FreIrhman Subjeciw SISTER LEO XAVIER-Frefhman Subjecigr SISTER MARIE CATHERINEfFre.rlzman Subjecif NAZARETH ACADEMY SISTER MARTINA MARIEE-SCl.6HC6 16 NAZARETH ACADEMY SISTER M. URSULA-I3ufineLr,r SISTER M. CLEMENTIA4FfCJlIl7ZdH Subjectf SISTER M. TERESALS6CF6fdllU SISTER M. ANTONINA-Pfziywical Educalfon, flloderalor SISTER M. ANACLETUSfRe!zyion, I5u.rineJ.r SISTER MARIE ANNESRe!zyion, Bu,rine.r1r SISTER IW. PAULINE-Jlaifzemaiicm, Advzlfer, "Lanihor11" Board SISTER M. CONSUELA'R6!l:gL'0l'Z, Englzlrh 17 f I ffAIyL!!Ml5? fQx3 " X-Q61 fx I fi 'L K Wil C 0 3,0 Xm J S 'IQEW I- f I I 1 III "iam A I Ik' ig Bai gf' I fgxfgfgggw SISTER IW. CLARISSA-Speech, Dramaiicw SISTER ANNA CECILIA-Grammar Deparzfmeni SISTER MARIE BERNARDfGrammar Deparimenzf SISTER M. GERALDINE-'SCL.6HC6, .fllazflzematicx SISTER M. IOANfBuJL'nef.r SISTER ROSE ALMA-Fmrlzman Subjecibr SISTER M. IOSEPHINEfGrammar Deparfmenl 18 NAZARETH ACADEMY NAZARETH ACADEMY SISTER MARY REGIS?l3llJ'L'l'16J'J' SISTER M. ROBERTA'Ll'bl'dl'l.dH SISTER ROSE TERESA- Vocal f7Iu.rz'c SISTER SAINT MARGARETiRe!1yianI, dri, Englimlz SISTER THOMAS MARIE-Imrfmmenfal Jlufic SISTER TERESA EDwARD+Home Economicf ANNA MASUCCI DODGE-Pfzylffcal Educaiion, Pianzlrz' MARION BAPTISTE BENSON-Phyaical EI!MCdfl.0H I9 I 'NT '3ff'i fl, DlB1,,?fUfffr 55" 115 , i ,S ' Whf 1,4 -.z ,-14 1' Rn of 'j i4 'f5usn ""'fhi'3 - Win ,A f' fz ru' . E W il-..flEZ25'-1.-Eirr A 'F U' 11 41 ' M f-1111 '-5 1 EE if fi .nb ' bf, 1 P J, ff! 7:15. ':5 1f '22-ji'-fifziigg- ' 1:5-I 1 fn- E':.3:aN-531332 ji , - 02 'Qffgag' I1 IE M11 3 7 i 3 "5 V ifi '-i 'MQ ?f?'?ii3g1g1n:'t:1'??'T 1 fiiiwlfil-egf TI :L I fri I " . J' UWB WMD, f - - . 711 . YITIRW5 '- -1'2gfu 515123-E51--KE:-2 I' 11 - V in f 11 , .,,. .Q f 2,,f .f., ziugm 1 1 f -I -f ir. :L IIWQ, :E E N -1Ii '5E-gk W gm gf, '1 I Wt QL -"9 -J. fi 'mil .Ill 'QQ-if- 1' E Ji' " -Q ' ' NZL JE. -211,5 E if N 1-1 H W. A ,112 . al f f 11I111 1"1 -,--,-a 1 1-L-5 -- sl- .1:1f3.-ggi Alf 1,ff44W2i, 1 f "4'1' W Eimfjn' 1 - 11III Q1111 II, I if "M,11,- 1 17113 AH' I'-lg e '- SEQ 'fail 12 .-V'jz,1.Mv ,f1 ,J V ,. ,.? .V f7f:.'1'.1i:i,,gq7:gjTf1l?2gq:-ggggigf 1 ,Elf f mixi-2 5111153 ' 11If' 1 1 I .- 1 i Ti1.e-525313555 , 7.1E?'sl-aa:-E -T 4. V'1E'27F ' 1 31 -11 1 I I5 11 1 1, I 1 " -"V -155597 ?3'71Z?- .,.. . "'11f.. - - A' M72 7' . ', I 3722 Lif?i?5?f ii' ' ','5 - . 1111 IIE I I II 'I '- 1' I 'gif-EQ? 1? .. wfifz' 1' 'f V- I -E-2 If 1221? ' 15- 1 -i1'1 IESix5.: .1522 11 .t 1151- " ea, -- I-ai 1 ,.Jf'2'f2 -ESQ'-Eygids ,.,5,,4,i'f:,- 4 H4 ,,': ,2 e Q gap- ' F 5 1 Q -if .2 1115.542-11111. 2 12 141,11 if 1 ' a- 552215222-aff.ffesepaffzi gr-aa ,ra M 1 .- iff. fr-aeffh --" 1-eff 1 II::' -.Z.'ii fi3f75' f 1 I f e mgj E- .E 'ET.- 1 f fgqm' 11 ll . IQZUE7' .af-75g'22'2"',L,2. 127' 511' Ii fgf T- S 5 I 5:1--' -f' fill- I -. E If --I' -ME. ' 35. :-1 , 1I'1'53?,f1'1,:ff, A, A af-e5Q?f 1f1, :f--a,?'re ...gig s :iq 1 1 , 1. Il I1 15 1 1- agffuq AE' .I il I H . . mlIf153'iif.1'lI'l115.211 i l li-IN F , F Q gm, rl 5.1 , lf '55giLi? ,J. , -I 11?-.135 1.1-1152111 1 Egikllilug -' ,n -T -Iewgig. 1111 I -111 53 1 -' 1 i ZEIIII " 1Ia'fvf?1'f., I L-I T " 'ls " 'tai -Y 1.,l ., 4 I ' T'i '- 114 a, '..' ':. " I I 4 11' 'QI .7 91-H1141 I' . ,M .1.1... lvlQf1.'lW..'.:u1:w gj11tQ.n1M,:5M ,tQ.1.,'x.11t1.11 ,N..11NK11f1LX1uri'1,,' ,,,, mf'tt'i5F'EfIf5l3S79if3?3IIf'9.YY:51?1E5kfi.lf'YET31ffilififtilillgifi'ff',.YoE ZEICSQXSQT N-E i51'if'2?:i-gf,?F?fUf533?f1 ,,,,. ,can:,,vwQQ2if3s1:gs:'4iXiQw.yiL.1Ux ' E K .W.1s,111.Cja1151xnQgggjgfilfgyslM133jZ2'15bE"S:fFwHkS5fif.iii!EEL'iP'f4fii.1..i' l .1 ,,.. .- I L, E,gg.'g7:'bn,f- .T-jf: """"' "" "1-V'H"1w'w:1nr:c:1wQfww-A2'a++M'e" 1 .5251-iviZ42WT'Trc'Q53-.eR'4F1fx:fm:f1ff:ozffimsivnfwU'' r 1'A'- V' --1-M-as ffuwf ' ,y N ' 5 ..n'P1:Nz7:7lU?7EE'53j'li'5XWJFSE1zffiffiaizijiizifrifirgilgf::fffgjlQijZfQLl.Qj1,1:5251 "A"' ' A. ..,. ,.A,... , -.'w1JNF pf? 3 , :ri E. N .- .v ie , NEW WING or NAZARETH ACADEMYZY:A63,,,,gZ,AJagA2 AZARETH ACADEMY will open in September in its enlarged and enriched quarters. Worthy of note, first of all, is the long-awaited gymnasium, with, on the same floor, a director's office, shower rooms, locker and storage rooms. New boilers will supply heating for the entire building, both the present structure and the new wing. The next floor will contain offices, gymnasium bal- cony, class rooms, health examination rooms and stage dressing rooms. On the second floor will be two ofhces, four class rooms and a cut library room. The third floor will provide a vocal room, two class rooms and two offices. On the fourth floor there will be an orchestra room, an instrument room and an office. An elevator has been installed which will connect with all the floors. The addition to the present building will permit the much-needed extension of the library into what is now the study hall. 20 au g.-.- THE SISTERS OF SAINT JOSEPH FOUNDED AT LE PUY, FRANCE, IN 1650 BY THE REVEREND IEAN PAUL MEDAILLE S I -A' ARISE! G0 info Egypzf. Take ihe Child. From dreaming prayer fhe dark-veiled Si.rz'erJjfled Whe leeeeef, eeeee and info Egype eeeeef mee' zfook me cfeezef and eeefe fhe children, meanf To be zfhe Cfeezez ze'keeee'ee fo Jeeeph zeef. Ge info Egypf. Take me cfeezef. ezeezeef Awake like Jeeeph, Egypi ee Wee eyee, T And fee yeeee ZLQOJ ee Huenf wiih geeefeyee. Some of yew Seefeee on ihe geee'zzefe'ee Knew Egypf, feefe zfhe Child and efzeez eeeene. Yee lgfe ze Egype, Egypt! Deafh eezzz mean Neve1'f1'0m Nazareflz fo ee eeeezeef. Arzlref Refeeeef,-em Lgypf. Take lhe Cfezzez. ALFRED BARRETT, NAZARETH ACADEMY 21 S xg -- Nazarefh lfze peerlelrw, fhe valianf, ihe mfrong. Wf1ere our older .ulrierm learned fhe .rpirif qf Nazareflz. Come my lipm and wide proclaim The Bleffed Virginb' .f,oof!e.r.rfame." On ifze Bankw of ilze Genemee if Avazarelfz Conlrervaioqy where 17Iu,rz'cz'an.r are made. Salnf Jofeph, Guardian of lvazarezffzlr fair gardenf. ,ici .jg-K 'x V' -ai-A Sv rllfxr WL'f!1L-H ifze .rlzadow of ifze Sanciuary our ieaclzenr dwell. NAZARETH Liiile collage in Galilee In which lived fhe Holy Three Tell me all thai you did wee. Did play wizfh Cherubim .find Mary .ring ihe angelw' hymn? Did Joseph all ihe lJu.rhe.r irim? You mum? know zfhem very well For wizfhin you lhey did dwell. Liifle collage won? you fell? F. A. I WONDER Did Jefuf when He Hia' knee Run for Molher Mary'J ki.r.r.7 Did Nazareih heal Hif Baby wounda' Did if perhapf mean fhifw That here wifh me af N azarelh Hurf, Jcarred, or badly Fd come again to Mary A nd when ihuw Jef-accuwed, She'd help me wilh a mofherlr care A ll ff'l.LZlJ' and hurff ever io bear? A. M. S. NAZARETH ACADEMY 24 .ilglinin THE CONSECRATION The reverenl head.r were bowed in awe, The Church wa.r halrhed and dim, The chalice ljfed high I .raw 11nd dropped mg hearz' wilhin. dw changed lhe bread, af changed lhe wine To Chriwl H L'fI'1.J'6lf, imride So algro changed z'hi.r hearl of mine, To hamlzlenelnr, from pride. dad all lhe dag, ohl hlemred ihoaghl, H LQJ' Blood rano lhroagh my veintr. Loud .ringm mg hearl, lhe King if .roaghi From iff lhrone irulg reignw. G.C. NAZARETH ACADEMY TELL ME,IESUS Lizfzfle Jefatr, fell me, do Did fhe angela' play wiih You? Did iheg Jing You lallahiegr From their home up in fhe Jhiew? If ihal an angel'.r voice I hear Ricing Jweelly, lighzf and clear Bidding me aw angela would To do af Jeoua' .raid I Jhould? Alnd lhough mg poor e-yew cannof .ree Thai angel You have Jeni lo me, Tell me, lillle Je.ra.r, do Thai I may go wilh him fo You. M. K. 25 NAZARETH,THEN AND NOW I .fee a Jireei, a buoy .ffreef Where Nazareth .r1fand.r fodag- He .raw afield, all gold wiih wheaf Where Him own Nazarefh lag. I .ree Hi.: .fz'aiue, marlzled clear Hilr Guardian .fmile aglow He .raw a child, a Holy Child And did Him Moiher know. Joweph of Nazareih, now and ihen Keep field and .flreei within ihy ken. B. N. EVENING PRAYER When evening drawf her curfain down 0,er quief, yonder Jleeping fown, The chapel lzellf again proclaim T haf all .rhall honor in Hi.r name. Through .rilence of zfhe chilling air, From milea' around zfheg hawien fhere To kneel and prag in .rweef repofe 11 nd Jing H Llf praife aw twilight goef. M.W. NAZARETH ACADEMY 26 .-l--- NAZARETH ACADEMY OUR NAZARETH The hall.r of Nazarelh are long and wide, With beaaijul paz'nlL'ng.r on every fide, Their way lil' qulezf, .fzflll and deep, Yezf ever around Llff, .round Lrofzf-Jhodfeef. fllary and her Son. Info fhe chapel and ap fhe .rfaz'r.r, They fread fhe hall.r fhazf are all fheinr. fvazareih of lhe blue and fhe gold, They're waichlng o'er aw in dayf of old. Forever prefenf and alwayw near, Making our hallf .ro very dear. Mary and her Son. B. B. SPRING Balmy breeze, Green gold leavef, Loveliefzf lime of lhe year! Whz'ie .rnow going, Green gra.f.r Jhowing, W heel Spring IJ here R.R PILGRIMAGE I've been of on a journey for .revenieen yeanr Traveling ilze road of lauglzier' and zfeanr Off' fimef I am cauglzzf in ine wlzirl of lyfe, Buzf ever zflze goal I keep in Jzglzzf. Lgfe L.J' myjourney, Heaven my end. X71 y pain if e'er lighied by grace H e ,rendw To aid and guide me day by day Lexi from ihe pafh my footfiepw Jiray. M. A. U. MOTHER How greazf iw G0d,J ggi io me Thai gyz' of you, Xllofher dear, For wiilzouf you wha! would lde be 4 Buf empiy andfull offear? Comea' now flze lime lo begin lje anew, "find lQ'e'.r noi ea.ry," you Jay. Ol ilzank Godfor .rending you To light and guide my way. J. P. NAZARETH ACADEMY 28 QUEEN OF THE MAY Zllary of Nazarelh, Queen of lhe fllay we place az' your .rhrine each alay,' There io kneel anal humbly .ring And give io you whai e'er we bring. fllary of 1Vazare1fh, Queen of zfhe Illay Enihroned in a .fhrine in my hearzf fo .riay Be zfhere alwayw, never fo leave, Garlanafr of goodneu help me zfo weave. R.R. NAZARETH ACADEMY 29 W hen Nazarefh hellf are ringing "Ii i.r len afier ihree" Thazflr when Our Laalylr calling F or .rhelr expecling me,' I crow fhe winding ,oafhway I kneel before her Jhrine dna' .rhe fella' me fhilf Jirange .recrei "fm youre anal you are mine." S.T OUR SCHOOL Nazareth iw a palace Each maiden L.J' a queen Her unjorm of black and white May lack a royal .fheeng But the Queen of Nazareth W ith .rtar.r in her crown Smilew down on her maiden.r What matterf it the gown? A. C. FIRST FRIDAY Chrift held open houwe at Nazareth to-day The H oft and ho.rte.f.f a.r in Nazareth of yore My heart received H im, but .fhe .rhowed the way . . . Jelruw qf Nazareth, receive me evermore. K. P. WALKS OF NAZARETH At Nazareth walked the Chrilrt Child In far of Galilee Af Nazareth .rtill He walkm, For of uf who .ree Chriwt travela' through our winding walku' From .rchool to convent gate- W hen after Benediction the priewt Carrietr H im in Jtate. M. A. R. NAZARETH ACADEMY 50 NAZARETHS ANGELS Llizfle angelf make me mad They never will .rlay pain- Thazflr why gooa' angqflw may he ball T hey're alwayf LL!lc'!6,'f00l. Juft lnxlde the Jehool a'oor All along lhe hall I meef angelic .qnrllem galore I have no peace az' all. They will not run away dl morn or noon or nzghi I .rlmply have io pray Or flee angelic flight. Someflmeo I ponder why God dial fhewe angela' call To bring H 111' memfage from ihe .rlcy All up and flown ihzlr hall. E.C. NAZARETH ACADEMY IN YEARS TO COME Blow, wlnalo' of N azarefh, Blow, back fo me The Jongo' of Mary af lwllzghf A molherlr melody, Blow, windy of Nazareih Blow, back lo me All my glrlhood laughler T hal meanl ecwfacyl L. M 51 PARTING Be no! Jad ai parfing, A new lie we are darling. For many a gouih ha.r gone bdore, Leaving behind ihefe ,oorialf of lore. Guard ihe dagtr zfhazf .rflll remain, AJ each hour the minufef dralnj do iomorrow and fomorrow, In a world ofjog and .rorrow Our lhoughix and dream.r reiurn A nd our hearzir .fo greailg yearn For ihe peace and carefree wage Of our jogouw girlhood dagf. D. D. THE BLUE AND GOLD Take fhe blue of lfarylr eyef Keep lzffor a banner fair Cul a golden curl from ihe Infanflv brow Nazareih colonr are blending iheref K. F. Flower-covered meadowf fhe Chrzlrf Child walked, I lravel zfhrough brick-lain wage- Bui bofh of utr had one common zfhoughi, T he jog of our Nazarezfh dagf. L. M. NAZARETH ACADEMY 52 QUEEN OF NAZARETH f Y BOUT OUR quiet hall.f, we have heard her llllle Jlep, haflening lo aid aw when we called. From flowered .rhrine and pedeflal ,rhe .rmiled down upon abr, H1l'lVlL.I'lg all our dayf. N 0 mailer wha? ,far laerlc or play, lhe .rky-blue eyew of Oar Xllolher, genlle, anderflan,-1fn.g, have walched our every lhoaghl. End when al lafl, we J'll30,UEd info lhe Jllldflf lillle chapel, joyfally .rhe wax wailing lhere loo, wailing lo leach aw of her Son. 0 fllar-y Immacalale, may you alero be walling wilh joy and happinew when, al daek, we cromr the lhrelrhold and .fland alone in lhal lafl greal chapel! OUR NAZARETH GRADUATES 1 9 4 O wx, JT' X X41 , ' , f I . 1 , . , ,gay 1' , CARMEL H. ALAIMO. ln addifion fo being vocally leper, 1fhi,1'fhappy-go-lucky mice :if a iypical Jporlrwoman, 21 willing worker anywhere and a very .rueeemrful leader in Jeoufing even though chemiwlry leavex lzer .flighlly breafhleezr. GERALDINE A. ALBRECHT. dlwayf cooperalive, pleafanl andfriendlyg full of Elllllll-F'l.LlJ'l7Z, ambifionw and ideaf which offen find verbal expremion, accompanied by lhoffe charaeferiffic ge.fz'ure.f-.rueh i.r Geraldine. DOROTHY ANDREANO. Now, Dorofhy-one mzghz' .ra y- L'J' more or le.r.r "a dillar a dollar, a len o'clock Jcholaru wholre careleww a.r.rurance. who.rc greaf enjoymeni of life, whoee friendly and fun loving nafure makef her a .n-zo.rl plea.ranl companion. ICfEPHINE T. ANDREANO. Jo.rephine, who i.r offen con fuwed wilh her eouein, ham an irrepre.r.rible per.ronaliiy which ir lypjiea' in laughing brown eye.r, lzghlhearled gaify and a drawl fha! would do juelice fo a .foulhern belle. FRANCES V. ANSINI. In z'he quiei bulnolunfriendly FranceJ, may be nofeda pair of e.xpre.f.rive dark eye.r which .rugged a cerfain lceenne.r.r, a .renxe of humor, lhe vi.fion of an arliel and ihe honexly and lruclworfhinelnf of a good friend. HELEN L. ASELIN. Allhough Helen if a quiel, lhoughyul perwon, lhofe burflm of impul.rive laughfcr and lhoJe dancing brown eyed' Jagger! lhe fun-loving, cheery naiure of a dreamer and a doer. MARGUERITE V. AULENBACHER. A bil of Jweefnemf, a dawh of Jerenify, a lffuch of high .rpirilw-fha! i.r fheformula of lhe magical perfonalizfzf of fllarguerite who ie' bolh an accompliwhed rider and driver. IUNE G. BATES. Allhough an ardenifooiballfan, June ha.r a calm, ehee1j'uldi.rpo,rilion coupled wiih a Jympathelic ouiloolc on lye which are revealed in her delighzffully demure wayf. MADELINE R. BAUMAN. Blond, curly-headed zlladeline alwayf diJplay.r a merry,j7aJlzing .rmilefor her admiring claJ.fnzafe.f. Her Jleady, energelic nalure and her .rincere generarily are fhe caulre of their admirafion. MARY A. BELLANCA. df! .fubjecffor a cameo ie fllary wiih her lovely hair and akin, combined wllh her .rweel .rmile and gay laugh. Defpile her fragile appearance, fllary .furpriJe.r all wiih her enfhu.ria.rm for le.r.rfeminine infereelx. BETTY ANN BERKES. Rafher pelizfe i.r Belly flnn, but, none ihe lem, the embodimenl of all zfhingefeminineigracioulr and quiel in manner and Jpeech, dainly, poifedfa liflle .rhy perhapx, buf amiable, and alway.r good company. MURIEL D. BIECK. Blond winmome flluriel, who if flze e.f.rence of .rerenily andfeminine charm, l'J' a devolee of many Jportf-.ruclz aa Jkaling, lenniw and dancing. 34 NAZARETH ACADEMY ji I J ,,:..:-. 1- .A 'Mk , . H y , if J' jfj 4 f I x , , I J J f J 1 , ,-1 JW., I ' I H , J ' . 1 . , . - . 1 . MARY FRASTCES BLIND. Tall in .rlalure and-graceful cy' movcmenl or our Jlary I'rance.r of lhe delzczozw giggle and lTllJ'L'!llEK'0llJ' benz' who haf a ho.fl offriendw al our Jchool. IEAN F. BOEHMER. Lighl-hearled, laughing, and L,wal'le i.r our Jean wilh her brown hair and pelile wayf. Her greal enjoymenl ofjokef and fan i.r evidenced by her dancing, mi.rchievoa.r eyef. PAULINE M. BOERSCHLEIN. Pauline i.r lhe ideal bu.rine.r.r woman-ejcienl, calm, and rewponwible. Bal blllfl-IIEJJ'-ll.kK characlerizer only one .ride of her oerwalile nalure, for al rare inlerval.r we calch a glimpxe of her nnumual wil and humor. DORIS K. BRAY. ll7e lhink perhaplr il i.r her dimpleof, her dramalief, her dancing and her keen inlellecl lhal make Dario' .rnch a .raccebf aw a .yludenl and af a churn. ELIZABETH I. BURKIIARD. Remember lhe glamorgirl in la.flyear'.r .rodalily play? Thai wam blonde Belly allraclicfene.r.r and dramalic abilily may .rome day make Helen HayeJ Jil up and lake nolice. ANGELINE E. CANFARRATA. In lhal perl low of her head, in thai inlerealed allenlivene.rJ, in lhal .rmile lhaz' 1.11K'l'fEJ'fl'l-Ellli1'l1l.,U+l.IZfllff in all aboul dngie lhere i.r a predominanl air of eagerneauz 'K Iv 5 P 'xx' X s-' 'o "I 1 1' X fx fix' I . I f' I ' " -'J - ' . . PHII OMZNA A. CANZANO. ,.P'hil, "lite :Nell lenfpxyed li.rle1zqr"',.rpeXgtk.r a.r qaielly a.r .rlze lreadm, .rmilef a.r engagzngly aw .rhe laugho, and fm D + , . ' P' . ' I . N , N- af am1able,a.r her Jffarzlenance Vadiealem. ' ,GW ADELE B. CARMAN. flllhoagh ddele can be lardy, .rhe l.J' alwayo on lime wilh a .rnzile. Oplimirlic and carefree, lhe 'fair Adele" will be remembered for her charm and lhe varied z'alcnz'.r which made her edilor-in-chief of lhe "Lanlhorn." IOAN M. CASE. Vzgor and vermalilily CJoan even make.f a good black face conzediennej characlerize our hard-working head of lhe dpowlolic Commillee. AVRIL COCHRANE. Ready, willing, and Avril i.r lhe epilome of peryfeclfriend.1'hip. She ifgne of forlunale per.mnJ wi? delighl by lheir everchanging mood.r. - ' ' A nj 'f LENA H. COLLETT . em? fo 4. 1- f e Ep WAMJlzeMy.J J .rlziijflfuzife lj.I-Zlzllvkazb-X . Jdywiilly and ih o ' ll a u MARY IANE COLLINS. fllary Jai flhe peffecl Hhen-peeked hLc.rband" of lhe Senior playfiw an arli.rl in nzanyjieldot' Jinging, dancing, .raving nzumic-bul, par excellence, a poker faced comedienne. 35 NAZARETH ACADEMY 'Q' A f 5 sy A gh .ge rv Ai-" I ,Br Irby if Ti ,1 . L, , ,-,-. ' BETTYJE. COMPTON. From ihe nafaral svave of lzer blond head down fo lzer re.rfle.f.r, dancing feel, .rhe IIJ' a carefree, modern maiden. Becidew being a lrue-lzlae pal, Belly i.r a .rhag devolee of lhehrwl rank. FLORENCE A. COOK. Ever babbling evilh l7ll.I'l'lI, ever ready forfan, Florence ,orefefxr hilarily fo himloqy. Thalfarasvay look in her eye.r, fha! dreamy Jmile, and fhaz' undulaling walk all indicale her carefree nalure. EILEEN M. CORNELIA. W'iz'h a Jhorl, quick flap, Eileen encoanlerzf and conoaenr each day'.r lack. Hocvever, lzer admirable e.1'eculive abilily doe.r no! defracl from lzer quief hamor, which IIJ' a .roarce of delzghl io lzer many friendw. GERTRUDE M. CORNELIUS. Vivacily, inlellzgence, evil, Jimplicify, inlegrily, amlviiion, eompelence, and az'lraclivene.r.r are llze zyualiliex we alfrilmle lo lhal myihical ideal ave call ihe "dll-flmerican Girl," and in our Gerlie fha! ideal l.J' realized. GERALDINE F. COX. Cordial, collecied and collegiafe, Gerry live.r up io the molfo "N0lhing venlared, nolhing gained." The joke.rler'.r defpair, buf ihe mi.rehief-maker'.f delighl i.r Gerry. BERTIIA E. CURTIS. Generally acknowledged a.r lopc in French, Beriha i.r lopo' in reliallilily. Briekly convermlional and quielly friendly .fhe haw dome.ffic inlere.rl.r. MARIAN H. DANGLER. fllarian remindm one of a piece of delicale china-dainly, fair, and carefully groomed. dppearancec are no! decepfive, for like "Sanlighz"' .rhe i.f aJ lovely ao' .the Jeemw. ANN M. DE RITIS. Ann i.r a genile per.fon flaxhing dark eye.r are alcvayo' .rearching for a way lo help afriend. Highly regarded in ihe fieldx of Dramaticm and French, lzer markf are alnvayw excellenl, her di.rpo.fition never le.r.r. AUDREY M. DE SMITH. The .rfafely hearing of a queen-a lzeaufzfully modulaled voice-a delzglzzful delicacy of nzovemenz'-all lhiw logelher cvilh her anaeually .rfriking eyew, iw lhe vi.rio1z of lovely Audrey. Nor i.r her inward lovelinemr lem Jhining. MARIAN C. DIETRICH. flIi.rlre.r.r llarian, cvilh her dainiy curl.r, fcvinkling eye.r and romy cheekw, l.J' a Hphanlom of delzghlf' and Ihe very eJ.rence of grace and charm. THERESA S. DI GRAZIO. Our There.ra i.r a lovely young lady of rare nalural grace. Cerlainly .rhe can lay claim lo di.riincIion becaiue of a well-lzalanced, cvell-poifed life. MARY CATHERINE DOIIERTY. One of lhe mighfiefl of miles i.r fllaqy Caiherine. Her ze.rz'for cafholcozrlefun and mi.rchief, her merry laugh and diearming Jmile, her .rimplicify and lovableneJ.r all mark her am a lrae daughler of old Erin. 56 NAZARETH ACADEMY KATIII.EEN M. DOLAN. Darkexl hair and .rparkling eyem belong lo our "Kallzie." She a mon' demure manner combined willz an una.r.ruming permonalify. PAULINE A. DONAIIUE. Pelile i.r lhi.r dark hairedf fwinkling eyed Iriwh colleen. We .fee her here, zfhere and everywhere, alwayw ready fo amufe her.reU and olherw. ELIZABETII T. DOOLEY. Twinkling, clear blue eye.f fha! hinl al her J'lll',l7f'L.d'I,Ilgfl'L1l1lCI'LEJ'J, a .flow rafher .rhulling walk, a low vibranl voice, an occaxional ouizzical lj! of z'he eyebrowf, a keennew of inlellecl and wil-all are idenijied will: Bellyff ver.ralilc and .rlightly unique perfonalizfy. MILDREIJ E. DOXTATER. No lrue lQ'e "villain" l.J' Zllillie wlzofe .rcinlillaling wil and bearing have caplured ilze admiralion of her cla.r.rmale.r and won her a hoei offriendf. IEAN M. DRASCH. A .rmall wifp of a lady, plu.r a .fweel Jmile, plua' a charming manner make up our Jean. To all who can conmider her a.f Juch, .rhe if a dear and appreciaiedfriend. DORIS A. DUNLEA. Doriw-a feminine ver.rion of fllercury-i.r foo lillle known. Curwory 0bJ't3l'W1ll'0I1J' reveal: an incurable dreamer, a crealive wriler, an invelerale reader, and a well-informed gel very referved per.ron. SHIRLEY A. EN1EIlI.ING. Generoe-'ily and friendline.r.r, plum a willingne.r.r lo underlake any lawk-lhexe are lhe keynolef of Shirley'm clzaracler. Individual in voice and opinionf.rlze i.r a welcome newcomer lo Naza1'ellz. ELIZABETH A. EMMERICH. Valianl i.r lhe word for Befey-tiny ihouglz .rhe iw, her unfailing cheegfulnemf, her .rympaihelic nafure and her courageoua oulloolc on life could never be overlooked. AUDREY K. ENO. Audrey of llzc cordial manner and liberal .rmile i.f llze fall, .rlim dilrciple offaxhion wilh :noel graciou.r wayw and ready good humor. FANNE'I"I'E M. FARNSWORTH. Like a iiny, dainly bird poifed in flighzf, our Fannelle hae made her Jlay al Nazareih flled wilh inlenme life and aclivify. Unilh long dark lafhef and afaxcinafing drawl, .fhe lza.r won lhe admiralion of uf all. IANE F. FARRELL. fl welcome addilion to any group i.r Jane wilh her appealing .rmile and agreeable mannerm. llfilh ouz'.rlandingj6'rmne.r.r and loyally, Jane .rincerely endeavonr io .rucceed in all lhal .rhe doe.r. FLORENCE A. FILIPPONE. Diwcreel, reiiring Florence haf a Jhy .rmilef an open mind and hearlf .rhe ha.f one of lho.fe "big-.ri.rler" nalure.r, cheerful, .fympalhelic and helpful. 37 NAZARETH ACADEMY I MAIIIORIE A. FINEGAN. "1lIa1yie" if lhe lilllegirl wilh ihefunny lillle laugh fha! can be heard ringing oul af any lime. Her apprecialion of fhefner Ihingw, eepecially mu.ric, and her keen inlerarl in .rocialfun make her a greaffriend. IVXARIE A. FISCHER. Her quick, unJiudiedgraL'e, lillle laugh, and demure penronalilfy nol onlyghnd her a hom! offriendw buf alfa mold a lovely lady of our fllarie. From lip lo lop of her dainly-hgure, .rhe i.r the emfence of all zfhingofeminine. RITA I. FISCHER. Rila workf ana' playf, d'l.l7gJ' and daneeo' wilh a wonderful zefifor lbfe and all if.r good lhingf. Her nzarveloum .fence of humor nzakew lzer .ree a Jilver lining in every cloud. KATHLEEN M. FLAHERTY. Naive and .rincere, uwually quief and lzunzorouo, Kaihleen iw a refreehinglz candid perxon and a voluble conver.ralionali.rl, once .rhe gel,r.rlarled.,Q45,-dt, C72 4 4, - M j ' l L' va! MLLZQL ' I f . ,-.U , f'7' E . ,, . . . "' K . . PEGGY M. FLAHERTY. Like fhe average American Caiholic girl .rhe por lify play'Pe yJ arfwiic, oflen dramaiic, .romefimee .rcholaJlic, ana' never bombafzfic. MARY C. FLANAGAN. Tranquil and referved, Jlary prefenr fhe genile feminine arzir, parlicularly Jewing. Be.ride.r being a conecienliouf worker, ,rhe i.r an able Jeholar. NXARGARET M. FOLEY. zllargarel IIJ' an ice-.fkaling addicz' who enjoyw z'hi.r .fporl lo Ihe hzgheci degree. Defpile her apparenf referve, we have difcovered her lo be a girl wifh a frolicwome hearl. MARJORIE M. FOLEY. "Good lhingw in .rmall paekagemu are ofien heard of, .feldom found. Baz' we give you lllarjorie, a lover of mumic, difcreet, diminuiive, ana' devoled lo her friendf. ALICE L. FOOS. Loyal and generoue, Alice lhe exceplionally fine clzaracferi.riic of a good liwfener. Her dzgnifed, lhougl1Uul reeerve ham merited ihe approval of all her companiorw. BARBARA A. FOOS. In lruih, Barbara haf "grown in wifdom and graee,"for her brilliant, con.rcieniiou.r work in cla.r.r i.r well-known lo all, while her .rplendid courlemy and generou.r eorwideralion, ever command our renrpeci. ETHEL M. FRANK. Wheilzer if be playing lhc cello or working malh problemw, Efhel Jhinee. like Caeear, .rhe excelf in many lhingf, for, beJide.r her nzembermhip in ihe orchewlra and French Club, .fhe hae di.rzfingui.rhed henrelf in .reveral olherfieldx. MAE HELEN GAINES. Jlae I1elen'.r neaz' and lrinz appearance make ihal all-imporlanz'fr.fl inzpre.r.rion a good one,' her whimeical face, laughing eye.f, and liberal be.flowal of lime and ejforl on any good make il a lafting one. 38 NAZARETH ACADEMY i' MARGARET MARY GALLAGIIER. Iler apprecialion of llze ridiculouf and her pleaeanf voice make up for any lack of .rfalure on lhe par! of lhiw brown haired 1ri.fh girl. If may even be her peiile .fize which give.r lzer .ruch agility on llze dance j7oor. SYLVIA L. GARBACH. Like her nameealce, lhe lone Rangerlr lzonre, "Silver" hae many friende and ardenifollowerf,' fhe cauee may be found in her .rprzghlly converfafion and enihu.ria.rm for .rporfw and dancing. BONNIE I. GARDNER. Bonnie? .fweef .rmile and lovely dark hair made her a Chri.rlma.r flladonna we .rhall long remember. Her charming pereonaliiy and dimarming manner gain for her a .fpecial place in flze hearhr of her friend.r. MARGARET A. GEYSSENS. Profciency and eficiency are 17Iargaref'.ffwin, and Jhe aimefor lhenz con.rfanz'ly. Greally devofed fo her friendf, .rhe .feem.r alwayo' informed, alwaym ini1'n.'Ied, alwaya' capable of filling any need. ROSEMARY A. GIBBONS. Our brown-eyed Rowemary, with her hearfy, merry chuckle, haw the unufual power of puffing much meaning inlo few worahr. Of her many pleaeanl qualiliee, we have diwcovered her cooperaiion lo be among lhe firff. PATRICIA A. GOODWIN. Pal underlalcee faflcw wiih fhe frm belief lhaf anylhing worlh doing LHJ' worih doing well. Her unumual inifiafive and en1fhu.ria.rlic .rpiril have made her a Joa'aliz'y prefecz' of which we are juelly proud. MARGARET M. GREISBERGE12. .fllargarel if one of lhe .fmaller mcmbere' of our clam whoJe fiery hair bI'l:0hlEllJ her already cheerful face. Vivacioum and fun loving, hero' i.r a penronalily unique. NKICHELINA GRUTTADAURIA. If purely modern mi.r.r wilh afunny liflle nickname i.r Jhe. fllickey, lhough quiel in her manner, enfoyf a laugh al fhe rzglzl lime. JANE A. HAERING. Jane l.J' a irue example of pep plu. perfonalily. She io' a.r carefree a.r a butiewy and a .fmile lhal i.r I1 naiural gloom-di.rpen.rer. AGNES V. HANLEY. Our HBonnie" la.rJie addw informalify, hilarily and popularily Io any group. She ia' a lover of ouidoor .rpol'fJ,' perhapo' lo !lzi.r we may allribuzfe her ro.ry cheekf and fparkling eyef. MARIE C. HASENAUER. Jlarie i.r a dreamer of lhe frm' rank, bui .the can alfo accomplieh much. Une can noi decide whellzer we will lzail her a.r a fournalifl, a mufician, a naluralilfl, or an allzleie, buf hail her we Jhall. ROSEMARY T. HAYES. Rafemaly-a bl'L'lll,tlI'lfC011K'6l'J'dll.0llLZllLd'f1lZL'UL'!' al a low for word.r, independenl, clear-zfhinlcing, ullerly ejfcienf. wilh vocal falenzir lo .rpare l.J' ihe "life of lhe parlyu in Jpife of being Jomewhaz' of a nonconformixf. 39 NAZARETH ACADEMY M, fp J My ' lk ' ff,-F 'X If ' .- If? BLAG,CHE R. Hc FFM N. ho gh reliceace I71!lkEJ' Blanche .reenz .rlzghlly lraxljul, .rhe really i.r a cheery, delighyful permon who goef alzoul her work unol7lru.rively arzdfrequenlly playm llze good angel lo her chumw. BETTY S. HORIVUNG. If .rhe iwjolly and genial, con.rcienliou.rly prompl and ncal, dulyully Jllllil-0l.lJ', and experienced in lhe fancy arl.r, " lhen you will know .fhe i.f our Belly. JEAN ANNE HOUGIITON. A lillle Jhy, very hardworking, .runnyl in a'i.rpo.rilion-.ruch i.f Jean who, wilh lhal love of .rcience and malh, .fhould lve very happy lrying lo malch and .rurpamr all lhal ha.r been accomplilrhed in ,h'eld.r. HELEN M. HUBBAIID. Endowed wilh .rporkling vilalily ana' ready wil, Helen i.r a charming conver.ralionali.rl wilh lhe rare gQ"l.f of .rim- plicily and naluralnewm. ELAINE B. IABAUT. 11 wee hil .rhy and limid-lhe dl1J'WCl' lo a leacher'.r prayer-lhal'.r lhe pedecl defcriplion of Elaine. Her greal dark eyef and whimxical lillle .fmile have proved dilrarming lo all her a.r.roeiale.r. MARY ALICE IOIINSON. A .reriouf worker, llary dlice i.r a young lady offew lzul .fenanible wordr, whome .rlurdy will and quiel indu.rlry command rempecl. BETTY G. IOST. 11 pelile permon wilh a flow, warming .rnzile and a why lillle glance-.ruch L.-I' our Belly. Aboul her dainly wayf, and lovely .rpeech lhere i.r a flower-like qualily which we have all come lo love. SHIRLEY G. KARP. Popularily, penreverance and perfiflage are our clam pre.ridenl'.f mowl nolable characleri.rlic.r, and her lrlue eye.r, blond hair, ana' perpelual dimple.r make Shirley "a lhing of l1eauly" and a 'joy forever." MARGARET KELLETT. U7ilh lhe face and air of a cherulr, Jlargarel .rleenr ajoyouw, happy lhrough lyle. Herr l,J' an engaging wil and an irre.ri.rlil1le laugh. RITA M. KELLEY. Rila'.r i.r afre.rhne.r.r and whole.fomene.r.r of appearance, a lIl'l'J'kll6J'J' and congenialily of way, an agilily of mind and lzody, and a .flight mi.rchievou.rne.r.r of .rpiril lhal make olher.r week her friendfhip. MARIORIE C. KLEE. Re.rpon.ril2le for fllargie'.r genial, winning per.ronalily are a quiel, calm di.rpo.filion logelher wilh an inviling Jmile, ever ready lo dicplay lhe heauly of her .rhining leelh. EILEEN M. KLOS. Differenl, delighzyul, decidedlyfond of dancing, Eileen i.rfriena'ly andgay. She i.r willy am can be wilh her own original little .raying.r,' a lrue friend and a fa.fcinaling fellow Jludenl. 40 NAZARE'I'HAC1ADEMY ! me .nys-no K V K I "Cixi W All fi ,N R. IANE KRECICEI.. The ideal Prince Charming of lhe .rlage and lhe mofl charming prince.r.f of "pak" ir idealiflfc and ingeniou.r Jane who Lf .fomewhal of a poel and a dreamer, and .fomelimef a would-he invenlor. ANN V. KRIEG. 15e,r1'deJ being capahle of giving ajfne Jpeech, Virginia ix a very ina'u.rlriou.r per.ron. Her love of hooko' bringx her many fclionalfriend.r,' her naluralfriendline.r.r win.f her many real one.r. CAROL M. KULZER. "Nine-pine" Carol excelw nal only in lhe bowling alley hal on lhe ice-.fkaling rink, lhe dancejqoor and in all .rocial eirclew. MARY LOU KULZER. By a deliciomrgzggle, lreaulgful lzrown hair, and lwo very hewitohing dimple.r you .rhall know fllary Lou-a girl who ice-Jkalem, and well, loo-who dance.r, .rwim.r, ride.r-bolh llicyclem and hor.fe.r-one whome pre.rence'i.f alwaya' welcome. DOROTHY A. KUNZ. To pul il Jimply, Dorothy if one of lho.fe indi.rpen.fal1le per.ron.r, gifled, generoux, genial, praclical, palienl and decidedly plea.ran1'+ju.rl a real pal. HELEN B. LABORE. Helen i.r readyfor whalever you are, whenever you are. flllhough of a .fomewhal independenl nalure, .rhe i.r willing lo cooperale wilh the Jugge.rlion.r of olherw and lend a helping hand. GLADYS L. LA CROSSE. Quiel, unamruming, low-voiced, Gladyw movetr lll1dl.J'lllf'l7L'll' along her palh. Indeed, her calmneew l'J' a .fouree of envy lo more excilahle people. .fllay well-deferved happineozr he hem! MARY ANN LALLY. Shy, reliring and genlle, fllary Ann movef quielly, .rwzflly alioul our hallf. Though we lzear lflllefrom her, we feel cerlain of her loyally and eooperalion. SARA C. LEARY. Like a Jylph, Sara, .rlim and lilhe, a graeefulne.r.r of movemenl, a graciouJne.r.r of manner lhal would indieale lhal .fhe fuel danced oul offairyland lo charm u.r, CLAIRE L. LECHLEITNER. Loquacioux Claire inz'ere.fI.r her.reU in a mullilude of lhing.r including foolhall. W'ilh a radianl perfonalily and a perpelual capaeily for fun, .rhe conquerm hear1'.r willz TERESA LEENE. Her a.rJociale.r have been edgfed hy her compo.rure and elegance of manner, by her alfnofl inaudilnle laugh and her .reinlillaling wil, .furprieed hy her lrenchanl powenf of appraiwal and her lofly a.rpiralion.f, and, moreover, lhey fnd her quile worlhy of lhe lille "lrue lady." LUCILLE A. LEIMBERGER. Lucillefr laughing eye.r proclaim a humoroua' oullook on lje and her rhylhmic loew .rlzow her lo be adepl in lhe lerp.richorean arl-in olhera' word.r, .fhe mzghl he called a jillerlzug. 41 ,A ""'-T' NAZARETH ACADEMY ' . J if X BARBAIZA A. LINDNER. Babe, a greal lover of Jporzir, who never he.rilale.r io join in, ham whal if lake.r fo make a hom! offriendm and keep ihenz. LUCILLE M. L Luci ., of Ihe faify-like wayf, haf .ruccewdully mixed Jocial acfiviliea wiih Jludieo and ronzef ouz' on lop in bolh. , W ll al dainzfy, .rhe i.r afanziliarjfgure on lhe llallroonzfoor. L 'Al .ORPM Sl w of .rpeech and generouw of heari, Laura z'ake.r lhinga' ao they come in her own inimilable way. Deepife her calm 1 'M'ferja7?.fhe haf an amazing abiliiy for Jporlm. 4E V . Thif hufky Senior im an all around Jporzfw enlhu.ria.rl. dllhouglz a lillle on lhe quief fide, Tefla makef up for ihi.r uv, 2, I her loyally and her courage. ANE A. L SCHER. Sincere and ,rweel are ihe beef word.f lo defcribe our Vl.C6-PFEJl.d6Hl. ddmired by all, Jane IDJ' ready io do her beff for Irchool and claaxrmale. HEI,EN P. MACCHIA. dconfiderale andeompowed manner i.r one of Helen'.r moe! lovable qualiliex. Her dzgnihed llffllflldf, her keen mind. and her ready common .fenfe reveal her io be a irue lady and a lrue mcholar. MARIE C. MAIIONEY. dn auburn-haired girl wiihouf ihe fery lemper u.rually a,r.rocialed wiih "red-head.r," 'zdlollyu i.r afavorife of everyone, her .rmile can alwayf be depended upon fo furni.rh a brighf .rpol in one'.r dull day. KATIIERINE MAYER. Kay i.r Ihe lall, dark and Jlender "ouldoor girl" iypej lzerfavorile .rporI.r are .rail-boaling and lenni.r,' .rhe ia' alJo fond of long lelephone eonver.ralion.r io ihe amulremeni of herfrienafr. VIRGINIA I. MCANDREXV. Ginny .rhould have lhe lille, "0M'cial Chauffeur of Ihe Senior Claw." She ha.rn'I ever been known lo refine a ride lo anyone who wanfed one. She i.r addicled fo Hlripping the l1gl1Ifanla.rlic." MARY IANE MCBRIDE. diary Jane .rmileJ readily, di.1',olaying dancing dimplef and an acufe .renee of humor. Though a lively, playful la.r.r who if never blue for a momenl, .rhe i.r a Jludenl, inieremled and alerl. MARION VV. MCCARTHY. Allhough alyhnri glance Jlarion .feemw fo be a iiny bit why, neverlhelexw her laughing brown eye.r cannot conceal her quick wif, herfriendly allilude, and her love of lzilarily. CMAHON In dance hall or Jchool corridor lhi.r liflle Senior' f dancing fee! are alwaylf l1u.ry al lzerfavorife ,oaJfime. Dempile IJUCILLE A. M . , . D her Jkill in fhe .focial gracef, Lucille im an alleniive, rewponwive Jluderzl. 42 NAZARETH ACADEMY' l'-' fo .flfj ' if . I. I lp J W y . I I 3 Q 1 'ff . , J! JOAN M. MCNULTY. Thai pen.five expre.r.rion ofien found on Joan'.r face i.r zfhe key fo her Jeriouf, referved demeanor. Yei, al unexpecled 4' I inlervalo her rippling .renoe of humor haJ .ruddenly capfivafed uJ. A U XMARY C. MCNUI.TY. Kay haf a .fmile fhaf win.r friendx and a charm lhaf holdw them fa.rf. In any acfiviiy which claimf her inz'ere.rz', whelher il be dancing or .rome ouldoor wporf, The io' an aclive, whole hearled parlicipant. BERNADETTE M. MEAGHER. The of a lovely voice and the lo .ring before any audience, Bernadeile ha.r won lhe affenfion and admirafion of many of her .rchoolmaie.f. Her happy hearied gaiely haf brighzfenea' many dull momenlr. IEAN M. MEISENZAHL. Candid in opinion, impeccable in affire, Jean, who iw quife a Jocialife, i.r well-known lo her cla.r.rma1fe.r aw ihe pedecf bill-collecior. Her knowing grin iw an ever-pleafanf memory. ROSEMARY A. MEISENZAHL. dlihough .rhe ha.r proven her.reU lo be a capable bu.rine.rJ Jludenf, Rwemary ia' raiher inclined fo withdraw from lhe limelighlf bulxherfrienafr like her-for if. She enjoyf life quiefl y and io' ready lo .rhare her plea.rure wilh her friend.r. ANNA D. MENSIIQIG. co erj'okeJ,-Maimake Ann Jodpopulaf, if muff be her univer.ralfriendline.r.r, her love of good fun and hergnqueenbltz' a'if',l2c5.ri'li'on lhfzl have endeared her lo all. . ml ,ARL B ., M x , F LUCY M. MERCURY. Inqui'.rifivene.r.r, a qualify which iw Luczff, l'J' fhefref Jfep foward wimdom. forceful, Jlurdy, and eapge perwofg, N . . ' ' . L ' ' 'V .fgf I JV Ji, .rheqrcelr indfriendly argumenffi XC yr y , . X 6, MU , W, if M 1 X l, IVIPXKG . M rgar , ofthe vely .r ch a .flqibg gdnvfe y,l.rey, .P io e lycin-ayfz ga iimefflver, liclci Vow! I Up' 'xxyf' N5 ca h Jalfin hi'ch Qy hiwghcen- ed Lili ' my , J Y 4 ' 4- Zqfyfd 'LLP' H", jx LJ' ARY F. MONNAT. A vivaczoux per.fonal1 yfrom er j?a.fhing ey J io her winkling loef, ary if verxaiile, afoolball enihu.ria.rl and lhe of an irrepre.f.rible giggle. Everyone lcnowf, lilceo, and admirem fllary. AGNES G. MOYNIHAN. fl warm .rmile on herface, inquiring dark eye.r, and .fweezf word.r for all combine fo make Zhim lovely IriJh girl. She L'J' .ro genially informal lhai everyone if ai in her prewence. RUTH M. MYKINS. Rufh if a peppy lifile lady, in herfelfa .racial commoiion. ff rare compound offaneyhfun, and'h', .the i.r a.r good nalured a.r lhe day if long. BETTY M. NOLAN. Unhurried and unworried, Belly ialcew lye a.r if come.r. Ifer incredibly long la.rhe.f are a .rource of envy lo uJ, bu! with or wifhoui zfhem, Belly will alway.r be the cenfer of a circle of merriment. 45 """" NAZARETH ACADEMY A! , , ,, ,. W- W V ,F N - A e y KJ E , f A Vi A fig-ah' 1' 3 3 i , W BE lg CE R. RMAN. We think of Berenice noi onhy af a Jincere Soddliiy ojfeerx hui a.r afine Jwimmer and a verilalvle one-girl 7 orehewlra. In every held of endeavor, her unfailing deferminafion aeeouhezo for her .rteady program' and .fuece.rJ. MARY A. OAKES. Zeal and enfhufiafm for her own and ozfherf' projeclf, prank.r and emcapadex characlerize diary dgnefj her arz'i.r1fie leaning.r were exhilziied in the Senior Play eomlumef and her Joeialzle nature i.r proved hy her many friendm. IANE E. O,BRIEN. "She l'J' never noi.ry, .fhe i.r never hold, Jhe l'J' a lovely per.ron wifh a heari ofgoldf' Thzlr eniirely de.rcril1e.r Jane who would never hefifafe io do a good turn for anyone. SIIEILA F. GIBRIEN. dfavorile companion of all, Sheila haw fwinkling eyef, a never aluenf Jmile, a loving heari, and aflairfor llrighf eonverwafion enlivened by her genfle irony. MARY M. ONGANAERS. She haw graced our .riage aw afairy and our halla' a.f a diminulive, venralile miJ.r. AJ a ffudeni, .fhe io' a lover of hi.rlory and friendly argumemir. MAGDALENE M. OTT. Reiicenf fhlagdalene make.r her way wiihoulfanfare, lzuf amiably and eapahly. The .fame qualiiieo' ihaf made her edifor of our .rehool paper have broughf her a .releef circle of .rincere true friendw. IRENE V. PAOLONE. The .rmile in lhe hearl of our .ralufaiorian i.f fum' aa' plea.ran1f ax ihe .rmile on her lip.r. Her eace of manner and .rpeech have won our hearlf complelely. KATHRYN PETROTTA. A lively liflle penron ready fo .fhower a dozen que.rz'ion.r upon you, Kay hop.r aluoulfrom place fo place alway.f keeping up an animaled chaiier and a genuine inleren' in .rehool afaim. STELLA M. POPOWICH. lf pleafanl "good morning" and a haffy look over her Jhoulder announce fhe arrival of .rmiling Szfella. Her energefic .rpiril and her hulzhling converxafion make her a delighzyul companion. IANET M. PREDMORE. W'iih a melodioua' voice and nimble feel, Janez' radiafew ,runfrhine for every gloomy hour. The live-wire in any gaihering .rhe if alma a con.rcieniiou.r Jludeni. THELMA A. PRINZIVALLI. Often Jmiling, quiie aw often .rerioux and .rfudiou.f, Thelma .ruceemgfully comlvinex common, eheerfulneoxr and eourleoy .ro well fha! .rhe ham gained lhe afeciion of all her eompanionf. IEANNE K. PRITCHARD. Jeanne i.r diminufive, and confideni, alsvaytr ready wiih .romelhing inierewiing fo Jay. ShC,J a lover of Jporlw, a maker of real friendo' and a real .rludenf loo. 44 NAZARFTH ACADEMY T-"'-"' Afkwfd ,vs u Vi, I'i' RUTH E. RAUBER. 1,L'l'!7l1l7J if i.r her alcrlne.r.r in clam and her farajul con.ridcraz'ion of UlllL'l'J' lllal make Rulh .reenz alwayf happy, alwayn' in a .runny mood. Wfho will everforgef our "Bun1p.r?,' ROSEMARY A. REGER. "Nol1ly plannea' lo warm, fo comforl and command." ROJClfIdl1Ll lid' a real pal whoxe l.l1!CCll.0LlIl'-glgglzf in no way delraclmfrom her .rincerify anelfriendlineJ.r hu! ralher revealo' her fun-loving di.rpo.rilion. IVIARGARET E. REICIIERT. Eager, allenlive, willing fo plea,re,' one who likeo' a gooa' lime blll haf lhe dievcrelion lo devole lhe proper amounl of lime lo her .rz'udie.r-lhal i.r fllargarel. RUTH M. RITZENTIIALER. Very like a lillle pi.qy IIJ' Rulh, .rkipping quickly here and lhere, alway.r exlziln'z'ing a new andfarcinafing .ride of her ever-changing perwonalily. Wilh all her grace and vifalily, Rulh lza.r lzecome an accomplirhea' aclre.r.r. BERNADINE ROBINSON. A newcomer lo Nazarelh in her .renior year, Bernadine iefounal fo have many frienfir in all pariw of llze Jchool. We feel fhaz' her eafe of manner and air of amiahilily are greafly re.rpon.rible. MARGARET M. ROGERS. Tranquilify and poi.fe ever ali.rz'ingui.rlz xllalgarel. Her accomplirhmenlf are many and variealand her inlereflm furn io Juelz -ffldf a.r reading ana' a'ome.rlie Jcience. CAROL A. ROLAND. She i.r one of lhofe all aroundgirlf who if ever gay. Carol'.f innocenl wil anal playful way.r have maa'e a Iremendou.f hil wilh all her a.r.rociale.r. YOLANDA ROMANO. Yolandaff will lo .rucceeal anal neverjailing high .rpiril.r have glafldened our a'ayJ al Jchool. 11 .rympalhefic liwlener, fha haw alfo proven her.reU' an ever .fincere ana' hara'-working cla.r.rmaz'e. MARIORIE L. RUSSELL. I7Iafy'orie'.r Jmile, like lzer red hair, ham lzrzghiened many a momenl al Nazarellzg lzghlfeelfor dancing, a liolzl hear! for hnding gaiefy and merrimenl on any are IlIa1y'orie'J. MARY ALICE RUSSEI.L. Unlimiled mirlh and hilarily .reem Io emanale from any group in which Illafy Alice iwfound. Nofedfor lzer frequenz' laughfer and quick wil, .fhe ha.r many lalenlr, mumical and oiherwime, which .rerve only lo "gila' fhe lily," ESTHER M. RUSSER. Dilzgenl, con.ri.rlenl, melhodical and buoy am a lzee, Eflher l'J'llf16 "cream of lhe crop." She haf fhaz' knack of pulling olhenr al llzeir, of conducling lzer.reU a.r a lruc genllewoman, and of devoling herereb' unxelhklzly io lhe comforl of lufr conzpaniomr. MARY LOUISE SAAIYN. dn excellenz' bMJ'l.IlL'J'J' .riudenl who willgofar in ihe ouhriale world io' Jlary Louiee. She gel.r along well in all .flze doew ana' alway.f comem ou! on lop. Keep up your record, fllaryl 45 -T'-' NAZARETH ACADEMY eff' LIC . A ORD. The graeiou.rne.r.r and lovelinew of dliee will alway.r help her fo allain whahrlzegoea' afier. The pleaoanl .rnzile of lhi.f lillle newcomer llghleno' many a dark day. playf' her wil could-fill in any llreakf in dialoguej and her dramalic allilify would in.mre a eapaeily audience. MARY F. T 0. fl' aeioiu man , a deli hlfu o e Iuhelher .rpeaking or Jinging, a warm Jnzile, all .rel Jlaly aparl. llvillz her Y SANSOM. Belly would he fllghf ai home with a froupe of aelorf. Her 1inu.rual lawle in ll.lL'l'dIlll'6 would provide many Jlriking ' oaeenly :nie ai i eapabi'li'ly fo .ree her 6f,0l'1lJ' crowned wffh .mece.r.r. HELEN M. SCI-IANTZ. Helen, ihe in,re,oarable companion of Florence, hae a Jearehing, candid manner. Though an ineon.rpicaou.r Jeholar, .rhe i.r noledfor lzer lively eonvenrafion and her diearnzing frankneanr. RITA B. SCHNEIDER. In un,fopl1i.rlicaled manner, an alwaya' plea.rani eounlenanee, and a love for willy renzarka are among Rilafr a.r.rel.r. Wilh a likeable way lhal aliraefm many friendm, .rhe like.r life and lnflpf olhenr z'o enjoy if. GERTRUDE A. SEWARD. Porlrail of GEl'li'6.' a madeinoilrelle who looke ae if .rhe jimi .rlepped oul of " Vogue," afa.rhion enthu.ria.rI willz a penronalily io mafeh her aflraelive elolhem. MARGARET E. SGAMBATY. Bright eye.r and a winning .rmile are ever linked wifh our llzoughlw of Jlargarel. Her lillle laughing-Hoare i.r a welrofne .righi indeed and we all hail her approach. DOROTHY T. SKELLY. Our headline reporler of laJl minufe newf-a gem of Iri.fh wif and llLll710l"J'llL'll ia' Dorolhy. .Never wilhoul a library book, alwaye hrimming with enihufiaem, her brlghi reparlee i.r a rexull of her vilzranl penronalily. MARY A. SKELLY. Thai qizizzieal upraimed righf eyebrow iypweo fllaryfr inquiring mind, and Ihoee lwinkling eyed' hinz' az' fhe fan and good lime.r her friend.r ymjoy af a,ll of knowing hen. F . I X xl ' 1 .. xx JJ., V MARY SLOAN. fllx il'1bazfewol'lhyfon,lyr .ra ' fh dim oajilionnzndfor fhe rnieehiefjurking in her eye.f. flllhough .rhe i.r llghf hearled and enha ' e, -fllafydlwo rna.rler.r .ffinlfri eaeily. , I x - , MARY ALICE SNIDER. 11 mo.1'lamu.ring an likeable per.ron i.r Zllarjy Alice, who i.f noledfor her poelly, .ferioux and olherwiee. .4 marler of llghl hanler, alwayf really lo relurn quip for oaip, .fhe io' lHl.J'l.'hllAl?I'0llJ' and .rerioux hy lurn.1'. ANN MARIE S'I'AUFIf'ER. In lillle zfnne flfarie we have a .rhy lm! none lhe le.r.r congenial clamrnlale, KUIIOJC 1ma.v'.1'zuningg'exlerior hideo' an in flexible will and a .rurpriwing knowledge of lileralare and German. 5 f 46 NAZARETH ACADEMY -'-"1 -I K 4 MARY CATHERINE ZWACK. fl of humor combined wilh .found lJu.rine.r.fjudomenl makem "Zwackie" a valuahle memher of our clam. .fllary Cafherine ha.r a hoof of friendx, whom her merry chuckle delighlo. B. MARIE STEPHENS. Il hardly .reemo poxfilzle lhaf our ling Billie could .vii .rtillfor Iwo minuiec, yet, .rhe L'J' bofh an arii.rf and an aclre.r.r of ahilify having made an inimilahle careiaher in lhe Senior Play. CATHERINE M. SULLIVAN. Ifay, a lovely lady .viih hlond curlf and hlue eye.r, LIJ' an ardeni .rporzlr enfhu.ria.rl. In facl, Qfyou wanf her, you may .rearch lhe foollvall Jfadiunz, an ice-Jhaiing rink, or a fennio courl, depending on lhe .reawon of lhe year. IEANNE A. TEDDY. Jeanne appearf a quiel per.ron, buf a .fecond glance reveal.f a decided lwinkle in her eyef. Iler Englimh cla.r.rmale.v can vouch for lhe di.+'cerning lilerary z'a.rle and alzilily lo crilicize conffruclively of ilzilr ".mow-halerf' IRIS E. TOLLIN. 1111 inzpi.rh grin unfoldf lo all ihcgay, happy di.rpo.rili0n of our Iri,r. fl "regularfellow," Jhe lendx her happineco readily lo one and all and numherf every I la.r.rmale among herfriendw. IWARY CLARE TORPEY. The lilling voice and laughier of zllary Clare can lze heard in .rluafy lzall :very day. Thif young lady ha.r a .fharp wif combined wilh a willingne.r.r lo help, holh of which ,verve io make her a well-known, well-liked Senior. AGNES R. TRABOI.D. Abou! zfgnex lhere iw an unrnilrlakahle air-one of dignily and quief. Her manyfriendw can vouchfor lhe nohilily of her characler and lhe .rleadine.r.r of her femperamenf. ffgnem io' a .rympafhelic liwiener, who will ever he appreciaied. SADIE H. TRIPI. Sadie i.r oflen ohliviouo' lo her Jurrounding.1', l1u1f her hrighl eyeo' give her a loolc of endlemf .rurprifej a gleeful chuckle and lhe haliil of .raging lhe wrong fhing al lhe righl lime have made friendrhip wilh her delzghlfully mirlhful. JEAN E. TROY. We never lhink of Jean wiihoul fhinlcing of her violin, for .the if a lalcnled mueician. flloreover, her loyally, her coopera- fion, and her cea.rele.r.r induoiry will make her linger long in lhe fnemorief of her cla.r.fmale.r. PATRICIA A. UPSON. Dancing in lhe corridoro' io' Pal'J Jpecialiy. Thiojillerllug pul.r life and aclion inlo all her aJ.rocialion.r which accounlm for much of her popularily. MARY A. USIIER. Nali11'ally gay and aciive, when .fllary laughm, lhe world laugl1.r cvilh her. Hem' 111' lhe falenf for z'acl andgood E1 be Z ? C-94-P' 4 . Rue E N' 5 ' 'Q' E gi 3 3 ru Wm' F . Q .E Z N zz SS 5. 3 S E 'E RZ .hit zu : R V5 Q Q Ee - if E izx -5. WE 5 E fl an E. 3 1? EN F 4? VH E all N SE.. 3 Il 5 N 'Ll als 'N S A 'B z E. vi, J- J4, n lur r .we ow? excellen cdenl 1 ruddenly Jhalleled as e dmcoc er her lo he lhe po.rJe.f.ror o lhe loflgrace o lzlu rhing p fil , ex 3 X Q 47 'i"""" NAZARETH ACAD MY eff' ' , I 1 Lf' . ef'-f ,- -ffil ' 1' 1 I, ,f 4. .., MARY K. VAN DERVEIRE. Il lzaJ been .raid lhal fllary if afriend in need and alfo afriend indeed. Her ambilion .rpur.r u.r on fo greafer lhing.r and her cvillingne.r.r fo help i.r .romelhingfew ARLINE V. VAY. ffrline, fhe well-known Hflladam G'," i.r lhe eyed' and earw of fhe "Queen'.r Herald." dn able Jludenf, .rhe all by her quiel, genile air. N. IMA B. VERNARELLE. Norma iw one lypical redhead.r,'fun-loving, vivaciouf, oflen gelling henrelf and herfrienda' inlo irouble. Her chief iniereflf .reem io be makingfriendf and dancing lo lhe laleff rhyzfhmm of lhe ma.rler.r of Jwing. MARTHA E. VERROCA. The one, the only, fhe original Zllarfha can .rupply wiity reparleejor any and every occa.rion,' noi only her humor buf her l. Willy and .rincerify make her lhe favorile Ifunfferu of lhe Senior claw. MARY K. VISNER. fklary believec fhaf it iakef le.f.f energy io .vmile lhan zfofrown, .ro whyfrown? Thif courfeou.r, well-groomed Senior im an excellenl .fludenl will: a well cho.fen hobby-cooking. MARGARET R. VOLKMAR. Like fhe lhrec men in a bowl, jolly Iklargarel i.f "af mea" when if come.r io book.r. Even Jo, .rhe gelm her work done and ha.r pleniy of lime for her friend.r. OLGA K. WACHTER. Olga if one of our many .renionr who believed' in .rlarling the day wifh a Jmile. She relieveo' many a frying .riiualion by her ready wii and good humor. MARGARET T. WALSH. fllarg i.r ihe "pea.ranl" iype in dramalic.r,' ihe ,olea.rani iype in her .racial lyfe. Herflippanl langue and pronounced fade for coxmelology have made her our favorile "moderni.rl." MARIE C. WEISENBORN. Thim Senior i.r ouloianding for her naiural, ruwlic, unafecled manner which delzghfw all herfriendo' and ac- quainfancew. With a diwllnci leaning fowardf domeflic Jcience, fllarie l.J' earnefl and Jineere. DOROTHY IVI. WELCH. A queen of hearl.r, lovely fo look al and delzghyful lo hear, Dol, .rparkling wilh good humor, haw a charming individualily which i.r .ro apfly dioplayed in her .rludenl and .facial lyfe. MILDRED L. WHITE. Illildred i.r one of the lucky girlw who have nalurally curly hair and big dark eye.r. She make.r our Oral Englifh cla.r.fe.r very inieremling wilh her novel reciialionf. MARY K. WILKINS. dgirl of lillle noiwe and a perfect' .fporf i.r fllary. dn amuxing relaler ofjokef, .fhe hac many generouw deed.r on her lQ'e'.r record. By .ruch deeda' heaven if won, Jlary. 48 NAZARETH ACADEMY '---'-' IEAN E. TROY Gludzzzzfe In XIIMJIC lean has spent twelve years at Nazareth and leaves with two credentials, a college entrance diploma and a diploma in music. Um' cofzgraiulalionr, Jean! NAZARETH ACADEMY ANNE E. WI1.SON. Anne IJ a ialenfedgfrl in more wayx fhun mumfc. Slzc knowir ilzc pam wora'forfrz'end.rlz1'p.' charm, kz'na'neJJ, .gympailzy dm! all flzc fh'l5QgJ' ilzaz' fo mlz7vc up zz "Lady of i7Vazarellz." V , GERAL NE O. ZABIXSIQ. Cer , alwgfym rfazfyfor tzdueniure, laofw ana' t1Cf.B7l.k6 fl gypiry. lffzeffN'fof1 U10 dance ,floor or in lfzc' fL'f1o0l- ,N :MQ .rlze D' knowgjiana' zwziraify alli ' I : J ,' N X. X, 'Q J X X J I U T ' -.x .J N ry X 1 J 'X X : ix y HELEN M. ZADROZNY. Helen lid' a modwf, Ifzougfz clever menzffcr of our clam, from wfzonz we lzcar lfllle, bu! fn wfzonz we have fauna' zz gcnufne pal. Far from drl1'acf1'ngfronz her ,UL'l'J'0ll- alily, fzer lack of nazlre merely acccniuafew ffm Jlcrling llllL1lI4fl4L'J'. 49 C0mp0.fL'lonr.' MARGARET GEYSSENS MARGARET RPIICHERT ANNE DERITIS MARJORIE KLEE Plzoiograpl1er.r: MARY MCNULTY JOAN MCNUL'fX' Edflor-L'n-Chiqf AOE LE CARMAN Zjlj,l7l:!'1.l'.' ROSEMAIQH' GIBBONS IJOROTHY SKELLY BETTY IOST MAIZH' SAMYN Llferary Board: BARBARA FOOS DOROTHY KUNZ BETTY DOOLEY IOAN CASE ETHEL FRANK Buwfn em Edflor 1fdverlL'.rz'ng ffduerfzlring Suf2.rc1'1',11l1'0n.r EILEEN CORNELIA ROSEMARY REGEIQ RUTH RAUBER NIARIE FISCHER is GT 'Ke THE SENIORS WHO MADE OUR ISSUE OF THE LANTHORN FINANCIALLY POSSIBLE IJ! row-I. Farrell, B. Curtis, A. M. Stauffer, M. A. Russell, M. Fischer B. Foos, IW. Geyssens, R. Rauber, R. Gibbons. Zndrow-I. Tollin, G. Cox, B. A. Berkes, L. Leimberger, D. Bray, D. Skelley A. Vay, R. Fischer. ' 5rd rowfl. Troy, C. Zwack, M. Meyers, P. Canzano, B. Iost, M. Mc Carthy, M. L. Samyn, D. Dunlea, B. Norman, Predmore, R. Kelley. 4fh r0wvG. Albrecht, Kreckel, A. DeRitis, V. Kreig, M. Gruftadauria E. Frank, P. Goodwin, D. Kunz, M. Bieck, E. Cornelia, A. Hanley, M. Reichert B. Hornung. fill row-B. Gardner, R. Reger, M. McNulty, T. Prinzivalli, M. C. Torpey H. Macchia, McNulty, L. lwercury, M. Klee, S. Karp, A. Carman. 11l1.renlfE. Russer. NAZARETH ACADEMY 51 OUR UNIFORM In Nazareth Academylf book of time If you will look, you'll eaeilyfind The trtory of a lovely .right lyritten there in black and white. Ladielr, clad in veil.f of white 0'er unyormf aa' black df night, With pure-white .roulf to chapel yo And pray to God to keep them Jo. J. K. A GRADUATES PRAYER Lovely Lady in mantle of blue Guide me ,rafely my whole life thru, Keep me alwayw in thy embrace Shower upon me abundant grace. Lovely Lady in mantle of blue , Never let me Jtray from you. Ever guard me in thilr life Keep me free from every Jtrife. B. S. A PAIR I have met famouw people I have aided many love.r, For after all, why .fhouldn't I? I am a pair of ylovew. D.M. NAZARETH ACADEMY N---.1 NAZARETH ACADEMY FRIENDS The world ilr an inn, you pleame .ro io ferm if, W here a man LZJ' a guewf and he i1rn'f a hermii. He hair lo pul up wifh lhe inn'.r ofher lodgerw Tho.fe pu.fhing young upwlarzif, ihome grumpy old codger .1'. dna' Kroon, aw a rule, he ilr righily perwuaded, To greei and he greeledj io aid and he aided, Forfriendwhip l.J' good in our joyw and our irouhlew, Each .forrow if halvetr and each pleafure if douhlew, Now don,f lei happineww paw you by Gel along wifh people-af leaxi you can zfry. For you'll have fo fake and you'll have io lend, And fhere'.f no one hui .fomelime haf need of a friend. P. F. THE CHURCH BELLS Harkl Ifhe church hella' are ringing do all genfly kneel in prayer, They are ringing, ringing, ringing I n lhe church iower way up fhere. Whai do iho.fe .rilcfry church hellf Jay AJ they foll fhe time away? Simply fhlif, come all and pray Come, adore our Lord ioday. S. P. 53 MOTHER Through lhe long yeanf of childhood And lhe .rweel yearf of womanhood There iw one who remaino' Ifrue In all lhai we do. Our hearzir heal aa' one And when her lQ'e i.r done She will .rtill he here In memoriew dear. B. S. FIRST FRIDAY AT NAZARETH Sweefflowerm and candle light dhoul lhe Jla.rler'.r zfhrone. Silent girlw in veilf of while Give praiJe fo God alone. E. R. ANNUNCIATION Lady in blue, maiden alljair, How beauiiful you were when kneeling fhere The angel Jpoke ihowe wordo' divine, dnd .raid fo you, "All grace iw lhinef' M. C. T. NAZARETH ACADEMY 54 HEAVEN? I .rare have fraveled far and wide I've green flze Jlzglllf abroad- I've .railed flze .reven .reaw aero.r.r I've found flze .rpotf llzey laud. dna' now I'm old and tired and worn I llzink I've .feen if all- Now I .rlzoald like io iurn back home To waiifor lzeavenlr call. And if I .rhould arrive ilzere I 'd like fo .ree izir cvorflz And wiilz if then I would compare All zfhiw-God'.r l1eav'n on earilz. R. F. BENEDICTION dn army of Nazarefh in black and ln while, Singwforllz Heb' ,orazlre cviilz all ifw magni- ' Whz'le ine liffle Lord razlred high for all io fee Nazareih, our Jclzool, and you and me NAZARETH ACADEMY 55 D.M LITTLE FEET OF IESUS AJ we prayeal one day in Chapel W e heard ihe fainiexi Joanal Of ihe liiflefeef of Jefaf Who alwayo cameo roanol To peek info our Chapel W here ihe candleo' barn .ro brlghig To whzlrper fweelefzf wordx of love To fell uf all L'J' rzzqhi. final Jo each day He eomeo io aw df we in .rilence pray He alwayx Jiaytr a liiile while Oh, no! He Jiay.r alwaylrf ? W M. M. QUERY 0 God who maole my winggr zfofly W ho gave me llrilliani plamage, W hy like io man you made me noff I know noi why. B. N. NAZARETH ACADEMY NAZARETI-I ACADEMY See Page 100 SAINT AGNES INSTITUTE See page 99 SAINT IOSEPII s HOSPITAI. See page 99 NAZARETII CONVENT AND NORMAL SCHOOL See page 99 NAZARETH HALL See page 99 THE FUTURE NAZARETH COLLEGE BUILDING S ee Page 98 NAZARETH MODEL SCHOOL See page 99 Safnzf Elizabez'h'.r Church I -r GUR SISTERS PLAN THEIR FIRST MISSION Sgfmal dlabama LONG WITH staffing their private schools, Nazareth College, Nazareth Normal School, Nazareth Academy, Saint Agnes' Institute, Nazareth Hall, and Nazareth Model School, the Sisters of Saint Ioseph teach in more than half the parochial and in three of the high schools of the Diocese. They also conduct Saint Ioseph's Hospital and Nurses, Training School in Elmira, care for the aged in Saint Annels Home and for orphan boys and girls in Saint lVIary's and Saint Patriclis Homes. This year they will launch their first Mission project in Selma, Alabama, where members of the community will teach and do social Work in Saint Eliza- beth's parish. It is astonishing to learn that here in our own United States in the Diocese of Mobile there are but six thousand out of a possible one million Catholic Negroes. Since our alumnae association has a large represen- tation of members in the Sisters of Saint Ioseph We should be doubly interested in this undertaking as, no doubt, from time to time, we shall hear of a Sister alumna who has been assigned to duty in this first Mission in care of religious from the Diocese of Roch- ester. ,929 Of .meh Lf ilze Kingdom af Heaven NAZARETH ACADEMY -.-1-T- 58 ACROSS THE YEARS HE STORM beat heavily, washing out the darkened sky, soaking the thirsty earth. From my chair by the rain-swept window it seemed that I was looking at the world through a blur of tears. Faint, indistinct figures hurried past, figures bent against the force of wind and rain-one a tiny tot scurrying for home and shelter, another an old peddler clutching a battered suitcase under his arm as he splashed along, and one that seemed to resemble the big, lumbering frame of Officer Kennedy patrolling his beat despite the fury of the skies. The sight of him summoned to my mind a whimsical little line chanced upon long ago-"Wanted a policeman to arrest the thief of time." I smiled at the comical picture conjured up by it and settled back against the pillows, watching the little rivulets of water running down the glass. The "thief of time"-I thought again of all the precious memories of happy hours that were mine, memories that took me from baby- hood up to my present role of grandmother. And as I reminisced, I noticed with surprise a shadow falling gently across the pattern of my life. Whose shadow could it be, I wondered, and then I perceived that it was the shadow of a lady in black and white, a lady dressed in the garb of a Sister of Saint Joseph. That was it, came the thought, all my life was so intimately bound up with these holy women. Only yesterday I had been a small child sitting at a little brown desk before a patient Sister. Almost it was as ifI could make out the tiny figure of that same blond child smiling at me through the misty window . . . It was September, 1928. A sober little girl with frightened blue eyes was entering Saint Ambrose School. When her mother had finally left ..-.--- NAZARETH ACADEMY 59 her seated in the first grade room, the little girl felt lost and abandoned in these strange surroundings. Her frightened blue eyes were begin- ning to fill with tears and her small round face was puckered with grief, when suddenly she saw a beautifully serene countenance with eyes very like those of her own mother. It was this lady in black who calmed the threatening tears and fears and made fast friends with her. For the little blond child, this was her first meeting with a Sister of Saint Ioseph, the beginning of a long succession of patient guides and teachers. But the days moved quickly on. There in the bright, sunny class- rooms of Saint Ambrose School that same little child learned from the Sisters the great mystery of the Sacrament of the Altar. In the quiet church below, dressed all in purest white, she knelt in awe to receive her Lord for the first time. And as time slipped past, her lanky growing figure again approached that altar to receive a great Sacrament. There, from the hands of that most kind and under- standing man, Bishop O'Hern, the gifts and graces of the Holy Ghost were bestowed upon her in Confirmation. What a glow of contentment and peace touched her soul on those two unforgettable occasionsl But the little blond girl was growing up. One fragrant Iune day in 1956, a laughing young girl with the same light hair stood before a mirror arranging her cap and gown most carefully. It was her gradua- tion and everything was so perfectl Her gay young eyes could find no hint of sadness in the smiling eyes of her eighth grade Sister who watched her fussing so. Minutes later came the solemn procession NAZARETH ACADEMY -1- 60 and the talk by the Pastor who saw his boys and girls standing at a crossroad and wished to give of his knowledge and experience that the road might be made easier. How happy everything was that day and how I looked forward to my coming years at Nazareth! Nazareth-the very word brings up such a flood of memories that I scarce know where to begin. There was a "getting acquainted" period, of course, before I felt at home at Nazareth. I can still recall those busy, harassed moments before the quarterly examinations, the fearful days of holding one's breath until the reports came out. And mingled with all this are the pictures of the auditorium on First Friday, looking like some hidden forest shrine 5 of the statue of Our Lady on May Day, buried in banks of blossoms g of cider and dough- nuts at the Harvest Festival, of the penny toss oi: Mission Day.But every memory always centers about that truly unforgettable occasion at school: retreat in a strangely quiet Nazareth with reverent, dark- veiled students paying the highest tribute possible to their God-that of silence. Once again I seemed to see those three perfect days of my last retreat-so close to the end then, so dear to me now. I seemed to hear again the words of our retreat father, "You are privileged to be houseguests of Our Lord." Houseguests for three whole days of quiet and meditation-and then the climax on Holy Thursday morning: we became Hchalices of Our Blessed Lord." The gates were open now, and the memories came tumbling out, memories of laughing, lilting moments shared with special friends 5 --- NAZARETH ACADEMY 61 hazy visions of busy times as a Sodality officer arranging the literature bulletin board or counting stacks of Sodality papers, crystal clear pictures of industrious days as editor of the Lanthorn, feeling so elated with the beautiful new cover, feeling so perplexed composing write-ups. Four full years passed in the kaleidoscope, years that reached their end in one brilliant, bitter sweet picture. I almost felt the hot, breathless atmosphere of that Iune night, heavy with the scent of graduation roses, resounding with the wise words of our Bishop Kearney. Out of the confusion of thought and feeling that was mine that night, only this strange thought stayed with me: this is the time that will never return, my friend. No, never return, my little blond friend, for you are old and gray and your tiny grandchild plays at your feet. But, oh, it was good remembering my Nazareth when I read of that new Nazareth in my letter. For I have a daughter now who is a "lady in black and whitef' a little Sister of Saint Ioseph, and she sends word that these courageous women will open a new Nazareth Academy this coming fall, September 1985. It is a Nazareth of the deep South, at Selma, Alabama, in the midst of the thriving missions founded there by the Community of the Sisters of Saint Ioseph. And so my Nazareth will go on and thousands of others shall feel the gentle shadow of these Sisters. Perhaps it is only a random fancy, but I shall always believe that this loving shadow of influence cast by these dauntless nuns has captured the shadow of my teachers, of Sister Marcella and her splendid companions, of my daughter and NAZARETH ACADEMY 1-1- 62 her brave Sisters, and of those who shall come to carry on their work in future days. The rain has stopped now. The little blond child has slipped away with the mist and wind, her small fist tucked securely in the guiding hand of a black-rohed lady. The sun has burst forth again as if to welcome a new day. It is well. NAZARETH ACADEMY 63 THE CARPENTER OF NAZARETH Sawduwi on ihe floor Boardw Jlrewn around There fhefinlfhed producf Llzffle Jefawfoand. Proudly do I llft H lm, Genlly place Him fhere. How regally He .rlzir I n H if hzlgh-chair! Though haf a carpenfer Oat of nailf and board I have famhloned with love 11 fhrone for my Lord. 1. K. NAZARETH ACADEMY 64 f'Good out of Nezqnreth THE CARPENTER GF NAZARETH f f OSEPH OF NAZA- RETH, dear kindly mini, your poor liffle worlwhop once rewounded wiih fhe .rofl iapm of the baby feel of ihe Inearnafe God and ihe quiei .rfep of thai momf gloriou.r of women, Hia Virgin Zllofher. Truly, fhen, you mulrl love to guard our Nuzarezfh workmhop, where Chri.r1f and Marg are watching and helping aa' in daya' of old. THE STUDENT BODY of NAZARETI-I ACADEMY AT PRAYER WGRK AND PLAY 77 D. DENNIS M. SCHNORR WH' 0 Hana San O Hanu San is happy in the com- pany of her cousins. Peroaian Choir Ojieem' MARIE HAsENAUER4pre.ridenf IRIS TOLLIN-vice-pre.ria'enf SHEILA O,BRIEN-ff6dJMl'6f RITA F1scHER4:ecrez'ary P. UPsoN Q' The Perosian Choir present the dramusical, the Heart of O Hanu San. The picture fo ine rzlghzf reprewenff fhe clofe frienafw of 0 Hana San .rpending her birfhafay in fetrz'z've manner af her home. Below fo ine rzzghzf, ihe eniire ea.r1f atnremble fo celebrazfe 0 Hana San! coming-of-age parzf-y. Glory of scenery and riot of color in costume combine with grace of movement and birdlike tones to make the presentation one of lasting memory. 'W W1 AF lu the second performance Adelaide Midnight takes the role of O Hanu San while an Alumnae Chorus, trained by Sister Irmina, bids fair to surpass any other local choral group in their rendition of sacred and popular numbers. iw A 2 ,QW 0 fv. 1 15 likhilgg.. El 3 4.6 iv? A Qi M lm, M f .iw ,,,gA. f?A?filE5X IQ ?A:2if4?E?l?3lf3f3 5 g .- - 1 ,X K ., If - f 4' 4 n 1 X K fr lflisw.. 6 .- -E el, X 6 . K A 5,463 1 b , x. fi ' If N, , Y, , . ii ., Q , ,i , if-I I '?gzf.f h m' A f . -4 ' 52 ' a 'J 7. . V ws 1' 'J' , ' . I .111 h I sg, , in ..- ' f I ,Q ' - ' k ff ' Y. - z fx ' f' 3' ' , 4W" fm.--N , V+? . K fn V 5 fx , Mu A fgwwpf 15,5113-w:v?:.E:L xhvl z .+ 1 'N' WI-Q. 54514 Hr 335 i Q Q3 f :Q " 3 . . , QL Q 321314 -Yew B we , 'sslfgg S' 5, ,dr eff QQTJ - 'R P bN-'mf W 9' Mi' H 2 f 'A 5 .....' A Aj X 5 ! U 1 MN V VA 1, f I X yy . Q D ' .Q ' f " A.......A.,., ,.... . ,.,, .m.,.d.............. , .,,x ...AVN ,Ag -1 i N, N wifi Q 'WM-if 1 ,.,...,9.-f...-9-an--aw za -f M ' U Gy N521 'lr 1- :': X W 'E Q 5, 3 Q " ' , f "f1 F 'W' 'fn f Szlrfer Rofemary L.J' buoy dlreciing lhe preparazflon of llze nexf Lnrue of llze Qaeenlr Herald, lvazareilzlr Sodallly publieailon. WL'ih lzer are llze Qaeenlr Heralel Slagf. Q SAINT AGNES INSTITUTE On ilze oppowlfe page we fad flfze group ofjfrfi year luglz Jclzool glrlw reglwiered al Salni1YgneJIn.r1fifaie. ffl lhe lefl are .flzown ihe dining room, recreailon hall ana' muxlc room. On ihe rzglzf are iwo ollzer vlewm of flze mamlc deparfmeni and a view of ilze glrlw in llze chapel. Q Peggy Flalzeriy reeez've.rflrJ1f prize ln ilze e.r.ray conielrzf from Afforney Wz'llz'am I". Slrang. "Why We lllawi Uplzold zflze Con- lrlliuiionn waf ihe zfheme of flzlw eonleml Jponxorea' by llle Veferanm of Foreign lVar.r. I Q isa Qfzaiw 3- i w D51 il' Q a Hman? N:- mvmmaamwfi, , is M J ff na? 4 1 QA '3"",-,.,Jfs4' 3' WL' 'ig , ..,- The dramaiicf claw qf lhe Fourth Year Speech counre premenied lwo one act playa' before zffze Thankf- giving holidayx. "ive Bannerw Flying" A strong, tense, stirring drama with an anti-War theme. Hfllarrquerade Interlude" A very absorbing story. Mystery and thespian ability combined to make this play satisfying for in- structor and audience. 'Sa -f 2?fii3l:511f , , -4 S '1 Y f Q yi .W S, , A W , it, MQ, JE? Q. ,W X Q , 5 1 , Y, 2' 6-gr" 1' f M 15 3 di' mfyf .V My 5,2 a wk X Y 'wks Y .elwvkww wpsgx 3 I 'Af ni., Q N, 2,1 -0 f 1.5 Q iki X 1 , ,X 1'11f-fx'J"' Q ' tw 1-N4 -P 1? ,jg v M. :f :lifiiiih Pi, T- - fr' ' ZZ l . . - ' fa 2 U,j5j'1gab :.f X ,giwm 2 If V Q X, 5 aff . - , -fgs2l"'F'i ax -Q5 h la . N. ' 'Um ,f c fi . f f7 .I .vie V I fi' S-Bu' Lbg i ii i fs nf T' QR V' 9 413 Q, 2,1 1 -1 ,gk furviibf 'W3'ff'9w17l .M -2 S L ,u 1 R 9,16 1' I . ,,. A. A M Lf-"" f 7 V , Q f ,K nw X Y 1 -Q 21 W N ' . 3M x4i' g' 6... , E 1 ' 'M - Ska 3' ivhgw ? if f I NJ' fi f W OQV' " A -mf-L 'si W- 5... 'M : A-1 V gr W. c -an 5 X ,ff . f ,f 7 Vi . 5 U V ' ' M f'f?3 L'j gif Q k"ik'.5' '- . '1"A 3 . 4 ..-.. 34 4 ff if . 1 mt. wg- 6, NW A . V, ln I . I Q, ' -' 5 -5 ' V. m,m,. f wx ' - -. A Q Q ' My is V K kV,. 5 g 1,-ff . I k - - If A V , Q K , Q . 6 M w"gh"r 5' W ., X . 5 Q . i 1-gf. 3 Q 3 f 5, Y sg 'w,,g-:pg ' ., :M e ' I - ' -gif L 1 " 9 f 5 1 ' Q h"1 h J K ,V X X a x V ' - g , , 1 , L W- 93 W. - L M fkfh ,fu Tgf 4 J m' ' 4 , , L 41 Lv Q jx QN V f--f, gg' i " L - n J Q N M LA , X' ' Q v is L t mfsB " ii: . 5. f sg " 'F " , '1 K , M Z , f V . , W ' m V I W,,L ,L iw' E , , h .. 5 1- M f Y N x -"' V . 1' 'f , 2? 575 5 - b M f V v',,:,, - vi . . 'wiv U ' " 5 s -' 2 '---" l ' f , , Q ' X P ff, i :V 4 , V , , ",' A ' V 1 - "M F1 1 . W j - fa.5,93?i:2Ag.15 r,:,k U I ff , X. , K . I V -LL, ,V 71, A K v.,, 1 giz . ' mm- ,,,, . b ' s A " - ' ,T 34 --V' I ' V stfmffi. V ' V '--'- ' v' V' sz ,,'- , A Q - 53 Q Q f R ina , . , , gi? ' Wi? 52252537 5 f EL is gg 32 1 5 I 239 V 8 fairy? K Z 5 fn. M.-4 5. - g X I I K' Q is ' , , 3 2 "Ei , WET . "N m"" -I .'-' ' ' m1 ' - , ' J v 1, V ' iw J 9 LQ X CHRISTMAS PLAY: "No RooM IN THE INN" ' The Speech Choir narrate ine prophecy concerning ine flleffiah fVaiz'vz'iy Scene wiilz Bonnie Gardner af Zllary and Emzfher Rutnrer aw Jotreph The Sodality sponsors the Christmas dance. On the opposite page Ruth, Betty and Iean find their dads make very good partners in the dance 3 a group of lovely girls and their companions gather ro d th Ch ' un e ristmas treeg Father O'Connell has a get acquainted session during intermission g the dance continues as Mary looks down upon her sodalists. The Sodality Prefect and committee leaders with their escorts group around Our Lady's shrine 3 ermine and sable could not improve th ' ' ' ' e appearance of the arriving participants. 76 dngelic voz'ce.r announce if Saviorlr Birzfh , 1 . . 1 , f 4 A Y ' - , 2 if K 4 , 4 - r WT' 1 X J. v Ti arg E 'Z fx ,w Lf N ff: Km 3 iff! ll: F- un, g' J .8 QA S 1 ix x-dvi! . H ,f,.f:, rf- Frewhmen from Sider Caflzlrfalr and Szlrfer Car- Ijnalr lzomeroomw retrolve fo forgef ifze mid-ferfn e.xanu'na!ionJ in an afiernoon of winler .rpori Ready for lfze fray Lei af make a .snowman WlzL'clz .ride will win? On the franf lawn! Wlzal will Szlrfer War fella Jay? fllemorlew lo keep ,Mm E VN f ! 1' 'Vg f 1 I A 1 m.,....M.,,,.Am,m,.. I' W, L4-.N 5 2 A., S .,.---' if ,, 5. 5 M -A 1, ' E fg rx 7 fbi, , " f vga- K ii 1' T04 1,1 I ' xi K 3 .af Q W Q A SEX , .NA 1 t ' 2 . Q ml' K . 4 I ,fa ,T Wx I Z 4 V 2 . E ,, 2' 5 -- WH ie Q! f in!! -P 1 K 5 4.--f f f 4 xv ' 1 k ' ,U L , " W-M , 'W 'L , 3 zLp1,,,1- M L . ,, A 0 f f..,....P'1' f 1 - A- 2 4 ' X ' 1- A :M 'fl f ,f A 1 if " -N .. , 5 A 25 I F ,, 3 V + ' ' 'IE' , QQ , . ii W 'aft .....,.....a-4 ,ENN :gg-c aim ' ,- mmm ""--w'!-E! is wg L Q1 R, if 21, ,A ,S A , 'ful W gp...--M ,- T ki fy' ' 1 ggi! fx, f '57 g I rf Q , k"fviR':Fiig2A , H jg WJ ,Z K'f":- 11 'Vkiyf fqw 7:,gXzggzwff 1- , 15,Afwfif65-QA ""' . ''f1'Ll-fr5'Eii-Gifglw,A-T,f5l ' L .fiiiifg Ygsffiffzefek -, .ws ,ik p,,.W,,. iii .ff -nl EIIII1 L Q5 5 E "-657 Q. J"J'x.s ffm' , , Z' , , J? I ' 5 " , 3 A f i J N T! l Qqii Q 45 3 3 E. , 1I,, is . . fm, 4 Q if J .2 . ,ef . -Q Q, 5 , K -SS' 4, 3 ,fv- 1. ii' ?.f- f, KC R 5 A 11 as fwf P35-T22 7 - g, ' gf All i 5 Q. 3 .Q .1 f5.'f,., ,y ,l' ?tf Gay janionf are we! Jlaqy COUlY'l-HJ bringlr Raom III Si. Jofepfzff Hall ifzrougfz a Jaccelnf- ful lanffzorn Jubwcrzp- Hon campaign Szlrier Terefa Edwardlr able Lreanz.vlre.r.reJ have faffzioneaf ffzewe very pracifcal and becoming dreknref To THE RIGHT: Szlrzfer C!CfH6I7fl'dyJ group in Inirodaciion I0 BuJine.r.r conrlaef a labofafory claw To THE LEFT! fl group of happy .ropfzomorelr fi W ?A 'Q' gf k ZZ: 'x 'V' M' fm 5 .a -My :,51fh,4?fffmP V 4' 'W T V 1ff?Z5e?a'32f' ,' f '- T1 ,.: , . 'F' H 11 5 V ..,: .,v-: - I 'fa 3:51 5 4' 5 ? H s m Y ,,.1 - Q .K My ,EX 5 Ay by Q 6 l Q .5 Q R12 Y 'hx , 1 2 a "' Q 1 1 1 'L 2 GP' vw Z 1, S ' M ' "' "Fa .. fa' 2 1- il W- L f A fw f The finnual Sodalliy Play "Round fhe Clock with Claire" by ihe Reverend Daniel ff. Lord, SJ. Wzlh ihe help of her anyellc yuzde Claire frlumphar Ln every Jlluaizon T he Eniire Cael of "Round ihe Clock wllh Claire" T he proeeedf will lie utred lo .fend eleyaleir fo lhe Summer School of Calholle .fiellon SENIOR PLAY z SLEEPING BEAUTY The king anal queen view with ap- proval zfhe iernpiing allwhew preparea' for ihe wedding parlg. 11 cofiame commillee of Jenionrfalfh- Zoned ihe gownxfor llhlllf' plag. Prfn ce Charming llreaka' the .fpell T he colriume eommifiee, Marg Agnew Oakelr, chairman, vvilh Elaine Jahaaf anal Bernaaline Rohlngron pai jfnal ioachelr io fhe gownw of fhe Hoover girly By their wL'.fheJ ihe fairiew give an aafpiclomr Jiarf fo fhe heroinelr llfe Prince Ruperl .fparntr lhe ggi of lhe diary while ihe peawanf girlf look on with afnawemenl. Ze Cercle Franeazlr a'e Llffcadelnie Nazareih pregrenie "BecaJ.refle Faiiy' ala Cinema Comedie en 2 dczfew. www xg:-. y 'mba 11 s li VJ X Q ,Wi his rf g 5 f N 5 iw ,V 442' ws Qijf WE TOAST OUR SODALITY . . . ......... . 1950-1940 Through if we have come clo.rer io Mary, Queen of I7Vazareih. THE CATHOLIC HOUR ......... ' ..... 1950-1940 If haf given mankind a clearer virion of Calholic docirine and won ihe ineflimahle ggi! of Faiih for Jome .roulJ. SAINT ANDREW,S CHURCH SAINT IOHN EVANGELIST,S . . 1914-1959 HOLY ROSARY CHURCH SAINT STANISLAUS ...... 1889-1959 Coanileazr ihe whiIr,oering,r, "Ego ie ah.rolvo",' coanlle.r.r fhe corporeal indwellingf of our Eacharilriic King. THE AVE MARIA, CATHOLIC WEEKLY ......... 1890-1940 "Ii haf hroaghi failh, hope anal chariiy info many homegr lhroagh lhofe yearirf' Jamew E. Kearney, Bixhop of Rochefier. THE CATHOLIC WORLD ............. 1890-1940 Pioneer Cafholic Liierary .fllonihly-facezir of liierary brilliance combine with clarion clear callw lo Calholic acfion. THE SOCIETY OF IESUS ........ . 1540-1940 Ihr wafchworel .fzfill "For lhe greaier glory of Goa?" PRINTING IN AMERICA . . 1540-1940 THE INVENTION OF PRINTING ............ 1440-1940 For five cenlariew the iraiho' of Faiih have been .rpreaal io all zfhe cornenr of ihe earlh ihroagh ihe invenfion of prinfing. TE DEUM NAZARETH ACADEMY -1-- 88 SENIOR RETREAT Retreat of 19404-What a world of meaning this phrase connotes for the students of Nazareth Academyl It awakens in our minds the memory of those three beautiful days spent behind the Hporticoes of silence and of prayer" as Uhouseguests of Christ." Even now, we can almost hear the words of eternal salvation as they were spoken to us by our retreat master, the Rev- erend George C1. Murdock. Still more, there is that vivid recollection of our beloved bishop directing his flock in regard to the choice of a vocation. Truly, it is extra-curricular activities such as this, our annual retreat, that make those first Nazarenes, Iesus, Mary and Ioseph, live in the hearts of the Nazarenes of today. FIRST FRIDAY CONFERENCES To our First Friday Speakers a word of gratitude. Even our note books still treasure the memory of their talks. We recall: Father O'Connell-Ladiew of Nazareih Doctor Connell-The Way of Chrzirzf Doctor Grady-"Be if done anio me according fo ihy word" Father Bruton-Devoiion fo ihe Sacred Hearf and Sain! Maqgarei fllaqzf Father Cuffney-"Come Y e Blemed of ily Father" Father O'Rourke-Faiih in acfion Father McCormick-The I7li.r.rion.r are calling ' CATHOLIC PRESS MONTH As a special feature of Catholic Press Month, the Literature Committee of the Sodality invited Father Ehmann to speak to the student body on Catholic Literature. Father Ehmann gave a talk so soul stirring that it later furnished the topic for many informal discussions. We thank you, Father Ehmann, for the inspiration received from your conference. VOCATION WEEK During Vocation week Father Ioseph Vogt and Father Francis Luddy discussed the merits of the single and the married state while Father O'Connell presided with the seniors in a debate from the floor on "Careers for married Women?" .1-1 NAZARETH ACADEMY 89 WHO'S WHO in Nazareth Academy Claw of 1940 ALAIMO, Carmel H. Q11 189 Child St. Q21 Holy Family Q51 Holy Family Q41 So- dality ALBRECHT, Geraldine A. Q11 1018 Lyell Ave. Q21 Nazareth Academy Q51 Holy Family Q41 French Club, Perosian Choir, Sodality Play 5, Thanksgiving Play 5 ANDREANO, Dorothy Q11 87 Litch- field St. Q21 SS. Peter and Paul's Q51 SS. Peter and Paul's Q41 Sodality ANDREANO, Josephine T. Q11 14 Coster St. Q21 Nazareth Academy Q51 St. Anthony's Q41 Sodality ANSINI, Frances V. Q11 92 Villa St. Q21 Holy Apostles' Q51 Holy Apostles' Q41 Sodality ASELIN, Helen L. Q11 25 Meredith Ave. Q21 Blessed Sacrament Q51 Our Lady of Lourdes Q41 Sodality AULENBACHER, Marguerite V. Q11 462 Clay Ave. Q21 Sacred Heart Q51 Sacred Heart Q41 Sodality BATES, Iune G. Q11 155 Burrows St. Q21 Holy Apostles' Q51 Holy Apostles' Q41 Sodality BAUMAN, Madeline R. Q11 762 Island Cottage Rd. Q21 Holy Cross Q51 Our Lady of Sorrows Q41 Sodality BELLANCA, Mary A. Q11 505 Allen St. Q21 SS. Peter and Paul's Q51 SS. Peter and Paul's Q41 Sodality, English Club BERKES, Betty Ann Q11 25 Cottage St. Q21 St. Monica's Q51 St. Monica's Q41 Sodality, French Club, 'Vnior Play, Christmas Play 4 BIECK, Muriel D. Q11 246 Avenue D. Q21 St. Michael's Q51 St. Michael's Q41 So- dality, Perosian Choir, Senior Play, Queen's Herald Staff BLIND, Mary Frances Q11 42 Forbes St. Q21 St. Augustine's Q51 St. Augustine's Q41 Sodality BOEHMER, Jean F. Q11 59 Randolph St. Q21 St. Andrew's Q51 St. Andrew's Q41 Sodality, Queen's Herald Staff BOERSCIILEIN, Pauline M. Q11 10 Emerson Pk. Q21 Holy Apostles' Q51 Holy Apostles' Q41 Sodality, English Club, Sodality Play 4, Senior Play BRAY, D0risK. Q11 120 West High Terr. Q21 St. Monica's Q51 St. Monica's Q41 Vale- dictorian, Sodality, Dramusical 4, Business Manager of Senior Play BURKARD, Elizabeth I. Q11 708 Frost Ave. Q21 SS. Peter and Paul's Q51 SS. Peter and Paul's Q41 Sodality, Sodality Play 5 CANFARATTA, Angeline E. Q11 56 Crouch St. Q21 St. Anthony's Q51 Corpus Christi Q41 Sodality CANZANO, Philomena A. Q11 18 Lorimer St. Q21 St. Anthony's Q31 St. An- tl'1ony's Q41 Sodality CARMAN, Adele B. Q11 197 Deerfield Drive Q21 St. Ambrose's Q51 St. Ambrose's Q41 Chairman Literary Committee, French Club, Orchestra, Editor-in-chief of Lan- thorn, Christmas Play 5 CASE, Ioan M. Q11 117 West High Terr. Q21 St. Monica's Q51 St. Monica's Q41 Chairman Apostolic Committee, French Club, Lanthorn Board, French Play 4 COCHRANE, Avril A. Q11 175 Eastman Ave. Q21 Sacred Heart Q51 Sacred Heart Q41 Sodality, Perosian Choir, French Club, French Play 4 COLLETTA, Lena H. Q11 112 Morton St. Q21 St. Francis Xavier Q51 St. Philip Neri Q41 Sodality COLLINS, Ffa-wry Iane Q11 1076 Ply- mouth Ave. South Q21 Nazareth Academy Q51 Immaculate Conception Q41 Sodality, Perosian Choir, Fwnior Play COMPTON, Elizabeth E. Q11 1 Azo St. Q21 Sacred Heart Q51 Sacred Heart Q41 So- dality, Dramusical, Sodality Play 4 COOK, Florence A. Q11 254 Denver St. Q21 Corpus Christi Q51 Corpus Christi Q41 Sodality CORNELIA, Eileen M. Q11 252 Rugby Ave. Q21 St. Augustine's Q51 St. Augustine's Q41 Sodality, Orchestra, Christmas Play 5, Senior Play, Business Editor, Lanthorn CORNELIUS, Gertrude M. Q11 246 Springfield Ave. Q21 Holy Redeemer Q51 St. Ambrose's Q41 Secretary of English Club, Chairman Parish Contact Committee COX, Geraldine F. Q11 159 Rocking- ham St. Q21 Blessed Sacrament Q51 Our Lady of Lourdes Q41 Sodality, French Club, Sodality Play 4 CURTIS, Bertha E. Q11 84 Ellicott St. Q21 Immaculate Conception Q51 St. Mon- ica's Q41 Sodality, French Club, French Play 4 DANGLER, Marian H. Q11 9 Arklow St. Q21 SS. Peter and Paul's Q51 Peter and Paul's Q41 Sodality, Senior Play DeRITIS, Ann M. Q11 201 Rugby Ave. Q21 St. Augustine's Q51 St. Augustine's Q41 Sodality, French Club, Lanthorn Board, Christmas Play 5, Thanksgiving Play 4, French Play 4 DeSMITH, Audrey M. Q11 140 Cham- plain St. Q21 Immaculate Conception Q51 Immaculate Conception Q41 Sodality, English Club DIETRICH, Marian C. Q11 5055 Ridge Rd. Q21 St. Iohn's Q51 St. 1ohn's Q41 So- dality, Senior Play I-Rewidence. 2-Grammar School. 3'-'Pdfl'Jll. 4-ffcfiviiiex. 90 DiGRAZIO, Theresa S. Q11 559 First St. Q21 St. Francis Xavier, Q51 St. Francis Xavier Q41 Sodality DOLAN, Kathleen M. Q11 170 Marl- borough Rd. Q21 Our Lady of Good Coun- sel Q51 Our Lady of Good Counsel Q41 So- dality, English Club DOHERTY, Mary Catherine Q11 151 Burrows St. Q21 Holy Apostles' Q51 Holy Apostles' Q41 Sodality, French Club, So- dality Play 4, Senior Play, Class Treasurer DONAHUE, Pauline A. Q11 487 Peart Ave., Pt. Pleasant Q21 Nazareth Academy Q51 St. Salome's Q41 Sodality DOOLEY, Elizabeth T. Q11 77 Roslyn St. Q21 St. Monica's Q51 St. Monica's Q41 Sodality, French Club, President of Orchestra, Perosian Choir, French Play 4, Lanthorn Board DOXTATER, Mildred E. Q11 264 Flower City Pk. Q21 St. Ambrose's Q51 Sa- cred Heart Q41 Sodality, Senior Play 4, Chairman of English Club DRASCH, Iean M. Q11 75 Reliance St. Q21 Our Lady of Perpetual Help Q51 Our Lady of Perpetual Help Q41 Sodality, English Club DUNLEA, Doris A. Q11 1411 Lake Ave. Q21 Nazareth Academy Q31 Sacred Heart Q41 Sodality, Perosian Choir, French Play 4, Latin Club, French Club EMERLING, Shirley A. Q11 540 Clay Ave. Q21 Sacred Heart Q51 Sacred Heart Q41 Sodality EMMERICH, Elizabeth A. Q11 110 Kislingbury St. Q21 Holy Rosary Q51 Holy Rosary Q41 Sodality, French Club ENO, Audrey K. Q11 406 Lake Ave. Q21 Nazareth Academy Q51 Sacred Heart Q41 Sodality FARNSWORTH, Fannette M. Q11 156 Maryland St. Q21 Holy Rosary Q51 Holy Rosary Q41 Sodality, Chairman of English Club FARRELL, Jane F. Q11 291 Flower City Pk. Q21 Sacred Heart Q51 Sacred Heart Q41 Sodality FILIPPONE, Florence A. Q11 1257 Lexington Ave. Q21 Holy Rosary Q51 Holy Rosary Q41 Sodality, French Club FINEGAN, Marjorie A. Q11 151 Fred- erick Pk. Q21 Holy Redeemer Q51 Holy Redeemer Q41 Sodality, English Club, Orchestra, Perosian Choir FISCHER, Marie A. Q11 509 Bernard St. Q21 Holy Redeemer Q51 Holy Redeemer Q41 Sodality, Lanthorn Board, Secretary of English Club WHO'S WHO in Nazarezfh Academy Claw Qf 1940 FISCHER, Rita I. Q11 40 Long Acre Rd. Q21 St. Margaret Mary's Q51 St. Margaret Mary's Q41 Sodality, German Club, A Cap- pella Choir, House Manager, Senior Play FLAHERTY, Kathleen M. Q11 50 Oriole St. Q21 Holy Rosary Q51 Holy Rosary Q41 Sodality, Perosian Choir FLAHERTY, Peggy M. Q11 96 Bur- lington Ave. Q21 St. Monica's Q51 St. Monica's Q41 Sodality, Sodality Play 4, French Club FLANAGAN, Mary C. Q11 56 Mazda Terr. Q21 Our Lady of Perpetual Help Q51 Our Lady of Perpetual Help Q41 Sodality FOLEY, Margaret M. Q11 172 Clay Ave. Q21 Sacred Heart Q51 Sacred Heart Q41 Sodality FOLEY, Marjorie M. Q11 540 Ellicott St. Q21 Our Lady of Good Counsel Q51 Our Lpdy of Good Counsel Q41 Sodality, Senior P ay FOOS, Alice L. Q11 45 W'ashburn Pk. Q21 St. Ioseph's Q51 St. Mary's Q41 Sodality Queen's Herald Staff FOOS, Barbara A. Q11 250 Bidwell Terr. Q21 Holy Rosary Q51 Holy Rosary Q41 Sodality, German Club, Latin Club, Lanthorn Board FRANK, Ethel M. Q11 194 Brooks Ave. Q21 Immaculate Conception Q51 St. Mon- ica's Q41 Sodality, French Club, Orchestra. Lanthorn Board, French Play 4 GAINES, Mae Helen Q11 74 Myrtle St. Q21 Holy Apostles' Q51 Holy Apostles' Q41 Sodality GALLAGHER, Margaret M. Q11 98 Bradburn St. Q21 St. Monica's Q51 St. Monica's Q41 Sodality, Christmas Play 5, 4 GARBACH, Sylvia L. Q11 814 Portland Ave. Q21 St. Andrew's Q51 St. Andrew's Q41 Sodality, Secretary of English Club GARDNER, Bonnie I. Q11 1005 North St. Q21 Holy Redeemer Q51 Holy Redeemer Q41 Sodality, President of German Club, Orchestra, Thanksgiving Play 4, Christmas Play 4 GEYSSENS, Margaret A. Q11 4585 Mt. Read Blvd. Q21 St. Charles' Q51 Mother of Sorrows Q41 Sodality, Queen's Herald Staff, Lanthorn Board GIBBONS, Rosemary A. Q11 57 Finch St. Q21 Holy Rosary Q51 Holy Rosary Q41 Sodality, English Club, Lanthorn Boar GOODWIN, Patricia A. Q11 221 Saga- more Dr. Q21 St. Thomas' Q51 St. Thomas' Q41 Sodality Prefect, French Club, A Cap- pella Choir, Christmas Play 5, 4 GREISBERGER, Margaret M. Q11 556 Avenue B Q21 St. Michael's Q51 St. Mich- ael's Q41 Sodality, English Club, Queen's Herald Stat? GRUTTADAURIA, Michelina Q11 19 Iay St. Q21 St. Anthony's Q51 St. Anthony's Q41 Sodality, English Club, Christmas Play 5 HAERING, Jane A. Q11 226 Linden St. Q21 St. Boniface's Q51 St. Boniface's Q41 So- dality, French Club HANLEY, Agnes V. Q11 77 Oriole St. Q21 Holy Rosary Q51 Holy Rosary Q41 So- dality, Chairman of Social Committee, German Club, Perosian Choir HASENAUER, Marie C. Q11 518 Cur- lew St. Q21 Holy Rosary Q51 Holy Rosary Q41 Sodality, German Club, Orchestra, A Cappella Choir, President of Perosian Choir, Christmas Play 5 HAYES, Rosemary T. Q11 42 Canary St. Q21 Holy Rosary Q51 Holy Rosary Q41 Sodality, Perosian Choir, Dramusical 4 HOFFMAN, Blanche R. Q11 65 Wat- kins Terr. Q21 Holy Redeemer Q51 Holy Redeemer Q41 Sodality HORNUNG, Betty S. Q11 27 Roslyn St. Q21 St. Monica's Q51 St. Monica's Q41 Sodality, Perosian Choir, A Cappella Choir, English Club . HOUGHTON, lean A. Q11 Lake Rd., Hamlin Q21 Hamlin Dist. No. 6 Q41 German Club, Orchestra HUBBARD, Helen M. Q11 965 Genesee Park Blvd. Q21 St. Monica's Q51 St. Monica's Q41 Sodality, Sodality Play IABAUT, Elaine B. Q11 81 Edinburgh St. Q21 Immaculate Conception Q51 Im- maculate Conception Q41 Sodality, English Club, Costume Committee, Senior Play JOHNSON, Mary Alice Q11 78 Elm- grove Rd. Q21 St. 1ohn's Q31 St. 1ohn's Q41 Sodality IOST, Betty G. Q11 140 Oriole St. Q21 Holy Rosary Q51 Holy Rosary Q41 Lan- thorn Board, Chairman of English Club, Sodality KARP, Shirley G. Q11 64 Westbourne Rd. St. Margaret Mary's Q51 St. Margaret 1"'Iary's Q41 Sodality, German Club, Thanksgiving Play 4, Class President KELLETT, Margaret Q11 66 Austin St. Q21 Holy Apostles' Q51 Holy Apostles' Q41 Sodality, French Club, Sodality Play 4 KELLEY, Rita M. Q11 876 East Main St. Q21 St. Agnes Institute Q51 Corpus Christi Q41 Sodality, French Club, Or- chestra KLEE, Marjorie C. Q11 52 Hurstbourne Rd. Q21 St. Ambrose's Q51 St. Ambrose's Q41 Sodality, French Club, Lanthorn Board KLOS, Eileen M. Q11 29 Springfield Ave. Q21 St. Ambrose's Q51 St. Ambrose's Q41 Lanthorn Board, Sodality I-Rcfldence. 2-Granwzar School. 3-Pariwh. 4-Acflvz'f1'e.f. 91 KRECKEL, R. Jane Q11 446 Augustine St. Q21 Holy Rosary Q51 Holy Rosary Q41 Sodality, Latin Club, Perosian Choir, A Cappella Choir, Christmas Play 5, Senior Play, Thanksgiving Play 4, Chairman of Eucharistic Committee KRIEG, Ann V. Q11 449 Clifford Ave. Q21 St. Michael's Q31 St. Micl1ael's Q41 So- dality, Christmas Play 5 KULZER, Carol M. Q11 265 Lettington Dr. Q21 St. Augustine's Q51 St. Augustine's Q41 Sodality KULZER, Mary Lou Q11 265 Letting- ton Dr. Q21 St. Augustine's Q51 St. Augus- t1ne's Q41 Sodality, French Club KUNZ, Dorothy A. Q11 625 Maple St. Q21 Holy Family Q51 Holy Family Q41 So- dality, German Club, Lanthorn Board LABORE, Helen B. Q11 555 Iefferson Ave. Q21 SS. Peter and Paul's Q51 SS. Peter and Paul's Q41 Sodality LaCROSS, Gladys L. Q11 629 Emerson St. Q21 School 40 Q51 Holy Rosary Q41 So- dality, French Club LALLY, Mary Ann Q11 11 Thorn St. Q21 Holy Rosary Q51 Holy Rosary Q41 So- dality LEARY, Sara C. Q11 292 Lake Ave. g21ffSt. Agnes Institute Q41 Senior Play ta LECHLEITNER, Claire L. Q11 121 Clay Ave. .Q21 Sacred Heart Q51 Sacred Heart Q41 Sodality LEENE, Teresa Q11 54 Epworth St. Q21 SS. Peter and Paul's Q51 SS. Peter and Paul's Q41 Sodality, President of French Club, Senior Play, Christmas Play 5, Thanksgiving Play 4 LEIMBERGER, Lucille A. Q11 84 Evergreen St. Q21 St. Michael's Q51 St. Michael's Q41 Sodality, German Club, Christmas Play 5, Senior Play LINDNER, Barbara A. Q11 82 Garfield St. Q21 St. Augustine's Q51 St. AL:gustine's Q41 Sodality, English Club LIOY, Lucille M. Q11 252 Saratoga Ave. Q21 Holy Apostles' Q31 St. Patrick's Q41 So- dality LORIA, Laura A. Q11 1750 Clifford Ave. Q21 St. Francis Xavier Q51 St. Phiiip Neri Q41 Sodality LOUIS, Tefta G. Q11 52 VVahl Rd. Q21 Our Lady of Victory Q51 Our Lady of Victory Q41 Sodality LUSCHER, Jane A. Q11 2 Treyer St. Q21 se. Mich..e1's 455 sf. Michae1's Q41 Eng- lish Club, Sodality, Class Vice-President ygiflfic-1 WHO'S WHO in Nazareth Academy Claw of 1940 MACCHIA, Helen P. Q11 172 Hague St. Q21 Holy Family Q51 Holy Family Q41 Sodality, French Club, Latin Club, Christmas Play 5, French Play 4 MAHONEY, Marie C. Q11 105 Ander- son Ave. Q21 Corpus Christi Q51 Corpus Christi Q41 Sodality MAYER, Kathryn Q11 194 Kisling- bury St. Q21 Nazareth Academy Q51 Holy Rosary Q41 Sodality MCANDREW, Virginia I. Q11 Ballan- tyne Rd., Scottsville Q21 St. Boniface's Q51 St. Augustine's Q41 Sodality MCBRIDE, Mary Jane Q11 11 Millbank St. Q21 St. Monica's Q51 St. Monica's Q41 Christmas Play 5, Thanksgiving Play 4, Sodality MCCARTHY, Marion W. Q11 592 Driv- ing Park Ave. Q21 Holy Rosary Q51 Holy Rosary Q41 Sodality, Orchestra, English Club MCMAHON, Lucille A. Q11 1154 Gene- see St. Q21 St. Monica's Q51 St. Monica's Q41 Sodality MCNULTY, Ioan M. Q11 175 Seneca Pkwy. Q21 Sacred Heart Q51 Sacred Heart Q41 Sodality, Lanthorn Board MCNULTY, Mary C. Q11 175 Seneca Pkwy. Q21 Sacred Heart Q51 Sacred Heart Q41 Sodality, French Club, Perosian Choir, Lanthorn Board, Senior Play, Dramusical MEAGHER, Bernadette M. Q11 2050 Clinton Ave. N. Q21 St. Margaret Mary's Q51 St. Margaret Mary's Q41 Sodality, English Club MEISENZAHL, Jean M. Q11 695 Port- land Ave. Q21 Nazareth Academy Q51 St. Andrew's Q41 Sodality, French Club, Perosian Choir MEISENZAHL, Rosemary A. Q11 79 Elmgrove Rd., Greece Q21 St. 1ohn's Q51 St. I0hn's Q41 Sodality, English Club MENSING, Anna D. Q11 25 Virginia Ave. Q21 Our Lady of Good Counsel Q51 Our Lady of Good Counsel Q41 Sodality, French Club, Christmas Play 5, Senior Play MERCURY, Lucy M. Q11 91 Arnett Blvd. Q21 St. 1oseph's Q51 St. Monicais, Q41 Sodality MEYERS, Margaret A. Q11 16 Bell- wood Pl. Q21 St. Andrew's Q51 St. Francis Xavier Q41 Sodality, French Club MONNAT, Mary F. Q11 285 Rosewood Terr. Q21 Corpus Christi Q51 Corpus Christi Q41 Sodality, Class Secretary, English Club MOYNIHAN, Agnes G. Q11 924 Ridge- way Ave. Q21 Sacred Heart Q51 Sacred Heart Q41 Sodality, Sodality Play 4 MYKINS, Ruth M. Q11 655 Yvellington Ave. Q21 St. Monica's Q51 St. Monica's Q41 Sodality, Sodality Play NOLAN, Betty M. Q11 250 Electric Ave. Q21 Nazareth Academy Q51 Sacred Heart Q41 Sodality NORMAN, Berenice R. Q11 40 Palisade Pk. Q21 Blessed Sacrament Q51 Blessed Sacrament Q41 Sodality, Chairman of Our Eady's Committee, Orchestra, Perosian hoir OAKES, Mary Agnes Q11 16 Atwell St. Q21 Holy Cross Q51 Holy Cross Q41 Sodality, Queen's Herald Staff, Chairman of Cos- tume Committee, Senior Play O'BRIEN, Jane E. Q11 77 Alberta St. Q21 St. Augustine's Q51 St. Augustine's Q41 Sodality, English Club O'BRIEN, Sheila F. Q11 559 Raines Pk. Q21 Sacred Heart Q51 Sacred Heart Q41 So- dality, Treasurer of Perosian Choir ONGENAERS, Mary M. Q11 1429 Titus Ave. Q21 Our Lady of Victory Q51 Our Lady of Victory Q41 Sodality, Senior Play, English Club OTT, Magdalene M. Q11 55 Treyer St. Q21 Our Lady of Perpetual Help Q51 St. Michae1's Q41 Sodality, Chairman of Pub- licity Committee, Queen's Herald Statf PAOLONE, Irene V. Q11 74 Cambridge St. Q21 Blessed Sacrament Q51 Blessed Sacrament Q41 Sodality, Salutatorian, Dramusical, Perosian Choir, French Club PETROTTA, Kathryn Q11 50 YVard St. Q21 St. Ioseplfs Q51 St. Bridget's Q41 Sodality POPOWICH, Stella M. Q11 25 Varinna Dr. Q21 Immaculate Conception Q51 Our Lady of Lourdes Q41 Sodality PREDMORE, Janet M. Q11 52 Cady St. Q21 Immaculate Conception Q51 Im- maculate Conception Q41 Sodality, French Club PRINZIVALLI, Thelma A. Q11 201 Arnett Blvd. Q21 SS. Peter and Pau1's Q51 SS. Peter and Paul's Q41 Sodality PRITCHARD, Jeanne K. Q11 616 Sen- eca Road, Irondequoit Q21 St. Salome's Q51 St. Salome's Q41 Sodality RAUBER, Ruth E. Q11 19 Tyler St. Q21 Nazareth Academy Q51 St. Margaret Mary's Q4 1Soda1ity, French Club, Lan- thorn Board, Senior Play REGER, Rosemary A. QI1 64 Masseth St. Q21 Holy Family Q51 Holy Family Q41 Sodality, German Club, Lanthorn Board, Senior Play REICHERT, Margaret E. Q11 89 Laurelton Rd. Q21 St. Ambrose's Q51 St. Ambrose's Q41 Sodality, German Club, Lanthorn Board, Senior Play 1-Raridenve. 2-Grammar School. 3-Pariwlz. -I-11c!ivfiz'e.1'. 92 RITZENTHALER, Ruth M. Q11 689 Maple St. Q21 Holy Family Q51 Holy Fam- ily Q41Soda1ity, French Club, Thanksgiving Play 4, French Play 4 ROBINSON, Bernadine M. Q11 92 Devitt Rd. Q21 Holy Rosary Q51 Sacred Heart Q41 Sodality, Costume Committee of Senior Play ROGERS, Margaret M. Q11 171 Mt. Vernon Ave. Q21 St. Bonit'ace's Q51 St. Boniface's Q41 Sodality ROLAND, Carol A. Q11 74 Salisbury St. Q21 Corpus Christi Q51 Corpus Christi Q41 Sodality, Senior Play, Sodality Play ROMANO, Yolando Q11 159 Sara- toga Ave. Q21 Holy Rosary Q51 St. Anthony's Q41 Sodality RUSSELL, Marjorie L. Q11 25 Lake View Terr. Q21 St. Charles Borromeo Q51 Holy Rosary Q41 Sodality, French Club RUSSELL, Mary Alice Q11 151 Irving- ton Rd. Q21 St. Monica's Q51 St. Anne's Q41 Sodality, Orchestra RUSSER, Esther M. Q11 59 Appleton St. Q21 St. Augustine's Q51 St. Augustine's Q41 Sodality, Chairman of Mission Com- mittee, Christmas Play 4 SAMYN, Mary Louise Q11 155 Catalpa Rd. Q21 St. Thomas' Q51 St. Thomas' Q41 Lanthorn Board, Sodality SANFORD, Alice Z. Q11 95 Fair Oaks Ave. Q21 Vtlarner, Xvilmington, Del. Q51 St. Thomas' SANSOM, Betty I. Q11 215 Flint St. Q21 Immaculate Conception Q51 Immaculate Conception Q41 Sodality, German Club, Christmas Play 5, Latin Club SANTILLO, Mary F. Q11 595 Plymouth Ave. N. Q21 St. Patrick's Q51 St. Patrick's Q41 Sodality, Perosian Choir, Christmas Play 5, Senior Play SCHANTZ, Helen M. Q11 485 Webster Ave. Q21 Corpus Christi Q51 Corpus Christi Q41 Sodality SCHNEIDER, Rita B. Q11 199 Ames St. Q21 Holy Family Q51 Holy Family Q41 Sodality SEWARD, Gertrude A. Q11 510 Cedar- wood Terr. Q21 St. Pius, St. Louis, Mo. Q51 St. Iohn's Q41 Sodality, Sodality Play SGAMBATY, Margaret E. Q11 226 Bidwell Terr. Q21 Holy Rosary Q31 Holy Rosary Q41 Sodality, English Club SKELLY, Dorothy T. Q11 92 Edin- burgh St. Q21 Immaculate Conception Q51 Immaculate Conception Q41 Sodality, Lanthorn Board SKELLY, Mary A. Q11 679 VVoodbine Ave. Q21 St. Monicals Q51 St. Monicals Q41 French Club, Senior Play, Sodality iv . gp. WHO'S WHO in .Nazareflz Academy Claw of 1940 SLOAN, Mary Q11 9 Rising Pl. Q21 Blessed Sacrament Q51 Blessed Sacra- ment Q41 Sodality SNIDER, Mary Alice Q11 280 East Henrietta Rd. Q21 St. Boniface's Q51 St. Boniface's Q41 Sodality, Orchestra STAUFFER, Anne Marie Q11 51 Co- lonial Rd. Q21 St. Iohn the Evangelist Q51 St. Iohn the Evangelist Q41 Sodality, German Club, Christmas Play, Senior Play STEPHENS, B. Marie Q11 101 Avenue B Q21 St. Michae1's Q51 St. lV1ichael's Q41 Sodality, Perosian Choir, Dramusical, Senior Play SULLIVAN, Catherine M. Q11 169 Augustine St. Q21 Holy Rosary Q51 Holy Rosary Q41 Sodality, Perosian Choir, Dramusical TEDDY, Jeanne A. Q11 199 Roslyn St. Q21 St. Monica's Q51 St. Monica's Q41 So- dality, French Club TOLLIN, Iris E. Q11 50 Longcroft Rd. Q21 Nazareth Academy Q41 German Club, Orchestra, A Cappella Choir TORPEY, Mary Clare Q11 179 Lexing- ton Ave. Q21 Holy Rosary Q51 Holy Rosary Q41 Sodality, French Club TRABOLD, Agnes R. Q11 576 Birr St. Q21 Holy Rosary Q51 Holy Rosary Q41 So- dality, Christmas Play 5, 4 TRIPI, Sadie H. Q11 555 First St. Q21 St- Francis Xavier Q51 St. Francis Xavier Q41 Sodality, French Club TROY, Jean E. Q11 258 Pierpont St. Q21 Nazareth Academy Q51 Holy Rosary Q41 Sodality, Orchestra, Latin Club UPSON, Patricia A. Q11 176 Rosewood Terr. Q21 Nazareth Academy Q51 St. Am- brose's Q41 Sodality, Orchestra, Perosian Choir, Dramusical USHER, Mary A. Q11 140 Avenue C Q21 Holy Apostles' Q51 St. Michae1's Q41 Sodality, Sodality Play 5, Senior Play VAN DER VEIRE, Mary K. Q11 992 Carter St. Q21 Our Lady of Victory Q51 Our Lady of Victory Q41 Sodality, English Club VAN DE LESTER, Eileen M. Q11 116 Lapham St. Q21 Holy Rosary Q51 Sacred Heart Q41 Sodality, English Club VAY, Arline V. Q11 26 O'Nei1 St. Q21 Holy Family Q51 Holy Family Q41 So- dality, French Club, Orchestra, Custodian of Flag VERNARELLE, Norma B. Q11 417 Emerson St. Q21 Holy Rosary Q51 Holy Rosary Q41 Sodality, Sodality Play 4 VERROCA, Martha E. Q11 1290 Lyell Ave. Q21 Theodore Roosevelt Q51 Holy Apostles' Q41 Sodality, Latin Club VISNER, Mary K. Q11 125 Lozier St. Q21 Our Lady of Good Counsel Q51 St. Augustine's Q41 Sodality, Sodality Play VOLKMAR, Margaret R. Q11 1126 Dewey Ave. Q21 St. Theodore's Q51 Holy Rosary Q41 Sodality WACHTER, Olga K. Q11 517 Sherman St. Q21 Holy Apostles' Q51 Holy Apostles' Q41 Sodality WALSH, Margaret T. Q11 92 Olean St. Q21 Immaculate Conception Q51 Immacu- late Conception Q41 Sodality, French Club, Senior Play 4 WEISENBORN, Marie C. Q11 502 Peart Ave., Pt. Pleasant Q21 St. Sa1ome's Q51 St. Sa1ome's Q41 Sodality, Christmas Play 5 WELCH, Dorothy M. Q11 45 Scrantom St. Q21 St. Bridget's Q51 St. Bridget's Q41 Sodality, Perosian Choir, Sodality Play5 WHITE, Mildred L. Q11 119 Mohawk St. Q21 St. Andrew's Q51 St. Andrew's Q41 Sodality, Queen's Herald Staff, Eng- lish Club WILSON, Anne E. Q11 581 Flint St. Q21 St. Monica's Q51 St. Monica's Q41 So- dality, Orchestra, A Cappella Choir WILKINS, Mary K. Q11 855 Seward St. Q21 St. Monica's Q51 St. Monica's Q41 So- dality ZABLOSKY, Geraldine O. Q11 40 St. Iacob St. Q21 Holy Redeemer Q51 Holy Redeemer Q41 Sodality, Christmas Play 2, Sodality Play 4 ZADROZNY, Helen M. Q11 556 Ames St. Q21 Holy Family Q51 Holy Family Q41 Sodality, English Club ZWACK, Mary Catherine Q11 174 Northfield Rd. Q21 St. Margaret Mary's Q51 St. Margaret Mary's Q41 Sodality, Chairman of Dramatic Committee, So- dality Play 2, Christmas Play 5, Thanks- giving Play 4, Senior Play I-Reridence. 2-Grammar School. 3-Parid-h. 4-Agliulfiw. ,aeifffa-1 S4 1 4 , ff. Y Dil-3 E33 1 JY ,,,:' ' 2,2 Y Q 'P QQ Q1 QMS Welililligltg I EE mwi u mm Q EQ gl gg W ri. ,1 3, V N -i,,.j,9-.331 .5 1' .. -' , 1-'.' W rf,-fat,f1- 755 'Ef j'-, -g felfif :g ' 1 1-' -if?,i3-jiflai il 93 Q' M my F ' 'K air 'E-A Av.. 1- L my 7....--- f 5 ,.... ggssa ms Q LWQEQ 2355? s iff dvi g OUR FRIENDS In many cases silence is the finest tribute one can pay to service. However we feel that the kindnesses and courtesies of some of our friends during our labors on the "Lanthorn" demand a public expression of our appreciation. To our Priest-Poet and Friend, The Reverend Alfred Barrett, S.I., we give sincere thanks for allowing us the first publication of his poem, "The Sisters of Saint Iosepltmswhichdie will incorporate in his nextdaook of versez His name is the best guarantee of the poem and we realize in its lines the tribute of love Father Barrett would pay to a group of religious whose ranks number three members of his immediate family. To our official photographer, Mr. Henry Furlong, who responded to our calls for pictures at morning, at noon and at night g to Mr. Francis Schifferli of The Culver-Herald Engravers and to Mr. Lewis Zwierlein of the Art Print Shop, who worked untiringly to make our volume approach the merits of the former issues of the Lanthorn, we are very grateful. To our faithful subscription collectors and to those seniors who, by securing advertisements, made possible this publication we are deeply indebted. To the members of the faculty and student body who so loyally cooperated with us in the preparation of our senior annual, a heartfelt God bless youl 'A' i' 'A' At the request of the Lanthorn Staff, the Holy Sacrifice will be offered in our auditorium chapel on the First Friday of Iune for all these, our benefactors. F The Lanzfhorn Board NAZARETH ACADEMY -l 96 Your Story in Pictures Leaves Nothing Untold AN ELECTRIC-ETCH HALFTONE .:.:.,"' ARTISTSANDPHOTOENG A ns U I. V E R HBRHLD V N AZARETH CGLLEGE 402 AUGUSTINE STREET Rochester New York Nazareth College . . . founded by the Sisters of St. Joseph, was incorporated by the New York State Legislature in 1924. The College is accredited by the University of the State of New York, the Association of Colleges of the Middle States, and the National Catholic Edu- cational Association. Nazareth College . . . through its high standards and its excellent faculty, is rated as N M E 'I N N N N I so I oo I oo I M I N I oo I oo I oo I oo I oo I I N I oo I oo I vo I X X X X X X XIXI3IX'XIX'XlXlXIXI2IXIXUXIXIXUXIXIXUXUXI2lXl2I2IXUXIXISIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXI IXIXIXIXUXUXUXI IXl3lXlXlXlXlXlXlXlXI!lX'2' 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 9 5 E' 50 5 5 I O S' 5 5 5 5 I I I I I I I I one of the leading women's colleges of the country. The Col- lege aims to provide opportunities for Catholic young women, of a high Christian culture and excellent educational facilities. Nazareth College . . . offers courses leading to the following degrees: Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Science with major in Business, Bachelor of Science is given with major in Public School Music, also with major in Speech. The Department of Sociology gives courses preparatory for the field of Social Service. A course of Fine Arts is offered, also a pre-medical course. The College prepares in every department for teaching in the public schools. Aalegaate anal comfortable provision if made for refieleht Jtaalehts. M I on I N I N I N I N I oo I oo I I M I N 5 I I N I oo I N I oo I oo I N I oo 5 I M I oo I on I vo I N I N I N I N I oo I N I N I 'R N I oo I I M I 2 X 3 2 2 2 IXIXIXI2lxlxlxlzIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXI I!IXIXIXIXIXIXI2l2IXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXlSIXIXIXIXItIIIXIXl2l!I!I2l2lXI2u2l3u1uXn2n 98 IXIXIXIXIXlxlxlx!!lxlxlxlxlxlxlxlxlxlxlxlXlxlxlxlxlxlxlxlzlxlxl lXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXlXlXlxlxlxlxlxlxlxlxltlxlxl THE SISTERS OF SAINT JOSEPH OF THE DIOCESE OF ROCHESTER CONDUCT NAZARETH NORMAL SCHOOL, East Avenue, Pittsford, New York, an insti- tution empowered by the Regents of the University of the State of New York to accredit religious teachers. It is afliliated with Nazareth College which confers the degree of B. S. in Education on the Normal graduates on the completion of an additional year of academic work. i' ai' if SAINT JOSEPH'S HOSPITAL, Market Street, Elmira, New York, is fully accred- ited by the University of the State of New York, approved by the American College of Surgeons and registered by the American Medical Association. It is affiliated with the Catholic University of America, Nazareth College and Providence Retreat. 'A' 'A' ir SAINT AGNES INSTITUTE, 876 East Main Street, Rochester, New York, offers pre-, grammar, and first year high school courses to girls: music and art, board and room for students, select rooms for adult boarders. Telephone: Stone 6719. 'A' 'A' -A' NAZARETH HALL, Raines Park and Alameda Street, Rochester, New York, is a select day and boarding school for boys of primary, intermediate and grammar grades. Religion speech dramatics music and physical development are stressed. When desired transportation and a hot noonday meal are provided. Glenwood 711. 'A' 1? 'A' NAZARETH MODEL SCHOOL Jefferson and Sutherland Roads Pittsford New York will open its second scholastic year on Monday September tenth when it will offer complete training for boys and girls of nursery and kindergarten ages and for those of grammar school grades 1 2 3 4. The curriculum includes: Religion Speech Funda- mentals of simple French conversation nature study aesthetic dancing rhythmic exer- cises directed play instrumental music and creative art. At the supervised luncheon proper habits of eating and table manners are acquired' a permanent dormitory provides beneficial rest periods under supervision' taxi service may be had on request. A registered nurse is in attendance. Terms: 3510 per month without taxi service. 5515 per month with taxi service. N 9 3 J 7 oo N N M oo oo N N M M 1 9 7 N ,, P 7 a 5 I 5 5 7 s 1 1 9 5 0 5 a a 1 5 5 7 , 5 I TI' 2' , oo 5 3, 7 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 :X 2 X Xlxlxlxlxlxlxlxlzlxlxlxlxlx-XIx-!-:.x.x'x.x.x.!-x-x-x- IXIXIXIXIXIXlXl!lXl!l2lXIXIXIXI2IXl!!!IX!!I2IXl!lXlXlXlXl!lXl2n3nxnXu2 lxl I 99 1.f"fJ5 lg,,l'r"Jli 1 fruff Rf 31 WS' fW5"h' A yi ' W ob" Qef fx r "ffm" . ff Z 1 - -s T-. v 4 M lb , -S IGM: gm: 1- f-.2 Nr.-..?- - fl 'VA wvjfv QL .?Z ff m -V """' ll1eln:' 7' A J '3 A ix 1 M-are If f H 1 mmf "4 1151 W3 1 gi Eli: S ff L 447.1 ' 1 ' ff - 1111 A EE liizlifrri 11 35- iej 'D ur, - 1- 1 gf? 1 1 4 W 1251 ff MQW I Q I V X! MZ, fp' ,jf ,mm I i x, .,:1, ,1-Ei-111382-ISEIEL jing I it H fpv y Q 1 211 llikafig Jw 'f e' .,5 1, ' np -1, E5-W ' 41 ' I" L ' '74, ' W, 43,"'f'f, ', A' --1 . . Ts-'TSA QT-ET" , -- ,L "' 'lngi-Fi' ,7 ff? QU WW 461 + 1 l an-fl.. 11 3,51 I 1j' 71: mV1y: im5J! lj 'il M1 H If c gf H A ',w:1 ? Q f 111 . Se-Eg 1 -Q31 1: - " ff .1 'E 41" 7 - L , if gq. inure - ' - AgE"J' W... if 1 ,1sE.f:f- 11 Pe rf! 1, l1 '1 '1'liQQ2f ljef if 'I 11 mW37'M'h'J Fi! 21152 I '71 - ii- -,L'7if f5'? 11 11! -flcQf,, 'I1iff' argl' fig 2f,i'Vs.1L?g,3 , , ff I-. fr-zp,f:.f'31 ee- 'ewes-,gieeggfffiis -irifiw c 1 -1 T in we , A A 1 H it Ga, yfeywf 41 4 If x - T3i5.x.4 -E? I ,R If xergn.. - ' if -1 -1 JI A I 1 A W A 1-1xgg'2:i?E? 1 ' 'fv,1?5 fw ru! Mizz. 7' ll! I fl, l "', fi , Q! , 111 . J HMIIIIR-.. ,. IE?" 1- 1 I1 It VI 15321111 le: fb E 1' Lggi 1' 1i:ElLLEg?l'WE glglmwq, 'ami 'Iggy il -1 - 1L1iQsfQ:32:-T-'iisfg-awaliilie-.Q-. -H Jfifeyflrf e 1 gtg asf dll ," f.- ' -QLTT1-aff! 1 ,,g,L-112-f.'ff-1,14-fri, f"-in-:.?'i'i:.'-1 -:, ll- l - i' 5 1 ,cl-1 ilk, 11 241 f fiz"ie'E"'E:i--1?-1QLeLm?'T.:'1 .51-.5.f:9f'f1:1Q 5577 :Lie-f.5'E'f - ' YETLLQE- , 4 'J-,gg W M1 Pl if' f f 'A I! gh 'f-251 ,A .1 ,,,11.,1FL: . 2 ' A5 My ,V-if .11 i E J- 12 .fa -. r7 . 1 IF 7 .J ' W ' 1 131 E ig . J 1 7.4.1 Fi- .2-if-1:if. ,2.....Eg.. -H Wir'-ifizf-fi I HTZITQ, - 1 -E"H1 L,,!:::,L13..,.,: 1? .H --! Y Q J 4 we--. ,.,f-1. 4 : , M -1:11. 7 1- -:.,, 4,111 .1i7"-W:-:.:Nf.:. -ig .913 IEEE, . mug: , .gg 1,1 -mugvlnnnuu, .-L , . 4 ,Z,,iW,..A Y' lf l f-ii fii gfln E 111 gi 1 1 1 ,cl H 111 2 71 31 3 QEQE ' c " -f' 1' -Wi H 41" 45.1-Q-, "' 1- 1' X..,W,,,rW w::vm11.a"'f WM :ga '--'f ,., ' ., . QL? 1 .M XX,. ,,,,,,1gzfgg:.:fJfffNfXLfzgz:f:xf:gseesawffs0 rv ,W Q ff 1 .. r.r.Qf.e1:'am.f" , 'L QN.Q. 1'Qv- X .,. Tlflfi f ffm 7 fff , '1 3 . wi , NE W WING OF NAZARETH ACADEMYZ1' 653p,,,g4wLzuir FRANK M. QUINLAN Architect Arebitect of the new Nazareth College Building Office Rerielenee 8 Exchange Street 141 Normandy Avenue MAIN 1175 GENESEE 1877 IZIXIXIXIXIXIXISIXIXIXIXIXIXIKI IXIKIKUXIXIXI 4 I IXIXIUXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXlXlXlXlXlXl3lXlXlXlXl 100 I oo I oo I HEATING VENTILATING PLUMBING Steel Borlers Underfeed Stokers Modern I-Ieatmg System Showers CRANE Valves 3 Plumbing Fixtures ,, o ,, Q N 4 no N ' N ' ' 0 " :. " I N 0 so N I I ,Q O I I .Q O9 ' 5 " :. N I .Q V9 99 " .e OO I I I' OO I I ,Q O ' 5 N I 5 Fzmzirhed and Installed by oo I N I 5 ENGINEERS CONTRACTORS I N ,Q 9 I I ,, N ' 5 " I I .XIXIXIX IXI2IXIXIXIQIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXI Ixlxlxlxlxlxlxlxlxlxl IXI 'g G' 2 'J 'J 'J ,Q OO 3, 5 3, 5 3, 5 5 5 2 'J 'J S' 5, OO 3, 5 I I " S' A w 3, 5 I 3 'J ' I 2 'J 2 S' 'J 'J " S' ,Q oo I I 'J . 3' 'F S 3 .1 .5 5 5 E' 5 2 A M ' 5 2' r 3 r. 5 5 5 'E Q we 1' 4' 3 3 5 5 'E 5 ': 5 ': 5 w 'J 'J 3' S' N S I 3 Is' ,1 3 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I 5 I I I I I I I I I I 'A' 'A' i' I I I I 5 'a Elzlxlxlxlxlzlzlxlx lxlxlxlzlxlxlxlzlxlzlzlxIXIZIXIXIXIXIXIxlxlxlxlxlxlxlxl IXI III IXIXIXIXI IXIXIXIXI lxlzIXIXIXIXIXIxlxlxlxltlxlxlxlxlx 101 If' re wx PERDUE C95 COMPANY, INC. N " 'J I 12 65 Broad Street Main -4894 Rochester, N. Y. I I oo I XIXIRIXIXIXIXIZISIXIX X X X X X XIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIX X XIXIXIXIXIXIXIX X X XIXIXIXUX 2 X X XIX X X I XIXIXIXIX 2 X X Xl!!! X Xl I!! 2 CGMAC BUILDERS' SUPPLY CQRP. ALDEN C. MCGUIRE, Prefidenz SAND and CINDER BLOCKS Q 3 Mason Supplies Refractories 16 NORMAN STREET ROCHESTER, N. Y. ' GLENWOOD 1010 E Complimenlf of az friend zlxlxlxlxlxlxlzlxlx 1 l31:12:92lynx!!IXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIZIXIXIXIXQI I lxlxlxlxlxlzlzlx!!lxlxlxlxlxlzlxlzlxlxlzlzlzlxlxlzlxlxlzlxlzlxlzlzlflxl 102 POWER PLANT EQUIPMENT STOKER C9 BOILER CO. ENGINEERS i 217 EAST AVENUE ROCHESTER, N. Y. Walter M. Maxwell Main 4290 A A + Brownell Boilers 8a Stokers gf Williams Patent Crusher Sc Pulverizer CO. 5 American-Marsh Pumps, Inc. - International Water Systems 25 Sullivan Machinery CO. 3 Buffalo Rochester Syracuse 5 I SHEET METAL WORK 5, ROOFING HOME INSULATING if ff ak ELESCH cya SCHMITT, INC. 118 BROWN STREET MAIN 5234 g g 3 311121932I2IXlXIZIXI2lXl2l2I2IXlXlXIXnXu2n2l2l2l2u2l2n2IXuXl!lXl2l2lXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXQIXIXlimi!!!2I1IXuxuilillnlnzlxugngngggg 103 IXIXIXIXIXIXIXISISIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXI IXIXIXIXIXIXISI IIlxIXIXIIIXIXIXIXIXIXIXl2lXISIXIXIXIXI2lxlxlxlxlxlzlxlxlxlxlxlzl Carpenter Work JOHN LUTHER C9 SONS CO. 87 STILLSON STREET Rochester, New York Telephone Stone 1292 I oo I OO I OO I OO I OO I OO I O9 I I oo I DQ I oo I OO I OO I 04 I I oo I oo I 2 d b Q, one y OO I OO I O4 I Of I OO I 90 I O4 I 99 I vo I O4 I OO I OO I OO I OO 5 I T V9 I O9 I n I N I I N I I N I N I M I oo I oo I I I w I vo I N I oo I oo I vo I N I N I N I N I GORSLINE AND SWAN CONSTRUCTION CO. I , oo I oo I 96 PEARL STREET Rochester, New York Telephone: Stone 1118 oo oo M oo N g N 2 O 2 0 Q N XlXl2'2l3l2'XlXlXlX IXISISIXIXIZIZIZIXl!IXltrZIXIXIXIXlXIXIXIXIX-ZIXIXIXIXI2IXl2lil!ItUXIXIXIXl2IXIXIXIXIXIXIXISIXIXIXIXIXIXIX I X X tltuf' 104 IXIXIXIXIXIXIXIX ISISIXIXIXIXIX X 2 X X X X X X X XlXIXI2IXIilXI2IXIXI2IXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIZIX I X X X 3 X X 2 XIXIXIXIXIXIXIZIX Painting done by GEORGE B. HAWKEN 186 CHAMPLAIN STREET ROCHESTER, NEW YORK Telephone Genesee 4765 Electrrcal Work done by T. H. GREEN ELECTRIC CO. 31 NORTH WATER STREET ROCHESTER, NEW YORK Telephone Ma1n 555 Ornamental Iron Work furnrshed by YOUNG S WROUGHT IRON WORKS ESTABLISHED 1884 Steel Sta1rs Frre Escapes Rarhngs Prcket Fences Srdewalk Doors Bolts Ornamental Iron and Steel 395 WATER STREET MAIN 1755 Complzments 0 nz rzemz' v , 3.3-xnzux-xrtltltrxrxlx-X 2 XIXI2IXIXIXIXI2l2I2I2IXIXIXIXIXIXUZIXIXIXIXIXIXI2IXIXIXIZISIXIXIXIXIXIXIZnXlXl2lXlXl2l2u 3.3.3-g.g.g.g.3.g 105 2 X IXIXQXUXQQXI IX!X:X12:3213:2:X12:Xlilxnxnxntlil2l2:XIIIXIX!!!2:2IXng!!lxngnxaxuxnxuxlXIXIXIXIXQXUXIXIXIXI Ixlxl C om plimenir of ROCHESTER ICE AND COLD STORAGE UTILITIES, INC. 55 CANTERBURY ROAD, ROCHESTER, N. Y. X HUTCHISON RATHBUN INC. 95 AUGUSTA STREET MASON BUILDERS SUPPLIES E L HEUGHES CDP CO INC Engrneers Desrgners and Manufacturers STRUCTURAL STEEL OFFICES WORKS LYELL AVENUE Rochester New York KEYSTONE BUILDERS SUPPLY CO 85 PALM STREET Hollow Metal Frames Trrm and Doors Copper Covered Frames Trlm and Doors Swmgmg Blackboard Units Mlamr Carey Medlcme Cabmets Parker Recessed Soap Holders and Accessorxes Fzzrnzsbed by S A SPENCER 135 SPRING STREET Rochester N Y 2 . . .7 . 7 OO OO O4 0, - I 90 - I 96 n O0 I 66 5 I 0 7 I O I OO n - OO I OO . . 03 . M , . K . 'J b 1 O0 . . . 5 , I N . . I . . . , . 99 l . OO I Q OO I DO I N . I M I O4 I OO I OO . . . OO I 64 I I 90 I .Q I Q - - Q0 I OO I 90 I Y IXIXI IXIXIZIZISI!!!'XlXIZIZIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXI IXIXIXIXlXl!lXl!l!l!lXl!l!lXl IXIXI IX!!!XlXIXIXIZIXIXIXIXIXIZIXIXIXIXIZlXl!lXl!l2nX 2 1 3 2 106 XIZIXIXI :XISIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXl2IXIXIXIXI3IXI2IXI2IXIXI2IXIXIXIXIXISIXIXIXIX!!IXIXIXIXIXIXIXI2ISIXI2l2I2IXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXI ' XI i!3lEi!l1liilllillll3llll!l!!!l!lilllllllllilllllllllllllllililllllllllllillllllllllllllllllllllllllllill!!Il!!!lilllililllllliilllllllililli I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I I I N I N I N I DY lA UR I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I I I I l N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I 4 I I N I N I N I N I Y M --B D lun 'IIN .nn H nh '.+...v will n'I+I'I'l O SODALITY F Munn rr! nunu .nun -,lk I n Munn S 'Tv M HHHLV Mn' W i M O -x-z-z-2-zuxIx-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-2-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-:-x-x-x-z-z-x.g.g.g. .g.g-1-3-:lgI3lzuxltlx-xlxuxuxltltlzlxlzltlrltlXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIX 7 0 1 .fix'X'X'X'z.x.x'x'x'X'X.!'xlxlXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXI JXIXUXUXIXUXlilxlilxlxlxlxlxlxnguxn FURLO G STUDIO Photographers for THE LANTHORN I 27 CLINTON AVENUE SOUTH EDUCATE YOURSELF m the best of Cathohc thought and Cathohc Act1on by reachng the news and news of thmgs Cathohc 1I'1 your own d1ocesan newspaper pubhshed weeklv for the Cathohc people of the ent1re Rochester DIOCCSC Read the QJIIIJIJIIL' ,ff Qffllllllfl The Influentzezl Newspaper 0 the Rochefter Dzoeefe Q! 73 . 7. . . . . A- , , V IXIXIXIXIXIXIXIX I2I2IXI2'XlXI2IXIXIXI2IXI2IIIXIXItI2IXIX'XIXI!I2I2IX'XIXI2IX'XIX'2IXIXIX'XIXIX'tl2IX'XIX'2IXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIX 2 108 Xl I 04 I 04 I 04 I 04 I 04 I 04 I 00 I oo I 00 I 44 I 04 I 04 I 04 I 00 I 00 I 00 I 04 I 04 I 04 I 04 I 04 I 04 I 04 I 04 I 04 I 04 I 04 I 04 I 04 I 04 I oo I oo I 3 I I 04 I 00 I 44 I 00 I 00 I 04 I 00 00 04 04 04 XIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIX IXIXIXIXIXIXIXl:I2IXIIIXIXIxlxlxlzlxlxlxlxlxlxlxl 12:21 I2:X:XIX:XIX:XI2I3I213lXIXIXIXIXlXlXl2IXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIX 44 44 04 04 04 04 0 4 00 04 04 44 0 They are New in Shape and Flavor ARPEAKO 5 00 FLAT HOTS ,I , ,RA COOKED, SKINLESS I 1 Q W! KK A .Aff just heat and serve. H . E X -.-.-: -1-:ev-12efi1':Z:Z:Z2IfZ-I-f ----- 3226:A255::::-:-:1:e:z'2f?'ff?'E:fZIZi1IZZZE-E-2:56 - I I Lffiiz-:z2215122i:122:1Q:2 will not Skid from I011. fy 7 Zig g5iEj22Egggg5iE?TiHVfEi: ' ggi? f i rf, ,ET,f.v ,A. ::ZiL,LL44Li 1 I I 3 T Q-i:,.'ff41 ,ff .ll , ,E- . vw A, I,.,, , j , " ,J " , W N Z' if we J f- Xe "- EZ, U W 1, ,,,.: , f ,- ,7 4 S3 f' 44-f f'T5 JA?,,.Q,f ' -M W W Asx 'QUI A 4, is f .ML I I 5.-uvv-I4'Y' 5 5 'I 7 f ',,f 2S:f22ES5iEF" 04 00 04 ROCHESTER PACKING CO INC ROCHESTER BOCK BINDERY LIBRARY AND MAGAZINE BINDING 165 - 173 ST. PAUL STREET Gold Stamping Book Binding I I I l ' 7 ' is 04 Q: O0 Q: O4 Y O9 Q: 99 Q: OO gg 00 QQ 09 SQ O Q: if Q: O9 g: 90 Q: OO is 44 Q: OO Q: OO Q: O9 Q: 9 Q: O4 Q: O0 ,Q O0 11 44 11 04 21 04 E? 44 Q. OO 5, if A -Ar ,, :Q OO Q: OO Q: O4 2 O9 Q: 00 Q: OO Y OO Q: OO 5: O4 2 V9 yq 99 is 44 Q: 94 Q: OO S4 OO Q: OO 5: 99 2 99 2 OO Q: O0 gg OO 21 44 E5 44 Q: 00 Q: 90 IX!!!XIXIXIXIXlXlXIXIXUXIXIXIXIXIXIX!!!XIXl2IXl!!Xl2IXISlXlXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIX!!!XIXlS'XIX'XCZIXUXIXIXIXIZIXIXIXIXIXIXIXI 1435? 04 00 44 04 I 00 I 04 I 04 I 04 I 04 I oo I 04 I 00 I 04 E 04 I 00 00 04 04 04 ItItI2IXIXIXltltltlxltltltItltltltltltltItltltltIXIXl!ItltltltIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXItlt!!ltltltltltltltltltltltltl a Balanced Training Program students not only acquire business skills but de- velop magnetic personalities . . . leading to successful business careers. fOver 1200 R. B. I. Graduates were placed in positions in 1939j. gg FALL 3 CLASSES r 'E START 0 g SEND 3 ' f- ' Rocnesren N. Y. " I N T72 CLINTON AVENUE SOUTH I if e. I e. I .1 I 99 I OO .1 .Q .Q .1 I N THE ROCHESTER HOTEL ASSGCIATION Q CADILLAC 1' HAYWARD ak POXWERS 'J oo N ROCHESTER +1 SAGAMORE fx SENECA .5 EASTMAN If May We Serve You I3 oo I N I oo I oo I oo I I Compliment! of N I N I I N I N xv. G. H. n M I on I N l 110 LIFE IFE vibrates through every class and Z sports activity at R. B. I. Through 3 90 94 O4 O0 06 O0 5 3 5 oo I I N fA'l'Al-06 ROCHESTER BUSINESS INSTITUTE : on I N I N ron g I oo I M I I N I M I N I VW I 90 I UO I S' lXIXIXIXIXISIXIXIXIXIXISIXI IXIXIXIXIXIXIX XIXIXIXISIX 'F IXIXIXIXIXIXIXlXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIQIXIXI3 X 2 Xl!!! xlzlzl IXIXIXIXQUZJXUXIXIXIXIXI lxl X lxlxlxlxl lxlxlxlxlxlxlxlzlxlxl xlxlxlSIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXI PHllC0 RADIOS AND PHONOGRAPHS The greatest values in radio history! Fine tone, super-per- formance, rare cabinet beauty in Radios and Radio-Phono- graph Models. An amazing variety of models to choose from. See, hear, and tune the new 1940 Philcos now! PHIlC0 REFRIGERATORS New Philco improvements, new features bring you more services and conveniences than ever before. Ask your dealer for a demonstration . . . see the many time, space and money-saving features. It's a sensational value! PHllC0-YORK AIR CONDITIONERS Real air conditioning at an amazingly low price. Enjoy cool, refreshing comfort at home or in the ofhce on the hottest days. Install a Philco- York Portable Air Conditioner, There's a model to suit every need. 28 Broadway, Rochester CA I I N C Wholesale Distributors AUTOMATIC COMBUSTION EQUIPMENT COMPANY, INCORPORATED POWER PLANT AND HEATING EQUIPVENT Dirtrilazttory for AUBURN STOKERS, HYDRAULIC AND SCREW FEED OILBILT INDUSTRIAL BOILERS, BOILER UNITS SCHAUB RETURN TO BOILER SYSTEMS TODD INDUSTRIAL OIL-BURNERS 49 SOUTH AVENUE STONE 3753 C om plimentr of CHAMPION KNITWEAR CO. INC. 71 ST. PAUL STREET Rochester, N. Y. USPECIALIZING IN SORORITY SWEATERSM Phone MAIN 1995 Rep. Phil Rubenstein HIGHEST AWARD fPasteurized Milkj NEW YORK STATE FAIR, 1939 "Security with Piotefteii Purity" BLUE BOY DAIRY 1044 UNIVERSITY AVE. MONROE 3222 IXl!IXIXIXIX!2I2I2IXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXI2l!l!l!l!l!l!l I!lflxlxlzlzlxlxlxlflxlzl l!lXlXlXlXlXn3n2n3nxnxnxngugug-3.31 g 111 an E, X XIXIXIXIXIX X X X X X X X I X X X X X X X X X 'XIII IXlXIXIX'XIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXI IXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXI Compliments of 4 friend N. E. OWEN SERVICE STORE 1640 LAKE AVE. OPP. KODAK PARK GLENWOOD 255 MOHAWK TIRES EXIDE BATTERIES ARCHER MOTOR CO., INC. 350 MONROE AVENUE Ford Mercury and Lincoln Zephyr Motor Cars Compliments of W. B. COON CO. MAKERS OF WoMEN's SHOES 37 Canal Street Rochester, N. Y. 3:xnxagnxnxoxo:uxuxngnxIXuXlXlXlXIXIXIXUXIXUXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXI IXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIX 112 ISI:IXIXIIIxIxIxIxIxIxIXI2IXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXI Phone Main 965 MICHAEL J MUNGOVAN INC BUILDERS PAINTERS AND RIGGERS HIGH GRADE ST AGE EQUIPMENT 1394 MT. HOPE AVENUE Phone Monroe 654 Complimentx 0 TOM L O BRIEN CAMELIO BROS. FILMS DEVELOPED AND PRINTED 25C MARKET and GROCERY Any 6 or 8 Exposure Roll OTIS COR' AUSTIN Free with each roll two 5x7 Enlargernents DELAVAU STUDIO 840 DEWEY AVENUE We Deliver len. 3283 C I ' Complimenlf 0 OZZZVZZZZZIZ 1,0 WILLIAM F. GREINKE SHIRLEY A. EMERLING I O4 N I N N I O0 64 I 04 O4 I OO OO I OO OO I QQ OO I 04 N I 64 OO I OO 64 I OO OO I I O4 OO I I O4 OO I I O0 OO I I w 2 oo ' Q ' vo I OO OO I O9 OO .. :. I l O0 OO I 7 I N N I I O9 90 I I O9 N I I OO 60 I D4 OO I O6 OO , l O4 99 I 04 O4 I OO OO I I N N I I OO O0 I I N N 2. 2. I I N 1' if as N I OO O4 I 94 O4 I N OO I I 96 N I I N N I I N N I I OO OO I I OO OO I I O9 OO I I N N I O6 N I 64 QQ I I OO OO I I OO I I .. I I 4 OO I 0 O0 I OO OO I N O0 I O0 OO I O0 04 I 0 O0 I Q O0 I N O4 I O4 OO I . 94 " .Q " 9 I 04 . . r. N . I gg OO - :. " a " .Q " r. " r. " e. " e. " e. " 2. " e. N I ' N I OO r. " .1 " .2 O0 , :Q OO 7 3 N vw G 5 e. " 2. " .Q " r. " .s " .1 vo f A " :. " 3. " .1 " e. " I " S " e. " e. " I I l l lll ll I . ' XIXIX Xlzlflxlx XIX!! X X XIXltltltltltltltltltltltlt flllxlzl ltr!! IXIXIXIXIXIXIZIXISIX XIXIXIXIXIXIXIX 2 XIXIXIXISIZUXIX 3.3.3 XIXIXIXI 1 1 5 vo 04 xlxlxlxlxlxlxlxlxl I2IX!!!XIXIXI2lXIX:XlXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXDXIXUXIXIX:XIXIXIXUXIXIXIXIXIXRI lxlxlxlxlxlxlxl lxlzlzlxlxlxlxlxlx T. A. Sharp President C. E. Hayes Treasurer C. R. Haggerty, Secretary Compliments 0 HAYES SHARP C9 HAGGERTY INC. INSURANCE SERVICE 414 MAIN STREET EAST ROCHESTER, NEW YORK Telephones: Stone 1195 - 1196 - 1197 George C. Schaefer Charles G. Schaefer Edward Bauman GEORGE C SCHAEFER COMPANY Formerly Schaefer 8: Hartel 8 MAIN STREET EAST Phone: Main 6746 Exclusive Agents for Nazareth Rings KEEP IT IN YOUR REFRIGERATOR In Sterilized Bottles Buy rom your pworite dealer in he Handy 6 Botile Carton Coca-Cola Bottling Corp. I1 A. L. Anderson Sc Sons FRE -- YOQACQ Q 0 or O I9 9 6 Div!- Sue NIAGARA UNIVERSITY College of Business Administration ROCHESTER Registered College Degree Courses preparing for: C. P. A. Examinations Entrance to Law Schools Executive Positions in Business Teaching Commercial Subjects in High Schools For in awmztion wrile THE REGISTRAR NIAGARA UNIVERSITY 50 CHESTNUT STREET Telephone Main 1124 5 A A 5 4 A A A I A .s E' 7 7 3 A A A A 3 i A A 5 Y E Q WATCHES, DIAMONDS, JEWELRY AND SILVERWARE I i A II 0 'v 3 g -in S K ' 564' if 1 I0 E rr If jf at :I 1. n 3 3 I f IX!!IXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXI lxlxltlxlxl lxlxlxlXlxlxlxlxlzlxlxlxlzlxlXlXl2IXlxlxlxlxlxltlxlxlxlxlxlxlxlxlxlxlxlxlx X ilXl!IXIXIXIXlXU2IXI2IXIXlXlXlXl!lXIXlxI2IXIXIXIXIXIZIXIXIXUXIXI lXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXl2IXlXlIIXIXlzlxlxlzlxlzlxlxlxlxlxl C. SOLON KELLOGG INC. COAL And COKE 55 CANTERBURY ROAD ' 700 EXCHANGE STREET MONROE 7830 HEATING HEADQUARTERS -E-ME M g COAL - COKE l,!lIll'llIlte:ftH "!l'H!!ll!l Q' ...i'L..L.fL" PASCH COAL CO. A ra' 7 i or , It IM M .4 Established 1886 Lg ll V L ' 515 CLINTON AVE. NORTH MAIN 368 Our Gratitude Pauline Boerschlein '40 Marie Hasenauer '40 Bernadine Robinson '40 Fannette Farnsworth '40 Betty Jost '40 Yolanda Romano '40 Rosemary Gibbons '40 Marian McCarthy '40 Margaret Sgambaty '40 Agnes Hanley '40 Mary Agnes Oakes '40 Mary Clare Torpey '40 Congratulations to The Graduates Complimefzlf of of Nazareth Academy PAULINE MOORE S CANDIES from HARRY B. CROWLEY Xlxlxlxlzlxlxlxlzlxlxlxlxlxlxlxlxl Ixlxlxlxlxlxlxlxlxlxlxl lxlzlzl:ISIXIxlXIXlxlxlxlXlXlXlxlxlxlxlxlxlxlxlxlzlxlxlzlxlzlxlxlzlxlxl 115 IXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIZU IXlXIX!!IZIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXI I3IXIXIXIXIXIXIXISISIXIZIXIXOXI IXIXIXIXIXIXIXI IXIXIXIXIXIXUXUXIX XUXIXIXI I N I N Rochester's H AVE Newest And Most Pleasing Apparel Shop For Girls i' 'A' 'k I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I , N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I n I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I THE EYES IT! School work demands a lot of one's eyes. If you think you lack in physi- cal or mental poise, and find it diffi- cult to concentrate perhaps you need to have your eyes examined. I. E. S. Lamps help to make studying easier by providing adequate light, properly directed upon your work. Stop in and see these fine I. E. S, Lamps on our Main Floor, THE NATIONAL ROCHESTER GAS Sf ELECTRIC CORP. I Grover A. Clic qLiennoi,Pres. 1 ii' I 4 if 5 .., .... ..,, ,... ..,. 1 g You will love the new- LA SALLE V 8 Q America'S lowest price quality car E 'A' 'A' 'A' THE VALLEY CADILLAC CORPORATIGN 333 EAST AVENUE Izlzl IXIXIXISISISIXIXIXIXIXI Ixlxlzl Ixlzlzlxlzlxlxlxl IXI IXI ISI l2lXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXI IXIXIXIXI XIX XIXIXIX 116 2X!!XXXXXXXXXX!2ZX!XX!XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXSSSXXXXSXXXX THE YATES COAL CO Also COKE Orders sohcrted for prrvate resrdences apartments and burldrngs Delrverres made under the personal supervrsron of Superrntendent Boards and Canvas used for protectron PHONES Stone 450 Stone 451 612 Lrncoln Allrance Bank Bu1ld1ng General Ofnce 183 Ma1n St E Ask for ROCHESTER QUALITY SCHOOL SUPPLIES VALUE FIRST Mmm azclwed by ROCHESTER STATIONERY CO FUEL OII COKE COAL OIL BURN ERS STOKERS LANGIE FUEL SERVICE INC STONE 4000 FRANK H. DENNIS STORES, INC. WHOLESALE CONFECTIONERS If 1f,S GooD CANDY, we have rt' O Marn 506 25 Otsego St. ANTI-IRACITE AND BITUMINOUS Z a 'A' 'A' 'A' O XXXXXXXXXXSXXXX!!XXSSXXXXXSXXXIXISISIXXXXX XXX!!!!!2!!XXX!!X!!!XXXXX!X! 117 2 2 3 3 3 3 1 3 1l3l3l1l1l3l3I3I1I1I3IXIXI3I3IXl1l1l!l1lXlXl3'3l3l1l3l3l!l!l1l3l3l3l!lXl!!! 1l3l3I3l3I1l1l1I! 2 3 X X 3 3 1 X X LUCAS O DAKE CO., INC. INSURANCE 31 Exchange Street Rochester N Y L1ncoIn AII1ance Bank Bu1Id1ng MAIN 938 939 THE EGGLESTON E A DENTINGER J J WARD A1r Conchtxoned The fmest thmgs to eat f 7 CLINTON AVENUE SOUTH ROCHESTER N Y BUSES EOR CHARTER Cons1def the Advantages of Chartermg a Bus from the Standpomts of Soc1ab1I1ty Economy Conven 1ence and Safety ANY TIME ROCHESTER TRANSIT CORPORATION PHONE Mazm 4200 267 STATE STREET WILLIAM F PREDMORE SCHOOL SUPPLIES RELIGIOUS ARTICLES CHURCH GOODS 95 STATE STREET 'k 'k 'A' , . . '-I , . . 9 7 ' , . . O 7 J O 31113113 1133313 3333333331311l1lll3l3l3l3 1333331133131 111331333 1 118 X X 2 X 2' X X l lx!!lXlXlXIX!XIX!!I2lxlxlxlXl2l2lXlXIXlXlXlXlzlxlxlxlxlxlxlxlxlxlxlxlxlxlxlxlxlxlxl I 1 zlxl lxlxlxlxl lxlxl Stone 2751 Stone 2752 JOE SARGENTS SMOKE SHOP 249 EAST AVENUE HEADQUARTERS - BOWLING, BASEBALL, SPORTS REPP 85 MEISENZAHL DAIRY 695 PORTLAND AVE. STONE 6933 Compliments of A Friend Compliment! of WATTS DRY CLEANING CO. GENESEE 614 Complimenzr of WARD'S HARDWARE 567 JEFFERSON AVENUE Compliment! of SCHAEFER MARKETS 1050 DEWEY AVENUE BIG PICTURES made from your snapshots Films developed and printed ll OIL COLORING - COPYING PHOTOS TAKEN CHAUFFEUR'S PERMITS, Etc. Fmmer Made lo Order .P SNAP SHOT SHOP 274 Genesee St. Tel. Gen. 5564 Registered MEDICAL SECRETARIAL and BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION COURSES Also Shorter Courses li SCHOOL OF COMMERCE 362 EAST AVENUE Catalog Free Main 5550 X Zl!I!!!I2IXIIIII2I2IIIXIXIXI2I2I2I2IXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXI!lXlXlXlXlZIXIZIXIXIXlXlXl!l2lXl!l!l2l2uXs!uxuxnguzuxuxnllxuxn l!l2lXI!IXISIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXISl8I2IXIXIXIXIXIXIZIXI2IXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXl3IXlXIX'XIXlXIXl2IXIXIX-tlxnxuxnxuxuxuzuz x JACKSON - BAILEY Inc. 'A' ju!! Better ICE CREAM AND SHERBET 501 THURSTON ROAD Genesee 7100 Ezzefylhing for the Garden HART 8: VICK SEED STORE 'k Corner Of Stone and Ely Streets ANTHONY W. CULHANE FUNERAL HOME 1411 Lake Ave. Glen. 1411 We Telegmpla Flower! BLANCHARD FLORIST 58 LAKE AVENUE BAUMAN 81 BAYNES 333 DRIVING PARK AVENUE Compliments of JOHN H. GARNHAM i ,l 1, GROCERY if MEATS GROCERIES VEGETABLES 823 DEWEY AVENUE Complimemir of DWYER ELECTRIC COMPANY 225 TREMONT STREET HAUBNER 8: STALLKNECHT Successors to john C. Rossenbach FUNERAL DIRECTORS -A- Genesee 300 828 JAY ST. lxlxlxlxlxlxlzlz A IX!!lxIXlxl2lXlXlXlxlzlxlzlxlxlzlxlxlxlxlxlxl l lx!!lXlxlxlxlxlxlxlxlxlxlSlSIXIXIXIXIXIXlxlxlxlxlxlxlxlxlxlxlxlxlxl 2 XlXlXISlzl2lXI:lilIIXIXIXIXIXIXlXlxl!!xlXl!!xl2lxl2III2lXIX!zlxlxlxlxlSIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXI2I2IXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXI lxlxlxl Complimentr of GORDON A. HOWE GREECE SUPERVISOR Congmtulatiom to CLASS OE 1940 if JOHN W. MATTLE TOWN TALK BAKERY Incorporated Glenwood 6772 601 PULLMAN AVENUE ZWEIGLE'S DELICIOUS SAUSAGES AssoRTED Cow CUTS WIENERS - BOCKWURST - HoTs For your luncheon CALL STONE 6944-6945 210 - 214 JOSEPH AVENUE WALDERT OPTICAL CO. 4 Always Better Glasses Never Higher Prices -A- 56 EAST AVENUE THE WHITE WIRE WORKS CO. 79-85 Exchange Street Complimenlf of T R A N T ' S CATHOLIC SUPPLY STORE 96 CLINTON AVENUE NORTH RYAN 81 MCINTEE Fzmem! Service if tbe bex! and costs no more O Call Stone 1464 B. Leo Mclntee 207 CHESTNUT STREET The Fmzeml Home-Non-Sectarian X.3I3.3-gggg!.311nXuxlxlxiilxlxlxlxuIl2lXl2IXIX!!!XIX!!!XIXUXIXnXnXIXlXIXlXlXuXIXlXl :Xl lxlzlxlxlzlxlxlxltlxlxlxlflxl Itlilxnglg XXXXXX! XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXlxlxlxxxxxxxxxxXXXXXXX!XXXXXX2X!XXXX! XXXXXXX JAMES T. MURRAY Cgmpljmgnfy gf 0 THE CURTIN AGENCY PHARMACY 0 KODAK SUPPLIES GENERAL INSURANCE O . GRANITE BUILDING 492 LYELL AVENUE Stone 3519 Compliment! of F. H. GERHARD CO. JOSEPH BUCKLEY ' -A' FUNERAL DIRECTOR OPTICIANS . A 69 MAIN STREET EAST 796 Dewey Ave. Glen. 4906 Rheumatic, Neuritis, Arthritis MY or Sinus Sufferers E' Results Guurunteed or Money Refunded MAID DRUG COMPANY, Inc. 511 DEWEY AVENUE Glenwood 974 Established 1885 Office Systems - Supplies Steel Desks - Files Steel Storage and Shelving Equipment AWMANANDBXBE MFGQ. -41 CHESTNUT STREET Your Shoe! ure the most important purt of your costume. Buy them jirxt. SCHMANKES BROWNBILT SHOE STORE 1480 DEWEY AVENUE N ORBERT E. VAY -If FUNERAL DIRECTOR x 604 Maple Street Genesee 5958 !22!!X2!X2222X!X!!!!!! ZXXXXXXXXIXIZIXIXIXIXXX X!2!2!2X!2X!!X2X!X 22 XXX!!! X 2 8 X-XIXUXUXUXUXUXUXIXIXIXIXlXIXlxlxlXUXIXIXIXI2I2lxIXIXIxlX'SUXlxlXlXlXlXlxlXIxlXlXlxlxlflxlXlXlXl:lx!!lxlxlxlzixlxlxlx-x'X'x'x Compliments of RUSSER'S COMPLETE FOOD MARKET AMES CORNER MAPLE Compliment! of A Friend Sibley's YOUTH CENTER . . . is dedicated to dressing Rochester girls for school, play or party best. If you wish to spend little or much you will End the rnost fashion- able and most complete selection of girls' wear in Rochester, in Our YOUTH CENTER. THIRD FLOOR M SIBLEY, LINDSAY 8: CURR CO. Compliments 0 THOMAS F TROTT Best Wishes to THE CLASS OF 1940 Of NAZARETH ACADEMY Matt Cornelia Bill Ernst Bud Koch ZAMIARA S MEATS AND HOME MADE SAUSAGE TWO STORES 473 Hudson Axe 1129 31 Hudson Ave Phone Stone 1838 Stone 3174 L Congratulations Class of 40 rom PILAROSCIA TOBACCO CO Wholesale Brokers TOBACCO AND CONFECTIONERY 1467 Lake Avenue Glen 1890 Furnaces Paint Oils an an Tinsmithing Glass H O WAUGH HARDWARE 773 LAKE AVENUE Cor Lexington ! Y . , , . . 7 3 XIXHZIZIZIZIZH2IIIZIXIXIXI2ltltltltlilXIII!!!I2III!IXl!!!IXltltIXIXIZIXl!IXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIZIZI!I2l2l!lXl2lXl!l!l2Itltlznxnxnz 3 3 123 X X X X X X X X X X X X X X XIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIX X XlXlXlXlX X UXUXUXIXIXIXIX X X X X X X X X XUXUXIXIXIXIXUXIX X X X X X X X X HETZLER BROS. CO., INC. ICE - COAL - COKE -k 801 DRIVING PARK AVENUE Phone: Glen. 446 - 447 "Say It With Our Flowers" GLENWOOD 1240 ' ARMEN OR LOWERS 331 DRIVING PARK AVENUE LECKIN GER S SHOES 43 CLINTON AVENUE NORTH Best Wzfbes All Nazareth Stztcients rom SHERIEE ALBERT SKIN N ER HARTS 444 ROCHESTER S GREATEST GROCERS THE CRESCENT PURITAN LAUNDRY INC 4 4 4 1630 DEWEY AVENUE B O U C H E R FLOWERS 422 MAIN STREET EAST fawj mftig Furners and Ta11ors To Gentlewomen dl? READY TO WEAR CLOTHES 39 EAST AVENUE 9 7 . l'0 . 0 1 ,! p X X XUXIXIXIX X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X XIXIXIX X X X X X X X X XlXIXIXIXIXIXUXIXUXIXIXIXIXI 'XIX XIX X X X X X Xl!!! XIX!!'XlXlzlzlxlzlxixlzlzlxlxlzixlxlxlx UXIXIXIXI I2 SlXIXIXIXIXIXIXUXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXISIXIXU 1 C om plimezzty of FARRELL BROTHERS COLONIAL FUNERAL HOME GAMROD-I-IARMON CO., INC. PAINTS AND PAINTER,S SUPPLIES cIMPERIAI.. 'fi'A1.LI-APERQ Phones: Main 3710 - 3711 75 Exchange St. Rochester, N. Y. EAHY MARKET Headquarters for FANCY MEATS AND POULTRY SINCE 1862 Deliveries Daily to all parts Of the City 25 FRONT ST. MAIN 3701 MCINTOSH-BOTT INC. COAL, FUEL OIL, COKE O 410 CONKEY AVE. GLEN. 3326 Best Wishes to the Graduating Class of 1940 FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION OF ROCHESTER Compliments' of THE GUM-SHOE-CLUB 3084 DEWEY AVENUE Compliment: of FLOWER CITY PRESS C om plimemif of THE LIEDERKRANTZ CLUB IXIXIXlXuXuXuXlXlXIXlXlXlXl2IXIXIXIXIXIXIXUXIXI IXIXIXRIXIXIXDXIXIXl2l2l2l2l I IXUXIXIZIZUXIXE212121333-gpg g 3 Main 428 - Main 429 CHARLES A. TUCKER Huber Electrical Co. For Things Electrical 68 SOUTH AVENUE Rochester N. Y. Inc. CHURCH GOODS Buy Wloefe the Clergy Buy 81 EAST AVENUE fNext door to Gas 8: Electric Bldgj Rochester N. Y. Complimentr of BOND BAKERS 392 NORTH STREET Our congratulations and good wishes for success are extended to Nazareths graduates of the Class of 1940. Your associations, friendships and training at Nazareth will prove the more Valuable as the years progress-Again congratula- tions. i' FIRE-KING 70 EXCHANGE STREET WILLIAMS' POTATO CHIPS X X X IZIXIXIXIZIZIZIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIZIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIZIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIZIXIIIIIXIXIXIXIXIXIXISlxuxuglxuxlxlxnxnx X 1 7 O rr , as . 0 7 I Complimefztr of 999 CHILI AVENUE Florence Hetzler '43 Compliment! of At SCRANTOIVFS you will find school supplies and SCANLON ' LEWIS equipment, social stationery and GENERAL TIRES engraving, games, stamp collec- tors supplies, and one of the 'A' , countryls great book stores. 264 EAST AVENUE D . R h Y In tbe Taylor Buzldzng OC ester' N' ' 334-336 MAIN STREET EAST z x x z x x x 126 Established 1872 Stone 609 THE YAUCHZI C L. W. Plumbing, Heating, Undertakers "ROTC-ROOTElR" Embalmers Funeral Directors SEWER SERVICE I 870 CLINTON AVE. NORTH 773 Lake Avenue Cor. Lexington Glenwood 261 Rochester, N. Y Complirrzerzly of THOMAS B. GRAY For Parzficzzlezr Peo ple HAFNER HOME LAUNDRY INC. 595 CLINTON AVE. NORTH MAIN 2978 Telephone Glenwood 5700 9:30 a. m. to 9 p. m. daily ANN CULHANE DRESS SHOP The Shop for Diferimineztirrg Wornen Beaulifrzl Grezdzzatiorz Dreffey 571 LAKE AVENUE Rochester, N. Y. C on gratzzlatiofzr lo NAZARETH CLASS OF 1940 from The Reverend Daniel B. O'Rourke Parlor of OUR LADY OF SORROWS CHURCH Mt. Read Boulevard For Your Tear, Pfzrtief, Lzmclaeom, SERVE CLUB CRACKERS ONTARIO BISCUIT COMPANY "Supreme Bakers" Complimenzfr of el friend IXIZIllXIXIXIXIXI2I2ISIXIZISIXIXISIXIXIXIXIXIXI IXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIZIXISIXIXIXIXI ltltlilluxngnxngnxuxuxuxuxnxnx X 3 CLARK'S READY-TO-WEAR FOR MEN - WOMEN - CHILDREN 196 GENESEE STREET Genesee 5362 STONE 517 - 318 - 319 ' FLOWERS 363 EAST AVENUE at Alexander Street FINEST SERVICE . . . The people of tlvir community righlfzzlly enjoy every modern advantage. We pro- vide the fine!! nzortuewy .rervife that exirtf. 'A' HENRY D. HALLORAN 8c SONS MOONEY'S FUNERAL DIRECTORS 195 PLYMOUTH AVE. SOUTH PHONE MAIN 127 Complimentf WURLITZER'S A NAME FAMOUS IN MUSIC FOR OVER 200 YEARS . . . MUSICAL INSTRUCTION . . . PIANOS . . . RARE OLD VIOLINS BAND INSTRUMENTS EXPERT REPAIR SERVICE li 115 CLINTON AVE., S. STONE 4370 Open Eveningf Church Furnishings Altars - Pulpits - Benches - Railings IXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXI I2lXIXlxlxlzlxlxlxlxlxlxlxlxlxlxlxl lxlxlxlx 2IzlXlxlxlxlzlxlxlxlxlXlxlxlxlxlxlxlxlxlzlx Xlxlxl Gasoline and Oil HEDGES AND HOFFMAN 141 SCIO STREET Mode in Roebejier WM. WOERNER 8: SONS ROCHESTER NOVELTY WORKS, Inc. 485 Hague St. Genesee 3212 Modirb Haircutting for Pfzrzienlar People SAMUEL MARCELLO BARBER SHOP Special Attention to Children 1003 GENESEE STREET Complimenfr of ROBERT MERRIMAN, D. D. S. 706 MAPLE STREET 'lxlxltltlxlxlxlxlx Xlzlxlzlzlxlfl I l I It XlilXl2l2lXlXlXlXlXIXIXIXISl!!SIXIXIXIXIXIXIXDXIXl!lXlXl2lSIXIXIXUXIXIXIXIX lg. .3 3I3.3.3Ig-3-3.313-1.3.3-gngngnxugnx1gngn3I3ngI3ngngngngnznzuxnxuxuxIxutltltltltlil2I2IXIX'Xltltltltlrltltltltltl- New York Washington Pittsburg Cleveland EUGENE G. SACKETT WOODWORK BY . HYDE-MURPHY COMPANY ARCHITECTURAL WOODWORK Terrazo and Marble Work Since 1866 . o Main Office 81 Faffofy ' Ridgwavr Pa' Stone 803 319 Alexander Street 39 BOARDMAN ST. Rochester, N. Y. Congmtulationf to the Class Of 1940 Of Nazareth Academy from Mr. John Murphy Uncle Of Margaret A. Meyer Complimenzr of cz Friend Of MURIEI.. BIECK THE GOODIE SHOPPE Home of Good Ice Cream and Candies 533 Portland Ave. 1700 Clifford Ave. Phone Main 8528 Phone Culver 1241 Follow the Crowd to . . THE RITZ O PORTLAND AVE, AT NORTON ST. The Home of the RITZ Hamburg We Give New Life To Any Old Shoe -Try Ur Finl- ARNETT SHOE REPAIR 362 ARNETT BLVD., Cor. RUGBY AVENUE P. F. Fioretino JOHN HANNA FUNERAL HOME 1826 RIDGE ROAD E. Culver 328 Complimentr CLARK PAINT, OIL 8: GLASS CO. Geo. A. Weining, Pres. ak 71 - 73 STATE STREET Complinzenlr of zhe THRIET FOOD STORE 422 SOUTH AVENUE Congratulations from Celeste Statt X Xa! XlxlxlxlxlxlxlxlxlzlxlxlxlxlxIXlxlxlxIXIXIXIXIXIXISIXIXIXI nzIxl2I8I2I8IXI2I2I2I2IXl8IXltltltltltltlilllllilll ww- Wf ,, u uxnxuguxnx-nz-1. IXl2IIIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXUXIXIXIx'x'xIXI2-X.:-x.x.x.x-S-:.x'x.x'z.x-X'x.x'x'x. IXIXIXIXIXIZIXI IXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIX X 2 I N N l N I i since 1902 VOGT'S STORE 5 WAGG'S DEPARTMENT STORE DRY GOODS ' H Waggs Corners 963 CLINTON AVENUE NORTH I 2 Cor. LAKE AND RIDGE GLEN. 976 MAIN 1513 5' C I, Typewriters-All Makes 5 'WP "WU of SOLD, RENTED, REPAIRED I 93 G- BAREIS AND SON TYPEWRITER STORE .2 EVERYTHING IN FOOTWEAR 3 8 6 A 77 NORTH CLINTON AVENUE of 2 JOSEPH VENUE Phone: Stone 855 ZLOTNICICS A 3 BEAUTY sf DRESS SHOPPE comiflfmeflff of 3 573 HUDSON AVE. STONE 5010 WEIS AND FISHER COMPANY Q2 Complele Beauty Culture 3 Operators: 80 CLINTON AVENUE SOUTH Q2 Theresa Zlotnick Thelma Mault :E ALLENBYUS VUMg5?AZ3VgICH IiRUG CO. A - UDSON VENUE H DRY GOOD STORE MAIN 9084 MAIN 8398 S 840 CLINTON AVENUE Trusses, Abdominal Supports Q For Quality Hosiery and Elastic Hosiery H at low prices I 1, 5 Roller Skate at the . . . Ben Wifbe-Y to the 2 ARENA, 87 STONE ST. CI-A55 OF 1940 Q "ROcHEsTER's BEST' from 1122 3 FOR MUSIC: A HAMMOND ORGAN YQUNG LADIES- SODAUTY 'J . . . The Only Real Murie for Skuiiug . . SAINT MICHAEIQS PARISH 1.5 8 E C0,,,p1i,,,g,,,, of HUGH MCGRATH if PHELAN'S GROCERY 840 EAST MAIN STREET Q LUNCHES, CANDIES, SODAS Q Wen HMM MARIE E. WEILAND Q Try "THE GRIDDLEU REALAEEDTATE I ij 272 STATE STREET GENERAL INSURANCE i GLENWOOD 1595 ,, Do Your Shopping ut i AI-dBRECHT'S Complimenzr of I i 1018 LYELL AVENUE I 02 Soft Drinks, Beer and Ale S58 DEWEY AVENUE IXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXI IXl!!!IXlXlXl!lXlXlXl!lXlXIXIXISIXUXI IXIXISISIZIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXISIX!XIXIXIXIXIXI!!SIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIX X X X :afg- XIXIXIXlXlXIX!!IXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIX!!I2I2I2IXIXIXIXIXIXOZIXIXI!IXI2IXIXIXIIIIIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIX Xl! X X I oo I oo I oo PAUL GOVERTS INSURANCE TAYLOR BUILDING 328 NIAIN STREET EAST Phone: Stone 1401 Enjoy ove 5 The jilzer con ectiom JAY STREET SWEET SHOPPE S. Gruttadauria Prop. We Jpecialize in Spuwonia 19 JAY STREET MAIN 6217 OTTO P. LECHLEITNER 598 LAKE AVENUE CANDY - SODA - CE CREAM The store of 1000 items FRANK WEBSTER COAL 8: COKE Blue Coal Reading 8: DBIL Solvay and Gas 8: Electric Coke 2036 N. CLINTON AVE. GLENWOOD 1835R Complimenlr 0 . and Mrs. A. H. SANFORD THoMAs J. sToKEs FANCY AND STAPLE GROCERIES CoR. LAKE AND GLENWOOD AVENUES Latest type small pianos in Grand and Spinets of the old standard makers- Kimball-Kranach 8: Bach-Ivers 8: Pond-Lester. C. W. OSTER 315 TAYLOR BUILDING Complimenzr of GEORGE S. PALMOS CANDY SHOP 821 DRIVING PARK AVENUE Congmtulatiom to Rita Kelley rom Sylvia Mendez and daughter MONROE CONSTRUCTION CO. GENERAL CONTRACTORS 377 SENECA PARKWAY F. Eugene Roeser Glenwood 3510 Complimenlr 0 OSTER S Smfgiml Appliamef 275 CENTRAL AVE. STONE 6886 BIOLOGICAL SUPPLY COMPANY SCIENCE LABORATORY SUPPLIES 1176 MOUNT HOPE AVENUE Rochester N. Y. XVe Deliver Main 3184 FILIPPONE BROTHERS FRESH FRUITS AND VEGETABLES AT THEIR BEST 966 CLINTON AVENUE NORTH I .. I .. I OO I .. I .. I OO I O9 I " Y I 99 I 09 I O6 I 94 I OO I OO 3 I ff N 7, I OO I OO I OO I OO I OO I O9 I OO I OO I V9 I 99 5 I , 90 8 I ,, I I O9 I 99 I 90 I I I ' J' I O 5 , I .. Mr I OO I 99 I 4 I O9 I 90 I .. 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St. jacob Street 3 bf VISIT 3 : SANTII..I.O'S RESTAURANT N TROMPETER BROS. CO. INC. STEAKSPAONQEHIQQRQATEEIQSHETTI Z i 741 HIGHLAND AVENUE WE CATER To PARTIES 2 A 405 Plymouth Ave. N. Phone Main 8854 N 2' Near Brown Free Parking Z If WATCHES DIAMONDS ARTHUR BAMANN Z 3 Good Walglh Repairing at Rmmmble PNMJ Member, Umiefwrizerf' Board of Rorlaerter 3 'E C' J' DANGLER GENERAL INSURANCE N 3 JEWELER I 3 :J 703 South Avenue Genesee 5481-W 1001-03-O5 Gramte Bldg. Stone 5342 'J .4 E SARATOGA MEAT MARKET 3 3 DREXLER COAL CO., INC. AND GROCERY .Q lf N 3 COAL, FUEL OIL and COKE Sam Borelli, Prop' 3 3 540 LAKE AVENUE 199 SARATOGA AVE. GLEN. 6766 3 Q Z fa Complimenzr of CLEMENT LAMONACO COAL ' COKE ' FUEL OH- 3 ,, DOMESTIC FUEL SERVICE I1 i MARKET and GROCERY JOHN DI GAETANO 3 I O6 Q 119 ELLICOTT STREET GENESEE 4861 196 I-YET-L AVE- GLEN- 1093 II Q I I OO Q 1 QRIMER GRQCERY AND VALLEY ICE CREAM INC. 2 I OO g MEAT MARKET For zlaore who imtinclively .feek the bert N 'J ' oleminulvle today in few placex Z ,J V. Bovenzr, Prop. N 5 100 LORIMER STREET GLEN. 6737-VU 67 RIDGE ROAD WEST GLEN. 834 :I .1 , 3 lxlzlxlzlzlxlxlxlxl IXIxlxlxlxlxlxlxlxlxlxlxlxl IzlxlxlxlxlxlxIXIXIXISIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXI I!!XlXl2lXI2lXISI!!!I2:XIIIXuxlzuxlxlilzaxuxnlnxulu 132 I 44 I I no I oo I ov l no l I 00 I 04 I l oo I I oo l Complimenlf of ALFRED J. KUNZ and ANDREW WUEST M A G G S ICE CREAM AND CATERING 732 EAST MAIN STREET Stone 621 - 622 IVe Cater zo School Funriiom S LAEMLEIN'S MARKET 3 883 PORTLAND AVENUE 5 Phones, Stone 6721 - 6722 oo vo Complimenn of THE MANHATTAN RESTAURANT 25 EAST AVENUE Air-Conditioned IXUXIXIXIX '2IXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIxlxlxlxlxlxlxlxl XIXIXIXIXIXIXIXI!!IIXIXIXISDXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXI XIXIXIXIXIXIX XIX!! I OO I UO I 50 I 50 I 50 I OO I OO I OO I OO I OO I .Q I 00 I 'Q I .Q I 9. I 50 5. Compliments of a friend OO I OO I OO I OO I O0 I HARRY B. MARCILLE INC. REAL ESTATE 14 Franklin Street Main 3767 DENGLER BUTTER 8: EGG CO. vo l H Rochester's Finest Butter i CLEAR VALLEY H Repuzrzzion for ine frerh New York Slale Eggr .5 Year Around 'J 113 ARDMORE STREET GENESEE 658 Complzmentr of LEICHTNER HARDWARE PAINTS OILS GLASS WE DELIVER Maple Street Phone Genesee 3126 Haskell H. Marks jack Abramson MARKS 81 ABRAMSON JEWELERS AND OPTICIANS 10 STATE STREET Since 1912 Compliment: of DR FRANKJ MASIEL DENTIST 484 N Goodman St Culve 2060 LIBERTY SWEET SHOPPE HOME MADF CANDIES ICE CREAM SODAS CIGARS AND TOBACCO 275 DRIVING PARK AVENUE Complzmenlr o LILAC LAUNDRY 14 WARD STREET Rochester New York Compllmenlr o MATTERNS HAT SHOP 877 CLINTON AVENUE NORTH MELIN S GROCERY FRUITS VEGETABLES Phone Stone 1410 542 HUDSON AXENUF Compliments of friends of Mary E Louis JOSEPH LEHNER MASON CONTRACTOR 396 AMES STREET O9 I 96 I O4 , . 04 I - 'J 3' A. 3' ' g - - . . LO OO I OO I 4 O6 I 'J 705 : . . r N I OO - . L 00 I OO I E' 94 ' I .. 4 f I I4 , I OO 3 I OO I 04 N . I O9 I 90 , I N I 'J 04 . I It , OO I 94 I O9 . 4 N I 90 I 90 I N 7 5 I , I no Y I OO I 04 3. 3 . . 3 I . O6 9, . I S' E Genesee 1291-I I 5 I 3' gIgI1I!I2I2I2IXlXlX IZIXI2IXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXI2IXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXI III IXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXI lxlxlxlzlxlxlXltlxlxlxlzlx 2I2 METZGER BROS. PICTURE FRAMING Frames Restored and Refinished 836 CLINTON AVE. N. Stone 1781 ,K H Q ST. PAUL LIQUOR STORE Ruben Natapow 1286 ST. PAUL STREET Complimenlf of METZGER 8: BRAYER CO. ROBERT H. NOLAN SERVICE STATION 1025 SOUTH PLYMOUTH AVENUE Complimenlf of MILLER BROTHERS 'E EI 474 LYELL AVENUE E 5 g Hardware - Devoe Paint - Glass if Plumbing and Electrical Supplies i BEN MILLER Ii 551 - 53 - 55 STATE STREET 5 Phone: Main 6818 vo I Purrluue . . . OLD FASHION BUTTER CRACKERS AND COOKIES Al Your Groferr OLD FASHION CRACKER CO. 1190 CLIFFORD AVENUE PALACE SWEET SHOPPE 75 CLINTON AVE. NORTH LUNCHES, CANDIES, SODAS I oo I oe I Culver 5881 MILLER'S LANDSCAPE SERVICE g Vifil Our Aqualic and Garden Dirplpzy PHELAN'S SHOES 6 FRANKLIN STREET IXIXIXIXIXIXIXI2IXI2IXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXI2ISIXIXIXI2IXIXIXIXIXI2I2IXIXIXIXIXIXISI3I2IX!XIXl!!XIQIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXI!I2I2I2I3I3I lxl I OO I O6 I 96 I 90 I O0 I OO I 90 I OO I 60 I OO I O9 I O0 I N I 96 I O0 I O0 I 60 I 64 I OO I 04 I OO I DO I OO I OW I OO I VO I VO I O9 I 99 I OO I 2727 CULVER ROAD At The Lily Pond . , fq H. C. POMMERENING .sr SON Comflimenff of HARDWARE - PAINTS 3: J. C. MIRGUET, INC. ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES :S Refrigerated Fur Szorage 1106 LYELL AVENUE 680 GLIDE STREET 'E Glenwood 3110 I if I Glenwood 6434 i C0"1P1""mf of FRANK GIOSEFFI Q ART MUHS High Grade Shoe Re-Builder E Restaurant Bowling Alleys AfCh'a1d Wofk EXPFHIY DOHC If National Contest Prize Winner g 1346 ST. PAUL STREET 545 LYELL AVENUE 3 HOME OWNED STORE 5 C 1' 1 53 CHAS. B. MCGUIRE mf' 'mem of Q GROCERIES, FRUITS, VEGETABLES CRAMER DRUG COMPANY H All Kinds of Pork Products A 417 CHILI AVENUE 5 4449 LAKE AVE. CHAR. 229 - 325 ilxlxlzlzlzlzlxlzlxrIII!!!I2IXlxlxlXlxlxlzl2l2-2lxI2-2IXIxl!IXIXIXIXIXIXI2IXIXIXI2Iz-:ix'tl2-2-X-2I2-XIX-:lxI2-X-X-2-:':'x.x-z-X-3.3. ZX' ' XIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXI2IXIX:2I2I2IXIXIXIXIXI2ISIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXISIXI IXIXUXIXIXlXIXISIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXI R. CORDARO 8: SONS Columbia Meat Market MEATS AND GROCERIES Frurts and Vegetables 31 JAY STREET PI-IONE, MAIN 4317 Congmtulatiom to lbe CLASS OF 1940 MARGARET DU FCHER Complzmenn CRAMER DRUG CO 25 CLINTON AVE N EHMANN MARKET SIHCC 1890 LYELL AVENUE AT GLIDE STREET DAVIS DRUG COMPANY PRESCRIPTION PHARMACISTS 1481 LAKE AVENUE Corner Rrdgeway HUDSON AVENUE GARAGE 981 HUDSON AVENUE General Repazrzng Gas OIls Accessorres MOHAWK TIRES Save up to 50917 Marn 8506 DEL CONTE S BEAUTY SHOP 804 JEFFERSON AVENUE FOUQUETS BEAUTY SALON 2225 CLIFFORD AVENUE Culver 3580 Complete lIne of Beauty Culture Specralrzrng Permanent Waves and Harr Stylrng Open Wed Thurs and Frr evenrngs trl C A DESANDO BARBER SHOP We Speczalzze In Ladres and Chrldrens Harr Cuts 1477 LAKE AxE GLEN 2020 R Res 48 Parkdale Terrace Rochester N Y WEAR D1 PASQUALE SHOES Enjoy Foot Comfort 01 Entrre Famrly BEST QUALITY BUY AT FACTORY SAVE 1491 Dewey Avenue Glenwood 491 Compliment: of THE FRANCES DRESS SHOP 57 EAST AVENUE Stone 625 Greetzngr To the CLASS OF 1940 mm line alher 0 ANE and GERALDINE GAFFNEY HUGHJ DODGE B M Orgamst at Sarnt Momcas Church TEACHER OF PIANO AND ORGAN Studro 5 Elmdorf Axenue Complzmenlf 0 WETHERELL S SERVICE STATION AND SOUTH END GARAGE 1992 SOUTH AVENUE Monroe 7831 HARRY DONALATOS CANDY SHOP 313 GENESEE STREET X XIX! III!!! X X X Xl III!!! Z GENESEE FLOORING CO Afplmlz Tzle a Sperzalty J De Clerck ELLICOTT ST GENESEE 4675 2 I! 2 XIXIXIXIXIXIXIX X X X Xl!! I2 X X IX' X tl! XIII!!! X Xl in ' ' -, -, '- ' ' ' Q f' f f J . , . . , ' f Phone: Genesee 1575-M William W. Wetherell George Bangs 178 . - IZIZIZIZIX Ilzlzlzlzl I 2 I I I I 2 I IZIZI I2 I I I I I I 2 IZIXI I I2 :I I2I I 135 3 RONALD C. HANDS 3 Manager I E JEFFREYHS FUNERAL SERVICE H 32 CHESTNUT STREET o I oo I 'IHE GRIFFIN HAT SHOPPE 154 SHERMAN STREET The Searon I Smarter! Styler at S5185 Sv S5 and S5 85 Style wxthout expense-Better hats for less MRS JACOB C KECK 779 MAPLE STREET GROCERIES HENRY HART 8: SON PLUMBING 385 ANDREWS STREET TONE 1 MAGNOLIA MARKET FRESH SALTED and SMOKED MEATS 1026 PLYMOUTH AVE SOUTH P Kelley Prop GEORGE B HAWKEN PAINTER and DECORATOR 186 CHAMPLAIN STREET Phone Genesee 4765 BERNARD J HENSLER DIAMONDS WATCHES and JEWELRY 301 305 COMMERCE BLDG STONE 1987 Mam St E cor South Ave Home Address 55 Benechct Dr Gen 6444 R Complzmentr of SAM GOTTRY CARTING CO Estabhshecl 1888 Office 47 PARKWAY GLENWOOD 6 Camplzmentr of KIRCHER S MARKET 1588 CULVER ROAD QI THE HUDSON MARKET E 613 HUDSON AVENUE 'J Home Made Sausage Choice Meat I2 We Specialize in Q POLISH IMPORTED HAMS E We Deliver Glen. 4410 i HY - GRADE FOODS I 3 495 LYELL AVENUE i Higher! Qualiiy Meatr If GROCERIES, FRUITS AND VEGETABLES FOR BETTER BAKING COME TO KITTY'S CAKE SHOP 571 JEFFERSON AVENUE P. Tirpaeck Genesee 193-j YOU WANT Pure Drugs, Courteous Treatment, Fair Prices TRY KLEINHANYS PRESCRIPTION DRUG STORE 895 - 897 CLINTON AVENUE NORTH Corner Clifford Avenue Complimenlr of E' JOHN'S BEAUTY SALON E 81 EAST AVENUE 3 Stone 3532 I vo I oo I Complimenlr of GEORGE A. KLIER, PHARMACY 692 MAPLE STREET Complimentr of THE GENESEE BOOTERY 178 GENESEE STREET XIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXISIXIXIXIXIXIXI lxlzlxlxlxlxlxl IXIXIXIXIXl!lXl2lXIXIXUXIXIXUXIXISlXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXI XIXIXIXIXIXIXIX Xl! I O9 I 99 I 'J H Glenwood 4970-W Open from 9 to 9 I . OO ' ' I OO I 5 I . . O. 5 I . ' ' 99 I 99 I 99 I I OO I VO I V0 J I QQ I 9' I . I S f S 4 4 , , , 90 I VO I , 50 I 50 I I 50 I I 50 I 09 I I no , I 59 I 99 I 99 ' 5 ' 3 5 46 I CQ I OO I 5 ' . I . Of I ,, S I 50 I I - . 00 I . 99 . . . . . O6 I N . . . CQ . I . - O. ' I OO I I I I IXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXI2I3I2I2I2I2I2I2I3I2IXIXIXI2I2I2IXIXI2IXI!IXIXIXIXIXIXI2IXIXI2I2ISIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIX X XI! I M I I N XIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIX lxlxlxlXI2I2l2IXIXIXIXIXIXIXlXlxlX'x.X'X-X-3.x-xlxlx-x'x.x.x.x- 'XIX'XIXlx!!I2IXUXIXUXUXIXIXIXUXIXIXUXIXIXI2Ill! X XIX' BARNARD, PORTER 8: REMINGTON PAINTS - OILS - ARTISTS' SUPPLIES 9-13 NORTH WATER STREET MAIN 8140 Complimenlr of A Friend of Marjorie Klee Complimentr of DON L. BEECHER 1513 SOUTH AVE. GROCER J. A. CALLAN, Proprietor Compliment! of CHILI CLEANERS AND FURRIERS 455 CHILI AVENUE Genesee 4953 Complimenlf of BEN'S CUT RATE DRUGS 944 CLINTON AVE., N. CARR PHARMACY Prefcriplion Sperialifzr 957 GENESEE ST. fCOR. BROOKS AVE., For Prompt Delivery Call Genesee 2445 or Genesee 7187 BERKSHIRE DAIRY BUTTER and EGGS 37 BERKSHIRE STREET CHARLELL HOME MADE ICE CREAM 370 LEXINGTON AVENUE Delivery to Homes Monroe 2305 MAIN 787 B L A S E T TI Complimenlr of ., SPECIALTY SHOP 6 G CHRISTMAN'S MARKET Coats - Dresses - Wleclding and Party Gowns Mlumefy 791 HUDSON AVENUE 529-531 STATE STREET Rochester, N. Y. BLAUW'S DRUG STORE RELIABLE PRESCRIPTION SERVICE SINCE 1851 g We Deliver Monroe 925 I N I CLARENCE E. BOULTER gl ICE, COAL, COKE and FUEL OIL GENESEE 3305 29 DAKOTA ST. KOSTA CHRISTOFF RETAIL FRESH BAKED GOODS DAILY FANCY AND STAPLE GROCERIES All Kindr of Fferb Fruity and Vegetable! Phone: Glenwood 2000 404 Lexington For Your Drugr Needr L. V. CONNOR PHARMACIST 470 Genesee St Opposite West High Complzmentf of A Friend Of Dorothy M Welch Complzmemx of the Bakery of WONDER BREAD AND HOSTESS CAKE CONTINENTAL BAKING CO 3 . . 5 . 5 5 3 . . 5 . A 5 . 5 I 'J .J . 'J I . Y E 5 lXlXl!lXIX'XIXIXUXIXIXlXl!'XIXlXl!lXIXIXIX'XIXlXlSl!lXl!IXIXIXIXIXIXIXUXIXIXIXIXIXl!lXl!IXIXIXIXISIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXU XIXIXIXIXIZIXIXIXIX N vo X121X1212121X11131 1312121X121312121312121212121X12121X1X121212121111131212121212131312131212121212121212121X1X1212121 oo so oo oo oo oo 3 POTTERIS RED AND WHITE Complzmenzr of 332 ARNETT BLVD Gen 136 SMALLINE'S CLINTON RIDGE PHARMACY A Smallme, Ph G N CLINTON AND RIDGE ROAD Glenwood 4649 RAPPL 8a HOENIG CO MASONS' SUPPLIES 1441 RIDGE ROAD EAST Stone 218 ALICE M SMITH BEAUTY SHOPPE All Bmnrlfex o Beauty Work by Expeux 67 TRFMONT ST MAIN 4502 RED 8: WHITE RAY CRAFT QUALITY MEATS AND GROCERIES CORNER RIDGE AND LONG POND ROAD Telephone Glenwood 5578 GENESEE 3073 3074 SOUND EQUIPMENT CO INC RCA STROMBERG CARLSON RADIOS FRIGIDAIRE EASY WASHERS 928 GENESEE STR ET RICHTER S GROCERY 340 CONKEY AVE AT AVE D Glen 4504 Free Dehvery I M Cozzponx Complele Line Lours Story Rrrhter Complzments of A Frrencl of Helen Lahore ROBERT SCHLAFFER MEATS and POULTRY IVlaalemle and Relazf 983 BAY STREET Phone Culver 2750 2751 IVbe1e the Seruzreable Holeproo Ladzer Hofzery Ar Sad S T I L L M A N S 831 DEWEY AVENUE BE SURE IT S SCHRAFFT S CHOCOLATES FOR GRADUATION SULLIVAN S COAL bc COKE CO BLUE COAL PHIL 8: READING FUEL OIL PITTSBURGH PAINT PRODUCTS 402 V2 LEXINGTON AVENUE SIGN O GRAPH CO INC PHONE STONE 2584 150 PORTI AND AVENUE Compliment! of FRANCIS M SKIVINGTON GEORGEJ SKIVINGTON S W A N S CORNER FOOD SHOPPE ARNETT AND RUGBY Open dallj 7A M 11 P M VOELKL S HOF BRAU Try our Home Cookrng Hall for Banquets Wedclmgs and Meetmgs 2 LYELL AVE GLEN 7102 X X X XIXIXIXIXIXIXIXI l X X IX!! X X XIX!! lzl X X Xlzlzlx 2 X X X 2 212121212 212121212 X X 2 1 1 1 N . n OO OO N . N . 60 OO M ' f O4 N . O4 .4 A . O4 O4 O4 N . OO 99 N ., . O6 N . . ,, . OO O . -pf 4 ' L' 64 ' I V0 0 . . ' , . 4 ' . OO N . . U OO , . , 0 . N 4 - ' 4 ' ,I ' Q I f . e I a ' , , OO Q 44 so , ' O .4 Q N ' ' 1 o , -- H 4 ' ' 1 Q fo Q fa O4 66 OO O4 N 1 N ' ' ., . OO OO u O6 OO ,Y I l fl, M 0 , , . . 90 OO I O o I ' , . no 2 39 . . Q O Q 1 1 1 1 2 X121 1 12 1 1 1 1212 X1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 lxlflzlzlxltlzlxl 1 1 1 1 12121211 2 2 138 I N I n I oo I N I vo I N I N I oo I N I on I oo I M I 44 I oo I oo I N I oo I oo I N I N I oo I M I 44 oo oo Sl IXIXIXIXIXIXI2I2IXIXIXIXIXI2I2IXIZIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXISI2IXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIX XIX XIX USEE FURSTOSS FIRST" for GAS AND ELECTRIC APPLIANCES 409 CHILI AVENUE Open Evenings Genesee 2070 Complimentr of DONUT CENTER 1460 LAKE AVE. GLENWOOD 7151 SALLY FROCKS 216 MAIN STREET EAST Stone 6940 Rochester N. . Phone Genesee 7640 JOSEPH A. MURPHY FUNERAL DIRECTOR 303 CHILI AVENUE ROCHESTER N. . FRANK S. SCHOLAND Dependable Footwear 408 STATE STREET MAIN 3609 Peter P. Ferrari Main 5360 S sf J STORE Slaoer or the Entire Family 471-473 STATE ST. ROCHESTER . . HUSS MARKET U7l1ere youf dollar buyf a dollaff wortla GENESEE ST. AT SAWYER Compliments of A Friend THE MUSIC CENTER OF ROCHESTER and Western N. . LEVI MUSIC STORES 33 SOUTH AVE. 412 E. MAIN ST Compliment! BORDEN ICE CREAM CO. ALAIMO BROTHERS Frefb Florida Ffuitr 22 PUBLIC MARKET Culver 3589 Res. Genesee 3871-M Complimentr ANDREWS MARKET INC. W'l9e1'e Meat il Alwayf Frerla and Clean 71 - 73 FRONT STREET Phones: Main 2567 - 2568 CLEARY STATIONS INC. 800 LAKE AVENUE Rochester New York I I I 06 I O9 I N I 04 I I O4 5 , I S' N . , Y OO I OO I 54 I 00 I O9 I N I N 5 .5 'A' 'A' al' I 99 I N I 'J N , , Y O4 I I I I N I N 5 I .. 'k I N I N I N I N I 64 I OO I Of I 94 I N I N I N I 'R .. f if I O4 5 , , N Y O0 I N I 'J O0 I OO I OO I O4 I N I N I N I O6 I 60 I 2 O6 I OO I OO I OO I O0 5 - I 2 Q 'J ff If , N I N I I . I I I I I Izlzlxlzlzlf 2 2 I I I I IZI III I2 I2I I I I 2 2 2 2 :I I lxlxlzlzlzl IX! IXIXIX X X X X X X IXIXIXIX X X X XIXIX! I I IXIXIXIXIXI IX! X Xl IXI III XlxlXlzlXIXl2IXlxlxlXlXIX!XlXlXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXISISIXIXIXIXIXIXIXI IXIXIXIXIXIXIXI lxlxlxlxlxlxlzlzlzlxlzlxlxlxlxlxlxl . 2. 2 2. 3 2 2. 2 .1 2 .1 2 2 2. 2 2. H . I C 5 I N 3 fv t 8 eozhve m m . . . . 2 2 2 2 2. 2 If Lintr IE Addrexfing 15' 3' Mailing :Q Muzffgmplgmg Q fi Mimeafgrupbing If 'E 2'I 2 2. 2 2. 2 .1 2. 2 2. 2 og l 3 2 2 i 9 4 5 ART PRI T HOP 5 2 2. 3 W Printeqg Y KVK7 W Z .2 Q offbe 77 ST. PAUL ST., ROCHESTER, N.Y. 3 E. LANTHORN STONE 567 3 2 2. :.:.x.:.x.x.x.X.!.x .3-3,X.X.33.3-2.X.X-3.3Ig.ggXI3.gg2ggpg.21312:XuXlXlil2I2IXlxugl2l2lXl2lXl!!XIXIXUXI2I!IXlil!UXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIX ' 140 A Alaimo Brothers . . . Albert .....,,., Albrecht's , . , . ,....,.. Al1enby's ......,..,,,.. Anderson 8z Sons, A. L. Andrew's Market, Inc. .. Archer Motor Co., Inc. Arena ..,............. Arnett Shoe Repair ............ Art Print Shop ................ Automatic Combustion Equipment Company, Incorporated ....i. Avona's Sweet Shoppe , ........ B Bamann, Arthur J. . . Bareis and Son, G. ....,.. . Barnard, Porter 8: Remington Barnard Service . .,....,., . Bauman 8: Baynes . . . Beaucaire, Inc. ..... . Beecher, Don L. ..... . Ben's Cut Rate Drugs ..,.. Berkshire Dairy ..,........ Biological Supply Company ...., Blanchard Florist .,.,..,...... Blasetti Specialty Shop .... B1auw's Drug Store .... Blue Boy Dairy ..,.. Bond Bakers .....,.... Borden Ice Cream Co. . . . . Boucher . ,.,....... . . . Boulter, Clarence E. Buckley, joseph -I. ,. C Camelio Bros. . . . . Carr Pharmacy , ....... , .. Catholic Courier ,....,.,.,...,. Champion Knitwear Co. Inc. Charlell ......,.,......,...... Chili Cleaners and Furriers ..... Christman's Market ,. ,.... ..... Christolf, Kosta , .,.,.. , .,... .. Clark Paint, Oil 8: Glass Co. Clark's Ready-To-Wear ......., Cleary Stations, Inc. ...,..... . Comac Builders' Supply Corp Connor, L. V. ...,.,........ .. Continental Baking Co. Coon Co., W. B. ..... . Cordaro 8: Sons, R. . , Cornelia, Matt . .,.... , Craft, Ray . .,......... . Cramer Drug Company .,,.. Cramer Drug Co. .....,.,. . Crescent Crowley Culhanei Culhane Puritan Laundry, Incl.: A Harry B. ............ . Anthony W. ,. .. Dress Shop, Ann .. Page 139 128 130 130 114 139 112 130 129 140 111 132 132 130 137 132 120 111 137 137 137 131 120 137 137 111 126 139 124 137 122 113 137 108 111 137 137 137 137 129 128 139 102 137 137 112 135 123 138 134 135 124 115 120 127 QQ?5it3,f',j":7 INDEX Page C Culver Herald Engraving Co., Inc. Curtin Agency, The ............ D Dangler, C. J. ,.,.. Davis Drug Company ,... Delavau Studio ..,.....,.. Del Conte's Beauty Shop ....... Dengler Butter 8z Egg Co. .,... . Dennis Stores, Inc., Frank H. DeSando Barber Shop, A. ..... . Di Pasquale Shoes ......., Dodge, Hugh J., B.M. Domestic Fuel Service .... Donalatos, Harry , . . . Donut Center .....,... Drexler Coal Co., Inc. Dutcher, Margaret ........ Dwyer Electric Company ..... ,. E Eggleston, The .... Ehmann Market . ,. Ernst, Bill , .,.. .. F Fahy Market ...... Farmen ......... Farrell Brothers ,... . Filippone Brothers ........,.... Fire-King , ...,.,.............. First Federal Savings and Loan Association of Rochester .,... Fischer's Royal ............... , Flesch 8: Schmitt, Inc. Flower City Press ....... Fouquet's Beauty Salon . . . Frances Dress Shop, The ....... Furlong Studio ........ . . . Furstoss ..............., G Gaffney, Father of Jane and Ger- aldine .......,,...........,. Gamrod-Harmon Co., Inc. Garnham, john H. ....., . Genesee Bootery, The .... Genesee Flooring Co. .. Gerhard Co., F. H. Gioseffi, Frank ................ Goodie Shoppe, The ,.,........ Gorsline and Swan Constr. Co Gottry Carting Co., Sam ........ Goverts, Paul ........... Gratitude, Our .,....... . Gray, Thomas B. , ......,..... , Green Electric Co., T. H. Greinke, William F. .,... . 141 97 122 132 135 113 135 133 117 135 135 135 132 135 139 132 135 120 118 135 123 125 124 125 131 126 125 132 103 125 135 135 108 139 135 125 120 136 135 122 134 129 104 136 131 115 127 105 113 G Griddle, The .,..,.,.... Griffin Hat Shoppe, The .. Gum-Shoe-Club, The .... H Hafner Home Laundry Inc. Halloran 8: Sons, Henry D. Hands, Ronald C. ....... , .... . Hanna Funeral Home, John Hart s .....,.......,......... Hart 8: Son, Henry ....... Hart 8: Vick Seed Store Haubner 8: Stallknecht Hawken, George B. ......,.... . Hawken, George B. ..,........ . Hayes, Sharp 8: Haggerty, Inc. . . Hedges and Hoffman .......... Hensler, Bernard -I. ..... . Hetzler Bros. Co., Inc. . , , . Hetzler, Florence, '43 -..... .... Heughes 8: Co., Inc., F. Howe, Gordon A. .,....,..... . Huber Electric Co., Inc., T. R Hudson Avenue Garage ..... Hudson Market, The ....,..... Huss Market .......... Hutchison-Rathbun Inc. .. Hyde-Murphy Company Hy-Grade Foods ......... J jackson-Bailey Inc. ..,.. . jay Street Sweet Shoppe john's Beauty Salon ...... K Keck, Mrs. jacob C. .. . Kellogg Inc., C. Solon ..,.,... . Keystone Builders' Supply Co.. .. Kircher's Market ...........,.. Kitty's Cake Shop ........,.... Kleinhan's Prescription Drug Store Klier, George A., Pharmacy Koch, Bud ..,................. Kunz, Alfred J. . . . ,. L Laemlein's Market Lamonaco, Clement Langie Fuel Service Inc. Lechleitner, Otto P. .... . Leckinger's Shoes ,.,... Lehner, joseph ........... Leichtner Hardware, A. Lester Hardware .....,... Levis Music Stores Lexington Beauty Shoppe ....,.. Page 130 136 125 127 128 136 129 124 136 120 120 105 136 114 128 136 124 126 106 121 126 135 136 139 106 129 136 120 131 136 136 115 106 136 136 136 136 123 133 133 132 117 131 124 133 135 116 139 132 L Liberty Sweet Shoppe ,.... Liederkrantz Club, The .... Lilac Laundry , .......,... . Lorimer Grocery and Meat Ma Love's .,.,............,.. Lucas 8: Dake Co., Inc. Luther 8a Sons Co., John M Magg's ................,. Magnolia Market .....,.... Maid Drug Company, Inc. , Maier's Sons, I.. W. ....., . Manhattan Restaurant, The . Marcille Inc., Harry B. Marcello, Samuel .,,.. Marks 8: Abramson ...., Masiello, Dr. Frank J. Mattern's Hat Shop ..,.. Mattle, John W. .,.. . Meli's Food Shop .. ,. ,. Melin's Grocery ,...,...... Mendez, and daughter, Sylvia Merriman, Robert, D.D.S. . Metzger sz Brayer Co. .,.. , rket Metzger Bros. , ...... .. Miller, Ben .,....., Miller Brothers ..,..,..... Miller's Landscape Service .. Mirguet, Inc., J. C. ...... . Monroe Construction Co. Moore's Candies, Pauline ., Muhs, Art ...,,........... Mungovan, Inc., Michael 1. Murphy, Mr. John ..,.,.., Murphy, Joseph A. ...... . Page 133 125 133 132 131 118 104 133 136 122 127 133 133 128 133 133 133 121 132 13-3 131 128 134 134 134 134 134 134 131 115 134 113 ' 129 Murray, James T. .. .. Mc McGrath, Hugh . . . . McGuire, Chas. B. . .. McIntosh-Bott Inc, . , . N National, The ...,., . . , . Nazareth College .. . Niagara University .... Nolan, Robert H. ,. . . Nolan, William T. O O'Brien, Tom L. ...,... . Old Fashion Cracker Co. ,. . Ontario Biscuit Company . . . O'Rourke, The Reverend Daniel B. Oster, C. W. ........,.....,. . Oster's Surgical Appliances ...,. Owen Service Store, N. E. ...., . 139 122 130 134 125 116 98 114 134 132 113 134 127 127 131 131 112 INDEX P Palace Sweet Shoppe .... Palmos Candy Shop, George S... Pasch Coal Co. ......,.. , Perdue sr Company, Inc.., Phelan's Grocery ...,,... Phelan's Shoes ...,....., Pilaroscia Tobacco Co. .. Pommerening 84 Son, H. C. Potter's Red and White .. Predmore, William F. . .. Projansky .,..,....,. Pure Quill . . . Q Quinlan, Frank M. R Rappl 8a Hoenig Co. Repp 8: Meisenzahl Dairy Richter's Grocery ..... , . . Ritz, The ........,..,.. Rochester Rochester Rochester Book Bindery ., Business Institute ...., Gas 8z Electric Corp. . . Page 134 131 115 101 130 134 123 134 138 118 124 128 100 138 119 138 129 109 110 116 110 Rochester Hotel Association, The Rochester Ice and Cold Storage Utilities, Inc. .............. . Rochester Packing Co., Inc. Rochester Stationery Co. ,. ,.,.. . Rochester Transit Corporation . ,, Russer's Complete Food Market.. Ryan 84 Mclntee ...,..... ,.... S S 84 J Store ......... .... Sackett, Eugene G. . , . . . . . St. Paul Liquor Store , ........ . Sally Frocks .,...,..,......... Sanford, Mr. and Mrs. A. H. .. Santillo's Restaurant .......,... Saratoga Meat Market and Groc'y Sargent' s, Joe ......... ........ Scanlon-Lewis . . . ............ . . Schaefer Company, George C. . Schaefer Markets .........,.. Schlaffer, Robert , .,......... Schmanke's Brownbilt Shoe Store: Scholand, Frank S. .....,... , School of Commerce .... .. Schrafft s , .... ,,... ...... . . Scrantom's . ...,... . , Sibley, Lindsay 8: Curr Sign-O-Graph Co., Inc. ..... . Sisters of Saint Joseph, Skinner, Sheriff Albert Skivington, Francis M. ..... . Skivington, George J. .....,. . 'cl-,ff Then. Srnalline's Clinton Ridge Pharmacy Smith, Alice M, ...,.......... . 142 106 109 117 118 123 121 139 129 134 139 131 132 132 119 126 114 119 138 122 139 119 138 126 123 138 99 124 138 138 138 138 S Snap Shot Shop .......... Sodality of Our Lady Sound Equipment Co., Inc. .... . Spencer, S. A. .......... . Statt, Celeste ...... Stillman's ........., Stoker 8: Boiler Co. ...,. . Stokes, Thomas J. .,... . Sullivan's Coal 81 Coke Co. .. , . . Swar1's .....,... . .... , . T Thrift Food Store ...... Town Talk Bakery ...... Trant's Catholic Supply Store Trompeter Bros. Co, Inc. , .. Trott, Thomas F. ....,.., . Tucker, Charles A. .... . Typewriter Store .... V Valley Cadillac Corporation, Valley Ice Cream Inc. , . . . . Vay, Norbert E. ,... ., Voelkl's Hof Brau Vogt's Store ,.,...., W W.G.H.. ..,........ Wagg's Department Store .. Waldert Optical Co. ..,.. . Ward's Hardware .,.... Watts Dry Cleaning Co. .. . . Waugh Hardware, H. O. . . . Webster, Frank ........... Weiland, Marie E. ....... . Weis and Fisher Company . Wetherell's Service Station . White Wire Works Co., The Wichman's Drug Store .... Williams' Potato Chips .... i Woerner 8: Sons, Wm. J. .. Wuest, Andrew ........... Wurlitzer's ....,.......... Y Yalowich Drug Co., Wm., . , Yates Coal Co., The ...... Yauchzi Company, The .... Yawman and Erbe Mfg. Co. Young Ladies' Sodality .... Young's Wrought Iron Works Z Zamiara's .. . . . Zlotnick's . . . Zweigle's .... The Page 119 107 138 106 129 138 103 131 138 138 129 121 121 132 123 126 130 116 132 122 138 130 110 130 121 119 119 123 131 130 130 135 121 130 126 128 133 128 130 117 127 122 130 105 123 130 121 Autographs Autocgmplaf 45 Auto 1' I pin' M ,ff,f'fW,,, ,V fjffffqf Qfiiffiffygfff pail? 'SJW Autographs . 1 w , w w N 4 1

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