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" , A .V 3 J . fa ' 'N .Q3fA1"?" '-f'Q' Q ' :VZ M - ' J ,. 1 612,-Q' g., :X , r .H v ..,. rv. 1 .- :YL V. 1 1 " 1 59-.X - 3 0, W , ,.1, ,, ,, , 4' ag 1 I , . Q , 15. ' I - S 1 7 J ' if : , x - T fi' V . .4 .inn V, . . WT. H.. -1, ,yn J, 4, .i , , -,,f- , W M v , .ha . .1 g 1 'W-5 ' , w- -new --W ff Q- -I --Q 4. 1 6 Q. E , . . V 4 f , l 1 g 1 A mf -Q ' Mn , xv- . -- . A 1. 1 9 ' - 1 . 1 Q .fr , , , 4 . "' ' '51, - " " -W . ,.-.,,,,..,A . ' '+ " ' ' . gf., 'Q -. . -. wt v:g,,.4?.A -. ' ,H It -I 'i2+""gc " , 'fQ:f1.f:-1, U , J 'y4.,dL ' , . 1 K2 as M lr 4-.. .. 'Q 5. ...,.,--. -.-f. A . A . ' 1- - mf' . 'fir b - -, -' I' Y m"' : ' 5 Q. ."LfQ?".::f . 1 . L , -I 1:1 - , . J A . Q.,.jb3gf1 41' ' -- J-ff lj-'flsgi-.' .,, ,gf , va- --,nw W, . ' f , ,LY A VT" ', -.W -. , -. -g-mf. U 4-.. :'e,aQ,v . 3 , 1? ,,. . - ,W ,V ,M Y ,,,. . , L,,,,,u., . .Q .. , - -A-H1 .f - '-.-mile' " gygj 5 'XQQQ4 - . . ' ' K. 35. . ...4 X ' . an-M. " 57,91 f"":'i71F2vf .- ' - Q ,, I ,QM fp ...A 43' fv'v.1,.,5.:,g N '..., .,.. ?, ,K - ,- 2 -1-""a.+. . ' " - 4.5. . V v :Ffh ' . - 1 1: 'Q '. 5X5-ff' .. 51:5 -Av". "' ,W ' - f ' -in -,. HW W " 1' . V. 'W " 54. 'em-.1 -- L- 'L 3 . kg, Y -kv.,a,3iL.LgM: ., . H , .- .1 -tg.-gf , 1754. ,-L, ' I W - . , W. ,'jf,5. Tx-qfl- A, Mm, ..,......,- f 'ig 1.g,,'1'1 1, ' -' .2 uf q-ek - 'wgig A F f Ar- 4,5 . -f ., mv V1, pw ug. ' wg, ,qw X X ,, ,. .. - - K '-K Q.2, " ' ' . " X .. f f' ' .r5"!Jiit9?'5g .. Ig A---f L V. ' 1 ':,.,."ff WL, 4421- 94. .. - 3' J'fm .Lri:fX'LT K vu. 'J ' .., -, , ,. .. - .. - .., ' ' -fl' '1 A?EfJ,-2?5K' L X' 'E' ' ,EN 'R--wl-2, A' 'Lal5i'+...-5' L. .gfgffn f P, ua.. ' . :: K ,1,f.-- .5 w a.!"f,v. - 'Tfjp M... . 5, gf' , .A u 5 tag., L, 'iw mr - mpg, 5 I ,.:KT :7.y34iq.w,..,.A 1, 2:1 x,1rf..g553, Q G an p M , :V U . V., fgyw A nv-FQ?-, L' 2. "A A .V " " -'f'.."'fL,fkf.f " "Af . -1 5.1 -ff ' . 4- , 'fx , C :K4 ': ' Y W" -cw in . GM. Q . ' 1' -4' 331-Lk - Q, 'Wifi ' - ,. .,: ,,:.i 13 . ' 14 A ii ...avg . A -Q.-I, In :al .-fi" , 45 '. L, 1- ,V ' 'fa' . X ..'. ,.-4 V'A V ' v . V. 'f 1, . --ff 'F. .F-"" A 4 1: , ' .Ti gg. , 1 '-1 . , .. . 'y'- . " p. 4a.L...Y-,g- . . ,ffj A ,ff in A mf.: ' W f '-P 'yr-' -Ia' 'L 1-fi' f f . 1-Hx f ' 2 -, ,-.,, .. A - 31 k ' . K ,L ,, ,f r 'r- ., F E . Y' I f r ...Q ' Q '-I: C A ' - . .7 fl ' . - H K' ' Jia-if q, K' , " .1-fly? ' ' :mf ' 4 ' , ,X A . , ff. H, ry, uf ,qw ' ' ' v "AH , L' .-:wi U. ' - ' I 4' Q. 29" K V K ., .hu 1 .f W f- f, ..,, Wg , W ,..l ,M ' 'f ' , ' . imp . -M - V , .1 ,if ' fy, ry 14- 4, - , , .4 . I lat k ...x .igjfjlfl "f Q' , '-Y-2 A iw-,z 'em' K. ,cfm A - , - ,' -' -, f.. - l?.mfG2 l . ' ,' K - ' ,. , f ' -,,.-Lying, . 4. ' . - - 4 , Av :YA , If ,V -3, 1 Kg . Jw . -A -f ,J H . 1 ,. if .- . fs ' If ., f ,914 .1 - 1.t1Elv1?Q'K'f'11f-Inf: ., - ,f5'a.L,. Mwq, A,,f,.,..A..m. ...MENU ..m.,.a.,.....ur..,,,1u.a.mgg,r. .-,L-X -vfwfnugmn' . V , f. , A .. , .. - , . N q , v ..,m,m,. 1. . N mx l.L1..Ng..... . A.Q..i.1,.....4..,g.,...,,m-5L...g...4.f N:...:. M lung-up Q giyivxfyyg-2 1 , 4 , ,giffgo fx Q mr K aw, f gm Ffh V Ng W " RA XQQE'-3-jf-5fy5:X5X Xxqggil-4 'HQPQ 15-V 'gf fa 1 4 4 Edilor-in-Chief GERTRUDIE Pmlslz . I 1 Bnfzfzeff 1VIa1mge1' BETTY J. RAUBNR PUBLISHED BY THE SENIOR CLASS OF NAZARETH ACADEMY ONE THOUSAND ONE LAKE AVENUE ROCHESTER NEW YORK VOLUME TWENTY-SIX lmti,-.LiQ3f"fCf!'f'4.i,1 V "ff?1,.?1.'l531EE KHQZQSR' :f2U'9,fi'i. JJLL... y ir e ffx- UM NU- IN4 ,Jn Q5THA f 9 f x I so N ,O X. 2 ,f '7 gg 'ii j . , .g'5 - ' x 7, 3, through an ejicient lihrary staj of faculty and student leaders. through a logical decimal classification of grad- uates and student activity. through a lihrary annex of under-classes. through an enterprising advertising section, pre- senting the 1938 "Lanthorn" library. V "In olden tymef, wlmfz the Jomze war to refte . . . S0 gleazmed ezfry larzzfborfz flere ihro the night" Nazareth's "Lanthornl' is not a real lighted lantern swinging at the door of an inn or tavern to signify happiness, good health, and cheer within. It is a light, shining on the days of importance in one year at Nazareth, basically following our school motto, "The Lord is my Light." Accordingly, our year book is called "The Lanthornf' Since Holman Hunt's "Light of the World" carries the twofold significance of Nazareth's motto and Nazarc-th's year book, it seemed well to us to include this picture as a keynote of the 1938 "Lanthorn." J' 'N v I 1 v 2. f' N, f M aia? 4 fxlla P- H AC I f ' m.uM S' 'N 2? .ff - Amex 0 . , o -Ea? AX x Ti ,, :- 1 N k ..4, , . ve S 1 aj pope filvvfazflmz , HW lwffl9'2'2, ,!V.ZIHvA1:a2a3, M faa-aware C53aWf' Since His Holiness Pope Pius XI is known as the Pope Li- brarian, he should be included in a book wholly dedicated to the library theme. We are glad, then, to repeat this cut used in two former books since Pope Pius so graciously sent his apostolic blessing to the Class of 1922. Witlm this edition of the "Lanthorn" go the prayers of the Class of 1938 for the many intentions of His Holiness. -fY7!'filFQTff-- si-??'ifF?'fif3f'.IJ-5,111659,-L5'Q5i'.i,:f' -'f "Zifff"'i,1if?fi',f"j1,2"EM :ESQ-,, 'fj"4132f' v'7iikF.!:'1:E'i'i2 3I'7-112711: "" "' fi 1?-'E gl V mf-. ' i' "-3'fi?l,' ,Q iihik hwwbrqqssgrsznve,ib:QsQwwjd fw.ff,, 'Hcgvf -9 :JIU i1.'.'.:.1.-w ,- :-.f's..'..'f-,'a- .is we -- nr if V , ..i:.g....v "0 :e6':r""-1'-41:1-:-f. 1-ff H :kr '2"."F A """-?"":tv'-H. n-x-fir-'f'n'f'fs"fl'f' ""f'5""":i'im NSY' wfMw,WWhqQs5,,pymumf .pf'MywW5-5pq's, yfq 1431-5 Q' f'7,Z353i1ifiQA 1 ,f ffl? f'i'3f!'lf.1f'f.'.:5 fr'-"Ef'7 511159-''S"e'i:Q5LflL7' 5 'aglf '- If. -1. -Sf? ' v- , :f ha 13-1, .V ': .' i- '- J' fg..:"w:,..- ' Q, W JEUE71 in recognition of The Most Reverend james Edward Kearney, D.D., Bishop of Rochester, New Yorh . . . with esteem and gratitude for his help spiritually, socially, and academieallye. . . and with sincere admiration for his achievements during the short months he has heen with ins . . .I we, theWClass of 1938 of Naza4 reth Aeademy, with reverent appreciation dedifate this twenty-sixth volume of "The Lanthornf' ost 7QH17HlJ'EI ?Cl JfY1fl lHS KfEfW'I1ELl, W. qv l 1.972 Zin illlrmuriam Sisrna CLARA JOSEPH Died October 2, 1937 The Feast of the Guardian Angels marked the passing of Sister Clara joseph, for thirty years a teacher of French at Nazareth, Fail- ing health forced her to give up active teaching, so in her last year she presided over study divisions. Always, her sole thought was in helping those near her. Help, too, we know she is giving us now from her home in heaven. . , Y 5 Zin illlltmuriam S1sTEa M. ANGELINA Died May 28, 1937 Through the faculty and alumnae we have learned of the long devoted service of Sister Angelina to Nazareth in the Latin and Math departments. During these years Sister Angelina had a smile and a friendly word and a bit of good counsel for all here .it Nazareth. For a few months at the be- ginning of our -lunior year the art students had the privilege of having her for teacher. lhcn illness claimed her and on May 28, 1957, she was called home to God. The sincere prayers of the Class of 1938 are offered for her that she "may rest in peace." 'alwa THE FIRST NAZARETH "Ami He wen! down with them, and mme I0 Nazareth, mmf war mhjec! to them." R1av15R1zND MOTHIZR Prefidenl J Ei ii I may Q 1 S Qi-12:51 F gig. X 'gplpkfa ,Q ,Q . ,, ,. C 1+ f C, - 3 ' M11 If I Ni O, ., 5 DI Y .iwfp ,T 1:4 Lf! A W x 'Q , ' ' ,Ygmg , X J 1-1 ,f -- f f 'xx rm ' f twelve V T x 1? I V ,CMI J x, I, ,IFF - ,T , SYLVIZSTER 4 , fp? -Qj-,h hx ,Q".TX, X x'--1 ' 'X -xv Wx, TT SISTER AGNES GIZRTIIUIBIT Sew'effzr'y N 3 Z El re t h ADMINISTRATION TH1: MUST R12v12maN1a JAMES E. KIEARNIZY, D. D Slbiriflmf DII'C't'f!ll' Achieves ADMINISTRATION MOST REVIQRISNIJ THOMAS F. HICQKEH', D. D. Religion Slsnzlz M. BIQATRICE 7'I'E6ZAllI'l'l' SISTER M. MARQELLA P1'i1zcipal :Sf 1 51- I F-5, ,. 1. I fi. , X lbirleen fozzrleen The Library Executives Tazclim' for Sezziozzr Sisters Rosemary and Hubertine confer on Commercial Subjects. Piano C rflzfciofzf Sister Rose Teresa helps Margaret Boehler with her concert piece. Daily Vocal Tonic Marjorie, Betty, and Helen get a last minute instruction in Vocal Music from Sister lrmina. The Library Executives Every First Tlmrfday Father O,Rourke is ready to give as- sistance to Seniors and Juniors. Poizzlizzg up a Scene Sister Clarissa directs Annie Laurie fAlta Learyj and Sir XWilliam Douglas Uean Brazillj. "The Td727ZE7ZbcZZlWlH Sister Boniface explains the "Tannen- bauml' to Mary, while Sister Consuela confers with Roberta. ,jifteen .rixleerz SISTER SISTER SISTER SISTER SISTER SISTER SISTER SISTER SISTER SISTER SISTER SISTER SISTER SISTER SISTER SISTER SISTER SISTER SISTER SISTER SISTER SISTER SISTER SISTER SISTER FACULTY The Library Stajjf Advirory, Edumliomzl, Dirciplinary AGNES VINCENT-Religion, English for Academic Sophomores. ANACLETUS-Religion, Sophomore English. ANNA CECILIA-Intermediate department. ANNA JOSEPH-Commercial Sophomore-S, moderator of Parish Contact Com- mittee. - M. ANNUNCIATA-Religion, French. M. BONIFAC,E-MOdCI3fOf of gymnasium periods. M. CALLISTA-Academic Freshmen, Room 3, St. joseph's Hall. M. CARLINA-Academic Freshmen, Room 2, St. JoSeph'S Hall. t M. CLARISSA-Instructor in speech, director of entertainment programs. M. CONSUELA-English. M. EVANGELA-Primary department. M. EVELYN-Academic Freshmen, Room 1, St. joseph's Hall. M. FLORENTINE-Religion, Geometry, director of mission activities. FRANCES TERESA-English, adviser "Lanthorn" staff. M. GERALDINE-Religion, Chemistry, moderator of Our Lady'S Committee adviser Nieuwland Science Club. GRACE REGINA-Religion, French, director of Le Cercle Frangais. HELEN CECILIA-Academic Freshmen. HELEN CONCEPTA-Commercial Freshmen. M. HILDA-Religion, Latin, English, moderator of Catholic Literature Com mittee. M. HUEERTINEhApologetics, English, History C. M. IRMINA-Vocal Music, director of the Perosian Choir. M. JOAN-Typewriting. M. JOSEPHINE-Eighth Grade. M. KATHLEEN-Orchestra director. MARGARET CECILIA-Instrumental Music. ARCHBISHOP HICKEY 111m'l1cl0i' in Religion IV To Archbishop Hickey, our instructor in Religion IV, we, the Class of 1938, extend our sincere gratitude and appreciation. For the time he has spent in our midst and the interest he has shown in our religious wel- fare we are truly thankful. He has strength- ened the invincible weapon of faith in our religion to aid us in facing the world. His knowledge of sainthood has given us an appreciation for Godls Holy Saints and im- pressed upon us the necessity of uconversa- tion with God" to make faith forever strong. To him, indeed, we owe a debt of gratitude. FATHER O'RoURKE Izzffrzzrtof' in Religion I, Il, III As our freshman teacher his earnestness was evidentg our sophomore year proved him a friend indeed, as juniors, he appeared an understanding companiong and now as seniors we recognize him as one to whom we may carry our troubles. Devout at the altar, earnest in the class room, understand- ing and sympathetic in his work as our spiritual adviser, and helpful in hour of need-is Father O'Rourke. JL'l'L'7lfUL IZ a SISTER SISTER SISTER SISTER SISTER SISTER . SISTER SISTER SISTER SISTER SISTER SISTER SISTER SISTER SISTER SISTER SISTER SISTER SISTER SISTER SISTER FACULTY The Library Siaff Adrzirory, Edizmliomzl, Disciplinary MARIE AIMEE-Religion, Latin, adviser of Mantuan Club. MARIE AUGUSTINE-Religion, English, Intermediate Algebra. MARIE BERNARD-Intermediate Department. MARIE JOSE-Religion, German, director of Der Deutsche Verein. MARIE CATHERINE-Commercial Freshmen. MARTINA' MARIE-General Science, moderator of Eucharistic Committee, adviser of Louis Pasteur Club. MARY FRANCIS-Instrumental Music. MARY LOURDES-Religion, Latin. MARY REGIS-Commercial Subjects. MIRIAM-Religion, History, adviser of the Thucyclian Club. M. RQBERTA-Librarian. ROSE ALMA-Seventh Grade. ROSE ANGELA-Religion, History, moderator of Dramatic Committee of the Sodality. ROSE EILEEN-Religion, English, moderator of Apostolic Committee of the Sodality. ROSEMARY-Religion, English, Shorthand, adviser of "Queen's Herald" Staff, Moderator of Publicity Committee. ROSE TERESA-Gregorian Chant. ST. DoRoTHY-Latin, History. ST. MARGARET-Aft, English. TERESA EDWARD-HOmC Economics, Intermediate Algebra, moderator of Social Committee of the Sodality. ' THOMAS MARIE-Instrumental Music. WILLIAM MARIE-Religion, Senior Commercial Subjects. MARION BAPTISTE BENSON-Physical Education. GRACE WATSON SABIN-Accompanist Physical Education. eighteen "Lantbor1z" Leadership For many years Sister M. Teresina had been the inspiration of the "Lanthorn," assistant in the library, and a teacher of English. We, the Class of '38, are greatly indebted to her, for through her hard work and sacrifice, our year books have won many honors. We have not forgotten her ac- complishments, especially in our Freshman and Sophomore years. Now, that through illness she is no longer at Nazareth, we keep her in memory with the publishing of the "Lanthorn." SISTER AGNES V1NcENT SISTER M. TERESINA As We Like It It was in our Sophomore year that Sister Agnes Vincent taught us literature. From her help we learned to love poetry, novels, short stories, and to use the library in- telligently. Now, that Sister is on leave of absence because of ill health, we miss her and her constant interest. We are for- tunate in having for a friend Sister Agnes Vincent. nineleen 5, L MARY KELLETT Pfefident Class of 1938 BETTY RAUBER Bzuineu Manager "Lanthorn" 1938 MARY PRENDERGAST Guarafian of Flag 1938 ALTA LEARY A Bronze Medalin' Gorga: Emzy Context CATHERINE EMMEL Treaxurer Class 1 95 8 lwenly STUDENT LEADERS MARGARET WEGMAN Sodality Prefer! 1938 DOROTHY SHEPARD Sodality Publicity 1938 CECILIA WEGMAN Salulalorian ' 1958 MARY LOU CURTIN Sodolily Minion C bairman 1958 MILDRED MAGIN Auirtant Editor "Lan1horn" 1938 NE ARM BRU JA Vire-Prexide RES SWA 1938 NS DOLO ' 'rrorian V al ed 1 ROSE en'.r Hem 1958 STER 711 ON LEONE "Que E Arxofzare Ed I107' TTE 1938 RIEF jEANE . ry .Yenela 1958 ld' LEA DERS D CURTIN STUD ENT MILDRE ' Drumatir Sadulzty C lmirman 1938 DOR GERTRUDE PETER ROBERTA MILLER Edimr-in-Chief Prexident "Lanthom" Orcbeftm 1933 1938 OTHY Sodalily Euchariftir Chairman 1938 DERLETH ARLENE MILLER bi: hom mp P Editor H "Lfzntborn 1938 ARLINE KORTH Arfociare Editor "Lanthorn" 1938 iwenly-0 726 just as the harvest of the years is contained in the General Works in a library, so, too, the harvest of the years of a school is in its graduates. Althea Osterman and Margaret Hannan represent the General Works of the Class of 1938. Iwenly-two Nazareth General Works 'Ir The Graduates Library Science journalism ir ffl X mmf - Lg, lfef- N4 rr N Y Aw 'O X ,f Lx 3 IM L XY, ' of 'f1:f'- , yi' 'f frm Ne-?r, W' xl if ex' ffV3gl5Y ' lf 6 y '11 1,g,f'o . cfm AU, k,,,.Qi:" ,ff I'OgIfCSSCS Religion -k Chapel Sodalily Mission Activities it just as the library is a helpful friend to those seeking spiritual and material advancement through its philosophical and re- ligious works, so, too, Nazareth through its many religious ffQQLgUf'iifp42 activities has helped us. Mildred Magin and Gertrude Peter , O X tx X0 I n ! .l , 'Q N lr . , X , .- , ggljxi sa, Q i i H 'ff' f Tx lox nfl FJ i t VF 'xlilikti' 5' f H -x Jia., ,PNN fl' X vs NVFQQ an QCEQX - e,Yll'LJ,if fl symbolize religion. lwenly-llzree lwerzly-jam' The Semio O72 B ein g Finl- First in order in school life come the Seniors. First in order, to this Class of 1938 have come many things for which we are grateful. To have for the "Lanthorn" a personal greeting from our Bishop, to have had a Senior Mass and Communion Day in the convent chapel, to have been invited by Reverend Mother Superior to spend the Patronage of St. joseph at Nazareth Motherhouse are all "first" things granted to us. Besides this, the 1938 Perosians are the first to present a velvet stage curtain to the schoolg and Le Cercle Francais Hrst to present a French play in the evening. In our Freshman year the first permanent chapel was opened at Nazareth. In that year, too, the first edition of the Sodality news, the "Queen's Herald," was issued. First, too, are we to use a library theme for a Year Book and to present the Seniors to you, in keeping with our theme, according to "Who's XVho." These, then, are the "first things" for which we give thanks. S ,' ff? 9 .1 0 '1!m!WiEf?13i 31.55" I g Quai' 01' 664- QLLZMMMQ. GLQAM Q! f, M7 CW Zi Qf3cL?,WAZ3" ' 77m o. ll-911.7 umbm, 'W If W 7' M1 14104 mizymmffjii 2,3253 ni iff ww fag. MV.,-g 0..1,L.1,.. Milf' L VMA gm wwf M,,MZ M ,MMM f 4' ,fp 'V A Jig, . . . if Y be -L .W lwemy-.fix ilk' rn .1 ' .X' : 4 MA xf,.MARGA1tfJr XGNESS, hos- pitalt admin' trator: Sacred Heart K ljool. Colle ei entrance diploma N. iA-.1 Ush'erf'fInterpretation of "Romeo Ifhnd llhietfl-NClub: Le Cercle Frangais. Co mittees: Apostolic, Mission. Au- tho : "Seventy Million Exiled Germs." Arldrcrr: 897 Ridgeway Ave. N 3- . 111' S LORETTA APPEL, magazine editor: Holy Frwlily School. Academic diplo- ma N. A.: Clubs: Der Deutsche Verein, Perosian Choir. Committees: Mission, Apostolic. Author: "Bind Your Magazines." Address.: 29 Lis- bon St. JANE ARMBRUSTER, hospital Su- perintendent: Sl. Thornor School, Col- lege entrance diploma N. A.: Vice- ',P?sident Senior Class. Clubs: Nieuw- hm! Science, Thucydians, Der Deutsche Verein. CommitTees: Mis- sion, Social. Author: "Antiseptic An- thology." Ad:lre.ri'.' 3635 St. Paul Blvd. BERNADINE K. BAIER, President Business College: Holy Aporller' School, College entrance diploma N. A.: Business staff "Annie Laurie": Clubs: Der Deutsche Verein, Mantuan. Committees: Our Lady's, Social, Dra- matic, Catholic Literature. Author: "High-lights of Business." Addreff: lol Burrows St. CATHERINE BAKER, color photog- rapher: Holy Rotary School, College entrance diploma N. A.: Property starl "Annie Laurie." Clubs: Nieuw- land Science, Thucydians, Le Cercle Francais, Orchestra. Committees: Pub- licity, Mission, Catholic Literature. Author: "Life's Shopwindowf' Ad- tlrtf.i.f: 15-l Selye Terrace. fl J . CI.EMElXfYI!lNIE M. BARB 1, park coinnlifshmerg Cathedral "chool, Col- txleg entrang diplom A.: "Lan- 5 1 h in" s : usj is staff "Annie : it l , aurief' Cl ??dieuwland Sci.epl'f,'-X Nolte carrie F V is. commitfgiqli - H. charistic,',fw Sl fi, ,1Social...,-'Authorz "To ?u'hif 'Hi Fity."lrfddre.r.r.' 26 Sarato a Avef ' il ' ,if MARY T, BARRY, composer: SS. Peter and Paul School, Academic di- ploma N. A.: Ticket committee "An- nie Lauric," Dramusical. Clubs: Nieuw- land Science, Perosian Choir. Commit- tees: Apostolic, Catholic Literature. Author: "My Kingdom for a Song." Addferri 363 Troup St. PHYLLIS BA , omat: Our giolxjd r ciual He fjhlgl, Com- ercial diplo : . A.: Clubs: Marc r , :uchari ' . Committee, ' n om" ata uthor: "H w' o Wi. s and I ??l5ggol Gir s." A dren: NIE? S ' SHIRLEY M. BEAUCAIRE, eques- trienne: Sl. Thomar School, College entrance diploma N. A.: Clubs: Le Cercle Francais: librarian of Orches- tra. Committees: Mission, Social. Au- thor: "A Girl Who Knows Horses." Au'plI'f'Jf.' 93 Hermitage Rd. ,lEANE'l"l'E F. BEITER, scenarist: Sf. Augurlifrdr School: College en- trance diploma N. A.: Usher: Christ- mas Play, '37. Clubs: Der Deutsche Verein, Mantuan. Committees: Mis- sion, Social. Author: "Girls of the Golden East." Addrefrr 148 Gardiner Ave. JANE BIRECREE, speed typist: Holy Roxury School, Commercial diploma N. A.: Clubs: Heralders. Committees: Social, Apostolic, Parish Contact. Au- thor: "With Notes and Carbon." Arl- drerrx 13 Brooklyn St. GRACE A. BOSAITS, singer: Si. A11- gzuiinelf School, Academic diploma N. A.: Clubs: Perosian Choir, Or- chestra. Committees: Mission, Pub- licity. Author: "Before the Micro- phone." Addrefr: 195 West Ave. fl JEAN BRAZILL, metallurgist: Naza- rerh Grammar and High School Aca- demic diploma: "Annie Laurie." Clubs: Thucydians, LeCercle Franqais. Committees: Our Lady's, Publicity, Catholic Literature, Social. Author: "Refining Car Tokens." Addfelr: 233 Saratoga Ave. HELEN M. BROWN, orientalistg Sa- cred Hear! School, Academic diploma N. A., Business stall- "Annie Laurie." Usher: Christmas Play. Clubs: Le Cer- cle Franqais, Perosian Choir. Commit- tees: Apostolic, Mission, Catholic Lit- craturc. Author: "Excavation of Chi- na." Arid:-err: 57 Ross St. RITA CALNAN, swimmer: Sacred Hear! School, Academic diploma N. A., Business stalf "Annie Laurie." Clubs: Mantuan. Committees: Euchar- istic, Dramatic. Author: "Sea-Fever Thoughts." Aa'drfr.r: 14RidgewayAve. I rf' l ' .jf 1 MARY .Q C ZANO, diplomatic servie 5 S13 Ayr: ony Scho l,,College entrghg diploma N. A Llilanthornn staff, technical staff 'whnicyurienl ii adame Lecoq . , et',Mo sieur." ubs: Nieuwlarrd"iSciencf, Le Cerclc ranqaisl. Committees: Apostolic, Pub- llicity. Author: "Ambassador at Large." Add1'c.r,r: 18 Lorimer St, LOUISE M. CARCELLI, golfer: Sa- cred Heart School, Academic diploma N. A., "Annie Laurie"g "Lady joannaug Dramusicalg Usher: Propa- ganda Play. Clubs: Le Cercle Franqais, Perosian Choir. Committees: Catholic Literature, Eucharistic. Author: "Golf Witluout Comment." Addrerf: 495 Electric Ave. MARIE CARROLL, astronomer: Naz- arerh Grammar and High School Ac- ademic diploma, Buffalo S. S. C. A.: Business staff "Annie Laurie." Clubs: Nieuwland Science, LeCercle Frarlgais, Committees: Dramatic, Social, Mis- sion, Parish Contact. Author: "Facts About Star Gazersf' Addren: 439 Melville St. FLORENCE K. CASEY, cartoonist' Holy Rotary School, Commercial di ploma N. A.: Clubs: Perosian Choir Heralders', History. Committees: Lit erary, Publicity: Queen's Herald staff Author: "Monkeys Business." Ad- drcrr: 7 Fairview Heights. , D - CLA,BKffVspedia'st, in nErican,"Lo'lkfs'ongg Lage Hear! -'IJ f1g.yf"'C011egaf smart!! 'dipio abzsif' I ' "AnnieYLhur'el'g calg ', ciupsw-fre. cijigfhljri-frgais, PCIQECA-IYAJ Choir, orh ii. icommirneekf our Lady's, Cgfholic bitelrature. Aut-l'1'd': "indian Lullaby." Ada,-Q31--39 Lap- ham St. , is LV' li MARY F. cocuzzi, lecturer: sf. " Alllh fzyfr School o ial diplo- , a . .3 , u sz Marc nf Commit- ' if i" 8' tees: Literary, Ap st ' ta , . Autor: "Spea' I : ---' - X Mu t." Aflrli-cm, S91 Broad St. H 5 Y vi INIA M. R D, tele- . 1' , 3 , one o ' 3 y Crow Wy? Q . o N7 sa .Le ercle a ' , Committees: S ' l, - 5- Drama c. Aut, ' ,t' "1 - issing A ' Number. " fldilr-ff O1 Ridgeway Ave. A ' MARGARET E. CULHANE, Come- dienneg Holy Rotary School, College Y entrance diploma N. A.: "Lanthorn" t 5' . Q- 1-. stall: Business stall "Annie Laurie"g "Here She Comcsng Usher: "Cyrano .. '---' 'f- de Bergerac." Clubs: Nieuwland Sci- ence, Le Cercle Franqais. Committees: Mission, Publicity, Literary. Author: "Live and Laugh." Addrerrs 35 Lark St. KATHLEEN M. CUNNINGHAM, medical researcher: Nazarelh Gram- mar and High Srhool College en- trance diploma: "Lanthorn" staff: Dramusical. Clubs: Nieuwland Sci- . ence, Le Cercle Franqais, Perosian i-, Choir. Committees: Dramatic, Euchar- A .,' istic, Social. Author: "Capsules and Corpuscle ." -i' rorr: 52 Hamilton Wi' W.. oyfflxyxf J, gil Try 4 . 4 4.93 F'- fwwztg-eighf QE' 'C 3 - ' . x 01 f -I T tu-Y n MARY LOEQURTIXJ, acfouurmlflt Na!-mi5!'77"CrZinn1ai' and High School College entrance diploma? Buffa 715. S. C. Ast Usherzi "Bush erely Business." Clubs: Lt: rnaghs. Committees: . Dramatic,5""Apostol.L'bVJ Cl 11 an, of Mission. Aiuthor' 'lllliin Facts a wi, Fancy -Q9 Augustirb St. MILDRED CURTIN, motion picture director: Nazareth Grammar and High School College entrance diploma: Buffalo S. S. C. A.: "Business Mere- ly Business," Dramusical: Clubs: Nieuwland Science, Le Cercle Fran- eais, Perosian Choir. Committees: Mission, Dramatic. Author: "Lights! Action! Camera!" Arlf!i'r1r.r.' 28 Lake View Pli. EUGENIA CURTIS, playwright: lilcrred .Yfzrrnnzwzl School, Academic diploma N. A.: "l.anthorn" staff: "Business Merely Business": "Here She Comes" 3 Ticket Committee Christ- mas Dance. Clubs: Thucydians. Com- mittees: Dramatic, Publicity, Social. Author: "Censorcd!" Arlzfrrnnrs 407 Linden St. x 9 Sri I, fr'evjQ:Col ege entrance di- a . .: l s: Nieuwland Sci- ce, e Deuts me Verein. Commit- tees: ission,, Publicity, Dramatic. Author: "XVildc,Flowcrs on the Cam- JQAN rs, ec C ist: sf. Jorma ! J pus." Ada're.rr.' 1656 Manitou Rd., Spcmc-rport, N. Y. FRANCES C. DE FUY, psychiatrist: illonroe jr. High, Academic diploma N. A.: Clubs: Le Cercle Frangais. Committees: Social, Catholic Litera- ture. Author: "Are You Psychic?' f1rl1fiu.r.r.' 208 Parsclls Ave. MONICA DENTI 7 , ri io an- nouncer: Holy fhp'o.r.alvr'-Sc RKQCOI. lege entrancqpdiploinaf N. .3 "Lan. thorn" st :Us cr: . ecelia usi- catlg: siness . tt "Annie La ie." Club .: Le C Franqais. ommit- tees: Miss n, Apostolic ramatic. Author: "Enunci ' n d Pronuncia- tion." Add1'm,r.' 20 urrows St. DOROTHY I. DERLETH, humorist: Om- Lady of Perpefmzl Help School, Commercial diploma N, A.: Perosian Choir. Clubs: Thucydians, Marchon: S. S. C. A. Committees: Dramatic, Chairman Eucharistic: "Lanthorn" staH. Author: "The Fun of It." Ad- tfi'er.i.' 35 Keeler St. IARG al Foods Foods " iffwjif . f fn' ELEANOR AAQSER, debutante: lilfrred .gqgzdment ffrhool, Commer- cial yfliploma NW A.: Committees: gia,1Afdiplo!rpf'N. A. Marchon, Ofrchestcaff Committees! ission, Lit- eraryq! Author: ,f"Pride and Popular- afy. " r Af1f1mf.f,- 49 'Field sr. BERNADETTE J. DRYER, dramatic critic: Sacred Hear: Academy, Sarkuz- rheufan, College entrance diploma N. A.: Dramusical: Clubs: Secretary Thucydians, Le Cercle Franqais, Sec- retary Mantuan, Perosian Choir: Our I.ady's Committee. Author: "Plays on Parade." Add1'e.r,r: 20 Avondale Pk. ,. .1 1, ! F Va.. 1 ' Nu. , . ,. :- ,. - . , A.,- JEAN DUNIGAN, spiirigx pmmgmrgyl Sl. Apzhofr School, College ,entrance diploma .N. A. 3, Cl,ub?iTreasurer Le Cercle Frangaii KCommittees:,, Mission, Vice-Chairman Social: Xhithorzl "Pro- viding ,lgntertt-rinQ1ent for Millions," Arfa'ra.i.r,- 106'I-lurstbourne Rcl. 1 f 4 f f I' f 1 I - xLJdTHFRfNE',IimMIVlEL,' professor ofzgfodnorriifs: SG. Thorrzal wol, C9 c co d'iploma,'!N. A-: Treasurer Senior class: Publicity Com- ' "Annf9393Pdf'2! bs: I-C A Qercle! Frhngais, Mantuahrxgyjlferosian D fvrwwao er' 'idil Budget A 1'rry'? li Mfr wifi-. ,f 59:1 i Ley I ' s M- . A w 5 , eg.- HerEN:.12' A ER' , 4viaoixr,tvJzam1y Cijaifznzirr-721' Hi jf-Zfffial College entrance dplf 21 Libs: Thucydians, Le C'ww QQi OfChCSff3. Com- Jnflfbes: Eilcliarisit-icy-,ljr atic. Au- thor: "Wings,irver Roc terf' :ri- ,ffm ,- 1720 tCr31,l1Qf-iid? 1' .JVA MARGUERITE ENGLERT, concert pianist: St, Charlar School, College entrance diploma N. A.: Costume Committee "Annie Laurie," Dramusi- cal. Clubs: Der Deutsche Verein, Perosian Choir, Orchestra, Commit- tees: Mission, Publicity, Dramatic, liucharistic. Author: "ln Our Concert Days." f1ddrc,r.r: 42 Worchester Rd. MARY AGNES ERDLE, security an- alyst: Sf. Banifafe School, College en- trance diploma N. A.: Business staff "Annie Laurie": Clubs: Der Deutsche Verein. Committees: Mission, Social, liucharistic. Author: "The Choice of il Dollar," flllL2'7't',Y.f.' 774 Meigs St. SANTINA FAZIO, welfare work, Cu- fbedml School, College entrance di- ploma N. A.: "Lanthorn" staff: Chairman costume committee "Annie Laurie." Clubs: Nieuwland Science, Le Cercle Franqais. Committees: Mis- sion, Social, Eucharistic. Author: "Salvaging Society," Adu'rs:.rr.' 176 Oak St. L r - ir " , - i- 5 , i ISOSIEMAZRY ,ri2L'r,s, suigar planter., Ilrzrqiliwz rilnliaolgo, College entrance diploma Cubs: Le Cercle Flaneais, 'l Committees: l.Our w :Lady's, Socia1.',l'Catholic Liteladgirre, Mission. Aiit'h'oi'gl.' ' "Tyne, housyhd Candy Cixnegyl ,:j,y,d,Ae,r.r?, N. Y. :S . ' ll, - . qi ' 4 N I . A? . ROSEMARY FERRY, dancer: Sacred llmrl School, Commercial diploma N. A.: Clubs: Marchon, Committees: Publicity. Exchange Editor of "Queen's Herald." Author: "Only One Youth." .f1rfd1'e.r.r.' 366 Magee Ave. Ja, .- MARY j. FILIPPONE, librarian: Holy Rorary Sfbool, Academic diplo- ma N. A.: "Madame Lecoq . . . et Monsieur," Clubs: Le Cercle Franeais. Committees: Social, Publicity, Apos- tolic. Author: "Answering a Thousand One Questions." Arid:-r'.rr.' 1257 Lex- ington Ave. ELLEN FOLEY, capitalist: Nazarefb Gram ' Q '4 1 I boo o ll e entranc If om g "Annie Laurie ': U r' - sines M ly Qisggg Clu s: e Ce e Xgais. Commit- ff ' 1 Hliireflufhf-lL l Cents. ' fffdr-u.rr.' S95 Wfel- li -cf!-v-rC17v - DOROTHY LOIS FULLAM, city planner: Holy Family School, Aca- demic diploma N, A.g Usher: "Here She Comes": Clubs: Le Cercle Fran- eais. Committees: Catholic Literature, Our Lady's, Eucharistic, Publicity. Author: "Cities Don't just Grow." Addr'er,r.' H8 Barton St. HELEN J. GEERE, member of Con- gress: Blerred Sacmmenf Srlwvl, Com- mercial diploma N. A.: "Annie Laurie," Clubs: Heralders', Perosian Choir. Committees: Our Lady's, Dra- matic. Author: "An'1ericana.'l Addferr: 2893 Bulialo Rd., Coldwater, N. Y. -X M F LAT , la hotog- : t. Air' el' I , C llege tra di 1 a I .' Bulf S. s es nie K yjrft, M A ' aff ' L ie" S: Nie 'l ci ce, Der s Verein. mmittees: Catholic Lie ure. Author: "Pictures at Sunset." A d1'e,r,r: 142 Collingwood Dr. CATHERINE M. GOGGIN, actor's manager: Holy Apofller' School, Aca- demic diploma N, A.: Business stat? "Annie Laurie": Christmas Pageant. Clubs: Le Cercle Fianeais, Perosian Choir. Committees: Apostolic, Our Lady's, Mission. Author: "Diplomat- ically Dealing with Temperament," Adrlrerrx 54 Austin St. . is zwenzy-nine thirty ' RUTH E. GOODWIN, theatrical manager: Holy Croix School, Aca- demic diploma N. A.: Bishop Kear- ney reception program: Clubs: Thucy- dians, Le Cercle Francais. Commit- tees: Social, Dramatic, Mission. Au- thor: "The Recline of the Drama." Alfd1'E.fJ.' 4495 Lake Ave. ANNA M. GRANT, social worker: Sf. Monica? School, Academic diplo- ma N. A.: Business staff "Annie Laurie": "Lanthorn" staff: Clubs: Nieuwland Science, Thucydians, Le Cercle Frangais. Committees: Cath- olic Literature, Our Lady's, Eucharis- tic. Author: "The Emigrantf' Ad- drefc' 797 Seward St. CONCETTA J. GUERRA, lyric so- prano: Sz. Monicah School, Academic diploma N. A.: Dramusical. Clubs: Nieuwland Science, Perosian Choir. Committees: Our Lady's, Dramatic. Author: "My Fifty Operatic Roles." Aa'df'v5.r: 508 Genesee St. MARY LOUISE GUIDER, Vocal teacher: Holy Roiary School, Com- mercial diploma N. A.: Clubs: Pero- sian Choir, Heralders': Committees: Mission, Publicity, Literary, Social. Queen's Herald staff. Author: "Sharps and Flats." Add1'cr.r: 235 Saratoga Avc.A I T'6g.jNQN,Wger: St. Id ac Sch , College en- o ' ..: Dramu ,V . f o on 1.9191 or: n o . B adwa ' - 1a G g. .l I. ,- 'l ce i l a , V Clu f'1i o Cer li ais l'- s n 1 oir ,4 A.. y l fkf J '-. y Ad 1' 1 B l'fI r 1 . AGNES C. HART, hygienist, Holy Redeemer' School, College entrance di- 'ploma N. A. Clubs: Nieuwland Sci- ence, Le Cercle Frangais, Orchestra. Committees: Eucharistic, Our Lady's. Author: "Weight and Wait." Ad- a'1'o.rr.' 289 Alphonse St. ELEANOR HEYER, secretary art in- stitute: St. Charler Borremeo School, Academic diploma N. A. "Annie Laurie": Dramusical. Usher: "Here She Comes." Committees: Publicity, Mission. Author: "Designing in Shorthand." Aaldrc:.f.' 252 Denise Rd. . L ' f of E A g ' textb writer: me o l, C emic diplo- , . Der Deutsche ' erei . o itte . Social. Author: and Dust." Aa'a're.rJ: 29 I pig rwood Ave. DOROTHY HOFSCHNEIDER, mar- keting expert: Nazareth Grammar anal High School, Academic diploma. Clubs: Perosian Choir. Committee: Our Lady's. Author: "Raisins, Rad- ishes and Raspberries." Ada'rcJ.v.' 848 jay St. PATRICIA M. HOLMES, Hollywood reporter: Holy Roiary School, Com- mercial diploma N. A. Clubs: Pero- sian Choir, History. Committees: Cath- olic Literature: Dramatic. Author: "Through the Keyhole." Addresrs 223 Selye Terrace. ROSE MARY HUBBLE, dressmaker: Hilton High School, Academic diplo- ma N. A. Ticket Committee, Costume Committee of "Annie Laurie." Com- mittees: Our Lady's, Catholic Litera- ture, Social, Mission. Author: "Pat- ented Patternsf' Add1'e.rJ: 112 Gorton Ave., Hilton, N. Y. circa .IN , ffk gsf. ' K.-R Bohfare Schoo A c diploma ' A. PClu sz c ians, Der cus e Vere' o m 1 Mis- .i n, Socia : " hy Fabrics d rex .I 26 ypress St. 1 r" ' 1 4 71' ful ., . f pl MARY JA IZZO, hematician, Our Lad of um armel School, Corleg ntrance ' ma N. A. , Busi- ness staff Sen'o Play, "Madame L q. . . et sieur," Usher: "Cy- rano de Ber racf' Clubs: Nieuwland Scie r Cercle Fran is. Commit- tees: holich' Literature, Dramatic. Auth r: "The Logic of Circles." Ad- rl1'u.r.r.' 241 Lyndhurst St. IMARY FRANCES JFFFERS, public orator, Holy Apofzler' Srhool, Com- mercial diploma N. A., Clubs: Her- :ildersl Committees: Mission, Social, Apostolic. Author: "Nazareth's Dia- li:cts." Ad:l1'e.r.r.' 12 lilsdon St. MARGARET A. KALMBACHER, judge, Holy Redewrlw' School, Com- mercial diploma N. A. , Clubs: March- on. Committees: Mission, Our Lady's, Publicity, Dramatic. Author: "Order in the Court." Arltlrmi: -18I Wfilkins St. KATHLEEN P. KANE, art patron, Holy Romry Srhool, College entrance diploma N. A., "Annie Laurie," Christmas Play, Clubs: Thucydians, Der Deutsche Verein, Perosian Choir, Committees: Dramatic, Mission, So- iial-Publirity Manager. A u t h o r : ":o,ooo Surrealistsf' Ad1l1'r'.f,i'.' 24 Ad- miral Pk. MARY E. KELLETT, senator, H015 .lpartlef School, Academic diploma N. A., Class President, Business Man- ager "Annie Laurie", Freshman Christmas Pageant, Clubs: Secretary Le Cercle Franqais, Perosian Choir, Committees: Apostolic, Our Lady's, Mission, Parish Contact. Author: "Representing Nazareth." Addrefr: 66 Austin St. NANCY KEMP, archaeologist, Naz- mwh Grammar nm! High School, Ac- ademic diploma, Clubs: Thucydians, I.c Cercle Frarieais, Committees: Eu charistic. Author: "On First Meeting Jonah." Addfwi .' -S20 Lyell Ave. EVELYN R. KLEEH, historian, Holy Family School, Commercial diploma N. A., Clubs: Heralders', Commit- tees: Mission, Our Lady's, Parish Con- tact, Vice-Prefect of Parish Contact, "Lanthorn" staff. Author: "Conquest of Nazareth." Addrerfs 16 Klueh St. MARY JANE KLEM, President Ken- nel Clu ,Nazar lh Gr mar a High .Y hao ,Acad c ciqgonyftqficket it e "Annie La rie" , Clubs: er Dent e Verei Crxilnmittees S0- r ' - - , i frhfishyhontact. Author Business 03 Bow-wows. ' Addreni' 5764 Lake Ave. JUNE KOCH, novelist, Holy Re- deemer School, Commercial diploma N. A., Clubs: Heralders', Commit- tees: Mission, Our Lady's, Publicity, "Queen's Herald" staff: "Lanthorn" staff. Author: "Why Did I Write"? fil2'd1'E.fJ' : 248 Herald St. KATHLERNQ i lliterary ' rit'c, N 1-hhd aul'J rhool, c ' A ma N. A., St. ei oncert, NJ Clubs: ,Le CerclefFr ais, Commit- tees: Cath i lterature, Apostolic. Authorl " rom a Critic's Viewp i t." f1da'1'e,rr: 7 New York . I ARL E R fessor of an, oly porflef' Schaol, Col- e en nce diploma . A., Asso- iat 0 of "Lant rn," usher for . ecil' Conce g lubsf President De D tsche Ver n, Pwusian Choir, tom itte . icityn Our Lady's, Mi. ion. Auth : "Greek Without ri T ch Aa'dv'e.r,r,- 19 Canton St. i -Slit ROSEMARYi I, PRAKES, diplo- mat, Name' K Gmmqnar and Hi h .. Srhool ,Ach emic Jdikploma, Dr N 6 sical, lubsi ifhlucydians, P sian A C arg. rchestrai, Committees'fEuchar- 'tic, I Apostoxlic, Sociall fvAuthor: "Speeding Prosperity." 1dFIyxPJI.' 5202 Lake Ave. - 'V' thin 1-071 u ALTA H. LEARY, biochemist: Holy Cforr School, College entrance diplo- ma N. A.: Associate Editor "Lan- thorn," "Annie Laurie": Gorgas Es- say Contest: Clubs: Nieuwland Sci- ence, Der Deutsche Verein, Mantuang Committees: Social. Author: "Blue- Blooded Folks." Addreu: 421 River St. BETTY LIGHTHOUSE, politician: Holy Rorury School, Commercial di- ploma N. A.: Clubs: Heralders': Committees: Eucharistic, Publicity, Our Lady's, Dramatic. Author: "In the Public Eye." Addrerr: 242 Glen- wood Ave. . 5 . R E C E, d desi r Sr. dr' J ool, m cial ma ,. .' ommit s: Our d s, So- ublicit ' Assista Editor of 6,lQleen,'s rag!! thor: "The Dress h ut a Address: 203 Oneidri . MARIE LOEWENGUTH, dietitian : Blenea' Sacrament School, Academic diploma N. A.: Ticket Committee "Annie Laurie": Clubs: Le Cercle Franqais: Committees: Mission. Au- thor: "Eat with Others and Like It." Addrerr: 27 Harlem St. JOSEPHI .LO BARDI,o hestra I fx leider' . ridget' School, CE m ipio a N. Agytiubsr Mar , ' ' i n l' orn ittee: X, Ourf dy's. Authxgrr: ' ip ing R-h unes." Aodfenf JiAlmira sr. f ., J 'I I , iq I c 4 KATHLEEN P. LYON, jude: Na- jfler High School, Naples, N. Y., Col- lege entrance diploma N. A.: "Ma- dame Lecoq . . . et Monsieur.' Clubs: Le Cercle Frangais: Commit- tees: Social. Author: "Shall I Retire at Seventy?" Addren: 145 Kiniry Dr. MARY MAGILL, research chemistgSt. Monicolr School, College entrance di- ploma N. A.: Business staff "Annie V Laurie": Clubs: President Nieuwland Science, Le Cercle Frangais: Commit- tees: Our Lady's, Dramatic, Social, Mission, Catholic Literature. Author- "Looking Around with a Microscope." Addrcrr.: 783 Jefferson Ave. MILDRED M. MAGIN, hotel host- ess: Si. Salome? School, Commercial diploma N. A.: Clubs: History, Marchon: Committees: Eucharistic. Assistant Guardian of the Flag, Assis- tant Editor of "Lanthorn." Author: "Live in a Hotel and Like It." Ad- olre.r.r: 158 Avenue B, Point Pleasant, N. Y. MARY JANE MAID, pharmacist: Sn- cred Heart School, College entrance diploma N. A.: "Lanthorn" staff: "Here She Comes": Usher: "Business Merely Business": Clubs: Le Cercle Frangais: Committees: Publicity, Mis- sion, Dramatic. Author: "On Filling a Prescription." Addren: 79 Locust St. LUCILLE M. MAY, newspaper re- porter: Sacrecl Heart School, College entrance diploma N. A.: "Lanthorn" staff: "Annie Laurie." Usher-inter pretation "Romeo and Juliet." Clubs: Le Cercle Frangaisg Committees: Apos- tolic, Publicity. Author: "Genius with a Pen." AddreJJ: 745 Flower City Pk. ELEANOR MCCARTHY, utility oper- ator: Holy Romry School, Academic diploma N. A.: Clubs: Le Cercle Frangais: Committees: Social, Cath- olic Literature, Publicity. Author: "Course in Confusion." Addrcn: 592 Driving Park Ave. HELEN M. McCORMICK, circus owner: Holy Aportler' School, College entrance diploma N. A.: "Annie Laurie," Dramusical, Christmas Play. Clubs: Le Cercle Frangeais, Mantuan, Perosian Choir, Orchestra: Commit- tees: Eucharistic, Mission. Author: "Noah Had Nothing on Us." Afl- dven: 593 Emerson St. y ,cl-1' Mimi VJVJI J Q. thzfty tw r M , I 5 0 va! ' ' 6' 'Rf' GERALDINE MCGREGOR, athlete: Sl. Michael'J School, Commercial di- ploma N. A.: Clubs: Marchon: Com- mittees: Mission, Social, Publicity, Dramatic g "Lanthorn" staff: "Queen's Herald" staff. 'Authorz "Breaking World Records." Addrerr: 220 Ave- nue C. EILEEN MCMULLEN, lawyer: Im- maculaie Concepiion School, Com- mercial diploma N. A.: Clubs: March- on: Committees: Publicity. Author: "Opportunity Ahead." Aa'o're.r:: 338 Champlain St. EVELYN E. MCVINNIE, explorer: Holy Redeemer School, Commercial diploma N. A.: Clubs: Marchon: Committees: Our Lady's, Parish Con- tact, Social. Author: "Adrift on an Ice Float." Addre,r.r: 49 Aurora St. LUCY MEAGHER, G-woman: Sl. Monica? School, College entrance di- ploma N. A.: "Lanthorn" staff: Usher: Symposium: Clubs: Treasurer of Nieuwland Science, Le Cercle Fran- gais. Author: "The G-Man's Unher- alded Aid." Ada're.r.r.' 170 Earl St. CATHERINE MEISENZAHL, artist: St. Monica'.r School, College entrance diploma N. A.: Buffalo S. S. C. A.: Business staff "Annie Laurie," "Lady Joanna," Dramusical: Clubs: Nieuw- land Science, Der Deutsche Verein, Thucydians, Perosian Choir: Commit- tees: Publicity, Chairman of Our Lady's. Author: "Color Culture." !ldcl1'cr:.' 269 West High Terrace. LORAINE MEISENZAHL, meteorolo- gist: Nazareth Grammar and High School, Academic diploma: Dramusi- cal: Usher: "Business Merely Busi- ness": Clubs: Nieuwland Science, Perosian Choir: Committees: Apos- tolic. Author: "Hurricanes on Mon- day." Aa'a'rerJ: 695 Portland Ave. 1 X dj X DORO W . MRAIH, neurologist: Naza th' X mar and High' School, Acade c ploma: Technical staff " ' Laurie." Clubs: Der Deutsche e in: Committees4M9Qon, Apos- W . ito c. Author: "Dissecting'a jun1ors." ddreu : 354 Willcins "St, FLORENCE MENZNER, psycholo- gist: Holy Aportler' School, Academic diploma N. A.: Clubs: Thucydians, Le Cercle Frangaisg Committees: Eu- charistic. Author: "Flight from Real- ity." Addrerr: 163 McNaughton St. ARLENE R. MILLER, illustration ed- itor: Holy Aportlef School, College entrance diploma N. A.: "Lanthorn" staff : Clubs: Thucydians, Der Deutsche Verein: Committees: Social, Mission. Author: "Feature Photogra- phy." Addrerr: 19 Villa St. MARGARET M. MILLER, statis- tician: Holy Cror: School, Academic diploma N. A.: Speech Choir-St. Marce1la's Day: Clubs: Der Deutsche Verein: Committees: Mission. Author: "Advice to Laggards." Addrexrf 168 Stutson St. sf F, fy, 4 f 1.1101 I 2,1 R1!A IELER, ,c ncert vio- xx, nist: .Harare Gram and High School,' Cbllege ' e tra KATHLEEN MURPHY, steamship line executive: Sacred Heart School, College entrance diploma N. A.: Chairman Property Committee "Annie Laurie": Clubs: Nieuwland Science, Le Cercle Franeais: Committees: Treasurer of the Mission, Apostolic, Social. Author: "Launching a Flag- Ship." Addfesrf 57 Magee Ave. fs 'rg zhirzfz .ee .I .-Ai" .4- thirty-four JANETTE M. NEBBIA, theatrical manager: SS. Peier and Paulo School, Commercial diploma N. A.: Clubs: Marchon: Committees: Mission, Eu- charistic, Dramatic: Sodality Play: "Annie Laurie": "Lanthorn" staff. Author: "Controlling Temperamental Actors." Addrerr: 417 Elmgrove Road, Coldwater, N. Y. ELEANOR NELSON, nurse: Sr. liooifrzre School, College entrance cli- ploma N. A.: Technical staff "Annie Laurie": Clubs: Thucydians, Der Deutsche Verein, Mantuan: Commit- tees: Mission, Apostolic, Catholic Lit- erature. Author: "A New Deal for Nurses." Addrerr: 48 Seager St. t . ,,,, r li" I of x 'ti ' , J MONI A . NO fidrarha iwtfiricg Holy deemer ool, Co ercial di- 1 N. jzif: curbs- resident of , - raldergg Ejommi es:" oci , 'Our l.La y' , Apos ulflicit ramat' : ,. " een'sMyhalrl" Estafff So ' ity Plml . Au r: "As the Curthi ise,s." Ad ferry, 994 Clifford Ave.' 7 il MILDRED L. O'BRlEN, dean of law school: Sf. Bridge! School, College en- trance diploma N. A.: "Madame Lecoq . . . et Monsieur": Ticket Com- mittee "Annie Laurie" : Clubs: Nieuw. land Science, Le Cercle Franeais: Committees: Apostolic, Eucharistic, Publicity. Author: "It's the Law.' f1da'1'e.rf.' 52 Treyer St. CATHERINE O'CONNOR, fruit grower: Sl. llfonicdr School, Aca- demic diploma N. A.: Clubs: Le Cer- cle Francais: Committees: Our Lady's, Mission, Apostolic. Author: "Oranges in a Class Room." Ar1'dr'fri: 276 Bar- ton St. MAR-'ff H- EN dlgei Cgljiiay- gwright: Im le C eflti nSrhool, . . , . N C.o r a dip a' . . :l Clubs: M o C tt d , at li F . nn- 1 e Our Publici ' . iterature, 1' arish Contact Aut, . " h l pp ness." fla'a'reJ.r.' 56 D ran im ALTHEA V. OSTERMAN, director of child welfare: St. Michaelir School, Commercial diploma N. A.: Clubs: Marchon: Committees: Mission, So- cial, Publicity, Catholic Literature, Dramatic. Author: "Children of To- day." Ao'drer5: 22 Gladys St. EVELYN M. PALLOTT, librarian: Holy Redeemer School, Commercial diploma N. A.: Sodality Play: "Queen's Herald" staff : Clubs: Marchon: Committees: Eucharistic, Apostolic, Publicity, Dramatic. Au- thor: "In a King's Garden." Add1'e.f.r: 100 Aurora St. MARY KATHRYN PARK, consultant on East side affairs: Sacred Hem-1 School, College entrance diploma N. A.: Technical staff "Annie Laurie": Dramusical: Clubs: LeCercle Frangais, Mantuan: Committees: Apostolic, Mis- sion, Catholic Literature, Dramatic. Author: "This Enlarging World." Addrerr: 248 Rand St. ANNE G. PAVIA, lawyer: Holy Aportler' School, Academic diploma N. A.: Clubs: Le Cercle Franeais, Mantuan: Committees: Catholic Lit- erature, Apostolic. Author: "The De- fense Rests." Addrerr: 153 Myrtle St. DORIS M. PEARCE, horticulturist: Sr. Michael! School, Academic di- ploma N. A.: "Queen's Herald" staff: Usher: "Here She Comes": Clubs: Le Cercle Franeais: Commit- tees: Publicity, Dramatic. Author: "Seven Years for an Orchid." Afl- fll'L'r.t.' 525 Augustine St. LOIS PEARSE, sanitarian: St. Charlux School, Academic diploma N. A.: Business staff "Annie Laurie": Clubs: Thucydians, Le Cercle Francais: Com- mittees: Mission, Eucharistic, Social, Dramatic. Author: "Health Today and Tomorrow." Aa'a'reJr: 71 Queen St. A .gt Tl . 5-2' . 2 W' ia GERTRUDE M. PETER, college dean: Holy Family School, Commer- cial diploma N. A.: Committees: Mis- sion, Our Lady's, Chairman of Parish Contact Committee, Vice-Prefect of Sodality: Editor-in-Chief of "Lan- thorn": Christmas Play: S. S. C. A, '37. Author: "The Gates of Learn- ing," A11'drerJ.' 68 Home Place. C WJ! MA TH WE P IPPS, bac- ' 0 ist:i nmrololif, , ifpfiofz . rho il,11F9Hege entrarlle dip m . A. gadubszf i 'land Sciehzgk e c -1 F A ' o ii ul ,erc e ra , rc estra. mite , Dramatic. Author ' rc tee : fhrflvsion, Social! h c iter- he h o Germs." Addrerr: S Bartlett St. ROBERTA PREDMORIE, cartoonist: Holy Rorary School, Academic diplo- ma N. A.: Catholic Press Play: Com- mittees: Catholic Literature. Author: "How to Make Puns and Influence Readers." Add1'e.rJ.' 596 Birr St. MARY E. PRENDERGAST, foreign buyer: St. Monicak School, Commer- cial diploma N. A.: Clubs: Herald- ers': Committees: Mission, Social, Catholic Literature, Dramatic: Guar- dian of Flag: "Lanthorn" staff. Au- thor: "Morning in Paris." Addrerr: 30 Ellicott St. HELEN PURDY, portrait painter: Surfed Heart Academy, Academic di- ploma N. A.: Committees: Mission, Publicity. Author: "About Face!". Addrerr: 952 Culver Rd. BETTY M. QUETCHENBOCK,1and- scape painter: No. 37 School, College entrance diploma N. A.: Clubs: Le Cercle Franeais: Committees: Euchar- istic, Mission, Catholic Literature. Au- thor: "Next to Nature." Addrerr: 101 Genesee Park Blvd. l J . Bl2'l51Cfl. RAEHER, social scientist: N42 lb Gr 41' on High School Colle e rltra e diplo ag "Lanthorn" st ft: lub. Thucy ns, Mantuan: ' mmi e s: ,Cathol iterature, Our .ady's, ocial, aristic. Author: "Soci and the .ciences." Addicts.- l9 Tyler St. 1. riiANQ13s M. Ri5ADER.ty.9.iiuryC-ef secretary: Sr .ollege eu miqsifififiixg Buffalo s, s. C. A.: "Annie Laurie": Cl :, Le Cercle Francais, M 0SlHH Choir, Orchegr ': Com ' s: m Cat 'c Literatur ady's, Mis- sio Author: uaecordingi Action." Add1'e5r.' 43 Grei St, KATHLEEN M. REDDY, secretary: Holy Rorary School, Academic diplo- ma N. A.: Ticket Committee "Annie Laurie" : Clubs: Secretary - Treasurer Orchestra, Le Cercle Francais: Com- mittees: Social, Catholic Literature: Parish Contact. Author: "Hunt and Peck System." Ada'fe.r.f: 46 Curtis St. ,IEANETTE REIF, superintendent ol schools: Holy Rotary School, Com mercial diploma N. A.: Clubs: Or- chestra, History, Perosian Choir, Chairman of Marchon Club: Commit- tees: Social, Eucharistic: Secretary ol' Senior Class: "AnnieLaurie". Author: 3 "On Burning Books." Addrerr: I5 Canary St. ROSE MARY RIGNEY, wood en- graver: Sl. Monicdr School, Academic diploma N. A.: Clubs: Le Cercle Franqais, Vice-President Orchestra: Committees: Apostolic. A u t h o r : "Mongraphs of Twentieth Century Carving." Addferrr 60 Monica St. PEGGY RIPTON, sculptor: Noam-riff Gmnzrrmi' and High School, College entrance diploma: Usher: "Business, Merely Business": Committees: Eu- charistic, Mission. Author: "Master of Marble." Add1'PJ',f,' 174 Bidwell Terrace. thirty-five CATHERINE D. ROE, chemist lec- turerg Holy Family School, College entrance diploma N. A.: Business staff "Annie Laurie"g Clubs: Nieuwland Science, Le Cercle Franqais. Commit- tees: Mission, Our Lady's, Parish Contact. Author: "Adrift with a Test Tube." AddreJJ: 15 Home Place. BERNICE I. SCHEIBLE, printer, St. Boniface School, College entrance di- ploma N. A.g Business staff "Annie Laurie"g Clubs: Thucydians, Der Deutsche Verein, Mantuang Commit- tees: Mission, Eucharistic, Social. Au- thor: "Printed Words Live Forever." Addrerr: 51 Cayuga St. R T . ROL m om - MA o R CH AB, 'im fgsl. C .f i ' than cad ' i- Tho .r Sclao ademic di ma N. ploma . "B in erelvy A.: mitte . Missio , ublicity ssl' " re ome " ra- co it " nie Lauri . Author: usi Co ' es: city. Au- nius an N t Adflrerrs thot: in Holl ' Col oad. lx Addfe vaijaadiry. . GRACE M. ROVETO, astronomer:St. Boniface School, Commercial diploma N. A.: Clubs: Heralders'g Commit- tees: Publicity, Social. Author: "Stars for Sally." Addre.rJ: 5 Blakeney Place. X JJ 1 '-V if fi' AX l V "ff jf ' l MRRGAR Tr M. RUCKERT, p uc.- l 'orterg ofpu.r'f.'lmiJ1iScbool Aca- demic ,dip m9Nh .5 Prop com- mittee' "A ex? rie"g ubs: Le 'K tle i g om Dra- atic,l ub1iQlfY. is on. Author: "T ial by ess." ferr: 810 Uni- l wjllrv " - . l ' Q- J Y l jk A, 'M' l J, , ' 1' l RUTI-if QRQSSER, " ine tevmdessgx l St. iurline S ol, I ademic 'it l .pm N. A. chngal stag 'faqni 1 Laurie"ixU y osi . Comxift- ' tee: M 'n. or? 7 p in ilflxgfxl Clouds.",Add rr.'j.SfAppl nysefl ' f Af N Xi' vf N l l - n ngr I - oniface School, -' it d 0- vrna N. A.l ess tal? "An e Laugh , lubs er tsche Vereing Committe , obialf Dra- ' ' ' "If ashington." Ada'fer.r.' 161 r St. zlairly-:ix M BERNADETTE SCHWAN, superin- tendent experimental stationg Immacu- late Conception School, Academic di- ploma N. A.g Clubs: Nieuwland Sci- ence: Committees: Social, Apostolic, Dramatic. Author: "Notes on Bumble- bees." Addreu: 16 Violetta St, 1. ,f', ' , XXL! ll, V off, A L jrjgfv ' J, ll D p 9 EILEE QLIAKKEY, f0I'Clg9fjfJU'l'l'f3- 1 spond , Si. Augurlzine cbool, COl-f,.' lege entrance ,diploma g ,Buffifo S. fl Q. A15 "Here 'She Comes" 1 I xddbsz Der Deutsfhekferein, Mwruiffg Comwttees: Mission? Our Lady's,1 Dramatic Chairmilir Sociaflf Author: "ThSlXhii'ldAQbe5l to lyessfx At1'd1'?J.f'f! 704 Chili Ave. - ' fi ' I-' ig 1 ' I J xi RITA M. SHAW advertising man- agerg oly er Shoal, Aca- dem' 'p m i . A..g " 's Hex'- ald" 'st "La n' talfg Clubs: Secretary er sche Vereing Com- mittees: Publicity, Dramatic. Author: "It's an Art." Addrerr: 424 Bernard My MARGARET SHAY, organistg Naza- reth Grammar and High School Aca- demic diplomag Committees: Our Lady's, Catholic Literature. Author: "Organ Ordealsf' Aa'dre.rr: 30 Lori- mer St. -sr' ml DOROTHY A. SHEPARD, editor,.S'l. Tlaomar School, Commercial diploma N. A.: Editor of "Queen's Herald", S. S. C. A. '37: Committees: Mission, Chairman of Publicity Committee. Au- thor: "ln the Editor's Chair." Ad- il1't'.r.r .' 2351 St. Paul Blvd. KATHLEEN SLATTERY, court ste- nographer, St. Monica'J School, Col- lege entrance diploma N. A., Plays: "Annie Laurie," "Lady Joanna", Clubs: Le Cercle Frangaisg Commit- tees: Our Lady's, Catholic Literature, Mission, Dramatic. Author: "Stricken from the Records." 'Ao'dreJ.f: 99 Paige St. MADELINE R, SPIEGEL, botanist, Iloly Redeemer School, Academic di- ploma N. A., "Lanthorn" staff, junior Class Popularity Contest: Clubs: Thucydians, Committees: Eu- charistic, ' ion r' Lady's. Au- thor: " i on n Plants." Ad- d . 238 A TERESA SPECKSGOOR, social work- er, St. Micbaelh School, Commercial diploma N. A., Clubs: Heralders', Committees: Mission, Eucharistic, Catholic Literature, Publicity, Dra- matic. Author: "Memoirs of a Com- forter." Addrerr: 20 Bloomingdale St. AGNES M. STAHL, private secretary, Holy Family School, Commercial di- ploma N. A., "Lanthorn" staff, Clubs: Marchon, Committees: Mis- sion, Our Lady's, Publicity, Parish Contact. Author: "Tales from a Flat- tnp Desk." Addfen: 1192 jay St. ff fffji ft uf VIRGINI M. ST ' RT, E' ncie 5 Om' V, of -7 tual p St ol, Corn rcia oma . A., ubs: hjjarchon, cydian ommi ees:Eu- tlrristf Author: Vat Minqr Riches." 45kKoh1man sn ' 1, il lvl' ffl! J ig 'X J DOLORES P. SWANSON, professor romance languages, Holy Romry School, College entrance diploma N. A., Plays: "Annie Laurie," "Busi- ness, Merely Business," Christmas Play, Clubs: Mantuan, Le Cercle Frangais, Perosian Choir, Committees: Social, Dramatic. Author: "TheWorld in Miniature." Addrerx: 122 Pierpont St. cf, 49 ELLEN cur', 'lan- lector'bSlPLucy'J School, rcifll N. A ' "QueensX' era poogia ., R W ' staff' Clubs' H961 rs" C 'tees' ,, . e , . Ap6stolic?fPi1bli Qr:' "Curi- osi , In Ad e : 5155-. enwood A 1 " wif r x 0 K+..-f . ' fl :J rw MJ ROSE M. TERMOTTO, prima donna soprano, Sl. Boniface School, Com- mercial diploma N, A., Committees: Publicity, Perosian Choir, Clubs: I-Ieralders'. Author: "Madonna Fire- fly." Addre.r.r: 609 South Ave. VIRGINIA THOMPSON, skater, Sl. Bridgefr School, College entrance di- ploma N. A., Dramusicalg Clubs: Le Cercle Franqais, Perosian Choir, Or- chestra, Committees: Catholic Litera- ture, Social. Author: "Foot-loose and Fancy Free." Addrerx: 50 Almira St. U I c ' Y x , b R' E . THR , t re- er, Sig' ni c oo , Co ege ' Q ance iplop . A. , Clubs: -- i w ,E c ce, Der De che . e in, an C oh , ittees: uchar c, Missi , " ' . Author: d the G-Man.' ddreu: West nrietta Rd., Honeo e Falls, N. Y. I Lf uf , ll' 1 il 1 - Sch kj, Aci emic i.ploA IN! A., 9 huqffhahs, yffercle Franqais' Colg1dlittegf:'Pub'licity, Dra- matic,' Soda , Au'1h0r:"'Elegy ha a Literary' Chuyghyardf' zldzllerr: 1,0 . r I . Lf ' BET'FY'.bfNE OVVNE llyric oelf, ' i r fi Arlingtonlst. K V' 'Uv , L in Aj W' .ff M ' fl: 1 .v tlwirly-seven lhlfl-9'-eighl X i l i CORINNE L. TRIMBY, physiological chemist: SI. Mo11ica'.r School, college entrance diploma N. A.: Catholic Press Play: Clubs: Nieuwland Science, Le Cercle Francais: Committees: Our Lady's, Social, Mission, Dramatic, Catholic Literature. Author: "Less Vitamin." Addreu: 480 Flint St. RITA A. TROST, sanitary chemist: Sacred Heart School, College en- trance diploma N. A.: Dramusical: Technical chairman "Annie Laurie": Clubs: Le Cercle Franeais, Mantuan: Committees: Dramatic, Catholic Lit- erature. Author: "Analysis of Water." Arjgcerr: 335YMagee Ave. Q,,,.4- W1 . I - JEAN UPSON, explorer: Corpui Chrixti, Academic diploma N. A.: Clubs: Le Cercle Frangais: Commit- tees: Secretary-Treasurer Apostolic: Dramatic, Our Lady's, Publicity. Au' thor: "Search for the Lost Pole." Ad- drerr: 92 Hillendale St. MARIE r . vw ' scum di. recto poly 2 ' ' S ool, Aca- S 1 1 Q - . A.: Clubs: Le 5 - Fr is: Co rttees: Apos- , a ' , sio' r: "The Way of th ummies." Addre.r.r.' 450 Lyell Ave. I A ,gzi- Q i li. .- .ff l,1REN IWACENSKK' l'l10MJJCl'lflCj l ' ur Chrifti School, Commercial di- plo N. AZ: Clubs: Heralclers': 'b Corilxxitteesz' Our Lady's, Dramatic. Authof: "Seeing Stars.". Addrerr: 1026 Bay Shore Drive. If 1' ' If " .J , ref i I V 19" BETTY A. AJVAACHQI' , 'iiovelistz Holy 4glff2'55' Sclggff ' cadqmic di- ploma' N. Agky alo S. SJC. A,: .4 ,, . . , I , prompter Annie Lauri " Business staff ' ' She V ": Clys: T dians, ey Deutsche VF ei : ommitteesyfgpostolic. Aixtlrotz 'rA Writing Dilemma." Adfzferrx 317 Sherman St. . HSANETTE WADSWORTH, lecturer: Holy Apoffler' School, Academic cli- ploma N. A.: Clubs: Der Deutsche Verein, Orchestra: Committees: Mis- sion, Apostolic. Author: "Speech is Silver." Addfen: 111 Villa St. MARY E, WALSH, architect: Holy Apoiller' School, Academic diploma N. A.: Ticket Committee "Annie Laurie": Clubs: Le Cercle Frangziis. Committees: Apostolic, Mission. Au- thor: "Design For Living." Afldnai'.i'.' 149 Michigan St. MARGARET M. WALTHERS, juiisl: Holy Rorary School, Academic diplo- ma N. A.: Business staff "Annie Laurie": Clubs: Le Cercle Francais: Committees: Social, Publicity, Mis- sion, Dramatic. Author: "Uniform Peace." Addrerfs 103 Bryan St. DOROTHY WALTHER, sports edit- or: Holy Apoxllerl School, College entrance diploma N. A.: Clubs: Nieuwland Science, Thucydians, Dei' Deutsche Verein: Committees: Social, Our Lady's, Apostolic. Author: "Speaking of Sports." Addrcizr: 189 Curtis St. ' v . -9 1 ,i-'ji WR IIQWA T ,ygwtspa r wo- man SI. Au in choo College ent ce digllo 1 , Business s H "A ' urie' Dramusical: hrlst s Pl : Clubs: Der Deutsche Ver A , tuan, Perosian Choir: ffm mi s: Mission, Social. Author: I porter's Paradise." Add1'o.rJ.' 208 oodbine Ave. Al ERINL physicist 5 M , , 4 : i Q ll' Agfze Sclsnol, ege entrance di lo in N hristm s Play Sl us ness u an Q P rosnn oi-r: Committe . Our- . Lady 1 tic Autho: B z g New, cntific Trarls I . ' ' . - 3 '33 ' SS. el . "g ci ,- N 'l nd cienc Le grcle Fran-' a , 5 1 ' J I Eastf ain St. ANN XVEBIER, baseball executive: CDVAIIIIJ Clnrirli School. Academic di- ploma N. A.: Clubs: Perosian Choir: Committees: Social, Mission. Author: "Leather Lungs for Fans." AddrcJ.r.' 218 Bay View Rd., Irondequoit, N.Y. CECILIA R. WEGMAN, normal school principal: Sr, Tbamm School, College entrance diploma: Usher: "Cyrano de Bergerac": Clubs: Le Cercle Franeais, President Mantuan, Orchestra: Committees: Mission, So- cial. Author: "Successor to Horace Mann." Addre.r1: 4316 St. Paul Blvd. weft! MARG GMAMP5uf 1-, ' ' oly A110 ey' School entr nce dip B o lSf , , ge ' a N Ax : al . P C. .: P ' ity a "Annie aurieqgiram A cal, lCltY Man- Deutsche mmittees: M' sion, Iifharistic Pref ct f Sod ty Author. "A mportan Assi ent." Addrerr J Burrows t. ager erosia Choir C 4 t LOIS WE A mi ' criti" Holy Fa ch 0 , C llege ce di l . A.: ubs: We sche XI ein Co 1 ees: licity Our' Lady's ati ch ristic. thor: . ' n he tfiirfg R om loo 4 -J drefrx Colvin St. LILLIAN A. WHITE, surgeon: SI. Andrew School, College entrance di- ploma N. A.: Madame Lecoq . . . et MODSlCuI','Q Property committee "An- nie Lau1:ie": Clubs: Nieuwland Sci- ence, Le Cercle Frangais, Mantuan: Committees: Social, Apostolic, Our Lady's, Mission. Author: "A Knife Can Cheat an Undertaker." Addrv.fJ.' 119 Mohawk St. ARLILNE XWHITEHOUSE, :Automobile manufacturer: NzIZd7'Pff7 Gwzllmlfzr 11711, Higb School Academic diploma: Usher: Music Recital: Clubs: Le Cer- cle Frangais: Committees: Mission, Eucharistic. Author: "Watcl1 the Cars Go By." Addrcrf: 1881 East Ave. ETHIELYN M. WIEGAND, journal- ist: Holy Redeemer Svlarml, Commer- cial diploma N. A.: Clubs: Marchong Committees: Social, Our Lady's, Pub- licity: Publicity Reporter. Author: "Copy!" AddrP.rr.' 302 Durnan St. ACIS av in , V LB , rd ecut' gyfd' ear! qv g ex- if! N A Usher: ere Sh Co " ess ' y Busi- nes Club erclc Fran '1 L!?or. ' Costs to Advertli? 1 3 .... y is . ' l, a de 1 Af B , ., . c mipw' licity Dm yriyffdiff pp, " Q I , A I- : ..:: , ZHH z d1'er.r.' 60 Knickerbocker Av . JENNIE V. WOJTASIEWICZ, home economist: Sl. Nlicbaelfv Sclyrml, Col- lege entrance diploma N. A.: "Lan- thorn" staff: Clubs: Nieuwland Sci- ence, Der Deutsche Verein. Commit- tees: Social, Apostolic. Author: "One Cookfvflell Done." Azlrl1'c1.1.' 600 joseph Ave. NATAHALIE XVOOD, dramlltic .rc- tress: Sacred Hear! Aiudmfg, Aca- demic diploma N. A.: Committees: Mission, Our Lady's. Author: "Up the Years from Nazareth." Arlflrerrs 136 Lake Road, Canandaigua, N.Y. Ibirly-nin ourmzlism I, r X , i i Q., no. .A-n. 'l ,sement , lf? 'Q x A 1 W5 Evelyn Kleeh and Margaret Ruckert interview Sister Helen Concepta and Sister Marie Augustine and wonder if the "Lan- thorn" will rate first again by the Press Associations. onlscnaqv 59 EST. 12216 1937-3'8 f"T5'ASS0f.lPX9 forty Library C oncerrzirz g Fir!! H onorr Catholic School Prem Auoricztion 1937 'A' Naliomzl Scholnrlif Prem Arfociation I 93 7 ...Q A fwmmr MA GIC HIGHWAY T0 ADVENTURE Book Week Project, November, 1937 "When will meet next, we'll have 4 tale io tell." Dorothy and Mildred have chosen the same bookg but Roberta and little joan have individual preferences. forty-one Library Science forty-two 1. Charge It, Please Shirley Beaucaire plays librarian for these seniors. 2. The Questioning Mind Bernadine, Loretta, Virginia, and Clementine are deciding just where to look for what. 1. Selling Library Values Monica, Helen, and Mary Lou prepare for an English assignment. 2. Byways in Bookland A group of Seniors earnestly exploring sci- ence, history, languages, and whatnot before the bell rings. forfj -lbree P if fourmzlism-The Lantborn Staff 1. Subscription Day Santina and Anna take "Lanthorn" payments from Mildred, little Kathryn, and Anne. 2. Picture Progress Dorothy shows Phyllis, Jeannette, Monica and Mary how to plan the Senior pictures. 5. Lanthorn Staff in Action Business Manager, Betty Rauber, and Eugenia file ads, Geraldine types, Madeline and Agnes paste advertisements, and Kathleen checks the ad- vertisements. Arlene Miller, photographic man- ager, examines the pictures with Rita. Jennie and Margaret look over last year's cuts. f01'l'J'-ff? ur journalism-The Lanthorn Sta Editor's Easy Chair? Editor Gertrude Peter studies the "Yearbook Manual" while assistant editors Alta Leary and Arline Korth look up points in various books and magazines. Lucy and Mildred are asking, "Will we make flrst honors this year?" W'ho is Who? Clementine, Mary Jane, Mildred, Mary, June and Lucille plan the Senior write-ups from "W'ho's Who in America." Riding the Autograph Hobby Rosemary, Eleanor, Mary and Margaret proudly sign their names to their pictures in the Yearbook. Other seniors examine books. forty-jive CATHOLIC PRESS MONTH azmwsgf ommyf Wag :ff Nw! wg, Mi nm my new uvrwasf rxmavx, bugd,,ggCi,...?, mm Wm ,mann to ic VOCATIUN XVEEK arms, M vm. Timf iurqlfw tm' Vwuiwu X'vc:R. 'N -W rmfmf mmf: fmzafmgin. N A FATHER LORD TBUS AHOUT LIQNT 3 EEO! T NRE UVNT iw nw: r :wa x f, SENIOR - P MM On Fmifv - 4 I fx,-.vmmrr Pew U.-wig wgxvm .v Ifvlisx HEROES .n Wefhg O mine: 1 2 07 fy-.fix 'mf 'swam I-My-:.fff. '1 :mm 1 K x 1 . I fu S r , Q 1 u fy" by zmu,a 1, , 3 , 1,,,'1.A . mvm- wx. nf V 1, U. Nu Qu sq 11.4 we mx. - IMISN W hlQilfPQlil'- LQUQIS mmf my f.M.'n .za M.w,.:, H U U:f,:,,,, if fm Q-11: bww , was 5-pm auth 22, nwlsng. , fa an Jw O wr Lai u L fm ,Q mmn u frm V a Nu. y, .if 4 V .hufffuenm .Q-.f.,gf. mmm., Mme sm. -r V'-W.-A-, W..-..........,.Lgf,v., NAZARISNIIS ENTERTAI N Awww: px:-gmavxs -.fem in he wt the I - ,mg in um ag, me mf, ,waging rm .yur Qmxa my Mm..x.'d mf my nf-rf "1-uw mmm V: r.-hm: ls. fur th ur' me soumw ur nun um Afwfas: bLi.'f.m .. Ruth V4-xian, Evelyn Cirtcr, Iloilmd 1 75 QXVN Q . Nfwwm. 'fs 'IWQJJAY cowmm VN fro mi IN 13f'w'M 9',fm:d Shi.-lf: MH S1 RDA nf rT'r n Fx.'iJrigr Finkfv -IRMJ. Ifcxris V if fm mf- vm, ,K .W ,yr Wk 'r :1fJx34?xs,,11': K ww: bE'4'ScQ'nE P1 1 em' mu- K Y M :ummm AQ.-amy. Romizsrsr 1 N 53' Zum: r T1m'Nxwf', V ,nw Hmn journalism The Queen's Herald Staff Right .' 1. Worried Publishers Editor, Dorothy Shepard, confers with Ellen and Monica, while Rose consults the "Quill and Scroll" for novel ideas. 2. Putting the News in Print Mary Lou, Geraldine, june and Doris are typing articles to go to press while Rita scans the arrangement of articles for the next edition. 3. Front Page News Rosemary gets the first look. Florence and Evelyn prepare papers for distribution to the homerooms and Joan is on her way to spread the news. Freedom of the Press OPlDOJ'il6.' The girls whose writing talent has made our 1938 "Queen's Herald" a success. Dorothy Derleth and Phyllis Bauman won- dered if the "Lanthorn" staff could use the lay- out on the opposite page. We could and did. forfj-.rewrz if 232354 Religion 3' if -M "va 5 ii W "W'i.rd0f1z balk built herself iz home." l rig I H I The first Nazareth Academy on jay Street where ten members Q ,mal E of the 1938 faculty obtained their religious training. .V ff'-ew 15- Wa -' gg, -N ,gy rig, ' . wc :W if: F .i f f -f' f in-1 i'fh'2:1:' . - ,jaw V ' 1 kg-f 'i , Jw" ' , lib" fq',"fQ9,gQE'Wvi-'S xl V, " 1 Z ff- Tsar 3 L' ff, -A i a fi.: -b ,Ui k5:c,,ai1 ,,?. gi 'A I 7,77 YJ i ,y If , gg J V Jlhffl A I-Q. Q . ,Q . . , 5 'ae if 'J-5'!fg,,'-I im N"":' bfi-',v h , 'frfw' I '-M' I fx:-, if The present Nazareth Academy where fifteen members of the 1938 faculty received their education. The present Motherhouse on East Avenue where forty-three graduates of Nazareth Academy are making their religious novitiate. forty-eiglvt Permanent Chapel "Pop callsn for nuns, big girls, small girls, visitors, alumnae,-all give honor to the Eucharistic King in Nazaretlfs permanent chapel. . From the early morning Mass, offered by Father Dempsey, till late afternoon there is scarcely a moment when someone is not visiting Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament. We of ,38 can well remember when there was no chapel. It was in the fall of out Freshman year that Archbishop Edward Mooney gave his permission for the chapel and came to open it ofhcially. The Class of '38 give hearty thanks to Archbishop Edward Mooney, now of Detroit, for the spiritual benefits derived from the chapel. forty-nine First Friday At Nazareth First Friday at Nazareth means eight o'clock Mass, followed by exposition of the Blessed Sacrament, noonday devotions led by Sodality ofhcers, a sermon at two thirty and Hnally Benediction. The speakers for the afternoon service for 1937-1938 were as follows: October ...s.... .,.,s . ,, RT. REVEREND BIONSIGNOR CHARLES F. SHAY November '.,. ......,s..,. R T. REVEREND MONSIGNOR GEORGE V. BURNS December .,...,.. ......i.e.i..i...,i.. ..,. .........t F A T HER LEONARD KELLEY janaary ..i...i.. .,s. F ATHER DANIEL O,ROURKE February ..,., . . ...... FATHER W11.L1AM AYRES March ...... April ..... .,. May ..,..... jane .,....... ,T FATHER EUGENE GOLDING FATHER LEO MOONEY FATHER THOMAS MANLEY ...HFATHER ARTHUR FLORACK The Class of 1938 take with them lessons of faith, hope, and charity taught them in the presence of Christ the King on some thirty-odd First Fridays from September 1934, to june, 1938. f,FifXr ,,fiL!,,lLMlN . 'yr' kxsllf,ORi v Ely . A fel f ,-,esgfi nr el l 'IVA' 'xl , ' X 11-X' ,ll-iV.:.fQ!A . vv,Xp.,i'g:,fr,1i4f , A Q1 X,,ffo 1 X QEVMAC5 J, 1 LH 1'-' -'pf fifu The Sisters' Chapel on Christmas Eve Some of us visited the Sisters' Chapel during the Christmas vacation. All of our Seniors assisted at the Mass and received Holy Communion there on March 26. Bishop Kearney's memorable talk on Our Lady made this another of Nazareth's "Red Letter Days." Afterwards, we had Communion Breakfast in the school cafeteria. "At Thy feet, Beloved, See nr kneeling now- We would learn to love Come and teafh ar how. Teach zu how, Beloved! May we learn of Thee In the Host imprisoned, Lo12e'J humility!" Thee- ffrffxs QXQE3 'lfagx rg I, ,QT h Q-.X Q C? 1 gina lil l X lox , X Q. f Aff X uv ' 'i fr f , Wie? ' 59'7,gJxf'C H W ,,-I iffy-We Wir. i FATHER KELLY, O. M. I. FATHER BOUWHUIS, S. J. FATHER DRUEEEL, C. P. P S Retreat Master, 1937 Retreat Aflarler, 1935 Retreat Mover, 1938 19-1u'o Treasured Thoughts From Four Retreats Accustom your hand to reach for your crucifix each evening before retiring. Kiss the wounds and say, "My jesus, mercy."-Father Bouw- huis, S. J. Women of principle know their religion and live it. Keep one eye open for the science of the world and one eye open for the science of God.-Father Kelly, O. M. I. Our model for silence should be God's Mother, who kept His words in her heart and pondered them. The chief source of Communism is in disobedience of children to parents.-Father Druffel, C. P. P. S. Disappointment- change "D" to then His Appointment -God's- for all life's difliculties FATHER CUSICK, S. J. Retreat Maxtor 1936 Leaders All-Our Sodality Prefects MARGARET WORTHINGTON '35 "I like to 'hob-nob' with the elect of our Lady. After Naza- reth, I spent a year in the Sodality at Nazareth College, have been a member of my parish Sodality for six years, and have recently assisted Rochester Parish Sodality Union in editing their 'Sodalfalk' column in the 'Catholic Com'ie1'.' You'll enjoy doing your duty in your parish, Sodalistsf' RUTH MCKINNEY '36 " 'Once a Sodalist always a Sodalistf In the field of nursing to which I have aspired, the Sodality is the center of all activity, both spiritual and temporal. Although limited in its operations by the routine of the training school, it is our governing force of activity. As secretary of the Sodality of St. Mary's Nursing School, it is my cherished hope to continue Catholic Action which became so much a part of me at Nazareth Academy." MARY BEMISH '37 "Sodality work is the most comforting, and inspirational of any I have ever attempted. It demands one's very best efforts but repays in full for whatever is done. This year at Nazareth College, I have been continuing it in a small way through the Marian Committee of the Sodality. In this committee we make an extensive study of the Blessed Virgin as the Mother of God, realizing that I-Ier position in the Church is all based on the fact that she is the Mother of God." MARGARET G, WEGMAN '58 ' i'To be Prefect of the Sodality, to work with that religious organization, to have the splendid support of all its members. to participate in Catholic Action, to be considered a child of Mary made this year of 1937-58 indeed a happy one. To my associates, a sincere word of thanks." fifly-three iffy-fm Sodality Activities Left .' Catholic Press Exhibit prepared by Catholic Literature Committee. fMary Kathryn, Oralee, Mary, Frances and Bernadine seem interestedj O ppofite : Faculty Choice-Top On june 9, 1937, before the entire student body these Sodalists, grouped near the shrine of Mary, were ap- pointed Sodality Officers for 1937- 1938. Left lo right rented: Mary Lou Cur- tin-Mission Committeeg Gertrude Peter- Vice-Prefectg Margaret Weg- man-Prefectg Frances Reader-Cath- olic Literature. Standing: Betty Wach- ter-Apostolicg Mildred Curtin-Dra- maticg Catherine Meisenzahl - Our Lady'sg Dorothy Derleth-Eucharisticg Eileen Sharkey-Socialg Dorothy Shep- ard-Publicity. Slm1ding.' Betty Wachter-Apostolicg Mildred Curtin-Dramaticg Catherine Mei- senzahl-Our Lady'sg Dorothy Derleth-Eucharisticg Eileen Sharkey- Socialg Dorothy Shepard-Publicity. Crusaders All-Center Reverend Leo Mooney congratulates Ruth Kuchman, Catherine Statt and Corinne Trimby for "Catholic Courier" Press Drive work. Sodality, Security-Lower Central Council Meeting-Margaret Wegman, Prefect, plans Sodality activities with committee leaders and Sister-Moderators of Sodality units. The Patronage of St. joseph Morning Mass, noonday celebration at the outdoor shrine, then a drive to the Nazareth Motherhouse at Pittsford where former Nazareth students now Sisters of St. joseph entertained the Class of 1932, made May fourth another memorable day. jffly-fix Annual May Day Fourth Sunday of May rinds all Sodalists busy mak- ing shrines to Our Lady. Here we see a group before the Freshman shrine. 5 ev ft,L X' aj' A . xi. Q , l I, exif f 4 t fp! f 'r'eN Q i Exif lunior Shrine on May Day Gertrude Peter, Vice-Prefect of Sodal- ity, crowns Our Lady of Nazarethg Mar- garet, Louise and Madeline hold the ban- ner. Florence and Kathleen represent the soloists for May Day. St. joseph Honored Nuns and students join in noonday devotions to St. joseph on the feast of the Patronage. Margaret Weg- man, Sodality Prefect, had charge of program. fiffy-:even iff-Q"?itQl7f Mission Activities 1. A Mission Day Frolic 2. Cake Sale for Missions 3. Sister Ethelreda Green in her hospital garb Nazareth this year raised S200 at the fall festival to send Christmas checks to ten former Sodalists laboring in Mission fields. Excerpts from their letters of thanks follow: SISTER M. ANNUNCIATA PELLIGRO Blessed Sacrament Convent New Orleans, Louisiana "Your generous gift will do rnzzfh toward fnrlhering lhe salvation of lhe soals of Ihe Inflian and Colored, you may he sure." SisTER M. ST. ANTHONY KEENAN Maryknoll Convent Los Angeles, California "Il was a snrjirise indeed and a very great pleasare to have refeiveil your lefler and gif! for oar japanese Mission." SISTER M. EYMARD ESTERHELD Saint Anselm's Chicago, Illinois "Whal a pleasant surprise awaileil me when I opened your envelope! The check shall he lzsecl so zhaf the Christ Child will he brought info many hearts on Christmas." S odalist Mission Aecomplishment SISTER PIERRE - SISTER DOLORITA Letters from Former Sodalists "To dedicate a section of your senior annual to inis- sion artivities is one of the hest ideas yet. I aln kept at hoine to teaeh in our preparatory school. ll7e have missions among the negroes in the South, as well as foreign missions in China, japan, India, South Ainer- ira, the Philippines, New Guinea, Australia, East Indies." -"It gives ine great pleasure to he ahle to fulpll your request and help in a sinall way to inahe your an- nual, the 'Lanthornf possihle. I ain the Surgical Superior here. We are now happy to know that our hospital is considered a first class institute, with facilities to ineet every possihle emergency." Ahoife .' SISTER PIERRE FISCHETTE teaches in Ndvin ate at Techny, Illinois. Left: SISTER DOLORITA KELLY works in laboru 5 tory at Watertown, Wisconsin. ty-nine .fixiy Mission Activity Left: Sister Geraldine, Madeline and Marie wonder who will win the statue of Our Lady. The Class of 1958 will long remember the Popularity Contest, sponsored by Our Lady's Committee under the direction of Catherine Meisenzahl. The attractive prizes lent to the success of this project. Oppoxile .' 1. The Social Committee sell doughnuts and cider at Harvest Festival. The Grammar School girls are staunch patrons. 2. Margaret, Rita, Anne, Helen and Justine, having made the dresses they wear, plan to dress a doll for Mission Day. 3. Homemade fudge, molasses sticks, all-day suckers, chocolate delights go quickly through selling and sampling. Betty Rauber is one of many Nazareth Seniors who do social service at hospitals, settlement centers, catechetical schools. Mary Agnes Erdle holds her dictionary,-key to language power, Both show important phases of Nazarethls training. .fixty-two Nazareth Social S cien ce-Lan guage i' Promoters of Economzc and Social Progress Language C I ubs .,-S . -1' Qslgfi -.,::Qa.1 V - M' ' ' X. 41? f auf N X07 f' xo 5, , XX 4 ills!! 'sic I 1 ,o, X lov 4'3'?:Qib,y!f lyk x X 5234, 1. Y, sim AS R-ax., ff! Progresses Natural Science-Useful Arts 'A' Chemistry General Science Home Economics Business if A I 'J5xUiU,Ml'v4 r Off .4 it 5- to ,SJ K f. fl i T5 , J Q i f--:,: , rfw wel yzcvifii llfj Q 1l,fff""5Q? if v tyesxi i 1 ,y,5. VJ, xx 6ffTH AU? ,fd 1,x'i17! just as the library provides satisfying adventures into the de- lights and wonders of the natural world, so Nazareth through scientific, household, and commercial development offers much to the practical minded. Margaret Shay portrays useful arts and Marie Sadler scientific knowledge. .rixzy-tlaree Social Science Right Etiquette 1. Sister Mary Evelyn's poetry lovers plan to share their an' thology collection with the Mis- sion Unit. 3. Mary jane holds open the door for Sister Anna Cecelia, Sister Marie Bernard and Sister Ana- cletus. Sister Frances Teresa and Ruth Furlong are caught by pho- tographer unaware. Costume 2. Perosians exhibit Civil War pe- riod costumes used in Stephen Foster Dramusical. Oppofile Parliamentary Law 1. Monica presides, Evelyn has the floor, Commercial Seniors ob- serve. Constitutional History 2. Kathleen,Rosemary, Peggy, Mary Kathryn and Catherine Baker examine the History C exhibit. Commerce 3. Sister Marie Catherine explains a commercial travel project to Freshmen. sixty-jill Jixfy-Jix Dictionaries 1. Foreign Words and phrases: I Ge:-nzmz Lmzgzmge-SISTER MARIE JOSE Frezzrla Lcliigllclge-SISTER ANNUNCIATA 2. Unusual Uses of Dictionaries: VOCdbZlicZ7',jl of Rf7Qfl776.f SISTER MARY EVELYN A1'L'itm1'y Sigur and Symbolf-SISTER CALLISTA New lfVv01'6ZlJ'keSISTER CARLINA Proper ATQWZEI-SISTER HELEN CECILIA 3. Lalifz Dicfiofmry-S1sT12R ST. DOROTHY "The dictionary covers every field of knowledge and contains much information of an encyclopedic nature." German Language Der Deutsche Verein Officers PI'6.6'.i0f?7IffAfllIlC Korth Vire-Prefiu' 67212 Gertrude Radtke Sec'a'efurygRita Shaw Trezzfurer-Dorothy Kunz The memberr of the German Club fzre: K. Kane, M. A. Erdle, J. Beiter, A. Korth, B. Baier, M. Hasenauer, M. Sadler, L. Leimberger, E. lngerick, D. Kunz, I. Dawes, M. Glatz, B. Scheible, G. Radtke, C. Melich, M. Reichert, R. Shaw, E. Herzog, A. Fallon, C. Oberlies, D.4Hosenfeld, J. Erdle, J. Laragy, C. Trott, A. Fehrenbach, L. Weinmann, I. Rocktaschel, A. Vogt, jD. Melich, A. Stehle, E. Nelson, M. Kunz, E. Regan, F. Hasselberg, E. Fox, R. Reger. ii Activities Christmas Party German Operas Music Program Community Sing Historical Sketches May Party Jixty-reven Latin Language Mantuan Club Officers Prefident-Cecelia Wegman Vire-PreJidenl- Dolores Swanson Treafuref'-Bernadine Baier Sefretary-Bernadette Dryer The Dance of the Muses Apollo fHelen McCormickj joins Rita, Alta, Bernice, Bernadine, Lillian, Anna, Rita Calnan, Margaret and Frances in a dance. "And loearf the Mufef in a ring Aye fauna' abou! fave? allar Jing" Jixly-eigbl Tableau from Virgil and Ovid Catherine Emmel as Aeneas tells Betty Rauber fDidoj the story of his wanderings. Eleanor Nelson as Anna listens attentivelyg while Bernadette posing as Cupid in the guise of Ascanius awaits an oppor- tunity to pierce Dido's heart with love for Aeneas. Pymmus and Thisbe Eileen fThisbej and Jeannette QPy- ramusj , parted by home hostility, send messages of love through a cleft in the wall. sixty-nine Seniors French Language Le Cercle Fmngais Officers Prwidenff Margaret Hannan VjL'0-P1'E.l'LffE77.'- Margaret Mellon SUL'I'El'fl7'j'+ Mary Kellett T7'L'Ll.fZl1'61'T Kathleen O'Brien C. Barbati, M. Canzano, L. Carcelli, M. Carrol, M. Clark. M. Culhane, M. L. Curtin, M. Dorsey, I. Dunigan, H. Engert, S. Fazio, M. Filippone, E. Foley, D. Fullam, M. Harman, A. Hart, M. j. Izzo, M. Kellet, N. Kemp, M. Loewenguth, K. Lyon, E. McCarthy, H. McCormick, K. Murphy, M. O'Brien, M. K. Park, A. Pavia, D. Pearce, B. Quetchenbock, F. Reader, C. Roe, R. Roland, D. Swanson, R. Trost, C. Wegman, L. White. juniors Activity LE CERCLE FRANCAIS presente Madame Lecoq . . . et Monsieur Comedie en 2 Acres Le 31 Mai 1958 revenzy Science Sister Martina Marie di- rects Rosemary in a Gen- eral Science experiment. The Nieuwlcznd Science Club V. Thompson, M. C. Phillipps, L. Meagher, R. Roland, M. Canzano, S. Fazio, C. Trimby M. Culhane, C. Meisenzahl, M. Barry, J. Dawes, H. Throm, C. Guerra, M. Carroll, B. Dean, M. Slowe, G. Elkins, K. Oberlies, A. Stehle, R. Crowley, K. Murphy, A. Hart, E. Cameron, D Walther, C. Barbati, K. Watt, M. Curtin, M. Caufield, J. Wojtasiewicz, E. Bingemer, A. Leary C. Roe, L. White, M. J. Izzo, L. Schiavo, B. Schwan, V. Akey, M. O'Brien, I. Rocktaschel, M Frawley, K. Statt, M. Rigney, B. Kirby, A. Fehrenback, K. Trott, J. Armbruster, E. Hogan, K. Baker, M. Glatz, M. Magill. :evenly-one N ieuwl and A S ciem' Officers P1'e.1ide'11Z Mary Magill Vice-Prefidenf Mary Rigney Tren.rm'er Lucy Meagher Serrelary Kay Wfatt boratory Stirrers Tnmby and Kay Watt e how to generate hy :de for Chemists eriod "lab" is fun for ors Marie Sadler and falther seem interested l Louis Pasteur i Science Club Officers Pfexidenz Dorothy Reddington Vice-Prelidenz Betty McCarthy Treamrer Jane Reh Sefretury Ida Fuino Magic in Number These Seniors know ho IOOW in Math. Ask He dred, or Marjorie. Seeing Life Who Elizabeth Marion, Mar gan, Elizabeth Russell, I ragy, Rita Piekunka, He mayr do a General Scienc ment under Sister Martin, direction. :wemy-three Hygiene The Gorgas Essayists These Seniors rated high in faculty es- timation in the Ninth Annual Gorgas Es- say Contest. Left to right- M. Spiegel, J. Nebbia, M. O'Brien, L. May, A. Leary, R. Shaw. Alta Leary is Gorgas Medalist from Nazareth for 1938. This group plan and serve a model luncheon. Seated: Mary UK," Kay, Dor- othy, Jennie, Mary and Florence. Standing: Marie, Grace, Peg- gy, Helen, and Loretta. revemy-four Home Economics . . . Foods ff :rf Four Studies In ,,..-v l H H Gowning A Lady Home Economics-Clothing Left l. Angelina and Martha lit a pattern. Lefl 2. Dorothy and Rosemary cut the pattern. Below 1. Eugenia and Kathleen make corduroy jackets. Below 2. Carol, Betty, Irene, and Marion are all interested in Margaret Ruckert's new house coat. 'Waimea-wmwm ..t,,.,t t,rr 5 rmw., ,M xeffanty-life - up-FI? Business Decline of the Pen Phyllis, Evelyn, jerry, Eleanor, and Ethe- lyn know good form in business. The typists, too, are intent on work. Last of Longlaand Commercial Senior class take notes in shorthand from Sis- ter Willialn Marie. seventy-:ix Business 'I' Ojice Practice Above:-Seniors type, use adding machines ditto, file, and make records. Below:-Sister Mary Regis explains Book - keeping to Commercial Seniors. x Ce1zle1'.'- Currenl Events Florence, Monica, Jeanette, and Phyllis plan work for Her- alders and March- On Clubs. IEIZEIZIQK-1611971 To round out the culture of the individual, Nazareth offers a department of ine arts and at the same time provides recrea- tional facilities. Marguerite Englert and Peggy Ripton depict fine arts and recreation. seventy-eight Nazareth Fine Arts and Recreation 1- Architecture Engraving Drawing Photography Orchestral Music Amusements 'lr "x, f ,--ii.. , kr K I Q O ,f f - fwfr Iam XX N C fit D lol ' 5""lf lyl 'K rj T H 'f ' N PV' K ysr , f'1'i 5,iN11',fjQf' seas , f fQ'ff 'ij P5 ACP Progresses Literature and History i' Drama History Lives of Famous Women if ,-ffafillxr 47 'xLl1li.f'4fNx' 'fQL1ff,..eQ iq? Y , Q ' f' 5' !OX fvs, as , esss V V M57 igfis Q i art -at at l il il"'if.fkfAi' f - f 'AWK Xfiiide--.QAI -' x-XQQWH Agvyf The flag is symbolic of some of the greatest literature ever produced by patriotic authors, and at the same time, symbolic of a nation's history. Geraldine McGregor and Mary Prender- gast delineate the Literary and History sections of the "Lanthom" library. seventy-nine f-fir r ein-K ,J,.s:e,3. 2,1 Architecture The Colonial Period is shown in this Century old faculty residence on Lake View Park. Below Phyllis and Arlene of the Business Staff confer with Mr. Henry Furlong, pho- tographer for the "Lanthorn,l' Mr. Lewis Zwierlein of the Art Print Shop, and Mr. Francis M. Schifferli of the Culver-Herald Engraving. Sideliglots on otlaergmplaers and plootogmplaers eigfaly - Engrnzfzng Plmzfogwzplaj Prinlin Q K Art and Photography Art for young enthusiasts 1 . Lefz to right-Angeline, Mary, Lorraine are su- pervised by Sister St. Margaret. 2. Esther, Mildred, Fran- ces Ansini, Frances Wilber, Jeanette eager- ly observe their art ex- hibit. 3. Margaret, Virginia,Bet- ty, Alta practicing the art of roller skating are photographed. , t fr .,,' 1121 . eighty-one eigbly-two Violins: R. Miller, M. Englert, H. McCormick, J. Lecomte, J. Hetzler, E. Rigney, -I Troy V Dilk D. Dierdorf, B. Keegan, L. Mascari, C. Freer, T. Indlekofer, M. Foley, I. Tollin J Wadsworth O. Kinchler, S. Beaucaire, M. F. Kummer, E. Cornelia, P. Falvo, B. Vrla, M Kohlman B Gardner. Viola: M. C. Phillips, E. Bingemer, D. Heil, P. Borget. Cello: I. McCarthy, K. Reddy, A. Vay, M. McCarthy, E. Frank Barr: R. Rigney, A. Carmen, E. Desmond, R. Ferry. Piano: M. Boehler. Nazareth Academy Symphony Orchestra-George Minges, Gaeff May 13, 1958 Our National Honor... ......,.,.. ............. . The Lost Chord-Trumpet Solo ....,.,.... ..,.. . JEAN PRENDERGAST The White Queen Overture .. ........ .... . Schon RosmarinhClarinet Solo .. ....,....... y ELIZABETH DOOLISY Three Morris Dances .,... ..... . .. . Cathedral Chimes. . . Victor Herbert Favorites .. . Cofzolzzrlof' . Brookf Sullivan .. ..... Melra Kreifler .. Old Engliflz , , . ..... Brown .. Herbert Fizzle: M. Caulfield, C. Meisenzahl. Clarinet: E. Dooley, H. Engert, A. Hart, A. Hanley, M. McAvoy, M. Ritz. Saxophone: J. Houghton. Horn: M. Snider, A. Brownyard, M. A. Russell. T7'Il77Z!16'I.' C. Shaughnessy, J, Prendergast, M. Finnegan, B. Norman. Trombone: V. Thompson, M. Dorsey, M. Snider. Tympani: J. Lombardi. Batteries E. Hanley, M. Hasenauer, R. Lochner. Harp: J. Dispenza. Nazareth A cad em y Symphony Orchestra--George Minges, Gzfeff May 13, 1958 Melody in F .. ...,. ,,,, . .. ..,..,..,.,. .. Carnival of Venice-Trumpet Solo . . ,, ,. CLARA SHAUGHNESSY Serenade from "Eine Kleine Nachtmusik "..., , Who'll Buy My Lavender-Vocal Solos . . . CONCETTA GEURRA Feuillets D'Album-Harp Solo ,..., , ,..,.. .,.. . JUNE DISPENZA Battle Song of Liberty... ,.....,...... ..,.,.......... . Cfwdfzvloa' ,. RHr5j7Z5l6i7I ., Clarke Mozarl , G 641716111 Refzie Hildfeth eighty-three Piano- Roberta Miller Left I0 righf- Helen Engert, Clare Shaunessy, jean Houghton, Rosemary Rigney, Eileen Hanley, Marguerite Englert, Highly-font Dance Orrlaestra l. 2. Instrumental Music Four Cornetists Tune Up Agnes Hanley, Elizabeth Dooley, Agnes Hart, Helen Engert. Oppofileg Hczfpifl- june Dispenza Alllfif Gmdnaler- Piano-Marguerite Englert Vi0!inMRoberta Miller. Program Graduation Recital june 6, 1958 Sonata ...... Opus 10 No. 2 Marguerite Englert Concerto, G Major . . . Violin-Roberta Miller Piarzow-Marguerite Englert Concerto, A Minor . . . Violin-Marguerite Englert Piano--Roberta Miller Rustle of Spring .... Roberta Miller Serenade du Tisgane . . . Violin-Marguerite Englert Piarzo-Roberta Miller Resignation .... Violin-Roberta Miller Piano-Marguerite Englert Graduates Beethoven Mozart! Arrolary Sirzdirzg Valdez Danfla Program-continued 7. Valse Caprice . . . Marguerite Englert 8. Hungarian Dance No. 5 Violin-Roberta Miller Newland . Bralam Piano-Marguerite Englert 9. A La Bien Aimee . . Schull Marguerite Englert eighly-ive Jean Upson and Margaret Miller prepare to roll the ball. Mildred Magin and Jerry are next in line. Roberta keeps score, while Mildred and Margaret look on. Mrs. Roy Benson instructs Mary Walsh and a group of other Seniors in the science of Volley Ball. eighty-fix Developments in Volley Ball Indoor Sports Bowling at Culver Hall l Gym Hour On Your Toes jean Upson, Helen Brown, Roberta Miller, and Marie Carroll in front row exem- plify "Preparation." The other Seniors "follow suit." Mrs. Roy Benson directs. Bowling At Saint Bonifaceiv This group of Nazareth juniors, parish Socialists at Saint Boniface's, spend their Friday evenings bowling. eigbly-Jeven . ky if Zur 25 , - if Mi if . Q Golfing plays a very important part in our sport world. joan Vogt has just made 21 successful drive while Cecelia Wegman, Loraine Meisenzahl, and Shirley Beaucaire look on. eighty-eight Outdoor S ports . 5 ww 'wi Youth in the Saddle Horseback riding is a favorite sport with many of our seniors. Often you will find them on the trails at Heberle's, Pine Tree, or Park View. Mildred, Rose Mary, and Ann are just about to start on one of their favorite canters. . Hole-in-One Club Outdoor S ports The Art of Persuading Outdoor voice exercises by Kay and Ruth to inter- rupt outdoor sport of Mr. Kelly and Mr. Dolan. "We need props for group pictures, please." Secrets of Speed Helen Engert's "biggest thrill" was to fly a plane from Niagara Falls to Rochester under direction of Dick Richards, pilot. Her next was during Easter vacation when she had her first forced landing alone. Request Number The favorite outdoor sport of Lucille, Kay, and Marie-asking Sister Magdalen Marie for cookies. Q 'seea a Qs eiglaiy-nine In Mary's Keeping Note the shrine of Mary and the happy, smiling faces which reflect the spirit of our Christmas Dance, aptly concluded with e v e n i n g prayers ninety Recreation Time of Our Lives This group decides it's time to leave the Christmas Dance. They are: Eugenia Curtis, Rosemary Felts, Kathleen Cunningham, Lu- cille Duffy and their escorts. Recreation Outlook for the Dance Betty, Kay, Mary, Santina, Jean, Bernice, Rose and June all ready for the Christmas Dance. It is no wonder, then, that these charming partners helped realize over S200 for the Summer School of Catholic Action. Something to Remember Clementine, Margaret, Justine, Virginia, Catherine and their escorts show that the dance was a social SUCCESS. ninely-one ninety-two Drama Opposite:-Characters in Nativity Play Leah-Ann Miller Sumnmz-Suzanne DePrez Sam-joan Vogt Rebemz-Geraldine Iuppa Miriam-Mary Louis Seth-HMarion Fischer Tabbalh-Frances Treppiedi juditb-Virginia Akey Hillel-Allena Lippa Salome-Ruthann Dakin Herod-Margaret Volpe Gafpm'-Helen Goscke Melfhierwjennie Petix Bczltbafer- Mary Alice Manning Slave-Eleanor Bingemer Hildrella-Jeanne Schnurr Malrfam-Veronica Dilk Bezzfaefed-Margery Bernard jomzllmfz-Catherine Statt Efzof-Marie Leinberger Nathaniel-Margaret Dunlay Simon-Katherine Mayer Amor-Cleta Quigley Sbem-Evelyn Hogan .Ma1'z'lmgN.1ncy Dineen Angel-Doris Hemmer Mary-Gertrude Peter f0JeplakDolores Swanson l 2 3 fl Nativity Play "The Bethlehem Road" Old well of Gihon, city of jerusalem. The road to Bethlehem. The roof of Herod's palace. The Stable. Angelf-Members of the Perosian Choir. i' Oppwite: Sodality Propagan- l. 2. J. da Plays presented by the Western New York So- dality Conference. "The U70rld Waz"' William Brennan, Mary Manning, George Diesler, Margaret McHale. "More or Leu Red" George Haley, Ruth Zie- mer, john Doyle, Nancy Mills, john Flynn. "The Road I0 Cozzmzugbf' Edward Murphy, Anthony Ottney, Mildred Curtin. ninety-llaree Dramusical Thirty Minutes with Stephen Foster Characters Befhy ....,.., ,...,..., I une Dispenza feafziehr Friemif Helen McCormick, Roberta Miller, Bernadette Dryer, Concetta Guerra. fRearj Stephen ..,........,, Mildred Curtin Miranda ....A.,.. Louise Carcelli The Dying Swan C Aesthetic Dancej Margaret Hannan Choffirterr' Marjorie Clark, Har- riet Walton, Catherine Meis- enzahl, Mary Lou Guider, Dorothy Hofschneider, Flor- ence Casey, Eileen Hanley. fRearj Jeanette Reif. ninely-four Saint Marcella? Day The Lady Joanna One-AN Play Characters The Lady foafzna Louise Carcelli Sarai rCatherine Meisenzahl Miriam ,.... Margaret Dorsey A Trazfeler .,,. Kathleen Slattery Margaret Dorsey and Catherine Meisen- zahl, maids, entertain Louise Carcelli who is Lady Joanna. Tales of a Traveler The Lady Joanna meets Kathleen Slattery, a traveler. XWe remember with gratitude to Bishop Kearney the extra hol- iday on Sister Marcella's feast- day. ninety-live 'H Sozlality Play 1938 1. Getting the mood. 2. Between the acts. Oppofite: 1. The play's the thing. 2. Sister Rose Angela helps the cast. if The Sadality of Nazareth Academy Presents "HERE SHE COMESP' A Farce Comedy in Three Acts by Jean Lee Latham Febrzzezry 28, 1938 The proceeds from this performance will assist in financing attendance by delegates from Nazareth Academy at the Summer School of Catholic Action of 1938. nineljf-.fix Here She Comes! Chararferf Mn. Galdflein, owner of fbe Palm Tree Inn ,...,,......,,,,........., Mary Catherine Zwack Nara, ber maid ...........,....,.......,,.. . . Cleta Quigley Betty Kelton, wbo bug! llae Palm Tree Inn .......,...,...,. .....,,..... E ileen Sharkey Madame Lowell, a dirtion teacher ...., Monica Noll Meir. f, Hadalingfon fonef, h D a fonal mother ..................... ......,. E ugenia Curtis Lzzella fanei, ber alangblef '.......,....,... Eileen Hanley Vi Hnalmn, an oplimifl .... ............... E velyn Hogan Polly Wfenlwerzla, a penrinzisl ,... Margaret Culhane Nifkie Breokf, a co-ed ..,,.....4.........,,,... Ruth Roland Marliza Lopez, a fnoffie Jzar ....,,.............., In Person Pal O'Keefe, Lopez' preif agen! ..... Doris Hemmer Carolina, Lopez' fnaia' ..........,........,, Evelyn Pallott Sally Ridge, a reporter-zz'lJen .flue ii'n'z eafing ............... . ,,Mary jane Maid ninety-Jeven Annie Laurie CHARACTERS flu Order of Appearanrej Mega.. ,,,. ,, ,.,. Samly ..., .. Razllfey ,. A . , feafzie AflLZL'L6ZI'67Z, Annie Laurie .. . .....,.. ., ,, Lora' Dozzalfl Gregory. . Milber Mdf,el77l0JlJ ....,. . Sir Roberl Laizrie , Lora' F67'gll.f07I .. Lady jane Sm!! . . ,. Sir William Doaglaf Lady Carlyle .,...,.....,,. . Loral Brzlfe , Lady Brace . .. Reverend Wallafe .,.,.,,, , ,,., , ..,,, . ., Annie Laurie . Kathleen Kane Ellen Foley Lucille May , Jeanette Reif L Alta Leary Kathleen Slattery Helen Geere Helen McCormick , Frances Reader Louise Carcelli jean Brazill Dolores Swanson .. Janette Nebbia . . Eleanor Heyer L Marjorie Clark Pr0a'are4l by rperial arrarzgemeulr willy THE NORTHXVESTERN PRESS Minneapolis, Minnesota Sir William and Sir Robert Belouz' Mither Mackintosh, Meg, Ramsey, Sandy. .Mm ninety-nine History one hundred "Let hnowledge, science and wirdom grow with the caznxre of timer and fe1zlz1rier." VATICAN COUNCIL. Scientijic Exhibition This exhibit by Modern History Students shows scientific progress in recent years. It was prepared by Helen, Caroline, Catherine, Mary, Margaret and Alvera. The com- parative study of science yesterday and today made this exhibit by Sister Miriam's pupils most interesting. Other activities of the Thucydians have been: drawing up of a constitution, adop- tion of constitution, a play, lecture on japan by Mrs. Lawrence Wfeis and a final meet- ing and party. ' By linking the history of yesterday and today in the fields of religion, science, politics, art and economics, these students receive a rirm foundation for the under- standing of today's problems. History "lt is the glory and goods of Art their Ari remains :lee one way possible of .rpenking math." BROWNING. C bristian Art Exhibit From the Rundel Memorial Library, the Art Museum at Edgerton Park, and the Monroe County Museum of Art, came the material for this Christian Art Exhibit. Thryza, Marjorie, Katherine, Philomena, Alice and Eileen study the results of their searching with satisfaction. Projects like these make History A a fascinating subject for these sophomores. In Room 207, under Sister Rose Eileen's direction, they have learned the inspiration of Christian symbolism. one hundred one Thucydians Officers Prefidenf. Mary Louis Vire-Pmvidcfnf, Clare Shaughnessy. Sfcrezfzry, Virginia Bauman, T1'eaJzn'e1', Katherine Mayer. Belou'-Members of the Club Finrt row KLefl to rigblj: R. Ritzenthaler, G. Elter, M. Dunlay. Seromi row fLefl lo riglalj: G. Iuppa, E. Carroll, M. Breen, M. Sloane, V. Bogdan, K. Mayer. Third row KLefZ lo righlj .' F. Mensing, B. Flynn, F. Briggs, L. Schiavo, C. Shaughnessy, H. Gosche H. Flugel, D, Mattuicci. Fourlfa row fLefl zo rigbij: M. Teddy, D, Keating, M. Snider, L. Duffy, K. Mayer, J. Taglin, E O'Brien, A. Eno, D. Welch, J. Collins, A. Stehle, R. A. Dakin. They Study Ancient History Problems one hundred two -it Q 4 g g 'las ... I Lives of Famous Women- Pferidenl Vife-Preridem GRACE KBENAN ELLA MCGREAL MCCARTHY Below Alumnae Officers Secretary GERTRUDE COLLINS jane Eagan, Ella Logan Tighe, Catherine O,Connor Cushman, and Agnes Eagan Zeller discuss annual retreat reading. T1'ea5m'e1' LUCY VOELKL HOFFMAN Alumnae Reminder to 1938 October Supper Meeting. November Card Party. january Tea fEve of Saint Marcellaj. Mid-Lent Retreat. Annual Dinner. Memorial Mass. Senior Reception. one hundred three i I 1 1 For the juniors, Sophomores, and Freshmen at Nazareth, Eileen Ingerick and Margaret Walthers represent the trend of line literature through the pictured books "Brother Petroc's Re- turn" and "The Man Who Was Chesterton." one hundred four azareth Library Annex 'A' Young Peopleiv Room Individual juniors Geometric Soplaomores S chool-5 pirited Freshmen 'A' f: nf? Xxx Xtturww f my -fweqf t men wtf? W A ix .l"'W:l,',xgX " 5-1 so X' it -'Ugg .kr.X.j?4,E,YViA1Q :Kg U . TH 4 I W-Wqgr f upplements Childrenk Department 'k Grammar School if fff'U'rQiAx I ,Newt lui Dfw ce-an W ight flgl Q'3?lcff4 till xx - v -ww' in f ff 9 .4 fy QM! xXo1 ff C Seniors, too, have interest in easy books. For the Grammar Department who are "little at Nazareth when everyone else is big," Virginia Crawford has "Six O'Clock Saints," while Mary Jane Maid holds "The Canticle of the Three Children." one bumlred 15 Virginia Akey Mary A. Attinasi Arlene M. Barnard Mary M. Barry Geraldine A. Bauman Helen Bauman Virginia M. Bauman Margery M. Bernard M. Eleanor Bingemer Lois Birecree Margaret Boehler Virginia Bogdan Fanny Bottiglier Margaret M. Breen Ruth Brennan Frances Briggs Arlene G. Brownyard Elizabeth Burke Marion A. Callan Eileen M. Cameron Rosalie Canepa Marcella Caulfield jcanne Collins Patricia Crist Rose Crowley Ruth Ann Dakin Margaret M. Dalton Blanche M. Dean Victoria DeCarlis Irene DeC0ninLk Clara DeMeyer Suzanne DePIez Ethel G. Desmond Veronica Dilk Nancy E. Dineew june Dispenza Helen M. Donovan Mary Elizabeth Dowd Jeanette Drew Lucille BI. Duffy Margaret M. Dunla Geraldine M. Elkins Grace M. Elter jane A. Erdle Arline M. Fallon 1 i 3 4 . it . 3 . il 3 ei i l 'wry . I - 5 f , Q fl l'.f5L"'Jj A ' i C5551 1 eel iii A 1 l 5 ya . Z on 3' ,. ,K 25 eff 4 3, 4 1 'fiivlf if M Q4 W QQ- ff . , 6. .1 4... my x ,. W M f ' Q .-xe,5 f4'l'i M 1'Q . ll V , i m 5 ' i 451 W .. fe l .2 V , 'ZS I me f iv Caroline J. Fazio Pearl Feola Agnes M. Fehrenbach Marion R. Fischer Helen Flugel Bernardine Flynn Mary P. Foley Evelyn Fox Margaret A. Frawley Arline E. Fredette Rita Gefell june Gilmore Angeline Girardi Helen C. Goschke Margaret Graham Patricia Greene Arline Anne Gysel Eileen Haggerty Eileen Patricia Hanley Florence M. Hasselbcrg Dorothy Heil Geraldine Heindl Doris M. Hemmer Louise M. Henrirus Edna Herzog jane D. Hetzler Evelyn Hogan Mildred M. Horn Dorothy F. Hosentcld jean M. Hughes K 1-LJ Jf.',fp.w. 1 .,, h 4.1 .'-' Geraldine Iuppa Marie Kalmbacher Marjory E. Keenan Barbara Kelley Elizabeth Kelliher Mary jane Kerher Oralee Kinchler Bernadine M. Kirby Eleanor Knlanski Ruth Kuchman Mary C. Kunz Loretta 1. Kuppingcr M 51047 ,lane E. Laragy Marjorie Lawler Marie Leinberger one hundred Jezfefl at he . .zuu W .A q C' f fi V 01 A A L... -gif, Q .2 zf' f ' L A .ee 'Y ,gy ? L l lgq' A igjz u . L " f aw Q A e.rr t Y .4 one lmmlfed eight Helen G. Levis Allena A. Lippa Mildred List Mary Louis Ruth E. Lucas Marjorie Lynch Alice MacPherson Dolores M. Main Justine M. Mangan Mary Alice Manning Aileen Mapother Dora Mattiucci Dorothy Maurer Katherine E. Mayer Alice McCarthy Hanora H. McCarthy Mary Ellen McDonald Ruth E. McNamara Margaret A. Mellen Sally Messner Rita Meyer Anne V. Miller Mary E, Minard Concetta Mitrano Margaret Morrissey Dorothy Mulherin Marjorie Naylor . V 5. xi fa H' x, . g- xfl YN . . , - u in Y . BX. Eileen M. Neary Sylvia M. Noll Catherine Oberlies Eileen O'Brien Helen O'Brien Kathleen O'Brien Margaret E. O'Brien Helen O'Connor l l i l E Mary O'Neill Margaret O'Reilly Alvera Pappani Jennie J. Petix Evelyn K. Pierce Marjorie A. Pierce Betty Ann Plass Mary Pozzanghera Celta E. Quigley Gertrude E. Radtke Elizabeth E. Regan I-.lizabeth Rigney Mary A. Rigney Mary Ritz Ingeborg F. Roclctaschel Catherine Ryan Mary I. Ryan Mary Savarino Agnes M. Scheib Lucille M. Schiavo jean Marie Schleyer jcanne Schnurr Marion R. Schwartzmeir llcnrietta Seibert Clam L, Shaughnessy Amelia Sibilio Jean Slcelly Marjorie Slowe june P. Smith Shirley Smith Margaret Snider Catherine Mary Statt Ann Stehle Margaret E. Stone Anna Stuczko Frances C. Sullivan Phyllis june Taglin Marion Teddy Eileen J. Tiernan joan Lois A. Trabold Frances B. Treppiedi Catherine Trott 5 esTZ4f'She5 Selma A. Audrey ,loan Margaret joy G. joan Frances Wittman Ruth Marie Zielinski K Mary T. Zimarino .af Sullivan L. Torpey Vay 44 an K8 r Vog Z'?l1 5 Vogt Z Volpe Waterinan Weismiller one hundred nine Geometric Soplnomores SISTER FLORENTINE, Tmlm FRONT fzfff 10 figbtj-RUTH RAUBER, ANNE STAUEEER, MARY C. DOHERTY, THRYZA PACE, ALICE BOGNER, BARBARA Foos. TOP CENTER-SOPHIE WASIELEWSKA. RIGHT freading downlvROSEMARY REGER, DOROTHY KEATING, MARGARET REICHERT, BONNIE GARDNER, ESTHER RUSSER, DOROTHY KUNZ, MARIE HASENAUER, PHILOMENA CANZANO, MARY A. USHER, IRIS TOLLIN, MARY SKELLY, ELIZABETH SMITH, NORMA VERNARELLE, AGNES HANLEY. LEFT Heading downj-BETTY SANSOM, JEAN HOUGI-ITON, MAR-IORIE KLEE, MARTHA VERROCA, JEAN MCCAFFREY, SHIRLEY KARP, PATRICIA GOODWIN, HELENE VONGLIS, BERNICE NOR' MAN, RITA FISCHER, LUCILLE LEIMBERGER, MARJORIE RUSSELL. one hundred ten Geametrif Sophomore.: SISTER MARY LOURDES, Tearhew FRONT flefz to riglazj-BETTY ANN BERKES, RITA KELLY, GLADYS LACROSSE, MARIE MAHONEY, HELEN LABORE, MARY JANE COLLINS, MARGARET WALSH, MARGARET MARY GALLAGHER, MARION DIETRICH, BERTHA CURTIS. TOP CENTER-MARY CLARE TORPEY. RIGHT Heading down!-LUCY MERCURY, CARMEL ALAIMO, MARIE WEISENBORN, ROSE SOLDI, ANN DERITIS, MARY CATHERINE ZWACK, DOROTHY MARTIN, FLORENCE COOK, HELEN SCHANTZ. LEFT heading down!-ADELE CARMEN, VIRGINIA KRIEG, MARGARET ROGERS, MARGARET FOLEY, GERALDINE COX, PEGGY FLAHERTY, KATHRYN MELICH, RUTH MYKINS, JOSEPHINE ANDREANO, CAROL ROLAND. one hundred elewm Sophomore Class SISTER GRACE REGINA and SISTER MARIE AUGUSTINE, Tmbm FIRST ROW'-MARGARET KELLETT, FLORENCE FILIPPONE, MARGARET MEYERS, SADIE TRIPI, EILEEN CORNELIA. SECOND ROW-AVRIL COCHRANE, MARY SANTILLO, FRANCES ANSINI, TERESA DIGRAZIO, JANET PREDMORE, EILEEN CARROLL, MARJORIE FOLEY, MARY LOU KULZER, MARY ANN LALLY, RUTH RITZENTHALER, ELLEN SLATTERY, ANGELINE CANFORATTA, LORRAINE HARTUNG, MARY SNIDER, MARY SLOAN, PAULINE DONAHUE. THIRD ROWb-STELLA POPOWICK, IRENE PAOLONE, LUCILLE MCMAHON, AGNES TRABOLD, MARY MCNULTY, ANNE WILSON. FOURTH ROW-HELEN ASELIN, PAULINE BORGET, DORIS DUNLEA, JUNE BATES, DOROTHY ANDREANO, JANE HAERING, VIRGINIA MCANDREW, THELMA PRINZIVALLI, LENA COL- LETTA, JEAN TROY, ANGELINA GRECO, KATHRYN PETROTTA, MARY ALICE RUSSELL, JOAN CASE, DOROTHY WELCH, JEANNE TEDDY. FIFTH ROW-BETTY NOLAN, DOROTHY SCHWAB, ETHEL FRANK, GERALDINE ALBRECHT, ELIZA- BETH DOOLEY, ANNA MENSING, MARY XVILKINS, ROSEMARY HAYES, HELEN MACCHIA, KATHRYN MAYER, TERESA LEENE, MURIEL BIECK, JOAN MCNULTY, CATHERINE SULLIVAN, SHEILA O'BRIEN, JANE KRECKEL, AUDREY ENO, JEANNE QUETCHENBOCK, HELEN HUBBARD. one hundred twelve Sophomore Class SISTER ANNA JOSEPH and SISTER ANACLETUS, Tearlyen FIRST ROWl"'-MICHELINA GRUTTADARIO, BARBARA LINDNER, GERTRUDE CORNELIUS, CAROL KULZER, BETTY LERCH, MARIAN MCCARTHY. SECOND ROW-ROSEMARY MEISENZAI-IL, MARGARET SGAMBATY, MILDRED WHITE, DORIS BRAY, MARY BELLANCA, MAE HELEN GARNES, LUCILLE LIOY, FANNETTE FARNSWORTH, BETTY COMPTON, BLANCHE HOFFMAN, JANE FARRELL, MARY ONGANAERS, MILDRED DOXTATER, JEAN BOEHMER, MARGUERITE AULENBACHER. THIRD ROW-ELAINE JABOUT, MARGARET GEYSENS, RITA LYNCH, GERALDINE ZABLOSKY, JEAN DROSCH. FOURTH ROW-LORRAINE DENNIS, LAURA LORIA, SYLVIA GARBACH, HELEN ZADROGNY, JANE OJBRIEN, MARIE FISHER, MARY AGNES OAKES, MARIE MOSCHCAU, MARGARET GREIS- BERGER, MAGDALENE OTT, YOLANDA ROMANO, ARLINE VAY, BERNADETTE MEAGHER, JANE LUSCI-IER, MARY FLANAGAN, ROSEMARY GIBBONS, KATHLEEN DOLAN, ALICE FOOS. FIFTH ROW-LOIS CLAR, JEAN PRITCHARD, MARY JANE MCBRIDE, MARY VAN DER VEIRE, EILEEN KLOS, TERESA STIFFENHAGEN, AUDREY DE SMITH, MARY MONNAT, ARLINE KRUZWESKI, MADELINE BAUMAN, RITA SNYDER, EILEEN VAN DE LESTER, OLGA WACHTER, BETTY HORNUNG, MARIE STEVENS, DOROTHY FEATHERLY, MARJORIE FINNEGAN. one hundred thirteen one hundred fourteen- - 1. 2. 3. Today-School-Spirited Commercial Freshmen Form N. A. for Nazareth Academy Thoughts from Freshmen jane Reh, Room 304-"I think Nazareth is a modern, upeto-date girls' high school, where besides studying, one takes a wide-awake interest in school activities." Arlene Redinger, Room 304-"I have found Nazareth a friendly place where everyone is sociable. Many hours in my freshman year have been enjoyed under the guidance of the kind and patient Sisters who particularly understand freshmen." Kathleen Norris, Room 304-"Of all my school years, my first year at Nazareth has been the most delightful and my companions the most pleasant." Tomorrow-School-Spirited Academic Freshmen Look forward to 1941 Thoughts for Senior Year Jacquline Seaman, Room I, St. joseph's Hall-"Senior! What pleas- ant thoughts for any Freshman! Activities in every project, sound beneficial education, with the outlook of some good college.-A long look ahead but a pleasant one for this Freshman." Doris Keeler, Room I, St. joseph's Hall-"In 1941 I hope to be finishing my fourth year at Nazareth Academy and to be a credit to the Nazareth Alumnae Scholarship which provided this education for me. I think my graduation day will be one of the happiest days of my life." Rosemary XX'elch, Room I, St. Joseph's Hall-"Senior" to me means sisterly. I would like to be a big sister to the other students and to help them in any way I possibly can. I would like my Senior year to be my happiest year at Nazareth and one that will bring pleasant memories to my mind when I am older." W,.,...v.,...,,,,.,... ...v,., one hundred jifleen Freshman Class SISTER HELEN CONCEPTA and SISTER MARY REGIS, Tmuam FIRST ROW-ANGELINE SCIORTINO, FLORENCE GEFELL, MARGARET SCHEIDT, SHIRLEY HILBERT, HELEN MAGINN. SECOND ROW-MARILYN OSTRANDER, LORRAINE SOHN, KATHLEEN NORRIS, MARION ADAM, NORMA MILLER, GERTRUDE FINK. THIRD ROW-ARLINE REDINGER, GENEVIEVE BARKER, MARCELLA SCHNORR, HELEN DUPOE, MARIE HART, MARY O'SULLIVAN, MARION BATTLE, ANNA FIORE, GENEVIEVE MOSTA, IDA FUINO, MILDRED GRAHAM, MARGARET UCCI, MARGARET MILLER, MARY SCHAUSEIL, JUNE GAINES. FOURTH ROW-DOROTHY BRENNAN, HELEN LABINSKI, HELEN BASAMANIA, PATRICIA DEEGAN, JANE STEPHENS, MARY KARP, DOROTHY LIEDL, MARGARET KRENZER, RITA STAHLECKER, JANE REH, MADLYN VAN AULSER, IOSEPHINE BARTOLEMEO, PAULINE SERIO, VIRGINIA LEINEN, KATHLEEN SMITH, ANNA MAE BOYLIN, DORIS MURPHY, MARY MYKINS. FIFTH ROW-CATHERINE COLLINS, CHRISTINE LACAGNINA, BESSIE PALMISANO, HELEN O'GRADY, LILLIAN TERMOTTO, SHIRLEY COVENCY, ROSEMARY GRAHAM, JEAN HORTON, MARY ELIZABETH KOHLMAN, THELMA INDLEKOFER, EILEEN MCKENNA, HELEN CHRISTIE, MIL- DRED SHELTER, SYLVIA DEJAEGER, IRENE TILIBERTA, VIRGINIA VRLA, DOROTHY MEYER, ANGELA PECORA. one lazmdred sixteen Freshman Class s1s'rER HELEN CECILIA and SISTER MARY EVELYN, Tmbm FIRST ROW-RITA DAVIS, MARIE LINGL, GLORIA ANDERSON. SECOND ROW-DOROTHY REDDINGTON, CONSTANCE BATES, RITA KEOGH, ROSEMARY WELCH, LOUISE BEAHON, MARIETTE WICKES. THIRD ROW-ROSE MARY OCHS, MARY VORNDRAN, IRENE EHRSTEIN, JANET MAID. FOURTH ROW- ELEANOR NORMAN, MARGARITE KRAUS, ELIZABETH AVERY, LUCILLE SMALT, ELIZABETH MARION, BETTY MCCABE, GLORIA DEBOTTIS, RUTH GUTMAN, ELEANORA TAG- GART, MARJORIE KLEEHAMMER, SHIRLEY MALLET, ROSEMARY BRIEN, MARGARET HUR- LEY, HELEN HASSELBERG. ROW-MICHELINA GARIBALDI, FRANCES SMITH, MARION MARTIN, JANET MEISENZAHL, BETTY VRLA, FORTUNATA TALLARITE, DOLORES MEYER, ELIZABETH SLATTERY, CLARA MICELI, LOUISE MASIELLO, MARY E. SCHOEPFEL, PATRICIA O'GRADY, MARY WOULFE, GRACE COWLES, ROSE BONSIGNORE, MARGARET VAN TUYL. FIFTH SIXTH ROW-DORIS DIERDORF, JANE KELSEY, BETTY MCERLAIN, LUCILLE MASCARI, RHEA JARVIS, ALICE SULLIVAN, CLARA ANN VOLKMAR, DORIS JOHNSON, JUNE FETZNER, LUCILLE GABEL, DORIS KEELER, GERALDINE SCI-IREINER, ROSEMARY SHARPE, LOIS PARINA, JEAN SCHANTZ, NORMA MEYER, MARION NIENTIMP, HELEN MURPHY, CATHERINE BEACH, CATHERINE MURPHY, ELEANOR HUTTEMAN. one hundred reventeen Freshman Class SISTER MARIE CATHERINE and SISTER CARLINA, Tmfym FIRST ROW-NANCY BECICHE, BETTY JONES, DOROTHY WEGMAN, MARY SCARCIOTTA, MAR- GARET EMPEY, ANNA LANIOK, BETTY YOUNGMAN, CASIMIRA MODZELEXVSKA, LOUISE ONGENAERS. SECOND ROW-MARY DEMEIS, MARY COYLE, JEANNE WILSON, BARBARA CARUSOTTI, BETTY RUSSELL, GERALDINE BIESENBACH, MAY KUMMER, RITA FOOS, MARY SCHLEICI-I, MARY SCHEID. THIRD ROW-CORINNE FREER, EILEEN MCMAHON, JOSEPHINE SLATTERY, BETTY WARD, EILEEN DORAN, GLORIA LIPANI, MARGARET FISHLEY, DOLORES SADLER, MARION BURBOTT, VIOLET RUNFOLA. FOURTH ROW-JOY WHITNEY, RUTH LOCHNER, ELEANOR STEIMES, LOIS HEALY. FIFTH ROW-CAROL SPENCER, RUTH ROE, HELEN HOFMAYR, BERNARDINE EI-IMANN, MARY MEISENZAHL, JEAN FOLEY, ISABEL FERRARI, MARGARET FARRELL, ANNE SPIESS. one hundred eighteen Freshman Class SISTER MARIE CATHERINE and SISTER M. CALLISTA, Tmlfm FIRST ROW-JUNE LAFORCE, JEANNE MILLER, EILEEN TRABOLD, GERALDINE CASEY. SECOND ROW-MARY GILLIGAN, MARY LARGY, VIRGINIA KLEE, MARY MILLER, ANNA RENALDI, BEATRICE KRAPF, HAZEL WALTERS. THIRD ROW-MARGARET KEENEHAN, ROSEMARY MASSETH, CARRIE ZIEMNIAK, VIRGINIA MILGLYNN, RITA PIEKUNKA, PI-IILOMENA FALVO, BERNICE DOLAN, DOLORES LOASBY. FOURTH ROW-MARGARET VAN LOO, MARIA DI GIROLAMO, ESTHER BURKE, DOLORES BEAN, CHRISTINE FLYNN, MARIE FLANAGAN. FIFTH ROW-ELIZABETH KEEGAN, KATHLEEN SULLIVAN, DIANA PEZZI, MARY O'BRIEN, ANITA NOLAN, GERALDINE LEONARD, CORRINE SNYDER, PATRICIA SULLIVAN. SIXTH ROW-ELIZABETH MCCARTHY, MARGERY O'I-IALLORAN, MARY WETZLAU, SHIRLEY MAX- WELL, DOROTHY CONSIDINE, DOROTHY HOSENFELD, MARY MCAVOY, JOAN FITZGERALD, GERTRUDE BATES. one hundred fzifzeieen Grammar School Department FIRST ROW-MARILYN MQDONALD, SHEILA O'GRADY, JANET JEWETT, JOANNE DWYER, NANCY MYLES, NANCY VOGT. SECOND ROWANANCY ANN HARDENBROOK, ELEANOR FAZIO, AILEEN XYJISER, MARY JANE HAIGH, ANNE MEISENZAHL, I-'RANCINE WICKES, FAITH FRANCIS. THIRD ROW-CLAIRE O'BRIEN, ANNE BURKE, KATHERINE ANNE FLECK, GERALDINE GAFFNEY, JOAN D'APRILE, SHIRLEY INCAVO, ANTOINETTE FAZIO. FOURTH ROW-DOLORES MCGAHAN, EDNA MARIE ACKERMAN, JEANNE ROCHE, BARBARA HADLOCK, SHIRLEY ARCHIBALD, NANCY ANNE OWEN, REMIGIA RAUBER, DOROTHY O'BRIEN, ROSEMARY BAKER. FIFTH ROW-JANE MARIE MCDONALD, JANE MARIE JONES, LOIS ANNE HASENAUER, VERONICA BRANDT, CECELIA AGNES WOHLRAB, ROBERTA BROWN, ROSEMARY RAUBER, JACQUELIN BURGESS, MARY ELINOR NESSEL, JOANNE FULREADER. SIXTH ROW-NANCY ANNE RIGGS, ELEANOR ADAMS, JOAN MCGUIRE, MARGARET OWEN, MARY COUSINS, HELEN MCNALLY, KATHLEEN TEMMERMAN, JEANNE MARIE MCDONALD, JEANNE BYRNE, VIRGINIA PIKE. SEVENTH ROW-FRANCES GALVIN, MARY LOUISE BARBATI, JEANNE MCCABE, CATHERINE FOLEY, VERA SCHWARTZMEIER, VIRGINIA O'BRIEN, BETTY ANNE RAKE, DOLORES KIRBY. EIGHTH ROW-ALICE REBER, VIRGINIA WHITEI-IOUSE, MARY ESTHER DANEHY, HELEN RAUBER, WILMA MCCORMICK, JANE GAFFNEY, AUDREY KAMPFF, ISABEL KEENAN, JEAN RADTKE, THERESE GUNCHEON, ELIZABETH ANN FRANK, DIANA BATTAGLIA, PEGGY CLEARY. one hundred lwenly Children's Room "Being little at Nazareth when everyone else is big." 'k Say It with Fountain Pens Jane, Therese, and Joan get Sister Josephine's signature. Energetic Fingers Jeanne Roche and Joanne Fulreader ask Mrs. Roy Benson if they may play volley ball like the "big girls." Ear Marks of a Good Reader i'Let's read them again," say Aileen, Joanne Dwyer, and Catherine as Sister Evangela finishes the story of "Snow White." i l one hundred fwenly-one Our advertising section grew beyond bounds, so the 600 Library Section was placed in special stacks here. Arline Korth and Eleanor McCarthy model gowns as representative of one phase of advertising. fi one hundred Iwerzty-two Gown! by 1. E. Tbompron, 78 Clinlofz Aoemze South Nazareth Advertising , ,ffgwLU"'f?CgqrX f AQH ffi' 7 . in 'lor til Z Fi J . v i ,Uni ff rg w,J3f'2:,fv ff 1 get ' M'l'XTfQ, 573' K-4LfLfff Succeeds Advertising jiff-l X If Hag, kx.l-llfffivgfx K f 1 x A K iff 2 ,Cl ex" V: V- 1' , H' was ' x eta X if it Monica Dentinger and Ellen Foley say, "Thank you, 'Lan- thorn' advertisers." "Advertising educates people in the wise spending of money so that they will get the best values . . . In advertising the best work remains anonymous, the product of an organization, rather than of an individual." one hundred twenty-zhree EEEEMMMEEQWMEEEEEEMEEEEQEQEEEEE HMEEMmmmMEw IZ li Q E E . E 29 AZARETH C Ol LFC F ,Q N E4 - 4 4 ,T 4 Q , '31 E forthe E 129 gy HIGHER EDUCATION of WOMEN 311 Q: B53 gg ROCHESTER, NEW YORK gg E: 5 5 Q e Courses leading to the degrees li 'fe BACHELOR OF ARTS AND Xl gf BACHELOR OF SCIENCE E Q E E Teachers' Course, accrediting for any E IE teaching in the Stateg 55 EE EE E Secretarial Training offered as a pre- E ggi requisite for the better business positionsg E E E The Science Course prepares for positions Q in medical and industrial laboratoriesg lil . . . E' 'gi Foundation courses for Social Service, a Q growing field of opportunitiesg I v-i Cl . QQ Q An elementary Library Course, a founda- gg! tion for training for library serviceg IE E E E Chartered by the ,gg E LEGISLATURE or THE STATE OF NEW YORK E N and regirtered by the 8 lil STATE BOARD OF REGENTS lik EEEE EEE Q E E E Q E E E IE Accredited member of the National Catholic E g Educational Associationg Association of Col- E gi leges of the Middle States and Marylandg El 21 Association of American Collegesg American E E Council on Educationg Association of Colleges E gg of the State of New York. E E' ' E Q E Q E E Herz ent an ay tu entr E E R 'ri cl .Y pi fi E . - . Q E UEEE E E F53 M E E E E E E E E Q M E E li 151 M E E E E E E E E E E VE E 8 E E Z E C E I I B C C C C E C C E I B C I E E E E C I E Q C E EERE TX one hundred zwenty-four ww E MMV ,uw M EM E M E 3 mm E 3 E X EW g 'ur E E H E X Vx Hx 3 YK A W X z rd xv lr EW MW 3 6 K WW up in .45 Em Z VK P ,XM ml m Wm 0 X E C 5 E- Q ww E X N gd H+ X K Mx X t 3 WE I ly-I Dil ry' of the liz 61 aa! S WJ YM M A Veil: N My X X 38 E 3 A ,X E 55 E X 25 E 351 Xl XE X xg EI E ii iff '33 15 N 'ill .Ki VE 181 EJ E E E E! Ei IE EI IE E bi G9 E: Bl IE QQ IE E El E IE! E Q H B IB! El 131 lil IZ! IZ EI ISI T23 M 121 E E E 53 E4 iii E1 Pl! E4 E! E El E E lil V51 E EZTEESJIEIQIEESQEETRTEILEEIEIELQIZEIEEIEIKQEJE IEEEEJMELEIDEEIQEHEEL AMWXEEEEEEWXMMWWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEMNMEEQQEQEE EEBBEEQEEM one hundred twenly-five EEEEEEEEEEEEE E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E C E C E E E E E E E I E I E E E I C E C K E E I C I K I I E I Ei Ei Qi 59 El DQ EE EEEEEEEEEEEEE EEEE Z mai? Na- Dw D wah IT! P-ISL :1: EEEE . . Sign Here . . From EEEE 'U D. m D D- U1 Bi EEEEE To NAZARET H THE TEACHERS l. .... . -1. EEEEE EEEEEEEEEE EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE El .Ziwlb-wr" 22. J' E- E E C X 727 QQQD-Q44 E1 Aww wwf ' E EHHEHBE EEEE ,J,.zz95.....Q, E1 E as Q m E1 13 E11 121 Q1 Isl 131 E1 V51 E E E E K.. Q1 M EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE B1 E E1 E1 E E E1 ga . as E4 m gi in Ei ra Q rg B E EEEEEEEEE EE EEEEE E E EEEEE EEEEEEEEEEEEEE EEE one hundred twenzy-:ix lgliaxlilnzalxzlfgl 21 L:-Q ri Q rg E E E E 123 11:3 cg in E xg Bn E E! F ai L21 lil 521 5:1 Q1 E1 21 H E E 5 Q li E I2 12 mfg E I2 131 Bu E E 51 E E E E E E nz 51 lg E ILZJ lil E Q Q Q Vg Q li EEEEEE EEEEEEEEEEMEE 'NI 5. Nx- M Nb E 0G m N. M E S S T EEEEEEEEEEEEE E1 lx: :Q Nv- S. N QQ fb D R- m Q S M Il'.v mean! to he- lix forty friendx You can not .feey 5121311321313 bk Q Q. fn Q Q. Q S fu azlnxlmrgmnilrg H ow Nazareth girl: Showed loyalty. E E IE ll- IZ IE E IE 131 E 131 E E E E E E E E E E E E E E EE E E E E E E E E E E E EEEEEEEEEHEEEEEEEE EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE E E U x Q E E El gl E E 1533EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE one hundred twenty-feven BEEEEEE EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE EE E4 Q E E E E E E E E E EEEEEEEEEEEE EEEEEEEEEEEE FURLONG STUDIO E E E Photo grallzherx for E Q "THE LANTHORNU 5 E E E E 27 CLINTON AVENUE SOUTH '3' EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE EEEEEEEEE EEEEEEEE Educate oarsehf Ezlmmlwmzllfrlixlixl E 5' C H H me 2 FD o- D 2 D-I FP 5' SL 75 0 3 sw D EF D 9 fb n- - 2 n U1 PP :V TS O to s: 3 U31 ' Q ,E ra. If Q D-I a' 5 r o 3 : Q Q fb 0 QL 5'- QT :s nirjsnmmmmzrmmmmm by reading the news and views of things Catholic in EEEEEEE EEEEEEE for the Catholic people of the entire Rochester Dio- cese. Read the . . . E E E r YL, f S Qia IuI1tgesg1 eM25gQEuumt IE E E The Influential Newspaper of the Rochefter Diocere E EEEEEEEEE E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E I I I I I I I I E E E E I E E E E I E E I Ei F E C I I I 8 C E I E1 E E1 EJ E1 EJ EJ EEEEEEEEE EC onehunbedtuwnqwwght QQQQQQE Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q X E Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q QQQQQQE E E Q E E Q E EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE fd P-4 D O EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE C om plimefzix of GENERAL CONTRACTOR Q E Q Q Q lil IE E E Q wwf Q E E E Q Q1 IE EEEEEEEE MEEEEEEE 700 Hollenbeck Street Rochester, New York EEEEEEEEE EE EEEEE 'PS N, 'feyoEQ?9 Wa 17 'S'-1 M' 70 9 ? EE gf, S SCHOOL OE BUSINESS X, , vo NIAGARA UNIVERSITY f 0 in , Q E "' Mgr 0' ROCHESTER DIVISION 'fvg' ' i 5 E1 . Q S E SUMMER SEMESTER FALL SEMESTER E E Opens july 6th I Opens September 21st E E Registered degree courses preparmg for . . . E c. P. A. Examinations Q Q Entrance to Law School E Q Teaching Commercial Subjects in High Schools E S Executive Positions in Business E EEEEEEEE VD Wu N Q. Lb. 3. 'N Q Q Y ba me S. 234, S. Qi SS ESE SN Q M WS "-Q SEQ ZZN' 303 'Sc R Se. 'Ns W 'In Nl. E w- Q V0- GN EEQEEEEE i i t QQQQQQQQQQQQQ P-I I Trl 'PU F11 QQ mo EHS +-I PUB Qnww mm O 'U 51715 U'U3v W S425 S5512 SQQS swims' wgiwi' SI-1-1552 ,Nm Q Hia ZF! D-4 41 U1 PU U3 P-4 P-I P4 QQQQQQQQQQQQ t k k EEEHEEEEE EEEEEEEEEEEEEE one hundred twenty-nine 1X11E13.1E1Z1IZ1E11Z11X1Bl1El1EDi11X1M131E1ZM1ZE313131121 1Z1E11Z11Z1Q11X1Q211E1Z1lL?11311E1Z1EE11K11X11Z1E1E E1 B1E1E11Z11Z1E11E1E1Ei1i11EE1l1EEBi11fQ1i111 15 E1 E E1 E Keep 1t 111 your Refngerator E IZ 13 lj 151 5 i N 1E I 13 12:3 13 IE' 131 121 E 13 El IS-1 "::2s.m. 13 E 15? E In Sterilized Bottle: E . ,. . 1E E Compliments Buy from your favor1te dealer E ISI in the Handy 6 Bottle Carton." E1 1Z11ZE1Z11Z1 O K+-. 312121121121 55121 J. P. BOYLAN COCA-COLA E Bottling Corp. E 131121 12151 E E E U E E 121 131 131 1311 121 1111 E1 Q21 13 1251 131 E A. L. ANDERSON S1 SONS 1123 IE M1 li 15 13 E 1 E G O O D E A T I N G 12112 E is assured when you choose Arpeako Meat . . X E Products. Such del1c1ous flavor can only E come from highest quality meats, skillfully E processed. E1 E 153 121 A -if -nf E E 5 ARPEAKO MEAT PRODUCTS E FRESH AND SMOKED MEATS, SAUSAGE PRODUCTS, LARD, BUTTER AND POULTRY D lifl E M E 1- -A- f 5 513 E RQCHESTER PACKING CO., INC. X 5 ROCHESTER, NEW YORK gg E N U D LBJ 131 E lglglgliglfiillgillglilwglglQlggggglglglglglglggllgglggg lilgliglliffglgllglilililggllilglgliillilglgg lgllglgllgllgllglgllilgllgli one laundred ilairly lElElElElXllZlEl lill?.lEIlE1ZlZllEElElEilEil ElKEIZIEHZIlilEllilEllilliElIQigBlE5!lElElZllZIlXllillZI'ElXlElEElEEBlElf!llXlEl55lliKJEElilililillil lm lil lid E E WOULD MONEY INTEREST YOU? Q lzil Ei! E16 , El ISI More and more high school graduates are turning to business ESI fields for lifetime occupations and steady income. To get that E income, however, you have to be trained in business essentials. E E Rochester Business Institute has three excellent courses, any E f . . lil one of which makes an excellent route to your first important E E position in business. Q E El E Write for a catalog with details of the following courses: E EI E -k if if E Business Administration, majoring in Accounting E Business Administration, majoring in Selling, Advertising and Marketing E E Secretarial Practice lil Sl E -k -if if E IZI lil ISI lil Q ROCHESTER BUSINESS INSTITUTE E El lil E 172 CLINTON AVENUE SOUTH MAIN 3869 E E E IE lil E E El EI 3 GOOD LIGHTING g E BALLROOM IS ALWAYS E E IN SEASON E E DANCING Q Friday and Saturday Evenings Get an I. E. S. Lamp. Every home ig Eg New Classes Formed Frequently needs one or more of them. Good E gl . . eyesight should be kept good 3 '31 Register in advance , f d, Ig E through proper light or rea ing E E Learn to Dance and sewing tasks. E IE Fox Trot, Waltz, Rhurnba, Tango, E E Shag Hop, Tango Waltz h E S L E , , See t e I. . . amp Q Private Lessons by Appointment Display on out Main E E . . . . . . Floor-89 East Ave. E OUR dancing parties, with certain restrictions, are open gl Eg to the public. In order to maintain the high standard E! gl of patronage which we have enjoyed, we reserve the E Q right to exclude or eject such of the general public as . E Q we do not desire to serve. ig lj lg it if if g 5' ROCHESTER lg FREDERICK A. oTTo E 80 West Main Street Main 5385 GAS 85 ELECTRIC CORP- El E an llElXllXllXlEEIlZll.iIlEli'ill2'3EllXllXlEll?.lNlE21lillliillillillillXIlEIlZllXllXIBllZlIXllil8llElElEEQlZIElXIlZ1J EHZIIXI IElXlI1ilIZllXllZllZllZllZKIlZllXlEl IZlEllZlElE3l one hundred lbirly-one T EEEREBEREEREEEEEEEEEESEER EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE lil LR :E IE E E E 5 E c 1' A 5 Eg, ornp zrnents of Q, E Bl C 1 L A d 1 entra aun ry an Supp y Company E E1 E C. SCHAEFFER sg E LR M LE EEEEE EEEEE E E Eg Compliment! of Q 5 WEGMANS EOOD MARKETS E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E mzrnlzunmn Q 95 9: : 93 Q I rf P3 U3 93 ': Q7 to O D mf. P3 Q Q C '-I '3 5 W' CD 77 9 N . U' P"l fb Cf fl! fb cn. C1 99 P! CD Lnrxmmlnmln EEEEEE EEEEE OU WILL LOVE A A La Salle! E E1 E1 E Ln E E E It lam every Fine Cnr fentnre except leigh price gf El 11- LE E THE VALLEY CADILLAC CORPORATION E E - . E E Dzstrzbntory and Denlerf E 535 East Avenue Stone 320 E E E E C. SOLON KELLOGO E 300 Powers Building 700 Exchange Street E A E E COAL and COKE E E E E1 R1 E MAIN 886 E lil La n E1 E E eu Ln 121 EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE one hundred thirty-two EEEEEEE EHEHEW IEEE EEEEEEEEEEEEEE Q GREETINGS E E1 E El E from E WEBER! EEEEEE A FRIEND E E E' I3-I E E E E E E E E E E E E E EEEEEEEEEE C5 FU W U1 20? fb R YW- fe Q21 'PU E O EEEEEEEEEE E E 258 COURT STREET If-I Ei E E I2-I El IZI El Q Rheumatxc, Neurxtxs, Arthr1t1s E Or Sinus Sufferers E Rexzdis Gnnrdnteed or Money Refunded Q Ei MAID DRUG COMPANY, INC. li IZ E 511 DEWEY AVENUE E Glenwood 974 Established 1885 Q1 EE N IE EEEEEEEEEEE EEEEEEEEEEE ZWEIGLE'S DEL1c1OUs SAUSAGES ASSORTED COLD CUTS WIENERS - BOCKWURST - HOTS EEEEE IEEEEE EEEEEEEE O P5 P11 7'-4 U3 FT' O D FD CN QD Ax 48 I CN NO hx wx 'Ti O H N4 O C H P14 C D F5 EV FD O D to w P4 C I IXJ D1 48 HA C M M 'U D IDP 4 M Z CI U1 EEEEEEEE EE E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E I E C C C I E C C C E E C C E E C C K C E C I E E C CI C E K EJ E1 EJ EJ EJ EJ EI E1 E in one lazznred thirly-three EEEEEEEEEEEEEREEWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!EEEEEESNES E M E . E lg Best Wzsbef E ig E E 10 E N IZI Z DP N DP FU rn Pi I F3 r-4 D' UD UD O '11 C: KN OO EE EE EEEEEEEEEEE I O Z E W E :Il 1+ 5 X Q ll- H U TU U1 C1 'JU 75 rn EEEEEEEEEEE E E 121 IE 3 E Q Bef! Wzsbex to the Gmdzmtzon Clam E E E Rn from RJ E11 N EEEEEEEEEE EEEEEEEEEE MARY JANE and GERTRUDE COLLINS E U lil E E E E E EEEEEEE EEEEEEE Complimenty of az E FRIEND E IE IZ' Q Rl E E E E IE wfgxlmiummmwzlwgrxfxl P11 I" F4 l'-U PU un 'H-I F11 U U O CU O D' l"' lRzR1lxzzm:Z:nE:JlEl2izr2lmE Highest Quality Anthracite ARDEAN R. MILLER INCORPORATED EQEEEEEQNEEEEEE 'Ei 4 m CII CI 2 C w m c m CD he D' 4 m ZZ C1 m1 PU O rw IE nu CD he Fri ce ENEEEEEE NEWER EE IEEEEEEEEEEEEEEQEEEEEEEEEEEEEElEEEEEEEEIEEEE one hundred thirty-four EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEBEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE EQ Bi E1 lil The SCHOOL of COMMERCE offers REGISTERED COURSES? 5 Business Administration Secretarial Science Accountancy E Medical Secretarial Training E ALSO SHORTER COURSES E Secretarial Accounting Selling and Advertising Stenography 5 E TR6giStCfCCl bythe STATE DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION E Q Catalog Free-Visitors Welcome Main 5530-5531 E E 362 EAST AVENUE E E E Q E Q E Q Ask for E IE K Q ROCHESTER QUALITY SCHOOL SUPPLIES E E "VALUE FIRSTT' EE E WHERE EEE EE Manufactured by ROCHESTER STATIONERY CO. EEE EEE E E. A. Dentinger Ward E fi . . . 51 E THE EGGLESTON Air Conditioned E The Finest In Good Things To Eat and Drink EJ 47 Clinton Ave. So. Rochester, New York Q E E E George C. Schaefer Charles G. Schaefer Edward Bauman E GEORGE c. SCHAEFER COMPANY E Formerly Schaefer 8: Hartel 5 8 MAIN STREET EAST E gi lil E WATCHES, DIAMONDS, JEWELRY and SILVERWARE E Phone: Main 6746 Exclusive Agents for Nazareth Rings E EEEEEE EEEEEEEIEWEEWN one bz1ndred-lbi1'ly- fi-116' EEEEENEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE E FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS and LOAN Q ASSOCIATION of ROCHESTER S FIRST FEDERAL is Growing . . . N Let Your Savings Grow With It lil EEE EEE E r-I M H1 P-t m D W' E2 D UD PY' H m O PT' XI Oi AS sd m '4 UD FP H o O P? E E Stone 268 Gen. 1639 lg lil lil El El EINEINNNIE QI I F11 I O Cf UD ITI O "Tl I DP 5. l"" I-l O Z U3 IEIIEIIEIIEIEEIEI gl WE INVITE YOU TO SEE OUR COMPLETE LINE OF E E LADIES' AND GENTLEMEN'S E Q FINE HAMILTON WATCHES E E E E E Scanlan Sc Lane Reliable jewelers EEEEEEEEEEE no Oo P-l U3 C Pi W' ro UU E, if D UT tri D R' no D rw vm vs UD P "U nu G F14 U3 PP Pt rn rn Pl' EEEEEEEEEEE Q WM. B. DUFFY CARTING CO. E E E E 62 MARSHALL STREET ROCHESEEALQREAD Q Q Main 3286 E X E FURNITURE MOVING PIANO MOVING 8 N. WATER STREET E E THEATRICAL TRANSFER E E SAFE AND MACHINE MOVING Main 5379 E E E E31 TRUCKS BY THE HOUR OR CONTRACT KZ E E N MOVING, PACKING, STORAGE, SHIPPING lil F E E E ' E S S E GEO, T, BQUQHER C. F. Scheuerman Sons E Q FLOWERS FUNERAL HOME E E H IND U-3 C cd W O S Z U3 HI no m m I-I IE E 422 MAIN STREET EAST E Q Tel. Gen. 436-5411 E, E Rochester, N. Y. E E '-l I ffl D- 53. Ti. nw x4 sw f"P O C Fl T C-' 5 na PY fl. I O B rn E E . E E1 shows the Complete Funeral Service El E GREENI-IOUSEHBrighton, Stone 96-97 in plain ngures. E E E E E QE E E E E E E B E E E E E EJ B E E E E E E E E E E E1 E1 Ei E1 E1 E3 E1 Ei 59 EQ E3 EJ E3 EJ EJ EJ E3 El EJ EJ E F EJ EJ EJ EJ E3 E3 EJ Ei EQ E CJ EJ EJ E3 E E S EJE3 one hundred Ibirly-Tix EEE Ei El E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E Ei F E E E E E E E E S E I C Q 3 E S B Q E E E C E E E E E E E Z 3 E I E E E E E C E C EJ EJ E9 IEEE! Ei be P-l FT ro no ff P14 D I rn sw ff EJ S E X Q Rlaeo-Lezzmdereaf HI-HEAT COAL E X 5 E lil 0 V LANGIE FUEL SERVICE INC. D9 E3 E Q Stone 4000 E E E E3 EJ EJ El EJ CI THE YATES COAL co. Q L' E E ANTHRACITE and BITUMINOUS E E Also COKE E E Orders solicited for private residences, apartments and buildings. E E Deliveries made under the personal supervision of Superintendent. Q E Board! and Cc17Z1!dJ' med for protection E V Cl E Phones: Stone 450, Stone 45 1 E EH E 612 Lincoln-Alliance Bank Building General Office: 183 Main St. E. Q EEEEEEE EEEEEEE Stone 1968 Stone 1969 K1 C E3 El 5 HADLOCK PAINT Co., INC. lil E PAINTS, OILS, GLASS and ROOFING 5 466-470 CENTRAL AVENUE ig E I Rochester, New York E 5 S E E 5 E E T. T. BEARING co., Inc. EHMANN MARKET E gy SINCE 1890 E El E i iv E E E E SKF Distributors CHOICE MEATS E E Ball and Roller Bearings FISH, POULTRY AND VEGETABLES gl E ,I 1 E 5 E 1594 Dewey Avenue 495 Court St. 1105 LYELL AVE: Cor' GLIDE ST' E E Glen. 6666 Stone 1731 Glenwood 3102 E E x ml E1 EJ El EI EJ EJ EH EJ Ei EJ E1 K1 EI E1 Ei E1 Ei EJ EJ EJ EJ EQ EJ EJ EJ EJ E3 EJ El El El E1 E1 E5 E1 E1 EJ El EJ EJ EJ EJ EJ EJ E4 E EJ ES E9 E3 E3 E3 EQ Ei Ei El E1 EJ E3 EJ EJ E3 EJ EJ EJEJ one hundred thirty-Leven EE E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E C I E E E E E E E E I I E E E E il!! I E E E E E I I E E I B I I E I E9 E1 EJ El EI El BE EEEE EEEE Compliments of ez friend E X E E E of Nazareth Academy Eu EEEEEEE EEEEEEE fori E GERTRUDE PETER E Q E Q E Q E Q E , , C ' 1 E Best W1shes amp mm J of IE A E ff' JOSEPH J. BUCKLEY E EEEEEEEEEEEEEE EEEEEEEEEEEEEE C 1938 , LASS OF Funeral D1rector i' i i The Father 796 DEWEY AVE. GLEN. 4906 of joan Fitzgerald Q E B E E S E JACKSON-BAILEY Inc. E E ,k BERNARD T. FLANNERY E . D just Better ICE CREAM AND SHERBET Funeral Drrectors E li BJ E i E '3' 501 THURSTON RD. GENESEE 7100 17 PHELPS AVE' GLEN' 4251 EEEE EHEEJ EEEEEEEEEE EE EEEEEE CUSTOM MADE GLASSES EC Q F. H. GERHARD COMPANY S Q1 E E Optieiezm E E LE rg E E 3 69 E. Main St. Rochester Q E E E Q JE lEIIjEEKIjEEEIIm EEIEHEEEIEHEEKIIIE one hundred thirty-eight EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE EEEEEEEEEE '11 'PU DP Z W F U M Z Z l11 m cn H 0 PU F11 vm I'-1 Z C EEEEEEEEEE E E E WHOLESALE CONFECTIONERS E E E E E E R E Main 506 25 Otsego St. E EEE EE Elmmnlzszugzn P-l I W CD F11 O 'PU G3 FU U3 E U CD E Z E A . O O DP l'l 20 CT O W CU O O Z 'U ISD Z 1-4 IEEILEHERME1 El AT NORTH GREECE E E E H . E Q Phone Hilton 519-E-15 5 tg Prompt deliveries to all parts of City as Well as to E I0 E E W E .T E E GREECE - PARMA - CLARKSON - OGDEN - GATES If-YJ EEE EEE IE E E E E GEORGE B. WHELEHAN Phone E E . Spencerport 35-W E E13 -1NSURANCE- WALKER BROS. COMPANY Q E AUTO-EIRE-BONDS-LIEE . E E Funeral Service rail E , E1 IE :E E E EEEEEEEEEE E EEEEEEE CHARLOTTE 170 S C 4110 LAKE AVE. ROCHESTER, N. Y. PENCERPORT i HURCHVILLE EE A. G. BONSIGNORE CO. E MONUMENTS CHARLES A. TUCKER E Q E E1 Riu CHURCH D E Marble-Tile-Terrazzo GOO S E E Contractors 2 , 81 EAST AVENUE E E 542 State Street Main 4411 E E E1 E1 lEEEEEEEEEEEEEIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE one launred lbifzy-nine ,. EB EE IE IZ! IE E E1 IE El E1 IE IE iii E ISI E1 IE Fil llil EJ E E1 ii IZ IZ! IE iff! lil iii IE lil Ili! li E E E El IE E IE E lil IE lil E BI LE EI E B1 IE IE! E li E El IZ Fil El El fi IE E IS ENE EEE IEE ig To Grecian Maids at Nazareth E Q Q - - El E Oiiicial Greetings- Q E Q 'Z E if af 1 If!-Q IQ Q Q Q IZIIZIFZIELEIIZI IXIIZIEIEEKJEI Gordon A. Howe Greece Supervisor Q E Q Q Q Q Q Q Q 'Z' E Q . E Bert Wzsber g S to lil E E E . A11 Nazareth Students E EI IQi1IBTIZIIZlIZIlEIZ1iZIiZ IZJEJIZIEIIEEEIZHZI from Sheriff Albert Skinner E E Q El E Complimenlr E E Meet You fmds at DWYER ELECTRIC COMPANY E LE IE Q THE CENTURY SWEET SHOP 252 TREMONT STREET lil 131 E 37 N. CL1NToN AVE. E . . B1 E Next To Century Theater Complimgmi of E Q ' IE Bl IXIIZHZI ENE Try our Nuzarella Spefial BATES MARKET gl 833 DEWEY AVE. Glen. 1684, 1685 E Q E Q Q IZI S E Q E1 E E E Compliments of E Q Fifi - IGI E a friend of X , Q ELLEN FOLEY g Q EJ E Q IE EIZIIEIZIEIIIZI EIIQQIZHZIIZI IliltilEEElillilIElg!E1IFJIZ!IEEEEiifflEEEIEIIZIEIEIIEIXUIZTIZIEIZIIEJEIIELELQEXUXEEIIEIEIEIZIEIEEHEIEEIQIEEEIEEEEIZIZEEEEEEE one hundred forly ElEllXlEllEl3llEIlEIl'illZllQ1XfJElElEllElE ElEiJEllZllZllElXllZllZll3llZllEEEElZllEBlEllilBllilEIlElZElXlElIEEllZlEllElZllXlEllZ.ll3llZll3llElEDUlZlEl MEMRI U O H O PP 53' K4 I1-I GJ 21 D' fo :L '42 S-I D D.. ISINNIRI lg li El li E GREETINGS NAZARETH l gl lg R E E T I N G S Q G from the fathers of 5 E TO ALL AT NAZARETH Bemadine Kirby E lil . . . E E from the children of Fanny Bmflgllefl lg?-ll E june Smith E E JOSEPH VATTER Elizabeth Regan E E NORTH GREECE MARKET E E CLASS OF 1939 g E E lil lil E E E GREETINGS NAZARETH l A tribute to E lil ' lil from I friend of BARBARA JANE HADLOGK 5 Bl E Margaret Geyssens from S lil Madeline Bauman Mary Kathleen E miriam 3 P3 Q. O 7-1 5. BJIBNEIEI CLASS OF 1940 E E lil El El lil lil lil li El Complimentf of Cofzgmzfuhztiom in MANHATTAN RESTAURANT CLASS of 1938 lfil E 25 EAST AVENUE JOHN W. MATTLE lg Completely air-conditioned gl lg E IE llil lil El Elilliil lillifl B B E E E E Q ROCHESTER BOOK BINDERY Q El IE LIBRARY AND MAGAZINE BINDING li IXI li M E 165 - 173 ST. PAUL STREET E E E E E g GOLD STAMPING BooK BINDING Q ISI li ii' li li lil lil lil lil liil lil li El El lil IZ! lil E lil lil lil E lil El El El El El lil El Bl El lil lil lil El El Lil lil Bl lg li El lfil lil lil lil E IE lil ISI IE llfl :XI E lil lil El El El llil El El El E IEE! 35 . . .,,, - one hundred forty-one IEEE!! IZ! IZI IE li IZ lil IE E E IE E iii TE V21 til E EI Iii E E E IE E E IE E E1 El IE Lil E IE EI IE E IZ EI E 53 E11 E Ei E Ei E EI E Lil E BI E BI E B1 E E NE IE IE IZ li IE IE IE EEE EEZ! IEIXI C it ALWAYS gi amp mmm of The Very Latest Q E In Women's Finer Fashions E Q WATTS DRY CLEANING CO. . E E521 IEE! U 'PU O Q :I- fb CD f'f' FD FT "Ti 77 D' Z C1 LTI U3 on :I- O To P11 D O EJ GENESEE 614 ' E E A 57 EAST AVENUE E E E Ei El A Q NAZARETH E U . . G R A D U A T E E Q C0mPlfmef1ff Uf 41' Deserves the Best . . . E A HAMILTON E E CRAMER DRUG STORES . CM of Badger Phw E E V 5 OpenE11ening.r E Ei X3 . U Q Established 25 Years , J- O- LEDLIE Q 'E In Rochester W V DIAMONDS - WATCHES lil ' Q 842 Dewey Ave. Lg, 1637.50 up Q E Greeting Cards - Circulating Library E E V31 M ' f 28 M ' 42 E E am 4 am 9 PETERS 133 F RA H 'E E T. R. HUEER ELECTRICAL Co., Inc. UNE L OME E IZ! E GLENWOOD 1451 W E For Thing! Electrical IEEE E121 I3 68 SOUTH AVENUE Q Harry Peters M1 Rochester, N. Y. E gg 1511 DEWEY AVE. ROCHESTER, N. Y. X E EI E 121 EQEEEQLIIXI EE IEEE HIE ANTHONY W. CULHANE Q BEST WISHES E gl X FROM E E U E FUNERAL HOME A E El E FRIEND OF NAZARETH X X E 1411 LAKE AVE. GLEN. 1411 E X E E I IUIEIIEEIIEIEIIEIUEIEEIEEEIMIEUUUELQEEIEUEIEIIEUUUUEUEJIEUEIIEEIEEIEIIEITQIIEIEEEUEIEIIEEIEIEIEEIEIELEIEIIREIIEI Illil one lmndred forty-two QHEEEEEEMMMMEEEEEEEUHREEEEEEEEHMMEMEEEEEEE E E E E E G R E E T I N G S E Q FARRELL BROTHERS Q Q from E E Colonial Funeral Home E Q VELTZ'S PURE FOOD SHOP E E g 9 RIDGE ROAD WEST S gl 1497 DEWEY AVENUE gl E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E T E E HE Complimentf of Q X E WHITE WIRE WORKS CO. E lil WARD,S HARDWARE E E 567 JEFFERSON AVE. E J E E 79-83 Exchange St. Rochester, N. Y. E IZ lil E E E E E E E E E E E I E E MICHAEL EMMA E E E . Original Emma Firm E E Complzmenlr of cl E E E Friend "The Funeral Church" E E E E E E 427 Clinton Ave. N. Main 4147 E E E E E E E E E E A E E B95 Wffhef 50 Life Begins with Luncheon! E E E ' Nazareth Class of 1938 Come 10 ' ' ' E E E THE CHOCOLATE SHOP 5 E . 13 CLINTON AVENUE NORTH Q E E , E E Pat E' Provenzano Re-decorated, Modernized E gl Member of Assembly Ideal for dining after school, E E after shopping, after the theatre E E E 1MEEEEEEEEEENEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE EEEEEEEEE one hundred forty-three E EE E E EE EE lmlxltzlzmmmmlxlnlnznnmnzlwlnzlgl NNNNNIEIEIEEENEENNNNNNNEENELE NNEIENEENEEEEENNRQNNNE E C Z' f f E 0777 1772677 .Y 0 3 RAPPL .sc HOENIG co. R 5 121 ISI Q ' SCANLON-LEWIS GENERAL E E Mason Supplies TIRES E E Excavating Contractors . Q E Sand and Gravel E E 264 EAST AVENUE E O , EI Q 1441 Ridge Rd. E. Stone 218 Rochester' N' Y' 5 E E E E E E E E E Cofnplifnentr E E Complimentf E E MICHAEL A. ZELLER E R PENNANT o1L at GAS co. E 3 11-13 Gibbs St. Rochester, N. Y. E E E EJ lil E E E R E George Repp Albert Meisenzahl E E HYLAN Stone 6162-R Stone 6933 E N El 5 EEYING SERVICE CHARTER REPP at MEISENZAHL DAIRY Q E , Standard Pasteurized Milk and E Q Cream - Guernsey Milk Q E Student Instruction 0 E E1 F E Cub Distributors Waco Dealers 695OgO:fLf?DPZ?2LUE E E I Stone 1330 E E E Wm. Meisenzahl Albert Meisenzahl E Glen. 5197 St. 6933 E E . E Q Meisenzahl Bros. Coal Co., Inc. HAFNER E E HOME LAUNDRY INC. E Q COKE COAL FUEL OIL E Office, 695 PORTLAND AVENUE 595 CLINTON AVE' NORTH E E Rochester, N. Y. 2 E Phone Stone 1330 E EI in El E1 EEEEEEEEEEEIEEEEEEEE one hundred forty-four EEEEE E E E E E E E E E E E Ii E B E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E I E B E E E E C E E I I C C ELEM!!! Complimefztr of "Say It With Om' Flowerf' E E EEEIEIEIEI CU U1 Z F11 cn FT! U1 'U be " 3 IT! FU Z 2 CD 'PU 71 cn Q FD 2 be 3 Q 2' E E EEIEIEIIEIEI E 5 O U :E Z U Z 51: as K" S7 3 IT! nv Z U3 O PU EI El , , EI E EXPERIMENTAL AFD MODEL WORK LOWERS E E1 N E 216 South Ave. Rochester, N. Y. 331 DRIVING PARK AVE. E X E Main 5822 Rochester, N. Y. E E R E EI E lVben Parring By . . . Shop at E K ALCO FOOD SHOPPE E E U E 'A' iv t Complimentr of E EJ Cigars, Candies, Lunches and Sodas E E ,K t t THOMAS F. TROTT Q IZ IE T A E21 785 EAST MAIN STREET EEEEEX EEEEE MONROE 9021 EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE 2 6 T rv Z UU Ib KT! F 5 E 4 m be 7 4 +-I 2 A Q 2 fb D I-I 5 as Q I" Q- vs 3 S2 N W F11 'PU E4 EEEEEEEMEEEEEEEEEEE INCORPORATED FUNERAL DIRECTOR EC E E Genesee 5938 601 PULLMAN AVENUE 5 lit E I E Xl lil E E E THE YAUCHZI COMPANY E rw E Conzplimefzlr of .k .k -k Q El E TRANT'S Plumbing, Heating, and Tinsrnithing E CATHQLIC SUPPLY STQRE Hardware, Paints, and Glass E EC i i i C Q N Ig El E 96 CLINTON AVENUE N. 773 LAKE AVE. COR. LEXINGTON E lgfl 131 E Glenwood 261 Rochester, N. Y. E IE E El EI IEECKIH EEECLEU EEEELIIEZEEELIH EEEILI3 EKLIIJ EEELIHIEEE one hundred forty-five EEIIZEIIEIZIEIIBJEZIEIEIIZIEHSEIEIIEEIXEEI IZIIEE121181121lillilElilElIRIIElilEIlilEIIZIIX!EIE!DEMEQMEIEIEZIEIEIEEEEEEEEIEIEEIEEEEI E13 IZ! E lil E SNAP LET US HELP YOU! E E You busy .modern young people . . . in- E IX! tent on doing dozens of things In a short El E time . . . you will appreciate our time- E Ig saving devices! In Service Bureau, check ig E 274 GENESEE STREET ycifur pacgcages ind do IyoLEr1QnailingE dash E EI p' adnoe fir Evo g1Res .oom,EE yt5uE E E FILMS DEVELOPED FREE 1525315 Sid iiezeilm Siiiutfiiii ZIEQLEZ E E WHEN PRINTS ARE ORDERED tasks- . E E EXPERT WORKMANSHIP SIBLEY, LINDSAY AND E E COPYING - ENLARGING - COLORING CURR COMPANY Q E E E Qi E A STUDENTS' STORE S E SIMMONS CO. E Books and Supplies for the Work Sporting Goods and Games 69 MT' HOPE AVENUE for the Play EEEEEEEEEE lZlI3lEEIEiIlEllXIElIZl n I Q n t t i Engravmg, Printing and Decoration E for the Social Functions Beauty Rest Mattress E E o Beds - Springs - Studio Couches E IE E IQ E S C R A N T O M ' S E EI E1 E E :EI El IZ E El . EI N g a A "SatzJfied Patrons El E f f f Q Are Om' Bef! Adzfertifemenf' E E1 ' E E Fm WRef1dJ' 10 GEORGE E SPIEGEL at SON EIZIIZIIZIIZIIZIIXI El Kill!! TAILORS AND FURRIERS T0 GENT1-EWOMEN ARCH SUPPORT SPECIALISTS O 59 EAST AVENUE R0 CHESTER, NEW YORK IZIBIIZIIZIIEIEIEZI I lilglnmililliili IXIIE 1210 St. Paul St. Rochester, N. Y. Glenwood 4731 lil E Li E E 2.1 Q DAVIS DRUG COMPANY Q IZ lil E Cvfffffffwffff Of PRESCRIPTION PHARMACISTS li P . E THESHERWIN-VWLLIAMS Co. E481 LAKE AVENUE El gl C R'd E 5 3 STATE STREET Omer 1 geway xi Q Free Parking A Main 1517 lfil fi IE llillilil EBIBligllilElEllglgllilillgwillglillgllgllillililglglillgililillglglglillgllgllgllill-.ilillgllillil l.3ill3.llfSllXlx'ff.flElE'flElZllElZlElEllZlElIXlEIEllZ' one laundred forly-.fix EEE E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E! E E E E E C I E I I I C I C I C I I E C I I C C I E C E E C E C I I C lil E E3 E1 EI EJ El EI EI EI EEEE En E RI Q HETZLER BROS. CO., Inc. AUTOMATIC E E RUG CLEANING co. Q Q ICE - COAL - COKE E RI IEE 5 801 DRIVING PARK AVE. 674 SOUTH AVE' E E IE Q Phone: Glen. 446-4-47 Monroe 78 G. E. Klee E E E E E S We Deliver Main 3184 EEEEE 0 be PU PU O IE Wm :UE De? Us' +-E OS get L-+ I-I-I U3 D-4 Q o EEEE F ILIPPON E BROTHERS E FRESH FRUITS AND VEGETABLES E EJ ERI :E -I PI I E vs ov U1 U3 -I XII IND xo I-l DI CZ PU CD I-I CD Z P5 CJ Db U EJ E1 IE: E ' E E 966 CLINTON AVENUE NORTH E E E E1 R1 R1 RI :El E1 :EI U E1 Q Complzmenlf of Q E E El Com limeulf 0 E ABCO P f REALTY CORPORATION EEEEHEE EEEEEE CANNAN AND DIET Z A Complete Realty Service I Service Stations E 43 FRANKLIN STREET E E Rochester, N. Y. E E E E A E E E 5 CAUFIELDS We Telegmjala Flowery E Q HARDWARE-ELECTRIC Q E BLANCHARD FLORIST E E 892 W. MAIN STREET E lg, Phone: Genesee 3043 58 LAKE AVENUE E E E E Rochester, N. Y. E NNN 'Sl E: W- E fb I N E N- Q Sh W :Q E 5. I VE Q Q. RIEIIEI EEE Q m N :E R R K. 'Q fb he ik Q 'Q C? IL N E N EJ EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE E E E E REPAIRING A SPECIALTY PHONE, GLEN. 944 Auto Insurance and 1-Tire Insurance Q E E E THOMAS C. MILLER MILL MUTUALS AGENCY E E OF NEW YORK, Inc. E E E E ,k ,I ,K 133 CLINTON AVE. SOUTH E ggi o ' x 'S Mason C0I1tf9'Ct0f Our Policyholders are NOW SAVING E E wk wk wk from 20 to 2598 of their Automo- E E bile and Fire Insurance Premiums. E gi K T R N Y GERALD M. HOLMES E E 7 AY ERRACE OCHESTER, . . Manager Tel. Stone 159 E E EVERYTHING IN MUSIC Q E E t and E E Complzmemfx of E E, MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS 5 E , X E MILLER BROTHERS Home of STEINWAY Piano E E ' E EEEEEEEEEEE EEEEEEEEEEE 474 LYELL AVENUE LEVIS MUSIC STORE 33 South Ave. 412 East Main St. E E E E E E JAMES T. MURRAY E E . Camplimefzzff of E EE EE E PHARMACY E Q . GEORGE B. KELLY E E -492 LYELL AVENUE E EEEEEE EEEEEE EIEEEIE E o Z vu o tri LII O EIEEJEIE E , Complimentf of E 5 N. J. MILLER S SON E E E FUNERAL DIRECTOR B- F- SPIEGEL E EEEEEEEEEE 75 O 0 U' 0 m FY' fb g T4 EEEEEEEEEE 706 SOUTH AVENUE 1375 MT. HOPE AVENUE WE E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E I E E E E E E E I E I K E E I E I E C C E E I E E K E EH E C E I E E C I E E E E EJ EI EI EJ EE El IEEIE C one hundred forty-eiglal MUSE!!EilillililiBRENNENIZIIZIIZIlillililglilllillEIXllEEllEEElElElElZlEllZIEElZllZllXllZ.llillillilglilillilgllillillilliili MCINTOSH-BOTT INC. COAL, FUEL OIL, COKE 410 CONKEY AVE. GLEN. 3326 WILLIAM F. PREDMORE SCHOOL SUPPLIES, RELIGIOUS ARTICLES, CHURCH GOODS 93 STATE STREET Conzplinrentr of RUSSER'S Complete Food Market ElillilliiillfjlliilglilifllilfillillillillillillZllZlEElZllEElXllZlEllEl'ZllZlIZllZllEE1JE AMES CORNER IVIAPLE Cornplimentr of C. PSAILA Dirtribularr of PROCINO 8: ROSSI PRODUCTS 251 LYELL AVENUE Glenwood 2534 STONE 855 CAMPBELL 8a MENZNER Sole Agenzr For King Band Instruments Leedy Drums Selmer Reed Instruments TEMPLE BUILDING 44 NORTH ST Rochester, N. Y. ESTABLISHED 1891 Rochester's Largest Exclusive Manufacturing Furriers AIR-CONDITIONED AUTOMATIC COLD STORAGE-FOR YOUR F URS WM. V. GRAESER CO. 38-40-42 CLINTON AVE. NORTH MAIN 5729 C orn plirnenlr of PURE QUILL GASOLINE "From Tank Cur To Your Car" 155 HAGUE ST. 280 EXCHANGE ST. 191 MT. HOPE AVE. 444 CONKEY AVE. 400 STATE STREET 85 STONEWOOD AVE. Church Furniture and Supplies ROCHESTER NOVELTY WORKS, INC. Manufacturers 485 HAGUE STREET Genesee 5212 E IE lil lil E E El lil E li li E li li li li El El li El E li E lil E E li li E 5 li E S 5 li E E E El lil lil li E E E El E Bl lil lil E lil 'E BI lil lil lgl li El li E E Elm lilgiillilIZIIEEIillillililglilillillillillilillilillimmlilZlIZll2llZllElZlZlEll'ElIElZllEEEJIEEEllilliillillZllElXllZlEEllZlIZllXlEBlBllZlIEElElEEllElElZllZllQilllillillillillilglil El lgl lil Ei lil I lil lil lil lil El E lil El lil lil lil El li li lil E 531 lil lil lil li E li E11 El lil IZI E lil E E lil Lil lil EI lil lil El li lil lil El lil li lil EI El lil E El li lil lgl E E E Ei lilkillillilkililiillilililiiililmi 5 one hundred forty-nine EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE EI El E1 E E ARTISTRY SERVICE LOCATION Camphmwm of E E THE CURTIN AGENCY .jg We keep in step with the new flower E E vogues. Every artangetnent We Create GENERAL INSURANCE E E has style and distinction. Only the W EEE EEE highest quality flowers are used. GRANITE BUILDING E E . Stone 3519 E E B. KELLER SONS, INC. Q E 28 Clinton Ave. N. Stone 484 E E 531 E Q1 E 121 E E C. L. HARTMANN CORP. Qu, complefe E 18-20 NORTH UNION STREET Sep-yige - E Rochester, N. Y. 5. is 'lhoughffully appomled V E nga and carefully planned lo I Eel E Phone - Stone 4045 - 4046 bring every comforl' lo E . . E, Diflributory 'he hvmg' E Apex WQKICIS, Xongrs, gfalcuurg Cleaners HENRY D. HAI-LURAN egmqg E gg Pex U Ir on Itione 'N-N'77 9M6cEu E Heffflc Refrigerators ws vLvMouTH Av: souru-Puonf MAIN m . E E Fada Radios E gg E E E li E E E E HAUBNER AND STALLKNECHT E E Successors to john C. Rossenbach 5 E - LAUNDRY, INC. E E E E FUNERAL DIRECTORS ' E E , 1630 DEWEY AVENUE E EI I E 5 Genesee 300 828 JAY ST. Q E E E E gy 12: E Everything for the Garden COAL ' COKE ' FUEL OIL S Q1 E gi E1 2 An Economical Order a E E HART 35 VICK size for Full Supply E I Every Purpose Today S El SEED STORE 'E EEE EEE E BECKWITH COAL Co. E CORNER OF STONE AND ELY STS. 271 LYELL AVE. GLEN. 811 E E IE gi E1 IEEEEEEE EEEEEEEEEEE EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE EEEEEEEEEIEIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE one hundred-ffly EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE EEEEEEEEE EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE E . 'Y E 5 Get Indoor Exercise Ev gl E E E at . P9 E Office Systems-Supplies E CULVER BOWLING HALL Steel Desks-Files E 1258 RIDGE RD. EAST gf? Storage .and Q E Art Magm, Mgr. e Vrng quiprnent E E E OR YAwMANANDEREMFG.0. E E ' ' ' ' ' ' 41 CHESTNUT STREET E RI E BRIGHTVIEW HALL E lg E E 933 ATLANTIC AVENUE it Q E1 c 1' If E Bob Magin, Mgr. .Mfg amp zmentr of E E OHN H. GARNHAM E ' L21 EEE EE GROCERY E BEN MILLER IZ f E Q HARDWARE AND PAINTS 825 DEWEY AVENUE E lg GLASS . LADDERS . ELECTRIC SUPPLIES 1 E E .k V E 551-55-55 STATE ST. MAIN 6818 gl E E E Compliments of E EI 3 WILLIAM WEGMAN CO. BAUMAN 8: BAYNES IE E 111-115 MILL STREET 555 DRIVING PARK AVE. E EI E A if if E BARNARD, PORTER 8: REMINGTON MEATS - GROCERIES E PAINTS - OILS - ARTISTS' SUPPLIES VEGETABLES IE g 9-15 NORTH WATER STREET E gl H E LE E WALDERT OPTICAL CO. Everything in Music E E and E E 'll' Musical Instruments E '31 x gy E A! B rf GZ E WW 5 W 45565 WALKER MUSIC STORE 5 E Never Hzgber Przcer E IQ E E 1, 544 MAIN STREET EAST E gl E Ig! E lil 6 E A . R h . Y. . . E E 5 ast Ve OC ester' N Expert Repairing Stone 899 E FINE EE EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE EEE EEE EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE one hundred Jiffy-one limiilliliilillillillilliitillilili illillillii lillillilillililiillilillillkiillillilillillillilliliililgllilgl EIKEIEIEEEEEJLEEIIE EIMEI EE Q E4 T IZ 5 WAKE UP AND LIVE! E E RIDE HORSEBACK E EI 153 , at IZ! CLEARY STATIONS, INC- HEEERLE RIDING ACADEMY E 751 BROWNCROFT BOULEVARD E E 805 LAKE AVENUE O E E E E Rochester, N. Y. Special rates for classes E E Organize your class now E E For Reservations: E E Culver 4758 E E E E ISI 'gl lil E E 5 . E Bef! Wzfbef to E 5 A friend of Nazareth THE CLASS OF 1938 E E Salutes E E ' E1 T IE E THE LANTHORN STAFF A Father 5 E - E 121 IZ! 3 4. E IE il-21 E E N E E 5 RYAN Sr MCINTEE 3 E For Your Teas, Parties, Luncheons Funeral Service E E is the best and Costs no more El lil Serve Club Cmrkerf li E ' I-gg EI E ONTARIO BISCUIT COMPANY Call Stone 1464 B. Leo Mclntee Q Yl 73 Ig 5 SuPfCme Bakefs 207 CHESTNUT STREET E The Funeral Home--Non-Sectarian E E E El - E lg E! E1 IZ! El Bus. Phone, Gen. 4095 Res. Gen. 953-I WEINMANN 86 MET-ZGER E Lil E RAY'S RADIO SERVICE, Inc. PHARMACY E E g 536 JAY STREET E E Radios Ranges gg E ABC Washing Machines E 5 Refflgef-Hors MISS ROCHESTER FROCKS 2 E Service and Accessories Mdm0fmw,.g,J of ig El ' Nazareth Uniforms E E 5 32 CHILI AVE., COR. THURSTON From factory to customer lil Q Rochester, N. Y. MArN 515 390 N. CrrNr0N E Ei 131 one hundred jifty-Iwo lXlIi!iZ1I3'lIi1IXl!El'i11lXilill'iilfL'lQiI5iIl?.lEEI IZIIXIIZIIXIEIJIZIKEEIIEIXIIEIEIEIEIEE EIEIEIXIBIBIIEIZI IZI IXIIXIIEIZIIZI ESMEXIIIZIIZIIXIIXIIXIIZIJEIE EEEEEEEEEE EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE1i411XIEEEEEEEEEEEEEE EE EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE First for Graduation . . . Lovelier than ever, for the Class of 1938. All-white frocks, many with useful jackets. L Priced from 312.95 to 319.95 556' 78 Clinton Avenue South ZAMAIRA 8c SONS MARKET EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE 'k Two Stores 1129 Hudson 473 Hudson at Vose Stone 317-4-L Stone 1838 Evinrude and Elto Outboard Motors SBicyclesd-SGurIs a es an ervice BICYCLES - GUNS - RADIOS - MOTORS Rented by Day - Week - Month Term: and Trader TOWNER BROS. CO. 710 UNIVERSITY AVE. 49 ATLANTIC AVE. Rochester, N. Y. Purity Arcumry PERRY and SULLIVAN PHARMACY J. H. Perry - T. J. Sullivan 788 GENESEE ST. ROCHESTER, N. Y. Compliments of DR. BALDWIN INIARTIN PHILCO gives you new heights of radio enioyment ir LEONARD brings you the finest electric refrigeration SOLD BY LEADING STORES Distributed by BEAUCAIRE, Inc. 228-30 Broadway C omplifnenlr of "The Queen's Herald" Complifnenlr of n friend of Arlene Whitehouse Cornplimenlr of JOHN M. HEDGES 141 SCIO STREET EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE EE EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE EE EE EEE xx E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E EEEEEEEEEE one hundred lifly-three LillillilIillillillilIZllZllZllZllZll5QIlZllZIlElZlZ1lEElZllZIlZlElZllEHlZllS.ll3lElilEliflilliililligllillilglillilglilillilillililliigEEliglilillillilgllililElEElEllillilEllilEllilllilifllillillilllfllllfllilliiliifliiggtillillilqi lIlElEEllZllZll?.llXllTllZllIl?illJlIFJllllZllZlEEl Carnplimenlr of NUNN BRASS WORKS 17 WENTWORTH STREET Atlraflive Flower Arrangernenll' For Every Orcrzfion MCGREGORS FLORISTS 741 MONROE AVE. 201 GRAND AVE. Monroe 1415 Culver 1573 Complirnenlr of STORYIS GROCERY CONKEY AVE, AND AVE. D L. Richter, Proprietor Conzplimenlf of HENRY MAY 677 JAY STREET Cornplirnenzf 10 the GRADUATES H. S. SCHAFER 8: CO. 657 W. MAIN STREET WM. YALOWICH DRUG CO. 658 HUDSON AVENUE PRESCRIPTIONS, TRUSSES, AND ABDOMINAL BELTS Corrzplimenlr of SCHUG BROS. RESTAURANT 296 AVENUE A Cornplimenm of GEORGE S. PALMOS CANDY SHOP A 321 DRIVING PARK AVENUE V Cornplimenzr of ST. ANDREW'S CLUB 92 3 PORTLAND AVENUE Conzjilirnenlf of SENZ TAVERN LYELL, COR. GLIDE FRED A. KODISCH DINE and DANCE BUFFALO AND WEGMAN ROADS Coldwater, N. Y. SAM LACAGNIN A CHOICE MEATS and GROCERIES VEGETABLES - FRUITS Phone MAIN 4552 611 PLYMOUTH AVE. KOETTER 81 SAYRE INCORPORATED 1086 CLINTON AVE. NORTH GAS-OIL Greetings to 1938 from Father Of jane and Geraldine Gaffney FRANK GIOSEFFI HIGH GRADE SHOE REBUILDER ARCH-AID WORK EXPERTLY DONE National Canteft Prize Winner 545 LYELL AVE. GLENWOOD 6434 one hundred fifty-four MONROE NUT KITCHEN High Grade SALTED NUTS and CHOCOLATES 800 MONROE AVE., COR. CANTERBURY ROAD Tel. Monroe 9300 Rochester, N. Y. E E x x x X. x zz zz E El E li li li El E x. E li E E I IE lil E E LE E E li E E E lil lg I E IE li E11 li EEEIZJEEIEElilEElZlElZEZlElEElZllZlEEElElElEZIEElEillEEEEEIEIEEEEEIZEEEEEEE IEE IZllEl2IlZlL25E E IE lil E E Lil lil E lil lil lil lil lil Lil L23 H E El El E El El E E E E E IZ lil E IE E E li E Lil E li lil lil Lil lil li IE lil E E li E E li E E E I H E li lil li lil lil lg E lzilliillilflliliiliEEliEEllilimillillilXlElZlEEllZlElXlEEl?SIIlElEElXll5llElZlLZllEfilIlfl IE E Bl E 131 lil ISI lil lil VZ! Izfl E E E1 lil E IE lil E E Eil 121 El I IZ Bl E I Q IE IE B! E! E3 IE .E E IE El IE Fil E E E LE E E Bl IZ! IZ! lil Lil Bl ! IE V51 EQ lil . 1- E E Lor1mer Grocery 8: Meat Market Comp lmemf of E li EI lg V. Bovenzi, Prop. BEVERAGES 3 lg E1 E 100 LORIMER SI: GLEN. 6737-W Rochester' N- Y' E EEE EEE! E53 G. J. Vande Sancle Telephone: Main 991 CANIELIO BROS E E . LEO- CAUHAN1 IHC- MARKET AND GROCERY E E WALLPAPER . PAINTS - SUPPLIES Om COR' AUSTIN lg E - I 525 MMF STREET EAST We deliver Glen. 3283 E Lil Dim-zbzzior of Pzmburgb Paint Productx EI E x E 1- E El Comp :menu of E liflifillililillillil IZIEEEEIZIIZIEE HOME MADE ICE CREAM EDGERTON GRILL 370 LEXINGTON AVENUE 40 COSTER STREET E 1' E E Compliment! of Comp ,menu of ELRAY FOOD MARKETS, IAC. FIRESTUNE AUTO SUPPLY E AND SERVICE STORE LAKE AT LYELL AVENUE IZlElEIZlfZlfZlE IZIEIIIZIEIZIIZIIZI Your Mmzzmalb Food Ilflarkel 634 SoU'I'H AVENUE lil IZ! E complfmmff GLATZ'S MARKET E E ,7 IE E of I e 708 JOSEPH AVENUE 3 E OXFORD FOOTBALL CLUB City "Champs" '37 Charles Stone 1837 Joseph E E E " G 4970-W O f' . E LENWOOD pen rom 9 to 9 Complimemkf of THE GRIFFIN HAT SHOPPE 154 SHERMAN STREET SAM GOTTRY CARTING CO. IEE! IEE lil lgl IX? The Sea.ron'J Smarlefl Slyler az FFI E. E E 31.85, 32.85, and 353.85 O C ' Q E Style without expense - Better hats for less 47 PARKWAY E LE El E BIXASXICIYCTOAIE-PHILCCT RADIOS f , YT W HERS IRONERS 5 DE MALLIE S GROCERY STERLING-UNIVERSQXIL RANGES fm BLUE GLOW RANGE OIL BURNERS E E 440 PARSELLS AVENUE G. E. CLEANERS-FRIGIDAIRES E E H. C. POMMERENING AND SoN Q EI - Culver 2705 1106 LYELL AVE. 690 GLIDE STREET 13' iii' GLENWOOD 3110 lil IZ! El ISI ' 7 lil E E E C0mf'I"'Ye'2ff ef FRED'S QUALITY MARKET Q if El E DE VISSER Fred Pecora, Prop, Q X IQ 1430 DEWEY AVENUE IZI E 1566 LAKE AVE. GLENWOOD 653 E lil EVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEl-ill?.llZlEllZllELilEllElElZllZlZll2llZlSlEllZIlXllZllXIElEllZl EEEBIEEEIEEEEEEE E IEIZ one hundred jifzy-five EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEIE EE EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE EE EEEEEEEEEEEE XIE FRANCIS E. BURNS Special Agent NEW YORK LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY SHERELIS COAL AND COKE CO. Phone: Stone 596 590 HUDSON AVENUE NORBERT F. RAUBER Special Agent The Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Co. The Dividend Paying C0. of America 906 GAS AND ELECTRIC BLDG. STONE 498 Complimenzf of XVILLIAM F. GREINKE Compliments of a Friend of Marguerite Englert KENNEDY 8: KIRCHMAIER FLORISTS 579 LAKE AVENUE MAGGS ICE CREAM AND CATERING 732 EAST MAIN STREET Stone: 621-622 For a Quick and Deliciour Defferl Call MAGGS EEEEEEEEEI I I be av sd P4 F75 rw nv O 2 l"' lTl P4 a 'W me Everyllaing in Imurfznce Stone 3908 4.03-405 GRANITE BLDG. EEEEE one hundred fifly-Jix RED AND WHITE FOOD STORES 1056 DEWEY AVENUE Glenwood 6981 We Deliver GENESEE 2501 "Punk" ROwe's WHEEL INN Legal Beverages, Real Food Music-Dancing 1160 JAY STREET ROCHESTER, N. Y. Complimenlr of CHAMPION KNITWEAR CO.,Inc. ' 71-77 ST. PAUL STREET Main 1995 Athletic Goods Specialists To The School Trade Complimenlf of HENRY MAY 677 JAY STREET Camplimentx of MEYER NU SBAUM CO. TAILOR ' TRIMMINGS 202 ANDREWS STREET ARENA ROLLER SKATING RINK 87 STONE STREET Admission: Ladies, 30 Centsg Gents, 40 Cents HOLL Y WOOD BEAUTY SHOP Permanent Waving-Finger Waving Shampooing-Eve Brow Arching Manicuring-Packs and Rinses MAIN 6076 327 GRANITE BLDG. ROCHESTER, N. Y. L. E. PEARSE 3327 LAKE AVENUE CHOICE MEATS and GROCERIES Charlotte 414-335 E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E IE E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E 151 E E IE E E E E E E E E E E E E E E EE EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE E EEEE EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE EE EEEEEEE E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E! E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E EEE EllililllilliIZHZHZIElf.ZllZllZlIZllZlEElZlElEllZlElZlEElilillilillgllillillilliiillimmlilggglillilillillillilElZllZll2iIlXlElZlEElXlIZlEElZlEilillillgllZlEillZllZlIXlIZllZllZllZllZllZlIZlIZlIXllZEllZllElElZlEElEDEEllEElZll21I Typewriters-All Makes SOLD, RENTED, REPAIRED TYPEWRITER SHOP 49 CLINTON AVE. NORTH Phone: Stone 853 BAUER AND RAETZ, Inc. GENERAL RE PAIRING GAS, OIL, BATTERIES, FENDER AND BODY WORK . TEL. GEN. 3977 383 CHILD STREET Compliment! of G. BAREIS AND SON EVERYTHING IN FOOTWEAR 826 JOSEPH AVENUE Complimemr SUGAR BOWL 1314 DEWEY AVENUE WATCHES DIAMONDS Good watch repairing at reasonable prices C. J. DANGLER JEWELER 703 SOUTH AVENUE GENESEE 5481-W GEORGE B. HAW KEN PAINTER and DECORATOR 186 CHAMPLAIN STREET Phone: Genesee 4765 A. 1. MEYER BETTER SHOES FOR THE FAMILY 596 HUDSON AVENUE Open Evenings Neat Repair WcI1'k Telephone Stone 5350 Van de Visse 8: Kildea Lumber Co., Inc. LUMRER-BIIILDERS' SUPPLIES Pittsburgh Paint Products 1503 LYELL AVENUE GLENWOOD 668 CHAS. DOERELINGER MARKET Manufacturer of Fine Sausages 433 PARSELLS AVENUE Phones: Culver 451 - 452 Compliment: of FLOWER CITY PRESS 207 BURKE BLDG. SULLIVAN'S COAL . . . COKE FUEL OIL and WOOD 4025 LEXINGTON AVE. GLEN. 6986 Complimenzr of GEORGE A. KLIER, PHARMACY 692 MAPLE STREET HUSS MARKET WHERE YOUR DOLLAR BUYS A DOLLAR,S WORTH GENESEE STREET CORNER SAWYER MARKS 8: ABRAMSON JEWELERS AND OPTICIANS 10 STATE STREET LIBERTY SWEET SHOPPE Home Made Candies and Ice Cream Sodas. Cigars and Tobacco 275 DRIVING PARK AVENUE FURNACES GUTTER PIPES CONDUCTOR PIPES ASBIISTOS SIDING ASPHALT SHINGLES ROLL ROOFING ELMER G. WILLIS SHEET METAL WORK Tinsmithing and Roofing Of All Kinds 64 AUSTIN STREET Phone GLEN. 5792 Bl E E li El li lil lil li lil li IE lil lil I E El lil E E E IZI E E lil lil lil lil lg I li lil E lil lil lil lil El lil lzfl lil QI El E El Lil E Bl EI IZ E lil li E11 E E El El E. E lil El E lilZlElZlElZllillililMilEl.illEElZlElZlElZlIXlEElZlEllZllZllZllZllZllZllZll?3lZlElZlIXlElElZllQfllElZllZll'ZlIZllEllZllZllEfllE IEE EgglglililillillillilglillliIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEE lil lil lil lil El lil lil El li E E lil lil lil lil I BI El El E li E El El El lil Lil lil E Lil I El lil El E El lg E lil E lil lil Lil E E lil El E E El El El E Ei li IE lil E E I E El E one hundred-fifty-Jeven IEEIBIIEEIIZIIEIIEMEEIIZIIZI lillillililililgllillillillilllbilEli!EEEEEMEEEIEEEEEEEEJBIEEEEIELQ Emmmmm 'S-1 IJ' O O UU O W D-I G W I O C' 0 W UU W O P-I I I-I-I '25 CD IEEDEEII21 IEIEIEEIEIE XI xl XO E 2 S O 5: 32 HQ O 75 O O F11 E CDI-E MUD Z 52 E11 U1 E GN kll LII W'-rx c: 52 55 :ab QP' QQ 'PU EE 0:51 P-I E45 D1 t-I EIEIEIEIEIIE E El lfi E E Complimentr of Compliments of E PIONEER COAL COMPANY PERRY PIES E E IZI llfl lil lil lil lg WILSON,S 'FOOD STORES lg E Complimentf of E lg' , QUALITY MEATS and GROCERIES E1 E DOERNER s BOTTLING WORKS Q gg 2046 DEWEY AVENUE Era 131 zz E Telephone: Glenwood 6332 gl lil lg lil gg complimem of WASHERS and IRONERS E E , , FRIGIDAIRES and CLEANERS lil E Spiegel s Golden Gate Restaurant E E PORTLAND AT CARTER AND E X P31 Frank G. Spiegel, Proprietor 94 SCIO STREET STONE 200 W E E IE El li El E li C07PZ'Dli7H6I1l.f of E MELAINE QUTAL1 216 MAIN smm EAST E Phone: Stone 6940 Rochester, N. Y. E li Bl IE lil lil El 59 . EDWARD K. MALONEY Q Compliments of a Manufacturing jeweler gil E friend of DIAMOND SETTER IZI lg . . WATCH, CLOCK and UIEWELRY Repairing E El Bernadme Bauer IZI El 116 EXCHANGE PLACE BUILDING IZI 16 State Street Main 7240 E Y IZ! El Complimenfx of E lil - lil E FROMM BROTHERS Complzmenzf of E E QUALITY SAUSAGE W. G. H. 3 E Ask Your Dealer E E El li El E WOJTCZAK S BAKERY BERNARD I. HENSLER 5 RUM KU3fE12l5Mi?gi51iEiEE BREAD! DIAMONDS, WATCHES and JEWELRY E E and all Pastries made purely for you. 201-205 COMMERCE BLDG. STONE 1987 E 990 HUDSON AVENUE STONE 6497 Main St. E. cor. South Ave. E E lililllfllil lilIEIElililillglilEIElgll?lilEllilDgfillilglflillglglglillglillilglilglglillfflgllgllilillglw liliglliliilgllgllillillillillillillil lg X IEE one hundred .fiXlj' lEQllZllZ.llT.llZllZlEllZlElElElEllZlIZlEl EllillgllillilfiillilEEElifilglIillilEllilfgllillillgllqilglfillgllilliligltilglkillglililillgllillglililillilgl E E lll lg F2 'ffl . . El lg Compliments of a Compliments of a E El lg friend of friend of E lil fil lil . . lg' E Betty Lighthouse Betty Lighthouse S E E El lg lil ll-il 3 E E E E lil IZ lil Lil li Iii! r I Q Compliments of El Compliments of a IE lil E1 IZ! friend of friend of E , lil E E Jeanette Wadsworth Betty Quetehenback E 2 :za El lil Q51 lg lil E1 S E' E E in li Bl E Compliments of 'Compliments of lg E a friend of 21 friend of E lil S Jeanette Nebbia Mary Canzano E E lil 5 5 E Compliments of Compliments of E ll friend of a friend of Ei E5 E11 E Althea Osterman Evelyn Kleeh Q1 El IRI Ei Q 5 E Compliments of Compliments of El Ei E a friend of a friend of gl june Koch Arline Korth El lil El E E E E E Compliments of Compliments of E lg S a friend of a friend of S lil Eu enia Curtis Clementine Barbati lg! 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E E E 5 E EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE one hundred fixiy-two EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZEEXE?ZigiEEEEEEE EEZXXEEEEEE EE EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE X EEREEWEEEHMMEEMNMMEEEEEEEEERENEWEWNEEEEE EEREEEEENEEENWNWWEEEEEEEEEHEEEWNNEEWMEEEEEWH E T3 M M M YOUR STQRY IN PICTURE LEAVES NOTHING UNTOLD M N lm H i lxl W M N x U M E E E E E E E E E IE M ESI N W M ld W E E E E E El IQ M M M W B W IM lm M W W M M M lm M N W M WW Ui lm W M M M IQ B E ml E M lm E DS EJ M lg! . X An Electmc-Etch Halftone X E EEEARTISTSANDPHOTOENGRAVERS U L V B R IENGRAVING COMPANY, INCORPORATED' E -:I IQ E I E E lm E R H L D l D. at OWEN-ILDING, 59 MAIN sr E,,-ROCHESTER, N. Y, I M E B E H one hundred Jixzy-three O1 and Page - A - ABCO Reality Corporation ........ 147 Alco Food Shoppe ,.,.,.. .... 1 45 Allatt Beauty Shoppe .,., ,.,, 1 58 Anderson Br Sons, A. L ...,. .,.. 1 30 Andrew's Market, Inc ...,.. ..,. 1 58 Arena Roller Skating Rink ,,.. . . . ,156 Art Print Shop and Ayer Br Streb. ,162 Automatic Rug Cleaning Co. ..... 147 - B .- Baier, Bernadine .,...., .... 1 60 Balcron Coal Company. , . ..., 159 Barbati, Clementine ..,........... 161 Bareis and Son, G .,.,..,,....... 157 Barnard, Porter Br Remington ..... 151 Bastian's Dress Shoppe .,...,..,.. 159 Bates Market .......,.......,... 140 Bauer and Raetz, Inc.. .. .. . .157 Bauman 8: Baynes ....... .... 1 51 Bauman, Madeline ...,.......... 141 Bearing Co., Inc., T. T. ........ 137 Beaucaire, Inc .....,. ...... .... 1 5 3 Beck's Market 8: Grocery .,..,.,.. 159 Beckwith Coal Co .....,.... i ..,. 150 Blanchard Florist .... .... . . . .147 Bonsignore Co., A. G.. .. . . . .139 Bottiglieri, Fanny ..... . .... 141 Boucher, Geo. T. ................ 136 Boylan, J. P. .........,..,,...,. 130 Bridgeman Coal 8: Coke Company, George, The ................. 139 Brightview Hall ..., .... 1 51 Brooks Beverages , ...... , . . . , . . 155 Buckley, Joseph J. ...,...,....... 138 Burke, Honorable Harold P.. ,.,.. 134 Burns, Francis E.. ..,...,......,. 156 - C - Calihan, Inc., Leo .... ,.,.155 Camelio Bros ......,... , . , .155 Campbell 8: Menzner . , . . . . . .149 Cannan and Dietz ...... .,., 1 47 Canzano, Mary .....,.... .... 1 61 Carroll Radio Sales Inc ..... .... 1 47 Catholic Courier .,........,..... 128 Caurield's Hardware-Electric ...,,. 147 Central Laundry and Supply Co.. .132 Century Sweet Shop, The ........ 140 Champion Knitwear Co., Inc. ..., 156 Charlell ..,...... ..........,... 1 55 Chocolate Shop, The, . . . . . . .143 Christman Market, John ,... .... 1 58 Class of 1938, The ......,......, 152 Cleary Stations, Inc .,............ 152 Collins, Mary Jane and Gertrude. .134 Cramer Drug Stores ............., 142 Crescent Puritan Laundry, Inc ..... 150 one hundred .rixty four Index Page Crowley, Harry B ..,. .... 1 56 Culhane, Anthony XV. ,,.. ..,. 1 42 Culver Bowling Hall .,.......,.,. 151 Culver Herald Engraving Co., Inc..163 Curtin Agency, The .....,....... 150 Curtis, Eugenia. ..,.... .,.. 1 61 Cutali, Melaine, .... .... 1 60 - D - Dangler, C. J ..,....... ,.,.157 Davis Drug Company ..... , ...146 Deavitt, Dr. John B .... .... 1 58 Decker's, Ray ........,.......... 159 DeMallie's Grocery ......,.,.,.,. 155 Dennis Stores, Inc., Frank H .,... 139 DeVisser Bros ......,......,.,... 155 Doerrlinger, Chas ....,.,... .,.. 1 57 Doerner's Bottling Works .,.,.... 160 Duffy Carting Co., Wm. B .,,.... 136 Dwyer Electric Company ...... - E ,.. Edgerton Grill ...... . Eggleston, The ....,.... . Ehmann Market ..... .,.. . Elray Food Markets, Inc... . Emma, Englert, Farmen Farrell Feather Michael J. ..... . Marguerite. . . . -F- Brothers , .... . ly, Dorothy . . , . Filippone Brothers. ..... . Firestone Auto Supply Service Store ........... First Federal Savings and Loan ..,140 ...155 ...135 ...137 ...155 ...143 ...156 ,..145 ,.,143 ...141 .,.147 ...155 Association of Rochester ........ 136 Fitzgerald, Father of Joan. .,...,. 138 Flannery, Bernard T .,..., .... 1 38 Flower City Press .......... .... 1 57 Foley, Ellen ,..,.. . ............. 140 Frances Shop, Inc., Rochester ..... 142 Fred's Quality Market .,,......... 155 Fromrn Brothers, ....... .... 1 60 Furlong Studio .....,. .... 1 28 Gaffney, Father of Jane and Geraldine ..... . Garnham, John H ...... . Genesee Pattern Works . Gerhard Company, F. H .... . Gertrude Anne, The ..,.., . Geyssens, Margaret . . . . Gioselii, Frank ,..... , Glatz's Market ..., . ...154 ...151 .,.145 ...138 ...158 ...141 ...154 ..,l55 Page Gottry Carting Co., Sam. ., ....155 Graeser Co., Wm. V ...... Green 8: Dwyer, Inc ..,. Greinke, William F. ,... . ....149 ...,133 ....156 Grifhn Hat Shoppe, The. .. ....155 .. H ... Hadlock, Barbara Jane .... ....141 Hadlock Paint Co., Inc. ..,.. .,,. 1 37 Hafner Home Laundry Inc ...,.... 144 Halloran 8: Sons, Henry D. ..... ,150 Hart 8: Vick .........., ........, 1 50 Hartmann Corp., C. L. ..... .... 1 50 Haubner and Stallknecht .... .. Hawken, George B ........ ..150 ....l57 Heberle Riding Academy .... . . , .152 Hedges, John M. ........ . Hensler, Bernard J .,...,.. Hetzler Bros. Co., Inc.. , . . ....153 ....160 ....147 Hollywood Beauty Shop ..... .... 1 56 Houck Brothers .,..,.........,.. 160 Howe, Gordon A. ..........,.., 140 Huber Electric Co., Inc., T. R .... 142 Huss Market .............,...... 157 Hylan Flying Service Charter ....,. 144 LJ- Jackson-Bailey Inc ...... Jeanette W3dSWOl'fl1 ...... .,..138 ....161 Josephine Beauty Shoppe .... ..., 1 59 -K- Keck, Jacob C. ........ . Keller Sons, Inc., J. B.. .. Kellogg, C. Solon ...,., Kelly, George B. ..,.. ,. Kennedy 8: Kirchmaier .... Kirby, Bernadine ........, ....160 ..,.150 ....152 ....148 ....156 ..,.141 Kleeh, Evelyn ................... 161 Klier Pharmacy, George A. .,,.... 157 Koch, June .............,.. .,.. 1 61 Kodisch Fred A .... Koetter 8: Sayre. . . Korth, Arline. ...... .. -L... Lacagnina, Sam ....... Lang Drug C0 ........... , Langie Fuel Service Inc .... Lanthorn Staff, The .... Ledlie, J. O ..,....,, Levin's ..,.....,..... Levis Music Store ...... ....154 ,.,.154 ....161 ....154 ....15S ....137 ....152 ....142 ....158 ....148 Liberty Sweet Shoppe ............ 157 Lighthouse, Betty .......,....,... 161 Little Ridge Handy Shop, The ...158 Lorimer Grocery 84 Meat Market. .155 .148 -MC- McGregors Florists . , . . McGuire, Chas, B .... . McIntosh-Bott Inc ,... .. -M- Maid Drug Company, Inc ...... Maggs Ice Cream and Catering. Maloney, Edward K .......... Manhattan Restaurant ..., . Marks 8: Abramson ..... . Martin, Dr. Baldwin .... . Mattle, John W ........... . May Furniture Company ,.,... May, Henry ........,.,.. . . . May, Henry ...,..,......,... Meisenzahl Bros. Coal Co., Inc.. Meyer, A. J .,....,...... .. . Mill Mutuals Agency of New York, Inc.... . Scanlan 8: Lane ,........,., Miller, Ardean R .,... Miller, Ben ....,... Miller Brothers ..,... Miller's Son, N. ,I .... Miller, Thomas C .,., Monroe Nut Kitchen.. Murray, james T ...,. -N- Natty Tailors and Cleaners ..., Nazareth College ...,... Nebbia, Jeanette ..,,. Projansky .,...,.,.,., . . Story's Grocery. . . . Niagara University ...., .. Nunn Brass Works .... .. Nusbaum Co., Meyer .... .. -0- Olles, joseph A. ....,..... . Ontario Biscuit Company ,..... Osterman, Althea ...,,.... . Otto, Frederick A .... ..,. . Oxford Football Club .... . -p- Palace Sweet Shoppe .,......., Palmos Candy Shop, George S. Pearse, L. E ............,..,.. Pennant Oil 8: Gas Co ...., .. Perry and Sullivan ....,.. .. Perry Pies .,.,,. . , , . . Peter, Gertrude ........ .. Peters Funeral Home .,..... .. Pioneer Coal Company ..,...,. Pommerening 8: Son, I-I. C ..... Predmore, William F .,,,... ., Provenzano, Pat E ..,, .. Psaila, C. .... ,.,, . , Page .154 .158 .149 .133 .156 .160 .141 .157 .153 .141 .158 .154 .156 .144 .157 .134 .151 .148 .148 .148 .154 .148 .159 .124 .161 .129 .154 .156 .159 .152 .161 .131 .155 .159 .154 ,156 ,144 .153 .160 .138 .142 .160 .155 .149 .146 .143 .149 Index Purple and Behrman .... Pure Quill Gasoline .... - Q - Queen's Herald, The .,.. Quetchenback, Betty .... - R - Rappl 8a Hoenig Co ..,., Rauber, Norbert F. ...,... . Ray's Radio Service, Inc ..... Red and White Food Stores. Regan, Elizabeth ........... Repp 81 Meisenzahl Dairy... Ridgeway Pharmacy ....,.. . . . Rochester Book Bindery .,....... Rochester Business Institute ...... Rochester Frocks, Miss ..... ,... Rochester Gas 8: Electric Corp .... Rochester Novelty Works, Inc.. .. Rochester Packing Co., Inc ...... Rochester Stationery Co .......... Rochester Thread Company .,.... Rogers, Senator George F .... Ro1and's .................. Rowe's Wlmeel Inn, "Punk". Russer's ......,.....,..... Ryan 8z Mclntee .,.... - S - St. Andrew's Club .... , Sally Frocks ...... ,....... Scanlon'Lewis General Tires. Schaefer Company, George C. Schafer 8: Co., H. S ......,, Scheuerman Sons, C. F.. . . . Schlick 8: Co., H. N.. , . , .. School of Commerce, The .. Schug Bros. Restaurant ...., Schulz Bros ..,,........, Scrantom's ........... ,,.. Senz Tavern ........ ....... Sherelis Coal and Coke Co.. Sherwin-Williams Co., The.. Sibley, Lindsay and Curr Company Simmons Co.. ................ .. Skinner, Sheriff Albert .....,.,.. Smalline's Clinton-Ridge Phar'cy Smith, june .,..,.,...... ..... Snap Shot Shop ...,............ Sodality of Our Lady .... Spiegel, B. F .............. Spiegel 8: Son, George F. ...... .. Spiege1's Golden Gate Restaurant. Stillman's ..................... Sugar Bowl .... Sullivan's ... Page .160 .149 .153 .161 .144 .156 .152 .156 .141 .144 .159 .141 .131 .152 .131 .149 .130 .135 .136 .159 .159 .156 .149 .152 .154 .160 .136 .144 .135 .154 .136 .158 .135 .154 .159 .146 .154 .156 .146 146 .146 .140 .158 .141 .146 .125 .148 .146 .160 .159 .154 .157 .157 -T- Teaehers, The .,....,.. Thaney and Hohman ..... Thompson, J. E ...... ..... Tomkinson Feed Company.. . Town Talk Bakery .......,.. Towner Bros. Co. ....,.... . Page ....126 ....159 ....153 ..,..158 ..,..145 .,...153 Trant's Catholic Supply Store ..... 145 Trott, Thomas F. ......... . Tucker, Charles A.. .. 'Typewriter Shop ...... -V- .....145 ....139 ....157 Valley Cadillac Corporation, The.132 Van Brocklin, Charles ..,........ 158 Van de Visse 8: Gildea Lumber Co., Inc .,.................... 157 Vatter, joseph ,........ Vay, Norbert E. .,,...... . Veltz's Pure Food Shop .,.. Vogt's Store ....,...... . -W- W.G,H .............. Watlswortlm, Jeanette .... Waldert Optical Co. ..... . XValker Bros. Company ,.,. Walker Music Store ..... Walsh, Mrs. Michael, .... Ward, Inc., C. P.. . .. Ward's Hardware ...... Watts Dry Cleaning Co., ., Wegman Co., William ..... Wegman's Food Markets. ., Weinmann 8: Metzger ,..., Whitehouse, Arlene ..... Wfhite Wire Works Co .... Whelehan, George B .... Williams' Pharmacy .... Willis, Elmer G ........ Wilson's Food Stores ..... Wojtczak's Bakery -Y- Yalowich Drug Co., Wm .... Yates Coal Co., The ....... Yauchzi Company, The ...... ....141 ....145 ....143 ....158 ....160 ....161 ....151 ....139 ....151 ....159 ....129 ....143 ....142 ....151 ....132 ....152 ....153 ....143 ...,139 ....159 ....157 ....160 ....160 .....154 ....137 ....145 Yawman and Erbe Mfg. Co. ...... 151 -Z- Zamaira 8: Sons Market .... Zeller, Michael A ........ ....153 ....144 Zweigle's .. ,..... .,..133 one hundred .rixty-jive ?CJi!Dt43i-EJi'4DE'-8J'C-5'C-5JfSEJfiiD'CZBE6J'C-9i4BE6JiQ2ii?x it I Library Guide I ll f I I A I Introduction-Pages 1-11 11,3 I Contents Pope Librarian Foreword Dedication fig I In Memoriam Q I f-I . ll Q . Library Staff-Pages 12-21 'Q I Administration Advisory, Education, A Executives Disciplinary fy I Associate Librarians 5 IS SI , , Fi Y General Works-Religion-Pages 22-61 '43 QI Graduates Chapel 51 'Q Library Science Sodality fa I journalism Missions Q1 I ,l Social Science, Lan guage, Natural Science, 'S gy Useful Arts-Pages 62-77 lg Social Progress Science Clubs Il!! GJ Dictionaries Home Economics 81 ? Language Clubs Business Ii! ' Il QI Fine Arts, Recreation, Literature, History-Pages 78-103 lg Art Drama Ib QI Music History Clubs A Y Amusements Alumnae Il!! I I gy Under-classes-Pages 104-121 A If junior Freshman IS SI Sophomore Grammar Department A TI Advertising-Pages 122-165 sl ' f1-3f?3f?3ff2'3f?3fC?3'G?3fG?3ff3'3'C?3G?3'C?Q'f?3'G?3f?-3C?3Q-T mze burzdred ,vixily-.fix r X . M r M J ..f' 1 J I rf J J if J my Azzfogmplof 67 fmgdvw , J www, Qf MQ XX LZ,-5? ies 2522 . ,. I .-' I , 1,f swf " if 'tm it Q'-L ' is x 'ji X x A XM lg . Q xv., I.. , , "X 'tc .A . Q K. A K- ...W A..-1 'I ff K f .1 ff! J, , Buvvx fwk: ,M W SILT 571 iff, f , W V, If fill EM 1'l'l1v1g XN A , I ,A A 5'fiMwp::.,,,,fJQfLg1W , Y K, ff utocgmplaf .cam- Jwf' fy WWW' J JMX? iUWf',:wfffff'f , fd, Q Q , Mgjlf Q f' fi SQ? , X N Xi Rib K U WG S? 1 Q Q A G9 ff im. .Q M is Ny fa Wm E31 ,Y TU ' 552 A W : Q, ,ff M M3 N 3-a 1, avid, W ,Mgwyd . ixtwjwfpf I Ax 'U Vzxvlv in M7 JM if 1 A604 ,M 7 awww wp 'djs JVLTMM. Wb nyiybtg ,ho ,swf 32 rjfui gag Mm ? L 531,-L F ij Eb WWMJV , Lib M Q W! Tfagwaj My " , WMV? U J Q wifwwfw W! wfvdywyi WW MQ 3, 2? W F Q 'W - A at 52 ia T. 2 , . Ay!! 4325 u lm -ja ' , 1 i:-. V , , . lf .X :VY HY!-fr ,, 1- . , 4 4+ r 1 N X u- i .v Y' ZS 1 P - -' " ,,.211,""?'f.zN':.fa:1,.,q Nz! Ei' - 5 ,L 3 i i 2' AXA 3 P 3' E P , , , .. , . , . : 3 L A ,' 4 1 -- --1

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