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.L ljw' .,2 ,, x ,yu T ' ,w , W," ,-,,. v .L .,.x we mmf . 1. X v-we , 1 Y .. . Q, -Wg: I, 1 mf, 11 1. . is A 6 I all fkzfatk' ' a 5 M -. f' QILLU M I Q , 34.9 , N vi A 1:3 x. o 151 l n ' V N .xv 2 xxixwx I Eff X f Ul'l'i' "' 4 fl? 45TH ACP "The Lanthorn"-a torch, a light that in 1937 commemorates the silver jubilee of editing a Year Book ind the Sesquicen- tennial Celebration of the Constitution of the United States of America. f5 'ZF 45' 9 x 01" X jivffgz E o v 9 be f' R , 2, . fa., W 5 2361, 982 5 f ff- Q . 9 5 Xxx bf R' K 0 5 E X jf n n HE QW ' .- l f' QK we ' -bs X W V94 LYQ .4 1 , ' v l J' M EX LIBRl.SCf ' ' '7'ET!.""'7-"FFL'?'ff-9? 53' ' ' "'5"77f"ffT5' ws-r-...-.. n,.'.'n v-. H 4 -1 , THB 'Twenty-fifth vfnnual Tublicalion OF THE I Senior Year Book OF NAZARETH ACADEMY ROCHESTER, NEW YORK I 9 3 7 11 WW' TO SISTER M. TERESINA GENTLEWOMAN, SCHOLAR, FRIEND OF NAZARETI-I STUDENTS Iron MANY YEARS FORMERLY THE INSPIRATION OF "The fantbornn WE THE CLASS OF 1937 WHO HONOR YOU FOR YOUR DEVOTED sERvICE TO RELIGION, TO EDUCATION, AND TO AMERICA - DEDICATE THIS SILVER JUBILEE EDITION OF THE NAZARET H YEAR BOOK WE GLORY IN YOU WI-IOsE LIFE OF RICHNEss EEAUTY, EFFECTIVENESS, AND CHRIST-LIKE CHARITY ,IUSTIFIES TI-IE MOTTO OF NAZARETH "The ,ford if Jlfly fight" 3 . 3 "1 Qi .f 1 F ' m E Y? YJ. mld ag ,ma N' Lf. 'Aff'- , Q 'iff I -K -.,'-'. -gg! --5.2. buf. A FGREWORD 1 v the CLASS or NINETEEN HUNDRED AND F' 3 his THIRTY-SEVEN, in order to form a more per- lm Q 1' "' .339 H ,f N N lr ,JI fect relationship between ourselves and our ' '. ' I S xfz, l-7'-40153-42 underclassmen, to establish the firm memory of Nazareth in our hearts forever, to insure the same peaceful atmosphere that was given to us here to our successors, to pro- vide the foundation for future life, to promote the general welfare of every student, and to secure the blessings and good wishes of the faculty, do ordain and establish this "Lanthorn" for you, our teachers, parents, and friends. 1 We have chosen for our theme the Constitution of our country. Herein, we have recorded much that will help us to follow the supreme law of our land and the supreme law of God. - wwcv. 'Ol Courtesy of Sesqxlicentennizll Czmmwittec Wfaslmingtmmn, D. C. 'H A Path of Memory Campus Days HSII'L'L'f ffviffljrlv Jfiyi llml ll'L'I'l' iii' lung Ai llzwily ffizyi im' fiom." A. jabzlut, Curry and D, Schmidt I pliotozgmph Sheila O'Gr1uiy and Marilyn McDonald. Ilia KQ1'0I't',Y zzwv Cn 1 fpfar. " A f1!l'fl1r'lf .ulmdv high UI'CI'- lzrvfved and L't'hUfIlf' Il'z1f:6.l' A ,, fav! Il wwf. A Path to Knowledge Office Practice "Til llllhfdlltillf lo .fer'1'e." Little Mary jane l-laigh buys tokens from L. Sullivan. E. Scheid telc- phones, T. Koch typewrites. Our Lady's Grotto Four Marys USIl'L'c'l rm live ,v1z'eefe.sf of 11fulndie.a'.- The imma nf diary." Smfm'.' Marie Long, .S'h11.wfi11!g.' Mary Mc- Kenna, Mary Scrvati, Mary Coppeta. +31 10 23? A'.'XIr1r'-1' rllrnlffffm 211 zzmrfafe ,Holhw Ulf frm' fun' .zmfrzflmfyl1nf1c." nwflfv, fvfallffllfcuzl fffllll In ucxl ffm is bgwffz' 11.121115 Nuff? mv. HJ!! nf' lfuf llffffwf' Guardian of Nazareth Four Josephines "l5m'fn1z' 'yfilll' ,llljllfv lhffnzz' 117111 .1l'L't'11f,l' ,r11'wl." 5'e.1leJ.' Marie Josephine VUeidnmn, 51.11141- mg: Mary josephine Klem, Betty joseph Trott, Agnes ,losephinc O'Brien. Si I I fi? Prayer of Father Abram Ryan fPoe! Priefl of Soulbj Fon THE PROTECTION OF THE UNITED STATES MARY IMMACULATE! guard with loving Y Y J' care this country dedicated to thee. Let thy purity keep it pure. Watch over its institutions. As thou art the Refuge of all sinners, this 452 if g 5 W, 1 :J XA' country is the refuge of the exile and the op- o 1: 4 pressed. Guide it ever in the ways of peace. Let it never forget its high vocation to teach all the nations of the world, by word and example, the principles of well-regulated liberty and reverence for the rights of men. Let not its prosperity be its ruin. Alas! many of its children, who know not what they do, are walking in uncertain paths, which are dark, and lead them away from the truth. Mother of all, pray for us and plead for them, that we, thy children, may love and adore thy adorable Son with more fervent faith, and that those who are wandering in error's path may, through thy in- tercession, return to the one Fold of the true Shepherd--to thy Son, our Saviour, jesus Christ, Amen. -42412 1-Sf-E Immaculata The golden Jun mantle: thy fair, white brow- Thy gentle eyef Jeeh diftant, celextial Jpherefy Thy Jong afrendx to God in melody low, In thy Jweet face there lief no mortal fear. All heaven and all earth to thee in homage bow God'5 cherubr Jeek the romfort of thy .fmile,' To angels above and to rraven men below- Thou give.rt aid in every grief and trial. Extend thy handf, now Jo meehly folded, In blening, o'er a land with future bright. Let uf but touch thy ftar-encruxted robe,-, Let us but grafp a ray of thy own light,- Immavulate! Thou art a patron bleJt- Keep thou our land unfullied by unreft. GENEVIEVE MAHONEY +3 1513+ MOST RIEVERIZND EDWARD MooNm', D. D. Al'r'lvf7i.rlm,!7-Bhfvnp nf lfUt'Z76'.ffE7l' Mom' Rlsvlefuewn BERNARD J. MCQUAID, D. D. Founder of Nazareth "l6eqzfie.m1l in pare. " To whom the first Nazareth Year Book was dedicated. iii 14 59+ "Clea1', mlm, arrzmzle virion and c0n1pz'ehef1.vio11" of Youlh and Yyflflfhyi prob- fewr. Who fdllgfflf NJ' 'flue arf of firing ll'6H., " i Mosi' Rizvnsiumn THoMAs F. Hlcgicm, D. D ilijfllfrll' !11'i'fvbi.rhr1,iJ of Vifzfizlizvizllff I11.vf1'1nlw' in Religion IV Mowr RIEVIEREND JOHN FRANCIS OYHISRN, D. D. HR6'q7Ii6',fl'z1f in pare." To whom the seventeenth edition of the Nazareth Year Book was dedicated. ff! 15 if RIQVFRISNU XXf11.1.1AM J. KELLY, O. M. I. RL'fI'L'z'lf Mfznlez' 19 37 Rxivfsmzwn VINCENT mi PAUL HAYES, S. J. Moderator of Western New York Sodality Conference "Choke zwffnf and 1llL'd.YllI'FL1J !7h7l11l't.C .zfmzfe fha rmrh nf fH'dfl1.JI'y wwf." fi 16 251- ff Af hfzighlf of God ride 011 mid 011, ozfw' the dimly high- zwzyf of earfh, they nz!! bmi 70 yon and I0 me: 'Come along zwifh nr in Pmu1Ji,re,"" ln... ll lm,-e IVIIJUNI. Afmm, lm'- ifilmmf, Je1'n11!11w.v .md mer- rifflwxl' lure umife lvim flu! lflfllelllt' 'friemf of wfffla. ffm lifeilf fz'ilr'f1eI'. , x- V .i ' Lfj rfb L f fgf. f ff f-ff 'E Rifviiiuzwn DANHZL B. O'Rui Rkl l11i','r'm'fm' 111 lfelftqffw l. ll Ill .A. Ri4,vi2Ri2N1w jmiw M. Diiififv, M Superintendent of Schools Oatober Speaker ut lfirst Friday Service. limllf Hia' iH.1i!erj7iei'er 111' AYIIHL' in lun .xml fn foie lfve ,H,iifw'." 'vii I7 P- Zin 11-Iflemuriam Rlivlzmsxn XVIILIAM P. RYAN Uwe-fiufe lllcflllbw' of the liarfrflyffff fifzuuzjur iz Friend of Nrzzrzrelb A Word in Memory "I mngbf 41 tqlifzlpxe of Gm! llvlvwl He mix mired in air Above Ike while horizon of All UM f11'ie.s'l'.r bairf' It is a far cry from our auditorium lecturn or our class-rooms to the Court of Heaven, in appearances, at least. Yet there is one who has been at the former for many years and who is now at the latter for Eternity. He is Father Wfilliam Ryan, professor of sacred oratory at St. Bernard's Seminary, friend of Nazareth Academy, and aj is 1-9 the guide and burden-bearer of all who came his way. No one can count the things he did to make life better for others. Now this faithful servant has just gone to his beloved Master. I can remember when I saw Father Ryan for the first time g-he stood in the pulpit of our parish church garbed in vestments of High Mass, a slight, but firm figure whose ringing voice stirred each listener to the depths, as it surged to the Gothic rafters. I was very young then, but I felt the power of his voice, too. It was in this capacity, that of teaching oratory to those who would someday be consecrated to the same Master as he, that he served for many years. However, to us at Nazareth, he has been much more, to Nazareth, he has been religious instructor, retreat master, and scholar. At his task of saving souls he became a staunch friend of the young, using much energy to do his best for them, for the pupils of the old Naza- reth as well as for us of the new. Indeed, as religious instructor, his strong, smiling face has been on the pages of more than a few of our senior annuals. Closely allied to his profound, religious knowledge was the mind and heart of a true scholar. When we consider that "speech is but broken light upon the unspoken" and that Father Ryan had that marvelous gift of oratory, how deep and all-embracing his knowledge must have been! And on how many occasions he showed us this knowl- edge with lectures and talks on literature, fine arts, and history! In retrospect we find some of Father Ryanls scholarly work among us. From the 1917 annual we learn that: "Father Ryan gave us two lectures, the first on Browning, the second on Lionel john- son." Again in 1923 we find him a guest of the Medaille Club: "Then followed a meeting in which Father Ryan gave an interpretation of the 'Hound of I-Ieaven,' pre- ceeded by an explanatory note. We were stirred to the soul's depths by Father Ryan's reading and interpretation of this masterpiece of Francis Thompson's." "Father Ryan," says the 1924 yearbook, "spoke at one of our early meetings and his interesting dis- course on the life and character of Cardinal Newman was greatly appreciated by his audience." Now from the annals of eternity he is receiving his reward for the culture he brought to Nazareth. He is gone, but it seems to us that this cannot be, that he again must come into our halls with his quick step and his fatherly smile. We would be happy if these were even all his services to us, but they are not, for there is one more service which we like best to think of him in the act of performing. That is, when he stood in the auditorium chapel before our white altar, head bowed in adoration over the Body and Blood of his Master. As he raised the Host before the student body, so many times, how often we were united to Christ in the Mystical Body through Father Ryan. Every first Friday he offered Mass for us, never failing. He knew the Sodality depended on him. Father Ryan will always be to us at Nazareth, beloved and never forgotten. What- ever his trials were on this earth, we know that now he is well rewarded, for how could the Divine Master say to him anything but, "Well done, O, good and faithful servant"? At Nazareth Academy it will always be easy for us to picture him at our altar, or teach- ing us by his golden tongue. Father Ryan hereby receives the title of "Nazareth's St. john Chrysostom" from the class of 1937.-MARIE WEIDMAN. all 19 lil" i . A Administration MOST REVERIZND EDWARD A. MOONISY, D. D. Spirifmzl Direrfm' REVEREND MOTHEIR SYLVESTER . . Pi-efidezzl SISTER M. MARCELLA . Prinvipizl SISTER M. BEATRICE . Treamrer SISTER AGNES GERTRUIJI? . Sevremry The Faculty MOST RIEVEREND THOMAS F. HIQKEY, D. D. . Religion IV REVEREND DANIEL B. O'ROURK1i . . . Religion I, II, III SISTER M. BONIFACE . . Modemlw' nf G-jl11l1ld.l'lllll1 Perindx SISTER M. HUBERTINIE . Religion, Eizglifly IV, Hiflory C' SISTER M. IRMINA . Voml Mmir SISTER MARIE AIMEE . Religion, Latin SISTER WILLIAM MARIE . Religion, Sbnrtlaaizd Il, Comizierrial Law SISTER CLARA JOSEPH . Siiperzfifeil Sindy Homzf SISTER M. JOAN Typcwrifiizg Qiiml.. l E ., - A . I. ,zfgqgr I '. .. .gtrgf . Qxqrff- S' A . .. , . 20 F51- SISTER SISTER SISTER SISTER SISTER SISTER SISTER SISTER SISTER SISTER SISTER SISTER SISTER SISTER SISTER SISTER SISTER SISTER SISTER M. CLARISSA . FRANCES TERESA MIRIAM . . . ANNA JOSEPH . Religion, Sol! M. CONSUIELA . ROSEMARY . MARTINA MARIE ROSE ANGELA . M. ROEERTA . M. GERALDINIE . M. CALLISTA . M. ST. DOROTHY M. CARLINA . TERESA EDWARD AGNES VINCENT . MARIE JOSE . M. FLORENTINE M. ANNUNCIATA . . y H ROSE EILEEN A I I E g .I I . . . K X, ' 1- .. 1 1' R25 21 233 uw Y.. .- A-'X' . Oral Expi'e.I.rion, Di'anlaliz'.f . . Religion, EngliJl2 . Religion, Hiilory A, Engliyb al Sfmlief, C0illl1l6l't'lc1! Slibjefli' . . Religion, Englirlw Religion, SlJorll9anil I, EngliJl9 General Sfienre Religion, Hiflory C . . . . . Lilarariizn Religion, ClJ0llllJ'll'y, G60l1l6ll'Jl . . Fl'F.fl7llldll Snbjerhf . Religion, Hi,n'ory A, Latin Freflainan Siibjertx . Religion, Home Erononiilif, lnferlnediale Algebra . . Englifla . Religion, German, Playfify . Religion, Geoinelry Religion. French Religion, Hiflory A, Hiffory B . T311 X-1 Mwhx -. gl . .ks - .Q- .v,,.3 .A -,. . .- - S rl' .f-'fr' Sf : W--effilli , ...Iffffm .g .. 4, SISTER GRACE REGINA SISTER M. HlI.I7A SISTER MARIE AUGUSTIN IZ SISTER HELIEN CONCQIZPTA SISTER MARIIE CATHERINE SISTER HIELIEN CIZCIZLIA SISTER TWARY RIZUIS . SISTER ROSE TERIZSA SISTER CLARA MIRIAM MRS. Rov BENSON SISTER KA'I'HI.15IEN SISTER MARGARl2'l' CIZCILIA The Faculty Music Department . Refigio11,F1'e12rl9 . Reljgimz, Ijzzglifh, Lafizz . . FIPJIQIIZHIZ Slzbjeflf Refigion, CfUllllIC'7't'fcZzl Silbjdlff I:I'6.1f7lllcZl.7 SllbfC'L'fJ . Fmrlazzzazz Szzbjerff Religion, Cmzlvzervial Sllbjffff Vocal lvffljkjl' . . . Ar! Pbyfiml Edzzmfiofz SISTER THOMAS MARII2 SISTER MARY FRANCIS Faculty Residence +3 2 2 E+ 541' " wg I-1',' Music Conservatory His Lily A Saint leailf lhofe iii Heazfeifx ball A earllienler, beloved by all Bear! for hir ,rigiz .fo pare and fall A my. Wflieii 011 fhif earfb he followeil life Slielo faifb he kept in ezfry ffrife Gozl gave him for a ifirgiii wife A lily. A S072 may barn, balls God and mail W'lao, walflifiil e'ei' lime Time began Had kept Hier Moflaer, for Hif plan A lily. W'l1eii he wa! falleal I0 fiial ref! Of Jweel repofe lie knew the lie!! Wheii Iwo ufhife baildf iii lair lead prev A lily. W'lieii Dealbir kiiell for eavh .rball fall Tlaeii to flae Farber, Gail of all, INTi1Zdl'6f!9'J' fmepla will refall Hif lily. AGNES J. O'BR1EN, '37 Q55 23 E+ My: T fig li 'fy ' e 5 1 .x 314 . '.- 1y.,, I ,- 4 'S "Vi in i. .Y S? I WI A Al ' K lad 'W Xl' . ll W' " 'T-W--7 67? WW 1 QA 1 l 1 l 5 n lil JQ5y7 Q!! Qa1JsQy'f iap, Unity Hold thou thy Jhield "From many one' The emblem of .rweet harmony- With heartf of oah the graduate: go To cherifh it! fair verity- For from a twisted triple ford Of faith and hope and rharity Comes concord firm, reliant, Jtrong- That mahef a nation'J unity. RUTH KESSELRING, '37 , X -- a-a 243. x ff,9p X A X. , 4 N411 I l ff f lvl 1 Q7 ff Xlxgygx ofihqlk, XX X7 ,X 4241+ , The gjl'flCllllllfL'S T O 1: O R M A M O R E p E R . F E C, T U N I O N 'A people? wire ix 4 mighty power 4:4 1 5 35+ HENRIETTA G. ADEMA Sacred Heart 553 Flower City Park ACADEMIC "ln her ir Nature'J riebeyl, ,rweeiert Jtore of plealanznerf' Committees-Social 1, 25 Mission 3.3 Literary 45 Clubs-Le Cercle Frangais 3, 45 History 3 KATHERINE L. ALBRECHT St. Andrew's 195 Furlong Street COM M ERCIAL "A delightful combination of wbimry and gravity" Committees-Mission 1, 25 Publicity 3, 45 Clubs-History 35 English 2, 35 Business Forum 45 Social Service Work RITA I. ALDEICH St. Michael's 312 Avenue A ACADEMIC "A perennial fozfgain of jay wilhin Committees-Mission 2, 3, 45 Our Lady's 15 Clubs-History 35 Der Deutsche Verein 3, 45 Perosian Choir MARJORIE L. ANDERSON St. Boniface 30 Nickolson Street COLLEGE ENTRANCE "We love lhee for a bear! tbat'.r kind --Nu! for the knowledge in thy mind" Committees-Literary 1, 2, 5, 45 Clubs - Science 45 Bellarmine 45 Der Deutsche Verein 2, 3, 45 President German Cluh5 Valedictorian CLAIRE E. ATKINSON Nazareth Grammar 28 Lake View Park ACADEMIC "The purpose hm if equallo the deed" Committees-Mission 2, 3, 45 Social 15 Clubs-History 3: Glee 3, 45 Le Cercle Franqais 3, 45 Perosian Choir LILLIAN R. BATES SS. Peter and Paul's 344 Troup Street " if COMMERCIAL 5 "Dainly. delightful, deeidedly fond of danring" Committees-Social 1, 2, 3, 45 Clubs 3 -Bellarmine 45 Business Forum 4 MARCEL . AU AN Our L of Per fmli e p he-IL 1 ' reet A P O IJ ' E eme of v rringp achieve- ? 5.55.5517 I wilhoul flurry" K Q' m ees- a y's 1, 2 'sion Y , , h irman ' ss For- ssistant 'of Lanthorng een's Herald t L 6 -6265+ MARY L. BAYNES Nazareth Grammar 434 Seneca Parkway CLASSICAL "Oh, I have pieked up magic in ber neavneff' Committees-Mission 2, 3, 45 Clubs- Lc Cercle Frangais 3, 45 Science 3, 45 Pcrosian Choir 2, 3 5 Business Manager Senior Play5 Christmas Play . MARY E.. BEMISH 5 Greece No. 5 779 Long Pond Road COLLEGE !zI'RANCE "Burn 'find fva f r ffiendrbip-an ' mg friend" , Committees-Mission 2, 535 Cbbi-Le Cerqle Fran9ais"3, 45 3, 45 BellQf'mine5 Prefect ofg 8odality5 Senior Playg S. S. C. A. 1936' .I MARGUERITF M. BIELLE Blessed Sacrament 21 Rowley Street COLLEGE-ENTRANCE "Cl7a1'fning manner, gracious' dignity, .rleady reliabililyn Committees-Chairman Mission 1, 2, 45 Clubs-Vice-President Le Cercle Frangais 35 President Le Cercle Fran- gais 45 Bellarmine 45 Science 3, 45 S. S. C. A. 1936 RITA M. BODENSTEINER Holy Rosary 266 Santee Street COLLEGE ENTRANCE "She keepr her mimg' operuon eaery lfuefliarl unlil the evidence 11 all rn" Clubs-Der Deutsche Verein 2, 3, 43 History 33 Vice-President History 35 Bellarmine 43 Perosian Choir 2, 3, 43 Orchestra 1, 2, 37President 43 Lan- thorn Staff DOROTHY M. BORFF SS. Peter and Paul's 66 Orchard Street ACADEMIC "A miniulfzre of ln1'elir1e.t.t" Committees--Social 1, 2, 53 Mission 43 Clubs--eDer Deutsche Verein 2, 3, 4-N Treasurer 23 History 53 Science 4 LRONA R. BORGYON Nazareth Grammar 2612 Ridge Goad, Greece ACADEMIC "Viv'lue and genuine gracer in them- .velrer .rpeuk what no u'o'rd.r mn uiler' Committees-Our Lacly's 1, 23 Literary 5, 43 ClubsfLe Cercle Franqais 53 Bellarmine 43 Senior Play3 Lanthorn Stnti MARIE A. BOVENZI St. Anthony of Padua 78V2 Ambrose Street CLASSICAL "Cv-y.u'I.f4llizerl literary la.rfe.r: ine up- prefiaflrzn of Virgil" Committees-fPublicity 13 Our Lady's 2, 53 Apostolic 43 Clubs-President MRIDTUJHZ Bellarmine 43 Der Deutsche Verein 4 ELEANOR T. BRIRN SS. Peter and Paul's 195 Campbell Street COLLEGE ENTRANCE "She hai u .rmile ufbirh pluyr hide and .rerk in llae dimpler of ber rbeeif' Committees-Social 23 Apostolicg Mis- sion3 CluhsfDer Deutsche Verein 33 Science 3, 43 Bellarmine 4 44 ' -,.--.. 1 G' X Ep-3 : 'N is its Q 'F Y we 27 lif- RITA M. CALLAN St. Augustine's 44 Ringle Street COLLEGE ENTRANCE "Grnlle in manner, .rirnng in perform- ance" Committees-Dramatic 2, 3, 43 Apos- tolic-Clxairman 43 Clubs-Science3 Le Cercle Franeais 33 Mantuan 43 Bellar- mine 43 S. S. C. A. 1956 Rosfxun M. CARAPEZZA Cat dral 2 range Street ASSICAL I ' fair' ation 0 z'bat'r i ifllll olflr mpti ' Committees cial 23 ' ubs-Le Cer- cle Franq l 43 u ntuan 43 Bellar- mm esi ' , Lanthorn Staff: Pre 1 Pla EVELYN M. CARTER St. Thomas 235 Oriole Street COMMERCIAL "E.r.remially V rmrm-bearfedf Jleadlarl in ull !bingr" Committees+Mission 13 Publicity 2, 3, Dramatics 23 Clubs-Hist0ry3 gusinc-ss Forum 4: Queen's Herald .ta Rose M. COCHI St. Francis Xavier 1910 Clifford Avenue COLLEGE ENTRANCE "Yon are the rare of dark. freeping over a trembling rea" Committees--Apostolic l, 2, 3, 43 Clubs-Le Cercle Eranqais 3, 43 His- tory 33 Bellarmine 4 MARY G. COPPRTA Cathedral 295 Smith Street COMMERCIAL 'Unexperied deplbr: mrefree, ufitIy" Committees--Eucharistic 13 Publicity 2, 33 Our Ladys 43 Clubs-Business Forum 43 Be larmine-Secretary 43 Lanthorn Staff JANE H. CURRY Washington Irving Beahan Road, Coldwater, N. Y. COLLEGE ENTRANCE Her .Hep ir elnifir, ber hearing erect, law enjoyment of living infermnf' Committees-Apostolic 1, 2, 3, 43 Dra- matic 2, 3, 45 Clubs---Vice-President Science 3: President Science 45 Le Cercle Franqais 3, 4, Bellarmine 43 Lantllorn Staff .A BLANCHE B. DECONINCK Our Lady of Victory 585 Landing Road COMMERCIAL "Enifrgu1ic and friendly: if1lz'r'i',fterl in e1'ery1laing" Committees-Mission l, 2, 3, Public- ity 43 Clubsfl-listory 3, 43 Business Iforum 4, Perosian Choir 1g Lanthorn StaflfAutlmr of Foreword for 1937 Lanthorn, . I ' ANIOINETTE ARO Bl, A ro , , 236'NV?s e r venue h JJ' f COM ER L ' I l "Vi 1 'qu nfl 'n'e" Com ' ee Jaos lic 1: ission 2, y 3, 4,1 Ou La y's 35 s--Business Fygjiaeif JJ J' ELEANOR M. DENNIS St. Charles 85 Estall Road COMMERCIAL "Amazing 1'w'mfilily,' ran.ri.rffnI gen- iulilyu Committees-Mission 1, 2, 35 Public- ity 4: ClubsfBusiness Forum 45 So- cial Service 2 BARBARA L, DEROLLER St. Margaret Mary 359 Ravine Avenue COMMERCIAL ' 'A newer-r lfffled gnnd-humor" Committees--Mission 1, 2, 3, 4 3 Clubs -Business Forum 4 +51 28 13+ ., , , s ARLINE L. DEUTER Holy Apostles' 47 Dix Street ACADEMIC "The mort madern af maidenr, pelile, refrerbingn Committees-Apostolic 1, 23 Social 3, 4, Clubs-Der Deutsche Verein 4, Perosian Choir 2, 3, 4, President Perosian Choir 4, Social Service Work M ,Q Ah N J. DiMARs1Co LQ. of athe r , ones A 'N ' C RCIAL I , A7v7'P7e, ri?-to-it-i1'e, . rr- u ,, Committ es sion 2. 2: Puhlifl , lubsi usi 3 'A vm . L N -44. ' FRANCES M. D1sPENzA Holy Rosary 4, 140 Curlew Street ACADEMIC "Mavic rompoier my tlmuglatfgdeligbrr my ear, rerrealef my mind" Cnmmittees-Social 1, 2,.4g Literary 33 Dramatic 43 Clubs-History: Busi- ness Forum 4, Perosian Choir 2, 3, 4 ISIARY E. DONOHOE Holy Rosary 225 Driving Park Avenue ACADEMIC "Nuhly planned to warn, ta camforl, and command" Committees--Apostolic 1, 2g Publicity 3, Mission 45 Dramatic 35 Clubs- History 3 MARGARET H. DOUGHERTY Holy Apostles 11 Woodrow Street ACADEMIC "GracefulneJ: bar been defined ur the outzvard exprerrinn of Ihe inward bar- muny of lbe mul" Committee-:siOur Lady's 1, 2, 33 Mis- sion 4g Clubs-Der Deutsche Verein 2, 3, 43 Science 51 History 3, Bellar- mine 4 "'f , eg -- -f-'-- --'----"""' fF5I?f'ff'g:T"' T-"' Lie: i ' .4T,'rI'fS"'iZ DOROTHY F. DOYLE Immaculate Conception 163 Bartlett Street COLLEGE ENTRANCE "The truly generoux i.r lbe lmly wire" Committees-Our Lady's 33 Social 4.3 Clubs-Science 43 Le Cercle Franeals 43 French Play PATRICIA A. DWYER Holy Rosary 45 Lake View Park ACADEMIC "She rarrief a perprlual lmlidrly in ber eytcr, and ,ieli joy and beuuly going vr'rryu'bere" Committees-Social 1, 23 Mission 5, 43 Dramatic l, 23 Clubs-History 53 Perosian Choir 1, 2, 3, 4 JANE M. EAGAN St. Monica's 150 Winbtmurne Road ACADEMIC "A prrrixinn, a pulirb, and mae which if Jpirilrd, ye! alelimteu Committees--Social 1, 33 Apostolic 23 Literary 43 ClubsiHistory 33 Le Cer- cle Franfais 5, 43 Bellarmine 43 French P ay IEILEEN G. EBERHARDT SS. Peter and Paul's 385 Brown Street COMMERCIAL "Her many-,vided alfrarli1'ene.r.r maker ber' popular" Committees-Publicity 2, 3, 43 Dra- matic 5. 43 Clubs-History 33 Class Secretary3 Queen's Herald Staffg Or- chestra 1, 2, 3 EDITH A. FERRIS Sacred Heart 365 Magee Avenue COMMERCIAL "Her mmiderulion of Jelf rome: 1412: .the knowr irzluitiwly ju!! wha! la do" CommitteeswOur Lady's 1, 2, 33 Clubs-History 3, 43 Chairman Busi- ness Forum 43 Lanthorn StatT3 Social Service Work3 Queen's Herald Stall -Fx , ' rx ' f ,i ,I X .' it-,AN i A .ID -31 we -f , -1, 'sf T P' ex A -ye ,,--3 21 1'Q 'Q L- .., .,,..4.'. . LL, .Ac ! .17 V 1.5.4 ,., I 'mf ,NIS --i 'lf M. 6 .. is A 'W 1 Ji' eil 29l Q..- - -L-.m-..-.- -- lnzf 'fn 4 ,Liar DOLORES J. FIEN Nazareth Grammar 626 Magee Avenue ACADEMIC Happy lo Jo ibut "u'birl: i.r being done" Committees--Mission I., 23 Literary 33 Publicity 43 Dramat1c3 Clubs-Der Deutsche Verein 23 Perosian Choir DOROTHY E. FISCHER SS. Peter and Paul's 17 Orchard Street COMMERCIAL "Demm'c', dignified, delightful Dal" Committees-Social 1, 2, 3, 43 Clubs ---Business Forum 43 Bcllarmine 4 MAIIY D. F1sCuET'1'E Holy Rosary 1450 Clifford Avenue COLLEGE ENTRANCE 'Ulmfk ar Ihr bright .inn glorifrr lhe Sn it fin' lure illuminnl 1l'ilb her eye" CommitteesiSocial 1, 23 Arrostolic 33 Publicity 43 Clubs-Le Cerc e Francais 3, -I3 Bellarmine 4 BERNICE A. FOERY St. Margaret Mary's 55 Amerige Park COLLEGE ENTRANCE "Tv'nJty, flurky, ffirizl, Hue" Committees-Social 1, 2, 33 Literary -I3 Clubs-Le Cercle Francais 3, 43 History 52 Bellarmine 43 French Play ADA BELLE E. FORD Durand Eastman 4545 Culver Rd., Sea Breeze, N.Y. COMMERCIAL "Deeply ingrnifled li0Ill'lt'J'1': npprrri- dlil'L'lj' gmfizznf' Clubs- -Business Forum 43 Orchestra 3, 43 Dramatics3 Perosian Choir 3, 43 Public Speaking ...-,Q-as H, A k U ' 'R If ,- Aff ,. Q -if ' K3 f 1 , gif , 3 3, ., V K .11 .1 'ff' . i 1 e xl iii! ,l .Q y ,.J V .zerliiffie --A ' I3-2-yt" ' ' I " ' 'I bf ' L "M" Y'3tL.."J.., . .'5f?.5:?'i-i h .,...-..1.... ., , .. l,g.g,iE3, , ,.,e.41.' ,V ,M ,rf I, ELL W5 G, ,gicqgx .l..l-..-1---l-- ' f',,J ,,.., ' ,' I., ' 3 gf- t ' 2g'f...,.. .71 If 1-2 ids-.-. f' T 13, T ,J--b-ff:-ef, ,i...,,N,l..f" rflfiajfk AGNES R. Fox St. Andrew's 50 Barberry Terrace CLASSICAL "For ber bounty there ir no winler Io il: an aulumn if if tba! grow! more by reaping" Committees-Our Lady's lj Mission 23 Apostolic 3, 43 Clubs-Le Cercle Francais 3, 43 Bellarmine 43 Mantuan R1rA I. GALEAZZI St. Michael's 77 Clifford Avenue COMMERCIAL "An unnrual flermn bei' of-ber fare fmlzmilnerr and quiet ayj'ei'!mn' Committees-Sotial 23 Publicity 3: Our Lacly's 43 ClubsfHistory 3, 43 Business Forum 43 Lanthorn Statl JANET F. GALL Our Lady of Perpetual Help 576 Conkey Avenue COMMERCIAL Hlmpermbly l11Jlidiou.f,' mr irlreterule reudef' Committees-Mission l, 23 Publicity 3, 43 Clubs--Histnry3 Business For- umg Lanthorn StaH3 Queen's Herald Sta MARTINA C. GARAHAN Sacred Heart 165 Ridge Road W. COMMERCIAL "Ejfer!i1'ely charming ,' z'onlr1giou.ily 14dJ"' Sodality of Our Ladyg Clubs-Business Forum MARY A. GARIN St. Michael's 147 Arrowhead Drive Coldwater, N. Y. ACADEMIC "She lfl0k.f deep ,infn ber bear! and zw'11e.i " Committees-Eucharistic 1 3 Mission Z 3 Our Lady's. 3, 43 Clubs-Der Deutsche Vereing History 5 T-" -X,' x X7 rio T T T Q1 Ki W if , if ., IK Hr A -1' Act 3013+ GERTRUDE M. GECK SS. Peter and Paul's 20 Delano Street ACADEMIC "A ligbl-bmrfed di.rpr'n.rer of quip and ferr" Committees - Literary 4 3 Clubs - Le Certle Franeais 3, 43 History 3: Lan- thorn Staff, Christmas Playg Ticket Committee Senior Play ELIZABETH M. GEORGE Corpus Christi 1526 East Main Street COLLEGE ENTRANCE "l1'r4aiirfible. lurvzble, rbarmingly irr- rnr1.ii.i1w1l, a problem ur1gue.riable" CommitteesALiterary 1, 2, 3, 43 Drae matic3 Clubs-Le Cercle Franqnis 43 Bellarmine 43 Science 5, 43 Orchestra 2, 5. 4--Secretary 4 MARY FRANCES GILLIGAN Holy Apostles' 38Vz Austin Street COLLEGE ENTRANCE "Hrlpr zu by rrmzpanionable Jilenre: bflpi ur by rom,brn1iom1ble 1mrd.r" Committees-Our Lady's l, 2, 33 Apostolic 43 Clubs-Le Cercle Francais 2, 33 History 31 Science -4 ANNETTE M. GIOFRIDA St. Bridget's 53 Gorham Street COMMERCIAL "7'bm-nngbly nnrfmrl: mpuble and fun luring" Committees- -Mission 1, 2, 33 Publicity 43 Clubs-.History 33 Business Forum -1: Belliirmine 43 Perosian Choir 4 ALBERTA H. GLATZ Our Lady of Perpetual Help 90 Resolute Street CGLLEGE ENTRANCE "Her wife if like bellr orev' rnofr al d:lll'll" Committees-Social I, 2, 43 Dramatics 43 Clubs-Der Deutsche Verein 2, 3, 41 Science 4: Bellarmine 43 Perosian Choir 2, 5, 4 'fb r rm ..-. -iv-,.,,-,,,,, ,,,,.,,.,, .,. .E .-... !.x,5.,,,, . ,,.,,,,....,.,...,. c. . A ,fy , ELIZABETH A. GOSNELL Our Lady of Good Counsel 214 Marlborough Road COLLEGE ENTRANCE The deligbl 0f happy 1f1llg19l??',' The dvliglnl of lou' replfef' Committees -Literary l, 2, 3: Euchar- istic 4g Clubs-Science 3, -lg Mantuan 43 l.e Cercle Francais 3 ff IWARY CLAIRE I-IAERING St. Boniface 226 Linden Street ACADEMIC "Her .tpivit of perriilfnl hllfljldlflkjl ir u rirl: gif! to our perplexing word" Committees-Mission I, 21 Our Lady's 3. 43 Clubs-Le Cercle Franqais 45 Dramaticg Christmas Play ANNE E. HANNA SS. Peter and Paul's 30 Cutler Street COMMERCIAL "A :err for liring: u nerw' failing ,IIIIIITK of joy In lyer friN7u',f" Committees-Our Lady's lg Publicity 2, 3, 41 Lanthorn Stall, Dramatic 3, 41 Clubsfliellarmine 45 Business Forum 4 MARY A. HARI' Holy Redeemer 289 Alphonse Street ACADEMIC "A 7lIt'1'!'y hear! nlubelh a cheerful L'0llI1l?71dI1l't"l Committees--Our l.ady's I, Z, 4, So- cial 35 Clubs-Le Cercle Frangaisg History 3, Bellarmine -I ELINORE HAssETr Immaculate Conception 3 Ethel Street COMMERCIAL "A perfecl rporl: gerzially informal" Committees-Mission 1, Zg Social 3, 43 Dramatic 3: Clubs---History 33 Business Forum JM' 4 A . . E .. 6 . 79 , I t ci I A 'F A -'El 31Ef- . I ,-vi 'H' X I X . LORETTA j. HAYES Sacred Heart 497 Ridgeway Avenue ACADEMIC "How gaur1'm'i.t lJr'igl:IIe'n.r be'r1uly" Class President: Clubs-Le Cercle Francais 33 History 53 Bellarmine -lg Mission Committee -I RosEMAItY j. I-IEIEI.EIt Holy Family 354 Colvin Street COMMERCIAL "Slr'rling rf1nIlilif'.r,1 11 f7t'I'.I'lIIllIlilj' of JlH'p7'I.I ei " Committees-Mission l, 2: Iiucharistic 33 Publicity 41 Lanthorn Statfg Social Service XVorkg History Club 3 RII'A A. I-IOEPEL St. Boniface 26 Irvington Road COMMERCIAL "Commun renre, rl dry qfmlify uf Il'il,' II0lll'br1lrl?Il't"' Perosian Choir l, 2, 3: Clubs-I-Iistory 33 Business Forum -ig Comniitteesm- Mission lg Publicity 2, 3, Al RI'I'A L. IIOIVMAYR St. Monica's 205 Arnett Boulevard COLLEGE ENTRANCE "Of ,qenlle mil of l'l7dflll'fl'l' ufillw .slin- rwe apflrerirzfion nf Ihr' but of mu.Ilr"' Orchestra I, 2, 3, 43 Committees-- Social I, 23 Qui' I.zlcly's 3, 4, Der Deutsche Ve-rein 2, 3, 4 FVFLYN F. HOLLAND Holy Rosary 390 Driving Park Avenue COMMERCIAL "A liflle-girl rxnberririrr plur .Imbilily Il'bt"?1 needed History Club 3: Perosian Choir 43 Committees-Apostolic I, 2, 3: Pub- licity 4-Secretary: Social Service WtII'kg QIIeen's Herald Statl 4 . 4, ..,Y -.....,., ... MAGDALENE A. ISAAC St. joseph 805 St. Paul Street COMMERCIAL "The happy gift of being ahle to dif- rofer anotheifr good paint!" CommitteesiEucharistic 15 Mission 2 35 Publicity 4 ALMA j. JABALIT Immaculate Conception 81 Edinburgh Street COMMERCIAL "D1fir1ilely foi'ceful,' ifldefrendenre that rzerer auailf' Committees-Mission 1, 25 Eucharistic 3, 45 Business Forum: Public Speaking FLORENCE G. KEATING Sacred Heart 2419 St. Paul Boulevard COMMERCIAL "Plea.ff1nI fo fall? u'ith.' delightful in wall, u'ilh" Committees-Apostolic 15 Literary 35 Social 3. 45 Business Forum RUTH L. KELLY Our Lady of Perpetual Help 156 North View Terrace ACADEMIC 'Truth il greal in her nn14'a1'ering eyes" Committees-Social 1, 25 Mission 35 Literary 45 Clubs-Le Cercle Frangais5 History Club President 5 RUTH M. KESSELRING Nazareth Grammar 169 Albemarle Street ACADEMIC ".Yhe hnldi hw' lirtle IhUllg1Jl.l' in .tighl lhllllgb gay they run and leap" Committees-Mission 15 Social 2, 35 Publicity 43 ClubsfI.e Cercle Franqais 45 Science 3, 45 ff' Q16 if P I' . . ' 'Z nfl? '- T 1 -til 32 JANE M. KICK Corpus Christi 1453 East Main Street COMMERCIAL "Calm, clear-eyed, Jerene, unfailingly palile, irztemely prar'lic'al" Committees-Puiblicity 35 Publicity Com. Chairman 45 Mission 1, 25 Queen's Herald Editorg Business For- um5 S. S. C. A. 1936 JEANNE M. KINCHLER St. Thomas 83 Hermitage Road COMMERCIAL "1nno1'er1f wit, tremendour arlirfity, unparalleled grac1ouxne1J" Lanthorn Editorvin-Chief5 Clubs-His- tory 45 Business Forum 45 Sodality Vice-Prefect 5 Committee-Literary 5 Or- chestra 2, 5, 45 S. S. C. A. 1936 MARY J. KLEM St. john Evangelist 2213 Ridge Road W. COLLEGE ENTRANCE "ln lhee ro many 1'i,riom meet: Thou arf Jo young. Jo keen, in Iweef' Sodalityg Der Deutsche Verein 2, 3, 45 ClubsfHistory 3, 45 Dramaticg Perosian Choir 2 THERESA C. KOCH Holy Family 8 McNaughton Street COMMERCIAL "E,i,renIially warm-hearted, gleeful, gay, gifted" Social Committee 1, 2, 3, 45 Clubs- Business Forum 45 Bellarmine 4 MARGARET M. LAMPHIER Immaculate Conception 165 Bartlett Street ACADEMIC "In Ihy hearl, lhe deuf of youlh, On lhy lipr, the .rmile of fru!h" Clubs--History, Le Cercle Franqaisg French Playg Committees-Mission 15 Social 2. 35 Apostolic 4 MARGARET M. LILLICH Sacred Heart 76 Albemarle Street COLLEGE ENTRANCE "Ob1iging1y gay and charmingly dig- nihedw Mission Committeekl, 2, 3, 43 Le Cer- cle Franqais 41 Science Club 4g Lan- thorn Stati, Class Treasurerg Dramatic Club 4 ELEANCRE C. LOCKWOOD St. Margaret Mary's 2367 St. Paul Boulevard COMMERCIAL ".Ybr' laugbr with yon, at yan and bert of all, at lJrr.reIf" Committees-Mission 1 5 Eucharistic 23 Our l.ady's--Treasurer 45 Clubs-His- tory 32 Business Forum 4 5 Bellarmine4 MARIE I. LONG St. Michael's 23 Rauber Street COMMERCIAL "Sha efxlrrrlrr an !'!1lblIfir1J7fI all her own" Lanth-orn Statfg Committees-Mission 2 gt Literary 3 34 Publicity 43 Clubs- Hrstory 33 Business Forum 4 MARX' B. LOXWENBERG Corpus Christi 344 Melville Street CLASSICAL "She if 11 .rrlaolar and a ripe gum! rme, Exceeding u', fair-Jjzrllfen, and pci'- funding" Literary Committee l, 2, 3, 41 Le Cer- cle Franqais 3, 45 Lanthorn Staff: ClubsiScience 3, 41 Bellarmine 43 Mantuan 43 S. S. C. A. 1936 CLEMENTrNE C. MAGIN Holy Family ll McNaughton Street COLLEGE ENTRANCE "ln 1ife.a.r in t'bP.l'.l',f01'PIblIIlg,7fll'i?7.Y'- Committees-Our Lady's l, 23 Social 5, 43 Treasurer 45 Der Deutsche Verein 4 U Sig rf If S : -at 3313+ BETTY J. MAHER Romulus High Ovid, N. Y., Seneca County COLLEGE ENTRANCE "In1rig1zing fmzrzner iwlnirh won ui in nm' year" Our I.1rdy's Committeeg History Club GIENEVIEVE F. MAIIONEY Blessed Sacrament 4 Amherst Street CLASSICAL "Graaf t.l!'L'd7I1l and tfnlllllflfif fir-edxg all legend .md all lure L'0llII1Il1t"tlH Lanthorn Statfg Le Cercle Franqais 3. 4g Bellarmine Club 4-Vice President: Mantuansg Literary Committee 45 French Play ELIZABETH DI. MAID Sacred Heart 37 Wfestchester Ave, COLLEGE ENTRANCE "HW izldiiirllzalily Imran' nr llllf of tbuugbi' Committees-fPuhlicity l, 2, 31 Euchar- istic 4g Senior Playg- Clubs-Le Cercle Francais 2, 3, 43 Science 4 GILDA MAsr St. Michael's S3 Evergreen Street COLLEGE ENTRANCE "Thu .1e'r'rr'l ul .rm'r'e.r.r ir r'nrl.rlm1ry tu pm'pn.rr" Committees--Social l, 2, 3, 43 Dra- matic 41 Orchestra 2, 5, 45 Clubsff Science 43 History 3 RITA IE. MASON St. Monica's 66 Cottage Street COLLEGE ENTRANCE i'NIIlI?il1g in no .ilrrmg ai gwillerzr-r,r,' mnlazng .ro gentle ur real .rIrengrlJ" Committees-f-Our I.ady's 1, Z, 3: Lit- erary 4g Le Cercle Francais 3, 4g CluhsiHistoryg Dramatic 2, 3, 4 KATHLEEN A. MAY Holy Family 317 Wilder Street CLASSICAL "A deep reziermre for all uflaiezfementr in Ike held 0f url" Clubs-Science 3, 45 Der Deutsche Verein 2, 3, 45 Bellarmine 45 Perosian Choir 35 Committees-Our Lady's 1, 25 Mission 3, 45 S. S. C. A, 1936 LILLIAN R. MAzzx Our Lady of Mt. Carmel 70 Lewis Street COMMERCIAL "Her ,fmile maker for ber an emllerr nzznzher nf frzendr' Committees---Eucharistich 1 5 Mission 2, 45 Our Lady's 35 Business Forum 4 Mn.DRED A, MCBURNEY Thomas A. Edison 205 Dearcrop Drive COLLEGE ENTRANCE "Oak-laearlezl, rm fy of ,relf-mncelr, big-.roulezfand im!" CommitteeswMissinn 15 Apostolic 2, 3, 45 Qrchestra 1, 2, 35 Clubs--Le Cercle I"rang:ais 35 History 3 MARGARET P. MCCANN St. Augustine's 100 Wloodbine Avenue COLLEGE ENTRANCE "Yum lillle langla, your quirk un- ,nfudzed grace" Committees-Eucharistic .15 Publicity Q5 Mission 2, 45 Dramatic Club 3, 45 Senior Play ROSEMARY A. MCCAIITIIY Holy Apostles' 227 Clay Avenue CLASSICAL "Prepm'efl or unplanned, ilaizr i.f.fllf'.F her'elling, compelling, fore- felling CommitteesfLiterary 1, 2, 3, 45 Dra- matic 2, 5. 45 Le Cercle Franeais 3, 4 Y Secretary: Clubs 7 Bellarmine 45 Mantuan 45 Senior Play s Q 92+ 34 19+ l V. iw RUTH R. MCCARTHY St. M0nica's 36 ELMWOOD AVENUE COLLEGE ENTRANCE 'fSarnelin1eJ fanfurlirql,' Often bombar- 11cul,' Alufayr dynafnic and often Jrho- lamml Committees-Our Lady's 1, 2, 3: Eu- charistic 45 Dramatic 2, 3, 45 Clubs fScience5 Le Cercle Franqais 3, 45 Treasurer 35 Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4 MARGARET S. NICGOVERN Holy Apostles' 76 DELMAR STREET ACADEMIC "Tl1ere',r ,rnrla az rare debonair dwand- dare lo ber" Committees-Social 45 Dramatic 2, 3, 45 Sndality Play 25 Christmas Play5 Le Cercle Franqais 4 ALICE L. MCGRATH Nazareth Grammar 11 Ardmore Street COMMERCIAL "Enjoying life ir ber grealerl rulenf' Committees - Apostolic5 Mission 25 Publicity 3, 45 Dramatic 45 Clubs! History 35 Business Forum 4 LEONE S. MCGRATH St. Andrew's 34 Grafton Street COLLEGE ENTRANCE "She ,rmiler and .rmiler and will 7101 Jiglf' Committees-Mission 15 Literary 2, 5, 45 Perosians 25 Clubs-Le Cercle Franeais 33 Mantuan 4 BERNADINE R. MCGREGOR St. Michael's 220 Avenue C COMMERCIAL "Poi.teil. .Df'1'Jt'1'P7'iZjf',v ,bleamntly difer- Committees-Mission 1, 2 5'Puhlicity 3, 45 Clubs-,History 45 Business Forum 45 Lanthorn Staff , ,--..Xu I f ,NW-L r m,r.?H," , .ig 4' 'ef , .as-w xlvxf t. y-.X-,S 'af- ! i -1 fi' nf' Xl . K - ff ' F if-,,P,3,.--...x.t...D'. X, ' 1 ,ri--f-r--'ilgzmi , ,W V, N , . X. V-. ....,..Ja..-.. .,.Y .,.--.--................... -..M ...FEP 14,53-""i"r"'ff ,g2.,,,.g-,,,.A,a.U,.-e- ', ,,,,,,,s,5f,--5 ,N ,.,x,....,,,f, ,h,i-J,- ,...,,.. -,S ,, ,,.,.,..,g. 4,1 .. X J CQ, -' X af ' , MARY E. FICKENNA Sacred Heart 123 Bonesteel Street COMMERCIAL HLL'l.fll1'!'1,Y - animated, 4 in.rpiraIinnal, f7dlI'lfid71'l'1Il.l'I1'6l' CommitteesfOur Lady's 1, Z: Pub- licity 3, 45 Queen's Herald Staffg Lan- thorn Staff5 ClubsAHistory 3, 45 Business Forum 4 BERNICE MCKINNEY Holy Rosary 2 Malvern Street COMMERCIAL "M1.ucl:ief lufkr behind ber bright blue eye! ' Committees-Eucharistic 15 Mission Z5 Publicity 3, 45 Clubsfl-Iistory 53 Business Forum 4 ELEANOR B. MCKINNEY Holy Rosary 2 Malvern Street COMMERCIAL "An easy humorad freedom: an active interext in people Committees-Eucharistic A1 5 Mission 2.5 Publicity 3, 45 Clubs-History 34 Busi- ness Forum, Lanthorn Stal? HELEN I. MCLEAN Blessed Sacrament 114 Pembroke Street COLLEGE ENTRANCE "When il um winter 0111 of gloom, .she made you lhlnk of rpr1ng" Perosian Choir 2, 5,45 Committeesf- Dramatic 2, 35 Publicity 2, 35 Chair- man Dramatic Com. 45 Science Club 3, 45 Le Cercle Franqais 3, 45 S. S. C. A. 1956 JANE E. MENP lt St, Ambrose lt P59 igzyo ,sum F. coux E TRANCE lv' "She ,Lzrilimfer 0143- thinking bfirlmul I ,Mlerr Ming il" lb 'ClFni5,4gS'i- oYgice srigra eacic 45nlvFziEiiti1ans 4-Seo tetaryg Com ittees--Literary 45 Pub- licity 3 ., ,. at . ,im 'X it F . F -tl gr 1, W . , E Mmura L. MENSING Holy Apostles' 81 Sunset Street COLLEGE ENTRANCE "Keen, dam-inanf, inlenre and gay wlflmfzl l'K'llf7Jt'H Con1mitteesiOur Lady's 35 Treasurer Literary Com. 2, -3, 45 Dramatic 3, 45 Le Ccrclc Franqzus 5, -I5 Verse Choirg Senior Play MARAIORIE C. IVIEFEYER Blessed Sacrament 480 Benton Street COMMERCIAL "Alamy nf Ilae fmvifinfzlirzg, playful u'aj.r Clubsf Public .Speakinf.z5 Business For- um Committees-Eucharistic 1, 25 Mission 45 Our I.ady's 35 Lanthorn Administration Editor LUCILLE M. MEYER St. Thomas 99 Thomas Avenue ,X COLLEGE ENTRANCE if ii I "There fm ,.l'llh.Iflflllt' for Iburougb- N, grung, .1'lfl!'i'7'8 earne.rtne.u" 'A , 0'14'l1C5ffH 1, 2, 3, 41 Le Ccrcle Fran- ' Qzus 5, 45 Committees-Our Lady's 1, ,X fi Z5 Mission 3, 4 X. ' J 1 f 7' l V f r S .t rid ' , I' III' 1 E , O E .NFRA E . T 5 ole yfandirl, and energelir- 1- ly alive" K i eesi Mission 15 Social 2, 35 . 'ret y Eucharistic 45 Orchestra 1, 2,.3, 45 Clubs-Science 3, 45 Bellaf. mine 4 W i 'WRT 4:1 35 Re MILDRED M. NOLL Holy Rosary 18 RAINIER STREET COMMERCIAL "A :elm-rnziaz indiqidrmlity will: rl wife 07 felertzal melody" Lanthorn Staff5 Clubs--History 3, 45 Business Forum 45 Committees-Drae matic 4: Our Lady's 1, 25 Publicity 5, 45 Perosian Choir 1, 2, 5, 4 AGNES J. OVBRIEN Nazareth Grammar 10 Fair View Heights COLLEGE ENTRANCE "Re.flraint in liferafure ai in life ir a ,rare .rlgn af power" Committees-Literary 1, 3, 45 Social 2 5 ClubiBellarminc 4 HELEN E. OCCHINO St. Francis Xavier 582 First Street COMMERCIAL "Deep rented ideally finely inlelligenf' Committees -Eucharistic 15 Mission 25 Publicity 3 , 45 Clubs-History 55 Business Forum 45 Lanthorn Staff BETTY A. OTTO Immaculate Conception 179 Columbia Ave. COLLEGE ENTRANCE "A lighf hear! liver long" Committees-Literary 1: Social 2, 3, 45 Dramatic 5, 45 Clubs+History 35 Le Cercle Francais 3, 4 JEANETTE M. PARQUETTE St. Michael's 165 Weyl Street COLLEGE ENTRANCE "Il ir gona' to lenglhen to the lar! a ,funny maod'f Committees-Apostolic 15 Publicity 2, 5, 45 Clubs-History 35 Der Deutsche Verein 2, 3, 4 JANET M. PooLE Sacred Heart 278 Alameda Street COLLEGE ENTRANCE "There war a mf! and pemiee grace A fait of thought upon her fare" Committees-Publicity 1, 25 Literary 3, 45 Clubs-History 35 Dramatic 45 Le Cercle Frangais 45 Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4 Fi Y, I ! Er it 6 an 'K 'S af J f J m f Kai. , , all I , ,354 li ' ,Q kgtf fi 36 Ee 1 p. L. .1 5. I. ISABEI, T, POWELL St. Michael's 14 Carl Street COMMERCIAL "Broad-minded and eleven' eomiderate and beguiling" Committees-Mission 1, 55 Our Lady's 25 Publicity 45 Clubs-History 33 Business Forum 4 RITA J. PURCHASE Holy Cross 19 Clio Street COMMERCIAL "Vi1'idly alive, friendly, wide-awake, ga-getting Class Vice-President5 Lanthorn StalI5 Committees4Literary I, 25 Dramatic 3, 45 Clubs-History 3: Bellarmine 4 EMMA LOUISE QUINLAN Nazareth Grammar 89 Bradburn Street COLLEGE ENTRANCE 'Ufhoxe high endea1'nr.f are an inward lighl Tha! maker lhe path before her al- wayf bright" Committees'-Apostolic 15 Mission 2, 45 Our Lady's 3: Dramatic 3, 4: Clubs -Science 45 Lanthorn Stallg S. S. C. A. 1936 RITA R. RAWLINS West Bloomfield West Bloomheld, N. Y. COLLEGE ENTRANCE "Who newer and never and never de- rnandfy hut, smiling, taker the world in her hana'.r" CommitteesfEucharistic 1, 2, 35 Aposa tnlic 45 Clubs-History 3: Der Deut- sihe Verein 1, 2, 35 Science 4 AGNES E. REENERS Holy Family 57 Delmar Street ACADE MIC "What .vweet delight a quiet life affordf' Committee-Mission lA, 2, 3, 45 Clubs -Der Deutsche Verein 2, 3, 45 His- torY 3: Bellarmine 4 ,1-f ' . ', CWA? A A I 4. ,ff 5 , ,.1. L -f yi' ' 1 i f OX . 41.1, Rum K. REICHENBERCER SS. Peter and Paul's 307 Campbell Street COLLEGE ENTRANCE "A l?'4'7IlP!1dlIl4J force wherever :be gow" CommitteesvDramatic 2, 45 Euchar- istic 5-Chairman 45 Clubs-History 35 Science 45 S. S. C. A. 19365 Sn- cial Service Work RUTH A. RE1s St. MOnica's 12 Stanley Street ACADEMIC "PoliteneJr har been well defnea' ai Iaenerolenre in Jmall lhingf' Committees-Eucharistic 1 5 Our Lady's 25 Social 35 Mission 45 Clubs-ScL ence 45 Der Deutsche Verein 2, 5, 4 GENEVIEVE A. Rimxus St. Georges 4 Bremen Street ACADEMIC "U71liHlflt'd. raparily for frm and an jflt'Xl7l1ll.l'flb1? energy for dancing" CommitteesiLiterary 2, 4' Mission 3' CluhsiLe Cerclc Franqais 3, 45 His: tory 5 MARY A. ROLLETT Nazareth Grammar 3861 Lake Avenue ACADEMIC "Young and wry- lorely in an unfzmfzl arrertmg way" Committees-Eucharistic 3' Mission 1 45 Clubs-Le Cercle Franeais 55 Hisi tory 5: Bellarmine 45 Dramatic 1 MARCELLA A. Roos Holy Redeemer 97 Herald Street COMMERCIAL "A plmiing intereil in ,'Home Em- nomical' myxterlef' Committees-Our Lady's 35 Publicity 45 Business Forum 4 Q if-f , I Q .. fx, i A 'F RQ 5 "2l57l3+ JOYCE A. ROSSITER St. Boniface Clay Road, Henrietta COMMERCIAL "Her uiifly In make friend! ir marc lhan v'ealizc'rl" Committees-Social 1, 2, 45 Dramatic 45 Apostolic 35 Cluhs-Glee 5, 45 Bcllarmine 45 Business Forum 4 ELEANOR C. SCHIED St. Michaels 63 Harris St. COMMERCIAL "Relre.fbingly lquppjf Siren to pifby !4'lffl!'l.1?7l.f Committees--Mission 1, 25 Publicity 5,-15 Clubsf-History3: Business For- um -f-Secretary5 Queen's Herald Statl DOROTHY 1. SCHMIDT St. Michael's 531 Avenue D ACADF MIC "Her air, her' 7Vldf1Ilt'Y'. .ill who .mir admired" Committees--Mission 3 5 Our Lady's 3, 45 Clubs-History 35 Der Deutsche Veiein 4 GERALDINE M. SCHRAMEL Holy Family 1454 Lyell Avenue ACADEMIC "W'm'lb, courage, brznnr, their' indeed, Yum' .Yl4.U'l'Ilz17It't' and hirlbrigbl an-" Committees-Publicity 3, 45 Mission 1, Z5 Orchestra 1, Z, 3, 45 Perosian Choir 3, 45 Clubs - Der Deutsche Vc-rein 2, 5, 45 Science 4 WILLIA E. SENZ Holy Apostles' 673 Glide Street COLLEGE ENTRANCE "Quin undi.rNeJ.mfle, mort irrepreui- b eo Committees-Our Lady's 1,5 Euchar- istic 2, 3: Social 45 Dramatic 2, 3, 45 History Club 3 A... "Li , , J I .unch .W ...A ..... V. A. in 7 I fc., MARY M. SERVATI Our Lady of Mt. Carmel 429 Scio Street COMMERCIAL "Sell wire, unfqiling polifenerrg a perfect little lady" Committees--Apostolic lg Our Lady's 25 Mission 3, 45 Business Forum 4 EILEEN H. SHANNON Sacred Heart 260 Flower City Park COMMERCIAL 'Exlremely modert, bumgmly Jenrihle, wonderfully borpltubleu Committees-Mission l, 4, Literary 25 Publicity 35 Clubs-Historb' 3: Busi- ncss Fomm 4 MARY KATHRYN SIIARPE St. Michael's 3 Riverbank Place ACADEMIC "She ii like ehimer in ez garden in lale afzernannw Committees - Mission 1, 2, 33 Our Lady's 45 Clubs-Der Deutsche Verein Z, 3, 45 History 3 Imm te Conception 2 clinbur St - ACA n1lau.ria.em laeepr rgyi union" C mittees-Missio 1, 2, 35 Literary 4 Clubs-History 35 Bellarmine 45 Le Cercle Frineais 2, 3, 4 WWBE TY .SKELLY ANNE B, SLATTERY St. Monica's 99 Paige Street ACADEMIC "Serene, laumorour, full of lwbbier' Literary Committee i Chairman 4 Clubs-Le Cercle Franeais 3, 45 Sci ence 45 Lanthorn Statfg Senior Play S. S. C. A. 1936 an , 6 E Serge it iiii Z N I i +21 53 Fr 1. ,mi ANNA B. STAHI. . St. Michael's 83 Harris Street COLLEGE ENTRANCE "Soft peace The brinlgr-And openr in nz each heart a Ittle heaven" Our Lady's Committee-Chairman 45 Clubs-Der Deutsche Verein 2, 3, 45 Bellarmine 45 Perosian Choir 2, 3, 45 Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 45 S. S. C. A. 1936 LAURETTA M. SULLIVAN Holy Apostles' S 42 Rogers Avenue COMMERCIAL "A lzewilfbing bundle of cheery Jer- eni!y" Committees-Apostolic 1, 2g Social 3, 45 Clubs!Business Forum 4: Bellar- mine 4, Perosians 2, 3, 4g Social Serv- ice Wrxrk CATHERINE E. SWEET Girl's Commercial High Brooklyn, N. Y. 224 Augustine Street COMMERCIAL "Contradif1ory moody, permfile, clever" Publicity Committee 45 Clubs-Dra- matic 4, Bellarmine 4 HELEN V. TOBIN Nazareth Grammar 9 Lake View Park COLLEGE ENTRANCE "Tempered wilb humor und .renre and ragaeity' Committees-A ostolic 15 Mission 2, 5, 45 ChoirsAYIlerse5 Perosian 2, 3, 45 Senior Play BETTY J. TROTT ,X zaret 9Ammar D rj ' stman Park ' , ADEMIC 1 Pwi e I a dire, Ibe- can compare IJ 11 young buck" o er ' 'erary g Our Lady's , 4 Qfc ra 1, 2, 3,4, ui ss mf V I 'I jig 7' l i .yxlfqlj ly .xi ,A f N, at if vfaf' ,,q.,j........-...--- fn' J Twsbf' 4611 Qu is . exp? xl" Xi 1-il K i?x.....-.. .-,4:4x.k.?-i.M-X,i,.-.-. 'i L,k A ff . i xx X 'ivfi ,gm he "wr"-'-"-"' .ifei RL, X25 V Si-'inwii i IRENE M. TYLER Holy Redeemer 269 Pierpont Street COMMERCIAL "Sjmrhliv1g with good humor and the joy of living" Committees-Mission 15 Literary 25 Publicity 3. 45 Clubs-History 35 Business Forum 45 Perosians 4 RUTH L. VERIAN x Nazareth Grammar 467 Lake View Park COLLEGE ENTRANCE "The peace that brood! my quiet walerr jurz before runruen Committees--Social 1, 2, 35 Publicity 45 Clubs-Bellarmine 45 Science 45 Le glercle Franeais 45 Queen's Herald Sta 'MARY JANE WARD K Nazareth Grammar - A- X 255 Seneca'Parkway jf I CLASSICAL direct, hand io xeruteu Committees-Literary' 1, 2, 3, 45 Or- chestra 1, 2, 3, 45 Perosians 2, 3, 45 Mantuan 45 Lanthorn Stalf5 Der Deutsche Verein5 S. S. C. A. '34, '35 " earl to rmiceire, uflfjefstanding lo AMELIA K. WEBER Holy Redeemer 718 joseph Avenue COLLEGE ENTRANCE 'Ax methodical ax :he il wire and generouf' Committees-Social 1, 2, 3-Chairman 45 Orchestra 2, 3, 45 -Clubs-History 35 Der Deutsche Verein 2, 35 S. S. C. A. 1936 MARIE A. WEGMAN Nazareth Grammar 85 Birr Street COLLEGE ENTRANCE "The her! rondilioned and xynwearieu' .rpirir in doing t'0llYf6.l'l8.fU Clubs-Science 3, 45 ,Dramatic 2, 3. 45 Der Deutsche Verem 2, 3, 45 Or- chestra 1, 2, 3, 45 Senior Play Com- mitteeg Author of dedication for 1937 Lanthorn 'Y ss. .. . is ,f 5 6: Q. 9 1 Q MARIE JOSEPHINE WEIDMAN Holy Apostles' 163 Warner Street COLLEGE ENTRANCE "A friend who hnouxr and durex to .ra . The hraee .rufeet word! thai cheer Ihre may Committees--Literary Z, 3, 45 Clubsh History 35 Bellarmine Treasurer 45 Le Cercle Franqais 3, 45 Dramatic 2, 3, 45 French Play 4 RUTH A. WEISMILLER Our Lady of Perpetual Help 47 Teralto Place COMMERCIAL "A happy blendrof .renre ,and .remi- b1l11y" Committees-Mission 1, 25 Publicity 3, 45 Clubs-History 35 Business Forum 45 Lanthorn StafI5 Social Service Work LORRAINE E. WHALEN St. Francis Xavier 39 Miller Street ACADEMIC "The world meanr Jomeihing to the mpahle' Conimittees--Eucharistic 15 Mission 35 Our Lady's 2, 45 Clubs-History 35 Der Deutsche Verein 2, 4 ELIZABETH A. WINKLER Holy Rosary 453 Augustine Street CLASSICAL "She hcarr uncomciourly lhe .rpell of lovelinerf' Committees--Apostolic 15 Mission Z, 45 Publicity 35 Clubs-Bellarmine 2nd Vice-President5 Mantuan-Vice-Presb dent5 Le Cercle Frangais 3, 45 Perosian Choir 2, 3, 4 BEATRICE V. ZIELINSKI Holy Redeemer 26 Pulaski Street Courage of heart and Social Committee 1 2 3 4 Clubs- Der Deutsche Verein 2 3 History 35 Orchestra 1 3 4 Social Service i 1 COLLEGE ENTRANCE X 5,5 2 Tha! Grace of God which ir 5ur1e.ry" 5' V S 7 .I Q ' "5i39l5" Work MA111' F. Zw11a111.1c1N Holy Rosary 175 Lexington Avenue c3o1.1.H191i ENTRANIZII "xl J1 111111111 -f11i,xIl11'11 of 111111511111 lur- mfffy luglv 1f7111l1, 111111 ll7lftIl!t'F'l7I4IJ pm- j1n11"' fQn111111iltucs- l-,itemry lg Apfmstuln 23 51111.11 53 MISSIIPH 4g Der Deutsche VQ111111 Z, 5, -13 O1'1l1estr11 I, 2, 3, 4 'K ss l RITA BODIZNSTIEINIZ11 G'1ml1z1111' in A111115 M11N1cgA R, Zw112111,1-21N Szxcred Heart 272 Fluwer Clity P111'l-1 Co1.1.Eca12 FNTRANQLIQ xlll fm Mwfrgfvlv 11 1'fmIl111!Q1' l1l'1 111 1!1ff11" CQ111111111ttecs l1u1l1111'1st11 1, IQ l31.1 11111111 2, a, -lg C,lul1s 5111-1111- Ml liell111111111e lg l.e Klcnlc F1'g111Q.11s J, 1 1 l..111tl1111'r1 Stull The Senior Officers say "Good-bye" "Graf be mill? yall." I.qfl In rjlqhfx Margaret M. l.illi1'l1, Se1'1'efa1'y,' Eileen EbCfhElfLlf,7l7'6dJ- m'e1'.' Rita Purchase, l Vim-P1'e.1'ide11! .' Loretta Hayes, Pl'C'.l'jL!l'Ilf. ill 40 lil' 5 VrIl0ulff'fllI'fz1ll , Q Salfztatnmfzz Mmqycalzlis ANDERSON ' P MAMTA MENSING Edilm'-211-Chief of "La11fh0ru" ,IHANNIQ KINfQHI.lER The Seniors play Librarian Q24 41 E+ Hlinr fl grind lirwk U' 11 .valid living." M. DiM11rsic0, E. Maid, D. Doyle. , Qzfgcmaeizations T O E S T A B L I S H J U s T 1 C E , gl . ., -:pw The jun Jball Jpring a: the lily : and flourifh forever before the',Lgrd 1. .1 , '.,.,U., 'if -15 fb' i House of Presidents-The Law Enforcing Body !ff lffr' funll HU Q!I't'.l !II!'i in ffm' flew .xml fffizlfw fm' ffifffufflf .1 II I1 'wi " Slillldflflgi Loretta Hayes, Senior Class. Sealed: Rita Borlensteiuer, Oi'r'liestrag hlaneflurry, Niciiw- laiirl Scienceg Marjorie Anderson, Der Deutsche Vereing Marie Bovenzi, Mantuang Ai-line Deuter. Perosian Choir, Swrnld wiv: Marguerite Bielle, Le Cercle Friuiqaisg lirlitli Ferris, Business For- uui lg Marie Hasenauer, Louis Pasteurg Marcella Bauman, Business Forum Ilg Rosalie Cfarapezza, Bellarniiiie. 'I'fi1fd mir: Cfatlierine Meisenzalil, Tliucyrliiliaiisg Mary BL-misli, Sorlality of Oui l..ulv. Bureau of Efficiency "Il if ff7fH'0llgf77It',l',l fha! Ulzlfblil' fm' ymzfilyf' A. Denaro, l. Powell, R. XX'eismillei', K. Allwrcclit. All -4 -l l' 5 ilw ill. ill.lIuH.I .llrfulcfkllul 11 11111 1.111 1'11f11 v.x'1'uf1l 111111 1511 .1111 fa' 111 Am Sodality Ofhcers-The Law'Making Body 51.1111111113 Mary Bcmisli, llirfcft. Smfid. Ziff 111 1igl1I: Cli.1ii'mim uf Cnininittccs- 'Rita C.1ll.11i 1 Ii ll stivlicg F A. inc Kinchlcr, Vice-Iliwfcctp Annu Sl.1ttcry, C.1thi1liC I.ilCI'.ltllI'C1 Ruth lla-icliciilwlgvi, i1llLii7LlI'iNfiLiQ Holm AfC'l.L'Qlll. Driiiimtifg Amelia XX'clwci', Suciulg -Iimc Kick, Pulwlicityq Mui'gLici'iti Hu-llv, Nixwimig Anim Sriihl, Oui' I.guly's. Sfllw' Af, 1u.IH't'jl.I 1H111f11.Il111 Committee on Rules "And izff 111113' tffl. 1111111 X111 ff-3' 111.111 !IL'L'1! 1fn11cf," Nilry Domvliirc, Milifullgi B.llll11LlIl. Ruth V4-i'i.1ii, lfluliiimi' Brig-11, .-V " 1.4 '-i 'IW 11 v 'nlilnf l..111' .wmfu ffl' fn Cjllljl !ilfL'LJ.H Business Forum I-Law Interpreting Body Lvff fu filqfvl. flilil wuz' F. Dispcnzgl, If. Imckwomi, M. Long, lf. Dennis, B. DCClDllillL'i'i, T. lxoch, A. DCIILIIU, M. Scrvati, l. Powell, M. MCKcnnz1. Swmlu' mzzx' F. Kt'.1iillg. R. Gulcnzzi, M. uppers, IZ. Ferris Ciil.lil'lN.lI1, M. Noll. M. DiiX12lI'SiCll, I., Bntcs, Administration "Aff llvf .r11'ec'f mzwiiliy of lmmlf' U. ficck, H, For-ry, kl. i2.lg1.lIl. ll. fy lifftflllli' -fidzmf in be j11.sfifieJ.' Cfvrlvl .wmfi In In flu! l.114' lo fm l'4't!f!l 1111 nr! lfu 1 111 ' lf fur lmzmrmf ln. mum' ff. Lrfl In wgfrl, 1114! wzzy' A. Mfflnltlm, H, f,L'L'lliI1U, If, NHKIIIIICY. li. H.lswtt. R. Wills IS. M Business Forum II-Law Interpreting Body xmllu c'Kinncy, Rwssittvr, I.. Muzi, K, All'll'k'L'l1I. A. -l.ll3.lllI Srrwnf nm: li. Hnll.1m!, -I. C ull M. fXiL'ft'YL'l', M. l'mum.u1, f:llLlil'l1l.lI11 lf. Sclmiud, Cf, Sweet, li. 1XiL'frl'L'gUl'. Xjrln M. llzrffnfnzg qhlziur Committee of Wfays and Means "C,'.1f1.1!1fv of jlll.llQjl!j1!xQ JN, nf .lI'l'.I1lA'jlllQ A .zmf nf Jnilllq 4f1'w'j'fl1i11lq." N, 1NIq'tr'yc1', li. Frrris, M. l.UXX'Ll1lM'Ig. .gg rg- E.. 'ffff g1'l'.lf JV! iw ffm' c'.xf1f'ff.1Qfff11I flf lll.lIl'.t cl,L'l!jAQ!l7f in GUJW IIVIHL. fm! fm nuw. SL.llwf,' M. K. Slnllpr, N, lxikkclilllll, AI. Iixrqmxuttc, CQ. SL'llI'LllHCl. R. Hm-pfl. Lamhom Staff ph .zrjwr from iff .mllmnw Smluf, kj! fu zilqfffx G. Cn-ck, A. Sl.lflCl'y. Aelvcrtimingg R. c9AlIL'LlZ7i, Cfilrlllgltimmg G. Maximum-y, 7 Imtl'y1 M. H.llII1l.lI1, Assismnt lhliturg xl. Kind1lc1', Ifdiltll'-ill-clllitfl lf. Ferris. Business h1LlI1.lK2LCI'Q R. f,Lll'.lPL'LL.l, 1JI'g1lN.1IIL'S1 M. ANYlL'l'IL'IIl, f,ll'L'lllLlflUIlQ M, sl. XY'g11'Ll, l.itcml'yg li, I.. Quinlan, O1'4uz111izg1tiumg N. I.I7VNCI1lWCl'g, Scnim' lfdltm. XIJIIJIIIAQ. fufl In IIIQZIIJ ,l, flurry, Stmp Shuts: M, fluppctgl, lIl1Lil'I'ClLlSSL'5Q R. XX'cisn1illcr, g1r'ulty1 M. INIL-tL'ycl', ALl1uil1iQt111tiu11g M, M. Lilliflm, ljlmtugnlplmyg M. hifcjllllll, Art: M. Bc-mislx, Nmhllitv, R. l,lII'kl11l5L', Asxisnlnt Hllsimws M.1n.xgcr. L1 Iihlllfw 'l'w'u.r f1LfI'lu7 Lanthorn Artists !,fmlnlLg.' R. AlJ1'iclu. ,l. llmmlax .ff .gg 3-, mlqlw clvief AQXIIIZJ' of L2I'f'f'Y'1'!7L'fl Now 11111 A111 .mflmr LIIUIIW 111 .znllwr-'s Queen's Herald Staff fSodality News Sheetj I 'fl in zfgfvlx Ii. Ifburllalxlt, M. hIL'KL'IlIl.l, ,I. Kick, lf, cN.lI'lL'l', lf. Hnllnml, li. Sflmiul, lf. FL'1'riS. -:Li -iv Simlw Ruwm.n1- fhf1'lw1 Lanthorn Typists "ll"'f11'i. Nli.QZ7fjL'l' fhtlll ffw ,f1l'0I'L! Cm, Ire!!-Jiraufed, fzrillg lilwvmf palm in lllL'1l,H firm! rf111': A. Hanna, H, Ucclximr, If MCKinncy. .Slmmf mxr: KI. Gall, R Hicblcr, M. Null, B. McGl'c'gm'. Perosian Choir "lI"l1w1 lllllljt' ,m11mf.r, liw' kQVIlIl'.I'." 17in'I'f111', CQ. Atkinsun, Firm! mzzx' Rief, M. XXIMLI, B, XX'inIclcr, M. Null. R. FL-Its. umfzd fuzzy' I.. Appel, A, Kurth, H. XX'a1ltmm, M. XXIQLIIIILIII, A, Stahl, M. Cl.1rI:, la Cusuy, Iz, Ham- Icy. Third wzzx' F. Dispcnzgl, A, Glntz. R. Bmlcnstcincr, I., McGmtI1, V, 'I'lmmpsm1, II. INIcCIur- mifk, A. H. Furd, A, Ginf1'iLI41, I. Tylcr, M, Fnglcrt, I.. Mciscnzg Slvfw AI, lvmi21,f I7n'wlmA "just Before The Solo" "Tlnfrv U' no index of ulnznzrfer .rn ,wire af M76 I'flf4'c'," 1,1 ff In rigfffs Ii. Iiulluml. P. Dwyur, A. Glntz. fi? io If ml'ffv',f ff21'vff11wr L'I'L'l1 fozc cf flljlfg Iwiu' 2.1 ffm! N11 w1z'.1'1w flu' ,m1ff." Perosian Choir Diu1'Ifn', A. Dcutcr. Sf,n1dif1g: K. Kano, L. Sullivan. C. Mciscnzahl, D. Sxulrlsmnm. C.. XX'g1tt R. Trust. R, Reis, M. BL1l'I'y, H. Tobin. M. Curtin. Su.11ud.' M. Buchlcr, A. Miller, D. Dcrlcth, C1 Bnsglits. R. Roland, H. Gccrc, BI, Hummn, H. McLain. Swim! in mzr: If. Hcyw. lf. Holland. Shin' M. Irwin.: --liiuflm "Let's Write Music" "CMJ .rwlf HM .Yf1!KQLfl'.I' npmz mzrllv llviflv mlltqr of .vfnf11w.r .Iliff nf 1l!fI'fl7, Tim! llvey milqlvf frurrh llw Z7L'.Jl'f.l' of wwf Am! fzrialg llvew 11.105 in lmllwl .Jlq.1i11." Luff lu rilqfllx fl. Atkinson. F. Dispvlmgl, B XY'inkIcl', A. Giufridu. +3 51 E+ "Gulf if in illlfhlll' .md 1101 1114111 He fain! flu' ivy-11m'c' nf ilff !7dI'll1UIlfC'.l'.H Senior Orchestra Rnu' uma' A. XXf'clvci', J. Kinchlcr, R. McCarthy, J. Poole, A. Ford, A. Stahl, E. Bingcmcr. Rau' l14'0.' J, Lombardi, B. Hanley, O. Kinchler, C. Slmughnessy, M. Englert, M. Zwierlcin, J. Troy, A. Miller, J. Dispenza. Ron' fhrce: A. M. Dooley, M. Finnegan, M. Reis, B. Trott, C. XVegnmn, R. Lamprakcs, F. Reader, D. Dierdorf, M. C. Phillips, M. Ritz, F. George. Rau' ff1l1r.' R. Ferry, C. Quigley, M. Dorsey, J. Hetzlcr, F, Rigney, J. XXfudswortl1, C. Mciscnzahl, H. McCormick, J. llouglitou. Sfilw' fll. KrlfblL'L'll'Dj1'L'l'fl,'V "Hear Ye-Tune Up" "fl 1'cf1'c'l fffrle mule fell dnuw pIefz.w111lfy," Lcfl I0 rigbf: Ruth MCC1ii'tl1y. Betty Trott, Mary June W'ai'd. +24 52 JB? Yflve raifc zrillriu if .S'fl'01ItQL'l' 'flu' .rafrf af lllllfjt' uw Ilflf fade az' 171117 lqrazztr zriflv nge." Senior Orchestra Rau' amz' G. Sclmlmel, I.. Mcycr, B. Ziclinski, R. Bodcnstcincr, M. I. XX'a1l1l, R. Hofulmycl lf. Hanley. Rau' iu'a.' R. Rigncy, M. Snider, E. Dooley, l. Tollin, P. Crist.. P. Upson, M. Snider M. Canfield, O. Murphy. Rau' Ibree: G. Malsi, K. Reddy, E. Cornelia, M. Foley. P. Horgct, M Bochlur, R, Miller, Rcif. Rau' faur: A, Carmen, A. Hurt, V. Dilk, H. Iingcrt, S, BCQlLlCLlll'L V. Thompson, M. Kunz, M. XX'cgmun, Sivlw' M. Klflfhliuz' IDIIITIIH' Champions "Tivo Nlllfjc' 211 my lmzrl I bare Lang .zffer if 1l'u1.l' hmm! IH! flfrfraf' Lufl Ia riglifx Annu Stahl, Olivo Murplmy. xlkkllllli' KinCl1lc1'. 'Ll 5 .5 ly- HSUIIIL' Gaffir' c1l't'C'1lf.f gay and cfebozmir I fleedf' .Ji rn , Mantuan Club Fira! 7'0Ll'.' Agnes O'Brieng Semnd wuz' Betty Gosnell, Mary Baynes, Leona Borgyong Third wuz' Betty Wfinkler, Kathleen May, Genevieve Mahoney. Fourth mira' Mary Lowenherg, jane Meng: Smfzdirzg' Rita Cullan, Marie Bovenzi, Agnes Fox, Rosalie Carapezzzl, Mary jane Wfzlrd. Sirler Marie Ai11z6efAzf1'i.te1' Legacy Thy shell lies buried 'neath Italy's shoreg Yet rich, we hold thy wealth innate Each line, revealing treasured lore Each word, a world does indicate. I see thee, Virgil, a gleaming light Shining, lighting a darkening age Ruling destinies with a might Through epic mood on rhythmic page. LEON lj IXICGRATH iii 54 E+ O mine fo lbe gay and fei- tizfe freue The lm!! of dazzling Ziglar." Mantuan Roman Banquet-April 21, 1937 Fronl: E. Winkler. Left in figfal: L. Borgyon, M. Bovenzi, M. Lowenberg, A. O'Brien, A. Fox, M. Baynes, G. Mahoney, B. Gosnell, M. J. Ward, K. May, L. McGrath. S!unding.' J. Meng, R. Callan, R. Carapezza, R. McCarthy. Shim' iVlfn'ic Aj71lf:C"ALfIi.lL'l' Post Prandium A banquet hall Fair maidens tall A sumptuous feast begun. Fruit, eggs, and fishg A salad dish A Roman song is sung. A tale is told Of warriors bold Of victories long since gained. The guests depart With happy heart Memory alone remained. L12oN12 Mc5GRA'1'H f""'+-ii, Kei VAS-.4 f sf XI ' iv . x ' X 1 . X , 1' -. 'Al-NV" 5 -5,9 5- 1 K .-.-... ... Lsl1:nL,....l--,,..... ..lA- 1 . I., ,yr--X--J t .A 1 X , ,QUE-A----v-+1 W. X . t .X frm'-P-.ffi-ww mjarde. J 14 ..... . . ..,, ,. ta- gil 42155 le?- Studying France r'1:VL'lIL'l7 IUIIKQIIC if llw .r,f1eel'lv of fha ufrgfnf dlllflllg wwf." Fin! muy .ledtcdx B. Quetchenbaclm, M. K. Park, J. Brazill, L. Pearse, M, C. Phillips. Sammi row, Jeafeclf D. Pearce, M. Clarke, K. Reddy, L. Meagher. Smndmg: H. Brown, K. Xxfkllt, R. Rigncy, M. Kellett, K. Murphy, C. Bnrlvati, A. Hart, Any Friday Hshclfil' lily lipf lo zfi.qr1mff.r ,rhzlefy .ryffz1bf6.r." Sflffzdffzlqf B. Gusnell, R. Kelly. Su.11ud.' M. Isaac, E. Shannon. 'I 56 LNIIQIMIQL' Il',I.l' Qfllfll 11.r fha! Il'L' 111113111 .my fbfe11.r.z11l fl7IlIKQ.l' fn culrlv 11llw1'." Senior Members of Le Cercle Francais Suzfad. Kuff 111 riglvi: M, McGovern. M. Hurt, M. Mcnsing, M. Buynes, M. Hanna, bl. Dunni- gnn, R. McCarthy, B. Skelly, J. Curry, H. McLean, R. Kesselring. Sumfzd 1'1114'. .1m11d111g.' M. M. I.1Il1cl1, j. Puule, M. Zwxerlcm, B. Maid, M. C. Hucring, G. Rimkus, H. Adema, A. Slattery, R. Vcriun, B. Dryer. Tlvmf 1'1lll', .vf.11zd111g.' M. Bcmish. I.. Meyer, R. Mason. M. Spear, R. Kelly. ell 57 Slllw' f1'1'rll'L' Rrgfllrl--flaJI'f.u4'1' French Club Pla "Nous Verrons' May 19, 1937 Y "Tl1e1'e 11'11.r lrz11g11r1ge ill flnfir 1'c1'-3' qe.ff111'c. " . K11ucli11g.' M. XX'cirlm41n. S1r111Ji11,q, lull 111 rigfvlx A. Fox, G. lxlklllllllky, B. lfucry, R. Cuclmi, M. l.1m1pl1icr. R. Cumpezzn. l'l. l.UXYLI1lUCl'g, B. Ultra, M. Bielle, ,l. llllglilll, D. Doyle, lffvufillgx .vfnlo 411 Ibis Der Deutsche Verein Council Committee Left fn righl: B. Bauer, M. Buvenzi, J. lirtllc, M, Erdle, M. Amlcrsun, E. Brien. M. Dougherty. A. Fallon, C. Oherlies. Sltllldfllgf K. May. Kaffee Klatsch- Der Deutsche Verein "And .lip of a drink called mjfa in lilfle china n!i.s'lJe.r, ny hal 111 they mu .lllDT6'l' if." Stuffed' D. Schmidt M. Garin, A. Hill, M. Glatz, A. Leary, II. Wkmjtusicwicz, l.. XX'halcn, E. Nelson, M, K, Sltatpe, A. Glzltz, Purqllettc, C. Mugin, D. Mel- ich. M. Miller, D. Bueff. Slu'7lL1'f71g.' E. Slmrkcy. A. Dcutct, H. XX'z1ltnn. SA IM' flltlffu fu ll:4f'ldlI'f1t'f' il 58 "Ab mlm' Ike Imrfd if nfl n Sfllltgf fnrfzifln I'fL'fHI'jf2lllk 4fc'mf.1' ffl JH?" Der Deutsche Verein Smluf fmzfl lufl In zjtqfvf: li. Schciblc, M, XYvL'jlIUilH, D. W'Q1Ifl1L'I', K. K1ll1L', N. Smllcr, N Hum, li. Rc-ggln. Smfunf wlwx lx. Herzog, I. Rwcktglsclwl, ff. Fux, li, lngcrick, ,l. I.LlI'LlQ.fy, Cf. 'I'rnIt I Al'll'lDl'LlSlL'l', F. HL1SSk'llWL'l'3.I, R. Shaw, G. Rndtke. Slmldizzgx M. Kunz, A. FCIll'LAI1lW.lCI1, D. Hus ulfrld, I.. XXYLJIIIIILIIIII, A. Vogt, A. Src-hlc-, A. Kurth. l7izu'lw,' M. Naylor. my Der Deutsche Verein Musicians Uno fzhlj' flve Hlllljl' fm' flue Hj'fl11'Q.l ilu! mllwwmzla In lrflffv.1mf lN1L'l'f,j'.' 5f.llI4ffll4Q fwm frfl In riglrlp M. Zwicr- lein, C. h1CiSCIl7Qlhl, M. XX'cg1u.111, G, Sclmuuel, A. St.1I1I. Sillmlq fmm 1411 lf, rigfflx M. rl. XVAHI. R. l1llfINLlyl'. Bellarmine Club II"Xvifa Im' 1'v.1J fm'fm'1', In umfhf f1j.afn1"1'." Lvl! In Hglvl, fm! fuzzy' A. Stahl, R, Kcssclring, R. Cglllgln. II. IXICIILIII. A. QTIIVICII, M. Iiuveuzi, Swrnld IUIIH' A. Glutz, I.. Sullivan, M. Cluppcttzl. R. Claxrglpczza, R. Gullcuzzi, li. Dc- UIIIIIICIK, M. Bicllc. 'lflinl mzr: Ii. Imckwuml, M. I.UVVCl1I7CI'j.f, M. I.iIlicI1, A. Giufridal. R. Cmhi, I.. BUYHYUII, Ifunrlff muy' K. M.1y, M. Null, C. Sweet, I. Tyler, R. Iimlclxstcirlclg B. XXIIIIIQILAII "What's new in current events?" 'Hlfw .ufmfy of 4'llI'l'c'l!f ,f7rr1f1fe11f.s, tklH'I'6'llf i.s'.r1rc.v, Izmf l'lll'l'L'lll pnfifhxzf II21'.1ufiuw' iw .1 Viluf fllllfffffll nf flu' .n'lwrff." I., Bates, M. Fisdmutlc, M. Cinr,1lmu. ef! 60 Im:- Sfvlu lwm ,IIIKQJJ fI4f1','ur 1 Gz'w1.111 lmfnrry 11 iz lIJUL'l1!.' lnlfjll fvUlrfr,y.i1 j2ji'fffr'v.'111mf- M11 ffi,i!m"y tl 1'fu'n11ii'ftf." Thucydidians Iwi! mu' vt.m'Lf: D. Sllcpaxrd, N. Calllun, M, Nagin. M. i-ClI11i'iLIl'gCl'. .Sumfld mu' .it.l!m'.' A ciL'lQll'Lii, H. Gccrc, D. XX'41ltl1c1', B. Dryer, K. hIL'iSK.'I1Z1lili, Nubbiu, M. Spicgcl. 'l'f'i1J mn il.zmffz1g,' R. Miller, A. Gyst-I, B. Rnubct, M. Null R, M. Ziclcnski, B. Schuilvcl. R. Hulwlwcll. lf lng.:c1'ick. Iullf mu' +l.1mff11g.' Al'Hli'UI'LlSiL'I4, Iiluizil, B. XX'nc'l1tcr. M. Dorsey, H. lingcrt. Ii. Curtis. lf. Nc-lson. .I Sivlt'rMiri.1w fidriwr "Washington, the foundation of the Constitution" Uv7iJ,fl7fIlgfI21lf'ull! .IYIXUUIII .nw fU'0l10llll1'L five amwc, tim! in iff zmimf, Jt'.1llvfu.a1u ffbfwz- dm' fmw if .vlviflifllq mf." C. Swsst, -I. Rossitsr, I. 'l'ylc1', lf. Dt-unix .AJ 6 I "-1 if "Gu ilwn fn My feizrzmf ffl I .u'l.1j' zwiflv flu' fl0ll'L'V.l' .iprj11lg," The Louis Pasteur Science Club liinl muy' M. 'I'Iuw111g1s, Ci. Sullivan, H. Huffman, A. CLll'lHklI1, D. Skelly, M. Stevens. Swfuld mzzy' li. Flank, O. XX'g1CI1tc1', M. iAi.lSCIhlLlLtI', G. Curnclius, lf. Slattery. Third muy' M, McNulty, DI. H1lUgi1ftJI1, 51. iMICiSCI1ZQ1ili, A. limi, B. Gu1'tim:r, M. H, Gaines, Sfmldillg. fm! wuz' R. HAVCQ. T. Lt-cnc, S. Leary, j. Andrcmw, j, Teddy, -I, Huering, M. Kellctt, VI. Bates, R. Sflmeider. Shin' M.11'l111.1 IH.II'fL' fM1'!wr' Eminent Chemists of Our Time "Nf1l1n'v, live Jcazr UM fNTll7'.l'L', llulm hilly in lm' lljlgfbf .zmf may 'flu' I'l7"j'lllL'.li of llw ll11i1'w've." M. F. Ciilligun, I.. Meyer, XV. Sem. .4 mf, .,.l 62 V. ll f ll iluffiai i'ff1f11if." Fifa' fzffqlll-uliiuf .S'i'iwli'u Nieuwland Science Club f"fI'il mir, iu.11LJ: N, l.illicl1, lf. l'1i'icn, M, XX'cgin1ln, A. Grunt, M. Bicllc, li. Clmiicll, D Doyle. Sui'w1J I'UH'. lL'.llL'if,' R. Rawlins, M. F. Gilligiln, li. Maid, rl, Curry, li. Gcnrgc, R. ciglll.lIl VI. lwlcng, lf. l.. Quinlan. I,.1il mug il.nm'i11g.' A. Glaltz, M, Amlersimn, R. Kcaselring, G. lYl.l5l, M Hcinisli, O. Murpliy, R. Rciclirslilwcrgeig M. Zwicrlcin, M. l.irwei1lvci'g, D. Buell., l.. Mcycr, R. Reis Shim' M, Ciiirlllltlfllc fldihn' Eligible for Bausch and Lomb Science Award HfNl.1flH'6' 1r'lvi.i'lDw'.i' .rei'rc!.r fn nr, um' 11111 :mf .1f1z'.1y.i' ixzlrli lm' 11'nrJ.i, ilu' i.Ij'i, '.S'v.1ri'l1. lflqlriref " M. Zwicrlcin, U, Murphy, l.. XY'l1i1lcn. 65 Hctivitics T O I N S U R E D O M I2 S T I C T R A N Q U I I. I, I T Y There if fl majexlir gfdlldflll' in frazzqzrillily ml V lf, mi 6.3 pf 'Tlve King of Kil1KQ.l', He ii .iff izreel am! ,llllzlflfl l l "The Night of Nights"-Christmas Play c..Lllf.' Mary Haynes, hlarie XX'c-ginan, Gertrude Geclc, Rosemary McCarthy, Mary Claire Haer- ing, Mary Klein, Eileen Eherl1ai'dt, Anne Slattery, Margaret McGovern, Margaret Mary Lillich, Jeanne Kinchler, Edith Ferris. Angela' Margaret Boehler, Rita Hofmayr, Margaret XX'egman, Eileen Hanley, Kathleen Kane, Marjorie Clarlc, Roberta Miller, Anna Stahl, Evelyn Holland, Alberta Glatz, Helen McLean, Arline Deuter, Harriet Wiiltimn, Florence Casey, Patricia Holmes, Rita Trust, Mary Harry, Mildred Noll, Ruth Roland, Elizabeth W'inkler. Sixlef' Ill. Cldffllr!---Df1'6L'fIl7' "Are you prepared for Speech Class?" "ll ii fm! ezmnlqlv In Lima' zwlmf we are fo my: ire zum! my il in five riglvf Ilkljhll li. l,. Quinlan, l., McGrath, A. Hanna -Ei 66 fif- Snmnllv I'L'l'.lc' flzipircd by lm lfallellwwf fl1ff,rv." Verse Choir CNIIKW, Iefl fo rigbf: Mary jane Xlifard, Emma Louise Quinlan, Margaret McCann. Lal! fu rigbl: Betty Skelly, Rita Callan, Rosemary Lamphrakcs, Loretta Appel, Kathleen May. Louise Carcslli. Mary l.owcnbci'g, Bcrnadinc Baicr, Mildred Curtin, Marita Mcnsing, Margaret Durscy. Mary Bcmisli, Rosalie Carapczza, Elizabeth George, Anne Hanna, Gilda Maxi. Siilw' M, Cli1rl.ii.1f l7mi'mr "Shall we be actors?" "Tha 1z'nrld'.r ll Ilivtzfur, lin' mrflv iz .rlizgv llwlvirli Gm! tim! 11u'NlI'L' Jn Iwillv izrlruir jill," K. May, M, XX'cidman, M. A1CcillVCl'll. ill 67 ll? QR? ww V Af? KJ' .kg A ' S if L if fm f A. "Star-Crossed"-Senior Play-April 12, 1937 W "No play zwwfld I ham A zllyc .wen Lef! lv figlvfx M. McCann, L. McGrath, B. Skelly, M. Bemish, I.. Burgycm, M. Mensing, Slattery, li. liherlmrdt. "Music is my hobbyu 'Sw lfve t'0i1KfllL'I'jlllQ hem mllfcis' Swim! fha fflllllfitff, ffm! fha J1'1111f.r," I"w,11l: R. Hufmaycr, If. George. Samz1d.' A. XX'cl'vc1', G. SCl1I'LllUL'l. il 68 251- vlw' M. C,fk11'f1ulvDi1'c':'lfu' 2 5 Bn! Irlnflfvw' Irv lure fan' m' Nlnrv flfllllijll flmmi 111' Cm! liwrc- Thanksgiving Play-The Courtship of Miles Standish--Nov. 25, 1937 Mario vclltkllllilll, llnuu Il'u'uJfL'l.' june CLlI'l'l', Mflw Sf.1mfiwlv,' lilizulwctlm George, l'r'iw1ll.1 lla-lcnTolwin, jnlvz Aidan, Sim' M. Cff.n'fm1 l7irwfu1' "Cello, viola-take a bow" -'S1l'L'c'f jflfflllrf ,fflllfllb .' O11 pipe am! 1711! mffmff' C.lUu,' G. Mxlsl, Poole. lvifff: lXlu1'y Zwicrlcin, M. lf11glcl't. -:QI 69 lis- "'1'i.l lrnv. lf gum! play ffewfl 110 L'f7j!l1.Ql'lL'.H "Business, Merely Business"-Sodality Play, February 3, 1937 Sealed, fmw lefl to rigbf: Monica Zwierlein. R. Roland. M. Horn, M. J. XX':u'd. D, Swamsun, Rcif. Sl.znding.' M. lmwenberg, C. W'att, M. Curtin, E. Curtis. Sin! H' Rv v U A7l.QL'lLl"D.:l'L'L'fl,'7 "Mastery of Polyrhythmsu vzlllllft' if fha pnefry of Ike air," ,lame Egan il 70 Tlvv .lfdgll bn! erlvrzas' bmi llw fillbffz' l'Uft'6.,v "Thursdays at Home"-November 25, 1936 Su.zluJ: M. McCann, S1m2dir2g.' M. J. Wfard, L. Borgyon, M. Luwenberg, Monica Zwierlcin M. Mctcycr, M. Mcnsing, B. Skelly, M. Klem. Siwlw' M.' "Speech of the Angels" "She mlnshed Iver lmrp, and mzlimu lmzrd, w1mzf1ved." june Dispcnzu if 71 Ew- ll"l111f 1'1111,s'f1111lw' 11 ,1l11ft'.7 Me11 111111 M11111' ulllffcit L111111' B111 lf111111' llveir 1'jlQZ7l'tf Alle! k111111'111g, 1111111 11111111!.1111 Speakers-Constitution Day Program-September 17, 1956 RUhL'H12lI'y McC111'thy, Marita Mt-nsing School Honors in New York Times Constitution Essay Contest "lI"11l1 flfl' 171111, Ifl1't'.YL'lIf, zlllcf f11f111'e 111 ,Dirk f1'11111, flue e.1,f111'1.s'l iquw 111 11'111',5." Rim Mason Essay sulwmittc-tl to New York Times S't'.1!t1f.' Annu Slattery, second honor. .1 wa 2,721- "My 11411110 if rn' nhl' rm llw lqfnry of CMJ Su I mme by live llrlllll' of OM G'lw'y," Flag Day-June 14, 1956 C lhlhffrlll uf lffrflq. IUS6-WF -'Monica Zwir-rlc-ing Assistant, Romllic Clulxlpc-11.1. Honors for Four Years' Perfect Record Attendance, Punctuality, Deportment Hlirzrlv J.:-3' Z.: .1 gif! I I'L'fL'jl'L' frwu l7L'r1I'L'l!. R. G1llL'klZLi, H. Dcfloninck, R. c1.ll'A1PCZZ1l, B. McGregor. 1 H Home Economics- 'Make Friends With Your Oven Bernice Foery, Elizabeth George, Ruth Kelly. "The .ffI'L'lltQfZ7 of 11 lhlfillll if in the Ive!!-01'dered hflllldl' of lhe people." "Cold Facts" "Thai Bl'?1ZflIg her bex! fare did flue bring fully." Mary Hart, Marcella Roos eil '74 R+ ln: "Lady . . . Make my bread rife ,rweef and figlzl, Make my theme mme foamy wlvife . . . " "Adventurous Cookery" Left In righl: Patricia Dwyer, Mary Rollett, Ruth Kesselring, Eleanor Brien "G1orif1ed Dishwashingn "White plafef and 511111, rleazl-gleaming, Ringer! with blue-liner, and fealhery, faery dint." Margaret Dougherty, Dolores Fien. -224 vs ya? Gorgas Memorial Essay Sealed: lVlAR'jORIl2 ANIJIERSUN, 1937 State Winner 5'ltz11di11Kgr'ighf.' lYlONlCQA ZWIIQRLIEIN, Second School Honor Leffs Rim SHAW, Third School Honor During the past four years at Nazareth, the annual Gorgas Memorial Essay Con- test has held a special interest for the Class of 1957. In our freshman year we had learned about Doctor Vifilliam Crawford Gorgas in our scienre course. That same year at graduation, we heard of the presentation of a Gorgas Medallion to Elinor Stirna. On 1 . i , -vii 76 iff' A f' ef ' , , 3' 5 M .A-.vw -et. 2, --ga f ,, .- N Q Y . 3 -7.3- A , is ,. -2 5 J I ,P l its june 6, of our sophomore year, the entire student body offered congratulations to Grace Wiesner as winner of the New York State Award of ten dollars for her essay on "Gor- gas Control of Transmissible and Other Preventable Diseases." The following year in general assembly, we heard a radio broadcast which proclaimed Grace Wiesner as the third national prize winner of fifty dollars. Fired by her success, seventy-live juniors and seniors entered the eighth annual essay contest on "The Importance of Mosquito Control and the Gorgas Memorial." Thirty submitted essays. Ten of .these were selected for faculty consideration. The names of the contestants ranged from A to Z-Marjorie Anderson to Monica Zwierlein. The faculty chose the essay written by Marjorie Ander- son to represent Nazareth. Monica Zwierlein was given second school honor and Rita Shaw, third place. On May 10, 1937, Admiral Cary T. Grayson, of the Gorgas Me- morial Institute at Washington, D. C., announced in a letter of congratulations to Sister M. Marcella, Marjorie Anderson as New York State winner of the 1937 contest. The judges in the State contest were Miss Grace Reavy, Executive Deputy Secretary of State, who based her selection on a consideration of English and composition, Dr. Godfrey, Jr., State Health Commissioner, who rated the veracity of the statements relating to mosquito controlg and Dr. VanderVeer, of Albany, who considered the medical material included in the essays submitted. Marjorie Anderson is now eligible for the national prizes,-five hundred dollars in cash, plus two hundred dollars travel expenses to Washington, one hundred and fifty dollars in cash, fifty dollars in cash, or honorable mention. The Class of 1937 congratulate Marjorie on her success and await eagerly the report on national prizes. MARY LOWENBERG ,,,. .. .'.,-- fJ!'l 'H 1 tl Xvll-S , wana. -S '9l77l9' Religious Hctivities and H 1 1clU1f-classes T O P R O V I D E 1: O R T H E C O M M O N D E F E N S E For heaven .rrill guardx the right." 79 Nfivlinzz zulu! be joined If ,rlmfy if llw Cffllllllllllnf CII rw ii-ful. " Every Day is Catholic Action Lefl fu rigbff Rosemary Hichlcr, Eileen iii'JCI'ilLlI'Lif, Lilliam Muni, 'lame Meng, Ruth Vcriun, met Gall, Betty Maid. Social Committee Enrolling in Soclality "1 fore ..,, flick .rnfiely Av if qflief, zviie, mul grand." A. Cilutz, M, Lglmplmicr, B. Zielinski, Shim' 'l'w'w.1 ll-6lJll'J1'lIl' -,4dz'iw1' SU ff' 1 fL'l'!I1',i,1't' fs in fic' l'UL'l'fjl'C'l'j Callwfii' Affimi it an apar- mhzfe ogguzziizaftf lviemwlvi- uzffy. Nazareth Leaves for the New York Summer School of Catholic Action, 1936 Lafl lu rigbf, jirirf 1'r11z'.' A. Stahl, M, J. Whlrd, M. Bielle. Sarrnzd mzzz' R. Cullum, AI. Kinclilei' li. L. Quinlan, H. McLean, K. May. Third rncix' M. Bemish, R. Reiclmt-nherger, A. Wleher, N Zwierlein, J, Kick, M. l.UNVCI1l'3CI'g, A. Slattery. Catholic Press Symposium Sponsored by Catholic Literature Committee February 18, 1937 'Ulleffr wimfr and .liUIl!.l' are lmnfe, ill iz grealer zlfefzmre fluff flwy 17110143 by zwfml lhey read." lane Meng, Marita Mr-nsing, Genevieve Mgxlmoiicy. Sisfw M. Hilda- --Adliiw' +22 81 519 Mission Day--May 26, 1936 Sflfw' Hi. fiffffwllilli' ff-f AuJI'l1c'l "More Rosaries for the Missions" Our Lady's Committee "Give nm' Luffy .my .iw'1'ive, lwzwzw' mmf! in ffm! if fic a'n11.sli111f." li. ixiililtf, M. Cillfill, M. C. i4iJlCl'iI1j.!,, li. Lock Vvlillli. Siifw M. G'w.1Mif1f' Aafliiir 82 7 1lI'Lfl"j' gwfwzzfmfl fizllqfu' .11 . - 4 ffnf HM f.I,l'f7flll1 fm! folfvzw 1'ufitQm11.rfj' Mm 11c1z'." Mission Day Fashion Show-May 13, 1937 l.. Hayes. H. lWlCl.L'LlI1, ll. rllllilll, B. lrotr, R. PlII'L'l1LlSL', M. l.1ll11.h "Let's Plan for Religion Vacation School" Apostolic Committee H11l,l'fl'llt'ffUll in lfvizlgy wmxzf if mmf :mur- .uzry lv live llhlkfllg nf flu' lvilqlvwf fyjva nf f'i!2ze11flvif2."' R. Cotlmi, R. Rgiwlins, M. lNlcBu1'nt'y, A, Fox. Sfifw' Rout' lflfuwl f-fl1f1'l1tr af 83 lr Permanent Chapel at Nazareth Labor of Love Am! zrlvifu 111' lmzmz' lm' .11 nm' Qmfwz fel fm fm! forge! lim! .nba IIYIIIIJ lure mn' Xc'I'I'fL'L' fm fan flhlll om' pufifimzf' A, Stahl, H. IDL'C:HI1iI1kk, M. clillfll. S-1 H? lf A fwfj' Lfhlflff . , . ll"f1w'ui11 lm u'vl'v 1111111 In MQ' . . . lwfj' ff7jlltLf.l mulz wrfrfl .zmf wwf- lille." H fvwv Cffml 1.u flJl'l1!lL'Lf 111 .alf1fr'11,,'111' rm' live ,1.n'111111w.'l.1l K111lq. " Temporary Auditorium Chapel First Friday Preparation Eucharistic Committee 'rf me H1.f, 1 411 A. V-1851. ll .rf"r' 1'ljNl lfflfifj' ill flvcf liffffffffflfj L11ll,l'L'.H Grant, O, Murphy, R. lh'itl1tl1lwc1'gt'l'. Shin' M.n'l111r1 Mmic'---Arf1'1iw' . . f q y , ,-.f 2 , ,'f+'fw2 Q 2 f. Q! I Solemnity of St. Joseph-April 14, 1957 "Ite Ad joseph" "The ,mini for everybody." Marion McCarthy, Margaret Sgmnbaty. +24 86 ofepla in your mulled .flvrine Virgin lilief are your Jiguf' K 34 1, , nf. xfvucu' ffm ,rmzin of ffmllgfll fff! In their' ,lgbjfljllx Xlhlll " W .7 KVA A. 4 -xr !- . junior Shrine-May Day 1956 IDnmllvy St'l7llljLff, jmiim' Pl7Ulll.Q'l1If7!7L'l Freshman Shrine-May Day 1956 "Bring f!Ull'6l'.l' of the 1zz1'e.vl," 811 Sodalists Honor Our Lady May 24, 1936 Four-leaf Clover "Af good lfffla wozzld have if. I+., W" 2 ff- Q ff f 1 1 ' ff ,W W: E. Hassett, B. McKinney, E. Scheid. ful ss 25? 5 3 1, A ws? P X, ig egg. iw .x as W. 56.5 "Our Blanfed Mather !00l?.f In nf for femlerlleff, gratitude mm! .x'erzfi4'e." Ihnzr 311111K of Gnd, I 11111 1101 1'v.n'l1 Thy Zhlllulf M11 1111111 111 rlnzw ily Slnnfz 111 lah' 1111114', lbw! I HH! NNI The rmnl In P1111z1f1.1e 111117 fI7L'C'.!U . 11, Q' Socialists Honor St. joseph April 14, 1937 Have You Seen the Shrine? "My high .wlwnl f1'1e11d,u'l1ip.s' .QljNlll1L'l A. lNlcGrath, D. Bm-ff, M. Buvcnzi, S9 if junior Class IIIJME ROOMS 208, 209, ill l'1I-If IJUIII: ClI,IfRIIfN'IINE ISARIIATI, HIILVN Mc,C,cvRMIc3R, jEANNI2'I"IIf BI4ll'l?K, MARY Ac,NIas l:RIwI.II. HARRIET XX'AI.'I'oN, IWARY FII,IPPl'NI7. DIILI-RES SWANSIIN, CATIIERINI' liMIIIEI., CA'I'IlI2KlNl1 RUE, ANNA PAVIA. XLLVHILI Rffzf-5 BIARY ClANzANo, lNIARc,ARE'I' XXVIQGMAN. MIINIIQA DEN'I'INI.ER, h1AKVI0RlIi CIIARRE, KATIIIEEN KIJIIL, RUIIERTA PREDMIIRE, N1Il.DKED fJ'BRlI2N, HIERNADINII BAIFR, CEIQELIA XXIFGMAN, RIITII GIJOIIWIN, AIFAN Dl'NI!vAN. 'I'!ImI liuzwf 1X1ARGARF'I' MILLER, JOAN DAWES. MARIIIN SIQIIWAR, MARY JANE IUAIIJ. Pfam' RIP' TON, IWARY JANE 1710, BIARIF VENTIIRA, IVIARY XX'AI,sII, IWARY K. PARK. JEAN UPSON. lfffmffw Rffzfw NATALIE XX'ooIv, l"lFl.FN PIIRIW, I.IIr3ILLE IXIAY, DfJliClT'llY ITIILLAM, BIILDIKIZD MAIQIN, KA'I'HI.FIiN MIIRIJIIY, CATIIFRINIQ GOIRQIN, CIA'IIIERINIf BAKER. IWARY 1N1ARc9ARE'I' AIQNESS. I.II,LIAN VCIIITIZ. lfflffv mzw: BIAIQGARVIK KALMIIAIQIIER, IWARY l.oIIIsE QTUIDIER, FLURENCI-' CASEY, -II2ANIi'l"I'lf Rlfllf, PATRILIA HoLIxIES, VIIINIT KUCII. li'I'IIIfI.YN VUIFGAND, liI.EANIIR D1:sER, Rfmf TERIxIo'I"I'u, GRAcIIf R0vETo. Sixflw lfnzwx IWARY LAVIIQNE, RUSEMARY FERRY, TERESA SIJELLIQSGIJIIII, GERALIIINI' IXIIQGIIIQIQUR, IWARY FRANCES IEFFIZRS. IYIARGARITI' XXIALTIIERS, RIITII SCIINEIITER, DoRrrI'IfIY IUAYBIERIIY, LOIKIKAINF NIFISICNZAIIL, IWARKGARFT RIICRERT. f,I.lVF FEDIIQAN, Swwzfff Kunz- RORERTA IWILLFR, fN1ARY Lou CIIRTIN, fflI.I2l?N SIIARREY, Ac,NEs HART, MARY HARRY, MARIQIIERITE IENIQLERT, AI.'I'HFA fJSTIERMAN, MARY PRENIJIfRc5As'I'. DwI.oREs FERRILR, IWARY HITLIZN U'Rl?lLI.Y. HELEN CQEFRF, 1ivEI.YN PALI.O'l"I'. 'nil 90 if AL1' f . - i .N lunior Class HDMI: ROOMS 206, 30", 508 .",fw Rffu: Duma P1f.'xr:c.lf. Ifl't,I'Nl.X CUIVIIS, Roslf Ixifxm' RluN1'Y, lZl,F.-KNOR lirfwu, Dmmwm' IDI'llI,l7'l'H, Snuulfx' lim1rc,.'x1luf, INIMY K1f1.1.1'r'1', fiI,IAAlSlfI'Il XX','xr'lu'lfu, ,lla-xN1f'1"1'1f Www w'rm1'll, fZ.XI'IlIfIilNI7 INImslfNx.M11,. Mwml Rffzfx lhxlirsifxln' Illlnmla, FRANCES XY'11,ls1vu, Rim 'l'1ws'1y Fu,xNr'lw Rr,-xmfla, lnlrlslf fj.XRfIfII.l, 1NIfxmaMcI2'1' SHAY, K,-x'1LIl1.lflfN c:l'NNlNKiHxXM, Ruslf fiRUXY'll'Y. PHYLIIS l5.XlHKI.'XN, K.'X'l'll'7llINI- XX'A'l"1'. l'!ffm' Run 1 ljmunwav XX',x1.'l'1l12u, BIQIQN.-x1m1f1'1'rf SCQHXXHXN, IIEANIZIKTIT Nrmsm, C.'K'l'llI:l4INIf fYfiUN' NUR, Ibmurrm' IWITLIKIII, lflI,FlfN INumlcil4, IWII-XRCQ."kRF'I' HANNAN, Dmuwm' SIIITIHXIQI1. li1f'1"lY I.u.mrmuslf, INIMQY fiA'l'IHiIilNF I'm1.1vvs. ALI: Ii RICIIARIUS. 'Muffy ICUH: lkifumf CARRULI., Lois IPMRSE, I.ouF'1"1'A Avmil., Gmrjxz Bc1sA1'1's. -lsr.-xN Bufxylll, ISr'l"1'Y QU1f1'c.m:Nmmc3K. 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Mzunff liffnp' l:I.I,FN FULIQY, HIfIg'l'Y TOXXNIZR, lfl,lf.-XNUR NITISON, lir2nNlr.1f Siilllfllklfl., S.-xNl1N.'x Ffwlo, -l1fNN112 XX'0AII'ASIFXX'ICZ, KA'l'Hl.FFN Rmwmz 1X1ARrp.Muf'1' Ilmmfy, Fn.'xNctlfs D1' Fwy, filglwlr Iffmy- ARLITNIF hIIl.I,IfR, Rl1'1'H ROLAND, IRFNF XX'Ac.r2NsKl2, Allflf hIAl1PlIlfRSON, Vmc,lNl.vx S'II:XY'.XR'l', Ruslf l.1fuNlf, ,IANV Alih1lilil'N'l'l7li, BrT'l'x' lhmufu, ARLINF Kcmnl, Rum Srnxxxt 49155 Sophomore Class Homlf Rooms 301, 302, 507 lfno I6fm'.gl1fAN Sc3uNl1mc, kI11Nlf Smnu, ,Ius'1'lNl1 MANoAN, YIANIZ HFTZIIQR, IXIAKY RYAN, ANNA Sulctylqo, RIVIWIMARIF ZIIELINSKI, RIII-K 1N1rfY1fn, l2v1fl.YN HooAN, l2I.IZ.-XBI'l'H PI..-xss. Sfomd liuzwf BARISARA Km.1.12Y, DIIQANIQ h1AKIli SLQHIJQYER, Lois 'l'xAHox.u. AMIQLIA Smruo, 5:21 MA VAY, AoN12s f,tlCllT7lI, UliKAI.DINIf IUPPA, l21.l2ANon HnNc,l2M1fu, li1anNAo1Nlf FIYNN, PA'1'mrm CQ1us'1', IN'IA1m,-mlfl' DIINl.,'XX', MANY SAx'Au1No. '1'Xf,'mI lifmy' HITLIZN KYBRIIFN. Mmm: LIZINISITRUIER, FuANcil's SU1.1.lvAN, BITRN.-XIJINF Klum' Dolomfs fQROSSl'R, R1'1'A Url-'rf1.1, Af,-XRY PozzANcsmikA, Iklfxuu' RIN, AI.-XRY Louis, wloAN Vocfr, HI.,-xNc3u1f DEAN. lfffmfff 181,111 DoRo'mY Rrslzvlfs, ANm21.1N.x GIKARDI, HIQLIQN CQOSKLIIKIT, HITIFN BAVMAN, Rl"1'H ANN DAKIN, RIITH KUCHMAN, hi,-xm A'1"1lNAsl, fQONf'li'I"I'A IWIIR,-KNO, Dom fNfA'Ik'I'llYfgf'I fi.X'l'lllfRINIf RYAN, FRANKIFS limuus, lfifflf Ifuzwx JFNNIIE Pwlx, An1,lN1f Civsrzl., hillllklib LIST, CJISRAIDINI: HITINDI., Dome Rrlivrfs ClI.ARA DI2Mm'1fu, f7l.IX'F UKlSXX'AI.1H, lu.-XRY ,IANI3 Klmslflc, OKAI.lf1f K1Nr'H1,rfk, l'ux'II,rs Sl11,1.lvAN. Shxlff lffmm Flo,-xN IWiAI,'l'rX, Al,1.1'NA LIPPA. I.11c3I1.1.l2 SC14lAvo, NIA-Xliij,-XliI"IA DoNovAN, Mmzloml I.YNc1H, HILIZIQN NF.-XRY, EI.IZAl5l-"l'll KFLLIHFR, 1NIA1mArua'l' KQRAHAM, V1cA'1'omA IJIZKAKIIS Mzwzfff lfffzrx Rum ATVNAIVIAIIA, AIl.l?IfN MAvo'l'm1sc, JOAN XX'12lsM11.1,1su. HIiNRlI?I"I'A Sllzrslim' Rom BRIZNNAN, -II7.XNIT'l"I'l7 Dmaw, RI'IA 1-JIIFIAKY, ,IIZAN SKI'l.I.Y, Au1.rfNrf BRowNYAlm livlz1x'N Pllzlugrf, MAMV KA1.nm.-xc,rlrR. lfzpffwfff lfffzwx Rom LUCAS, MAmoN Scilwc'Am'm1l211fu, HIQLFN F1.Uol2l., CIARA SIIAUGHNIESSY SYINIA Nou., .IUNF 'I'Acz1,IN. AIARC-.-XRF'I' Bolfrlufu, SHIRI.liY SMITH, NI,-XRVIURIIT Pmuilz, AIARN ZIMARINU, Dono'1'HY Hrfll. 1,2 Eg. 'F ,ff I N Sophomore Class HOMIE ROOMS 201, ZIO, 211 Ifmf lfuzwy SAIIY MFSSNIIII, SIMANNIE DEIJRITZ, AIIINIT DISPIQNIA, HI1I,IfN O'CioNNIfII, -lIf.'xN HIIIQIIIQS, HI2I.FN DIINUVAN, N,INciY DINIfI?N, Hl?I,FN l,I1vIs, I.oIs HIRFf'IilfI', IJuIm'IIIY MAIIIIIQII. Smmzd Ifffzrx AIILIQNIQ BAIINAIIII, VIIKKQINIIA HAIIMAN, IIIFNI2 DnCoNINc3I4, M.'xIIIoN 'l'IfIwIw, INIAIIA AIIIIIIIQ f.AWI.ITIl, I.IIc3II.I.I2 DIIIfIfY, KI-Yl'llI.liI?N OBIIIIQN, QIR.-XCIZ liIfI'IfII, MAIIIQ.-xIIIf'I' liIIIfI1N. AI,vIIm PAIIPANI, MAIIIIIN CIAIIAN, MfxII,IoIIY KIQIQNAN. Third lluzws -IIINIQ GII.MoIII2, FLoIII2Nc1I1 SACZALSKI. MAIIY O'NI2II,I., MAIIIIIIIIIY Sl,0XX'lf, liII.IfIfN HAcscQI2III'Y, MARY AI.IciIc NIANNING, IWARY EI.I.I2N Mc:DoN,xI.II, KA'l'llFIilNI? M,'wIfII, IRINNI' BOT'IgIGI.lI2RI, lXIAIuz,xIIn'I' VoI,I1I-, FRANQQFS 'l'IufvI1II1III, ANNE MII.I.I2II. 121111-111 Iifmv M,xIIcaAIIIz'I' SNIIIIQII, MIxIcc9AIIIf'I' FIIAWIIQY, GIfIIAI.IaINI2 HAIIMAN, IN1.-un' FUIIFY, PATRICIA GIIIQIQNIQ, 1N1AIIcsIsIIY BIQIINAIID, INIfxIIc9AIII2'I' S'I'oNIf, MAIIcz,'xIzIf'I' MI1I.IIfN, DoI:u'I'IIY RIIc1I4IiII'I', ANNI2 BIIIINS, MAIIY BoWI.Ifs. lffjfll Rllllh' -lox' WA'I'I?IIMAN, MAIIc:IaI,I,A CAIIIfII2I.Iu, CAIIoI.INI2 Fulo, MII.ImI1Iw SIII,I.IvfxN, lfll ITITN TIIQIINAN, ,IIZANNF CloI.I.INs. INIIEIIIIIII, Ror'K'I'AsciIII1I.. CA'I'IIIaIzINIf TIIo'I"I', livIfI.YN lfux, MAIN Down, I.oIIIsI2 HIQNIIICIIS. Sixlfa Razr: AIIIINI2 FIII2ImI2'I4'I'n, liII.I?I2N HANIIY. MII.IuIIIfII HIIRN, DoIIIs HIfMmIfII, HoNuII.-x Mc3CAII'I'IIY, EI,IzAIII2'III REGAN, 1XIAIIrsAIIIf'I' O'RI2II.I,Y, M.,xIIcQAIII"I' KTBIIIIQN, AI.Ic'If Mr'Cf.,xII'IIIY. IIIINA Hmzou. GFIITIIIIIIE RAIn'I'KI2. Swuzrlf IZUIII: CA'I'lII2RINI5 OIIIQIIIIIQS, MAIzIoN FISQIIIQII. MAIIIOIIIF NAYI,oII, DoI.oIIIas MIIIIIN, Ii'I'III1I. DFSMIINII, AIQNIIS FFIIIIFNIIACII, AIIIINI2 F,-xI.I.oN, AIIIIIIIW Vomg IXIAIIY IMIIIu'. CIAIIIIQIIINF S'I'A'l"I'. liilqlvffv RIIIII: JANII I.AIzAm', AcaNIas SCIIIPIII, CII,If'I'A Ql'IKiI.lfX', VIIIAN 'l'oIIvI2Y, ,lANIf IZIIIIIIA IXIAIIY KIINZ, DCJRCl'l'IlX' HosI1NIfIfI,Iw, ANN STISIIIIP, lTI.Ix.aIIFIII RIIQNFY, VIIIIIINI.-I AIQIPY. QQ lg ,Ill Freshman Class IIIIME RcRm1s II2, 304, S09 If ICUIII: IZIIIEL FRANK. EILITFN LENIIARR, JEAN HOlJGH'I4ON, TIIITLMA PRINJIYALLI, TERESA LIQIHNE. N1ARY AcsNI2s f,AKIiS. MARY FRANIiEs BLIND, DczRIs BRAY, PIFAN PRITCIIARII, MAD- IiI.lNl2 BAIIMAN. SLI-wld IQUIIIQ MARIAN DANILLER, ANNE NIARIF SI'AIIIfIfER, RIIA KELLEY, MARIE FISIQIIER, BIARQIORIF FINEQAN, IWARY IELIzAIsE'I'II KNIQIIT, BERTIIA CIIIRTIS, INIAIQGARITI' XVAISII. l.lIf.II,I If I.IoY. FANNIZTTIE FARNSWORTII. MARY fJNGENAFRS. 'I'!fm! lfnzfp' DURIYIIIY 1WAR'I'IN, IXflI.lJRFD XX'III'I'E, MAIQY CA'I'IIIzRINIf ZWAILIQ, RIIIII RITZITN- 'I'HAl.IiR, ROSE SQLIII, N1ARGARF'I' MEYERS, RI'I'A FISIQIIER, 5'I'IiI.l.A Pcwoxx'IfiII, HELEN I.AIs::RI2, MAlivjl,IiIli RlVSSIil,I,, MAE HELEN CIAINISS. lfunrllf Iiffnw IZLAINIZ -IAHAIIT, NIARGARIZ1' GFYSFNS, WIANFT PREDMORE, hIAli'I'HA VERRcnciA, 1N1ARc4ARE'I' SIQAAIIIAIY, Dr,Ro'I'IIY SKFLLY, ALICE Focus, DIANE fyBRlFN, KA'IIII.EI1N DCJI..'XN, LUIS CILAR, BARIIARA LINDNER, GERALIIINE ZAIILOSKY. lfxfflf lc'fIz1': AIEAN IDRASIIII, CAROL KIILZER, f,LGA XXfAciIITER, MARY FRIEIIRIAN, ADIZLI? fi.-NRA MAN. IVIARCIARITI' VULRMAR, SHIRLEY KARII, MARGARET REIcIIIfR'Ig KAIIIRYN MIfLIciII, DURUIIIY ANDRIZANO, BIARY BlTl.l.ANl'f,-X. Sfvfff Run! BF'I"I'Y CoIYIIf'mN, h1lI,1HRFl3 IDOXTA'l'I2R, EILEEN Klos, LURRAINI: DENNIS, FIANE Sw LI I.IIsciIIER, IWAIQKQAIIIYI' GRIQISHERIIER, MARIE STEPHENS, LAIIRA LURIA, .IIEAN Billilllxllfli, Rosvv MARY CIIBBONS. 1111 lfuzrx TIIERESA S'I'IfIfIfENIIAuEN, MAILDALENE OTT. HITLIZN ZAIIROZNY, BERNAImE'I"IE MEAIQIIER, EILFFN VAN DI? LESTER. MARION MCCARTIIY, BIARY FI.ANNAG.'XN, ARLINIZ VAY, YYLVIA CIARISAKQIPI, YIJLANIIA ROMANU, ROSFMARY IVfIZISENZAHl,, AIAKGUFRITIS AITIINBALQIIIZR. IANIE FARKIfI.I.. lwffffff lfuzrs AIIIIREY DESMIIII, RIIA SIQIINEIIIER, MIIQIIELINA GRI1'I"I'AIwAI'RIA. DcaRo'I'IIY FIiA'I'llf ,A ERLY, PAIILINE BUERSIZIILEIN, IWARY N1UNNA'I', BLANCIIE HOELMAN, ARLIZNII KRIISRL HIPTIY Hr:RNIINc.. MARY VAN DFRVIEIRIY. MARY LOUISIE SAMYN. Gl?R'I'RlIDF CoRNIfI.II's. -Sl 9 4 ff:- Freshman Class IIUMI: ROOMS l, 2, 5, III !-'fw1lCff11.' ANN Dr Rims, l.lVCkII.l.I7 l.IfIMHl'Rl,l?R, AcaNl's H.XNl,IfY, M.xm' Ki1,,,u:1f 'I'u1wm', Clxmf IKHINI- Sm l,1v,vxN, Dmuwm' KUN7, Hlfkl-'NILF Nf1m1,xN, lfl.ll:N 5I.'X'l"I'VliY, Hi-'1.1fNV ISM IIAKII. INl.x1clu1c1lf lmmmfxs. Clmcmlrl, AIN-HMO, Dmecwm' Klffx'1'1NL.. Snfffn! lfffn-1 Ixlfxm' Rllssml., Iwlfxublunllf FUl,I-,Y, Amir Hl7l.NIfR, 1NI.'w1uN Sc II.Xl'l'IfIi. Mxm' ANN l.,'x1,1.Y. -Il-'.,xNN1f lklciflfxlflfnuzv, B12'1"1Y Brfnklfs. ANc,1f1,lN.,x Cllufro, K.wllm'N Pl"'IIiUI'l.'X. IXIAM' Ibmflfmv, lfrmN13l2s ANs1Nl, ANNF XX'll.soN. 'I'f'w,! Rffu: PIIIIAJMFNA CQANXARU, Rlum INTYKINS, LIARION Dnfnclrili, Ixifxm' S1,o.xN, lifmu-xn.-x Fouls, lflI.ITlfN fi.-XIiICUI,I,, M,-xnuf M.'xuoNlfY, P,-Xl'I.INlf IJUNOIIUIT. Flu,-xN Cxslf, M,-un' SKITIIY. KIVANNV 'I'l'1mx'. l.l1r3ll.l.lf Mr1M.wuN. Ihnfffl llffzrx Ixifxnlr HASFN.-xlllfn, 'l'l-I-'Tfx lnulx. ALQNITS 'I'n.u+m,lw, l.omm1Nlz HAR'l'IVNU, lIlf1.1fN SrHfxN'1'7, l:I.llRIiNi'li flomax, Dmm'1'1lx' Sciilxvms, l1z1fNlf P.vxul,nNl', luis T111 I.IN, M.-un' lzilllli, IXI,-uumuf 1' KlfI.l.lil"l', Mmm' McNl1l.'IY. l'ff'f!f Run: IXMHY Lulu Kllljlili, Dmmrm' Ross, H1i'r'1Y HKIFNNAN. Rlwll limrmfu, HIf'I"I'Y H,-xnmfHlfNN, Rus1fM.'xm' I4ll'7,, P,w1.1Nlf l5munf'l', l1lI.IfI?N C,cmNl21l.'x, Avnll. 1.411 1m.vxNlf, l',x'1mr lfx Plliluilz, Fl.OllFNCIi F11.w1'c1NlQ. UI7Ii.'XI.I7lNIf AIlSRl:KH'l', Mmm: XX'FI5IfNlHlRN. Snfff Rffzf x HIiI.l7N VoNm.1s, AIFAN IWFISFNA,-XIII., INIARY bl,-xN12 f:UI.I.INS, S,-xm I.lf.'xnx'. ,lr,xNNvf fQl'lf'l'f,IlVNIHJLK, ANmfl,lN,x CANI".-XIili.'X'I"I'A, INIWY SNIIHFR, VIIVAN S'IlilJl5lfI,, lim"1Y NwI,,xN. K.-x'1Hlfu1NF Rmv1.I2Y, FIANF HAIERING, SHFILA QYHRIFN, AIUAN fNfK'NlTl,'I'Y, ,IANIF Klilflklfl. ,Slftufff Iiffnp- VIRGINIA Klum, 'l'lllflufs.'x Dliilmylo, S:XI3Ilf 'l'iiII'l, hilllillil. Bllfcx, lmrix' Mlfuc mug ANNx IXufNs1Nr,, BONNIE Ci.'mlwN1f1c, Alvmufx' liNu, K.-x'rlmYN .l. M.'xY1'u, CQ.-mm Rm.xNlm, -IVAN Tummy. lzwglfflf lfffzf-: Al.-XRY XX'l1,KlNu, HISLIZN HIYISISARD, -IUNF liA'1'lfs, Hlil.IfN TNl.'X1'1.llI.X, lirfl-'1'Y SXNSUMQ SUIWIIA XX'.'XSllkII?XY'SKA, VmmN1.-x INIVANIJIQITW. Ixlfxum.-xu1'1 Ruulflw, Rusrfmxnn' llnlfa, I'l'1,m' Ifl.x1l1fulY, .lvnzr r fl- n.f1.nw,-:wuz -131:11--'Q-. . 3 ffeutuzfes T O P R O M O T E T H h G E N E R A L W E L 1: A R E Cofztenlment if far better ihan wealth if Q7 he David and 'lurmtlmn Mary amll Rita. .lame un thc flying tmpczc. Flcxilulc lips- -xllfgllllil, Mary, Hclcn Mary jam, lYlAlI'6LfLlI'CI. O.'K. I.ct's gm Mr. Furlung. Dccimivc AIUINCIIffflYILlI'j.:L1I'Cf, Mary. On the fence--Rim, Rutlm. Ono lust vvmxlf' Helen, Ruscnmry. Hilllllllll Higlm-lm:-V-Rim, Peg. New Yurk lumlscalpc Anno, Honey ' my, Mary. Jeanne, Rim. Frinml fn need---Fzltlwr c,lRUlll'liL'. Downriglmt Delicious Alma-, l2ilccl1 lfluvc Ll ginger snap!-fArlim', Clem. Su lung?--Mary Z. 1 4-ww W l lots pine Alum, Mary, Miiric, Rusgilic. KJ Q A i Y- Z, Twin tif Tlium -Mary, Albcrtil. fm-W 5. Sandy .md the Prince of XX'ailcs. 'L' 1, Grmxing Vp with Hunks---Vlaiiic, ,IL-ilu, Rita. 5 PUITIIYVS wurtli, I'ln-asc jiiiic, IV12ll'if1l. 6 XYi.l'L'il thu l,JiI'aiiL'H--RHSLQ the O'Rcilly's, Batty, lfilccn C. '. C11 idiil Cfaiiiiurii I.m'cttil, Amis, Helen. M.ii'y, Batty, Miii'guci'itc. 99 , 100 5+ M-In-rn-m so good? 'lu2ll'glICI'llC, Leong Mary jo, Three Power Treaty--lidith, Anne, Peg. Student Load---Helen, Mary jane. W'hen Vile NX'e1'e Very Young- Primary Department, Under the Lilacs- -lileanor, Vloyce, lrent Annette, Milly. "A little to the right, please! -Dot, Betty P685-TY, Rita. Say it with posiesfMa1'y, Jeanette, Youth out of the sadtlle-Monica, Mary jane. I'll be Seeing you at the S. S. C. Af -Mar garet Dunlay. 10, Snuml pmnfl--Aiinc. Luuisc, Kay. ll. Sfillllllllg thc social lmrizimii Mary, l. Gin' mu your lmiiil-li'ci1c. Aiim-tru, -lirycs. 1 wg , . - Uvxsnw Ail.1. Alma. ""W 3. Him tw tiikc it L-.lay Rita. jcuii, -Line. O A, Open wiilu! 'RLIll1, Lilliim. Rulwurtal. -1. Hedge Trimmcrs Vliiny, Alma. 5. l..lIllllUI'l1.5 Minute Mun- Mr. Dinlim. 6. liluv Miniil.iy Hmpitnlity lzllccii. Rita, Annu. RU5CITI.lI'y. Rutli, -l.mct. 'V Si1.1p-Dinlgmis Anno. Peg. Bcity, lkggy. H. Milly puscs. 9. Pug in tlic luw luck 6.111 lilanflic, Iflc-41rioi'. fl IUI 11- Q Drum Anniversaries s 1 "The 'prose selections. for the 1957 'Lanthom' will be based on important anni- versaries of the current year." So the editor-in+chief and adviser ruled. It was a happy choice. We so easily forget. "We so lightly turn from the mon the actualities of the present and the visions of the future." It is ts of the past to our aim to include in our features important anniversariespof 1957. First of all, sinc our Constitution is the theme of our book, it is fitting to quote excerpts from Anne Sl ttery's essay for the Sesquicentennial celebration. Then there is a tribute to St. Paul, the Church, and St. Sylvester, 'whose sixteenth centenary occurs Charles Carroll of, Carrollton, we give honor on this National bic Moreover, the organizer of' the Girl Scout Movement in America, twenty-fifth anniversary of American Scouts deserves a word of utstanding Saint of his year. Next, to tennial of his birth. ulierte Low, on this raise. Finally, since this is our own silver jubilee of publishing a Year Book, we arf glad to recall the triumphs of former years. Thus since "Theirs is the present who can praise the past" tures to you. e present these fea- KATHLEEN! MAY Portrait-American Spring jade the fields beneath a jade-blue sky- Purple the hills, strong and high- White the willow tree near a rushing br wk, Cheery the bluebirds in a shady nookg With splendor and greatness all these came,l As gifts from God for a vast domain. 4 MARGARET MCGOTJERN l 4 wah- - ' , A, , . ., . , an .-.thin ff.. . .. 1' L f-,.! rssf. .a.t- -Jetnxlxb?ln'fsIdlu:A..5d-if lit rrl:as:.vl55hKL:I1r,IlhJ.:t. ' '5LnA3hx'i'i31f.'Jh -. Quotations from "What the Constitution Means to Me" fE.rray rubmitled by Anne Slattery for New York Timer COIZIEJIQ fSecond School Honorj QUOTATION I: "Historically, the Constitution represents the culmination of cen- turies of struggle for a government which would allow each and every citizen, the free- dom and individual liberty which every thinking person has always desired for himself." QUOTATION II. "The Constitution acts as a safeguard of my perronal freedom and liberty. It has undertaken to lay down the rules for the life of the government on the one hand and the life of the individual cilizefz on the other." QUOTATION III. "The first phrase of rule one says that all power comes from the people. In other words it tells me, that 1, as an individual, have the privilege of voicing my opinion among millions of others for or against a question of the day. An example was emphasized recently when millions of American people went to the polls to voice, as it were, their opinions as to which president they preferred. And what was the re- sult? The majority of the people ruled." QUOTATION IV: "The Constitution lays down for every citizen of the United States two great fundamental rules." QUOTATION V: "No one shall be a slave or serf or subject to any man. but an equal citizen to whom the equal protection of the law shall never be denied, and by the protection of the law is meant not merely fair and impartial trials, but the protec- tion of laws that are themselves just and equal." QUOTATION VI: "Under the law of freedom I learn that every citizen willing to obey the laws shall be free to live his own life in his own way in the pursuit of his own interest and desires." QUOTATION VII: "Equality and freedom-these are the Constitutional birthrights of every American." QUOTATION VIII: "St, Thomas More, who died rather than acknowledge the king as head of the Catholic Church of England, is perhaps a perfect example of what one had to suffer when there was no such guarantee as freedom of religion." QUOTATION IX: "Why should I not value the Constitution? Why should I not always be ready to defend it? For without its protection and guarantees I would not, today, be able to exclaim proudly, 'I AM AN AMERICAN.' " -if 105 lif- W 1--.1 w 5,1 ,f-,, 7, .V , ,fffkffficrw 4-feb.Asffn-lfikllfr-?f'sw'-3155.5-'fi-fs!, ,-ah 'v . - 1 51 Q 7311 1 1 1 X -.. 1 1 1 Qrhffiiif 41' 1 'v .. - rf! X stfru gckO?i"1 -.. ,f 1 1 1 1 1 The A de of Earth TO sr. PAUL 1 EVERLASTING HAPPINESS 1 ., , 1 DEAR ST. PAUL: 1 One' thousand eight hundred and seventy years have passed1since you were mar- tyyed for the sake of Christ, but they have not passed unnoticed. lsince your death, we have tkept in touch ,with you spiritually by reading passages froth your epistles. . We are living in a different age so far as inventions and sionveniences are con- cerned, and yet we possess the same desires and fears that distracted you in your Chris- tian life. We are constantly saying, "Lord, what wouldst Thou hhve me to do ?" with the same consternation filling our hearts as you had when Christ' 1 voice came from the heavens asking why you persecuted Him. We are mocked and to red as you were on your descent into cultured Athens' to spread the "Light and the ruth." But, dear St. Paul, we can congratulate you for your success in seeing the 'ckedness of sin, the loneliness of life without -God, the corroding of the soul by the intoxicating pleasure of this world and the recognition of a friend, a lover, and a c C panion in the com- pany of God. Help us to have courage in the smallest details you had. Let us be able to say from the depths of our hearts, "I live, now not I, but1Christ liveth in me." We, the Senior Class of '57, Want to take this opportunity tciwthank you, St. Paul, for your interest and guidance during life's darkest moments. e will cherish this anniversary always. 1 Devoted admirer! of Cbiirt, THE SENIOR CLA1SS OF 'sv 1 1 ' ' Nazareth Academy per HELEN TOBIN 1 110419 ,,,x , Ji " ' X 4 MMM 1 f ffl ' XX XX X , X , N A ,fir L Q X .we 3 ,rm l K 'O 5 ,pw .,.-,w i, . ..,,.4L1, M VL i'jtf'fa,,Q fxjf ' E, 273559 5 Tu AC' K f x., Q, Q if At Nazareth ST. SYLVESTER CELESTIAL GLORY O DEAR ST. SYLVESTER: y You deserve, dear St. Sylvester, more than our humble words of congratulation. We would offer to God a prayer of thanksgiving. This is your anniversary, so we have, indeed, great cause to thank God for giving us so noble a model of duty. In a time when the never ceasing turmoil of Europe seemed at its height, you faltered not, but being awake to the sword of heresy thrust at our Catholic doctrines, accepted the challenge by sending delegates to the council of the Western Church and won the battle when you approved its decree. Then too, we of Nazareth wish to honor you in a special way, since you are the patron saint of the Reverend Mother of the Sisters of St. joseph. This, also, gives us a stronger claim to your blessings. We know that yours is the happiness gained only by those who devote the works of body and heart to God. Rejoice with us who are graduating, dear St. Sylvester, as we celebrate your centenary, and help us to know clearly and adhere to our duty as children of God and heirs of celestial glory. Sincere lovers of Clarirl, THE SENIOR CLASS OF '37 Nazareth Academy per RITA HOEPFL +sf105la+ l l 1 at ta lags fi 1 .-fx C.-1,3 fx fx y V vt, pdf ar I 4 K - 1 QL . -, 4-EVN ACD, ,. X, XV Mx' Home Room 205 Nazareth Academy May 1, 1937 MR. CHARLES CARROLL OF CARROLLTON CHURCH TRIUMPHANT COURT OF HEAVEN . DEAR MR. CARROLL: On this, the 200th anniversary of your birth, we, the class of 1937 of Nazareth Academy, send you our sincere congratulations. We appreciate your active services to our country, in the United States Senate, as a Commissioner to Canada, in the Mary- land Senate, as a delegate to the Continental Congress, as a signer of the Declaration of Independence and ultimately as one of the great framers of a new Nation for which you continued to strive so faithfully. Profound faith, innate culture, and persistent toiling on your part helped to lay the foundations of a religious, educational and enter- prising country. Your inexhaustible enthusiasm in political life concerning the general welfare of less fore-sighted American citizens has been an additional incentive to make our own lives richer in simple usefulness and to clarify and strengthen in our minds the inexpressible value of active service for others. Against a background of predecessors who held freedom of worship, honesty and plain living above political prestige you emerged combining these noble characteristics into one and using them to the utmost to champion the popular rights of the people. Only by your seatgin the Assembly was the long disfranchisement of Catholics in public office removed and prejudice against them swept away. It was also largely through your efforts that: the principle of re- ligious freedom was firmly embodied in the United States Constitution. For these and many other innumerable services you have gone down in the annals of history, and no less by your long continued devoted interest, rich and varied experi- ence, and friendly counsel to all who approached you, you have won our sincere respect and admiration. We, who are now about to graduate on this the bicentennial anniver- sary of your birth, extend to you a word of heart felt praise and sincere congratulations. Sincerely yours, CLASS OF 1937 Nazareth Academy per RITA RAVULINS -12110625 ,,,.,.,, -L. ju, .I -l - M... M.. . ,S I- .F N, ack., .r.' ,.:l ,-g . 17,5 -,Q nb. -L Y . , '. .3 p its .I .V f --- - L - A , --,-,Ir , .l - V A i X , .Aa '- ' . , -1 ,- X V.. .. t , . ,-!- , . ,V X. if , . IX Kg?-Q ,f L fdx io -i 4 r' ff QT .X ,Mi .Wm lx, Wax 'y,.ySyY,q'y I 'A-1 'Oils' KNP5 ,fig ,JJ xx X -N-Q! 434 Seneca Parkway Rochester, New York April 2, 1937 MRS. JULIETTE LOW THE FATHER'S MANSION CELESTIAI. CITY DEAR JULIETTE Low: We, the girls of Nazareth, want to add our congratulations to those of the entire world on the twenty-fifth anniversary of Girl Scouts, Incorporated. If you were here, you would probably say that the credit belongs to "the girls," but we know that you were, are, and always will be, the guiding star of Girl Scouting. On that winter day on shipboard twenty-tive years ago, what were your thoughts? You were full of confidence in your new undertaking, weren't you? Your success measured in munbers is impressive-Savannah's live troops of that first year have grown to over thirteen thousand troops enrolling over two hundred and seventy thousand girls. But, dear "Daisy" Low, your real triumph is in the girls who have been and are Girl Scouts. , The world at first laughed at those girls in khaki, but they soon learned to re- spect them. The new gray-green uniform is a symbol of service-it means almost as much as the red, white, and blue of our flag-red for valor, blue for loyalty, and white for purity. A Girl Scout is a true American girl--vital, happy, useful, fun-loving, joyful,- everything that john Doe wants his companion and wife to be. She can sew a fine seam, but she can also swim. She can cook a delicious dinnerg but she knows, too, the beauty of God in His stars. Poetry is a joy to herg but her feet are on the ground, hiking over hill. and dale. Juliette Low, your Scout movement is a wonderful gift to girls, to Americaq America is grateful! The Senior Class of Nazareth Academy, 1937, salutes you- thanks you! Mort truly yourr, MARY L. BAYNES. -sf, 107 15' it rn- fx 1 I 4, . Q? l Twenty-five Years A-Growing Any educational institution that has more than passed its diamond anniversary has lived through a great deal of excitement and has rendered much service to the com- munity where it is established. It can recall stories of famous students who have be- come more famous in their life work, anecdotes of commonplace things which now hold a special glamour, and, finally, the color that comes from associations held fast through those years. Perhaps one of the high lights of such an institution would be its silver anniversary of publishing a year book. It is that that Nazareth celebrates this year. When reviewing the year books of the past twenty-five years, we are first drawn to the dedications in which Nazareth pays graceful tribute to saint, to scholar, to states- man, to soldier, to sovereign pontiff, to the alumnae, to members of the faculty. In the 1916 book, dedicated as was the 1925 to Sister Marcella, we read, "To our be- loved directress, Sister M. Marcella, as a mark of our respect, love and appreciation of her kindly interest and never failing sympathy during our happy years at Nazareth this volume is affectionately dedicated." The class of 1923 expressed a love and respect for Father William P. Ryan "for the messages of wisdom, faith and truth which he brought us for the guiding of our earthly way", and the class of 1917 for Reverend Mother Agnes "of great personal character, builder of society, builder of this temple of learn- ing." We reverence, too, with those other classes St. Margaret Mary, Pius XI, George Washington, and Bishop McQuaid, all of whom have been inspirations and models for Nazareth students. ' In addition to dedications, there has been a special appeal in the school spirit of Nazareth as evinced in its organizations and activities. By comparing the books, we find that in these last years history has been repeating itself. The play based on the story of Miles Standish presented by this year's dramatic club was but a duplicate of that presented in 1913 by the Nazareth students. The Choral Circle of 1913 included on its program "Water Lilies" which was also on the program of the St. Cecilia Recital in 1936. We read in another book of Nazareth's turning Shakespearian and presenting "Macbeth," Still other "Lanthorns" tell of classes producing "Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm," "Anne of Green Gables," "Daddy Long Legs," and many other well known and well loved dramatized stories. The Book Lovers Club seems to have been one of the most important organiza- tions of early Nazareth. This body records among its activities of 1920 a visit from Reverend DanielqO'Rourke at which he gave readings from T. A. Daly, a talk on G. K. Chesterton by the Reverend joseph Grady, now principal of Aquinas Instituteg and an interesting review on the situation in Ireland by the Reverend Charles Bruton. In an earlier book, we Hnd mention of the visit of the Reverend Walter Foery who gave "an interesting and delightful talk on Canon 'Sheehan and his works," and of a talk -'Cl 108 13'- I M,...,n .,,.gQL.,-...N .gg .,..a5gnun.,-...rmgwurw-W--,WY.v'Y. af...--r-up-7:1-m -Q--vwv'vy51gvs1:-1-3-if-wee:---5-rww aj-1 iwww-'fr-fs-fi-'v v---v-1-V-ff-.-,--... ,1 . . . , , . . it , Wirzif: -ill-f-. .315 , fw":,'-.154 4' ' ' . 1 -. " ir' a ' "' ' ' ' ' , c r 1 ' on Frederick Ozanam, the great French scholar and philanthropist, by the Reverend Edward Meagher. From the growth of organizations in recent years, we can see how school life largely dominates the students' extra-curricular activities. The first few literary and musical organizations have multiplied into many. Now, science clubs, language, busi- ness and history clubs and the Sodality, with its eight committees, play an important part in the life of every student. In the 1936 book, we note over twenty important activities. Perhaps after the dedications and the evidences of school spirit through organiza- tions, the literary content of each book is of greatest interest. Poems, essays, stories and articles of all kinds make every edition worth while. In the 1929 Colonial Book we note the theme idea. Subsequent issues use similar divisions for graduates, activities, organizations, underclasses, and advertising. The Vergilian bimillennium is the 1930 theme idea, the Washington bicentennial for 1932, the centenary of Rochester for 1934, in 1936 the centenary of the coming of the Sisters of St. joseph to America. This year, we of 1937, have chosen the Constitution of the United States of America for our theme. There is another feature we must mention,-the advertisements. A history making venture was inaugurated with the publication of 1915. For the first time, Nazareth sold advertisements in its year book. Scrantom's, Sibley's, Howe and Rogers, Bausch's, the Catholic journal, now the Catholic Courier, Phelan Shoe, Ryan and Mclntee, Funeral Director, Sam Gottry Carting, Schaeffer and Hartel, Trant's Book Store and H. E. Wilson, Florist, contributed toward the book with advertisements that first year as they have in this last. We of Nazareth say gratefully, "Thank you for twenty-two years of cooperation." Finally, there have been unusual drawings and very fine artistic effects in the former "Lanthorns." Especially is this true of the George Washington Bicentennial Book of 1932. It seemed to me that "Adventures in Studentlandn had such effective cuts that it would be well for me to enliven this essay by using again those cuts of the history, science, literature and language students. So this 1937 tribute will bring to the minds of the faculty and alumnae a very distinctive feature of a former book. W'e hope these artistic maidens like their reappearance in blue gowns. So, looking backward over these twenty-five years, we see how our year book has grown and has been a faithful record of Nazareth. Ours of 1937 is the heritage of these twenty-five years. Nazareth and Nazareth's "Lanthorn" have given us much. With high hearts and high aims we conclude our volume with the promise of treasuring these Nazareth ideals. We have received much, we must give more. "What shall I render to the Lord, for all that He hath rendered unto me?" This is the question the editor-in-chief ponders in her heart. . JEANNE KINCHLER -wtf 109 like .r Xl 4.. if .gk . 1 J l X --.,tW, ix Lf' l 4 1 . .Aff - ,x,. , 1, H .,1 RTL' ' .. . 4 , ?x, 17 X ' X xl . , -hy , x. , 2 Wig fy!! V1 . L V 1 7"'frv5JN r . U, ' V 31 M 3 . e Q Y Q 5 2 E 3 2 5 5 E Q' 3 3 m 5 Q Q f 3 gi E Z E 2 3 F 5 3 E E S 5 3 5 3 11mvmsx mumm5tm1l'u14 fm xvfui-ag Nectar with Mars "Honey-filled buttercups" buzzed Mr. Bee As, waking too early, he gazed at the stars, "I'll hie me afar to that meadow I see And breakfast on honey with Mars." MARY J. KLEM Kitten Thoughts Star-light, star-bright Maltese pussy sees "Pretty sight on june night- Mousey with skiey cheese." RITA ALDRICH The Street Lamp "O, Look!" said the streetlamp Gazing on high, "There I'm reflected Up in the sky." "For the mortals on earth I light the way, For the paths of the angels I spend my best ray." MARY JANE WARD Sally-A ge Five I've got the measles and look a sight- In all, I've a thousand and two, But I looked up in the sky tonight And laughed and said, "So've you." RUTH KESSELRING Snow Marvel Where are the snows of yesteryear? Where did the Hakes of crystal go? All I see is a snow-cap here With his shining crown a-glint with snow. MARY ZWIERLEIN Evening star Rim of the Universe The sky is a jewel box tonight- - Sapphires and pearls and diamonds are there, Gems that sparkle with gleaming light Each to God offering jeweled prayer. DOROTHY SCHMIDT My Special Stars I know two little stars that shine And twinkle all the day They're dancing when the sun is out They're glowing though it's gray. At night when they are tucked away And told to cease their dance They hide away so they can give God's other stars a chance. But if they should peep forth at night fAnd-naughty-often do lj They frolic, Oh, so merrily! In skies of deepest blue. Now have you guessed my playful pets And can you find my prize? Of course! They are those impish stars In laughing Bartie's eyes! AGNES J. O'BRIEN To Dolores Away Did the angels miss you, Dolores? Did they pine for you, away? Was that the reason for your going Was that why you did not stay? Or was it that they lacked a rose-bud- A pure white blossom for Mary's shrine? I like to think the angels needed Dolores- Little lost baby-sister of mine. MARIE LONG, '37 Star Solace Breaking through yonder darkened sky In serene silvery glow- I watch you in rapt delight For your gleaming holds solace That my heart alone will know. MARY KATHRYN SHARPE -22f111F:+ 1 'M l ff Grain Oh, gram, up there in heaven Is there an angel who Comes and sits upon your lap? Do you tell her stories, too? Is she anything like me? What color is her hair? Have her eyes an impish gleam? Does she bring you every care? Oh, gram, I miss you so Since you went when I was seven, But still I know you're happy Awisiting in heaven. - ANNA GRANT Comrade to Comrade I will make a fitting home for mother To show her beauty and her grandeur And the power of her dear smile- Nb lofty dwelling in wide avenues Could my love unfold. Mine a small suburban home To tell of mother's lovelinessg Cozy, snug, and homey For it tells the little sincere things ' That her heart does hold. It is all gratitude and love For her work and worry and sorrow- For she is one of the world's brave women Who has kept young with me- Mother mine, grow not old! Take this my sacred shrine, my country home for you Built on heart's gratitude for your strength, your counsel- A small suburban home is like you So my heart of love prompts it For you-O heart of gold. Gsnrnuos GECK Heritage The moon is a Queen tonight Trailing her lilmy draperies across the sky- Mother, a Queenl in lovely dark blue serge Comes in to say i'Good-bye." The stars all wait on the moon's bidding Each in its hnery clad- Father comes in after mother- Mother's the Queen to dad. And I, I gaze at the moon and the star That illumine my world for me I am the Princess, silver-clothed- Through my parents' brilliancy. BEATRICE ZIELINSKI 'Ib Mother I You dried each tiny tear I shed And soothing words you did impart, You gladly tuckeld me into bed And comforted my troubled heart. That doleful day! when dolly fell And smashed her pretty waxen face, You understood tny anguish well And bought another in her place. All joy and grief, you saw me through With thankfulness to God aboveg You taught me what was right to do, On me you showered a mother's love. Someday in heaven, the broken toys, The tears that dried through love's own art, The griefs you eased, and the shared joys Will all be there, in Christ's dear Heart. p MARY FISCHETTE 4 1 l w l s Q Sanctuary Were I to make a monument for father No great cathedral would my tribute beg Nor ordered arch, nor many painted pillars Nor huge dome, nor Gothic tracery- No glittering pinnacles, no mystic signs fFor father is the hidden type, dauntless, strong.j Palm leaves involved and much fantastic sculpture, None of these to father do belong. But his-ah, his a small secluded chapel- This would in truth be best for such as heg Not for the throngs, but just the wayside traveler Who stops to talk to Christ informally. For mine, St. Thomas More, most excellent of fathers, Would be the patron, and Silence would reign there- A holy stillness in a spot close to heaven- A place for worship, a place for prayer. , MARY JANE WARD White Snow on Black Branches White snow on black branches A silhouette that has been shattered By a late March wind. The lingering Hakes of Winter's purity Slowly melting from this frozen pattem Leave in their wake an earth, Enriched and thirsty for the Fragrant mist of spring. 'Tis Nature's artistic "In Memoriam." ROSEMARY MCCARTHY Immortality To john Kean The beauty of eternity dwelt within thy soul, Thy hand moved swift upon the page of lifeg Thy heart was young, thy years were all too few, In which to sing thy songs of love and strife. "His name was writ in water"-so they wrote- Thine epitaph-for centuries yet to beg 0 But in our hearts thy songs are young again, Rebom-and crowned with immortality. If thou couldst know, Oh "bard of passion and mirth Thy heritage of beauty lingering here on earth! GENBVIEVE MAHONEY 41 113 lar Memory in April QTO DAD, I cannot think that you have gone away Who so loved spring's returning lovelinessg Each song of bird, each emerald blade of grass Were all reflected in your friendly, quiet way. I heard a robin's fluted call today That echoed through the poignant loneliness, Lightened the burden on my heart oppressed And lingered on when he had flown away. I feel you very near to me today Although you slumber thro' etemity. 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 The flowers blooming on your low, green dais, 1 Bring warmth to sorrow's cold reality 1 Oh, never let me know the breath of spring 1 Without the memory of you close within. 1 ' .To Bernice 'Fwo candles burning in a darkened window fire your two eyes-such hope and radiance shine forth from their black depths-I mum 1 not fail T10 stop and look at them. And I have y tarried Overlong. Till now the journey far beyond Must needs seem lone and quite forlom Unless I have your eyes before me. Two candles In a darkened window. GENEVIEVE MAHONEY GENEVIEVE MAHON Paradox 1 BY 1 To Marita . 1 I like to think this friendship that we bear As our white in youth's strong hands today 1 I Will flourish as the years pass swiftly on And grow in beauty with each closing day No tarnish of nieglect nor slow decay .Shall touch its golden fragrance from afar But high upon al summit it shall stay As close as love,1 as distant as a star. QENEVIEVE MAHONBY 1 1 All through the day I am wise and strong 1 For work must be done and the day's not longg 1 But as soon as the night veils her face with a sigh Deep in my heart something echoes a cry. GENEVIEVE MAHONQY 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 4 114 is :gm . 1 I-P ..-.-mJ"wl.lE1. . 1 V -- :xl -X -' ' , ' , 1,.Hfx ,,-, Auf. - ,Mi 1-,-.f-.,,. -- :J -74 . I A . V- V j. -9 'fr -11,1--'-.43 - --1' ,135 1. 1 .1w.ers. 111 rs1'f--.11-,--at .1-J...n..41 1,s'.-r,:n....A1.s.14-si' i ls' . m-JZ'ae:.1r..,-Pm' Staff Acknowledgments In the course of so long and so exacting a task as the preparation of a year book, we have inevitably contracted heavy debts of gratitude. To many kind friends for their generous assistance with "The Lanthorn," we, of the staff, desire to express our warmest thanks. A special word of acknowledgment is due the United States Sesquicentennial Committee at Washington, D. C. for lending us the plate "We the People." Then, we wish to express our indebtedness to the "New York Times" for permission to copy the eagle cut, used so effectively on many pages of our book. Our friends near home who have helped us must also have a special word of thanks. Among those are Reverend Daniel O'Rourke for his ever-ready willingness to drive the staff to needed places in an emergency, to Mr. James Dolan for his various adequate laborious services in arranging props for our group picturesg to Mr. C. P. Ward whose interest in our advertisements solved the financial problem for usg to Mr. F. M. Schifferli of the Culver Herald Engraving for his valuable suggestions re- garding picture arrangementg to Mr. Lewis J. Zwierlein of the Art Print Shop for his aid regarding copy material, to Mr. Henry Furlong for his courtesy, cooperation, and generosity during all our photographic work, to Anna Grant of 1938 and Gertrude Geck and Agnes Reeners of 1937 who are the "unhonored, unsung" contributors to "The Lanthomf' The Faculty, too, have been most kind to us by changing our schedules to fit needs of the staff. To all our other friends who have made this work a success we are grateful for their assistance. This, then, is a cordial "thank you" to every friend of "The Lanthornf' RITA PURcHAsE MS QP' malls, Assmki +21 115 +31- CDW fTICll7Ul'USUlr'S T O S E C U R E T I-I E B L E S S I N G S O 1: L I B E R T Y 'Liberty and Union, now and forever, one and imeparable +31 117 qi. Realistic reproductions success- fully sell your product. We make engravings in one or more colors for all printing pur- poses. Your story in pictures leaves nothing untold. ,QQTARTISTSANDPROTOENGRAVERS U L V 6 R lENGRAVING COMPANY, INCORPORATED' H B R H L D l D. sf c. BUILDING, 59 MAIN sT. E., ROCHESTER, N. Y. I eil 118 OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO00000000000OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO0000000000OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO00 - -- ---v --.-at-.,.f,,.,.,. .... ..a,.3-,gb-pu -fy , 1. , OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO5OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO'00000000'OQQQ N AZARETH CGLLEGE for the HIGHER EDUCATION of UVOMEN Rochester, New York Courses leading to the degrees BACHELOR OF ARTS AND BACHELOR OF SCIENCE Teachers' Course, accrediting for any teaching in the Stateg Secretarial Training offered as a pre- requisite for the better business positionsg The Science Course prepares for positions in medical and industrial laboratoriesg Foundation courses for Social Service, a growing field of opportunitiesg An elementary Library Course, a founda- tion for training for library serviceg Chartered by lbe . LEGISLATURE OF THE STATE OF NEW YORK and regislered by the STATE BOARD OF REGENTS Accredited member of the National Catholic Educational Associationg Association of Col- leges of the Middle States and Marylandg Association of American Collegesg American Council on Educationg Association of Colleges of the State of New York. Resident and Da tudents O 0 0 O o O O 0 O O O O O O O O 0 O O O O O O O S Q O O O O O 0 0 O O O O O o O O O O O O O O 0 O O O O O O O 0 O O O O O O O O 0 O O O O O O 0 O O O O O O O O O O O O A O O O C C o C C O C o C QOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOQOOOOOO all 119 lla 11 Uzupcgzrmvauzx. ' ' Compliments ofibe SODA LITIY . I Qofh OUR LADY ,of NAZARETH ACADEMY 0000'000000000'00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 0000 0000000000000 0000000000000000000000000000000000 Q 0000000 0 000000000000000000000000000000000000 000000000000000000000000000000 Educate Yourself in the best of Catholic thought and Catholic Action by reading the news and views of things Catholic in your own diocesan newspaper . . . published weekly for the Catholic people of the entire Rochester Dio- cese. Read the 000000 ' 00000000 The Ilzflzzwzfjfzf N ezwfmltrw' of the Rocbexlef' Diocese 00000000000000000 C0112 plimenty 0 f 0000000000000000000000000000000000 o o o 0 o o o o o o o o o o o 0 0 49 qi 0 E 0 E o o o o o o o o o 0 o 0 0 0 o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o CENTRAL LAUNDRY and SUPPLY COMPANY C. SCHAEFFER al 122 ine ,Q , ,,' iii 'i:'!"f r" r' 1 3 ,ve .zu .,4:,v- . 1 ,, ,-QL, ' if 'E ' --af' . , if ,Q - M. gi? ,. - .. , 4, , J T, lwff Ti' ft' ,ff ,E 'E' . N3 A 3,.,.1.,- g' if Z Ji .' :K-. 54' ff-I z?-g ' f . 5.-2 - v , , Cqmpliments of JOSEPH E. RYA FUNERAL DIRECTOR 4 West Avenue ' Rochester, N Y C om plzments A , . 3 'f ir' 1' M .., fl , 4 'X , ,H 'Ye' . , iv X i ws-1' f 4 ., nf- , R A 1 ,EA 5' 'A , 1 I 3, . . L '1 . YL al' . , 'V Q Q 1, A N. . I f, 0 d J ! .1 g W ,gf sb: . ,1 e.X. W F R I B N D L -Ag 1 . 'wg ., x Y 1 4- 'S s. , -'IL e 1125, Wxrris' av T evra A Anfuef n..'u.aa.mammvuua1.mnu ww A. fr 'K' 5 r xnuvufnunry-va-.. wg,-fu i if S w i l OOOOOOOOOOOG9m'QO0W 3 OOOOA GGOD EATING so A is assured when you choose Arpeako Melat 5 Products. Such delicious flavor can o ly come from highest quality meats, skillfutly processed. ARPEAKO MEAT PRODUCTS FRESH AND SMOKED MEATS, SAUSAGE 3 PRODUCTS, LARD, BUTTER AND POULTIQ . P5 G O I E11 E U1 PU '53 O 0 E Z G5 O F O 5 0 I rn CD P-I rn ,W Z rn 2 F4 9 71 0 :r s: H G :- '11 c H z: Q. c: 4? D :s Q.. ua r: '-o '-U r:: G M 2, ROCHESTER NOVELTY WORKS, INC. SAUI. FRANKEI. A C omplimentx 0 ' Manufartufers 485 HAGUEE STREET Genesee 5212 N df 124 19+ l Y ,VME ,-. Y 4, I QR5 iiagiimLgN?Q:WFFwQL:m f6wgQ-Hg'5,' ' k lg. H, A mg A iw am f 1 W,-HA, .n,,,, M. Q , T f P 4 ' 0 Z XVHEN ENTER1 AINING- 2 0 3 3 3 o 3 0 0 2 - 0 O 2 SQ! Ufd 2 3 3 0 O O 3 0 O 0 0 O wmv 0 0 imma I O X "Buy from your ffworzlc Dealern 2 0 ' Q 3 A' 0 O 3 3 x 2 2 COCA-COLA BOTTLING CORP. 3 mm arqsffogfs' 2 E m'm6'1 AL. ANDERSON SONS 2 O 3 3 2 ' 3 , i , Stone 664 Rochester, N. Y. Z 5:11 V Lf! 2 ini 1 2 O 0 O O O 0 O O 0 O O O O O O 0 0 O O 0 O O O O 0 0 0 O 0 0 3 3 3 C om plzments of 3 0 3 0 3 O 3 0 3 3 3 0 3 J. L. H1LToN, JR. 2 0 3 0 O 0 3 0 O 3 3 GENERAL INSURANCE 2 3 3 0 3 0 3 0 o 0 3 0 0 0 3 3 3 3 408 Wxlder Buxldmg Rochester, New York 3 3 3 3 0 0 QOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO0OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO +34 1251? 1- KL 'val 1' UQ.. ' 1 M QM A-,' - 4,-wg,-: 'f 1 I, 3: !,,1?g?g1 '-1 3 Ni .x"ff f14,- ,1',,jv1v-146 ,-P ,' if , ,. - . -, wa! - -,.f Q: ' 1 wx -1 g ,,f'w ' ,fu 44.4 ,, , 'S 51' mi,--'.' ,..,1'--fir H,lg':,1,1f-57' V' , .3 1" :flu 1 f T, 1 1, .14 Q. "H 5. 519 V ' ' '-M.--1 -f ' . , '15 W ,QTL I-, n, 4, , A 1 ,PYT fa 3 'T 3 1 Compliments of 4 1 1 JOHN E. REDMAN 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . LIBRARY AND MAGAZINE BINDING ROCHESTER BOGK BINDERY ' 165 - 123 ST. PAUL STREET . 1 ' 1 GOLD STAMPING BooK REPA NG 1 H 1 1 1 1 Compliments E 1 ' of a 1 1 F R I E N D 1 1 1 oooooooooooooooooooooo 5'C00Q .1-., Q01 53 Aqem -Q 126 19+ ' '14, I .h 1, w:,E1j.'I4l :W f-'wif A 'V i it 14. ,. ,-Q5. f:f, 1, f,Z5l:2f,TzYfkfN 'ga I -,S A -7 541 ufum-1,fg4Y,a'21g-"gifs 31.11 ,MH -r-I-5,7 5im,g5Mm3 oooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooo ooooooooooooo o O o 2 3 P H I I. C 0 2 g . o I 2 3 . . . the leader ln 3 5 RADIO 2 2 ,I fi Compliment! 0 3 2 0 o 2 0, uso NA no if O 5 . . . the leader in 2 O 2 J. P. BOYLAN REFRIGERATION 2 3 3 0 i' 3 O O D' 'b cl b 0 3 lstrl ute y O 3 BEAUCAIRE, INC. 5 2 228 Broadway Stone 5694 2 3 2 0 o 0 o 0 o 0 o ' o 3 2 9 o 0 o 0 o 0 o O 0 E C07lZlfJlj77Z677fJ Coflzllllimcnfy of E 5 2 2 of HAROLD BUTLER 2 2 2 0 3 HARRY KOERNER CANANDAIGUA, N. Y. E 5 2 O o O o 0 o O o O o 0 o O o O o 0 o 0 o O o 0 o 0 o 0 o 0 Z 2 o 53 9QoooooooooooooQoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.ooooooooo if 127 IC? 4 OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO 0000000000OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO O 2 3 2 3 Complimenls of E O o C. SOLON KELLOG 5 O 0 2 300 POWERS BLDG. MAIN 886 Q O ' O Z COAL AND COKE 2 O o 2 Z 2 2 Q I N S U R A N C E 2 O 3 Z MAIN 958-939 2 O Z AETNA BUILDING 25 EXCHANGE STREET E 0 O Z Z Z LUCAS 8: DAKE CO. Z O O 2 Inc. 3 2 3 0 o Z Z 0 O E HAHN-SHAPIRO CQ. Q2 2 3 3 GASOLINE AND OILS ig 3 2 3? 770 RIDGE ROAD WEST ROCHESTER, NEW YORK 2 O 2 22 g FUEL OIL 2 HI-HEAT COAL SEMET SOLVAY COKE Z O o 2 STONE 4000 5 0 Z 3 2 5 LANGIE COAL CO. 5 3 E O00000000000OOOOOOOOOOOOOOGOOOOOOOOO000000000000OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO 4312819- 0 O O O O O O O O 0 O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O 0 O O O O O O O O O O O O 0 O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO NOW You can R-E-N-T An Automatic Gas Water Heater for only Compliment! 351 Per month .T , Have care-free hot water service for of d health and beauty for 351 per month rental, plus cost of fuel used. 00099000900009000000090000090990900000OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO '11 'E E E U 000000 ASK ABOUT IT 00000900009000OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOQ ROCHESTER GAS AND ELECTRIC CORPORATION OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO TEL. MAIN 3960 C om plimenlx O O O O 0 O O O O O O O C C C C C C C C C O C C O o C 4? 4? 4? 4? 4? 4? 4? 4? C 4? 4? 4? 4? 4? 4? o 4? 4? 4? 4? 4? C 4? 4? 4? Cb 4? C? 4? 4? 4? 4? 4? 3 2 Q 2 2 - . O 2 0 Comlblzmentx 2 3 2 o WM. B. MORSE LUMBER co. of 6, g o 2 3 Q 340 WEST MAIN STREET FRIEND Z o 2 E 2 Rochester, N. Y. 3 3 3 0 o O o O o 0 o 0 o 0 o o O Z O o Z o OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOQOcocooooooooooooooooooooofoooooooooooooooooog -5112919 I 00000000OOOOOOO0OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO00OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO 2 52 0 o 0 o 3 3 3 3 3 0 3 3 2 Z Cornplirnenlx of 2 O fi 0 o CLARENCE E. JENNINGS 2 0 2 Z 2 and 3 5 ii 3 JOSEPH P. COLLINS g 3 Z O O O 0 O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O 3 . 3 5 at 4, NIAGARA UNIVERSITY 5 " Q E ,fg gvi SCHOOL OF BUSINESS 2 I' 3 3 "'.,, 45' 41 ROCHESTER DIVISION 3 o 'Po ' :si 60 o E me Telephone Main 1124 Z 0 2 COURSES PREPARING FOR Q 0 0 2 1. C. P. A. Examinations E 3 2. Entrance to Law School 1 3 O 3. Teaching Commercial Subjects in High School 2 E 4. Executive Positions in Business S if Young women interefted in Profesrionnl Courier E E will be registered in the B. B. A. degree only 2 0 O O E For Descriptive Bulletin, write 2 2 THE REGISTRAR 3 0 Q Q NIAGARA UNIVERSITY 2 3 50 CHESTNUT STREET ROCHESTER, NEW YORK if O 4:4 130 R- l l OOO0OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOv0O00O0OO00O00OOvOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO 0 2 2 The SCHOOL of COMMERCE offers Q O 2 REGISTERED COURSESE Q 2 BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION SECRETARIAL SCIENCE ACCOUNTANCY 2 2 MEDICAL SECRETARIAL TRAINING 2 3 ALSO SHORTER COURSES 3 2 SECRETARIAL ACCOUNTING SELLING AND ADVERTISING STIENOGRAPHY 3 2 fRegfIfe1-AA by me STATE DEPARTMENT of EDUCATION Z 2 Catalog Free-Visitors Welcome Main 5530-5531 E 2 362 EAST AVENUE 3 3 2 O 9 E GEORGE C. SCHAEFER CHARLES G. SCHAEFER EDWARD BAUMAN 2 O o 2 GEORGE C. SCHAEFER COMPANY 2 O 2 Formerly Schaefer C9 Harte! E E 8 MAIN STREET EAST E 0 o 5 XVATCI-IES, DIAMONDS, JEWELRY AND SILVERWARE 3 O S Phone Main 6746 Exclusive Agents for Nazareth Rings E O 5 if 0 Z 5 S O C O N Y 5 0 o Q MOBILGAS AND MOEILOIL 5 O 3 at the E 5 "Sign of the Flying Red Home" 3 3 o 3? SOCONY-VACUUM OIL CO., INC. EE 2 5 0 o O o 0 o 0 o 0 o 2 o Q 3 Z 2 0 3 COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND Q g Z 3 2 O o O ZZ 2 o O 3 3 o OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OO OO OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOGO 455 1 31 33? l 000000000000O00 00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 0 3 2 Training for jobs Q O o 5 The Placement Department records of R. B. I. Z 2 show that 529 graduates acquired full time jobs 2 g during the year ending November 1, 1936. E 3 Business seeks trained young people. E 0 5 ROCHESTER BUSINESS INSTITUTE 2 2 172 CLINTON AVE. So. MAIN 3869 2 3 2 THE YATES COAL co. Z 3 ANTHRACITE AND BITUMINOUS 2 ji, ALSO COKE 5 E Drders solicited for private residences, apartments and buildings. 3 Z Deliveries made under the personal supervision of Superintendent. 2 0 o X B0ara'J aaa' Canvas area! for pmteclioa 2 0 2 Phones-Stone 450, Stone 451 2 QQ 612 Lincoln-Alliance Bank Building General Office: 185 Main St. E. ii 3 2 3 2 0 O E FRANK H. DENNIS STORES' INC. Z 0 O O00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 I O F" U1 m 5 I" IT! O O Z T KT! G H F-U O Z IT! 7 M ooooooooooo Main 506 152 State Street 0 00 0000000 0000000 C om plimeatf 0 0 0000000 Sv-. 000000000000000000000000000000000000 WELDING SUPPLY CO 00000 00000 510 STATE STREET ROCHESTER, NEW YORK O 00 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 O 0000 aZi132 E+ 000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 Q O 2 GOWNS! 2 E --That are different" GEORGE STEGER MEAT MARKEI' E 0 o E 456 MApLE STREET E E 81 EAST AVENUE 3 2 E 0 o 0 o 3 2 3 EcoAL-coKf HEATING 3 O . O E.,, ' , 3 2 llmmlmf V HEADQUAR jAMES T. MURRAY 3 2 P: SAPLH ,1,.::J 'I O 0 JI L. 'iukA 3 2 P' ""' ""' , PHARMACY 2 0 1 .9 j . 3 Y I +14"5'A 515 Clinton 2 L V on 41" 0 E Ave' N' 492 LYELL AVENUE E g M A I N 3 6 8 0 Q Z 0 0 3 ESTABLISHED Inns 3 Z 3 0 o 0 o 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 O 0 0 0 0 o 0 O 00000 C 011111112112 erm 000000 000000 ofa 000000000000 000000000 000 000000000000000 000 FRIEND 4 00 0 ' O 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Q 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 09 0 454 133 EA F 0600oooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 0000000000OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO E 3 1. 3 2 REICHENBERGERS Comp Zmem of 5 0 , o 2 MEATS and GROCERIES FRANK S DRUG STORE 3 O 0 o P 4 2 2916 DEWEY AVENUE 537 LYMOUTH AVE. S. 3 0 o O G o 3 Charlotte 1684 enesee 2717 2 2 0 Q 0 o 3 2 E C. GEORGE FIEN 2 A O Z Complzmerztf 2 0 o E of 4 ELECTRIC REFRIGERATION 3 3 SALES AND SERVICE 2 3 FRIEND 3 0 O O O 3 626 MACEE AVE. GLEN. 5614 2 2 2 O O 2 Z 3 "Say It With Our Flouferf' 3 E FARRELL BRQS. Glenwood 1240 E O O O 2 FUNERAL SERVICE ARMEN Z 3 OR 3 E Glenwood 410 LOWERS it 3 331 DRIVING PARK AVE. E 2 Rochester, N. Y. 3 0 o 0 o Q ZZ O 3 GLENWOOD mo TOWN TALK BAKERY 3 3 INCORPORATED 3 Z M. HEMMERICH 8: SONS 3 0 o O - 0 E WASHED SAND AND GRAVEL GICHWOOJ 6772 Z O Z 2 O o E 1460 Lyell Avenue Rochester, N. Y. 601 PULLMAN AVENUE 3 2 SE 0 o O OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO 00000000000OOOOOOOOOOOOOOGOO Ani 134 E+ I 9NONN o o 0 o o 0 o o o o 0 o o o 0 o o o o o o o o o o o o 0 0 o 0 o 0 o o o o o o o o o o o 0 0 o 0 o o o o o o o o 0 o o o o o o o ooooooo . THE YAUCHZI COMPANY ZAMIARA CDN SONS MARKET 0 0 Plumbing, Heating, and Tinsmithing 0000 00000 TWO STORES Hardware, Paints, and Glass 000000000000000000 000000000000000000 1110 Hudson 473 Hudson at Vose 773 LAKE AVE. COR. LEXINGTON S 42 - St 1838 tone 3 9l one Glenwood 261 Rochester, N. Y. Compliments E" of a FRIEND MY 0 00 OH'ice Systems-Supplies Steel Desks-Files Steel Storage and WHITMORE DAVIES ASPHALT PRODUCTS, INC. SCOTTSVILLE ROAD 000 000 00000 0000 Shelving Equipment 00000000000000000000 00000000000000000000 YAWMANMQMFGID. 4I cHssmur smear O o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o v-rj Q 0 Q 2 'U S '-' Q 'Ey- 0 0 fn If S O N 2 Z 3 o U N 0 4-1 o o 0 o o o o o o o o o o o o Q o o 0 o o o o o o o Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 6:5 1 35 13+ O F OO O O O OO O 0 O OO g 0 Nm-1 Q 0 r-rpg Q F, O 2 U1 v-5:15 L' E O"'Om E E Cfmz oo O 0 55 Q rv I O Fm LTI :ETS mf-mffjllj ua Z 3 f5Em9 QHQPS Rfwaa UQ QQ ZREFUFUE U1 Www Fifcna' U3 mwmwg D 251133 z 392 ,205 523052 v- U fm m o Eggs 2555? :Qing P-'1 V4- ggfzgs o mmm ,415 QQ? Q ZMX 'fl-11'-I WD. 'FI C m 0 fb f-1 VU Q OZ! 0 J'fr'm 1" Q. gg 9, m D' 0 ZQQO 'Q 2 wb' 5' Z g 'Omg Z3 Zox 0 .gr Sf' N O l'?'5 CID O 2 O Z U, 2 'U Q' I Q5 m A 5' 2 5 CD ,-'CU U22 NIT! 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FRIEND Importers and Retailers of Fine Furs 44 East Avenue SNAP LET US HELP YOU! yup bu? rnodjrn yourigtlpeople :I ing time . . . yin willi appreciaiie loui tiiiie- 274 GENESEE STREET FILMS DEVELOPED FREE EXPERT WORKMANSHIP COPYING - ENLARGING - COLORING saving devices! In Service Bureau, check your packages and do your mailingg dash off a note or two in Rest Room, if your friends are lateg and Restaurant offers de- licious food to refresh you from shopping tasks. SIBLEY, LINDSAY AND CURR COMPANY C. F. SCHEUERMAN SONS FUNERAL HOME 230 BROWN STREET Tel. Gen. 436--5411 The display at our Funeral Home shows the complete Funeral Service in plain figures. REE 1371?- O 83,93 AIR STEP SHOES-"Magic Sole" SCHMANKES 1480 DEWEY AVENUE 950 O O O O O 0 O O O O O O 0 O O O O O O O O O O O 0 O O O O O O 0 O O O O O 0 O O 0 0 O O O 0 O O O O 0 O O O O O 0 O 0 O 0 O O 0 O OO 0 OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.ooooooooooooooo OO OO OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO O O O 0 O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O C O O C O O O O C O O O O O O C O 0 0 0 0 O 0 O O 0 O O O 4? 4? 2 49 4? 4? 4? 45 45 C? 4? 4? 45 47 00000 0 OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO 0000 OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO0 I I OO0000OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GEO. T. BOUCHER FLOWERS 422 MAIN STREET EAST Rochester, N. Y. GREENHOUSE-Brighton Stone 96-97 CHARLES E. ASHTON FUNERAL DIRECTOR 463 MAIN STREET WEST Compliments of JOSEPH J. EUCKLEY FUNERAL DIRECTOR 796 DEWEY AVE. GLEN. 4906 BAUMAN CD' BAYNES 355 DRIVING PARK AVE. MEATs - GRocER1Es - VEGETABLES Compliment! of CASPER U. BALTENSPERGER We Telegraph Flower: BLANCHARD FLORIST 58 LAKE AVENUE Rochester, New York Complimenly of RALPH A. ALLEN CQ' SONS -IEWELER 77-79 ORCHARD STREET FRANCIS E. BURNS Special Agent New York Life Insurance Company OO O O O 3 O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O 9 O O O O O O Q 0 0 O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O 9 O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O OO XO O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O v O O 0 O O O O O O O O 0 O O O C C C C C C O C C C C O O O C 47 43 45 45 4? 45 4? 45 4? 49 4? 4? CD 45 4? 4? 47 47 4? 47 4? 43 42 4? 4? C? 49 43 43 C? 49 47 4? 47 43 CP 4? 43 4? EI 158 IR 2 ARTISTRY LOCATION gf 2 SERVICE Q O O O O - W k ' t 'th th fl E Comibhmemcj of vggui?Esgersyezljrrgvrlgemefitnxfflevcrcglllcfr E 2 has style and distinction. Only the 2 3 GEQRGE B, KELLY highest quality flowers are used. 2 O O Q J. B. KELLER SONS, INC. Q 3? 28 Clinton Ave. N. Stone 484 2 2? E O O 3 ROCHESTER'S 3 O O 2 MOST MODERN C om plirnenlf of 2 3 DAIRY 3 3 LIEDERKRANZ CLUB 2 Z KUNZER-ELLINW OOD, INC. 3 5 660 WEST MAIN STREET Qi 2 E 3 PHONE STONE 2938 3 2 E O O E M ig Established 1854 VERYTHING IN USIC E Q AND o O O 5 BERNARD O'REILLY'S SONS MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS E O O 5 Bernard E. O'Reilly Home of Steinway Piano E O O O O o . o E 658 M AIN STREET EAST 33 South Ave. 412 East Main St. gg O O 2 OTTO E O LEXI TO O E SERVICBXISTATIEON BALLROOM E E S DANCING E o A v 0 2 DEWEY AND LEXINGTON AVE5, Every Friday and Saturday Evening 2 O O 2 LESSONS Q 3 Patronize your neighborhood dealers CLASS OR PRIVATE 3 E Register in Advance-Main 5583 E O O O O Q 00000000000OOOOO0OOOO0000000OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO "fl139l9" ' I O O O O OO O O OO OO O O O O 3 3 O O O O 3 3 2 MCINTOSH-BOTT INC. 2 3 Complimenty of 3 O ' O if MANHATTAN RESTAURANT COAL, FUEL OIL, COKE 2 3 3 3 410 CONKEY AVE. GLEN. 3326 3 3 3 O O O 0 O O O O O 3 MONROE 50 O E N. J. MILLER'S SON WM. C- MENGES 2 O O 2 FUNERAL DIREQTQR FUNERAL DIRECTOR 3 0 O 5 706 SOUTH AVENUE 509 PORTLAND AVENUE fi E Rochester, N. Y. 3 O O 0 O O O 0 O O 2 Install a 2 O 2 WAYNE OIL BURNER 2 0 3 in your home JAMES MCCALL ESTATE 5 0 O O O if WAYNE OIL BURNER 2505 DEWEY AVENUE 3 3 AND AIR-CONDITIONING 3 O O E GEN. 519 I STONE 4566 3 3 O O O 3 3 O 0 3 3 3 CUWPUMEW5 Compliments of 3 3 3 2 Of 4 MILLER BROTHERS Q O O E FRIEND 474 LYELL AVENUE E 3 3 O 0 O O 0 O O O -ef 140 E+ OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO O O O O O O O O O O 0 O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O 0 O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O 0 O O O O O O Q ALWAYS C om plzments THE VERY LATEST IN WOMEN'S FINER EASHIONS TRANT'S CATHOLIC SUPPLY STORE ' Rochester FRANCES Shop Inc. 96 CLINTON AVENUE N. ' 57 EAST AVENUE Furniture - Oriental and Domestic Rugs - Lamps - Draperies - Radios Compliments Pianos - Linoleum - Washers Electric Refrigerators of 4 HOWE C9' ROGERS FRIEND 89 CLINTON AVE. SO. "Satisfied Patrons C Z. t Are Our Best Advertisement" Omp ,men 5 GEORGE F. SPIEGEL 59, SON PRICE'S FISH MARKET, INC. OYSTERS, CLAMS LAKE AND OCEAN FISH ARCH SUPPORT SPECIALISTS Examination Free 1210 St. Paul St. Rochester, N. Y. 585 MAIN ST' EAST Glenwood 4731 Rochester, N. Y. PAULINE MOORES CLEARY STATIONS, INC. 803 LAKE AVENUE HOME-MADE ROCIICSICI, Y. OOQOOQOOOOOOOQOOOOOOOO 4514119 Q cf o o o o o o o o o o o Q o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o cv o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o f '95 l' 1 4 I O o 3 Complimentr of , 3 3 CAUFIELD S 2 O 2 THE CURTIN AGENCY HARDXVARE-ELECTRIC 2 O O o 5 GENERAL INSURANCE SQ2 W, MAIN STREET 2 O 2 GRANITE BUILDING PHONE: GENESEE 3043 2 O 2 E Stone 3519 In the Heart of Bullif Head Z O O WME. DUEEY CARTING Co. 5 2 62 MARSHALL STREET 3 2 THE CRESCENT PURITAN MAIN 3286 O E LAUNDRY, INQ, Furniture Moving Piano Moving 2 2 Theatrical Transfer 2 O Safe and Machine Moving 3 E 1650 DEWEY AVENUE Trucks by the Hour or Contract 2 3 Moving, Packing, Storage, Shipping Z 2 if O o 55 O o if DAVIS DRUG COMPANY Compljmemj of E O , if PRESCRIPTION PHARMACISTS COMAC BUILDERS SUPPLY CO. 2 O o ig 1481 LAKE AVENUE 16 NORMAN STREET S O 2 Corner Ridgeway 2 2 O O O o O 0 E PHONE, MONROE 8490 Compliment: of if O O Q u O 2 New, Used and Rffblzlllt B1CyClCS E 2 Iver-johnson Bicycles O 3 Tires and Accessories 37-41 CLINTON AVENUE NORTH E 0 Baby Carriage Tires Put On 0 E Work Called for and Delivered Rochester, New York 25 O o 2 E R A N K C O U R T 3 2 1792 East Ave. Rochester, N. Y. fi O 3 -251 142 Ef- 0000000000000000000000000000 000000000000000000000000000000000000 00000000000000000000000000000000000 Com plimemy R U S S E R , S MARKET AND GROCERY 257-259 AMES STREET WILLIAM F. PREDMORE ua O I O O I" ua CI , 1 1 H U-1 M VS" W H F hi CU ki O C m ARTICLES, CHURCH GOODS 95 STATE STREET 000000000 BEST AND SON 34 STATE ST. 0000 Rochester, N. Y. MAIN 225 000000000000 REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE 000000000000000000000 Compliments PRESS, INC. I 49 NoRTH WATER STREET NOXOXO0K PROJANSKY INCORPORATED TAILORS AND FURRIERS TO GENTLEVVOMEN 39 EAST AVENUE Rochester, New York Compliment! of PHELAN'S SHOE STORE FRANKLIN AND MAIN Compliment: of B. H. "STEVE" PALMER Complimentf of PURE QUILL GASOLINE GEORGE P' BURNS "From Tank Cm' To Your Car 155 HAGUE ST. 280 EXCHANGE ST. 191 MT. HOPE AVE. 444 CONKEY AVE. 400 STATE ST. li 000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 -v2f143I3!' 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 O 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 O O O O O O I I O O 3 3 O Z 2 3 HAUBNER AND STALLKNECHT g 2 Successors to john C. Rossenbach 2 0 2 TAILOR'S TRIMMING 2 O O 2 FUNERAL DIRECTORS 2 A 202 ANDREWS STREET 3 2 O O O 2 GENESEE 300 828 JAY ST. Z 2 3 0 O 0 O 0 O 0 O 0 O 0 O 0 O 0 O 0 O 0 , 3 2 Complzmenty of Z O Q A FRIEND 2 0 O O O 2 2 S Q O Ei 2 Q 0 3 E. A. Dentmger XVard E Q O Z Z 3 THE EGGLESTON A1r COnd1t1Oned 3 0 O E THE FINEST IN GOOD THINGS 3 TO EAT AND DRINK 2 0 O 0 O O 2 47 CLINTON AVE. SO. ROCHESTER, NEW YORK E O 2 Z O Z O . O WM. YALOWICH DRUG CO. C0m1f1"'1e"'f Of g E 658 HUDSON AVENUE L- E- MILLER E 2 Corner Alphonse St. 1055 PORTLAND AVENUE 2 O ' 2 0 O 3 2 3 MCKENNEY 8: TRUMPP BEN MILLER 3 Z HARDWARE - PAINT - GLASS - OIL LADDERS AND ELECTRIC SUPPLIES 3 2 GLENWOOD 5339 551-53-55 STATE STREET E 2 1011 DEWEY AVENUE ROCHESTER, N. Y. PHONE, MAIN 6818 2 O 0 O OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO00OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO -if 144 Hr' 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 4? o 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 00000000 NORBERT E. VAY 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000 FUNERAL DIRECTOR 604 MAPLE STREET GENESEE 5938 EVERYTHING IN MUSIC AND MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS 97 CLINTON AVE. SOUTH 000000000000 Serve Club C makers 000000O00000000000000000000 "SUPREME BAKERSU Compliments of 56 EAST AVE. 000000000 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 C 0 C O 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 4? 4? 4? 4? 4? 4? 4? C' 4? 4? 4? 4? 4? 4? 4? 4? 4? 4? 4? 4? 4? 4? 4? 4? 4? 4? 4? 4? 4? 4? 4? 4? 4? 4? 4? 0 0 0 4? WALKER MUSIC STORE WALDERT OPTICAL CO. Oni service is eniloifseil by your eye physician WHELPLEY CD- PAUL PRESCRIPTION OPTICIANS 6 SENECA HOTEL ARCADE Expert Repairing Stone 899 THE WHITE WIRE WORKS CO. 79-83 EXCHANGE STREET Rochester, N. Y. For your Teas, Parties, Luncheons ONTARIO BISCUIT COMPANY Compliments of WHITMORE, RAUBER, VICINUS 51 GRIFFITH STREET Rochester, N. Y. I Compliments of WARD'S HARDWARE 567 JEFFERSON AVE. -4:1 145 B+ 0 o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o 0 o o o o o o o o o o 0 o 0 o o o o o o 0 o 0 o o o o o 0 o o o o o o o o o 0 o o 0 0 o 6 0 o o o o o 0 o o o 6 o 0 o o o o o o o o o o o 0 0 o 0 o o o o o OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOGOOOO000000000OOOOO0000000000000OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO O O O O O O 0 o 0 o 3 Complimwff of MILES ENSIGN-JACK MCDONNELL jg 2 ELRAY FOOD MARKETS, INC, BALLROOM DANCING E E YOUR MAMMOTH FOOD MARKET CLASS AND PRIVATE INSTRUCTION 3 2 634 SOUTH AVENUE 229 EAST AVE. MAIN 8645 2 3 5 2 Cvffllfliffifflf-" Of HEINIE FACKELMAN 2 o Q STORY'S GROCERY RESTAURANT 3 O BOWLING PARTIES A SPECIALTY O 0 CONKEY AVE. AND AVE. D O 2 1087 CLINTON AVE. N. MAIN 8722 2 0 O O O 0 O O HARDWARE, PAINTS, OII. AND GLASS 2 O MFG. JEWELERS 2 Z Class Rings and Pins FRANK 0 Z Convention and Fire Badges, Emblems, Etc. 22 3 STONE 5303 623 PORTLAND AVE. 1335 CLINTON AVENUE N- 2 X 3 O RALPHIS CAFE EHMANN MARKET 2 2 458 S P S SINCE 1890 3 T. AUL TREET CHOICE MEATS O g LIGHT LUNCHE5 AND DINNERS FISH, POULTRY and VEGETABLES 2 o MAIN 8055 1105 LYELL AVE. COR. GLIDE ST. 3 2 MUSE Danfiflg Glenwood 3102 Rochester, N. Y. 2 5 T zz 2 Complimentr of Complimenix of Z O O 2 FROMM BROTHERS FLOWER CITY PRESS 2 Q O 2 QUALITY SAUSAGE 207 BURKE BLDG. Z O O Q O 6 Q O 3 Compzfmem of CHARLES E. RANZENBACH 2 o 3 EDGERTON GRILL MEATS Q o 2 40 COSTAR STREET 229 CONKEY AVENUE 2 O O 3 ii Q O O - 2 Z Complimenu of Compliment! 2 3 EDDIE'S CHOP HOUSE of " 3 O FRIEND 2 Z 6 Q O O W O 0 3 2 Complimenlf 59' 0 0 O 2 Of 1056 DEWEY AVENUE 2 2 A FRIEND GLEN. 6981 We deliver 2 Z 6 Q- O O ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 4,51 14613:- O O O O 0 O O O O O 0 O O z 'J 1-' W r- 1-1 0 ru 2 5 51 5 V, 23 5,1 2 0 :E z Z r- Q Lb ,U m 0 lb X' mmm Z H I 75 F20 5 0 w 2 ag: E S 'A C: '-I Em?-r S 5 3 W . 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P 5m :ff S' '- 0 O " "Tl : Oibw 5 75 3 '-4 Tru V' O w W Z 5 :EZ R O U 2 55 img Q 4: QQ 3 CII "' mf-IN 0 HN 0 5 ' fn N Z U' O wklmm " Q mzgzzgg Emi Egh mm win Q MN OEQOQZ un -' U W HI U 55 O 5- Um ,x,,oL-113 m Z .t., rn ,4 2 ru Q1 W QQ? R, Zn 0 w III 0 qmn. 0 5, gg! Cn -an ESO O Im K 'U gi O af W 0 - O C Z, F S m o -U 5 2 P1 n 3 S K Q 3 0 7 OOO0000O0000O000000000000OO0000O0000OO0000OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO -:cf 1471? 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END P-I fl w O 0 S1511 23 E Yi 0 0 O 0 O 4 O O O O O O O O O O C C O O O C O O O C O O O C C O O O C O O O O O O O C O O O C O C C O O O O O O O C C O O O O O O O O O O O C O C O C C C O O C 0 C O O O O O O C O C C C O O O O O O O O C O 0 OoooOooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Congratulaliom to the GRADUATION CLASS BERTHA'S BEAUTY SHOPPE DEWEY AVENUE Complimenlf of ANDREW,S MARKET, INC. "Where Meal ix alwayx Frexlv and Clean" 71-73 FRONT STREET Phone: Main 2567-2568 BARNARD, PORTER AND REMINGTON 9'11-13 NORTH WATER STREET FRANK ANGELIN E GROCERY 667 EMERSON STREET Complimentf of BILL'S SERVICE STATION 1451 LYELL AVENUE Complimenlx of SCHAEFER MARKETS 1050 DEWEY AVENUE ALLATT BEAUTY SHOPPE BARSDALE AND VICK 835 DEWEY AVENUE GLENWOOD 5205 , , , , FOOD SHOP We specialize In permanents for Gray Hair. Also bobbed hair with curly ends : Our waves 431 WEST AVENUE GENESEE 1358 give the life-like effect Of naturally curly hair. ' We Cater to Ordenr ARTHUR J' BAMANN A. VAN ZANDVOORD MEMBER, UNDERWRITERS BOARD OF ROCHESTER ARNETT BAKERY GENERAL INSURANCE FINE BAKED GOODS 710 GRANITE BLDG. STONE 3342 344 ARNETT BLVD, GENESEE 4293 T. T, BEARING CO., INC. CU,,,I,,,,,,e,,,E, BALL AND ROLLER BEARINGS of a 1594 DEWEY AVE. 493 COURT ST. FRIEND Glen. 6666 Stone 1731 BO CINDER SALES Wholesale and Retail Washed Cinders. The only Cinder Washer in Monroe County. Platt River Bed. MAIN 706 Afzer 4:30 P. M.-GLEN, 1750 BORRELLI ELECTRIC APPLIANCE CO. MAYTAG WASHERS FRIGIDAIRE STROMBERG CARLSON AND PHILCO RADIOS COAL AND COKE 493 STATE STREET PHONE - MAIN 4580 Complimemf of G. BAREIS AND SON EVERYTHING IN FOOTWEAR 826 JOSEPH AVENUE AUDYCK'S I. G. A. STORE 742 AVE. D, COR. BAUMANN ST. OOOOOOOOCOOOCCCCCCOO00000OOOO00OOOOOOOOCOOOCOOCOOOOOOCCOOOOOOOOOO -E 149 laf O O C C C O O O O O O O O C C C C C C C C O C C C C C 4? 4? 4? 4? 41 4? 4? 4? C o 4? 4? C 4? 4? 4? 4? 4? 4? C 4? C 4? 4? 4? 4? 4? 4? 4? 4? 4? 4? 4? 4? Cf 4? 4? 4? 4? 4? 4? 4? 4? 4? 4? 4? 4? 40 4? 4? 4? 4? 4? 4? 4? 4? 49 4? 4? 4? 4? 4? 4? 4? 4? 4? 4? 4? 4? 4? 4? OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO00000000000OOOOOOOOOOOOOO0 O O O O O O 0 0 O 14 , 3 0 C 17 erm of 2 Um lm C0nz,f1limenl.s' of ' 2 3 WALTER E. O'NEILL 3 O HERBERT KUPPINGER, M. D. O 2 747 MAIN STREET WEST 2 O 2 3 2 E C0"1Pli'W'U-f Uf Complimentf of 2 Q O 3 THOMAS SCOTT NEWCOMB NUNN BRASS WORKS 3 Q O o 3 83 RESERVOIR AVE. 17 WENTWORTH STREET Z 3 2 o 0 O Q - O O Complzmenlf of Complimemx of 3 O O LOWELL RESTAURANT O A FRIEND Q 3 23 LOWELL STREET 2 o 0 O Q O 3 LOVETTS DAIRY PRODUCTS KOETTER 8 SAYRE 3 2 Guermey Purteurized 2 0 MILK AND CREAM ' 3 0 From our own dairy farm 1086 CLINTON AVE. NORTH A 2 Ed. and W. Meisenzahl GAS-OIL 2 o 976 WEGMAN GEN. 1203-R 2 o - Q O Q O Q QE C0,,Z,,1,me,,,J. JOSEPH NASCA co- SON 3 O Q Of 4 CONEECTIONERS 2 o 3 FRIEND 530 JAY STREET 2 3 E , o E Complzmenlr of Camplimems of 3 O 0 3 E- M- KICK GEORGE A. KLIER, PHARMACY 3 g HARDWARE 2 A 692 MAPLE STREET o 2 1453 EAST MAIN STREET g O O O THE LITTLE RIDGE HANDY SHOP Z o A. LANNI QUALITY DRY GOODS E 2 FIRST CLASS SHOE REPAIRING We Sell Yarns : Teach Knitting O 3 Good Wcxrk-Good Material and a Fair Price 209 EAST RIDGE ROAD 3 3 1629 ST' PAUL STREET Mrs. C. Miny Mrs. R. Vanmulem E o O O 3 ,. 2 , Complimentr of Comp ffffwff of O o , 0 3 ST' ANDREWWS CLUB LAEMLEINS MARKET 2 o 2 883 PORTLAND AVENUE 0 Z 923 PORTLAND AVENUE 3 -255150 IR- 1 I OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO00OO0000O00000OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO0 O O Q0 00 O O O O O O OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO0000000000000OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO -2,'jf151Ei' O O ua 3 E E12 Q 3 E " Z nzgf? rn :E-U ,I Q w m i wg-4 Q :af 'J- I S pu Q 55,55 7' 5 C3175 rn S "UU2:.O S C7 G mn-1 Cn '-'OO Z O:-:IH H m FU CPI VV. ..- l-4 cn N H S A ig 3 H z::EEw U3 w H W 'Q N0 Z ox - O0 aria U ' ua :P 5 Qt-1-1 on-A Q wzg 002,25 2 Q WZQ mm U1 51 9 gs in-12 9 Ur- am 5 'US n E " Um E 2 'H :Us 53 S :,:'5?s9'- E is E is uv E 03 GUS' P 9 Hi? 5"mFf"4' -U 2 S' C ms' EW CI 5 .Q Z"'Qh Zmg "' 'AU12 O N Q r-'Q cn 3, Q 5 U02 U Q, 5235: Z fn a U' UU: Wm gg 1- 5 :1:- ,abr-nga, S 4"'U25s5g W 2 S1 P2 - :QM -S, :env A zZ52,,:fQsg QWSH Q55 H 4 E! E Q: E G3,QE3Z E 5 m gg E U E: 4 5 bf sim? S f 4 S975 E 2: Z- M3592 Eff S 54 m ff Gag? O 3 Z 'I Q Z 3? 'U is E Q 4 L' 'I ik Q 2 o 5-11 Q 3 O E m P-' Z Fi Z 00? rn Q rn f-I Z t" m gm 3. 3.5, 4 ,.I x rm m U T up D - 0 p :E mcg: -E fo 'DEBUG-, Omer- Qbwvs :e m W mg: :DP E g 4w'A 5535 03 so DP fggpgfgg, 439 cfm vibfmz 2 99059 5005 55229 'Q ggwm 5 E in-,Q 555250 5' 3:53 EQ-5575 M053 415 MO-QF gi OU Niwgizacx-Qxgfgi 2 as :ESS M12 w2O:be',-QSESZOMQUEL-f ZS Owuza' Hog TOD, F295 rn MEMS 51"-O20 O 2 552 Qwgbd U, M 50 Qmwmg 2 Q-omg 58.353, gl 4: ma- 71 -IZ UZ Y rn C -M :1-:h40 w Q Ziflm gbi -11 QUE? "' Sami ""'F"U ao SL Zi mgaq ff, szvg sz?-Pd ZQ am :wzw QFO 3 ,I Z U-J, ,, W os ...Q BH. U1 2 'AW Q-2 rn 53 S'-U 1 2 YF K" FE, 8 E Sal H mg E w o in 52 ' cn E. Q W m M S' F11 QQ g o o o o o o o 0 o o o 0 o o o o o o o O o o o o o o o o o 0 o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o 0 o 0 o o o o o o o o o o o o o o ooooooooooooooooooooo CHRISTMAN'S MARKET CLARK'S MARKET 350 DRIVING PARK AVENUE Quality Meats at Sensible Prices Home made Sausages of all kinds 600 JEFFERSON AVE., COR. BARTLETT ST. PHONE: GENESEE 1417 GLENWOOD 1787 Sperializing in Hoiel and Refmumnl Trade C0mPlimf'1ff Of G. J. Vande Sande Telephone: Main 991 RAY CRAFT LEO. CALIHAN, Inc. GROCERY and MEATS COR. RIDGE AND LONG POND ROAD Greece WALLPAPER - PAINTS - SUPPLIES 525 MAIN STREET EAST GLENWOOD 6240-R Distributor of Pittsburgh Paint Products 0000 00000 00 0 Good watch repairing at reasonable prices C. J. DANGLER 1306-1308 DEWEY AVENUE JEWELER 0 0 Compliments of oooo 900000 Dewey Fruit and Vegetable Market 00 00 o - o 2 GLENWOOD 2186 GLENWOOD 2187 703 SOUTH AVENUE GENESEE 5481-W O A v o 2 f VIVIAN E. DIETER X 0 Complimenlf 0 0 2 Croquignole "WELLA WAVE" Perrnanents 2 3 CENTRAL SHOE REPAIR SHOP out Specialty 2 3 261 N. CLINTON AVENUE Guaranteed not to tarnish white or gray hair 3 0 400 PLYMOUTH AVE. AT DORAN GEN. 5588 O 3 0 o Z CAMELIO BROS. Z 0 Complimenlf of O 2 MARKET and GROCERY 2 2 OTIS, COR. AUSTIN SIDNEY DLINSKER 3 3 XY'e Deliver Glen. 3285 2 4, Q Q o 2 LEO H DEUTER MUSIC DANCING 2 o . . 3 DODGE RESTAURANT Q 3 TRIANGLE GROCER DINNERS AND LUNGHES - ALL LEGAL EEVERAGES 3 2 COR. CONKEY AND CLIFFORD AVES. 1479 LYEI-L AVENUE 2 0 Glenwood 7291 Pearl M. Dodge, Prop. 0 o o o o 2 Compliments of 2 o o 2 DR' JOHIlEENI2'QS?EAVITT Complimenlf of 2 o o 2 217 RIDGE ROAD EAST JAMES C' CORBETT 2 2 GLENWOOD 5472 2 5 E 2 HARRY B. CROWLEY Complimen,-, of Z 3 Eflggggggcg LIEORIO CARAPEZZA 3 Z STONE 5908 GROCERY STORE 3 5 403-405 GRANITE BUILDING 293 ORANGE STREET 2 o o 0 :SE H m IND 'Eff 000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 421153159 0 00000000000000000000000000000000000'O 0 O gn -o va U rn O O 3 :r Q 3 5. gi, 3 35 '11 cn 5 3 F55 4 3 Q 5? ' 0 QQ rn gm v' 'K-gZ 33 o o 1-1 U, 0 an fl: W Go'-IW L-1 0 o Q - :D Z CZ '-Hom 'X' G C5 :P 0 f-I m rn 'H Os' D' ww "3 o I-4 H mop, .morn 5, g O PU o 0 Q N LTI mm lf' :I f: -, QT: g,. - :I o o oo P-I 0 Q U1 'lr-rn "MD m. Q U' Q fs- N rd C ws SSN shwao "f'2'?0s,2Q 25 Q mio 3 o o Q ' 'fwm ""3 ?3ZU5"U mzwv-1 Ti: '50 H3 'UQQZ o Qznff' :him ZN- :bah sumo amwsww Q,-2 120,-0 ' "' v 3 f':5f111-11W U15 ggvsm 3-1-15.7, 252.555 zggjg' Qu mp 0 0 -- III r-'M N rn 'Z ZS----at-. W fm m o Q ,Oo 5 Z' f-3' U,DD:,l,, 111 K-45 v-1 0 O 33,95 s Q 5 UU QQU4 vgwmg 45:91. 5 82 O 0 m Z X CU v-1-P-qrn :r wg, 3, U1 '-4 o 0 -Q s 9 E E393 Eg: siaajj ,sig vfwmo o ' ' fn: v- . N o 3 -1 E E gi F495 cf gfgo .. 511 E53 77 cn C -U L, D 0 Z5 O P4 U1 igigj -U2 0 m Q w 5' ca O 0 'U C Q 9.1 O O I - U' vf ON 0 o 3 2 o o o o 5 o o o 0 E '4 Q cv 3 o cn 3, o -I o 'r- CII bf 'JU Ze Q 5 o 5 M 5 5 Z o M H 0 o gm QQ- Eg J U 22,4 3 gm o Q Q P N Q Cn H-QQ O -,- ,Q X9 , - . m Q5 Z0 O " C171 me -1 F511 OO Q 53,-Clie , Q Q 4, O Z O , Q - mg 0Z'...q, .N 3 D' in QQ 55173 O 0355 Emi EL Eye, r11'f'1i gg HHS, EEE? 0 227521 Qws' Us 29535 5:82 E 505 FHES O E' Mm cn ms WE af?-If--w gfffni 2 E -,M " me 0 2521 N Qi r-ea CH- ll: r-. U M if-fx'-. 3 o Z EO Q Zi A Q35 25717 gymi 5' O S v-Sh o Z "5 W C: ,PU UQ F11 rn o 2 nm H g U, m F53 ,H 513 HQ o 0 .- o -1 ' LTI O "I 'I 2: E22 5 3 0 E FU O 0 m r-1-1 ,.., , O 0 5213 ITI 0 o 4 up o o F' o o o o o 000000000000oOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO 00000 0000000000000OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO0'OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO COOPERATIVE BUSINESS INSTITUTE AND School of Advertisng Art Successors to GREGG SECRETARIAL SCHOOL DAY AND NIGHT SCHOOL ALL THE TIME Individual Instruction in All Commercial Subjects Pupils Thoroughly Prepared For Good Positions Office Help Furnished Free to Employers AIN STREET TEL. STON FURLONG STUDIO Photographers for "The Lanthorn" 27 CLINTON AVENUE SOUTH C om plimentf of FREDERICK WEIDER BARR AND CREELMAN OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO0,0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 -if 154 13+ O Q O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O 0 O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O 0 O O ASK FOR ROCHESTER QUALITY SCHOOL SUPPLIES "VALUE FIRST", Manufactured by ROCHESTER STATIONERY CO. JOHN MULLER GROCERIES AND CHOICE MEATS FRESH FRUIT AND VEGETABLES D.ARROW-MAY SECRETARIAL SCHOOL CONRAD F. MAY, Director "Let us help you make your mark in the world." 781 DEWEY AVE. ALL BILLS DUE WEEKLY Phone Glenwood 1830 154 EAST AVENUE Rochester, New York Compliment! of A FRIEND Compliment: DWYER ELECTRIC COMPANY 252 TREMONT STREET LIBERTY SWEET SHOPPE Home Made Candies and Ice Cream Sodas, Cigars and Tobacco 275 DRIVING PARK AVENUE Genesee 1286 WILLARD STORAGE BATTERY MCGRATH 8: EDWARDS BROS. Complete Automobile Service Century and Hood Tires - Accessories 1 CHILI AVENUE WILLIAMS POTATO CHIPS 999 CHILI AVENUE Complimentr of HENRY MAY 677 JAY STREET JAMES L0 MANTO SHOE REBUILDER ALL WORK GUARANTEED 701 LAKE AVENUE, COR. GLENWOOD M. H. Wilkinson A. H. Herbst PLUMBING AND HEATING SUPPLIES DIRECT TO USER 73 North St. We Deliver Stone 1318 -lf-I 155 lik- R 3 9 o 0 o O o 0 o S 0 0 o 0 o O o O o 0 o 0 o O o 0 0 3 . 3 f o 0 o 0 o ' 3 O o O o O 0 O 0 O 0 O o O o O o 0 o 0 o O o 0 o O 0 0 o O o 0 o 0 o 2 o ' 43 ' o O o 0 o O o O o 0 o O O Q 0 0 o 0 o 0 o 0 o O o 0 o 0 o 0 0 O o O o O o O o 0 o O fa ' 0 O 0 OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO 000000 000 OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO 0 O o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o ' ' o o o o o o o o ---- - -- o o o o o o o o o o o uf- o o o o o o o o ' ' o 0 M Z Z1 O 0 Z! IZ V61 272 0 o o 4, 3 P 3 O o o Q zmeo M hm O o o 3 Individual! in 3 o ' o o o o o o ' 0 o o 4, Lzsfy 0 o o o o o o 0 M 'Z ' 0 O JZ Zflg O o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o Q o o o Q o ' o 2 o Q 2 2 o 3 T he 2 0 Z 0 o O ART PRINT SHOP O 3 0 o gy and AYER 8: STREB 3 , Q 5 1172? 7 7 ST. PAUL ST., ROCHESTER, N.Y. 3 0 LANTHORN Stone 567 . . . Main 6199 E o 0 Z o O 3 0 0 0 o 0 o 0 o 0 o 0 o 0 o 0 o O o 0 Y o ooo oooooo oooooooooo oooooooooooooooooc-oo +Ef 156 -AD Allatt Beauty Shoppe .... . Allen 6: Sons, Ralph A. ., . Andrew's Market, Inc. .. . Angeline Grocery, Frank ,. . Arch Hotel ...,.,..,.., . Arnett Bakery ,...,.. . Art Print Shop, The . Ashton, Charles E. ,...... . Audyck's I. G. A. Store .,.. . - B - Baltensperger, Casper U. ,. , Bamann, Arthur J. ...... . Bareis and Son, G. , ..,.... ,. Barnard, Porter and Remington, Barsdale and Vick .,......... Bauman 8: Baynes . ...,.. . Bearing Co., Inc., T. T. .. . Beaucaire, Inc. , ...,..... . Bertha's Beauty Shoppe . . . , Best and Son ...,.... . Bill's Service Station .. . Blanchard Florist . Bo Cinder Sales ..,. . Boylan, J. P. ......... ,.,. . Boucher, Geo. T. .........., . Borrelli Electric Appliance Co. Browne's Ice Cream ,,........ Buckley, joseph J. . Burns, Francis E. ..,....... . Burns Press, Inc., George P. . Butler, Harold, .............. - C - Calihan, Inc., Leo . Camelio Bros. ,..... . Carapezza, Liborio ..,. . Caufield's ........,. . Catholic Courier .,..,.,...... Central Laundry and Supply Co. Central Shoe Repair Shop ,..... Century Sweet Shoppe .... . Christman's Market . .. Clark's Market ..... . Cleary Stations, Inc. .... . Coca-Cola Bottling Corp. Collins, Joseph P. ...... . Comac Builders Supply Co. , . , Cooperative Business Institute . . INDEX Corbett, james C. .. .. Crowley, Harry B. ,. Court, Frank ..,.. . . ..., . . Craft, Ray .....,..,.,........, Crescent Puritan Laundry, Inc. .. Culver-Herald Engraving Co. . . . . Curtin Agency, The .......,..., ..D.. Dangler, C. J. ,... 4 .,,,..., . . . Darrow-May Secretarial School., Davis Drug Company .,........ Deavitt, Dr. john B. ...,...... , Dennis Stores' Inc., Frank H ..., . Deuter, Leo. H. .,.......,.... . Dewey Fruit and Vegetable Market Dieter, Vrvran E. ........,... , Dodge Restaurant ,...,........, Duffy Carting Co., Wm. B. Dunsker, Sidney .,....,.,., . . . Dwyer Electric Company . . . . . . -E- Eddie's Chop House .. . ... Edgerton Grill ....,.,.......... Eggleston Air Conditioned, The . , Ehmann Market ............... Elray Food Markets, Inc. ..... . Ensign, Miles-McDonnell, jack. -F- Fackelman, Heinie .... . . Farmen .......... .,. Farrell Bros. , ..,..... Fessner, Ludwig Co. . . , . . . Fien, C. George ..,. . . . Flower City Press . . . , . Frank Hardware .,.. . . Frank's Drug Store , , . . . Frankel, Saul ..... Fromm Brothers .,.. , . . Furlong Studio .,... .. -G- Garnham, John H. ....,.,. .. Genesee Motor Vehicle Co. .,., . Genesee Pattern Works ..., .. Genesee Park Bakery . . . . . Geiger, D. J. , .......,, . .. Gibaud Auto Accessories . . , . . Glaser, Wm. I. . ,... . . . .. 152 152 142 152 142 118 142 152 155 142 152 132 152 142 152 152 142 152 155 146 146 144 146 146 146 146 134 134 146 134 146 146 134 124 146 154 136 153 136 153 153 153 153 Glatz's Market ............. Gosnell Paint and Wall Paper Co., Inc. .........,.... .. Gottry, Sam Carting Co. Grapensteter Ice Co. Greinkie, W. H. Guinan, Catherine .... -H.. Hafner Home Laundry Inc. ., Halloran 6: Sons, Henry D. . . Hahn-Shapiro Co. ......,. . Hart's Food Store ...,. Hart 8: Vick .......... .. , Haubner and Stallknecht Hawken, George B. , 4 . . Hedges Br Hoffman ...... Hemmerich 8: Sons, M. .. Hetzler Bros. Co., Inc. Heughes Co., Inc., F. L. Highland Linen Supply Co. .. Hilton Milling and Warehouse Co., Inc. .,............ .. Hilton, jr., J. L. Howe 81 Rogers . . . Huss Market .... - J - Jennings, Clarence E. .. -K- Keller Sons, Inc., J. B. . . . Kellog, C. Solon ..... Kelly, George B. Kick, E. M. ......,....... . Klier, George A., Pharmany . Koerner, Harry ....,........ Koetter 8: Sayre, Inc. .. Kunzer-Ellinwood, Inc. . . . . Kuppinger, Herbert, M. D. .. ...L- Laemlein's Market .,.. Langie Coal Co. .. Lanni, A. ..... , Levis Music Store ........ Lexington Service Station Liberty Sweet Shoppe .... Liederkranz Club ..... 153 153 136 153 153 153 153 136 128 153 136 144 136 136 134 136 153 148 153 125 141 151 130 139 128 139 150 150 127 150 139 150 150 128 150 139 139 155 139 Little Ridge Handy Shop, The Lo Manto, James .........,. Lucas 8: Drake Co., Inc. ., Lovett's Dairy Products Lowell Restaurant ,4.... -M- Magnolia Market ..,. Manhattan Restaurant . , . Maple Grill .,....,.... Margay Beauty Salon Marks 8: Abramson Markin's Pharmacy .,.. Mattern's Hat Shoppe May, Henry ...... , ,... V Meisenzhl Dairy, Cas. .. Menges, Wm. C. ,..., . Metzger Bros. ..,...... . Meyerhoff Bros. Market ..,. Miller, Ben ........... Miller Brothers ..., Miller, L. E. ..,.. . Miller's Son, N. j. .,. ... Moore, Pauline ....,,....,.. Morse Lumber Co., Wm. B. . Muller, john .,..,,....... Murray, james T. ..... . - MC - McCall Estate, James ., .. McGrath 8a Edwards Bros. .. McGregor's Florists ...,. McIntosh-Bott Inc. . . . McKenr1y 81: Trumpp -N- Nasca 8: Son, joseph .... Nazareth College .......,. Newcomb, Thomas Scott .... Niagara University ,....,.. Nunn Brass Works .... Nusbaum, Meyer ...... - O - O'Brien, Arthur B., M. D. .. O'Brien, Edward C. ....... . Oflice Appliance Shop .. O'Neill, Walter B. ..., . Otto ........,........... Ontario Biscuit Company ,.., O'Reilly's Sons, Bernard .... 150 155 128 150 150 151 140 148 148 148 148 148 155 148 140 148 148 144 140 144 140 141 129 155 133 140 155 148 140 144 150 119 150 130 150 144 147 147 147 150 139 145 139 INDEX -p- Palmer, B. H., "Steve" Palmos Candy Shop, George S. Pommerening 8: Son, H. C. . Pasch Coal Co. ., .. . , Phelan's Shoe Store .. . Plant's Bakery ..... .. Predmore, William F. .. Price's Fish Market, Inc. Projansky, Inc. . . . .. Pure uill Gasoline .. - R - Ralph's Cafe ........ .. Ranzenbach, Charles F. .. Redman, john E. .. .. , Red Sc White Food Stores . . Reichenherger's ......... Ritter Bros. Dairy ...,..,.. Rochester Rochester Rochester Rochester Rochester Rochester Rochester Russer's Business Institute . Book Bindery ..., Frances Shop, Inc. Gas 8: Electric Corp. . Novelty Works, Inc. Packing Co., Inc. Stationery Co. , . . Ryan, joseph E. ,. . -S- Sally Frocks ..... . Senz Tavern ......,..., . , . Schaefer Company, George C. Schaefer Markets .......... Schafer Co., H. S. ,,.. . Scheuerman Sons, C. F. ., Schmanke's ,,...,...... School of Commerce Schroth's Market ........ Schug Bros. Restaurant .. . Schwalb, Nick ........ Scott, Inc. E. Kelsey .. Scrantom's , ...........,.... Sibley, Lindsay and Curr Co. Smith Street Quality Market . Socony-Vacuum Oil Co., Inc. Sodality of Out Lady of N. A... Snap Shot Shop .,....... ,. Spiegel Bc Son, George F. 143 151 151 133 143 151 143 141 143 143 146 146 126 146 134 151 132 126 141 129 124 124 155 143 123 147 147 131 149 147 137 137 131 147 147 147 137 137 137 151 131 121 137 141 I Spitz, Mrs. E. F. B. Story's Grocery ...... St. Andrew's Club ....,...... .. Steger Meat Market, George Stitch Shop, The .............. Sugar Bowl ......... .......... Sullivan's Coal 8: Coke Co. .... . -T- Tomkinson Feed Company .,.... Town Talk Bakery . ...... . Trant's Catholic Supply Store .... Trott, Thomas F. ............. . -V- Van Brocklin, Charles H. , . . . . . Van Remoortere, Peter A. ..... . Vay, Norbert E. ....... . Vogel, Henry L. ...... . Vogt's Dry Goods Store -W- Wald's Dress Shoppe Waldert Optical Co. Walker Music Store ....,....... Wayne Oil Burner and Air- Conditioning ...,............ Ward's Hardware .... Ward, Inc., C. P. .. Wegman's ............. Wegman Co., William Welding Supply Co. .... . Weider, Frederick J. .. W. G. H. ......... . Whelpley 8: Paul ...... White Wire Works Co. Whitmore Davies .............. Whitmore, Rauber, Vicinus Wilkinson, M. H., Herbst, A. H. Williams Potato Chips ......... -Y- Yalowich Drug Co., Wm. ..... . Yalowich Drug Stores ..... Yates Coal Co., The ,.... Yauchzi Company, The ........ Yawman and Erbe Mfg. Co. Young's .......,......... -Z- Zziminm it Sons Market l 133 146 150 133 147 147 147 147 134 141 137 147 151 145 151 151 151 145 145 140 145 120 151 151 132 154 151 145 145 135 145 155 155 144 153 132 135 135 148 135 Aufocgmplu Aurocgmplaf Aufoggmpfm 1.1 1: A xi 5 if, Y ,cn .em Azziacgmplu v'f5:"0 Mngjgkj 1 Ei fWf'ff f?ffif'f' . 4Z...,1,4o 9,03 4 V f a, M, EZ . . 1 ' 'Q Cf W Q 1 g I 4 -fojf q I vb Q, x yd V 'vo .., 'I 9x - ' -A QQ,,wNir.,i:' MM M140 4 Qi.. ,Q f cam. WWW? ' 4-'0 3: -xx WuQ1gE4gFi,Z,!iig,L.L.oQ,fQ. V B 47 ' , 'T I , ' 'Q .1 ,Q-ff g..,, ZDc 4 ,Q 74,4 :Q A U . I x . "?"9-fo' Na , W8W 1yad1V., U I .- 'f X x W wig SE X ,,, ,, :S QQ fi Q? 3 X? 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Suggestions in the Nazareth Academy - Lanthorn Yearbook (Rochester, NY) collection:

Nazareth Academy - Lanthorn Yearbook (Rochester, NY) online yearbook collection, 1929 Edition, Page 1


Nazareth Academy - Lanthorn Yearbook (Rochester, NY) online yearbook collection, 1934 Edition, Page 1


Nazareth Academy - Lanthorn Yearbook (Rochester, NY) online yearbook collection, 1935 Edition, Page 1


Nazareth Academy - Lanthorn Yearbook (Rochester, NY) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Page 1


Nazareth Academy - Lanthorn Yearbook (Rochester, NY) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Page 1


Nazareth Academy - Lanthorn Yearbook (Rochester, NY) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Page 1


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