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Vx Q-f J-Q' lax LJBRISI I g, ix v X K.. 4 ,V ' ' x , ' v "-:Q x Un, ..', gf 4 ,...- , 1 V4 QI, A 1 ww xx mv. L , ,.n .A gn, .-3:19 wflsiigg 4 TI-IE LANTI-ICDRN TWENTY-THIRD voLuME of the Nazareth Senior Year Book :ID O m i n u s I I I u m I n a 'c i o M e all PUBLISHED BY The Class of I935 Rochester, New York ' w.K'b'?!!R. '?-'hr'wlF.iK L, - Y-IW1f'ni . '.'Ni't-n'5J.'!'2:i7'L'5'F1PfInI'71.M::'3B"i' m 2' ', . 'L V. v . I Q ' ' - ' JIM- "fl fi 'iZ.l"Z P"-mfr.-1a'1'Lf5-RL!!,'6Em'1?':F'i'i':'f:'1Jl- ',,?1f-LG'.7'5'! ilitlif. , CONTENTS DEDICATION FOREWORD VIEWS ADMINISTRATION GRADUATES - ACTIVITIES AND ORGANIZATIONS CLASSES FEATURES ADVERTISEMENTS 'HSD' DEDICATION OUR priceless years have we spent here at Naza- reth with you, dear Sister Marcella, as our guiding spirit, and though our offerings can not in any way equal what you have given us of beauty. truth and understanding. though our days with you have been but a small part of the many years you have spent at Nazareth in the upbuilding of beautiful girlhood, we beg to offer you something of the fruitage we have reaped during our happy high school days. To you we dedicate this volume of "The Lanthorn" with deep gratitude for the past ancl uplifted hope for the future. THE CLASS OF I935 4f6llf For Sister M. Marcella The artist with his brush poised in a dream Has visions of his one great work of art- His masterpiece-ideal of his heart. So. too, the fingers of musicians seem To thrill with great concertos that men deem lmmortal--worthy to be set apart: Yet from a canvas life and color part. And songs will die with age and lose youth's gleam Your artistry is for eternity. Your canvas is the girl's immortal soul. Whereon your colors glow with purity. The theme of all your being, your great goal- That Mary-like the Nazareth girl may be Your masterpiece-in heaven. your aureole. Betty Ruth Kraft. '35 473' FOREWORD In medieval times, when a lanthorn hung over the hospit- able door ot hall-,and inn, festivity and merriment often reigned within. There, before the crackling hearth minstrels sang: they sang ballads of noble cities and ot the men that ruled them: they sang lays ot fair women, virtuous and beautiful. In last year's volume of "The Lanthorn," the girls of I934 chanted the glories of our own city. Rochester, then cele- brating its one hundredth birthday: they sang the praises of its great leaders and builders who, during the century, had made Rochester known throughout the world. Now, we wish to pay tribute to our Alma Mater whose work in educational tields is so noble. Comely she is and fair, learned and wise, imparting to her daughters, in generous measure. the right principles of education tor which she is distinguished. We of I935, turn minstrels tor the moment toyhonor in glowing tale and vivid picture. our beloved Nazarethias we have known her through tour years of happy girlhood. 4289+ TRIBUTE The poet would exalt thy name. O Nazareth, With metaphors and music rhymed to blend Thy qualities of heart and mind, long cherished. With memories of comrade and of friend: While I in parting search for words to praise thee. And call the Muse to walcen my still pen: Alas! 'twere better far reflect thy glory In deeds of priceless worth for God and men. Margaret Worthington, '35 49? And He went down with them, cmd come to Nazareth, ond was subject to them." 44109 Nozoreth Far off in ancient Lebanon 'Twixt storied slopes and sunset gold, Lay Nazareth, the village blest, Renowned in prophecy of old. There Mary, all Immaculate, With joseph and the Child divine, In peace and harmony found Heav'n At Nazareth's lowly shrine. O Mary, lovely Maid and Mother, Help us to grow like unto thee, All willing handmaids of the Lord, O bless us with thy purity. O joseph, guardian of that home, Who watched o'er it with loving care, Watch over us when dangers lurk, And bid us lift our hearts in prayerg And Thou, O Babe divinely sent, An Envoy blest from realms above, Thou art our King, our Saviour dear, Our Torch of Faith, our Fount of Love. O little town of Nazareth, Thy name, a glorious one, Thou shelteredst Him Whom earth knew not, Our King of Kings, God's only Son. ' CLAIRE C. SIGL 'dup Tl-IE Sl-IAKESPEAREAN WALK The radiant sun beams brightly on this much-traversed path called the Shakespearean Walk because of its resemblance to the walks in Stratford. In the poetls birthplace "the greensward slopes away from big flat stones that are embedded in the mossy sod." Here the terraced lawn slopes gently to the grounds below. This walk is often alive with the light-hearted chatter of happy young girls as it is the connecting link between the main building and St. Joseph's Hall. MoN1cA DOUGHERTY, '35 m I-usennvmwe--: -' ' ' +::- 1-sa-is-snr a' ' ..,.f.1'.'i...n.z::-' NAZARETI-I Enshrined deep in the heart of every Nazareth student is the picture of another Nazareth-the boyhood home of Jesus. Here it was that the greatest Teacher of all times received His first training at the shrine of Mary's knee. We are proud of our name, our noble heritage, and of all for which Nazareth Academy stands. It is with the deepest regret that we leave its familiar halls which have been for four never-to-be-forgotten years, our second home. HELENE MEYER, '35 Jl13l9+ OUR LADY'S GROTTO What a beautiful spot the statue of Mary occupies on our campus! Sur- rounded by sweet-scented lilac bushes and the fresh green of the springtime, with the clear blue sky as a massive canopy overhead, the grotto is lovely to look upon. This familiar nook is a favorite haunt of the Nazareth girl who often comes here to pray. She knows from experience that Our Lady, the true Mother of Nazareth, is ever ready to hear and help her daughters. EILEEN BURNS, '55 +3145 3155+ ST. JOSEPI-VS STATUE In a green-fringed corner of our campus, stands the statue of St. joseph, as glistening white as the Saint's own purity. Imported from Italy, it is a fine piece of workmanship in Carrara marble. Against the verdant green of pine and flowering shrubs, it occupies one of the most attractive spots on the cam- pus. It is here the girls love to gather in leisure moments. Through the gen- erosity of the entire student body of 1925 in donating this statue, we have this lovely reminder of St. joseph, who will, we hope, guide and protect us as he guided and protected the Child and His Mother in their abode at Nazareth. GERTRUDE COLLINS, '55 Most Reverend Archbishop-Bishop of Rochester For no privilege are we more grateful than for the one granted us this year by Most Reverend Archbishop Mooney, the opening of a school chapel in which the Eucharistic Presence constantly abides. How deeply this favor is appreciated is attested by the frequency of the visits. There is scarcely a moment in the day when some one is not kneeling there in prayer. Surely the rare privilege will draw down countless blessings from heaven. We are also very grateful to the Archbishop for attending our Christmas play, as well as for the pleasure we anticipate in having him preside at our graduation in june. Then will his words of advice be a fitting close to our days at Nazareth and a guiding light in our future careers. THE CLASS or 1935 Edword A. Mooney, D. D. 16l 317 Most Reverend Thomas F. l-lielcey, D. D. Titulor Archbishop ol Viminocium As members of the Senior Class, we wish to express our gratitude to His Excellency, Archbishop Hickey, for the privilege we have enjoyed this year in attending his weel-:ly instructions. So clearly have the truths of religion been explained, so ably has their full significance been set forth, that through them our lives have been enriched, our resolves strengthened and encouraged to nobler ideals and achievements. That the future may find every member of the Class of 1935 faithful to the teachings of the Church, so beautifully ex- pounded by His Excellency, is one of our most cherished desires. Tins Ci.Ass or l935 Reverend Fother Doniel B. O'Rourlce Instructor in Religion Our last year at Nazareth was marked by the advent among us of Rev- erend Father O'Rourke as Instructor in Religion. His weekly afternoon talks have been enlightening and inspiringg his personal interest in the spiritual welfare of the girls, kindly and helpful. As members of the Senior Class, we are happy and grateful that we have been privileged to come under his teaching. THE CLASS OF 1935 eil 18 L 4l19l9' Foir though it be to wotch unclose The nestling glories of ci rose, Depth on rich depth, soft fold on fold: Though foirer be it, to behold Stotely ond sceptrol lilies breolc To beauty, ond to sweetness woke: Yet foirer still, to see ond sing, One foir thing is, one motchless thing Youth in its perfect blossoming." ADMINBTRATKDN Most Reverend Edward A. Mooney, D. D. . . Spiritual Director Reverend Mother Sylvester . . '. . . . Pfeiidf-Wi Sister M. Marcella . . . Prinripal Sister M. Beatrice . . - Tfedfllfef Sister Agnes Gertrude . . . Serretary THE FACULTY ACADEMIC AND COMMERCIAL DEPARTMENTS Most Reverend Thomas F. Hickey, D. D. . . Reverend Daniel B. O'Rourke . Sister M. Boniface Religion Sister M. Teresina E n gli.rh Sister M. Angelina English and Art Sister M. Hubertine English, History C. and Religion Sister M. Irmina Organ and Vocal Maxi: Sister Marie Aim6e Latin and Religion Sister William Marie Cornrnerfial Law and Stenography Inrtrurtor in Senior Religion Clair . . Instructor in Religion Sister Clara Joseph French and Religion Sister M. joan Typewriting and Office Method: Sister M. Clarissa Oral Expreuion and Dramatic: Sister Frances Teresa Englixh and Religion Sister Miriam Engliyh, Hiftory A. and Religion Sister Anna Joseph Mathematirf, Corn. Geography and Religion Sister M. Consuela Englifh and Religion Sister M. Rosemary Stenography, Bookkeeping and Religion Sister Martina Marie Biology and General Science Sister Rose Angela History C. and Religion Sister M. Roberta Librarian Sister M. Geraldine Chemistry and Religion Sister M. Callista Freshnzan Subjects Sister M. St. Dorothy Latin and Religion Sister M. Carlina Freshman Subjects Sister Teresa Edward Sister Marie Jose Physics, German and Religion Sister M. Florentine Geometry ana' Religion Sister M. Annunciata Freshman Subjects and French Sister Rose Eileen English, History A. ana' Religion Sister Grace Regina French and Religion Sister M. Hilda Freshman Subjects Sister Marie Augustine Freshman Subjects Sister Rose Bernard Physical Education and Supervised Study Sister Marie Catherine Mathematics and Religion Freshman Subjects and Economics Sister Agnes Vincent Sister Helen Cecilia English and Gregorian Muisc Freshman Subjects Mrs. Roy Benson Physical Education MUSIC DEPARTMENT Sister Kathleen Music Appreciation Sister Mary Frances Elementary Theory Sister Margaret Cecilia Harmony Sister Rose Teresa Ear Training and Dictation Sister Margaret Josephine Instrumental Music H. SCHAIREP AVE Hail, Naz'reth, our fostering mother, Hail, shrine of precepts sage, Our hearts are a-thrill with hlial love For our golden heritage. We reverence your high ideals, Your colors of Blue and Gold, The charms that have made you dearer to us Than realms of wealth untold. Your counsels so graciously given Have blessed us in every way, Have sown in our hearts seeds of loyalty To a faith that grows sweeter each day. We hail you again, loved Nazareth, Our Alma Mater dear, May we ever hold high your Gold and Blue From year to passing year. SHIRLEY GSANGER. '35 6 -16f22l'3" 3233+ VALE One lingering glance-and a silver tear Slips from our eyes, O maidens dear, 'Tis a tribute of love as we bid adieu To our Nazareth days 'neath the Gold and Blue. Too swiftly for us the years have flown, Witli the pure, deep joys our hearts have known And now the future, a beacon bright, Shines with a lustrous, golden light. Come, maiden band, devoted and true, Lift high our colors of Gold and Blue, Forward and upward to prove our trust Do it we will, and well we must. Fulfilling our pledge we'll return to greet With grateful hearts our Mother sweet, Who has fashioned our lives in a gentle mold, To bless the world with joys untold. RUTH SMITH. '55 Gfd Oltl 61 t6 S N-SCHAIRER COMMENCEMENT SPEAKERS CLASS HANNAH SILBFRSTEIN Snlzmffurian OFFICERS HANNA11 SILBEKSTEIN President Muufxm YAHN Sem'e1L1ry MARGARET O'CONNELL Valediftnrian MARGARE1' BRIGGS Viz'e-Prefideni DUROTHY MCMAHON Tfea 1 urer def 24's- ACADEMIC Y' .1 MA,iuE"C, ALBKECH1' ' ' ,-V95 Furlong Street H St.'A'nd1'ew'J SFIJOOI History Club 4 I, -- Science Club'4 I Dranflatic'Com. EV- x ' Mission Com, 1, 2, 3 Social Com, 4 JACQUELINIZ M. ARMSTRONG 325 Flint Street Nu,:m'eIb G7'tIlIIfIl.I7' School German Club 4 Perosian Choir 3, 4 Dramatic Com. 2, 3, 4 Mission Com. 4 Publicity Com. 1, 2, 5 RUTH M. BANNON 160 Clifton Street SI. Pdffifku' School French Club 2, 3, 4 Our Lady's Com. 3, 4 DOLORES E. BENNETT 44 Fulton Avenue Nazarella Grammar School French Club 2, 3, 4 Mission Com. 2, 3 Literary Com, 4 MARGARET M. BOLAND 267 Flower City Park Nazareth Gmmmfo' Srhool French Club 2, 3, 4 History Club 4 Perosian Choir 4 Dramatic Com. 4 Literary Com. 4 'Sl25l9" GRADUATES JANET ALLEN 219 River Street Nrxzareih Gmmmar School French Club 4 Science Club 4 Perosian Choir 4 RUTH G. BADER 91 Knickerbocker Avenue Sacred Hear! School German Club, President 4 Apostolic Com. 5, 4 MARY CATHERINE BELISLE 155 Richard Street Blerred Sarmmenl School French Club 4 History Club 4 Mission Com. 2 Our I.ady's Com, 3, 4 Dramatic Com. 2, 3, 4 MARGARET L. BOLAND 184 Warner Street Holy Apoillei' School German Club 4 Apostolic Com. 1, 2, 3, 4 Social Service W'ork 1, 2, GENEVIEVE M. BORGYON 2612 Ridge Road, West Sl. john llve Ezwngelirl Srfvool French Club 4 Mission Com. 3, 4 Dramatic Com. 2 MARCQARFT' M. BRIGGS 2 Sumner Park Blerred Safnzrzzerzf St-haul Class Vice-President French Club Z. 3, 4 Perosian Choir 5. 4 Mission Com. 4 S, S. C. A. 1934 ROSEMARY A. BURKE 2886 St. Paul Boulevard Sl. Murguwl XVlarjy'.r Srlwffl Mission Com. Chairman Sodality, Treasurer 4 French Club 2, 3, 4 Perosian Choir 3, 4 S. S. C.. A. 1934 MARY E1.1zAism'H CAMnRoN 54 Tremont Street Illllllrlflllrlft' Chzzfefrfiwz Slfffwl French Club 1, 3, Al lfucharistic Com. 3, 4 RITA A. CARROLL 41 Hubbell Park lllllllrlflllillk' Cllllleflffllll Sclmol French Club 2, 3, 4 Latin Poetry Club 4 Science Club 4 Our Lacly's Com, 1, 2, 3, 4 YOLANDA N. CELONA 144 Genesee Park Boulevard Sf. fl'l0!7iz'.l'u' 54791101 French Club 2, 5. 4 Eucharistic Com. 3, 4 MARGARET' G. BURGMVI' 71 51. West High Terrace Mrnzimlr' Srlmnl Literary Com., Secretary 4 Orchestra, President French Club 2, 3, 4 Perosian Choir 3, 4 4 Dramatic Com. 2, 3, 4 EILEEN R. BURNS 533 Augustine Slreet lla ly Rmury Sflwfil French Club 4 Perosian Choir l, 2, Social Com. 2 Apostolic Com. 5 Mission Com. 4 MARY V. CAMERON 26 Sf. VF Rowley Street P.lf7'ii'L'i Sr-Iwi! French Club Z, 3, 4 Latin Poeiry Club 4 Perosian Choir 3, 4 3, 4 Eucharistic Com. 3, 4 Dramatic Com. 3, Al KONICA A. CASEY -1 Caves Place S1. AIll!77'fl.l6 Sfbfwl Lanthorn Staff Eucharistic Com. 4 Mission Com. 1, 2, 3 Social Service XX"ork 1, 2 MARJORIE E. CHATTERTON Lima, New York Sl.'.r School French Cluh 2, 3, 4 Perosian Choir 3, 4 Social Com. 4 Mission Corn. 2, 3 4l26l9+ MARY E. CLANCY 143 Clayton Street lmmarulale Conre,hfion School Lanthorn Staff French Club 2, 3, 4 French Club, Secretary 4 Science Club 4 Eucharistic Com. 2, 5 4 PIFRINA Cocuzzr Lima, New York Sl. Afzlbonfi Si-bool French Club 5, 4 Science Club 4 Perosian Choir 1, 2, 3, 4 Orchestra 2, 5. 4 Our l.zidy's Com. 4 LIONICA I. COONEY 751 Chili Avenue Sl. Augzntirldi School Orchestral I l.itemi'y Com. 2 Apostolic Com. 4 RUTH M. DAVIS 292 Lake View Park Holy Rotary' Srhool French Club 4 Glee Club 5 Apostolic Com. 1, 2 Mission Com. 5 Social Com. 4 TERESA A. DONAHUE 614 West Church Street Elmira, New York Sl. Pu1'firla'.r School French Club 3, 4 Our Lady's Com. 3, 4 Latin Poetry Club, Vice-Pres. 4 412719 Bisimicre M. CLARK 96 Bartlett Street Immarzzlale Confepfion School French Club 4 Dramatic Com. 2, 3 Eucharistic Com. 4 Social Com. 3 Gsitritunis L. COLLINS 572 Plymouth Avenue S. Illzmurulate Conceplion School Lanthorn Staff French Club 5. 4 Dramatic Com. 4 Our Lady's Com. 3, 4 S. S. C. A. 1934 CATHERINE M. COYNE Avon, New York Sl, Agnes' Srlyool French Club 4 Latin Poetry Club, Secretzir Mission Com. 3, 4 BERNICE A. DESMOND 1387 South Avenue Sl. Boflifafe School Mission Com. 2, 5 Social Com. 4 MONICA A. Douoi-iiaivrv ll Woodrtmw Street Holy Apotllei School German Club 4 Mission Com. 4 Our l.ady's Com. 1, 2, 3 5French lClub ll' xnirv " Q ' , I Ag' . Y, A, th A J V . ,HJ .i -1 . 1 . Y V' fl. it i 12' 3' ' K " .2 fdillixiiiiltifdi 132.136, gb i 4 1 1 " Sf. A1g1fzz.r1ing,fx Scjjrgl lPerosifl'n 4 F F Publicity Chin. 1 ,' l.itQrtlry'Co1l1. 2, 3, 4 ' 4 r:1nzl'Ch.2,3, oi if 1 J M. DUsE1. fJSoutl1 Lima, New York Sf, Agnes' School, AI'llfl French Club 2, 3, 4 Science Club 4 Perosian Choir 2, 3, Our I.zuly's Com. 4 Lnnthorn Stuff JANE D. FISCHEE 353 Lyell Avenue Holy Afmrtlef School French Club 2, 3, 4 Dramatic Com. 2, 3, 4 Our l-:uly's Com. I, 2, 3 Mission Com. 4 XWILMA C. GRAEE 768 Meigs Street SI. Boniface Sclmnf French Club 4 Science Club 4 Mission Com. 1, 2, 3 liuchxiristic Com. 4 HELEN T. HASTINGS 331 Melville Street Curpur Clvrisii Srfmnl French Club 3, 4 Science Club 4 Mission Com. 4 Our I.a1dy's Com. E Dramatic Com. 3 ANNE M. DOYLE 163 Bartlett Street Immaculate Conrepfion School Literary Com. Chairman Sodality, Secretary 4 French Club, President 4 Science Club 4 5. S. C. A. 1934 409 Augustine Street lNlirzm'efb Gl1'rl71HllzH' Srfmul French Club 4 Science Club 4 Mission Com. l Social Com. 3 Apostolic Coin. 4 GFRALIJINE E. ERNs1' IELEANOE C. GANG 63 Crosman Terrace Nuzurella Gram mar Srbrml German Club 4 Science Club 4 Perosian Choir 3, 4 Orchestral, Secretary 4 Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4 SHIRLEY I. GSANGEE 48 Priscilla Street SI. Fmnrir Xavier Srhfml Lanthnrn Staff French Club 2, 3, 4 Science Club, Vice-President 4 Publicity Com. 2, 3, 4 HELEN A. HENDRICKS 345 Field Street Iileired .Yarmfzlefll Srfmnl French Club 4 Perosian Choir 2, 3, 4 Mission Com. 3, 4 Dramatic Com. 4 S. S. C. A. 1934 +sf28l2+ il 2919+ K. Iwlmw l"'lUADI.l2Y 795 Denise Road Nugmelln G-Vdflllllclf Srlwul French Club 2, 5, 4 Social Coin, Treasurer Al Social Com, 5, 4 lfucharistic Com. 2 KA'l'lllflllNIf l'lllRLFY 42 Doran Street Imzzzilrnlafe CflllH,'f7fjlH1 Srlmul French Club 5, 4 Perosian Choir 5, 4 Mission Com. l, 2, 5 Our Lacly's Com. 4 Dramatic Com. 2, 5, -1 JEAN M. KANE 24 Admiral Park Holy Rotary Srlwnl Lanthorn Staff Perosian Choir 4 Mission Com, I, Z, 5, -1 Mmm' V. Klum' 145 Curlew Street Hull Rnnlrl Sflwmf Apostolic Com. I, 2, 5 Social Com. 4 INIARLIQLLA A. KNiTTifit 257 Fulton Avenue Holi Triflifri Srlwul German Club 4 Our Lady's Com. I, 2, R, 4 GFll'IillIlllF M. HoGAN lmlustry, New York Sl. Agnw' Srfarml French Club 2, 3, 4 Perosian Choir Z, 5 Mission Com. 3 Literary Com. 4 Yoi.ANnA Ii, Izzo S0 Ontario Street Om' Lady of Mt. Carlile! Srbn Science Club, President 4 French Club 2, 5, 4 Literary Com. 4 JUNE C. KESSE-LRING 169 Albemarle Street Nazurells Grammar Sclaoul Social Com.,l Chairman French Club 2, 5, 4 Perosian Choir 4 Orchestra 1, Z, S, -l 5. 5, C, A. lflqfi . V3 Aunurr Izumi l,FMMlf?, Holi 15:1 Sflwmf -159 C3 1' t jf x ,I if tif ' tory Cl rchestra l M ssion Cm in. I, i ' "om 1 F 7 ia , ,f X C90 l.atly's Com. - lfVlfLYN M. Koizimrsiz 2872 Ridge Road XX'est Sf, 111672 ilu' EI'a'I1,Qc'lf.ll Selma! Lanthorn Staff French Club 4 Mission Com, 5 Publicity Com. 4 Dramatic Com. 2 Ill X JEAN W. Kourmmizk 6 Lake View Terrace llnlr Rlllclfl Srlmul French Cluh 2, 5, 4 Mission Com. 1, 2 Social Com. 5, 4 lXfAllY Loursn KREIGIZR 25 Burrows Street Sf. Angu,s'line'.f Sfblllll French Club 2, 3, 4 Science Club 4 Literary Com. 2, 3, 4 MARY C. LEENE 54 Ifpworth Street SS. Pelw' and P.1ul'u School Lanthorn Staff Eucharistic Com., Chairman Dramatic Com. 5, 4 S. S. C. A. 1934 DOROTHY I. LONG 111 Northview Terrace Nilzrzretb Grain mm' Scfafml French Club 3, 4 Latin Poetry Cluh 4 Science Cluh 4 Literary Com. 5, 4 Dramatic Com. 2, 3, 4 AGNES M, MAIIONEY 20 Amherst Street BIEUEJ Surmnzerzl School French Cluh 2, 5, 4 Orchestra 1, 2, 4 Mission Com. 1, Z, 5, 4 Dramatic Com. 2, 5 lfI2'ITY RUTH Kimrr 551 Genesee Park Boulevarrl Gund Culzliief Sr'f7rwf Dramatic Com., Chairman French Cluh 2, 3, 4 Latin Poetry Cluh 4 Perosian Choir 5, 4 S. S. C. A. 1934 PAIRILIA A. l.ATAl. 66 Spencer Road Sf. Al1ll11'lJ1L' Sffmuf Apostolic Com. 2 Literary Com. 3, 4 F. ' Q 'l ,ff .7 ,yi iii' R LEON l 13 icla Stjlt I Sf. A ' u".1Y chan? Lati terry .llihklx Sci Cl gi matic Cr I., Secretary 4 i' ial Com. 4 M1'SillH Com. 2, 5 ,IRAN I. LUDLOW 10 Wiliner Street Blew red Srzrmmwzl Srlwul French Club 4 Perosian Choir 2, 3, 4 Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4 Eucharistic Com. 3, 4 LORRAINE E. MAURER 515 Sagamore Drive St. Tlmmar School French Club 4 Mission Com. 1, 2 ,3,4 413019 JEAN C lSlC,CAR'l'llY S76 li.1st lxlillll Street lX'.1g.1rcflv G'i'.n11rl1tlr Srlvool Science Club -l Our l.i1dy's Com. S, 4 Rirrii M. lNlClNlAIlON .212 Oriole Street III!!-I lefllrlfl SIMWIUI l.klIlll'!Ul'll Sinff French Club Perosiun Choir Orchestra 1, 2, S, -i DIANE M. AICNALLY 262 Meigs Street , ' Blwied Samzmenf School Perf-'sian Choir 2,-3, 4 Orchestra 1, 2, 3:4 Literal'y,Com, 4 Mission Com. 2, 3 l Dramatickom. 2. 3, 4 Q . 5 ivmw E. minsw ' , 8 Flora Street Ifilllhlltllldf? ClHlL'6.Dflll!Z Srbool French Club 2, 3, 4 Our l.ady's Com. 2 Apostolic Com. 3 Mission Com. 4 Dramatic Coyyi 4 lj ETHF EYER 99 1 mas Aven S lvoma ' ol Sci nc lub M540 Com 2, 5, 4 Y lWARlAN M. MCCARTHY 56 Elmwood Avenue Sf. Moniufl School Science Club 4 Eucharistic Com. I, 2, 4 . I y '3 lMifD.iiEQ G. lYIClVlASTl?R ' 80 Seyle Terrace , llf1DLYKn,JAzg7"3mf1r4l R French Club,v4'f-' Science Club 4 Literary Com, 5, 4 Drammtic Com. 2, 5, 4 HELEN M. MEISENZAHL QZj,'Portland Avenue Nuzarelb Grammar Srbool French Club 2, 3, 4 Perosian Choir 4 Social Com. 4 l, ' Lois A. METZGER 645 Westcliester Avenue SI. Ambroie School Mission Com., Secretary and Treasurer 3 Perosian Choir 4 Social Com. 4 Publicity Com. 2 Dramatic Com. 2, 3, 4 HELENE K. MEYER 39 Clay Avenue Nazarella Grammar School French Club 4 Glee Club 2, 5 Literary Com. I Mission Com. 4 Dramatic Com. 2 FRANCES F. MINGES 54 Warwick Avenue Nazarelh Grammar School BERNICE lWlO0NEY 44 Newcomb Street Sl. Franrir Xavier School Publicity Com. I, 2, 3, 4 Social Com. 2, 3 Literary Com. l Apostolic Com. 4 -1' F f P' 1 ff .-v 'L , W' . 3351 MORGAN lVlARGARF'l' E, MURPHY .S Cel' l CW Ymk 255 Bryan Street Sffihr n gell,sl School UH Sf. Bgnjfdfg Sfhggl French Clubf2,V5. 43, " V Lanthorn Staff Mission Gfv61jfll?n'4 Mission Com, 3, 4 Social COIN- l Dramatic Com. 2, Y, Dramatic Com. 2, 3 MARY C, NALLY 195 Garfield Street SI. Augzuiinek School French Club 4 MILDRED A. NEARY 502 Flint Street Sl. Monira'J School s 4 Mission Com. l, 2, 5, 4 CATHERINE T. NFXVhlAN 544 Linden Street Sl. Boniface School Lanthorn Staff Latin Poetry Club 4 Science Club 4 Eucharistic Com. 1, 4 Apostolic Com. 2, 3 Gizmnumz E. LYBRIFN ll Lorimer Street Cafhedral School French Club 4 Orchestra 2 Our Lady's Com, 1, 2, 3, 4 French Club 2, 3, 4 Our Lacly's Com. 4 Publicity Com. 5 Dramatic Com, 2, 3, 4 MARGARFI' F, ill-SERLIES 5560 Lake Avenue Nazareih Grammar' S rhool French Club 4 Latin Poetry Club, Trea Science Club 4 Mission Com. 2. 3, 4 Dramatic Com. 2, 3, 4 MARGARET' C, U'CONNFl.l, Wincmna Boulevard Nazarelh Grammar School French Club 2, 5. 4 Science Club 4 Class Valedictorian Perosian Choir 1, 2, 3, Eucharistic Com. 2, 3, surei'-1 4 4 "5l52l3 MARY E1.1zABm'H QUINN IO Fenwick Street lmz11r1r11I.1fe Corzrefzliwz Srfwul French Club 3, 4 Latin Poetry Club 4 Mission Com. 3, 4 RUTH M. Rfwscm 60 Barton Street SI, Mf17liL'41'J Sfborzl Lanthorn Staff French Club 5, 4 Latin Poetry Club, President 4 Literary Com. 1, 2, 5, 4 Dramatic Com. 3, 4 IVIADELINIE V. Ramen 1508 Main Street East Sl. fnrepbfv Srbrml Literary Com. 1. 2. 9, 4 JEAN M. SMi.wAc3m'mt 2419 Rutgers Street Bleoed 5dL'7'dlllL'Ilf Srlwel French Club 2, u, 4 Perosian Choir, President 4 Perosian Choir 2, 5, 4 Orchestra l, 2, n. 4 lkhrmauerr' A. SCHAIRIZR 1018 Long Ponil Road Sf, IIJIHI llve Ermzgclirl Sfl7Ul7! Lanthorn Staff Mission Com. R Publicity Com, 4 3333+ CECILIA W. RAro'rH 350 Caroline Street Sf. Bnrliftlfc' Sfbfllll German Club 4 Science Club 4 Apostolic Com, 3, 4 . 1 .L I . Ve' A L . 1-44 fi" . A Doltormf Ar Rlfll lf If-' 48A Lexinggon :Avenue B Hu ' Rmrzrylsfbrfrxl .' l f I KW r 1 X iii ' V it jFi:ehch Club 4 ' , 'Uur Laclyfs Colne A A seem com. M4 ,A t RUTH R. Rm' 68 Allmeroth Street Sl. Boniface' Sclmnl Lanthorn liclitor-in-Chief Apostolic Com., Secretary 4 Latin Poetry Club 4 Science Club, Secretary 4 Dramatic Com, 2, 5 MARY I.oU1sn SCANLAN 682 Clarissa Street lllllllllflljdft' Cunrefflirnl St-fwfr! French Club 2, 5, 4 Science Club 4 Our Lacly's Com. I Publicity Com, 2, 3, 4 HELEN A. Scirimmrar. 1454 Lyell Avenue lluly Filmilg Sufwnl German Club 4 Science Club 4 Perosian Choir S, 4 Orchestra 1, 2, 5, 4 3--,fy-t..-..,..,.,.,,..,..,.,.,,,.-,- -4 - . 70 Sl. HA M. 55 Ho -1 BI.ANc1H li M. SEM vue XX"estbourne Road Tbo111,l.I' Sclmol French Club 4 Science Club 4 Orchestra, Treasurer 4 DI'tIInIItic Com. 4 S. S. C. A. 1934 NNAII Ii. SILIIEIISTIQIN 129 Seneca Parkway Nazurella Grammar School Class President Latin Poetry Club 4 Class Salutatorian Science Club 4 Dramatic Com. 3, 4 BETTY SLYCK Ellicott Street Im morulole Conception Sflyool French Club 2, 3, 4 Science Club 4 Perosian Choir Dramatic Com. 2, 5, 4 Mission Com. 4 MMKY V. SMITII 4 Costello Park INlillclL'lllcIl8 Conreplion French Club 4 Latin Poetry Club 4 Science Club 4 Mission Com. 3, 4 Dramatic Com. 2, 5 AIILOA M. SPAIIN 472 Colvin Street ly Ftzmilyr School French Club 5, 4 Social Com. 1, 2, 5 Eucharistic Com. 4 Dramatic Com. 2, 3, 4 School CI,AIIue C. SIc.I. 3 5 No Alameda Street zfzfefb 6711111 zmzr S cb o ol Lanthorn Stuff German Club 4 Science Club 4 Mission Com. 4 Dramatic Com. 5, 4 MARY M. Sl,AT1lTl1Y 99 Paige Street Sz. Moniroh School Lanthorn Staff Our Lady's Com., Chairman French Club 2, 3, 4 Science Club 4 S. S. C. A. 1934 MARGARET M. SMITH 128 Collingwood Drive Nazareth Gmmmar School French Club 3, 4 Latin Poetry Club 4 History Club 4 Perosian Choir 4 Dramatic Com. 4 RuTII B. SMITH 407 Lake View Park Nozarefl1 Grammar School CA'I'I-IANKI, E. SULLIVAN 75 I X v French Club 4 Latin Poetry Club 4 Perosian Choir 4 Eucharistic Com. 1, 2 Social Com. 3, 4 homas Avenue homar' bool ,' IFgin b ' sio Com. 1, 2, 3, 4 eil 34 hlARY A. SuI.I.IvAN 255 Ellicott Street Sl. Alllllllllll Srlwnl French Club 2, 5, 4 Scicnce Club 4 Mission Com. I, 2, Our Latly's Com. 4 CUNCIEVTA M. 'l'nvm' 199 Roslyn Street Xl. fliunlnfi Srbrml French Club 2, 5, 4 Science Club 4 Our I.ady's Com. 3, IRENE H. ULRICII Z3 Radio Street Sf, fllfI'b:l6i'.l Srfvrmf French Club 2, 3, 4 Perosian Choir 3 5 4 Mission Com. 1, Z, 5 4 ,. X ! -. , ff Blpathicpskf XXYFLCH 61 Norton Street I .x . ' V Imlzrlnlb Gmzmuin' Sri? 1 X' rf' If ' il V . " ' Fmt-nch Club 7 'il 4 Af ' if " I l A-'Science Club'4 I f Social Qin. 3, 4 I NONA M, WIIALEN 59 Miller Street af' Dramatic Com. 2, 5, 4 Sl. Fmrzzii .Yul1'fL'7' Srbnul Literary Com. 1, 2, 5 Social Com. 4 eil 55 lb? MAIIHLINE E. Swirznk 5692 St. Paul Blvd. Sl. Tlwzmzi' Sclmnl French Club 4 Mission Com. 4 ljli . 1 v omer Str at c'u".i rbfml l'erar Com. 1-, 2 'Ourf ady's Com. 5 Social Com. 4 Dramatic Com. 2 VIRGINIA A. WALSII 92 Olean Street Illlflltlfllldff Comrepliwl 50110111 HE 29 Sf. Lanthorn Staff Class Standard Bearer Eucharistic Com. 4 Apostolic Com. 1, 2, Dramatic Com. 5, 4 LIEN M. WIes1'IfAI.L Rustic Street A7l1b7'Il.l6 Scfyom' Lanthorn Staff Eucharistic Com. 4 Our Lady's Com. l, 2, Social Service Wcwrk S. S. C. A, 1934 C.IA'I'HmuNE Ii. XX'lI.I.IAMS 615 Britton Road Sf. Cburlw' Srbrmf French Club 4 Science Club 4 Mission Com. 3, 4 Dramatic Com. 2, 3, 3 3 4 I ' X ' MARGARET A. WoRTHINoToN 7559 Bronson Avenue Inznzarulafe Conception Svbfml Sorlality Prefect French Club 5, 4 Latin Poetry Club 4 Perosian Choir 3, 4 S. S, C. A. 1954 Donorum C. ZIIa1.INsKI 26 Pulaski Street Hnly Rffdfflllel' Srbrml German Club 4 Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4 Social Com. 5 Apostolic Com. 4 Dramatic Com. Z ff' TERESA C. Wunsr 75 Centennial Street Holy Family Srhfml Eucharistic Com. 1, 2, 5, 4 ' OMMEIQCIAL GRADUATES AIQIQLF li. BARNIZIL 28 Plover Street Holy Ro,I'III'y Srlwrfl Business linglish Club 4 Publicity Com. 2 Social Com. 5, 4 Dl'Lll1'l2lflC Com. 2, 5 AIMFIE li. BHIQNNAN 50 Briggs Street Sl. AllXIl,lfj7lL"l Srlwol Business English Club 4 Apostolic Com. l, 2. 5, 4 Social Service Wlork 2, 5, 4 VIRGINIA C. BIImsEY 151 Haviland Park SI. Chsrrlei' Borrofzzeo School Business English Club 4 Our Lady's Com. 4 K . ,,1,e" A , V X V V, fy I NL V I ojj' ll VU Granritunla IRQRBKBEI. ,I 546 ctgtfalie su-sen 61,1 ff' Sfibligflef' and P4II1l',g' choral 1, , Vw 'A Business English Club 4 Literasyftonm. 3,5 OutlI:ady's Com. 2 IJfl0Kp0stolic Corn. 4 Socitil Service Work I P4 ljf' ,L .J -'El36lS+ pw 1 -1 j ff,-uf P" CAE FRANCES! A. Buiucn 175 Warn 't aw f 0. ei Sfboul 7 Busi iess.English Clu Aplgxolic i , rf rvice XY'ork 1, .. S. 4 fi f M X RUTH A. CROWLEY 4 Bly Street Blessed' SHLTLZIIZEIII Scbuol ROSENA C, CAMPHEU. 48 Margaret Street Grmd Connie! Sclwol Business English Club 4 Our Lady's Com. 1, 2 liucliaristic Com. 4, 4 wif' JANE A. CURRAN 120 Averill Avenue Sf. Bunifare School Business English Club 4 Eucharistic Com. 1, 2, S, 4 1 1 1 X x il P. s i it I' J ' fi HELEN B. Cumis X N Q59 Lehnox Street ' X SI. Augurlinefi 5L'h00l 1 1 N 7 x ..' Business linglisli Club 4 ' i Our Lacly's Com. 1 5 Social Com. 2, 5, 4 , . Dramatic Com. 2, 5 I R " Social Service Work 2 . X J "1?l57ll" ANNA MAE Form' 169 Warner Street Holy Apaflfff Srboul Apostolic Com.. Chairman Business English Club 4 Social Service Work 2, 3, 4 Queen's Herald Staff 4 S. S. C. A, 1954 DOROTHY M. GECK 113 York Street SS. Peler and P.1ul'i Srhmfl Sodality Vice-Prefect German Club 4 Science Club 4 Queen's Herald Staff 4 S. S. C. A. 1934 Y Mission Com. 1 Our l-z1dy's Com. 2, 1 Social Com. 4 Dramatic Com. Z, 5, 4 ALICE V. liNoAssER Empire Boulevard 1417115171 ie' Sfblllll Business English Club 4 Mission Com. 4 Our Lady's Com. 1, 3 Dramatic Com. 2 V1oLA B. GAS1' Scrantom Street Mirhuelfr Srhfml Business English Club 4 Mission Com. 3 Publicity Com. 4 Dramatic Com. 2, 3, 4 Queen's Herald Staff 4 MARGARET E. HAisAi.oU Rialto Street A1ilibll5!,l Sliblllll Publicity Com.. Chairman liclitor of Queeifs Heraltl 1 German Club 4 S. S. C. A. 1934 HELEN M. HARTMANN 75 Marlborough Roacl SI, Al1gIzJ'lfne',n Scbfml Business English Club 4 Social Com. 1 Our I.ady's Com. 5, 4 Apostolic Corn. Z Social Service XX'ork GElt'I'RUDE A. HEiuuo'r'1' 146 Sherwood Avenue Sl, A11g11ili11e',i Scfmnl Business English Club 4 Perosinn Choir 4 Apostolic Com. 5, 4 Social Service XX'ork 5 Mission Com. l RUTH A. KELLY 26 Margaret Street Grind Connie! Srlwffl Lanthorn Staff Business English Club 4 Eucharistic Com, 3, 4 Our I.ucly's Com. 1, 2 Social Service XX"ork 5 Jf . ' , V 1 Mf,,5,i1tllAEifiU. Louwgmtfl ANNA WAYNNF HEDGES 124 Redwood Road Sacred Henri School Lanthorn Staff Business English Club 4 Literary Com. l, 2 Mission Com, 4 Social Service Wfork l MAME H. KELLY 26 Margaret Street Clilllld Cvllflnlej Sl'bflf!l Lunthorn Stuff Business English Club 4 Our Ludy's Com. l, Z l2llCllLlfiSfiL'CtPIl1, 5, 4 Social Service XX"ork 5 HELEN C, LEE I2l8 jay Street Hnfy Fimzily Srlmnl Business English Club 4 Our Ludy's Com. 2 Mission Com. 5, 4 , , 1 HELEN A. l,OURE'l"I'E D0p12g.?9QWWill'gff9Uf nr Y' 565 Knickerbocker Avenue Stiff! fnflff Q' fffwy Sizurecll Hem? School Busin 59 Ei g 'sh Club 4lQ Business English Club 4 ,Q I er ltl Stutfjgljf f Social Com. 2, 3, 4 ' f Drunmtic Com. 2, R Literur .gf , J f I'lU1lfZ'cUl 9f3,4f, ylicit Cm. 4, 1 Doxcrruv li. McgMAHoN 568 Orange Street llnfy Ircllllflj' Srlmul Class Treasurer Business English Club 4 Eucharistic Com, I, 3 Apostolic Com. 4 GENEVIEVE E. NELI.IS 2Il Lux Street Sl. A7ldYC1l'Y.l' Sclffmf Business English Club 4 Apostolic Com. l, 2, 4 Social Com. 5 Social Service Work 1, 4 'H38 R+ ?l39l9' HELEN J. NOLAN 250 Electric Avenue S.n'1'ed Hear! School Business English Club Social Com. 2, -1 Literary Com. 3 Apostolic Com, I Dramatic Com. 3 DoRoTHY V. PRITCHARD 159 North Street Sl. fmeplvfi Srbnul Business English Cluh Our L:1dy's Com, I, 2 Social Com. 5. -1 RITA M, STAH L MARGAMET M. POIRIIZR 175 North Union Street Cflffllll Cl71'i.i'Ii School Business English Cluh -1 Apostolic Com. 1, 2, 5, 4 Social Service XX'orlc l, 2, 3 EVFLYN D. SHAY 602 Birr Street Iluly Rotary School Lanthorn Staff Business English Cluh Ai Queens Herald Staff Al Our l,ady's Com. I, 2, 3, -1 Social Service Vlfork Qi . ln N , -JJ t IJ M Cxxfriizggiilxtfxj RA W 1192 jay Street I2 Bgortonyareet J" Ilnly lkmzili' Srbrml Ju rays- .11dvpL, nj. Xlhlnwlg Half, . N . Sahuul X' A 'f Business English Club 4 2 ,, - f .- A Mission Com. I V - Vr il 'V lelpfllolpi Stalin! Our Lady's Com. 2 1 lv ' AP05fl,lC Qilhllt 2, K ' . - Eucharistic Com, 5, A1 ' K . Q EUClffI'l5flf'CUl1l K Social Service XX'ork S V' 1 QPMQYIVS H018 llglllff Al ,Social Service ork 2, 5 1 . Eu ABETH W. STREICHFR SQ Serlipggtrfet ' H "A,p0.illejI'45fz'hr10l, A rsuginess English pills! 4 4 . r ANNA V. STUIJAK 44 Fredrick Park flfllrl Redewlzer Scbrml Business English Cluh 4 .Apostolic Cumyl, 2, 3, 4 Social Com. 2 Social Sei'vicE'lNVork Z, 5, 4 Mission Com. 3 Literary Com. 4 Dramatic Com. 2 LENA A4 VALENZA ,IOSFPHINE R, Vmuiocyx 309 Murray Street 1290 Lyell Avenue Holy Apwtlekr 5-Klum! Theodore Rll0l'6I'0ll Srlvrml Business English Club 4 Business English Cluh fl Apnsmlic Com. I Our .Lacly's Com. 2 our Lady-S Cum- 2 Mission Com. I, 3, 4 Eucharistic Com. 3, 4 Social Service NX'ork 5 'ty-I 1 MARIE J. vv-ABRPFR . , MARIANNE R. WARNER 40 Savannah Street 20 Richard Street Sf.. joiepki Srbffol Blened Suwdilleill Srfmol .'thorn Staff '- Business-Iiiiglisli Club 4 - -Apostolic Coin. I, 2, 5, 4 - ' Social Service XX'ork I, Lf, 3, 4 MIRIAM A. YAHN 4 Treyer Street Sf. Mirbaefr School Class Secretary Business English Club 4 Publicity Com. 2, 5 Queens Herald Staff 4 Dramatic Com. 2, 5, 4 ln Memory of GERALDINE ERNST, '35 Died April Thirtieth Into the garden of Nazareth A shining angel swept, And plucked one of God's white rosebuds While the dew-washed flowers wept. Oh, why should so tender a bud be culled? It is Springftomorrow is May- Perhaps God wanted a pure white rose For His Mother's supernal bouquet. Soft came the falling raindrops, Like tears on the flower beds, And the blossoms, bowed with sorrow, ln wonder raised their heads. O'er the garden the clouds had parted As the light carrie shining through: "God wills that her youthful beauty Shall unfold in His Presence-adieu." BETTY RUTH KRAFT Business English Club Social Com. 3 Publicity Com. 4 Queen's Herald Staff Dramatic Com. 3 14074- NAZARETH PAST AND PRESENT Nazareth Academy, our Alma Mater, preeminent not only as a seat of learning but also as a home of culture, crowns with glory and triumph the highest eminence in Roch- ester West of the Genesee. Here Nature, as well as Art, has been lavish in her gifts. High on a summit of terraced lawns, studded profusely with trees and flowering shrubs, our Alma Mater stands, while just below at the foot of the hill, deeply imbedded be- tween rough-hewn cliffs, flows the Genesee. sln this perfect setting, Nazareth com- mands a view of the blue, limpid waters of Ontario in the northern distance, while to the South she sees the spires and turrets of a great city. It is difficult to imagine that scarcely a century ago this eminence, now occupied by our academy, was a fruit bearing slope called "Pomona" in honor of the goddess of fruit. Nazareth began its time-honored career in a less pretentious setting although, we are told, the old school was not without its beauty spots and attractions. Located on the corner of jay and Frank Streets in what was then a fine residential district, the first Nazareth continued to grow through the years with an ever increasing number of pupils. The loyalty and affection of the older members of the alumnae association are a suffi- cient proof of the close bond that has existed between them and their Alma Mater during the changing years. Today every trace of the first Nazareth Academy has vanished. The building and the site were sold to the city in 1920 and the old structure was razed to give place to a new public school. It is called the Major William's School in honor of the Civil War veteran of that name whose residence the old Academy had formerly been, and from whom the Sisters had purchased it in 1870. With the passing of the years, those in charge of the Academy saw the enlarged scope and promise of the school and in 1916 transferred it to the beautiful new building 1541! on its present site. Since then the graduating classes have been constantly growing larger, numbering usually one hundred fifty or more. This increases by leaps and bounds the membership of the alumnae association which at the present time numbers about three thousand. Living in different sections of the United States and also in foreign parts, the members of the association represent all walks of life. Some with charm and dignity grace the homes of the country, others with humility and obedience labor in the quiet abode of a convent or mission fields afar, others efficiently occupy responsible positions in the business world. Nazareth is justly proud of her daughters, for in every case, in every walk of life, they hold high the banner in which is inscribed the school emblem, "Dominus Illuminatio Mea." Nazareth offers a variety of courses to the young women of Rochester. On the spacious campus we find the Glass House in which a course of Art is offered to those artistically inclined. Opposite this building is the Conservatory of Music which every year graduates pupils specializing in musical instruments. The main building occupying a centralized pretentious spot and St. joseph's Hall offer courses in the science, lan- guages, history, economics, mathematics and business training. Whether the academic or the commercial course is pursued, Nazareth Academy's instructors train the pupils under their charge so that they may have no difficulty in entering either college or business life. The name of Nazareth will remain forever enshrined in our hearts and we shall think with loving devotion of the home which sheltered us during four .golden years. Our Alma Mater has given us much more than the broad learning and efficiency which helps to form the highest life equipment of her students. True to her finest ideals she has not imprinted upon our hearts the stamp of worldliness and sophistication, but rather she has marked her daughters with prudence, modesty, poised character, and a sense of spiritual and temporal responsibility. We have garnered from her sweet teaching lessons of beauty, love and truth which we shall ever cherish as a noble heritage. MARY SMITH, '35 . TO ALMA MATER Dear Alma Mater: When, four long years ago, we entered through your stately portals into your halls of fame, little did we realize that the gifts which you would bestow on us would in time become so inseparable a part of us. As Freshmen, our associations with you at first were timid and awesome. But your friendly and motherly attitude soon dispelled our fears and overcame our bashfulness. With your sweet encouragement, with your promise of future success, we struggled on- we hope, successfully, in all our classes. But by far, your greatest gift of that year was the retreat which brought us to a closer knowledge and love of God. How clearly we recall those words of Father Murray, our retreat master: "Love is a giving, the greater the love, the greater the giving, love calls to love, God is the Divine Lover." Then did we know that your love for us was, and is, similar to God's love for use--for your love allows no end to your giving. Then suddenly, after two months' vacation, there came a startling transformation: our mantles of green fell from our shoulders as we donned the sophomoric red of dignity. Oh, what a glorious feeling it was for a time! But with a thunderous boom came Caesar with his Gallic Wars to counteract our "sophomore sophistication." Gradu- ally we realized that the bond of love and understanding between us was growing stronger and stronger, so that we missed you more than ever during our summer vaca- tion. On returning in September, we found no Juniors to contend with. They were the Seniors-we, the juniors. We, the Class of 1935, had but one year to wait before assuming the role of Seniors. But, what a lot of wisdom we had yet to acquire before reaching our longed-for goal! Chemistry, with its interestingly complicated formulas, Cicero with his noble defense of Archias, were domains to be conquered. But we did it- we succeeded! Now, dear Alma Mater, our Senior year is closing in upon us, and we are nearing the end of our happy sojourn at Nazareth. With misty eyes, we now realize that never again shall we experience so memorable a four years as those just past have been. In that time you have endeared yourself to the heart of every girl, you have been untiring in your efforts to give us of the very best. And now, with hearts overflowing with gratitude, with high hopes and undaunted courage, we face the future. YOUR DAUGHTERS OF 1955 4439? ACTIVITIES The Thespian Muse to Naz'reth harlcs Whenever sign of talent sparlcsg She loves to loiter here and find Both beauteous art and poise combined. Fine phrases of a foreign style Are often heard along the aisle Where daily meets "Le Cercle Francais" Our Friiulein Bader's Miidchen gay. Terms, tubes, and tests and H10 Become to some a bitter foe, But not to girls most competent With minds on science deeply bent. The Latinists have knowledge fine Of Virgil, Ovid, Catilineg With Horace, too, they do not spare His Pyrrha of the golden hair. Activities and 4445 3455 ACTIVITIES 'Tis here within fair Nazareth's walls That music in all forms enthralls, That light, rich tones from harp and viol Our hearts from "eating cares" beguile. The lilting strains of maiden voices Here fill the soul and it rejoicesg Here Melody in all her grace Meets Harmony in sweet embrace. Now wise men's thoughts and golden deeds Enchant the heart of her who reads, Or trips to History Club to hear The social trend of Clio's sphere. Each subject has its own demesne, Wfhere mind and heart can always glean Some beauty or bewildering sweet, Before time flees on winged feet. RUTH SMITH. '55 Qrganizations EDITQR-IN-Cl-llEE Margaret l'labalou ASSISTANTS Anna Mae Foley Viola Gast Dorothy Geek Margaret Laughlin Evelyn Shay Anna Stephan Marianne Warner Miriam Yahn Hfffffffrf 11171 fijzi tim! irhfe j2zm'f.1!111. ffuf lift tm! If'i1'lqj11'.i ,if7r1.ffrgi.i frzfflef' QUEENS HERALD STAFF A new project, the editing of a Sodality newspaper, was undertaken by the Sodality this year under the direction of the Publicity Committee. The paper, "The Queen's Herald" is a monthly publication and serves as a news medium for all Sodality activities. That "The Queens Herald" is a welcome publication at Nazareth is proved by the fact that approximately -150 copies were sold each month. Nllfe hope that this project which we have begun will continue through the years as a permanent news-sheet of Sodality affairs. NTARGARIZT I-IABALOU, '35 eil 46 ls- EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Ruth Roy ASSISTANT EDITOR Mary Clancy LITERARY EDITOR Claire Sigl Pl-IOTOGRAPI-IIC EDITOR Shirley Gsanger MANAGING EDITOR Gertrucle Collins ART EDITORS Evelyn Koerner Margaret Schairer TYPISTS Anna Stephan Margaret Murphy ASSISTING BOARD Veronica Casey Ruth McMahon Annette Dusel Catherine Newman Anno Wayne Hedges Ruth Raysor .lean Kane Evelyn Shay Marie Kelly Mary Slattery Ruth Kelly Virginia Walsh Betty Ruth Kratt Marie Wonder Mary Leene I-'elen Westfall In building and publishing this twenty-third volume of the Nazareth Senior Year Book, the Class of 1935 has had an extremely interesting and enjoyable experience. The work entailed was taken up with enthusiasm by the entire staff. The cooperation in securing advertisements, in collecting data, in typing, in preparing the art work has been all that could be desired. A word of thanks is due to all who have made it possible to issue this volume of the "Lanthorn." To Sister M. Teresina whose untiring efforts were the greatest factor contributing to its success, we wish to say a sincere "Thank you" that holds our heartfelt gratitude and many a whispered prayer. To the members of the staff, to the underclassmen and to all who have supported our project, we are deeply grateful. RUTH Roy, '35 'Qin 49231 1, rlflsiiihi 1 W U 23.3 , - - I , .,,. M Y gaps 'ffrfn . W E:'felr54?1 H3142 - 'g i p .. T. .i L . -, - 'K ' iw, ' wgfjii. . 712,-if ft f . . Mtg OUR ORCHESTRA No education is complete without the influence of the cultural arts, and Nazareth Academy has always incorpor- ated in her teaching curriculum subjects which make for refinement of womanhood. The School of Music under the title "Nazareth Conservatory of Music" provides through its faculty of highly trained teachers, exceptional advantages for instruction on all musical instruments. The students follow the courses outlined by the New York State Board of Regents and academic credit is allowed according to state tests and requirements. VIOLINS J. Lecomte R. Bodensteiner F. Von Ness H. Schromel K. Schaefer R. Miller M. Englert A. M. Phelori J. Rief V. Dick l'l. Mccormielc A, B. Ford J. Troy M. Guncheon J, Ludlow A. Mahoney M. F. White O. Mocejunos E. Freidc J. Wadsworth K. Bolcer H. Geere A. Beoueoire H. Gessner R. M. Lomprolres BASSES D. Miller l.. Melts J. Vcyn BATTERIE M. Burgett V. Coxon O. Murphy TROMBONES J. Socllwoehter E. Sono G. Sehrornel A. Weber TYMPANI J. Lombardo PIANO R. Schomine C, Wegmon The Nazareth Orchestra is a musical organization of symphonic proportions which strives for the inculcation of the ideal in musical appreciation, The merit of the work accomplished in the music department is attested by the many requests for the services of the girls. Small groups from the orchestra personnel have played at various civic and private functions as well as for the Alumnae. A special privilege accorded the department this year was the invitation for the Democratic reception to Mrs. Roosevelt "6t48l9" 3-19? VIOLAS B. Dovis P. Cocuzzi M. Wegmon E. Elberhordt J. Kennedy M. Zwierlein CELLOS A. Lindner l-l. Gurnow B. Zielinslci J. Poole D. Schotzel PICCOLO M. J. Word FLUTES R. McCarthy R. McMahon B. Trotl: CLARINETS D. Zielinslci L. Meyer A. Furlong H. Engert M. Fuehrer SAXOPHONE B. Semple BASSOON E. Dosen TRUMPETS J. McNally B. Beohon M. McBurney R. Hoimcyer D. Schmerbeclc E. George ORG-AN G. Bosoits HARP E. Gone F. Von Ness OUR ORCHESTRA at Hotel Seneca in Rochester. This performance brought high commendation from the President's wife. The orches- tra likewise provided the music for the Columbus Day cele- bration at Columbus Civic Center in October. A unique feature of tl1e Sodality Play was the rendition of Father L0rd's Sodality Song orchestrated by Sister M. Kathleen. This year the Orchestra will unite with the other Catholic High Schools of the city for an Inter-Catholic- High School demonstration at the Eastman Theatre. The annual concert in connection with National Music Week in May will be the outstanding event of this year. A guest conductor is invited for this occasion, and we are most for- tunate in securing the services of the noted musician, Mr. George Minges, who did the work so ably last year. Miss jane McNally has served as student conductor during the year. The orchestra is under the direction of Sr. M. Kathleen of the Music Faculty. The officers for the year were Margaret Burgett, Presidentg Blanche Semple, Vice- Prcsidentg Eleanor Gano, Secretary and Treasurerg jean Saalwachter, Librarian. r .... .... r . ' slagttaif 'rr ET 512 5.4-nz: Q fu? V" t.. 5 f i"'-t Z lilzfafi M if . 15 53 V. V 2 1, ,J . 1. 3.4 is is ,Eg Wiki' new AT THE PIANO Jane McNally FIRST ROW Mary Elizabeth Casey Gertrude I-Ierriot June Kesselring Eileen Burns Mary V. Cameron SECOND ROW Helen Hendricks Jacqueline Armstrong Janet Allen Eleanor Oano Ruth McMahon I THIRD Row Helen Schramel Mary Louise Bopp Katherine Mawle Annette Dusel Margaret Smith Pierina Cocuzzi THE PEROSIAN CHOIR "The .tang on its mighty pinion! Took every living soul, and lifled it gently I0 heauezrf' With mingled pride and gratitication the members of the Perosian Choir look back upon a year of outstanding achievement. Their first public program was given over WHAM on Christmas eve. Among the renditions were Pinsutti's gay and colorful, "The joyful Yuletidef' Bortinansky's "Cherubim Song" embellished by humming choruses of Christmas melodiesg Adams beautiful "Noel" with Margaret O'Connell as soloistg and the ever-appealing "Silent Night" with 'Tean Saalwachter singing the solo parts. Words of Commendation from different parts of the State assured us of the success of the program. A golden day in the school year is that of Sister Marcellrfs feast on January 30. This year High Mass was celebrated on that occasion by Monsignor Shay, rector of the Cathedral, the Choir singing Nicolo Montani's Mass and Griebachers "O Sacramentumf' jean Saalwachter, President of the Choir, was given an unusual privilege in being invited to attend the Eastern Music Supervisors Conference in Pittsburgh. Accompanied QI 50 he itsitie AT THE PIANO Jean Saalwachter FIRST ROW Helen Meisenzahl Elinor Asay SECOND ROW Lucille Trompeter Jeannine Le Comte Kathryn Schaefer Betty Beahon THIRD ROW Margaret O'ConneII Jean Ludlow Margaret Worthington Rosemary Burlce Jane Hughes Margaret Briggs FOURTH ROW Dorothy Craig Jean Kane Florence Van Ness Betty Ruth Kraft Shirley Foran Ruth Smith Tl-IE PEROSIAN CHOIR by two members of the Music Department, Miss Saalwachter had the good fortune to be present at many of the lectures. She also took part in a chorus of four hundred and ten voices, singing over a coast-to-coast network under the direction of Mr. Breach. One of the big events of the future is the concert to be given at the Eastman in May. On that occasion the Choir will sing, under the direction of Mr. Minges, "The Nightingale" a seventeenth century English madrigal by Weeklesg "I-Iospodi Pomilui" by Lvovsky, a composition requiring great skill in dynamicsg and the delightful "Fly, Singing Bird," by Edward Elgar. A chorus of four hundred and fifty voices will sing Beethoven's "Alleluia" from the Oratoria, "Mount of Olives," and the lovely humming Chorus "Peat-Fire Smooring Prayer" from the "Song of the Hebrides" and the beautiful appealing melody of Abt, "In The Twilight." The officers for the coming year are Kathryn Schaefer, Presidentg Elizabeth Beahon, Vice-Presidentg and Jeannine Le Comte, Treasurer and Secretary. JEAN SAALWACHTER, '35 , LEFT TO RIGHT Eleonor Sono Mory Smith Ethel Meyer Betty Ruth Krott Betty Slyclc Mildred McMaster Jacqueline Armstrong Bernice Welch AT LARGE She was at large in Nazareth Academy on Tuesday, November 27. Not for long, however, did this mysterious woman, this escaped patient from the hospital for the insane, roam freely across the stage. She chose rather to invade the quiet camp of a lone group of girls. They were ready for her as they had read accounts of "Hatchet Hannah" in the local newspapers, accounts which exactly described this stranger, and they locked and securely bound her in the woodshed. She soon escaped her bonds and reappeared on the scene. just at the climactic moment, the camp supervisor returned and told the girls that their captive was a noted French woman who had come to teach them Woodcraft. Thus a mistaken identity provided a thrilling plot for a humorous play. RUTH RAYSOR, '35 'fA52l9+ LEET TO RIGHT Claire Sigl Janet Allen Hannah Silberstein Jean Saalwachter TI-IE VIOLIN MAKER OE CREMONA The charming atmosphere of an eighteenth century Italian setting formed an effective background for Francois Coppee's short but very dramatic one-act play, "The Violin Maker of Cremonaf' Taddeo Ferarri, a violin maker, announced a violin-making contest to his pupils. He offered as prize the hand of his daughter, Giannina, in marriage. There were two persons greatly interested in the winning of this contestg one was Filippo, a poor hunch- back, and the other Sandro, both lovers of Giannina. The day of the contest came and both brought their hnished products to show Giannina. They were both made and finished with all the skill that their makers possessed, but Giannina was troubled for she saw that Filippo's was the prize, and not Sandro's, yet it was Sandro whom she loved and wished to marry. Filippo won the prize, but when he saw that Giannina loved Sandro, he gave her up and went his way winning fame with his violin. The hne work of the cast and the simple love story of long ago made this picturesque period play pleasing to the audience. CATHERINE NIiWMAN, '35 all 5 3 Fe THE GENERAL GOES HOME LEFT TO RIGHT Shirley Gsanger Pierina Cocuzzi Mary Slattery Ruth Smith Mary Clancy Jane McNally Rosemary Burke Yolanda Izzo Janet Allen Jacqueline Armstrong Betty Slyck Once more colonial belles tripped to the tune of the minuet on Nazareth's stage, as the audience gazed into the lovely drawing room of an eighteenth century mansion in New York City, and heard again the story of Washington's departure for Mount Vernon. Stately figures danced gracefully while the audience thrilled to the beauty of the scene. The little, soft voiced Puritan maid also evoked a warm applause. This clever colonial playlet by Lucy Barton offered the Senior Dramatic Class an opportunity to display both their talent and splendid training. "The General Goes Home" was in- deed a beautiful tribute to the memory of General Washington and a lovely addition to our memories of Nazareth. MARY LEENE, '35 - +6l54l9' LEFT TO RIGHT Seated: Bernice Welch Margaret Oberlies Miriam Yahn Standing: Dorothy Long Grace Wiesner Gertrude Collins Margaret McGovern Betty Ruth Kratt 1 MYSTERY ISLAND Despite the cold, sleety weather which made both driving and walking a serious problem, our auditorium was thronged with interested people on February 27. All were anxious for the curtain to rise on the Sodality girls of the Dramatic Committee who were to present "Mystery Island" by Lindsey Barbee. When the curtain went up on the Hrst act, the audience was transported to a land of mystery and excitement, with bits of comedy adding to its interest. The mystery in the first act led to suspicion in the second. The third act brought a pleasant solution of all problems. Each member of the cast portrayed her part well. The diction, poise and grace were charming. The proceeds of the play will be used to send delegates to the Summer School of Catholic Action to be held in Boston in August of this year. MARY Louisa KREIGER, '35 F 55 ls? Three Kings- Mciry Louise Kreiger Helen Schromel Alice l'lorris Mary- Morgoret O'Connell Joseph- Betty Slyclc Chief Shepherd- Anne Doyle Labon- Mory Catherine Duffy Cripple- Mory Russer Angels, Shepherds ond little girls l THE CHRISTMAS PLAY One of the most memorable presentations at Nazareth each year is the Christmas play. This year the play was given in the evening, according to a suggestion of the late lamented Bishop O'Hern who had expressed the wish that our parents might be present for this inspiring and scenically beautiful Christmas pageant. The audience, a capacity one, was devout and reverent throughout the whole program. Archbishop Mooney graced the occasion with his presence. Margaret O'Connell, who portrayed the part of Mary, as well as every member of the cast, made the play this year unforgettably beautiful. DOROTHY LoNG, '55 56 Ee l Cinderella- Virginia Downs Stepmother- Mary Leone Gladiola- Shirley Gsanger Tilliebell- Jacqueline Armstrong Godmother- Margaret Habalou Biff, the Jester- Milolred McMaster Prince- Jean Saalwachter King- Mary Louise Kreiger Ashes, the Cat- Arloa Spahn Chancellor- Anna Stupalc Mrs. Chancellor- Eleanor Gano Prime Minister- Helen Schramel Princess in Gold- Betty Slyclc Fairies and Lords and Ladies ai 57 Fe 'ONCE IN A KITCHEN The Senior Play The immortal fairy tale of Cinderella and the little Glass Slipper! Long had we anticipated the coming to life of our childhood's favorite. On April 30 and May 1, our dream was realized in the stage presentation of Cinderella and her heartless step- mother and stepsisters, the lovely fairy godmother, and the gallant lover-prince. Added to these we saw a pompous but lovable King, and his kind wife, the Queeng Cinderella's saucy cat, "Ashes," the cold, haughty Princess in Gold and the court jester, Biff. We also admired the bevy of lovely fairies who danced to fairy music before a host of royal guests. We had looked forward to "Once in a Kitchen" with eager anticipation, and we were not disappointed. We could not rest until we had seen Cinderella and Prince Charming living happy ever after. BETTY RUTH KRAFT, '35 BOOK WEEK EXHIBITS The celebration of Book Week in the Academy consisted mainly of student pro- jects made for the occasion and set up in the library. The lively interest in these exhibits encouraged the girls to do their best in selection of subjects and in originality of de- signg and the results were outstanding. Each Senior in the above picture is seen dis- playing her handicraft. From left to right they read Dorothea Zielinski, Blanche Semple, Dorothy Bannon and Cecilia Rafoth. VIRGINIA WALSH, '55 -if 58 li -fl59l9' BOOK WEEK EXHIBITS The students were given a wonderful opportunity to demonstrate their literary and artistic talents during Book Week. Numerous carefully designed and picturesque booklets and folders were presented by the girls and were on display in the library. In the above picture we find from left Helen Meisenzahl, Mary L. Scanlon, jean Saal- wachter and Hannah Silberstein eagerly looking over some of tlIe many exhibits. The enthusiasm of the girls in contributing articles for this display was equalled only by the Commendation of the teachers and students. VIRGINIA WALSH, '35 ,.,,,..,,,,1 DER DEUTSCI-IE VEREIN Rurn Baluzlz, Preiizlezzz EILIEEN Nmav, .Sew-elizry 'v'iRo1NiA, liauak. Vit'e-Ifremfwzf DoRo'1'HY Boififrf, illl'6d.fllI'L'I' One of the more recently organized clubs at Nazareth is "Der Deutsche Vereinf' The purpose ot this society is to afford students an opportunity of extending their knowledge and appreciation of the German language and literature. An informal enter- tainment is presented at each meeting by members of the club. The programs consist chiefly of dialogues, the recitation of poems and the dramatization of short stories in German. A special feature of each meeting is the singing of German folk songs. The social aspect of these meetings fosters a cheerful and friendly spirit among the girls and, at the same time, vitalizes their knowledge of the German language and customs. CIECIQLIA RAFUTH, '35 661 361Fe LE CERCLE FRANCAIS ANNL DoY1.1a, Prefidenf MARY Er.IzA1s12'rH CLANCQY, Secremry JIQANNINE Ll5CQOM'I'If, Vile-Pfwjtlazzf KATHRYN ScgHA12Fl2R, 7'mmf1-w A French student in a French atmospherefthat is the meaning of "Le Cercle Fran- Qaisf' To transfer themselves from the spirit of a modern American schoolroom to the spirit of things French, the members of this organization meet monthly. They present short plays which depict French culture and French life in general. These monthly meetings also afford a splendid opportunity to broaden one's knowledge of the language and, at the same time to gain facility in French conversation. The principal event of the French club for the first semester was a delightful Christ- mas program 51 la mode Frangaise. At the end of the year the junior members will give a farewell party for the Seniors, when the Seniors as their last appearance, will present a short program. ANNIE IDOYLIE, '35 lf 'ETMTMH si .,,,, .'iz"5'?r , - if fi? -y 'f f A-Q. V g Y . .,.. ,. M wma- -aa., W SCIENCE CLUB YOI,ANIDA Izzo, P1-emfwff RUTH Roy. Set-remry SH1R1.iav GSANGER. Ifit'e-Prtfidezff jiaAN GAGNHQR, 7lI'C'.'I.l'llI'L'I' Among the newly organized clubs in the school is the Science Club which held its first meeting on November 8, 1934. lt has a membership of forty-eight, and the meetings are held monthly. These monthly meetings are made as interesting as possible by discussions concern- ing the latest scientific discoveries in chemistry, physics and other sciences. Usually one of the members gives a demonstration experiment which is always interesting and instructive. One of the particular features of the club is the visit to various industrial plants in the city. Possibly the one to the Eastman Kodak Company proved the most fascinating and enlightening to the girls. The final meeting was closed with a little informal party. Vile leave it to the future members of the Science Club to carry on the good work which it was our privilege to initiate. XIOLANDA Izzo, '35 44625 TI .63lS+ HISTORY CLUB RUTH IWCKINNIZY. Pnafidwff CATHERINE Mauna Semfltzry JEAN HEMMER, Vice-Pmridezzl ELIEANOR VUOIZRNIZR. 'I'mmfm EILIEIZN Nrsaav, PrlffizlllfCllfulfizlll For more than three score years Nazareth Academy has been serving young women in Rochester and vicinity and, to carry out her work more effectively in the social sciences, this year she has organized a History Club. Because of the interest of its members and the nne leadership of its ofhcers the History Club has made rapid progress. At the monthly meetings various members have provided inspiring and entertain- ing programs, and have become acquainted with contributions of Catholics to literature, history, and science, and they have learned the importance of Catholic culture to civiliza- tion. Through the History Club the words of Pius Xl have in some measure been realized and students see that history is "a wonderful mosaic, of which the outstanding feature is the undying love of God for the human race." MARY CATHERINE BEL1s1.E, '35 BUSINESS ENGLISH CLUB Chairmen Sez'remrie.r DoRoTHY MCMAHKJN HELEN CURTIS lYlARIANNl2 WARNER MIRIAA1 YAHN Sew'eld1'y pm lem, ADELE BARNIZR l'Have you had experiencen? This is the question which will soon confront the members of the Business English Club. The answer will be a decided l'Yes." At the weekly meetings of this club the girls are given an opportunity to display their ingenuity in sales and advertising talks, debates and arguments, reports and dis- cussions of current topics. Constructive criticisms are given after each recitation. Experience! Indeed, the club members do regard the meetings as rather thrilling and harrowing experiences-something like bad nightmares. Yet each pupil realizes how much better it is to experience the sensations of shyness, panic, and muteness before a club of sympathetic friends than before a critical business world. A year's membership in this club will equip each pupil with the poise and conhdence that results from ex- perience. DOROTHY MCMAHON, '35 +364 l-3+ THE MANTUANS Rciii Ravsou. Pre.ridw.'f CA'rH1sR1N1i CovNi3, 5'erremry Tlililf5.'X Doixmuuu, Ifire-l1re.i'iJw1f Mancsaitiri' Oaiaariias, TI'L'4l.fllI'6'f Hllltlllflltl me iqelllzif' We, the Mantuans of Nazareth Academy, have this year been engrossed in the study of Vergil, and his great epic, the "Ae-neid." XX'e have gloried with the poet' in the majesty of Rome, we have thrilled to the song of the "Arma virumqueng we have followed Aeneas in his adventures, his love and his patriotismg and we have come to know Vergil, the "Sovereign Poet," the "Mantuan Swan," the creator of one of the world's immortal epics. Because this year, 1955, is the bi-millenium of the birth of Horace, a contemporary of Vergil, our Latin teacher has introduced us to the poet through a study of some of his shorter lyrics. Truly has Horace built for himself "a monument more enduring than bronze," The lines of Horace are universal, they are as true today as they were cen- turies ago. This indeed is genius. BIZTTY RUTH KllAl4"l', '35 wr- ma vi w la :65" 'ff ,gg V 3 1 ax ' . 11 . 0 1 , ax!! ' Q' 3, i.,.,,A V ,L . A .QQ , i'i'i iflfiiiiii i fi. izfiimu XQWW yt -Jag MAY DAY If you wish to observe a picturesque scene and a reverent gathering of girls, come to Nazareth on the last Sunday in May. Here you will see hundreds of young girls in black uniforms and white veils, walking in formation about the campus, wending their way from one May shrine to another, singing hymns to our Lady and consecrating themselves to her service. As their youthful voices echo from shrine to shrine, we draw closer to see for ourselves the beauty of the shrine shown in the picture. Here the younger girls of Nazareth have enthroned the image of Mary in a bower of floral loveliness. With the Glass House as a background, they have raised tier upon tier of blossoms in a colorful array that fairly envelops the statue. The atmosphere is saturated with the fragrance of tulips, lilacs and peonies, a fragrance which is wafted upward, we hope, to the throne of our May Queen in heaven. VERONICA CASEY, '35 -tl66lS+ 67 E+ MAY DAY May Day, one of the loveliest days of the year at Nazareth, must not be thought of as alluding to the May-day fetes of long ago. Their purpose was purely social, while ours is wholly religious. May Day is a day on which we honor in an appropriate man- ner our Mother Mary who is truly the Queen of this fair month. The beautiful shrine we have pictured here is one of the four erected on the campus. It has the advantage of location in the quadrangle on the very brow of the hill. No lovelier spot could have been chosen for the shrine we claim as our own. Adorned with huge bouquets of lilacs and masses of other blossoms at the foot, the shrine is built upward with other colorful blossoms. This spot has also the advantage of being spacious, which enables all of the classes to mass here. Then, too, the beauty of the picture is enhanced by the lilac bushes and other flowering shrubbery which enclose the quad- rangle and serve as a frame to the picture. HELEN W12srFALL, '35 ,,-,f-vv..,- - ---V -M' - CHRISTMAS DANCE Haunting strains of music filled the auditorium and halls of Nazareth on the occa- sion of the second Christmas dance. lt was on the evening of December 27, that the beautifully-gowned young women of Nazareth glided over the floor of the auditorium to the rhythm of a popular dance orchestra. The hall arrayed in holiday splendor, the glowing lights, the brightly colored gowns, the stage in an extraordinary setting of green against a background of glittering goldfyall aided in making the event one around which memory will love to linger. To Sister Marcella who so graciously granted permission for the dance we are truly grateful. To the patrons and patronesses who chaperoned on that occasion, we extend our heartfelt thanks. JUNE KESSELRING. '55 3681? -4692+ "Tl-lE LOVE OF CHRIST DRIVES ME ON" Witli this inspiring slogan, adopted at the 1954 Summer School ol' Catholic Action the olhcers of Our Lady's Soclality at Nazareth began work in September. Their sole purpose was to bring Soclalists closer to jesus and Mary, through tried and untrieil fields of personal holiness and Catholic Action. Thus they hoped to continue anil intensify the work of the past two years, during which time the Soclality grew to be a vital factor in Nazareth School life. This year witnessed a larger growth of Catholic Action in the Soilality. Mental prayer received a new stimulus, whether it was practiceil privately in the chapel, or in common at Sodality meetings, when inclivitlual members voluntarily letl their com' mittees into brief meditations. A new contact committee brought school antl parish soclalities into cooperation, This year, too, for the nrst time the Soclality has enjoyed 9...-v w a monthly news sheet, "The Queen's Herald,"-a marked success from the first edition. Two other projects, a Harvest Festival held last autumn and a mystery play presented in February, were financial successes. The first enabled us to present a small sum to the Motherhouse for the building fund, and the second will assist us in sending a delegation to the Summer School of Catholic Action to be held in Boston during the month of August. Among the guest speakers this year were Rev. Father I. Lyons, S. J., of the "Queen's Work" staff, Rev. Father Kennedy, S. J., the Western New York Conference Moder- ator, who received some ninety new members into the Sodality on the First Friday of January, Rev. Father Cunningham, S. J., of the Jesuit Alaskan Missions, and Rev. Father Foery of Holy Rosary Parish, who spoke on vocations. In the remaining weeks the Sodality hopes to bring the year's activities to a successful close. We have just learned that at least two hundred and thirty girls will attend the Buffalo Convention. The May Day celebration will be the final tribute of the 1935 Sodalists to Mary, their Queen and Mother. As Prefect, I feel that the year has been a successful one for all Sodalists. The numerous activities of the special committees have been published regularly in the "Queen's Herald" and will not be repeated here. All of our undertakings, I feel, have been the means of bringing Nazareth Sodalists closer to Christ, as well as furthering the work of Catholic Action. To those who have assisted us in these various activities, to the Reverend Fathers, to the Sisters, and to the girls of the Students' Spiritual Council, we extend our sincere gratitude. We trust that those who come after us will keep Nazareth Sodality always in the vanguard of "the army of youth." MARGARET WORTHINGTON, '35 7112+ IN CHAPEL The unbroken quiet of the room, The sacred stillness, reverent air, The golden cloth, the fragrant blooms All praise give Him who reigneth there. r The gleam of darkly polished wood, The ruby velvet drape behind The fine etched bronze that is His throne, ReHect the beauty of His mind. The silence of the holy place, The solitude pervading there, Make sweet the thoughts of each dear girl Who kneels before Him bowed in prayer. CLAIRE Sioi., '55 ,vsk t ., ' 1-v Q r 'Sm Wifi za 1-0 W 'fwfiji o r w s fs ' r 1is 'f's4 1 r ag ' F Z ag , 5' :S SQDA MLETMIC. UUB YWR DUES gk AT 3:00 Al BRING 171 il ,ll l CLASSES Wfliat wonders, wonders everywhere In halls, in class, on campus fair, In studies, songs and teachers kind, As Nazareth Freshmen we did find! Vlfhen we returned, sage Sophomores, Geometry and Gallic Wars, The hall marks of our high estate lnelined us to sophisticate. Our junior year, with work was fraught, And to us much more wisdom hrought, 'Twas then with longing we were wont To drink deep draughts at Learnings Fount. As Seniors now we pause and gaze Back o'er our happy high school days, And bless with this, our parting breath, Our Alma Mater,eNazareth. Cl3cjizL1A RAFOTH, '35 Th 6 "'5'l72l5 BETWEEN CLASSES A-down the halls with quickening pace, Their eyes alight with youthful gleam, Their minds set free from learning's lore, They move along with charming grace. Wliat mingling here of girlish sounds, As friend greets friend in thoughtless gleeg As laughter reigns, and hearty cheers, The mind of youth with joy abounds. The happy seconds quickly Hy, The warning sound of bell is heardg Now silence falls on hurrying steps As work goes on with gentle sigh. TERESA DONAHUE, '35 CldSS6S -tl 73 B' ' ,.. 5 I ' ' , 'WL 15 JUNIOR CLASS Home Rooms 206, 209, 307 Fm! Iffmp' HIILEN SCIIAIISIQIL. vlIiANNXf'I"l'I? XX'OLIf, BIf'I'I Y SCQIl.'XlZlfI?R. BENIRICIF LANIS. ROSRMARY SCIIAMINI2, CA'I'IIFRINIf RFGIZR, BITITY GOsc'II.xR. DOROTIIY BOEIIMIQR, I.IICII,I.If TROMIDETIER. ARLINIf FIIRLONG. DORIS HILL, AGNIfs 1NfII,I.FIi, 5'uIw1d lfuzwx NIARxIURII3 HAAG, OLGA BRYTAN. NIARY VIOLA. CI.,-AKA C0GI,ITORI7, DOROTHY LILL, IiI.IxARIf'I'II FI'I'zI'A'I'IIIIiK, IiI.IzAI-II2'I'II MIQDONALII, BARIIARA DAYIS, xlI2ANNI2'I"I'I2 SMALT, RO- Hl7R'l'A IWYKINS, lWAIiGUFIil'l'lZ liI.I,xIcfANGI2R. Third livun- CLAIRE KRRMRR. lfS'I'I2I.I.lE RIsII. ALMA TRAIIOIII, INIARY RIISSIIR. VIRGINIA BAIIQR. 'JEAN HIQMMIIR, .IANI2 HIIGIIIQS. wlIfAN GAGNIIQR, LIQONA DONOIIAN, ANITA SIIHMI'1"I'. CAR- IvII2I.I'I'A CIIILIIANI2. FUIIVIZ7 Rozvx JEANNFTTE INIACON. VIfRNA STII-'IfI,I1R. l.OIs SIARIGIII., ELRANOR XWOIQKNISK, LIICY SIIEIZIIAN. GRAQIQ XX'InsNIzR, DOROTIIY MII.I,IaR. l5If'I'TY CROSSON, KATIIRYN SciIIAI2IfI2R, Hn'I"I'Y MIIIIS. 'l'IIELMA BFIIR, CAROLYN TIIROM. lfflzb Rlllll' HELEN SIgIIIIxAROwI'I'c:II, LORRAINIQ YOIING. DOROTIIY KRIDIQI., HIELRN VRLA. Rosli- MARY DAVIS. JOYCE COOLIZY, CATIIIQRINIQ MOWLIS. FI,ORI2NciI2 VAN Nnss, DOROTIIY CRAIG, ROSEMARY WEISS, BEATA BIIQKIIR, MARY K. DlII4'l4'X'. Sixth Row: BETTY HOGAN, EILIEEN NIiAIiY, RIITII MCLKINNEY, ROSEMONIJ CARIJIINTER, MARY ROURKE, ALICE HARRIS, MARY PULLMAN, RITA ADAMS, SHIRLEY FORAN, MARY WHITE, OLGA MOCEJUNAS. 43 sf 75 ki? JUNIOR CLASS Home Rooms 208, 207, 308 Fim Row: HELQISE DE RUIICIIIE, GEIIALIIINE KEENAN. EI,IzAIsE'III FINEGAN. EDNA PEIIIIICEIII. RITA FLEMING. JEANNINE LE COMTE. MAliGAllIi'I' 1V1FRKI2I,. AIARCILLIZ Pom-. SAIIA XWALSII. LUCILLE SATTFI.. TEIIESA QlJIN1'X', DoI,oIIEs Sr3IIMEIIIsEr.Iq. Semnd IZUIYI: ROSE N,-IMY, MAIzfaIIEIII'I'Ia KEATING. INLXRY INIANKQF. ANTOINlE'I'TIf Ross. IDA CIECCUNI, BETTY BEAIION. DOIIQTHY SIIA'I'zFI.. JEAN CJVBRIFN, ELINOIIE ASAY, MILDIIEIT REII.. Third lifmg' JEANNETTE DI: SMITT. RITA IYIAYEEIIIIY, TEIIESA AIIEEIIGIZII. BETTY BIIAIQG, DUIIIS HINIQLEMAN, ARLINI? XX'IEl'viFk, RITA FIIOMEN, JANE IQENNIEDY, EMILY SIIEEHAN. Fwmh II'nu'.' AGNE5 LINDNEII. RHEA 1WIi'I'FYFR, JANE BAIIMANN. AIILINE O'BIIIEN, DoI.oI:Es SCHUG. TEIIESA SCHXWAN. MAIzGfIIIIa'I'REIvDINGT0N, EI.IZABF'I4II IWUONFY. liLIxAEE'I'II MEAIQIIEII. ANTOINETTE MMI. Fifth Row: CLAIRE ATKINSON, RUSEMAIIY BAIIMAN, JOSEIHIIINE SLATTEIIY, I.oIumINE RoIsINsoN. MARY LOUISE BOPP, BEIINAUINE FIIIEIJA. CATIIEIIINE FEIILNEII. hfARGlII?Rll'F HAZARD. Sixfh Rauf: MARY Fox, JUNE CANNAN. MARY MUONEY, Ii1.ImIsE'I'II SIIIIIVAN, DOIIOTIIY SIIEIIE DAN, MARY GREEN, JEAN MCNEII., DoIaoTIIY RIIWE, MARICJN LYoNs. SOPHOMORE CLASS Home Rooms 230, QI I, 305 lfim I?f1z:',' HIZLIEN OIQQIIINU, BERNAIIINE Mr1GREf9uR, ANNA IVLARION PIIIEIJKN, MAIRIF SERCU. MARcsUERI'I'E BIELLE. MARIE LUNG, JANE MHNLS, LUCILLI2 MEYER, JANE CURRY, MIl.IDRl?D MIQHURNEY, HELEN MCLEAN, ELIQANOR URITAW. 5'wfn1IJ lhzwz MARX' FRANCES CTILLIGAN, BIANCIIE DE CONINCK, RUTII W'IEISMl1.l.ER. JEANNE KINCIIIER, l.ILI.lAN MALHIE, liLIzAIIETII MANIIELL, SUSANNIE LE CESSU, RCNALIIE CARAI1EzzA. AGNES Fox, ELIZAIAETII IWAID. MARGARET LAMEIIIER, . 7'!m-d 160141 IiLIzAIIIfTII GosNEI,I., MARGARET BICGUVISRN, BETTY SKELLY, RITA CALLAN. AGNES BRFNNAN, MARY CUIIEETA. EIIITII FERRIS, MAll'fINA GAIRAIIAN, MARITA MFNSINIQ, CA- MILLA RIIIRERIIER. MARY BAYNIZSI llfmrzlf lfffup- ANNE HANNA, EILIEFN IERERIIARIIT, LFUNA BURUYON, JANE VAYO, PAULINE CIIFARNERF. MARY HAR'I', LFONI2 IN'iCQc2RA'I'll, LILLIAN XXIEEKS. ANNA GRANT, ADA BELLE FURI1, JOYCE ROSSITER. Film lfffup- CLERTRUDF CLFCK, BERNILQE FUERY, RUTII KELLY. JEANNE RAYHILL, RUTII Mc:- CARTIIY. BETTY TROTT, RITA CoNc3IfsSI, JANET GALL, ROSFMARY HIFBl.lEli. BERNICI2 MC- KINNISY. LlARCI3I.I.A BAUMAN. Sixfb Rflllm' LAURIETTA SULLIVAN, JANE KICK, ELEANOR MCKINNFY, OLIVE MURPIIY, LORETTA HAYES. ROSE COCHI. RITA MASKJN. RUTII COLBFRT, MARY LOWENIIERG, ELEANOR DENNIS MARY DI MARsIc3o, Snwzzb l?fIzw.- NIARJORIE ME'I'FH'FR, BF'l"l'Y O'l'1'O, VIRGINIA COXON, PEGGY CRAMER, JEAN TOOMEY, JANE FAGAN, HENRIETTA ADEMA, CQITNEVIFVF RIMKUS, CARLOTTA GARUEU, MARIE WEIDMAN, MCJNICQA ZWIERLEIN. 43761-3 F. If fw.,,L 'NWV ,mm .4 i I, ',"' X' SOP!-IOMORE CLASS Home Rooms 2OI, 3Ol, 302 Ifn-If Roux' DOROTHY HOEIfIf. ELFANOR BRIEN. MARIE BOVIZNZI. RITA HOI-MAYR. RITA AI.I1RIr.H. L1ARY DALO. EMMA LOUISE QlIlNI.AN, MARY IVTCKIENNA. ANTOINIf'ITE DENAIICJ, ALMA JAHOUT. IEVELYN 1'lOI.I.AND, MAOITAIEN ISAAC. Sw-wld linux' MAIIY VFNTITRA. ANNA STAHL, DOROTHY SCHMIDT. JI2ANl2T'I'lZ PARQlIE'l"I'li. MARIE VIZZINI, AGNES fyBRlFN. RITA RAXVLINS, ROSEMARY IWCCARTHY. RUTH KIZSSFLRING. MAIKY SFRVATI. MARY GARIN. Third 1?ffu'.- ALICE IW1CGRA'I'lI. LILLIAN BATES, DOROTHY IWOLLON, FRANCES GIANNF. RUTH REIS. FLORENCE KEATING, ELFANORF HASSETT. ELIZABETH WINKLER. RUTH VFIQIAN, FVFLYN CARTER. MARY JANE RAEEERTY. Frmrlb Raw: IVIILDRFD NCJLI.. KATHERINE ALBRECHT, ALBERTA GLAT14. IWARY KLEM, ELISA FELICCA. KATHLEEN NTAY. MARY CLAIRE HAERING, IVIARGARFT DOUGHERTY. EIJZABFTH GEORGE. MARY JANE XXJARD. RITA GALEAZZI. Fzffb llnun- MARCARET IWCCANN. PATRICIA DWYER. MAIIY FISCHETTE. BARBARA DE ROLLER. ELEANOR LOCKXVOOD, JANET POOLE. ISAI-TEL POWELL. VUILMA SENz, RIARY KATHRYN SHARPF. RITA BODENSTEINFR. MARY BEMISH. Sixrb 160141: DCIROTHY FISCHER, BEATRICE ZIIZLINSKI. FRANCES DISRENZA. INfAR.JORIIi ANDERSON. ROSE GALI-IO. ROSEMARY MCPHEE, CLEMENTINE NIAGIN, ARLINI2 DEIITER. AGNES RFIENFRS. DOLORES FIIZNV. HELEN TOBIN. Swwzrb IME-.' TERESA KOCH. RUTH RIEICHENBERGER. EILFEN SHANNGN. AMELIA XXJFBIZR. MARY LOU PRESCOTT. GERALDINE SCHRAMFL. IWARIE WVIZGMAN. MARY DONOHOE, IRFNIE TYI.ER. ANNETTE GIOERIIJA. ELFANOR SCHEIIJ, 4225 Is 13' A ,. .' v 1- " nf I Y Ax 1 A A . N PRES!-IMAN CLASS Home Room 102, St. Joseph! Holl, Rooms I, 3 Ifim Roux' MARY IVIARGARITI' AGNESS. fVfARY FRANCES JEFFERS, LOIS PEARSE. MARY FILIPPONE. GRACE BOSAITS. MARIE CARROLL, HELEN M. BROWN. MARY GLATZ. IWARIE VENTLYRA. ARLENE MlI,LFR. ROEERTA MILI.I?li. MARGARET VUFGMAN. DOROTHY VUALTHER. Svmmf IZUIII: MARY JANE KFI.R1. VIRGINIA CRAWVORD. NIARGARFT IWILLER. ROSFMARY FERRY. CATHERINE BAKER. MARY VUALSH. IVIARY AGNES ERDLE. HELEN THROM. MARGARF1DvvCUI.- HANE. ADELAIOE HILL. MARGARET HANNAN, BERNADINIT BAIER. LILLIAN EATON. Third Rfmu- MONICA DENTINGIEIK. ROSE BIARIIQ LAMIIRAKES. ROSEMARY FELTS. KATHLEEN CUN- NINGHAM. ROSE MAIKIE HURRLE, CATHERINE GOGGIN. ALTA LEARY, LUCILLE MAY, ARLINIZ XX'HITEIIOUSE. MARION SCHWAR. Fffurflv Razr: MARY K. PARK. MARY KELLETT. IZLEANOR ISABIZLL. MARJORIE CLARR. MARIE SADLFR. JFANNETTF BETTER. MARY BXRFCRFIE. KATHLEEN RIEDDY, MARGARET XVALTHERS, BERNICE SCIIFIISLF, IZLEANOR HEYER. HELEN RIEDMAN. Fifflv I?ffzr: ANNA PAVIA. DORIS PITARCE. ARLINE KORTH. BETTY QIIETCIIENRACH. KATHLEEN MURIJHY. RITA TROST. FRANCES VUILBFR. JFNNIE XX'O,ITASIvIEz. RUTII GOODWIN, KATHERINE XX".-XT'I', IiI.IzARETH XXIACIITIZR, Sixzb Rfmu' DIARY HARRY. MIIEREE CURTIN. MARGARET DORSEY, DOROTHY IWAYHFRRY. HARRIET XX"ALTON. MILDRELI O'BRII2N. BERNICE FVRAIBOLD. IWARY HALT. DOLORIES SWANSON. MAR- GUERITE ENGLFRT, VERONICA DILR. SL'l'L'7If!7 Iifmw EILFFN SHARKIIY, DOROTIIY MIQLIKQII, ERNA DOWNS. RUTH RUSSFR. ELEANOR NEI.- SON, MARY CANZANO, BETTY RAURER. RORERTA PREDMORI3, ELLEN FOLFY, CECILIA WEG- MAN. SHIRLEY BEALICAIRE, PEGGY RIETON. Eigbflv lfffug- CATHERINE IEMMEL. -JANE ARMRRUSTER. FRANCES READER. ADEL1? BOTT, DOLORES- XXIIEDRICK. LOUISE CARCELLI. JEAN FAIRCHILD, HELEN MCCORMICK. HELEN ENGERT, JIZANNETTE XVADSWORTH. HELEN IWCCARTHY. +24 78k 79 151- FRESHMAN CLASS Home Rooms IO4, 309, 3l2-St. Joseph's Hull, Room 2 Fim Rnuq JOAN DAW'l?S, ELIZANOR DOSER. EVFLYN PALIIOTT, CLARA CARBONE, ETHELYN WIE- GAND, BERNAOETTE SCFIWAN. f3ER'l'RlVDF PETER, CATHERINE O'CONNOR. JUNE MILLER. HILDA GCDRDANEER. CLEMENTINE BARIIATI, ROSE 'I'ERIvIOTTO, GRACE ROVETO. Semrzd IZnzw.- BETTY I.IGH'rHOUSE. MARGARET BORI. LILLIAN XXJHITE. AGNES STAHL, MARX' JANE Izzo, DOROTHY SHFPARD, LVIILDRED IWAGIN. JFANETTE RFIF. JEANETTE NEBISIA, RUTH KIEEER. LAURINA WAI1. Third Roux' MADELINE SIIIEGEL, KATHLEEN SI.A'I"l'IERY. ELLEN TADDEO. MARY HELEN OyREII,I.Y. JUNE KOCH. MARY LA VIGNF. MAIQY CQIANNI. LWARGARET SIIAY, HFLIEN GEEIKE. FLORENCE CASEY. IWARGARET M. MLVRPHY. Ffnmb Rfllll' RITA SHAW. LORETTA AIJREL. LUCY LWFAGHFR, MAIKY MAGII.I., LORAINE MEISEN- ZAIIL. JEAN BRAZILL, NLARION THELEN. MARGARET RUCKERT. JEAN UPSON. OLIVE FEDIGAN. MARJORIE APPEL. I-'ilfb Roux' MARY LOUISE GIIIDER. MARY CATHERINE PHILLIPS. FRANCES DE FOY. JANE BIRECREE. HELEN ALIONELLO. PIIYLLIS BAUMAN. VIRGINIA CARNS. EVELYN MCVINNIE. MARGARET KALMEACIIER, EVELYN KLEEH. LORETTA KUPPINGIER. Sm-fb Roux- TERFSA SPECKSGOOR, MAIKIE REIS. HE'l"l'Y VOGLER. GIERALDINE MCGliEGCJli, JEANNIETTE BROWN. AGNES HART. HELEN KIREY. CORINNE TRIMBY. ANN XVFBER. RUTH ROLAND. BETTY BASTIEN. Sezfenzb Ron-: MARVJKJRIE FARRELL, IWARY PRENDERGAST, MARGARET DE GIKAVE. DOROTHY DER- LETH. SANRINA FARIO, LOIS VUFINMAN. ELEANOR MCCAIi'FIlY, CATHERINE NLEISENZAHL. ALICE MACPHERSON. IRENE VUACIZNSKF, MARY I., CIIRTIN. Eigbzb Rauf: DOLORES FERRICK, CATHERINE ROE, ROSE LEONE. VIRGINIA STISXVARI1 ROSE IWAHY RIGNEY, EUGENIA CURTIS. JEAN DITNIGAN. BETTY TOXVNER. MONICA NOLL. ALTHEA LJSTER- MAN, MARGARET STUPAK. FEATURES Snapshots, verses, drawings too, In this section are for you,- Snaps of Seniors, happy, gay, In off moments, or at play, Groups of loving friends are here Friends of girlhood, charming, dear. Nazareth days are here in song, Golden days to linger long When we shall have gone from here, Rosy mists of memories dear. 7935 'fl SO F'- FEATURES Twists of thought and merry quip Such as pass from lip to lip, School girls verse in poets guise, Brings a twinkle to the eyes. Glad gay bits of rhyme all these, Any errant Puck to tease. Reader, dear, if meer before, You have paused thus to explore, Stop and read these pages through, Odds and Ends of Gold and Blue. CLAIRE C. SIGL F66 fUf65 S1 lf? 4 Q , lflllllk Lefl lo Riglwl Mary Nally, Dorothy Pritchard, Margaret Habalou, Miriam Yahn, Anna Stephan, Ger- trude Bubel, Viola Gast. jean Ludlow, Helen Hendricks, Betty Ruth Kraft, Dorothy Long. Margaret Oberlies, Monica Dougherty, Agnes Mahoney, Mary Rita Hyland, Helen Meisenzahl, Helene Ehmann, Margaret Briggs, Monica Dougherty. Geraldine Ernst, Margaret Wortlmington, Mary Louise Scanlon, jane Fisher, Mary Catherine Belisle, Lois Metzger. -'El 82 Ee 383 Lefl fo Rigbl Franc-es Burke, Elizabeth Streicher, Mar- garet Boland, Anna Mae Foley, Margaret Wortlmington. Gertrude Herriot, Dorothy McMahon, Genevieve Nellis, Frances Burl-ze, Aimee Brennan, Ruth Crowley, Helen Hartman. Reverend Father Cunningham, S. J., Alaskan Missionary. Reverend Father Bouwhuis, j., our re- treat masrer, who made our last retreat so uniquely impressive that we shall never for- get it. Leff fo Right Alice Engasser, Anna Waynne Hedges, Ruth Mary Davis, Ruth Smith. Annette Dusel, Ruth Roy, Cecelia Rafoth, Catherine Newman, Pierina Cocuzzi, Wilma Grabb. Margaret Briggs, jane Fisher, Genevieve Borgyon, Monica Morgan, Catherine Wil- liams, Dolores Bennett. eil 84? 'H 85 I-3+ Lef! fo Righ! Viola Gast, Margaret Habalou, Miriam Yahn, Evelyn Carter, jane Bauman, Rita Adams, Helen Hendricks, Betty Ruth Kraft, jean Saalwachter, Mary Hoadley, Mary Cam- eron, Gertrude Collins, Margaret Oberlies, Lorraine Robinson. Marie and Ruth Kelly, Helen Hastings, Angela Ferrinella, Mary Catherine Belisle, Pierina Cocuzzi. Helen Westfall, Veronica Casey, Gertrude O'Brien, Catherine Williams. Catherine Hurley, Geraldine Ernst. Concetta Teddy, Mary Louise Scanlon. NOTED CENTENARIES OF l935 Our Graduation Year Martyrs to Conscience Four hundred years ago, Sir Thomas More won his crown of martyrdom. He was a staunch Catholic, a brilliant scholar, an able statesman, the first layman to be Lord High Chancellor of England. Rather than renounce his Catholic belief in the unity of the Church, by accepting King Henry VIII as head of Christ's Church in England, he heroically accepted the other alternative, imprisonment in the Tower. His renouncement meant giving up his delightful home at Chelsea, separation from his beloved family, and finally life itself for his faith. As he was lately raised to the Altar, we may now pray to him as St. Thomas More. Bishop Fisher, a contemporary and devoted friend of Sir Thomas More, is of especial interest to us because he was Bishop of Rochester, England. St. Andrew's Sem- inary and also Lady Chapel in our own Rochester were named for the ancient Cathedral and chapel in Rochester, England. It is fitting that these two friends, who gave their lives for the glorious cause of Christ, should be together raised to the sainthood o'f Christ's Church. MARY ELIZABETH CLANCY, '35 Mark Twain As an Elmiran, I am especially interested in Mark Twain, Samuel Langhorne Clemens, whose hundredth anniversary is being celebrated this year. Although he was born in Missouri and spent his boyhood in Hannibal on the 'banks ofathe Mississippi, a most important part of his life was centered in Elmira. His wife was an Elmira girl, and her love for her home town influenced Mark Twain in choosing the lovely Quarry Farm as a summer hide-away. Here, in a glass-enclosed summer-house he is said to have written parts of his great work, "Huckleberry Finn." His humble grave is near the hills he loved and beside her who was dearest to him on earth. Mark Twain was not bound by any literary rules other than his own, being uninflu- enced by a formal education. He left school at an early age and set out to learn the ways of life. His adventures as a Mississippi pilot, gold prospector and journalist con- tributed a variegated background from which he drew for many of his works. Mark Twain as a humorist is without a peer in American literature. TERESA DONAHUE, '35 Handel and Boch I 685-- l 935 George Frederick Handel was born February 23, 1685, in Halle, Saxony. As a boy, young Handel showed remarkable musical talent, a talent upon which his father looked with contempt. Nevertheless the boy practiced his forbidden art on an old spinnet in the garret. But circumstances finally permitted him to take lessons from Zachau, one of the best organists in Halle. It was from him Handel acquired a knowledge of coun- terpoint for which he soon became famous. Once started on his career as a musician, he advanced rapidly, composing many great works for which the world will always remember him. He died in 1759. Handel's contemporary, john Sebastian Bach, was born in 1685 in Eisenach, Thur- ingia. Being descended from a long' line of musicians, Bach was a born genius. He received his rudimentary education from his elder brother. When this brother died, young Bach had to support himself. He soon obtained appointment as a chorister. He seems never to have had a special teacher. He created his own style of music. As an organist and a composer, he was unrivaled by his contemporaries. Before his death in 1750, he became totally blind. Although two hundred and lifty years have passed since the birth of these two re- nowned composers, they are not forgotten and shall never beg they will live through their incomparable works. BLANCHE SEMPLE, '35 Horace, o Bimillenium What Vergil was to the epic grandeur of Rome, that was Horace to her lyric glory. In fact, Horace is today more frequently quoted than Vergil. Born in Venusia in 65 B. C., he was witness in his life time to many stirring events. As a boy he studied first in Rome and later in Athens. During the Civil Wars, he 'El87lir embraced the cause of the Republic. Returning to Rome, he came into the acquaintance ship of Vergil Varius and Maecenas who became his life long friend and literary patron Horace died in Rome in 8 B. C. "His poetical works are marked by fine diction perfect propriety of thought and shining phrases, which one author significantly calls CATHERINE M COYNF 35 THE MARCH OE EVENTS 1934-1935 12 Nazareth Senior Orchestra played at Halloween was celebrated by a Opening of school. Welcoming old friends. The opening of our beautiful chap- el, made memorable by the celebra- tion of Mass, by His Excellency, Archbishop Mooney, Bishop of Rochester. Class elections. Results: President, Hannah Silbersteing Vice-President, Margaret Briggsg Secretary, Miriam Yahng Treasurer, Dorothy Mc- Mahon. OCTOBER Rev. Father O'Rourke gave the first of his weekly instructions to Fresh- men and Sophomores. This day was made Father Mulry's visit were enlightened in marvelous work that in the mission fields pines. memorable by and talk. We regard to the is being done in the Philip- the Ceremony of Transfer of Flags at the Columbus Building. A group from the Senior Orchestra played at the dinner in honor of Mrs. Roosevelt, who was entertain- ed at the Seneca. Mercy High Sodality was hostess at the Sodality convention at the Col- umbus Building. Rev. Father Lyons, S. J., co-worker with Father Lord, S. J., visited the Academy. He reviewed up to date the success of the campaign against indecent movies. Senior party. A delightful entertain- ment preceded it. Every Senior wore orange collars and cuffs. The Publicity Committee put forth its first edition of the Queen's Herald. flash NOVEMBER Parents became acquainted with their children's teachers at the Par- ent-Teachers' meeting. Today is the birthday of the Science Club, an excellent educational pro- ject. Yolanda Izzo is president. Lecture in the evening by T. A. Daly, famous for his dialect poems in Irish and Italian. Freshmen became acquainted with Seniors at the Senior-Freshmen party, sponsored by the Social Com- mittee. Book-Week Exhibit closed today. There was a fine display of talent shown in the exhibits. Miss Gannon began her course in Parliamentary Law. A musical was given by music stud- ents in honor of St. Cecilia. Two plays, "The Violin Maker of Cremona" and "At Large," were given by the Dramatic Class. DECEMBER Beginning of triduum for our Holy Father, the Pope. Nativity play was given for the first time in the evening. It was a great success. Second annual Christmas Dance was held. It proved to be both a social and financial success. JANUARY End of Christmas holidays-back to school-preparation for mid-year exams. Reception of candidates flireshmenj into the Sodality. Rev. Father Ken- nedy, S. J., of Buffalo conducted the ceremony. Mid-year exams began. Sister M. Marcella's feast day was celebrated with high Mass and an entertainment. The remainder of the day was a holiday. FEBRUARY Our eyes were opened today to the hardships and trials the Alaskan missionaries must endure. The Rev. E. J. Cunningham, S. J., gave us some vivid pictures of that life. A program to commemorate Wash- ington's birthday, consisting of a short play entitled, "The General Goes Home," and a song "The Grandfather's Clock," was given by the Dramatic Class and two Pero- sians respectively. Sodality play, "Mystery Island" was presented by the Dramatic Commit- tee. Senior Orchestra played. MARCH A week of prayer was opened for the Mexican situation. An appropriate picture for Lent, "The King of Kings" was presented for the student body. A talk on "Careers," by Miss Bacon was given, to mark the beginning of Vocation Week. Rev. Father Foery gave an inspir- ing talk on vocations. A symposium was held on the topic "Catholic Action", seven colleges were represented. APRIL Opening of annual retreat conduct- ed by a Jesuit, Father Andrew L. Bouwhuis. Easter vacation began. Presentation of Senior Play, "Once in a Kitchen." Nazareth Orchestra played, with Mr. George Minges guest conductor. MAY Annual concert by the Nazareth Senior Orchestra, with Mr. George Minges guest conductor. Music Week began. A Civic Cele- bration at the Eastman Theatre took place in which Nazareth Academy participated. Three numbers were sung by the student body. JUNE Reception into Nazareth Alumnae Association, marked by Mass and Communion, followed by breakfast. Commencement Exercises! Class Day and Farewell! MARGARET O'CONNELL, '35 PIERINA Cocuzzl, '55 Delight in Memory Four golden years, each set with mem'ries bright- New friends, the span of time can never rob itg The mem'ries of these years at Nazareth, "Haec olim meminisse juvabit." BETTY RUTH KRAFT, '35 SCHOOL GIRLS' VERSE IN POET'S GUISE NO ROOM I ponder long, O joseph, as I see The inn-gate harshly barred by thoughtless hand, 1 With misty eyes thou, silent still, return'st And tenderly by Mary thou dost stand, And look back on the inn too full for God, Resounding hoarse with empty, worldly din, That wistful look of thine should touch men's hearts , Too full of self to let thy dear Ones in. BETTY RUTH KRAFT, '35 THEN AND NOW Tot of three, golden curls to the breeze, A pile of sand- She builds her dreams, A castle in a foreign land. Maid of eight, gold brown locks caught by velvet band, A fireside glow- She lives in fairy lands The life of long ago. Slender sixteen, arranging her waved hair Before her mirror there- She stands and sees the crossroads-- "Which way?" her prayer. GERTRUDE O'BRrEN, '55 TH E COU NTRY I love the country's splendor, Green fields and wooded pathways, Sweet morning's dew and perfumed evening mist. And though you tell me of the city's glory, Of theaters magical and buildings to the sky, Of noisy trafic and crowded marts of people, Give me green fields and velvet lawns, I love the country, "there let me live and -u die. GERTRUDE HOGAN, '35 STOWAWAY An angel Plucked two tiny stars From out the purpled skies, And planted them In the violet of your eyes. But A mischievous imp Crept in behind When the angel wasr1't looking, And now He peeps Between the stars, A roguish stowaway, In the violet of your baby eyes. SHIRLEY GSANGER, '35 MOTHER The love that from her eyes doth shine, The bloom that from her cheeks yet glows, The lips where darling smiles recline, The lines that time but faintly shows- These gifts so lovely true and fine, God, on my Mother, still bestows. IRENE ULRICH, '35 REVERI E Muted strings, what songs you sing! Mellow chords, what dreams you bring! Haunting melody so rare, Troubadour and lady fair, Twining roses in her hair, Muted strings, what songs you sing! Mellow chords, what dreams you bring! SHIRLEY GSANGER, '35 THE LANE My every prayer is like a lane That winds o'er hills, through fields gram, And as it guides feet gone astray, So prayer guides me afar today. If Paradise I can not see, My prayer a winding path may be, For paths lead wanderers lost at night, And show them oft which way is right. May prayer bring heaven's path to me, Star-lighted lane, that I may see. VIRGINIA DOWNS, .'35 ii., . EVENTIDE Dreamily, softly over the hills The sun, day's beauty thralling, Out in a mighty swaying tree Robin red-breast is calling. Slowly, steadily over the world The shades of eve are falling. My heart, like the robin in the tree, Is calling, calling, calling. HELEN SCHRAMEL, '35 A CROCHETED RUG Ulffilh thanks to Margarel Widdenzerj I've always wanted a crocheted rug, A tiny cottage, compact and snug, A convertible coupe, a diamond ring, And treasures that only wealth can bring A dinghy, ah my favorite boat, Gowns from Paris and a raccoon coat. A raccoon coat has not been mine, For the gowns, the coat and the ring I pine The coupe, the cottage, the treasures rare Are but my castles built in air, But still some joy has come my way, Aunt gave me a crocheted rug today. JANE FISCHER, '35 ALMA MATER I shall not forget her beauty, Her life of which I was a part, And when I grow too old to dream, Nazareth shall live in my heart. GERTRUDE BUBEL, '35 MY ANGEL BROTHER They say he was a pretty babe, This brother I have missed, With deep brown eyes and curling hair And cheeks by sunbeams kissed. For just a moment God had deigned To trust him to our care, But fearful lest he be too frail Took back our treasure fair. So now upon some distant shore His tiny soul gleams bright, Like a hundred stars in the deep, dark blue On a clear, crisp, cloudless night. RUTH SMITH, '35 , MY POET Must a poet write in rhyme, Must rhythm ring in every line? Must melody and simile, Alliteration, harmony, Be evident in every verse? I think not so, For after all, I know A poet who has made sublime What other poets put in rhyme. He is no poet great or famed, His works you'll never see acclaimed, He's just my humble, simple Dad, Doing his best to keep me glad. In rhythmic harmony his hours go, Some fast in hurrying strife-some slow, Until at last he's home and free To live our life, his poetry. BETTY THELEN, '55 VERONICA Wfhen trials come and things go wrong, She's always near with a smile and a song, Veronica! Wfhen fair-weather friendship fades and dies, Her loyalty shines from deep brown eyes, Veronica! Though time may point to paths apart, Her love I'll keep deep in my heart, Veronica! HELEN WESTFALL, '35 COQUETTE I heard the whir of fairy wings, A glint of gold danced into sight, 'Twas but a yellow butterfly In vagrant, iridescent flight. It gaily skimmed before my eyes With no regard for etiquette, Wfithout a whispered, "Pardon, please," It whisked away, the vain coquette! SHIRLEY GSANGER, '35 HIS GIFT He sent a laughing sunbeam from above, And smiling touched a heart of molten gold, While from the Virgin's robe one tiny fold Fell on a living soul, quite like no other. He found for her in life, a niche of love And peace, and proudly bade me call her Mother. MARGARET MURPHY, '35 , A Sl-IEAF OF QUATRAINS Shadows Faint shadows creep like naughty boys Without a bit of charm or poise, And rudely push the light away As they announce the end of day. RUTH SMITH, '35 Triumph There's triumph in a crescent moon, A symmetry of growing grace That scolfs at man's attempt to pierce The star-flecked mystery of space. SHIRLEY GSANGER, '35 Invocation O Lady, who inspired ancient bards, W'ho lent to artists' brush a sympathy, Torn from my daily toil I pause awhile To pay thee my poor praise in Litany. MARGARET WORTHINGTON, '35 Reflections I love Thee when I gaze from mountain height, I love Thee when I walk the valleys cool, I see Thy face in every mirrored pool, Thy glory in the stars that deck the night. MARGARET O'CoNNELL, '35 "Dominus llluminotio Metz" May this our Senior Year Book Bespeak our motto true, May the golden light of the love of God Shine in our "Lanthorn" blue. BETTY RUTH KRAFT, '35 - Mothers Should you search the sky and earth For life's gift of greatest worth, You will find above all others Life's most precious gift, our Mothers. CATHERINE E. WILLIAMS, '35 Dod You speak but seldom, yet I know The cares that gray your hair, And though I say but little too, You know how much I care. SHIRLEY GSANGER, '35 Clematis Pale purple tendrils In an alabaster bowl, Like the ever-present sorrow In a Virgin Mother's Soul. MARGARET C. O'CoNNELL, '35 Nocturne The gentle winds dance sprightly O'er rippling waters clear, The moonbeams glowing brightly Kiss Mother's face so dear. MARCELLA KNITTER, '35 A Moon ot Mid-afternoon From my prosaic school room seat, I glimpsed the moon, so far, so shy, A ghostly semi-disc of white, Hung in a pale blue sky. HANNAH SILBERSTEIN, '35 The Lanthorn fWilb Apologierj In olden tymes, whan the sonne was to reste Men each wolden a goodly lanthorn light, As oft as smale fowle were slepen in neste, So gleamed ev'ry lanthorn clere thro the night. HANNAH SILBERSTEIN, '35 Loveliness A sweet demeanor, a gentle voice, A friend as precious as a pearl, A glowing, happy countenance, A ray of joy, a Nazareth girl. RUTH ROY, '35 Slender Thread fT0 Peg Worthingtozzj O slender thread that spans my toes, If you now fail me all is lostg Hold fast, hold fast, at any cost, And save my last good pair of hose. SHIRLEY GSANGER, '35 Sunset The clouds give way to the sinking sun, A rosy light shines through The misty veil of heaven's snow Etched upon the turquoise blue. RUTH SMITH, '35 The Pilgrimage Mony folk of olde wold maken pilgrimage And to a place cleped Nazareth wendeg And ther al wolden with ful devout corage Pray God that He might mony graces sende. HANNAH SILBERSTEIN, '35 Silver Trees The trees are robed in frozen grandeur, Clutched by sleet in frenzied rage, Bent to earth, encased in silver, Helpless in a fragile cage. RUTH SMITH, '35 The Brook Across broad fields, through tangled ways In wooded dells, you laughing play, What is it that you wish to say, Babbling all the live-long day? EVELYN KOERNER, '35 Gossamer Wisp of ethereal, silvery lace, Wrought in intricate design, Hung with crystal drops that shine, Spider's misty dwelling-place. MARGARET C. O,CONNIiLL, '35 To a Robin O herald of the new-born spring, A welcome messenger on wing, Glad tidings to the world you bring, Of verdant, vagrant, laughing spring. EVELYN KOERNER, '35 ' Spring I felt it in the balmy air, I sensed it in the buds so sweet, I felt it more this morning, When I knelt there at His feet. GENEVIEVE BORGYON, '35 r L. 7 Eiiuaiill ,ZZTZZIT :era ff' I W114f'1U-Qfffie PARTING THOUGHTS Keep your shoulder to the wheel, though the grind be hard. EVELYN KOERNER, '35 "Give 45 minutes of intense study to each subject, girls." Unquote. BETTY RUTH KRAFT, '35 Hearken to one who has gone through the mill. Remember that silence is golden still. SHIRLEY GSANGER, '35 Slouch ye not in class of singing, Breathe, and list, your notes go ringing. MARGARET WORTHINGTON, '35 Remember that education is the plate upon which the teachings of life are indel- ibly engraved. MARGARET MURPHY, '35 Good, better, best, Never let it rest, Till your good is better And your better, best. RITA STAHL, '35 The days I have spent within the walls of Nazareth have been recorded in my book of memories as happy ones. ANNA STEPHAN, '35 The memory of four happy years XX'ill shine through our parting tears. GENEVIEVE NELLIS, '35 E,jE,j1F'rr"7' irq: I: " 1 .L.f..,-Z.5.f'V572":!'MiE91'QE' Auf Wiederseh'n, Nazareth! Our days spent with thee Have been happy and carefree, Blithe as can be. DOROTHY GECK, '35 A flash of gold, a gleam of blue, Nazareth's colors, tried and true. GERTRUDE BUBEL, '35 May success, fame and fortune follow our stay at Nazareth. VIRGINIA BIRDSEY, '35 It is a woman's privilege to have the last word, so I'll say Au Revoir to N. A. ADELE BARNER, '35 Simple are words, but hard to express, When I want to describe N. A. at her best. MARGARET LOIIGHLIN, '35 For once, I am speechless. There is too much that can be said. MARGARET HAEALOU, '35 Our energetic vocal teacher has led us far in the world of music. GERTRUDE HERRIOTT, '35 I've been told I'll never stop talking. Can anyone cease talking of Nazareth? MIRIAM YAHN, '35 Forget my days in school? Oh my! Not of Nazareth High. EVELYN SHAY, '35 -.,.. ,. +5965 -'lil 979' MAY WE EXPRESS Our A ffectionate appreciation P erfect appreciation P erpetual appreciation R everent appreciation E verlasting appreciation C omplete appreciation I mmeasurable appreciation A ctive appreciation T rue appreciation I mmense appreciation O utward appreciation N ever-ending appreciation of The efforts of Our Advisors, Guardians, And Friends, The Sisters of Nazareth GERTRUD12 L. COLLINS, '35 RUTH M. RAYSOR, '55 A WORD OF THANKS These few words are but a small return for all the favors that have been lavished on us during the past year. To Archbishop Mooney, D. D., for the priceless privilege of having the chapel, to Archbishop Hickey, D. D., our instructor in religiong to Father O'Rourke, our moderator, and Father Bouwhuis, S. J., our retreat master, to Father Ryan and all the kind priests who have assisted in the First Friday devotionsg to all our charming guests and speakers, both religious and laymeng to the faculty of Nazareth Academy, and in particular to our Principal, Sister Marcella, may we extend our sincerest gratitude and warmest thanks. As a token of our deep feeling for our Fathers and Mothers, our Teachers and Friends, for all whom we love and revere, this book is published. May it be a per- manent remembrance of happy, grateful days, shot through and through with the sun- shine of love and devotion. THE CLASS or 1935 FW, , . .. -4 - Now 'tis easy to read The pages that lead To the Ads in our boolcg But you just have to look At the firms we enlist And then get the gist Of the tales that they tell Of the wares that they sell. They are patrons indeed, Who have come at our need, A right gallant host, Who rejoice in the boast, That Rochester-made Means quality's high grade. Uf all 98 l? Please do not neglect Our Ads to inspect, For in them you'll find A treat for the mind. Each has something to say In its own naive way, Of the good you can do Witla the things offered you. We list at the end Each merchant and friend Wfho wishes success, And much happiness, To us as we part From the school of our heart Advertisers 4993+ I I I33 Iine screen Ilolffone wi'I:I'n c.IoubIe Iine YOUR STORY IN PICTURE LEAVES NOTHING UNTOLD HERALD E GRAVI G COIINC ARTISTS-ENGRAVER5 run ALL PRINHNG MEUIUME 64AOUEDUCT ROCHESTER, STREET New YORK.,-7 100 0000000 0000000000000OOO OOOOOOOOOOOOO 000000OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Q O Q O 0 O O 2 O 2 Nazareth College aa 0 O 0 O Q ' O jg for tive 2 Q O 2 HIGHER EDUCATION E O O 2 of WOMEN Q O 3 O 2 Rochester, New York 2 0 O Q O Q O 2 Courses leading to the degrees 2 Q O 2 I BACHELOR OF ARTS AND X 0 'w O 2 BACHELOR OF SCIENCE if fo Q E Teachers' Course, accrediting for any 3 teaching in the Stateg 2 VF o E E5 Secretarial Training offered as a pre- 3 2 requisite for the better business positionsg 3 E The Science Course prepares for positions 2 2 U in medical and industrial laboratoriesg 2 O E Foundation courses for Social Service, a 2 3 growing field of opportunitiesg 2 r, I O E An elementary Library Course, a founda- 2 9 tion for training for library serviceg 2 Y v J O if o e 2 Chartered by the 2 2 Legislature of the State of New York 2 2 F' and registered by the 2 2 State Board of Regents Z O O 3 2 Q 0 2 Accredited member of the National Catholic 2 3 Educational Associationg Association of Col- 2 o leges of the Middle States and Marylandg o 2 Association of American Collegesg American 2 3 Council on Education 5 Association of Col- 2 cf leges of the State of New York. 2 O O O O O -ci n Q O ' 0 Resident and Day Students O O or e O O OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO-JO OOO0000000OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO0000 421101 E' 000000000000000OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO0 .4 ragara nrherstlg 1' .- ' nn ester tfnstnn Courses Preparing for . C. P. A. Examinations . Entrance to Law School . Teaching Commercial Subjects in High School . Executive Positions in Business Young women interested in Professional Courses will be registered in the B.B.A. degree only For Dercriptlve Bulletin Phone Main 1124 JOHN R. WILKINSGN, Dean O 50 Chestnut Street, Rochester, N. Y. 'P Q 3 Compliments of Q Q A FRIEND I WILLIAM F. PREDMORE SCHOOL SUPPLIES, RELIGIOUS ARTICLES, CHURCH Goons 93 STATE STREET 9 O J 7 O O O O 9 O C J Q O O Cf O O def 102 Is O C O OC O O O 2 2 P5 X 4 Q 4 O 5 '5 5 I I ' 5 Choo o Busmess O O aw EB 2 . O O 3 1 Z 2 2 3 Z 4 Z O O 7 D 9 1 O O OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO0.0000000000000000000000000000 OOO O 000090 0000000 00000000000000000000000000000 000000OO00000000O0000000000O NAZARETH GRADUATES' Benefit by School of Commerce Pioneering MEDICAL SECRETARIAL TRAINING ASK FOR - IS NOW ONE BOOKLET CjgftgwIIfJwzloFcC0MMER0E MAIN SECRETARIAL COURSES 5530 OF OUR MAJOR Roc:-nzsrsn. NX ROCHESTER RELIABLE COAL CORP. 840 DEWEY AVENUE Glenwood 581 UNIQUE . . . among Rochester weekly newspapers . . . in auspices, character, and influ- MAKE SCRANTOIWS YOUR DOWN-TOWN O O 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 O 0 0 0 0 O 0 0 O 0 gy 0 0 0 0 0 0 C 0 C C C 0 O 0 0 0 O O C C 0 0 ence as the only local Catholic news HEADQUARTERS , publication, and Ofiicial newspaper 2 of the Rochester Diocese . . . in 2 reader interest and reader loyalty as BOOKS 2 the weekly having the largest net 2 paid circulation in the Rochester EDUCATIONAL SUPPLIES 2 Area . . .-In prestige as an advertrs- SOCIAL STATIONERY E ing medium consistently carrying 0 paid lineage greater in volume than ENGRAVING AND PRINTING 2 the combined lineage of any three Q X other weekly newspapers in Roches- PICTURES AND NOVELTIES 2 ter . . . and, lastly, unique in possi- LEATHER GOODS 2 bilities for still greater growth in the 2 service of Rochester and her citizenry. SPORTING GQQDS li GAMES 2 Qtathnlu ournzr ig? COMMERCIAL EQUIPMENT 2 0 0090 ,1., ,1., O , , 3 , , Q, , ,I fa 1 . 7 '. JOOV OOOOCOOOOOOOOO000OO0OOOO00000O0O02 "3i105i5' Q O O O O G O O O O O O OOOOOO000000000OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO0OOOOOQOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Q Q, Q Q O O O Complzments o 6 A.., SODALITY OF OUR LADY NAZARETH ACADEMY OOOOOOOOOOOOQOOOOOCOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOC O DOC: o 0 O O V O J O O x O X 2 K C x, f Q J N, I, V V 4, C 2 0 V Q 0 ' X O 1 I oz C 2 Q 6 O O tb K 2 X Q O 0 TZ 0 Q 0 0 f Q 0 O . C, Q 0 Q, v Q Q 5 9 Z V 1 0 Q f? '51 v '3 A :Tb N Q O C, mfr .5 C - ,, ,5 Q 5, .9 ' , ' Q O T? 1 V if , v V O 1' 9. N Q. O C, .9 O 1 O Q, O O QX O 45 N Q ' . 'II 1041? OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO K O O O 3 O O O O O O O Z Z 2 MONRGE COUNTY SAVINGS BANK Q Z 2 2 ? O Two Ojices i X fi 2 3 O 35 STATE STREET 420 MAIN STREET EAST 2 O O 2 X S ROCHESTER, N. Y. 2 A Z O O 9 O O O 3 2 E Depository of Nazareth School Savingy Fund 5 O 0 O O CZ O if O O O 0 25 0 O O 2 O O 3 Compliments of Q 2 3 Z f CLARENCE E. JENNINGS 3 O O 6 3 , and 3 C O 2 i JOSEPH P. COLLINS Z 2 'H1055' O OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO vOOOOOOOOOO000000OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOC O O O 9 O Ei WE INVITE you to take advan- O O C O O if tage of the complete banking 3 333 facilities of the LINCOLN- 3 O riff 5 2 g Ei Ii I ALLIANCE - Rochestefs Iarg- , est commercial bank Seven Conveniently Located 0 ice: LINCGLN - ALLIANCE BANK AND TRUST COMPANY ROCHESTER, N. Y. Portra1t Photographers Of The .fnntlaornu PRESENT BU1LDiNG 27 CLINTON AVENUE SoUTH O PHONES-STONE 994 - 995 E. A. DENTINGER MAIN 8541 - 8526 J. j. WARD 0 nl O 2 ul it 0 , c c 0 0 O O O 0 O 0 o o o o H o 0 o Q 5 N? O o o o Q O c o Q Q g FURLONG-WHITE STUDIO C 4 0 o o o , O o V 0 v o 0 f Q o o o o o f' o o 0 o o 0 o O O O O O O o o O O O o o o o O O O O VISIT 48 CLUB EGGLESTON HOTEL The Home of Horpztnl y Busmess Men s Lunch 11 30 A M to 2 P M AIaCarte 7A M to1A M 48 50 SoUTH AVENUE RocHEsTER N Y o o o o o o o o o o 3 H ' U 2 o o o , , o 0 , : . . . . 0 o o O , . . . . O o o o o o o o - l i Q o ' o o 2 0 Q Soc.ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo .N " fooooooooooooooooooo -,sf 106 E+ O O O O O O O O ooooo000oQoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo C om plzments 0 CENTRAL LAU DRY an SUPPLY CGMPANY MR C. SCHAEFFER O O O O O O O O V O 9 O 9' O O O 2 V O O V 2 C N 'N A 0 0 x KJ 0 V 0 O O 0 Q d X C 6 R 0 rfb O 3 2 O O 3 O O 0 fi Q K. v 2 5 O O . O 9 O FP O O E 6 O 0 J , ! 0 0 O C 3 O Cf O KJ J O O Q Z 0 O 0 O 0 O O O O O O O O O O v O O O O O O O O O O 6 O O O O 5 v O O O A C om pliments 0 JOSEPH E. RYAN FUNERAL DIRECTOR 4 WEST AVENUE O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O o o 0 o o o o o o o 0 0 o 0 o V o o QQQQQQQQQQOGQQOQOOOQQQQOOOOO000000000000000000OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO 43 107 H+ x O O O O 47 O O O O O O 0 O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O A O O v O O O 6 O O O Q O v O O O O O 'S O O O 9 3 O O f 7 Q v Q 9 O 0 O O 9 J O O O O 'B O gi C O O O O O 0 O 7 v -x OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOQO OOOOO0O00000OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO0OC' A TREAT IN HEAT L. C. LANGIE COAL CO. HI-HEAT COAL SEMET SOLVAY COKE ALADDIN FUEL OIL i Stone 4000 326 MAIN STREET EAST ,. A... . THAT WONDERFUL FLAVOR M y No wonder Arpeako Ham tastes so good! Care- ful sugar-curing and unhurried smoking over A fragrant hardwood bring out the natural good- 52 ness of the specially selected Arpeako Hams. Lean and tender with all surplus fat trimmed wifi:-.R .--w:1-..r.4:-.'- if Z: :dz ..f:':.. In vu rr off, these delicious hams may be purchased from your dealer in whole or half or by , ly L, 3 Q 6 . f 9 I F' 2. HAM A + un ,jf . ,ar X L-.W ,5 '5 L qs, . gag: uri , , , 1 r 5 3 I , llc' L' if 71 .T X' f iisff I ,I w-...MNA X IN ' 'ivy' ' 'I f 1 bf' 9 K w, 4. Tx , ex- ,-.x . 'I ,313 -'iff-5-Ii:'i:-'I " " ' 5" '- f' '-gg' in i J. 4- .4.,, : ,, . U , , ,gm-':-rpe4':41, Vis .5 i e .wr - ,exe-1115? . w""""""""""'e'-e---- ' 1. 5 if -- . fs ' -,1s.,kklQocnnsrfx?Acx1rasLo.,ngf - E.'.:'31:!'.!Ug-l'i" f " '21 '-f""T'1 the slice. ' Q . 12' 1 '..4-431.1-s ' ' 4 r 1 '- 11 1 . -,-2t1q.'!i1E:4f':. " :- " .3--L ,' .531-gk. Z- ' ir - E331 ZA- E,- .V 1 c' k. -gai fa- -:- :z':E::z2'yA P ARPEAKO HAM A " ' ' 1 ' :jijfzf'5gf' ' ., . T Q O O O Q Q, O G 0 O O O O O O O Q, 2 0 O O C9 Q 0 O v V A A O v O O O O O O O O Q O O O 0 O O Nl Q O O O A Q O 0 V A 4 Q O O 0 O O O O O O O O O O Q v v O O Qs O O O O O O A O C I x K5 O OG if 3 xi-DOOOO-DOOO00000OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO-CQOOOOOOOGOOOOOOOOOOOO "El108l'l" OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OQOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO INSURANCE Main 938 AETNA BUILDING 25 EXCHANGE STREET LUCAS Cv' DAKE CO. I Compliments of JOHN P. BOYLAN HOWE CDN ROGERS COMPANY CARPETING, DRAPERY MATERIALS, DOMESTIC RUC-s, LACE CURTAINS, ORIENTAL RUGs, WINDOW SHADES, FURNITURE, LINOLEUMS PIANOS RADIOS 89-91 CLINTON AVENUE SOUTH ALEXANDER MEYER GROCERY AND MARKET 602-604 Driving Park Avenue Glenwood 504-6348 Q V O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O 0 O O O O O O O O O 3 Q O O V O O O C O C O J O C O O O O O O 3 O C' O I 5 O O O O O O O O O O O O O O Q O O O O O O O O Q O A O O O O O Q. O O O O O Q O 0 OO000000OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO0000000OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO +Ef109l9' 0 0 000OOO00000000000 000000 00000 0000 O00 0 O GEORGE B. HAWKEN PAINTER AND DECORATOR 186 Champlain Street Phone: Genesee 4765 BUSSES For Sightseeing Trips Church, School, Club or Industrial Outings Tours Arranged Service Available Day or Night Convention Groups given Special Attention Rochester Railways Co-Ordinated Bus Lines, Inc. 267 STATE STREET Main 4200 Rochester, N. Y. O 4, SODA FOUNTAIN SERVICE QUALITY AND CLEANLINESS SODAS - SUNDAES FRAPPES - MILK SI-IAKES SANDWICHES AND LUNCHES 1490 LAKE AVE. AT MEMORIAL BRIDGE GOLDEN CREST ICE CREAM ,IOHN M. HEDGES PHONE MAIN 620 HEDGES CD- HOFFMAN FUNERAL DIRECTORS 141 SCIO STREET Rochester, N. Y. 0 000000000000 0000000000000 0000000000000000000000-OO0,000"O0OC -'5l11Ol5" OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO THE YATES COAL CO. Anthracite and Bituminous Also Coke Orders solicited for private residences, apartments and buildings. Deliveries made under the personal supervision of Superintendent. Board! and Curzwzr med for protection Phones-Stone 450, Stone 451 612 Lincoln-Alliance Bank Building General Ollice: 183 Main St. E. For Your Teas, Parties, Luncheons SERVE CLUB CRACKERS ONTARIO BISCUIT COMPANY "Supreme Bakerrn Quiet As A Passing Cloud Electrolux . . . has no moving parts . . . Nothing to wear out , . .No friction . . . No vibration . . . Yes, C0mp.l'7'Ze'm of it is absolutely noiseless. Rund Prices are surprisingly low. If you need a refrigerator, wait no longer. ll0ClEl'l'El'GAS Phone East Main Avenue K ' 5960 so - Ann -g,l,glg'rnlc 0 O O O O O O 04949 Qsflllw O O O O O O O O O O O 0 O O O O O O O O O O O O O O C O C O Q x, O O O 0 O O O O O V V O O O O Q 0 C 4. O X C O C O O O O O O O 0 O O 0 O O O O O O O O O O O O 0 O O O O O O O 0 QOOOOOOOOOOOOGOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO QOOOOOOOOOOOOOOGOOOC 3 George C. Schaefer Charles G. Schaefer Edward Bauman GEORGE C. SCHAEFER COMPANY 2 Formerly Schaefer 8: Hartel O Z 8 Main Street East O O O WATCHES, DIAMONDS, JEWELRY AND SILVER WARE Phone Main 6746 Exclusive Agents for Nazareth Rings You busy modern young people . . . intent on doing dozens of things in a short time . . . you will appreciate our time-saving devices! In Service Bureau, check your packages and do your mailingg dash off Q5 LET US HELP YOU! O a note or two in Rest Room, if your friends are lateg and Restaurant 55 offers delicious food to refresh you from shopping tasks. fi SIBLEY, LINDSAY CD' CURR CO. 3 WILLIAM F. ZAHRNDT C9' SON E Book MANUFACTURERS 3 Binders of "The Lanthorn' E All Kinds of Books Bound or Re-bound 77 ST PAUL STREET ROCHESTER, N. Y. Compliments of a Friend O 0 0 o . . O O o o O o 0 0 Q Z . . 0 0 O 0 o o o o 0 0 o o 0 Lb -fZl112i3" OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO000000000OOOC USE VITAMIN D MILK The Sunshine Vitamin 45 FULTON AVENUE GLENWOOD 144 Compliments Of a Friend O Cx O O O O 2 O O O O O O O O O O O O zz a x O 3 2 O O O O O O O BRIGHTON PLACE DAIRY COMPANY O 3 2 O O O O O O Z O O O O O 2 2 O O O O O O O O , , O O O O O O O O O O O O O O C O C O O O C O 4, O O O if With best wixlaef to the 3 O SENIOR CLASS 0F 1935 Q E From g THE JOHN F. LIN SIN CO. 3 5 WHOLESALE CONFECTIONERS 2 E Established 1876 Members Of N. R. A. E 25 2 MAYFAIR COFFEE SHOPPE 2 EE Next to FOrman,s E 5 LUNCHES, DINNERS, SODAS, CANDIES Z E 54 CLINTON AVENUE SOUTH ROCHESTER, NEW YORK C OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOGOOOO 4111319 030000000 00 00000 000000000000000000000000000000 000000000 005 4 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 V 0 0 0 0 0 0 3 0 0 0 'B 0 0 0 9 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 KODAKS AND SUPPLIES EXPERT FINISHING JAMES T. MURRAY DRUGGIST 492 LYELL AVENUE COR. MYRTLE STREET Compliments of MR. and MRS. E. A. MONROE Compliment! of "THE BELHURST CLUB" GENEVA, NEW YORK Ask For Rochester Quality School Supplies "VALUE FIRST" Manufartured by ROCHESTER STATIONERY CO. 0 0 0 0 4? 0 'B 0 V 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 C 0 w C C C 0 C C 0 C 0 0 'D 0 C C 4? 4? 43 C 4? 4? 43 45 C C? 4? 4? 45 4? 4? CP 4? 4? 47 C 0 Cx 43 47 4? 4? 47 43 4? 4? 47 45 47 4? 4? 4? 45 4? 4? 4? 4? 4? 47 4? 4? 4? 4? 47 49 4? 4? 4? 4? 4? 4? 43 00000000000000000000 00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000O -'Ef114l3'- ooooooooooooooooooov V 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 O o 0 0 0 0 v 0 0 0 O . . 0 O 4 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 O 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 C C 0 C 0 C 0 0 0 C C Compliments 0 CRAMER DRUG CO Home Town Druggists Dewey Ave cor. Magee Ave Medical Arts Bldg. Fast Ave. cor. Chestnut Street Main at Plymouth C om plimenlf 0 THE WEST END RESTAURANT 665 WEST AVENUE V. Tomczak Genesee 6510 THE SPGRT SHOP "Where You Buy It For Leis" SPORTING GOODS SPORTS WEAR FURNISHINGS 126 128 CLINTON SOUTH Loew s Rochester Theatre Bldg Comphments Of a Frrend 0000000000000 0000000 t000'000000000'00000000000000000000000000 0 0 0 0 9 0 0 0 0 0 O O 0 0 0 O O 0 0 J 0 0 0 0 0 0 O 5 .Q 0 0 0 0 9 V 5 O O X V 0 0 V 0 f I' 0 0 0 0 - - O o O o , 0 O O 1 O - o o 0 O O o O 0 O O o O . . Q o o o o O 0 o o . o 0 o 0 o -'It115l5" OOQOOOOOOOOOOOO 5 OOOCIOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOGOOOOQOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO JOHN H. GARNHAM High Quality FRUITS AND VEGETABLES 353 Driving Park Ave. A MEATs - GROCERIES - VEGETABLES DELICIOUS BOCKWURST M Made by ZWEIGLE BROS. Cold Cuts for Buffet Suppers O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O EHMANN MARKET Since 1890 CHOICE MEATS FISH, POULTRY AND VEGETABLES 1105 Lyell Ave., Cor. Glide St. GLENWOOD 3102 Glenwood 3995 823 Dewey Avenue Rochester, N. Y. BAUMAN C9' BAYNES Complimemf R U S S E R ' S MARKET AND GROCERY 257-259 Ames Street SCHAEFER BROS. Mean of Quality POULTRY, VEGETABLES, SEA FOODS o 35 Varieties of Sausages 1050 Dewey Ave. 315 Bay Street O O When ordering hockwurn Glen. 2640 - 2641 Culver 2193 3 Ask your dealer or call 2 Stone 6944 , 6945 402-404 Lewiston Ave. O Glen 6088 g 214 josEPH AVE. AT KELLY ST. - o Ei SNIDER PACKING CORP. TEMPLE BLDG. Manufacturer: of High grade canned goods and condiment: LILY OF TI-IE VALLEY, SNIDER, BURT OLNEY BRANDS o o o o o o 0 o o o o o o o Q o o o 0 o TOWN TALK BAKERY INCORPORATED Glenwood 6772 601 PULLMAN AVENUE OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOO0000OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO000000 +El116l3" OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOCQ O O 2 Everything in D R U G S 2 O O Q MUs1c AND MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS 2 2 CHARLES H. VAN BROCKLIN O O O 2 WALKER C9- ADAMS PHARMACIST jg O O 2 MUSIC HOUSE Let U1 Fill Your Next Prefrription 2 3 n Experienced Plaarmarirtf 3 O O E 97 CLINTON AVE' SOUTH 1513 Lake Ave. Rochester, N. Y. E 2 Expert Repairing Stone 2145 phone: Glenwood 985 2 2 Z O O 2 DAVIS DRUG COMPANY C0ff1I'1f"2f'11f 0f 2 O O O , O Ei Prescription Pharmacists N01-AN S DRUG STORE 2 O O -, O O 817 DEWEY AVENUE O O O Z 1481 LAKE AVENUE Glen. 6192 2 3 3 3 C0"'79' Rldgewdj' Prescription Department-Glenwood 6372 2 2 2 O O O , O O O O O O O O C' O O C omplimentf of gf FRANK'S DRUG STORE CmP1fmm'f af X O O O O 3 537 PLYMOUTH AVE. S. g O O O O O A FRIEND 3 Genesee 2717 Congmtulatiom to the C0"iPlimf'7'f of Graduating Class FRANK HART MONUMENT CO , INC JAMES E. CUFF 1459 LAKE AVENUE o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o 0 o o o o o 0 o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o 0 ' ' o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o A 0 o o 4111714 I 0000000000000000OOO00000000OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO0000000000000000 O O Z MEISENZAHL BROS. 0 COAL CO. O O O O O 3 695 PORTLAND AVENUE O Stone 2 1 57 ' O O O O O O O O Z EIFFERTIS SERVICE STATION O E 669 THURSTON ROAD 3 siiiciaii H. C. Gasoline 3 Sinclair Opaline and Pennsylvania Motor Oils Battery and Tire Service Indexed Lubrication GENESEE 1534 SCHWALB COAL CO. LEHIGH VALLEY COAL R. G. 8: E. GUARANTEED COKE Fuel Oil For All Types of Burners J O O O O O O O O O O O 0 O O O O O O O O O O O O O O 0 O O O 0 9 O O O O O O O O O O O O O 0 O O O O O O C O O C O E. T. CLARK CARTING CO. Phone-Glenwood 3526 MCINTOSH - BOTT, INC. COAL - COKE 410 CONKEY AVENUE Rochester, N. Y. SNYDER BROS., INC. COAL - COKE BUILDING MATERIAL 14 MART PLACE Off 531 Lyell Ave. Phone: Glen. 1290 THE BEST IN FUEL FOR OVER 60 YEARS O'CONNELL-RHODES OIL CORP. 81 MT. HOPE AVENUE Stone 171 Ollice 10 Market St., Phone Main 1163 Let the Clark Boy! do your Cafting Prompt Service Reasonable Rates Compliment: of THE FLOWER CITY CARTING CO. 90 BRONSON AVENUE Genesee 4657 O O O O O O O O O O 'D C O 3 O O O C C C C O Q. C C 4? 4? 0 C? R7 47 47 4? 47 47 4? 4? 43 4? 4? 45 4? Q. 47 C C C Q C 4? C 3 0 OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OO0000000000000OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Rush' Z Q O X E PROJANSKY BROS. C9- CO. Main 1994 3 A 2 0 2 Ladies' Tailors and Furrierx E. KELSEY 2 O 3 O . . E 39 EAST AVENUE Importerx and Retailers of Fzfze Furs E 3 44 EAST AVENUE 2 0 , O 2 Stone 537 Rochester, N. Y. 2 Q O 0 O Q O Q O 0 O Q, O O 2 o Z BERNARD HELD INC. ST. PAUL MILLINERY SHOP 5 Q O , -SMART HATS- O 2 Furrzerx 2 44 For Miss and Matron 2 E In All Head-sizes 0 3 66 EAST AVENUE g A 1358 St. Paul St.-Opposite Driving Park o O Sr Q ii one 555 Rochester, N. Y. 3 Q O 0 O If 3 T3 Alamy, HARPER METHOD 3 0 O 3 The VW Ldfeff MISS ANNA C. NAGY , 2 Q K V, I ' ' Q 5 In Womenx Fzner Faxbzom Pewmmem Wtwing 3 3 Marcelling . Manicuring 3 3 F R A N C E S Finger Waving Z , O is EAST AVE. AT CHESTNUT ST. Bus. Genesee 6409 - Res. Genesee 4621 if , O 2 986 Main St. West Rochester, N. Y. Q3 0 O O 9 3 22 VERNON E Permanenl Wfavex 23 Q and 2 3 Hdif Dffff Compliments of 2 2 Give you the , Z O Distinction of il Fflefld O if Personal Prestige 3 O O 2 VERNON HAIR STYLISTS Z X 38-40 NORTH STREET 2 3 Near Sibley's if Q . O 119 FP' Complirnenlf 0 BUONOMO BOWLING HALL 78 CHARLOTTE STREET Main 7479 C om plimentf 0 SAM GOTTRY CARTING CO Offices. Powers Bldg.-Main 1412 47 Parkway-Glenwood 646 THE ROCHESTER BOOK BINDERY 165 ST. PAUL STREET Main 5463 - 5464 0 0 0 0 0 0000000000000000000000000000O000000000O0000000000000000 000000 00 O 3 A O ji O O jf 0 2 Q O 0 O ' 0 Q 0 O A O 0 ' 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Compliments of a Friend o O o O O O O O O 0 O 0 O O O O . O Cornplzmenlf of O O O O O O O O O O O O o O O O O if Special Priee to Graduatef on Engraving 3 T R A N T ' s 3 CATHOLIC SUPPLY STORE ii CHURCH GOODS 2 RELIGIOUS ARTICLES . GR-EETING CARDS 2 STATIONERY 6 CLINTON AVE NORTH 115 FRANKLIN STREET Telephone Main 6794 B. A. SPEEDY, INC. Hat Cleaning . Dry Cleaning Shoe Repairing and Redreuing TIES CLEANED AND SHAPED 212-216 Court St. Rochester N. . Everything or the Garden HART CDE VICK SEED STORE Corner of Stone and Ely Streets A Dainty Lunch For All Occasions WILLIAM S POTATO CHIPS 1012 CHILI AVENUE Phone: Gen. 751 0 0 O O 0 0 0 O O 0 0 0 0 0 0 KN O O O C 0 0 C 0 O C C C 0 0 C C C C 47 4? fx 4? 47 45 4? 4? 47 19 4? 43 4? 45 4? C 45 4? 4? 4? 4? 0 O o O 9 ' o o 1 Y o O O o o 6 0 f Q o o o O o o 0 n O 0 o o o o o O O O O o 4120? 3OO0OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOOO000000000000v 0000003 O E Hardware, Paintf, Oily and Glam 2 O O 2 JOHN R. WARD 3 Z - THE WHITE WIRE WORKS CO. 3 0 SANITARY PLUMBING, GAS, STEAM AND O 2 HOT WATER FITTING TINSMITHING fi O ' 79-83 EXCHANGE STREET O 0 STOVE AND F URNACE REPAIRS Q Z ESTIMATES FURNISHED Rochester N Y E 3 , . . 2 561 JEFFERSON AVENUE 2 O O 3 Genesee 2048 3 O 0 0 O O O X HARRY B. CROVULEY F3 Z 3 X . . 3 3 Everytlazng zn Imurance Qompliments of 3 O O O O MIKE CONROY S STONE 3908 3 O O O O O n 1 a O 2 403-405 Gramte Bmldmg 2 Z I 2 6 O O 3 - 2 O Comphments of Compliments of 3 O O THE CURTIN AGENCY 0 THE CRESCENT PURITAN if GENERAL INSURANCE Q 3 3 LAUNDRY, INC. 3 O O O GRANITE BUILDING Q 3 1650 DEWEY AVENUE 3 3 Stone 3 5 19 3 O O O O O O O O O O O I O 2 Inmt on 2 3 2 3 W E G M A N . 2 0 Comphments of O 2 GUARANTEED MATrREssEs ii 2 JOSEPH P. DOYLE 3 2 Sold by Principal Store: 2 if 3 WILLIAM J. WEGMAN CO. 3 ii 2 -241215 Q O V C V O f O O s O O O O O O O O V O O O 3 K A J' O O O o O , . . 0 Q O 4 O O 9 'OOO 7000OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO o O 2 o C. M R C. 2 JOSEPH ILLER AYMOND MILLER WALDERT OPTICAL 2 o o O E MILLER BROTHERS 56 EAST AVENUE E E Funerul Directors Phone: Stone 56 2 O O 0 O 2 474 LYELL AVE. Alwuyx Better Glusrer E O 3 N erfer Higher Prices 2 O Glenwood 2907 Funeral Home 3 O o o o A o O 0 0 2 o . 3 make Your Laft Earthly Tribute the Bert 2 0 o 2 CALL SUMMIT OPTICAL CO., INC. 2 E WILLIAM C' MENGES 257 MAIN STREET EAST O A Funerul Director O O O O O Stone 2374 2 Qi Stone 2628 309 Portland Ave. O X3 Rochester, N. Y. O O 9 NAP H O T Compliment: o H O P N. MILLER S SON 274 GENESEE STREET Filmr Developed Free 706 SOUTH AVENUE Expert Workmanship COPYING - ENLARGING - COLORING FREDERICK ROTTO ozmcmc, MISTER 1-HE C om plimerrtr 0 ,o,,,5,,,,,,,,1m1 CHARLES OSTER D D S ROCHESTER N1 1525 LAKE AVENUE Social Dancing and Lessons in Class or Private Glenwood 1406 A I Telephone - Main 5393 I M1229 'b 2 'S o O o o 0 o c o o o o o o 0 0 o o o o o o 3 Q N o o o o 0 o o o o O o 0 o G 0 N O N ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO O 3 O o 0 o A 0 3 DO You Typewriters 2 O A- Sold and Re aired O 7 P E Know ' Special Rental Rates to Students E 3 that leading Rochester hlisiness Dmfibumn of O O men formulate the policies of 2 0 R. B. I. This is one ofthe best as- W d k T . O O surances that your business train- 00 Stoc YPeWmefS o 2 ing will prove thorough, prac- Portable Typewriters All Makes 2 Q tical and up-to-the-minute. A O O 2 X I OFFICE APPLIANCE SHOP 2 2 ROCHESTER nusmsss msmure 2 2 X172 c'l""" 'WN' 49 Clinton Ave. N. Phone, Stone 853 2 o Q Z A 2 3 , 2 3 Complzmemf of 2 Compliment: of 2 3 NUNN BRASS WORKS 3 3 MONROE COUNTY g 3 17 WENTWORTH STREET DEMOCRATIC COMMITTEE 5 g Genesee 163 5 A 9 ZS f O 0 2 JOHN R. BOURNE METZGER BROTHERS X O O O O 2 STATIONERY AND OFFICE SUPPLIES ARTISTIC PICTURE FRAMING O O 3 DESKS-CHA1115-SAFE5-FILES FRAMED PICTURES AND MIRRORS 3 O O 2 RUBBER STAMPS AND STENCILS PHOTO FRAMES Q O O O O E 131-133 State Street Rochester, N. Y. 836 N. Clinton Ave. Stone 1781 Q5 O 6 O O O O O 0 O O O O 5 LEXINGTON SERVICE STATION o . Q 2 Complzmenlr of 2 O O O 1 3 FEE BROTHERS DEWEY AND LEXINGTON AVES. 22 O O Z 2 3 Patromze your neighborhood dealer: 0 0 Z 0 0 0 o O 0 0 C oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooOooooooooeooooooo "5l123l5" OOO000000000000OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO000000000 JOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO L D A I R Y 476 EXCHANGE STREET KUNZER-ELLIN W OOD INC. 123 BARBERRY TERRACE Certified-Pasteurized , Milk and Cream Phone: Stone 2938 A Rochester, N. Y. O O O O O O Compliment! of o Q o o O Phone, Main 386 O 2 R O C H E S T E R ' S 2 0 o X MosT MODERN BIG ELM DAIRY CO. 2 0 0 o o o O o o o o 0 o 0 7 o o o o o 0 O o o o 0 O 0 0 o Q o o 0 o 0 Q RADEL 0 2 2 if STATT S DAIRY Ppmewized E E The Home of Safe Milk Milk, Cream and Buttermilk ii! O O E 550 LYELL AVENUE Phone: Glenwood 2886 E O O 2 Over fifty years in same location 45 BURROWS STREET 2 Z Z O O O O O O O O 2 Stone 5479 2 O O CRYSTAL DAIRY Co. compzfmem of 3 70 PULASKI STREET 2 2 C. F. SCHEUERMAN SONS 2 E Certiliecl--Pasteurized ii X Milk and Cream 230 BROWN STREET Z 3 Z 3 Rochester, New York X O O O O O C 0 O O O O O 2 MAPLE GRILL El O O O ACKERMAN'S INN O E Ice Cream Parlor and Candy Shoppe E 0 O Z Comer of LYELL AND HOWARD ROADS 2 O O 3 DRIVING PARK AND LAKE AvEs. 3 2 , "A good place to dine and dance" 3 2 Open Evemngs 2 3 3 Z -'Ef124l5+ +ROOOOOOOOO0000000000000000OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOI OOOOOOO 000000000OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO o 2 O O Established 1854 0 Z 2 E Cgmpljyyggjlfj gf gi O O O O 3 U rdeffrkerf JOSEPH J. BUCKLEY 3 2 3 Q2 B- T- Flannery, Mgr- Funeral Director 2 O O 2 Phone: Main 164 163 stare sr. 3 O O O O Z . X 3 Z O HENRY D. HALLORAN 8: SONS RYAN CDN MCINTEE O 3 Z O - O 2 Mooney: Funeral Directory Funeral Service E O . 3 IS the best and costs no more 2 O ' 195 PLYMOUTH AVE. SOUTH 0 2 r Call Stone 1464 B. Leo Mclntee 0 O New Locatron O E 207 CHESTNUT STREET E E Phone: Main 127 The Funeral H ome-N on-Sectarian 2 Z 2 O O O O Z 2 Z We Tele ra h Flowers GEO- T- BOUCHER 2 6' Z 3 Ei FLOWERS 2 2 BLANCHARD FLORIST 2 O 0 2 422 MAIN STREET EAST O 48 LAKE AVENUE R h N Y O O oc ester, . . 0 ii Rochester, New York E 2 GREENHOUSE-B1'lghl0N Stone 96-97 2 O O Z 3 2 3 O . B. KELLER SONS O O O 2 Incorporated 3 2 FLQRISTS Complimenlf of 2 O O O O Q A mefrage of 0 X CHEER, OE LovE, OR Goon WISHES JGHN W' MATTLE X 5 if exprefred bert with flowerf from 00 C S E 3 Keuem 3 UMBERLAND TREET 3 E 25 Clinton Ave. North Stone 484 E 55 3 goooooooooooooooooooo oooooooo ooooooo oooooo oooooooooooooooooooo "5f125f3" O ofrfec nooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooo o Q O 0 O Z KENNEDY 8: KIRCHMAIER Cemplimenlf ff! 2 0 O o 2 579 Lake Ave. Glen. 4317 HETZLER FOUNDRIES 2 0 O 5 Z Q O 2 Compliment! of 2 ft CUmf'l""e"'f of JENKINS sf MACY CO. if 3 A FRIEND COAL .sf COKE Z Q O Q O Q O Q 2 BRIGGS-WELLER, INC. 2 2 FLORISTS HETZLER BRGS. ICE CO., INC. Q O 38 MAIN STREET WEST O 3 fPowers Hotelj g X Phone, Main 123 Rochester, N. Y. 3 o , c A I o E FARMEN EOR FLOWERS O 9 , I Complimenlr of 2 2 331 DRIVING PARK AVE. A 0 A FRIEND O 2 Glenwood 1240 Rochester, N. Y. Z O O 2 I 3 gg CHAS. A. STARK CO. MARKS at ABRAMSON Z o 5 Flower! for all ormfiom JEWELERS Main 4145 64CffAJIf.IifRilT o E 899 CLINTON AVENUE N' Phone: Main 4577 Est. 1912 Z o Z BOBB,S DRY CLEANING U. S. L. Batteries . Genesee 6055 E A GARDNER 8: BADER 2 2 We Call and Deliver 110 AMES STREET c 2 Gas, Oils and Accessories if 0 614 LAKE AVE. Glen. 6945 Starter, Generator, Carburetor O 27 and Motor Reconditioning 2 2 Main 2774 , l . Y O LQMBARDO DRY CLEANERS Furs, Eur 5epaI.rIng,FFug Remodeling Stores ur eaning, ur torage O 3 492 W. Main St. MISS MARGUERITE 9 342 Driving Park Ave' Exper! Work-Fafbionable Slyler 3 Plant Reasonable Prirex O 3 67 Ford Sffeef. 791 DEWEY AVE. PHONE GLEN. 1416 2 O O O Q O o 3 Cvwplifflfffff Of Congratulations to the E 3 A FRIEND GRADUATING CLASS 2 o 3 2 X Q OOOOFOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO0000000000 -HEI 126 I?" 0OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO00000009OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO O O E SIMON FELDMAN AGENCY! INC. Glenwood 1715 Open Evenings if General Insurance Cfimphmem gf if 2 540 LINCOLN ALLIANCE BANK BLDG. BASTIAN S DRESS SHOPPE 45 2 Stone 7250 493 Lyell Ave. Rochester, N. Y. O O E Office: Main 5137 Res.: Genesee 6464-W Distinctive Frocks 2 FRANCIS P. BIANCHI ' 4, o 0 General Insurance and Real Estate O 1 O 2 501 ELLWANGER 8: BARRY BLDG. CLAIRE S DRESS SHOP 2 Rochester, N. Y. 838 DEWEY AVE. Open Evenings 0 O O V O I O CHAS. A. CLAUS AGENCY , 2 ELEANORS DRESS SHOP 3 3 Member, Rochester Board Of Underwriters Z E General Insmnfe 527 Chiu Ave. Genesee 4517 2 Res. 7 Immel Place Genesee 3046 3 2 A Glenwood 2079 2 THE FRANK M. DECKER STORE Open 8.30bA.M, to 6.00 PIM. 3 Q - Later y Appointment Q. 2 . .D 17 Goods and Notions , DOROTHY'S BEAUTY SHOPPE 2 O Furnishings for Men, Women, and ChIldren Q, O ALL BRANCI-IES OF BEAUTY CULTURE C o 4415 LAKE AVENUE COMBINATION PERMANENTS OUR SPECIALTY ct 2 Branch Office: Licensed Shoppe and Operators 2 O Roch. Gas 8: Elec. Corp. and Telephone Corp. 1510 DEWEY AVENUE ct 2 At Knickerbocker 2 X R O L A N D i S 23 ff Dry Goods Novelties Cgmplimgnjf gf 2 2 Furnishings for fl MCU, W0meU and Childfen ARMSTRONG BEAUTY SI-IOPPE 2 2 415 LYELL AVENUE f' O O O Main 2589 O o o g WM' GOTTSCHALK AVONDALE BEAUTY SHOPPE g 2 DWGGOOQ? NWEUS and 223 GRANITE BLDG. 3 O ents ul-ms ings Sperialiru in all Bmnclrer of O 2 494 - 496 PORTLAND AVENUE Beauty Culture 2 fi Phqne, Main 1156 Roche-stef, N, Y, FLORENCE KNOPFLER--MILDRED MAHONEY 2 3 3 2 Compliment: of Compliment! of 3 Q 5 o 3 HARRISONS DRESS SHOPPES HUGO HAIR STYLIST X e 1364 St. Paul Street 0 3 541 Thurston Road 104 EAST AVENUE 3 2 644 MOIUOC Avenue Main zoos Main 2009 2 o o L5 The Home of Qunlily Sporlfwear Complfmfflf-f 07' E o - o gg CHAMPION KNITWEAR CO. Ine GULSQQIATS 3 o ' o if 71 ST. PAUL STREET 32 CARTHAGE DRIVE 2 O O OOO0000OO0OOO0OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO o 0 X.x.x -fEl127l9" 0000OOOOOOOO000000OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOC-OOOQ. J O O O O O O O O O Complimenlr of tlae MANHATTAN RESTAURANT 25 EAST AVENUE DRIVING PARK CANDY SHOP Corner of DRIVING PARK AVE. AND BROZEL ST. Complimentr of the A BAKERS OF WONDER BREAD O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O Complimentx of NASCA DEALERS IN CANDY Complimenzr of H. ACKER, Manager A. 8: P. Store 539 NORTH GOODMAN STREET FLANNERY DRUG CO. 117 N. CLINTON AVE. Prercriptionr - Drugf Elk's Club Bldg. Phone or Bring Your Drug Needr to FULLER'S DRUG STORE 1392 CULVER RD. fin Bank Bldgj 45 CLINTON AVE. N. o v 9 O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O o O O 0 O O O O O O O O O O 0 O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOO00OO0OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO0000009 Mol: Complete Arrortment ARTISTS' AND DRAWING SUPPLIES BARNARD, PORTER 8: REMINGTON 9-Il-13 NORTI-I WATER STREET Phone Main 8140 BURR 8: STARKWEATHER CO. Farm Dairy-Poultry Supplies Power and Hand Lawn Mowers Home Water Plants Pyrofax Gas for Gasless Homes 39-57 MOUNT HOPE AVE. Rochester, N. Y. Glenwood 3220 M. HEMMERICH sr SONS AND Washed Sand and Gravel HOSTESS CAKE 1460 LYELL AVENUE Rochester, N. Y. Phone, Gen. 3187 Lady Attendant DOMINIC F. EMMA Funeral Director 380 TROUP STREET Rochester, New York Phone: Stone 2865 DR. D. J. KENDEN DENTIST 1428 Clifford Ave. Rochester, N. Y. Complimenlr of DR. EUGENE F. LEICHT DENTIST 1062 Mercantile Bldg. Rochester, N. Y. W. A. MCCORMICK Plumbing - Heating - Air Conditioning Tinsmithing - Roofing Culver 5906 Culver 5899 4 Lake AV6. MHID 7716 Glenwood 1451 LECKINGER 5 PETERS FUNERAL HOME SHOES Harry Peters 1511 Dewey Avenue Rochester, New York -f21128l2+ - o O Main 5908 We Deliver 2 o Dealers in Choice Meats INIARTY S FRUIT 81 GROCERY 2 1231 CLINTON AVENUE N. 2 781 LEXINGTON AVE. Glen. 1830 Beer U Ale Martin Stephan, Prop. 5 o . , 0 HOLFOTI-VS MARKET CHRISTMAN S MARKET 3 Everything in Meats and Groceries 559 DRIVING PARK AVENUF 3 Quality Meats at Sensible Prices 0 631 MONROE AVENUE Home made Sausages of all Kinds X Rochester, N. Y. Monroe 6637, 6638 Glenwood 1787 2 0 o Lieferna We Deliver Deutsche Feinwurstlerei 0 German High Grade Sausage CO. ORIOLE DAIRY 2 Q SATTEL at ZIMMERMA 83 ORIOI.E STREET GLENWOOD 1984 C' 1005 CLINTON AVE. N., COR. TREYER if Main 7170 0 , Q - Q C. Camflimffw of EDWARD WEGMAN DAIRY 2 o GALLAGHER S MARKET 465 CHILI AVENUE Meats - Groceries is Genesee 5355 O 424 AMEs STREET Genesee 273 ? . C, o Complimenlr of WUEST MILK CO. 0 WILLIAM R' GENTHNER Milk, Cream and Buttermilk Meats - Groceries 924 JEEEERSQN AVENUE Genesee 2031-J 642 MAPLE STREET RIDGE ROAD MARKET Complimenlf of Anna Naja, Prop. O Choice Meats, Poultry, Fish LAUGH DAIRY 2 Vegetables, Fruits in Season Pasteurized Milk Z 201 RIDGE ROAD 2 Glen, 3473-5760.W We Deliver 180 Sixth Street Culver 3185 0 o 2 0 Stone: 937 - 936 "Remm'kably Better" 2 - o JOSEPH J- BROWN DAIRY PRODUCTS 3 Chmff Mem GARNHAM DAIRY Fancy Dressed Poultry 0 17 RICHMOND STREET AUTO DELIVERY Try Our Famous Golden Guernsey Milk . 0 ' 0 C0"fPff"1fmf of LINDEN DAIRY ii ANDREW,S MARKET INC' "Fnmou.f for exlm Rirlaneu 3 71-73 FRONT STREET Wfilhouz Exim Cart" Phone: Main 2567 - zses MONROE 2430 Q oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooo oooooooooooo oooooooog ezl 129 E+ - 0O0000000000OOOOOOOOOOOOOO0OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Complimenly of ST. ANDREW'S CLUB PORTLAND AND DURNAN THE YAUCHZI COMPANY Plumbing, Heating and Tinsmithing Hardware, Paints and Glass 773 LAKE AVE., COR. LEXINGTON C Glenwood 261 Rochester, N. Complimenlf of Arrla Support Specialiru VIVETTE BEAUTY SHOPPE 559 CI-IILI AVENUE Gen. 6515 Complimentx of FRIEND 0 O 0 0 0 O 0 0 o 0 0 0 o 0 0 c o 3 GEORGE F. SPIEGEL ac SON 0 c 0 c o c o 0 o c 47 a o 47 o c c 9 We Deliver Glenwood SMALLINE'S CLINTON-RIDGE PHARMACY A. SMALLINE, PIHI.c. Your Neighborhood Drug Slove N. CLINTON 81 RIDGE RD.. ROCHESTER, SCHROTH MARKET Choice Meats and Groceries 500 LYELL AVE. AT MURRAY ST. Glen. Conzplimenti of SCHLAFFER'S BAKERY 355 AMES STREET Genesee HARRY KANE OPTOMETRIST Examination of the Eyef Filling of Glaxrei' V O O O O O I O 6 O O A x O O 9 I, O O 6 A O O O O O O O O O O O O O O v O 'X O 'B O 0 O O O O O O O O O O O O A O O OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OO OOO 0000 OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO-300006 OOO 4649 N. Y. Compliment: of BROWNE ICE CREAM 720 PORTLAND AVENUE 3210 3152 I L. W. MAIER'S SONS Funeral Direciorx 870 CLINTON AVE., NORTH EVERYTHING I N M U S I C AND MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS -Home of the Steinway Piano- LEVIS MUSIC STORE 632 MONROE AVENUE MONRQE 780 39 SOlllCl'1 AVCIILIC . . . 412 E2-lSt Main St -424130 E1- 0000000 000O00000000000O000000000 00 00000000000000OO0000O000O000 0 0 2 Complimenn of RED 84 WHITE MARKET 84 GROCERY 2 2 LEVE BROTHERS Fresh Meats - Smoked Meats - Fish 3 fi 27 CLINTON AVE' SO. Fruxts and Vegetables 2 2 Rochester, N. Y. 1582-84-86 EAST MAIN STREET 3 A Culver 125 - 126 3 0 - - 0 0 I ' Q- 3 E. RICH-TER BAKERY TORRIS SUNDIAI. SHOES 2 SHOE REPAIRING A O 9' 2 831 CLINTON AVENUE NORTH Expert cshoe-Arch, Fitting 3 0 phone: Main 3425 1624 CLIFFORD AVENUE 3 2 Main 1978-Open 'till 9 P. M. O Q 0 3 LET'S GO . . ROLLER SKATING DAYTON BROS, QQ., INC. 2 3 ROCHESTER NEWEST ROLLER RINK 5pe,f,,1iJ,, in Q 727 EAST MAIN STREET BEAUTY PARLOR SUPPLIES Q OPENI I AND EQUIPMENT Cf o Afternoons 2:30-4:30 and Evemngs 7:30-11:00 O S S . . Wholefule only O D penal Rater to Purlzef A 4, O Nellie Mensing, Prop. 303 CENTRAL AVENUE STONE 6982 if 6 PALMOS BROS. Main 6615 2 2 642 MONROE AVENUE D, E- CQVILL 2 ef 350 THURSTON ROAD JEWELER Home Made Candy and Ice Cream DIALTQNDSQWATCHES fi O Lrght Lunches H I A o Q Monroe 7282 Genesee 893 9 ote Seneca rcade-Rochester, New York 2 0 Q1 0 Q ' O ' Complimenlr of Camplfmenlr of 2 Z llae 2 6 WALTER H. LISTMAN o - o T ODENBACH BAKERY 0 577 THURSTON ROAD 3 ii- .. O 0 0 o 2 GENESEE PARK BAKERY O 2 Complimentx of 2 'P QUALITY BAKED GOODS 2 2 E. BRICK 0 O Phone: Gen. 5880 940 GENESEE STREET O 0 0 8 - 2 6 O 3 2 WHELPLEY AND PAUL O 2 PRESCRIPTION OPTICIANS 2 2 Our Service if Endorred by :be 3 3 Medical Profeuion 2 2 6 SENECA ARCADE PHONE: MAIN 2054 2 FUNERAL DIRECTOR 2 2 Complimenu of 3 2 ARTHUR D. CONSUAL 2 Q 463 MAIN STREET WEST 0 2 448 LAKEVIEW PARK 2 2 Painting and Decorating Contractor 3 o 0 iw-3.3AQ,AO4..f,.S.94,.9OQ.SooSQ-So ooo ooooo oooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooog -16211311-Tr OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOQ Q. Z 2 0 O 2 ia 2 2 Q , O 2 2 Il I 'l' I I O Z - 2 t t 2 3 NIULTIGIIAPIIING g 2 g 2 Z MIMECIGIIAPIIING 3 0 N 2 t INDIVIDUALIZING 2 2 g L I S T S . M A I L I N G 2 o 2 T 2 Z 9 ' O 5 N o O o O 0 O o O 2 2 2 0 3 29 3 1 Printers of the LANTHORN 2 0 N 2 2 Q 0 o O o .9 O ex O 2 O v O , 0 9 3 23 Q O Q o 0 O 2 2 o 2 C5116 2 P ' Sh 5 2 rt rmt op 2 Q o 0 , 2 o 3 . 77 St. Paul Street . 2 Z ' Z Q O Z Rochester, New York Q Z 0 Z . 3 O o 3 Stone 567-Mam 6199 0 . o Q O o I I 0 ii oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooofyi ' +24 132 113+ Page A Acker, H. .. ..,.,..., .,.. 1 28 Ackerman's Inn , ,........ .... 1 24 Andrew's Market Inc. .,....... 129 Armstrong Beauty Shoppe ...,, 127 Art Print Shop, The ........... 132 Ashton, Charles E. ....... .... 1 31 Avondale Beauty Shoppe ....,.. 127 B Bakers of Wonder Bread and Hostess Cake ..,............. 128 Barnard, Porter 8: Remington..128 Bastian's Dress Shoppe .4...... 127 Bauman 8: Baynes .....,....... 116 Belhurst Club, The ..... ..,. 1 14 Bernard Held Inc. ....... .... 1 19 Bernard 0'Reilly's Sons ,...... 125 Bianchi, Francis P. ..,.. .... 1 27 Big Elm Dairy Co. ..... ..,. 1 24 Blanchard Florist ..,., ..,. 1 25 Bobb's Dry Cleaning .... .... A 126 Boucher, Geo. T. ,..,. ..,. 1 25 Bourne, John R. . .. .. . .123 Boylan, John P. ,.,....,. ..,... 1 09 Brick, J. E. .........,...,..... 131 Briggs-Weller, Inc. ......,..... 126 Brighton Place Dairy Company 113 12 130 125 120 128 Brown, Joseph J. .......,.... . Browne Ice Cream ...,......... Buckley, Joseph J. ....,. . . , . Buonomo Bowling Hall ,...,.. . Burr 8: Starkweather Co. , . , . . . C Catholic Courier ............... 103 Central Laundry 81 Supply Co.. .107 Champion Knitwear Co., Inc. ..127 Christmanfs Market .,......... 129 Claire's Dress Shop .........,.. 127 Clark Carting Co., E. T. ....., 118 Claus Agency, Chas. A. ,. .,., 127 Conroy, Mike . ,. ..,.... .... 1 21 Consual, Arthur D. ..... ...... 1 31 Covill, D. E. ............,..... 131 Cramer Drug Co. ...........,.. 115 Crescent Puritan Laundry Inc..121 Crowley, Harry B. ....,,...... 121 Crystal Dairy Co. ..........,., 124 Cuff, James E. ..,.. .... 1 17 Curtin Agency. The ., ..., 121 ' D Davis Drug Company , ......, . .117 Dayton Bros, Co., Inc. ...,,.... 131 Decker Store, The Frank M. .... 127 Dorothy's Beauty Shoppe ....,.. 127 Doyle, Joseph P. ........,..... 121 Driving Park Candy Shop ..,... 128 E Eggleston Hotel ,......, .... 1 06 Ehmann Market ..,.. . . . . . . .116 EifEert's Service Station ,.,. ...118 Eleanor's Dress Shop .... , , . .127 Emma, Dominic F. , . . . . , .128 F Farmen .....,.............,... 126 Fee Brothers ,...,..., . ,.... . . .123 Flannery Drug Co. ..........., 128 Flower City Carting Co., The ..118 Frances .........,.. ........... 1 19 Frank's Drug Store .........,.. 117 Fuller's Drug Store . , , . . .128 Furlong-White Studio . . . , . . .106 G Gallagher's Market , . . . , . .129 Gardner 8: Bader . . . , . . .126 Garnham Dairy .,.... .... 1 29 Garnham, John H, ..... .... 1 16 Genesee Park Bakery . . . . . . ,131 Genthner, William R. 129 Golden Crest Ice Cream ........ 110 Gottry Carting Co., Sam ..,... 120 mosx Page Gottschalk, Wm. . . . . . , .127 Graduating Class .. .... 126 Gup's Hats ..,.... .... .,., 1 2 7 H I-Ialloran H Sons, Henry D. .... 125 Harrison's Dress Shoppes ..,.,. 127 Hart Monument Co., Inc., Frank.11'1 Hart Q Vick Seed Store ....... 120 Hawken, George B. ..,.,.. .... 1 10 Hedges Q Hotfman ............ 110 Hemmerich Sz Sons, M. ...,.... 128 Herald Engraving Co., Inc., .... 100 Hetzler Bros. Ice Co., Inc. ..,.. 126 Hetzler Foundries .....,,...,. 126 Holfoth's Market ...,. . ..,. .... 1 29 Howe Cz Rogers Company ...... 109 Hugo Hair Stylist ., ...... ,.,. 1 27 J Jenkins 6 Macy Co. ........... 126 Jennings, C. E., Collins, J. P.. .105 K Kane, Harry ........ .... 1 30 Keller Sons, J. B. ...... .... 1 25 Kenden, Dr. D. J. ....... .... 1 28 Kennedy da Kirchmaier . . . . . . .126 Kunzer-Ellinwood, Inc. . . . . . . .124 L Langie Coal Co., L. C. . . , . . . .108 Lauch Dairy ........... .... 1 29 Leckinger's Shoes ...,.. .... 1 28 Leicht, Dr. Eugene F. .. .... 128 Leve Brothers ......,...., ,... 1 31 Levis Music Store ....,.,....,. 130 Lexington Service Station ,,... 123 Lincoln-Alliance Bank and Trust Company ..,.......,... 106 Linden Dairy .................. 129 Linsin Co., The John F ........ .113 Listman, Walter H. .,.... .... 1 31 Lombardo Dry Cleaners . . . . . . .126 Lucas Q Dake Co. ..,... .... 1 09 M Maier's Sons, L. W. ...... .... 1 30 Manhattan Restaurant .... ,... 1 28 Maple Grill ..........., ..., 1 24 Marks 8: Abramson ....,, ,... 1 26 Marty's Fruit Q Grocery .,..... 129 Mattle, John W. . ............,, 125 Mayfair Coffee Shoppe ,..... . . .113 Meisenzahl Bros. Coal Co. .,.... 118 Menges, William C. ........... 122 Metzger Brothers ...,...,, .... 1 23 Meyer, Alexander ..., , J. .109 Miller Brothers ....,. .,.. .... 1 2 2 Miller's Son, N. J. ..........,. 122 Miss Marguerite ......., ,..... 1 26 Monroe Co. Democratic Com. ..123 Monroe County Savings Bank H105 Monroe, Mr. and Mrs. E. A. .,.. 114 Muller's Meat Market ....,,.... 129 Murray, James.T. ...,......,., 114 Mc McCormick, W. A. ....., ,... 1 28 McIntosh - Bott, Inc. . . . . . , .118 . N Nagy. Miss Anna C. .. ..,. 119 Nasca ...... ....,.... .... 1 28 Nazareth College .... .... 1 01 Niagara University ,... 102 Nolan's Drug Store . . . , . . .117 Nunn Brass Works . . . . . . .123 K ,p 0 O'Connell-Rhodes Oil Corp. ..... 118 Odenbach Bakery ,.,..,... ..... 1 31 Ofiice Appliance Shop ......... 123 Ontario Biscuit Company ...... 111 Oriole Dairy . . ...... . . . . . . . .129 22 Oster, Charles, D.D.S. . . . . . . 1 Page Otto, Frederick A. .. .. .122 P Palmos Bros. ..... , .... . , .131 Peter's Funeral Home . . . . .128 Predmore, William F. . . , . . .102 Projansky Bros. Sz Co. . . . . . .119 R Radel, J. .....,.,.......,...... 124 Red 8: White Market Sz Grocery.131 Richter Bakery, E. ............ 131 Ridge Road Market .,....,...., 129 Rochester Book Bindery, The ...120 Rochester Business Institute ...123 Rochester Gas dz Electric Corp. 111 Rochester Newest Roller Rink. 131 Rochester Packing Co. ......... 108 Rochester Railways Co-Ordinated Bus Lines, Inc. .. ........,... 110 Rochester Reliable Coal Corp.. . .103 Rochester Stationery Co. ....., 114 Roland's . . .........,.... , . .. 127 Rund, William ., . ,........., .111 Russer's Market 8: Grocery .,.., 116 Ryan, Joseph E. ............... 107 Ryan 6 Mclntee ....,.......... 125 S St. Andrew's Club . ,.... .. ,130 St. Paul Millinery Shop ...,.... 119 Sattel Q Zimmermann ......... 129 Schaefer Bros. . , . .2 ..... ,...116 Schaefer Company, George C.. . .112 Scheuerman Sons, C. F. ....... 124 Schlaffer's Bakery ...,........ 130 School of Commerce . . , . . .103 Schroth Market . .... . . .130 Schwalb Coal Co. . . . . .118 Scott, E. Kelsey , ..,...... ...119 Scrantom's ...,................ 103 Sibley. Lindsay dl Curr Co. .,.. 112 Simon Feldman Agency, Inc. .. .127 Smalline's . . ............. . . .130 Snap Shot Shop ......., ...122 Snider Packing Corp. . . . . . ,116 Snyder Bros., Inc. ..,.. .. .118 Sodality of Our Lady ..... ...104 Speedy, Inc., B. A. .. . . . . . . .120 Spiegel Q Son, George F. .,,... 130 Sport Shop, The .....,.... .. .115 Stark Co.. Chas. A. .... ...126 Statt's Dairy . ....,. . . . . . .124 Summit Optical Co.. Inc. ..... 122 T Torris' Sundial Shoes ..,.,.,,. 131 Town Talk Bakery .. , ....... 116 Trant's Catholic Supply Store..120 ' V Van Brooklin, Charles H. ...., 117 Vernon Hair Stylists ..... 119 Vivette Beauty Shoppe .... 130 W Waldert Optical Co. Walker 6 Adams .... Ward. John R. . .... ,... Wegman Co.. William J. .. Wellman Dairy. Edward West End Restaurant, The Whelpley and Paul , . . . . , . White Wire Works Co., The William's Potato Chips .... Wuest Milk Co., J. J. ..... . 122 117 121 121 . , . .129 . . . .115 131 121 . . . .120 . . , .129 Y Yates Coal Co., The .... . . 111 Yauchzi Company, The , , , , , , ,130 Z Zahrndt 8: Son, William F. ,... 112 Zweigle Bros. ................. 116 Zll'0 7.6! J' - Q5-u A pb .M m '36- "W-. ' W-'da 'UJMGVM wwf? ,wf t ,MM ww, Z, J. f f J -. ' ,y1,, , ,M X LH A , nl. .W H S: .- 4 , . 5 , 4 .,, . QL: -31 ,. . nj: . F 'fig 'I W4 " ,sr Ps .ax :nv vw 4i'11'Ni ,,9Q544:f sl' 53 f. ' '-1 57511 Wm- 1 1 Qif'.m"':i'n." ' .7.-A -Q' 1-,.,.y,4 -L , r P5?5l!1'i. "VV Y 1 wa 3-Ein, 'if' ' "'-nfl 'I ' L34 ,, , 1 we 545- 'j"H: Ng ,vw Qi .I , 51:55, H ,1 . u ,us we . .. Q.. '51,-gy, ,.' -- 1- -.v -- ,S---. 1' HM. '. ' 4, .55-ay f, . we Lv v s -pn uf. It ,l. . 3, ,, 1- w. Y fu --: ' ,QQ ,,. 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