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,I I P3 4 5 fi? Q7 V N , .f ink N 1 ' -ff asf, lv- A. ni' 'K 4 1' 'I 1 , , Q ! Q sf. ut J 1 a f M Y , .51 f 2' f 1 N 1 Z V v , yn , x ff" W 4 , x 3 2 M "J ,fy if f I P?- zzzq if 3 f . n'.'f , 1 . ma 5 Q Qi? Q 2 M57 3 Q f . I , z aff .1 sf K, 1 'Q s 295 AX .44 3 ,315 rr f E za? EW! Haw we 45 YA V: 01 I N 5 2 if W fx, ' 6 I H T 4 'i " f x ' " x N gi .V Qi: . -V ., 9' 4 ' . V Q .. , , , In W , 'f?"ff 'Q"v 'N ' 'JY' f - 432 THE 1956 ALEXINE Presented By The Students of NAZARETH ACADEMY LaGrange, Illinois aff' Y N5 4 5 44519 ' ,,A+ . -ww- 42 'fm D 'NC STUDENTS LITANY SAINT JOSEPH llx lk 1Ll1 KH L 1 mln 1 plwluuls ,111 x UNL WT IN I LILII 1XlUI11x X 1 1 111111 S11 111 LL 111111111111 Ill NL N Ill 1 I L 1x1 I1 1111 1 OLWI 11 x l Y Ilklf Nil L I1 1 J 1 x x LI N INLN' JI L1 11111 ULL I L 11111 1 11 111 1 111 11 up 1 xy 1 L 111111.11 111 11111, 11 V TO '14111'11j'11 .1 111.1 ' 111' u11'1'111111w , . , X11 ' 41 1VLlN1l1Il I"111I1N . . . O1 '-'llk' ' ,.. 111 X1.11'111 c1I'.lN gm 11' . . . 51. 111. 11114 1111' LIN. 1JLI'1IlQ .1111-' 1,1 11111111 x1111.,. 1J111'111g 11" 1' 111.1 1111111111111 4111111 ... St, .111 11111, 111311 1111' L1 . XX 1 g1lN1CI 1112 1011 11111-N . . , 111 1'.lI1lCI'1x '1. cx . . . O LILIIT ' 1i111x' 13.11 . . , JXIIL1 111111 11111111.11 11.11111-1 , . . SL. 1111, 11114 1111' L1 . 1111' 111N111'. Q1 1111 1 . . 91111 11' 5'Il1L 1' 131.11 . , . 111 11111 11111111 uf 1'1'11111 1K11l1'1 , , . U1 1111- 1111'g-.111',111c11 11,11 . . . S1. '111 111111. 111111 1111' L1 . 1 ' Ll 111111 O 1, g111"11xS1, D11-11,111 1-1,111 11.11' 1111.111 11111'11u11 . 111 111111111 1' 111111111 1 11 11111. QLl11',ll1k1 PI'1l"1 L1 , 11 - 171111. 1111 ' 13 11 ,1' 111' 1-1-'1111 LQ1111. FOREWORD . tin ' - " 1 " fat 3 tit Alexint nnct again brings you A1 picturt 'Ind account of the ytar. This ytar We focus our attention on l vx wt tried t lim a frei imitation of Sniint xoseph rlit wurktr. A: Studtnts in 1 modtrn world vu worked toward this 3,031 in our clissts in our Ul'2,'ll1i- nations Amd in our 'ictix itits. Q, l ll ,,..-as E, gif! l'?g 7 L ZF'-0 Q Qi f f Al CONTENTS lJLdlLlUOI1 mum 1DLP1lllNC.l1IN Qjlgllllllflilllk IN Iminx 4 ' 'H r S If " 'Wd 6 -L " X 1 ' ' 8 Students 26 'ja I ,. E 70 Act' 'iricx Ria 7, ,L U 'fm v, :Z-4, 1 X K, fv -if My ? J-f . , Q ff if '34 Q L Wig ?'f1NW an as , fy, wg, M" " ff iz k 2 . ,4 Hs? 25? ,2 ff 1 , 4? 7 N N h Hwy . X 'Eff' - A Q' ,gf H,,,Q.w 3' Q, if -4 5 :MM 1 v mg' .1 . WW gl i f E56 a, .- '? 1 ,sf , . 4, 4' If vi DEPARTMENTS 'sun' , FATHER KENAN, O.F.M. Lessons brought home with humor and under- standing have made Father Kenan an outstand- ing figure at Nazareth. Many a Nazareth girl has found the solution to her problems through Father's counsel. lt is for his refreshing and tireless efforts in our behalf that we express our gratitude. FATHER CGNLETH, 0.F.M. Mention of our chaplain, Father Conleth, brings to mind a person who is known and loved for his warmth, sincerity, and wise counsel. Father carries with him a spirit of peace and joy that permeates our classrooms, our school, and our hearts. Our many thanks go to Father Conleth for the times he has guided, taught, and prayed for us. In SISTIZR MARY OLIVER, C.S.AI. Under the able leadership of our principal, Sister Mary Oliver, Nazareth has grown in size and stature. As the student body has swelled in number, it has been reassuring to find Sister Oliver's personal interest in us as individuals remaining on. This has always been an im- -W portant part of Nazareth for us. 171 2 fi A i 0 4 4 if i if Q-uv 7 SISTER MARY PAULITA, C.S..I. From her p2lSI years' job as supervisor of residents, Sister Mary Paulita has taken on the tasks of assistant principal. In addition to this Sister has kept up her interest and work in the science department. XVe shall always appreciate her hard work and the untiring spirit with which she administers her duties. XY'liile Sister Aquinas nukes .i phone enll, two students lielp in tlie otfiee. Sister NI.1ry Oliver greets ti student in lier 0Hiee. ADMINISTRATICN DEPARTMENT Mother M. Thomas Sister NI. Bernice 14 s i Q 1-we-fs'f St. ,Iosepii stands ready to greet .ill visitors to N.IZ.lI'CIi"l while xxyiteiiing uve business proceedings in the otiiee. I I ui vi tn Xl init L LL LIII If PIkSLII s umin ' oi ni Xglsllj. 'limp Kuff: Prcscnting .1 Spinish Cliristmiis custom. Carol Bonuso, NIJ.I'i.lI1 Gcorgcn, B.1I'b.lI'.l Sindciar, Dorothy Barnes, XY'iiitc and Pilz prepare to break the pin.1t.1. Top rfgfil: Two sopliomorc l..itin students put the nnisliing touches on .1 map of Rome. Alwzr: Ngnn compares thc Hail Nl.1ry in Viet-Naincsc .ind lircncii for Ifrcncli III students: I5.u' l..lLlI'Cf1CC,tIOSClJl1iI'lCBl'0I1OI'f', Nora Lou Hollgind .ind Carol Holzgctlun. Sister Maureen Therese Miss Virginia Kr.in1.1n Xliss S.intin.1 Congialosi wr Miss Vivien Krippncr ,ffvff Sister Rhry Paul ,W-'V x 4 x fix 1 ,Xu Q N Twp lvfl: XVorld History students discuss A neient Rome. Tofu rigfvf: Mary Therese Murpliy, Pat Bowling. Kay Cottrell, and Shirley Bruzek c.1tcl1 up on current events. liollmll fufl: Audrey Marks, using Ll colt revolver, points OL!! nn Civil war battlefield. The History dep.1rtment fills .in important position in tlie education of .1 student. By presenting and interpreting past events, it equips the student to take an intelligent viewpoint of current affairs. Miss Rose Marie Moline Sister M. Aquinas Sister M. Loyola Miss Put Bunning 0 SGY -al' av", -4? K.lI'Cl1 Nl.11'x .Xiiii fulux. C i1,1I'i1iIIL' iiu1'I1.l ,Hui C Cxlik' K uiilllllu Xkiwlix Iugulilct' U11 .T :Qk'UITTk'll'X CUITNIIFLILRLIUH. A frcsliman .iigcbixi claw tiiougli tfully' puiuiuiw somc equations. fs, "'s..,N, '--. MATHEMATICS DEPARTMENT Nliw klickcly n Qicnrcii 8- ' vw Nli's.Xorctt.1 Miller Miss l,ucillePL1siiclicck Sister NI. CiOI'lSl.1I1CL' iso fk Tiff: fvfli Adrienne Spohn md Sllltlll XX line Bagley me.1sui'ei weights while liirlwy takes notes during .1 physies Sister Marie louise Nliss lflimheth Seilheimer f-'Sf experiment. Brnflnlll lffl: Toi1ioi'i'uw's chemists: Iyff In rigfvf: Sue 4 Kelleher, Pat Kennv, Cnrolvn Ciixlwell, F U-1 -, N Alice Vrbi and Gerry Swimer. SCIENCE 1 I 'QNW' lf'l LXP l"ll'lILflI Ill Q,kI1LI'll SLILULL Top rigflf: Judy Ross, Arlene XY'est .intl 'Ioan Moore explore 1'1.llLlI'CiS beauties under .1 microscope. Boflnm rigfvf: Mary Schaefer, Pat Torgersen and Alice Twomey examine muslirooms on their field trip. EPARTMENT Sister NI. Aquinutn Sister M. XY'iln1n T? 'gif'- 'if ' a ,Q Inu... 4. .mmm - AW Trzp left: Trained fingers seek to increase their speed. Top rigfrf: Students bend to the task of keeping up with the dictation of Miss Xxfitkowski. 130110111 rigfwl: iludy Vniintis finds thc folding machine Hs. ll time-saver. Sister NI. Iuligina 'Q-44? COMMERCIAL DEPARTMENT Miss Gloria Xvitkowski an 41" Miss -Iulic Glista 1:-Y, Twin y'c.1rs of shurtlmnd .ind Ivping. .ind one year of milieu pr.1t'tit'e prepart N.lZ.1l'L'Iil students for .in interesting c.1recr in the husiness xximrhi. v Q 1 -BP Q 9 nal "sA A 1 f"'.n"'f 4 K I , I x X1. "QQ, 4, 'J 4' . X 4 X ff?-5 wwf -'iv 13 YZ .153 if fs 4 X .P ,l f "f"ff1 - h . 1 .-1"'k',e'l, - U L.. my... SnA1:l.'f.x Dx A .ff 'wt' QW. 'Q L 51 '-11-:4 1 Y x sgw . ,,. . . YN.: 'Q' ' .3 .: 'Z. V' ' 5.1. ,. V ' ' .pw -"1 gy, xx, as if.: .,,, . 5 pe 1 ., ...Y , , mg lnfy- IUJ1 S1.'1111u11iu', 1111 In-1' XX.!X 111 wr 11111 NLlpPI1L'N, lfffvf .X11l1m111utL1' XPIIICHI, X1.11'11111 LJCUVQCII. .md 1,1111- Imdx C .11'11l 5LllllX.lIl 'LIITNTLIQIIIQ 111 thc 1'ct'1'1gcz'.1L1u1'. .XILIINIIH sur 1111: .1 l5.llICf'II'IllL' TIINI Nu-p 11m'.11'J 1 - - - '1'-.111 911. Ill" 1 .19 I'1'xV' 11 'Xlyt l3f1Hf,111: NI.11'y NI1'x1Qk.1. R1l.1 U.'111s141. .NIJ 'I.ml1.'c k U MI Wk lx K KIM -IH K' J 1 lk lx X Uumk hw ct.1ll11 p.1Qk .1 C1111-1t111.1s AQITI I111' .Xmgcl C111.11'd1.111 U1'pl1.111.1:u. T11111. 11,1111 1 1' 1'1,qf"1f Sisu'1"l11.11111t'.X1'u Xlrw. I1-11.1 Sp1'111gu1' S1xtc1'Nl. l1i1.1l11-111 S1x1:1'Nl,.X1i:'1u11 Sf NJ p fill NIJ 'Fi up 6 .K f Q I . it 5 'N ff 7 1 trom the xxork or Hue ,XVI Jupgrtmcnl, UuuL.111din" lzmpluy the lllmyximllj. Il.1ndiu.1ppqd pmner emnp,-Litiun, Q M 3 -En , f', 41' , yy' i 2 S-Xa I5resl1m.m .xrt enthLlxi.1sts enjoy their work in plaster figurines. Infr f 'Y : fm: Slepien puts the finish- g touches to her painting. egland cut out figures for .1 tag bo.1rd. Nlrs. .low Nloronee Sister Nl. Gertrude X.11.1rell1N lwullelm lW.D.lI'kix .md Ll.1NNI'1MIlNN lwnetlt r . A lulllexememx IU the weld ut .mrl Klux yur lure bfxllllxlhl IXKJIJN from the Sufmll-Ile .Xrr Cumexl. Un' X.1l1nm.1I Q-'T mmf the qXmer1e.m C meer' Smelelx Xi rigfwf: NI.1ri.mne Ruud .md Janice 1 ,, Q Qi, , I L gf ES fa. X WE ,, 35. 'wgfw M 5 , Miyagi TZ Ewa "' 5' ' 2, , " "-X J if 1 'Q 5 n.. Q l 2 fail. A J ' ' .MG Y v u,f2'?i 'B JL ,, I 75.33 V. 0 E W' 9 W Q ' 1 lan ' ,nwkw . Top: Swinging high and low are Marilyn Laatsch, Judy Meyer, Donna LaFlaur, and Sharon Gibson. Top riglvf: All hands clamor for the rebound. An alert player pre- pares to spike the ON DEPARTMENT ball. The gym classes are devoted to teaching the fundamentals of volleyball, basketball, speedball, and baseball, as well as tennis, archery, and badminton. Sister M. Laurence Miss Berniece Crimmins Sister M Antoinette fer 16 STUDENTS 1 lgmf t 'Vlux BLrI lt mdlo SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS IIILSILILDI Put lSoxxI1ns, X lu PrQs1QIu1t Plt XILCJLIIIL SCLFCKIYX Nllrx Beth Iolcy TIL uurnr IOIS I-Iodous JUNICR CLASS CFFICERS I rLS1nIQnt QIFOI C ox mgton X lu. Iluldmt S1lIx ISILNIIITOII Suuutnx Pggu L1 mn Ll urn n m on n r I C xro Snllx md Umm FRESHMEN CLASS OFFICERS ANN 35 lxuldunt Iom Sn mnu X lu. Iruuhnt XIIFX Ann Xlulx Surgtlrx Nluxrun Xlug Tru uur Brcndl IJOI11lI'1Slxl L1 flu rlgfvl Brandi Iom 'Vhurccn md Niarx Ann SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Iajl In nglzl Dolores Nlzrs Clxrn XI.1rs Ann md Sm Iruxdmt Dolorw Sxrtorn X mr Prcildnnt Nllrx Ann XILIHIO Surgurx Suv. Strunk Tru umr Xllrx Q1lILBlLLlx V.,-ug , . ,. ,- ,Q .Z AL ,, A HS '-: ' 4 ' " ,.,. I : W .5 Ji-' m : 1 L A h ,. . x3'3 v- xi 1- E, I ,' .' . ' V ' , . v . 1 THE CLASS CF 1956 Carolv Arturi 1952-563 English, Hiuoryg Rosary College: Choice of trawl: Montana Dorolby A1lf0ll'SlZi 1952-56g lfnglish, History, Ma Saint Maryk of thu Vfoodsg Choice of trawl: florida Sandra A!7l7dfl' 1953-56g English, Historyg G.A.A. ofhccrg Othce work, DePaul night school: Choice of travel: Italy Barbara Adamson 1952-S65 linglish, French. Science, Nlatlmg Ofliccr, Choral Club and G.A.A. Saint Maryk of Notre Dame Choice of travel: Europe Iudilb Baclzlvy 1952-563 lfnglish, Historyg Office workg Choice of travcl: Hawaii lane Bagley 1952-S65 I-Qnglish, Math., Science, History University of Culoradog Choice of trascl. Oklahoma Caflg Barnes 1991-96: lnglixh. latin. Xlirli.. irienee: tolli-ge of rhe Sacred Heart: Choiee ot ir.ixel: liirope Dorrrlfi-1 Iiarrlwv Ikfflfiliz lnqlixh. llixiorig legion of Nlary Lifheer: Airline hostessg Choice of Lmvel: Switzerland ii 5 Barlzara Barr 1952-S63 lfnglish, Math.: work: Choice of travel: California or Florida Sharon Bannon 1952-S63 English, Historyg Legion of Mary officerg Telephone Co. Choice of travel: Australia Nancy Bierbauer 1952-S65 English, Math.: legion of Mary otiieerg Rosary Collegcg Choiee of travel: France Dolorvs Bogar: 1952-Shg lfnglish, Spanish: DePaul Universilvg Choice of travel: Iinglnncl and Rome Imfilln Balefe ...M fi' 1992-563 linglixli, Hisiori: Nliinii Universiiy: Choiee of travel: Xlndrid .ind Pirix Ivan Ba rbcri l99Z-563 lfnglish. Science, Math.: Ofhcc workg Choice of travel: Guided tour of Europe Barbara Beaudry 1952-565 English, History: University of Illinois: Choice of travel: California or Hawaii Rose Marie Bvnvdcffti 1952-565 Iinglish, History: legion of Mary ofhccrg Legal secretaryg Choice of travel: C.iliforni.i 'itff' ,A x E l Hari filllll Br11:1f11 I952-511: Ilnglixli. Xl.1tli.: Clericil work: Choice of travel: ll.iw.iii I'l15'lIis B1'oya11 l952-56g lfiiglish. Scienceg Chicago School of llenul Nursing: Choice of travel: Hawaii Mary I.r111 Bzzlmu 1952-56g linglish, Spanishg Secretarial work: Choice of travel: See Ciliicngo Virgizziu Blllclf 1952-511g lnglish, llixtory: Deliallvl Choice of lrnel: Iiermucln Barbara B11 ro It 'iak 1952-56g ltnglish, Xl.ith.: Rosary College: Choice of lr.1xel: l'.iris Pal B11u'li11g 1952-565 lznglisli, Science, N1.itli.g Sophomore, -Iunior, Senior class otlieerg Marquette Uniier-.ityg Choice of travel: Brewsterxille, USJX. I11x1'pfJin1' B111 110 ry 1952-565 English, Minh., French, Art: Rosary College: Choice of travel: Hawaii or lfmnce and lt.1ly Shirley Bruzvfc 1952-563 English, Science, M.uli.g Officer, Student Council, Sophomore class: Mundelein Collegeg Choice of travel: Tour North America 3 6 C 11 rri 111' B11 rian l95Z-56: lfnglish, Artg Secretarial workg Choice of travel: lhicifie Island Do rollay Bylut 1952-565 English, Spanish: General oiiice workg Choice of travel: California -5- Margo Campion 1991-Sli: linglisli. History, Xlatli.: Orlicer, Clioral Club, l'il'IJNl1I1!.ll1 and nluiiior class Study law: Clioice of travel: llawaii Carolyn Carilziwll 1912-S63 Ifnglisli, Nlatli., Science. l..1ting Marquette L'niverxitv: Clioice of travel: New York Citv , wg Ts Camille Cz'rz'z-ny 1952-S63 Ifnglisli, Latin, History, Science, Matli.: DePaul University: Clioire of travel: Merrimae. Wisconsin Arlem' Clwilea 1982-S63 Iinglisli, History, Matli.: Comptometer operator at XVestern lfleetric: Clioiee of travel: Yellowstone Park Indy Cbrasflca 1951-565 Ifnglisli, History: Orliee work: Clioicc of travel: Outer Space Rufb Cilmllca 1952-T63 lfnglisli, History, Latin, Nlalli.: DePaul University: Clioiee of travel: Calitornia 3. Murlba Cararello 1952-Sb: English, History, Nlatli.: Co-editor of tlie Announcer: Little Company of Mary Hospital: Choice of travel: Mississippi Iavqzrvlim' Cejka 1952-S61 lfnglisli. Nlatli.: DeKalb: Choice of travel: Bermuda or Florida Audrey Ciblar 1952-S63 English, Math.: Mundelein College: Choice of travel: Latin America Diane Cbmfil 1982-Sb: Ifnglisli, History: DePaul University: Clioice of travel: Italv J-J' 5 f Kfq Coliwll I 3- Fha. 'ary IVSZ-56: linglish, Science, Minh., Spanish, library Club oihcerg Rosary College, Choice of travel: The fourth dimension Donna De T011 '1' 1962-56, English, Spanish, Ari, Rosary Collegeg Choice of travel: Disneyland A iznrlle DiG razia 1952-S65 I' nglish, Ilistoryg Student Council otiieerg Rosary College: Choice of travel: Paris Mary Ann DiPro1'a 1952-56, English, History, DePaul University, Choice of travel: Hawaii Math., Latin: Iran Crilliizx 1952-91:3 linglish, Spanish: Quincy College: Choice of travel: X'.itii.'.m Ciity Kallwleen Collins l9S2-Sli: Inglish, Seience, Ninth.: Saint 'l'erexa'x College: Choice of travel: Mexico M argarel Dilzlik 1952-56, linglish, Science, Nlath., Saint Teresa's College, Choice of travel: Swiuerland Sig rid Diff rirb 1952-56, linglish, History, Math.: Marquette University: Choice of travel: Ifuropc iv Roberta Dirzius M 1952-56: Iinglish, Science. Math., Latin Library Club ntiicerg Mundelein College, Choice of travel: Europe arie Dorefli 1952-963 English, Science, Math., Latin: O.L.B. Novitiate' Choice uf travel: Vienna, Austria Kallwlvmz Fifigillllllfl 1992-Yo: lfnglish, History, Science. Math.: Clarke College. Iowa: Choice of travel: lr Indy Flinn elaml 1952-Hi: lfnglish. Nlatlr, Science: Rovary College: Choice of travel: To the fourth dimension 'Ol 3' ,af rs: in Dorothy Dlllkielricz 1952-56: lingliwh, History: General oihce work: Choice of travel: Carla lean Elmerso Swiwerland n 1952-56: English, Math.: Secretarial work at O'Hara Field: Choice of travel: Florida or Bermuda Ivanm' Domlvru 1952-56: English, Office work: Choice of travel: Mary J'Oul'illr' 1952-56: lfnglisll, Rosary College: Choice of travel: Math.: Hawaii Science, Nlath.: New York or Paris 7 fi? fs- fl if Lucille Farley 1951-So: lznglish, History, Science: Saint Tereszfs, Minn. Choice of travel: l'.1ris Mary Field l9S2-56: English, History: Marycrest College: Choice of travel: Naperville Angela Dunning 1982-56: English, History: Drake University: Choice of travel: Disneyland Therese Dusffz l9S2-56: English, History: General oiiice work: Choice of travel: Timbuctoo vw-1 i AIclVKzII't'f lfmlllgvz' 1 ' . ' 195,-xr,,I11ql1.l1.ll1wl Clhrkc Cullugu. In XX .ll Llmlqc ui lmxul: H.lw.1l1 Tf7t'7't'Xt' IJHIIIAHII 7 llI'X 199--if-1 lfislnry, Inglish: Sucrcl.1ri.ll wurkg DI' 71" Mary Brllw lfolwy 1952463 Xl.1ll1., lllgllwlml Suplmmnurc, ,Iuumr .law 4vHicL'1': Sccn-l.1ri.1l work: ilnucc ut uxlu-l: H.1w.111 IUCTIII' 1"m'x.wll 1952-if-3 linglixh, Iliwmryz IUVJ Smtc luchcrs' Cullegc: Cllmicc of tmvcl: Swiss Alpw Llwulcc of u'.1x-pl: l'lurud.1 4 Nancy Ln- Gamlm' 1991-56g Ifnglisll, c.Ul11I11UI'Ci.ll Ari ixl: C luucu uf ll'.lYL'lI Mm-115 II Umm: wsu 1952-S03 I nglnh, Srurmgraplwrg Clwiyc of ll'.lX ul: I. Art: H.1w.1ii History: lmly -43 Ym- Iwzum' lfrnfa 1992-563 M.1tl1.,Ifl1glisl1: Sccrutarinl work: Clmicc of travel: P.u'iq Barfmru 1"rvilu'r'f 19 Y 2- S I-3 Hixtury, Ifnglislxg Rcccpriunixm, Political work: Clwicu of trawl: South 7 OI" M11 rm ll fwurgvzz 1952-ing x1.lII1.,ll1QI1NI11 L. . u I' Dnlunzx Civrz uxm 1912-if-3 Ir1glnl1,HiNLm'5: Sccrumry um .1 lmwyur: 1 u Hux Il Alf1'l1i'CIilfu'i't 1911-Sri: lI1gllNlN,l.El111L Orig' xxurlig K lium' ii! :mx-.'l: ll.ixx.ii1 Bmluif' fill'ffXH1c1lI 1'lY:fi4u1 lnglisli. Silk-mi QL.-X..-X. udicur: llclliul Unix uniix: Q lwiuu ut' ir.1x'ul: .'Xi1yul1ui'i'. LA..-X. Mariz' Grizfw' 1955-Sri: Pnglisli, Nlillll., Spxnisli Wiord Clillegcz Choice of trawl: Paris Ioamn' Gronxki 1992-56: English. History: Otlicc workg Clwice of travel: Hawaii xlzll'-X lf:1i4'11'i'f1i l'Ii1-itwg lnglixli. Xl.1!l'.: S.' xniili: llmiii UI 1".iml' ll.x 1 Xlxlffl-XII Ilwfk,Niiix U.ilx l'.lrlx ll-npimll xi Hrili iw? lilt':I1IUV'ciIl.x.x lxulc C.miip.u1y ut Xhry: Llmiku ut trawl: Swiw ,Xlpx Paf1'iz'i:1 cil'tI2Llllil'Z7 I 1952-ing linglisli, llismry. Nl.lll1.1 K . .. . Niwiiimicz if Clmicc nf tiklvclz l Llrupc ' J A 1 4 1952-Hug lngliXli,l'l1sliirv. Xlatli.. l..ili11: Arlwn' Ilalfar 1954-if-g I-nlglixli. lniin: R iix. iry tolli-gc: Climcu ut iixivulz liiqlaml Marili I1 Iltllllllllll liumry Ciisllugv: Cliuiuc uf trawl: Sari-u,i 199-A-ing lgiiglnli, l,.iIfn. Hixwrx ff, gr Lois IIOILOIIS 1952-Sf-g lfngglish, Science, Math., Latin, Marquette Universityg Choice of travel: Venice Nora Lou Holland 1952-So: lin-glish. History, Ninth., Science, French, Nlundelein College, Choice of tr.ivelY: County Mayo. Ireland CdI'lllI'l1d1tI71l1d 1952-S65 lznglish, Science, Math., DePaul University, Choice of travel: litirope Mary Kay len Kin 1953-S64 English, Math., Science: Alverno College, Wis. Choice of travel: Hawaii Marila Hillig 1952-ilvg lfnglixli, llistory, Math.: Siena Heights: Choice of travel: Lurope Mary Hinton 1912-S63 lfnglish, History, Latin: Copy editor, Annual: Rosary College: Choice of travel: Swiwerlnnd if' -war joannt' Hozulek 1952-S65 English, Math.: Legion of Marv otlicerg Airline stewarclexsg Choice of travel: Caribbean Islands Rosemary Hutchinson 1952-S63 English, History, Typist, Choice of travel: Switverland Marilyn Karlinski 19324563 Lnglish, Home lfconomicsg General orhee work: Choice of travel: Florida Swan Kvllrlm' 1952-SG, English, Spanishg Loyola School of Nursing, Choice of travel: Washington, D. C. 1 Carole Keller 1952-Sli: linglish. Ninth.: Secretarial work: Choice ot tr.1x el: l5.1.x1ll.ul 1'11UI'l'llt't' Kemp PHI-N, 195i-if-3 liniglixh. History, Xl.lIlI.1 York Alunior College, l'enn,: Choice of travel: Switzerland si 94 'T Nzuzeffe Kibif: 1952-S64 Ifnglishg Air Line receprionixrq Choice of travel: Acapulco Shirley King l9S2-S63 lfnglish, Nluh., l..1tin: Secretarial work: Choiue of travel: H.1w.1ii Barffara Kopek l9i2-963 Ifnglish, llotoryz Office worlii Choice of !r.1vel: Ylrgin lxlxnils or Tuul Xamj Kaj 1952-Slug Pnglish, lduin, Math.: College 1? Q mom. of tram Haw ii A- lm "'-11 Pal Kenny V952-S63 l'.Ilglhl1,l,.lI.I'I. Xlath.: Dellllll University: Choice of Lr.1x'el: Europe NlLl!'J'I.01l Ken! 1954-56g Iinglishg Secretarial work: Choice of travel: New York Deamm Knzivviak 1952-56g English, llfxxoryi General otliee workg Choice of traxel: llawaii 111115 Kolfaxki i953-S64 Iinglish, History. Arlg Starving artier in Greenwich Yillageg Choice of travel: lnner Mongolia GL 'CJ' 1' Twill'-1' Iam' Km! 1952-S63 Ifnglixltl wurkg Kltuiuc of tr.lYcI: l'ul.tmi 'VJ' Rim Krii. 1952-if-g I-Qnglislm, Ilixturv: Gcncral mia wurlt: .1 L If-fl L . .IXK . Diam' Krug 1952-56g limqlixh, Sctcncr, History: Co-cditur uf f3H1l1L1.ll1 I.UylJl.1 Uttivurxttyg llltoiuc of tmvcl: Uutur xtmtct' Maria' Kllbllkl' 1952-if-3 llnglislt, Nhtlt., Hnwry: 1D:I'.xul Univcrsity: Clttmicc of trawl: Tlw Contincnt f K Barlmra Lazzrwzn' 1952-56g linglish, Nhtlt., Prcncls, Sciunuc: Ucpnul Univursityg Choirs uf trtttcl: H.tvv.1ti ur Kafby Arm 1.1111 1952-i6gI'ngl1sl1Z Ntmrtlturn St.ttc Ttntclwrx Ctvflcuu Llttmtuu uf tmvcl: Hawalt Tvrry I,ufl9rojz 1952-S63 English, Stmnish: Morton junior College: Choice of trawl: Paris, France Roxiz' La Tl'f'llIIlIIfIl:' 1952-S63 Iznglish. 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Lilbu aj 1982-io: lznglish, Nlath.: DePaul University: Choice of travel: Yenicc Donna Llfnlmrski l9S2-S63 English, Science, Math.: Choral Club olliccrg Rosary College: Choice of travel: The Vfest '11' In-3 rv L01 '!'f't'fl7,ll1 I9S3-Shg l-nglish. llistorvz Northwestern University: Clhoice of travel: lurope Tim: LIll7VlllIU 195'-56: liwlixli. Science. Xlatli.. Spanish: - . , Sodalitv otiieer: Rosary College: Choice of travel: Italy Q 'ii 'G' if 'Sv lv-.....,, I,nrulla .llmnlmfizln VMI-if-1 lnglisli, llixmry, Mxcmvx Xurtlwcru lllln-mix Suite C-rllcgc: C li-nyc -wt Lmvul: 'lvuxln Pun Civrri .xlLlI'X1'k IVNI-ing I nglisll, Nl.lll1.1 Xl.H"x1UCClC L'nivursiKy': Cilmicv: of lrncl: lfurupu Margaruf MrClf'an 1952-in: Ilnglislx, Hisumry. Xlarli.. Latin: SI. 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Ncniilz .lin i-rhcc:: l3clX,1llw1 ll:-my -it Vim-l' llm i- Pfvjllzi Xlwf: V351-Uv: lmglixli, lllxi-'rx Swim Heights. Nliclm. C lmicc uf rrucl: YL-nick 'E Iflizafwllz Minurif 1952-563 lfnglisli, Science. Nl.lll!.1 Nlmrqucuc lfnixcrsity: Clmicu of trawl: lfurupc Dorofbg Alqw' 1912-96:EngliSl1. Nlarli.: Typist for one of tlic Airlinux Clmicf nf travel: Nr 3 BLIVXYNVII .Xlilulfull llifl-iii: lnglixlx, llixtiirx Xlarqucttc Linixur-itx: Clniicc ri! i:'.1xcl: luriip. IillA'1'7I.xlIlll7LlH VMI-ffiglnqlwl1.Nl.ii1i.: Sc-cruL,xrl,il wiirlx: Cliiiiu- ii! zriirl- llcilxcr. C illiirililii "Oi tt:- bv 57? iWF' Inj Cf' Mijn' .,. - Lnglixli: Primru wcrumry: Clwicc- of trawl: rlic l'l1ilippim'N Aifriaum' Mivlu 1952-if-L lnglixli. Nlull., latin: Saint gloscplfs llmpiml: Choice of rmvel: Rome TF? Iffaiuz' Mimllofk 1951-56: Englixliz Clerical wurk: Cflmicc uf trawl: l5,1lum.1 lxlandc Slwrrg Milvli 1993-Wi: lingluliz Clerical wurls: Clinics uf rrncl: SJHL1 Nlimica. Cmlif. gy YI anna Nulali w 198--Sag IQnglisl1,H1s!ury,latin: Rusary C ullcgug Cklmiuc of trawl: Rmm: ml Am: N4'1cf11'rg 1954-91-3 lnglisl1,Hlslury QQL'I1L'!'.ll otiicu work: Cllmicc of xrnvul: l,urupc Knrvn fjvcifllllllll' 1952-i6g Ifnglislm, l..llin. Historyg Clarke: Cullugc, luw.1: Clmisc of travulz lfurupv: f1a1111'Oafr'11kirk 1951-51,3 Iinglislm, N1.nl1,, lliswryz Indiana Ulmivursitxg Cflmicu uf KYJXCIZ 51.13 m lndiann Pnl M1111 umm 1912-S03 lnglixfx, Math.: Ds,-l'.ll1l Ulmivcrsityg C lump- ul tr.u'cl: Thu Munn Mary Tln'r'r'x1' AIIll'fll7Y 1952-S 11: Ifnglislx. History: U,I .lS. Nuvilincg C lmicc uf Lmvcl: Grand Canyon 1 vo' as-'Y ,nf Gloria Nmak 1952-Sag Ifnglielx, Mating Drama Club oiflccrg Loyola Univcrsityg Clmicc of trawl: Frcnrh Rivicrx Diana' cJ,BVil'lI IUSZJGQ Ifnglixh, Spnnishg Sccrcl.1ri.1l work: Llmiuc uf trawl: Ireland S11.xar1O'Ilun1 1912-Slug Inglush, Hlsmry. latxn C mx-udlmr ui .Xnnuungcrx Cullcgu: fhuiuc of trawl: Anywhere an 1 Pfggrl O'K1'1'f1' 1993-96: I-nglixlx. Hiswry: Swrcurial work .xr Bynnu Brurlurs Choice of traxcl: Switlcrland flugvlu cjliffl-,lltl-XVII 1994-fl-1 linglisliz Utliyc work: Cilioict' of tr.ixt'l: Khipillco. Xluxito Stzmfru Oxfrou xki 1952-Hsg lfnglisli, llistorxi Xlumlclcin Kiollcgu: Vlioxgc of tr.1xt-l: Nl.lg.II'.l l.ills Dau ll Przllrr 1992-96g lfnglisli, History: Orlicu workg Cilioicc of tmvcl: gl.1p.m DoroffJJ' Pl1l'Ilit'1l'fl'Z 1952-Slsg Ilnglislx, History, Latin: Rosary Collcgu: Clioicc of tr.1vi:l: Paris '-on E' 'Cf' Barfmra Pvrry 1952-565 linglisli, l..itin, Nlgitlng Orliuur, Frcslinmn and Sopliomorc class, Sotl.ilit5': Nlnrquuttc University: Clmoice of travel: liurnpu Samlra Piasfwu 5 1962-S63 linglisli, Xlmtli., History: l,ibr.xry Club otliccrg Rosary Collcgug Afrita E-'IL' 'i' Dorollry Parlrlvr I9S2-if-1 linglisli. Sccrctarial work: Choice of trawl: Diana I'aJIry 1952-S63 lznglisli. Secretarial work: Clioicc of tr.u'cl: Yllariarzmf Pvdi 1952-56g lfnglisli: Typist: ws' 'C' llisti XY'.isl Klaxli liiris sryg iington Suu' il. Choice of tmvcl: Italy Lralz Rm' Pz'U4'griui 1954-S65 linglisli: Svc rctarial work: Clinics of travel: liuropc and Rome 'fl u-9,9 ,s r MM I -. -usp? INC! -WWA' Cffvrislim' 1'mflvxuk 1952-Sag lnglisli, Xl.1tlt.1 Dt-l'.1ul L'nixcrsitvg C lwicc ni trawl: llnrid.l Clmrgialzz' PUkU!'l1.j' 1992-S63 linglisli, Sp.1nisl1g Cil1ic.1g.:u Sulwil ol' lluntnl Nursing: C lmicc nl' tr.ut-l: Nxxctlcn Lillian Prwnlnla 1952-56: lnglisli. Latin: Chicago Sclimml of Dental Nursingg Clmnicu of tmvcl: llawaii Iam' Proxvk l9S1-S63 l.nglisl1, Xl.lIl1,. llixtnry. Scicnuu: Qt. Tcruxfs Collage: Clwice uf trawl: liurnpc BllI'l7tll'lI l'ir'1'1-vzxki 1982.503 lnglisli, llutmw: Xl.iru't'ut Q -vllugt-3 Clwiqt- of tr.lXcl: Riff: 1'it'fr:alc 1982-S63 linglislt, Sunnis. Nlatl1.3 Rumrv Collage: Clinics ut travel: ll.lXK'.lll 5 3 Pal Pofmki PHI-961 lnglisli, Xl.tll1.: .Xl-mrtun -lunmr Qnllugu: Cllmicu uf tmvcl: lxlu ut' Cttpri Norim' Pruitt' IVSJ-if-1 linglixli, latin, Xl.lIl1,, Sfmt-tim: l,I'.'llN.l Club ntliccrg Rosary ljullugcg filming uf tr.tx'ul: Sc-mtl.tnnl .1 Indy Pganoxfcy 1951-S63 History, lniglnlig Scurutarinl wurltg Klwicu ut trnvul: ll'.ll1L'C Arlvm'Q1rinla1i 1982-96g Latin, Nl.xtl1,. I-nglish, Science. Hiwtury St, Clmrlus Hmpital: Cllwicu nf trawl: New lngland Statcs lull-3 Riurduzz 1961-if-g lnglisli, History, Xla!l1.g Saint Xlarfs of Nalarctlig Llwiuu ut irawl: Ihr- Rixicra Mary 7'ln'r'm' Iii'3alu'r'k 1952-51-Q lnglisli, History: Airline xrcwarduu: C limo: uf iravul: liulgian Lungix 6 bv- Brxx Rilrvy 1952-50: lngliwli, Spauislig Sccrclarial work: Clwiuc of lr.1x ul: Spain ur ilic Suutli Suas Slwvila Rilig 1952-56: Iinglisli, History: Sccrcrarial wurkg Chniuc nf trawl: Havana, Cuba Ioamn' Rosvcky 1952-565 linglislm, Hisrury, Kl.ula.g Nhrycrcat Cullcgug Clinic: uf lravcl: California S311 ia Rauzi 1952-569 lznglislm, Hiswryg DePaul University: Choice of travel: Califurnia E' .4 .K X' NJ l M : N 4 ? L-1 nm' Rrzvfi 1952-563 Iinglixli, Nlatla.. Spanixlig Niundcluin Cullcgc: Cflmicc of travel: Ilcavcn Mury Rir'ln'rf 1911-Ylvg lfnglixh, Iliswryg Sccrctarial workg flmicc of ll'.lYCl2 lialiama Islands "Wen QI Irmi Rimfclzs 1951-563 l'inglisl'1q Nludcling wlm-,Ig Cllmici- uf lravul: Alaska Izz 1-1311 Roclwzc 'ink 1952-56: English, Spanish: Secretarial vrurkg Choice of travel: California 1 -J S sv 57 I3urfun'a Srluzrifw' I LIS2-H53 llnglislxi cllCl'lC.ll xxurlfii Qluncc ul travel: lurnpc Merril-3 II Sclwll IIIILHIUI' 195--ing lfnjqlislm, lllstury, Mull.: Saint 'll-rcs.1'x Cfnllcgc: C-l1UlCL' ul' tr.ucl: Rmnu Barffura Snfizg' 1952-St-3 linglislm, xldlll.. Sciunccg Nlurtun .Iuninr Cnllcgug Cllwlcc nf travel: Tulsa, fnlQl.ll10lH.l Slnirlcj' Sa'lu'n1H1f'l I 952-96g lfnglisll, l llsmryg l:l'CSl1I11.lI'l class ofliccr: Qt. Tcrcsmk tlnllegqq Clmiut- nf travel: African jungle Diam' Surli l992-Hu:ll1gllsl1, Xl.1Ilv,g Nluntlclcln Clullcgug Cilmicu nf tr.n'cl: llbUfI1lllkll lmz'la'u SIIWXSLI IW!-V-1 lnglislm, Nl.nl1..Stutntt 0.1.8. Nmitintc: CI1-:iw of trawl: Svc rln- ln Xl.1 A rlvm' Swilfvrf l9S2-S65 Ifnglislu, Malls.: Sccrct,1ri.1l wnrkg Clmiw of travel: Konus l'l'J' lo Sr'lh'Ca.w' I9i2-H13 Ifnglislt, Science Saint M.1ry'S of Nanrctlm Clmiuc of trawl: Hawaii if lg Carol Scbnlii 1 195--S65 English, Hinory Sutntt Otlicc wnrl-tg Cllmicc of trawl: luropt I111iur1r1c'Sf'lr11ll: 1952-S65 English, Art: Otlicc work and atudy art Clmicc nf travel: France Bvllj St'l7IlllIL1t'lH'!' IW 2-H-3 lnglish: Stciwqr.iplifr: Q lwiqt- wt trawl: lout' l iii--gm Immm' Srfwlzxfur' 1992403 Inglish. SQICHCC. Xlatli.. latin: Rmary Ciullcgcz Clitiift- uf trav.-l: Switlurlantl Iam' Sizzljmzzl 'QF' l9S2-S63 lfnglisli, buicncc. l.atin, Nlatli., llisturx: Freshman and junior claw nrhccrg Co-editor of Announcer: St. Nlarv's of Nntrc Damcg Choice of travul: San Diego. California Doris Sojwr 1 195--S65 Iinglisli, History, Nlatln, Latin: Drama Club otliccrz Rosary College: Choice of travel: Allcutian Islands Auloiwffc' Spinvlli l9i2-Hag English, Latin, Math.: Saint Nlaryk of Nazareth: Llimcc ul travel: Iuur thu L. S. Mara Ami SfdIlIlt'Y' 1952-S63 I-inglish: Lltrital vxurk Lhtmt of traxtl. Suuthtrn btatu 'Q 5? Riff: SHIIIIIOIIX 195 I-Wig lftiglixliz Stcnugraplrcrl Llitiifc ut travel: Sixitlcrlan Rosuliz' Sim 111 mlx 1952-Hug lfnglisla: Stcnugraphcr: Clinics nf travcl: Patil Diam' Spadfmi 1962-S61 linglish, llistury: Rmary Cjtillcgcq Clmicc uf travcl: PJFIN Bonnic' Spvzzcvr 1952-S65 English, History: NurSe's training: Choice uf travel: California Gvralilim' Su'am'r 1952-ing Ifnglish, Science, Math., latin Oak Park Hospital, School of Nursing, Choice of travel: Alaska M aric' Tmtfori 1952-56, English, History, Latin: Commercial Field: Choice of travel: Hawaii Indy Valirzfix 1912-S65 I-Qnglish, Spanish, Math., Undecided, Choice of travel: Hawaii Iosrpbine Vaughn 1955-56: Ifnglish, History, Business School, Choice of travel: Havana, Cuba Mar'lf'11r'Sf4'ifn'l 1952-S65 lfnglish, Math.: Rosary College: Cihoice of travel: Paris Df1l1ll'!'X Sfefml 1952-56, English, Science, Math Illinois State Normal, Teachers College Choice of travel: Hawaii Nlllljllllllt' Trolxrk I9S2-S63 Ifnglish, Science, Sl. l'r.1ncis College: Choice of travel: Paris A1111 Tzryn 1953-56: English, Science Co-editor of Annual: University of Michigang v Math Latin Choice of travel: Africa lKenyaj Alia' Vrba 1952-56, Iinglish, Science, Secretarial work, Choice of travel: Hawaii Yolanda Vondrasek 1952-56, English, Science, Receptionist: Choice of travel: Tahiti Math Math Barbara w,l'1l1!IJI 1952-96: English. History: Choice of traveli :Xround the XYorld fluu W'c'1li'r 1993-Yo: lznglixli, Nlath.. Latin: G.,-XA. otiicer: O.L.B. Novitiate: Choice of travel: Heaven Carol Zt1l1t1I't'll.'X 1962-Sb, English, Science, Ninth., Latin: St. Teresa's College: Choice of travel: Gerinany Lois Zalcer l9i2-96g English, Hath., Art editor, Annualg Loyola University School of Nursingg Choice of travel: Capri Doris WTS! 1982-16, English, Math.: X1.'I.C. .ind Marquette Universityg Choice of travel: Colorado Bm'l1m'u Wfilkotrxki 1992-56: lfnglish, History: Secretarial workg Choice of travel: Bahama Islands Marian Oblson 19N-S65 English, History, Hospital workg Choice of travel: Germany Camera-shy Senior: Aznfrian Czarny 1952-S65 English, Niarlmg Morton junior College, Choice ot travel: Hawaiian Islands Barbara Zwzisvfe 1992-56g English, Math., Science: Morton junior College, Choice of travel: Disneylantl Gerry Ziuk 1953-S61 English, Math., l.atin, History O.I..B. 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Q' fx 1 L-P 'rs LI' . ui' ' 14 1 U I 4 , I I I A -.qw gs ,I N- I i ., 7 I sy M I KY 4 I A .. . 1 In If ,fi ig, N-' 'I y ' Y' F' .E .,..,: , r -, if ,U jf' 54: s x f lc A K JL ' A 46 ,. Q- I f ' 3' Q ff, " -M I Sui' I -J I ' 1 J 1 JK " ' I I I 4, I I , 'A Q I A' ov- "' 3 GQ A :J ST :rv -of 'I -:Lf 1 ,:,- "' ' -.ff J Ig' 'S' -.. y Ef f W1 uislbz 'A'A':"f: V, 4 - I L1 L ,Q , A 5 A .gs I Z' :+, 'S A 33 I 'J' 5 XM V Y E. Ad , I .L I.,1. INK I li, fx FRESHMEN , . I I'I1xII:x lI.x11m:, .X":l1 I'14:vw. MI'-11 IHIIMX. .XVIIHQ I'.h:r'-. III V11 I'LII.4rI:w, IG "wk Ikmtux. Xhru Ikr... IMIIK, ffl., Rffu. Mmm IHIIIN. II1,11::r, I'f'AII1pN, 1 ':':-Iam I',s1Ixw. lxvml IUIIMN, S,xIm1 I'I.xZ1. Iixwnmn I'wII,1.Ix, 'M xwrznz. I x -Li' I I' " I 'I llffu X11,IxJ'n-1'IIwL-II, 'XI,zf4.z:1: lj.. fin, N,1IIx.1m' Q...:wt QI.. XI,1:'z.1-:np Ii.x,I, I HIM' Ii I "':r,. I3,1rz'1:11 Ii.:::Ix Ix-"1 Iiniliw. Ix.1ZI"- Ii:.I:.1r.fN. 4.'f" liwu J N li zz Iigwliz. IMI: Iii-I, 1. K 31111 1,1 IQUIMIM ti. 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A- Zim x V A" ' x ' T ? ' 1 I ,E ,, ,R .,.,,.. x A M x ' A ,.. ' X Am ' 4 , " . V' 7 63 ,fi "' E: ' fl 'ff-'sv ri .x x HW 1 : I ' 5 l X x E A if '4I.V? K . fr ' x , :E ,..,.. - H -K: 3 VZ: 0 I f V Q 4' M, - I -F, -rf " ,- 137 . ' -' , 1 k l .' ,, 1 ' ,,, Q 7 - -lf.- KW 'L ,- ,, ' W , N Y ni ' I V f I K I x,, VV x MW v f . M, M E: m f f . A " iq f z 4 ' 2 " " W' X" , 15 NA .. 'W x . .. Q vi N ' Ni , , Ng? W-A , W f ' -.... K I f.' fiffsx Ixmx. Mivulzl. Six: wx Mxzllx. NI,:x Xm: Xiu ,xx,, Umzx. NYx.1Hy1. Ilhzz N1.xrmw11, Slnlyxux S?:.,lL1x Iwlmxrvxxx N'w"ix xx, Xiu". Xuv Smrm, fm! liffu Xlwqu Mlvxlmwxtx. Nnux Smzxnz. LIVMI MNH. C 1: 'fx Sk 11, I.xm'x.m X1,1m N" 1: . N z::,f:1 Srmifg Xrvu. N wx ::'X1x:. 'uf KHJ1 ' N1.1:':1'. rt N1'-1. N .xrwvm Njwvlx. 'mi' uxzzx Spxfzxx. 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LI-un XYUIJR, 2rl.l Kun: lhmw XYHH, Xhry' XYUH, Inix Y.1kuwiu. li.zrlw,1x'.1 fdml, llc-vrq1,111n Zicm, Cfxrnlyu XlL'I1!!.lk. llauilxclim- Kuhn, Hlcn furnn. r -1 as 'lg Ian f , hAV,WA , 6 3 ? .A ... 53' 'U Vg ,W wa 404, Y 5 A P CRGANIZATIGNS lnjr XTILIYLLII Xitytr, .X1111 K1r.1ls.11x, Xl.1r1 Iltilx LII Ibuti, kI.111t H1ut1u1, X1.1ry .X1111 Xl.1tls, l.lI L1ub.1l. X1.11y .Xnu R.1tt, N1x1.111 liulssgs, lung O C unuol. I11.1unt louto, ll1.111e Iex.1nd. Cirzfir: l5o1111.1 B.lI'l'L'll, .l.lI!C Relulx. Sheila Ilrimxxii. Xl.1ru.1 'I'o111, lloyu' Skowbo. N1.1ry -lo Y1H.lI'1. Sue Hiller. S.1Hy Ridlt-1. Xl.1rilyu .'Xest'hlii11.1n. lfrlflnlll: -I.111e Prirwh, Karen O'Ci1u1n11r, N1.1rie Cirider, Nl.1rgu C'.1u1pio11, B.lI'l7.ll'.l .fXd.u11s1111, Xl.1ry Ieu Kin. Ci.1role Keller, .'Xrleue Qui11l.1li, X1.1ri.111nu Tmtsek. l,1'fil In rlyfvf: Arlene XTJILITIN. Seiiior represt-ut.11i1e .11 large: .'X1111e11e Di C1r.11i.1. ,I-f'Q.lSlll'L'I'Z Penne Xlchitridge, Viee President: lliiris XY'es1, Sceretnry: Shirley Brulek, l'1':s1dt1111 Cierry Kink, hluuior rt-pre-se111.1111e .11 lnrgeg Sue ixrug. 8111111111111 rt- rt-pre-st'x11.1111e .11 l.1rqt-: Xl.1rx lieth l1.1ll.1gher. i'resh111.1n reprt-stu1.11i1t .11 l.1rgt'. THE STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Louneil, one of the b.1sie org.1niz.1tions .1t Nazareth. whose m.1in purpose is to bring the faculty .md students eloser together, holds weekly .1fter-school meetings, Here .1 representative from e.1eh homeroom and one representative from e.1eh class work together with the oiheers .md moderator on problems eoneerning sehool activities. .0 Karen O'Conner, engaged in one of the many services of the Booster Club, sells CISCA NENVS in the c.1f. Susan Kelleher keeps things moving on the Stairs. THE BOOSTER CLUB The Booster Club, .1 br.1nch of the Student Qotzncii. ixyis o1'g,ini7ed just this yen' it N.1l.lIACIil. its nmin function is the enforcing of rules nude hy the Student C,ounc XYhether itx nieinherx .ire directing tixithc on the xt.i1i'x. running the elexyitor, or siniplx checking lull paves, they .ire donating their servieex to our sehoi-I 3'-55 SODALITY OF CUR LADY 'l'njv: Nan Leyato. Marlene Steihel, XVilma Friar, and Caro- lyn lleron pitch in on a Sotlality project - washing the autli- torium chairs. lmfl: Pausing for a moment midway through their year in office are Sotlality Prefeet Barbara Perry, Vice Prefect Tina Lubrano, Secretary Terry Lock- rem, and Treasurer Mary l.ou Kent. Barbara Perry assists lfr. Conleth at the formal reception of senior sodalists-Sigritl Dietrich, Lynn Rezek, Camille Cerveny, Mary I.ou Kent, and Barbara Mitchell. Sophomore and ilunior sotlality oilieers plan .1 future meeting. liusily engaged are Sheila Brown, ,lane liezek, Sue Herlies, Nlary :Xnn Xlunao, Alice .-Xnn Kemp- fer. anti Helen Binfortl. LEGION 0F MARY I fl lim: Iw,:'Iw I. IIw4,1:z. NI.. gm N 1kIIm.1 ",t:',1: uw lxtuduui 4:w I lx . I ",', 11, --'I-1 Rug N, YQIM- R- UHII. I UK wztnwr. XI. Cwllmx. .X. MFJIKINH. R. NI,xIrI.1'. N. Iilm 1 I II I Im I3 III 1 QLIIIII. f f.', f Kffn X. XI.1g1k. Ky, IIr.1Ix. II. XXIIIY. lf. Ixlzwillu, XI. II.'1Ix. I. Mm-Xuxrl. QI. NIIIIH XI N w1I 1 I XIII rv X. IIIJIILAI. I. SuIxrIHL1:'. I. IIugI,xmI, S. l'l.1::. I . XIIIIJ. 5. Kkllkr. II. XX -IINI1. II, IUNIINEMI. I- IIICIXJI' I X1 K vwrxr ,m. 4. NImx.1:II. XI L11 vvx. C. kvmf.. N1 IIILLHH. lm. NMIIHJIV. X.N1,1pIIt1vu.I'. II1IMIumI. XI. IIxmv I Ix 1xxx1Iw X I I1 NI. Iur.Ix. 1, Iiwlmuw, II. Qr:m1,.I1NI,1. is UIIHIVI 11' ffm l.Qmr1 nl II.nx,' R-vw IIQLICIII, SI1.1rwn Ihlxmm, Ihr-nlwy Ihrm-N, Rm,- lruu XI.1IwIur'. .Mm iyr,nIx.1xx. XI,1L1rk-un C.IIIxm, Suu XQIIX. Ium Ulmmmmr, RMA l:rlII. A-5, J ffm 2 "" " I M, -P' fi- 49 C Q SlIHl.f1ll.q.' I. CmnIx.1x, 13. Nupuu. XI. Smxllv. XI. I'u11'x, 1. II.1II, N. Iiuuk. XI. Cvnlnxmnl llrcxv-BM-IXAXJKHNXUH I, ivmxumlv. KUIIU. I. Mull. XI. I. Mlublm. I. XIuII.1m. I'. l'1'.ml1. X, XX'nII1N X. kb IL' I, I. l l I. IxmwII.1. L. IIXm:'. I, Irmwx, I'. IS:-mu. limi' Run, X. iI11Ix.1, XI. IIr.1f.1Ix S IM Ikxxl' Y CIIIIIIJY IIUIOIS I M K ,1wuIx. I'. Klvmy. N Iinflx. Q, lf,1r1fL.4 Il zIxIu.Ix. I. ImIxum. Ii, Ixlvm-. N. Ikmfw LIC. ' . .IIAHU .IIIIPIUH I.I'L'.lN. - IJJI I nlscl' IILIIXIICIIX - Nancy Kay THE im -'11 41 Kffsg phwpl 4 , . 'W' "Il CHORAL CLUB II! Ruiz' 'X I'SII1:n1 S IIl'LIlxIx I IS1xIvr'I Ix U'Qm1mI1' I Xu'1'Im X XIIKI1 . ' ', u. . LIWN. . , k'. . . . .1 . .. I '. . .I lynx XXuI1mIX1. I'. iwrvmxlxm. fmf Kun XI. I. I'x'm.Ix. ID. XXU1, N. Rn. IS, Sgdnxx Iiixrrdlzv. C, IH-M-'l.m.I. Il. XIUUI. Iv. I.muu.k. if lI.1v"1,m. I', I31y1wwmgIw .X. Qy.uIf1wIv. X. I3',zI1:. I IiwIwXU,.Ix. Ii. Iinrmxmlw. I. kvL11'1mr. 'rf Run NwtI4.1. IS Nw"x',w, l'. Iwmf. N Mzxmt, X. XI,.X1.I, I. XI,':1rII. II. IIIHIHHINIXI ,',,,7,, XYISIAMP. I. XIA Ivrzwtzkk. I. XIIIIH. I. Iilzlmwvw. I'. X1 :xg-Ii. lu, iwIIv11y'1v y MIIUIL1. 15, NgxII:v,m. I. Xwmlx. S. szxnk, WI' llwn' I. f.1mI:nwx. I. Ixxuxx XI1Ix.1r.-. 4, XgxxIw.r4. Ii. IG-r1mu1.1Ix. Ii. I511'1mK. I'. Ixuwux. Xl. linlwmr XI.xllIv1x. IS. xv. XI. 4.1vv1pwy:. ir. Xux.1Ix. .X XI 1rIw. K. l.11IIxxqII Iillrgnmm. I. Ix:xIw rm WM Imuf Run: XI. In S-wul1r,xJ.1, If Culllm, CL. IMI.-l1gcLl1.1x1. 9, Bully-r, Xi. Sylullrl 15. fl.ll'I'II1glllIl, Ll. .'Xlcl11b.xlLl, 17. fyllldlll, Xi. lx. slum lxm. R. Lurblu, .'X. lxunmptw. C, Kr-wpxk. P. I'F.l!k'IN. Nl. IJJINCII, N. l.1lwr. IS. YJ-nn. ,I. ig-rxrgr, l, Rhm-V X1, ,X, Ip.-lu-r CJRCH EST RA CECELIAN CHORALIERS link R011 .' I. C1r.1d1wl1.1r, C. Hwg-grain. I. fxxxwwlh. Ni. .X. Crlxlm. N. Um-u lx. l.m11ll.1, S. Sur'un.1. R. hllill. I'. Slnmmum, IS. lx.1r'wLg-xv. l. Hwrclv. .X. C151l.u'. lrfful HHH: Xi. .X. Slum. I. lmruu-V, Nl. Huinulnn, IX Ihrrmnglv. R. NIL1l!nwlI.1n. ll. I,.1FI1ICXllL!. IN.'r. IS. .Xd.1n1x.-v. I'. lxuum, ly. llunmlu, C. Ixruugur. U. .Mi.u1wu1. I. I111.g1x. luwf: liilccn Gurtncr, Pres.: Phyllis IJ.1I'I'0Llgl1, Y. Prcs. W- ' ,J "RK W 'QQ-7 W ul' ANNCDUNCER , Tw sa' 1' sd' Mk ,vb f 4: A Xlountainx of material are or- ganiyed by ilie asxoeiate editors, guiding liglits of tlie :XX- XUUNCQIQR staff. Tliey are, left In rigfvl: Diane Krug, Sportsg Ann Turn, Business: Camille Cerveny, Features: jane Simpson, Co-editorg Nlartlia Claravello, Lo-editor: Nlarilyn llannum, News Nancy Kay. Art. Behind tlie Scenes, the junior editors plan tlieir March issue. liusily engaged are, lwfl In rigfvl: Marge Dryz, Businessg Peggy Urann, Newsq -ludy Robertson, Artg Gail Perrin, Co-editor: Denny Harrington, Co-editor: Pat Brennan, Co-editor: Ginny Karstens. Sportsg Sharon Kle- Carthy, Features. Nlelting pot of ideas - tlie editorial board diseussex an Olli- line for tlie next issue. Sfilllil- jug: Sally' XieNialion. Sue Herl-Les, .lane Re7eli. Dot Kemper. sl'iIfi'i,f Pat Brennan. lucy' larley . Naney liierlaauer. Nlarlene Steilvel. loix faker. Norine Pouee, Iiarlw Perry, Hari Coxgrove. -1 fl' ,I 'if-Ji fb' 'M S, 147: Ciail Perrin. lmeltla Slwrissa, Marv Hinton, and The paper arrives. All tliat remains is fur Nanev Bierbauer work intlustriouslv on typing Nlarge Dryz, xludv Robertmn, Gail Perrin .intl and paste-ups, the last steps in the production of Nlarget Uiblik to distribute tliem. the A-XNNOUNCQER. THIQ .-XXXOL'NCIfR ix tlie eyes. earx and viiiee of tlie stutlents. lt informs. etlucates antl entertains. xvliile providing tlie stu-.lentv xvitli an outlet for tlieir creative alwi litv. Nl.1rtl1.iC.1ravello Suxan O'Hara jane Simpvon 41 'sl' ' mgv,w,4aw,., .,iig'g,,jy,,,,,g .. , i Nt illllfl li-fl: Members of the club explore the mechanics of a camera held by Betty Minard. Looking on are kludy Riordan, Dolores Stepul, Carol Zandrews, Doris Cecchi, and Alice Vrba. Top riglvl: Gerry Swaner inspects developed print while Alice Vrba and Imelda Sbrissa labor over an enlargement. D 13 Camera Club othcers look over a few negatives. Seated are President, Arlene Quintali and Vice- President, Marie Uorettig standing are Treasurer, Pat loser and Secretary, Barb Borowiak. CAMERA CLUB Newly organized this year, the members of the Camera Club. Linder the guidance of Sister Nlary Wilma. meet every Tirst and third friday of the month. They have learned not only the techniques of picture-taking. but also how to develop their own film. Use of the enlarger has also been .1 great asset to their xvorli. , iff" XVorking fr.intic.illy to nuke tlie de.idline is .1 devoted Annual staff, Slumfirig: Nancy Perry, Nlgrgie Dryz, Mary Sclucfer, Bnrlw Perry, Paulette, Pat Gorman, Sue XY'olfr.ini. Smfiwf: l'.it Brennan. Lynn Rezek, Lois llodous, Janie Prosek, Mary Hinton,'g.lI'CI Diblik. l,ois Znker, .-Xudrei' Nlarks. THE ALEXINE STAFF 'I'nji: Diane Krug linflmzl: A nn Tuyn Few people would imagine liow mueli of tlie staff's time is spent posing pictures. Here, lmrd .it work, .ire Ann Tuyn .ind Diane Krug co-editors: xl.lI'g.1I'CI Diblili, ni.1n.iging editorq l.ois Zalier. .irt editor .ind Mary Hinton, copy editor. Q ,. Top: Student Librarian Odicers Carol Ganze, Helen Holman, Bobbie Dirzius, Sandy Pins- kowy, Nancy Bierbnues and Marilyn Thuma meet to plan for the Coming events. Rigfvf' During their study period Helen Hol man 1nd Eileen Kvms theck out books fo fellovx students STUDENT LIBRARIANS Lvff: Sr. Rita, Miss Luetta Darling and L. T. Student Librari- ans are served by Helen Holman at the Valen- tine Tea given by the Student Librarians. Botfom: Sr. Rita and Miss Moline join in the fun at the Student Li- brarian picnic. ' is wt gm 5 ...F 'Www Mrs. Arnold -I. Huebner Tnji: Nlrs. lluebner eomluets senior play' tryouts with Nl.irilyn l l.mnum. B.irb.1r.1 Pienyski, Ann Tuyn. Joanne Scliuster, Xliififlv: Slumfi1IqiC1lori.i Xoxxili, tre.1surel': Pat lirennan. vice-presitlentg Norine Pouce, presitlentg Doris Soper. seeretiry, Simzfiyf-CQl.iss represermitives: Mary' Ann Mack, Elizabeth rNlll1.1I'Ll. -lurly Robertson. not pictured. Bfflfmii: Cirole Keller. l5.irb.1r.1 Atlamson. Gloria Novak. Norine Pouee. Nora l.c Ju Holland. .intl Perry presented HlJ.II'.14.lC .it tlie Devils Britlgel' .it Lovol.i's Plu' Festisxil. DRAMA CLUB ' N 'N xl tlireeting tlie senior ilu .intl opereltn, Nlrs. lluebnei liesitles leieliing ,i lull selietlule of tlI'.1INl tlis e in 1 N is .ilso tlie iiiutleixitm' or tlie lJI'.1IN.1 K lub. Tli .intl .itlentl plays .it Ciootlinnn 'l'lie.iter. e members of tlie l,I'.1lN.1 Club Like P.1I'I in seliool protlueiion Iyff: Rosie Higham watches the bull hopefully, .llitfzffrs XVorking together on the score are Catherine Haisky, Maureen Horrignn, Sh.1ron Lcpsi, .mul Diane Tollefson. Riglvf: Jackie Cejkn gets ready for .1 strike. BOWLING LEAGUE A desire for enjoyment plus two arms and legs are the only requisites for pt1rticip.1- tion in the Nazareth Bowling League. Lyons Bowl is the scene of this group's activity every Monday and Thursday evening. FUTURE NURSES CLUB Sfilllillllyf NI.1ry l'r.incex, XlLlI'll1.l Q .1r.iyelln, .fhluiiy Slieyxgluik. Xlerry .lu Settuglsu, .Indy Riod.1n, I,m'uti.1 Vfolinwki. Cieraltliue Swanur, Xlnrilyn Schellenluucr, Aalriniiiiu Xlitli. Stnifuf: Kathleen Collins. Pat Vomli'usk.1, Dune Cliutlil, Arlene Quinmli. Autlrey Nlarlss, Curol Zqndrews, Adult- Osterholi, Arlene xl.lIll1lN, Terry l1!CkI'L'I11. .ang 1 Q I l1,.al'x.-fi. lin' li-tins lnji' Cirulyn C.irtlwell, K .irul iminqtuii, Nlirilyn I.i.i1scli, Cinyle Iicini.inn, lliane lxrug, l'.it lxcnny, l'.it lirmnicli. lleinix Xlcl atrialge. liuiiiiie Ciltilsnmn, X1.iry Cosgrove. ,lu.inn.- Riiseclu. Xlirx Riclieri. firilri: C.iriil Liiitlrgws. Xlgrie lxulinlie. .Nun XX eller. 'lu .Xnn lvr-:nslxi. Nl.irit.i llilllg, Santlx :Xl1lMlIe. glint Si'iiI'sun. lir.icc Alulinstun, Qiinni l'x.irstens. .lang Rclels, l5e.l Ky-sel.i. Slit-11.1 liriiwn. liffflunz: ine 'l.uscliiier, I--is Kline, lS.irli l.iurtn.'t. Xlirilyn Kirlinski, liulwlie l7ir1it's. llKnn.i l.i ll.iur. Llutli Xleyer, Nan lemtu, .Xiituiiit-tit' W mnellz. Xintlx Ilintl, lS.irlw.ii'.i Xlitclicll. Riu Sininiuns, .intl Rusie Sninicns. STUDENT LEADERS :X new group known .is tlie Stutlent leitlers .ippearetl tliis year .it x.lZ.ll'CIl1. lmlie objective of tliis group is to g.iin experience wliile rentlering service .is .1ssist.1nt gym lU.lklCI'S .intl refereeing games. G. A. A. Tlte C1..'X.:X, .it N.1l.1retl1 works fur frientllinei-s tlirougli spsrts .intl 5gre.iter skill in ntlilctics. L'ntler tlie tlirection of Sister l.iurence, tlie nienilugrs p.irticip.ite in spgrts cn .in .intl inter-scliuol b.isis. ar- 'K L.-J if ' Q Q t.. IC ,. xv U s 8 ACTIVITIES NAUGHTY MARIETTA , , . J Inj' li .. ,lim Ixtix,Ci.iUiiii. lxiii l.ihq. .iii klim lJt'l-:lit-iimhthtt1uhu,itiu.ix xx ilh tht twiiitwxl. firlfir IMI. Him XXuiTi',im .uni Nitk lit- Kiwi 'lihc merry viliigc of New Urlmns in H95 xxyis hrought to wucli -giiifimlly .lx ilutry' ,ltlwhx v'vvfiWN -1 IUCN' N.lY.ll'Cli1ih SI.lgC in NLJYCINLWCIQ 19SS, under thc direction of N-'N'1i1""Y' IV" I-'lm Amd k"'U"P1K""U'- Nliw. Arnold xl. Huchncr. Niughty Ni.lI'iCYf.1. in thc disguise of Ifiihf- I.ff.- Imigi- bt-hind ilit- Xt-tiiitx it iii.ii1.i:t'J .1 hoy, wax tiiscovciui to hu the rtiii-.ixxxiy uoiitcsm from Ifixincc. hx f'i""x Ii'-U'L Dfnm Hr1""mf"l" Am-1 PM This lcti to hil.i1'ious cvciitx, .1 hsautifui low: story, .md .in Mmmw' .iutiiciicc dcputing with thc gaicty of New Orlc.inS in tht-ii' 7i"f' R"Y!'f Sf-"N "fi fl" "V"'U-'- S-"MF Sffm-' lwlwhi their Hzinging... ,uid klurrji Qlauvlvw hlyiid thtir ximw iii .1 mn.: i i uf imc. flrzlri' lC.Qqfvl: lucy l,ii'I.i. S.mtix Oxtimiv-Ixi. ,Linn Siiiipwii, X1.irg.1rct Dihhlt, Vhxllis Kit-tl. Nlarlum- Su-ihul, .Xriuiiu Qumxih .ind Xhrilyiiii 'lihuma xl-ir: scriit-X hutwctn aux. Th," Iill: Ktn Iiihcy ,md ,ltum liarht-ri yiigigt' in .i htniit-tl tiiwtxwiiiii. IUIIVI' Rltgfll: Hake-up crux-gSli.iimi1 Nlisilarthx, Iiulhml l.i'fl: xlcrry trim ui pcrxiiidt the n.iughty uuiitt-xs.i tu gums with him. Marilyn 1.i.itsch, klminnc Schuxtsr. Klint' Bagluy , , . lujv lxlgfvl: Llcrry. Samiy, sltzin. Kcn .ind chorus yum in tht- hilirmmi firm linllnzzl Rlgfif: Spqnish d.iiicci's wt the immti. ic .md Ami 'liuyn work their grtuist- p.iint iiugic un .1 group uf chiiccrw. f-T ..-, 'fi fum ff K '35 ff. A . 4A!ai'. Margaret Diblik and her escort hnd Judy Valintis and beau busily en- gaged in a corner conversation. Some last-minute primping is done by Marilyn Laatseh, Ann Tuyn. and Barbara Adamson. Decorations are given that "final touch' by Barb Sedivy, Marlene Steibcl, Lois Hodous, Pat Loser, and Dokey Vaughn. The evening of evenings -prom night! The girls and their dates waltz dreamily to the music of the Commodores. -....,,,.-V 1.- sn., fnjw lvfl: Bnrlv lfrcilvcri, Barb Perry, nnil escorts ilrill into tlic ll.lXY.1ll.1l1 p.i itulisc. Bullfmz lvfl: jane Simpson .incl licr date Lili: time out to look ovci' rlic lwicl for Hf,l'Cl1lLlS in rlic Xloon- - - s ligln, 'lofi Vilqfvf: ,l.1n: Simpson. Sliii-Icy llI'Ll7L'li. xl.lI'lll.l C,.1IA.IX'CllU, .incl tlicil' cscorts .iclmirc tlic klUC0I'iIlOI1N of tlic ,-Xnnounccl'-Stuclcnt Council Dancc. "Into tlic Iilusf' liuffwnz Viglif: Sonic tfincy "p.ip:i' work" is .n'i'.ingccl by the ccil- ing crcw in pfcp.1i'.1ti4'n for ilic great cvcnl. ll.u'cl .lt work .irc l'.1t Bowling. Isnln lux. liclxic C.cils.1. Jxllslftf Xllflis. .incl l'.1l NlCCyLllI'C. THE "SOCIAL WHIRL" "THE CURIOUS SUVAGE llohn Patrickis play was given by the Senior Drama Classes May 10, 11, 12, and 13, under th direction of Mrs. Arnold Huebner. This gay comedy took place in a private sanitorium, "The Cloistersf' and portrayed the warmth and humor of its "inmates," There were three alternating casts with Gloria Novak, Pat Bowling, and Nora Lou Holland taking the lead. Top rigbf: Hannibal entertains the guests and Mrs. Savage Top far riglvl: The Friday night cast includes Evelyn Rochowiak, Ken Ongemach, Jane Simpson, -lim Bowers, Nancy Kay, Don XVolfram Doris Soper, Gloria Novak, and Judy Leininger. Riglwf: Mrs. Savage and her children, Lily Belle and Titus, engage i i heated discussion while the Doctor looks on. liar' rigfwl: The Saturday night cast includes Ruth Cibulka, Barbara Adamson, Ann Tuyn, Ken, Barb Perry, Jim, Don, Karen O'Conner, and Pat Bowling. Rigffl: Fairy May hunts for a book while jeff and Florence wait patiently. fT1'Ilft'lAI The Sunday night cast includes Mary Hinton, Ken, jim, Camile Cerveny, Nora l,ou Holland, and Shirley Schemmel. liar rigfrl: Miss W'illie hands the burnt million dollar bonds to Titus as lfairy May, jeff, Mrs. Paddy, Doctor limmett. lily Belle, Mrs. Savage. and lflorence watch with eagerness. Klgflf: Mrs. Savage shows her daughter's picture to liairy Mae. -led, llorence, Hannibal, and Mrs. Paddy. lui' Vigfif: The discussion between Mrs. Savage and Titus reaches .1 climax as the rest listen intently. wif ff. 77' I I I ufyf-'XJ v 5 in rv 5, ,.. - M----Q M S If fl .Q-"" 6 SOPHOMGRE KITH 'N' KIN TALENT SHOW , . T "fff:Tl1 'f.ll-kiflf-gb X. Cfwzlvr lefl: "Silver Bells" ring out for the sophomores HUP ilk! K qumn lm kr mg P KL I Ouqud It and their families. My S LL , A , C' Iv' ri flf: B 'kv BH "r QS Xvolfrg ' Bulfrmz lull: One of the highlights ot the Talent Show. in 1 ig UL ' UM . uc mil Lon I S ' 4 ' ' Nlr. Tooth-Decay' fS.1lly Ridlevj nt the sophomore Bgintlstand Matinee, was presented bv homeroom 22-4. ' ' talent show. Buffnm rigfwf: Diane Spatlonik life .lt N..-X, was spot- lighted by homeroom 321. I a'-ilu. S 5 ,, -qs 'Y JT' . Wi' '1fQ.,,- dsx -X 4 'fqiifw fwy' 1 I 1' x , v, A It 5 1" V UP? L.. ,v- , - aw .V SIQNIOR COIIICGIQ DAY finds Penne Nicliatridge seeking out the facts about St. Teresa's College. XYinona, Minn. Top rigfil: Norine Pouce gets helpful information from these Sisters of Charity. KIIQNIOR RING DAY, giant stepping-stone in the Iife of a Nazareth student. is accompanied by the tradition.1I ring ceremony. Cwllur 14'-ff: Denny Harrington, Peggy Urann. Carol Covington and Sally XIcNIahon receive their rings from Sr. Nlary Oliver and Sr. Ioan Marie. 96 K Q .H uVf'T11?" I5RIfSI-IMAN w'IfI.CONIIf TIZA introduces Nazareth to the parents of our Ifreshinen. Boflonl fvff: Sr. Mary Oliver and Sr. Mary I'auIita weIeome the guests. Bnllnnz rigfwl: Parents gather for refreshments after tour of school. GUEST LECTURERS Cfw1fi'r ltff: Aim ,I-Ufll. Xi.1I'Ih.1 C .1i'.ivcllo. .md Nhric Ciriticx' discuss plums for .111 .isscmhiy with XIV. Xxviiihllli BLIVHCIIL' Ami Slstcl' Xlary Aiituirictic. Cfwfzfwr' tigfil: I.ithci' i:.lNIT1.lI1LlCi klicqiics .mtl l' Thi Tuyct Xgan .tru xvclcomcti by Sixtci' Xlary Oliver. Buffum Ivff: Hrs. H. CQ. XICCQICJII, president of NAIA- i-Qili Nliirliei-C fXuxili,ii'y ch.its with Sister Nl.iry Olivui' .md 1311 Lois Higgins hcforc the Parcnts' Night Pl'OgI'.ll'l'l, Buflum Vigfrf: Nh: Thomas tl. C.iv.m.igh, spmkcr for the I:.lli1CI'Ny Cliilw, visits with Nlothcr Nlary XX.ilhurg.1 .ind X111 I'-I'.lIll'i I.. Hofcr. prcxiticnt. Fist-mme it matnculosls 2 3 i I Dv- Top lwfl: Sister IJXVIACHCC prepares to score .mother run with .1 mighty blow for the faculty at the Student' picnic. Cj4'lIft'!' lrff: Sister Riti paurs for Sister Oliver, Miss Moline, Miss Ifgnn, .ind Nlrs. lluehner .lt 41 linculty meeting. Bolfum lufl: Sister Christopher, the ft1culty's "secret weapon" from O.L.B., lends .1 hand to Sister Aquinntn and Miss Mount .it the Student-l".iculty volleyball game. i i I I -1 Q E 1 I .ch 17? Trip riglvl: Two O.l..B. girls who represented the Sisters of St. joseph in the Arehdiocesan Mission Procession take time out to "teach" our N.lZ,lI'Cll'l students the fund.iment.ils of Ifnglish dingmming. BUIANIIII rigfif: A great throng of excited students Litho" to witness the faculty fight vnlinntly, only to go down to .1 IS-12 defeat .it the h.inds of the all-star student volleyball team. Au Tnfv: I.uneh period nntls Mrs. Smith, Nlrs. Herron, Nlrx. Nhlowiek, Nlrs. XY'ren, Nlisx Sehr.in1k.1, .ind Tony Guerra .iniong the most popular people .it school. Cbrzfrr' lvfl: Nlr. Snyder, getting ready to nuke .mother "milk run." Cwllui' right: Barb Zcnisek dishes, up lunch for gi hungry horde of seniors. Bilfflllfl Irflr Mr. Anderson turns up the hc.1t to keep us eoinfortable during those cold winter days. Ballon: riglrf: Mr. lynch elenrs the way for .mother tiny. , W'-vw YAP 4? 1 , . 5 E 4 2:2 '-"' . 1 ff., " Top: Quiet rcscarclm in thc library. Clflfm' lvff: liookstoru rush lmur. f:t'lIft'V rigflf: A study lull in Llccp ccmccntxxml Hom lvff: CLIIUPLIN confuruncc, linflmu Vigfwl: Looking in, 100 ' K.1tl1y Law, Nlarlcnc Stcibcl. .md Barb Frcibcrt putting another nickel in. in .'xxI11CI'lL'.1ll lnstury' chss g.1tl1c1'nng 'round to IILZII' Suu O'H.11'.1. Nlob sum m the cafeteria. m11bL1t m NI.11x'H.1H. rm,- .sg ,- .:, . Y , . I X ,I Xs If .11- M iv . v ' ' , -,N ' 4 d 9 X ,.. uv. 1nmq,n , o ' -afmp X 1 SENIOR DIRECTORY x xx xx S I x 4 xxx. X XX x xx x xux x x x Jw x x xx xxx x x l5rxxxxkT"xI x N xrxxnxxx xixrx xx x x xx Slxxx I xx. f rx x x -A x rxxxx -x ALilTllDl5IllfllJI1 Ucp xx mmm Announur SUR IXHDLIII SMH Mt Dcputmmt Boostex C lub Iioxxlmg Lug C mnrl Club C uclxm C lxoxx ILIS C hlplxxns C llss OHMLI Sumo: Iumox Soplxomoxx lxulxmxn ommxxux Ilxpxxrxmxxx Contgnts llxnuu l,LLilklll0l1 IDI xml C lub I naglxslx I,LPlIlI11LI1I lolxx nd I ILSIIITILH Iruhmxn C xxmx ll Iryshrnm XX glxomc -Ixl Iuturx 'Xxxxsu C lub fx A -X Cxlu. Qlub Home Xxrx llxpxxtmxnt IU-I x x x x x x xx x , x x xx x x x xxx x.x mx xx x x xxxl. xxxx xxx xx x xxx... Nfx Hxxxxx xx I Nxxxxxx x I. x x x x x 1 x x xx 1 xx X X xx xx xx xx xxxx xxx xxx Srxxx '1 xxx x x X1 rx xx x xx xx xx x x xrvx x x x xx xx ,U INDE unxoxs unxox Ring Dxx lxxth 1ndKm Ircshmm Qophomorc I mguxge Ikpxxtmxnt Lqxon of N xxx Nhth Dnputmcnt X1LlSlL Dcputmgnt XIIIOFIII Honox SOLILU Xlllllll Suunx IJLPIIUNLHI f,PLIQlIl ' Oxxlxurrx 1. X K Il Llll IIIIILIP lixlmxon lhpxx IIULIII ' Sxmors Sanxox C ullnqx C xxxxx llxx Nw I4 6 6 ' 6 9 95 96 Sophomoru Sxnxm Uxxxxloxx Suxxox Plxx Souxl Swann IKPIIIIIILIII Sodxlxtx M Sophomorx Txlxnt Slxcxxx gg Student C oumxl 76 Student Indus 71 Student Ixbrxrxms xxxxx x x x x x x L L 96 Us 9x 16 74 61 94 77 55 xv xxxxx,-xx.. xx xx xx..x..., xxx x x'xxx...x. Ivxxxxx. I-xxx - N WH-""x"' NH" 'W' WH xlfp.-7' "'x""x1'U' xIx..,x:.. Ix x .xx3, Ix.xxxx xx 1.I -I x:xx IHIHN W " x ,.I,, I'x1x x,,,x, .. x' Ixx.IxxIx. Jfbx s I.xxxxIxx .' 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1956, pg 43

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