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...gif S-ww., 'w ax 'Slif- L E 'LA Q, afafwzsw , 'MWF jj 'uk fa! . - 'LMI 'fi 24. Q! A 0 rn 1, 9-, 4 Q7 X ! 9 X X , K x x x I K I, , x Q r K x I x K xX CONTENTS SENIORS ................ ..... 4 WHO'S STEPPING UP? Grade 1 ................ .... 2 O Learning Center 2 ..... .... 2 2 Learning Center 3 ..... .... 2 5 Learning Center 4 ..... .... 2 8 Freshmen .......... .... 3 2 Sophomores .......... .... 3 4 Juniors ...... g .......... .... 3 6 THE SOLE OF IT ALL Electives ................ .... 4 0 DO YOU USE DESENEX? Sports .................... .... 6 8 TO BOOT WITH CLASSES Activities ............... .... 9 0 Graduation ............ . . . 106 Theme ...... ..... 1 12 tent JENNIFER LEE BENTLEY Jennifer was born July 31, 1963 in Corona, California. She has been a student of N.S.R. for four years. Jennifer says she would like to date a guy who is a christian, industri- ous, and Christ centered, and who has a good sense of humor. For the future, Jennifer is thinking about a nursing career and possibly a piano major. She would like to start at UCC then on to NNC. Although the fig tree shall not blossom, neither shall fruit be in the vines, the labour of the olive shall fail, and the fields shall yield no meaty the flock shall be cutoff from the fold, and there shall be no herd in the stalls: Yet l will rejoice in the Lord, l will joy in the God of my salvation. The Lord God is my strength, and he will make my feet like hinds' feet, and he will make me to walk upon mine high places. To the chief singer on my stringed instruments." Habakkuk 3:17- 19 4 I Seniors DENISE RAE ALLEN Denise was born September 7, 1962 in Anaheim, Califor- nia. She has attended five schools finishing her last three years at N.S.R. She has been working at Mercy Hospital as a "candy striper" volunteer. She also has been working on their ranch. Her future plans are to attend a university or college to specialize in a certain part of the medical profes- sion. "Listen to advice and accept instruction that you may gain wisdom for the future." Proverbs 19:20 f2,E5eftJ ' x. 'S I ., "1" - 1 .. gsigwgl' DEREK KEITH BOGUE Derek was born July 27, 1962 in Petersburg, Alaska. He has attended eight different schools, having attended N.S.R. his two final years. Between school and his part-time job at the News-Review, he finds time for his favorite sport, bas- ketball. He also likes being with girls who enjoy sports and have an athletic ability in them. His future plans are to work his way up in a chain store while taking college courses at night. "Trust in the Lord instead. Be kind and good to others, then you will live safely here in the land and prosper feeding in safety." Psalms 37:3 E .fi A7 QJE ivs L - f . 5s I3 , rx' ' if 1 I x-ii ' N 1. '- f ' X Q N55 ... .- iil. ' pl . , C f x 'I' SUSAN ANNETTE CONN CCSUE99 Sue was born on February 26, 1962 right here in Rose- burg, Oregon. She has been a students of N.S.R. for the past ,three years. What she looks for in a date is someone who takes care of himself and who cares about others and also who has a good cheerful personality. She does not really know her plans for the future but she does know she wants what God has in store for her. I will instruct thee and teach thee in the way which thou shalt go: I will guide thee withmine eye." Psalms 32:8 . Seniors I 5 NSR Students were asked in a poll taken by the LAlFl staff to express their opinions on various subjects. Several observations difficult. Cars are being chosen according to the greatest amount of gas-guzzling, none of this small-car craze. lt was discovered, hot mexican food really hits the spot. One month after the poll was taken, everyone changed their favor- ite song. Could that be considered developing the character quality of flexibility? 1. Mork and Mindy 2. Love Boat 3. Angie 4. M.A.S.H. 5. Taxi 6. Chips 7. B. J. Stthe Bear 8. Little House on the Prairie 9. Eight is Enough PL ERIL PAST TIMES FOR OUR TIMES 1.cruisin .talk on the phone 3. Go out with the gang. .sew .sports .window shop .read 9. listen to music TUNE IN . Born to be Alive .Don t Bring Me Down . Babe . Let s Go .Escape CPifia Coladaj . Pop Muzik .Babe Please Don t Go 8. Sad Eyes 9. When I Needed You Most 10. The Muppet Show 10. Mandy TOPS ON THE TUBE 6 1 Poll WAKE UP 1.Turn off Alarm 2. Eat 3. Yawn 4. Shower 5. Turn on Radio 6. Get Up 7. Go Back to Sleep 8. Open Eyes 9. Roll Over 10. Pray 2 4 5 6 7 8 ski were made from the results obtained. For example, waking up is very 10- Skate 1 2 I 3 4 I 5 6 7 i PREFERENCES CRUISIN 1. Camaro 2. Celica -V 3. M.G. JK 4. COFVBUC 5. Mercedes Sport 6. Trans-Am 7. Porche 924 1' QQ - .IA L W 5 . 4 , LET'S GO oUT Y"N 1.CaIahans CParkingJ ' . 2. Cruisin' 3. Eat pl ' 4 4. Movie ' ' 5. Bowling COME HOME 1. 12:00 p.m. 2. 11:30 p.m. 3. 12:30 a.m. A 4. I Don't 1 :ZE A: 1.. A , 5.11:00 p.m. JESUS PEO PLE 1.Christinas Story 3. Ten Commandments All of them QM 2-'s:.:!:s..A"f 6: Prodigal Son Qgigfgn 119: 7. Jonah 81 the Whale 8. Mary 84 Martha Poll ! 7 DONYA RAE CROWE HDONDF' Dondi was born May 17, 1962 in Roseburg, Oregon. She has attended N.S.R. for the last five years. She has been working at Winchell's Donut House, and believe it or not, her favorite food is donuts. Her future plans at this time are to continue studying music, both voice and instrumental. Since her father is a car buff, Dondi's favorite car is a V-16 Cadil- lac. e "Have you not read this scripturei 'The stone which the builders rejected, this became the chief cornerstone, This came about froml the Lord, and it is marvellous in our eyes.?' " Mark 12:1 O-11 g A Cf7'lJ7,gx1 7? ZLGLUG 8 I Seniors TIMOTHY PAUL HARDEN GCTIMSD Tim was born April 1, 1962 in Kansas City, Kansas. He has attended N.S.R. for three years. When discussing music, Tim is "turned on" by the group "Sniff N the Tears." When looking for a date, Tim looks for someone as "good looking" as himself. His future plans are as Tim puts it, "l want to become a teacher and a excellent basketball coach!" Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsil of the ungodly, nor standeth in the way of sinners, nor sitteth in the seat of the scornful. But his delight is in the law of the Lord: and in his law doth he meditate both day and night." Psalms 1:1-2 lr.- I. ff, we Y, , --Nh-ies . rl' - A r- ., " f,s:ie?7:, L 1 -- Y 3' R 7-l'-3 LIVE: Q ', 5 , :N 1 Y'-'-2'iit?V21!'. g .5 J. , . 1 f .f - 51 , -35: 1 , iii? slag Q i . an - 5 -rfsiilfy n-' ggi' 8 Y. - -,,., A sg V y 'ga . , x ' -- 1.-. , , -We .5. ,, ,, , -mg., gf - t-'H' l 3: 71 v r'-'51 6 i2f'T3.i Jb1 TERESA SUE HICKS GTERIU Teresa was born March 2, 1962, in Muncle, Indiana. She as attended NSR for the last three years. Her favorite time f day is sunrise. When asked about her favorite car, she uickly orders a black Mercedes sports coupe 450 SL con- ertible. When not working as assistant manager for Winc- ell's donuts, she gets into basketball and spends time with enny Rogers, her most favorite friend. For a date Teresa ooks for a good looking christian with a nice personality who nows where its's at. "For by grace are ye saved through faith: and that not of ourselves, it is a gift of God, not of works, lest any man hould boast." Ephesians 2:8 and 9. fLL,voLfaAl-llvc.,l0fo JAMES NATHAN LANNING "JIM'f .lim was born July 6, 1962 in Roseburg, Oregon. He has been a student of N.S.R. for the last five years. In his spare time, Jim enjoys going out a lot and if you can"t find him out, you can usually find him at home listening to his stereo. Especially if his favorite group, Van Halen is playing. His future plans are to go to UCC for a couple of years and then on to technical schooling for two years. And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose." Romans 8:28 In f . xx X Nt -if-4 K" . Picture it :Ih Available A .r .315 Seniors I 9 i l Learning a Career . ll are f is D.- ? -0 A -r , -- " l W ,. H71 A n l s 3 'i P N -in - T-TI ' ' i -' f ,g-,J I ' 1. ' I Q, fix Y 1 G sm " ' ,, f me i ' - ii, ' fh5i!"f, . ul 7 if Pi it li' N U 5 .4 Ri 'hung Tammy Mullins works as a box person at Drive N Save Market. David Tucker also works for the market. Kevin Steele is training as a Douglas County epartment Cadet. Thns is an opportunity tor young people to gain experience in law enforcement and perhaps becoming interested enough to follow into career area. In the picture, Kevin models his snappy uniform. Steve Ewens is responsible to his employer to complete contracted work each day. The time and motivation is supplied by "Have truck, will traveI." i?3ZiZTf2T2e Company Rows oFFlcE E0ulPMEN1 431 S-E Main Transamgnna Sales - Service - Rentals gf3S2:rg747o litle Insurance Services 1332 9,E, Stephens S72-6761 101 Careers f503j 672-6651 .lf X ' I .l , . I . Larry Shields is busy pricing plastic pipe at his Father's plumbing store. Hs. Workstudy at NHS is opening a whole new approach to the working world. A chance to make new friends and gain some work experi- ence. Earning a few dollars gives a good feel- ing about oneself and as Angie McConnell retorts "I can let my hair down and be myself." Angie worked for a short time as a waitress. Annette Stone spends her time sell- ing fabric, Derek Bogue cleans ink for News Review and Joe Suiter fools around at Fairly Reliable Joes. Tim Harden was spending a few hours each morning at Pete's Drive ln prepar- ing potatoes for the days supply of fries. Bas- ketball season however, found Tim's interest in working replaced. ' wi 'Q , 1 -E li' -- r. . - r A 1 V i , 5 . . gf 3 I . ll -ll'S'fEx' mjv- A .l-P., ..l- i l -5 xl ll Q 1- l' 5 .1 - . - in I' ly. ' if "'i " "'A: . iii Stephanie Baker sells donuts as Winchell's. Dondi Crowe and Teresa Carolyn O'SuIlivan is replenishing the tool area at Shields' Hicks also work for Winchell's. Plumbing. V :MGM Pnluifns 623-8591 629 S. E. Cass Avenue ROSEBURG, OREGON 97470 6I3 S. E. JACKSON STREET ROSEBURG,OR-EGON 97470 Careers I I I TAMALA SUE MULLINS i "TAMMY" Tammy was born April 26, 1963 in Reading, Pennsylva- nia. She has been a student of N.S.R. for four years. Tammy is the sporty type and enjoys swimming, and playing tennis and volleyball. To go along with her interest in sports, is her favorite type of car, a red or metallic blue corvette car. She is employed as a boxperson at Drive-n-Save market but has big plans for her future. She wishes to continue her education at U.C.C. then transfer to Pacific or Forest Grove University to receive her physical therapist's degree. - I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me. Phillipians4:13 4ft'f ' C-N f-Hfgfft' ,.,.. - 'v 4fffuQQ7c4-YLQJ i 12 I Seniors MARGARET SUSAN SMITH "SUSIE" Susie was born January 9, 1963 in Los Angeles, Califor- nia. She attended first thru fifth grades in California, sixth thru eighth in Myrtle Creek, and ninth thru twelvth at N.S.R. Susie is an active person and has been in volleyball and has been a cheerleader. Her favorite sport is skiing and her favorite car is a Mazda RX-7. Her future plans are to go to Biola College in Los Angelas and major in music. "lf ye then be risen with Christ, seek those things which are above, where Christ sitteth on the right hand of God. Set your affections on things above, not on things on the earth." Colossians 3:1 -2 Aww T -c I hu. un. -. -TQ fl: I :Q--Z. V1-L wi. 1- 1' ' KEVIN LEE STEELE Kevin was born January 15, 1962 in Klamath Falls, Ore- gon. He has been going to N.S.Fl. for the last five years. Kevin says he prefers girls with a quiet personality, yet are still fun to do things with. Some of the things he enjoys doing are waterskiing and showing his skill in basketball. His future plans are to get his associate degree in criminal jus- tice, but his real dream is to go into full time ranching. I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me." Phillipians 4:13 IZJUUO L- Kittie GOD WITHOUT MAN IS STILL GOD BUT MAN WITHOUT GOD IS NOTHING Seniors f I 3 S, : "ic W, 711 ' Wrfz, ' J W W ,yy WW in., WfW WWW Wi E W L 2 WW W ,lW5'X: ' W 1 .i 2 in ,g. 1 1 2 U, ' 'si ,. ,z WW. UK W Wu- --Wt-. W Q ,flfwv W, gif - W . x WW W , Q .,,. Jia? if .am W WW gr 'PY .ra . , 1, .r ' :ak X W ii-pi - i Wg A - X - , Q. W ,W f k PM 55155 A, Ag ' A . , ,W W W W X 4. , - si- F Y Y X . as wg: " 5 : W ' W X 225 ,.: -xygilsfffsgfa, WW WW 2?-Q' nm Mil, W W W ff A -in Asw- , .4 we-WWW-W:WQ Qlf W 'W A ' i f, W, - W- , ,. 1 , W W :SW ' W 5 49' W W W ,, ff..'f,,W: ,. ' W-' , A -' -- . W . , M- 4-WJ Y I i Vi, v 1 xl Q WN- - ' W.-wb: WW. W A . Wag.: ' 'WI' 'ALT ' f. xii., NN 1 ,, . ' 5-iv W ,W .. 1 W X k,.'hf' U ' H ' , W W - 'TU .. W , ,,,'iK.'lW W WWWW 1 5 - X 'mf W gig W W-W W! , WW , ,W 3 5 W ,3-W A, 3 ,..,:1y.,, 9 fgg A ri ' ? X wi, 1 I gg , ae .gf -aw A f S-in ,..,,wgesvwfg5gg .. -or 'Q' ISEQK, V ..Qgg22?g'f , . 7 X "3g3s'x, , X , aff? ' . , , hes: . H X. . X , M I W 1 's,. 1 .iyliwgag ,, ' ' f Aim 'fY3SvS2?" P 1 Nr- ,E , 5 ' My 2 f X - nf, R- .X -+,X 1 - " H1 " . . V N 1 as 4.5. 'X . . A .A f W 1 1XfE,?.i..i vv - f . ' V- 'T ' T155 , " " K -1+ . -5,--... q ' X f a .0 -- A 1, -Xiik v --x l K ' . U ' '4 J .X . ' 1 ,A wx. :,XX.fL, 1 sf' - W ff X tl ' M X -:,f L. x 7' V- fi.. .. S. x v .-fa gf X, -, 5,4 .X 2?E2E?"1"i ' 11, 1.7 X 51 A I -H5331 MA: - , - - M .:5,.wxg.f fa' N 4' 5 .zilgigfiwl 58 X ,gw ' 'FE M 2:3 '-lu -...."' f F 5' ' 9 - I' gf .wx K' -Q ii I- - A I ' -.-, '-'I ' Q ", 'W X. figvff' 3X ' ' V' wx 1" . gs., -X X X -A , X' X XX X ,, XA . Q. X X XX XX . . V 1. , . X :- , . XJ 1 " "" is 6 ' - f '. 'Win wtf, "ps .. .. 8 . x - x .K , - - f 0.1, A:.. I X 1 .. X , B21 ,, ,X ' ,Y f 'gf'-A ,er lf- f .XX X 1- I AX 1 K . ,af G-,,. ' f. , ,fm .X 1- A -L ,ef " -A f- ' if 'q . 4 -.4 X 5 . ' Q Q .-, . .v- f . 44 . , N,,,f' I an " " " PA ' 'ff-91' ,Q I- 6' ,Q - ' ' g ' "FA f- 1-V ? ' ff-' -' ' , f- -f. . 4"-,,-, . r! is gc md ,Aww , A V gh:-: as -tu" A :I 1 'T if-ls" ' 5 1 J --XY ,- um, X X . - - J " ' A is Q . w-:ca .i,.f 'H ew 4 V- Jr., - V - ' I . uf' ' ' '-' 'V-' . ' J" f 5? . " ' 4- 7.11-ff' ffflfilr ff F '. . 4 'QQ . . 'Y 1 '1 1 4 In s-f "" ' 41 " . , -' Q- ak ' 1 A' 'E Ar..-' ' 5' . .-.. in . .. f't'?' I' ' N X -'A-I' P:-'LU -V K Q L ' HL it, I , fm, J g ,- X . .r , AQ -V 1. P , XL? + . YA 16 iw . NS X I 4 N. v . , 'X - J 5 I - XL F X ing-1 A xr - 1 A Au X K U . W X I X S53 A G .- Y - V' ' 3554 5.5. iigg 1 :X f . HA V' 7' . YY- , -my-Y. ,. E I .,,. . X ',',5LS'g.y. -.3-Pwsiwli ' ,,.. J S222 2 f Zfgyfam-23-'G -SX' ' 75- I ,,z1Qw,nf1M w , 1--1 ,.- ,v - .Ia N -A .fgzsrx '1'w"H'1f'-wifi ' H wi: ' ' if wr . ' - Q-,:, . . ,XM XX X , X ,X U - ' ' .Lgf j W f" , 4 'Nfl X W Wf' 7 R " ff ' . w 'N M ' ' ,, ix S "iii 1 "Y" Q 55:1 X 1 X XFX., Www M... gms- k ' N E l ' 1 W X w w J Y K1.53"'- Q Exim . my X .W . M X W .aw xx Yu w M nl' mv W7 LAIR STAFF Prepares for a Busy Season An annual signing party was the highlight of September events. Entertain- ment, food, pictures, books, book covers, and machine embossed names were made available to those who attended. The students enjoyed getting each others words of wisdom and visiting with old friends. Our new high school teacher, Mrs. Kellar, surprised everyone with a comical mime, Clim- bing thru an Imaginary Hole. Mrs. Haynes, as Bubbles the Clown, did an expressive reading, The Cremation of Sam McGee and Bossie's Boil. Our puppet team did a skit about a Mon- arch, the king of the beast being played by our very own Ron Bennett. Roar! Roar! ,fi lm ."': .,4,..,' in 5 l Lf l I t , if as R' " B v To be able to dress in a by-gone era, the class took a trip to Eugene for a group photo. The stares we got from passing shoppers at the Valley River Shopping Center were unbelievable but the end result was worth it. The photographer, Profes- sor Sundance, helped Mrs. Mullins tie on her costume while students looked over racks of clothing to find just the right item. Pictured on facing page: back row, left to right: Rebecca Brown, Linda Lanning, Randy Dorosh, Eileen Mullins, Dave Tucker, and Erika Foley. Front: Lee Ann Sanders, Terry Barton, Keith Neff, Danny Blondell, and Wendy Suiter. Missing from the pic- ture, Larry Shields. Annual ! I7 Sn' A Q C917 A. A 521. , ,, , Po' if X, .. If 3 I ' S , ..,x .h K ' ga 4.-A -- - v N 'H -il, x ,' .. L O BX i LXR ffa 1 1 A S- X .X A , ., Ib. ,.,-., farfm Beginning First Grade AmV Adams ' ' ' Sean Dugas Christopher Adams Jason Bozo h A Frrghtening Experience Q5 wifi .73 ,, .ll i 'ii i Cindy Gulick 16 Amy Adams is all hands as she opens her exchange Christmas gift. A ' - is r ' , "' l i isa fry M yy Michelle Guse l A 4 , . : Justin Clark Jennifer Harris Show and Tell time is in order especially at Christmas. Mrs L nman and Mr. McCaleb enioy these special times. FIELDS 81 ENDSLEY, INC. COLLINS WHOLESALE SUPPLY Hot Stuff 4421 Downtown Shell ggeigggfyggaon mm - 1425 W. Harvard 558 SE Stephens ZW 'G d ' Cash 8i Carry Tires r...,'fi 1 .....,i71 Joycelyn Haynes Cadi Milligan Travis Suiter Cindy Gulick and Sean Dugas seem to say, "ls this all there is to the first day of Abby Swift Eli Robert Williams The fourteen students in this first grade class earned many extra activities this year. Birthday parties were special as each Mother pre- pared something special for her child to share. As high- lights forthe year there was a Christmas party and Valen- tine adventure. Many of the first grade students took a step up to second grade level work by the third quarter of the school year. Our compliments to the caring and sharing of teach- ers and monitors which has made the progress pos- sible. Wulff Q . ffrevwl. 1 . Open House in November was a great time to have our family and friends First grade is a smooth running experience due to the tender touch of Dorothy visit our school. Turnbull. nmsln cummunnu nnnii TOZER'S iltilift B06 S. E. PINE STREET - DIIL 872-3379 P.o. Box 1516 - Roseburg, OR 97470 - 15033 673-0001 R0SEBU"G'0"EG0" 97470 First Grade I 21 Instructive Pla 4 . 7 y A . I v- Is Part of Each Da gy ' 5 i Butch Hichardson speaks softly and finds it nec- essary to rescue a soccer ball. Recess times and PE classes give the students an outlet for their excess energy. These second and third grade level students are very con- cerned about reaching their set goals each school day. Special privileges are received for work well done. Wendena Hammond . , r , E Q Amy Bagwell Amy Copeland 4 ..andY,.fg Cliff Dugas Jarrod Dunlap Melinda Fitch Elizabeth Harcombe Heath Howington Chipper Huntington 1 ii 'Y Bethany James April McDilI Daniel Melick Christine Merica A PHlL'S APPLIANCE virEBEn's 092 BAKERY sm- 8- sm ' f ' ',":'J'A "Quality Really ls Your Best Buy" 527 S. E. Jackson SL Phan' 673.8126 vnnnrisaalevz-i1nu PHII.I.lP WILD1' 154 snuzu snows-ms czntsu RO!8b'l-IRQ' OIGQOIL. uwnu - nan. nuauuns, annum Mun 22 I Center 2 Michelle Miller Bryant Milligan ' U y . Swimming lessons were available at the YMCA this year and Chad Ml'I'Q3f' TVOY Munlns Shedah Ned many boys and girls took advantage of this opportunity. Soggy hair and red eyes were sure sign of the challenge of the water. James Reinsch 53 ati Karrie Richardson Scott Simpson Eric Wheeler Joshua Wheeler i Kristi Wolters Richard Wolters Jason Wulff Ann-Marie Yost M. C. LOCKSMITH CO. COMPLETE MOBILE SERVICE TRUCK NIO N.E. MAIN STREET WINSTON, OREGON 97496 Puoms 450316751565 GARY LEIF PHONE 673-7535 Y LOCKS - KEYS - SAFE5 1226 N. E. WALNUT Center 2! 23 Q:-' "W x 5 APPLIED LEARNING Through Sharing and Field Trips g ... E an """"'---.. - i r 'W 7-.ffl ,,,.,--""' J if .-,, .L , K 1 ,Q -ff' I ' Ann-Marie Yost is having fun explaining to her Father the There was a very good turn-out of visitors for Open House. The strings of train cars along the whole tough job of her school paces. Open House was an wall are an incentive to read. Each car represents a library book completed by the students. exciting time of showing what has been accomplished. The Douglas County Library book mobile which visits our school is very helpful in this pro- ject. :Ta .f 'P ff... , S, n A ir-,- E L- 4 "" . Field trips to Yosts Floor Covering, Roseburg Produce were fun but tell the 390 Of? lamb Of 3 Sheep UY The hUh'lbel' and DIFICGYTTQUT Of its privilege level people were treated to the James Family Farm. They Teeth- MahY fhlhgs learned lh P3665 are fe'hf0YC9d and applied watched a brand new lamb have his tail wrapped forthe docking fhf0UQh these TYIPS- WAYNE LEMLEY REALTY ' p"'7""7'9 COMPLETE REALTY -SERVICE - 1634 s.E. swam-.ENS ROSEBURG. OR '9747O Q 627 SE STEPHENS WAYNE LEMLEY- REA'-TOR ROSEEURG. OREGON 97470 p-HONE 673.0246 HOME 673-3615 15031 672-9520 'U il- Srnaller Number of Students Create Better Learning Conditions When asked about the difference of this year's class to last year, Mr. Johnston replied, "l like the smaller class, we seem to get more work accomplished. Also the number of monitors has increased which is very helpful." The students have been work- ing hard to keep up the required number of paces so that they will be able to participate in the fun times. Table games and popcorn are a favorite of this group and skating got their Valentine's party rolling with excitement. Group singing at the Veter- an's Hospital was a service project and going to McDonald's for lunch was very filling. These fourth and fifth graders have shown a lot of enthusiasm and much of this is to the encouragement of Dewey Johnston, their teacher. 'Q I . fs John Adams Stacey Asbill T Q. . ,, 1 Lisa Baker Julia Blondell .-tt Kathy Bagwell Terre Braswell Joy Cade Kristi Davidson Elizabeth Dunlap m9l'ICQfI RDSEBURG Athletics 1941 N.E. STEPHENS ROSEBURG, OR. 97470 i503l 673-5282 LUMBER C 0. P.O. BOX 1088 - FKOSEBUFIG. OREGON 97470 Center3!25 l - www , ww 1 ww ,, iv N ww fn. ww ww ,I w, , ww . ww ef we Q2 ww ww www w. ,1 we 1 ,, . ,ww f The first day of school finds mothers helping students carry their garbage into A busload of students at Stewart Park nature trail. Tours were conducted new offices. they would better understand the natural environment. I! N iff Delbert Foley Eric Foss Heather Foss Tessa Gulick " nhl'-fy l 1 ...A...., -,1Li-,L . ,. Allen Guse Eric Howington Heidi Lathrop Stacey Long l Glenn Maresh Kris McConnell Melissa McDilI Scott McKnight CHOSEN LAND REALITY LANSING 8, 0LWER 151 1 S.E. Stephens . EQUIP. REIITALS 26 ' Ce""'3 6735514 403 NW Winchester 673-6636 I gf 'I i ' iii-Il'lQK"' 4' 1' Mr John McDIll Instructs students at the YMCA pool Mary and Joseph parts belng played by MGIISSB McDIll and Glenn Maresh Michelle Miguelena Ericka Olden "wr Susan Shields Rc I A I BUILDING MAINTENANCE F ullerlon Rexall Drug TE P 0. Box 41 - Rgggburgl Q,-egun 84 Garden Valley ShoppIng Center 'WRTHWES' 97470, I 672 4829 Center 3 I 27 The Christmas gift exchange among the Junior High students brought our different expressions the felllows are all thumbs and wrappmgs came slowly excited girls giggle and watch each other to share the joy. The Halloween party was bright- ened with the appearance of Lorie Sea as Big Bird .J' i 5 i Sheila Asbill ,-5-, s L Rachelle Blondell Andrea Copeland s i l Heather Brown W u i Best 5 1 Ga If d e nv SU l T ES - , V1 L LA 5031672-1601 29 f Jf- H'9" 160 GARDEN VALLEY BLVD. ANNEX noseauno, on 97470' -Q Junior High students tind it awkward to intermix, During the crazy days activity, the boys grouped together showing a variety of hats and uniforms while the girls clung to rag dolls and teddy bears. . axes S B "fx 2 5 , 1' F? 1 Lisa F,-ee Dorena Harland Doug Harland it 2 Amit '-. h , ,.,.,i-tsunami J 1 'J 2 J On Crazy day, the students found themselves with a substitute teacher, or was she? Jerrilyn Haynes Marilyn Johnson Jarrod Lathrop l t 2- lil it uoug McConnell Kim McConnell Kent Mefterd Daniel Merica Patty Merica RlCK'S MEDICAL SUPPLY S D UTH 57 GARDEN VALLEY SALES gc RENTALS LJTQQE G U A SHOPPING CTR BANK 182 N.E. Winchester sr. 672-3042 Jr. High f 29 Some Junior High students were very surprised on the first day of school to find Mrs. Cannon, their sixth grade teacher, was now their new teacher for the fourth year in a row. One student retorted, I would rather have left her behind but I do like the activities she has organized for us. These young people are growing up because they have started to look forward to high school. It is a time of growing and learning, new friends, new experience, and setting goals for their life. Freedom is felt by these seventh and eighth graders since Marc Miguelena Matthew Miguelena 5 a" '. 13. .. ' 1 , ig 3 fs - . 15,21 " 1,- ' li- A"'jwgt , N.. K - ..,, b ',, - -lee ' " v . .V - i -.. i' ' A q . ..f4- 5 Caffle POWGYS Michelle Richardson '-x, Moving thru the air is a diving sil- houtte heading for the water with a mighty splash. l"'N at it 1 t " + Kris Sturtz Joi Thran I MEDIC ! 4 30 f junio' High Mercy Medical Center .,-,. the uniform code was relaxed. New electives classes to pa ticipate in are great but students feel they would like a betta variety to choose from. Scripture memorization is a common goal and everyd way of life in this learning center. lt is difficult to stand l front of the group and read, lead in prayer, or even lead group in recition. Each time the task is completed becomes easier and the student becomes more That is what NSR is all about. Steve Neff Jill O'Neal Lorie Sea Tina Stone Bill Tucker Gina Yost Roseburg - 673-0631 Sutherlin - 459-9772 Canyonville - 839-41 14 Tri-City - 863-5281 1 4 ffl: Y ff' Ps 4 sf Lisa Free has a very calm appearance as she sings a solo in the Christmas musical. 1av"""s , HU ll Tl? L A IN' 1- ,- -.-, mx- X .- I U r' I' .- y : Y . ., , , .X Q rss A- if lx x, fgi xi, i"" .., 'v g -9. .. +s..f 5 +, x.. g,,.g 5 ,M Xi 5 iii-I Kim McConnell follows the space age craze in her original out- fit nn Crarv rlav .--ff' l ,i e1"""' Kew . ,Al -64 Planned and looked forward to was a pizza lunch at Gino's. This was a special treat for those who memorized their assigned December scripture. l jx"-I nh' Glen Home Improvement commsre nemoosumo 2123 N w wimens nosesuns. oneoow GLEN SUITER PH. 673-5233 Junior High I 31 'I Freshman Step Up to a ew Experience As a new freshman, Melissa Bauder was asked for her feeling about the Step Up to the High School learn- ing center. "I feel more freedom, such as attending classes other than in the learning center. I feel mature and motivated to accomplish more work. My friends are changing due to the different schedule. It is neat I being around the older kids. I am enjoying the Step ala Up I! I 47 'li I., Lynette Allen Melissa Bauder Darryl Bennett I I Rhonda Bracamontes Dana Braswell C. J. Brown A yearly event is the individual picture taking day. The - i I photographer from Ashton Photo Service works hard to have each person smile. The only comment that can be made about the picture on the right is: congratulations Brian. Paint 'N' Place ' Paint 1350 N.E. Stephens O 4 wallcovering 32 1 Frgghmqn in the N. Roseburg Plaza 4 Hom, Coverings 672-1513 .Y E j fox .aqua-wwe Hi S, W -'Y ?f:1l, Y Ei, G, :L 4' N- . , Brian Humphrey sports a big smile a s he unwinds the TP to deco- rate the learning center. Below: Dana Braswell is thinking hard as she tries to brainwash Mr. Watkins saying," I really have finished my goals, honest, really, scouts honor." 1 9 1 -v f ml 5' 2 i 'l ' '?52'QEE,-f- M- t 2 N Y' ' 1 l ff' all 1' ' V X 1. ,4 , , , Brian Davidson Joey Free Dennis Hershkowitz l. lif 'Y ae'-533 Qi xi V XJ V .' 'f ' i-qi , 0 p, 7 a nv- D ,ax 1- f-L' Eg J 55 4 "' .55"ff',, ' -7' h - A .fi .5 4' 3' , gl ' 3 , 14 ' 1. 'I-17 A li" x ff . N" as riff 1 I l '1.'i'1.iJ,Q Brian Humphrey Kirk Osborn Andy Nelson COMMERCML RESIDENTIAL B and J Electric, Inc. R-r. 4. Esox 1431 BOB ANDERSON ROSEBURG. ORE. 97470 PHONE 673,e532 Freshman! 33 THE CLASS OF '82 Heather Allen Terry Barton r '-4, X Each day the sophomores gathered in the Southeast corner to study? to gossip? to share! Melanie Boggs Melva Cox to harrass? This year the sophomores were a very inter- esting group of kids or were they young adults? They were a variety of personalities growing in different directions. They learned how to sometimes out-whit the Monitors and to get along with each other. They felt it would have been a more open feeling in the group if Mafk Gfat' Maflee Inge L0fiJOhf1S0n they would not have been closed in. After 6O'Xi run and 40M work it was a year in life that they would not want to skip. They found out the work gets harder each year and a more relaxed feeling Mark Gray when realizing there are only two more years to go to graduation. Will N the class of '82 be the best ever? Central Auto Supply Sutherlin Discount Center Radio Shack Sutherlin Exon Service 865 W. Central Leo's Gun Swap Sh 34!Sophomores g- v"'? .ffl X N I Renae Blondell Brian Boggs A . Top: The alert eyes of Tim Mefferd tells us he really was not taking a nap in his office. ., I f , Below: Brent Pitchford puts his body in a relaxed contorted position. Needless to say he . , rw, X needed help to unwind. . 6 T f T 1 is Lachelle Farr Ryan Fox lil WH 1 ll l Q ,. -F 'fm . i li- -- L rl Angelia McConnell Tim Mefferd Shelley Osborne 1.Q,,', 1 F..-V 4 A V- Deanne Thompson Sandy Walker Larry Ward ,Nagin-.,,,, Fishers Westside Flowers I Say it with Flowers, say it with ours in 80 638 W. Harrison 672-6621 Sophomores!35 4. -S, -F . fl il ll Diff ." vi L W' hr Annette Stone Bruce Boggs l Ml' Q f' l ' - - "if-'Eg l ,, fig. One ofthe most exciting times for the Juniors is choosing their in L J' class rings. Shown here is Erika Foley talking to Leland Decker, rep- M- li' + '7 resentative of Jostens Incorporated. The ring Erika choose was silver 1 V K ij it 5 1 with a starburst stone in Sapphire Blue. The ring style was standard 1 - li ly r but each student could choose the stone and what metal the ring t'i. 'L 3 '. , was made of Years from now, this ring will bring back memors of our Carole Conn Carolyn O'SuIlivan stoneage experience at Nazarene High. JUNIORS CHOO E CLASS RINGS . r' Clara'-Gilbert Christy Mefferd as . fi. J, if ' S 'ijlmgli' ' r Valley Opticians y ,gp PAL Bom' SHOP Garden Valley Shopping Cefllef, and 1 Hoiagasgnrg iig:gc?g':iESQ70 Harvard Medical Park ' ' 36!.luniors Roseburg Oregon -if Danny Blondell Dave Tucker -D s li Derek Bauder Devin Reeser Erika Foley Jay Clark , 1, . r-A K- ff Y ,, In ,. I -tx , 4 . Left: Jill Wheeler can't believe she is eating macaroni and cheese and salad with a knife on April fools Day. This crazy meal was sponsored by the Monarch Mini Market. Bottom: Linda Lanning shows a sur- prised look as the camera catches her scoring a pace. Danny Blondell is thinking so intently he completely ignored everything that was going on around him. Bottom Right: lt looks like we have a heavy lunch click. Derek Bauder, Annette Stone, Jay Clark, and Larry Shields listened to Ste- phanie Baker say "I only eat Health Food." COR.N.E. o 2 STEPHENS 8. 1 ff r g t I STEWART I V. 5.1. ' 0 PARKWAY wumy 673-4485 ," Juniorsl37 A Mainsta Food is Jeff Humphrey W s , 'I M fl I I Picture ' ' " T Q - H ?,,,,,,,,. T ll ,, g ini Available .yy Above: Everyone pitches in to make it the most financially fit Jun- ' g ior Class. The students really seemed to enjoy a change from dry peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to juicy hot dogs. Below: Jun- Jin Wheeler Joe Suiter Karen Shannon ior Class guys are geared up for their weekly hot dog sales. The bucks they made all went towards the Junior!Senior Banquet which was held in May, Steve Ewens pours hot water into the ket- tle while Bruce Boggs watches the process. Dave Tucker is super- vising the whole operation and Danny Blondell lines out the hot dog buns on a tray. Keith Neff Larry Shields 'i fm' ?- Charles Ville gas Central Dental Lab 38lJuniors Linda Lanning if i J- Pav-'ea rf, l , W Lee Ann Sanders E3 - WWEL' I ri- l -.A may .. M 2 it 'Q'- , fin. .vig , ii in 4 io. Q . , A si? l .r . i if f Q' '- i ' .. e"1'f ' ia- -'tfQif.T Randy Dorosh Rebecca Brown f Ronnie Bennett Stephanie Baker Steve Ewens V , 4-.1 PH il . r ' i i i. 'TQ Y , ll. WEE: . 'll!!. 2 lll, . fl 31 t .. 1 " slim Fl' .. 'i'2fE1?5E'..7i"2 W' ll fu' 5-?itS'y l7" ,Fi li p-asia? H .,,eq,.::' V , .1 - A . " E' 31' Top right: Linda and Jay take time in the quiet library to read magazines. Bottom left: A typical lunch time group, laughing and being ones self. Botton right: Christy Mefferd converses with her friend Denise for a pause that is refreshing. , ,,y,, JU A i F3I'II1CI'S I1'1SuI'E11'1CC it-'EX' David Gilkeson Agent The DEH Cf I-Cather 4 luggage XZ' giff gfanza. In fifsszgfrcisx X PA'rTERsoNI'2 NIINI NIALL 672-4557 f X GROUP I X ,fir-.izlrffu fnu fr-in Juniors!39 Mx L, lu kr 1 o ,J K -0 -vx f W ,pw Ji!! l. if 1-:wif N? w 5 WY- ,MT gn. NK x X ,,-. M 3, , ki' ,P .' nl' 'F f evil' 1 .' , Y , .f- ' mfs I ---, A w in E fm qu-fa, fl. I +1 ' .Ah-P 593312 'W ff K ,W J.. 5 Bi ' ' " ' U :M wig, K f,,1f, . ,-z:,.- cg HL? 'fnlvffil fx: ' 19.252755 " iQ 1 n,,,Lg,fjz21: X' ' -' ggi? XW' - gel: 11 4 xv: ,JSM , 1, Ai W M, .W,,.: . , ,M , - QQ.: mfs? 5,gggg::.f.S5 ww-f'T za gum WN ww rf Qvssw. xwzfrrgff 5 fa .sa fe, Ze- f wee A " M 2 ,,,y,,h X.y,.: Q. mf me S ., 'H 1.-Z QLQSLZ sk T' :Ei Aff: gk' ,A ,, L ' M.. Q, ,145 H , , ,. K , ze, W f'L1ii,x UL, www efifiw 'ai ' f 4 W 61. :'wfi,XfQ V X " ' 4 L1 :-7255313 M- H, , , My . W, ef .Tiiafgje "f 14 3-Qxmi34N3iQ M- af'-y4??E3??!fE E?" ww xx sissggffg, ,QW S? 'Sita ' ' 'mvsfgi H Wailea? MW ' .wi fm N2 M 41554 Y N ' i . mf .mf - f .-,lf . 1, I f ggggwr ,v 3 3.2: if? fpzfzv-13, 'JM nf i .fm 'fi' - ' ' ,sniff 'zsffifi M 7,1 -1. H T92 5 H ASQ' ' Ea " .E"iE1:4h, ' vs, X7 4 i ...- , A 'wffiflk .LIU 'iX1flWlSS75f Fzzfsyfififi Qs 01? f, an Pi 5. M - msmg ff.. 4'3"a,,,,, mf 'ww H H iii A H "W QM ma,-5, U1 . l - - 'gf - -' 1 iw, , ,.m,g5,,qQ lf li .iw M Q ..:Ef,x', f ' ' u lxxN . Ss . - ' M X -Aw ,Q -sm KH" X i v- ,. ,.,, A-2 ,, :sf 22,3 F 42 2? 1 as we 1 ' ' - - 1, ,z ffm "W A, 5055, ff K wx, M W ,L ' '1 maxi ffm ff- , -A W ' ' 5,5 ' Q, ,,sg,, Q , rw Y -7 in 7, 5,I.v:jf,rx,f Q .1 N: fiswrm xv 5 fvf-gf' -ml , wif: ,. ML W 1125 , ,Ki s ' Q i tx 3. .. if . ,. -'SQESSEF . Six,..g2fsse .aug as , AM, -N ,. ,.f,:lW.KL 4 MM, 63iS55.f ,,f2,gfv, U M X ,1 Y 55 WSW' 5 ?w , Ai, '11, , . fs: E, 2 l gyfj:Q.5,1 w e- ' ,.ffiQeQimsw'k52Qf2 Qezfzagsfsi ,im tifesim isis' . "W fsainiuiz " 3? wg X, - , U E , , . E M - W, :Q .M f xiii min V . ,. iiiiiif My ' E ' 'Z ,M I M , wwf K ,v,igM,.:. Y Lafgziw ,W :QSQL15 ,Cv ' ' ,QMSEES M ' 2 ff me ,.Ewzi2fff SM- 'A 'msn 1- sg mug: mf sa Aim- V '- ,nl 'ggqm , a S75 . - -A i" gg, ,rx 4 ' QMS wtifgzifezg IIHSVZIQ , .1-4.,,,ff, ,mf ,.,,. i :W ,wg ,Q . Q. if wf2w,w- fs, wr: ,QNX ax rg ek1eI,1Lg7 f f ' 2 W NH Q ml J , 5 www M, ,fQ,,,, ,sw gf :mf Q, .,,, FW,V Q, W.. 5 14,-f9'Q5agf.fgf NV- A' fsisszss fi, .,,.. , W 1, mm. txeiffm Aww' .iid -12,512 iw" .-,,:Q:.' M gyms img, L , 132,151 1 K - , ' 1: an xiii 5 :FE , , 515252 i 4555735 , ,if 1, we-vm . J ' 'EZg5iR,, , .,14f213S::m, f1ssPif1IT,l!Ef3f5:' ?fWw 5 ,siiiiieizegszi ' mf' ,1f2,5s2vw -' V gv ' fair, Q53 ?i5'wi, W, we W? '5':P5gw1Iiwi?5'1,1", gy 'W . fs, , f' 1 " W , ' " . vf, 55 Weir egsgwefem, :ke thosg o miielf , E.: .. N- in nm Io I'k ' 'I' feet " Ez we C V911 I 6 C3 VES- ,V V f V Q- fi :fr -- H - .5 1-1-- my 1, my 1 way H ,ww-.Qgy - A ,M vu- 1. -1 wx ,,,+2.2.1if-- gssifik' law' 1? asf- Hi liiiiif' 15515 - 2225? Y x H S Nw - V F' ., 43215115 f fsfekiff' zzienwi Agfa' ' "-4322531 fn, an r i 42!Studenl Council .J The object of the Student Council is to be of service to the student body, to help them with make suggestions to improve school spirit in any way possible. Projects such as homecoming activities, baseball game concessions, elections, graduation, clas and the last day of school picnic are all under the watchful eye of the council. The basketball As the only money raising activity and the funds are used to purchase food for the last day of dent body picnic. x., . it , "' ' Q 1-'sis Tw- N i, ' , , l Top left: Kevin Steele, student council president. Middle: Jennifer Bentley, vice president. Right: Susan Smith, council secretary. Left: Mrs. Kellar sits in on a council meeting as an advisor. Top: Danny Blondell accepted the councils request to organize the concessions at the baseball games. Many students volunteered to help collect door fees and sell food for this money raising activity. The student Council officers are voted into their positions by the high school student body and each class votes for their own representative. Mem- bers for the 79-80 school year were: Kevin Steele, President: Jennifer Bently, vice presi- dent: Susan Smith, secretary: Tim Harden, senior representative, Annette Stone, junior representative, Debbie Smith, sophomore: Dana Braswell, freshman: and Mrs. Kellar, advisor. r m w im' uf if Y mn ,ml Y .,.A- H , -Q75 1 -W fr -'Q' I? .'.:,'7- 'VY 1 2 + mfg: w , . fmu ., jug. :, U ff Q - Tw, m WL- u N . QA ' if ., 29- 2 -ww - ,, , Y 5 - Mgr' N Njffsing Glass , 'H N 1 '4 , , N W, ,N JH- ,-JH. J, my" ,,,!mm'--- mg w 545-fl S M4312 ,. -L Hum , A , -1'lfLf-use d' 'Y 4- -'pk , j 2 2 2 T PUBPQSEOFTHE CLASS: - - E .A.j,Qq'A,F":'- Wk., -"4 Iiiixgsfuhfgig, W - 35,2 - ' H Q g wkgl' .s5,f41,,- 5 , .f'!TFg'f,f-Vafi, '. ' g 5, ww "Nu "5ii"u H 7.1 ' "Wie ww 'Haw um Ywjulm V Elim-fb EMM "V 'M QJ f iff. .,,5ig"'n EE.'?"'f11u2'af , .1 .-,--5' ,, . . ,, ,t . .. V, , , -.Q ,. ' ,, if ,uf ,...4n....M. mL .4 H m wQiw2neadedgqngxbbnqexguw-fgndmfm ff 5553? H , Y, I , N VQ ufjfifgk 4 1 577 3 9 1, gf , --1 E A ' ' -' ' '-152' Qi" - -""n:4Tf:"',"7' 'FT' .Q -'4 ' ' " ' ' '1 ' ' ni ., .-rvs'E T -:. 197 9, .. EEA Lgqrn'irgSMy8Q.g.35 H v 5 Q., --5 -,,,a'Pi " -1- 1'-F ' Egigif, 'WL gg: ,., ""'f" :K 'Q' ,Ip ' w , 1 :ff-,1: f " " k ,yz sa? ag N l 2:s""jg5fE9'ff H' V' ' ' , , Q 11. ' "f'iiieNroi 57' 'HSQ2 ' 222 2 2 Tlpswnma A ififlidnly 59 'EFIRORSW H 55 " ' la 0, wb. ,1W,W., A y, 1 XL -if M Ea Hx' I' If Jlmsm L , . K ww WX Aflvel 2 1 1 f 2-,',. 2. ,H ,R ,S , N BL I ': , w-Wm. M s K' -G .ka -. 14 iff, vu' I, Lx G , Q 1 w .X .w m Mm. " W ' x Q3 my '. - Il ' , ,. " Rl, . a , . 2, H ..,, X W'- , .at Z.. HQW MANY STUDENTS? 2 2 10 LADIES NOILADDIES i 2boys DEREK Congraiulafions Seniors NORDIC PLYWOOD CO. 2486 N.E. Diamond Lake Blvd. 44! Typing W m as 672-26 ii 9 at i --va as Below right: Mrs. Hanyes began instructing the typing class in the old library room the second quarter of the school year. Mr. the typing class found themselves packed very cozy in their own locked closet. They adjusted very well and have accomplished many new skills. The move was necessary to protect the equipment. HMA , WW", :Z :iw in i 5 ' . f ' Qi , W ' r i lofi" ROSEBURG LINEN SUPPLY V il Shelby taught the first ten weeks. Students seem to be happy as they plunk away at drills. Below left: Along came moving day and sua s. E. LANE AVENUE N TiMBEnLAND HOSEBUHGI OREGON TIRE AND TRAIL 2335 N.E. Diamond Lake Boulevard 672- I 663 "" " Roseburg, on 97470 Typing!-15 HOMEMAKING PREPARES US FOR THE FUTURE Students under the direction of Sharon Yost started their work experience by designing and helping to sew the Church Choir Christmas Cantata costumes. The second nine weeks were spent constructing a two piece outfit which would chal- lenge their learned skills. Using wool or a plaid fabric to sew a jacket, skirt, or vest was a new experience. The home interior series was started by visiting a house under construction, Insurance was discussed with the class by David Gilkerson. A family budget was presented to the class by Louis Suiter. Carpeting and interior home decorat- ing was worked out in project form with several visits to Yost Floor Covering. All these were new learning experience fc these students. Cooking was the fourth unit of study and was fun and fa tening. A hungry student is very careful to mix the correc ingredients at the right time so the product is eatable. It i understandable this unit was enjoyed by everyone. Mrs. Yost worked with her students to have a joyful att tude and to be more prepared for making future decisions Many gifts have been given to each of us by God and it is ol, task to apply these gifts. Thank you, Mrs. Yost, for your tim and patience. sae k.,,. - -NW - as r ' fQt,5e. K, S . f ' The Tom Oliver Co. Sewing Machines Vacuum Cleaners 1050 W. Central 459-9746 Sutherlin i John Miguelena Construction General Contractor Myrtle Creek 679-591 Extreme left: A Class planning session with Mrs. Yost is an instense decision making time. Top left: Angie, Shelley, and Carol choose fabric samples at Yosts Floor Center, Bottom left: Mrs. Yost makes suggestions to Shelley and Melanie about their fabric choices. Bottom right: Brian Boggs pours over carpet samples where there are iust too many to choose from. ,vficfrlsf 4' leka.Lhnm.lullfl "Committed to ExceIIence" 477 N.E. Stephens Yosl's Floor Center 672-7737 Mrs. Jerry Haynes is the teacher of this busy class. Beside being responsible for the operation of the school store, this group prepared and sold special hot lunches to students about once each month. An example was the April FooI's Surprise lunch of macaroni and cheese with a green salad to be eaten with a knife. Running the Mini Market gives stu- dents the experience of every phase of business. They learn how to buy whole- sale items so they can be resold at a profit. They must learn to keep the store shelves stocked. Class time is spent counting money, checking bank records, and examining their public relations. Mrs. Haynes con- tributes a steady stream of new ideas and helps to analyze what students want. Beside the usual line of junk food, the store also sold key chains, posters, and knitted Monarch hats. Business Retailing Clas in Charge of Mini Marke .zitml . WEST HARVARD REAL ESTATE B32 WEST HARVARD Western Wire Rope Rmseaunrs, QREGUN 97470 P.0. BOX 89 Roseburg. Oregon Pi-ii:1NE 672-5713 P.i:1. aux 1429 1,3 i ia, Cpf1flb9id9 gQ0W9h9 3Z'!e 3006 eelztez I 1.1 405 S' E' OAK AND GIFTS 42 GA+g:3rgrgBvLT':gFgRsE+gc25qPgngigiJENTER Q 2 2. nossaunc, onscon 97470 If-. v PHONE 672-0228 PHONE 673.7010 50!Choir Choir Encourages Use of Musical Ability The choir develop musical abilities in sight reading and strengthening their voices. The students appreciated Miss Wards dedication to Christ and to the choir. The point that was stressed the most in choir was to sing to the best of our ability for God. The Choir completed two concerts the first of which was "Make it Clear" including two comical skits that eveyone enjoyed. "Make it Clear" was also pre- sented to the Myrtle Creek Church ofthe Nazarene. The second was "Breakfast in Galilee" which portrayed the Love that God gives. Back Row: Rebecca Brown, Lori Johnson, Lee Ann Sanders, Carolyn O'Sullivan, Susie Smith, Sandy Walker, Tim Harden, Dana Bras- well, Annette Stone, Tina Stone, Kathy Baker, Lynette Allen, Marzee Inge, Heather Allen. Middle: Stephanie Baker, Sheila Asbill, Mari- lyn Johnson, Devin Reeser, Keith Neff, Eric Bagwell, Gina Yost, Debi Smith, Lisa Free, Windy Suiter, Deanne Thompson. Front: Debi Smith, Jill Wheeler, Clara Gilbert, Derek Bauder, Erika Foley, Terry Barton, Carrie Powers, Patty Merica, Tammy Braswell and Joi Thran. .iumwnns mm spfcmw. COLORCRAFT PAINT Er WALLPAPER . Ditzler Benjmin Q ' , W num nnoiT Automotive MOOICA 1 I gtsgfiggglis F'n'shes 721 s.E. STEPHENS st. - Roseaunc, oneeou - ' ' ' 672-2252 1 2'lD.W VBUYARD BV Above: Jennifer Bentley, Derek Rauder, Debbie Smith and Lori Johnson do a comical skit to show children's feelings toward church during the musical "Make It Clear." Below: Angie McConnell sings her solo "A Burden for SouIs" also in the musical "Make it CIear." 4? 4: f pigged out. Above: Our fearless leader Debbie Ward skates onward when the choir went on a trip to Skate World in Eugene. Below: The trip ended up at Farrels for that good ol' ice cream. Everyone 'I 11 VZ, 4 I 3 , Q q I P. , saa- N1 I DOUGCO ROOFING, INC. 721 THE PROOF IS IN THE ROOF PHONE 503f672-5978 1008 S. E. FLINT ST. POST OFFICE BOX IOO2 ROSEBURG. OREGON 97470 Choir!5'l Back: Jay Clark, Flonnie Bennett, Darrin Davidson, Devin Reeser. Front: Rachelle Blondell, Darryl Bennett, Renae Blondell, Debbie Ward. The band learned to develop the art of playing in togetherness. Miss Wards goal in ban was to develop technical ability and to improve each individual level to play as a group. There were only six people in band which made it more of an ensamble than a band. The first performance was to entertain people as they found their seats for the Music Departmer Christmas Program. The sound was great considering the small number in the group. Som of the music they played was "Still, Still, Still," and the "Nutcracker Suite" which put their fu talent to work. Thank you Miss Ward for completing this year with us and for your constar encouragement. The band also participated as a pep group with the cheerleaders and shaft: tors to pick up the spirit in the last two basketball games of the season. This was a new ence working on their own in public. 4, CLCLOLS Lt en' Coca-Cola Bottling Company ot Rosebu I TO E H IG H . 612 N. W. Cecllllfloseburg, Oregon 97470f6'I2 ' COR in l f Ze '- K Above left: Ratina Blondell pauses for a moment to study the notes on her music. Right: Miss Ward in a typical directors position. Below left: Jay Clark, Ronnie Bennett, Darrin Davidson, and Devin Reeser put all their wind into making joyful noise unto the Lord. This picture was taken during the Christmas concert. von i Q 1. c PUT M " W" azz s.E. Jackson Band ! 53 Music Department Coast Trip A pleasant friday in March found the Junior and Senior High Choir an Bank members pil- ing into the bus for a weekend away from the pressures of home o and school. Most os the members attended the retreat at Camp Cleawox on the coast close to Florence, Oregon. It was a weekend packed full of fun and relaxation. We played games like 'Capture the Flag' in the dark, hiking and some even tried to go swimming. Saturday night there was a teriffic talent show. The main attraction was the skit 'Casey's Coffins' put on by Jennifer Bentley, Erika Foley , Derek Bauder, Susan Smith, and Joi Thran. Sunday was a normal day of worship except among the trees as our sanctuary. Among the cold rain drops we took communion which was a special time in everyones heart. Thank you Miss Ward for this great week- end. Heather Allen does a very comical skit during the talent show. She kept the crowd awake, alert, and laughing. imw, Above: A delicious spaghetti dinner was eaten by everyone on Friday evening. The cook ing and clean-up was shared by scheduled teams. Below: one of the most popular gather ing places was around the fire to get warm. Pesrz SAW eHoP ,fi FARMERS - f.GI.en Wright, 673-0466 1 'S msunmicz X r GR0,l1E,,Q , zaifgptzxitrr HOMELITE F Husqvarna Symbolohfvpuior Service. I 3:2321 g:g""Ri1'Zg2.3987 1928 E- STEPHENS 54!Choir Retreat ll Z Top Ron Bennett checks the density of the print as he dips it into the next chemical tray. Right: A bit of repair work is needed in the dark room. "Organi- zation of work space and supplies is very important", explains Mr. Bennett. 'gg-M-A iw PHOTOGRAPHY CLASS PUSHED INTO ACTION Mr. Bennett explains the parts of usage of the enlarger. Placement of negative and proper focus is necessary for a good print. Watching and listening are: Dennis Hershkow- itz, Larry Ward and Ron Bennett. ,,4!" A photographer class was taught by Mr. Ben- nett the first half of the year. Some of the instruc- tion included how to use the camera to proper focus and composition. Assignments were book reports, still life, action shots and night shots. Facts about photography came directly from a new textbook, Basic Guide to Photography. Learning to setup a dark room, develop film, and print pictures was a time consuming task. The skills learned were put to use by the annual class to produce the hundreds of pictures needed for the "Lair" Mr. Bennett's goals for his students were to have a better understanding of the cam- era and what it will do for them. He created inter- est and students now have a better understand- ing of picture taking and the process to a com- pleted project. vm-Atvuns Hamas room suPpLs:MeN'rs ROSEBURG NATURAL S3 459-9393 RESTAURANT 1 102 W- Cemfa' 673-7034 sos N. E. -Winchester Sutherlin Photogra phy! 55 -7JFj,., , Ji, 1 l J, 2 ' g ti XS, ..az4wv" Top left: Randy Dorosh spent his class time plus a lot of extra time designing and laying outadvertising for the pages and pages and pages. Top right: Eileen Mullins, our advisor, helps Rebecca Brown make final decisions on pictures to be submitted to the printer. Bottom left: Terry Barton and his good friend Archie do a commercial for the Junior class students to sell annuals. Bottom right: LeeAnn Sanders expresses what annual class can do to a person after several hours of brainston wing. Umpqua Volkswugen!Audi Inc. ' .u ' A I K Wgf' A'LQff"1f'lY 404 SOUTH EAsr STEPHENS smear ff i-If-swim izosesuizc, onecoN 97470 2450 N.E. Stephens Roseburg, Oregon 97470 VOLKSWAGEN 56lAnnuul nnual Publishing Is Hard Work There is no way anyone can know what it is like having a million things to do in a short period of time. This is the pres sure of working in the annual class. Eileen Mullins, the Lair advisor, is supervising the production ofthe NSR's annual for the third year. Under her direction the class often high school students spend many hours a week interviewing, writing and typing writeups, selling ads and books, taking pictures, printing pictures, along with trading various other jobs. Their main goal is to work as a team to be able to get the annual finished on time without losing the high quality with which annuals of previous years have been produced. Progress is slow and cost is really high but as deadlines creep-up the class had learned to pull together. We are work ing toward a creative project in which we can feel a sense of accomplishment. Thank you Mrs. Mullins for your dedication and many extra hours spent with us to complete the LAIR. f- i Ai l .1 .. i M344 so" WT' qi doing an excellent job supervising the dark room, Larry Shields became the "old Dad" with Charles Brown, his son, doing a commercial to sell annuals. Below: A typical scene in the Annual work room with each person scrambling to do his or her assignment. Each student will quickly explain, "this is very technical work." Annual!57 CRAFT CLASS IS STRUNG OUT Projects completed during the year were string art, plaster craft, crystals mobils, macrame' brooms, fabric flowers, sketching and drawing with pen and ink. Mrs. Osborn really kept this group of young men busy. Many of the items were used as gifts much to the enjoyment of fam- ily members. The twelve class members learned to complete a project and be happy with the result. A special Thank You to Judy Osborn for the time she spent and talent she shared with this iv group. ,.., .X .... f .X S -Qui is-Q ESTABLISHED was Qyifsorz 5 Glzczpef of ffm jeoses TELEPHONE 672'26H 965 w. HARVARD BLVD. BURNER S. E. PINE AND LANE RQSEBURGI OREGON 91410 6-13,4455 P. U. BUX 477 'I' RUSEBURG' UREGDN 97470 58fCI'0fIS Christ in Culture class was great only because we caught up on our sleep missed the night before. This was a two quarter class presented the second and third quarters of the school year. The second quarter speeches were drawn out and dry and Francis Schaeffer films were fartoo heavy. The textbook used was also by Schaeffer who students found the material on a different frequency. The tests given in the class were passed by very few stu- dents. Nlrs. McDill spent many hours creating the format of this class which was a required elective for Juniors and Sen- iors. Technical terms used in the construction of term papers and speeches will be helpful in the future but these same things are covered in applied Language Arts therefore we feel the class was an unnecessary duplicate. We got the most out of the last day when we chowed-down on brownies and cookies and watched two Walt Disney mov- ies. Thank you Mrs. McDill for the good brownies. On the positive side, Jennifer Bentley states, "Hey, I got a lot out of that class. It may not seem important to us right pow but it will come back to our minds differently in the utu re." e l n . amiga- gm.. M. k Y f'1h.up0l of the 'Firs 663700019119 864RgSEKJR2AgJREE'2gS'LgZf5VD 1 W. Sixth Bl Branton Sl. Sulherlin, Phone: C5031 459-2281 Right: Mrs McDill concentrates on grading a students test paper Below This is a very rare pose, Bruce Boggs is speechless February 25 thru February 29 was a special week for the Junior high and High School students. Rev. Sturtevant, a youth minister from the Church of the Nazarene in Emmett, Idaho, was our guest. He held individual gab sessions with small groups and dating was the topic of conversation with the High school. The Junior high kids dis- cussed The Last days. Each day the Chapel sessions were a time of spir- itual renewing through Pastor Bob's personal testamony. He reached kids by visiting in the Learning centers, eating junk food from the Monarch Mini Market and shooting baskets outdoors. We appreciated Pastor Bob spending this time with us and wish he could have stayed longer. He promised to remember each of us in prayer and we really believe he will. We can better understand how the kids felt about this week by printing some of their personal comments. Gina Yost - I really enjoyed Pastor Bob's personal testimony. Bill Tucker - In our group we talked about the End Times, It was neat to look forward to that time. Rachelle Blondell - It was neat to have someone that could relate to us. Mark Miguelena - I was impressed with the personal testi- monies and I liked playing basket- ball with Pastor Bob. Shirley Adams - I thought he rela- ted very well to the kids. His talk about conforming to the world s standards was very interesting Bob O'NeiI - I was really impressed with the time that Bob was able to spend with us and hope to have him next yea r. Debbie Smith - I have committed my life to Christ The conversations on guy gal relationships really helped Jill Wheeler - The first day I got a lot out of the part when Pastor Bob talked about everyone being importai and that I don't have to be something big to be important to God Heather Allen - I appreciated Bob because he got to the point' Charlie Brown - I am really fortunate to go to this school and this week I was able to get closer to God Marzee Inge - I liked Bob, he was forceful and it made me listen Susie Smith - He got down to where I live Tim Harden - lt drew me closer to God because I had tried to decieve people to get what I wanted It helped know there were other people that go through the same problems Bob was straight and he was also a fairly goc basketball player. Joe Suiter - Bob was a real down to earth speaker who emphasized that God has a plan for our lives and Gc wants us to be happy. I really got a special thought on how we should submit to authority no matter how mini the situation. Christianity does not remove the burdens but it does give us the love to apply to our lives so th Jesus can have control. cf' ff I f -.I -LTQO , "g"' 1 445-25- ,- , . fy?-nf In"f -.. . i 4--if We The 79-80 school year opened with a change of seating arrangement in the high school learning center. Freshmen, Sophomores, Jr. and Sr. found themselves placed in their own grade level. Daily devotions were established in each group headed by the daily monitor. The devotions were different from day to day depending on the monitor. Reading material did not go over well but tapes listened to from time to time were inter- esting. Students were asked to take turns giving devotions which was more of a challenge than some students were willing to accept. Students did pick up the enthusiasm of those moni- tors who conducted their devotions as a sharing of their excite- ment through Jesus. Some monitors were able to get closer to the students and learn from each other. The students who went to devotion time as a break from paces or with a negative atti- tude found that this time had not added to their lives. Those students who participated were enriched. Chapel service were another source of spiritual input. During the year staff members presented special ideas, sometimes films were viewed. Several missionary speakers visited us and one which all students remember was Les Samuel. He would not allow us to take his picture for safety purposes, he is a Bible smuggler. On Wednesday May 7th, we had a really exciting speaker. Ted Goss and another man peddeled a bicycle from Alaska all the way down to South America then from Florida to Canyon- ville, Oregon where he lives. He traveled a total of 23,000 miles and had intersting experiences along the way. The school really enjoyed watching his slides and listening to his testimony. Spiritual Emphasis I 61 CHAMBER CHOIR IS y ELITE MUSIC GROUP At the beginning ofthe school year, nine senior high students audi- tioned for small group in front of Debbie Ward. Those chosen from the audition joined their voices with the alumni small group members to form a new chamber choir. The dedicated members came to school early three times a week to practice and improve their singing ability, They usually sang for special programs in the church and school. Dur- ing spiritual emphasis week the choir sang "Don't Play the Game" and "Gentle Like You" for the Wednesday and Thursday assemblies. UMPQUA HEALTH AND RACQUET BALL CLUB Add Years to Your Life and Life to Your Years! 62!Chcmber Choir l The Human Bodies parts and function was the main course of study in the Health class taught by Mr. Watkins. Tests and quizzes given required students to study and memorize. These special classes were a different type of learning experience than the normal pace work. Learning to listen in a lecture type presen- tation was a challenge. To complete the class a report was required on any topic chosen by the student on "Health in general." Mrs. Nading presented the Biblical concepts of sex to the girls and Mr. O'Neal taught the sex education series to the boys. The material presented was accepted very well and appreciated in keeping the facts straight. Mrs. Nading's experience as a nurse, mother and wife, quali- fied her very well to answer the girls most personal ques- tions. We appreciate the time Roxy took to share with the girls. f' ,as , Q oNE CALL-THAT'S ALL! Af' viLLiAoE R.v. Q l We have A Canopy For Your Pickup E ' 100 S. E. Main ll Winston, Oregon .. ,-1 Health I 63 641 English English and Applied Language Arts classes were taught by Mrs. Kellar. The students do PACE work and attend lecture classes where the material is explained in detail. Basics in grammar are followed with composition, litera- ture and speeches. Essays, poetry, drama, biographies and novels become fun projects to reinforce and apply what is learned. The language arts stu- dents started the year with field trips to county and college libraries to become acquainted with reference materials. Compositions and speeches were projects some of which became dramatic. To effectively state a thesis to the group is no easy task for a student. Mrs. Kellar's goal was to establish clear communication and this goal was achieved. Right: Susan Smith presents a speech on "Using a Pattern" and she used a McCall's pattern as a visual aid. Below: Mrs. Kellar spends time giving individual help to students. rf... X xilrrzz. ., :iff .X v...,, i iq 'Af . l f.-V41 ' . ., X E, , X I 4 . e R . 1 ' - J . A ' f 13 . ss -5 4 1 1 ... , .fl , is 1351 .4- J i , A55 ' I .. L. af. wi iv, . 1' furry' . ,- l v,.,3 r. '1 V t lg., rf This Page Sponsored bu 1614 9.5. eiephens 673-3291 l i M l 4-Q' Thetfllipplied Language class under th w ec 4 of Mrs Kellar have written very o ou-3, s Here are samples of some of the stu o lex if-x SI M' an-1 el lt's in my past. that ffam , .3 e on na.- f'f ?'t 1" . V .r ' Q " 2 -,I 1 ' -E-" - LE l 1 - X, it 7 if Q t t t t t H WHI' ' ' 1: Vi , , N Ai! hill, .X , ,-.' Q-,iff 'w V1 , tl ' ' 1: 1- 5 L -- ' ' J, if ?"i :' 1 ff?1 1' y we all 'i l if T " 'SA l 1 ' I ll . 9 til 1 ' 5 l 1 t l 5 in , Q l y gill Q K 3 ir j' ' ' SQ, : ' I ' ' E. 1 l rrr fs t it H it it ll-M like through Now for the ,and then the sunny I - i making ti' it mus1lriqg,11y1,i3-ggfvgggid if with sweat 6n myebro .ff "'d'5Wl"'U'7 I mustgoypnl l I -Mt fig l We didn't we dont want g X ,, , it .J A The background picture is the debating session. Jim Lanning and Susan Smith I the Con viewpoint of the topic, Should we the Olympics. Linda Lanning and Randy presented the Pro side. bY Daiien, cykef l lf? sea but now we're here lggg l N f 3, W ll ul- ill e ' ,nl V-,--e., ,., 3 ,,-', by Susan Sfnith ai - Q Wt- JP l xl il if H, Mm Nllligggghl L!- EngIish!65 4 L e 1- I 4' 1 J L H in all- - NELSON at PYLE 1.1-I woonwomuwe, mc. Wayne Bentley Weldmg HEART WARMER STOVES Bus. PH. f5C3, 7 Mr. Watkins meets with groups of students for special help in the math classes. The paces are used and each student works at his own level. It is very helpful to have a small group with an instructor readily available to explain a problem. ln basic math many times a question by one student can be explained to the group which helps open communication within each student to help each other. Mr. Watkins also has classes in algebra, geometry, and physical science. Q - Math ! 67 ' 4l'MQai E U4 - U i 6. 1 A f . u A 5 ..X H . 1 K W . ,Q - ' ' 'Nl' Ax 56.1 il .1 1 Vi 'Qiigg If f n - , ,' 3 5. 5 :" Aff' --1. , 'Wig 21,?r5.' if rg m f f. .i,.A X 'lj' g jln img? . 5 , Q . Er .t , E ' A . 5 1.- 5. N Y if av' 'A -Q' - - 1------I V rwjki 4-' 4'-ggwifr K ,' --lfl S- . I 4, ., -'QJHrmmrpsS: f -4 'IH .. Q . . .- ' as' ..' . ' , ' ,gg - ' ' A L I Q , fra: tb Q , , wi: rl y , M V A ef, 1:-,L . ..,.,.aL,.:ga, A-, X ' , 'QRS' , L hP QfQsf U' i 40 G x , X752 ' fm v 1 , . 4. 7 F I 1 4 n ' n EV- 'i lllll' 'Q I r n 3. X, 1 fl!3,- . Quill - Iliff ? va We A 1. I T -F .f x 4 . .- Y F Y 1? I ,. L iff? ' X -N ML Fu f. ff , , -1, ,, iw. I ,Ui , . ,2,wp,,1f,:'v NA - , fs, . . 11151: , ,ps , '- 4 - Zig f ,. - V4 , 4-wif ' i'-14-rf--ff-ff-'w:f'f?: ,5Lt'g,a,1422'wii::,, , ::11,L'1i f ?:t1,::::v:::::::, V f'WJ'25f'r V 4 ff 4' 4 f 73, . iz, , - A ' N -' -f 533, f 517,3-y,3fff,5fqif .,c,,,,,11aI,,,,,f x ,Q ' 'wv,i:1f:f,g,w' I gfggg-f-9 , , ,V , f " - 'f ,' '727l1'T'f121'f'i f 2. ' g"f':'i1,l,' 'wg ' q ' , ,,'Q,V:,,7i?lf:T:5 fm, ,, ww , ., i in in V l, , Q , ' 1 aff? -3 . , .. 1hw.,Q, , .,-wg ,qLf.y1. ,K , 555359 iw- H ff. . .J ,,fsfe,'::v,:s1,:-',f', W 515111, . ,fx .nfs ' , , , , ,- , , I 1 .,-I -.13 r in JUNIOR VARSITY VOLLEYBALL TEAM: Back row: Melanie Boggs, Rhonda Bracamontes, Coach Watkins, Carole Conn, Clara Gilbert. Front row:Debbie Smith, Lachelle Farr, and Angie McConnell. Congratulations team for showing spirit and friendship with each other through a rough season. 'eat 3.5 'wifi Debbie Smith falls to her knees to get under the ball for a smashing bump to a team partner for HELP. FOR A BEDDER NITES SLEEP Sponsored By rxtxfap DR. PIPER ' ' fx Sutherlm s Discount Waterbeds 1050 S Comstock Exit 135 70!VoIIeyboIl O I r 6. COACH HAS NEW EXPERIENCE Coach Tom Watkins had this to say about the 1979 Volleyball season. "I felt this years team was successful from the standpoint of learning to rep- resent Christ as an athlete. I believe winning to be a relative thing if you have the talent and can execute the fundamentals of a sport, you will win. How you win depends upon the willingness of the individual member to sacrifice Cputting others ahead of yourselfl and of the coach to demand preformance. This was my first year working with female athletes. It was a frustrating year a great learning experience for me. The difference between the motivation of girls and guys is different and hard to describe. As a Coach, I probably failed in this area. Our team was young and we did not have a great deal of experience. Most teams we played had girls who had played competitive volleyball for two to four years. That gives them a great deal of consistencey which our team did not have. When we were playing well we were as good as anyone but we were not able to sustain throughout an entire match. Individually, Susan Smith and Dondi Crowe were as good as the top players in the league, yet because of our inability in point scoring they did not get recognition from the league which they deserved. The Junior Varsity team did play more consistently and improved a great deal during the season. I am really looking forward to a brighter future for the girls in volley- - ---- art- : I. ban." Top picture: Debbie Smith tries to listen as Coach Watkins gives directions. Below: Angie McConnell runs in to substitute for Lachelle Farr while it 10, Wendy Suiter, nervously blows a bub- ble with her gum. LL 4,932 1980 Nia. STEPHENS , .3 U xg' PU' RosEauRG.oREooN 9'-" Q33 uP 97470 , AN' Volleyball!7'I VAR IT T ttii VOLLEYBALL "Don't have cement shoes!" yelled coach Tom Watkins. lt was one of the many irritating comments made to the girls playing volleyball. Although he was a very good coach the com- ments did not motivate the girls. Coach Watkins later said, "I have to coach girls differently than boys. Yell at girls and they do worse, even cry. Then I become embarrased and my face turns red." The girls felt they had improved their skill from the previous year. We exercised more and learned to be agressive. lt was different having a man coach. The girls enjoyed getting to know their coach and appreciated his involvement with the team. Picture to right: Before a game, each girl shakes hands with Q. the player in the same position on the other team. This is sportsmanship in action. 'll' , eig '-f . ' 'r '-fi M. . Q Y . ,L ' '-1' " ee ,, . , ' ' W1 Vwfiu Afiiiilu. ig-.. T Wil X ' X' ' .'i'f' i - We -..'- 'ff--' 1:-Y K ' fu -.-.. .... - ' V ,Li f ,,,,."-1452+-"ir f-- Y 2- --,Y " - 1. -- --- ---...E d lx it , X X v ii 'mi EJ 'H lift" A". A im L -411 Q Lu K 'f' s v i f f u. r ,I 1 i JM 'W - .1 - .5 ' - . - Y . ,tggq Y H - - T f ' 1 f if E 3'-"Tra it ' his 1 ff ,, ,, . N i U! 1 ,f -. Q Coach Watkins checks on details with the scorekeeper. MVWT ' NU A N' iw il? e Qlzkee Stauea of Waaelazg - 2583 wast HARvARo .:, ROSEBURG, OREGON 97470 72!VolIeyboIl V 'Q Mullins stretches to set up the ball for himself sitting on the chair. Varsity Volleyball Team: Back row: Windy Sui- ter, Debbie Smith, Coach Watkins, Carole Conn, Tammy Mullins. Middle: Stephanie Baker, Rebecca Borwn, Susan Smith. Front: Dondi Crowe and Jennifer Bentley. Below left: Tammy Dondi Crowe to get a good spike. Right: Coach Wat- kins shows great restraint as he tries to keep Q enemies Lea IEZQUTW Cgfmmmmam yy 573j'g'gf,EX5 WE TEACH ALL PHASES OF BEAUTY CULTURE X"'x'HEIEFjjj'jfig55s,f Volleyball! 73 74! Basketball Derek Bogue 6'0" Senior Derek was voted team captain and was a real encouragement to the players. His drive and enthusiasm was caught by the rest of the team. He has great quickness and a strong desire to play a tough game. Derek has the potential to become a great basketball player. Kevin was a very good defen- sive player and did a good job of handling the ball. He developed more confidence as the season moved along. I H 4' '55 2 ff' Coach Richardson is usuallly a very calm, decisive person. At the moment the camera caught his expression of, "Bauder, that's three on you." Jim Laning 5'10" Senior Jim was an ecouragement all the players this year. always hustled and showed great desire to compete. Tim was one ofthe best offe sive players ot the Big Fir leagt His height made it hard to ke him from scoring. Tim w selected to the Big Fir team tl year which represents the ten players in the league. Kevin Steele 5'1 O" Tim Hafqen 5'5" Senior Senior Bruce Boggs 6'4" Junior Bruce was probably the most improved player for the team He has a lot of strength and endur ance under the basket Bruce will be a strong player for next years team Derek came in to the team at the end of the season to be a starter and did a very good job He is a good shot and gained in confidence and skill Derek Bauder 6'0" Junior 51 if l l . t y Kevin shoots trying to rack up more points for the Monarchs. While Tim is ready to get the rebound just in case. Devin Reese 6'0" Junior Devin was a good defensive player, his biggest strength was quickness which increased the teams speed. He showed a great deal of improvement thru the season. Keith was a valuable player on the team. He worked hard on perfecting shooting and ball handling. Keith made good prog- ress throughout the season in these areas. Keith Neff 5'8" Junior aqskefbalif75 76!BcsketboII 1 6l3ll Junior Ron did a good job of backing up our players. He made several key baskets during the season and he showed good overall improvement. Brian has a lot of potential. He is a very competitive player, moves .well and should do a super job with future teams. Brian Boggs 5'9" Sophomore l I .' A. 5 4 l Q S B 'fir Back row: Coach Butch Richardson, Brian Boggs, Derek Bauder, Kevin Steele, Keith Neff, Coach Tom Watkins. Front row: Ron Ben- nett, Tim Harden, Derek Bogue, Bruce Boggs and Devin Reese. Missing from picture: Jim Lanning. FUTURE TEAMS HAVE PGTENTIAL The Nazarene High School basketball team had a very challenging season. It was somewhat discouraging because the team felt that they didn't play the kind of ball they were capable of. The coaches and players learned a lot about playing as a team. They felt that they represented Christ which was one of Coach Richardsons main goals. The guys felt they were drawn closer to God. Derek Bogue, the team captain, expects the team to be in the top five in the next two or three years. He felt that for playing in the league two years we have done very well. This year we were in the heart of the battle up until the last two games. A few of the players did admit that it was hard to lose, but it did encourage them to try twice as hard next year. DRIVE-N-SAVE MARKET Each player worked hard to maintain eligibility which showed how much he cared about supporting the team. They really appreciated the support from the faithful cheerleaders and routers. Coach Richardson has a lot of good things to say about each player. He thinks that the team has good potential. We are taking this opportunity to thank Mr. Richardson for the time and spirtitual influence he gave the varsity basket- ball team. Thank you to Coach Watkins for his constent ecouragement and enthusiasm. To Derek Bogue, Boo for coming down with Mono before the end of the season, we missed you guy. To Devin Reeser, we hope you can grow all the skin back on your body that you scrapped on to the floor during the season. Roseburg Winston Basketbcll!77 ARSITY C EERS The five varsity cheerleaders have a total of eleven years experience which gave them a lot of confidence. Organizational things such as their outfits, practice times, cheers to use and when to use them were not a hassle. The young ladies were unified in Spirit and still able to keep their individuality. Being comfortable in an outfit is important and the girls were happy with the Sweaters they purchased. Each girl sewed together her own skirt from a kit. Money was raised by the group thru car washes, a bowlathon, and corn dog sales. ' ln practice sessions the girls put together some new acrobatic programs which were fun but when game time arrived they just plain chickened out. Well, there is always another year. ..,' ' fi Q 1 +2- Susie Smith Jill Wheeler 19' . Sue Conn Rebecca Brown Carole Conn Right Beginning of the season found each ofthe girls painting her shoes in order to haye the color scheme of gold, white, and brown complete. Felt tip pens came in handy but Susan Smith needs a much more steady hand. Top: ls it possible that two points have just been made? The cheerleaders excitement makes game time more rowdy. Varsity Cheerleaders! 79 fl t V, fi..-V - -, A ,, f : '14,- 4 - QV ". ' ' 'i s 4 J , , g J . I-'L if iv N . ix? 1 Q-nf wif., A W. -. 1 15: ,, ' . -nf? " N i 80! Basketball g 1 Q i Q K, . 1 - s 1 . ,- Back row: Doug McConnell, Dan Merica, Darrin Davidson, Jarrod Lathrop, Marc Miguelena. Front row: Steve Neff, Os born, J. R. Adams, and Matthew Miguelena. Comparie prices at Fast Friendly Service Prescription A great lay-up done by Daren Davidson Doug Mc Connell is having a hard time passing through defense. North Town and 464 S.E. Jackson - R lj'- , Y -4 Ur I . 1 fm lq-Z5 I A special thank you to Mr. Adams and Tim Harden for their effort and time they spent with the boys. Roseburg Wholesale Produce PLUMBING AE, The 79-80 season was a real rewarding time for the Jr. High Basketball team. The team felt that they did good with a 10-3 record. Many of the guys felt that they improved in their ability to play. They really appreciated Mr. Adams as their coach. He was a real encouragement to the team. After talking with the team their favorite reason for playing basketball was the feeling of accomplishment after winning a game. They really appreciated the support from the routers that faithfully came to every game. The Jr. High team is looking forward to next years basketball season. 1 feouksge-5:30 Mon f-- 672-2402 '13"'55"' 863-S244 l40 N.E. Pacific Highway, ln City Basketball! 81 82l Basketball Ci Q Back row: Coach Tom Watkins, Brian Boggs, Ronnie Bennett, Charlie Brown, Andy Nelson, Joey Free, Coach Richardson. Front row: Mark Gray, Kirk Osborn, Brian Davidson, Brent Pitchford, Keith Neff. The J.V. team this year worked hard to improve in their skills in basketball. As a team they would have liked to have done better. Coach Watkins was a good coach always emphasized perfection. He worked on trying to steadily improve throughout the season in the area of attitude, skill and aggressive styles of play. The most important thing was to represent Christ as ath- letes in attitude and style of play. Coach Watkins felt that the Junior varsity team was limited in the area of mental attitude and a lack of the fundamental skills necessary to compete on their level. The Big Fir League, which was mainly due to the incovienent practice situation. The team did play the last two games with the intensity and desire that would characterize the kind of athlete God wants us to be. A few of the players felt that Coach Watkins was demanding and they thought they could T play better with a more organized practice schedule. The team has a great potential to beome number one in the league in the future. Many players retorted, "We are going to do better next y tvli ' W , T f of 45-f-+A ve-af-" lll it ,tl- C T fi "' - 4 i '-Vibmggei ' 2.1: - :qw , A- ii .nail , ' 1 1 ' x.-A ii ii ii 1 il 1 ws? ,, . fr., iii ' . i r--..... .1 W. 4 lf. "gp " ,ZZ 'ff .L-KIIH ,"',:'3P . z' ag.?sP". 3 5 . 'K f Z , M. Q ' A'-. -fb 'H-uh' F ,C -u . La K I .i3.."- JV Basketball I 83 i l Below: The cheerleaders had fun organizing the homecoming pep rally. Shav- ing a balloon was a messy consequence. Right: Mascot, Clara Gilbert lying on the floor. First row: Lachelle Farr, Shelley Osborne, and Sandy Walker. Middle: Windy Suiter, Melanie Boggs. Top:Debi Smith. ff i. .-11110 - Fire - Honzemvnerx - Farnzowners - Mobile Home e Life' - Health EENDERS 'IIVII YOU Iliff Sf SSIJBASCE 34fV0fSifY Cheeflwdefi 100 E. Central - Sutherlin, Oregon 97479 - Phone 459-2650 'x 15235 Y.-J? 1 Q Melanie Boggs A Maureen Farr CAdvisorJ Windy Suiter W'f-.-.:.,.i5 3" -F' Shelley Osborne fCapta inj Debi Smith Junior Varsity Cheerleaders Ecnourage Team Spirit Sweat, fun, hoarse throats and freezing weather have all become part of treasured and not so treasured memories of the J.V. Cheerleaders. We had a lot of problems this year" said the captain Shelley Osborne, "But together we worked them out and as a result we grew closer together." Melanie Boggs said, "lt'was'aIot better than last year. I'm not sure if it was because this was our second year and we were more experienced or if it was the unity between us." lt was alot of fun and very enjoyable this year. We had nice uniforms and we felt we looked good." Lachelle said. Throughout the entire season the Cheerleaders encouraged the team with their spirit. A special thank you to Maureen Farr for the encouragement and kindness to all the cheerleaders. She presented a corsage to each of us at the first home basketball game and for the Homecoming Game. Thank you, Maureen. Lachelle Farr Sandy Walker at wha' CheerIeaders!85 .4- 1 The annual father-son bas- ketball game was held at Rose School. The old-acting men went up against the Junior Varsity and Varsity basketball team. As it turned out, they proved to be some tough com petition. The boys needed some extra points, so eight year old Troy Nlullins' popped a basket for two points, but it just was not enough to win the game. ugh 1, ,,,...,-Y ..,..,..---v ,lf P I ..,. 5 ef --...,NsQ-I -x ,'. !' -L-"' . my wg VT'-V - ,' :fm T' A The basketball team had two fund-raising activities. They were woodcutting and a bas- ketball game, which they played against volun teer fathers and friends. The team took pledges from individuals of an amount of money per basket to off set the cost of equip- ment and officials for the games. The wood- cutting project brought in about two hundred dollars for the athletic fund. 4' .., T. n . ?' ' 5 im ...i - Do-sae D ' 5031672-6641 727 5.E. CASS o ROSEBURG. OR 97470 ua:- gm? SE! c5- Benq 1.25 1: n sig in-2 sw 2255 :u3Q 203 .'ItI!'-.. 55' 525 595 :ogg 5019-L 'icu 515 :mf :UIQ Llguv 'lrrg 'o 533. mga :n3'l0 E02 9,55 N QQ. Q-'Q m gn O2 .. 3-co mf 'QFV no 9.3 31 :fx on "'5. gr. m: nec: QS Wo. .il CD33 'il .P L. ,, ..-. ,,,. . - l 135 of tw Q is . ,Q 2... "' WALDENBOOK Roseburg Valley lVlall ii EE SPIRIT il i - Homecoming King and Queen, Jennifer Bentley and Derek Bogue. They were chosen by their over all spirit, their participation in sports and their spiritual leadership. -0- U Z. o -" -1-"' HS3, cg 1gQmgs Q- H Q O -to CD I If, :Si -fsgqgfv C'D3"'S'3g"4.-0-QXW1 Snow 3229-iu,5g39h9 03413 C,-cn:xU-QQ-ww-+ CD-4g-pm ..,xgQn,OU7m0'-+ZJ' Twwu mg,-,.4fC,43'5-CD 1 nj N.,,. 3053 3955352523 50'3.5'm 5'-+'DwwmoE.5,'S O3-253 OgI.E.E33g-3 51CDrBU' g:'gcpEQ-SmQ,Q- Dom -Z 'Q.-. -4 2'-'4 efgef- see:-5-2.5222 6"'3mp3 Qaggtngi-f3lS',' EWS"-I7 8523-SSQESQY3 231955 Qg5Q835-2:5 -. - 0 Elggi SEg7:'52gcng3 9.36133 3Q3328ES':0 3'-'-wfbm CD2--+I'cn::sO'O 0 "+m . 'im OC 'Oc 3 'D man. :gn "' 'NU -.4 853 mgygio' 53:33-:DC SQ. 55',?,g5 Qgggmzagpz 5QUcJ"4E" -415'3:mw5U mffio m"" GJNGDOYDO w-.o-g7:ESOmw43-.:13 wo Om 13NCDQ.1tnQ-V' 3'40:"'4m 1-3 u1O U'SfD'UgDmNNgQ-.j:viC'oa rn :cb-fn:-4 -1:3cucn,,, 5'SD-6-123-Q CQNQQQ-121+ O. co"'-4irn23,g'S3cJ"Fm-:gm U-c9m'33m::-43-Q-N.45'DoE gmc-cn Jcoimgugc-:'Q,+5' 321Ef'z2-seen-39.22205 -4- 'Dwmmg'f,,0n.O'Q.CDcog'1 Qfsnefooafeeiawg mm-.fj1-,E-Q gi-..o 00534-Disofp-5049 asm? Q-. 3 4 mln CQ ':"'SmrD3cD3" -m 3-Tel fo-.gzQ3.'g15'3g235'S'4 ,fD.,,fDm5n:'fCO3'.t'DO.fD,-+!D Ji! is if I .f Mark Gray poses in his crazy day outfit which was a good cover-up. This Page Sponsored bg Keller Lumber Compang 88lSpiril Week Keith Neff relaxes in his office in his Western Gear giving the impression, "I would rather be panning goId." ' '+ft2-. fl irt The movie which was shown after the Friday night game was boring, but the food prepared by the Mothers Committees was great. Dipping a variety of fruit and cake into chocolate or marshmallow fondue style was different. kfsfif 8dW?-'i'n, 11 5 8 1 Y' ' '., .fi X -Z" ii -gens! A very original idea for Crazy Day was Jim Lanning and Steve Ewens searching for a high wave to surf across the reflecting pool. This Page Sponsored by Douglas County Lumber ' Spirit Week I 89 via-5 'R ?N m QA I- WEB 'WWW in. Q '51 'Sid W w F if F 'D 'fl 1 . J , I 'x hx, 'UH , , ,, 4 ,I , A ff ff- , .J -, X- k f S ,fi rv- ' Q 1 f ' 10 ' 11 18" 'I In N W f We - r I., 4 1 ,- r Tift' I fs' , 1 as .12 Y ,' ,ff 6' . V . Q flh- ' Q, ,, F T fi Y 4 s QV-V , Y I M LJ,-, . U' an . - 1 -1 G 1 f I uf 1. f . , m .1-.gil 1 ff 1 11, I da ,, 5' I . f 1 .1 wwf ' A , - ,.. Y A...,-,.,,2,Y. .NZM My V- , , fa M , , 3131 i i V I , E Q 5 si X K 5 1795K 6 U 1: X , ,. H as l 2 X K X l ,gf fx . S Y T , .. ,,,,,,,, - , , .,,.-g -nf, ,,,.,,Y, ,, , ,W ,, , ., ,FZ W :file , Jw. , Y, L ' Q X :gg gg gig. , . ,, , F ,Lf ,q,j,,, - ,,1: Higgs, iii 2, EQ, ' g .Q , g S, A ,, -V '. 1 A 7,11 2 V . wg? ,.,er2QgzS,5' . W .xgwkg 4 , S2 v, 2, ,4 , QF W, , . , . gk, .MHQEM .5i,,,.,. : : I. ,L 55 ., ,, :sf , V. V 1 t ,, , . w- ggi V1 ku K 51 . .f , A X. 4 v .i -it - ,mf W , N -im ,N 1 Y - ' ffl 'iff ' 'i2,S21gl:z::f2 iisim W' , we- 225252-in .,.1-6.-Qaii. 2: :H ' X' 1:14:11 - 35522299 ' 3 'lf' ' E 1 , 2 . 22552 v . - Q Q -- , - 5 - V gr , ' ' . - 1 H ,vga - -wswwfl A + , -' 1 2 . A v , f My if Y ' ' 'Sa 4 ' ' ' ug was . ' 5' . I ,LL w 5 ,wg,Sgse 5542521 . 'Q . JZ. vzfgzvvsgzz E-A M55 , mff5V-'Q'1 ,f :MJ5 1235: .X Aff 1' ' MJ- ' VJ: W L f S ff1?i'59 - WG ' , y Y Wfggsvsew? " R , , cf. 1 . " ' ' , ' SE , i - jf',f1.3 A- , Yr' H lily W F 7 Egg Egg U .Q-fpidg-' 11+ f K '-.1 ' A--,, - ffm '-PI" ,fd - -if .f:,,'.f:: 7 , 1 .- ' , K K r 1 W -W X A , , ,C xii gl, f W f ' H5 s if f x , 1 , I " 5 A532 f 9 'R , S ,W ,f,,gJ:55 v I 1 , 1. v K 3 8 uf yu , 1 W W 1 1 2 we 3 , A xi 5 -' M- iii? - K l gs' .,f5i?Q ., X K2 4 .. -. ' 3325 .. , 31+ 'X if ' ,fflwff "And the streets ofthe city shall be full bpyi M N and girlsfplayinggin the streetgii 2 k Q Z Zecharfhh 8:5?f Q1 m .M 5:13, W I , K ,. arg? ZW: , - H- , . V iw., In PAGES FOR BOOKWORM Right: Each Tuesday Mrs. Wheeler and Mrs. Simpson were busy getting new books ready to be put out on the shelves, Below: Mrs. Peters and Mrs. Baker enjoy each others com- pany as they work in the Library. Mrs Baker was responsi- ble for the organization of the project. Far Right: Mrs. Leishmans first grade students are having a story time as a reward for pace work completed. This use of entertain- ing books encourages kids to do leisure reading to increase their word comprehension. Tom Findlay Livestock 81 Roping 54: Ri. 3 Box 380 Roseburg OR 672-2908 92 I Library Many hours of work have been spent putting the library into working order. Volunteer ladies did a labor of love directed by Chole Baker. They learned to catergorize books and paperbacks into fiction and non-fiction, separate and record biographies, religion, reference or reading books. Magazines are also available to be checked out by Jun- ior and Senior High students. Reference books are used in the library for reports and dictionaries are the most widely used books. There are a good supply of books for the young children and they have a story time once a week. ' A Book Fair was held in March as a church function to learn about the use of books and to have books and equipment donated to the library. The response for donations was small due to poor economic conditions and a repeat may be done in the future. Donated books had to be cleaned up, repaired, stamped, categorized, cards typed and recorded before being placed on the shelf. lt is hoped the library can be opened for adult use sometime during the next year. The need may arise to expand to larger facilities in the near future. ROSEBURG ANSWERING ROBINSON BUILDING SERVICE SUPPLY 980 S.E. Stephens Richard Delaney - Chuck Johnson 459-9009 919 W. Central 673-C661 Library! 93 AC Awards and words of encourage- ment were given to sports participants by the coaches. Two year award let- ters were received by Rebecca Brown, Dondi Crowe, Susan Smith, Tammy Mullins, Tim Harden, and Kevin Steele. Special speaker: Jerry Powers is saying, "Did you have to take my picture just now?" ' ' T 1 1 ft P 53 wif U t ' T'l'E3'?s'lfjN' df" ,A',. ' I 1 I sg Q if 94 I Sports Dessert The sports dessert was held Friday night, May 16th, with Tom Watkins as Master of Ceremonies. The athletes and cheerleaders were given awards for their participation in sports. Pie and cake: cookies and donutsg coffee and punch, were dev- oured by everyone present. The coffee kept everyone awake and the sugar kept everyone alive. Jerry Powers spoke about an ath- letes attitude. The perspective of a christian athlete in recognizing his ability. Mr. Powers is staff coordinator for Church of the Nazarene. Award certificates were presented by Mr. Watkins to the J.V. and Varsity volleyball players. The Varsity girls also received award letters. Mr. Adams presented certificates to Junior High basketball players. J.V. basketball players received certificates from Mr. Watkins. The Varsity basketball players received award letters from Mr. Richardson. The J.V. players gave the J.V. cheerleaders carnations for their support over the season. Maureen Farr presented the Varsity cheerleaders with award letters. Thank-you gifts were given to each of the coaches. Mr. Adams received a shirt labeled "l'm the Coach." Mr. Richardson a beau- tiful yellow and red sweatsuit. Mr. Watkins was given a gift certifi- cate and a record album. . '- - R , Q -. 4 Exit 'iif New .,,, mi up-'gr' st. fi 2 . Sports Dessert X 95 -'H' .. .-i. . 1 , I J we 'x, ' 'N . s 2 ,. . fz .. o , 4 . an A., Z D in , Q , . . ' gg! has. V , -. 3 f , -f e in ' Q 1 . . we ?gur-af kg- 4. ,," X w -P", H. A is 1 R N M K , s aff Q E P. :P 1 v . lr L, A" Q ,,, -Q N ff , From all corner of our school echo the tones of the word GROSS frim lips of people of all ages. It has become a very popular adjective with young people. What do we mean and why is the word used so frequently? According to Websters Dictionary, GROSS means stupid, vulgar, and burly. Our roving reporter discovered kids agree to their meaning, sick and disgusting. Erika Foley said, "l probably use the word more than I realize, it's a habit. There is no other word that fits better, GROSS says it all!" On the choir retreat, for breakfast one morning everyone had scrambled eggs, hashbrowns and cheese all mixed together. Some smeared ketchup on top of the whole plate. Clara Gilbert became sick when looking at one persons plate and said, "lt looks like someone blew chunks." That state- ment is gross! Larry Shields commented, "I used to use that phrase but it sounds bad so I quit saying it. I think Clara stopped saying it too." Mr. O'Neal said, "Gross is 144." Mrs. Mullins com- mented, "l remember when the word gross counted for something, like a box of pencils or chalk. We ordered sup- plies bythe gross which meant twelve dozen." Students who got jobs this year learned very quickly the net income was a lot different than the gross. After taxes were deducted from the gross income, the net take home pay was a lot less money. Gross weight as painted on trucks means per ton or 2,240 pounds. Sandy Walker has this to say about the word gross. "lt is a very poetic word describing some peoples inner personal- ity." Heather AlIen's comment is, "I use it when something is sickening, vulgar or repulsive." Melanie Boggs says the word gross is easier to say than the word revolting. Annette Stone claims, "lf I keep hearing the word over and over, soon it is drilled in my head and I don't realize saying the word all the time." Gross has different meanings to people and it seems overly used by young folk these days. The word is here to stay but I feel the sickening and disgusting meaning is a passing phase. During my research of this word I discovered several fami- lies with the last name of Gross. A thought occured to me, if we had a student with the family name, would we use the word as an adjective as frequently as we do? I think not. by Linda Lanning ' 1 ' ' ' . .. ii.. it 5 !.' ., 1.4, +I L, we ,AMW - . z . Q , : -.,. '-.fq fy, - Q '. 'xlfwii-"'s' - I A . f i,4t.,,, .-- 41 1' 1 ,,..',-iff. 'I' " if era-. -f '-1 Zn . ' . ' H-Mfr' Feature I 97 SPECIAL PLAY SPECIAL PROGRAMS SPECIAL PEOPLE Smiling and Singing first, second and third grade students during the Spring pro- gram. They worked hard andthe effort showed in the sound of their voices. Middle: The Acting Lambs from the musical "His Fleece was White as Snow" presented by fourth, fifth, and sixth graders. The animals in the story were cute and they did a good job at the memorization of their parts, Bottom left: A clarinet trio consisting of Rac- helle Blondell, Darryl Bennett and Renae Blondell. Bot- tom right: A great cast! The high school choir pre- sented "Breakfast in Galilee" a musical about Jesus's life on earth. It was presented to our family and friends on May 19th and a second program at the First Baptist Church. YOU CANT BUY BETTER DRY CLEANING Garden Valley Shopping Center H Roseburg, Oregon "" Wm 5 672-3741 - Dining Room - Restaurant- Lounge PHONE 6-,3 929, 98 1 Activities f vi. 1? ' if T is Si 7 if . l, . -, ., nqq ' -'1..-. iiwil i . ' 'lf"A-- .1 ,341 -.wks X .P ,i . I 1' P , i, , H:-x I ' ' V t TI .-N , Q ,M u e , fs , - - ' -V7-V .,, I V '- A 'J 4' , Lag.-. " 'W :Ev-"'g'.'!,..:.. ' -..- Douglas Security, Inc Burglar Alarm Installation and Service Delaney and Johnson Owners S G , 980 S.E. Stephens Fioseburo 672-3774 Left: A really neat Chapel time was spent with George Insley, mis- sionary with the Wycliffe Bible Translators. He is stationed in Brazil and furlow time is spent in Roseburg. The curios shared with us were very different. Below: Beginning Band students during their first public performance in the May Concert. Below left: Butch Rich- ardson treated all kids in his learning center who memorized their scriptures to a picnic lunch in Stewart Park. Bottom right: Terry Bar ton and Archie introducing the members ofthe Small group Choir. i if ii H it WH ,i .ii ,ii i V ,M ts. .,,: ni, 1ii.,miii,.ii,ii :iii ,, iz" lllliiigsgaf-lil' it xl' W it ""i ifiirgu 1 l i Friendliest Store in Town Roseburg Valley Mall 99 Jeff Leech, an employee ofthe Wild Life Safari, presented an interesting program of Birds of Prey. He was very care- ful in handling this Eagle since it was very new to being in public. Bottom left: Carolyn O'Sullivan and Bruce Boggs are busy making the six foot tassle to be presented to the most scholarly Senior at the Jr. Sr. Banquet. Bottom right: Two Deputies from the Douglas County Sheriffs Depart- i ' 'ji ' N ' l ment presented a talk to the High School students on Traf- , . 5 5 5 fic Safety. i 1r" 3 l U t1', j . 3 3 l l 4 ? . i , 3 ., B 1 5 ,- I K .2 5. I :L - l ,JL . f -is " l .... 1 . l l ll' i t it 2 4 1 .' nvx.:ar.....A gg, This Page Sponsored bg Western States Farms 8: Ranches. Inc. 622 W. Pilger, Roseburg. Oregon 97470 if?-7 . , I . Q UITIPOUH .l The fourth, fifth, and sixth grade learning center took a field trip to the Veterans Hospital. They entertained the patients by singing a few songs they had learned in music classes. Below: Mrs. Osborn took her senior I high art class to the coast to show . their artistic abilities in the sand. Get 4 them in front of the camera and look 'A , . at them show off those . . . muscles? BRYANTS APPAREL Roseburg Valley Mall 572-2072 808 SE LANE ST. 673.5973 Activities X 101 1...-1 IS THIS TALE T? April 29th was the night for the annual talent show. lt was one of the funnest fund-raisers for the Junior!Senior Banquet. A few of the high school students got up enough courage to participate and show just what kind of talent they have. The Junior Class sold pies for rais- ing money to go towards the JuniorfSenior Banquet. They raised a total of 51 14.49. The adult support for this program was great. The mystery pie was sold for five dollars and when Sue Conn opened the large box she found her purchase was a five inch apple "Perky Pie." i at . r , . . . 1 ' W f' , .1 ,Q LW NEW! -1 gg b. Ji. ,yi .wr Ng " ' "v, l 94, New arty f Q Ll il l i l tl Top Right: Derek Bauder expresses his talent singing "The Little Country Church" and later in the program he sang, "Cassock Song." Bottom left: Little Larry Junior gets ready for his first day of school. His arms were dressed as legs and the arms were lillarzee lnges'. It was a commlcal act of contortion and together- ness. Bottom right: Susie Smith does a comical song called "All Day Dinner on the Ground," with Jennifer Bentley accompanying her. l02 I Talent Show 16 1 4 agfm I ,ll A ' - U -M X gig? 1' 11111z'Lflm, t ' L, ?lI1 .y 3 "- W fl ,C 1' irrm 'ry '.LfQQ3f'3' I 111111111 iv 'L xv 1, llll A u. I mmm H ' - fg' - " A -2- i Sf GRADUATION X ,. ,LN-,QQ-N. Rv x XA x l x , XX Wig? 1 .af 104 1 JL.-sf. Bcnqu ef Class of 1980 J UNIGR! SENIOR BANQUET 'GThis is Another Day" Friday evening, May 9th, was the biggest night of the year. A caravan of cars left Roseburg headed toward Valley River Inn in Eugene for the Annual Jr. Sr. Banquet. The night started as the guys met at the mall to get into the caravan and the girls met at the church. As each guy drove to the door for his date, the girl was escorted to the car by Jim Simpson or Wayne Bentley. Wes Tjernland entertained us while we ate. We were concerned about being polite. No one was quite sure when to eat but once we got started everyone enjoyed the meal. The farewell speech given by Kevin Steele, student body president, was on setting goals and being a success. Dennis Murphy, our special speaker, spoke about being successful. He commented on how we all have grown up since he had last seen us. We enjoyed having seen him and his wife Sandy. The Class prophecy was a very comical skit with Derek Bauder and Bruce Boggs reading articles in the newspaper from the year 2000. Each senior received a "gag" gift to emphasize his or her part of the prophecy. For example, Denise Allen has married a jockie or races her super race horses. Since the horse and jockie had not yet won a race she received a large carrot tied to a stick to encourage the horse to go faster. Tammy Mullins received the annual "most scholarly award" which is a giant gold and brown tassle. She left the banquet room using the tassle as a wrap around her shoulders. Pastor Baker closed the evening with an appology for not being able to be at the graduation ceremony and a word to prayer. 'gcflefrf -5 ,sfgai-.T Tig ' .-" - LixRg?i':-vi ,sighs -sr , 5 . 4 5-Q. . -,- 5 5- g'Sci5QIf ,: .asv ws " . ' Y-KA? .2 .: .R T V Am, a ,Q ' f ms j,.s7j ,I - V V 'iry ' hi"'tt- s-iZ 1 iir. ,.,.f-" , fa 1 ,Q 'Kf ' -S' 4, 1 ,fb-, rw, I-+I "T atv' l U . ,QE ,x . R ,. gi: ., ,a. , 1. .r,. E--'-. V, V :Eli ii L-71' "-'3'S"If ue-,hf- VAVA W "swf 5 , g Ei A 'ng A pg Qi., 4.,. . ,:1"- A .. Qgzifii' I ,- -4l..,-- Q 1 1 r xl al If.,-,-, 16? gf. Top left: It was pleasure to have Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Murphy as guests from Los Angeles. Dennis was a neat speaker, congratulating us on growing into mustaches and foxie chicks. His challenge to us was personal dedication to Christ and to the church. Bottom left: Kevin Steele receives from Derek Bauder the ranch he's always wanted. It was cheap and totally contained in a small plastic sack. Bottom right, Wes Tiern- Iund entertained us by playing his guitar, piano, and singing songs. His music was comical and uplifting. Below: Tim Harden, Kevin Steele, and A Jill Wheeler are enjoying a delicious steak dinner. k -in l J A I s ,,. . J 3 M .h . XM F R ' z .N ,I I P X' 4 I A ,I A 1, 1 X ri Y , f xl I, tl HSV S A l ' 'A Q K" , .f xiii I 'H-nv: fur: 1 ' j 575- -., 0 0 7 ' I Q i M, '- 7' I D gzr Y . i Y Y '1 hx ,l- fi " X--, .. , I I 'ma I N fs, -- X ' , 'f'. - x .. - Lg' ' 1- , I . . kv A ' 1 ir' xx 'l 1 - b pi' 'pl air -,ix . ff , - f W' f 1 ' .. A.-al ' it 'Q , it r sgjlxff . " ' Jr. Sr. Banquet! I07 .if ix 'I I' L Q,1'sf 1 is ag QSM ' f . ,155 , mf, A .A - . 57 , . A ,E M , , , 3 , Sl' ' I if .LA vf,.T:q',1 . ' I' K' 5, ' I ,, I. 3 NT' 'ff I 'WW ' L I .uw H 5 2 f KM. - ' n , x I I 1 V -s -1 ' , rf 5 Z , .I ,ig , E fl ' S 5 - if ' V' ' I L S ' 1 X W ww K5 .I 1 ' S 1 A K A ' 1 I Y - 1' 7' J A 'k'F w ' b 'ig Y- I V X , L K I 'l W wg yu J I 'ff 'fax 142 "J XX 117 ' Q ip. . ..' ' ,w ' .7 ' xy aft 'if 1 ,-, ' w '. '- . , 'mx 4 f TY 4, :raw-fl - f QM ' Jkw ' 'r v V' ' "' U7 9 ' ' N'.f47 X- ' 'M YF f f Q1 . . F K f Af! ' 1' f :suck f an fig, l Ig. W I i S ' ik,-H N I bu V,--1 I viii 1 K mm i .9 ,, -X A , -I I . , b i, X . - - ' - - isa ,Ag . K .F 1-. ' 'KB' 'i :wif A I ' fe 331 ! Vi: ' 5 ,J 4 . TQ 3 Mlx- f ' l . W ,, K is . I Y' K Q, -Nz 'V 3 5 y if 'ff if J YQ 1 5 1 A. ,N has fj . 5 ! . X at I." ,I wr ir. ESX Af N rw tr 42515 W BVI, , V N vis. -" 'K ' I 1 ai -M -' ki X " M iii as N, -, 1 Q :fig A:-A I V ff 1 . , , V .. fa 1 U .V Q film , rg? " Q in 'l' is wsiiia . ll , i :gi 5-, ii W ra Tom Watkins prayed for us . . Barbara Kellar read "the yellow brick road" . . . Kevin Steele spoke on "Memories" which were both comical and heart warming. . . Pastor Osborne presented deep thoughts on a "Convenient Religion" . . .Ten smiling graduates received their diplo- mas from Wes Davidson and were congratulated by Bob O'NeaI . . .The trumpet trio summoned the recessional . . . We enjoyed the reception ll0 l Graduation that followed the ceremony. . . ii iii Q: , get a A Q IP 'T 4 i 5 J 1 3 o V' V lg wi -rr' Y E ag-wb WW iifa as im- ? aaa 5 'N '-K QA N51 lm-ji Qi' 'U gay 1 la ' .f3Zl? V?" lm B 4r" Ql N vw A l ,H iinki i i- A: Y if ,T .ir un 1 ,Lg .if , the sch n . -1. ', 1 Q , not always We have a x i a l ll a1timgf'5 gffJlfi51ble35if9lf1'g1 fallen and q,pms1eQ,g nggqed to be a Q Q redirdgEdL'lQ5lth,bugh Zjurmschpol, ouvrxhomgii and our , sa 5 church provide Ihe staffjldalrclslaforffsucliesls, it 'fs still our A llaaa j 2 K A lr ii lr l individualichbitegtheilpixllhlwe wgllfiakel "Walk tall" is the -lg? -1- -w I ., aa cry of thg adults lah ogr l ives, we lar6Sworkin g agqltlf .,.1 lf V ' Qf'Si5e, lllay algtonel that Causes men toastumtile and a la I N l f 2l,rock4tQgir1'akesf1h6ia'lwmlllganqthefone who trrustgqn Him a A wijlllnevQMQlpu Lgo sgQame." Romans 9:33 ga: t I V,,. :?:ZVg llfl A NNUAE STAFF ' A 1 bib: . , .. , E X 3. 4 L - yi A 5 U 5 A 'Q lA. fwg, A , ji ix , , , AM V K V a Hcp N, a a , - a a V ' . Y 7 , , H fn gal'-, H ., E ,V - v- , , gf - , 1 G l , f-"4 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 i I G W

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