Navarro High School - Golden Streak Yearbook (Seguin, TX)

 - Class of 1963

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Navarro High School - Golden Streak Yearbook (Seguin, TX) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 80 of the 1963 volume:

x n 4 I A r 4 1 r 4 I 1 I F 1 'L 5 SQ :Z wi 4 W1 3? 255 A. ., . W .. , , ,. .. . K . , , V. ,,,,, .. , , , , , ,if- bfxvH6hS.,:av'.-at-Kia-'frvQ,y Srinw.24'4i.u:-.pu.."x.wM,L.fZ.f?'L7WgfE .fmJ.g.4m'f5k'?'fmWx..'c4?iWwA6vGm'ba?v.'L::f-am, wi -L, .,'M- fwdmw -xzlauesy. fkfffm-wf'f"wT'h'9'-ff'A'-Wwffffz?-fmiKH-QUKMWIJQNf237vw7!:Qa:a,hew,ii.i'ee'iQ.w?L1iLA'1195?'fR?k4f+'rB:f:n1'1i'ft2e': ff-.vM.......a.'.,...,,-L15 GQEIDEN TREAK v X Q 9 X ia I , ' - Y X !'x 1 X X-15 .1 U' 1 X1 if W Q X XXX gy la 9 Q Y., N E N M A 4 V R if 1 Q 7 'Kff xx Pl, - Xl-v 'ff' "1 Q in 5 ii? X .- : Q 2- 3' -K E- N 5 gf? 5 2' 5' eau. , 1 F' 5 2' -5 XX X EJ X XXX X C STAFF EDITOR Marlene Boenig ASSISTANT EDITOR Rodney Schw arzlose BUSINESS MANAGERS Patricia Neumann Kenneth Engler PHOTOGRAPHERS Deanna Lange Joan Hahn ARTIST Edgar Kutscher SPONSOR Mrs. Lenoir Hilbert STAFF Glen Braune Glen Coonrod Gloria Dietert Maggie Flores Judy Harborth Janice Herrmann Virginia Hoffmann Herschell Hunt Allan Ray Moltz Daniel Wunderlich We the members of the Annual Staff proudly present the Golden Streak of 1963. This year our annual shows how the citizens of Navarro spend their time in the out- doors. We hope that in the future you will look back on these pages and years and re- member all the special things that happened to you and your friends. YOU AND YOUR INSIDE THE ADMINISTRATION 5 YOU AND YOUR CLASSMATES 9 YOU AND YOUR ACTIVITIES 35 YOU AND YOUR SPORTS 47 YOU AND YOUR GOLDEN GALLE RY 55 GOLDEN STREAK DEDICATIO MR. IIMMIE SCOTT, high school princi- pal for the past four years, has given much of his.time and effort to the high school. With his guidance higher and better stand- ards have been set for our school. He has taught such courses as typing and bookkeeping during these years. Therefore, the GOLDEN STREAK Staff wishes to expr ess their sincere appreciation and gratitude to Mr. Scott by dedicating the 1963 GOLDEN STREAK to him. -ra . .jg N., f . 'Z 1,-v, . 1 2' E 'PL . .-.1 f fb? 23514: e it 5216 ,. . 35251: 43521 ar-Q Q3 vig Rag 2 'Y - 51- .4 gifs .tix ei- n if 4. 'm : -1- , su. A 1 1 K A. . 3 frlv 52 . "i :-Zi' ' Q iii? L, . ' .4 if if' A 'touring 1'1L',.t"S!q1"'RiS?rgq,'. ,wi -., 1 SLIPERI TEN DENT'S MESSAGE Dear Students: When I came to the Navarro Schools as your Superintendent, I was filled with all of the anxieties that a person normally feels when moving into new working conditions and into a new community. I wondered how we would respond toward one another-- if the response would be favorable or antagonistic. I wondered how the community and the faculty as well as the student body would respond toward the educational philosophy that I was bringing with me. I can only say that the gracious manner in which I was accepted has been most gratifying and that the past four years of working with each of you has been most pleasant and satisfying. I pray that our relationship shall continue to be such and that our school shall con- tinue to improve with each passing year. - Respectfully yours, SCHOOL BOARD HIGH SCHOOL PRINCIPAL LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. J. B. Etheredge, Mr. Edmund Rehfeld, Mrs. Milton Wunderlich, Mr. Elton Neumann, Mr. August Harborth, Mr. Elmer Randow, Mr. George Engler, and Mr. Fritz Galle. MR. JIMMIE SCOTT B.S. , SWTSC ELEMENTARY PRINCIPAL PTA OFFICERS LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Marvin Stautzenburger, Mrs. MRS. HILDRED HALL Eugene Theiss, Mrs. Elmer Randow, Mrs. Leroy M. Ed., SWTSC Dietert. Ruby Dyer, Fourth Grade, MA from SWTSC Virginia Yarring- ton, First Grade, BS from SWTSC Patricia Baum- gardt, Combin- ation 18z2, BS from SWTSC Mary Cook, Second Gradeg BS from TLC Dorothy Haynes, Third Gradeg BA from Baylor University I 1 Madeline West, BS from SWTSC F 7 Lurline Howard, Seventh Grade 8: Shorthand, MEd from SWTSC f. if ,f '15 Lillian Schlameus Fifth Grade, MA from SWTSC FACULTY Harvey Vogel, Ninth Grade Kc Coach 85 Scienceg MA from SWTSC Benny Venable, Tenth Grade Sc Vocation Agri- cultureg BS from East Texas State Billy Telford, Math and Science, BS from University of Alabama Cameron Starnes, Bandg BA from TLC Nella Ramsey, Eleventh Grade Home Economicsg BS from SWTSC Stuart Evans, Twelfth Grade Coach 84 History, BS from SWTSC Jean Lyle, Counselorg MA from SWTSC Margaret Cushman, Nurse P fx Sixth Grade, t Gi .X f gs ,, F35 A, F Lenoir Hilbert, Eighth Grade 85 Englishg BA from TLC A he.: 'WM fs if A vi 49 K x . as L to R - Mrs. Eileen Dedeke, Mrs. Angela Haberle, Mrs. Emmie Wersterfer and Mrs. Nita Boenig, Lunchxoom Manager ERVICES Mr . James Jackson L to R - Norman Boenig Lothar Wunderlich Alfred Baumann Rudolph Henze E. A. Henneke fi- -gf Zi E 324 ni E? if if Marlene Delrose Boerlig CMartij "Hitch your wagon to a star." Ambition: To be a good housew good mother. Floyd Williams Braune Uzllugyj "Not Tomorrow but Today." Ambition: To be a success. SE Richard Arthur Harborth CDickiej "It a man empties his purse into his head no man can take it away from him. An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest. " Ambition: To hold the world's record in pole vault. Janice Marie Herrmann fTeenij "The only reward of virtue is virute, the only way to have a friend is to be one." Ambition: To be a good wife and mother. Larry James Hill "If you don't at first succeed, try, try, again." Ambition: To get a lot out of life. 11 It s better late than never. " Ambltton Offlce Secretary. A w1se man changes but a fool never Ambmon Bustness Operator. CLASS CLASS RVE OURSELVES CLASS Nicolasa Lopez QNicoJ "The thing that costs the le the most is a friendly smile." Ambition: Beautician. Hortense Martinez CHortyJ "A coward dies many times death. " Ambition: Obtain a job, WALK ALONE UNTIL WE SERVE OTHERS ALSO COLORS Allan Ray Moltz "Yee Doggies" Ambition: Conservation Officer. Patricia Ann Neumann QPattiJ "The reward of a thing well done is to have done it. " Ambition: Secretarial job and good mother. Daniel Lothar Wunderlich "Experience keeps a dear school but a fool will learn in no other way." Ambition: Agriculture Teacher. 13 1 -ni Y Marlene Boenig Floyd Braune Glen Braune Gloria Dietert Bobbie Dreibwdt 'f"f' T Q 1' "X- 7 , I .gg ,Q 'kk,f K Q fr: ,::: , M 5 Q55 i .,:' il W- , , - Lf 'Q VI, -.4 .k,.. , . . -ki? M g , g y nzu 5 ,ik x A H if ' Q aio. ,aa Rodney Galle Judy Harborth Richard Harbol-th Janice Herrmann Larry Hill -A .e ' 35 bg, ,.,i J 5 ..rn ,aa H . lene if J' if X 'QQ use ' n S f K - 1 vel. I X ,, . ,A if . .wig 1 1 J Q L , 5, ,, f E K .., rex Lu, ,,,. lk .. ,i rern , , f 3 , ' y V , if J J X 2 , - if J, , . ' a . f 1 '+a f"' In 'nr f' 'SN I fr V fi fm Virginia Hoffmann Barbara Sc Edgar Deanna Lange Allan Moltz Daniel Wunderlich Patricia Neumann Kutscher GRADUATIO FRONT ROW: Hortense Martinez, Virginia Hoffmann, Janice Herrmann, Judy Harborth, Deanna Lange, Cindy Miller, Wayne Evans, mascots, Marlene Boenig, Pat Neumann, Gloria Dietert, Nicolasa Lopez, Barbara Kutscher. BACK ROW: Allan Moltz, Larry Hill, Edgar Kutscher, Richard Harborth, Glen Braune, Floyd Braune, Rodney Galle, Bobbie Dreibrodt, Daniel Wunderlich, Herschell Hunt. .ILI ICR CLASS ! 1 I, OFFICERS PRESIDENT ------- - - - Bettye Randow TREASURER ------- - - - Pauline Randow V ICE PRESIDENT - - - - - - Rodney Schwarzlose REPORTER ---- ------- - - - Ruby Schmoekel SECRETARY ------ - -- Janet Rehfeld PARLIAMENTARIAN ---- --- Joan Hahn STUDENT COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVES ---- Joan Hahn and Kenneth Engler M M f 5 Y fl 'y , XV. r J i in A. J. Cunningham Mary Cunningham Kenneth Engler Maggie Flores l Joan Hahn Patsy Hunt Darwin Keyes Manuel Martinez Frank Pena Timothy Poole Bettye Randow Pauline Randow fin 'Wi Janet Rehfeld Stanley Reinhard Ruby Schmoekel Rodney Schwarzlose 16 5 fi? ii: be , Ea 4 ,K 236 1 33 5 Q 9? Q5 QE ?f E 23 5 gm ,B fi si 95- ,J . E 2-IQ FSE Pi ,Q 1: 'Z if 'K . " 11 viii 2 1' 5 , Roger Moltz V -IQ 5 Q X f 'f a rn .L 3 V be E S F i ii , -17542 3 hx 4 fl fr Br Ar ef if Ax We 51" ' , xiii 1 Q ,A -,Li at me ,im A. .. .E, r 9 Q K if we Barbara Schievelbein Edward Schmidt Gerald Vradenburg Frankie White John Wunderlich Paul Elder gr ,wx-pi ,4- ff W Teresa Evans Juan Flores Jeanette Hoffmann Margarita Luna Ed ward Mondin Donald Lockstedt Sabas Lopez Michael Moody Fred Oberrneyer John Poole Lillie Mae Redix Irene Reimer Adolpho Robledo Elvida Rodriguez fi fe Burma Blevins R 'Q Fannie Mae Cunningham 37 John Duncan ,,- ,' nfs fa 5 ,K . S' Q 9 0 ,gg W X C 1 Y wif 'Aw as., Q H3?QmMg 4 FRESH N CLASS we F OFFICERS Stanley Beicker Verner Noll Ruby White Bernadine Voss Vice President Parliamentarian Secretary Treasurer Ronnie Bormann Linda Hahn Jimmie Schriewer Reporter Student Council President and Student Council N: .1-, 1 5 V Z i M, if . 2 5.36 Q-. , Q. ,fa asf: " ,... . rs, . , W 4 if! gr if H, - 10 5 rf 4 r w JJ , , Vg:,, W X T ff Q, 'E XM , , -. Lupe Alvarado Felipe Barrientos Stanley James Beicker Ronnie Bormann Willie Krahn Frank Leos Val Lopez Emilio Martinez .41 -v-'. My-. 4,-V f, ,G -f 1 f 2 43' 19" SQ 1 'K Ti P ,N X 4 X L Alf V M ! xg? , " a ,A' 53333351 XXL? ,gn , .. gm, Aa, ra.. 5s r v " ' Janet Braune Priscilla Martinez f x . if X as ,s , WI QQ 3 1, bs -8, wx m ls. , w S M as , W K if S1 1 31, . 22 " 2, , ,Hex 'fm-4 .4 fW1'fN5ffr .nf 5 1 e' N3 Ugly. ix xl X s X XP ,. CDM? Terry Duncan Edward Engelke Roger Erxleben Jimmy Gibbs Sue Gibbs Linda Hahn sq, B b N p ar ara eumann L Verner Noll Jr. Bernadine Voss Jimmy Schriewer M ., gm . 5 K .six -if x ,. we wg 55? Allan Thormeyer i Q Juan Hernandez Dinah Vradenburg 5 an -. ,ad 'ff f l k 5 4 VVVV If 1 ,,,.. ,, , f ' V r A A Irvin Hunt Lillie Krahn Ruby Mae White Pedro Zavala 1 W 7- 2,4 K : L , 5 , iC ,Q'f ' H - '1 M as 1 11 :W , L',- , U ii' . :,:f3i- i Q ly l 25' Egrgf A . - aw.,,- ,ith I . ,r,k ,M f 'ri ff' 1 A , ttyy . .am L M . f' ' 3 X Jr, FRESHMAN Bernadine Voss Larry Coonrod SENIORS Judy Harborth Rodney Galle CLASS -,fi .ff 'Q FA GRITE IUNIORS Ruby Schmoekel Kenneth Engler SOPHOMORES Jeanette Hoffmann Michael Moody E XJ A EIGHTH GRADE FAVORITES "1rv'r'!P' awww-Ji" SEVENTH GRADE FAVORITES Jerry Schriew er and Lillian Braune JR-HI GR DUATIO Robert Harborth and Arlene Hackharth I SEATED LEFT TO RIGHT: Mary Salazar, Irma Jackson, Linda Weathersby, Arlene Hackbarth, Judy Miears, Carol Baker, Rosanna Schlichting, Valedictorian, Nancy Harhorth, Salutatorian, Cynthia Sandlin. STANDING LEFT TO RIGHT: Rogers White, Kent DuBose, George Rehfeld, Robert Har- borth. NOT PICTURED ARE: Frank Moreno, Yvonne Redix, Felton Cunningham, Reyes Lopez. President ---- Vice President Secretary ----- ----- - - - Treasurer ---------- - --------- Judy Miears - - - - - - Linda Weathersby Arlene Hackbarth Kent Du Bose Student Council Representatives-- Nancy Harborth George Rehfeld EIGHTH GRADE Arlene Hackbarth Kenneth Harborth Nancy Harborth Robet Lee Harborth Dominga Hernandez Irma Jean Jackson Reyes Lopez Judy Miears Frank Poole Yvonne Redix George Rehfeld Mary Salazar Cynthia Sandlin Rosanna Schlichting Linda Weathersby Rogers Lee White Carole Baker 1 Felton Cunningham 5 rrii Kent DuBose dd' 11- 4 I 5 ' L V r jfrif -' l l L 3 'xwl yn P Sie J' AJ if X 4 W:-A - - '-U-ff' R' A 5:2 9 X- ":' X ' , P V Q Q 324-' V kai 'V if pgfji,w.'.'fi?- 5 F f fi Q' LLL, ' ,Q . V L ., Z 3 N' 5 no i . as X hs-M. R gtk m, K i f . : r Y l5'1.f,jJii'jQ.fk1igsfflgfi' ' r x z -rf I E .is .jig f, 1: 15- - -- -..-5' : . ' I, Mx gr ft! Wag-1: f X if wav ,Y " "' ' , --2-11. , HQ A rw U. ..g, .fs-gr ...- ,.- . .,,-. rir f ii t Y- xy ,, ,Q 4 f L vs R g 4 X L r-.. ,, ., M y aww, -- Q-w s: -' H g . ' ,szf ff 1- refvra w. ' 1-sr 1 5 , . at fi' Wt . X, A 'V K 35,1- 43: -2? 1 , ' 1? ., ,L, W st ix 'I 'fail' sn: ff, rx if S in Q S 1 I L 9' is S t l , ss Z "' vi it it Q, 4 Q, S 3 S Q , 5 J .45 4 if N5 ,, f in, 'SF34 'f' A .wal ,-1? W , . 3,-523, Fiflffilsr . ' 32 ii fi., ff , L W, isa ff. .,.z.,::. ,f:, , , , " 1 by. 'rc fwfr in-is ..,. S 23 4 ., wig, x , 1 5 W J, 7 1 5' Gloria Loera Q, fwyf. Q ,S cg, ., H? 51' . M B W + .'1'?: r 32 f , W5 15' Az' 7 is ff Y: if SEVE TH GRADE A at all G , 1. 14' , , .wwf - "M , ',-K , 5 ...' fx? 1 . ' B ,ak 5,313 -f ,m:,, M J , Bonnie Heineme er x ' ,. 'Q A g r' Ronald Lehmann -fri My x"Lk Jesse Leos M' 'W 2 1 gawk 5 if Q .' Zin fggvgth , if 5 fimggi President ------ -- Vice- President Secretary ----- Treasurer - - - Reporter -------- Student Council Representatives - - - - - 'V Gregoria Lopez 1 r,y'f ra . . 2 Juanita Martinez Scott Noll .- ar: S 5 Q-ff' 9, " ' .a r, . . , , ,, a aligvie-r. g Y S .. 'F-" 4 ! Y., N. i 'N R. 3 . r,,a,z.x,5 Q r , ,, K X N. f A952 K ,X , S Isabel Barrientos Gloria Bormann Lillian Braune Guadalupe Capetillo Betty Cunningham Gladys Dietert Bill Evans Robert Flores Ellouise Grimm Cathy Haberle Ellouise Grimm Gloria Bormann Bonnie Heinemeyer Jerry Schriewer -- Cathy Haberle Jerry Schriewer Dalia Rincon Dwayne Obermeyer Gary Randow Doris Reimer Dalia Rincon Sherman Schlichting Louise Schmidt Jerry Schriewer Michael Stautzenberger Shirley Theiss Apolonia Villegas . If - In . .,.. , 4,5 . Q., wg, .. i 1 '4"""""f"0f1lT'5f ' A "r lc? V, WZ, , Q., 5' re I V V hQ .' gg Karl Randow r l Y - sg H4 fn, -M A .S A ':-nf isfaixz-" LQ 'Y g -Q 8 ii 5 Q X M G!! ig! Q? " ' 3 'X 'Q 5 1 . .dwg v ,g,m,,,w w ., ... . . wifi Q sf 'SWL 'fi' , X . ,. 3 I: . 2,5 j 1 K 1 M W, f 4. VX 1 E f W1 A f Qwxfeigg. f ' 2 .X if ,S 3 'Q 1 ,51- 41 Y 4 4 1 fi E 'G 2 4 . 03: an 6 9 E' 555 + , fc' , if B' w. , Q 'H K -Q I 3 " 1. " 5 Q 'x , 1 " + 51 ' " " E' A ff K .Q an Q i gl: gb 'g v w x A A k l msn-. I 'wji if 1 , 4 , , 5 15. 4 vw. 1 x 1 1 'J JS Qi V 59 4 gg .My 9" Q, ,Q is "' ' W u. TP 1 Q . . , " 9 gin x 4 sk W 5 X A "' 'Q R, ',,g,.. - Na I 1- A: vi, -"-., 1' in ' 42 .- FH--'X"w"T" N... wana- H -wif f W im ,. 'sex N- ,SQ ,,,, P43 :SFA A W5 H C. 2 E 3 A E y Gr . A Q jd W 4 a s - 353533 ' : ff' ,- mir Q igfh,.w3,saQ4 -,isf ., . f ' -.. V' wwf' W if" Q glf 'w-v, MY 42 J., 1 , fag? 1 . if X A 1 V- ,. , f f , Kawai, , i ff .rr , ' - ., E W g Z QQ , ,' - fggw, fl 1, 2 ,V M .wg I A , 5 " wx, , 2' 5 Jwx . A 3 if Zh 2' U , 1 mga gs? wg ig :- wife 9 "' J E wg A X , K f N 1 ,ef P'-5 " 'A New W N x 5 ,A 'K iw Q. H vii? W M, 2' -'sw W my S -405,1 wr"::f 1 'N ,rg :aka b 'QI My , E V? 'fx A Gyn A lf as -x w is W5,,,.x.gQ, M, .M 5 11 wi . . ,Q V Q x. X S5293 wwf Kip, Q W as S QV -mE,Q.Jrf2,4i. , .. , ELEMENTARY FAVORITE UI!! M Guadalupe Al izrre ,yL . vw s l r - Hr . N! up varado E Q r Roger Bading " h Barnett Baker . C f 1 -'-" ' s 4 A' Robert Braune C r V . "1- gf Domingo Contreras R M RS. WEST S , rr W Christine Dawson it mr ? , gu t s 15 5 i l Jerry Engelke , efvxf ' Mark Engelke e he 1" rr'- V'-' u l h Gary Don Etheredge , Ricardo Flores - ai' "M Vic tor Guerrero i hr'b . 1 , -f,. . f--, . 1 fr reerr it : jf g Q Maria Hernandez rrr r - James Lee Hum ,Q 5 CW f James Jackson Jr. C , 2 e'e', , Q H Randolph Lehmann 'f B C fa T ,, , ' 'E ' , ,,v . 1 ,Q A vk,kk ,L 4 "" "w,. R.,r, ..' - , fs .1 2 1 A r Benito Loera A A h J Antonio Lopez James White 1 B B fa . il ,tif s t Pat Mrears Q . , Alphonso Rincon EX , ., C, rs s r R air! f SNXRNK a' A Clarence Stautzenberger , sq 1 Juanita Villegas fu 55545 iss rrr Steven Vogel " J Y Billy Vradenburg ,r ..:.w . -fx .f el '91 1 iw ,4 ,.- .: K K ...f 4 2 Q W K M 4 - 4, K .. ,. ff: rr A Q K vw. sl s P1 ,1 , it , 22, . A . Eugene White 1 1 slsr A 'X-ff, Charles Adams Nancy Alvarado k ll n y l Billy Baker sz , 'K "- h Paul Barrientos L b fwifyiiii l""Q 'f A rj 5 ' G. eff? 3 'i Lf: George Bartels f W ' ' " 3? 'rra at Joy Dietert '--f rvr. P H Faye Dreibrodt sa if ' A V, w 53 53' hisir, f 'ks . Jerry Engler l Q my ax ' :if Timmie Evans if G E if Mary Flores f ' 1 rrraer ,L 'f a r M - L H r -Q ' ' Q ' 1 ' rr 5 sf Sylvia Garcia I ,l ' 4 Larry Grimm 4 Q , A Tommie Haberie ' lly v y rly Andy Hahn e 1 Nolan Harborth A 4 G h Kathryn Hosey , Peggy Jackson 5 1- .lb . Ll L LA N S Ronnie Klaehn g l Diane Lehmann Herlinda Loera I , ., rg - A is X fl ary, 3' K k FIFTH GRADE Vteflfe Low t t ' J ax M at 1 A . .. .Ji 4, -i n 5 fs. J L 4 rv CL yf f viii rr -, is . I ' i f l ksrvlri, 'tie fr 3 3 if KX "N , , as ri-ri tai I , A I rf fstsw 55? l me ' if re , H E 5 Ohvla Lopez K -Fug . 1 . Faith Martinez f ar, 6 IVEPQI P. 5 g 1: A Beverly Miears . Helen Mondin lf, rr.yA.. i ViV Vx V .,,' "ili' V H A. ' 1 .4 . Robert Poole l 7' il , A Q rA 5 5 L e r r Carolyn Sandlin 4 .V K fr I H ,wifi ' , sw, ,, , r Doris Schmidt bf' QDQK: W f E Hilda Schwanz I A V 1 E L' Robert Schwanz Q Mark Stautzenberger ' m,Ag Karen Strickland ,rrii jimi A r 5?Vy15i2'gW " su " sn "4- rf' Jerry Thormeyer K Ernest Vradenburg A hii ki " V Joe Weathersby ::,1" Q hyh 531 GA H Rosie Lee We l ye f . A , - Z M Y K 5 E 4 , ffl Cora Mae Wflght lraa y if N' ' ' .. .. - 'K SQ '1 ..- , L. -, 'Xxx-'XY " gigs-w x ' if : 1 Q ' K I 1 rs 2 was -gf, It 1-. Q12 rggsrv, Qt Kimi 4 fa -Q 'sl X wigs: f ikxsisois S. , lgf 7,44 ., E, l EV ,Af gig' g ' x N 'J X' ' L Eliza Adams 3 a Felicia Klaehn , 'M 'J ' i ' . Lil' nz -M ia' E : J Q f , ' ,Q T fig -. 1 ' sg ,z - ,, -- fa, . s,fi.a.-,s.1s,ruwsw s M J 4 QS. SJJJ J ,359 ,L ' , 'QI 'lb ., ':.- JA f M 3 M, ai H at is 5 4-'-f - - W 6. ff Q.., .15 f i as 'E' 251 ap , ' ., v . ,wsfiii i li Hz 6' H S Donald Beicker Fidel Cabello Frank Contreras Juanita Contreras Harland Dedeke Arlene Dietert John Elder Deborah Engler Armando Flores Lucy Hernandez ,.,.47i Ethel Krahn 5 'ert it en" f ' ' i"w X ,V JQQJ if Era A Lf I VX J -if 1 f 4 ,gs Kathleen Neumann f my 'Q - 3,3 Ruth N011 J J 2 ii Pedro Loera . , Susanna Loera frr . W I fr' , i h n, Prssl ,, Felix LOPSZ J Secilio Luna ik K h Johnny Pena Virginia Salazar Q AI ,tsl Q Gary Stautzenberger V Deborah Strickland tml! ' 4t ss ill? I ,gl in f Maryland Hunt V I , .Q ' Gail Jackson Marie Theiss 1 J gag 9 1 Mary Voss Q ' fi' .1 Q' Lynette Krackau L"i Thomas Wright A in M MR DYER' 30 FGURTH GRADE Maria Arriaga Russell Bading Gabriel Cabello ef Q M5 as Esperanza Campos 5 ' - ga. Maria Castillo Allan Dreibrodt Roger Elley Bruce Elder Dwayne Engler Vicky Etheredge Randy Evans Oralia Flores A ' ,f 3 Qi., 1 W if '55 if rl f ', -as f'5'f,7 w M ' H M " i ' ' ani ex-,. . we I fd "ii "hr 'krffifi Q x Ni GJ if x S TI. X. . r ' ki, , ,,.,., 5 ,. gg 'r .,s:3 E h e .ku-,x X a QR X fy L xg. H 2 RS. HAYNES' THIRD GRADE Sebastian Garcia S M V,. yy qf SI.ISal'1 Habefle 1 1 , Q W jg: Egg Stanley Harborth f W I -- ' 1 K, , ' X r 1 z ,, ,gf Larry Kutscher - , Q '- , 'L . i Q. f:,iflhaanwf,a . - -- Af W Gary Lehmann F 3 Q, A Oralia Lopez so m,lr V- " Q Socorro Martinez W Ronnie N011 Lg A ' '- Q , arar fi ss f R U a- Barbara Reimer J f w i g- ' A Steve Stautzenberger ,, - -Q ' Q A Colleen Vogel ' f f an Es . A m i ' Francis Wright rsl, R y ,' E . Z A YVAV Q V y llbl x K . 31 fa., f A ddfggmgsp-. .S A lz, ' ,K Q f ii 'f . S , an l , it 'Qf" , l y W it R f 3:1 G y ., ' , W .V ' x f W - H I " r- i 1 ti, . p f ir -f ' 1 V LW.. ,. - .' 5 A ' N' 'ii i , - ' ' ..--my 1 ' ' ,A h 50" i f - f D- l -i t r if ' -"-' it 4- K ff ,ri A ,J ., 0 L W, , . A , Q , ,, fir, xi i - - -, f - V 3 , 1. .r ' we f L- A . ' .- f 'R -A K :if , ' Y ! 4 :L We ' x Q ,-qi , Q ,,,, M , . . M. NZ? , up. . , 32- , r mibiw ii' f ' 1, f1'f1znw:'Li' T52 ' Q flip fa -1 f e?- wig , f,L Avilfrij- V L' aa Q gi? gl i' W V K, ' t krr ' w -.1 ryly 1 L N ,ff 5 . 6 - 4- - nm 5?-E lb f S11 ir - x'f.x' ' ' ' f : W?iE+.e191f::2.Z2F2' 4 - ""' Q, g QV S"i"g i i-Y , I gif, J David Arriago Juan Barrientos Mary Caballera Lucy Capetillo Irene Castillo Benito Davila Amy Galle Soila Garcia Eileen Heinemeyer Judith Henk Miguel Hernandez Elizandra Herrera Willie Jackson Gary Klaehn Jacqueline Lehman Rosa Marie Loera Richard Longoria Paul Rocha Paula Rodriquez Nemecio Salazar Russell Thompson Marie Tristan Darlene Tschoepe Debra Sue Vradenburg Isabel Zavala Jimmy Boenig SECO D GRADE Maria Contreras Wayne Dietert Estella Gaitan Ellarene Herrmann Adriana Loera Esmerelda Lopey Brian Ploetz Debra Schriewer Virginia Stautzenberger D ' 6 Xi! V- i l l? ,ar-V , 5 RS. BAUM r iia K , ,K , ',,: h 1' ' ' 5' A i 4 iety D ryyl Q 4. I r yh ,V '3 1 lir. i ,4 'N N - A -We will ' A 4' 5 VV An R Hr, as 2: ., A .gl ,v,, I ,. V: :,b 5 ,: A K Sa 4- .. 1.0 , .ii:1f .ar ls L i gk-f-M555 3 A D 'ki 0 Jesse Alvarado Johnny Alvarado Esteven Arriago Mary Barrientos Bonnie Barrels Armando Cabello Jesus Davila Donald Henk q, Nw f a if sf , ,K Z ,, I ,,.. W F, iw N i ,, J 4, U 5 5 5 P r Z .Q A , S Q- t I I Q X P N 5: A ' - , we , f. . Qi T. is ,J V A f-K X 4-, .ML .. . if kkkk ., Gregory Lehmann A , 4 Jarold Hosey A ,, .r, y , , W Sue Jackson 'E ,Q A A J0hf1 Leos ' - y 'J " 4' fi J' ' "k', V, ' ". - fig Qzhzkgfiglfil, E i ,J 1 3 ' i, 'sr Sharon Ploetz , J -5 ,,, JJ' A Irma Rocha V ip V by I , X H Margarito Tristan 'es 'X W K - SX Benny venabre w , J , rf 1 S James Wright 'J A ---W Linda Barrientos fi' g Nyzxy r A. r ' Connie Dreibrodt l-,, 4,55 Q AL , A J, Russell Elder K awk r 1 Danny Engler ,- , y " "' 'Q T, A, Larry Etheredge M, J. sw ltl : X IQ: Luanne Herrmann A Lenella Kypfer f. Ab 5, J ' ' A J 1 ,Z mr Debra Lehmann I - K, A. A s K Clint Niemann 7 fr, e gg-. I ', : , A . . y 1 ' ss r J snyv 1 -- Phylhs Them Qt 'iff :.: V if JAJJ MV nfrflf rrr. : f f -"Q A 33 Angelita Barrientos, 1 Ricky Compos, 1 Ismael Davila, 1 Eulalia Garcia, 1 Biviano Leora, 1 Rudy Longoria, 1 Mary Martinez, l Karl Randow, 1 Carlos Compos, 2 Diana Elley, 2 Maria Hernandez, 3 Manuela Davila, 4 Ioetta Thompson, 4 Rene Compos, 5 Joe Davila, 6 Judy Noll, 6 Gloria Rojas, 6 Inez Valdez, 6 Jerome Elley, 7 Alfredo Valdez, 7 Qs TOO LATE TO CLASSIFY ' I f .,,,, as a .N 2, My A . I yrr ,A , 1, " 3 2 2, is a "2 . -"W Q me R S ,D"d -2 r ASS 'S .,fr- r 1 ,1 1- - . fe A 2 Larry Coonrod, 9 Lillie Redix, 10 Glen Coonrod, 11 V 'N D 4 4-N , A i . . - ff 1 X 3 ,W 2 4 .sq N '13 .rw an 1 K P' as V ' ' 34 " ' if 2 . . lf W Q f Q - 'K" ., , 1 7.0 G ? 1 x ay H 3 ACTIVITIES IIIIIIIIIIIII I XXIII Q-,.-:.-" 2' wa QQQWI SIYSIA aa SENIOR TRIP PLAY y , , raya r 1 raae reaar ' X' , Galveston Beach ' Q -", , ' K , X 1.h. . ,A.v, H V 5 I- T. Z Q or " "'g ' Y I D 4 , r " xr "Let me at h1m" 9' as -L, ' R y ' ' : , fff'f':f" '?' -"V'5"W5'r' I .45 55251 I , ., -- 1 - . a At Antornes I drspute that Oakland Manor "Do you enjoy plays?" Jackson Square The cast of the play "The Girl That I Marry" f IE '::, , s Y ' ., .w 1., ' HOLIDAY L J PARISIAN 6-'JS v. .A , 'gQII ' f f Y 'V f h x? ala i 'V ' Q ' 1, 'QQ vis. W " , ' --" if 4-if A229 J' H L,,, ,awww W A , X - , ,1:,- 1 . :L..f,,5Q JLINICDR SENIOR .aid BANQU ET AND PRGM CHRISTMAS PROGRAM MAY FETE ITIZENSHIP AWARD i Q l:i,i S ,M ,ool fs oelo aooii l , A 93' - 1 Q7 .' , fain .ifi :E . 4' 5 sw N2 EQ, :,g,W: 5: .1 yiaisfiim-I ' 9? - V gag R fr E 3 R . L , 1 XW, 3, rj 92 .a?1zL?f??:ixo.. s, , ,. is . , 5 ' 1 2- I .ff ,s::.zfwfif Agfa- :m, , ,. 2 J-.,f:1:,, -ries, i I " T i -, ,,,, , ,Q , 7 'gh' 'S iifiiliibfffj 'V V 1: . 'ii f 9 'ug ,Si f:zf f f?il'fwli 1. f fe V ai f V, ln.. E . , , , H 1 1 1 2 , K X '44, AWARDS OUTSTANDING STUDENTS TOP ROW: Richard Harborth, boys sports: Michael Moody, Vocational Ag.: Stanley Reinhard, Science: Kenneth Engler, Commercial. BOTTOM ROW: Polly Randow, History: Bernadine Voss, Band: Patty Neumann, citizenship: Marlene Boenig, girls sports: Judy Harborth, English: Virginia Hoffmann, Homemaking. FRONT ROW L to R: Marlene Boenig, Shorthand: Judy Harborth, Spelling: Janet Rehfeld, Typing: Teresa Evans, Prose Reading. SECOND ROW: Virginia Hoffmann, Shorthand: Bettye Randow, Poetryg Ruby White, Ready Writing: Janice Herrmann, Spelling: Polly Randow, Science. THIRD ROW: Kenny Engler, Typing: Rodney Schwarzlose, Prose Reading: Stanley Reinhard, Science: Roger Moltz. FRONT ROW L to R: Arlene Dietert, Picture Memoryg Joy Dieter, Spelling 8: Declamationg Lupe Alvaradog Mary Flores. SECOND ROW: Debbie Strickland, Story Tellingg Gary Lahmann, Story Tellingg Alfonso Rincon, Ready Writing: Dwayne Engler: Colleen Vogel, Story Telling. THIRD ROW: Jerry Engleke, Number Sense: George Bartels, Spellingg Roger Badingg Benito Loera, Number Sense: Gary Etheredge, Ready Writingg Randolf Lehmann, Number Sense. LITERARY EVENTS FRONT ROW L to R: Nancy Harborth, Number Sensep Linda Weathersbyg Rosanna Schlichting, Ready Writing: Shirley Theiss. SECOND ROW: Isabel Barrientos, Spelle ingg Cynthia Sandlin, Ready Writingg Yvonne Redix, Declamation, Gloria Loerag Bonnie Heinemeyer, Number Sense: Lillian Braune, Spelling. THIRD ROW: Bill Evansg George Rehfeldg Jerry Schriewer, Declamationg Mike Stautzenberger, Number Sense. ANNUAL STAFF STANDING L-R: Barbara Kutscher, Allan Moltz, Maggie Flores, Gloria Dietert, Janice Herrmann, Glen Braune, Judy Harborth, Daniel Wunderlich, Mrs. Lenoir Hilbert, Sponsor. SITTING L-R: Patty Neumann, Kenny Engler, Virginia Hoffmann, Rodney Schwarzlose, Marlene Boenig, Deanna Lange, Joan Hahn, Edgar Kutscher. ,S9l2i?9mb6I'23, 1362, Raniiher Claw aoll A M L A Bagellll ,. f J ce. was wma masons Siugrgggguv Kenneth Engler received..Grand ,N W hampion nnfl Naam-rm rl-mamfl nhnmn-1 An Vllndnev Snhwa-rvzlosa wasf elect fuernsei 'A' 'I' "O ' . 1, ' Sbuncil 'hich 11 Neuma .50 He ribbons e Stude 'J Mich Seven Ihampla Schriewe 'eceive and Geor Stan Sdhriew :lace s-7Ba?ba fourth 'g Junlo: Dani Senior- alace 5 Hernmy Jn a He: 1 Rodn s iiith hi U1 Q D Darw' Q als Dux' 5 , . -- fa!"--' PA THER CLAW TAFF BACK ROW: Edgar Kutscher, Rodney Schwarzlose, Mrs. Lenoir Hilbert, Allan Moltz, Marlene Boenig, Daniel Wunderlich, Joan Hahn, Glen Braune. MIDDLE ROW: Judy Harborth, Barbara Kut- scher, Maggie Flores, Janice Herrmann, Kenneth Engler. FRONT ROW: Gloria Dietert, Deanna Lange, Virginia Hoffmann, Patricia Neumann. 41 TLIDENT COUNCIL STANDING L TO R: Mr. Jimmie Scott, Sponsorg Kenneth Engler, Treasurerg Joan Hahn, Reporterg Rodney Schwarzlose, Presidentg Patti Neumann, Vice-presidentg Janice Herrmann, Secretaryg Richard Harborthg Bar- bara Schievelbeing Mrs. Nita Boenig, Advisor., SITTING L TO R: Dahlia Rincon, Linda Hahn, George Reh- feld, Jimmy Schriewer, Jerry Schriewer, Nancy Harborth. 1.- BETA CLUB TOP ROW L TO R: Larry Hill, Stanley Reinhard, Richard Harborth, Judy Harborth, Mr. Billy Telford, Spon- sor. BOTTOM ROW L TO R: Janet Rehfeld, Treasurerg Joan Hahn, Secretaryg Kenneth Engler, President: Polly Randow, Vice-President, Janice Herrmann, Historiang Bettye Randow, Roger Moltz. 42 CIENCE CLUB SEATED L-R: Patti Neumann, Secretaryg Deanna Lange, Reporterg Marlene Boenig, Presidentg Richard Harborth, 'Vice-Presi- dent. STANDING L-R: Bernadine Voss, Barbara Neumann, Sue Gibbs, Terry Duncan, John Wunderlich, Fred Obermeyer Allan Thorrneyer, Roger Erxleben, Harvey Vogel, Sponsor. CHEERLEADERS IQ' 'lv FRONT ROW LEFT TO RIGHT: Polly Randow, Janet Rehfeld, Deanna Lange, Joan Hahn, Pat Neumann, Virginia Hoffmann, Jeanette Hoffmann, Janice Herrmann, Marlene Boenig, Bettye Randow, Nella Ramsey, sponsor. SECOND ROW: Linda Hahn, Lillie Redix, Gloria Dietert, Barbara Neumann, Fannie Cunningham , Bernadine Voss. THIRD ROW: Janet Braune, Ruby Schmoekel, Teresa Evans, Barbara Schievelbein, Judy Harborth, Barbara Kutscher.. FHA WEMAKE i L '90 R5 Q9 O' I '7 S? ?a D : rg Elf! EI, J 1? QWJ Os? 4 QQ' .Nfw v0 Kenneth Engler FHA Beau FIRST ROW-LEFT TO RIGHT: Roger Erxleben, Emilio Martinez, Manuel Martinez, Stanley Beicker, Willie Krahn, Allan Thormeyer, Pedro Zavala, Roger Moltz, Felipe Barrientos, Frank Pena, Paul Elder, Larry Hill, Kenny Engler. SECOND ROW: Mr. Benny MacVenable-sponsor, Edgar Kutscher, Edward Mondin, Edward Engelke, Richard Harborth, Rodney Galle, Daniel Wunderlich, Floyd Braune, Adolph Robledo, Verner Noll, John Wunderlich. THIRD ROW: Juan Flores, Darwin Keyes, Bob- bie Dreibrodt, Michael Moody, Rodney Schwarzlose, Stanley Reinhard, Glen Braune. FF fs: E'- 1 0 'T Q pcnoh 48 :W g.a'i??" . A 7 'T'-"' " ,Ziff ' .n F og " 'I 6' QA FXFA ' Q. J 9 14. 55 ' ' , A 445 l KK , a S 4 'YI 'T- t o u Q Judy Harhorth FFA Sweetheart BAD BACK ROW, L to R: Dinah Vradenburg, Benito Loera, Gary Etheredge, Roger Bading, Kenneth Vradenburg, Glen Braune, George Rehfeld, Stanley Reinhard, Bobbie Dreibrodt, Scott Noll, Ronald Lehmann, Jerry Schriewer, Felipe Barrientos, Ronnie Bormann, Iohn Wunderlich, Jerry Engelke, Robert Braune, Verner Noll Jr. MIDDLE ROW, L to R: Bonnie Heinemeyer, Christine Dawson, Judy Noll, Gary Randow, Irvin Hunt, Willie Krahn, Allan Thormeyer, Randolph Lehmann, Jimmy Schriewer, Bernadine Voss. FRONT ROW, L to R: Roger Erxleben, Pauline Randow, Mary Salazar, Gloria Bormann, Cathy Haberle, Gladys Dietert, Barbara Neumann, Mr. Starnes, Band Director. BEGINNERS L to R: George Bartels, Larry Grimm, Pat Miears, Arlene Dietert, Karen Strickland, Robert Poole, Charles Adams, Faye Dreibrodt, Diane Lehmann, Kathryn Hosey, Tommy Haberle, Andy Hahn, Joe Weathersby, Vicente Loera, Jerry Thormeyer, Nolan Harborth, Ronnie Klaehn, Mr. Starnes. SPORTS THE NAVARRO ANTH ERETTES BACK ROW L-R: Coach Vogel, Barbara Kutscher, Priscilla Martinez, Lillie Redix, Deanna Lange, Barbara Neu- mann, Linda Hahn, Ruby 'White, Mgrs., Polly Randow and Terry Duncan. FRONT ROW L-R: Bettye Randow, Ruby Schmoekel, Teresa Evans, Bernadine Voss, Janet Braune, Marlene Boenig, Janice Herrmann, Patricia Neumann, Joan Hahn. Janet Rehfeld, Fannie Cunningham, and Sue Gibbs. 73497 WW 4 WV 4 ' M430 ' 47X Qivkkm-EQ! 'VU' v W yQ 005 0' v X 0 I U Ui Ui NAAWAUQUQCD EPAANW VI HI HRS hg Flo d Braune , Irvin Hunt, Rodne Galle, Stanle Reinhard, Frank Y Y Y Richard Harborth, John Wunderlich, Manager. FRONT ROW: Adolpho Robledo, Roger Moltz, Frank Pena, Cunnin ham, Willie Krahn, Larr J g y , Rodney Schw ose, g TRACK L-R: Janice Herrmann, Barbara Neumann, Marlene Boenig, Lillie Redix, Burma Blevins, Fannie Cunningham, Joan Hahn, Bernadine Voss, and Janet Braune, Harvey Vogel, Coach. TENNIS 1 L-R: Barbara Kutscher, Ruby Schmoekel, Teresa Evans, Sue Gibbs, and Barbara Neumann. BASEBALL Left to Right: Terry D uncan , Burma Blevins, Linda Hahn, Sue Gibbs, Priscilla Martinez, Barbara Neumann, Ruby White, Fannie Cunningham, Lillie Redix, Janet Brauneg T eresa Evans, Ruby Schmoekel, Barbara Kutscher, Janice Herrmann, Bernadine Voss, Nicolasa Lopez. j f ,fx Left to Right: Emilio Martinez, Manuel Martinez, Jimmy Gibbs, Allan Thormeyer, Michael Moody, Juan Flores, Adolf Robledo, Dickie Harborth, Frank Pena, Mr, Bill Evans-Coach. TRACK TEAM STANDING L-R: Rodney Schwarzlose, Manager, Adolpho Robledo, Frankie White, Clinton Elley, Michael Moody Stanley Reinhard, Rodney Galle, Irvin Hunt, Juan Flores, Mr. Bill Evans, Coach. KNEELING L-R: A. I. Cunning- ham, Roger Moltz, Ronnie Bormann, Frank Pena, Manuel Martinez, Willie Krahn, Larry Hill, Dickie Harborth Floyd Braune. STATE MEET Richard Harborth 2nd, place, Pole Vault JU IOR HIGH SPORT BACK ROW L TO R: Rosanna Schlichting, Yvonne Redix, Lillian Braune, Coach: Harvey Vogel, Ruby White, Louise Schmidt, Irma Jackson. FRONT ROW L TO R: Judy Miears, Ellouise Grimn, Juanita Martinez, Gladys Dietert, Bonnie Heinemeyer, Gloria Bormann, Cathy Haberle, Arlene Hackborth, KNEELING: Nancy Harborth, Cynthia Sandlin, Shirley Theiss. BOYS TEAM L TO R: Coach: Stuart Evans, Jerry Schriewer, Michael Stautzenberger, Bill Evans, Sherman Schlich- ting, Rogers White, Ronald Lehmann, Robert Harborth, Felton Cunningham, George Rehfeld. UB-JU IOR STANDING ROW L-R: Mrs, Ruby Dyer, Juanita Villegas, Guadalupe Leos, Inez Valdez, Judy Kay Noll, Christine Dawson, Mrs. Madeline West. SITTING ROW L-R: Nancy Al- varado, Beverly Miears, Karen Strickland, Pat Miears, Guadalupe Alvarado, Mary Flores, Joy Dietert. BOYS TEAM STANDING ROW L-R: Gary Don Etheredge, Mrs. Ruby Dyer, Mark Stautzenberer, Benito Loera, Tommie Haberle, Mrs. Madeline West, Barnett Baker. SITTING ROW L-R: Tim- mie Evans, Steven Vogel, Jerry Engelke, Alphonso Rincon, James White. GQLDEN GALLERY DAVID BRETZKE Food Store "We Are Always Glad To Serve You" Geronimo, Texas BAENZIGER'S il.l5 .15-A ,, . ijrgh .14 Misa. I'-gg.: V! 'T-4 - A F.-,I -l , 1 - - , W 6 .Lf , '-. V. Q C -:Q '.' :" '17 v- If 7 - ' ' ij? K u A A 'fax if ' R, -"HX X, ' . pg R . I- .Kb b :lf gr", Q, 'VY-,' S L ,v u ,4. E . C ourt St . V' ' ff 'V 'W Texas I Ee 5 5 A Compliments 5 E- :-A ifie f' "" "l" " Fl' THE ANIMAL HOSPITAL LUMBER-QQMPANY 1 i V Highway 90 West Seguin, Texas Seguin, Texas CARNATION MILK C O . Home Delivery FR 9-5188 Wholesale FR 9-4249 Seguin, Texas OTTO M. LOCKE NURSERY 2515 W. San Antonio Street Phone MA 5-4523 THE GUARANTY STATE BANK OF NEW BRAUNFELS New Braunfels, Texas DAWSON'S Speed Sz Machine Shop Phone FR 9-5568 Seguin, Texas FR 9-3815 WHITE FUNERAL HOME AIR-CONDITIONED AMBULANCE SERVICE Oxygen Equipped-First Aid Equipped GERYL WHITE 1015 N. Austin Street Seguin, Texas DAIRY MART NAVARRO NEWS Compliments of and news for all the county in the Mildred 8: Johnny Diehl SEGUIN GAZETTE 924 E. Kingsbury Seguin, Texas Hseglliffs Leading NeWSP9-Per" THE PAUL GOETZ COMPANY I FIRST NATIONAL BANK 713 N- Austin Sf- i Seguin, Texas I FR 9-2313 Ambulance Service - "Your Friendly Bank" FR 9- 1253 Seguin C . J. LUDEWIC FURNITURE CO. Member Our Year Round Policy Federal Deposit Insurance "Better Furniture Corporation At Lowest Prices" P,O. Box 156 Phone MA 5-5321 57 BETTER FOODS FOR LESS , V Sr., Q Girls District 76-B Y , n ,Q an 3 Prairie Lea 43 3 Marion 37 , . Q T Buda 42 A Z Q Judson 50 5 Prairie Lea 58 ' ' Marion 38 Buda 45 Judson 41 Marion QP1ayofD 52 Compliments GERONIMO GIN CO. J. B. BARBER SHOP Geronimo, Texas 107 South River Seguin, Texas GINNINC, IS OUR BUSINESS Reliable Since 1868 THE NOLTE NATIONAL BANK Member FDIC OF SEGUIN, TEXAS BECKER'S Texaco Products and Cafe HERMAN BAER Distributor P t 1 d 't P d Feeds-Seeds and Fertlizer e ro Gum an 1 S ro ucts BRANDoN's WHEEL at AXLE SERVICE 115 W. College Street 56 11' , Te Ph. FR9 4181 g In Xas FR 9-1736 Seguin Boys District '76-B Hurray for the purple and gold. May they stay as our colors forever We have a team and a coach. To this victory we'll approach. We all have to fight for this game. May our friends be with us and support us. So we can come out on the top. So let 's all fight, so let's all fight. For dear NAVARRO. Yea! Prairie Lea 60-33 Marion 48-50 Buda 50-29 Judson 47-42 Kyle 36- 61 Prairie Lea 52-38 Marion 58-51 Buda 49-39 Judson 49-37 Kyle 39-42 DEPOT LUMBER co. Compliments Of 1502 N. Austin St. Seguin, Texas Phone FR 9-4665 MUSIC CENT ER Seguin, Texas GUADALUPE FEEDS ZOELLER FUNERAL HOME Uncle Johnnie Feeds Felix Zoeller Harry L. Zoeller 1206 N' Camp Ph FR 9-2444 P, O, Box 86 New Braunfels, Texas Seguin, Texas Phone MA 5- 2349 RIVER GIN AND MILL, INC. Magnolia Boats San Marcos Master Mix FeedS V-C Dekalb Hybrids Swift Scotthibtitoljsoards Armour SEPTEM BER- OCTOBER 'Twisrin' I'e1f01'd" Zek! A vlouse. SNGOVER Ain't love rand?" Xia! Ala! Brush Don 't ?ick' ern Bush Woman he Sly One My STALENEANK FIRST ATIONALZ5' r TRUST CO. Q72 OF SAN MARCOS. TEXAS ?Q', 'Im-yl1IIIIIu miminiiiiilllnnlulnlir- IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIWMIIIIIIIIiiiiisiiaaaamw San Marcos, Texas ,g in:IIII52I!IIIgs'yIMI:2::::::EEEEIEIEEEEEEIEEEI E Members FDIC IIIIIBIIIIIIIIEIEEIQIIIEEII i S li SEGUIN STATE BANK 84 TRUST COMPANY Friendly, Courteous Service Always Drive-in Window After Hour Depository Customer Parking Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation DECEMBER 1. Peek View of '64 styles. 2. You're standing on my foot. 3. Hound dog, 4. Ihope this isn't poison. 5. The gang's all here. 6. You scared us. 7. Old time love. 8. Fm hungry. 9. Boy's shower room. . O11 good! Instant nothing. . Hi, buddy. . It's dark in here. . I lost my needle. . GOODNESS . Monkey business Building A Brighter Tomorrow UADALUPE ALLEY LECTRIC OOPERATIVE, INC. EWALD HUGHSON MEAT CO. Wholesale Meats 1010 E. Kin sbury g Locker Storage and Processing fHighway 90 Eastl Phone FR 9-4594 - 0 T R A C T 0 R FARM EOUIPMENY San Marcos , Texas Phone EX 2- 3368 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Hear no evil, See no evil, Speak no evil! Tooth only please! Don't look at me! What's down there? Couple of the year, or is it glue? I-IOCH GROCERY INC. DONEGAN ABSTRACT CO. 109 W. San Antonio Street O. E. Threlkeld, Mgr. San MGTCOS, Texas H. H. Weinert Bldg. Seguin Phone EA Z-3371 FR 9-5321 STARCKE FURNITURE Sunshine Cleaners COMPANY Phono EX23033 214 E. Hutchison . . - SAN MARCOS Blg C1ty Store-Small Town Pr1ces Seguin, Texas KING FEED CO. Purina Chows Bulk Feeds San Marcos C omplimen ts of AL KOEBIG SOUTH TEXAS PRINTING COMPANY ,ww xglnf CO. Royal Typewriters Sales and Service ,VAT N I FR 9-5761 Seguin, Texas 114 East Mountain Seguin, Texas 1. It's GONE! 2. Lifting that pencil was such a job. Don't pout. He won't eat it all. 3. This last blow will do it. 4. 5. Don't look! My bloomers are slipping! 6. Dream Lovers! JAMISON MOTOR COMPANY VIVROUX HARDWARE COMPANY Your Friendly Chevrolet Dealer Phone FR 9- 1241 Seguin, Texas Seguin FR 9-4381 KELLER' S DELICIOUS BREAD ForASpecia1- Orders Call FR 9-2423 Best for 3513 1ess Your Friendly Baker SEGUIN BAKING COMPANY 63 ROMA'S PLACE 146 S. Hill New Braunfels, Texas Breakfast- Lunches-Short orders- Steaks-Sea Food-Mexican Food Homemade Pie Sz Ice Cold Drinks Congratulations Seniors LEHMANN'S STORES with Luncheonette Seguin, Texas MARTIN RICHTER TERMITE AND PEST CONTROL Free Inspection-Chemical Proven Method Safe-Clean-Effective Phone MA 5-3124 or MA 5-6404 Micheli PLUMBING 8: HEATING - Carrier Air Conditioning - 310 North Austin Seguin Phone FR 9-4432 1. Give that back Mr. Telford. 2. The Jolly Janitor 3, "Arer1't we busy." 4. Okay, Gary Where'd you hide that snake? 5. "Ah, J. B. that is the fourth cateye you have won from me, " I 6. FHA'ers getting in practice, Compliments Of NECCHI-ELNA SEWING CIRCLE THE SEGUIN at COTTON OIL COMPANY FABRIC SHOP Cottonseed Products-Mixed Feeds Everything for the Woman who Sewe n Fertilizers, and Farm Supplies New Braunfels at Randolph l I I COMAL COTTONS Read the I Featuring One of the Largest SEGUIN ENTERPRISE 1 Assortments of Piece Goods in the Southwest 557 Porter MA 5-5815 A Community Booster Since 1888 1 Guadalupe County's Blue-Ribbon 1 Newspaper I N LEON STUDIO Portraits For All Occasions Photofinishing and Supplies Ill W. Gonzales Seguin N WOODY'S GARAGE 1 Roland Schuenemann, Owner Auto 8: Tractor Repair FR 9-4225 Geronimo, Texas Compliments When in Seguin visit DUKE 8: AYRES BURGES DRUG STORE Seguin Texas FR9 1476 Seguin, Texas 1445 MCQUBCHGY R99-d MERLE NORMAN COSMETICS Demonstrator Jessie Blurnberg A Free Demonstrations Located at the Plaza Hotel r - ff SEGUIN cocA coLA co. Buck Brands N640 vlldl Delaware Punch I pledge Dream, Dream Baby Mona Lisa Grandma! What big teeth you have! "The fog comes on little feet. SEGUIN VENETIAN BLIND co WHITE HOUSE DRIVE" INN Spec1al1z1ng in Hamburgers and nks H1 way 90 West outs1de blinds FR 9 2208 Open 7 days Seguin Texas QUALITY SERVICE STATION WOERNDELL TIRE SERVICE Goodyear t1res and tubes Marvin Herry We recap 8: vulcan1ze tires P O Box 503 399 W San Antonio FR 9 4375 Segu1n, Texas New Braunfels Texas ALL WORK GUARANTEED Compllments of LAWSON MOTOR COMPANY Dodge Dodge Trucks FR 9 4718 Seguin CRUMP'S Woodwork 8: Lumber Yard FR 9-4611 1009 N, Camp FARMERS FEED AND SUPPLY Purina Chows 708 Guadalupe St. FR 9-1750 DAIRY QUEEN Malts, Sundaes, and Hamburgers Seguin, Texas KUNKEL 8: CANNON Television and Radio Service Seguin, Texas PETE SMITH MOTORS Western WESTERN -A-UTO'S AUI40 i Own Brand Name Chrysler Plymouth Asgilifg hn Nationally known - Merchandise 28 Years H. E. "Bugs" Stautzenberger 2. Jeanette! !! 3. You really got on me 4. "And the note says--- 5. "Just So" 6. Award Winners 1. Hand me the file. a hold Compliments of SEGUIN THEATRES INC. Palace - Dixie - Texas Every Patron An Honored Guest Compliments of TOWN AND COUNTRY NEWS MICHELI PLUMBING 310 N. Austin FR 9-4432 Seguin, Texas WINN'S STORES INC . Across from the Post Office in New Braunfels Where Friendship Sr Economy Go Hand in Hand Ly FR 9-1964 Seguin, Texas HOFFER'S BARBER SHOP "Where Your Business is Always Appreciatedu Seguin, Texas D at D BUMPER WORKS ' I ' 1103 N. camp N1IllQUBlNH SHOP Phone FR 9-1480 Seguin, Texas --A at Seguin, Texas . ICKES ON U. S. HIGHWAY 81 New Braunfels, Texas 1. Young Love???? 1 u i i,.ii'3 2. Freshmen not paying e u f i l 'T attention' lrz f f 3. Polly doing the twist ' in class. :J .V 1 1, 4. Allan, one dab will TURNER FLOWER SHOP Cornal County's Leading Theatres BRAUNTEX 753 North Austin Seguin, Texas 81 Phone FR 9-4817 TOWER DRIVE-IN New Braunfels, Texas SUPER-DOG HIGGINS DRIVE -IN Blacksmith and Welding I-li-way 123 North New Braunfels, Texas . Seguin, Texas JOI-INNY'S BARBER SHOP T gl E TRACTOR 81 IMPLEMENT COMPANY 2,11 North Austin Ferguson Tractors Next to Music Center Oliver Parts Seguin, Texas FR 9- 1945 Seguin 57 WALT'S TRIANGLE DRIVE-IN Fried Chicken French Fries Hamburger-Specialty MA 5-9028 New Braunfels HELMS LUMBER COMPANY L. C. Helms, Owner P.O. Box 551 MA 5- 6222 1617 Highway 81 West New Braunfels WHITE HOUSE MARKET "Meat That Pleases The Wife" Fresh Beef, Bar-B-Q and Sausage 109 N. Austin St. FR 9-5105 DOPPENSCHMIDT FUNERAL HOME Air Condition Ambulance Service Phone Madison 5-3434 SCHUSSLER LUMBER COMPANY "More than just a lumber yard" Telephone FR 9- 1310 615 North Austin Seguin, Texas READY MIX CONCRETE COMPANY Seguin FR 9-2765 Luling TR 5-2117 1. Here Goes 2. The Old 3. And the New 4. Welcome, Whirlybirds! PAPE FLOORS 8: REIMERS ART COMPANY LARDIES INTERIOR 109 W. Court Seguin, Texas Leroy G. Pape FR 9-1794 527 East Kingsbury Seguin, Texas Phone FR 9-5628 Complete Line of Wallpaper, Paints and Ceramic Supplies DONSBACH CASH GROCERY Free Delivery, Groceries, Fresh Meats 8: Vegetables 216 N. Austin St. Seguin, Texas Phone FR 9-5202 PEERLE SS PHARMAC Y The Rexall Store 249 W. San Antonio St. New Braunfels, Texas EISENBERG Furniture Studio New Braunfels, Texas Compliments of THE GOLDEN STREAK N N I 4 1 1 Y 1 w I 4 I x 3 2 ' x 5 ' Z ? , s F F -5 1 I A- VA Q ' N?""mvX'7 x x 42 N X L: ' iff' 'ff flliJAzZ W'l95'!HmH5i'1'r4- 4,0 , -X ' ',iLSu QHSGWk7'hWYK'?RQQlWTHlV IH! ll'l'1l'lYKQQRkU'17FTZH71'lI'l'Il'lLTI 5", 4A?4'.ZL'Q!LL LiT:i.- ' Q- A-41.151

Suggestions in the Navarro High School - Golden Streak Yearbook (Seguin, TX) collection:

Navarro High School - Golden Streak Yearbook (Seguin, TX) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 53

1963, pg 53

Navarro High School - Golden Streak Yearbook (Seguin, TX) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 16

1963, pg 16

Navarro High School - Golden Streak Yearbook (Seguin, TX) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 6

1963, pg 6

Navarro High School - Golden Streak Yearbook (Seguin, TX) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 6

1963, pg 6

Navarro High School - Golden Streak Yearbook (Seguin, TX) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 51

1963, pg 51

Navarro High School - Golden Streak Yearbook (Seguin, TX) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 55

1963, pg 55

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