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 - Class of 1958

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Navarre High School - Entre Nous Yearbook (Navarre, OH) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Cover

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NAM K ff ,Qgau awk We sg!-f2f4:'ZO RQ, M 5-ixfw QM MMM GLW-N 'zfwlgzoimk D566 fa...,t 'C-4-L44 WVWJQU giyqvmwbb JMD, Z6 XE ,M Q Q2 'ga iam wmgfm 2 WM2ff 23 w I r 4 1 w 1 V-. 1 4.5 f J . . ,Q , ,QV 'H , . , F1I'n1'- ' ..-.f u . ...1 x-. . HM' f. -' .MJ N. N. ,, , L-, 1 4 , .r-.:4f,. :fix 'uk .., pa., "'5wc'f.'Lf Sr. .l A .f,.1m. ,, , E .- mf 1 A3 if' 's"-if -Qu- 5341 ' - A f-"v-P. -be 'i 1 E-N .X .,- 'Fi 1..' xt A , I H-4,47 V 1 I 4 --55-'C -' - .T ' MPJ-, amz?-.. v. -FOUL "w:e..-w wniwp' . 5? . LC:-lm 'Qu l ' 'fffhnzl ,'m3'RV1,'Q ,l ' f .fiplx bm- 73' '5rMLl'.-,A 'Qi 5'-HQ ig I' 4 1 in If K H L .H I I N' 31,5 'I 1 HI? ' v 3: w ' 4 P ,ix Qc Q I K 'K If if 'L' 5 fr -al lf: ' S' fri 'f 1' 1 X I I - V ' ' j v 1 L , W , .. ,4,.,f.-1. 1 .A , ,. r . , L ,f r r 1 ' K -fr 1 w , A '41 ,v 1, 1 A -Q, 4-Y , v If . , - , 1 W ,- .u x 1 .f'EE" , ,X .. -.Aw 'En '- JLQT i ff -5 A211 f 'N , -'W - . . 3. - ..e- , . ,. ..----M ,Q i ' ' f"..- - -.. W 4.-1 5".f'1'u7' ' WE- " ' ' f H- , 1' u. ' ? 1 I 1 f .nfl 1 .. 'urn fri ,pvc fu v ,v vu H, X 1- Mw, ' .'!.:.' H . 5 .. 4. , X5 11 fi f .M N T .'!:jJ. X-:qu mia. - l . .. . . , . I '9 nH'I'l2f 'Q 1 rw... , , . ,, .sl Q 1 .1 I .:-., , , .' 'A ,h - m1 . f 1 X rg V. a " ' ' Q 1 ' x EN -,T . Q .bfqgl 5-'iv xii ,' ,,". f fliufx jnyfdw W-1 - :.',': YI 5 7- ' r , fe- u 2 .. -'N ET ' " x ' '-mimi FW 'wg . , "" , Q W 1 I tfrv- .SETI-. 'mil ' , ! I 4 -Q., ' , . E lg 1.-f , g" gd Vg 10, My 1 -. H .f. r Q ji , Pk. 1' V , nf I ' 1 ' 'y 411'-Q,,gv' - t 11 L f , ,, .5....J5.,,1.g. X , :"'f51 af "iz .I " X 1 wir' 5 iq. ' 35'5El?ag' - ' 1:55,-a' 2.25:- Al 'sf ' ' ity, . , . -.313-.--.4. , . , . .1 , , , 'M , : ,Q 9,',1q,',f. 3 11- Tlx., gs., ' - 4- .--E., ,v.-,,"-4--.1 I ' 1 I 'Q rqwf 1' '1 KKK' M, . , A. . -Q 1 1 T , f Q a , 0 . ,J , , Y J- :U 1 A Z. . 1 , I, X . , I v I 2' I li' .L . ' " v-'f f12G... X.. ' 1 3142 . . x uv wx n 1 I F 4 u J. 1 2 A s i. E 4: L 1 1 4 L. r L i i 5, i E. E A -.,.,..,..,. L 3' T if '- ,.,.-. . , -. - T., 1 . gf: ' 1 , -. -f1AE1T1.'i'L2i:,.?-. M -' " -'rf if fl VH- ,. 1 I-A-gn-:n"Q,f4:,: ' R, - '.'-I., -A 41 " ' "1,,..4g H. . .f.,:k H. n'-.u.q+fi'4"f1,-f-.- 1 . -Vx: .,, L. xx- ,AU ,-.Mgt .. .- Q ,' 1 -'J . ::'----s.,-:Ke-fA,." ' -.lf " u' Y' 'f . , "7 1"'?:4,i'i' ' 5167 'N V , -. zip."-"S.,,?' -I ,. .' - . X ff, v :jx 5: ,.. v '- 1, .fffP':J'1,'. :zjn .Q ,133 tr'-' ' .-,.--- -e- f..r1,: 'A ,. 2 . ' -.N ,.w,:x'.Q'-.. . 7L. 3' 'YL' fy' V- ff'-If T .jj , mini-. 4 . L J ki, sr , ' X1 "if"1ff1-,ri'.' A N!" fit' lff I I 2 WT' fn J .1 ' Q . .5 ,J I- 4--. -.1 V. -,,... . . I 4- -- , .. .- .,..-af 3. , ,...,fz,, ,imggeg - '- 1 ' yi ":1f 4. 1' t. 1 fsfgffgaix 1 ff- ,A - ,-V., ii xgmsgvvgv '.,. ...,. -- TW? L?-'F-111 Y f QQ-.'7Q'. 3-"' ' . 3- SNL 212' 1 , A 'A Q' ' "Airp- -. 4- ' QL:-"W", 21" Lf ,,. . ,,,,,:V I i : 3.1 'Zur- W .f ,...,fn 3 ,f ff- ,1.fq'5:-'Y . :':' f with .7 .tv .' . , . ,H v N -421.54 'L .4 , ,, E ,"l,'i,vl- ' ' C ' .,. ,Nm w ,' , - '- ' V ' - muh ' .11 ,:,"'f+,lt'g??, ' '. X, .,5f. ,Ns 'N . - ,xl -' ' - 1 LN 4 , .- fu, .',.h,-r.,,,,,4gri., .A. 5 , Jig. :R dd- ,.,,,3?: 1 M .1 51-:r-Sg,.fg'..g,- n 'iff ' ' 12? ez' LQ- . ' 1 ' ' '.4.'T.'TfZTf'LLl',',- - TITS: 1 -H-'v -mv f. f- " -.em ,.g w l J 1 -0 JV, : if fd ' f X, 1 , ,n HL' an ..-, . ,QM ,. ,,1 .JQ P '- .r-wi-F 'I' N- 1 N, V4 qw Q: A s - -v-IQ, ,HJ ' U L . ., H F V, ..,U. Q if '-22: is '1 ., . K, . 1 .. , E TRE GUS I958 Editor , ........ ..... J ayne Frederick Assistant Editor -.-. .... ,Mary Lou Define Business Manager H-- .... Kenneth Airhort NAVARRE HIGH SCHOOL NAVARRE, OHIO DEDICATIO Mr. Hall, the l958 Entre Nous is yours. Yours for motivating those who came in contact with you by creating within them the desire to learn. You have devoted your time, energy, experience, and skill to cope with the problems of those whom you have taught. This is yours for the sin- cerity with which you have served Navarre High School for the past 22 years. To thank you for your care and guidance, we, the class of l958, respectfully dedicate our annual to you. UR LM TER Hail Alma Mater Hats off to you, Ever you'll find us Loyal and true Firm and undaunted Ever we'll be Hail to the school we love Here's a toast to thee. I ii ff ' 'l,,,.,-,XXX 12" :JI7 ' ee 5 ilu af- -L , , E Q Ay' ,Q an I A'-5:5 gf E 1 -li'l-1r....1-" - vh- nf T- Q 1- J ' l- ' ,r--:- -i - fi: -f f -......f.' 1- -. ' "'::t'-- ,, ,,,,......f"J: ME 5,1 -1-f:F7'f'ff Q'-f"Lf "'I'I"fM1"'x"' --M ... ,,,..,, ni. , ' " -.. - VE- -:ii ' , .- s W-.. of -...-sw ew E-2,2 ...Q - Y . 4 1 k 5-T-V F -Q- -'2-Qrgff, 3 A L7 v:'v,lTf,,- .rf T'f ,...---r-ffrrfv' 3,513-lv.-EQ1 .fl ,-- .:-L .ag ' Vp X , an- ,-. lo -1.-, ,,'1..!'--, ..f,, 'gl ..- J., J Y .E 2 , 'a'1'E'LQ .2 ..:Z".ef"'i' - E Q, E-51, .ov ad,,.g 1 "1'17,.,,7-.Y:'1' i'b?. f , ' "1ng:r-M4 ' '- E fr., -lii'4? A ,-Y ' is- ,- .., .f-gt' --2 J ' Lf:-33, ,- K I AMMs "-' -of 3 2 ' fff V, 'Q , Jima. N- -wrkgwww I ,Q 5 VH? 'rt I 'Q 93 ,, 1 wg ip: s I ' "A: a I I 1 2 . v, 5+ v,v. , 1 "' M 'W Q 5 k :" 7 K in-Q . iq I ,. 'X- f' " . li W 1 L , TW' . sr ww M , L ,, Q, ,Q .n y Sk, ,, 5. , Li ' , A ,g Y as Li ,M QW 4 , If K he V Qi, P. 43 , A hw ri ' J' Q 'I' fa. ff R V' , QVQ- ' 4 5 ,- FOOTB LL QLIEE MISS PHOTOGENIC Miss Judy Haas 1 Z' ,U in I. :Eff ' 55 Qi! - lf EARL D. WISARD Kent State University, B.S, Demo- cracy and World History. Secretary. DOROTHY LASH -.4 .f-,, MW -1-l HELEN BREMER Kent State University, B.S. Educa- tion, Columbia University M.A,g Ak- ron University, Wooster College, Household Arts and Biology. ELIZABETH NYDEGGER College of Wooster, B.A.5 University of Michigan, M.A.g English and Latin. JOHN D. MILLER Wilmington College, B.S. Ed.g Ohio State Universityg Vandercook College of Music Instrumental Music GENA EVANS Miami University, B.S.g Columbia Universityg Los Angeles Conservatory of Musicg San Diego State College Vocal Music ANTOINETTE DE ANGELISN Ohio State University, B.S. Ed., Colum- bia University Commercial Subjects JOHN OHMAN Ohio University, B.S. Ed. American History, Health, Driver Training, Physical Education, Head Football Coach, Assistant Basketball Coach fi E ' ci il s g - 1 . N T' . 1 I ri fn' di NANCY MC KAY West Virginia University, West Liberty State College, B.A. Speech, English, Eighth Grade Litera- ture JOSEPH GRUBER Mount Union B.S. Chemistry, Physics, Eighth Grade Democracy, World Geography JOHN PROFANT ln.. Mount Union College, B.S.,Ed.j Col- umbia University. Gcographyg Ohio Historyj Physical Educationg Head Basketball Coachg Assistant Football Coach. i i DONALD HALEY Ohio University, BS., Ed. Mathematics. FRED BRIDEWESER Capital University, A.B.g Ohio State University. Driver Training, Science, Baseball Coach. 21 X -,v 3 I ' .l.' . 1 .- 1 I . - ' . .. I. . -- IA 1 . - r U1 ' I ..K .: In" . 1 . A ' '-x.'t .. ,I I 4. . ' I I .. . X " , I ,gd 1 pl .W ? 11 20 9555935 LUTATORIAN BOYS' AND GIRLS' STATE Paul Simmons Joyne Frederick Gary McCusker 'I I Richard Tormosi President June Boughman Secretary et Dovid Grimm Vice-President CLASS MOTTO Us Be Seen By Our Deeds CLASS FLOWER White Rose CLASS COLORS Powder Blue ond Block Myra Piper Treasurer .Phi Ronald Adams Walter Agnes . X I Kenny Airhart Wim ' 1 Vx Lavonne Boughman Don Cooke Dale Davis Mo ry Lou Define X X. Jim Evons Marlene Fitch Gloria Foster Karen Fowler Jerry Freose Jayne Frederick Paggy Hall F? 5 5 . i ,tai 5 I N. "3 i. X . A f Er ' x:X". 5 Richard Garver Nancy Gerber Judy Haas 'au 'a-'X Eleanor Kubinski Judy Lintner Jim Loretto 3 J 1,3 Corol Luckring Gary McCusker Carol Martin JoAnne Neidenthol Richard Noftsinger Jerry Nofsinger David Owen Noel Paulus Dan Path Allan Putt Carol Rose Gary Snyder Judy Sago Jerry Wollor Paul Simmons I I r 1 :I w Ja, W l., Q2 N, I M. MX, .S M, 3 ,... 5 f .IN '54 yu R CLASS HISTCJRY The Year, l955, the month, September, the place, Navarre Hiqh School, the characters, 54 young, greeny freshmen. Act l Our advisors Mr. Bridweiser and Miss Humes finally got us settled down in our home room. Our high school career started by electing officers as follows: President, Allan Putt, Vice-President, Richard Noftsinger, Secretary, Helen Sewell, Treas- urer, Myra Piper. Student Council Representatives were: Allan Putt, Jerry Wallar, and Carol Luck- ring. The whole class picked as attendant to the Homecoming Queen, Judy Haas. We sponsored several dances during the year. Act ll One year later we walked in the doors of Navarre High as the older Sophomores. We were now on our way. Miss O'Dell and Mr. Bridweiser were our advisors for this exciting year. We chose as officers the following: President, Carol Luck- ring, Vice-President, Judy Haas, Secretary, Nancy Gerber, and Treasurer, Myra Piper. We chose Carol Luckring, Judy Sago and Allan Putt for Stu- dent Council. They all did a wonderful job in enlarg- ing our class fund. We also held several paper driv- es and dances to help. Everyone looked forward to choosing our class jackets. We finally, chose red jackets with gray lettering. We were very proud to wear them. ln the spring, Carol Luckring, Myra Piper, Mary Lou Define were chosen as cheerlead- ers. Karen Fowler made a charming attendant to the queen. The year went so fast, that it seemed no time at all before we were Juniors. Act lll If we thought our Sophomore year was busy, this year was busier yet. We chose as officers the following: President, Gary McCusker, Vice-Presi- dent, Kenny Airhart, Secretary, Judy Haas, and Treasurer, Myra Piper. Student Council members were: Gary McCusker, Allan Putt and Carol Martin. Then we started in trying to raise money for the annual Junior - Senior Prom. We worked faithfully in the Junior Gyp'Joint at both football and basket- ball games. lt paid off in a nice profit. Lavonne Boughman made an attractive attendant to the queen. Later we finally decided, after a tedious job, on our beautiful class rings. They were call- ed "Thunderbirds." Our class was the first to get these. ln the spring we happily presented our play "Arsenic and Old Lace" which was a lot of fun. And finally the biggest event of this struggl- ing year the Junior - Senior Prom. lt was held May 3rd, in the beautiful ballroom of the St. Francis Hotel. Everyone enjoyed themselves. Act IV Well, we finally made it into our Senior year. There are only 40 of us left to enjoy it. We ac- quired a new advisor, Mrs. Evans, and Mr. Brid- weiser is still our faithful advisor. We chose as officers for our last year as follows: President, Richard Tormasi, Vice-President, David Grimm, Secretary, June Boughman, and Treasurer, Myra Piper. Student Council Representatives are: Rich- ard Tormasi Carol Martin, and Carol Luckring. We were proud to have Allan Putt, Jim Evans, and Gary McCusker as Tri-Captains of our football team. For our Homecoming Game, Judy Haas reigned as our lovely queen and Carol Martin made a sweet attendant. December l2th we proudly presented our Senior Play "You Can't Take It With You," which was a very great success. Kenny Airhart was chosen as the first Drum Major to lead the band. The three most exciting events that concluded our Senior year at Navarre High were the Prom, held at the Alliance Country Club, grad- uation, and the Senior Trip to New York City and Washington D.C. 'll' C ASS WILL We, the graduating class of Navarre High School in the year one thou- sand nine hundred and fifty-eight, being of sound mind and body do hereby declare this to be our last will and testament. I, RONALD ADAMS, do hereby will and bequeath my motor- cycle to FAITH DOERFLINGER. I, WALTER AGNES, do hereby will and bequeath my acting ability to MARY ANN HEESTAND. I, KENNY AIRHART, do hereby will and bequeath my tall- ness to SALLY BALTZER. I, DAVE BAKER, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to jitterbug to EUGENE DALY. I, JUNE BOUGHMAN, do hereby will and bequeath my love for dark haired boys to MARGIE GAUT. I, LAVONNE BOUGHMAN, do hereby will and bequeath my being the shortest in the class to HELEN SEWELL. I, DON COOKE, do hereby will and bequeath my clarinet to LEWIS PAGE. I, DALE DAVIS, do hereby will and bequeath my seat in physics to GENE HERRICK. I, MARY LOU DEFINE, do hereby will and bequeath my tront seat in Democracy class to CHARLES WINKHART. I, JIM EVANS, do hereby will and bequeath my basketball trunks ta MARLIS WANNER. I, MARLENE FITCH, do hereby will and bequeath my shyness to MARTY MACNAB. I, GLORIA FOSTER, do hereby will and bequeath my soft voice to JUDY RIORDAN. I, KAREN FOWLER, do hereby will and bequeath my bowling ability to WALTER CUNNINGHAM. I, JERRY FREASE, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to get along with girls to DANNY ACKERMAN. I, JAYNE FREDERICK, do hereby will and bequeath my Nation- al Honor Society pin to DENNIS SPEICHER. I, RICHARD GARVER, do hereby will and bequeath my draft card to ROY JOHNSON. I, NANCY GERBER, do hereby will and bequeath my trombone to GARY NOFSINGER. I, DAVE GRIMM, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to get along with Brewster girls to CHRIS VOGLEY. I, JUDY HAAS, do hereby will and bequeath my crown to ERNIE ECCLESTON. I, PEGGY HALL, do hereby will and bequeath my accent to the PATTERSON twins, MARLENE and DARLENE. I, ELEANOR KUBINSKI, do hereby will and bequeath my square dancing ability to BONNIE JOGERST and KAY STUDER. I, JUDY LINTNER, do hereby will and bequeath my love for buttermilk with pepper to BECKY MILLER. I, JIM LORETTO, do hereby will and bequeath my love for small girls to JON GOUDY. I, CAROL LUCKRING, do hereby will and bequeath my ability O to chew gum any place, anywhere, and in any manner to VERLE APPLEBY. I, CAROL MARTIN, do hereby will and bequeath my blonde hair to MAGARET HOWARD, and also my bass part in the ,girls' quartette to JOAN WINKHART. I, GARY MC CUSKER, do hereby will and bequeath my hot Chevy to KENNETH MAHAFFEY. I, JOANNE NEIDENTHAL, do hereby will and bequeath my love for Speech to BOBBY DEFINE. I, JERRY NOFTSINGER, do hereby will and bequeath my sly smile to ARLETTA BARR. I, RICHARD NOFSINGER, do hereby will and bequeath my job at the City Dairy to SANDRA SAFFELL. I, DAVE OWEN, do hereby will and bequeath my Rancho to DARLENE ECKROATE and LOUISA LINERODE. I, NOEL PAULUS, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to use the electric typewriter in typing class to ROCHELLE JOHNSON. I, MYRA PIPER, do hereby will and bequeath my cheerleading uniform to HARVEY MYERS, and I also will my singing to my brother, MYRON PIPER. I, DAN POTH, do hereby will and bequeath my car to HELEN NORRIS. I, ALLAN PUTT, do hereby will and bequeath my football uniform to DAVE ROWE. I, CAROL ROSE, do hereby will and bequeath my black Bermuda shorts to JERRY SNYDER. I, JUDY SAGO, do hereby will and bequeath my love for 56 Ford's to KAREN THOMAS. I, JUDY SAGO, do hereby will and bequeath my black slacks with gold stripes to BOBBY MILLER. I, PAUL SIMMONS, do hereby will and bequeath my white bucks to CHARLES CINCINNAT. I, GARY SNYDER, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to ga to sleep in classes to RONNIE SURMAY 8. JIMMY HAUTER. I, RICHARD TORMASI, do hereby will and bequeath my height to CAROLE WINKHART 8. SHARON HACKATHORN. I, JERRY WALLAR, do hereby will and bequeath my bash- fulness to KATHY BATES 8. BRENDA STINSON. I, PAUL SIMMONS, do hereby will and bequeath my four tires from my Studey to SUZIE DUTTON. I, JIMMY LORETTO, do hereby will and bequeath the Harmon turnpike to JOHN RINGLEY. I, DAVE GRIMM, do hereby will and bequeath my bald tires to LEE AMAN. - I, NANCY GERBER, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to blush anytime and anywhere to TOM HAY. 6353555 JU IOR CLASS Row One, Seated, Left to Right: Sally Baltzer, Jo Ann Crawford, Carole Winkhart, Rochelle Johnson, Margaret Breniser, Darlene Patterson, Karen Smith, Jane Roebuck, Louisa Linerode, Rebecca Miller, Karen Thomas, Joan Winkhart, Margie Gaut, Marlene Patterson, Martha Mac- Nab, Judy Riordan, Susie Dutton, Row Two: Judy Whit- mer, Darlene Eckroate, Brenda Stinson, Kathy Bates, Sharon Hackathorn, Lois Edwards, Glenda Atto, Kay Studer, Marlis Wanner, Sandra Bechtel, Helen Norris, Gary Not- singer, Bob Define, Lee Aman, Dan Ackerman, Walter Cunningham. Row Three: Helen Sewell, Faith Doerflinger, Mary Ann Heestand, Margaret Howard, Sandra Saffell, Phyllis Dillinger, Gene Herrick, Charles Winkhart, Ronnie Surmay, Gary Whitmer, Myron Piper, David Rowe, Eugene Daly, Kenneth Mahaffey, Ernest Eccleston. Row Four: Harvey Meyers, Tom Hay, Verle Appleby, John Ringley, Roy Johnson, Don Stein, Jerry Snyder, Charles Cincinot James Haueter, Dennis Speicher, Chris Vogley, John Goudy Lewis Page, Bob Miller, Mr. Calvo, Advisor. 1 r FFICER Joan Winkhart, President: Don Stein, Vice- President: Rochelle Johnson, Secretory: Lewis Page, Treasurer. SOPHCMORE CLASS Row One: Tommy Arbaugh, Chuckie Dutton, Red Carroll, Larry Poth, Eddie Guspet, Bruce Patterson, Arza Brown, Bob LeVern, Wayne King. Row Two: Keith Fair, Bob Hugus, Don Sullivan, Doris Ferrell, Linda Herbert, Sharon Tabellion, Eddie Norris, Charlene Robinson, Kay Collins, Rosalie Homenko, Sharon Gribble, Wanda Whitmer, Bonnie McCarthy, Margie Fagan, Jeanne Hoover, Kathy Baker, Graydon Underwood, Bill Murphy. Row Three: Ivan Frease, Don Domer, Jay Colucy, Danny Skirtich, Lanny Black, Eldon Yoder, Foster, Jerry Bruce, David Benjamin, Linda Warstler, Barbara Mears, Donna Linerode, Audrea Jones, Stephanie Couts, Judy Angerer, Joanne Barton. OFFICERS Left to Right: Robert Savage, Secretary: Tom- my Dutton, Vice-Presidentg Mary Hay, Treas- urer: Don Sullivan, President. Row Four: Rose Rust, Larry Hostetler, Charles Skinner, Tom Dutton, Daryl Fox, Alice Horning, Sandra Doebriener, Donna Fry, Jean Wentling, Linda Ulbricht, Gretchen Villard, JoAnne Boughman, Linda Heater, Carol Buck, Sandra Dingwald, Robert Savage, Tom Hodgson, Miss McKay. Row Five: Jimmy Mitchell, Bonnie Bendure, Sandra Shine, Judy Frederick, Mary Ann Colucy, Dale Blickender- fer, Karen Maxfield, Mary Ann Hay, Donna Woollard, Susan McCracken, Linda Evans, Sara Maurer, Nancy Stringer, Mary Heater, Jack Turske, Rogar Dunlap, Gary Schmidt, Warner Brown. ...--qu., FRESHM N CLASS Row One: John Jogerst, Tim Fetters, Gary Oakleaf, Robert Krotky, Fred Ady, Rosalie Miller, Sandra Owen, Judy Path, Emily Smith, Barbara Lonos, Jeanne Jacobs, Charlotte Eddleblute, Jeanne Shine, Vada Ulrich. Row Two: Bob McAfee, Gary Baker, Jim Stoetzer, Richard Rhodes, Dexter Amon, Terry Rouhier, Sharen Lint, Dorothy Leighley, Judy Murphy, Sandra Ernmert, Patsy Patterson, Margaret Axe, Glenda Maurer, Marilyn Stutz, Beverly Wolgamott, Martha Mattison, Miss Bremer. Row Three: Charles Fitch, Barbara Griesen, Delila Weisgarber, Carolyn Rhodes, Valerie Vana- man, Larry Null, Jerry Ackerman, Jerry Griesen, Larry Rowe, Franklin Shank, Claus Johr, Charles Patterson, John Bechtel, Gary Daugherty, Bonnie Domer, Ann Gerbeck, David Whyte. Row Four: Gary Define, Joyce Paugh, Gloria Sterner, Joanne Wanner, Joyce Otto, Ronald Wink- hart, John Sidey, Jonny Shepp, Eugene Dingwall, Larry Graber, Jerry Edwards, Richard Studer, Charles Houvig, Floyd Brown, Charles Stuart, Jeff Colucy, Bill Talerico. OFFICERS Dixie Airhart, Vice-President: Jonny Shepp Treasurer: Sandra Owen, Secretary: Bill Tal erico, President. QMS 5555359555 NATIONAL HO OR SOCIETY A v ,O jg .,. 'B 'fri 1 in Left to Right: Nancy Gerber, Kenny Airhort, Joyne Frederick. D T." 'I K . , V11 'f F . - , X- - ,, ,' :, I J . V lT'!' - - : '- :J ' '-221 9 : 5- : V4 ': .:: fi . f . ' E1 - ' 1-:Si .' TLIDE T COUNCIL I I I II an ioiii hifi .WMI ?.r1I FEI LH! ' Left to Right: Sharon Gribble, Carol Luckring, Carol Matin, Richard Tormasi, Joan Winkharf. Standing: Gloria Sferner, Mary Ann Hay, Tommy Hay, Lewis Page, Donald Sulivon, Bob LIBRARIANS McAfee. Left to Right: Carol Luckring, Marlene Patterson, Rochelle Johnson, Mrs. Peterman, Barbara Lonos. Standing: Gloria Foster, Roy Johnson, Gretchen Villard, Kenneth Mahaffey. Irwin' M Compliment! of 47 L' 3' 0 'XN mcoln Way W 608: Massillo . d I6 .N S X5 n' It .W x Phone 3 1 eff Q W ' K? U7 H -4' d 113 630 6752- 'Ib Il P-C E5 5 'fc S0 6 R A3 X o 0 Ohio C2 3 C 0,2 . Dal, 02,7 me gauge 99 ms lk , ow, ,f4?f , r' "' ,,. -. My d d I IIN ww-ON 1 Qs a co 3 G -n 'DS Q. N 2-51 mv, 213 13.3 mov WO W: 0-no O ,af X 3.51" ,fl e Baker, Nancy Gerber, Richard Tormasr, Judy Sago, N C,aroX Rose, Heanor Kubknski, GXoria ' tner Mary Lou Define, en Fowker, Markene Fktch, Day AXXan Putt, Dave Owen, Peggy Ha , June Boughman, Myra Piper, Judy Lrn , ' Evans, Judy Haas, Gary McCusker, Kar CaroX Luckrkng, C,aroX Martkn, NoeX J O S710 Foster, C ewyd 5 Kenny Akgwarr, hm C 0y,,A' goo 7 JoAnne ekdenthd, Don ooke, 0 7 Paums. 34 GO Wa, 2. 3,1 HUG e'7fLUp-'iz rn '21 , J. FUNER Q, f 3 ,X AL ,Of 3- O C2 ME -'4- 1 'lf 3 4' "'9 Q 9- O fo 64' , '13, -S J, 0 K 63 25 OAI. 11, Ao p 9- 0 ' Gs O6 gf -4 r le J- eo LL fr A2 Jgaqr, Q 1 - 'riff ,QQ 'N .asf " 533-, - kfol. V, No. 6 Navarre, Ohio W FSbT'l1?!TV I-s, 1958 GETS B16 WILSGN DANCE ECSIEEMQR Nav ww w :W A Speech students from the hivh school took Dart in -t the individual avvnts 'noch contest Monday Jan- w""' at Jackson ,Elf . 1121. .... ,. I." ' N ,' ' , , : , In nu 'vi' L..... :Q 0 Lf Aifxin Fowler, CO DO Qells, Cor 'ol Rose F' Cook Ol Luck . ' Judy Boughmo el Nancy G ring' NOG! PSOQO' Myra E nv El efbe QLII p' V Sonor K4-Ibfr15liA4C?fV Louusbgfrwny LiiZQMarlene Fir --- , lorio Fostering, JOADHZ, Iifchord Miss 2,54 ' egg Sid 'hog QE ,S if gi, U Z C H y HGH, enthcff, Jun' K+-1 we-4 o fo rd cu ra 'oo-f - 6 A o as an of-I o M o af De 13:2 Uaedsp. X o 'o-an ,U ocuczrvs.-aornoorfl , 1 aaunmxan .asm ocvcio , s 3, " .Sf ' -'Z SE Q, Y 5 vx - 9 Q ,.. aa- ss: an was gssoms ' f O'?!':f"':3'a'3 i33L8'm1'o'NX,'0' lo M...s-e4..-5.Q.E.9Lio.,,2 RQQ-bgmewoo H f"'N 5- ,-1, n, 9 0.9 IXAKJH 355 'xx 'X in - X, lzglfrylw xx, Fo Q1 ' A 5 . mf f + so 0 i dm 51 522 X5 1: '-v.?,g,'U'?,'38:rfD Efjgmw X- 0 J 2 C+ O M - D" 0 C+ x .- - 11.0 1 H I O 'fflf-.. 'X A ! 'rf W 3 P Z -4 0 V VV S HG 3 LV CH Z STlCK'EM UP CORNY LET ME TELL YOU HOLD THAT POSE CAST LOVERS l 5 . LATIN CLUB Z :l E Row One, Left to Right: Donna Woollard, Sharon Gribble, Linda Heater, Sandra Dingwall, Mrs. Wingert, Cathy Baker, Mary Heater, Sandra Shine, Linda Evans. Second Row: Karen Maxfield, Carol Buck, Linda Ulbricht, Sharon Tabellion, Wanda Whitrner, Linda Warstler, Bonnie Ben- SPEEC 1 "" , as ., J r L ' J ,W .. J J 4 7 Q -3 , K Row One, Left to Right: Brenda Stinson, Judy Lintner, Marty MacNob, Rochelle Johnson, Judy Haas, Arletta Barr, Karen Fowler, June Boughman. Second Row: Carol Martin, Cathy Bates, Carol Buck, Sandra Dingwall, Cathy Baker, Sandra Shine, Linda Evans, Helen Sewell, Miss McKay. Third Row: Lavonne Boughman, Linda Ulbricht, dure, Gretchen Villard, Jo Ann Boughman. Third Row: Jerry Tornabene, Tom Dutton, Judy Frederick, Don Sullivan, Bob Hugus, Tom Hodgson, Nancy Stringer, Sara Maurer, Mary Ann Hay. LLIB Peggy Hall, Lois Edwards, Myra Piper, Carol Luckring, Walter Agnes, Noel Paulus, Eleanor Kubinski, Carol Rose, Jo Anne Neidenthal. Fourth Row: Nancy Gerber, Don Cook, Bob LaVern, Donna Woollard, James Haueter, Kenny Airhart, Bob Miller, Richard Tormasi, Roy Johnson, Phyllis Dillinger, Mary Ann Heestond, Faith Doerflinger. MO ITORS Row One: Mary Lou Define, Noel Paulus, Don Cook, Gary McCuskcr, Mary Ann Hay, Nancy Gerber, Ronald Adams, Bob Hugus, Lewis Page, Gloria Sterner. Row Two: Judy Haas, Carol Martin, Sharon Gribble, Joan Winkhart, Jo Ann Neidenthal, Stephenie Couts, Marlis Wonner, Judy Frederick, Sally Baltzer, Kay Collins. Row Three: Bob Liv S tv- Savage, Gary Noftsinger, Susan McCracken, Bonnie Ben- dure, Don Sullivan, Bob LeVern, Larry l-lostetler, Roger Foster, Bob McAfee, Jayne Frederick. Row Four: Paul Simmons, Dave Grimm, Graydon Underwood, Bill Talerico, lvan Frease, Gerry Snyder, Don Stein, Tom l-lay, Bob Define. KEY CLUB Seated: Gerry Snyder, Bob Define, Eugene Daley, Lee Hugus, Don Stein, Dan Ackerman, Lewis Page, Kenneth Aman, Roy Johnson, John Ringley. Standing: Charles Mohaffey, Chris Vogley, Jay Colucy, Ronny Surmey, Bob Skinner, Jack Turske, Jerry Tornabene, Wayne King, Bob LeVern, Gene Herrick. JR. RED CROSS QW fb if I wr-v vi Seated, Left to Right: Beverly Wolgamatt, Miss Bremer, Advisor: Dorothy Hall, Linda Swafford. Standing: Stephanie Couts, Bob McAfee, Martha MacNab, Bob LeVern, Mary Ann Heestond, Eleanor Kubinski, Peggy Hall. F O I I Q Q J if T 5,4 Q, - ,M ,Ae -M -if -1 g g l 3: . 3 E'-'ia 4? is 1 F1 at -' all Il' --,-. Seated, Left to Right: Audrea Jones, Daryl Fax, Rose Rust, Row Three: Jeanie Hoover, Rasalene Homenko, Judy Stephanie Couts, Bonnie Domer, Jo Ann Barton, Susie Angerer, Jean Wentling, Vaunda Goehring, Beverly Wolga- McCracken, Barbara Mears, Mary Ann Calucy, Joyce matt, Maxine Harvey, Joyce Mattison, Joanne Wanner, Otto. Row Two: Danna Linerade, Linda Herbert, Rosalie Danna Fry, Peggy Hall, Carolyn Rhodes, Miss Bremer, Miller, Vada Ulrich, Doris Ferrell, Dorthy Leighly, Karen Advisor. Janston, Bonnie McCarthy, Margaret Fagan, Sandra Owen. F A V' mx ZX 0541!-4 JU IOR PLAY CAST Kenny Airhart, Richard Tormasi, Paul Simmons, Carol Luckring, Nancy Gerber, Noel Paulus, Richard Garver, Don Cooke. Absent: Judy Sago, Jim Loretto, Richard Noftsinger. FUTURE LIRSES 5 J J' 6 . 'H ,. 115 Wwf' First Row: Carol Martin, June Boughman, Judy Haas, Judy Whitmer. Second Row: Martha MacNab, Carol Rose, Mary Ann Heestand, Joanne Neidenthal, Marlis Wanner, Margaret Howard. fri, ,ii " i 5 Q i -. QUARTET L Ed d , Jocn Winkhort, Corol Mart: , F h D fl 'Nl 2.1- 'n uit oer inge f 4 3 s JJ JNJ1 4 1 A Row One: Rosalie Miller, Marilyn Stutz, Bonnie Beniamin, Nadalee Hay, Barbara Griesen, Joyce Otto, Judy Winkhart, Beverly Wolaamott, Judy Bair, Vaunda Goehring, Vada Richard Rhodes. Row Three: Terry Rouhier, Larry Rowe, Ulrich, Joanne Wanncr, Row Two: Franklin Shank, Richard Studer, Jerry Edwards, Ann Gerbeck, David Whyte, Sharon Lint, Joyce Paugh, Helen Loretto, Monica Napier, Floyd Brown, Row One: Karen Smith, Doris Ferrell, Audrea Jones, Donna Linerode, Linda Warstler, Wanda Whitmer, Rochelle Johnson, Phylis Dillinger, Susan McCraken, Daryl Fox. Row Two: Karen Fowler, Mary Ann Hay, Ann Gerbeck, Gloria Sterner, Sally Baltzer, Carole Winkhart, Jane Roe- buck, Judy Path, Emily. Smith, Judy Angerer, Joanne Barton, Sharon Tabellion. Row Three: Myra Piper, Judy Murphy, Patsv Patterson, Sara Maurer, Karen Maxtield, Charlotte Eddleblute, Judy Haas, JoAnne Neidenthal, Arletta Barr, Helen Sewell, Mary Ann Heestand, Margaret Howard. Row Four: Karen Thomas, Helen Norris, Becky Miller, Margaret Axe, Sondra Emrnert, Glenda Otto, Nancy Stringer, Kay Studer, Glenda Maurer, Judy Frederick, Dar- lene Eckroate, Nancy Gerber, Peggy Hall, Row Five: Rosalene Homenko, Jeannie Hoover, Sharon Gribble, Judy Whitmer, Mary Lou Define, Judy Sago, Gretchen Villard, Barbara Lonas, Jeanne Jacobs, Sharon Kackathorn. Row One, Seated: Bonnie Jogerst, Margaret Breniser, Arlctta Barr, Rochelle Johnson, Marty MacNab, Jane Roe- buck, Karen Thomas, Rebecca Miller, Phyliss Dillinger, Helen Sewell. Row Two: Brenda Stinson, Cathy Baker, Carol Buck, Sandra Dingwall, Linda Evans, Faith Doer- flinger, Mary Ann Heastand, Gloria Foster, Carol Rose, Eleanor Kubinski, June Boughman, Judy Lintner, Lois Edwards. Row Three: Marlis Wanner, Bob Mahoffey, Jerry Tornabene, John Ringley, Harvey Myers, Dennis Speicher, Lewis Page, Bob Hugus, Roy Johnson, Charles Cincinnat. Q Row One, Seated: Marilyn Schaller, Margaret Garnder, Cheryl Radabaugh, Fone McAfee, Virginia Miller, Karen Boals, Francis Boughman, Evelyn Emmert, Sharon Allison, Christine Hershberger. Row Two: Linda Shelt, Kathy Aman, Lynn Agnes, Linda Swafford, Betty Whitmore, Mary Wilma Three: Johnny Herbert, Clifford McCoy, Sandra McCoy, Sherry Beal, Pauline Noftsinger, Dorothy Davies, Jane Aman, Carolyn Stewart, Margaret Bendure, Susan Jo Shepp. Row Four: Sandra Austin, Carol Conger, Helen Mattison, Thompson, Jennifer Villard, Carolyn Anderson, Dillon, Jackie Loretto, Kay Zimmerman. Row Doris Sullivan, Sandra Fankhauser, Patty Hudock, Nancy Boughman, Kathy Crawford, Juanita Tylor, Sharon Mears, Sally Mohr, Jane Dillinger. Row Five: Jackie Lantz- er, Larry Thwait, Larry Hashman, Billy Rose, Lee Kime, James Kirkbride, Rodney Moore, John Hashman, Ronnie Wentling, Tommy Kenny, Thomas Bair, Richard Reed, Jackie Shroyer. Row Six: Sharon Paulus, Virginia Latham, Mabel Yoder, Jean Crawford, Susan Bixler, Sarah Sago, Marge Boughman, Judy Wilton, June Evans, Ethel Schreckengost. fl g L X 'QI 2 41 . 3932921 ,... X . , . . MV ,Q 7525 ww gh W.-M f ,.,. WM 1 xfzfdmgm i Q, .4 'A :QW f--.I I h ' Q 6. 4 ,IM A Q X 3 A 1' lg 'W' W LW-Q-M--f:'RL'A1F"f f W ' if ,T Y'T1.,L - ' ' 4-www ' V .V pi, ,QV f fm-,:L.'74'.?fff5 1 P H --vb W7--7k-MT-'QQ ' , , V. - - W' ' . L 2 'w' 2' . -, Vs 3 I - wfffwgxswlg' WX" 'V -fi 1114: 'K" W-pg Biff? ' ' 3' 1 - Q f ' J, 1 1 m- A - M Xt- f f'Md'3Bw ,. V f--. wffwwlu-f 6 7 E, ,rx Tis:-.2Lg.N1KA?A,: New , -59 Q. X . .2 ' 5 Hz' K , - , f ' P f f M 214 133'-ff-, , .1 fm f Q v - . V x 'Af u - 1 f' " if fl - 'ix' "' y i 5 - ' Q '- 2 Lf 4 55+ 1,5 - ,A ,, 1 ' ww- K K f-in ik, -,AX Q - ,.. , A- . L fa K ,. ,X ,- AWK, ai- 1 f. L . ' , ,, X H . . ,A,, N , , , , Y, , . A... A , ,.. , J, x W Q , ., ,- H T Q k s . . i- 3, .uf H no A - - ,M Q . - -..,,a .,. - P-, -...A ., ...nv is I--.-1 1 , 1 , ,Q-'J'-" j V. . Nb kk N A 1 ax-,f +3 'K ,, -vX, 2 x- , Y, ' - 'Cx 'Y' .E . S, N 2 mum 7 'fi f 5. lf., '. ,' E li my o 1.93, 2 W. ,,! PM F . x. , f A II ilu-N N r 5 i 1 E 5 1 5 E P I , F l' . 1 l g Y 1 I. all W ' ' I ,AL 5 9 - i 3 1 . , 1 . ,f if in-f 5 X '1 S., A W-W1y3 Ai " i2 W 1-'PW u Viiilw 'w 'W 45 JCDRETTES Kneeling: Joan Winkhort, Kay Collins. Standing: Margie Gout, Gloria Sterner, Drum Major Kenneth Airhart, Susan McCracken, Jeannie Hoover. JU IDR BA D Seated, Left to Right: Judy Doll, Betty Whitmer, Lester Wagner, Virginia Latham, Karen Boals, Allen Lehman, Sara Jane Howard, Lynn Feucht, Richard Wagner, Jennifer Villard, Mary Thompson. Row Two: Jane Aman, Francis Boughman, Susan Shepp, Cheryl Radabaugh, Jackie Loretto, Betty Gaut, Beth Thompson, Lee Kime, Philip Johnson, Charles Carter, Patty Hudock, Sandra Fankhauser. Row Three: Peggy Stucky, Dorothy Davies, Bob Benjamin, Roxann Hoover, Dick Reed, Larry Thwaite, Terry Roe, Johnny Martin, Mr, Miller. l 0 6 93 35? FDOTB LL TE Row One: Myron Piper, John Ringley, Bob Hugus, Dave Baker, Allan Putt, Jim Evans, Gary McCusker, Dave Grimm, Jerry Frease, Lewis Page, Jon Goudy, Harvey Myers. Row Two: Don Skirtich, Bob McAfee, Keith Foir, lvon Freose, Jeff Colucy, Jock Turske, Bob Savage, Ernie Eccelston, ACTID Roger Dunlap, Verle Appleby, Don Sullivan, Bob LeVern Roy Schmidt. Row Three: Mr. Ohman, Tom Dutton David Rowe, Floyd Brown, Dexter Amon, John Jogerst John Bechtel, Chuck Shinner, Arzo Brown, Mr. Profant, SHCDTS . "'7f'f:h rf .-. k .Q n 4 my . 4, JM '-1 lj' 1 ,x ,. we . . .4 L. ' nr V fi ,,, ' 'll0" Q13 'H ya."-L "mul tug., qw: VSV' hw, In n ' we ,L s A 5 -0 4 " 'Q my 9 'L inn' 1 Q f ...Q 'fa ,,3'aif, 5 ',, 1 Q X. X . C V, B 'ZS' R an 1' 'W' 4' , . -i. . - A ' JW' Nw n . ix - . T'-vu , f v , P 'A " -0 ,Q-. 'C ,A I ' "fa v, ' .' N' ,cw ',"':? 4' f':b ,L " - 'W l ,, W.: .91 ... , .J ' - it-1 ', as .fxxggns-+', .fi - , . . f'Y,4,.L AP. 'Nfl' mi' 54' X-. wi' U.: 1. ,Q 1 51:1 L1 vu x,, U.. -. Q... fn A r1Nqa'n 1 ' ' X -1 A- Lf W N M Q . . 6 1 .WM DAVID GRIMM, End J IM EVANS, Quo rterbock ALAN PUTT, End SENIOR . 7 5 w-351 ,R awk QE ,. E' Luigi' - ' F ,I ,V , ,:.,,a.'if ' ,a f , Mi ., ,,, ' EI, ,Q W 5' 'll -HS ' wi L id, - - 'J I' -lf VV ' Hai . , 1 ilk fi '-I -, ji wus, ,. ,Vi BALL 1957 - 58 SCHEDULE ARRE HIGH SCHOOL FOOT NAV Navarre O Strasburg I4 Navarre I9 Perry 13 Navarre 6 East Canton I4 Navarre 6 Northwest 31 Navarre O Jackson 42 Navarre 32 Dover St. Joseph I9 Navarre 7 Sandy Valley I9 Navarre 6 Glenwood 28 Brewster I9 Navarre 0 n NAVAKKI nlurl SCHOOL 1957 - 58 BASKEI DALL DLHIUULI Navarre Navarre Navarre Navarre Navarre Navarre Navarre Navarre Navarre Navarre Navarre Navarre Navarre Navarre Navarre Navarre Navarre Navarre Marlboro East Canton Jackson Hartville Perry lAlumni5 Sandy Valley Northwest Glenwood East Canton Brewster Perry Jackson Brewster Sandy Valley Glenwood Beach City Northwest l VARSITY A Row One, Left to Right: Manager, Dan Ackerman, Gary Whitmer, Gary McCusker, Don Leighley, Bobby Define, Tom Hay. Row Two: Jim Evans, Allan Putt, Jerry Frease, Jon Goudy, Dave Baker, John Profant, Head Coach. RESERVES M .hoof 6 ss ly A Q..-f f 'Sl' X ,,.f' Row One, Left to Right: Roger Dunlap, Bob McAfee, Jay Colucy, Gary Schmidt, Vince Noftsinger, Manager. Row Two: Coach, John Ohmang Floyd Brown, Jeff Colucy, Ivan Frease, Don SuIIivan,GeraId Edwards. SENIORS Jim Evans, Gary McCusker, Dove Baker, Jerry Freose, Allan Putt. COACH E Mr. Fogle, Mr. Provont, Mr. Ohmon The Bug Kill Ste-ppm Hugh Are you there? 4 .u V Q" v.. ,S gif? . 4 V. . ' K A X V ., ur N., .,. 9 ' ,- - U. , , uw A W ' ' ' Ouccrmf' fr? -'ya vcytrf' ' F ww Good-bve Grades Pals Andy Stow Quccm 1 HPLT',gr,,A xrlgvrf HUHQ7' U59 Mmmmmmmmf Reicxed Romance Wow! Torzon f Q 1 M H, i t 2 x X Q. gi Z' .1 INS Q3 UWYXUDUE S EIGHTH GR DE First Row: Richard Foster, Sam Arnan, Virginia Latham, Sharon Paulus, Sandra Austin, Bill Rose, Daniel Agnes, Larry Hashman, Yvonne Wiita, Jane Dillinger, Portia Patterson, Nancy Boughman. Second Row: Sally Mohr, Jon Ulbright, Sue Martin, Rodney Moore, Groydon Shelt, EIGHTH Don Wilton, Dorothy Davies, Doris Sullivan, Pauline Nof- singer, Marge Boughman, Marilyn Schaller, Richard Reed, Mr, Van Dyne. Third Row: Torn Eccleston, Rodney Tyler, Gary Speicher, Tom Kenny, Terry Mahaffey, Lee Kime, Larry Corn. Absent: Elgie Harvey, Alfrieda Linerode First Row: John Herbert, Clifford McCoy, Lynn Lehman Carter Colucy, Mabel Yoder, Robert Bendure, Gary Tucker, Terry Cater, Jack Shroyer, Nada Lee Hay, Helen Loretto Mr. Haley. Second Row: Sara Sago, Bonita Beniamin Sherry Beal, Glenn Dillon, Roger Shelt, Ernest Smail 1 1 r 1 Kenneth Vogley, Judy Winkhart, Sharon Mears, Judy Bair, Monica Napier, Kathy Crawford, Judy Kirlcbride. Third Row: Stanley Winkler, Douglas Angerman, Don Hall, Michael Rangel, Ronald Wendling, John Hashman, Joyce Bridenbaugh. Absent: Richard Stucky, Jean Crawford. SEVE TH GR DE First Row: Clarence Estep, Kathy Aman, Linda Shelt, Linda Swafford, Lynn Agnes, Dan Collins, Budd Dingwall, Kristine Hershberger, Terry Muskoff, David Myers, Jane McAfee, Virginia Miller, Louise Mahaffey, Howard Long, Harold Long, Harold Kindelberger. Second Row: Clyde Schilling, Ethel Schreckengost, Sharon Allison, Margaret Bendure, Tom Gerbeck, Arthur Meron, Terry Roe, Tim Whitmer, June Evans, Kaye Zimmerman, Sandra McCoy, Helen Mattison, Mr. Profant. Third Row: Wilma Dillon, Carolyn Anderson, Carolyn Stewart, Edwin Crites, Keith Speicher, Bill Myers, Loren Mahaffey. Absent: Leroy Miller, Gregory Snyder. EVE TH GR DE First Row: Sam Miller, Vincent Noftsinger, Mary Thomp- son, Betty Whitmer, Jennifer Villard, Beth Thompson, Suzanne Bixler, Judy Wilton, Karen Boals, Philip Johnson, Lester Wagner, Tim Edwards, Daryl Nofsinger, Gerald Everly, David Shelt. Second Row: Cheryl Radabaugh, Jacqueline Loretto, Francis Boughman, Carol Conger, Susan Jo Shepp, John Heater, Jack Lantzer, Margaret Gardner, Patter Ann Hudock, Evelyn Emmert, Sandra Fankhouser, Juanita Tyler, Jane Aman, Mr. Zimmerman. Third Row: Laurie Thwaite, Arvine Whitmer, James Shephard, Betty Gout, Jim Kirkbride, Tommy Bair, Robert Shelt. JU ICR HIGH BASKETB LL Row One: Terry Rowe, Vincie Noftsinger, Sammy Miller, Bud Dingwoll, Bobby Bendure. Row Two: Torn Kenny, Jackie Lanfzer, Greg Snyder, Arvine Whitmer, Jim Shepherd, Tommy Bair, Mr Fogle. P TRCL Row One: Butch Breniser, Chuck Cope, Allan Lehman, Clarence Estep, Richard Foster, Sam Aman, Sam Miller, Vincent Noffsinger, Tim Edwards, Lester Wagner. Row Two: Terry Muskoff, Bud Dingwoll, Bobby Bendure, Danny Collins, Daryl Nofsinger, Jay Maxfield, John Martin, Chuck Baltzer, Billy Thomas, Chuck George, Philip Johnson, Euqene Barkan. Row Three: Mr. VanDyne, Dan Agnes, Terry Cater, Larry Hashmon, Gerald Everly, Gregory Snyder, Loren Mahaffey, Billy Rose, Arthur Meron, Keith Spiecher, Leroy Miller. Row Four: Jack Lantzer, Richard Reed, Rodney Moore, Rodney Tyler, James Kerkbride, Tommy Kenny, Douglas Angerman, Larry Corn, Robert Shelf, Stanley Winkler. I Cen fr Lune Up ,'ChOrUs Girlsu TH 2... M wi if' Watch the Birdie orfon Co 'WD Smile!!! Dmgnef SK SNAPS 7? ,,aw'!"9? ' SIXTH GR DE First Row: Terry Gribble, Sharon Hart, Karen Linkfield, second ROW: Kofen Haffoldf Cl"0'l9S George, SUSOYW Owen, Marie Estep, Allan Lehman, Sherrie Coulson, Victor Miller, P0fVlCl0 l-l0Ydf VifQl'1i0 EdW0"dS, Glendon Sm0ll95, Bill Judy Dall, Herbert Comer, Mike Miller, BQ,-bo,-O Rust, Thomas, Judy Mattison, Dixie Price, Susan Klett, Walter Charles Baltzer, Sherry Ackerman, Jeannette Callehan. Bates, Mf.ReSl'1- Absent: John MUVHW IXTH GR DE First Row: Donald Breniser, Gregory Dancy, Robert Thomas, Second Row: Rose Krotky, Dorella Henthorne, Thomas Richard Wagner, Beverly Bendure, Deanna Everly, Ericka Cunningham, Roxanne Hoover, Doris McCoy, Harley Sago, Charles Cope, Harold Lint, Phillip Hall, Linda Null, Lehman, Shirley Miller, Margaret Stucky, Jay Maxfield, Delma Willis, Jerry Adams, Carol Dutton, Mr. Fogle. Christine Moore, Eugene Barkan, Jane Daley. FIFTH GR DE First Row: Michael Axe, Charlotte Miller, Ronald Baltzer, John Bixler, Roger Massar, Janice Winkler, Karen Mace Donald Baltzer, Martha Lewis, Freda Dillon, Darlene Jerry Winkhart, Wanda Bricker, Carol Ann Jaberg, Phillip Stinson, Patricia Parr, Paul Heater, Virgil Farnesworth, Cochran, Cheryl McCoy, Patricia Winkham, Ronald Schae Larry Harvey, Jeannette Kirby, Jerry Harvey, Tom Snyder, fer, Patricia Yoha. Third Row: Sally Troup, Kathryn Mrs. Zimmerman. Second Row: Lynn Feucht, Jack Rasch, Peterman. FIFTH GR DE First Row: Donald Thomas, Ronald Thomas, Stephan Wire- man, Donna Boughman, Sandra Collins, Jane Kenny Phillip Lloyd, Terry Doll, Danny Jones. Donna Winkhart, Christine MacNab, Jane Angerman, Yvette Wiita, Mrs Mary Brown. Second Row: Donna Miller, Patty Bechtel Peggy Brown, David Gerber, Leroy Bailey, Larwain Peter man, David Hoelscher, Charles Meador, Jackie Stantz Frank Rowe, Carl Kirkbride, David Johnston. FIFTH GR DE First Row: Mary Lou Miller, Harry McCIead, James Wood, Robert Bair, Charles Emmert, Robert Beniamin, Shirley Meron, Connie Kester, Claudia Stephens, Georgia Hall, Bertha Sullivan, Ann Klett, Pamela Thwaite. Second Row: Paula Shelt, Dale Richards, Janet Harsh, Susan King, Suzanne Winkhart, Sara Howard, Larry Boughman, Rae Ann Schaefer, Sue Whitmer, Jim Stewart, Sharon Paugh, Sandra Provst, Mrs, Gross Klaus, Third Row: Charles Carter, Jane Bridenbaugh, Richard Austin, Sandro Cookson, Constantine Dena Demis. FOURTH GR DE First Row: George Emmert, Russel Johnson, Jimmy Meador, Susie Wireman, Karen Lantzer, Darlene Studer, Joyce Aus- tin, Marcia Kackathorn, Stephanie Johnston, Jimmy Smerz, Steven Roberts, Eugene Farabee, Susette Stewart, Kenneth Lee, Linda Brown. Second Row: Lula Belle Tschantz, Terry Winkhart, Donald Troup, Vernon Tyler, Daniel Lint, Dennis George, Diane Alexander, Eileen Eddleblute, Tresa Shetler, Gary Shaw, Kenneth Barkan, Sandra Daugherty, Miss Pennell. FDURTH GR DE Front Row: Donald Gates, David Thompson, Linda Everly, Mattison, James McCoy, Terry Lemon, Russell Kirkbride, Linda Kirby, Tom Lilly, Tony DeSantis, Leona Strohl, Susan Ted Provost, Janice Keller, Suzanne Sterner, Carl Nessel- Widmer, Gladys Taylor, Judy Johns, Susan Cotton, Linda rode, Karen Crable, Cheryl Dye, Teal Frankhauser, James Gue, Patsy Behle, David Jewell. Second Row: Walter Winkhort, Tom Tschantz, Larry Bratton, Mrs. Motz. FCDURTH GR DE First Row: Gary McCoy, Kenneth Napier, Frederick Lilley, Jayne Seese, Bonnie Miller, George Sherman, Glenn Haught Randy Tucker, Paul Werstler, Walter Studer, David Cater Robert Stantz, Galen King, Ernest Paugh, Miss Pounders. Second Row: Susan Stewart, Susan Small, Catherine 1 1 Dennis, Rockwell Villard, Rebecca Kime, Susan Muscoff, Valli Brown, Carolyn Whitmore, Nancy Hudock, Patricia Foster, John Sproul, Catherine Cookson, Robert Kinsey, Linda Sullivan. THIRD GR DE First Row: Mary Alexander, Glenda Kimble, Robert Holling- er, Norman Estep, Linda Newman, Holly Doll, Jennifer Putt, Paul Sherman, Elaine Horless, Paul Wagner, Douglas Hershberger, Dianne Lantzer, Mary Dillon, Patricia Craw- ford, Glenda Hurst, Jerry Kearns, Mrs. Lonos. Second Row: David Snyder, Lynette Maricich, Elmer Emmert, Ronald Hitchings, Bonnie Bixler, Carolyn Wickham, Nancy Bair, Donald Willis, Kris Breedlove, Robert Ziegler, Danny Tim- nex, Renate Rulle, Deborah Maurer, Donald Lint, Alice Foster. Third Row: Robert Cox, Mary Crable. Absent: Stephen Archinal, Craig Coffey. THIRD GR DE First Row: Linda Johs, Norman Spiecher, Lorraine Shelt, Ted Collins, Cathryn Anderson, Ronnie Hart, James Jacobs, Timothy Werstler, Patricia Linerode, Ceil Evans, Roy Anderson, George Demis, Alvin Cline, Julia Kimble, Karen Bushman, Mrs. Brown. Second Row: Louis Bailey, Bonnie Latham, Margretta Merryman, Judy Winkhart, Daniel Haas, Deborah Novak, Jane Bixler, Susan Arnold, Lee Zimmerman, Ronald Doll, Victor Haut, Forest Highland, Richard Howard, Thomas Price, Kenneth Smith. Third Row: John Kerschenske, Larry Miller, Richard Willis, John Burrdette, SECCND GR DE First Row: Marsha McCoy, Kenneth Stutz, Willa Dean Diana Carpenter, John Cline, Janet Leonard, Bobby Coch- Kirby, John Paul Dutton, Keith Breedlove, Frankie Wood, ran, Ann Harsh, Connie Bixler, Carl Tyler, Kathy Keller, Ann Alexander, Gail Sherman, Dwayne Paulus, Kathy Evans, Terry Shephard, Linda Sue Meron, Douglas Lewis, Joan Paul Price, Sandra Wilton, Russell Parr, Vickie Sue Timney, Pierce, Ronald Shetler, Norma Jean Hardman. Third Row: Donald Linerode, Norma Cunningham. Second Row: Ernest Brown, Loretta Highland, Mrs. Cole. SECOND AND THIRD GR DE First Row: Joey Weber, Duane Gribble, Sandra Keen, Row: Dale Anerman, Ronnie Ehmer, Robert Ulrich, Jane Linda Stewart, Candice Ripley, Jill Colucy, Karen Stutz, Angerer, Richard Courtney, Jonnie Shipbaugh, John Deal, Marged Jones, Melinda Smith, Martha Maxfield, Marilyn Charlotte Sullivan, Gimmy Lou Unger, Randall Smith, Billy Behle, David Gardner, Richard Small, Sally Owen. Second Bailey, Mary Bair, Mrs. Knight. SECOND GR DE First Row: Brenda Ady, Shirley Wagner, Linda Parr, Myra Speicher, Forest Tschontz, Gary Ross, Richard Shetler, Patsy Harless, Robert Boughman, Danny Seal, Courtney Swafford, Mary Reed, Timothy Cope, Vernon Wireman, Rebecca Lehman, Sherrie Houvig, Elviria Lilly, Mrs. Shana- brook. Second Row: Sandra Shaw, Brenda Carpenter, Robert Edwards, Roger Meador, Patricia Paugh, William Harrold, Dorothy Kempf, Connie Wickham, Susan Arbaugh, Miriam Schilling, Donald Winkhart, Alan Cunningham, Barbara Bendure, Virginia Braswell. Absent: Connie Harless. FIR T GR DE First Row: Bobby Merryman, Carol Klett, Jackie Wireman, Sherry Snyder, Brian Edwards, Christy Lou Palmer, Darlene Wickham, James Johnston, Janice Winkhart, Deanna Tyler, David Coy, Jackie Fry, Austin Shields, Bobby Miller, Beth Harrold, Charles Boughman. Second Row: John Callehan, Gary Eddleblute, Joan Crable, Richard Jenei, Darelyn Lint, Dorothy Winkhart, Michael Collins, Glenn Wall, Martha Stiner, Jayne Whitmore, Gary Pappas, Dorothy Rohn, Ronnie Parr, Billy Willis, Bobby Barkan, Dean Bridenbaugh, Mrs. Hensel. Absent: David Sterner, FIRST GRADE First Row: Sharon Crawford, Timmy Seese, Shirley Hart, Carson, James McClead, Rodney Hostetler, Peggy Roshong, Jennie Boughrnan, Michael Sullivan, James Shetler, Kath- Eddie Troup, Donald Stantz, Wilma Harless, Denise Agler, Ieen Haas, Ernest Gardner, Jean Kerchenske, Rodney Putt, Glenn Courtney, Jane Schneider, Barbara Keller, Clayton Amy Sproul, Janet Dillon, Susan Bair, Roger Parsons, Lynn Daley. Absent: Connie Murphy, Danny Bertram, Terry Foster, Myrle Fisk, Mrs. Engleman. Second Row: Ida Null, Robert Patterson. First Row: Glen Douglas, Joel Dutton, David Neumann, Chantelle BardleY, l-GVVY DOVOY, Edwflfd Bieflel, D0Vid Steven Owen, Jancy Johnson, Nancy Cotton, Linda Woods, Strohl, Ronald Griesen, John Whitmer, Mark Eberly, Daniel Susan Stein, Sherman Shilling, Robert Skinner, Margie Hanna, Kristine Kindleberger, Karen Clough, Miss Buck. Horn, Linda Miller, Jay Bixler, Marilyn Hurst, Kenneth Third Row: Rose C0ffm0n, Gf990fY H0dQS0f1- A550092 Weber, Michael Myers. Second Row: Brian Lehman, Gary Mdrk R6l1OCk, JGmeS HOrSley. Winkhart, Monte Provost, Gary Studer, Cathy Archinal, Bus Drivers Custodians Mr. Feucht, Mr. Brown, Mr. Morshon, Mr. Mr. Monock, Mr. Hoy Thompson, Mr. Stevens, Mr. Duncan. Librarian Mrs. Petermon, and Anne Gerbeck 4-I Cooks Left to Right: Mrs. Winkhcrt, Mrs. Rankin Mrs. Scheufler, Mrs. Kenny. 1 A 4, 1 hw fa 53934 AMES 'yo u L 'J I 'R ,fl I HHH' EN DRES FORD SALES INC. Beit of Luck to the Class of "58" ROUND-UP DRIVE IN N. Main Street Navarre, Ohio Rt. 2I Navarre, Ohi Phone TR 9-2244 Ben: Wifhes zo the NAVARRE QUALITY Clan of 1958 c. s. HENRICH Moroiz CLEANERS COMPANY We Clean Suede Jackets 1208 Lincoln Way E. Free Pick-up and Delivery Massillon Ohio TR 95650 PiETzcKER's MEN'S WEAR 5TUDER'5 SPORTING Tuxedo Rentals For All Occasions ren Right - You Can? Afford Not T 2l7 Tl'1iI'Cl Sffeef N-W- I67 Lincoln Way Massillon, Ohio Class Jackets Award Sweaters I 1 i I COUNTRY LANES Open and League Bowling Automatic Pinspotters 3 - 1 E V. MEM B66 1 Compliments of Between Massillon and Navarre in C ZZ, THE NAVARRE J f S' 91 DEPOSIT BANK CO. Navarre OIWIO Compliments Of MORRISON MUSIC MASSILLON RETAIL Band Instruments NIIIIWQ G'e"" P' H k " Ph TE 3 7560 T 4 utter's e one ' , i L. Ffdmhl 220 L. I W E T? Ja wich I incon ay . Q A ltcoc C?fn ESFYYIZEIIEI ,l'flivQW Elhawvlgewelry Rogers Jewelry Massillon Ohio C ongmtulatiom to the Clan of "SS" From The FROZEN FOOD CENTER Rear Of Post Office Navarre Ohio Phone TR 9-2202 - I Nav MASSILLON WASH ED GRAVEL COMPANY Ready-Mixed Concrete Washed Sand and Garvel Blough Road South arre Ohio I T STUCKY'S AGNES MARKET DEPARTMENT STORE Mom 19 North Moin Street N Ch I Novorre Oh ovorre io Home Dressed Meats Clothing Phone TR 9-2231 Notions Homemade Condies one UAl.lTy Inna! 0-0 AN D 04 SERVIGY Compliments of Mossi MASSILLON AUTO CLUB Ben Wifbei to The Clan of 1958 From Serving The Motoring Public PCDTH NURSERY ,, sie Bosin sf. Novorre ohio I nu . 5x Ryu .. I X. B A iw 314 Lincoln Woy E. lion Ohio Phone TR 9-2044 Londscoping Service Everg reens Shope Trees A I Compliments of Complzmentx of MASSILLON HARDWARE CO. 39 Lincoln Way West Massillon Ohio S rtin G d , T R PECL, 5ffSlizeff'Q12S223eS D 1 G N 1 T Y HUG FUNERAL HOME I Compliments of C prmemj of DEAN AlRHART'S SERVICE STATION STONE BROTHERS , Phone TR mu CLOTH ES Navarre QCA C ohio 104 Lincoln Way West 5 0 Mossillon's No. l Store for Men 4'y-Hi' Compliments of SURBEY FEED St SUPPLY Q ' Grain - Feed - Lime - Cement Compliments Fencing -n Etc. of Dao: Trinity 9-2212 HEESTAND LUMBER co. Ohio scruffy X I I till Complimentx of BRIGHTEN UP STORE INC. -, l33 Erie North Massillon, Ohio Canton Qhio A Sherwin Williams Paint Imperial Wallpaper Mamllonk Only Art Supply Center l I- LONG'S MEN'S SHOP Fine Custom -Tailored Suits g C omplimentr of l H. E. TURNER AND SONS Dial TE 2-22ll Massillon, Ohio I Tailoring and Haberdashery Egg Dealer Baltic, Ohio John Crone Paul Crone I Compliments of MUSKOFF INSURANCE Compliments of SWAFFORD'S TAVERN Where Old Friends Get I Together and New Friends Meet Navarre Ohio Navarre Ohio BLAINE o. STERNER i C0,,,,,,,,e,,, General Contracting Of BUf'd'nQ-Concfefe ZINSMASTER HARDWARE Masonry-Swimming Pools On the Square Navarre, Ohio Navarre Ohio Complimentx of M. H. MARTIN Bell and Howell Motion Picture Equipment For Homes, Schools, and Churches lll8 Lincoln Way E. Massillon, Qhgo Phone TE 2-7467 GEORGE'S GULF SERVICE Phone TR 9 5lO5 Navarre Ohio I I ' ' l COL AS 1S TAVERN IDEAL DAIRY STORE l 1 Lunch - Dinner - Sandwiches Good Food And Llquor Lunch Meat - Frozen Food on The Squme 5033 Navarre Road sw. Navarre Canton ONESTQ gl oATTuso Music CENTER 130 Market Avenue S. Canton ohio Canton Ohio - J -- MANSFIELD SAW CO. Saws And Lawnmowers LINTER ADVERTISING SERVICE Sharpened And Repaired TRinity 9-5381 Rochester Square 1818 9th Street S.W. Navarre, Ohio Carl W. Snyder GL 5-8383 D. L. SCHUMACHER Luca:-m-iouse INN 'NSURANCE Rt- 62 Richvme Rd. 4 3 Massillon, Ohio Liquor - Dancing - Orchestra 'NSURANcE THAT Open 2:30 A.M. REALLY INSURES Compliments of RANDAL WEBER Crosby's Shoes C ompliment: of CHARLES J. BRYAN ROBERT P. KAHLER Compliments of Ensinger's Shoes E Mrs. Frederick W. ARNOLD AGENCY CO. 224 Lincoln Way, Easf I Massillon, Ohio ENDRES FORD SALES Phone TR 9-2244 Complimentx of THE CERE5 Nom, Mom Sm, SUPPLY CO., INC. Navarre Ohio - Massillon oh 'Hub' FEEDS l J C omplimentx of MASSILLON CONTAINER CO Complimentx of ROBERT H. ANGERMAN, M. D. GRAYDON D. UNDERWOOD, M. D. DONALD G. COTTON, D. D. S. .-. T A. NICKLES BAKERY INC. 7. I C ompliment: of Comfffmfmf of MUSKOFF DRUGS Robert L. Baker Cb I Distributor ot ARCHWAY COOKIES :ggi-IPBE VI Tranny 9-5153 Q'-"2 g Maine Street Square Phone TR 9-5333 Navarre, Ohio SEGELS Where You Find Lovely Thingx STEINER PONTIAC, INC. To Wed' ' ' ' New Cars - Sales and Service 28 Lincoln Way E. Used Cars Massillon Ohio Phone TR 9-5661 Phone TE 34829 525 Main Street I Navarre, Ohio dfflwfff ,ufwwe J. A. MID'S RESTAURANT RINGLEY Chicken, Spaghetti, Steaks Plumbing - Heating open Daily and Sewer Cleaning. IO6 E. Canal Street Phone TE 2-I536 Massillon, Ohio I 'vga Compliment: of WHlTMORE'S H E T RE PlNKY'S 5 O 5 0 "Shoe: For The Entire Family" 514 N' Main St' Expert Shoe Repair Navarre Ohio Work Clothing O h S N Oh' "Fresh From The Freezer n t e quam Ovorre' Io TRINERS W - R SPORTS Congratulations to the Trinity 9-5433 HARRY E. MYERS Clan of '58 FUNERAL HOME Country Fair Shopping Center 23 Wooster Street E 4313 Tuscarawas St. W. 5 Navarre Qhio Canton Ohio Compliment: of HANK'S SERVICE Compliments of 0qQt9W'UfAr44,+ RALPH s. REGULA SERWCE WE HIT THE MARK Navarre Ohio I Compliments of THE GARVER BROS. CO. A Complete Department Store IOI W. Canal Street Hslwe in SmubWg,, Navarre Ohio Compliment! of rAIll.fgFaf, ifZ1gZfu1dfjt0T3 Z AARON LOMADY, d.b,Q. 5 6 M 0 LASH'S SOHIO SERVICE On The Square 652 South Erie Street Navarre Ohio Massillon Ohio Phone TR 9-5437 Phone TE 2-1503 I r .J compzfmem of MC LAIN GRGCERY 6 ' Q G.: ,Reis :li Si: Z, , Sponsors of IGA Food Stores Massillon - Novorre Rd. Compliments of Compliment: of ROBERT OWEN TRUCKING I SHIP QY TRUCK -'gi' Navarre Ohio C omplimentx of MARION DRY CLEANERS The Finext in Dry Cleaning 47 Marian Avenue S.E. Massillon Ohio Temple 2-3404 AMVET FLORAL SHOPPE Flowers for all Ocmxionx l404 Erie Street S. Massillon Ohio Phone Temple 2-2600 C omplimentr of STRINGERS SOHIO SERVICE Route 62 and 2l Navarre Ohio Compliments of KELLER GROCERY CO. Groceries 81 Meats Phone TR. 9-5416 Free Delivery C ompliment: of FARMERS SUPPLY CO. Wilson Bulk Milk Coolers Phone Trinity 9-2245 Congratulationx to The Clan of "58" TALLEY'S Navarre Ohio C omplimentr of Attorney RALPH L. KINSEY E. Wooster Street Navarre Ohio AlRHART'S MARKET Groceries and Home Dressed Meats Navarre, Ohio Compliments of CUSMA'C FLOWERS 81 GREEN HOUSE 3802 Navarre Rd. S.W. Canton Ohio GR. 7-0304 Complete Floral Service And Full Line of Garden Plants HANK'S TAVERN Lunch Phone TR 9-5606 Corner of Wooster and Market Street Navarre Ohio ' Compliments of BETTY'S BEAUTY SALON 124-4th N.E. 2 Blocks East of Navarre Phone TR 9-5676 gwut from H00 .FINE APPLIANCES . . around the house, around the world Vacuum Cleaners ' Floor Polishers Steam and Dry Irons N Compliments of ' HOBE RHODES CHEVROLET, INC. On The Square OVGl'l"e ' Automatic Coffee Pots Ohio Electric Mixers -r Die Castings 5 Electronics C omplimentx of HAL'S SPORT SHOP S91 roar n SHOP 3 N. Erlo SI. assllIon, Ohio l Athletic Equipment Hunting Fishing l Archery Hobby - Craft 37 Erie St. Phone TE 3-5740 Massillon Ohio C on gmtulatiom' Clan of 1958 Your eagerness to take the next step toward attaining the goals you have estab- lished is of particular interest to the E. W. Bliss Company. Even as you have progressed to the com- pletion of high school during the school year l957- 58, the Bliss Company celebrated its centennial year in l957 and now in l958, faces the challenge of its second hundred years of making metal work for mankind. As we face the coming year, let us re- member that to meet and overcome the challenges of the future we must have know- ledge, and education is the avenue to that knowledge. E. W. BLISS CO. Ma Bert W'iJl9e.f to the Clan of "58" MASSILLON BUICK i Sales and Service l3l Tremont Ave. S.W. ssillon Ohio I C ompliment: of F. W. ARNOLD AGENCY COMPANY 224 Lincoln Way, East Massillon Ohio C ompliments of DYKE MOTOR SUPPLY Phone GL 5-5338 Canton, Ohio -....l THE BEST MILK FOR FLAVOR AND HEALTH is assured by City Dairy because IOOWJ of the milk comes from modern city-inspected farms having the new bulk milk system. Right from the start, until they reach your table, City Dairy products are protected through the most carefully modern methods. At Your Door 73-S+ - I I 5: 1-A h' if K -e" Vfrfrl 'I f VN , .K i." ' ' 7 - Q iff! 'A L 'Lift ' ,JI -1 H' "' v I . ,v, W' X: M 'iff f-ss. .iv I v . ,iii M- T M ll egg Jinx: -n.. 'LJ E I l 1 -1 'S -Q ' N I A' I- ..?..... A cy. ik A ' rr Q I' IHH i X 4' if I r veg-ef. ' .- . ' -. -.,---. - -..'.- -, . '. gl .vs-F-.. .. ...Q t -:rf-if-. . - I - f.',' -l.,.': " At The Store Q 'YF gv Insist On Dial TR 9-5523 Dial TR 9'54O3 320 Main St. E. Cecil St. Serving You 4 dy Since 1902 C omplimentx of CRECCO'S Navarre, Ohio General Merchandise-Good Food On The Square I if if 'fl B- MAYTAG RICE CO. 430 Market Ave. S. Canton, Ohio Automatic Washers - Gas Dryers - Electric Dryers Refrigerators - Freezers Gas Ranges- lronrite lroners Compliments of THE IDEAL COMPANY Massillon's only Home-Owned Department Store Phone TEmple 2-7433 l Compliments of RELIABLE OFFICE Compliments of DOERFLlNGER'S PASTRY SHOP Fine Pastries Phone TE 2-1536 Massillon, Ohio 619 Lincoln Way West TE 2-6866 Massillon, Ohio ,... ....u.. ... .. -L .. Congratulations to Since 1902 the Clan of 1958 Fine Home Furnishings Draperies -- Carpets STERLING BAKERY Baker! of Sterling Enriched And Min "19" Health Bread .. 0 Wie H :tsl ll lllil I , l ,eEQ Tp:-1 V ,"1l'l"lllll:".i 7 A i'7' ll, :'l.'5",I'l .K V I IJ.. lf ' 332 Erie Street South Massillon Ohio TE 2-3979 C. O. FINEFROCK CO. 641 Lincoln Way Massillon Ohio Dial TE 3-8537 From the time we are born We beat the "drem' 'and blow a horn. We do de - "clarinet" Some of you may appear in "Coronet" Be it trumpet, trombone, or sax Just remember old and new facts. lf you find you haven't got the loot You could always play the flute. We always want to keep in step And most of all the school spirit hep. Everyone's life can't be put into a thimble So now the cap and gown is your "cymbol." L Please don't consider us a "lyre" When we say "Congratulations" NAVARRE BAND PARENTS Meet 3rd Monday of Every Month l ...J Squaw Box You can squawk all you want about how your government is being run. You can squawk to your family, your neighbors, the boys at the shop, or your barber-anyone who'll listen. Or you can praise your government. But your squawks and praise won't pay off unless you deposit them in the ballot box. The right to a secret ballot gives you an actual voice in your government. By casting your ballot at election time, you can help decide who is going to run the show. It's not like this in every country. Behind the Iron Curtain there's a lot to squawk about. But people have to keep it to themselves. lf you com- plain out loud, you may get a one-way ticket to Siberia. At election time you may get a ballot, but there'll only be one person to vote for. But in America you can choose. And choosing means that you've got to do some serious thinking to make sure you vote for the right man. The secret ballot is a right you don't exercise every day. But the fact that elections are not daily occurences makes the right all the more important. And the guy who fails to vote has lost the right to squawk. Think it over-and then make sure you vote. It's your rightg so treat it right. TRADE-MARK REG. U. S. PAT. OFF. The Timken Roller Bearing Company "The right to work shall not be abridged nor made impotent" D0 You KNOW YOUR RIGHTS? As Americans, we have the greatest freedom and the highest stand- ard of living in the world. Help keep it that way by knowing your rights and guarding them well. Some of them are: Freedom ol worship Right to secret ballot run 3eRight to know how your union spends your dues Freedom of speech Freedom of the press Right to criticize oficials 'Right to know salaries of your union ogicers Freedom from search without warrant iufy 'Right to know how your union is Right to speedy and public trial by Right to help of a lawyer 'Right to hear your employer's side of disagreements Right not to appear as a witness against yourself Right to petition government for 'Risk' W 'duff '0 Pffmif the Right to be presumed innocent until proved guilty Freedom to own property 'Right to work despite union jurisdictional disputes Freedom to work in any locality 'Right to proper supervision of your union welfare funds Freedom to start and manage a business Freedom to make a profit 'Right not to be fired by union redress of grievances "'befk'0g" vf union du'-' leaders 'Right to know if your union "Right to go direct to your boss """Right to vote on company's best officers are Communists with a grievance oUer 'These are rights you enjoy under the Tait-Hartley law. wrhi. it a fight enjoyed by members of united Steel work. THEY'RE YOUR RIGHTS, TREAT THEM RIGHT! ers. C.I.O. only when the Taft-Hartley law is invoked. Compliments of DON ENSMINGER SHOES PLEASANT VIEW TRAILER SALES A AUTOGRAPHS 525552162513 U, I 'lf 1-I F! if Jossc 1 ew.. "' K N - ww'u,vw-.w..ww-5 K :f.w.,.M 4- Ma .iw 'L KJ, 1, 4 O e Q . S-sf vw K W 'V Glub, Qlub "Sleeping Beauty" ,W Gwmgfa , - . -' . A- 4.6. Q VIN, Fil. v- w x A ,Af ygfw A. PM M H xii Ploy a Boll Mass America Hex!! T! Who MeV? Coreffge Work? W Yeo Teom. "King Umpfffff Scromf P eckf Lnrwi Ludf .,a,,. 3 R. Q5 ,Qs 'sd - I . Nancy Gerber 5 fix :mg Dove Grimm w-52 Af 'uw' I' Judy Lmtner Carol Martin Gary McCusker I' lwsf Jnm irq Loretto . w my Pom Svmmmqg Rnchord Tormqgu Alien Putt Mary Lou Dehne RICN'-Nd Goryvr 7 in lg Q 1 . .ff if 1 X fx ,J A ? Ronald Adams Eluclnnr Kubrrmk: 11 Hd Y'-:XY UI Lct's go 'S Scientist ot work 1. K 'Sv 1,59 Y! Aloha Guess who? 4 A 0 Ho ho' Judo fflf '-1"m 'Q- in " my Y any wmggb if at 3 3' 1, 'Klddnesu FS me Mf-W Brower f'f'? " Swx-,W OS Bored Dlxk W w: I, 1' J '.. .fI, .1 A ' -"...-2? -. '. . . 'I -4.01 - ,Q .1 . I EI 5' . . S . 11 0' P I I. P - A . ' ' ... ,r .1 . '. i ,x ' v A . '. 1 "' . .g.. bi. . 5. I, - 1.- 443 -. 1. I . v . Q. . K . W .. - , .I LI -I ' -' .-."': ,I , I... va I4I.Iv,. - x ,A rx' I ' .K 0 4 :. B-a x -. .a. I.I. in 'fry - - -. ,.. 5 , A ..'.I r ., I .1 I, . . ,.. Q I 1 v ' - "Y',. .' ' , gg.. . ,-"f'Jl Z3': Vi' ' ' .NI 5-' i 'af , .. , .J EI . 1 Nr .- I.- .' ., '.-" r wf' ...T ..'.w4. fx- 'V . ,-213' .- if Jai' .3 ,A 1' w.f.-.- 1.4" .- , wh .. :I- 1- IPI ,- I-Y I.-.I.III..y 2.-..f IAII III"l'1-.,,I.,I' ,If .I . ,J ,IIII I I II ls, ,I ., I-EI-,XXIII I ,,, - 1 -. , "J",-,.-w. I I f' x ,, I If ., f.'jI1 . 1. . ' fm-r. 1I.l1f'f,-l."'Af'I-.- AI '. ' , .qgQ?'5f.5l 5,-Q flax! 5 I . . f'-I. .1+L',' . .:. r.. -, ,.,' - g. N 1"2x,--NL' -ie 3 - ' 1.-'-'J 'f ".'s-.y-1 - .- .N -- . . H., - .' f. " -..g-,"Tf.'3'. r' I Iyff- :.I .... W ,. -4. .--., 4. ,, '- Inu, - . Ii-.JI.n.' I. , I L. 1 II'-rw. I ' .' I -if .I" . I' 29 ' I 1, ' . III II, ':,I.:' T 4II ...uv ' ITA- I' Y , '- ' I ,. Q' nz, -. . .1 -' 1 LN- . ' K - m 4 . . .x .. ,II I...gsIa 1. . -. H: zu- -.y 2 'N . UN '1. f .II . I, J. ,.. , .W . .lb A ,.f 'll .K ... -.gv N ..:. 1 "x X . 1' 1.1-' ' I x . ' , .IN-s... 5, .z I, f. . .4 , , ,"-. ,- IH .I I 'af -".:.f' 4. "f 1... A - 1 .1-nu:-L-. -'ff-Q12-1' 2 rl- . ,, 3. -'-1 wg-..-Img.. ., ' ,- I4 JL-I-U -. ,in .- , -..,.I,...f1. . 1. . ,V .U . . x-:I--'.-,--y.,,....'q ,,...f.I - . ' I. JI ' ,, , .. ': - - ' lf .' .sb I .. 1. V, . III..'I ', I'. I', ' III Lrvfj. N -H-x-Q--.,. .- 4wnfx -Fx. r' . -"-f - I ..'.:I: ..'.s1.',1. ,' I. - T7,'. K fSj,'AfJ'5?1.f.f.'H -- ' 5. Cf-'21, .KC ' . ' I A: .-'v . ,' " 'X I..."-,, ' ' , '- '. , 4' "'II . I,I..fI?I'?,w"E'.-' I IAS . 2.27 ' ',.'-.-pr-"lyk xx., 2 , , - .. I . I ' . II' ':I1,-1 ui f-II' I I I.-I'-I yuh I ' 'df ' Bw 591 .Sri ---Wil' ig" ii -. ' .I II ,L,I' '21,-Q'II,gIIIfI'.'III III ' .. . ' ,1.:'- ... "' .. 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Suggestions in the Navarre High School - Entre Nous Yearbook (Navarre, OH) collection:

Navarre High School - Entre Nous Yearbook (Navarre, OH) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Navarre High School - Entre Nous Yearbook (Navarre, OH) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Navarre High School - Entre Nous Yearbook (Navarre, OH) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Navarre High School - Entre Nous Yearbook (Navarre, OH) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Navarre High School - Entre Nous Yearbook (Navarre, OH) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


Navarre High School - Entre Nous Yearbook (Navarre, OH) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


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