Navarre High School - Entre Nous Yearbook (Navarre, OH)

 - Class of 1952

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Navarre High School - Entre Nous Yearbook (Navarre, OH) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Cover

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fr' ..LmJi JKVQZQ ' 'I' 1 4 1 fazrir-'JPQ ' , ,.f1 .I,,,.yx , ,, 1 1? ff-H1 , , w:f'f1 , . - .. ' , is- -' .1 , ' wie: 1. U.. , 5 ., . . h ,. ' 'ff 1 4 ' I .s . V u , wg, ' . V. . M Y A V - -,Y fwu, - ' O1 , ' .Q f Q ' . , m .r . - I g " -'Y a ull' . , . , A ' . 5 . ' x . ,It- 1 55' A - f ' w :, . K I A f' l ' n , . 1 4 ,, 'W' ' A' in 5 ,-,gk f if .. l . I1 .y 0' , 'f P' 1 . ' , " ' ' -7 . w . O. Q A fm: gpg i, 3 bm ' - , ., b X ' Q, , I "7 ff . -5- ' A I-fr?-P I5 jf F. ' i , -.. I, . , :f IN- ' N . . W , 'A .211 . ll, I . ie . . 1 I, W 1- . 1 V bu v -. , I I Q .Q ,-5 n , , 1 f , . l 1 ' 3 . .' -A ,P ' 1.1 3 A a 38.453-' lk' 4 - . ME -, 5. ,, 1 D, 41, -'F 1 ,.,g,. 1 ',, ' . 4 if t - ,-+-,. w vin, r Iv ' ,-- fm ..A - - f'159C,-I.. 1' f. K ies!! A . 1 rf 'e-'Xia' 'V U , gg, fa f L .... ---fx - , -we ue- Lf-5' ., , . J nk! Inf 1- ,gs .,-'un - aji' 1 . 5' mi. ,- .i,' wi 5 - Mm .A A ' l H -P , ' - 1 ' 1 4 -, : ., ' 0 A 9 ' I A 4 is , ' I - R. , :.. Q V ',q:x,..4 ,N . . 1' If 1 1. W " Q7 ' f.. .1 A3-l 454 :iv ini., L . 'H J ir pm14 :ii Q: .-V f Y lr. ,, , , . . - up-1 -, . 'A . 1, 5+ , iv, uf: ' ' - A 5-' 'O Y af ' , Iwi, ,YK ., , 44 A . '- -.4 -2: , is. 3 A 42 A - H xxx' ff' V in V as - 'fff-z.n'1'..g--'Q' ' "c'L"H'Qfi'V4 ' 'T ?'f"LY"f1 - 'A' 'fl U1 " . if !'Yf'.f16- ' -'. Riff, 'A ' : Aa ,'4.! ,I 1" 1.g5?":g?e1p'. Q2.-gvxg ' .. Y A , li: Af , Nh., v , Jw ' i ft. ' mi if' Iv 11' 'E an ' J, if 1' ' . . '. Qu' 0 . 1 fd- . ,+:. '.-' 1 ..,r, V: ix -Af -2 'flf 'f ,-nf? .1 , :V ly ' ' M h -Q '-.JJ ,5 . 1 HE. - . wg. fu, Q! I-' x . . M v 1 , . ,, .J ' QW A f..n '15, V I - ' . .Lf if Q 1 ' F 4 , V 4 .5 1 . Q ab' 7A ., N' , ,Z ' nl "U wx i. , L , L, , ..,., n u u r u u '.- J. ' 1 ELK! 1 4 . ' I W.. K , . x 4 , ' .1-' ' ' . 1 V. -- H , - Fu ,. LF.. ... 7 s" 3 -1- 1 i I 4 -5 I r , . Y' A uiln fy WE N0 N152 5 s J Rlnlislweffi -tl'78 Senior ass Navarre Sclvoo' 1 DEDICATION gi W Q 5 I II I H JI-I I A, nr! A' 1 I IW, Z I r I f 'A ' ' - I IEJIIAQIITI' .r I uri 'W' ' l iwj I z J :I A f'a?m.!-!i. A E rf Ii , J I lx 2: X A A I QNX' A - .Alia I f I I ' fig' I I Ax I ! WEA LII I 'AAA If J 1K25,',' V I il: jL'fIV M-I L E IIIII e A II .- bi fiii i I ,I 1 1 -- , ' A ff, ' AI- I 'F 'III' H1 1, 'A' 1 II' R 'Lf I , A LA'L Q. ,Ig Q .' ' LA n I A fy iii - - ,Tb - ixsti, II , 41jj'giit1g I X' 'I. .-Iv siYx:..'-I - - A X " I -in I "4 E :lumix Illlll 4 I Q5 ll II Ki. M Yv . Q., ANI!-I ,ess BW Z O Agpl-rm G E 3 Ali? Ii A I ar-ugi U"-"ul I Ill I il.. .Pnl + Y - - F' I AU ' in A ... '54 ' I Y., I "" ' ELII I V1 IPI M I I A jul . ,v ...... :AQ 'fg"' ' vu- '- .' ,I ti aff , N:-1 'N - ,' 1 Af ls .i A ,,f, -.f....., ,4- '1A , 7-' ......' --fi 4- Y ' 91 X- :X ...... lgf' ' -A ' k - I I Ig- ,xg :- ' - ,-f Gln. .1 p A 'fr-:-9 n-an -' .J Is' f' "E":-' !!. !. V, K. - e.,1-f-,A M I 5-..- - - - 1 Q 'A I A 5:4931 --!!- , I .,g:i!5L -' E. 5,. k a I N I ,"".:I -A 33 EXW A A Q.. .g ' Tit ,'k-- 'I N- II' vc, . QQ " '55, ' 3+ dr L-' !!1 M T K4 . W Im- ea- '314 Y'-Q ' ,': I Eel 4 fI7"f' If . 'iv- tfl- Q, A Q: -6 If frm. , Ak '.- p ' l I '92 CD Z 4-v O 4-w va 5 3 L 99 ,- 4: : Bl Q- A -.f - -.- A ..- 4.x ...- 'C O Ill ..- ,- 4-5 71 cv 6-J S La ...- 'C G2 'C 'N UT CT -1 Q-I O tl! VJ CS - U ua F bb C E S GJ .C 4-3 9-4 C 4-9 C CD S 9 GJ L." 6-7 I. ing, newly erected fo uild .2 'E o .: D CIJ P, Fi ms 4-5 C E 2 GJ bo E' an an rf' :.. C5 '4-4 CD J: +-2 .Ad C S6 .C -4-w C +-2 5. 4.1 .-1 E -J -' F4 o :L sz O CII ..-4 S .4.a CD .id S +-9 O 4-7 .C U2 'I-1 53 S r si 99 P4 'C 7.1 J: o ,. O C -C 0 rn ..L E: GJ ..-...lg ZW" 33-5: '-.Ex 5. . +55 EW-Q" -cz.. . :::.?. 232 gf: Wo?- -g.,...4 'MSB E?-bn Ndgc 11543 H c: SC: APO "', I-1 -cap 8-55 --c: ' IEEE Q,-:s 1:37-A Cf.-C3 :vs-'L' 4: vga? if EEE seg 0 . ug-E 2:2 .cu e-ardu 1+-45.50 Q..-5 G2 253 3m?. Emi .-bn- wwe coming' generations. K f 1 AMW.-Pls.. H llffiNBUBHEH H l'l l5' -J DMINISTRATIUN -'Y .Q- HI 4, .L-I-l'l' 'WJ lffjflff'-4-4 R'-.31- 1-L-ga., I , 1 I I f 1 I I E N ff ' l ' vw : 2131f2n",n - 'f 2 A 5 5 r Zfwoq. 7 lflir gk is in "Q- .JK9 -.N Mr. R. H. Hall, Superintendent Dorothy Lash. Secretary Ohio State B.S.. M.A. BOARD OF EDUCATION SICATICD: Mrs. Fair, Mrs, Miller, Andrew Jacobs, C1ifTord Bixler, Staples Greer STANDING: R. Il. Hull. Superintendent Leland Huth, Garnet Patterson, Don Jones 4 R , ,, Dorothy Jane Lowe Asbury College, A.B. Ohio State University Vocal Music, Speech Senior Class Advisor Helen Bremer Wooster College Kent State University Home Economics, Biology FACULTY it Earl D. Wisard Kent State University, B.S.B. History, Social Sciences 5 Harold Holshoy Kent State University, B.S Industrial Arts Senior Class Advisor I l I Fred Brideweser Capital University, A.B. Ohio State University General Science, Coach, Physical Education 'H l Donald Haley Ohio University, B.S. W V W 1 ,B.S., A.B G l M th., Al b f - 3- 95 CYHU mem 8 ge N Glenville College Richard D. Bond Nora, Drawe Kirksville College Gregg College Commercial subjects 1 i ' r John D. Miller Wilmington College. B.S. Ed. Ruby Challesworth Ohio State University ASPUYY COUGSC.-A-B-W Bowling Green University 6 ' I 5 cf' 0fPL0""A L NAlLR j -iCtLJ'.Q.0.1.. ,Ljvi fy if fr ? QF' I P MSA! . c w-.-Q ..-..l..1 4 1 9 9 CV 1 X "3 'off D c. .- "A ,hh f 9 ' I . J '0 ,fx A. 7 NIOBEYS ANNUAL STAFF Bill Brideweser Pat Cook Paul Scheffler Donna Brown Rubv Winkhart Editor-in-chief Assistant Editor Business Manager Business Manager Pictures Richard Black Ruth Braswell Zola Whitfield Bev Cardman Janet Eberly Pictures Literary Literary Advertising Advertising Jean Thonipson Bill Evans John Muskotf June Ream:-r Myra Schaller Advertising Advertising Advertising Art Typing Ruth Nofsinger Gene Emerick Webb Lonas Don Marchand Glenn Fortner Typing Jokes Music Sports Sports 8 CLASS OFFICERS SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Janet Eberly ........................................ Piesldent Paul Shrefiier .....,.......................... Vice-P1 esldent Donna Brown ...... ....,....... S eci et ui Zola Whitfield ......,............................ .. Tielsuiei CLASS MOTTO: He conquers who con ueis himself CLASS FLOWER: Yellow Carnation. CLASS COLORS: Maroon and Gold. FAREWELL TO YOU: OF '52 As we sadly roam the Corridors Our last week at school, we find We are reminded even now Of the memories left behind. Of our friends and teachers who. Though, without co-operation Worked for four years to help prepare Us for future occupation. With tear filled eyes we all recall Our childish pranks and then We start to laugh, but remember they 2 And our eyes till once again It's so very hard in words to say "Farewell" to things you loved so And your classmates part at the door But plan to meet on the road to success With fond memories eveimore. -June Reamei U HONOR STUDENTS IEEV CARDAMAN BILL EVANS Valedictorian Valedictorian NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY ROW 1: Myra Schaller, Bill Evans, Bev. Cardaman. ROW 2: Trevor Huth, Richard Black, Zola Whitfield, Janet Eberly, Mary Rentsch, John Muskofl. Webb Lunas, JANET EBERLY MYRA SCHALLER Salutatorian Salutatorian 10 EDWARD ADAMS DONNA BROWN Itfw nife to tolli, it's nire to xnzileg You coulcln'1 lull Donna an old farm lmnd. It's nice to be serious onve m a while. Sl'1E'S tlze drum major of our lxmcl. RICHARD BLACK BEVERLY CARDAMAN A toll fellow of L1 jolly sort, Bw is stzll zvearzng Glcnrfs rm, xxfllll we all agree is Ll dandy sport. To us it looks like the real thing, RUTH BRASWELL PAT COOK Successful and tllorough in all lzer work, Carefree and full of fun, Never L1 duty does she xlzirk. Her ldILQl1fCT'S lleurd by everyone. BILL BRIDEWESER Life is L1 joke and all things show it, I tlfougllr so onceq but now I know ROY DIEKMAN If you don't open your mouth, Al least you conf get your foot into it . , J. . . . . ,W .- JANET EVERLY DALE FOX -lane! is full of pep and vitalityg Dale, a lad from a farm, She fmssexxes ideal perscmalily. Never did anyone any harm. GENE EMERICK MILDRED HANNA Peppy, witty, gabs of fun: Shes not so tall, Krmwn and liked by everyone Hut liked by all. BILL EVANS TREVOR HUTH lm the Sheik of Araby, Happy as a clown, jolly as an clfq And all the ladies worship me. 'Yoifll laugh at him in spite of yoursel GLENN FORTNER GILBERT JOHNSON Heres a guy ,who really gets places: Cares -A cares -ff Please go awax As IIYI athlete, hes higher than aces. Come hack some other day. 12 WEBSTER LONAS JOHN PAUL MUSKOFF He lllls ll IULQ' ll!! his Oll"ll Kl1l7lL'7l by llll for his fdlihf-Ill cur: To milk: lllx cl'c'1'y' ll'OTk Sllf7ll'7'l, Like it we k7lOll' P. is sure to gli fn DON MARCHAND RUTH NOFSINGER It's ll fvirli, it's ll plane, itqs lm atom bonzb' Ruthie ml tile typewritev' is ll wilig Nu, IIVS Aillxt ll Clif, with tl driver named Don. Size inlllys the lqeybmlrd fairly Sify DAMON MASSIE JUNE REAMER If telling jolqus lvcru a l"rime, 114718, till' artist U71 lillr d'l'l7lllLlI xt Tlzix llld lvlvllfll imzu be Xt3T'UI'7'lg time. Sliefs L1lZl'LIj'S rclld-x' for Ll gulid Illl ll CARL ROUSE LEO MUMMERTZ Cilrl sells QLIS in his sparc time, I.l'li, in any hllwhull game, Blat yl1ll'H 7lc'T'C7' ullellt 111-711 Ollf of ll dinis. Nc1'uv' flllis to hT1,7lg llx fll17lU 13 DONNA RUMBERGER JEANNE THOMPSON The hlmler they emne, the lumler they fullq Srmlmg eyes and hght l7llHlLllY lum- Aml 71Cl'L'I' tl .vtmly l7UllIL'TS her at ull, Alzmlyx mulqe ll pleelselnl paw, MYRA SCHALLER ANDREW TORMASI A t.lL,1,C?. mimi lmdw. Uwlx, 'IMT' Andy zs el hustler eun1n1g mul gum ' -lust where he will lewd there lx 11 PAUL SHREFFLER lQ1wz,r'w1y.f. l3us.ue's 771lXL'lHClVU1LS mule lx on his flue all the whale. ZOLA VVHH-FIELD A A very mee girl, ll1OIlAQlI!llll um LEROY STRUBEL Ever xo eager In do wlmr rx nghr !gL":'UX' lILlS v7'lillLlllL'l1UT 161, t .wwf e.'.re uve. H HIL My I N W 1 ' Altllmlglv details she nmy .slum She xnll has el lot of fun, 14 CLASS WILL We, the Class of '52, being sound in mind and body, hereby declare our last will and testament in the presence of all teachers and students here and elsewhere. I, Eddie Adams, will and bequeath my love for teasing girls to Robert Bigler and Ronald Engleman. I, Richard Black, will and bequeath my ability to drive carefully to Sonny Stutz. I, Iluth Braswell, will and bequeath my Journalistic ability to Sally Rose. I, Billy Brideweser, will and bequeath my love for girls to my brother, Johnny Bride- VVSSQT. I, Donna Brown, will and bequeath my Massillon dream man to Alma Fischer. I, Beverly Cardaman, will and bequeath my love for Navarre boys to Shirley Stanford. I, Patsy Cook, will and bequeath my natural long blonde hair to Luann Gaut. I, Roy Diekmann, will and bequeath my shyness with the girls to Paul Widder. I, Janet Eberly, will and bequeath my love for city life to Mary Rentsch. I, Gene Emerick, will and bequeath my girl friends to Jim Bartholomew. I, Billy Evans, will and bequeath my loving ability to Gary Jogerst. I, Glenn Fortner, will and bequeath my faithfulness to one girl to Roger Leighley. I, Dale Fox, will and bequeath my farming ability to Wesley Anderson. I, Mildred Hanna, will and bequeath my man hating ability to Nancy Stoetzer and Dora Etter. l. Trevor Huth. will and bequeath my wise cracks to Monica Stahl. l, Gilbert Johnson, will and bequeath my ways to Larry Grunwald. I, Webster Lonas, will and bequeath my ab'lity to mind my own business to John Purser. I, Don Marchand, will and bequeath my love for majorettes to Dick Hay. I, Damon Massie, will and bequeath my michievousness to Bobby and Billy Lind. I, Leo Mummertz, will and bequeath my masculine charm to John Miller. I. John Paul Muskoff, will and bequeath my short hair cut to Frank Emmert. I, Ruth Nofsinger, will and bequeath my quietness and reserved ways to Margaret Hogue. I, June Beamer, will and bequeath my timely sneeze in Democracy to Cleo Nofsinger. I, Carl Rouse, will and bequeath my right to be a Senior to Bobby Agnes. I, Donna Rumberger, will and bequeath my ability not to worry about assignments to Shirley Nofsinger. I, Myra Schaller, will and bequeath my ability to study to Helen Snyder. I, Paul Shreiiler, will and bequeath my abiliby to be hen-peeked to Jack Stucky. I, Leroy Strubel, will and bequeath my trumpet playing to Richard Pinard. I, Jeanne Thompson, will and bequeath my love for country life to Nona Herrick. I, Andrew Tormasi, will and bequeath my mustache to Gene Feucht. I. Zola Whitfield, will and bequeath my ability not to crack my gum to Barbara Girt. I. Ruby Winkhart, will and bequeath my business-like attitude to Carol Greenwalt. I, Billy Brideweser, will and bequeath my piano playing to Charles Stanko. I, Trevor Huth, will and bequeath my clean shaven face to Hubert Gentzler. I, John Muskoff, will and bequeath my picture drawing to Fred Russell. We, Janet Eberly and Jeanne Thompson, will and bequeath our ability to gad around school without permission slips to the girls of the Junior Class. We, the Class of '52, pause to relinquish our seats in Assembly to the Class of '53, We leave the Sophomores the task of looking after the Freshmen, and lest they forget, we remind them that Freshmen must be handled with care. To the Freshmen, we bequeath the faculty, and, Freshmen, remember the teachers' years on this earth are numbered. I5 SENIOR BABY PICTURES 9... Q Eddie Adams Richard Black 1 f 2 Q r A S S 5 5 l 2 2 r Donna Brown Beverly Cardaman ii 'W ' vw-1-." 7' 'W 2 l Q-B V 'NV 5 Q.-.X ,W ' Q -1 Q 4 , 2 z 1444. 2 E 1 if E E 4, Janet Eberly Gene Emerick 16 R t 7 'Q B. V 'lil' 5 if W' Ruth Braswell Bill Brideweser ,fr Pat Cook Roy Diokmunn Bill Evans Glenn Fortner SENIOR BABY PICTURES 1 3 . E 5 f 5 1' 5 Q : E Q i E Y 3 1 I ? Z S 3 Q ? 2 5 Dale Fox Q 9 1 dup ,, -- - 1, E . Mildred Hanna Trevor Huth Gilbert Johnson an-uh H Z1 b JS'-t fir, ,. Webb Lonas Don Marchand Damon Massie Q r 5 S, , g i' 4 1:3 qi? K ' f I , W V3 Y XL, d H , as Q ,. : V--" 1 if -RTT lx 'A 3 no , W3 X' f 'f " 3 'E 5 Leo Mummertz iii 6 Xian V .3 Jig X Fe, L f A -, A La if x N W ,yi QW 5 x is ,L Q. K x K , John Muskoff Ruth Nofsinger 17 June Reamer Carl Rouse SENIOR BABY PICTURES , iw? N . 'Q' J.,',4 Donna Rumbc-razor Myra Schaller Paul Scheffler Leroy Strubol U M 1 k X . E oi, 5- . 1 u M M f of, E 1" 2 i Jean Thompson Andy Tormasi Zola Whitfield Ruby Winkfnart SENIOR SECOND GRADE 18 QQ!! IUNIOR CLASS PKK' I: lluru Iflttn-r, Luunn Hunt, Shirley Nnfsirluw-l', PI4-n NIDfSiI!Q'4'l', Ile-lvn Snyqln-r, I!:u'h:u':u Hirt. Nrxnvy Huw!- fl r, Mm-5' Rn-nlsvlm, lVl:Il'l.l'Tll'4'l lllll.1'lIl', HUXY 2: Mr, lhmql, :uIx'isor3 Shirlvy St:mfor1l, Vrurul fire-1-mx:ull. X-vnu ll0'I'+ Ink, .Xlnm Fisc-lwx', Mwmivn Stahl, Vil'LZ'i!liIl liurtun. Frank lrlmum-rt. .lim Ilzurthole-me-w, .luhn I!l'i4l1fw.-sq-lr, Hum I 1:4-lst, W:-sl--y Xmlm-1'sm1. HHN' 31: Sfmny Stulz. 121-no I4'l'lIl'hi, IUDLZUI' I.:-i::l1l4-y, llilly l.in1I, ltuhhy Rulwrl llul--r, l':uul XYi4l4I1-r, 1'h:1x'la-s Stnnku, John l'urs4-r. RUN' 4: Iinn:nl+l I-Imrn-lm:m, Iluh.-rl 12.-ntzh-V, I,:1x'ry Grun- xx nl-I, .lwlm Mull--r, lllvlc llny, .lnvk Stuvkp, H.ix-h:u'1l I'inh:uwI. CLASS OFFICERS Jack Stucky ...,.... President Nona Herrick .. ViccfPresident Roger Leighley ..... Secretary Mary Rentsch .. . Treasurer SOPHOMORE CLASS HHH' li Nlnrilyn St-In-ullle-r, lmrlvnv ,X-Iums, Kay 'l'lmm:ns, 1':nt IH-ttirrvw, Suv lluus, J ing-'r, lml: Autos, Xlrurilyn Kurtz, Mnrilu N4xftsim:e-V, Ruby .Inna-S, HOU' "' ltulh .lout-S Winklunrt, li.-xvrlp Nlzunsv, Alnrjurin- Yun llynn-, llJll'll!ll'ZL links-r, .lunv Davis, XX :1n1l:n A Iiurr, lim-h:u':u Uulm-5, Hobbit- llurvtto. ROW' 3: livtty Agm-s, Janice- Winklulrt, .lu-lp Hunk Intix IH nhl , . . Stzunlkntl, linln-rt llrnsuw-ll, .XV-lvn Aflums, l'+-tl Fvum-ht, lutltliw- 1.:u'x'4-1' Polly XVl15t1', Suv Shrnkw-, Anita llvvk. Hutt I. lcnnnit- li'-fl.-st-nrt, .Xlwlvll lnnw-tin, llm1:xl4l0vv1'lN luck lfxnns, CQ-tw-li:t Slruln-l, linbvrt lilnvk, Illt-h:n1l Sag... lruunn' .Inna-5, Walt'-V llnln-rli, .lvrry lie-rlymlnlx. CLASS Marilyn Scheufllcr Betty Braden ,... Lois Sandy ,... Carol Stanford .. OI" Fl CE RS . . ..... President . Vice-President . . . Secretary ,. Treasurer FRESHMAN CLASS -s f' , . illim:--V, Huy Wluitm--V, Ilowmll Suit'-r'ti--l-I, I,-un-ll IUNY 2: .lim Agn--s, Illlizuh--th l'fV1llHl'I'1, 1':ul'ri+- Ile-ns:-I, lbw- NoI'sim:1-r, l':ut Sxs:ut'I'o1'v1. .lr-nh--' Stutz. Num-5 Stixntkus. 'l'x'1-x':1 ll4N'kStI'4lII, Ruin-rt Huh-s, .luhn 'l'Imnmsnn. .Xlia--A Sw-hnllx-r, Mum lfism-In--V. lwrxx' 2:3 All-I '.','i5f.v'.lL ,.1lf,1Qm'g XY:.m!:u XYlnitnun'v, .l:u1.-1 S:ux':up,:1-, Sunslm Zinsmnslv-V. I.uviII'- Spmur, llvtty IP--:llm:1 XYinkIml't, .llulx KIHIIIIA, Sully NVQ-Stull. Shirln-5 Yivkw-Vs, Me-lvn XYI1itt'lv-lfl. .Xllf-I1 Slzxlxuh, Num-5 I0-lt:-ls, IUPXY I' l':1I l'll'iu'h, .lrnlxv Nlussiw-, l':1l 'l'5ln-l'. Kathryn link'-V, .I4-:nn Sp.-m'l1I. I,Iuy4l I'Im-krwmtv, I,:ul'l'5 Snuw. l"l'3lll1'is sq.-y.nx:, ,lm-lx ll'-nl, Hurw Iilrnss, I'-mul .XI:uh:nI'l'1-y, I,n-ul1"I'rl Iiznir. ILHXX' Ts: k'h:1rl--s ,Xil'l1:xrt, Hur-1I4I Iinsv-v'. .Xin-nhl r .. Slwnk, Huy llunixin, l'!:ilip liulluvl, ID:u11n5 5Iwl'l'un'.'1l llmlusull, Huh Russ:-I, Krurl li--hl, H nniv Vllivh. CLASS OFFICERS Kathryn Baker ..,.. President John Thompson. .Vice-President Jean Specht ..,..... Secretary Sandra Zinsmaster .. Treasurer 22 X Jizvw ez v 3 ji 10, 'S LMU5 r? - -42 . K4 4 sf-5? 55295 Z? ,s J ' F ff I f , gains 5' 23 5 NAVARRE HIGH V -Ymvwf ' 2 W I I 2 2 I - , 5 A 5 Y I "z' ':",.XI.z1'isL' I 'e. 'ms ' mms QI 2 . . . I 1 . ,L7. .'r'.i I' 4. u , I 1 'Ims.,"' INDI I Ilulm mi III ulx n' F hor, Suv SI11':nIw, Shirl -V Stunt' VOIIS' IN I-I tel I, , Y llll IIMIRII, I'.1mI SIZIIII-UNI .Iwnvt -Izumlwx NI u LZ"lI'f'I 'Nficlalm-Q Sheila -Xirll-url f'n1'zIg'e-rw WoIw1'..Ivz1Il Spa-vlml. IIUIX ' Iuflx I'u1I , Ilulmelt I3I.1cII BI:11'iIy1 Kurtz. Sz1ll5 I' I c Luk I x IIIN Inm Vnlucx Y, 1 Il - Illltel ' ' ' . 1 . 'lIIiII'2l ZIIISIIIZISIQ '. I 'Ay y w v IJIXX .It Imlrlmy Males, CI1:11'lvno I .IIHIIIVEI fvtllhl, f2lI'0I Llrllxflvlfl, PM -XIIIIUINUII, I,Io,wI I'Ic'k1'm1Le, -Itlilllllt' 2-I 2lI'IItI ' 'SHIl. billy In'icIuw-5 , . nwplml, .luqlx I I-V Slmnlw IM '!'Ium1ps n I wurmy. INEIIICIY I nttm rs mu IZl1rulw1'g'v1'. Wwlu SCI-IDOL BAND S 3 L 2 E HOW I: lie-may St1'11l11-l, I-Znlmlmy Lind, Billy Lind, Mary Fischer, Dura Etlier. 'l'o1I I'i'o111'l1t, I'z111l lil'0lZiIlQ'0I'. Nillltj' Stivutkas, Ai21l'Q,'2ll'6t Leigliley, 113111-- l1z11'z1 1511111-1'. ST.-XNDINQI: Nunvy 'l'l1m11psm1. Slllillllll' Fe-n1'l1t. Ilznixgv Axe. Jackie Wink- !1:11't, Mr. John Miller. .lnnv Davis. Walter' Hzllwerli, Hubby Agnes, Polly Whyte, Luis S2lIliij'. Fl'ZlI1l'iS SLQVOIIS. Dale Amos, David Pllmerly, Janice Stnlx, Nz11'j1n'i11 Van Diviie, ilctty I1UC'ixl'iIlQ', Janet i'i2ll'l', DCZLIIIIU Vvilliiililli, l511nn:1 iil'0NVll. 25 JOHN D. MILLER, Director HAND OFFICERS Lois Sandy, Trcasurerg Nona Herrick, Secretary: Bill Bridcwvscr, Presidentg Donna Rumberger, Vice-President. MAIORETTES STRING ENSEMBLE ! K 2 f l 'mniw SUM' Janet Bflrrj Betty Luckring' .lucly Kenny. Dora Etter, Mr. Miller, Walter Haberli Dvzlnnu Wlnkhurt, MZlF.lIll'1C Van Dyno, Don- Alma Fischer. nu Brmvn lllrum Majnrl, 26 Donna Runmbergcl' Webb Lonas Bill Brideweser Donna Brown Jean Thompson Leroy Strubel Carl Rouse Richard Black GIRLS' GLEE CLUB pu- RUXY I: Patsy l'lr'ia-h, XY:1n1I:n Amnn, H4-tty lilllwnlu-l'um', .In-:un 'I'humpsnn, lim' m':uwl:mx:un, Milfll'--'I Ilunnzn, Kux 'I'lwm:1s, lmrlwm- A-huns, .I:1niw- Stutz, l':ut Swaxffmwl, lfllizulu-tl: Idnmn-rl, Zulu XYhitt1,-ld, Nlnrilyn S4',l1'llffll'l HHH' 2: l':nt Funk, Myra S4-h:nll1-V. I':nl 'I'ylvr, Luis Sandy, IC:u'h:1r:n flirt, Ruin-rlu l,mw-tin, Ruth llrzwxu-II, Ilv-I-'n Supl:-V, li:1l'h:ul':u Colm-5, NIIIIVX Stixnktus, Ruby .lum-s. .Xlivv Svlunllu-1, Pnl I'n-ttiurvw, Suu- Haus, Hull: .I4-In-F Nur'-:I I,inkfhfI4l, .lunf-t I-Ihvrly, Ruby Xvillklllilf. RON' Ci: Sun- I-llxmku-, .Iunv Mnssiv, Num-3 lf'-tl'-rs, .lu4I5 Iluvk .lun-it I4:u'l', lh-H5 .Xprrn-s, H1-tty I:l'1lIl4'l1, I4:1rh:nr:1 liukvr, Junim- NVinkh:nrt. Ilixiv Winkhnrt, I:.-My-lp Mans' Mary l"iS1'll1'l', Junn- Iluvis, Mzlritu NllfQSill!ll'I', Allll'jUI'il' Yun Ibynn-, llunnzu lirnwn. ICON' 4: V1-4-1-li:u Struhu-1, I'-,llx XVhxt+- lfIltllI'Yl'l Ilnkvl' .ln-un Sw-chi .Xniin lim-k .lwlv lluuslv lmvillw Spe-nr, XV:un4l:n XYl1ihmuw-, In-:nnnu XYink BOYS' GLEE CLUB HHN' 1: J:mu-s Aunvs, .lulxn 'I'humpswn, .ls-rry I4':ui1', l,+-mmlwl lil:-ininuvr, Im!-L Anms, All--n Slnluu-ll, I-j.i.ll. minrx.-I-, 'l'wl4l5 I"1'l1m'l1t. HHH' 2: Miss lmwv-, ,Xl'llt'l'l l.1vl'l--ilu. liulv .XL1'Dl'N, lmzqm- Jwnus, t':nl'l Runs.-, Hug- 1,.-iulll.-5. XY.-sl.-5' ,Xn-lv-rsnn. flury Illnss, IUHV Il: l,lu5-I l'I4-klwmlf-. XY:1llf'l' llulv-rli, limb liiulvr, Imnnp Xl:u'1'4m llunfshl I-Iva-I--stmm. l"l':1m'is Slvvu-11s, ltnh Huh-s. 28 MIXED CHOIR ROW 1: Jim Agnes, John Thompson, Jerry Fair, Dale Amos, Allen Slabaeh, Kay Thomas, Pat Petti- grew, Alice Schaller. ROW 2: Miss Lowe, Carol Linktield, Marjorie Van Dyno, Helen Snyder, Sandra Zinsmaster, .lanet Barr, Francis Stevens Kathryn Baker, 'Carol Stanford. ROW 3: Anita Beck, Sue Shrake, .lean Specht, Ted Feucht, Lloyd Eekroate, Bob Agnes, Arden Loretto, Wesley Anderson ROW 4: Gary Blass, Duane Jones, Roger Leighley, Bill Bridcweser, Robert Bigler, Ronald Eccleston, Walter lflaberli. Carl Rouse. NINETTE yy yy R,OW 1: Marilyn Scheuffler, Sue Hass, Kathryn Baker, Sandra Zinsmaster, Janet Barr, lat Pettigrew. ROW 2:.Carol Stanford, Anita Beck, .lean Specht, Cecelia Strubel, Polly Whyte, -Judy Buck. Miss Lowe. ROW 3: Nancy Stlvaktas, Kay Thomas, June Davis, Carol Linkfield, Helen Snyder, Barbara Girt. 29 SEVENTH AND EIGHTH GRADE CHOIR HHH' I: Slllillllll' lfvllrlnt. IM-an Amos, Yil'LI'iDi!l K1-lly, Darcy Axv, l':1rnl l'unnim:h:1m, .lamt-5 llouut-, 141511, , mn, Yann Perth. liuth liupt-rt, t':u'ol I-Itte-V, Matiltlrl Young, th-rry Hudson, S:1nwll':1 lmm-nn. RHW 2: .lnntt lu--'IN 1'ox':uu1v11- W1-In-V, AI:uV1::n1'1-I Nivklvs, llill llihhs. .Iunior XYinkh:1rt. .lzuvkiv XYinkh:11't, .I+-rry ltuvk, Nan l1,,.n1-I-'s.n1. Nt-lsun Salt'-rlit-Ill, .Xnnv S7ll'l'ht'l, l'1ll'4'l'l1 lliltln-th, Kim-h:1l'1l link--V, ,xlllilllilil l':1lnu-V. IKHW IL: Irirw-4-t 1 Xlyax Iam'--, Iiulh tim-flvl, t':u'ul ll'-nt.-V. Phyllis Ilillingt-r, Itzlvillltll' Ilnir, IH-tn-r Shrakt-. liusswl Sin-lt, Huy Ifortml I ml 151:-tzjllut-l', Roy Iiupf-rt, 1l:tVn:-t I':1lt+-l'snn, .l'n:un Sa-lwzly. NUW' li 5lfll'!lHl"l lwisslllf-X. Xl:tl'il5n Ywl--V. Ku I 1-hrlntz, 4'h:1l'l:-n.- lin-upI'w-Vt, Stu-ilu .xil'IIIll'f, Nl:tr'lon lulllnt, Nnl'll1:l .ll-:ln Huy. ll:11'h:11':t !Ivmx'vl'. I:ttVl1'l:u .luhnst Il I v tn 4'1vllu-X. SENIOR NINETTE 1 ft ' A Q. at ROW I: .lean Thompson, Bev Cardaman, Donna Rumberger, Zola Whitfield. ROW 2: Myra Schaller. Janet Ebcrly, Ruby Winkhart. Pat Cook, Betty Rumba-rgor. 30 5, I Q ' 6 . QQ 1 I Q :fa A 5.1 I' 4' J OYAE r"'lA KA ff V' U I , if I X! 73 N v- ' .1 1 ,, 1 Q Ur-al 2 A fjfxfl ' s , X 3 oe I X if 9 AF' 0 7 H Q94 O ! CTN 80 T Q. IES 31 5 STUDENT COUNCIL ,f HOW l: 5I:1riI5'n Sl'lll'lIlHl'l', .lIIIll1'l' Stutz, Nzmnvy Stm-tzvlg Naam-y Stivnktus, .Ie-rry Fair, Xhfslf-5 .Xn-II-Vsun. .lim N:n:Iue-, Ilfvnzulfl ICI-I-lwstwlx. HOW 2: All: NK'is:u'1l, Kathryn iiGlkl'I', Suv Slumkn-, S"l'I'1'l1Il'j' .IQ-:In 'I'ln1mpsun, YI'-. I'v-I-sill-'nl 'III-nn I-'4vl'Im-r. l'lw-sim-nt .Inna-I Iilwrly, 'rI'!'7lSlll'l'I' liivluurwl l2l:u-k, .Klum Ifisu-In-V, .lm-k Sim-IQ. MONITORS I UW I: Alsnrilyn Svln-ullln-V, Ile-xx l'1Il'1lJllIIIIIl, Sul- llrlss, XY:-bstvr, llunnu Ilruwn, Myra Svlnlllf-I-, Nunn III-I 1'-, H4-:I Wluitlin-III, Alam R4-ntsl-II, ICOXY 2: MV. XVis:1rfI, .I:In1-I l'HH'l'lj', Sll1'Slll'IIk1'. .Xnitzx lin-1-Ii. liuw-1' lA'lHIIl4'j - -' - , : 'xl ', my W : , 'I' : ' zil' . Ii VV 3,1 . 'mln-Il Il:mn:u, Kay 'rllllIII7IS, Ruth IlI':1s '- ll I A ll II I I II-nn I1-:tml I'uI I1 all lic Imlimm lil hurl Il ck U ' Nlll xnll luis Sun-ly, Iiulu WinI:I1:u'I, lbixin- XVinkIm1't, .l:1ni4'1- NYinkhurl, III-la-n Srnylll-V, Nlurilyn Kurtz. II XY I: Nl vnu Nl Ill 41114 I-wht 1 ul I 1 I nu Il lu IIII Xnl I Imllll len Xlumnnltf 'lui Iwnsht Ima: I III! :I , I' - ' , 'I' 10141: .r",' :'lll ': ,. 111-x"' 'I:s', 4' , '- "- ' , ': 'I - , ,Teil I IUNIOR PATROL IIUW It NI-il lint'-s, IM-nzulnl S1'Il1'llfIlt'!', flury lhnnlw-1' Dznrcy Axv, linnzxhl Rankin, Ii.-1'l1:11-II llum'-xxx XV'II Iv' NIM. mn-r, .Iumvs Ilnguv, .lay XYvrstl1-r, Rub.-rt K+-lly. RUVV 2: Mr. Yun Hym-, Ulmrlvs Mnupin, Nvlsun Suttewfi--lll, Iunim- Winklmrt, .lm-kiw Winklmrt, Hill Gibbs, .lnnws Luvkrimr. .Ivrry Ilmk. RnIw1't Winkln-r, Ilnrulll Ilia-I1 Xlnlwulm NIIQXII1 NX lmtml I mka R ll I lt 1 nmt I ltt 1 III RII II I :Inu XX sn Flux I It : . z -.': . IU ' il' '- -' Sw: -, ussn- Sw , I: ' - 'z 1- 'sc , '1- IJII' 2: 'ug I- ' '11-', 115 llll'llll'I', Vfllll1:I'4'lZillLl'l'l',l'IlI'l Nufsirurn-1', Ke-mwtlm th-nlzln-r. RUXY I: Hvrulwl 'I':uyIur, Iiill IYIlitnu-V, Imngllql :alum-I, lT:nx'i1I I-ilu-rly, Ilslmliv Spvim-In-l', 'Fummy Gllllt, Nul'm:m lluwlsun, Ih-:ln YOIIIU1, 33 F. H. A. Miki, Aww? w , A-:E IHXX' l: 1VIlI4'l'I'N Vwlly Uluytf-, llnln-Hn lml'--tin, .llll11- Ifnxis, XY:nnxl:n .Xm:nn. Luis Srunflx. ILUNY It Suv- Ilnxs, I':ul I-Wliulwxx, Il--x-'IIA M:enM', Iiixi-A Xvillkllfifl, lil-tty .Xun--s, II--H5 Ilrnflf-n, .I:nl1i1-.- XX'inkh:ul'l, U4-1-wli:u Sllllh--l, Hut mv: Ruby .lnm-5, II:n"h:u1':u II:1In-1',Xl:ll'it:l NnI'sinu1-I'. l2:1l'h:xl':a t'nl1u'5, ll:ul'I:-11-1 .X-Inms, XI?lI'iljH S4-lu--llill--I HU' 32: Huw- N:-I'sil1gvx', Ilv-tty l.m-kring, NI:ul'3 l"iSi'lIl'I'. Xliw- Sm'h:ull1-r, .I:el1Q- Xlnssiv, Swlh XY'-fl-nn. I.x1villv yn-nl', .lu-U fiwll-ly, SllEI'll'.K YiK'lU'I'S. HHH' lt 1':nr'1'lc- ll-fllsf-I, l':n! Sw:1I'I'mwI. I':1t 'l'5lf-V, XY:ln-In XYl1iImfn", Tr'-lx: I-wlwtl-ll: l'IIiz:nlv1-Hy I':I!lIIlv'lf. COMMERCIAL CLUB IHXX l' IZ.-w-rly 4':1rwI:mm:m, .lm-:mnv 'I'hmnpsun, Ruth lirnsww-ll, Ruth Nufsingw-V. Nlilwlrv-l Hnnnrn. HHH' 3: NNY' Nvlmllo-l', .Inn-l I'HhI'l'l5, lluhy Winkhnrt. lmnnu llrmvn, Zulu Whitrh-l4l. 34 CLASS HISTORY lt had been a long tiring journey. We decided to stop and rest on a nearby rock and were just starting to get our breath when we were startled by a voice behind us. Turning, we saw a kindly old man in whose eyes we could plainly see the dancing light of youth. He announced himself as St. Peter and asked if he could help us in any way. We said that we were on our way to the Pearly Gates. "Chl You're from earth, then," was his reply. "Well, I have something here which will interest you." He sat down between us and leafed through a large book he had been carrying, until he came to a section marked Navarre. On back a few pages we saw Class of 1952 in Gold and Maroon letters. As our eyes traveled over the page, the memory of our happy school days with our classmates, flashed before us in a merry fioood. Early one September morning in 1948, a bustling group of freshmen entered their new room and promptly began fighting over the seats-but only on a friendly basis. We had many wonderful times together, some of which were a Hallow'en party in our freshman year, a skating party in our Sophomore year, a bake sale, the Junior Jip Joint, class plays, and the greatest of all, the Junior--Senior Proms, in our junior and senior years. The class officers we had during those four years include: Paul Shrefiier, Janet Eberly, Bill Evans, Zola Whitfield, Eddie Adams, Donna Brown, Gilbert Johnson, Beryl Murphy, and Dale Johnson. Forty-one pupils started together on this happy road through high school, but only thirty-two reached the end of the road at Navarre. Some of our classmates had moved away to finish their journey somewhere else, but we are proud to say that a few new ones completed theirs here. As we handed the book to St. Peter, he smiled and said, "I know you will want to come with me now and have a regular class reunion inside the Pearly Gates." Then as if he were reading our thoughts, "Yes, I was a bit worried about a few, but now with you two, they are all accounted for." With these last words, he took his pen and wrote across the bottom of the page, "All accounted for." Ruth Braswell Zola Whitfield. 35 LIBRARIANS 4 IHXX I' Il-N. X-nxruuw-1. Suv Hass, In-:ulllm XXmIch:n1l. I I.-1+ Nuisxnul-r, NIIIVIPX A-vlslnu--ly Xl:1I'Il:1 Nftlwlum ' n hu lm mu In Ilel--n, XY:m!I:v Xmrm IUFXY L: Xlrs. l':-I--l'm:un. Nlznrilyn Kurtz. .lunv lmxis. 1.1-is Sun-ly, Sw A ': ',' Xlulgzul--I II1-um-, ,I-mv-l I-'lu-rly, K'uIhl'5n Ilruk--V. .I--:un rpm-Ill, Polly' XX'h5t:-, l"lv'-V! Stcvrnlhl-I . NEWSPAPER STAFF luxx Ig AIU'-I xl-llnll-fr, .lunv In-:nvvmwy-, Imnnn Iilllnlwruw-1', Miss lll':1w1-. II--x' 1':arw!:mr1n, .Mu-I Illv-'llx hulh lun xx:-ll. Klilwllw--I II:nlm:u. Zulu XX'hitIi4-lwl. .I4-:nn 'I'I14m1ps1m. Ruling XYinkin:xl'1. I'-mt mmnlx. lmgm. l:,.my1 Iq11y I unvh v I Intl. N-I llllul -' uv I X "J 1- . 226 A FUTU13-E BUQNESS WOMEN OF NAVARRE NNY If Nlilllrwl IIIIIHIH, Ruth lilwxswvll, June- lil'1lI1ll'l', IZ'-tty lilIlllh4'l'!4'I', Ruth Nul'sim:--ry HUXY 2: Miss Ivrln l1':nm1-- 'l'l.mnlw-un, Ruby XX'inklm1't, .Inm-1 I':'lt'I'Ij' lmnnu IIIWIXXII, Myra 51'llllHl'I', Zulu Wlxitilu-I.l, DECLAMATION CON TEST!-KN TS HOW I: .I:un1-t I-lin-fly, .le-:mnv 'I'Immpsun. lmnnn liruwn, Vutsy Punk, Ruth llmswe-ll, Junr- livznne-V. HHH Xllss I,mw-, 121-nv I'Im-'rim-k, liilly I!ri1lw-w--S1-r, Ihm M:l1'vh:1n1l, llzxlv Fox, Hivhzuwl lilm-k, Ililly Iivuns, 37 7' LATIN CLUB V - - V. - - 1 - V . . ., , IHXX I, Xl'nlgn--11-- Nm- lun-', lx-15 I'-fm-N. Nl--rzlxn Iurlz, Huw-I I,1nlar1-'l1I, .I-mu--I I-mu, IJIXX -5 I.--uvlll uw.-ns, Iu.M Itmh. Xv1l1.v If-flx, Nu-4 Slnrrxlw, XY'u1t--I' II-uh.-l'li. DEBATE TEAM 'PU' I: Imis Snlnlly, XX'.ul1-I:u .Xm:1n, Jlllh' lmvis, Ii--xw-V15 fiillillllililll, Krny 'l'I1m1m44 Ih-IIA I:I'Il1lv'lI. Ii'-x-'VIA Nlrmsv. xldllljll Sx-In-lllll--1, IIUXX' 2: Mrs, l'l1:nl'lf-sxuvl'll1, II:-115 ,Xum-s, 1':nl'1vl Sl:unI'1ll4I, Sully Rus'-, I'-flI3 XYIIU--. Nunn llwlwiwlx, Xls1l'u:nr-I Il.-:Lu-', f.7lI'4lI 151+-1'y1w:1ll4 HHH' fl: l,1f:m:e1wI lil--inillw-I llwllrul-l l4I1'v'l1-sl-111, If:---! limbs-Il, 38 IUNIOR PLAY CAST f5s HHH I. lh-:lun IIIWVXYII, Ih-x. 1':ml:nn:m. .l:m4-t I-ilu-VI5. .ln-:m 'l'Immpsun, I':1t Ufmlc. RHXX' 12: Miss l,mu-, Ifulh Nnl'sim:1-V. Hum XYinkh:n'l, Ilillp Illwlns W1-lwtvr' 1.1111-ls, 'l'Vvvux' Iluth. Ruth l:l'Il4XY4'll. .Iunv R4-:um-1'. RUN fl: I-I-lxxulwl .X4I'1ms, Ilivlufml I1l:u-lc, .lulm 5In1:4knI'l', Imnnlml AIJIITIIIIIIII, liill lI1'i:Ia-wvsa-V, fllvllll l""l'1H!'Y'. SENIOR PLAY CAST OF 1952 gb VAR 3 -sa if HHH' I: .lam-l llllu-1'ly. .Iunv Rn-:mn-r, Ib-vm-1'1y t':11'ml:nm:1n. ,lmmnv 'l'luml1wsm1, Ruth Iiruswn-ll, Zulu NX'hitIiQ-lei, Nlihllwl ll:unn:1. IQUXY 2: l':ml Shrq-Illvr, th-nv l4Imvris-k, lmnnu l'!rmx'n, Patsy Punk, Myra Svlnllle-l', Ruby Wink- hurt, ltilly I-huns, W1-lust:-1' Imnus. ROW Ii: Curl liollsv, Ililly l!l'i1l1-vw-se-1', Dun Mnrm-Ixzmxl, lfi1'll1ll'4l lllavk, Gln-nn Ifurtnvr. 39 SENIOR DEMOCRACY CLASS TUDY HAL s L H Y ff- . Mei' ' e gm l X NP I F N x K -' S' unlor " Q ' Senior 'Tram Date: April 29, 1951 Place: Shady Hollow Country Time: 6:30 - 11:30 p.m. 01'Cll6St1'2lI Harry Woodfield. Club 4 I l 41 4 1 . 4 2 lf Q. INDUSTRIAL ARTS CCOKING CLASS nj PLAY GROUND CUSTODIANS MILES HAY, J0 MANACK +5 'MJ X 'Q MRS. l,Uf'lLl,E PIQTERMAN, Librarian THE SENIOR CLASS PROPHECY Place: Station WHEE fthe nation's largest TV stationl Time: 17 minutes before midnight. This is Zola Whitfield and Ruthie Braswell, bringing to a close our first show on television, which we have dedicated to Miss Lowe and Mr. Holshoy, because we feel that without their tireless efforts as our instructors in high school, we and many others could never have attained our goals. Now, until next week, we shall say good-night all. Good evening, Mr. and Mrs. U. S. A. and all bordering countries, this is Gene Emerick, bringing you fifteen minutes of fhe world's latest news. Webster Lonas has made history tonight. He has just completed an impossible feat. He has brought about peace negotiations for the U. N. in the barbarious jungles of Central Africa. Bill Evans, a senator from Ohio, is responsible for starting the kjll that was passed this afternoon, giving all young men within draft age the right to vote. Leo Mummertz, in his atomic propelled airplane, has set a new speed record. Top place in the Kentucky Derby was captured today by Damon Massie on his horse, Blue Boy. Don Marchand, the flagpole sitter, has finally come down after securing higher wages for school teachers. Bussie Shrefiier, a deep sea diver, has uncovered valuable historical remains in the Mediter- ranean Sea. Glenn Fortner has won the title, "All-American." Andrew Tormasi has discovered a new type of animal life in Tibet, while he and Leroy Struble were on a hunting expedition there. Last night Carl Rouse broke all previous records when he com- pleted his swim from France to England. The time: 15 hours and 27 minutes. Richard Black, the famous lawyer, obtained proof enough to win his case in one of the biggest law suits in Hollywood history. Trevor Huth, a clown in the Barnum and Baily circus, discovered the stolen bank money in a would-be cowboy's ten gallon hat, this matter he promptly reported to police chief Eddie Adams. This brings to a close today's most up- to-the-minute news commentary, Gene Emerick reporting. After staying to hear the news, we went to Schaller's Drive-In for a midnight snack. There, over a cup of coffee with Myra we talked over old times and what had be- come of our classmates. Donna Rumberger and Millie Hanna are married and living with their officer husbands in Hawaii where Donna is teaching the Hula in Billy Brideweser's school of dancing. Billy also has an All-Hawaiian Girl Orchestra. Donna Brown and Pat Cook, fashion designers, have a very prosperous firm in New York City. Janet Eberly is their head model. She has also appeared on the covers of some of our leading magazines. Ruth Nofsinger does most of the 'drm's secretarial work and Ruby Winkhart manages the advertising department. Roy Diekman owns a fine fruit tree farm in the middle West. The most surprising of all was when we heard that Jeanne Thompson and Bev Cardaman are now touring Europe. It seems that they heard that Continental men are so dignified. John Paul Muskoff is still hopping freight trains back and forth to college. Gilbert Johnson is teaching driving with June Reamer as his star pupil. Dale Fox is now a mechanic in a large garage in Navarre. Now our cast of old school mates is complete, and as the curtain falls, we turn the spotlight on Miss Lowe and Mr. Holshoy as they still endeavor with magnificent zeal, to guide other classes like ours over the bumps on the road to success. Ruthie Braswell Zola Whitfield. 44 Q i A2109 , 45 ATHLET 'agua Favs: l Jackson Defeated :refs mp Class B Pugh school 'nes mn- non-leugue foes on SENIOR FOOTBALL MEMBERS Hullmr Gives Principal , fldrvss At Banquet 1 l ll Ill. ' Arc-a 'fvams ffakv Cannes ln H Loop ,pw :Q c- Rsm x heatmg Dalton :J " 'Y ' '5' rm-U ,,. vfwmhp. 34-n HM V- 1' f ' rv-f an YA-runate ns they un "' "f"'X 'W ' ' '4 H mm 8 sv 0 pummf-:mg hx- '- ' M v ,. H -,...1,,un A' "L"' ' ' W- I 5 , . 1 V lr.: .---: ,wma fn! an sum Y 1' ' f ' um " ' ' Iwi' ' vn-.Len n ' 1 ,5 V , bmw f , nl pf-ww-. ..L,.mf. w .- nv mn un ln! Kulfflill luv yu pn-nm Il 1 from pm- dm. by UIQ hrgriy dem BILL EVANS "H fullback H ' gvffffun x.,gn..- mp- umm, 1.1 qw um.--.4 nu.. nm-Qu -. ...., rvraa Mm 1--M-N wfmwnnoza mum umm -uuunu na.-mf. nm., nm, Mm vvhvwxn n nw v-.fu nurnx mm - u-an n uqwwm N.-nu, mmm, as gm-.own 0' uma w uf-vw mmm 1-rv1u-:frm uu4n11nn4cxs n wmv xm- wuzlucuu ll--.1 wmnm. mn .x.w, mn.--nm rvl.xlAtl1 an saw mn by qu-run Mum a n a n an -1.,,, u n 1- A 1 '....-MW, up mmf nv-nn Mm.. 1 uclnos mm r Ruud Itvuw Ima. rwnu .4 L uma. Annu ,..m.wu D-vans. m-umnl llnun, nm-. mr. Xvvrnx . nun-an wsu af-Anrnlzmlfvnu hm-1 J uAx.nnrd-urn bmw nunxmd'xl nun. now-n, nu- Iulmu mmxunn 1.. nf-ml-wr ncxxxs hm, wwnvn ru 'Alnw 94-uv nw ummm .1-n1n mmm: an nnnurx. ur-un -'ufmf--fs-wma nw-v ru. cms--, 4 mn H. IOHN MU End r r ,, I d o IS, ll lain, - ,.: J -. 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MW r, rwwm-1 A-. ,ml W-my ai Q,-.,,.m.. .M ,wwmn -W-mn H' fm HM mfr ,nw M-v yr mv-in .w 0, Q1 nm wa.. ,qw mm www :wx 1-mm 'gf-N1 A :umivunxmw -f H N. mf n-.MQ 1 wr wx W. nw ,M ,mzmp zo wwf YW' 1.-rvnrvfnwrms M,-av' M mgmmw mm- wnv 'ram mn :w rs mm To Vw gmxn w xhrhy muh fam Ihr! gmnm. l'r6'lx' 'ri aug ' 1 'hr SKOFF H-M K.. I If I ll " MW. Pwr! mm. 'gg l.,,..,gh V Jlvdi Ju!! ml nn mf lurk ,. DON MARCHAND Guard W. nh I P. mn ,W -mm nu .,,! Hmm ,., zn MH M' 311. x ,, 1- ..rf, hm 5 ,Ev-,lf 14, v '- Hr WMA W fm ff v warning nm ptuns xn lm thx uw vus degrade inhuiniuzh mrxuuin, , , ,. a e . xmpm-inn: pwmk ne a 'I'Yvr4'fain1'1z x bay mme is we kvv vo hw 1. 'Um S' . , ww .1 fy . ,, , ,, ,,. . y 5" 41 il 'S Q, A by ,,, N uv--2 W, fu, ,- W. M 1.-lm.-J 15 W., ., h as.,-,Awe W- x:f,.. S.. 1' wp 2 ww M q., ,hr www s.-, www H. A 4,524 pam U. uw rm ew Ag,-, -fm, wr rw, fm W N umvhfvv., md '-F me ghixd W 14 nd tL'W HSYMN -1-., :J U A im ,W Q4-,Z we uf -nf x. ,, Tf-r m 1001-yx,.. :mms v U uw New , A, ,. :nm lv I Rh: Ib L h-smewmv. yur as A nz. f, , ..1. '-wilrm md. A YIVTOKV um v 155 'rl ah-rm Q uw: Q, N M-.g,.,, X X, 1 Sm umm:--,rx gyms mu NM 111+ my ww W. f, mm M-. U .y ,m-,,-Q 'gf rsfehvins mf x-mm,,.,f. mn., , .wr mm-N in -, M., ,,,,,z.,N , f, lunyn rw, aw .A ., mn' M I :Mp 3 EDDIE ADAMS alfbuck Yu Sum f- vw x.u.w vu mv! 1:::f.4zfxn,.xm n-w..,,d1 ww- ww wr.-In ..,, f-fn we ff-.. ff-uf -E ,gp X fw.,q1.i -.W and he 41-mpmfn an uw. 1-.ffuy nm mmm MH finish ln ihrir Int rum: x-W-M:-. H r :nw ,md gm.: r'..1w il FLIUUYL MW! 1-fu wim N, mum: FM: lv ch: , Bn-mmf nday slim, :uw nc-mms ,R in gum! ,,,, gl,-U ,qw-1x . 1 f yrmigpx wxuwd z I3 in iw' League Week WM, ,., .. awk W--mf X om ungr- yamr YNY-CX" mn., mxmyeu 1 pg Us mu uv- fin an-,m -n o u 1 n n Nom' um- z wx,fm-m 'z Kr I' ,:"'v1!:rr4. fnrw-.uw .MH 1.4 nw mn A-A, ny-,Ir gf.-' ,LJ .1 un.. ,,,, :Wx g ,.,X,-mfm. wmv, f ...vw .n ,Lf IU' X--1 nv- ,A -. -nur-,n. in vw .'..' un Xll'l.ltluRlT1 .. my ww-,I E-,M .Q -V, rm-y-V.-n .1 5.-I +'Hr-u., 1-ufqnl-4, mi.,-,,'. xtmvm, mu. -ww 1 W -...fu-r ' V- .x 'Us M, nn-Ax f -www -xv .-11 ',-., N. Almwn- ,m m I mmm- ff. W FM' Annmf' 'rfxxrwn M1 4 ,,.-gnu. mi wr A ' !-all rn Xhr 4.1, mmf -m I Ju-,4 down .rv m xmuulmw ,. fum, m. -azlrd lm A Xhuilwv N FORTNER mx 'N K' It I iv f I End ,WM M1 9 mln .Yll A-wg rruvrsg hesfhrr Ianni lhe ha M! a lumhlv www. 411.1 my... H, ,M U wwf 1-,pm U! H cum- W I V1 .- 1-n .uw Hb rm,-41 in ' ww- 1--,Q :rr Rams rm nf-1. ,I nf gunna Wm.: 'ul Vinson show In nun' lh may nn hm mm. ,md mf nw hfm an-I :Mk m-er an :lu-Ir nu ill Wvlh Hllfblrks Eddie' Allahu I-ni .lahnwnn llll lllll Evlm ng. 1 mlnrx larry mum um., mr. nr warning Ihr bill. the Nnurr duh mmul mlb: Em any lzunl lim Inn ulnrf hun nrrkd meh In :ne umm swan thu' Ram ffmrned me unfmnl Im-ko!! u 'hr 'mf-nd half w uhm' own :L md thru mm-M1 as nm, ,, 'NSN lflln, Qu rlbriltl JUN "f"'u""" 7l7U'57ll' on a aunrw mx max 1.-m . ,-,ng ,M a n f 70 ylrds lm rnrynu :uw ylnls with bull an uw- we-gm nh.- cnablc me wliltwltl M to eight The bln Il ill!! Riel llld ,. pw. ,- .. .11 Xs 1-- .,,. n A.usM,uisn1,nnnmN M -1...- W- 'Q , ' v nm 1-new u . . I... . , ,. 5 GILBERT IOHNSON "' End FOOTBALL TEAM HHN' I: .lm-ls l"mlr--Q Nl-uruuf-1' limmv -Kgxnw lilllx' l'v-:nw Vlenn Foltn ' Q 4, . I ' A ' ' '- A ' A 3 H '. H 1 ,. - ' +-r, John Muskotf, ll m :Hp 'flg 1 451 .l.oln-nwm, I .mln .Ml.uru:N, Alullziun-I' John Mlllvr, RUN 2: l'o:u-h Fm-ll lirlnlu-we-so-V, lioln-rt l:l'7lS:'Vl'll, jlulll llrl-lufly: :f1",5 '!"":""5t', ft-"'k "'V"'Sf 4hf"'l"S Slllnkll. Jvrry lim-rlyoumr. lioh Russ:-ll, John I!r'imlvw1-st-r, .Xrl I,or--no I-Wldif: """"- 'Ulu .lwlln Tlmmpson, l'nuI, U'i.1.1.... 4-,...'..: L- .,,. I ,. .. I, . . . . H ' U' Stvxvlcy. Jw: ii:ll'll1fum'llu'W, . llll Nauru'--, lAl0D7ll'tl l!lvlmm.:vr. RUM 4: lionnld I ll'l4'll.' l':lul M:lln:ntl1'N. NN illulwl Ilmluson. lloh Iiiulwr. llivluu'-I l'inh:ur-l, Philip Rumzvl. Huy llnnkin. llrury liluss, l+'r:nm-ls St:-x'-'IIN COACH FRED IXRIDEWESER East Spartzl . Nllll9l'SlJlll"Q' .. East Canton . ,Iuckson ...... Mzlrlboro .,.. Dalton ........... Middlelmlullt-I1 Canal Fulton Hrewstel' .... l"00'l'BALl, SCORES Visitor ll I9 fi 25 ti 13 -pl , , fs A total of tive wins and three losses 47 Home '76 ..4 .yy ...- I8 0 19 6 7 .go - ..- FOOTBALL QUEEN Miss Beverly Cardaman 48 QUEEN AND ATTEND!-XNTS Captain Gilbert Johnson, Queen Beverly Cardaman, Captain Glenn Fortner .lean Specht, Dora Etter, Bev Cardaman, Pat Cook, Darlene Adams. Drivinil. Roy Diekman. 49 Glenn Fortner, Don Marchand. Gilbert Johnson 50 VARSITY TEAM AA IUW lf .lnhn l!l'i1In-wvsn-13 .luhn Mill:-r, Dick Huy, Glvnn l+'urtnv1', I':uuI XYi1l1l4-V, AlJlYlIlKl'I' Hobby Gzntvs. HHH' 2 x un-h Hllu'--l1v Spmmsn-lla-r, lima-1' l.l'ij-1'Illt'1', lluhf-rt ilvntzlvr, .Im-k Sturky, Philip R:um:vl. lmn Al:1l'c'h:1n4l, llilhvrt lulnlsun, XI:m:ug1-1' l"l':nm'is Sh-xvlms. RESERVES XX' I: .lim S:nx':u.:v, .le-rry Fair. ROXV 2: Pozwh Rum-ne SIl0flS1'lll'l', Ray Ilrmkin, lluh:-rl 41:-nlzlvr, .lzwk Stux-ky Ilullip Iinngvi, In-n-nhl l'lrivh, M:nn:1g'v1' F1':nnm'is Stn-vs-11s, IXl:1n:1g'm-1' Hubby Gut:-S, 51 BASKETBALL SCORES Hartville ...... Marlboro ........... East Sparta ........ Brewster ......,... Jackson ............. . East Canton ........ . Magnolia ....... Waynesburg ....... Uniontown ...,... Canal Fulton ........ . Greentown .......... Middlebrancli Beach Clty .................................. 1-..... , Visitor Home 36 34 38 5l 45 64 45 50 46 43 48 50 54 58 84 45 57 71 38 50 49 79 70 71 63 64 COACH A total of ten wins and three losses SENIOR BASKETBALL MEMBERS Don Marchand, Gilbert Johnson, Glen Fortner 52 CHEERLEADERS Domtu Brown. Barbara Giri. Nancy Stootvor, Donna RlIINb0I'gI0l K 5 53 IOKES Mr. Hall: Your hair will be gray if it keeps on. Mr. Wisard: If it only keep on, I don't care what color it becomes. Pat: Dad, you are a lucky man! Father: How is that? Pat: You won't have to buy me any school books this year. I'm taking all of last year's work over again. Mr. Miller: I'm going to give you this violin. Bill Brideweser: An out-and-out gift? Mr. Miller: Absolutely! No strings to it. Mr. Bond: How did you make out with your school exams? Trevor: Oh, just like Napoleon. Mr. Bond: What do you mean? Trevor: I went down in history. Mr. Holshoy: Why are you late for school, Billy Lee? Bill: Because there is a sign on the corner that says, "School Zone, Slow." Ruth Braswell: Bert, your shirts are very loud. Marchand: Yes but I intend to wear a muffler with them. Bubby: Who was that peach I saw you with last night? Gene: She's no peach, she's a grapefruit. Bubby: Why grapefruit? Gene: Well, I squeezed her and she hit me in the eye. "Look here, Mrs. Charlesworth, I can write my name in the dust on this desk." "My goodness, there's nothing like edu- cation. is there, Beverly ?" Judge: Ten dollars or ten days. Bussie: I'll take the ten dollars, I can do more with it. Wisard: Andy, who was Anne Boleyn? Andy: Anne Boleyn was a fiatiron. Wsard: What on earth do you mean? Andy: Well, it says here inthe history book, "Henry, having disposed of Cath- erine, pressed his suit with Anne Boleyn." Bridey: Who was Homer? Leo: That's the guy Babe Ruth made famous. Carl: The horn on your car must be broken. Leroy: No, it's not broken-it's in- different. Carl: Indifferent, what do you mean? Leroy: It just doesn't give a hoot. He sipped the nectar from her lips, as Under the moonlight they sat: .fi nd he wondered if ever a man before, Had drunk from a mug like that. John Miller: Something seems wrong with this engine, perhaps we better stop. Miss Lowe: Don't be silly, wait till we get off the main road. Jean T.: How should I treat a guy who is forever saying, my lip stick is sticky? Donna B.: Give him a paste in the mouth, honey." When asked whether he liked to go to school Damon said, "Sure, and I like to come home, too. It's staying there between times that gets me." Eddie Adams was sitting in school slouched down in his seat with his feet in the aisle. He was also chewing gum noisily. Wisard shouted: "Eddie! Take that gum out of your mouth and put your feet in." Miss Lowe visiting the Reamer Home and June answered the door: "June, is your father home ?" "He ain't home." "June, where's your grammar?" "She's in the kitchen baking cookies." Donna Brown: "Do you stir your coffee with your right or left hand?" Miss Bremer: "I use my right hand." Donna: "I use a spoon." Mr. Hall: "Billy! You should have been here an hour ago." Billy: "Why, what happened?" Bubby: "I've had this car for years and never had a wreck." V anHorn: "You mean you've had this wreck for years and never had a car." Paul Muskoff: "No, son, I'm afraid I can't hire you. We can't use much help just now." John Paul: "That's all right, Dad, I wouldn't be much help." NAVARRE GRADE SCHOOI EIGHTH GRADE HOW I: llunwhl S1'll4'llH1'l', XY:mltvx' Nofsim,:'vr, Junior XVinkh:u't, Jay xYE'l'S1l1'l'. .lm-k XYinkh:u't. HUM' 2: X'iI'1:ini im-lly, Ruth liupw-rt, Nilllvy Hath, lflstlu-1' .-Xmun, Matilda Young, l'm':u:mn- We-ha-r, .lam-t .l:u'ub:4, INl:n-gnu-t Nick lm-s, Nznnvy VPIIOHIIISUII, .xllllllhlil l':1lmv!', Ann S:u'c'Inct. ROW' 24: Marilyn Ymlvr, Al2lI'j.I'7lI'!'l l.1-iuhlvy, Kay 'l'svh:mt7 I-Ile-zunol' linir, .luun Sn-lwuy, llunnu NVhitmn-r, Shirlm-y NV4-rstlm-r, Marion l'IlIi1-t, Shw-ilu .Xirh:ur!, Nurmn .ln-:un Mug l!:u'h:u':u llumw-r, 1'l1:nr'l4-rw Qlvupll-1't, I':xtx-in-in Johnson, M:u'g':u'n-t Nnfsingvr, Mr. Vzm Dyno, IUJW -I: Nvlsun Sat tw-l'flvl1l, l':lul XvZlHIlt'l', llur'oI1l lvivhl, llornlnl 'l':lylu1', Gurm-t Pznttm-rsnn, Huy Fnrtnu-V, Huy Hupvrt, Puri NUfSilU-Z'l'l l':1ul iire-1zim:vl', IN-U-1' Shrzxkv, Hill Gibbs. ROXV 5: Billy XYhitmn-r, Nurmzm Kimhlv, N1u'm:m lllnlsnn, Ilnnnhl R:m1.:'1-1, Ifhlfliv- Spa-ivln-r, Hman Youmr, Null Fox, K1-nm-th th-ntzh-r, Russ:-ll Shvlt. SEVENTH GRADE -s. Q39 ROW I: Suzzmnn- I+'-lucht, t':n'ul l'llI1hiTlf.!'h2llll, 1h'l'l'yHLldS0n, Carol lflttvr, SIlI1lll'1l, Duncan, Ruth lim-mlm-l, Phyllis Iiillingvr, 1':lI't'Q'11 Ililnirvth, t':u'ul llm-:utvxz ROW' 2: Nvil flutes, VV:nlt4-1' Agnvs, Dalrvy Axv, Ha-l'n:u'nl IIUUYUIQ .lnmox IIug:1n-, .ln-rry lim-k, K:-nnvth Hair, Donn AITIUS, Gary G:u'1lnvx', Mr. Ilzllvy. KUXV 3: Juan 4'0lm'y, lmwvll liixlm Him-h:ml llukvr, Klnry Appl:-by, Tmmny Hunt, HM-:ul-I lirinkor, Hunniq- .KI1JL'Q'!'l'l', ll:n'tl'or1l Hnlwlimr, 55 MSEVENTH GRADE HHH' I:' .Inyw-t .l:u-vhs, .Xrlf-inv Lim-rmln-. Juno- S:u1-In-t, .luliu Stutz, .luycv Mussi.-, ,Judy K.-mn, 4'h:,,-l.11t,- u',.i,l. "WHY, 5fll"l"'A' l'lllf"N. 4'HV"'I5'1l Wmullzn'-I. RUXY 13: Rang.-1' Huth, Iirmnn Kimhlv, Sully Wluyt'-, Ike-vw-rig .Imam-s, Slnhvl l-"U1'Il"F'- NNN"-3' Ni1"'Wf'Il1lf'l'. AIHVFI Sidl-N. Hfmniw- Rankin. Mr. Ilriwlf-ww-sn-r. IUDXY 51: Knlwrl K1-llx, Illrn--st Wun- n-vr, ltwxlnwt Nvlllklvlj 'l'iHlIHA' Nlurrmv. .luhn Morris, llivk AIIISUIII, XYJIXIN''l'llI'Yl1'l', AIM:-mlm M:l4X:1h, .luru-s l.1u-k- lllll-1, l'h:nl'I1-s Xlullpin, lii1'l1:n1'uI XYI1itmn-V. SIXTH GRADE HHN I: 1':1rwI Nlnrlin. I.:1x'1mnv HHIIHIIIHIIII. Nunvy 4lt'l'hl'l', M5111 l'ilN'l', Kiflflll l,lI1'kI'iIlY:, .l:uyn-- !-'11-4lvl'ivk, .lum- llfnnulnnun. I.in41:u Milhmm, .lufly llrms, ROW 2: liivlmnl 1I:1rx'm-r, .ll-rry Nul'sinu--I'. Dillllli' l'1Ilh. Iivvuvl' Srlllfly. Iii:-hznrwl Nil'-iSiYlL1l'14, I':eul Sh-'lt. lDun:ul1l l!nk:mm'iL-Im, liilly llulflsmith, I-Irna-st Illvvln-sturx. I-l+rn:uIfi .X1lillllS, Nlisf K:15l4v1'. HHH' Ii: lruvi-I Ilnkvr, M:u'th:1 Z:1m:f.:', Joy l'Imm1'r't, .InAnnr- Nw-irlw-ntlml, Blurlvm- Vita-ll, l':1ruI Ruse-, lfllhl'I'lil Nulnnfl, Ile-lm-n Sn-W4-ll, Shil'l1'XNYIlillllil'4', Jann-S I-Evans. RUN' I: John llnmmn, I-I+!-liv S4-In'w'ke-m.:usl, Xllnn Putt. N:nzwncr1I Mille-r, .lvrry Ilillimrm-V, .lvrry Frvzusv, lfllllilhl H1-lw:uy, K1-nn--th .Xir'l1:urt, Ilwiuht Nut'sim.:'w-l', Imn Cooke-, Rnb4-rt l+'isvh4-r'. 56 FIFTH GRADE lion' I: .I:um- lim-lun-k, Slmrun Ilm-kutlmrn, .huly NX'Ixit1m-r, .II-:In Sm-lun-vli--lluwst. xlJll'lllIl .XI:u-Nash. lim-In-'llv lulmslun, Mzurlis Wann:-r, .In:mn-- th-ntzlvr. HHXY 2: Mnry .Xnn II1-1-stnnfl, ICI-ln-1-mu Mille-V, Sun-Ir':1 Ih-1-hte-I, Imlx IHIXXEIIWIS. Sfnmlrn 4'l'l'XYQI', l.in1l:1 Sh-rm-r, Imrntlxy I'i:1tkw. Mrs, Xlmm-. HUXY 54: Ib:uvi1I 12:11-41:11-1'. I.e-.- Amcln. th-rn II1-rrim-k, .lwhn Iiinul--5, Y'-rlw .Xppll-hy, Wultn-1' l'unningIu:nm, RlI5'.l1IlIll4I'Il. HOW I: Ihmulll Stalin. IM-nnis Sp.-ivlu-1 IA-uh Nlnupin, .luv Iluuuv. II:u'x'n-5' My:-rs, lmwis I':1u'v Run:1I1I II:-nw-I. F11-'TH GRADE e -n IHIX' I: XI'II'!i'II'1'I l:l'1'llI41'l', l':n1'uI4- Winklnxrt, HllllI1I4'.l1IL1'l'l'St, Swan Iluttun, Mr.,-gi.. Hunt, lin-mIu Stinsu IVfll'll'Il1' I':I'liltl'Ill', IQIIQ Stmh-V, .Xrlm-tin Ilznrr. ROW 13: Huy Nul'sir11:f-xg Ihnbhy In-nn.-, ll:lI'j' Svhmi-Il, Philip Kim :Im-, 'I'mmn5 Ilzxy, .lrlmvs II:nu1-tm-r, Grmry NYInitnn-V, 'l'1-rry IIil4lr'm-th, Myron I'ipm-, My-, spnnsvlle-I1 IUIW 55: IQIIVQII PIIUIIIIIH, Ii:-nm-III AI:sIn:1l'I'1-3. l.uuis:u I,in1-rmlv, Ililly Haut. AI:ul'u':uw-t Iluwnlwl, Iluhlu AIIIII-V. II:-le-n Norris. than YI-Ixxuy, .Imnn XYix1kI1:ul'I, 57 FOURTH GRADE IUPXX' I' Slmmn 'I':elw-lliuu, linihx' link'-V, AI:ur'm'i:1 ll4-n1l1'1's.m, Lyn-In 'I'sm'h:1nlz, 1111-tm-In-n Yillruwl, I.in4I:n H4-:ul 1 I-can Il-mu-V, .lufly lflw--le-l'lvli, lhfttp I'i:utku. ICUXY 12: MIN. lxniuht, lmvi-I IS.-njnnuin, .l:u'ki1-'I'11lsk5, XX':m1In What um-1, l':ul1-l lim-Ia. Mum Huy, Sum Al2lllI'l'l', l,in+l:u I'Ix':ms, 'IN-:muy Iluliun, Imh- lllinlwlfl-11'l'4-V, .Ing 43.1111-5, pu : Lulu Illwlwtl--r. liulvm Zsuuuu, Ih-luhy I,1-Ya-rn, .limmy Xlih-he-ll, Iii:-Imnl .If-nmlrwxill, Ixsm Ifrw-:Isl-, l'li1'l'nl4I Xl.-VH5. Iltllllis Nulun-I, 'I'h:uI ll:ul'1linL, lluhlu Null. I.:u'r5 Il--nsvl. Xrzn l!rvm'n, FOURTH GRADE HWY I: Iirul'--11 Xlnxllvl-l. l,in1l:1 l'lbrivl1t, .Xmlrw-qu .lynn-s. Ruth Willinms, .luknn It-vuuIu11:m, IL.-lip .Xml l':1lm 1 xml Klux If nu ll-11:1 Ionrm Ivnllm- I.1n:I:u I,1vn-ul-:lf-. blmlwnm 1-rlhlrlv. HHH J: 1 hurl:-s lu-1-Im. .lllwlllll .Xl1g1-'f', , : . -: f: . L .- XII! nrullllnu ll.-mm XX1mll:ul':l, Sun-lx':x lilmuvznll, liruryl I-Mx. S:m1Il':n Shim- llm1:ul4I l,:-iulllvy, HHH' Il: Mrs. , U 4: -f: . "U lmlxv, I'I1I4lif- Nurlis, .lzumu-s Shlllv. Julm IM-1-ku-r, liolmhy Svl1l'4-vlif-11gus1, XY:n'm-1' llrmvn, I-lnuvl' Xiu-xx':1n.l.-13121114. ".lIl4'l'5UlI, Huh--rt Iluuus, lush'-rl Innn Ilnlwllllaz. lv-1th lf:111', 1.l':uyI1n1 llnlwwuqul. I.:mm4- I,l:u-li. 58 THIRD GRADE HOW I: Nzinvy 5l1't'uy, . AI!IllI'l'l', Yu-In I'll'ivIi. R0 ls-:I NY 2: Iiluina- I.Vinkh:n't, Jzwkiv Hill, .Iunli Q.-f nm- Shim-, J4'2lIlll4' .I:wohs, .luilith Ifhlwuriix. l"'l'UIIl5' lwiululvy. IIIHVIH SIl'l'lll'I'. HI.-ii-In th .lwIms1m, .Inn 121-l'In-I-k. K:m-n III'lllHX'III1I, IN'Xl1'I' .Xm:m, .luhn .low-x'st, Miss Wulti-l'. ROW Il: llury l!:ik1-in .luv FITIIIRIIII. Sfvllm' Slwnk, .II-l'l'1'y 3Iunl,Iu3'. Him-Iu:ni'mI Iilw-In-s, Iiis'h:u'1I Stud:-r. .luhn IH-clit:-I. Iivuvl' Shvll. HOW I1 li"b4'l'l ':l'Ill'illIfl'. Il"l1flI'I Simi.-V, 'IH-rry Mn- Ii:nI'l'1-5', :Quinny Fila-Ii, .Xrthur Ifism-In-l', Imvial XX'Iiyh-, Illmxviif- Ilimzwnll, 'l'ummy I-In-vie-storm. THIRD HHH' I T Iixwnlic- XIII lulla- l'Iml4ll1-Ixlllle-, .Xlim Iivlll-X, H1-Yu-l'l5 IYUI, 'IH-Vry I-luuliivr, Iinnm GRADE QQ lm-r, I':imol:l IIil1I1'1-th, Iflmily Smith, 1"u1'nIyIi w- Hush Lrumertt, Patsy l':1tt1-rsun, 'Vim Fvltz-1's. KONI' iv XYinkl1:n1't, I.:1l'ry Null, Huh Mo.Xfm-, Mrs. vs. KONI' 2: I':ull IU-ml, IIl:11'g:n1w-I .XX RIim'I1:u'I H:muI'I. I.:Irl" ' x I.l':uIu-V, F1-Vvm' Szi-innn-V, l!iII 'l':Ilvl'ivu. .lim 59 Rlimil-s, I:2II'I5Jll'1l lmnxus, AIIIVIIXII Slutz, l'l1:u1'- I-, .lmmnv Wann--r, Sun-I1':a Iinimvrt, Ihmniv II: flrulun Shu-lt. Ililly Ibis'-, llzury Syn-ivlll-r, 'l'1'1llw5'. ROW I: .luim Hirh-5, Imn:ul4I Iiznll, my 'l'u1'n1-l'. Vlylv II1-nsvl, Fluyql Ilmwn, SECOND GRADE 9 IUIXY I: ldthe-l S4'l1l'1-vkvlmzrust, l.in1l:u SVV1lff0l'4l, Brenda Sclmntz, Bonita lie-njnmin l':il1'4'h Kin-nzlv, I-Ilvunur Kia-nzh Yvulmnv Wiitn, l'm'ti:u l'Httl'l'SUll. RUVS' 2: Mrs. Vol:-, Sundrzi San-lwt, NV:mrl:u Kzlisl-r, Susiv Martin. .Xlt'ri4-flu ,' 1 I lll rwln-. N:ul:uln-1- Huy, .Iumly llzxir, .l:un1- llillimrvr.ROXV Ji: llury Tlukke-l', Szmmmy Annan, Ulu-ste-1' Hudson, Imryl Nw sing:-r, .l:u'ki1- Slmruyn-l'. lluviel She-lt, Hubs-rt ilzuwlm-r, .lmly XYhm-m-lw-. RUN 4: Tvrry 1':mfl', .lun I'lln'i1-ht. lmuul: AHHl'l'IlI!lH. Ilivlunrrl lim-11, l.e-+A Ninn-, Rubvrt H4-n1lur'1-, Danny .Xprm-s, Stunlm-5' XYinkle-l'. MQEQQND GRADE HHH' I: Yil'i-lilliil llllulillll, Kiln-nm: Ks-lly, Linda E4lvvul'4ls, .lzwrllwlirw Imlw-tin. Lilvlil UWl'HS. Uvllb' 431llll,lNill'illX:1 ug 1 uf I 1 S1-Imlle-r, Nlunivu Nnpis-r. RUN' 2: Puulim- Nufisingrf-V, Patsy Hull, Num-5' Hou1rlm1:m. Juym- lil'i4h-nhzn ' . . ' XYinkh:1rt, lhmniv lla-nsvl, I-In-lyn Illmnu-rt, RUXV 54: NVQ. Slnxnuhrfmk, llurry Kriclmhzuum, Albmirt lifull, 'I'I1mu: KPIIIIX, limlmky 'l'j'll'l', Rmmlfi XY4-n:ilim:. Hirhzurxl Stuvky, .Xrvinv XVhitmn-V, XX'illi:m1 Hurt. lhllllvl Vxttsun. 60 FIRST GRADE 'Q iw! pak, 'V HUW I: l4illll'l She-lt, K:ur1-n lluznls,Ih-th'I'hon1psun,3I.:ll'y 'I'humpsun, l.in1I:u Null. 1'h1-ryl li:ul:1lmp.:'ll, Shzuron Allison, .Indy llninvs, .lnnv Alu-,Xtk-4-, KUNV 2: lAlVVl't'Ill'l' XXX-imlmrm, I,:u'ry lZmu.:'lnn:m. l':1ulvth- ll:-rrn-ll, lT1lI'll'Il1 llumm--l, .lu:unit:n 'l'yle-r. Fl'IIlll'!'S l2uup:I1nl:1n, liussvll llillitvr, liznlpwh Iiillit-lr. HOW Ji: Yimw-nt NUf'lSiIHll'l', Timo thyXYhitlm-V,.lm-kivI.:1ntzn-r..l:u'k l"l'2lllkliI1.XIPIVYHAll'4'l't'?!l'5, liulu-rl Sln-lt, .lnnv-s Slwplu:u-41, 'IH-rrp' lim- Snyyny I'i:1tlw, H--ry H1-ss, llwhl Ilim.:w:ull, Xllw lim-pf:-rt Ill sun. I':1Ily NY FIRST GRADE in as I: Knthy ,Xm:m, .Irma-t 'I'lll'lIl'I', Lynnv 0 s an X Q 0' 1 .Xp.:'nvs, Rvtty NVhitmv1', Suznnm- llixln-r, .Iunv I-Iwms, t':mwlyn .Xlnlvr lfIlUlj'1:l'lII'iIU.!', .lt'HIlil.l'l' xvill2ll'1l. ROXV 2: Slllllllvl Millvr, Mic'h:u-I Milla-l', Yil'l.Z'iIli2l Millvl' lmuisv Xl:1I1:ufI'vx' llwlnvk. Ilunny li:-n-lurv, Al:u1'g::n1'1-t 1. 'l' l'UllllilH-Yllillli, IA-slot' XY:u.:'nm-l'. 'I't'lAl'V Ill-:mtv .. ,,. . V, 1.4111-ll 3l:1h:u!l1-y, llllltllhf' In-lw:1r1ls. mln'-r, Jmmnf- .l1'!lIl1ll'0'X'ill, liilly Hylbl-Vt. HOW Ji: Philip Julmsuh Muskofl', I,:uw1w-mm Thwrnitn-, K1-ith Spvivln-r, tlwgnx-y Sny-I1-V, .Mlm Huh:-rt M111--r, Mrs. f':l!L1'll'lllIIH. 61 I 4 1 x 62 is Best Wishes to the Class of 1952 A. NICKLES BAKERY, Inc 64 I 3 3 5 X 3 3 5 N I 3-3-3-3-1-3"'3"3"3-3-3-3-3-3- -3'3-3'l-3"5-3-3-I-I-3-3 I 3 3 1 3 3 5 3 1 Compliments o Massillon Merchants K K K K K K K K-K-K-K-l-K-K-K-K-i-K-K-K-K-l-l-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K K K K R K K K K K K K 65 -5-y-5-3-3-j-3-3-3-5-x-3-3-5-5-3-3-y-y-3-3-3-3-1-3-513-3-y-3-3 Zlnsmaster Hardware On The Square Phone 5411 Navarre Ohio HOOVER AGENCY SPEED QUEEN WASHERS Compliments of K O B A C K E R S 501 N. Market In Canton The Store of Youthful Styles Compliments of The Farmer s Supply Co. Navarre Ohio Compliments of Ioe s I G A. Market On The Square - Navarre, Ohio Finest In Quality Groceries Meats Fresh Fruits and Vegetables I .I .I .I - I J .I .I .I .I .I .I - .I ' .I .I 1 I .I .I I .I .I 5 , 3 .I I 'I I .I .I .I I 1 I I .I .I I I I I .I I 1 I ' ' 0 0 I .I I I I I I I .I S .I . .I I .I .I ., . .I I .I I I .I Q. -Q.1-1.Q-1.Q-Q.Q..Q-Q-g.q-Q-g.g...g-Q-K-l-K-K-K K K K-Q-K-L Q-K 6 A ' ' rizdrnzii, . 2312 1 1 1 .! 1 0 0 1 Q dy Q onooucrs 1 .! Best VVishes To The ,! Q CONGRATULATIONS T Class of '52 1 GRADUATES I I 1! 50th Anniversary I STERN 6. MANN 1902 1952 I I I li If -5, 1 5 ' 1 .! .l 55dd1idd?:Q1 CONGRATULATIONS me T I r YOUR NEWSPAPER LIGHTS THE PATH OF L FREEDOM ul . H. The Evenlnq Independent 2108 West Tuscarawas St. 31' i Your Newspaper Phone 3-9334 Canton. Ohio , , G 67 iiiiil. EEE!! uw 5 H0 QQZZQXZZSEDBDESZEEEZBDSSZEZZJ ' SBEBZZEEEEEEESDEBEEEK The Western Reserve Building Co. Public, Commercial and Industrial Buildings warren. Chic 55555 GSC 68 1 -4- - -4- Q-g..g.g-g..g.. -Q-q..g..g..g.. -Q-Q..Q..g.. -g.g.g.g..g.g 1 .I .I .I .I I Compliments To The Compliments of 1 li Graduating Class Of '52 From I I n 1 J Mid S Restaurant I Ross Restaurant 1 'I N. Main St. Navarre Ohio On The Square 1 I 1 PHONE 5990 .I Navarre, Ohio I Home Made Candies and Ice Cream .I I Chicken-in-the-Basket and Sholt Orders I I I .I 1 .I 11 CongratuIations Graduates Compliments of SUPERIOR DAIRY, I MILK B E C K ' S Right From The Start Chevrolet Service O, I QUALITY C ' CIIEKD x ICE CREAM O Navarre, Ohio E U fp J ll 4 ICE CREAM CANTON. OHIO -1-4-t-s-s-t-x-t-t-Q-4-x.x.x.s.1..x.g.g Q 4 g g 69 Q-Q.t-t-t-t-t-Q-t.-t-t-Q-t-g-t..g.1-t-g-t-t-t-t-t-l-t- -l-K-t-l-K I AGNES MARKET HOME DRESSED MEAT Phone 5231 Navarre Ohio Congratulations To The Class of 1952 The Sterlmq Bakery Bakers of Peter Wheat Bread Compliments of R H Anqerman. M. D. Navarre, Ohio ,., y,.,i L, , i Compliments of G D Underwood. M. D. Navarre. Ohio ,- ,- I ,- I ,- I ,- I ,- I F I i' o o ,- I ,- I . A , , il ,- I P I ,- I P I ,- I - I ,- I ,- I ,- l kv I ,- I . A .. A I I ,- I , i' 0 0 ,- I ,- I ,- I ,- I I I 9 . L I I ,- Stanley Provost. I r. Dealer in Hardwood Lumber R. D. No. 1 Navarre, Ohio Phone Massillon 23033 Compliments of Rocky And Bob's Nite Club N. Main Street, Ext. Navarre, Ohio Phone 5600 , S5535 Compliments of LIL'S PI-ISTRY SHOP Pies, Cakes, Cookies, Etc. Made to Order Phone 5590 Navarre, Ohio Main Street, Ext. Compliments of IIJhitmore's Shoe Store Navarre, Ohio L I I L L I L !. L I L I !. I - L L I I L I I I I I. I I. 1 L I- L L L I 70 xzynyn 1 1 1 13131 1 may-n 3-1-:sun unxnnxun 1 1 u-3-ny: 1 131 -ju-31313 31313.-31x13I-31313-j-.xgj1x1jg11j LR 51422 C PRESCRIPTIO S D. A. MUSKOFF DRUGS MAIN srnezr SQUARE PHONE Nunn: 5333 NAvAnRE. ol-no KEEFER'S DRIVE-IN N Specializing Own Made Ice Cream DELUXE SANDWICHES ' LUNCHES Tray and Dining Room Service Route 21 Navarre, Ohio NEW CARS USED CARS Steiner Pontiac. Inc. Sales and Service Phone 5328 525 Main Street Navarre, Ohio HANK'S SERVICE Motor Tuning ' Wheel Balancing Batteries ' Tires ' Accessories NAVARRE, OHIO g.g.g-q-Q-Q..Q-Q-Q.g.g.1..g.Q.g..g..g..Q-l-K-l-l--k-t-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-l-K Compliments of AMAN'S GARAGE North Main Street, Navarre, Ohio Authorized Ford Dealers B. L. Aman Phone 5244 Compliments of Navarre Department Store Wo will be here tomorrow to stand back of the goods we sell today. Compliments of HAROLD C. JONES, Repr. L. G. Balfour Company Commencement Announcements Class Rings R. D. No. 2 Medina, Ohio Phone Sharon Center 9282 I Compliments of Gilbert's Electric G. E. Dealer Main Street Extension JL'-24' ' Compliments of Lash's Sohio Service Navarre, Ohio ' Phone 5433 Invalid Service HARRY E. MYERS FUNERAL HOME Wooster Street Navarre, Ohio ii ,C .- ll 'll ADMIRAL - ZENITH I4 C l' t' f 'I Omp men 5 0 ji TELEVISION 1 - D Sales 8r Installation Dean s Texaco Service 1 REAMEWS SERVICE ' 525 N. Main Street Q Navarre, Ohio Phone 5515 l-IKQKDKHKml-IK-lL-ll-lllllllSl-K-ll-l-K-K-M -I -4- 1 I-4391 Navarre Compliments of Keller Grocery Co. COMPLETE FOOD MARKET Phone 5616 Navarre, Oh COMPLIMENTS OF Wanda's Beauty Shoppe Wanda Brechbuhler, Prop Reba Marchand, Operator NAVARRE, OHIO I L L L L L L L L L I I ' I 10 . I L L I I I I I 1 I . L I I 1 L I I ' L I I' I' L L I I' Frozen Food Lockers Complete line of frozen foods We specialize in processing meats for home lockers Custom Curing cmd Smoking of Fresh Pork Complete Line of Frozen Foods Phone 5202 Compliments of T H E NAVARRE DEPOSIT B A N K Navarre, Ohio K1 -1-QQQ-.K-nQnK-Ku-Q1 , K , Ku-Q Qu-Q-Q1 1 gkniqh-lnnQu-luke-lui-111 72 y-yu-5111-yn,-my-n qj-my-Q1 1 1 u-jxy-q-m131y1315-my-qzj15-q1x1xq313: Rockstroh Greenhouse Florists Complimenfs Fresh Flowers from our Greenhouse d Delivered To Your Door an Corsagcs - Weddings - Funeral Design Bed Wishes Located at Intersection of Massillon- Pigion Run Road Phone Mass. 9490 I ,,, . I a 7 9 l ' 1 1 A . 9 ,E Compliments of I .! CANTON -Q ALLIANCE : Kcxlleker Greenhouse T MASSILLON Q, 1 ' D' s f Congratulations To The I lamondg Jew elry Class Of 1952 Watches Repairing Donald G. Cotton. Ir.. D.D.S.4 N U S B A U M S Navarre, Ohio Compliments of Huq's Funeral Home Established 1910 105 Tusc. St. E. Canton, Ohio ALBRIGHT BROS. Home Comfort Specialists Gas - Oil - Coal Furnaces Phone 5612 Navarre, Ohio 103 E. Canal Street Phone Navarre 5681 -- Massillon 24245 i1'!5ZSES!3!3?1'11'.ZZC-'i'Z'tX, K S The Akron Floors Co 177 W. Bowery St. Akron, Ohio HE-4103 M. B. McDermott Compliments of 'kvki' DUTCH GIRL DRIVE IN Paul Z Muskoif Insurance Agency Fire Automobile Marine and Allied Lines of Insurance 9 Main Street Phone 53.33 Navarre Ohio Compliments of MILLER'S TAVERN Pete and Grethel Navarre, Ohio Phone 5606 1"1"3'3"3"3- -5-115-1-5"I-5-l"3-3-3-Y-Y -'i"3" - -I-I-I"I" -3"3 I L L 0 ' L L E 1 y i K I L s x I , I L L L Compliments of Llvlnqston Furnlture Co Fine Furniture Since 1917 Third and Market Ave. N. Canton Ohio 5552515 STARK COUNTY'S LEADING ATHLETICS GOODS MERCHANTS D U M O N T ' S 134 2nd St. S. E. Canton, Ohio Compliments of B 6. L. SERVICE Tires Batteries and Accessories Phone 5629 Navarre, Ohio NICE GOING, GRADUATES. C N. VICARY CO. 312-324 Market Ave. North CANTON, OHIO L L L 1K1ln :LslCK1la-KaI-nIunhuinlu-l:Q:Q-ulmk-nlunlnkzl-lc :lu-Kslnh-K :Ink - ,- I ,- L I ,- n I - 1 ' L L 0 L I ,- I - , - L L r L L I ,- L L I I I O I 1-4-x-1-1- ..s..s-x-x.-m-1-I-1-I-1-I-s-Mm- -I-I-1-Q-m-m-4..i-m... -m -1-Q-I-I-I-I-Q-Q-1-I-1-K-1-1-w ef 591, ax f 1 N musical instruments. Green s Music Store Inc 124 Cleveland Ave. S. W. Canton Ohio Phone 43522 COMPLIMEN TS OF MIKE'S TAVERN ON THE SQUARE MICHAEL COLASURD, Proprietor Bus. Phone 5387 Res, Phone 5445 IT'S THE BOWLING ALLEYS Thai Malte THE DIFFERENCE and They're at THE COUNTRY LANES Completely New and Modern ' Open and League Bowling Saturday and Sunday Open Bowling Fountain Service ' Shoes Rented ' Bowling Supplies AMPLE PARKING FACILITIES PHONE 2-0296 Massillon - Navarre Road 1- ? Compliments of f I Music Center I I' 216 S. 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Suggestions in the Navarre High School - Entre Nous Yearbook (Navarre, OH) collection:

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