Navarre High School - Entre Nous Yearbook (Navarre, OH)

 - Class of 1951

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Navarre High School - Entre Nous Yearbook (Navarre, OH) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 96 of the 1951 volume:

' ,, I pf.. , , 14 - w -J' W ., ,,,,,,., ,V ,., 5 .7 .f .,. 4 . Q R Lf A, rg, K wr. . 1" -2- - 1: - Y , "she" 1 " 1 1 . : ., ---,vii ' , f ' - ' ' in 3 I f x - ' . - ,L VA .H If -Y A I . N. . N, v . - ' ' ,LQfr. ,f' 1- '-' -,wr . 1-.1 ' '-v. " iw ' 1-,,--'Y .. - ' Y- . 41:1 f-. ? :'.. - .jr - 4 S . Vin 1 zu . -w AQ' .lf Zi. V. v fr' fr-2 - . , 44. , 1 w. :nj - j ' ' HQ!" n -x . .115 1 5- H f.'.,r .Ly . 1 .i' , . f r: Hia' 1 ,Q-Q, ,, ,, f.. - iaffr' L-,J-'wr .,,.r,,..,. .,'.,,l...,:,', . I Yugi .. l".-:. M,- - -1 'eaamk .I 1' 9 4 V. -v gags -.1 2 + ' '-'fl v 9312 JJ.:- 'L Q.. 1. '.'-Q, . .. . M 4 'X-Z. ,Q --, vw aw . 1339: .-'i"' 4 -:B "L ' : ' . . .av 4- ' ,I :- u ,...f Q 4 -.x1.,.. V .44 .fy Le---1 , ,L 'E Q"- A ,av ,l 'N :J ii? :Ha 4,31 ' . - , 'fu- ., ,N rw . f f' 4- f , x ui,,, , 'A yn, ., ,, Ak , ,,.w -,N ny' -4' ., Y 1 ff ,- L-, in . I, MI- ., 1 B- . W ,if wb 90,7 Wm CQ? 41 flgafaw? C077 61101617 M71 ' ,Zf1J'g,w4' b fgved 4W7 mme E find fgafeyeplwlf nf ' 9Qm"ILO'LlfI" aaa veA 'Cv ,afnpl 0600-af Lvfgivff, 'g04!'C. f9rzfvt?672Gfff .UUAC A0-clliiyf 19 wffwznvz EQQZMB Md A-mia! Afmlzymmi ,nl T .. V, . , .YL Lu?-.A F . , 3- W r- 1 , '7 . I . ' " ' M ,. gQ b,1, W ,Q , , , 1 M cfc-:CZIQCQZE 6LCLCZZ01U UZJQZA, aifazfe eww Q M6140 Wah Hgwenozww, wgof few gwon 'Nanci df gm, Za-ne ,z-21106 fflfm, Qfrynxwagj 4,Uf,0-06, 91? 00165 fefpfac fa 45-fr: Qvzgl wzzyamdm amdwiffff 1?fwfU5'fQ77m A im, We Ckfdovahz ian! KCQYGJ LCA! 5 'fx 5- I R Jw-YPN ,'.,.:., K ,K ,-.f E BOARD OF EDUCATION ee 2 f R A3 S CLIFFORD BIXLER DON IONES STAPLES GREER President Clerk LELAND HUTH GARN ET PATTERSON MR. HALL DOROTHY LASH Superintendent Secretary Ohio State, B.S., M.A. RICHARD D. BOND HELEN BREMER W. Va. Wesleyan, B.S., A.B. Wooster College: Kent Univ., B.S W. Va. University, M.A. Columbia University, M.A. Glenville College Biology, Household Arts FRED BRIDEWESER Capital University, A.B. Ohio State University General Science, Coach, Physical Education NORA DRAWE DONALD HALEY Kirksville State Teachers College, Ohio University, B.S. B.S., Gregg College 7-8, H. S. Mathematics Commercial Subjects EMMET HARSTINE HAROLD HOLSHOY Ohio State University, B.S. Kent State University University of Michigan Industrial Arts, B.S. DOROTHY JANE LOWE Asbury College, A.B. Ohio State University Vocal Music, Speech Wir fd as U. e HELEN SACCO EARL D. WISARD Kent State University, B.S. Kent State University, B.S University of Wisconsin History, Social Sciences English, Latin 5 C3 5 Q f ZH CLfii3Dlgg?iiEgLE5 Ciiii? c ?'i'1f-E' ???7? ???u ff!f'f'1lUUUUH1!L m , X fX 'N-J.jw W-3'-.WL iw XX'qg"," U 'iijklgl fm '53, CJ, ' Q' X1 XM N COUNT , 1"?N""QS L TX Q5 ff ...J A -Y W Cglw Q QW X Ri 7? jig A -fLff-fiixxs JVM 'Ei 'fi'-iii'-iix lg ff X T2Q:l-- H mg f X 'JIMKS vmf,XXXXXQ ANNUAL STAFF KT? IULIA PATTERSON IAMES FOSTER SHIRLEY UNDERWOOD LITERARY IANE GRETZINGER ILA GAUT DOROTHY DRAGE BETTY HALL M us1c IVAN STEELE VIRGINIA AGNES ADVERTISING IOE MOFFA NORMAN PINHARD IUDY LONAS BETTY CHENEVEY IEAN GREER SALLY FRANK Editor Assistant Editor VIRGINIA AGNES IOE MOFF A CHARLES LOGAN I Ozczas FLORENCE GARVER SALLY FRANK 'nu-ld RONNIE COLUCY SPORTS IOHNNIE SEWEI..L VERLIE HAWKINS DOROTHY THOMPSON Business Msnsgsf Business Msssgsf MILTON NOTSTNGER VIRGINIA KLASERNER GERIVIAINE NICKLES NORIVIA HAAGER TYPING ART PICTURES VERA SHANKLIN HOWARD KEITH CLEO RUPERT PAULINE BIXLER IEAN GREER EDWARD SAGO SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Left to Right-Sally Frank, Vice President: Dorothy Thompson, Treasurer: Dean Goodman, President: Betty Chenevey, Secretary. CLASS MOTTO: The great thing in this world is not so much where we are. but in what direction we are moving.-O. W. Holmes. CLASS FLOWER: Red rose. CLASS COLORS: Scarlet and gray. , . xx ia? Nw-rr.. IAN E GRETZINGER Valedictorian UPPER THIRD lane Gretzinger, Iean Greer, Virginia Agnes, Shirley Underwood, Germaine Nickles, Betty Hall, Iulia Patterson, Dean Goodman, Norma Haager, Dor- othy Thompson, Betty Chenevey. IEAN GREER Salutatorian VIRGINIA AGNES Our opportunities to do good U16 OU! OWH talents. PAULINE BIXLER Still water runs deep. DOROTHY DRAGE Quiet and innocent, but so is dynamite, sometimes. IAMES FOSTER Speak low when you speak of love. 151 555 BETTY QHENEVEY I am happy and cheerful. What more could I want? ,Ox I SALLY FRANK I 1 agree with no man's opinions, I fa ' RONALD COLUCY l have some ot my own. Man is not made to question, but to adore. FLORENCE GARVER Hard to catch as a waiters eye. ILA GAUT Silence is golden, but gold does not appeal to me. NORMA HAAGER She that has patience may conquer anything DEAN GOODMAN Which l have earned at the sweat of my brow. BETTY HALL Diligence is the mother of good fortune. IEAN GHEER A finger in every pie. VERLIE HAWKINS What ever you do, do wisely, and think of the consequence IAN E GRETZINGER l'm willing to be convinced, but show me one who can do it. HOWARD KEITH My mind my compass, and my way, VIRGINIA KLASERNER Oh, 'tis love that makes us qratelul. GERMAINE NICKLES Hard work is the surest road to' success. CHARLES LOGAN Worry Izttle, study less, that's my idea of happiness. IUDY LONAS MILTON NOFSIN GER A man IS xdeal, even though he is absorbed in thought. A man says what he knows, but a woman says what will please. IULIA PATTERSON Every inch a queen. IOE MOFFA Restless as a windshield wiper. NORMAN PINHARD As good natured a soul as e'er trod on shoe of leather. s N-. . .V vo, JT. t Q il '-" it CLEO HUPERT What wisdom can you find that is greater than kindness. VERA SHANKLIN EDWARD SAGO Men are often capable ot She never intrudes, but is ready to help with substantial aid. greater things than they perform. IVAN STEELE Opinions cannot survive ii one IJ PATRICIA SCHAFFER Anything worth doing is worth doing well. IOHN SEWELI. has no chance to tight tor them. DOROTHY THOMPSON lt's nice to be natural: when you're naturally nice. Sometimes I sit and think. Sometimes I just sit. SHIRLEY UNDERWOOD Character is a diamond that scratches every other stone ff' ' . ' ftfw l ' '- Z - f t ' " ef -' ' ' . . '.4:f" "Q "f e ., A ' A - ' H ' " f fff 'ui' fp ' ' ' A' - 1:9-7+ f . -ififl 1 ' I - 2' L,l' DEAN GOODMAN Boys' State I AN E GRETZINGER Girls' State N u xx HOWARD KEITH 4-H Club Congress ,f 4 sg., I 5 151.242 1 .4 sl wr,- :, 'Hue ,Q ,mg ' 1 :fi ,V-. .,. 1:1 Q A-1'.M ,. 1 u fr 9 ,IX ., ,.:' V. Q if ,. v'1 f I.-,H iii :J JV' A . L, iz 1 .,', , f ,nl Q92 .1 '5 . '-EL. 'irfg gf? LVM J r fl .., -5 ,V 'Hn rf . ' idx ' , f' , 4- J, 'ff 'figii' 5' ."1Ha'eg Q mt -, A- 'Y A tn 1 Qi' . -Q, , 1 .Y .. 'flfrs t 2 1 i : W UZL .X 5 A. ,js O ,, .. r A dj ' ME t rg ,g Aff ,ng 1 CLASS WILL I, VIRGINIA AGNES, will and bequeath my ability not to drop my baton to Donna Brown. I, PAULINE BIXLER, will and bequeath my ability to mind my own business to Billy Brideweser. I, BETTY CHENEVEY, will and bequeath my love for underclassmen to Betty Rumberger. I, RONALD COLUCY, will and bequeath my popularity with the girls to Iohn P. Muskoff. I, DOROTHY DRAGE. will and bequeath my davenport voice to Pat Cook. I, IIM FOSTER, will and bequeath my farmer walk to Billy Evans. I, SALLY FRANK, will and bequeath my ability to be seen and heard to Zola Whitfield. I, FLORENCE GARVER, will and bequeath my good grades in democracy to Myra Schaller. I, ILA GAUT, will and bequeath my strapless bathing suit to Ruthie Noisinger. I, DEAN GOODMAN, will and bequeath my position as president of the Senior class to Paul Shrefller. I, IEAN GREER, will and bequeath my country life to Donna Rumberger and Mildred Hanna. I, IANE GRETZINGER, will and bequeath my love for rich men to Iune Reamer. I. BETTY HALL, will and bequeath my ability to get along with my father to the Iunior Class. I, NORMA HAAGER, will and bequeath my reserved ways to Donnie Marchand. I, VERLIE HAWKINS, will and bequeath my love ior ex-graduates to Ruby Winkart. I, HOWARD KEITH, will and bequeath my happy look to Roy Diekmann. I, VIRGINIA KLASERNER, will and bequeath my clarinet to Gilbert Iohnson. I, CHARLES LOGAN, will and bequeath my mischievous ways to Dale Geisberger. I, IUDY LONAS. will and bequeath my love for the opposite sex to Webster Lonas. I, IOE MOFFA, will and bequeath my brother Chick to lean Thompson. I, GERMAINE NICKLES, will and bequeath my businesslike attitude to Donald Hollinger. I, MILTON NOFSINGER, will and bequeath my ability not to be influenced by one girl to Glenn Fortner. I, IULIA PATTERSON, will and bequeath my modeling diploma to Ianet Eberly. I, NORMA PINHARD, will and bequeath my ability to get along with Miss Drawe to Leo Mummertz. I, CLEO RUPERT, will and bequeath my ability to get along with Mr. Wisard to Carl Rouse. I, EDWARD SAGO, will and bequeath my water waves to Dale Fox. I, PATTY SCHAFFER, will and bequeath my ability to stay in the band to Leroy Struble. I, IOHNNY SEWELL. will and bequeath my smooth ways to Andrew Tormasi and Richard Black. I, VERA SHANKLIN, will and bequeath my ability not to get detention to Bob Agnes. I, IVAN STEELE, will and bequeath my tallness to Eddie Adams. I, DOROTHY THOMPSON, will and bequeath my quiet and reserve ways to Gene Emerick. I, SHIRLEY UNDERWOOD. will and bequeath my ability to be faithful to one fellow to Beverly Cardaman. I, IANE GRETZINGER, will and bequeath my knee socks to Trevor Huth. I, SHIRLEY UNDERWOOD, will and bequeath my love letters to Ruth Braswell. WE, THE SENIOR CLASS, will and bequeath our umbrellas to the Iunior boys to keep the bleach irom running into their eyes when it rains. TO THE IUNIOR CLASS is left a tired and worn Faculty. thanks to the graduating Class of 1951. TO THE SOPHOMORE CLASS is leit the privilege ot watching "Those Seniors" get away with murder. TO THE FRESHMAN CLASS is left three more years of classes. detention. hard subjects and short week-ends . . . especially detention. WCW ,WW EDJ A 5 if QQQDQ MW xw? Y! N X X IUNIOR CLASS LEFT TO RIGHT- First Row-Ruth Braswell. Beverly Cardaman, Iune Beamer. Mildred Hanna, Ruth Noisinger. Betty Rumberger, Zola Whitfield. Second Row--Adviser Mr. Holshoy, Donna Rumberger, Donna Brown, Pat Cook, Ruby Winkhari. Ianet Eberly, Myra Schaller, Ieanne Thompson, Adviser Miss Lowe. Third Row-Paul Shreffler, Webster Lonas, Bobby Agnes, Gilbert Iohnson, Billy Evans, Iohn Paul Muskofi, Eddie Adams. Fourih Row-Carl Rouse, Gene Emerick, Trevor Huth, Billy Brideweser, Roy Diekman, Glenn Former, Richard Black. Fifth Row-Leo Mummertz, Don Marchand, Dale Fox, Leroy Strubel, Andrew Tormasi, Dale Geis- berger, Don Hollinger, Ronnie Lockhart. IUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Left to Hight- PAUL SHBEFFLER, President BILL EVANS, Vice President DONNA BROWN, Secretary EDDIE ADAMS, Treasurer SOPHOMORE CLASS LEFT TO RIGHT- First How-Shirley Whitfield, Carol Greenwalt, Nona Herrick, Barbara Girt, Marjorie Smeltzer, Alma Fischer, Margaret Hogue, Adviser Mr. Bond. Second Row-Clyde Gray, Cleo Notsinqer, Shirley Nolsinger, Nancy Stoetzer, Mary Rentsch, Dorothy Kelly, Dora Etter, LuAnn Gaul. Third Row-Charles Stanko, Bobby Define, Gary Iogerst, Iohnriy Brideweser, Monica Stahl, Pat Neal, Sally Rose, Willis Galley, Gene Feucht, Frank Emmert, Larry Grunwald. Fourth Row-Ronald Engleman, Roger Leighley, Wesley Anderson. Richard Pinhard, Billy Lind. Bobby Lind, Wesley Malone, Iohn Percer. Fifth Row-George Stutz, Paul Widder. lim Bartholomew, Dick Hay, Iohn Miller, Iack Stucky, Robert Bigler, Roger Haas. SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Left to Right- SI-IIRLEY STANFORD, President BARBARA GIRT, Treasurer WESLEY MALONE, Vice President NONA HERRICK, Secretary FRESHMAN CLASS ww,'i LEFT TO RIGHT- First Row-Eddie Garver, Howard Satteriield, Dale Amos, Leonard Bleininger, Ierry Fair. Second Row-Polly Whyte, Anita Beck, Darlene Adams, Marita Nofsinger, Dixie Winkhart, Marilyn Scheutiler, Kay Thomas, Marilyn Kurtz. Third Row-Patricia Pettigrew, Ianice Winkhart, Betty Braden, Ruth Iones, Ruby Jones, Carol Linktield, Beverly Manse, Wanda Aman, lune Davis, Lois Sandy, Adviser Miss Sacco. Fourth Row-Arden Loretto, Sue Haas, Barbara Baker, Betty Agnes, Marjorie Van Dyne, Roberta Loretto, Iudy Buck, Ianet Barr, Carol Stanford, Teddy Feucht. Fifth Row-Walter Haberli, Ierry Berlyoung, Sue Shrake, Cecelia Struble, Twila Lint, George Russel, Robert Braswell. Sixth Row-Ronald Owen, Duane Iones, Richard Sago, lack Evans, Ronald Eccleston, Robert Black. FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS ' Left to Right- THEODORE FEUCHT, President MARIORIE VAN DYNE, Secretary BONNIE ECCLESTON, Vice President SUE SHRAKE, Treasurer v 'If A J Ma Ol , 5, . H 3 4- Q- rum ' Y in F' w vw., wr- up I nv ,.. -1 A EIGHTH GRADE . t W C are -fm QW-Ri, , "R ,EQ "K" ,.a, V b . K W 2 H w gy QL Q ,M .. hw' it "" ' v f M' W 'Wi J' T We-fi .,,., ., s Mi M - W' ,.. 5 . .... M N, L N W ,ZX :K 352. X 0 fb, -3 .gp W: fig C7 1 t 1 MS' 1? W " ' - f vi L -,M , is Kgs wfw, e? ref 4 Q " X -:Q rw 3 K st ' J i dl - it 5,3 552 ei L, -Q MQ, , ,,, K 'xi H ffRi"'tt .t ,. ff. W " if-L "' " ggi- ' -pw ,Q N., fx A f X, A,x v ,E . kg! fm! Mr? xkfr, WE is ij, iwwwk V I I pw , , AK , 5691! ggi ef il" '3 7 '3""N.,,,t x W 1 3 -f ,- 'aj ,wr 2' 3 wif V CT J 75. A lf,g:1j4 Leg tee, tml' U-el is? six x, X w Q Xwn-sy L' 5 J ..: ':a TZ? Qs X .A,, Q- f . at x Y , " ' ,---- ' J f 5 Qe4 ts, tae, iifi r ? awe? wk X X :L iff' , I .ds k S -TAF' , ,. S xv WET A 6 ix J mi . f My , x N w 1 V ' E X LEFT TO RIGHT: First Row-Paul Mahaiiey, Iames Agnes, Robert Gates, Danny Morrow, Mary Fischer, Maynard Rupert, TEACHER-MR. VAN DYNE. Second Row--Tommy Cole, Betty Luckrinq. Ronnie Ulrich, Patsy Swafiord, Herbert Seese, Sandra Zinsmaster. Iohn Dillinger, Rose Noisinger. Third How-Deanna Winkhart, Ray Whitmer, lean Specht, Francis Stevens, Patsy Tyler, Philip Rangel, Wanda Whitmore, Bill Schreckengost. Fourth Row-Gary Blass, Elizabeth Emmett, Karl Diehl, Ianice Stutz. Leonard Bair, Alice Schaller. Lloyd Eckroate, Ianet Frease. Fifth How-Nancy Stivaktas, Lowell Speicher, Katheryn Baker, Iohn Thompson, Patsy Ulrich, Ray Rankin, Wanda Eckelberry. Iacob Geoptert. a"" I if ',sd . Witqf-v .4 wr Q .Mrs 3 'X 'AJ ll rl EJ? 'Vlf ' .fy , .Q uw asf , - ... , "?.43'f as lull SEVENTH GRADE 'Q -w P9 u 1 ,Q Q, ff.. .P X ... r- , '- fr f , N , fan .wh 'F-wht-' f ' 7' , - 3 H. yi X' if X' , ,AQ 'Q-9, ,, , V 1.. Q f... S.: 35,3 -6? Q W- Y M 1 N 2 . i 'I n , K if R gf-'iv if Q it 5 49 0 ...rf X is " - .0 -M 'T' " ,f 5 'ui 4 t C' , Ti' 5, when Y , 'X ,,, s A 'Qi s QQ ' Taj so , W . -. 5 ,. M "" rams.. Q lu, Q. Qgg , ., Qww WWA, :ST , ' ff Y wx gras ,Q it Q ,Q ,A L.: ' if i "" M' l' Jil-f. :sf f-ff 1, . ,fo V t H Y 4 3 .." A D .. ' Trl ' ,if , y S , - A 1 I gl N! , .f "sf Q X Qs A .' ,.,, .. M .. 'f in 53, Q Q QQWQ MQ Q z Q Q XQQQSQK ,Q Qs' LQ A XV' ' it . W . t, i 'H ,..' " 'i D 1 y gr? Q t i 4 ' Q 3 . A ,Q-,4.,Q, fr.: ,Qt A we , Q M A . 15-9 in ,Mi 1 f-we , -M , .,,, f -as X 'Q ' Riff' i 'Q' W, "W" R -4 Q5 Q Q r ef, vi:- Mff or Qj ,N Q, x5 Q Q 1, 'fn fl: , ft' 4 ' 13" , ,S fail W 55" tw P K A . A will Q31 'K Mk: Q ' ,f Q A "" ik ,,.,. , Q: --", 5 ?f , Q, Q x H K? pyx , , Q, wget, QQ . QQ Si. 'nv M. , A, Q J if QQQQQQ QQQQ J X ,Q Qu! l 'na 5.1 ,..Q -, Q5 ,Qtek Y,1v'f,,l Q : S i . .Q K ill, ,,' 3 . tif, , J, z :" fr? P- z :, 'E' . ' A A 4 .- - 1 " ' ' . ' r -- ,sw .. ' - r A. First Row-Peter Shrake, Gerold Taylor, Donald Rangel, Carl Nofsinger, Billy Whitmer, TEACHER-MR. HALEY. Second Row-Coragene Weber, Eddie Soeicher, Nancy Poth, Roger Nohl, Margaret Nofsinger. Neal Fox, Rebecca Sarchet, Garnet Patterson. Third Row-Billy Gibbs, Ruth Rupert, Harold Diehl, Barbara Hoover, Robert Henthorne, Ann Sarchet, Richard Whitmer, Norma lean May. Fourth Row-Margaret Nickles. Roy Rupert, Patricia lohnson, lay Werstler, Ianet Iacobs, Russell Shelt, Virginia Kelly, Ray Fortner. Fifth Row-Nelson Satteriield, Ester Aman, Paul Gretzinger, Kay Tschantz, Norman Kimble. Charlene Goepfert, David Eberly, Margaret Leighley. Sixth Row-Nancy Thompson. Donald Scheuiiler, Ioan Selway, Norman Hudson, Shelia Airhart, Dean Young, Eleanor Bair, Iackie Winkhart, Seventh Row-Walter Nofsinger, Matilda Young, Woodrow Winkhart, Shirley Werstler. Paul Wanner, Marion Elliott, Kenneth Gentzler, Donna Whitmer. Q 5" , SIXTH GRADE R of ,,, "Q Y ' A A 6 Zak? 4 Naya. 3 -4313-' 'Q E' :iii N.. 3 D FN vb - D , X fm. if ' ' hip is r 1 iv 5 -5 '49 To ,.,. - ' . " . 4 5 " lic? .A ,av 'Nm Xwja rr, M W J ff as V... , ,, X, , 5 ' ,S .gi X P V , in if f 'Q 'Q H Q 4 we mx LAK .. , , I If i NX I X f , V i,.,,. DA l ,gm i,,ly""g' Q 'D' ,,,..r, r e 1 M- H " 1 .. A J, SWL? .Y 1-K! V Z, 'A , , f my , , M f r y " J Q--F o . L S :IE ffjfffk, 'X ' . ' - . 1 ' ' QF X 5 k K K r ,nt 0 Q , X X. W, A-Q Q! :Rx Q A K if ,-we ig l A -Mfg rm, we VW, T E':'.:- QQ.. K , fa. yard . rss . 5 M my , LEFT TO RIGHT: ,-. an-V fg, uw 'ff' W 1 , f Y' ,Q ,fue fy. ...ale fx YY First Row-Ruth Gaedil, Gary Appleby. Roger Huth. TEACHER-MRS. BYRD. Second Row-Iohn Norris, Doroihy Arnold. Kenneth Bair. Shirley Pittson. Ralph Gaut, Beverly Iones, Timothy Morrow, Ruth I-Ienthorne. Third Row-Carol Etter, Ernest Wanner, Phillis Dillinger, Lowell Bixler, Sally Whyte. Dean Amos Barbara Walter, Robert Winkler. Fourth Row-Thomas Gaul, Sandra Duncan, Iames Hoque. Careen Hildreth, David Baker. Marla Sidey, Jerry Dillinger, Mabel Leighley. SIXTH GRADE awk- 'Ag xg, ik we QC f-it 7' W-of V ,QV1 . 3 A NS F i 'emu A K Y Xim' A 1 . . f 1 V ,.-M ,E 4 i if 4 in , m ., I i 5 ,M am 23 A J- K wi, , I -:ar .X y A lf, 'F' M, V1 .t 'L' .-:KM U -w' 1 -. ft' X W 5 fini? . B9 w N .: . 1 . 'isa' I ,A G . rfiuwyb! 2 f 'W ' gy ex Atw- rs," Q 5 if - if R M A Q- . 1, R at we 1 K R 1, .,. wage ,if f fix., if W SQ- x M I 4 S' Q, 'cr' 325.12 ? xv' 'gli'-H' "' A ' xxj 2- 1' Y A EV' iowa 3 Xxx-,N I I, H Q 1,12 6 dk l X Sud' .H Z, b, ut' W in , 1 gk , t f P. A U, -- jiri A ry 1' gi ogg Q .. ' R af , , ..'.A y px . my Ax Z.: mn Q Q, L"" ' ' ' . ' Q 4 '. f W 5 -' ,. 1 'f y fwxrzri A ? 1 .V a gr fa, n 4 R Q f ' -R fn I 13+ 1 R ' 1 3 f ' ,, 9 R nnni to . i LEFT TO RIGHT: First Row-Walter Agnes. Iulia Ann Stutz, Gerald Brinker. Neil Gates, Iames Luckring. TEACHER- MISS KAYLOR. Second Row-Suzanne Feucht, Barnard Hoover, Iune Sarchet, Robert Turner, Charlotte Weidman, Ierry Buck. Third Row-Richard Baker, Ioyce Iacobs, Ronald Rankin, Iulia Ann Eckleberry, Wayne Gantz, Ioan Colucy, Dwight Noisinger. Carol Cunningham. Fourth Row-Iudy Kenny, Ronald Angerer. Carol Heater, Hartford Harding, Arleine Linerode, Darcy Axe, Nancy Nicewander, Richard Maston. V ,mx W' ' 5 .0 " W T. X ,fr gr, Uk' .gl 1-P S r x an 'vu-'fig 'Y 'Ii' N ..,.L E. Sdn sei? S X - Rf N. I-. 4- 5: , es fr ' V, ! , r v ,Q- KW , ,l .. x FIFTH GRADE , X we - . . "' in 1 - H' 'J-f 'Q-E W' W 'Al if ' f"",,. 'A ' Q' his -A egg, Q .4 M- 5, we , 1 -' ' .- - we if ,rf . S S Ji Y A ,f-- ,,- A 'C x , ,r ,mf - ' N f I , 4 Q 33 'S l"" L J :x sr .Q ,, ww W'-H1 ,Ji "Q ,.-f 'Q ,,,1,',. K M" I, ,I Yvvkwxx tj 'L' 35:1 , qw' ,- ., X . , if 3 r ' D P-ff N f A If r .1 ,. I ' 1 h WM. NWS waz' 6 -wa. Q. a. .y-5: he X fd, W it - .. -' rpg, .9 F LJ, - Qifi'-. 1 im 5 ' " - fl X -fur 'I Xi 1 X ' " 'f , X .,.. 3? ' '0 we-x , ,W W H "" l "' KN l' ':" J V, ill' 'H' A X f ,V ' . A N "' X- ' rj, Q ,"'X,. . egg, , 1.",. M14 Y "".. K " of E nr ' ' X" " H S 1 v ,W nb , h ' N, W A a 5 'if l j si V I Sb W .SQ .,9. F N fd? M' , lyme, X ,A D ' 'S -M V N G2 "3-M A 1, f' -3' f' ' - V M, ' f fm' Nw- Q .1 r 4 ' J 'Z i rf' K W r, at If 'S ur W K W., - AA- X f' , me .X , -, R EW ,sw-A..,,.,..,,m ' J A ,ggi N "f ,G iv-ggq ' 1 -- Krew r . 3 , ?',lH,f"' ' me A ,Q .. i LEFT TO RIGHT: First Row-Gary Whitmer. Don Cooke, Geraldine Gear, TEACHER-MR. SPONSELLER. Second Row-Eddie Hanna, Carol Martin. Ierry Frease, Nancy Gerber, Nelson Sandy, Iayne Frederick, Ernest Eccleston. Lavonne Boughmcm. Third Row-Helen Sewell, Donald Selway, Myra Piper, ic ar q Dale Davis, Ioy Emmert, Ierry Nofsinger. Fourth Row-Iames Evans, Catherine Henthorne, Eddie Shreckengost, Carol Luckring, Richard Garver, Io Anne Neidenthal, Donald Bokanovitch, Martha Zaugg. Rose, Paul Shelt. Linda Milhoan, Donald Gantz, Roberta Noland, Robert Fisher, R h d Noftsin er, Ellen Eckerberry. Fifth Row-Carol Diane Define, Allen Putt. Sixth Row-Danny Poth. Iune Boughman, Mike Averill, Iudy Hass, Roger Gue, Shirley Whilmire, Billy Goldsmith. Marlene Fitch. p Q. fc FOURTH GRADE t dig to 1+ .R "" J 7,5 A1-N1 ,M . 1- -- X Q- f Q fm M M A A a W , . X. Y ' Ed' ' . 'A ' .Q , ' . V A .. .T .V , ., E B y M? '. ' " ' fy M ya 5 - ,, sn. , . , 9 ar K -W X , I. we fgfmfi' Q w A 'fx w ' t 5.. . Q, M - . 5 A . . fs .Qfsf - H ,gn N- gf- , 5 at ,n ' l ,, 'V " ..,- W eww ,,,..Q - ,.., A 'fir 9 ' 'A , -ff gp. for LQ., "1 .,. ' W-H7 I X f r x he I I , if X rafts? Q 'R I i. R G f at . ' - ' .. , ,. xl no 4- Aw-' A 'Q 5' 'KM W in Z, " Q W' ,wir r- ,., ji, gg 5 f gf? L ' .f Q. Wa, Q,.. V ,,,, ,W ,ak Q N fx 1-er .' M I Q ,fr i 3 , M ,. A , ,M-Fi 5 - - 4 s- ,M ,,, my ,,.., W iff! lf. W ' R . V A-i ' .ki J , 1 LEFT TO RIGHT: First Row-Roy Iohnson, Martha MacNab, Marlis Wanner, Peggy Averill, TEACHER-MRS. MOTZ. M' h 1 Second Row-Helen Norris, Gene Herrick, Linda Sterner, Harvy Myers, Rebecca Miller, ic ae Gue, Sandra Bechtel, David Gardner. Third Row-Bill Gaut, Carole Winkhart, Dennis peic e Snyder, Iames Haueter, Mary Ann McKee. Fourth Row-Margaret Breniser, Bobby Marrow, Karon Thomas, Oliver Landis, Margaret Howard, Myron Piper, Ioan Schreckengost, Phillip Kimble. S ' h r, Darlene Eckroate, Lee Aman, Bonnie FOURTH GRADE ,A V K XJM- SL' 1 -5' ma ' ,f wr- 3, , A22 'E I V X ' ' f o 'WS' .'- , Nisrb N L ,, NM . s V4 . I Q , fin ' L pw V my ' , dy sm . R35 my A. U' A 'V XSXQLLF Y: , -opml iw ai: t S115 ., K, ,,'v v 4 my M, AW . ' ' 7 ,f L ' S -A 4 'fm 6. Q- X, ik' V Q W' f I L yy , , Q ' V K A y l A mwah-x Q 3-1-8fqt:1XqT'gQf:' 'rg' Q . 3.1 N M wfs, 5 x 1 W AQ A .11 w -R , y , ,L l I I ,tm , K V My b yjsygg ,K mr., L Q f 1 g, . . , , Q 5,4gM' . I A W 37 ,R t 'va 4 'W Q ,- rw " . V 0 'X P V X gq , . Q WA 3-L s 1-4' A 4. 1 W 'U ',.,,.,. I .., Q W ,A k 1 I 9 Q gf X if -jf! " I Q., ' "," !?65iN1'rY 5 K N ,ff 'W , N --zb M or K " 'Lf Mfg L Q R f -L iffy 2,55 ZX., W d LEFT TO RIGHT: First Row-Gary Schmidt, Donald Stein, Tommy Hay. Iohney Bingley. Rochelle Iohnston, Gary Selway, Robert Givyn, TEACHER-MRS, KNIGHT. Second Row-Paul Snyder, Mary Ann Heestand, Ioe Hoque. Ioanne Gentzler, Terry Hildzeth, Bonny Iogerst, Kenneth Mahaifey, Sharon Hackathorn. Third Row-Margie Gaut, Gary Noisinger, Lois Edwards, Bruce Patterson, Ioan Winkhart, Robert Miller, Iudy Whitmer, James Mead. Fourth Row-Verle Appleby. Arletta Barr, Bobby Detine, Louisa Linerode, Ronald Hensel, Kay Studer, Lewis Page. Sandra Crewse. Viv Q. I 0,, .2 . L ,gif A. .1 32 si .qqggr F , ,. 1 X J THIRD GRADE . ' if, M ,, , ,- F N. at . W ' 5 M N ,Q -h if..-M M .4 N K , , gg x. 1 ,-. .4 f , .V E ,, K . x V I 4 ...W 1 , W i Q. VM N. S s . A , 7 A . f M1 - is ,,,, ., , - I5 41-. i i S ft Q A . 1 5 Q , 4' 4 . , 4- if 4 gb 5 F ' K X, f se ,X Q Q, W ,.,. X i my M M as gk ,M WT lf, W x .gi iw . M ' .fl A ' , H '31 K ,f 'Q .H - - Q, ,- - ,,. M, t,,,,,,ff Q. - , vi Y, ., . W F - y A .ff " . I , . ' x . X, L bg tsl, Q, t 1 K ' ' 'L a , ., ' ' I " - , ' V 093321 W L - ,A X f 5 nv viffy' , e5Xfsmf1w5a?. S a W.. by hm, I . 'N . . - nr as Zn B , Vw, fi My Fax, 'Ur' ' Q -an-f' ...WM ' 'W' N.. V ' ' A. 1 N . . . of ' i W . , A. in , Q I mg ' 1, ,f V' W Y ' 4 X . .fi , 4 'hw 3 X f-P' ' ' x Q' ,, A hr, Q, ' V , f. th lp .Qi ,, g X A' A . t at my if LEFT TO RIGHT: First Row-Sandra Shine, Larry Hensel, Sandra Dingwall. Tommy Dutton, Graylon Shell, Ivan Frease. TEACHER-MISS WALTER. Second Row-Eddie Norris, Sharon Tabellion, Iohn Decker, Carol Buck, Iames Mitchell, Linda Evans, Donald Leighley, Marcia Henderson. Third Row-Shirley Landis, Robert Harding, Sara Maurer, Arza Brown, Wanda Whitmer, Sonny Fitch. Linda Heater. Graydon Underwood. Fourth Row-Richard Ieandrevin. Mary Ann Hay, Lanny Black, Kathy Baker, Robert Hugus, Susan Donaldson, Bobby Schreckengost, Io Ann Boughman. 3 8 THIRD GRADE ,Q ,fi :ry A ,Q V 1 1 V, .,- A ghd 15, :.,. Q 3 . . nglmfsa H ' , , x sr rr El' 1 aw-A User Q' W W , l .. X ,A Y y .wut xy . gx , f..-xx X 5. Q A AQ 1 ,f A! , K , y ...W Aw' . M X1 " X, , in g ii if y Q. Q. .F ' y 17 y X AI: I . . 'ww D ".' . .R , H Q 'gg M r me , ... - ' gr K fill 'V ' , Qfw f V EZ. 2552 N I ' 'l' ' 'Sami f LEFT TO RIGHT: First Row-TEACHER: MRS. TRUBEY. Second Row--Denni ,, . - 'll X ruse uw A ,,, Q .. ,124 :"L'x' P Q V U JE lu- A 4 it x ...uw . an T .png 5 ae- N. t Q, ww' '7 , r Seq-M ' M.. J, . Ali- .. .. Q V gi ' D . ,gwfm 5. 1 E V Q .ggsnf 41- H. Ev -nw, N .. . V 3 5:3 9 -of--M X K ha J X ,. HW'V"g M . ww- fs-r":, M 7 Vjbw. 3 5 iff-kg, Aw s Noland, Donna Woollard Bobby LeVern Donna L' d . , mero e. Warner Brown. Dale Stechow. Ierry Tornabene. Charles Keehn. Third Row-Karen Maxlield. Dexter Aman. I H ean oover, Bobby Zaugg, Lynda Tschantz, Iackie Turske, Iudith Angerer. Roger Nicewander. Fourth Row-Iames Shute, Iudy Frederick, Larry Hostetl r, B e onnie Bendure, Duane Walter, Andrea Iones, Arthur Eckelbexry, Linda Ulbricht. Fifth R ow-Sharon Gribble, David Benjamin Daryl Fox Bobb N ll G . . y u , retchel Villard. Iay Colucy, Mary Heater, Keith Fair. I gh, 3 "" ' s .1 X, 4 L w 4- 'T .g "'Q""q . I f ... Q V 1-,, A145 K Kvvfl I nl 'A me , ,nfl wfiiif, 41.55, :mg V 'nu IQ weave Q., .rp mg, wp, ,r X' 'I-M1 M ' , , ,K X.,- SECOND GRADE 0 9 ' , , ""' ' '35 'Nw + ,B LY X j M59 ' SML- X " X 2 ,gn i C ' i n ig,-,,f,,.xf 7 igrfxw few K WK, .--5-for L f ' .,A,. 5 5 ' 1 " 'I-'f"" 4' ' we W 4 - I no " . f X - Q- J.. f Q- - f 1 e 9' in-'o.3, 10 Uv ' .- 'EVM M " A ' 5 fy N "W ,Q .. ' ' 3 -.. M .. ..-M V x for we .V I' .V I , We M D l Q 1 A' , ,M ' P . R 'X' 1 ,3- ' t 5,-7...-.x N' 7 S :wh , N 'iw' T -sa. . 4- JL - . ,- fr z- B A M 'W' ,, ' We xx---' -Hy EQ ' ' .K -c ,V -if K ro y , X , W, N, P ff 1 ff G .ev l l 5 ox lw if Q Z w Q .r EE? VK: We ' -' ""' ' f ri-A " A .' ' Qs- 'Q R 'UE' x W, 5 . M .. , x , , 5,4 A r ,, 2 AL , j -ew Q ,V ...N- .. M.. - , E ,. A K .1 T rw J, , A , mf ' , Ak. fl x I W, , V- - l.,, 'D "--,. t .sy 7 Ni , .. .vill A X ,'.,. :., - 'E S H 1 "1 Q K N my Q A Q , R 'B - -. ., , ,,.,.,,. 1 ii R' LEFT TO RIGHT: First Row-TEACHER: MRS. COLE. Second Row-Floyd Brown, Bob McAfee, Gail Nohl. Gary Speicher, Ielf Montjoy. Gary Baker, Iohn Iogerst, Billy Rose. Third Row-David Whyte. Ann Gerbeck, Terry Mahaiiey, Pamela Hildreth. Bill Talefrico. Glenna Maurer, Ronnie Winkhart, Paul Reed. Fourth Row-Nancy Boughman, Tim Fetters, Gloria Sterner, Iohn Sidney, Carolyn Rhodes. Donald Hall, Glenna Kelly, Michael Rangel. Fifth Row-Iohn Bechtel, Sondra Emmert, Sonny Shonk, Ieanne Iacobs, Arvine Whitmer, Rosalie Miller, Richard Rhodes, Dorothy Leighley. :jim !f if 1 W E "glean fl V 514 , 1 '35 R l Y' 'R 151' W i 433' 4. Sf ' is ,I vw, f-.F -. v.,' f -N v QQ: --1gf-:--1-,..,m'----yvf-f"'!1v:1!u-- -1- --- '-- 1- - V- . I r SECOND GRADE A J t ..,, 4 Mx 1354 ' r R ,.. M Y y A ,Q , r W , if! yy yy K A ,QH 5 ,. lf X, Mis I 141.1 A' 7 . , Q If gag? .,v,. Z lg .V . R ' ,L v Q we iff , . ,, fs 'Z ,W M ,gf " T1 'Mk 'sw ' ,',..W A , "L ' won' T' gi, V R , ,Q ff , if "' .fr . X ,, ' 'I 'S' R ff, P55 3 22 525 M' 'QQ .Q M M My ,xx r QW W iss A 'W ., -rw" . A Vkjl. r g ,r I J "x""" - H .,.,, i n :'1" .v.- A X VWWV A fffr f , LEFT TO RIGHT: First Row-TEACHER: MRS. LAWRENCE. k H'll, Lewis Klein, Shelby Arnold, Barbara Lonas, Second Row-Iudy Ionson, Byron Brown, Iac ie 1 Iudith Edwards, Marilyn Stutz. Third Row-Larry Null. Ie ' ' ' S cl , Alice Huges, Michael McKee, Patsy Patterson. urth Row Ioanne Warmer Arthur Fischer, Emily Smith, Iames Turner, Vada Ulrich, Gary Fo - . ' t Ed ell, Tommy Eccleston anne Shine, Roger Shelt, lane Dillinger, Richard tu er Stmer, Margare g . L Graber, Margaret Axe. Clyde Hensel. Firth Row-Eugene Dingwall, Karon Grunwald, arry Wanda Kaiser, Blaine Winkhart, Beverly Woolgomott. FIRST GRA B 5 M., an M-T R: ,,,px, f fi- at K , 1 ' ', " - . Q- 'T' ' ' -- V' 4 . ' " ta -ES ' 'W' , , X M be-'sm' 6 ' .LL ,N fi ,X , rv , , Sw f gr J fi x"""' 'f ' , ' W, ff' Kd if lf, h A 'Qs V f 9 -A iw, - . X 4 5 A 5 ' - M ' " - We Q IQ, , . V! H -sh, V kkbl 3,50 Mm ,Y wi an 5 in 'Q nf A as A A 1-fs .V-' t "N 'K 'L .UL I in-'gt . FAI' ' ti' ' ff: I dw ffm' '- K - ' - H www? A .-1 "T N-'A R if ' fi fff' ' 3 - R ' J' 4 at 1- 'N 1 -X K F -- w H ' -ZW 4 N' -Q-.. of -4 ,. ,, in Av' x M my h . x is 'I YA Mfg: A Q. A to Q ' :Xml We . "4 wsaigw Y K2 Ll' N ,, f' .,., 'M' t, ' , ie W f , ,txt Q ef Af- f tram , , ' Q ,li Q E if . ,rjlf 1-lf, ff" ,gf '-Q an N W M gfyeiyo X, L, JA, r ., Q I -,Li V . M I .- - r ,.-x iv X T I ' "1-Q 'WWW 'W M LEFT TO RIGHT: First Row--Harold Kime, Bonita Benjamin, Samuel Aman, Nadalee Hay, Richard Haines, Patsy Ball, Linda Owens, TEACHER--MRS. ENGLEMAN. , Robert Gardner, Linda Swaiford, Thomas Kenny, Charlotte Walter. Second Row-Ianet Turner lack Shroyer, Marilyn Schaller, Lawrence Weidman. Third Row--Pete Spade. Iudy Bair, Richard Stucky. Sandra Sarchet, Daryl Nofsinger. Linda Edwards, Douglas Angerman, Iudith Wmkhart. Fourth Row-Monica Napier, Ion Ulbright. Karon Meade, Rodney Tylor, Altrieda Linerode. Robert Shalt. Portia Patterson. Vincent Noftsinger. ,gas - -Q' .J vii . X rllw ' W-.ggi l ll - 1' 4' xm, fx ,bf " VV 0-W1 YW T 'isf FIRST GRADE ,M-.. 1 1 if . , H l f i S X. r- will ,. We 'S 'Q M' S , -H Swans ,:, 'N 1 N.. 2 ng ifhrgn .lf-N" j A iQf"v-2 gif 'R' '- km 'fb QW' .1 . """' ' - X x ,V . in ' K' c if fir N-f,f"v . ' X f i Q 1 MW M ' f M Q! ' ,at5-f-,'fgi..i.,Lf-ggi'53-L 5 K ' xg, S C ga L 1 25241 5 A rg A A H we f A . ' ffxrrf 4 N ,t Mfffwby X 'F is S V' lf' Q' 'ff"T..,f'w' ss' l"'4 if ij' ., .44 fm" W l Lf- ' an-f if - Q, L, i X ' ff l X ,R it W r nfl, , ,, r, 1 xxx? Nr I ,Q , X, , v, ,,,,,, , ,,,,k 'itll' R ' E t 5 , Qi Yin-:Q 1 G. an 'Q' A W.. s rl' 'S Vx was X girl? - X A ' sQ.,,,,.T" ' N.: ,M 1 " " A ,,...'f' - "' "S 3 kj.. f Q A V-W A F V Mm, I R R 5 s SS ww w f .' 1 g.A. W' ' 1 ' 3- ' W .ss " 1 .3 ,ir +R 4 1 b , f ,fm .4 if Q .. Vf lzzb in ,..fE, X Q ' Q fa t .1 LEFT TO RIGHT: First Row-Albert Ball, Eleanor Kienzle, Ronald Wendling, Ioyce Bridenbaugh, Daniel Pittson, Glenn Braswell, TEACHER-MRS. GEPFERT. Second How-Virginia Latham, Keith Speicher. Evelyn Ernmert, Robert Bendure, Ethel Schrecken- gost, Iacob Snyder, Bonnie Hensel. Daniel Agnes. Third How-Arthur Donaldson, Pauline Noitsinger, George Edgell. Yvonne Wiita, Stanley Winkler, Brenda Tschantz, Terry Cater, Susie Martin. Fouih Row-Eileen Kienzle, Richard Reed, Betty Gout, Gary Tucker, Iacqueline Loretto, David ' Shelf, Margery Boughman. Thomas Rennie. BUS DRIVERS , JK as A A c X t V Ex ' T 'K arffimj gg , M all S' 5 .0 X 1 dw ki -',.1 ', ,T 'v" E ,Q ' 3 vf,, A i I .. ,-vw A' L: 'Rfk .Left to Right-Oliver Brown, Harold Thompson, Burton Marchand, Dean Airhart, Ioe Manack. A Q A ,P ul Wisvf, A . i Aw u .imc W A W ' Q J fy, Q ?,..,!' PLAYGROUND SHOTS 4. 4- ... . Sayid! W, ' ,F an-5 :QF fd K, SJ cff? fyj X523 jx XJ O,-3,1 513920 C VK Tl-.J-NSKCJ F74 H59 N . x 1 J 3 Q WMU LEFT TO RIGHT: Carol Stanford, Nona Herrick, Carl Ilouse, Pauline Bixler. Left to Right-Deanna Winkhart, Betty Luckring. Donna Brown, Marjorie Van Dyne, Ianet Barr. Standing-Virginia Agnes, Drum Major. LEFT TO RIGHT: First RowsBobby Gates, Iudy Buck, Shirley Stanfard, Sue Shrake. Second RowfVirginia Klaserner, Richard Black, Sally Rose, Alma Fischer. Left to Right-Iudy Lonas, Lois Sandy, Walter Haberli, Germaine Nickles, lean Greer. 4 , LEFT TO RIGHT: Firs! Row-Iean Specht, Coragene Webber. Second Row-Barbara Gift, Betty Hall, Iulia Patterson, Monica Stahl. LEFT TO RIGHT: First Row-- Iune Davis, Dora Etter, Theodore Feucht. Barbara Baker, Mary Fischer. Second Row-Paul Gretzinger, Leroy Strubel. Ivan Steele, Bobby Lind, Billy Lind. Lett to High!-Dale Amos, Peler Shrake, Donna Rumberger, Francis Stevens. LEFT TO RIGHT: Betty Chenevey, Ieanne Thompson, Patty Schaffer. M gnu "M 4 2 ', ,Q 46. ji yy . ,X ' ...Q 4 'Tw ,Mfr I ' as .fi s, 1 .zgg a' 1 ' s., g fi 5 . ' E -1 1- 'QA MM HQ J .V xl, N 4 C Us X , ,,,, . 1 -Q 19 X iii 1, 'Aa N 'uma 1-M. ,. X " Q Lf-M A ....., WQEQSFQF Q". i " n - : fx 'ffff 'hir' s -va ,M . , . , , ' xii? 1 S Ay, Sgr T. -. .n 'M .- . I 14.4 .7 J, .L'."R ru, s .52 QA 5531 E ii' Shu X. Q . 31 . ,i v , R . , , ,. , .Q A , W v .fi , , FM., . W Q11 Y Q . -f A H . f ' 4 lx ' 'F 'U- ,, . E5 5 A X, . Q 'YS M '51 .K , , L, . 4 ,1., wt. A I YY - Vx .::., .5 wi J 'YW v . 'ii ' ' g ,,f x Z 'E , . YV 5 , , L , 55135 T' Q I - .I .3 , t 32 "gf 35' i' 5 Q, ' fu K . , fi 'I' Six? X if - , 1' Q . . 'ig M- -A . 'f X N . I 1 5 A , " Q3 A x', .P , - ,, 5 . , L HX L 'J' X f ,',,, f. ' x , ,, F 1 Q nf' A . 1 N 'Q ' ' Q, . s av' nv, "TNT '93 'VME Kg? 1 M1 'Q sw 'fig E' as x Q v P A 2' T1 X X e , fl' V ft! , hm 1571849 gm' 'av ' 3 :ANN xi- -zb , I '- nik - ,1f..-F eifatyf' nv' T- . ' v qi v"5:' :D ,. H 9 we x A' 6 '13 M 'ryx ,PI Q ,. X 4- dw? -' , .xl W?" A R " 4 ' n L , Q, 'Q-5.2 -..-nf'-rg - ' "m ' ' . . 'N M' 'wwf . ntl, arm..- -sg, 'Hrs fy 4.4. ,hy , Q, Jn, , - A , 4 h x . N V, ,X - Q x' Q' V, -A .,-4 af "A , N " V ', ., A:- ,tl .iw , 7,-w. ww gi .,-.Lv V . v ff.,- . 3, Iva., , f . N K 'fz Y lm.. f I ,g x X M, U, N, , . A , v NSI, , ,- V- Q-K r Vx . f". - .: fvwktfl' 1. 'Q-'K' .QT-9-5 ,K 1. 1- MIXED CHOIR W LEFT TO RIGHT: First Row-June Davis, Sue Shrake, Ianet Barr, Marjorie Van Dyne, Carol Staniord, Iudy Buck, Barbara Baker. Second Row-Cleo Rupert, Virginia Aqnes, lulia Patterson, Vera Shanklin, Betty Hall, Virginia Klaserner, Iudy Lonas, MISS LOWE. Third Row-Arden Loretto, Walter Haberli, Lois Sandy, Betty Chenevey, lean Greer, Leonard Bleiniriger, Dale Amos. Fourth Row-Edward Sago, Clyde Gray, Roger Leighley, Teddy Feucht, Richard Sago. BOYS' GLEE CLUB 3 X s yuppnssuunuqm l 3 , E 5 if LEFT TO RIGHT: First Howvlerry Fair, Willis Gaffey, Gene Feucht, Roger Haas, Ierry Berlyoung, Leonard Blein- inger, Howard Satteriield. Second How-Arden Loretto, Teddy Feucht, Robert Bigler, Clyde Gray, Don Marchand, Roger Leighley, MISS LOWE. Third Row-Bobby Define, Richard Sago, Paul Widder, Edward Sago, Bill Brideweser, Fourth Row-Duane Iones, Richard Pinhard, Dick Hay, Ronald Eccleston. SENIOR GLEE CLUB , . I!!! LEFT TO RIGHT: First Row-Virginia Klasemer, Iulia Patterson, Shirley Underwood, Vera Shanklin, Betty Hall Second Row-Virginia Agnes, Iane Gretzinger, Norma Haager, Germaine Nickles, Cleo Rupert Miss Lowe. Third Row-Ila Gaul, lean Greer, Iudy Lonas, Verlie Hawkins, Betty Chenevey, Florence Garver BOYS' OCTETTE LEFT TO RIGHT: First Row-Arden Loretto. Jerry Fair. Second Row-Clyde Gray. Roger Leighley, Robert Biqler, Don Marchand, Teddy Feucht. FRESHMAN, SOPHOMCDRE, AND IUNIOR GLEE CLUB unsound l LEFT TO RIGHT: First Row-Marilyn Scheuter, Kay Thomas, Carol Linkiield, Dixie Winkhart, Beverly Manse, Marita Nottsinger, Darlene Adams, Betty Braden. Second How-Luann Gaut, Barbara Girt, Ianice Winkhart, Ruth Iones, Ruby Iones, Polly Whyte. Marjorie Smeltzer. Dorothy Kelly, Bobbie Loretto, Miss Lowe. Third Row-Sue Haas, Myra Schaller, Betty Rumberger, Nancy Stoetzer, Carol Greenwalt, Twila Lint, Wanda Aman, Patricia Pettigrew, Betty Agnes. Fourth Row-Shirley Whitfield, Monica Stahl, Pat Cook. Cecelia Struble, Anita Beck. Mary Rentsch. Fifth Row-Ruby Winkhart, Pat Neal, Margaret Hogue. IUNIOR CHOIR LEFT TO RIGHT: First How-Iimmy Agnes, Ianice Stutz, Patsy Swaiford, Patricia Iohnson, Ianet Jacobs. Margaret Nickles, Nancy Thompson, Rose Notsinger, Ester Aman, Walter Nofsinger. Second Row-Miss Lowe, Billy Gibbs, Lowell Speicher, Katheryn Baker, Patsy Ulrich. Ianet Frease, Patsy Tyler, Woodrow Winkhart, Iackie Winkhart. Third Row-Karl Keihl, Paul Wanner, Shelia Airhart, Rebecca Sarchet, Alice Schaller, Margaret Notsinger, Barbara Hoover, Ann Sarchet, Gary Blass, Donald Rangel. Fourth Row-Norma lean May, Lloyd Eckroate, Donna Whitmer, Ray Rankin. Wanda Whitmore. Ray Fortner. IOKES BRIDY-How many subjects are you carrying? BONNIE-Carrying one and dragging three. BOBBY AGNES--I hardly know what to do with my week-end. MISS SACCO-tSourcasticlyl I suggest you put a hat on it. MR. WISARD-What do we mean by a free man? MILTON NOFSINGER - One who isn't married. DEAN-If you smoke you'll get a tobacco heart. IOE-Then it I eat sweets, will I get a sweetheart? IIM FOSTER-What would I have to give you for one little kiss? FLORENCE GARVER-Ether. VIRGINIA-This darn engagement ring George gave me. IEAN--What's the matter with it? VIRGINIA-It's too tight. I have the most awful time getting it off when other fellows come over. MISS DRAWE-Were you copying lohn Pau1's answers? TREVOR-No. I was just looking to see if I had mine right. MISS BREMER-What three foods are re- quired to keep the body in good health? SALLY FRANK-Breakfast, dinner, and supper. IOHNNIE-I read in the paper that a man went for twenty days without eating. BONNIE-Gee, he should have given his order to a different waiter. FLORENCE-You shouldn't be handling money. It has germs on it. EDDIE-Not my money, a germ would starve to death in 12 hours on the money I make. SACCO-Young man are you the teacher of this class? DEAN-No, Mam. SACCO-Then quit speaking out of turn. IANE--How long can a person live with- out brains? IOE-I don't know. I am now nineteen. DOT D.-Tell me, do you really like dumb men? IULIA-What other kind is there? Danny had taken his date to the theatre. Before the first act was over, he tried to put his arm around her. In her attempt to resist him, she fell over the edge of the balcony into the orchestra. "Hey!", Danny yelled after her, "Come on up out of those expensive seats!" Q29 -1 lx ijxs-X WV. 5 I Z I D 1255 - J QE, 5 f A",Qf3X....-1 gi Sag LX ix ag X 1 X A, QD 255 52 "'T STUDENT COUNCIL LEFT TO RIGHT: F izst How-Iean Greer, Anita Beck, Ianet Eberly, Zola Whitfield, Mary Rentsch, Marjorie Van Dyne. Second Row-Theodore Feucht. Wesley Malone, lim Foster, Ronnie Colucy, Roger Leighley, Gilbert Iohnson, Mr, Wisard. MONITORS LEFT TO RIGHT: First How-Cleo Noisinger, Dorothy Drage, lean Greer, Verlie Hawkins, Betty Chenevey, Iudy Lonas, Patty Schaffer. Second Row-Zola Whitfield, Mary Rentsch, Pauline Bixler, Virginia Klaserner, Ianet Eberly. Betty Hall, Virginia Agnes. Norma Haager, Dorothy Thompson. Third Row-lim Foster, Leo Mummertz. Howard Keith, Roger Leighley, Gilbert Iohnson, Wesley Malone, Mr. Wisard. Fourth Row-Ronnie Colucy. Andrew Tormasi, Dean Goodman, Larry Grunwald. DEBATE CLUB -s, Rauf? Kwai? LEFT TO RIGHT: First Row-Germaine Nickles, Betty Hall, Virginia Agnes, Iulia Patterson, lla Gaul, ludy Second Row-Dorothy Thompson, lane Gretzinqer, Johnny Sewell, Ronnie Colucy, Shirley wood, Miss Lowe. Third Row-Ioe Motto, Charles Logan. COMMERCIAL CLUB Mins ww., LEFT TO RIGHT: Miss Drawe, Florence Garver, Cleo Rupert, Norman Pinhard, Virginia Klcserner Patty Schaffer, Iecm Greer. F. H. A. LEFT TO RIGHT: First Row-Luann Gaut, Marjorie Smeltzer, Sally Rose, Alma Fischer, Dora Etter, Nancy Stoetzer, Nona Herrick, Barbara Girl. Second Row-Dorothy Kelly, Carol Greenwald, Margaret Hogue, Pat Neal, Cecelia Struble, Shirley Whitfield, Cleo Nolsinger, Shirley Noisinqer, Miss Bremer. Third Row-Iune Davis, Darlene Adams, Marita Noisinger, Barbara Baker, Betty Agnes, Dixie Winkhart, Betty Braden, Marilyn Scheutiler, Beverly Manse. Fourth Row-Lois Sandy, Wanda Aman, Roberta Loretto, Polly Whyte. Twila Lint, Ianice Wink- hart, Ruth Iones, Ruby Iones. NEWSPAPER STAFF 'W Left to I-light-Patty Schailer, Verlie Hawkins, Florence Garyer, Cleo Rupert, Miss Drawe, Vera Shanklin, Norman Pinhard. Iean Greer. Virginia Klaserner. LIBRARIANS iv First Row-Florence Garver, Shirley Staniord, Iudy Buck, Carol Stanford, Roberta Loretto, Marilyn Scheultler. Second How-Wanda Aman, Mary Rentsch, Dorothy Thompson, Vera Shanklin, Polly Whyte, Germaine Nickles, Ila Gaut, Miss Sacco. Third How-Patricia Pettigrew, Marilyn Kurtz, Carol Linkfield, Sue Haas, Luann Gaut LATIN CLUB First How-Gene Feucht, Kay Thomas, Marjorie Van Dyne, Iudy Buck, Carol Linktielcl, Marilyn Kurtz. Ierry Fair. Second Row--Ronald Owen, Walter Haberli, Monica Stahl, Shirley Stanford, Mary Rentsch, Gary Ioqerst, Willis Gatfey, Miss Sacco. Third How-Richard Pinhard, Ianet Barr, Sue Shrake, Anita Beck, Carol Stanford, Pat Pettigrew, Iohn Percer. Fourth Row-Robert Black, lack Stucky, Iohn Miller, Larry Grunwald. ,Q- IUNIOR PATROL -in ,' ,, mm 17" ll wk, Q I-fi W , 'qi fm ,. 'fi j , gg 1 I-'Y A . ,A 'bv A ., . ., i swgrr Lf J 'iff 1 ' ' H I f .eral -.. Q' lv i 1 r- hjffi me LAM M,,r..g,,,', W ' First Row-Harold Diehl, Peter Shrake, Iay Werstler, Donald Scheufler, Nelson Sateriield, Paul Wanner, Richard Whitmer, Walter Nofsinger. Second How-Mr. Van Dyne, Ray Rankin, Roy Rupert, Ray Fortner, Donald Rangel, Paul Gretz- inger, Bill Schreckengost, Chief of Police Howard Van Horn, Officer Frank Schrock. Third Row-Ronnie Ulrich, Bill Whitmer, Lloyd Eckroate, Iohn Thompson, Ray Whitmer, Gerald Taylor, Garnet Patterson. Fourth Row-Karl Diehl, Philip Ranqel, Daniel Morrow, Roger Nohl, Leonard Bair. IUNIOR PATROL Q8 First Row-Ierry Buck, Wayne Turner. Darcy Axe, Ronnie Rankin, Neil Gates, Barnard Hoover, Gary Gardner. Second Row-Mr. Van Dyne, David Baker, Richard Baker, Tommy Gout, Norman Hudson, Bill Gibbs, Iunior Winkhart, Chief of Police Howard Van Horn, Officer Frank Schrock. Third Row-Iames Agnes, Robert Gates, David Eberly, Gary Blass, Maynard Rupert, Dean Young, Lowell Speicher. Fourth Row-Eddie Speicher. Paul Mahaffey, Iacob Geopfert, Francis Stevens, Tommy Cole. NIOR BED CROSS REPR IU ESENTATIVES Lei! to igh H B dy F CUSTODIANS W JOE MANACK, MILES HAY t- everly Ccrrdclmun, Verlie Hawkins. Ted eucht, Roger Leighly, M1ss Bremer. MRS. LUCILLE PETERMAN Librarian IUNIOR PL F 1950 LEFT TO RIGHT: First Row Shirley Underwood, Iohnnie Sewell, Iulia Patterson, lean Greer, Norman Pinhard Virginia Agnes. Second How Germaine Nickles, Iudy Lonas, Ioe Motta, Dean Goodman, Iim Foster Charles Logan Betty Hall, lla Gout. Third Row Betty Chenevey, Dorothy Thompson, Virginia Klaserner, lane Gretzinger, Cleo Rupert Director Miss Lowe. NATIONAL HONORARY SOCIETY SENIORS IUNIORS Iane Gretzinger Iean Greer Virginia Agnes Shirley Underwood Germaine Nickles Betty Hall Iulia Patterson Dean Goodman Norma Haager Dorothy Thompson Betty Chenevey Billy Evans Beverly Cardaman Myra Schaller www fyj f -z. fffy J Qgll X V JL X if iz 1629 LAST YEAR MEN L . ! IIM FOSTER DEAN GOODMAN BONNIE COLUCY Tackle Center Left Half 1 CHARLES LOGAN IOHNNIE SEWELL LEO MUMMERTZ Guard Fullbcck Right Half COACHES FRED BRIDEWESER cmd EUGENE SPONSELLER Football Basketball wammwwwwkkfwggwww, aaa DON HOLLINGER Guard Left to Right-Dean Goodman, Ronnie Colucy FOOTBALL SCORES East Sparta , Millersburg East Canton lackson C C Marlboro Dalton 7 Middlebranch Canal Fulton Brewster .C C A total of five A Way Navarre C 0 20 26 18 13 20 12 19 V 0 20 25 20 ,ra A, 25 7 20 26 O an 24 ,,,.,-r.-.,--- 7 wins and four losses. QUEEN cmd CO-CAPTAINS FOOTBALL QUEEN IULIA ANN PATTERSON Decm Goodman, Iulia Pcxtierson, Ronnie Colucy QUEEN and ATTENDAN TS y, XX X "FN, 'K25 M., . Q XX ,Q so , . 6 yw Anita Beck, Donna Brown, Iuliu Patterson KQueen7, Scilly Frank, Nancy Stoetzer VARSITY TEAM LEFT TO RIGHT: First Row-Arden Loretto, lohnny Brideweser, Glenn Fortner, Ronnie Colucy. Paul Widder, Roger Leighley, Wesley Malone. Second Row-Couch Eugene Sponseller, Don Marchand, Iohn Muskoff, Dale Geisberger. Iohn Miller, Dick Huy, lack Stucky, Manager Webster Lonus. RESERVE TEAM LEFT TO RIGHT: First Row-Trevor Huth, Teddy Feucht, Eddie Gcxrver, Arden Loretto. Ierry Fair. Second Row-Coach Eugene Sponseller, Don Marchand. Iohn Muskoii, Dale Geisberger, Iohn Miller, lack Stucky, Wesley Malone. SENIOR PLAYER RONALD COLUCY Top scorer in County. 273 Points for the season. BASKETBALL SCORES Marlboro -- Strasburg --- Iackson ..L.. Tuscarawas - Hartville .... Brewster Rv., East Canton - Beach City -- Waynesburg Magnolia U- Canal Fulton Uniontown -- Middlebranch Beach City A Greentown -L Brewster --- Iackson ..... East Sparta - East Canton - Visitor Home 39 62 53 58 33 37 58 59 - --- 53 56 - -e, 36 71 --, --- 60 55 L-- --- 53 65 -,, --- 55 37 rr- 58 71 -,, L-- 47 63 --- --- 59 78 - L - - - - - 60 66 - ......c 45 74 L ........ 40 70 - - - -Forteit to Navarre - .,,.... 44 58 --- r.,.. 60 71 --- --- 42 56 I ?""'2 Khum- SENIOR CLASS PRGPHECY C+! Hi Kids: There were many of you whom we didn't get to see at our big homecoming celebration last November, so I thought I would take this opportunity to write to all of you and let you know what has happened to a lot of the old gang. We did manage to see some of you: but for those who didn't get to make it back to Navarre, we do hope you'1l enjoy this letter. I know you'd all be surprised at how much Navarre has changed in only ten years. This is due to a large uranium supply that was discovered- here, and in turn a large atomic plant has been built to make use of this supply. It has made Navarre quite an industrial center, and it has grown from a small village to a good-sized city. Due to this increasing size of our small and quiet town it was discovered that we were in sore need of a new athletic field and stadium. And this is the spot where the first one of our classmates, Dean Goodman, comes into the picture. Dean, as you remember, was the Co-Captain of our football team and also very much interested in electrical engineer- ing. When the Atomic Plant was built here, Dean applied for a job after he graduated "cum 1aude" from Ohio State: and since then he was worked himself up to the posi- tion of president of the plant. It seems that Dean got together with the officers of the plant: and after pulling some strings, they managed to raise enough money to build Navarre quite a large-sized stadium. It was for the dedication of this stadium that we all returned to our old Alma Mater. And what a dedication that was! I recognized the faces of prominent people from all over the country, besides many of my own class- mates and friends. Betty Hall, Iulia Patterson, and I flew in from New York on one of the new jet rockets of Capital Air Lines. You can imagine our December 15, 1961 New York, New York surprise when who should meet us at the door of the plane but Dorothy Thompson looking very chic in her new stewardess uniform. Of course, we were all excited to see Dorothy as stewardess: and she was just as elated at seeing us and wondering what we were doing there in New York. After we were seated and on our way, Dorothy had time to sit down and tell us what had happened to some of the former fellow-victims. She said that Eddie Sago was following in his father's footsteps and was now a pilot for the Trans-Atlantic Air- lines. The last time Dorothy had talked to Eddie was in Chicago right before he was ready to take off for London. It seems that Eddie had lost track of most of the class- mates, that is all except Howard Keith, who was stationed in London as a second-lieu- tenant in the United States Army. After Dorothy had finished her news, we in turn told her of ourselves and our doings. After Betty had finished her graduate work at Depauw, she was offered a job as buyer for ladies' apparel at Sak's Fifth Avenue. It was through her that Iulia and I went to Sak's as models. Well, it wasn't long after our talk with Dorothy until we landed in Navarre on their newly-built airfield. We said good-bye to Dorothy and hurried over to the stadium as it was almost time for the football game to begin. ,. We entered the stadium and were amazed at its size and beauty. I suppose every- body is wondering about the old stadium. It is now being used for grade school and practice purposes. The new one, by the way, was designed and built by Gretzinger's In- corporated, a firm of artists and architects, whose president is our old friend lane. Working for her as artist of the firm is Ger- maine Nickles. As soon as we were seated. we took time to look at our programs and discovered that the present coach of our old Alma Mater was none other than Ronnie Colucy. We checked the line-up for the game between the High School All Stars and the Pro All Stars and were amazed at how many from our school had made both teams. Many were former graduates, but we were proud to see that our own Iohnnie Sewell was captain of the Pro Team. The half-time show made us almost feel homesick, for who should come strutting down the field, leading her Musical Major- ettes, but Virginia Agnes. Of course, after the game we had to go down and mill around the crowd to see whether we could find anyone that we knew. The first ones we saw were Ioe Moffa and Chick Logan. driving out of the stadium in a big black Cadillac. We just managed to catch them before they left. They told us that they now owned two fashionable nite clubs and a Drive Inn Restaurant. It seems that their nite clubs were prospering won- derfully but that the Drive Inn was suffering from some stiff competition by a restaurant down the road. We later learned that this restaurant was owned and operated by Verlie Hawkins. You can imagine our surprise when they told us that they had booked Ivan Steele and his now famous orchestra to play in one of their clubs for the Christmas holidays. One of their feature attractions was the very talented vocalist, Iudy Lonas. Ioe and Chick offered to drive us down to the hotel, where we had previously made reservations, so we climbed in and off we went. Ioe is still as good a driver as he ever was, and it was but a few seconds until we arrived at the hotel. As we went up to the desk to register, who should be standing behind the desk but Norman Pinhard. We asked him whether he had seen any of the old gang, and he said, "Why yes, a good many of them had stayed right there in Navarre. In fact, Iim Foster was employed there in the hotel as head chef of the kitchen: Norma Haager had received her master's degree and was teaching English Literature at the high school: Cleo Rupert had taken Mrs. Peter- .....-,.,..v- .v man's place as librarian: lean Greer had also come back for the homecoming cele- bration and was registered there in the hotel." For those who haven't heard about lean is, she has become quite a famous authoress, writing short stories for the Satur- day Evening Post. Her private secretary is Patty Schaffer. Later that evening while we were getting ready to go out, there was a knock on our door and in walked Sally Frank. She cer- tainly has changed in only ten years! Sally now owns a reducing and beauty salon in Chicago, and working with her is Dorothy Drage. Sally said that they had flown in from Chicago early this morning and with them was Virginia Klaserner, the popular columnist for the Chicago Tribune. They had brought along one of last week's papers and showed us an article in it announcing the coming marriage of Pauline Bixler to Cornelius A. Vanderbilt III. Later that evening while we were driving out to Verlie's Restaurant for dinner, we passed a large store with a sign out in front that read "Nofsinger's Farm Supply Co." At the restaurant after our order was taken by Vera Shanklin, I happened to glance up at the television set and there staring me in the face was Florence Garver, seated in a car. It didn't take me long to discover that she was a driving instructor for Chev'- rolet. When Vera came back to our table, I asked her whether she knew what had become of Betty Chenevey. Vera said that Betty was now married to a Cleveland Browns football player and had a son named Roger Ir. Well, kids, that includes everybody I guess. Oh! I almost forgot about lla Gaut. We have been writing to each other regu- larly ever since she enrolled in nursing school at one of the hospitals in Cincinnati. I certainly hope you've all enjoyed hear- ing about your old classmates. If any of you has a chance, please write and let me know what you're doing. Perhaps I'll see all those I missed this time at the next home- coming and as the fire fly said when he backed into the lawn mower, I'm delighted no-end. But this is the end. So long kids! SHIRLEY UNDERWOOD. 951,46 Uflrna QXHQZEK 525212 22 me g1f6nQ Q ZL cl My E741 ami ima jawn -amd wn cfafwn1Ecl dfufal 451 aff!!! fgli Waxing Acfwfmlow cgwaed Cv f7"c1-owfllljgee. GLAHQ BABY PICTURES 'I Fai X i " A' , I .Wm VIRGINIA AGNES PAULINE BIXLER BETTY CHENEVEY BONNIE COLUCY 4 2 DOROTHY DRAGE IAMES FOSTER SALLY FRANK FLORENCE GARVER i S I , , , , ILA GAUT DEAN GOODMAN IEAN GREER IANE GRETZINGEH A is BABY PICTURES NORMA I-IAAGER BETTY HALL VERLIE HAWKINS HOWARD KEITH x K 3 - , ' 1' wx .Q- NNY' VIRGINIA KLASERNER CHARLES LOGAN IUDY LONAS IOE MOFFA I I MILTON NOFSINGER IULIA PATTERSON NORMAN PINHARD CLEO RUPERT w EDWARD SAGO IVAN STEELE DOROTHY THOMPSON SENIOR GRADE PICTURE W. Q n vw? x i 1 ' x A ,K xg . ...gz - .,. ,, Q , kv .ff X4 R gi' ,. jf 5 ., ., ,f A iw, .1 Asiww " 'A ,ff ' , W . ' f gy: , WA .- V ,. fi QQ f , M -X A -::sf:- 4 1 as " gg F -f km OO Cl lo no I 3 S4 35" ... SGC!! 'M Q -do-1-4 3? 'C DO ll na C 'I -018' I -u" 7 1' ' H ,L -ff . x -f wi " -"' ' - . - ,wimmii . ...,,. ,..,,.. , A J rab .:,, . . t In ,QW X M , ww sw "' , . 1 S I Q58 W. Class of 1951 V A. NICKLES BAKERY, INC Compliments of Massillon Merchants t Compliments of EARL LOGAN I. G. A. MARKET On The Square - Navarre, Ohio 0-ko Finest in Quality Groceries Meats, Fresh Fruits and Vegetables 'loci U ,be ha PP'6 I' 6 ith E Con gratulations, Graduates CCMPLIMENTS OF B E C K ' S .Y g Chevrolet r -1 - sees W Sefvlce 5.5 A ' NAVARRE, OHIO 28,395 '63 Serving you " since 1902 Congra+ula+ions Graduates SUPERIOR DAIRY, INC. MILK 2I06 West Tusc. Righ+ From The Sfari' QUAUTY J CANTON, OHIO CHEKD ICE CREAM 44 ICE CREAM CANTON, OHIO Zintsmaster Hardware ON THE SQUARE Phone 541 I Navarre, Ohio Hoover Agency Youngstown-Kitchens Speed Queen Washers Compliments of hhjcls estaurant FINE 1 FOODS REAL ITALIAN SPAGHETTI Newly Remodeled On The Square Phone 5605 Navarre, Ohio Kes! Myles I0 the Class of '51 TER, K MANN Compliments of Mids Nite Club Fine Foods-Open Till 2:30 NORTH MAIN STREET EXTENSION Phone 5600 Navarre, Ohio COMPLIMENTS OF THE HARVARD Men's and Young Men's Clothing CANTON, OHIO o-ko Compliments of a Friend o-ko STARK COUNTY'S LEADING .AT I-ILETICS GOODS IVIERCI-IANTS HIGH QUALITY MILK HOME MADE ICE CREAM ' GROCERIES EGGS ' CHEESE ' COUNTRY SAUSAGE AND LUNCH MEATS Shop and Save DUMONTHS SMITH DAIRY F A Q Dial 7-0994 ZTIG SI. CUYIIOU, 01110 Ccnion-Richviue Road Open Daily 9:00 A.M. to 9:00 P.M. NEW CARS 1 USED CARS COMPLIMENTS or STEINER PONTIAC, INC. Sales and Service Phone 5328 525 Main S+ree+ Navarre, Ohio lke's Aufo Repair Service General Overhauling Tune-up, Brake Service 6. Welding Market St. - Navarre. Ohio Phone 5547 CUIVIPLIMENTS OE Navarre Deparfmenf Sfore We will be here tomorrow to stand back of the goods we seII today. Complimeufs of CHAS. W. LINTNER jeweler NAVARRE, OHIO The Sanitary Market On The Square Larry Eccleston MEAT-FISH-GROCERIES-PRODUCE Phone 5321 Navarre, Ohio HANK'S SERVICE Motor Tuning ' Wheel Balancing Batteries ' Tires ' Accessories NAVARRE, OHIO Complinfzents of Compliments of UlBRlCHT BROS. f D I A L 3 ' 5 3 5 7 Automatic Home Heating . I Coal - Oil - Gas Athletic Goods 4:5 Embrozdery Co. Bryant Heater Products 2212 . 2214 TUSC. ST. W. CANTON. O. 'I E. Canal St. Navarre, Ohio COMPLIMENTS OF n i I Compliments L1v1nqston Furmture Co. f 0 FINE FURNITURE SINCE 1917 Third and Market Ave. N. CANToN, omo DEAN'S TEXACO Compliments of . Q . A. F. GRETZINGER CQIVIPLIMENTS OF Kalleker Greenhouse , I' V -n LU llgpoalfi fan. I IB, PRESCRIPTIO S A'l'l'I l.E'l'lC EQIJ IDMENT 134 wEsT TuscARAwAs STREET CANTON, OHIO D. A. MUSKOFF DRUGS MAIN STREET SQUARE PHONE Nunez 5333 NAVARRE, OHIO COMPLIMENTS OF MIKE'S TAVERN ON THE SQUARE MICHAEL COLASURD, Proprietor Bus. Phone 5387 Res. Phone 5445 COMPLIMENTS OF Whitmore's Shoe Store NAVARRE, OHIO NICE GOING, GRADUATES C. N. VICARY CO. 312-324 Market Ave. North CANTON, OHIO AGNES and POTH Home Dressed Meats ff 1, ff Phone 523l Navarre, Ohio CHARLES BIGLER Electric and Acefylene Welding Compliments of f Aman's Garage ORNAMENTAL If North Main Street IRON WORK GENERAL REPAIRING NAVARRE' OHIO Authorized Ford Dealer Nor+h Main S+. Phone 5556 B, L, Aman Phone 5244 NAVARRE, OHIO Compliments ot B. 81 L. SERVICE Tires, Batteries, and Accessories Phone 5629 Navarre, Ohio Compliments of MIllER'S TAVERN Pete and Grethel Navarre, Ohio Phon 5606 KEEFER'S DRIVE-INN Specializing Own Made Ice Cream DELUXE SANDWICHES ' LUNCHES Tray and Dining Room Service Route 21 Navarre, Ohio e 'QMPLliVitIN'i'S Lift Lintner Advertising Service NAVARHE, OHIO RALPH L. KINSEY Attorney-at-Law NAVARRE, OHIO Compliments of DAN and Mlll'S GRILL Market St. Navarre, Ohio Compliments of Cook's Radio Services I34 Market Street NAVARRE, OHIO Compliments of GREEN VALLEY SERVICE STATION C. R. KEITH, Proprietor ROUTE 21 NAVARRE, OHIO Congratulations to The Class of 1951 The Sterling Bakery Bakers of Peter Wheat Bread COMPLIMENTS OF Huq's Funeral Home PHONE 5612 NAVARRE, OHIO Complimenfs of MASSIIION INDEPENDENT RETAIL IEWEIERS GLENN P. HECKERT SUTTER'S JEWELER J. L. FROMHOLTZ C. J. DUNCAN PITCOCK and WAGNER. Inc. COMPLIMENTS OF T h e NAVARRE DEPOSIT B a n k NAVARRE, OIIIU CI1lIIf7lfIIIl'lIf.Y of GILBERT'S ELECTRIC G. E. Dealer Main Street Extension Compliments of LASH'S SOHIO SERVICE NAVARRE, OHIO Phone 5433 Invalid Service Harry E. Myers FUNERAL HOME Wooster Street Navarre, Ohio BARLOW'S DRIVE-IN Restaurant Rt. 21 at Navarre, Ohio I HOUSE OF FINE FOODS Wu xeru' only lbe lurvf Wifll only ffm flex! fn .wr'1'r' jflll IT'S THE BOWLING ALLEYS Thai Make THE DIFFERENCE and They're ai THE COUNTRY LANES Compleiely New and Modern ' Open and League Bowling ' Saiurday and Sunday Open Bowling Founiain Service ' Shoes Renied ' Bowling Supplies AMPLE PARKING FACILITIES PHONE 2-0296 Massillon - Navarre Road COIVIPLIIVIENTS OF Wanda's Beauiy Shoppe Wanda Brechbuhler, Prop Reba Marchand, Operator NAVARRE. OHIO R. H. Anqermcm, M. D. Navarre Frozen Food Lockers Complete line of frozen foods We specialize in processing meats for home lockers Custom Curing and Smoking of Fresh Pork Complete Line of Frozen Foods Phone 5202 COIVIPLIMENTS OP G. D. Underwood, M. D. NAVARRE, OHIO COMPLIMENTS OF Bixler 6: Albauqh GRAIN, FEED, FLOUR LIME, CEMENT, FENCING, ETC. DIAL 5212 NAVARRE, OHIO Your Garments Com' liments are in good bands when p sent to of NAVARRE CLEANER 'I' ik 'k WE PICK UP AND DELIVER Phone 5650 69 Canal Street . . . And The Truth Shall KEEP You Free THE EVENING INDEPENDENT 0-ko Brings You The Facts You Need To Exercise Freedom Of Choice Thanks to the Commercial Club for helping us publish THE NAVARRETTE KING'S CLUB, INC. COMPLIMENTS OF The Farmer's Supply Co. NAVARRE, OHIO Complimenfs ana' Besf Wishes an .79 CANTON - ALLIANCE MASSILLON ClIl1lQVtIfIl1lIfiOllS and Bcfsf Wisbvs C 0 m P I e n 1 S To You o f Class of ,51 'I'- 'A' if 'A' THE FISCHER COMMERCIAL PHUTULITH TRACTOR SALES co. YOUR FERGUSON DEALER 137 First Street, N. E. Navarre, Ohio R. D. 3 Massillon, Ohio 1 X ,A . ' gg. M ,- '1."-- A . 'Yay . x Lv lv-2, , ,N ,. L. If x.. W.. . W. 1" x 'Pl N v, 1 1' ,F , ,, .. . ' .sk ."!QI'i' :E Yak., i 1 Q "L X, an f ..,.. .1 'x . . 4-, .. I , .. uri," A VA. 4 L ' a -ef uf.. JV, . w .4 'Q ,gf n .Mx v'- ' rw 1 ' ' A x 4 .f ' , ,lm ,,:N . 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Suggestions in the Navarre High School - Entre Nous Yearbook (Navarre, OH) collection:

Navarre High School - Entre Nous Yearbook (Navarre, OH) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 1


Navarre High School - Entre Nous Yearbook (Navarre, OH) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 1


Navarre High School - Entre Nous Yearbook (Navarre, OH) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


Navarre High School - Entre Nous Yearbook (Navarre, OH) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


Navarre High School - Entre Nous Yearbook (Navarre, OH) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Navarre High School - Entre Nous Yearbook (Navarre, OH) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


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