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Text from Pages 1 - 80 of the 1948 volume:

Navarre High School Eritre Nous Of 1948 w w -3 Ci D Ci 'K D n:lrel!5Ymm K hi 1. JF Published by The Senior Class of Navarre High SchOol ANNUAL STAFF Page 2 EDITOR-IN-CHlEF-Alice Foster ASSISTANT EDITOR-Donald Colosurd BUSINESS MANAG-ERSADick Coloner Nickles. ARTlSTSiRose Glenn ond Iim Thorley. PICTURE COMMITTEE-Bonnie Herrick, McCool, ond Robert Smith. cmd Bcrrborcx Margaret LlTERARY-Lois Cole cmd Dorothy Witter. COUPLETS-Pauline Fair ond Twilo Shetler. SPORTSfRoty Hummel. MUSlC4Ruth Schoeni. ADVERTISEMENT COMMITTEEW-leoncxnne Keller, Icrck Bartholomew, Bob Betteker, Eileen Greer, Dick Tolerico, cmd Bonnie Walker. TYPlSTSAEdith Stclntz ond Onie Ruff. IOKES-Ella Chidsey ond lim Henderso Il. DEDICATION ELIZABETH NYDEGGER IOAN HASBROUCK In appreciation of their efforts, kindness, and understanding, we the Senior Class of 1948, whole-heartedly dedicate this edition of the Entre Nous to Miss Nydeqqer, our forrner advisor, and to her successor, Mrs. Hasbrouck. Page 3 1-'nge 4 CIILASS POEM We had twelve high steps to climb When first We entered school, But we had to take our time And abide by the golden rule, We may have fallen down a lot, But study the load made lighterp' Finally seeking what we sought And making the world look brighter. Study, toil, and work our cost To reach our goal and aim: These precious moments never lost Bring memories that remain. Climbing the ladder of success Will finally bring us happiness. -Ella lane Chidsey. CLASS MOTTO Knowledge in youth is wisdom in old age CLASS FLOWER RED ROSE CLASS COLORS SCARLET AND BLACK BOARD OF EDUCATION I t Mr. Leland Huth Mr. Garnet Patterson Mr. I. Atlee Frederick President Vice-President Cferk is Mr. Dwight Whitmer Mr. Cllfiord Bixler Mr- Dean Airhurl Dorothy Lash. Secretary Mr. R. H. Hall, Superintendent Ohio State: B. S. Cclumbia: M. A. Page 5 IOAN HASBROUCK A. B. Marshall College English, Speech Senior Class Advisor NORA DRAWE Kirksville College Gregg College Commercial Subiects HAROLD HOLSHOY Kent State University B.S Industrial Arts Sophomore Class Advisor HELEN BREMER MARGARET IONES Wooster College Oberlin College Kent Univ. B.S. in Edu. Western Reserve Univ. Akron University Kent State University Columbia Univ. M.A. Christiansen Choral School Home Economics, Biology Vocal Music, English Freshman Class Adv. Freshman Class Adv. NEWMAN M. POWELL Ohio Stale A.B.. M.A. Garret Biblical Institute M.A. Louisiana Slate Univ. Psychology, Foreign Languages. Physical Sciences Iunior Class Advisor CHARLES L. BREDEN Otterbein College A.B.. B. Mus. Ohio State University Instrumental Music Sophomore Class Advisor Page 6 FRED BRIDEWESER EARL D. WISARD Capital University RB- Kent State' Univ. B.S. ohh' slme UUWETSUY Business English. History General Science. Coach social sciences Physical Education GRADE TEACHERS FIRST ROW: Mrs. Knight W, . H Fourth Mrs. Wieman ,, - Fifth Mrs. Enqlernan .. .. , ,H First Mrs. Trubey --,.-----. A..ssss Third Miss Kayior ,. Fiith nd Sixth Mrs. Cole W, Second Mrs. Geoptert -ss ads... . . First Grade Grade Grade Grade Grade Grade Grade SECOND ROW: Mr. Sponseiier Mr. Haley Mrs. Lawrence Mrs. Ziegler ., Mrs. Motz ,,,.,,,, W, Mr. Van Dyne in -... Sixth Seventh Second .- Third Fourth ss.- and Eighth Grade Grade Grade Grade Grade Grade Page 7 Page 8 lack Bartholomew lack is a friend to every lass, He also shines in Democracy class. Robert Betteker Boo who shines on the football field To his opponents will never yield. Beverly Caron Although Bev is quiet and shy, Among her friends, she rates quite high. Richard Colaner Birdie's a boy with plenty of class, He has a build like Charles Atlas. Donald Colasurd Chinky combs his hair so neat, ln sports he's very hard to beat. Lois Cole Lois comes on time each day, Her house is just across the way. Ella Chidsey Ianie hails from Middlebranch Hi, An excellent personality, you cannot deny. Marian Day Marian's last name, as you know, is Day, A carefree person. happy and qay. Pauline Fair Pauline is very short and sweet, In our language, she's "a1reet". Alice Foster Alice has features, oh, so small, A friend. indeed, she is to all. Clara Gibson A lively girl, she'll always be, More friendly one, you'll never see. Rose Glenn Tall and slim is Rose Marie, She's a good sport, we all agree. Eileen Greer Eileen has plenty of pep and steam, Now there's a girl that's on the beam. Alice Haberli Alice is certainly very hep, When she does her squareedance step. Iames Henderson A very handsome lad is Hap, In study hall he likes to nap. Bonnie Herrick Bonnie is one who is really neat, When leading cheers, she can't be beat. if Page 9 v Page 10 Kenneth I-Iostetler Kenny, always quiet and shy, For mechanics has an eye. leananne Keller leananne looks quite sophisticated, ln her frocks, fashionably created. Margaret McCool Maggies the type who likes to talk, By having a car, she need not walk. Mabel Meek From Gnadenhutten Mabel hails, ln her tasks, she never tails. Paul Miller A tackle on the team was Paul, l-le rates quite high with one and all, Barbara N ickles Next year-Barbara's bound for college. To acquire wisdom and knowledge. Dale N ofsinger ' Dale spends hislltirne in shop. He never goes to' any "hop". A Robert Palmer Robert Palmer, in other Words, Bob, Never need worry about holding a job Onolette Ruff Onie is seldom ever on time, Usually without reason or rhyme. Ruth Schoeni Music will probably be Ruth's career, She'1l succeed, you need not fear. Twila Shetler Twila's a girl with plenty ot ambition, One who'll always complete her mission. Robert Smith Bob us usually called Al, To us he is a regular pal. Edith Stantz Edith's hair is nearly white as snow, Up the ladder of success, she'1l go, Irene Strubel Our financial status, Irene helped raise, Won't you admit that diligence pays? Richard Talerico Superior is Dick's I. Q., His enemies are few. Iames Thorley A sporty dresser is lim, He buys clothes on any whim. t Page 11 Bonnie Walker Bonnie's work is thoroughly done, Before she takes time for her fun. Page 12 1 Dorothy Witter A dress designer Dorothy will he, Then all the latest fashions, We'll see. ,,,i EX-SERVICEMEN GRADUATING IN IANUARY Frank Blackburn Raymond Hammel President DON COLASURD C L A S S Vice President TWILA SHETLER Secretary BARBARA INUCKLES Treasurer PAULINE FAIR O F F I C E R S if 1 4 Twilcx Iecm Shetler CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR SALUTATORIAN CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR VALEDICTORIAN Alice Hcrberli Page 13 Page 14 Qlllass will IACK BARTHOLOMEW, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to keep up an argu- ment to Dale Feucht. ROBERT BETTEKER, do hereby will and bequeath my love for commercial subjects to Art Drage. BEVERLY CARON, do hereby will and bequeath by reserved ways to Mary Schrock. ELLA IANE CHIDSEY, do hereby will and bequeath my flirting ability to Betty Sabo. RICHARD COLANER, do hereby will and bequeat my wavy hair to Iarnes Glenn. DONALD COLASURD, do hereby will and bequeath my athletic ability to Sonny Winkhart and Gerald Nofsinger. LOISWCOEE, do hereby will and bequeat my winning way with the teachers to lim e s . X MARIAN DAY, do hereby will and bequeat my shortness to Ellouise Peterman. PAULINE FAIR, do hereby will and bequeath my small features to Onnie Smith. ALICE FOSTER, do hereby will and bequeath my ability not to get along with Mr. Wisard to Donna Noisinger. CLARA GIBSON, do hereby will and bequeath my bright smile to LaRue Eckroat. ROSE GLENN, do hereby will and bequeath my good grades to Dorothy Dziegeleski. EILEEN GREER, do hereby will and bequeath my speaking ability to Gloria Legget. ALICE HABERLI, do hereby will and bequeath my love for square-dancing to Margaret Tabellion. IAMES HENDERSON, do hereby will and bequeath by detention slips to Marilyn Wag- ner. BONNIE HERRICK, do hereby will and bequeath my curly hair to Ierry Keller. KENNETH HOSTETLER, do hereby will and bequeath my height to Don Gallo. IEANANNE KELLER, do hereby will and bequeath my sophisticated ways to Ianet Lind. MARg1GPaRET McCOOL, do hereby will and bequeath my talking ability to Violet Wink- ar . MABEL MEEK, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to mind my own business to Forest Wetter. PAUL MILLER, do hereby will and bequeath my quietness in school to lim Riordan. BARBJ.?iDRAhNICKLES, do hereby will and bequeath my business-like attitude to lune ric t. DALE NOFSINGER, do hereby will and bequeath my mechanical ability to Lee Cooke. ROBERT PALMER, do hereby will and bequeath my curly hair to Lester Snyder and Paul Hoisteter. ONNIE RUFF, do hereby will and bequeath my long eye lashes to Mary Adams. RUTH SCHOENI, do hereby will and bequeath by musical talent to Esther Snyder. TWILA SHETLER, do hereby will and bequeath my acting ability to Norma Hodgson. ROBERT SMITH, do hereby will and bequeath my serious studying to Iohn Mummertz. EDITH STANTZ, do hereby will and bequeath my blonde hair to Ioanne Frank. IRENE STRUBEL, do hereby will and bequeath my height to Danny Speicher. RICHARD TALERICO, do hereby will and bequeath my powers of philosophy to Clarence Drage. IAMES THORLEY, do hereby will and bequeath my sense of humor to Bob Grandel and Hal Lonas. BONNIE WALKER, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to go steady to Bonnie Berl- young. DOROTHY WITTER, do hereby will and bequeath my dark hair to Dale Shetler. UNDERCLASSMEN IUNIOR CLASS FIRST ROW: Bonnie Berlyoung, Norma Hodgson, Margaret Bikis, Margaret Tabellion, Mary Adams, Violet Wink- hart, Gloria Legget, lanet Lind, Marilyn Wagner, Donna Noisinger, Betty Sabo. SECOND ROW: Mary Schrock, Dale Feucht, Robert Srneyers, Iohn Mummertz, Sonny Winkhart, Dale Shetler Iames Welch, Arthur Drage, Robert Grandel, Paul Hofsteter, lames Glenn, Forest Wetter, Dorothy Dziegeleski. THIRD ROW: lerry Keller, Ellouise Peterman, Ioanne Frank, lim Riordan, Clarence Drago, Robert Tucker, Lee Cooke, Leland Nofsinger, Danny Speicher, Hal Lonas, Donald Gallo, Esther Synder, Iune Ulbricht. O President F DALE SHETLER F Vice President I DONALD GALLO C Secretary E IUNE ULBRlGHT Treasurer R MARILYN WAGNER Page 16 SOPHOMORES FIRST ROW: Melvin lones, Paul Define, Robert Varns, ,Iohn Welch, Chuck Underwood, Ben Noisinqer, Dick Bouqhuian, Robert Luckrinq, lim Ioqerst. SECOND ROW: Carolyn Seese, Ruby Speicher, Betty Hauenstein, Laura Hanna Eunice Vtfalker, Beverly Kienzle, leanne Shuster, Ieanne Stutz, Norma Rowan, Beth Adams, Patsy Lintner, Marla VV-erstler. THIRD ROW: Billy Define, Robert Octavio, Stanley Whitmer, Bob Heestand, Richard Adams, Iohn Loudiana, Glenn Lawrence, Donald Greer, Tommy Winkhart, Richard Fortner, Lee Doll, Robert Keefer, Bill Loretto, Robert Ulrich. FOURTH ROW: Nadine Gleitsman, Florence Beazel, Gaylia Agnes, Gloria Salberq, Mary Eastcrday, Connie Blass, Dorothy Ranqel, Dorothy Schoeni, Carol Eberly, Bob Emericlc, Albert Rhine, Mary Cook, Ruby Stctaer, Donna Luckririq, Gene Royer, Ruth Hensel, Mabel Wadsworth, Rita Colasurd, Gloria Colaner. O President F GLORIA SALBERG F Vice President I BILLY DEFINE C Secretary E IEANNE STUTZ R Treasurer S GEROULD MAURER Page 17 FRESHMEN FlRST ROW: Betty Chenevey, Patty Schaffer, Julia Patterson, Iudy Lonas, Virginia Agnes, Dorothy Thompson, lean Greer, Florence Garver Dorothy Draqe, Cleo Rupert, Virqinia Klaserner, Sally Frank, Vera Shanklin. SECOND ROW: Robert Dantz, Sam Notsinqer, Milton Notsinqer, Dean Goodman, Edward Sago, lvan Steele, Ron- ald Colucy, Iirn Kcrsehenske, Eddie Sterner, Leo Mummertz, Howard Keith, Iulius Mann, Tim Foster. THIRD ROW: Norman Pinhard, Delva Snider, Shirley Underwood Iane Gretzinqer, Ioanne Stutz, Betty Hall, Norma Haaqer, Pauline Bixler, Helen Price lla Gaul, Franklin Hofsteter. President O GERMAINE NICKLES F Vice President F DEAN GOODMAN I Secretary C DOROTHY THoMPsoN E Treasurer R IEAN GREER S Page 18 SEVENTH GRADE FIRST ROVV: Ruth Braswell, Ruth Nofsinger, Dolores Gibson, Beryl Murphy, ,leanne Thompson, Nancy Bentivegna, Mildred Hann, Ruby Winkhart, linkie Hunter, Myra Schaller, Donna Brown, Lenora Sterner, Donna Rumberger. SECOND ROW: Gilbert lohnson, LeRoy Strubel, lohn Muskoff, Billy Evans, Tommy Airhart, Carl Rouse, Dale Fox, Glenn Fortner, Billy Brideweser, Glen Bille, Bill Chidsey, Robert Agnes. THIRD ROW: Mr. Haley, Paul Shrefiler, Gene Emerick lanet Eberly, Patsy Cook, Francine Keller, Trevor Huth, Webster Lonas, Mr. Van Dyne. FlRST ROW: lohn Brideweser, Gene Feucht, Wesley Anderson. SECOND ROW: Luann Gaut, Dorothy Kelly, Betty Ady, Carol Schultz, Barbara Girt, Nona Herrick, Shirley Stanford, Barbara Fernandez, Dora Etter, Shirley Ncisinger, Mlricrie Smeltzer, Cleo Nofsinger, THIRD ROW: Mr. Haley, Sally Rose, Alma Fischer, Margaret Hogue, Patty Neal, Roger Leighley, Iames Bartholomew, lohn Stucky, Richard Hay, Iohn Miller, Iohn Leggett, Billy Ferren, Shirloe Wymer, Mr. Van Dyne. FOURTH ROYV: Clyde Gray, Gerald Bittle, Kenneth West, Robert Bigler, Richard Pinhard, Paul Widder, Billy Gantz, Ronald Enqleman, Robert Lind, William Lind, Larry Grunwald, Ray- mond Latham, George Stutz. ABSENT: Roger Hass, Mary Ellen Snyder. EIGHTH GRADE Page 19 SIXTH GRADE FIRST ROW: Dale Amos, Lenard Bleninqer, Carol Stanford, Roberta Loretto, Barbara Baker, Iune Davis, Betty Braden, Betty Agnes, Marilyn Scheuftler, Marita Nohsinqer, Ianice Winkhart, lack Gibson, Iohn Evans, Arden Loretto, Howard Sattertield. SECOND ROW: Ierry Fair, Margery Murphy, Twila Lint, Patricia Pettigrew, Ianet Barr, Marjorie VanDyne, Karl Diehl, Walter I-Iaberli, Philip Ranqel, Duane Iones, Iacqueline Aegerter, Polly Whyte, Iudy Buck, Anita Beck, Eugene Goodson, Miss Kaylor. THIRD ROW: Mr. Sponseller, Edwin Garver, Carol Linktield, Sue Haas, Billy Schreokenqost, Robert Braswell, Sue Shrade, Teddy Feucht, Ierry Berlyounq, Gordon Goodson, Ruby Iones, Ruth Iones, Lois Sandy. L I i t FIRST ROW: Lloyd Eclcroate, Tlvrwmas I..ati.arn, james Aqnes, Iohn Thompson, Bobby Gates, Tqiarrtas Cole, Paul Wade, Ray Whitmer, Lowell Speicher, Iietty Lucicrinq, lanice Stutz, Nancy Stivaktas, Rose Notslnger Sandra Zins- master, Nelson Satteriield, Russell Sheit. SECOND ROW: Dean Young, Ronnie Ulrich, Maynard Rupert, Roy Rupert, Iacob Geopfert, Rosemary Moore, Alice Schalier, Wanda Eckelberry, Wanda Whitmore, Beth Howard, liuth Moore, Pat Swaftord, Kay Snyder, Garnette, Craig, Neal Fox, THIRD ROW: Francis Stevens, Leonard Bair, Paul Ma- haffey, Paul Rufener, Ray Rankin, Tom Miles, Eddie Speicher, Gary Blass, Iohn Hunter, Mary Fisher, Kathryn Baker, Beverly Nelson, Deanna Winkhart, Billy Whitmer. FIFTH GRADE FGURTH GRADE FIRST ROW: larnes Luckring, Richard Whitmer, lay Werstler, Magaret Leighly, Norma Murphy, Dorothy Miller, Shirley Pittscn Woodrow Winkhart, Walter Nofsinger, Nancy Barton, Ann Sarchet, lack Winkhart, Bobby Kelly, Nancy Poth Esther Arnan. SECOND ROW: Ruth Rupert, Virginia Kelly, Wayne Gantz, Lester Acly, Mar- garet Nickles, Nancy Thompson, Darlene Lantzer, Donald Scheuller, lames King, Matilda Young, Coragene Weber, lanet lacobs, Peter Shrake, Garnet Patterson, Thomas Grant, THIRD ROW: Harold Diehl, Billy Moss- or, Norman Hudson, Paul Wanner, Paul Gretzinger, Gerald Brinker, Eleanor Bair, Margaret Nofsiriger, Barbara Hoover, Shirlc-y Werstler, Beverly Easterday, Norma May, Richard Maston. FOURTH ROW: Mrs, Knight, Ray Fortner, Carl Notsinger, Marion Elliott, Patricia Lamrn, Sheila Airhart, David Eberly, Ronald Crecco, loan Selway, Charles Geoptert, Donald Rangel, Ralph Gaut, lames Hogue lr., Mrs. Motz. FIRST ROVJ: Neil Gates, Walter Agnes, Stanley Stanford, Dean Amos, Gary Gardner, Carol Etter, Sally Whyte loyce lacobs lulia Eckelberry, Charlotte Weidman, Carol Snyder, Barbara Walter, Marilyn Klein, Roger Huth, lune Sarchet, Suzanne Feucht. SECOND ROW: Ronald Rankin, Eddie Schreckengost, Darcy Axe, Bernard Hoover, Mabel Leighlcvy, Kay Miles, Sandra Duncan, Carolyn Woolard, Arline Linerode, lulia Stutz, Carol Cunningham, David Baker, Paul Shelt, lerry Gibson. THIRD ROW: Ernest Baker, lerry Hunter, Bobby Winkler, Tommy Snyder, Malcolm MacNalw, Ronnie Angerer, Lowell Bixler, Iohn Norris, Donald Selway, Mrs. Trubey. FOURTH ROW: Mrs. Ziegler, Kenneth Bair Gary Appleby, Ierry Buck, Hartford Harding, Beverly lones, Marlene Fitch, loan Colucy, Nancy Nicewandfrr, ludy Kenny, Carol Heater, Careen Hildreth, Dwight Notsinger. THIRD GRADE' Page 21 SECOND GRADE FIRST ROW! lurle B0UQhTT1CIl'1, ROCIGY GUS. ludy Gossett, Richard Garver, Mary Gibson, Richard Barnby, Carol Martin, Carol Luckrinq, Lavonne Bouahrnan, Kay Gossett, Roger Sandy, Donald Ady, Donald Gantz, Phyllis Furniss, Ellen Eckelberry, Diane Define. SECOND ROW: Dale Davis, Iimmy Evans, Ronald Hensel, Billy Gaut, Teddy Morqan, Ierry Nofsinqer, Carl Ruiener, Myra Piper, Danny Poth, Edward Hanna, Evelyn Wade, Donna Larnrn, loe Hoque, Allan Putt. THIRD ROW: Robert Fischer, loann Barton, Don Cooke, Patty Mossor, Martha Zauqq, Shirley Whitmire. FOURTH ROW: Mrs. Cole, layne Frederick, Roberta Noland, Duane Landis, IoAnne Neidenthal, Gary Shepherd, lerry Frease, Carol Rose, Ioseph Moore, Iudy Haas, Ronald Wills, Mrs. Lawrence. FIRST RCW' Bobby Schreckenaost, Larry Hensel, Raymond Lint, Margaret Breniser, Carol Winkhart, Bonnie Sny' der. loan Schreckenqost, Mary McKee, Graylon Shelt, Robert Bille, Michael Gue, Gary Schmidt, Bobby Define, Lee Aman, Winiired Homriqhous, Gene Herrick, Sandra Diekrnan, Guy Snyder, Gary Nofsinqer, David Gardner, SECOND ROW: Sharon Hackathron, Margie Gaut, Verle Appleby, Kay Studer, Bonnie loqerst, Paul Snyder, loan Winkhart, Martha MacNab, Bobby Null, Rochelle lohnston, Arletta Barr, Larry Borie, Lois Edwards, Bobby Ressler, Terry Hildreth, lanine Crecco, limmy Shute, THIRD ROW: Mrs. Enaleman, Gary Selway, Kenneth Mahaffey, Linda Sterner, Walter Cunningham, Sonny Fitch, Rebecca Miller, Helen Norris, Roy lohnson, Marlis Wanner, Darlene Eclcroate, Sandra Bechtel, lane Roebuck, Mrs. Geopiert. FOURTH ROW: limrny Mead, Bobby Miller, Dennis Speicher, Roqer Nicewander, Myron Piper, Ivan Frease, Marqaret Howard Mary Heestand, Ronnie Lantzer, Bruce Patterson, Donald Easterday, Daryl Fox, Louisa Linerode, David Morgan. FIRST GRADE Page 22 ACTIVITIES Q J? NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY FIRST ROW: Twila Sllollcfr, Bonnise Walker, Barbara Niclcles, Alice Foster, Ruth Scfhoeni, Bonnie Hoiiick, Paulino Pair. SECOND ROW: Miss jones, Dorothy Witter, Rose Glenn, Ella Chidsey, le-ananne Keller, Mary Schroclc. THU-iD ROW: Alinfci llalioili, Forest VVottor, Donald Colasurd, Dale Shetlor, lames Glenn, Marilyn Waqneri. Absent: Lois Cole. STUDENT COUNCIL 1 t l FIRST ROW: Dean Goodman, Gloria Salberq, lames Glenn, lane Gretzinqer. SECOND ROW: Hal lonas, lo- anno Frank, Howard Koitli, Tommy Winlcliart. Tl-HRD ROVV: Mr. Wisarcl, Ruth Schoeni, Dick Colaner, Dorothy Scgliocrni, A lim: llalicer li, Page 24 LIBRARIANS l'fl-.ST lxff. .nil Gibson, Dorothy Dzieqleski, Dorothy Witter, Alice Hclberli, lune Ulbricht, Lois Cole, Ruth Ssrifgf-nt .S "'5l'lii' ROW, tsiibstituteslz Bonnie Walker, Dorothy Rcinqel, Esther Snyder, Robert Smith, Edith Stcmtz, Elo f'?.,1:sf 3' iflililffl Frank, Marion Day. FlRST ROW: spizvstitutesl: Mory Eczstercloy, Ruth Schoeni, Corol Eberly, Robert Tucker, Forest Wetter, Robert Smith, lflCIt'QIIIf' fa-1 s, lvifrtrf-l Meek, Bonnie Herrick, Esther Snyder, Cloro Gibson. SECOND ROW: tsubstituie-sl: lock liorfhfwlcxxzptfw "Linn, Ruff, Morqoret lVlcCool, lrone Strubel, Lee Cooke, Dorothy Witter, leancrnne Keller, Kenny Haste-tier 31-15.1.5 Nlcrurer, Dole Feucht, Boh Heestond, Donna Notsinqer. THIRD ROW: Mr. Wisord 'c1dvisorl, Bon' nia '.'Xf1.l:-r Eii-f-n Greer, Ello Chidsoy, Rose Glenn, Ellouise Petermcrn, Gloria Solberg, lune Ulloricht, Mary Sirk, ,: 'X ' 'ty rtzlifvrlf-ski, Alive Hoherli, Rito Colosurd, Morqoret Tcrhcllion. FOURTH ROW: le-anne Stutz, Burgers :kJiiK.K2S Pauline Fair, locnne Frank, lim Riordcm, Dick Colorner, Donald Colusurd, Paul Miller, Roy Hurzirnlfi flzwfs Glf-nn, Toinrny Winkhort, lim Thorley, Hol Lonos, Donny Speicher. MONITORS Page 25 NEWSPAPER STAFF FIRST ROW: Bonnie Walker, Twila Sheller, Bonnie Herrick, Marian Day. SECOND ROW: Lois Cole, Ieananne Keller, Edilh St-fxnlz, Eileen Greer. FIRST ROW: Bonnie Berlyounq, Ruth Schoeni, Pauline Fair, Twila Shetler, Bonnie Herrick Bonnie Walker, Eileen Greer, Alice Haberli. SECOND ROW: lack Bartholomew, Mary Schrock, Marilyn Wagner Norma Hodgson, Edith Sianiz, leananne Keller, Betty Sabo, Lois Cole, Onie Ruif, Robert Belteker. COMMERCIAL CLUB INDUSTRIAL ARTS FIRST I?C'.'J: Robert Srneyors, Donald Greer, Clarence Draqe Dale Feucht, Tommy Airhart, Richard Fortner, Robert Vans, Danny Calla Iee Cooke. SECOND ROW: Mr. Holshoy ladvisorl, Bob Grandel, Eddie Sterner, Ronnie Colucy, Robert Dantz, Ivan Steele, Dick Bouqhrnan, Leo Mummertz, Howard Keith, Franklin Hofsteter, Robert Ulrich, THIRD ROW: Gfgroiild Maurer, Richard Adams Sam Nofsinqer, Milton Nofsiriqer. FIRST ROW? Helen Price, Iean Greer, Florence Garver, Dorothy Draqe, Patty Schaffer, Cleo Rupert, Laura Hanna, Betty Ilauienstein, Barbara Nickles, Beth Adams, Patsy Lintner, Eunice Walker. SECOND ROW: Ruby Speicher, Ruth I-Iensel Carol Eberly, Beverly Caron, Mary Cook, Miss Bremer Cadvisorl, Gene Royer, Marla Wersiler. THIRD RCW: V,:f:ir,:a Klaffrrner, Dorothy Ranqel, Alice Haberli, Ella Chidsey, Eileen Greer, Vera Shanklin, Delva Snider, Gaylra Agnes, Mary Easterday, Gloria Colaner, Mabel Wadsworth. FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA LATIN CLUB FIBST BOW' Carolyn Sorel, I:-anno Snitz Nadine Gleitsman, Gloria Salberq, Dorothy Schooni, Connie Blass, Rita Colasiircl, lcannf Slnister. SECOND BOW: Norma Rowan, lohn Welrzh, Glenn Lawrence, Bob Hee-stand, Chuck Underwood, Tornrny YNinkliart, Boliert Keeler, Beverly Kienzle. FlRST BOW: Robert Keeler Bill Loretto, Bob Luckrinq, Beverly Kienzle, Rita Colasurd, Carolyn Seese, leanne Shiister, Norma Rowan. SECOND ROW: Glenn Lawrence, Dorothy Schoeni, Connie Blass, Ellouise Peterman, Gloria Sallwera, Nadine Gleilsman. THlBD ROWz lack Bartholomew, Eileen Greer, Ella Chidsey, Bob Betteker, Dorothy Witiei'. DEBATE CLUB IUNIOR CLASS PLAY CAST FIRST HOW: Danna Nofsinqer, Bonnie Berlyounq, lanet Lind, Margaret Tabellion, Mary Adams. SECOND ROW: Mr. Powfll, Lalvue Eckroate, Danny Speicher, Iames Welsh, Forest Wetter, lune Ulbricht. EEST BOW: B.ll Gantz, Paul Shreifler, Trevor Huth, Richard Pinhard, Glenn Bille, George Stutz, Wesley Ander- son, W'ehstf.: Lonas. Bill Chidsey, Raymond Latham, Bobby Lind, Billy Lind. SECOND BOW: Gerold Bettle, Clyde Gray, lchn lvfuslcott, lohn Leqqet, Leroy Strubel, Bill Ferren, lack Stucky, James Bartholomew, Gilbert lohnson, Bonall Engf 'nan l.'li. Van Dyne. THIRD BOVV: lerry Fair, Leonard Bleninqer, Teddy Feucht, Gene Emerich, Billy Evans Boi, Blrqer, Bobby Agnes, lerry Berlyounq, Walter Haberli, lack Evans, Arden Loretto. I UN IOR POLICE Page 29 HISTORY '48 On a bright fall day in the year 1944 fifty-two green freshmen marched into their new home room. We were teased, shy, and certainly inquisitive about anything and everything. After those first weeks of excite- ment were over we elected class officers: president, Dick Talericog vice-president, Bob Bettekerp secretary, Barbara Nicklesy treasur- er, Bonnie Walkerg class advisor, Miss Ny- degger. We collected sales tax stamps, which not only put money in our treasury, but gave us confidence in ourselves. In our sophomore year we started out by getting more attention, for we were no long- er green freshmen. Due to the broad-mind- edness of the teachers and the kindness of God, forty-four freshmen moved into the sophomore home room. Eight who had start- ed out as freshmen were missing: Gloria Berentz, Doris Burke, Gene Chaney, joanne Hanna, Roy Maupin, Leona Null, Kenneth Palmer, and Floyd Williams. Melvin Polen, formerly of Canton, became a temporary member of our class. In the fall of our sopho- more year we chose our class sweaters and jackets which were red and black. Class officers this year were: president, Twila Shetler, vice-president, Don Colasurd: secre- tary, Ruth Schoenip treasurer, Pauline Fair. Class advisor was Miss Nydegger. Four who left us this year were: lim Grillon, Ruth Fisher, Pat Keehn, and George Warstler. Our junior year finally came around and we found ourselves with activities that made us almost as important as the seniors. When the roll was called we found Bill Zart- man, Bob Hollinger, and Eugene Whitfield missing. Howard Craver joined our class and so did Clara Gibson, who came from Bolivar. Someone rang the bell and, march- ing home from war to join our class were: Frank Blackburn and Ray Hammel. Class officers for this year were: president, Don Colasurd, vice-president, Twila Shetlerg sec- retary, Ruth Schoenig treasurer, Pauline Fair. Miss Nydegger again handled our affairs of state. One of the important activities this year was the "junior lip joint," a concession stand we held at the football and basket- ball games. We had hoped to get our sweaters and jackets but they did not come until spring and so were new for our senior year. We chose and ordered our class rings this year. Don Colasurd won Boy's State which gave him ten days at Ohio Wesleyan University. A comparitively' new club in our school was the National Honorary Society, which increased its membership by five members from our junior class. Those accepted in this association were: Don Colasurd, Alice Fos- Page 30 ter, Alice Haberli, Twila Shetler, and Ruth Schoeni. In the spring we presented our class play, "Apple Blossom Time." Pauline Fair and Don Colasurd were cast as the leads. Everyone got out his best bib and fucker immediately after Christmas, polished his shoes, took out his bank account and then waited two and ta half months for the prom. The time finally came and we played host and hostess to the esteemed seniors at the Alliance Country Club. We dined and danced and dined and bicarbonated. The music was furnished by Louis Martini. At the end of the junior year came exams and a vacation. Then came another school term and another home room, thirty-four regulars, a new title, seniors, and a new class ad- visor. We were seniors in all our glory, sour doughs in the rough, and kings of tlfe coup. Manning our ship of state were: presi- dent, Don Colasurd: vice-president, Twila Shetlery secretary, Babrara Nickels: treasur- er, Pauline Fair. Miss Cummins was our new class advisor, who came to us from Barnsville. New recruits adding their "names to the roll were Mable Meek from Gnaden- hutten, and Ella Chidsey from Middle- branch. To record and mark the passing of another year, another class, our annual staff was under the supervision of Alice Foster, as editor, with Don Colasurd, as as- sistant. As a badge of identity the class rings arrived and there was nothing left to ques- tion our position. Athletic members of our class, assisted by underclassmen, proved their standing by capturing the champion- ship of Class B football. We chose gray gowns, our class motto "Knowledge in youth is wisdom in old age," and such for our final exit exercise and our class trip. We debated on Hollywood, Flori- da, New York, and abroad, took another look at the treasury, and curbed our imagi- nations. ln anticipation thereof, we are fill- ing the time with a class play to be present- ed in the spring, the enrollment of new mem- bers into the Honor Society, and final exams, Bacclaureate and the junior Senior Prom. In closing we wish to give our heart-felt thanks to the faculty, who have smoothed the rough edges, polished the bright spots, and carried us through, giving us a ne'er to be forgotten memory which We shall carry through the long years to come as "The Best Years of Our Lives." Our present stand- ing, knowledge and preparedness for our future lives is largely due to their diligence, thoughtfulness, and understanding. We are indeed grateful. MUSIC Page 32 BAND FIRST ROW: Esther Snyder, Iane Gretzinger, Pauline Fair, Beverly Kienzle, Bonnie Berlyoung, Dorothy Thompson, Billy Bridewasu, Pauline Bixler, Marla Werstler, Webster Lonas. SECOND ROW: Mary Cook, Shirley Underwood, Marilfii Vfagnez, Ieanne Shuster, Betty Hall, Gerould Maurer, Patty Schaffer, Belly Chenevey, lean Grear, Florence Garver Dorothy Schoeni, Donna Brown, Virginia Agnes. THIRD ROW: Robert Luckering, Eileen Greer, Ianet Lind, Iran Sreele, Leroy Struhel, Beverly Caron, Germaine Nickles, Robert Octavio, Donna Luckering, Ruby Studer, Gloria Salherg. FOURTH ROVV: Roger Leighley, Virginia Klaserner, Alma Fischer, Rose Glenn, Ruth Schoeni, Rita Colasurd, Fozessf ltfwyfilfffl, Glenn Lawrence. FIFTH ROW: Marilyn Caron, Mabel Meek, Twila Shetler, Gaylia Agnes, Barbara Tficlzles, ludy l.onas. MAIORETTES Ruby Studer Donna Luckring Gloria Solberg Virginia Agnes Dorothy Schoeni Donna Brown I l Page 33 Senior Band Members BEVERLY CARON PAULINE FAIR Page 34 ROSE GLENN LIILEEN GREER Senior Band Members MABEL MEEK BARBARA NICKLE 2' ,4- l RUTH SCHOENI TWILA SHETLER Page 35 ORCHESTRA FIRST ROWZ lGCC1uOliI1O Aegerter, Barbara lXItc:lclcf:s, lulia Patterson, Rlllll CZCl1OL'TI'll, Paulina: Fair, Glenn LC1NVlTE'lh'C. SECOND HOW: Dorothy Sfitioeni 'i'wila Shetlea, Patty Schaiter, Forest Vvetter, Beverly lilUY1Zi"f', lane Grrftziriigei, THlRD RGVV: lean Greer, Gerould Maurer, Danny Speicher, Leroy Strubel, liopert Luclierinq, Marla Vtferstler, Pauline Bixler, Vtlebster Lonas, lanet Lind, Roger Leighley, Bonnie Eerlyounq, Rita Colasurd, Mr. Breden. t 1 FlllST ROV: Carol Schultz, Shirley Stanford, Shirley Vferstler, Lou Ann Gaut, David Elderly, Lowell Speichffr, jay Vffrztler, Bolvliy Gates, Coraqene Weber, Paul Gretzinqer, Gerald Taylor, Nanvy Stivaktas, Margaret Leialiley, SECOND ROW: Don'a Rtimlnerqer, Alta Sterner, Buryl Murphy, leanie Thompson, Anita Beck, Mary Fisher, Bobby Lind, Terry Berlyouna, Ronald Cree-Co, Francis Stevens, Tommy Cole, Ray Whitrner. THIRD ROW: Mr. Breden, lolin Evans, Garnet Patterson, lack Gibson, Philip Ranqel, Mildred Hanna, Nancy Bentiveqna, Robert Aqnes, Polly Whyte, Rosemary Moore, Ianice Stutz, Patsy Swailord. FOURTH ROW: Howard Salrertield, Russell Shelt. IUNIOR BAND G-LEE CLUB FIRST ROVV: Ruth Schoeni, Twila Shetler, Bonnie Herrick, Marian Day, Florence Garver, Margaret Tabellion, Bon- nie Walker, leanne Stutz, le-anne Shuster, Barbara Nickles, Carolyn Seese, Rita Colasurd. SECOND ROW: Alice Foster, Dorothy Schoeni, Onie Ruti, lrene Strubel, Rose Glenn, leananne Keller, Esther Snyder, Connie Blass, Paul- ine Fair, Mlss Iones, THIRD ROW: Dorothy Witter, Mabel Meek, Gloria Solberg, Lois Cole, Ella Chidsey, Eileen Greer. l t Fll-KST ROVJ: Beverly Kienzle, Norma Rowan, Patsy Lintner, Norma Haager, Betty Hauenstein, Ruby Speiuher, Ieanne Shuster, Betty Chenevey, Patty Schaffer, Beth Adams. SECOND ROW: Mary Adams, Betty Hall, Marilyn 'vVagner, lanet Lind, Nadine Gleitsman, Ruth Hensel, Gaylia Agnes, Gloria Colaner, Virginia Agnes, lady Lonas, Dorothy Thompson, lane Gretzinger. THIRD RC,W: Richard Adams, Dale Shetler, Bonnie Berlyoiing, Dorothy Ran- gel, lla Gaut, Mary Cook, Carol Enemy, Vera Shanklin, Shirley Underwood, Dorothy Schoeni, Rita Colasurd, lulia Patterson, Germaine Nickles Violet Vtlinkhart, loanne Stutz, Pauline Bixler. FOUATH ROVV: Robert Keeler, Billy Define, lim Riordan, Robert Octavio, Danny Soeicher, Glenn Lawrence, Robert Yarns, Chuck Underwod, Richard Fortner, Billy Loretto, Dale Feucnt, Bob Heestand, Donald Greer. CHOIR IUNIOR CHOIR l i FIRST ROW: Lou Ann Gaul, Dora EdJer, Marjorie Smellsor, Betty Ady, Bizrbcira Girl, Buryl lflurphy, Carol Schultz, Carol GI'Q2Y1XV"ll'l, Miifirod llaiina, Dolores Gibson, Ruby Winkliarl. Cleo Nolsinqer, Nancy Bentiveqna, SECOND ROW: Shirlcy NJi5inf,ifr, Dorothy Kelly, Barbara Ferandez, Bobby Lind, Paul Shrefiler, Trevor Huth, Gene Ernerick, Glenn Bille, Larry Grunwald, Paul Widder, Bill Chidsey, Raymond Latham, Nona Herrick, Shirley Stantord,Ma1y Snyder. THIRD ROW: Roy Dickman, Richard Fortner, Iohn Muskoif, Leroy Strubel, lack Leqqet, lack Stucky, Bill Ferren, Kenneth West, Bill Gantz, Richard Pinhard. FOURTH ROW: Margaret Hoque, Betty Rum- berqer, Sally Rose, Patty Neal, Alta Steiner, Francine Keller, Pat Cook, lcmet Eberly, Donna Brown, Myra Schaller, Donna Rumberqer, lean Thompson. Operettct Cast Twila Shetler, lamos '1'l'ior!ey, Paul llofsteter, Ruth Schoeni, larnes Hendeisiii. Page 38 SPORTS lvl IX ' Y f ' Q..-A ' ' Q , Pag Page 40 NAVARRE NAVARRE NAVARRE N AVARRE NAVARRE N AVARRE NAVARRE NAVARRE N AVARRE NAVARRE FOOTBALL SCORES -- 25 - .,,OM EAST SPARTA - 6 - 13 L- DOVER ST. IOSEPH - 6 - 14 .,SS.. EAST CANTON - 6 H- 7 L-.' ..-O--- IACKSON - 6 -- 44 O,.... L, HARTVILLE - 12 - 30 ...OOA..,.., DALTON - 6 - 38 .... MIDDLEBRANCH - 7 - 33 L--- CANAL FULTON - 12 - 19 ..,...L.,. BREWSTER - 0 -- 12 ..LLL. WAYNESBURG - 12 FOOTBALL TEAM FIRST ROW: Leo Mummertz Cmczncqerl, Hal Lonas, Rory Hczmmel, Mel lones, lim Henderson, Dick Colcmer, Clarence Draqe, Paul Miller, Bob Bette-ker, Lee Cooke lmcmcxqerl. SECOND ROW: Fred Brideweser Ccodchl, Ronnie Colucy Bob Luclcrinq, Tom Winkhurt, Iohn Mummertz, Don Colczsurcl, lim loqersl, lim Riordan, lim Kersehenske, Eugene Sponseller fczssisicmt coachl. THIRD ROW: Don Gallo, Im Foster, Paul Hosteter, Bob Hee-stcznd, Bob Smeyers Arthur Drcxqe, Dole Shetler, Eddie Sierner, Lee Doll. CO-CAPTAINS lim Henderson cmd Dick Colcmer. Page 41 Senior Football Members ON COLASURD BOB BETTEKER Page 42 RAY HAMMEL PAUL MILLER BASKETBALL VARSITY FlRST ROW: Tom Winkhort, lohn Mummerlz, Dole She-iler, Don Colosurd, Bob Belteker, Dick Colunor, lim loqersl. SECOND ROW: Loo Cooke lxnonoqerl, lim Kerschenslce, lim Henderson, Hoi Lonos, Eugene Sponsellor fcoonrhl. FIRST ROW: Bob Tucker, lim Kersehenske, lim Henderson, Dick Coloner, Paul Hoisteter, I-lol Lonos. SECOND ROW: Lee Cooke fnmnoqerl, Leo Murnmerlz, Ronnie Colucy, lifn Welsh, lohn Welsh, Bill Lorolio, Euqone Sponseller fcoachl. RESERVES Senior Basketball Members ff. TT IN 1 URD A A DON! COLAS BOB BETTEKEH HM HENDERSON DICK COLANER Page 45 CHEERLEADERS Pauline Fair, Ioanne Frank, Marilyn Wagner, Bonnie Herrick COACHES EUGENE SPONSELLER AND FRED BRIDEWESER Page 46 W ' i PROPHECY Iune 15, 1960 It was a beautiful day, not just clima- tically, but because this was the day I was to start on my vacation. This was the first real vacation in several years because my job as a photographer's assistant kept me quite busy. My boss, and chief photo- grapher at the studio, Dick Talerico, had generously given me two whole weeks to meander over the globe at will. Eileen Greer, who was employed at the time as personal secretary to Alice I-Iaberli, the famous fashion designer, was to accom- pany me. Remembering that I was to leave for Europe tomorrow and had not yet checked on the flights, I hurried to the phone. Upon lifting the receiver, I heard two operators talking and recognized the voices as be- longing to Irene Strubel and Clara Gibson. Unthinkingly I listened and heard all the latest gossip concerning my old class mates. It seemed that Barbara Nickles had be- come the Dean of Women at a very high class school in the West. Bob Palmer had joined the Marines. I also learned that some of Rose Glenn's paintings were to be on exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Twila Shetler, it seemed, had re- ceived her master's degree, and was teach- ing college literature. Edith Stantz, at the same college, was employed as librarian. I finally interrupted the very interesting conversation and had them put through my call to the airport. I was told by Marian Day that Paul Miller was to be the pilot and Pauline Fair and Ella Chidsey were to be the airline hostesses. After being assured of the flight time and other details, I called Onie Ruff to see if she could possibly give me an appointment to have my hair fixed yet that day. She as- sured me it could be arranged, and that Beverly Caron would do the job. At the beauty parlor, Eileen and I met Ieananne Keller and Margaret McCool. Ieananne told us that she'd been married happily for some time. Margaret was with Mable Meek's all girl orchestra at the Club Page 48 Fifteen, owned and operated by my old friend lack Bartholomew. After leaving the beauty shop we had a little time left to go to the movies where Bonnie Herrick was starring in "The Broken Promise," which had been written by Lois Cole and directed by Alice Foster. The usual football flashes were shown in the newsreel, and several plays were shown in the game between the "Indians," coached by Bob Betteker, and Dick Col- aner's "Raiders" The narrator was Iim Thorley. We soon left the theater and I returned to my apartment to get a good night's sleep in preparation for the next day. On boarding the plane the next morning, we found that one of our fellow passengers was to be Bob Smith, a noted psychiarist, who was going to Vienna for an important conference. There was a slight delay on the take off due to a little motor trouble, but I was as- sured that the two mechanics working on the plane, Dale Nofsinger and Kenny Hos- tetler, would soon have it completely re- paired. Soon after taking off we landed at our destination in England. The London fog had begun to settle, and as I left the air- port, I accidently tripped and fell. I was taken. to the hospital where I was attended by Iames Price Henderson, the famous American doctor who was doing research work in England. He told me that Donald Colasurd was employed by the same hos- pital as a research chemist and was going far in that field. Hap also told me that I must remain in the hospital until my leg, which had been broken, was completely healed, so I missed the main reason why I traveled to Europe-to hear Buth Schoeni sing the feminine lead in Carmen. Feeling a bit bruised but with a happy heart, I returned home and settled down to the peaceful life of a photographer's assis- tant. -Dorothy Witter Page 49 COMPLIMENTS OF Alfred Nickles Bakery INCORPORATED ln - lil Page 51 :Husain COMPLIMENTS OF 1 ni 11 in Airharfs Super Market Home Dressed Meats Our Specicdiy Page 52 ON THE SQUARE NAVAHHE, OHIO 1.1 1 irgniniuznz C vi :ng 1 in COMPLIMENTS OE IKE PUTT GENERAL AUTO REPAIRS Phone Navarre 5531 43111 3 1:1 ixivzinqbrirzxi iris: in: 1 2 1 irqpui 1 1 2 1111111 10211 Q DEDICATED TO THE ACHIEVEMENTS OF THE CLASS OF 1948 THE HOME TOWN DAIRY SINCE 1902 PHONE 5523 NAVARRE, OHIO 1011111111 in 1 xi xi 1 ri 1 1 ri 112:11 1 q COMPLIMENTS OE The Fcu'mer's Supply Co. NI-IVARRE, OHIO iuiiiiiiiiiirimiiiiiriu f 4 ln' new f x g ,gm- I 1 gy 51.12 0 'W' . 1 Qcgabfw ijflfmg LUDDUVIQ Uixtiff .gwfwffwf W , ,J L wwww - 'DE ' , 37555 . 6. :AQ I f ffaw ' QV N it WL w5 f i W ?g , ' ffmaasu ' 4 X.: , , , ., I, Page 53 puxnzn 11111 1 1 11111 111211 3 10111 1111111 911113 1 1 Z CANAL BOAT TAVERN 5 Page 54 3 COMPLIMENTS F COMPLIMENTS OF i O F BECKES I i Y Chevrolet ! 2 Service Q A. H. HALL, Proprietor i NAVARRE, OHIO i ! ! ! I Compliments to the Class of '48 Bob's Pool Hall NAVARRE, OHIO rioic 211201 Z1 2 1 ni 1 ri 2 rim 301010111 ooMPL1MENTs or RAIVIS CORNER MR. AND MRS. RONALD MILLER 1 iz 1 xnzxzviuiuiuiuzoiux 1 :zinc COMPLIMEN TS OF in 3 :101u1n2o1u1n141102111901 in 1 11011: I. A. RINGLEY PLUMBING 6. HEATING Phone 5281 COMPLIMENTS OF S W A N K Plumbing :S Heating Electric Pumps of all Kinds Installed and Repaired Phone 5682 Navarre, Ohio 94111110311011nirxsniarzfxicuiuxiniiamx 10101 COMPLIMENTS OF L I N T Dry Cleaning 8: Pressing 24 Hour Service Phone 5291 NAVARRE, OHIO vi in1411viuiuinicniuiuieuc-.avi 1 1 -:vin ini in: COMPLIMENTS OF KELLER GROCERY CO. ROCHESTER SQUARE Phone 5615 Navarre, Ohio ruin: 1 inriuiuzoiui101111111 11 11 3 rd COMPLIMENTS OF MIKE'S PLACE ON THE SQUARE MICHAEL COLASURD, Proprietor Bus. Phone 5387 Res. Phone 5445 111101 1n:u:u3u3o1 14:1 uioiuzniozc 1010: Zintsmaster Hardware ON THE SQUARE Phone 5411 Navarre, Ohio Quin: 24 ifuisrinxiuiniuinioinim 1 11 1 rd COMPLIMENTS OF Bixler 6. Albaugh GRAIN, FEED, FLOUR LIME, CEMENT, FENCING, ETC. DIAL 5212 NAVARRE, OHIO Page 55 0211111 Incl: 3 if 2 20111101011 101011 I 1110111101 3 1 1 1 11rinrioioiuiuiuixxq pucnuguxugui 1:1 1 111:11 1 1 1 1 1 1 aiuIoinriniuioiniuqD01 1 1 110101 ri ni ri ni vioiuiuioioiuxxri 1 1:1 1 C COMPLIMENTS OF HAGARMI-XN'S 5c to S1 Store NAVARRE, OHIO 1 1 2 isxinriniuinioinioi 1 1 1 :uc COMPLIMENTS OF T h e NAVARRE DEPOSIT B ct n k NAVARRE, OHIO 1 ni 1 1 ia121m1n1u1n3u1cr3n41nn111 Quinn: COMPLIMENTS OF Whitmore's Shoe Store NAVARRE, OHIO 111131: 11111 :ri 1 1 3 1:1 1 Inq R. H. Anqerman, M. D. Page 56 main: 2 1 :ini COMPLIMENTS OF D. A. MUSKOFF Druqqist NAVARRE, OHIO buininiiiiiiiiiiimiiiq COMPLIMENTS OF Dorothy's Confectionery NAVARRE, OHIO COMPLIMENTS OF T A I.. L E Y ' S poi 111 21122 131 Sri 11111 Q COMPLIMENTS OF Huq's Funeral Home PHONE 5612 NAVARE, OHIO nic? 1:1111 C9 1111 ir: 2 1 :ui 3 1.1: D 11313 1 ini 1 1 in 111: D1 1010201 AGNES 6. POTH COMPLETE FOOD MARKET QUALITY HOME DRESSED MEATS if 20101 1014 24 101024 in 101 1 xi 1101 COMPLIMENTS OF Reamer's Service Garage COMPLIMENTS OF G. D. Underwood, M. D. NAVARRE, OHIO if 30101: 1030i01o10:020101 ri 10100 COMPLIMENTS OF HEESTAND LUMBER CO. 1030:0:01o20101 10i010101o:0i0iu xjoioiojoimvjrrioicrifnjoicierjaiozqvicricrjrsicrzesiozc xc D 00:1 l . mr1ri01rioj02ri1:0:4ri1111r:0:1sj1sjcri4rj1r1111r11:4r:014 rim 2031 2 C D021 301010 Navarre Frozen Food Lockers Compleie Line ob Frozen Foods We Specialize in Processing of Meats for Home Lockers PHONE 5202 501: 1 2 i 10101010i03021i1 101011 11 Q COMPLIMEN TS OF HERWICK'S LUNCH VERA FRIEND, Proprietor NAVARRE, OHIO COMPLIMENTS OF Navarre Night Club GILBERT SWAFFORD, IR. NAVARRE, OHIO COMPLIMENTS OF Navarre Department Store Page 57 030312111 201 rioic 2021101 ivioiuinioioiuirri 13014 is C nudboimniwniuinirriuxiu1101011130: Twila: Who is your favorite author? Ruth: My Dad! Twila: What did he ever write? Ruth: Checks! 1N.H.S.1 Marian: I work in a dry cleaning plant. Irene: Is the work hard? Marian: Only in spots. --N.H.S.1 Paul: ls lack fond of an argument? Smitty: Is he? Why man, he won't eat any- thing that agrees with himl 1N.H.S.1 Bonnie: Here's a perfect place for a picnic. Edith: Must be, fifty thousand ants can't be wrong. 1 N. H. S. 1 Reducing experts can estimate their income in round figures. 1N.H.S.1 Soph: You ought to take chloroform. Frosh: Yeh? Who teaches it? 1N.H.S.1 Roses are red, violets are blue: But they don't get around like the dandelions do. 1N.H.S.1 Rose, Rose, sat on a pin. Rose rose. 1N.H.S.-- They say there's microbes in a kiss, This rumor is most rife. Come my honey dear, and make of me An invalid for life. 1N.H.S.1 Boo believes Prince Rupert is a cow. 1 N. H. S. 1 A lawyer got his client a suspended sen- tence. They hanged him. 1N.H.S.1 Ianie: I-lap asked four times before I gave him a date. Alice: Who did he ask the other three times? 1N.H.S.1 Bonnie Lou: l've lived on vegetables for two weeks. Lois: That's nothing, l've lived on earth for 17 years. 1 N. H. S. 1 Parson: Do you know where little boys that smoke go? Little boys: Yes, up the alley. Page 58 Mrs. Hasbrouck: Please run up that shade, Don. Chinck: I'm no monkey. After writing LXXX on the blackboard, Haley asked Birdie what it meant. Birdie: Love and kisses. '1 N. H. S.1 Smitty: If -ten kilograms equal one liter, why doesn't ten telegrams equal one letter? 1N.H.S.1 Powell: It is the law of gravitation that keeps us on earth. Clara: But how did we stay here before the law was passed? 1 N. H. S. 1 Kenny: Dale, what are You thinking ot doing after you graduate? Dale: I was thinking of taking up land. Kenny: Much? Dale: A shovel full at a time. 1 N. H. S. 1 Hasbrouck: Dick, explain what is meant by I love, you love, he loves? Talley: A love triangle. 1 N. H. S. 1 The new long skirts Are heavenly bliss, To girls with legs Like this X or this 0. 1 N. H. S. 1 What are the fastest means of communica- tion?" asked Mr. Wisard. I know," said Hap. "Telephone, teletype. and tell-a-woman." 1 N. H. S. 1 "Oh, Bonnie! I'd walk through fire to be by your side." Oh, George, don't be a fuel." 1 N. H. S. 1 lack: Will you loan me S10 for a month, old boy? Bob: What would a month old boy do with SIU? 1N.H.S.1 Girls be careful when you go out riding with a magician. He's apt to turn the carinto a side road. 1 N. H. S. 1 A sophomere boy exclaimed, "My girl is a chemist, when I date her she changes my silver into copper." ll Il ll Page 59 Compliments of the tollowing Massillon Business Firms and Congratulations to the Class of 1948. A. 6 P. Super Market Becker Hardware Co. Blatz Shoe Store Blaumeiser Hardware Co. Brighten-Up Store. Inc. Cope Bros. C. I. Duncan C. O. Finefrock Co. First National Bank in Massillon First Savings 6 Loan Co. Ideal Co. Iean Frocks. Inc. Linde's McLain Grocery Co. Massillon Retail Food Dealers Association Massillon Hardware Co. Page 60 Massillon Savings 6. Loan Co. Meek-Segner Co. Ohio Merchants Trust Co. M. O'Neil Co. I. C. Penny Co. Peoples Federal Savings 6. Loan Association Pietzchei-'s Inc. Reliable Office Supply Co. Sears, Roebuck 6 Co. Segel's Sitf Shoe Company Spuhler's Inc. Stark Dry Goods Co. State Bank Co. Stuh1dreher's Workingman's Store 0101 301010101021 3034 14 90103 1011110 COMPLIMEN TS OF ACME DAIRY STORE Now Operating from New Dairy Bar Sandwiches -A Soft Drinks Whole Line of Delicatessens 1209 Lincoln Way E. Massillon, Ohio 201010101 10102 rioi 34 10103 2 Q11 in Congratulations to the Graduates from your home-town newspaper The Evening Independent "! l l ! ! i D Q ! ! ! I I ! l ! l i O O Z 'U E Z m Z -3 U1 O '11 rjoioiuioioioioioiavif STARK COUNTY'S LEADING ATHLETICS GOODS MERCHANTS D U M O N T ' S 134 2nd St. S.E. Canton, Ohio ROCHE STUDIO l2U6 Cleveland Ave. N.W. Canton, Ohio Page 61 rioioiuiuinq . W 'ww ,,,,,, ,if ,. , bn, . ,V V , ...W - . , ,W-ww:-1 f ,Whig ' X I ...-X.. " """M' , 'Wj,.,iLi'IZ7-2 3' Q ,, Www-W--2 5 2 is s HYGYTQ Y X 1' Page 62 lm , f IJ oqfxyu,7,QxlsfVl if fm' 4 . gf +' AM VN,, MMM.. ,W.M,...Ww,V W,,,.,.,,,,,,.,,-,,,,,,, a nWMmxWnM 5 ,. 3' x Q 1 I 1 I , ' I r 5 , , ? 1 . 1 iii f. ' 9 ,S 53. Q FAHQ8 ggffeawrf i N, , ..... , ,.. f 'pgxlrrlri Jean Al 0 E '13 Yan aQ0!a5f.wJ , Q 1 Ii 5 if h 'll X fs kr v E 5 dvfaw N, A z , AQTQOT Ywywovgga 5 W - r, M vf,w V H fi X? Y' .5::. 1 fiii. ig'f'li.Ll KOON S WALLPAPER CO. 55 Erie Street. North DIAL 4434 MASSILLON, OHIO 91103431111 1:1431 1:11 1 1 1 inc I. L. FROMHOLTZ I E W E L E R 154 LINCOLN WAY W. MASSILLON, OHIO ,1n11n1n11:3oiz1t11 121111111 COMPLIMENTS OF THE HARVARD Men's cmd Young Men's Clothing CANTON, OHIO Doioioioioioiei ini 1 1 1:12131 1 101 COMPLIMENTS TO THE RAMS I. I. NEWBERRY COMPANY 30101 112 1 ni 11011111 1 1 iuiuiu 30111 1 1 11142 111 1 iuioitriniuioinir 1 2111111 COMPLIMENTS OF The IDEAL Furniture Co. 400 Market Avenue, North CANTON, OHIO ini 2 1: Qui 1 1111 x1o1n1o1u1u1 1 1 1 NICE GOING, GRADUATES C. N. VICARY CO. 312-324 Market Ave. North CANTON, OHIO COMPLIMENTS OF BON MARCHE 421 North Market Canton, Ohio MYERS SPORT SHOP 37 Erie Street, North Massi1Ion, Ohio PHONE 5740 3112112 111 200' 3 ini 11 ri 11110241301 Page 63 COMPLIMENTS OF BARTON PRINTING Phone 5377 Navarre, Ohio Kenneth Barton David Meyer H1 1:3 111111111 1 vin: 11 :zum in COMPLIMENTS OF Music Center CHARLES GATTUSO, Prop. CANTON, OHIO 2:1 1 1 iuinioirriuiuioi min W A L K E R S CANTON HOME or in is ind Hart, Schcrtfner 6. Marx 0:10:01 Page 64 CLOTHES 0: 1:1 111 1-1 1111: 211111 ning 11 mini: :ui 1:1 1:1 iii: 1:1 1:1 1 1:13:21 COMPLIMENTS OF MID'S RESTAURANT ON THE SQUARE NAVARRE, OHIO uiuiuiuioiui 1 S4 1 it it 1010101111 DIAMONDS IEWELRY WATCHES REPAIRING E.-:r'52Ts?Z,,'T1.yTm Q,.1,,,i,E1 N 'U 5'lBNUfM I r.mbmh.a1e1o W ms E-Tugc CANTON, OHIO Dui 2 2 inni1r2ucDu1u3o14x1o1uix 1:1 1 COMPLIMENTS OF Livingston Furniture Co FINE FURNITURE SINCE 1917 Third and Market Ave. N. CANTON, OHIO 1o1o14x1u2u3n:o141 1 ini 11031 ifrioifriarioiuiniuixsimri 3 nic 301411 COMPLIMENTS OF Wanda's Beauty Shoppe 'Wanda Brechbuhier, Prop Reba Marchand, Operator NAVARRE. OHIO be io2o1:r:vvioi010i4ri4ricli1xioi 11021 ind COMPLIMENTS OF V' ' RALPH H. KINSEY Attorney at Law NAVARRE, OHIO ni 1:1 ri-24111102 N541 will Di 111 101 lin? coivrpriiviiswrs or Old Reliable Restaurant Navarre, Ohio Phone 5363 1 in:icuioinnioiniinioicniniui 111 ind COMPLIMENTS OF TOM'S SERVICE Route 21 Navarre, Ohio Phone 5629 4103- an 3 102 if 2 rioinniniuinini ninin nuiuiuiuinin iuiuioioioiiriu 1111: ini: 3 C 1:1 114 1130311010101 101 COMPLIMENTS OF Lintner Advertising Service N AVARRE, OHIO 501 1111201 12011 101: 2 iuininioi The Sanitary Market' Larry Eccleston MEAT-FISH-GROCERIES-PRODUCE Phone 5321 Navarre, Ohio On The Square ui I 1 is ini 11110112103 ri ri 1 11011301 Congratulations to the Class of '48 Lash's Sohio Service NAVARRE, OHIO 101014 F. E. Brechbuhler 8: Sons Scale Sales ff. Service North Industry, Ohio Phone Canton S-0213 10112113 2 1 15:1 1 1 2 2 1 in i1xif:3uc.1'nC Page 65 01 ini inc Page Eavbdvd mm be Ou, DQ MWWW ...Q V ' , .Ei-1: ..,. 11' V , 7 'Z' A jmiffzy - Eewaxeg K fl A' AUTOGRAPHS THIS PAGE DEDICATED TO THE CLASS OF 1948 BY THE HOME PRINTING CO. A PRINTERS OF THE ENTRE NOUS A NOTE OF APPRECIATION We, the Annucxl Stcxtf, wish to thank our Advertising Patrons and C111 others who have helped us in producing this 1948 Entre Nous. kiwi- 2150101 -1 ri li 1 1201 mini ioZ1r10ioioZ1li1ni1l21li014vZ1bi0C 13010101 ri :ini 1301 2111102 :ini ri 1010111 101 'IZ' 1 :lui 11 1o1'xiu1'n301u0n Page 67 Page 68 1884 Anna Luke Viola Goshorn Lillie Woodling 1885 Anna Deidler Ora Barnett Artie Hoagland Jennie Heintzleman Emma Ricksecker Cora Piper 1886 Thomas Thomas Olive Henline Clifford Camp 1887 Effie Daily Lizzie Harmon Lizzie Corl Edward Hug 1888 Will Bennett Curits Bennett Ginevra Brown Nora Garver Harvey, Corl Edward Ricksecker Clement Rider Sadie Smiley 1889 Charles Geltz Anneta Ray Lida Eckroate Clara Nichols Alden McFarren Nettie Rider Linda Hug 1890 Daniel Shetler Oscar Van Dorsten Mellie Hollinger 1891 Charles Brown Olive Baker Bertha Miller Eva Corl Clara Zinsmaster 1892 Nahlon Baker Vesta Brown Edith Biddle Minnie Bowers Nora Dinius Cora Fitzgerald Jennie Grove Julia Hug Charles Ricksecker Laura Sisterhen Mary Wagner Laura Welty 1893 No Class, Course changed 1894 Hattie Corl Ada Fitzgerald Dorothea Miller Benjamin Sites George Stahl Adam Rickard John Harmon 1895 Louis Zorski Grace Welch Anna Sisterhen Henry Zinsmaster William Evans 1896 Ross Wagner Pearl Brown Mayme Quigley Thursie Hoagland Milton Garver Edward Thomas Emaline Fortz Benjamin James Elmer Schultz Leafa Meyer Genevra Whitmire 1897 Minnie Feller Maria Thomas Blanche Bowers 1898 Lottie Brown Florence Gnau 1899 Chas. Weidman Katherine Siffert Herman Bloch Stephen Stoner Maude Henderson 1900 Grace Yant Gertrude Biddle 1901 Charles Linn Lizzie Burns Carrie Mentzer Emmett Converse 1902 Oscar Brahm Harry Gachter Leila Ricksecker Ivah Bowers Edwin Carver Will Wagner Edward Siffert Edwin Garver Edith Steele Gertrude Heintzlem Oella Corl 1903 Roy Foster Lillian Miller Ida Wagner William Roberick Charles Maurer 1904 Charles Feller Elenore Stahl Russel McFarland Earl Smith David Roderick Rosana Gabriel 1905 Alice Allinder Edward Stahl Metta Ricksecker Letha Corl Flora Garver Harry Thompson all Martha Kowfsky Melvin Lutz Blanche Truby 1906 George Foster Russell Shetler Loretta Loew 1907 David Alinder Marie Loew Esther Hay Agnes Whisler Edna Zinsmaster 1908 Mary Dages Ethel Hall Boyd Weidman Eva Roderick Esther Stahl 1909 Clement Gabriel Lura Steele Florence Richardson Clement Keller Lilly Baker Warren Zinsmaster Allen Richardson Harvey Barr Ruby Nichols Thomas Thompson Thomas Roderick 1910 Gale Gaddis Edwin Rieder Myron Swaller Bessie Thomas Anna Beck Magdaline Zinsmaster Helen Hall Gertrude Garver 1911 Ruth Hay Edwin Sturmi Maude Betteker Albert Gretzinger Alice Biddle Lucille Eckroate 1912 Isabel Loew Vesta Warstler Pearl McFarland Elnora Keller Anna Wagner Helen Dages Ethel Airhart Ida Johnson 1913 Karl Sisterhen Timothy Zinsmaster Mary Summers Louis Hill Pearl Rockstroh Cora Swihart 1914 Daniel Muskoff Nellie Butz Ruth Roderick Anna Miller Gladys Dunlap Lee McFaren 1915 Florence Dages John Muskoff Grace Hensel Albert Barr Bryan Snyder Martin Ruff Willard Wagner Harry Meyers Archie Mase Hope Gaddis Miles Hay Mildred Warwick Ben Roderick 1916 Kathleen Smith Earl Airhart Marcus Resh Ralph Meyers Lloyd Barr Carl Smith 1917 Beatrice McNeal Ethel Shreffler Valeria Johnston Fern Smith Eveline Maurer Vera Ricksecker Sarah Thomas Mary Muskoff Monroe Miller Frank Smith Manfred Klein Marie Johnston Chester Domer 1918 Lela Snyder Ellsworth Wagner 1919 Mary Manack Ruth Slemmons Fleta Evans Anna Resh Nellie Salberg Mary Ziegler 1920 Lucille Hempstead Edna Synder Agnes Brankle Hazel Ziegler John Miller Hilda Zinsmaster 1921 Violet Werstler Verda Evans Helena Geopfert Emily Weidman Chester Adams Paul Muskoff 1922 Esther Thwaite Carmel Manack Joseph Snyder Myron Adams John Hammel Roger Warren Garnet Patterson 1923 Thelma Allen Page 69 Beatrice Beltzer Florence Hug Waldo Hensel Ardis Kaylor Ross Lash Jeanette Muskoif Lee Penman Fern Rairdon Lucille Rowe Esther Slemmons Mary Smith Helen Wagner Ethel Ziegler Vesta Zinsmaster 1924 Grace Loudiana Lucille Manack Ruth Spindler Alma Turnbull Robert Hugus Ernest Nickles John Warren Lawrence Thwaite John Weidman Ralph Wililams 1923 Gladys Rowe Elizabeth Eberly Inez Beam Gladys Salberg Donald Slemmons Donald Shafer Frank Sanatore Oswald Marchand 1926 Irene Airhart Oella Hay Helen Kaylor Pearl Patterson Ruth Zeigler Merle Engleman Jean Manack Viola Holla Hazel Lutz Clarence Poth Paul Goodman 1927 Floyd Allen Alice Hugus Helen Arbuagh Arline Dickman Donald Jenkes Treva Miesmer Edward Nickles Marjorie Myers Gerald Reamer Howard Rowe Gilbert Swafford Harold Swafford Irene Turnbull Leonard Whyte 1928 No class, Course changed 1929 Emma Baltzer Mary Cook Helen Crecco Gladys Deeds Alice Eberly Mary Goepfert Page 70 Martha Lutz Agnes Manack Loretta Muskoff Jeanette Salberg Melba Salberg John Edwards Carrol Harne Robert Drage Clifford Johnston Donald Slemmons 1930 Robert Beck Edward Boron Katherine Bradford Karl Engleman Cornelius Deeds Lois Hein Roy Patterson Pauline Poth Gilbert Reamer Harry Smith Angie Boughman 1931 Orletta Oakleaf Robert Evans Roe Annis Grace Smith Dorothy Muskoff Joseph Manack Paul Jones Celia Hensel Betty Fair Maude Morrison Daniel Crecco John Eberly Florence Studor Otterbein Bradford Alice McFarren Kathryn Schrock Carl Van Dress Dean Airhart Robert Yerman Effie Savage 1932 Gertrude Cook Edna Evans Russell Slutz Ada Keehn Vivian Hall Wayne Fair Donald Tisch Vernon Houmard Sheldon Fisher Florence Muskoff Emmett Steele Arvine Nichols Lela Boron William Gruse Miriam Kaylor Harmon Garver Florence Tabellion Ruth Haas Hilda Hug Pearl Stringfellow Nelson Weidman Kathleen Hammel Norvin Hein 1933 Donald Engleman Corinne Williams Murray Welch Carl Keller Lucille Evans Thomas Reese Edmund Schram Myron Harris Paul Agnes David Savage Charles Ream Linden Johnston Thelma Burkhart Dale Norris Mildred Netzley George Smith Melvin Define Sylvia Holl Alice Schrock Cecilia Baltzer Norman Savage Jean Oakleaf Donald Jones Wilma Blaugh Nicholas Manack Hazel Studer Myrtle Aman Mary Culnon Iris Williams Roger Snyder Loreta Klein Ralph Weisgarber Dorothy Dolvin Elsie Noftsinger Madeline Stanford Freda Swindemain Florence Shroyer 1934 Nona Mack Regina Van Dress Marguerite Ream Marguerite Kbein Margaret Beem Genevieve Manack Lela Beck Elizabeth Hagerman Fern Whitmire Juanita Scheufler Myrtle Houvig Twila Holl Harriet Hamilton Laura Holmes Arlene Adams Beatrice Gallagher Verda Beardslee Dora Slemmons Robert Haas Robert Tabellion Thomas Deeds Ray Drage Frank Sterner Wison Agnes Harold Ziegler Ben Jones 1935 Dorothy Agnes Wildagai Agnes Harold Appleby Chester Arbaugh William Baltzer John Booth Geraldine Bowers Raymond Colucy Orin Deal Dorothy Evans Ted Edwards Dorothy Fair Virginia Gruse Mary Centry Martha Haas Dorothy Hodgdon Marion Houmard Ruth Jones Merlin Kaylor Raymond Keller Eleanor Klein Harold Klein Maxine Lasley Pauline Maloy Pauline Maurer Evelyn Netzly Zelma Noftsinger Quentin Ott Gwendolyn Page David Reese Lorna Roderick Helen Shetler Donald Simler Zona Smith Henry Snyder Robert Steiner Evelyn Steinmetz Ruth Sterner Gilbert Timmey Phyllis Viles Irene Weisgarber 1936 Joyce Airhart Btety Angerer Fritz Atkinson Betty Bash Forrest Bixler Louise Buxer Donald Boughman George Caster Vincent Crecco Myra Fair Charles Fair Varner Foster Donna Gaddis Louise Heater Warner Hollinger Ella Holmes Edward Hug Irene Jones Miriam H011 Vivian Hartzell Richard Lash Malverna Manse Audrey Mismer George Muskoff Geraldine Peoples Petty Ream Helen Reese Mary Reese Ruth Royer Vernon Schaffter Elizabeth Schopp Dale Snyder Margaret Smith Neva Spangler Nelson Studer Loretta Thompson Arletta Williams Harry Young 1937 Bennie Angerer Juanita Airhart Howard Buxer Ernest Cincinnat Evelyn Cincinnat Maxine Edwards Charles Fetters Margaret Forsythe Irene Gleitsman Rosemary Hammel Arline Haager Myron Harig Thomas Hodgson Miriam Jones Junior Klein Gertrude LaVern Betty Marchand Kathrine McCartney James Moore Dwight Netzly Gordon Norris Florence Neal Paul Paar Gail Sandy Virgil Schauer Vernon Shetler Dorothy Shipbaugh Ward Smith Wilma Spangler Johnson Stevens Frank Wagner Iris Waller Alice Warstler Raymond Weisgarber James Yerman 1938 Wilfred Agler Orville Atkinson Virginia Beem Kathleen Blackburn Edward Boughman Norman Booth Donald Brown Mary Burton Josephine Cincinnat Harriet Culnon Betty Deeds John Derfer Dorothy Eberly Quentin Evans Arline Fetters John Haas Miles Hay Jr. Onita Holl Clarence Jogerst Mae Keehn Mary Keller Jane Lash Bert Le Vern Dorothy Lieghly Florence Manack Marietta Manning Arland Meyer David Meyer Miles Ott Wilfred Owens Ruth Ray Mae Rumberger Mary Seneften Russell Sherhag Harold Shreffler Irma Smith Blaine Sterner Floyd Stoner Virginie Thornberry Evelyn Whitmer 1939 Evelyn Agnes Justina Aman Marian Angerer Ernest Atkinson Evelyn Baker Robert Bash Mary Blackburn Robert Bowers Byron Brown Jr. Floyd Brown Marilyn Brown Donald Conkle Orletta Define Calvin Engleman Dorothy Engleman Lee Fair Betty Foster Dwight Fox Francis Gachter Dorothy Goodman Robert Guertal Phyllis Gruse James Hammel Ruth Hammel Nada Hay Grayson Heater Katharine Hein Earl Heintzleman Robert Henderson Russell Hindley Eleanor Jones Blaine Kime Harold Lawrence Delores Manse Marie McCartney Margie McGuire Cullen Meyer Jr. Gene Muskofi' Loretta Nofsinger Frederick Nydegger Wanda Shanklin Eileen Shreffler Gwendolyn Smith Velda Smith John Stein John Sterner Harold Stoner Ardell Strubel Ross Swank Jack Van Kirk June Wade William Wagner Helen Wollard 1940 John Adams Elsie Beem Clifford Bixler Hilda Deal Harriet Doll Vincent Debock Jim Edwards Eileen Evans Wanda Fair Margrit Grillion Marjorie Grimm Grace Handrich Virginia Hartzell Helen Hilderbrand Phil Keller Jack Lutz Jean Marchand Rufus Miller 4 Doris Mummertz Harry Meyers Robert Netzly Sterling Oakleaf Jack Owens Ben Pyle Martha Ream Dale Resh Miriam Rockstroh Ruth Secrest Margery Simler Glen Shipbaugh Grace Spangler Olive Speicher Mary Swank Rea Timney Earl Tuning Ruth Van Kirk Ralph Wagner Margaret Weidman 1941 Betty Atkinson Jim Bamberger Donna Bowers Geneva Brown Wayne Buxer George Dagres John Define Mary Diekmann Eldon Dwyer Maxine Fetters Russell Fisher Floyd Foster Perry Foster Nancy Gallo Betty Gantz William Hammel William Hanna George Harig Anita Hattery Charles Hodgson Thelma Hodgson Paul Kaylor Bob Keller Mary Lieghley Fern Masters Herman McClurg Helen Meyer Norma Miller William Nalback Bette Netzley Paul Nofsinger Shirley Oakleaf Benny Paris Wayne Price Freda Reed Donna Resh John Reynolds Marjorie Roderick Vincent Schalmo Anna Schrock Ethel Shanklin Mary Smith Nettie Smith Mary Spitzer Wanda Sterner Mary Stiifler Margie Strubel Maurice Suntheimer Cleal Swank Charles Wetzel Laverne White William Winkhart Helen Yerman 1942 Dick Agler Betty Baker Marilyn Baltzer Carolyn Berlyoung Mary Betteker Mildred Boughman Jack Burkhart Marie Chetelat Elaine Cook Ray Dailey Robert Deal Vincent Define Jay Doll Opal Dunn Ronald Evans 1942 Charles Foster Jack Frank Hal Gaddis Irma Gerber Mary Gerber Pat Gier Marjorie Haager Jean Haas Ellen Hay Annie Hindley Robert Hodgson Jim Houvig Jan Jacques Harlow Johnson Dorothy Jones Lola Loudiana Helen Morris Jeannette Mummertz Howard Netzly Sarah Noftsinger Walter Owens Ila Pettay Pauline Rumberger Regina Schalmo Ida Stiffler Richard Thwaite James Weidman 1943 Mary Adams Norma Agerer Richard Atkinson Harold Axe Bill Bartholomew Ray Bash David Beem Betty Berlyoung Alberta Boughman Robert Dages Betty Diehl Okey Dunn Charles Evans Alex Gallo Phyllis Gooding Page 71 Earl Goodman Betty Hammel Beverly Hay Glendle Hodgson Walter Jones Gene Kaylor Wilma Keefer Josephine Kenny Nora Langenfeld Donna Lash Dorothy Lash Evelyn Masters Sylvia McCartney Jack McCool Eugene Nicewander Marie Nickles Willard Nofsinger Eugene Phillips Josephine Price Dean Rupert Alvin Schultz Wava Shanklin Donald Shonk Evelyn Smith Shirley Stantz Doris Stiener Dale Studer Eileen Timney Dorothy Weidman 1944 Gerald Adams Jr. Lois Baltzer Doyle Bentzel Elinor Bowers Nellie Chetelat Bonnie Craver Marjorie Day Mary Debock Donna Define Lee Foster Norma Foster Ruth Gerber Catherine Haager Jerry Hammel Norma Hattery Virginia Heater Pag 72 Gayle Herrick Melva Hindley Donna Lab Shirley Lash Mary Lintner James Loudiana Reba Marchand Tom McCartney Robert Putt Patsy Ray Jeanne Riordan Russell Salberg Irene Seese Merle Shanklin Marion Shetler Walter Studer George Varns William Walker Carl Whitmer June Wilson 1945 Jacquelyn Adams Priscilla Agler Madeline Atkinson James Betteker Mary Brown Reed Brown Pat Burson Bill Creasy Vernon Deal Irene Drage Edwin Gaut Tom Gier Ruth Gooding Alice Hay Jean Henderson Marie Langerfeld Patricia Luckring Robert Madaffer Carrie Mauch Joan Mauch Donna Miller John Miller Virginia Mitchell Lela Mummertz Paul Netzly Richard Riordan Margie Ruff Carl Schaller Robert Seese Grace Shanklin Wayne Shetler Kathryn Shuster Lois Small Alice Wagner Frances Weidman Evelyn Winkhart 1946 Mary Airhart Mary Buxser David Bamberger Richard Colasurd John Banker Melva Cole Donna Beem Dean Doll Gloria Evans John Evanovich Shirley Girt Wilbur Haas Dorothy Hanna Eilene Hanna Irene Hanna Betty Hennis Raymond Hodgson Carolyn Hofsteter Donna Keller Joanne Loew Mary Meyer Blaine Nofsinger Wayne Nofsinger Dorothy Octavio Edith Robinson Dorothy Royer Shirley Schultz Dorothy Smith Grace Sterner Robert Stiffler Jean Studer Dwayne Thorley Shirley Ulbricht John Wagner Neva Wagner James Walter Ewart Wetzel Lloyd Whitmer William Whitmore Mary Winkhart 1947 Robert Baker Duran Balyeat Stella Beazel Gene Boals Isodore Caron Bill Diehl Tom Ellis Martha Emerick Robert Foster Jerry Girt Glenn Gooding Roslyn Gretzinger Maxine Hodgson Ola Hodgson Paul Hoffman Edith Jones Mabel Keith Arlene Keller Opal Leggett Darrelyn Lewis Tommy Lintner Pete Mann Marilyn McDowell Dorothy McKitrich Betty Nalbach Norma Neal Myron Netzly Blanche Nofsinger Leona Nofsinger Jack Riordan Bill Riordan Eileen Rockstroh Kathryn Rumberger Doris Seese Evelyn Shonk Joyce Steele Mary Swaller Harold Wendling Bob Wolhert

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