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x My ' L .S ,. ,Z , 7 3 ' iv iifrffab Q" f A vw., t 3,5 m,L:,,,, ,. vw. 5 1? if 3 112 -fj ww "5 gg' A if?" fi ill ' md .1 -4.1-W Aww. M. 1 : F34 ,, x ?5s.,'A 2 539 ' , . . J QTK ' l V '?eifjf5,j-' - 4 wg. 5 ., ',L, A X U -1. w5i,".ff,'-jg ' + fy f'fB2U?N 'V " .1 5,5 I v ., MWA. by A 5115" - .ui-, . 4+,,,i 4951 l f gy ' - ,igigy 15 A lifwwi f' 1' 4 ew, . . 1 .D , ':!af'lNfY.1 Q e15f3f3gfgg,f. . . Q,-AA ' I 9f3if'I5'?k?b'4 " . Www. K , , MX' .- , ww - qw ' I ' f ., , E? , SK Wi' A ,w .ng qw J' wx -f Nl -. .4 K w 1 9 kiw i., K j' ,- --N . KN- Z S D ' ,. " ff Q an "J", 1 Lzuiaalndgzl . "J if . W , ,H .Q a.. Ha " QNW5 of 1940 Q Published by The Senior Class of Navarre High School Compliments of Adams Sign Company "Signs of Distinction" Route 1, Navarre, Ohio LIST OF ADVERTISERS MASSILLON Berger's Massillon Drug Sutter Sanitary Laundry Morrison Fromholtz Strohaker C. L. Bender's I. C. Penney Kanner's Segel's McClain Ohio Public Service NAVARRE Nickle's Bakery Neumi1ler's Reese Beauty Shoppe Swank 6. Son K. of P. Lodge Oakleaf 6. Kowfsky Pythian Sisters Sam's Shanty Adams Sign Co. Navarre Business Men CANTON Waltz, the Camera Man Barry's Music Store Brechbuhler 6: Sons BREWSTER Brewster Dairy Ema Luethy BEACH CITY Dory's Confections NOTE OF APPRECIATION We, the Annual Staff ol 1940, take this opportunity to express our sincere appreciation to all those who helped make this Annual possible. Q. . ' Sf ,ts N V 9? J A 9 X -U t . N" . 5 Kim 0 R KY B O , ' 1, . .j-,t l?vy'i ,t DEDICATION MR. EARL D. WISARD fv!j?fv wt ff? ,..,jg?Sv st i ,ws it 'QQAX ,,:.., F -, J, f A t .rm f"47- F' 'l': mf sg- 1 H I g I 5' 41 I f To the one who was first to greet us in our freshman year: and in the years following has devoted his time and patience toward furthering our education: we, the graduating class of 1940, respectfully dedicate this fifth publication of the "Entre Nous." Compliments of Nick1e's Bakery Bakers of Butter-Nut Bread 4-cg-31 . ,, . fa 'V :ai ' .. Ui 2 ., X, i N' MEN ,sw .W L, 1 gk 1. MT 'af 'Q Tn 'V an il. . y 4 fi, ' ffl "1-Sis ,. at " 14 H gi 'll- 'Q' if A mn A . 15, i is, n., s H 414 'S n. l 4 ' A :5M"f' P' mg gzggsm 391 x P ., 'fx f Sihg -.. ' ,Q -at .Jw 559. Nuke I was . Sm ' 9- ff 'E -ff ,-4 K Q fd Q. AIN' ,Z 4 fr . fi" V ' ,, 'N' En , A 1. ' 5 2 X. M V -I ,Q , - ,. Q 'M 2 V ,. 'r f' ,..'i?':.a.. xx , I 'A' blk , . .9 f M, A ' ' ""'fNii.."f1, .- f V LX if :SQ Q k 5 5 N W as 72154. Y ff , .1 W: I Arpt., ,vaawuffs ...- - L- A --- ' 'f ' Tiff!" m'V1"nf.1f,QS Ilfii I M 5 A X 4 , 6 QQ: . I .T x ., 1 ',. 5 9 fm . fs' . .3 ' 4 1 X - ' , g , , S 'S' is qw E? I Q K 1 as 4? Sai '- ,Q W? 5 Qu., - -x -pa. nd! i R 'N""""!v-'www-qw. ,K mv M Mr-:A 'figs A- x X , f J T - x M-s XV :snr Aw, diff 4z,,,w!2 53169 :N . Q.,.f-,hw f "' . x.!Q'Lxr:.w2xi'?5fN'fffw--Vw 4 ,, 5- V' an A i MR. ROBERT HALL. Supt. MR. IOHN DENIUS. Principal MR. EARL D. WISARD MR, GLEN GRABILL Ohio State-B. S. Ohio U.-B. S. Kent-B. S. Otterbein-B. S. Ohio State Graduate School Mathematics and Manual History and Geography Ohio Sfqfe-A, B, M. A.-Science Training English and Algebra MR. FRED BRIDEWESER MR. P. W. TAYLOR MR. ROGER PRICE I Ohio U. Kent State Miami--B. S. Ohio State-B. A. Cleveland School ol Music Seventh Grade English, Science and Orchestra and Band Assistant Coach Athletic Coach s ' 5 at war I MISS ELIZABETH NYDEGGER MISS HELEN BREMER MISS NORA DRAWE MRS. WILLIAM T. EVANS Wooster-B. A. Wooster Kirksville State Teachers Miami U.-B. S. University oi Michigan-M. A. Kent-B. S. College-B. S. Music Latin and English Biology and Home Economics Kirksville, Mo. Commercial Compliments of Navarre K. of P. Lodge Compliments of Pythian Sisters Lodge ! BQARD Seated: Dr. Lloyd Dowell, Pres.: Mr. Fred Nydegger, Mr. Steve Stoner. Standing: Mrs. George Dagres, Clerk: Mr. Robert Hall, Supt. of Schools: Mrs. Hazel Mudafter. FACULTY First How: Miss Florence Muskoli, Miss Ardis Kaylor. Miss Martha Matejka. Miss Alice Huqus. Miss Helen Bremer. Miss Elizabeth Nydegger. Miss Lucy Mcmack. Miss Nora Drawe. Miss Orletta Oakleaf. Miss Lola Goss. Second How: Mr. Clyde Van Dyne. Mr. Iohn H. Denius, Mr. lohn Derter. Mr. Roger Price. Mr. Robert Hall. Mr. P. W. Taylor. Mr. Fred Brideweser. Mr. Earl Wisard. Mr. Glen Grcxbill. MEET - TAFF i S, ,, S. dim M.s'..0 Rand, Q01 Hg' gnu SUV 9 QXE 'T' '-Q U09 0 ,. 0? fjsolkiwb at Ng, xc 0 'K My N9 931 Www, 1 PY BETTY NETZLY IOHN DEFINE Ir Editor Assistant Ir Editor Samba Glau .61-5:41 ,.i"L.I"f51V '9-f' ' I , . , ' 49 I ' ax 1' '. N ff .' S4 HILDA DEAL President PHIL KELLER Vice President MOTTO We have crossed the bay: WANDA FAIR the ocean lies before us. Secretary GRACE HANDRICH Treasurer CLASS POEM Our course has just been chartered: Our life is just begun. We're sailing ever onward. A prize is to be won. The harbor lies before us, 'The ocean just outside. The hour is set for leaving. We're sailing with the tide. Our ship has sailed the seven seas: We've anchored in every port. Our friends have gone ashore one by one. To their life's work of every sort. Success ! At last you've found it, You'11 know the meaning when. The last of the bolts are broken: And you're inside the door, my friend. ' -Miriam Rockstroh Compliments of Berqer's, Inc. Home-Owned Store Massillon, Ohio IOHN ADAMS A is for Adams, Long. lank and lean. We're told his attentions Are aimed toward a Beem. CLIFFORD BIXLER B is lor Bixler, We know how he stands. He's always willing To lend us a hand. HAHRIET DOLL D is for Doll, The sister ol Iay. She plays basketball In just the right way. llM EDWARDS E is lor Edwards, Who likes to relax. lust give him a quiz And see how he acts. ELSIE I EAN BEEM B is for Beem, Whose dark eyes do flash We bet she could beat you In a hundred yard dash HILDA DEAL D is for Deal. A most important girl Whose. business galore Keeps her in a whirl VINCENT DEBOCK D is for Dan. The varsity man Who can carry th ball It anyone can. EILEEN EVANS E is for Evans. We call her "Squeech When you want a friend She'll be within reach Compliments of Reese Beauty Shoppe, Canal Street, Navarre, Ohio Compliments ot Segel's, Massi11on's Modem Ladies' Ready-to-Wear Store WANDA I-'AIR F is for Fair. And we would like to see, How she curls her hair, And why she likes C. MAHIORIE GRIMM G is for Grimm. But she doesn't pout. That her heart's in Ia We haven't a doubt. VIRGINIA HARTZELL H is for Hartzell. Ginny's her name. 'I'.? ckson. In her piano playing, She's riding to fame. PHIL KELLER K-is tor Keller. Our tallest boy. To be with Gwenn Is his greatest joy. was . I tl iff 5 Q7 v" MARGRIT GRILLON G is for Grillon, A little Swiss lass, With light brown hair. In all things she'll pass. H GRACE I-UENDRICH H is tor Handrich. A lover of books. When it comes to sweetness It's in her looksl HELEN IAYNE HILDERBRAND H is for Hilderbrcmd. Who holds her head high. But she always speaks When passing you by. IACK LUTZ L is for Lutz. A southpaw hurler. He's now in baseball. We know he'll go further. Compliments oi E. I. Swank and Son, Plumbing and Heating, Navarre, Ohio Compliments of Neumi11er's Griddle, Route 21 IRAN MARCHAND M is for Marchand, We know her as lean. A good wiie she'll be: Towards her cooking we lean. DORIS MUMMBRTZ M is for Mummertz. A quiet lass, But sometimes you hear her Laughing in class. BOB NETZLY N is for Netzly A very cute lad. With curly blond hair And a mirror-Egad! IACK OWENS O is for Owens. A very bright lad. If he'd only study His grades wouldn't be bad. QQ xlib 91" 5 ibn'-Q gg Q This page is sponsored by I. L. Fromholtz BUFUS MILLER M is for Miller, A trapper is he. That he is hunting a dear, We all can see. HARRY MYERS M is for Myers. We call him Huck. He can swing, But he can't truck. STERLING OAKLEAF O is for Oakleaf. And he likes to race. When you see him in motion It's usually toward Grace. BEN PYLE P is for Pyle. A well dressed gent. His time and money Are very well spent. 154 Lincoln Way, West Massillon, Ohio MARTHA REAM R is for Ream. Martha for short. A well-liked girl With friends of all sort. MIRIAM ROCKSTROH R is for Rockstroh. With intelligence-plus. She came down from Canton lust to be with us. MARGERY SIMLER S is for Simler. Whose typing is neat. We wish you could know her. She's very petite. GRACE SPANGLER S is for Spangler. Who lives in Park Heights: She's a dark haired girl. Who takes up her nights? af, 19 ,p::l'5'v-L 'Z' 'Q 'uhh-uv .3 nf- :E ',+-M. 'R i MUN Nusa' .N 1, 31-df' ,.4l"' DALE RESH R is for Resh. A baseball man. Who really can hit If anyone can. RUTH SECREST S is for Secrest. With dimples sweet. We think she's a girl You'd like to meet. GLEN SHIPBAUGH S is for Shipbauqh. Who ddves a big truck. He works hard on Friday And school he does buck. OILVE SPEICHER S is for Speicher. Who never misses a day Oi helping the teachers In every way. This page is sponsored by the Ohio Public Service, Massillon, Ohio MARY IAYNE SWANK S is for Swank, A cheer-leader is she. She led our team on To a neat victory. EARL TUNING T is for Tuning Who's late every morn. An excuse is a thin 9 Thai he never has borne. RALPH WAGNER W is for Wagner, A boy from the farm. The girls in our class. Cause him no alarm. Honor Students: GRACE HANDRICH VIRGINIA HARTZELL HILDA DEAL MIRIAM ROCKSTROH MARGARET WEIDMAN DORIS MUMMERTZ MARIORIE GRIMM Compliments of Sanitary Laundry, Massillon, Ohio REA TIMNEY T is for Timney. She's got what il takes You should see her On roller skaies. RUTH VAN KIRK V is for Van Kirk. She's always sincere. She works very hard On the paper. I hear. MARGARET WEIDMAN W is for Weidman And she'd like to fly. To be an air hostels Way up in the sky. 5 . This space we dedicate to our salutatorian. VIRGINIA HARTZELL, who has also proven herself worthy of honor. We dedicate this space to our valedictorian, GRACE HANDRICH. who has unquestionably proven herself to be worthy of this honor. Q Ill PAST -- On one bright sun-shiny day in September. l928, forty-eight small boys and girls en- rolled in the first grade. Then from the first grade, where they taught us the alphabet, we passed on through the eighth, with each year a new and tougher subject before us. When we entered high school they tacked that undignified title of "greenies" to our names. But this didn't get us down, nor did it make us fear our upper classmen, at least not very much. It was this year that one of our students, Nellie Arbaugh, left us to enter Shaw High School in Cleveland. At our first class meeting with Mr. Earl D. Wisard as our advisor, we elected Robert Netzly, presi- dent: lack Lutz, vice president: Elsie Iecm Beem, secretary: and Hilda Deal, treasurer. Thus we ended the year with an enrollment of fifty-two. We now rise to the rank of Sophomore, with an attendance of fifty giggling boys and girls. With Miss Nydegger as our ad- visor: Rufus Miller, president: Robert Netzly, vice president: Wanda Fair, secretary: and Marjorie Grimm, treasurer. We proceeded to our Iunior year losing Edna Wagner, and gaining Frank Bankovich. By the time we enrolled as Juniors, so many activities were tossed in our faces, that it seemed we were back again in that hazy freshman year. Among these were the purchasing of our jackets, selling candy and ice cream at games, and the biggest event, the "Junior-Senior Banquet." Then our Iunior play called "Intruding on Horace" was a huge success. This year our officers were Hilda Deal, president: Elsie lean Beem, vice president: Wanda Fair, secretary: and Robert Netzly, treasurer. We were very sorry to lose Phyllis Gruse, who left us to graduate with the Class of 1939. This year with Miss Drawe as our advisor, we com- pleted the year with fifty members. Now we drop our silly pranks and knuckle down to our senior year with a new view toward the purpose of education. After electing Hilda Deal, president: Phil Keller, vice president: Wanda Fair, secretary: and Grace Handrich, treasurer, we selected our rings. Elsie Iean Beem was chosen Editor- in-chief of the Annual Staff, and she ap- pointed Virginia Hartzell, Margery Simler, Iohn Adams, Olive Speicher, Margaret Weidman, lean Marchand. Marjorie Grimm, Ben Pyle, Wanda Fair, Harriet Doll, Miriam Hockstroh, Helen Hilderbrand, lack. Lutz, Robert Netzly, Harry Myers and Phil Keller as her assistants. The Staff presented a play entitled "The Nutt Family," directed by Mr. Wisard. We chose the violet as our class flower, to correspond with our class colors, blue and gold: and our motto: "We have crossed the bay: the ocean lies before us." During this year we held quite a few hilarious hard-time parties. On January 9 we had our pictures taken at the Waltz Studio, and spent the rest of the day roaming the streets of Canton. Then, our name cards and an- nouncements were decided upon and now we are eagerly awaiting our graduation day. We also gave a Senior Class Play entitled "Antics of Andrew" under the direc- tion of Miss Helen Bremer, the class advisor. Now with our happiest years past we enter a new group, "the Alumni." -Rea Timney. Compliments of Kanner's, Men'.s Leading Clothing Store, Massillon, Ohio HEREJSHEFHERE Qgffkfffaf-Q IFB Q1 B 1,121 ' f ll f x 0 H 'N I pl' fiyfff fVf7!Y.:' y ffpfgpfff X fzrff Aff Comp , l s 4 i'l-li P ' 66 5 -ff' A M, , Q ,, " x A , ' 1 V , , D'- F- Q, 9 71 n:.fl.' K- Pj! 'X' - f 'ff-ff sf0f'WAA' am 5017017 0F 50715 N003 I l 9 ' I ' Wav Q. A .U us ar ag 'Q H l,', ' ' ....... ., 11,39 f fwffxfohz 4ff,1f,ff.zzz'? X00 K xalflff WA' Nfw ffiffffk dm! !fJ'5'7 50 liments of St h k s, "To Our u u F t P fffffn.. I free! ffarf! E553 r,1 ' .HMT- spects," Massillon, Ohio FUTURE For days I trudged the streets of the Metropolis seeking food and shelter. The weather was unsufferably cold and damp, and the whole world was strange to my benumbed senses. As I walked slowly along, the world grew fainter and fainter and after hearing the wild screech of brakes I remembered no more. The first knowledge I had of being alive was the pungent odor of anaesthetics, the murmur of hushed voices and the sight of two figures in spotless white bending over me. I then came to the conclusion that I was in a hospital. My deductions were cor- rect for I soon learned through those two competent nurses, Elsie lean Beem and Miriam Rockstroh, that I had been in a very serious automobile accident. After a very nice chat with these old school chums, I learned that it was through the ambulance driver, Harry Myers, Ir., who had recognized me, that those two nurses were assigned to my case. After a few weeks of convalescing, my doctor, Phil Keller, informed me that I was well enough to leave. But where could I go? I had no home and no friends which I could contact. Then upon my request my two nurses contacted the Editor of the Metro- Times, Robert Netzly, who gave me a job as Society Editor on his newspaper. During one of my assignments in a very fashionable night club owned by Dan Debock, which is frequently visited by the Society "Debs," I came upon "The" Mrs. Harriet Doll Stull and Grace Spangler, who were enjoying a private tete-a-tete. Upon their invitation I joined them and we spent the evening discussing old times and listen- ing 'to Dale Resh and his dancing trio- Timney, Swank and Hilderbrand, who pro- vided us with a very superb floor show. When I took my leave, the doorman, Ralph Wagner, hailed a taxi for me and the driver turned out to be Earl Tuning. On another occasion while I was out gathering news I came across Ben Pyle, Sports writer of the Metro-Times, who was on his way to interview Miss Eileen Evans. the new 1950 Tennis Champion. He invited me to go with him, which I did. After the interview he took me to dinner at the Ritz. Our waitress was Ruth Van Kirk, who in- formed us that lean Marchand was the dietitian there. Her food was very delectible and well planned. After dinner Ben took me to Metro-Hall. Virginia Hartzell, piano soloist, and Olive Speicher, vocal soloist, were the main features of the program. We had a very nice time. One Saturday morning I went to the Beauty Shoppe, "Go in looking Grimm: come out looking Fair," and after a thorough treatment of shampoo, finger-wave, facial and manicure I proceeded to a baseball game at Metro Park. "Lefty" Lutz, who was billed for the day, is still at the top in pitch- ing. While there I came in contact with Doris Mummertz, now a noted Welfare worker, and Martha Reem, a Scout leader. After the game we took a drive through the country for relaxation and stopped at a roadside stand where there were apples for sale. We found Clifford Bixler, who ex- plained that he was running this stand for the Oakleaf's-Sterling and Grace. That evening we attended the Roxy Hall owned by Iohn Adams, which was featuring Don Iaime Edwards, lecturer on the Scientific Problems of the Universe. The following Sunday I took the Trans- Atlantic Planet for Europe where I would attend the new style shows in Paris. On the plane I found Margrit Grillon, going to Switzerland: Ruth Secrest, on her way to London, and lack Owens, a Historian, and his secretary, Margery Simler, on their way to the ancient ruins in Egypt. We were all made very comfortable on our trip by the efficient Air Hostess, Margaret Weidman, who informed us that our lives were in the hands of those very competent pilots, Rufus Miller, and Bud Shipbaugh. -Hilda Deal. Compliments of R. I. Sutter, Factory St., Massillon, Ohio - Credit Terms Compliments of Morrison's Music Store, Factory St., Massillon, Ohio I, Iohnny Adams, will and bequeath leanness to Iohn Reynolds. I, Elsie lean Beem, will and bequeath brother to Betty Netzly. I, Clifford Bixler, will and bequeath love for learning to Perry Foster. I, Hilda Deal, will and bequeath height to Marjorie Roderick. I, Harriet Doll. will and 'bequeath ability to play basketball to Iack Stull. I, Vincent Debock, will and bequeath WILL mY mY mY mY mY mY ability to play football to Paul Noftsinger. I, Iimmy Edwards, will and bequeath trapping ability to Wayne Buxser. I, Eileen Evans, will and bequeath water waves to Vincent Schalmo. I, Wanda Fair, will and bequeath complexion to Ethe. Shanklin. I, Margrit Grillon, will and bequeath Swiss accent to Mary Evelyn Leighly. I, Marjorie Grimm, will and bequeath cheertulness to Helen Morgan. I, Grace Handrich, will and bequeath knowledge to Wanda Sterner. I, Virginia Hartzell, will and bequeath mY mY mY mY mY mY mY very, very blue eyes to Anna Marie Shrock. I, Helen Hilderbrand, will and bequeath my ability to get boy friends to Donna Bowers. I, Phil Keller, will and bequeath height to Charles Wetzel. mY I. Iack Lutz, will and bequeath my ability to get cheer-leaders to Cleal Swank. I, lean Marchand, will and bequeath bakinggability to Donna Resh. I, Rufus Miller, will and bequeath mY mY ability to smoke a pipe to Herman McClurg. I, Ben Pyle, will and bequeath my "fair" friendship with Shipbaugh to Maurice Sunt- heimer. I, Doris Mummertz, will and bequeath my curls to Helen Meyer. I, Harry Myers, will and bequeath my ability to love them and leave them to Bob Keller. I, Bob Netzly, will and bequeath my blond- ness to Iohnny Define. I, Sterling Oakleaf, will and bequeath my ability to make love to Floyd Foster. I, lack Owens, will and bequeath my love for democracy to Bill Nalbach. I, Dale Resh, will and bequeath my red hair to Eldon Dwyer. I, Miriam Rockstroh, will and bequeath my love for trumpet players to Mary Iane Stiffler. I, Ruth Secrest, will and bequeath dimples to Norma ,lean Miller. mY I, Margery Simler, will and bequeath my love for typing to Maxine Fetters. I, Bud Shipbaugh, will and bequeath my self-assurance to Paul Kaylor. I, Grace Spangler, will and bequeath my love for dancing to Betty Atkinson. I, Olive Speicher, will and bequeath my vocal versions to Helen Yerman. I, Mary Iayne Swank, will and bequeath my ability to get "Bills" to Margie Struble. I, Rea Timney, will and bequeath my freckles to Shirley Oakleaf. I, Earl Tuning, will and bequeath my love of Freshman girls to Bill Winkhart. I, Ruth Van Kirk, will and bequeath my "way" with Miss Drawe to Bill Hammel. I, Ralph Wagner, will and bequeath my looks to Russell Fisher. I, Margaret Weidman, will and bequeath my ability on ice-skates to Thelma Hodgson. I, Martha Ream, will and bequeath my good naturedness to Mary Louise Smith. Compliments of McLain's for the Best Brand oi Coffee, Massillon, Ohio Compliments of I. C. Penney Co., Massillon, Ohio f ff?-A 5 f",-rx OS S lUE hAvE cn. E-D THE BAY., THE ocEAn LIES BEFORE usl... .IUIVIOR First Row: lack Shaw, Ben Paris, Bob Keller, Paul Kaylor. Maurice Suntheimer, Iohn Reynolds, Eldon Dwyer, Charles Hodgson, George Harig, Paul Nottsinger. Second Row: Freda Reed, Thelma Hodgson, Maxine Fetters, Shirley Oakleai, Donna Resh, Wanda Sterner. Margie Struble, Mary lane Stitiler, Fern Masters, Betty Atkinson, Betty Netzly, Norma lean Miller, Miss Drawe tadvisorl. Third How: Helen Morgan, Anna Marie Shrock, Anita Hattery, Ethel Shanklin. Geneva Brown, Donna Bowers, Mary Diekman, Betty Gantz, La Verne White. Nettie Grace Smith. Mary Louise Smith, Helen Yerman. Fourth Row: Charles Wetzel, Wayne Price, Russel Fisher, Nancy Gallo, Mary Ellen Spitzer, Helen Meyers. Mary Evelyn Leighly, Marjorie Roderick. Vincent Schalmo. Iohnny Define. Fifth Row: Perry Foster, George Dagres, Bill Hanna, Bill Nalbach, Herman McClurg, Cleal Swank, lack Stull, lim Bamberger, Floyd Foster, Wayne Buxser, Bill Hammel, Bill Winkhart. Marjorie Roderick. Iohn Define, Anna Marie Shrock. Geneva Brown, Shirley Oakleaf JUNIOR class I CLASS FIRST ROW: Bob Wilson, Raymond Widmer, Vincent Define, Russell Swank, Jim Weidman, lack Burkhart, Howard Netlly, Iay Doll, William Owens. Bud Daily. SECOND ROW: Mary Gerber, Ruth Selveys, Erma Gerber, Orvine Debock, Margaret Schauer, Pearl Speicher, Pat Gier, Kay Berlyoung, Sarah Noltsinger. Dorothy Tuning, Anna Mae Hindley, Luetta Schall. George Wilson. THIRD ROW: Harlow johnson, Thelma Bixler, Marie Chetelot, lane Iacques, Elaine Cook, Ellen Marie Hay, Lola Loudiana, Ida Mae Stittler, Evelyn Stantz, Ieannette Mummertz, Mary Ioan Bittelrer, Betty Baker. Elizabeth Nydegger lAdvisorj. FOURTH ROW: lla Petty, lean Haas, Regina Schalmo, Margie Haaqer, Opal Dunn, Marilyn Baltzer, Pauline Rumberger, Dorothy Jones. Helen Morris, Mildred Bouqhman. ' FIFTH ROW: Robert Hodgson, Bill Lutz, Raymond Gleitzman, Iim Houvig, Bob Deal, Hal Dean Gaddis. Charles Foster, Richard Thwaite, Dick Aqler, lack Frank, Ronald Evans, Ioe Loretto. FIRST ROW: Melvin Owens, Robert Dages, Iunior Reynolds, Robert Sample, John Agnes, Ray Bush, Richard Atkinson, Willard Noltsinger, Earl Goodman, Earl Iogerst, Dean Rupert. SECOND ROW: Doris Marshall, Eileen Timney, Evelyn Masters, Florence Arnold. Adeline Smith, Mildred Owens. Maretta Fisher, Sylvia McCartney, Betty Diehl, Donna Lash, Alberta Boughman, Josephine Price, Dorothy Weidman, Mary Gardner, Marilyn Keller, Evelyn Smith. THIRD ROW: Mr. Wisard fAdvisorl, Iack McCool, Shirley Stantz, Ruth Wilson, Betty Berlyounq, Phyllis Gooding, Mary Adams, Katherine Hennrs, Dorothy Lash, Iune Daily, Wava Shanklin, Goldy Devoll. Beverly Hay, Thelma Winkhart, Eugene Philips, Dale Ruti. FOURTH ROW: Doris Steiner, Betty Hammel, Wilma Keeter, Iosephine Kenny, Marie Niclrles, Nora Lanqentield, Norma Anger, Thelma Hodgson, Margaret Manse, lunior Axe. FIFTH ROW: Alexander Gallo, Donald Shank, Eugene Nicewander, Iunior Iones, David Beem, Louis Smeltzer, Glendale Hodgson, lim Winkhart, Gene Kaylor. Glendale Shanklin, Okey Dunn, Chuck Evans. Howard Borell, William Brady, Dale Miller. HMA N CLASS GRADE FIRST ROW: lean Riordan, Margie Day, Eleanor Bowers, Gail Harrig, Florence Robinson, Barbara Wistler, Cornelia Kelly, Nellie Chetlot, Bonnie Craver, Mary lane Debock, Zeta Schalmo. SECOND ROW: Norma Iean Foster, Norma Hattery, Iune Wilson. Donna Labb, Donna Deline, Lois Baltzer, Shirley Lash, Betty Lou Numbers, Virginia Healer, Olive McClintock, Mary Ellen Lintner. THIRD ROW: Mr. Van Dyne flldvisorl, George Varns, Ierry Hammel, Marian Shetler, lim Jacques, Hosea Tunning, Junior Solberg, Paul Noltsinqer, Walter Studer, Robert Gardner. FOURTH ROW: Bill Walker, Robert Putt, Merle Shanklin, Charles Ferny, Iames Loudiana, Dick Taylor, Elmer Warbler. FIRST ROW: Tommy Gier, Walter logerst, Donnie Airhart, Raymond Hodgson, Iunior Manard, Richard Riordan, Iames Betticker, Reed Brown, Billy Creasy. SECOND ROW: Norma Noltsinger, Grace Sterner, Donna lean Miller, lean Trook, Priscilla Aqler, Isabelle Morris. Francis Weidman, Lois Small, Patsy Burson, Lilian Chetlot, Mary Brown. THIRD ROW: Grace Shanklin, Ruth Whitmore, Betty Hennis, Margie Rull. Irene Drage, Evelyn Winlrhart. Marie Langeniield, Alice Hay, Gene Henderson, Lila Mummertz, Mildred Heater, Helen Gilbert. FOURTH ROW: Mr. Roger Price Ukdvisorl, Carl Jones, lack Stantz, Paul Lorelto, Raymond Hattery, Donald Shetler. Billy Trook, James Secrest, Sam Maurer, David Haas, Iohn Miller. FIFTH ROW: Bud Zarzana, Bob Madalier, Charles Numbers, Edwin Gaut, Dan Muskoff, Robert Kerskinski Howard Dunn, Miriam Phillipo. Wayne Shetler, Leonard Couley. ,f'f""'k X' gLkk ' 3' 5 y A M""ff'MfM 6 f mf'27Qw"NwTTQ 9 X -xy if x mf gf X , Q ' ' , 'N 4 - 1 , ,T R . Sxkf, :5 x Q. -iv f N, f ,M Q K ' ' . ,. T, Q W , , 1 if 'w v 4 " ' . - I ' - ' ' +- fif X X, Q Yi x 2, nh ' 6 1 1 Q S M f 4 ' "' X. Q? X 5 D Sky, ffm , ,,, ,, - A W X X Q , 'F ' ' f W fa ew. -x ' im , 4 ,gk -1 . .V 5+ , f' A X fx-Q my f, k ' 'W f MQ., . 9' . Q ,. ., ,B Q- . , V - r K 1 fu., -QA ' .,fgv'x,, Wm., lg' , - ' A - . "wr 3 - v - ,K WS.. wary. xl ' .x V , - V, . vs, , , F if Q .X ,iff Wx M - vi ' -wxh 'HW 5 I W I iv 3 f il , 5 'Hx CAN YOU IMAGINE? 'kli' Iohn Adams not running errands for the teachers. Elsie Iean Beem putting atoms Ufldamsl into molecules. Clifford Bixler not wanting to help. Hilda Deal yelling at the top of her voice. Dan Debock with an English book. Harriet Doll without Stull. Eileen Evans not laughing. lim Edwards being in a hurry. Wanda Fair without a boy triend. Margrit Grillon not trying to do her best. Marjorie Grimm catching on to a joke. Grace Handrich not studying. Virginia Hartzell without Marjorie. Helen Hilderbrand not writing notes to boys. Phil Keller with his Latin lesson. lack Lutz not pitching iWooJ. lean' Marchand without her taxi after Senior parties. Rufus Miller not whittling pencils. Harry Myers as Gene Kupra. Doris Murnmertz not biting her finger nails. Bob Netzly withouthis mirror and comb. Sterling Oakleai two-timing Grace. lack Owens without his Democracy lesson. Ben Pyle not knowing the latest. Margery Simler without her little black book. Dale Rosh without red hair and freckles. Miriam Rockstroh without her Reader's Di- gest. I Martha Ream being late for school. Ruth Secrest without her dimples. Olive Speicher not making out weekly re- ports. Bud Shipbaugh admitting he's wrong. Mary Iayne Swank being quiet in English class. Grace Spangler not being teased about Park Heights. Rea Timney not skating or dancing. Earl Tuning coming to school with an excuse for his absence. Ruth Van Kirk without her shorthand lesson. Margaret Weidman not chasing fire engines. Ralph Wagner having a girl friend. Mr. Hall without his moustache. Miss Bremer becoming Mrs. Miss Drawe using slang. Miss Nydegger with a noisy Study Hall. Mr. Wisard without a Ford. Mr. Grabill not signing permission slips. Mr. Brideweser not making us write English questions. 7 Mr. Denius not being Principal. Mr. Price weighing only 125 pounds. Mr. Van Dyne without Grabill. Mrs. Evans not playing the piano. Mr. Taylor being on time. Compliments of Massillon Drug - "Our rates are as low as the lowest" Compliments of Bender, Florist, Massillon, Ohio rved ' ' -- --' - Y 'iff--'ff' f f-1 - port Headliners SpeakPiok Navarre Teams For avarre Sch ol n""At Navarre Grid DinnerRe lreation Tournament ..i...Y em VILLA ER ff H P7 W 5 li ' 4 a - - N G F in Far .lTl::nlS:c':ir':hh0th"V "lily ln Cnunly Recreation lt 'ent Next J 5 ua ' "M" -lull c ' l 1 B ul F le BA D , 0 R ,l Band Mother: Ply luln e ll a e or ague - e e lvl. , xml I +r e -- ,A . .Bhlld Boosters ln Community South To Raise F X ,QP Ekvv ,iodxgh ffgliln lm:use:llrlL.:'l:flh: For New Uniforms and lnntrumentgyf' F SIST 'cfs S Q-ml-all l.,l..n,.llll-'ll 'lip will gun M-1,30 S HAL X 5010 as YX3' ' -rg ln.,-ll ll, li ml ln. , ,W .. ,,,,,,.-.- By DI gap' P A1 RA Scbocl X 03' in ll... Indapende f L50 . xx nga " .u JQEZ The Xuan, llallfl lu. 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Navarre I-Iigh's students consider him as Their very most popular lad. Elsie lean Beem, this frauline so fair Wears a smile for all passers by. Thus the Students have rated her as The most popular lass of the high. f tffw' t Malo Q Hs il-L' Q Q ff 1 'il , Q gg 'N 'mm 5? 111121 ins f 6 M lgglrfllliibg .qx , J' .. John Adams ,,... ,- x . n , -al' 'I, nf 'f ,' 0. A - ' 'ff,.g45m-.,. -.4 A.- , .Ll . . al' ao, .Q-, ' A A. A ...,. ' fx .1 Ihr-I - " 4 "Iohnny" A 1 W., S A iv-sg, ,L ..-.. ,w av' . ' FOOTBALL SCORES Newcomerstown - 6 0 North Canton Canton Twp. Middlebranch Brewster - . 1 .. Y, a ,. Jw "Bridy" Millersburg - - Waynesburg Iackson Twp. Canal Fulton Mary Iayne and Helen BASKETBALL SCORES East Canton Waynesburg Alumni - Iackson Twp. Canton Twp. Louisville Brewster - North Canton Middlebranch Canal Fulton Iackson Twp. Beach City Brewster - Middlebranch Canton Twp. North Canton Canal Fulton We They 24 31 17 47 29 30 18 24 24 33 14 24 22 31 7 31 35 38 33 31 19 30 32 46 25 29 22 31 21 47 16 47 BHSR5-TBA! Donna and- Shirley Wetze1" BASEBALL SCHEDULE '40 April April April April April April May May May May May May May May May Bolivar - - there Canton Twp - there Beach City - there County Tournament County Tournament Open District Tournament District Tournament Open Strasburg - there District Tournament District Tournament Canton Twp. - here State Tournament State Tournament BASEBALL llpauln ..hQ giixsg Q be ""' ' . ' N-H 'Hx V I ' , 1' ,MQ S QM Q QW? ...f . 3 w K sf f E 9 A if S A 3:1 ,xy ,gsww . . em x 'ff Q ss 5' is WW W2 Yvxfffgfwwy Q W Nbr im 31 Msn: AMN A --v1 . " g,- 2 I 3. ...W ., ,iff f oy, K" . wa '1:f5f 'Z' ga- . 2 h 1 yn' 1 ' n N 14 9 8 Q' J , F "x Q' ' jr N U 'Exif W mx 2 W, X . Sw ff S' fs R . f 5 ik ,rv 1. gimp RX 4 Sf? - Vt. sg Q49 .Q 4. is Y Q 'Q aff.. -4 v -I I 1- A. :N Wynn! 2 9 f A In i f:'v3 v 1 1 n . 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Weidman Katharine SiHert Herman A. Bloch Stephen Stoner Maude Henderson I I I I Grace Yant Gertrude Biddle I I 0 I Charles Linn Lizzie Burns Carrie Mentzer Emmett Converse I I I 2 Oscar Brahm Harry Cachter Leila Ricksecker Ivah Bowers Will Wa ner Edward Siffert Edwin H. Carver Edith Steele Gertrude Heintzleman Oella Corl I I I I Roy B. Foster Lillian Miller ld W a agner William Roderick Charles Maurer I I 0 4 Charles Feller Elenore Stahl Russell McFarland Earl Smith David Roderick Rosanna Gabriel I I I I Alice Allinder Edward Stahl Metta Ricksecker lsetha Corl Harry Thompson Flora Carver Martha Kowfsky Melvin Lutz Blanche Truhy I I 0 I George Foster Russell Shetler Florence Zinsmaster Loretta Loew I I I 'I David Alinder Marie Loew Esther Hay Agnes Whisler Edna Zinsmaster I I I I Mary Dages Ethel Hal H. Boyd Weidman Eva Roderick Esthu' Stahl I I I I Clement Gabriel Lura Mc. 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Roderick I I I I Kathleen Smith Earl Airhart Marcus Resh Ralph Myers Lloyd Barr Carl Smith I I I 1 Beatrice McNeal Ethel Shrelfler Valeria Johnston Fern Smith Eveline Maurer Vera Ricksecker Sarah Thomas Mary Muskotf Monroe Miller Frank Smith Manfred Klein Marie Johnston Chester Domer I I I I Lela Snyder Ellsworth Wagner I I I I Mary Manack Ruth Slemmons Fleta Evans Anna Rosh Nellie Salberg Mary Ziegler I I I 0 Lucille Hempstead Edna Snyder Agnes Brankle Hazel Ziegler Jiihn Miller ilda Zinsmaster I I I I Violet Werstler Verda Evans Helena Grace Geoplert Emil Pearl Weidman Ji Clliester Adams aul Muskoff I I I I Esther Leola Thwaite Carmel Alice Manack Lfiiseph L. Snyder yron Paul Adams Logan H. Hammel er W. Warren Garnet L. Patterson I I 2 3 Thelma E. Allen Beatrice E. Beltzer Florence M. Hug Waldo G .Hensel Ardis E. Kaylor Ross A. Lash Eranette Muskoff . Lee Penman Fern M. Rairdon Lucille F. Rowe Esther E. Slemmons Mary O. Smith Helen L. Wagner Ethel M. Ziegler Vesta R. Zinsmaster I I 2 4 Grace Loudiana Lucile Manack Ruth Spindler Alma M. Turnbull Robert Hugus Ernest Nic les Jim Warren ' wrence Thwaite kshn Weidman alph Williams I I 2 5 Gladys Rowe Elizabeth Eberly Inez Beam Gladys Salberg Donald Slemmons Donald Shafer Franlr Sanatore Oswald Marchand I I 2 I Irene Airhart Oella Hay Helen Kaylor Pearl Patterson Ruth Ziegler Merle Engleman Jfan Manack iola Holla Hazel Lutz Clarence Poth Paul Goodman I I I 'I Floyd Allen Alice Hugjus Helen Ar augh Arline Diekman Donald denkes Treva iesmer Edward Nicltles Marjorie Myers Gerald Reamer Howard Rowe Gilbert Swalford Harold Swafford Irene Turnbull Leonard Whyte I I 2 I No Class-Course Changed I I 2 I Emma L. Baltzer Mary Jane Cook Helen E. Crecco Gladys M. Deeds Alice H. Eberly Mary C. Ceopfert Martha M. Lutz Agnes Manack Loretta A. Muskod Jeanette M. Salberg elba Salberg John O. Edwards Carrol VV. Harne Robert B. Drage Clifford L. Johnston Donald K. Slemmons I I I 0 'Robert Beck Ed d B war oron Katherine Bradford Cornelius Deeds Karl Engleman Lois Hein Roy Patterson Pauline Poth Gilbert Reamer Harry Smith Angie Boughman I I 3 I Orletta Oaltleaf Robert Evans Roe Annis Grace Smith Dorothy Muskoif Jaoseph Manack aul Jones Celia Hensel Betty Fair Maude Morrison Daniel Crecco John Eberly Florence Studer Eltterbgn Izradlord acob ert Alice Mzllifarren Kathryn Schrock Carl Van Dress Dean Airhart Robert Yerman Effie.Savage II32 Gertrude Cook Edna Evans Russell Slutz Ada Keehn Vivian Hall NVayne Hair Donald Tisch Vernon Houmard Sheldon Fisher Florence Muskoff Emmett Steele Arvine Nichols Lela Boron William Cruse Miriam Kaylor , Harmon Carver Florence Tabellion Ruth Haas Hilda Hug Pearl Stringfellow Nelson Weidman Kathleen Hammel Norvin Hein I I I I Donald Engleman Corinne Williams Murray Welch Carl Keller Lucille Evans Thomas Reese Edmund Schra.m Myron Harris Paul Aganes David vage Charles Ream Linden Johnston 'Ihelma Burkhart Dale Norris Mildred Netzly George Smith Melvin Define Sylvia Holl Alice Schrock Cecilia Baltzer Norman Savage Jean Oakieaf Donald gones Wilma laugh Nicholas Manack Hazel Studer Myrtle Aman Mary E. Culnon Iris Williams Roger Sn der Loretta Klein Ralph Weisgarber Dorothy Dolvin Elsie Noftsinger Madeline Stanford Freda Swindermain Florence Shroyer III4 Nona Mack Regina Van Dress Marguerite Ream Marguerite Klein Margaret Beem Lela Beck Genevieve Manack Elizabeth Hagerman Fern Whitmire Juanita Scheuiler Myrtle I-Iouvig Twila Holl Compliments of Waltz the Camera Man, Canton, Ohio Compliments of the Brewster Dairy, Brewster, Ohio Harriet Hamilton Laura Holmes Arlene Adams Beatrice Gallagher Verda May Beardalee Dora Slernmons Robert Haas Robert Tabelion Thomas Deeds Ray Drago Frank Sterner Wilson Agnes Harold Ziegler Ben Tones II35 Dorothy Agnes Wildagai Agnes Harold App ebyi Cheser Arbaug William Baltzer John Booth Geraldine Bowers Raymond Colucy Orin Deal Doroth Evans Mary Helen Evans Ted Edwards Dorothy Fair Virginia Cruse Mary Gentry Martha Haas Dorothy Hodgson Marion Houmard Ruth Jones Merlin Kaylgg Raymond Keller Eleanor Klein Harold Klein Maxine Lssley Pauline Maloy Pauline Maurer Evelyn Netzly Zelma Noftsinger Suentin Ott wendolyn Page David Reese Lorna Roderick Helen Shetler Donald Simler Zona Smith Henry Snyder Robert Steiner Evelyn Steinmetz Ruth Sterner Gilbert Timney Phyllis Viles Irene Weisgarber I I I I Joyce Airhart Betty Angerer Fritz Atkinson Carol Bair Betty Bash Forrest Bixler Louise Buxer Donald Boughman George Caster ' Vincent Crecco Myra Fair Charles Fair Varner Foster Donna Caddis Louise Heater Warner Hollinger Ella Holmes Edward Hug Irene Jones Miriam Holl Vivian Hartzell Richard Lash Malverna Manse Audrey Miesmer George Muskofl' Gera dine Peoples Betty Ream Helen Reese Mary Florence Reese Ruth Ro er Vernon Schailter Elizabeth Schopp Dale Snyder glhrragt Sniiith eva panger mum Slfltlide' etta Omplola Arletta Williams Harry Young I 9 3 7 Bennie Angerer luanita Airhart Howard Buxer Ernest Cincinnat Evelyn Cincinnat Maxine Edwards Charles Fetters Margaret J. Forsythe Irene Gleitsman Rosemary Hammel Arline Haager Myron Hari Thomas Hoggson Miriam jones Junior Klein Gertrude Le Vern Betty Marchand Kathrine McCartney James Moore Dwight Netzly Gordon Norris Florence Neal Paul Parr Gail Sandy Virgil Scliauu' Vernon Shetler Dorothy Shipbaugh VVard Smith Wilma Spangler johnson Stevens Frank Wagner Iris Waller Alice Warstler Raymond Weisgarber James Yerrnan 1938 lVill'red Agler Orville Atkinson Virginia Beem Kathleen Blackburn Edward Boufzhman Norma Booth Donald Brown Mary Burton Josephine Cincinnat Harriet Culnon Betty Deeds khn Derfer orothy Eberly Quentin Evans Arline Fetters john Haas Miles Hay, Jr. Onita Holl Clarence Jogerst Mae Keehn Mary Jane Keller Jane Lash Bert Le Vern Dorothy Lieghly Florence Manack Marietta Manning Arland Meyer David Meyer Mile.: On Wilfred Owens Ruth Ray Mae Riimberger Mary June Senelten Russell Sherhag Harold Shrefller Irma Smith Blaine Sterner Floyd Stoner Virginia Thomberry Evelyn Whitmer l 9 3 9 Evelyn Agnes Justina Aman Marian Angerer Ernest Atkinson Evelyn Baker Robert Bash Mary Helen Blackburn NAVARRE HIGH SCHOOL IN 1889 Robert Bowers Byron Brown, Jr. Floyd Brown Marilyn Brown Donald Conkle Orletta Define Calvin Engleman Dorothy Englemen Lee Fair Betty Foster Dwight Fox Francis Gachter Dorothy Goodman Robert Guertal Phyllis Gruse James Hammel Ruth Hammel Nada Jean Hay Grayson Heater Katharine Hein Earl Heintzelman Robert Henderson Russell Hindley Ele3morKIones Blaine ime Harold Lawerence Delores Manse Marie McCartney Margie McGuire Cullen W. Meyer, Jr. Gene Muskolf Loretta Noftsinger Frederick Nydegger Wanda Shanklin Eileen Sl1rePfler Gwendolyn Smith Velda Smith John Stein John Sterner Harold Stoner Ardell Struhle Ross Swank gack Van Kirk une Wade William Wagner Helen Woolnrd M in ef Mgr, 5. Compliments of Navarre Business Men 5 is s ' X 1 ge gi L-Q. N , Q y we A iiss . lx N 1 Q I K .A fsaix lkj L- ' t f Qgri gef' at , r -3 'V git- Y ,is Q L -lie 355 .XF -msg .ef TRAFFIC RULES FOR N. H. S. Get your books ready five minutes before the bell rings. When the bell does ring, rush madly through the door, your classmates will care not in the least if you step on their feet or knock them down. Run down the stairs because it is quicker. If you get there before ascending stu- dents do, you can slide down the banister. If someone jabs you with a pen, either "sock" him or smile and munnur "thank you." Burst into class and slam the door, the teachers like this. They think you are happy then and that makes them happy also. Besides it is such a pleasant way to start the following forty minutes.

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