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E-e'-. ' 5? . . . phi. 1 . 4r'x'f' .. 7: -.. .ex-., L. S L ii H ki-1 E' V gg., E-, FA f"- . .dar Pkg -f t -wi'-,A -- ...Q W: 0 w.-4F-,'.,... Y--1--,K u 1 1 1 --- .,--..- 1-..-v---,W - .n -1... .f -,.-,. ., ' ' -' - ,.,1ew,,,:f--.if ,412 " 1 , 4 . , .A .. ,. , . l A V . fu.. L1 , f E.-5 .E 9 . fx fr,-f f- 5 -- A - ,H - 'J' 1 'i-tx "' ": , R xv.. 7 V 4, i ,-,- , ' .5 'ff :if f A, V 'ff' Q' U .11 i ,- J . . - .if ,,.f-al-S '25- - ' ..,.---eff K+' ' - Q . R A 15 "-Q"N:-- L ' V Ti +Mf-Q, ' - , jx . ,Q ,gs A - ex. 1 lj ' s A f . ' ' ',,'.-, J- ' ..-J - 1 ,,.X,' f - - 1... 1.1 -MM: n., Y, A 4 J , ' xx . A ff.-1 X- Y ,. . ' . Y If wixx- , . - . ,f ,.f .1 P! lr 1 .Ay 'x X. -r I1' .1 v -Q. B -4. ,Wm-1-4 A .,, ...h A: :R .E .Jn ,., , . lf A' -,W ,,i . elf. , , . fi nf.: ,. A- 4.5. ' , ...L ' H 'ff 3' Q 3. 0 y H K, Q b . '.,,:- . 1 . 4.-'Q ' V . .72 ,-:gs V ' ' I lp .q ,pg-. , .,, 'fx-,.1LI' - gsm- -- Q - -Qu. A Q- ,f ' -.35 . I Q-. f, ,H V 54 M ., . ,' - , ,:".. V, J" f- Q1 ' r . , .K -:,3e:'x:-,EV . - Q, 4 E .AV 7 K - L. ,., Q r -4 , , A ?."4,. F.-',,,A ' -51, . wt ' '-4" ' 1' an-z."fL' '- ..-L1 f ' -' --f' ,- V' .- xfv, - -1 : - , ,-.. - ,M . -' , , if .. W 1 , rx xl ,r di" ,-gf, -, . - . f . ' - , ' ' Lvl . - 'Z - . . -,V ' ' - - ' 5 M 1 ' W v i - f . A .- - . - . ..--H PQI' 'fi' 5: 'F J 3. V 5 , " ', J '-' :zu i -fx2' +': -:M -'1-L.-1" 1 . -" .. '. 4? f . -, .A . --,Q i.-ln.. - ,K . ,g -. x .UWQH5 . .-. if- 1 , "4 'N X 'Su . + 'W fwf-A V kf V- at , Y. L4 1.11, -. , Y, h ,WAmM1, 'N -2-.. .J. qv . 1. .-'Q - -, id.. lx.-. . 4, .L x. Us. - F , hi- ,B .- - Q. , ' - -. -, .-gr. ' - -if'-M E N-,ff 2 , 1 , - A '., P, Lf' gg.-. 2 1 , sN"'fEsq?'. 'f - - .M-' ' 1 A -jg, . I s,-5, 1 ,V ' V4 ' - pf.. , if gl ' .-,I :Z --.,.,..g MM, -. - " ' I , v.- . - , 4- .5557 mg. A jf' V - , ' -. ' -5--L Q V I , - .,.. " . X A ' I ' , f h ' ' " . g.' vw-,df-, -t-,'T,h-Inv?-:Tff'f"' :pf ,.- R ' J: ..-w?'7,,M "'3i.yiz Pugh ' V - ,1-... ,--1-W .fr . -fi- 'f- -. ' ' ' 1' 2.731 ' '- f'-v-.., , Afieq'-. . .,-" -,,",f+f-H f 4, f ye- .. V if gf-- zf 4 Y A . af. K QL. f N X' lx 7 fgfgflm-5,53 . . x."" -asks. - f F- fx A Az.. 3. 1 ..--, A.,-. fr 1 . DS... - '- H ' u. 1 '-. - - ' . " JY, ' , . -,J -- . J, f,fK'+-:' . -- - -- 4'-u.,g,-o5,..,sk,'-..,i 'df--su,.'p., aft' -,.. " ' ..rg'5's---' ,. - N- -. .-Mb,-,, fs, ..., 'A .3 ,ic ,4 ' - -'2 A'-gf - , . . .-g ,, ' - -,, . -. . ,- - V , ,-'Haw . z , . -L Q. .. -LJ f ,s .. fr -2 . - 1--.+-.5-,EX - U .uh H- -, f' -, ' :rr --TH ' .,,-if , I wL,L,:g ,A . 1 . . A ' - '- ' ' Wm- ' g' ., w w 4' . ,lx ' Lgj 5 Y ' , y if-,.-1: . w ' .. 'ci . 1. I .A., V .wa . 1--uk" , -3 ,. , ng .5-Q32 V -, Ng' 1 iff.-. W. , .1 it -T A M ,,,,:0.-- V 3 . M'mUm ' f.. .FL-' ' ,V - ' W- .i----,.4,,.,,c-. .Y ,av-5'-,Q -f 1LggQ5i,+Mg?EA .---'11-.f " - f" - -- ..,,, ,-fi" , An. ,. W ., fikiri' ' .JF M ww-.-..3,g,1,:' 7 '.-.?3"..ff ' 1--E ,,,,. ... .,-L, N' H sie-1. e , "J" , ! 1' ': 59 " , N- vufqye 4' V, ww., f--, V W M3-j,.. ,I 1. Q, ag, ,V -m .. J., 1- 1- QL, 0' ' 5 'SN ,f.,- 41 ., H., v e x I .slur- in-v . 5 fi-' - il , v I '.! ,A ye".- - 1 V , an--s. A ' AY' ,, .. -.WA 1 T9 4-.IL -. -, Y , 1"'- -u H Z r -. , x ..,I'x,, .fi K4 w' 4 3 -ag 4 ,-A 4-nr ,my ' 1 1 . , , 1 n +- V L 1 if . xx W x x.. , -, L A 1 def . 131.-A1 A fps. - ' -V, 'nys ' ' 'Ry . , - ,flygf 'V'-Q. -adgfw-' .QWWM PNP A 5 'Ia' ,, T 1' , 1 J' , f. ' 'x '- ,- ,- H, "-f' "3A"fe-.1 w 1,.,,-1. . - - f V' F .E1:A1.I'3LL .:..u. , A11 '. .Lamb I' xv 'ka Q fb To our friend and Superintendent in our Fresh- man year, Mr. Fredrick Nydeqqer, We, the graduating class ot 1938, respectfully dedicate this third annual publication of "Entre Nous." 1 Q Q. 5 ff tltlllll -l H. Nl lll-llll- 6 IN MEMORIAM MILDRED SCHAUER Born August 5, 19201 died Iuly 23, 1936 HARLOW SENFTEN Born December 5, 19205 died October Perfect souls sent down to earth, Moral scholars and full of mirth: Bodies of youth, minds of cr sage, But born to die at an early age. While we live on in a world of sin, 'Tis a mixed puzzle God puts us in. 10, 1937 A in 1-f.!".v BOARD MEMBERS PAUL HEEST-AND, President LLOYD DOWELL, Vice President MILES HAY, Clerk STEPHEN STONER KATHERINE DAGRES N AVARRE HIGH SCHOOL Ncrvcrre, Ohio ENTRE NCUS STAFF EVELYN WHITMER, Editor-in-Chief IOHN HASS, Asst. Editor-in-Chief BLAINE KIME, Asst. Iunior Editor RUTH HAMMEL, Iunior Editor IRMA SMITH, Business Monuqer TUNE SENFTEN, Artist HAROLD SHREFFLER, Advertisement Editor BETTY DEEDS, Advertisement Editor RUSSELL SHERHAG, Literary Editor VIRGINIA BEEM, Picture Editor FLORENCE MANACK, Sports Editor BLAINE STERNER, Sports Editor IUNIOR HAY, Alumni Editor VIRGINIA THORNBERHY, TYDist IOSEPHINE CINCINNAT, Ioke Editor IANE LASH, Ioke Editor -38 FACULTY OF NAVARRE HIGH SCHOOL 5- ' 'Qfff MISS HELEN BREWER MR. FREDERICK BRIDEWESER MR- IOHN DENIUS WOOS'ef and Kem-B' 5- , ohio U. and ohio State-B. A. Ohio U'-B--S 1 1 Bi0lOQY Ufld Home ECOUOITUCS Mathematics and Manual Training English and Science K- MISS ELIZABETH NYDEGGER MR. ROBERT HALL MISS GENA SLUSSER Wooster-B. A. Ohio State-B. S. Miami U.-B. S. Latin and English Ohio State Graduate School-'M. A. Music , Science .44 - 1 . MR. TAYLOR MR. EARL WISARD MISS NORA DRAWE Kent State Kent-B. S. Kirksville State Teacher's College Cleveland School of Music Mathematics and History -B, S, Orchestra and Band Kirksville, Mo, r',.......,....:,.1 CLASS OFFICERS Presxdent Secretary MILES HAY IR NORMA BOOTH lume the crce ln class ond sports Norma cr frlencl tn my retreat Youll never tmd him out of sorts 7 Whom I may whxsper solltude IS sweet Vxce Prestdent FYGUS'-UST IRMA SMITH MARY BURTON Hard work IS the surest road to success Gwe me love cmd beauty these two only MOTTO Onward Regardless FLOWER Rose COLORS-Royal Blue cmd Sxlver Y ' U v l M WILFORD AGLER I Leave a kiss but in the cup And Ill not look for wine. ORVILLE ATKINSON 'silence is as deep as eternity. VIRGINIA BEEM Silence is gold, but gold Does not appeal to me. KATHLEEN BLACKBURN It drawing pictures were a crime, This lassie would now be serving time. FDWARD BOUGHMAN Eddie a lad from a farm, Never did anyone any harm, DONALD BROWN Sells gas in his spare time, But you'll never cheat him out of a dime. IOSEPHINE CINCINNAT losephine is at gym, perfection, Perhaps that accounts for her sc HARRIET CULNON As we are living in an eternity, The time to be happy is today. BETTY DEEDS She never intrudes, but is ready To help with substantial aid, IOHN DERFER A clever mind under curly hair. DOROTHY EBERLY When beauty and duty clash, Let duty go to smash. QUENTIN EVANS Why hurry? There will be time After l'm dead. K in P-I ARLINE FETTERS Are our own talents. ONlTA HOLL What sweet delight a quiet lite affords. 0 CLARENCE IOGERST Flashy and colorful, fast and small, Barney's the lad who hopes to grow tall. MAE KEEHN A blush is beautiful, but often inconvenient. ' LA.. MARY IANE KELLER Her lather owns a grocery store, And you can be sure she'll never be a bore. IANE LASH As a red head, she's in the lead, To anything wrong she never gives heed. JQMMZJJ index BERT LE VERN l am willing to be convinced, But show me one that can do it. DGROTHY LIEGHLEY A commercial student of high repute, Whose ability as typist none can dispute. FLORENCE MANACK The harder they come, the harder they fall, And never a study bothers her at all. ARLAND MEYER It is the wise head that makes the still tongue. gg. DAVID MEYER Nobody need worry about his success, For he has a way that is like a caress. M i, .:f1 g Happiness is not the end of litep- ,- Character is. JOHN HAAS gf: Z f Our opportunities to do good it I J HAROLD SHREFFLER MILES OTT . As jolly and good-natured as he is short. WILI-'RED OWENS Not over serious cmd not over gay, But a rare good fellow in his own way. Suit the action to the world, RUTH RAY E d 8 And the world to the action. MAE RUMBERGER I am happy cmd cheerful, fa! K What more could I want? A giggle is a splash of wit, IUNE SENFTEN ,J A thunder ol argument. RUSSELL Sl-IERHAG He knows how to lead the cheering squad -L And the crowd awaits his every nod. M 54 fa 'Tis strange what a man may do, And a woman think him an angel. BLAINE STERNER Men are often capable of greater things than they perform. J. FLOYD STONER Steve is a hustler coming and going, Iust where he will land there is no knowing. VIRGINIA THORNBERRY 9 f-N Noisy as a phonograph, popular as can be, J Always making people laugh, happy, gay and free. 5 7 EVELYN WHITMER Quiet and innocent looking? But so is dynamite sometimes. CLASS OF '38 On September 5, 1934, 75 Freshmen entered Navarre High School. To say we were "green" is putting it mildly. It was then that "Ice" in- formed us that in a few years we might f?l be considered high school students and being our class sponsor he probably knew. We proudly elected our first class officers. They were: Presi- dent, Iohn Haas: Secretary-Treasurer, Norma Booth. Blue and silver was chosen as our class colors, the selection of class flower and motto being postponed until we had more mature ideas. So passed our Freshman year. Our Freshman year in the hazy past and our mistakes and blunders forgotten or politely over- looked-we hope-we enter our Sophomore year. Sophomore is a Greek word meaning foolish- more well draw your own conclusion. Our class sponsor was Miss Nydegger. We held a Halloween party. This was our first social out- burst. Our class officers were: President, Iohn Derfery Secretary, Arline Fettersp Treasurer, Iunior Hay. We're luniors now and getting up in the world. Shorthand and Typing eventually led to the Com- mercial Club-for some. We had a party, the main feature of the evening being a Scavenger Hunt. "Lady, do you have a black cat or a map of some place or other? We'll bring it back." CP. S.-The prize was Va bag of peppermint pat- ties.l We ordered our class jackets in the class colors in September. Our class play, "'Who's Boss," was given February 12. It was quite a success, thanks to the able direction of our class sponsor, Miss Drawe. We stepped into society by giving a banquet in honor of the Seniors at Orchard Hills Country Club. Our Girls Basketball squad had the pleasure of wresting the inter-class CHAMPIONSHIP from the Seniors. Our class officers were: President, Iohn Derfer: Secretary, Norma Booth: Treasurer, Irma Smith. Our Senior year has arrived at last. Resolved: To get a lot out of this year-at any cost. The losers in the Annual contest gave a "Hard Time" party for the winners. No one had a hard time havingmfun, however. Our rings were selected unanimously teveryone in the class voted for the same ringl on September 21. Evelyn Whitmer was chosen Editor-in-Chief of the Annual staff with Iohn Haas as her assistant. An Annual staff was appointed. They were: Blaine Sterner, Har- old Shreffler, Florence Manack, Iosephine Cin- cinnat, Iune Seneften, Iunior Hay, Betty Deed, Virginia Thornberry, Irma Smith, Virginia Beem, lane Lash and Russell Sherhag. Iunior Editors were Ruth Hammel and Blaine Kime. On Febru- ary 23, we treked to the Lucerne Studio to have our pictures "took." tBetween us, the motion pic- ture theaters of Canton were quite prosperous that fine day. Our Commencement Announce- ments were decided upon after some debate. The Senior Boys and Girls B. B. squads won the inter- class championship. Our class flower is the rose and our motto is "Onward Regardless." Miss Bremer is our sponsor. Our class is well supplied with athletes. The boys who have aided Bridy are: Red Agler, Eddy Boughman, Don Brown, lohn Derfer, Quentin Evans, Iunior Hay, Barney Iogerst, Bert Le Vem, Dave Meyer, Harold Shreffler, Buck Stemer and Steve Stoner. lohn Derfer won the County Scholastic Contest in Chemistry and placed third in the County Scholastic Contest for Seniors. Arland Meyers placed fifth in the County Scholastic Contest for Seniors. Iohn Hass' violin solo won the County Literary Contest. Evelyn Whitmer, most outstanding girl in the County, represented Stark County in the 23rd Annual 4-H Club Congress at O. S. U., Columbus, September, 1937. Irma Smith won in the County for Latin ll, l936. David Meyer and Evelyn Whit- mer were on N. H. S.'s first Debate Team, 1936, directed by Mr. Hall. TO MILDRED AND HARLOW We cannot say, and we will not say That they are dead,-they're just awayl And now, Farewell! Think not too harshly of us, fellow-students and teachers. We have done our best. -C. M. K. CLASS PROPHECY Iune 1, 1958. MR. MILES HAY, IR. No. 3482109 Federal Prison Alcatraz, Califomia Dear Iunior: lt's sad the warden wouldn't let you have a few days off for good behavior to attend the reunion of the old class of '38. There certainly was a mob there, practically everybody except KATHLEEN BLACKBURN, who ran away to Borneo with a sailor. MARY IANE KELLER, that talkative gal, asked about you. She wondered when you would be out. Plans for our reunion were made weeks in advance and invitations sent to old grads all over the world. And then last Tuesday they began streaming into Navarre from every direction. An- other absentee was IOHN DERFER of the Derfer M nufacturing Company, who was expectedly devained in Iustus on urgent business. Mayor BERT LE VERN and his chauffeur, MILES OTT, were kept traveling back and forth in a squad car in "Bottle's" usual terrifying manner to wel- come home-coming celebrities. .Tuesday, however, most of the reunioners had arrived, and the reunion began in earnest. The Very Rev. Bishop ORVILLE ATKINSON opened the meeting with a prayer and someone started the old N. H. S. school song led by RUSSELL SHERHAG, that crooning sensation of the Smel- lum-plenty Cheese Hour over the Coasty Coast, Network. The speed demon, HAROLD SHREFFLER, was arrested ten times getting here. He was bringing MARY BURTON, opera singer, who was afraid she might be late for the opening song. On Tuesday evening the old grads again gath- ered at the school building. IOHN HAAS, Rub- inoff II, opened this session by playing "Sweet and Low" as Lawyer EDWARD BOUGHMAN, who has an established business at Cross Roads, chatted loud and long with old school pals. After this the best swing music of the event was sup- plied by FLOYD STONER'S Band, featuring VIR- GINIA BEEM as a blues singer and dancers 'IANE LASH and BLAINE STERNER. tBlaine only moves when he's "truckin'."l The next feature was a different sort of enter- tainment presented by the dancing team com- posed oi FLORENCE MANACK and IOSEPHINE CINCINNAT. They've just completed a movie for Super-Stupid Productions with VIRGINIA THORN- BERRY as "the new Zasu Pitts." A terrible accident happened when WILFORD AGLER, "Red" sox pitcher, was demonstrating a wind-up and sprained his arm and assorted nurses made a rush for him. HARRIET CULNON and IRMA SMITH fought over him while MAE KEEHN, who specializes in wounded hearts, looked on. Eventually his fiancee, BETTY DEEDS, repaired his arm. Perhaps you would be surprised at the number of the old gang that stayed at N. H. S. to teach. ARLAND MEYER seems to be making quite a success of cramming Cicero down little ones' necks: IUNE SENF TEN has trouble keeping Fresh- men out of her kindergarten classes: DOROTHY LIEGHLEY is the Commercial Instructor. NORMA BOOTH and ONITA HOLL were kept busy taking down importantnotes of the event for the nationally known newspaper, "The Na- varre Blabbler." DOROTHY EBERLY has considerable trouble to organize a Seamstress Union, and also has OUINTEN EVANS with the United Brotherhood of Grave Diggers. The longest speech was made by DAVID MEYER, he's some sort of a national big shot in the B. S. A., and talked on the subject of doing things for boys. After he was finished EVELYN WHITMER, who has risen to great prom- inence in the State as a 4-H leader, gave a short address. After surveying the old bunch we find that CLARENCE IOGERST and DONALD BROWN are. now, working very hard. They are concerned with the large "Bird House Construction Com- pany." RUTH RAY and MAE RUMBERGER have risen in the ranks and have become well-known social workers. And this is about all I can remember of the happenings we had here in the school that has replaced old Navarre High, and last of all the reunion ended with the "Big Apple" with WIL- FRED OWENS as the man of swing. As I must clean my kitchen cupboards I must close. As ever, Arlene Marie Fetters. A -' . A- 'H' W , VA t ,. K .. xy -.4 t , te 5, lv lil' ki v 711 4 ssl L i l. 'Sb Front Row: Betty Foster, Nada lean Hay, Ruth Hammel, Eleanor Jones, Delores Manse, Evelyn Baker, Velda Smith, Francis Gachter, Russell Hindley, Miss Drawe fAdviserl. Second Row: Gene lvluskoff, Marie McCartney, Erma Moore, Evelyn Agnes, Betty Slates, Eileen Shrelller, Lee Fair, Paul Nalbach. Third Row: Vera McCulla, Loretta Noftsinaer, Mary Helen Blackburn, Dorothy Goodman, Iune Wade, Helen Wollard, lack Van Kirk, Harold Stoner. Fourth Row: Ardell Strubel, Wanda Shanklin, Dorothy Engleman, Mary Margie McGuire, Marietta Manning, Marilyn Brown, Marian Angerer, Gwenn Smith, Robert Guertal, Ross Swank. Filth Row: Harold Lawerence, Bill Hammel, Iunior Brown, Ernest Atkinson, lustina C. Aman, Earl Heintzelman, William Wagner. Sixth Row: Charles Royer, Don Conkle, Robert Henderson, Blaine Kime, Calvin Engleman, Cullen Meyer, Iohn Sterner, Grayson Heater, Dwight Fox, Robert Bowers, Frederick Nydegger, Derwood Klien. JUNIOR CLASS Front Row: Wanda Laura Fair, Hilda Deal, Ruth Van Kirk, Grace Hendricks, Mildred Nichol'S Rea Timney, Helen Hilderbrande, Harriet Doll, Miss Nydegqer tAdviserJ. Second Row: Elsie lean Beem, Mariorie Grimm, Mary lane Swank, Garnett Bixler, Marguerite Grillon, Mariorie Simler, Miriam Rockstroh, Virginia Hartzell, Doris Mummertz. Third Row: Kathleen Owens, Edna Wagner, Opal Noftsinger, Margaret Weidman, lean Marchand Grace Spangler, Martha Ream, Eileen Evans. Fourth Row: Phyllis Gruse, Florence Frank, Robert Netzly, Ralph Wagner, Sterling Oakleaf Clifford Bixler, Harry Meyer, Neal Evans. Fifth Row: Vincent Debock, lames Edwards, Dale Resh, Arthur Fair, Ben Pyle, Iohn Adams Robert Bash, Rufus Miller. Sixth Row: William Owens, Phillip Keller, Quentin Gerber, lack Lutz, Frank Benkovich Glenn Shipbaugh. N-w------....... ,Q SOPHOMORE CLASS DAY r-':1n.lf-i' ' .' .n 4 ,A FRESHMAN CLASS Front Row: Left to right-Charles Hodgson, William Nalbach, Iohn Reynolds, Eldon Dwyer, Iim Bamberger, George Dagres, Bill Winkhart, Harry Long, Floyd Foster. Second Row Cshortlz George Harig, Russell Fisher, Robert Keller, Perry Foster, Wayne Buxser. Third Row: Ethel Shanklin, Margie Struble, Betty Gantz, Mary Diekmann, Marjorie Roderick, Anna Marie Schrock, Geneva Brown, Mary Evelyn Lieghley, Martha Heater, Billy Schall, Iohn Define. Fourth Row: Betty Atkinson, Mary Ellen Spitzer, Anita Hattery, Vera Craig, Wanda Grimm, Mary lane Stfffler, Benny Paris, Ray Conkle. Fifth Row: Helen Meyer, Gladys Devoll, Freda Be-ed, Mary Louise-Smith, 'Thelma Hodgson, Helen Morgan, Nancy Gallo, Maxine Mae Fetters, Billy Hanna, lack Schall, Billy Hammel. Sixth Row: Norma lean Miller, Mary Etta logerst, Donna Mae Resh, Edith Rowland, Fern Masters, Nettie Grace Smith, Shirley Oalcleaf, Betty Netzly, Paul Noftsinger, Charles Wetzel. EIGHTH GRADE Front Row: Orveno Debock, Patsy Gier, Sarah Noftsinger, Marilyn Baltzer, Carolyn Berlyounq, Marie Chetelat, Margaret lane Schauer, Vincent Define, George Wilson. Second Row: lla Pettay, Lola Loudiana, Pauline Rurnberger, lean Haas, Iohn Agnes, lames Weidman, Robert Wilson, Robert Hodgson, lay Doll, Ray Dailey. Third Row: Anna Majcan, lane Iacques, Ida Mao Stiffler, leannette Mumrnertz, Dorothy Ione, Iames Houvig, Richard Agler, lack Arther, l-larlow lohnson, Mr. Grabill, Fourth Row: lune Ream, Charles Foster, Hal Dean Gaddis, lack Frank, Joseph Loretto, Carl Cincinnat, Iackie Burkhart. Fifth Row: Elaine Cook, Ellen Marie Hay, Evelyn Stantz, Vernon Sterner, Raymond Lintner, Raymond Gleitsman. SEVENTH A GRADE Front Row: Mr. Van Dyne, Ierry Hammel, Dale Ruff, Betty Diehl, Donna Lash, Beverly Hay. Dorothy Weidman, Betty Hammel, Donald Owens, Willard Noftsinger. Second Bow: Robert Daqes, Shirley Stantz, Eileen Timney, Doris Steiner, Marie Nickles, Marilyn Keller, Wava Shanklin, Earl loqerst, Paul Nottsinqer. Third How: Harold Axe, Howard Bore-ll, Ardith Craig, Iosephine Kenny, Dorothy Lash, Nora Lanqenfeldt, Thelma Winkhart, Alexander Gallo, Donald Shonk. Fourth Row: Eugene Nicewander, Alvin Schultz, lames Winkhart, Goldie Devoll, Mary Ioan Adams, Betty Berlyounq, Francis Bell, Glendale Shanklin, lunior Iones. Fifth Row: Norma Anqerer, Wilma Keeler, Gene Kaylor, Melvin Owens, Glendle Hodgson, David Beem, Evelyn Smith, Iune Dailey. SENIORS When we were little Freshies, The lr. year was crowned with fame The teachers loved us so. The teachers loved us yet: Th9Y pelted US, i1'19Y flmfefed US, Sometimes indeed we went astray We were so sweet, you know. But repentance caused them to forget. Then We were the Sophomores And now' as Seniors we are awful So pretty and so sweet, The teachers qive us thunder We neither whispered nor chewed gum- Our dreams of pleasure and of tame Our grades could not be beat. Have fallen all asunder. But We will show them, never fear, When we ao out to sea We'11 all be famous in this world Now you just Wait and see. -Russell Sherhaq. Senior Honor Students According To Their Rating Irma Smith Norma Booth Onita H011 Iohn Derfer lane Lash Arline Fetters Afkmd Meyer lohn Haas Iunior Hay M59 Keehn Evelyn Whitmer V A ,. , A I JM 'ml F 1 2..' ' 33 Wie. . its vw, Fx D I E llll an E i t -, 2 s '-2 "' A1-H 'Lx "1-X109-,- -Eii L CLASS WILL Wilford Agler, will 'and bequeath my ability to get front seats to Ben Pyle. Orville Atkinson, will and bequeath my curly locks to Lee Fair. Virginia Beem, will and bequeath my ability as cheerleader to Evelyn Baker. Kathleen Blackburn, will and bequeath my slim figure to Margie McGuire. Norma Booth, will and bequeath my quiet man- ner to Iune Wade. Edward Boughman, will and bequeath my good behavior in Mr. Bridweser's classes to Fred- erick Nydegger. Donald Brown, will and bequeath my short hair- cut to Iunior Brown. Mary Burton, will and bequeath my English accent to Eileen Shreffler. Josephine Cincinnat, will and bequeath my athletic tendencies to Ardell Struble. Harriet Culnon, will and bequeath my giggling to Mary Helen Blackburn. Betty Deeds, will and bequeath my affection for red heads to Evelyn Agnes. Iohn Derfer, will and bequeath my back seats in the study hall to Ross Swank. Dorothy Eberly, will and bequeath my way with the boys to Wanda Shanklin. Quentin Evans will and bequeath my strong, silent way with the girls to Charles Royer. Arline Fetters, will and bequeath my flute play- ing to Marietta Manning. Iohnll-laas, will and bequeath my nickname, "Rubinoff," to Earl Heintzelman. Iunior Hay, will and bequeath my modesty to Floyd Brown. Onita Holl, will and bequeath my stenographic ability to Dorothy Goodman. Clarence Iogerst, will and bequeath my athletic ability to Bill Wagner. Mary lane Keller, will and bequeath my ear for good music to Loretta Noftsinger. Mae Keehn, will and bequeath my blushes to Helen Woollard. lane Lash, will and bequeath my auburn locks to Marian Angerer. Bert Le Vern, will and bequeath my subtle wit to Derwood Klein. Florence Manack, will and bequeath my win- ning smile to Marie McCartney. Arland Meyer, will and bequeath my quiet sin- cerity to Dwight Fox. David Meyer, will and bequeath my shyness with the girls to Cullen Meyer. Miles Ott, will and bequeath my guitar to Francis Gachter. Wilfred Owens, will and bequeath my Terpsi- chorean ability to Robert Bash. Ruth Ray, will and bequeath my dramatic abil- ity to Erma Moore. Mae Rumberger, will and bequeath my way with the teachers to Katherine Hein. Iune Senften, will and bequeath my love for Chemistry to the whole high school. Russell Sherhag, will and bequeath my singing to Harold Stoner. Irma Smith, will and bequeath my industrious- ness to Marilyn Brown. Harold Shreffler, will and bequeath my reputa- tion as "Don'Iuan" to Robert Guertal. Blaine Sterner, will and bequeath my classic profile to Russell Hindley. Floyd Stoner, will and bequeath my hot trom- bone playing to Emie Atkinson. Virginia Thornberry, will and bequeath my southern accent to Ruth Hammel. Evelyn Vtfhitmer, will and bequeath my fudge making to Gwendolyn Smith. orq,mmr1on5 Seated: Elsie lean Beem, Dorothy Goodman, Betty Deeds, Margaret Weidman, Miss Slusser tln- structorl, Dolores Manse, Helen Hildebrand, Mary lane Swank, Mariory Simler. Standing: lohn Haas, lane Lash, Ernest Atkinson, Mary Burton, Harold Lawrence, Iustina Aman, Phylis Gruse, Virginia Hartzell. DEBATE AND ORATION Seated: Evelyn Baker, William Wagner, Miriam Rockstroh. Standing: Evelyn Whitmer, Miriam Anqerer, Mr. Hall tlnstructorl, lrma Smith, Gwen LITERARY TEAM dolyn .1 Smith. ? any , N...-,W Q -1-1-in-an E u .-..-...................... - BAND Seated: Mariorie Grimm, Nettie Grace Smith, Betty Netzly, Anna Marie Chetlat, Mary Ioan Bittecker, Pliylis Gruse. Standing: Edna Wagner, lohn Miller, Vincent Define, Billy Greasy, Mary loan Loew, Paul Deeriq, Walter Studer, Maxine Fetters, Maryory Strubel. Last Bow: William Wagner, Cleal Swank, Haldean Gaddis, George Dagres, Mr. Taylor tlnstructorl, Margery Sirnler, Marjorie Rodt-ririk, Margaret Weitlrnan, Betty Atkinson. ORCHESTRA Front Row: Martorie Grimm, Alvin Schultz, Mary loan Bittecker. Seated: Arline Fetters, Margery Simlrr, Eleanor lanes, Mary loan Adams, liarold Lawrence, Lola Loudiana. Standing: Betty Slates, Edna Wagner, lohn Miller, Vincent Define, Dorothy Weidman, Eugene Phillips, Gene Kaylor, Gene Muskoif. Last Row: Cleat Swank, Hal Dean Gaddis, George Daqres, Floyd Stoner, Virginia Hartzell, Mr. Taylor tlnstructorl, Margaret Weidman, Dorothy Lash, Harold Stoner. Q . . 5 Capt. Mary Manack and Lieutenant Lorna Roderick were not present. Front Flow: lean Riordan, Marjorie Day, lean Henderson, Shirley Lash, Donna Lash, Betty Hammel, Betty Diehl. Second Row: Sarah Noftsinqer, Marilyn Baltzer, Carolyn Berlyounq, Evelyn Smith, Donna Mae Resh, Nora Lanqenfeld, Orletta Define, Beverly Hay, Norma Miller, Shirley Stantz, Virginia Lee Mitchell. Third Row: Lois Baltzer, Ida Mae Stiffler, Betty Berlyounq, Norma Angerer, Dorothy Lash, Kathleen Blackburn, Mary Rose Chetalet, Nancy Gallo, Maxine Fetters, Shirley Oakleaf, Marilyn Keller, Patsy Gier. Fourth Row: Marie Nickles, Ellen Hay, Pauline Rumberger, Iane Iacques, Mary Iane Stiffler, Marjorie Simler, Nada lean Hay, Ila Pettay, Mary Ioanne Betticker, Gail Hariq, Mary Etta Ioqerst, Dorothy Weidman. Fifth Bow: Evelyn Stantz, Iune Ream, Mary Helen Blackburn, Geneva Brown, Martha Ream, Marjorie Roderick, Margaret Weidman, Marilyn Brown, Elaine Cook, Gene Muskoff, Elsie lean Beem. First Row: Iohn Agnes, lim Weidman, Rufus Miller, Dale Second Row: Bill Hanna, Howard Borrell, Harry Meyer Top Row: Glendle Hodgson, Wayne Buxser, Phil Keller, BOY SCOUTS First Row: Betty Deeds, losephine Cincinnat, Thelma Hodgson, Hilda Deal, Fern Masters, Shirley Oakleaf, Orletta Define, Nettie Grace Smith, Betty Netzly. Second Row: Nada lean Hay, Norma Booth, Freda Reed, Evelyn Agnes, Kathleen Blackburn, Elsie lean Beem, Mary Helen Blackburn, Betty Atkinson, Mae Rurriberger, Donna Resh, Harriet Culnon, Mary lane Keller, Miss Slusser Clnstructorl. Third Row: Marguerite Grillon, Mariory McGuire, Gene Muskoif, Virginia Thornherry, Iune Sentten, Mary Burton, Dorothy Eberly, Anna Marie Schrock, Helen Meyer, Anita Hattery, Mary lane Stitfler, Mary Diekman, Mary Ellen Spitzer. Fourth Bow: Dorothy Engleniarr, Virginia Hartzell, Ardell Strubel, Wanda Shanklin, lrrna Smith, Virginia Beerri, Marjorie Roderick, Geneve Brown, Ruth Hammel, lane Lash, Marilyn Brown, Martha Heater. Front Row: Miss Slusser, Virginia Hartzell, Elsie lean Beem Nada Iean Hay Gene Muskott Ruth Hammel, Marjory McGuire, Evelyn Agnes. Second Row: lohn Haas, Ernest Atkinson, Blaine Krme Floyd Stoner Wilfred Owens George Dagres. Third Row: Wayne Buxser, Harold Lawrence, Russell Sherhag Iunior Hay MIXED CHORUS COMMERCIAL CLUB Seated: lune Senftfn, Virqiniq Thornlmerry, Normo Booth, Mae Rumberqer, Floyd Stoner, Mary lone Keller, Miss Drowe Clnstructorl. Standing: Onito Holl, Betty Deeds, Dorothy Eberly, Florence Mdnczck, More Kee-hn, lone Lush. 4 Third Row: Iunior Hoy, Russell Sherhog-- Ruth Ray ond Dorothy Lieqhley Knot presentl. t E. E V w CHEERLEADERS I Kneeling: Russell Sherhoq. Standing: Virqinicx Beem, Marion Anqerer, Gwendolyn Smith. 41 0' lb? OPERETTA Stephen C. Foster , Floyd Stoner Ieanie , ,,,,,,, Miriam Rockstroh Colonel Staunton , William Lawrence Phillip , W W , , lohn Haas loy , . ,, , Virginia Hartzell Hannah , Betty Deeds Henry WH ,- - , Miles Hay Richafd , W ,H Russell Sherhaq Majundahr E, Y ,, ,,Dw1qht Fox Ioe Buzzard , , , George Dagres Elmina Hilda Deal William , , Wayne Buxser Seth , Blaine Kime Adaliza Ruth Hammel Lily H, nn Tom ,, ,,,, Moneyfold , Artichoke Hindu Dancer Melinda , , ,Iune Seniten Ernest Atkinson Wilfred Owens Donald Conkle Donna Mae Flesh , Mary Burton l -hc -4 5.-1-and JUNIOR PLAY Simon Simple, an inventor - 40 Q4 .fi Harold Lawrence Sophie Simple, his wife' - Gwendolyn Smith Stella Simple, his daughter - Eileen Shreffler Sammy Simple, his son - William Wagner Sally Ann, maid at the Simples - Dolores Manse Minerva Webb, who boards at the Simple's- f-Ruth Hammel Hazel Hawkins, Sammy's Fiancee - Gene Muskoif Thankful Barlow, who runs the Hotel Elite -Donald Conkle ww Elwood Elkins, just back from the city Blaine Kime Dorothea Ducrksworth, from the city - Iustina Aman 9-L-0 Q? 4-1 "- rdiaflmn -vi SENIOR PLAY Adam Dunniqan Bert Lo Vern Elsie Dunniaan Betty Deeds Mfifsluerite Norma Booth Reporter Iosophine Cincinnat GQOTCIG Floyd Stoner Mr. Van Witherspoon Ir, Hay Mrs, Van Witherspoon Mae Keehn CYYU Russell Shoihaq Scruples Miles Ott TIHOT Irma Smith Christaiiela Arlino ll-tiers Agatha Mulroon9Y Virginia Seem v It was between the Mary months of Mae and Iune and I had just been informed that I had in- herited my great-grandfather's fortune. I hurried to the railroad station to buy a ticket to Orville, and then to Cincinnati from Evansville. where I was to meet my great-grandfather's lawyer. We were to look over the Deeds that had been left me. I hurried down the street, stopping at the corner to pick some Thornberrys off the bush that stood by the blackSmith shop, never suspecting that a Wolfe was walking behind me and peer- ing at me with his Keehn eyes. The Wolfe had a long Blackbum on his Red nose. I picked up a Stoner and finally cornered him. I Lashed him and Fettersed him to a Sterner tree that stood by the railroad tracks never giving a Whihner or less what happened to him. After walking Miles, I finally reached the ticket Booth. where the agent Beemed on me and con- gratulated me on my good fortune. While wait- ing for the train, I met a Boughman, who wanted to sell me a play called "Clarence." We sat down on a bale of Hay which was left for the Haases, and began to talk about Derier red charges. As I boarded the train I found that just another person and myself were to occupy the Hall coach. As it was near lunch time, we went to the diner. I wasn't extremely hungry, but Harri-ett every- thing in sight, until he Owensed a very large check. There was also a young lady in the diner, who, because of the bright Rays of the sun, kept seeing Dots before her eyes, and could not read her book entitled, "Would You Mary lane?" She wore a Brown dress of Russelling taffeta. She had a bowl of gold-fish, but the water kept Lieghley- ing out over the sides. She told us that she had a Clay colored Bert dog too, but he was too small for such a long journey to the city of Florence. I finally reached my destination and was Harolded by the lawyer and a band which played "This Is Arland." -I. L. It,has been noticed that Norma Booth gets quite a few letters from V. S., who goes to school in Richmond, Kentucky. C Everyone would like to know who the Tommy is, that Kathleen Blackburn talks so much about. I We wonder if there will be june wedding bells for Virginia Beem and Alvin "Gassy" Armstrong. O Everyone wants to know if it really was Betty Foster's aunt who gave her that ring for Christ- mas. I We wonder if Mary Iane Keller's heart is in Beach City or in Tulare, California. C Iohn Derfer and Arland Meyer seem to think quite a lot of D. G. and E. B. I We noticed that Evelyn's face got very red when asked if she liked the color of Iunior Hay's shirt. Who is the boy who goes to Ruth Ray's house every Saturday night and sometimes on Sunday? Does Floyd Stoner's heart belong to Mae Keehn, Helen Hilderbrand, or himself. Irma Smith likes H. Werstler but Hartville is pretty far away. Onita Holl says she intends to carry on and be another efficient Holl stenographer. Blaine Sterner better be more careful when he "toots" in front of Myra's house. We are wondering if the Culnon-Stevens, Deeds-Agler affairs will be wedding bells or "?" 9 rf n. v ' 'ON N..'3o'n V 130' ' 1, qv 'Ol A an S .,, nr 'JL I "f1.Jao'a ., l .vs 'Q 7.g'.1 0 n.l.'4 F'r. 4 r-' .1 Y I ol! Vs' I V 4 I ,hw "' ' u ' ' 1'n"s 1 T'n:,,:.l.v'I A ,v, 1 41-A 1 IX ' xi"'!ii ' u 'xt n A -, W.,-3-uf' My , , r W ' 5.1, bf A-,. 'u lv ,. 1-gf fri.. 2' H " .4:'1q.' ,- L , Nfouf' f':i.,SlI.l'i' :sn ,I vi, 0 - . 1 , - I' I IX -,U 5. '.:',,1,. 3' 3: .gdzvav ' 1:1 .,,,.,:v,'f74f ' ,'- l. Ll , I 'I ,-3.' r ,..-- 11,1 4 gba g,'JiI"a.:G- -9 . is CJ . M 'iz ' uglg 'PXP ' ffl.-in ' fl 3 9 - 6 9 I Z v 5 rf, 1 ..ff' .p, ' ,9 J f N. , ef 'al7':. --. ' .1-.i3y,1v,,Y ...f N Xl, ' . , Q- pl 1, X 5 U Y. - V fl 50' I lf -xgsf . X 1 ,N 1 k f HTUIQHCS Front: Le Vern, Aqler, Keller B Sterner Iunxor Brown I Sterner Stem Shxpbauqh Fox Lutz otandinq: Coach Bridewe er Manager Adams Daqres Ioqerst Captazn l-lay F Brown H1entzle man, Conkle, Winkhart Henderson Hang Manager Foster FOOTBALL SCORES East Canton W- North Canton -- Greentown ,,., Magnolia ..a.., Brewster ee.,e. Millersburq .... Waynesburq -- Canal Fulton W Newcomerstown F nt F St n r H y C plain Stemer, Le Vern, Ioqerst. A Sta d q M aqer Ad s, H. Stoner, Shipbauqh, Bowers, Brown, Hientzlemarl, Coach Brideweser. BASKETBALL SCORES East Canton C Canton Township .... -- Waynesburg - Bolivar .,..,. Alumni ..,... Lorin Andrews Middtebranch Greentown -- East Sparta -- Brewster .aaa Marlboro .... East Sparta -- Lorin Andrews North Canton Beach City -- Brewster .,.... M Canal Fulton --- -- BASKETBALL TEAM BASEBALL TEAM Front: Manager Foster, Iogerst, D. Brown, Shipbaugh, I. Brown, Agler, Lutz, Shreffler, Conkle, Swank, Manager Adams. Standing: Coach Brideweser, Hariq, Dagres, Sterner, Le Vern, Hay, De Bock, Gachter. 1937 BASEBALL SCHEDULE Bolivar --- Bolivar ...... Navarre Opponent ---- ll 6 -aa 22 9 East Sparta .... - 8 7 Bolivar ...... --- 27 7 Canal Fulton --- - 7 4 Brewster ........... --- 15 6 Canton Township - 4 O Canal Fulton ..... - 2 1 Strasburg ......... - 3 4 Canton McKinley - 3 7 Greene ........... - 6 1 Rock Creek ...... - 5 4 Greensburg .... Uniontown -M Terrace --- Troy ---' --- 2 0 --- ll 7 -3 0 -15 ANNOTATIONS We have given you last year's Baseball scores. It is a fine record and we are sure this year's team has the ability to perform the sarne. 'Seated F14 If 1160 Mc: xo k Iosephine Cwlllllflllilt Hornet Culnon Vxrqlmu Boom qtomhrxq Iunc Lush Iurlo St'Ilfl9l'l, Irma Smllh Mary Burton A I if W f ' :Z - f -"' ' E i1!iE..'f'H-arf' 'IANQ ll fig-Qs, wi? QQ: 8 L a My v EN J BROTHEQ ,.........,.....-.----Q-ff- BETTY DEE As the Teachers Know Them Wilford Agler Orville Atkinson Virginia Beem Kathleen Blackburn Norma Booth Edward Boughman Donald Brown Mary Burton Iosephine Cincinnat Harriet Culnon Betty Deeds Iohn Derfer Dorothy Eberly Quentin Evans Arline Fetters Iohn Haas Onita Holl Iunior Hay Clarence Iogerst Mary lane Keller Mae Keehn lane Lash Bert Le Vem Dorothy Lieghley David Meyer Florence Manack Arland Meyer Wilfred Owens Miles Ott Ruth Ray Mae Rumberger Iune Senften Russell Sherhag Irma Smith Harold Shrettler Blaine Sterner FlOYd Stoner Virginia Thornberry Evelyn Whitmer Nickname Red Orville Iinny Boots Norma Eddie Brownie Iohnnie Bull I o Hic Betty Derf Dot Buddy Fetters Haasy Onita Iunie Barney Ianie Red lane Bert Dot Dave Flo Arland Percy Bottle Babs Squirt Iuney Russ Smitty Tornado Buck Steve Thorny Evie Hobby Studying Play a mouth organ Hope chest Post marks Writing letters to Kentucky Making airplanes Play pool Visiting relations Giggling Reading Washing dishes Playing piano Eating apples Peddling papers Fixing hair Practicing Taking dictation Visiting the country Reading Radio Staying home Knitting Teasing girls Feeding chickens Cooking Typing Farming Dancing and skating Driving a car Dates Chewing gum Exercising Singing Talking Bucking school Being handsome Getting stuck Bawled out 4-H Club Ambition To be a minister Mason Singer To be a nurse School teacher Carpenter ' To play baseball Be a dress model Iazz orchestra leader Air hostess Get married Chemist Singer News reporter Stenographer Play a harp Be school teacher Newspaper editor Grow up House work Be an old maid Parachute jumper Public speaker Be a stenoqrapher Date with Shirley Temple School teacher Bachelor Great orchestra leader Great guitar player Go out west Travel on train Get thin Secretary To be a ,nurse Architect Truck driver Ioin the navy Get married' Get even with the teachers SOME GREEN FRESHSES - D!SCUSSlN 0 OH BOOM! wgn + z?4aQ " 'E7.j 2 ??si, ag ,. Q y , M 2 N535 1 wi A Zfs X 40 bg! Q Wmplsivi qfffgh am Q ?' .igwyw 4-W 333 mfkw I kwa 5 Q ' W XY E .Q ,A R ,ff if RMA L HERB DOUBLE TROUBLE i T NAVARRE OR BREWSTER7 HE LONG AND YHC SHOE' x U, f', A POSIN' Eaanso A MAE xesnu a usa-pqg41 or url' lqlrvql '. 9 , 3-, HQQ n.. . - 2.fgfw- '4 ffv V I 5'5,Qi- 'in . 1 ff 1.3. ' , ,f I' ...Nx- K GWEN AND PHIL .. A, 5 . -fn , Q 4. . .-' Y . . .. Lfa'.,nva X M k- :fa k,,. I ' WSW M a fl . s N F. :W I M. Ag .f 1. Q ,wJ . Y 3 ' 1- 1 ... Y F i , Y s " .S I -fb: 3 as .A H A Sb' 1- ,'Qaw. , A.. - .Q .n Cf. 3 mimi, , Most Popular Most Studious A Wittiest Peppiest Busiest Most Personality Most Talkative Most Athletic Best Looking Quietest 3 SENIOR PERSONALITY VOTE GIRL Evelyn Whitmer Irma Smith lune Senften Virginia Beem Irma Smith Betty Deeds Virginia Beem Iosephine Cincinnat Mary Burton and Dorothy Eberly Norma Booth BOY Iunior Hay Iohn Derfer Iohn Derfer Russell Sherhag Russell Sherhag Iunior Hay Clarence Iogerst Blaine Sterner Arland Meyer Kathleen Blackburn lover telephonel: Are you the game warden? Game Warden: Yes, Ma'am. Kathleen: I am so thankful I have the right person at lastl Would you mind suggesting some games suitable for a Girl Scout party? O Harold Shreffler occasionally wipes the dishes for Mary Burton. The other day he rebelled, say- ing it was "not a man's work." Mary got the Bible and read from 2 Kings 21213: "And l will wipe Ierusalem as a man wipeth a dish, wiping it, and turning it upside down." Harold still wipes the dishes. O Nature is a wonderful thingl A million years ago she didn't know we were going to wear spec- tacles, yet look at the way she placed our ears. O The spinal column is a collection of bones run- ning up and down your back, to keep you from being legs clean up toyour neck. O Edward Boughman: Did you ever run across a man who at the slightest touch would cause you to thrill and tremble all over? Ruth Ray: Yes, the dentist. - 0 Russell Sherhag: What is a Civil War veteran called when he rides on a street car? Dorothy Lieghtley: l'll bite, what's he called? Russell: A passenger. O Norma Booth: Mother, I don't believe l can go to school today. Mrs. Booth tperplexedl: Why, Norma? Norma: 'Cause I don't feel well. Mrs. B. lsympatheticallyl: Where don't you feel well? Norma: In school. O Floyd Stoner: Something seems wrong with this engine . . . Mae Keehn: Don't be silly, wait till we get off the main road. Mae Rumberger and Iune Sentten were dis- cussing men. "Which would you most desire in your hus- band-brains, wealth or appearance?" asked Mae. "Appearance," responded Iune, "and the sooner the better." - O "l want," said Floyd Stoner, the house hunter, "a house in an isolated position-at least five miles from any other house." "I see," said the house agent, with an under- standing sort of smile. "You want to practice the simple life?" "No," answered Floyd, grimly, "I want to prac- tice the trombone." O Mr. Hall: "Every day we breathe oxygen. What do we breathe at night, Arland?" Arland: "Nitrogen." O Miss Nydegger: "What is the literal Latin for 'He pretended he wanted to ride'?" Iohn Derfer: "Hitch, hike, hokum." O "When I started in life, young man," said the wealthy contractor, "I worked twelve hours a day." "Yes," replied Red Agler, "but in these rapid times any one who took twelve hours to do a day's work would get fired." O "I have always maintained," declared "Gassy" Armstrong, "that no two people think alike." , "You'll change your mind," said his fiancee, Virginia Beem, "when you look over our wedding presents." O Don Brown: I see you've got Shelley and Keats. Do you like to read them? Harriet Culnon: Oh, yes. Don: D'you know what is the essential differ- ence between them? Harriet: Yes, Shelley is bound in red and Keats in blue. I 9 9 4 Anna Luke Viola Goshorn Lillie Woodling I 9 9 5 Anna Deidler Ora Barnett Artie Hoagland Jennie Heintzleman Emma Ricksecker Cora Piper I 8 8 9 Thomas Thomas Olive Henline Clifford E. Camp I 9 9 7 Effie Daily Lizzie Harmon Lizzie Corl Edward Hug I 9 9 9 Will L. Bennett Curtis Barnett Ginevra Brown Harvey E. Corl Nora Garvcr Enward Ricksecker Clement J. Rider Sadie Smiley I 9 9 9 Charles Geltz Anneta Ray Lida Eckroate Clara Nichols Alden McFarren Nettie Rider Linda Hug I 8 9 0 Daniel Shetler Oscar Van Dorsten Mellie Hollinger I 9 9 I Charles Brown Olive Baker Bertha Miller Eva Corl Clara Zinsmaster I 9 9 2 Mahlon Baker Vesta Brown Edith Biddle Minnie Bowers Nora G. Dinius Cora B. Fitzgerald Jennie R. Grove Julia A. Hug Charles Ricksecker Laura R. Sisterhen Mary A. Wagner Lura M. Welty I 9 9 3 No Class-Course Changed I 9 9 4 Hattie A. Corl Ada M. Fitzgerald Dorthea Miller Benj. L. Sites George F. Stahl Adam B. Rickard John W. Harmon I 9 9 5 Louis Zorski Grace Welch Anna Sisterhen Henry Zinsmaster William Evans A I 9 9 9 Rose Wagner Pearl Brown' Mayme uig ey Thursie Qloagland Milton S. Garvcr Edward Thomas Emaline Foltz Benjamin James Elmer Schultz Leafa Meyer Genevra Whitmire I 9 9 7 Minnie M. ' Feller Maria Thomas Blanche E. Bowers I 8 9 9 Lottie G. Brown Florence M. Gnau I 9 9 9 Chas. A. Weidman 1884 - 1937 NAVARRE HIGH SCHOOL ALUMNI Katharine Sitter! Herman A. Bloch Stephen Stoner Maude Henderson I 9 0 9 Grace Yant Gertrude Biddle I 9 9 I Charles Linn Lizzie Bums Carrie Mentzer Emmett Converse I 9 U 2 Oscar Brahm Harry Gachter Leila Ricksecker Ivah Bowers Will Wagner Edward Siffert Edwin H. Garvcr Edith Steele Gertrude Heintzleman Oella Corl I 9 U 3 Roy B. Foster Lillian Miller Ida Wagner William Roderick Charles Maurer I 9 9 4 Charles Feller Elenore Stahl Russell McFarland Earl Smith David Roderick Rosanna Gabriel I 9 0 5 Alice Allinder Edward Stahl Metta Ricksecker Letha Corl Harry Thompson Flora Garvcr Martha Kowfsky Melvin Lutz Blanche Truhy I 9 0 9 George Foster Russell Shetler Florence Zinsmaster Loretta Loew I 9 9 'I David Alinder Marie Loew Esther Hay Agnes Whisler Edna Zinsmaster I 9 9 9 Mary Dages Ethel Hall H, Boyd Weidman Eva Roderick Esther Stahl tl 9 0 9 Clement Gabriel Lura Mc. Steele Florence Richardson Clement Keller Lilly Baker Warren Zinsmaster Allen Richardson Harvey Barr Ruby Nichols Thomas Thompson Thomas E. Roderick I 9 I 9 Gale B. Gaddis Edwin C. Rieder Myron G. Swaller Bessie Thomas Anna Beck Magdaline Zinsmaster Helen Hall Gertrude Garver I 9 I I Ruth Hay J. Edwin Sturmi Maude Betteker Albert Gretzinger Alice Biddle Lucille Eckroate I 9 I 2 Isabel Loew Vesta Warstler Pearl McFarland Elnora Keller Anna Wagner Helen Dages Ethel Airhart Ida Johnston I 9 I 3 Karl G. Sisterheri Timothy Zinsmaster Mary May Summers Louis G. Hill Pearl L. Rockstroh Cora U. Swihart I 9 I 4 Daniel Harold Muskoff Nellie Pearl Butz Ruth Lucille Roderick Anna Agnes Miller Gladys Lolita Dunlap Lee Earl McFarren I 9 I 5 Florence Dages John W. Muskoff Grace Hensel Albert . Barr Bryan J. Snyder Martin R. Ruff Willard J. Wagner Harry E. Myers Archie Mase Hope G. Gaddis Miles T. Hay Mildred H. Warwick Ben A. Roderick 1 9 I 6 Kathleen Smith Earl Airhart Marcus Resh Ralph Myers Lloyd Barr Carl Smith I 9 I 7 Beatrice McNeal Ethel Shreffler Valeria Johnston Fern Smith Eveline Maurer Vera Ricksecker Sarah Thomas Mary Muskoli Monroe Miller Frank Smith Manfred Klein Marie Johnston Chester Domer I 9 I 9 Lela Snyder Ellsworth Wagner I 9 I 9 Mary Manack Ruth Slemmons Fleta Evans Anna Rosh Nellie Salberg Mary Ziegler I 9 2 0 Lucille Hempstead Edna Snyder Agnes Brankle Hazel Ziegler John Miller Hilda Zinsmaster I 9 2 I Violet Werstler Verda Evans Helena Grace Geopfert Emily Pearl Weidman ,L Chester Adams aul Muskoff I 9 2 2 Esther Leola Thwaite Carmel Alice Manack Joseph L. Snyder Myron Paul Adams kmhn H. Hammel oger W. Warren Garnet L. Patterson I 9 2 3 Thelma E. Allen Beatrice E. Beltzer Florence M. Hug Waldo G .Hensel Ardis E. Kaylor Ross A. Lash Jeanette Muskoff E. Lee Penman Fern M. Rairdon Lucille F. Rowe Esther E. Slemmons Mary 0. Smith Helen L. Wagner Ethel M. Ziegler Vesta R. Zinsmaster I 9 2 4 Grace Loudiana Lucile Manack Ruth Spindler Alma M. Turnbull Robert Hugus Ernest Nickles John Warren Lawrence Thwaite John Weidman Ralph Williams I 9 2 5 Gladys Rowe Elizabeth Eberly Inez Beam Gladys Salberg Donald Slemmons Donald Shafer Frank Sanatore Oswald Marchand I 9 2 6 Irene Airhart Oella Hay Helen Kaylor Pearl Patterson Ruth Ziegler Merle Engleman Jean Manack iola Holla Hazel Lutz Clarence Poth Paul Goodman I 9 2 1 Floyd Allen Alice Hugus Helen Arbaugh Arline Diekman Donald Jenkes Treva Miesmer Edward Nickles Marjorie Myers Gerald Reamer Howard Rowe Gilbert Swatford Harold Swafford Irene Turnbull Leonard Whyte I 9 2 9 No Class-Course Changed I 9 2 9 Emma L. Baltzer Mary Jane Cook Helen E. Crecco Gladys M. Deeds Alice H. Eberly Mary G. Gcopfert Martha M. Lutz Agnes Manack Loretta A. Muskolf Jeanette M. Salberg Melba Salberg John O. Edwards Carrol W. Harne Robert B. Drage Clifford L. Johnston Donald K. Slemmons I 9 3 9 Robert Beck Edward Boron Katherine Bradford Cornelius Deeds Karl Engleman Lois Hein Roy Patterson Pauline Poth Gilbert Reamer Harry Smith Angie Boughman 1 9 3 1 Orletta Oakleaf Robert Evans Roe Annis Grace Smith Dorothy Muskoff Loseph Manack aul Jones Celia Hensel Betty Fair Maude Morrison Daniel Crecco John Eberly Florence Studer Otterbein Bradford Jacob Geopfert Alice McFarren Kathryn Schrock Carl Van Dress Dean Airhart Robert Yerman Ettie Savage I 9 3 2 Gertrude Cook Edna Evans Russell Slutz Ada Keehn Vivian Hall Wayne Hair Donald Tisch Vernon Houmard Sheldon Fisher Florence Muskoli Emmett Steele Arvine Nichols Lela Boron William Gruse Miriam Kaylor Harmon Garvcr Florence Tabellion Ruth Haas Hilda Hug Pmrl Stringfellow Nelson Weidman Kathleen Hammel Norvin Hein 1933 Donald Englernan Corinne Williams Murray Welch Carl Keller Lucille Evans Thomas Reese Edmund Schram Myron Harris Paul Agnes David Savage Charles Ream Linden Johnston 'Ihelma Burkhart Dale Norris Mildred Netzly George Smith Melvin Define Sylvia Holl Alice Schrock Cecilia Baltzer Norman Savage Jean Oakleaf Donald Jones Wilma Blaugh Nicholas Manack Hazel Studer Myrtle Aman Mary E. Culnon Iris Williams Roger Snyder Loretta Klein Ralph Weisgarber Dorothy Dolvin Elsie Noftsinger Madeline Stanford Freda Swindermain Florence Shroyer I 9 3 4 Nona Mack Regina 'Van Dress Marguerite Ream Marguerite Klein Margaret Beem Lela Beck Genevieve Manack Elizabeth Hagerman Fern. Whitmire Juanita Scheutler Myrtle Houvlg Twila Holl Harriet Hamilton Laura Holmes Arlene Adams Beatrice Gallagher Verda May Beards Dora Slemmons Robert Haas Robert Tabelion Thomas Deeds Ray Drage Frank Staner Wilson Agnes Harold Ziegler Ben Jones 1935 Dorothy Agnes Wildagai Agnes Harold Appleby Cheser Arbaugh William Baltzer John Booth Geraldine Bowers Raymond Colucy Dorothy Evans Mary Helen Evans Ted Edwards Dorothy Fair lee Virginia Gruse Mary Gentry Martha Haas Dorothy Hodgson Marion Houmard Ruth Jones Merlin Kaylor Eleanor Klein Harold Klein Maxine Lasley Pauline Maloy Pauline Maurer Evelyn Netzly Zelma Noftsinger Quentin Ott Gwendolyn Page David Reese Lorna Roderick Helen Shetler Donald Simler Zona Smith Henry Snyder Robert Steiner Evelyn Steinmetz Ruth Sterner Gilbut Timney Phyllis Viles Irene Weisgarber I 9 3 6 Betty Angerer Fritz Atkinson Carol Bair Betty Bash Forrtst Bixler Louise Buxer Donald Boughman George Caster Vincent Crecco Myra Fair Charles Fair Varner Foster Donna Gaddis Louise Heater Warner Hollinger Ella Holmes Edward Hug Irene Jones Miriam Holl Vivian Hartzell Richard Lash Malverna Manse Audrey Miesmer George Muskoit Geraldine Peoples Betty Ream Helen Reese Mary Florence Reese Ruth Ro er Vernon Schaffter Elizabeth Schopp Dale Snyder Margaret Smith Neva Spangler Nelson Studer Loretta Thompson Arletta Williams Harry Young I 9 3 7 Bennie Angerer J-iianita Airhart award Buxer Ernest Cincinnat Evelyn Cineinnat Maxine Edwards Charles Fetters Margaret J. Forsythe Irene Gleitsman Rosemary Hammel Arline Haager Myron Harig Thomas Ho gson Miriam Jones Junior Klein Gertrude Le Vern Betty Marchand Kathrine McCartney James Moore Dwight Netzly Gordon Norris Florence Neal Paul Parr Gail Sandy Virgil Sclmuer Vernon Shetler Doroth Shipbaugh ward Sgnith ima gler Johnson Stsvens Frank Wagner Iris Waller Alice Warstler Raymond Weisgarber James Yerman Compliments of LINTNEPI ADVERTISING SERVICE GERARD J. MANACK Navarre, Ohio Office 3301 - Dial - Res. 2922 Navarre, Ohio NAVARRE ' -ee fa SERVICE Compliments .S GARAGE of 4. 1 B. L. AMAN fe I I Fvfd Sales and DR. G. D. UN DERWOOD Service U. S. 22222. I... 62 NAVARRE, OHIO NAVARRI-L, OHIO 1937-38 CALENDAR O Q I SEPTEIVIBER Tues. 7-School started off with a bang! The teachers got tired and let us go to the County Fair in the afternoon. Wed. 8-New boy in Senior Class. His name is lim Wolfe. Fri. 17-Editor-in-Chief returned from 4-H Club Congress. First football game. Navarre was defeated by East Canton. Tues. 21-Senior Class choose rings. Sat. 25-Three bus loads from Navarre went to see Ohio State vs. Texas Christian football game. CREASY ARMS CO. Anything in Firearms, Ammunition and Sporting Goods MASSILLON-NAVARRE ROAD MADAFFER AUTO SERVICE Sunoco Gas and Oils Tires and Batteries Phone 53 I I f 80 Navarre, Ohio Compliments of The City Dairy F. E. DAGES Phone 2581 Navarre Compliments of Rockstrob Greenhouse Dial 9490 Wm. F. Rockstroh, Prop. T-U'R-K-E-Y-S LUTZRANCH Anywhere . . . Anytime On U. S. Route 21 Visit our New Store for Complete Electrical Service THE GILBERT ELECTRIC G - E Products ' SANITARY MARKET Navarre's Most Modern Market Groceries 0 Meat 0 Fish 0 Cheese OCTOBER Fri. l-Seniors took charge of Chapel. Mon. 4-Annual Staff selected. Fri. 8-Navarre won a game. The squad shaves! Sat. 16-Navarre beat Brewster. Tues. 19-Editor-in-Chiet's baby brother has a tooth. Thurs. 21-Report cards. Worries? Wed. 27-Senior movie, "Peck's Bad Boy." Fri. 29-No school! Teachers went to Cleveland. NOVEMBER Sat. 6-Canal Fulton vs. Navarre game. Boooooooooolll Tues. 9-Class rings came at last. Wed. 10-Senior Class party! Great funl Thurs. ll-Senior show, "Green Light." Mon. 22-Few Seniors saw Shakespearian play at Minerva. Wed. 24-First basketball game. Wow! Compliments of The Navarre Deposit Bank G. A. SISTERHEN Sells General Fire and Auto Insurance AIRHART'S MARKET Home Dressed Meats NAVARRE . Navarre' LQEW 85 SWALLER Compliments of I Cjrocers SAM MORRISSON Dial 2261 NAVARRE GAS CONFECTIONERY Compliments of EARL SMITH'S DAIRY LIFE? AUTOMOBILE or PROPERTY? For Information and Service, see C. W. MEYER. Agent NAVARRE Navarre, Ohio - - D. A. MUSKOFF Zmsmaster 86 Fisher Drugs Hardware SlIlldI'i2S Tobaccos O News Phone 2161 Navarre phone 242' Navarre DECEMBER Thurs. 2-"Simple Simon Simple"-Iunior Class play. Thurs. 16MSenior picture, "Stella Dallas." Fri. l7-Vacation began. Hurrah! 1938-A NEW YEAR IANUARY Mon. 3-School again! Fri. 7-Senior Chapel. Mock wedding. Belled Mr. and Mrs. Hall. FEBRUARY Wed. 2-Paper sale. Fourth grade won. Thurs. 3-Operetta, "In An Old Kentucky Garden." Sat. 12-Debate and Oration tourney at Canton Township. Fri.-Sat., 18-19-Basketball tourney at Washington Hi. Wed. 23-Great dayl Seniors had their pictures "took." Fri.-Sat., 25-26-Tournament. Navarre lost out. Compliments of REAMER'S SERVICE Mobil Gas 8: Oil Washing 8: Greasing Dial 320i Compliments of WALTER P. HUG Funeral Home Phone 2141 Navarre, Ohio Compliments of DR. L. L. DOWELL NAVARRE Compliments of Brewster Dairy Products Co. Phone 88 Brewster OAKLEAF 81 KOWFSKY W- M- AGNES I CISBTS ' T0baf-7395 Groceries and Meats and confectlons Phone 2381 Navarre T ll ' ' - - l,' l saidrvgilillaigshlllnxgbdidtzllfghtflxl 'me FARMERS' SUPPLY CO. "Let's toss up a coin in decide," H replied the ofllenf 'flf iris heais, Hell Feeds ' Seeds ' Ferhllzers tth 'f'l'f',' n . 5,052 asdmsggdizsg alnll if iilsslahvss niiaenii, Farm Machlnery wellsfvdy- Phone 26Ol Navarre MARCH Wed. 2-Tried to pick graduation announcements. Thurs. 3-Some of the picture proofs have arrived. Mon. 7-Iunior, Senior, and School Skating party. Fri. 18-Senior Chapel. Tues. 22-Senior boys and girls are class Basketball Champs. Anytime-MUMPS! APRIL Fri. l-Annual goes to press. MAY Class Day. Baccalaureate Service Fri. 13-Class Play. Fri. 27-Commencement. KX PROTECT YGUR CHILDRENS B E HEALTH wilb CLEAN AND SAFE Chevrolet Sales 51 Service l ON THE SQUARE Guernsey Glen Phone 244l Navarre Dairy Compliments of Complimenfs Oi WIEDMAN RESTAURANT On The Square Dial 2l9I Navarre PURE OIL - GAS TIOLENE MOTOR OIL Navarre, Ohio I. W. IOHNSON Handy Service Store Bixler 86 Albaugh Grain - Feed - Flour - Lime Cement - Fencing - Etc. D151 2531 Navarre Phone 2011 Navarre NAVARRE DRY GOODS 81 'iid SUPPLY CO. READY- O-WEAR LUMBER ' MILLWORK ' ROOFING Phone 2771 SASH and DOORS ' INSULATION BUILDERS' HARDWARE UN THE SQUARE Phone: Navarre 278l O ' ' 0 Q 0 Navarre Ohio Navarre . . Ohio Joi KEEFER'S SERVICE , Jerry s Sinclair Gas and Oils Dial 2222 Lubrication A Specialty Compliments of R . L A S H Service Station General Auto Repairing 24 HOUR TOW SERVICE Dial 3601 Navarre X-70 Gas 'md T, C. S. KELLER Denman 'res Zenith. Philco and Emerson Radios Dial 2511 Navarre Phone 2251 Ncrvorre Compliments - of the - Merchants of Massillon gil llilsl' L A --,4:.-:. :-f:2 1 iit iiiiiilill?" U11-5, II it ffi iliiiiliiials e - - ' , if X W Qliiigvltiis . 'tithe f ' ::' I 41:. U1., - .. n N X I-1 WEE if f'i".a4,h ,- xx GOOD IOBS for TRAINED PEOPLE 0 In good times or bad, the best jobs always are held by trained people. 0 The trained man or woman finds employment sooner, advances faster, is paid better. 0 The comparatively short time it takes to train for business pays for itself many times in future pros- perity and happiness. 0 Every year We place many students in good jobs -equipped to make good and to advance. 0 The day you are graduated from high school is the day to decide to TRAIN YOURSELF FOR BUSINESS The Massillon Commercial Institute, Inc. Fourth Floor, Ohio Merchants Building A. E. PATTON, Director of Instruction Phone 3431 Massillon. Ohio ASEY 8 JINNY MYR 6 BLAINE Ji., FLDYD 6 MAE GIRL SCOUT-KATHLEEN vm, 2- . .. f 'iw N. W N, w '- K-v 5: - T TSI i 1 T -we X 4' , kf -E "Q mi Si ', . Ex :W 2 f 5 Rao 5 BETTY T ,xx R. G BOT' G HO-HUM HAASY 534 JUNE EDWARD JUST GUESS TOR IN CHIEF DONALD BARNEY 6 BETTY ARLAND, HAE 8 CULLEN EX-FOOTBALL CAPT. 6,.::E'nli ' ' gf.-,f PTT ' , 'Q' .Jw , . - . f 1 4- 1 . f 1 ' . L V 7 . . 1 X If . . . I 1 . , , X. ' 5 'x r , Au L A 'D 1 A a fr 5 .- "' . Q 1 . , L A 4 K 4. X f r f ' x f I 4' x 1, 1 , .1 V RN, 'J -. .li .l- mi 'X V. ,.. . .- 11 ' ' -Q.. ' ' , . 4 H . .fn - -I QI-l'msa.1.i'1

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