Naval Air Training - Yearbook (Memphis, TN)

 - Class of 1942

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Naval Air Training - Yearbook (Memphis, TN) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 29 of 42
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Page 29 text:

HENDERON, ROBERT B. - Age 18. The pride and joy of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Henderon, 62 Palisade Rd., Rye, N. Y., "Bob" was formerly a pursuer of high school subjects. He signed on the dotted line at N. Y. C. Feb. 2, 1943, and received his boot training with Co. 450 at the Newport kindergarten. Hunting and fishing were his favorite idiosyncrasies. He keeps in step. HESTON, HENRY EDXVARD-Age 19. "Hen" is the offspring of Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Heston, 220 Lafayette Rd., Philadelphia, Pa. He made his faux pas at his home town in January, 1943, and was a trainee with Co. 523 at the Sampson boot training center. Previously employed by the New York Ship- building Corp., he delights in resting his weary bones. His ambition has to do with money. HILDEBRANDT, ROBERT VVARREN4Age 18. The son of Mr. and Mrs. Hildebrandt, 196 Wlin- throp St., Medford, Mass., "Bob" earned his coffin nail money working at the Lighter than Air base, South 1fVeymouth, Mass. He chucked it all at Boston 26, 1943, and devoured his first Navy victuals at Newport with Co. 448. Skiing, boating, hunting, etc., are his favorite vices. HOLDSXVORTH, JOSEPH DEWEY, JR. - Age 20. The son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph D. Holdsworth, Sr., Route 7, Erie, Pa., "Tex" enlisted at his home town Dec. 9, 1942, and was shipped to Sampson for training with Co. 450. In civilian life, he was em- ployed by the General Electric Co., and diverted him- self at sailboating, swimming and ice skating. He yearns to sail in the Bermuda races. HOOKOWSKY, ALEX.-Age 20. The prodigal son of Mr. and Mrs. George Hookowsky of New York City, Alex shifted to the offensive at the big burg in the drear month of February, 1943, and went through the meat grinder at Sampson with Co. 472. An ex- slave of the Sperry Gyroscope Co., he keeps the golden silence by which no one can prove him half-witted. HUBBARD, Lyndon Paul-Age 19. "Ruben is the pride and joy of Mrs. Bessie Hubbard of 63 Graham St., Mleedsport, N. Y. Enlisting at Syracuse Feb. 1, 1943, he took his basic training with Co. 120 at the Sampson boot joint. A former machinist set-up man, he has a mania for building model airplanes. His ambition is to get into the mink ranching racket. HUGHES, THOMAS E.-Age 21. "Tom" stuck his neck out at N. Y. C. Dec. 13, 1942, and was toughened up with Co. 444 at the Newport boot kindergarten. The rosy cheeked son of Mrs. Mabel Hughes of 30 Gould Ave., Paterson, N. J., he pre- viously worked with the Wfright Aeronautical Corp. He has a weakness for fishing and hunting beasts in the wildwood. INFERRERA, JOHN A. - Age 19. "Baker" for- merly madc his home at 788 Mt. Auburn St., YVater- town, Mass., the residence of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Josephine Inferrera. He was sworn in at Boston Jan. 29, 1943, and railroaded to Newport where he suffered with Co. 456. In the good old days he was employed as a machinist. I-Ie hankers to fly a plane. JONES, LEROY YV.-Age 19. Co. 448, Newport, R. l., prepared "Roy" for the ups and downs of Navy life. Before signing up at Boston Feb. 1, 1943, he worked at the Lincoln Store. The offspring of Mr. and Mrs. 1'Valter Jones of 198 Billings St., Quincy, Mass., he is a sports enthusiast. His philosophy of life is strictly epicurean. He is reticent. KAAS, THOMAS P., JR.-Age 20. A product of Bojertown, Pa., and the pride and joy of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Kaas, 'iPat" signed on the dotted line at Philadelphia Jan. 14, 1943. and took it like a little man with Co. 455, Sampson. N. Y. A former slave of the Doehler Die Casting Co., he has a mania for sports. To go up North is his primary goal in life. KACZOR, EDYVARD STANLEY-Age 17. Swim- ming, hunting and outdoor sports are "Ed's" favor- ite pastimes. He hails from 130 So. Coloney St. Meriden, Conn.,' the offspring of Mrs. Mary Kaczor. He was formerly emuloyed as a bore grinder with the New Departure Co. Enlisting at New Haven, Feb. 2, 1943, he took his boot training at Newport with Co. 456. KERLEY, XNILLIAM - Age 18. "Bill" worked for the New York Shipbuilding Corp., prior to his enlistment at Philadelphia Jan. 19, 1943, and his incarceration at the Sampson boot bastile as a mem- ber of Co. 456. A direct descendant of Mr. and Mrs. Philip 147. Kerley, 1766 45 St., Camden, N. J., he once whiled away his free time chasing blondes. His ambition is to get back to Jersey. KLEMICK, CHARLES A., JR.-Age 18. From 1124 147. State St., Shamokin, Pa., comes "Chuck," the son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Klemick, Sr. He joined up at Harrisburg Jan. 5, 1943, and took his basic punishment with Co. 522 at the Sampson kin- dergarten for recruits. An ex-employee of the Olm- stead Air Depot, he has a mania for dancing and other incongruous occupations. HOOP, LOYNELL FLOYD-Age 20. Lowell gave up his job as a tool room machinist for Delco Prod- ucts to enlist in the Navy at Dayton, Ohio, Nov. 30, 1942, and received his initial instruction with Co. 1825 at the Great Lakes training center. From 139 Dudley St., Dayton, he is eager to see his wife and son ere many moons pass. NIMTZ, BERNARD LOUlSMAge 18. "Barney's'l main vices are hunting and fishing. The son of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Nimtz of Sodus, Mich., he earned his living as a super sales clerk with Sodus Fruit Exchange. Enlisting at Benton Harbor Oct. 22, 1942, he took his basic training at the Great Lakes kindergarten as a charter pupil of Co. 1560. He hopes to specialize in aircraft engines. ZMITROVICZ, JOHN A. - Age 29. A direct descendant of Mrs. Marcella Zmitrovicz of 68 Mfash- ington St., Marlboro, Mass, "Smitty" dived off the deep end at Framingham Oct. 19, 1942, and wound up in boots with Co. 41 at Newport, R. I. ln civilian life he was employed as manager of a meat market, and spent his free time building model planes and otherwise disporting himself. ' T' L

Page 28 text:

SECTION D OF CI.ASS M-17 FRONT ROXV tleft to rightj: NI. Harward, J. D. Holds- worlh. XV. R. Hughes, C. I.. Hagan QSection Leaderj , Lt. I. I.. Hannneu, li. j. Graves. R. B. Henderon, L. F. Hoop, A. XIIIIIIOYICZ. MIDDLE ROIVZ R. XY. Hildebrandt, E. S. Kaclor, T. E. Hughes, B. L. Nimtz. A. lnferrera. I.. P. Irlubhard. H. E. Heston, YV. Kerley. BACK ROW: J. XV. Griffin, D. H. Helfer, L. Hartmann, A. Ilookowsky. R. H. Gregory, I.. XV. Jones, M. H. Goldsmith, 'll P. Kaas, jr.. C. A. Klemick, jr. GOLDSMITH, MURRAY HERBERT-Age 19. Herbert is a former resident of Brooklyn, N. Y. He made his fatal error at N. Y. C. in February, 1943, and subsequently went to Sampson, N. Y., where he took his initial instruction. Formerly employed in a women's shoe factory, he is the bright eyed son of Mr. and Mrs. B. Goldsmith, 8715 Ave. L. Sports is his favorite pursuit. GRAVES, EDYVARD JOSEPH - Age 18. The eternal sunshine of Mr. and Mrs. Roland C. Graves, 144- Bright St., 1Valtham, Mass., Edward signed away his liberty at Boston -Ian. 4, 1943, and wound up at Newport, R. I., where he buuked with Co. 1027. Wfhile attending high school, he took courses in machine work. He aims to stay in aviation. GREGORY, ROBERT HARVEY-Age 19. "Bob" is the pride and joy of Mr. and Mrs. XfVilliam H. Gregory, 13 Holbrook St., No. Adams, Mass. He yielded to the impulse at Pittsfield Dec. 3, 1942, and devoured his first Navy victuals at Newport, R. l., with Co. 457. Hunting and fishing took the slack out of his civilian schedule. He intends to make aviation his career. GRIFFIN, JOHN W.-Age 18. UKIOIIIIUYH is the progeny of Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Griffin of 242 E. 83 St., N. Y. G. Formerly employed as an aviation engine mechanic, he joined up at N. Y. C. Klan. 27, 1943, and was an embryo gob with Co. 1026 at Newport, R. I. Boxing is his pet sport. Johnny is very enthusiastic about the Navy. Very enthusiastic, indeed. HAGAN, CARL LOUIS-Age 19. "Horrible" is the direct descendant of Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Hagan, 50 XV. Hazeltine, Kennmore, N. Y. He exchanged his civvies for the blues at Buffalo Dec. 5, 1942, and was shipped to the Sampson boot bastile for training with Co. 448. He was formerly employed by the Pratt 8c X'Vhitney Aircraft, and spent his free time riding and training horses. HARTMANN, LOUIS -1.-Age 18. "Sleepy" is the shiftless offspring of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Hartmann of 438 E. 42 St., Brooklyn, N. Y., where he dwelt in the days of his carefree childhood. He joined the Navy at N. Y. C. Feb. 8, 1943, and took it like a little man at Sampson 'as a charter member of Co. 537. In civilian life a student, he has a bent for sports. HARIVARD, E.-Age 21. From 116 Cedar St., Haverhill, Mass., 'flackn is Sonny to Mr. and Mrs. John Harward. He enlisted in the Navy at Boston Alan. 27, 1943, chucking a job with the Pratt Sc Whitney Aircraft, and trained with Co. 451 at New- port. AIack's chief ambition is to become a Navy pilot. He squanders most of his free hours disporting at sports. HELFER, DONALD H.-Age 19. The shiftless brat of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Helfer, 2381 Culver Rd., Rochester, N. Y., "Spoiler" slipped at his home town in December, 1942, and was a f'student" at Sampson during boot training with Co. 452. An erstwhile employee of Bausch Sc Lomb Optical Co., he spent his free moments hunting and collecting stamps. He is sold on aviation.

Page 30 text:

SCUTTLE-BUTT OF "D" GOLDSMITH QSwingshiIt Kidj - Him and Hook make a two man crack drill team. GRAVES fAssistantj -f'No, you can't carry the books, I'm taking them back: llve got special liberty." GREGORY QHandsomej -He is the "one sub pend- ing." GRIFFIN QDraggerj -"Hey, fellows, how does my hair look, do you think I can get out the gate? HAGAN QHorriblej-"Let's get on the ball fellows. I don't like to turn anyone in." QCrunchj. HARTMAN Qflhowhoundj -The biggest griper and chow dragger in M-I7-D. HARWARD QSiekbayj-"Look, Carl, I gotta go to sick bay, this rash is killing mef, HENDERSON QKid Ryej -"Aw, I'm not sleeping, l'm just concentrating. By the way, has anyone ever heard of Rve, N. Y." 1 . HELFER fSp0ilerj-'KI didn't strip that thread, it must have been Hook!" HESTON QHankj -The whiz of Section D, but Hub- bard doesn't think so. HILDEBRANDT fMajor Hooplej-Don't ever get him started, you just can,t stop him. HOLDSVVORTH QTeXj -"No, I don't come from the West, and I never rode a horse." HOOKOYVSKY QRussianj -They never. taught him how to march in boot camp. N HUBBARD flekej --His greatestyambition in life is someday to own a skunk farm. HUGHES, T. E. Qlfrogj -just ask him about the liberty in Memphis. HUGHES, YV. R. QScottyj -A'X'Vhatls wrong with the Army? I think kitls O.K." INFERRERA QEnsignj-"Don't you worry, fellows, llll be up there some day." JONES QHalfastj-W7hile he was with us he did a bang up job on f'How to put a plane together backwards." KASS fGafferj -God's gift to the VVAVES. Oh, how he loves them! KACZOR QPolakj -"I'Vhy doesnlt someone learn how to pronounce my name? It really isn't very hard." KERLEY QDukej-"Hey, Ed, will you lay off. I'm getting tired of this cheap Q ----- Q KLEMICK QChuekj -"Say, did I ever show you boys a picture of my girl friend? HOOP QGoldbrickj -He knows more ways to get out of workg in fact, that's all he does. NIMTZ Qlnstructorj -"My greatest ambition is to become instructor on this base? ZMITROVICZ fOne of the Jones Boysj -A'W7hatl Do you mean to say that we're on duty tonight tooll' . , , I X V-- '?I"' ' -. I x ...Piggy - I N + X ve, , 'pl'-'11 WAN 3 NX XX , , " - 1--- - . v im - i A I l ff Xxx -,E 4 f X ,b 1, x x, NX L 1 I, 2- f, f ' .rex .N N 'XXX V lf Y :X-:Y ,,f N YN zfx if T V lx llx, lH -3 ill t W? I ' 2 - 'iii " l a E , -A .rg-Q . ,... a..- X P - . , y e i q y if 1 ni rffanc iq nifilnk I

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