Naval Air Training - Yearbook (Memphis, TN)

 - Class of 1942

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Naval Air Training - Yearbook (Memphis, TN) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 26 of 42
Page 26 of 42

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Page 26 text:

DOLL, HERBERT C. - Age 18. "Herbie" hails from 362 Ridgewood Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y., the erst- while responsibility of Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Doll. After l1is error at N. Y. C. in February, 1943, he took it like a little 1112111 with Co. 473, SZIIIIIJSOIT. In the ante bellum era, he was employed by the Sperry Gyroscope Co. He's salty. DOBA1, EUGENE L. - Age 19. The bright eyed son of Mr. and Mrs. -Iohn Dobaj of 208 Loepere, Buffalo, N. Y., "Doe" enlisted at l1is lTO1IIC town Feb. 4, 1943, and was put through the paces at SZIIIIIJSOD with Co. A has-been artist, he l1as a bent for llllllflllg. He hopes to get back to the draw- ing racket wl1e11 he gets out of tl1e Navy. DRAGER, GEORGE A.-Age 24. George is a native of Rochester, N. Y., and the offspring of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Drager. He signed on at Roches- ter Feb. 3, 1943, and endured his boot camp ordeal with Co. 121, Sa111pson. A former armature winder, he gets a kick out of fishing, and hankers to go home and get married up Qwlhen he finds tl1e femmej. EASTON, LANVRENCE XVILLIAM W Age 22. "Larry'I hails from 31 1'Vigwam Place, Springfield, Mass., tl1e eternal sunshine of Mrs. Madeline Easton. He was swor11 i11 at Springfield, Mass., Ian. 25, 1943, and shipped to Newport, where he took it like a little 111an with Co. 445. A former laborer with the Va11 Norman Machine Tool Co., he is ambitious to become a11 aviation cadet. He has a weakness for sports, especially hockey. QTsk, tsk!j ESTER, YVILLIAM GEORGE - Age 19. Co. 523, SZIIIIIJSOII, trained "Bull" in the quaint ways of the Navy. Before enlisting at Buffalo Jan. 13, 1943, he was a student at Syracuse University. T11e son of Mr. 211111 Mrs. Carl Ester of 1489 Dewey Ave., Roches- ter, N. Y., he hopes to go back to school after the war 211111 get a degree. ETTEN. IOHN H.-Age 19. "Johnny" worked for the Electric Boat Co., Groto11, Conn., prior to his faux pas at New Haven, Conn., -Ian. 26, 1943, a11d l1is incarceration at tl1e Great Lakes boot bastile with Co. 449. The white hope of Mr. 211111 Mrs. Nick Etten of 151 Ashcroft Road. New LOIli1OI1, Conn., he aspires to become an aviation cadet. EIN.-XSKEINICZ. FRED P. - Age 19. "Polock" is a native of Brockton. Mass.. a11d tl1e offspring of Mr. 211111 Mrs. Iohn Ewaskewicz. He gave up l1is iob as H11 apprentice toolmaker at tl1e Bird lvlachine Co., So. 1'Va1eno1c, Mass., to enlist in the Navy at Boston Feb. 9, 1943, and got his boot education the hard way at Newport with Co. 1029. FIORE, ANTHONY MICHAEL - Age 20. A direct descendant of Mr. and Mrs. Francis M. Fiore of 38 Prospect St., Brooklyn, N. Y., "'I'onv" chucked his iob at the Rome Ar111y Air Depot to beco111e a bluejacket at N. Y. C., Feb. 1, 1943, and was initiated with Co. 537, Sampson. He gets a kick out of base- ball, a11d would like lI101'C than anything to become an aviation engineer. FRENCH, CARL F.-Age 21. "Carl" is a product of Susquehanna, Pa., Route 3, and the pride and joy of Mr. and Mrs. N. M. French. He dived off tl1e deep end at Bingliampton, N. Y., Dec. 13, 1942, and wound up i11 boots witl1 Co. 447, Sampson. As a civilian, he worked for Curtiss-vllright, Buffalo. He yearns to get back to Pennsylvania pronto. FUTIA, FRANCIS A. - Age 19. Tl1e child of Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Futia of 50 Myrtle Ave., Al- bany, N. Y., "Bum" did it at his home town in janu- ary, 194-3, 211111 went through the motions wit11 Co. 523, Sa111pso11. Formerly a bum, 'he would rather hobo Ill2lI1 live tl1e life of "Riley" P.S. He also bu111s. GAGEANT, LOUIS MERRILL - Age 19. Hunt- ing, playing baseball and building model airplanes are "Lou's" 111ain diversions. Signing up at Pitts- field, Mass., Dec. 3, 1942, he gobbled his first Navy brug at Newport wit11 Co. 457. The son of Mr. and Mrs. He11ry Gageant of 34 Phelps Ave., North Adams, Mass., he formerly worked in a machine shop. GELAZIN, PAUL-Age 20. Paul was SWOFII in at Bridgeport, Conn.. -Ian. 26, 1943, a11d wound up drilling with Co. 968, Newport. The son of Mr. and Mrs. A'VIllI2lI11 Gelaxin of 590 Lafayette St., Bridge- port, Conn., he was a gentleman of leisure in the good old days. He has a mania for sports. He hopes to advance and do a good job in the Navy. GERIG, LOUIS JOHN-Age 24. "Lou" formerly worked for the Equitable Paper Bag Co. The progeny of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Gerig of 1397 Greene Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y., he signed on at N. Y. C., Feb. 2, 1943, and WCIIL through basic training with Co. 471, Sampson. His fOI'CI1IOSf a1nbition is to go l101llC and get married. Fishing is his main sport. GILBO, ROBERT C. - Age 18. "Bub" signed up at YVatertown, N. Y.. Feb. 2, 1943, and trained with Co. 121, SZIIIIPSOFI. The eternal sunshine of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Gilbo of 840 Cooper St.. XVater- town, N. Y., 11e was formerly a machinist. He gets a kick out of fooling with electric motors, and har- bors hopes of wangling NAP training. GLEASON, CHARLES, IR.-Age 20. A contribu- tion of Greenville Alct.. Maine, and the offspring of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Gleason. Sr., "Gus" gave up his job as a forester with the Maine Forest Service to enlist in tl1e Navy at Portland, Dec. 11, 1942, and was shipped to Newport for his basic trai11ing witl1 Co. 444. He aspires to be a big shot. O'BRIEN, ROBERT JOHN-Age 18. Co. 969. Newport, f1'2lIIlCCl "O'Bie" for the ups and dO1NI1S of Navy life. Before enlisting at Boston, Mass., -Ian. 25, 1943, he was a postal employee. The so11 of Mr. and Mrs. Robert ulohn O'Brien of 71 Cheever St., Mi1to11, Mass., he is eager to get NAP training. . I-Ie looks forward to the ti111e when he can roa111 home.

Page 25 text:

SECTION C OF CLASS M-17 FRONT ROW' tleft to rightj: R. F. Donnelly. F. A. Futia, C. A. Drager tSection Leaderj, Ll. A. H. Crowley, Lt. -1. L. Hammen, B. B. De Turck, R. J. Dietrich, j. Dombroski. MIDDLE ROW: F. P. Ewaskewicz,-1. H. Etten, tj. F. Doherty, H. G. Doll, L. V. DeCiantis, H. R. De Silva, R. C. Gilbo, L. M. Gageant, L. Gcrig. BACK ROW: A. M. Fiore, C. A. Gleason, P. Cclazin, L. W. Easton, C. F. French, R. O'Brien, G. S. Dickman, W. G. Ester, E. l.. Dohaj. DE SILVA, H. R. - Age 18. Deep sea fishing, swimming and flying are "De's" main diversions. Enlisting at Boston, Mass., plan. 23, 1943, he was shipped to Newport, where he survived the hard- ships of basic training with Co. 969, Newport. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Ernest C. De Silva of 147 Commercial St., Provincetown, Cape Cod, Mass. DE CIANTIS, LOUIS V.-Age 18. "Gee" worked in a bowling alley prior to his enlistment. at Brook- lyn, N. Y., Dec. 14, 1942, and his incarceration at the Newport boot brig with Co. 447. The son of Mrs. Concetta De Ciantis of 1620 E. 52 St., Brooklyn, N. Y., he is a fanatic on football. He aspires to be- come a gunner on a T.B.M. DE TURCK, BRUCE B.-Age 26. "Duke" did at Allentown, Pa., Feb. 2, 1943, and learned all the angles with Co. 471, Sampson. Prior to his enlist- ment, he was a topper at the Berkshire Knitting Mills at his home town, Reading, Pa. The son of Mr. and the late Mrs. 1'Villiam De Turck, he formerly lived at 1020 Buttonwood St., Reading, Pa. DICKMAN, GEORGE S.--Age 20. George learned the ropes at Newport with Co. 447 alter his error at Brooklyn in December, 1942. The prodigy of Mr. and Mrs. George Dickman of 188 Park Place, Irving- ton, N. he previously toiled for the 1Vestern Elec- tric Co. He has a mania for women and demerits, but seems to have more luck with the latter. 1 DIETRICH, RICHARD - Age 18. In the pre-fracas days, "Dick" worked at the Springfield Armory. The wayward waif of Mr. and Mrs. R. -1. Dietrich of 76 Shattuck St., Springfield, Mass., he enlisted at his home town, Alan. 26, 1943, and was initiated with Co. 452, Newport. Ice skating, hunting and fishing are his favorite peacetime pursuits. DOHERTY, JOHN F. - Age 21. From 20 Camp St., Cambridge, Mass., 'fDooharty" is the lout of Mr. and Mrs. James Doherty, and an erstwhile employee of the Boston Navy Yard. He chucked it all at Bos- ton, Dcc. 15. 1942, subsequently undergoing indoc- trination at Newport with Co. 1029. He would like to fly home for a 30-day leave, fast. DOMBROXVSK1, -I.-Age 20. From 256 Lake Ave., Buffalo, N. Y., fl. is the scion of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Dombrowski. He signed on the dotted line at Buffalo Feb. 5, 1943, and was railroaded to the Sampson boot establishment for basic torture with Co. 123. He was employed by Vega 84 Lockheed Air- craft Co. prior to his enlistment.. DONNELLY, ROBERT F. - Age 19. The son of Mr. and Mrs. D. F. Donnelly of 2101 18 St., Altoona, Pa., "Bob" joined up there in February, 1943, and endured preliminary training at Sampson with Co. 123. ln civilian life, he was a trucker helper, and spent most of his leisure time loafing. His one and only ambition is to get back to Altoona. iv

Page 27 text:

MCH LIP SLIPS DE CIANTIS, L. V.-Gee-he'll offer unybody at sporty proposition. DE SILVA, H. R.-Dee-"Give me my LD. Card and a YVAVEY DETURCK, B. B.-Canarsie-Kid sure loot. DIETRICH, R. J.w.Illl1lOTiUl thought I joined the Boy Scouts." DOHERTY, F.-Mull.ifHe might live through it. DOMBRONVSKI, J.-Still looking for the apples. DONNELLY, R. F.-Altoona-"Geel But lld like Lo be honief' DOLL, H. G.-Herbie-Any trouble? Look for grem- lin Herbie. DOBAJ, E. L.-Dueh-Cartoonist. DRAGER, G. A.-Chief-"O, K., youse guys, line up!" EASTON, L. XV.-Larry-Junior's Guardian Angel. ESTER, NV. G.-Bull-"Look at the salt drip oll me." ETTEN, H.-Johnny-"Sure, Baby, surefl EXVASKEXVICZ, F. P.-Jones-Kid Mech, himself. FlORF.fA. M.-Nickels-God's gilt to the Memphis Belles. . FRENCH, C. F.-Hillbilly-''X'Vl1ere's my n1usket?" FUTIA, F. A.-"Rum"-"Get out ol that holef' GAGEANT, L. M.-Gugezmt-joe Student, CELAZIN, P.-Russian-Future Rebel. GERIG, L. AI.-Lou-Little Helper. GILBO, R. C.-Puggy-A'Oli, for a plow and at horse." GLEASON, C. AfCl1arlie-"YfVho the hell started this anyway?" l X En in N ff:-Q 7 V Q ' V12 L f' ' L l f l . Xl . F I li, F. jr l fr, KVAX ly " tehh fx 'jk J X le- xixww ill fi., . 9 lf! 1, e A vga S-efiXL,- ,L -Lg . F, Amfj COMMANDO COURSE M' 'T ?J

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