Nauset Regional High School - Nauset Tides Yearbook (North Eastham, MA)

 - Class of 1988

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Nauset Regional High School - Nauset Tides Yearbook (North Eastham, MA) online yearbook collection, 1988 Edition, Cover

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30809000202950 AUSET REGIONAL HIGH SCHOOL north Eastham, Massachusetts 1988 Photo on preceding page courtesy of Kelsey • Kennard Photographers IMV rTi EDICATION DAVE DONAHUE DMD He’s hip. As quick with the camera as with personifying a multitude of historical characters. Pervy jokes, “Whoops, close the door!” Three years, a quick flash, but a brilliant one, nonetheless. Attuned to promis¬ ing youth as advisor to yearbook and the Peace and Social Justice Club. Thank - you for being here Dave, but not adhering. JOHN RIVERS A saint. The man who has kept the beat batik fabric of ALG from unraveling. Twelve years of devotion on the brink. Thank - you, John, for fusing to your principles and ideals: allowing the alternative and experi¬ mental to be an option. IN MEMORY OF CYNDIE RYAN GIFTS There are moments when you realize That she has come and gone, You find yourself still singing Her sweet unfinished song. But images come back to you When you have thought awhile Remembered special things of hers Her laughter and her smile And suddenly, sometime you know She’s with you day to day She hears the thoughts you hold inside And helps you on your way. It’s times like these, you start to see, The one you love still lives Inside of you she grows and sends The strength she still can give. H. HOLCOMB JOE O’BRIEN “O’Brien, the Philosopher, Passes On” “time fleets meanwhile, fleets beyond recovery, while in loving enthrallment we pass on and on.” - Virgil, THE GEORGICS book 3 From a poem in loving memory of Joseph M. O’Brien by Timothy Joyce 17 Soccer 1-4, basketball 1-4, baseball 1-4. ACBCAC DC, BC-Pilgrimage to Wellfleet, The Boner, Pudge. Backbone of Hoopteam.” BK-Trip to NY via Merrimack, Ed-Got anything4sale. MD-I Like You, New Bleacher Creatures, FoMoCo289Holley4V, Al-ssing Powerage Dead By Dawn. Think Visual, " Billy Where’s Billy Wyman.” President4eva. Take a Trip to Dartmouth. " Goodnight and Godbless.” T.Hermes - I Won’t Forget Us. ILU. Mom Dad - I Love You. SCOTT ABBOTT ERIC ALDRICH Future Business Leaders of America 4. Stephanie, we made itl FFFT . . . Not playing! BTFT. Amy and Liz, I couldn’t have made it without you, ILYA! VP and PTITWDWAGLGMC. Bookins Worcestershire. Climbing the tree in seance ladies yard. Steph, don’t trip. Whipcream fight. Meredith, shhh this is study, don’t laugh. Stop and Shop: LPTDTHBGCMBCCRJFLJNJDBCMMYCRCSDJRHPMDCDMCHCM-l’II always care! SFBWDLAWKMDBMMMJ JMJF. Well, Isn’t that special. DIMJ and AIWL movies. Carol Robbio - thank you. MDILYA. I got a one way ticket . .. goin’ the wrong way. Band 1-4, Softball 2, Pep Band 3-4, French Club 3, Orchestra 4. GC.CB-Best friends. AHGCCB-Yo ...! Back in the USSR w TT JCl JTDBPNJDSHAHGCCBCBBV party 871 Roastbeef livesl MNT party 87? Bassetball vs DB,BC,KB-wees 1. Italy w TT GC? Hooker Hoops forever! Mom, Dad, Ian, Whitney, Jarrod-ILY ... NICOLE AUSTIN And the storybook comes to an end ... The Eagles Ski team 1-4, Softball 1-2, Track 3-4, F.B.L.A. 3-4, French Club 4, Yearbook 4. Best of friends: JGEFSBKGDMTTBW-I43ALL GOODLUCK! PigletsPea ches " TheChain”shotgunsMoonSiKG.2manynarcs Roadtrips:Bowiemad.BldolJovi,AS,DPw BB’s.FleetMc.ZZtop. J.Tull.SB.keepbusyw cooler.Jeff 143. DM24hrRoKTalkHotelCA Parade.Jessica, cuz-I43 2 87CA. Mike,QueSeraSera.MolMeg JJDDBJAbRiceJZRSCBJBJCJMAHSpankFR-GreatMemoriesS l43M D,ILOVEYOUSthanks4 the carl Nauset, plenty2reminisce aboutl DEBORAH AYLWARD If you can dream it you can become it. Skating 1-4. Summer of " 84” trips to Hartford w LG, Deb somanymemories!! MMA, sneaking in. Mr. Gates biologyclasswilllivealwaysandforever, Shutupl 86 Grad, jag Rips!! Beth(Liz T.)- WeDidltl! DawnC. where do I start?! Blue Laundry .. . Sike! Voyages to Boston, Somerset, and Virginia Beach " 88”!! Thanks Avon! You’re the bestfriend, I486!! 4WD Someday! 9 2 81 unforgetable! MD, D.P. concert. Good Luck, LH, Nauset Beach Rules!! I43guys! Dan, Gracias. DLAHEFARBSJLDMLRJDKFNA INFY guys!! Mom, Mike, Thanks for putting up w me, 143!! _ JEANETTE BATTLES Softball 1-2, French Club 3, Yearbook 4. Thanks to SHMKKKPETHKK for making H.S. a good time to REMEMBER. LATE NIGHT STAR GAZING - NAUSET BEACH. Summer 86’ SAILING. DRIVING LESSONS FOR SHMK. Boston trips with SHMK. " Celebrations” HALLOWEEN-WANDERING STREETS WITH SH. Fun with KK in Florida Down By The Pool. Cookes with SHMKPEJS. Long Winter Vacations at SH House. " Good One Maureen.” MOM DAD BILL MIKE ILY. Couldn’t have made it w out you. BETHINA BEILEGAARD 4-Basketball, Thank you everybody . . . We had a great time in the United States MONICA BEILEGAARD 4-Basketball, Thank you everybody . . . We have had a great time in the United States. Double-Trouble Double-Trouble Yesterday I got so scared I shivered like a child BRAD BENGSTON 1-2 Golf, 2-4 H.B.I., 4 Alg Phranc; Skate Boogie 86’. H.B.I.? Scott, Friends For 12 yrs. Dan I guess friendships never die. U2 at Boston, How much are tickets? Is that Madonna? She’s So Far Away. Thanx to JN, SB, DD, DM,LP,BC,CH,KT, ZJ.PKJM PARTIESI Chick Peas! Hey John are you a FISHERMAN? SBBB87! Mom I Love Ya Thanx. Sometimes you think you’re gonna get it, but ya don’t and that’s just the way it goes. DANIEL MATTHEW BIGOS Orch. 1-3, All-Cape Music festival 2 + 3, Music stage crew 2, Asst. Music stage mgr. 3 + 4, FBLA 2 + 3, SAC 2, Bellator staff 2, Honor Soc. 3 + 4, Club Interact 4, yrbk. ed. and bus. mgr. 3 + 4, 4 C’s collabrative prog. 3, France Spain trip 3. Nantucket Music trip 3, White Mounts, trip 4, ALG 4: Jay, Yo Jay, Wha’s Up?, Easiie, Bodie the boingers world tour ’87-’88, Run DMB JMJ, The Band, The Rec Room, Jake Elwood; Thanks JTJCDBIMLMGCDAAHMUSICs My new bro Jay family-, Hanging at SK w RICGDM little D, Summer Times; WoodLongoJames DonahueRIceRivers, thanks for being more than just teachers, Friends; Beauty, you mean so much to me and I ' ll always Love You.; Mom, Dad, Doug, Thanks and I’m proud. I Love You., " and the dance goes on on ..the Mission U.K. 23 BARBI BIRNESSER If You Could See Inside My Heart . . . 1-4 Student Council, Secretary 2, President 4, 3-4 National Honor Society, 3 German Exchange. NHS 4, Soccer 4, Chelle-storms rage 4ever-beep beep- We grew up together. I’ll never forget it-AC CL-1431 Marko-like water off a duck’s back thanx. Fancy’sOnd home, love, strength, laughter. Drew- best friends bids. Laurel-MTFBWY ... my kindred spirit 1431 BE-MJ’sG. DO-3rd grade sweetheart plus ... AL-favorite cousin-Germany?! Steve-? JCJMJJMHNG KYJJACJW-(j.s.) never forgottenlll M,D,F,P.6L ... 143! KEVIN BLAKE " Pooh, you won’t forget about me, ever.” -Christopher Robin 1-4 Track 6 Field, I J.V. Soccer, 3-4 National Honor Society, 3 French Club, 4 Ski Club, Al remember that book? Well, I’ve got a couple of new chapters. What, Keith, not yet? Great partying with ACKPPSSHLLMMJWSH. Ski, Ski, Ski. To Nancy-it was a great year. Dance. Jen, dance. Joel, still standing. Candids with Jen W. Mark, wake me when the fries are done. Everybody, its been fun, see you in ten. Thanks Mom and Dad, love ya. DERICK BODAMER ■ - I am every parents dream! Hi, Is your daughter home? - Goldthwait 1-4 Band, 2-4 Stage Crew, Bodie, Bodes, Durkly. JT, we finally made it! Greattimes w JTKRMMDBKTSFEAGCDAIMLHAHSCJCJSJF! Prom ' 87 w MMDBKTJCDWJM. Prom ’88 with? Hey Ian, they ' re rushin’l Band w JTMMGCDAJHMVAHDBFBJC was great! The back row w PTC: Parts is Parts! Sturphly, myba fabus PTCTV. Bodie and the Boingers will live on! Rosey! Thanx TPFBJPTC Mom, Dad, Family 1 and 2. Thanks for everything I43FE! OOOHHH NOOO missed?Bible? DAVID BOHANNON SCOTT BROOKSHIRE 1 don’t want to get a haircut! 1-Basketball Manager 2-4 Basketball Trainer. Briton. Joe, Paul, Zach, Brad, Alex, Chris, Christian, and Sean, its been fun, and will always,! " No Tengo gombrigo, Alex.” " With a Yoohoo in his other hand. Jordan!- " Salute” the Master Eggroll. I don’t believe I made it! Thanx for the company guys. Don ' t leave me, " Let’s go cruising. Briton.” " The Fairmont is broken down” Its been real dudes. PHOEBE BROWN Four be the things I’d be better without Love, curiosi¬ ty, freckles, and doubt ALG 2-4, Track I, drama 1-4, dance 1-4, student council 3, class v.p. 3, peace social justice 3,4, yearbook 4, S.A.D.D. 4. pheebs, pifi, gidgit, kitten, " downtown.” " What a long strange trip it’s been!” JM, memories of longrides, deadshows and sunshinedaydreams. MD. my adopted sis, T.Y.F.E.I SH, you’ve been a great listener. (VCSHTKMDJMKK) Sexy 6 forever! ILYA. K.K., R.U.O.K.? MK-England, Nice, Madrid, next? BC-See you at the movies. (KKMKMJMTMSBCJGTHBS) Great friends, great memories. Nathaniel, YATMSPIMLILY. EB and RB, ILY brats! Mom and Dad ILY. Adios Amigos! JON BUNNELL Baseball 1-4, Hockey 2,4. Summers with SA,KD,JD,SD,MF,TF,CE,KR! Nauset ' 86 Baseball with SA,ES,CP,SM,JUD,JP,CM.CE,KR,DC,Mc- " Rock the House ' SA-Angus Jams,BBALL,SUMMERTIME,PT,GALAXY 500 LEMANSIIKR-SPRING BREAK-FLORIDA, BBALL.PARTYIN ' SD-DLR.BJ CONCERTSICE-BABE RUTH WITH RM CLASSES WITH ML,JULIO,SA,KR,CE,SD Choir 1-4, Bells 1-3, Yearbook I, Band 1-4, Majorettes 1-4, Harp 3,4 Orchestra 3,4. Budd crud, Legs. Sssummer with CHGMSD. Honesty at the Ark-ABURASK- HKCSSEVKI. KM-Thank you James! EV-3yrs. Lab, smoke? There’s one now. CH-lt’s coming. CHKM-knees up! Washington ' 86, ' 87? Camping ' 84, ’85. JSD w 8. EVKI-GTT. Thanks so much to my Community family! I couldn’t of made it w o you. I Love You MC MJ BSACUBAMALASABURI Mom Dad 143. TSMSBSEVKIKM-We made it. MSJHM. " Let the magic do the work for you”-Van Halen CATIE BUDDINGTON Walk by faith, not by sight 21 CATHERINE BURKE Track 1,2, Newspaper 1,3, French Club-president 3, Sadd-Treasurer 3, 4c s-Collaborative, Flonor Society 3,4 4 YFU-Germany. Burkey! DA.GC-Roast Beefl KRRCNKJKHHKO goodtimes. Ah.Hookerhoops lives on. No! Daz de duck! Sterf. DBJTJDSHPNDAGCAHCB Party’87. ily all. JD was ist los? Oh God Oh GOD!! Yo ...! Mrs.L., thanks Blues Brothers Bassetball. 3 Stooges, there’s one nowl Dad, Mom, Cris, danke — ILY. Life is a promise — go for it. RUSTY BURNS Rise up this morning, smiled with the Rising Sun ' Schreib mal wieder 1,4 Dead. 2,3 F A. Hello to all!Thanks to All! K.J.,B.J,A.A,T.H,S.C,J.Z,B.M,S.M,K.J.A.J.M.S in my heart forever. Hill time-tube time-not on time.Hey Brad,Su¬ per Stop Shop?Thanks Jen D.IStill haven’t made it to a show! Thanks MOM and DAD.Hey Heather, I love youlStill more he’enalu to do! COLLEEN CABRAL " Remember yesterday, dream about tomorrow, but live for today.” Gymnastics 2-4, FBLA 3.4, State Parliamentarian, School level Parliamentarian 3,4. JM, AJ, JG, KH, AL, JO, MD, CM, HM, and the gang, going to miss you. We were the best. Michael, good luck, make it last. Mom, Dad, love ya. We made itll Jen 5X5 forever. Butch, John, and the crew summer was a blast, keep the crew in line and the planes on time. Basketball I, Track 1,3,4, Field Hockey 1-4, Capt. 4, Student Council 3,4, Senior Senate 4. Homecoming Committee 4, RAE, Rocky, RAEBABYi AIMER 6I527BCBWIEE!! IWALYB FFI43I! SN, EUROPEAMERICATHEFINGERDIVINGISFUN! BE. Higher Love. FHRIII MMIH, DBRII, DR, THEDINKII, Illegal Driving HH, FDLI43. Cyndie, Woodstock, BA, your memories and laughter never forgotten. Someday we ' ll be together. Imiss you 143. ML, YWABSIWALY. BAT ESY, Plaid Pajamas, AM, HC86MVADI! BOTW: JBAGBESNDRASHGJZAMCRHHHRJCEBJLLKSGSJGQHOML. Mom, IMIAIHGYTT. Dad. WYHBH. WEN IDLYNORM, THTUS. 143 All!!! — §%: ••• mm . " May a day not pass in which you do not smile.” RACHEL CALDERON 29 ALEXANDRA CAMPBELL " Time carries on-, it always will. Inside my heart time stands still.” Drama Club 1,3 Ski Club 1,4 (officer), Ballet 1-4, ALG 2,3,4, German Club 3, French Club 3,4, Youcan callme Al, Alex. Chaylee + Aelish the beautiful brains. Joke!?! 143. Did I tell you what happened ...! GWJC JKJWJSSLCHJNPKDNMSKMZJMH Thanx 143. Mum Dad I love you! Chop Point Summers w special friends 143! " There are moments we never forget, which brighten and brighten as time steals away; they give a new charm to the happiest lot, and shine on the gloom of the loneliest day.” In time we will all be stars. ALAN CHACE On with the show and good health to you. President 1-4, Cross Country 2, Student Council 3,4, Exec. Board, Track 3, Flowdyl Sports-sometimes. The Pals-ERTFIMCB M D HESAbCHCaCE(Tyro- ne)BP(B.State Remembers) DO(Need I say More) BC(Fan Club)Ed (Got any ...?). Uron the LIST! SSSing with Scott B.C. The new Bleacher Creatures. Kinks(l,4) ACDC(3)GD(3,4). Dula-My Glimmer Twin-You Taught Me alot-Now take that highway, you know it ain’t a bad place to be, Thanks. Take care everyone. Band 1-4, Softball 2, Pep Band 3.4 Flute Choir 3,4, MK No more bus rides. No more Elle. JT BIM + the other DB I am not whipped CBDA You guys are great. JDED NGKHPNLHRF Good Lucid AH Chinese food on Fridays. Hey, it’s your best friend. Oh boy you get a gold star for the dayl Band was cool guys, No I am not from the Wizard of Oz. SC you made it! Good Luck! Well, Mr. Scanlon, they saved the best for last! Peace and Quiet at last! Mom + Dad ILY so much. Thanx for supporting that stupid hobby of mine. Mr. James thank you. I ' m OFF!! 1 ;»‘k. LAYMON CLARK " What kind of car do you have?” Dishwasherl,4, Special Olympics 1-4, STATE SPECIAL OLYMPICS IN BOSTON 2, Attendance collector 3,4, cafeteria helper 3, EXERCISE LEADER 2,4, I Love Saabs. Remember when I fixed your right front headlight, Mr. Rice? I liked shooting baskets with Mr. Kiiss, Mrs. Quill and Ms. Hembrough on the wood floor. Buenos Dias, Mr. Wood! Bonjour, Mrs. Gaipo. What kind of cars will you drive in the year 2000? Band 1-4, Pep Band 1-4, Orchestra 2-4, Student Council 2-4, Brass Quartet 4, Senior Senate 4, Starring Bodie and the Boingers: RUN, DMB JMJ. let nature take her course guys. CH c-mon, no more weight. KMR 6am. What choco’s not in season. JM let’s dance to our diploma’s. To ALL my friends, MSD, Ramo, Tony, Kevin Love You Always. Until we meet again I still play my TRUMPET. Smile Pretty. . ■ Si 13 ; ■ i VERONICA ELDREDGE COFFIN Basketball I, Sadd 3.4, Junior Senate 3, Yearbook 4. V, Vern, Vernie. Sexy 6 lives. SHBTMDTKKKJMPBMSJ CJWBSJLMCBWJCLHJDDL. Summer 87 BTJCJL. JLSI4370K. Thumper. I43KKSBF. SHHBZZTALK. BLTI437 summer OED T, midnight swims. MCI437thanxs., Italy. Thanks Joe 143. Prom Party chlorax glug, ohrahgeeya. Beer Pong. Mish outer beach, couch. DEAMI43THNXS. Sexy 6 raw score 69. Isn’t that specialllBasement jags, ILYGUYSJWM- LESDODERSERCECHAM. PBILY. Squisha 3 houses from Tom’s?l Jess 1437, Sleepovers, top bunk (rattle). Cocktails girls? Thanks M D BSJoel and Flip Go ahead turn around and see the shape of your foot¬ prints in the sand. Darren E. " Just pull a Jammie and rock the haousel, T.C. Keep hitting the balls, T.G. Tennis-anytime, Albert give me a break! Julio (too bad). Jazzy J. + the Beastie girls Posse in effect ... its Def, M.S. Rip Curl Bid M.C. Don’t be a dirtbag Metal Head, How much Ice Cream? EZ-D Rock the Mic. and to everyone else - its time to get paid in Full . . . WORD! MATTHEW COLLINS Friendship will keep us together Soccer I, ski club 1,2,4 (officer), Baseball 1-4 SEAN CORRIGAN - ■ --srr m " Never do today what you can put off till tomorrow.” Tennis 1-4, Ski Club 2,4, Good times with TC, JB, CE, MS, AR., Davis, give Miller a juke, I finally put it down, I am no longer white. Thanks for calling, AE. Good luck, little Julio. Hey, Tim, see you at Wimbledon. Good luck, Joe, We had some pretty good times. TOM CREAVY " It ' s one thing to do something, but it’s another to do it well!” JV Soccer I, Basketball 1-4, Golf 1-4 (Captain 3,4), Sports Ambassadors 2,3, Bellator Staff 3,4, SADD 4, Good Times with everybody MPCETH- AMCMKRJCSCHULIO - Keep in Touchl Ellis, Jum Dat Bawl, Jum it home (Jordan). SA Sweden was the best - Let’s go backl Best of times on the hoop teaml Golf Rips - West Palm, Florida ’87’. Pam, work hard - Good Luck and help out w Kelley and Haley. Mom + Dad ILY and will make you proud. ■in RENEE CREVIER A smile is the chosen vehicle for all ambiguities. - Mel ville Track 1-3. Cross Country 2, Soccer 3, French Club 3.4, Club Interact 3,4. Europe with Jen and Josh, Click - Flash - Clap - Clap. Granola bars. Grilled Knees. Sports with Chaylee, thanks for the support. Jen - Hope some of my advice helped. Nick -12 years of friendship is something - thanks. Stargazing at Nauset. Next year I’ll try Frank. Spying on Rangers. Falling off ski lifts. I couldn’t have made it without you, Kate. KEEP SMILING! MICHELLE CROCKER SADD 3,4, Homecoming Committee 3, Certificate of Merit (design abilities), Roses thorns will protect outside but never forget love, pride. l43 ' :sis vcwho,where Isn’t that special! Let the good times roll! JC summer ’87 love’s 4ever? BBMFDer SWLGAC: Pres, to fish beepbeep OEOMY UR un parte de vive especial ACUgave me hope (In your eyes) DO friends 4ever. TTLGJLSHBTKRDWDLJLTHE BUS ... Nory words aren’t enough. 143 todos MSDCwhatUdid!!! My footsteps won ' t follow, or guide, but always walk be¬ side ... ' mm _ STEPHEN CULP JENNIFER CURRAN .. and the fiery mountain fell upon the doomed city . B.F. Forever and Always, B.B. Where are you? Koko, Mishu and Lebee (G.G.), Bodie! U.T.B., Mr. P., Lynne I’ll miss you, R.FI.B.S., Death Before Dishonor, Party w Palin, S.S. you B.S. artist, Throw it! Guys, try harder, Wolvie-, SNIKTI Mutants are people too AHCHOO . .. Smash, TORK, J.R., S.S., D.B., J.D., L.M., B.C., C.R., M.G., B.B., S.F., J.F. IT WAS FUNII! " Under the light of a star, my thoughts can travel afar.” Figure skating 1-4, Ski Club 1,4, National Honor Society 3,4, Club Interact 3,4, Homecoming Committee 4, Joe - You’ll always be the star in my life. 1993 Maybe?!! MCBBLL - Remember ... LYLAS!! VC - keep the fantasy! DF - iMi buton amor! DO-UR the best! Thanx!! AM - someday I’ll figure it out let you know!? DE - secrets last forever! Summer 87 - " changes? " Kathy - you’ve taught me more than skating. Dad-Mom-Jes.- thanx for your love and support!!!! BRANDON CURRIER Still Scrappin Math League 3,4, Club Interact 3,4, Thanks JM JH, JJ S BB c EP JF KR DB tor all the great times. Why wasn 11 invited to your bachelor party, YB ? Fond memories of the triangular trade and the " Party with Palin, " non-speech live on. EP- try not to watch too much PTCTV. JS - You ' ve got to take care of that oil leak. Remember guys, only two inches above stock. ROBERT CURRIER Nauset Library Liberators 1-3, Well I made it. good times with S.C., J.R., S.S., J.D., E.V., K.P. Good luck to N.A.B., L.E.M., P.S.T., Justin: I SAID!!. C.K.R., P.W., B.C., T.M., won’t forget you! Mya, Steimed, Wanna Cookie?, Yeah get a H-O! Spicolil B.F. Forever Lynne, I’ll miss ya. Jodie, I Luv ya. Thanx Mom + Dad. See ya later Mr. Powell. Later Nikki. Jeremy: Reflector Collectors Forever, I’m outta here! " I Said!!!” " Oh Never Fear, Beloved Friends, When True Love Comes, There is But One.” SHERRI DANIELS Field Flockey 3, SADD 4, Ski Club 4, Kellie your the Greatest, BFFE 1431 Watch those late nights Kell Come on now-1 Lets forget, Ha, Hal Brad 1431 " Hey Mr. R.U.B.B.E.R.” GOOD JOD Jodi, 143 HONI Hey Come LD Never forget, ILY GUYSI Yes, Bros your the best ILYI DL 15 BIG ONES 143 FEI Dad S Mom Thanks alot LOVE YOU! Your the bestl NAUSET TTFNI Skating 1-4, Riding 1,2, FBLA 2, Unforgetable times w LHAHAWJLJDDLMBLHDDALGHNASWBJG, Daaanletc. Where s HayRd? " Toga” Going Fishing? Babybrain, It’s OK Fanow, Hay baby where you from? 143 DT, COBBIES, Steve Miller, Summer of " 86 will never B-4 gotten, SummerSetCondoes. I2A. Wild Horses, Ripper keep your feet on the ground(NH) Mom Dad 143 thanks for everything, Matt good luck, Dan Hove you. mm - MICHELE DAVIS " The future is ours to see. What ever will be will be.” 39 SCOTT DAVIS Soccer I, Basketball 2-4, Track 2-4, Ski Club 4, FBLA 4, Broomball 4. Thanks Nauset for ...? Class of ' 88 rulesl Julio, Bundy, (J.L. Neverl), Pudge, Casper, Beastie. Hillman. Monica, Betina, Arnold Eitelbach, Rosie, Chocolate Thunder, Fluffy, Suzie Q, VR, T.H. you know who is 1 (Wash. Red.) Thank you. Mr. Campbell for your help. Julio, play some ball brother, then you can put it downl K.F. you made my Junior yearl Coaches award maybe next year. Jeff, whooo! ROBERT DEMICHELE " Time for me to fly.” Many hours of pool at G-FS. Red room rules. K.P. miss ya. Many great times with N.V., T.S., K.W., D.S., R.S., F.L.., D.B., S.R.. K.H., P.T. Party with N.V. Drums 1. R + R Forever. Dale, I love you. Mom, we made it this far . .. Love ya. Grams and Dad Thanks for every¬ thing, Hove you both. KIMBERLY DENNISON " All the world’s a stage, all the men and woman merely players.” Drama 1-4, ALG 2, Odyssey 2, National Honor Society 3,4, Interact Club 3,4, French Club 4, ' Sup Dudes? Thanx gang for putting up w mel NGAJCPLCJENKKJSothersi 143!! Drama 4ever! pud? Arggh, M.A.E.?? LCBRBSPM - hang onl SDDG-Les-gotta go? A-never madl Nauset Beach thanx! B.C. - I ' ll rememberl ' Cole - I knowl It’s the best 6 it’s forever! Too much to say too little time - thanx for it all - 143111 Mom S Dad you’re everlasting - I LOVE YOU! See you all at the Oscars! KELLI DESCHAMPS SADD 4, Ski Club 4, Sherri, we made it! You gave me so much, you ' re the best. 143! What’s that dripping? JDMVJWDLCOAWLHDF - 143. Drew I love you, YTMHTLAINFY(IWTFYSB9I87). Bring back your oreos guys. Brad NEVER start again, 143. Hey, Mr. Rubber ... Mom, you’re the best, 143! Dam I’m good Dad. Dan and Abby, I love you both, never change. Katie, it’s all yours now — Good Luck ... " The memories of days to come ...” 41 JENIFER DIBBLE German Exchange 3, ALG 4, " Guten Morgen!” Cobies ' 87 ILYALL! Three fingers red, red wine. THE THREE STOOGES! DLJLAHVCBJLHMDLHTHANX 142! ZJLPPKJMCHJNSZKFSLJM I LOVE YOU MORE THAN WORDS CAN SAY! " DWIOS!” Madeline and Meadow I LOVE YOU. Blackbird. RCRDI’II never forget. RB Guess what? I love you! Justin good luck ILYI Mome we had our share - we came out loving. Your wonderful. Dad Thanx. You’re the best. I LOVE YOU. I couldn’t ask for more. ' You were only waiting for this moment to be free.” SHARON DILLREE " Just to Dancel” FBLA 3,4, Sharone - S.M. of 87’, whiffs of 88; B 3 . Sue - YLSOS, Shut up already, damn! " Sha - is it in the park?” Are any of u gay?? Sue - LYAAF Zoe - thanx for everything and more AFGSTCOTG! LYAI! YRSTJBJLAMTLJFMCKCMRSTLFJFTHLRDSMDFBDTTB8KAMBPSP Love you all. MC - hang in there! I just want to ask u one question! Mom - LYA. Dad - Pat - LYBF. Big D S J - Thanx YAIMHA. SMUHIC. mm MICHELLE DUBE Softball 1-4, French Club 3, SADD 4, Senate 4, Michelle Dube - Mish-mish. Great times with the sexy 61 pbShVcJmTkBw and the girls BTKKBSJWSPJCDFLL 4- SASMJWRSMD Tallboy winters, wc summers. Allnighters with the class of ’88. What’s the name of the game? Suebaby-somany memories! Muy jags together. Friday nights ' 87. Trish-trish:CFllCKENBREASTSI 7 a.m. the hunt for the emptiesl Jess: GO FOR ITI Vern: I get the couch! Brender prom party ’87. Bon-bon:Vanilla! Phoebe: We go way backl My little sis! Thank you for everythingII43UALLl! ’ JODI DOYLE Ski Club 1,4, Drama 1,4, So many good times, so many great friends. KDSDAHAWDLMUJLRBLFULI43II SDKD THERE WILL NEVER BE FRIENDS LIKE YOU 143, 4ever! Roger your the best, thankyou, and Pee Wee 143!!! Jon, if you only knew ...! KW, I’m sorry! Mom, Dad, Shawn. Kevin, I Love You, and thank you! Pink Floyd PCC 87. Mr. Wood thanx! Nauset I can’t say that I’ll miss you. " The night is young and so are we.” A dancer out of time. a DEE-ANNE HUNTER DUNHAM Row, Row, Row, your boat gently down the stream Basketball I, Tennis 1,2,4, Jaggin 1-4, High School’s over, Finally! So many good times with AMDMCMJWMLCHCISHMDCDJLBHTHCEABSWJDRSDODEJC AND ALL THE OTHERS. High times with DMJM. Many Great Times with the " Fearsome Foursome” (AMDMCMMD) 4-wheeling in the " beast” HUN¬ DREDS OF LATE NIGHT CHINESE FOOD RUNS. Toga ' 87. Chad, Good Luck, Do your best. Mom and Steve, Thanx For Everything ILY, Dad ILY. See Ya Later Nausetll B Hue U Want 2 B. Orch. I, newsp. 2-4, ALG, 2-4, Art 2-4, Ger. Exch. 3, yrbk. 3,4, Drama 3, Curriculum Advisory Council 3, SADD 4, Ski Club 4. P eace and Soc. Justice Club 4, Dee-Anne Hunter Dunham.- Gimbelee-A soul to understand me! Never forget the FISH bowl, " FAZED”? Red devils and BLooD pacts. I Love You. H.B.I Plastic Passion with a Faraway Hunter. Black Days w GSJCTCKTCFKPJDSLBCACTPITMSHBILORELEIJUDE. Candles crash + burn. MINISTRY. BAUHAUS the sky’s gone out. LlquID sky Morning Star ILY. Thanx for showing me the way. Dream analysis The Cult 4 16 87, gatherings, Clasham- inium. Sunrise Breakfasts, Sylvia Plath, BLACK ROSES - grey ashes. " You’re lost little girl” ... the DOORS. Lifelong memories of various clan members, I Love You AIL Thanx Mummy + Marcia for your support and love.Baby?Lust?- Briton. Death alone from Death can save, Love is Death and so is brave, Love can fill the deepest grave, Love loves on beneath the wave ... REBECCA EGAN Field Flockey 1-4, Basketball 1-4, Track 1-4, SAC 1 + 4, Europe with Basketball team I, Student Council 2-4, Student Council Vice pres, SAC, Field Flockey Co-Captain, Junior Senate. Roo. Memories with MPSNDRJGRCLL. NT ’86 - strawberriesl SMJOAN - Kiss the ground " The Poem”, 143 VM. DR-Lapl RC " Higher Love " ’86, MMIH. JG ... Green Mt., IWTFY. LL-PPQ! AM ... 3syo FA Secrets 12 20 86. IWALYIMH. U2 ’87. Dancing in the rain with MLSFDR. BB-MJ’s girls. Sf, open up, summer ’87, ST. JZ Thanx for being there. Mom and Dad, I Love You. Good Luck Heather. It’s finnally over ... CHRIS EHNSTROM Come on you stranger, you legend, you martyr, and shinel Stress Case I, Math League 2, Yearbook 2, Underground newspaper 2, Drama 3 + 4, Germany 3, ALG 4. Strange days with Zach Paul. Kaliedoscope Eyes! Jerk’s shows with C.S. Floyd Dead Beatles Doors. Give peace a chance! JNLPCHSLEWARLMBLSZSB made life tolerable. Good Luck Mad Kat. Love to mommy, daddy aims. Thanx Hoorn! And if your head explodes with dark forbodings too. I’ll see you on the dark side of the moon. COLIN EITELBACH " Give me a firm place to stand, and I will move earth” Archimedes Track 2-4, S.A.D.D. 4, Ski club 4. Thank you for being a friend! CHDERSEEJCDMCMAMDCKRJCDFVCBTMESEBHKDAVSWSSNMNLJWMLMDSDSA JBKKTHACERAEREMPGMMFSKAS: and yes mom and dad, Good Times with (Hillman, Duano, Molsen Svenna, Jim, Mark, Andrew and the gang: (Good Luck) Thanks for the transportation GLC (Hey MSB thanks for dancin) " sweet” " Majestic” " green” LATER KUZ! DAVID ELDREDGE " I’m glad it’s overl!” I’d like to thank my teachers. Mrs. Mountain and Melinda for all their support. Also J.G., H.R., M.H., M.R., D.G.. R.G., K.M., J.S. Special thanx to Mom + Dad. Thanks go to the Lunch Bunch. Good Luck Layman S Jon Randall’s class. Thanks to Ms. Hembrough Thanks Stu. " Party til you drop.” CHRISTOPHER ELLIS Basketball 1-4, Baseball 1-4, Newsp. 4. S.A.D.D. 4, Interact 3-4, Honor Soc. 3-4, Sports Ambassadors 3. SEANYC-(BUSTARHYME), (SPINCITYCREW) ROX- BURY-DORCHESTER-ADIDASi 7-11; MCSHAN(THE BRIDGE), AIRMASSEY, SWEDEN (SHLONG) (ROCKTHE HOUSE), LEATHAL WEAPON (BAM), JDBJIHiTC- MHWHHH SPENCER-(LAYAPATCH), ER-(GIVEMEABREAKI), (BURNEDTOACRISP), HOMEWORK- BLANK HOMEWORK!- JULIO-BIGFOOT)- SIZE 17? MC-BUFFORD PUSSER: JC-(ESPANOL 87 CRAM FOR EXAM 5:30 AM.), JB-REDMAN (BABERUTH), PARTY ANIMAL - 15501550, J AND B O.A. (GREAT SUMMER 87’ BUSCH), (BEVERLY HILLS 32.5 TIMES), FLATTOP-FANCIES, WARRIORS RULE: YO-HOMES (SUPER-HO), MR. C (COLLEGE SWEAT¬ SHIRTS); " YOU WILLY!”, (TONY THE TIGER) LL, WORD: (LOOK AT DEM NOBS!) TCMCBPACDOKPOTERDCOMMDAMSAKRJMTWCMJWTHRCV CSHBE JGSNJBTCDLSWJM DRAJCPLL GKIS-LUVYAHI " Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration.” Edison SETH EMOND DUANE ESCHER ' Life on the edge is the reality of life itself.” Track 1-4, Soccer 2-4, Hockey 3,4, Ski Club 4, Danielle I will always be fighting for you. Ski trip Christmas Strawberries Prom Howard the duck Wendy and Dave’s Hospitality. Hove youll JC - The realistic fantasy of Hidden Love. Rick - S’up Dude, for Surell Colin-Schwartz livesl Steve - Big fattyl Dave - Pounding brews, Youcker. Chris - Tuna Taco Dinner. Erin - Keep the tradition Jaggin ' . Chuck - Best of Luck, Jag onl ES ML JW AM AC SH TK BS CD WH RB TV MD BD BE CE KR BJ DC DT Budman VC - Love You Always. Mom, Dad - Thanks!!! Tracy - Dream On!!! SUE FALLETTI Well we finally made it even graduated. Always remember the good times like . . . Room G, June 18 85, B-U-D-s, Summer of ' 87, purple dots. Kim why is everything so confusing?! Good friends: AS, (who helped always), SZ, LH, SK,JH,KR,KS, many more. Wayne F. I’ll 143 4-ever. Goodbye to all my friends maybe we’ll meet in the end ... here comes the real world. Aim I luv ya have fun. ? : 4 v .. STEPHANIE FIELDS " There is no greater sorrow than to recall in wretched¬ ness the happy time.” Softball I, Stepha,Natick 85’.Chico ILY. Best of times w CJSMLHKSTKEAJMTDAH.Chris O. I4S6 You will never be forgotten.TSPW KS BOMBED! Prom 881? TK you are the awesomestl SM summer SI ' . Rock Steady MLCS. Kimbo we’ve done it alllThanxI Coast Guard Is My Beach Lukel Me, life Guard Happy? Mr. Scanlon I owe you the world. Jeff you are a great cuz. Luke you are very special 143. Mom + Dad ILY. Good Luck Mel, Kev,+ Shelly Bell. Chakal p.s. PTC I’ll Miss You. Gymnastics I, Wrestling I, Track 3, Soccer 4,143 mom, Billy, Timmy, Sharon, Tom, ski ' SI, BLT, Jer., Karate tour 86-87, GB, JH,MH,TC, good friends, TC,TS,JG,TR,KR,CH,SD,CE,MD,CM,AM. JAMES FINN " Smile - the world ' s beautiful. " n % I V.rtrti. ' • ik C • «• ’••• ct.W? -I■Ji ' i-rvi KBI - You’ll always be special - never forget U! N.A..K.G..S.B. - Many good times - Thanks for being therel SEDMESATKSBWMFKKSJAHBTDTFRRC JJ. P - Town crew £ Jess - Thanks for everything - Love ya all!! Kim U-R are the best - Double Trouble! XTC - 180! Expeditions w The B.B. ' s. Summer 87 - L£V Jags. " It just doesn ' t matter.” We ' re jammin ' !! Batt £ Mecky - Straight! Jovi, Fleetwood - 87. Lars - Did good - WICKED! Mark L. - ramble on! Mom, Dad £ Bro’s - Love ya! later . . . JEFF FRANCIS " Right temporarily defeated is stronger than evil trium¬ phant. " Martin Luther King Yearbook 2, FBLA 2-4, VP 3, Pres. 4, IA IV Jethro. Jeffer, J-Man. Good times with-SJSFMCKCDBKRSSSSDBJCEASDJGJSPopeyeACPTJCBBDGCCD BKMKBDBALSBST.Peter Gabriel 7 15 87. Hey Steve, your house is burnin’ down! Fade-out. Kev(Hunter)-Many good diving times to come. Greeny Jimbo-buy a chevy! Mike-My best friend and cuz, many good times past and future! Tedwoodl! Lots of love and thanks to the Business Department. Nasty Nova lives on!!III Mom, Dad, Kerin - ILY. See Ya!! NOAH GAMSEY . • v ,. M m wBttm . 5 suspensions-2, 37suspensions-3, 5 suspensions in Vi yr-4. Back again. Almost didn’t make it. Thanxs 2 Goony birds,XTC, 714’s, pot and all the other crap I fried my brains with. Skate tough u little posers. BM,BW, EF,KG,TT,BF I hope things turn out alright 4 u. Sobriety is the Balls. JLJP.JP, Mom, luke 4- Flendrix 1-4-3. Rusty I’m proud of u. DJarom filters ... Yes. ZJ, MS, DF, JZ, RS you’re alright, " Hilly ... Flex.” " Just got paid today” Rockin’-n-Rollin’ 1-4, JV Hockey 1-2, It’s party-time nowl Can’t believe it’s over. Good times with MFPBGCNBMCSPTRJGMLMLBDKANSRG Uncle Jeff and Rick and friends in N.Y.C. and Boston. Many fun and crazy times with KH-EXTREME shows late night. Partying with Billy Idol and Nora. Jonah- nice Novas GET OFF THE PHONEI Thanx 2 Gary C. for good advice. Thanx Mom and Dad and all relatives. Wish success 2 class of ’88 and 2 my brothers J + J. Later. JEBEDIAH GAFFNEY An Addict alone is in bad company. You’ve got to believe in yourself or no one will believe in U. J- " .... ..... .... . ... - ■ . it ... . " The greatest warriors are the ones who stand for peace.” Soccer 1-4, Basketball I, Softball I, Skating 1,2,4, Karate 2-4, Track 3,4, " Pickle” ... KY,JM,DL,KIV1,CB, we came, we saw, we conquered. PTT rules. Glenn, luv ya like a brother. Pendekkar, Trima-kashi-banjak. " No guts, No glory,” Beth and Mike, follow your dreams. Mom fe Dad. I Love You. Kimmy, you ' re the greatest friend anyone could ever havell " Creep 122” Let’s show this world what we’re made of III Great things w not come without taking chances. Tennis 2-4, Ski Club 4. W.C.B.C. - cruisin’ main-street - the two D’s B.B. Fever Skiing with class 4 wheelin ' - Nauset B. Good Times Can’t buy me love Sweetness K.P. - you KNOW who ' s 1! Choke! Julio - learn to play the game M.C. - What’s Happening? Pool Jumping bleacher Creature Things change old neighborhood friends: C.B. D.M. S.G. M.B. With love to Mom and Dad. NICOLE GIBBONS TIM GASKILL uv ' " i j- ' jjs i m - • rV ■ • ' ■ ' ■ ' • ; ! _ J . DAVE GODDARD Homecoming Dance Good Times with S.H., C.T., M.M.,M.P., IN STUDY HALL. Driving on the beach + getting stuck. Going surfing. Sorry about your board Scott! Everyone else keep partying. Thanks Mom + Pop. Love Ya! JESSICA PEACE GOLDSTEIN I’m stressing ... in a big way!” ALG 3,4, Yearbook 3,4(ed.), Peace and Social Justice Club 4, Living is easy with eyes closed misunderstanding all you see ... It’s getting hard to be someone but it all works out because it matters much to me ... John Karyn Missy Michael Briggy Jeff Astra Zoe my fleat ... John M. .. . I love you and I always will ... Thanx Mom Bruce Montgomery Jenkin ... Peace and Love ... Jessica — 53 III stop the world and melt with you. Field Hockey I -l. Soccer 3-4, Track 1,3 + 4, Drama 1 + 3, " Suzie Chapstick” SMGT with SN,BE,DR,MK,CM,NA,JZ,DF,RC,TT. NA don ' t blow your life away! SN you’re so innocent! California secrets CB. WBCN Billy Idol with Dirt Bag. ”D” My best friend. It never was boring!! Tripping into the stand late at night. I-WUV-U! BE, DR Thanks 4 being there 143. I LOVE YOU MOM AND WIZ. :T Live for today then let it go! Gymnastics 1-4, Ski club. Campground EF,NA,SB-143 BOL ; SB skating a + z, NA,EF- Parade NAMOONS; Scary-Rainy Walks; LARS- WICKED”; ML- Ramble on! BF-Thankss BWMFSJKKATKSCPJGESCEJWBJSEAFAHAJAWJM OW-Shan-HJ.-Miss ya, DM-Keys, ERIKA I’m so denotsl B-Boys, P-town crewl Flips in D.D., E.F.- DOUBLE TROUBLEI- Bon Jovi-Fleetwood Mac-Billy Idol- Oh What Trips I80XTC-KIEF LSV JagSs Suzuki Powers Erika Thanks for being theres Mom, Dad, Kelly, Austin - I Love Ya ... JENNIFER L. GREENE KIM GRADY • „ v JONATHAN GREENE OH MY, Jethro, Hunter, and Jimbo, it’s been fun. As for CHEVY’s, well there O.K. J.S. mud tires ain’t jes fer chasin’ gators, so buy some. How could we forget the Nasty Nova and that little Chevy truck. Scott fix that MC up. Mom, Dad thanks for everything. Hey Nauset take it easy. PS. D.B. Sell your G.S. and buy a TOY. ' , 4 ? ’ ’ ■ Student council 1-4, Vice President I, Basketball 1,2, Softtball 1-4, Aerobics 1-3, Junior Senate 3, Student Gov’t Day Rep., Drama night 3, Secretary 4, Mascot for B-ball 6 Hockey, Nauseteer founder. Treasure Hunt. Talent show 4, Pres, of SADD 4, Academic Decathlon 4, NAC, Swim Team 4, BUT WE WERE JUST OUT TO HAVE FUNIS6 LIVES ON, KIDS2000? TKMDPBBWVCJMI (BSBTJWKKLLSPHAJCAT) THE BOYS UALLRIPI TKMY2nd ' 3 MDPBVRS LIT MARCH MORNINGS w MDPBTK BSIWCUHOH JWL007UCRANKI JMRTLSHC87 " V”CONGENIALITY H.A.FLA SP STAY COOL + KEEPYOURNOSE- CLEANIAT-WHERE DID ALL THE TIME GO? TIMF + TIMF PLURAL! ILUALL, WELL I DON’T LU, UKNOW THE SHWAY! (DA)B + (MOM)A HOSTS AND THE GREAT PARENTS TOO! TOODLES NAUSET+ RB. SUSAN D. HALL You’re never fully dressed without a smile. 55 ALG 4, Drama 4, Best of Times, JDDLDMMDJLAWLHVCKKLHRVKGEFBJ Daaanl three fingers Redred wine. Lucky Charms. Chicklet Baby-ILY! Aimpit- days. JL PRUNES Whereshayrd. (V-FEMMES) JD COOKIES. Marc, dear, I love you very much. PROMISE? Luvbug - DM - long talks Golden Nuggets LYA. TOGARlPS.”hicups.” JAMES I BELIEVE. Dawn-Good Laughin’. Mickey Mouse, going fishing. KK is that a drawer? Mom and Joe I LOVE YOUI Good Luck Antony. MB It’s the turtle. Soccer I, Basketball I, Softball 1,2, Summer of ' 83 too much to remember. KK my mothers ice, trees in the forest and the whales in the cove. I owe my best times to MKJBKKPE 09 27 86 Moe if we could relive that night. Winter of ’86. Nauset Beach, celebrations and road trips to Boston. February Vacations! JB Rock Harbor Rd, Jerimia, Boston-, Matt Pooh, Best Luck for your futures MSD your the best 143. ANGELINA HAYDEN " Live for tomorrow but don t forget yesterdays dreams. Gymnastics I, Soccer I. FBLA 3, Work Study 4, Pete - I love you always! Thanks for always being there Never forget youl! JC he is mine and never yours to dream on. Thank you Mom I love you. LLLHKSJMJMTL PV + AH= FOREVER!! SF-Halloween every year. PVSJKBDJCATEDHMMLLLH-Thanks for the partyin’l Nix sux! Bubbles - what a surprise party I can’t believe I pulled it off! HC-anyone? PETE I LOVE YOU! JENNIFER HARRISON Band 1-4, Softball 1-4, Soccer 3,4, Ski Club 4, Into the Dream, Hot Mama-Motley Crue ' 87 ICF-IWA, B.S. - My fish is dead but not my friendship, I hope. TFHIWNFYI43! M.D. - the true believer, S.H. - The house I will never forget. V.C. - the great listener! T.K. definitely great soccer players. T.S. - Echo In Laughter! J.C. - 143 so much! YHBMEH! TFMMFSS! JGC don’t forget me! Forever yours Jennifer! IW2 ML2Y! " Sticky’s”! M.V. - Sorry! MSD 143, I’m coming home! BST Just Wait 143! " I gave you my heart. You cried for my soul.” 57 TRACY HAYES 4 ' $$$Money makes the world go around$$$ Basketball 1-4, CCSA 1-3, U.S.A. It’s not how you play the game it’s if you win or lose. Winning ' s not everything it’s the only thing. Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country. REAGAN! Hubie, the Shed 87’, Lavman Edster, Laymon CESAACERCHCEKR DODEDMAMTC, " The Boys” " Hey Ma, give me a break!” $$Supply £ Demand$$ BASICALLY! LISA HEBDEN Think memories, don’t live them. Gymnastics-1 Summerset Condos 86; w LHJLMD, Illegal Aliens: " Don ' t tell anyone” JLDL. Huck Finn! Jamie- the yellow bommer loves you! thanx for the BEST 7 + yrs, 143! the best of luck to; JLVCDLJDLHMDAHAWTHDWSDKD, thanx 143. Toby " whatever.” Juana, what? " complements”? Hampton Beach- GUYS! - JL- eerie sounds at m.s. or p.s. where ever. Don ' t forget, the INVISIBLE MAN LIVES! Etc ... Mom and Dad thanx, I love you! — . JOSH HERBERT TRACY HERMES " Never let the sun set on your ignorance.” Track 1-4, Newsp. 1-4, Band 1-2, yrbk. 2-4, ed. 4, cross-country 2, Math Team 3,4, French Club 3,4, Odyssey Club 3, Grm. Exch. 4, Club Interact 4. Yeah One Nausetl Miss the bus?!? 4C’s " trips”- You’re WHIPPED!! Tonight, Tonight W. Str. PhCo. Donuts + hubcap. J.W. It went RRT, HAAA- the BIG D from B. Dammit stop thinking. Prom Stargazing HHCRRCJK Hof brauhaus. Jags, studies @ MHCPHHAJRVAC Your sweater? Sand? w case! Let’s go wake up Heather, I’m scared of your dreams. 3.14159 Quiz. B-x-press a coke BCKD- French Blowoff, Oh gimme a break! Uhhhh STRESS! (credit) Can I dri ve?? Mom and Dad, you’re the best. I love you! I don ' t know why you say goodbye, I say hello. What are ya thinkin? Summer 87 JCSSJSPSCQ: ILUGUYS!!! Yohanna GLWF Justablizzard officer. JL + S Really Jamie? honest HF JLLHJBJD rewewound. MKSHJBCelebrations. Moses CTB Parties, B-rooms w Lg. Plants. Perhaps She said I may be. Good luck Jennabean, ABGEF? 62188 can’t wait! PSJS Bubba the helldog will get you. Scott you’re an L. ILY. Thanx M + D, Benjy 143. Smile Everybody. CHRIS HILLEY HEATHER HOBBS " I’m warm from the memory of days to come.” -Billy Joel Basketball and soccer cheerleading 1-4, captain 4i math league l-4s band 1,2s newspaper Is club interact 3,4s drama 3s French Club 4s German Exchange 4. CCSA- Gr Switz SWI Cabs! ILY, YLM, NON? KFUK-KFUM! RTH!! Germany!! Hi Mom, I ' m on T.V.! Kisssme! Rockpile! Pinkstuff! Flamers! MUMBAI! Hoikoperop! Green MMM’s!! I miss’d th’ bus. KRRCKD- study- locker notes! Hot times w Pedro + Picante (I had the urge!) GreenG’n’P’s! Luffew Chili!!! JH- schnookums! TAN! Let’s go wake up Heather!! Dreamtime. Ohhgimmeabreak! stress! B-x-press! Yer whipped! (credit) 3.14159265 ... sss- sss-sss! YEAH ONE! Can’t deal! 4-C’s trips! MHJHCPAJPARTIESBYEMOMJKNKKRCFTOADILYA! NHSCHEERING !! ILY MRS. W1 Luck- Chris + Chet- the-jet!! Mum + Jon - MERCI BEAUCOUP! Karate 1-4; Soccer I, Gymnastics 1,2,4s French Club 1,2; School newspaper 1,2s Student council 1,2s Paris trip 2s Club interact 3,4s National Flonor Society 3,4s 4C’s collaborative 3; yearbook 4s track 4s ski club 4s German Exchange 4s broomball 4. JFITCSCDS TT- domination! Death Twins? Tommy- get some class! HEY " A”: remember the psych sessions. HHJH- who slept in my bed? AJCP how’s Alice? Wind Waves, GSS - eat your heart out Josh. BB- its been unique. I am not the SHORTEST! Two years was enough- I’m outta here. Don’t worry M D my future awaits and nothing will stop me now. Good times at Nauset High - EA well we made it. Many memories that will live on forever. LS The Cinemas- The Wall at lunch, 87- Mr. Wood. Tc Thanks for the rides- Meg thanks for the time you gave me to talk. Jes and Pat thanks for the hugs. Mom and Dad love you. Good bye everyone. LAURIE HOLCOMB Basketball 1,2; track 1-4. Trip we were the " Death Twins” if only for a moment. TH Never shop with you again, like a Brother, karate Rules, Tourna¬ ments with TripDSMTSCNCCHMHTC, C-Len it still looks like a paint smock. NC Papas will never be the same. CarlZazz who says you can’t have fun in the rain. Mom DadC 143 thanks. MHTC Bad Company to the day we diel JEFF HOLLISTER " What are clouds but an excuse for the sky.” I would like to thank my family, Mom, Trish, Sharon, Kellie, John, Steve, Kevin for all their support, also S.M., C.M., C.C., L.M., A.L., C.M., M.O., C.M., M.M., and also to Los for everything. Good luck Sarah, Chris, and Michelle. Bro, we’re out of here Love Ya All (later) m. Band 1-4, Flute Choir 1-3, ALG 4, Muffl Sherri, TOGAI Brad, have a hug? Heidi, need the refrigerator upstairs. Hooker hoops, I miss you. Jebble many fond memories, MOO crew! Barbi what happened? YR, CH, PK, where ' s the tape? Colin someday. Terry Turner, we lost you but will never forget you. R. We ' ll make it, PROMISEI Both Bill’s, Ronny and Mike, you guys are the bestl Mumma Bear 1431 I Love Youl 63 Riding 1-4, Great times w MDDMDLJDAHLGDAJLLHAWSRBDDAAANHNASetc. Thanx. " 1986” SummerSetCondos(manymemories) Nauset Beach mem¬ ories live forever. Reggae Fest 5 22 81. DAwny lee Baby, LuvYal Jamie, Where’s Astro? Cobies. Steve miller. Where’s Hay Rd? jim " TOGA” Dale:Sum- mer of " 87 " Keep saving for that condo. Nauset.See Ya LaterBy! Mom, Dad, and Family thank you for the encouragement. 143. Good Luck, Kate. Rip, I Love You. ERIC HUNTLEY We made it! - Life begins! - See ya (Class of ’88) at the first reunion (in 5 years). - Love you, Mum and Dad. Thanx. Thanks for everything. - Dad, wherever I am, I’ll see you in four years. - Hopefully six - Navy, here I come - Remember the good times and forgive the bad. JAG ON -1 wish ' GOOD LUCK’ to all I’ll miss you, CLASS OF ’88. " Your life depends on what you make it. Achieve your highest dream. " LAURI HUDSON " Look to the end of the rainbow, for that’s where the dreams end and the future begins.” ..vL . Riding 1-4, Great times w MDDMDLJDAHLGDAJLLHAWSRBDDAAANHNASetc. Thanx. " 1986” SummerSetCondos(manymemories) Nauset Beach mem¬ ories live forever. Reggae Fest 5 22 87. DAwny lee Baby, LuvYa! Jamie, Where’s Astro? Cobies. Steve miller. Where’s Hay Rd? jim " TOGA” Dale:Sum- mer of " 87” Keep saving for that condo. NausehSee Ya LaterBy! Mom, Dad, and Family thank you for the encouragement. 143. Good Luck, Kate. Rip, I Love You. KRISTEN INGWERSEN " It takes life to love life.” Band 1-4, Bells I + 2, Choir 1-4, Orchestra 3,4, SL ’87, voice 4, Catie-Wanna V8? Thank You, James! There’s the Pondl El-Wanna buy a pizza? Kris-Parlez- vous francaise? Personal Page Turner. CBEVGTTalks. Char-Gym classes. Er-Let’s practice! Rinkydink Bundy! You’re breaking my concentration! Hones¬ ty with KKSECSSL. Special thanks to AB, UR, AS, AM, UA, KKSEC, Fr. L, SA, M’s, and my whole Community family. Thanks to Mom and Dad, I LYA! Good Luck to Erika and Emily, LY! LORI A. HUTCHINSON " The greatest triumphs come from the greatest failures.” MICHAEL CAMERON JENNINGS Drama 1-4, ALG 2-4, Yearbook 3,4, SADD 2-4, The road goes ever on and on, down from the door where it began. Now far ahead the road has gone, and I must follow if I can. Pursuing it with eager feet, Until it joins some larger way, Where many paths and errands meet. And whither then? I cannot say. Friends beloved - farewell! Dragons and Dreams together for life. Drink up. the world ' s about to end. ZACH JOHNSON I am the Lizard King I can do anything. Ye arbook I, ALG 3,4, Goodbye all and good luck all, need it or not. Fade away: I’m walking through the doors of life maybe to be seen again maybe not . .. Beatles for breakfast J.M.P.L.M.J.C.J.S.E.S.B.S.K. MNC, DMJND Hove you all Dearly. Today is only tomorrow’s memories. I got by with a little help from my friends. All you need is love . .. " Life is a series if Hellos and Goodbyes. I’m afraid it’s for goodbye again.” Billy Joel AARON JONES Soccer 1-4, hockey 1,2, Ski Club 3, Snowbound in the summer of ' 871 Thanks to SDMYAAKJJBRBDYJBCTKDAKFKJZRCJDDLGSCSMBDTASBMCJDJ MSSFIDRSMESFDKCKGMECOLFIDWCDJCJSAJWMREJVKIJPSKKKAHMYKGEFCCfGAG for many good timesl Bkfst. of Champions.l Sherri ILY. Pocheti Ray-babyl Where’s Miliken? Railopoly Mike, what time is it? Joneser-.Quisps anyone? Bagel cr. cheese 50? we’re on itl ShotgumVideo Patrol; FAUz. Eden, Stacy-ILYI My Friends; Stress test; Capital PunishmentjSpec a Thanks to my Family, Sherri, Kelli, Sefior Rusty Woodlll . I9AUGI5268I86SF IDD’87 " Wing low, left rudder, I’m coming in to land my plane .. May the UAV and all who created her live forever .. BRAD JONES " Why do today, what you can do tomorrow.” 67 . i .V.. ..•••% ... ... ' ■ • .. " ■ .. . .. ......... ADAM JOSEPH We finally made it. The end is near. Had fun jagging with D.S. M.L. B.C. smoking taier with S.T. J.F. J.G. T.M. M.H. Had a blast at Rush. Later Nauset much later. Keep it cool and party until the sun comes up. I LOVE T.L. AELISH JOYCE Gymnastics 1-4, Drama 2-4, Club Interact 3,4, Student Council, 3,4, French Club 3,4, I’m Glad but Now What? Always to rememberl Chaylish? I and only - indescribale! Jen-seriously-No one Like Youl I Love Ya Always. LaLa I’ll miss you. JkLLRememberMuttreff. End of 2 AM Chats-Never ... S’up Mutt?! " ooh Gimme A breakl” Okiedokiel KD Drama: Crucible was Bestl S Duck Duck Goos UGHI MHLLReplaced Dear Abby Oh Weill Doctor Robinson- Alisha George? Brady Kon? HAHA Smith UGFII I Admire You.Alex 5 minutes Don’t talk Birthday Shopping 4 yr. French. HH Friends since Freshman WOW Luffewl BPDRCP The Library Crew. Sorry BPDR Liberals Wonl You All Mean So Much to Me. Jen Thanks For Always Being There JKCPLL We’ll Stick Together Forever BONNE CFIANCE! I Love You Mom, Tim, Bug TAKE CARE EVERYONEI If it don’t fit, force it. — ONYX " One has never injured his eyesight by looking on the bright side.” KATIE KAVANAUGH MAUREEN KEEGAN Track I-4-, Basketball I BostonW SHJBTH celebrations-FEBvac sTHEBEST.SH.dartgames,sept26,areyouazitzo?JB.manytearsinB-room.Dunfeys,BB. SH.JB.I LY! TH.3:45am,CTBparties,BN.B?,they’llneveraskus,LG.plantsinB-room.JD.JL.stooges,walktoCobiesPIZZA.JS-So ManyGoodTimesNeverTo Forget!PartiesatSW.thefunnel,northgatesign,WillYouDoOurWindowToo?JSTVRBOURBUBBLE TRIPto Ptown.JimILoveYouIThankyouForTaking Care Of Mel MOM.DAD.KATHLEEN,ANDREW ILYI! Many rivers to cross, but just where to begin. UB40 Drama 1,4, Soccer I, S.A.D.D. 4, Ski Club 4, FBLA 4, Yearbook 4 JBJWJLVCMDSHSHDCBJ- 143- Summer 87 NAUSET BEACH UNFORGETABLE1 Parties Sexy6?l2? Florida with Ski Never forgotten, I Love Youl Yen W. BOATSCARDINALSWINDOWS and BEACH BOYS on 495- Jake and Elwood Live Onl Eric, your truck is a beast but a baby- IMY- B.W.- New Years Babies, school paper J.B.- Jets, Rap, and Dancing in the parking lot. MORP- YGRO at Verns. I’ll Miss You All! 143 Mom Dad very much. " Success is measured in friendship” JENNIFER KIEFER ’Smile at the world and the world will smile back. AFS l- 3; Honor Society 3-4; Club Interact 3-4; Odyssey Club 3; Drama Club 4. Friends forever: AJCPRCKDHHACKR LLCBRS. Chaylee-I couldn t have done it without you. Ren-(my foreign diplomat) thanx for listening. A-remember me and MRJ love you. ’’Break a leg” Kim. Nick we made it! Thanks for all your help. Love you Mom and Dad, good luck KK. NICOLE KIEFER Today’s dreamers are tomorrow’s achievers. Yearbook 2.AFS 2-3.Club Interact 3-4. Flonor Society 3-4. Drama,4. Good times with:RCKRKDCBFIFIAJCPACJHRS.Kate-summer ' 87 with Italian guys and drunk feet.Ren-12 great years.Smile and " Enjoy the show.” Kim-see ya on Broadway.Jen-We made itll love you mom and Dad.Good Luck KK. I MELISSA KINSKI In the haze of the afterglow Beginning-Gale the new magazines are in ... from Paris in a suitcase. Did someone order some lotus? Picnics in A.H. w Tracy Experiencing turbulance ... England, Spain, France w Phoebe. Future plans with Jess . . . 5x10 . . . the imfamous duo. See ya Barri in N.Y. Love to All and luck to Ry. mm .» m Art I-4.ALG 2-4,Newspaper Bellator + Underground 2-3,Lit.Mag 3,4. Competitive swimming 1,2. Yearbook editor,4.Mirthful Depression 1-4.Sequestered. Oh so sequestered.BeepBeeprAbsolut Absolut the best,the balls.Barry BeanWild child smile like a crocodilelFame Fame we want it,sucking it greedily through straws. MichaeLAgony-FEcstasy.John III,the PRESENCEIErika, Cassy, Robert ... Kloumanninski,eh?l love you.Love and adoration to Mrs.L,A,+ T, thank you.Vou le vou le vou ... KARYN KLOUMANN Simply Gurgling with Glee TRICIA KOSTAS You wait little girl on an empty stage for fate to turn the light on. Skating.1-4.Soccer3,4.SoccerCheerleading,l.Aerobics 1-4.Band,I.Softball,T.Student council3,4.Class secretary3.Class vicepresident,4.Drama night 3,4.French club,3.Germanexchange program,3.SADD,4.Club Interact,4.Academic Decathlon,4.Skiclub,4.Broomball,4.Nauseteers,4.Homecoming c ommittee,4.Are we three houses from Tom’s yet?Liss,it’s all organicILate nites w SX6(7,8,9„ . .)=TKSHMDJMPBBWVC(BSBTSPJWKKJCetc)2R Boys (UKnowWhoUR!)l43!Fri.a.m.NausetLite,C-tails Anyone?SHmy2nd ' Jess-?2Begin?BonBon = IWC + ?S-n-M?JS-WRDSTND BT-Sleeping where?H ckyGms-Gimme aN-A-??Does MishMish love her?Sash-IYR2late Fraulein is a strumpet!GS-G F’slLY sugarbabiesw SPLR@Kook ' s BMW BOUND 2000 Many thx to friends, + especially to momJLYALL! ANGELA LABBE Live life to the fullest, you only live it once. Homecoming,4.FBLA,4.It’s been great,but thank God it ' s overlHilltop.Uncle Ben’s,Eagle Wing,Wiley Park,male and female onion cells, " Don’t scratch it” gullible-MMDBCMHERSJRSSAJJSLN, " Cookie!” what fun we’ve had! MM-FER.TC + JS good luck!!!!! Mom,Russ,thanx,Love yal! Jon, you’re the be- st!what a bod!nice fit,what time is it?Shh,don’t tell anyoneil LOVE YOU!!! LAUREL LABDON Student council,1-2.Drama,I.Class vice president,2-3.Bellator,3-4.Track 3-4.SADD 3-4.Mascot,4.The best of times with the best of friends:CBSNB EDRRCAJCPBBJKBPDOSHBSJZDTJLJJJCTKMDSDDLHGJBPRAMTR.. .BJ—MyStarTwinMTFBWYHAL WAYS WILL!! Michbopper—9yrs ofNOTHING NESS.. .SMJofAN—SUMMER ’87.PERMISSIVE? He’ll ealMDink—N.C.Neighbors?!PPQ!!l did THAT?!Bec—USIFriendsForever!A Chay—B-B-BennielA. M.—WEST1CK2GETHERI43 ALL.JB—URIMH. . JL—you will succeed.Rememberl43.MSD—URTMSTM.I436Don’tLetltBeForgot. . .Daddy, You will al¬ ways have your ' CAMELOT’.So will I ... " Some dance to remember, some dance to forget . ..” " Nothing is a waste that makes a memory” - Ned Rorom Field Hockey,I.German exchange,3. " GutenMorgan”3amigos JLLH.3 FingerRedRed wineAHJD.LH lightafatly 143.MDDaan,what can I say.DM no needtomeasureyourethebest 143.SD friendsforl5.VCCOCDMEBJKDJWAWJDDA 143 all.MOM,Bob +family iluvu.Dad Wednesday nights, dontblow meoff? Amy Hamilton smokemuch?You’remy best buddies.Well,Nauset I guess this means goodbye .. . Goodbyel DAWN LEE LAURA LENNON We’re on the edge of a dream Field Hockey,l-4.Student counci!,3.FBLA-treasurer-3,4.LHKSSJJH-what a cute group.Breakfastanyone?l43 Tricia you will always be my best friend. The hotel in California, we lived it up.Boat rides with Field hockey were great.We were always on the edge of our dream.I love you all MJLHKSP LSTAHEHSEBSKSBE.Sebs we had fun. Too many men so little time.Fence jumping Kerry.RupplemezntsLauri l43.ShortylittleLaurabubblesthat’s me! Beachpartywormsinablanket.Let’s flirt girls.l43mom + dad.Faith Sue Kevin Patricia JAMIE LONG A little nonsense now and then is relished by the best of men. Jamie Long and skinny.Jamison.We made it Lisa I43.LHMDLHVCSZTHKKDLAHJD ILYA MD + LH .Remember summer of ’86.0kaay!Ride’em Thumper W V + Q.Cobie’s.Ames,say " IBelievel!!! " Illegal aliens,don’t tell anybody. The yellowbomber.Huck Finn,really,Tracy?Honest.We’re done w Nauset Dawny " Bonus”.Thanks for everything Mom and Dad I LOVE YOUlHere’s to the class of ’88,stay happy. Hangin’ out 1-3, Senate 4. Jag at Loranges house. Oktoberfests. Why is there a keg under the deck? Overnighters at Brenda’s. Bon Jovi, Cinderella, Kinks, Night Ranger, Boston, Aerosmith. ’79 Prelude (R.I.P.) Waterskiing with Quase. Hey, someone’s buying my SAAB. Let ' s beat on it. (DOBTJW ES) Bakeshows in Wando’s ’vette. Thanks to all my family and friends (ESJWBKTEBTNGCESPDEUCTCEFKG) and everyone else. It’s been real . .. LATER. VICTOR LOPEZ MARK LORANGE The fun has just begun. MARYBETH MACIOCI Gymnastics I. Florida 85 with DHDMMFT (Taylor) Can t forget BSCOMPJDSJ.DWDA you ve been great, luv ya! Don t throw them on the lawn. Get the cot off the table. Love you mom, dad, teri, I couldn ' t have made it without you. Thanks Todd. You’re the best. Love ya!! JESSICA MACKENZIE Soccer 1-4, ALG 2-4, student council 2-4, Club Interact 3-4, National Honor Society 3-4, German Exchange 3. Sometimes the light’s all shining on me ... sexy6 — SHPBMDTKVCBW 6 other strumpets — BTKKBSJWSPJC, so many memories — Sue’s surprise, p-p-p ... Mishedl.. .PBLoveLight 9 8 87, 7 4 87 Vernie’s (ILY) TK—Germany, Dead, breakfast, skiing ... etc! BT Understand 4-ever. MY-thanks bud, 143 ... Bradley. The Snow’s turned to Rain 143 ... Morningstar. stac, rusty, bee, mad, Steve Suebe forever special ILYAI Mag—Sis next door, i miss you l43.MDGilsqwan ILY. Up ahead in the distance, I see a shimmering light. KEVIN MARCOTTE Softball 1-4, Mngr Gymnastics 2, Sadd 2,4, Yearbook 4, ' TWiFGflOt7P ' AFIJMTEPVRDJCAMUIFTMINFUTOM IO 2 87!!Angie + Pete = Mommy + Daddy. Missy-12 28 85 + 7 26 87 = JCBBB.NF + SG KEEPYDIYPANTSICJYWABIMHILYF. Jeff-friends forever. RV-wonderful memories.Ste ph + Eric-CHAK A DUDES! Matt(TIGGER)BAKED BEANS FOREVER! Sally-DF + PB, What a mistake! ? YAN+ JEFF WOWIE!!!Missy,Bill + Kevin are soooo cute!!! Jeff.Craig, and Staci.GOOD LUCKIILY! Dad-1 don’t know how to thank you ILYFAEI Daph, you ' regreatlMom + RicklLOVEYOUIlIRMAFIMHUEAAHMDGSNQMM JCHWPNCLEAMMSTKSLMSMMMSFJMCWKL-Friends always! HERE I GO AGAINlltllll JILL MARINO " There isn ' t even enough time for love so what does that leave for hate.” 77 DAVE MASSEY Soccer 1-3, Basketball I, Tennis 1-2, Broomball 4, Jagging 1-4. The ordeal is overlll Way too many horrifying times withMDAMCMJMAB, Angus w JMJSMQ Beastieboys rule. Worcester ’86. BC vs Penn St. w MDDTCMCHSAERESACBP. Jags galore,always many red + whites + of course many greenies. Skippin’ -I- Glidin’ on dunkhoop. Hiiiii crazy guys SWDFMLJB Late nite with the Brew Crew (You know who you are) Mom + Dad ILY. Much Thanx. Good luck Mel. Later Nauset. You’re spent!! dyBi DANIEL MARSHALL ALG-4, National Honor Society-4. Me? . .. Living it up, it s a big kick, it s good for you ... White Mountains with SZZJJNLHHHRBSLPKGSDBKT LMCHLPCEMJJRJBand Rocky Raccoon .. . " Nim-Nims!” ... Madonna with BB and SD ... Cure with JN and LP ... or taste a tart and eat my lunch . . . Connecticut, echo, New Order, Gene loves Jezebel, and U2 with BB ... When I get to the bottom, will I see you again? ... Visiting time is over and so we walk away ... " You think the story’s over but it’s ready to begin.” Beas- tie boys ' ■ Look beneath your eyess reality will be discovered! Hockey 1,3-4. Drama I. Odyssey Club 2, Track 3-4. TILL DEATH DO US PARTIDETKJMSHBSBSBBMCRSCHDOBEJLMDJW AND ALL THE REST, THANX. DUANE - THANX, YOU’RE THE BEST. GOOD LUCK. JESSI43! BRIAN-GOOD LUCK-YOU WERE LIKE A BROTHER TO ME, HAVE FUN. THE CRUE LIVES ON! BARBI43! KARAI43 IMU! JOEY-WCYHBMBA, YMMTMTLI! 143! BI43! LISA 143 GLITYTC! MOM + DAD 143! THANX! REALITY IS ALL IN THE MIND AND SOUL. GOOD BYE!!!!! STEVE MAYO ; ■ • 1 . DALE C. MCCORMACK III see you on the dark side of the moon.” Floyd " Welcome to the Hotel California. Nicole I made it 143. Red Red Wine, P-town adventures. Kim Keysl Stop at the Stop sign. Amy Golden Nuggets 143. Lori condo much. TOGA. Baked Wine coolers only! Times w NAKGLHAHDLKKHHLHEF and DEADHEAD Les 143. Robert I love you 14563. Mom + Dad Thanx for dealing 143. " I must be traveling on now, there ' s too many places I’ve got to see.” BRENDAN MCCRAY . . . I don’t remember. Legalize, it can build up your faith and your karma. Thanks to those with patience, love to those I love. Many good memories, but the best are in the water where they will always be. Love Mom. Open your eyes and look within. ANDREW MCCULLY Obstacles are all you see when you take your eyes off the goal. Wha oool Soccer 1-4. Captain 4, Hoops 1-4, Track -2Vi. Mr. D. Coach Miller Thanx 4 everything. DMMD mucho redwhites 2lit,2spent.BBVCRCLLM CSHSD WPS 1437. JC ahuml Faculty thanxl 2 the gang — many jags, 4 wheelingl Toga Aug.221 BE never 4getU. Norwegian twins 143. Class of 88 is the best ever. Bro. Kick butt, keep the tradition alive. Mom, Dad I love you, thanx. JEFFREY A. MCNEAL Math League 1-4, National Honor Society 3-4, Interact Club-4. War is Peace. Freedom is Slavery. Ignorance is Strength. Many thanks to those, who through their authority, helped to shape my mind into what it is today. Remember, I am not responsible for my actions. " Thoughtcrime does not entail death) thought- crime IS death.” 1984 by George Orwell ■» whit .■»• • . JACQUELYN A. MILLER and all this could seem like a dream out the door ... Yearbook 1-2,4, Basketball stats 1-4,Baseball stats 1-4, Soccer stats 4, SADD 3, Homecoming Committee 4. Jacquelyn Miller - Jackie, Mil, Matilda - Birth¬ days, hairy bellybuttons, pinkstuff, Kissss me. N.Y.’s 87 ... It fow ' o’ ate! OPUS- thanx 4 everything IWALY! Teddies rulel — Kateers. Clingons! — en— ! Purple Passion. Kate, Harwich Rules? ... wrong! Ker, bless u 3 ! Giant M M’s! ABENOP! STRESS! KSLHHHSATE 3 KHTRAMBPJJSFKYCLLVMP AHJSBWKDMCJSKBNZMYNP. ILYA! Kimmie + Shlby — BMW’s rule! J.W. thanx 4 the ride! Gertrude LeeHaw — is it a real Huey?!!! THE ROSE! Mom, Dad, Lee + B —, ILY Thanx! MELISA MILLER Hit me with your best shot. — Pat Benatar Band l-3,Chorus 1-3, Flute Choir-3, FBLA-4. Good times w ALDBJTJCTWSTMMCMRSEHGCDA. Green machine attracts Mack Trucks. Bodie and the Boingers . .. Nantucket ' 87 ... Coolers for everyone! AH poor baby! Prom ' 87 what a blast w DBJCTWDWAL — Help! It won’t start. Guess what! ALG II — DW — A little off key ... We made it — no problem!! Eric L.Y.A. Mom. Rich, Dad + Friends thanks for being there. Later Nauset — Now the real world. KRISTIN MINOR Yearbook 2,4, French Club 3, Kris, Face, Meanor, Oboe, Bells, Choir,Baton, Orchesta, Washington ’86, Florida ’87, ETCBTAAIC, CB - Thank You, James, Soccer Mishaps, Kl - Yes ... I think sol EV - Bizarre! " dcp. " CRH - WFM, Bagpipes. El - Flyl Thanks to my Community Famil y and especially to Mom, Dad, Karen, and Susan for your love and support, I Love You! Ellen, Catie, Kris. Mary, Tammi, we made it togetherll — 58 i IS _ " Children are the living messages we send to a time we will not see.” Many thanks to Mr. James, Mr. Randall. Mrs. Schimle, Mrs. Ministeri. I wouldn ' t have made it without Mom, and Dad, I Love You both. To all the crew at LoCiceros Restaurant I Love You all, and thanks for all your help over the years. To the Murphys, thanks Ma, Steven, Keath, Kev. Sharon, Dave, Trish, Kelly. We’re Gone! LYNNE MULTER What would the world be like without music? ... •■ ' o ‘.’ r I , ,.v ... ’ lit • ; , . , . . • I ’ • ••• • . .. »• ••» ’ I ' • ijt I KIaV J ' • ■ 4 ' W FELICIA MURPHY Kevin, I love you! Aimfins thanks, take care. " Freddie” 5 24 " Shack” 5 25 " Basement” 20,81,25,etc. " Gentle Knobie” Kim, stop pinching me. Baker Units. Peewee, Biff, Hermie, " Boobie”. (S + S) LAURIE, Watch for dobermines. Scott, went by slow. Thanks mum-dad, sign those papers I’ve done it! Finally ha Russ. ' S.T.O.N.E.D. " 84” right aims, ha,ha!’ KEVIN MURPHY Sit back and enjoy the ride. I’d like to thank my mom and family also ED Foisy, LoCicero’s, LM,AB,NM,SE,LD, Parties with the guys. Thanx Connie, Cynthia, Margaret. So long Nauset, hello real world. See ya round TC,SM,CG,See ya Mr. Davies. Good¬ bye to Mrs. Mountain and her class JG,DE,HR,MR,DG, Keath " you know it.” mm . , ' " V ' • See our world before you dare judge its kind. RUSSELL MURPHY 4 0 ® _ JOSE NAVAS q 0 P S t So qpacg. S° 1 nW WlW f$ So •Uw ¥ra J§£ fcwW W» Of T V YvV iW . w H - o eoiA to ' Avv ' 4.. Tennis - 1,2.4,Art -l,2,3,4.H.B.I.-2,3,4. So much love, so little space.CSN.Paul Simon,JT,PP + M. Folks best.Love withPK.HG.CH,SR,JM,LP,ZJ,Laurie,BB, SD,SZ,CE,BL,SL,JD,MS,RB.White Mountains memories. Never let go, sunshine.H.B.I. 4-ever.Plastic School. A loving handful of real people.Holly, my spiritual love.Love until you find reason not to. • ■ ' , im m, 85 Homecoming Committee 4, FBLA 4 Thanks Mom for all you have done for me ... YOU’RE GREAT, I LOVE YOU.Good luck in your last year of high school David and Kelly ... Well, I finally made itIIIGood luck next year S.M. and C.M. Hope you survive.Well, we made it RS,KH,AL,KM,TW,MM,D B.CC.KL,. .. Good luck with your future. " Life begins on the other side of the bridge.” SHANNON NEVIN If you believe, look to the dawn and fearlessly bathe in the rain. Basketball 1-3, Track 1-4, Europe trip w basketball, Field hockey 3-4, Junior Senate, Senior Senate, Yearbook editor BAKER, Cavey + me. The best of times with BEDRJGLLRCMKLMCRASBMHGSRSP I Luv U GuyslllBEC, can I tie u 2 the back of my moped? " The Poem” I43F4EI DINK.Iwithicoldbel ackyew.youflebage FL86 1431 Jen, Y is MO’s fountain yellow?RAE. biddybiddybiddy, wormanusIGeekster.P.P.Queen lives onlLAP.squatsession, muf- flerburns! BUD, I love you always 4 3 87?lls there a breeze in here?! HURDLES-Don’t run wildlMom and Dad thanx. I’ll make u proud! LORI-JEAN NICHOLS ■ - Wt W: ERIK PALIN DAVID OLSEN Here I go again Hockey 1-4, Soccer 1-4, Honor Society 3-4, Club Interact 3-4, Ski Club 4 " OLE " l said Budlight.4 wheelin’ outerbeach.Good times w friends DERSC HCEACDTJCDFBTMLAMCMVCMCBBJMTKSAEE.’No thanks Duane I’ll take a cab.” " Whatsup Rick?”aargh!”Barbarian Bros. Chris and Colin. " Big AI”, " BC " ,Chelle thanks 4 everything, Brenda " Oh yeah.”Jen 143,friends forever-with or without you? Camping’87 DERSCHCE 4ever friends. " Hey we want some ...” Hey dude have anotherIGone fishin’ Thanks Mom and Dad 143. | 5 . v 4; ' ' . .. ■ , ,. . • ' •• • V.• .. . ' -V .iv ' iCKunV ' 1 ‘ - v ‘ ' infix ' . •• . KATHLEEN ELIZABETH PATRICK " MUSIC ... horse-hairs and Calves ' -guts” Shakespeare Soccer-1, Drama 1-3, Orchestra 1-3, Music Festivals 1-4, Chorus 2-4, French Club-4, Karine-Our friendship is everything to mel-ILY-France-l will ret urnlOn the roadw Aim- (a)l ?drivers-Freddyl! Thanks for everythinglKeiko-Eng-land ’87No heat,No sleep! J.M. Ill-your’e thegreatestllLY-S.J-OO OH Danny Boy ... Eric-You are in my heart.. .Violin-B.S.O.-The ultimate goal—somedaylMom-Thanks for everything — to my family-ILYALLII! KEITH PATRICK Soccer I,Tennis 1-4,Honor Society 3,4.Ski club 4,Rec Hoopl-4 Air Massey jams!E.R.-give me a breakIC.E. and S.C-you belong in the combat zone. Skiing mighty Temple Mountain with J.B and E.R. Surfing at Nauset with M.C,B.P,and A.C. Late nights at D.D.Julio-size 17 T.G-Don’t you owe me 5 bucks?Best of luck to class of ’88.Thanks to my family,I LOVE YOU. If there were no clouds we would not enjoy the sun. • k ' -Hm Hiiw ■ t ..•. » • kaoca tQi 5 «-«»« - « -■-•... CRAIG PERRY Later Nauset, I’m out of herellt was fun while it lasted.HAIHA! Skip Days 85-88.Thanks to .J,D.H,E.B,T.T,K.S,A.T,N.A.E. F,M.L,E.S,T.G,A.H,and DARIS the last of the crew. Favor¬ ite thingSrLIVE ROCK ROLL.KEG PARTIES,U.S TOKES. Most of all,thanks to the family who was always therel CHAYLEE PRIETE The smile on your face is the light in the window that tells people you are home. Student Government 1-4,Track 1-4,Cross country 2,Soccer 3,Drama 3,4,French club 3,4,Club interact 3,4,Club interact officer 4,Newspaper 4.Best of friendsllLYA,Laurel,Heathew,Mutt,Jen,AIIBest of timesavecrAJJKLLHHACMSKDBPRSDRDOJHSARVESMHJCKSNKRCGC " Chalk Sisters 4ever! " B ' B’Benny’n the jetsIS’up?! Airborne(l0min???)”SLEEKMERCEDESIWhere? " ChiIi-l.50please? 2am raps, " Be CooT’Dance 880 RipslNFWD.DramaSDDG! 6 7 87-an ending. A: " For the longest time.” I’m outta herelll Tahlia: " Are we twins?’’ILY.Thanx Mom 6 Dad ILY alwaysl Nothing works better than a smile. A.L.G 3,4,Sha-What can I say?Except thanx.B 3 Is it in park? RTTCOTGTH.GLWR.Just a blizzard officerllSYINHIDouble D.GLYG.ILYB.Hey George, Where are the cabinets?PK,INFY.Mom and Dad, Thanks for being there.ILU Joe,True love is visible not to the eyes, but to the heart, For eyes may be deceived.I love you with all my heart. LUCAS PROVOST YOHANNA RHODES Keep on going ’till you’re so lost you’ve made it ... Basketcase weaving I, Facrosse I, Lunch 2, Drama 3, A.L.G 4., Peace and Social Justice Club 4. E.S.P. 4. I’m not going to mention H.B.I. or Paul ' s house or dreams or Aerosmith . . . Don’t worry, it’s only styrofoam.JoeishU’m a spug! ob-la-de ob-la-da life goes on.ARGHHH!(A-z)(a-Z) I LOVE YOU, YOU LEAD.NOI We’ll both lead.O.K,follow me. That’s all folks(looney tooney)-LUVISH LUKISH. EDWARD RICH What I am I have earned, what I m not I have learned J.V. Basketball-1,Senate-3.Student government day-3, DTACTHCECHSKKPTGES + CE I IE never forget you guys.JGBKJCRMDPGPAC Look out here I come.Channel 8 productions, AECOM w JG.Go Pats,Sox,Celts.Hayes 4 Ellis you are such a —! I must say.Thanx Scanlon,Mom and Dad.UMAS S,BU whatever I’m gone! JOSHUA RICH MM CHRISTOPHER ROBICHEAU CATHERINE RIMMER " Everything’s got a moral if only you can find it” Yearbook 1,2,Orchestra 1.2,3,Club Interact 3,4,French club 3,4,National Honor society 3,4,Ski Club 4.It ' s amazing how quickly these four years have flown by.Nicky—Europe’87 and it’s castles at night.Josh you still owe me a windsurfing lesson.Renee, all those " firsts” we’ve survived together-Skiing,driving,and will we ever forget the prom?Thanks to all my friends and family who have helped and supported me. " After all, tomorrow is another day.” Ei,MvIMS W ) • ■ i . 1 ' . . ........ ■■ . • • . ' ' .I ' W ' .Wil ' l " ' " ■ lift ..... It ' s Time Field Hockey Manager I,Field Hockey side-line runnerl,Cafeteria Worker 2,State Olympics 2,Attendance Collector 3,4,Office Helper 4. To all my friends at Nauset: I will miss you. I Fiad a fun time with you at Nauset. ' T like school, Mr.Ballerino!” Student Council 1,4, Math Team 2,3,4, Class Secretary 2,Jr.Senate 3,Sr.Senate 4,Drama club 3,4,Honor Society 3,4, Club Interact 3,4,Homecoming Committee 4.BOTW: BEJGLLRCCBAJCPJZAMCMJB and last but not least SMJ of AN.Shannon, get Midasized. 9 22 87-U2, the bestllBeck, LAPII Dancin’ in the rain to JT S the gang-mislead.Jen, play me?YGQ’s Lang Gui Hua the PPQMBernie-SPPIProm 87’Luke w the OB.Rotary much?AYC AAYFC.Carnival Nite.Monies??? Giggles w AJ.Dad,Normsie 3D’s l436.Hairy Gangreen IROTFI MELISSA ROGERS DANIELLE ROBINSON Standing on the shoulders of giants leaves me cold -REM ' _ " My dreams have come true, hope your’s all do too” Basketball 1,2,3,4,Baseball 3,4,.. .Good times J.T,D.B,J.C.J.G,J.B,E.M,S.D,C.D,S.M,S.A,T.C,C.E,T.H, " J”.Good luck in the bandIJeff,watch the hot chocolatel Mr.Miller.ThanxIIJohnny B. stay away from glass. . .you shmuckPJ”, we have to teach Steve how to play monopolyINauset.THANX FOR THE MEMORIES! KEVIN A. ROSE KEVIN M. ROSE _ KEVIN ROSE: Which one?This isn’t the end, it’s just the beginningIGOODLUCK to the class of 88’-Mr.Collins-Thank you.JFJCCRBPMC-Keep in touch- Jethro " 33 , 4 , ’-To Be Continued.”Oh-My’’Don’t worry about it-MinorlMomSDad-Thanks for everything-You’re the bestll hope you’re proudIJ.D, You’re too special for 60 words to describe-ILY! I guess we have to get serious now!! We came as total strangers ... we leave as lifelong friends. DARYL SABINE Love is a pleasure, Music is essential Computer Science 1,2,Nature Travel 1,2,S,4,Bowl Teaml,2, 3,4Jamming with Borrowed Time, M.L.B.A.S.K. Whis¬ key’s quicker J.D.Pickeral pond with M.L.B.A.M.H. DosedINopel Summer 86’.The Grange Mobil and H.GlYu cklFitness Center with Borrowed Time and holes in wall. Nicole I LOVE YOUlHang in there.Mom Dad thanx for taking all my.. .Markovich You Losel JIM SCHUBERT What a complete and total waste of human life. Oh No,it’s Diego.Going target again.Not a lotta people Know dat.PYC’s 5th w DBSFSCHM,and what can you blow off.who needs tires,we got rims. Say VUT?A.L,C.M,H.M,C.C,T.W,S.M,See ya.Well, that is, if I’m slumen it again.I’m off to blow off life.Should be fun.That’s the spirit. STEPHAN SKROCKI Mpgsg .my. _ I’m history. The work animalsICrunch—maimed for lifelHey Scott, early morning boogie and photo session perhaps? I’m famishedllTim and James, let’s ski. Get real automobiles boysIStart digging the poolllLet’s chase snowmobilesIDonka Shane Mom and Dad for all your support.Kerin and Samm thankx for being seen with me.Later Chet,Bill,Maurice,and Mark carry on without me boys ERIC HUBLER " After changes upon changes, we are more or less the same.” S + G Soccer, Hockey, Baseball 1-4, Pomfret 2-3, Senior year 88, thanx to: Jon " Z,” Marnie, Tweety, Doughnut, Boufa, Molson, Blazer, and Mr. " D.”, just as special: SFNDSM BH RC CM AM for those left at Nauset good luck and to the class of 88 Congratulations. Thanx Mom and Dad — Hubie 4 97 BONNIE SOULE Tennis 1-4, gymnastics I, Homecoming Committee 4, The adoption is complete, THANX ILYA (SHTKMDPBVCJWJMBT) SH- can’t shave w the capl Little fuzz head. TK-Hershey’s kiss JW- BRUNOSGETCHELA RULEI!HI88.Mish-Mish-we’re locked inllDuck killersIBrendr. tennis was greatl Jeffrey David thanx 4 being there.HI RULED1S M? GUIDO,sorry.(ALWAYSFRIENDS)J6J FOREVERICHICKAMUNGA.SKIINGI NO I’M NOT THE SHO R T E S T III Mom.Dad 143, Jeremy 143 2 I GUESS.BYE.ALLII1IIII AMY SOUZA " Love lasts forever, but does life?” FBLA 4 t Yearbook 4; Steve 143, VT. Maine Boys, Kris-How ' s your boot? Jag at Bob ' sl Aimfins, Feefins, Spaghetti, Spaz, Foobah, (BOOBIE), DUBBA - Drink anotherl Baker Units, 203, 370, " 69”, Yellow River, Anal, Pussell, May 24, 25, Knobby Woman, HI Days, Rm. 124, Memories (MC), Smellie, Bryan-I love you. Felicia-You’re great, thanx. I’ll miss you-FNCNBTHGBGTRDSBSTTSFHNBASRSLBS, Etc ... Thanks everyone. JAG ON FOREVER FELLOW FLEETIONSIIIII Don’t yah know-Rolling Thunder. Thanx Mom Bill CANDY RAP-TAKE IT SLOW! Don t you think it s sometimes wise not to grow up " What a long strange trip it’s been!”, FAATII Rath, thanx! Amy-still crazy after all these yearsl Jaggin’ with the ' fleetian crew-AT, AH, DS, Rath, SB, JJ, RM, MB, CC, Orange; CP, EF, DM, RG, ES, TOO! Florida bound. Summer ' 84, couldn’t be better. Andrew, I love you! Burn onell You ain’t seen nothin’ yet! Take it easy everyone. KRIS STETSON ERIC STEVENS It ' s hard to leave when you can’t find the door! Track 2-4, Ski Club 2,4, Sugarloaf w TEJWBRJECB. Bye-bye Pettingill! It was fun R.R. Long summer days nights with JWMLTEERAMMDDEDO. Every couch at BT’s. Ellis Market Shooting stars! Lastly Blazer forever and PB’s ID! KERRY STOCKS BILL STRAKELE Gymnastics I, Cheerleading 2-4. F.B.L.A. 4, S.A.D.D. 4. HHLLLHJMTETEKHMPTRAEBRMSASSSCDNHSCHEERLEADERSNWJSBWTOADCPAJAHMH - ILY ALL! Always remember: MUMBA, Green M M’s, pink stuff, beach parties. Kisssme, Hi, Mom, I’m on T.V.l cornchip breath, gum itch, fryfryfry, fence climbing, OP? Thanks for everything Mrs. Walker, you’re the best ILY! THENAUSETCHEERLEADERSWILLALWAYSBENUMBERONE! Thanks for all your love. Mom and Dad! Good luck with everything Jen! Kim - " We laughed until we had to cry ..Mike - " The search is over .. Even if our paths do part, III keep your love with me. Well Nauset, this is it, the end. Jeff, Chevies are good but you know what’s better. Good luck JJF, and Walt for all your help. Nauset, I have one thing to say: SEE YAH!!! KR, and JG. I’ll see you around. Thanks Mom, Dad, JIM STRATTON Hockey 2-4, track 2, ski club 4. We made it. Many crazy nites, chug-a-lug Dauno, Hil. Col. Molson, Too many great times to list but won ' t forget any of them. Thanks for all the good times everyone and thanks mom and dad 4 everything. Love ya. r. ■ .•« « » . , ..... :X ' -f ■■ ' • ■■ 1 ■■ - ™ s m ■ •—mmm 5 mm . RONALD SWEATMAN KERI TALBOTT Field hockey 1-2, Lacrosse 1-2, Basketball 1-2, drama 2, chorus 3-4, Manager Field Hockey 4. JW,BW,AW,TM,CW,MH,SP.CD: Thanx JJG — Hi ho it’s SPLITLIPSj Florida 87, BRUNOI B-ster + Jeff " cool beans " D.H. — MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! MG.JC,DH,TS,CM,JM,GS,DM,AB,JS, — WOW, KENT — I LOVE YOU Topher — 1437! Mom, Dad Tim, Chuck, Jeff, Brooke — 143. Thanx so muchl Jeff — " Whatta ya new?” B-ster — KENYON IS HOTI BRENDA TANCO Basketball 1-4, track I, Junior Senate 3, Ski Club 4, SADD 4. So many good times .. . Mark — overnighters w Boston, TFATL! TK - Nauset mornings and midnight munchies. Closet conversations, MD? JM, think alike much? Veronica, YWABAPOM. Midnight swims — NOT ME!? Braces Dilemma, SH? Ski trip wipeouts, ES? BS, Tennis? DO, facing death together! Jim — special memories, Nov. 7 WARMOTLAGTWS! JcTeSmMcPbJwSpDeMdJ zAmCeRsChJmKk — NEVER FORGET! Lisa - YMSMTM, 143! Mom — MY CLOSEST FRIEND, ILY. GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE ... Just what you want to be you ' ll be in the end. PATRICIA TESSON Robert I’ll love you forever. Best sophomore year thanx to Dan. Joe, B-noon, BKDRMRKG. Good luck to NAEFASJG. WH and JR new friendships. Thanks to P.J. ' s, the business dept. Mom, Dad, BMKGRB and the rest of my family, you’re all special. BOB YOU ' RE THE ONE! It s been a heluva time. Thanks to everyone who made it bearable. Especially AC, SA and BP. BC vs. PENN ST. in the Blio RED VAN. BP you down!” Pats in ' 86 w AC, ER, CH. AC, what can I say! Thanks MOM, BRIGGS, DARC — I love you all. Dare — you’re next! " I’ll put KRISTEN MARIE THORNTON DAVID (B.C.) THOMAS A.L.G. 2,3,4,J.V. Basketball I,Yearbook I,Yearbook Editor 4,Student Council 1,2,4,Softball 1,2,3,4,Drama 2,3,Underground Newspaper Editor 2, White Mountains trip 2,4,Collaborative program 3, Egypt trip 2,France Spain trip 3. Let the walls come down, there are no secrets here. I love you all (MomSDad.of course!)BURGERGOODLUCK.ZACHCHRISJAYYOHANNASWEETIESBRADPAULJENSUZIEDEE-ANNESHAWNIEINDIANLUCAS. . .A.L.G. you’re in my heart - you have your friends, I have mine ... Jose,in a very special way you are one of them ... And these children that you spit on as they try to change their worlds are immune to your consultations, they ' re quite aware of what they ' re going throughIChanges ... Daniel: Treasure the moments touched with joy but remember the moments tarnished and stained, for you-Sunshine. -THE MISSION U.K. - I love you ... All the gates have opened and through, light has shown. white on white is insanity ... black on black is eternity ... WiW’; " Where will it lead us from here? " Rolling Stones (Angie) Ostrich, Aim, Jo. Dan - I love you forever. Summer of 84! faaat, Kristen - you’re the best. Thanks mom, dad and Mrs. S. Luv ya sis. Fun Wellfleet jags with DS.KS.AFI, JT. Kath, SB, KR, EB, KM, EF. KG, Sue - many memories, etc. fire! Looking forward to Florida trip? Many good times to come. JOSEPH TILTON AMY THURESON Band 1-4, Orchestra 2-4. Asst, music stage manager 2, Music stage manager 3-4, Nantucket music trip 3, All-Cape music festival 4. Best of times with DBJCRUN-DMBKTKRIM Long Live the Band - Bodie S the Boingers world tour ' 87- ' 88 - Major Jam - Lots of good memories in the Rec Room - " Your Whipped!” - Derick we must be in London - 13 years as good friends, many more to come - Dan, My new brother - What a party mug! - Speci al Thanks to Mom, Dad, family, I Love You all. Music remains the only art, the last sanctuary Heineker 1 ' ' i,nV,v’. »w., r ' t «( ... ' • -nilAS- -c ;; i!«jt 5. ii « SCOTT TOM Chorus 1-2 National Honor Society 2,3,4, Show Choir 2 Marching Band 2 French Club 2,4 " Rufus” Dr. Ruth " says it’s ' Slippery ven vetl’” Rubia " Brewer- Diet Coke!! " " Buzzed yet?” " UVM’V ' MGBGT” Beach boys, 2 14 87, Sherri’s b-day. Pit and good times w RCACSDMDKDJDBESFLGAHBJAJLLJLC PCRMVDWDRHAADJKTECBC ' BJ " D. Chem w B, DCMDSHDM AMBSJW-BERT-Ker-u should’ve come! AM CM-never forget BurgerKing! Vig- thanks ILYII " Cool Beans” Shorty 8 Bean, bon chance-, Mom8 Dad, thanks for everything ILYall. Thanks for accepting me. Another new life is just beginning Track 2,4. Deep Purple 87 with Brad, Boston 87 in Worcester. Monte Power” Hermit, Thanx for all your help and supportl Fun times with the slough road crew DS,CC,MH,BA +JE. I LOVE YOU MOM + DAD Thanxl Trish I love you alsol You’re all the bestl Late night walks with JE + AJ. Meet you at Skaket at Sunsetl Prom ’86 good bye tree. RUTHANNE VALLE Angels fly because they take themselves lightly. Live life to its fullest; it only comes around oncel ELLEN VELIE Don ' t take the easy way out because it’s always harder. Yearbook I accompanist 2 Honor Society 3,4, Smell, Elena, Ellie-Poo-Piano, Organ, Band; clarinet choir (S.L 87’)-Florida 87’ Washington 86’-Genn Ttalks " Arkies” CH-”You look tired!” KM-”IO-4” " D.C.PI” CB-Biomatches and Goobersville-NK S Calc. - we survivedl KI- " Did someone say pizza?” " What a sketchl, Bazaarl, Really in truly indeed!” THANKS - S.S, K.C, K.H, P.J, A.S, A.B, U.R, V.K, B.S, A.M, U.B, BR.S, D and my entire community family for love and perseverance. ILY M D - KM, Kl, CB, MS, TS, RS, we made itl - Hasta luego la escuela de Nausetl — MICHELLE VENTURA ' Appreciate the memories as much as the dreams. Softball 1-4; band 1-4; ski club 4; french club 4. JHJC was fun too bad you changed. Sorryl JD thanxl IMY! JHKDSDINFYG! Gramps 1 Dad foreverl GnG Thanx ILY! GSI43 TYIGIGTKY! CG we had lots of fun times, good and bad, and lots more to cornel Summer ’88! Old Nauset Sports? Just kiss! The nose! HEY-YTWTRPHI3ILYMTAEITWFIMY! Christobeir BOING! Member ANnMA! Good luck Tobeirll Mom MVBFF! I’ll be your " little girl " 4- ever, but I’m growing up! Thanx for EVERYTHING! ILYBI! ■ - • .... ...... • . ’ ■■ ■ DEBRA WAGNER Dare to be different and follow your own star ... National Honor Society 3,4-, SADD 4. Many Goodtimes and Special Memories!! Snowbuddies,summer 87 was magic!! WHK, always a willing shoul¬ der, l43!Deb-Mayourmemory reign the dorms of MM, latenites.redlights.wcoolers.and a few salvaged braincells, littlePA,l436!!Future roadtrips to everywhere! MaryT-I found my ultimate male .. . 3xU Quizesandour " early days” thanks4beingthere,l436!NHTHESEQUELISSTILLTOCOME!IBradly. youllalwaysbespecial,ARLNTBJBJDAHEFWERKNKRIS!YOUAGREATBUNCH!!INFY!!Tina,Magellan,Mom,andDadthanksforallyourloveandsupport!ll431!! Cheerleading I, Ski Club 1,4, French club 4 Matt 143 always! UR the best thanx! Many goodtimes sexysix VC family 143. to my friends SJVCKKSHN AKS KGESJGEFAFJK goodtimes goodluck 143! aerosmithstevieRayVaughanBillyldolReggie atripanda ' i Steph jujubeads deKab Jebba I’m proud 143 always! StephChris Keep it going 143 B Boys drinkthosesaltydogs Matt Blazen in the wild blazer. KK newyearbabies. Moonacop? Seb Soupalmode, Dawn antifreeze, steph my legs! Sue-your underwear is around your ankles! Jonah Tobin Tokemompapa bros 143! MOM we made it! -M: tSBte ' . 544 ' ‘1 JENNIFER JEANNE WHITE Class Pres. I; Student council 1-2; Drama 1-2; chorus 1-2; SADD secretary 4; Ski club 4s Softball 4 ( nauseteer 4. Orig. Sexy 6789 ... Brian, T’Soup, Keri., Bill-Thanks for making Nausetl Katelyn-WCBsrte.495 = Beach Boysl Jake Elwoodl Best of times with Sue, Mish, Bonl ILYI Daughter of? ... Bob White?! " Bill-Air”-the boy next door ILY- The Brat lives onl NeeRee-girls night ’86’87’88 ... Renee Dan - I hope it lasts 4-everl Mom, Dad - You’ll 4-ever B’ my Best friends!! Later Nauseous ... Watch out world!! Farewell my friends; you’ll never be forgotten JAMES WANDERLICH " No matter what happens nothing can take today away” Tennisl,V.Tennis2-4,Surf.Comp TeamsOctoberfest at Granges. Night of the SAf?S.Egan Bros SKITEAM,.SIeepin’ in the Beast. Boston, sweet con¬ cert.Thanks EM CR.Good jags with ML,ES,TE,BT.Markus get off the trunk.Jags @ Brenda’s.IALU BT; Thanks for all the special times.Faithfully.l LU MOM 6 DAD. Good LuckCEMDMDSHUCBSDTJCDERSCEDODMAMCHTKSM.Good luck class of " 88”.IO 7 86,l’ll never forget. Hello My Button!!! TERESA WHITE The Sun will always rise even on rainy days. It has been a great year. I Love you, ALKHKMMMJHJRMODWEA, Good Luck in college AL. III stay in touch, It was a fun week October 3 to 9 AL I Love you Mom, Dad £ Jeff. Mr. Rice Bye " Dad’ ' . DW See ya later Keep in Touch. KH£KM, It ' s been real during the morning. AMY WIBEL " Let yourself be heardl” Gymnasticsl-4.CC687’ Glad to be back thanksDadIJPBWDDCTJDBEBDTCJSAHJM.etc. Thanks guys.SheebamainSt. " Hiccup” Summer87’.Holiday acre clanlLUAII. TCBD with me.Brooke CP’s by 2000 Florida86.BB’s foreverl43.Joanne real relative forever. Amy 6 Joanne, Hanging out in the mustangISIeepover. thanks TRTSfor SQUEAK! Chuckles 6 Giggles. Mom S Dad thanks ILU S my favorite baby sis’ Alice. ILUI Dad, always standing by me thanksllLUl r - • • -i ■: ■-i .v • ___ BROOKE WIEDITZ Hold on to the night . .. Hold on to the memories Skatingl-4tField HockeylO.KT-Spitlips?l43 N7,bestest-thanks for it all. Summer87, cool beansl l2:30?List em ' ... WOW!JMc(Butlick)DMI43!DL35?l DC n’ ML’s nvr w o. Mahzzda!B-ster 4-ever. TT JM ' n clan.6n 143. RWB3 and BJ 143 both. APWI43 Fla.86’ memories. JG Wahoohl43lll RV-NPR-nol 1434 mom, Marc never change! 1437. Stand by me, daddy.Rememberl43423- the friendly skies await ... — _ DAWN WILEY Chorus 3-4i I wanna say thanks to all my friends for helping me get through these past four years at Nauset, but most of all I want to thank Cassie St. Jean and Valerie MacDonald for always being there for me. If it wasn’t for you guys I wouldn’t of made it. ILY Mom, Reg, Katie, and Mark. You’re the best! See Ya in Australia! " Maybe someday we’ll find that it wasn ' t really wasted time.” I,. .. . .. .. ■ ' ■ ' ' ■. ' ' ■■ . .■ y M ... W W .. KIMBERLY YEUTTER w- We are all just prisoners of our own device Soccer 1-4; Basketball 1-4; Softball I-4-, Europe I. Gimpy, Kimmie, Kimbo, KBG, Kimber, Yeuttz, Yoitz, JD nights - Ambo + Moo. What are we drinking?? Fuzzy Nipples say no!! Too many violent champagne bottles!! Woody and Stew gotta love yal! Love all my Brewster Brew Buddies: Bonesy. Aimn, Skins, TreeWoman, Carrot!! Hey guys, Europe hasn’t recovered yet!! Sweet-16 parties rule!! Talk to ya later!! BFF-. ACJJKHEKTLKDAVMBNGBBJWJ HPMKSJMDEJMlLJSMDHBarbs glad to know ya!! Mom and Dad thanxs, ILY!! Mish good luck, you’ll need it to get by!!! JON ZAVORSKAS Only a lad, you really can’t blame him. Hockey ,2,3,4;Surfing-l,2,3,4-,Skiing-1,2,3,4;Red Rider-1,2; Pool-2,3,4. I call shotgun. I call 1st left, I call clicker, I call couch, S I calllllllllFirst Roast beef. Taking umbros from D-bag.Playing pool with Sousa. Ocean Memories with BM,MR,JZ,D-bag,JF,Test,RB.Good luck Jami,Test,Feist.Good friends with RC,BE,JG,BJ,RB,BM,NA. Thanks for everything, Mom S Dad. i ' .MV (Vn . 48 V«v IvSiVu o, SENIOR SUPERLATIVES MOST LIKELY TO STAY ON CAPE COD TRACY HAYES AND LISA MAGLIOLI CLASS GOSSIPS ED RICH AND STEPH FIELDS CLASS POLITICIANS SUE HALL AND ALAN CHACE CLASS PESTS JILL MARINO AND TRACY HAYES 114 MOST MUSICAL KATHY PATRICK AND JEFF CLAYTON MOST STUDIOUS ERIK PALIN AND CHAYLEE PRIETE THE ULTIMATE FASHION STATEMENT BEST SMILE RACHEL CALDERON AND DAVE THOMAS ARTISTE BRYANT CLIFFORD AND SHANNON NEVIN CLASS SPACE CADETS CLASS PARTYERS MICHELLE DUBE AND MAX DWYER JEN GREENE AND JON ZAVORSKAS JON ZAVORSKAS AND DEBBIE WAGNER MOST THEATRICAL KIMBERLY DENNISON AND MIKE JENNINGS FRIENDLIEST SUE HALL AND JEFF CLAYTON CONSERVATIVE YUPPIES MOST INDIVIDUALISTIC DANIELLE ROBINSON AND BEN PEERY KARYN KLOUMANN AND BRYANT CLIFFORD 33KG MARKOVICH ' S PALS SUE FALLETTI AND EHREN SHENK MOST SILENT NICOLE KIEFER AND ERIK PALIN 118 KIM GRADY AND MARK LORANGE JOLLY GREEN GIANTS LITTLE SPROUTS ANDREW McCULLY AND LAUREL LABDON MARC HOFFMEISTER AND LAURA LENNON SCOTT BROOKSHIRE AND LORI HUTCHINSON CLASS PETS CUTEST BEST ALL AROUND DAVE THOMAS AND TRICIA KOSTAS CLASS FLIRTS JOSE NAVAS AND DEE-ANNE DUNHAM LAUREL LABDON AND STEVE MAYO 119 CERTIFICATE This Certificate entitles you to share in the liabU a and MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED CHAYLEE PRIETE AND ALAI OWNS MOST LIBERAL MOST SCHOOL SPIRIT CHRIS EHNSTROM AND PHOEBE BROWN CLASS DEAR ABBY i 1 ’l S :k J jj 1m Ipt i I UK ' Foreign €xchonge Students Students from France, Denmark and Norway came to Nauset this year, each staying with families in Brewster. The students from Denmark and Norway have five years of high school, while the student from France is already out of school. Here ' s a bit of who they are, and what they like. Don-Poul Quilichini, 19 Lyon, France Hi, everybody! I’m Don-Paul Quilichini. My funny name comes from Corsica but I live in Lyon, France, ! live with More and Suzie Rancourt ' s family in Brew¬ ster. That ' s really great. But what do I do here? My best friend and I decided to go to the USR in two hours and it was like o big joke, on impossible dream. But this time, the dream come true, and in August I was at Nouset. I hod already graduated, therefore I could choose the subjects I wonted to perfect. My knowledge of the Cnglish language and US society were my principal goals. My ex¬ perience has been terribly hard and difficult, but exciting. It revealed whot I am, what I feel and whot I expect. I opened my eyes, I opened my mind, sometimes I clenched my fists. But at lost, I keep only good memories. I hove so much to teach now! This year on Cope Cod opened new ways to do whot I like — Studying politico! sciences and international relations. Thonks to everyone and I encourage every¬ body to attempt the some adventure. But don ' t worry — or be prepared — I ' ll be bock!! (especially if you welcome me with several donuts!) Favorite American Food: Donuts Out of School. MISTER DONUT Bethina and Monica Beilegaard, 18 Oslo, Norway UUe stay with Mr. Mrs. Botes, ond ore sen¬ iors ot school in Norway. Fovorite American Foods: Pizza and Choco¬ late icecream. UJill attend Hairstyling School, and college in Norway. Soren Adolph, 17 Odense, Denmark Hi, I ' m Soren Rdolph from the little weak country on top of Germany colled Denmark. I will just soy that this year has — thanks to good friends and host families — been absolutely great. I hove always wonted to see more of the world, because I think it is important to see and leorn about other coun¬ tries and cultures before blessing or criticizing them. I think that everybody that gets the chance to become on exchange student should go for it. If you just hove a little responsibility and a positive outlook on life you hove a good chance of a successful stay. I hove really learned to take core of myself ond I have learned a good deal about the American way of life. Hope to see you oil again. Favorite American Food: American Tocos. 2 years left in High School. J 0 6 ftyH -fr fef. slow UjTen l t fvNky ( n 4 Hepe $ VR HAn E ViN« $y e t yr ic- Nihie ' TftWV-SH THt En-’oVy RESENT, yofRS «hj Hide £VERyeN£ UK6S ANb Cvsny « - l M»VVf AA«viN TrtE Feet »c H»w )T s « Sft £jke -HiE HAU-eWEEAV TeCA AN ALRAWi IVE Nk«CEE TME |? Er t»W-Tit ' TAIONA JVR RHyMt out C,TEI» fAlOTfER H«NEf MWi7 AHh f-R Ms EVEN LARDER OvR WEEKer E JPir ' iT VvAENT lAC irl 1 -IAS NEVE y.AADCiN 7 An au.-n - i«|ter «k feK SRwntfc £ -hJ FZfff ow CEARchJn ' » Vf { tACE C VLb M€ T " All Fb» a , owe A«-t-,we vvere ANL OFTEN EoVNE yts arpitR, yet Sit- " Nf Vv CLAP yovft U4 rb$ Aa £ ££T a ff|€ RAP fl TWf fctfAT A Tl-fiE£ V v cgt titty; )s cv’r juiuc fc »lwe A TalEwt SfK W ahW lihsyrit F NbERf ktEFefe- ane the H»r pt«y.V J ATf can’t PEAT THOSE WiTH MNFSAM. fcATf Ci-A FEAyH Rock yv ... r 1 RAVtEf «vr |L Rfi V J A c RTai ' v p£ y WE AtEtT S Np £ ?‘iT-ssEx : 1 i(t VT tVf y ly WHfa a. v r r tl n uu Jyac Wc VaWKr ■1 AfC K»iW fv 0VJ rJai yMf L eW f L M 0 V 7 Mf -K IVHtee h VVHAr AtW£V€ FRients Ant IM £. AA iyiiA fR [l 60 SCOTT ABBOTT, bequeath my Angus tickets to Jeremy Parker. I. ERICH ALDRICH, bequeath the Pillsbury Doughboy to Meridith McCray. I, DEBORAH ALWARD. bequeath my alarm clock to all underclassmen. I. NICOLE AUSTIN, bequeath all my luck to my little sister. Asha. I. JEANETTE BATTLES, bequeath my wardrobe to Sam and Maureen. I, BETHINA BEILEGARD, bequeath my freckles to Colin and Chris. I. MONICA BEILEGARD. bequeath my curling iron to Colin and Chris. I, BRAD BENGSTON. bequeath The Young Ones to H.B.I. I. BARBI BIRNESSER. bequeath summer storms to all the future dreamers. I, DANIEL BIGOS. beque ath The roads of Eastham to Jay and his cruiser. I. KEVIN BLAKE, bequeath all the teachers who knew me to my sister. I. DERICK BODAMER, bequeath the Rec. room to Ian. I, SCOTT BROOKSHIRE, bequeath my luck with girls to Briton. Paul, and Alex. I. PHEOBE BROWN, bequeath my book of secrets to the curious ones. CATIE BUDDINGTON, bequeath all my overdue library books to my brother. Dan. I. JON BUNNELL, bequeath the key to Cr I. CATHERINE BURKE, bequeath the Hooker Hoops and the dtjek to Paco I, COLLEEN CABRAL, bequeath all my tests and reports to Chris Maken so he has less to do his senior year. I. RACHEL CALDERON, bequeath the Black Dong to Holly Galligan. I, ALEXANDRA CAMPBELL, bequeath my collection of straws to Gavin Whitelaw. I, ALAN CHACE. bequeath my brown-nosing skills to my twin sisters. I. LAYMON CLARK, bequeath my thrill of checking the gas tank in the bus W.l. to Bob Rice. I. JEFF CLAYTON, bequeath my love, friendship, and kindness to all those in need. I. BRYANT CLIFFORD, bequeath the legend of " Molly " to Gillian Mackenzie. I. MARCEL CONSTANTINO, bequeath my Jordan ball to Little Julio. I. TOM CREAVY. bequeath my responsibilities of GOLF Captain to M.S. and J.M. of my brother. Mattl I, SCOTT DAVIS, bequeath my track spikes to Jeff Hollisters leg. I, BOB DEMICHELE. bequeath all my food to Keith. I, KIMBERLY DENNISON, bequeath love, romance, and the roll of the toilet paper to Lesley Car¬ michael. I, KELLI DESCHAMPS, bequeath 1145 to Katie for future use. I. JENIFER DIBBLE, bequeath a daisy field to Meadow. I, SHARON DILLREE. bequeath BB to Susan. I. JODI DOYLE, bequeath $10.00 worth of gas to the Bouch. I, DEE-ANNE HUNTER DUNHAM, bequeath the Elephant Vitamins to the FAZED. I. MAX DWYER, bequeath Massey ' s big. fat donkey to Mrs. Metters. I. REBECCA EGAN, bequeath my wonderful bookbag to Connie. 1. CHRIS EHNSTROM. bequeath all of my love to the CHILDREN OF THE REVOLUTION. I, DAVID ELDREDGE, bequeath my elevator key to Mr. Marckovich. I. CHRISTOPHER ELLIS, bequeath all my late essays to Mrs. Laning. I. DUANE ESCHER. bequeath my jeep to my little brother. I. STEPHANIE FIELDS, bequeath my big mouth to Jodie Scott. I, JAMIE FINN, bequeath mv smile to Tom Castleberry. I. ERIKA FRANCIS, bequeath my B — . excuses to Aaron, Vern, and Steph. I. JEFF FRANCIS, bequeath many wild fishing trip ' s fbsJLevin Rose. I. JEBEDIAH GAFFNEY, bequeath the experience of stupidityltajTiose who chose to follow my I. NOAH GAMSEY, bequeath a brain to my brother. Jonah! I. TIM GASKILL. bequeath the dough to my little Bro. I, NICOLE GIBBONS, bequeath my love of Karate to Glen Bove. I. DAVE GODDARD, bequeath my sympathy to my little brother. Todd. I. JESSICA GOLDSTEIN, bequeath my ability to stay in class to Zoe who finds it difficult. I. KIM GRADY, bequeath a bowl of sugar to Aaron Francis. MICHELLE CROCKER, bequeath all my love and support to Steph Crocker and Ryan Macaully. I. JENNIFE R GREENE. bequeatffn flMiiig Jkyig to all upcoming surfers. I, RENEE CREVIER. bequeath a smile to those with frowns. STEPHEN CULP, bequeath my Easter Island project to Mr. David Donahue. JENNIFER LURRAN. bequeath my life preserver to Danielle. BRANDON CURRIER, bequeath my to Erik Palin. Z TV tapes, le Louvre films and all that Derick took . MICHELLE DAVIS, bequeath hope to N.R.H.S. in hopes that it will be prepared for the arrival I. TRACY HAYES, bequeath my money making skills to any honorable Future Money Maker of Nauset. (F.M.M.N.). I. KEVIN MURPHY, bequeath my abilities to Susan Collins. I, LISA HEBDEN, bequeath my parking space to T.S. I, JOSH HERBERT, bequeath all my undeserved study halls and tardies to Mrs. Morrison. I, HEATHER HOBBS, bequeath the best cheers and my voice to Mel. Britt, and the NAUSET HIGH cheerleaders! I. MARC HOFFMEISTER. bequeath my tactlessness to those who can still deal with it. I, JENNIFER HOGG, bequeath the office staff to Lee Ann Smith. I. JEFF HOLLISTER, bequeath my bike to Max Dwyer, with his car he ' s going to need it. I. WILLIAM KEATH HOPGOOD. bequeath my love to all who helped me through the years. I. AMY HORTON, bequeath my solid silver Gemeinhard flute to whomever stole it. I. LAURI HUDSON, bequeath good luck to the class of ' 89. I. ERIC HUNTLEY, bequeath the dying jaggin wagon to Mr. Collins I. LORI A. HUTCHINSON, bequeath many panties to my sister Katie. I. KRISTEN INGWERSEN. bequeath my running to the bus stop to Erika and Emily. I. MICHAEL CAMERON JENNINGS, bequeath all the success in the world in drama, school, and life to David and Peter Bussiere. I, ZACH JOHNSON, bequeath the sun and the moon to those who are not blind to their beauty. I. ARRON JONES, bequeath all to no person in particular. I. BRAD JONES, bequeath my inheritance to all those I borrowed money from. I. AELISH JOYCE, bequeath my " personality " to Mr. Bakker. I, KATIE KAVANAUGH. bequeath an 18 year old malayasian girl with no morals to my brother Sean. I, JENNIFER KIEFER, bequeath the confusion we caused to all future twins at Nauset. I. NICOLE KIEFER, bequeath my " mathematical intuition to K.K. I. KARYN KLOUMANN, bequeath goldilocks to billard balls. I. TRICIA KOSTAS, bequeath Sue ' s basement window to anyone who can sneak out of it without being caught by Budge and Anne! I. ANGELA LABBE. bequeath all aggrivations of Nauset to Chris Maken and Nancy Marsh. I, LAUREL LA8DON. bequeath tight-fitting pants to future Prom Queens. I, JOS E NAVAS, bequeath my open mind to Tom Ballerino. I, SHANNON NEVIN, bequeath my collection of millipeeds to Nora Dooley. I, LORI-JEAN NICHOLS, bequeath my absence to Sarah Macdonald. I. DAVID OLSEN, bequeath the Gibson rd. reputation to Erin Escher. I. KATHLEEN ELIZABETH PATRICK, bequeath all the chicken nuggets and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in this world to Suzie Jacoby. I. KEITH PATRICK, bequeath one dead dodge to the dump. I, CRAIG PERRY, bequeath my 30 allowed excuses to Austin J., he ' ll need it. I, CHAYLEE PRIETE, bequeath a " Sleek Mercedes” to Tahlia. I, LUCAS PROVOST, bequeath no thing to no one. I, YOHANNA RHODES, bequeath the dancing bears to Tracy and Rupert. I, CATHERINE RIMMER, bequeath The Great Republic to future seminar students. I. DANIELLE ROBINSON, cigarettes to Chris Bernard, my favorite smoker. I. MELISSA ROGERS, bequeath my love to everyone. I. KEVIN A. ROSE, bequeath laughter and good memories to my friends. I, KEVIN M. ROSE, bequeath my car keys to Eric Moore. I. DARYL SABINE, bequeath B.O.N.G.H.l.T.S. to Nicole Smith. I, JIM SCHUBERT, bequeath all the male and female onion cells to Mr. Powell ' s class on the study of dead things. I, STEPHEN SKROCKI. bequeath diddlysquat to the class of ' 89. I, BONNIE SOULE, bequeath all my patients to Jeff. I. AMY SOUZA, bequeath coffe brandy to my sister. Lisa. I. KRIS STETSON, bequeath a big burrito to Kath. my sis. I, KERRY STOCKS, bequeath all my love and a pom pom to my sister Jen. I. JIM STRATTON, bequeath my minor knowage of engines to those who want to be as cool as me. I, RICK SVENNINGSEN, bequeath my empties to all the underclassmen. I. KERI TALBOTT, bequeath the backs of my shoes to Sasha. NNE VALLE, bequeath the MazdaRX 7 to my uncle. hoever can coi R, bequeath the BMW to Shelby! eath the appletrees to charity, eath my clown hat to David Yod |ueath my love to Abel amd Evan I. Kffij TIN MINOR, I. KIMBERLY I. LYNNE MULTER MURPHY, b I, DAWN LEE, bequeath my sun roof to my little brother ' s big wheel. I, LAURA LENNON, bequeath all my love to my little sister, Tricia. I, JAMIE LONG, bequeath Cobie ' s to Tammy E. I, MARK LORANGE, bequeath nothing to nobody. I, MARYBETH MACIOCI, bequeath the lizard to Debbies squared, I. JESSICA MACKENZIE, bequeath the puff to Dave and those who partook I. JILL MARINO, b MW obession for Matt Dietrfi I. DANIEL MARSHALL, bequeath silence. I. DAVE MASSEY, bequeath the big fat donkey to Craig McCully. I. STEVE MAYO, bequeath nothing lb no one I, DALE C. McCORMACK. bequeath many jags to Katie. I, BRENDAN McCRAY, bequeath my punctuality to those students I. ANLYREW Me CULLY, bequeath my jagging habits to my younger brother, Craig ok to all future Nauset conservative yuppie iaks. % ® ' ' . ■ - ........ .. ' Xt ’■ ... I, BRENDA TANCO. bequeath much luck to Lisa. I. PATRICIA TESSON. bequeath my smile to my little sister. I, KRISTEN THORNTON, bequeath my Cult Idol tickets to Jose. I. AMY THURESON, bequeath the best time to us in Flarida. I, JAY TILTON, bequeath The Rec Room to the last of the Boingers. I, SCOTT TOM, bequeath my Monte to you. Tricia. u N Vi I IE. bequeath my coffee mug to all Nauset ' s early morning risers. MICHELLE VENTURAi bequeath tomatoes and T5 thick slices of ham to Chris Gaskill. BRA WAGNER, bequeath funky shades to the Chinaman. Y WALTERS, bequeath my pooper scooper to Stephanie. I, JIM WANDERLICH, bequeath my telephone-pole hitting abilities to all Mustang owners. I, JENNIFER JEANNE WHITE, bequeath Famous Tang ' s to Danny. Renee, and Bill. I, AMY WIBEL. bequeath the ability to be loud to Brian Daley. I. BROOKE WIEDITZ. bequeath my Leer Jet to Daddy. |. DAWN WILEY, bequeath the best of luck to my sister. Katie in her four years ai Nauset TTER, bequeath my key chains to Michelle. I. JON ZAVORSKAS. bequeath my FLOATERS to my brother. ' Heather Ackerman Renee Anderson Dan Bandstra Denise Bandstra Jennifer Beaudry William Becotte Andrew Beswick Richard Bien venue Roger Boucher Glenn Bove Denise Brennan Cheryl Briggs Cassandra Brizzi Shannon Brookshire Marla Busch David Bussiere Greg Campagna Lesley Carmichael Thomas Castleberry Timothy Castleberry Charles Cronin James Cronin Timothy Crossman Anthony Dalmau Kirstin Davis Todd Dearborn Penny Deardorff Anne-Marie Defina Shawn Delude Cristeen Dennis JUNIORS Zachary Dixon Nora Dooley Sebastian Dubois Christopher Dumont Jeffrey Eble Aaron Francis Seamus Frawiey Danielle Frechette Holly Galligan Jonah Gamsey Chris Gaskill Paul Caspar Nancy GiaQuinto Lara Gove David Gray James Greenwood Mimi Hall Matt Hayman Bambi Hansen Sandra Hardy Karen Hartwell Jodie Hayes Jennifer Healy Erin Hennion Kim Henry Wendy Hilferty Heather Holcomb Christian Horan Leslie Howard Suzie Jacoby Andrea Johnson Gretchen Johnson Jessica Johnson Vanessa Johnson Kristina Jones Stephanie Jones Paul Kardos William Kaser Sean Kavanaugh Kelly Colin Sylvia Kerry Kevin Killian Jennifer Klinefelter Matthew Krasnovsky Katherine Kurlychek Justin Labdon Michael Lach Julie LaPlant Jeanne Leonard Timothy Leonard Chris Leone Cindy Linnell Tara Lorange Melissa MacLeod Ian Mackenzie Cynthia Mackinnon Michael Maglioli Chris Maken Steve Malatesta Mike Marcell Shannon Marsh Peter Maskiell Sarah Matthews Shawn Mayne Leslie McCormack Meredith McCray Craig McCully Sarah McDonald Jon McEnaney John McLaughlin Lynne McLuckie Jean Ann Melanson Jason Menges John Monaghan Heather Monahan David Nichols Kevin Norgeot David North Michael O’Neil Michelle Onnembo Jeremy Parker Todd Parker Joanne Penlington Sasha Petrosky Melanie Pickert David Platt Sara Rabidoux Susa n Rice Alexander Richards Christopher Rickman Tobin Riley Elizabeth Ritchie Heather Rogers Britt Rogge Tim Rutherford Allison Ryan Allen Ryone Dawn Sandblom Jodine Scott Kristin Seay Andy Shakliks Nancy Siemer Ellen Silvia Rebecca Skelly Bob Smith Brian Smith Jim Smith Michael Smith Steve Smith Toby Smith Michael Spencer Amanda Spilman Jeff Squire Sally Thorne Peter Towner Renee Valle Tim Vaughan Lisa Vincent Amber Viprino Anne Wareham Kelly Watson Matt Watson Daphne Whitelaw Gavin Whitelaw Maurice Wiley Peter Williams JUNIORS NOT PICTURED Ted Wilson Eli Woods Soren Adolph Michael Amerault Damien Arend Moira Brown Michael Calfri Anthony Chiarappo Aaron Coneen Justin Dibble Seth Emond Sharon Finn Jeni Hatchard Kimberly Johnson Robin Johnson Paul Krikorian Damon LaForte Shawn Landry Carol Larrimore Greg Lauro Peter Lenza Woody Metzger Daniel Milsky Michael Polston Suzette Rancourt Gimbelee Salerno Lori Schiraga Peter Schuhknecht Mark Stevens Kelly Turner Eric Vander May SOPHOMORES Brian Allen Christopher Alves Ian Anderson Dawn Baker Kim Baker Reuben Baker Kenneth Beaulieu Christopher Bernard Carli Bertrand Anna Besciak Gregory Bishop Jesse Blatz Laura Brown Daniel Buddington Cristin Burke Peter Bussiere Amy Cabral Keith Coleman Joseph Cappello Jon Carstanjen Kevin Corcoran George Crocco Brian Daley Steven Daniels Kerry Davenport Kim Day Caroline Decker Laurie DeForest Matthew Deitrich John Dessauer __ f JtS||| mm David Lofstrom Jennifer Lord Briton Luhmann m Eric Diamond Sacha Dill Amy Dorval Richard Douglas Daryl Drown Tiffanie Dulac Heather Egan Tamsyn Ehrhart Amanda Eiier Tammi Eldredge Heather Emrich Kim Encarnation Refcekah Ering Monica Escher Mark Felton John Filliman Susan Fleming Raquel Francis Timothy Ganss Holly Gillespie Daniel Griffin Mark Gleason Kristina Hagg Nicole Hamblen Charity Hamilton Millicent Hartgering Laurel Hartman Stephen Healy Heidi Heinecke Scott Higgins Liam Hogg Jeffrey Johnson Jesse Jones Courtney Kane Kirsten Kelly Stephanie Kezer Lissa Kostas Michael Kowalski Joseph Krikorian Brent LaTanzi Nicole Lee Patricia Lennon 131 Joanne Lyman Valerie MacDonald Mike Maguire Scott Mahieu Steven Marcell Elisa Martin Tammy Masson Cherie Matthews Aaron Mayo Angela McClanahan Ian McDonald Natasha McDonald Daniel McMullen Jen Metiers Christopher Miner Eric Moore Peter Noble Amy Norris Eric Nyman Constance O’Neil Nicole Packett Amy Parker Kyle Parker Michelle Perron Kim Reilly Craig Pleva Tammy Plotczyk Jason Quinn Keith Raftery Marc Rancourt Robert Rice Allison Ritchie Anthony Rodriquez Matt Romer Christina Ronan Pam Sandblom Mark Sandstrom Rebecca Savin Peter Schall Paige Scofield Meghan Sharigan Lee-Ann Smith Nicole Smith Kelly Snider Erin St.Aubin Ryan Stevens Josh Stewart Cassandra St Jean SOPHOMORES HOT PICTURED David Barnes Peter Colpitts Brady Conn Priscilla Cook Tiffanie Dulac Shelley Elliott Jason Ellis Paul Francis Tammie Frazer Jonathan Govoni Enver Leake Gillian Mackenzie Anthony Martorana Adrienne Massengill Neil O’Brien David Platt Ben Prentiss Salvatore Prince Mark Rose Tina Scoff David Smith Jennifer Smith Eren Straughn Chris Svenningsen Christopher Tomkinson Due Hung Vo William Wordell David Young 133 Steffanie Sullivan Kim Szedlak Lisa Tanco Kim Taylor Nellie Tesson Craig Thornton Frank Travers Kelli Trombi Dean Viprino Jessica Walorz Christopher Walther Shayne Watson Jason Weaver Barbara Whiting Bruce Willard Debbie Yorizzo Hilary Young Tawndra Young James Zavorskas Gail Gibson Nicole Tudor m fie: FROSH Whitney Anderson Jennifer Anthony Jason Archambault Crina Archer David Ashley Aaron Apg Becky Ayres Jen Bassett Otis Baron Jamie Bearse Mia Beckman Danette Becotte Sue Belisle Simon Berrio Nicole Boardman Jessica Borsari Lee Bowman Scott Brintnall Tina Brown Chris Burt Brent Carlson Priscilla Carr Kevin Carroll Derek Cash Terry Chace Kristine Chiarappo Molly Clark Phil Coffin Kerry Collier Friday Cope Kate Corrigan Pam Creavy Stephanie Crocker Sherri Culp Jason Curcio Nicole D ' Agata Dave Daniels Chris Dauphinee Janine Dennis Amanda Dennison Katie Deschamps Pat Desmond Paul DeVries Leif Dickey Sarah Dineen Steven Douglas Chad Dwyer Jason Drummond Jennifer Eble Amanda Enos Erin Escher Steve Estabrook Amy Falletti Dawson Farber Chris Farrenkopf Jason Feist Erika Fernald Katie Finch Melanie Flynn Nicole Frechette Zoe Gamsey Kim Garfield Olan Given Todd Gore Michelle Gradone Tracy Green Julie Gregg Kristen Flagenbuckle Aimee Hague-Campbell Barry Hale Kris Hansen Jen Harper Cory Hayes Deborah Hazard Christine Healy Erin Hilley Sarah Hilton Joshua Hogg Chantel Holcomb Jessica Hopkins Ian Howard Julie Hudson Katie Hutchinson Erika Ingwerson Jolene Jendza Steve Jennings Bryant Johnson Eric Jones Michael Jones Michael Jopson Zack Jordan Diana Kelly Kenneth Kelly Serena Kilawee Jamie Knight Shannon Kunitake Max Lamson Josh Laven Anya Laub Vanessa Leonard Jennifer List Angelina Lopez Ryan MacDonald Ryan Maculay Kristin Magen Natalie Maken Lisa Malatesta Susan Manasas Steve Marciezyck Marcy Marsh Melanie Massey Jeff Masterson Kelly Mayne Robbie Meier Leila Merl Stacy Mesyn Wendy Milhowski Christina Miller Adam Milski Michelle Moran Kevin Moulton Todd Nelson Julie Norgeot Judy O’Brien Andrea O’Donnell Hans Olsen Stefanie Palin Jeff Palmer Brendan Parker Jennifer Pearce Jess Peery Jen Pickert Brad Pierantozzi Chris Pisarchuck George Pitra Tahlia Priete Nate Quinn Matt Ragusa Nathaniel Reinhart Mahri Relin Kristy Rich John Rickman Kristin Ring Jason Rowland Colette Sagar Heather Sagar Laurie Sandstrom Madeleine Scammell Scattergood Jo Anne Schubert Greg Selfe Robert Shamitz Mike Shipman Shawna Simmons Mike Singleton Bob Smith Lisa Souza Jen Sparrow Chris Sparrow Kerry Spencer Shawn Strakele Jen Stocks Daniel Swidrak Michael Szucs Pad Tambolleo Lori Tavano Brandy Taylor Michael Terkanian Suki Tortora Peter Tubman Amy Waite Franny Walls Colleen Wherity Jeremy Whitcomb Brian White Neil White Michael Wilder Seth Wilkinson Julie Williams Carol Woll Michelle Yeutter I Becky Egan, Amy Oberg, Rachel Calderon VARSITY FIELD HOCKEY flfiW nan hockey VARSITY FIELD HOCKEY CAPTAINS 138 Back Row Left to Right: Amy Oberg; Sasha Petrosky; Molly Clark; Rachel Calderon; Shannon Nevin; Becky Egan; Connie O’Neil; Kirsten Kelly-, Pam Sandblom; Sandra Hardy. Front Row: Colleen Wherity, Britt Rogge, Nora Dooley, Vanessa Johnson, Laura Lennon. Photo Courtesy of The Cape Codder JUNIOR VARSITY FIELD HOCKEY CAPTAINS Heather Ackerman, Jodie Quill, Monica Escher JUNIOR VARSITY FIELD HOCKEY Back Row Left-Right: Jodie Quill, Heather Ackerman, Jen Metters, Monica Escher, Cindy MacKin¬ non, Carrie Spencer, Erin St. Aubin, Sara Rabidoux Front Row: Patricia Lennon, Judy O’Brien, Jessica Borsari, Heather Sagar, Trina Brown. 139 VARSITY SOCCER Back Row Left-Right: Mr. Mark Mathison, Chris Dumont, Ted Wilson, Kevin Norgeot, Craig McCully, Eric Moore, Tim Vaughan, Jason Menges, Mike Amefault, Alan Ryone, Jeremy Parker, Jon McEnaney, Seb Dubois, Jack Donahue. Front Row: Chris Hilley, Ben Peery, Brad Jones, Andrew McCully, Scott Abbott, David Clark, Duane Escher, David Olsen Photo Courtesy of The Cape Codder Photo Courtesy of The Cape Codder 140 JUNIOR VARSITY SOCCER Back Row Left to Right: Todd Gore, David Daniels, Andy Shakliks, Jason Archambault, Nate Reinhart, Kevin Carroll, Mike Lach, Pat Desmond, Jess Peery, Don-Paul Quilichini, Todd Nelson, Nate Quinn, John McCully. Front Row: Chris Tomkinson, Brian White, Eric Escher, Bob Smith, Jeremy Whitcomb, Brian Daley, Matt Romer, Matt Watson, Brad Pierantozzi. Photo Courtesy of The Cape Codder SOCCER CHEERLEADERS Back Row Left to Right: Julie Norgeot, Amanda Eiler, Heather Hobbs, Kerry Stocks, Lisa Malatesta, Front Row: Tina Ronan, Jen Beaudry; Kim Encarna- tion, Bambi Hansen, Jenny Stocks. 141 VARSITY GIRLS ' SOCCER Back Row Left to Right: Mr. Bob Rice, Megan Sharigan, Gillian Mackenzie, Jodi Scott, Jen Sparrow, Michelle Yeut- ter. Heather Egan, Jeanne Leonard, Ali Ryan, Heather Monahan, Jen Harrison, Amy Dorval. Front Row: Raquel Francis, Krissie Jones, Jessica Mackenzie, kim Yeutter, Nicole Gibbons, Nancy GiaQuinto, Jessica Johnson, Amber Viprino, Liza Ritchie. BOYS ' BASKETBALL VARSITY BASKETBALL Back Row Left-Right: Tom Creavy, Tim Ganss, Jason Menges, Jeremy Parker, Eric Moore, Ted Wilson, Craig McCully, Jeremy Whitcomb, John McEnaney, Michael Amerault. Middle Row: Scott Brookshire, Mr. Bob Masterson, Leo Miller, John McCully, Dan McMullen Front Row: Andrew McCully, Kevin M. Rose. VARSITY CAPTAINS JUNIOR VARSITY Back Row Left to Right: John McCully (Coach), Chris Svenning- sen, Jeff Johnson, Ian McDonald, Craig Pleva, Nate Quinn, Kevin Carroll, Bob Rice Front Row: Brian White, Mike Maguire, Greg Bishop, Dave Lofstrom, Jesse Jones, Chris Walther. evin M. Rose, Mr. Leo Miller, Andrew IcCully. 143 FRESHMAN BASKETBALL Back Row Left to Right: Jeff Masterson, Pat Desmond, Eric Escher, Mi¬ chael Szucs, Coach Bob Masterson, Craig Selfe, Kevin Carroll, Jason Drum¬ mond, Kris Hansen, Front Row: Ryan McCully, Kevin Moulton, Brad Pierau- tozzi. Photo Courtesy of The Cape Codder Photo Courtesy of The Cape Codder Front Row L to R: Jen Beaudry, Co-captain Britt Rogge, Captain Kerry Stocks, Co-captain Melanie Pickert, Back Row: Julie Norgeot, Tina Ronan, Lisa Malatesta, Kim Encarnation, Jen Stocks, Amanda Eiler. Missing from picture: Cassie Brizzi 144 GIRLS ' BASKETBALL VARSITY Back Row Left-Right: Kirsten Davis (statistician), Nora Dooley, Jodie Hayes, Becky Egan, Bethina Beilegaard, Bam- bi Hansen, Julia LaPlant, Kim Yuetter, Marla Busch, Monica Beilegaard, Heather Egan, Liza Ritchie, Amber Viprino, Jessica Johnson, Ed Rich (video). Front Row Judy O’Brien (manager). Coach Bob Wilkinson, Coach Paul White, Colleen Wherity (manager). Photo Courtesy of The Cape Codder VARSITY BASKETBALL CAPTAIN Mr. Paul White, Kim Yeutter GIRLS ' JUniOR VARSITY BASKETBALL Back Row Left to Right: Shannon Kunitake, Debbie Yorizzo, Christine Healy, Kristen Hagenbuckle, Sherry Spencer, Molly Clark, Michelle Yuetter, Kristen Raymond, Alison Ritchie, Pam Creavy, Laurie Sandstrom, Jessica Borsari, Front Row: Raquel Francis, Judy O’Brien (manager), Kirsten Kelly, Coach Bob Wilkinson, Pam Sandblom, Colleen Wherity (manager), Kristy Rich. JUNIOR VARSITY CAPTAINS Photo Courtesy of The Cape Codder HOCKEY Back Row Left to Right: Jack Donahue, Jim Cronin, Jim Smith, Aaron Francis, Steven Daniels, Kevin Norgeot, Roger Boucher, Seb Dubois, Chris Bernard, Bill Harwood Front Row: Eric Hubler, Rick Svenningsen, Noah Gamsey, Tim Vaughan, Steve Mayo, Brent LaTanzi, Anthony Dalmau. HOCKEY CAPTAINS Left to Right: Mr. Jack Donahue, Jon Zavorskas, Tim Vaughan, Mr. Bill Har¬ wood. Photo Courtesy of The Cape Codder GYMNASTICS Kristen Hagg, Marc Hoffmeister, Joanne Lyman, Julie Emond, Nancy GiaQuinto, Kim Grady, Amy Wibel, Aelish Joyce, Colleen Cabral, Lauri Hudson. SPRING SPORTS ' 87 GIRLS ' TRACK Photo Courtesy of The Cape Codder Rachel Calderon, Becky Egan, Heather Egan, Raquel Francis, Nicole Gibbons, Jen Greene, Mimi Hall, Bambi Hansen, Heather Havener, Jessica Johnson, Laurel Labdon, Cindy Mac¬ Kinnon, Shannon Nevin, Sasha Petrosky, Chay- lee Priete, Sara Rabidoux, Liza Ritchie, Ali Ryan, Cyndie Ryan. BOYS ' TRACK Kevin Blake, Scott Davis, Colin Eitelbach, Jeff Finn, Josh Herbert, Kyle Herbert, Chris Hilley, Jeff Hollister, Greg LaPlant, Steve Mayo, Kevin Norgeot, Eric Nyman, Todd Parker, Ben Peery, Phu Pham, Eric Stevens, Dave Thomas. Photo Courtesy of The Cape Codder GIRLS ' TENNIS BOYS ' TENNIS Heather Crossman, Cristeen Dennis, Nancy GiaQuinto, Jeanne Leonard, Connie O’Neil, Pam Sandblom, Bonnie Soule. Jim Cronin, Tim Crossman, Seb Dubois, Tim Gaskill, Brent LaTanzi, Keith Pat¬ rick, Jim Wanderlich. SOFTBALL Photo Courtesy of The Cape Codder Kirsten Davis, Michelle Dube, Jen Fuller, Sandy Hardy, Jen Harrison, Tracy Hermes, Kerry Hildreth, Krissie Jones, Erin Kinski, Gillian MacKenzie, Jill Marino, Jodi Scott, Kristen Thornton, Kim Yeutter, Jen Jones (mgr.), Andy Shakliks (mgr). BASEBALL Scott Abbott, Jon Bunnell, David Clark, Matt Collins, Chris Ellis, Eric Lavendier, Craig McCully, Dennis McGinn, Scott Moore, Jer¬ emy Parker, Justin Petrosky, Craig Pieran- tozzi, Kevin M. Rose, Eric Sandstrom. Photo Courtesy of The Cape Codder GOLF Bill Becotte, Jesse Blatz, Tom Creavy, Dan McMullen, Jason Menges, Dan Mil- sky, Mike Spencer, Alan Ryone. ANIMAL FARM CAST Rebecca Bressette, Phoebe Brown, Greg Campagna, Lesley Car¬ michael, Kimberly Dennison, Christophe Ehnstrom, Katy Finch, Astranada Gamsey, Olan Given, Sara Hilton, Juli Hudson, Mike Jennings, Zach Johnson, Krissie Jones, Mike Jones, Aelish Joyce, Anya Laub, Cindy Linnell, Leila Merl, Jess Peery, Jennifer Pierce, Chaylee Priete, Tahlia Priete, Danielle Robinson, Mada- leine Scammell, Rebecca Skelly, Brian Smith, Hilary Young, Suzi Zweig CREW Soren Adolph, Phoebe Brown, David Bussiere, Peter Bussiere, Alexandra Campbell, Lesley Carmichael, Myles Corey (direc¬ tor), Kimberly Dennison, Christophe Ehnstrom, Josh Herbert, Heather Hobbs, Jennifer Kiefer, Nicole Kiefer, Cindy Linnell, Re¬ becca Skelly, David Young 151 YEARBOOK EDITOR Yearbook - " a staff of hundreds” (well at least in the pic¬ ture), DAVE?!, When’s the deadline?, " Look at this!!”. What exactly are they doing in this picture?!, Hmmm ... is this legal?, Karen, No, we are not using the word thespians!, No Problem!, Can I have the liquid paper?!. Does this kid exist?, I said Coca Cola not Diet Pepsi!!!!, We’re getting a little hos¬ tile., Who’s got the popcorn and the candy bars?, Where did all those other editors go?, So who’s most likely to press the button?. Proofreading!!!, Who the h_are the Nau- seteers?, Kisss mee, cool beans, Squeak!, I’m outta here!, pink stuff?, Baker units?!?, Jags, keg parties, shotgun, Dudes!, You’re Whipped!!, minor, Good Luck - It ' s like we know everything now!! (They’ll find out!) Thanks to everyone who helped. £fA£s c. rt YN oorrAt r_ Vtaefcn AY uv or A« nu.VS . vr w S oiJSi So we have come to the end of yet another harsh and gruel¬ ing year. Under superb leadership we the yearbook editors have completed the most exciting, stupendous, mind-bog¬ gling, outstanding, history making, concept shattering, to¬ tally rad yearbook. In the last few seconds in the yearbook office we have compiled this informal message from some of the most bizarre statements made by you and us. $ CLUBS STUDENT COUNCIL Back Row: Kristen Thornton, Brian Smith, Jes¬ sica Mackenzie, Tricia Kostas, Danielle Rob¬ inson, Sue Hall. Gavin Whitelaw, Barbi Birnes- ser, Andrew McCully, Becky Egan, Sean Kav- anaugh, Sasha Petrosky, Mr. Chamberlin. Front Row, Rachel Calderon, Aelish Joyce, Danny McMullen, Alan Chace, Heather Egan, Connie O’Neil, Chris Bernard, Monica Escher, Jeff Clayton, Amy Dorval, Kevin Moulton, Mike Lach, Vanessa Johnson, Collette Sagar, Katie PeschampjfcC yft ' . , STUDENT SENATE Sara Rabidoux, Jessica Johnson, Danielle Robinson, Mark Lorange, Rachel Calderon. Michelle Dube, Jeff Clayton, Sean Kavanaugh, Mike Lach. 153 GERMAN EXCHANGE: Back Row: Mike Smith, Heather Monahan, Josh Herbert, Sean May ne, Mike Locke, Heather Hobbs, Jodie Hayes. Mr. Chamberlin Second row: Kevin Killian, Kirsten Kelly, Marc Hoffmeister, Mark Rancourt First row: Sylvia Karry. Mimi Hall. Sarah Rabidoux, Nora Dooley. Liza Ritchie, Sasha Petrosky, Pam Sandblom STUDENT ADVISORY COUNCIL: Left to right. Chris Ellis, lan Stonehouse, Becky Egan, Andrew McCully. Steve Healy US: SKI CLUB Back row, Britt Rogge. Toby Smuh, Scott Davis. Silvia Kerry. Ellen Silvia. Jen Harrison. Jim Cronin. Sherri Daniels. Jen White. Rick Sveningson, Veronica Coffin. Duane Escher. Chris Hilly. Dave Olsen, Wendy Hilferty. Erie Stevens. Chris Sveningson, Nicole Lee. Chris Bernard. Connie O ' Neil, Na¬ tasha McDonald, Stephanie Sullivan, Caroline Decker. Aaron Francis. Soren Adolph, John McLaughlin. Molly Clark. Pam Creavy. j Second row: Ryan Stevens. Keith Patrick, Seb Dubois, Debbie Yortzzo. Anna Besciak, Shayne Watson, Colin Eitelbach. Tom Castleberry. Kristy Rich. Lisa Souza. Katie kavanaugh. Kelly Deschamps, Nicole Austin, Siephanie Jones, Kathy Kurlyehek, Becky Ares, Matt Wabon. Amanda Spilman, Peter Maskiell. Todd Parker. Billy Wardell. Alan Ryone. Marcel Costantino Third row. Kevin Blake. Sean Kavanaugh, Kim Encarnation. Kim Day. Tammy Erhart. Stephanie Kezer. Chris Gaskill. Ml chelle Ventura, Jamie Knighi. Kris Hansen. Brian Smith. Brenda Tanco. Heather Egan. Lisa Tanco. Friday Cope. Amanda Dennison. Leslie Carmichael, Nancy GiaOuimo Front row, Ms. Heinbrough. Jim Smith, Kristin Haig. Keith Coleman.Mark Rancourt. Matt Collins. Amanda Enos. Danielle Erechelle. Alexandra Campbell. Jodi Doyle. Tricia Kostas. Dee Ann Dunham. Heather Sagar. Collette Sagar. Julie Nor- geot. Jamie Einn SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Left to right: Chaylee Priete, Tricia Kostas. Alan Chace. Sue Hall JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Left to right: Britte Rogge. Gavin Whitelaw. Lara Gove. Sasha Petrosky • SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Left to right-. Chris Bernard. Amy Dorval. Aaron Mayo, Gillian Mackenzie 4 FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Left to right: Colleen Wherity, Ian Stone house. Lisa Malatesta, Chris Dauphinee 3 If If J PP i j Wm .. .. mfl} r — si k i ' - L 1 r i ' 1 1 aaii 1 1 i fiv 4£.- k 155 BELLATOR Back row: Chris Ellis, Gavin Whitelaw, Tom Creavy. Front Row: Heather Hobbs. Josh Herbert, DeeAnne Dunham, Chaylee Priete, Greg Lauro, Mike Lach. ► hn DRAMA Back Row: Peter Maskiell, Brian Smith Second Row: David Young, Lesley Carmichael, Kim Dennison, Britt Rogge. Danielle Robinson. Third Row, Leila Merl, Sara Hilton, Chaylee Priete. Laurel Hartman. Phoebe Brown. Rebecca Skelly, Sara Matthews, Talia Priete. Rebecca Bressette, Anya Laub, David Bussiere Front Row: Gretchen Johnson, Aelish Joyce, Soren Adolph, Greg Campagna. Michael Jennings, Daphne Whitelaw. Jen Keifer. Laurel Labdon. Rebecca Ayres. SBJ. YEARBOOK STAf ' ft W ' . Back Row: Ian Mackenzie. Greg Cam pagna, Jackie Miller, Renee Valle, Mike Jennings, Cyndie MacKinnon, Julie La Plant -j Second Row: Sue Hall, Phoebe Brown, Cheryl Briggs, Heather Monahan. Connie O ' Neil, Nicole Austin, Jeanne Leonard, Mr. Donahue, Jill Marino. Front Row: Veronica Coffin. Michelle Dube, Katie Kavanaugh, Monica Escher, Shayne Watson, Vanessa Johnson. Liza Ritchie, Nora Dooley, Ali Ryan, Laura Brown, Erika Francis, Michelle Peron, Jeff Eble, Penny Deardorffo SjjpfllB ' CROSSCURRENTS: Back row: Greg Lauro, Heather Ackerman, Vanessa Johnson, Sean Kavanaugh , Front row-. Jason Menges, Gavin White- law. Mike Lag ' ll a. vjfytjSt 156 PEACE AND SOCIAL JUSTICE CLUB Back row: CrinO Archer, Lucas Provost, Jill Marino, An¬ gel Lopez, Leila Merl, Renee Anderson. Second row- Jose Navas, Dee-Anne Dunham. Katy Finch, Greg Campagna. Talia Priete. Front row, Leslie McCormack. Zoe Gamsey, Shawn Lan¬ dry, Jessica Goldstein, Jennifer Pierce Not pictured, Phoebe Brown. ' Sffcx ■ ■ ' A.L.G. Front Row, John Rivers, Daphne Whttelaw, Heather Hol¬ comb, Greg Lauro. Dan Bigos, Kristen Thornton, Zacli Johnson. Phoebe Brown, Jessica Mackenzie, Madeline Scammel, Dan Marshall, Sue Zweig, Chris Ehnstrom.Kris¬ tin Seay. Laurie Holcomb, Steve Mayo, Karen Hartwell, Sara Rabidoux, Eli Wood, Mike Jennings. Cindy Linnel. Middle Row, Gavin Whitelaw, Rusty Burns, Holly Galli- gan, DeeAnne Dunham, Jose Navas, Laurie Shirago, Amy Hamilton, Yohanna Rhodes, Tracy Hermes, Sasha Petro- sky, Vennesa Johnson, Amanda Spilman, Shawn Landry, Leslie McCormick, Connie O’Niel. Kathy Kurlycheck, Back Row, Chris Horan, Alex Campbell. Brad Bengston, Keith Rafferty, John Monaghan, Jen Dibble, Monica Es- cher. Lucas Provost. Missing, Shannon Nevin, Danielle Robinson. Marc Hoff- meister SADD Back Row, Amanda Dennison. Collette Sagar, Fri¬ day Cope, DeeAnne Dunham, Sara Matthews- Mpnica Eseher.Shayne Watson. Natasha McDon¬ ald, Stephanie Sullivan. Chris Hilley, Connie O ' Neil, Nicole D ' Agata, Sherri Daniels, Kelly Des- champs, Jenn White. Sue Hall, Laura Lennon, Kerry Stocks. Second Row, Jennifer Healy, Laurel Hartman, Mike Jennings, Michelle Crocker, Katie ■ Kav- - anaugh. Tricia Kostas, Brenda Tanco, Michelle Dube, Debbie Wagner. Jill Marino, Veronica Cof¬ fin. Front Row, Dave Olsen, Colin Eitelbach, Rick Svenningson. Max Dwyer, Duanne Escher, David Massey. Laurel I abdon, Suki Tortora, Crina Ar¬ cher CLUB INTERACT Back Row. Alan Chace. Dave Olsen. Josh Herbert, Sylvia Kerry. Second Row, Aelish Joyce, Chaylee Priete, Jenni¬ fer Kiefer, Brandon Currier, Jeff McNeil, Jen Cur¬ ran, Danielle Robinson, Laurel Hartman, Heather Hobh Front Row, Kim Dennison, Kate Rimmer. Nicole Kiefer. Kevin Blake, Mark Rancourt, Marc Hoff- meister, Jessica Mackenzie, Laurel Labdon, Renee Crevter Sc‘ ’’SSSi:- ' -ift- 157 Band X£ f5.i Standing: Mr. James. Lucas Provost, Derick Bodam- er, Liam Hogg, Adam Joseph, Ian Mackenzie. Back Row Sitting: Paul Tambollio, Lynne MuJter, Dap Bigos, Debbie Vorizzo, John Dessauer, Jesse Blatz , Amy Dorval, Tim Rutherford, Michelle Ventura, Nancy GiaQuinto, Jen Harrison, Kristin Ring, David fitoung, r .. Front Row: Gale Chambers, Amy Horton. Danielle Anderson, tori Sandstrom, Stephanie Palin, Laura Brown, Derek Cash. Eric Diamond, Kristin Hagg. Freshfrwi V;- ; Back Row: Derek Cash, Jody Jenza, Kristin Ring, Front Row: Paul Tamboltio, Lori Sandstrom, Stephanie Palin, fttoSamei: ' T ' y, Orchestra Standing: Peter Noble, Jay Tilton Second Row: Jeff Clayton, Lynne Muller, David Young, Laurie Deforest, Amanda Enos, Mr. James. Front Row, Michelle Peron, Danielle Anderson, Mahrf Relm, Pam Sandblom. Jen Healy, Kathy Patrick, Kristen ImgjHSBgK, V yjgPlBj- " .t TjoaB 1 FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS OF AMERICA Back Row: Katie Kavanaugh, Nicole Austin, Lori Nichols, Eric Al¬ drich. Julie La Plant. Meredith McCray. Front Row-. Miss Malenky, Meliss a Miller, Kerry Stocks, Richard Bienvenue. Jeff Francis, Laura Lennon, Colleen Cabral. Angela Labbe. •xSL ' v rl NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY: Back row: Phoebe Brown, Jen Curran. Danny Mar¬ shall, Kate Rimmer, Ruthanne Valle, Nicole Kiefer, Dave Olsen, Jennifer Kiefer, Chaylee Priete, Jessica MacKenzie Front row: Barbie Birnesser, Debra Wagner, Kevin Blake, David Thomas, Alan Chace. Rebecca Skelly, Jen Greene Missing from picture: Marc Floffmeister, Aelish Joyce, Danielle Robinson, Daniel Bigos, Tom Creavy, Brandon Currier, Kim Dennison, Chris Ellis, Jeff McNeal. Keith Patrick, Ben Peery, Ellen Velie MOM ECO Ml N i We ' d like to thank the following people.- Back row: Jim Schubert, Bonnie Soule. Lara Gove, Lynn McLuckie. Pam Sandblom, Julie Norgeot, Jen Beaudry. Mrs. Walker (advi¬ sor), Jen Stocks, Lisa Malatesta, Kristen Hagg, Tammy Eldredge, Angela Labbe. Lori Nichols, Ffeather Hobbs, Kerry Stocks. Jackie Second row, Anthony Dalmau, Tricia Kostas, Nicole Lee, Dawn Sandblom , Laurel Labdon, Tina Ronan, Melanie Pickert, Bambi Hansen, Heather Egan, Gillian McKenzie. Stephanie Sullivan, Jen Healy, Shannon Brookshire, Meredith McCray, Erin Hennion. Front Row. Rachel Calderon. Danielle Robinson, Wendy Hilferty, Tammy Ehrhart, Kim Encarnation I RENCM C I UB Back Row: Cindy MacKinnon, Greg Campagna, Sue Jac¬ oby. Kathy Patrick, Alexandra Campbell, Chaylee Priete, Sandy Hardy, Heather Ackerman, Kristin Minor. Second Row: Vanessa Johnson, Krissi Jones, Jean Me- lanson, Nicole Austin, Stephanie Jones. Heather Hobbes. Josh Herbert, Jenny Klinefelter, Kate Rimmer, Renee Crevier, Miss Mousseau. Front Row.- Gretchen Johnson, Kim Dennison, Jeff Eble, Ruthanne Valle, Aelish Joyce, Michelle Ventura. Back Row: Josh Herbert, Jeff McNeal, Gavin Whitelaw, Priscilla Carr, Danielle Robinson, Heather Hobbes. Front Row: Mike Loch, Greg Lauro, Laura Brown. K, . •. JLr Scsj ? - ' ' RnEK . «flE ACADEMIC DECATHLON Danielle Robinson, Greg Lauro, Sean Kavanaugh. Sue Hall, Tricia Kostas, Gavin Whitelaw. Missing: Shannon Nevin, Rachel Calderon, Mike Smith Robert Neeley, Superintendent Michael Gradone, Assistant Superintendent John Rivers U« l ART Jim Owens Karen Toland Donna Demetri Kathleen Malenky Robin Walker BUSINESS f " ' 162 » NGLISH Shirley Longo Nancy Laning Diane Masterson Paul Davies Gl Tim Joyce Bill McCaskie 11 n amt e Jim Scanlon Andy Kalinick Joyce MacDonald Lisa Abbott Vonda Killian, Secretary 164 Nancy Bradley 165 Mary Morrison David Wood Juliana Gaipo $ LIBRARY thel Whitten, Marie Ritchie, Boots Gibson, Judy Hiegins, Ann Bengston, Shirley Thomas 3 81 7 Tg % w. mmm Ken Maynard Bob Wilkinson Stephen Swiniarski ■ ,f i ‘ u i Joan Howe J e Wa orz Terry Popp - Cheryl Metters ...V 1 W MUSIC Frank James Luann Angelone NURSE Suzanne Moulton Paul White, Use Hembrough, Barbara Thompson, John Dona¬ hue John Ryan Tom Powell David Gates Paul Chamberlin Dave Gessford Herb Pettengill Valerie Douville Roger Faucher r r TARIES Cindy Leahy, Evelyn Anderson, Lora Sheptyck SOCIAL Diane Campbell Dave Donahue Frank Hutchings Rosemary Betz SPECIAL EDUCATION Leo Miller Jon Randall Mark Mathison Connie Brogi Sandra Stocker Mary Ellen Mountain BREWSTER UPHOLSTERY Specializing in Antiques and the Unique and Unusual ( 617 ) 896-5000 GROCERIES DELI MEAT . Beer Wine Liquor Lifetime - " Video Club " Memberships 9.95 896-2905 RTE. 6A 1760 MAIN ST. BREWSTER OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK Mass. State Lottery S.A.D.D. Friends Don ' t Let Friends Drive Drunk Congratulations to the class of ‘88’. From your friends at Sentry federal savings bank Orleans Main Street at Route 28 255-0535 Eastham Brackett Road 255-6300 173 Photography by Scott Wedding, Portraifing, Commerdal (617) 240-0043 Best Wishes To The Class Of 1988 174 Jeffrey Scott, Yearbook Photographer The Cope House Shop 9 West Rd. Orleans 240-0551 Congratulations to the Class of ' 88 7 e ( Ce144 IRt 6 7t- 255-5044 nui iv vii cv vvnvjuj Over 2000 Titles to Choose From Lifetime Memberships $39.95 Open 10-9 Mon. - Sat. 12-6 Sunday j CHRIS bullock MOTORS Hank Tucker - Robert Wilson SALES MANAGER ASST. SALES MANAGER 255-1902 6 West Rd., Orleans Radio hack Orleans Shopping Plaza 255-5463 e HOME CENTERS THE NICKERSON COMPANIES i SINCE 1895 Lumber, Millwork, Paint, Hardware, Energy Products, Appliances, Kitchens, Flooring, Plumbing, Electrical, Lawn and Garden. SHOPPING HOURS: Sam to 5pm Monday thru Saturday ORLEANS WELLFLEET Main St. 255-0200 Commercial St. 349-3734 Academy of Performing Arts, Inc. Box 1843 • Orleans, Massachusetts 02653 Telephone 617 255 1963 the Cape pn House Shop Skakct Corners, Orleans, MA 617 - 2404)551 V s Follow Your Dreams And Much Success In All Of Your Future Endeavors Great Island Foodmart Rt. 28, Main Street W. Yarmouth 771-6333 LOWER CAPE DENTAL ASSOCIATES PETER W. MILSKY, D.D.S., F.A.G.D. THOMAS A. KERSTEN, D.D.S, Congratulations Class of ’87 ... Keep Smiling! AS ELDREDGE PARKWAY. ORLEANS, MA 02653 TELEPHONE 255-0516 $ 1988 SENIOR INDEX SCOTT ABBOTT ALAN CHACE RR1 Box 368 Bain Road Box 19 Eastham 02642 East Orleans 02643 ERIC ALDRICH GALE CHAMBERS PO Box 912 45 Ebenezar Lane Brewster 02631 Brewster 02631 DANIELLE ANDERSON DAVID CLARK RR1 Box 235 Hay Road 238 Gov. Bradford Road Eastham 02642 Brewster 02631 NICOLE AUSTIN JEFFEREY CLAYTON PO Box 1206 Box 651 Eastham 02642 Wellfleet 02667 DEBORAH AYLWARD VERONICA COFFIN PO Box 697 Box 187 Brewster 02631 Eastham 02642 JEANETTE BATTLES MATT COLLINS 33 Marlboro Road 168 Barley Neck Road Brewster 02631 Orleans 02653 BETHINA BEILECAARD STEVEN COMEAU 41 Hobnob Rd. RR 1 Box 155 Brewster 02631 Eastham 02642 MONICA BEILECAARD SEAN CORRIGAN 41 Hobnob Rd. 20 Tar Kiln Road Brewster 02631 Orleans 02653 BRAD BENCSTON MARCEL COSTANTINO Box 269A 7 Mallard Lane RR 2 Eastham 02642 Orleans 02653 DANIEL BIGOS THOMAS CREAVY 20 Long Pond Rd. Box 602 Brewster 02631 E. Orleans 02643 BARBI BIRNESSER RENEE CREVIER 96 Barley Neck Rd. Box 989 Orleans 02653 Orleans 02653 KEVIN BLAKE MICHELLE CROCKER Box 1483 Box 905 Brewster 02631 Brewster 02631 DERICK BODAMER STEPHEN CULP Box 442, N. P.O. Box 905 Eastham 02651 S. Orleans 02662 DAVID BOHANNON JENNIFER CURRAN Box 1225 Box 518 Orleans 02653 N. Eastham 02651 SCOTT BROOKSHIRE BRANDON CURRIER P.O. Box 745 Box 297 Eastham 02642 N. Truro 02652 PHOEBE BROWN ROBERT CURRIER P.O. Box 815, So. Box 196 Wellfleet 02663 E. Orleans 02643 CATHERINE BUDDINCTON SHERRI DANIELS PO Box 2936 34 Pond Rd. Hyannis 02601 Orleans 02653 JON BUNNELL MICHELE DAVIS PO Box 485 136 Commons Way North Eastham 02651 Brewster 02631 COLLEEN CABRAL SCOTT DAVIS PO Box 224 Box 193 Provincetown 02657 S. Wellfleet 02663 RACHEL CALDERON ROBERT DEMICHELE 735 Harwich Road Box 268 Brewster 02631 N. Eastham 02651 ALEXANDER CAMPBELL KIMBERLY DENNISON 162 Brickhill Rd. Box 1167 Orleans 02653 Orleans 02653 STACEY CATHIE KELLIE DESCHAMPS Box 1234, Box 116 Orleans 02653 Eastham 02642 JENNIFER DIBBLE 68 Holly Ave. Brewster 02631 KIM GRADY Box 550 Orleans 02653 JODI DOYLE Box 1042 E. Orleans 02643 JENNIFER GREENE Box 425 S. Orleans 02662 MICHELLE DUBE Box 815 S. Wellfleet 02663 JONATHAN GREENE 2 Woodridge Rd. RR Orleans 02653 DEE ANNE DUNHAM Box 783 S. Orleans 02662 SUSAN HALL Box 837 Eastham 02642 MAX DWYER 140 Mill Pond Dr. Brewster 02631 AMY HAMILTON 1031 Harwich Rd. Brewster 02631 BECKY EGAN Thomegan Road Brewster 02631 SAMANTHA HAMMATT 42 Pine Bluff Rd. Brewster 02631 CHRIS EHNSTROM P.O. Box 1416 Orleans 02653 JENNIFER HARRISON 139 Old Chatham Rd. Brewster 02631 COLIN EITELBACH Box 110 South Eastham St. Eastham 02642 ANGELINA HAYDEN Box 1077 N. Eastham 02651 CHRISTOPHER ELLIS Box 231 Brewster 02631 TRACY HAYES Box 1176 E. Orleans 02643 DUANE ESCHER P.O. Box 534 Orleans 02653 LISA HEBDEN Box 236 Brewster 02631 SUE FALLETTI 33 Lakeshore Drive Brewster 02631 JOSHUA HERBERT P.O. Box 1143 Brewster 02631 STEPHANIE FIELDS RR 1 Box 437A Eastham 02642 TRACY HERMES 47 Pine Bluff Rd. Brewster 02631 JAMIE FINN 17 Chase Lane Orleans 02653 CHRIS HILLEY 2074 Main Street Brewster 02631 ERIKA FRANCIS Box 338 RR1 Eastham 02642 HEATHER HOBBS Box 28 Brewster 02631 JEFF FRANCIS PO Box 365 South Wellfleet 02663 MARC HOFFMEISTER 29 Elbow Pond Dr. Brewster 02631 SEBASTIAN FRAWLEY Box 298 West Main Wellfleet 02667 JENNIFER HOGG P.O. Box 843 Eastham 02642 JEBEDIAH GAFFNEY Box 858, Wellfleet 02667 LAURIE HOLCOMB 9 Glenwood Road Brewster 02631 NOAH GAMSEY P.O. Box 772 Chatham 02633 MARK HOLBROOK Box 1583 Orleans 02653 TIM GASKILL 28 Pochet Rd. Orleans 02653 JEFF HOLLISTER Box 1235 Eastham 02642 NICOLE GIBBONS RR2 Box 88C Orleans 02653 KEATH WILLIAM HOPGOOD 338 Harwich Rd. Brewster 02631 DAVID GODDARD Box 982, Bishop Rd. North Eastham 02651 AMY HORTON 111 Red Fawn Rd. Brewster 02631 JESSICA GOLDSTEIN Box 104 Hughes Rd. North Truro 02652 LAURIE HUDSON 121 Satucket Rd., RR 1 Brewster 02631 ERIC HUNTLEY Box 128 Wellfleet 02667 CHARLES DANIEL MARSHALL 35 Ebenezar Ln. Brewster 02631 CHRISTOPHER ROBICHEAU Box 654, Trotting Pk. Wellfleet 02667 MICHAEL HURLEY RFD 3888 Great Pond Rc Eastham 02642 DAVID MASSEY P.O. Box 191, Orleans 02653 DANIELLE ROINSON PO Box 444 East Orleans 02643 LORI HUTCHINSON 765 Millstone Rd. Brewster 02631 HEATHER MASSON Box 881 N. Eastham 02651 KEVIN A. ROSE PO Box 233 Wellfleet 02667 KRISTEN INCWERSEN 39 Anchor Dr. Orleans 02653 STEVE MAYO RR 3 100 Finlay Rd Orleans 02653 KEVIN M. ROSE PO Box 845 Wellfleet 02667 MICHAEL JENNINGS Box 908 Eastham 02642 ANDREW MCCULLY PO Box 1405 Orleans 02653 DARYL SABINE 552 Slough Brewster 02631 ZACH JOHNSON Box 1471 Brewster 02631 JEFFREY MCNEAL Box 1185 E. Orleans 02643 JAMES SCHUBERT Box 1264 Nutmeg Lane Eastham 02642 ARRON JONES Box 712 S. Orleans 02662 JACQUELYN MILLER RR 2 Blueberry Island Rd. Orleans 02653 EHREN SHENK Box 530 Truro 02666 BRAD JONES RR 1 Box 25 Eastham 02642 MELISA MILLER 69 Governor Bradford Rd. Brewster 02631 SANTEE SINGER Box 1062 Orleans 02653 ADAM JOSEPH Old Colony Way Wellfleet 02667 KRISTIN MINOR 14 Anchor Drive Orleans 02653 BONNIE SOULE 103 Vesper Pond Dr. Brewster 02631 AELISH JOYCE 26 Puritan Drive 2 Brewster 02631 LYNNE MULTER P.O. Box 154 S. Wellfleet 02663 AMY SOUZA Box 1208 Wellfleet 02667 KATE KAVANAUGH PO Box 859 Eastham 02642 FELICIA MURPHY P.O. Box 112 Wellfleet 02667 KRIS STETSON Box 335 Wellfleet 02667 MAUREEN KEEGAN 72 Pine Bluff Road Brewster 02631 KEVIN MURPHY 338 Harwich Road Brewster 02631 ERIC STEVENS 32 Long View Dr. Orleans 02653 JENNIFER KIEFER PO Box 587 Orleans 02653 RUSSELL MURPHY Box 112 Pine Pt. Rd. Wellfleet 02667 KERRY STOCKS Box 1726 Orleans 02653 NICOLE KIEFER PO Box 587 Orleans 02653 JOEY NAVAS 1016 Seaward Way North Eastham 02651 WILLIAM STRAKELE RR 1 Box 36 Eastham 02642 MELISSA KINSKI PO Box 107 Chatham 02633 SHANNON NEVIN Jolly Whaler Village Brewster 02631 RICK SVENNINGSEN Box 592 Orleans 02653 KARYN KLOUMANN RR 2 Forest Way Orleans 02653 LORI NICHOLS Box 1353 North Eastham 02651 RONALD SWEATMAN 967 Harwich Rd. Brewster 02631 TRICIA KOSTAS PO Box 821 Eastham 02642 DAVID OLSEN 33 Gibson Rd. Orleans 02653 KERITH TALBOTT P.O. Box 1447 N. Eastham 02651 ANGELA LABBE PO Box 1193 Brewster 02631 ERIK PALIN PO Box 506 Orleans 02653 BRENDA TANCO RFD 1 83 Wayside Drive Harwich 02645 LAUREL LABDON 55 John Wings Lane Brewster 02631 KATHY PATRICK PO Box 1313 Orleans 02653 PATRICIA TESSON P.O. Box 534 Wellfleet 02667 DAWN LEE 20 Namskaket Road Orleans 02653 KEITH PATRICK PO Box 1313 Orleans 02653 DAVID THOMAS Box 204 Wellfleet 02667 LAURA LENNON PO Box 786 South Orleans 02662 BENJAMIN PEERY P.O. Box 907 S. Orleans 02662 KRISTEN THORNTON 15 Governor Bradford Rd. Brewster 02631 JAMIE LONG 69 Nanumet Drive Brewster 02631 KEVIN PELLEGRINO Box 516 Old Country Road Wellfleet 02667 AMY THURESON Box 338 Wellfleet 02667 VICTOR LOPEZ PO Box 110 North Eastham 02651 CRAIG PERRY 84 Russells Path Brewster 02631 JOE TILTON P.O. Box O N. Eastham 02651 MARK LORANGE 192 Pine Bluff Road Brewster 02631 CHAYLEE PRIETE 22 South Pond Drive Brewster 02631 SCOTT TOM 81 Seamens Lane Brewster 02631 MARY MACIOCI Box 277-7 Harvest Rd. Eastham 02651 LUCAS PROVOST 45 Long Pond Road Brewster 02631 ELLEN VELIE P.O. Box 1758 Orleans 02653 JESSICA MACKENZIE 92 Swamp Road Brewster 02631 DON-PAUL QUILICHINI Box 815 Orleans 02653 MICHELLE VENTURA P.O. Box 581 Orleans 02653 DALE MCCORMACK PO Box 510 Brewster 02631 YOHANNA RHODES Box 1071 Orleans 02653 DEBRA WAGNER P.O. Box 646 Orleans 02653 LISA MAGLIOLI 76 Marlboro Rd. Brewster 02631 EDWARD RICH 449 Lund Farm Way Brewster 02631 REBECCA WALTERS P.O. Box 1303 Orleans 02653 KEVIN MARCOTTE 51 Anawan Rd. Brewster 02631 JOSHUA RICH Box 88 Richwood Lane South Orleans 02662 JAMES WANDERLICH Box 1214 Brewster 02631 JIL MARINO P.O. Box 633 Brewster 02631 RIMMER CATHERINE PO Box 1237 North Eastham 02651 DON WATSON Box 547 Higgins Rd. N. Eastham 02651 JENNIFER WHITE P.O. Box 643, Rte. 6 Truro 02666 TERESA WHITE Box 1853 Chatham Rd. Orleans 02653 AMY P. WIBEL Box 76 Brewster 02631 BROOKE WIEDITZ P.O. Box 971 Brewster 02631 DAWN WILEY Box 1017 Orleans 02653 JENNIFER WILLIAMS PO Box 1530 Orleans 02653 RUTHANNE VALLE 24 Bullrake Lane Brewster 02631 KIM YEUTTER 23 Pilgrim Lake Terrace Orleans 02653 JON ZAVORSKAS P.O. Box 1785 Orleans 02653 SUSAN ZWEIG 12 Skaket Way Brewster 02631 oo oo - to ca c r n urn r 00 WALSWORTH PUBLISHING COMPANY MARCELINE. MISSOURI C4058 NAUSET REG H S LIBRARY

Suggestions in the Nauset Regional High School - Nauset Tides Yearbook (North Eastham, MA) collection:

Nauset Regional High School - Nauset Tides Yearbook (North Eastham, MA) online yearbook collection, 1982 Edition, Page 1


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Nauset Regional High School - Nauset Tides Yearbook (North Eastham, MA) online yearbook collection, 1984 Edition, Page 1


Nauset Regional High School - Nauset Tides Yearbook (North Eastham, MA) online yearbook collection, 1985 Edition, Page 1


Nauset Regional High School - Nauset Tides Yearbook (North Eastham, MA) online yearbook collection, 1986 Edition, Page 1


Nauset Regional High School - Nauset Tides Yearbook (North Eastham, MA) online yearbook collection, 1987 Edition, Page 1


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