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30809000203644 I • - • - . , ' ' ■ % te " - vv-A- ' ■ s.. : .; ' - ■ ' ■ r ■ , .v.. -.; , , „ ■ $ . ... . •SsH y . ’ „„■■••■ ■ ■ 1 ... •■■ ;. . -•■ . • ■ : ■ ,. v 8 - ' B i_, »« - V3fc of Mrs, Kathleen Leonard who suddenly passed away during her second year of teaching here at Nauset. We will always remember her in our hearts by her enor¬ mous contributions to the literary maga¬ zine " Cross Currents ' ’ and her excellent job teaching writing and literature, Mrs, Leonard always kept her good humor both in and out of the classroom, and the mem¬ ory of her as both a teacher and a friend will always be with us. Ejggi I The Class of 1987 dedicates this yearbook to Mrs. Diane Campbell. Mrs. Campbell has stayed with us through thick and thin. We thank her for all the weekends that she sac¬ rificed to chaperone the proms and manage our class " fund-raisers.” Furthermore we appreciate all the classes she missed to work at the graduation ceremonies. For her en¬ couragement, guidance, good humor, and dedication, we thank her. John Banbault John Baskin Craig Beckman And in the end; on dreams we will depend Todd Bednaz Look out world, here I come There are many here among us who feel that life is but a The Mauset world must go on without me. - Mr. Weed Tammy Atwood Scott Amerault ... And she ' s buying the stairway to heaven. You cannot tell a he to the confessor! .5= a: i wm Christine Allen Good times - bad times: you know I ' ve had my share. Mike Aylward Katnna Belair Life ' s what happens to you, while you ' re busy making other plans. - John Lennon Robert Bernard When I was a young boy Matt Bourgeois The future is unwritten Robin Brinker And now all that ' s left is good¬ byes. Jim Brintnall Most ignorance is vincible igno¬ rance. We don ' t know because we don ' t want to know. Emmett Patrick Broderick Do what thou wilt, so mete it be - Aieister Crowley Kara Brown All things change; you and I; no need to wonder why. Nadine Brown Alex Carlson Today is Tomorrows ' Yesterday. Mike Canty Karen Bunzick Be an exchange student. Go You ' re just a memory of a for it!! love that used to mean so much to me. Elvan Cakiroglu Julie Cannon Life ' s a beach and then you die. Stacey Cathie Remember the past, dream of tomorrow, party in the meantime. Amy Chilson If l leave here tomorrow, would you still remember me? Jill Chipman Where there is a will, there is a way. 20 Bill Coleman I walk the road of life, among the strong, among the weak. - Kansas. Heather Crossman We shared the laughter and pain, we ' ve even shared the tears. Jennifer Cullum I speak my mind because I have nothing to lose. Jon Clark Mary Chipman Everytime you put your best foot forward someone stomps on it. Carrie Clark It ' s a wild, wild life! Joel Coffin The biggest risk in life is not ris¬ king. Kelly Alise Cole it matters not what you are thought to be, but what you are. Heather Cur Anyone? anyone?! . Kimberley Curran Search lights casting for faults in a cloud of delusion. Dean Cully if you love something let it go. If it doesn ' t come back; Then hunt it down and kill it. Stephanie Dan Can you picture wi limitless and free! Stacia Deering Close to the end, yet closer to i t 2j» m 4 Jp W W? | %A r i f HI Christopher B. Dooley Julie Drayton Christopher Drummond The end of friend, the end of The heart has reason which Optimist: A proponent of the end. - B. Dylan reason knows nothing of. doctrine that black is white. 22 Bryn Elliot Jennifer Estabrook Jay Ellsasser To reflect is to move on The greatest right m the world is the right to be wrong Kelly Ekstrom Dream of better lives the kind which never hate Pauline Eager May the wind be always at your back Tom Egan never sad, never angry, al¬ ways happy Michael Ehrhart Everyone smiles as you drift past the flowers Kim Eggleston When love is great there is no need for words Michael Fulcher Jeb Gaffney Amy Galligan Living well is the best re¬ Don ' t worry about it So much time to make up ev venge erywhere you turn - Edgar Francis IV Timing is everything Kimberly Fredrickson " Gone are the days of Languid summers ... " Carrie Fisk and the dragons shall ce ... Greg Flanagan Things are not always what they appear to be Chris Fleming If It Swells Ride It! JB ||§ Jeffrey Gill Every day is a holiday Jennifer Gill James Gibson Take a walk on the wild side Turn on your love light, let it shine on me Kelly Gill Even a blind man knows when the sun is shining . wm ■HB aa ssisi Lynda Goodspeed ■ • ........jS.. .... j : ■ m 11fip : Kelley Grant a friend is like a rainbow .. always a welcome sight.” Chnstie Lee Grindle Yesterday is gone. Tomor¬ row hasn ' t arrived. Lets live it up today Scott Hagg Mow that we ' ve cut through the bull. Let ' s make some money ■ H. m .. mmmm mm David Hartwell nothing is a waste that makes a memory Matthew Hatch Enthusiasm is the greatest asset in the world Heather Havener May there always be some one who listens Sara Harrison Our casual joys we shall go on playing Nathaniel M. Hammatt " All worries swept away by one simple act of annihila¬ tion David Hallet Kathy Hale We had joy. We had fun. We had seasons in the sun Wendy Hart Before the flowers of friendship faded, friendship faded. - Gertrude ;eii Kenneth Ingrum The end of school is a whole new " trip” Folly Jackson In God we trust § am Michelle Jendza Wondering where I am, lost without you Kyle Herbert Why are the most important things always hardest to say few. I Carolyn E. Hayes " All can hear, but only the sensitive can understand.” Kerry Hildreth We had the time. We made the friends We did it all, and now... It ends Chris Hobbs Mark Holbrook Michael Jordan Steven Kaser Brian Kavanaugh Ignore this quote, and expe rience ignorance. " because I am not one of your fans " My Friends - May your roads be easy - Your dreams be fullfilled Anjanette Jones Follow your dreams to the end of the rainbow Rhonda Johnson Sam Johnson Sue Johnson Farewell, too little, to lately Known, whom I began to think and call my own " 351C rules in ' 73 Mus- Off to make new meaning of tangs. " life - UB40 Jennifer Jones We came as total strangers... we leave as lifelong friends Bob Kees My dreams, they aren ' t as empty as seems to b Erin Kinski Look into every tear hind it is happiness. or b Kathleen KriKonan WeH ragrant winds and lighted kies, let there always be purple red world. as Melissa Lamson Exit, pursued by a bear. -William Shakespeare Gregory Richard LaPlant " Whoever serves his country well, has no need of ances- tors Voltaire 1694-1778 Teresa Largey Tara Kilawee Friendship often ends in love; but love in friendship, never. Jennifer Marcelme Mow I ' m here waiting for the sound of thunder. Denise Marcmek Live, laugh, and love Elizabeth Manno That day is lost in which you have not laughed. Jilee Beth Larson Enn Lavallee Enc Lavendier Love is the drug The name of a friend is com¬ mon but faith in friendship is rare. If you love something set it free, if it comes back to you it ' s yours, if it doesn ' t, it nev¬ er was. Travis Lindquist Mone but ourselves can free our minds. Jennifer A. MacKenzie Not out but through. John McMullen Heather Lynn McOuat Jennifer Miller Life has so much to offer Take advantage of it! . ■ ■ . na Masciangiol hear about the new corduroy pillows? They ' re ' , ' s nq headlines. »maia Christine McCombs Ideas won ' t keep. Some¬ thing must be done about them. mm ■ ' ' r ■O-V?; -■ : • " : m- -m m . xtRa? Mars So it ' s the laughter we will r ' . ' V- Jo-Anne Nichols David Nickerson Hannah Narkon Is this to end or just begin - Led Zepplin(all of my love) Imagination is the key to re ality. WBBBM ■m ifWa H Heather O ' Bri went bv like d . ■ 1 Jay Onnemb Those who face reality head on mmiiM Christopher Patrick m i m ■ . 1 w Phu Pham Justin Petrosky Janna S. Pereira j Caitlin Quimby We cannot just write off this final scene - take heed of the dream. April Pike The end of school is the be ginning of an important edu cation. Craig Pierantozzi I ' m as free as a bird now. Michael Quist " Live life one day at a time, Wendy Robinson " The reward of a thing well done is to have done it. " Lisa Rodriguez Looks like we made it uys. " Michele Rogge Take your time, think a lot. .. Think of everything you ' ve got. C. S. Pamela Rose Ronan All that you touch, and all that you see, is all your life will ever be. Diana Root Stand by me Michael D. Schader " The most beautiful thing we can experience is the Mysterious. " - Albert Einstein Karen Schofield Look for tomorrow ' s sunrise, but don ' t forget yesterday ' s sunset... Swanije Schrdder If we don ' t hang together, we hang separately. - a mmm ■ ' ■ Glenn Schwarzkopf " All you touch and all you see is all your life will ever be ' Curt Schwarzkopf " When all is one and one all. " Stairway to Heaven Shannon Scott Dreams give wings to fools Tracee Selling " The forests will echo in laugh ter ... " Led Zeppelin Matthew Shay Those who sulk die a thousand deaths. Those who laugh live for¬ ever Lisa Small Love is forever Alina Sibley Margaret Smith You ' ll get nothing and like Matt Smith Who made who? Sarah Smith " Remember, tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it. " Maggie Spade " Watch my tail lights fade. " Elizabeth Constance Southworth 1 want; Therefore 1 am Ramona Sparrow Amy Lynn Squire Love can die of a truth as friendship of a lie. Dennis St. Aubm " A gem is not polished with¬ out rubbing nor is a man per¬ fected without trials. " Kathy Stephens ecKy stewa Heaven, heaven is a pla where happen Josh Sudikoi Marta Sveden Desire is half of life, indifference is To give a love, you gota live a love You didn ' t like school, but you know you ' re nobody ' s Myla Briggs Thomas Don ' t let them change you or even rearrange you. Paul Stevens Whoopee Doo for my arul ■a : HR mm - mm m MM BiwnlMiwIiiff «■ v ... ■ ' . HHHBHHhhHHHHmB Karen Tortora Stacy Tom The beautiful are never des¬ olate but someone always loves them. Robert Tsouprake Life can not be expressed with words ■I Constantmos Tzekakis Summer end ' s tonight Betsy Unger Man is not what he attains, but what he longs to attain. i Shawn Verfaillie Catherine Valle John Vincent Life is full of ups and downs The impossible is often the untried There ' s still time to change the road you ' re on. 1 w I Julie Walsh The best days go the Christina Wagner Nate Welch Run for the Roses " - Jerry tarda If at first you don ' t succeed - change the rules. Heather Whenty Dream on ... Dream until your dreams come true. Dawn White " Your stairway lies on the whisper¬ ing wind. " Chris Williams Danielle Marie Winthrop Joel Woodes People are strange when The Jabberwock, with eyes Like perfect waves, reality is you ' re a stranger. aflame, came whiffling through only found OFf Cape Cod the tulgywood. - Lewis Carrol 40 Mike Yat Strangers stopping str shake their hands Picard Todd Zimmerma y.v. ' ,. CLASS HISTORY Freshman year began in September of ’83. We all shared the thrill and excitement of beginning high school, as well as the fear of what was ahead of us. Through the Hallow¬ een and Christmas dances, car washes and bake sales (the traditional freshman fund raisers), and of course the teasing by upperclassmen, we were introduced to the spirit of what high school was all about. With Sophomore year came the feeling of relief - we were no longer the little guys! The traditional magazine drive was our first big responsibility as a class. As we were con¬ fronted with more and more responsibilities we proceed¬ ed to grow and discover our individual talents through academics, sports, and music. Again, we kept busy at¬ tending the Halloween and Christmas dances, and deco¬ rating for graduation. Nauset was introduced to a S.A.D.D. chapter, and the Eldia grounded at Nauset Beach in March which was an exciting surprise for all. A Toga dance and the play " Bye Bye Birdie” brought spring quickly around the corner. In September of ’85 we were finally upperclassmen - Ju¬ nior year! We began to notice " how small the freshmen are.” This year brought record-breaking changes in fac¬ ulty, along with Mr. Ballerino and Mr. Markovich. The change was refreshing and brought many new ideas to Nauset. Adjusting to the new discipline policy (DD,OD, and ISS - " the Box”) was the topic of conversation. SAT prep, courses became popular in Math and English classes and two newspapers were started: The Bellator and The Underground. Many of us began driving to school which was a thrill - no more bus rides! Prom ’86 on May 10th was the largest in Nauset’s history - 340! Decorating for grad¬ uation was more exciting than ever, knowing that next year would be our turn. Before we knew it, it was September ' 86 - we were finally sen¬ iors! Nauset’s first Annual Homecoming in October brought more enthusiasm and spirit to Nauset than ever before. The first event was a parade through Orleans (in the pouring rain) which led to the girls’ soccer game. The next day consisted of the boys soccer game and that night was the Homecoming Dance where the Queen (Amy Squire) and King (Bob Ber¬ nard) were crowned. This year’s five foreign exchange stu¬ dents shared their cultures from all around the world. Smok¬ ing privileges were taken away, which influenced high schools across the Cape. College applications and deadlines and searching for jobs demanded most of our time. The Se¬ nior Banquet and Prom ’87 were a successful ending to our social activities. Graduation on June 7, 1987, was the grand finale to our high school career. This was our last day as a class, but the friendships and memories we’ve made will nev¬ er be forgotten. I wish everyone in the class of ' 87 the best of luck and to enter the " real world” with pride and confi¬ dence. Jennifer Miller Senior Class President SUPERLATIVES Best All Around Most Theatrical Scott Moore and Jennifer Miller Matt Shay and Danielle Winthrop Bob Bernard and Erin Kinski Dennis St. Aubin and Calie Hayes 44 Most Flirtatious Liz Marino Most Studious Michael Schader and Janna Pereira 45 Nat Hammatt and Stacy Monks Cutest WKt Most Radical Jennifer Miller and Brian Kavanaugh Jay Ellsasser and Sue Johnson Best Dressed 46 aft nicest Smile Craig Pierantozzi and Myla Thomas Friendliest Most Individualistic Scott Moore and Becky Stewart Travis Lindquist and Myla Thomas 47 Class Couple Caitlin Quimby and Josh Sudikoff Class Pest Class Gossip ?» ; • » « Rhonda Johnson and Dave McGee Julie Walsh Class Dear Abby Michael Jordan and Heather Curcio Most Gullible Most Talkative Cyndie Ryan and Greg La Plant Liz Marino and Chris Drummond Class Clown Class Pet Teresa Largey and Matt Shay Betsy Southworth and Michael Schader 50 Most Conservative Tracy Selling and Shawn Verfaillie Jennifer Gill and Edgar Francis 51 Quietest Most Likely to Stay on Cape Cod Chris Fleming and Julie Cannon Heather McOuat and John Vincent Most Likely to Succeed 52 Stephanie Daniels and Michael Schader ENIOR r -K fc | fcjpss?, Jm $ in tinv pv MARY ADAMS: DN; KC; These are the timess The Freeze, Spacing in the ace, Vr, Beech " Wake ' n’ Bakes”, Darkroom Days, T.V.Parties, and to future events SKD and life. Love ya you two are the best. Matt - Thank you for ev¬ erything, you’re in my heart and soul, I LOVE YOU ALWAYS. CHRISTINE ALLEN: Kristen: Where do I begin? Thanx for standing by me thru the good and bad times. " ORANGE BRACLET” and " O.G.” (not quite)! Paris - Here We Cornel We’ll be B F F-ILY! Jen: Ski-trip. ' Hey Girls” and Prom ’86. " Wost-on- White-Wabbit.” T.P. - So far, so good. Mom, Dad and Kiddies - ILYA!! BOB ARCHAMBAULT: Slough Road Crew: Me, D.S., C.C. (Cheeze) C.B., J.B., S.K., L.H., H.H., Peddin Borrowed Time: D.S., M.L., Me, S.K. Private Stock. The Camp. " Split! The Cops!” Led Zeppelin, Jimi, The Bug. The lost tomato Worm. Jack’s House. 5 10 85. The Car Frame. M.H.(nurf) Kim and Daryl. Hello! Hey Moe! Later Nausetl TAMMY ATWOOD: 9 19 86 - AC DC - KV. LM. Handcuffs! Chatham parties with KV.LMKNBEBMCECT. We talk too much! JA.BC.SD - FMSL! TC - ILY! LS.HC - YATGILY! Cootie, TNT, Mauralay! Tootie - YWABMBFILY! Thanx Family and Friends I couldn’t have done it without you! Later Much, Nauset! 54 MIKE AYLWARD: " Weed!” Long life at Nauset! Fool in the rain. Philoso¬ phy w Chief at Sheeps. Good times w Chief, Smirnoff’s Tyt. Bros., Bak¬ er, Fridge, Keese Bros., Ingram, Sousa, Petrowski Vaughn, James, Aaron, Brendan, Jebba. UMASS expeditions. Toga Party! All my love, Mom Deb. Leaves are falling all around, time I was on my way. MICHAEL BATTLES: Basketball -1, Drama - 4. Mavrick 200, Wagon 413. Race 130 mph, Mav- 73, wagon 76150 mph. Skiing Hellion N.B. Landslide, Jumptree. J.G. Cabin, 4. Deers. Good Luck! R.T., C.P., J.R., S.J., S.H., Chris Moins I mph. Donuts N. Beach Mustang. " Have you tried beating a Ford?” Smoke B,F,Z - Gate 11:1 comp. Boston 45 min. Mario CRAIG BECKMAN: CC, Basketball, Track -1; Basketball, Track - 2 Field Hock¬ ey, Track - 3 Field Hockey, Baseball - 4. Finally - many good-byes to some really great people - Field Hockey players rule. Teachers: You did your best - Lori’s and WC + Dl - Good places to work - Rec-lng Cru - the world’s greatest hoop team - MTR - you’re too special to tell in 50 words - well I guess we have to get serious now. TODD BEDNAZ: Thans to E.R., a good friend, J.C. a new friend, and M.M., my best friend for making these 4 years enjoyable. D.W. you are a strange one. Beth, we have got the future. Thanks to my parents Mom, Dad, and Wayne. Beth I love you. A.C. let it grow. 55 KATRINA BELAIR: Chorus 1-4, Drama, 3-4, S.A.D.D. 3-4 SJLRAPSSHCQCCRK NDW, Mom, Dad, Chris, and Auntie Marne -1 L Ya! I couldn’t have done it without you. Steve, thanks for being there - ILY F. IT-250. Thanks Mrs. Sears. Mom, you’re the best friend I ever had. Speedy, Bisa, and PRL you’re the greatest! Barn Crew and wine coolers forever. See you at the Grammy’s! ROBERT BERNARD: Soccer 1-4, Hockey 1-4, Math league 3-4, Student Council 4, Senior Senate 4. Bernie THE HAND, boy I miss you guys! Batsey, late night M + C! Shenis rugburns, VH - Sorry! Spank, keep you paws off my mug. Angus 1-4, CQSPASJMDJHHJZ you guys are great. Stef great friend. 143 Kelly! Good luck and thanks mom and dad Chris and Cheri 1431 MATT BOURGEOIS: MASS. STATE SERIES 1-4. ’85 ’86 Whip City Nationals. Tuesday Nights at CCBMX, Good Jokes from Dick. Weekend trips to Bos¬ ton. 18-24 is mine in 87. Nationals in ’87 sounds like fun we will see. Way to go SHACKSTAIII Thanx Mom and Dad. NOW THE FUN BEGINS. ROBIN BRINKER: Never lose sight of what you want MN,$S,HC,CD,CD,BA, JM,MC,EW,KG,NL,DS,NW,HW,LM,KV,KN,KK,KB. Thanks for being there Maria, Can’t wait for June and DP Hope you can make it NOAH, you can do it Clark, good luck Jay, I LOVE YOU MOM AND DAD 56 EMMETT BRODERICK: " SUPERCHIEF!” Last of the Sabatarians. Fool in the rain. Weed, philosophy at sheeps. Quarters at The Apartment. Mucho par¬ tying w Weed, Spqf, Bella, James, Aaron, Smirnoffs, Spike, Fridge, Baker, T — Bros.I Mom, Dad, Bros - ILY. My life was started, some time ago, where it will end, I don’t know. Farewell everyone. KARA BROWN: Tennis - 3.4, E.P.I Good luck to KKKBKGHC + All the rest. BOOP. Nuke UBII K.K. - it’s fat and yolkyl BB -10 1911 Turn it OFF. Pizza Slime. Thanks Ma Dad + BB for everything, ILY. Shasta + Tharp. J-blink blink. Oh phooey. KAREN BUNZICK; German Exchange 3-4. FruitLoop. Deutschland ’86 mit appel korn and Bitburger. Red Jackets. Fla. ' 86, you guffin’ bit. Summer 1-4 ever. Puffer-bellies. Cecil turtle, A-yup Wowl Cruisin Hyannis with Special K and Kellog. Bud Budl Kelley’s jammin’ car. Say ltd Good luck to all my buds (esp. k.k.k.) Boopl Patty, Dickie, Droid, Toddo, and Deb, thanks) ELVAN CAKIROGLU: Soccer - 4 If you are an exchange student you will, in one year, be exposed to countless experiences that might take a lifetime to encounter if you remained in your own culture. Everything may seem different, but you will discover that people are basically the same throughout the world. 57 JULIE CANNON: ALG - 3, ALG, Concert choir - 4, Thanks DJAHPCATAJP for the very happiest times and hoping they continue! DJ I will always Love you very much. Special thanks to Kim for everything. Also thanks to the rest of my friends too numerous to mention. Kathy remember PinkFI! Keef, friends forever! Tammy AH AH is all I heard! Barry, and the rest of Mr. Davies’ ALG English Ham this! Thanks Mom for everything and to Jean and Jan for being the best sisters anyone could have. Very special thanks to Angie, you’re my very best friend and always will. I will always be there for you. Farewell Drunkenbug!! ILC. ALEX CARLSON: IA 1-4, Track 2-4, Wrestling Club 2,3. What’s the Factor John? Grrr ... Iceman, stay on 39. Nauset Beach. Surfs up Dude. TB JC no more of that stuff. It’s been real, It’s been fun, But it hasn’t been real fun. Chris its chicken Spaghetti. Good times with, CWAVDWMBJOTMTEJSKB. Thanxs, Mom Dad. I’M OUTTA HERE!! STACEY CATHIE: Many good times with MS,HN,TW,SJ,AJ,DW,LW,MS.C M, BG. Tina, NYC - ”1 haven’t learned to steer yet” Hannah - Bong water? " Hmm - I’m feeling a little buzzed”. Bee - I miss you! Grant who? TD - you’ll always be special. Jeff - Your the best and I’ll always love you. Mom, Dad, Jen, Doug - Thanks for your help. I’m trying, I really am. I love you. AMY CHILSON: Band 1-4, Basketball 1-3, Soccer 3 + 4, Many good times w JJ,TL,CC,KH,EK,KY,JW,KSNG. Hey Jen, do you like your feet. " Chips” will never forget us. Hey Gringo, where is he, he’s so slow. Hey Jen whats your name, CC, thanx for coming. Tre, Jen, CC - I Love You, thanks for being there. Kerry pay attention and throw that cap. Mom you are doing a great job. I Love You. Now off to make my Dad proud. 58 JILL CHIPMAN: All the memories and friends made throughout the years, which will always be r emembered. DM your a special one, stay that way! JSP -1436 - who knows where we will end up! Mom, Dad and family - thanks for all the love and support. I would have never done it without you! Good Luck to ya Munkin! MARY CHIPMAN: Cheerleading 1-3; Glen you’ll always be special to me. Will our dreams ever come true? 1436! Cheryl you’re right I’ll be free someday 143. To all my sisters Thanx for caring. 143. Joey + Steve I’ll miss you. SM, KE, forever friends. Mom and Dad it’s been difficult but I made it 143. To everyone else goodbye! CARRIE CLARK: Soccer - I, TD,TL,JJ,AC, we made it! Hawaii here we come! Bubbles no more sandbanks! Going to Skaket and the Harbor with Chopper. AE I’m finally out of here. JJ + AC I don’t know how you do it. So.Co. all the way!! TD only twice a year? TL I ' ll race ya some day. Where have all the good !?= + ’s gone. Jeff Matt your terrific brothers! M + D I did it! ILY JOEL COFFIN: Honor Roll 1-4, Rec. Basketball 1-3, CCSA 2,3, What do you mean? I don’t know what I mean! partying w BK, ER, DH, JE, JW,TE, TB, Papa’s Crew. B.T-K-LA, E. I5I(?) " If I die ..AC says no to that(?) ... TB, EPD Take a 1? Good luck V. and Du. Luv ya mom and dad! 59 KELLY ALISE COLE: Band 1-4, Bells 1-4, Choir 1-4, Yearbook 3,4 Yearbook Editor 4, Wind Ensemble 4. Kell, Storkie, Corkie, NHW, Washington ' 86, VA ’85, Grenville ’83. Candy striping w Kate, " The Fabulous Five”, Summer Fun w the Gang, Eye Bugars, Carroll Chats, FIOMEWORK-PROCRASTINATIONI J-S Dinner w B.S. + C.D. " No thanks, I just brushed my teeth.” " This is a COL¬ LEGE COURSE.” Kiki, Pookie, Topsy, Molly, and Skip - we did it together! Watch out world - Here I cornel Many thanks to my whole Community Family - Mom and Dad - thanks - and - I LOVE YOU!! BILL COLEMAN: JV Soccer I, I.A. 1,3-4, Track and Field 2-4, Yearbook 4, Stu¬ dent Council 4. Fiberglass is a real-itch, Thanks K.R., No more molds for me. Chemistry with CB, JC, LS, SH, JW, Tina, Briggy, D.H., and AG, Willy’s with JC, 3 day tear, pitdiddle, KDX power lining, CA girls yahoo! Miss you MF, Brat Blues, Longnook summers, Cornhill beach jags, Road trips with DS. Thanks Mom and Dad and The Whole Gang ILY DANA COLLINS: All I have to say I miss all you " little Freshmen,” Sopho¬ mores, and Juniors like H.E., B.W., S.D., J.N., S.A., DLR and H.C. The Library been real. Later Dudes. HEATHER CROSSMAN: Varsity Tennis Team l-4i Moose, Collene remember the germ? Kara - Pineapple + Chicken! " Mike ya sure ya never rode a jet ski before?” " Yes Mother, we stayed in our own tents!?!” Prom ' 85 talking in my sleep! " I wonder IF ... ?” CDKBKBKKMNEWSSKHDHTHDMDPCHJH. Mike ILY! Thanks Mom + Dad, Leene - No we didn’t!! 60 JENNIFER CULLUM: Band, Newspaper I. Good times with SH, MD, PB, JM, VC, TK, etc. Party at Sue’s!! TT in CCCP! Outrageous! Scallion, I owe you everything! Mom and Dad, I understand. I love you both. Amy, I’m proud to be your sister SR you’re great. Sid I’ll Always Love You! Thank you to all. I leave with few regrets DEAN CULLY: NJ ROTC 1-3} Color Guard l ( Cross Country 1-3} Rifle Team 2-3) Yearbook 4) To my parents: For all the times that you helped me through the hard times or kept me from doing things I would regret later in life, Thank You. And all the times you yelled at me or just got mad at me, I know now you still cared for me all the time. HEATFIER CURCIO: Yearbook - 4) Mom-Dad your the best! 143 W.A.M.H. JAY Good Luck Kid! BW TYFBAF KNOWWHUTIMEAN7IVERNI CF,JS,DC,DN - Y.W.A.B.I.M.H. GOOD TIMES CRUZIN M.ST W SF,MN,BW,KS " Y.L.B.R.F.B.?” HCF - Blast! MOOMOOBIGFELLA! JN DONT RIDE ANY WOODEN ELEVA¬ TORS! BLUELIGHTSPECIAL! TILL WE MEET AGAIN ... BOOOOOPI BYE KAT- RINERUI! YOU TOO SKEETERI GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE! 143 KIMBERLEY CURRAN: Track 1,2, Field Flockey I, Soccer 1-4, Ski Team I, ALG 3,4. " Excuse me while I gather my space” But until then, Tons of Thanks to everyone because things would be different without all of you. For that juicy whopper, heres to - Tearin Mar, scritch Scratch S Heather Swartzkopf, mourning star PJK, to my love buddies Keith, Kelly £ The Gratefully Deadicated — I Love You 61 STEPHANIE DANIELS: Field Hockey 1-4, Cheerleading (bask) 1-2, Ski club 2, Student Council 2-4, MA Girls’ State 2, AIG 3-4, Scrub the bone worm 143 bothll Never forget the hand, FH team, JCSFMHDWKEDRGR- S - thru the DOORI Bermuda, INXS, Hitchiking, Evil Dead, " enchanted times W GS, Mercury Night - CS, AR, Morning Star - My only forever twin, Tim - my special ace - YVS2MI Mom - 143!! Try now, we can only lose. STACIA DEERING: D.O. never to forget " Rox’S A.D. " Aloha!” M.D. I miss you! wishing only the best for you guys from Truro central. J.W. - Back roads with Eric! D.N. I wish that you could be here. " Later” Bye to T.S.SM.C. T:C-.J:- Brizzi I love you! Mom Fred, Grammy Grampy - Thank you! I love you! COLLENE DICKEY: Lene the Bean, Coll”s. The GERM! Remember, Moose?! RB,NC,HW,MN,KB,KS,KB,Vinceell Curti looks nice today! Summer of ' 861 Van Halen! Thanks SC. Love ya mom, dad, Lief - thanks for everything! We had a zygoted Moose - almost! RB - remember Vince is still bigger than Nikki! CHRISTOPHER DOOLEY: Cross Country 1-3, Track 1-3, Newspaper staff 2-3, Dra¬ ma staff 2-4, B-Ball staff 3-4, The end, the beginning, Thanx Mom S Dad ILY, Nora Good Luck, hey dudes Parsley Soda for the Good times JG, Scoops, MSMBJGCPCW, Van haggar, sleepy, Party shack, Bako Mucho tireo, " your not here to Watch the Sunset.” 100 mph plus. Red Camaro, Hello future! 62 JULIE DRAYTON: Field Hockey 1-2, Honor Society 3-4, JMTSKEDRMLMLBD KKMSMSHNVCDTMFBBCQLM - endless memories! Chatham line-up, DoDo- Dodo - CRASH! wowzer’s, Whaah! Vocabulary, gang fights are cool! RELISH! 380’s, MF - exhibitionist, BG - Hands! Prom 86’ - what a nite! LP swims. Belt Buckle hunting, enough whip cream? DT - I gotta get outta here! JL - thanx! for valved memories - peace? ILY Mom - Thanx for everything. THAT IS ENOUGH! CHRISTOPHER DRUMMOND: JV Soccer - 2, Cape Cod Community Col¬ lege Collabrative Program - 3. Fred you’re the greatest, Drewser, retal, thanx for all the laughs. 1 class. P.C.’s w Tozzi, Steve, and Kyle.Mom, I love you, Dad I hope I make you proud. Jason your the best brother I could ever want. Later, C.P., S.M., K.H., B.S., L.M., and F.S. the ginugie pud. PAULINE EAGER: FH 1-3, Orch 1-3, Bunny, Buntz, Tinker, FLO: le’ bebe. Farmer Ted, Asprin, Prima Donna. The best of luck to my friends. Summer ’86 with MC, BW, KW. I’ll never forget these times with you all. Thanx little Billy, Kev¬ in, Maureen, M D, ILY all. May the wind be always at your back. THOMAS EGAN: X-Country s Track l-4 Thanks to everyone one I made it. Friends C.W. friends forever. Summer of 86’, Freedom, INTENSE, JW. TX,DH,JE,JZ,DE,CE,RJ.AG.NL. Never a dawn patrol. Headed for the beach. Party there? Lifting weights? The real world is coming. Becky, Heather, do your best you’ll make it. M D are the best ever ILY. 63 KIM EGGLESTON: We made iti Many Memories! Freshman year ruled! (fields) Wendus I Love ya! Laurie, Beth - love yal Daddy. I.L.Y.T.P1 Ette I.L.Y. mom family - I.L.Y Chris honey I love you forever and a day! DTJB.CS.Iove ya! ML.BA. Killer I Love Yal SMOKE!! Later Nausettll!!!! MICHAEL EHRHART: Class of 87’ will take over. Winters at AA’s Germany - The Gooney Birds - Lovely - Capital Hill lives on - skiing - 68 RS - Funnels - Barley Neck - 60 Hydro getting evil - Trunk Parties - Nauset will always be nice! Rustys Jag. Best of luck to my friends - We’ll all jag new years of 1990. KELLY EKSTROM: Soccor 1-4, Basketball cheerleading 2, Chaudamour, han- nah RELISHI MAKCDNMCSJHNJDJMTSDWSD and GUYS 143! Exhibition¬ ist: BF L.Pond, with J and J etc. 360° jewls real neat can we do it again? Mary problems? KC vanilla ice cream? PSYCHEDELICFURS. m m people can become anti-social, trips which last forever. Ferrett 143! P J Z M good luck. Mom and John and Dawn and Dad and Family, LOVE YOU. Hey dawny rotton, " Whats that?!” JAY ELLSASSER: Soccer 1-4, Track 2 4, Its casual - Best of times with DHTZAGHGSRBKDWGPBE. WN is with DH. Docking at SOGS. $25. Europa with BB and DF. Hailing rain. D-dting with PS. G and T ' s with DH. TOYOTA! I get the front seat. I think we’re rolling Zimm? On the rocks with BE. NYE 85 86. Thanx more than ever Mom and Dad. I love you. » 64 ft JENNIFER ESTABROOK: Ski Club - I, Band 1-4, B-Ball 1-4, All Cape Music Festival 1-4, Stage Band 1-2, Solo ensamble Group 2-3. Mars, Great Fresh¬ man year, HUH? Belgium France w the Girls C.C.O. 2 JJTLAC- CABSCC!! OH MYI ' 86 Germs! CHTK-NORBS-Jilh we got the LIMP ONES!! CRISP, URAGRTPAL! B-BQ’s 2 MMKCKH-MOE-SSPJ + ’ little” SD!!! Fun w EKHOCQCRRJSMJSLMMQJMAG etc. and Especially DM 1436!!!! Lets go all the way Kiddo! (police Stations are great) Long live Green! Good luck to all + see you in the funny pages. CARRIE FISK: Newspapaer 1-2-4, Underground 2,4, Drama 2,4, ALG 4, The hourglass flows on and I flow with it. Janna the Three letter girl. BJB, 13 years of confessions, Bryant, Hunter, karyn, heather, Sue, Eric and company - I love you all. Peace and freedom to all who so desire the dream. Is on ... Ian, M D - thanks. oo ys-K GREG FLANAGAN: Surf 1-4. ANGUS!! SEPT 85’, SEPT ’86 Rockin out!! D.T., J.K. Surf Storm waves, I want Roastables, Good times with good people, the Green Boat Lives. Thanx mom and dad. I need gas. good Luck juniors you’ll need it. CHRIS W. FLEMING: Hockey 2,3,4, Baseball 2. Mom + Dad 143 w all my heart. Good luck DN JS GM DC TA KS MN HC.And especially SJ I will Love and Remember you always and 4 eva. Fun Trip to BCF w Aqua woman Cruz- in to Nantucket w $J,BW MF The Best of luck to SF, MFi SJ, 143. Mom + Dad Thanx For every thing 143. Later Nausetl! Si Boo Rumba 65 EDGAR FRANCIS IV: Drama 1-4, Math League 1-4, Newspaper 1-4, Band 1,3, National Honor Society 3,4, Odyssey (Russia) 3. Farewell, Earthbeings! 4 Years drama’s been great! " You can’t take it with you”, " Splendor”, CJ, FS, BS, WH! So Long MS, MJ DW! forgive me Carrie S Janna? It’s been real, it’s been fun, but it hasn’t been real fun. KIMBERLY FREDRICKSON: Ski Club, German Exchange Program, Newspaper, Literary Magazine, Yearbook. Germany ’86 - awesome! May those get-to¬ gethers at Heather’s house live FOREVER! Ski Trip ’85 - Can I Ski? Good Times with JK - party on 195! HM - You Broke the Curtain! Thanks FOR EVERYTHING MOM DAD. Megan - stay cool! Dude - only 7 more years! I Love You All! HASTA LUEGO NAUSET! MICHAEL A FULCHER: Hockey 3, Pumping iron took over OH well. No pain no gain. Fly on the olds. Good times with KK, BT, JS and many crazy and wild times with GB. Hey Monchichy let’s snuggle. Nicole your the best thing that’s ever happened to me thanks for evrything. I love you and al¬ ways will. Mom I Love You. JEB GAFFNEY: Later Nauset. you’re cool. Had lots of fun and lots of suspensions. Thanks to the new right wing regime. Mr. Markovich your not bad. Lot’s of big jags with the brothers Jalbert, DH, Glen Curt Smirnoff, AH,TS,weed,EB,- Greg,CP,MB,JB,B-Bop-A-Becky. Yater ... later. Making cabbage off of spinach. Horse tran quilizers physced.S.D.S.,crack 66 AMY GALLIGAN: Band 6 Student Council -1, Field Hockey 1-4. " Aimers” Bee - my life ILY9YSOSG - Sandy Jocko Josh Mo Sayer, my 2nd fmily ILY - Dave - NFTFEILYB - Terry, IMYSMII Holly, Goon, Jeanne, Little sis¬ ters! Ray, 6I527BCB - Zimm, " WHAT’S THE FACTOR? !” Bri, never for¬ gotten bud - 4wc’s = MIAFA!I! AWnighters - Harley C.S.N.B03 IMY - K.C.T.L. Summer - C.S. URA BABEII Mom, Dad ILYSM! My friends - UR My Life and My Memories - ILUALL!!!!!! JAMES GIBSON: Basketball -1, Wrestling - 2, Drama 2-4. Tsoup let’s Rock Roll, Wall " absolutely.” Mario easy on the BF, L.T. Rustang, Twiggy many thanx, Kneeboard - the only way, January Nauset, ICabin! Rico turn down the tunes. Shaybird watch for sharp curves. Is it a cop or JG? Suppall! Good times with SHCDPPCLLV. Mom Dad 143. JEFFREY GILL: Bud Lite Patrol, The Gator Club, and Cadilac Fever. Thanks TZ, DY, ML, DH, ME, Mom and Dad Thanx for everything. Kelly keep in touch with JG and the gang. Zim get out the pitchfork. DH you will make it with KM or HH by the year 2000, you better! Remember everyone, " No morals is the key to success.” JENNIFER GILL: Play I, ALG 2-4, National Honor Society 3,4, ALG Newslet¬ ter 3, Underground 4. Tina, We survived. Remember Fletian Jags, Orleans Center, P-town, running away to Bradlees, DEAD Shows! Good luck S.Z. and K.K. Down with conformity. A.L.G. will rule forever. Mom and Kristin, keep the faith. I’ll save the world yet. Peace and love to all. 67 KELLY GILL: Gymnastics I, Sophomore Senate, Junior Senate, Spring Play 2, ALG 3 4, CCDH 4. ORA TEFULL Y DE4Dicated Kimberley - Saratoga to Buffalo ... What next? MAX CREEK ‘Laser Shows Spring Shows - GOONY BIRDI L D. Road trips BOB MARLEYl Monastary GRATEFUL DEAD - You’ve gone this far, you can make it just a little bit further than you’be been before. FAITHI Easthamers - Legalize it! AIKO! AIKOI KELLEY GRANT: Kellogg, K.E.G. Germany ’87. ARKI Maine! Robby, Jeep, Jack¬ et Steve, J.T.D 3 S.G. Wooowl E.P., Frootloop, Pizza Slime, Advil, Hyannis, parties BUD - BUD! Shopping carts - busted. WHAT?! Red jacket! Hy Bing. SAY ITII Blizzards, Games, Beach, Friendlys. BOOP! Friends ... take care good luck. Dad Kitty thanx, 143. ROBERT GRENIER.- Ice Hockey Manager 3-4, Soccer Manager 3-4, Baseball Manager 3-4. Thank you to Mrs. Mountain, the Cafeteria Staff, Mr. D. and the Custodial Staff for all that they have done for me during my stay at Nauset. ♦ KATHY HALE: Yearbook 4. Kate. D2, Polly-PROCRASTINATION! S.C., Sarah - Yes - Y.O.K.I.B. BUT I.M.N.O.K.?Kelly - Summer of ' 86, C.S., Steve - The South will rise again!!, Mary - " This is a college course!” LAB?! Orchestra, Choir, Band, Washington ’86, Grenville ' 83, New Hampshire. Special Thanks to Mom and Dad and my entire Community Family. Thanks Mike and Leigh for paving the way!! 68 SCOTT HAGG: Golf - 2 Golf, National honor society - 3, Golf, National Honor Society - 4 Z28 Camaro. V8 Forever, quarts of oil with JG Dools, Soups, MB, MS, JG Sanny, CP, CH, SJ Watch the guard rails! Morning specials in the Z, fire hydrants and MS, Lots of Luck to all, LA Mich, thanx Mom, Dad, K + K. DAVID HALLET: Nauset - 4 years of so much fun, Nauset taught me very little in academics, but a lot about life. I learned who my real friends are. Funnells at the beach boys 2 J.B. + M.E. trunk parties w St. Pauli and the Barley Klan. New Years toga at Schmironoff’s, Capitol Death at A.A’s, Go hydro, females only, X for the 1st time w J.B., Great times w K.J. K J. A.A. J.B. M.Y. B.E. M.E. B.K. J.V. A.H. C.P. J.P. Schmir- noff’s.KJ. etc. Thanx Mom + Dad I leave Nauset with too many good memories. Later. SARA HARRISON: Cheerleading 1-4, Cross country I + 2, Track I -F 2. H.S., M.R., D.R., G.S., C.S., M.B., D.T., Best of times 143 all. Toga 86, T or D w HDM, lyv punch, canoe ride anyone? NS park, long live the century, turbo, skitching. Heather you’re great, couldn’t have done it w out you. Bruce 7 4 85 — IWALU no matter what. Jen 143. thanks Mom and Dad. DAVID HARTWELL: " Zimm your mother rides a Hoover! JE remember the wall at S.O.G.S. TZBKJEAGHGJG Thanks for all the good times. JE remember G + T’S + V + T’s. TZJEBKAGHGRCBS remember TOYPOW- ER! BKJE waiters ruled! H.H. you owe me! A.G. I won’t forget good times with you! Giving T.V. rides to school. Thanks for everything Mom and Dad ILY! 69 MATTHEW HATCH: Soccer, Photography -l-2» Mr. Randalls Roomaide -1-4» Boston trips, Nikon, Ellis’, Eastham F.D., Karate demo. Mary Ellen, Melinda, Jill - the gang - Miss Abbott, Mr. Randall, the cafeteria. To all of you at N.R.H.S. thanks for everything. HRDERGCSDWSHBWTWJG - Chris, I did itl Thanks Mom ILU. Dad, Molly, Jim, J.G. and all the rest ILU2. HEATHER HAVENER: Varsity Track l-4 Cindy, Caitlin, R-R-Rhonda, Cindy, Spanky - hey yellowl Gerbil, Rachel - Monkeys! Bob, I’ll never forget what we’ve shared. Prom party - dude your eyes! Guido, pool dipping, head lights! Study hall 2 Zimm, Dave, Amy, Dr. Ruth? Can tabs - whatcha get K,OS, BJ? Jeff, Car start much - Paris 86’, YAMSTM chicken lips. My family, love you all! Thanks for everything! CAROLYN (CALIE) ELIZABETH HAYES. " Walking through a winter night, counting the stars, and passing time. I dream about the summer days, love in the sun, and lonely bays ...” Jilee, thanks, ILY! " Hangers off to ya!” Tar, " Sup-Cal?” TGLDN - " Do namage, po noblem!” Germany ’86. Colonels’ ... Pete Schrader! (11 8 84) We’ve been through so much since then! The things we’ve shared ... Thanks for everything! I LOVE YOU!!! ”... Noth¬ ing gold can stay.” Mom Dad, ILY! Peter Hayes, you’re in my prayers. KYLE HERBERT: Wrestling 1-2, Soccer 2, Druzer come back! Pudworth your 1. Good times in P.C. - with Toze, Chris, Steve’s, slugbug, I rule! Let’s have a study group. Miss Marayn Walace. Don’t forget to take the clamp off. PC, what does the " T” stand for. Good times at Chilly’s eh, Chris! Mom, Dad thank you for everything. Forida, here I come. 70 ■i KERRY HILDRETH: Soccer 1-4, Hoop 1-4, Softball 1-2, Class of ' 87 Its been fun. Soccer was the best. Jen, Tree, Amy, Carrie and Erin, we should have started 3 years ago. " Honey whattaya do for money " Dawn and Diana we ' ve had awesome times. I Love You Jeff III Ledges its been great. Terri — your a yellow gum drop. Sutton - Ca + Hol. Carrot, LR,JJ,KY.AM,CM,TS - Its been fun. Thanx Mom Dad and Tam - ILY. Spe¬ cial thanx to Mr. White and other coaches. It ' s time to move on ... KENNETH INGRUM: E.K.F. 143-4-ever, BK.JV.REJP. many good times had an many more to come. Weed keep slimmin, Kid Kreo Hyannis is all yours, Aer- osmith — zzzzlllRobert Plant — Bustedl BK few but good summers. Remem¬ ber the Shopping Sprees. Crashman watch the level of the road. Every-I else keep partyingl Mom you ' re the bestl Love Yal POLLY JACKSON. Honor Society 3 4. P.P. B2, Kathy - PROCRASTINA¬ TION, S.C., " Craig”. Sarah - NYC. " Go Navy " , dish crew. Steve - " LGT AUSTRALIA!!”, tennis, B.C game. Kelly - " Say its your B-day”. Mary - H.S. buddy, fun talks. My b.b.b. friendsllll Grenville ’83, Washington ' 86. Europe ' 88 . BBQ’s, Camping, skiing. Choir, Bells. Piano. Much love and thanks to MC, MJ and my Community Familyl Mom. G S. LUV YAH! Life’s just begun ... 71 KEITH JALBERT: I don’t know where we come from, I don’t know where we’re goin’ to, but If all this should have a reason, we would be the last to know. So let’s just hope there is a promise land ... hang on til’ then as best as U can. Trodding through creation in an IRIE meditation. MICHELLE JENDZA: Sara - Best friends forever. Scotti - I’ll never forget ... 143 Mom and Dad. Thanx 4 standing by me. Jo - you’re the greatest. SBRBMFCPALCLLVLGSH + SJ Cindy - cheer up! SSSSPPPPT to all guys. Diet pepsi. thanks Nauset 4 taking me in. Sorry fish. Faithfully. A purple rain drop. My life has just begun. RHONDA JOHNSON: Varsity Track 3 4, Cheerleading 4, Student Coun¬ cil 4, 1 18 86, Beginning. Drive In’s. Prom 86’ - Heather: T-Paper. 9am Quarters Cyn - What I’ve grown to be has come from what you’ve been to me. Never Forgotten! HHHOCQASBBTEJSJMSMDMJEAGZIMM. What’s the factor?? Bee - never ending friendship. Lady Di, Yogi - thanks for helping me succeed, Hog Heaven - I love You - Mom Dad - Letting go was the best thing for me. Thanx’s ya’II for making me feel like I belonged. Now ... Lifel SAM JOHNSON: 73’ Mustangs, I love’em. JG, loud music all the time. CP, Yes you can drive my car. JV your garage was great, love your cop car. CH, lets go to Nantucket. RT, knee boarding was awesome. SH your camaro was great. Good times with JG,CP,JV,CH,CD,RT,SH,DM. Love ya Mom and Charlie. 12 SUE JOHNSON: Track 2-4, Art 1-2,4, Senate 3-4. Suzie Que: Friends it’s been fun so Punch it! Hello! Goodbye! DwithLABPI Ruffy Ruff, Smacks! Twin Swigage sisters I23GO! GTW the BoysB. HN,MS,DN,ML,AS,TW, $C,JM,T$ your’re spectacles ILYALLI RH WSCA thanx. BB 82’ and so on ILYA. AJ you’re the one, Elise, Mom, Cliff, Dad time will tell ILY. ANJANETTE (AJ) JONES: Gymnastics 3,4. Dreams will come true. Thanks CC, SS, SA, AJ, JG, SC, TA, SD, and my so called twin, Wendy R. for helping me through good and bad times. It’s finally over and we did it. I would never do it again. Thanks Mom and Dad for everything. I love you Mike 4-ever. 1431 JENNIFER JONES: Honor Society 3-4, Soccer 1-4, B-Ball 1-4, Best of times with ACTLCCKHEKTDJWKYNG You’re awesome! (BFF), Shotgun, SANDPIPER Par- tiesll Camput B-3, swim Aim?? up down the River Jeff who?? can’t find drive? " Chips” and ”PB” Europe ’85i Rode trip ( Hubcap?? Yg ski trip t Tweek!! It’s too cold!! They’re ready KHI1 Aim put tide on it, Let’s crawl TL, Quarters, how many rules??? Thanx Mom and Dad and ILYI! STEVEN B. KASER: First of all I express my love for their support. Jam¬ ming with Lagrange, The Stork and " Borrowed Time”. After school at Jame’s with Chief. Late night at Spiffs and the pond. Led Zeppelin. The plants Hey Holbrook’s mother is gone tonight! Summers at Long Pond. $7.50. HERB, I want my $10,000.00 73 BRIAN KAVANAUGH: Class President, Baseball - I; Class Senate, Wrestling Club, Track Team - 2; Student council, Homecoming Court, Baseball - 4; Nice driving JE KK DH. 4 wheelin’. Nauset Beach Parties. Midnight carwashingl Hockey games, (you’re out of here) Baseball, track. I’m not drivingl KK SK JC DH JE TZ AG BR TB. You’ve all meant a lot to me. Class of ’87 never forget you! Thanks Mom and Dad. BOB KEESE: T.T. love always Big Jags with K.I., J.V., J.P., R.E., B.S., M.W., S.S., G.S., K.S.i Best Harley Dad. Thanks Mom and Step-Mom; " Class of ' 87 will Take Overl”; Sorry Ms. Jones, but you had it coming.; Class of ’87 can go anywhere as long as Vaughn isn’t driving.; Snake! JENNIFER KELLEY: Math League - 2; Math League, National Honor Society, German Exchange, Odysey Club - 3; Math League, Honor Society, Odysey Club 4; KF - Have you ever walked on a highway before? CM - Are your arms in there? HM - Is your face drooping? We will return to Big Edenl New Years Eve ’86! Squ. D + BBQ’s w PJ, SS, KC, KH, + MM. European excursions w PC + Mrs. L — thank you. Jody, thanks for the hugs, Mom and Dad, I love you! TARA L. KILAWEE: Field Hockey - 2; Field Hockey, ALG, German Exchange - 3; ALG - 4; Germany ’86. McSquad, Scopin’, Gummies - Fun w JLCHJEMS - Jil - watch out for spiral staircases. S’up Cal? Caaal - " The book” Jen Boob! " Stepha” I.L.Y. Bikes Snowstorms - Jil - " LE GOURMET” - Thanks for every¬ thing I don’t know what I would have done w out you! I.L.Y. Jeff - IWALY - thanx Mom I love you! Good luck Serena! 74 ERIN KINSKI: B-ball 1-4, Soccer 2-4, Softball 1-4, Drama Club 4. Ski-skins - Thanks to all my friends for all the great memories - KY KH JJ HG NG TL AC KD KT CC JL DM HC. Kev you’re one in a million! 143! Break¬ fast Club! Towel Girls! Carrot, what’s that in your gym bag?! Oh, it’s pickles. Arab’s Halloween Dance 85. Special thanks to PW LM BR DW KC SS TJ RW for all your support. Love ya Mom + Dad KATHLEEN ANNE KRIKORIAN: French 1-4, German Exchange 3-4. E.E.P., Dave, Droopy, Special K. Fla. 85’ - germany 86’ 87’. Cruisin Hyannis w KelloggSfrootloop! Karen, Keg, Kara, Cab, stay close, 143. To all my friends I’ve left behind, remember the good times. Pufferbellies always in my dreams. RED JACKETS. My mother’s jame was Nughead!! SAY ITI! Mom Dad P L.I43. Boopll (Gotcha all) MELISSA LAMSON: Meliss, mel, " you know, the one with the hair.” Skippin- ' back and forth. Relish good times! MS, do you get any mail? New York, Bar- ishnikov. Jamaica dream? I love spaghetti! JD - Brawl? Who’s car? Box! HN - too much to write!! SJ - Ruff! KK - cable? JM - Gym? Good things never last. I love you Mom, Dad, Max ... GREG LA PLANT: Reach for the stars, and then reach further laura, the trip in the summer would have never been the same thanks for the friendship. Mom Dad, I owe ya alot, thanks. Juli it’s rough but you’ll make it. Eric,On babyII It’s only just begun! To HELL with securi¬ ty! OH MY!! 75 TERESA LARGEY: Soccer 1-4, B-Ball 1-3, Band 1-2. Lost But Remembered times w JJ,AC,CC,EK,KH,NG,TD,CA,JE,KY! BFFII Captain Cannondale!!! B-3, Sand- piperll Europe 85 P-B Dancin’!! Carrie Look Out!! Flyin’ on Chairlifts!! TWEEK11 SMOKEM’ PEACE PIPE!! DENOTSTEGII Burgers’ bash! What the F— OVA!! ZABO and her ViGal Spam U MADDOG. SCOPPIN 841 T-N-T is DYNOMITEIIl I43III JAG ON NAUSCIOUS ... JILEE BETFI LARSON: Year book 3-4 German exchange 3-4 Plaid!! Germany ’86 W CFIJETKMSKBKKI Spinal staircases, Munich, scoopin, Gummies, McSquad! Jen - Whaaat PW lives! Wendy - Menudo on prom night, German men, Bio and Chem. class Thanks ILYI Calie - Its been 6yrs thanks - ILY! Tara - to many memories! le Gormet N.E.A.C. Thanks Mom and Bob! ILY - Good luck Pete! We’re on our way! ERIN LAVALLEE: Great times partying w my friends, p-town summers, beach parties, cruising - looking for trouble! KB? Special memories of» GS,LC,BL,DC,JC,MS,BM,SS,KD,WR,$B,AT,JT. Matt you cutie! RM 4400- wild weekends! Awesome Tech parties! Nana, mom, dad, Ash, ILY! Thankxl Jag on! I’m on the move! Later Nauset! D.C.ILY!! TRAVIS LINDQUIST: Cross Country 1-2. I don’ go down for nobody. Donald! " RON” Ax, Go Aggressive. " Party on dude. I’m God” E. love to Brend, Kirt, Glen, Axle, and all. Thanks MOM S DAD! Nauset rules the dump. Clean up shop. 76 MARILYN A. LINNELL: Band 1-3, Field Hockey 1-2, Music Festivals 1-4, Orchestra I, All-Cape 1-4, Southeast 1-4, All-State 3-4, To my special friends (Julie and Tracy) Thanks for the great times. Jules, Bob - Yang Sea 7-4-861 Tracy thanks, for always being there ILY S I ' ll miss you. Bob I love you with all my heart and I always will. Mom-Dad-Sis’s thanks for putting up with me. ILY all. JENNIFER A. MacKENZIE: It was something to do. Mother’s Day revisi¬ ted Slam dancing, Pri Di Cam and her royal court, the twins, OMD, Squeeze, Russia - a special " Spasiba” to Mrs.L. and my comrades, MJ (Colette Gorodish - a masterpiece) and WH (Mr. Weekend - He will return) BS (Letterman rerereruns) BC,DD,DM,MS,KK,HB, and more. Thanks to all various clan members - and then there were four ... JENNIFER MARCELINE: FRENCH 1-4. October, 1984 came to Nauset. H.H. and E.G.H. Mr Clark’s Biology. Bruno Vit. Swivels. Mumblba. Duran Duran. Led Zeppelin. Aerosmith. Bowie. Hi Care! " Julie, stop making faces!” Bus with E.A. " How many words have you read?” Gotta get a weed wacker! Funny Bunny. 143 Mom £ Dad. " Hi guys.” KKCBLDDDKBCDHCEAJCSVSERBKGJP. Je vous Aime Toujoursl DENISE MARCINEK: Boo Boo, Trixie. Clam Buddies - refuse it! Dank and Doink reunions. T-1000 memories. Point of Rocks. HN - Quick! BE - mustaches. MS, remember TNWBLNON. Hello Ociffers. Partying with the three musketeers. JF£THNM£BDKM£T. DT and his bunny bake. ML - DSB, someday! Mom £ Dad, you know I wouldn’t of made it without you. Love ya! 77 LIZ MARINO: Student Council 1-4, Field Hockey 2-4, Senate 3-4, Newspaper 3, ALG 4, Yearbook 4. Life is to be fortified by many friendships. To love and to be loved is the greatest happiness of existence - Smith. Barbs our friendship will last forever. BSAGHOCQDMBSMS - Briggs your friendship will always be special to me. Cindy Erin Mom Dad thanks for understanding the schizophrenic. Those not mentioned not forgotten. MARY ELIZABETH MARSHALL: Field Hockey 2 3 ( National Honor Society 3 4» Yearbook 4 Announcements - 4. Accompanist 1-4. Mars, Mare, M M. " Hi Guys”, " No Way, Sadi” B-D + pool parties, UTT, NHW ’85? Sq. D + BBQ’s, choir, A. Bets -1 need youll Kel - def. very hot, C. me B., VA ’85, Jen - F. year, M. Great memories. KH - this is a college course - lab? Tara - the boat! KS - W.M.A.N.I! F.T. drivers, S.L., F.H. Thanx EV, PE, JB DL, JK, EK, for being B of F’s, Special thanks AB, FL, UR, Mom and Dad, P + D for love and support. P,$,K,K, - the gang forever. We did itlll TINA MASCIANGIOLI: Yearbook 1,2, Italian Club I, School Orchestra I, Stu¬ dent Council I, Newspaper 2,3, Varsity Softball 2, JV Soccer 2, Editor School Newspaper 3, Honor Society 3, Rotary Exchange Student 4. Oh Myl I.C.U.K. So much funl PHTPI Mass dandelion break. DKYI Moscow, 1958, CB juice, raisins, grapes, you may find yourself in another part of the world, take a shower! knee-toe! Can I use your toothbrush? If you wanna sing out..., palsy walsys, perfect Briggyl 3rd verse same as the first, Ma- buhay and kalagaan! don’t forget to put roses on my grave ... CHRISTINE MCCOMBS: Chorus 1-2, Ski Club 2, German Exchange 3, Odyssey Club 4. Well guys, we made it! Great times in Boston, Europe, FLA. BIG EDEN RULES!! H.M. your face is drooping. Remember Nurnburg?! J.K., don’t you wanna play this game anymore? YENNY! Bonnes Soirees chez " THE MOOCH- ER!” Put those signs back! Ein Beir, bittel Bonne chance mes amis!! Mom and Dad, ILY! 78 DAVID McGEE: Football 1,2, Basketball 1-4, Baseball I, SADD 1,3, Track 2. Great times with JE SM JS JM HO CR CQ PR RJ LM SK MQ BB TM RL CB TZ DH AM CM TK. Geezer. The super 7 ACDC ’86. What’s the factor Zimmrod? Prom ’86. Do Not Disturb!! Summer ’86. The Best. To many breakins! Hoop ’86-’86’ ' 4k. Interruptions. Ski trip ’86. SM New York ’85. Chinese Fire Drill. Jennifer, I love you. JOHN McMULLEN: Soccer 1-4, B-ball 1-4, Track 2, Sports forever. Angus 2 times. JS,SM,DM,CQ,HO,CR,MQ many good times at McGee’s, SM member July 24 for ever dude. BB,AB,DM,AM,CM,JZ, many good times, Dan only A’s dude. You have to make it to Harvard. Suds keep in touch for ever dude. Andy,Mom,Dad 1-4-3. - w , J - HEATHER LYNN McOUAT: Band I, Ski Club 2, German Exchange 3, Odyssey Club 3,4, Great times with CMJKKFJWLGCM - Thanks for your help in Mun¬ ich. JK - Let’s try not to be so sneaky. JW - Don’t walk alone after midnight - Who knows what you’ll see. Lot’s of memories - Big Eden 1, Hofbrauhaus, Boston, get togethers, Russia and Germany with more to come. Thanks for everything Dad! JENNIFER MILLER: Class president 3-4, Class sec. 1-2, SCEB 3-4, ALG - 4. Best of times with MG, JD KK, ML, MS, TS, VC, § ML. It’s a party wagon! Summer - wanna piece of candy?! KK Juls-Pmac Tiougeman ... Nasty Boys! Peachy, peachy... hey savage woman! Fred Shirley - many special memories never to be forgotten. Thanx to all my friends -1431 Mom Dad, thanx for all your love -F support - I love you!!! STEVE MINNINGER: Student Govt. Day - 3, Tennis 3-4, Yearbook 4, Bob, Dan, Andy - WAIT UPII Think Shawn! Sno-Board, BBC, BP 3 Polly and Kathy - Have you done your paper yet?l 5:1, LGT AUSTRALIA! Bermuda? 27. Much love to Mom, Dad, Katy, A.L., U.G., J.E., A.B., U.R., D and L, and my whole Community Family. I couldn’t have done it alone. STACY MONKS.- Cheerleading 1-2, Drama 2. Bob Marley, Grateful Dead - Keep on truckin ' !! Climbing trees higher and higher and higher. Jagging and Jam¬ ming w Kell, Mart, Mike, Dave, and Helen. Buffalo!! Max Creek, Good show Kim - BERLEY? Ha! Hal Play w Kell, oh well at least we kept our balance. rHrr Tiff Ilf! SCOTT MOORE: JV Soccer 1-2, Varsity Soccer 3-4, Varsity Basketball I- 4, Captain 4, J.V. Baseball I, Track 2-3, V.P. Sadd 3, Jr. Senate 3, Class V.P. 4, V.P. Student Council 4, Math League 4. Best of Times w The Best of Friends, JSDMJMTMMQCRCQBBRJFSCD, July 24, Trip to N.Y., Heineys . w Suds, 4th to 4th - the II month saga, I love you. Thanx for the memories guys, Best of Luck, Thanks Coach, Do it to ’em. Mom you’re the best! I love you. Adieu Nauset. THOMAS E. MOTT: I.A. 3-4, Work Study 4, Well, my two years here have, I must say, been quite different. But for the most part its been fun! CW, AC, JO, its been a trip. Nantucket ’86 " Tom Get out of the water!” Friday nights in the Camino. " Do we have enough ice?” 130 mile Sunday drives. DAD Sue I Love You! 80 LAURA MURPHY: Chorus 1-4 ski club Maura L: la-la Katie, Tammy, Kathy, you’re the bestl u-2 SSI Chatham parties w KVTAKNBEBMCT etc 9 19 AC DC w KV,TA ... Nickerson State park 9 20 w KVTAKN- BEBMMW TG JE. Katie, so-co is nastylll Tammy you talk too muchlll Club Paradise 86 Remember that Stephl Good luck NS6SF Cootie, TNT, Kathy Maura Friends 4-ever Mom Dad ILY, Toodles MARIA NAPOLITANO: " CAB”t Robin - YTB! June will be here soon enough. Kim, 4 to midnight psyched to see ESI Sorry about YKW- BLNTWWIMB. HCKSSFBW - " Moo” and Hyannis " calm down”. BB ' s concert w Kristin was the best. BCF w RB,KS. KGTACFSJJSHCBBKKBA et. al — INLGOTM. TW - thanks for always being there 143. Peter and Nicky good luckl Mom and Dad thanks for all your help - 143 all. HANNAH NARKON: GTW ASSJMSMLTWDNCCJDJMSCTSMA Frived, Breakwater, DM quick ... 7 4 86 w AS Bachelor Party, OCT w B.B’s sum¬ mer 86, Nauset, Berkshirians, Woodshed ... Dusty, Chatham Bound! Morn¬ ing Star - Thanx 143. Crispy - stay close. Baked ... Zepplin, its casual. Mel, sisters? Toga party ... Srgt. Peppar, Praying! Relish? Well girls, we’ve made it! Lader ... Andee, TCYIABH Mom Dad, future will tell... Good luck Jason! ILY. DAWN NAUGHTON: Student Council 2-4, Soccer 3, Junior Senate, ALG 3 4. DADEE - In so much darkness you have always been the light, 143. PN + KP. MnMLOVEARKCMAPUSSYCATTRAZZEROASFERRETTSSJGSPK ZJHNJOSH, 143. Thanks for making each day brighter. Buzzy’s, Evildead, OB’s, Chaudamor, Ying Yang, Burner, Mercury 143. Three Ratts, The Shelf, 2 much 2 say 2 you all. - MONROE, AMAZON. My life has just begun. JO ANNE NICHOLS: Softball I. Jo. I’d like to thank my mom for her support, 1 love you! Good luck L. D. Try to keep sane! H.C. stay away from those elevators. L.R. It’s been a real wild ride, but we made it. Stay Cooll Hey, V.G. ... I made it! Later Nausetl ... Much! KATHY NORTH: Chorus 1-4 all-Cape. KV LM TA BE JW CM RK HT and BH you are terrific ILY. Chatham parties are by far better. CM I had a great summer! Thanx Jen you’re a great friend. Whats Xavier? Remember BB KE TG BS FR etc. Mom and Dad thanks and my 3 brothers ILY. HEATHER O’BRIEN: Cheering 1-4, Field Hockey 1-4, Track 1-4, Student Council 3-4, Junior Senate 3, HOB - The fearless 7? Many good times, late nights at Daves. Joshua - Many late night adventures 3:48!?! Jon - wanna go swimming? Cyndie - thanks for the good times Bathrooms, damn boui! hey babe, ILYG! Scotty - ILYA! Say you! Say me? Cait - brownie points? Gez - what pact? LM-B.A. where? Many more not forgotten. Thanx Ma Pa ILY! JOHN OHMANN: Soccer I 2, Baseball I 2, Work 3 4. Bye Nauset, It’s been Grand. T.M., C.W., A.C., A.V., M.S., M.B., J.F. Thanks for whatever. Tom get out of the water! Nantucket Bound! 50 Kegs and STOP! The cooler tipped over. Renegade Madness. Angus 85, 86. Consume a little. The Terl lives. Mom Dad you’re the greatest. LATER!! Rappin Duke! a 82 CHRISTOPHER PATRICK: Basketball I, Drama 2-4. ALL the great times with JGMSBTMBJVSJESCDAPHB-AJ AND ALL OTHERS to many to name. Jamie - take a walk on the wildsidel Stay on 321 RicoPRPN. Shay- bird - never a dull moment. Mario - 200mph or bust! Sam - hang on bud Aelish - 1431 Thanks LisaV LauraG LeselyC JenF CindyL andalltherest! THANKS TO MY FAMILY - 143!! JANNA S. PEREIRA: Newspaper 2-4; Art 3-4; ALG 4 Sewing 4-, Remember the carrols? Losing priviledges? No chutzpah! Use your life force wise¬ ly, R.W., submarine lover, WE ARE. Thanks for telling me. Stevie Ray and the Grateful Dead paper. You survive sixteen and the rest is easy. ' Member " It’s the same old story, all of the glory is a pantomime. PHU PHAM: Varsity Soccer 4, Math Team 4. A year here is really worthwhile and I really enjoyed my stay. CRAIG PIERANTOZZI: Baseball 1-4; Captain 4; Basketball 1-3. Cleg, D.J. and the Cinemas: Big Ed, FHTR. Hell Raising w ES, CB, CD, SM, KH, PTC § the Crew. La Behemoth - Slandslom, I’m not moving! RTS Ped.we flipped. Bio 84 w JC, GP, ES. View Sheets: Clahky E.O. in the Galaxy, Examine your vehicle, 5, 6 ... what? Falcons rule the NFL. K.P. Thanx, your the Best I- 4-3. Mom, Dad, Buddy I love you. Brad your’re cool but I love you anyway - DMC Eric, I Know I APRIL PIKE: Drama Club 3. See y lata Nausetl WR KB SS KE SJ JH JB ect. ect. We ' ve had some real fun 143 forever FRESHMAN YR was good for all of us. TP Time heals all. KB don’t forget cast party ' 86. fun fun. come on we cando it. 7-4-86 Ruled. Dan T. Don’t Forget the Coors. Mom Dad Thanks 143. CAITLIN QUIMBY: Field Hockey l-4 s Hockey Cheering I; Basketball Cheering 2-4, Track 3. Amy - dance?l My 2nd home! " Crazy Girls” buttered noodles - waterskiing! GACI! Stephanie - I3yrs omil " the little girl over the hill!” Big sis - 143! C2H - Dave’s, toasts, talks! Dream on Cyndie! Thanx for everything Heather - 1431 GS BB JB TM - JS JM DM SM MQ The gangs mommas - Thanx 143! Joshua - we made it - I love you! Mom - Dad the last one’s gone! I love you! Chip - you’re the best I’ll miss you. MICHAEL QUIST: The long 4 years are finally over. Thanks MomiDad for helping me to make it. Bye Josh, Scott, " Linny”, Heath, Dave, Jen and " BOOGA Keep in touch. Well, its looking like 4C’s to me, huh Josh¬ ua. Thank you Kathy for your support. WENDI ROBINSON: Gymnastics 1,2. The fields are forever guys! K.E. thanx for being there in typing) i’d probably be undressed ... I Y mom dad 6 brothers sisters. 1-4-3-Galileo Bonfini - (Bonzo your my wuzzle) - Poopie - 83’ S.R. K.R. Don’t call me AJI! lOpd. nephew-canoeing - My long lost friend is still special (Tish) We made it everyone ... Party forever - P.S. I Luv you too Gram! 84 ' -- LISA RODRIGUEZ: Soccer 3, Chorus 4, Thanx: KB,SC,SS,AP,SJ,HC,Sash,Bab- ,Punk,DN,CF,JS, you made it easier 4 me. Mom Dad I love you! Live it up CJI Steve Don’t 4 get I love ya lots! We do have a circle. Takrina Lebair § SS: Member dis: I can’t stopl What a joke! MICHELE ROGGE: Student Council I, Cheerleading 1-4, Sheller, Ardvarc DRHSSHMBDTGSCS ILYAVMI1 Glen, thanx for being there. Dee YTBILYI Curty? (take carel) Marcie S " THE DUCK?” Toga’86, the Canoe, Scargo Tower, N.Y.II The Century! J.D) Courtney IMY. M D ILY, Britt have fun. " if you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re w -C.S.N. PAMELA ROSE RONAN: Cheerleading l-4 Captain 2-4 So many good times memories with special friends: JCJMBMJMASCQBBGSBLJBHHRJDM I can’t believe they’re over. Grad, night w Jen, Joe Rob. SWAMPS?I?I Jen - Another Bartyles Jaymes?!? Becca - " Memories light the corners of our minds.” ISLYI Rob -1 love you so much. TFGUWM. September 6,1993 - We’ll make it! ILYTMTE. Class of 86 -1 miss you! Good luck to all my friends, espe¬ cially to my sister, Tina. Thanx Mom Dad - I love you both. DIANA ROOT: Lady Di, Applesauce, (chick?!) JD,KH,DW - Times were hard, don’t forget the good ones. Thanks for not giving up on me - ILY all. Steph - you’ll always be special. Brian - you’re a sweetie. To David: SMTSNKHTSI Thank you for making me so happy -1 LOVE YOU!! Mom- SDad - Thanks for the support. ILY both. 85 CYNDIE RYAN: Soccer 1-4) Track l-4 Band I; Drama 2s Student Council 2-3 Cheerleder 3 Hurdlers Rip!! Mr. Walorz Thank you. Allison - " We were born as 2; we grew to be I” You are most important to me! HOB- the best of friends the best of timesllll Friends Forever! Ray- " Broken Wings” 84-85 Woodstock. B.A. Stay reall " Belinda” - your true colors are beautiful! Buz - be all you want! ILY G.L. Mom 3 Dad- the worst is over ILY very much!!! Thanx Great times: HOB, SM, LM and RC! GL watch out world here we come! DEE DEE RYAN: Student Council 1-3, Class Vice President 1,2, Drama Club I, B-Ball I, cheerleading - I; Student Advisory Council 2j Senior Senate - 4s Best times with: MRHSSHMBGSCSDT. I43all! Comacazzi night. The CANOE! New York. AC DC. TOGA ’8611 MICA: FRIENDS FOREVER; 143. Sarba Heatha, Mica - we’re inseparable. Curt - you really can walk on my pool!! The Brady Mobile Rules. Marc - I’ll see you in the BASEMENT! 143. MOM - 10 is moving one ... ILY! NNHHBi ERIC SANDSTROM: Soccer 1-2, Basketball 1-4, Baseball 1-4 Soccer 1-2, Honor Society 3-4 J.G. Webbah, (PRPN) GL Crew Gibbs - hot times. NPG. Tsopu - Get the tine!! Yo Toz, You’re cool. I’m not moving. UPHILL! The Ped is not effective. 5,6... what? I KNOW. Friendlies water trips. Turbo Rambler (please start) Recon - always crazy + R.H. Thanks Mom,Dad, + friends. I.L.Y. MICHAEL D. SCHADER: Band 1-4, Orchestra 2-4, Math League 1-4, Honor Society 3-4. Garbage in, Garbage out, " It is very easy to be blinded to the essential uselessness of the machines by the sense of achievement you get from getting them to work at all.” Good luck to all my friends, and special thanks to Mr. Scanlon, Mr. James, Mr. Ryan, and Mr. Joyce. Live long and prosper. 86 ■ ' - ' r-m 5 " r- ’ 1 % % KAREN SCHOFIELD: V. Field Hockey 1-3, Cheerleading I, Band I 3, Flute Choir 2-4, Chorus 2S3, S.A.D.D. 2-4, Drama Club 3, ALG 4. K, K.C, Rare, Karin. Lots of good times to remember! The syndrome! " whimsical!” No gum chewin’, O.P.D. Beach Party!, Karin stend. White Mountains - wagon of sin, Coowell - horse! Study - it’s a wild time! Mr. Macaroni! Morning count! To my family - thanks! Buddies - you guys are the greatest! Bye now! SWANTJE SCHRODER: Basketball 4. Running away from it is easy, but to confront the situation is better. Thanks for all that we did together. Thanks for a great year with great kids! CURT SCHWARZKOPF: Lacrosse l-2 5 Race car driving I; Bowling 2; Math Club 2-, Tennis 3-4; TBH 4) Honor Society 4-, New York, CC. The Manor, BC’s, 213th, Orienta. Hey ducks lets get out of here " SMASH”. WHATA TRIP. RAZED, ZOOT, DREAD. QUATERS, B.S. THE TOGA, LEMANS. TRIP, HEATHER, TUR¬ BO, CRISPY, D SHELLER EDGES, PAT, FRIDGE. " TRAV I DON’T GO DOWN FOR NOBODY!” WHERE’S DONALD! MRK. (MS.AR.SD)! ZERO GLENN SCHWARZKOPF: Lacrosse I-2-, Physics Club 3-4-, Computer Club 3; Sailing Team 3-, Bowling Team 4; B.T. Club 4; TOGA ’85-’86 - " Star Luge” Never forget you Heathy,I Luv You! DTMBTLCPKJMACTBKJG - " ALWAYS REMEMBER YOU GUYS” DOG POO BONES, DAZED, BREN¬ DAN, MISS YOU GUYS. " Hey Donald, Craig wants to talk to you.” MR. M. YOUR THE BEST ... JOKER! " GO NAUSET!!” ... Ha-ha TRAV, DON’T GO DOWN FOR NOBODY! 87 SHANNON SCOTT: Chorus 2-4, Drama Club 3 4. Speedy: Skeeter; Thanks for 4 yrs of memories - KBAPCRHCKVLMTAKNRBNHSAJCetc. ILYA. Lisa - glad you stayed. Kat - thanks for everything and being a friend. Dan - PB -I- J! PRL - you’re a good friend. 7-4-86 P-town Jag w KBSJAPDHSFMM. Summer 85 + 86, wine coolers, 2 Molsons, Barn Crew - LSBBSRCSCRTADJCREEetc. Good Luck JW. Thanks Mom, BYE NAUSET - Laterl TRACEE SELLING; Music then and forever. Europe ' 86, the italian men ... definitely a-ther story. Balance beaming w Neil G. The P-Furs ' 86, Mirror Moves. OS’s w KK, IL’d Y Happy trails to Mary Chipman 143. Thanks to more special people than I can name for the love happiness. To the old Glenn Baker, INFY. As 4 my clone, you’re the ultimate mom. ILY. MATTHEW SHAY: Drama 1-4, Track 1,3,4, Newspaper 2-4, Yearbook 1,2,4, Band Tech 3,4. Bert Where’ve you been? Are we Dishwashers or what? Dudly Eng. 9, OH MY What 6th period? Where? Gib, whos runk?? JG,Pat,Battles- .Sandy, Haigar, let’s ski! Drama w EF,CH,AM, and the gang. CL,LV + L Hang In there guys - luv you all. Love to M,D,$, + C. Holy hoola Hoops Bat Manl Can this be life? Oh Tayll LISA SMALL: Basketball 1,2, Softball I. " Donalds”... el the " Robin Hood”... Thou art naked ... " On the Couch?” ... Summer 86’ the best ... Keep it coming . .. 4 28 86 ... 9 I2 86.H.F, E.L., J.C. ... 8 10 86 8 11 86, E.O. " Trashed” ... Party ... B.A. " Wheres the chicken?” BC. - P-town w coolers J.C. - Love ya ... Kath thanx for everything ... Good luck to my friends!! Love you Mom- SDadll 88 MARGARET SMITH: Yearbook 2-4, Basketbll 2, Track 2, National Honor Society 3,4, Golf 2, Track 2, Soccer 2, Mothers Day, Soviet Union Shop¬ ping in Boston. $500.00 each=2 sweaters for Besty and I. Mothers Day 85’ and 86’. Russia, what a cultural experience. Rahhwwhiskkizz. SSad. It hurts in here. T.J. Hears Church bells. Rust Cords. Try to be in. The saga continues. Thank you BS,MJ,AC,WH,BS,LM,JM. I love you mom and dad Thanks a lot. MATT SMITH: Body Building. The Freaks of Nature, The " Creature’’ Lives On. 500 Squat is mine! Special Memories of: JEN, Hannah, Lor i, Erin, Karen, and Stacy. RT G races in the Fiero. College bound? Maybee. My own Business, no Questions asked. I left my mark on this place. Can we talk.? SARAH SMITH: Cello, Voice, Baton, youth group, bells, Yearbook. " Sars”, B.O.F. - P,K,K,S, M! T. @Genn.(5 yrsl) Char - SNOW! BE HONEST! (JHM) Spg. Op., U.S.N.,S Of ’86, T.G.I. F., BBQ’S C.L.V. n’est pas?, K P - IM- NOK? or AIOKIB? Fr. year! J S. Din, Ski NHW!, Choir Orchestra, Ma¬ jorettes, cello. Wash, D.C.I J,A D - ILY! Much Thanks: AB, UD, AH, Fr. H, AK, B P, B J, UR Fr. L, my M’s and all my Cousins family. ILYA! Thanks to Mom Dad - ILYT! LY Mar, Dave clear Good Luck! ELIZABETH SOUTHWORTH: Freshman - cheerleading, track, golf - sophomore - cheerleading - track, newspaper, yearbook. Mothers Day, the Smiths - junior - cheerleading, newsaper, yearbook - the Sqeez- e.OMD - senior - newspaper, yearbook, cheerleading. Smith, OMD - ELVIS COSTELLO - 82,83,2 in 84,3 in 86. DAVID LETTERMAN. CHRISTO¬ PHER PLUMMER - THE SOUND OF MUSIC. Alex - ILY best of friends forever. Meg - it hurts - I tear sad - Boston - USSR. Wendy - Westin - Sr. Tapas - phone convos. Mike - BURNING POTATO - What Exit? - Off The Bay. Jenny - Letterman re-re-runs - HA? - HE wore that yester¬ day! I.L.Y.A.LMBSMTNHDDEFMSPJ - good luck! Mrs. L. and Mrs. L - THANKS - DAD 143 89 MAGGIE SPADE: Drama Night 1,2,4, Mag, Mags, Magnum, Spagetti, Spaggie Made. Good times with the sexy 6-7?-8?-JMVCPBKKTCSHMD and you, too, JZ. Jess - my sis next door 143. JMJDSJAJ - you’re all b—. SJ - Relish? Getting married? 143 HN - from babes to the shed ILY. ML - you’re the best ILY always. Carol I love you. Aaron where are you? RAMONA SPARROW: Hyannis skate PM,AM,WR,SF. Bathroom BL,SF,EL,AT, Pleasant rumors that weren’t true!! Good trips P-town $F,JG,BJ,FG,PG,JM, Big Jagl Thanx Mom! 143 I LOVE YOU Andre! CANADA RULES! LATER NAU- SONS! No Thanks to Faculty! AMY LYNN SQUIRE: Field Flockey 1-4, hockey cheerleading I, ski club 1,2, Senate 2, ALG 2-4, Drama 2, Class Secretary 3, Student Council 3,4, Flonor Society 3,4, Track3,4, Massachusetts Girls State 3, Class Secre¬ tary 4, Yearbook 4, Student Council Treasurer 4, Flonor Society Treasur¬ er 4. Scrub, Aim - memorable times withSDCQDNHHBBJBGSTMBMS FBESNMFI. Scrub the bone worm, Bermuda, the Field Hockey Dream, pool headlights, 711, hurricane party, graduation ’86, Gac Machine, Big Toe, Hey Guito, RATT SISTERS - 143 Ferret, VH? INXS - BATESY. Bob - UWHOME2 - YWABIMH. Dana, I miss you. S C - UZRMSTM. Mom Dad 143. I will make you proud. PAUL STEVENS: Ran sidelines for Girls’ Soccer Team 3, To all my friends at Nauset! Thanks for your friendship and help. I had fun with LR,KT,DFB,DAB,JWR,CR,SM, and CH. Thanks for letting me play soccer in our class, Mr. Donahue. I’ll always remember. Running the sidelines for Mr. Rice and his team. 90 a,.-. BECKY STEWART: Field Hockey 1-4, Track 2, Student Council 2-4, ALG - 3 4» National Honor Society 3 4, Senior Senate. " When you part from your friend, grieve not, For what you love most in him may become clearer in absence.” Ame, " You are what you are” and I43SG forever. AGLMHGSRJWCDJMWMI43 all - I’ll never forget the memories, MDJES, ILY and I realize I’ll be fortunate to never find what I’m looking for, since that way I can never stop seeking. JACK STILL: Soccer 1-4, Hockey 1-4. Good times playing sports for Nau- set. Junior year was great! Prom night with Kav and his " high beams.” Cops didn’t notice. " Lucky for us”. Dawn it’s been easier with you. I love you. Mom and Dad you’re the best. Love ya. MARTA SVEDEN: Track I, Germany 3 with BU.OB, MY.ME.etc., TUNA-FPHFT! Newport, Osterville, Harold Parker, cruisin in the volarie, movies (what dog?) ' Why’re we wet Saratoga - AG and a bike, Pochet with SM.DY.Knox- block - good disguise, Dave. X at TN’s, Rt.6 with the Germans, UKw TF, Skiing w JD and DT, New Hampshire with SM.SH.JP - ' a burger?’ M and D - ILY. There was a bear ... HEATHER SWARTZ: ALG 3-4, Squid poo, racing K-cars to the discotheque, Kamakazi, you dirty dudes - M.R., D.R., M.B., C.S., T.L., K.J., S.H., Smile and wave, good lovin GlenerlLUS, Franny Bobanny + NinnylLUB, Mom + Dad I love you Bears!!, ALG will survive!!, Kimbo + Smelly - Are you ready for the country? Cause its time to go. (N.Y.) 91 CHARLES TAYLOR: (TRIP) Basketball I. The class of ’87 will dominate. Later Nauset, I wish I could say it’s BINFUN. Trips to NC with BM, KD, JB, thrown out of NC with JB. Markavich you’re a manl It’s BINFUN HA guys? Good luck to all my friendsi Thanks Mom and Dad. Off to Cal. Till we meet again! MYLA BRIGGS THOMA$:Heyl How can you tell when you’re overweight? NEGROPHIL1A - Smile with the rising sun - Isle of Ewe - even if you’re J.A.R.G - laughing at the sunrise like he’s been up all night - as it was in the beginning, so shall it be in the end - none but ourselves can free our minds - so if you wanna sing out sing out and if you wanna be free be free ... STACY TOM: FBLA - 2-4. H.W. well, we have finally made it. Summer of ’86 was fantastic with MS, AB, ST what a wild summer. Summer of 85 with H.B. Mom and Dad thanks alot, I love you both. Scott, Sarah, and David good luck. MS I luv ya. kL you are a good friend. KAREN TORTORA: Attendance collector 3-4. To all my friends at Nauset, Paul, Denise Ann, Matt, Chris, Lisa, Heather, Rhonda, James, Mark and Den¬ ise. Please let Baba come to school and see us, Mr. Ballerino? 92 ROBERT TSOUPRAKE: Hoop 1-3, Drama 1-4. Birds - HJg Wall Cobra SI- 50 MarioJJ - Hellian ski - LP. isa (Good year) Thanks for life, 143. Bird - Art 9, 5 10. Drama parties, bushes. Cobra - bushca, revenge is sweetl Down with Leepal Mario - Silver bullet, oil? Cruzinl Prom 86-87. Fight. " Star Theory” 51-50 Rothl D D, kneeboading, stairs? " Let’s Rock” Jg O.P.D. Cruzin yotal Mom, Dad, 143. Cindy your in my heart forever. Thanx, all ... KONSTANTINOS TZEKAKIS: 19 years of my life in Australia, Greece, U.S.A. Its a big wonderful world. Wherever land my country. Wherever culture my life. My hope is that Mr. Noll will come to me, late. Forever young. Mihalis, Dimitro, Georgie Tzekakis. Friends, relatives. But not homesick. To the spider woma n. American Friends. I £S3—‘ BETSY UNGER: Class Treasurer - It ALG -1-4. Marta, you’re beautiful -1 love you. RYB, I miss you. D 3 , you’re true blue. There’s always HOPE. Thank you. I love you Mom and Dad. If you can’t have a golden child, smile because she’s silver. Sunshine, off to the castle on the black and white horses. I live you! CATHERINE VALLE: Chorus 1-4, " Cootie.” " Lady Evil”, BETALMMMSSKN, ILY you’re the greatest! HANDCUFFS!!! Laura, So-Co IS Nasty! AC DC 9 19 86. Chatham parties w BETALMKNJE, etc. 9 20 86 - Nickerson State Park. Bob, you’re the Best ... I’LL LOVE YOU 4-EVERIIII THANKS to Mom § Dad for everything, I wouldn ' t have made it without you!! 93 SHAWN VERFAILLIE: Orchestra All State 1-4, National Honors Orchestra (NSOA) 3, Orchestra All Eastern 4. EWHCKBKP " Reach high, for stars lie hidden in your soul..Special thanks and lots of love to my Mom and Dad brothers and sistersl - Julliard?. SOMEDAYI ... What we are is God’s gift to us. What we become is our gift to God. JOHN VINCENT.- Basketball manager l-4i Drama 3-4i Yotas last forever Morn, spec. C. parts, Breaker 29 in hot pursuit of one red camaro. Cruiser VV W 53 good times with CD SH,RT,ES,CP,MS,SJ,MB,JG,LG,CL,LV,BB Team and many others. Party Shack. Thanx Mom Dad, Good luck Lisa. CHRISTINA WAGNER: ALG 4, DEAD shows ’82 on. Fun w MS, SC, HN, ML, KS, all friends, even JT. OH SUZIE Q! Great b-day Austin huh? ' Fun now that daddy took the T-bird away!’ PEACE - means more than said Jen. Hey Kath - Big truck! Where we goin’ next year?! ANDREI IL all OYI mom and dad, Thanx for the freedom - ILY - but wheres my Ferrari? JULIE L. WALSH: Basketball 1-4, Yearbook I, Europe 2, A.C. H.M. J.J. K.S. C.C. T.L. E.K. K.B. S.S. Your Great Friends! Amy thats a COP ... H.M. I saw some¬ thing! Europe. Jen, where is my hub cap? That is not it! What Complex? TUF- FENUFF M + D + C I love you! Goodbye! Onto Dean! 94 HEATHER WHERITY: Heath, Heathy Good times with: MCKGCDSTLEJ W Stacy we made it! Beach parties w Mike Kelley Jack and Steve were on it kelley. Remember Jack and Steve in the red truck and getting mar¬ ried? Nantucket, we never did make it there. Mom Dad 143 Thanxs for everything. Colleen Good luck, Mike 143 DAWN WHITE: Field Hockey I; Basketball cheerleader 1-2 (Co-Captain 2)s Soccer cheerleader 2; Vice president l Student Government Day Repre¬ sentative 3i National Honor Society 3-4j Good times w K.H. D.R. K.E. J.D. T.M. C.Q. L.T. - Lets go dingying! Honey, What do you do for money? Jelly¬ bean hearts forever. Tequila anyone? Party at G.M.’s, where is everyone? Yoda ’85 LUNCH BUNCH! AC DC, Mom’s Choice, The Best Inn. I love you Rick. " I’m so caught up in you.” Mom, Jon, Kelly - Never would have made it w out you! 143 forever! CHRIS WILLIAMS: X-Country 1-2, Track 1-3, Science Fair 2: Photography - 3. Good Bye Nauset. Hello New World. Thanks Mom and Dad love you both. Have fun Juli: AC, BE, MB, T, TM, JO, DW, CD, AHJ: Lots of Luck. I love you Amber. Remember the fun times forever, I will. Bll Hey its chicken and spagetti, " Necter of the Gods”, " keep on Risi n” 95 DANIELLE WINTHROP: Chorus 1-4; All Cape Music Festival 1-4; A.L.G. 2-4; Dra¬ ma 3-4; Yearbok - 4. Misi - Bestest Breakfast Buddies. Barry — beware of Stoed midgets. Steve, you made summer 86 great! No problem! Takrina Le- Bairl Nan - Dead Penguins! Mummy - thank you for letting me be me. Donna, Shirl, Nan, FRANK, Gram E. - You mean so much to me. I.W.L.Y.A.l SS - Chicken NOO NOO Soup! Bye Grump. JOEL WOODES: Spanish 1-4, Surfing 1-4, Intramural Hockey I. J.B. and Trip, wanna surf C.G.? It’s better than sitting at home, right!!? Waves might help, huh? SKATE!! See T.T., J.B., A.B., J.H. in real surf. To classes 88 and 90 ... H ope you live through it, especially N.T. and relative GO to the beach. ERIKA A. WOODS: Trig. Star Award - 3, ’87 C.A. to N.Y. fall of ’69, Thanks C.D. (Lights Out) Can’t forget J.M., K.B., K.R., J.H.. S.V., R.B., (No Fr.), K.G., H.C., H.M., K.K. MG forever. Thanks Mom, Dad and C.W. MIKE YATES: Hydrotech 1-4, US 202 1-4, W G, 1-4, Prez 2, Vice Prez 3, Sen. Sent. Norml 4, D.A.M.M. 4. Blub, Blubs 1-4. Mr. Bones Lives Capital Hills at A.A.’s Watergate is in session. Fumar a la muerte. ' Scuse me while I lite my spleef. G.D. at Saratoga, Buffalo, Prov., more. Max Creek B.T. athons, w H.$.,D.Y.S.M.,A.A.,J.B., The Jalbs, B.E.,A.H.,M.E.,D.H.,J.P. Germany ’86 Danka P.T.C. B.E. 5 finger discount. H.S. 143 Couldn’t have done it without you. D.Y. too Much is Just Enough. Another Blizzard, Another Tab, This is really, really weird. M D Luv Ya Thanks W. G. 96 TODD ZIMMERMAN. WHAT’S THE FACTOR?! Thanks JG, AG, DH, JE, CR, BZ,HH, DY, ML - Tim and Lis I’m finished! No morals. Gill sogs Donations w Dave and Jay. Germany 2 5 86. Ame and Cind Mr. D’s " class?” Bud lite patrol. AC DC wake up Dave! Clean thoughts 2nd per. Arne’s Truck. BUS?! Gill, asky Beany. $25 fine. Todd headlights? Thank M § D I love you! WENDY SUE HART: Yearbook 2-4 (ed. 4), Newspaper 3-4, Honor Society 3-4, Great Books 4, Underground 4. Amusing diversions w JL,MJ,BS,JM,HA,MS — ILYA. MJ — we’re special U I. expendable? Not to each other! Bets-uh-Wendy,Westin,Sr. Tapas,Phone convos.Mommie Dearest,Squeeze,Elvis,What dance? Jillee - Germans, Menudo.lLY! Fer - will Mr. Weekend return? Stripspeech ’86 - YCLYHO! Lunch4 — BC,JG,JM,MA,AH! EGGHCHUNKI9 1 ! Weeks - whip it! Good luck my friends U KNOW WHO U R! Thanks Mrs. L-KIT. Thanks Family esp. Barb IWALYI ILYMTWCS - Jay! Happy Trails! ERIC LAVENDIER: Sunday zoo on Nauset Beach ... Sugarbush ' 86 ... " AAH!” ... " HMMM!” 6 9 86 I Love You Holly ... Math is fun? ... Dippin’ ... Keldon, Baby dude ... John and Lis ... Summit meetings ... looking for Stanley ... Manute ... Head for the mountains ... Boot juice ... $25 toad ... Torque-commanding ... Bob,Jeff,Marty.the brothers I never had ... I Love you mom,dad.Sane,Mike ... Cease! .. 97 SCOTT AMERAULT: Hey Dave lets partyll Best of ail times with GM CF JS BA MH Niki I luv YU F.E.Winters cursing w DN,CF,GM. Boligerent to all. The Barn Crew lives!! Fee-Fee have funll Mom Dad love you THANX for the PRESSURE Good BYE to NAUSET. RAFE EMOND: track - 3,4. It’s been real " Jud,Vonzie,lngy,Pat,E-GUY and Souza”, fun Partying with You. This year will end quickly and we’ll all be faced with some real challenges in this world. I’m sure we’ll make it. We JUST might have to carry Vonzie. Good Luck to all you Guys. Later, Rafe. CHRISTIE LEE GRINDLE: Band 1-4, Pep Band 1-3, Marching Band 1-3, Soft- ball Manager I, Softball 4, National Honor Society Nominee 3, Who’s Who Among American H.S. Students, Honor Roll 3, High Honors in Ac¬ counting and Recordkeeping. Ron Bassett, I Love You. Mom and Dad Bassett, thanks for everything. And for all my new friends on the Cape, you’re a great bunch of people!! MICHAEL-ROBERT JORDAN: Newspaper 2-4, Yearbook IS4, ALG 3S4, Underground Newspaper 3S4, Great Books 4, ALG - White Mountains, Independent Library Science Study, Karyn 4. This is Moria now. Teen car traumas w. Jen M. Violent Femmes: Night of Frustration. Suzanne Vega-Lone Justice. Atalented Proctor=Burning Potato. It’s late-nite w Betsy Southworth. Strange days w BS,MBT,JM,SY,MS,TM,NH,JB,DB, DD,MK,KE,PB,ILYA. Wendy my enexpendable friend. No Vamp Preten¬ tions. Karyn my Madame Picasso - I LOVE YOU! Soren crazy person Unmeasurable love to Brian, Mom, Dad, Terri and NANA. You can all take a breath now. Thank you LJM JOHN BASKIN: Evil Birds, Good times Bad times in summer of ’86, BT’s at AA’s w MY, ME, AA, ZK, A Jalbert, BJ, DH, BE, Nickerson State Park, Great Woods, Drink, Smoke Be Merry, B-Neck Trunk Jags, Nau- set, I cannot lie, its been a very weak 4 years. THOMAS GARRAN: surfing, bakin -1, Hockey, track, surfing, bakin -2, Hockey, track, surfing, bakin - 3, Hockey, track, SADD, surfing, bakin -4 Partying on both sides of the track, late night with C$,DK,PA,bJk at A + P. Thanx to all my teachers for putting up with me. Special thanx to Miss Martha Love ya! Sorry Mom + Dad but it had to be done! " We chased out pleasures here, dug out treasures there, can’t you still recall the time we cried, break on through to the other side”. NATHANIEL MORGAN HAMMATT: Do you really care about my activi¬ ties? Fellow Superheros, Richard’s Mother, only limbs and teeth remain for my beloved comrades. My body is not easily hurled into walls for just anyone. MH DS3II587NACFD920LMP ... gold, gold, gold. With food on his shirt and no hair on his head, he is content Just an old man, silent and angry. JAY ONNEMBO: cross-country -1, baseball -1, Drama Club - 4 Hey D.N. - what a friendship - say hi to holly - who the hell cares what other peo¬ ple think of us it’s our life - Mere - in Love - walk along The Beach good Luck - K.H. - we made it - C.F. - J.S. - G.M. Thanxs everyone for helping me through 98 JASON VAUGHAN: Jags with Keese, Steam, Ingy, Jud. Love ya Dad. I know we’ll all make it in life as long as Rafe carries the keg. NAUSET A NAUSET 99 2P)3( H i r07lRiD2C JUNIORS Scott Abbott Eric Aldrich Danielle Anderson Nicole Austin Deborah Aylward Jeanette Battles Brad Bengston Daniel Bigos Barbi Birnesser Kevin Blake Derick Bodamer David Bohannon Adam Brennan Scott Brookshire Phoebe Brown Catherine Buddington 100 Jon Bunnell Catherine Burke Colleen Cabral Rachel Calderon Alexandra Campbell Alan Chace Gale Chambers Layman Clark Jefferey Clayton Veronica Coffin Matt Collins Steven Comeau Sean Corrigan Marcel Costantino Steve Costas Tom Creavy Renee Crevier Michelle Crocker Stephen Culp Jennifer Curran 101 Brandon Currier Robert Currier Sherri Daniels Michele Davis Scott Davis Charles Delcourt Kimberly Dennison Kellie Deschamps Jennifer Dibble Sharon Dillree Jodi Doyle Michelle Dube Dee Anne Dunham Max Dwyer Pauline Eagar Becky Egan 102 Christopher Ellis Duane Escher Sue Falletti Stephanie Fields Jamie Finn Jay Forsythe Erika Francis Jeff Francis Seb Frawley Noah Gamsey Tim Gaskill Nicole Gibbons David Goddard Jessica Goldstein Lynda Goodspeed Kim Grady Jennifer Greene Sue Hall Amy Hamilton Samantha Hammatt 103 Jennifer Harrison Angie Hayden Tracy Hayes Lisa Hebden Josh Herbert Tracy Hermes Chris Hilley Heather Hobbs Marc Hoffmeister Jennifer Hogg Laurie Holcomb Jeff Hollister Keath Hopgood Amy Horton Laurie Hudson Eric Huntley 104 Brad Jones Adam Joseph Aelish Joyce Katie Kavanaugh Maureen Keegan Jennifer Kiefer Nicole Kiefer Melissa Kinski Karyn Kloumann Tricia Kostas Angela Labbe Laurel Labdon Dawn Lee Laura Lennon Jamie Long Victor Lopez Mark Lorange Beth Lund Mary Macioci Jessica Mackenzie 105 Lisa Maglioli Kevin Marcotte Jil Marino Danny Marshall David Massey Heather Masson Steve Mayo Dale McCormack Brendan McCray Andrew McCully Jeff McNeal Jackie Miller Melissa Miller Kristin Minor John Monaghan Lynn Multer 106 Felicia Murphy Russell Murphy Joey Navas Shannon Nevin Lori Nichols David Olsen Erik Palin Chris Palmer Kathy Patrick Keith Patrick Ben Peery Chaylee Priete Lucas Provost Ed Rich Josh Rich Cate Rimmer Chris Robicheau Lisa Rodgers Kevin A. Rose Kevin M. Rose 107 James Schubert Bonnie Soule Kristin Stetson Eric Stevens Kerry Stocks Bill Strakele James Stratton Rick Svenningsen Ronald Sweatman Kerith Talbot Brenda Tanco Tammy Taylor David Thomas Kristen Thornton Amy Thureson Jay Tilton 108 Debra Wagner Becky Walters Jim Wanderlich Don Watson ' Jennifer White Teresa White Brooke Wieditz Dawn Wiley Kim Yeutter Jon Zavorskas Susan Zweig Juniors Not Pictured Elizabeth Benner Brian Berry Barry Clifford Seth Emond Sharon Finn Gary Fulcher Lori Fiutchinson Zach Johnson Aaron Jones Noah Leigh Karen Locke Suzanne Luscombe Kevin Murphy Kevin Pellegrino Craig Perry Yohanna Rhodes Daryl Sabine Christopher Saumsiegle Ehren Shenk Santee Singer Aldana Smith Amy Souza Mark Straughn Patricia Tesson 109 SOPHOMORES I Heather Ackerman Michael Amerault Megan Amsler Renee Anderson Daniel Bandstra Denise Bandstra William Becotte Andy Beswick Richard Bienvenue Roger Boucher Glen Bove Denise Brennan Shannon Brookshire Marla Bush Dave Bussiere Greg Campagna NO Lesley Carmichael Elena Casado Timothy Castleberry Anthony Chiarappo Aaron Coneen George Crocco Charles Cronin Jim Cronin Kirsten Davis Todd Dearborn Penny Deardoff Ann Marie Defina Shawn Delany Shawn Delude Cristeen Dennis Justin Dibble Melanie Dickert Zack Dixon Nora Dooley Sebastian Dubois III ID Chris Dumont Jeffrey Eble Aaron Francis Seamus Frawley Danielle Frechette Jen Fuller Holly Galligan Jonah Gamsey Chris Gaskill Paul Gaspar Nancy Giaquinto Mark Gleason Lara Gove James Greenwood Mimi Flail Bambi Hansen Sandy Hardy Karen Hartwell Jennifer Hatchard Jodie Hayes Jennifer Healy Erin Hennion Wendy Hilferty Heather Holcomb Melissa Homer Stephanie Jones Paul Kardos William Kaser Sean Kavanaugh Colin Kelly Sylvia Kerry Kevin Killian Jennifer Klinefelter Matt Krasnovsky Kathy Kurlychek Justin Labdon Michael Lach Shawn Landry Chris Leone Julia LaPlant Gregory Lauro Peter Lenza Jeanne Leonard Cindy Linnell Tara Lorange Ian Mackenzie Melissa MacLeod Michael Maglioli Chris Maken Steven Malatesta Mike Marcell Jeff Marino Shannon Marsh Peter Maskiell 114 Jon McEnaney Cynthia McKinnon John McLaughlin Lynne McLuckie Jean Ann Melanson Jason Menges Woody Metzger Daniel Milsky Steve Miner Heather Monahan Kevin Murphy Kevin Norgeot David North Michael O’Neil Michelle Onnembo 115 Jeremy Parker Todd Parker Beth Paulas Kevin Pellegrino Sasha Petrosky Michael Polston Sara Rabidoux Suzanne Rancourt Susan Rice Liza Ritchie Tobin Riley Heather Rogers Britt Rogge Tim Rutherford Allison Ryan Allen Ryone Dawn Sandblom Lori Schiraga Peter Schuhknecht Jodie Scott Kristin Seay Andy Shakliks Nancy Siemer Ellen Silvia Steve Skrocki Bob Smith Brian Smith Jim Smith Michael Smith Steve Smith Toby Smith Mike Spencer Jeff Squire Mark Stevens Sally Thorne Peter Towner Kelly Turner 116 Renee Valle Tim Vaughan SOPHOMORES HOT PICTURED Lisa Vincent Amber Viprino Wonda Ward Kelly Watson Matt Watson Daphne Whitelaw Gavin Whitelaw Maurice Wiley Peter Williams Ted Wilson Clark Brinker Moira Brown Patrick Bugley Nicole Chaves Timmy Crossman Anthony Dalman Justyn Eldredge Matthew Hayman Austin Jalbert Louise Jennings Paul Krikorian Sarah McDonald Chris Merl John Monaghan Lynne Multer Teresa Noll Melanie Pickert Kim Reilly Alexander Richards Gimbelee Salerno Andrew Southworth 117 2R33MO?)‘i) Brian Allen Christopher Alves Ian Anderson Dawn Baker Kim Baker Reuben Baker David Barnes Kenneth Beaulieu Chris Bernard Carli Bertrand Amy Cabral Joe Cappello Jon Carstanjen Peter Colpitts Stephen Conn Kevin Corcoran Molly Coughlin Brian Daley Steven Daniels Kerry Davenport Kim Day Caroline Decker 118 Laurie DeForest Matthew Deitrich John Dessauer Eric Diamond Sacha Dill Amy Dorval Richie Douglas Daryl Drown Tiffanie Dulac Heather Egan Tammy Ehrhart Amanda Eller 119 i Becky Ering Monica Escher Mark Felton John Filliman Susan Fleming Paul Francis Raquel Francis Tim Ganss Gail Gibson Mark Gleason David Gray Kristin Hagg 120 Nicole Hamblen Charity Hamilton Millicent Hartgering Laurel Hartman Steve Healy Scott Higgins Liam Hogg Allison Hurt Jeff Johnson Jesse Jones 121 Kirsten Kelly Stephanie Kezer Lissa Kostas Michael Kowalski Joe Krikorian Brent Latanzi Nicole Lee Tricia Lennon David Lofstrom Jenny Lord Joanne Lyman Valerie MacDonald Gillian Mackenzie Michael Maguire Scott Mahieu Stephen Marcell Elisa Martin Adrienne Massengill Tammy Masson Cherie Mathews Ian McDonald Natasha McDonald Dan McMullen Jennifer Metters Chris Miner Constance O’Neil Nicole Packett Amy Parker Kyle Parker Traven Pelletier Craig Pleva Tammy Plokzyk Ben Prentiss Salvatore Prince Jason Quinn Marc Rancourt Bob Rice Allison Ritchie Anthony Rodriquez Tina Ronan 123 Pamela Sandblom Mark Sandstrom Rebecca Savin Peter Schall Paige Scofield David Smith Jennifer Smith Leeann Smith Nicole Smith Kelly Snider Erin St. Aubin Ryan Stevens Josh Stewart Eren Straughn Steffanie Sullivan Chris Svenningsen Kim Szedlak Lisa Tanco Kim Taylor Nellie Tesson Craig Thornton Frank Travers Kellie Trombi Nicole Tudor Marasi Varner 124 Dean Viprino Vo Due Hung Jessica Walorz Christopher Walther Albert Warren r Anna K. Besciak Shelly M. Elliott Tammie Frazer Andrew Keese Briton C. Luhmann Michelle Marcotte Aaron R. Mayo Judith A. Scott Christopher Tomkinson Jason R. Weaver William H. Wordell Shayne Watson Barbara Whiting Bruce Willard David Young Hilary Young Tawndra Young James Zavorskas Freshmen Hot Pictured 125 OOPS! Hey! Despite popular belief, we are human, and in fact, we do make mistakes. January 9, l987-5:30p.m. These are the facts. Take them as you may: an innocent unidentified envelope is discovered while straightening the office. Underclassmen layout was finished, or so we thought. But little did we know, lurking deep within the contents of the ominous envelope were eleven homeless underclassmen photos. We could not bear to throw yet another one away. " AAAAARRGH!!!!”, said Mr. Donahue. " Don ' t tell me, I don’t want to know,” replied Briggy. " Anyone got a match?” inquired Mr. Donahue. " UH-OH, you’re not going to burn anymore photos, are you?”, said Betsy. " But we already sent in underclassmen layouts!” reminded Dennis. Thus, to spare us of more guilt - we present to you, the OOPS!! page. 126 Tomas Castleberry David Clark Priscilla Cook Holly Gillespie Daniel Griffin David Nichals Danielle Robinson Chris Tomkinson Mr. Robert Neeley, Superintendent Mr. Allen Brown, Assistant Superintendent Mr. Paul Markovich, Assistant Principal Mr. Thomas Ballerino, Principal Mrs. Diane Masterson Mrs. Nancy Laning Mrs. Shirley Longo Mr. Paul Davies Mr. Tim Joyce Miss Angela Mosesso 129 3»-rD2B co n — OCHC ) r -nOco i Mr. Bill McCaskie Mrs. Kathleen Leonard 130 Mrs. Diane Campbell Mr. Robert Rice Mrs. Nancy Bradley Mr. David Wood Mr. Don Campbell Mr. Frank Hutchings Miss Rita Mousseau Mrs. Mary Morrison ft piD CD2 r w o 2 m o cz Dr. David Gessford Ms. Valerie Douvile Mr. Herb Pettengil! Mr. Tom Powell Mr. David Gates Mr. Roger Faucher Mr. Bob Wilkinson Mrs. Cheryl Metiers Miss Shejp Murray lirs. Joan Howe 133 c co m 2 c ) c 03 Mr- Ken Maynard Miss Kathleen Malenky Mr. Joe Walorz i 3 . . . Mrs. Donna Demetri Mrs. Robin Walker Mrs. Susan Milsky Mr. Jim Owens Mrs. Karen Toland Mrs. Barbara Thompson Mr. Paul White 135 i aO-H ncDPi r o co 3-a H3j Mrs. Mariellen Sears Mr. Frank James INDUSTRIAL ARTS Mr. Stuart Finlay Mrs. Vonda Killian Mr. John Rivers Mr. John Bangert Mr. James Scanlon Mr. Andrew Kalinick Miss Joyce MacDonald 137 tin2 D " CD or SPECIAL MEEDS Mr. Jon Randall Mrs. Katie Carey 138 Mrs. Connie Brogi Mrs. Sandra Stocker Mr. Leo Miller Abate PSYCHOLOGIST NURSE Mrs. Suzanne Moulton C O L L A B O R A T I V E Mrs. Lisa Abbott RESOURCE TUTOR Ms. Melinda Moon and Mrs. MaryEllen Moun¬ tain Mr. Joe O’Brien 139 i am Mrs. Mary Burke and Mrs. Carol Wright Mrs. Cindy Leahy, Mrs. Evelyn Anderson, Mrs. Lora Sheptyck CUSTODIANS Richard Bowen, Merritt Fra¬ zier, Edward Redin, Arthur Sawyer, Samuel Smith, Vito Trautz, Joseph Waters L B UU N N CC HH wm Hazel Cox, Marie Ritchie, Judy Higgins, Shirley Thomas, Ann Bengston, Missing: Barbara Gibson 140 NATIONAL HONOR L to R: Front Row? Ruthanne Valle, Marta Sveden, Jennifer Jones, Kim Fredrickson, Jenni¬ fer Gill, Becky Stewart, Dawn White, 2nd Row: Margaret Smith, Heather McOuat, Scott Hagg, Polly Jackson, Stephanie Daniels, Wendy Hart, Bob Bernard, Julie Drayton, Back Row? Eric Sandstrom, Mary Marshall, Michael Schader, Edgar Francis, Jennifer Kelley. Not Pictured: Craig Beckman, Jennifer MacKenzie, Janna Perreira, Amy Squire, Myla Tho¬ mas. STUDENT COUNCIL L to R: Front Row: Tricia Kostas, Rachel Calderon, Rhonda Johnson, Sue Johnson, Jennifer Miller, Sean Kavanaugh, Sasha Petrosky, Barbi Birnesser, Liz Marino, Laura Lennon, Dan Milsky, Brian Smith, Alan Chace. Back Row: Bob Bernard, Scott Moore, Aelish Joyce, Eric Diamond, Chris Bernard, Steve Healy, Jessica Mackenzie, Chris Leone, Sue Hall, Phoebe Brown, Heather O’Brien, Becky Stewart, Brian Kavanaugh, Britt Rogge, Jeff Clayton, Gav¬ in Whitelaw, Not Pictured: Stephanie Daniels, Dawn Naughton, Diana Root, Amy Squire, Greg LaPlant, Becky Egan, Heather Egan, Patricia Lennon. SOCIETY Senior Senate And Officers Dee Dee Ryan, Liz Marino, Bob Bernard, Scott Moore, Jen Miller, Stephanie Daniels, Mike Yates, Becky Stewart. Not Pictured Sue Johnson, Amy Squire. Junior Senate And Officers Chaylee Priete, Alan Chace, Tricia Kostas. Not Pictured Phoebe Brown, Sue Hall, Brenda Tanco, Veronica Cof¬ fin, Ed Rich, Becky Egan, Shannon Nevin, Danielle Rob¬ inson. Sophomore Senate And Officers Gavin Whitelaw, Dan Milsky, Sasha Petrosky, Britt Rogge. Student Advisory Council Barbi Birnesser, Sara Rabi- doux, Alan Chace, Jennifer Miller. 142 Great Books Club L to R; Jennifer Gill, Wendy Hart, Mr. Joyce and Mrs. Burke - advisors German Exchange L to R: Front Row: Kathy Krikorian, Jilee Larson, Tara Kilawee, Calie Hayes, Sa¬ mantha Hammatt, Maureen Keegan, Jeanette Battles, Amy Hamilton, Alex¬ andra Campbell, Chris Patrick; Back Row: Karen Bunzick, Kelly Grant, Rhonda Johnson, Heather Havener, Ra¬ chel Calderon, Chris Ehnstrom, Dawn Lee, Jennifer Dibble, Dee Anne Dun¬ ham. Academic Decathlon Bob Rice - Advisor, Chris Drummond, Jen Gill, Michael Schader, Nat Ham- matt, Michael Jordan, Karyn Kloumann. The Bellator L to R: Front Row: Matt Shay, Kim Fred¬ rickson, Wendy Hart, Betsy Sou- thworth, Dee Anne Dunham, Karyn Kloumann, Mary Adams, Carrie Fisk, Back Row: Gavin Whitelaw, Aaron Co- neen, Josh Herbert, Bryant Clifford, Mike Jennings, Dan Bigos, Michael Jor¬ dan, Edgar Francis. Not Pictured: Cathy Burke, Christine Allen, Mike Lach, Paul Gaspar, Liz Marino, Melissa Kinski, Dawn Naughton, Laurel Labdon, Barbi Birnesser, Tina Masciangioli, Tim Joyce (Advisor) 143 Drama L to R: Front Row.- Brian Smith, Lisa Vin¬ cent, Lara Gove, Daphne Whitelaw, Maggie Spade, Katrina Belair, Lisa Ro¬ driguez, Shannon Scott, 2nd Row.- Todd Parker, Dan Milsky, Lesley Carmichael, Aaron Coneen, Erin Kinski, Mary Mar¬ shall, 3rd Row.- Melissa Kinski, Karyn Kloumann, Kathy Patrick, DeeAnne Dunham, Kristen Thornton, Kim Denni¬ son, Edgar Francis, Ed Rich, Konstanti- nos Tzekakis, Mr. Davies - coordinator. Back Row-. Carrie Fisk, Rob Tsouprake, Alexandra Campbell, Matt Shay, Mike Battles, Jamie Gibson, Danielle Win- throp, Laurel Flartman, Peter Bussiere. Not Pictured! Mike Jennings, DaniflB Robinson, Chris Patrick, Kevin Murphy, James Greenwood, Chris Floran. Yearbook The Yearbook Editors would like to thank ! the following for their help on this year’s yearbook: Bill Coleman, Matt Shay, Kathy Hale, Margaret Smith, Liz Marino, Laurie Deforest, Josh Herbert, Kim Fredrickson, Mary Marshall, Sarah Smith, Sasha Petro- sky, Jessica Goldstein, DeeAnne Dunham, Heather Masson, Mary Adams, Julie Can¬ non, Calie Hayes, Brad Bengston, Laura Brown, Becky Savin, Mike Jennings, Jenni- j fer Miller, Mrs. Walker’s typing class, and all the teachers who let students out of class to work on yearbook. ALG L to R: John Rivers, Alexandra Campbell, Jennifer Miller, Barbi Birnesser, Bryant Clifford, Heather Swartz, Karen Scho¬ field, Jilee Larson, Mike Jordan, Stephanie Daniels, Sara Rabidoux, Liz Marino, Mike Jennings, Becky Stewart, Myla Briggy Thomas, Susan Zweig, Chris Ehnstrom, Gim Salerno, Paul Kri- korian, Tina Wagner, Chris Horan, Keith Jalbert, Jennifer Gill, Zach John¬ son, Dawn Naughton, Kimberley Cur¬ ran, Mary Adams, Janna Pereira, Steve Mayo, Jessica Mackenzie, Phoebe Brown, Not Pictured.- Glenn Bove, Gret- chen Johnson, Vanessa Johnson, D. J. Bohannon, Dee Anne Dunham, Melissa Kinski, Karyn Kloumann, Yohanna Rhodes, Kristen Thornton, Axel Aldred, Christine Allen, Carrie Fisk, Kelly Gill, Tara Kilawee, Danielle Winthrop, Betsy Unger, Amy Squire, Maggie Spade, Daryl Sabine, Maria Napolitano, Soren Young. 144 Math League Gavin Whitelaw, Michael Schader, Jen¬ nifer Kelley, Brandon Currier, Edgar Francis, Michael Lach, Greg Lauro, Bob Bernard, Scott Moore, Jeff McNeal, Phu Pham, Not Pictured: Danielle Robinson, Josh Herbert, Heather Hobbs, Laurie Deforest. French Club L to R: Front Row: Scott Moore, Marga¬ ret Smith, Jennifer Mackenzie, Kate Rimmer, Kristin Minor, Chaylee Priete, Aelish Joyce, Christine McCombs, Ms. Mousseau (Advisor). Back Row.- Tiffany Ogburn, Jenn Marceline, Mary Mar¬ shall, Renee Crevier, Cathy Burke, Erika Woods, Heather McOuat, Josh Herbert, Not Pictured: Michelle Dube. F.B.L.A. L to R. Front Row: Ms. Malenky(Advi- sor), Andrea Johnson, Laura Lennon, Stacy Tom, Angelina Hayden, Sharon Dillree, Tricia Tesson. Back Row: Rich¬ ard Bienvenue, Jeff Francis, Dan Bigos, Chuck Delcourt, Not Pictured: Colleen Cabral, Bill Coleman. S.A.D.D. L to R. Front Row: Mrs. Thompson (Ad¬ visor), Cathy Burke, Sarah Matthews, Laurel Labdon, Michelle Crocker, Mi¬ chelle Jendza. Back Row-. Katrina Belair, Karen Schofield, Jenny Healy, Jackie Miller, Cindy Linnell. Not Pictured: Ve¬ ronica Coffin. 145 Concert Band L to R: Front Row: Tracee Selling, Gale Chambers, Amy Horton, Laura Brown, Melisa Miller, Raquel Francis, Amy Chilson, Michael Schader. 2nd Row: Ian McDonald, Jennifer Harrison, Mi¬ chelle Ventura, David Young, Eric Dia¬ mond, Kristen Hagg. 3rd Row: Jenni¬ fer Estabrook, Peter Towner, Tim Rutherford, John Dessauer, Amy Dor- val. Back Row: Mr. James, David Barnes, Liam Hogg, Jay Tilton, Derick Bodamer, Peter Noble, Ian Mackenzie. Not Pictured: Danielle Anderson, Nancy GiaQuinto, Lynne Multer, Jesse Blatz, Michelle Perron, Christie Grindle. Freshman Band L to R: Front Row.- Eric Diamond, Kris¬ ten Hagg, David Young. 2nd Row: Laura Brown, Ian McDonald, John Des¬ sauer, Amy Dorval, Raquel Francis. Back Row: Mr. James, Liam Hogg, Pe¬ ter Noble, David Barnes. Not pictured. Michelle Perron. ' M - 1 ' ft I mm Orchestra L to R. Front Row: Marilyn Linnell, Suzie Jacoby, Pam Sandblom. 2nd Row: Jennifer Healy, Kathleen Patrick, Pauline Eagar, Dan Bigos, Shawn Ver- faillie. 3rd Row: Tracee Selling, Jeffer- ey Clayton, John Dessauer, Michael Schader, Laurie DeForest. Back Row: Mr. James, Jay Tilton, Derick Bodam¬ er, Ian Mackenzie. Not Pictured: Kar¬ en Schofield, Lynne Multer. Flute Choir L to Ri Front Row: Karen Schof ield, Mel- isa Miller, Marilyn Linnell. 2nd Row: Amy Horton, Gale Chambers, Suzie Jac¬ oby, Tracee Selling. Senior Musicans L to R: Michael Schader, Shawn Verfail- lie, Tracee Selling, Marilyn Linnell. Not Pictured: Amy Chilson, Jennifer Estab- rook, Christie Grindle, Karen Schofield. Chorus L to R: Front Row: Danielle Winthrop, Laurel Hartman, Elena Casado, Millie Hartgering. 2nd Row: Melisa Miller, Shannon Scott, Katie Valle, Liz Benner, Kathy North, Michelle Marcotte. Back Row: Katrina Belair, Tara Lorange, Lisa Rodriguez, Tammy Atwood, Laura Mur¬ phy, Kim Baker, Cherie Matthews. Not Pictured: Julie Cannon, Dawn Wiley, Ken Talbot. Senior Chorus Shannon Scott, Katie Valle, Katrina Be¬ lair, Tammy Atwood, Laura Murphy, Kathy North, Danielle Winthrop, Lisa Rodriguez. 147 FOREIGN EXCHANGE STUDENTS Hi! One more year has been over. The days are passing so quickly that we ' re not able to do anything to stop it. I still can remember the 23rd of August, my arrival to the Logan Airport. Everything was fine till I met my art teacher, Mr. Owens. He was talking to me so fast that, I was saying either yes and no, or smiling at whatever he said. But now, after I year, 1 am able to understand nearly everybody. The reason that I wanted to be an exchange student was, it is very exciting for me to know about a new, different culture and people. Being an exchange student means many things. It means taking re¬ sponsibilities, taking care of one’s self, to make decisions, some¬ times very hard, and to represent her or his own country well. But the most important duty the exchange students have is to, in some small way contribute to future world peace. During my stay here, I have learned all those things. I’ve gone to so many places and met so many people. Although this I year has passed so quickly, I hope I could come back one day and experience these things from the beginning. " She is a great clown” - " We like you” - Things that I usually only hear from my best friends in Germany (if there are any) but now I hear them here and it makes me feel at home. After a very hard start in Connecticut my stay in the United States turned out to be the greatest thing I’ve experienced so far and it continues to get better and greater from day to day. All the friends I’ve made and the people I’ve met here I’ll never forget. Things like ALG, Drama, and other special school activities helped me a lot to integrate myself. I am on the Cape since Sep¬ tember and I already can say that I will come back as soon as possible, because I really started to love this place. There is only one thing left to say: Everybody should have the chance to be an exchange stu¬ dent. You learn so much and you really have the chance to do something with your life afterwards. I learned to solve my problems that occur when you are a stranger, with the feelings of " Love, Peace, and Grooviness” Thanks for this year - I love you all. GERMANY NOT PICTURED HASSAN ABIDA MOROCCO TURKEY Gidday, the year has ended for me, but Cape Cod and America will stay in my memory forever. I hope to come back here in the future. I found that the Americans and especially the Nauset kids are extremely friendly. They made me feel very welcome. However, I sometimes wondered if the students here know what invitation means. I met and got to know one of the most wonderful girls in this school. I come from Greymouth, a town which belongs to the region called west- land in New Zealand. New Zealand is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, and I hope one day you will visit. If you do just drop in or give me a call. Hey guys, " Kiwi Magic will live forever”, and we mig ht see you down there racing with us for the America’s Cup. NEW ZEALAND Hi everyonel I want to say that I really enjoyed this year. I think that the kids at Nauset are all very cool. I really hope to see you all again - here or in Spain. Love Always. SPAIN It’s wonderful to realize that even if you are far away from home and far away from a city, you find your way around easily out here, you meet so many people, and you learn so many things. This experience is a fantastic one and I am enjoying it very much. Nauset is a good school and the kids are very fortu¬ nate to have such good facilities. And I am very fortunate to live here with a host family such as Tom, Joyce, and Tammy Pellegrino whom I love, and a few good friends that I love also. 0 GREECE CLASS WILL Christine Allen leaves her best to Brian, Kristen and the friends she leaves behind. Scott Amerault leaves cigarettes to the sneaky. Tammy Atwood leaves TNT to Tara Lorange. John Baskin leaves the hill to Austin J. Michael Battles leaves bald B. F. Goodrich to Jeanette. Craig Beckman leaves the Wellfleet cinemas to Chris H. and Jeff C. Todd Bednaz leaves all his love to Beth. Katrina Belair leaves her alarm clock to whoever wants it. Robert Bernard leaves his gratitude to Coach Donahue. Matt Bourgeois leaves his study halls to anyone. Emmett Broderick leaves hairspray for Bella’s hamburgers. Kara Brown leaves M to Puffal. Karen Bunzick leaves red jackets to us. Elvan Cakiroglu leaves her English to Turkish dictionary to anyone who may be selected to represent the U.S. in Turkey as an exchange student. Julie Cannon leaves the legend to Angie Flayden. Alex Carlson leaves the best of luck next year to his little brother. Amy Chilson leaves Spanish with Sr. Wood to Kim Yeutter. Jill Chipman leaves Nauset to the wild little sister. Joy. Carrie Clark leaves Teresa’s car for her driving only. Joel Coffin leaves the SR5 to V. and D.U. Kelly Cole leaves early received Senioritis to all oncoming seniors, and a smile with dimples to receptive Seminar colleagues. Bill Coleman leaves his fiberglass frame to Mr. Brookshire. Dana Collins leaves his sneakers to Mr. Markovich. Fleather Crossman leaves her tennis ability to Doc’s tennis teami they are going to need it. Heather Curcio leaves her brother Jay to N.R.H.S.: Good Luck Nauset. Kimberley Curran leaves peace through smiles to if you ' re cool. Stacy Deering leaves her insanity to Jen White. Collene Dickey leaves her good grades to her brother. Christopher Dooley leaves the ability to elude his parents to Nora. Julie Drayton leaves her Senioritis to Katie and Veronica. Christopher Drummond leaves the hypocrisy of N.H.R.S. to Jason. Thomas Egan leaves sleepiness to anyone who wants it. Kim Eggleston leaves B.O.N.G.H.l.T.S. to Daryl Sabine. Kelly Ekstrom leaves about one and a half inches to Jessica Johnson. Jay Ellsasser leaves his poetic ability to the brew crew. Jennifer Estabrook leaves green teddies to DJM. Carrie Fisk leaves the Twilight Zone skirts to Karyn. Greg Flannigan leaves chronic nausea to Mr. Markovich. Chris Fleming leaves his spot in line at Flemings to Susan Fleming Edgar Francis IV leaves his stage presence to Mike Jennings. Kimberly Fredrickson leaves her love to her sister Megan. Jeb Gaffney leaves future Nauset jags to Perry, Shank. Baker, Walters and the whole ??! crew. Amy Galligan leaves her all nlghters to goon love spoon. James Gibson leaves Spanish and Math skills to Gail Gibson. Jeffrey Gill leaves no morals to anyone who can say or do it. Jennifer Gill leaves her faith to the human race and all who can rise above it. Kelly Gill leaves herself to you. Kelley Grant leaves Cape Cod to the locals. Christie Grindle leaves her ability to make friends to a ll new Nauset students. Scott Hagg leaves all of his unserved detentions to his sister Kristen. Kathy Hale leaves announcements to the next Barbara Walters. Wendy Hart leaves questionable lifestyles to the curious. David Hartwell leaves his mother’s hoover to whoever can can ride it better than her. Matthew Hatch leaves his dishwashing skills to Mrs. Mountain ' s class. Heather Havener leaves her purina gerbil chow to Shannon. Carolyn Hayes leaves patience to all underclassmen. Kyle Herbert leaves all his class notes to P.T.C. Polly Jackson leaves her alarm clocks to future procrastinators. Shel Jendza leaves all her love and a diaper to Scott. Rhonda Johnson leaves her best senior year to Becky and Shannon. Sue Johnson leaves all her smacky smacks to Andrea Johnson. Anjanette Jones leaves the driving time to Colleen Cabral and Jessica Goldstein. Jennifer Jones leaves her contact lenses to Teresa and Kerry. Michael Jordan leaves Cape Cod to the highest bidder. Steven Kaser leaves this school to Bill. Brian Kavanaugh leaves his room to Sean. Bob Keese leaves his reputation to his brother. Tara Kilawee leaves the A in Stepha to Stepha. Erin Kinski leaves all the salad fixings to Kirsten Davis. Kathy Krikorian leaves KNOX gelatin to Spike. Melissa Lamson leaves her Dino ' s ashtry to MS. 5reg LaPlant leaves Mrs. Metters sense of humor to Colleen Eitelbach. Teresa Largey leaves her late slips to Mr. Markovich. lilee Larson leaves the way to Incognito to her brother, Peter. :rin Lavalle leaves high times at Nauset to Beth Lund. :ric Lavendier leaves a golden shovel to Mr. Campbell. Travis Lindquist leaves all his crack and love to Mr. Markovich. Marilyn Linnell leaves her wisdom to Cindy. Jennifer Mackenzie leaves Mollitheism and the legend of Molly to Bryant Clifford. Jennifer Marceline leaves her student handbooks to the town dump. Mary Marshall leaves her thoughts of the day to all appreciative Seminar classmates. Tina Masciangioli leaves her ears to Opus. David McGee leaves " Asparagus " to JAE. Jennifer Miller leaves thanks and appreciation to Mrs. Campbell and Mrs. Carey. Steve Minninger leaves his pillow to those who sleep in class. Scott Moore leaves the wisdom of coach Miller to Eric Moore. Thomas Mott leaves his senior paper to anyone for ten dollars. Laura Murphy leaves Algebra to Nancy Seimer. Hannah Narkon leaves all her sayings to Andrea Johnson. Dawn Naughton leaves much happiness to her favorite lil ' punks. Jo-Anne Nichols leaves her black pen to Mr. O’Brien. Heather O’Brien leaves her computer knowledge to Shannon Nevin. John Ohmann leaves a new suit jacket and tiefsomething bright) to Mr. McCaskie. Jay Onnembo leaves the millions of new rules to the poor souls still to come. Christopher Patrick leaves his used tires to Mike Battles. Craig Pierantozzi leaves the key to Johnny B. April Pike leaves her sympathy to Nauset students. Catlin Quimby leaves her field hockey stick to her little sisters. Michael Quist leaves his lab reports that he never turned in to Mr Chamberlain. Wendy Robinson leaves the 45 minute bus ride to M.M., T.L, S.M. with the freshmen. Lisa Rodriguez leaves her love and obnoxiousness to Peter Colfitts. Pamela Ronan leaves all of my B and J’s to Jennifer Curran. Diana Root being the last of six, leaves Mr. Scanlon peace and quiet. Cyndie Ryan leaves the biggest, ripest bananas to Allison. Eric Sandstrom leaves P and V to Tracy Hayes to continue the tradition. Michael Schader leaves the school computers to whoever will take good care of them. Karen Schofield leaves her hairbrush to Sarah. Swantje Schroder leaves all her love to all spiders in this world. Curt Schwarzkopf leaves prayers to all the students who have to deal with the Administration over the years to come. Glenn Schwarzkopf leaves all the luck in the world to the incoming students at Nauset. Shannon Scott leaves her rocking chair to Tara L. Tracy Selling leaves her ability to fathom the air to all future musicians. Matthew Shay leaves a years supply of school lunch to the Administration (now that ' ll get results). Lisa Small leaves the dead cat to Mr. " fryin” Ryan. Margaret Smith leaves the cake to him. Matt Smith leaves his egg yolks to the Librarian. Sarah Smith leaves all her love and prayers to her brother David. Elizabeth Southworth leaves her sympathy to those who took her attitude seriously. Ramona Sparrow leaves Andie to Sharon Finn. Amy Squire leaves BC acceptance to Becky. Paul Stevens leaves his jokes to Matt. Charles Taylor leaves Nauset to the unfortunate. Stacy Tom leaves Driver’s Education to Karen. Karen Tortora leaves junkfood to Layman. Robert Tsouprake leaves happiness to Cindy. Catherine Valle leaves one AC DC ticket to Missi MacLeod. Jason Vaughan leaves the administration and their rules to the class of 88. Shawn Verfaillie leaves all my velamints to Kathy and Pauline. John Vincent leaves the garage to his sister, Lisa. Christina Wagner leaves her driving skills to Kathy. Julie Walsh leaves her AM radio to Alexandra C. Heather Wherity leaves her books to Colleen. Christopher Williams leaves his Saab to Amber. Danielle Winthrop leaves her " your lose " to Lisa Rodriguez. Joel Woodes leaves his Subaru and Stussy to someone with fiberglass. Mike Yates leaves Mr. Bones to Brad Jones. Todd Zimmerman leaves his fuzzbuster to the jerk who stole it. 151 YEARBOOK EDITORS After slaving long, laborious hours in room A2I0 - night after night - func¬ tioning on sleepless nights - eating mi¬ crowave popcorn and diet coke - or¬ dering out gross, Chinese junkfood suddenly we realized, we too, were engaging in Nauset gossip, a sure sign of frustration - we also noticed that our language was becoming increas¬ ingly perverse - nonetheless we sur¬ vived! And to Dave, uh, MR. Donahue, our faithful yearbook advisor, thank you for lowering your high standards of excellence to put up with our con¬ stant whining and juvenile mentalities - not to mention everything else ... and despite your slightly demented frame of mind (most likely our doing), we still think you’re the (Well, you know what we mean). And now, we, the Yearbook Editors, have emerged from the gutter to present to our Nau¬ set Pals, the 1987 Nauset Tides Year¬ book. o ctUf Q-- — pOpPiNe CORN NATURAL FLAVOR NETWT3.50Z.99g 152 VARSITY FIELD HOCKEY j) fisissSHH- • ' «? HngfifiniSJrii T ■ ssassss fsssa ; TuluJSS iS n i ■»IS " .- igfgr- •■» ».» « n. i g; i |S , i». ikSg Shsi ss sUsssiss 1 Front Row: Holly Galligan.ieciy Stewart, Laura Lennon, Amy Squire, Heather O’Bri¬ en, Sasha Petrosky. Back Row: Craig Pierantozzi, (manager), Rachel Calderon, Shan¬ non Nevin, Caitlin Quimby, Liz Marino, Becky Egan, Pauline Eager, Stephanie Daniels, Amy Oberg (coach). Missing: Craig Beckman (manager) 153 FIELD HOCKEY Front: Heather O’Brien, Stephanie Daniels, Amy Squire Back: Liz Marino, Caitiin Quim- by, Becky Stewart. SENIOR PLAYERS Front Row: Connie O’Neil, Julie LaPlant, Mimi Hall, Britt Rogge, Sherry Daniels, Heather Ackerman, Pam Sand- blom. Back Row: Kris (coach), Patricia Lennon, Brooke Wieditz, Jen Beaudry, Kirsten Kelly, Monica Escher, Nora Dooley, Jen Metters, Vanessa Johnson, Sara Rabidoux. JUNIOR VARSITY 154 Varsity Captain FRESHMEN BASKETBALL Kneeling: Dan McMullen Left to Right: Standing — Craig Pleva, Jeff Johnson, Greg Bishop, David Loftstrom, Jesse Jones, Tim Ganss, Eric Nyman, Brian Daley. Leo Miller (Coach), Scott Moore liism I ? % fl r f -tyt fa ■ ipr; Tti ■ BOYS JUNIOR VARSITY Left to Right: Richard Bienvenue, Ben Pren¬ tiss, Chris Walther, Shawn Delude, Mike Ma¬ guire, Jason Menges, Joseph Capello, Mi¬ chael Amerault, Kevin White, Sebastien Du¬ bois. BOYS VARSITY BASKETBALL Left to Right: Standing — Eric Sandstrom, Scott Abbott, Andrew McCully, Tracy Hayes, Dave McGee, Chris Ellis, Kevin Hayes, Josh Sudikoff, Eric Moore, Craig McCully, Ted Wilson, John McEnaney, John McMullen, Tom Creavy, Scott Brookshire, trainer. Kneeling — Chris Alves, Assistant Manager, Scott Moore, Captain, John Vincent, Head Manager. VARSITY SOCCER CAPTAINS Mark Matheson(coach), Jack Still, Jay Ellsasser, Bob Bernard, Jack Do- nahue(coach) Front Row (Left to Right): Robert Grenier, Jeremy Parker, John Monahan, Jay Ellsasser, Bob Bernard, Jack Still, Adam Brennan, Scott Moore, Dwayne Escher, Dave Clark, Ben Peery. Back Row: Mark Matheson (coach), Eli Woods, John McEnaney, Craig McCully, John McMullin, Scott Abbott, Kevin Norgeot, David Olsen, David Massey, Jason Menges, Phu Pham, Ben Prentiss, Tim Vaughan, Andrew McCully, Jack Donahue (coach). _ Photo Courtesy SENIOR PLAYERS (Left to Right) Jack Still, Jay Ellsasser, Bob Bernard, Scott Moore, Phu Pham, John McMullen JUNIOR VARSITY PLAYERS Front Row (Left to Right): Jim Smith, Ted Wilson, Jeremy Parker, Seb Du¬ bois, Chris Walther, Jeff Squire, Chris Svennigson, Sean Kavanaugh Back Row: Keith Clark (coach) Neil O ' Brien, Andy Shaklis, Chris Bernard, Mark Raincourt, Brian Smith, Mike Lach, Eli Woods, Chris Dumont, Danny McMul- lin, missing: Richard Bienvenue lit fSli ills 157 GIRLS ' VARSITY SOCCER CAPTAINS Photo Courtesy of The Cape Codder Jennifer Jones, Mr. Bob Rice, Erin Kinski GIRL ' S VARSITY SOCCER TEAM Front Row (Left to Right): Heather Rogers (manager), Jessica Mackenzie, Kim Yeutter, Marla Busch, Jennifer Jones, Erin Kinski, Kirsten Davis, Jennifer Green, Kimberley Curran. Back Row . Kelly Ekstrom, Nancy Gia- quinto, Theresa Largey, Nicole Gibbons, Raquel Francis, Jodie Scott, Liza Ritchie, Jessica Johnson, Kerry Hil¬ dreth, Gillian Mackenzie, Heather Egan, Cindy Ryan, Mr. Bob Rice (coach). CPNTAD OT a VPDC OCniUiv i LAYLJau Kerry Hildreth, Kelly Ekstrom, Jennifer Jones, Theresa Largey, Kimberley Curran, Erin Kinski, Cindy Ryan. GYMNASTICS Front Row (Left to Right): Joanne Lyman, Aelish Joyce, Lauri Hudson, Col¬ leen Cabral. Back Row: Julie Emond (coach), Nancy Giaquinto, Tammy Ehrhart, Kristin Hagg. Missing: Tammi Eldredge. GYMNASTICS Captains Lauri Hudson and Aelish Joyce 159 SENIOR PLAYERS Photo Courtesy of The Cape fodder CAPTAINS Left to Right: Front — Bob Bernard, Jack Still. Back — Curt Schwarzkopf, Mike Aylward, Tom Garran Left to Right: Coach Jack Donahue, Bob Bei Jack Still, Coach Bill Harwood HOCKEY Left to Right: Front Row — Anthony Dalmau, Jon Zavorskas, Curt Schwarzkopf, Bob Bernard, Jack Still, Aylward, Tom Garran, Rick Svenningsen, Robert Grenier, Kirsten Davis. Back Row — Coach Jack Dor Brent LaTanzi, Steve Mayo, David Olsen, Kevin Norgeot, Aaron Francis, Duane Escher, Paul Kardos Vaughan, Steve Daniels, Peter Maskiell, Jimmy Smith, Roger Boucher, Jason Quinn, Chris Bernard, Bill Harwood. VARSITY CAPTAINS GIRLS ' JUNIOR Left to right: Erin Kinski, Mr. Paul White, Kerry Hildreth Left to right: Front Row — Pam Sandblom, Aliza Ritchie, Anna Besciak, Kirsten Kelly. Back row — Sally Thorne, Nora Dooley, AH Ryan, Cariie Bertrand, Jodi Hayes, Stephanie Kezer, Raquel Francis GIRLS ' VARSITY BASKETBALL left to Right? Front Row — Maria Bush, Bambi Hansen, Erin Kinski, Kim Yeutter, Julie La Plant, Heather Egan. Back Row — Mr. Bob Wilkinson, Julie Walsh, Liza Ritchie, Amber Viprino, Jessica Johnson, Kerry Hildreth, Jen Jones, Shannon Nevin, Becky Egan, Mr. Paul White. CHEERLEADER CAPTAINS Caitlin Ouimby, Pam Ronan. SENIOR CHEERLEADERS Rhonda Johnson, Heather O’Brien, Liz Marino, Caitlin Quimby, Pam Ronan NAUSET CHEERLEADERS Front Row: Kerry Stocks, Heather Hobbs, Christina Ronan, Caitlin Quimby, Heather O’Brien, Pam Ronan, Liz Marino. Back Row: Melanie Pickert, Britt Rogge, Rhonda Johnson. Vi V- GIRLS’ BASKETBALL FALL AND WINTER SCOREBOARD NRHS 30 Marthas Vineyard 47 42 Bishop Connolley 47 39 Wareham 43 OT 47 Old Rochester 52 48 Nantucket 22 47 Chatham 29 54 Cape Tech 14 48 Provincetown 27 49 Harwich 51 48 Marthas Vineyard 54 29 Old Rochester 55 39 Nantucket 23 33 Chatham 26 46 Cape Tech 16 53 Provincetown 18 53 Harwich 49 BOYS’ SOCCER GIRLS’ SOCCER NRHS NRHS 8 Chatham 1 0 Silver Lake 3 4 Provincetown 1 3 Mount Alvernia 0 5 Middleboro 0 1 Norwel! 1 1 Sacred Heart 0 1 Sacred Heart 4 3 Harwich 1 3 Marthas Vineyard 1 4 Cape Tech 0 FIELD HOCKEY 8 Sandwich 0 5 Marthas Vineyard 0 NRHS , 2 Mount Alvernia 1 3 Chatham 1 1 Wareham l 9 Harwich 0 2 Harwich 0 0 Tabor 2 Sacred Heart 3 2 Provincetown 0 0 Wareham 3 3 New Bedford 0 4 Wheeler 1 1 Marthas Vineyard 1 Marthas Vineyard 0 0 Tabor 0 1 Provincetown 6 Sandwich 0 4 Cape Tech 1 2 Nantucket 2 1 Norwel! 1 9 Marthas Vineyard 0 3 Chatham 2 Harwich 0 2 Harwich 1 0 Harwich ] 0 Dover-Sherborn 4 1 Medford 2 0 Marthas Vineyard 1 (State Tournament Game) 3 Storm 2 2 Nantucket 1 3 Provincetown 2 3 Chatham 1 0 Harwich 1 2 Joseph Case 0 NRHS GYMNASTICS 78.3 Case 80.8 78.7 Wareham 74.5 71.3 Holbrook 67.S 74.2 Case 91.4 76.3 Tabor 84.0 81.7 Nantucket 93.3 81.9 Holbrook 79.3 85.7 Wareham 76.3 75.9 Nantucket 87.6 81.4 League Meet (Third Place) BOYS’ BASKETBALL NRHS 73 Bristol-Plymouth 64 60 Marthas Vineyard 40 67 Hamilton-W enham 46 62 Munson 42 49 Alumni 78 Nantucket 60 HOCKEY 73 Chatham 49 NRHS 67 Cape Tech 28 1 Cape Tech 3 82 Provincetown 49 1 Hull 3 67 Harwich 24 3 Provincetown 2 45 Marthas Vineyard 81 12 Bristol-Plymouth 1 74 Old Rochester 76 5 Marthas Vineyard 2 88 Nantucket 39 5 Old Rochester 3 67 Chatham 35 10 Bristol-Plymouth 2 80 Cape Tech 44 2 Harwich 2 78 Provincetown 42 II Chatham 2 71 Harwich 44 8 Marthas Vineyard 0 72 Sharon 69 OT 3 Harwich 0 (State Tournament Game) 7 Provincetown 0 61 Foxboro 62 4 Cape Tech 3 (State Tournament Game) 7 Old Rochester 2 8 Chatham 4 2 Wareham 5 Photos Courtesy The cape Codder BREWSTER UPHOLSTERY Specializing in Antiques and the Unique and Unusual ( 617 ) 896-5000 S.A.D.D. Friends Don ' t Let Friends Drive Drunk r Photography by Scott WEDDING, PORTRAITURE, COMMERCIAL (617) 240-0043 P.O. BOX 830, SOUTH ORLEANS CENTER SOUTH ORLEANS, MA 02662 Best Wishes to the Class of 1987. Jeffrey Scott, Yearbook Photographer h 7 entd o 7(J ttdCki- ORLEANS 255-3000 ON CAPE COD ORLEANS BOWLING CENTER Route 6A Orleans MA. Congratulations to the Class of ’SI K1TCHENWORKS Richard and Mary VanderMay 83 Old Colony Way, P.O. Box 1507 Orleans, MA 02653 617-255-1293 Quality Foods To Go Provisions Sl Kitchenware Radio hack Orleans Shopping Plaza 255-5463 LOWER CAPE DENTAL ASSOCIATES PETER W. MILSKY, D.D.S., F.A.G.D. THOMAS A. KERSTEN, D.D.S. CHERYL L. ANDREWS, D.M.D. Congratulations Class of ’87 ... Keep Smiling! 54 HARRY KEMP WAY, PROVINCETOWN, MA 02657 TELEPHONE 487-9936 48 ELDREDGE PARKWAY, ORLEANS, MA 02653 TELEPHONE 255-0516 VIDEO WAVES Panasonic Car Audio 299 Cranberry Highway Car Stereo Installed Orleans MA 255-3776 By Appointment only j CHRIS BUL LOCK MOTORS Hank Tucker SALES MANAGER 255-1902 6 West Rd., Orleans, MA 02653 ■ Rt. 6A 4 Orleans, MA 02653 255-9095 (At Exit 12) Br r ■ t CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATES MARILYN £ GREG j LUSZCZ ! BREWSTER CERAMICS BEST WISHES to the CLASS of 1987 BREWSTER ITALIAN DELI 1893 Main St. Brewster, MA HUBBARD PAINT S WALLPAPER CO. Theatre Block Orleans 2550323 Touraine Paints Good Luck to the Class of ’87 Support your local Businesses lUlid-Ghlie HOME CENTERS THE NICKERSON COMPANIES V SINCE 1895 Lumber, Millwork, Paint, Hardware, Energy Products, Appliances, Kitchens, Flooring, Plumbing, Electrical, Lawn and Garden. SHOPPING HOURS: 8am to 5pm Monday thru Saturday ORLEANS WELLFLEET Main St. 255-0200 Commercial St. 349-3734 168 When the world wearies, and Society ceases to satisfy .., There is always the garden Allard Nurseries Garden Shop 255-0702 SWEDELUND’S CHEESE CORNER Scandinavian Food A Specialty The Finest Cheeses Continental Specialty Groceries Gifts Collectibles Antiques Sandwiches To Go The Lund Family Orleans Shopping Plaza Box 1469. Orleans, MA 02653 Bus. (617) 255-1699 Res. (617) 255-6134 (617) 896-7162 2771 MAIN ST. P.O. BOX 168 BREWSTER, MA 02631 BREWSTER FARMS PURVEYORS OF • MEATS 5 CHEESES • ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES • DAIRY ITEMS • GROCERIES S FROZEN FOODS • LOTTERY TICKETS • OTHER SUNDRY GOODS Bramble Inn Restaurant Route 6A, Brewster on Cape Cod • Massachusetts 02631 Ruth £ Cliff Manchester (617) 896-7644 ROYAL FLUSH PLUMBING HEATING NEW WORK SERVICE SOLAR BRUCE CAGWIN Master Lie. No. 9058 BOX 104, N. TRURO MASS. 02652-0104 (617)487-3592 Joan Graham Brocker GRI Route 6A and Old North Road Drawer N Brewster, MA 02631 617 896-5766 Graham Real Estate 169 1987 SENIOR INDEX Hassan Abida 28 Briarcliff Lane Brewster 02631 Amy Chilson Box 907 Orleans 02653 Mary Adams P O Box 783 Wellfleet 02667 Jill Chipman 174 Millstone Road Brewster 02631 Axel Aldred RR I Box 377 Eastham 02642 Mary Chipman 138 Greenland Pond Road Brewster 02631 Christine Allen 84 Tanglewood Road Brewster 02631 Carrie Clark P O Box 584 Brewster 02631 Scott Amerault Box 508 North Eastham 02651 Jonathan Clark 472 Debra Doane Way Eastham 02642 Robert Archambault 171 Archer’s Cartway Brewster 02631 Joel Coffin P O Box 187 Eastham 02642 Tammy Atwood Box 67. State Street. RR 4 Brewster 02631 Kelly Cole 6 Anchor Drive Orleans 02653 Michael Aylward 83 Beach Plum Lane Brewster 02631 William Coleman P O Box 325 North Truro 02652 John Baribault P O Box 46 Wellfleet 02667 Heather Crossman P O Box 226 East Orleans 02643 John Baskin P O Box 365 East Orleans 02643 Dean Cully 46 Court Way Brewster 02631 Michael Battles 33 Marlboro Road Brewster 02631 Heather Curcio RR 2. Box 38 Brewster 02631 Craig Beckman P O Box 957 South Wellfleet 02663 Kimberley Curran 25 Twin Turn Drive Brewster 02631 Todd Bednaz P O Box 1229 North Eastham 02651 Stephanie Daniels RR I. 484 Tubman Road Brewster 02631 Katrina Belair Box 204 Eastham 02642 Stacia Deering 9 Blue Finn Lane North Truro 02652 Robert Bernard 41 King Phillip Road Brewster 02631 Robert DeMichele Box 268 North Eastham 02651 Matthew Bourgeois P O Box 541 East Dennis 02641 Collene Dickey 27 Thousand Oaks Drive Brewster 02631 Robin Brinker Box 571 East Dennis 02641 Christopher Dooley Box 472, Nauset Road Eastham 02642 James Brintnall P O Box 225 Wellfleet 02667 Julie Drayton P O Box 753 Brewster 02631 Emmett Broderick 1138 Millstone Road Brewster 02631 Christopher Drummond 736 Millstone Road Brewster 02631 Kara Brown P O Box 202 South Orleans 02662 Thomas Egan Thomegan Road Brewster 02631 Nadine Brown 1 Duck Pond Road Brewster 02631 Kim Eggleston Box 212, Cove Road Wellfleet 02667 Karen Bunzick Box 243 South Orleans 02662 Michael Ehrhart 22 Serenity Lane Brewster 02631 Elvan Cakiroglu P O Box 871 Brewster 02631 Kelly Ekstrom 5 Beach Plum Lane Orleans 02653 Julie Cannon RR I. Box 9ID. Blue Heron Way Eastham 02642 Bryan Elliott 315 Blueberry Pond Drive Brewster 02631 Michael Canty Box 1053. Paine Hollow Road South Wellfleet 02663 Jay Ellsasser Box 1556 Orleans 02653 Alexander Carlson P O Box 922 Brewster 02631 Rafe Emond P O Box 925 Eastham 02642 Stacey Cathie General Delivery Grantham. New Hampshire 03753 Jennifer Estabrook RR U , Box 4680 Orleans 02653 Carrie Fisk Nathaniel Hammatl P O Box 299 100 Quanset Road South Orleans 02662 Orleans 02653 Gregory Flanagan Sara Harrison Box 492 Box 256 Truro 02666 Brewster 02631 Christopher Fleming Wendy Hart P O Box 1035, Misty Way 1701 White Oak Dr. bastham 02642 Sevierville, TN 37862 Edgar Francis IV David Hartwell P O Box 826 21 Oak Ridge Circle North Truro 02652 Orleans 02653 Kimberly Frederickson Matt Hatch Box 1295 Windjammer bane North bastham 02651 bastham 02642 Michael Fulcher Heather Havener RR 2. Box 1286 95 West Road Orleans 02653 Orleans 02653 Jeb Gaffney Carolyn Hayes Box 858 62 Fox Meadow Drive Wellfleet 02667 Brewster 02631 Amy Galligan Kyle Herbert 450 Stoney Brook Road P O Box 1143 Brewster 02631 Brewster 02631 Thomas Garran Kerry Hildreth P O Box 57 P O Box 664 North Truro 02652 Orleans 02653 James Gibson Christian Hobbs Box 223 P O Box 28 South Orleans 02662 Brewster 02631 Jeffrey Gill Mark Holbrook Box 166 P O Box 1583 bastham 02642 Orleans 02653 Jennifer Gill Kenneth Ingrum Box 228 Box 532, Depot Road Orleans 02653 Truro 02666 Kelly Gill Polly Jackson Box 166 18 Defiance bane bastham 02642 Orleans 02653 bynda Goodspeed Keith Jalbert P O Box 1217 Box 419 Orleans 02653 North bastham 02651 Kelly Grant Rhonda Johnson Box 753 314 Commons Way South Orleans 02662 Brewster 02631 Robert Grenier Sam Johnson Old Queen Anne Road Box 583 Chatham 02633 South Orleans 02662 Christie Grindle Suzanne Johnson Box 2, Beach Plum bane 2019 Main Street, P O Box 807 Brewster 02631 Brewster 02631 Scott Hagg Anjanette Jones Goody Hallet Drive P O Box 808 bastham 02642 North Truro 02652 Kathy Hale Jennifer Jones Box 1753 P O Box 620 Orleans 02653 Brewster 02631 David Hallett Michael Jordan Box 429 5 Cedar Lane, RR U2 bast Orleans 02643 Orleans 02653 Alex Hammatl Steven Kaser Box 114 94 Pine Bluff Road Brewster 02631 Brewster 02642 Brian Kavanaugh Box 859 Eastham 02642 Bob Keese P O Box 1291 Wellfleet 02667 Jennifer Kelley P O Box 658 Eastham 02642 Tara Kilawee RR 1, 166 Tonset Road Orleans 02653 Erin Kinski P O Box 107 Chatham 02633 Sally Knight 103 Pine View Drive Brewster 02631 Kathleen Krikorian P O Box 1229 Brewster 02631 Melissa Lamson Box 934 Orleans 02653 Gregory La Plant School House Road Eastham 02642 Teresa Largey Hall Drive Eastham 02642 Jilee Larson Box 211 South Orleans 02662 Eric Lavendier 179 Swamp Road Brewster 02631 Travis Lindquist Box 155 Brewster 02631 Marilyn Linnell P O Box 505 Brewster 02631 Jennifer Mackenzie 183 Main Street Brewster 02631 Jennifer Marceline 3I5A Percie N ewcomb Brewster 02631 Denise Marcinek 38 Bittersweet Drive Brewster 02631 Elizabeth Marino Box 1627 Orleans 02653 Mary Marshall 33 Nickerson Road Orleans 02653 Christine McCombs P O Box 175 North Eastham 02651 Brendan McCray Box 609 Orleans 02653 David McGee P O Box 899 Brewster 02631 Dennis McGinn Box 945 Wellfleet 02667 Gary McMakin Silver Oak. RR tt 2 Eastham 02642 John McMullen P O Box 1168 Brewster 02631 Heather McOuat Box 636 East Orleans 02643 Jennifer Miller 9 Preservation Path Orleans 02653 Steven E. Minninger II P O Box 1656 Orleans 02653 Stacy Monks 206 Landing Drive Brewster 02631 Scott Moore Box 104 East Dennis 02641 Eric Sandstrom RR 1. Box 309A Eastham 02642 Charles Taylor Box 260 Wellfleet 02667 Thomas Mott P O Box 1301 North Eastham 02651 Chris Savage 269 Jonathan’s Way Brewster 02631 Myla Thomas Box 204 Wellfleet 02667 Laura Murphy Box 158 Wellfleet 02667 Michael Schader 145 Crosby Lane Brewster 02631 Stacy Tom 81 Seamen ' s Lane Brewster 02631 Maria Napolitano Karen Schofield Box 752 P O Box 948 North Eastham 02651 East Orleans 02643 Hannah Narkon Swantje Schroder 2052 Main Street. P O Box 907 P 0 Box 403 Brewster 02631 South Orleans 02662 Dawn Naughton Curt Schwarzkopf Box 898 P O Box 1415 East Orleans 02643 Brewster 02631 Joanne Nichols Glenn Schwarzkopf Box 1353 P O Box 1415 North Eastham 02651 Brewster 02631 David Nickerson Shannon Scott RR 1. Box 389 P O Box 177 Eastham 02642 Eastham 02642 Kathleen North Tracy Selling 89 Oak Lane Nauset Light Road Brewster 02631 Eastham 02642 Heather O ' Brien Matt Shay 606 Millstone Road School House Road Brewster 02631 Eastham 02642 John Ohmann Alina Sibley P O Box 1163 North Sunken Meadow Road Orleans 02653 North Eastham 02651 Jay Onnembo Lisa Small P O Box 186 112 Harwich Road South Chatham 02659 Brewster 02631 Chris Patrick Margaret Smith P O Box 1313 94 Cranberry Lane Orleans 02653 Brewster 02631 Janna Pereira Matthew Smith 309 Siough Road 85 Watch Hill Way Brewster 02631 Chatham 02633 Justin Petrosky Sarah Smith 87 Lombard Lane 17 Anchor Drive Eastham 02642 Orleans 02653 Phu Pham Jeff Sousa 7 Thompson Street Box 93 Greymouth, Westland, New Zealand Brewster 02631 Glen Picard Elizabeth Southworth 100 South Pond Drive Box 3 Brewster 02631 East Orleans 02643 Craig Pierantozzi Frederic Southworth P O Box 435 133 Jonathans Way North Eastham 02651 Brewster 02631 April Pike John Souza P O Box 989 600 Great Pond Road North Eastham 02651 Eastham 02642 Caitlin Quimby Margaret Spade P O Box 521 20 Robbins Hill Road South Orleans 02662 Brewster 02631 Michael Quist Ramona Sparrow 46 Surrey Lane c o Spirits N Things Brewster 02631 Brewster 02631 Wendi Robinson Amy Squire 33 Damon Road III Commons Way Brewster 02631 Brewster 02631 Lisa Rodriguez Dennis St. Aubin P O Box 1311 P O Box 265 Eastham 02642 North Eastham 02651 Michelle Rogge Paul Stevens Box 963 P 0 Box 268 North Eastham 02651 Wellfleet 02667 Pam Ronan Rebecca Stewart 34 Hopkins Lane 663 Stoney Brook Rd. Orleans 02653 Brewster 02631 Diana Root Jack Still RR 1, 2 Mayo Way 7 Duck Pond Lane Orleans 02653 hast Orleans 02643 Cynthia Ryan Joshua Sudikoff 16 Commons Way Drawer A Brewster 02631 Brewster 02631 DeeDee Ryan Marla Sveden 3 Ellis Road 149 Horse Shoe Way Orleans 02653 Brewster 02631 Eric Salvador Heather Swartz P O Box 138 Box 356 South Orleans 02662 South Orleans 02662 Karen Tortora 50 Boulder Pond Road Brewster 02631 Robert Tsouprake 45 Clayton Circle Orleans 02653 Konstantinos Tzekakis P O Box 946 Wellfleet 02667 Elizabeth Unger P O Box 67 Wellfleet 02667 Catherine Valle 9 Main Street Orleans 02653 Jason Vaughan P O Box 1349 Wellfleet 02667 Shawn Verfaillie Box 344. RR 1, Kingsbury Beach Eastham 02642 John Vincent 2 Blueberry Island Road Orleans 02653 Christina Wagner P O Box 646 Orleans 02653 Julie Walsh P O Box 08 East Orleans 02643 Nate Welch 1397 Main Street Brewster 02631 Heather Wherity 35 Pine Hill Drive Brewster 02631 Dawn White 5 Beach Plum Lane Orleans 02653 Chris Williams P O Box 45 Brewster 02631 Danielle Winlhrop Box 504 Eastham 02642 Joel Woodes Box 542 Wellfleet 02667 Erika Woods 101 Long Pond Circle Brewster 02631 Michael Yates Box 406 East Orleans 02643 Todd Zimmerman Box 366 Eastham 02642 ; |MM .4 ' i.f! hi I- ' B W0r H 1 1 m WALS WORTH PUBLISHING COMPANY MARCELINE. MISSOURI. U S A

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