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Nauset Regional High School - Nauset Tides Yearbook (North Eastham, MA) online yearbook collection, 1986 Edition, Cover

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■ bhhhhhhhi 1 -Nmtset ® tiles - - ■ 30809000203636 ' f xi if’1 . J ■ V ' " ' i ’:1: M A ,1 ' k i ■ " V ■ , 6 Njjjr J ' ■’•iui A » ' m i §■ $ • f g ' ' - tif . f juftl | • ' ' £ ' •• ILf ■ 1 rJ J . 4 Jr I ft ;}f ' » ' ' ■ M , 4 y. " .■ ’ J F 1 1 ■ ' p ? 1 f« i- r i V w ' r « -. „ fi, ». ■ , jr juftani ' . « uifr NAUSET REGIONAL HIGH SCHOOL NORTH EASTHAM, MASSACHUSETTS 02651 1986 § A " » ■ J ■ ' I ‘ f Jkr , 2 3 4 6 7 k To grow is to change, and to have changed often is to have grown much. — J.H. Newman f v DEDICATION , the class of 1986, dedicate our yearbook to s. Donna Demetri and Mrs. Robin Walker. We wish to thank them and show our apprecia¬ tion for their four years of assistance and friendship. 16 In Memory Of Mrs. Mary Murphy For those of us who knew Mrs. Murphy, as a teacher, as a friend, or both, we may surely say that we miss this friendly sweet woman with all our hearts. The memory of her in our lives will always be with us. » A Jon Badams Wendy Badger Glen Baker Amy Baronsky Jelfrev Bates ' ; ' • • g Paul Bellarosa Joe Bergstrom Michelle Bessette Michael Warren Brooks Paul Birnesser Kristin Brown Evan Bruinooge Deborah Bunzick Eric Cabral Veronica Calderon Thomas Fettig Leah Fisck Ian Fisk r -t T j Jenepher Ellis Matt Farrell Darren Fancy Kerin Francis Matthew Frazier - f V t ' ' i ‘ KV . f- ' i %4 Sean Fleming Stacey Fleming V. Wavne Francis Pat Fredericks Cynthia Garling Jennifer George Mark Hammatt Dawn Hansburi Thomas Glidden Karen Hagg 4 - i Victoria Gifford Courtney Harrington Theresa Harris Christopher Hatch 25 Amy Hilfertv Carl Holm berg Elise Johnson 7T Edward Kelly Brian Leonard Amv Linnell Stacy Long t • 1 Michael Lorange Daven Luhmann Kimberly Luscombe Melisa Mahony Diana Macioci Kurt Martin Joseph Mayo Aaron McDonald j- $ £ ft Daniel Pierce Deborah Pike Kristin Poo ler Stacy Raymond Gretchen Reineke Joseph Parian te Isabelle Patou mrfiriijq quirt iift tltll 4S» Greg Picard HH sSAS si® ■ Ps-i.’L Cameron Riley David Santos Cyril Scheibel Susanne Schneider Bonnie Schofield Michael Scrivani Robert Sharman Erin Shealy Shirley-Anne Siemer Alessandra Smith Greg Smith Michelle Smith 11181 li? 5 •4: , y yyt - i ■ ' V f ' : : Michael Zontini Mary Dessauer ' : . » l. 111 ’ ;; Mr David Tubman Tim Turner Laura Wilson Class History 1986 Freshman year began in September of ’82. We came to Nauset not quite knowing what to expect; frightened of the transition from the top of the heap to the bottom of the crop. Amazingly enough we managed to survive! (somehow). The annual Halloween dance was our first introduction to Nauset social life, and as ususal started the ball rolling full speed. Friday night dances and basketball games became regular events from this point on. Despite the success of such social events, there was no topping the two outstanding drama productions, “Flowers for Algernon” and “West Side Story”. The beginning of sophomore year ’83-’84 was a relief for many - we were no longer freshmen, (free at last!). We began the year with the ritual magazine drive. All our hard work paid off later as the earnings helped us sponsor several successful upperclass activities. Once again, the Halloween and Christmas dances provided fun and excitement for everyone, as did the two plays, “You Can’t Take It with You” and “Splendor in the Grass”. Next came the big move to upperclassmen — junior year! This was when we first began to notice “how small the freshmen are”. Courses became more difficult and required more of our attention. However, we were easily distracted by all that was going on around us. This year’s German exchange program brought Americans there but not Germans here; it was truly an adventure for all those involved. The junior and senior classes combined for a little refreshment, perking up spring with a live band at the toga dance on March 15th. Before we knew it, it was time for this year’s play “Bye Bye Birdie”. May 4th brought prom ’85 - without a doubt the social event of the year. We began decorating for graduation, wondering when our turn would come. September ’85 brought senior year quickly upon us, although the feeling of being on top was long overdue. We entered the year with record-breaking changes in the faculty and administration; a period of adjustment for all. Although we were sad to see so many teachers leave, it was good to see the changes. The new faculty members refreshed us with the intelligence, experience, and wit that they had brought with them. Discussion of the new discipline policy became common among peer conversation. Preparing college applications took up too much of our time; deadlines were upon us as we embarked upon the final leg of our senior year. The senior banquet on March 2nd began our descent fantastically. The spring passed quickly with only the play “Vaudeville is my Home” and the prom ’86 on May 10th between us and graduation. Despite the success of these affairs, it’s the friendships we’ve made that we will remember long after the thrills of past events have been forgotten. Our graduation on June 1st was the grand finale in a long line of transitions - both as a class, and on a personal level. It is for this reason that all members of the class of ’86 should leave Nauset with a sense of pride and accomplishment and enter the “real world” with confidence. Christa Chiarello ■ » jwl f . ' MFlH bMK i.sjj jjfcji kj " %| RflK ' 4k Senior Superlatives 38 39 BEST ALL AROUND: Christa Chiarello and Jeff Bates Grethe Kaeselau and Sean Fleming 40 MOST TALENTED: Allison Graham and Dana Squire 41 v MOST INDIVIDUALISTIC: Elise Johnson and Tom Fettig i 42 MOST SCHOOL SPIRIT: Christa Chiarello and Bob Swidrak CLASS COUPLE: Karen Hagg and Dan Pierce BEST LOOKING: Fran Swartz and Rick Crosby 43 44 C. Allen M. Aylward R. Archambault J. Baskin M. Battles T. Atwood M. Adams K. Belair R. Bernard M. Bourgeois R. Brinker E. Broderick K. Brown K. Bunzick J. Cannon M. Canty A. Carleton A. Carlson S. Cathie J. Chipman M. Chipman C. Clark L. Clark J. Coffin K. Cole W. Coleman H. Crossman K. Curran K. Daly C. Drummond G. Flanagan C. Fleming S. Fowler E. Francis K. Fredrickson M. Fulcher K. Grant R. Grenier S. Hagg A. Galligan T. Garran J. Gibson J. Gill % C. Hayes K. Herbert K. Hildreth C. Hobbs H. Havener M. Holbrook K. Ingrum P. Jackson S. Johnson S. Johnson :i t K. Krikorian G. LaPlant T. Largey J. MacKenzie J. Mahony J. Marceline J. Larson D. Marcinek M. Linnell E. Marino M. Marsh M. Marshall T. Masciangioli C. McCombs if C. McCray D. McGinn S. McGuckin G. McMakin J. McMullin H. McOuat K. North H. O’Brien J. Ohmann J. Nichols D. Nickerson J. Onnembo C. Patrick J. Pereira 49 ni m G. Picard C. Pierantozzi C. Quimby M. Quist W. Robinson M. Rogge P. Ronan D. Root L. Rodriquez L. Rogers 50 M. Shay L. Small C. Smith S. Tom K. Tortora R. Tsouprake B. Unger C. Valle S. Verfaille J. Vincent T. Wagner J. Walsh D. White C. Williams S. Young H. Wherity T. Zimmerman M. Yates D. Winthrop 52 S. Abbott N. Austin B. Bengston E. Benner B. Berry K. Blake D. Bodamer D. Bohannon E. Aldrich D. Ay 1 ward S. Bertrand D. Anderson D. Bandstra D. Bigos A. Brennan D. Brennan S. Brookshire P. Brown C. Buddington C. Cabral R. Calderon A. Campbell A. Chace G. Chambers J. Clayton T. Creavy R. Crevier M. Crocker J. Cullum J. Curran B. Currier S. Daniels J. Dibble M. Davis S. Davis C. Delcourt J. Doyle M. Dube C. Eitelbach D. Eldridge C. Ellis D. Escher J. Finn G. Fulcher S. Frawley C. Fisk J. Greene S. Hall S. Hammatt C. Ehnstrom S. Falletti T. Gaskill J. Harrison 55 A. Hamilton H. Hobbs J. Hogg L. Holcomb A. Horton L. Hudson E. Huntley M. Hurley L. Hutchinson K. Ingwerson M. Jennings Z. Johnson B. Jones A. Joseph A. Joyce K. Kavanaugh M. Keegan T. Kostas L. Lennon J. MacKenzie J. Kiefer A. Labbe J. Long L. Maglioli J. Marino D. Marshall D. Massey 57 58 Y. Rhodes E. Rich J. Rich C. Rimmer D. Robinson K. Rose K. Rose D. Sabine J. Schubert R. Scott J. Sousa P. Showalter K. Stetson S. Singer E. Stevens A. Smith K. Stocks B. Soule B. Strakele J. Stratton R. Svenningsen R. Sweatman B. Tanco T. Taylor 60 A. Besse A, Beswick R. Biewvenue R. Boucher R. Anderson J. Beaudry G. Bove L. Carmichael T. Castleberry T. Castleberry N. Chaves A. Chiarappo T. Crossman A. Coneen K. Corcoran A. Dalman K. Davis C. Cronin T. Dearborn J. Cronin P. Deardorff M. Collins A. DeFina J. Delaney Z. Dixon N. Dooley S. DuBois C. Dumont M. Dunham S. DeLude C. Dennis J. Dibble J. Gamsey J. Greenwood C. Gaskill M. Hall M. Hansen S. Hardy K. Hartwell P. Gaspar N. GiaQuinto L. Gove J. Hatchard J. Hayes J. Healy E. Hennion W. Hilferty S. Jacoby L. Howard H. Holcomb M. Homer C. Horan L. Jennings G. Johnson J. Johnson K. Johnson V. Johnson 63 K. Killian J. Klinefelter M. Krasnovsky K. Kurlychek J. Lobdon M. Lach S. Landry J. LaPlant G. Lauro P. Lenza J. Leonard C. Leone C. Linnell T. Lorange I. MacKenzie _ M, MacLeod M. Maglioli C. Maken S. Malatesta M. Marcell % A J. Marino S. Matthews L. McCormack S. Rancourt K. Reilly V " , A. Richards H. Rogers -1 T. Rutherford A. Ryan A. Ryone J. Scott K. Seay J. Shakliks M. Smith S. Smith S. South worth B. Smith J. Smith S. Souza M. Spencer J. Squire M. Stevens S. Thorne P. Towner K. Turner E. VanderMay T. Vaughn L. Vincent G. Whitelaw M. Wiley P. Williams T. Wilson E, Woods 3 - i 68 Exchange Students Karin Rion Well Nauset, a year has come, a year has gone ... People have come, people have gone ... I have come and I am going .. . but the memories will last. The year has not been easy but it has been unique. Like anyone who leaves home, I have taken a risk, but it has been worth it. I have grown, I have experienced life. Now it is your turn: Now that you leave, remember to be open. I know it is hard to accept someone who doesn’t understand all of your gestures or all your words. But remember that it is hard to arrive in a new community and wait until the sixth month to have “friends” or feel that you have one foot into one of the groups. So, do it. AFS is a way to do it. Take your chance . .. Bonne Chance and God bless .. . Veronica Calderon I came from Quito, the capital of Ecuador, South America. My year here was a learning experience. I’m the only child in my home, that’s why my brothers here, Buddy, Duane and Eric Escher mean so much to me. The United States is so different of what I thought. I discovered that our countries have things in common although we have so many differ¬ ences. “Can’t judge a book by it’s cover.”. My plans for the future are uncertain now, I want to study here but I also want to stay in my country. “Take one step at a time as Mom Lynn will say. This year will stay in my memory forever. I’ll always remember the friends I have made here. 69 ; j 70 PATRICK AUSTIN: “Later .. lAJaiting for the Sun JON BAD AMS: Jeepstah!! Thanks 2 all for making me feel like this is home. “Tunes” Lobstahh; glorious showers. The hand lives! “Busted!” RL + PR DR, “What’s a pudahead?” YVS2M,SG. “Indian summer, the end” The door is still there. FS, I’m still waiting. BC, I’ll never forget. Love you all, BZRLBBGSSFJBJMTMJMPB, thanks again ... (Cach day comes bearing ih t ifu, untie the ribbons! Jnne-Ruik Sck abaher WENDY BADGER: To all my friends who have made these years what they are, thanx! Stacey, couldn’t have made it w out you. Laurie Gerry, “I’m coming to meet you in the real world!” Long talks w SF,I.T.T.S? Summer 85-sunset sails, Brewster. Partying. “Hey Zippy!” U Mass weekends. My journey through life is yet to begin!!! Mom Dad, thanx for always being there, I.L.Y. JJon t expect anything original from an echo. JEFF BATES: Hockey 1-4; Tennis 1-4; Soccer 3,4; Ski Club 1-3; Math League 1-4; Student Council 4. The Hand, Nauset’s most significant social achievement! Perennial friends; BBGSPBDS, 9:00 ride Bernie? V 2 ft. surf, Spank, Closet bound! Bela Icecream Man, “Once wasn’t enough, Angus!” We’re goin’ in to sin city: Hairy Spicolli: HH, YAMSTM1436, Ridin’ in JOJ, CD 1-4 Hockey, Yes! Knip Knop! M D I will succeed-Nauset soap continues ... 71 BOBBY BEAULIEU: Former “Woba” “Bobo” Whatever. Class of 86 about time! MAD times with EK. PO. MS. CR. JN. and everyone else who parties. LAURIE 143. Always lots of help from my mother and father, good times and bad times with them I LOVE YOU and always will!! Now life really starts! PAUL BELLAROSA: Hockey 1-4; Soccer 2-4; Ski Club 2; Junior-Senior Senate. “Bella;” Collisions on the highway. Digital Hi-Fi Rules; Slamming with TF AM MV AG and KG. Parties with Emmet GS TM JB JB RL. Budmasters rule. Zappa in Salem, Angus at the centrum. AL BU thanks for being friends. Laura, you’re the best, I’ll LOVE YOU always. Long live Hardcore. ,L ourselves can free our mi fa inds. terminus id his is the line of 1 divisii JOE BERGSTROM: White Gold, 360 + 180, The Crew, Cloves, 151 and Quarters, The Beach, Road Trips, The Alps, Howl, Many good friends I won’t forget, A Black Rose, Psycho Killer, The Moon and More, Too many Draw 4’s, Moving beyond the Flow, I Love You Zoe. PAUL ANDREW BIRNESSER: “Pm so cold!” Dave! Villa Pizza w Tom + Ian, Crue w Tom, ANGUS 11 22 85, Cameron, Eric, Tom, John, Joe, WHK, Yohanna, Tina, Debbie, Tobin, Ian, Sanne, Kristin, I love you all. To all my other friends, you are not forgotten. This is the end. The killer awoke before the dawn ... 72 ive long and laugh lou MICHAEL BOVE: Soccer 1-4; Tennis 1-4; Odyssey Club 4. Bovie, Throcky. Chemistry Adv. Bio. with AC. “Who’s that nerd that p’d on the wall?” SD, Let’s go skiing. RM, How’s lipidhead? AC DC w PB,SA. Abdul, don’t stare! Nauset soccer rules! Mom, dad, thanks for everything, ILY. Good luck Glenn! Jahe a chance (fihe a(( dreamers, can t j ind another wag KRISTIN BROWN: Math League 1,3-4; All Cape Music Festival 1; Tennis 2-4; Honor Society 3,4; Girls’ State 3. Mom, Dad, Kara, thanks for everything. Good luck B-H, Jade, Moose, Red, Froggie, SK, Kimba, Teddi, Catrina, JK. RT NR tiene NE and graphic representations. Squisny. Vincee rules! J-confused still? Goodbye Brian and Kerry Noelia, thanks for being there. Good luck with George M.!!! Mahvelous! Baked=2 people+ 1 microwave ... we are is dust in the wind. WARREN BROOKS Soccer 1,2; Wrestling 1,2; Baseball 1; Tennis 2. “Same old song; just a drop of water in an endless sea. All we do, crumbles to the ground though we refuse to see. Don’t hang on, nothing lasts forever but the earth and sky. It slips away, and all your money won’t another minute buy. Dust in the wind ...” peace to ail and to a(( a good life. EVAN K. BRUINOOGE: Jag on to all my Fleetion bros. Lee, Dan, Clint, Stckholm, Jack, Dave and the elders. AM, TF,KC,TG,HS,EL,HP,WF,BF,GF,KD,MD,KG,JL. It’s been a heck of an unreal time. John Rivers you’re a saint. ALG will strive and survive. Mow Town Rules. Ma, Dad and Er, your the greatest. Later Nauset! 73 J music be the food of love , pbay on .. . JANE CHARTRAND: Band-Orchestra-Pep Band-All Cape Music Festival 1-4; Tennis 3,4- Morning meetings w KHPPACDHVGMZMCBHTHSKKBKFKSER thanx guys, you’re all great! Rides w KHVGTHSHBH! Even though we won’t be together next year, you’ll all be in my heart! Ace, Jade, Moose, Nikki, Cat., Squeek and Teddy together 4-ever. Mom and dad, I love you both! WE MADE IT!!! an empo no pa a en uano. VERONICA CALDERON: Yearbook-Newspaper 4. Thanks Nauset friends, host families, Rotary Club for making this year just wonderful. M D, you’re the best. Family, B C, you’re the best too. RS, te quiero mas que antes. TM, genial, buena nota, super. Galapagos estare par ahi proto. Friends: NEVER FORGET YOU Jt isn t always blach n white, Sometimes it S blue. JILL GILES CHRISTOPHER: Softball 1; Basketball 1,2; Soccer 1-3. Me. Eagles, still rocking. SQUIRM! almost. BC: g-talks; F, Pufferb’s, best of the doors, ceiling (don’t trip), Imagination ex-over, deja vu, slimmers, CB (guard shark); pretty kitty; KP, SS (SM’s), GK(12 yrs.), JM (bus rides), WB,L + P prom 84, Remember, just remember. ... 143734 bestest Jon. Thanks for the times all. Mom too. Dke greatest kindness 9 kave to of er you is afwayS tke trutk. CHRISTA CLAIRE CHIARELLO: Soccer 1-2,4; Softball 1.3- 4; Basketball 1-4; Student Council 1-4; Class President 1.3- 4. “In the end you’ll discover that nothing will mean as much as the love you have given and received ... That’s where you find the only lasting satisfaction.” Gretch + Bone-best of times! Thanks for your friendship coaches + Mrs. L. Jen-Miss you. Mom + Dad, thanks for always understanding. I love you. 74 IJesterday teaches tomorrow to he true today. LEE CLARK: Mowtown, Evan wait, Mary ... (Hey Baby), Clint, Stock, Breeze, Banoonah, Jack Dave way to go. Stick together ALG or else. A2MC;KD;CH;HS.KG.TG.; AY-HA weekends shouldn’t end. Silver girl. EL. WF. HAR. Authorities are pushy. Jag on Fleetians. “Mare” love ya babe. Thanks Mom Dad. 3f th ere were no cloud; s we cou id not ?n t oy th e sun. ADAM CORDEIRO: Baseball 1-2; Honor Society 3,4. Good times prevailed. Bovie-buret overload, DG’s funny lines, awesome album cover! Tazz-vinegar doses + the evil eye. Going the rounds w RM. 1 mile to Cummaquid. Synchro¬ nized excretion w Abdul. EO-13 games! Hey EE-B’s in ’86. Cardinal clouts. Mom-thanx for the love + support. Jt wou id h ave made a cat lauyn. BETH CRONIN: Soccer 1-4; Cheerleading 2; Ski Club 2; Junior-Senior Senate. Angels whose turn? 143 Counter Straight?C-school? Changes, Red-3, WW Champ-. Thanks JC (Squirm), Raz, JB, Laura, Bob, Jon, RT (Key), KP + SS. EB(J)-MM, obsession, are you experienced? Halo? Mufchannell-143-Ferret, Blizzards, KK’s. Gentle- fish-just the beginning-143. Brian do you know? TN-What can be said? Thanks mum,- dads. Uverythiny that lives, lives not alone, nor for itself. AMY CULLUM: Band 1-3; Pep Band 1-4; Chorus 1,4; Field Hockey 3; Honor Society 3,4; Orchestra 4.1 want to thank my friends for teaching me about myself. Mr. S, Mrs. L, Mr. C.-I wish thank you was enough. M.A.S.P. friends- you’re fantastic! Scott, I’ll always be there. I love you. Mom and Dad, you’ve given me so much. Good luck Jenny. 75 Sc Ut ' i it and we re rip pin .. oi, yu. GREG CURRIER: Basketball 1,2; Tennis league 2; SADD 4. Great times with BH,KR,MZ,JC,TH,BH. Physics, fun and talking too much. We’re out of here! Love you Mom + Dad. t 3f we had the chance to do it a(( again, M would wel could we! BRIDGETTE DAVIS: Field Hockey 1-2,4; Basketball 1; Ski Club 1-4; Student Council 1-3. Summers on Cape God, Great times with friends, ski trip to Maine, Purple? ... through a straw, Gretch, never say that word! Tania, you’re the best, Cahoon Hollow Beach, Rambo? Rock Harbor Sunsets, hurricane of ’85! Bri-Bri, Marky, Nana, I love you. Mom and Dad, thanks, I’ll always love you. CHRISTINE DELUDE: Student Council 4. “KeeKee” Kel, Pol,Sar,Mar,Haley,PA and KM-Thanks for being my friends. Memories with AK,AM MS. Much love to gamp, gram and memere. Thanks to all of my community family, Dad, Mother Necessity, Shawn, Sarah, Kevin and Tim, I love you. (dherish your yesterdays, dream gour tomorrows, hut lit gour todagi JEN DENNIS: Honor Society 4; Track 4. WW,OW,FS. 1985 Runaway Chicken! ... Courtney, I can’t find your house!... Shenis ... Mom and Dad, thanks for everything ... CM,SF,BM,DR,CR,JB,GR, and all the rest... I had a great senior year ... 76 Sail on silver (jin ' ll your time h taS come. MARY M. DESSAUER: ALG 4. Candy, Kristen, Patti- THE BEST. 10 26 85 Guys! “X” LC -you’re someone exceptionally unique, thanx so much for sharing it with me, I love you! Senior Wood-mucho gracias, ILY, JV-ILUVM. Mom, Dad, and family-it was doubtful, you pushed me, and I DID IT! ILUVM Adios mis amigos! IdJhat a man does not understand he does not h ave. SHAWN DOYLE: Golf 1-4. The Red Cape “Frappes” with TT,RQ,KH,Dave “480 bonus” GT’s w MB,TT,RM,BL, EO,AC,JC,DP,SF. Put them under the ice. Cleaning Sundays w RQ. Thanks Paul and Maggie. (IdleSSed is lie udio expects nothing for he shall never he disappointed. NOELLE DUBE: Soccer 1; Softball 1-4; Basketball 1,2; SA DD 3; Honor Society 3,4. JT,Giz,Noelia,Well,Kris, best of friends for 8 years. To Sue (ssh) and all my friends (sorry, 50 words!!) the best of luck! Allen, I really do like your accent (ha ha). Mom, you’re doing a great job. ILUVM. Jeff,York,Chris,Mish + Papa. ILY too. You’re all very special. you ' d Mttk k ere tomorrow, hut your d, reams mai not. KRISTEN M. DOUGLAS: ALG 3,4. “HEYBABY” 10 26 XTC! CH,MD, “Take a walk on the wildside.” John, “We having fun yet?” Thanks Mom and Dad ILY. Good luck Rich! Michael IWUVUVM ... And so you see I have come to doubt, all that I once had as true. I stand alone without beliefs, the only truth I have is you. 77 Wefc come nuj ion, welcome (come to til e machine. hi i rJLead me to the roch that ii higher than dr. JENEPHER HLYNN ELLIS: Gymnastics 1; Cross Coun¬ try 1; Yearbook 3-4, Editor 4; Newspaper 1. To all my friends through the years-THANX! “why?”, Beth-Do ya get The Point? “Chet” Willy-you’re the greatest, thanx for being there!! Germany 85, many memories! SF, thanx for the summer of 85. Woody, thanx. Drewski-FOREVERLIch Liebe Dich!!! Jason and Mom-I love you very much, I couldn’t thank you enough. Back to the starting point... ERIC EHNSTROM: I’m looking thru a hole in the sky, Ian Ferguson lives!!, Psycho Killer, Gloria trip to N.J., hotel evacuations, into the mud scum queen, spilt chablis, 6th grade, Thanks PB,TG,IF,JK,JB, I love you Tam!!, 1992 O.K.?, ILY Mom Pop, GL Chris Barb, You better watch out there may be dogs about. that ii ofd c oei not c. Wot a(( who wander are fitter. foit. CHARLES ESCHER: Track 4. Riding with the wind. Nights at the beach. Happy pumping! Skins at JD’s. Skinhead and Asst. Skinhead. BS,CO,JD,MP,JS everyone. In the spaces between my dreams; I often come across a strange substance called reality. Examen?; Oh No! That’s a knee slapper! Luv ya Leslie! Goodbye ... For Now. rJlove without our an 9 er. DARREN A. FANCY: Soccer 1-4; Hockey 1-4. D-Bag -OE storm, surfing, GTW JW,MR,JZ,HAR,BM,KD,MB. “Fran” Love you, YWABIMH. Can’t wait to get out. Jen stay at Igore’s house. GT w Court + Jill + Jen. Bob, brake that minute marker. Thanks mom and dad, but where’s my car? 78 J4c ave V ou ever crie d with a imilt your THOMAS FETTIG: Soccer 1-2,4; ALG 2-4; Germany 3. I’m sorry about your baby, Mrs. Whitebread. Cemetary, Gotta slaaaam!!! Drop and drive. Cityago, watertowers, Facist Rangers, Germany ’85, Koln Uber Alles. P-town-Ted is next. Zappa,Vermont,EMF,Jay. Hi, Kimblee, JMAL, AG,TN,JM,JM,MM,AM,MB, I love you. Thanx Johnny R. I love you mom and dad. WJanna yet arreited? 2 different people dJ, forever a yahoo. IAN T. FISK: Math League 1-4; Class Treasurer 1,2; Student Council 2,4; RAC 3-4; Drama 3-4; ALG 2-4. JF,AA,DG,AW,LL,LD,LP and or AM,TF,MB,JL,CV and or many more: 143. V 2 racked prejudice leaped forth-“Rip down all hate” I screamed. Lie that life is black and white. I dreamed romantic facts of Musketeers foundationed deep somehow. I was so much older then, I’m so much younger than that now. nd you cominy back to me id ayaimt tne oddi. SEAN FLEMING: Soccer 1-2; Ski Club 2; Hockey 1-4; Germany 3. Shenis. RJC and those wild nights! Chicken- skin with KD,BM,Egor. Germany ’85. Oh Boy! Angus 85. The Hand BB,JB,GS,SW,JM,Court + B2 thanks + 143. XFSTGSCSF. Fran, I love you. Secret Schoolnight Nookie. FS, don’t go changing! Mom + Dad, thanks for the encouragement, 143. ' e ve yot mi STACEY FLEMING: Cheerleading 1-2; Band 1-4; Orches¬ tra 4. “Ready Freddie?” Green Go! WB, you me against the world. Sandcastles sunsets. Janet, careful water skiing! Hot lips, you’ll make it! Jay, take care of Frank. Polly, keep your sick duck-Pow,Pow! If I lived from here to eternity I couldn’t say enough thanks. Faith, Debbie, Donna-I’m last. I love you Mom Dad! Bye Nauset! lei to yo before we ilt eep. 79 Jrue friendi are AL Ji aniondi - precious and KERIN FRANCIS: Yearbook 4. Summer ’84. Samm: many memories, best of friends. Keithy, IWALYVM. George McFly, my inanimate man, James, memories, UR special, 143. Laughing, eccentricity, “Adventures on P.B.R.” “Look at them yo-yo’s!” Kathy, Daven, Isabelle-gym, and years of complaining. “S” Stones. Mrs. Abbott-T hanks. Mom, Das,Jeff: THANKS! ILY ... Jdey £d, where S the ers ' MATTHEW A. FRAZIER: A.V. 1-4; Shop 1-4; Maint. Crew 1-4. Kurt and Bubba, last of the shoppies. It will never be the same. Rich, go get some milk. Man you plows, here comes the snow. Jeep wrote the book, but Scout published first, siren works, ALL POSITIONS. Good luck to AH +JM,TP + Bro. Mom + Dad, thanks I love you both. Seli ieue in yourself and many id thinyS h i ?ecome poAAil CYNTHIA GARLING: Girls’ Sports Program 3-4. My thanks to all the friendly and caring people I’ve met at NRHS. I have wonderful memories of happy days here. Special thanks to my teachers, Jonathon and Connie, and love to Mom, Ted, and my family for encouraging me to do my best. JENI GEORGE: A.K.A. Mickey, JG, What, to Pokey: JD, I’m almost out! Midnight Missions all the way! I love you this much! Stacey, you’re one of a kind, I hope. What time is it? SIT! STAC RAY The LBB lives!? SIT! GBY, LMF What happened? SIT! Bye Scott, luvyou. SIT. Thanks Brendon. Bye and thanks for everything. Sharon F., Vicki G.,DP,JC,TH,KS,CS. Hey Senator. Bye Mark! Thanks Mom Dad, Keith. Love you. Bye George. Bye. 80 ivi nq for a dream . . . VICTORIA DOANE GIFFORD: Tennis 1-4; Band 1-4; Orchestra 4. Summer of ’85 at Papa’s. Mid-air-woman with Jane Stacey, ILY 2., Senior privileges w TH BH, Gail ILY, Keep in touch Kerry. KH DH, see ya in Ft. Lauderdale! Mom Dad, thanx for everything, I love you! Later Nauset. The best is yet to come ... Adhere waA a u and people mooed at him. THOMAS GLIDDEN: Drama 1-3;ALG 4. Eric, Paul, John, Joe, Yo, Geva and all the many others who helped me through, I give a wild abandoned MOO! Bee, ILY. Road trips. ST good dead trash nights. Wow, it’s over. I love you Mom, Dad, and family. It is finally over. Goodbye cruel world, life begins. omc dance to remember, dome dance to forget. ALLISON GRAHAM: Drama 1-3; Band 1-2,4; Orchestra 3-4; ALG 3-4. When I was a child, I caught a fleeting glimpse, out of the corner of my eye. I turned to look and it was gone, I can not put my finger on it now. The child has grown, the dream is gone. Jnd J ch oie the road not tah en. KAREN HAGG: Tennis 1-4; Gymnastics 1-4; Honor Society 3-4. DP, luv ya forever. MZ 5 4 85 ZZZ with HC. Crashin’ Kurt our boss DP,DH,VG,WB,TH,KL,GP + GP. DBGDL Keep in touch JC,DM,BH,ND + SS. Thanx Mom + Dad. 81 MARK HAMMATT: I want to thank CM,KL,DL,KS, and AV. We’ve had a lot of good times. I also want to thank my parents and Roddays, but especially Miramichi! Well Matt and Sam, where should we send them next year? Bean you’re looking good an Yellow! Hunting ’85 the best. othing gold can stag. DAWN HANSBURY: Gymnastics 1-4; Tennis 2-4. KH, Shatan! DP How’s your nose? Florida with DM,MM,MH. JC, thanx for the dinners. KS, July!!! MZ + HC, good luck! TH,JC,SS,ND,KB keep in touch! VG, DBGDL TMV. MV’s satin angels!! Never forget SP. Thanx Mom + Bob, I love you both!! COURTNEY HARRINGTON: Michelle, you’ve been a great friend and always will be. We’ve had lots of good times together and many more to come. Having fun at N.L. with JJ and Droopy. NSP and Riverview “85”. Andree you’re the best, thanks for everything, thanks Vallery. Mom and Dad 143 always. Bye everyone. oue is a friendship that lasts forever. TERRI HARRIS: Cheerleading 1-2; Track 1; Youth Group 2-3; Y.R. Club 2; Musical Theater 1. 2 all my friends, tanx 4 being there; ILY guys! PG w KHVGDPKLDH, + the crew. NOSES!?! BHUGJC; Ready yet!?! MZ, VEN what!?! Vic, where weat? Hyannis doing 120. Mom + Sherm, thanx, ILY both! DHDM, Hey Maan! Let’s go, BHVGJC. Mornings at ? w BHVG! KHDPMZHCDHRTDMJC BHVGJEKLSH; you’re great. Guess What?!? WE’RE GONE! 82 earn me up , S cotti r ‘So y° ur beit tb en do better. CHRISTOPHER HATCH: Soccer 1-3; Karate 3-4; News¬ paper 1-3; Yearbook 4. Papa’s Ambiguity! MZ,DP here’s the play!, Kiyaah! TT good friends KLLLKHHCSHNDK BTZESCFDMDNDHPM. Karate w TTTBSMJMDC DS. Party’n w Dave H. To all my friends, that crazy, unbeliev¬ able, jolly ol’ gang, thanks for everything! Mom ILU, Dad,Molly,Jim,Matt,JJ and all the rest, ILU2. Thanks JAMES HATCH: Soccer 1-4; Baseball 1-4; ALG 3-4; SAC 4. Well I had to go to the dentist, Mr. Chamberlain. This is it! Have fun everyone! Na uset Beach with DC,AM,CM,JW,DO,KC,DC + RC. Beach Party w DC,KC. Park Police. Gone Huntin’ U Maine, state tourney. Remember the trap with Tom Fettig. That’s all Nauset, Goodbye! J)n tbe end man tbinqi b I become as man L ecome tbe wind. BRYON HAYES: Drama 1-4. Good times w DWKBDS. 4th period study-KH etal. Dani: There’s 1! Where’s “Pinky”? Name number the kids! Hey Guayo (Dave), Remember-“The visitors are our friends.” Lizzards NO! The Resistance Forever. Leadership?!?-Right. ONE NIGHT IN BANGKOK. Sue, we made it. Good luck to all thanks. Pretenama! Vo one bere qeti out aii STACEY ANN HENDERSON: Gymnastics 1-4. Well Jeni and Vicki we made it. Jeni your my bestest. Hay M.A.W.! Slow down! Crash + Burnin’ the “Boat”. Stac you were my cutest ... sheeps ... Crappy sorry about your head! Streetlight dancing w Kathy. See ya later BH,JC,LF,KL, I love you Mom + Dad very much, Thanx. 83 BRENDAN HERBERT: Band 1-2; Cross Country 3-4; FBLA 3-4; Newspaper 4. Thanks to SJ,VG,TH,JC,SH,GC for all those great times. Scott how’s that Physics lab coming-wicked strip. Hey Vic want to fly. Let’s get some coffee and Skittles. Yeah, drive a box to school. See ya latah Nauset. Thanks Mom + Dad-I love you! “J ’i eaAy to pretend, but bard to forget! CANDY J. HIGGINS: Ski Club 1-2; Gymnastics 1; Track 2. MD,KD,etc. ILY all. The cutlass-The Beast! SancP.l 10- 25 10-26 the best. Summer of ’85 ruled. Steve Miller! The non-ALG, ALGer. Life is a question to which there is no answer. Sr. Wood, yo no se! Dad,Mom, and everyone 143, hugs and kisses, thanx. c t eux aimen t b ten Aon t lentA de A ou Mt ier . AMY HILFERTY: Sherame, Duphus, Amos. TP,CF,MF, KM,JM,NH,KP,KR,SR,KJ,YY, thanks for all the memo¬ ries. BEWARE OF AIR BABIES!! C T, pool parties at my place ... who needs an occasion? Nancy-I miss you, good luck! John-it started on the beach let’s let it live in the mnts., ILY4E. To my family, especially JM, I will make you proud!! IJo can t Atari a fire with out a Apt rb. CARL HOLMBERG: Cross Country 1,3; Track 1-4. Out of doubt, out of dark, to the day’s rising. 84 2 ) ance till A meSA aroun l ELISE ANNE JOHNSON: Soccer 1-4. JC, BC-shoppin’ the meat market; the Slimmers go on tour. No more halos! KP,SS,JC-SQUIRM IS ACTIONIZED FOREVER!! JC- the writing’s on the wall (or door?!) Guard Sharks! Pele people: 3 blond bombshells. Belgium ’85-ROAD TRIP! Mom,Dad,Cliff,Andrea,Sue,Dweeblet-thanx I love you! gotta get outa till A P L ace . JEFFREY JONES: Ski Trip 3. Don’t let the Chigga kid ya. Nauset Beach with FR,DT,MF,CS,RC,BT. Don’t forget stubby nubby grubby tubby, fletcher, and fennel. Thanks Mom Dad. “We ve only juAt begun — Wag all our dreamA come true. SUSAN JONES: Basketball 1-3; Soccer 1-2; Softball 1; Newspaper 1-2. Thanks to my family and friends (Stacey, Karen,Diana,Kris, and Bryon). Double date with Bernie the Venezuelen, 7th period gym, Pufferbellies, summer’s with the Fancy’s crew. Wild west ’85. Mom and Dad thanks for your support, I love you. Good luck Eric! Obe time for ua to talb will KAREN JOSEPH: “Cuddles” 7 4 85-YWONYG? Lee Baker you’re special. Karen,Patti: couldn’t have made it without your help. Erin: BB, good times. FRANK: Our time was special. Thanks for loving me, I’ll love you always. Graduation be there. “I made it!” I LOVE YOU Mom, Dad. Thanks for your love, trust, and help. Bye BL! 85 I l l 1 IS W. kL iomeone became. We (ove iomeone aftbouyb. GRETHE L. KAESELAU: Julio,Grettle,Griefer,(and just for you Court!)GRETTA! 4 yrs. of too early mornings, and too tired afternoons. Wouldn’t have come except for the friends! (and good looking guys, of course!!) Best of times with CKALESJCJMBCBSWBSFML, and all my other friends; too many to name. I’ll love you all forever. KATHLEEN KEEGAN: Fashion beauty, Daily vitamin C. Table finish, Fish Heads. MB-How’d you rip your pants? SLH-That Monday, whales in the cove, my mother’s ice! LW-Jaws, tent. TK-The prom, 10 AM,Tick. MM-tears and hugs-143!!! SH,TK,MB,LW,luv ya lots. Dad and Mom,ILY. J loiiom bu bic oiiom by bloiiom the ipriny beyini be SUSAN KNOWLES: Well, we’re outa here! Good luck to everyone, especially Kristen and Noelle. Catching the bouquet. Strawberry DQ’s. Canoe trip: This is it I’m leaving! HM work on that zipper! So many memories. Thanks to Mom and Dad. I could not have done it without you. New York City here we come! COURTENAY KURLYCHEK: Soccer 1-4. Court-AL,ES “Friends!” Greta! P-town ’85. WE LOVE IT! TC Saturday nights at Amer’s. Thank you RD wasted time in Jamaica, CM, SS (the Wannabees) More B-R, Fennel? Thanks Cy. School’s Out, what-a month early? CB Bone? Vernage, hang in there. I love you Barton. 86 i better to live ric ft th en die ric ROBBIE LABRANCHE: Baseball 1-4; Basketball 1-4; Soccer 1-4. “Tree”, 3-All the good times with BBSFBL(NPG)JBJMJBGS-you guys are great. Mac- thanks buddy, never a dull moment. Badman-Lobstah! Sept. 6, 1993-you’re all invited. Traci-thanx. Pammy, “you are my lady” and I love you. WCNDHMILY. God bless you all. I love you. With Ji 3 Lve 3 will do mu beit. JOE LAFORTE: STACY-We’ve shared so much, there is so much more. You’re the best and I’ll always LOVE you! “Babe, I love you” Best to all at Amity! Pete +John-use those talents!! “PARTY NAKED!!” Summer ’84 rules! “Bingo?-Bet!” “Right!” “Thanx KL,CR,JK,JL,DT,JBYR and everyone else-Good luck!! “Hey Dan!” “Later Dude!! Wk en you wi sk upon a dtat your d , reami wi (( come true. JOEY LANG: Softball 1-4. The sailor, Clubs, not JD! Love Laughter to all my friends-CRKLSSKPJBJLPB(E) CHALESTE et al. TRANSFORMERS! Slurp! Love ya KT. Germany! CR missions, circus, balloons, clowns, friends 4ever! SS talks, walks-never 4get ya chicken legs! KP-little legs, you made life brighter! Never forget! ILU Mom Grams. Adios! 3abe tb eSe broh en wi nys an J L earn y a 9 l KEVIN LENNON: Softball 3-4. Thanks for an awesome two years at Nauset. I couldn’t have made it w o all of you. DPSS KPWB 2GP KHEK JJCF JC, WB in 7th soc. ’85 softball season was great. Let’s go all the way in ’86. SSKP JJTL KHEK you ladies are awesome. Yo cowsack DP. Thanks Mom Dad. hguot fi yeht tnac ekat a ekoj. aLife has just begun . . . BRIAN LEONARD: Soccer 1-4; Basketball 1; Tennis 1-4. “BZ”-Sorry about the truck Bob. Beth do you know? Kim you know too much! Tennis Rips thanks Doc! TK we jamn. Crazy nights with-BernieSpankMACTreeBadmanBates MayoBoogaSHENIS and many more-Ping Pong battles with Batesy-great soccer season I had with my leg-hanging with my bus buddy-talks 7th period with Franny-hurricane party-MAC let’s go shopping-my buddy GR memories-hi KJ-Ame I’ll never forget you!! Thanks to my family I LOVE YOU ALL! VeamS do come true . . . AMY LINNELL: Field Hockey 1-2; Ski Club 1-2. Aimer. I love you Bill! 3 13 85 means forever. 1 5 85 BGES- DY(RL) Erin “That night!” (Sorry MF), New Years ’84, Boston w CHKL,BL. ESCK FRIEND!! Michelle “In the house girls!” Endless memories ESCKMLTBGKMBKJ DH. Paul 9 + thanks. Marilyn,Cindy,Mom and Dad there’s so much to say ... Bill, you’ll always be my “inspiration.” Everything lias its beauty but not everyone Sees it. STACY LONG: Thanks to all my family and friends, Sue,Karen,Dawn and Jennifer,George get out from under the table, remember Pufferbelleis 12 Guys!! Date any Venezuelans lately Sue. Leaving early to go to P-town with SR, Orleans with SJ. Goodbye Nauset, good luck Jamie. DAVEN LUHMANN: I just want to thank KC,MH,CS,KF,SF and IP for 4 special years. BD-83 and “turtle” DR and DR thanks for EVERYTHING! STEVE IWALY! 9-2-84 SB w C “the lettucecutter” FA. Mom and Dad ILY Thanks. 88 JLife involveb tearung up one rough draft after another. KIMBERLY LUSCOMBE: Flippy. Cam-through it all you were there, thanx ILY. Auditorium with CRJSPW. SES- TYOGA thanx M + KA. Hugs from JLEEJBYR JDDTCWJK JEIFJL PBACJC and more, I’ll miss ’em. Jeff-the only one 1437. Montreal with Craig. Washington 85. KL’s at the drive-in. Joey rubs. Joe, where to?-I like SMILES! 6:16 CRCV etc.-remember? Be good Sue. Thanx Mom and Dad, 143. Jodag b dreamb are tomorrow b future. DIANA MACIOCI: Di, good times with DH,KH,TH,KS and the gang in the morning. Herbeebs will live forever. Dan how’s your nose? Dawn watch out for those Sugar Daddies. “What’s for homework, Broc?” DBGDL. JC, thanks for brightening my life, you’re so special, I love you. Mom, Dad, Teri, everyone, I made it. I love you all, always remember that. lecaube people nee d people e more than the need pride MELISA MAHONY: Muff,Smuff,Scruff. Hey, hey mama ... Palzy, they’re playin’ our song! Kathleen, 143, thanx for puttin’ up with me. Chelly stop heatin’ on Chuckie. Jacuzzi + wine, sorry guys, didn’t mean to worry you. Bitte ein Kolch! Mikey + Dave, always memories. James, thanx for being a friend, I luv ya. Hey Babe, “Smile!” g KURT MARTIN: IA Shop Man 1 1984. Good friends, losing it in the inlet, scalloping Nov. 1, hanging out at the harbor, IA 1-4, Stu-you’re alright, breaking down on Nauset Beach. Thanks Mom and Dad for your support. 89 se above. AARON MCDONALD: Student Council 1-3; Class Vice President 1-2; ALG 3-4; Senior Senate. Hey bud, what’s up w ya? Time moves too quickly. Summers of 83,84,85. Many jags w MB,TF,CV,JM,Jess,AG,IF. White Mnts. 84-85. Road Trips!! ALG, keep on fighting. Hey,Banooner,Das JAG!! Hey, Zeek,getthe silver hammer! A 2 Mc. JOSEPH MAYO: Hockey 1-4; Senate 3,4. Prom ’85, Yoda,The Hand,SW,SF,JB,BB,GS. Mr. Razberry lives! Angus on the 13th, The Tinknocker; Lenny, you’ve taught me lots. Mary 143. Erin 143. SF, pick up after yourself! Mom, Dad, Steve and Lisa, couldn’t have made it without you. 143 foreverW. Dube fife in little pieces; one piece at a time. TIMOTHY MCENANEY: Basketball 1-4; Baseball 1-2,4; Soccer 1-4. Mac; “THE HAND” GSJBBBJMBL-good times CQPBSMJSSD RAL we’re “in the mix”. Good luck, thanx bud. Spank, 4-ever friends. “Hey Len, it’s raining.” SD 143 much-Breakwater always special. Thanx Mr. Miller. Mom and Dad 143. Bagsy, knock ’em dead. Adieu Nauset. ROB MCOUAT: Basketball 1-4; Baseball 2,4. Summer with TT(shake-on-face) surf the Cape AC. Casper with Mick + Beck. Greece drooled with Scott and Suds. (Bill and Boog got it.) Sunday mornings with BZ-Tomorrow, tomorrow. Soph, bench with Moore and Pierce. Heado, one more year then Princeton. THANKS DAD. 90 3be past unsigne J for, and tbe future Sure.- w.w. POLLYANNA MEAD: Band 1-4; Orchestra 1-4. It’s five of eight, we’re going to be late! Summer ’69. Stacey, it’s been a terrific 4 years spent with a good friend! Kim, you’re terrific, had fun in 11 English. Bonnie next time we’ll try brakes! We’ve had the best times. See you in the B.S.O. JM,EJ,BC,KP,SS. Realize your dream; and live it! Thanks Mom, Dad. “3b e end is the purpose of tlie beginning. BECCA LEE MILLER: ALG 2-4; Track 3-4; Gymnastics 2; Cheerleading 3; Student Council 4; Yearbook 2. Forever friends: CRLMASHHAGHOCQ-I’ll miss your caring! Pam-We’ve shared the laughter and the pain ... Terry-It’s hard, but we’ll make it-ILY. Jase-SMILE! Marlee- TFGUW M-we’ve made each other strong. Mom,George- Words aren’t enough-I love you so much.” “.. .There should be laughter after pain, there should be sunshine after rain ...” n euerg wag mag gou please JANET C. MILLIN: Ski Club 1; Germany 3. Do I confuse you Stacey? Do I confuse anyone? Remember Bonnie, you have to be an aggressive lunch eater. Thank God for the “J” family, what else would I talk about. Water skiing!? Kids are my life. Thanks Mary. Good luck class of “86”. See you in the funny pages. 311 See gou on tbe darb side of tb e moon. COURTNEY MONKS: Track 1; Soccer 1-4. Michelle-you knew and understood it all 143. Sean-you deserve the best, I want you to have it! 143. Sean-you deserve the best, I want you to have it! 143 Frances Fran, sisters? Summer ’85, interesting?! AC?DC 9 13 85 Couldn’t have asked for more! BCF-sometimes I couldn’t wait, so I didn’t! There’s someone in my head but it’s not me. 91 ERIK OLIVER: Soccer 1-3; Tennis 1-2; Hockey 4; Baseball 3-4. “Ollie” “Sky” SP,CP,SA,CF,CB,JC,MB,AC,JB,RM good times with all of you. “Can I help you boys?” Hot times in the galaxie w MB,CP,JC, and C. JC,CF midgets ’85, what a joke. Thanks Mom, Mr. and Mrs. A. ILY, Later Nauset. I’m off to Maine. Good luck EC,NC! Z) wad tbe bedt of timed, and tbe wont of timed . . . LISA OLSEN: Cross Country 1,3-4; Track 3-4; Band 1-4; Math League 3-4; Honor Society 3-4. Egypt ’83, skating with good friend KS, Nationals summer ’85, Lake Placid winters 83-86, stake-outs with KF, parties with CR, P-town excursion with friends AC,SR,SS, Summer ’84 with SS, good times with great friends KS,KF,AC,CR,KL,IP and alumns GT, SB, RR, good luck to CP,RC,MS and brother Dave. Thanks to Mr. Chamberlain, Mrs. Laning, and Mr. Scanlon, Luv you Mom and Dad! at)on t regret id wbat 9 dag, live for today, not yedterday! DANIELLE ORCUTT: Basketball 4. “Dee” Thanks for the great times-CB,LR,ES,CH. Boston 2nd home! CB, walks on the Commons, BCN fireworks. Pink Champagne and Passion jams. SD, remember “Rox”, Pro. parts, U- HAUL! GS-d. days at the CZ Top Hat. Hey KC, thanks for the intra! ILY Mom, you’re the best! Cgotta bare dreamd to b eep going. ISABELLE PATOU: Yearbook 4. Well Kerin, this is it! The beginning of a new life! Thanx for being such a great friend. Kerin, remember the memories! Luv ya! Samm, good luck in future years here! Luv ya too! I’ll miss all my friends from Nauset; Daven L., Kim L., Kathy S., Debbie P., Grethe K., + Jim B.-Take care cutie! BP-I’ll always care! 92 Jill that we See or Seem is but a d ream lAJe have dreamed , huilt and grown. DANIEL PIERCE: Basketball 1-2; Baseball 1-4. Papa’s rips KH,KL,VG,GP,GP,ER,WB,TT,TH,DH. Yo Cow Sack, I’m a man! KAREN ILY4E! Good luck SH, GP,ER,JM,Mike: You missed 3rd. Banana Man Lives. Get some friends Kev. Thanks Mom and Dad. Wl thin a di ream. KRISTIN POOLER: Soccer 1-2,3; Orchestra 1-4; Softball Manager 3-4; Basketball Manager 3-4. Thanks SSEJBCJC BSJMKR-SHCPJMLBKLWBPBIFJLSL-EKKHTL JJ- What ice? Aim-B-ball talks?! Salt,Squirm. Mormons? SSS thunk,Sniff me. Craig, I’ll never you. Scott, I believe in you DR. Sanne-we’ve lost it, Cooler in the sun?! Form of... Oh- wise-guy. Thanks for always being there. ILY. BBF. Mom Dad-Thanks, I love you. Goodbye is never forever. Jove ii brought out through the laughter from painted tears! STACY LYNN RAYMOND: “Stac Ray” Jn 3:16-17; 2Ti 3:1-9; Ro 3:23; Pr 25:16; Rev 3:19-20;G.B.Y.V.! Ps 1:3; Phm 4-7. Bear I cake LY. 3=6 15 68 YL, L.B.B., Lo’s, Danka Germ 85. Sit OHTA Buckwheat LY., Jr. Prom-Stacey good one! Amateur Vagabond-fighting to grad. Ma,Dad-sorry I can’t be w U but I luv U more than words can say! BruBru- Keep going I’m proud of ya! Life is worth the living! Salvation is the ans! ‘Jdc aue you heard about is GRETCHEN REINEKE: Student Council 1-4; Field Hockey 1-2; Cheerleading 1-3; Honor Society 3-4. Bonz, where can I begin? Aerosmith, “first times”, road trips, the rock, Double Dragon, my closest bestest friend. Christa- “Do you think a case is enough?”, “I didn’t throw that down the hill Mr. Reineke!” Good luck Eric,Jeff,Brian, Greg, Steph,Cait,Bridgette, (the Orleans clan). Mom,Dad, and Grant. 93 FRED RICH: Ski Trip 3. Hay Dave, I think your truck needs to be a little bigger. What the heck, make it a case! Stormin’ down the beach in the Brewster Bombs. I’m sorry Osifer, I didn’t mean to make you mad. Can’t forget the long nights at A P. Drinkin’ up a storm with (JJ,CS,MF,DT,BT,RC, MH). Mr. Jones, watch out for that tikillya-It’ll get ya! Hay Wild Bill, we’re “DISSSMISSED” for good. Later Nauset, It’s been fun and soon to be funner. Dh ose who reach touch the stars. CAMERON RILEY: So many memories and changes! Kim, what can I say? You’re the best. ILY. Joey, join the circus. 143. Thanks Paul, hang in there. Joe, smile! Rik ... if you love something ... IWALY. Good luck Cassandra and Ian; you both deserve the best. John, you horseshoecrab, I LOVE YOU, think of ME always. Thanks Donna and George, ILYB. Mom, you’re grounded! Pariez -vouS • rancais: KARIN RION: Yearbook 4. Thanks to all the people who made my trip possible: AFS,Maman,Papa,Mom,Dad, Nick,Jen and KK. Thanks also to all my friends who accepted me in their life. And “un tres grand merci” to my teachers, especially Mrs. Laning and Mr. Wood who were always present to help me ... ILY all ... “Dah e each dau as it comes with its Smi ies and Sorrows. KARYN RIPLEY: HB smile,4-wheelin’, beach parties, Ya happy? YukYuk! Good friends-AH,Hi Wilber! WR- Froggie, CD,KJ,CR-Thanxs for the push,oyo. Jeffie-Al- ways in my heart, love ya. LP What up? Thanxs for being there. Memories of Goodwin. KA-Always be special. ILY Mom and Dad. Finally made it! Thanxs for your support. 94 your ‘p. oLll your dreami . . for ioon til ey re gone. 9 9 SHARON RIPLEY: “Porker” “Perfect Couple” Chris (Flicker), I’m glad we met, our times will always by very special. I love you with all my heart. Wendy: Our good times won’t be forgotten. Newington-Wethersfield friendships, DS at Wally’s. The gang-4-wheelin’, parties. YGAG “I did it!” Love ya Mom Dad. Thanx for everything. 3 am w hat 3 am: w hat 3 am id illuiion. KIMBERLY RUTKOWSKI: Band 1-3; Orchestra 2-4; Ski Club 2-3; Flute Choir 4; Student Council 2-3; ALG 3-4. Beth, Cindy-Angels? Who’s turn is it? Slanted counters! Assorted adventures 143! Brian-Do you know? Pam(SB) Jen-over your house? Laura-it’s in neutral! Amy-’mornin neighbor (4-19-84!) Beth,Cindy,Joey,Brian,Spank,Laura- you’re the best! Mom,Dad-I’m ready! Thanks 143! Many things unmentioned but not forgotten. e re juil dancin in the rain. GEVA SALERNO: “New Girl” Thanks to everyone who tried to make moving easier. What does “MOO” mean anyway? Hands off Bella! Jamaica? Cap’n Elmers is the center of the universe. ILY Gim-you’re awesome dude! Mom Dad-too cool to be parents! Thanks TG,EE,BS,JB,LM,PB. Ok ii ii the end of a(l ionyi. DAVID SANTOS: Look Toto, a twister! HP + GP, I know what you did! What’s that... Hawaiian noises?-yeah right. The lizards are coming-v- BH Hey Dude?!? Bangkok, Oriental City, go back to your bars, your temples, your massage parlors! Much thanks to my family-I love you all- I’m gone! 95 Sooner or Cater it corned down to fate . . . (Jj . joel SANNE SCHNEIDER: Soccer 1-2,4; Softball 1-4. GT + T -KPBCJCEJKRBSJM-SHSRJMJLPBTMKLWBCPJK -EKKHACTLJJ-It’s got to go! Transformers. Chocolate Milk. Doane Rock! Hands. Ssssthunk! Sniff me! Squirm. Salt. (Thanks-BRO) (Yo-1-4-3) Krispy-(Oh-wise guv!) It’s cooler in the sun?! Activate helium! BEST friends-4- EVER- OTTO -You mean more to me. Time in a bot¬ tle. THEExS. ILY-Mom-n-Pop! K + D,J + J. HOMR- THANKS! tfour life, one truth hold A Aure: a yueAt for th e Aun . BONNIE SCHOFIELD: Orchestra 1-4; Track 1-2. One way. Stacey, keep your eyes on the road. Down to Florida with the afghan hounds. Janet, see ya in the big city, save me a bench + a newspaper. Polly, next time I’ll drive + you can walk. JCKRGKEJBCKPSSLW-soon the fire will be hot enough to destroy this barner, opening a path¬ way ... “2)on’t muhe me « buffalo!” MICHAEL SCRIVANI: Soccer 1; Baseball 4; Band 1-4. Good times w SS,GN,RL,BT, bowling with the gang. Good parties; out of control. PADDIDLE KING “84”. “EL KOO KOO”. Pizza King. “Scriv’s” “Scribbles”, anything else close to my real name!! Good bye Nauset, Pm closing the doors, ending a great era. Thanx Mom + Dad, whoever else made it possible for me to graduate. OK Scotty, Beam Me Up! Doo much of everything iA juAt enough. - grateful ot)ead ROBERT SHARMAN: Goodbye cruel world, I’m leaving you today. Goodbye. Goodbye. Goodbye. Goodbye all you people, there’s nothing you can say to make me change my mind. Goodbye.-Pink Floyd Pam l.,CR,KL,J(G)L,JB,IF ,TG,JE,AG,P(E)B,EE,FFFloyd, GMS, thanks. 2 ) ear friends are not forgotten, they live within your heart. ERIN SHEALY: Cheerleading 3-4. Thanks friends for the special memories. Amy-can’t forget that “night”. BC 12 31 84 “Sorry I’m in a bad mood!” 1 5 85 DY.ES,BG,AL. “Our couch, your floor.” Boston “fresh” CK,AL. “friends” KJ Rascals, “Seatbelt time!” B-day party. R.L. “Hey Dink” Summer ’84 N.Y., Thanks een. ILY Mom and Dad. J ,7 wou (d hriyht en iomeone A day, do it. SHIRLEY-ANNE SIEMER: Tennis 1-3; Ski Club 1; Math League 1; Band 1; Chorus 1-4; Soccer 1; Germany 3; Orchestra 3-4; SADD 3-4; ALG 4. Froggie! Ringof IR- TyNRtien enne! Graphic representations! Save the Heeba! Kanga and Roo-best friends forever! GermanyiKarneval- what a long party! White Mountains-Happy Birthday! Fr iends:Karen,Dan,Mike,Moose,Dawn,Noelle,Kris,Robbi e,Tim,Cathi,Barry,Amy,Scotty,Danielle and my whole family:! love you. we beat on, boats against the current . . . ALESSANDRA DENYSON SMITH: Soccer 1-4; S.C. 2-4; S.A.C. 3-4: ALG 3-4. Bonz Rambling in the bonemobile Courts-life in the tropics Christa-thanks for a special friendship Thanks Courtenay ... Trinidad Thanks for caring Mr. Rice Gretch-my CBF, Where can I begin? JBaMA,Aerosmith,MOP,roadtrips,the rock, Double Dra- goning, school?, CB’s, boys of summer ... Sean-the future is ours. Dhe following statement id true ; the previous statement was false. GREG SMITH: Soccer 1-4; Hockey 1-4; Ski Club 1-2; Junior-Senior Senate. “Spanky” The best of times with the best of friends-THE HAND-SFJBBBJMTMPBBZCC JERL-Jeff-The Closet! Pee Wee,HAMMERS! ANGUS. On stage Chubby Checker DRAHOOUNK! oops. Tim we’re friends. Amy,Caitlin 1434 sisters. STEPHANIE?! SFXFSTSFC. Sean, 1434 a brother-next time “Getoutofthe” bed! Welcome Home Amy! Mom,Dad,BJ 143 THANX FOR EVERYTHING. 97 ZD ream until your areami come true. MICHELLE A. SMITH: “Princess”, “Babe”. Great memo¬ ries summer of ’85-MSP and Riverview. Courtney-you’re the best-friends forever. Brewster gang-Swamps-Good memories to good friends. BILLY MUNROE-I’LL AL¬ WAYS LOVE YOU-FOREVER AND A DAY. To: Mom, Dad, Noni,Toby + Nicole-Thanks for putting up with me- 143 always. “3’tt Jo it tome DANA SQUIRE: The Smegtones 2; The Hitchikers 3; The Future 4. The SMEGTONES, tao of life: Shermbo, Zip, Mazz, and Floyd. Tim, you’re a special friend. Rockin’ with the HITCHIKERS: T n’ A style,Jeff,Kristen,Stacy,Alli¬ son,FBJ, and PTC-you made the first act interesting. Take it easy on the world Amy-and thanks for caring Mom and Dad. Onward in the real world. “Jife ii not a Apectacfe, it A a predicament. KATHY STETSON: Gymnastics 1-4. I’m already gone!!! Kristen, gonna’ miss you and your Mustang! Donna Dino¬ summer of ’85. Kerin,Daven,Mark-Nauset Haters Society. Go L.O! Orange SAAB. Stacey-I hate Mr. Daniel’s! Chip Morse? Cassandra, why’d you desert me?! Jack, Judy,Judy- thanx. Thanx Wellfleetians-couldn’t ask for better friends. ndidt on yourAelf ; never imitate. KIM STRAKELE: “Pimmy” Thanx to all my friends: DH,KH,MZ,DM,SS,ND,KB and the rest. JC, thanx for being a great friend, I hope we stay friends. PUDDLE JUMPER!! + MUSTANG!!! PWJC + TG. DH,JUNE!!!! Arnold’s w ND + JC, 84 + 85. Mom, Dad and the rest of the bunch, I love you all!!! 98 can barely define tbe shape o is moment in ti me FRANCES SWARTZ: Track 1; Cheerleading 1-4; Year¬ book 2; Student Council 4; Class Vice President 3. Franny- so many memories ... I’ll miss the gang, SpankBZSF TMRL,CMBCJMDFJB. Melinda, love ya, does it show? Miss you. Courtney?? Sisters? Sean-nunca Rinde-some- day, secrets, YMTMTF!! Mary 143 trouble? Petty. Darrenth, IWNFY 143. SFX,GST,FSC, 8 5 85. Angus. Thank you MH. My sisters Heather and Lynny-take care- love you Mom Dad. —i 1 " dime present and time past are present in time future. ROBERT SWIDRAK: Class President 2; Class Vice President 4; Junior-Senior Senate; SAC 2; Student Council 3-4; Newspaper 3-4. Fun times with Stevo,Shawn,Peter, Dan,Andy,Brian. Bermuda 2000? Bond surfware, BBC,SCC. Thanks to Mom,Dad,Christina,Dan,John,Gra ndma, S. Angela, AS US,D. Family,UR,AB,AC,UA,LN, UR,AM,UB,JE,MC,MJ and my Community Family. L.A.D. we did it. Take it away Dan. A Chip away at tbe stone. DANNY TAYLOR: ALG 3-4; White Mountains 3. Carry on the S.S.G.L. tradition, Senior year is best. Evan, wake up, we’re leaving. Boating with Banooner ... Snork ... Greggy-gobs of chew, dude. Jebba, gotta light? LC,DS,EB,DF. The song remains the same. TG,De- NOBBED!! HS, strange relation. Gimp, shall it be cham¬ pagne? I be seeing you UNDER the boardwalk... Hey Joe!! WILL TOTMAN: Surfing ’76, Windsurfing ’85. Will- dog?-Tote? DT-“Quick! Get the janitor, I’m stuck!” ’81. LV-you’re buy’n. Mr. B-“What pumpkins officer?” “Timmy T. report to the front desk.” Geeber. Good burn Ollie. Dog ... Thanks to all the little people who made this moment in time possible (?)-JE,LV,EO,BP,RV,DT ,MB,RM,TTMJL,KF,JP,SD,Nad,TH,SJ,SS,WB,KL,J. . Nauset-that was lame; Back to Cal. 99 TIM TURNER: Band 1-4; Basketball 2; Baseball 1-2,4- Summer ’85, shredding waves, “working” at C.C., punching tourists, library “study”, turbo bug, Karate rules, Spanish for travelers, Papa Gino’s crew, great times in band, concert on the common, fun things with good kids, baseball ripped, Golden K, Pand V, points, THANKS family and Judy, lata! DAVE TUBMAN: I gotta get outa here, it’s quarter to twelve. Hey Fred, take the powerlines, it’s faster. Furniture ding-dong chargers and oak trees don’t mix. Brewster Big Blazers 4-ever. It’s a TRUCK, use it! Wild adventures and crazy times, it’s been fairly decent. Thanx Matt. Labor IJou can t ioar (ike an eagle wi tk tke wingi of a ckick, en. JOHN WILDER: MM-Felicitas et veritas tecum sint. DM- keep a positive attitude. SL-remain alive and witty. JE- stop bugging me! RM-one more year. KF-you better ftp. Pi-close that big mouth. ST-do your homework; eg. SS- hurry up, Friends are waiting. Thanx Mom and Dad. CARPE DIEM. dCiiten to gour initructor and gou ikall gain underitanding. LEIF VALLI: Track 1. To my family, HD,JD, and JR. Thanks for all the good times and interesting adventures. To all the rest of my friends and classmates, good luck in the future ... Yes Cat, I did find something and I’m glad I did. 100 ' ou loon into people, not at them. LAURA WILSON: SADD 4. LW-The weekend that started it all, thank s Muff. KK look out for JAWS, tent. I can’t turn Kim!! Long talks till 3AM Kim, Cindy ILU. EPT, BC EJ thanks! PR how’s Rob??? Rainbow Ball weekend, thanks for understanding me PAUL, I’LL LOVE YOU FOREV¬ ER!!! THANKS MOM 143! BT FF!!!!!!! Jh completely underitan d that d? don t underitand. GEORGE ZHOUF: Tennis 1-2,3; Soccer 3. “Risky Busi¬ ness” Poche Pursuits ’85 w CH,DC,JH. Clay fight w CH “84 Temple bump. Trip BZ,TG,LL,Mr. P, Bud. “ON THE EDGE” W CH. Summer ’85-Best times Tia,CB,Steph, Don,Shaun,Neal,Beth M.,Zon,DP,Pic,JH,DC,AJ.Hatch. Mom and Dad. Thanks for having me, I love you. AUDO MEKO 3-6 15 68. dht i not the end, it ; i a new oeyi nmni MICHAEL G. ZONTINI: Baseball 1-4. Well my friends, the time has come, we must go our separate ways and learn to become individuals. Roland + Peter, thanks for your eternal wisdom and knowledge. Season tickets on the way. DAP. Many GT’s. Phone static. TJT StealMikeSTEAL! You guys keep in touch. Almost paradise DPHCTTKHS HTHSSCHNDKBJODHKSJCGPSSRLCPRMGCSAK RDM. BB Chargers. 101 Class Will JEFF BATES leaves his television to the junior class to watch soaps. KRISTIN BROWN leaves snooker to B-H. EVAN BRUINOOGE leaves Wellfleet jags to Jebba, Kristen, and Amy. VERONICA CALDERON leaves her address in Ecuador to any who will write or visit. JANE CHARTRAND leaves Mr. Donahue to Betsy Southworth. CHRISTINE DELUDE leaves her Algebra II study aids to S.M.D. MARY DESSAUER leaves her espanol to Sefior Wood. KRISTEN DOUGLAS leaves ALG to Rich. JENEPHER ELLIS leaves her ability to put up with Beth to Jason. BUDDY ESCHER leaves his Volkswagon to Lesley. DARREN FANCY leaves his ability to study Spanish to all future Jocks. T OM FETTIG leaves his hedonistic attitude to future individuals. IAN FISK leaves life to ALG. KERIN FRANCIS leaves four years of fooling the gym department to anyone who is still suffering through gym. MATT FRAZIER leaves any and all of his lost tools to Ken C. CINDY GARLING leaves all her library privileges to Laymon Clark so he stay there twice as long every day! TOM GLIDDEN leaves his MOO to all his friends in the crew. ALLISON GRAHAM leaves her high moral standards to Betsy Unger. KAREN HAGG leaves her love to Dan. DAWN HANSBURY leaves her sweat socks to J.M. CHRIS HATCH leaves Dr. Valli’s grade scaling system to whomever it concerns. JIM HATCH leaves his idealism to any desperate students. STACEY HENDERSON leaves her caringness to Don. CANDY HIGGINS leaves Espanol IV to Justin and James. AMY HILFERTY leaves her smile, wit, and charm to her favorite secretary. GRETHE KAESELAU leaves her alarm clock to all the underclassmen. COURTENAY KURLYCHEK leaves her C.B.’s to Vern. JOE LANG leaves knowledge to all who wonder. AMY LINNELL leaves her generosity to Marilyn and Cindy. STACY LONG leaves her car to Jamie. KIM LUSCOMBE leaves the Xanadu to the little ones. TIM McENANEY leaves all his good luck to his brother Jon. BECCA MILLER leaves her personal best to the ’86-’87 Trackies!!!!!! JANET MILLIN leaves her three pair of earings to six people with one pierced ear. LISA OLSEN leaves her “vast” knowledge of math to her brother Dave. DANIELLE ORCUTT leaves T.D. to Kim; take care! DAN PIERCE leaves his heart to Karen. KRISTIN POOLER leaves 4 inches to Andy Shakliks. CAMERON RILEY leaves the hut to Marta and Betsy. KARIN RION leaves her ability to speak French to each of her friends who need to learn it. KIM RUTKOWSKI leaves all her S.B. knowledge to Pam Ronan. GEVA SALERNO leaves light to the children. DAVID SANTOS leaves his cooking “expertise” to the school cafeteria. SANNE SCHNEIDER leaves JD + oysters to Calie Hayes. MIKE SCRIVANI leaves his D + ’s to Nauset records. SANNA SMITH leaves her Jello-detector to the daring. DANA SQUIRE leaves enthusiasm to Nauset. KATHY STETSON leaves her stack of forged passes to her sister Kristen. BOB SWIDRAK leaves The Republic of Nauset High to Dan and John Swidrak. DANNY TAYLOR leaves appreciation to John Rivers. DAVE TUBMAN leaves his love to Mary Beth. TIM TURNER leaves school maps to all the stupid freshmen. LAURA WILSON leaves her ability in Spanish to Brenda Tanco. MIKE ZONTINI leaves the key to Tozzy. 103 104 Senior Officers Junior Officers D. Robinson L. Labdon C. Priete A. Chace R. Swidrak C. Chiarello S. Schneider T. McEnaney Sophomore Officers D. Milsky G. Whitelaw S. Petrosky M. Yates J. Miller A. Squire Freshmen Officers % 105 Junior-Senior Senate J. Miller, S. Johnson, M. Yates, S. Moore, H. O’Bri¬ en, L. Marino, G. Smith, J. Mayo, B. Cronin, R. La- Branche, T. McEnaney, B. Leonard, P. Bellarosa, K. Gill, R. Swidrak, C. Chiar- ello Student Council Row 1: M. Mahony, A. Graham Row 2: S. Petrosky, B. Rogge, K. Thornton, C. DeLude, J. Clayton, D. Ryan, F. Swartz, B. Birnesser, J. Miller, M. Collins, B. Egan, L. Labdon Row 3: Paul Chamberlain, R. Swidrak, E. Ehnstrom, B. Miller, C. Ryan, J. Fuller, D. Milsky, S. Smith, C. Chiarello, D. Ryan, A. Squire, L. Marino, B. Stewart, J. MacKenzie, H. O’Brien, S. Hall 106 Student Advisory Council D. Bigos, C. Chiarello, J. Hatch, A. Graham, S. Smith, J. Miller Honor Society f Row 1: N. Dube, K. Hagg, B. Bernard Row 2: J IcDonald, J. Jones, K. Pooler, S. Smith, A. Linnell, G. Reineke, J. Dennis, K. Brown, K. stetson, L. Olsen, A. Cordeiro, A. Cullum, B. Hayes, P. Jackson, M. Marshall, D. White, J. Drayton, A. Squire Row 3: G. Currier, C. Beckman, S. Schneider, E. Francis, M. Schader, P. Birnesser, M. Thomas, B. Stewart, T. Masciangioli, J. MacKenzie, M. Smith, H. McOuat, J. Kelly, W. Hart, K. Frederickson, E. Sandstrom, J. Gill, S. Hagg, M. Sveden 107 Chorus Row 1: D. Winthrop, K. Schofield, K. Rion, B. Smith Row 2: L. Benner, T. Atwood, L. Murphy, K. North, C. Valle Row 3: S. Rice, L. Jennings, T. Lor- ange, S. Scott, K. Belair Band Row 1: L. Olsen, T. Selling, M. Linnell, S. Jacoby, K. Schofield, G. Chambers, A. Horton, D. Anderson, J. Harrison Row 2: L. Gove, A. Graham, V. Gifford, P. Deardorff, J. Herbert, D. Sandblom, N. GiaQuinto, M. Schader Row 3: E. Francis, L. Multer, J. Chartrand, J. Clayton, J. Estabrook Row 4: Frank James, H. Galligan, D. Bodamer, D. Squire, J. Tilton, I. MacKenzie, T. Turner, M. Scrivani 108 Flute Choir Row 1: A. Horton, S. Fleming, V. Gifford, K. Schofield Row 2: K. Rut- kowski, A. Graham, T. Selling, S. Jacoby, M. Lin- nell Orchestra Row 1: B. Schofield, D. Bigos, P. Eager, S. Verfaille, K. Patrick, E. Woods, K. Rimmer, J. Healy, M. Dunham Row 2: N. GiaQuinto, M. Schader, P. Mead, S. Fleming, V. Gifford, K. Rutkowski, A. Graham Row 3: J. Chartrand, K. Pooler, J. Clayton Row 4: J. Tilton, Frank James, D. Squire 109 Students Against Drunk Driving Row 1: D. McGee, L. Wilson, S. Moore, K. Schofield Row 2: G. Kaeselau, Lise Hembrough, S. Brookshire, S. Matthews, J. Healy, Mrs. Stocker Ski Club Row 1: P. Maskiell, E. Woods, J. Cronin, C. Gaskill, J. Smith, G. Whitelaw Row 2: Mrs. Moun¬ tain, Lise Hembrough, Lisa Ab¬ bott, M. Collins, E. Stevens, B. Smith i Future Business Leaders of America Row 1: S. Long, C. DeLude, J. Chartrand, D. Bigos, C. Delcourt, C. Higgins Row 2: G. McMakin, J. Francis, Mrs. Hamilton Math League Southeastern Row 1: I. Fisk, L. Olsen, K. Brown, J. Kelly Row 2: E. Ehnst- rom, S. Spencer, M. Schader, J. McNeal Row 3: Cheryl Belanger, P. Birnesser Continental P. Maskiell, G. Campagna, A. Richards, M. Lach, G. Lauro, C. Leone, M. Spencer, E. Woods, G. Whitelaw, G. Bove, V. Johnson, D. Milsky, A. Ryone, A. Viprino, J. Cronin, H. Holcolm, H. Acker¬ man, A. Ryan, J. Beaudry Math Team P. Birnesser, J. Kelly, D. Rob¬ inson, K. Brown, L. Olsen, H. Hobbs, J. McNeal, M. Schad¬ er, E. Woods, G. Whitelaw, Cheryl Belanger, M. Lach 111 Newspaper Front: I. Fisk Row 1: B. Southworth, M. Jordan, L. Marino, W. Hart, T. Masciangioli, C. Fisk, B. Clifford, Tim Joyce ALG WMk 1 I @ ' m r r w t ” Hi m vlfi.ll as Row 1: T. Nagy, A. Graham, D. Taylor, H. Swartz, M. Adams, D. Naughton, D. Bunzick, Kilawee, A. Aldred, S. Siemer, S. Raymond Row 2: K. Douglas, M. Dessauer, L. Clark, Badger, A. McDonald, T. Fettig, E. Bruinooge, D. Winthrop, J. Gill, K. Thornton, K. Dennis T. Glidden, A. Campbell, John Rivers, P. Brown, J. MacKenzie, D. Dunham, R. Sharman, Kinski, C. Hatch, D. Sabine, S. Spencer, A. Squire, K. Rutkowski, S. Daniels, B. Miller, Curran, B. Stewart, A. Cullum, J. Hatch, I. Fisk, M. Jordan 112 Nauset Tides Staff Editor: Jenepher Ellis Advisor: Mr. David Wood Business: Mrs. Diane Campbell Cameron Riley Chris Ehnstrom Kelly Cole Art: Chris Hatch Dennis St. Aubin Calie Hayes Photography: Mr. Bob Tucker Cameron Riley John Kew Kim Luscombe A special thanks to these and all other people involved in the making of Nauset Tides this year. Editor and Advisor: Jenepher Ellis and David Wood David Wood, M. Thomas, V. Calderon, J. Ellis, J. Francis, B. Paulas, I. Patou, K. Fran¬ cis, H. Masson, W. Hart, B. Southworth Missing: K. Mi¬ nor, K. Rion 113 John Randall’s Class John Randall, D. Bandstra, L. Rogers, D. Brennan, C. Garling, K. Tortora, P. Stevens, Constance Brogi, L. Clark. Mrs. Mountain’s Class 114 Row 1: Mrs. Mountain, K. Murphy, D. Eldredge, C. Savage, M. Hatch Row 2: D. Ide, J. Greenwood, H. Rogers, Mrs. Moon Halloween Dance 1X5 Cross Country Team Captains L. Olsen, B. Herbert, T. Egan, Joe Walorz (coach) Senior Runners J. Brintnall, L. Olsen, B. Herbert Row 1: S. Malatesta, K. Killian, G. Lauro Row 2: D. McGee, T. Egan, J. Brintnall, L. Olsen, B. Herbert, C. Dooley, J. Herbert, C. Priete, Joe Walorz, R. Crevier, A. Chace 117 Varsity Soccer Row 1: T. McEnaney, J. Bates, T. Fettig, B. Leonard, G. Smith, B. Bernard, J. Hatch, P. Bellarosa, D. Fancy, R. LaBranche, M. Bove, K. Kavanagh Row 2: Mark Matheson, S. Abbott, J. Ellsasser, C. McCully, S. Moore, J. McMullen, J. Still, A. McCully, B. Jones, D. Olsen, K. Ingrum, P. Schowalter, Jack Donahue Senior Players Row 1: T. McEnaney, P. Bellarosa, B. Leonard, J. Hatch, J. Bates, R. La- Branche Row 2: G. Smith, M. Bove, D. Fancy, T. Fettig, K. Kavanagh Junior Varsity Soccer Row 1: A. Shakliks, S. Landry, S. Frawley, B. Smith, C. Hilley, J. Squire, M. Amerault, M. Watson, C. Dumont Row 2: Keith Clark, A. Francis, K. Norgeot, J. Parker, J. Menges, J. McEnaney, T. Wilson, D. Clark, D. Massey, B. Kavanaugh, A. Ryone, G. Bove 119 df-◄L Varsity Girls’ Soccer Captains C. Chiarello, S. Smith, C. Kurlychek, Bob Rice (coach) Front: M. Adams Row 1: B. Cronin, L. Rodriguez, E. Johnson, K. Ekstrom, K. Pooler, K. Hildreth , T. Largey Row 2: S. Bertrand, J. Jones, N. Gibbons, K. Yeutter, S. MacKenzie, S. Smith, C. Chiarello, C. Kurlychek, S. Schneider, E. Kinski, K. Curran, Bob Rice Seniors C. Chiarello, C. Kurlychek, K. Pooler, S. Smith, B. Cro¬ nin, S. Schneider, E. John¬ son Junior Varsity Row 1: J. Leonard, H. Monahan, K. Jones, J. Johnson, A. Ryan, L. Rit¬ chie, R. Anderson Row 2: Stasha Young (coach), K. Yeutter, J. MacKenzie, D. Naughton, B. Hansen, N. GiaQuinto, J. Fuller, M. Busch 121 Varsity Field Hockey Row 1: B. Stewert, C. Quimby, H. O’Brien, L. Marino, B. Egan Row 2: Amy Oberge, K. Schofield, H. Galli- gan, M. Marshall, S. Daniels, T. Kilawee, R. Calderon, A. Squire, A. Galligan Captains Chris Delano (coach), B. Davis, C. Quimby, H. O’Brien, Amy Oberge (coach) Junior Varsity is jL ' O ' if ■ |; v- Row 1: S. Rabidoux, S. Petrosky, A. Besse, J. Beaudry, B. Rogge, M. Hall Row 2: Chris De¬ lano, B. Davis, N. Dooley, J. LaPlant, S. Rancourt, N. Chaves, H. Ackerman, P. Ea¬ ger, L. Lennon, V. Johnson, M. Collins Cheerleaders Soccer Row 1: F. Swartz, P. Ronan, Row 2: S. Harrison, M. Rogge, H. Hobbs Row 3: L. Hudson, E. Shealy, K. Stocks Hockey Row 1: A. Dalman, B. Bernard, J. Mayo, P. Bellarosa, D. Fancy, E. Ehnstrom, J. Bates, C. Scheibel, S. Fleming, G. Smith Row 2: Jack Donahue, R. Svenningsen, M. Fulcher, D. Olsen, J. Smith, T. Garran, J. Still, T. Vaughn, J. Zavorskas, K. Norgeot, P. Kardos, J. 94 Delaney, R. Boucher, R. Grenier, Mr. Harwood Seniors G. Smith, S. Fleming, J. Mayo, P. Bellarosa, D. Fancy, E. Ehnstrom, C. Scheibel, J. Bates 125 Varsity Basketball Row 1: T. McEnaney, R. LaBranche Row 2: C. Dooley, S. Brookshire, C. McCully, C. Pierantozzi, R. McOuat, K. Rose, R. Tsouprake, J. Sudikoff, S. Moore, D. McGee, A. McCully, J. McMullen, S. Abbott, E. Sandstrom, J. Vincent 126 Junior Varsity C. Dumont, Z. Dickson, M. Amerault, T. Creavy, S. Davis, J. Menges, J. Hollister, S. Smith, M. Spencer, C. Ellis, A. Brennan, T. Hayes, J. McEnaney, T. Wilson, J. Parker 127 Varsity Girls’ Basketball 128 Row 1: J. Jones, B. Egan, H. Galligan, T. Largey Row 2: Paul White, J. Walsh, E. Kinski, K. Yeutter, M. Bush, C. Chiarello, J. Estabrook, S. Nevin, B. Tanco, A. Chilson, Bob Wilkinson Junior Varsity Row 1: J. Johnson, N. Dooley, A. Viprino, D. Orcutt, A. Ryan Row 2: Paul White, J. Hayes, S. Thorne, K. Davis, B. Hansen, J. LaPlant, S. Rancourt, L. Ritchie, C. Garling, Bob Wilkinson • • . • «V r ' m • ' X. . rM ■ v V . ■ }• -». K Ju _■ , “ , ■ ;, v5i V ' . Air- ' r Ci b. ' . . ‘ j5JV : : ; V- ' ’ ’ 4 » , fn f• - « •« 4 • 1% « Mto v» « • » 1 . «♦» . . • • ?;,•:: • • . . r ' ' ' ' ♦ • •;:; C •. : v 1 ? « , 4 2 » • , .w • • • .vV T • • • ' 7 •. t - - - • Gst-.A 130 A D M I N I S T R A T I 0 N Mr. Michael Mackin, Superintendent Mr. Thomas Ballerino, Principal Mr. Allen Brown, Assistant Superintendent Mr. Paul Markovich, Assistant Principal 131 132 History Department Mrs. Diane Campbell, Mr. Robert Rice, Mr. David Donahue, Mr. Donald Campbell, Mr. Donald Bakker, Mr. Frank Hutchings Science Department Mr. Herbert Pettingill, Mr. John Ryan, Mr. Paul Chamberlain, Mrs. Valerie Douville, Mr. Thomas Powell, Dr. David Gessford, Mr. David Gates Missing: Dr. Edward O’Brien Mathematics Department Mrs. David Valle, Mrs. Joan Howe, Mr. Joseph Walorz, Mr. Robert Wilkinson, Mrs. Cheryl Belanger, Mr. Roger Blake Missing: Mrs. Cheryl Metters English Department Ms. Barri Jones, Mrs. Shirley Longo, Mrs. Nancy Laning, Mrs. Diane Masterson, Mr. Timothy Joyce, Mr. William McCaskie, Mr. Paul Davies, Ms. Kathleen Leonard Language Department Mrs. Ann Howe, Ms. Rita Mousseau, Mrs. Mary Morrison, Mr. David Wood, Mrs. Nancy Bradley Physical Education Department 134 Ms. Lise Hembrough, Mrs. Barbara Thompson, Mr. John Donahue, Mr. Paul White Art Department Mr. James Owens, Mrs. Karen Toland Industrial Arts Department Mr. Ed Brookshire, Mr. Ken Collins, Mr. Stuart Finlay 135 Business Department Mrs. Audrey Hamilton, Mrs. Donna Demitri, Mrs. Robin Walker Music Department Mr. Frank James, Ms. Maryellen Sears 136 Alternative Learning Group Mr. John Rivers Home Economics Department Mrs. Martha DiGregorio 137 Guidance Department Mrs. Vonda Killian, Mr. Andrew Kalinick, Mr. James Scanlon, Mrs. Joyce MacDonald Librarians Mrs. Mary Burke, Mrs. Breene Wright 138 139 Cafeteria Staff Shirley Thomas, Hazel Cox, Barbara Gibson, Ann Bengston, Marie Ritchie, Judy Higgins Custodial Staff Charlie Hardy, Joe Waters, Steve Orgg, Art Sawyer, Ed Redin 140 Secretaries Mrs. Cindy Leahy, Mrs. Evelyn Anderson, Mrs. Laura Sheptyck The NAUSET TIDES staff would like to thank all those teachers who let us out of class to meet deadlines and the office secretaries who helped us in many ways. 141 pat rich _ ‘lust in 11Bgne Brancis j oii kail a ms Watt hew Brazier ' IVendg Badger pat rich Brederiehs Cjfeti Buher Cgnlhia purling Si mg Baronshg Jennifer peorge 3 e !( rei j Bates Victoria Pifford iBoh Beaulieu BhomaS pfidden PaJ BedaroSa BWison praham Jof Bergstrom B uren Bdagg Wichede Bessette Warh Bdammalt Pan! BirneSSer S)awn Bdanshurg Wichaet Bore Courtneg Bdarrington ' l l barren Broohs BhereSa Bdarris Bsristin thrown Christopher Batch Bran Bruinooge Blames Bdcetch Bbehorah Bunzich Brgon BdageS Brie CahrcJ Staceg Bdenderson Veronica Calderon Brendan Blerhert une Chartrand Chris Jderold Christa Chiaredo Candg Bdiggins Sift Chipman Jlmg Jdilfertg j lid Christopher Car! Jdohnherg lee CLrh Christopher Blorton Bid am Cordeiro disc Johnson Beth Cronin 3 e ft rei j 3° nei Pichard Croshg BuSan ones Jmg CJLm _ Karen Joseph pregorg Carrier prethe BCaeSelau Briclgette Sbai ' is B urt BCauanagh Stephen Sccher Blathleen Bdeegan Christine S)eSude Bdward B(e((g Jennifer S)ennis b ohn B ew Warg Sessauer Busan _Knowles BCisten Souglas Courtenag BCurlgcheh Shawn Sogfe bjoe SaBorte Voede Suh ' e peorge Slung Brie Bhnstrom ' • P C rnie r Lurgeg enepher Bifis Po hert Sei t e Charles Bscher BBeuin aCennon Sbarren San eg Brian Seonard Watt hew Burrell Jmg Sinned BhomuS Bettig Btaeg Song rjCeuh Biseh Wihe Sorange Ban Bish Suren Suhmann Brian Sfanugan Bdimherfg SuSeomhe Bean Binning Sb)iana Waeioei Jderin BruneiS Scott WacSeod 4 WeLc. WaLny Smart ' d Santo A Slurt ' Martin dyril Sclteihel JoAeph ' Mayo Suzanne Schneider _Aaron WcSonald Sonnie Schofield t " Jimothy ' Mcdnaney Michael Scrivani Poh WcOuat Pohert Sharman Pollyanna Wead drin Shealy Pehecca Wider Shirley-Slnne Sieni Janet Willin SIleAAandra Smith (Courtney ' Monk A djrey Smith drih Oliver ' Michelle Smith SiAa OLn Sean Spencer Sdanielle Orcutt 3dana Syuire JoAeph par!ante Slathy StetAon 3auUL Patou 3)an Stocker (frey Picard S im herly Strahele Daniel Pierce SranceA Swartz SdiAtin pooler Pohert Swidrah Scott Punt if 3) an Saylor Stacy Raymond (fail Silton dfretchen Peinehe 3) an Sort or a Sred Well % Ji Hi am Sot man draiy Pi chardAon 3d avid Suhman da m eron Pi ley Simothy Sumer Sdarin Pion Seif Valii SI a ryn Pi pley John Wilder Sharon Pip ley Saura l lh ' lion Slimherly PuthowAhi dfeorye 2—houf dfeua Salerno ' Michael Zontini 143 Rt 6A, Orleans “Cape Cod’s Shop for Bird Lovers” TREE ' S PLACE Box 666 6A at 28 Orleans, MA 02653 617-255-1330 ’ V ' . ' ••V, ■ Box 711 • Rt. 28 - Peacock Alley Orleans, Mass. 02653 — 617-255 8766 Main Store Marine Shop 617 255 0455 Boat Rentals 617 255 2262 Boat Motor Sales Service 617 255 2620 Good Luck Class of ’86 True Value HARDWARE ROUTE 28 ROUTE 28 ORLEANS, MA HARWICHPORT, MA PHONE: 617-255-6565 PHONE: 617-432-1113 MAILING ADDRESS: BOX 117 ORLEANS, MA 02653 TVentct ORLEANS 255-3000 ON CAPE COD %0 " U ,o % ! ; PIA : LOWER CAPE Route 6A Orleans. MA 02653 r fcS G INSURANCE CAPE CANAL 63 Route 6A Sandwich. MA 02563 Dtftndtkk Ptnend Scrvtct Since 1906 THE INSURANCE CENTER 235-0110 885-1400 UPPER CAPE MID CAPE PLYMOUTH Route 28 Route 132 38 Sandwich Street Falmouth, MA 02340 Hyannis, MA 02601 Plymouth, MA 02360 348-7730 773-0011 748-0055 Jazz PO Box 745 North Eastham, MA 02651 47 Main Street Orleans, MA 02653 (617) 255-4829 145 Richard I. Mulholland Jr. President Backus Soule Jewelers $ " Cape Cod ' s Quality Jeweler since 1950 " 29 Main Street Orleans, MA 02653 (617) 255-0405 678 Main Street Dennisport, MA 02639 (617) 398-3871 COVE REALTY a MIS Opposite Adam’s Rib For all your real estate needs ROUTE 28 ORLEANS, MASS. 02653 617-255-3456 NAUSET LOBSTER POOL Wholesale • FISH • Retail Route 6A Orleans, MA 02653 255-1019 THAYERS FLOWERS INC. They Know You Care When Your Flowers Come From Thayer Harwich 432-0121 Orleans 255-3121 Provincetown 497-2047 Bon Repose, Inc. the,mattress Route 28 P.O. Box 759 Orleans, Mass. 02653 Tel: (617) 255-8875 LfteVSTTyf’ Pizza Pause B74-33V fLT. (aA Bfccwsr . j ames JJair Things At the end of Windmill Village In Eas Orleans Tuesday 8:30-130 " ySi Wednesday 8:30-4:30 Thursday 8:30-MO- Friday 8:30-4:30 Saturday 8:30-5:00 Where the attention you get will be as individual as you are! 255-0913 HE ►REWSTER 00K T TXJRE Congratulations and Good Luck Class of ’86 from The Brewster Book Store Rte 6A East Brewster 146 4 THE CAPE’S YEAR ’ROUND BOAT SHOW FOR 25 YEARS NAUSET MARINE OPEN MON - SAT 8 AM - 5 PM NAUSET SERVICE OUR 1 PRIORITY ORLEANS, MA POWERBOAT DIV • SAILBOAT DIV. • MARINA 255-0777 255-0725 255-3045 Diamonds • Fine Jewelry • Precious Gems • Appraisals Stephen F. Gallant, R.J. • 617-255-2944 Route 6A 28, P.O. Box 1817, Orleans, MA 02653 SIDNEY T. SWAN Director Bus. (617) 255-8002 Res. (617) 255-2231 Cape Cod Bicycle Tours, me 44 ROUTE 28 • P.O. BOX 189 • ORLEANS • MA 02653 If your Home is on the Outer Cape ... 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Our 1 PRIORITY FOR 25 YEARS POWER 255-0777 SAIL 255-0725 MARINA 255-3045 NAUSET MARINE ROUTE 6A • ORLEANS, MA 02653 MON - SAT 8 AM - 5 PM Congratulations to The Graduating Class of 1985 from Ellis’ Market “The Friendly Store” Professional Service Personal Attention Avery Insurance Main Street Orleans Robert Kelly 255-3230 Paul Kelly 255-7221 MARKET 18 Old Colony Way, Orleans, Cape Cod, Mass. 151 ' III WALSWORTH PUBLISHING _COMPANY MARCELINE. MISSOURI. USA ____ - , . v r ■ C ;;. v . :

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