Nauset Regional High School - Nauset Tides Yearbook (North Eastham, MA)

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Nauset Regional High School - Nauset Tides Yearbook (North Eastham, MA) online yearbook collection, 1985 Edition, Cover

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30809000203628 NAUSET REGIONAL HIGH SCHOOL NORTH EASTHAM, MASSACHUSETTS 02651 1985 2 I, Ilk 3 imi • • .. Si ' V ......Jf 8 — x..- a:;.VvI? ' This stuff is so boring. Oh please, not another lap. Hi Wait, I know it’s here somewhere . . 4 w f M mjtfMttmr ' Wk ' - 10 Oh what a feelin’! What is he talking about? Hurry up I have to go to the bathroom. Good party last night huh, Ross? If only you knew what I was thinking. I hope Mr. Milbier doesn’t see me. 11 14 15 DEDICATION For her years of guidance, hours of assistance, and endless patience, we, the class of 1985, dedicate this yearbook to Mrs. Nancy Bradley. 16 In Loving Memory of Kristen Carmichael, May 7, 1967 - April 29, 1981 THE FRIEND WHO JUST STANDS BY When trouble comes, your soul to try You love the friend who just “stands by” Perhaps there’s nothing she can do The thing is strictly up to you. For there are troubles all your own and paths the soul must tread alone. Times when love can’t smooth the road nor friendship lift the heavy load, but just to know you have a friend who will “stand by” until the end whose sympathy, through all, endures whose warm handclasp is always yours. It helps, someway, to pull you through, although there’s nothing she can do. And so with fervent heart you cry, “God bless the friend who just stands by!” B. Y. Williams Kris faced her illness with strength and courage. A lot of her support came from you, her friends and classmates. We’ll never forget the spontaneous standing ovation you gave her at your eighth grade graduation. You never let her think she was forgotten or apart from you with your calls, cards and visits. You supported her when she needed you the most. Even with this dedication, you prove how special you are. It’s been three years since she was with you, but you choose to remember her. We are pleased to have this opportunity to express our appreciation to you. Thank you and best wishes for the future. Tom, Laura and Lesley Carmichael ini - ARlZ ARa AJ O ' x «et i—- lam " its tUi ASS 3 LHUE A AS IV j CrEEE ' T X J [SFS 3 AVDESSOJ ' " Jiw !aid VTlUft unn r .tajtaln a -ATGE — z ASDSE - .na i t txTi a « WILLIAM EDWARD BATTLES IV Dhoie who drive fait, hue fait TRACIE RATLIN BEALE Dreedom ii sfaverg; ignorance ii strength; war ii peace CRAIG H. BODAMER ve free or die CHRISTOPHER PA UL BOURGEOIS KATHERINE ANN BOWMAN X ove trait a do wrong to no one ALISON JO Y JOHANNA PICKELLS BRIDGWOOD BURRILL MICHAEL R. CABRAL Xove forgeti miitahei; nag¬ ging about them parti the best of friends Do dance is to five, to fi is to dance ive Do like someone is eaig, to (ove him is hard CHRISTOPHER B. CARROLL JEFFREY R. CATHIE TIMOTHY FREDRICK CASWELL Jife is not a destination, but oCike, bow 5 life a journey JENNIFER JEAN CHAD Black butterfly KIM MARIE CHIARELLO jtearn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow JANA MARIE CHRISTOPHER pocket full of are promises mum ANTHONY W. CL A YTON ELIZABETH ANN CELLUCCI Out of touch an d out of time. 21 CHRISTOPHER M. COLLINS LISA ANN COMEAU Patience is the best KRISTINA MARIE CONTI Lream on ti( your dreams come true RAYMOND J. CRAVEN III SARAH L. CONN comes the mystery YVONNE ANNE CREVIER ANDREW J. CULLUM DIANE DADAMO Pati ence, an J slmffL tL cards Cjo fear tbe warning, never turn your back on tbe ripper Victi m of cl a nee JESSICA DALY Ifou are the wind beneath my wings JOHN V. DA VERS A, JR. CHRISTINE MARIE DESS AUER JJhere is no glass than an better ioohing old friend JANICE M. DEVLIN K. ALANNA DIAS 3 m goin to another life, how bout gout PAULA JUANITA DIAZ Dh e world is for tk ose who mahe their dreams come true MELANIE MARIE DICKSON Wh ere the rainbow rests is an ocean JEFFREY A. DiLAURO MAUREEN PATRICIA EAGAR PATRICIA ANN EMMONS He patient with yourAeif, grow in your own way CHRISTOPHER BRENTON FINCH DAVID GRAHAM FLEMING Nile wave oj life, it A b een a glaAAy ride THOMAS A. EMMONS III 9t A not the end; it A juAt the ieginning FAITH ANNE FLEMING ireamA loAe Aiglit of dr . . . may ail dreamA come true SCOTT L. FORMAN MARCUS FOX JENNIFER H. FULCHER IJou are only yourAelj when no one li looking MARIA CATHRINE FURLANO We re all lieroeA. J(.eep paAAing the open windowA. KRISTIN G. GABLE Jf only all ike liandA that reack could touck TERRENCE P . GALLIGAN %fou only live once it to the lul AO live KRISTIN MARY GILL Jn friendAliip, let tb kter and aIi L lauy pleaAure ere be army o DAVID G. GITTER Jam L am leaving Here wi tli a lot memorieA STEPHEN H. GOSS HOLLY MARIE GOULD Way never the wing A of friendAliip It a featker mou K. AUSTIN GRADY RJbat a long, strange trip it S been HEATHER E. GREENE CYNTHIA JOHANNA GRIFFITH Fright en tL e corner where be you are NANCY ANN HALL JJabe it to tbe limit , on L li ive once f TANIA LEAH HARWOOD -9 look tbe road less traveled by and that made all tbe differ ference RICKEY ALBERT HIBBS DL e storm summer o 84 CARLA SUZANNE HAVENER jbreams, libe music, wanting to be composed RICHARD C HENRY II TAMMY ANN HILDRETH W e are on tream the SCOTT EDWARD HOGAN RICHARD D. HURD DANIEL D. JACOBY CHARLES HENRY HULL, JR. Sometimes you fust have to Say what the . . . becb! BRUCE M. JAMIESON Sdaviny fears that no body if J live or die cares li ELISABETH KA THERIN JONES Ubere is always a need to Say yoodbye in order to meet ayain NICOLA ANNE JONES lAJe bad joy, we ba J fun ; we bad seasons in tbe Sun SCOTT EDWIN JONES Only tbe fastiny momenta ate f° forever THOMAS DONALD KEANE, Jr. Jeni, vidi, vici W. SCOTT KERRY TIMOTHY C. KINSKI THOMAS ROBERT KLENKE Wkat 3 remember is but a fraction of w bat 3 once knew 28 BRIAN TIMOTHY KNOWLES Obis part of you that stays with me, beeps me true MARK P. LANDRY MICHELE Y. LaPENSE 3 yot tbis feeliny that ti mes are boldiny me down MICHAEL A. LAUB, JR. MICHAEL N. LEE We ve crobbe d the return KIMBERLI MACDONALD DOUGLAS E. MACOMBER ERIN LYNN MARINO Cvery road ib rough that hab no friend to cheer it GERALDINE M. MASTERSON H recall, thebe were the hebt timeb, mobt of all . . . PATRICIA ANN MCCOMBS DANIEL J. MCCULLOUGH Dhe life which ib unexamined ib not worth living I. CRAIG MCNUTT Nome witt Sell Ik eir dreams (or Small desires MARGARET ELIZABETH MEAD Sfth id ii the en J, 3 U it has (nit begun . . . leve CATHY ANN L. MERRILL Jife’s never easy; we can mane be try BRIAN SEAN MILLER N true friend is forever a friend MARGARET MILLETTE Jt is only witb tbe heart that one can See rightly . . . JAMES M. MILLIN, JR. 30 ALISON W. MONKS “Jde’s murdering the time! Off with his head!” bawled the queen MATTHEW M. MUIR J new horizon, D must go rd through the fog onwarc KEVIN W. MULTER LAURA L. MURPHY Jt tab eit both fain and dundbine to make a rainbow EUGENE J. NEWMIER We came ad total strangers . . . we leave ai lile friends any DAVID G. NEWTON CHRISTOPHER B. OBRIEN NW-J latinum discupu L tint ANNE G. PAINTER Tu -uriouder and curiouder, crie d Nlice ADAM PEARL SARAH ELIZABETH PEEL Only wben we learning do we our now MARK T. PERKINS Dudden giory is the passion which maheth those grimaces called laughter TERRI A . PHILLIPS J} will he h rave y for th ere is much to dare SUNDAY L. PULSIFER KIMBERLY ELLEN QUICK “Dime di evours 1 LANGDON C. QUIMBY III IJour life is which there is a question to no answer . . . ERIC O. RADKE Udumanhind cannot hear very much reality SCOTT JAMES RAMSAY _ o before we end and then egin, we ii drinh a toast to tow it S heen JENNIFER RAND Do maintain this ecstaSu is in life Success in KIMBERLY CLAIRE REDIN SCOTT EDWIN REYCROFT REBECCA LYNNE RICHARDSON Nile nee ii more e words loguent than live Hock and Holl We ve DAVID c. ROOT JENNIFER J. ROSE We live under ill e dame Ah Lt See different horizons . . . ROBERT M. ROSE JR. Me who studies emotion as well as knowledge is a mode for mankind. ROSS D. RUTKOWSKI flo wag HELEN M. B. SCAMMELL a raven a. e a writing desk? CHRISTOPHER SCHMIDT • the meek shall inherit the earth - uit h not he PETER H SCHRADER ecauie the menage mag received doesn t mean it isn t worth sending STEPHANIE S. SHAY Jt S the laughter we will remember, whenever we remember JONATHAN C. SHIEL DEANNA C. SCHRAM M wens mgzelf veel geluch, SucceS en DAVID P. SHIPMAN Nn ege fo ege for an ege making Id blind SIDNEY G. SMITH king the whole Sabbath, bloodg Sabbath, noth¬ ing more to do; dCiving fust for dging, dging fust for gou AARON MICHAEL SPADE {jonna wai me run ?, before theg make won BRADFORD STAPLES MATTHEW ERI STEWART HEATHER LYNN STILL Dndeed, kaste can ke tke l in of elegance assassin Darewell to a ll tkat s done, for new to come BRIDGETT STRAUGHN diet S take it to tke limit or drop it BRIAN DA VID STROBEL .Success is not in getting top ; it s kow gou kounce on kottom on tke BRIDGET STUDLEY DEIRDRE JEFFREY MICHAEL TASHA THIBODEAU diet tkere ke rock Do conform is to deng identitg own it one S 35 JULIE CHRISTINE THURESON GAIL DENISE TILTON ROBERT TULLOCH is a ce lebration (food lucb to ati my friends; 3 k ad four yreat yean! PETER VANRYSWOOD Nenorita, 3 m in ayain and 3 can l trouble (■ ree MICHELLE JEANETTE VERFAILLIE ! !eacb biyb , for stars CHRISTOPHER WILLIAM VETROMILE JAMES C. WALKER SEAN J. WANDERLICH Pues , mis amiyos, el tiempo a venido LINDA M. WHITE KRISTEN MARIE WIERZBINSKI KEITH RUSSELL WILEY n unc scio amor olet the times WENDY J. WILLIS We iee thinys not as they are, hut ai we are you See is at he JASON A. WINSLOW touch and ai your lie wtl you ever JULIA B. WINSLOW We can heep in memory happy moments (eft behind RUSSELL WOODILL III CRAIG H WOODS Ooo much of a yood thiny is derfj won JAMIE WYETH tk ere KIMBERLY ANNE YAKIMCHUK MARY KATHERINE YONCE “3L £nJ " Nature’s first green is gold; Her hardest hue to hold. Her early leafs a flower; . . V,v ' But only so an hour. Then leaf subsides to leaf. So Eden sank to grief, So dawn goes down to day. Nothing gold can stay. Robert Frost (mjBL 38 Exchange Students VINCENT DAGNELIE - from Brussels, Belgium ALAIN VAN HOOTEN - from Charleroi, Belgium If you know where this student is from would you please notify his parents. They have probably missed him by now. 39 FACULTY 1 mMm si wmmm Alan Brown, Assistant Superintendent 41 Robert Milbier, Vice Principal Michael Mackin, Superintendent Frank Daly, Principal Secretaries Cindy Leahy, Christine Howard, Evelyn Anderson Librarians Guidance Department Andrew Kalinick, Joyce MacDon¬ ald, Vonda Killian, James Scanlon Social Studies Department Frank Hutchings, Robert Rice, Donald Campbell, Joseph O’Brien, Diane Campbell, Donald Bakker Science Department Norman Clark, Dr. David Gessford, Herbert Pettengill, Paul Chamberlin, Valerie Douille, David Gates, Dr. Ed O’Brien 43 English Department Nancy Laning, William McCaskie, Mary Murphy, Diane Masterson, Barri Jones, Tim Joyce, Shirley Longo. Foreign Language Department Mary Morrison, Nancy Bradley, Rita Mousseau, Jan-Renee Harding, David Wood. 44 Industrial Arts Department Stuart Finlay, Kenelm Collins, Edward Brookshire. Home Economics Department Susan Milsky Art Department James Owens, Karen Toland. 45 Mathematics Department Joe Walorz, Joan Howe, Kenelm Collins, Cheryl Belanger, Roger Blake, Cheryl Metters, Joe O’Brien, Robert Wilkinson. Business Department Audrey Greggs, Robin Walker, Donna Demetri. Nurse Suzanne Moulton 46 Physical Education Department John Donahue, Barbara Thompson, Lise Hembrough, Paul White Alternative Learning Group John Rivers Music Department 47 Boots Gibson, Shirley Thomas, Elsie Bengston, Marie Ritchie, Maria Church, Judith Higgins, Missing: Hazel Cox. Custodial Staff Robert Clark, Joe Waters, Ed Redin, Merritt Frazier, Art Sawyer, Irvin Daubert. 48 Special Needs Department Sandra Stocker, Constance Brogi, Jonathan Randall, Kathryn Carey, Lisa Abbott 50 Juniors Junior Class Officers C. Chiarello S. Smith F. Swartz T. McEnaey D. Alman W. Badger G. Baker R. Bassett J. Bates B. Beaulieu P. Bellarosa J. Bergstrom E. Besse M. Bessette M. Bove L. Branco J. Brintnall W. Brooks K. Brown 51 B. Coulson K. Craft B. Cronin R. Crosby A. Cullum C. Currier S. Decker C. DeLude M. Dessauer S. Doyle N. Dube T. Dwyer E. Ehnstrom J. Ellis P. Ellis C. Escher 52 M. Farrell A. Fawkes I. Ferguson D. Fancy T. Fettig S. Fleming I. Fisk L. Fisck K. Francis M. Frazier B. Flanagan S. Fleming P. Fredericks J. George V. Gifford T. Glidden J. Granados K. Hagg M. Hammatt K. Hansbury T. Harris C. Hatch J. Hatch B. Hayes S. Henderson B. Herbert C. Higgens A. Hilferty D. Luhmann 54 K. Luscombe D. Macioci M. Mahoney K. Martin K. Joseph S. Knowles R. LaBranche A F. L’Etoile C. Holmberg G. Kaeselau S. Jones E. Kelly C. Kurlychek B. Leonard J. Lang A. Linnell E. Largey S. Long K. Lennon M. Lorange C. Horton K. Kavanaugh J. Jones C. Monks T. Nagy J. Nichols E. Oliver L. Olsen F. Rich C. Riley K. Rutkowski D. Santos C. Scheibel 55 f t V + t S. Schneider B. Schofield M. Scrivani R. Sharman E. Shealy HP G. Smith M. Smith S. Smith D. Squire S. Siemer S. Spencer K. Stetson K. Strakele F. Swartz R. Swidrak J. Wilkinson L. Wilson G. Zhouf M. Zontini Sophomore Sophomore Officers J. Miller M. Yates D. Ryan, S. Daniels G. Abbott M. Adams M. Aiken A. Aldred C. Allen R. Archambault T. Atwood M. Aylward J. Baskin M. Battles S. Besse C. Beckman T. Bednaz K. Belair B. Bernard 57 M. Bourgeois R. Brinker K. Brown K. Bunzick J. Cannon M. Canty A. Carlson S. Cathie A. Chilson J. Chipman M. Chipman C. Clark J. Coffin K. Cole W. Coleman H. Crossman H. Curcio K. Curran S. Daniels S. Deering C. Dickey C. Dooley J. Drayton C. Drummond T. Egan G. Flanagan C. Fleming S. Fowler E. Francis M. Fulcher J. Gaffney A. Galligan T. Garran J. Gibson J. Gill J. Gill K. Gill R. Griffith 59 L. Killam S. Hagg H. Havener K. Hale C. Hayes J. Kelly 60 J. Jones M. Jordan S. Harrison W. Hart T. Kilawee N. Hammatt K. Herbert ■M M, Holbrook K. Ingrum P. Jackson S. Johnson S. Kaser B. Kavanaugh R. Keese J. McMullen S. Minninger 61 H. McOuat E. Kinski J. Larson J. MacKenzie C. McCombs K. Kirkorian E. Lavallee D. Marcinek B. McCray G. LaPlant T. Lindquist M. Marshall D. McGinn J. Miller T. Masciangioli G. McMakin £ T. Lenahan S. McParlin M. Linnell E. Marino C. McCray D. Naughton H. O’Brien J. Ohmann J. Onnembo I. Patai C. Patrick C. Pierantozzi J. Periera M. Nicol-Hathaway K. North E. Piatrowski G. Picard A. Pike D. Pike C. Quimby M. Quist 62 W. Robinson M. Rogge P. Ronan D. Root C. Ryan D. Ryan E. Sandstrom J. Schofield K. Schofield J. Sousa E. Southworth F. Southworth M. Spade R. Sparrow A. Squire D. St. Aubin K. Stephens R. Stewart J. Still 63 J. Sudikoff M. Sveden H. Swartz M. Thomas S. Tom R. Tsouprake B. Unger C. Valle J. Vaughan S. Verfaillie J. Vincent T. Wagner J. Walsh H. Wherity D. White J. Whiting J. Wilder C. Williams D. Winthrop J. Woodes J. Woodland 64 E. Woods M. Yates S. Young T. Zimmerman Freshmen S. Bertrand N. Austin D. Ay 1 ward D. Anderson E. Benner D. Bigos S. Abbott E. Aldrich J. Battles B. Bengston C. Boyd 65 K. Blake B. Bodamer D. Bohannon J. Bourgeois t P. Brown C. Buddington J. Bunnell R. Burns C. Burke C. Cabral A. Campbell A. Chace G. Chambers V. Coffin D. Clark J. Clayton M. Collins 66 S. Comeau S. Corrigan M. Costantino T. Creavy R. Currier P. Dadamo S. Daniels P. Daugherty M. Davis S. Davis C. Delcourt K. Dennison K. Deschamps J. Dibble S. Dillree J. Doyle M. Dube D. Dunham M. Dwyer P. Eagar B. Egan C. Ehnstrom C. Eitelbroch J. Eldredge 67 B. Ellis C. Ellis S. Emond B. Ering D. Escher S. Falletti S. Fields S. Finn T. Finn C. Fisk E. Francis J. Francis N. Gamsey T. Gaskill N. Gibbons 68 K. Grady C. Graham J. Greene J. Green S. Hall A. Hamilton S. Hammatt J. Hand J. Harrison A. Hayden T. Hayes L. Hebden J. Herbert T. Hermes C. Hilley H. Hobbs J. Hogg L. Holcomb J. Hollister W. Hopgood A. Horton E. Hubler L. Hudson E. Huntley A. Hurt L. Hutchison K. Ingwerson M. Jennings 69 f I r ' N. Kiefer M. Kinski K. Kloumann A. Joyce S. Kaplowitz K. Kavanaugh M. Keegan T. Kostas J. Kiefer A. Labbe B. Leger 70 N. Leigh L. Lennon J. Long V. Lopez M. Lorange B. Lund S. Luscombe M. Macioci J. MacKenzie L. Maglioli K. Marcotte J. Marino D. Marshall D. Massey H. Masson S. Mayo D. McCormack A. McCully J. McNeal J. Miller M. Miller K. Minor L. Multer F. Murphy K. Murphy K. Murphy 71 S. Nevin L. Nichols T. Noll S. O’Donnell D. Olsen M. Onnembo E. Palin K. Patrick K. Patrick K. Pellegrino K. Perry D. Pierce C. Priete Y. Rhodes E. Rich J. Rich C. Rimmer C. Robicheau 72 D. Robinson K. Rose K. Rose D. Sabine T. Schuman P. Shiel P. Showalter S. Singer A. Skank S. Skrocki A. Smith M. Smith B. Soule A. Souza S. Sousa K. Stetson E. Stevens K. Stocks B. Strakele J. Stratton R. Svenningsen R. Sweatman B. Tanco P. Tesson D. Thomas 73 I I I I t S. Tom C. Watts D. Wagner R. Walters M. Ventura A. Wibel B. Weiditz P. Trask E. Velie J. Wanderlich D. Watson D. Wiley B. Williams K. Yeutter 74 B. Zampino J. Zavorskas Mr. Randall’s Class David Eldredge Denise Brennan Camilla Valli Cindy Garling Layman Clark Lisa Rogers Miss Mountain’s Class Chris Savage Denise Bondstra Paul Stevens Karen Tortora Matt Hatch Bob Grenier 75 Student Advisory Council Left to right: S. Smith, D. Ryan, A. Clayton, D. McCullough, M. Stewart, K. Chiarello, M. Millette, K. Gable, C. Chiarello Student Council i,l | Iff J Ilf j St . _ M First row left to right: A. Clayton, K. Chiarello, M. Millette, E. Marino, J. Thibodeau, T. Beale, J. Fulcher, M. Mead, J. Daly Second row: Paul Chamberlin, S. O’Donnell, D. Naughton, C. Ryan, D. Ryan, J. Miller, R. Swidrak, M. Macdonald, K. Gable, A. Fawkes, M. Bissette Third row: D. Robinson, K. Thornton, B. Ellis, E. Marino, D. McCullough, M. Stewart, G. Newmier, K. Rutkowski, M. Mahoney, C. Chiarello, G. Rieneke, S. Smith, H. Scammell Senior Officers T. Galligan, vice president K. Gable, secretary M. Barclay, treasurer D. McCullough, president Senior Senate First row: C. Griffith, J. Daly, T. Galligan, T. Beale, K. Gable, K. Chiarello Second row: A. Clayton, M. Barclay, M. Millette, D. McCullough, J. Fulcher Junior Senate Left to right: B. Leonard, P. Bellarosa, B. Cronin, G. Smith, R. Swidrak 79 Newspaper first row left to right: M. Millette, T. Beale, S. Hogan, C. Hatch second row: T. Clayton, K. Luscombe, T. Masciangioli 80 Math League first row left to right: D. McCullough, J. Christopher, E. Francis, M. Schader, H. Hobbs, L. Olsen, B. Almeida second row: R. Sharman, M. Barcley captain, I. Fisk captain, S. Spencer, J. Bates, T. Klenke, K. Brown, J. Kelly, T. Harwood, captain Future Business Leaders of America first row, left to right: S. Pulsifer, J. Thurson, G. Avery, K. Gill, T. Phillips, W. Willis, T. Anderson, J. Devlin, second row: M. Ryan, E. Radke, M. Cabral, T. Caswell, T. Harwood, B. Herbert, T. Conti, H. Gould, K. Hale, C. Dessauer, K. Wierzbinski, S. Tom, Ms. Griggs. 81 Band v » V h k ► r t t f I first row left to right: J. Pereira, J. Estabrook, M. Dorval, S. Shay, E. Marino, L. Joens, K. Gable, N. Joens, T. Selling, K. Rutkowski, C. Dessauer, K. Gill, second row: M. Schader, T. Largey, J. Fulcher, M. Linnel, J. Charrand, A. Cullum, K. Schofield, J. Daly, T. Kilawee, S. Hogan, C. McNutt, D. Squire, third row: L. Olsen, V. Gifford, S. Fleming, L. Branco, P. Schrader, G. Newmier, S. Smith, J. Gill, M. Scrivani, Mr. James, T. Turner. Freshman Band first row left to right: A. Horton, T. Kostas, J. Harrison, L. Holcomb, second row: C. Robicheau, A. Cullum, G. Chambers, M. Miller, D. Anderson, H. Hobbs, J. Herbert, third row: D. Bodamer, J. Tilton, C. Delcourt, V. Coffin, J. Clayton, Mr. James. 82 Chorus first row left to right: K. Schofield, K. Yakimchuck, D. Winthrop, C. Mcombs. second row: K. North, S. Scott, J. Rand, K. Hopgood, K. Valle third row: C. Havener, K. Belair, F. Fleming, J. Chad, L. Murphy, G. Tilton, missing: J. Messier, R. Smith, W. Kropa, J. Thibedeau pianist Orchestra first row left to right: D. Bigos, S. Verfaillie, D. Dunham, P. Eager, K. Patrick, K. Rimmer, C. Griffith, B. Schofield, second row: K. Pooler, Mr. James, S. Siemer, P. Mead, K. Rutkowski, A. Painter, A. Clayton. Drama Night 85 7 if National Honor Society First row left to right: Mr. Milbier, L. Olsen, K. Brown, P. Ellis, A. Linnell, T. Nagg, I. Fisk, S. Schneider, S. Ramsay, A. Cullum, C. McNutt, J. Daly. Second row: A. Diaz, S. Peel, K. Wierzbinski, N. Dube, K. Hagg, M. Barclay, J. Thibedeau, P. Emmons, T. Harwood, T. Dwyer, C. Finch. 86 Ski Club first row left to right: Ms. Hembrough, J. Bates, C. Quimby, G. Smith, S. Conn vice president, K. Gill, S. Besse, K. Fredrickson secretary, second row: E. Shealy, A. Linnel, K. Rutkowski, A. Squire, B. Cronin, M. Hathaway, S. O’Donnell, S. Bertrand, P. Trask, B. Elliot, third row: M. Constantino, R. Sharman, P. Bellarosa, C. Collins, B. Tulloch, M. Lee, S. Fleming, B. Bernard, J. McMullen, missing: E. Radke president. ALG first row left to right: D. Shipman, Y. Crevier, John Rivers, A. Fawkes, K. Rut¬ kowski, T. Beale, K. Chiarel- lo, S. Smith, C. Chiarello. second row: M. Stewart, C. McNutt, A. Spade, T. Hil¬ dreth. third row: J. Gill, S. Smith, A. McDonald, I. Fisk, H. Scammel, T. Fettig, S. Conn, S. Spencer, C. Hatch, fourth row: H. Burrill, M. Barclay, B. Miller, A. Squire, J. Mallory, fifth row: A. Monks, T. Nagy, A. Graham, A. Painter, J. Hatch. AFS C. Griffith V. Dagnelie Nancy Laning A. VanHooten it |tie 4 EDITORS AND ADVISOR - Tania Harwood, David Wood, Jana Christopher OFFICIAL YEARBOOK PHOTOGRAPHER - Bob Tucker Watt " BUSINESS MANAGER - Yvonne Crevier PHOTOGRAPHY STAFF - L. Comeau, T. Harwood editor, C. Bodamer, T. Masgiangioli SPORTS, ACTIVITIES AND FACULTY - J. Ellis, C. ART - T. Masgiangioli. Missing: M. Bodamer, G. Avery, J. Christopher, T. Harwood. Verfallie TYPISTS - J. Christopher, L. Comeau, M. Jordan, T. Clayton, N. Joens, L. Joens SENIOR FORMALS, SENIOR INFOR- MALS AND UNDERCLASSMAN - S. Conn, G. Avery, J. Christopher, T. Harwood. Nauset Tides Staff 89 We, the 1985 Yearbook Staff, extend our sincere thanks to all faculty and students who contributed their time in helping us produce our yearbook. A special thanks to Bob Tucker for helping us meet our deadlines and to Mr. Wood for being there when we needed his assistance; also to those teachers who allowed students to be excused from class in order to meet our deadlines. Much luck and continued success to all future Nauset Tides Yearbook Staffs. THE EDITORS Boys Varsity Soccer first row, left to right: R. Henry, J. Winslow, J. Wyeth, S. Smith, A. Pearl, K. Wiley, B. Miller, J. Thibodeau, C. Finch, S. Ramsay, T. Galligan, T. Kinski, C. Collins, second row: Jack Donahue, J. Chad, G. Smith, D. Fancy, R. LaBranche, J. Still, B. Bernard, K. Kavannah, T. McEnaneay, P. Bellarosa, A. McCully, B. Leonard, M. Bove, Mark Matheson, J. Rand. Senior Players f, 8 i [ 1 J i y 1 1. s IL ■ ' i ■ dw i JL first row, left to right: C. Collins, R. Henry, T. Galligan, T. Kinski, B. Miller, J. Winslow, second row: C. Finch, K. Wiley, A. Pearl, J. Thibodeau, S. Ramsay, J. Wyeth, S. Smith. Girls Varsity Soccer First row left to right: S. Hammett, K. Patrick, K. Ekstrom, K. Hildreth, T. Largey; Second row: J. MacKenzie, S. Bertrand, N. Gibbons, M. Hathaway, T. Masgiangioli, B. Cronin, J. Jones; Third row: C. Garling, Bob Rice, K. Yeutter, S. Smith, C. Kurlycheck, J. Fulcher, T. Beale, P. Emmons, M. Adams, E. Kinski, C.Monks, E. Besse, C. Ryan, S. Seldon. Senior Players T. Beale, J. Fulcher, P. Emmons Boys Junior Varsity Soccer First row left to right: K. Herbert, B. Jones, P. Showalter, A. Brennan, S. Abbott, D. Olsen, J. Ellsasser, P. Massey, S. Davis, S. Moore, K. Patrick, J. Baskin, B. Williams, M. Collins, T. Creavy. Second row: K. Blake, E. Broderick, J. Bates, G. Picard, C. Hatch, E. Hubler, D. Austin, E. Sandstrom, J. Sudikoff, J. Clark, E. Oliver, J. Hatch, J. Ohmann, C. Drummond, B. Elliott. Girls Junior Varsity Soccer 94 First row left to right: K. Yeutter, S. Bertrand, T. Masciangioli, M. Adams, E. Kinski. Second row: Steve Seldon, C. Ryan, K. Patrick, N. Gibbons, J. MacKenzie, S. Hammatt, E. Besse, C. Monks. Varsity Field Hockey First row right to left: P. Eagar, J. Greene, D. Lee, M. Millette, J. Winslow, J. Daly, B. Richardson H. Greene, A. Cullum, L. Lennon; Second row; Amy Oberge, B. Egan, S. Daniels, A. Galligan, A. Squire, K. Quimby; Third row: M. Linnell, M. Marshall, T. Kilawee, J. Drayton, L. Marino, H. O’Brien, K. Schofield, C. Delora. SENIOR PLAYERS: J. Daly, H. Greene, M. Millette, J. Winslow, B. Richardson. first row left to right: C. Holmberg, C. Williams, T Egan, second row: A. Dias, Joe Walorz, S. Harrison, L. Olsen, B. Herbert, C. Hobbs, B. Clifford, J. Shiel. SENIORS: Alanna Dias and Jon Shiel 96 Cross Country Team Boys Varsity Basketball first row left to right: S. Wanderlich, B. Miller, S. Ramsay, second row: S. Brookshire, J. Vincent, R. LaBranche, C. Beckman, R. McQuat, K. Rose, J. Sudakoff, R. Tsouprake, S. Moore, D. Megee, T. McEnaneay, J. McMullen, E. Sandstrom, J. Chad, J. Miller. 97 Girls Varsity Basketball first row left to right: P. Emmons, J. Fulcher, second row: Paul White, T. Harwood, K. Hildreth, J. Jones, T. Largey, E. Kinski, C. Chiarello, M. Mead, B. Richardson, J. Estabrook, S. Jones, D. Marcineck, A. Chilson, K. Pooler. SENIOR PLAYERS: J. Fulcher, B. Richardson, P. Emmons, M. Mead. Boys Junior Varsity Basketball first row left to right: T. Hayes, S. Abbott, M. Dwyer, A. Brennan, second row: G. Picard, J. Hollister, C. Ellis, C. Delcourt, T. Creavy, Bob Masterson. Girls Junior Varsity Basketball first row left to right: R. Calderon, S. Hammatt, K. Thornton, M. Keegan, S. Nevin, B. Egan, S. Hall, second row: Bob Wilkinson, K. Yeutter, T. Hermes, B. Tanco, V. Coffin, J. Walsh, L. Small, N. Gibbons, K. Pooler, A. Chilson. 99 Hockey first row left to right: B. Jones, R. Hurd, D. Fleming, R. Rutkowski, J. Thibodeau, S. Smith, J. Winslow, B. Tulloch, R. Hibbs, C. Collins, G. Smith, B. Grenier, second row: Bill Harwood, K. Ingram, S. Fleming, S. Sibles, J. Bates, B. Bernard, D. Fancy, T. Garran, F. L’Etoile, D. Olsen, Jack Donahue. SENIOR PLAYERS: R. Hurd, J. Thibodeau, D. Fleming, R. Rutkowski, J. Winslow, S. Smith, R. Hibbs, R. Tulloch, C. Collins Gymnastics first row left to right: J. Finn, B. Soule, C. Stetson, L. Hudson, J. Long, M. Macioci, D. Hansbury, Samantha Hurst, second row: P. McCombs, A. Joyce, A. Hayden, K. Hagg. Soccer Cheerleaders Basketball Cheerleaders first row left to right: K. Quimby, D. White, P. Ronan, H. O’Brien, second row: D. Wagner, K. Ehkstrom, S. Daniels, S. Harrison, H. Hobbs. 102 Nauset Coaches and Captains SOCCER: Jack Donahue, J. Thibodeau, B. Miller, Mark Matheson BASKETBALL: P. Emmons, Paul White, J. Fulcher SOCCER: P. Emmons, Bob Rice, J. Fulcher HOCKEY: Bill Harwood, J. Winslow, Jack Donahue is -tS£8@3Wm s W- SSass - v i „ I t ' s, f Bg g. FIELD HOCKEY: M. Millette, J. Winslow, Amy Oberge, H. Greene, J. Daly, B. Richardson 103 ? B- r CROSS COUNTRY: A. Dias, C. Holmberg. BOYS BASKETBALL: Leo Miller and Brian Miller. SOCCER CHEERLEADERS: L. Branco, Robin Walker, F. Schwartz. GYMNASTICS: K. Hagg, Samantha Hurst, P. McCombs. BASKETBALL CHEERLEADERS: P. Ronan and D. White. W 1 109 Class History Our four years at Nauset can best be described as transitional. The time from when we entered high school to our graduation was a period of intense changes for both our sense of individuality as people and our sense of unity as a class. Freshman year began in September of ’81. We entered high school frightened of the transition from the top of the heap to the bottom of the barrel. This was a year of many different situations for us: Proposition 2 x h was taking its toll along economic lines, challenging courses were new along academic lines, and Friday night dances and basketball games became regular events along social lines. This was also a year when previously respected course titles such as Ancient History and Earth Science became interchangeable in peer conversation with such expressions as “played” or “beat”. Sophomore year ’82 - ’83 began with a new superintendent. We were no longer freshmen and our increased participation in student government reflected this. The new administration was introduced to the Class of ’85 honorably. Our magazine drive made record - breaking earnings which later helped us to have very successful upperclass activities. The Halloween and Christmas dances were successful but were overshadowed by the two outstanding Drama productions, “Flowers for Algernon” and “West Side Story”. Junior year was certainly the most rewarding transition yet; we were upperclassmen! Courses became more difficult but the social rewards certainly made it well worth the extra effort. It was at this time that freshmen came to be viewed (conservatively of course) as a different species. The German Exchange Program brought Germans here but not Americans there, so many hopeful participants would have to wait until next year. April 27th brought Prom ’84 - certainly the social event of the year, despite the success of the dances and the two plays, “You Can’t Take it with you” and “Splendor in the Grass”. We enthusiastically began June by decorating for Graduation ’84 and by cramming for the College Boards. With the taste of these two life-preparatory events still fresh, we began the last calendar year of high school with the summer of ’84. 110 We entered Senior year fittingly with many changes in the faculty. Although it was sad to see many teachers leave, it was good to see the changes, for it was obvious that the new faculty members had brought with them intelligence, experience, youth, wit and most especially, variety. Application deadlines for college crept up on us quickly, and soon it was January ’85, a matter of months to graduation. The Senior Banquet on January 27th opened our graduation year fantastically. This year’s German Exchange was truly the time of a lifetime for many, certainly worth the wait. Spring went by quickly with just three major events between us and graduation; the play “Bye Bye Birdie”, the Jr. - Sr. Toga dance on March 15th, and the Prom ’85 on May 4th. All events were more than what we ever expected. It is obvious now that our graduation on June 2nd was the culmination of a multitude of transitions. The very fact that we survived them as friends and as classmates is a salute to the spirit of the Class of ’85. It is for this reason that all members of the class of ’85 should look back at Nauset proudly and look forward to life confidently. Danny McCullough Class of 1985 Senior Superlatives MOST TALKATIVE - Jennifer Fulcher and Sidney Smith MOST INDIVIDUALISTIC - Dierdre Tasha and Chris Vetromile 112 MOST TALENTED - Hanna Burrill and Craig McNutt CLASS Wyeth MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED - Tania Harwood and Daniel McCullough COUPLE - Cynthia Griffith and Jamie 113 CUTEST AND BEST DRESSED - Kristin Gable and Jodi Craven TALLEST SHORTEST - Scott Hogan, Cynthia Griffith, David Gitter, and Margy Mead MOST ATHLETIC - Patti Emmons and Brian Miller 115 rC ' " ' 3 C ' R 1 FRIENDLIEST AND BEST ALL AROUND Jennifer Fulcher and Tony Clayton BEST LOOKING - Hanna Burrill and Jodi Craven CLASS PEST - Erin Marino and Scott Kerry MOST STUDIOUS - Sarah Peel and Jeff Thibedeau MOST SCHOOL SPIRIT - Erin Marino and Tony Clayton CLASS CLOWN - Jennifer Fulcher and Chris Vetromile 117 Informals BARBARA ALMEIDA - “Thanks” everyone who’s made me part of the “Nauset Tradition”. Jessie, get ready for something hysterical-parallel parking afternoon dining. Thanks Erin! See ya in the “Wacky World”,Pete. “Time check,Mr. Miller?” Tom,let’s look back on the good times and look ahead on the better ones - sunsets, walks, talks, planning ... Mom and Dad, thank you for being the best there could ever be. I love you both! LISA AMERAULT - Let’s Skate! Life is but a fantasy. JL we can do anything. Terri P. “set it free”. Dave-Le t’s cruise. Scott E.143,we’ve come this far,there’s no stopping us. Lake Placid ’83. Prom ’83 great times, great people. Mom,Dad,bear with me, I’m trying. Love ya. CHRIS ANDERSON - thanx TE,DJ,PV,Muib. All those parties! What a long strange trip it’s been! Pink Floyd,Heineken perhaps! Senior Year. Goodbye Cruel World! Thanx Mom and Dad! TAMMI ANDERSON - Summer ’84 best ever! To all my friends,GOOD LUCK! Prom ’84, the party after w tina. Alan - I love you, I could’ve never done it without you! Can’t wait for Dec ’84! Julie + Terri, thanks for everything! Good Luck Tracy. It hasn’t been easy mom and dad,thanks for understanding. ILY 118 PAIGE ANDRE - sweet pea,Howdy folks Alicia- LYAS, WOBURN,you ' re sweet Catrins-Hey this breeze is for K! Kim-Oh the bus! Tom Jerry,Summer ’84. KW,SP - we made it! AB - winter or spring? Kris E - Roxanne,Band,Marching, Patriots,FOOTBALL! Stacey Fleminc?! thanks KC,SS,PJ,CD,CH,MM,J,B,BZ(nut) Mom Dad I love you. IRENE APGAR - GOT ANY CLAMS? Ha ffenreffer - the green death. STANGS RULE-351c. Provincetown summers. Cruising commercial. BS who ' s ML? We really should be careful of who we pick up. VAN HALEN, AC ADC and JCM are cool in life. TOP JIMMY JUMPS IN PANAMA Bridget - I ' m going for him. Bye Nauset. Lamborghini maybe? GRETA AVERY - Bird,Lucia,Gret. yearbook 3 + 4, FBLA 4. Great times with AB,TH,CB,JC ... Remember H-B way! Prom ' 84 (our secret)! Hola Juanita, hola Tani-bean! Endless year-book afternoons - whata blast! “E.T., GO HOME?! ' ' Will SHE ever stop the ( older-man " syndrome? Spanish IV-best class ever! Thanks AB for 10 great years. Good luck Gale,Stacey,Jill. Thanks Mom Dad, ILY! MICHAEL BARCLAY - It ' s been good,it ' s been bad,but now I ' m off to the real world. Never forget good times with AM,TF and MJ. HB - friends forever?!! ILY; TN - Prom ' 85 sure to be a blast. Deirdre we will make it BIG! ILY; Liz-what happened?143. Mom you ' re the greatest. ILY,Sam,Miah also. I ' m gone ... 119 ANN MARIE BARONOUSKY - Thanks Dad you helped me a lot. Ricker I-L-YU Oct. 18. Horse Shows TRACIE KAINE RATLIN BEALE - D.M.S.R. Jennifer, Pattie there’s so much to say. So if you feel the music and really believe,it will guide you through. M D.S T S I.L.Y.A. Thanks! To the class of 1985. We made it! GO CRAZY! To my close friends(you know who you are)always give it your Personal Best. 1992 Olympiad Here I come! WHAT A FEELING. CRAIG BODAMER - Bodie, Craiglet. Track l-4,X-Country 1 2,Yearbook 1-4. Spanish class w G.A. and T.H. Woody. Prom night with C.H.,G.A., J.E. - “This is like a video game!” Friends:C.H.,J.W.,P.M.,G.A., T.H.,J.E.,J.C.,J.R. Unchico! Papa Gino’s C.C.H. - Great knees! Thanx Mom Dad,Mr. Wood,and my friends. R.I.K.-I.L.Y.! I’ll miss you all. Adios! KATHY BOWMAN - Goodbye and thank you St. Francis,Nauset,and teachers. Stay close Dad Jocelyn;MA,DW gang;Emily;Pat;Mom;Tim - love you all. Danielle,you’re a great“sister”-good luck w your future plans. Thank you Father Ted and Hawaii bunch-Newman Forever. Thank you Fred family. Ahna,you’re a special person! Good luck to my “Eagle Family”. 120 CHRIS BOURGEOIS - It was a good four years Nauset, but the next four will be even better. Going to miss you TW. Getting B W before gym. As Neil Young says, “It’s better to burn out than fade away.” Later Nauset. WILLIAM E. BATTLES - Bill. Freeman’s Way Coffee Donuts a.m. Doggydoo Hide Seek. F250 window’s peak. Bondomobile. Pudge-perfume. BMW- Mike’snow,Rabbit off-roadin. Alison,Chillingsworth Saturday night. Scott-inlet jumping. Mike’s little red boat. Gas money. Lota-kinks.“Rainbow in the dark.” Goose Hummock Marina Nauset Beach Parking Lot. Al-Grapes on the Beach. Thanks Mom Dad. Bill was here. ALISON JOY BRIDGWOOD - Al-Bird. Is it really over? Horror movies,pig-piles,foodfights,beeflips. Pudge. Scott- wickedly whiffed. Who put your coat into knots? I want a hug. Mary ... a talk! Bird-10 great and funny years! Numba 10. Chuck-Eclipse of the heart. Bill-GJWHF, 7up or Coke. I love you Mum and Dad. This natural autumn is on her way. JOHANNA BURRILL - hanna banana. In every spirit there is a dancer, so let the spirit free and your dance will begin ... and so will the art of living! Thanx to my special friends(AM,MM,CG). MONTREAL BOUND!!! 121 MICHAEL CABRAL - RD,TC,C: thanks for all the great times last year. WW you were special to me and always will be. Hey Schmidt remember the hills? Pat,Ernie, Way¬ ne,and Chris you know what time it is? There’s Elvis. Hey dudes take it easy and party hearty. Thanks for all the good times and I hope there are many more. CHRIS CARROLL - Sports 1-4, “Hey Jimbo!” Tennis 1 ... forever. Pochet Parties. Good times with Vision, LL,Mr.P,Lemon, Chester, Wildman,Sancho. F.A. T.E.,Zip¬ per!! TH-Who’s the MASTER?? LYA! 25d RESTAR- EAACTION. Fri, 13. 2 11 84. “You only live once” LCTTOW. Pearl, “Honing in” - R BTUNES. What’s up Doc? Peach. Prom ’84-TG w NECKLACEU! BSA. Viet-cong Forever ... ’skis. Good Luck:JTKCRHCFS- K,Mom,Dad,Kev ILYA! Well my friends the time has come ... JEFF CATHIE - Fun in the summer of 84 with Pic,DP at Papa’s. Take offV. What’s the hold up brother? BS,COB,MP in the park. Late nights at Dave’s with Pic,DP. Bagman at Pat’s. As long as you’re up I’ll take one too. Crystal castles. Strange brew. “Out of the frying pan, into the fire ... ” Thanx everyone. Texas here I come. TIM CASWELL - Caswell! 1-4 track 4 FBLA “Hey Kurt how do we do this?” “I don’t care it’s only your boat.” Hey KM thanks for the help. Well DW we made it through school. Work at Seashore 1. Chevy Ford 4x4s awesome vehicles. Hey KM do you want to build a boat? 122 JENNIFER JEAN CHAD - fer-fer. Chorus 1-4, Trainer basketball 2-4, solo night, All Cape, Southeast. Roadtrips Lionel! My best friend and his shoe ... Forever friends. Where ' s the car? Brian-the tree! Summer retreat. The dog died. FF,MV,CH,JR,BM,TM,RL. Dinti-you ' re hard to forget. I hate promises. Eddie,Roy,Mom and Dad I love you!(yes,Roy,even you)XO KIM CHIARELLO - “Love when you can, cry when you have to, be who you must that ' s part of the plan. Await your arrival with simple survival and one day we ' ll all understand, one day we ' ll ALL understand.” You ' re always special Dave. Thanks for understanding Tammy and Doug. I LOVE YOU BRETT, our day will come. Farewell good friends, God bless you world. BETH CELLUCCI - Boo-Beth,Bethie. JWMDPDMM Sociables!! Endless Nights,Let ' s go dippin!! Excellent times with you JC(ILYSM) Thanx for always being there. AE I miss you. Who ' s our next victim?? Paulsy not everything ' s green!! (hah!) Mel, we ' re gonna crash!! DIJTGM you ' re all sweet! Mel,what ' s with the frogs? Mom + Dad I made it ... ! Thanx for everything (ILY). See ya! JANA CHRISTOPHER - Jai, Juanita. Softball-1, track 2-4 w Vncle Joe,b-ball 2 + . LLs w Kim TH(TWWW). Hey B!(Over-the-Hoop passes) ABird-the Umans are coming! Hola Lucia(philosopher queen), hola Tannybean. Tony: “in the sky ... ” 143 Scott;no,not ... THE BAGH(TFBTWINY) Cat-Good luck! CB(YAGTNI!) KEEP TRYING, MMU Ruggy (7-11): remember to smile ... MP, IVOF. Love thanks, friends, Mr. L, S, R W, Mrs. L M (P. on T.), Grammy, Donnie family. ILYA ANTHONY CLAYTON - Well, such is life. It was rough, But we all made it,Didn’t we. Thanks all. I’ll always remember the unforgettables. Who would ever have thought that in one basket of fruit,there would be so many golden bananas. Thanks to all ma’s and pa’s who either housed,drove,fed or clothed me. Good luck subordinates and siblings. Later. Tony (Ant). CHRIS COLLINS - Crispy Raz soccer 3,4 hockey 3,5 Good times w KKHSBTPHMHAPTNHSAM, Gibb, Morg,Ted not forgotten Buds in the common room!! Melinda love you forever, too many great times to say, IWSYDTA Late night at J:F’s TN a night to remember. “AP lets have a barb-q” B’s and L’s in the Penthouse Mom and Dad love you and thanks for everything. PP Mr. Bones ... ANGUS RULES!! LISA COMEAU - Art 1-4, yearbook 4, Special needs 2-4, 4H all my life, etc. Good luck KR,LW,SB,SS and all. Thanks H.H.H. for all the blue ribbons and Victory passes. World and Grand N, Champ. =Pes.Ch.Open Pl.Mare-will be there again. I love you Mom,Dad Thanks for the Support. SARAH CONN - Another place to leave behind - irretrievably But this was different. Ski trips,ALG,Eng¬ land, Duran Duran,Interlocken,Flea Haven, Parties, and, above all people. Certain special ones: AC, YC, JAC, CAM, JLH, (GLA?) JR, KF, TF. There are too many to name. Thanks to everyone who’s been there. You may not know it, but you’ve helped immeasurably. Bye all. 124 TINA CONTI - Its party time!!! CO,CM,KG,DS.MG.JG and MC Thanx for being there. Laura - Summer of ’84 Donuts! What was his name anyway? What a waste. CD-shifter thingie mirror ... CM-Hows the green things. Which way did he go? Eric I love you more than anyone. — 27th our day! Later Nauset can’t say it’s been nice. RAYMOND J. CRAVEN III - Good times with SF,DF,DF,ML,KDCC - If you don’t live here,don’t surf here. NFC! Locals only, Surf Punks! PR-Thanks SM (Rxe) Varsity ... Suntan. Can’t drop in on me Sean! I don’t know! Fighting in the street. Save the whales-harpoon a FC Thanks J,M, D YVONNE A. CREVIER - “And though the shadow of a sigh May tremble through the story, For “happy symmer days” gone by, And vanish’d summer glory — It shall not touch, with breath of vale, The pleasure of our fairy tale.” - Lewis Carrol ANDY CULLUM - Hunting,skiing,riding Y2’s. Wild Concerts (Judas Priest Van Halen) cranked on 10’ Partying and snowstorms with BH,DD,PD,BY,DH,PO (Wheelies Hang on!) 5th gear down Rt.6 Good Bad times Lacn Jovs in BJ Skylark. Thanks Mom and Dad for all your help. 125 DIANE DAD AMO - Gymnastics: 2,3,4? Harpooned s SP Diapers Spaghetti for breakfast s Mac. AC-Good Parties ... JT Truro Cemetery Party. Martam Rd w CM exploding airplanes!?! Class of ’85 Ready for an endless summer? Bruce Matthew:ML,PT Willy Machines Rides! October 20 I love you! Losing it in English. Mom,Dad,Mr Mrs J. Patti-thanks ILY all. JOHN DAVERSA - JF,JOHN D,Good times with:CW, CR,JM,BF, CS,JB,DT,EB,KC,KD. Hey Craig ’member Bio “Here?” Got any JD,JB? Jeni I love you Thanx a lot Mom Dad Nauset’s Monk. It’s been real and it’s been fun but it hasn’t been real fun. Later. CHRISTINE DESS AUER - Good times with,KG,CM,TC,HG - The WB broke!! Hey guys don’t forget November ’83! KG,TC,andCMSorry about your cars. I’m a jinx! KG,CM,HG,TH,andJE “your turkey is on my fence!” We made it You’re next little sis! HT I love you! Thanks Mom and Dad for everything! JESSIE DALY - Corruption! Cast Parties,showers,Mystery Evening,Germany?! Hey there sexy,you’re a very special person,I love you. Thanks to all my friends for everything you are in my heart:Carla, too much to say,many memories so many more to come, I love you! “The miracle is this ... The more we share the more we have. “LN” 126 JANICE DEVLIN - “Cakes” Thanks to everyone for the memories we’ve made ... I needn’t mention names, you know who you are. Maine ’84, seesaws and Boonsfarm ... Black trucks ... Lugnuts ... Blue Toyotas ... Wet socks on the beach ... ATCs and the Booksmith ... Terms of Endearment, tissues please! Clyde, we’re dangerous together! ESP! Mom and Dad, thank you, even for saying no, love you! ALANNA DIAS - FRUIT SALAD, NAUSET! Summer — Tilly Weegan, Rapoli, SP, KM, LM, MM, ES,MMAS,JG LM (survival bisquits?!) You never know when they’re gonna drop the big “D-bomb” Sex Pistols, DK’s, Ramones, Black Flag, Outlets, (one of these days!) This school year made possible by MF (you wan dat?), Madame Twitchki, RB, JT, Birds of Paradise Jezzablay — we’z iz gone! PAULA DIAZ - Paulsy, Paul. MDBCNJEJ= SOCIABLESUSuchea-Tubes-Good Times! MD-It’s much more than passing-out! 9 25 84! Chaka-Kahn! Tina Sis you’re the best-143! DW-wanna run? Mork! Mork! Wild! NJ-BB’ s + c’s; thanx, 143. Bathy-Isn’t everything green? EUROPE?!? Dress Coats Champagne!! MM- Nightmares!?! Dream Ice Cream Castles. Good luck Pam! Thanks MOM ILY! MELANIE DICKSON - Mel,Mello,Marie,PDEJNJBC SOCIABLES! PD is it more than just passing out? 9-25-84. HS you ’re a good problem solver! ML and suchea. Chaka-Kahn! Wild! Hey wheres my Lamborghini? Those unusual spices really get to me, I was sure it would never happen to me, whats new? Buddies are 1. M+D I did it ILY! Rainbows are forever-BYE-BYE! 127 JEFF DILAURO - Jake Golf-2 cruising 2-4 with COB,BS,KL,CR;Hydroslide Action PS fights with COB,BS;360’s in the middle of the road;the BUSHido Blade camping with BS,COB and friends. Road trip to New Hampshire-Don’t forget the Mickey Coast Guard. All the way skitchen with COB. Thanx Mom and Dad. MARY-BETH DORVAL - Summer of ’83, ’84. Liz and Nic let’s never forget JM,PT and EH. SGF. For some of those? Nic, Fll be here where the heart is! Tam,forever friends? Kim I guess so. Beach Parties! Pink Champagne. Pajaaamaas,I sweeeaar! Paula,Margy,Liz,Nic,Tammy and Anne,ILY! Paula, you’re the best! DR. Dad,Maureen, I will always love you! Thanx! PATTI EMMONS - ‘Nothing we do,however virtuou- s,can be accomplished alone. ” I owe my sincere thanks to my family,friends, teachers, and coaches. Yet, without the unlimited love and special support of my mother,I wouldn’t really be ready to move on ... Mom, I LOVE YOU. Tom, we made it ... together! Goodbye Nauset TOM EMMONS - Party Animal - Basketball 1,2 — ski club 1-4 Party 1-4. Thanks CA,CY,DJ,PV and Muiff - what a head trip. See ya later Wild Bill - Mr. Easy - Special Thanks to Mom, Dave, Ellen, Mary, Patt, and Wee wee. Head - love you Moe - I MADE IT - Mellow out - see you later - onward through the fog. 128 : " ¥ " ' CHRIS FINCH - Fincha’, Tennis 2,3,4, Soccer 4. Vision’s parties; Pochet 2 ; Halloween ’83 JWRRMB, paranoid back seaters, “great shot!” EM imitations; Tightrope Suicide,CCTGTKRH,LAFS for JT;Seniors,Dump road in the Turbo Dart; Totaling the GPz; “great shape”, JTand Animal; CC and the blonde,“INFATUATION”,Halloween Dance ’84; Mr. C. and the triplets;We ruled; “Purple Rain” The Day After-almost a brawl; Thanks everyone; Good luck Class of ’85. DAVID G. FLEMING - It’s been one long tube ride, but I made it out! Classic years, Rad ski trips, Good times with ML,JC,KD,JZ, and big surf with BM. Thanks for being a friend Kim C. Surfing 1-4,Hockey 1,2,4, Soccer 1,2,Ski Club 1-4,Good luck next year Sean. See ya later NausetU FAITH ANNE FLEMING - I want to thank all my friends for standing near me when I needed it (especially Jennifer). I know I haven’t been the best person but you all saw the real me and stuck with it anyways. Stacey, Debbie, Donna thanks for putting up with my whining. Mom, Dad words aren’t enough. I LOVE YOU ALL. JENNIFER FULCHER - The best of times with the best of friends ... I love you all for understanding me for me. Trade ... Ebony and Ivory - the immortal harmony, may all your dreams come true. Kristin ... The best of all possible friends - I will always love you. Thanx to my family for loving me even when the world seemed to have no more love to give. 129 MARIA CATHERINE FURLANO - “... the story of life is quicker than the blink of an eye, the story of love is hello and good-bye until we meet again ..thank you, Mom and Mark Keith,I love you,forever . . . remember W.N.S.I. T.L.A. OM KRISTIN GABLE - sunsets, beaches, music, camping Germany-2-so many fond memories. Jen - thanks buddy! IL Y A.B., Moo-Cow,-ILY All of you who loved and cared - thank you more than words can express. NEVER STOP THE LAUGHTER! Mom and Dad - thanks for supporting me during my tentative flights ILY! ONWARDS ... TERRY GALLIGAN - Gilly, good times w “the boys”;jimbo Mr.P,sancho,pokey,vision,Abe BZ.THIB,un¬ forgettable experience;Pochet Parties,QT’s,the master- fearsome Foursome,jaggin’ w urban assault vehi¬ cle,“LL14c” many racks,skies,Carrou’s corner, Well fleet dunes veitcongjampound,“the rest area”,Friday 13th, officer Bean,Nauset tennis rules!!! Skiing forever. From Maine to Providence,Concord;DY still alive! Good luck.SKCFBMCHJD. 143Ma Pa. Later Nauset. KRISTEN GILL - “Excuse me,but your turkey is on my fence!” Cathy,Holly,Christine,Tania,and Jenny that was only one of the many good times we have had together. You are all very special and important to me! Summer of ’84 the best with Tim and friends! Thank you Mom for letting me have a reasonable amount of freedom. I love you very much! 130 DAVID GUS GITTER - Git,Gavid,Guitar. I hope you make it and get a job RW. Good luck BB,MB,SJ,CW,AB. I hope you’re looking for another job TH,JE. Calm down TC. Thanks Mom and Dad. See you at the gas station BB. See you later. It’s been fun. STEPHEN GOSS - It’s time to move on, but a few sayings to a few people: Bob remember your transitive property of erdegernium. Carmen don’t let things bother you. I’ll have to teach Chamberlin when I get back. Any questions, Chamberlin? Mrs. B. I’ll do it my way THEM BASSES FOREVER! Find me VWing. HOLLY GOULD - Hoi, Wally-KG,CD,TC,TH,JE and DS All of you have been great to me. What can I say but, Thanx! Many great times with KG and crew. J-arrivederci e auguri! Ti voglio bene per sempre!! Moo crew, you’re something else! Tom, Mom and Dad I love you! Arrivederci to all — Holly AUSTIN GRADY - Endless this year. Frank Za-pa with CV,TN,MR,PB,TF, Long talks with Mr. Bones and DY,MY, Many ski weekends. Slamming at Black Flag with TF,TN,CK, Anyone for a Tab. You will have OJ. Rush with DY,MY,HS. Rise above. They hate us, we hate them, we can’t win no way. 131 HEATHER GREENE - Field hockey,winning isn’t everything but almost. Track,a whole mile! M and T,no more early mornings! ILY both. I’m only a little late. Becky-such a friend through good and bad. The famous PD’s, DB , Z. I know a great French restaurant. It doesn’t show! MH,Iremember. Thankyou everyone, many memories. CYNTHIA JOHANNA GRIFFITH - Stars over snow, And in the west a planet Swinging below a star — Look for a lovely thing and you will find it, It is not far — It never is far. Faithfully, ' Jamie. Special friends - MM,HB,JW,BG, Thanks for all the fun! NANCY A. HALL - “84” beach parties,4-wheeling with Woka Diesal and Horris. Thanx Kevin, Amy, Diesal, David,Michelle and Shop guys - couldn’t have done it without you!!! 7 27 83 MOIAM Luv you 4-ever Kevin. Amy thanx for just being you - Luv ya! New Hampshire take care of my family!! ILY Mom and Dad, Tom and Dianne you two are very special to me ILYF TANIA LEAH HARWOOD - yearbook l-4;math league 2-4;stats 2-4;subuzzently fished w JE,KG,HG,CM,CD. Best times with my best friends GA,JC,JE,CB,KG,LS, don’t forget. Thanks Mom Dad for all your love and support. I love you Jeffery. Good luck next year Jen. Woody. Thanks everybody,for everything. So dawn goes down to day. Nothing gold can stay. 132 CARLA HAVENER - I want to leave you something, something better than words, or sounds. Look for me in people I’ve known, or loved. Let me live on your eyes; not on your mind. Love doesn’t die, people do. So, when all that’s left of me is love, give me away. I’ll see you at home, in the earth. I LOVE YOU, JESSIE,BRIAN!!! RICHARD HENRY - soccer, basketball 1-4. Pick mastering with Chesta at Jam. The Force + K.W.! Awesome road trips, 12 3 83, 6 9 84 Van Halen + the Scorpions Aick Kass, my very best to Sue. I love ya! Good times with S.B.,J.T,T.K,G.M,M.A, + The Bu Fu’s. You too B.B.(I4M4S4)36 is burned for life. Hey Jeff nice ne’s huh? Friday nights in Chatham, [joke] Thanks for everything Mom, I LOVE YOU. RICKEY HIBBS - Nauset High-It’s the JIBBA.1-4 Hockey-Days at the pit. Anne, I love you and don’t you forget it!!! Junior remember THE WALL + THE WALK to d’s. Working with A.B,J.C,R.B at the Domes. Special thanks to Mum +Dad But most of all Anne Marie. Luv ya all! TAMMY HILDRETH - Tmambi. There’s soooo many memories that will never be forgotten! Kim, you’re forever a friend, thank you. MaryBeth, my FIRST friend, thanks for making it easier. Pochet Parties DD-those were the best of times. Chris-YAVSTM! Atlantic City-Someday! Thank you MOM DAD for all your love ... Kerry, I’m sorry, good luck. “We’re young, we’re wild, we’re free!” Good luck: EMKWAPTGDEAGLBDR ILY World!!!!!! 133 SCOTT HOGAN - Scooter?! Ski trips ’81, ’82. Lift accidents w J.F. Lookit the moose! Snipe Hunt-such luck! SHS-ICH LIEBE DICHIMMER. You mean more to me ... Kristin, you won’t be forgotten. “Doane Rock is melting?!” Steph-Always my best friend. Two things upon ... Xmas Tree-loafing w Clyde,Floyd,Colonel. Great times w close friends-GN,SS,MS,DM,PS,-KC. Thanx Sis-ILU. Congrads J J! Mom and Dad - you’re the best CHARLES H. HULL JR. - CHUCK,CHUCKLES: Hey CHIEF! Que Pasa? Hey Skinhound! JWCBCOBR RWWDMABGASJDW, great times with all! Lot of openers! Hey the car door! Coladas ‘84. Divers down! BBS. Prom ’84. Baseball 2, softball 3 4, yearbook 3, Nautilus forever! Europe ’82 ’84, “The tank” Hey Bonar! Woodie! I love you Dad you’re the greatest! YANKEE, Thanx Capt. land ho! RICHARD HURD - Hockey 1-4. Summer of ’84 the best. C.G. I’ll never forget you. Cruisin’ with B.F.,C.F. and C.T. in the boat. “Lizzy those tacks.” Study hall 7th period, what a blast. Mom couldn’t have done it without you. Later Nauset. DANNY JACOBY - Led-Zep Lives “85” Thanks to family for support. Friends like P. V.,C.A.,T.E.,P.O., and the muif really helped. Break up the monotony of Nauset. Is Angus really better than Eddie S.S.? (no chance) Psyched for next Van Halen concert. 134 BRUCE JAMIESON - 3 wheeling rules, skiing, sing out from the night before. Good times with AC,RH,PO,DH. Bob Tulloch, another trip to N.H. Diane Audra: Lou-lou, ML,PF, ghosts, little sisters, I love you. Buck down 20 sears with A.C. How ya doin ' officer? Thanks Mom Dad, Mr. Mrs. D. Thanks for everything. I.L.Y. all. ELISABETH JONES - NJMDPDBC=SOCIABLES!! Nic-we made it! 6 2 85 ILYU Leslee, did we crash??! Summer ’84 BIINNGOOOH Red Blue that’s it! IL Y Am I 3? ’Elio Telepsychic? Jules - Thanksgiving ’83? PortauthoritiesU? RedhotsU ILY Richid - What tac’s!? MB - prom ’85?? AM - ILY! MBD - SGF somathese? Steph - whose playing BG under the porch ? Dad, I miss you.Thanks Mom, I LOVE YOU!!! NICOLA JONES - EJPDMDBC=SOCIABLES!! Paula - BB’s C’s - thanx for always listening. ILY. Liz - we made it - now we’re on our own. 143! Leslee - you’re the best - summer ’84, never forget!! ’.Elio Telopsychic?! Midnight blue Camaros! MBD - love ya much. Jules bring a shovel!! Mom-can’t thank you enough, I love you. “This is life in America” Class of ’85 - LET’S GO CRAZY!!!! SCOTT EDWIN JONES - Many memories with Alison, Bill, Mikey, Paul, Jeanette, Chuck, and Jay. JONESY. “Stop picken at my coat. A.B., get off the car, who threw that?”. Rambler (Bondomobile). Pintos track. “wrestling again today at N.M.E.?” Great times on the water with KITTEN. Many thanks to Mom and Dad. 135 THOMAS D. KEANE JR. - “Resistance to the organized mass can only be affected by a man who is as organized in his own individuality as the mass itself. ” - Carl J. Jung SCOTT KERRY - The trip concludes, from Egypt w Willy to Duetchland with many. Parties Til never forget, IDIGDIFDNP. Summer of “84” doing the weave; BC trip - where is my stuff? “Jimbo”, “Gilly”, Kinski you are the best. CTS memories; SH, SS, CH, RS, JT, JB, KC, RH, MA “Go Crazy” M D ILYA. TIM KINSKI - Friday the 13th I II,Chatham Fri nites, Newcombs Hollow,Mr.P,Good times Thib, Uncle Abe,Bar¬ ney, Vision, A J, TG,KW,SK,S W, CF,Pearl’s parties,Evil, The Gator,Carroll ' s Corner,LL,Adventures of the Vietcong,Skiing No. Conway. Tightrope Soccer parties the best, (CCIH)(SBC) Lem I 83 84 C I doubles champs St finals robbed. JT lost in the ghettos of Providence after midnight. Thanks Mom Dad for everything. THOMAS KLENKE - Mom,Dad,Bob,Pat and Anne: I love you all. CHS friends: Although I disliked my years there, you made it bearable. Nauset friends: In the short year I’ve spent here I’ve made great friendships. Y’all have been great-Thank you. Kevin,Nat: I will always remember your friendships. In memory of Gerry Aumiller class of ’85 ... the Dangerous Type 136 BRIAN T. KNOWLES - Hey Kath we made it! Glenn and Amy you’re the best! Susan I’ll remember you forever. DYC, EYE ’82 ’84, Me ’84, 10 10, JM,TK. Fran you’re a superstar! Kristin W. good luck. Love ya Mom, Dad, Sis, Mom Giarla and everyone else on DYC and Province etc. Thanks Mr. and Mrs. Flanders, Mr. and Mrs. McKenney, and Steph (Mom). MICHELE LaPENSE - Great times with David, Nancy, Poola, Ames, Diesel, Wooka, Horris, and all the other shoppies. Lunch runs to Uncle Ben’s and 4-wheeling beach parties live on. Thanks to my friends and family for making these past 12 years go by faster!! David-the summer of ’85 will be held dearly in my heart; I’ll love you forever!!! Goodbye Nauset! MIKE LAUB - Good times in the MM. The Tull Show “84” with JP,MR,JM,SE,MM. Partying with DS and JP in “83”. Roaming Providence with JP and SE at 2:30 a.m. MIKE LEE - Chico Lee, good times with The Bud Light Patrol: MF,DY,BT,DR,Racing hair scrambles with PV;IT 490 Rule Never forget Prom of ’84 - Long Live Memories, Jammin ’ with broom sticks! Ski trips, Bullfrogin with Boo Shenis. VAN HALEN Concert, ZZ Top! Thanx Mom and especially Dad; you taught me a lot, Love you both. 137 KIM B. MacDONALD - Mezree,Andre w SP expresso. Is it buns or biscuits? You’ll never know, JT,AD, GM,RB,CK,DS,MV,DD, TA-IL Y Guys. RC 143-thanx for everything. CC-You’re a nifty kid. Sis, Ma and Bud thanks ILY. Nauset-Just another brick in the wall. DOUG MACOMBER - Cucumber,ucy. Good times with SR,TK,JC,BS,COB.How’s it going Timoteo? Stop signs will never be the same SR. Summer ’84 was great. Races with SG. Fun at SOGS. Never forget Nauset, thanx Mom Dad. JASON MALLORY - Too many summer vacations, 1-43, Fascist Rangers, It precipitates more than anyone knows, Skateboards are reality, Ticks-Ticks-Ticks-Ticks. ALG, White Mountains, camping in Truro, MacDonald’s so inflammable, Good night John Boy! TNS HG, There’s so many bugs! 60’s Revival-“outrageous!” School’s been “interesting”, but there are new lands to explore for me! ERIN LYNN MARINO - Rin, Lynn, Savage “Smile”!?Dear Abby?! Good times with sirk and refinnej. Barnstable County Fair with Ralph,Beach ... Lillian’s ... Fancy’s .. J Study Group definitely Best! Cemetery Detour!? 140PSGKMMTCH ‘Risky Busi¬ ness” “Big Chill” SCBD1234CA Debbie P’town THKCGL JDCHBMTTYWL CGJWTGLL 143 George,Doug,Kris,Jen,Keith, Gerry, Cyndi,Liz,Mom and Dad! Thanx! .. walk beside me be my friend!” 138 GERALDINE MASTERSON - Laurie+ Wendy, I Love You because you’re you ... and we are us! KH,KM,SP,MV,EM,DH,JL,MA PO,God gave me the best of friends,each one-in-a-million. George,you’re special!Mom +Dad, YOU’RE THE GREATEST! Jeff, I’ll always love ya. Laurie,I made it! “Thank you.” Chow mein little noodle: I’ll miss you! PATRICIA McCOMBS - NS I missed you! Nauset it was great! Glorguards 1,2. FLA,May Dolly and Longfellow live forever- WABFAAF! OH-OH,icky-poo,Love 22. Gymnas¬ tics 3,4-see,it doesn’t hurt! Red Roses,White Roses ... Teddy Bears. Teddy Bear, Ich Liebe Dich! Teekret, 007 1,Hi BJ-he’s staring! CHBILY! B-OVR! Thanks Al-goo d luck! DAN McCULLOUGH - Fishing w GN,TG,SH,CF. Nan¬ tucket, the summer of ’81 w TG,MB,TM. Friends made the difference: MB, CC,AK,KS,RR, CK,IF, TC, CF, TK, BM, GN,DS,JB,JL, COB,JT,JW,RH,PS,AS, CH,KC,JF, KG,JD,TH,TG,SH, Thanks for the company - Mom and Dad (sensei) I’ll love you forever CRAIG McNUTT - There once was a young boy named Ian. He spent all of his time banging on his percussion instruments, or working on endless hours of homework, or playing at endless jam sessions. Although he spent much of his time alone, he had many good friends who helped him define and decide his life. I just want to say Thanks, Everyone. -ICM 139 MARGARET MEAD - Track,Hoop,SC 1-4 LPKHSBLFJCCDJWEEBCPDMDAPMBD! Lil ILY! Debbie hold on loosely Laurie what about those SURFERS? Katie many skipped classes! Chris,Duane- ,THANKS for always offering YOUR OPINIONS!! Kim SYRACUSE? JWEEGR SUMMER 84 it was a FREEFORALLU Mom and Dad I’d be nowhere without youjotsa love! SAVAGE! MANHUNTS! BETH-WE MADE ITU Paula,WILDEYED SOUTHERN BOYS! What a NIGHTMARE!! CATHY MERRILL - Everybody beware of the green things! I will never forget your 17th birthday Kristin. Christine+Holly remember the night of the B+H. To my friends, Good luck KG, CD,HG, TC, TH,DD, Didi remember the Bombing of the mp. Diane remember the prom of “84 " . Mom + Dad thank you for everything. I love you! BRIAN MILLER - Many forgotten nights with mac. What a long ride to the fair. CH,JD,TG the mystery evening. Carla, so many special times. Fll never forget. You ' re a special person. I love you. Thanks to good friends: CH,JC,SS,JD,TG and many others, you ' ve been great. Good luck Jackie. Love ya Mom and Dad See ya later! MARGARET MILLETTE - This poet walks alone and small with sun and moon and stars above through fair or foul: daring to dare for joy of joy ... Special friends - CJG,JPB,SJR,WK ... THANKS! 140 JAMES MILLIN JR - Hey Ho,Let’s Go! Ski Club 1,2,3 wake and bakes with PW,PB,CV,CC. JMyou’re so suave. IN THE WINNEY TAKING TRIPS ... TED you’re next! TF GET A GRIP YOU’RE SO STRANGE ...Use your freedom of choice ... Don’t tilt it or you’ll lose the quarter. Keep on BRRREAKIN’ AD. OH NO! See yah later!!! ALISON MONKS ... In the Wonderland that we lie, Dreaming as the days go by, Dreaming as the seasons die: Ever drifting down that stream-Lingering in a golden gleam-Life, what is it? But the path to your dream. Mom and Dad I love you beyond my facades forever. LAURA MURPHY - smoking area 1-4. Summer of ’84, what a drag, huh Tiner?! Boston-here I come! Summer of ’85! “Cathy”! Mikey-HOOTAHU! “Tight Cheekx!” Kim-I love ya! Good times w KE,RD + TC. Steve, I’ll never 4-get you. Good luck to REF, you’ll make it. Chopper, I like it! “oh Good!” Thanx Mom + Dad, I love you! Latah NausetU MATT MUIR - Muif, going riding after school? Honda-CR Who has the spleef? Thanks TE,CA,DJ,PV- AS in Bolling Brook,Ill. JB in Florida-“It’s not the end, It’s just the beginning.” “See you later Nauset!” 141 GENE NEWMIER - All bands 1-4, drama 2-4, Tennis 1-4, Boys’ State ’84. Sid and Pete, college trip ’84. “We got 28 lbs. of apples!” Hey Bananaman, padiddle! Thanks to my friends. Sid and Scott, many memories. “The play’s the thing.” “ILY Mom and Dad.” Aufwiedersehen Nauset! And now for something completely different “They were the best of times, they were the worst of times. ” DA VID NEWTON - Times to remember with Michele and the shoppies. Hey Tim, I think we’re beached up on a reef. 4-wheel drive; it’s the only way to fly! Power slides in the Firebird. O.K., Pll dump it out. Many beach parties and many more to come. Michele, I love you and always will. Well Nauset, it’s time to say goodbye. CHRIS O’BRIEN - Hey baby aw shut up burger. Skiing Attitash, Nice jump CC. Laurinos Cherry bomb Thanks Paul; I didn’t mean to break the glass. Thanks BS,RR,MP,JD,JC,SJ,RH, TK,JW,KW,DM, CH Bruce Lee with JD, Intre park where’s Mark, The whole stack at Nautilus, Thanks Mom Dad, Special thanks to Mr. DM and the Large Fly. PHIL OZON - Big B’s with A.C. and VET, cruising around with B.J. Hangin around with VETRO, C.R. D.J. M.S. E.K. J.S. Losing all control at B.T.’s house. “Fast times at Nauset High”, see ya later! 142 SARAH PEEL - “BANANA PEEL ”, Sars; Ballet(we did it, Holly), Orchestra, Choir, Honor Society, Guertinsl, Grenville, camping - BLAST! Much thanks to MC,MJ, AB,JE,BS,AK,SA,AJ, UB, AC, UA,MW,CH,DH,PM,KM,C G,NS,CH all my Community Family. Deb,Jim,Chris, esp. Mom Dad - Thanks! I LOVE YOU!! PA,KW,BS - WE MADE ITU MARK PERKINS - Good times with COB,BS,JC and KY. Summer ’84 was an experience. Hey Cartharias, “Have you ever seen a large fly?” D+D ’80-’84. Great fun improvement in tennis. Egypt ’82-thanks. Thanks to all my friends Nauset for 4 awesome years. Much thanks to Mom and Dad for all their help. ADAM PEARL - Vision,Pearlsy. Good times with CC,KW,JW,JT, TG, TK,RH, CF, many wild summers with TN,FB,MP,TF,BC. Unforgettable and lovable times with KRB 143 forever. Quickdraw on the beach with nosnelter, Pochet fiestas 1. Junior year “awesome”. Many deep talks with CC, about “Track Rules”. Also thanks to Mr. Scanlon, a great track coach and a wonderful guy. I love you Mom +Dad, thanks for everything. ANNE PAINTER - Drama,ALG ... Burnin’ down the house w Ali. Adventure on the Coastal Queen w HS. Arabian Knight,NP’s + barbeques. Watermelon by candle-light w HS,CC,and SF ... P-town slashed tires. God Bless CV ... Wackin’ it at Nauseous Beach w Jen+ Phaedra. Potatohead-Moo!! Whasis? Tebby, we’re teenage rebels ... We’re all quite sane in the Happy House ... Hugs + kisses, Mumiolio!!! mm 143 TERRI PHILLIPS - “Brat”-Special times are due to special people-you know who you are. Love to Mrs. Demetri and Mrs. Walker for their encouragement, trust, and belief in me. “Open Arms” to Charlie-Thanks for all your love. I need and love you Mom and Tom!!! SUNDAY L. PULSIFER - Gymnastics 1-3, Andre w KM,harpoons,diapers, and talks w DD. Summer of 84; Matt, you made it special-ILY!(bulldozers) Beachin it w MAC, “We’re there!” The mating habits of a mallard duck. Prom night? Exspresso! Concert experiences w A C,cheap sunglasses. Much luck to JT, GM,DD,MV,AD,MA C- YSHBB! Ma,Dad,Scott, UD- thanx,luv ya! KIMBERLY ELLEN QUICK - Timherly,Blondy. Good times with MD + TH. Summer of ’82 Thanks Robin for everything. Debbie this is it-NY Blizzard of ’84. HS-DB you guys are the greatest. HB you’ll always be a special friend. Mummy, finally we did it. Thanks for all your love. JON SHIEL - Chugging Brews in the streets of Hyannis with CB,AG,TF,JM. Big bashes at BT’s house. Blizzard of ‘84 with CB,PB. 144 CHIP QUIMBY - Chipper,Hockey 1,V2? Oops. Hey Hun,we’re there man! Viscious new years at Marllee’s, “Everybody’s gone! We’re all alone” “Do dey hef any meesing leembs?” All-nighter sessions after the prom. To the sabs,Bui,Buzz,Red-being,Chu,Z,so many good ones. JB, I guess it is dat we are de last ones,der ... ay? Baby you’re the one who pulled me thru. You’re the best ILYVM,Mom,Dad it’s been a struggle ILY! It’s been a buzz Nauset ... ERIC RADKE - Rad,Animal-thanks Chuck. You saved PC. Luvyou always KC. How’s the Rugburn Scott? Keep it up LF. Thanks for our friendship JC. Special thanks to TG,JD,CH,SH,KC,LF,JC and especially Mom Dad; you made it all worthwhile. SCOTT J. RAMSAY - Soccer,Basketball,Baseball;l-4 Squid! Road-trip to S.C. WOFH,great job! Globetrotters ’84 ... I don’t care I’m going to watch the game! Jorg-great brother and lifetime friend. Hey JC! Calm down or else ... The Bag! Keep practicing Mr. Scanlon. Best of wishes SS, any time you need a shoulder. AC, love always. Love and thanks to all my family esp. Mom Dad. JENNIFER RAND - Duran,boys soccer team 4, track 2,chorus 1-4,Band,AFS, 1-2. Theme Song ’84 “Hello” by LR. Prom Party,“But that’s my name” Solo Night “God Save the People” Driving in Friendly’s parking lot. Sunbathing by the tennis courts. Thanks CH, FF, J C, SS, Mom, Da d. Well everyone, it’s been different,thanks for the experience! 145 KIMBERLY REDIN - NHS,SNK. To the cleaning crew esp. Dad: Keep the school looking great. High school is not the ultimate reality. The only way to experience reality is to be out in the real world. Good luck to LC,LW. To BS,BS,IA,KB:GET LOST! Thanx Mom and Dad for putting up w my endless studying. SCOTT REYCROFT - Wildman,Madman,Professor Reycroft-Maine 1-4 -The Montery is trashed but the Galaxy is the limit-AC DC ’83-Led Zeppelin ‘Rock and Roll” -Thanx to SS,SG,GP,SR,GE,RW and DM-Deep into Purple, JIMI Jam -Love you Mom and Dad-I made it! See ya later! BECKY RICHARDSON - optimistic field hockey player-“Winning isn’t everything-but wanting to is.”, basketball bench warmer,dedicated trackie (1-4). Thanks coaches! The “dollar bill”,post prom meet, treacherous 440s: fondly remembered. Heather,never forget: talks about PDs DBII Z,T42, accident prone laughing,DP ’84. May you always find g.l. pennies. Rita,thanks for being my big sister-you’re very special. Mom,Dad,Wayne-thanks for all your love support. ILY. DAVID ROOT - “Rootabega” “Looks like a Bud Light Night, dudes.” Partying with MF,ML,DY,MC,TH, SF,BT,MB,KK,BZ,MS,BB. Muff-Diving is fun! The Bufu’s rule. Chevy Nova — there is no substitute. NFC A “Stinky” “You only live once,unless you’re a cat!?” Good luck to all my friends, and especially to my sister,Diana. Thanks Mom and Dad-for everything! 146 JENNIFER ROSE - JD, we’ve got to stop chasing black trucks wrestling EMTs in the dark! To my wild crazy cousin Kevin,Keep it clean!! Yahoo-we’re here! Here’s to good tim es,good frien ds, Boonsfarm, Transcon tin en tal Rendezvous,Poon — (That one was for you Johnny 0!) Thanks to everyone who helped me make it through, especially Mom Dad. BOB ROSE - B-ball 1,4; Tennis 3,4 ‘007”, “James”, “Teddy”. Trips to Boston with SR,AC,PM. Globetrotters! We missed the !@ %@ exit! Patrick and the Hoyas! Celtics rule! Mr. C, eat it up! SR,AC - you guys are the best that anyone could ask for. Sunset picnics and beach W.E.’s w HB Princess. Sun Baby (Jorg). On to the U.S. Air Force. Nauset, it’s been real! ROSS RUTKOWSKI - “Hey 3 on a bench” Bu Fu’s-1, “we’ll wait for it!” Laurinos party,Nautilus rules,hockey 1, tennis, jam-hoop, great 440 relay. KX,GPZ,RM, Camaro, Honda, Mustang, 220-sx. Good times with JW,COB,CH,KW. Turbo Dart skcus! The worst, no way, he’s got him, and look at that! He will not give in. WE’RE OUT OF HERE! MICHAEL RYAN - N You don’t possess me Don’t impress me Just upset my mind Can’t instruct me or conduct me Just use up my time 8x 147 STEPHANIE SHAY: “LaLa” Cellar Doors!? “Woodsy” CASTPARTIES! EJK - YOU’RE playing BG under porch! You’ll always be special, ILY. Ricky, miss you, IWALY! Scott, so much shared, ILY, It’ll never end! Mom, Dad, it’s over, THANKS! Courtney, your time’ll come, ILY! Matt, Good Luck. “I learned how to laugh, I learned how to cry, I wish I could learn how to say goodbye. ” HELEN SCAMMELL: GM - a soul to understand me! Live our dream! AP wooza! Yacht Party, Happy House, Birthdays?! Tom F - “bloodies!” brontosauruses. Nosilla - raindrops and shooting stars. Good laugh and talk “sessions”. P-town bound? Good times w “J” ASpade, MY. Rush w MY, DY “Austie”. SKris - ILU, mailbox. Lifelong memories of my zoo buddies. CC - chickletts, puddle of evil. A good friend IJJJ £jKJKJ L UUUit O. W W “ UiiiUIVit- V VO, UUUiL 1 1 1 r iii 11 gl l U liit-iiU - Thanks. Love always to TC. Sab Dab E Broo DT. Mel - Summer ’83+’84. ' CHRIS SCHMIDT - Thanks to EL, PA, WF ... C A D AT A U” wr nn J vi n vi Vvnr A f “SAB-NAB” many times and many more. Gren ford MC ... “Let’s hang this one” JB DT A special thanks to PS, “Holy Schmidt”. Later Nauset. PETE SCHRADER - OKUM SING - Brian, College Trip “84”. “Quick get a match!!!!” - Gene, Sid. Hogan; Remember Sam the monogamist fish ? Kayla, I love you and always will!!!! Poolhopping w GNand “Banana Man” Thanks: Matt, Squid, Magot, Tracy, Fulch, Danny, Tony, Sanne, Klenke, Barb, and especially you, Steph!!, for the fun. Thanks Mom and Dad - I love you both. Nothing Gold Can Stay ... DIDI SCHRAM - Mad Max! Doo doo? NY Aus. iiber alles. Boston 2 home. BF DK shows. Hangin’ down Kenmore. Hot Rod Mama! Hey Cheebles - Joe’s? Borski - Any clusters? $35 and a 6. Got any Pistols? Me, weird? Eez rrraining owtzide! Hitting the RAB-ROOMSH Mummy, I’m not an animal! Strumma, Vicious Adolf. UK Skinz - Kill for fun, search and destroy! DAVID SHIPMAN: How many times must the cannon balls fly, before they’re forever banned. How many ears must one man have before he can hear people cry. How many deaths will it take ’til we know that too many people have died. The answer, my friends, is up to us. The answer is blowin’ in the wind. SIDNEY SMITH - Squid; Soccer, Hockey, Baseball 1-4, Band 2-4, ALG 2-4. Great times with: GN, SR, PS, JK, SH, TT, MS., N.H. with Pete Gene, 28 lbs. of apples!! Partying with JK, KK. Sabbath burns forever! Good luck KF, LO! Ram! S. Carolina bound, Wendy’s? Hoop w Chip. Road trips with JD, CS to AC DC Judas Priest. Prom ’84, kiss me, ' but... Class Psychologist!! (JC, KF) To my family (mom II) I love you!!! ANGUS RULES!!! AARON SPADE: “I watched with glee while your kings and queens fought for ten decades for the gods they made. I shouted out, ‘Who killed the Kennedys’, when after all, it was you and me.” And when the music becomes a frenzy, would you dare shoot the piano player? Well, well, let’s get on with it. 149 MATTHEW ERI STEWART - In perpetrating a revolution, there are two requirements: someone or something to revolt against and someone to actually show up and do the revolting. Dress is casual, and both parties may be flexible about time and place, but if either faction fails to attend, the whole enterprise is likely to come off badly, and the deposit on the hall will be forfeited. BRAD STAPLE - Tightrope ’84 with COB, TG, DM, CrZ, CC, TK, CF, RH, JT. Turn Tim. We’re there in ’85. “Oh you saw that RQ. ” “Get your permit Kinski. ” Scrap with the nose. Scorps ’84 with JC, ML, JP. X movies at JD’s, Peanut Butter at DR’s, Hydro with COB, JD. Bye SP, Later Nauset, goin’ in style. HEATHER LYNN STILL - (Lynn, Blondey, Heathe) Socialables the best friends (KQ, DB, MD, HB, MR, AD, JW, KS). The finest year of my life. Thanks for all the young wild times Linda Karl. The koolest dudes I know. Dennis the psycho-path. For all the high times at Nauset High. Jack, mellow out! BRIDGETT STRAUGHN - Thanx to all who made me someone I, myself, can be proud of. Thanx to JS, KH, BL, FB, JR, JM, LW all who’ve become close to me. Take it from me, life isn’t easy, but keep on fighting or you’ll never make it. 150 BRIAN STROBEL: Strobala, Strobes, Bunwa to name a few, President 3, Student Council 3, Advisory Council 3, “OKUM Sing”, Band, Orchestra, bell choir, choir, S.P.E.B.S.Q.S.A. Good times with BS, TD, SM, PS, JC, AS, WS, PO, and high schoolers. Burmuda Boys 85? Skiing, camping, biking and stuff, Special thanks to Mom and Dad, MC, MJ, US, AS, UE, AJ. (BP) 2 and the whole community family. BRIDGET STUDLEY: Party with some til 3:30. Irene go for him! NO KW isn’t my uncle, I’ve been lying the past 8 yrs. Who’s that? I don’t know him. Have you seen Junior grades? Van Halen (In the back of a Limo) AC DC. DefLeppard - Rock til you drop. P-town summers, all those Porches. Steve get to work. DEIRDRE TASHA: A rose is a rose ... sometimes ... JEFF THIBODEAU: Thib - hockey, baseball, soccer 1-4. Good times w Rich, ski, Boomer, Gilli, Dan squid, Ramma, JB, Jamie, Chris F, Chris C, Ker, Pearlsy - AC DC, scorp rock!! Rich, my best friend for the past 4, thanks. Lookout for those Nes. The mohawk master took too many dives. Mr. Scanlon, Mr. “D”, Mr. Lambton - thanks for really teaching me! Mom Dad IL Y more than words can say! 151 1 JULIE CHRISTINE THURESON - Jules, Jo. Great times with all my Nauset Truro friends. Prom 2,3,4? Florida 83,85? Summer nights and beach parties. Cruising in P-Town. I hope college is ready for me. Eddie,remember the good times! Sean,you’re so special, 143. Well girls,we survived! I love you Mom Dad (Amy too)Thanks for putting up with me. GAIL TILTON - Thanx Mom and Dad and to all my brothers, I’m proud to be a part of your family. Thanx to NC and family. Thanx to all my Nauset teachers and friends for helping me make it to the end. These are the years I’ll remember. BOB TULLOCH - Partying with HOMO Patrol CHIKO Lee, MF,DY,KK,CC,DH,JS with the Girls. Mellow out Tracy. And thanks Chris C KURT K for the surprise party. Thanks Mom Dad for helping me through all my years of school, Love ya, BOB! To Nauset“HIGH”I will see you later!! CATRINA VALLI- “Cat”,“Tree” “Mina”-that’s for you, HD! Field hockey l,2,3(eat that ball!)tennis 3,4. I love you BE!! Thanx Juls. Paige this breeze’s for K. What’s under the jacket Mary? Tammi-it was close ... Terri,think LH! Maria“You’re special” Congratulations on your new discovery,Leif! See ya’ next yr. Wango? MAN ... 152 PETE VAN RYSWOOD - A lot of wild parties with DJ,CA,TE,JP,ML, and Muif. Special Thanks to AH. Many fun times with C 2 H 6 0. Race hair scrambles, spin tire, listen to Van Halen and ZZ Top. MICHELLE JEANETTE VERFAILLIE - “VERF”Fith- e,hope and charity forever! Someday ML! Summer ’84! Thanx SB,HF,and GT, I Love you. Prom ’84. Thanx Sid?! “They were the best of times!” 143 Kim. GM,JT,SP,TA, Thanx for the laughter! I love you Mom and Dad! It’s up to you now Shawn! I’ll miss you class of ’85!! CHRISTOPHER VETROMILE - What it was? Why it wasn’t? What it could be? Why it is? Jay, I hate your dog. Let’s be real. Drama night,fun city back to basics. Don’t mention the birthmark,she might get peeved. Ski Club, fun city too. ANNE,the future of the world rests on your shoulders. I love you Mom. Thanks KG. JAMES WALKER - CHIEF,JAY. Hey Charlie what’s happening? Hey Bodie how are the girls looking? Pina party ‘84. CH,CB,RR,PM,JE,JR,SJ,AB,GA,great to have met you when I moved here. Bodie let’s go 4 wheelin. Thanks a lot Mom and Dad for all the help. 153 SEAN WANDERLICH - Well Hompth! CCKWTG APBLJBBBGS, The Good Times-Pearlsy-trouble with your shorts? CITGM-Summer of “84” with BZ, Amer + BM-Linny + Amer-very special-Never forget BM— “POCHET”; Keith-the Haitian rules; Chris-Prom “84” just barely-Batesy-computers Rip TG-s FATE: MOM+DAD much-oamor; Good Luck Jim-Fm History ... KEITH WILEY - Wilber, Wildman,Dumpy- 21. MANY good times with Turbo Dart Man. Good times with JW,AP,SW,RR,BM,RH,JT. Quick Draw-But who had the shelter! Shrimp Quiche! Trinity with JVH,KB ... Sorry Hoover. Jenny-Thanks for a perfect Jr. year! 9-22-83, 1-1-84, 6-10-90! See you in Australia! ILY Mom Dad! Onward ... WENDY WILLIS - “WANG” THANKS TO ALL THE PEOPLE WHO I’VE SHARED THE GOOD TIMES WITH AND BEST OF LUCK TO THEM. MRS. DEMETRI AND MRS. WALKER THANKS FOR ALL YOUR HELP AND GUIDANCE. THANKS FOR EVERYTHING MOM, I LOVE YA! KRISTEN WIERZBINSKI - Thanks Mom + Dad for everything-I love you-Thanks SN,J+D,MC+MJ. DW 1990 Kris + CATHY-we did it SP,PA,BS. Bob- RR-Christine, memories,Ct-NKS-All 23-Good luck! HJCM-Funny ... fun, fun!get a sense of humor! Miss you BME-BJGISLY-Summer-great! BAEOS-gross! Happen ? 154 JASON WINSLOW - I miss the Sabs. Chipper, D,Chuck,Thanks. I love you Mars. I love you Mom and Dad. “And if the clouds burst, thunder in your ear. You shout and no one seems to hear. And if the band you’re in starts playing different tunes. Til see you on the dark side of the moon.” JULIE WINSLOW - Jules, Field Hockey,1,2,3 4 Yearbook 4. MMBCPDMDKHLPGREE-Too many times!!! EJ Red Hots! mm, I’ll get home first. 5 19 84 mistake MM! SIS MM YOURE THE BEST 143! Nic, Pll bring my shovel. 5 15 84 EE ILYH Chatham Drives with DB RS-we were HOT! Well gang we’re out!! MOM DAD, thanks for all the lessons in life IL Y! Good luck Roz ... CRAIG WOODS - I want to thank everyone for their Friendliness especially Leah and all my Friends,JD,TC,RW,WW,JW,and all the rest. Thank you for being there and best wishes. Look out everyone the super beatle lives. JAMIE WYETH - Well finally made it. Thanks for every¬ thing Cynthia. I’ll miss you!! Hey Keith no one passes me and my Dart Turbo. Suzuki GS550 Turbo. Should I pass that line of 12 cars? KIMBERLY ANNE YAKIMCHUCK - Good luck to Thunder T. (just kiddinglME) AB,MP,AC and to the class of 85! Chorus ’84. Summer of ’85. College! Beach parties! P-T. Southeast and All-Cape festivals. Thanks to Mom and Dad. Good luck in the future! MARY KATHERINE YONCE - “Mary-Kate” Drama 1, crew 2-4. Thanks to those friends who stayed friends! I’ll always remember cast parties(Mary, can you have the party this year?), and plays,sailing,and 4wd parties on the beach. Janet, how do you get to Hyannis? Catrina,hold onto that key! On behalf of the entire Yonce family-goodbye! Thanx Mom Dad! May peg leg and Buddha live forever! Time in a Bottle If I could save time in a bottle The first thing that I’d like to do Is to save every day ’till eternity passes away Just to spend them with you. If I could make days last forever, If words could make wishes come true, I’d save every day like a treasure and then, again, I would spend them with you. But there never seems to be enough time To do the things that you want to do, Once you find them. I’ve looked around enough to know That you’re the one I want to go through time with. If I had a box just for wishes And dreams that had never come true, The box would be empty - Except for the memory of how they were answered by you ... -Jim Croce 156 BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF ’85 (KEEP SMILING) .FROM FOCALPOINT STUDIO POST OFFICE SQUARE ORLEANS SENIOR PORTRAITS FAMILY PORTRAITS - WEDDINGS - COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHY 255-6617 157 CONGRATULATIONS Nauset Regional High School Class of 1985 compliments of Papa Qinofe PIZZA MORE Orleans Cranberry Cove Plaza 255-8641 Falmouth Falmouth Mall 548-9025 Hyannis Cape Cod Mall 771-9794 South Yarmouth Route 28 398-1146 158 Best wishes to the Class of 1985 m REALTOR area Code 617 255-0091 220 MAIN STREET East Orleans. Massachusetts 02643 P O BOX 776 MRS HELEN M GOULD-JONES The GALLERY The TILERY The SHOPS at TREE’S TREE’S PLACE 6A at 28. Orleans, MA 02653 Tel. (617) 255-1330 Best wishes to the Class of 1985 Good Luck Class of ’85 JhueVaSm HARDWARE ROUTE 28 ROUTE 28 ORLEANS, MA HARWICHPORT, MA PHONE: 617-255-6565 PHONE: 617-432-1113 MAILING ADDRESS: BOX 117 • ORLEANS, MA 02653 NEW HORIZONS Gallery of Fine Crafts Box 711, Rt. 28, Peacock Alley Orleans Mass 02653 617-255-8766 Best wishes from Hubbard Paint HUBBARD PAINT SUPPLY CO., INC. 50 Falmouth Road Hyannis, MA 02601 ALFRED R. MILLS HYANNIS ORLEANS FALMOUTH DENNISPORT 775-1568 255-2332 548-6233 398-3600 Theatre Block, Orleans 255-2332 YANKEE HOME SER VICES, Inc. • BUILDING • LANDSCAPING • MAINTENANCE 204 Main StT66t, Box 1619 The complete property Orleans, MA 02653 services company 159 NAUSET LOBSTER POOL Wholesale • FISH • Retail Route 6A Orleans, MA 02653 255-1019 COVE REALTY MLS Opposite Adam’s Rib For all your real estate needs ROUTE 28 ORLEANS, MASS. 02653 617-255-3456 Best Wishes and Thank-you Michael Dilauro VIDEOBYTE Jet. Rtes. 28 6A Orleans, Mass. 02653 VIDEO SALES • RENTALS _ 255-BYTE J anie ' s Hair Things At the end of Windmill Village In East Orleans Tuesday 8:30-7:30 Wednesday 8:30-4:30 Thursday 8:30-9:00 Friday 8:30-4:30 Saturday 8:30-5:00 Where the attention you get will be as individual as you are! 255-0913, THAYERS FLOWERS INC. They Know You ( are II hen Your flowers Come From Thayer Harwich Orleans Provincetown 432-0121 255-3121 487-2047 160 Congratulations Class of ’85 cast Orleans deli butcher shop P.O. Box 268 - East Orleans On The Road To Nauset Beach fresh cold cuts 7 DAYS A WEEK fresh meats cut to order party platters -grinders homemade sauce sausages Best Wishes and Smooth Riding SIDNEY T. SWAN Director Bus. (617) 255-8002 Res. (617) 255-2231 Cape Cod Bicycle Tours,nc 44 ROUTE 28 • P.O. BOX 189 • ORLEANS • MA 02653 □ REALTOR 1 mjLT Li Lisrm o titric MLS REALTORS 127 Route 6A, Orleans, MA Tel. 617-255-1500 02653 Our wishes for happiness and success to all 161 255-7221 MARKET 18 Old Colony Way, Orleans, Cape Cod, Mass. Head and Foot Shop Orleans, Chatham, Provincetown Congratulations - YOU MADE IT! Compliments of Mr. and Mrs. Russell Ford PARADISE FRUIT PRODUCE, INC. Retail Wholesale 255-5107 255-4855 Main St. Square P. 0. Box 785 ORLEANS, MASSACHUSETTS 02653 Best of Luck to the Class of ’85 i Mid ' GoJ)e HOME CENTERS THE NICKERSON COMPANIES i i SINCE 1895 Lumber, Millwork, Paint, Hardware, Energy Products, T.V. and Appliances, Kitchens, Flooring, Plumbing, Electrical, Lawn and Garden. SHOPPING HOURS: 8am to 5pm Monday thru Saturday I ORLEANS WELLFLEET | Main St. 255-0200 Commercial St. 349-3734 162 BIRD WATCHER’S GENERAL STORE “ONE STOP SHOPPING FOR BIRD LOVERS” FEATURING: The Amazing ‘ ' AVIARIUM " Birdfeeder that brings birds right into your own home. The feeder is made of mirrored plexi¬ glass that allows you to watch the birds for hours, but they cannot see you. COME SEE IT IN ACTION! BIRD WATCHER’S GENERAL STORE 37 Route 6A, Orleans (Across from Lobster Claw) OPEN YEAR ROUND Other Bird Lover Items Include: Bird Mugs Bird Pillows Bird Tiles Bird Silkscreens Bird Thermometers Bird Towels Bird Placemats Bird Sun Catchers Bird Mobiles Bird Slates Bird Clocks Bird Wallets Bird Prints Bird Notecards Bird Switchplates Bird Stamps Bird Coat Racks Bird T-Shirts Bird Photos Bird Carving Kits B rd Key Chains B rd Jewelry B rd Recordings B rd Calls B rd Door Knockers B rd Baths B rd Paintings B rd Houses B rd Giftwrap B rd Posters B rd Calendars B rd Books B rd Field Guides B rd Glasses B rd Bath Heaters B rd Fountains B rd Telephone B rd Floor Mats B rd Bookmarks B rd Pot Holders Complete line of Binoculars, spotting scopes and tripods. PLUS over 50 different types of bird feeders including Bluejay and Squirrel-proof feeders that work, GUARANTEED. Plus ten different types of Bird Seed. GIFT CERTIFICATES U.P.S. SHIPPING. If you are a dreamer, keep dreaming. If you are a wisher, there’s hope. If you are a friend who never tires Of hope-ers and pray-ers and magic bean buyers, Then your dreams and mine may come true. Le Gourmet Main St. Sq. Orleans 163 paperback booksmith Dedicated to the fine art of browsinf. GET INTO BOOKS Would you like stories that surprise you and or hypnotize you, a mystery, a history, a volume to advise you how to fix a motor, build your own computer, use a tape recorder, get along with mother? How about a voyage into outer space, romance with an Alien of a future race? Then dip in, dig in, grapple in with hooks, dive in, delve in, GET INTO BOOKS musiesmith Give The Gift Of Music 31 A division oj Hyannis Jewelry 26 Main St., Orleans, Ma. 255-7200 Congratulations to The Graduating Class of 1985 from Ellis’ Market “The Friendly Store” SHEARLOCKS b Unisex nair Styling 255-5761 Boardwalk on the Cove Cor. Rte. 6A 28, Orleans Compliments from Robert R. Peno Real Estate 164 store box 306 rte. 28 so. Orleans, ma 02662 groceries, beer wine, wood stoves, texaco gasoline 255-2012 Cape Discount Fuel Oil “We sell for cash to save you cash” 255-3630 Spinnaker Monogram Peacock Alley Rte. 28, Orleans Open Year Round Custom Monogramming, Lettering, Engraving, Screen Printing for Clubs • Businesses • Organizations 255-8199 SERVICE ... Our 1 PRIORITY FOR 24 YEARS! MON - SAT 8 AM - 5 PM POWER 255-0777 SUIT: 255-0725 MARINE: 255-3045 ROUTE 6A • ORLEANS, MA 02653 HOUSE PAIUTERg 165 § HOWS IN ORLEANS “The Everything Store " ACCOMMODATING CAPE CODDERS SINCE 1867 255-0158 Main Street, Orleans County East Real Estate MIS P.O. Box 500 South Orleans Center South Orleans, Mass. 02662 Telephone (617) 255-161 1 -U t- [ ta •EA CO. ? Professional Service Personal Attention Avery Insurance Main Street Orleans ' Robert Kelly 255-3230 Vaul Kelly To Richard and Ginny - It’s not my book! THANKS D.M.W. Compliments of the Cape Cod Oracle and the Lower Cape Shopper ' s Guide HUGHES NEWSPAPERS INC. P.O. Box 400 Orleans, Mass. 02653 Tel. (617) 255-3133 m realtor usting service MIS PHILIP W. DREW REALTOR NAUSET REAL ESTATE MAIN STREET ORLEANS. MASS 02653 BOX 753 PHONE OFFICE 255-055 2 HOME 255-0481 166 m WALS WORTH PUBLISHING COMPANY MARCELINE. MISSOURI USA i s i

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