Nauset Regional High School - Nauset Tides Yearbook (North Eastham, MA)

 - Class of 1984

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Nauset Regional High School - Nauset Tides Yearbook (North Eastham, MA) online yearbook collection, 1984 Edition, Cover

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NAUSET REGIONAL HIGH SCHOOL U i SH | WSk 1 JM NO. EASTHAM, MASSACHUSETTS 02651 msmmm wmgm ; n IS flgSSfSSv •H 4BBNI ■Mi IMM 2 3 msmm m ■ •: e months escribe i now how e memories loche ave reache riends 12 a iS-vab i HwtS 1 " ' . flllillS gp . 15 DEDICATION We, the class of 1984, would like to thank Mr. Ed Lambton for his guidance and generosity in the past few years. We wish him the best of luck in the future. CHARLES ALDRED TIMOTHY B. ANDERSON LIZ ANTONEZ DAVID AMERAULT MICHAEL ARNOLD 18 MELISSA CHASE AYALA KAREN AYER SHEILA BARTELS KERRI RAE BECKMAN LISA BEDFORD ROBERT BAKER BRIAN BEAULIEU EVE A. BERGSTROM 19 i i V i KELLY BLEAU SCOW BODWmSR MART BOULERICE BRETT F. BRANCO SARAH BROWN 20 PAMELA C. BURNHAM NOREEN CAREY BARBARA CARLSON •4 JEAN L. CHASE GINA CESTARO CAROL CHANDLER MICHAEL CHIPMAN JOHN CHISHOLM JULIE CHRISTOPHER RITA CLIFFORD JEFFREY A. COLE m 21 MONICA COSTA SHAUN DIAS MEGAN M. DOYLE KEVIN CROSBY MELISSA DAUPHINEE RICHARD DILAURO KEVIN EAGAR AMY ELDREDGE 22 ST EVE ENOS KIMBERLY A, ELLSASSER JORG ESLEBEN SARAH ERING KAREN FENNELL JOY FERGUSON DONNA FOLEY CHARLES FRAZIER 23 JENNIFER LEIGH GIBSON RANDY GIFFORD AMY ELIZABETH GILL TRACI GOLDBERG MARK ROGER GOODSPEED 24 KELLY ANN GRADY DOUGLAS HALLETT JANET HAMILTON SAMANTHA HAMILTON 25 MATT HAMM ATT KELLY HANSBURY JOAN HARRIS ANDREW HARWOOD JANE HA WKES CASSANDRA HEROLD JACQUELINE MICHELLE ELISA HOLLISTER HOGAN SALLY HOOVER KAREN HORTON KATIE HUGHES RONALD KEW BRENDA KIRKHAM KRISTINA KNIGHT 27 KRISTIN KNOWLES JOHN LARGEY JOSEPH LINNELL GREGORY A. KOTIS CHRIS LAJOIE TIM LOWE CHRISTINE MACKENZIE 28 GREGORY SCOTT MANCHESTER MARIA MARCOTTE JOHN MARTIN KATHY MATHER 29 COURTNEY D. MEAD RICHARD MAZZARESE MARLEE MILLER STEPHEN MCCUTCHEN TAMMY MCLAUGHLIN LAUREN MONKS 30 KAREN E. MORSE PAUL O ' NEIL SUZANNE PAQUETTE NEAL NICHOLS JR. BECKY NICKERSON LILLIAN C. JOHN PIERCE KEVIN R. POOLER PERREAULT 31 JANAI MARISSA GRANT REINEKE (IT IT KM ALICIA RICHARDSON WAYNE RICHARDSOJ MOIRA E, ROYAL SUSAN ROYAL ANNE RYAN 32 MICHAEL SA3IXE SARAH SALA jOHAXXA G. SCHXEIDER CHRISTOPHER scriwaxi beta: seiser ACK R SHERMAX 33 KARYN ELIZABETH SMITH LISA SMITH ALAN SNOW DENNIS STILL SEAN SULLIVAN PATRICIA STEVENS 34 LISA ANN TAYLOR SUZANNE G. TAYLOR JERRY TILTON GREGORY TSOUPRAKE MARY ANN UZUPES 35 JENNY VAN HOEVEN GREG VAUGHAN TODD WALKER WILLIAM WALKER GREGORY WALTERS RAYMOND WHERITY BRIAN WALL G WYNNE H. WIATROWSKI 36 PETER TEXTER WIEDENMAN DEBORAH WILSON MARC WIEDITZ BEVIN WILSON BRUCE WINSLOW DAVID YATES WENDY YEUTTER JEFFREY ZARTARIAN 37 TIME BEST ALL AROUND Joy Ferguson Brett Branco Inquirer 7A.AD MOST TALKATIVE Grant Reineke Lisa Hall CLASS CLOWNS Sally Hoover Andy Harwood 38 BEST DRESSED Kristin Knowles Kevin Eagar SHYEST Courtney Mead Donna Foley MOST LIKELY TO STAY ON CAPE COD Sarah Brown }ohn Martin MOST SCHOOL SPIRIT Brett Branco Anne Ryan 39 CUTEST Rita Clifford George Malone MOST TALENTED Kris Knight Greg Kotis MOST ATHLETIC Wendy Yeutter Mark Abbott MOST INDIVIDUALISTIC Andrea Tasha Tom Cams CLASS PETS Pam Burnham Kevin Eagar TALLEST SHORTEST Greg Tsouprake, Scott Bodamer Sally Hoover, Sue Royal CLASS FLIRTS Greg Vaughan Dara Lee 41 BEST LOOKING Alicia Richardson Kevin Crosby CLASS COUPLE Mart Boulerice Beth Seiser MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Charles Aldred Kathy Smith 42 FRIENDLIEST Gwynne Wiatrowski Brett Branco CLASS PESTS Stephen McCutchen Katie Hughes MARK ABBOTT: Soccer, basketball, baseball 1-4. Cruising in White Lightning with the Meadsta. Tsoup, remember that night? Europe will never be the same. The wild summer with CM, PL, GM, KW, DH, and BM. Jorge, watch out for those pearl necklaces. Thanks, Mr. Miller, for everything. Mom and Dad, you’re the best. Hey, Tsoup, watch the paint! CHARLES ALDRED: WAR IS PEACE FREEDOM IS SLAVERY IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH. BUT, before I’ll be your slave, I’ll be buried in my grave. TIMOTHY B. ANDERSON: My years at Nauset have been a blast, but after I graduate it’s all going to be in the past. I would like to say thanks to my parents and my friends. All Our Best to the Class of “84” PETERS REAL ESTATE Congratulations to the Class of ’84 TRUE VALUE Route 28, Orleans 43 LIZ ANTONEZ: Tool 1-3 Fieldhockey; Excellent memories with Katie, Heidi, Lauren, and Wendy. “If they break in we’ll hide in the attic!” FLORIDA, docks, rotary? FALMOUTH. Concerts. Riunite, Pina Cs, and Strawberry Ds. The unforgettable Brewster Pond. Many good weekends especially 10 1 83!! Gray Tux. Definite IOU’s BRI, I LOVE YOU ALWAYS. Thanks for EVERYTHING!!! MELISSA AYALA: Nauset it was fun! Thanks - teachers for all your patience, and support. I’ll miss all the good times with ST, CC, AE, and KF. Thanks - Mom, Paul, and Dad. I Love you all! Thanks - for all your support Mark, and Mom. Mark - I LOVE YOU! - Our life together is the best. Goodbye - Nauset! TIM AUSTIN: Frim, “goin’ wild” with best friends. Bonnie B., Steve B., Lisa J., Barry B., Anita B., Chris W., to LJ thank you for always being there “I Love Ya”. To KC, SS, thank you, DS, KA, MD, LB, thanks for being who you are. “Surprise Party 83”, summer 81, “pizzas” thanks Mom Dad for putting up with me and my animals. I love You. KAREN AYER: I leave Nauset with the greatest exuberation. Hey Didi wanna go to a show? Stranglehold? Flipper? Ya got the extras? you’re a dandy one. BR hopper. Florida Uber alles! Thanx for the car Toby! M.B.S., M.L.S., the PHD! Shows in Boston. Thanks Mom, Dad and sisters. 44 BOB BAKER: 1-4 X Country, 1-4 Track, Dune No 1. Beach running the best. Brian. Good luck AS, RK, BW, JR, JP and especially the Mad Man. BRIAN BEAULIEU: Wobba, Soccer 1 + 2. Parties with “red”, MB, DF, CQ, JZ, other Sabbs. Lost at Geils w Redguy, green Machine totaled “83”. Redguy, remember Chatham Boys w James Brad? Aerosmith memories always. Thanks Liz for everything. Love Ya, forever and ever. Remember our I.O.U.s. Many Bob Marlees, w the Sabs. SHEILA BARTELS: the dynamic duo w EH. Dance! Allegro, thanks Dutchie. Summer ’82 — Men At Work - Greg. The blue chariot — Boston! Michael — 1437. Mark, maybe someday! Good times w DG, TK, PW, EE. The van w EH, AC. Germany ’83 Axel, we will meet again! Thanks to all my friends and my parents. Pahtee - oh, we’re out of here. 3 AM trouble forever. KERRI RAE BECKMAN: For four years I’ve studied, cheered, partied and grown up and the most important thing I’ve found is friendships. Beth, Joy, Anne, and Jenny. “The gang lives”. Alicia, thanks for the laughs. Traci, thanks, take care. JC thanks for listening, you’re special. Kitt, I miss you! Jenny, thanks for caring, there’s soooo many memories, love ya! Mom and Dad, I’ll make you proud. Best Wishes Class of ’84 BREWSTER PIZZA HOUSE Brewster 45 LISA BEDFORD: YA, SJ we’re out of here for GOOD. Remember the good times with KW, SJ, SH, RB, TB, CC, KC, CC. Remember the graveyard. Kim, thanks for the good times - still many more to come. Thanks Mom Dad and thanks Craig for everything. Good Luck to all my friends I leave behind. Good luck to Debbie and Mark. KELLY BLEAU: X-C 2-4; Track 2-4. Thanks to all my friends for making my three years at Nauset great: Rita (Do you see any concern in these eyes?), Kevin (Kel’s Bel’s), Lisa (Hey, Kel Bleau), Traci (OHM), Bevin (private talk), Missy (English!), and everyone who made CALCULUS memorable! Thanks Mom and Bob for everything, Love you! And Joe, I love you best! SCOTT BODAMER: Boats, Bode, Bugsy. Soccer 1-3; Tennis 3-4 - co-captain 4; Stage Band 2-4; Pep Band 2-4. Saddleback. GERMANY - We took the wrong subway G.W.! Chemistry was fun with T.G., S.B., S.P., L.S., and my chem idol. Good friends - Tsoup, C.H., J.C., M.V., J.S., P.W., also my sis M.B.D. Thanks Mom and Dad. Kev, do the lab over. EVE BERGSTROM: lleva la bolsa. Soccer 1-4. Gymnastics 1-2. Soccer will always be l!! Good times at the mall with K.S., E.H., S.B., We made it through Chem. without blowing up the Lab, Elisa. The German Spy. Scotland 1981. PaB auf der drac he kommt! It’s fun being weird! The best of luck to all my friends! Have fun Joe! 46 MART BOULERICE: Bui, Psycho. ACDC-’81. Trips in 666 mobile, His Lord Ozz. Sabby’s: Chew, R.R., Buzznoit, Dura, Weazbag, (Trippy Idiots), Chipper, D. Beth Who? Joy, I love you - thanks. Russel’s, picnics, special effects, blizzards. Narf, I will love you forever, and I dream of BB’s and MM’s onward Emmett. Meglomania ... BRETT F. BRANCO: What is the meaning of life? No reply! But I gave it everything. Twasn’t enough! To Muffy, JVH, Chis, Bugsy, Arnold, and especially Eliza, Zippy, Mazz, and Shermbo; Someday, somewhere, we’ll find something. To parents, grandparents, and siblings; we’re all in this together; I love you all. I’ll survive, I love life. See you all around ... perhaps!!! SARAH BROWN: Bo, Beasley, But, SB; FH; Thanks everyone for the good times. LP Beer Pong. Kel, you HB. Hypa! Barracuda Book it Lil! GSOY SE- Chocodile, Whootang! I wasn’t looking ... Yes, I know. ES. Good times and more with John 143. Thanks family for your support, good luck in Alaska! Best Wishes to the Class of ’84 EASTHAM AUTO PARTS Brackett Road PAM BURNHAM: Honor Society, Yearbook, Math League, PROCRASTINATION!, Band, Bells, Choir, Schnickelfritz, G S, NHW, Washington ’83, Grenville - room 212. Elnita sp, Daily dues to Peggy Lawton, Ice cream affinity, Pursuing trivia, Summer’s gone, Holly, George Orwell, Facing the world with a Bible, a dictionary, and The Great Republic. Much love and thanks to Mom, Dad, and my whole Community family. Congratulations Class of 1984 Compliments of 47 FANCY’S FARM STAND THOMAS DYLAN CARNS: “The first duty of any individual is to live his life as his principles demand.” Thoreau GINA CESTARO: White Mountains ’83, special times w special people. H.S. B.W., tears in P-town - dinner at Friendly’s! You’ll always be close in my heart!! Love to L.T.! Spain ’84 w A. - “Who’s the bigger lamo anyway?”. To my Forever Friend ... OBSESSIONS ... all my love to you, A.D.M. Ma famille, je t’aime toujours! “It’s a bad scene, its’ a rotten dream, it’s a SNEAK ATTACK!” NOREEN CAREY: Fieldhockey 1-4, Softball 1-4. To AH, TW, KP, KJ, ML, TP, JM, and all the rest, Good Luck with whatever you do! Doug, THANKS for everything! Nancy, you’re a good friend. Mom and Dad, thanks, I love you both! LATE AGAIN! Summer of ’83. Great times at FSC. Leon a and Melinda, I MADE IT! BARBARA CARLSON: Well this is it for me Nauset. I’m outta here for good, but it’s been real! Good times with J.C., B.N., C.C., H.G., B.B., and the rest of you. All my love goes to Tim. Thanx Mom Dad for all you’ve done. Good luck Diane Bobby. 48 MIKE CHIPMAN: chipa basketball 1 partying with ES, RD, KC, RC, RG. VAN HALEN show with RD. Baxter State Park mountain climbing with yo. Too many close calls with ES. LATER NAUSETH JEAN CHASE: See ya Nauset! Drama. Good times with B.C.K.H, AND B.B. Best of times with L.HJ.B, and C.B. Tight nit group! Never forget Aunt Sophies Lane and N.S.P! C.B.- our tree-walking in the woods. Everything will work out. We’ll make it. For better or for worse. I LOVE YOU! Mom and Dad, thanxs for pushing me so hard. You’re the best! CAROL CHANDLER: Field hockey - 1. AE,ST,KF,AND MC. Guess what! We made it. Allison I promise I will get you back. “I want to go home” “Are you serious?” LM thanxs for everything! Jimmy IWALYVM!! Thanks to my family, I love you all! Well class of 84, we did it! GOOD LUCK!!! JOHN CHISHOLM: “Chis”, Soccer 1-4, Basketball 1,2, Baseball 1-4, Seniour Senate, 6th period with K.B..T.G. AND K.S. Snowbank with J.M., L.B., and P.M. J.M. you’re crazy! Patty you’re the best, Love ’ya. Wendy and Kerri - never would have made it without you. B.B., G.M., D.H. - you’re the best friends a guy could have. Good Luck to the Class of ’84 UNCLE BEN’S COUNTRY BUTCHER SHOP Brackett Rd, North Eastham, MA 49 JULIE CHRISTOPHER: Juls; Drama, NHS Sun Fun at Nauset Brewster ponds! Summer ’83 - the ultimate! Treacherous biking, Weekends blitzed at beach, tramatic times - Pete we’re gonna die, busted w PB, MM, MRM keep lucky stone safe. Senior (Junior?) S-day w AP. Concerts, A.P.A., midnight swims, H-rides! Thanx MD, MM, BW, AP, RK, AG, TG, L’s (L,P,M,W) PRB.ILYA. Sparks Fly! Everlast. Sal, Lil we’re “gone!” JEFF COLE: Coe, Snork, code, hode, puu, Mr. Ryan see you at C.M. Mr. Chamberlin don’t get sarcastic! Big B with Wayne. Biking with U.D., W.S. Bermuda 84, Skiing 83, Grenville 83 Bell Choir, Band, Drama, Choir, Love to M.C. M.J. J.E. B.S. Thanks for helping - U.D. L.N. P.M. Lots of love to MOM and Dad, You’ve been great. Good luck Kelly! RITA M. CLIFFORD: Ree, Re-run, Lady legs?! Field hockey 1-4 We finally won!! C.Y.O ski trips - remember the ski lift Becky? Summers with the Fancy Gang! Florida ’83 (thanks Melinda) Best wishes to all my special friends - Kelly, Becky, Lisa, Kevin (thanks 4 29 83), N.C., K.S. ( 1L.P.), K.N., C.A., B.A., C.S. Gwynne - Milford bound! ILU ALL. Thanks Mom, Dad, and the carbon copies (Steph. Hez). MONICA COSTA: -11-DA. LH. AS. K. Who - GERMANY W SH. MC. DAB. KG. SK. EA. CQ! “Seasons in the sun” W THE CREW! PA. LC ... I’d do it all again ... “IN MY LIFE”! Lennon McCartney. “American - Pie” W Tears. MK. Thanx ... you’re with me always! DN GL. RV ... You’re my guys! DW. FOREVER. Sis, I LOVE YOU! M D. your baby has flown. “Now we’ll move on but we will remember long after Saturday’s gone.” 50 RICHARD DILAURO: Ricky D, Art, 2,3,4, Drama, 3, Maine with CK, YOWAN! Getting Tweeked on weekend with KC, MC, PATTEE-o-Road trip to P-town 4 July with CK, AM, KC, MC, RC, Wrong way Down Hyannis with KC, CK, AM, Maine with KC, VAN HALEN SHOW!!! AERO-smith. The Play, RM, GC, Thanks AG, DEAD I LOVE YOU CK, Later, yo!!!!! MISSY DAUPHINEE:: Messy, Sylvester, Misila SPECIAL FRIENDS - B.W., K.S., J.H., K.K., B.S., K.E., E.O., M.O. - Thanks for everything guys - ILYA ARNOLDS SUMMERS! Thanks Nick and Pam (and of course, Mr. Magoo!) - Steph, my boogying sister and Mark, my big brother. -ILYB- thanks for everything Mom and Dad, IN WHMIWY and ILY (YOU TOO TWEETIE BIRD!) G. and G., I love you lots! MEGAN MARY DOYLE: Good times with DW, WW, LW, GV, PW, TA, LJ, KV. Don’t forget the salt! Where did that tree come from? Thanks Mom and Dr. Goldblatt, you two mean more to me than anything, love you both! To my family thanks for the love and support. Goodbye Nauset, look out City I’m coming! MGH is the best. KEVIN EAGAR: X-C 1-4, Track 1-4, Cap’t 3, NHS 3-4, AFS 3-4, Ski Club 2-3, CYO 1-4. GREECE: “I shall return!!!” - Thanx for the BEST summer making me independent broadminded. ‘‘The opportunities out there are never ending waiting - so go get them!!” Special thanx to MR.S, MR.W, MRS.B, MR.L, MRS.M, my friends! Mom, Dad - Thank you! ‘‘That’s all have a NICE life!!” Congratulations to the Class of ’84 ANCHOR REAL ESTATE North Eastham Lots of Success to the Class of ’84 ORLEANS TV Orleans SARAH JEANNINE ERING: SE, Rah. Summer ’82, December 28. Have some chicken. SB: one every half hour, SWAZYH! Geronimoe (The full goneage all spring V 2 summer) Partiage: AM, ES, SB, AG, MM, (JR: Please don’t bust us), third time hitting the horn. CJ: Our Commerical. GREAT times w AM: always a special feeling for you. Chuck, Tim thanx for being big brothers. STEVEN ENOS: Eni, Ski club 2-4, surfing + skateboarding 4-forever. Black Flag, good times w KC, RC, MC, BS, MM + DY, FR, DF, JZ, JF, Matt, Phil, Steve. The best is yet to come. KIM ELLSASSER: Kimba, Kimmy, Roo; GYMNAS¬ TICS - “sisters” - Mrs. K., Mrs. V., Ken - thanks!! KG - “surprise 18”, toga, strawberry daiquiris, yellow bunny; JG - Y.V.B.F.A.A.F., curfew, beach day ’81; AM-french 4-finally!, 1’, peppermint schnapps; DL - Nauset Beach - bathing beauties; LP - shopping spree at Mrs. B’s; SB - neighbors, skating; KK - Glad you’re back; Billy - you’re special! Chris, Karen - miss ya; Mom, Dad - thanks - I love you! AMY ELDREDGE: Field Hockey 1-3, Aerosmith, Def Leppard, Iron Maiden, Jefferson Starship. “Sugar- loaf”, “Are you ready for the Summer” Summer of ' 83. LS where are you? Bahoo only a year to go. CC, ST, LS, JQ, MC, KF, We made it. To all my friends, thanks for the special times we’ve had. Thanks for being there M D Luv Ya. 52 KAREN FENNELL: (AFS. Down Under). Tasman¬ ian Devil. I will never forget this year! Thanks NAUSET!! I leave to my teachers and friends all my best wishes, vegemite, love and a part of myself. I take away many very special memories. MUM and JACQUELINE will always LOVE YA heaps!! RC “These are the best years of our lives!” AUSTRALIA 2 FOREVER!!! DONNA FOLEY: Well SR we finally made it, have fun with JP LW take care and watch out for Ma + Pa Mister D. good luck with your products maybe I’ll see you with the “CARDS” Good luck everyone in the future, have a wonderful life. JOY FERGUSON: Kerr(GSV), Jen, Nanna, Beth - We grew up together, I Love You, also Chaquita Traci (youNJ and F-Lalish. Good Luck Ian! Mart - you’re a very special friend, ILY. Beth - thank you for everything - my life, ILY, you’re the best. The days may come, the days may go, but still the light of memory weaves those gentle dreams of long ago. JOERG ESLEBEN: A im, Auf Unsere Schoenen Er lebnisse. Tausende, rre, Liebenswerte, Ovationswerte, Verrueckte Ereignisse. Yes, Oh, Oh. special thanks to Scott, Pat Bill. It was a great year! I will never forget it! Good Luck to the Class of ’84 THE BREWSTER STORE Brewster, MA t t ( JACQUI FROST: Green grapes, Marlee - straw¬ berry shortcake, dolphins! Hikes down Millstone. Lisa - PH and straws, walking through turnip fields, chicken fingers and tea. Alyson - “ELLAPIS- TROPH!” “Deat Neil” Franny - YASFILY! “He’s dead!” “C’mon bus!” P-town, Ozzy. VH. Gretch - “MOP!” “I’ll do it!” HG beware of “EP!”. Dara - rides to school. “Got any nylons?” “But they’re blue!” 11 8 - Halloween. Family - thanks! KRISTIN FRAZIER: Beebes, We’ve had alot of good times together: LT, SS, ST, MC, AE, CC, HS, IQ, CAP, SS, JS, Sailing - ILCA, WYC, Westport, BKStore, To my family, thanks for all your patience. CHARLIE FRAZIER: Chuck! Shop 1-4. “Rompin’ with Woka.” Hey Ed! Clam truck July 25 with TP. Shop with TW, KP, JM, SS, AS. Hey Kurt, how’s the Nighthawk? TP, 1-4-3 forever. Good luck to Bubba. Tuna fishing on the “Swiss Maid.” Hey Stu, have the poles come in yet? Thanks Mom Dad for everything - lots of love. HEIDI GANSS: Bird - It stuck! Karen, bestest buddy - Hiding in tub stall, jumpstart, sick stops! 6 22 83 - Sweet Dreams! COTTAGE!! Jungle Koola. Alicia, 266-6980. Liz, heads through windshields, 3 a.m. taxis! Maureen — sister. FC-143. KM, JG - CRASH! “Freeze” buddies - MB, JV, SK. Donna, thanks. DB - “Hey Bro!” JF - clothes swaps. WY, DN, KR — dune-jumping. Sorry ES. Mom, Warren — thanks - ILY (N G, too.) 54 AMY GILL: “Amana”, Summer ’82, Bi-party, Yukon Jack, Genesis, Camp Ground with LJ, ’83 Pope, KL, DC etc ... Rick’s House - Yea!! “Police” w PL. “Strawberry Daiquiris” forever! Love is a Battle Field!?! Good times w JS, MM, TM, PB, OK, LJ, PL, SA, etc ... I’ll miss you guys! Johanna Friends Forever! Rob Co. my 2nd family. Mom Dad I did it! Bahama’s ... I’m there!! RANDY GIFFORD: LATER HICS. What a beat scene. PLENTY of parties with J.L. NAUSET ... HA! JENNIFER LEIGH GIBSON: Jen, Giblets, Gagger. Field Hockey 2-4, Ski Club 2-4, Student Council 1-4. Parties JLH, JAC, CAM, JMH, JMQ, Snakesneggs. Summer ’83 with Ron. DG’s house. ILYRFEACFS. Hot chocolate, O’Henry’s too! Patrick! AFS, what an experience. Treeplay! ILY Greet. ILY, Mrs. Laning. Galligans - it’s all yours! Thanks EG, CG, LMS. Mom Dad, I Love You. TRACI BETH GOLDBERG: 1-4 Good times with JF, AR, KB, BW, LS, JV, KS. Friendly’s, Party cruises, chiquitas, “Open Arms”, cheering, Bahamas, Drama, pickles, savages, growing up. MLA, 12 3 81 - 10 14 82, “Send her (him) my love.” RAL, keep smiling honey! To all those special friends I leave behind ... “Always face the sun the shadows will fall behind you.” To my family - IL YVM. Dee, MTAS. Congratulations Class of 1984 Best Wishes from THE BREWSTER BOOK STORE Success to the Class of 1984 GOULD REAL ESTATE East Orleans LIZ GREENE: Soccer-ALG. Almost made it to the prom. Oh well it was fun anyway huh SB. Where’s Maurice? Hanging from the rafters. U of Bud. HOBIECATING w JS NB Summer ’82. Late night dips. What a chill. TGD-143. Everyone needs TL LL. AXT walk the dog. I’ll never forget all my good friends, love ya Ma. DEAN G. GRANT: Hockey 1-4 Surfing always in the veins; along with Southern Rock. Lynyrd Skynyrd Outlaws, are Dominant. Many sessions with G.H., the Buzz, K.M. I leave the class of 84 to go on The Hunt. MARK ROGER GOODSPEED: Well Dudes, Its been really dandy here at Nauset. There have been good and bad times, mostly good. “BEWARE The Goodman lives!” Good luck to Jeni the Moozylaka and Lynda. I’m gonna miss this place and all you dudes, but life goes on. Soccer - 1,2,3; Basketball - 1,2; Baseball - 2,3,4. KELLY GRADY: 1-4 Field Hockey KH KK exploding sundaes jujubears. AXT 50 peach juice. Kimono, refugee, HARBOR, munsters. KE surprise, yellow bunny - thanx. DA paradise, PROM-DAY, meatless fried lice, THUMPER 143-zippy. LP - sucker, lucky charms, RH. Bo-HB 143. JG“biker” “Don’t knock down my bed” AH - get off my car! Rentawreck. Toga w daiquiris! Many laughs, Many tears!! 56 JULIE GREIM: F.S. 4-ever, M.M, S.A, Summer ’83 BEST, THANX ... 143! K.G., D.L., S.H, S.B, H.G., L.P, K.K, K.M, B.K, J.H, rest, Thanx for many good times, I’ll miss you all!! P.S: Alot of LAUGHTER memories T.Y! K.E: I.R.Y.V.V.B.F.A.H! Mom, Dad, Chris, I’ve decided to keep you cuz I luv ya lots! Now can we change my curfew?! JANET L. HAMILTON: Thanks to: KMK, GHW, CAM, JMH, PTW, BJW, MLD, KJ, JLG, and many more ... Best to you all - follow your hearts! All my love to Jeffrey - let’s make it last forever! John, Lee, Frankie in ’82 - ’83 - it was fun! Love to Mom Dad - the baby will always be. 6 20 86 - you’re all invited! Sail on ... LISA HALL: DRAMA (dancing + singing + being me). A.L.G., WtMtns (Thanks John]. Crazyness w Kate + M.J., squeaky pigs being organic w Bethy + Bisquick. Beth’s beach parties — Balston (S.D.Ys) Alicia — TYFBTFM, Hey Marlee — “Let’s Dance”. The “monkey”, 1st per. Chem — Mr. Chamberlin — you’re terrific! Clove-iming-it! Arnold’s, Peggy Lawton, Krissy “GAG”, Much thanks to special friends who made me feel special - Time to FLY DOUGLAS W. HALLETT: Soccer 1-4, Baseball 1-4, Good times with G.M., M.A., J.S., K.W., J.L., P.O. Spring ’83 “Hawaii” had to throw the bowl away. Junior year with Bl and B2. Triple dating — it’s your turn to get out now. K.C. I don’t know what happened but I still love you. Thanks Erin. Thanks Mom and Dad — love you both! Wishing Exciting Adventures to The Class of ’84 THE GLASS EYE N. Eastham 57 SAMANTHA HAMILTON: Band, Kids Choir, Orchestra, G and S Chorus, TENNIS!! (on to Wimbleton), French Horn, Chem. w Pam, “Do I really talk through my nose?”, Washington ’83, N.H.W. Jackie - mon ami k-12 and so on, Miss Scientific, harmonizing w Sarah (1st stop, Kokimo, Indiana). Many thanks to BS, JE, AH, FH, AB, UD, MC, MJ, and all my Community family and especially to Mom. MATT HAMMATT: Hockey 1-4, Soccer 1-4, Sailing forever. Skiing ’83. SC where did you get those pajamas? MANY out of control planes on the Laser Summer of ’83 best yet. Many good times with many good friends. NH DS nationals here we come, Love and Thanks to ALL my family and ALL my grandparents. KELLY HANSBURY: Art, 3,4 VAN HALEN SHOW with Chipa Rick, “Whopper beat the Big Mac” We chowed TC, AS, when are we going to jam. I’M PRACTICING Rick, stop hitting me. Later have a good one. JONI HARRIS: “CRASH”. Skating forever. Summer of ’83 w Bob. “CHANGES”. Yo YSHi’s w LOLA Frank (miss ya all). Good times w CP, Lisa, Magic Lavino Hall. Thanks Chris. FC. A dozen Roses my Birthday ’82. Thanks to my family. I love you. Mom, thanks, could never have don e it without you! Daddy, I miss you! ANDREW CHARLES HARWOOD: l(and only): Hockey 9-12, Soccer 9-? Sorry Mr. D. Faster than a teacher, more powerful than a Suburban, able to jump over a single bed: Super Har! I love you Dara, don’t forget it! Never would have made it without you Mom and Dad. I love you very much! Dreams turn to nightmares, heaven turns to hell, burnt out confusion, nothing more to tell! 58 JACQUELINE HOGAN: Best wishes, many thanks, love to the BEST: Christine, Janai, Sarah, Kevin, Janet, Jenny, Hanna, Samantha ... Christine; tri-head, carrot. Checking-out M. BOAST, Rolls- Royce, Kawasaki’s to Camaro’s, “what the heck”!! Vroooom!! Janai; TENNIS, jokes, Tom ... “what”? Sarah; good parties, great memories. Kevin; more than you know. Karen; not one year, forever, love you. AUSSI II VICTORY!!! TR7, PORSCHE: There is no substitute ... (hop, hop) JANE HAWKES: Patty, Brenda, + Kathy, you guys are the BEST - Thanx! Let’s have a party in the “Super-F”! M.T.W.A. + L.T.B.A., OH GOD!!! N.S.P. ’83! Toga! Thanx for the B-day party guys! P.S.L.Y.L.A.S.! Matthew, 1-4-3 (still!?). Mark, how many trucks now??? Mom + John, I love you both, Thanx! Dad, miss + love ya! I’m finally out of here - WHAT’S NEXT????? ELISA HOLLISTER: Summer ’83, Paris Party, Germany, 3AM, The Van with S.B, A.C, Friday night dinners bee-bopping, Trips " to Boston, concert “Men At Work”, Mark, Dynamic Duo Sheila, goodtimes nights C.T, J.L, M.M, Trouble A.E, Yes, Black. Mom Dad, Thanks, Jeff, good-luck. WANTED: male gardener, bartender, and chef. Best wishes to the Class of “84” THE REAL ESTATE CO. of EAST ORLEANS SALLY HOOVER: Hoov, Doov, Sal, Bal. Activities: none. Nauset Woodsmen Forever. Summer ’82 H.G.A.T.H. Cruzing in the Pinto. Power slides with Baker in the parking lot. Thanx, Wendy, for a great Junior year. There are still many more good times to come. Squire 30 We got a half tank of gas, let’s go! Best wishes to the Class of ’84 MOBIL Orleans KAREN HORTON: Sunset, Mayo’s, and crusin’ around. M.C. - Remember the chocolate pudding? I’ll die, just die. You’re a very special friend, thanx. C.H., S.S., S.T., J.C., and B.B., thanx too, for being friends. M.W. - wherever you are - Good Luck. John, I Love You, and always will. Thanx mom, dad, and wendy for putting up with me. Later Nauset! SONIA JOSEPH: Bye Nauset forever, I’ve had some good times w LB, KW, SH, CC, RB, TB. Good luck, GW JT. You’ll need it. To LB KW You’ve been real good friends: Remember the cottage!! w PS. Hey Lisa watch out for those graveyards. Thanx Mom Dad I Love You. Hey Dodi, watch yourself. KW can I drive? Party Time!!! LISA JOHNSTON: Well Tim we did it! I Love ya! Summer of “83” was the best ... Partying with TA, BB, SB, AB, KB, VB. Steve, it’s 7:30 am let’s go. Mom Kenny thank you for taking all my B.S. Chris Jack thank you too. I love you all Steve I.W.A.L.Y. you are a big part of my life babe. Goodbye Nauset. KATIE HUGHES: WANGO, “spaz”, field hockey, b-ball, softball 1-4. Thanks coaches! Nantucket, sundaes, mopeds, gummybears, tupperware, pink elephant! NEVER freshmen! Concerts, Riunite, CUZ! Hingham! Liz, TANGO many memories, we finally MADE IT!!! Miss ya AH, AC. Thanks SE, LM, BK, JF, BANGO, GT, KG, MM, PB, KK, PS. Ireland 82, Egin! Babies with AM, DL. Thanks especially to my FAMILY! ILU. YUM... 60 RON KEW: Golf 3,4. Summer of ’83 with J.G. Europe with B-Team - “Hey Scott, I gotta write my Dad!” T.K.! New Years - I can’t feel my feet! Fun with T.K, K.Q, J.Q, J.C. and Gleg! Eddie - Buckwheat. Jenny - U2, David’s house, Fla., 143 JLG. Chevette and Eastham police, (What a bargain for me!) Thank you Mom and Dad! KRISTIN KNOWLES: “Knowlesey Baby”, “Like ...”, Glad to be home, Nauset. Dance This Mess Around. MV - Jammin’ with Eddie. NRMS - JZ,WY,JC. Alison - we’re so strange!! THANKS: Smel, Bubbachickweed, D.A., Kimmy, Jules, Flea, Wango, Tango, Marg. BLISS. Richard, Brett, Zippy. “We grow not wiser as we grow older, but more like ourselves.” Boston Bound. Little Knowleser, You’re great. I LOVE YOU C.J. Madre ... 2 very special people. KRISTINA KNIGHT: To special friends: Gwynne - always my favorite amoeba, Jan - 4-year fellow squasher, Missy - my favorite morning chauffeur, Lisa H. - don’t ever underestimate yourself, Crizzerteen - keep riding. CATS - ’83 - KS, KF, LH, Goyo Rita, Wendy, Annie Amus. The best is yet to come. All my love and thanks to Mom and Dad, and Nana. BRENDA KIRKHAM: “Bren”, Herem, We’re there girls! Jane, Patty, and Kathy - it wouldn’t be the same without you. NSP summer ’83, not to be forgotten, Hamburger buns? Togas, JG, KH, WY, KM, DY, SC, MF, BG — we’ve had some wild times! Beep Beep, What’s That? ... Bob! FH 143 FOREVER!! Miss ya: DS, AA, ML. GRYSMFGB ... Thanks Mom and Dad - ILY. GOOD LUCK 84 ! Enjoyed Working With You on this Yearbook. Best Wishes, FOCALPOINT STUDIO Post Office Square, Orleans 61 GREG KOTIS: So much for this extension of the womb, time for the real world. Germany, Best of Times. Rich, Brett, Jackson, we done got the coolest room in Nurnberg. Jammin’ with the Spudtones. CLV Action and a generally hedonist lifestyle. KK, JF, AR, KG: Thanks for the company. PTC, Lampface, terrible Dons. Mom, Dad, you’ll be proud of me. DARA LEE: Dara Lee What? Soccer - ALG. Mart, “freshmen shock syndrome.” “Alyson, I was a bad girl!” Ne V. Pas. Kelly, talks, tears, and thanks. Emily! TS ... all good things come to an end. Andrew, it’s definitely been a challenge. Curly 143. Falling, falling. Sabbatarians! Chocolate kisses. Hanse’s. Stuck in sand! Tackled! Butwhat, Ooo, Kimba, Lilly, Katie, Jacqui, 8 Greg, Chew, Jeff, Wob, Grant, Liz and D ILYALL. I i t JOHN LARGEY: Surfin’ 1-4, 73 Chevy, 73 Cadillac. Cape Cod summers and winters. Good times with RG, JH, BG, MM, MM, BM, EB, EL, JH. Special thanks to the E.P.D. Smoke Tire Nauset! JOE LINNELL: Joey L, Jose, and Blue Thunder. George, Hockey and Catmobile, Moucher Miguel and Stang Laurie BP. Raoul, “Let’s fly a KITE” Moon on the Mass. Turnpike, are you lucky, ladies room at Bently, DoranDoran at U MASS. Spaghetti at DD. Keep a happy face, 69 beers, happy kids, C.C.S.C. parties, Krew Kut Klan. Hoya Hoya Hoya, MADMAN! 62 ALYSON D. MAHONY: DA, Zippy. FIELD HOCKEY!! NEIL - 143, Dover, EVH, lobsters, wrestling!! SMELL - ILY. rentawreck, Willy, Bluenun, Thumper!! JCZ - someday ..., Prom 82, such a special birthday, THANX! SPAZ - rulers, jujubears, babies, twins!!! KIMMY - french 4 years!! RA - hangin’ hunk season!! POCHET!!! KRISTIN - Jammin’ with Eddie!!! Beth, Chuck, TC, Lilly, Sarah, Grunt, Re, Matty, Rick, Bean, Chip, Kev, GOOD LUCK!!! THANX Mum and Roy. CHRISTINE A. MACKENZIE: Soccer, tennis, track. I’ve had good times at Nauset will always remember them. The best times were with Jacqueline, Janai, Karen, Jenny, Janet Jeff, Eva, Gwynne, and Kevin. Hey Jacqueline have you seen Rolls Royce? I just spotted M Roast. Krizzerteenia want to go down-hill skiing? Thanks Marm Swamp for all your love caring. Best wishes J.M.H., keep in touch! See ya Mark. ALLISON MAGAN: C.M. - “orbit!”. K.K, A.P, J.Q, “Study Buddies”! Good Luck, A.B. - “Riske”!! Gin, I’ll always love you! ... OBSESSIONS!!! Impulse summer ’83! Hailstorm?!?! ... Certain bets ...!! V.C. at X-mas! ... Under the blanket?!?! Mom, Dad, Sis - 143 - Your strength has seen me through!! “now the future, twinkling in my eyes, blowing in my hair, whispering in my ear, dancing through my veins, leading me on ...” Good Luck to the Class of 1984 COVE REALTY Orleans GARY MAINTANIS: Hey Ed “Get a Hair Cut”, The Best group in school is the shop class. IA 1-4, Track 1-4. Just remember, don’t turn around in shop, and Woka - Don’t interrupt Poola; And people remember this: Go Connecticut if you can; you won’t regret it. Best of Luck to the Class of ’84 TOWN CENTER PACKAGE STORE Fred Lapiana N. Eastham JOHN MARTIN: IA 1-4, HEY ED!!! Shopman ’82. Todd and Kevin, you should have bought a Ford. Almost flipping on the beach. Off Roading in the Mopar; Taking out posts at the Drive-in with the Night Rider. Beach rides, the summer of ’83. TW, KP, CF, BF, SS, NC, NH, TP, AS, It’s Been Real! Well, Nauset, BYE! GEORGE MALONE: Bugsy, Irish, etc ... Sports 1-4 Goggin you’re a class act! Doug we’re still alive going strong! Bye to L.W.’s Doug + Connie! Raoul Jose unforgettable. We’ve just started Joe’s smiling! Mike Brett stay close. Love A.P. Who cares? Savage does! C.I. CHAMPS! Yogi’s beautiful. I LOVE MA, PA, HAPPY NEW YEAR GIRL OF 82 83 MARIA MARCOTTE: Soccer 4, Track 1 4, Partying W KH, WY, CC, TB, PE, JF and the rest of the gang. Fun times in physiology W JC and JT. A very special thanks to special friends MA, BC, KH, PE, JD, MS, MS Summer of 83 W Rosie and Ellen. ILU Tim. GREG MANCHESTER: Soccer 1,4 Tennis - 2-4 Tennis is 1, “E.M.S.C.M.C.” July, 4 WILDMAN, “I.G.U.G.S.E.” Friday, 13 Mr. p,D.D 2 for 2, 7, Yah Boy, Soccer Parties Rule, Yah Daddy, It’s been real K.W., M.A., C.C., R.H. J.S., Your great friends, “Black Rabbits Rule, Hyannis, Bet him a movie,” “later Jimbo” Thanks Nauset, Love Ya Mom Dad, 64 LAURIE MAULT: Forever Friends - Mary Marano. “These changes somehow frighten me but still I have to smile.” Thanks Gerry, Jeff, Joe, George, Paul, Mike. You made it easy. Partying All Night. Jim Beam. U-Mass Weekend, 69 Beers, Whose Skivies????? “Time Has Come To Cast Our Ways And Head Into The Sun.” To “The Leader Of The Band Mom, Thanks, I Love You! KATHY MATHER: Kat, Boom-Boom. Steve I’ll Love You Always, Many Memories. Gym w DG + SA, I feel like and iguana. Thanks, ILY. JH, BK, PS, we’ve had a few. A.F.U.A.N.P.T.G. Windshield-wipers, got any? Meet me at the beach (7:15). Wob this BUD’s for you! Snowblind w SE + JH, JZ - Thanks. AC, ILY. SC, I’ll never forget you. Mom + Dad, I Love You. PATTY MCKEAN: H.B. - Cheering 3-4. Thanks for being there - John, Brett, Doug, George, Leslee, Liz, Nic, Tim, and the Cheering Gang - Love’ya all! Blue and White? Les - YEAH - We finally did it! John - you’re the GREATEST, I couldn’t have done it without you - I LOVE YOU!! 11-25-81 10-27-83. Janet and Jen thanks for everything. Mom, John, Lee, and Gram ILY ... Bye ... RICHARD MAZZARESE: Brett, Zippy, whether in Deutchland or on the Cape, by frauline or bier, our constant hedonism has been fulfilled (thanks to 1, 2, and 3). TC, what can I say? It’s been real. Jenny and Anne - Thanks for everything, you’ve been great to me. West Side Rehearsals w RD. Jamming w GK, JS, RS, DS, and faithful ready BB. Spontaneous road trips in Das Boot, and everything else. No More. Good Luck to the Class of 1984 PURITAN CLOTHING CO. 65 Orleans Shopping Plaza, Orleans COURTNEY D. MEAD: Salve mvndvm: devs nvllvs in rervm natvra est: nihil est impossibilis omnes est non possfbilis Iedvs: c.MCMLXXXII Iedvs: annvs I for there is no such thing as luck - trust only yourself - and may the force be with you. TAMMY MCLAUGHLIN: This is it! It’s been great! Drama 3 4. ALG 3 4. Great times with D.W, L.A, D.A, D.W, M.M, L.M, S.P, K.K, K.D, Remember Manchester Soupie? J.R, F.J, J.D, P.L, + Mom, thanx for all your support and love! J.C. + C.B. Good Luck! MUM I’ll always Love You! Chow Nauset! LAUREN MONKS: Fieldhockey 1-4, softball 1-2, Liz R.H.’s, D.’s.C! Falmouth! What a trip!! How’d we get home?? Katie, let’s make doughboys! Rock Harbor our swimming place?! “Yes, .89 £ of gas.” Duxbury! Chinese firedrills, All we need is $1.04! Summer of “83”. CQ - you’re someone very special to me!! Mom and Dad you’re the best, love ya both! Good Luck little MONKIES!! MARLEE MILLER: alg Wt. Mtn. Lisa “Let’s Dance” so many laughs many tears YAVSF-ILY! Eavesdropping on SD GR . .. Seabreeze .. . JW 143. Bruins, Sabbies Slughoos. Chilly soccer games w GV. Chocolate kisses! Dolphins strawberry shortcake. Lyme summers w CE. U of Bud drive-in nights. Thanx GB FHMGU MGT. Becca you’re a special sister. Shannon IMY! Thanx family ILY. - ' ■ 66 PAUL O’NEIL: Road trips to UMASS. Those nights were something to remember. Many thanks to GM, JL plus Rossy P, MA, Gerry. Jose get a grip on that M B P. Tsoup keep working on getting it in; Will miss all of Guys ’n Gals. Hoop Lives. Oz forever. Till we all meet again I say Adios Amigos. NEAL NICHOLS JR.: “Buddy” Thanks to Mr. Owens, Mrs. Meldahl and Mrs. Toland for all your help these past four years. Thank you Mom for all the confidence you have in me and my art work. I love you. Farewell to Nauset. This is just the beginning. I MADE IT!!! Thanks everyone. KAREN MORSE: Morsels TYGV. Harem member with Brenda and Wendy. Heidi BFA, good times on 5 8, 6 22, 9 27, 10 21, our all nighters. Hey Yeutter, DBRSITW? Where were you? Hey LOA. Funny times w HG, AR, MB, LP, JG, DN, KR, GV, BK, WY, LA. Miss ya Carol. John you’re special. Thanx Mom Dad for everything, ILY. • !.-•••• 7 .-V.b c .: .V.VV Best Wishes to the Class of 1984 LO CICERO’S Rte. 6A, Orleans BECKY NICKERSON: This is it! It’s been great! Good times with J.C., C.H., C.C., B.C., and the gang. I’ve had it with Rolling buses! Thanks for everything Sue! Thanks Mom and Dad for putting up with me. Good luck Dean Lindsay! God Bless you always Darren! It’s been real! Congratulations Class of “84” SKAKET REAL ESTATE Route 6A, Orleans SUZANNE PAQUETTE: Sue, Soupy, Soccer, Hoop, Band, Florida! GRadPartyN! Graveyard Shifts Lizard! MILANO ACTION! BAA HAA! MILKEN THE COWS! You’re the best Maine! Kelly, Tam, and Tragic Paul! Gerry, Greg, Its the BEAVER! Friends: Its been real (a real what?) Thanks to Warren and Mr. L. for guidance and support. Love ya MOM, DAD! I MADE IT! DWG ... IWALY. LILLIAN PERREAULT: Pit, Putt, RH, Sucker. FH 2-4, SB 1-4. 8 12 + 13 82. 9 17 82-Inger’s. NB w SB + DC. Aerosmith w MM. Barn parties. GR-friends forever. GSOY. Kelly-Too many times we had one too many! My party-8 6 83. Debbie- Organ! TOGA! Peach fights w Greg. Good times w MB, BS, JW! Sarah - you’re the best! Thanx mom + dad for all the lessons in life. 143! KEVIN POOLER: IA 1-4, Track 1-3. NH, TW, NC, JM, CF, TP, BF, KM, SS, Nancy Thanks for being there. Barracuda rules over Firebird! WOKA, People Shouldn’t Bite! THERE! Diesel sell the 6 buy an 8! Goodbye Thanks to the shop teachers; Ken, Ed, Stu. JANAI QUINN: Chorus 1-4, Tennis 1-4 Thank you K.Y., K.E. T.K. K.F. and everyone. We made it! Jacqui and Christine don’t forget Rolls and M. Boast or Biology class! What? What? Karen congratula¬ tions to the Aussie’s! Allison remember first period with you know whos? Study Buddies remember breakfast in the library? Mom and Dad thanks for all your unlimited love and support. Good Luck everyone 68 GRANT REINEKE: Red Guy, Injured 1-4, CRASH!! The Mighty Green Machine is gone, but REMEM¬ BERED! The So. Orleans Sabbies CQ, }B, Chuck. Future Roadtrips w GV. Past trips w MB. Prom Night “Squeak, Squeak” Mars-Had No Luck. Slimming w Wob Chu. Don’t drive w out Maurice! Chu, my nose hurts! Mom, Dad, Thanks for being there 143 Guys! ALICIA RICHARDSON: Alish, LaLisha. Track 1-4, Cheering 1-4. Summer ’82. MV stalls. Jen-tacos, water quarters! Heidi, 266-6980! Obnoxious times w HG, KM, KB, TG, JV, BW, BS, JF. Texas 3 mo. - “Hurricane Alicia” Kerri, Traci - stay close. Miss ya Tracey, Kitt, Stacey. Tyrone, you’re the best big bro anyone could ever have and ILY. Love you M D. Thanx for everything. NEW YORK BOUND!! KEN REYCROFT: Madman; JS, The Clash; X-Country 1 yr. Track 4 yrs. Hey Joey! Race your Chevy? MATT RICHARDS: Skate tough or die. Grinding on coping with a skateboard as a tool. Off the lip backside, getting in the tube. Lines with Jay. School can’t get in the way of my education. Fast times with Har, Z, JB, the Red Guy and many other buzzards. Off to Cal. in search of perfect waves and endless summers. Congratulations Class of ’84 from MID CAPE CENTER Orleans, MA 69 WAYNE RICHARDSON: Led-Zeppelin 1, Thumbing to Robert Plant ’83 and making it back home, Art 3-4, w EM Mr. O., Graveyard shifts, Conveyer belt theory w CQ, Sleeping out w “The Fleetians”, Aud. rafters w A. crew, Fridays, ’72 Green Machine, Driving dangerous w V4 tank, I . . choose a path where no one goes.” Thanks Mom Dad for the support, I made it! Good luck, Bee. MOIRA E. ROYAL: Soccer 1,2; Softball 1,2; Basketball; String Orchestra 1-4; I am full-blooded KOREAN!! Not Japanese, Vietnamese, Chinese, but KOREAN!!! YC, EM, GW, KM, MV, Cheryl, Paula, your friendship could never be forgotten! JC, you’re too much! SV, never give up your violin. Sis, have a successful future! Love ya! Thanks MOM. My gratitude is unexpressible! Au Revoir! Vale! SUSAN ROYAL: Thanks Mom for everything you’ve done for me. Love you! Extra special thanks to JP for being there, it wouldn’t have been possible without you!! Don’t forget all the fun we had!! I’ll always love you ... Joe! Donna, keep smilin!! and MP stay out of trouble!! ’84, here we come!!! Son of a gun!! Here I am, wondering where our future will end. ANNE W. RYAN: 4 years in 60 words? Impossible! Joya, Kerri, Beth, Jenny ILY all! Thanks for being there for me! Mickey, you’re terrific. Richard, you’re so dumb! Mike + Jeff, remember French! Thanks Karyn, Traci, Bev + todos mis amigos. You’re all terrific. Kathy, no more classes together! Oh no! Marc, you’ll always be special. Thanks Mom, Ugly, Mikey + Family ILY! Bye Nauset! 70 HANNA SCHNEIDER: Jo, Summer of “82”, the “Hide out” B-I party. Good times with AG, LN, LJ, PL, CS, ML, study with KF, SR, Beethoven, Mozart Chris-man, Pudge. Good luck with skeletons, and fancy cars. Amy we’ve made it this far, remember the brass bed, MM, AP. Good luck Sanne only two more years, Miss ya CS, THANX mom and dad! Auf Wiedersehen! JEFFREY SCOTT: Skip, Soccer 1-2, Baseball 2-3-4, Def Leppard, Arnie, Hal Ripken Jr., Two down one to go. Getting hit in the head was great. Hoy, don’t worry I’ll never kiss you in public again. Hit another out Willy Dog. “Do it again and you will die.” Thanks CL, LM, JPM, AZM, and Peter. Gerry you’re the best, I’ll always be there. I love you Mom and Dad. H.I.P. Here I come. WAYNE SCHUMAN: Waynee, Mr. Wayne, Shoe: Track 1, Choir 1-4; Bell Choir, Band, SOUSAPHONE Drama, G S Bass Citizen. Sophomore at G.C.C.D.G., R.P. “Wild Irish Rose” Biking with U.D., J.C. BREAKFAST! D.F., D.V. Skiing ’83, Camping “Camp David” BERMUDA BOYS B2 J.C., A.S. Many thanks to M.C., M.J., U.B., A.R., U.D., J.E., D.E. Mom I love ya. SARAH SALA: Thank You Mom and Dad for everything, I couldn’t have done it without you. E.S., C.H., S.T., and K.H. we had good times and more to come in life. I love you, Vito! People be free and do as you please, finally we have the chance. Good luck to all, and to all a good future. ONWARD!!!!! Best wishes to the Class of ’84 NICKERSON HOMES Orleans, MA Best of Luck to the Graduates THE RED BARN Orleans CHRIS SCRIVANI: Scriv, Scribbles. Track 1-4; S.A.C. 3-4; Honor Society 3-4; Student Council 4; Biking, Surfing Forever. Well, it’s finally over. Many good times with RG, JS, JT, GW, MW, and OD with the Ghia. Hey you B.N.A.F.I.’s, Keep your noses clean. Mom, Dad, thanks but you worry too much. Remember - you only go around once so enjoy. Ciao! BETH SEISER: Narf. Sexy cheerleaders JF, AR, AR, JVH, KB: beat ’em bust ’em! MV Stalls. JVH - boiled dinners. KB my Bimbo coffee pal. Banana-head! Negative Miss! Kev, my sexy co-anchor. Goya - love you. My initials are the same as Brooke Shields! Shhh! TC, KG, and Bubba - I’ll miss you. Mart - I’ll always love you and our MM’s and BB’s. May your beans be always green! KARYN SMITH: Karwyn, Country Pumpkin. Cheerleading; Senate, UMYF. Dances, Games, Movies, Shopping Sprees, Working (B S), Friend¬ ly’s PARTIES! “The memories will last forever.” To all my good friends: thanks for the support and encouragement, you’re all special to me. Mrs. Laning, thanks for understanding. Mr. Scanlon, thanks for all the help. Mom and Dad you’re the BEST! LOVE YA! THANKS RIC! It’s all over! JACK SHERMAN: Sherm, Shermbo-face, “Take off, hoser”, “FTS”, “Skettle mate?” Soccer 1, Tennis 3-4, Drama 3-4, Yearbook 3, photo editor 4, Deutschland 83 - a party. Great times with B.B, D.T, G.M, G.K, and R.M. Playing bass, the awesome 3-speed Gremlin, Number 7, Clash, Ramones, Devo, Cruisin’ with David T. and Greg M. Yo Kotis - Toly’s. Mom and Dad, thanks for all the freedom, I love you. When I grow up I wanna be just like Zippy the Pinhead. 72 KATHY SMITH: I came, I learned, I graduated. The rest cannot possibly fit into 60 words. People to thank, memories to immortalize - esp. Germany and MASP. Suffice to say that the past four years have been interesting, an experience I’ll not soon forget. We’ll have to do it again some time. “What is now proved was once only imagin’d.” Auf Wiedersehen ... LISA MICHELLE SMITH: Field Hockey 1-4, Cheerleading 1,3-4, Yearbook 4. West Side ’83 w KK, Dance 4E, Bev ATFA - We did it. JLG - Thanks. Summer ’83, AE BS - Jump - Victims - Next?!? Savages!! Friends - 4E, YKWYR. NH buddies - my memories live on - SJA, SLC - SLA? JNW? ILYA. The pool, cruising, Party? RC - YSPH Bro’s, Sis, Nan, TRG - you’re GREAT - Thanks!! Mom ILY, Happiness Lies Beyond the Mountains. ALAN SNOW: Diesel role it, Diesel fuel in parking lot. The most awesome thing, tractor through courtyard. To crunch, Bent bumpers, romping. Charlie, buy a truck. Long live Mopar. Lots of XOXO DK, Thanks to Mom and Dad, and all the little people who made this possible. Hey Ed, TW, JM, CF, KP, SS, JS. PATTY STEVENS: “Pat” Many wild times JH, JG, BK, KM!! Thanx for everything! Before and after school, too much to handle! Florida trip ’84 - yet to come! You’re all yittish! JH, I.L.Y.L. A.S., thanx for being there, you’re the best! M.F.M.L., many special times. So many laughs, JG! Thanx for the talks KJ. ILY Mom and Dad! What a long strange trip it’s been!!!! Stay Healthy - Stay Happy Be Successful HILLTOP PIZZA Orleans Best Wishes to the Class of ’84 HOPPER REAL ESTATE N. Eastham ERIK SVEDEN: Bean, etc ... Hockey 1-4, Drums 1-4, AYAHOW DOOAN, full partiage w UM, RC, Chipa, The Crosby Crew, sinking the ticka, racking the van, yowin!! Summer ' 83, Norway Boundingit. Snow skiing in the summer?! No prob. HG, UM, MC, KC, RC, SE, SB, GL, LA, TL, JK, PS, and all the other buzzards, you’re all great - I’ll never forget Just goes to show - All that wander are not lost. Thanks to more people than I can name for all the love and happiness, especially my Mother. And remember: you can get anything you want at Alice’s Restaurant ... A ANDREW BURHAM SWEET: Andy, Andre CO} Band 1-4, Orchestra 4, Drama 2,3, (4)? K.C. 1-4, Bilge Rats 3,4, ... P.T. and A.B. with J.C. “How late can they get, huh?” (A.M.) with W.S., B.S., S.P. Bebe’ Doh! Bermuda ’84, Skiing ’83, Greenville ’83 Much love and thanks to M.C., M.J. J.E. A.L. A.E. U.C. Mom and the rest of my Community Family. LISA TAYLOR: “It’s the Fruit of the Loom girl”, Memories: “The Yellow Submarine”, BRKwater, SUMMER OF ’82 w S.G. “Where am I?”, The Blizzard of ’83 w G.C., ALG White Mountains, “Geronimo” Field Hockey w Big Sis, L.N. with D.C. Love Ya D.C. 4-EVER Thanks Mom Dad MUCH LOVE, GOOD LUCK TRIP, I Lisa leave Nauset “Comfortably Numb!!!” 74 MARY-ANN UZUPES: ALG 2-4; Jamming heavy metal style with Full Moon. Best wishes to all my friends. I’ll always love you, J.A.! Many memories with Gwynne and friends; “But Mom, 3 a.m. is a little after midnight!” Dungeons and Dragons in the pool house. “Whose foot is that?” “Champagne and Carrots!” Bye everyone; Guess I’m just a Rainbow in the dark. JERRY TILTON: See ya later, Nauset! Hey Greg, see you in Beirut, Sailor boy! Stay alive, O.K.? Yea! Too bad D.J. - maybe next time. Hey Mom, you can call me at Cape May! Good times with GW, ST, LM, DJ, DA, JL, KLC. ALG, All the way. Had a great time in the White Mountains, J.R. and the rest of the gang. Wow, radical stuff. SUSANNE G. TAYLOR: Well, this is it, I finally made it. Summer of ’83 was great, weekends in Wellfleet with Sarah, Vito, Cassie, Karl, and the rest. Hey Jeff, I love you much. Thanks C.H, S.S, K.H. You’re great friends. Special thanks to the family for your love and support. GREG WALTERS: Goodbye Nauset. Good times with JT, DJ, ST, DA, GT, CS, KC, and Fry. Mom Dad, see you in Beirut. Jerry, how big will your row boat be? Thanks for waking me up, Gail. Wild parts with JT, ST, LM, Kelly. Take it easy, Dodi. It’s been real. Great time with JR The Dudes in Mts. Congratulations to the Class of ’84 EASTHAM PHARMACY GREG TSOUPRAKE: Soup. X-Country, Basket¬ ball, Track, Co-Capt. Track 3-4? Sports Ambassadors’ 83, Nauset’s 1. The Green Machine! To KE and everyone else, it’s been great, thanks, and keep in touch. MA, I still owe you one. To Leo Miller and Joe Walorz - thanks for everything. Mom and Dad, I couldn’t have done it without you. Congratulations to the Class of 1984 BOB ERICKSON 75 BUILDER Rudy Zannoni JENNY LYNN VAN HOEVEN: “MAFA” Cheer¬ leading - 2 V 2 , MV stalls, Nauset - RU-LES!!! Beth, Joy, Anne, Kerri - we made it TOGETHER! ILY “gang” Alicia - tacos, water quarters, Rich - memories live. Brett - always special. 143KRB - couldn’t have made it without you - friends FOREVER!! Thanks for understanding talks. I love you, Willy. Good luck - remember “DUCK - the hands.” Love you MOM! Thanks for everything!!!! Blonde NOT dumb. Bye ... GREG VAUGHAN: Hughie; The 5 year deal is over, what gives? Good times with red guy, road trips, and windshield shopping with Harpo. Peach fighting with Lil, thanks for the job KM. I’ll never forget you and your mix-ups MM. Basil, many good times between us. Southern Rock rules. Strange times in R.I. Dara, Boxers are better. CATHAN VENTURA: More Coffee Please. TW, JM, KP, don’t call her droopy. TW thanks for everything. Summer “83” total confusion. HC BETTER LUCK NEXT TIME. TL I.W.R. I.W.F.I.J.W.R.F. ... SP what do I DO? I.L.Y. NO MATTER WHAT. R.O.W.A.H.O. Hey HM Y.M.S.C.I.H. JB I miss you. I made it MOM DAD ... I THINK. All my love. TODD WALKER: Memories of the “NIGHT RIDER”, The Rompin’ Powerwagon, KP, NH, JM, AS, GM, KJ, GF, TP, BF, LA, SS, NC, KM, Etc ... Nauset Beach-Diesel’s truck on its side; - Rompin’ in the Mopar! Diesel, you should have gotten a V8! Seen, we murdered a cab light! LA, Remember The Pink Undies! POOLA, What are you Doin? ... WOKA, Get Outa Here!! 76 WILL WALKER: November 5, 1982 a day of days! Remember November 20, 1982. A.B. The Russian sub sank! C.H. hey it’s “STUDD”. Hi M.D. Beware of the fat man in the volkswagon he may sit on Brewster the Rooster. D.W. you were always there, I can never thank you enough!! Thanks Mom and Dad you’re the greatest!! BRIAN WALL: “No matter how exotic human civilization becomes, no matter the developments of life and society nor the complexity of the machine human interface, there always come interludes of time when the course of humankind, the very future of huma nkind, depends upon the relatively simple actions of single individuals.’’ SCOTT ADAMS: Buzznoit, Buzzy (P.D.) Hockey 2-4. Times with G.V., Har it’s not a brain. Road trip to Hyannis w A.H., J.Z. M.R. I’m in Orleans. We only got 2 drinks out of it. Late nights w Dean. Hey, you need a ride. Be serious, this is true. RAY WHERITY: ALG ART Yarmouth J.V. J.F. B.C. you guys are reader than you think. Kim Steve thanks for being there. Mom Dad you know I couldn’t have done it without you 143 good luck Heather Colleen. M.M. P.B. A.M. M.K. E.M. learned a lot BLACK SABBATH bud I’m gone Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of 1984 ROBINSON’S 5 10 Cape Cod Best to the Class of ’84 BILL HALL CESSPOOL SERVICE PETER TEXTER WIEDENMAN: Sure, I’m 20, Packy-run! Band party-rain. Schnapps with John M., Lee B., Andy S. Fridays with Dicky B. Sogs has been great, great, huh Jan! Jason lives on! Ski club, Aloha dudes. DEBORAH CHRISTINE WILSON: It’s me again! Well, Megan, we finally made it. Thanks Mom for being there when I needed you, and I love you. AM, TM, MD, LW, WW, you’re the best, and stay that way. Remember the good times and keep in touch. Time to make the doughnuts. Will, remember the ant with high hopes. Follow your dreams, and keep smiling! GWYNNE WIATROWSKI: D D 8 18 82 WOW! DEUTSCHLAND - Petra, what would I have done without you? Berlin’s Berger King - Don’t look now Des. Nauset in Germany. ISLI ’83 - Bolero, French Lemonade, Martin, France, “So What!”. D D w Cheryl, Tony, Michael Rita?? Summers w Liz. My love and thanks to special friends (you know who), the Suttons my family. Mom, Dad you’ve given me the world! CIAO! BEVIN WILSON: Lisa - ASKF-JAT, Missy YABT, Traci SKS! LaLisha, New York weekend! KW, JK, DM, Thanks for the magic. ASDE Academy memories - treasured forever. White Mts. E-MTAB. Prom ’83. JH-FLLFIYLWAYH. Gary thanx, I think of you often. Dunes, parties, breaking the shell ... Share n’ share alike. SAVAGES!! To all my friends I’ve made, I’ll never forget you. To my family: 143 always 78 BRUCE WINSLOW: Hunting, Fishing, X-country Skiing, Camping, and Shaolin Kempo. London, Brussels, Paris, Lyon in ’83, Mom and Dad Thanks. WENDY YEUTTER: Tango. Soccer, b-ball, softball 1-4. Mopeds, Michelob, concerts, mixtures, never freshmen, 33-13-23, summer ’83, tupper-ware, KM where’d you go? Herem complete! Wango: many memories, ILU. Bango: tonight? Karen: DBRSITW? 1 1 82 - Cousin! Liz, Lauren: stay close! Thanx: JC, FH, KK, HG, KE, KK, Coaches, Mrs. W., sons: R and T. Mom, Dad ILU. Stephen forever!!! Good luck 1984! J.C. ZARTARIAN: Z, “Black is Back” Just another half-gallon, Bui? JB keep chuck packed for when I get back. Intense partying with A.C. Harwood! Ski tripping with Weege and Buz. Another time, another place, j’aime tu ADM! Ramping with Chew and D. Vicious buzzing with R-guy, Wob, Chip. Good luck Andrea. Thanks Muff. Good times. Good people! Later Nauset!!! Best Wishes to the Class of 1984 CAPE COD PHOTO Orleans - Chatham Best of Luck to the Class of ’84 SHEAR HAPPENINGS Post Office Square Orleans DAVID YATES: Ramblers rule! falling down w JC, AG, JM, SE. Brewster House 8 6 Lindzie. Falling off of Boardwalks 5 27, through windows, Cult, Clash, Sabb. ’83 summer Police concert, Kegs, B. Balls. Pitchin’ Tubes, Thanks Giving, Viking Point, 1st Day of school, Bermuda, HEINEKEN. Later School. Melisa, I Luv You ... Always! Mom, Dad, Mike, thanx for understandin’, I Luv You all. Hey Babe, remember, I’ll be watching you. FOREIGN EXCHANGE As the song goes, Karen Fennell comes from “... the land down under. ” She lives on Tasmania, an island which is located off the southeast coast of mainland Australia. Coming from a city, the adjustment to life on the Cape has presented a challenge to Karen whose bright, outgoing personality has become familiar to many of us. Upon her return to Tasmania, she will enter a university where she would like to study English or Drama. Jorg Esleben is amused when people ask him about his home “town”, Cologne. It is one of the largest cities in West Germany, and extremely different from the small town of Brewster. George, as most of us have chosen to call him, ignoring the two tiny dots over the “o” in his name, feels this year in the United States has been most important in improving his English, Jorg has enjoyed his time spent here and has commented, not sarcastically, on the amount of school spirit displayed at Nauset! SCULLER AGSTAGSCH 80 FOREIGN EXCHANGE As some of you know, Kevin Eagar spent his summer in Greece last year. He lived in Athens and was able to travel to several other cities and islands. During the summer Kevin became more aware of political and social issues. His perspective on life and the importance of language has broadened. Looking back on his summer Kevin sees the AFS experience “as a rewarding and personally expanding adventure”, which he hopes many more students will discover and take advantage of. Congratulations Class of ’84 THE WORLD OF WATSON’S Orleans Harwichport 255-3000 432-6600 This year’s Rotary exchange student is Hortencia Cruz, who comes from Mazatlan, Mexico. She feels her experience has improved her knowledge of the American lifestyle. Hortencia has noticed how helpful the students at Nauset have been and hopes to return someday. Yet, the only thing keeping her away may be the “COLD” winter weather! Returning to Mexico she will have one more year in secondary school and then attend a university where she plans to study Political Science. INTER " GAMEIG Best of Luck to the Class of 1984 ELLIS’ MARKET Orleans, MA 82 Class of ’84 “you made it!” NAUSET SPORTS Orleans Shopping Plaza Good Luck ’84 TWICE AS NICE Rt. 28 So. Orleans Senior Class Officers Mr. Don Bakker, Adviser Greg Kotis, Treasurer Brett Branco, President Richard Mazzarese, Vice President Kim Ellsasser, Secretary 84 i i a 4 $ 85 I F t c I Michael Mackin Superintendent A D M I N I S Allen Brown Assistant Superintendant T R A T I O N 86 Frank Daly Principal Robert Milbier Assistant Principal ENGLISH Edward Lambton Diane Masterson Shirley Longo Barri Jones Mary Murphy Nancy Laning William McCaskie i !i 1 1 r iht Donald Bakker Diane Campbell SOCIAL STUDIES 88 Frank Hutchings SCIENCE Edward O’Brien Paul Chamberlin David Gates Suzanne Ericson David Gessford John Ryan Herbert Pettengill 89 FOREIGN LANGUAGE I •I Rita Mousseau Nancy Bradley Barbara Schoenbaum 90 Mary Morrison MATHEMATICS Cheryl Belanger Cheryl Metiers Donna Ferry Robert Wilkinson Frank Killam Joseph Walorz Jean Rossman 91 OFFICE PERSONNEL Breene Wright, Aide Mary Burke, Librarian GUIDANCE Joyce Macdonald, Andrew Kalinick, James Scanlon 92 LUNCH BUNCH Shirley Thomas Bertha Meads Celina DeWitt Elsie Bengston Hazel Cox CUSTODIANS Bob Clark joe Waters Ed Redin Pepi Frazier Art Sawyer Irv Daubert SPECIAL EDUCATION Left to right: Sandra Stocker, Constance Brogi, Jonathan Randall, Kathryn Carey, Lisa Abbott BUSINESS Donna Demetri Audrey Griggs Robin Walker HOME ECONOMICS Susan Milsky ART James Owens Karen Toland 94 INDUSTRIAL ARTS ALG John Rivers MUSIC Bruce Abbott Frank James 95 John Donahue PHYSICAL EDUCATION Suzanne Moulton 96 Barbara Thompson At times you frown in disapproval, At others you smile in delight. You shared your knowledge willingly. Trying to expand our minds. At that moment we did not appreciate, But later we realized: You saw us through our troubles. You showed us thought and understanding ... Thank you. —GLA r -• • .. »V « • ’. • ' •» » .. • V k ; S •■• »_. ) » ' .V » % ' ’ ' ; ».‘ v r Dee Dee Ryan. Vice President Betsy Unger. Co-Treasurer Brian Kavanaugh, President Mary Adams Co-Treasurer Jeni Miller. Secretan- Adrisers: Mrs. Diane Campbell Mrs. Katie Carer M. Adams 1 i A. Aldred C. Allen S. Arrierault R. Archambault J. Baskin M. Battles C. Beckman K. Belair B. Bernard S. Besse M. Bourgeois R. Brinker J. Brown K. Brown K. Bunzick J. Cannon M. Canty A. Carlson S. Cathie A. Chilson J. Chipman M. Chipman J. Coffin K. Cole W. Coleman E. Corea H. Crossman L. Cruckshank Vi K. Daley K. Daly S. Daniels C. Dennison H. Curcio J. Dreyton T. Egan M. Ehrhart B. Elliott H. Ellsasser K. Ekstrom T. Estabrook S. Finn G. Flanagan f ik. 1 C. Fleming E. Francis D. Frost M. Fulcher f jjf ' »■ y J. Gaffney N. Hammatt S. Harrison C. Hobbs K. Ingrum P. Jackson K. Jalbert S. Johnson S. Kaser B. Kavanaugh J. Johnston J. Kelly J. Jones L. Killam E. Kinski T. Kilawee M. Jordan K. Krikorian G. Laplant E. Knowles J. Larson T. Lenahan T. Linquist M. Linnell J. MacKenzie J. Mahoney L. Marino || l 1 D. Naughton G. McMakin J. McMullen H. McOuat J. Miller K. Murphy L. Murphy H. Narkon D. Nickerson K. North H. O’Brien J. Ohmann C. Patrick J. Pereira J. Petrosky G. Picard J. Onnembo M. Rogge E. Rohmer P. Ronan D. Root J. Schofield K. Schofield M. Schader D. St. Aubin E. Sandstrom D. Ryan M. Shay S. Scott T. Selling C. Smith M. Smith R. Tsouprake B. Unger J. Vaughan S. Verfaillie C. Wagner r J. Walsh J. Vincent N. Welch H. Wherity J. Whiting J. Wilder C. Williams D. Winthrop J. Woodes E. Woods M. Yates Freshmen Not Pictured Tammy Atwood John Baribault Latisha Barton Colleen Curley Kimberley Eggleston Kimberley Fredrickson John Gutzler Wendy Hart Heidi Hennault Robert Kesse Erin Lavalle Treavor Luiz Tyler Luiz Chris McCray Jennifer Messier Steve Minninger Maria Napolitano Joseph Rhodes Cynthia Ryan Amy Sanderson Fred Southworth Jeff Souza Josh Sudikoff Charles Taylor Lisa Wale Laurel Wyeth Wk 4 - $j 4 ' ' W ' J Kristin Pooler, Secretary Aaron McDonald, Vice President Ian Fisk, Treasurer Robert Swidrak, President Advisers: Mrs. Donna Demetri Mrs. Robin Walker G. Baker B. Barnes J. Bassett W. Badger P. Bellarosa J. Bergstrom E. Besse M. Bessette M. Bove K. Chase B. Coulson C. Chiarello J. Christopher L. Clark A. Cordeiro R. Crosby A. Cullum S. Decker M. Dessauer S. Doyle N. Dube M. Eagar E. Ehnstrom C. Ellis D. Fanelli J. Ellis P. Ellis D. Fancy M. Farrell A. Fawkes I. Ferguson L. Fisck I. Fisk B. Fitzpatrick B. Flanagan S. Fleming S. Fleming M. Fox K. Francis J. George M. Frazier P. Fredericks V. Gifford T. Glidden A. Graham M. Hammatt D. Hansbury T. Harris C. Hatch J. Hatch S. Henderson C. Herold C. Holmberg S. Jones A. Hilferty J. Jones K. Joseph G. Kaeselau M. Kane K. Kavanaugh T. Keane S. Knowles K. Keegan L. Knapman G. Lang E. Largey R. Leite C. Kurlychek R. LaBranche B. Leonard F. L’Etoile A. Linnell L. Livsley S. Long M. Lorange K. Luscombe D. Macioci S. MacLeod R. Maddocks M. Mahony K. Manasas K. Martin J. Mayo A. McDonald C. Monks O. Montejo L. Mudge M. Myers T. Nagy G. Reineke D. Santos ■■ F. Rich C. Richardson C. Riley K. Rutkowski C. Scheibel S. Schneider FI. Scammell B. Schofield C. Stetson K. Strakele F. Swartz R. Sw ' rdrak D. Taylor G. Wood J. Woodland G. Zhouf M. Zontini S. Raymond Pat Austin Roger Bassett Kristen Douglas David Felt Tom Fettig SOPHOMORES NOT PICTURED Eric Finn-Loudes Wayne Francis Courtney Harrington Bryon Hayes Daven Luhmann Erik Oliver Danielle Orcutt Joseph Parlante Greg Picard Debbie Pike MR. RANDALL’S CLASS L. Clark C. Garling M. Rogers C. Valli 1 |p Jeff Thibodeau, Vice President Kris Gable, Secretary Mike Barclay, Treasurer Brian Strobel, President Adviser: Mrs. Nancy Bradley A. Baronousky W. Battles T. Beale C Jodamer C. Bourgeois ■ A. Bridgewood C. Carroll K. Bowman J. Briritnall J. Burr ill T. Caswell J. Cathie B. Cellucci K. Chiarello J. Christopher T. Clayton L. Comeau K. Conti J. Craven Y. Crevier A. Cullum J. D’Aversa D. Dadamo i ' TS j ' ■ M ' r M A k C. Dessauer J. Devlin P. Diaz M. Dickson J. Dilauro M. Dorval P. Emmons T. Emmons F. Fleming J. Fulcher M. Furlano C. Finch D. Fleming D. Gitter S. Goss H. Gould K. Grady H. Greene C. Griffith T. Harwood C. Havener R. Hibbs T. Hildreth R. Hurd A to D. Jacoby B. Jamieson fKm f v% ■ T. Keane S. Kerry T. Kinski B. Knowles M. LaPense M. Lee K. MacDonald D. Macomber E. Marino G. Masterson P. McCombs J. Mallory G. Marcotte I ! I D. McCullough C. McNutt M. Mead J. Millin A. Monks M. Millette C. Merrill B. Miller M. Muir K. Multer G. Newmier S. Peel C. O’Brien M. Perkins P. Ozon A. Painter A. Pearl T. Phillips S. Pulsifer i H L. Quimby S. Ramsay K. Redin E. Radke S. Reycroft B. Richardson C. Schmidt D. Schram P. Schrader R. Rutkowski D. Shipman S. Smith M. Stewart H. Still D. Stocker B. Strobel B. Studley D. Tasha ..■v . . - ' S if i - f r ( I ! S. Wanderlich N. Whipple M. Verfaillie C. Vetromile J. Walker L. White K. Wiley W. Willis J. Winslow J. Winslow C. Woods J. Wyeth K. Yakimchuk JUNIORS NOT PICTURED Lisa Amerault Edward Anderson Paige Andre Rachel Bienvenu Mike Cabral Chris Collins Robin DeBary Alanna Dias Scott Forman Nancy Hall Richard Henry Steve Huntley Tamra Inman Mike Laub Laura Murphy David Newton Kathleen Ogden Jon Shiel Aaron Spade Bridgett Straughn M. Yonce W. Young - MZy. y lllllIHllB •• • ! ' :£%, ' . ' ■ ' ■“- ' ■» ' :yi v ' ' ii ' ' ' •• ' , ’ ” ' . ' V ' .- ' .?■. ; . " •• ' % ' •:• •;-“ ' .. •• • j ' n -K v . • .. 2 . X .•-•? • ' :- •• ' { ' : v. ’ -v • . ?■ V ’ ■ ••• : ••• • •„ ::• . -v v . ft. • .•• • - ‘-v , • V i -• . v7 -W -f » ' V,. f ' K ’ ’ • • • v ♦ 1% • :»• ; , ' V V. • ' . ., V •A. ♦ Vi •C.H . v.v ■r. ' to » S tt. ' V Mv-:v. ' v V 125 d T U D E N T C O u N C I L ROW 1: E. Marino, J. Gibson, J. Ferguson, L. Marino, B. Branco, K. Beckman, A. Ryan, B. Strobel, D. Root, M. Bessette ROW 2: C. McCray, A. Galligan, B. Wilson, T. Goldberg, L. Hall, R. Mazzarese, J. VanHoeven, A. Mahony, M. Mead, A. Fawkes, G. Reineke ROW 3: I. Fisk, C. Scrivani, J. Daly, T. Keane, T. Clayton, A. McDonald, J. Fulcher, K. Chiarello, T. Beale, Mr. Chamberlin ABSENT: K. Knight, M. Fox, K. Chiarello, C. Griffith, M. Stewart G. Wiatrowski, K. Smith, J. Chisholm, J. Zartarian, K. Knowles, K. Beckman, G. Malone, A. Ryan T. Clayton, C. Vetromile, D. Tasha, }. Fulcher, S. Ramsay, K. Chiarello, T. Galligan S E N I O R S E N A T E J U N I O R S E N A T E 1 127 t 128 ROW 1: A. Painter, K. Rutkowski, K. Gill, M. Dorval, L. Joens, N. Joens, S. Shay, P. Mead, K. Gable, S. Bodamer, A. Cullum, K. Dessauer. ROW 2: S. Fleming, J. Chartrand, A. Graham, L. Branco, P. Wiedenman, B. Knowles, S. Hogan, R. Sharman, D. Squire ROW 3; T. Turner, V. Gifford, L. Olsen, •G. Newmier, S. Smith, S. Paquette, J. Fulcher, E. Marino, Mr. James, J. Daly, D. Fanelli ROW 4: S. Goss, M. Scrivani, C. McNutt ABSENT: S. Bartels ROW 1: J. Chartrand, S. Smith, P. Wiedenman, S. Bodamer, L. Joens, M. Scrivani, 1 S. Paquette 129 F R E S H M E N B A N D C H O R U s ROW 1: T. Kilawee, A. Squire, C. Quimby, K. Schofield, D. Root, T. Wagner ROW 2: M. Linnell, J. Miller, S. Daniels, T. Largey, T. Selling, S. Cathie ROW 3: M. Schader, J. Drayton, J. Estabrook, A. Chilson, J. Larson, E. Francis ROW 1: D. Winthrop, E. Corea, K. North, J. Rand, K. Yakimchuk ROW 2: L. Murphy, C. Havener, J. Whiting, }. Chad, K. Belair ROW 3: J. Quinn, R. Smith, F. Fleming ABSENT: G. Tilton, T. McLaughlin 130 ROW 3: T. Clayton, S. Hogan, G. Newmier, S. Smith ABSENT: J. Miller ROW 1: C. Griffith, M. Royal, C. Mead ROW 2: B. Schofield, D. Foley, E. Woods, S. Verfallie, P. Schrader, K. Pooler, E. Besse, K. Rutkowski, K. Gill, P. Mead ROW 3: T. Clayton, Mr. James, C. McNutt O R C H E S T R A 132 133 ROW 1 A. Cullum. K. Chiarello. I. Fisk, B. Miller, G. Cestaro, L. Hall, A. Tasha, J. Gibson, C. McNutt, C. Quin ROW 2: D. Wilson, B. Wilson, L. Taylor, C. Chahanovich, A. Painter ROW 3: S. Conn, G. Avery, T. McLaughlin, M . Uzupes, S. Paquette, C. Herold, S. Sala, M. Barclay, E. Bruinooge, L. Greene, A. Spade, H. Burrill, S. Smith, T. Keane, P. Stevens, K. Mather ROW 4: R. Wherity, G. Walters, J. Tilton, D. Lee, Mr. Rivers, D. Tasha, M. Furlano, A. McDonald, L. Amerault, M. Dorval, B. Straughn, J. Mallory, T. Fettig 134 t sUsfe ■ f i % t " » IW f i ■ i B B N A T I O N A L H O N O R S O c I E T Y ROW 1: (seated) K. Eagar, S. Bodamer, J. Cole, G, Tsouprake, C. Aldred, B. Branco ROW 2: (seated) M. Abbott, S. Ramsay (standing) K. Ream, S. Peel, P. Burnham, J. Ferguson, A. Ryan, K. Bleau, K. Smith ROW 3: A. Dias, C. Scrivani, M. Barclay, T. Harwood, A. Tasha, L. Perrault, J. Christopher, J. VanHoeven, G. Wiatrowski, L. Hall, K. Beckman ROW 4: C. McNutt, G. Kotis, J. Thibodeau, R. Mazzarese, K. Knowles, E. Bergstrom, M. Uzupes, J. Daly, D. Tasha ABSENT: K. Knight. Adviser: Mr. Milbier 138 ROW 1: E. Francis, D. McCullough, I. Fisk, T. Clayton, T. Harwood. ROW 2: C. Aldred, M. Barclay, J. VanHoeven, P. McKean, K. Smith, S. Peel, }. Christopher, S. Goss, R. Sharman, Mr s. Belanger ROW 3: J. Bates, S. Spencer Australia West Germany ROW 1: C. Griffith, K. Fennell, J. Quinn, }. Gibson ROW 2: }. Hogan, C. MacKenzie, Miss Schoenbaum, K. Eagar, S. Ramsay, J. Esleben, T. Keane ABSENT: M. Eagar 140 ROW 1: M. Yates, A. Squire, G. Smith, B. Cronin. K. Knowles, K. Hughes, S. Conn, K. Gill, H. w Gould ROW 2: J. Baskin, S. Fleming, C. O’Brien, D. Fleming, J. Hamilton, J. Gibson, R. Kew, K. Schofield, D. Ryan, S. Harrison, K. Gill, Miss Hembrough ROW 3: B. Elliott, P. Bellarosa, T. Hildreth, sL» P. Dias, J. Bates, T. Largey, B. Stewart, J. Estabrook, C. Allen, M. Rogge, C. Vetromile, K. Smith, K. Hildreth ROW 4: M. Lee, S. Enos, T. Fettig, C. Quimby, J. George, A. Linnell, M. Myers, C. Bourgeois, E. Radke 141 uj accOO ADVISER - Miss Barbara Schoenbaum EDITORS - Krissy Knight, Janai Quinn SENIORS - Gwynne Wiatrowski FACULTY - Greta Avery, Tania Harwood ACTIVITIES - Jacqueline Hogan UNDERCLASSMEN - Amy Hilferty SPORTS - Craig Bodamer PHOTOGRAPHY - Jack Sherman, Jacqueline Hogan, Christine MacKenzie, Krissy Knight, Chuck Hull, Craig Bodamer ART - Krissy Knight, Maureen Eagar, Kristin Knowles SALES - Noreen Carey, Kathy Smith The yearbook staff would like to thank Miss Barbara Schoenbaum, Mr. Bob Tucker, and Mrs. Robin Walker for their generous assistance. ROW 1: C. Hull, N. Carey, C. Bodamer, J. Christopher ROW 2: R. Clifford, J. Gibson, F. Swartz, T. Harwood, M. Fox, G. Avery, S. Conn, K. Hughes ROW 3: N. Hall, B. Barnes, J. Hamilton, K. Smith, B. Miller, L. Smith, P. Burnham, M. Eagar ROW 4: K. Knowles, G. Wiatrowski, K. Knight, C. Mackenzie, J. Quinn, J. Hogan, E. Hollister, A. Bridgwood, Miss Schoenbaum. Y 142 143 Row 1: B. Baker, A. Pearl, J. Onnembo, Y. Crevier, S. Harrison, A. Dias, B. Wrynn, Coach Walorz. Row 2: G. Tsouprake, K. Eagar, C. Carroll, G. Masterson, K. Bleau. Row 3: B. Wall, C. Hobbs, T. Egan, T. Linquist, C. Beckman. SENIORS: B. Baker, K. Bleau, K. Eagar, G. Tsourprake, B. Wall CO-CAPTAINS: C. Carroll, K. Bleau, Coach Walorz. 144 CROSS COUNTRY FIELD HOCKEY VARSITY Row 1: J. Winslow, K. Grady, C. Quimby, N. Carey, A. Linnell, M. Millette, G. Reineke, R. Clifford, Row 2: L. Perreault, K. Schofield, L. Antonez, K. Knowles, A. Mahony, K. Hughes, B. Richardson, J. Gibson, H. Greene, L. Smith, L. Monks, Coach Ericson. iliifssslSSSS Sri if r SENIORS Row 1: L. Perreault, K. Grady, A. Mahony, K. Hughes, K. Knowles, N. Carey, J. Gibson, L. Monks, L. Smith, L. Taylor. Row 2: L. Antonez, R. Clifford. JUNIOR VARSITY Row 1: H. O’Brien, B. Stewart, L. Taylor. Row 2: Coach Hembrough, M. Bissette, A. Galligan, S. Daniels, J. Daly, K. Schofield, M. Linnell, A. Squire, L. Rogers. FREDERICK K. PLUMB Counselor at Law South Orleans Center Best of Everything Dan and Meredith Hamilton SOGS BOYS’ VARSITY SOCCER Row 1 - R. Mazzarese, M. Hammatt, M. Arnold, C. Lajoie, J. Chisholm, M. Abbott, G. Malone, D. Hallett, J. Zartarian, A. Harwood, S. McCutchen, G. Manchester, B. Branco, J. Esleben. Row 2 - C. Collins, T. Kinski, J. Thibodeau, R. Henry, K. Wiley, S. Smith, S. Ramsay, B. Miller, J. Winslow, D. Fancy, T. Galligan, Trainer: f. Chad, Coach Donahue. CAPTAINS: Coach Donahue, D. Hallett, G. Malone, M. Matheson. 146 SENIOR PLAYERS E. Bergstrom, L. Greene, D. Lee, W. Yeutter, M. Marcotte. Row 1: J. Chisholm, M. Hammatt, C. Lajoie, B. Branco, G. Malone, D. Hallett, G. Manchester. Row 2: M. Arnold, J. Esleben, R. Mazzarese, M. Abbott, J. Zartarian, A. Harwood, S. McCutchen. Compliments of AMERICAN HERITAGE REALTY, INC. BRESNAHAN AUTO SALES Brackett Road N. Eastham, MA 147 GIRLS’ VARSITY SOCCER Row 1: L. Greene, D. Lee, W. Yeutter, C. Chiarello, P. Emmons, A. Monks, C. Kurlychek. Row 2: M. Adams, T. Beale, f. Jones, B. Cronin, E. Bergstrom, J. Fulcher, Coach Torrey. Row 3: K. Hildreth, T. Largey. 148 BOYS’ J.V. SOCCER Row 1: E. Sandstrom, E. Piotrowski, D. Magin, J. Mahony, M. Atwood, J. McMullen, B. Bernard, E. Knowles, M. Yates, J. Ohmann, B. Elliot, S. Moore, G. Picard. Row 2: S. Fleming, J. Hatch, M. Bove, R. LaBranche, T. McEnaney, B. Leonard, C. Hatch, E. Oliver, T. Fettig, Coach Shea. GIRLS’ J.V. SOCCER Row 1: S. Schneider. Row 2: C. Monks, C. Ryan, E. Besse, K. Pooler, J. Christopher, L. Livsley. Row 3: C. Garling, S. Smith, C. Clark, S. Shay, M. Eagar, M. Marcotte, S. Jones, K. Ekstrom, Coach Rice. Compliments of JANIE’S HAIR THINGS BACKUS AND SOULE JEWELERS Windmill Village E. Orleans 29 Main St. Orleans, MA 255-0405 255-0913 150 SOCCER CHEERLEADERS Row 1: L. Branco, A. Richardson. Row 2: K. Smith, T. Goldberg, J. Ferguson, P. McKean, F. Swartz. Row 3: K. Chiarello, B. Seiser, J. VanHoeven, A. Ryan, K. Beckman. CO-CAPTAINS: B. Seiser, f. Ferguson. Best Wishes from LUKE’S MARKET Rt. 6A Brewster, MA COVE CYCLE Cove Rd. Orleans, MA 151 BOYS’ VARSITY BASKETBALL Row 1: Manager: S. Wanderlich, M. Abbott, Manager: J. Vincent, Row 2: Trainer: J. Chad, T. McEnaney, D. Pierce, G. Malone, B. Battles, G. Tsouprake, P. O’Neil, J. Moore, S. Ramsay, R. McOuat, B. Miller, R. LaBranche. SENIORS: M. Abbott, G. Malone, G. Tsouprake, P. O’Neil. CAPTAIN: M. Abbott. 152 GIRLS’ VARSITY BASKETBALL Row 1: S. Paquette, K. Hughes, W. Yeutter. Row 2: Manager: E. Besse, K. Hildreth, T. Beale, f. Fulcher, C. Chiarello, B. Richardson, P. Emmons, S. Schneider, E. Kinski, Statistics: T. Harwood. Compliments of MALONE TANDLER 66 Long Wharf, Boston 2648 Main St., Brewster TRI-CAPTAINS, SENIORS: S. Paquette, W. Yeutter, K. Hughes, Coach White. Compliments of N. EASTHAM EXXON Box 194-Rt. 6 255-6964 N. Eastham, MA 153 154 JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL Row 1: E. Piotrowski, C. Beckman, G. Picard, J. McMullen, J. Schofield, E. Sandstrom. Row 2: M. Quist, C. Patrick, T. Turner, M. Battles, G. Laplant, R. Tsouprake, C. Taylor, C. Pierantozzi, J. Onnembo, G. McMakin. N. Dube, K. Pooler, J. Christopher, S. Jones, J. Estabrook, C. Allen, J. Jones, Coach Wilkinson, Missing: T. Largey, J. Walsh. [ 4 BmmL |- j M ' -w . pP9 25 yft ; HKu yW Compliments of NEW HORIZONS Peacock Alley - Rt. 28 Orleans BASKETBALL CHEERLEADERS Varsity: Row 1: K. Smith, K. Beckman, J. VanHoeven, A. Richardson, D. Ryan, T. Selling, K. Schofield, P. Ronan, T. Goldberg, L. Smith SENIORS: K. Smith, K. Beckman, J. VanHoeven, A. Richardson, T. Goldberg, L. Smith TRI-CAPTAINS: K. Beckman, K. JUNIOR VARSITY: Row 1: S. Monks Row 2: S. Harrison, H. Smith, J. VanHoeven OBrien, S. Daniels, W. Badger, S. Fleming Row 3: L. Marino, D. Root, M. Rogge 156 GYMNASTICS Row 1: K. Hagg, K. Ellsasser. Row 2: T. Hildreth, S. Pulsifer, K. Gill, P. McCombs. Row 3: B. Miller, L. Cruckshank, S. Siemer, C. Stetson, S. Henderson, D. Hansbury, Coach Hirst. CAPTAINS: K. Hagg, K. Ellsasser Congratulations BREWSTER PACKAGE STORE Brewster, MA IMPORTED CARS of Cape Cod Hyannis 157 ICE HOCKEY Row 1: M. Canty, G. Smith, G. Manchester, M. Hammatt, A. Harwood, K. Crosby, E. Sveden. Row 2: Coach Donahue, S. McCutchen, J. Winslow, D. Fancy, J. Still, B. Bernard, B. Tulloch, J. Thibodeau, C. Collins, S. Fleming, R. Hurd. Row 3: J. Mayo, J. Bates, S. Smith, F. LFtoile, P. Bellarosa, G. Vaughn, Assistant Coach Harwood. Assistant Coach Harwood, Captain M. Hammatt, Coach Donahue. 158 SENIORS: G. Manchester, M. Hammatt, A. Harwood, E. Sveden, K. Crosby. ROMA G. VAUTRINOT Route 6 N. Eastham, MA ORLEANS VILLA PIZZA Rt. 6A Orleans, MA 159 HOCKEY CHEERLEADERS ROW 1: K. Grady, C. Quimby, P. McKean, B. Cronin, A. Mahony, ROW 2: M. Fox, F. Swartz, T. Harris, A. Squire, M. LaPense, M. Chipman. 160 CAPE WIDE AUTOMOTIVE INC. Cove Rd. Orleans, MA Compliments of SERENA’S RESTAURANT Wellfleet, MA 161 162 n-r? 163 To build a castle in the sand is to give shape to dreams. With childlike joy we take the time, We mold, we carve, we scheme. And what we build so strong and firm, so big, so free, so grand, stands perched upon the open shore, no marble place, just sand. We know the winds and tides will come and wash it all away. But we have dreamed and built and grown on this, a sand-spent day. Here, too, we all have gathered grains of smiles, of dreams, of giving, and built along a shore of friends a castle made of living. Our memories are like shovelfuls of laughter, love, and more. No winds or waves can wash away when we have left the shore. B.J.S. 1984 164 m WALS WORTH PUBLISHING COMPANY MARCELINE. MISSOURI. U S A r v -

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