Nauset Regional High School - Nauset Tides Yearbook (North Eastham, MA)

 - Class of 1983

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Nauset Regional High School - Nauset Tides Yearbook (North Eastham, MA) online yearbook collection, 1983 Edition, Cover

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NAUSET TIDES 1983 NAUSET REGIONAL HIGH SCHOOL Cable Rd. No. Eastham, Massachusetts 02651 i Mr?-; ,j.a. mmmmm . Dedication » ■ » a«®smp WSSiM wBk mam wmmwmsm ? a Ifc.tfjSl wm mm m [ msm ' In Loving Memory Of Sharon J. Coal well April 12, 1966 — October 22, 1982 3 (; v » • V 4 Mr. Allen Brown 5 Faculty English Back row - Mary Murphy, Pamela Leddy, Nancy Laning, Shirly Longo Front row - William McCaskie, Barri Jones, Edward Lambton Social Studies Donald Bakker, Frank Hutchings, Donald Campbell, Diane Campbell, Robert Rice Mathematics Cheryl Belanger, Robert Wilkinson, Donna Ferry, Joan Howe, Frank Killiam, Joseph Walorz 6 Chairman, Science Department Edward O’Brien Business Donna Wood, Robin Walker, Donna Demetri Science John Ryan, Joyce Roche, Dr. David Gessford, Herbert Pettengill, Paul Chamber¬ lin, David Gates 7 Office Personnel Gail Meyers Sharman, Evelyn Ander¬ son, Priscilla Tomlinson Guidance Vonda Killian, Joyce MacDonald, Andrew Kalinick, James Scanlon Librarians Nina Mellor, Breene Wright 8 Special Education Sandra Stocker, Constance Brogi, Jonathan Randall, Kathryn Carey, Lisa Abbott llMp W VJi BpN i wm m ■ -m ■T™? -t w 0 Lunch Bunch Shirley Thomas, Bertha Meads, Celina DeWitt, Elsie Bengston, Hazel Cox Custodians Bob Clark, Joe Waters, Ed Redin, Pepi Frazier, Art Sawyer, Irv Daubart 9 Foreign Language Barbara Schoenbaum, Mary Morrison, Rita Mousseau, Nancy Bradley, William Wiegand. Music Mariellen Fuller, Frank James Industrial Arts Richard Brown, Kenelm Collins, Stuart Finlay, Edward Brookshire, Stanley Smith 10 Home Economics Susan Milsky Teddi Rubin Physical Education Lise Hembrough, Paul White, John Donohue, Margar Erickson Nurse Susan Moulton 11 12 Halloween Dance 13 I can wear these socks today — no one sees my heels!! Put your head on my shoulder . . . Practice makes perfect! Mr. Chamberlain, you’ve lost a little weight! 14 . Hey gorgeous, how ya doin’? I can’t take my eyes off of her!! 15 Senior Class Memories What we said: “Later” “Wicked” “Really intense” “Radical” “You’re outta control” “Totally awesome” “Chill out” “Get with the program” “No biggie” “Cool it” “You’re such an airhead” “Get a grip” “What’s up?” “Who?” “It just doesn’t matter” “What a bummer” “What’s for lunch?” “I’m psyched for ... “Hey spaceshot” “No prob” “Ya Mon” What we heard: J. Geils The Clash Journey Men at Work Loverboy Tom Petty The Stones Pat Benatar Foreigner “Where’s your pass?” “Where are you supposed to be?” “E. T. phone home” Announcements every morning “Where’s the party?” Led Zeppelin The Who “You’ll get used to it What was “in”: Baggies Bandanas Nauset Beach Soccer Cowboy Boots The Arcade Hats SENIORS!!! Parties The WALL Skaket Beach Calvin Kleins Punk Glasses Purple Long Pond Watching Sunday Mini Skirts Night Live Rock Harbor Rock Concerts Leg Warmers 16 Events that happened: Pope John Paul was shot The Royal Wedding Mt. St. Helens erupted John Lennon was killed Ronald Reagan was elected President The drinking age was raised to 20 The Tylenol Murders Things we remember: Winning the Soccer Championship The Prom Getting our licenses Halloween Dances Star Wars Luke Laura Beach Day Being freshmen (Well, some of us do Summers on Cape Cod Our First Loves 17 18 19 20 21 r i i 22 23 24 25 26 27 J 28 J 30 m.- f ' A ' Y -W s? i ■ ' P A .- " :m 31 32 33 cHori Bartlett f ammte Beale 3aitk Bell Uric Bengdlon 3on l iilonivona Bit adkaravit % 8M8P iH : 35 launer renaan roivn rown rueci • mmm riunooge udAe enni er Calk onra )tn Cliartrand 38 onm nan - man uchiman aurene at he fine uian an non avener emmin A aren enn orne Scott Adi inion Asimberlu J4, oaan -An dr Jcea Art Sandra acb owar HR fiWi eon at emoA an da emoA Kristen rjCunclt acomber a me affaire one anaAai anno onathan c -S ean uian inor ciron evtn dhristian Yiorgeot 1 ennid it BHE9 1 yi P§Mfc r ' ? ' . ' i ' . iyjJ§Jg§Jf| 1 39 athleen ran u an aura ulhvan (Barb ra Jodenhagen Jdeidi Z ub man mmmmikm Wmmmm :■ smm ■ ; ' ■ illWiiWMIlMwil 58 59 Senior MOST ATHLETIC Laurene Griffin, Jimmy Ritchie MOST SCHOOL SPIRIT Stephen Brueckner, Karen Klimshuk, Deanna Deitrich SHYEST Pam Foley, Brian Perreault 60 Congratulations Class of “83” Best Luck in the Future from HILLTOP PIZZA SUB, Hilltop Plaza. MOST TALKATIVE Peter LaBranche, Kitt Raser MOST ARTISTIC Geoff Lemos, Tammy Beale MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Bob Mazzarese, Karen Abel Congrats Keep Smiling HERBERT L. GUMPRIGHT, T.R., D.D.S. Brewster, Ma. 02631 Compliments of von STORCH DESIGNS 61 Brewster, Ma. 02631 mm Robin Glidden, Peter Knapman CLASS CLOWNS FRIENDLIEST Kerry Chiarello, Mark Manasas BEST DRESSED Christine Havener, Tom Chartrand 62 Best of Luck in the Future FULLER’S PACKAGE STORE Hilltop Plaza Orleans HM1 Susan Blauner, Eugene Ayres CLASS FLIRTS CUTEST Stacey O’Brien, Jon Matel BEST LOOKING Karin Perry, Tim Ering Good Luck to the Class of ’83 THE BREWSTER STORE Brewster, Ma. 63 Best All Around 64 Congratulations Good Luck to the Class of ’83 HENRY A. CALLAHAN INSURANCE Brewster, MA l ndiAcilaA mjtn M. Arnold T. Austin K. Ayer R. Baker S. Bartels B. Beaulieu K. Beckman E. Bergstrom K. Bleau S. Bodamer E. Bonfini B. Branco R. Brown S. Brown P. Burnham N. Carey B. Carlson T. Cams G. Cestaro C. Chandler % J. Chase M. Chase M. Chipman J. Chisolm J. Christopher R. Clifford J. Cole K. Crosby M. Dauphinee S. Dias Best of Luck in the years to come R. Dilauro K. Eagar A. Eldredge Congratulations to the class of ’83 from DANIEL’S ORLEANS CAR WASH f- Finlay Rd, Orleans. CAPE COD 5 U SAVINGS BANK Brewster, Orleans, Wellfleet K. Ellsasser S. Enos S. Ering J. Ferguson D. Foley C. Frazier K. Frazier H. Ganss J. Gibson R. Gifford A. Gill T. Goldberg M. Goodspeed E. Greene D. Hallett J. Hamilton S. Hamilton M. Hammatt D. Grant K. Hansbury A. Harwood J. Hawkes B. Hempel C. Herold J. Hogan S. Hoover S. Joseph B. Kirkham K. Knight G. Kotis J. Krikorian Congratulations class of ’83 from MID CAPE CENTER Orleans, Ma. 67 G. Malone G. Manchester J. Martin K. Mather R. Mazzarese S. McCutcheon A. McKay P. McKean C. Mead L. Monks K. Morse B. Nickerson P. O’Neil S. Paquette R. Patrick L. Perreault K. " Pooler R. Kew J. Quinn G. Reineke K. Reycroft M. Richards W. Richardson M. Royal S. Royal A. Ryan M. Sabine J. Schneider Compliments of BAY VILLAGE REALTY Best Wishes To Class of ’83 THE WOOD SHED Brewster, Ma. Brewster, Ma. 68 W. Schuman C. Scrivani B. Seiser J. Sherman J. Smith K. Smith K. Smith L. Smith D. Smithson A. Snow P. Stevens D. Still K. Stoffel S. Sullivan E. Sweden A. Sweet C. Swidrack A. Tasha L. Taylor S. Taylor G. Tsouprake S. Tubman J. Vanhoeven C. Ventura T. Walker P. Wiedenman B. Wilson Compliments Of NEW HORIZONS Peacock Alley-Rt. 28, Orleans, Ma. Best Wishes to the Class of ’83 SANDY’S HOME MAINTENANCE Remodel, Repair, Roofing 69 G. Avery M. Barclay B. Barnes A. Baronowsky J. Bassett W. Battles T. Beale C. Bodamer K. Bowman A. Bridgwood J. Brintnall J. Burrill C. Carroll T. Caswell B. Cellucini J. Cathie J. Chad K. Chiarello J. Christopher A. Clayton M. Dickson J. Dilauro M. Dorval S. Elliot P. Emmons T. Emmons M. Falano Best of wishes to the Class of ’83 MURPHY’S FARM FRESH PRODUCE Rt. 6. North Eastham Congratulations to the Class of ’83 EASTHAM VILLAGE PIZZA Rt. 6 North Eastham A. Fellers C. Finch F. Flemming D. Flemming S. Forman J. Fulcher M. Furlano K. Gable T. Gallagher K. Gill D. Gitter S. Goss A. Grady H. Gould R. Hurd B. Jamieson E. Joens N. Joens S. Jones S. Kerry T. Kinski B. Knowles M. Lapense M. Laub M. Lee K. MacDonald D. Macomber E. Marino D. McCullough Compliments of MOONEY FUEL GRAIN Depot Square Wellfleet, MA 02667 J. Kagle T. Keane 71 C. O’Brien P. Ozon A. Painter A. Pearl M. Perkins S. Pulsifer K. Quick P. Schrader D. Schram S. Shay J. Shiel J. Rose R. Rose R. Rutkowski M. Ryan C. Quinn E. Radke S. Ramsey Good luck to the Class of 1983 LIGHT HOUSE RESTAURANT Wellfleet, MA S. Reycroft R. Richardson Best of luck to the Class of 1983 WELLFLEET PHARMACY 2 Main Street, Wellfleet, MA D. Shipman B. Staples M. Stewart H. Still B. Strobel B. Studley D. Tasha J. Thibodeau J. Thureson G. Tilton P. Tottora B. Tulloch P. Vanryswood M. Verfalie C. Vetromile S. Wanderlich N. Whipple L. White K. Wiley W. Willis J. Winslow J. Winslow R. Woodell C. Woods J. Wyeth K. Yakimchuk M. Yonce Good luck to the Class of ’83 UNCLE BEN’S COUNTRY BUTCHER SHOP Brackett Rd, North Eastham, MA. 73 M. Bove L. Branco C. Brown K. Brown E. Cabral L. Carter J. Chartrand A. Chase K. Chase C. Chiarello J. Christopher L. Clark A. Cordeiro K. Craft B. Cronin N. Dube R. Crosby T. Dwyer A. Cullum M. Eagar A. Cullum C. Ellis M. Dessauer P. Ellis K. Douglas S. Ellis 74 Congratulation Class of ’83 BREWSTER MOBIL D. Fancy D. Fanelli M. Farrell A. Fawkes I. Ferguson T. Fettig I. Fisk B. Fitzpatrick B. Flanagan S. Fleming S. Fleming M. Fox K. Francis M. Frazier P. Fredericks J. George V. Gifford C. Griffith C. Gilmore T. Glidden A. Graham K. Hagg M. Hammatt D. Hansbury C. Harrington C. Hatch K. Horton J. Jones S. Jones D. Joseph K. Joseph J. Hatch B. Hayes HYANNIS MEDICAL CENTER Ambulatory Health Care Open 7 Days 771-7520 75 B. Leonard A. Linnell C. Long S. Long K. Luscombe D. Macioci S. Macleod M. Mahony K. Manasas K. Martin J. Mayo A. Me Donald T. Me Enaney R. Me Quat P. Mead R. Miller J. Millin C. Monks J. Myers T. Nagy J. Netto J. Nichols E. Oliver L. Olsen G. Pickard D. Pierce L. Pooler G. Reineke When you run out - Run in 76 CURTIS COMPACT Hill Top Plaza, Orleans Best of Luck to the Class of “83” THE GLASS EYE Brackett Rd., No. Eastham, MA. S. Sicmer S. Smith G. Smith M. Smith R. Smith S. Spencer D. Squire Best Wishes to the Class of “83” GIFT BARN Rt. 6 No. Eastham, MA. 77 o m po O 2 O X O cn c i?oo — ZCc- Make Ups D. Amerault M. Boulerice M. Costa M. Doyle L. Hall E. Hollister A. Mahoney M. Marcotte G. Walters R. Wherity T. McLaughlin M. Miller J. Pierce H. Schneider M. Barclay D. Bunzick S. Conn J. Devlin C. Finch N. Hall J. Mallory M. Mead J. Que H. Scammell C. Schmidt S. Shay B. Straughn M. Uzupes 78 A. Fawkes M. Bessette K. Chase K. Chiarello K. Craft B. Cronin L. Fisck D. Hansbury S. Knowles J. Lang D. Luhmann K. Martin S. Seimers K. Strakele D. Squire L. Wilson L. Mudge Best wishes to the Class of ’83 LUKE’S MARKET Route 6A, Brewster, MA. Best wishes to the Class of ’83 NICKERSON HOMES 79 Orleans, MA. ZmSlwrnpOTi HHHiHWMA l i I 1 f I can’t get away fast enough from chemistry! “I don’t want another yearbook assignment!” - vr- Who me? But I’m innocent! Accidents happen! If spiderman can do it, so can I! I’m such a cutie! To the class of 1983 — Destiny is no matter of chance, it is a matter of choice. It is not a thing to be waited for. it is a thing to be achieved. Compliments of COLLECTOR’S WORLD THE PILGRIM’S KITCHEN. I I Anyone for green M M’s? Drummers play better! Peek-a-Boo! You’d be asleep too, if you had the night I did! I could sing soprano in chorus! •% I m | f W Let me look into your future! Compliments of MALONE TANDLER 66 Long Wharf, Boston 2648 Main St., Brewster 81 KHi 82 Compliments to the class of ’83 from a friend. Best Wishes to the Class of ’83 COVE CYCLE Orleans, Ma. Mr. Randall’s Class G. Caplyn L. Clark C. Garling L. Rogers C. Valli 83 Mr. Randall’s Class 84 Senior Senate Stacey O’Brien, Tracey Branco, Lynne Malone, Laurene Griffin, Molly Payne, Brendan Boulerice, Amy Kalinick, Sue Hannon Junior Senate Ann Ryan, Rita Clifford, Janet Hamilton, Karen Smith, Kerri Beckman, Krissy Knight 86 Junior Class Officers President Brett Branco, Vice President Richard Mazzarese, Secretary Traci Goldberg, Treasurer Greg Kotis Secretary Kim Chiarello, Treasurer Anthony Clayton, Vice President Jeff Thibodeau, President Matt Stewart Sophomore Class Officers 87 1983 Yearbook Staff Yearbook Photographer - Bob Tucker, Focalpoint Studio. Karen Henry, EDITOR. Justyne Walorz, COPY EDITOR, Susan Blauner, CO-EDITOR. 88 ROW ONE LEFT TO RIGHT: B. Wayda, T. Beale, T. Dubois, S. Blauner. ROW TWO: C. Connors, H. Tubman, C. Chipman, G. Lemos, P. Rogers, J. Walorz, Advisor Miss Jones. Missing: O. Kaeselau, L. Kee, K. Henry; Staff Photographers: Kris Knight, Jack Sherman, Cathy Guyer. 89 co UJ 2 — o VC President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Karen Abel Shannon Dobson Petra Mitchell John Brown 90 1st row: Margaret Mead, Kitt Raser, Tracey Branco, Petra Mitchell, Pres. Molly Payne, Shannon Dobson, Owen Dodge, Ashley Fawkes, Matt Stewart, Anthony Clayton, 2nd row: Mr. Chamberlin, Tracey Goldberg, Anne Ryan, Toby Glucksman, Scott Branco, Jennifer Gibson, Karen Abel, Andrew Horne, Kerry Chiarello, Robin Glidden, Tracey Beale, Margaret Millette, Maureen Eager, 3rd row: Joy Ferguson, Kerry Beckman, Richard Mazzarese, Dara Lee, Gretchen Reineke, Melinda Fox, Tom Kean, Krista Chiarello, Erin Marino Student Advisory Council 1st row: Kathy Schofield, Kim Hogan, RAC Owen Dodge, Anthony Clayton, 2nd row: Chris 9 Scrivani, David Hurd nzcon HZmocHw NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY 1st row left to right: Kathleen Smith, Anne Ryan, Kristina Knight, Eve Bergstrom, Julie Christopher, Kerri Beckman, Joy Ferguson, Shannon Dobson, Andrew Horne - President, Thomas Chartrand, Jennifer Brown, Susan Minor, Pamela Burnham, Scott Bodamer, Lisa Hall. 2nd row: Mr. Milbier, Greg Kotis, Richard Mazzarese, Charles Aldred, Lillian Perreault, Andrea Tasha, Jennifer Cathie, Deanna Deitrich, Robin Glidden - Vice President, Laura Sullivan, Karen Klimshuk, Karen Able, Lynne Malone, Kitt Raser, Edward Oswalt, Melinda Crary, Kevin Eager. 3rd row: Christopher Scrivani, Brian Perreault, Toby Glucksman, Faith Bell, Jay Larson, Robert Mazzarese - Treasurer, Lisa Kiele, Augusto Marto, Mark Abbott, Brett Branco, Peter Knapman, Jeff Cole, John McKean. Missing from picture: Susan Hannon - Secretary, Tracey Branco, Owen Dodge, Robin Fazio, Greg Tsouprake. MATH LEAGUE 1st row left to right: Charles Alldred, Tim Dywer, Robert Sharman. 2nd row: Kathy Smith, Jay Larsen, Andy Horne, Peter Knapman, Ian Fisk, Shirley Semer. 92 AFS Left to right: Mrs. Schoenbaum, Jenny Gibson, Owen Dodge, Greet Lammertyn, Kevin Eager, Cynthia Griffith, Tom Bhadhavarit, Jeannette Rosado, Lynne Malone. Missing from picture: Jukke-Pekka Vainio, and Kyoko Nakamara. SKI CLUB Left to right, 1st row: Mae-ellen Layton, Mrs. Hembrough, John Matel, Janet Hamilton, Kris Knight, Rick Crosby, Melissa Mahony, Jimmy Millin, Chris Vetromile, Toby Glucksman, Bill Eager, Susan Paquette, Jeff Bates, Greg Smith, Peter Wiedenman. 2nd row: Steve Enos, Jamie Wyeth, Liz Antonez, Frank Stubbs, Carla Havner, Jesse Daly, Debbie Bunzick, Chris Desshour, Paula Diaz. 3rd row: David Flemming, Jenny Gibson, Janet Hamilton, Jeff Cartier, Dana Squire, Sean Flemming, Amy Linnell, Michelle Bessette, Katie Hughes. 93 ALG Group Row 1, 1 to r: C. McNutt, J. Wilkenson, A. Tasha, M. Miller, T. McLaughlin, G. Avery, B. Straughn, R. Fazio, L. Bartlett. Row 2: E. Ayres, A. Spade, F. Bell, J. Mallory, G. Walters, J. Triton, D. Amerault, R. Bienvenue, K. Herold, S. Conn. Row 3: P. Dubois, E. Andrews, M. Costa, G. Kotis, L. Howard, M. Milliken, L. Hollister, M. Uzepes, A. Sullivan, S. Smith, J. Larson, L. Amerault, D. Bunzick, C. Paviglionite, D. Lee, L. Greene, K. Abel, M. Schmidt, Advisor J. Rivers 94 The ALG Classroom 95 I ' II 11 t « I i I f i II D r a m a C 1 a s s TOP ROW LEFT TO RIGHT: Marley Miller, Richard Mazzarese, Dara Lee, Mrs. Leddy, Amy Kalinick, Lisa Hall, Kerry Chiarello, Mike Schmidt. BOTTOM ROW: Liz Greene, Bevin Wilson, Cyndy Marino, Tracy Goldberg, Melinda Crary, Robin Gatto, Tammy McLaughlin. MISSING: Wendy Garceau, Regan Whitelaw, Chris Paviglinite, Lori Bartlett, Brett Branco, Kathleen Schofield, Shannon Dobson. 96 97 FLOWERS FOR ALGERNON Dr. Strauss . . . Andrew Horne Professor Nemur . . . Kerry Chiarello Alice Kinnian . . . Shannon Dobson Burt Seldon . . . Gene Newmier Charles Gordon . . . Greg Kotis Doris . . . Erin Marino Nurse . . . Cynthia Griffith Frank . . . Bryon Hayes Gina . . . Cassandra Ellis Mrs. Donner ... Ali Daly Joe . . . Richard Mazzarese Mother . . . Lisa Hall Little Charlie . . . Robert Sharman Father . . . Robert Mazzarese Child Norma . . . Marlee Miller Mrs. Feldman . . . Tammy McLaughlin Ellen . . . Cindy Marino Teen-age Charlie . . . Tim Dwyer Bernice . . . Karen Hagg Connie . . . Deidre Tasha Chairman . . . Michael Barclay Mrs. Mooney . . . Carla Havener Mrs. Nemur . . . Yvonne Crevier Mr. Harvey . . . Michael Schmidt Jackie Welberg . . . Kathy Schofield Anne Welberg . . . Alison Bridgewood Norma . . . Regan Whitelaw 98 99 Music Department Band Front Row: Tracey Branco, Stacey O’Brien, Lisa Kiele, Nicola Joens, Anne Painter, Kris Gill, Karen Horton, Deanna Detrich, Sheila Bartels. Second Row: Elizabeth Joens, Kris Gable, Susan Paquette, Scott Hogan, Sid Smith, Erin Marino, Mary Beth Dorval, Jessica Daly, Christine Dessauer. Third Row: Brian Knowles, Stephen Goss, Tom Chartrand, Jennifer Brown, Eugene Newmier, Jennifer Fulcher, Stephanie Shay, Peter Wiedenman, Peter Schrader, Anthony Clayton. Fourth Row: Tracie Beale, Sue Hannon, Craig McNut, Scott Bodamer, Mr. James. Front Row: Polly Mead, Kim Rutowski, Elise Besse, Stacey Flemmings, Lisa Olson, Tim Dwyer, Amy Cullum, Frances Swartz, Second Row: Caroline Gilmore, Jane Chartrand, Kris Pooler, Beth Cronin, Leslie Branco, Allison Graham, Robert Sharmin, Third Row: Mr. James, Michael Scrivani, Tim Turner, Dana Squire, David Fanelli, Shirly Siemer, Mary Ellen Fuller. Strings Front Row: Moira Royal, Jukka-Pekka Vainio, Cynthia Griffin, Second Row: Bonnie Schofield, Donna Foley, Kristin Brown, Cortney Mead. Choir Front Row: Kim Yackimchuck, Cindy Marino, Janai Quinn, Carla Havener, Alice Sullivan. Second Row: Jennifer Chad, Gail Tilton, Faith Flemming, Sharon Murphy. 100 101 102 Basketball Cheerleaders BOTTOM ROW LEFT TO RIGHT: Stacey Flemming, Gretchen Reineke, Alicia Richardson, Jenny VanHoeven, Erin Marino, Leslie Branco. MIDDLE ROW: Deanna Dietrich, Kerri Beckman, Beth Seiser, Anne Ryan, Lisa Smith, Karyn Smith. PYRAMID ROW: Traci Godberg, Lauren Monks, Melinda Fox, Joy Ferguson, Francis Hoban, Stephanie Shea, Kim Chirello. CAPTAINS: Kerri Beckman and Deanna Dietrich. Congratulations Seniors COMPREHENSIVE FAMILY DENTAL CARE Orleans, MA 02653 (255-0516) Varsity Boys’ Basketball NAUSSf 1 . ' r K bI’ Back row: M. Arnold, J. Ritchie, C. Mead, G. Malone, P. O’Neil, G. Tsouprake, D. McMiller, S. Ramsey, M. Abbott, B. Miller, Manager C. Nickerson. Middle row: Assist. Coach B. Masterson, Coach L. Miller. Front row: Trainer J. Chad, Capt. S. Brueckner, Manager R. Kew 104 Compliments of LAURINO’S FAMILY DINING 6A Brewster 896-6135 Congratulations to the Class of ’83 VILLAGE GREEN GENERAL STORE Brackett Rd., No. Eastham JV Boys’ Basketball mm FT - wr ■ 1 Cii V ■ A .fm T oi Pa fe Cf Back Row: T. Kinski, B. Leonard, R. Smith, B. LaBranche, T. McEnaney, T. Emmons, B. Battles, D. Pierce, B. McQuat, A. Pearl, R. Henry, K. Mannasas, C. Carole, Front Row: Coach B. Masterson, T. Galligan Good luck to the class of ’83 Best Wishes to the Class of ’83 SEASCAPE HOUSE EASTHAM AUTO PARTS Route 6 No. Eastham Brackett Road, No. Eastham, MA jo5 HOCKEY CHEERLEADERS Captains: L. Bartlett, L. Leite 106 Congratulations and best wishes to the class of 1983 ROBINSON’S 5 10 Cape Cod Best of wishes to the class of ’83 VISTA VIEW MARKET Rt. 6, Eastham, 02642 VARSITY ICE HOCKEY Row one, 1 to r: D. Fleming, J. Mayo, S. Fleming, D. Yates, S. Collins, R. Hurd, G. Smith, P. Belarosa, M. Russo, J. Thibodeau. Row two: M. Hammatt, D. Fancy, J. Winslow, G. Maintanas, K. Crosby, S. McCutchon, A. Harwood, L. Avery, M. Hemmings, S. Smith, S. Adams, E. Sveden, R. Hibbs, D. Grant, R. Rutkowski, Coach Harwood. TIM ROSE’S REPAIR Autobody Technician 107 Briar Lane, Wellfleet 349-7210 CAPTAIN: L. Avery SENIOR PLAYERS Varsity Boys’ Soccer Rou. 1, 1 to r M. Flemmings, M. O ' Neil W. Kracke. P. LaBrarche. E. Bengston, J. Brou-r. T. Ering. S. Colins. J. Mated C. Mer.tzer. C. Mead. Row 2: J. Chisolm. C. La.ooe. M. Ham-matt. J. Zartariar. M. Amoid. A. Harwood. K. Wiley, G. Malone. 3 Branco. D. Hallert. S. McCutcher. M. Abbott. M. Goods peed Asst, coaches: K. Clark. M. Matheson. Coach Donohue. I I Captains: 1 to r E. Bengstor.. T. Ering. Coach Donohue. Senior Flyers: row 1, 1 to r M. O ' Neil, P. LaBranche. J. Brown. J. Brown. T. Ering, E. Bengstor.. Row 2: M. Hern-rungs. S. Collins, J. MaieL W. Kracke. C. Mead. C. Mertzer. 108 109 Girls’ Varsity Soccer Bottom row: Dara Lee, Laurene Griffen, Karen Abel, Kellie Nevin, Wendy Yeautter, Christa Chiarello, Sue Pauquete, Sue Hannon, Standing; Coach Rice, Middle row: Kim Hogan, Jennifer Fulcher, Melinda Crarey, Tammie Beale, Liz Greene, Patti Emmons, Tracie Beale, Top row: Cristina McKenzie, Eve Bergstrom Senior Players Sue Hannon, Kim Hogan, Karen Abel, Melinda Crarey, Laurene Griffen, Kellie Nevin, Tammie Beale 110 Ill Varsity Field Hockey Front Row, L to R, R. Clifford, K. Grady, L. Antonez, N. Carey, J. Gibson Second Row, Coach T. Rubin, L. Perreault, K. Hugh, J. Winslow, S. Brown, L. Bartlett, L. M onks, L. Smith, Coach L. Hembrough if ts 11 iMIll Mfli ::: M £ iSSSt uFMSfwi 2 ; i- 9 JE ■ iffli Captain Lori Bartlett 112 Row 1, 1 to r: Mark Carroll, Kelly Bleau, Kerry Chiarello, Cameron Reilly, Brian Perreault. Row 2: Kevin Eagar, Bobby Baker, Greg Tsouprake, Mr. Scanlon, Adam Pearl. COACH: Mr. Walorz, missing Cross Country Captains: Kerry Chiarello, Brian Perreault. 113 Junior Varsity Field Hockey Row 1: L to R, N. Hall, J. Rosado, B. Richardson, M. Fox, G. Reineke, A. Fox, A. Linnell, P. Daiz, M. Verfaillie, Row 2, Coaches T. Rubin L. Hembrough, K. Grady, L. Perreault, K. Hughes, R. Clifford, L. Antonez, S. Brown, L. Bartlett, L. Monks, L. Smith, M. Millette, J. Winslow, N. Carey, J. Gibson, A. Hilferty. Co-Captains: L. Bartlett S. Brown 114 Front row: S. Fleming, B. Leonard, C. Hatch, M. Scrivani, J. Hatch, M. Bove, S. Bodamer, T. McEnaney, G. Smith, T. Fettig, J. Myers, E. Oliver. Back row: B. Miller, D. Fleming, R. Mazzarese, R. Kew, J. Wyeth, J. Thibodeau, S. Smith, S. Ramsey, A. Marto, T. Kinski, Coach K. Shea. Junior Varsity Boys’ Soccer Front row: A. Monks, D. Tasha, S. Schneider, K. Gable, H. Greene. Middle row: B. Cronin, J. Christopher, K. Pooler, E. Besse, N. Dube. Back row: S. Siemer, S. Jones, C. Kurlychek, M. Eager, S. Smith, C. Monks, Coach D. Kuhnert. Junior Varsity Girls’ Soccer 115 c h e e r 1 e a e r s Row 1, 1 to r: Anne Ryan, Lynne Malone, Karen Klimshuk, Kerri Beckman. Row 2: Kitt Raser, Tracey Goldberg, Stacey O’Brien, Lisa Kiele, Joy Ferguson. Captains: Stacey O’Brien, Kitt Raser. V . Congratulations to the Class of ’83 VILLAGE GREEN GENERAL STORE Brackett Rd, No. Eastham Compliments of LAURINO’S FAMILY DINING 6A Brewster 896-6135 v 3 Gymnastics CLUB MEMBERS Tammy Hildreth Dawn Hansbury Karen Hagg Mary Beth Dorval Melanie Dickson Kathy Stetson Compliments of JACKIE MARCOTTE Secretarial Service 51 Anawan Road, Brewster MA. Compliments of CROWNING GLORY BEAUTY SALON Brackett Road, North Eastham MA Varsity Girls’ Basketball Back Row: T. Beale, J. Fulcher, W. Yeutter, M. Mead, C. Ciarello, K. Hughes, S. Pauquette, P. Emmons, Coach P. White, Front Row: T. Beale, S. Hannon, Captain L. Griffin, G. Lambertyn. 118 Captain Coach Senior Players Back Row: Manager E. Besse, K. Bowman, S. Jones, J. Christopher, A. Monks, C. Merrill, M. Eager, S. Schneider, Manager B. Cronin, Coach R. Wilkinson, Front Row: K. Pooler, J. Christopher, N. Dube, J. Rosado, T. Anderson 119 120 NEWORLD BANK Hyannis Cape Cod Mall Osterville Dennisport Orleans South Yarmouth Yarmouth Shopping Plaza PETER KNAPMAN: PK, Napkin, etc..Math League 1-4, Honor Society 3-4, Drama 4, Most studious (Joke) 5 hrs. in a bus. Egypt-7 angry pygmies, A bottle of wine a berserk shopkeeper, (sorry tha’t mine)! Basically, DD’s 17th-l was not. Princeton-wish me luck. Mr. L-keep up the good work. Andy, Robin, a great 6 years, Stephen really, so long Nauset. Bye everybody-I’m outa here! SUSAN HANNON: Soccer, Basketball, Senate, NHS, drumming-keeps me sane! Infamous STD! nervous talks w TC, Tom, you’re very special to me-thank you. TB-Best of friend. NYC bound, have you ever seen the rain, Rob? Princess and the Frog. Seranaded by AH. To catch the wind. Swimming? Now Ali?? DD talks, tank you. I want GRIMMACE COOKIES!! A man of quality respects a woman for equality. Mom and Dad, I love you, Thank you. Go for it! God Bless to all my friends. It is now time to begin our journey to destiny. INGER LANDERS: Ing, IMA, Summer of ’82. The best! Parties at the harbor with the whole crew! 9 10 82. Jeff thanks I.L.Y. Nickerson State Park the Weekend before finals! The trip to Maine with Pan, and back? Wendy Pan I never would have made it without you. Wendy, we always want what we can’t have! 4 a.m. Headlights!! Look out!! Good luck Lil Julie. Traci, thank you for listening! Mom, you’re the best! Dad. D.M. thanks! Wendy, thanks for being there whenever I needed someone to talk to! 122 KAREN AEEL: Mol, Shan, LG-You are everything because you are yourselves CL, keep your eyes on a star and the music shall play ... KRISTEN LLJNDEN: Gym-1. Banc 1-4. Sunsets a: Campground, four wheelin ' ? Champagne madness. Let it snow FLA 821 I want to go back. Dave! Trips to P-town w -LF. So many memories ... Laurie. I miss youl 12 4 81: 3-cay a: Double-d! Shag r. cookie. 1LY Bco-3oc nose. Amiga Laurene, your friendship is so special, thanx. Luck to LS n SA Thanx to MG for being there Dave. ILY forever! You ' re a very special guy Mom. Dad. lusa. 5c Andy ILY all. thanx for being my family. WelLWhat ' s next? KAREN KLIMSHUK: Ren. Cheering. I love rock roll! Jr. yr. THE BEST’ CW, DC, DL, JM, JN, at last. CE. TB-love ya sis! Wild nights, celebration, zoom-swish! FLORIDA ’82!! TB, LM CE, JN, DC, JM. PL BW. Where ' s CW? Prom-N ' auset Beach mom’ w CWE ... me too. 8 25 82-vanning! Close friends. Super Bowl and Simon. CH-GTAQ! AM. skiing! Senior yr. AK. CH, LM. KR. LS. Road trips. KE. CL, DL, AM-Good luck! Soccer summer ' 82, Brandeis. how dedicated! Donald, my companion. Departure 8 82. never so sac. Good bye doesn ' t mean forever! I love you Dad Mom . .. CWE . . . you too! 123 JENNIFER MARIE BROWN: Mozart Le Monsieur. Laughing nomads. Birth of a Philosophy. Beethoven- the hi walls. Erratic GI Joe spanky and bizarre 6. Spafty fins. Punk frout trush. Heaven in Pitts. The Opie men. Madame-Q Baby. I’m dead but saved! Guitars too. Get a pass. Tanglewood 82! I hate babies. Godzilla 7-81. Adlem. Wakami, Clash and Nabokov in Swaziland. Laissez faire, Laissez aller. FBJ keep playing-THANKS! Mom, Dad-It’s been unique. Emerald. Neon Trumpeting I go ... SHEILA AVELLAR: Beethoven music theory with Mozart. Do you need a straight edge? Non spastic and nomadic to the end. VJC Remember way back when with tomahawks and dominoes and don’t forget the light camp ground with LJ and AG. Jamming with HS, AG, LJ. A special thanks to Mrs. Laning and Mr. James for helping me out to find myself. SP, AG, HS, I leave you this school in good health. A very special thank you to my family. Julie pracice those drums. Good luck LW, PM, ML, HA, CP, VJC, JB, HS, AG, LJ, KM. SUSAN MINOR: Suz, Su Su, Caddie: Honor Society 3,4, Marching Band, Marth’s Vineyard ’82, blowing up the chem lab with Cathy, COE with Leigh, saying “hi” to JH, U.S. Seminar with Sue, Balancing debits and credits with Sandy and Cathy-the dynamic trio. Camping trips-swimming with A.M. and L.H. at 6 a.m., Washington D.C., and Beni Hanas. Many thanks for the love and care from Mom, Dad, MC, MJ, AB, and the rest of my Community family. Good bye Nauset! 124 MATT LEONARD: Summer ’82. The Clash, Led Zeppelin. The Jagoneer Powerline drive beat on run. Back road to the Donut Shack. Hey weasle. Partying with BP, RW, LF, PL, ... I.D. Please. PAUL DUBOIS: Good times with Liz, Sean, and Sue. Baby-slinging at the vos. Tragic! The cat at Pete’s. Ithica is gorges! Oh no, adventure crashed again. Well, the trash-80 is a kludge anyway. Middletown, the middle of nowhere. Remember: Nuke Nauset . . . 1984 is almost here, and conform or be cast out. Thanx, Mr. Ryan, and Big-Buddy is watching you. BARBARA FRANCKE: Babs, can always be found in the gym. Mornings at Betty’s with the fields and RG. How many bones are buried in the field?? My partners in crime-Planet Canine and Scary. The gang LL, WB, KP, IL, AF, RD. Not another donut! GHETTO BLASTS-Summer fun at CCC. Billy I love you. Wicked mother truck loads, Springsteen? Never heard of him. Bowie, CCR, Cooper, Atlantics. ALG 3-4. Party 1,2,3,4 . . . LET’S GO! 125 JEFFREY A. CARTIER: Summer “82”. Hobie cat with J.H., P.M., and S.K. Small craft warnings. Fly em high with J.L.H.. of course! Oh No! The Wind Died!! What will we do? Bon Fires. “I bet the water is warm”. The dune ski trips. “Hey Flem, stubby’s got the shivers”. Bronco buster challenge at battle sac NASTAR-silver. Halogen high beam at skaket. Hi Frankie, what’s up? All my love to Janet, it wouldn’t of been possible without you! Did you ever wonder, where that picture went? 143J.L.H. AUGUSTO MARTO: Goosey, Reub. Soccer 1-4. Party? YES. Not Now. For once a Guy has to get serious. I’m not going to bring up party times, even though I’d like to. I want to thank M.L. for giving me a few tips. All the summer to W.N., E.R.S., J.G., the Arnolds crew. “B” Sorry for the roughness thanks for the magic. I know you’d never let me down. Most of all I want to thank the people that made this happen. Pam Nick. Mom Dad thanks for letting me go when I was yours, Still am. Love You. Portugal forever, No Limits! ROBIN GIDDEN: Robbie, Memorial Day, New York. My hair isn’t dead. The bottomless pond. Green cantelope. Ali-suspenders, NYE 82?! Hey baby. Deanna-Nauset Beach, Camaros, Sounds of Silence. Have you ever seen the rain, Sue? We fooled them all. Andew, even the terrorists. Perverted talks. Une Quote. Lisa, pastry is flaky, TOD, Thanks Eric. The friendly summer! It’s not even fine. Laughs with M.P., K.C., S.B., PK., T.C., and Mr. L. The best is yet to be. I love you Mom and Dad. It’s all yours! Chuck! P.S. I hate bubbly! 126 KITT RASER: Kittles, Kizzy! Trivia: Cheerleading (co-capt. 2,4) — Summer ’82! Friday the 13th-summer lovers-July 4, Halloween-oooo babe! Parties, long talks, midnight drives. KRB: BTBBWBABBYB! Stace-Who are we gonna bag? Memories! Betsy Lou! Friendly’s- LK-Luv ya! Intense talks w Ren, Lynnsey. Miss ya SB, MJ, MM, DR, RZ, AR, ED! Rege-Span. 4-there’s too much to say in such little space. Trace-party hearty-let me know first! Spags w Pete??? Mom and Dad-IWALY! Florida Bound! GROOVY!! JOE PERKINS: We finally made it!! I wasn’t sure I would, thanks Mom Dad for making sure that I did. Remember Bio. R.G., C.S., remember all those English classes? Thanks B.P., C.A., A.S., SLSM., T.C., T.G., and M.C., for making me smile. A special thanks to S.R. for being there. Everyone stayout of trouble and keep in touch. Good luck in the future. Those crazy beach days! BARBARA TODENHAGEN: See you latter Nauset! Thanks Mom Dad! Hey T.K., please don’t buy the green ones. E.M., K.W., thanks for being there! C.G. you’ve been a great friend! K.P., you’re one of the best! L.M., things will get better! S.M., try not to fall in the pool. S.H., miss ya. J.K., You’ll always be a friend! Smile! Hey Reputa! Goober says hi! Oh my! Here comes trouble. Oh well S.E., L.A., R.I. L.C. have a good trip stay out of the bathrooms! Thanks for being a friend! It’s been real Nauset, too real! BYE!!! 127 SUSAN GLAHN: For the old times. London Broil says, “It’s the best”. Summer of “82”. “VO” the best. Clear tab! Anyone for BRKWTR? “I don’t care”. Who’s hyper? “All night”? Well, what are we waiting for? Anyone remember where I’m supposed to be? People, Places, Times, they’re all remembered. Remember yesterday, plan for tomorrow, but live for today. To M D and all my friends. Whatever happens, happens . . . Bye Nauset! CYNTHIA MARINO: Splash! We finally made it through all those rainy days. Good H.T., B.W., P.M. Beach rides with Matthew, Petra, Paul, and Kim. Anyone want a Brownie? A quiet ride to Fort Hill, Tenants Island with M.Y. No, mom, the cop wasn’t following us. Halloween night with Matthew, Erin, Lizzie and me at Friendly’s. Petra, he enjoys his cat’s company better. Thank you Erin, Liz and Macie! Mom, I really made it through these last years. I will always cherish your special caring. Thank you, Dad and Mom! FRANK STUBBS: Baseball Manager 1-2-4, Ski club 1-3-4-, Fun times with J.M., L.B., M.R., G.R., D.B. New England Dragway with P.B., G.R., D.V., Talking about girls with H.B. John, we will race! Steve, thanks for all your help and advice. Summer “82” with S.H., you made it worth while! Long friendship with Kelly. Motor swaps with G.R. Romping rides with M.R. Karen, you’re making my last year the best. Well, Lisa, I finally made it. Mom Dad, I Luv you both; you’ve put up with alot!!! 128 LISA C. KIELE: Lisel, Bunny - KiKi. Shack parties-chug! Pizza on chest. Blackmail-Hey Ali . . . I’m a juvenile! Mustaches! Mr. Biology Boot. Bottomless pond. Une quote, eh Robin? Zoom! Where’s the carrot? 1812-S.Go . . . Yeah! Vette talks with kiki. Psychable! Green haired weakling? Bathroom Buddies K.R., S.O. Punch bowl. Cruise Studs, Danny’s celebration! Towels on tables? Sizes and Shapes - Tracey. Bertha Babe. Mickey gives hickeys! Andew Poop Poop! Many friends-Luv Ya! JONATHAN A. MATEL: The kid was here. ERIC BRUINOOGE: The Dead Live! Summers uptown, B — s at sops, Cannon Hill. Nookie-Never! Oh, well, we try. Thanx wellfeetions, my real teachers-K.M., C.N., A.C., J.C., Ralla and the rest. Jag On! Don’t give in! To conform is a sin! Widow Bit. What can I say? Go Easy! Thanx J.R., you made me. It’s a strange courage, You give me ancient star: Shine alone in the sunrise toward which you lend no part! -W.C. Williams- 129 LEIGH ANN HALE: Leigh, Junior year with Sandy! Cathy, I hate bananas! Finally some classes with Sue! C.O.E. with Susan. G S orchestra with Holly. C of J band, Drama, Choir, Washington! Bermuda with J and B! NHW. Nauset, take good care of Kathy. I love you Mom and Dad! Special thanks to J and B and the rest of my community family. SANDRA JACKSON: Sandy, Sands, Jack, Dino. F M in CJ Marching Band. Cello Orchestra, bells. YC Summers w G S. Boston trips - blast! Camping hikes, C-C skiing, biking, early swims beach buddies. Skating, sq. dances, softball games w HS group. Bermuda ’82, Washington ’79. Morning garden crew. Weekend video parties. KF MP w Sue. J-Y everything w Leigh. Freshman fun w .Bubbs. CL project w Suz. Allergies - What?! It’s busy, lets blitz! Much love thanks to all my community family. Mom you mean a lot. P G Love ya. LAURIE WATTS: Nauset 1-4. Having great times with good friends! Greet and Jeanette I hope you had a great year at Nauset. You made mine great. Well Faith here we are. Between running out of gas and speed bumps we finally made it! For that trip anyway! Shawn - I’ll Love you forever!!! Thanks for everything! Goodbye — — Nauset. 130 LAURENE GRIFFIN: “Gip” Soccer! Co-Captains w Mabel. Hoop, softball - 1-4. Summer ’82 - best ever! Sunsets and sunrises?! Beach parties - Balston! Great times and many special friends. KA so many ranks! “Scoopin!” 1 7 81? LS, I’ll have a party! Melis, Beth, Bakey, I miss ya. Florida ’82, wild times swinger, “you lightweight!” Kris, what can I say? Many memories . . . Luv ya! Mrs. Laning Mrs. Walker thanks for your friendship. Coach R. Thanks for the ranks! Mom and Dad I love you both. Steve, “Little sis” is growing up! M. S. ILY! ANDREW FETTIG: “Hey Man!” “Where’s the party?” School 1-4 (?) R C 1-4, Seabreeze 3,4. Soco 3, Mad Dog — never again! Concerts, Skaket beach 11 10 81 (Death of the Monalo). Road trip to Boston. Party at Dale’s. AMY. Greatful Dead, Jimi Hendrix, Doors, Led Zep. Life in the wrong lane! Jeff and the cops! EA and KT (I still don’t believe it). Amy again! DA, is no more! Had a blast in the band. I leave Nauset! “What a strange trip it’s been!!” ALEXANDRA DALY: “Ali”. When will summer start? Memorial Day, 24 or 57? Rocking chairs and sunsets. Shack parties. Pizza on chest Lisa? Midnight swim Suzy? Master and slave collars Andy? Purple is passionate! New Years Eve? Deanna, the early morning crisis! Champagne Rob? PD and ES at Oysters. First period study. Nicknames are stupid. Let’s go play! Nauset Beach; last names, Florida trip! Hey baby . . . The apartment. Fun times with MP, KC PK, TC, SB everyone! Thanks to my whole family. I love you all. 131 r t It » I I ii T 1 Ik . IHI LEE J. BAKER: (Bake) Well, Nauset, I can’t say it hasn’t been fun. Cliff climb w JM, JC., PN. Graveyards w LJ, PM, JC, JM. Reading B w TP in study. Mitt fights w KM, w PTW. JT I’m gonna miss ya! Talkin about girls w FS. Marc hang in there; you’ll be a senior soon enough. Mom, Thanks! See ya later Cape Crud. TPSMC Permanent parking in the rega! JOHN MURPHY: Alias MURHP, Murphskull . . . Flippy, Flippy like Chippy!! Doin Dounuts W MH. The Harvest and Har. 4 wheeling w LA in the GMC. Skin dips at bakers. Pounding buds w LA, MO, KR, GH, and Den. Summer of 82, Pochet Partys, The Claw and MTV. The best of Bridge jumping with the BB, Plus. Close calls and long trips of Holloween. The “J” Takes a fall. Buck hunting with beagal. The death of the neon peon thanks TB, PB, and TH. Locals at the next to last. Hey, Len, Hand me a wrench. PR, JN, CC, take care. Love Ya, PB!! The Brewster Boys live on!! MICHAEL HEMMINGS: Kid, Hockey 1, 2, 4. Soccer 4, Twin Fins sessions with the gip good times with HG those Beatles cruising with Beagle, Domer, and Murf calls. Summer of 81 keeps goin . . . 132 TIM ERING: Baze, Basil, Beagle. Soccer Wrest. 1-4. Capt. 4. We’ll NEVER grow up Boys! Disco workshop elring campin I hate greenhorns can we build slipper ships too? Snappin Beans w SB EB Your something else MH. Catchin the Blitz w CE, GH, MH, MO, DY, JR. The buck know we’re here now, JM! Dome-Flippy, Flippy like Chipy! JK, I’m just trying to breathe. Halloween trip, my 1st encounter of stm w weasy. The beach is where it is! Romping Rockin out to many good times to list w an uncountable amount of friends. Good luck 83 the BB’s live on! TOBY GLUCKSMAN: Tennis 1-4, Ski Club 1-4, Student Council 4. Summers w windsurfing, ultimate frisbee, skiing ski partys. going mobile! Road trips to Boston, Combat Zone. We’re lost, How did I get on the H.S.? Always Partying semi Road tips W? DN, EO, RM, CS, BP (HAH) and whoever else will come. Dean’s driving and that car! or boat. Later to Nauset. Dorm life here I come! ED OSWALT: OZ. The Wiz Surfin Cape Cod! 69 Chevelle style! Truro Cemetery parties with PC, PM, JT, GO, KO, AG, and the rest of the gang. Mad Maverick lives on, mad volvo rides! Quincy road trips, catchin times with Suthington gals! Jam that 455 4 barrel. Nauset High Times! I love you Julie! Rear end rotary! MOJO runs! Chink food rallies! Harley bikers! The back seat folds all the way down! Awesome! Fersher! Green M M’s. Driving Lisa’s pickup. Keep me on my but, Simone! You’re like a sister. Take exit 69. Later! 133 AMY KALINICK: Kal, Bunz, Rally, Dame; The soccer duo, skittles, groverwave, Sharing 81, WBK CTF-WCF, raspberry danish, “Hey-vener”, the descent of the wild boar, FNMTVRSWS, Toonnas, H20 Quarters; flowers, bubbles ballons, naturally high, SMILE VIBES! Newport? PM-143, KK-what’d I do w o you? . . . And meeting again after moments of lifetimes is certain for those who are friends . . . CH,RM,BB, CC-thanks for sharing this special part of my life. M D I love you! “The time is gone the song is over thought I’d something more to say”-PF SHANNON DOBSON: Sha-Sha, Sheenen, Bunz; Drama and Dance! 360’s w El, Double-dates, xmas ’81 “Shannon, Ellen, Dara are now avail — ” rappin about the boys w DL-wilder times! Kar-get ready for some heavy scoopin! Molls me-notorious chemists, Moonie, ya big oaf, thanks for keeping me in line. Scott - I guess we couldn’t be endlessly perfect-1434E. Snickers, Twizzlers, MacDlnd cookies, Tab ricecakes! Beach parties w BA, frying at Nauset-will I ever tan? Love to my family-I’l l be “there” someday! “the heart has its reasons ...” PETRA MITCHELL: Pete, Petie; Soccer 1, Student Council 3,4 Class officer 3,4; Good times with JY,MY,CW,AK,MP,KT,CH and many others. Amy, our friendship has endured for 8 years, thanks for being there when I needed ya! I love ya bunches! Scottish means Independant!! HS is over! What now? We shall go our separate ways, thanks to all!! Jay-many good times ahead! Mom Dad-I love you both! Thanks for everything! KK thanks for transporting me all year. To all I know-Laugh and be happy-The future’s Bright! 134 LORI BARTLETT: Pooky! Field hockey 1-4 Capt. 4, Hockey Cheerleading 2-4 Co Capt 3,4 Monapatrol! Summer 82-Julie! The week! CR,JC Summer-The 3-some! Good times w JL,JC,CC,RM. Jules-Always fun! “Hey Babey” Chrissie; Summer 81 good girls? Nantucket! Member Skaket, Lu? Bean F-ever dancing! Road trips! USNA Bound, NYC! A A! EB,TE water-skiing! Sue-dancing in pi-king lot! Chris-diet?! Good times w Jenny! 6 29 82 Windward! RF-many fun times ahead. To my family-thanks for the help-I love you all! Nana-it’s a party! KARIN PERRY: KP, Jane (This one’s for you, Ronni) What’ll it be next year? Winter of ’82, not as bad as I thought it would be, summer of ’82, much better than I expected it to be. WB,RD,BT,SH,IL and all the rest, thanx for putting up with me. Tom, I could never thank you enough. You gave me something very special. Barb, thanx keep smiling. Dave, IWALYVM! Mom, Kevin Craig, I couldn’t have done it without you. Hey Wendy, we finally did it, but where do we go from here? Malibu? PAMELA FOLEY: Its been a great 4 years. To all my friends, I wish ya good luck in all you do. SM, good luck with you know who. To all my pals from 90. Hope to see ya’ll at the meetings. KS,KD we’ve gone a long ways together and together even longer. SM, you had better keep in touch so I can keep in touch!! 135 It • ' !F »c • » i m KIMBERLY HOGAN: Soccer 1-4; Tennis 2-4 Hey, Splish, meet me at the pond-Quick! Ski Forever-Shampoo! 16-B-Day Party-Heidi who are these people? Beth, get off the floor! Hey Splish + Dip-it’s snowing too hard-Get me home? Late phone call-Soccer with SH, TB2, JF, TB, PE, MC; and the rest of the gang! Chill out! Thanks coach (Both of You)! Cruising in the Ex-Caliber! Meetings with the S. A. C.-ALWAYS Interesting! Thanks Mom and Dad for letting me grow. Good luck Little Brother.-Thanks for all the help Jeff + Jenn!! DENNIS NORTH: Red Matchy, The Brewster Boy’s live forever. Quarters, get a grip, out of control. Chevelles + Challengers. Someday I’ll lower myself to a 4WD. A trip to a haunted house on Halloween. O’neil your dead. Partying all the time with the Brewster Boys KR LA JM MO GH. By the way, who dented my quarter panel? BB is a lard KR You’re a sicko, Hoover, NJ, Get a Mopar, Ozzy, Black Sabbath BOC, AC DC. Good luck, you guys, I love you. Mom and Dad, thanks for putting up with me, I love you. DN is SI and BB is PHON. LISA M. WILEY: Many good times with the best of friends. Swimming with ML,HA,PM. Down the pit with PM,ML,EO,DN,PC, (3 flats) It’s been real! Road trip to Conn, with Pam and Wendy, great time, huh? PM, CS thanks for being there when I needed someone to talk to. PM Remember Colonel Cucumber? CS,PM let’s forget about 4th of July, ok? To a new friend, KO good luck in the future. Thanks to all my friends I never could have done it without ALL of you. Thanks, Mom and Dad for everything. See ya later, Nauset. 136 ALICE SULLIVAN: Age 3 1968. The German Shepard is Cuba. I think that ALG was the greatest! Thank you, John, you were a big help. Also the White Mountains trip was a trip in a half. “Whose foot is that?” “Mrs. Belanger was and still is the best Geometry teacher in my book. Thanks. Gonna miss you all. A big thanks to Mr. Scanlon. Best wishes to AS MU PD DY and many more. Also to SK FR OM MU. CAROLINE CONNORS: C.C. Tech, P + D To all my friends for their love and never ending support. Chris thanks for the push(ing) I’ll always miss you, my guardian angel. All my love to my dad and brother. Pick, your help will always be remembered and appreciated. The shed, boat house, green grass, Sunset, hiway house, Morse Manor, bench dutie, Necombs, gull, Wellfleet remembered. No one said it was going to be easy. Nauset Later, MUCH. 73CS JENNIFER CATHIE: Jen, National Honor Society 3 + 4. Good Times w LL,SB,MM,LB,CP,RF,KN,CR, JR, + JM. Summer of ’82, Long Pond, Yeah, Daddy! Give him hell, Marg! Keep in touch! 8 29 82 ILY Doug (My Chic) Thanx for all the good times, lots more to come! 10 30-31 82. Backrubs! CP “The house” “All Nighters” Chrissy, he’s awsome! S,D,R R Mom Dad Thanx for putting up with all my problems. I love you! 137 CHERYL SANTOS: Beach day 80 81 with PM, LW, JP, KD Co. Tennis with PM JP-watch out for the puddles! July 4th ’82 with LW, PM, DN, gang from good old BS. Sorry Lisa-no one can forget it! P-town w JP, SR, KB 6 18 82-Try to stay on the road! Don’t forget all the fun we had in English, biology, especially ancient history our fresh, year JP, RG! Thanks to LW, PM, JP, SR, SL, RG, CA, MC, KD, KB, DN, ML, and everyone else for putting up with me. Special thanks to Mom and Dad for all their support. Love you both! Goodbye Nauset! KATHLEEN JOYCE DALEY: 10RG 1-4 FBLA 1 2 ALG 4 Rainbows are forever! Feb. in shorts with LW! Summer fun with PM KO LW! Balston with MC. 1982 BP with MC BW MM. Hey, you pilgrims for sure, take a ride on the wild side. Bye HG MM. Have fun little bro, love you, little sis! Paul, I made it I know there’s a different world out there; I think I’m ready for it. If I make it it’s because of my parents. Thank you for being there whenever I needed you, Mom Dad. I love you. Good-bye Nauset, I’ll miss you — for a while. MICHAEL J. SCHMIDT: “Mike” “Schmidt” A.L.G. 3 4, painting on cabinet doors. Drama 3 4, all those fun crazy plays we did. Soccer 1. Get psyched for “West Side Story”. To you underclassmen- your time will come. Good wishes to RC, PC, BS, SB, OD, JL, RG, JR, JR, and many more of my friends (true friends) John Ryan, remember your coffee in a beaker-the mad scientist. 138 PETER LABRANCHE: LaLa 22, Petie, Tree Soccer baseball 1-4 Cruising in the coronet Halloween dance ’82. “Captain Sperm”. Fishin’ with Baze, Weaze, the Blue Van, Coronet, Caprice, Scout and White Lightning will never die. Bubba, close your door. Basil’s first encounter. My green chair. MTV pool at Bingles bro’s. Jr. year math with LM,KK,SO,MM. Chemistry with BE. Worcester is where? It’s at. Hey Chris, back off, — the other 2. Remember “If life is a dream, then death is an awakening.” See you later. KELLIE A. NEVIN: Ruddy, Normal Nevin Jr. Kud. Soccer 1-4, Softball 1-4, Great times with Vogue (7 stitches) Partying with Heiney + Norman. Lots of parties at Nauset Beach. Vegging on Blue Air w SS + DP + MV (I hope you get hit by a bus!) Awesome times w BM, LC, SC, IN. Florida, decent times in Disney World, 3 am sighting 5 dollar bills! Diet Pepsi, Mountain Dew chugging, Ex. party 6 13 81 in NH. CYO Ski trip 81. Long time friendship w PR, FS hope to continue I love ya Sean good luck in college! Good time April “80” w CS, MS. Thanks Mom + Dad I love you. KATHLEEN SCHOFIELD: Auntie oompa. Hey Shirley S.B.! O.Y.C. Summers are the best! Sailing takes me away! P.P., M.C. 1977! Being a G.O. has been an experience! Thanks you guys for being there esp. Mom and Dad, Thanks for your patience, to Karen, Good Luck at Nauset, I Love you all. I have seen my rainbow in the clouds, and I will ever remember the loves and friendships I have made. 139 ED ANDREWS: Inactivity, 1-4 Germany 4 far out! May 19 and Jun. 18 wow.’ I love you K.T. D.A. get straight! What ‘cha doin’ Jeff? I leave Nauset with nothing but pleasure! It’s been real! (or has it?) I hope it’ll be a long time! Later . . . Much! He was born in Old England. His parents moved to the New Colonies America. In fear of Pagan Infection his mind began to crumble. Trying to escape in the Battle Star Galaxy 500, his plans were thwarted, he wound up in the JunkYard. Then a Sicilian bearing gifts guided him away from his fallacious career of hedonism destined to bring him a career of ignorant barbarianism. The on leave from outward bound his mind began to crumble, guided by Bull nose, CH, AK, Greenbacks, NR and others, was he really insane? -CONRAD- r ' jj| Ex, sp m gyri SvSj BtVrJi iWFir • ' CLAIRE FRANCKE: Planet, Clones (we’re all) grim facts, Deja Vu Here’s looking at you. Best times with Babs, KG, Scary, Crazy Baker, and the rest of the wild gang. Head rushes in the field. Mornings at Betty’s with Ralph and the Fields crew. Me late, never Summers at Campground and CCC. Bruce, Bowie, Blondie and CCR. H @! rides, holding on tight! The den of iniquety, please, not another one! So on and on I go, the seconds tick the time out, There’s so much left to know, and I’m on the road to find out!! 140 MARIANNE RIORDAN: ALG 2,3,4 Thanx John for everything, Love Ya! Favorite foods, donuts and pizza??? Party 1,2,3,4 etc., the best people in the world, BF, CF, CK, TS, MK, WB, Great times at CCC. Don’t trip, or you might fall down. Florida with Babs. Yee Ha Oh No, Let’s go hide in the bathroom!! Farari someday. See ya later Bye Nauset High! We’re all a bunch of stray cats!! GEOFF LEMOS: I’m gonna try to be different. I’ve had friends, only a few have cared. I know sometimes I’ve been wrong, or made mistakes, but the few that cared, stay. I’m sorry if i hurt anyone, I don’t mean to because I don’t like to get hurt. I’m different, that’s me. Marisa, take care. I luv U. M.C. Thanks for caring Mom you’re a special lady, that’s why I luv ya. E.-J. someday S.C. next time you can play spiderman MM, you’re something. Well, it was bound to happen, I made it through high school. Bye Nauset, I’m gone! SUSAN WITTER: Hiprhinello Sue-Sue Suzy-Q COJ band, YC, BC 1,2,3,4 12 years with Blair Phone bills! Jr Yr with Sandy Sleeping thru Physiology with Leigh. Le francais 3 avec Pam. US. Seminar with Susan — Is that true? Blackouts at the Bloodmobile 869 and the WW W CG Great debates with Mr. BaAh and chemistry with Dan NHW BERMUDA — Is it a dream? Page-turning and talks with WP WASHING¬ TON! Bike-riding and cross-country skiing with A. Barb and A. Mary GCC Songs with GJ Much love and thanks to Mom Dad J, B, MC, MJ, AB, UD, AH, FH, AM, and the rest of my Community family! m - jj 141 if If I! ' ' ll JUSTYNE WALORZ: PIXIE, BEAN! The summer of 82 is one not to forget. Sit in the corner big bro! CC, what happened to the apt? Will it happen? 1LY hun. Yo Malone, good talks at work. HOBB! LK, we will have to stay as close! Love those talks! EB, 143-1 hope things keep getting better for us. UGLY WOMEN do what? Hopefully nomore walk-ins! LL, Thanks for all the good times. Red Camero! ML, watch out for those puckerbushes! Hey Pooky, what about the allnighter? Thanxs to CM, CM, CL, JR, PR, JB, and everyone for a wild 4 years! MARK MANASAS: Bones Manas, Camaro kid. My life my love and my CAMARO. Camaros and other Chevys really do rule, along with a 442 or 2. Dave, you should’ve kept it. Cruising to M-land in the awesome Valiant. Hey, let’s go to Glen Burnie! Jimmy, you’re lucky your my friend you know. Nicky, see ya in the Air Force. Have hope Dennis, one day the Challenger might run. Thanks for sophomore year, Mentz. Thanks Yeuttes. Your a pal, Marisa. I love ya, Mom and Dad. Thanks to all my friends!! Hilltp rules. Good Luck K + S. JIMMY RITCHIE: Buffa Fat, Boy, Soccer 1-4, Basketball 1-4, Baseball 1-4, I’ll never forget about you Sandy Love ya. The side kick Initiation. Blue fishing with Beages, through the window with Gloomy. Cruising with CM at Laurinos. Boat Hopping with Gloomy. I’ll never forget the Halloween Dance of 82 with MN, DY, ML, CP. Biking with the boys to bad I had to watch. Thanks FS. Good Luck to all my friends at Nauset. Good Luck to Liza and thank you so much, Mom and Dad. I Love You Both!! 142 CHRIS MEAD: Meader, Meadsta, Soccer 1,3,4, Hoopa 1-4, Baseball 2, Many good times in the Lemans, and white lightning. Faze, wanting to pick up ugly women. Bingles, he is crazy! Weekends with loud tunes and bug juice with JF, MA, EB, GM, JC, PL. 10 12 with the crew. Summers with Dupe! The summers there’s no place better. RT with Horhay. Ben you make a HELL of a sandwich. Boards, we will roll, no problem. Thanks to Mrs. Morrison and Mr. Miller-you’re the best. Mom Dad and the family-the best anyone could want. PATTY LAMPERTI: Soccer 1, Swim Sessions at OPI, NL.SS. Summer of 81’ — The best! 203 BF, good talks. Roger’s house. Nancy-many 2am walk home times! NM nana-I’m jungry. The reaper. Summer nights at Campground. The Hide Out-BI suite party! Bye LJ AG HS LM. Rap sessions ! . Mark-wanns fight about it . . . good times! 54 Diamond St.-MEL!! Goal: TO be fithy rich. The butler did it. My yatch the cook! One day! Where’s the candles? BF, following MY dreams . . . Endless Summers!! Aloha LYNNE ANN MALONE: Lynnie, ski; soccer, Cheerleading, Senior Senate, NHS. Angelo’s talks with LJK + JLW, HOTTM, Yo Bean! Cruisin’ in the pontiac! Florida 82, walks on the Beach! Prom Nite, Thanks JN. Great times with LJK, JW, EB, CM, MA, CM, JB,, TB, PL-tree my man! English-Mr. Bill. Lis, my best buddy, happy hookers. I Love Ya! Menenge’ Trocs Mac! Forever friends PM! CM, my cocky “little” friend! Looking forward to Graduation 83’ “Cham¬ pagne”. I leave Nauset with lovely memories! Good Luck George, Thanxs Mom Dad, I Love You! 143 LISA JEAN KEE: Lis, Chris, my Hunnie, can’t wait for my white rose! Prom 82 Camping Sailing. Thanks for bein you I’ll Love You always C forever! Lynne my bestest buddy we’ve shared so much throughout our HS years. I just want to say your a sweetie I LOVE YA. Bean intense convos laughing fits, many more wild times to come. I don’t care what they say, ILY anyway. Pam Prom 82 NSP What will be will be. LS thanks for listening. To my Family: I Love Yas! Thanks for caring, Mom your super. Look out world here I come! PAMELA SUE ROGERS: Re, Ula-May. CA, NH, NSP, BCF, H-Over, 3-week enimies much more with Cheryl-My Twin, Thanx for everything! A1 Rely on me! ILY! John my brother you’ve been great Love ya lots. The Cottage — LVA 143, If it’s meant to be than it will be?! Karen Bill “Stay Together”-I’ll send CHOCOLATE! Jr. Prom — NSP not to be forgotten. Lis-Cone head, just the way you are. KR It was a great B-Day Thanx. KK is that a hill? I miss ya! CP The 4 of us, it was so much fun! JW, you’re a great listener. Mom Dad, I Love You! Thanks for everything! DAVID M YOUNG: Sproket, The Lisard. Working at Sunoco with Chet. Hey Davey Boy Chevelle’s rule, 72s, Makin it to Maryland in the Valient with Mark we made it cruisen in the Killer Camaro, 60’s on SSTs. Hey Debbie I had a great time, you’re sweet. MotoCross with all the boys PEI75s rule moo-moo Kitty convertible 442 it was fast wasn’t it? Jim, hey fat boy. To all you girls S-O-M-F I’ll guess your weight. Thanks, Mom and Craig. Well, let’s blow this clambake in a blown 70 396 Chevelle SS. Later. Good Luck class of 83. 144 MARK O’NEIL: Domer, Broncos don’t do donuts. Long Pond parties, stashing the kegs, out of control at Bulls house. Camping in Aves Jimmy. Exploring in the Mail Box + Bronc. Trips (Halloween) Truro, Train Bridge. Camping at Cliff with the Brewster Boys. Good times with LA, JM, DN, BB, GH, JZ, KR, MH, CE. Lunch at GH or MH . . . Want a drink? A few days at Murphs. 200.00 dollar motorcycle ride. Free brew in the Slide Mobile. Thanks Mom, Dad, Family, Carrot, My Autos. Well, off to gear head school . . . Maybe? P.S. BB’s live forever! LENNY AVERY: Aves, Hockey 1-4, JM, MO, KR, GH, and DN. Bazel’s cottage with the Brewster Boys. All nighters in the Jimmy. Bridge Jumping with CM, MO, BB. 4-wheeling with MO, JM, KR. DN get a 4WD. Camping in the Brewster Wilderness. The Halloween trip, many out of control nights wrestling with the Boys. Shot Guns with BB. Rainbow in the Mail Jeep. Flipping the Bronco. Partying at Long Pond. PR, thanks for understanding everything, 143. Brewster Boys will live forever. The class of 83 is the best. CHRIS MENTZER: Mentz-Soccer 1-4, Baseball 1. LISA, Thanks for everything, I’ll love you forever!! Camping and Sailing, during the summer and weekends! Prom of 82 NIWS are soon to come!! Yes, hon, a white rose too!! 1984-85 sounds good to me. Good times with all my friends! Summer concerts, Parties and excellent times with all!! Thank you, Mom, for everything; I Love You very much!! Thanks to you too, Pudge, I really appreciate it. Good Luck to all!! Class of 83!!! 145 f ‘ I SHERRI LONG: Nickname, Sher, Hotrod. Fab saing, Duck it’s the cops, Stop honking the horn, Lisa. I don’t care. Crusing with DH, LA, TD, MM, BM, MD, SD, FB, GB, JL, DA, RG, RG, GT, AP, BB Dan. Car chases with EB. Monadock ‘80’ ‘81’ Lisa, I leave to you a whole world of learning. Thanks to JP, AS, CS, Pv, WP for making me laugh when ever I’m down. Thanks to MR Mrs A. MR MRS. T. for being there. A very special thanks to my father for understanding me through the years. Good-Bye to Nauset and everything it stands for. ALG-2 with MU, VC, JL. CATHY GUYER: Cath, S.A., Flash, Bubs, Just call me Joe! Leigh, want a banana? The Wonderful World and 896 with Sue, Lab pyromania with Susan, 2-volley tennis with D S, freshmen pen fights and bus sprints with Sandy, Washington partners with Ginny, Hi Egg Calling Mabel at lunch, camping with Kazoos, Blair and The Land of Unhyperness, The Dynamic Trio, Kids Choir, Bell Choir, Band. G S. Much love and thanks to Mom and Dad, MC, AC, MJ, AB, AH, FL, AD And my whole Community Family. JOHN SCOTT MCKEAN: Crash Baker and the Vegamachine. Rubber in the first 3 gears. Friday nite in Hyannis. Skiing 81 82. North Conway hospital. 12 12 81. To LB JC who helped me out of the snowbanks. Weekends w LB, PW, AS and others. The cliff and the cemetery. Hey Frank! How about a Hemi? July 5 1983. HM, where did you go? Many times with Becks and Heines. Doors, Stones, Led Zep, Who, etc. Hey “Boss”! Study w MF, JD, LB, and all. FS-we’ll race soon! To all: we will meet again. Here it comes . . . 146 TOM CHARTRAND: Band 2-4, Stage Band 2-4 - Standard Image? From St. Joan to the Hollywood Bowl. BEATLES FOREVER! “Two of us riding nowhere”, We’ll harmonize yet Andy! Boys’ State ’82 and afternoon Jams. SAT dinners. Thank you Sue, you’ve been a big help. Madame ou Monsieur? Get a pass! And I think to myself, what a WONDERFUL WORLD! What’s a Watsonite? Hey, Bugs! Barb, it’s only the beginning. Thank you Mom and Dad and all my friends. Off to the Magical Mystery Tour! GREET LAMMERTYN: Why can’t I play BASKETBALL for the whole year? Thank you all Gibi’s. Hi Jenny, are you in a good mood today? Hopefully Lisa when do you get your license? Tracey, what a soccer season! CHRIS PAVIGLIONITE: Pig, Softball 1,2. Good times w M,L,R,S,L,J,W,K especially BO. Summer 81 w RA. Barnstable rd. trip w Loue “BAKERS” rm60 “FOXES” 6 24 82 4-EVER A B in the CONDO shh! Crash “Oops” I LOVE YOU Marisa, my BB where are they taking us Pooky? Diets only a 4 letter word U-Mass w KP. Stay in touch Jen. 10 30 82 Wendy, “why”? DN you owe me $5. Pam, I’ll never forget the good times. MT w out you, I don’t know what I would have done. Thanx Mrs. Walker. I’m sorry, Mom, I Love You. Wish you were here, Dad. 147 ERIC BENGSTON: Bing, Soccer 1-4 tricapts Bubba, Pete Fearsome Threesome. Hey faze ugly woman. Up north with GH DG. Long Pond Brewster Boys. Bazils First Encounter. Jellybean snapping. Thanks Bro, CL MA. Next year is yours. Stacie’s House, Tracey’s fault. Balston Beach parties, Red Bomber. Meadsta. Blue Van. Hey Dupe hows Conn. Pedie, you’re out of control. Florida ’83, Camping. Sidekick initiation. JW, you mean a lot to me. 143 C, M, L, K, L, M, L, B, D, Y, J, R. Good Times alot of memories. Thanks, Mom. Later! DARRYL McMILLER: I had a pretty good time here at Nauset, for the short time that it was. I didn’t like the fact of there being no football team, but playing on the Basketball team practically made up for it. I’m heading on the way out of here, but for all of you chumps that are left here . . . tough luck. Nauset- no problem! RONNI ANN DAY: Scrawny, The crew and the grass in the field. Florida and sum threes. Landing at the chappel on the hill. A Badger bit me the other day. Summertime and concerts, Van Halen. To Wayne, Jr., Mark, and Kris, Thank you for showing me the ropes. The view through the bars and daisies never dies. Michael, my tiger Jasmine, my concat Randy? Marriage, Pink, Laverne and Shirley. Jackie, I miss you. What a nose and chin? Thank you Mom and Dad and Family for everything. Now step into the velvet of the morning. 148 VERA-JEAN CLARK: Vera, V-J, Sports occasion¬ ally! Sheila, we’ve got some memories- dominoes-tomahawks! ducks in the road! PM, remember camping out in P-town? DN-LUV YA! Fun times w Cp, JB, SG, etc. 69, y.c.c. madhouse, Rocky Horror, P-town 4-ever, Hockeymania! sunsets, AL-FL. Nauset Beach, GQ, Thanx KC for being more than a brother-LUV ya! Scott, I have and always will love you! Devo wraps! Michael, you’re very special to me. BC thanx. Thanx Family for the support. Aloha Nauset- CAROLYN ANN AYER: “83” Track 1,3, 4, yearbook 1, business club 1, fun in Germany 2. Best of luck to: KD, BW, PM, MC, CS, Jp. Set a goal succeed. I hope to travel become a dentist. Lots of love fun with Jimmis! Cruisin’ with Karen Toby. Love you Mom, Cheryl, Karen, Marjorie, and sometimes you, Dad. 1 hope the classes dreams of ’83 become reality. ROBYN COLLEEN GATTO: Bin, Fritz, Harold, etc, etc, etc, Keep smilin’ folks! SL, JP, CS, SR, JF, CA, TM, MP, GS, PD, MM, KL. Saranac ‘82’ PB JC, you’re everything to me: my life, my love, my hope. Peter, thanks has two meanings. I love you Mom Dad, believe it or not. Kevin, he ain’t heavy, he’s my brother. I’m going to win this race. Thumpertown w MM, PB, and the stars. Thanks Mom Pop for loving me as much as you do. If I could keep time in a bottle . . . Hey DM! SM-!!!! I love you, world. JC loves you, so love us back! Be happy!!!! 149 MOLLY PAYNE: Outward Bound, June ’82-A true Colorado Rocky Mountain high! MG I miss you-A friend always. Wild times with KA-“Why do I always get caught?!” Labs w SD-AFACABAHNK Drama musicals. Fred and Ginger. Cast parties, Prom ’82-‘‘Hey baby” and the summer of ’82! The best of times shared with the best of friends-many more to come! I miss you LB, ES, RP, and esp. SH. Steven, thank you for the friendship and love-my love forever. To my family-I love you all for loving Molly. TRACEY BRANCO: Summers were the best: beachin it, Pochet parties, “The Wave”, my Claw family, the Fagwag the Brogg mobile, going wild w Pam Kel. Breaking the neon peon, sorry Murph. Stace, chicken fingers, Lowell advanced partying. Kitt, S P is all we knew and getting me beat on. Trips, chats, laughing crying thru 4 years w Reg. 7 4 the dates changed but I’ll still call ya. Lisa, sizes and shapes? Arms reach! Thanks friends for making it special. Pam, bambushkas to the end!! Family, your the best, love ya much. BRENDAN BOULERICE: Stein, Bully, Foxboro! Quarters, Halloween trip, Skiing, Betty’s truck, the train bridge, the one car parties. LA beware of falling glass, beautiful volkswagon. Tarzan M-O, Z’s pit, Old Milwaukes, MTV. Domer’s B-day. Good luck Mark, Thanks BM, french class. Pinheads, many good friends and times, a very special and beautiful girl CC. Thanks for listening ML. Con, you know what I want to say, Good luck to everyone, and my bro’s. Thanks Mom and Dad. Me and hit me!! U.R.I. BOUND! 150 TRACY DUBOIS: T, Trace. Activities . . . none. ’79-’82 so many changes ... so many memories. WAVELENGTH. Southern boys . . . WHERE?!? Do you ever feel that no one understands you? My room — my escape. Just me and MEKO!! OK, SB, AK CH thanks for so many good times. OK, you are special . . . Hey, just what exactly is my purpose? SB, dancin in your room. SK,SK,SK, (bro switch) Who’s talkin bout me now? Prom night ’81, it’s just a phase . . . “little chugger”. Lots of laughs with . . . “P”. Mom, you did it . . . the last of 8, your baby, is on her own . . . Love ya. Okay world . . . what’s next??? ODIN KAESELAU: Odie, Ode. 1-4 WASTED TIME-Everybody’s got somthing to say. From my Nike’s to my Stang-it’s all the same. Running from UFO’s — watching a never changing sky. Prom night ’81- discovering Switzerland is neutral. Being God’s children-using it as an excuse. Junior 4th term-“Don’t try SUICIDE” Making up stories with TD. If you don’t like my music . . . ! What’s money? SB, AK, CH - Didn’t mean to leave you out. Trace, I love you; and Smokehouse Almonds. Moma Daddy-It was a stage, but it’s over-Love you!! SUSAN ROSE BLAUNER: Chugs, CC, Baby Lamb. Deathride with LC2, YEAH, “SK,SK,SK,” “Are we anywhere near Milford?” Carpet cookies at the BB field w Trace. Togas D-N-Names-Iguanas. 10 18 82 RAY! Let’s keep sharing. RJ HL w LB at RH. White Mts. ’82-ALG- KTC w MM, LH, SK, EB. Thanks John! Suzanne!! Cheryl 143. Luck and love to JB, LL, TD, OK, MP KA. Odin 130$$. The maestro, Rob “OSCAR”, hand signals, jungle noises-so many laughs. Thanx Dad; and Mom, however far from me you’ve been taken, you’ll remain in my mind heart forever. 151 NEIL RENEY: Reil Neny. Soccer Bench 1-4, Basketball 2-3. Donut Shack. AM 4ever Ditto?! Beating on the Impala. Stirfry with the Paradise gang. Cottage night! The men in blue are gonna !? You right weasebag? KR, Baker’s pond! Yukon Conrad. Never thought we’d get snowed in Prom nite. Thanx cubeball! MR, JZ, P-T you can get served! AL 3 strikes but I’m still up! Dover, out the window, Unicorns, wild times w AM, KR, CC, PR, RL, TC, MR, WC, BB, SA, MC, ED, PL. Keep in touch. Luv you always Alyson, thanx for everything! STACEY O’BRIEN: Spacey. Cheerleading 1-4, co-capt.-4. Kahlua-n-Koalas forever! New Years eve 81 — cuties! The house is on fire Kitt! Summer 82-the best with partying pal AR. Yo turkey! One on one w KR 10 31 81. What stop sign? Friday the 13th “Summer lovers”!!! Great times with LK-Urgent! 1812? When are we going to spags Pal?!? Chink food with Tracey-n-cliff. We’re so hyper Trace — I love ya. Lynnie-22222!!! ooooh babe! Oh well huh kids! We’re outta here! Thanks for everything MA, PA, and family. Adios Amigos . . . BRIAN PERREAULT: Honor Society 3,4. Cross Country 4. Dino remember the pain of the C.C.C. Zuchinni I still don’t like the flavor of pine cones. Hey, guys on Cross Country, if it weren’t for Chatham we’d have had a perfect record. Hockey is 1. To TC who never forgot his friends on his way to the top. Thanks to all my great friends at Nauset . . . DN, EO, TG, PM CC. 152 FAITH BELL: Indiv. 1-4 ALG 2-4, AFS 3 4. ALG AFS kept me from getting caught in the trap of a conformists high school! BA,DA,TC remember our intellectual conversations — you are the best confidantes a girl could have! Norge vakker Norge! 1 summer of absolute bliss chasing sheep, climbing mts. learning to live! HAIL KVTKNE! More jordbaer og vuflas for kveldsmat gunn kari? Laurie: we can’t forget the wild trips to Hyannis slurpin in P-town! What will go wrong this time? Ha det bra Nauset! KAREN E. HENRY: KH, KK, BW 1-4, Bermuda 82 w BW-the best times! Psyched for 8 6 83! Seabrook w BW JJ. 10 6 79 at Curtis’. Datsun Bajas w JW-is this a road? PR-let’s get chocolate! Yearbook Editor, Bus. award JR. year. LF SF best buddies! RW DD thanx for everything always being there! Miss ya lots Pop wherever you are! Love ya lots Mom-Thanx! Bill-I’ll always love you-our memories are too many to list! Good luck to the class of 83 — twelve years-we’re done!! CHRIS NORGEOT: Skunks in the library . . . Smoke Bombs in “E” Building. Thanks Stanley. Goodtimes with ES, PN, DN, JM, GMB, CS. You whimp. Pam you are tons of fun. It’s all in good fun. Senior year ... a party. 153 BETH WAYDA: Bethie - Elisabeth with an s. Pilgrims, skunks, olive juice, toga, potential, Bank Street Beach, and worst of all Ethel. It does come naturally! No, I’m the youngest. Hi-d remember the roof, don’t drop it, bruised ribs. Mel, someday I’ll see a game. Agent, Noah’s Ark. I’ll always be late! HARWICH FOREVER! LORNE, YOU’RE THE GREATEST!!! You’ll always be in my heart!! M.M. H.G., take over. I’ll miss the whole gang. Mother and Dad, I love you; thanks. You’re the best - even you Bird! I leave college bound - my dream. Do not go where the path leads, go where there is no path and leave a trail . . . MELINDA CRARY: Mel, smelly, Soccer 1-4, Track 1-4, Drama 3-4, Honor Society 3-4, Pilgrims, skunks, Raccoon, Godzilla refinnej J4 ' 81. Do you like it? Remulak, antennas BSO-5? Bubo B P toga, put amint on it! I have a little color! Potential? V Bushel of carrots, unicorns, the dry look Germany? I don’t write small! “thanks for the update” Thanks - JB, KD, KH, PM, HA, CA, LW, ML, BW. GL to HG MM. Soccer buddies Eastham 1, Trackies (the elite) Thanks Chief, Kuhn, Coach. Thanks - My family. The road goes ever on and on . . . JRRT TAMMIE BEALE: Bealsey; Soccer 1-4; Basketball 1,2 4; Softball 1 2; Track 3 4; Art with Hides; What colors make yellow, Heids? Shh! I didn’t ask that. Sue, who’s going to pick up after you now?! Remember skiing, Maine Galaxian, I’m out of quarters, how about you? Oh-well back to’ swimming. You’re my best friend! Kevin C. You’ll always be special to me! Kim drives? Need a pillow? Pete, no more short jokes. Shirley, keep the jokes alive, Mr. Rice just luuv’s them! Yes, Fulch you’re a jock. Mom, Dad, Steve, Tracie ILU ! PAMELA A. MAGUIRE: Spam, Spammie, Spammite. Summer of 82 the best ever. Partying down Ballston w EO, PC, KO, GO, JD, DN, And JH. Great times in the Volvo, EO driving. Quincy road trips, w KO, DN, and EO. More road trips to come, to CONN. To all my friends the best of luck always, LW, ML, HA, CP, HT, VC, SA, EO, DN, KO, + everyone else. Hey Dudes let’s party. How’s it going? Can’t forget those cemetery parties w the gang + AG, and JT. FOREVER! Mom + Dad thanx for all your love, support, + freedom !! LATER NAUSET! 154 MAE-ELLEN A. LAYTON: Softball-1,3 Ski Club-3,4. Nicknames: Mellon, Melly, Maybe, Melification Station, Messy, Marvin, etc. Jennilee-Wenikins-best-xo-love ya. Those special people Heather, Pam, Carol, Holly, Lisa, Vera-keep in touch-I’ll miss ya all. Michael-thanx for being more than a brother-I love you. Memories: summer of ’82 best ever-St. Louis-you know whating-beaching it all day-Puritans w Monika-Sue-Carolina-Jen Micheal-it was the laughs that kept us going. Mother, Daddy-love to you both. Love thanx to all!!! MARISA LEMOS: “Piss” Softball 1, Field Hockey 1, Cheerleading 2-4, my family 143 all so much. My sis CC. P G. Its your turn now, go for it, good times with CP, Pigpile the closet, A B get serious. Jogging, thanks for always being there. JW one exciting night to remember. Halloween “82” with CP LL and my mushy sis AL. LL’s house with CP. Good times with JR; thanks LA take care. MM, keep smiling. KR, you’re too much. Good luck to CM, LK, LL, KH, JM, DY, MO, BB. MC hang in there. Mom, where ever you are, I love you. To my brother Geoff, we made it. I love ya. REGAN WHITELAW: never being understood, but never wanting to be. Being unique. New faces, and friends, but never forgetting the old ones, (you guys know who you are) I’ll remember it all, the good, the bad, and the mediocre. Kitt and Tracey, so much to say . . . Marching with Eddie? “I like what you’re wearing ...” Dancing, acting, just being myself, ‘cause’ being like everyone else kills brain cells. DEANNA DEITRICH: Band 1-4, Cheering 1-4, Memorial day 80, 82. NEW YEAR’S EVE 82 presents Alex 143. Robb 143. Molly the Pract! 143. Lisa fantastic? Mr. biology book? 143. Tom C. Newport! Anndy! Sue help! 1 love you all!!! Tom phone calls Atari? Prom 82 October 12, Best Inn, Best of friends I’ll love ya always!! Heart band-aid and vampires on halloween Mark? If it was meant to be . . . T.J.S. hearts and smiles 4-ever! Thanks Mom, Dad, Jim, Matt! Life’s the most precious gift! Thanks KC,SB,PK,DH! 155 KEVIN RICHARDSON: the Galaxy. Buds with the boys JM, LA, DN, GH, CC, MO. Avery get out of my way. Boys, they’re the wrong taps. The run to Harney’s. I can’t do this, oh what the hell. Cheryl, go sit in the corner. Guys, don’t do that in my car. Oh no, officer, no officer, I’m sorry officer. Boys get the tool box, turn those lights around. Sure, I can drive fine. Take care PR, CC, JW, AM, The Halloween night I could see Walpole! Boys we’re off to Conn. Nauset, I leave with a lot of memories. Thanks for everything, guys. BB lives. HEATHER ALBERTS: Featherweight, Both old new friends made summer of 82 great. Thanks to Jenni, you made my life complete. Holly, how bout some oj? thanks. Mae-ellen I will always be here for you; Monika, thanks for all that you have done for me. Pam, don’t forget the good times we had at DQ. See you guys around; hang on to your dreams. Some day they will come true. Special thanks to Mrs. Demetri Mrs. Walker for being so patient understanding with me. I love you both. Mom Dad, thanks for everything. LAURENE LACASSE: Partying with the gang DB, SH, BF, CF, AF, CK, BT AND EVERYBODY. C bathroom Rock harber bashes. Last year’s party at the ghetto. The Who, the Blue Oyster Cult concert with Herbie, Amy, and Bion, Cheers to Becky, the best sister in the world. Thanks, Mom, for being a friend. I love you Bion!!! Just wait till we get to Florida. It will be great! I can’t believe I’m finally out of here! LATER NAUSET-MUCH! WENDY BAKER: Boog, Dickie. Summer of ’82 the best! Good times with CD, SH, GS, CF, BF, MR, IL, KP, etc . . . H.G.A.T.H.T.R.M! P.C. Btalls, TG, EO’s!! and Celica rides w Carrie D 4AM rondevous anso ’82! Nickerson State Park b 1314 82! w Inger, thanx Inger for getting me out of the 10th grade. 10 31 80-Hey Ima! Dukes of Hazzard w Sally-love and thanx to all, and especially Adam Ant, I never would have made it w out you! Throw your safety overboard and join our insect nation. A. Ant. Ant people are the warriors. TERRENCE T. DOYLE: Pretty good huh? “plenty of air” Summer 82’ 1 El primo! Had a great 4 years I’ll miss them. Crusin’ in the towns with L.A. D.A. gettin rad on my bike, Mongoose all the way! Later to great friends J.L., G.M., L.B., P.M. Baze gloomy the best teach, stu. A special good-by to A Alison B. I’ll ya really! Listenin’ to the Doors Kinks “Got any Jiba’s” wrestling, track art all the way! Plenty of good times moments to come. We have a great class, so get out there go for it ’83!!! LATER! SCOTT ALLAN HINSON: FOUNDRY-Ridgefield . . . NYC . . . 8 lakes . . . Summer of 79 ZOOM - Shwartz weekend-parties oh no Mom’s home! double-take go for it! off-road with Dad’s truck. Winter nights snow mobiling with the frat’s 3 tickets! My hobie-cat rules 8 lakes! Thanks PIDGE, RF, KF JN. The move to CC! Sea-ray-DD water Skining-sorry DD!-we forgot! trips to CT NY! GRAND-AM bad move! accident-my backH-revenge! US patent 2 1 83 ferrarri-308-9 83 Thanks Mom And Dad! To be a successful dentist inventor . . . PUTNAM MACOMBER: Riding enduros on my bike. “Can-am l” Going racing, totally awesome. Goodbye to some great friends: B.P. T.D., E.Oz., J.M., F.S. Watuz; you gotta learn to duck! Working at Angelos with L.K., L.M., dw.R. Summer of ’82 1, fur sure! Had a great time these past 4 years-hope there’s more to come. Thanks Mom Dad for letting me race these past years. I’ll always count on your support when I need it. GLENN HAWTHORNE: Lunch with olde Eastham. Hedge trimming in Avery’s. Jimmy. B.O.C. and OZZY. Summer of 82-Rainbow, all-nighters, Ballston beach in the bomber. Surfing with D.G. and E.B. Long Pond parties. T.O.A.D.S. with DG, LA, JM, MO, TE, CE, EB, KR, and the rest of the BBs. Boxing at Slingers. Cottage parties at Bazels. To CE.-you’ll get over it. TO D.G. get a job! To anybody whose anybody-the BB’s will never die! (they just smell that way) 157 RUSSELL CAMPBELL: Zebr Russ,-Cape Cod National Seashore since 1976-B.A.D. Drill, P-town-Race, Point Beach,-summer of 1980-81, will miss a lot of people from seashore who have come and gone! Life Goal-to become involved in National parks in one way or another-cosmic wimpout-Cape Cod Champion of 1982-on to the Globles!! KERRY CHIARELLO: “Let me tell you something and this is true. You can’t help getting older, But you don’t have to get old. If you take small steps you’ll never get anywhere . . . and if you drop food on your tie, You’ll have to clean it or eat your tie”-George Burns. Beaches, Teachers, Plays, Songs, Cast Parties and the unexpected, Clear skies, Fullmoons, and Sunshine-some things never change. Run for your life! What’s your sign? “The plays the thing” Echoes fade, Memories die, but the love we shared you cannot buy. ANDREW HORNE: Hornet, Dew who? Hoop with S.B., The best friends in the world! What’s the matter, Pookey? Careful of grape juice cans, Rob. Zoom L.K., A.D.,-most fun to pick on Fred and Ginger with M.P. Ooh Ooh! Hey Steph! Big Guy drama with K.C., S.D, S.B, R. G., D.D., B.A., D.D., A.D., Serenading S.H.,-someday. Sue Hey Barbarbeba NHS trip 6hrs. PM I’ll wait 33 Thanks R.G., A.D., S.H., S. B., D.D., L.K., K.C., T.C., S.D., M.P., P.K. You’re the best! Boy’s State, Tom, gimme a break! Miss D.B. Beatles! Thanks Mom, Miss you Nauset, We fooled ’em Rob-Bob. JOHN DAVID BROWN: Bubba, Browna, J.B., Soccer 1-4 Tri Capts Balls 183, Treasurer 384 Thanks Pedi Bing for all the times, in the Coronet, Capiece, Blue Monster or any place else. The best two friends anyone could have, you guys are the greatest . . . Tracey, Thanks for all the love and understanding, 1 love you. To all my other friends you made these 4 years worthwhile. Take care, everybody, and let’s keep in touch. I’m young, I’m wild and I’m free. Nauset many thanks, you’re all right. 158 LAURA SULLIVAN: “Scooch” Cheering 2, Glo’s 3 4. Scott ILY-You’re so special! MEMORIES, 6 16 80. Prom night ’81 so very ironic! Wild times at J.Z.’s mansion. Rock Horbor @2 a.m.-w S.A., J.Z., J.M., B.W., H.C.-intense! Ski Trips w S.A., Snow more Snow Road Trips GOOD TIMES GOOD FRIENDS there’s nothing better. Mom, Dad, I’ll make it, Love to both. Now it’s time to ramble On . . . HEIDI TUBMAN: Hides, It was a long 4 years, especially 6 13 80-7 16 82; Well, all I have to say to D.D. is I made it, even better, w out you. I’ll never figure you out, but I still care. Then there was the fun, parties, beaches, skating. Where’s the hair?, guys, Rec., GH, camping, trips to Boston, sleding behind K.H.’s, dances, horseback riding, pictures on the roof, many thanx to B.W., K.H., C.M., L.S., S.G., M.H., B.M. and other special friends for help and hell raising. Good Luck little brother, w your style, you can’t loose; Live your dreams while you can!! LESLIE LEITE: “LOU” Softball 1,2; Cheering 1, Captain 2,3,4. C. C., L.C., S.K., S.K., S.K., yah, I’ll always be here. Gitmb no brakes 42. much love luck to S.B., J.C., L.B., T.D., C.P., M.T., M.M., D. Y., J.W., R.F., K.K., Sking w C.T„ D.T., C.T., E.T. phone home! Thanks Mr. Mrs. Beaulieu for everything. Parris is and and so much more. Bruce 143 always, we can make it, T.C., B.I., P.I., 1 26 80 sunshine l-4ever, dreams! 10 30 82 w M.L. C.P. Mom and Dad, thanks for all the love and support you’ve always given me. I Love you. Good Luck, Bob! John R. ALG forever . . . HOLLY A. TARLETON: Holl Cakes, Shrimp, How’s it go? Fine! No Problem! esssh! Doubt it, Dad. Come on, Mom! Summer of 82, the Best yet! FLORIDA forever! To my BEST FRIEND Shelly, you’re the greatest! I love ya! Parting with S.M., P.M., L.D., L.R., C.A., C.D., M.F., C.D., H.A., P.M., M.L., You’re great friends! I give my love to Phil! Thanks for everything, hon. Thanks, sis. How about some O.J., Heather? “Sorry,” Mom Dad thanks for all your support and love. I love you both with all my heart!! Good luck to all my friends. 159 CHRIS HAVENER: Kesse, Helga, Kiwi, X-Country, Track 1-4, Co-Capt 4, Hey K.K., G.T.A.Q., huh?, wench, the wild boar, 8 25 82 a night to remember, W.B.K. and rasberry danish!, Hyannis Regency, we’re Seniors already?, Thanks to many great friends and the aries-3 for adding comic relief, A life where we will have much and remember so little, take care Mr. L„ I.W.B.T.B.I.W.I.D..H.T.S.T.W..J.I.M. Y..H.T.L.A.F., I love you Mom, Dad, and sisters; thanks for putting up with me. CHERYL LEE CHIPMAN: Cheering 1,2,3, C.A. w P.R. N.H., N.S.P., B.C.F. too many memories, Pammy Sue! J.W., our future plans? M.L. the anchor ILY! G.D.V. 143 always I miss you-it’s hard but we’ll make it! C.M., K.R., M.O., J.M., L.A., I Love you guys! A.M. Booh, I’ll miss you. The cottage, B.B. you’ll always be special. Thanx for always being there! L.K., Please stay close, K.R., sit in the corner! K.H., good luck w Bill! Mary, my sis, take life one day at a time. It’s hard at times, but bear w it; you’ll soon be Free. Ma Pop, Well I made it!! ILY ... ROBYN FAZIO: Rah, I miss you, Irish! C.S. Forever! Moving Day 82! V P-all the way!S-5 21 82; G-6 17 82! Lori: Thanx for being you, Pook. You’re really special! Chris: Thanx for everything! Leslie: Mustangs forever. K’s house-sorry! Jen: those D’s are trouble, we learned! Lil: Halloween 82-party buddies! Erin: Thanx for always being there! Kitt: Like oh my God, totally! Stacey: Thanx for being such a sweetheart! Kathy: you’re a good friend! Sue: You’re one of a kind! Gret: you and your diet! clljskklsmw-luv ya all! bye! STEPHAN BRUECKNER: Steph, Boards, Brillo, Mr. Basketball, etc. Hoop 1,2,3,4; Capt. 4, Drama 3,4; Sports Ambassadors ’81 ’83. Nauset’s 1! Coach Miller: Thanx for inspiring me to demand the most from myself. Great talks with Mr. L. With the Hornet: Ooh, Ooh!!! To Tom: “You’re the best.” Mom, Thanx for making it all possible; I Love you! L.E.E.: 10 10 81 . . . Nauset light forever. “Know thyself” “Love is the only reality,” “Life isn’t a destination; but a journey.” 160 KATHY MCMAKIN: “Kath” Good times w T.K., S.G., V.C., L.J., P.L., E.P., R.F., E.L., J.H., Summer’s ’80 ’82-Best Yet! Lumpy’s Idle Times-Daily! T.K. (as in Clark-I luv ya now forever!) Toy soldiers, london Br., “Upon us all a little rain most fall”, J.S. (KSA TTC), E.P.-sorry Ct. w TIMMY! “Heh Baby” Hatchetman’s Path w E.L., J.H., G.B., M.K., T.D., M.M., . . . Beachin’ it! J.W.’s house-PARTYING . . . Thanx to everyone-12 years ... 1 DID IT-BYE! LISA JONES: Activities-At Nauset? You’ve got to be kidding! Never mind! Pad Amana Nefzjer Biss the painted pony, V. S. Amos and Andy, Jo TIM The Ramblin girls R.G.-the key! Peachy campground, The loft, The hideout 203 B.I.-party birthday, Blizzard so dis is wot it’s all abowt, mate, It’s a fact of life. Amy, shut up. Hi honey, Be original, No problamo, Genesis. Tull Gong-Radio Gnome, Play with fire but don’t get burned, Blindmaid’s bluff-keep partying, M.G.-be happy whatever you do, peace, Ciao. Mom-don’t worry about it! WILLIAM EAGAR: “Eegs” Hitting the slopes with Charlie B., Good Queen Happy, and the rest of the gang. Ski Club (3-4), awesome group to be with. Chemistry 3, with Mr. C., P.L., T.C., S.O., and the rest. Never will forget that year. Thanx Mom and Dad, for putting up with me these last 4 years. SEAN KILAWEE ROBERT MAZZARESE: For C.C. and B.B. a poem: My intense likes beguile illiterates (ergo Regan). For us, Cheating kinematics or finding fallacies and not drinking does insure existence 24190 918080026132300261402001800 1512052202120600Z5120719 To all the people who live in Wellfleet but aren’t really Wellfleetians, The best of times, I am the hider of clues and I am the Riskmaster. CRAIG SHIPMAN: Skunk in the Library, C.N., Home EC. award 82’ C.N., you big dummy, C I Champ X-Country 81’, Good times with C.N. and P.N., weekends with A.D., Teddy bear. Mom, Dad, and family, thanks for always being there; I love you all. PETER BEAULIEU 161 CAROL S. PAIGE: “Woody” “Oops” “No more drinks” “Hey guys, I finally got the joke.” “Slick” Good times with HT PM ML HA LW VC SA JT. Summer of 82, nights at the windmill, The Gas Station JEFF - Thanks for everything - I really do love you - remember our plans. Mom and Dad - Thanks for all that you’ve done for me - I love you both. Nauset - Thanks for letting me go - I had some good times. PETER NICHOLS: Nete Pichols, Hey Nick! Nichols. Are you still weird? Goofing off is fun. S.W. will live forever!! The mighty primer beast, Cutlass Power is No. 1. Basketball! Soccer! Can’t wait till Friday. Hey Petie! NGS!!! A.W. with T.E., C.S. Nauset you have taught me many important things, some of which are moot. See you later. By the way, Mom Dad you’re the best! ID I ) I k | LEA CATHERINE HOWARD: Burnout 2,3,4, airhead. Last of C building crew. Nickersons March 82 kegger. Good times w J.B. - bad influence on J.C. always. Trip to Nauset w J.C. + M.C., first of many! - Garcia w A.F. - J.C. remember blueberry pie? Bite your ankles? Archer on the hook? C.B - remember the drag on?? White Mountains w D.A., E.A., S.K., - Killer - Pink Floyd “THE WALL” w J.O„ C.B., S.G., - “It just doesn’t matter” What a trip, totally fer sure! Remember peace, love + Granola! Mom + Dad - love you always! Sorry, I’m such a bum! I made it!! Hang in there, booboo! KAREN TAYLOR: Class of 83 . . . Do but never die, live but never love, + laugh but never cry! Summer of 82, the best, Duck Pond, the Bog + the Hill. May 19 thanx. June 18, WOW - E.A. I LUV YA! A.F., silently turning into a vapor - how cosmic. D.B., WATCH OUT! Haha HT, FB, KB, remember - good friends never die! Rock-N-Roll-Stones, Doors, Young, Beatles, Zepplin, + Bread. (Jack and Diane) Far out, I cool, massive, wicked, + descent. Dad Mom (Judy) LOVE YOU. Could not have done without you - THANK YOU! 162 MIKE RUSSO JEANNETTE ROSADO N.: I’m glad to be here at Nauset. I wish to speak English like yours and learn the American style. G.L. F.B L.W. T.P. Jay M.K. K. and you guys in the Field Hockey Team, I’ll never forget you. M.R. B.S. M.B. L.L. thanks for helping me. Dad, Mom, Lynne, George, God Bless you. AFS, thanks for giving me this opportunity. Mexico gracias por acord arte de mi en este ano Balin por que cambiaste mis momentos tristes por Alegria y Esperansa. L.E. I.S. D.G. Mis mejores amigos. 1 love USA. Everybody, thanks for this wonderful year. SHARON MURPHY TON M. BHADHARAVIT: AFS Student from Thailand in 1982-83 Join computer-82, ALG Drama - spot light. I live with the Dodges (Owen). Actually I’ve already graduated from high school in Thailand and just begun studying engineering in varisty, but I came back here again in Nauset Regional High for 1 year. I’m looking forward to seeing the snow, because no snow in Thailand. We have only 3 seasons, Hot - Hotter - and Hottest. NRHS. Is very different from my school in Thailand, anyway I love this school very much . . . ( 163 I Five seconds and counting ... 5 ... 4 ... 3 ... 2 ... 1 We’re Outta Here!! 164 ■m m WALS WORTH PUBLISHING COMPANY M A RCELIN E. MISSOURI. USA . • r

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