Nauset Regional High School - Nauset Tides Yearbook (North Eastham, MA)

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Nauset Regional High School - Nauset Tides Yearbook (North Eastham, MA) online yearbook collection, 1982 Edition, Cover

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NAUSET TIDES 1982 Nauset Regional High School Cable Road yV - -t ■ f ' : North Eastham MjStr Massachusetts 02651 !1S§I Eastham, Brewster, Wellfleet, Truro, Orleans TO MR. PAUL CHAMBERLIN AND MRS. ROBIN WALKER FOR THEIR CONSTANT HELP AND GUIDANCE THROUGH-OUT OUR FOUR YEARS AT NAUSET. WE, THE CLASS OF 1982, WISH TO EXTEND OUR MOST SINCERE THANKS AND APPRECIATION. The Ciass of 9S2 Friendship We came as total strangers We leave as lifetime friends We shared a season of our lives But every season ends Our smiles, our loves, our laughs, our fun Our youth will soon be past But hopes and dreams and memories Will somehow always last The years we shared are over Those were the good old days The times we will remember When we go our separate ways Our days here have been numbered And soon they will be gone But in our minds and in our hearts Our memories will live on. Ken Rose, 1982 Friendship mm 3 m m 4 FACULTY AND ADMINISTRATION Nick Muto Superintendent Vincent Bresnahan Assistant Principal Alan Brown Assistant Superintendent Frank Daly Principal 5 Faculty Office Secretaries: Priscilla Tomlinson, Cally Fowle, Evelyn Anderson Donald Bakker Social Studies Cheryl Belanger Mathematics Nancy Bradley Foreign Language Connie Brogi Special Needs Edward Brookshire Industrial Arts 6 Richard Brown Industrial Arts ,»• Diane Campbell Social Studies Donald Campbell Social Studies Kathryn Carey Special Needs Barbara Chako Physical Education Paul Chamberlin Science Kenelm Collins Industrial Arts 7 Donna Demetri Business John Donahue Physical Education Jean Emerson Social Studies Margar Erickson Physical Education Donna Ferry Mathematics Stuart Finlay Industrial Arts David Fraser Business 8 Mariellen Fuller Music David Gates Science David Gessford Science John Gray English Lise Hembrough Physical Education Joan Howe Mathematics Frank Hutchings Social Studies 9 if Frank James Music Andrew Kalinick Guidance Diane Masterson Eleanor Meldahl Art 10 Robert Milbier English Leo Miller Special Needs Nina Mellor Library Aide Susan Milsky Home Economics Mary Morrison Foreign Language Susan Moulton Nurse Rita Mousseau Foreign Language 11 Mary Murphy English Elizabeth Oden Psychologist James Owens Art Jayne Peterson Guidance Herbert Pettengill Science Diane Quayat Guidance Secretary 12 John Randall Special Needs John Rivers Alternative Learning Group Joyce Roche Science John Ryan Science James Scanlon Guidance Barbara Schoenbaum Foreign Language Stanley Smith Industrial Arts 13 Sandra Stocker Aide Robin Walker Business Joseph Walorz Mathematics Paul White Physical Education Frances Wiatrowski Special Needs William Wiegand Foreign Language Robert Wilkinson Mathematics Breene Wright Library Aide 14 Lunch Bunch: B. Meads, E. Bengston, M. Ritchie, H. Cox, S. Thomas, C. DeWitt I. Daubert Custodian P. Frazier Custodian B. Clark, B. Murphy, A. Sawyer Custodians WTt t u t f , ftr V ' » | I I ft B UlS I B » d T htkv lift UI M J. Waters, E. Reddin Custodians 15 16 17 si |i 11 J™ Enr a.,- i §7 m m i » •% jf ; J Vi ; ( f f A H H I avW, jJn MR A K ft a ■ 20 JSBik jjfp MyH ' VK ■ Jft | ; -|Hp ;:r w. IBPPjp ' | L!ggl " !l% 1 1 Hi 21 24 28 29 r ;y i (J w jlljpHi ■ r , a bt‘ a Ur-£ ' - t I ®§i £ s ■EK Sf; j r ' It HFgj i gn J l , W | ; |a i-m r| ![ ■ • i im ] ' i ’ 1 It . K J Iftt kl et M- | ■i|I gLsLwft.- 11J i sj mm 1 jk i ; m Tm :1HB fir 111 m£ ? IgteMblk CLASS HISTORY Freshmen year we entered the halls of N. R. H. S., stunned that we had come from the top of the heap back to the bottom of the crop. The overbearing Upperclassmen were almost too much for us to bear, but we did survive! Our first entrance into the Nauset social life was the annual Halloween Dance. Then came the Gong Show .. . need more be said? Next the provocative antics of Tartuffe-quite a ruffle in our newly found values. And while enjoying these activities, our heads were filled with the sounds of the Cars, Fleetwood Mac, Billy Joel and yes, believe it or not, Disco was in (Orisa Lives) Sophomore Year — the in-between-time — we were neither Freshmen nor Upperclassmen . . . just Sophomores. In those days Nauset was truly 1. We were the undefeated State Soccer Champs. Those were the days of “Big Mac Attacks” on the field. The tunes of the time were The Doobie Brothers, Van Halen, Pink Floyd, and STILL Disco. With endless sales of candy bars to drive our taste buds wild! The Big Move to Upperclassmen — Junior year! The groups were AC-DC, B-52’s, and the Rolling Stones. Disco was finally out and New Wave was in! Then the tragic death of John Lennon triggered the re-emergence of the Beatles. Our social lives were once again enriched by such Drama productions as “Anything Goes” and “Another One Bites the Dust.” Along came Calvin Klein and Prep Day! A Breakthrough with the Administration allowed us to have a Rock Concert by George Gritzbach. “The Long and Winding Road” — Prom ’81 — one of the best events of the year. Time to decorate for graduation — unfortunately, a year early, but our time was soon to come. Then the Ultimate — (not Frisbee) — but Senior Year!! The feeling of finally being on the top was long overdue, but we were faced with the gloom of Proposition 2 V 2 . The music was Journey, Foreigner, Pat Benatar and the come back of the Doors. Cramming for College Boards and making out applications took up too much of our time. The friendships we’ve made will be remembered long after the thrills of the past events have been forgotten. We will look backward with pride, and forward with confidence. Dawn and Eric 32 33 Elizabeth Aiken: Truro Sean Baker: Wellfleet Mary Lou Avery: Brewster Friendship From 1978 to Thomas Babbitt: Brewster Darryl Balian: Eastham Kathryn Beswick: Wellfleet Lisa Bartlett: S. Orleans Dianne Beaulieu: Eastham 34 Dawn Bodamer: N. Eastham Virginia Boundy: E. Orleans Scott Branco: Brewster Christopjpr Blackwell: Truro Franco Bdjifini: N. Eastham Nancy Blatchford: Eastham 1982 with memories forever! Duane Boucher: Orleans Pamela Brogi: Brewster Kelly-Jo Bronsdon: Wellfleet Amy Brown: Orleans Lauralee Brown: N. Eastham Melinda Carey: N. Eastham Arthur Cestaro: N. Eastham Holly Chipman: Brewster 36 Peter Clark: Orleans Kevin Clayton: Wellfleet Edwin Crary: Eastham James Darling: Orleans Stephanie Dauphinee: Eastham Michael Di Lauro: Brewster 37 Paul Dick: E. Orleans Sean Dobson: E. Orleans Audrey Ducharme: E. Orleans Heidi Dyer: Wellfleet Chris Ellsasser: Orleans Kelly Doon: Eastham Paul Dubois: Eastham 38 Charles Ering: Brewster Mary Jo Franzago: Brewster Gino Furlano: Truro Judith Filliman: Wellfleet Andrew Forman: Brewster Laurie Ann Fulcher: Eastham thread of our life would be dark, If it were not with friendship and love intertwined! •i £ Nancy Gasco: N. Eastham Linda Gaspar: Orleans 39 Edward Gombos: Brewster Matthew Goss: Brewster Gregory Hall: Wellfleet Robin Harwood: Brewster After all, there are no friends like old friends: in theirA company one doesn’t ( have to defend or f explain oneself! JlJ Srv. i ■ m j i % 1 KMi Joseph Hayden: Orleans Mary Hayes: Eastham 40 Matthew Hempel: Orleans Donna Henry: Brewster Colby Hildreth: Brewster Sonia Higgins: Eastham mr Francis Hoban: Orleans most I can do for my friend, simply be his friend! Leslie Hitchcock: E. Orleans Adam Houk: Wellfleet Steven Hurd: Truro 41 Hollis Jamison: Orleans Christian Janson: Brewster Andy Jones: Orleans Joseph King: Brewster Joseph Karem: Orleans A true friend is forever . Maria Krikorian: Brewster Eileen Krug: Brewster Peter Lajoie: Orleans Louise Largey: Eastham Sandra Langlais: Orleans Leslie LaPiana: Eastham Daria Larned: Wellfleet Paul Leonard: Orleans Maria Lawless: E. Orleans Michael Maguire: Brewster o not remember days, We remember special moments With our Friends! Kathleen Long: N. Eastham i 4 4 43 Jacqueline Maker: Wellfleet James McCully: Brewster I value the friend who for me time on his calendar ... Peter MJCutchen: E. Orleans Melissa Massey: S. Orleans Molly MjClean: Orleans Michael McDonald: Brewster Michael McEnaney: Brewster Alec McGinley: Orleans 44 Kevin McNutt Orleans Bill Mentilio: X Eastham Elizabeth Millette: Eastham Dorian Mead: Eastham David Mills: Eastham Lynn Minarik: Wellfleet Scott Murdock: Brewster 45 Bethany Nickerson: Orleans John North: Brewster Todd O’Brien: Brewster Lizabeth Ohmann: Orleans Friendship, older it grows he stronger the gets! it Jeanne O’Neil: Brewster 46 Natalie Oswalt: Truro Daniel Ozon: Orleans Tracy Palm: Orleans Michael Parent: Brewster Carol Parlante: Wellfleet Heidi Pearl: Truro Suzanne Peters: Orleans Karyn Peterson: E. Orleans Alfred Pickard: Wellfleet 47 Sarah Pike: Brewster Russell Price: Brewster David Polutchko: Brewster We have been friends together in sunshine and in shade! Thomas Quinn: Orleans Katherine Radlhammer: Eastham Russell Pouliot: Eastham Anna Putnam: Orleans James Ramsey: Eastham 48 Tyrone Richardson: Brewster Carrie Ritchie: Brewster Betty Rogers: Wellfleet Doreen Ronan: E. Orleans Alma Rosales: Orleans We get by with a little elp from our FRIENDS! Kenneth Rose: Wellfleet Rebecca Rosenberg: Wellfleet Jonathan Russell: Orleans 49 Steven Scrivani: N. Eastham Friendship is a Rainbow between two people! Lisa Simmons: Orleans | _ David Smith: Eastham Dell Smith: Brewster Larry Smith: Brewster 50 Maura Smith: Brewster Chris St. Aubin: N. Eastham Joanna Stevens: N. Eastham Patricia Stevens: Eastham myself count ] nothing in else so happy soul as m remembering n good friends! my Eric Stewart: N. Eastham Walter Stratton: Brewster Lisa Stubbs: N. Eastham Daniel Thompson: Orleans 51 Steven Tilton: Eastham Laura Tulloch: Orleans Libby Turnbull: Eastham Darryl Verfaillie: Eastham Derek Vautrinot: Eastham Beverly Ware: E. Orleans Amy Tyldsley: Brewster Douglas Velie: Orleans riendship is ... something we treasure more and more . with each new da y! 52 Kim Wherity: Brewster John Watkins: Brewster Ian Whitelaw: E. Orleans Eric Wilson: Brewster John Yonce: E. Orleans Bulkeley Winslow: Orleans Mark Wiatrowski: Orleans Christopher Wells: Eastham Take time to be friendly ... it is the road to happiness!! 53 Anne Marie Zehnder: Wjllfleet Rachel Zweig: EaJham FRIENDSHIP It was not foes to conquer, Nor sweethearts to be kind, But it was friends to die for Tlfat we should seek and find. Good-Bye doesn’t mean forever ... Good-Bye doesn’t men we will never be together again! 54 SENIOR SUPERLATIVES BEST LOOKING - Chris Ellsasser and Donna Henry SHYEST - Ken Rose and Kelly-Jo Bronsdon Best Wishes to the Class of 1982 CAPE COD PHOTO MOST STUDIOUS - Ginny Boundy and Dorian Mead CLASS CLOWNS - Jackie Maker and Dean Christopher CLASS PESTS - Judy Filliman and_ Peter McCutchen CUTEST - Nancy Gasco and Paul Dubois BEST DRESSED Steve Hurd and Doreen Ronan BEST ALL AROUND Sean Dobson and Jeanne O’Neil MOST SCHOOL SPIRIT Lisa Bartlett and Eric Stewart MOST ATHLETIC Jackie Maker and Jimmy McCully 1 1 % ' 0 if Hi . • U 4 v f ' M A i ; C52Xi V CLASS FLIRTS Beverly Ware, Russell Price, and Carrie Ritchie MOST INDIVIDUALISTIC Bethany Nickerson and Ian Whitelaw 56 Compliments of MOONEY FUEL AND GRAIN Depot Square Wellfleet, MA 02667 MOST TALKATIVE MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Liz Ohmann and Chris Wells Stephanie Dauphinee and Jonathan Russell CLASS COUPLE MOST ARTISTIC - Gino Furlano and Sandy Larry Smith and Rachel Zweig Langlais, missing - Mike McDonald CLASS POLITICIANS FRIENDLIEST Matt Hempel and Maria Lawless (missing) Hayley Houston and Tyrone Richardson Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of 1982 ROBINSON’S 5 10 STORES Cape Cod 57 Senior 58 Banquet 59 Congratulations — 1982 Graduates! “THE PANTRY” We cater to your taste! Old Orchard Rd., N. Eastham, 255-6945 60 Best of Luck to the Class of 1982 MARILYN A. DYER REAL ESTATE Wellfleet, MA 61 63 Memories of a Friend Libby A. Turnbull January 28, 1964 - January 2, 1982 A friend is gone .. . Not just for a little while - but forever. The shock you feel when realizing- the smile that shone through every day, the laugh that echoed in your ear, the friend who cheered you when you were low -will not be there when you need it most. But soon the pain and anger turns to understanding, It was time ... and she is in good hands you know. She is lost, but will always be remembered. DKB L. Avery C. Ayer L. Baker L. Bartlett T. Beale P. Beaulieu E. Bengston S. Blauner B. Boulerice T. Branco T. Chartrand C. Chipman V. Clark A. Coalwell P. Comeau M. Crary 66 T. Dubois E. Dupee W. Eagar M. Farrell R. Fazio A. Fettig L. Hale S. Hannon S. Hanson C. Havener G. Hawthorne M. Hemmings 67 K. Henry M. Herrick K. Hogan L. Howard S. Kilawee I. Landers G. Lemos S. Jackson K. Klimshuk J. Larson M. Lemos L. Kee P. LaBranche M. Layton L. Jones P. Knapman L. Kiele L. LaCasse L. Leite S. Long A. Horne O. Kaeselau W, Kracke M. Leonard K. Lunden P. Macomber P. Maguire L. Malone C. Mentzer S. Minor P. Mitchell J. Murphy S. Murphy K. Nevin C. Paviglionite M. Payne J. Perkins K. Perry K. Raser N. Reney 70 M. Russo C. Santos M. Schmidt K. Schofield L. Sullivan H. Tarleton C. Shipman G. Sibley J. Stolnacke F. Stubbs Good Luck to the Class of 1982 PURTANS CLOTHING CO. Orleans Shopping Plaza, Orleans D. Anarino M. Arnold K. Ayer B. Baker B. Barnes S. Bartels B. Beaulieu K. Beckman E. Bergstrom K. Bleau C. Chandler M. Chase M. Chipman J. Chisholm }. Christopher R. Clifford Compliments Of H. H. SNOW SONS, INC 22 Main St. Orleans 71 K. Ellsasser S. Enos }. Ferguson D. Foley C. Frazier K. Frazier L. Greene J. Greim K. Griffith L. Hall D. Hartlett }. Hamilton 72 Best Wishes COVE CYCE Cove Rd., Orleans, MA Compliments of THE GLASS EYE North Eastham, MA S. Hamilton M. Hammatt J. Harris A. Hartwell A. Harwood J. Hawkes B. Hempel T. Herrick J. Hogan E. Hollister S. Hoover K. Horton D. Lee J. Linnell M. Luckey C. MacKenzie A. Mahoney G. Maintanis Good luck to the Class of ’82 Compliments of TRUE VALUE HARDWARE RADIO SHACK Orleans, MA Orleans, MA 73 74 G. Malone G. Manchester J. Marantz M. Marcotte J. Martin K. Mather R. Mazzarese S. McCutchen A. McKay T. McLaughlin M. Miller L. Monks K. Morse B. Nickerson K. Reycroft A. Richardson Congratulations and Best Wishes CAPE COD REALTY Wellfleet, MA M. Royal S. Royal A. Ryan Best of luck to the Class of 1982 R. W. ROSE WELL DRILLING S. Wellfleet, MA J. Sherman C. Shimkus }. Smith K. Smith K. Smith L. Smith P. Stevens D. Still K. Stoffel S. Sullivan E. Sveden A. Sweet C. Swidrak T. Sylver A. Tasha L. Taylor S. Taylor L. Thornton G. Tsouprake S. Tubman Best of Luck to Graduates Congratulations to the Class of ’82 ELLIS MARKET TOWN CENTER PACKAGE STORE INC. Orleans, MA N. Eastham, MA 75 76 G. Walters M. Watkins R. Wherity G. Wiatrowski P. Wiedenman M. Wieditz naC cf Glass $f B. Wilson D. Yates W. Yeutter Best of Luck to the Class of ’82 HYANNIS JEWELRY Orleans, MA Best Wishes to the Class of ’82 EASTHAM AUTO PARTS Eastham, MA I. Anderson I. Apgar G. Avery M. Barclay T. Beale C. Bodamer C. Bourgedis R. Bowman A. Bridgewood D. Bunzick K. Chiarello J. Christopher A. Clayton L. Comeau S. Conn T. Conti Best Of Wishes To The Class Of 1982 LIVINGSTONS’ PHARMACY Orleans, MA Compliments Of CAPE COD FIVE CENTS SAVINGS Wellfleet, MA 77 78 Y. Crevier A. Cullum J. D’Aversa D. DaDamo J. Dalton J. Daly C. Dessauer P. Dias M. Dickson J. Dilauro M. Dorval M. Doyle K. Drew E. DuPaul M. Furlano K. Gable T. Galligan K. Gill D. Gitter S. Goss Best to the Future-Class of ’82 Best Wishes Class of ’82 VISTA VIEW MARKET ANCHOR REAL ESTATE Route 6, Eastham, MA Rte. 6A - Orleans, Main St. - Chatham D. Jacoby B. Jamieson E. Joens N. Joens S. Jones T. Keane S. Kerry T. Kinski B. Knowles M. LaPense M. Laub S. Hogan C. Hull R. Hurd T. Lawless M. Lee K. MacDonald D. Macomber J. Mallory E. Marino Compliments of - THE RECORD RACK Special order Service Wellfleet Tel: 349-2880 Best Wishes to the Class of ’82 THE CAPE CODDER Orleans, MA 02653 79 D. Moore M. Muir L. Murphy G. Newmier D. Newton A. Nichols C. O’Brien P. Ozon A. M. Perkins S. Perry T. Phillips S. Pulsifier K. Quick C. Quimby E. Radke S. Ramsey S. Reycroft B. Richardson D. Rogers 80 M. Ryan C. Schmidt P. Schrader D. Schram D. Root J. Rose R. Rose R. Rutkowski S. Shea M. Stewart B. Studley P. Tortora J. Shiel H. Still D. Tasha R. Tuloch D. Shipman D. Stocker J. Thureson M. Uzapes B. Staples L. White S. Smith A. Spade B. Strobel G. Tilton M. Verfaillie S. Wanderlich 81 82 K. Yakimchuk M. Yonce Best of Luck to The Class of 1982 Good luck to the Class of 1982 WELLFLEET PHARMACY LIGHTHOUSE RESTAURANT 2 Main Street, Wellfleet, MA Wellfleet, MA Best of Luck to the Class of 1982 KENNETH L. ROSE Septic Tank Installation Wellfleet, MA Compliments of SO. WELLFLEET GENERAL STORE So. Wellfleet, MA 83 C. Garling Underclassmen Make-Up Page Juniors C. Kamens P. Nichols K. Ward L. Wiley J. Cole K. Chiarello R. Day WKM T. Ering Sophomores M. Doyle P. McKean D. Carboni B. Kirkham M. Boulerice K. Hughes 84 85 86 O r o a n 1 1 at i o nsr lctivitlfr5 87 Yearbook Staff [■■ 1 k -Y YJ El Y ’ Ml. a y r . First Row: D. Bodamer, H. Jamison, P. Burnham, M. Millette, T. Beale, T. Harwood, J. Christopher, K. Drew. Second Row: H. Dyer, R. Harwood, K. Smith, H. Ganss, L. Hall, M. Carey, L. Stubbs, S. Langlais. Third Row: Advisors, Mrs. Carey and Mrs. Walker, K. Rose, S. Scrivani, K. Clayton. Ect.: B. Aiken, L. Bartlett, B. Millette, K. Peterson, S. Dobson, G. Lemos, E. Sandbloom, E. Krug. Editor: Dawn Bodamer Business Manager: Melinda Carey Photographic Editor: Steve Scrivani Staff Photographers Official Yearbook Photographer: Bob “Mr. Focalpoint” Tucker 88 Senior Informals Faculty Sports ■V 1 1 IP o ■ , 1 I l w ml Underclassmen Activities And Organizations 89 SENIOR SENATE SITTING LEFT TO RIGHT: Eric Stewart, Lisa Bartlett, Carrie Rit¬ chie, Russell Price, Ellen Sandblom. STANDING LEFT TO RIGHT: Dawn Bodamer, Beth Nickerson, Jeanne O’Neil, Leslie Hitchcock. JUNIOR SENATE SITTING LEFT TO RIGHT: Bren- don Boulerice, Sue Hannon, Tracy Branco, Stacy O’Brien, Mark Man- nassus, Missing Molly Payne. SOPHOMORE SENATE STANDING LEFT TO RIGHT: Karen Smith, Lauren Monks, Krissy Knight, Tracy Goldberg, Lisa Smith, Greg Kotis. SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS LEFT TO RIGHT: President Sean Dobson, Treasurer Katy Radlham- mer, Secretary Leslie Hitchcock, Vice President Jackie Maker. life Wm 1 1 i 1 fcl - i m Jr |c » J JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS LEFT TO RIGHT: Treasurer John Brown, Vice President Shannon Dobson, President Karen Abel, Secre¬ tary Petra Mitchell SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS LEFT TO RIGHT: Treasurer Jenny Gibson, President Gwynne Wiatrows- ki, Secretary Kim Ellsasser, Vice President Richard Mazzarese. 91 Freshman Class Officers Secretary: President: Vice President: Treasurer: K. Chiarello }. Thibadeau M. Stewart S. Elliot Student Advisory Board L to R: A. Clayton, M. Wiotrrowski, K. Clayton, D. Hurd, Missing: D. Dietrich and E. Crary. Student Council First Row: K. Beckman, }. Brown, T. Branco, K. Abel, P. Mitchel, A. Kalinick, M. Millette. Second Row: T. O’Brien, E. Marino, G. Wiatrows- ki, M. Mead, }. Chad. Third Row: R. Price, E. Stewart, L. Bartlett, B. Aiken, L. Hitchcock, S. Dobson, C. Ritchie, L. Smith. Mr. P. Chamber- lain, Advisor. Fourth Row: C. Lajoie, B. Nickerson, }. O’Neil. I M r f j f : • 4 i ' wm National Honor Society _Ca _Mk t. vH|HR jIH 1 i w ' w usM ' ■ a -, ; mr Vyfq l [ ■_ »- ■ JPB BKSlIpwBrti Jiivisor: Mr. V. Bresnahan. First Row: P. Knapman, }. McKean, E. Oswalt, T. Glucksman, B. Perreault, L. Hitchcock, L. Keile, G. Boundy, K. Rose. Second Row: A. Horne, J. Larson, M. Hayes, M, Massey, A. Marto, D. Mead, G. Hall, D. Velie, }. Franzago, K. Abel. Third Row: D. Dorer, D. Dietrich, K. Turner, Glidden, F. Bell, R. Price, J. Cathy, R. Fazio, K. Raser, K. Klimshuck, Hempel, B. Aiken. Fourth Row: J. McCully, T. O’Brien, P. Clark, Mazzarese, S. Minor, D. Burnham. Missing: J. Russell, M. Crary, S. Hannon, L. Sullivan, S. Branco, S. Dauphinee, M. Goss, W. Stratton, I. Whitelaw. First Row: K. Smith, J. Larson, R. Mazzarese, P. Knapman, A. Horne, I. Whitlaw. Second Row: G. Boundy, O. Dorer,}. McKean, C. Aldred, D. Velie, D. Burnham. Missing: M. Santos. Advisors: Mrs. J. Howe and Mrs. C. Belanger. SKI CLUB £8b» - ■ v I n j MR Ip mL % - First Row Left to Right: D. Fleming, L. Bartlett, E. Krug, L. Bartlett, K. Beswick, L. Tulloch, D. Hurd Second Row: S. Enos, T. Keene, M. Lee, J. Milliar, L. Hitchcock, C. Blackwell, Third Row: C. Dessauer, J. Daly, J. Cartier, J. Hamilton, J. Gibson, N. Blatchford, D. Dorer, Fourth Row: L. Stubbs, M. Wiatrowski, K. Eagar, S. Bodamer, J, Kockans, M. Parent, }. Stolnacke, F. Stubbs, Fifth Row: Miss Hembrough advisor, T. Emmons, R. Tulloch, T. Glucksman, K. Hughes, M. Layton, C. Quimby. AFS Left to Right: Jennifer Crosman, Faith Bell, Kerry Chiarello, Miss Schoenbaum advisor, First Row Jj|ft to Right: M. Carey, L. Simmons, M. Schmidt. K. McNutt, D. Lamed, it. Francke, C. Kamens, M. Riordan. Second Row: S. Baker, B. Milliken, J. Wilkinson, E. Hollister, }. Larson, J. Stevens, K. Schoefield, S. Crosby, J. Filliman, S. Hoover, J, Marantz, L. Hall, E. Bruinooge, S. Pike. Third Row: A. Forman, P. DuBois, C. Aldred, D. Balian, E. Johnson, B. Nickerson, E. Ayres, K. Gogolinski, M. Milliken, G. Syvanen, L. Gaspar, S. Kilawee, L. Minarik, K. Abel,. dvijir John Rivjjrs, L. Lapiana, S. Dobson. ALG DRAMA First Row Left to Right: A. Forman, L. Bartlett, D. Bodamer, J. Yonce, M. Crary, M. Yonce, K. Grady, J. Christopher, E. Stewart, T. Goldberg, H. Schneider, K. Abel, S. Dobson, J. Walorz, C. Chipman, P. Rogers, M. Lemos. Second Row: D. Smith, O. Dodge, S. Hannon, R. Glidden, D. Deitrich, L. Howard, K. Gogolinski, K. Chiarello, L. Hall, J. Marantz, B. Aiken, W. Smith, A. Kalinick, A. Rosales. Third Row . Radke, M. Schmidt, K. Rose, S. Hinson, B. Mazzarese, C. Charles, G. Kotis, S. Brueckner, D. Larned, I. Whitelaw, C. Lajoie, Director Jean Emerson, S. Dauphinee, M. Dauphinee, E. Krug, S. Hurd, R. Zweig, P. Lajoie, M. Franzango, K. Beswick, L. Lapiana. DRAMA NIGHT 96 97 BAND First Row Left to Right: Director Frank James, A. Painter, D. Beauleau, J. Dalton, S. O’Brien, L. Kiele, E. Jones, K. Gable, N. Jones, R. Price, T. Branco, K, Horton, S. Bartels, M. Usapeocs, C. Gill, Second Row: S. Goss, A. Clayton, B. Knowles, J. Filliman, S. Hogan, S. Parquette, P. Schrader, P. Whiter- man, S. Shay, K. Daley, K. Peterson, D. Deitrich, K. Lunden, Third Row: M. Wiatrowski, K. McNutt, T. Chaitrand, M. Goss, C. McNutt, S. Bodamer, S. Crosby, S. Hannon, J. Newmeyer, A. Fetting, D. Mills, J. Brown, E. Morino, C. Dessauer, J. Daly, M. Dorval. CON CERT CHOIR C. Griffith C. Marino E. Marino K. Gable K. Yakimckuk C. Havner M. Herrick J. Rose G. Tilton J. Chad F. Flemming J. Quinn STRINGS M. Royle T. LaFstein C. Griffith C. Mead D. Foley C. McNutt j % 11 W L LM Ik W jL v Jj “Congratulation To The Persistant Group of ’ 82 .” FOCALPOINT STUDIO Post Office Sq. Orleans. 99 HALLOWEEN CHRISTMAS MERRY Send a Ga ci Oane k d friend Ord ?r 5 Cl)«(I h? " fdi ktn Mon T e 101 Nobody wants to be my friend! Where’s the fiesta? Kiss me, you fool Suicide is the only way out! This is gonna be a great show, Ian! Honey — Your home! Step two — you put your left foot forward then you shake it all about! 102 Yes, I’ll Marry You! Liz, will you shut up! He’s mine, stay away! Yes, I can too see my toes! 103 104 Varsity Boys Soccer Front Row Left to Right: T. Schwinn, L. Smith, D. Verfaillie, P. McCutchen, C. Ellsasser, J. McCully, P. Lajoie, B. Winslow, C. Wells, }. North, M. McEnaney, E. Crary Back Row: Coach Donahue, J. Chisholm, E. Bengsten, P. LaBranche, C. Mead, C. Mentzer, M. Stevens,}. Ritchie, T. Ering, J. Brown, M. O’Neil, E. Dupee Senior Players Best of Luck to the Class of ’ 82 ! LE GOURMET Orleans Front Row Left to Right: M. Crary, J. Brown, C. Mather, S. Hannon, E. Bergstrom, P. Stevens, S. Paquette. Row 2: M. Royal, T. Beale, K. Hogan, D. Nevin, T. Beale, J. Fulcher, S. Shay, C. Merrill, S. Coalwell. Back Row: K. Abel, D. Lee, A. Brown, A. Hartwell, L. Griffin, H. Houston, Coach Campbell, B. Nickerson, C. Ritchie, W. Yeutter, M. Mead, P. Emmons, A. Coalwell. Senior Players Girls Varsity Soccer Compliments of ... THE WORLD OF WATSON’S Orleans Varsity Field Hockey FRONT ROW LEFT TO RIGHT: E. Sandblom, L. Bartlett, M. Carey, L. Bartlett, S. Brown, R. Clifford, N. Carey, L. Turnbull BACK ROW: Coach Chako, Manager H. Ganss, K. Beswick, ]. Maker, E. Stewart, G. Boundy, S. Hurd, K. Peterson, B. Millette, Manager T. Goldberg, R. Harwood. -a imr 4 HI ' llll ' lllll Hill ■ini ' mi " in " 111! ' ill " ! L. ' ig S-SSSSSSE U mm Senior Players 108 Best Wishes to the Class of 1982! BAKUS SOULE JEWELERS Main Street, Orleans Cross Country Left to Right: Coach Walorz, J. Karem, K. Bleau, D. Mills, P. Dick, A. Richardson, K. Eager, M. Laub, C. Bodamer, K. Reycroft, B. Baker, and G. Tsouprake. Best Wishes to the Class of 1982 MID-CAPE CENTER Everything for Building since 1895 Wellfleet - Orleans - South Dennis 109 JUNIOR VARSITY BOYS SOCCER Front Row Left to Right: R. Henry, D. Bortnick, J. Scott, M. Goodspeed, B. Branco, G. Malone, S. McCutchen, S. Ramsey, D. Hallett, C. Charles. Second Row: S. Foley, J. Winslow, R. Mazzarese, G. Reineke,J. Zartarian, A. Marto, B. Miller, B. Bealieu, C. Lajoie, M. Hammett, A. Harwood, M. Arnold, R. Martin, T. Kinsky, S. Philvane, S. Bodamer, Coach Kim Shea. JUNIOR VARSITY FIELD HOCKEY Front Row Left to Right: M. Millette, A. Eldridge, K. Grady, L. Perrault, A. Tasha, A. Mehagny, D. Bunzik. Second Row: H. Ganss, L. Smith, J. Gibson, L. Monks, S. Tubman, B. Richardson, P. Diaz, M. Dickson, J. Winslow, T. Goldberg, E. Blatchford - Asst. Coach. 110 SOCCER CHEER¬ LEADERS First Row: Left to Right. M. Massey, L. Malone, K. Klimshuk, D. Deitrich. Second Row: S. O’Brien, L. Kiele, J. Ferguson, K. Raser, D. Ronan. First Row: Left to Right. L. Perreault, L. Bartlette, L. Leite, L. Joens. Second Row: A. Dias, K. Grady, C. Chipman, A. Painter, A. Mahoney, K. Beswick, M. Falana. HOCKEY CHEER¬ LEADERS SENIOR 111 Boys V arsity Basketball First Row, Left to Right: L. Smith, S. Dobson, T. Richardson. Second Row: M. Abbott, }. Ritchie, C. Mead, G. Malone, S. Brueckner, G. Tsouprake, P. O’Neil, D. McMiller, M. O’Neil, E. Dupee, Manager, D. Bortnick. 112 First Row Left to Right: C. Ritchie, J. Maker, Second Row: B. Nickerson, Coach P. White, L. Griffin, J. Fulcher, L. Tulloch, J. Boundy, W. Yeutter, P. Emmons, A. Rosales, Asst. Coach R. Wilkinson, K. Mather. Girls V arsity Basketball 113 First Row, Left to Right: E. Wilson, S. Hurd, D. Boucher, B. Winslow. Second Row: C. Quimby, A. Harwood, J. Winslow, S. Flemming, M. Hammett, J. Thibadeau, P. Crosby, R. Hurd, Coach B. Harwood. Third Row: Asst. Coach G. Thibault, M. Russo, S. Adams, R. Rotowski, L. Avery, D. Hibbs, S. McCutchen, D. Grant, J. Caukins, T. Lawless. 114 m , m? a [ %vsser 1 I I w [ , i sdSETBUl, 1 1 mmim , ' BUSK T muii Left to Right: T. Kinski, C. Anderson, T. Emmons, S. Shepard, B. Branco, M. Goodspeed, S. Ramsey, R. Henry, B. Miller, M. Arnold, J. Chisholm. J.V. Boys Basketball Left to Right: first row - A. Hartwell, K. Hughes; second row - Coach Wilkinson, K. Drew, B. Kirkhan, T. Beale, A. Monk, M. Mead, S. Paquette,_ B. Richardson, C. Merrill, C. Ventura. J.V. Girls Basketball 115 Basketball Cheerleaders Senior Players First Row, Left to Right: K. Chiarello, K. Beckmen, }. Vanhoeven, A. Ryan. Second Row: D. Dietrich, M. Massey, B. Seiser, D. Ronan. Third Row: A. Richardson, S. O’Brien, T. Goldberg, L. Kiele. Gymnastics First Row, Left to Right: E. Bergstrom, S. Pulcifer. Second Row: M. Dickson, R. Clifford, J. Dalton, N. Joens. Third Row: T. Hildreth, P. McKean, N. Carey. Missing: Coach B. Chako. Congratulations to the Class of ’82 CAPE VIDEO PRODUCTIONS Orleans, MA V -A—i LlJ ' ' §■ 1 i X HV if H ii agr‘- S ,M ■ ;?n LZ • ; i ' : - " ’“ V i B iw m « i M: i||iiw. ilfflBffifc- : . .: BAi 3 fe Bsaic -. rr . Zv. lM s w . jRi «K j ' JSt.? ' ( 7 ' ■ WfmlBHBUr i Ww nR I; ' If : ii r H 1 n ! -v, ■. ' •-■ A 1 . H BpSw l |.i _ »r Nauset Warriors Soccer: Chris Ellsasser, Coach Donahue, Peter Lajoie, Jimmy McCully. Basketball: Jackie Maker, Coach White, Carrie Ritchie. Basketball: Jimmy McCully, Sean Dobson. Soccer: Beth Nickerson, Hayley Basketball Cheerleaders: Deanna Deitrich, Melissa Massey. 118 Houston. Coaches and Captains Field Hockey: Kate Beswick, Coach Chako, Jackie Maker. Soccer Cheerleaders: Karen Klimshuk, Doreen Ronan. Gymnastics: Patty McKean, Noreen Carey. Ice Hockey: Cheerleaders: Leslie Leite, Lori Bartlett. Ice Hockey: Steve Hurd, Eric Wilson. 119 V f if. Scoreboard Boys’ Varsity Girls’ Varsity Soccer Soccer 9-2-2 3-6-3 2 Sandwich 2 0 Westwood 5 7 Harwich 1 0 Norwood 12 1 Falmouth 3 0 Rockland 2 2 Chatham 0 0 E. Brdgwater 5 6 M. Vineyard 0 6 Harwich 0 5 P-Town 0 3 Norwell 0 °2 Sandwich 1 3 Harwich 0 8 Cape Tech 1 0 Duxbury 5 4 Harwich 0 3 Abington 5 0 Chatham 1 0 Norwell 0 7 M. Vineyard 2 1 Hingham 1 6 P-Town 0 1 Harwich 1 2 Cape Tech 2 Ice Hockey 3 Harwich 4 Sandwich 3 Chatham 2 Cape Tech 1 Sandwich 3 Cape Tech 3 Chatham 3 Harwich 4 6 2 9 1 7 1 4 scores unavailable Gymnastics 0-1 (after 1 meet) Field Hockey l-n-i Cross Country 3-5 % Girls’ Basketball 49 Harwich 20 36 M. Vineyard 40 38 Sandwich 49 35 Nantucket 55 34 Chatham 28 46 Cape Tech 40 34 P-Town 11 Boys’ Basketball 49 Harwich 33 71 M. Vineyard 58 51 Sandwich 53 70 Nantucket 57 66 Chatham 45 60 Cape Tech 37 59 P-Town 45 121 BEVERLY ELISE WARE: Bev, Beav. Hobbies: Photo, Parties and Dave!! Good times w AC, DS, HW, AT, DM, ETC . .. and of course my sweetie . . . Dave, and BUDDY .. . Billy-Nick!! Hey Diz! Where the H ll are we? What a night! “But it’s alright, we’re OKAY!! Cheers to Munch Crunch .. . “OUR” PIRANHA!! Oh WOW! Being Blonde, Being Weird ,.. Ooh ... I Love it!! Can Ya Handle It? “No! But I’ll try like H ll”. I love you David for being there, and being mine. Florida? Here We Come!! (Maybe) Hers to Dreams and you Nauset. Bye! SANDY LANGLAIS: Memories with D.R. “Summer of 70 - The night of the biting frogs! DR, We’ll always be special friends. LH, I wish you the best Thanks for always being there. Talking about problems more problems! Giving getting advice from Amy Geoff. Good luck to you both. Jimmy, LOVE YA! soo much! We’re gonna make it. Thanks Mom Dad, for everything you both deserve the best! PAM BROGI: “Brogg”, “ula”. Act.: Tennis 1-4, Riding. Memories: Florida 80 w Kat, 81 w Kel, summers-beaching it, getting tan, partying at the pitt, past summers with TAH, Boston in the el camino, J. Geils 80, Slaving at the claw! D.W.- ing and water fights—trace remember “the wave”? Sasha, Roily, Bear-paw those suicidal rides with trace, craz¬ ing in the fagwag and all those break-downs. Good times w KD and TB. Thanks you guys for the best of times! KARYN LOUISE PETERSON: Pete. Track 1-4, States 33, Helloa-tails, Field Hockey 1-4, 14, Who’s on your team?, M.G. Crazy, Vette rides, Alps - 1972, Colorado! Who’s Olin? I know him! The Chateau-prom, Hello N.R.H.S., Good Bye M.H.S., New Friends and good times w SH, LK, ES, EK, PD, ES, BM. Shooting Stars 9 25 81, Luv to SH, Life’s raff, “A friend is a present which you give yourself.” Graduation - Pyschable, Luv ya M D 10 14 81. 122 LAURA TULLOCH: Laurie Laur ... Ski-Club 1-4; Volleyball 3,4; Track 3,4; Basketball 2-4; ITALY ’78 | FOREVER! Beginning w David, Andy, Mary! Quebec ... Sea Scouts, “We Bad!’’ “Yipper!” Thanks Lib Kevin for everything! : Nantucket w Kev! Ohio Lib! Heidi’s Parties ... 4-Wheeling; NAUSET: Pilgrim; “The Group!” “Quinn Brothers,” Nauset Dunes 8 25 80! Beach Camp!! Summer ’81 w Nestsy, Debbie Mark! “L- j I-P-s!” Biking Fla. w AB “East Egg” Love Ya Bunny! Nets best sis! Good luck Bob Deb! Thanks Mom Dad I’ll miss everyone but ... i MEMORIES LIVE ON! J 4 i MARY LOU AVERY. Ski Club; Seascouts; Nauset Beach; Pilgrim Lake; Kevins Beach house W L.T. Heidi’s Partys My party intoxicated fish; TALL SHIPS: Jay Rangley; Boston, P-Town w SH, ME, AR, Fayers; New Hampshire w CA, KA; Hey Sue lets skip! AB, SH, No Prob.; DAVES; The Group; Quinnletts; cupcakes, LT, PG: My cousins; Marshfield W Kath; Thanks love to my family and Friends forever! BETHANY NICKERSON: Belita. Soccer Basketball 1-4. ’79 w C.R. — many clouds! Great times w H.H. J.M Rabbits, P-Town, and organic days! “It’s only high school” Miss ya Bakey. Nov. blues w Pepita. Rap sessions on flats with Jeanne — Pescado, constant fear. 6 28 80, B FJ (how’s your car). Gipp my J.V. buddy — Rogers liquors? Germany ’81 w Marieee - Pubs, Prrosts, Marcus’ Cafe. Espanol 3 — el mejor clase. Many thanks to Coach K., Mr. Rice, VJ, Mrs. Bradley and especially to Jeanne. When do we move into Our apartment Jeanne? DONNA HENRY: Remembering Summer of ’77 - KLB, (Sunsets), N.E., Dragway w MK, EJ’s party “16” Lil Peach - LF, FLA. w K RB-D. Blvd., wango tango, Rainbows 1st, P-Town. REO, Black Roses S.C. - Kahula. ILYKB - you’re always on my mind. “WALLY,” memories w KB, MK, JB, LF, TP, CM, KS, NG, THANX. Big Convos KEN, Boston w CS, “LOBES”, Thanx DD, RW, for making it worth while! I Luv Ya Mom Pop. Bye Nauset. 123 JEANNE O’NEIL: 14. Track 1-4, X-Country 1,2. Junior Senate, student council, student activities 1-4, Girls State. Florida w BN TD. Summer!! Nauset Beach! Clamming w BN. June 28, 1980. We’ll never forget that Night Beth. Good friends wjp, I’ll always remember: CM, LV, JO, MM, LO, TD, RF, JM, ML, BN, Thanks DM for all your advice. Mi mejor amiga — Beth El Pescado. MA. Weekend away at UNH Boston, NY w Marieee Beth. In the Bullet w MM. Thanks everyone. NANCY M. GASCO: Nan, Nance. Thanks NH for 3 great years. Mary Jean, you’ve been the greatest! Wanna Exercise? What? Well, that’s enough! How bout’ some popcorn! Many good times and many more to come with MH, MM, KW, LB, LO, Dr and all of the rest. I love you all. To Jimmy, from 11 22 80 - 11 16 81 and forever. I’ll love you always! For my Mom Dad family — thanks for being mine. I love you lots! VIRGINIA AILEEN BOUNDY: Ginny B., Bounce, Viggy, Mom, Auntie: F. Hockey, B-Ball, Tennis, Math League, Student Gov’t, N.H.S., hysterical outbursts: RH, CG. Corruptions: Bin and Gin, Hermie the . . ., Wonder Twins, hornet’s nest, powder, factor it! ambulance! Fiber: HH, MH, DL. “It’s only high school!”, Tubs: kill chrissy-poo, Chem: RZ + VB = Disaster. BZ: Bonjour, “Peachy keen”; BC: beach. EOFM: CRANK! Where’s Marie? Friends, Mrs. L: Thanks, Good luck. Love thanks to Mom, Dad Family. DEAN CHRISTOPHER: Jake Blues, Assassin, Soccer 1-4, Baseball 1-4, 10, “Sorry, my fault.” Germany Chemistry with Mr. Chamberlin, Ranking on Budman. Summers! Shack parties w Russell, etc. Road trips w Elwood! 360 on 128? Juke Box Hero w Wellsey. One on one quarters w Jimmy Mac. Team quarters against Johnny Russell and Wellsey. American werewolf w Koko Sass. Christopher’s Commandos. “What Pete, you wanna borrow my Car?” “Wrong!” I’ll see you in Rhodesia. 124 CHRISTOPHER WARD ELLSASSER: Soccer 1-4, 1979 State Champions, 1-3 Basketball w JN (no snow) 1-3 track, road trips w Mac, Wells get out and push. Parties at Macs (Mega Birds), 1, 2, 6 soccer ’81. Summer soccer. PL lines. Surfing at four with JN, PD. It’s still dark out?! Winter w MQ, LR, JM. “Do they do that”. 143 MQE, June 2, 1986. Thanks Mom Dad - I love you. KATY RADLHAMMER: Rattles, treas. 3-4, Tennis 1-4, Good Friends many happy memories. GH, “Fits,” Verf 10 for 1, Crip, NB 2000, Whaley B-J, Ritchie - “Don’t laugh over spilt milk.” LS RZ special thanks ... (SP, CR, ML) Vacations, Germany-Parties, New friends, Berliners, Drinking it dry, Who carried who home? Carnival, Feb. 23, CCS (AMLFYF). Vermont “16”, The future is ours! Bye Nauset, good luck enjoy! Love you Mom Dad. Strangers are only friends we haven’t met! LISA STUBBS: 5:20, Stubby. Soccer 1-3, softball 1-4, ski club 2,4; yearbook photographer 4. Good times with the group: Jane, Duane, Cindy, Frankie, Kim, Sue, Tammie, Bill, Kevin, Charlie, Happy. “Ski forever!” Hang in ther Frankie — only one more year to go. Thanks for everything Happy. Thanks Mom Dad for everything, I Love You!! DELL SMITH: Drama, Nauset Light? Working down at Adams Rib! (Any one want to buy a Ghost?) Who needs a Grey Ghost anyway? Quite a party last summer w JAD, TB, MD, TG, JK. (Thanx Todd). Hey DO what page are we on? Wild times in the library, Keep on rockin! What whould I do without my music? You’ve just got to be an impulse buyer. Wish me luck Nauset (See you in the movies!!). 125 CARRIE RITCHIE: Soccer 1-4; B-Ball 1-4; Softball 1; Track 2-4. Many good times with all my friends. Especially - MG, KR, BN, DV, LS, RP, TS, CW and mostly CG. Freshmen year w BN never forget our birthdays. May 15 w TS. RATTLES! Long talks w MG, LS, friends forever! Flying with who? Gossip never ends. Many thanks to the Galazzi family. CG, there is always a place in my heart. Love you forever. 1-4-3!! Good luck to Jimmy and Liza. Mom Dad — I Love you! “This is just the beginning!” HOLLY CHIPMAN: Cheering 3, Summer ’81 with AK, HT, JR, MR, BG, (too bad Amy) Kelly, I couldn’t of asked for a better friend. LS thanks so much for the talks we’ve had. Cheryl never forget our special day 5 2 81, luv ya. Never let go of the anchor, she’s something special. ML sorry about everything. It wasn’t all bad. “Triple” thanx everyone you’re all been great. Especially thanx Mom Dad, you’re the greatest — I love you. By Nauset. ELIZABETH MILLETTE: Beth 2, ReeRee. Track 1-4, Co-capt 4. Jeanne! 4 years with 4-some. BA switching braincells, ES sharing the 880, LB march on Christian soldier! Shannon-Twin, Blib, when are you moving back in? Bagel-general trackie! Edwin, I’m so sick of those Tech stories. Jackie - he’s mine! Study w SG, JR, TO. Nov. 15 (106) Regression!! VIPIBL, Lab day! (SD) The J’s, run it off! Orisa, Nauset Light. (BD, JF, ES) June 18. Friends, keep in touch! KELLY DOON: Act: Gymnastics and track. Memories: Summer 80, 81 beaching it every day! P-Town, pochet, parties, the claw gang, Quincy Market. 8 19 80 and forever ... me Joe, many good times - lots more to come, I Love ya! Florida ’81 with Pam, too many sangreas, we were so tan!! Pam and tracey too. Many radical times to mention. Thanks for everything you guys. Holly and Cheryl ... Prom day? decent huh! Holly thanks for all the rides. Keep in touch everyone. 126 ELIZABETH AIKEN: Beth 1, Porky, ELBB - the fearsome foursome. Beth - a dreamer lives for eternity, keep dreaming. Shannon - we’ll take them all to heaven! Regan - smile, please! VIPIBL, the J’s, trackies, Orisa, regression, labs, Drama, Harry Chapin. Love ya KB, MJ, DB, SD, LF, NO. Eric - thank you. July 4, Ditto. Thanks Mr. Bakker, Mrs. Stout. “Remember when the music came from wooden boxes strung with silver wire, and as we sang the words it would set our minds on fire, for we believed in things, and so we’d sing ...” LIZ OHMANN: Lizard. Scorekeeper 2, 3. Cheerleading 3. 18, 3 ... forever. Champagne Jam. Bus rides with Steve, give me my mittens ... OH NO THE CORK!! Bugles, Lil Peach. Memories that will never be forgotten. Melis, Nance thanks for always being there when I needed ya. Presents for Mike. Special friends Mitt, PD, TO, DR. Steve, thanks I wuv you. Love MCHN. Josuha! Nantucket, mirage, BMW’s. Mom and Clarence, thanks for putting up w Steve and I. we love ya! LIBBY TURNBULL: Blib, Bisk. Field Hockey 1-4, ski club 1, Quebec ... beginning right Laur! Volleyball-4. Sea Scouts — Tall ships, Dwan, “Stwop the Bus”. Bin, Bin!! Heidieth, keep dreaming! Beth, I finally moved back in. STEFF!! Thanx Doug for the past years, they’ve been great!! Kev, your still my best buddy. Sleeping on Nauset Beach - 8 25 80. Best summer ’79! Good luck to all my friends, especially Beetie — your the best!! It’s the laughter we’ll remember whenever we remember. HEATHER CULLUM: Smeath, Act.: Horse, THE DOORS. Nauset brings to mind many memories, good bad. Partying at Nauset B. w Annie, Veegie, Suzie, Dizzy, the gang. Lowenbrau. Jim Dru, thanks for always being there! Jim there’s GOD! Jay, Paul’s - just a phrase! Derek, it was fun, I can’t write the rest thanks! GEARHEADS! Anna?! 4-Wheelin, Drive-in, P-Town, Texas-Brett, Halen, Concerts. Love and thanks to Frankie B., Mr. Mrs. Rioux, my adopted family. Finally, my love thanks to Mom, Dad, Andy 127 TED GOMBOS: nicknames - Puddles, Mountains “Molson” to the good times with JK, A}, JD, SM, TB, AM, and MD at “East Egg” don’t forget, I got the forman to PW the two week worrior, keep up the good life, “PUTANG” to Porkchop throwing “Rings” and all kind of things. To Band 2 in the name of the father - son - and holy ghost, to JD for the fun 4wding and parties. AJ harbors, fishing, boating and putang. SM the night no cars would run. Look out slopes, here we come “sking 82” DANIEL OZON: Newspaper 3,4 - Hide the golden quick! Get crazy! Good times with DS (Album Addict) Entering G-camp undetected (What a Laugh!) My unforgetable year in France the memories linger on. to JK and the rest of the Lunch gang good luck! Help I’m failing math again!!! To all who have helped me through these rough years - thanks. A special thanks to my great parents and my sisters. I leave Nauset with a smile. .M DAVID ALAN MILLS: Dave Daze “You blew it”, “Mange-moi” soccer 1,2 Cross country 3,4 Band 1,2,3,4 Stage Band 1,2,3,4 All Cape Band 3,4 Why did I run? Lunch room lectures with DM, MW, MG, WS. Summer of ’81 at the beach. Martha’s Vineyard ’80 Parties. First period jokes with DS, DO, SM. Summer Band? We “blew” it. Thanks to mom and dad. TODD BUNZICK: PW, NBB My left what? Flying Mist II on June 30. Alec’s Flip-em-up Truck. Ted’s Turns Fishing and Rock Harbor. Out on the beach with Mike, Alec, Kev, and Alan. To Connecticut Putong in “81” Road trips to Conn and N.Y. with JD and Mike. To my good friend who loves to harras me while I’m entertaining. Working for dear old Dad and B and W. Keep mom happy! and to D.A.Z. for showing me a new horizon in myself. 128 D. SCOTT MURDOCK: Activities: Basketball-1; Band-1; Parties with JK, TE, CE. August 1st at JK’s Ozzie Osbourne at the colisium Foreigner, Journey, Santana, Grateful Dead EQ September 7th camping with TG and JD TG’s starter, Wrong one! July 4, 1981. The best night of my life. Good times with SG Thanks Mom and Dad for all the help you’ve given me and for getting me through high school. SG, I’ll love you forever. Good Bye Nauset Thanks for everything. MICHAEL DiLAURO: “Mike” The shark “at¬ tacked” kid Raccoon! Food Fight at Wendy’s with Kev, TB, AM. Hey Todd, we’re in the wrong lane. East Egg. six pack Alec. Pochet Road. “Hey Al! Putang in the parking lot!” Yahoo! NBB, PW, Hey! I got the foreman! FMIIFT, Alan, you’re so emotional! The beach with KM, TB, AM, AJ, To all my friends, next time we meet guys, I’ll be doing Mach II. Thanx Mom and Dad. USAF, Here I come! DARRELL DORER: “Taco”, “Caja”; “Aren’t you a senior?” OK Fine! (That’s what she said!]; NHS; YES ’79, REO ’81, RUSH, NULLSET! Dav - What if it tipped? Vermont w MN; SD “What’s ‘Is’ Mean?” Saddleback, Ripped to Shreds; LN - Oak; ED - “Gano la BC? - NO! KM, LF, SO; “Don’t Stall!” “Hi Dawnie!” Beach w BC; “Hi Nancy Honey!” Missy: PS “Always a Twit!” Jim and Family - Much Love and Thanks! ERIC STEWART: Nicknames; Chickennoodle; Stewy: Being a Rock Harbor Boy! Madame B, Much love to my three closet friends Lisa, Paul and Steve! Field Hockey 81, Burnmaster! 66 chevy: Playroom! Hunting in New Hampshire, Ducks with Greg; Creten, much luck and love! Getting high on life and doing it without drugs!! USCG next step! Flirting and falling in love constantly! I will always love you LISA B. More than a sister! Miller Time! Thanks to my family for always trying to understand me! ILOVEYOUH! 129 I KATHRYN P. BESWICK: Kate. ALG, Gymnastics 1,2; Track 1-4; Cheerleading 3; Field Hockey 2-4, Captain 4. Drama, dancing, rollerskating. Good music and good times. Thanks to all of my friends for putting up with me. Leslie - 15 rites a day. I love your jeep, UD. M.J. (pt.) Good luck in your future, whatever you decide to do and keep driving 10 m.p.h. D.B, B.A. etc. - keep dancing. Skiing and being with my family. DAWN KRISTIN BODAMER: “Dawnie” “Dawnsy” “Bode” Yearbook Staff 1,2,3; Editor 4; Student Gov’t 1-4; G.E.P. 2; Blibby! “Oh my GAWD — Stowp the bus!” “Steff, can I have a ride?” M.J. - tolerance! Sheraton chambermaids unite! Breakfast trays! GERMANY! Roll¬ erskate Kate. Friz with Viel and Bound. Love to Mom, Dad and family! To all the cute guys who never asked me out — you don’t know what you’re missing!! Good Luck to all my friends! Tchuss jo ... MARY JO FRANZAGO: M.J. Activities: Yearbook, Newspaper, Math League, National Honor Society, A.L.G., Drama - Thanks Mrs. E.; Friends: Dauph - what a pal!; Bodie-Patience; Kate - Through thick and thin, sickey onion rings and Riunite; Paris et Michel Souris; White Mountains with C.C., C.P., and F.C.; Pretzel, I love you; Mom and Dad, I love you. LESLIE HITCHCOCK: “Les” “Hon”; Yearbook 1,2; Ski Club 3,4; SAC 1-4; Student Council 2,3,4; Honor Society 3,4; Class Seer. 4; Band 1; Art 3; Jr.-Sr. Senate; Newspaper 2; Germany (remember our room in Munich, Dawn?) Kate: epileptic pigeon, ydal drazil - it’s been “mint” being your psuedo sis - thanks for being there thru the good, bad and sweaty! I hope we’re friends until we’re 90! Rangely - what a wild place!? LOVE ALWAYS to all my friends. I never thought I’d say it, but it’s going to be hard to say goodbye! 130 SARAH PIKE: To my friends: Chris, Betty, Anne, Carol, Buffy, Dawn, Suzy, Nancy, Jo, Beth, Darragh, Kate, etc. To people better than friends: Ann and Rick, Ellen and Michael, Linda, Jay, Tommy. Gym-4, Tennis-3, F.H.-l, Health Car.-2. Goodbye my friends, I love you all, come see me now and then, you made me cry, so thank you, once again. CHRIS CARBONI: Yang. The Rolling Stones 1-4. Summer of “81” Best yet! Ying, what did we do? Sunsets, Jags, Yellow Oramacs, P-town, Newcombs, Gnomes, Bowie, 4-mile, what a climb? Unicorns, and Riunite. Texico in the thing. The kitchen crew is feeling green! K.L. Alice does still live there. M.B., Keep on dancing. Mom and Dad, I love you. Ying, I love you too! Digger, Take it easy! Nauset, thanks for a slow ride. HEIDI A. DYER: Hide, Dydie, H.D., Heideth. Basketball 1,2; Softball 2-4; Volleyball 4; Yearbook 2-4; Ken K-12 and then some! Bin, Jo, Jackie, Libby, and the many others, I’ll keep fond memories of you all!! Lib, Keep dreaming; Cuz you’re the greatest!! Memories of 14, G.H., C.V.S., Powder fights, foil, zeeba! “the” darkroom, MOO! Mo and Curly. Softball “81”!! Lil, I leave the pitching to you. Good Luck Puppy. Mom and Dad I love ya both, Ken I love you too. Don’t forget those short rides long walks! KEN ROSE: Soccer Manager (?) 1,3; Newspaper 3; Yearbook 4; Honor Society 3,4 - Vice President 4; Boys’ State ’81. Narc Agents, running, chemistry, SAT’S, lunch - Joanna - Good Luck. Missed you in Trig., Kris. Hi Jeffiner! Laurie, Andy, and Becky - Thanks for everything. Hey 14. John - always remember the good old days (elementary school). Thanks Janet and Bob and Karen and Kevin. Jackie - I’ll keep you supplied with French Toast and Devil Dogs. August 1-8, 1980. I love you Mom Dad. And Heidi - I’ll love you always. 131 AMY LOUISE TYLDSLEY: Ame, Nicki. The 3 Musketeers. Radical parties, concerts, Dizzy blasting J. Geils. Funeral fro Alex, scales and all. Going to P-Town w Peter Andi, drinking RC’s, 4th of July, sneaking into the B.R.! Morgon DF falling from the balcony, Cracking up MG’s car. Gotta get the Pepsi spirit, Beav! Makes those lines! We miss ya, TAB! Well guys, we finally made it. See ya later Nauset! HAYLEY HOUSTON: Soccer this is outrageous. Bus rides from E. Bridgewater. Gip no more bread please! Thumper 4 17 81. Nauset Beach! A good time at BU w Musk. P-Town with our little Pierre and the afterwards effect. If I ever look like that will you tell me? Marie And Germany. Where is that silly Rabbitt. WAh-Hoo pop-pop. Sailing 80-81. Hey, I think there’s someone hiding behind you. Unforgetable Cindy. Oh Baby Poe-Poe. Flings w Chris Lajoie. Good luck Jackie Beth. JACKIE MAKER: Chaquetta, Field Hockey 1-4, Hoop 1-4 (Thunder), Tennis 1, Softball 2,3 - “If I ever look like that tell me”. Wahhoo Pop Pop - That unforgetable math class W Frank! “Where is that stupid Rabbit now?” Great times with HH BN. You guys are great! Cindy - undescribable! 6th period study - Barbaques - Resolu¬ tions, Musk your a great guy. Boring Ed you’ll have to brush up on your bike riding, Brother Chris Hayl thanks for telling us about the mud! Get Psyched to do dishes. Beth, he’s mine! April 17th Thumper. “Hey, it’s only high school.” JUDITH FILLIMAN: Cape Cod’s best Motel Manager. Hello Even’tide; Miss Piggy: Hey Jude; Judy, Judy, Judy; Me Norma pik’in an a grin’in’ ALG 4; Band 1,2,4. Sax is my ax; Saranac ‘79, One Way JC; Young Life w FJ, ST, BT, Paul C; “Jesus is the rock He rolls my blues away”; Submersion at Great Pd. w OCCF. PTL; Orange moped at 25; Misty RG bare back; Thanks LAA, JC, many hrs of prayer; 1 Jn 4:7,8; Onward Christians Soldiers, to battle; See y’al in Heaven! Love to my guy, Ma, Dad. ELLEN GAYLE SANDBLOM: Track 1-4, Field Hockey 1-4, Ski Club 3-4. Hermits and good-luck powder at Beths! I’m soo hungry!! (Fla in FebJ Paris with EK. Those red roses, Unicorns, Frizbee, and skiing. KLNLN. CT you’ll always be special to me. The SD nite phone calles! P-Town (601), 6 18 81. Summer of 81 never enough sleep. Stee-mers w BD, MA, always a super friend. Much love thanks so much to friends family. 132 ANNE MARIE ZEHNDER: Annie, Ying, Salamander. Ski Club Art. Quebec 79. We’ve been through alot Chrissy. Ter Bar, R.I., Coffee on unsuspecting tourists. Summers with Minouche, “Could you die?” Smorgasboard’s orgies, Too many in the bathtub, April ’81, The yellow cadilac, my Bros. Kim: P-Town, Phil much more — Thank you! Kinks, The yacht Club, “a rooster on acid,” getting attacked in the park the Beatles with Nina. Love to all my friends, I’ll miss you! AMY BROWN: “Splints”. Skating forever. Natalie, Boston, N.A.! Love ya and thanks so much! talks w Sandy and Geoff. Partying w “jocks” and partying w druggies!! both are great! 6 12 81 ... The Who, Grand Funk Railroad. Cardinals’ games and the end of the road. Joe guess what? ALWAYS! Thanks Mom and Dad and special thanks to my brother Wes, Love ya. Hang in there Sarah. MELINDA CAREY: “Mindy”. Field Hockey 1-4, Yearbook 4, ALG, Summer ’81, Saturday Nights w CS, AP, NC, and JH. Thanks John for being such a good friend. Karen remember “Blackbeard”. Carol and Amy if it wasn’t for you guys I never made it through this last year. Best of friends always. I leave Nauset to you NOreen. Leona I made it! Mom Dad, for you never ending love and support. JENNIFER CROSMAN: Yenny, Juni, June the Spoon. Going “Totally Mad” in sverige; The good years hopping at Arnold’s w HC, Katie, Jodie. Those crazy times on Rick’s beach; cruising in the bomb w Bean. Go, Ingemar, Go! “Keep your country tidy!” Wild nights at Bjornhomen with Kitty, Christel, Moje, Stefan, etc. NEVER Forget 8 9 81. Nice car you got there, Kjell!! “Fy Faan”. The Vikings Live! Through the bathroom window with Bean 6 12 81; Best friends forever. Hej da Nauset, Hello Sverige! 133 DARRYL P. VERFAILLIE: Verf, Musk. Soccer 1-4, Basketball 1-3 ?, (I think I played) Track 1-4. RP-TS: No, she’s not drunk! Tubeing w SP - Untouchable, Shack Parties, Rattles - 10 for 1. Hayl - 81-82-et-teer, Sanitary Landfill - Not Dump! The arachnid kid, KR-Stay dry, Big Ed-Yes, You can have a ride, LS + RZ - Good luck, Good Friends and lots of laughs - the final step, the future. ADAM HOUK: Worm, jaging 1-4. Booze cruises w SW, DS, PD. Study’s with MP. Hasseling JW. Hey Digger, Frog hero. Getting drunk with DG, PF, PD and RK. Thanks to Mr.O’Brien for your guidance and to Mrs. Belanger for putting up with me. Thanks to Mom and Dad for helping me through 17 years. Good luck to Digger and Chris M. Hey Phil — Bridgewaters that way, No Problem. “RRRRRRank”. MIKE McDONALD: Doors, Black Sabbath, Led Zepplin, Pink Floyd, Thanks for everything Matt, Pete, Paul Joe. Summer ' 81! I.D. Please ... Sartana ozzy experiments with the mind ... If your gonna do it right, you have to do it in access. SSGL III we had to run, but we still had fun. Ski Club; Prom nite or week? Partying, Partying, and more partying! California ... and ... sensilmilia, I’m not talking about a revolution ... I’m not talking about destruction ... I’m talking about having a good time but just remember no one here gets out alive! RUSSELL PRICE: Hey Bunz! Spunky, Scumbunny, Chugs, Muffy, Lush Ellen. “Some fries with that shake?” Many women, little time ... but blondes are more fun! “Lola”, Springsteen. Shack Games - Let’s switch MB. Trojan horse - Jake, Gogs, Veif his drunken Harem. Toasting the 52. Rocky Horror, 4 wheelin, Pizza, Accident w Tom. Flying (A.M.). Hi Carrie, KR, SP, LS, + Patty. Sailing. Trips everywhere. Going animal in sports. Risking my life always, but I’m not worrying about it! What is Truro? (Lusty, CB, Ponch, MS) I could’ve done more. It’s Destined. Thanks All. 134 TYRONE RICHARDSON: Ty, Stick, Skins. Basketball 9,?,11,12. Track and Field 1-4. Concerts and Parties w good bands. Aerosmith, Ted Nugent, Pink Floyd, Nazerath, Earth, Wind Fire, Isley Brothers. “Booze Busts w CE, KD, JC, ES.” Cruising in the wagon to Harwich w MP. “AR are you crazy”, you Wood tick? Thanks to Nauset and all my friends for two fine years. It’s been real, Thanks Mom and Dad for your support ... I love you both! JOSEPH KAREM: Lebonese. Billy, X-Country 3,4; Wrestling 1,2; Tennis 2-4, It’s still Billy to you TB. Wiping out on Spring Ln. w S. Branco. The spray can flame in X-C team room. The weekend football games (No Rules). Stay free Kevin. Latin III. w Kev and DD. Good luck Lisa, Lauren lenny. 2 years to go. Remembering friends like: TO, RAT, LT, KC, SB, DM and all of you. Nauset is the greatest and the warriors are No. 1. EDWIN RUSSELL CRARY: Soccer 1-4; Track 1-4; Bicycling, Shot Put, Pharology, the Beatles. Don’t be a light weight. Hating AC DC. 8 11 81. Looking through a glass onion. Verf, Scott, Chris, Kevin et al. The field Mgr. rocks, trees, NSP with Chris. Good luck to the twin. TECH (not the School). Kevin lifts, I run. Friends, Jackie and Haley. Beth, so many things to say. Track ’82. “The Season”, and a honorable mention to the family. RICHARD PERKINS: CC 1-3; T F 1-4; Volleyball 3-4; Sea Scouts 78-82; Brewster Swim Team 77-79; Swimming Instructor 79-82. Thanks to all my friends for a fantastic four years. Hope to see you all in the future. Special thanks to all my teachers for sharing their knowledge with me. Special thanks to my Mom Dad Relatives, who have shaped my future. 135 CHRISTOPHER BLACKWELL: Chris, Leech, Blackwell. With Natalie always. Track, CC, Yamaha 1, Holeshots from No. Truro to Brewster. Great 58, bench seats are better. Corn Hill after dark. Drive-ins, Beach action, surfin, Ballston, Strawberry Daquaris. Skiing, bustin moggies thumbs w PD at Bottlesack. Leeching in Orleans, Thanks for all of the food Mrs. Dick! P-Town, Mojos, Boots, That’s what she said! Road Trip, Staying out of Mustangs and rolling buses. Thanks to all. THOMAS J. SCHWINN: Convict, Crash, Soccer 2-4, Baseball 1-4; basketball 2, Shack 3-4 (a dream?) 6th period study; barbacues, CR -May 15, 1982, accidents, Dodge totalled, 4 WD. Jeep, not for long. “Back to the shack.” Herb JR in Chem, great fun. Howe, much fun junior year, ask Jake. Near death in Datsun behind dump with RP. Summer ’80 cruise w LS in squareback. Verf his drunken harem. $300, harsh CG gone Tabor. Good friends - RP, CG, DC, LS, JR, CR, SP, DMD. DMD good times senior year. Thanx Mom Dad. NATALIE JEANNE OSWALT: Track 1-4, Hurdles, Summer ’81. Chris, Kelsey and Clan. Champagne. Ballston Corn- Hill. Bug-eye’s, ’58’s, Harleys! LF Florida, Chink it. Fine times. Exper¬ iences w Tony and Anne. EK, Dom Coke. Thanks MR, Proms We’re gonna Roll! Hey splints - Boston saks. Adam: Keep your facr to the sunshine you’ll never see the shadows. Dedicated to Kim. My Maseradi does 185. Love Ya Mom Dad. SUZY PETERS: Germany ’81. I miss you Maria! Rattles there is so much to say, but so much more to remember. NB 2000. DV, RP, TS. Thanx for the wonderful advice — Rach - where are we? Take care LS and SH. It wasn’t all bad PL. Kar - I leave you Nauset, but the love we’ll have to share. You are a wonderful person, never doubt yourself. Long talks, NYC, 60 degrees below? You’re the best Mom and Dad, I luv you. 136 STEPHANIE DAUPHINEE: Steff. Student Govt. 1-4; Honor Society 3,4; UMYF 1-4; Student Director 4; Beth - which party, which guy? MJ - what a pal! LIB! KB, BA, GB, DB, CS, KS, RZ, ES, LB, TC — good luck to all you guys. David - IWALY. Charlie - you too. Mom Dad - my thanks and love. No Missy - I didn’t forget you - WONDER TWINS! It is chance that makes brothers but hearts that make friends! Von Geibel. CHARLES ERING: SSGL 3,4; 2nd annual. Diceing on motorcycles w BC, TS. “Up¬ stairs” w BW. Iceberg jumping w BW, }}, PJB. Dogs with crooked teeth. Down the herring run, canal action w BC, BW. Thanks alot! Adventures on the watertowers w DJ, PJB. Meeting JD at my locker the, in the tunnels on the roof with DS. Partying recording with the stone, MM, DJ. Experiments in the room w PJB. Hanging out after concerts w MK. Aerosmith, Led, Pretenders. JOHN J. NORTH: Soccer 3,4; Basketball 1-3; baseball 1,2. Good times with Dub - Spark it up - Quarters with Mac, JZ, MB, PD. Surfing with Rat, Dub - Parties at Mac’s 4 17 81 - party Paul? Many 5’s. Good Nyborg at Foreigner - Bettie, get a job! Scaffeling with Bert and Mac - Bridge trips with JZ. Many birds - The jeep - Squire with MB, Mac. Thank’s Mom and Dad, I love you. TOM BABBIT: 7. The Hearse — Victim of a squirrel. Testing the sound barrier — 71. Peddie 1. Phys. Great Times with: JS, DP, AM. My best to Doobie the Bug. What’s up Chuck? Raoul! All my best to RH - While the cat’s away . . . 137 r» I DORIAN MEAD: Philosophy: Never spend too much time running in place! Ambition: To make a notch in the course of history ' . Method: To take advantage of all available opportunities. I have worked, I am working, and I will continue to work to achieve this end. PAUL }. LEONARD: Doors, Cream, Beatles. Summer ’81. I.D. Please! Off Cape bound, biking, hunting, fishing, camping, partying. Volkswagon. “It’s our generation”. KJW My thanks happy success to all my friends. Don’t let it bring you down. “She lives on Love Street!” Molson Golden. } + M +M + P + C + P +A + L=Trippy Kegger. Rock will live on on forever! “Where all the creatures meet!” MATTHEW GOSS: crazy, jerky, right Jen? Your still not mad about the Cool Whip trumpet - it was hilarious! See! If coaxed, even a VW Bus performs - not bad unh JW? Senior year is definitely best! I leave Nauset a millimeter of tread, many stalls some oil spots. Nauset was an experience w ones like: RP, WS, DM, MW, FBJ, AC, ST, CH JB. MICHAEL PARENT: Perm, Down Town Mikey Brown. Ski Club, Kitchen Raids in Vermont W SW, PD, CB. Great Parties concerts. “Crank it up!” w good bands: Aerosmith, AC DC, Van Halen, Led Zep, Styx, Rush, Foreigner. Thumbing to P-Town at 2 A.M., not very promising w DG. Good times in Harwich w BG, JG, CM, JP, JA, DG, TS, DT, HR. Crashing cars with FB. Hey TR when ya gettin the Scout? Moto-X weekends rain or shine, blowing pistons in Truro. Thanks to all my friends Nauset for 4 really great years; And Mom for being there all the time, when I needed you. 138 WALTER STRATTON: Thanks to JW for taking such great care of my Bronco. Without his help it might have still run today. RP can still take it for $300. Thanks Mom Dad for always being there wiien I need you and thanks for keeping me in line. Thank you Nauset, it’s been an experience. MARK WIATROWSKI: Weo, Trowski; Band 1-4; Stage Band 2-4; Orchestra; All-Cape Music Festival ’80; SAC 4; Sea Scouts, Op Sail 1980; Sailing summers at OYC; Good times at APBY: Skiing in Maine or trying to anyways; Good times at MV w AM, MB, JB, TC, SH. NPAC. Debates; “Don’t worry about it”. That’s all and have a great life, It’s been fun Nauset! MICHAEL SANTOS: Track 1-4, Capt. 3; Football, you bet! These last 4 years went by too fast. Thanks to everyone w T ho made them so good! Keep those buses rolling. PAUL PIERRE DUBOIS: Soccer 1,2,Vi; Bones 1-4. Surfing, what more could I say. It’s all over boys. Partying with JN and whoever else went to Truro Parties. 4 a.m. taking gym alf day. “Goog Batch Jim.” Outside. Must be 6 ' rat. Joining the budweiser racing team, (thanks) everyone, especially (Nancy). Outlaws. Nothin but a house party. Thanks Mom Dad. To Nauset I leave one sister. 139 JOANNA WYLLIE STEVENS: Jo, Jo-Jo, Wojo, Gi-Jo. Soccer 2, Yearbook 1-4, A.L.G. 4, SOFTBALL(H) 1-4 Deutchland “80 w D.B. L.H. + J.W.! Softball ups and Downs w H.D., R.H., J.M., + L.S. Heid, I’ll write! All-Star Bin! Kenny - Thanks for two years of fun. April Fools” w K.R. + K.P. F.T.P. Party. Beck - Yanks Aren’t That Bad. Liver twit. Kris, ORDINARY PEOPLE. Will I see you in Europe? Ya left a Year early. ISCHUSS NAUSET! SCOTT BRANCO: Ramble on; Summers 1 + 2 with Mike Freshman Soccer; Simths Pond, Y.C.C; Take Charge! Mavericks are 1; Spanish 3 without Dean; 4-wheeling with Russel; How fast are we going John?. Comame!; good times with Ed,JK,KC,BM,N.H. and the rest; loved ya K.R. S.S. H.F. M.Z., Thanks for your best, Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa Molson Golden and Lunatic Fringe; This is the End of the Beginning. ANDREA CATHERINE CARLETON: “Dizzy” “81” Great times w the GANG! “The Doors” (John) Parties, concerts, cruising P-Town. Riding dustballs w Heather, Adventures w Bev company. (Ceiling time) “Audrey, First!” Richard, you’re one decent kid! R.C’s w Peter. Outrageous vega trips, Anne! “Journey” to another land. You’ve got but one life to live, GO FOR IT! To Danny Montgumery, “Good luck Always” Mom Dad thanks for EVERYTHING, I’ll love you Forever ... Alex, hang in there kid! CAPE COD, “It’s Been Real” LARRY SMITH: Soccer 1-4, Basketball 1-4, Tennis 1-4, Student Council 3 + 4. Good Times; Holloween “80 w steve and Carrie. Summer ’80 w Tom and new car. Summer ’81 w Rach. Keep in touch CR,KR,DV,SP,TS,RP, and everybody else. Wild movie w Tom and Jon. Rachel as time passes and we go our separate ways I hope we shall always remain close in mind and heart. I thank all my coaches for all their help. LISA SIMMONS: A.L.G. 2,3,4. Endless Friendships w Jill, Heidi B., Doreen, Martha, Kate, ... Many memories w all. Good luck to John and the ALG gang. BR - Mrs. B for 3 YEARS!? Many special thanks and best wishes to all of the Wragg’s. Much happi¬ ness to Deb + Jim x 2. Mom + Dad - Thanks for everything Best of Luck to the class of 1982. May all your dreams always come true ... 140 RACHEL ZWEIG: Rach, Ratch, Drama, yearbook ... Thanks Mrs. Emerson, GH Lives! Right HB? 2:12 SP. C-Cynthia, Louise, Julie: Forever Friends, Best of luck to SH, CR, DV, KR, BA, ES, ... Suzy — your special - NYC. Karen, never stop singing, I’ll miss you. Prom 1-17-81. Larry, if it was meant to be, it will be. There will always be a place for you in my heart, I love you. Love and thanks to my family; Anything Goes! EILEEN ROSE KRUG: Leen. My special friend. Drama 3-4, ski club 3-4, musicals 1-4; CHAMPAGNE, dancing, moving, faraway friends. SL Strawberry, good memories. C’ville different, plaza cruising, cars. CC Home. Atlantic. Imaginary rides w NO. Skiing, starting from the top. Penn, station; Black Shadow. SD’s, P-Town. Flowers. DB I’m smiling. Paris w EGS. Yaaah? Foreigner; Lifeguard? Lis! DD’s. I love you Mom and Dad. SONIA HIGGINS: Green Death, Ya mon. The Gang - Docks forever! Hey Doodle, Ya got 2 good eyes but still don’t see! Grateful Dead, Zeppelin, Skynyrd, Graveyards. Maddness in a Subaru, Hingham! Weas, Summer ’80, to the fields! Good times with Joe, Di, Jen - get Stangatized my bro - they keep me going. S S, Peace, Love, Etc. Later — Nauset. ROBIN HARWOOD: Bin, Binny, Binsy, Robie. Softball 1-4, Field Hockey 1-4; Never forget the times w Heidi Dydie, Jackie, Jo-Jo, Krisp, Steve, Ginny B. Studying Phys. with 7. WIMP! Powder Fights! 1-4 Offensive Foul, Gin Bin — FOIL! Hermie the_, All-star GI Jo-Jo! LB Maybe, maybe. HEY LIB! I’ll never forget you TFB. Thanks Mom and Dad, for everything, I love you. I’ll always love you, TWB. SEAN DOBSON: Sean, ugly, yo-face. Activities: procrastinating, skydiving, polo, camel-racing, tray-duty. I’d like this opportunity to thank all those here including er ... ah ... well there’s. ... Oh yes, and uh ... Oh well, it’s been a swell time. Always remember these immortal words, “D It! Sean, we here at Nauset have a long tradition of excellence!” But, seriously, Molly Baby I’m yours forever! Folks, this is Capt. Mediocre signing off! 141 JONATHAN RUSSELL: Wrestling 1-9; Partying with DT,CN,WN; movies and quarter with Tom and Larry; stranded on the vineyard; vacations with JS, AJ, DS, KM Herb’s chem class; summer road- tripping; “GG and HT for¬ ever”; wrestling practice with SD and TE; Miller stands clear; There is noth¬ ing in the world like a Grateful Dead concert - Nassau Coliseum 79, Radio City Music Hall ’80, Or- pheum Theater on Hal¬ loween ' 80. Lately it occurs to me, what a long strange trip it’s been. KEVIN LEROY CLAYTON: The Tan Man, Ranger Clayton Track and Field jav. 1-4 shot 1-4 with E Crary, S Hurd. Get Ugly! An awesome force! Nauset Volleyball Club 1-4 I’d fly a mile for a volleyball Cape Cod National Seashore at SPVC. Student and Regional Advisory Council3 and 4. E. Crary wear your helmet. Is the ice melting?! Perky, a football player? No Verf doesn’t throw the javelin. Joey and latin scholars We Are Free! Geoff keep volleyball moving. Here comes class ’82 world. Ciao! DAN THOMPSON: Stan. Basketball 1,2 X-Country 2, Tennis 1-4. M.V. (sports] ’81, Stranded. Good times w JR,LG,WN,CN,SD. Remember you always KN. Study w CN, B.S. PN, CS. Tennis ’81 w EB, JR, LS, DO, CL. P-town (4th of July ’81] Great. Primo. Get psyched. Weekends. Beach day ’81, bad news. Led Zep., Boston, WCOZ. Foreigner w WN,JR,MD, clan. You’re all crazy. Julie, I’ll always be there for you. Thanks mom and dad for everything. JIM McCULLY: Mac, ya right!; Soccer, Basket¬ ball, Baseball 1-4; Capt. 4, ’79 Soccer Undefeated State Champs - Big Mac Attack!! 80’ undefeated, 81’ we’re going for it! Jamaica with Buck and Anthro. Ya man! Davis Cup - a threesome! Bear’s with Wellsie and Boke, we did what? Many road trips with Ratman. Hey, Jake, one-on-one. Foreigner. Good Nyborg! Prom night! What Prom? Scaffling with Bert and North. Atari at Z s, Wallhits! Liza, Jeannie and Belita thanxs for the ranks. Mom Dad the greatest! I Love You. Hey, guys many good times ... never forget em’!! - Nauset three Mac’s served, two heating up!!! 142 JOHN WATKINS: kid, Jonny, Track 1-4, Winter track 1-2, work- study 3-4, A loner thats never alone. Tara, what am I gonna do with you? Scout lives for¬ ever! Lauren-Jean, you’ll always be a part of me. The good-ole Wellfleet days. Surf- casting USA. Un ex- pressable love and thanks to my family for their never ending guidance support. HHAAAAY Pad, Have you seen a block here? I leave Nauset in search of endless happiness. JOE HAYDEN: summer of 81, ID Please, SSGL - MM, CJ, CE, CS, PJ, RP, DB, BC, DM, AB. Thanks Mr. RB it is the Right thing to do. The school isn’t that bad. Missed the boat ride home from MV PM, MW, JH, EB, JR, DT. After the cardinal games, getting loaded, then down to the end of the Road Best time of my life, soccer 1-4, hockey 1,2,4 baseball 1-4. JOESPH HENRY CHRISTOPHER St. AUBIN: ssgl. 3-4, Kegger with JS, Give Me Shelter. All my love to Lisa. “Thanks Nancy for giving me rides to school.” There ain’t nothin’ like a cruise on the Eastham Wellfleet powerlines! Death to JW! You see me now a veteran of a thousand wars ... Little girl, want a piece of candy? LJ? “Don’t Move”, getting Robbed at the Sherton. Were Outa’ Here! STEVE TILTON: Activi¬ ties: art-1-2, cooking 1-2 had had a great four years with Art, Alec, Colby, Wait, Matt and the rest of my friends also being chased by JF. Nauset is great except for being chased down to the office for things I did not do. DUANE BOUCHER: Bouch, Hockey 1,4 Shop 1-4 Ski Club 4. Crash “79” with WR,JQ and DN Summer of “81”. Good times with KH. Nauset Beach Nites. Morning Donut Runs with Jane, Frankien and Lisa. Life is either a daring adventure of nothing at all. NH Ski Forever. Sorry Kim. To all you Chevy lovers, you shoulda bought a FORD. Much thanks to Mom and Dad. Later Nauset, Much. 143 ERIC WILSON: activities; hockey 1-4, track 2 + 4, cross country 3. Good times at AR, with Scott A, Andy J, Greg V, 1980 Christmas eve at Rock Harbor. Great times at C,C,C, at concerts this summer with MV, SA, DR. All my love to Margret. Parties at the Barn Chink Restaurants, Hey baby, kick me in the head. Best of luck to Scott, keep out of trouble. Thanks mom + dad for trying to put up with me these past 4 years. MELISSA MASSEY: Melis, Liza, Elana B-ball + soccor cheering co-capt, track 1,2,4 x-country 1,2. Espanol amigas Pepita, Belita, El hombre, Cristobol. Lizard’s house when Daisy’s away. Cruising w JB in the awesome machine. Doe- cheering is our lives. Crissy my favorite partner. 8 18 - beastly! PB w JM. Quarters sola muchachas. Nance - thanx for everything. Jeanne - make them happy. GH w KK. Buena suerte kitties. Fla 79 w MJ BHS grad nite w KJ - TDJJ - thanx for my greatest summers - Lanie, Bissy and more. KAREN PELUSO: nick¬ name KP. Summer of “81” best yet ... Good times w BC BL?? Going to Johnies, Parties, Beaches. Other good times w JO PM remember Ron? Graduation party best yet! KW JO remember BS at AM’S? What’s in the frig?? Goodluck Jo, PM, TP, LF. Keep in touch. EP remember falling down the stairs? Thanks to my brothers sisters, and special thanks to my par¬ ents. PS did anyone see GH yesterday? REBECCA EVE ROSENBERG: Becky, Bee. Tennis 1-4. Cape Islands all star 3. I decided my two-handed back-hand to my big bro. Hey L.S. how did we survive 3 yrs. of Mrs. B? You’re a great kid J.P. Never change. Great times w G.L.,J.S.,L.S.,B.V.,K.D. Lab reports w K.R. Lots of laughs w Joanna, get psyched for Europe. It’s been real NausetH! CHRIS WELLS: wellsey. Soccor 1-4 basketball 1,2 baseball 1-4 “Freshmen”. Water skiing w PL, JM, CE. Jim whens your birth¬ day? Mel the greatest partner. Weekends at Bears w James Peter, Chris, Buck. Soccor, yes I play! Seniors, best year, much partying laughing with everybody. What a rank. Geometry w KK. Dean . . . “road trip” Tracy !!! “Hey Ed watch where you’re going.” Chris get out and push. How much money did we get Carrie? “College bound” Mom, I love you. 144 AUDREY DUCHARME: Aud. Band 1,2. Let’s forget my sophomore year, “OK, Fine! Yodels, wine Newports. Cruisin, Let’s go Holly the snowballs still heading down the hill. CB - it was real but my hearts w Paul. Skiing the highlands, NH. Gunstock ’81. “Riunite anyone?” Party 78, remember Diane? Wine at the DI. Paul I gotta go! Sky bee, skeats, Sammy Sundae. C’mon babies! Boston. Always Dreamin, never making sense. We’ll make it Mom, we can’t give up now. MARY HAYES: Summer 81 w ED, 9 19 81 — drive-in and stitches. DG - 5 2 80 - 7 1 81, one big mistake but many good times. HARWICH. Fun times w NG, GH, and popcorn. Party mobile and Melissa. KW - hit any trees lately? Alabama — always laughing. Moo! NG LB - Friends always. Study for Chem, Holly? KW ED — never making it to the beach. Prom ’80 - remember Nance? Florida 79 w MM, LL, Bob P. Attack! Good luck Eric! Love you Mom Dad. TRACY J. PALM: V- Soccer 1, H-Cheering 2, Rob 1-4-ever, P-Town trips w the crew. What a joke! HMWYBS. Sorry RM, U-Mass bad move, (Tri J’s) Ha! Soccer w AB SY, LB’s. Piper after the final soccer game, Yah- Right-Rob! LT (NY) Piper, P-Town Rick’s many unforgetable times. MK where are we? Jeff Darrell the best brothers a girl could have. Much love to Mom Dad. Later Nauset!! DOUGLAS STAFFORD VELIE: Viel, Vielhorn, Doogle. Honor Society 3, 4; Math League 1-4. Activities Committee; Junior Senate. Co. J Band, choir, and Bell choir. Electricity. Fun wiring and getting shocked with U. Ed and B. David. “Short on one end.” “What happened when you were three?” Thanks Mom and Dad and all my Community family for all your love and concern. KIM WHERITY: Kimmy, Kimberley - Summer of 81, best I ever had. BC JF - thanks for being there - Yarmouth!! KP - best friends - Corporation BL - that blue truck - 9 25 81 never!! MH Remember those mirrors? Alabama! so many good times - can’t stop laughing - DC - what are women good for? Dale’s parties - Scott - Forever? 4 17 81 - 4 21 81 - NG thanks for always being so willing to listen - keep in touch! Ray, good luck - BC - so sorry - I love you Mom Dad. I’m out! 145 LOUISE LARGEY: Heffenrefer: Private stock!! Ya!! Led Zepplin, Bob Seiger, The doors, Letter E. The bathroom in G Building R and D. S and B, Scrunge. Hey Tricia!!! hee-hee-hee. My dog-Joshua. The Summer of 1980. Senior Year we made it! Province-town, Falmouth, Chatham. Louisiana here I come! Bye Y’all and good luck in the future. Party. You only live once ... so live it to the fullest!!! DARRYL BALIAN: Best year yet. Had great times with D.M., K.M., J.W., and with Frank }. and the Bandroom. Staubach, hope you like Oregon. See you in Daytona. ALG, thanks for whatever you did. Thanks mom and dad for getting up in the morning. Well, that’s it. Here I come big world. BOMBS AWAY!! FRANCO BONFINI: Wrestled 2 years Didn’t make Olympics I like boating, Aqua sports, and partying. I’d like to say. bye to a great school and a lot of great friends and teachers. DAVID J. POLUTCHKO: Thank you so much Lincoln- Sudbury Regional High School. It was really fun while it lasted!!! Thank you Nauset, Future plans! Going to college!! To be a rock and not to roll! Bye all!! 146 DOREEN RONAN: Doe, Doe-Doe, Hayley it stuck! Special friends w SL who said frogs!!? LS summer of 80’ always fun w Kathy 8 4 81 we were DTD!! Let’s forget BD. Lot’s of times with Melis. 7 22-25 can we survive? Cheering is forever!! 8 15 with Melis, Jimmy and Sean! HMWYBS 8 81 party - you beast MM are you O.K.? Quarters sola muchaschas! Glued. MW’s wing action! come MM, LO, JO, NG Good luck KK and KR and Mom and Dad I love you always. COLBY HILDRETH: The years have been great and they have gone real fast!!! you only go around once in life, so grab everything that you can while you can. Good luck MG, WS, and ST, so long Nauset! MARIA LAWLESS: great times with my friends JO, BN, N.Y.C.! “Grape Juice’’ BET,SP,KR,CR - Germany! Pauls train rides and ding bats! Thanks Sabine. Beautiful times with Thorstin, hopefully many more. Suz always picking up the pieces, thanks! Beth N.Y.C. P. Town and Germany! CE.PL and HH one car ride we’ll never forget! Prom let’s switch Suz. The falcon and the rabbit. So many dreams, Germany is only the beginning. Buy you guys I love you! DEREK VAUTRINOT: Derek, Vo, Dex, Basketball soccer 1, Wrestling 2, Work 1-4, etc. Shopman of the year 3. I like trucks, 4 Wheelin’ down ROACHES, 383 Magnum, Summer; meat street USA, weekends, my boat and the open ocean, Verfs Dump Stores, concerts at the coliseum, Acid and heavy metal on C O Z forever, sayings. Yea you’de be likeen it, get helenized, and to all those confused girls, it’s neither here nor there. I give the shop back to Ed and leave Nauset pleased. FRANCIS HOBAN: I’m finally out of this place, see you all in 10 years (can’t wait). Hang in there Stu, catch you later. Negate it Mrs. Balanger. Packy run you, Blow this clambake, Party see you later Buff, Mark Sproket, Let’s go baby, see you around Frank Duane, Have fun Happy. Take it easy Mr. Collins “82” is the best. Goodby Nauset it’s been great. Love you always Kathy Charlie. 147 LINDA GASPAR: “Linda Lou” “Samuri and lude sister forever” ALG 3,4, Nauset Woodsman 1-4 “Thanx to Stu!” Being insane w KS, MK, BS, CL, LR, DJ, to everyone love and thanx the times w you will never be forgotten. “Party ON”, “Den of Inequity” Best wishes to fellow troopers. All I can say is Welcome to the Grand Illusion Many memories of PJ, JH, My love to JG always. Hi Mom, Hi Dad! ... What a long strange trip its been! SUE HUGHES: Hingham Miss ya, MB, SR, EM, GG, JN, DS, the rest especially stormy. Never forget nights at BR with CA, KA, MA, ME. Allison, NO PROBLEM! 7:00 AM rides. Shows with EM GG. Randy, I miss you. Parties “out back” Gillards G period. Bubba, Angin San. Marcia, we al¬ ways get the winners. Boy scout raids, Got luds man? Mary, wana skip? Katy, be a good buddy! Thanks every one. MATT HEMPEL: Student Council 2-4 Honor Society 3,4 President 4. Junior Senate, Political Club, Losing elections ... Aud at the Community- Band, Orchestra, Choir, G and S Brass. Choir, Drama, W for J. Bermuda in 79’ with 50 MH, JC, DB, MB, and PT. Glazing windows w TS soccor, Shakespeare and Yes, Politics. Hilltop Pizza Best of all - PAVAROT¬ TI, Primo Tenore!!! Much Thanks to MC, MJ, and John. But especially to UR for your infinite wisdom. Mom, Dad and Community family - you’re all great. ART CESTARO: ac¬ tivities: electronics 1,2 and 3. I had a great time, tha nks to MD, ST, WS, MG, and thanx to S. Smith and R. Ryan for teach¬ ing me alot about electronics. Goodbye Nauset! PETER HARDY McCUTCHEN: Dr, Budman, Cutch Soccer 1-4, Track 1-4; Drama 3,4 Great times with: CW, RE, BA, ES, JY, PM. Pinkom Punch; “Always and Forever” - Kathy Summer 79, SHMOO, Chatham-Gill: netting, RH fishing. Mr. D, Mr. Gray Thanks for the coaching! Risk with the boys; Germany 1981 - Rainer “Pils Bitte” All girlfriends at Nauset ... Thanks for the good times!!!! I leave Nauset to Stephen ... hoping. Nauset 1 ALWAYS! Lunch room gang. Much love to family. 148 HOLLY JAMISON: Elena, Hollyberry. Great year without Math 4! Late labs with B.A. and M.H., espanol can Repita y Belita. Cowboys and Indians with P.C., volleyball with L.F. and D.V., fun Historys with M.H. How long are the days, Pam? Metermaids at Friendly’s. New Hampshire Wilderness ’80, ’81! C.J. Band, ballet, handbells, G + S. 5$ an error with A. Betty and the Flute group. Many thanks Dad and Mom and all of my Community Family. STEVEN HURD: Ponch, Bubba, Burn Mastser, “THE BEST” Hockey 1-4, Track 1-4, Field Hockey 4. Toast to “52” Who’s Brews- ki? Party at Stew’s House! Drama Party! Road Trip! Life guard 81’, Do it on Ballston Beach! Lifes ruff! It’s been great E.S. Lots of Love to K.P. R.Z., L.B., C.P. and Julie! White Mts. for¬ ever! It’s been real R.B., L.S., J.M., + P.D. Thanks Mr. C + Mr. G for all your help. Good luck Dave + Rich. Look out world here I come! Love ya Mom! SEAN DAVID BAKER: “Tex” ALG 3,4 Yearbook 1 Driving 3,4, Craziness all cruising Orleans Mike, Alec, Ted, Todd, Keep on rolling! Paul; NYC, UN and REUNION. The Tank, The Bug. Up with people. Texas, California, World look out, Here I come! Cape Cod summers! Deanna, You’re Beautiful, Love Ya! Rivers, you’re Crazy, Man, Keep on Alging! Long-Lost Sis, Cathy, Love you! Mom, Dad, Thanks for all. Goodbye Nauset, It’s been fun. ELIZABETH MACDONALD MILLIKEN: “Liz”, “Beth”, “Shunuckums”, and (Oh, God!) “Betsy”! ALG 3-4. Traveling “Cross-Country 79 Summer ’80 + ’81. Wickedecentexcellent! Thanks to “John-Boy” Rivers. Thanks, Luck, and Love to all my friends everywhere! Thanks mom. Thanks Matt, for being not only a brother, but a friend. All of my love and memories to Paul Ware, my best friend (Love ya!) Hope to share many more good times! “Green Grass and high tides forever”! Seeyalaterbye! 149 ANNA CORIE PUTMAN: Wordstudy 3. Hyannis w Kathy. Getting stranded. Chinese food. Nauset Beach w Kathy, Brenda. What do those signs say? STOP! The Blazer. That’s it! cylinders, pistons — Heather!! What would we do without our Old Milwaukee. Thanks RR! To my brother Aaron McDonald — Good luck! I love you!! Good luck Deb Bill, Dru Jim, KM, BB, HC. Hey KG — Thanks! Hey Ginny — I owe you many thanks. Good luck Charlie. Mom — Thanks for being there and for putting up with me all these years. I love you!! I leave Nauset with many memories. PETER GORDON CLARK: Peter, Pedro, Sputnik (or is it Spud-mick?), Digger, Mick. Honor Society 3, 4; COJ 1, 2, 3, 4 . .. COJ Band; Orchestra, Choir, G S; Clancy Brothers Finbar Furey. Bagpipes Forever. James Galway. Redhead Power. Latin with MB. C’s I’s with HJ. Patrick. Dancing with VE. Heather and Orchids. Flute Power. Visiting People. Much Love and thanks to: MC, MJ, VR, AA, VW, VE, and all my Community Family. Special Love and thanks to Mom, Dad and Chip. Erinn Go Bragh!! KATHY LONG: AP had some good times — some to mention like stuck in Hyannis. Thanks Rob and Chris for trying, Venus Guy TraV 2 , high speed chases, near misses. “Ok That’s It!” Hey Bren, you still there? Sure, under the seat. Nights at NB. Sorry AM about everything. Never forget you DB Goog luck Anna and Brenda. I leave Nauset saying good by to all my friends wishing them the best! IAN ANDREW WHITELAW: Your Mission, should you choose to accept it, is to infiltrate and destroy all major social institutions in the United States, including the Girl Scouts of America, and the Columbia Record and Book Club, and to eventually become benevolent dictator of the civilized world .. . You have been chosen for your complete lack of sanity and your superior taste in ties.I ACCEPT! This Yearbook will self-destruct in 10 seconds . .. 9 ... 150 PAUL G. DICK: Creaton (D for Jeanne, fiend Lisa-Spike for Russ). Nice feature huh Ted? Have an idea Kev BR w Regan. Chicken Noodle - Domi now. RT Leech? Mart’s buying. Madman - Impulse. What’s up Bunk? ISKI. Track thank JS State title. Eye Heart Freckles - friend Bisa. Get Friendly at Friendlies. Mona Patrol I II your Busted! Wuzda? I’m Thouwee. TT3502x-INTERCEPTOR. John, can take a look at this? Thanks Eric (cn not w) How fast can I go? D-Day “Paul you Hellion - won’t you ever learn?” famous words “well I think” “where to next?” Thanks for the help SYANARA LISA MARIE BARTLETT: J.O. est tresbeau. DISCO, Annapolis plebes, Thursday’s jazz, Christian soldiers, prom night, freak, Paul’s dancing, top hats, errtsth, more Mona Patrol, never forget my brother Eric, LET’S DO IT! Who’s brewsky, Nantucket Swineship. To all my friends, You’re Soopal to my forever love Paul. I promise to behave, like a nut, friends and coats, I heart tuckles, I love friendly’s with my whopper Friendly sumpier w Eileen, Janet Carl. NYC: black shadowss bouncing. Work hard Pook Jimbo. Thanks to my family for forever trying to stand behind me. DARRAGH LYNN JOYCE: “Dee” Poetry 1,2,3,4 Hang Loose, not I, now? O.K. Crows Pasture, funeral party w P.J.B., M.K., J.C. Watertower climbing w C.E. and Gallo. Motorcycle mad¬ ness w C.E. and P.E. 175. Refugees in C bathroom. Coliseum cult w Grateful Dead, Allman Bros., Marshall Tucker. Escaping w B.M.W.’s, Moody Blues, Bad Co., Doors. Intense convo’s w G.S., M.K., B.S., C.E., P.J.B., L.G., L.R. Love you always P.J. wherever you are. Nauset, where? Love ya’ Mom Mike, you tried, Bye. Boston trip w J.I. Summer of ’79. SHEILA MARIE CROSBY: Band 1-4, Chorus 1-4, Art 1, A.L.G. 4 Fav sayings : “Hey Man” “For Sure” “Say what” “Oh Wow Man” Party, Party, Party! Friday night sand the morning after! My good pals! J.D., Mary Jane Bud. HENDRIX, DOORS, STONES, ZEP, AEROSMITH, NUGENT! CONCERTS! Hang in there, L.H., A.C. D.B., S.S., A.M. everyone! Thanx F.B.J.E.M.F.! Thanx Scott for all your love support. Thanx Mom! Later! 151 LAURALEE BROWN: Summer of ' 81 - good times with Katie Mom- bie - BP attacks. Crackers, GH O’Reilly she’s gone. STAFF PARTY (we were there), hugs for Jem’ - Mary swiss, cheddar, mozzerella it happens everytime. I’m in the Front of I’m not going. Our friendship will go on forever. Nancy a special friend. Celebration “Stop” dancing and clowns. “John don’t turn that station” good luck in everything you do. Driv¬ ing Lessons for crash! JOHN PATRICK YONCE: Toad, linus - stud council - 1 Drama 1-4 Orisa 1-4, Golf 3, Volleyball 4. Good times w MY, CW, MP. RE, PM, JM, ES, PM, and many more. Orisa dances, sailing, skiing - “Pinkum Punch”, Hittin ' the Dragon, Doobies Concert. 4WD parties. Summer nights at the Ho!! “Defender” - 292,000; pizza, beers pool; Huge Cast Parties, endless quarters “Risk " games. Rehearsal after golf w Ralph Eric, etc. Thanks Mom Dad. KELLY-JO ANN BRONSON: FBLA-1 Summer of ’81 beach parties yyt JE BB TJM Long drives with creampuffs and even Longer talks with LT VE JF RG KT Caribbean Nights what a life! 8 28 81 with JE! Walks along the beach ... watching the sun rise after staying up all night with JF RM thank you Mom and Dad for being there when I needed you. DAVID SMITH: “Dave” Thanks for good times at Vista View KC, KC, DC, TA, LJ, SD, “Steff is your brother on duty?” Thanks Mr. O’Brien. Always remember Jr. year class. Love forever Steff. LAURIE FULCHER: Unforgetable times MK (Sis), Nantucket, EJ’s, P-Store, Rangers, Billy, Goodluck Everyone, Mom, Dad, Jennifer, Dale Thanxs for putting up with me. ILYA, OODDIES What door? Bermuda, Swamp, MnM, Lynn Where’s Laurie? Mitch, Brett, John, P-Automobile. Times ... Labor Day Trip! Summer ' 81! SNOWSTORM, P-Towm, Piper, Rick’s excellent times. Yeh Right! “16” B-Day HMWYBS, NYears ’80. It happened. CMoors-Purple, Room 1, Steve - Roses (Florida), Tri-J’s HA! Mrs. Demetri, Mrs. Walker you made NRHS worth coming to (GH) Tracy w r e made it! OUTTA HERE!! 152 TODD O’BRIEN: Track 1, 2, 3, 4. Sprints, Life in the fast lane. Fun with Many friends. Love ya BQ. Control yourself RP. Thanks teachers and coaches. This place isn’t so bad. To my special friend Liz, have an excellent life, keep in touch, love ya. Fraternizing with JR, BM, DV, RP, DT, JW, SB, WS, MG, LB, PD, EW, DD, SH, IW,. You guys are something else. Track cuties KM, TD, CM. CR take care of yourself. Verf keep in touch. Thanks Mom, Dad, and family for everything. HEIDI PEARL: Track, X-Country, Run for your life!! I’d rather be dancing. First year - first love. Sweet 16 Party!! Soccer-Champs, 79. P-Town MaCness, Bermuda???? Memorable times shared with CM, TP, LL, LR, and MM. Summer of 80 — You are my Shining Star. Uncontrollable laughter. Pancakes! Voke for Larry on weekends! Thanks to Mom my best friend and to dad too. And happily over the bridge I go ... ERIC DUNCAN JOHNSON: ALG, Dun¬ geon Master, Sargents’ Camp, White Mountains, Indras’ White Elephant, Elmer died. Knights of the Field, mushrooms, the dog that ate anything. Europe in the spring, sifting dirt, chips! VR’s, lift. 63 days down the drain, roll your saving throws, in the AMS tradition. Buy ADM’s data sheets, my next million is in the pocket. NANCY BLATCHFORD: Field Hockey 1, Ski Club 4, Swim Team with Josh, Summer nights at Kinsbury and Campground Beach. The crash of 81, thanks Jane and Dawn for the help. DOOWHAP COUNTY! The MV Junior year - ARIZONA. Mount Lemmon with Bob. Catalina Highway, the brake doesn’t work! Sabino Canyon, Dee, Rich, Bob, Frank, and Paul; lala. It’s snowing at Rogers House! Bye Carol, Tese, Patty and Lisa. Thanks BF for always being there when I needed you. STEVE SCRIVANI: Scriv, Balls: “Thanks a lot John!” Track 1-4, Photography 2-4, Yearbook 3-4, CVP w PV 3-4, The Tunnels, RRising Heck W DL. The Cuda, The Blues Brothers, Surfin, Calif. ’81. “There are never any cops down this road.” “That Ren¬ ault Is Baaad Luck!” I’s like to thank all those who made it possible, especially Mr. Owens with my Photography and Mrs. Long who encour¬ aged my future in Cinemato¬ graphy. Thanks Nauset for the opportunities. Helloooo California 153 MAURA SMITH: Bully, Zoso. Sayings, Hey Houlio, “Sun City”, No Way Hozay. Events, TERRI, Another?! L.G. and me talking to trees. One’s with Lynn. Houlio House 79 Grateful Dead, the ol gang. Colorado highs. Betty’s, snowball fights on roof with the boys. Janice I’m in jail!? Here Tippy! Thanx to Smith Clan. D.J., M.D., T.S., L.G., P.N., S.H., B.D., B.H., W.M., L.M., G.S., P.J.B., Stu. ALGI-4, Art 1-4. Anti Prep Let it ROLLLL. CAROL A. PARLANTE: Ski Club Quebec and Jay VT. Health Club 1, 2. Hey Ninny, “Be cosmic eat herbs ar ar!” Summer with the Book Store gang. Parting with J.S. and S.C. Vacationing in Shrewsbury. Thanks B.F. and Bahama Mama for all the help. What a respectable room 23. F.Y.E.S., How’s Joe? ALEC McGINLEY: Disaster, Big Al. Hav¬ ing fun with T.B. and M.D. at Nauset Beach last winter. Puddle. Remembering Carol, Pam, Marj, and Laur- a. The F.M. II trip, Putang hunting with A.J., always looking for T.B. on Friday nights. Food fight at Wendy’s. Hey, I got the foreman. Gorilla warfare treatment on T.B. Raccoon, M-80’s with A.J. Going to and from East Egg, and squirt gun fights. And thanks to Mom and Dad for all their help and encouragement. I love them both. ANDY FORMAN: This has been a real thrill for me to attend this place that they call a school. All kidding aside this has been the best high school I have ever attended. I’d like to thank all the teachers for putting up with me for the four years. I thank all the unfortunate and the fortunate students who had me as a classmate and a friend. I would like to wish A.L.G. all the luck in the world because I know it’s a good program. DIANE BEAULIEU: “Die” Band 1-4. Good times with S.H., L.L., A.D. and the whole smoking area gang. Mom, Dad, Guess what? I made it. Wasn’t easy but I made it! My Bro, Thanks for always having a smile. It helped me go on. To my Love, I’ll never ever stop loving you, Russ, The best times of my life are the ones spent with you! Good-Bye Nauset! (Thank God!) 154 ANDREW T. JONES: Later! Kick me in a head. Thanks to the produce crew. Good by to Scott, Eric, Andy. “Busted down on Burbon Street.” Chilly Willie. Dodge Monaco. Dakers!! Eggnog, not beer!! King Dicky. “Grateiul Dead! Police! Lynerd Skynerd! Charlie, got a cigarette? Party at the barn. Mountain climbing. Bobby Brown. Very special thanks to Mom and Dad. Live it up while your still alive. KEVIN McNUTT: Ski Club, Stage Band, thanks ALG. Tabula Rasa, houra of agonzining. My ending is still better Phantasm Productions look our Paramount. Volkswagon guru. Hey Duncan, wait for me! I am not what I am; I am much more. JOE KING: “Where did everybody go?” “But A1 they were just acorns!” E.S.B. 2;x w? MD. Camping w TG JD. “Hey Guys, I got the forman!” NBB, PW “Who’s Paranoid. “Squirt” Gun attack. East Eggs Wres¬ tling match. “Guys what happened to all my mail¬ box?” Al, was the “Putang” in our school better than “12”. Jim, “Bank!” Skying 82 w TG, AJ, MD, AM, SM, TB, JD. MARY McLEAN: Good times at Delta House w RC, WC especially BB! Hang in there Kim, Hi Nanc. “Scum Buzard”, The Star¬ light lounge at the OC. J. Giels - ’80. Thanks Mom, couldn’t have done it with¬ out you. TESE STEVENS: Goodby Nauset! See you around DB, NB, LL, SH, BR, EP, BS. Remember Freshmen year in the smoking area AB? J. CHRISTIAN JANSON: Chris, Stonule, Doctor. Activi¬ ties: SSGL 3,4; TGIF: 1,2; AGP 2,3,4. Really Mrs. Laning, he only has the flu. Mr. Gates Period 4. Biology Pub, Mr. Owens: wiper blades pointed to the sky — will remember MM, CE, DM, BC, etc. Thanks Mom Dad and all my next a kin for everything ... Good bye Nauset. MICHAEL P. MAGUIRE: Mike. School activities: SSGL 3,4. AGP 3,4. TG 1,2. OCA 1-4. Favorite sayings: This is true! You mean right now? Field Trip to Boston, Loud Boisterous, more like blown out!! Grab a seat the Bio Bar w Mr. G. Love them wiper blades Mr. O. Hanging out w CJ, BJ, CE, BT, CC, MK, DJ, BW, AC, DB everyone else. It’s been Real. Mom, Dad, B. Thanks for your love, help support. JAMES F. RAMSEY: Jim. Activities: Shop, Dru, and cars. Fairlane 500, Outh Partying w Dru, Heather, Derek, Scott. Michelob, drive- in, P-Town. Rescued by Derfy! Horseback in rain w Dru Heather Laurie. My love to Dru always ... Thank God I’m out! MIKE McENANEY: Soc¬ cer 1-4. Track 1-2. First day w AS, CS, KS. Thanks. Don’t know what would have happened without D.M. Different people new exper¬ iences. Fresh nightmare - PL, CW, Spring ’79 now’s a good time. 155 SENIOR WHEELS SOPHOMORE 1979-1980 SENIOR 1981-1982 1 jjfe i Aii iffM lip i i i U 1 ilMj, i ii V i-lL •, v imw __ -Ll - - • _ . _ fa. | |T —1 1 M r . y : - freshmen 78 - 1979 JUNIOR 1980-1981 GRADUATION June 6, 198. How about a little kiss Tyrone? SH! SH! Luke and Laura are on. And this is my FAVORITE class. Hi th — ere. Okay! Who stole my P. B. and J. My fellow Americans. 158 What do you mean tassels don’t go on your legs. You forgot the TIP! Heres looking at you. Whats the latest gossip? 159 160 161 162 We the 1982 Yearbook Staff extend our sincere thanks to all faculty and students who contributed their time in helping us produce our yearbook. A special thanks to Mr. Owens for the use of the darkroom, and to those teachers who allowed students to be excused from classes in order to meet our deadlines. Much luck and continued success to all future Nauset Tides Yearbook Staffs. Dawn Bodamer Editor 163 Who fenou when u Shall mtPt ctaain. XU dCwideryayes art toorli. by $anc£y Lavylais- 164 WALS WORTH PUBLISHING .COMPANY MARCELINE, MISSOURI. USA

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