Nauset Regional High School - Nauset Tides Yearbook (North Eastham, MA)

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Nauset Regional High School - Nauset Tides Yearbook (North Eastham, MA) online yearbook collection, 1976 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 166 of the 1976 volume:

Our lives are tides, reaching out, drawing back, an ocean of restless anticipation for unknown shores. CB NAUSET TIDES 1976 Nauset Regional High School, North Eastham, Massachusetts 1 Table Of Contents Dedication... 3 Opening. 4 Seniors. 17 Activities. .. 45 Faculty. 53 Organizations.,. 65 Underclassmen. ft . 77 Sports. 97 Seniors. 117 We, the Class of 1976, dedicate this yearbook to a teach¬ er who has always been available, with a cheerful smile and with perpetual patience for students to seek out. She has always given her time above and beyond the call of duty. This teacher is Miss Hooker — to her this book is dedicated with love, thanks, and warm appreciation! 3 The suns fires are eternal; Our own just bittersweet seconds of passing CLS 4 5 Looking forward with confidence Looking backward with pride. AS 6 Life is a dance, and each dancer a different step, all so small, some unnoticed, yet all so essential to the flowing grace of a beautiful ex¬ pression CB 7 Across the background of this tossing tempest That shakes great elms, rages at the moon, He draws a thread of calm, melodious thought Note by note, tracing an ancient tune. 8 ■MM Forever greater than the gods of chaos, This harmony in man, a spirit strong To build a dream of shelter from the tumult — A dream to banish evil with a song. W. B. I like trees because they seem more resigned to the way they have to live than other things do. WC 16 » 4 ’ ■{ W 111 ■ ■% . 11 i M Wg : _,. j p ? ’ " , J m ■ Diane Baronousky Caryl Bassett Karen Benn Linda Beseke Elaine Beals Karol Berger Rebecca Bennett Cynthia Blakeley Debora Boynton Beth Brasier Leonard Butilier Deborah Cahill J I Malcolm Cameron Cathy Camire Chris Chambers Cindy Carpenter I William Chase Karen Clark Richard Chilson Julie Clark Beth Coleman 22 Shannon Cunningham Tamara Davis Maura Doyle Vera Dubois Judith Deschamps Helena Diedrich 24 Karen Duff Cathy Eldredge Dana Eldridge Joel Erickson Lisa Ferreira Carole Evans Victoria Elmer Valerie Filliman Elizabeth Fograshy Timothy Gainey Brian Galletta 27 Debra Gombos Benjamin Gregson Karen Gray 28 Maurice Glucksman Katie Gould Jonathan Granlund HL " 11111111 . . ; - Cindy Higgins Richard Higgins Paul Holbrook J Robert Hurley Alice Hutchings Lisa Kamens Virginia Klingenstein Fern Kroll Mindy LaBranche Margo Lane ™ ■ fP» 7 : " 7 -jW jfefBf - J F s .« ■ JK t . ... • J 3 Virginia Lane Susan Lavigne Jeanne Lawless Elizabeth Machado Teri Macioci Debra Maintanis Cythia Martens Frances Mayo Keith Mazzarese ' jr Emilie Miller Lisa Miner Karina Morse Barbara Murdock Diane Moore Leonard Nelson Ian Newman John Nichols Ley la Nickerson Marianne Nickerson Joyce Nystrom Patrick O’Connor Elaine Peluso Robert Penney Pamela Peters 7 J l J i ■ M Robert Peterson Steven Penney Kathyrn Pierce Michael Pettengill Karen Peterson Gina Pickard Marion Pilling WD UM _ M Jonathan Quinn Dawn Radke Mark Nossiter Victoria Richardson Lori Rapose Anne Rich Barbara Rollins Wayne Rhodes PI J Lynn Stevens CHl?rie Q teffOtf£s Marie Straiten Cheryl Thomas ■ Wendy Taylor Judy Turnbull Bridg et Usher Shelley Wallace Lawrence Winslow Sigurd Winslow l ! i f i i 41 Mark Wood Greg Atwood Marsha Ide John Young Ken Peters Barbara Dalrymple 42 In 1976 we can look at the school, and remember how we saw it grow into what we knew as our home for the last four years. Best Wishes to the Class of 1976 from Avery Insurance. Patron Compliments from Dr. Henry B. Andrews, Jr. Yearbook Staff Editor — Marion Pilling Assistant Editors — Shelley Wallace Robin Hogan Senior Editor — Kim Langhans Sports Editors — Mindy LaBrapche Lynn Collins Faculty Editor — Mark Scrivani Photography Editor — Jeanne Lawless Art Editor — Kathy Pierce Copy Editor — Cathy Stewart Underclass Editor — Lisa Ozon Activities and Organizations Editor — Robin Hogan Photographers — Bob Lerner Jeannie Lawless Mark Scrivani John Bell D. Z. Paige Advisors — Mrs. Anne Stout Mr. John Gray Mrs. Donna Demetri Staff— Linda Beseke Joyce Nystrom Judy Deschamps Mark Wood Lisa Miner Cindy Blakeley Lauri Toembroek Cindy Higgins Sue Phillips Tim Wuskel Liz Jensen Lisa Borges Holly Brackett Les Miller Emy Miller Dawn Radke John Doucette Sue Lavigne Sheila Adams CONGRATULATIONS .. . and the best of luck! We at Loring are proud of the part we have had in helping to make your classbook a permanent reminder of your school years, recording with photographs one of the happiest and most exciting times of your life! We hope that, just as you have chosen us as your class photographer, you will continueto think of Loring Studios when you want photographs to help you remember other momentous days to come! When you choose Loring portraits, you are sure of the finest craftsmanship at the most moderate prices! New England’s Leading Portrait and Yearbook Photographers 44 Awards Day i » i i i Oklahoma The annual musical masterpiece produced by Nauset Drama last spring was welcomed as enthusiasti¬ cally as anyone could wish. Rogers’ and Hammerstein’s " Oklahoma!” twanged and stomped its engaging, lively way on stage for four straight nights, captivating audiences so thoroughly that extra seats had to be brought in for one performance. As ever, Drama owes all its success to the dynamic direction of Mrs. Vir¬ ginia Emerson, the sparkling cho¬ reography of Mr. John Kelly, the very competent technical direction of Mr. Paul Chamberlin, and the tre¬ mendous talent found within the ranks of Nauset Drama. Bjg£% t 1 j MBL M ft mrmr - Hr f [ » ml L gj ilfl Mm Ify ijm | mk w ■ ■Bw; ™ It J gXr J fl r % in IKJ ' M a Mil M bKiI ■ninr ' wja IHHli This year’s drama classes are a change from the old style in that there are many new stu¬ dents in the classes and Drama Night proved to be a good experience for all and revealed a true feeling of freshness. The Evening opened with " Magic” from " Pippin” in which all the drama students joined in followed by the " Witches scene” from " Macbeth” with Kathy Ryder, Chris Gibson, and Suzanne McKenzie. After that came an excerpt from " The Crucible” by Arthur Miller with Becky Bennett, Deb Boyn¬ ton, Mike Mellor, Loni Dalpe, Judy Turnbull, Jenny Savage, and Daphne Schmidt followed by Howdie White leading in a song and dance rou¬ tine from " Billy” and the first act ended with a scene from " 1776” starring Les Miller, Mike Mellor, and advanced Drama boys. Act II opened with a monologue by Vicki Richardson followed by " Ludlowfair” starring Barb Rollins, and Suzanne McKenzie and then a presentation of three show tunes by Bridget Usher and end¬ ing the second act was " This is the Rill Speak¬ ing” starring Emy Miller, Howdie White, Cindy Blakely, Jon Granlund, Sarah Burrell and Dan Yonce. Also featured was another tune from " Billy” with Bob Moss singing and a backup from the second year drama girls. I « i i Congratulations — Glendale Building Co., Inc., Eastham, MA 255-5521 Compliments of: Ebco Construction Co., Inc., Eastham 53 Miss Kruppenbacher Miss Hunter Mr. Bresnahan Mrs. Anderson Congratulations Graduates from the Sandpiper Restaurant, North Eastham Compliments of Town Ho, Route 6A and 124, Brewster, MA Mrs. Moulton Miss Nelson and Mrs. Norgeot Mr. Gray Mrs. Stout Mrs. Laning Mrs. Murphy Miss Hooker Mrs. Longo Congratulations from Wellfleet Getty Station Congratulations Class of ’76 from Nils W. Miner, Electrician Mr. McCaskie Mr. Morse Mr. Hutchings Mr. Milbier Mrs. Wiatrowski Mr. Campbell i Mrs. Emerson Mrs. Campbell Mr. Rice Miss Schoenbaum Mr. Sirucek Compliments of Cape Cod Realty and Building, Wellfleet Bay View Gardens, West Main Street, Brewster Fresh Vegetables, Cut Flowers, Plants in Season Mr. Gates Mr. O’Brien Mr. Chamberlin Mr. Pettengill " 1 I i Mrs. Roche Dr. Gessford Mrs. Howe Mr. Wilkinson Miss Ferry Mr. Walorz Mrs. Palmer Mr. Killam Mr. Fraser Best Wishes from South Wellfleet General Store Best Wishes from Arden’s Package Store, South Wellfleet t » Mrs. Luhmann Mrs. Demetri Mr. James Mr. Owens Mrs. Meldahl Lema Son, Wellfleet Best Wishes from the Wellfleet Spirit Shoppe, Main Street, Wellfleet •i Mr. Finlay Mr. K. Collins Mr. B. Collins This space is to recognize our many loyal custodi¬ ans who are so busy doing their jobs we can’t get them all together for a picture. The Lunch Bunch Mrs. Erickson Mr. White Mr. Donahue Miss Chako Mr. Quimby Mr. Miller Best Wishes from BROOKS CARDS, hand-screened Christmas Cards by Gordon Brooks, Old King’s Highway, East Brewster William M. Baxter Antiques, Brewster, MA f yy£ki w-v- .- . r:?- ■ ; :■ •.. ■ ' .. : ' V lifi • i . ••. •• ' «! ' • ?•. , i : J , ' AWf5S v;w • ' • • :• ' ■ -■;•;• i 1 A Band Row 1: Susan Moore, Michelle Smith, Elaine Holuk, Holly Brackett, Nina Lindstrom, Audrey Benner, Kim Higgins, Cindy Behrer, Leslie Atkins, Melissa Hansen. Row 2: Beth Brasier, Mike Walsh, Kathy Ryder, Mary Radlhammer, Kim Campbell, Robin Hogan, Nancy Meigs, Brian Higgins, Laurie Schofield, Diane Dutra. Row 3: Ben Gregson, Wes Brown, Ed Olkola, Scott Sveningson, John Cahill, Ed Tartaglia, Mike Parlante, Raymond Wiley, Richard Baker, Mike Pettengill, John Doucette, Brenda DuCharme, Robin Mead, Penny Wiedenman. Row 4: Anne Brown, Tom Yonce, Chris Volovski, Anne Rich, David Fulcher, Mr. Frank James. B Band Row 1: Emily Farrell, Tami Rullo, Lou Ann Price, Donna Boynton. Row 2: Andy Pye, Truman Henson, Tom Beard, Robert Hooper, Luther Bumps, Mr. Frank James. Row 1: Cindy Gonyer, Scott Barnard, Caroline White, Barbara Gardner, Joyce Fulcher, Tammy Condit, Luther Bumps. Row 2: Mindy LaBranche, Cindy Kew, Alicia Beseke, Cindy Chamberlain, Arlene Nickerson, Chris Chamberlain, Mr. Frank Toppa. Row 3: Cathy Stewart, Becky Cary, Suzanne Mackenzie, Bette Schofield, Debbie Fu lcher, Shelly Wallace. Missing: Dave Purcell, David Fulcher, Dominic Steward, John McDonald, Ronnie Watkins, Tammy Messier, Christine Brown, Ellyn Rioux. Chorus Yearbook Staff Front Row: Left to Right: Sue Lavigne, John Bell, Mark Scrivani, Scott Barnard, Laurie TenBroeck, Robin Hogan, Lisa Ozon, Kim Langhans, Cathy Stewart, Shelley Wallace. Back Row: Left to Right: Joyce Nystrom, Lynn Collins, Barbara Murdock, Kathy Pierce, Dawn Radke, Mindy LaBranche, Glen Shenkin, Mark Wood, Marion Pilling, Liz Jensen, Cindy Chamberlain, Arlene Nickerson. Missing: Les Miller, Emy Miller, Lisa Borges. Newspaper Staff Front Row: Left to Right: Elbe Gibson, Les Miller, Kathy Ryder, Sue Rollins. Middle Row: Left to Right: Dave Upton, Barbara Rollins, Lauren Smith, Dave Wilcock, Sue MacKenzie, Maureen Ryder, David Purcell, Kim Campbell, Jennifer Brier. Back Row: Left to Right: Sarah McPartland, Bob Penney, Ben Gregson, Lisie Syvanen, Tammy Rullo, Scott Barnard, John Bell. Compliments of Laurino’s Pizza and Hot Oven Grinders, Route 6A, Brewster The newspaper staff had a very productive year, with an almost brand-new staff, lots of freshmen, and a new name, " Undercur¬ rents.” New ideas, good features, and lots of fun really helped make a good paper. FTA Back Row: Debbie Bedard, Mrs. Mur¬ phy, Janice Schneinler.Frora Row: Marion Pilling, Cindy Chamberlain, Arlene Nickerson. i I Health Careers Front Row: Sue Kew, Lynn Collins, Mindy LaBranche, Shelley Wallace. Back Row: Cindy Kew, Cathy Camire, Cathy Stewart, Mrs. Moulton, Elaine Beals, Sandy Baker, Diane Baro- nousky, Anne Brown. % % yp ' ,, r If ' m, rflti Good Luck to the Class of " 76” from Sydenstricker Glass Route 6A, Brewster, MA ALG • • ■ “i - j ' l . I Left to Right: Back Row: John Gran- lund, Lisa Kamens, Sue Colby, Sarah Burrill, Patti Kerwin, Debbie Maintan- is, Lisa Brown, Steve Penney, Wendy Boynton, Bridget Usher, Dede Oringer, Dan Younce, Ken Fettig, Pat O’Connor. Front Row: Barbara Sandbloom, Beth Haskell, Ruth Colby. } . i l|g£| opi if nl Left to Right: Back Row: Jenny Brier, Lynn Collins, Barb Murdock, Barbara Schoenbaum, Cindy Blakeley, Elizabeth Machado, Kim Langhans, Joyce Nystrom, Elaine Beals. Front Row: Dom Levasseur, Ross Johnston, Penny Wiedenman. AFS The American Field Service is an international organiza¬ tion which was established to give students from all over the world the experience of living and studying in a foreign coun¬ try. Local Chapters have been set up all over the United States, including a Nauset AFS Chapter. Our AFS Club is com¬ posed of both a student group, whose advisor is Miss Barbara Schoenbaum, and an adult group. Proceeds from an Interna¬ tional Dinner, and AFS Tag sale, and card sales have gone toward bringing a Brazilian student, Elizabeth Machado, to Nauset this year. The Club plans to send one of our stu¬ dents abroad for the coming school year and continues many money making projects to enable Nauset students to be exposed to other parts of the world. Compliments of Nauset Marine, Orleans Business Club Karen White, Tammy Messier, Frances Harrington, Eileen Ryder, Mrs. Janet Palmer, Nancy Oliveria, Margo Buck, Maureen Ryder, Sue Rollins, Geraldine LaPense, Kathy Ryder Library Aides Daphne Schmidt, Laurie TenBroeck, Kathy Hatchard, Mrs. Norgeot, Miss Nelson it rrrrrrr Audio Visual Aides Ken Fuller, Mr. Ken Collins, Mark Scrivani Bk JmSB sT Y- " 9 Jfl B jr M Sfe i a rjw ; V ! 99 ‘ gJ r : 3» 1 1 «• - « t j School Store Mr. Frasier, Barbara Rucker, Bill Fontneau, Scott Barnard Senior Class Officers Ben Gregson, Treas,, Penny Wieden- man, Sec., Diane Moore, Pres., Kathy Pierce, Vice Pres. C Junior Class Officers John Doucette, Sec., Toni Ellis, Vice Pres., Missy Usher, Pres., Peter McCray, Treas. 72 Compliments of Wellfleet Book Store Restaurant Sophomore Class Officers Left to Right: Lee Miller, Vice Pres., Sue Moore, Secretary, Mary Knight, Pres., Rob Fettig, Treas. Freshman Class Officers Left to Right: Mike Gessford, Pres., Co¬ lette Crawford, Vice Pres., Amy Lajoie, Treas., Lisa Chisholm, Secretary. Packett’s Transportation, Inc., Brewster, MA Executive Council Officers Left to Right: Diane Moore, Vicky Rich¬ ardson, Debbie Cahill, Ross Johnston, Cindy Blakeley, Steven Penney. Miss¬ ing: Missy Usher. Senior Senate Left to Right: Back Row: Glen Shenkin, Lynn Collins, Debbie Cahill, Penny Wiedenman, Wendy Taylor, Katie Hansen, Emy Miller. Front Row: Cathy Stewart, Elaine Beals, Kim Langhans, Cindy Blakeley, Diane Moore, Karen Gray, Ben Gregson, Marsha Ide, Vicky Richardson, Kathy Pierce. Compliments of Mooney Fuel and Grain Co., Wellfleet Student Council Student Advisory Council Left to Right: Sarah McPartland, Mr. Daly, Vicky Richardson, Katie Hansen. Missing: Peter Rice 1 JM r HI i ) m m : fib mW 111 i smy ' tmr L .fegj jp Left to Right: Front Row: Lisa Chisholm, Collette Crawford, Maureen Ryder, Tracy Oringer, Debbie Boynton, Diane Moore. Second Row: Dave Abel, Toni Ellis, Elaine Beals, Susan Moore, Vicky Richardson, Chris Chambers, Cindy Higgins. Third Row: Debbie Cahill; Secretary, Chris Gibson, Dave Fulcher, Dominic Levasseur. Fourth Row: Ross Johnston; Treasurer, Chris White, Jean Rounds, Kay Berger, Kathy Pierce, Julie Emond. Fifth Row: Paul Chamberlin, Mike Estrada, Lee Miller, Joyce Nystrom, Mary Jo Mooney, Judy Mitman, Steve Penney; President. Missing: Cindy Blakeley; Vice President, Dave Lajoie, Doug Oringer, Sally Staib, Missy Usher. Honor Society Left to Right back row: Ellen Kalinick, Traci Oringer, Jean Rounds, Holly Brackett, Nancy Meigs, Liz Jensen, Nina Lindstrom, Linda Beseke, Audrey Benner, Judy Deschamps, Debbie Cahill, Val Filliman, Debbie Gombos, Kathy Pierce, Bette Schofield, Diana Page, Penny Wiedenman, Cindy Higgins, Second row: Mr. Robert Milbier, adv; John Bell, Tom Yonce, Steve Backus, John Duffy, Ken Peters, Geoff Larsen, Dave Abel, Bob Syvannen, John Reynolds, Dave McPartland, Ben Gregson, Cathy Stewart, Ken Fuller, David Purcell. Front row: Lisa Ozon; sec, Sue Phillips; treas, Ginger Klingenstein, Elbe Gibson, Joyce Nystrom, Shelley Wallace, Lynn Collins, Karen Gray, Cindy Blakeley; vice pres, Len Nelson; Pres. Missing: Vicky Elmer, Jeannie Lawless, Marianne Nickerson, Marion Pilling, Sigurd Winslow, Paul Brooks, Lisie Syvanen. Independent Study Independent Study is an opportunity for selected Sen¬ iors to do intensive research in a subject of personal inter¬ est under the guidance of a knowledgeable faculty advisor. Students with high academic promise are invited to participate at the beginning of the school year. If they accept the invitation a written and oral presentation of their findings is required in late spring. Members are Jeannie Lawless, Cathy Stewart, Vicky Elmer, Len Nel¬ son, Ben Gregson, Beth Brasier, Mike Parlante and Kathy Pierce. Faculty Advisor is Mr. Don Bakker. Compliments of Orleans Exxon, Route 6A, Orleans. Compliments of Ruthie’s Restaurant. 77 Missy Usher — President Toni Ellis — Vice-President John Doucette — Secretary Peter McCray — Treasurer Judy Anderson Steve Backus Nancy Bagnulo Scott Barnard Debbie Beddard Cindy Behrer John Bell Audrey Benner Michael Berto Lisa Borges Holly Brackett Joel Bridgewood Paul Brooks Anne Brown Wes Brown Margo Buck D eanna Butler Craig Carrier Barbara Cassidy Cindy Chamberlain Kurtis Clark James Clarke Jeff Clark Dean Connors Jean Coombs James Cox David Crary Dan Cullinan Annette Daniels Brenda DuCharme John Duffy Holly Dykeman Lincoln Eldredge Brenda Elliott Wayne Ellis Mike Estrada Dawn Fancy Tim Farrell Jenny Fates Pam Finlay Tami Francis Ken Fuller Diana Garfield Ben Giese Nancy Gilmore Charleen Goudreault Lucille Grenier Karen Grew Melissa Hansen Catherine Hatchard Bill Hayes Linda Henderson Pam Heyd Kim Higgins Shawn Hoban Robin Hogan Carl Hogg Ellen Hooper Barry Horton Richard Houston Lori Jamieson Liz Jensen Ross Johnston Ellen Kalinick Susan Keith Peter Knight Theresa Lamperti Geraldine LaPense Andy Leavitt Dominic Levasseur Nina Lindstrom Diane Marshall Jeff Marshall Sharon Marshall Arlene Nickerson Richard Niven Pam O’Neil Deidre Oringer Lisa Ozon Darrell Palm Raymond Parks Marie Pellegrino Debra Perry Robert Peters Toni Peters Sue Phillips Rob Plaice David Purcell Muriel Radlhammer John Reynolds Debbie Richardson Donna Richardson Ellen Rioux John Riordan Karen Roderick Larry Rose Robert Rotti Jean Rounds Kathy Ryder Jenny Savage Linda Savonen Mary Schmidt Bret Simpson Doug Sylver Allison Smith Eileen Souza Sally Staib Lisie Syvanen Ed Tartaglia Jim Taylor Scott Thomas Chris Volovski Thomas Whelan Howdy White Pam Whitehouse David Wilcock Conrad Willis Tom Yonce i i n Mary Knight — President Leo Miller — Vice President Sue Moore — Secretary Bob Fettig — Treasurer Peter Abel Robin Acorn Allen Ahern Robin Beckman Kayleen Berger Denise Bienvenu Laura Bienvenu Byron Bollas Jeff Bronsdon Darlene Brown Todd Brown Ellen Brownville l Thomas Brueckner I Bryan Buhler Sarah Burrill 1 Cheryl Butilier John Cahill Paul Camire Catherine Carey Rene Cary John Catlin Edward Cestaro Cathleen Chambers Barbara Chase Michael Chilson Carole Chipman Candace Clark Dale Clark Mark Clifton Ann Connoly Mike Cordio Marc Costa Class Of 78 Jeanne CrafFey Kevin Dick Randy Dickson John Diemer Paula Ducharme Patti Eldredge Bruce Eldridge Scott Eldridge Ann Ellis Julie Emond Katherine Esposito Curtis Felix Dana Ferguson Denise Ferragame Donna Fleming David Fulcher Russell Fulcher James Gage Judy Gaspar Diana Gilmore Robert Gilmore Lani Gove Ellie Hamilton Kathy Hamilton Glenn Harper Gregory Hartson James Heines Truman Henson Brian Higgins Ken Higgins Aileen Hoban Annika Hogg Elaine Holuk Michael Hopper Margaret Horton Margaret Howard I I J I Daniel Howes Carolyn Ide Steven Jalbert Gardner Jamieson Jon Jorgensen Judy Joy Treg Kaeselau Daniel Kaine Richard Knowles Steven Labranche Marilyn Lafrance Greg Langley f Derek Larsson I Therese Lawless Wendy Little T Caroline Lloyd Troy Loranger Suzanne Mackenzie Eric Maker Pamela Marshall Virginia Martens Bernadette Martin Roger McAdams Sarah McMillan John Mead Tamara Messier Sherry Micks Michelle Mickle Linda Montgomery Bridget Moran Mary Moran Sandy Moran David Nelson Laurie Newman Al ex Nichols Janice Nickerson Elizabeth Norgeot Nancy Oliveira Ed Olkkola Doug Oringer Jacqueline Ozon Joe Ozon Russell Packett Sally Page Bion Peters Stephen Peters Linda Peterson Floyd Pickard Caroline Plotke Andrew Pye Mary Radlhammer Brett Ramsay Dennis Reed Lisa Reed Charles Renfro Kathryn Renfro Glenn Richardson Daniel Robes Nancy Rockwell Katheryne Rogers Susan Rollins Alison Roman Donna Root Jan Rounds Eileen Ryder John Scalley Janice Scheinler Daphne Schmidt Laurie Schofield Alison Scholl Nancy Schram Melody Sears Mark Seaverns Laurie Smith « i 1 N Lee Smith Michelle Smith James Snow Amy Sparrow Nancy Spear Cynthia Stella Dominic Steward Scott Svenningston Thomas Sylver Tammy Taylor Laurie Tembroeck Patrick Tesson James Thielman Carolynne Tilga David Upton William VanNorman William Vautrinot Lisa Volovski Kevin Walker Michael Walsh I i I Rhonda Wilcox | Raymond Wiley Diana Wilson Jeffrey Winslow Heidi Wuskell Tracey Oringer Diana Page Mary Jo Mooney Cindy Silva Rob Sanders Chris Fograshy Martin Mickle Jeff Pettingill Arlene Santos Dana Munsey Todd Brown Joe Ozon Elaine Peluso Robin Wayda Glenn Clark Debbie Felix Steve Wragg Barbara Gardner Andy Payne Chris Kalinick Pam Holmberg Mike Underhill Anne Lemos Compliments of Fuller’s Package Store, Reg and Craig Higgins, Hilltop Plaza, Orleans. f i i Mike Gessford Class Of ’79 Collette Crawford Vice President Lisa Chisholm Secretary Amy Lajoie Treasurer Kimlyn Abel Jean Acorn Julie Adams Ronald Adams Tom Adams Virginia Alberts Mark Ang Tracy Armitage Lorraine Arriola Leslie Atkins Todd Atwood Tommy Baird l Kathleen Baskin | Stephen Bassett Stephen Beale | Ginny Beals , Alison Benz Alicia Beseke Richard Blakeley Elise Blatchford Donna Boynton Betsy Brackett Julie Bridgwood Jennifer Brier Gail Brogi Luther Bumps Kimberly Campbell Theresa Carey Mary Carroll Rebecca Cary Yvonne Cavallini Chris Chamberlain Grace Clark Jeffrey Clark Sharon Cook Tammy Condit Julie Craven Marty Daley Lonni Dalpe Caroline Darling Jacqueline Day Shari Doucette Cathy Doyle Amy Dubois Michele Duff Tom Duffy Diane Durgin Emily Farrell Tobias Fates Jeanne Fellers Liza Ford Roy Freeman Dale Fulcher Donna Fulcher Joyce Fulcher Brenda Gallant Dan Giese Cindy Gonger Deborah Gorczynski Grant Grenier Stephen Griffin Jeff Hauck Kathy Hemmings Douglas Henson Elizabeth Herr Frances Herrington Jamie Hibbs Kevin Higgins Wendy Hill Kathleen Hoban Margaret Holland Stephen Hopkins Cheryl Horton Lori Houston John Hurley Lisa Jordan Breten Kaeselau Jeffery Killian Leigh Klein Steve Knowles Cecilia Kreber Ruth Kull Pamela Levasseur Tracy Loranger Robyn Mather | ' John Mayo I Lisa McKim Robin Mead l Michael Mellor Neal Mitchell Tim Mooney Philip Moran Scott Moss Michelle Munsey Rick Mylott Leah Newcomb Glenna Nolin Paul Norair Jean O’Brien Peggy O’Hara Susan O’Neill Debora Osgood Christine Ozon Jeff Palm Barry Perreault Nancy Perry Daniel Plante Stephanie Pope Luanne Price Cindy Rapose Sandra Remington Peter Rice Stephen Richardson Lisa Roberson Jennifer Robinson Kathie Rose Mark Rose Deborah Rowse Tamara Rullo Maureen Ryder Margarita Sala Thomas Savage Douglas Savonen Marie-Louise Silva Debbie Simmons Holly Stevens Brenda Taylor Regis Tesson Steve Thielman Ray Trautz David Turcotte Mike Underhill Dawn Veit Margaret Verdery Richard Verfaillie Micah Waters Chris Wade Billy Walther Brent Warren Lynda Watson Terri Welch Caroline White Christopher White Michelle Wilcox Thomas Wilcox Steve Wragg Matthew Yonce I i Marcy Cestaro Lorri Taylor A w | j L f f Sw? mb P ' :••• 1 k « EH 7 I ! W J r J I ■ i MKm I J V’ I I] It V arsity The 1975 Varsity Baseball Team had a record of five wins and seven losses. Many key defensive positions were filled by first year players. During the first half of the season, their lack of experience contributed to poor defense, but during the second half, much im¬ provement was evident in their solid defen¬ sive play. Inexperience and a batting slump caused the team to hit poorly during the first six games; they made much improvement dur¬ ing the last six games. With the experience gained from this season and the much im¬ proved team attitude, the Nauset Varsity Baseball Team should make a much better showing next year. Varsity Baseball Scores pre-season: Nauset vs. Newfound 4-10 Newfound vs. Nauset 1-18 season: Nauset vs. Sandwich 2-8 Chatham vs. Nauset 4-9 Harwich vs. Nauset 3-2 Upper Cape vs. Nauset 3-7 Vineyard vs. Nauset 8-0 Nauset vs. Harwich 2-4 Nauset vs. Chatham 2-8 P-town vs. Nauset 0-1 Nauset vs. P-town 9-10 Nauset vs. Vineyard 6-2 Sandwich vs. Nauset 5-2 Nauset vs. Upper Cape 7-2 Baseball From left to right: Dave Lajoie, Danny Chambers, Mike Riordan, Rick Higgins, Billy Urquhart, Cris Chambers, Rod Oringer, John Riordan, Rob Moss, Kim Shea, Scot Thomas, Coach Caldwell. Back row left to right: Coach Erickson, Gerri La- Pense, Renee Ronan. 3rd row: Cindy Higgins, Jan Hunter, Karen Duff, Missi Usher 2nd row: Dawn Fancy, Penny Wieden- man, Front: Captain Wendy Underhill. Miss¬ ing: Dawn Radke, Terri Perrault, Jo-Ellen Harris, and managers Cindy Kew and Mindy LaBranche The 1975 Varsity Softball Team had a beauty of a season. The team was small in size and after several illnesses and injuries a couple of first string J.V. players were pulled up to substitute in a few games. With a record of 10 wins and 3 losses. They entered the tournament but were de¬ feated in the first round by DY, who had home field advantage. NRHS vs DY 5-14 Sandwich 11-1 Chatham 37-1 P-town 21-4 MV 10-8 Upper Cape 17-16 Harwich 10-11 Harwich 5-9 Sandwich 16-9 Chatham 14-3 P-town 11-8 MV 9-8 Upper Cape 35-5 DY 10-14 j 1 i 1 99 1 ■PW H 11 Ten Kim Higgins Muriel Radlhammer Katie Hansen, Captain W l « - Candy Clark Audrey Benner Lynn Collins Mary Radlhammer Ann Ellis Jacqui Ozon Lori Rapose In Girls’ Tennis this year Nauset had a successful young team. The team, consisting of an interchangeable varsity, and J.V. squad, included 2 Seniors, 3 Juniors, 3 Sophomores and 5 Freshmen. The Nauset team suffered one defeat to M.V. and one to Falmouth, leaving their overall record at 10 wins and 2 losses. Consequently we won the Cape and Is¬ lands League trophy, and went on to play in the State Championships against Arlington’s team at Hingham. Unfortunately we lost this match by a score of 5-0, but the team is not discouraged and is looking forward to next year’s season. Missing from pictures: Roberta Cary, Judy Joy, Betsy Clark. Team Scores NRHS vs DY Sandwich Chatham M.V. DY Falmouth P-town Harwich Chatham Sandwich M.V. Harwich 4-1 3- 2 4- 1 4-1 4- 1 0-5 5- 0 5-0 5-0 3-2 2-3 5-0 mrgy yy. f M V % p». 4. Coach Chako David Oliver Keith Mazzarese Jon Jorgenson Richard Niven Team Scores NRHS vs DY Sandwich Chatham DY Falmouth P-town Harwich Chatham Sandwich MV Harwich Barnstable Barnstable Tabor Coach Gessford 4- 1 The 1975 tennis team was the most successful ever. Top play- 2- 3 er Steve Oliver, his brother David, Richard Niven, Rob Sand- 5- 0 ers, and Keith Mazzarese were the key contributors. Steve 5-0 made it to the third round of the State Tournament. The team’s 5-0 record was 14-1, including two big wins over Barnstable, the 4-1 first ever for Nauset. We won the Cape Islands championship 4-1 for the second straight year. Un fortunately we played the ’74 4-1 State champions in the first round of the Team State Tourna- 3- 2 ment and lost. Individually, Richard Niven had the best record, 3-2 15 wins and no losses, closely followed by Rob Sanders, 14 wins 12-6 and no losses. The team’s success will more than likely contin¬ ue in 1976. Missing from pictures: Steve Oliver and Lewis Pettengill. Boys Track I i ii i il Standing: Glen Shenkin, Dave Crary, Jeff Clark, Andrea Barwood, Coach White, Kevin Cassidy, John Moran, Brian Hubler, Steve Daley, Ken Kelly, Chris Trautz, Coach Gray, Dom Levasseur, Ross Johnston. 2nd Row: John Scaley, Dave Abel, Dave McPartland, John Doucette, Steve Peters, 1st Row: Steve Parlante, Mike Adao, Rick Chilson, Bob Fettig, Ken Fuller, Dave Wilcock, Billy Hayes, Mike Chilson, Jeff Marshall, Jim Moran, Jon Quinn, Peter Knight, David O’Connell. The 1975 record was only 5 wins and 9 losses, but this was a young squad with fine potential, every member improving significantly as the season progressed. The highlight of the year was a 62-60 win over league champion Martha’s Vine¬ yard. Nauset also edged Barnstable 62-60. Records set this year included Ke¬ vin Cassidy’s 38 ' 5 " triple jump, Bri¬ an Hubler’s 153 34 total points, and the distance medley and four-mile relay records. Brian also received the Coaches’ Award, and was an All Star as were Doucette, Johnston, and McPartland. Captains for the 1976 season are Chilson, Johnston, and Doucette. 102 Girls’ Track Back row, left to right: Coach Walorz, Mary Moran, Cindy Behrer, Bridget Moran, Kathy Hatchard, Peggy Schrader, Connie Delano, Sally Staib, 2nd row, left to right: Mary Knight, Eileen Ryder, Terese Lawless, Jan Rounds, Judy Anderson, Lynda Savonen, Front row, left to right: Sue Moore, Beth Norgeot, Jeanne Craffey, Diane Moore, Brenda Elliot, Anne Brown, Carolyn Tilga, Karen Grew. The Girls’ Track Team, coached by Mr. Joe Walorz, had a successful season climaxed by the win in the Cape and Islands Meet. The following are the school records set by this team during the 1975 season: Shot put — Beth Hubler — 30 ' 11 " Discus — Beth Hubler — 84 ' 8 " Javelin — Ann Brown — 81 ' 7 " High Jump — Jean Craffey — 4 ' 10 " Long Jump — Diane Moore — 15 ' 2 " 220 yd. dash — Terese Lawless — 27.9 sec. 440 yd. dash — Diane Moore — 65.2 sec. 880 yd. dash — Candy Robicheau — 2 min. 33.8 sec. 1 mile — Judy Anderson — 6 min. 17.2 sec. Medley relay — Delano, Behrer, Rounds, D. Moore — 2 min. 2.3 sec. 880 relay — Craffey, S. Moore, Tilga, Lawless — 2 min. 2.5 sec. 2 mile relay — Robicheau, D. Moore, Grew. Anderson — 11 min. 24 sec. J.V. Softball J.V. Baseball m i m . »•] Coach Milbier’s team had only a 5 won, 7 lost record in 1975, but many players gained experience and will be moving up to the varsity in 1976. Among the better prospects were pitchers Eric Maker, Brett Ramsay, and Wayne Ellis. Catcher Scott Thomas was also a standout. Others who had good years included Brian Higgins, Tom Carroll, Clint Newcomb, Paul Creonte, Floyd Pickard, Matt Young, Steve Backus, and Mike Walsh. The J.V. softball team had a good season, 7 wins and 2 losses, under Coach Rice. In several games the top J.V. players had to replace injured varsity players. Despite this the team managed to play good ball, ending the sea¬ son with one of the best overall records in recent years. Back Row: Gerri LaPense, Linda Montgomery, Amy Sparrow, Coach Rice. 3rd Row: Arlene Nickerson, Carolyn Ide, Julie Emond, Missy Usher 2nd Row: Lisa Reed, Renee Cary Front: Barb Chase 104 Left to right; Glen Harper, Gardner Jamieson, Mike Parlante, Andy McConnachie, Barry Cummings, Kevin Walker, Scott Brown, Coach Wilkinson, missing: Meg Hall, Ken Fettig Golf The 1975 Golf team had a league record of 3 wins and 5 losses. The overall record was 4-10-1. The team was very young, having 5 freshmen, 1 sophomore, and 2 each of juniors and seniors, but as the year pro¬ gressed great improvement was made. Hopefully, next year, with the addition of incoming freshmen, the team will grow stronger. Scores NRHS vs Falmouth 0-9 DY —JV 0-9 Barnstable 6-3 Harwich 2 ' 2-6 2 D.Y. — JV 21 2 -6 ' 2 Sandwich 0-9 Martha’s Vineyard IV 2 -IV 2 Martha’s Vineyard 8 V 2 -V 2 Tabor 4-8 Chatham 3-6 Harwich 5-4 Falmouth 3-6 Sandwich IV 2 -IV 2 Chatham 3i 2-5! 2 Barnstable 41 2 - 41 2 Cheerleaders The ’75 Cheerleaders started early this fall with spirit and readiness to cheer for the first soccer game of the season. From there we con¬ tinued — along with the ’75 Eastern and Cen¬ tral Massachusetts Soccer Champs — a successful season, cheering the soccer team on into the state tournaments. After a long soccer season — ending late in November — the tri-captains, Debbi Boynton, Debie Gombos, and Vicky Richardson, had a short period of time to prepare the squad for the ’75-’76 basketball season. This included changes of regulars and alternates. After a time of recooperation, the basketball season became another of spirit and success. Many thanks go to Mrs. Longo. Coach Longo Bottom row, left to right: Tina Jans, Jenny Fates, Debbie Boynton, Sue Kew; Middle row, left to right: Alison Roman, Debie Gombos, Vicky Richardson, Barbara Chase, Top row: Julie Bridgwood. Missing: Donna Boynton, and alternates Cindy Behrer and Lisa McKim. Tri-captains: Debbi Boynton, Debi Gombos, and Vicky Richardson. Eastern And Central Mass. Division II Soccer Champions Back row (left — right) Mike Estrada (Mgr.), Clint Newcomb, Dave Abel, David Gage, Glen Shenkin, Richard Chilson, Rob Moss, Pete McCray, Wes Brown, Wayne Ellis, Andy Lapiana, Ross Johnston. Front row (left — right) Coach Donahue, Ken Fettig, Paul Holbrook, Dave Lajoie, Dana Eldridge, Richard Higgins, Bob Syvanen, Danny Robes (Mgr.). Missing: Chris Chambers, Tim Gainey, Keith Mazzarese. Nauset vs. Upper Cape 5-0 C. C. Tech 3-0 Chatham 6-3 Harwich 1-1 Vineyard 8-0 Barnstable 1-2 D. Y. 2-3 Upper Cape 5-3 Sandwich 0-0 C.C. Tech 3-1 Chatham 5-3 Harwich 1-2 Sandwich 0-0 Vineyard 5-1 Pingree 5-1 Foxboro 2-0 Wilmington 2-1 Sandwich 2-1 Bartlet 4-1 Hampshire 2-3 (in overtime) The Nauset Soccer team had a great season this year. Coach Donahue led his team to the State Finals. The team had a league record of 8 wins, 1 loss, and 3 ties, and an overall record of 13 wins, 4 losses, and 3 ties. Team captains were Rich Higgins, Dave Lajoie, and Dana Eldridge. Although Rich could not play because of a knee in¬ jury, he was a great asset to the team by helping the coach and talking to the players — he was a captain from the side-lines. The team was led in scoring by Dave Lajoie with 24 goals and 15 assists. The team had the finest full-back squad in the league led by Dana Eldridge and Bob Syvanen, with Wes Brown and Tim Gainey on the wings. One of the high-lights of the season was breaking Sandwich’s unbeated streak to give Nauset the East¬ ern Mass. Championship. We went on to win the Cen¬ tral Mass, championship. After four overtimes and many nerve-racking moments, the team lost the Mass. State Championship by a score of 2 to 3. The previous Cape Cod record of 3 wins in tourna¬ ment games was broken by Nauset’s winning 5 games. League All-Stars were Bob Syvanen, Dana Eldridge and Dave Lajoie. Dave received recognition from the Boston Globe for All-State and All-Eastern Mass. The team would like to thank the spectators for their great enthusiasm throughout the tournament games! Tri-captains (left — right) Richard Higgins, Dave Lajoie, Dana Eldridge. Compliments of the Eastham Superette. Bottom left to right: Dawn Fancy, tri-capt. Cindy Higgins, Wendy Taylor, tri-capt. Diane Moore, Elaine Beals. Second row: Bette Schofield, tri-capt. Deb Cahill, Marsha Ide, Dawn Radke. Third row: Jolene Niven, JoEllen Harris, Mary Knight. Top row: Allison Smith. Standing: Manager Cindy Kew, Coach Diane Campbell. Field Tri-captains Deb Cahill, Cindy Higgins, and Diane Moore, with Coach Diane Campbell. Coach Diane Campbell lost six seniors but kept a highly spirited Varsity Field Hockey Team. Their unity drove them to a hard fought position second only to Sandwich. The team played twelve league games, nine of which were shut-outs. They qualified to participate in the Mass. District II State Tournament, with an 8-2-2 record. Plagued with an incredible number of illnesses the Warriors first tourney game was a 0-1, hard loss to Falmouth. The most memorable game had to be that at Sandwich, 10 27 75, where the teams played to a 0-0 tie, in mud up to their ankles. Dirty and happy Nauset had spoiled Sandwich’s perfect record. Spectators began to realize there was a field beyond the trees — thank-you for all your support. The Cape All-Star team was repre¬ sented by tri-captain Cindy Higgins, tri-captain Diane Moore, Mar¬ sha Ide, Dawn Fancy and Mary Knight. " Never say which end you want to defend, but always which end you will attack!!!” Nauset vs. P-town 8-0 P-town 5-0 M-V 0-1 M-V 0-0 Cape Tech 6-0 Cape Tech 10-0 « Sandwich 2-3 Sandwich 0-0 Harwich 3-0 5 • ' ft , Harwich 5-0 Chatham 4-2 Chatham 3-0 Falmouth 0-1 Best Wishes from Eastham Travel Agency. •t? Standing left to right: Elise Blatchford, Jean O’Brien, Julie Emond, Coach Chako, Middle left to right: Cathy Baskin, Judy Joy, Janet Crary, Lisa McKim, Lisa Chisholm, Front left to right: Debbie Felix, Beth Norgeot, Ceal Kreber, Amy Dubois, Amy Lajoie, Kim Abel, Robyn Mather, Michelle Munsey, Ginny Beals. Compliments of Cape Discount Gas, Route 6, North Eastham. Nauset Junior Varsity Field Hockey Team had a promising season this year with a record of 4-1-3. Our high scorer was Robin Mather with a total of three goals. We had an out¬ standing defensive line up that allowed only two goals to be scored against the entire sea¬ son. The girls are looking for¬ ward to an excellent 1976 season. Nauset vs. Martha’s Vineyard 1-0 Sandwich 5-0 Harwich 1-0 Chatham 0-0 Martha’s Vineyard 0-0 Cape Tech 1-0 Sandwich 1-0 Chatham 0-0 Junior Varsity Hockey Seniors left to right: Cindy Higgins, Deb Cahill, Wendy Taylor, Diane Moore, Marsha Ide, Dawn Radke, Elaine Beals, Jo-Ellen Harris, and Bette Schofield. Varsity " B” Soccer A 1 fh j fccL Back row: Coach White, Jim Gage, Rob Peters, David Crary, Scott Thomas, Eric Maker, Joel Bridgewood, Steve Jalbert, Brian Higgins, Tom Carroll, John Mead, mgr. David Upton. Front row: Ken Bassett, Jeff Clark, Mario Houston, Russell Packett, Peter Knight, Ed Tartaglia, Clint Newcomb. The newly formed Varsity " B” soccer team completed a successful campaign with an 8-2 record. The team, composed of Juniors and Sophomores, played their games against the larger schools. Thirteen players figured in the overall scoring for the season which saw Nauset outscore their opponents 26-10 and featured shut-outs by three different goalies. The scoring leader was junior, Rob Peters, with 5 goals and 4 assists followed closely by Kenny Bassett (4-2), Rob Moss (3-3), Ed Tartaglia (3-2), Russ Packett (3-2), and Clint Newcomb (2-4). The balance in scoring was augmented by the high spirit and fine play of the " Fullback Corps.” This group included Eric Maker, Scott Thomas, Steve Jalbert, Jim Gage, and Dave Crary. Coach Paul White feels that this group will make a significant contribution to the varsity program next season. Junior Varsity Soccer The Nauset J. V. soccer team experienced a 3- 3-2 record this year. The season began with a disappointing loss to Cape Tech 1-0 and was followed by a loss to a strong Barnstable J. V. 4- 2. Harwich was quickly put to rest 1-0, but Upper Cape and Falmouth struggled for and obtained 0-0 ties. D-Y had the upper hand in a hard fought game but squeaked by us 2-0. With the pressure on to maintain a winning season, Cape Tech was driven back and de¬ feated 2-0. Harwich stood in our path and only with a victory could we call this season’s effort a suc¬ cess. When the dust settled, the score stood Nauset 5 — Harwich 0 — " When the going gets tough, the tough get going.” Coach Tom Quimby was extremely pleased with the progress and effort of the team. Back row: Steve LaBranche, Brett Ramsey, Lee Miller, Mark Seavrens, Scott Sveningson, Dana Munsey, Mike Chilson, Rob Fettig. Front row: Glen Harper, Rob Gilmore, Dale Clark, Troy Loranger, Bill Van Norman, Bion Peters, Todd Brown. ■ H W I , [ A . h w fgjj jmm m V 1 " x W -lit ' ’ A J| j . •-■L I Congratulations, You made it! Head Foot Shop, Main Street, Orleans and Chatham Best of Luck in the future Nauset Sports Freshman Soccer This year’s freshman soccer club distinguished itself by completing a tough twelve game schedule without a de¬ feat. It is not that the team went untested: Five times they were involved in overtime games. Dave Donahue and Jeff Clark led the scoring with 12 and 11 goals respectively, while full¬ backs Ron Adams and Chris White led a seldom beaten de¬ fense. Final Record: 8 wins, 0 losses, 4 ties. Back row: left to right, Mgr. Pete LaPiana, Barry Hoover, Chris White, Ron Adams, Mark Rose, Scott Moss, Neal Mitchell, Tim Mooney, Steve Beale, Dave Donahue, Coach Bob Rice. Kneeling: Steve Griffin, Dan Geise, Bill Sears, Glenn Clark, Jeff Clark, Jeff Palm, Steve Thielman, Toby Fates, Billy Walther; Missing: John Campana, Mike Gessford, Mark Ang, Steve Wragg Cross Country Nauset vs. DY-Wareham 55-15-70 (Tri-meet) DY 48-15 URR 20-38 CCTech 15-49 Sandwich 33-23 MV 19-36 URC 20-35 CCTech. 21-35 Sand. 29-26 MV 17-40 Barns. 27-28 League 6-2 Overall 7-4 Girls had first race ever and lost to veteran Barnstable team Nauset 39, Barnstable 18. I . Left to right: Randy Dickson, Linda Savonen, Cathy Doyle, Rob Sanders, Debbie Simmons, Judy Anderson, John Scalley, Richard Niven, Brenda Elliott, Steve Backuss, Tom Baird, Coach Walorz. Kneeling: John Doucette (captain). Missing: Leonard Nelson, Craig Carrier, Curt Trautz, Billy Hayes, Bob Peterson, Ron Watkins, Luther Bumps, Ray Trautz. Nauset had the largest cross country turn out ever with 19 boys and 6 girls. The season was a good one for a young team. Two close losses to Sandwich ended Nauset’s chances for an undefeated league championship. The team avenged these losses by winning the Cape and Islands league meet: Nauset 31, Sandwich 34, Martha’s Vineyard 68, Upper Cape Regional 88, Cape Cod Tech. 167, as Dickson, Sanders Doucette finished 1-2-3. The team placed second in the CMI J.V. Division II race with over 35 schools competing. The following runners received trophies or awards in state competition: John Doucette, Randy Dickson, John Scalley, Robert Sanders, Steve Backus, Billy Hayes, Judy Anderson. The team placed Sixth at the Fall River 3 mile road race with Doucette placing first for Nauset. I Tri-Captains Bob Syvanen Mike Berto Wes Brown y Hockey Back row, left to right: Kevin Walker, Todd Brown, Bion Peters, Glenn Clark, Ron Adams, David Donahue, Scott Moss, Troy Loranger, Steve Wragg, Bill VanNorman, Dale Clark, Front Row: Coach Jack Donahue, Tim Mooney, Dave Gage, Wes Brown, Bob Syvanen, Mike Berto, Tim Gainey, Dave Crary, Assistant Coach Andy Napolitano. Missing Bill Chase. Nauset vs. Chatham 5-1 C. C. Tech 1-3 Harwich 2-3 P Town 2-3 Tabor 1-1 Chatham 4-0 Bristol 2-3 C. C. Tech 4-5 Sandwich 5-2 Tabor 4-1 Harwich 1-2 This was a building season for the Nauset High hockey team. Coach Jack Donahue returned from a one year sabbatical to find an extremely young and relatively inexperienced hockey club. The team this year contained only four seniors and two juniors with the bulk of the team consisting of its eight sophomores and four freshmen. Coach Donahue’s efforts were hampered by the defection of several players to the newly formed Cape Cod Tech Team. A welcome addition to the team was junior Mike Berto, a right wing from the D-Y organization. Excellent performances were also turned in by goaltender Dale Clark, a sophomore, and defenseman Scott Moss, a freshman. Altogether, the season was a disappointment though it did provide many of the younger players with valuable varsity experience. Our appreciation to The Oracle Seniors: Dave Gage, Bob Syvanen, and Tim Gainey, missing Bill Chase. Junior Varsity Nauset’s first season with J. V. Hockey was very successful for both players and coach Bob Milbier. The club finished the year with an impressive 8-3 record. The overall attitude of the team was great and showed in their record. Overall team-work and a good desire to win was a key factor in their first season. Team captains were Scott Thomas and John Mead. Top goal scorer and overall high scorer was freshman John Campana who turned in an impres¬ sive season for the Warriors. Chatham 3-0 Chatham 3-1 Cape Tech 1-3 Sandwich 6-0 Provincetown 2-1 Tabor Academy 3-0 Cape Tech 2-3 Tabor Academy 3-2 Sandwich 8-0 Cape Tech 0-2 Back row left to right: Coach Milbier, Jeff Clark, Dale Clark, Jeff Hauke, Jack Cahill, Bob Felt, Ron Turcott. Front: John Campana, Jeff Clark, Scott Thomas, Tracy Loranger, Randy Dixon. Freshmen Basketball Back row left to right: Jim Magle, John Mayo, Andy Payne, Steve Hopkins, Brent Warren, Tom Savage, Chris White, Peter Lapiana, Glenn Olson, Doug Savanen, Coach Packett; Front row: Tom Wilcox, Mike Underhill, Jeff Palm, Ray Trautz, Matt Yonce, Steve Beal. This year’s freshmen basketball team de¬ serves a great deal of praise for its hustle and drive. Although possessing little previous game experience, and suffering through the season-ending injury to Tom Savage, the team’s leading scorer and rebounder, the freshmen demonstrated the same determin¬ ation and spirit that has been characteristic of Nauset basketball over the years. Led by the play of Brent Warren, Glen Olson, Chris White and Mike Underhill, the team achieved a successful record and gained in¬ valuable experience in both basketball tech¬ niques and teamwork. It is hoped that many of these young men will be important con¬ tributors to Nauset’s success over the next three years. Nauset vs. Dennis-Yarmouth Falmouth Bourne Barnstable Sandwich Cape Tech Harwich Sandwich Provincetown Harwich Cape Tech Provincetown Barnstable Tabor Academy Dennis-Y armouth 44-60 47-83 74-50 40-41 54-36 56-38 59- 34 47-51 68-37 78-39 56-44 71-31 34-46 60- 70 47-43 Compliments of Cove Realty, Orleans, MA rtTfiw | •J I! ft ‘I Graduation of four starters plus the play of Martha’s Vineyard and Sandwich gave the Warriors a tremendous challenge for the 1975-1976 season. The nucleus of the team was built around its co-captains Da¬ vid Lajoie and Dana Eldridge. These veter¬ ans were augmented by a host of juniors and seniors and only the lack of consisten¬ cy and intentness prevented the team from repeating as Cape and Islands Champions. Led by Dana Eldridge’s 15.5 points per game average and his rebounding and Da¬ vid Lajoie’s 13.6 points per game average and his leading in assists the Warriors compiled a record of 13 wins and 7 losses. The 1975-76 campaign can be summa¬ rized as an up and down the staircase sea¬ son. The Warriors opened their non-league season with a win over Duxbury 68 to 57 and then proceeded to lose to a heavy fa¬ vorite, East Bridgewater, 58 to 76. The next six games were in the win column for Nauset, coming from behind with two or three minutes of intense basketball to pull out the victories. The only league losses over the first half of the season came at the hands of Martha’s Vineyard 48 to 69 and Sandwich 52 to 64. The second half of the season saw the Warriors losing four league games. The first of the losses came at the hands of Chatham 63 to 70. This loss was sandwiched within five victories. Nauset lost their last three games of the season playing well vs. M.V. but losing 58 to 65. Next came a loss to Harwich 50 to 51 and then a final loss to Sandwich 61 to 80. In spite of these losses, the Nauset War¬ riors qualified for their ninth tournament appearance! Boys’ Varsity Basketball Back row left to right: Coach Miller, mgr. Tad Vautrinot, Tom Carroll, Peter McCray, Howdy White, Richard Niven, Rob Peters, Rob Moss, Andy Lapiana, asst, coaches Packett and Yeutter. Front row left to right: Bob Peterson, David Lajoie, Dana Eldridge, John Nichols Seniors: David Lajoie, Dana Eldridge, John Nichols, Bob Peterson ' Co-captains: Dana Eldridge, David i La i oie Good Luck from Hopkins Cleaners Orleans-W ellfleet Boys’ Junior Varsity Basketball Overall hustle highlighted a team that put together a 15-4 record and tied for the Cape and Islands J.V. championship. This is a group that comes to play and next year as juniors they will keep the varsity practices interesting. High lights of the season were a 60-52 win at Martha’s Vineyard and a thrilling come from behind win over Sandwich. Jim Heines and Russell Packett provided a deadly scoring punch at the guard slot while, Eric Maker and Jim Thielman carried the burden on the boards. The bench led by Jim Gage and Kevin Dick, gave the team an edge in a number of key victories. Nauset vs. Duxbury 62-67 E Bridgewater 39-27 P-town 91-54 D-Y 40-47 Upper Cape 65-30 Chatham 71-49 Bourne 59-44 Cape Tech 74-51 Martha’s Vin. 60-52 Harwich 53-56 Nauset vs. Sandwich 50-48 P-town 88-58 Upper Cape 79-19 Chatham 62-53 Cape Tech 75-57 Nantuckey 70-38 Martha’s Vin. 64-78 Harwich 65-35 Sandwich 61-44 Left to Right: Ken Higgins, Mike Walsh, Lee Miller, Brett Ramsey, Steve Jalbert, Jim Thielman, Mark Seaverns, Tom Brueckner, Jim Gage, Jim Heines, Russel Packett, Kevin Dick, Glen Harper, Coach Yeutter. Girl ' s Varsity Basketball si • » t; i Falmouth 51-31 P-town 50-36 Nantucket 60-14 Falmouth 63-29 Chatham 56-20 C.C. Tech “3-25 MV 42—36 Harwich 54-43 Sandwich 64-20 P-town 46-32 Nantucket S9-23 Chatham 47-26 CC Tech " 6-20 Barnstable 54—50 MY. 34—35 Harwich 62-33 Sandwich 43-35 Preparation for this year start¬ ed when the last basket was so;red a year ago. The hard work. dedica¬ tion. and discipline the girls dis¬ played during the or season and throughout the year paid hand¬ some dividends- The hnal regular season record stands at 16-1 which includes a 13-1 league record and a share of the Cape and Islands Championship. The girls game fearures a tena- left to right Penny Wiedemnan. Beth Norgeot. Anne Brown. 3a=n Radke. o.enee Cary lurda Savcnem Coach Paul White, Sarah Burrill. captai n Cindy Higgins. Dawn rancy. Karen Dun. Massy Usher. Alison Smith. k reel; tg star Mmdy LaBranche. star Cindy Kew. mgr Lon Rapose. mgr Dane Duma cious zone defense and a devastat¬ ing fast break which has enabled the team to average 56.7 points per game while their op¬ ponents to 30.7. The highlight of the regular sea¬ son was the victory over Martha ' s Vineyard to end their four year domination of the league. Coach White will muss the lead¬ ership of Semir Capa Cindy Hig¬ gins, the ballhandling -V - of Karen DiT and the competitive¬ ness and attitude of seniors Penny Wiedemar and Dawn Radke. Re- rurmg next year w;._ re a me nu¬ cleus of varsity players led by high scoring Dawn Fancy, two year starter Allison Smith and re- bounders I.inda Savonen and Sarah Burrill. Tne girls have qualified for the State Tournament Competition and are looking forward to com¬ pering after the regular season ends. Due to a mix up. captain and senior pictures plus highlights of the tournament will be in the sup¬ plement. Falmouth 19-11 P-town 24-26 Falmouth 29-31 Chatham 31-24 C. C. Tech 25-10 Chatham 50—5 MV. 23-29 Harwich 26-22 Sandwich 32-20 P-town 33-14 Chatham •35-24 Chatham 3 " -24 C.C. Tech 28-9 Barnstable 31-25 MY. 22-26 Harwich 23-27 Sandwich 23-6 This year ' s J.Y. team has much to be proud of. The team, composed of all freshmen, won twelve of their seventeen games. An important comeback at Harwich where the girls mailed by 11 points late in the game, but rallied to victory opened the way to a seven game win¬ ning streak at mid-season. Tne team ' s youth ana success indicate a rosy fixture for girls ' basketball at Nausea Individual honors in both scoring and rebounding went to Leah Newcomb wuth 9-5 points am he reborn ds for the season. Second in both of those important catego¬ ries was -Jean O Bner Robyn Mather was third leading scorer while leading the team In steals and s haring the assist lead with OBrien. Elise Blatchford was one of several defensive stand outs. •Junior Varsity Bum: Leah Newcomb: standing 1 to r Jean O’Brien- Mary Carrol, me Cindy Rapose, Coach Bob Rice. star. Cea_ Kreber. Emily Farreh. Gma Alberts: it .liter Deccie Felix. Alison Bern. Amy Lame, Tsa Crush: 1m. ?:.; byn Plainer Shelley a ikon muse nlatchford. Congratulations Graduates from Orleans Army-Navy Store Q I JR - 9 1 li m m Hr Av 1 »k I m m mf SENIOR SUPERLATIVES Most Likely to Succeed Individualist Class Cons Best Wishes to All — The Light Garden Compliments of the Brass Bell Gift Shop Class Clowns Most Talkative Best Looking Congratulations from the Brewster Coffee Shop, Brewster Best of Luck to the Class of 1976 from Peggy’s Yarn Shop, Wellfleet Compliments of Pellegrino’s Gulf Service Compliments of R. W. Rose, Well Drilling, Wellfleet Best- Dressed Jon Quinn, Lynn Collins ! Ken Peters, Valerie Filliman Success to the Class of ’76 with compliments from the Orleans Bowling Center and the Orleans Coin-a-Mat, Route 6A Class Flirts Hoppy Lemoine Most Gullible Malcolm Cameron Jo-Ellen Harris Debbie Cahill Compliments of Sweetwater Forest Family Campground, Brewster, MA fW -jj L o cutf do ' rjcd- o uJusKt. dll pdjcfl jkodLo ' A?CV(Al - fto u Aml CAhas. u) no -paJA asn.dL AlolaA- cl fuxxJL y- s fuoce A IsaidCTjTrva-P tfe aAoA Jcuieel f J1 i t ac rukarus uvnAOJ-Apiokne (jUjliTA-xd- Te LcditA- J Tf 0A Jl -V JtAU i „ • usnuojtjyn prJnc i MpicWJ ; uJi ndAt, ‘Jin . ' map JHaTTCTtK -pCoAjS.ak the dAlntA-leMt " , tkyOVqhuot todauamva yi -j aleucmmyo oO L UuicoOO. tylOKim. bvid Trext co nsnot -dpj. tpyOi ayot todSUOsrrvQ P L toSusn oVUasrrvaffO oo o- baruum aAAXo a AOpem ujbUi—G nooo. S4au?nxa " jjotaU " __YtOK vet mwk J J-Iaxx. a J, a -t tu-Ly, . 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Rick Brewer Lisa Borges Art 1, 2, 3, 4, Yearbook 4, I’ve tried golf, bowling, skating, and painting; now I try life. Is it snowing yet? I want to go home. Bye Cape, hi N.Y. Compliments of Allard Nurseries. Bayside Restaurant, Route 6A, Brewster Breakfast-Lunch-Dinner-Cocktails. Beth Brasier " Daisy”, " Frack”, Track 1, Yearbook 2, School Paper 3, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Stagehand 4, Cape Cod Music Festival 1, 3, 4. I, Beth Brasier, leave my sincere wishes to Freck, Frick and Dude. To Mother N. — an umbrella, and to Zupher A.P., an empty locker. To grandma, I leave a new pair of glasses. Peace always, Beth. Jonathan Brock " Jono” Debbi Boynton " Debu”, Razmataz super spaz, Little hermans Cheering, sparkles, Natick, Philbricks " TO THE BEACH,” Nauset sunrise, dancing — B.R., summer love, camping — not Pittsfield??? " Is it snowing in here?”, " THE TEAM,” " Who me?”, T.L.C., TR-6’s, " How we doin?” " Vick. . . the canaries are loose!” " But Kim . . . I don’t understand.” " Can we rest now?” " I can’t see.” V.I.’s forever. Intelligent conversations with R.H. P.H.. . . The party’s over. Love when you can, cry when you have to. Be who you must; that’s a part of the plan, I await your arrival with simple survival and one day we’ll all understand. To Karen, Dave, Rich, Kim, Paul, Debie, Wayne and all the seniors; I leave you with eternal love to do the things you have to and strength to be yourselves. To Nauset I leave miles of smiles and peace to all who enter. 1 Debbie Cahill Skiing and dancing! Smiling — laughing, visiting Beantown, partying — up at the B.R., being spacey, having no memory, walking on Nauset Beach, summertime fun, Field Hockey 1-4, Tri-captain 4, Drama 3-4. Lisa Brown i " Lisa”, " L.B ”, " Lonely B . . ”, Red Hair, Class Clown, (Heey Phred!), A..A..ALG (Etc.) riding on Bound Brook Beach, sneakers, Imogene, green, London Ehwot?, Rainbows, poetry, horses, teaching, sailing, getting attention, goofing wif them two S’s (you know who you are . . .), dancing, beansprout, being honest and even being good . . . sometimes. Student Council, 1, 2, 3, ALG 2, 3, 4, Class Treasurer 1, Class President 3, Drama 1, Chi Rho 1, 2, Class Clown 4, CTC 2, 3, Chorus 1, 2. Favorite saying: " It’s all right, you got another one.” Cathy Camire Volleyball I, II, GAA I, II, Drill Team II. Chris Chambers (Pi — toff, Chiz, Frizbo) Hiya toots. Ken, gotta go roll. What’s up? Oobeydube. What’s for lunch? Out with the boys. E.S. Hey F. H. Mom said no. What’ll the neighbors think. Goofey. Compliments of the East End Package Store, Brewster, MA. Compliments of Chillingsworth, Route 6A, Brewster, MA. Cynthia Carpenter " Cindy”, " Flame”, Gordon, summer, long walks on the beach, having red hair, spending too much money too often, horseback riding, long weekends, sleeping at the bunk house, Cahoosta Lady, being friendly, using big words. Favorite saying: " Can I ask ’ya a big, big favor?” " Ya sure, it’s o.k.” i i i H • i jii ' ;li i ' 1 | I ' I I Julie Clark Lynn Collins " Lynnie”, " Little Red”, " Foghorn”, " Freckles”, " Squinty”. " Spirit of 76”. Gymnastics 2, 3, 4, Tennis 2, 3, 4, Health Careers Club 2, 3, 4, A.F.S. 3, 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, Year¬ book Staff 3, 4, Senior Class Sen¬ ate. SWITZERLAND! Being outside, sports, photography, handicrafts, beach-combing, driving the blue bomb, soccer and b-ball games, " honking” unintentionally. SNOW! Smiling, being Rowdie with B.L.S., M.L., S.W., E.B., J.N., B.M. Je ne comprends rien! Enjoy life — or at least try to! The fun calculus Garden (of vegetables) joking with Big Red, Weasel, Dick, Siggy. Those " little goomers”, Drosophila melanogaster and the chickens! I leave Nauset with a better understanding of myself and those around me. Richard Chilson " Chat”, " Chile”, drama 1, 3, 4, soccer 2, 4, track 2, 3, 4, Tri-capt . 4, Club Culture 2, 3, going to Vermont and Maine. S.E.S. Nauset. I Richard Chilson leave Mrs. Emerson to Kenny. Bill Chase " Chasey”, Varsity Hockey 2, 3, 4, fishing, boating, the beach, Zappa Concerts, Stones, C. Hg’s parties, dust partying. K.B., Dusters, muskrats, munching out at Laurinos, Dyno-moe humm Being late for school, trying to ski, breakfast 4th period. Karen Clark " Sparky”, being goofy and spacy. Nauset beach — SUNSHINE! Loving my friends. " Dig it”, having a great time. Switz! " Take a break can’t do my homework, anymore.” What to wear? Always talking and being late. " I don’t understand?” Dancing (B.R.). Summer loves! Happiness — always smiling. " I can’t see.” Camping with Deb. " How we doing? I’m pleased with it.” Boom — Boom!!! " Who?” " . . . the party’s over — almost.” Best Wishes from the Inn of the Golden Ox, Route 6A, Brewster Best of Luck from the Silver Barn, East Brewster, MA I Linda Cornaro " Little Linda” Being totally insane. PTown 2 for 1. Having a good time and not caring about anything. Working in an office 9-5 for the rest of my life. Getting out of this place is my greatest fantasy. Being free and loving and enjoying everything I am able while I’m still living on this earth. Walking the beach, butterfly tatoo, having tempers, class sneak, my mom and dad, my friends — Lori and Rita, clouds, laughing and never shutting up. Dylan and Baez. Favorite sayings: I don’t believe it. Oh, shut up, I don’t want to hear it. You better watch it, kids. Are you asking me or telling me? No, I’m not going home tonight. I leave to my parents the greatest happiness they may achieve in life and thank them for all the love and affection they have given me. Theresa Craffey Beth Coleman " crackeress”, " buf’, " bubbles”, " j.b.”, " JR.”, yearbook — 2, newspaper — 3, girls ice hockey — 4, alg — 4. all the kids, willow karl’s, the beach boys!, our car, caryl, (can i borrow a cup of sugar???), liz macdonald’s skateboarding, sitting next to the pud in es4, rhyming battles with berto, the friendly phone company, PITTSFIELD, " faith is the assurance of things hoped for, a conviction of things not seen.” to " quinny”, i am grateful for our little talk; i hope that you finally find what you’re looking for. i leave nauset to dede, in hope that she stays, cracker berto in hope that he makes it out, and sue in hope. 1 Wayne Contonio Julie Comins " Julie” Drama 2, 3, 4, Alg 2, 3, 4; Art periods 1, 2, 3; Tardy 1-4. Billy 1, 2, 3, 4. Always trying to write and rarely succeeding. Always leaving school early and rarely arriving on time. Having psychic experiences, Sasha, P.O.C., J.B., enhouing my home and family. Being mental with Mallie and Dawna. " Wanna leave?” . . The eyes are blind; one must look with the heart.” I, Julie Comins, leave, hoping that now with high school out of the way at last, I can really begin to learn — and with hopes of somehow regaining the creativity and imagination that Nauset so thoroughly drains its students of. Keep growing — Eastleigh Nurseries. Compliments of the Cloth Cottage. Dave Abel " Split a six”? Got a car? Ken, Chris, let’s go roll m’. Hello to New Zealand. Soccer and the Mile. Ski Club — " No more laughing!” O.K. let’s talk about dead people. Sheila Adams Buddy P. Riding on motorcycles. S.R. T.D. New Hampshire. Life is what you make it. Diane Baronousky Bolt, Snots, Munch, Di. Yearbook — 3. Health Careers — 4. Horseback riding, riding my ATC 90 in the snow, boy watching in the Mall, softball, swimming at Sheep Pond, Brewster Rescue, Cruising with Kris in her Yellow Canary. Well, Right, You Snob, Munch Bunch, Tequila. Faith Alexander Playing the piano . . . E. J., reading, cats (especially Tyrone) B.C.S Sommer! Old horror movies, being crazy with David, W.N.E.C. next fall. Good luck, Jan! Sandra Baker Sandy, Sandra Dee, Swimming, Tennis, Fencing, Plants, Siamese Cats, Setters, Weekends, Rod Stewart, Blue Nun, E.L.P. Green Mustangs. Knowing all Librans are great! I being me do leave Bethanne with one more year without me — my wit, wisdom, or mustang! Cheerio! Elaine Beals " Bealsie” Field Hockey, Student Council, A.F.S., Senior Senate, Switzerland, Diego, Black Mt. N.H., Younglife and Sananac ’75 May 27, Howdy 2, 3, 4 ... , Vicky and MacAdoo bananas, throwing pennies off the Ferry, climbing in the White Mountains, laughing a lot, full moons, P.T.L., April 15, 1974, listening to Opher’s jokes, peanutbutter and jelly, summers with M.A.K., sunrise with Minnesota, I would not live without the love of my friends. I leave Nauset with many memories to have always. Best Wishes to the Class of ’76 Coveside Antiques South Eastham Best Wishes from the Moppet Shop Rebecca Bennett Karol Berger Bergs — Booga — David — Field Hockey, track 2, dinner at Duffs (I can’t taste this)! M.B.D. " Let’s not go today.” 3 favorites — F., L., D., " I’m hungry!” " It’s been real, but I can’t complain!” V.J. " Are drugs unvolved?” Fantasy — Karen and David, " hard times, dry times” " Duff, you Jock”!!! I le ave Kay the art of Dodging — Skiing with K. Benn, thumbing home with " Bets” bunnies. Cynthia Kew " Cindy” " Little Q” " Q” Real rinky-dink, bullticky, What’s E.P.?, I don’t know! Drive-In Movies with M.L., C.S., S.W. That weekend at Rangely. Skiing straight down. Waterskiing. Field Hockey, B-ball, softball, Chorus 2, 3, 4, Health Career 2, 3, 4. Bowling, Cape Codders, throwing pennies off ferry. I Cynthia Dianne Blakeley " Cindy” Student Council 2, 3, V.P. 4; Honor Society 3, V.P. 4; track 1, 2; cheerleader 2; basketball 1, 2; gymnastics 1, 2; Chorus 2; senior Senate, A.F.S., Domestic Exchange 3; Drama 3, 4; dancing, laughing, barely passing gym, singing, being involved, sunrise with Minnesota, loving people (E.G. D.M., K.L., C.C., P.H., W.R., D.C., K.M., Belinda, Elizabeth M.) also, much thanks and appreciation to John Gray, Switzerland — edelweiss forever! London, loving the Lord, talking, writing, beautiful Wellfleet, Saranac 75, rainbows! " Don’t you know I want my life to be something more than long? Karen A. Benn Riding; Cloudy, trying to ski with Karol, spiders, Betsy N. house, the beach, laughing hysterically, Betsy D., Billy, THE DUSTER! Going to breakfast fourth periods with Karen D. and Billy, munching out, having a good time, getting out of everything, being too short. " Oh, give me a break!” " Oh my i Compliments of " Le Gourmet” Compliments of a Friend j 1 Tom Finlay Bill Fontneau " Bill”, Student Senate 3, Meteorology, talking, long walks, eating hamburgers, drinking vanilla frappes, listening to records. Favorite saying: " Let’s take a spin, man.” Caryl Bassett " Buckley Bullwinkle Bruner,” " T. C”, mushrooms, Saturday nights at Willow’s Karl’s, skateboarding with L.F. B.C., praying to get wherever safely, Lightship pin ball machines, Hot Chocolate, playing softball with Pat M., Ice Hockey with T.S., B.C., P.M., L.F., " sure”, " ya know”, " no sun”, " kiss it”, " Bah-Boom-Sis”, To John Mike I leave another year of U.S. History (who’s gonna do your work for ya then, guys?), To John R. I leave all my turtlenecks. To Mike Berto I leave my Love friendship. Liz Fograshy " Poops”, " Lizabelle”, Eating a double meat cheeseburger, going ice-skating, being with Chris, having Sunday afternoons with Carylbelle, Partying at Willow’s Carl’s. Irritating Christopher . . . and millions of other things. FORTHlLLlW " ya know?”, " eat your heart out!” I leave Michael and John in hopes of having as many good times i n the future as we’ve had in the past. Deborah Ann Fulcher " Deb”, " Fulch”, Favorite saying: Don’t look at me in that tone of voice. She’s all bent out of shape. Losing voice at Soccer Games. B Ball games, giving M.L. rides, bugging Q, Free Reading Laughs, getting Trink in trouble with Mr. M., that weekend in Rangely, teaching Q to water ski with M. L. right behind being rowdie, smiling all the time, donkey basketball, singing while driving, grrrrrrrr . . . , Q M. L., S. W., V. E. G. L., B. M., F. R., N. P. K., C. S., hobbies: snow skiing, water skiing, embroidery, cooking. Field Hockey, manager 1, Field Hockey J. V. 2, Ice Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4, Chorus 2, 3, 4. Will: To my sister, Donna, and my brother, Russell, I leave N. R. H. S. to enjoy. Future Teacher Aid, Marriage. Connie Fredericks " Fred”, Spanish 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, good friends, good times, " Hey kids!”, bopping with K. D. (brought enough for two!”), and Shave, Hojo’s, the discovery of Albo, trials and tribulations with the 1967 Buick, glaring at Debra M. Compliments of the Cheese Corner. As you go through life may you build solid foundations under your dreams — Cape Cod’s Old Fashioned Candies and Ice Cream Parlor. Tim Gainey Katie Gould " Keg”, Katherine. Nauset beach, cooking, crewel embroidering, basketball games. I, Katie Gould, leave Nauset wishing M.B. K.W. A.D. all the joys of one more year of Nauset Happenings. Debra Gombos " Debie”, " Gumby”, " Southie” Cheerleader 1, 3, tri-captain 4; National Honor Society 3, 4, ski club 3, drama 1, 4, Memories . . . summer of ’75 (D.K., J.L.) Anytime! Beach Boys and S.F. and New Year’s Eves — Virginia mountains and back home — WAITING and J.W.M. — Remembering yesterday, Living for today, Hoping for tomorrow — " I don’t know.” I, Debie Gombos, leave Coach Donahue all the memories of the ’75 soccer trips, Billy Van Norman lots of love, and beautiful memories of new friends of my past three years, thanks! P.T.L. Cindy Higgins " Higg’s”, " Grace”, Honor society 3, 4, student council 3, 4, Class v-pres. 3, field hockey, BASKETBALL, Softball 1, 2, 3, 4, Cpt. : F.H., B-BALL 4, Class " Jock” 4, Rainbow (when are ya goin?) 1, 2, 3, 4!, Independent study 4, Jolly’s 2, 3, 4? Almost being related to R.H. (no he’s not my brother! ) The 3, 4 and sometimes 5 musketeers, the parties we never found, but the memories we’ll always have, i.e.: stretching my car, Ardeth, speech class, Gary’s house . . . , having parties (No, dad, not many people know about it this time!) Aruba!, beating M.V. ' f (1 13 76,2 13 76) turtlenecks at practice, being LATE, saying 1 sorry, being alone and loving it, thinking, keeping things to myself, loving sports, Allison and Dawn — what can I say? " Sunshine”, Sept. 5, 1975, tunafish, cheesecake and champagne, " Cokes”, Wednesday’s off, Ex. B.M’s, the beach, one, two, three, four, five, or six?? Most of all: having power over the sun, the moon and the shooting stars — memories Sheri Herrington Jimmy, living and loving, Harley’s, summer, cruises, partying, Wellfleet, S.A., the ocean, rainbows, tunes, sunsets, VW’s, horses, high times, Middleboro, 1 17 76, dreaming, I leave hoping Tammy Davis will find the love and happiness that I have found. Richard Higgins " Higg”, V Baseball 2, 4, V Soccer 2, 4, V Basketball 3, " Jock”, B.U. and Springfield, B.R.S.A., Garden City, " Gimpy”, H.T.T. Antoinette Paul Holbrook Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4, talking too much!!!, " I never get mad!” If anyone gets sick of their own ways let them go the only way . . . Jesus Christ. Alice Hutchings Best Wishes from Western Auto Stores, Orleans, MA Livingston’s Pharmacy, Inc. 1925-1976 T mr MW Susan Kew Suzy Q Chorus 1, 2, 3, F. N. A. 1, 2, 3, 4 A.F.S. 3 Drama 4, Making Whoopee 1, 2, 3, 4 Coffee every morning, Saying " Good Morning” to Mr. Daly, " I’ll beat you up”, " Silly Bov”, Cape Cod Accentin’, J.C., little kids, Young Life, Deo Grativs Fern Kroll Smiles, Bush, Foin, (P.T.L.) skiing, skimobiling, D.F. Band, Nauset Beach, Simon Garfunkle, cutting gym, sailing, Sombraros, P.B., drawing, surfing, being obnxious, C.C.C.C. parties at K.B., Basketball games, M.N. Man, " Saturday Night” — Ma Luhman, Jamie and Tanya. High Amigos, hang it, ’what!” Compliments of Ireland’s Real Estate Marsha Jean Ide Marsha, shorty, MAHA, spacey, " Scooby Doo, where are you?” Fritos, Munchies, Burnt out, partying at Nauset Beach with C.H., J.H., A.S., J.N., Chatham people, Teddy Bears from Tech, Hee Hawing (Mindy), skating, Virgin Islands with V.R., Field Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4, J.V. B-ball 1, 2, J.V. Softball 1, 2 Senior Senate. I Marsha Ide leave Allison Smith Jolene Nevins the memories after practice sitting ’n the back seat of someone’s car (C.H.), having a high time! I also leave my sister Carolyn the Chatrats and Jim Gage a token. Virginia W. Klingenstein " Virgil Clandestein”, Band 1, Orchestra 1, Student Council 1, Senior Senate. Riding and showing all of the time, never making it on Mondays and Fridays (and a few days in between) causing trouble and just being crazy ol’ obnoxious me. Living for tomorrow hoping that I can make it better than today. Many thanks to those who have helped me along the way . . . but please remember it’s “Klingensteen ” Remember the good times . . . Lisa Kamens ALG, being with Sue, Donna, Katie and Andy, riding on the beach, knowing Debbie, Beth, and Barb, being a taurus, P-town with Lisa B. and Sarah, P-town after Dave’s party, trips to Worchester I’ll never take, Breaking dishes, going to Conn., Getting pushed off door steps, sunbursts, being crazy, leaving High School! . . . finally . . . College has got to be better! Accept me as I am so I may learn what I can become. Kim A. Langhans " Kimba”, " I can’t do my homework anymore!” Giving Weasle a hard time, " What are you on drugs?” bootin’ it with Karen, " How we doing guys?” and to deb, my tennis racket is forever yours — so hang it up,” " smuckins” I leave you the P.K. and its big problems (Greek, Weasle, Clam.) P.B. J. and Guido, Sunrises with Minnesota, Friendly’s at 6:30 a.m. (remember Elaine?) " who?”, The moon and stars, smiling, sunshine, drawing, knowing a lot of people, having a good time with Karen and Deb. My everlasting love and friendship to Peter, Deb, Karen, David, Paul, Cindy, Rich and others. Also, a special thanks to my best friend, God ... To Vick I leave a lot of the very best in life — " You’ve got to get up every morning with a smile on your face, show the world all the love in your heart . . . happiness, peace, love forever — Geoffrey Stang Larsen FDD Ginny Lane Gin . . . Shorty ... " I like my name” . . . " Can I have some?” . . . " What a drag” . . . " Stop it, I hate fun” ... " I love your outfit” . . . " math is for the birds’ brains” . . . " Ginger . . . you’re a pain in the neck!! But you’re a good kid anyways” . . . " No, I wouldn’t mind going to Europe for a month or two, wanna’ come?” . . . “Can you dig it?” . . . Friendly’s after Ree’s. . .Bermuda — Canadian friends . . . Nauset Beach . . . flat walking — piano . . . designing clothes (like Christian Dior??) . . . drawing profiles . . . chemistry frustrations . . . mooch . . . Nauset’s o.k. David LaJoie Melinda Sue LaBranche " Mindy”, " Mind,” " Squeaky”, " Rowdie”, " Beauty”, Smile What’s E.P.? " Snaps”, " Nerd!” " Spirit of 76” — swimming, going to the beach, b-ball, soccer, drama, dances, surprise parties!, eating, talking, McDonalds, plants, sq. dances (Yaa-Hoo!!) Deb’s VW Q’s st. wag. Lynn’s " bomb”, Drive-in Movies, Katydids candy bars, swabidoo-dos warm fuzzies, CK(little Q) LC, VN, DF, CS, MP, SW, BS, " snow bunny” . . . Fellowship — EB HW, " Frog” . . . " Calculus Garden” — vegetables: " Freckles”, " Big Red”, " Higgs” " Weasel”, " Sig” . . . PTC’s classes — " real rinky-dink”, " bullticky”, " goomers”, drosophila chickens . . . soccer games — " coon” coat . . . b-ball games — KD her ankles Powder; DR her knee (etc.) " Al” Marsh”. . . " Yee Ha!!!”, " DufTa” — " 3”, SB guitar, RW oboe I leave Judy a " branche” Nancy a " six” and everyone quiet sq. dances. Basketball Stats-3, 4, Softball stats-3, 4, Yearbook-4, Drama-3, NDA — " Woosthh” (DA), Chorus-4, Health Careers 3, 4. Success to the Class of ’76 with compliments from the Orleans Bowling Center and the Orleans Coin-a-Mat, Route 6A John Lemoine Elizabeth Dreyer Machado Most of you have been doing so many good things to complete this wonderful year I’ve been having here, that I don’t know how to thank you. God will take care of you, I’m sure. Nauset will never leave my heart and mind. Thank you for your friendships! Jeanne Lawless Christian Lapense " Chris” Cross country 1, 2, Track 1, ’69 Cougar, water skiing, sailing, partying, cruising with M.C. and J.S., pumping gas. Favorite saying: " You wanna race?!” Sue Lavigne Anthony, " Stairway to Heaven”, Oops nope, Fiat, pizzas, fox, shorty, mouth, Math Major, food, sit on it, baby and a half, Tonie Balloonie Caroonie SAAA — moonie, moose, The Claw, Oct. 30th, 1975. P — spot, N.Y. ma Luhman, The Man. 137 Best Wishes to the Class of 76’ Jon R. Fuller, Locksmith, East Orleans (Class of 1964). Keith Mazzarese Patti McCrum j " Pat” " Chicken” Softball 1, 2, 3, 4. Gymnastic 1, 2. Girls Ice Hockey 2, 4. Art 1, 2, 3. Work Study 4. ? Cruising around with K.E., G.A., P.G., J.S. Looking jj for a good time Being over Willow Karls house 24 ] hrs. a day. " Cool your biscuits buckwheat” I Patti j McCrum leave Wild Bill all the Sweathogs that 3 attend Nauset. jj 4 Debra Lee Maintanis " Donald”, Alternative Learning Group, my V.W., Head Foot, Plants, Having fun with Beth, Lisa and Barb. Dreaming and being happy. " Hiya” I leave to be with Donald; we’ve only just begun. Cynthia A. Martens " Cindy” Marty, McDonald’s, driving, horses, German Shepards, Michelob, Friday and Saturday Nights, summer, Skiing, fairy tales, swimming, and black cats. " Not in Public” " Don’t ask me, ask Marty” V John McDonald A foreign student from the Grenedines in the West Indies. Very impressed by the climatic changes and most of all the hospitality of the people he socialized with in the U.S. A place of paradise. ■ • Jl i J| Best Wishes from Backus and Soule, Inc., Jewelers, Orleans-Dennisport Best Wishes from Bits Baggage of Orleans Lisa Miner " Lisee”, Long-legged girl, Owl, H.H., H.W., Squirt, Millie, " A”, The Pub, For The Good Times, bi-cycling, Cooking, Listening to C.W. Music, Being alone thinking, A trip to New Bedford, F-100 Custom, So meday, maybe I’ll be able to see Monday or Friday Night at the feetballs, staying out all night enjoying wonderful people and experiencing beautiful times, long walks to the pier to check ' Mary’. See you later, Hi, guy!, Whad’a’ya say? Dave McPartland Cross Country 1, 2, 3, Track 1, 2, 3, 4, The Bong. Same old thing on Friday night. Wellfleet, summer, skiing, Parties, the dugout, Dyer Pond, mooning. Favorite sayings: " You moon.” " You mean if I smoke this diploma, it’s the same as going to High School?” Diane Bryant Moore " Di”, Field Hockey 1-4, Basketball 1, 2, Track 1-4, Student Council 2-4, Class Pres. 4, Scarsdale Exchange 1. SAILING! Sunday Races at OYC, square dancing, Virgin Islands, Switzerland — Edelweiss Forever! getting involved, laughing too hard, being sensitive. " Set me adrift in a sea of hope, I’ll set my sails to a new horizon.” Debi Mickle Mick Melon, mushrooms, Sat. nights at Laurino’s, St. Bernards, IBJW, October 30, 1975, P-spots, past men and 11 memories, Hyannis, my wacky wonderful in-laws, still living after all these years, my mom, sit on it. Dave McCarty Band 1, 2, 3, 4, All Cape Band — 4 Art 1, 2, Portfolio — 4 I Art History — 4, Boston Globe Art Contest Blue Ribbon Finalist 1, 2. Cordoba! ... It comes in green, but not Avacado green ... Is this a trip? ... Jr. Birdmen! . . . Goober . . . Diane (der Fuehrer). . . Karen, did you make my lunch? Compliments of Christmas in the Grove. Compliments of the Glass Eye Barbara Murdock " Barb” Panda’s, plant’s, friends, long talks with P. M. N.H. Maine, snow, laughing, why a duck, being rowdie 1, 2, 3, 4, basketball stat 2, 3, 4, A.F.S. 3, 4, F.T.A. 2, Drama, YL, T.D.H., being real quiet, Friendly’s, buttercrunch, 3 parts love, Pearls, Tennis Caring, Smiling, Thanks to all. I leave Nauset my spirit and my echoing voice at the games, hoping that others will take the time and encourage the talents of others. Katharina Morse " Karina-Kris” Yearbook 3, 4, Sayings — Oh well!, Money, who’s got money?, Hey Diane, Rubber Duckies! Hobbies — riding, swimming, the sheep pond sumps, driving around in my yellow canary, watching people. Leyla Nickerson Ian Newman Tennis 3, 4, all sports, canoeing, hiking, camping, fishing, I love my V Dub — 10SNE1 140 Leonard Nelson National Honor Society 3, 4, President 4; Baseball, 2,3,4; Cross Country 4; Independent Study, 4; Key Club, 2, 3, Secretary 3; Favorite Saying: " There is no way to peace; peace is the way.” Compliments of Robert H. Smith Insurance, North Eastham. Compliments of Whispering Pines Service Center. 1 f Ti 1 » i W ' t a 1 mmt . TPSfl 3 j 11 T $ y |;i i 111 •ft p M 1 2 i jrQwH 1 a I It Jlvy Mark Nossiter Tennis 1, 4, Drama 1, Music Man, Alternative Learning Group 4, Ski Club 4, A.S.L. Getting out of work, procrastination, Wellfleet, reading, depression, ecstasy, freaking out, laughing, people, parties, acting intellectual, jumping up and down, Christmas with monkeys, L.B. Saving my sanity and being happy . . . " Of course in an age of madness to expect to be untouched by madness is a form of madness. But the pursuit of sanity is a form of madness too.” John Nichols Greek, Yonka, John. Making people laugh, being obnoxious, big bethas, my nose, December 14, 1974, W.A.T., 13, having a straight part, basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 FACE!! The P.K. I leave Leo my comb and Bo Pete my soap and deodorant. Marianne Nickerson Nick, Sneakerson. Business Club 3, Honor Society 3, 4. Mike Parlante Band 1, 2, 3, 4. Stage Band 3, 4 Golf 2, 3, 4. Wellfleet, Food, Cooking, hiking, Boating, Coin Collecting, Metal Detecting, Indian Relic Hunting, Bottle Collecting, Cape Cod Books, Old Comics, Digging for lost civilizations, etc. Finding more time to do the above. " Ya’ know” " Shut up Ben” Pat O’Connor Best Wishes from Crowning Glory Beauty Salon, North Eastham LYCKA TILL, South Orleans General Store Karen Peterson " K.P.”, " Pete”, ROGER, water-skiing, boating, hunting, swimming, bike riding, singing, building. Chorus 1, 2, 3, Sports 1 , 2 . Steve Penney Elaine Peluso Pooh-Bear, Munchkin, Cookie, Gymnastics 1, 2, 3, 4, Co-captain 4, Having fun and mental times with old best friends, such as Julie. Learning how to drive and smash-up the same day. Summer of ’75. Meeting " new” people, and still keeping old friends. J. C. and Robert, two special people. Mom " D”, everybody’s mother. Silly Peggy. Being a short gimmie! Robin’s house. Being a baby when I feel like it. Daddy and animals. Nails Finally making graduation. Bye-Bye. Favorite saying: It’s Ned, should I go? I Elaine Peluso leave Nauset with hopes that other people appreciate it sooner and more than I did. It’s all that you make it. Bob Penney Radical 1, 2, 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Orch. 1, 2, Stage Band 3, 4, Newspaper 4, Study Hall 3, Old cars 3, 4, Art 4, Freshman 1, Sophomore 2, Junior 3, Senior 4? Cutting classes 1, 2, 3, 4, cartooning, ’53 Chevy’s, being lazy and penniless. Most said but least favorite saying — " so’s yore ole lady” crusin’ with Jean, being crazy and getting out of here! Best Wishes Outer Cape Real Estate Best Wishes from the Eastham Lobster Pool Marion Pilling " Neon”, Wayne, Life, Yearbook, " Orange”, Switzerland, Camp, J.P., J.C., Photography, Sunday School, Beanbag chairs, the ocean, iced tea. Milky ways! " When life gives you lemons, make Lemonade.” " Keep smilin ... it makes people wonder what you’ve been up to!” Good-bye Nauset — hello Keene. Philip Paul Peterson Jr. " Phil” Skitboardin’, guitar, cycling, partying, beat’in on the Whaler, skiing, cruising, taking surfing flicks. Blowing cash, keeping an eye on Heidi, Cross country 1, 2, Hockey 1, 2, Golf 1, 2, I leave my arrogance to little TWEET whose negative response is hard as CONCRETE! Bob Peterson Nancy Ann Pirnat " Nanny”, Chorus 3, skiing, bowling, skating, highlanders, riding, taking walks on the beach, guys! " Brandi”, " John Denver”, guitar dancing, being sneaky, swimming, at Blue Water, 4C’s, " Saturday nights — Ma Luhmann.” That weekend in Rangely, Maine, cutting gym, donkey basketball, fun times in Physiology . . . Favorite Savings: " Ohh yea — far out” " Hang it!” " Hey, he’s cute!!!” i 1 i Congratulations and Best Wishes from Peters Real Estate Compliments of Seascape House of Needlepoint and Crewel I Peter Putnam i " Carol Louise Poole " Carolion” Rohan, horses, riding, falconry, fencing, horses, Mums Champagne, archery, horses, Minas Tirith, Lothlorien, horses, and the sun. Jon Quinn Dawn Radke " Rabbit” " Kicker” " Snow Bunny” Oh Beauty! Scooby Doo! Where are you? Waterville Valley. Mr. D., under the pine tree B.N. J.J. Spring swims at Nauset, Heineken, J.J. I think we’re lost again!! Crutches and Bengay. T.P. J.L. at Friendly’s 1st period., E.P. and " Snaps” so!! Wmerson, Wmerson!!!! P.T.C. — rinkydink, bullticky, shortsheeting, " snaps” bed, It’s snowing! M M fights. " Poof, you’re a frog . . . Rebit” Throwing pennies off ferry. Field Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 4 Softball 1, 2, 3, 4, Ski Club 3, 4, I Dawn Radke leave Jolene Niven my kickers and B.C. Peanut a rest from taping my ankles. Best Wishes to the Class of 1976 from the Goose Hummock Shop Compliments of GiGi, Orleans, MA Wayne Rhodes " Don’t copy the behavior and customs of this world but be a new and different person with a fresh newness in all you do and think.” Romans 12:2 Victoria L. Richardson " Vicky” " Gimp” " Dynamo?” Cheering 1, 2, 3, 4, drama 3, 4 Student Council 2, 3, 4, Senior Senate 4 RAB SAC 4 The ocean and mountains Nauset beach parties, memories of DLD freshman yr. summers of’73 ’75, Virgin Islands ’73 Maine New Hampshire friends " the shack” Canary hunting with DB sunrises I leave with many thanks to Mrs. Longo and Mr. O’Brien for their kindness and understanding. Barbara E. Rollins " Barb” Mountain climbing, laughing, living, loving, talking, walking — spazzing out and eating with Ritz, being an F.W. and a K.D.A., being obnoxious, making people laugh, reading, being domestic, sailing, water skiing, driving, Brutus, my fish and plants, dancing and being the dream. Newspaper 2, 3, 4 (editor), Drama 3, 4, and various other frivolities. Favorite sayings: " Hey Feff — how’s about breakfast out?” " God respects me when I work, but he loves me when I sing.” I Barbara, leave to Su, the subtle art of getting around people — and having them love you anyway, and a sense of direction. Anne Lincoln Rich Pilgrim, Rich Music 1, 2, 4, Stagehand 3, 4, Theory 1, 2, 3, 4, Corriculum Committee 1, Silversmithing 4. Compliments of Thayer Flowers, Inc. Congratulations from the Lower Cape School of Art Lori A. Rapose " Lolli”, " Bug-Bug” Future Nurses 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball Manager 2, 3, 4, Tennis team 2, 3, hopefully 4 Like to read, knit, crochet, needlepoint, take walks, take pictures of beach, play tennis and basketball, eat, have fun, make other people happy, avoid driving. Bette Schofield " Bet” P. T. L. — Pascoag, writing as me, reading and reading and . . . , field hockey, music, being rowdie. V. S. P.’s — M. J., laine, lyn, langhans, paul, flees, D. K., outrageous, P. K. industries including kim, weasel, stork, greek, Tony, et al. Swimming in W.S.I., " yeah”, bugging Mr. O’B, " rinky-dink”, " Stop it”! I hate fun! Je ne comprends rien! " Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things past.” Heb. 11:1 James Rylander Trucking, training horses, shop, my truck, having a good time, traveling, " sit on it, you turkey.” Nauset T. V. Sales and Service, Hilltop Plaza, Orleans Best Wishes from the Orleans Whole Food Store Debbie Root Mark Scrivani AV, Drama I, II, Movies, Star Trek, Video Taping, (Basketball, hockey, soccer, girls, exercises, Indians, presidents) Probably solving, and having " heated” discussions with Ken Fuller. I, Mark Scrivani also leave Mike Mellor the coveted limp wrist award, may he hold it forever. Cathy Stewart " Thrin”, " Cat-King”, being a klutz, my idealistic realistism, my ambition and destination — medicine!!, the nursing home, piano, reading, Ned, independent study — " Hem”, Honor Society, Senior Senate, Health Careers Club 1-4, Pres. 3, 4, Girl’s basketball stat 3, 4, SAC-3, Orchestra 1, Chorus 1-4, yearbook, arguing with Shell, M.P. and long talks, laughing, all those beautiful people who have endured my insanity!, Special thanks to Mrs. Laning, " If I had one more brain it would rattle!”, " Balderdash”, Learning and Growing! Thank you Lord — for life!! Lynn Stevens Glen Shenkin " Shanky” V. Soccer 3, 4, V. Track 3, 4, J. V. Wrestling 1, Ski Club 3, 4, hunting — fishing, trucking around, summer, beach, getting different vehicle Dawn (my little sister Tuesday nights at Dairy Queen??) Skiing at J.J.’s. A sleeping in a cabin smaller than the outhouse, with J.J. B.N. M.J. B.V.N. I leave to Clint Newcomb all the hand control spray for soccer and any other purpose he may find it handy for! What a hustler, REALLY!!! Marie Straiton Hi, High! Boo-Boo Michael, Strawberry bones, pooh to you, nitey nite snooky wuckums. skiing, sailing, skating, horseback riding, guitar, Vermont, snow, sun, ocean, having fun, helping others. M M, kicka who I leave all the help I can spare, Cecil the sea sick sea serpent. Herbert Michael Pettengill Hi, High Marie! Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Boo-Boo, sailing, skiing, skating, guitar, writing songs and lyrics, sunsets, camping, beaches, waves, oceans, strawberry, Snooky — Wuckums, M M, Bill Staib Willie Wipe Out, Cruising on the Nauset: Virgin Islands, Scituate, Boothbay, Camden, Northeast Harbor, Mosquito Island and many others. Monson, Maine; Vermont. I Bill Staib leave Dave Upton to Stan Smith in the hope that he will fill Mark Scrivani’s shoes adequately. And to M.F.A. I leave $1,000 so he can pay me the money he owes me! One last thought: " Education is an admirable thing, but it is well to remember from time to time that nothing that is worth knowing can be taught.” The Best of Success to the Class of ’76 from Fontneau’s Sporting Goods Bridget Usher " Bridge” " P.T. Carpetears” " Ritz” " BAMU” " Chi Rho” 1,2, — Student Council 1, 2, 3, Class President 1, 2, Drama 3, 4, " Oklahoma” The Alternative Learning Group 3, 4, Being content, being impatient, being, young, Endless thoughts living, experiencing, Always learning, talking, caring, loving my family and friends, people, W.H.W. Flake, L.B., The Dibbles, Toots, W.T. Writing, traveling, organic, Spazzing out with Babs, My nose! London and Tiffanys! John, Again? Eh, what Bongus?! hoping to be domestic, the theatre?? Liebfraumilch Laughing, Kevin, Laura, The beach, The seasons, Army Ants! The sand and grit with various ex-patriots. " Giving is more joyous than receiving, not because it is a deprivation, but because in the act of giving lies the expression of my aliveness! E. fromme Kahlik Gibran Claude Monet Bob Syvanen weasel, syv, soccer; hockey; baseball; calculus garden (cream of no where); The lovely waitress at the Pancake Kitchen; Eldridge’s Auto Body; My mother. Once the ability to laugh is lost the enjoyment of living ceases. May all my friends never lose this ability. Wendy Taylor Face, Coolie, Wendyka, London, fieldhockey, J. G.N., The Shack, putting ketchup on everything 4th period gym class, Greek swears, Mr. Dum Dum. 13, parking by the lake — remember John? Drinking sloe gin, tap dancing in one easy lesson, making fun of people with K. A.U. and drooling when I laugh. Judith Marie Margret Turnbull Organ, gymnastics, stamp collecting, Elton John, Alice Cooper, watching T.V. Favorite saying: You nurd, pass that by me again, ah right. I, Judy Turnbull, leave Nauset willingly, and to Tammy M. I leave two more years at this school. Scott Swane I leave my wardrobe in all its splendor to D. Bakker, wear them in good health. The beach, " Bomb the hell out of them,” History, giving people a hard time, goofing off, Canada Dry, raisins, Nov. 23, " If its worth doing, it probably has nothing to do with school.” Best Wishes to the Class of ’76 from The Word Bookstore, Orleans Compliments of Musitronics, Inc., Route 6A, Orleans Sean Vickery Lauri Pooler Walter Watson Larry Winslow Compliments of Orleans Pharmacy Compliments of Brownies Texaco Station Sigurd Winslow Penny L. Wiedenman Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; softball 1, 2, 3, 4; band 1, 2, 3, 4; orchestra 1, 2; Cape Cod Symphony 3, 4; Cape Cod Music Festival 3, 4; New England Music Festival 4; National Honor Society 3, 4; Massachusetts Girls’ State 3; C.C. Conservatory Wind Ensemble 3, 4; Class Secretary 4; President, Nauset A.F.S. Club 3, 4; Domestic Exchange 3, Senior Senate 4, C.C. Symphony scholarship, 1975, Nauset’s D.A.R. representative, 1976; oboe lessons, forever; elbow?! tennis with wings H.J.’s (help!) practice, practice, practice; " teachers are people, too!” really? can I play too? " what do you mean?” M.B.M.; I want, by understanding myself, to understand others . . . Warm, eager, living life — to be rooted in life — to learn, to desire to know, to feel, to think, to act. That is what I want. Vicky Elmer " Elmer Fudd,” " Vic” clairinet, babysitting, cooking, honor society 3, 4, independent study 4, teeth, MacAdoo bananas, getting nose caught, being GULLIBLE, laughing too much, Karen’s diabetes, " Do you see it blue or brown, John?” Cuz’s La Salette, E.B. fruitflies, to me — living is Christ, I leave Kim the true joy of life. Lisa M. Ferreira " Dimples” Horseback riding, watching CC’s swimming, visiting gas station attendants. Bowling, following guys in My Big Dan. The sheep pond sumps. Favorite saying: No — stop it I Valerie Filliman Jesus, twanging, friends, macrame, plants, talking, silversmithing, walking, " nifty”, late again. Ken Fettig (Phred) soccer, raisins, zorb, hey red! To all you intergalactic spacenoodles in the chronosinclastic infondibulum, goodbye and stay loose. Cape Cod Sea Camps Wono and Monomoy, East Brewster, MA Shelley Wallace " Shell” " Shells” Yearbook 2,3,4 Chorus 4 FNA 2, 3 V. Pres 4 honor society 3, 4 " Cathy hurry up” " Neon” " Bet est bete” " Jwas” riding with Lynn and Willy, ice tea, calculus (?) learning, arguing with Cath and Mrs. Laning, sun and snowmen being nondescript, collecting wooden boxes, the weekend in Maine, Elizabeth and bananas, learning how to " pass it on.” Mark E. Wood “Stretch” “Peanut Shod” “Munn” “The Optimist, jr, retired” “Booksy” Talking, thinking, being alone, doing puzzles. Library, 3rd lunch, Student Senate 3, Yearbook 4. Being 80 pounds, walking, bicycling, swimming, Florida, summer of’75. Favorite Sayings: " I quit at least for now at any rate.” " What a disaster area!” I, Mark Wood, leave Nauset 9 " taller than when I came. John Young Linda Beseke Revelation Generation 1, Wiesbaden A.Y.A., Council member 2, drill team 2, 3, Yearbook 4. Dan Yonce The Best of Success to the Class of ’76 from Doyle News Agency 151 Judy Deschamps Yearbook, typing 3, 4. Honor society 4, Underclassmen Business Award 3. Hobbies: Horses!!!!! Helena Diedrich Kramar till alia som gort min tid underbar. Hoppasdutar val vara pades korvskin. Och ge inte alltformanga " Flickor” svaztsjuka. Betsy Dalrymple Nicknames: Boketsoby Dokalrobympoble, lucky. Hobbies: Ralph, dancing, Rung Fu w Betsy Nolin, bowling, mass hysteria w Karen Benn. Sayings: Hang it! Flip me out! Will: I will all luck success to all my fellow classmen. Good luck, Mrs. Luhmann, I’ll keep in touch. Good luck, Diana, only two more years. Shannon Cunningham I returned late, but will never leave the North again. I will remember . . . horses, school (25 hours a day) Wellfleet, and good times (dub-trub, dune-dead, LB low . . .). Tammy Davis Sunsets and full moons . . . the ocean . . . sailing . . . being totally crazy . . . having good times . . . Boston? . . . music . . . summer . . . memories of Pleasant Lake . . . stop signs . . . dreams and fantasies . . . Italians . . . wood rides with Jimmy and Sheri . . . high hopes. . . Harwich . . . living and loving . . . " gotta get out of here!” I leave thanking mom and dad for taking the time to help me through the years. Best Wishes from Henry A. Callahan Insurance Agency, Main Street, Brewster. m Vera DuBois Tennis 2, photography 3, biking and sailing with Peter, Nifand New Jersey, The Pontiac, good times with Vici and Duffa, vans and beards, (for everything left unsaid) only you and I know . . . Diane Dutra Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Stage Band 2, 3, 4, Future Nurses 2, 3, 4, Basketball manager, Curriculum Committee 1, tennis horses, crocheting. Favorite Sayings: Cunnin never mind! I’ve got to make a phone call. Karen Duff Varsity basketball, softball 3, 4, Duffa, wings, D.L. (no relation, sorry!), " really”, New York? Higgs’ parties, B.R.’s house, Silly Sally . . . Hawaii, Cordova!, Herring run, " we’re girls!” Starship — " But Vera, I don’t remember Fleetwood Mac!” Good luck, Al! I, Karen Duff, leave Nauset High. Little General Mare, B.G. forever! " You’re so weird!” Driving to 4C’s with Fred, (is the road swerving?) Coffee with Bill and Karen. Exploring with WU MKM. " Munchkin!” — you may never grow another inch. Cathy Eldridge Dana Eldridge " Big Red”, " Squinty”, " Clam”, " Stork” soccer 1, 2, 3, 4, basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, calculus garden. " The only true teachers are the seas, the sun, and the winds.” Congratulations to the Class of 1976 from H. H. Snow Sons Katrina Hansen " Katie”, " Kate”, " Hanse”, " Frick”, " Ref’, " Trink”, representative to the School Committee 2, 4, varsity tennis 1, 2, 3, 4, Captain 3, 4, chorus 3, 4, Senior Senate. Favorite Pastimes: worrying, tennis, watching sunrises from the bus, ice skating, hockey, living in the Chemistry lab and carrying my chemistry book EVERYWHERE! Don’t forget Rangely, Me. Member, Brewster Jr. Rescue Squad, Brewster Rescue Squad. Favorite sayings: " I quit”, " you turk”, " oh, the pain " , " I don’t wanna graduate!” I, Katie Hansen, leave Mr. P.T.C. with his Qp2’s and hope he makes a million. I leave my holey Tennis shoes in the team room for inspiration. Jonathan Granlund Given things rightly to will to know and to be. Jo-Ellen Harris " Jo”, Field hockey 1, 2, 4, Basketball 1, 2, Softball 1, 2, Havin’ High times after field hockey practices with Allison, Marsna, Higgs, and Jolene. Nauset Beach parties. Being with S.P. Goobers! Listening to Stevie Wonder. Amherst! C. Hg’s parties. I thank Mr. Wilkinson for his time and patience which helped me get through Algebra 1, 11 and Geometry. I, Jo-Ellen, leave in hope that Allison Smith will make it through next year in sports with FFF. Karen Gray Honor Society 3, 4, Senior Senate friends — past, present, and future. S.B. 2, 3, 4 . . . being confused! Listening to music, washing my hair, deciding what to wear and talking on the phone. Switz! Having so much to do and never doing it. The ocean, the beach and sunshine. Drinking tea at S.B.’s house in front of a crackling fire. Summer! sailing, swimming, biking, motor boating, sun bathing and meeting people. Favorite saying: " Hey Cookie, what’s happening?” Best Wishes from the Land Ho! in Orleans and the Old Gristmill and Fish House in Eastham. Benjamin Paul Gregson " Ben”, " Cotton-top”, camping, bike touring, immitating foreign accents, sleeping, procrastinating, Senior Class Treasurer, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Stage Band 3, 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, Newspaper 4, Senior Senate, Favorite saying: " I have an ensemble class. True.” Dion C. Dugan 69 Chevy pickup, B.H.R.A., party squad, booze, broads, being greasy, being neat and clean, wildness, beach combing, being good, truckin, when your good your good, I’ve earned my wings and I’ve won my red badge, cutting loose with Mike Pettengill in Gym. I Dion C. Dugan leave my shades to Vera and I leave the school parking lot to Scott Svenningsen and his hot job Nova. Greg Atwood Greg, Work study 4, Shop 1,2, 3,4, Hobbies — being with Karen Cruising around in the old Buick, Favorite saying — Will you shut up. I Greg Atwood leave E.B. all The Teguila he can drink. Barbara Jane Cassidy Babs, playing the piano, fishing water skiing with Kevin. Suzanne Colby " Sprout” ALG — hope you make it. I leave a hug for Sarah Ferguson, a reserved Monday night for Deirdre, and lots of warm fuzzies for Ruth. Maura Doyle " Mona,” " Merna”, partying at the beaches, Summer!, Carole’s Jimmy’s, Patti, Jessica, David, taking pictures, loving being loved. Joel Erickson Conformist 1, 2, 4 ALG 3, Shop 1, 2, 3, 4 Dented Chevy’s 3, 4, Dec, 22, 1975, Donut Shack per 2, 3, automatic 1, 2, Speed shifting 3, 4, dragging feet 1, 2, power brakes 3. 4. Maurice Glucksman Sailing, Skiing, Tennis, Softball, Soccer, Anything to do with boats, Sea Scouts, Ski Club. Rob Hurley Robes, Cruising aboard the SES NAUSET, Boothbay, Camden, Blowing like a bat out of hell off Misquito Island, Running Aground, Virgin Islands, Survival in Maine, packing AS-S, climbing Vermont, Eating Gingerbread cookies off of trees ... It all went too quickly. To the cafeteria staff I leave my last lunch tray and to B.C. Collins I leave the hope of no more dry rot! Margo Heather Lane I Margo Lane leave this school to Sherry Kochka for one more year, and good luck. Drawing, fishing, guitar and singing, dancing, sewing, cooking, George. No clue, Sit on it. Emy Miller Drama 1-4, Art 1-3, Art Portfolio, Student Council 3, Senior Senate, Alice in Wonderland 3, The Rill 4, State Competition 2, The Musicals 1, 2, 4. My friends, no-doze, Charleston, Cordoba, Bobbie, Hopkins, Eleanor Belinda. The moon my wishing star. Long and Silky. Forever being teased about my physical body. My world outside of school my friends there. And every so often a sunrise! Favorite sayings: I don’t believe this, why me? I really do wish . . .; you people are definitely ill; Those are the breaks; Oh Heavens; High Folks; be serious; Not me!; Someone help me!; I don’t understand; ahhhh; uh oh I think I goofed; Hey! Hey! Hey!; Does anybody have a menthol. What are friends for; Paalease; Yes I am really a twin. Leyla Nickerson " Creep”, Favorite Saying — " I’ll pay you tomorrow Mr. Sirocek.” Work study, Business 2, 3, 4, J.M., driving trucks VW’s laughing with friends, taking Buddy to the beach, partying, eating Neil’s cherry pie at the Red Horse. Enjoying life and never giving up. I leave Mr. McCaskie the strength to cope with the rest of his future sweathogs. Gina Pickard Ginna, Duffy, Freck, Pick and Gina with the light purple hair. Favorite saying — Silly Geek, Curriculum committee 1, Silversmithing 4, Horses, ceramics, cooking, broom hockey, Frick, Frack, Freck and Dude, Trips to Maine. Frank Richards Hot Rods 1, 2, 3, 4, Shop 2, 3, 4, Work Study 4, J.V Basketball 2, Boats, cars, partying, Donut Shack periods 2, 3, 4, going to P’Town Wednesday nites and getting tickets Thursday morning. Never getting suspended, waiting for a special person. " What time is it?” " What’s up”. Julie Stewart " Jules”, Ice Hockey 4; H.R. 1; Hobbies: cruising around looking for a good time, listening to Hot Rocks at Willow’s and Karl’s, Jack’s. I Julie Stewart leave everyone the excuse to make it. Franny Mayo Fran, Working at Mayo’s, Donny, Baking, Cutting gym, dieting, German 1, 2, 3, going out to breakfast, C.C.C.C., Switzerland, Falling asleep in class. 155 yKe COLOUR bicugnJc rna yieacjs -Us L ,na qovt me -ore qtj tlu u i uyx ' nvjxl YiUj ispvut ifa pQuHLUb SJiaxed ynj? jys bat you made me. £ceP You. H lxo. rut iD -exjmuK) ouu ■fdanlu to ' -fi.Lo. uri ' i Hus poem. gj°g ' (tk( haH tex ji oSaau-ruo e ' -y.o-H.LC A. ' -aa a t oocucJet V TU r-A-(ria J YaUi tHw.iFeUTiano A a tJU-OiO (3 S.C.) . , l i Copt teru, XX Cart- " (33J0) ft.M iOryP 7 5 biJO Xp-ryu) YMiO)(L_BX{j l t3$ _£+ is not- thi end, p isni euen -Hre. be nmna of +hc end, bot-if- is perhaps -tbe end. of Hie. V €ai inma . 0 ux -sWv ai ' wftkvii (Hon rve, TEft ' TGA 0 Hij Mtgbt 1 « o -ko a s ppjy ®C VjuSOuo " C odfeJ_i , + = K Aj CoH (Xnvj Ok. ' T ' 3 Oo 3. Uaut Vo rnt s . i cxr.; m-j K , or 1 cr Ceoio y «UOu« S. £X - r ? , , g? f r £n d s h|p 2.r cable s you V ) i n(L i ust £A I tot . . not J ■i djifJLtCcctl. - AOa ' Wwrft Xff " i orras. (Yirf.-u. ILtu O- l -rrujy . f OaTrd ±doArr t r fYsn,, -4tXtoj ' T jU tor- ' j rX xld -Kaa. =4 j i, Xbdy ' %o . " ck lay gnome QAfi- ye. 5rxo ed toVicvu-gto 0(jujbh ce- ' nd AJhad not ucHxnxtetooe-o Ct as tKp Gcd, " FyClhaCuxxjx-r ' ■ 8, Q lyaoncl youaiuY t iot rr vy Lt VTi eon an ru.0x .lXXxnX and UoroA. UXLO-Xjt csjLU xDOZrrs tU- rat.JlSutCEad -to cnCJtuUX oJJ t -Ha rcJLfJfOtraaui yoa Can hc d. Q-OJL c -fton To S”y aodrasf ■fr Vxfs, X aYirx nd r osf o-T ajj tdrasf friSnob_ L, O Ota j Q ri,3li pdhdPGS ! ri 9JS. lyopoz I ' QJI qjxIui-za 2 i th i?j]e . 7tC 76 r -TtoTYt. LZ ' azrz ( ' X Cdy L£Y f J U)kv.A cvc. The. sU ooonlct SlfrU. 4 a- rmbtbw C L n ft m c. cSandu. cS. ait o- Wo fl- " iiajx ypjJy, xM SLAy nXs JpJfi. ° ' Y V i a rcl x. ' U»AjiA ' C«Afl_ } WlA,, ( KoA ) u-a ) 010 ova. ilKmruL. ‘ U - V CXOvv-tOa . S OuL Vn. • J- aar-tOuU JjJj. to- ujjUJv 6.T. JUJ. M-P. kcAV Dixui T. ' S. Vil caX l»-e- giVccciucOCLdj, j UU-ik oil ditSL Mj-cA ill XL CUoiM fc inch SxaXci- luh. j UytLoncx pcctO ' ?) c Pcnrrt Trorn fd- i-i iitng r.£; ' ne y ' s Caen to ato uatixja Of f -thji nasrue o£ urKi JsO -to tii fxcu. J d 1 ' V ryja nrord Jiaqh oUxvt ' ClU ncdtyxo card iou; O cfi above tbs Awa db Paxit CL FF ANdfiOSF oo J axuaH- JvinjL.( yY+Jxh ' . rx£) d TT ' L- ' Uz— (l_ ytjr ' s£P CVn. F s?ny_ fibc -pyo- ytt- jFfjuxr 1 fvera KamftM bcir» has Kis sou- KeaftW+rnoC itioi-tiv HM titfier. T W o people cfl o mpef ( +fau, CflIO -ffl t uJ -rftone cLnamer, -ffieu Cflio Otelosi -Hqettar Bu_t fheir souls ar£ li ke -Piocopfs oachrcoireL -to i+s jslaci. One Oftmtao to owothei- bceaase it ioou.ici Ycal+o menk cuui= r VM_V luututMAUjnu I its rootsflOdWflfjtc.AWTdo. Floors juftoeir secto fl Od S’fe’dS WPfldSf .... v ooould- li toacir eG.eb-oiFi£ t.; Iwba_ ■f civer C )wV do fl opj imc. to sn ) h 2 HSeeoL F toases. ujcxcnifi ' V HESS? Tkis cWso is fl lnaia.rd To your hedttoLOeoJVVs, Cknd c « he ra -SAni ■ 31 bO O V V V W w«_ W s o ss r- ' Vo Wxo vxW r v o v, o vw C o.s$ KAso se r -f- o c- ' o a- VaO W«S_ vw y -S S‘Vo o_v t fl ' " fi «ofv S, r v«.3jt5 vaV Cv (V ' C.V ' OcXh Orr« C dVo-ll, 6+ S VaAfcX , c Fjxm+ Vj60 3 a . V s vl tW Of Wc. SS OnoX v jOC 0 U VA)X N Ki crX K. »M»iX AVXXXv C v . o ? E dtdi ' catt-thbto 10 ' illstMsaW to tAfWXH P ' llfe W -to -aJfieri oxrruoru COALO d u) jScuujVI io -ofJiaJt d U UCunJE dy JUXtlr d u) jlojluJ ia d iO JZCUU.Lt ‘fo uct cormcnx cavuj d j ycuiud do JcujtFh, — pus in iths bchcj-li. ' P!ol $ oJj-jupetuafyk 6 arp Vync F) cbMcide xJL U - 0 HA Puxiu — (end i ' ■ y r d v Xe to V| co Ac ho-jXto toW KcoS A c c-od Yi ' Oij A c-i.d GcW,.-c t cp ■ -eiW,-i be-r ikrc o c v oc-A (.r p _ -Xa 156 Disco Nit Oct 24 7 i Disco Night This year the junior class sponsored a " Disco Night” as a money-raising project. Everyone had a super time and the dance turned out to be profitable. This page was bought by the junior class in support of the yearbook OP pi C ■-v M • ,1 1 4 ,41 ! mmm—m fjM K . % iiI yM, ' Wk 1 BcWtSa P

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