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Nauset Regional High School - Nauset Tides Yearbook (North Eastham, MA) online yearbook collection, 1974 Edition, Cover

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JTV . « , ’m I Nauset Tides 1 974 Nauset Regional High School North Eastham, Massachussetts Table Of Contents Faculty ... 1 7 Seniors ... 27 Specials ... 53 Events ... 59 Organizations ... 73 Underclassmen ... 89 Sports ... 107 Senior Informals ... 121 2 To Every Thing There Is A Season . . . 3 And A Time For Every Purpose 4 5 «■ 6 A Time To Laugh A Time To Weep . . . 7 8 A Time To Dance A Time To Mourn . . . 9 A Time To Keep A Time To Cast Away . . . 10 11 A Time To Keep Silent A Time To Speak 12 A Time Of War A Time Of Peace . . . 13 A Time To Embrace A Time To Refrain From Embracing. 14 15 16 Frank V. Daly; Principal; Colorado College, Temple University, Penn State; B.A., M.A. Vincent P. Bresnahan; Asst. Principal; holy Cross, University of Mass., University of Conn.; B.A., M.A., C.A.G.S. m 4 Evelyn Anderson; Secretary; Brockton Business College Susan Polenick; Guidance Secretary 18 Mrs. Anne Stout; English; Vassar College; A.B. Mrs. Nancy Laning; English; Boston University; B.S. Mrs. Mary Berrio; English; Wilson College, University of Scranton; B.A., M.A. William McCaskie; English; Northwestern University, Robert Morse; English, Driver Ed; Boston State College; B.S., M.Ed. Tufts University; B.A. and M.A. Miss Elisabeth Hooker; English; Smith College; A.B., M.A. Frank Killam; General Math, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Calculus; Boston University, Gordon College; B.S. MIMMtllliUtflilfil! nnii!nin«i mu , HtMMMlIUtmil ‘ " " imilll- " •Klllllll,,, ,| Siiiilii:::: Hill Joan Howe; General Math, Joseph Walorz; Algebra, Geometry, University of Algebra, Advanced Math; Douglass Mass.; B.A. College, Rutgers University; B.S. Leslie Hunter; Consumer Math, Algebra, Robert Wilkinson; Basic Math, Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Geometry; Boston College, Fairfield Geometry, Honors Math; Colby College; B.A. University; B.S., M.A.T. Catherine Luhmann; Home Economics; Douglass College, Rutgers University; B.S. Irvin Daubert — Head Custodian, Walter Ulles, Mark DelConte, Joseph Waters, Merrit Frazier, James Russell, Edward Nichols David Gessford; Earth Science; Michigan State Univer¬ sity, Cornell University; B.S., M.S., Ph.D. Herbert Pettengill; Earth Science, Chemistry; Uni¬ versity of Maine, Brown University; B.S., M.A.T. Paul Chamberlin; Advanced Biology, Physiology, Chemistry; Valparaiso Univer¬ sity, Ball State University; B.A., M.S. Edward O ' Brien; Physics, Earth Science, Physi¬ ology; Boston College, Boston State College; B.S., M.Ed. David Gates; Biology; Stonehill College, Bridgewater State, University of Hawaii, Simmons College; B.S., M.Ed., M.S. Marine Biology and Physiology Mrs. Joyce Roche; Biology; Chestnut Hill Col¬ lege; B.A. 23 Kenelm Collins; Power Mechanics, Work Study; Mass. Maritime Academy; B.S. Edward Brookshire; Industrial Arts; Keene State College; B.Ed. Stuart Finlay; Industrial Arts, Driver Ed.; University of Maine; B.S.C.E. Bernard Collins; Industrial Arts, Mechanical Drawing; Fitchburg State College; B.S.A. Stanley Smith; Industrial Arts, Electronics, Radio-lab; Boston University; B.S. and M.Ed. Richard Pugsley; Chorus; Millikin University, Columbia University; B.M.E., M.A. 24 Frank James; Band, Orchestra, Theory 1 2; New England Conservatory of Music; B.M. Eleanor Schmidt; Art, Art History; College of William and Mary, Columbia University; B.A., M.A. Leo Miller; P.E., Special Education; Fitchburg State College; B.S.E. James Owens; Art, Photography, Crafts; John Donahue; P.E.; Dartmouth; B.A. Rhode Island School of Design; B.F.A. Barbara Chako; P.E.; Bridgewater State College; B.A. 25 Frank Hutchings; U.S. History, Medieval History; Wentworth In- Donald Campbell; Current History, Mod- stitute, U. Mass.; B.A., M.A. ern European History, Living in Ancient Times; West Virginia Wesleyan College; B.A. Robert Rice; Modern European History, Current History; St. Bonaventure Univ.; B.A. Virginia Emerson; Sociology, Drama, Radio Script Writing; U. Maine, Clark University; B.A., M.A. Diane Campbell; Current Events, U.S. His¬ tory; Westfield State; B.A. Robert Milbier; Citizenship, Current His¬ tory; Norwich Univ., American Interna¬ tional College; B.A., M.A. 26 Donald Bakker; U.S. History, Current His¬ tory; M.I.T., Columbia; B.S., M.A. KIMBERLY ANTHONY PATRICIA ARDIZONI STACEY ATWOOD DIANE BALAS RALPH BASSETT WILLIAM BAYERLE 28 ALFRED BENTON VICTORIA BLAKELEY PATRICIA BECHTOL DOROTHY BEHRER HI If 5 STACEY BOWEN ARLENE BRONSDON 29 30 JANICE CAMPBELL DEBBIE CARPENTER BARBARA CUMISKEY MARY JO CURRIE CHERYL DEANE REX CHRISTIAN MICHELLE COSTA SHEILA CROSBY 31 32 DEBORAH DUNSHEE WALTER DUTRA JAMES ELDRIDGE LUCY ELMER REBECCA FADELY WILLIAM ELLISON CORNELIA EMOND MARILEE FRANCIS 34 MARGARET GILMORE MICHELLE GOVE PETER HARPER PETER HART JAMES HAYES 35 DIANNE HOLBROOK REBECCA JONES RICHARD KOEHLER CYNTHIA MACPHERSON JULIE MAHER 37 KATHLEEN MORAN LYNN NICKERSON STEPHEN PACINO RICHARD PENNEY ELLEN PETERSON DOUGLAS RAMSAY DENISE PICKARD KAREN PYE . ' r PATRICIA RICE CHERYL RICHARDSON JOHN RICHMAN i DEKEN SCHMIDT DANIEL ROSENBERG JUDY SCANLON MARGARET SILVA ■ DIANE SMITH JENNIFER SMITH JILL SORENSON - PATRICIA SMITH ■m KAREN STAIB MALCOLM STRALEY JAMES WILLIS PETER WOODS LAURIE YOUNG PETER FATES PATRICIA BLAKELEY STEVEN COOMBS ELIZABETH O ' CONNELL ALEXANDER BROWN ANNE ESTRADA MARY O ' CONNOR KAREN VEIT ■ ‘ I LINDA PAYNE JAMES RICHARDSON JOHN MARTENS STEPHEN BENNETT MATTHEW REYNOLDS ml l T fi ' m I it ALLEN NICKERSON FRED LAPIANA CHARLES CHILSON KEITH CLARK MICHAEL MICHNAY GLENN HIGGINS ROBERT CREONTE JOANNE HEALEY DANIEL HOLBROOK LYNNE WILCOX PAMELA DINGER CINDY SMITH WILLIAM EDWARDS 50 51 Our Class Advisors We the class of 1974 wish to pay tribute on this page to Mr. Robert Wilkinson and Mrs. Leslie Hunter for their cooperation and effort in Sponsoring and supporting and chaperoning our class. Thank You from all of us! 53 54 Friendliest Linda Payne, Ed Mcpartland Most Argumentative John Richman, Sarah Underhill 55 56 Class Scholars Todd Whitelaw, Dot Behrer Most Likely To Remain On Cape Cod Judy Souther, Malcolm Straley Persons To Leave Cape Cod The Quickest Class Flirts Chip Benton Kim Mangini Best Looking Rick Tyng, Jennifer Smith 58 1st period: What a way to start the day Yearbook Book fair 60 Poet Rick Masten Compliments of Laurino ' s Rte 6A Brewster Best of Luck from the Silver Barn, E Brewster Mass. This is Nauset ' s way of celebrating Halloween 61 Compliments of the Brass Bell, Rte 6A-Brewster Mass Compliments of Chillingsworth, Rte 6A-Brewster Mass. i Where did it go? This year, the sophomore class came up with a new idea — Donkey Basketball! Riders from every class, including faculty, signed up and teams were chosen. There was a big turnout and plenty of entertainment for people of every age. There were no serious injuries even though the donkeys were very spirited. It was a successful money-making campaign and the sophomore class was more than satisfied. Compliments of Arey ' s Pond Boat Yard, Arey ' s Lane, So. Orleans, Mass. Best wishes to the Class of ' 74-Bayside Builders, Quality Homes and Repairs, Bill Bayerle, 255-2572 I haven ' t got all night. Move! Hang in there Sue! i Don ' t move THAT fast! I ' ve got the ball, now get me to the basket. 63 Donkey Basketball was sponsored by the Sophomore Class. Best wishes from the Class ' 76. ; I i - k Practice . . . I ' m lonely. The Drama class has been busy this year as usual. They held a drama night which consisted of skits and plays with original monologues. There was a good turnout and the evening was thoroughly enjoyable. The grand dance cast 67 " Harvey " — February 14 and 15, Nauset ' s Second Major Production of the year was presented. The bachelor and Protagonist, is Elwood P. Dowd, who is a loveable character and gets along fine with his family except for his insistence on having an invisible six foot tall white rabbit " Harvey " as his best friend. The stars of the show, Wayne Taylor and Patty Blakely, were excellent. Wayne was superb as the gentle, kind, altruistic Elwood. Patty played her role with great ardor. Both characters worked perfectly together, yet they seemed so opposite in temperament. The whole cast did a tremen¬ dous job. And what a cast it was!!! Each player seemed per¬ fectly suited to his role. Directing was equally as outstanding as the casting. The set and its construction was simple yet very effective. The Stage Crew did a great job moving the heavy sets quickly and quietly. ■ 69 rt T 1 Cast And Crew For “Harvey " MYRTLE MAE S VMONS — VAL ELLJS VETA LOUISE SIMMONS — PATTY BLAKELY ELWOOO P. DOWD — WAYNE TAYLOR VSS JCrNSON —ELLEN PETERSON MRS. ETHEL CHAUVENET — TRISHA BECHTOL RUTH KELLY. RJt — SARAH UNDER- — DUANE WILSON — CH = BENTON _ v- s-: e- s:v : - :v e v WILLIAM CHUMLEY, M.D. — PETER HART EE Y CHUMLEY — BECKY FADE_Y JUDGE OMAR GAFFNEY — ROD CAMERON CAE DRIVER — E LLY EDWARDS STUDEN D -EC C- V NA V _.E= S AGE MANAGE DA.NN V HO.E=OOK LIGHTING DIRECTION JOHN BAHR CHAS. CH uSON EACKS T AGE CREW C NDY SMITH LYNN MCDERM MARKA FINN 71 Band Row L. to R: R. Hogan, H. Brackett, N. Lindstrom, E. Nolan, J. Studley, C. O ' Connor, A. Rich, A. Banner, M. Radlhammer, C. Behrer, S. Gage. Row 2: A. Brown, B. Pettengill, N. Kalinick, M. Thomas, K. Higgins, E. Clark, S. Nickerson, D. Dutra, E. Brasier, S. Einarson, S. Lajoie, Mr. Frank James. Row 3: L. Nickerson, D. Deschamps, B. Sanders, T. Yonce, J. Doucette, M. Pettengill, B. Gregson, R. Baker, M. Gibson, D. Wilcox, M. Hall, K. Staib. Row 4: E. Tartaglia, R. Penney, C. Volovski, W. Dutra, A. Nichols, M. Reynolds, K. Cassidy, T. Pye, M. Morse, W. Brown, M. Price. String Quartet Seated L to R: J. Richman, K. Berger, L. Payne, N. Meigs. Majorettes: L to R: S. Einarson, R. Ronan, E. McCrum, L. Heyd, M. Hall, M. Costa; Center: Mrs. A Diane Campbell Student Council Seated Lto R: T. Oringer, F. Guyer, M. Kerwin, D. Holbrook, D. Schmidt, K. Gray, M. Gilmore, A. Nickerson, D. Holbrook, P. Clark. Standing L to R: T. Ellis, L. Dunham, M. Estrada, R. Oringer, S. Bennett, D. Oringer, B. Usher, C. Blakeley, Mr. Chamberlin, P. Gill, D. Moore, E. Beals Senior Senate L to R: R. Tyng, S. Bennett, M. Costa, D. Schmidt, L. Heyd, T. Cahill. Missing: D. Holbrook, S. Quinn, C. O ' Connor, M. Miller, K. Gray adv. to School Committee. i I i Junior Class Officers L to R: L. Finlay, Treas.; S. Snow, Sec.; K. Walker, Vice Pres.; R. Oringer, Pres. 76 Sophomore Class Officers L to R: D. Lajoie, Vice Pres.; D. Cahill, Sec.; B. Usher, Pres.; K. Hansen, Adv. to School Committee; Missing: K. Underhill, Treas. I i d I Freshman Class Officers L to R: T. Oringer, Pres.; M. Usher, Vice Pres.; M. Estrada, Adv. to School Committee; T. Ellis, Treas.; D. Crary, Sec. 77 Alternative Learning Row 1: R. Jones, J. Comins, D. Colby. Row 2: A. Glerum, T. Cahill, C. Boynton, D. Holbrook, L. Brown, T. Thomas, Mr. Morse. Missing: Ann Hartley. 78 Chorus Row 1 L to R: C. Kew, R. Cary, E. Gibson, D. Wright. Row 2: J. Healy, C. Blakeley, D. Wright, D. Fulcher, T. Mitmab, J. Sorenson, L. Young, B. Mitman. Missing: M. Kerwin, C. Smith, B. Fadley, Mr. Pugsley, J. Scanlon, G. LaPense. i ! I 79 Radio Script Writing L to R: M. Dickey, F. Guyer, W. Edwards, P. Bechtol, Mrs. Virginia Emerson, P. Dinger, S. Coombs, P. Blakeley, K. Moran. Missing: J. Bahr, W. Taylor, G. Coleman, C. Brownville, M. O ' Connor, S. Lajoie, L. Nickerson, S. Underhill, P. Hart, L. Taylor. Radio Show 80 L to R: P. Dinger, S. Coombs, P. Blakeley, K. Moran, P. Bechtol. Missing: W. Taylor, J. Bahr, G. Coleman, S. Underhill, P. Hart. Seated Lto R: C. Brownville, M rs. Suzanne Moulton, advisor; C. Kew. Standing L to R: S. Kew, C. Stewart, E. Beals, L. Collins, S. Wallace, D. Dutra, E. Brasier, L. Repose, J. Dyer, M. Creonte. Pre-Med Club Seated: Mr. Paul Chamberlin, advisor. Standing L to R: J. Simon, V. Blakeley, R. Koehler, A. Nickerson, W. Yonce, C. Chilson, M. Currie. I l I I I ) I I. II I II I i r t Row 1 L to R: K. Walker, Mrs. Mary Berrio, P. Gill. Row 2: R. Ronan, L. Pierce, M. Radlhammer, T. Bennett. Missing: L. Payne, M. Blatchford, N. Emond, D. Howes. LIBRARY AIDES L to R: Mrs. Norgeot, J. Dowdy, Mrs. Condito, S. Lavigne, M. Pilling, C. Anderson, S. Bowen. 82 FTTT VI f ■ - jr ' SL m P MpfjNk Independent Study Seated Lto R: D. Rosenberg, A. Estrada, K. Gray, Dr. Gessford, B. Mitman, L. Elmer. Standing L to R: P. Dinger, V. Blakeley, R. Koehler, D. Holbrook, E. McPartland. Missing Persons: R. Jones, T. Whitelaw, S. Underhill, R. Riley, M. O ' Connor. Audio-Visual Aides Seated L to R: R. King, R. Cary, P. Viscik, R. Phipps. Standing Lto R: M. Scrivani, M. Frazier, W. Dutra, K. Fuller, M. Radlhammer, M. Brown, Mr. Ken Collins. 83 84 School Store Row 1, L to R: H. Wilcox, P. Vicsik, S. Atwood, T. Montgomery. Row 2: T. Willis, D. Peterson, Missing: D. Pickard, L. Heyd, S. Townsend, J. Campbell, P. Tibbits. Mr. Clifford O ' Connor, M. Brown, M. Creonte. Newspaper Staff Kneeling: B. Rollins, B. Pettingill; Standing L to R: S. Coombs, C. Trautz, M. Currie, A. Estrada, F. Guyer, J. Taylor, P. Dinger, Mrs. Nancy Laning, B. Clark, D. Carpenter. Yearbook Staff Row 1 Lto R: S. Atwood, J. Harding, J. Taylor, K. Moran, J. Higgins, M. Pilling, D. Behrer, P. Bechtol. Row 2: S. Coombs, K. Gray, Mr. John Gray, Mrs. Anne Stout. Row 3: D. Holbrook, M. Dickey, D. Rosenberg, A. Estrada, M. Costa, C. Richardson, M. Currie, S. Gage, C. O ' Connor, J. Bell. Row 4: D. Dunn, R. Penney, M. Gilmore, C. Lohan, S. Wallace, E. Braiser. We the class of 1974 dedicate our yearbook to the mul¬ ti-faceted Mr. Paul Chamberlin. His more than active par¬ ticipation in school activities includes teaching Chemistry, Adv. Biology, Physiology, Student Council Advisor, Helping to organize and chaperone Club Cul¬ ture trips, and acting as technical director for Drama. He also started the first Pre-Med high school club in the country. His weekend hours are spent working at the Cape Cod Hospital. We hope his enthusiasm and good humor remain contagious. tl :! | ! 88 UNDERCLASSMEN Class Of 75 President Vice President Joe Porro Kellie Walker Secretary Susan Snow Treasurer Lynn Finlay Martha Acorn Christine Anderson John Avellar Valerie Baker John Bahr llene Bassett Russell Bassett Joel Benton Mary Blatchford Carol Boynton Craig Brooke Kathleen Burton Robert Butilier Kevin Cassidy Robert Catlin Betsy Clark Karen Clark Pam Clark Roberta Cary . •«- V -A Wayne Clark Don Colby Linda Collins Mallory Comins Cheryl Contonio David Corbett Donna Cordio Corinne Crawford Marie Creonte William Dabb Willie Daniels Barry Cummings Diane Cowen Barry Day Connie Delano David Dugan Alan Dunham Susan Dunshee John Dubois Sheldyn Einarson Karen Eldredge Susan Eldredge Karen Erickson Karl Faivre Paul Foley Caroline Gallagher Elizabeth Gould Jay Gould Donna Guisto Cindy Gallant Patricia Gaspar Robin Gervais Joshua Giese John Hall Margaret Hall Robert Hall Carla Haubner William Heines Barbara Hogan John Holmberg v Ken Langhans John Kane Kenneth Kelly Laurie Kroll Steven Labalme Traci Landers Stephen Oliver i Brenda Pettengill Mark Phillips Susan Phillips Deborah Linnell 1 Eileen McCrum Bart Melcher Denise Miner Mike Morse Doug Mulholland Rod Oringer Robert Parson Terri Perreault Roger Phipps Lisa Pierce Donald Poole t Wendy Michnay Lori Newcomb Marcia Peterson Mark Price Joan Richardson Cynthia Richey Candy Robicheau Cindy Robicheau Renee Ronan William Rutherford Mike Rylander Steve Samry Edward Schmidt Deborah Seaverns Kim Shea Donna Simpson Jane Studley Tim Thomas Patti Tibbits Susan Townsend Chris Trautz Frannie Turcotte Ric Turcotte Wendy Underhill ? f V Gary Walwer West Waters Liz White Jamie White Kim White Wendy White Glenn Whitehouse Glenn Wilcox Holly Wilcox Theresa Willis Jeff Wittman Gary Woodland Gary Woods Dede Wright Synthea Johnson Class Of 76 President Vice President Bridget Usher Barney Burrill Sheila Adams Faith Alexander Secretary Debbie Cahill Treasurer David Abel Karen Underhill .1 »t ,i i Richard Baker Diane Baronousky Elaine Beals Karen Benn Rebecca Bennett Karol Berger Cindy Blakely Jim Boardman Debbie Boynton Beth Brasier Jonathan Brock Scott Bronsdon David Brownville Janice Brownville Leonard Butilier Malcolm Cameron Wendy Chase William Chase Julie Comins Wayne Contonio Linda Cornaro Lynn Collins Karen Clark Suzanne Colby Dion Dugan Darrell Dunne Diane Dutra Teresa Bismore Richard Chilson Robert Curtis Maura Doyle Howard Dykeman J Joel Erickson Carole Evans Bill Fontneau i Connie Fredricks Debbie Fulcher David Gage Tom Gardner Maurice Glucksman Debbie Gombos Karen Gray Brenda Hall Katy Hampton Katrina Hansen Richard Higgins Ben Gregson Cindy Higgins Paul Holbrook Steven Horton Robert Hurley Alice Hutchings Marcia Ide Patti Kerwin Cynthia Kew Ginny Lane Susan Kew Kathy King Ginger Klingenstein Fern Kroll Kim Langhans Christian LaPense Geoff Larsen John Lemoine Jeannie Lawless David McPartland Teri Macioci Debbie Maintanis Cindy Martens Frannie Mayo Dell Meyer Lisa Miner Diane Moore Leyla Nickerson Marianne Nickerson Betsy Nolin John Moran Karina Morse Barbara Murdock John Nichols Joyce Nystrom David Paine Elaine Peluso Robert Penney Steve Penney Kenneth Peters Pam Peters Marion Pilling Cheryl Pillsbury Nancy Pirnat Carol Poole Lori Rapose Wayne Rhodes Anne Rich Vicki Richardson Glenn Swenkin Bill Staib Lynn Stevens Roy Stone Marie Straiton Scott Swaine Robert Syvanen Wendy Taylor Judy Turnbull Sean Vickrey Walter Watson Sigurd Winslow Gina Winters Mark Wood Daniel Younce John Young Debi Youngren Class Of 77 Secretary David Crary Treasurer Toni Ellis Mike Adao Judy Anderson Steve Backus President Tracy Oringer Vice President Missy Usher Nancy Bagnulo Eileen Baker Kenny Bassett Cindy Behrer ri i y i « Steve Bengston Audrey Benner Theresa Bennett Scott Barnard John Bell Kenney Blakeley Wendy Boynton Holly Brackett Susan Brady Darlene Brooke Paul Brooks Anne Brown Alan Burgess Jack Canham Justina Carlson Jeffrey Clark Dean Connors Jean Coombs James Clarke Ronnie Collins Patty Clark Kurtis Clark Maryetta Clark Dwayne Dewitt James Doucette Lincoln Eldridge Steven Eldridge Brenda Elliott Chris Ellis Pamela Ellis Bethanne Haskell Paul Hasler Melissa Hansen Lucille Grenier Karen Grew Alfred Guyer Pam Heyd Robert Jordan Theresa Lamperti Philip Lindsay Kim Higgins Richard Houston Ellen Kalineck Nina Lindstrom Shawn Hoban Robin Hogan l Carl Hogg B Ellen Hooper Harry Howard Brenda Hurley Lori Jamieson I gp Liz Jensen Kyle Kelley George Kerr Richard Klane Peter Knight Peter McCray Sarah McPartland Sharon Marshall Nancy Meigs Junius Hopkins Ross Johnston Philip Kreber Dominic Levasseur Martin Mickle Judith Mitman Mary Jo Mooney James Moran Robert Moss Shannon Murphy Jolene Nevin Kim Moulton t Clint Newcomb Arlene Nickerson Richard Niven Greg Norris Deidre Oringer ' f- Tommy Paige Darrell Palm Raymond Parks Steve Pari ante Maria Pellegrino Greg Penn Robert Peters Toni Peters Donna Peterson Susan Phillips Carol Pinney Rob Plaice Muriel Radlhammer John Reynolds Debbie Richardson Donna Richardson James Richardson Karen Roderick Lawrence Rose Robert Rotti Jean Rounds Kathleen Ryder Mark Samry f t I [ I 1 ,1 - ■ _ V James Taylor Scott Thomas ( Robert Turner Lloyd Taylor Brooks Thayer Mitzi Thomas Molly Unsworth Jeff Valli Chris Volovski k Karen White Ronnie Watkins Howdy White Pam Whitenouse David Wilcock Alison Glerum, April Brogi, Heidi Livingston, Clarence Liberty — Back Row Ben Buck, Rod Oringer, LeRoy Brown — Front Row Tim Wuskell, Pat O ' Connor, Jimmy Rogers — Back Row Shelley Wallace, Cathy Stuart, Geoff Larsen — 3rd Row Theresa Craffey, Julie Clark, Jo Ellen Harris, Beth Coleman, Sherry Harrington — 2nd Row Laura Smith, Anne Hartley, Jono Brock — Front Row 103 Susanne Keith, Dede Oringer — Front Row 104 106 Front Row: John Doucette, Brenda Pettengill, Billy Hayes, Second Row: Darlene i Brook, Karen Grew, Betsy Clark, Chris LaPense Third Row: Ed McPartland, Richard , Tyng, Kevin Cassidy, David McPartland, Coach John Gray not present in picture Steve Oliver, Mark Price, Phil Peterson, and Fred LaPiana I Almost every meet this cross country season was the same story: McPartland wins; Nauset loses. The dual meet record was one win, eleven losses, but at least in the first annual Cape and Islands Cross Country Championship, Nauset came in second. Although the team fared badly, individuals did well. Captain Ed McPartland proved to be the best runner in southeastern Massachusetts, and although he did not win any State Meet titles, he did have a second and a 12th running against the best from all over the state. John Doucette broke freshman records at several courses, and Brenda Pettengill and Darlene Brook won trophies in the girls ' division of the C and I Meet with second and third place finishes. 108 Good Wishes from Sidney T. Swan Real Estate Insurance Orleans Best Wishes from Mooney Fuel and Grain Inc. Depot Square, Wellfleet Senior Member Richard Tyng Compliments of Chequessett Village Real Estate Wellfleet 109 Best of Luck to the Class of 1974 — Dora ' s Beauty Shop — Truro Road, Wellfleet, Mass. Varsity Soccer Eastern Mass. Champs First Row L. to R. Kim Shea, Keith Clark, Leighton Taylor, Glenn Higgins, Steve Bennett, Doug Ramsay, Charles Chilson, Peter Fates, Dave Lajoie, Second Row L. to R. Trainer Steve Samry, Coach Jack Donahue, Bill Staib, Ken Fettig, David Brownville, Andy Lapiana, Richard Higgins, Peter McCray, Richard Chilson, Wes Brown, Dana Eldredge, Russell Bassett, Rod Oringer, Robert Syvanen, LeRoy Brown, David Gage, Tim Gainey and Assistant Coach Paul White The varsity soccer team had a disappointing regular season of play, but made up for it with exciting postseason play. The Warriors lost the first game but then went 7 straight games without a loss. A mid-season slump proved costly resulting in a disappointing 3rd place finish. Nauset, a wildcard choice, defeated Duxbury 2-1 for the Division II East¬ ern Mass crown. The surprising Warriors represented the Eastern Mass for the State Championship against a strong Quabbin team which shat¬ tered Nauset ' s dream. Scott Newcomb led the scoring with 16 regular season goals and David Lajoie contributed 9. However Russell Bassett came through with 5 of the 6 tournaments goals. The seniors formed the nucleus leading the young club. Captain Steve Bennett and Peter Fates were honored by being elected to the All Cape squad. Coach Jack Donahue and Captain Steve Bennett 110 Compliments of Phil ' s Barber Shop — Orleans, Mass. Best of Luck from Miss Roger ' s Flower Shop Rte. 6A Orleans, Mass. SEASON RECORD Senior Members: from L to R, Doug Ramsay, Steve Bennett, Charles Chilson, Leighton Taylor, Glenn Higgins, Keith Clark, Peter Fates 0 Nauset 3 Barnstable 4 Nauset 0 Upper Cape 5 Nauset 1 Chatham 5 Nauset 1 Martha ' s Vineyard 5 Nauset 4 Dennis-Yarmouth 1 Nauset 0 Sandwich 3 Nauset 0 Falmouth 3 Nauset 1 Harwich 0 Nauset 1 Barnstable 5 Nauset 0 Upper Cape 1 Nauset 4 Chatham 2 Nauset 2 Martha ' s Vineyard 0 Nauset 2 Dennis-Yarmouth 1 Nauset 0 Sandwich 2 Nauset 0 Falmouth 2 Nauset 0 Harwich TOURNAMENT 2 Nauset 1 Willmington 2 Nauset 0 Medfield 2 Nauset 1 Duxbury 0 Nauset 1 Quabbin Best Wishes from Mayo’s Cape Cod Farm Kitchen, Inc. E. Orleans 111 Congratulations from Thayer ' s Flower Inc. Orleans, Mass. Varsity Field Hockey Front row: Carol O ' Connor, Laurie Young, Sheree Gage Second row: Coach Mrs. Dianne Campbell, Wendy Underhill, Barbara Cumiskey, Lynn Nickerson, Karen Underhill Third row: Terri-Ann Perreault, Susan Lajoie, Vicki Blakeley, Meg Gilmore, Cornelia Emond Tri-captains Sheree Gage, Susan Lajoie, Barbara Cumiskey. Congratulations from the Wellfleet Spirit Shoppe, Main St., Wellfleet " Good Luck in the years ahead " Oliver ' s Tennis Courts Rte. 6A, Wellfleet Senior Members: Coach Mrs. Dianne Campbell, Laurie Young, Carol O ' Connor, Vicki Blakeley, Meg Gilmore, Barbara Cumiskey, Sheree Gage, Lynn Nickerson, Neal Emond, Sue Lajoie This year Nauset ' s Varsity Field Hockey team didn ' t win the championship but they came very close, only missing by one point. Each game was played with skill and Spirit All the scoring was done by three seniors. Sue Lajoie led with 9 goals, Meg Gilmore was next with 6 and Vicki Blakeley got 2. There was a total of 9 seniors on the team and next year they will surely be missed! Season Record Nauset 0 Sandwich Nauset 3 Martha ' s Vineyard Nauset 3 Chatham Nauset 2 P-town Nauset 1 Harwich Nauset 0 Sandwich Nauset 2 Martha ' s Vineyard Nauset 3 P-town Nauset 2 Chatham Nauset 1 Harwich 113 Compliments of Peggy ' s Yarn Shop — Rte. 6, Wellfleet Best Wished from Wellfleet Pharmacy Wellfleet Junior Varsity Soccer The Junior Varsity soccer team had a record of two wins, five losses, and two ties. This doesn ' t indicate the closeness of the games as many were lost by just one goal. Sophomores who should be moving up to var¬ sity next year include Dave Gage, Tim Gainey, Richard Chilson and Bill Staib. Outstanding freshmans were high scorer Andy LaPiana and Peter McCray. left to right — First row — Ross Johnson 2nd row — Wes Brown, Howdy White, Wayne Ellis 3rd row — Tim Gainey, Peter McCray, Richard Chilson, David Gage 4th row — Mike Dabb, Andy LaPiana, Robert Moss, Kenny Bassett Missing from picture — Bill Staib and Coach Yeutter ippEnQji GK ' 5 -MM 14 SF|t ' ■ " ' I i " v• Ha s t fPPflT Freshman Soccer This year for the first time, because of a large turnout, Nauset had its first freshman team coached by Paul White. This new program enabled more boys to participate and gain valuable game experience. Many boys were outstanding includ¬ ing Rich Houstan, Jeff Marshall, and Ed Tartaglia. Ross Johnson and Wayne El¬ lis did a find job sharing the goaltend¬ ing duties. left to right —first row —Wayne Ellis 2nd row —Jeff Clark, Rob Peters, Chris Volovski 3rd row — Richard Houstan, Scott Thomas, Coach White, Tom Caroll, Mike Gibson 4th row — Clint Newcomb, Jeff Marshall, Rob Plaice, Ed Tartaglia, Robert Saraers, Dean Connors. Junior Varsity Field Hockey The Junior Varsity field hockey team had a good year, winning seven and tying two. Every game showed im¬ provement and by next year Nauset will more than likely win back the Cape and Islands Championship. This was coach Barbara Chako ' s first year as coach and she did a really fine job. left to right— 1 ' st row —Carol Berger, Cindy Higgins, Diane Moore, Dawn Radke, Allison Smith, manager Rene Ronan. 2 ' nd row — Coach Chako, Debbie Cahill, Elaine Beals, Dawn Fancy. 3 ' rd row — Debbie Fulcher, Wendy Taylor. 4 ' th row — Nancy Gilmore. Cheerleaders This year for the first time Nauset had soccer cheerleaders. These girls did an excellent job giving the boys an added boost in the state tournament. Advisor Shirley Longo helped the girls im¬ mensely and should be commended. Kneeling from left to right: Cheryl Pillsbury, Vicki Richardson. Standing: Linda Heyd, Cindy Blakeley, Jenny Fates. Top Row: Jane Dyer, Diane Smith. 115 Ice Hockey mi i SJH i j- J- 1 ‘jurjm ] % T .Mil 1 ' llBk W V ' M | k all v m W Kneeling from left to right: Assist, coach Bob Brackett, Barry Cummings, Steve Pike, Bob Syvanen, Bill Edwards, Dana Deschamps, Peter Fates, Bob Lawless, Glenn Higgins, Coach Donahue. Standing from left to right: Tim Gainey, Dave Gage, Scott Thomas, Paul Creonte, Phil Peterson, Wayne Clark, Dave Crary, Doug Mullholland, Bob Creonte, Dave Brownville, Joshua Geise, Ken Fetig, Bill Chase. 116 Captain Bill Edwards with Coach Jack Donahue. From left to right: S. Pike, P. Fates, B. Edwards, D. Deschamps, G. Higgins After a very successful first season the second edition of the Nauset Warriors entered the new Cape and Island Hockey League with great expectations. This year ' s group showed plenty of desire and an eagerness to improve in their early training sessions. Who will forget the mile runs in the darkness or the two mile jaunts to the ocean and back after a hard practice at the rink. The team was made up mostly of underclassmen with only five seniors out of a 22 man squad. The five seniors gave the young squad experience, depth and leadership, any team needs for a strong season. Captain Bill Edwards a two year starter was the strong mainstay of the team coming up with the spectacular breakaway on many occasions. Dana Deschamps, Peter Fates and Steve Pike were all senior forwards who showed plenty of hustle all season. Glenn Higgins the senior goalie made up half of the best two man goalie rotation in the league. He and Junior Barry Cummings were easily the top two goalies in the league. The defensive corps were all underclassmen with Juniors, Bob Lawless and Doug Mulholland and Sophomores Dave Gage and David Brownville. Wayne Clark, Josh Geise and Bob Savanen did the bulk of the work in the courses digging the puck out in hopes of putting Nauset on the board. The " Kid” line of Tim Gainey, Ken Kettig, Phil Peterson and Bill Chase all sophomores and playing their second year of varsity hockey showed good promise with two years still to play. The two top scorers this year were David Gage with 6 goals and 6 assists and Bill Edwards with 9 goals and 1 assist. 117 Boy’s Varsity Basketball )v ) NAUSEt UAUSE T [iAUSEt sauset IADSET UAUSET Top Row From left to right: R. Oringer, K. Langhans, S. Oliver, S. Bennett, D. Ramsay, P. Woods, D. Reeves, B. Heines, R. Bassett. Middle Row From left to right: M. Morse, Coach Yeutter, Coach Miller, Coach White, S. Samry. Bottom Row From left to right: J. Dubois, R. Tyng, K. Clark, K. Shea. Before the 1973-74 Basketball Campaign got under way the Nauset Warriors were, as usual, to be picked as one of the contenders along with arch rival Martha ' s Vineyard. The Warriors looked strong with five returning lettermen; captain Steve Bennett, forwards Doug Ramsay, Peter Woods, Steve Oliver and guard Keith Clark. The Black and Gold had the strongest front line in the league and relied on the height and rebound to dominate the games. The most pleasant surprise of the year was the tenacious defense which held the opposition on the average under 50 points. Leo Miller ' s squad with an overall record of 12-2 lost both games to league leading Martha ' s Vineyard who went undefeated in league play. The Warriors with a 14-4 overall record went into the state tournament with great hopes. Along with the five returning lettermen other Warriors to see a lot of action Senior Rick Tyng and junior Bill Heines. The other hardy members were Rod Oringer, Don Reeves, Kim Shea, Kenny Langhans, Russell Bassett and John Dubois. Congratulations to the class of 1974 from Rogers and Gray Insurance Rte 6-A, Orleans, Mass. 118 Girls Varsity Basketball standing l-r Dawn Radke, Dawn Fancy, Karen Underhill, Coach Bob Rice, Cindy Higgins, Wendy Taylor, Coach Barbara Chakko. Kneeling l-r Beth Hubler, Sue Lajoie, Laurie Young, Sheree Gage, Wendy Underhill. Sitting l-r co-captains Lynn Nickerson and Tina Tarvers. Season Record Nauset 41 Chatham 14 Nauset 44 Nantucket 30 Nauset 73 Harwich 28 Nauset 33 M.V. 54 Nauset 43 Sandwich 35 Nauset 35 P-town 41 Nauset 51 Chatham 10 Nauset 62 Nantucket 35 Nauset 49 Harwich 24 Nauset 31 M.V. 44 Nauset 50 Sandwich 43 Nauset 27 P-town 31 Under a new coach, Miss Barbara Chakko, and the help of J.V. coach Bob Rice, the Nau- set girls quickly put a strong hold over most of the other teams. The main rivals proved to be Martha ' s Vineyard and Provincetown, who scored the only victories over Nauset. This ended the season with our team in third place, with an 8-4 record. Had the girls won their final game, they would have been eligible for the State Tour¬ nament. 119 Standing L to R; coach Paul White, Frank Richard, Bob Peterson, Dana Eldridge, Jeff Richard, John Nichols, Walter Watson trainer. Kneeling; Chris Chambers, Dave Lajoie, Dave Abel, Siqurd Winslow, Rich Higgins 120 sitting l.-r.: Diane Moore, Debbie Cahill, kneeling l.-r.: Missy Usher, Cindy Blakeley, Marsha Ide, Allison Smith, Ann Brown, Joellen Harris, standing l.-r.: coach Bob Rice, Karen Gray, E. Beals, Karen Clark, Barb Hogan, Susie Kieth, Lorrie Rapose. Gymnastics Back Row: L to R: Faith Alexander, Dede Oringer, Patti McCrum, Cheryl Pillsbury, Michelle Sutton, Jamie White, Kathy Brown. Kneeling; L to R: Ronnie Watkins, Jean Coombs, Lynn Collins, Pam Ellis, Cindy Behrer, Ross Johnson. Front Row: L to R.: Dorothy Behrer, Mrs. Campbell, Cheryl Deane (not in picture) Elaine Peluso, Debbie Seaverns, Wendy White. The Gymnastic Club started practice in mid-December. The many enthusiastic members worked hard during the next two months of practice and learned many new skills. In mid-February there were tryouts for the Gymnastic Team and everybody made it. The team hopes to compete in a meet for Eastern Mass. High Schools and the district meetforthe New England Gymnastic competition. All of the members of the team would like to thank our coach, Mrs. Campbell, for giving us help, encouragement and many hours of her time. 121 122 Guess Who? (Turn page for answers.) " Patrons Mr. and Mrs. Paul M. White Mr. and Mrs. David A. Gilmore Mr. and Mrs. Willis Clark Mr. and Mrs. Bernard W. Richardson Mr. and Mrs. Leo Cummings Mrs. Eleanor Schmidt Mr. and Mrs. Kenelm Collins Mr. and Mrs. James Hunter Mrs. Paula Venturi Mrs. Jean Condito Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. L. Higgins Brewster Hardware Vinny 2 Mr. and Mrs. William Bayerle Mr. and Mrs. Lester F. Langhans, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Klingenstein Mr. and Mrs. Herbert L. Fuller Mr. and Mrs. George Staib Mr. and Mrs. Jack Austin Mr. and Mrs. Reg Higgins Mr. and Mrs. Charles N. Deane Mr. and Mrs. Henry A. Alexander Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Currie Mrs. Virginia Emerson Mr. and Mrs. Alvin H. Behrer, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. David Gessford Mr. and Mrs. Elmer M. Costa Mr. and Mrs. David A. Gates Mr. and Mrs. Jack Donahue Mr. and Mrs. William E. Heyd Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Anderson Gems by Stacey Bob Rice Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Bresnahan Mr. Clifford C. O ' Connor Mr. and Mrs. James Demetri Mrs. Janet Palmer Mr. and Mrs. Frank Daly Mrs. Mary Berrie Mr. and Mrs. David M. Laning Mr. and Mrs. Walter T. Campbell Miss Rita Mousseau Mr. and Mrs. Clarence H. Strack Mrs. Kathleen Fackler Mr. Paul T. Chamberlin Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Wilkinson Gonger and Bob Erickson Mr. and Mrs. Paul B. Edwards Norma and Ed Simon Mr. and Mrs. Jim Scanlon f i ' I W ■, vaBr «HBk3BB| JSR Mr. and Mrs. John M. Gray Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Anderson Professional Patrons William Whitelaw M.D., River Road, Orleans Ralph D. Moyer M.D., Main St., Brewster Robert J. McNutt M.D., West Road, Orleans Richard B. Winslow D.D.S., Breakwater Road, Brewster William Languth M.D., Eldridge Parkway, Orleans Joseph Doyle, Orleans Charles McOuat, D.D.S., Beach Road, E. Orleans I i i Answer to Guess Who Mrs. Gould ' s first grade class at East- ham Elementary, 1962 i i i j I i i i 125 mm Kimberly Anthony " Kim " i Diane Balas Art, volleyball, sewing, getting a good buzz on. 128 Stacy Atwood " Frank " Record collecting and ping pong, member of the Vinny B. Fan club. Office help 3, 4; yearbook 4; school cafe. 3, 4; Drama 4. Favorite saying; " Bald is beautiful. " I, Stacy Atwood, leave my " Bald is beautiful " button to Mr. Daly, all the cafe work to Mrs. Meads and a cake to my number 1 hero, Mr. Walorz. Ralph Bassett Drinking, not working, hunting, fixing MGBGT, ripping off road signs, being a T.W.G., giving people a hard time. I, Ralph Bassett, leave all Ken Collins ' great stories to the next work study class. Compliments of Orleans Pharmacy William Robert Bayerle " Bill " Hoochie, Gasland, the Gasland " attic, " the " Puck, " " Bonging, " making monsters, walking Smokey, driving in Peter’s V. W., Wellfleet, crusties, Triumph 650, coming in last?, going fast, Alice Cooper, last Tull concert, Julie. Track 2; volleyball 2-4. Fa¬ vorite saying; " Buzzzzzt... " I, William Bayerle, leave to go out into the world always laughing. Patricia Bechtol " Trisha " Horses, talking, making people laugh, trying to act. Drama 3, 4; Radio show 3, 4; yearbook 4; Newspaper 4, Chi Rho 4. Favorite saying: " Leave me alone. " I, Patricia Bechtol, leave my loud voice to anyone who can handle it! Dorothy Behrer " Dot " " Dotty " Crafts, taking too long to make up my mind, gymnastics. Mariners, 3rd lunch, stifling Cheryl Deane, playing the piano, sailing. Gymnastics 2, 3, 4; Yearbook 3, 4; A.F.S. 3. Steve Bennett " Ben " D.R., eating, collecting things, walking on the beach. Varsity Soccer 2, 3, 4; Varsity Basket¬ ball 1,2,3, 4; Varsity Baseball 2, 3, 4; Student Council 3, 4; Senior Senate. Favorite saying: " I don ' t know, what do you want to do? " 129 Good Luck from Cape Cod Realty and Building Co., Wellfleet Good Luck from Wellfleet Real Estate, Wellfleet Vicki Anne Blakeley Skiing, camping, traveling; " Remember Rome? " getting the dinner dance off the ground, Right Meg?! ribbons, big eyes, " Thank you, Steve Bennett for Oct. 28, 1972 " sun¬ sets, loving rainy days and Richard!!! Field Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4; cheerleader 2; In dependent Study 4; Pre-Med 4. Favorite saying: " Let ' s play poo !!! " Richard Hudson Koehler " Dick " Sailing, water skiing, scuba diving, motorcycles, Hurri¬ cane Isl. O.B.S., watching sunsets with V.A.B. Band and Orchestra 1, 2, 3, Independent study 4, Pre-Med club 4. Favorite saying: " Let ' s play pooll " Chip Benton Hustling, peddling. Camels, women. Rambler, sleeping, T.W.G.B.E., flying Jocks, skin, picking on Elroy Brownspot, Buzzz, bonging, Last Tull concert, Alice Cooper. Football 1, 2; track 1,2,3, intramural volleyball 4. Favorite saying: " Allow me to assist you, I have a roach clip. " I, Chip Benton, leave this school one skidmark and a lot of roaches. 130 Patricia Ann Blakeley " Blake " " Patty " Rehearsals, rehearsals, rehearsals. Putting down J.K. Going on " field assignments " with W.T. and J.B. Foodacholic, fourth period revela¬ tions, Harvey, Playboy Club, Jake Wirths. Unique field trips. Drama rah-rah. Drama 1,2,3, 4; Radio 2, 3, 4; F.T.A. 2; Newspaper 4. Favorite sayings: " Fume away! " " Well, woof my cookies! " I, Patricia Ann Blakeley, leave to Mrs. Emerson one bomb (in working order) to be thrown at the 18 pitching machines, the 27 styles of team uniforms, and at all the Jacks and Gingers in the gym. Compliments of Nauset Beach-Side Motel, Beach Road, East Orleans Best Wishes from the Southfleet Motor Inn and Restaurant, Rte 6, South Wellfleet Arlene Marie Bronsdon " LeeLee " “Little Farmer " Hossback riding, Yankee Clipper, talking to little purple people, walking in the dark, being a farmer, talking funny, full moons, being lazy. Club Culture 1, Class Play 3, Newspaper 3, 4; Yearbook 4. Favorite saying: “Go dry up someplace! " (Yankee Clipper died January 14, 1974.) Stacey Liam Bowen " Stu“ " Rocky " Lapidary, silversmithing, sailing, underwater long dis¬ tance swimming, listening to Jim Croce, member of the Vinny B. Fan Club, making jewelry, doing craftsman shows and sales, making money. Favorite saying: " Diet watchers Right On! " I, Stacey Bowen, leave my ex 57 pounds of fat to Katie " the Mouth " Hansen. Karen Pye Art, dancing, music. Orchestra 3, cross country 3, Drama 4. Favorite saying: . . . you do not belong to you. You belong to the universe. The significance of you will forever remain obscure to you . . . " Buckminster Fuller. David Blood Music, art, Drama 4. I I 131 Good Luck from the Cloth Cottage, Rte 6A, Orleans Congratulations to the Class of ' 74, Cove Motel and Grille, Rte 28, Orleans Alexander Brown " Alex " Motorcycles, Corvairs. Favorite saying: " Right now " I, Alex Brown, leave my cars to Mr. Ken Collins. Bobby Brown Just being cool, track 1, basketball 1,2,3; football 2, 3, 4; soccer 2, 3. Favorite saying " Hang loose. " Cindi Brownville " Twino " Photography, the " Monte, " parties, J.J.M.M.I., the beach, being obnoxious, tennis, " jocks " , lolli-pops, always asking Linda. F.N.A., Newspaper, Yearbook, Radio show, Club Culture. Favor¬ ite saying; " Oh, what a jerk! " " Hang it up! " Thomas Cahill " Tom " Photography, hating Nauset, Gemini, Boston, Rundgren, Ciro and Sal ' s. Band 1, 2, Yearbook 4, Senior Senate, Drama 4, Alternative Education 4. 132 Good Luck from Cape Cod Ready Mix, Orleans Good Luck from David H. Bessan, Main Street, East Orleans Debbie Carpenter " Schmuckee " R.I., Cora Corvair, Stop and Shop, dropping names, skipping current history, hiccup¬ ping, penguins, being rowdy, Schmuck, Bianchies. Newspaper 4, Y ear book 4, photography 4, Auto Mechanics 4 Club Culture 1,2, 3, 4, Silversmithing 4. Favorite sayings: " I don ' t want to talk about it. " " Mongaloid " " gonzo " |, Debbie Carpenter, leave my name to Mr. O ' Brien to drop whenever he wants. Rex Christian Guitar, Marksmanship, Skindiving, Spear Fishing, Drag Racing, Oval Track Racing, Bowling. A.V. 1,2, 4. Soccer 1, Baseball 2, C.Y.O. Basketball 4, W. Study 3, Mass. Bowling Assoc. 2, 3, 4, Gymnastics 2, 3, Wrestling 1, 2, American Rod Gun 3, 4, Mass. Racing Assoc. 3, 4, American Motorcycle Assoc. 2, 3, 4, Chatham Dune Buggy Assoc. 3, 4. Janice Campbell " Big MaMa " bikeriding, ski-dooing in winter, G.W. School store 4. Favorite saying: " What a dummy! " I, Janice Campbell, leave to the school store my good humor. Roderick Cameron going to the coffee shop 3rd period every day. Drama 4, Techni¬ cal advisorto Donkey Basketball game. Favorite saying: " Oh no, I work today. " I, Roderick Cameron, leave Mike a ten year contract with Stop and Shop. 133 Congratulations to the Class of 74, Hubbard Paint Supply Co., Rte 6A, Orleans Luck and Prosperity to the Class of 74, Cheese Corner, Rte 6A, Orleans Michelle Costa " Missy " Art, skiing, sailing, macrame, R.H.H.A., " Pete ' s Buin " , Snoopy and Woodstock, V.I., summer of 72, strawberry incense, the booth, greentent nuts, P-town dunes, J. Geils, S.E.A. Class treasurer 2, senate treasurer 4, cross country 3, track 2, 3, 4, co-capt. 4, yearbook 4, majo¬ rettes 1,2, 3, 4. Favorite sayings: " two baby " " yoooooo " " What ' s a B_? " " HUH? " Keith Clark " 3 " Hockey, last nights at camp, February vacation 73, " Bouncy, " soccer 1-4, basketball 1-4, baseball 1-3, tak¬ ing it easy 1-4. Favorite saying: " Yeah I ' m prouc oi being a jock. " I, Keith Clark, leave my hair to Jack Donahue. Steven Coombs " Steve " Yearbook 4, Newspaper 3, 4, Chi Rho 3, 4, Drama 3, 4, Radio show 4, Gym 1, 2, 3, 4, Sea n ' Sand 4. Favorite saying: " I have to go to guidance! Really! and I feel so juvenile. " Compliments from Estes Auto Supply, Rte 6A, Orleans Good luck from the Mainstay Motor Inn, South Wellfleet Barbara Cumiskey “Barb " " Mom " Water skiing, sewing, tennis, " my little green Porsche, " the " No, " the Beach Boys, teaching swimming lessons out of the oodness of my heart, walking like a penguin. Field Hockey 1, , 3, 4, Softball 1, 2, Field Hockey tri captain. All Star field hockey, yearbook 4. Favorite saying: " Go brush your teeth. " I, Barb Cumiskey, will to Rod Oringer, my parents, and to " Flash " my women ' s lib manual. Cheryl Deane " Dino " Rainbow, gymnastics, bowling with Dorothy, being captious, tennis, softball, track, injuring myself and trying to get over being stupid, making people laugh, my V.W., piano, driving, trying to find myself, the beach, " Our Gang, " 3rd lunch. Gymnastics club 1, 2, 3, 4, West Side Story 1, Chorus 1, 4, Cape Cod Music Festival 1, Yearbook 4. Favorite saying: " You ' ll get over it. " I, Cheryl Deane, leave all my pulled muscles, sprained ankles, shin splints and all my other injuries from gymnastics to Elaine Peluso. Mary Jo Currie " Dick " Silversmithing, talking on the Phone, bugging teachers, cocoa, bowling, night tours, softball mgr. 1, Club Culture 1, 2, 3, F.T.A. 2, 3, A.F.S. 3, yearbook 3,4, newspaper 3,4, Newspaper 4, Pre- Med 4. I, Mary Jo Currie, leave to Brenda Pettengill my Greek hat, to keep her warm at the bus stop. Sheila Crosby " She-She " Being with Jimmy a lot, going on grapefruit and egg diets, Oct. 17, Mama Leone ' s- Andre- the bottle! Being mistaken for Sandy, not going to parties anymore, hard to get along with, the pharmacy! Softball 2, Basketball 2, Majorettes 1,2,3, 4, Pre-med 3, Honor society 1. Favor¬ ite saying: " For God sakes, don ' t be ridiculous! " I, Sheila Crosby, leave thanking the O ' Connors for the night of October 8, 1972. Best of luck to the Class of ' 74, South Orleans General Store, Rte 28 South Orleans Compliments of Cove Liquors, Cove Road, Orleans 255-2812 Randy Ellison Callin ' Dan Davis a Portugee, Hoochie, Alice Cooper, Drinkin ' , driving pump cars, Last Tull concert, been blown out at parties, Wei If leet, T.W.G. Band 3. Favorite saying: " Ralph, got a beer? " Walter Dutra " Wally " A.V., Band, film festival. Favorite saying: " What can I say? " Debora Dunshee " Joe " Reading, writing, bicycling, talking on the telephone to B.M. Favorite saying: " Love makes the world go ' round. " I, Debora Dunshee, leave my sister, Melinda, all the joys of four more years of school. Billy Edwards Boat making, bugging Ed Brookshire about his head, getting hit by Dana ' s slap¬ shot! Student Council 2, stu¬ dent curriculum committee 3,4, Drama 3,4, Music Man, Ha rvey,Xrack 2,3,4, Hockey 3, 4, captain 4. Favorite say¬ ing: " Them ' s the breaks, " " Blonds have more fun. " I, Billy Edwards, leave my last year ' s " Batton " to Mr. Bakker and four free passes for heart massages to next year ' s hockey team. 136 Good Luck from Old Fashioned Candy Store, Main Street, Orleans Fudge — Penny Candy — Hand-Dipped Chocolates — Ice Cream Shop Cornelia Elizabeth Emond " Neal " Talking, reading, taking trips to Hyannis with Sandy and Pam, not beingasdumb as Sheree, helping Rod " fix " the Christmas tree, trying to P.D.R., having someone else read the signs, being older than Lynn, going to the dentist at least twice a week. Field hockey 1,2,3,4, Basketball 2, F.T.A. 1,2,3,4, yearbook 1,2. Favorite saying: " Will you come with me? " " I have to so I can fit everything in. " I, Neal Edmond, leave Mike Nolin my sneakers, hoping Miss Chako doesn ' t find out; and Mr. Rice my T.V. so he can watch Monday night at the movies. Anne Estrada " Annie " Waterskiing, crocheting, writing, quitting. Newspaper 4, Music Man, yearbook 4, Independent study. Favorite saying: " How sad! " I, Anne Estrada, leave gym to those who hate it. Rebecca Fadely " Becky " Piano, voice, art work. NJHS 1, drama 1,3, 4, Highlanders 3, 4, choir 1,3, 4, (accom. 4), Melloteens (a ' capella concert choir) 2, Patterns 2, German-Ameri- can Music Seminar 2, Frankfurt, Berlin, Wiesbaden Music Festival 2, Texas Regional Choir 3, Cape Cod Festival choir 4, church choirs accomp. P.V.O.C., Sunday school teacher, Rainbow, (Hawaii and Germany), PWA, PGF. Favorite saying: " How do? " Lucy Lincoln Elmer " Lu " " Lucybelle " " Gestetnar, " shorthand, the office, sewing, horseback riding, silversmithing, swimming. Chorus 4, Independent study 4, office Internship 4. Favorite say¬ ing: " Thank you, Jesus! " I, Lucy Elmer, leave Nauset, praying that others too, will find the real life in living for Jesus Christ. 137 Best Wishes from Gould Real Estate, Main Street, East Orleans Peter Fates Pizza with Connie! living. Soccer 1, 3, 4, Hockey 3, 4, track 1, 2, 3, 4. Favorite saying: “Pounded out?! " I, Peter Fates, leave Line some B.B. stew! Becky Gardner " Rebecca " My Siamese cat, Cheche, writing stories, listening to Jesse Colin Young, reading, being alone, the dark, a certain friend (TWM), tennis football, Spanish, Pre-med 3, F.N.A. 4, Spanish award 3. Favorite saying: " My name is not Rebecca. " I, Becky Gardner, leave my nickname Rebecca to Mr. Daly. Sheree Lynn Gage " Sherif " Sports, sleeping, mice, being sick, DD B, being gullible, the beach, thinking, BKD. field hockey 1,2, 3, 4, basket¬ ball 1,2, 3, 4, softball 1,2, 3, 4, yearbook 3, 4, band and orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4. Favorite saying: " All right you guys, cut it out! " I, Sheree Gage, leave one little mouse to scare Wendy Underhill and to help find her moose. Jane Gaynor " Gumby " Sewing, knitting, writing, house-hold work, Jim., daydreaming, walks on beaches, groovin ' on the tides, sun¬ shine. Favorite saying: " Come on, huh! " I, Jane Gaynor, leave all my hairs disre¬ garded to the janitors. James Richardson Photography, thinking, skiing, tennis, anything else. Favorite saying: " Great! " Good Luck from Beth Bishop, Route 28, Orleans Compliments of the Gotland Horse, Route 28, Orleans Michele Gove " Mishie " " Munchkin " Confusing people, tripping overthe cracks of the sidewalk, and spacing things out. Art 1, sleeping in geometry 2, 3, Drama 3, 4. Favorite saying: " Sorry I ' m late, but I got caught in a snow drift and didn ' t have a shovel. " I, Michele, leave my snow shovel to Laurie Waite. Margaret Elizabeth Gilmore " Meg " " Megster " Tennis, bicycling, music, yelling, socks, hockey, jogging, " cu¬ bes, " braces, dogs, Mayo ' s, the Griffith ' s. Field Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4, tennis 2, 3, 4, softball 1, yearbook 4, Girls State alternate 3, domestic exchange student 3, student council treasurer 4. Fa¬ vorite saying: " Hi you guys. " " Did your banana leak? " I, Meg Gilmore, leave Mr. Milbier one low-cal cheez-curl and Mr. Rice one cramp in his ear lobe. Pamela Gill " Siam " K.A., the Barn, skipping through the cafeteria, Nauset s Betty Crocker, jumping in trash cans falling up stairs, Livingston ' s, " Bessie, " ' neakers, B.A. N.B., my organ, Home-Ec. F T.A. 2, 3, 4, yearbook 4, Student Council 4, softball manager 2. Favorite saying: " What are you gonna do, shoot the swans? " I, Pamela Gill, leave Nauset still " waiting. " Katherine Allen Gray " Kate " " Katie " Tennis, photography, music, pinches, looking for cuties, being mistaken for Dianne, Dracula. Tennis 2, 3, 4, cross country 3, student council 2, 3, 4, representative to Regional Advisory Council 4, yearbook 3, 4, Independent Study 4. 139 Compliments of H.H. Snow and Sons, Orleans Francesca Guyer " Fran " Peter, horses, silversmithing, writing. Student Council Secretary 3, 4, Newspa¬ per 4, Radio Script class 4, Drama 3, 4. Favorite saying: " What? " Peter Hart " Pete " Sailing, skiing, piano, S.O.G.S., going to the coffee shop 3rd period everyday. Drama 3, 4, Technical advisor for Donkeyball game, and sundry other activi¬ ties. Favorite saying: " Ask my secretary. " I, Peter Hart, leave to Barbara my neck. Peter W. Harper " Pete " Silversmithing, cars. Debate club. Favorite saying: " Far out. " Jan Harding " Vin " Bottle collecting, motorcycling, member of the Vinny B. Fan club. Drama 3, 4, yearbook 4. Favorite saying: " Oh cuss " I, Jan Harding, leave one container of boysenberry yogurt to Mr. Bresnahan for his next diet spree. 140 Compliments of Livingston ' s Pharmacy Inc., Orleans Linda Diane Heyd " Heidi " or " Hyde " Rowena’s, walking the beach, full moons, parties, writing poetry, being ticklish, laughing, hiccups, being rowdy, going to Chatham with Leslie, being known as " one of the Chatham girls,” sewing, swimming, " Pisces, " " guinnie-goose " , hairdressing. Majorette 1, 2, 3, 4, cheerleader 3, 4, cap¬ tain 4, Assembly comm. 2, 4, Student Gov ' t 2, Senior Senate, Prom committee. Home Ec award 3, DAR Good Citizenship Award. Favorite saying: " I couldn ' t believe it! " I, Linda Diane Heyd, leave my love for Nau- set, hoping that others will enjoy the great times that I have had. I leave my school spirit and ambition to those who support their teams and cheer them on to success and victory. JoAnn Healy " Jo " Bike-riding, sewing, surfing. Favorite saying: " It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye. " Peter Higgins Motorcycles. Julia Higgins " Julie " " Julius " Cartwheeling, sunfish diving, jogging when I feel fat, art, biking, inter¬ changeable M ' s, Debussy, Thanksgiving swim dare at Nauset. Track 2, 3, 4, cross country 3, gymnastics 3, Assembly comm. 3, Pre-Med 4, yearbook 3, 4, getting along without French 4. Compliment ' s of H.T. Crocker Ins. Agency, Cove Rd., Orleans Daniel Ulrik Holbrook " Dan " Buzzin with B.B., pinches, climbing trees and screaming, getn ' blown out with Blam, my dog O ' Keefe, going fast in the Mighty Toyota, wheezing, begging money, vol¬ leyball, flunking English . I, NO, I DO NOT WORK AT HOJO ' S, Gasland attic, doin ' it in the dirt, hoochie, being cynical, giving everybody a hard time, being an anachro- nist, bhanging. Fresh 1, Soph 2, Jr-3, Sr 4, student council 2, 3, 4, student council Pres. 4, class pres. 1, stage manager 4, intramural volleyball 2, 4. Favorite saying: passing high school is merely the ability to make the trivial seem critical. I, Daniel Holbrook, being of sound body and computer-like mind, leave Nauset not having been " prepared for life” and feeling used for 12 years. Furthermore, I leave hoping to survive on my own, no thanks to you guys. Dianne Holbrook " Di " Looking for cuties with Karen and Kate, swimming, rid¬ ing Buttercup, procrastinating, " Besse " looking at waves. Field Hockey 1, basketball 2, tennis 2, Jr. class treasurer 3, student council and Exec board 4, yearbook 3, 4, yearbook editor 4, Senior Senate chairman 4, Inde¬ pendent Study 4, Pre-Med club 3, representative to state Student Government Day. Favorite saying: " Don ' t be such a poopie. " Rebecca Jones Dan Seligmann, silversmithing, bread baking, pottery, macrame, sand candles, avocado plants, fast¬ ing, sound systems. White Slick, purple, Gurdjieff, piano, Mott, vegetarian nutrition, sewing, Deep Purple, mother nature. Student Council 2, 3, 4, Activity Nights, school beautification. Advisory Board to school committee. Port Washington N Y. 142 Martha Kerwin " Flash " Tennis, dancing, skating, being late for anything, throw¬ ing a football on the beach, music, painting and drawing, explaining the do ' s and don ' t ' s about feet. Orchestra 2, softball 2, basketball 2, tennis 2, 3, 4, capt. 4, Student council 4, class secretary 3, FTA 2, Radio Script. Favorite saying: " No, seriously. " I, Martha Kerwin, leave Flash my tennis skirt. Best Wishes to the Class of 1974 from Backus and Soule, Orleans Best of Luck from Cape Cod Photos, Main Street, Orleans Susan Lajoie “Sue " " SL-90 " Beach, swimming, skiing, sewing, cooking, music, getting grossed out, convertibles, parties at any hour, talking my way out of things, N.B. with N.D., going away! outdoors, T.V. Field Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3,4, Softball 1,2,3,4, Band 1,2,3, 4, orchestra 1,2,3,4, Student Council 3, yearbook 3, 4, All Star 4, statistician 1,2, 3. Favorite sayings: " Gross! " " It ' s cool. " " Give happiness to you alone and then share yourself. " I, Sue Lajoie, leave this school today, remembering yesterday, and looking forward to tomorrow. Patricia Langley " Pat " Reading, painting, listening to music, walking, sunsets, thunder storms, Spanish, watching movies on T.V., sewing, skating, gymnastics. Drama 3, Mariners 3, 4. Favorite saying: " It ' s the same difference. " Fred LaPiana Hunting, fishing, camping, freezing my butt off in the bay. Track, gun club, cross country. I, Fred Lapiana, leave Ann H„ unfortunately. Christine Lohan " Chris " S.E.S. III! Mama Leone ' s, the bottle, Andre!!!!, the " No, " Motorcycle Mama, N.H., Rock Harbor, silversmithing, " Mary-Chris-Smith " , the van. Broom Hockey 3, Assembly Comm. 4, yearbook 4, FTA 2. Favorite saying: " Oh No! " I, Chris Lohan leave Dwayne Dewitt my " strawberry " and Phillip Peter¬ son a Big " OH NO! " 143 Good Luck from Paine ' s Garage, Wellfleet Julie Maher " Jewel " Horseback riding, gymnastics, cooking, writing, talking, goofing on people, " Art " Chorus 1,2, Cape Cod Music Festival 1, 2, Southeast Music Festival 2, gymnastics club 3. Favorite sayings: " What else can I say? " " Hey dummy, what ' cha doin ' ? " I, Julie Maher, leave, in order to lead a better and happier life. Kim Mangini " Bouncy " Mama Leone ' s, the bottle, VW ' s, Timba, five in a Ghia, the Barn, Pretty eyes? my family, the pink panther, lilac and Feb. vacation, Daniel. Drama 4. Favorite sayings: " What cha doing guys? " " Ah na come on! " " No? " I, Kim Mangini, leave Timmy Gainey all my home runs in softball. Ronald King " Ronnie " " Kingal " A.V., Favorite saying: " You clown. " 144 Compliments of the Downs Insurance Agency Inc., Wei If leet Edward Joseph McPartland III " Tessie " " Mr. McFay " " Sir Edward to you. " Running for my health, running for my life, running for my head, being a full-time jock and part-time head, never getting to school on time, wanting to shave but never getting around to it, beating up on Peter Higgins. Track 2, 3, 4, Cross Country 3, 4, Debate 3, 4, Gymnastics 3, 4, Volleyball 4. Favorite saying: " Next to myself, I like BVD best. " Best Wishes from Compass Rose Book Shop, Orleans Photography, silver, outdoors, swimming, Jr. Gymnas- Patricia Anne Montgomery " Tricia " ties. Favorite saying: You know!?!? Sleeping, working, skating, watching my soap operas, being a sinner, playing a martyr, being rowdy in Mr. O ' Connor ' s class, my name is TRICIA not Pat!!! Brewster Exxon, watching Jennifer try to play volleyball. FTA 1, school store 4. Favorite saying: That s weird. ' Betsy Mitman " Bets " Sewing, cooking, playing the piano, working with kids, horseback riding, traveling, puppies. Chorus 4, Flome Ec award 2, Independent Study 4. Favorite saying: " Praise the Lord! " I, Betsy Mitman, leave Meg Gilmore my creamed onions. Mina Miller " Major Minor " Skiing, silver and leather, Orleans movies, laughing with W,S,J,B,P,C,T,S,K,B,E,D, getting worried about Marka in Boston, 8 sunrises in one hour, drawing the sun. Drama 1, 2, senior senate. Favorite sayings: " Flow queer! " " You mo¬ ron " " I gonna whale on yourface in one minute " " wakadoo " " What a balky! " " I gotta pay attention " " What will? " Best of Luck from Cape Trade Winds, Orleans Best Wishes from Sears Roebuck and Company, Orleans 145 Scott Newcomb " Shark " Smoking, drinking, sitting on the park bench, raising hell with Aubrey and Gene. Varsity soccer 1, 2, 3, 4, All Cape 3, All Star 3, All Eastern 3, Varsity basketball 1, 2, 3, All Star 2, All Cape 2, varsity baseball 2, track 3. Favorite saying: " Got a cigarette? " I, Scott Newcomb, leave my dirty uniform to Leo Miller. Arthur George Nichols " Arty " Skating, tennis, golf, basketball, different sports, drums, girl watching, listening to records, band 1, 2, 3, 4, hockey 3, 4. Favorite saying: " Always put off until tomorrow that which you can do today. " 146 Allen Richard Nickerson " Big Al " Hunting, fishing, seascouts, sailing, procrastinating, bowl¬ ing. Basketball 1, soccer 1, baseball, Student Council 3, 4, Stud. Council V.P. 4, class vice president 3. Favorite saying: " Get behind the fence, please! " I, Allen Nickerson, leave the coveted limp wrist award to J. B., may he hold it forever. Kathleen Moran " Kathy " " Shrimp " Walking the beach, swimming, camping, crochet¬ ing, square dancing on Friday nights, Ignoring snide remarks in reference to my height! Drama 3, 4, Pre-Med 3, 4, Track 3, 4, Radio Show 4, Year¬ book Staff 4, Music Man. Favorite saying: " I ' m not THAT short! " , " You must be kidding. " Compliments of Nickerson Lumber Company, Main Street, Orleans Sally Nickerson " Snick " Skiing, going to Vermont, playing the piano and the saxophone, water skiing, fishing, driving mysexy Capri. Band 1,2,3,4, Orches¬ tra 2, 3, 4, F.T.A. 4. Favorite saying: " What a riot!” I, Sally Nickerson, leave the school ' s tenor saxophone for the next year ' s sax player to suffer with. Lynn Emily Nickerson " Lynneling " Danny! Horseback riding, sleeping, eating, grossing out Sue Lajoie, sarcasm, being rowdy, never being in class, big mouth, exchanging gross conversations with Tina, N.B., telling teach¬ ers that I ' ll be right back. Being a jock, chewing gum. Field Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Softball 1,2, 3, 4, Band 1,2, 3, 4, Orchestra 1,2, 3, 4, All Star Field Hockey 4. Favorite saying: " Hey, Mr. Hutchings, have you seen Patty? " " I have a music lesson this period. " I, Lynn Nickerson, leave to Mrs. Demetri an executor, to Mr. James my clarinet so that he may return it to the Eastham Ele¬ mentary school, and to Danny, an American flag so that he ' ll be loyal next year. Carol O ' Connor " Camel " " Speedy " Mama Leone ' s, the bottle, 5 in a Ghia, K.A., being alone, the beach, eating, being shy???, my flute, being happy, Friday night, Dana?, the last of the O.T. ' s, parties, putting both feet in my mouth, playing tennis. Field Hockey 1,2,3, 4, Girl ' s Basketball manager 1, Softball 1, 2, 3, 4, Yearbook 3, 4, Sr. Senate, Band 1,2, 3, 4, Statistician 2, 3, 4. Favorite saying: " Are we outa here? Shnopl " I leave Wendy Underhill three microphones and a big, fat elephant, and to Mrs. Demetri, the money from our " sale " , and Mr. Wilkinson Carol ' s book on " How to be a math genius " by Rose N. Berg. Mary Friel O ' Connor " Marv, Waldo " Animals, Nature, poetry, music, being quiet, a certain equestrian, dreaming, the gang, Schmuck, trips to R.I., being alone, musical mints, JJMMI, Mickeydoos, Gre- ecer revival. Photography, art, drama, newspaper, Independent Study. Favorite saying: " A million tomorrows shall all pass away, ere I forget all the joys that were mine today. " I leave my seagull at Nauset Light, hoping someone will continue to feed him lunch everyday. Compliments of Nauset Real Estate, Orleans Center 147 Ellen Peterson " Pete " Org. beach, talking, flirting, Repunzof and the malted shreddies, looking at trees a 1 4 of paint coat away while driving white V.W. ' s., watching the clams squirt, pre¬ sents from a certain MST 2 R Travel!!! FTA 1, Drama 3, 4, Track 1,2, 3, Field Hockey 1, Prom Committee 4. Favorite saying: 911 " Reka, stop shaking hands with the bumper in front of us, you don ' t have to see the molecules mix. " I, Ellen Peterson, leave one bow and one arrow to John Holmberg, our Cupid in disguise and to my brother Philip I leave my graceful art of being a CLUTS! Denise Pickard " Pick " Horseback riding, water skiing, roller skating, ice skating, sewing, giv¬ ing Mr. O ' Connor a hard time, laughing, swimming. Class Sec. 1, School Store 4. Favorite saying: When is the next vacation? I, Denise Pickard, leave Gina my sweaty gym suit. Linda A. Payne Somehow getting stuck lugging big instruments- my cello on and off buses, bass fiddle or bass guitar for Stage band. Drink¬ ing tea and chitchatting, knitting and other handcrafts, running and " Dave”, singing at the top of my lungs when I ' m happy. Track 1,2, Drama 4, West Side Story 1, Music Man 3, Orchestra 1,2, 3, 4, Band 1,2, 3, Stage band 2, 3, Outward Bound School " Rhowniar " , Towyn, Wales 2 Thumbing around England end of 2 Piano at Cape Cod Conservatory 1, 2, 3, 4, Sing and Dance Class 3, Voice 4 at Academy of Performing Arts. Favorite say¬ ing: " Cheerio " ! Richard Penney Yearbook photographer 4. 148 Best Wishes to the Class of ' 74 from The Oracle, Rte. 6A, Orleans listening, being lazy. Curriculum Committee 3, 4, Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, Steven M. Pike " Pike Baby " 3, 4, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball Co-Captain 4. Favorite saying: " I forgot.” Scuba Diving, Acting, Skipping school, motorcy¬ cles, volleyball. Hockey 4, Drama 4, Band 4. I leave Nauset Regional wasted. Sandra Leslie Quinn " Sandy " Peter, being at the beach, horseback riding, being mis¬ taken for Sheila, the organ, Nauset Beach, the Pit, gu ' ari- nu ' s, not talking as fast as Neal, swimming and water skiing, being alone at the cove, loving animals, being with " munchkin”. Honor Society 1, Sr. Senate. Favorite saying: " Oh my God. " I, Sandra Quinn, leave Geoffry Larsen a new breakline for his truck. Matt Reynolds " Commander, " " Moose " Piano, Bass, truck Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 2. 149 Best Wishes from Robinson ' s Five and Ten — Orleans John Richman Swimming, floating, driving around, getting donuts and coffee, eating same, playing funny looking instruments, singing songs to go along, collecting broken bottles, musical hops, tops, and bops, staying out in the rain, optimism. Orch. 1,2, C.C. Music Festival 2, N.E. Music Festival 2, 4, Debate 1, Pre-Med 4, Wellfleet music festival 1, 2, 3, 4. Favorite saying: " Hang loose, if not flaccid. " I, John Richman, leave to the healthy survivors of this school the daunt¬ less ability to pick things up from where they lie; also the suggestion: Loosen up. i. Rita-Marie Riley " Rocky " Going places, talking to people, playing the guitar, sleeping, listening to Jona¬ thon Edwards, ACSBT, writing poems and letters. Student Council l, 2, track 3, yearbook 3, Independent Study 4, Drama 4. I, Rita Riley, leave the sunsets to Linda- to watch for me. rairicia Lynn nice I ricia " " T " Skiing, swimming, " A Whiter Shade of Pale, " five in a Karman Ghia, Valle ' s, driving to Boston, curly hair, battle of the bulge, Vermont, small kids S B, talking through my nose, fibbing to Mr. Obrien, Field Hockey 1,2. Favorite saying: " What are you guys going to do this weekend? " I, Patricia Rice, leave Mrs. Morrison all those lousy Ca Va ' s and to Michelle Sutton, I leave my parking space, and to Laura and Lynn, I leave a free ticket to go-carting. Cheryl Richardson " Cheri " Reading, bicycling, crafts, hiking, swimming, skating, boating, tennis, Mariners and Sea Scouts, E.F.H., Virgin Islands, walking on Nauset Beach, sleeping, sewing, cooking, U.S.C.G.A., year¬ book 2, 3, 4, co-editor 4, AFS 3, track manager 3, Drama 3, George M. refreshments 2. Favorite saying: " When? In all my spare time! " 150 Compliments of Roger ' s Liquor locker — Rt. 6, Wellfleet Congratulations from GiGi ' s Shoe Repair, Cove Rd., Orleans Daniel Rosenberg " Danny " Photography, coin collecting, Varsity Tennis 3, 4, yearbook 3, 4, Independent Study 4. Favorite saying: " I gotta question. " I, Daniel Rosenberg, leave my astounding wit and wisdom to Mr. Bakker. Arthur Rockwell " Stony " Murphy, horseback riding, showing, looking for “good deals " , arguing. Favorite say¬ ing: " How much will you give me for it? " I, Arthur Rockwell, leave Mr. Rice a loaf of Portugese bread, and Pete an old canvas cinch- don ' t let it break! " Judy Scanlon " JJ " " Jude " Jon, being friendly, being spastic with Hoppy and Steve in Drama, arguing, volleyball every term! horseback riding and being absent too often. Drama 3, 4, Chorus 3, 4, Chi-Rho, Vest pocket musicals-Arena Theatre. Favorite sayings: " Boo! " " You Toad " " You rot my socks! " " I don ' t care! " I, Judy Scanlon, leave a ping-pong ball for Chris, basketball for Sigurd, bale of hay to Dell, can of Schlitz to Dave, a cookie to John, Sarah to Frankie, a lion to Carol, a pint to Frannie, an end¬ less argument to Danny, and a forged diploma to Jon- (He ' ll need itl) Wendy Rutherford " Flake 2 " " Boog " Horseback riding, camping, volleyball, football, Bill. Bas¬ ketball 1,2, Volleyball 1,2, Softball 1,2, Chorus 2, Band 1, Marching Band 1, soccer 1, Newspaper 1. Favorite saying: " Boogar, Boog. " I, Wendy Rutherford, leave my bus seat (the only empty one) to Bill. You made itl Congratulations! Head Foot Shop, Main Street, Orleans Compliments of Dorothy Williams Hairdresser, Main Street, Orleans 151 Peggy Silva " Peg " " Pig " Being early and lazy. Favorite saying: " Hang X it. " I, Peggy Silva, leave, leaving Mr. Wilkinson no one but my sister to pursue. Cynthia S. Smith " Cindy " " Cid " Knitting, dancing, acting, singing, writing, and dreaming. FNA 3, Drama 3, 4, Senior class play 2, 3, 4, Newspaper 4, chorus 4. Favorite saying: " Oh, how cute! " I, Cindy Smith, leave with great expectation of the future. 152 Jonathan Simon " Jon " Fishing, camping, mushrooming, woodworking, writing, getting coffee and donuts, mumbling, leaving my books around, diddling with my guitar, making up strange words, " dim lights, thick smoke and loud, loud music. " Chess club 2, 3, Deb ate 2, 3, 4, Pre-Med 3, 4. Favorite saying: " The whole continent is slanted and everything without roots is sliding west. " Deken Schmidt Sailing, walking, reading, doing things differently. Basketball 1, class VP 2, Tennis 2, 3, cross country 3, Student Council 3, 4, Senior Senate 4. Favorite say¬ ing: " Why? " Good Luck Graduates! Hyannis Cooperative Bank, Orleans Diane Smith " Diddle " Skiing, sailing, Lucky shells, bim bim bolo, tennis, Oracle, fishing, camping. Cheering 1-4, curriculum 2-4. Jennifer Smith Kim, trying to play volleyball, lettering, teas¬ ing Trisha, laughing at Corrine, wiring up tail pipes and trying to figure out what ' s wrong with the yellow toy next. Art 1, 2, 3, 4, FTA 2, Chi-Rho 1, 2, 3. Favorite saying: " I forgot. " Jill Sorenson " Jilson " Sewing, knitting, harp, singing, cooking, working with children, traveling, praying for Mr. Bakker. Chorus 1, 4, Cape Cod Music Festival 1. Favorite saying: " Jesus help me! " I, Jill Sorenson, leave Laurie Young with a lot of good memories, hoping she ' ll never FORGET that He is always there! 153 Compliments of Maximus Paperbacks, Main Street, Orleans Good Luck from Krummy Donut, Orleans Patricia Smith " Patty " Business Award 3. I Karen Staib " Olga " Ice skating, swimming, painting, playing my flute, day dreaming, mu¬ sic. Band 1,2,3, 4, Band officer 3, Orchestra 1,2,3,4, Cape Cod Music Festival 3, 4. Favorite saying: " Hey, you guys ... " I, Karen Staib, leave my magic flute to Jane Studley and wish her much luck with her music career. Steven C. Strack " Tex " Working on cars, bowling in Harwich with Jan. I, Steve Strack, will my ability to drive a decent car to Dave Corbett. Tina Tarvers " Travers " Tennis, swimming, water skiing, fibbing to Ed (O ' Brien), exchanging gross conversations with Lynn, not going for enough (Pam?), N.B., parties at 9:00? Basketball 1,2,3,4, softball 2,3,4. Favorite saying: " Guess what? I ' m getting a carl! " Jennifer Taylor " Jen " ART! intense envy of Michelangelo, daydreaming, walking, being an elf, being small, finding humor where it shouldn ' t be, being sarcastic, being depressed and hating to compliment people, never hearing, and being a snob- all at the same time. Dreck 3, 4, yearbook 4. Favorite saying: " Understand ignorance and tolerate stupidity. " The world is yours — take care of it! Bob Andrews Real Estate, Rte 6A Orleans Leighton Taylor Smashing up my car, drinking, being wise, snubbing people. Soccer 1,2, 3, 4, basketball 1, 2, baseball 2, 3, 4. Favorite saying: “shoot it.” I, Leighton Taylor, leave Steve Oliver thirty cases of Strawberry Hill so he can make it through the first week of school. Wayne Taylor " W. T. " " Honk I " ' 62 Chevy truck, Orleans Cinema, Musitronics, truckin through the Boston Combat Zone with J.B., Rodeo donkey riding. Drama 2, 3, 4, Student Council 1, 4, Radio Show, This is the Rill Speaking, Harvey, Morning Announcements. Favorite sayings: " Is there music playing??? " " Don ' t get any on ya! " " Come on pig squeal! " I, W.T., leave J.B. to make up excuses all by himself. Richard Tyng " Rick " Weekends, tennis, waterskiing, last nights of camp, Baseball 1, cross country 2,3, 4, Basketball 1,2,3, 4, Tennis 2, 3, 4, Senior Senate. Sarah Underhill " Foote " All those weekends, being crazy, argumentative, and forever happy in life every day! That ' s important. A lot of time in theatre, Music Man, and always " This is the Rill Speaking. " Favorite saying: " In a sacred manner, I live, to the heavens, I gaze, in a sacred manner, I live, my horses are many ... " I, Sarah Underhill, leave my Raggedy Andy and Jr. to Janet, whereupon I leave my candle to Beth and I leave my Paul Stookey album to Pam. 155 Best Wishes from Nelson ' s Baber Shop — Orleans Beverly Velander " Bev " Scuba diving, dancing jazz, Mark, Drama 4, skiing, swimming, being absent, talking with my hands. Mu¬ sic Man. Favorite saying: " Oh Christ!! " " Control your eyebrows. " I, Beverly Velander, leave a mess for the janitors to clean up. Karen Veit Water skiing, bicycling, looking for cuties, Curriculum Comm. 2, 3, Senior Senate. Favorite saying: " I don ' t want to hear about it. " Jeff Wade " Big boy " Trying to be a Christian, getting together with my real friends in the summer, my Thunderbird, spending time on the beach, sailing. Drama 4, Music Man. M.Y.F. Favorite saying: " Time is money. " Paulette Nadine Vicsik " Frog " Member of the Vinny B. Fan Club, reading about frogs. Drama 4, office help 2, 3, 4, school store 4, majorettes 1, 2, library aid 1, 2, A.V. 4, cafe. 4. Favorite saying: " Hijo de perra kes may dupa fuat ta sa. " I, Paulette Vicsik, leave my sister Teri Macioci and her problems to Mr. Scanlon. Best Wishes to the Class of 74, Orleans Inn, Orleans Compliments of Pelligrino s Gulf, Rte 6, Wellfleet Todd Whitelaw Comic books, crunchy vegetables, sailing, racing, frozen ger- bils, resident skeptic. Class Pres. 2, 3, Student Council Exec. Board 3, Senior Advisor to School Committee, Debate 1, 4. Favorite sayings: " Really, I don ' t want to hear about it. " " I get no respect. " Linda Willis " Lucky Lindy " Sailing, going to Sandwich to see K.H., motorcycling, bicycling, writing po¬ ems. Favorite saying: " What a bummer! " I, Linda Willis, leave the job of opening the bookkeeping room to anyone who wants to " f or Mr. O ' Connor.” Bill Wallace " Willy " Philately, rock collecting, cooking, sleeping, drinking, eating 1,2, 3, 4. Favor¬ ite saying: " Cheers! " Kellie Ann Walker Walking the beach with my dog, listening to John Denver, reading Brautigan, laughing with Carlos, running in the rain, being gullible, and forever looking for complete solitude. Yearbook 1, Student Council 2, Drama 2, 3, class V.P. 3, FTA 3. Favorite saying: " You ' re kidding me!! ' ' I, Kellie Walker, leave the Class of ' 75 the best of luck. 157 Peter Woods Cross country 2, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4. Laurie A. Young " Jock " Sailing, skiing, learning how to pray, camping, giving Jill a hard time! Chorus 4, Field hockey 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 4, Soft- ball 1, 2, 3, 4, Student Council 1. Favorite saying: " OH no . . . Jesus help me!!! " I, Laurie Young, leave my Monday morning rowdiness in gym class to Vicki Elmer! William Yonce " Bill " Restoring old cars, trying to play guitar. Jack Daniels, Jose Gold, working, spending all my money L ' and -Ho, 5 grand last year and nothing to show, the Glen, Dead concerts, Donut Shack fourth period, messing up fruitfly cultures. Pamela Dinger " Pam " Sculpting, dancing, effervescing, Boston, Chi-Rho, psy¬ chology, Drama 3, 4, Radio Show 4, Dreck 3, Editor 4, yearbook 3, 4, Independent Study 4. Favorite saying: " Do foolish things, but do them with enthusiasm! " 158 Lynne Dunham Driving, partying, the beach, leaving the Cape in the winter. Student Council 1, 2, 3, 4, Handbook Comm. 2. Favorite saying: “What can I say? " I, Lynne Dunham, leave my name to Mr. O ' Brien to drop whenever he ' s gonzo. Thelma Blakeley Painting, embroidery, liking the Cape, especially Wei If leet, Solomon. FTA 2. Favorite sayings: " Really " " No S.O.B. in the world has the right to make you feel bad. " " So what! " I, Thelma Blakeley, leave for the West Coast. Charles Chilson " Charlie " Volleyball, floor hockey, Brownie club, thinking quiet, work is a dirty word, staying loose. Soccer 1-4, basketball 1, mgr. 2, Drama 1-4, Pre-Med 4. Favorite saying: " Love. " Doug Coe Pool, P.O. ' d, TRGR, ALG I. Favorite saying: " Grigas is bogus, therefore. " Jeffrey Day Work study. Favorite saying: " Now what! " I, Jeff Day, leave my parking spot in back of the shop to anyone daring to use it. William Ellis " Billy " Cars, motors, boats. Favorite saying: " Ahhh yup. " Glenn Higgins " Hig " Bowling, hockey and soccer jock. Favorite say¬ ing: " Imagine that. " Marilee Francis " Mair " " Mai " " snob " Horseback riding, cooking, sleeping, knitting, talking, G.B., I.P. Favorite saying: " Get lost, I ' ll touch you. " I, Marilee Francis, leave the report cards for the next lucky person to type. David S. Tulloch Silversmithing, pottery, photography, sailing. Fa¬ vorite saying: " What? " Ulrike Gebhard " Reka " " Crash " Horsebackriding, the Vineyard, MST3 J.M.R.G., watching the clams squirt, beach, clouds, malted shreddy, Repunzov. Basketball, Field hockey 1, Track and field 1, 2. Favorite sayings: " 911 " " How does it feel to be graceful? " " 1 8 of a paint coat. " I, Ulrike Gebhard, leave Philip Peterson one danc¬ ing lesson, a BIG kiss, and one of my licenses. Have fun, Phil!!! Lynne Wilcox Peter, playing pool at the Sheraton. I, Lynne Wilcox, leave with a sigh of relief. James Willis Hunting. Favorite saying: " Kiss off, snake. " I, James Willis, leave Vinny B. the whole Nauset zoo, and Ken Collins the Volkswagen parts. Stephen E.R. Pacino " Schmuck " " Waldo " " Pa- chino " " J.J.M.M.I. " , A.A. meetings, being sarcastic, sil¬ versmithing, bowling, High noon club 2, 3, 4, Brownies 2, 3, 4, Newspaper 3. Favorite saying: " It all started when Rosann went to college. " Patricia Anne Doyle " Patty " Parties!!! leaving the Cape and try¬ ing not to be a townie, Dylan, being with my friends, ACSBT, summer! Track 3, 4, yearbook 3. Favorite saying: " What ' s your problem? " Marcia Dickey Drama 4, Yearbook 4. Catching up with the seniors, drawing, horsebackriding, walking the beach.

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