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Nauset Regional High School - Nauset Tides Yearbook (North Eastham, MA) online yearbook collection, 1973 Edition, Cover

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sm 30809000203073 injnjgnn ' . i f k i 4 ' f ) ! 1 ' ■ l • Vj Jvwi r . • 4- k v ’■ : • ' : r i ■ - . , - ■ : ; , Charles Melcher NAUSET TIDES 1973 Nauset Regional High School North Eastham, Massachusetts y CO CD (Y) C J LO O O u_ O LU _I 00 ' ! v u 2 c I? O = C o -S § « ■o w C ( ) 03 03 (T3 ° o Q. D N C 03 DO CM Sports ... 62 Specials and Activities ... 82 Seniors ... 88 It Was A Year Of Firsts... Fall brought the most obvious “first” — a full year in our new school. Nausets sports teams finished in first place . . . 4 - —- - ■ 1 i . . . nrvrr ’••:••• • ' " . Then there were the less obvious firsts . . . James Owens First place in field hockey . . . Cape Cod Soccer champs . . . first team to reach State semi-finals . . . first girls on the Cross Country team . . . best Cross Country team in Nauset’s history . . . combined 32 undefeated games in Soccer, Field Hockey and Cross Country . . . first Ice Hockey team . . . and all the firsts yet to come. 5 i 6 SOPHOMORES .. . First class advisory board ... a Sophomore-run concert. JUNIORS . . . First dinner-dance in years . . . first intra-school activity nights . . . class of All-Stars . . . s ORGANIZATIONS . . . first student advisory board to school committee . . . innovations in class government . . . first Nauset AFS “American Abroad” . . . first Argentinian exchange student . . . fresh, colorful yearbook ideas . . . ■PMH3BI 10 11 ACTIVITIES . . . First radio script class . . . our original Paul Fegan . . . first trip to Russia . . . first chess tournament . . . championship Faculty-Senior volleyball competition. 12 13 14 First Fulbright Teacher Exchange — Nauset to Ardingly, Ardingly to Nauset . . . First Barnstable County Teachers’ Convention at Nauset . . . student curriculum committees . . . new elective program in science and social studies . . . improved English and gym electives . . . first open (almost) smoking area. 15 A NEW BEGINNING We began so very young — , We stood so small, in a world of daily development We stumbled now and then, Skinning knees and Picking ourselves up in the face of defeat. We awed and saddened our parents With our gradual and steady growth. We always dreamed of reaching the brightest star — An ideal idea — yet so important to our lives And here we are again — Young, yet nearly grown, Unsure, yet eager. Ready to start in a much larger world — Ready to make another beginning. ' ■V Ws... A ; Joanne Hart ' v» • X.l- : FACULTY Charles Melchen 17 Vincent Bresnahan; Holy Cross, University of Mass., University of Conn. B.A., M.A..C.A.G.S. ' r a ■ w _ i HPPBiiBFik • a M ' — ' Jjg- a V3 1 ( -I Dr. Knute Larson; Columbia University, Clark School Committee members: David Crary, Robert Robes, Edmond Abel, Paul Deschamps, Earl Dun- University Ed., A.B., M.A. ham, .Marcia Nickerson, Charles Silva, Francis King, Richmond Bell, Robert Drummond Good luck in the future from Bicycle Revival, Orleans Shopping Plaza. Compliments from Estes Auto Supply, Rt. 6A, Orleans, Mass. Andrew Kalinick; Director of Guidance; University of Mass., Clark University; B.A. and M.A. Ed. Sumner Campbell; Director of Guidance, Driver Education; Suffolk University, Bridgewater State; A.B. and M.A. Sharon Klenk; Guidance Secretary Janet J. Palmer; Stenography I and II, Typing I and II, Business Law; Bryant College, Columbia University; B.S. and M.A. Clifford C. O’Connor; Bookkeep¬ ing, Office Practice, General Busi¬ ness, Personal Typing; Cape Cod Community College, Salem State College; A.A. and B.S. jJP Il ,i uimr.nH ' Ji Ann Meads; Secretary-Clerk Jean Condito; Librarian; Boston University; B.S. and M.Ed. Susan Burns; Faculty Secretary Meredith Calder; Library Aide. Suzanne Moulton; Nurse. 19 Good luck from the Mainstay Motor Inn, South Wellfleet, Mass. Best wishes from Town Crier Motel, Rte. 6, Eastham, Mass. ■■ Edward F. O’Brien; Physics, Earth Science; Boston College, Boston State College; B.S., M.Ed. Herbert F. Pettengill; Chemistry, Earth Joyce P. Roche; Biology; Chestnut Hill Science; University of Maine, Brown College; A.B. University; B.S., M.A.T. David W. Gessford; Earth Science; Michigan State University, Cornell University; M.S., B.S., Ph.D. Paul T. Chamberlin; Biology, Chemistry; Val¬ paraiso University, Ball State University; B.A., M.A. David A. Gates; Biology; Stonehill College, Bridgewater State, University of Hawaii, Sim¬ mons College; B.S., M.Ed., M.S. Marine Biol¬ ogy, M.S. Physiology The Lunch Bunch Bertha Meads, Manager Lucy Lang Nancy Murray Marie McWilliams Andrea Stubbs Congratulations, Eastham Lobster Pool — Rt. 6, Eastham, Mass. Good Luck, Hillside Restaurant — Eastham, Mass. Irvin R. Daubert; Head Custodian Mrs. Catherine Luhman, Home Eco¬ nomics; Douglas College, Rutgers University; B.S. Joseph Waters, Robert Vonltter, Frank Atwood, Merritt Frazier, Josephine Vasil, George Gorman, Walter Eulles. J. Edward Nichols; Custodian- Groundsman Donald S. Finlay; Industrial Arts, Driver Ed.; University of Maine; B.S.C.E. Kenelm N. Collins; Power Me¬ chanics; Mass. Maritime Academy; B.S. Bernard Collins, Jr.; Industrial Arts; Fitchburg State College; B.S.A. Stanley E. Smith; Electronics, Math; Boston Univer- Edward Brookshire; Industrial Arts; sity; B.S. and M.Ed. Keene State College; B.Ed. 21 Compliment ' s of Billingsgate Motel — May Beach Road, Wellfleet, Mass. Frank K. Hutchings; U.S. History, Medi¬ eval History; Wentworth Institute, U. Mass.; B.A., M.A. Robert E. Milbier; History; Norwich Uni¬ versity, American International College; B.A., M.A. Donald P. Bakker; U.S. History, Current Events; M.l.T. and Columbia; B.S., M.A. Eleanor Schmidt; Art, Art History; College of William and Mary, Columbia University Teach¬ ers College; B.A., M.A. James E. Owens, Art, Photography; Rhode Is¬ land School of Design; B.F.A. Robert Rice; Citizenship, Current His¬ tory; St. Bonaventure University; B.A. Virginia Emerson; Sociology, Drama, Radio Script Writing; University of Maine, Clark University; B.A., M.A. Donald Campbell; European History; West Virginia Weslyan College; A.B. Compliment’s of Roger’s Liquor Locker — Rt. 6, Wellfleet, Mass. Good Luck to the Class of 73 — E. J. Davis Package Store - South Wellfleet, Mass. Congratulations from Nauset Chevron — Eastham, Mass. Best Wishes from Whispering Pines Service Center, Eastham, Mass. Robert H. Wilkinson; Algebra, Geometry, Consumer Math; Boston College, Fairfield ' University; B.S., M.A. ' T. Leslie B. Hunter; Algebra, Geometry, General Math; Colby College; B.A. Joseph Walorz; Algebra, General Math; University of Massachusetts; B.A. Joan S. Howe; Advanced Math, Pre-Algebra, Geometry, Honors Math; Douglass College, Rutgers University; B.S. Frank S. Killam; Algebra, Geometry, Trigonom¬ etry, Calculus; Boston University, Gordon College; B.S. Leo P. Miller; Special Education, P.E.; Fitchburg State College; B.S.E. Lillian V. Enright; Choral Music; Lowell State College, Boston State College; B.S., M.Ed. Frank B. James; Band, Orchestra, Theory 1 2; New England Conserva¬ tory of Music; B.M. 23 Nancy A. Laning; English; Boston Uni¬ versity; B.S. Shirley Longo; English; U. Mass.; B.A. John Gray; English; Yale, Harvard Uni¬ versity; A.M.T., B.A. 24 William D. McCaskie; English; Northwes¬ tern University, State College at Boston; M.Ed., B.S. Elisabeth Hooker; English; Smith College; A.B., M.A. Colin Temblett-Wood; English; Cambridge University (England); M.A. Mary R. Berrio; English; Wilson College, University of Scranton; B.A. Compliment’s of Pelligrino’s Gulf — Rt. 6, Wellfleet, Mass. Good Luck, Bill’s Sunoco — Rt. 28, Orleans, Mass. Anne Stout; English; Vassar Col¬ lege; A.B. Heinrich J. Sirucek; German, Latin, Jewelry Making; University of Heidelberg, Boston University; B.A., M.A. Judith Ann Butterfield; P.E.; West Chester State College; B.S. Paul M. White; P.E.; Yankton Col¬ lege; B.A. Susan Avellar; Spanish; Suffolk Univer¬ sity; B.A. Margar Alexa Erickson; P.E.; Panzer Col¬ lege, Bridgewater State College; B.S. 3hn P. Donahue; P.E., arthmouth; B.A. Best Wishes from Slade Agency — Wellfleet, Mass. Good Luck in the future, Warrenton A. Williams — Rt. 6A, Orleans, Mass. Rita Mousseau; French; Pembroke College; B.A. 25 26 Compliment’s of Philis Barber Shop — Orleans, Mass. Best Wishes from Nelson’s Barber Shop — Orleans, Mass. AMERICAN FIELD SERVICE 1972-73 has been a big year for AFS at Nauset. This has been our first year with an active student AFS Club which, backed up by an enthusiastic adult board, really accomplished a great deal about bringing AFS to Nau- set’s community. We started off in September with monthly meetings which included programs such as Mary Smith’s slides of Turkey and ac¬ count of her stay there. Later, Mr. Colin Temblett-Wood entertained the group with some slides and a fascinating discussion about sights and scenes in England, to mention but two. The Student Club sponsored some successful money raising activities such as a carwash, buffet sup¬ pers and Christmas Card sales. The special highpoint of our year, of course, was Bill Arino our own mad, Latin “Lubber.” His quick smile seized Nauset by storm. It took but a few days for him to become an ex¬ pected sight around the campus. Nauset is going to lose part of itself when he goes. AFS CAR WASH Saturday - Oct, IfF 10-1 at 61 ANT Parking lot Donation $ 1 °° sponsored by NAUSET AFS 29 ARGENTINA My story starts in June 1971, when I first apply for A.F.S. I knew that I was one of the finalists. After that, until July 27, I had a hard time writing for the scholarship. In August 13, I left Rosario, Argentina, and after twelve hours flying in a plane with three motors, (one didn’t work) I saw the U.S. for the first time. I spent three days in New York, in C.W. Post College, with kids from all the world. It was great. Then, I met my family for the first time in Framing¬ ham. In that moment, I had to forget my Spanish, and start trying to talk in English, and in that moment a wonderful experience began. Since my first day at school, I made a lot of friends who gave me a hand when I needed, and helped me to understand the language. I find that, in general, the school is easier than the one in my country, and it’s better too. We have more fun, we have the chance to practice more sports, and it isn’t only study, which is very good! I have the opportunity to know a considerable part of the U.S. and I’m very happy about that, because when you go to another country, you really want to know it. Now I know that it will be very hard to leave my family and friends, but I am looking forward to come back and see them again. Signed, “Bill” Arino TURKEY “Merhaba, Nasilsiniz?” That ' s how they say it in Turkish. I was fortunate to be Nauset’s 1972 American Field Service “Americans Abroad” candidate. I was involved in the summer program and spent June 20, 1972-September 1, 1972 in Turkey. There I lived in what used to be Constantinople, now the teeming city Istanbul — known as the crossroad between East and West. My Babam (Turkish father) who worked in a bank, my Annem (Turkish mother) a housewife, Umit my sister and Erdal my brother, 17 and 14 re¬ spectively, took me right into their loving family and treated me as their own. Although language and customs are quite different, the differences were easily overcome. My Turkish family made me feel instantly at home and were as willing to learn from me about American customs as they were to teach me about Turkish life-style and history. I had so many amaz¬ ing experiences this summer — from swimming in the Black Sea to dining with a Sheik. As Istanbul is one of the world’s major cities, now it is very much attuned to the Western World. It seemed strange that a city could be so diverse. Many aspects of it were very cosmopolitan, yet the muezzins called from the top of the minarets inviting the Moslems to pray four times a day. Istanbul was a unique place. I knew nothing about it before my adventure but learned a great deal there about differences in life and people. I’m so grateful to have gone to Turkey. My AFS experience is one that I’ll always remember. r FIVE FINGER EXERCISE I DRAMA Nauset Drama had a busy year this year, with visits to the Har¬ wich Winter Theater and a trip to Boston to see “Godspell” and “Lion in Winter.” Peter Shaffer’s ‘‘Five Finger Exercise” was a successful and powerful production put on for the fall presenta¬ tion. Mrs. Jean Emerson enriched her drama classes with uproarious weekly dance lessons along with improvisations and living theater. 34 UNDERCLASSMEN Julie Higgins Treas — Dianne Holbrook Sec — Martha Kerwin Stacy Atwood Ralph Bassett William Bayerle Patricia Bechtol Dorothy Behrer Arlene Bronsdon Cindi Brownville Tom Cahill Debbie Carpenter Charles Chilson Rex Christian Keith Clark Robert Clark Valerie Clark Steve Coombs Lee Cunningham Mary Jo Currie Jeff Day Michelle Costa Robert Creonte Cheryl Deane Dana Deschamps Pam Dinger Patricia Doyle William Ellison Walter Dutra William Edwards Deborah Dunshee Lynne Dunham Lucy Elmer Anne Estrada Mark Fernandez Charles Finlay Marilee Francis Mark Frazier Sheree Gage Becky Gardner Jane Gaynor Ulrike Gebhard Pam Gill Meg Gilmore Katherine Gray Fran Guyer Janice Harding Peter Harper Peter Hart James Hayes Joanne Healey Linda Heyd Glenn Higgins Julie Higgins Peter Higgins Ronald King Rebecca Jones Timothy Hildreth Dan Holbrook Richard Koehler Susan Lajoie David Lindholm Christine Lohan Mina Miller Cynthia MacPherson Julia Maher Edward McPartland Patricia Langley Kathy Moran Scott Newcomb Lynn Nickerson Beth O’Connell Carol O’Connor Betsy Mitman Steve Pacino Richard Penny Ellen Peterson Denise Pickard Karen Pye Linda Payne Mary O’Connor James Richardson John Richman Cheryl Richardson Sandra Quinn Doug Ramsay Matt Reynolds Patricia Rice Rita Riley Daniel Rosenberg Judy Scanlon Deken Schmidt Peggy Silva Jon Simon Cynthia Smith Tina Tarvers Richard Tesson Barbara Thompson David Tulloch Jennifer Taylor Leighton Taylor Malcolm Straley Wayne Taylor v.) V- f t • ;, A f Victoria Whiting Lynn Wilcox James Willis Linda Willis Peter Woods Bill Yo nce Laurie Young Pres — Susan Snow, Vice — Mallory Comins Treas — Lynn Finlay Sec — Liz Reynolds Christine Anderson. John Avellar John Bahr Valerie Baker llene Bassett Ben Buck Craig Brooke Leroy Brown Robert Butilier Roberta Cary - Kevin Cassidy Robert Catlin Betsy Clark Karen Clark Kathy Burton Pam Clark Wayne Clark Linda Collins Cheryl Contonio David Corbett Diane Cowen Corinne Crawford Marie Creonte Barry Cummings William Dabb William Daniels Barry Day Judy Deane Connie Delano David Dugan Alan Dunham Jane Dyer Shelli Einarson Karen Eldredge John Dubois Marcia Dickey Susan Eldredge Sylvia Eldridge Valerie Ellis J Karen Erickson Caroline Gallagher Cindy Gallant Karl Faivre . ;» ' W T SJ ' . JWHJBM IjftgJBMi Leslie Ide Mark Joy Tom Kaine Nancy Kalinick John Kane Laurie Kroll Traci Landers Ken Langhans Jean LaPiana Kristina Larson L Clarence Liberty Heidi Livingston Tracey Marshall J Eileen McCrum Lynn McDermott Bart Melcher Debbie Reiss Denise Miner Michael Morse, Tucker Mounce Doug Mulholland Rod Oringer Lori Newcomb Paula Nickerson Ladyce Peluso Terri-Ann Perreault Michael Nolin Richard Norgeot Jodi North Steve Oliver Marcia Peterson Brenda Pettengill, Mark Phillips, Susan Phillips Roger Phipps Lisa Pierce Kathy Plotke Donald Poole Mark Price Irving Puffer. Jeff Putnam Thomas Pye Michael Radlhammer Don Reeves Steven Reid Robert Reynolds Jeffrey Richard Joan Richardson Candance Robicheau Cynthia Robicheau Renee Ronan William Rutherford. Mary Salts, Steven Samry Cathleen Simmons Edward Schmidt Deborah Seaverns Kim Shea Margo Smith Lynn Steeber Jane Studley Raymond Tesson Tim Thomas Patricia Tibbits Susan Townsend Chris Trautz Fran Turcotte Wendy Underhill William Urquhart Kellie Walker, Gary Walwer West Waters Elizabeth White, Jamie White Kim White Wendy White Holly Wilcox James Wilcox John Wilcox Theresa Willis Jeff Wittman, Gary Woodland Glenn Wilcox Charles Young Pres — Bridget Usher Vice — David Lajoie Faith Alexander Karen Benn Richard Baker Theresa Bismore David Abel Shelia Adams Elaine Beals Joe Benincassa Cliff Ambrose Karol Berger Treas — Lisa Brown Sec — Jono Brock Sandra Baker Diana Baronousky Cynthia Blakeley Debora Boynton Scott Bronsdon Michael Brown David Brownville Janice Brownville Barney Burrill Leonard Butilier Debbie Cahill Malcolm Cameron Chris Chambers Wendy Chase Julie Clark Karen Clark Pamela Clifton Lynn Collins Julia Comins Linda Cornaro Theresa Craffey Robert Curtis Joshua Giese Lynette Davis Judy Deschamps Maura Doyle Dion Dugan Darrell Dunne Diane Dutra Cathy Eldredge Liz Fograshy Bill Fonteau Eric Fowler Connie Frediricks Deborah Fulcher Valerie Fuller Elizabeth Brasier Tim Gainey Tom Gardner Maurice Glucksman Karen Gray Brenda Hall David Gage Ben Gregson Katy Hampton Katrina Hansen Jo Ellen Harris Anne Hartley Cindy Higgins Paul Holbrook Steve Horton Marsha Ide Fi: m L John Lemoine Ted McAdams Patti McCrum Fern Kroli Virginia Lane Kim Langhans Chris Lapense Lisa Miner Terri Macioci Cindy Martens Frances Mayo Dell Meyer Emilie Miller George Milliken Erin Montgomery Diane Moore John Moran Kathy Morse Barbara Murdock Arthur Nichols Leyla Nickerson Marianne Nickerson Nancy North, Mark Nossiter Patrick O’Connor David Paine Elaine Peluso Steve Payne Robert Penney Ken Peters Philip Peterson Michael Pettengill Gina Pickard Kathy Pierce Marion Pilling Lori Rapose Wayne Rhodes Frank Richards Vicki Richardson Barbara Rollins Debra Root Timothy Rowell Jill Scheinler Kevin Schmitz Lynn Stevens Paul Stevens Cathy Stewart George Schneider Marie Straiton Michelle Sutton Wendy Taylor Joe Tillman Judy Turnbull Karen Underhill Michael Taylor Laurie Waite Shelley Wallace Robert Waters Walter Watson. Cleve Wilson Larry Winslow Sigurd Winslow I v 48 I I Li | m i s» j i i 4 ! BAND » ' ' ' - ' sESt ' r n Row 1: V. Richardson, S. Lajoie, N. Kalinick, B. Pettengill, D. Fulcher, V. Klingenstein, S. Gage, C. O’Connor, V. Ellis, E. Nolin. Row 2: E. Frazier, E. Clark, A. Dutra, G. Howes, L. Nickerson, M. Price, J. Studley, R. Baker, R. Penney, S. Payne, M. Pettengill. Row 3: T. Doughty, L. Payne, T. Pye, M. Morse, R. Koehler, M. Reynolds, R. Deschamps, B. Gregson, D. Penney, C. Dettenborn, W. Dutra, M. Parlente. Row 4: A. Rich, S. Einarson, W. Staib, G. Svenningsen, Mr. James. ORCHESTRA Row 1: L. Payne, J. Parkington, C. Berger, L. Kroll, G. Shea, J. Studley, V. Klingenstein E. Nolin, V. Ellis, K. Staib. Row 2: R. Deschamps, K. Pye, G. Howes, S. Smith, E. Clark, B. Pettengill, D. Fulcher, G. Svenning¬ sen, S. Gage, W. Staib, C. O’Connor, A. Rich. Row 3: M. Morse, T. Pye, R. Koehler, M. Reynolds, B. Gregson, C. Dettenborn, D. Penney, S. Lajoie, L. Nickerson, Mr. James. MAJORETTES S. Crosby, S. Einarson, M. Hall, L. Heyd, R. Ronan, J. Healy, M. Costa CHORUS ■K ? ii ' - ■ W?. . : ■11a W ' I™! , ■V- Wk: ff a? ■F Mr---’? m ' IgL F m, % — M l a m f-r BA ' T • -•• :vT M. Smith, D. Baronousky, A. Tarvers, S. Adams, K. Stuart, S. Kew, H. Joseph, A. Rich, J. Scanlon, L. Payne, V. Richardson, L. Brown. ' v 53 STUDENT COUNCIL I F. Guyer, L. Smith, G. Finn, C. North, J. Bahr, N. Norgeot, Mr. Chamberlin, D. Burdick, M. Philbrick, ► S. Penney, M. Smith, L. Dunham, D. Penney, K. Gray, K. Walker, W. White, B. Usher, J. Porro, D. Schmidt, S. Phillips, A. Nickerson, S. Bennett, C. Crew. RADIO SHOW Row 1: M. Yonce. L White. W. Taylor. Row 2: L Fox. C. Grew. P. Fegan. C. Haubner. S. Underhill. RADIO SCRIPT WRITING Row 1: R. Crowell. S. Paro. Row 2: B. Hunter. S. Taber. J. Coombs. T. Bell. D. Wentworth. P. Connick. J. Grout. Row 3: P. Lyons. G. Gage. J. Hart. R. Filliman. A. Erickson. R. Deschamps. J. Lavallee. M. Smith. Vlrs. Emerson. Row 4: M. Yonce. L. Fox. C. Grew. P. Fegan. L. White. C. Haubner. S. Underhill. W. Taylor. Not Pictured: M. Smith. A. Saylor, L. Price. K. Verfaille. G. Shea. J. MacArthur. C. North. C. Oliver. B. Elmer. D. Burdick. i ! INDEPENDENT STUDY •1 fl t ' H r " H •: -. fH n |t Row 1: Dr. Gessford, C. Oliver, C. North, G. Shea, C. Penney, L. Hauck. Row 2: J. MacArthur, C. Grew, P. Connick, M. Smith, C. Melcher. it J. Day, W. Coakley, S. Young, N. Smyser, J. Hayes, R. Townsend, D. Adao, S. Buck, D. Watkins, Mr. Ken Collins. 56 AFS Row 1: F, Guyer, M. Nolin, M. Smith, G. Arino, C. Gray, D. Burdick. Row 2: E. Peterson, K. Gray, D. Behrer, P. Dinger, M. O’Connor. FTA Row 1: P. Gill, Mrs. Berrio, C. Clark. Row 2: T. Larson, J. Lapiana, N. Emond, D. Wiles, M. O’Connor, H. Bassett, M. Currie, E. Reynolds. FNA I Row 1: C. Smith, C. Brownville, Mrs. Moulton, M. Popoli. Row 2: D. Guisto, J. Straiton, E. Beals, M. t Creonte, H. Joseph, L. Collins, L. Repose, J. Dyer. R. Penney, S. Crosby, B. Parson, R. Jones, D. Holbrook, L. Price, M. Philbrick, E. Lamperti, B. Gard¬ ner, Mr. Chamberlin. 58 AUDIO - VISUAL AIDES Kneeling: S. Bronsdon, R. Phipps. Standing: A. Kaine, C. Ambrose, R. Hall, M. Contonio, R. Brewer, Mr. Ken Collins, M. Brown, W. Dutra, W. Crespo, J. Wade, F. Lapiana. S. Adams, P. Viscik, B. Murdock, D. Root. 59 DRAMA Row 1: L. Fox, F. Guyer, M. Gove, J. Burrill, T. Bechtol, V. Ellis, P. Blakeley Row 2: P. Dinger, M. O’Connor, P. Fegan, S. Underhill, C. Smith, M. No- lin, C. Comins, K. Walker. Row 3: E. Peterson, H. Joseph, M. Smith, L. Smith, V. Mangini, L. Quinn, P. Hart, D. Fulcher, P. Duffy. Row 4: G. Moulton, S. Norgeot, J. Harding, W. Yonce, W. Taylor, S. Paro, M. Tur- cotte, L. Price, J. MacArthur, P. Langley. Row 5: M. Yonce, D. Wentworth, S. Hogg, J. Putnam, C. Haubner, J. Porro, M. Smith, M. Popoli, D. Rams- dell, J. Byers, M. McCray. Row 6: C. Chilson, T. Bell, A. Erickson, S. Ta¬ ber, J. Scanlon. Row 7: G. Emerson, L. White, C. Benton, S. Bengston, Mrs. Emerson, J. Bahr, N. Chase, K. Straughn. HONOR SOCIETY Row 1: M. Smith, A. Saylor, L. Price, K. Verfaille, G. Shea, J. MacArthur. Row 2: C. North, C. Oliver, C. Grew, B. Elmer, D. Burdick. 60 - Ml ■ DEBATE C. Poole R. Tesson D. Poole M. Joy 61 YEARBOOK STAFF Row 1: S. Milliken, J. Burrill, C. North, S. Tabor, S. Paro, C. Melcher, J. Straiton. Row 2: S. Eldredge, M. O’Connor, P. Dinger, B. Usher, K. Gray, D. Holbrook, L. Price, K. Verfaille. Row 3: S. Burton, A. Saylor, S. Gage, L. Hauck, P. Lyons, S. Lajoie, C. O ' Connor, C. Grew, 0. Clark. NEWSPAPER STAFF it 62 Row 1: M. O ' Connor, S. Tabor, C. Grew, C. Gray. Row 2: J. MacArthur, P. Duffy, M. Turcotte, L. Fox, D. Penney, S. Chase, D. Burdick. Michelle Costa I 1 I p 1 1 V i Sitting: Phil Peterson, Chrrs Lapense, Dave McPartland, Julie Higgins, Brenda Petten- gill, Vicki Richardson, Coach Gray, Manager Betsey Clark. Second Row: Ed McCann, Kevin Cassidy, Steve Oliver, Deken Schmidt, Ken Langhans, Michelle Costa, Wayne Crespo, Kate Gray, co-captain Dave Burdick. Last Row: Mike Morse, Mark Price, co-captain Carlton Grew, Rick Tying, Ed McPartland, Rod Oringer. Cross Country A fine year for the long distance runners, with the best rec¬ ord ever at Nauset, the largest squad, the addition of girl runners (who won their only dual meet vs. DY), first-ever victories over Taber and Old Rochester, and the first time Nauset had all five scoring runners in the top 100 at the State Meet. Ed McPartland and Steve Oliver fought it out for top-runner honors with Co-Captains Grew and Burdick right behind them along with Senior rookie Wayne Crespo. The only two teams to beat us, DY and Wareham, were champions in their respective leagues. We handled everyone from the Cape and Islands group. All in all, it was a mem¬ orable year despite all the rain we had to run in. Martha’s Vinyard H (low score wins) 28-31 Upper Cape H 24-34 Sandwich A 16-45 Old Rochester A 24-33 Martha ' s Vineyard A 26-31 Blue Hills H 16-47 Sandwich H 21-38 Upper Cape A 25-30 State Meet A 336 pts. Wareham A 35-20 Old Rochester H 19-42 Tabor A 26-30 Dennis-Yarmouth A 45-15 Record: 10 wins, 2 losses Senior Members: Wayne Crespo, Carlton Grew, Dave Burdick, Ed McCann. Good Wishes from Sidney T. Swan Real Estate Insurance Orleans " The Course Record!” " Number One!” 65 Best of Luck to the Class of 1973 — Dora’s Beauty Shop — Truro Road, Wellfleet, Mass. Compliment’s of Dorothy Williams — Hairdresser — Main St., Orleans, Mass. Varsity Soccer E. Mass. Semi Finalists Soccer Senior Members Kneeling: student trainer Bruce Hunter, Coach Donahue. Bill Arino, Penney, Stan Wilcox, Peter Melcher, Chuck Melcher, Bill Ramsay, Gerry Doyle, Rob Deschamps, Bob Crowell, Gary Ellis, Duncan Bruce Dunne, Noel Dunham, David Mulholland. The varsity soccer team, after losing its first game of the year at Barnsta¬ ble, went on to 17 straight games without a loss — an all-time Nauset and League record. Closing out the regular season with a 13-1 record, the Cape Champion Warriors advanced to the EMass State semi-finals - going further in post-season playoff action than any squad in Cape soccer his¬ tory. Highlights of the season included junior Scott Newcomb’s 28 goals to break the Cape record, and the election of Newcomb and fullbacks Noel Dunham and Steve Bennett to the All-Cape All-Star team. Nauset’s over-all record was 17-2-1, and the team scored 50 goals on the year. Varsity Soccer First Row: student trainer Bruce Hunter, Bill Arino, Rob Des- Peter Fates, Leighton Taylor, Glen Higgins, Scott Newcomb, Steve champs, Bob Crowell, Peter Melcher, Stan Wilcox, Bill Ramsay, Bennett, Doug Ramsay, Russ Bassett, Charlie Chilson, Keith Clark, 66 Noel Dunham, David Mulholland, Bruce Dunne, Gary Ellis, Duncan Leroy Brown, manager Steve Samry. Penney, Chuck Melcher, Gerry Doyle. Second Row: Coach Donahue, Best Wishes from Mooney Fuel and Grain Co. Inc. — Depot Square, Wellfleet, Mass. Compliment’s of Hubbard Paint and Supply Co. — Brewster Road, Orleans, Mass. Season Record Barnstable 6 Nauset Nauset 2 Martha ' s Vineyard Nauset 6 Upper Cape Nauset 6 Harwich Nauset 2 Chatham Nauset 2 Falmouth Nauset 2 D-Y Nauset 4 Sandwich Nauset 2 Barnstable Nauset 3 Upper Cape Nauset 3 Harwich Nauset 4 Sandwich Nauset 2 Chatham Nauset 2 Tabor Nauset 2 Falmouth Nauset 2 D-Y Nauset 1 Newton Nauset 2 Diman Voke New Bedford 8 Nauset 3 0 1 1 1 1 0 3 1 0 0 2 0 1 2 0 0 1 0 Soccer Co-Captains David Mulholland, Noel Dunham, Coach Donahue Compliments of Denise Ann Bake Shop Orleans 67 Cape Field Hockey Champs Varsity Field Hockey Sitting: Laurie Young Kneeling: 1st Row: Sheree Gage, Gwen Gage 2nd Row: Neal Emond, Jane Peno, Barbara Cumiskey, Lynn Nickerson, Carol O’Connor Standing: Coach Erickson, Sue Lajoie, Bonnie Macdonald, Sue Norgeot, Laurie Smith, Meg Gilmore, Vicki Blakeley Nauset’s 1972 varsity field hockey team broke the Sandwich girls 3-year string of Cape titles to give the Nau- set the Cape Championship for the first time since 1966. The Nauset girls tied the Blue Knighties twice, but held on to shut out every other team in the League en route to a 8-0-2 record. Senior Laurie Smith led a team scor¬ ing effort with 10 goals on the year, and senior Bonnie Macdonald had 7. Junior goalie Laurie Young back¬ boned a tough defense which posted 9 shutouts in 10 games, and allowed only 1 goal all year. This highly- spirited tea m played well all season. Coach Erickson Co-Captains: Sue Norgeot, Jane Peno Compliments of Town Ho, Rt. 6A 124, Brewster, Mass. Good luck from The Brass Bell, Rt. 6A, Brewster, Mass. Wm ; ' , . ,_ui j gtrflP ' - ' , ? ; “■•■ :»; ' i“ V " ! %£’ V 14 l J Senior Varsity Field Hockey Gwen Gage, Sue Norgeot, Laurie Smith, Bonnie Macdonald, Jane Peno Season Record Nauset 0 Sandwich 0 Nauset 6 Martha’s Vineyard 0 Nauset 5 Chatham 0 Nauset 3 Harwich 0 Nauset 1 Sandwich 1 Nauset 7 Martha’s Vineyard 0 Nauset 3 P-Town 0 Nauset 2 Chatham 0 Nauset 1 Harwich 0 Nauset 6 P-Town 0 69 Best wishes to the Class of 1973 from Backus and Soule, Orleans, Mass. Congratulations from the Wellfleet Spirit Shoppe, Main St., Wellfleet Mass. J.V Field Hockey Number 1. Marsha Ide 2. Diane Moore 3. Wendy Underhill 4. Carol O’Connor 5. Janet Hunter 6. Terry Perrault 7. Karen Underhill 8. Coach Nancy Norgeot 9. Dawn Radke 12. Cindy Higgins 10. Jo-Ellen Harris 13. Manager Debby Fulcher 11. Manager Debby Cahill 14. Jody North Nauset’s J.V. Field Hockey Team scored 9 goals in 9 games while putting together a 6-1-2 record. Sophomores Terri Perrault and Jodi North, and Freshmen Jo-Ellen Harris and Dawn Radke were tied for the team lead in scoring, as each got 2 goals. The defense played really well all season, and took after the varsity in allowing just 1 goal all year. Senior Nancy Norgeot coached the team and did a really fine job. 70 Compliment’s of Wellfleet Marine Corp. — Wellfleet Town Pier, Wellfleet, Mass. Best Wishes from East Orleans Marine Yard — East Orleans, Mass. Good Luck from Wellfleet News Store, Main St., Wellfleet, Mass. Compliments of the Cheese Corner, Orleans, Mass. J.V Soccer The junior varsity soccer team compiled a record of six wins, five losses, and one tie. Freshman David Lajoie led the scoring with 13 goals, followed by classmates Rich Hig¬ gins with 4, David Gage and David Abel with 2, and Paul Holbrook, Tim Gainey, and Dana Eldridge with one each. Sophomore goalie Kim Shea consistently looked good in the nets, and he, along with left wing Lajoie, centerforward Higgins, and fullback Holbrook, look like promising prospects. First Row: Ken Fettig, Kim Shea, Rick Higgins, Dana Eldridge, Paul Hoi- Steve Penney, Jon Porro, Tim Gainey, David Gage, David Lajoie, Maurice brook, Dave Brownville, Bob Syvanen, Chris Chambers. Second Row: Dan Glucksman, Bill Chase. Not present: Coach Jim Yeutter. Yonce, Steve Payne, Bill Staib, David Abel, Peter Putnam, West Waters, j I 71 Boys Varsity Basketball 1st row: student trainer Bruce Hunter, Assistant Coach Jim Yeutter, Head Coach Miller, Assistant Coach White, Manager Steve Samry 2nd row: Leighton Taylor, Duncan Penney, Bill Ramsay, Steve Phillips, Captain David Mulholland, Steve Bennett, Peter Woods, Doug Ramsay, Steve Oliver, Scott Newcomb, Rick Tyng, Keith Clark. Nauset’s Boys Varsity Basketball team, after two years of finishing towards the middle of the Cape and Islands League standings, ended up in second place this year. Captain David Mulholland led the Warriors back near the top of the League and into the quarter-finals of the State Tech Tournament, where Nauset lost to Cathedral, the eventual Division III State Champs. The Warriors put together good height and overall team experience to challenge the Vineyard for the Championship. Last year’s sophomores returned with a year of experience under their belts, and the added experience allowed Coach Leo Miller to use eight players (including five juniors and one sophomore) regularly. Nauset boasted 7 player s six feet or over, and was one of the tallest teams in the League. Both 6-3 center Steve Bennett and captain Mulholland were elected to the 13-man C. and I. League All-Star Team. The emergence of Bennett and Doug Ramsay to dominate the boards and take the good shots in close, Peter Woods and Mulholland to hit from the outside, Steve Oliver to cut to the open spot, and little Keith Clark as the quarterback of the club told the story of the Warriors’ 72-73 success. 72 Good luck from Krummy Donut, Orleans, Mass. Compliments of Denise Ann Bake Shoppe, Orleans, Mass. Season Record Nauset 69 Hanover 57 Duxbury 62 Nauset 59 Norwell 66 Nauset 50 North Shore 70 Nauset 60 Nauset 69 East Bridgewater 58 Nauset 58 Chatham 46 Nauset 64 Nantucket 57 Nauset 65 Kimball Union 55 Nauset 72 Harwich 56 M.V. 62 Nauset 40 Nauset 66 Sandwich 49 Nauset 70 Provincetown 54 Nauset 60 Upper Cape 28 Chatham 55 Nauset 53 Nauset 67 Nantucket 48 Nauset 64 Harwich 58 M.V. 73 Nauset 49 Nauset 64 Sandwich 41 Nauset 51 Provincetown 43 Nauset 79 Upper Cape 29 Nauset 67 Hopedale 58 Cathedral 77 Nauset 61 M ■ ■ ill • ' SB f 1 Congratulations from Brewster Coffee Shop — Brewster, Mass. Good luck from the Bookstore Restaurant — Wellfleet, Mass. 73 Junior Varsity Basketball The boys JV Basketball Team romped for a 13-2 overall record under Coach Paul White. Two teams of five players each were used almost interchangeably. Don Reeves led the team in scoring and rebounding; guards Kim Shea and Russ Bassett topped the team in assists and steals, respectively, and forward Bill Heines took squad hon¬ ors in rebounds. The high point of the season was the 64-51 win over Martha’s Vineyard. It was the Vineyarders’ first league loss in three years, and their only loss of the season. Season Record Norwell 29 Nauset 22 Nauset 68 East Bridgewater 37 Nauset 72 Chatham 37 Nauset 68 Nantucket 55 Nauset 63 Harwich 16 M.V. 73 Nauset 47 Nauset 77 Sandwich 26 Nauset 50 Provincetown 40 Nauset 84 Upper Cape 37 Nauset 62 Chatham 25 Nauset 50 Sandwich 37 Nauset 64 M.V. 51 Nauset 41 Provincetown 29 Nauset 91 Upper Cape 27 Coach White, Don Reeves, Ken Langhans, Russ Bassett, Mike Nolin, West Waters, Rod Oringer, Kim Shea, John Dubois. Not Present: Bill Heines, Mark Phillips. 74 Good luck to the class of ' 73 — Cap’t Cass, Rock Harbor Seafood Restaurant, Rock Harbor, Orleans, Mass. Freshmen Basketball Malcolm Cameron, Dan Yonce, Bill Staib, Rick Higgins, Dana Eldridge, Paul Holbrook, David Abel, Cleve Wilson, Sigurd Winslow, Inca Butilier. Not Present: Coach Jim Yeutter. Best of luck from William F. Ramsay Electrical Contractor, Brewster, Mass. Congratulations from GiGi’s Shoe Repair, Cove Road, Orleans, Mass. Girls Varsity Basketball 1st row: Sue Norgeot, Jane Peno, Ellen Avellar, Patty Lyons, Bonnie Wendy Underhill, Sheree Gage, Lynn Nickerson, Manager Kathy Burton, MacDonald 2nd row: Beth Hubler, Roberta Carey, Tina Tarvers 3rd row: Coach Butterfield. Manager Helena Bassett, Sue Lajoie, Janet Hunter, Lori Newcomb, After a championship 1971-72 sea¬ son, the Nauset Girls were forced to share second place this year. Led by captain Ellen Avellar and high scorer Tina Tarvers, the girls played very well against most of their opponents, and took most of the games by lop¬ sided scores. This was a rebuilding year for Coach Judy Butterfield’s team, and al¬ though the girls lost 4 League games, it seemed that everyone enjoyed the season. 76 Best wishes to the class of ' 73 Orleans Inn — Orleans, Mass. Season Record Nauset 39 Frontier 37 Nauset 51 Falmouth 34 Nauset 36 D-Y 32 Nauset 54 Chatham 23 Nauset 36 Nantucket 14 Nauset 35 Harwich 18 M.V. 27 Nauset 16 Nauset 34 Provincetown 28 Sandwich 32 Nauset 31 Nauset 54 Chatham 26 Nauset 48 Nantucket 21 Harwich 44 Nauset 42 M.V. 32 Nauset 22 Nauset 32 Provincetov i 24 Nauset 37 Sandwich 21 Compliments of Philbricks Snack Shack Nauset Beach, E. Orleans, Mass. Season Record Nauset 24 Falmouth 7 D-Y 37 Nauset 12 Nauset 22 Chatham 8 Nauset 18 Harwich 13 M.V. 25 Nauset 11 Sandwich 18 Nauset 15 Province town 15 Nauset 12 Nauset 22 Chatham 11 Nauset 34 Harwich 12 M.V. 25 Nauset 10 Sandwich 19 Nauset 14 Nauset 25 Provincetown 12 Girls Junior Varsity Basketball 1st row: Cheryl Pillsbury, Manager Karen Clark, Cindy Blakeley 2nd row: Manager Kathy Simmons, Debbie Cahill, Jo-Ellen Harris, Barbara Hogan, Karen Underhill, Liz Gould, Cindy Higgins, Diane Moore, Marsha Ide, Coach Butterfield. Best of Luck from Miss Rogers’ Flower Shop Rte. 6A Orleans, Mass. Congratulations from Thayer’s Flower Inc. Orleans, Mass. 77 Ice Hockey First row: Assistant Coach Malcolm McPherson, Gene Emerson, Noel Dunham, Rick Pinney, Robin Barwood, Steve Young, Rick Seaverns, Stan Wilcox, Gary Brooke, Coach Donahue. 2nd row: Glen Higgins, David Gage, Ken Fettig, Tim Gainey, Phil Peterson, Bill Edwards, Dana Deschamps, Doug Mulholland, Wayne Clark, Peter Fates, Glen Wilcox, Barry Cummings. Nauset’s first Ice Hockey team closed out the year with an overall record of 5 wins, 4 losses, and 2 ties. The team was undefeated in league play, and all 4 losses came at the hands of well-established teams from larger schools. Dana Deschamps, a junior, scored 7 goals and had 2 assists for 9 points to lead the team. Senior Rick Pinney followed with 4 goals and 4 assists for 8 points, and Robin Barwood, another senior, scored only 1 goal but helped out with 5 assists for 6 points. 78 Good luck from Orleans Bowling Center, Orleans, Mass. Best of luck from Cape Cod Photos, Main St., Orleans, Mass. Season Record Nauset 2 Chatham 1 Nauset 5 Provincetown 0 Falmouth 2 Nauset 1 Nauset 4 Provincetown 0 Tabor 7 Nauset 0 Nauset 2 Sandwich 1 Tabor 3 Nauset 2 Nauset 3 Sandwich 3 DY JV 3 Nauset 2 Nauset 1 Harwich 1 Nauset 5 Harwich 3 79 Compliments of A.I.M. Thrift Shop — Main St. Wellfleet, Mass. You made it! Congratulations! Head Foot Shop — Main St. Orleans, Mass. Gymnastics The Gymnastics Club, new at Nauset this year, was started and directed by Nauset’s P.E. student teacher, Vincent Klimas, from Springfield College. Interest grew quickly, and by late February an exhibition was scheduled. The March 1st event included on an informal meet with D.Y., many performances on the different apparatus, parachute stunts, floor exercises, educational demonstrations, and a short section in men’s gymnastics. Coach Klimas provided the initiative for the group and it is hoped that a similar gymnastics program can be planned in the future without the expert aid of Mr. Klimas. Standouts for the club included, among others, Ed McPartland, Mary Nolin, Cheryl Denne, and Debbie Seaverns. Good Luck from Liquid Embroidery — Wellfleet, Mass. Compliment of Murray’s — Orleans, Mass. Cheerleaders Linda Hyde Diane Smith Jody North Michelle Smith Laurie Price Vicki Richardson Donna Guisto Jane Dyer Best of luck to the class of ' 73 House of Yarns — Rte. 6A, Orleans, Mass. 81 Good luck from the Cloth Cottage Rte. 6A Orleans, Mass. Henry Kelly ! SENIOR SUPERLATIVES CLASS CLOWNS CHRIS MOORE PATTY LYONS MOST INTELLIGENT KATHY VERFAILLIE Ed LAMPERTI INDIVIDUALISTS Sid Milliken Paul Fegan SENIOR SUPERLATIVES MOST INDIVIDUAL Syd Milliken Paul Fegan CLASS FLIRTS Flossie Field Kim Straughn BEST LOOKING Jenny Burrill Bruce Dunne TEACHER’S PETS Caren Penney Eric Hubler MOST TALKATIVE Michelle Smith Bruce Hunter MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Mary Smith Bill Arino FRIENDLIEST Laurie Smith Mike Demetri A MOST ATHLETIC Noel Dunham Jane Peno BEST DRESSED Denise Stamatos Duncan Penney SHYEST Bill Ramsay Lisa Niven LAZIEST Nan Chase Gene Emerson CHRISTOPHER ADAMS t I I ' ■ f l I t i DAVID ADAO ELLEN AVELLAR GUILLERMO ARINO ROBIN BARWOOD HELENA BASSETT SANDRA BENGSTON MICHAEL BEAN KRISTINA BELL BARBARA BRAYTON 91 IRVING BRONSDON GARY BROOKE DAVID BURDICK JENNY BURILL STEPHANIE BUCK 92 SANDRA BURTON WENDY CHANDLER NANETTE CHASE SUSAN CHASE DONALD CHASE 94 JOANNE COOMBS JAMES COSTELLO WAYNE CRESPO SUSAN CONNORS i 95 ROBERT CROWELL I MICHAEL DEMETRI ROBERT DESCHAMPS CRAIG DETTENBORN DANIEL DOUCETTE 96 BRUCE DUNNE SHIRLEY ELDREDGE PATRICIA DUFFY NOEL DUNHAM GERARD DOYLE 97 PAUL FEGAN FLORENCE FIELD GERIANNE FINN ROBYN FILLIMAN ANNE FITZGERALD 99 CANDIDA GRAY CARLTON GREW JOANNE HART MARY FITZGERALD JONATHAN GROUT 100 RICHARD HOLMBERG LESLIE HAUCK SCOTT HOGG FRITZ HAUBNER 101 DONALD JOHNSON HOLLY JOSEPH JENNY JOY SARAH KEITH DANA KEW n t i ' i 102 EDWARD LAMPERTI SHARON LANGLEY JON LAVALLEE PETER LIVINGSTON PETER LARSEN 103 PATRICIA LYONS JAYNE MacARTHUR BONNIE MacDONAD VALERI MANGINI 104 EDWARD McCANN MARSHA McCRAY LISA MEAD PETER MELCHER THEODORE MICKLE CHARLES MELCHER 105 RUTH MORTON GAYLE MOULTON ' ’ o DAVID MULHOLLAND SYDNEY MILLIKEN CHRISTOPHER MOORE 106 NANCY MURZYN 107 CYNTHIA NORTH NANCY NORGEOT SUZANNE NORGEOT JOHN O’CONNOR CYNTHIA OLIVER BEKTOKKSt. cat . DUNCAN PENNEY SARAH PARO CAREN PENNEY JANE PENO LORRAINE PERRAULT 109 STEPHEN PHILLIPS BRUCE PETERS MARK PHIBRICK no RICHARD PINNEY MARY-ANNE POPOLI LAURIE PRICE LYTTLETON PRICE WILLIAM RAMSAY DONNA RAMSDELL NORMAN REIS B i RAE REYNOLDS GLENDA SHEA MARK SHERWIN ANNE SAYLOR LAURIE SMITH MICHELLE SMITH STANLEY SMITH WILLIAM SHOVELIER MARY SMITH 113 NORMAN SMYSER i i i I I f KIM STRAUGHN GLEN SVENNINGSEN DENISE STAMATOS JANE STRAITON 114 MELODIE TEN BROECK SUSAN TABER MICHAEL TARTAGLIA KATHERINE TESSON RICHARD TOWNSEND 115 BARRY TURNBULL 116 KATHLEEN VERFAILLIE DAVID WENTWORTH FRANK WHITE DONALD WATKINS DOROTHY WILLIS MARILYN WILLIS LAURIE WHITE STANLEY WILCOX DEBORAH WILES 117 JOHN WINSLOW I RICHARD WINSLOW 118 I » BRUCE HUNTER GWEN GAGE MARY GAINEY ELIZABETH FOX 119 I I CHRISTIAN JOHN ADAMS, “Chris” Hunting, Driving GUILLERMO RODOLFO ARINO, “Bill” Guitar, Swimming, Water Polo, Drawing Span- ish-English Dictionary Soccer, Table Tennis, A.F.S. Favorite saying: “I don’t understand”. ELLEN MARY AVELLAR, “Ave” Water skiing, Trying to surf. Working at Hojo, Giving Sandy Burton a hard time. Basketball 2, 3, 4; Softball 1, 2, 3, 4. DAVID BRUCE ADAO, “Dave” C.F. Inc., Hunting, Two-way radios. Chasing cars, Bowling, Drinking, Landscaping. C.F. Maneuvers. Favorite sayings: “More or less,” " Good enough”. K 11 C W ROBIN B. BARWOOD Model rocketry and tinkering around with cars. Trap shooting, Bird hunting. The oldest car in the parking lot. 120 Compliments of Peggy’s Yarn Shop — Rte. 6, Wellfleet, Mass. Good luck from Beth Bishop Rte. 28, Orleans, Mass. KRISTINA ELIZABETH BELL “Tina” Art 1, 2, 3, 4; Tennis team 1; Radio show 4; Club Culture 2. Drama 4. " THE STONES” escaping, con and deception ar¬ tist. MORE STONES, cruising with Barb looking for suns? Drawing portraits, palmistry, photography, mind extentions. Favorite saying: “Well, it’s been real”. MICHAEL BEAN “Mike” Surfing, sailing, tennis, bike riding, guitar. Soph. Class Pres. Student Council 2, 3, 4. A.F.S. Bill ' s “brother”. HELENA WINIFRED BASSETT “Winnie” Horse back riding, Bowling, Reading, Vaca¬ tions. Track 3; FTA 4; Intramural volleyball 3; Curriculum Committee 4. Talking to myself; giving Mrs. Luhmann a hard time. Favorite saying: “Act your age, not your I.Q.” SANDRA LEE BENGSTON “Sandy” and “Sud” Drama 1, 2, 3, 4. Horses, Rhode Island, Dancing. Talking too much, D.C.L. Fa¬ vorite saying: “You ' re kidding!” BARBARA BRAYTON “Barb” Water skiing, Swimming. My suns and my sun philosophy, Wellfleet parties. Favorite saying: “not bad!” “No way,” “Take it easy” “Catch ya later,” " The sun still shines,” “Not so loud Gover”. Best of luck from Cape Tradewinds — Orleans, Mass. Congratulations from Folklore — Cranberry Plaza, Orleans, Mass. 121 IRVING BRONSDON “Farmer- Motorcycling, Explorers, Cheap cars. Favorite say¬ ing: “I have to be home at 11:00.” STEPHANIE GAIL BUCK “Buckwheat- Teflon, Florida, Chi Rho’s, Rock Harbor Gang, Brooks, hating the Cape, Depression, Skipping School. Winning at poker and bowling. Art 1, 2, Student Council 3, Drama 3, Band 1, Work Study, Senior Class Play 3. Favorite Saying “Steve who?” GARY BROOKE “Gary” Surfing JENNY BURRILL photography, dance, acting, Drama. Favorite saying: “Don’t step on the road apples”. DAVID BURDICK “Dave” Track, Student Council, Junior Honor Society, WPDA 2, 3. President Student Council 4, A.F.S. 4, Newspaper 3, 4, Cross Country 3, 4, Track 3, 4, National Honor Society 3, 4. 122 Compliments of Robert H. Smith Insurance Agency Eastham, Mass. Good Luck from Wellfleet Real Estate Wellfleet, Mass. SANDRA JEAN BURTON " Sandy” Needlework, Sewing, Being quiet and giving Ellen Avellar a hard time. Newspaper 3, Yearbook Staff 4, Curriculum Committee — Guidance and History, Vol¬ unteer work for mentally retarded children. Favorite saying: " Oh brother!” WENDY JEANNE CHANDLER Water skiing, Swimming, Sewing, Cooking, Don. FNA 1, 2; Band 1, 2; Leviathan 3. Laughing, my second shadow. NANETTE CHASE “Nan” " Banana” Doing what I want to do, working with silver. Driving around, Laziness, leaving. Drama 4, Senior class play 3, 4. Favorite sayings: " I’m leaving now” " I’m in a rowdy mood” " Help”. SUSAN ANN CHASE " Susie sunshine” practicing the Great Pumpkin mating call at midnight — thanking God I’m an antheist — eating with chopsticks — tie-dyeing “Mom’s” wheelchair. Blonde brownies you can eat with a spoon, paranoia, using English only as a last resort, leaving something everywhere, living life one " Dave” at a time. Honor Society 1, Debate 2, Junior Class Senate, Drama 3, Newspaper 3. " Good Luck in the years ahead” Oliver’s Tennis Courts Rte. 6A, Wellfleet, Mass. Congratulations from Brewster Golf Club Brewster, Mass. CYNTHIA ANN CLARK “Cindy” Going on the beach, collecting jewelry, tennis, sailing. Being absent all the time, being quiet. FNA 1, 2; FTA 4; Yearbook 4. Favorite saying: “Are you kidding me? " WAYNE COAKLEY “Smokely” Dragging, B.H.R.A., Gina, Plymouth’s, tire marks, speeding. U.S. Olympic drinking team. Favorite saying: “Wanna run it?” GEORGE CLARK “George” »i ,«i i ' i n I 1 CHIP COMINS “Chip” Drama, Photography PETER E. CONNICK " Pune” Independent study, Giving those who deserve it a hard time. 124 Best Wishes from Compass Rose Book Shop Orleans, Mass. Compliments of Maximus Paperbacks Orleans, Mass. SUSAN CONNORS " Sue” Art JAMES COSTELLO “Pro” Reading, Listening to the radio, sleeping. Talk¬ ing about golf, going to North Carolina, being a regular golf nut. Golf 1, 2, 3, 4. JOANNE COOMBS Art 1, 2, 3, 4; Drama 3, Senate Member 3. Wind, doodling, Geri, Mary. Favorite saying: “Today is the first day of the rest of your life”. KEITH COULTER " Keith” Congratulations to the Class of “73” Brewster Tennis Club Brewster, Mass. Good Luck from Cape Cod Realty and Building Co. Wellfleet, Mass. 125 1 STEVE CRAFFEY “Steve” ROBERT JUDE CROWELL “Bob” Diving, tennis, fixing up my truck. Say¬ ing the wrong things at the wrong time. Soccer, Golf 1, Baseball 2, Tennis 3, 4, Assembly Committee 3, 4. Favorite say¬ ing: “Say hey”. WAYNE CRESPO “Wayne” Gymnastics, A-V. MICHAEL JOHN DEMETRI “Greek” Track and Field 1, 2, 3, 4; Wrestling 1, 2, 3, 4. Get¬ ting off with Gene and Aubrey. Favorite saying: " Un¬ believable”. 126 ROBERT LEON DESCHAMPS, JR. “Big D” Playing drums, water skiing, ping pong. Soccer 2, 4; Cross Country 3; Cape Cod Music Festival 2, 3, 4; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Orchestra 2, 3, 4; Statistician 1, 2, 3, 4; Radio Show 3. F.T.A. 3; Stage Band 3, 4; Band Captain 2, 3, 4. Favorite Saying; “Boom boom” and " it’s ping pong not table tennis”. Congratulations from Joseph A. Hertig, Realtor, Land Consultant Rte. 28, Orleans, Mass. CRAIG L. DETTENBORN, “Turk” Music, girls, cars, hunting, fishing, sports, animals. Red Hair, trumpet player, late for classes. Band and Orchestra (4 years), debate (3 years), FTA (2 years), Stage Band (2 years), track (2 years). j GERARD DOYLE, " Gerry” PATTY DUFFY, “Duff” Bothering people, sewing. Making faces, talking w o making sense, Edith-Anne. Student Council 1, 2, hiking Club 3, Drama 3, 4, Art 2, 3, 4, Photography 4. Favorite Saying: I think I’ll stay home tomorrow. DANIEL DOUCETTE, “Danny” NOEL DAVID DUNHAM Sports, R. W. eating, do — ings, driving, getting scared, less in fast cars, Pauls flip, flops, susceptive to H. G.’s 0. T. night. Soccer 2, 3, 4, Baseball 2, 3, 4, Basketball 3, Hockey 4. Favorite sayings: “tch”. 127 Compliments of Nickerson Lumber Company Main Str. Orleans, Mass. BRUCE KENNETH DUNNE, “Spooner " Parties, S.L.G. being a Taxi! Being late. Soccer 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Varsity Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Senior Senate 4. SHIRLEY JANE ELDREDGE Tennis, softball, bike riding, playing softball. Field Hockey 1, basketball 1 year, softball 1, 2, 3, 4. Favorite sayings: “For God’s sakes, what’s going on!” i i |M J! ill " I GARY ELLIS, “Gary’ baseball (pitching) STEPHEN ELLIS fishing, boats, falling off boats, U.S. Olympic Drinking Team. Favorite sayings: “You ?? !!! Meathead”. Compliments of H. H. Snow and Sons Orleans, Mass. EUGENE JAMES EMERSON, “Gene” Getting off with Aub and Mike, rolling V.W. Track 3, 4, Hockey 4, drinking and driving. Favorite saying: “Get me going, roll another one, fill it up”. PAUL E. I. J. A. M. FEGAN, “Fegan” school, walking on walls, George M. Drama, Chi-Rho, Academy of Performing Arts, Poetry, Songs. Favorite sayings: “I love this game. Don ' t you love this gam e? I love this game.” FAWN ENGLEMANN, “Fawn” skiing, tennis 2, 3, 4, long hair. FLORENCE FIELD, “Flossy” ANITA ELLEN ERICKSON, “Nita” piano, sewing, music, walking quiet, cheer¬ leader 1, drama 3, 4, class treasurer 3, class marshall 3. Compliments of Nauset Real Estate Orleans center Orleans, Mass. 129 ROBYN GRACE ANN FILLIMAN, “Rob” macram’e, graphology, lettering, biking, deer- ing, going to the beach in winter. FNA 2, year¬ book 4, teaching engrossing 2. Favorite say¬ ings: “Shalom”. ANNE MARGARET FITZGERALD, “A” Listening to records, dancing, macrame, bad¬ minton. Library Aid 1, 2, Future Nurses 1, 2. being shy. Favorite sayings: “Hey kid”. GERIANNE FINN, “Geri” laughing, doodling, eating, just enjoy life, white teeth, front space, Mary and Joanne, habitual offender. Student Council 2, 3, 4, Drama 3, 4. Favorite sayings: " That’s weird”. MARY LOUISE FITZGERALD, “Mare” collecting records, scrapbooks, swimming. Future Nurses 2, 3, 4, Library Aid 1, 3, 4. snapping fingers. Favorite sayings: “That drives me bananas!” ELIZABETH ANNE FOX, “Foxy” Drama, causing trouble. Always asking questions, Stop Shop, always late, bugging Mr. James. Drama 3, 4, Senior Class Play 2, 3, 4, 2 Cape Cod Music Fes¬ tivals, Chorus 2, 3. Favorite sayings: “Oh yeh, sure.” Best wishes from Wellfleet Pharmacy Wellfleet, Mass. DEBORAH FULCHER, “Debby” Being tiny GWEN ANN GAGE Tennis, parties, the beach, the knees, dying at all-nighters, Egg and I, black eyes, curly hair, o. t. night. Field hockey 1-4, basketball 1, manager 2, softball 1, 2, tennis, Mass Girl’s State 3, Jr. Senate, yearbook. MARY ELLEN GAINEY, “Mary " Hesse, the munchies. Geri and Joanne, drinking or spilling coffee, slow walking. Favorite sayrngs: “It’s up to you. " BERNARD CARLTON GREW III, " Cal,” “Carl”, “BCG3” chess, debate, science fiction, fantasy, philosophy, running for track, running for office, tennis, newspaper. “Martying around”, running to school, my magic running hat, meaningless statements of great profundi¬ ty, and other idiotic idiosyncrasies. Track Mgr. 1, Track 2-4, Radio Show 4, Independent Study 4, Yearbook 4, Honor Society, Chairman Senior Class Senate, representative to State Student Government Day, Editor School Newspaper 3, 4. Favorite saying: “Intelligence is merely the ability to answer stupid questions correctly.” 131 Compliments of Nauset Beach-side Motel Beach Road, E. Orleans, Mass. Best Wishes from Eventide Rte. 6, S. Wellfleet, Mass. CANDIDA BAKER GRAY, " Candi” D. B., reading, water skiing, newspaper, debate club. JONATHAN DOWNS GROUT “Jon " “Kev” 7132 C.B. Radio. Four wheel drivers, Hunting, Fishing. Weekend trips, Work study. Blue, Four wheel drive trucks with Ann Tenners. Talk¬ ing about four wheel drivers and C.B. Radios. Favorite saying: " Good enough” “More or less. " JOANNE HART “Joanne” Voice, Piano, Sewing, Read¬ ing, Sailing, Water skiing, Bicycling, Horsebackriding, Volunteer work ' for the men¬ tally retarded; Yearbook 4; Highlanders; Writing poe¬ try; F.N. 1, 2; Chorus 1; Ra¬ dio Show 4; Club Culture 2, 3, 4; French Club; Curricu¬ lum Committee — Guidance and Foreign Language. Being given two alternatives and hopefully opting for the third. Favorite saying: “tch”. FRITZ CARL HAUBNER III " Chris”, “Frap”, " Frip”, “Nummy”, “Chicky”. Photography, Gas land, Music, Mountain Climbing, Sailing Skiing. Wearing my visor, pumpinggas86hours a day, going to the races, hanging out. Photography, Yearbook, Tennis, Volley¬ ball. Favorite saying: “All right”, " son of a butch " . LESLIE JEAN HAUCK “Les” Walking the beaches, Tennis. Mac’s. Tennis 1, 3, 4; Debate 3; Yearbook 4; Independent Study 4; Alternate for Girl’s State 3. Favorite saying: " How do you spell it?” 132 SCOTT HOGG Photography, Motorcycles. Criticizing hippopotami and aardvarks. Favorite saying: “I don’t believe it”. Compliments of Livingston ' s Pharmacy Inc. Orleans, Mass. RICHARD ERIC HOLMBERG " Turtle” Playing hockey and football; Reading Nat. Lampoon The arm; Verbal wars with Pune, — and watching the 3 stooges. Student Congress; Golf 3, 4; Hockey 4. Favorite saying: “P. Town we’ll tangle” " If you can’t poke it, smoke it.” ERIC HUBLER " Narc " Boating, Fishing, Swimming, Hiking. O.F.D.; O.R.S.; Sea Scouts; U.S.P.S.; U.S.C.G.A. “Absolutely nothing”. Favorite saying “You figure it out.” GEORGE BRUCE HUNTER " Bruce” " Doc” Bicycling, Volleyball, Table Tennis, High Jumping, Beach running, Enjoying all sports. Wearing ankle weights, Cycling to school, the " Fosbury Flop " ; Being stingy with tape; Campaigning for McGovern; riding to Vermont in June 1972. Soccer Mgr. 2; Basketball Mgr. 1, 2; Soccer, Basketball student trainer 3, 4; Ice hockey student trainer 4; Track 3, 4; Student council 1; Class Senate 3, 4; Radio Show 2, 3, 4; Newspaper 3; Yearbook 4. Favorite saying: " What can I do for you?” " Hi, how are you?” DONALD JOHNSON " Don” Drinking. Congratulations to the 1973 Graduates Musitronics Inc. Rte. 6A, Orleans, Mass. Best Wishes from Sears Orleans, Mass. 133 Playing piano, reading, Rainbow, driving around. P.W.W. Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4; Drama 3, 4; F.N.A. 3, 4; Cape Cod Music Festival 2. Causing trouble, teasing Mr. Hutchings with Patty, a certain member of the Basketball team, parking lot with M.S., P.L., P.G., K.M. JENNY JOY " Jumpingfoot” “Trebelo” Mountains, Weekend trucking, Emmitt, Feathers, Fish tank. Favorite saying: “One of these mornings, you’re going to rise up singing, you’re going to spread your wings child and take to the sky, Lord the sky.” DANA KEW “Dana” Pumping. SARAH KEITH " Sar” Sailing, Riding, Skiing. Goodluck from Cape Cod Ready Mix Orleans, Mass. EDWARD DAVID LAMPERTI “Ed” Track 3, 4; Track Mgr. 1; Pre-Med; Indepen¬ dent Study; Junior Honor Society; Senior Honor Society; Cross Country 3, 4; Debate 2, 3, 4; Class President 3; Senate Chairman and Senator 4; Leviathan 3, Business Mgr. Plotting nefarious schemes, overeating. Arguing, Mow¬ ing grass. Favorite saying: “You’re wrong!” i SHARON JEAN LANGLEY, “Shrink” Walking, bike riding, laughing, daydreaming. Favorite say¬ ings: " Sure”. PETER LARSON, “Pete” Sandy, skiing, and a motorcycle. PETER KURK LIVINGSTON, " Pete, Deadrock” Woodworking, auto body, auto mechanics, camping, swimming, water skiing, sailing, motorcycles, cooking hamburgs at Philbricks. Work study, senior class senate, FTA. Being late more times than anybody besides Fuzzy. Favorite sayings: “Hey, do me a favor, Heh?” JON LAVALLEE, " Whale” doing beer, 48 Ford pickup, wearing holey T-shirts in winter. Base¬ ball 3, 4, Band 1, 2. Favorite sayings: “Ya, balls”. PATRICIA JOAN LYONS, “Woo- ton, Beaty, Grease” Teasing Mr. Hutchings with Holly, sports, demolishing cars, driving around, drinking, playing cards, getting involved where I shouldn’t 3rd lunch, egg I, D.B.A. 13, green, frogs, all night- ers, “Jock”, parking lot with H. J., K. M., and M. S. Meaty, Beaty and Bouncy. Field hockey 1, bas¬ ketball 1, 3, 4, softball 1-4, j.v. coach 4, Student council 1, 2, Radio Show 3, 4, yearbook 3, 4, editor 4, partiesl-4. Favorite say¬ ings: “feeling kind of Blue” “I think I got roasted not wasted.” Best Wishes to the Class of “73” from the Oracle Rte. 6A Orleans, Mass. JAYNE ELLEN MacARTHUR “Muffie” Sailing; Rainbow; Ballet; Falling down; French; Run¬ ning and dancing on the beach; Europe. F.T.A. 1; Independent Study 4; George M 3; A.F.S. 4; Jr. Class Senate 3; Yearbook 4; Drama 3, 4, Panda Bears; col¬ our coordination; loving in vain; “flashy” blue eyes; being an expert at orange eating and tea drinking. BONNIE JEAN MacDONALD “B.M.” Sports; beach; beach parties; the barn; the knees; Skiing. Field Hockey 1, 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Softball 1; Secretary 1; Yearbook 4; Jr. Senate. Turning red, all nighters, wetting my pants. Favorite saying: “My underpants are caught.” VALERIE MANGINI “Val” Ho Jo’s, Steve, My Family, Timber, being happy. Favorite saying: “H i, How are ya? Bye, See ya later.” EDWARD THOMAS McCANN “Eddie” Model building, ATC 90’s. Telling sick jokes; Cross country; Track Favorite saying: “If you don’t take time to do it the first time right then don’t do it at all. MARSHA McCRAY “Mash” Terry; the beach; nature; people. 136 Good Luck from Paine’s Garage Wellfleet, Mass. LISA JEANNE MEAD “Mini-Mead” “Prudence Sonatus” “Underground Tortoise” Dancing, Skiing, Hiking, Rock climbing, Camp¬ ing, Highlanders, Eating, Traveling, Swimming, Singing. Always being late for classes. Softball; Cheerleaders; Chorus; Orchestra; Musicals — “George M”; “Little Abner”, “West Side Sto¬ ry”; gymnastics. Favorite saying: “Syd, I can ' t make it home tonight”. THEODORE FRANCIS MICKLE “Mickey” Storms, not swimming, my Mom; being small; saying nothing. Study hall 1, 2, 3, 4. CHARLES BARTLETT MELCHER “Chuck” Sailing; Photography; Silversmithing; Surfing. Soccer — 3 years; track 2 years; Student Council — 2 years; Independent Study. Fa¬ vorite saying: “What?” PETER BRUCE MELCHER " Chuck!?” Pole vaulting; Sailing; Bicycling; Thumbing; Reading. Soccer — 3 years; Orchestra — 3 years; Stage band 1 year; Track — 3 years; Tennis — 1 year. SYDNEY ANNE MILLIKEN “Syd” “Windmist sugar foot boris studabaker pisbuin granny good bitch baddinoff” Playing; Photography; Silversmithing; Dreaming; Camping; general trucking; square dancing; mountain music Presents; Rhubarb shampoo; Birthday cards; everyone’s Dear Abby; A fine and private place; trying to be childlike rather than childish; feasts. F.T.A. 3, 4; Yearbook 4. Favorite saying: “It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essen¬ tial is invisible to the eye”. Best Wishes from Mayo’s Beach Rd. E. Orleans, Mass. M ii i 1 [H j i I CHRISTOPHER B. MOORE, “Chris” drinking, eating, sleeping, T.V., skin, motorcycles. Favorite Sayings: “F . . . You”. RUTH ANN MORTON, “Rufe” sewing, swimming, jogging, Frenchman yellow, S. F. L., Baby Ruth, collecting wine bottles, mercedes, the Egg I, getting letters. Yearbook staff, cheerleaders, Chi Rho 1, 2, Various Class committees, future nurses 3, 4. Favorite sayings: “Really, Oh Heavens, It’s time to go!” GAYLE JEAN MOULTON, “Elsie, “Kinky” egg + I, All Nighters, TED, Drama 3, 4, yearbook 4. DAVID SCOTT MULHOLLAND Golf, Parties, driving, playing cards, getting myself in trouble. Freshman Basketball, J.V. Baseball 1, 2, J.V. Basketball 2, J.V. Soccer 3, Varsity Soccer 4, Varsity Basketball 3, 4, Varsity Baseball 3, 4, Varsity Soccer co-captain 4 Varsity Basketball Captain 4. Good Luck to the Class of “73” from the U.S. Coast Guard Rec. Main Str., Hyannis, Mass. KATHLEEN MARIE NADEAU, “Kathy” walking, water skiing, talking, sewing, being late, taking Nita’s car. Basketball. Favorite say¬ ings: “Kiss ass”. MARY ANN NOLIN, “Fro” parties, parties, and more parties, beaches, sunsets, sewing. " Wait a minute, let me test for hydrogen — Pop!” D. H. H. S. " 73” M. L. ' s Blues, Jude the Dude, nose tradings, the dogs even answer me, brushing the Afro, “Keep on tracking,” Junior Class walk — the late comers, " your own car?! — I have my own bike”, track 2, 3, 4, color guard 3, school accreditation committee 3, AFS club 2, 3, 4, yearbook staff 4, FNA 4. Favorite Sayings: “People always expect more out of you with naturally curly hair.” One runs the risk of weeping a little, if one lets himself be tamed. ! . ! m NANCY ELLEN NORGEOT, “Nance” skiing, sailing, bubans, Candy Manor, going away, “The Barn”, my laugh, all nighters, The Egg I, The Knees. Field Hockey 1, 2, 3, J.V. coach 4, Student Council, FNA 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, softball manager 1. Favorite say¬ ings: “Funab!” Best wishes from W. Bassett, Jr. Concrete forms — masonry — floors, Wellfleet, Mass. JOHN JAMES O’CONNOR sailing, skateboarding, imitating Cheech and Chong. CYNTHIA OLIVER, “Cyndy” horses, skiing, drinking, getting rowdy, ‘‘bikey’s”, JJ’s Moonshine, parties, being wrecked, yearbook 4, Ski Club 2, 3. Favorite sayings; “Get it together! " SUZANNE MARIE NORGEOT, “Norge” Beach, tennis, skiing, sailing, horseback riding, hairy- legs, PKM, Joe Cool, Egg I, all nighters. Field Hockey 1-4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, Jr. class senate, stu¬ dent Council 1, Band 1, 2, Orchestra 2, Drama 4, yearbook 4. Favorite sayings: “Kuk!!!!” CYNTHIA LOUISE NORTH, “Cindy” partying, sailing, skiing (water), photography, crafts, drawing, bike riding, volleyball, horse¬ back riding, canoeing, having fun, being late for sociology class. Honor Society 3, 4, Inde¬ pendent Study 4, Hiking Club 3, Student Coun¬ cil 4, Ski Club 4, yearbook 4. Favorite Sayings: “Hey what!” “It’s just another indication —”, SARAH PARO gofer and zonk. Compliments of Orleans Pharmacy : A.-b.Lrl CAREN ANNE PENNEY sometimes referred to by those of the past as “Penelope Q. Snodgrass.” Sewing; voice; writing; brown-nosing; Appearing intelligent to those necessary, but otherwise totally incompetent. Hockey 2; Orchestra 1, 2, 3; Student Council 2; Debate 2, 3; F.N.A. 1, 2; Leviathan 3; A.F.S. 4; Junior Senate 3; F.N.A. 1, 2; Leviathan 3; A.F.S. 4; Junior Senate 3; Senior Senate 4; “George M” 3; Independent Study 4; Class treasurer 2. DUNCAN MARK PENNEY “Moon Man” Music; Sports; summer; Getting out of French Class; playin’ trumpet; bein’ a jock; doin ' favorsforfriends. Soccer 1,2,3, 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3,4; Track 1, 2, 3, 4; Band; Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4; Stage Band 3, 4; Student Council 3, 4; Regional Advisory Council 4; Class Treasurer 1; SeniorclassSenate4; Cape Cod Music Festival 1, 2; Curriculum Committee 3, 4; Junior Honor Society 1; Demolay. Favorite saying: " Gimme a break!” “Now ask me if I care . . .” JANE ELIZABETH PENO “Nut”, “Janie Poo”, " Peno” Skiing, Sports, driving, beach swimming, Connec¬ ticut boys, " the barn”, Ships Knees, parties, bad temper. Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Softball Mgr. 1; Junior Senate 3. Favorite saying: ‘I’m Boardmen”! BRUCE PETERS LORRAINE PERRAULT Skiing in Watervill Valley N.H. W.G., R.B., R.Q. and Calif. Traveling; designing wedding gowns; horses. Favorite saying; “Dummy up or I’ll blacken both your eyes! Compliments of Monomoy Contracting Corp. Wilfred Rd., Chatham, Mass. MARK STEVEN PHILBRICK hiking, camping, golf, quick insults. Golf 1-4, Band 1, 2, Student Council 4, Senior Senate. Favorite Saying: “Hey boy!” TAMSIN POND, “Tami” Woodie. STEPHEN PHILLIPS, “Steve” basketball, track, photography RICHARD JOHNSON PINNEY, “Rick” climbing, fixing my TRIUMPH TR3. hockey, soccer, turns in my Tr3. Favorite sayings “Welcome to the acid club.” MARY-ANNE POPOLI, “Pop” working, relaxing after work, car trouble, just plain being in trouble. Drama 3, 4, FNA 1, 2, 3. Favorite sayings: “Shut your hole.” 142 Best Wishes from Gould Real Estate Main Str. E. Orleans, Mass. LAURIE ELAINE PRICE Sewing; Candy Striper; kids; cinnamon hearts; trying to play tennis!?!; walking in rain; my height! Field Hockey 1, 2; Basketball Mgr. 2; Cheering 3, 4; Junior and Senior Senate; Junior and Senior Honor Society; Yearbook 4; Drama 3, 4; WSS; “George M’’; " Music Man”; Photography 4; Pre-Med 4; Club Culture; French Club; Campus Guide. WILLIAM MORRILL RAMSAY “Captain Light- LYTTLETON PRICE “Tad” Chi Rho; guitar; photography. LUCINDA QUINN " Cindy” Ballet; guitar; HoJo’s; Drama; Favorite saying. ‘Don’t make me laugh, I’ll wet my pants.’ foot” Diddly things, sports, running along the beach; lyin ' around. Alcoholism; drug abuse; wild dates; fast expensive cars; (ha-ha, so there); orange juice, automotive breakdowns. Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Senior Senate 4. Favorite saying: “I’ll think o’ something. Compliments of H. T. Crocker Ins. Agency Cove Rd. Orleans, Mass. DONNA MARIE RAMSDELL “Ram” and “French Frog” J.S. writing poetry; music; art; photography; riding the 185 Suzuki; horseback riding; walk¬ ing; waiting for a certain phone call from J.S.; Listening with head phones to Neil Young’s “After the Gold Rush.” Drama 3, 4; Yearbook Staff 4; Art 1, 2, 3, 4; Photography 4. Favorite saying: “Leave me alone!” RAE ESTHER REYNOLDS, “Raester” crocheting, knitting, bowling, sewing, talking, laughing in study hall, getting in trouble. Business manager for senior play. Favorite sayings: “Keep my butterflies out of this!” NORMAN REIS, “EIF” surfing, car, bikes. My FIAT, cruis¬ ing. Favorite sayings: “What can I say?” DEBORAH LAURA YOUNG RODGERS, “Debby” Mike, horseback riding, bumming cigarettes, skipping classes, gym, Hemmingway, Photography I. Favorite sayings: “That’s a bummer.” RICHARD SEVERNS, “Rick” hockey. ANNE SAYLOR sewing, reading, tennis, guitar, biking, swimming, walking on the beach, photography, tennis 1-4, Band 1, 2, 3, Orch¬ estra 2, 3, Stage Band 3, Jr. Honor Society 1, Senior Honor Society 3, 4, French Club 4. Favorite sayings: “I don’t know.” 144 Compliments of Puritan Clothing Co. Orleans Shopping Plaza, Orleans, Mass. MARK DOUGLAS SHERWIN painting; sailing; defunct volkswagens that shoot flames. Golf 1, 2, 4. Favorite saying: “Eat it!” 5 JONATHAN WINFIELD SMITH " Jon” or " Smith” or some derivative of my name, collecting old glass; fishing; and observ¬ ing. Water skiing; skimboarding; swear¬ ing at tourists that drive 25 m.p.h., bass fishing; clamming; going to Maine; tak¬ ing pictures; and watching hockey. Fa¬ vorite sayings: “old, Cape Codder expressions found in lobstermen ' s minds and noo text like this.” Compliments of Town Ho — Rte. 6A 124, Brewster, Mass. Good luck from the Brass Bell Rte. 6A Brewster, Mass. LAURIE HAVILAND SMITH " Tommy” guitar; the beach; painting; writing; taking walks being deaf, dumb, and blind; Ships Knees, The Barn Gene; being short and silly; keeping my eyes peeled Field Hockey 2, 3, 4; cheerleader 2, 3, 4; Drama 3, 4 Class secretary 3; Student Council 4; Junior Senate 3 Art 2, 3, 4; Favorite saying; “What?” “Oh, you guys!’ GLENDA BETH SHEA “Glen” music; driving my car, swimming, talking, my lousy labs, being quiet; my fantastic (?) grades! Band; Orchestra; Honor Society; Independent Study. Favorite sayings: “Did you get problem 3?” " You’ve got to be kidding!” WILLIAM TODD SHOVELIER “Shov” Mathematics. MARY VIRGINIA SMITH, “Mare” nursing home, crocheting, cooking, dancing les¬ sons, babysitting, wearing red, candy corn, “the kid that went to Turkey?” Quacking, TAB. News¬ paper, yearbook 3, 4, AFS 3, 4, Independent Study 4, Honor Society 3, 4, Debate 2, Drama 1-4, Chorus 2, 3. favorite sayings: “Hi kids!” Merhaba-Nasilsiniz? “Give me a break!” STANLEY SMITH, " Stan” MICHELLE GAYNOR SMITH, “Lips” singing, dancing, pulling all nighters, parties, ships knees, " The Barn”. DBA, Nauset Beach parking lot, egg I, being dense, too emotional, looking drunk, laughing, cheerleader 3, 4, drama 3, 4, chorus 3, 4, student council 3, campus guide, student government, student senate, year¬ book, concert committee, Cape Music Festival, New England State Festival, Curriculum Commit¬ tee. Favorite sayings: “Odoy, Odoy,” “Mental” " Mercury! (Hg)”. NORMAN STANLEY FOWLER SMYSER, “Sandy” mechanics, motorcycle-racing, fiberglassing, building racing bikes, water skiing, work study, a cylinder smoke, winning and crashing. Favorite saying: “Oh sh-t”. Compliments of Eastham Superette Eastham, Mass. Good Wishes from Joseph Lema Son Wellfleet, Mass. DENISE STAMATOS knitting, painting, piano, red toenails, Boston week¬ ends, Greek dances, yearbook. Favorite sayings: “I was hysterical, Oh my God.” JANE ROBERTSON STRAITON, “B. J.” “Suave” skiing, swimming, sailing, water skiing, tennis, riding, diving, crewel em¬ broidery, photography, fishing, traveling, talking and laughing, tennis team 2, 3, 4, FNA 1, 2, 4, band 1, 2, 3, orchestra 3, stage band 3, year¬ book 4, Leviathan 3, French Club. Favorite sayings: “Gimmie a break.” SUSAN LYNN ANNE TABER, “Soup”, “Tabe”, " Tabes”. working, reading, writing, swimming, playing guitar, piano, yelling, directing plays, singing around and having a good time, loud-mouthing with the kids, bugging teachers like Mr. James and Mrs. Emerson, student director for 2 years, drive endlessly around in circles! (so it seems). Favorite sayings: “good enough.” doubt it! what?” GLENN SVENNINGSEN Band, orchestra. Good Luck from David H. Bessom Main Str., E. Orleans, Mass. MICHAEL TARTAGLIA, “Mike” 147 KIM STRAUGHN drama, J. S. “This is the Rill Speaking.” Compliments of Wellfleet Sunoco Rte. 6, S. Wellfleet, .Mass. MELODIE TEN BROECK MARTHA LEE TURCOTTE, “Mart, Markee, strawberry” embroidery, modern jazz, sailing, crazy “Charlie”, eating candy corn, shouting “Hey Kiddos!” straw¬ berry perfume. Leviathan 3, AFS 4, Drama 4, George M 3, French Club 2. BARRY ALAN TURNBULL, “Bear " motorcycling, street hockey, cor- vairs and other great cars, goofing, baseball, golf. KATHERINE TESSON, “Taffy” sleeping, sewing, being short. RICHARD WILLIAM TOWNSEND, “Dick” CF Manyers, CB Radios, 4 wd, driving, talking, KEY 8365 CHIO. 4Wd Mustang Bark Seats. Favorite Say¬ ings: “Hey Bill.” 148 Compliments of The Downs Insurance Agency Inc. Wellfleet, Mass. DONALD WATKINS, “Don” teasing the fairer sex, Ford’s, Rudy’s Automotive. Fixing Fords, guitars, sound Systems. A.V. 1-4, “Westside Story,” J.V. basketball 1, 2, work study 1-4. Favorite sayings: “Damn those Fords.” KATHLEEN ROSE VERFAILLIE, “Kathy” drawing, sewing, tennis, walking the beach, having good intentions, those precious packs of CERT — ified mouth- pleasers. yearbook staff 4, Honor society 1, 3, 4, tennis 2, 3, French club 4, Pho¬ tography 4. Favorite sayings: “Oh cut it out!”, " Oh my goodness!” FRANK WHITE tennis. Congratulations from The Yum Yum Tree Rte. 6A Wellfleet, Mass. LAURIE ELLEN WHITE, “Lor” horseback riding, smoking, staying up all night, cove at 5 o ' clock in the morning, sun¬ shine, “Desiderata”. Drama 3, 4, radio show 3, 4, drama festival 3, 4, journalism. Favorite say¬ ings: “How’s it going?” STANLEY ARTHUR WILCOX, " Stan the man” hunting, fishing, sports in general, warming the bench on Leo’s basketball team. Soccer 1-4, basketball 1-3, hockey 4, baseball 1-4. Favorite sayings: “Hit the road,” “Give me a break.” DEBORAH JANE WILES, “Mushroom” drawing, painting, walking, reading, riding, tennis 2, 4, gymnastic 3, FTA 4, Drama 3, art 1-4, Cape Cod, Rough riders 1-4. always say¬ ing yes. WILLIAM WHITELAW, “Bill” senior senate, soup, opposing everything. 150 DOROTHY MAE WILLIS, “Dotty” shopping, knitting, driving to P’Town. George, getting married in March. Fa¬ vorite sayings: “What? We’ll See.” • V Compliments of Chequessett Village Real Estate Wellfleet, Mass. MARILYN WILLIS, “Mai " Dave, riding in the Tique. working at Stop Shop, the Maverick. Favorite sayings: “poot- sie " . RICHARD WINSLOW, “Rich- Art; little sports car. JOHN WINSLOW pottery, sailing, soccer 1, 2, 3, 4, track 3 “chair 3.” MICHAEL THOMAS YONCE, “Fuzz, Fuzzy” reading, traveling, horseback riding, chasing girls, having fun. saying “Hello to everyone”, getting drunk, going to Maine. Golf 1, 3, soccer 1, newspaper 3, Drama 3, 4, Radio Show 3, 4. Favorite Sayings: “Hi! How are you?” STEPHEN YOUNG, “Steve” Best Wishes from Hyannis Cooperative Bank Orleans, Mass. 151 Gwen Marilyn Duncan Caren Mary-Anne Best Wishes from Robinson’s Five and Ten Orleans, Mass. SUE C JENNY J iAVE B Good luck to the Class of " 73” from Sydenstricker Glass Rte. 6A Brewster, Mass. DEBBIE HELENA 1 Good Luck from Nauset Knolls Motor Lodge E. Orleans, Mass. Congratulations to the Class of " 73” Cove Motel and Grille Rte. 28, Orleans, Mass. n:,. i ■ » • .«. i-os»t ■’ .» £ . • U . Yearbook Patrons • . • |--_J .SH- ' -t- ar Ginger Bob Erickson Mr. Mrs. Paul White Joyce John Roche Mr. Mrs. William McCaskie • Vvi . A’ Skip Campbell Ms. Susan Burns • ■fer; Mrs. Charles Meads Jr. % Jp I ’ ; M 4- WKm 4w8£ 5. Jean Condito Mrs. Mary R. Ber Mr. Mrs. David M, Laning Mr. Mrs. David Luhmann . £ Y | Ms. Mousseau Mr. Mrs. John Gray Mrs. Ralph B. Anderson Mr. Clifford C. O’Connor Mrs. Paul Ventura Mr. Mrs. Paul Longo Robert Use Livingston Mr. Mrs. Warren Price B - Mr. Mrs. James S. Philbrick ■WSL. ' Wj - ‘JAM Mr. Mrs. William R. Saylor j Y ■ ‘v :V Y- ' aw - ' rw ■w i. I Mr. Mrs. Albion G. Hart Jr. Mr. Mrs. John Gage Mr. Mrs. John Hauck Mr. Mrs. Donald R. Watkins Sr Ml • V- Tjfcv • r -r . SZy -. Y .- . ' v: Mr. Mrs. Ralph Perrault Mr. Mrs. Robert R. Peno Jr. Mrs. Eleanor Schmidt Mr. Mrs. Bernard Collins Mr. Mrs. Donald Stuart Finlay Mr. Mrs. Frank Daly Mr. Mrs. Vincent Breshnahan Mr. Mrs. David A. Gates Mr. Mrs. Robert Wilkinson Mr. Mrs. Richard Penney Mr. Mrs. David Howe Mr. Mrs. Andrew Kalinick Mr. Paul Chamberlin Mr. Mrs. Leo Miller Mr. Mrs. E. C. Brookshire Mr. Mrs. Robert E. Milbier Mr. Mrs. Arthur D. Stout 4 mWSMkk Mr. Mrs. Joseph Walorz Mr. Mrs. Kenelm Collins Bob Rice Magoo?? Mr. Mrs. David Mead Mr. Mrs. Roland Verfaillie Mr. Mrs. Francis L. Smith TM.iri SSKi-p ' . ' msnW jar? i , J . £ • ;At v- r ‘ ? :-V; ' 4 da But it must not be sought for or — heaven forbid — dug for. No, no dredging of the seabottom here. That would defeat one’s purpose. The sea does not re¬ ward those who are too anxious, too greedy or too impatient. To dig for trea¬ sures shows not only impatience and greed, but lack of faith. Patience, pa¬ tience, patience is what the sea teaches! Patience and faith. One should lie empty, open, choiceless as a beach — waiting for a gift from the sea. Anne Morrow Lindberg Tune in WVLC 1170 on your dial. . . ■ .... i ' ' ■ . ■ 1 ' • 1 ■ ■: j ! ' ■ » • J- , • ■ 1 r ' J ' - v v. - ■) . - . •.« ’ ' ,7 r ' • . t . » ; C, ■ • ' . • ' ..V - »• V. ' •(A.’ ' ' r ,-v.; ' . .I; • .. . ; ' • ' ' 1 -v7. , ‘ ■ . 1 . ' - ' . - ' ' . .■ ■ ■ : . . v - • . ; . Vi...V i . 0 ' . ’ vv-. 1 .• J : ' rr i ■ - ■ . I ! 1 . i f i •». " rt I., t NAUSET REG H S LIBRARY

Suggestions in the Nauset Regional High School - Nauset Tides Yearbook (North Eastham, MA) collection:

Nauset Regional High School - Nauset Tides Yearbook (North Eastham, MA) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 1


Nauset Regional High School - Nauset Tides Yearbook (North Eastham, MA) online yearbook collection, 1971 Edition, Page 1


Nauset Regional High School - Nauset Tides Yearbook (North Eastham, MA) online yearbook collection, 1972 Edition, Page 1


Nauset Regional High School - Nauset Tides Yearbook (North Eastham, MA) online yearbook collection, 1974 Edition, Page 1


Nauset Regional High School - Nauset Tides Yearbook (North Eastham, MA) online yearbook collection, 1975 Edition, Page 1


Nauset Regional High School - Nauset Tides Yearbook (North Eastham, MA) online yearbook collection, 1976 Edition, Page 1


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