Nauset Regional High School - Nauset Tides Yearbook (North Eastham, MA)

 - Class of 1972

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Nauset Regional High School - Nauset Tides Yearbook (North Eastham, MA) online yearbook collection, 1972 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 168 of the 1972 volume:

1972 Nauset Tides Nauset Regional High School N. Eastham, Massachusetts i .- L ' V 1 •j -» , L i BCmmmvmmi f s iff is t S I 1 _£ ft 9 $ L :i -M If K .„,; V- " 7 f l ,.. ... .,, «; " i jSvYf ' ' " ; " V .™ " T ' ImPak L» „ -H K aC5 We the class of ’72 dedicate this book to the many faces of MR. JOHN GRAY J’V A SENIOR Fonda Buck it _ ' M f ‘ _ 15 4 Karl Lindstrom . . • W 9 - Richard Murphy A _ • t Patty Seddon Marcia Walwer - •(»% — r v» ' Linda Young Vincent Yamamoto Never let your schooling interfere with your education. 28 c erjfc filing th „ Sc j 0o r0i Up 0 q ms e] Ve stu dents .?W, ,° « m ,•, f Ae JV a „ tl ysthrZy te in °cc ul k aga inst S t? p c Curn PletJ!i " " e the ' « ' l »e 3 Frifa x , - :n f S££ 555 a? ?» a -J 2 j JMetf „“ ' ? tte 6 " ' Win A , ' 0 aX W W " WZ e a nd to c ° m mte e °Po Sed a e ed C 0 l Pple - school » the that 311 SZ a 0 evA -°c - e ev e 333 a tried f nv e’ve COtls tructi V »ity is l e C 0ft7e uc |ve of 1 nder‘i eSsent iali ur‘ us far • £? . j e e-, e « ’e| f te toy 3 i;i ?s at° ' ' ts ' ic e JO o „ 033 toe £, at jo . t 933 Hr ese % e J ' " , ' ; ' ' % ' - t Z V ' V,, °% 4 s ' im " ' 11 . 4 cf c % V ? c . p ; % - r «cy 4 e ? . V 0 X ? ' ' CX ■ ; % ■ ?0 y % Aw feg- Oo; WNs. WN . 0 ' o 0 , OA- 6 % M § i SENIORS AS THEY REALLY ARE! CHATTERBOXES Chuck Cathy SHYEST BEST DRESSED Sid Jan MOST ATHLETIC Jody Peter 35 FRIENDLIEST Jeff Trisha 36 INDIVIDUALISTS David Leslie PROCRASTINATORS Johnny Tina MOST ARGUMENTATIVE John Leslie-Ann 37 1 MOST LIKELY TO REMAIN ON CAPE COD Bob Amy BEST-LOOKING 38 David Jo Steve Lajoie; vice president, Mari Fuller: treasurer, Wendy Meads; secretary, and David Edwards and Karen Cooper; presidents. ....... ■ -Li: . ; ■ ■ ■ ; ; -- CLASS OFFICERS Lisa Filliman secretary Fletcher Brock vice president 39 Keith Craven Rani Nardin Leslie Allen Charmian Ladner Lisa Filliman Pat Howes Lucy Daniels Jamie Rice ■■Mk : ■ ■ ' . • ■ •- • w , 41 David Edwards Steve Eldredge Linda Cullum David Holbrook Lou Anne Dorrie 43 } ■ jm ' «JjfHr i ' 4 -} vBSSBssxs JfS M i ’■■ ' - ■• • ' .. . - . , :.. v Gail Peterson ' -wyrr Vicki King David Bean ___ Wendy, Pat, Larry, Sue, Pete, Rick, Nils, and Lisa t i r i iiw mu Bob Doane rtfttvuKTnamuttuut-! Ricky Olson Lee Bailey and Jim Smith Kevin Bardwell Fletcher Brock HBMI Judy Manning f • l _mimW-J -.Wi-.s. • • .v.; .. grarawnu f »HW14W1WW W1IU’ Pam Gage : Mari Fuller ' Laura Graham Alexandra Guver in ■ 52 Michelle Lane Gary Burns Lynn Connors 53 Sandy Pirnat ► Kitty Paget ' » k % i Pete Thomas Bett Smith 56 John Milliken April Wittmann Scott Ellis v i Elinor Spear r i I Tina Penney Larry Leonard s K v, ' K7K Sue Von Itter David Lee Janice Fisher Deb Deschamps Donna Pillsbury nimumuti ' i nwimiiwwBBiiBi inmiinmm m i hi i n u ..him . Paul Adao Vince Yamamoto Jane MaeKnight Mary Fettig Nancy Downs Mark Preu Listen, Mr. Bresnahan. 62 63 CHRISTMAS TREE To raise money the Seniors made an all out effort to sell Christmas trees. These are just a few frost-bit¬ ten Seniors who devoted much time and effort to make this one of their profitable endeavors. 65 - — ---:—rr 4%fo " % . S’S y " “ 8 45S S 0 V W »0 £ “HK J ‘V ’« I N£ V‘‘ 0 « 68 • •. -• .. • . .rt . --- SENIOR DIRECTORY PAUL ADAO: " Is that right,” The Little Red Dumptruck, hydroplane, Soccer — 1, 2, 3. JOHN ALLEN: " Yeah, sur-re,” lousy Italian jokes, sum¬ mer beach parties at Nauset, fishing, diving. LESLIE ALLEN: " baby sandwich soaped for comfort,” Ind. Sty. — 4, JrHonSoc — 1, Photography Club — 1, 2, 3. RONALD ALEXANDER: Moose, " You’re being a pain,” Track — 2, Work Sty. — 3, 4, weekend trips, hunting, fishing, camping, free boarding. KERRY ANDERSON: Studley, the oldest, bowling, work¬ ing on cars, Bridget, goint out for dinner with Robert, New England Dragway. CORA AVELLAR: " Where’s Dum-dum?,” Business Club — 3, 4, babysitting, bowling, swimming, water skiing, skating, sewing. RICK BACKUS: Back, " How’s it goin’?” X-Country — 3, 4, Basketball — 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball — 1, 2, 3, 4. LESLIE BAILEY: Lee, Cheerleader — 2, Chorus — 1, 2, CC Music Fest. — 1, Business Club — 2, 3, 4, SrHonSoc — 3, 4, smile, sewing, Jimmy. JIM BAKER: complaining, flipping trucks, Band — 1, 2, 3, 4, CC Music Fest. — 2. RICHARD BANAS: Rick, Bananas, drinking, sleeping, working at First National. KEVIN BARDWELL: Wimp, class dildo, " Mostgreaseof- theYear” award, obscenities, beer women, choppers. DAVID BEAN: Fred Neabs, Soccer — 1, 2, 3, 4, Ind. Sty. -— 4, JrHonSoc — 1, Boys’ State — 3, surfing. ROGER BISMORE: Buck " What did you say?,” sports, being a nice person, Soccer — 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball — 1, 2, 3, 4. LINDA BREWER: " Oh crud,” Drama — 1, SrHonSoc — 3, 4, bicycle-riding, photography, candle-making, going to the mountains. Fisherman’s Players, The Donut Shack, babysitting, handcrafts, long-distance phone calls. FLETCHER BROCK: Wheelies, wearing T-shirts, X-Coun- try — 2, 3, Class Vice President — 3. MARK BROGI: Brodge, " Don’t worry, I see it,” turkeys, Watson’s, skiing, traveling, working for the money trap, driving around, Steering Comm. — 3, 4. LAURA BROWN: " What’s ya doing?,” Business Club — 3, 4, skipping classes, giving grief, getting into trouble with Cindy. FONDA BUCK: art work, chirho, John. PHILIP BURKE: Feel, " due to the fact . . .,” hunting, fishing, doing anything and getting caught at it. PETER BURLING: Burl, " How ya doing?,” Baseball — 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball — 1, 2, 3, 4, Soccer — 4, X-Country — 2, 3, Steering Comm. — 3, 4, Class President — 2, Harvard Book Award — 3, guitar, sleeping, writing, eat¬ ing, forgetting, blowing speeches, owing money. STEVEN BURNS: " Capt. Guts,” " Seriously . . .,” Base¬ ball — 1, surfing, sleeping, eating, the good things in life, and just plain existing, " The Deadly Datsun.” GARY BURNS: " What’s a blemma?,” not finishing any¬ thing I start, not starting anything I’m supposed to, getting out of class, smoking, eating, sleeping, water skiing, flying blemmas, Student of the Week in 7th grade. BERNIE BURT: Capt. Hook, " Hi Teve,” Baseball — 1, sleeping, eating, looking at work, Lisa. MICHAEL CHAMBERS: Mike, Soccer — 1, Track — 1, 2, 3, 4, doing nothing, surfing, playing bass guitar, eating, sleeping. SHERRY CLARK: " Yuh know?,” FTA — 4, Ind. Sty. — 4, JrHonSoc — 1, SrHonSoc — 3, 4, Girls’ State — 3, bowling, swimming, Jolly Jack’s. SHARON CLIFTON: George, Chorus — 1, 2, Lib. Aide — 1, 2, FNA — 1, 2, 3, 4, Drama — 2, 3, 4, my laugh, bowling. Southern Comfort, Gary, driving. CAROLINE COLLINS: Carol, Stop Shop, Lib. Aide — 3, 4, Student Council — 3, 4, work, eating, riding around, reading. HARRY CONDIT: Woodie, being sneaky, hunting, swim¬ ming, cycles, Tami. LYNN CONNORS: dancing, art. KAREN COOPER: Cooper, cutting down the Jocks, Billy, wine, sliding, ATC 90, talking, Student Council — 4, Drama — 3, President — 4. JIM COWEN: Cow man, " You still driving that piece of junk?,” water-skiing, diving, sleeping, spectator, Supt. of Kindergarten. KEITH CRAVEN: " Here we go.” tennis — 1, Chorus — 3, Drama — 3, 4, sailing, swimming, drama, being a clutz. BEVERLY CROWELL: Bev, Lib. Aide — 4, Business Club — 3, 4. PHYLLIS CROWELL: Phyll, " For Pete’S Sake,” collect¬ ing, movies. Business Club — 3, 4, Radio — 4. LINDA CULLUM: Cull. " B.A.D.,” music, guitar, Field Hockey Manager — 1, Softball — 3, Chorus — 4, FNA — 4, SrHonSoc — 3, 4, Drama — 4, Radio — 4. LUCY DANIELS: " Not a heckuva lot,” Tennis — 4 , JrHonSoc — 1, Yearbook — 3, 4, skiing, tennis, guitar, macrame. ELAINE DEMETRI: " I don’t believe it,” Business Club — 3, walking on the beach in winter, having a good time. DEBORAH DESCHAMPS: Deb, " I’m so bored!,” Basket¬ ball — 3, Cheerleader — 1,2, Softball — 2, Orchestra — 1, 2, 3, 4, CC Music Fest. — 1, 2, 3, 4, Drama — 3, Class Treasurer — 1, flying kites, skiing, horseback riding. ROBERT DOANE: Scro, driving, parties, " What’s a blem¬ ma?,” Scro juice, Track — 1, 2, 3, 4. LOUANNE DORRIE: Lou, " Gimme a break!,” Field Hockey manager — 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball — 1, 2, 3, 4, Lib. Aide — 1, 2, Radio Standard Times — 3, Year¬ book Editor — 4, causing trouble. True Confessions, wast¬ ing gas, clove lifesavers, pretzels, year-round tan, PCWC, Oct. 10 and 27, Rock Harbor (both sides). NANCY DOWNS: Nance, driving into posts, sailing, pho¬ tography, macrame, FTA — 3, 4, Yearbook — 4. PATRICIA DUFFY: Trisha, " No, wait a second!,” FNA ■HAHHI — 3, Drama — 3, 4, Chorus — 3, FTA — 2, Student Guide, Student Council — 4, music, eating, dieting, being confused, fraternizing with the groundsman, saying too much. AMY DYER: Aim, " Wonderful, just Wonderful!,” talking but never saying anything, Sandy, sewing, knitting, cook¬ ing, Cheerleader — 2, Lib. Aide — 1, 2, 4, Standard Times — 3, Yearbook — 4. DONNA DYER: Smiley, " Unbelievable!,” Cheerleader — 1, 2, 3, 4, Chorus — 1, Business Club — 3, 4, Yearbook — 4, Business Award — 3, fishing, having a good time, bowling, giggling. DAVID EDWARDS: Dave, Eddy, " Ya, let’s so it!,” Soccer — 1, X-Country — 4, Track — 1, 2, 3, 4, Track Co-Capt. — 4, Band Orchestra — 1, 2, 3, 4, CC Music Fest. — 2, 3, 4, Ind. Sty. — 4, Student Council — 1, 2, 3, 4, Year¬ book — 4, Boys’ State — 3, Class President — 3, 4, Varsi¬ ty Club — 4, surfing, leather, music, photography, sum¬ mer, at least trying, the house on the cod, talking, MHC, the van, dreams . . . DAVID ELDREDGE: Luther, " Everything’s under con¬ trol,” Soccer — 1, 2, Basketball — 1, 2, Golf — 2, Base¬ ball — 1, Orchestra — 1, Student Council — 2, 3, 4, gen¬ eral rowdiness, surfinp, water skiing, playing ball, eating, sleeping. STEVEN ELDREDGE: " How do ya like that,” at the beach, surfing, hiking, getting off, staying up, good Mys¬ tery Tours. SCOTT ELLIS: Clam, " JoAnn still owes me a sixpack for looking i n the wrong places.” Leaning back in chairs, not doing homework, being the first one at school and first to leave, hockey, parties, camping, working on my car, swim¬ ming, Baseball — 1, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra — 4, Band — 1,2, 3, 4, Class Beggar. WARREN EMOND: Ewart, drinking, working night crew, Stop Shop, working all hours and always having money to lend. MARY FETTIG: Farney, Bamos, bicycling, photography, macrame, sewing, FTA, Student Council, Radio, Drama, Yearbook. LISA FILLIMAN: Lee, " Neat,” smile, nearsightedness, guitar, Cold Duck, writing, sewing, macrame, WBCN, bik¬ ing, photography, sunshine, redwhiteandblue, CJ and the Fish, Chorus — 1, 2, Lib. Aide — 2, Office Aide — 2, 4, FTA — 3, 4, Folk Club — 2, JrHonSoc — 1, Yearbook — 4, Class Secretary — 3. JANICE FISHER: Mom, " Hi, kids!” Basketball — 1, 2, 3, Orchestra — 1, 2, 3, 4, FNA - 2, 3, 4, JrHonSoc — 1, SrHonSoc — 3, 4, Yearbook — 4, piano, appointments, la-la-la, traveling, driving, sewing, thinking. RODNEY FULCHER: Rod, used-car dealer, diving, motor¬ cycling, restoring cars. MARIELLEN FULLER: Mari, " Hey JoAnne, guess where I’m going?!” sudden hysteria on Oct. 10, my height, RWD, flute, Field Hockey — 1, 2, 3, 4, Cheerleader — 2, 3, 4, Band — 2, 3, 4, Orchestra — 1, 2, 3, 4, Chorus — 4, CC Music Fest. — 1, 2, 3, 4, Ind. Sty. — 4, Drama — 3, Yearbook — 4, Class Vice Pres. — 1, Class Treasurer — 2, 3, 4. JOANN GAGE: Jo, ' It’s nothing, forget it!” Blue Puna, Oct. 10 and 27, being gullible, " flies,” driving, sewing, JMD, bowling, tennis, Field Hockey — 1, 2, 3, 4, Basket¬ ball — 1, 2, 3, 4, Softball — 1, 2, 3, 4, Band and Orches¬ tra — 1, 2, 3, 4, CC Music Fest. — 1, 2, 4, SrHonSoc — 3, 4, Yearbook — 4. PAM GAGE: Pammy Duck, " Jesus H.,” parties, deafness, being spastic, tennis, Reggie Smith, cooking. Field Hockey — 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball — 1, 2, 3, Softball — 1, 2, 3, 4, Band and Orchestra — 1, 2, 3, 4, CC Music Fest. — 1, 2, 4, CATHY GALLAGHER: Mouth, Cath, " What’s so funny?” " Are you kidding me?” doughnuts, walking, black and blues, getting in trouble, Hojo’s, losing my car keys, my 1951 Buick Dynaflow special, piano, horses, riding, sail¬ ing, drawing, intramural basketball, tennis, FTA — 4, Drama — 3. JIM GAINEY: surfing, sports, Soccer — 1, 2, 3, 4, Basket¬ ball — 1, 2. JIM GILLIS: Gillis, " Right on, M.F.,” smoking, going on trips, speeding. STEVEN GILMORE: Danforth, " What’s the story, Artley?” tuna fishing, boom-boom, ’48 Dodge, hockey, surfing, working, Sunday night parties, kicking it in the other team’s net, Soccer — 1, 3, 4, Basketball — 1, Base¬ ball — 2, 3, 4, Yearbook — 4, Varsity Club — 2, 3, 4. DAVID GOULD: Snyde, surfing, going to parties. Mystery Tours. BRIAN GOVE: Dum-dum, " High there,” being strange at all times, animals, sound equipment, Drama — 1, 2, 3, 4. LAURA GRAHAM: Is, Living for Christ, sewing, horse¬ back riding, writing, SrHonSoc — 3, 4. ALEXANDRA GUYER: Alex, " How interesting!” addic¬ tion to big words, reading, genealogy, crocheting, sewing, writing, SrHonSoc — 3, 4, Drama — 3, 4, Radio — 3, 4. PETER HALL: " I can live without it.” flying Dodge Po- lara, coin collecting, football, gambling, ping pong, bad¬ minton, parties, Freshman Basketball Manager, Intramural Basketball — 1, 2, 3, 4, Golf — 1, 2, 3, 4, Radio — 4, Newspaper — 1, Steering Comm. — 3, 4. GERALD HARPER: Goffer. JOHN HARRIS: Smokey, sports, surfing. Soccer — 1, 3, 4, Basketball — 1, Baseball — 1, 2, 4. JEFF HASKELL: " Let’s get some beer tonight!” walking Nauset beach at night, bowling, pool. LYNNE HENDRICKSON: walking, going to the beach, FTA — 3. DAVID HOLBROOK: " Let’s get this whole place on the roof!” eating tacos, guitar, split ends, John Wayne, The Who, Student Council — 2, 3, 4, Student Council Treasur¬ er — 3, President — 4, Drama. JOHN HOWARD: drawing fists, nepalese. Steering Comm. — 3, 4, Yearbook — 4, Drama — 4. PATRICIA HOWES: Pat, sewing, tennis, reading, Tennis — 3, 4, Band — 1, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra — 1, 4, SrHonSoc — 3, 4. SHANE HOWLAND: VW, horses. 69 DAVID JOHNSON: Da-do, conservative existentialism, table tennis. Track, X-Country Capt. — 4, Class Vice Pres¬ ident — 2. SUSAN JOHNSTON: Sue, " Right?” boys, driving, talking a lot, Chorus — 1, 2, 4, Lib. Aide — 1, 2, Business Club — 3, 4, FNA — 2, 3, 4, Drama — 3. DOROTHY JORDAN: Zipper, Dotti, " What’s happening?” horses, driving fast, but always arriving late. Business Club — 3, 4. DAVID KEW: Einstein, Heliogaeism, reading, sailing, " Leviathan,” news editor — 4, Ind. Sty. — 4, National Merit finalist, 1st place National Soc. of Actuaries Math Test — 2. VICTORIA KING: Vicki, " We know all about it,” going to N.H., putting my foot in my mouth, tennis, skiing, working with kids, David!,walking in rain. Field Hockey — 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball — 1, 2, 3, 4, Softball — 1, 2, Tennis — 3, 4, Ind. Sty. — 4, JrHonSoc — 1, Student Council — 4. CHUCK KLINGENSTEIN: Chucker, " How you all,” The Goat, photography, kidding people. LAWRENCE KREBER: Larry, tobacco chewing, hunting, Soccer — 2, Football in Sundance, Wyo. — 1, Wrestling Club — 1, 2, 3, 4, Track — 2, 3, 4, Work Study — 4. CHARMIAN LADNER: " It’s hard to see—it all works out,” making excuses in defense, Britain, thunderbuck ram, art, Procol Harum, music, pinball, Photography Club — 1, 2, 3, Ind. Sty. — 4. STEVEN LAJOIE: Steve, " Ohh yeah,” RAM, driving, sleeping, sleezing, being on time, Soccer — 2, 3, 4, Base¬ ball — 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball — 3, Premed Club — 2, 4, Yearbook — 4, Class Vice President — 4, Track — 2, Varsity Club — 1, 2, 3, 4. MICHELLE LANE: Mickie, " I can’t hack it anymore!!” al¬ ways being with Steven, dreaming, watching TV, eating at the Cove Grill, spending money, sewing, Chorus — 1, Li¬ brary Aide — 3. ERIC LARSEN: S.S.W. MARCIA LECOMTE: Marshisha, insanity. DAVID LEE: Red, Irving, big ears, surfing, hunting, water skiing, snowmobiling, skating, Soccer — 1, 2, 3, 4, Track — 1, Student Council — 1, 2, 3, 4. LARRY LEONARD: Tiny, ' T may be small, but I’m dyna¬ mite,” mean Impalas 91, swimming, guitar, MacDonald’s, walks. Band — 1, Soccer — 4, Steering Comm. — 3, 4. KARL LINDSTROM: fishing, intramural basketball. LISA LORRAINE: " Mmmm ... I never noticed,” Ber- nie, yogurt, pottery, talking, sailing, abstract poetry, Cheer¬ leader — 3, 4, Chorus — 1, 2, Lib. Aide — 2, 3, Ind. Sty. — 4, Sailing — 1, 2, JrHonSoc — 1, SrHonSoc — 3, 4. JANE MacKNIGHT: McNut, janeabee, " indecision leads to Coke,” photography, bicycling, patching pants, Noah, Cove Cinema, skipping out, chapstick. JUDITH MANNING: Hey jude, " I got to go pick up Steve,” Kalinick’s daughter, The little green box, Steve, Triumph 650, Lib. Aide — 1, Business Club — 3, 4, Drama — 3, Radio — 3, Yearbook — 3, 4. BOB McADAMS: Poo poo, not smoking cigarettes, good clean fun, water skiing, getting off, riding. ROBIN McCOUBREY: Rob, hard heart, drama, reading, RFW, Chorus — 4, Student Council — 3, Drama — 3, 4. WENDY MEADS: W. Meads, " Each to his own,” photog¬ raphy, driving, romping, imitating sandpipers, founder and high-standing member of the HHW, goin’ to the post, Car¬ ole King, steilacdom and spanaway, Field Hockey — 1, 2, 3, Basketball — 1, 2, Tennis — 2, Lib. Aide — 1, Class Secretary — 2, 4, Varsity Club, Europe, Oxford, tea for two. NILS MINER: fishing, golf, hunting, Dr., basketball, foot¬ ball, Golf — 3, 4. LESLIE-ANN MORSE: Morse, " How did we get on this subject?” " reading,” driving around, working at Stop and Shop, History freak. Mustang, Radio — 3. RICHARD MURPHY: Murph, " I doubt it,” Torino GT, Fords, sports, car racing, a certain girl K.C.C., Soccer — 1, 2, Basketball — 1, Track 3, 4, Golf — 1, 2. RANI NARDIN: " Who? me?” dancing, reading, dreaming. CINDY NICKERSON: Nick, " Are you kidding me!” ani¬ mals, skipping classes with Laura, being with Bill. JOANNE NICKERSON: Jody, " I said, it will be a good day tomorrow if it doesn’t rain!” sarcasm, Oct. 10 and 27, horseback riding, tennis, eating, Field Hockey — 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball — 1, 2, 3, 4, Softball — 1, 2, 3, 4, Band Orchestra — 1, 2, 3, 4, CC Music Fest. — 1, 2, 3, 4, JrHonSoc — 1, Student Council — 3, 4, Yearbook — 4, Class Secretary — 1. DAVID O’BRIEN: O’B, conceit, insults, surfing, sleeping, sports, Soccer — 1, 2, 4, Basketball — 1, 2, 4, Track — 1, 2, 4, Class President — 1. PAUL O’CONNELL: suum quique, being a really shy guy. KATHY O’CONNOR: Katie, " What are you guys gonna do tonight?” First National, parties, member of DBA, Pooh, " flying kites,” twins, all sports, sewing, mechanic, Field Hockey — 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball — 1, 2, 3, Softball — 1, 2, 3, 4, Radio — 4. RICHARD OLSON: " Swede,” " Shut up, will you.” surf¬ ing, hockey, football, Basketball — 1, 2, 3, Track — 2. ROSANNA PACINO: Roe, " The best things in life are liv¬ ing and free,” lovable little Italian, listening to my stereo, reincarnation, close to nature, animals, art, swimming, FTA — 3, 4, Ind. Sty. — 4. KATHARINE PAGET: Kitty. FAUSTINE PENNEY: Tina, " What a Deb!” crocheting, which one?, music, sailing. Track — 4, Drama — 3, 4, FNA — 3, 4, Chorus — 3, Radio — 4, Student Guide. GAIL PETERSON: " You’ve gotta be kidding,” sailing. Chip, sewing, cooking, Rainbow, AV Secretary — 3, Lib. Aide — 2, 3, FNA — 2, 3, 4, FTA — 2, Yearbook — 3, 4. JANET PETERSON: Jan, " You’re stupid!” sailing, bowl¬ ing, " Ding Dong,” water skiing, sewing. Chorus — 1, 2, Business Club — 3, 4, Yearbook — 4. JEFFREY PHILBRICK: Jeff, " Dylan,” thinkin’, readin’, guitar, harmonica, singin’, Golf — 3, 4, Band and Orches¬ tra — 1, 2, 4, CC Music Fest. — 1, 2, Folk Club — 2. LINDA PHINNEY: Fin-fin, " Really?” skiing, walking Nauset beach, a blue VW, Mystery Tours, fooling around, Basketball — 1, Intramural Basketball — 3. DONNA PILLSBURY: Pill, " Where’s Linda?” DM, lazy, skipping, smoking in the girls’ room, talking Linda into things, laughing, Drama — 3, 4. SANDRA PIRNAT: Sandi, " I’m alright, the world’s wrong,” " oh, wow,” being short, tennis, knitting, reading, swimming, Chorus — 3, Lib. Aide — 3, FNA — 3, 4, Drama — 3, 4, Yearbook — 4. TAMSIN POND: Crazy, " I don’t know,” swimming, laugh¬ ing, having a good time. MARK PREU: " You gotta be kidding,” sailing, photogra¬ phy, guitar. The A P, AV — 1, 2, 3, SrHonSoc — 4, Stu¬ dent Council — 1, Yearbook — 3, 4. WILLIAM QUINN: Willy, AV — 1, 2, 3, 4, Chorus — 3, 4, Track — 1, 2, 4, X-Country — 3, Drama — 2, 3, 4, Radio — 3, 4, cars, electronics, meat cutting. WILLIAM REEVES: Bill, " Be what you want, but be happy,” fishing, hunting, electronics. KEN REIS: Squirrel, surfing, cars. JAMIE RICE: " I don’t get it,” ruining jokes, pushing VW’s, trips to HJ’s, unicycles, Cheerleader — 1, 2, 3, 4, Softball — 3, Yearbook — 3, 4. MARY RICHARDS: MaryBeth, " If the shoe fits, wear it!” having an opinion about anything, Christopher-Sam-Petru- chhie-Beethoven-Nigger, my animals, Drama — 4, Radio — 4. PATTY SEDDON: Chorus — 1, Drama — 4. WENDY SIMON: " I’d rather learn from one bird how to sing than teach 10,000 stars how not to dance.” grubs again, mumble grumble, being happy, straightforwardness and sincerity at all times, FTA — 3, Drama — 2, 3, 4, Radio — 3, 4. BETTY SMITH: " Watch out,” Mouse, ’50 Buick, being myself. JIM SMITH: Smith, surfing, cars, Soccer — 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball — 1, Track — 2, 3, 4. DARRI-LYNN SMYSER: Darri, animals, science, reading, sports, horseback riding, my horse " Lonnie,” work, guitar, Drama — 3, Steering Comm. — 3, 4. SIDNEY SNOW: Sid, " What was that?” sailing, waterski¬ ing, hockey, coin collecting, sea explorers, Basketball — 1, 2, Golf — 4, Band and Orchestra — 1, 2, 3, 4, CC Music Fest. — 1, 2, 3, 4. ELINOR SPEAR: El, " Would you cut it out!” driving a VW, bicycling, bowling, ice skating, John Skarupa, Basket¬ ball — 1, Softball — 1, Business Club — 3, 4, Drama — 3. BILL STAFFORD: Stifferd, catching passes and missing tackles, ripping off the A P, street hockey, TV, Soccer — 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball — 2, Baseball — 2, 3, 4, Newspaper — 3, Radio — 3. SUSAN STAIB: Sue, transfer student, sewing, reading, playing team sports, Basketball — 2, Track — 1, Softball — 2, Drama — 1, 3. PAM STRALEY: " I’ve got a pass somewhere!” getting out of homeroom, working at Cumberland Farms, wandering in the halls, Charley, hiaku, Lib. Aide — 1, 2, 3, 4, FTA — 3, 4, Student Concerns Comm — 4. THOMAS STURTEVANT: Tom, not co-operating with the Yearbook staff, easily embarrassed. JULIA THOMAS: Pete, a lot of weird animals, horses, traveling with Lisa, drawing, torturing P.H., Orchestra — 1, FTA — 3, Drama — 4. ERICA VAN SCHYNDEL: Van, " That’s incredible,” pho¬ tography, guitar, drums, Chi-rho, being warped, Chorus — 3, CC Music Fest. — 3, Student Council — 3, 4, Student Council Vice Pres. — 4, Drama — 3, 4. SHERRY VEIT: walking in the rain,, sewing. BRUCE VERFAILLIE: " The Bruce,” " If feeling down you do deplore, call 255-4354,” Drama. SUSAN VON ITTER: Sue, " What a zoo,” " The Burden of Life is Love,” painting, photo-mania, beach at sunset, skiing, penny-pinching, bicycle riding, " Waffle Stompers,” " Motor Mount,” chopsticks, Salada tea, 1 Simon Gar- funkle fan, high membership of the HHC, Orchestra — 1, 3, Field Hockey — 2, 3, Basketball — 1, Tennis — 1, FTA Vice Pres. — 4, SrHonSoc — 3, 4, Yearbook — 4, Student Council — 1, 2, 3, 4, Student Council Secretary — 4. MARCIA WALWER: Marci, Wally, " you’re crazy,” being bored in English class, LJK, the beach, sewing, spending money, raising hamsters, Cheerleader — 3, 4, Lib. Aide — 1, 2, 3, Yearbook — 4. LISA WHELAN: piano, embroidery, knitting. LANCE WILCOX: Linus, " bad news,” cutting classes, surfing, Basketball — 1. LAURIE WILCOX: Monkey face, " You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometime, you just might find you get what you need,” motorcycles, witchcraft, 254, Basketball — 1, Tennis — 1, Drama — 3, 4. SHARRIE WILCOX: " Let’s go to the Village!” E.R.L., being alone, Cheerleader — 3, 4, FNA — 3, 4. APRIL WITTMAN: art, photography, skiing, mountain climbing, rid ing 10-speeds, near the waves, getting wild, getting my own way. PRISCILLA WOODS: Scilla, Field Hockey — 1, Basket¬ ball — 1, Softball — 1, JrHonSoc — 1. VINCENT YAMAMOTO: Dennis, Yak, " Beancent,” Squeaky, playing Kamikaze in football, surfing, scuba div¬ ing, hockey, chess, reading, Explorers. LINDA YOUNG: doing things Donna talks me into, Gary, long-distance phone calls to and from NEC, skipping with Donna, sewing, making apple crisp, Business Club — 4. Sharrie Trisha Warren Marcie Marcia Robin Sharon and Gail CLASS WILL I, Paul Adao, leave a can of Right Guard to Mike Deme- tri, only to be used before gym. I, John Allen, leave my New York accent. I, Leslie Allen, leave, backsliding fear¬ lessly. I, Ron Alexander, leave my next crop of whiskers to Mr. Chamberlain. I, Kerry Anderson, leave my future sis¬ ter-in-law, Jane Studley, in school. Have fun, Jane! I, Cora Avellar, leave but six more to follow. I, Rick Backus, leave my car under great protection so " Fat Larry” won’t demolish it. I, Lee Bailey leave for bigger and better anything. I, Jim Baker, leave, hoping all future gym classes will have as much fun doing jumping- jacks as I did. I, Rick Banas, leave my kidneys and liver to Medical science. I, Kevin Bardwell, leave my glass pipe to Mr. Pettingil. I, David Bean, leave dis here school. I, Roger Bismore, leave Nauset, not to be replaced by sports figures like Larry Leonard. I, Linda Brewer, leave. I, Fletcher Brock, leave dirty shoes to you. I, Mark Brogi, leave to Kathy Nadeau my raccoon, and some bandages for her chin. I, Laura Brown, leave my ability to be late or just not making it to my sister. I, Philip Burke, leave my rizla to Eddie Lamperti. I, Peter Burling, leave my long brown locks to Mr. O’Brien, so that his liberal ideas will have to come out. I, Gary Burns, leave Nauset what it gave me: nothing. I, Steve Burns, leave a " blemma” to Mr. Morse, and a free membership card to the " Mouse Trembley Fan Club.” I, Bernie Burn, leave Ted Mickle $1.00 worth of gas. To Mr. Gray I leave a collection of short stories. I, Mike Chambers, leave. I, Sherry Clark, leave, wishing good luck to Keith’s and Wayne’s teachers. I, Sharon Clif¬ ton, leave with my Mustang, supposedly. I, Carol Collins, leave typing to Mrs. Palmer. I, Harry Condit, leave with a smile. I, Lynn Connors, leave. I, Karen Cooper, leave my good marks to Jim Hayes. I, Jim Cowen, leave this school in a big mess. I, Keith Craven, leave my argyle socks to Paul Fegan. I, Beverly Crowell, leave. I, Phyll Crowell, leave. I, Linda Sue Cullum, leave Minihaha’s headbands to Egredior Day, my P.S. hat to Carol O’Connor, and my in¬ telligence to Gwen. I, Lucy Daniels, leave with a skipole in one hand and a crutch in the other. I, Elaine Demetri, leave to see happier days. I, Debbie Deschamps, leave the chocolate chip cookies to the elves in the trees, the beanstalk climbing to Jack, Mother Goose to lay eggs. I, Bob Doane, leave Mike Demetri all my scro juice. I, LouAnne Dorrie, leave Sheree Gage in charge of my Clove Lifesaver factory. I, Nancy Downs, leave. I, Trisha Duffy, leave my charitable nature to Robin McCoubrey, for poor Raymond’s sake. I, Amy Dyer, leave my hip boots to the next kid who is elected " Most Likely to Remain on Cape Cod!” I, Donna Dyer, leave my giggle to my sister, Jane. Right, Mr. McCaskie? I, David Edwards, leave, having been delighted long enough, for the wilds of the world. I, David Eldredge, leave my ability to be sly and never get caught at anything to Micky Mickle. I, Steven Eldredge, leave my good excuses to those who need them for our beloved Commandant Bresnahan. I, Scott Ellis, leave my can opener to Peter Larsen, if it doesn’t wear out. I, Warren Emond, finally leave, after all these years. I, Fonda Buck, leave my ingen¬ ious thinking and scrupulous methods of avoiding school days to my sister Stephanie. I, Mary Fettig, leave to Carol O’Connor my beautiful voice. I, Lisa Filliman, leave my writing ability to a few of Mrs. Laning’s students who are not so richly endowed, and my sister Robyn in the professional care of Nurse Velma Sue Jane Fuzzy Wuzzy. I, Janice Fisher, leave Paul with tears in the White of my eyes, hoping he will be cared for next year. I, Rodney Fulcher, leave all my math classes for good. I, Mari Fuller, leave Lynn Nickerson my mono- grammed gold book and ritual so that she may truly find her " pot of gold.” I, JoAnn Gage, leave Mrs. Erickson a clock that tells Brewster time so she’ll understand why I was always late for morning practices. I, Pam Gage, leave my hearing aid to Laurie " Tom” Smith. I, Cathy Gallagher, leave my ability to say absurd things at the wrong time to Frank Hutchings. I, Jim Gain¬ ey, leave my fullback position to N. Dunham. I, Jim Gillis, leave. I, Steve Gilmore, leave my seaweed to Mrs. Roche, my bad knee to Sheree Gage, (she already has one, so why not have two?), and my brain to Scott Newcomb. I, David Gould, leave, still amazed at Mr. Bresnahan. I, Brian Gove, leave my space in life. I, Laura Graham, leave my body to the Lord, a living sacrifice. I, Alexandra Guyer, leave my gift for renaming people to Linda Payne, and my tongue¬ twisting name to Mr. Chamberlin. I, Peter Hall, leave my extraordinary golfing ability to Wilkie Bear, in hopes that he finally figures out that the object of the game is to stay on the fairway. I, Gerald Har¬ per, leave my bike to any dumb nut who wants it. I, John Harris, leave my brains to Scott Newcomb. I, Jeff Haskell, leave my brother Peter to straighten Mr. Bresnahan out. I, Lynne Hendrickson, leave. I, David Holbrook, leave John Bahr to shave it through and through. I, John Howard, leave one gram of nepalese to Bart Melcher. I, Pat Howes, leave my ability to color—co-ordinate clothes to Joanne Hart and Jane Straitor.. I, Shane Howland, leave the honor of fooling around to anyone who can handle it as well as I 73 have. I, David Johnson, leave my open mind to anyone who can fill it with something worthwhile. I, Susan Johnston, leave. I, Dotti Jordan, leave my nickname " Zipper” to Dehbie Young. I. Q, leave arguments with teachers to next year’s leaders. I, Vicki King, leave to Sheree Gage the presentation of that one award feared most by all coaches: " The Fickle Finger of Fate.” I, Chuck Klingenstein, leave my goodna- tured " kidding” to whoever can handle it. I, Larry Kreber, leave ten sheep to Mr. Smith, five sheep to Mr. Finlay, and the whole flock to Mr. Gilmore. I, Charmian Ladner, leave for the lush ' seat of Mars’ — ' the other Eden’ with greener pastures and its ' happy breed of men.’ I, Steve Lajoie, leave, wondering " what the story is.” I, Michelle Lane, leave Tina a bottle dump and a ticket to Italy. I, Eric Larsen, leave very fast on my back wheel. 1, Marcia Lecomte, leave, hopefully, for Brazil. I, David Lee, leave, for the better of mankind. I, Larry Leon¬ ard, leave a case of bananas and a football to Mike Deme- tri. I, Karl Lindstrom, leave. I, Lisa Lorraine, leave Mrs. Laning a copy of Herman Hesse to help her with creative writing, and Franny Guyer a can of " crevettes.” I, Jane MacKnight, leave. I, Judy Manning, leave, sing¬ ing " California here I come.” I, Boh McAdams, leave. I, Robin, McCoubrey, leave my faithful and loyal nature to Trisha Duffy, for the poor groundsman’s sake. I, W. Meads, depart, never to cease existing, living without bounds ... I, Nils Miner, leave. I, Richard Murphy, leave all my Newsweeks to Mr. Kelley. I, Rani Nardin, leave this school like I’ve left all the oth¬ ers. I, Cindy Nickerson, leave my skinny legs to my sister Paula. I, Jody Nickerson, leave Herbie another Easter egg on his doorstep so he may never forget the " two dumb bunnies” in his Chemistry class. I, Leslie-Ann Morse, leave my French to Mrs. Morrison. I, David O’Brien, leave. I, Paul O’Connell, leave. I, Kathy O’Connor, leave a ton of Jello and one long neck to Frank Hutchings up on Giraffe Hill. I, Richard Olson, leave to Mrs. Emerson the collection of Hold) essays on Man’s behavior. I, Rosanna G. Pacino, leave all my Newsweeks to Mr. Kelley. I, Kitty Paget, leave. I, Tina Penney, leave my brother Dick to bug Miss Avellar. I, Gail Peterson, leave the tax-payers of Orleans, Eastham and Wellfleet one large bill. I, Janet Peterson, leave my van and Marcia’s gym uniform to my sister, Mar¬ cia. I. Jeff Philbrick, leave Robert Zimmerman my ability to play the harmonica, since he already stole my style. I, Linda Phi nney, leave Mr. Bresnahan the suspension of thousands to come. I, Donna Pillsbury, leave, having never been. I, Sandi Pirnat, leave, wishing Mary Popoli good luck in next year s Chemistry class. I, Tami Pond, leave a little early, thank God. I, Mark Preu, leave before I know it. I, William P. Quinn Jr., leave Nauset to all those unfor¬ tunates who have yet to graduate. I, William Reeves, leave. I, Ken Reis, leave. I, Jamie Rice, leave my seam ripper to my Home Ec. class. I, Mary Richards, leave to my brother Frankie my great ability to learn Spanish. Good luck! I, Patty Seddon, leave. I, Wendy Simon, leave on winged elbows for Australian wilds and further. I, Betty Smith, leave for good. I, Jim Smith, leave my brand new braces to Shark Newcomb. I, Darri-Lynn Smyser, leave Norman Smyser to another year of joy at Nauset Regional High School. I, Sid Snow, leave with better thoughts toward the future. I, Elinor Spear, leave to become a carpenter’s helper, hopefully. I, Bill Stafford, leave Mr. McCaskie a bowl of Maypo to eat with his 7th period spoon. I, Susan Staib, leave to next year’s senior class all the problems of being a transfer stu¬ dent in their last year of high school. I, Pam Straley, leave so Katie Luhman can feel free to go in the girls’ room dur¬ ing homeroom without seeing me in there. I, Tom Sturtevant, leave. I, Pete Thomas, leave A. Rock¬ well, for good. But , also leave him Sir Nubian Nubs. Butt, Butt? and Wolfgang too! I, Erica Van Schyndel, leave, a lit¬ tle bit scared but happy and with no regrets. I, Sherry Veit, leave Marsha my knowledge in sewing. I, Bruce Verfaillie, leave my — to somebody who doesn’t have one. I, Susan Von Itter, depart with the cour¬ age that enables me to step into the uncertainty of the un¬ known, hopefully learning from each experience I may en¬ counter along the way, in achieving my destiny . . . which is not the boundary but the fulfillment of my LIFE. I, Mareie Walwer, leave so Ellen Avellar can wear her own gym shorts. I, Lisa Whelan, leave. I, Lance Wilcox, leave my ability to talk Vice Principals out of suspending me to anyone who needs it. I, Laurie Wilcox, leave the slumber of feelings that have died, and a shadow on the things you know. I, Sharrie Wilcox, leave in search of peo¬ ple. I, April Wittman, leave a cloud with a silver lining. I, Priscilla Woods, leave. I, Vincent Yamamoto, leave a lie detector to Barry Turnbull and a can of turtle wax to Richard Holmberg. I, Linda Young, leave my Doctor’s Note to Joann Coombs to get out of Mrs. Butterfield’s gym class. 74 9 X py " r v 1 VH 3I 5xi y?- 1 ♦ F V. 6 « ■ -S ' . A 1 - i. ' .- - -i i d i.-; . y. V; - - - o - ■ ' -•-? W fV- .7 - f - a ) lV?»f: V i V fr -X ' 1 V. ' VV»: U , . A • V ffi vv ' V A ' - r i Mis w [ ' r rcr t » ' J •: vvi ’ V V- : Oi im •V ►- . s Ar VV 4 t • A 4 : ' ’• ' A.. LV i, • • rvc •. aa ;v.r T ' ’4E£ . £$£• 7A m , till ., . r.w ; S f ■ !v ■ ' Jrk sFS t M ts -K. • iS:?- te fcL. ' yJVA ,v " ’ " t ! «.: " ' -j ,-v . ..V ’ ) i r ■Ai V r f M. • : r; ' ; ' . -iw 1 ] f ■ • vV A $ A -v " ir ■1 ' Z : a i m: IT: i llT— ;’f r A tf ' a ' i r; i ;.?• ' . ' -ci r y ■ :7S f „p Sc:? x ' --.. T. • ' •.i : .V- ‘ VJt f • I . • • 55 a a , T:v - 1 . 1 " ' - ' - ■ Aj , r [• a, VS 1 4 iv a: .» i » • A %- ADMINISTRA TION • : a -r-T __ • ▼ -d and FACULTY ■ ai w. iATA ■m THE ADMINISTRA TION SUPERINTENDENT Dr. Knute Larsen 76 PRINCIPAL Mr. Frank Daly VICE PRINCIPAL Mr. Vincent Bresnahan .. OFFICE HELP Mrs. Evelyn Anderson Mrs. Ann MeadS Miss Jeanne Delaney GUIDANCE DEPARTMENT Mr. Sumner Campbell ENGLISH DEPARTMENT W r vot’d FU %r 4 L md , HOHfRlX)Mmr Sealed: Mrs. Nancy Laning, Mrs. Anne Stout, Mrs. Mary Berrio. Standing: Mr. Robert Morse, Mr. John Gray, Mr. William McCaskie, Mr. Brendan Gahan. $ f -. , - k m f- ■:1k l KSa » ; f- A- 4 L A _i Mr. Heinrich Sirucek, Mrs. Mary Morrison, Miss Susan Avellar, Mrs. Jane Buck. 78 SCIENCE DEPARTMENT Mr. Clifford O’Connor, Mrs. Janet Palmer. SOCIAL STUDIES DEPARTMENT PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT LIBRARIAN L. to R.: Mr. John Donahue, Mrs. Margar Erickson, Mrs. Judith Butterfield, Mr. Paul White. 80 Mr. Frank James Tone-Up??? Look at all those empty shelves!! MATH DEPARTMENT Mrs. Leslie Hunter, Mr. Robert Wilkinson, Mr. Joseph Walorz, Mrs. Joan Howe. 81 SHOP DEPARTMENT Mr. Stuart Fmla . Mr. Bernard Collins. Mr. Stanley Smith. Mr. Ken Collins. SPECIAL EDUCATION ' HOME ECON OMICS Mr. Leo Miller Mrs. Kathenne Luhmar.r. UNDERCLASSMEN 83 wm .. President: E. Lamperti Vice President: C. Grew Secretary: L. Smith Treasurer: A. Erickson S. Wilcox B. MacDonald S. Milliken G. Svenningson P. Duffy J. Winslow J. MacArthur S. Bengston B. Crowell D. Wiles D. Mulholland E. Fox G. Emerson B. Hunter S. Buck S. Smith R. Reynolds P. Fegan J. Burrill D. Chase N. Murzyn P. Larsen K. Verfaillie N. Dunham D. Johnson L. Smith M. Tartaglia E. Avellar J. Costello A. Saylor M. Philbrick S. Norgeot N. Norgeot M. Sherwin B. Brayton CLASS OF 1973 B. Elmer R. Morton S. Phillips V. Mangini I. Bronsdon R. Lovely D. Stamatos M. Turcotte E. Hubler J. Joy E. McCann S. Tabor C. West L. White P. Connick T. Bell D. Penney F. Englemann J. O’Connor S. Chase G. Brooke P. Lyons R. Winslow C. North B. Peters J. Straiton K. Straughn P. Fulcher T. Price M. Smith F. Haubner R. Filliman B. Dunne F. Field M. Demetri M. Popoli J. Lavallee D. Ramsdell R. Townsend HH M . ■ iM hi KUHKI7SW a auBinrc nn G. Moulton S. Craffey D. Young R. Holmberg D. Willis G. Ellis M. Smith A. Fitzgerald B. Whitelaw S. Burton K. Allen H. Joseph D. Doucette J. Doyle W. Chandler N. Reis S. Langley M. Younce P. Livingston M. Willis W. Coakley L. A. Hauck A. Field C. Nickerson B. Ramsey D. Adao H. Bassett D. Kew P. Stonier J. Day J. Hayes L. Perrault M. Coleman L. Mead C. Moore ■ L. Price B. Deschamps M. Fitzgerald G. Clark C. Dettenborn N. Chase N. Smyser C. Clark T. Shovelier S. Connors B. Turnbull L. Niven D. Burdick T. Tesson S. Hogg L. Abel R. Barwood S. Eldredge M. Costa i CLASS OF 1974 President: T. Whitelaw Vice Pres.: D. Schmidt Sec.: B. Verbics Treas.: M. Costa T. Allen S. Atwood R. Bassett B. Bayerle P. Bechtol D. Behren S. Bennett ! G. Bismore P. Blakely T. Blakely V. Blakely . S. Bowen A. Bronsdon A. Brown C. Brownville T. Cahill D. Carpenter C. Chilson R. Christian K. Clark ■m R. Clark D. Coe S. Coombs R. Creonte S. Crosby B. Cuminsky M. Currie C. Daffinee D. Davis C. Deane A. Dennison J. Dickey P. Dinger P. Doyle L. Dunham D. Dunshee W. Dutra B. Edwards J. Eldridge W. Ellis L. Elmer C. Emond A. Estrada P. Fates C. Finlay M. Francis M. Frazier S. Gage B. Gardner J. Gaynor U. Gebhard P. Gill M. Gilmore M. Gove K. Gray F. Guyer P. Hart L. Heyd G. Higgins J. Higgins P. Higgins D. Holbrook D. Holbrook R. Jones M. Kerwin R. Koehler S. Lajoie P. Langley F. LaPiana C. Lohan K. Mangini K. McCormick E. McPartland C. .McPherson B. Mitman P. Montgomery H. Morrison S. Newcomb A. Nickerson L. Nickerson S. Nickerson B. O’Connell C. O’Connor M. O’Connor S. Pacino N. Pageot L. Paine J. Parkington R. Penney E. Peterson M. Reynolds D. Pickard R. Pinney S. Quinn D. Ramsey C. Richardson J. Richardson J. Richman R. Riley A. Rockwell P. Silva J. Simon C. Smith D. Smith P. Smith J. Sorenson J. Souther K. Staib T. Tarvers J. Taylor J. Taylor L. Taylor W. Taylor R. Tesson T. Thomas D. Tullock R. Tyng K. Veit B. Velander P. Viscik J. Wade B. Wallace 0. Walsh B. Walther V. Whiting L. Wilcox L. Willis P. Woods W. Yonce L. Young CLASS OF 1975 M. Baker I. Bassett R. Bassett L. Bean J. Bearse M. Blatchford R. Boutelier A. Brogi C. Brooks L. Brown B. Buck K. Burton R. Cary K. Cassidy B. Catlan D. Chambers E. Clark K. Clark W. Clark C. Coleman L. Collins M. Comins S. Contonio D. Corbet D. Cowen L. Cox C. Crawford M. Creon te W. Cullum B. Cummings President: L. Reynolds Vice Pres.: J. Holmberg Secretary: J. White Treasurer: P. Clark M. Acorn C. Anderson J. Avellar J. Bahr W. Daniels D. Davis B. Day J. Deane C. Delano M. Dennison T. Doughtey D. Dugan A. Dunham S. Dunshee S. Einerson K. Eldredge S. Eldridge V. Ellis K. Erickson F. Estrada R. Evanka K. Faivre T. Fellers L. Finlay C. Gallagher C. Gallant P. Gasper J. Gould L. Gould D. Guisto J. Hall M. Hall R. Hall R. Hartley P. Haskell W. Heines S. Hemmings C. Hobner 92 B. Hogan V. Hopkins R. Howard C. Howes D. Hurley L. Ide M. Joy N. Kaliniek J. Kane T. Kane D. Lamoine T. Landers K. Langhans J. LaPiana T. Larson C. Liberty H. Livingston T. Marshall I. McCrum J. McCrum D. Meyer R. Mickle D. Minor C. Morris T. Mounce D. Mulholland L. Newcomb P. Nickerson R. Norgeot J. North L. Peluso T. Perrault M. Peterson B. Pettengill L. Pierce J. Poro M. Price I. Puffer L. Kroll D. Howes B. Hubler B. Hubler J. Hunter J. Putnam J. Quinn M. Raddlhammer D. Reeves R. Reynolds J. Richardson C. Richey R. Ronan M. Salts S. Samry E. Schmidt D. Severns M. Smith S. Snow L. Steeber J. Studley K. Suther J. Taggart R. Tesson T. Thomas P. Tibbits S. Townsend C. Troutz F. Turcotte W. Underhill W. Urquhart K. Walker G. Walwer W. Waters E. White K. White T. White W. White G. Wilcox H. Wilcox G. Woodland G. Woods C. Young ■■■ r ii 1 -v %■ m ' . ,-. ' £jC Uj 9|s gB» ■ ' ' ' ;■ ' y r •M. VARSITY SOCCER L. to R., Kneeling: P. Burling, J. Smith, S. Gilmore, B. Stafford, J. Harris, J. Gainey, S. Lajoie, D. O’Brien, D. Bean, R. Bismore, D. Lee. Standing: Coach Donahue, M. Tartaglia, C. Melcher, D. Penney, S. Bennett, L. Leonard, B. Dunne, S. Newcomb, J. Winslow, P. Melcher, B. Hunter (Manager). TEAM and league record Nauset vs. Upper Cape 4-0 Nauset vs. Upper Cape 4-0 Nauset vs. Harwich 0-0 Nauset vs. Harwich 7-2 Nauset vs. Chatham 1-0 Nauset vs. Chatham 2-3 Nauset vs. Falmouth 1-2 Nauset vs. Falmouth 1-2 Nauset vs. D-Y 103 Nauset vs. D-Y 5-2 Nauset vs. Sandwich 2-0 Nauset vs. Sandwich 5-2 Nauset vs. Barnstable 2-1 Nauset vs. Barnstable 3-2 Nauset vs. Tabor 4-0 Nauset vs. Tabor 5-2 CO-CAPTAINS Jim Gainey and Steve Lajoie ALL-CAPE TEAM MEMBERS Steve Gilmore and Steve Lajoie New Nauset records were set during the season. The team scored the most goals of any Nauset team, a total of 46. The most boys were involved in the scoring, a total of 17. Co-captain Steve Lajoie had 12 assists and 3 goals. Scott Newcomb had 3 assists and 15 goals, for a new Nauset record previously held by Jay Schofield in 1969 with a total of 13 goals. gjgggSsS JUNIOR VARSITY SOCCER Kneeling: R. Bassett, P. Higgins, C. Liberty, L. Taylor, K. Clark, L. Brown, R. Pinney, B. Crowell, G. Higgins, B. Hunter (mgr.). Standing: Coach Campbell, J. Winslow, B. Ramsey, S. Wilcox, C. Chilson, D. Mulholland, G. Ellis, D. Ramsey. VARSITY FIELD HOCKEY Sitting, L. to R.: Laurie Smith, Katie O’Connor, Sue Norgeot, Vicki King, JoAnn Gage, Mary Fuller, Sue Lajoie. Standing, L. to R.: Manager Lou Dorrie, Nancy Norgeot, Jane Peno, Sheree Gage, Laurie Young, Jody Nickerson, Pam Gage, Barb Cuminsky, Lynn Nickerson, Coach — Mrs. Erickson. TEAM RECORD Nauset.5 Nauset.8 Nauset.5 Nauset.5 Nauset.0 Nauset.6 Nauset.7 Nauset.4 Nauset.7 Nauset.0 Martha’s Vineyard.0 Chatham,.0 Provincetown.1 Harwich.0 Sandwich.0 Martha’s Vineyard.0 Chatham.0 Provincetown.0 Harwich.0 Sandwich.2 Co-Capt. — Jody Nickerson, Vicki King, Coach Erickson. 99 J.V. FIELD HOCKEY L. to R.: Bonnie MacDonald, Gwen Gage, Wendy Underhill, Lori Newcomb, Neil Emond, Vicki Blakely, Becky Walther, Meg Gilmore, Beth Hubler, Carol O’Connor, Kelli Walker, Janet Hunter, Coach Butterfield Nauset Nauset Nauset Nauset Nauset Nauset Nauset Nauset Nauset RECORD 2 Martha’s Vineyard.0 2 Chatham.0 2 Harwich.. • 0 2 Sandwich ..0 2 Chatham.0 3 Provincetown.0 0 Harwich.0 0 Sandwich.0 2 Dennis-Yarmouth.0 100 Half-time Ka-thump! CROSS COUNTRY L. to R., Kneeling: C. Grew, R. Backus, D. Edwards, D. Burdick, P. Woods. Standing: E. Lamperti, R. Tyng, Coach Gray, B. Deschamps, E. McCann. Not Pictured: Capt. D. Johnson, M. Price. CAPE AND ISLAND CHAMPS Kneeling: Capt. J. Nickerson. Standing: Mgr. M. Kerwin, L. Dorrie, J. Gage, S. Gage, V. King, J. Peno, B. Hubler, P. Woods, E. Avellar, T. Tarvers, P. Lyons, B. MacDonald, S. Norgeot, Mgr. C. Emond, Coach Butterfield. RECORD Nauset 54 Barnstable.39 Nauset 39 Falmouth .36 Nauset 30 P’town .36 Nauset 46 Chatham.28 Nauset 50 Nantucket.29 Nauset 30 Harwich.32 Nauset 39 P’town .27 Nauset 41 Chatham.21 Nauset 41 Sandwich .29 Nauset 55 Nantucket.11 Nauset 38 M.V.23 The 1971-72 girls’ basketball team brought back that long-awaited championship. Teamwork was the name of the game as Coach Butterfield put together the right win¬ ning combination. Despite two early season losses to P’town and Harwich, the girls came hack to win eight straight games to prove themselves the real champions. Nauset 50 Harwich.28 Nauset 41 M.V.23 Nauset 53 Sandwich .38 Nauset 41 M.V.23 Nauset 53 Sandwich .38 GIRLS J. V. Standing: Coach Butterfield. Kneeling: J. Hunter, S. Crosby, R. Cary, L. Holbrook, L. Newcomb, W. Underhill. Missing From Picture: Laurie Young ,Sue Lajoie, Lynn Nickerson. Showing the J.V.’s how. The girls’ J.V. suffered only one loss during the season. They consistently held large leads which allowed the coach to substitute frequently. This all points to a promising future for Nauset. 105 CHEERLEADERS L. Lorraine, L. Smith, M. Fuller, M. Smith, V. Blakeley, L. Mead, L. Price, D. Smith, J. Rice, D. Dyer. Back Row: Stan Wilcox, Bill Ramsay, Scott Newcomb, Noel Dunham, Steve Bennett, Peter Woods, Dave Mulholland, Duncan Penney, Steve Phillips. Seat¬ ed: Charles Chilson, mgr., Mr. Yeutter, Mr. Miller, Mr. White, Bruce Hunter, trainer. Kneeling: David O’Brien, Peter Burling, Rick Backus. RECORD Nauset 67 P-town . .62 Nauset 39 Chatham. .43 Nauset 49 Chatham. .54 Nauset 49 Sandwich . .58 Nauset 40 M.V. .54 Nauset 70 Nantucket. .72 Nauset 89 Nantucket. .61 Nauset 68 Upper Cape. .54 Nauset 79 Upper Cape. .42 Nauset 57 Harwich. .50 Nauset 72 Harwich. .56 Nauset 59 M.V. .65 Nauset 49 P-town . .57 Nauset 46 Sandwich . .60 This year’s boys team finished the season with a 6-8 record. With only two seniors on the squad, this year was used to give the un¬ derclassmen game experience. Nauset’s ever- famous defense was at its best this year, as ev¬ eryone looks forward to another exciting sea¬ son next year. 107 I ' W.HM.. ... BOYS JUNIOR VARSITY Standing: L. Taylor, R. Bassett, K. Langlais, M. Phillips, D. Ramsay, Coach White, D. Reeves, D. Chambers, B. Heines, R. Tyng, K. Clark. Kneeling: S. Samry. FRESHMAN TEAM Left to Right: R. Evanko, D. Mulholland, K. Cassidy, E. Schmidt, R. Mickle, F. Estrada, R. Butilier, C. Troutz, S. Samry. 109 njnu. ORGANIZATIONS MUSIC DEPARTMENT H o R C H E S T R A I Front Row, L. to R.: J. Fisher, C. Penney, J. Parkington, D. Deschamps, C. O’Connor, S. Gage, P. Gage, M. Fuller. Middle: R. Lovely, L. Crowell, J. Rich- man, J. Howes, S. Smith, J. Gage, J. Philbrick, D. Penney, Mr. James. Last: B. Deschamps, S. Snow, C. Dettenborn, J. Nickerson, D. Edwards, G. Sven- ningsen, S. Ellis, M. Reynolds, J. Baker, L. Payne. The Music Department has taken great steps this year. A new Stage Band was formed under the direction of Mr. Frank James, and made their debut%t the opening day ceremonies of the new school. Several students participated in the New Eng¬ land and Cape Cod Music Festival. In addition to the festivals, they have given many exchange concerts. SENIOR MEMBERS 112 BAND Front Row, L. to R.: S. Gage, J. Studley, V. Ellis, P. Gage, S. Nickerson, K. Staib, P. Howes, J. Philbrick. Middle Row: B. Pettengill, M. Price, J. Straiton, A. Saylor, J. Gage, M. Fuller, J. Howes, R. Deschamps, Mr. James. Back Row: C. O’Connor, D. Penney, J. Winslow, J. Nickerson, R. Lovely, J. Dyer, S. Coombs, C. Dettenborn. MAJORETTES F. Field, S. Einerson, M. Hall, L. Heyd, R. Ronan, M. Costa, S. Crosby. ■ 113 Front Row, L. to R.: B. Deschamps, S. Smith, J. Howes, A. Saylor, J. Gage, J. Straiton, M. Fuller, G. Svenningsen. Middle Row: L. Cullum, J. Fisher, M. Reyn¬ olds, D. Edwards, S. Ellis, J. Baker, L. Payne. Back Row: C. Dettenborn, S. Snow, J. Winslow, R. Lovely, D. Penney, J. Nickerson, Mr. James. INDEPENDENT STUDY L. to R., Seated: L. Lorraine, S. Clark, A. Guyer, R. Pacino, V. King, M. Fuller. Standing: D. Edwards, D. Bean, Doc Gessford, D. Kew. DEBATE CLUB L. to R., Seated: S. Chase, C. Gray, C. Penney, R. Lovely, L. Hauck. Standing: E. Lamperti, P. Hall, C. Grew, D. Kew, P. Harper, Mr. Gray, JUNIOR HONOR SOCIETY SENIOR HONOR SOCIETY L. to R., Steps: L. Brewer, R. Pacino, P. Howes, S. Clark. Top Row: A. Guyer, Mr. Hutchings, L. Bailey, J. Fisher, J. Gage, L. Lorraine, L. Graham. BE BB LIBRARY AIDES L. to R.: C. Haubner, M. Hall, R. Cary, R. Ronan, K. Burton, P. Tibbitts. L. to R.: P. Gage, M. Creonte, D. Dyer, L. Dorrie, S. Atwood, D. Graff, P. Viscik. 117 F " RADIO SHOW L. to R.: P. Lyons, B. Deschamps, Mrs. Emerson, P. Blakeley, P. Fegan. B. Hunter. LEVIATHAN to R., Front Row: S. Chase, D. Kew, M. Preu, S. Burton, R. Lovely, C. Gray, C. Grew, Mrs. Berrio. C. Penney. Back Row: B. Hunter. M. Yonce, . Chandler, P. Fegan, J. Straiton. P. Lyons. Mi mm FTA L to R., Front Row: J. Smith, P. Blakeley, H. Morrison, S. Clark, P. Gill, Mrs. Berrio. 2nd Row: M. Currie, S. Milliken, S. Hemmings, C. Lohan, K. Gray. B. Ver- bics. 3rd Row: M. Blatchford, T. Penney, E. Peterson, M. Kerwin, B. Jones, T. Duffy. Back Row: R. Cary, W. Simon, N. Downs, P. Livingston, M. Fettig, B. Velan der, D. Holbrook, L. Filliman, B. Deschamps, V. Blakeley, R. Pacino, P. Viscik, K. Straughn, C. Dettenborn. 119 STUDENT COUNCIL L. to R., Front Row: E. VanSchyndel, L. Cullum, D. Holbrook, S. Vonltter, Mr. Chamberlain. 2nd Row: M. Smith, D. Edwards, B. Walther, J. Nickerson, K. Gray, M. Fettig. 3rd Row: S. Buck, A. Dennison, D. Meyer, J. Hunter, D. Eldredge, D. Lee, J. Milliken. 4th Row: V. King, L. Dunham, K. Cooper, G. Finn, M. McCray, T. Duffy. Back Row: B. Jones, H. Morrison, R. Riley. A-V ■S; m yf t i ■ m w " X A ft. j v ' ; mp;vt f gma v jn$m v ‘jJS ■ Mi 1 L. to R.: R. Fipps, R. Mickle, B. Quinn, S. Samry, Mr. Collins, R. Hall. L. to R., Front Row: L. Dorrie, J. Nickerson, J. Gage, K. Walker, L. Reynolds, P. Straley, G. Peterson. Middle Row: L. Filliman, D. Ed¬ wards, J. Manning, M. Fuller. Back Row: C. Richardson, P. Lyons, S. Gilmore, S. Lajoie, C. Melcher, Advisors Mrs. Stout and Mr. Gray. YEARBOOK STAFF The independence and initiative of the 1972 Nau- set Tid es staff have been outstanding. As advisors, we have had little to do, and this is as it should be. A good yearbook is a student production, not a monument to a teacher’s skill. By these standards, this has been a fine book. The hard work, skill, and imagination shown by the small handful of editors and untitled workers, some of whom have contributed as much as the edi¬ tors, are all that any advisors could have asked for. For producing so fine a book and making our year so easy, we thank you sincerely. Anne Stout and John Gray 121 I I ! I k I FROM RAGS ra ;? % ■ all Si ' • V : " ' » -?■ • • a ' ;v %v t. YEARBOOK QUIZ Do you know: S. Taber, J. Haskell, B. Crowell, G. Gage, P. Blakeley, P. Adao, J. Howes, R. Morton, W. Condit, C. O’Connor, J. Gage, S. Crosby G. Emerson, J. O’Connor, P. Howes, P. Silva, S. Gage, S. Lajoie, L. Fox. J? E M E M B E R W H E IV 125 PM I s A I ( t i There is a pleasure in the pathless woods, There is a rapture on the lonely shore. 126 I i I : ; n VILLAGE GREEN PLAZA Route 6 N. Eastham Take-Out Orders Your Hosts — GEORGE and CLARE BURT 4 Compliments of TOWN-HO ANTIQUES AND COUNTRY STORE CREWEL and NEEDLEPOINT Routes 6A and 128 Brewster THE SEA ' N SAND 896-3000 % 128 Best Wishes From ORLEANS PHARMACY 255-0540 Orleans Congratulations to the Class of ' 72 From JEAN and LYMAIN OLMSTED and THE BREWSTER TENNIS CLUB 129 I WELLFLEET SUNOCO t Compliments of ORLEANS INN Route 6, Orleans ' [ Compliments of ill EAST ORLEANS 1 BOAT YARD INC. Good Wishes From SIDNEY T. SWAN REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE Orleans 130 ■■■■I NAUSET MARKET Route 6 North Eastham, Mass. ONE-STOP SHOPPING CENTER TIMOTHY DIBBLE Manager 2 Main Street Brewster Tel: 896-7744 Cull Amy WELLFLEET PHARMACY Main Street Wellfleet 349-3774 Compliments of FELCO Brewster Mass. Dave Compliments of PAINE ' S CAMP GROUND » Best Wishes From GOULD ENTERPRISES AMOCO PRODUCTS FOREIGN CAR SERVICE I Corner of Routes 6A and 28 Best Wishes From PHILBRICK ' S SNACK SHACK Orleans 132 Compliments of WILLIAM F. RAMSAY ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR Brewster Compliments of VILLAGE LOBSTER HOUSE Route 28 Orleans Compliments of PEGGY’S YARN SHOP Route 6 Wellfleet Compliments of H. C. ATWOOD REAL ESTATE ESTE ' S Wellfleet Orleans Congratulations to the Class of ' 72 SYDENSTRICKER GLASS Compliments of THE SLADE AGENCY REAL ESTATE and LAND SURVEYING Wellfleet Truro Compliments of CHILLINGSWORTH Brewster Congratulations to the Class of 1972 Congratulations From BACKUS AND SOULE JEWELRY GIGI ' S SHOE REPAIR H. H. SNOW AND SONS PAINE ' S GARAGE Orleans Wellfleet Congratulations From Compliments of THE ORACLE Orleans LIVINGSTON ' S PHARMACY INC. Class of 72 CAPE COD READY MIX CONCRETE CO. Orleans 136 PELLEGRINO ' S GULF SERVICE CENTER Wellfleet 137 Compliments of BEST WISHES SOUTH WELLFLEET GENERAL STORE From E. J. DAVIS PACKAGE STORE BLACK DUCK SPORT SHOP South Wellfleet i PHONE 349-2986 DONNIE’S REST De Luxe Cabins Cottages CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 72 BILL ' S SUNOCO SERVICE MR. M. R. MEDEIROS ROUTE 6, SOUTH WELLFLEET PROPRIETOR CAPE COD, MASS. Service 255-1396 Compliments of T INTERNATIONAL SHOP ■ V Sr M Route 28 Orleans DONNIE ' S REST COTTAGES PACKETT ' S MARKET South Wellfleet Brewster, Mass. 138 Compliments of SOUTHFLEET MOTOR INN South Wellfleet THE BRASS BELL r SELECT GIFTS Route 6A Brewster (Cape Cod), Mass. 02631 COMPLIMENTS OF COMPLIMENTS OF DAVID H. BESSOM COUNTRY STORE MR. AND MRS. AURTHUR NICKERSON East Orleans Best Wishes i CONGRATULATIONS FROM ERIC W. FISHER PLASTERER 18 Daley Terrace Orleans Compliments of GOULD REAL ESTATE STEWART ' S BEACHSIDE MOTEL Main Street East Orleans East Orleans Mass. — Compliments of MAYO ' S CATERING FOR ALL OCCASIONS Nauset Beach Rd. East Orleans Compliments of ORLEANS HOLIDAY MOTEL PEPPERHOUSE ANTIQUES PURCHASING AND SALES of PERIOD AND COUNTRY FURNITURE AND ACCESSORIES CHARLES E. SOUTHWORTH, JR. Telephones 896-3304 255-3476 Route 6A Brewster, Mass. 02631 Compliments of WONO MONOMOY GIRLS BOYS CAMPS r Brewster 140 rings bangles earrings leather belts buckles pouches beads BEST WISHES From OUR OWN POTTERY DOROTHY WILLIAMS THE LEMON TREE POTTERY GALLERY VILLAGE GENERAL STORE MY HAIRDRESSER Orleans At Main Street 255-1214 Chatham At A P Plaza 945-0173 Compliments of BREWSTER ICE COMPANY Groceries — Frozen Foods Fresh Meats Drug Sundries — Greeting Cards Notions ALLARD CONSTRUCTION COMPLETE LANDSCAPING AND DESIGN Brackett Road North Eastham Box 272 Orleans, Mass. 141 $fAe Cloth Cottage FINE FASHION FABRICS YARNS - NEEDLE WORK NOTIONS ORLEANS SHOPPING PLAZA Route 6A Orleans, Massachusetts 02653 Telephone 255-4181 DENISE ANN BAKE SHOPPE Main Street Orleans BETH BISHOP Orleans, Cape Cod DISTINCTIVE FASHIONS and ACCESSORIES FOR CASUAL, RESORT OR COUNTRY WEAR Open Year Round Compliments of NAUSET KNOLL MOTOR LODGE BEST WISHES FROM BREWSTER REAL ESTATE Route 6A East Brewster, Mass. ■ILL OUTLET East Orleans, Mass. Next ;to East Brewster The Cape Cod Five Cents Savings Bank Massachusetts, 02640 on U. S. A. Route 6A (617)896-5259 142 MlKr.iuNHnHHnsMiK 143 - i i ..inn iimm ii i m Compliments of PHIL’S BARBER SHOP Orleans Compliments of MURRAY ' S NAUSET REAL ESTATE BEST WISHES From LINDSTROM ' S GUEST COTTAGES Orleans, Mass. YOUR SALES AND SUMMER RENTAL CENTER PHILIP W. DREW Realtor Orleans Center Cape Cod, Mass. Office 255-0552 Home 255-0481 John A. Walsh Clifford A. Belcher James W. Gillis Diane Brittain Thomas C. Witter Rigmor Holbrook Brewster, Mass. BEST WISHES From COVE MOTEL AND GRILL Route 28 Orleans BEST WISHES TO ALL JOSEPH A. HERTIG Route 28 Orleans LAURINO ' S CAPE COD VILLAGE HOMEMADE PIZZAS HOT OVEN GRINDERS OPEN YEAR ROUND Brewster 896-7714 145 Best Wishes to the Class of 72 DORA ' S BEAUTY SHOP Wellfleet Congratulations to the Class of 72 BREWSTER COFFEE SHOP Brewster Compliments of NELSON ' S BARBER SHOP Orlea ns Compliments of MAURICE’S TENT AND TRAILER PARK Route 6A South Wellfleet 02663 Congratulations to the Class 72 From WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE HOMEOWNED STEDMAN WILCOX Main Street Orleans 02653 Phone 255-2712 146 CAPE COD PHOTOS art stuff and photo stuff Compliments of DUNNE ' S DOONE ROCK SHOP Wellfleet OLD TIME PENNY CANDY STORE AND CANDY MANOR Good Luck to the Class of 72 FAMOUS FOR HOMEMADE FUDGE 28 Main Street Orleans ROUTE To the Class of 72 " Find Your Wealth in Friends and Health " BEST WISHES Warren F. Dyer Builder Marilyn A. Dyer Real Estate Wellfleet MOTOR INN Route 6 Eastham Compliments of BETTY ' S BEAUTY SALON Main Street TOWN CRIER Wellfleet MOTEL YOUR HOSTS Bob and Eva Thayer 147 Compliments of Compliments of THE BREWSTER HOPKINS GOLF CLUB CLEANERS Provincetown Congratulations From Orleans MISS ROGER ' S FLOWER Wellfleet SHOP Flowers for All Occasions 255-0884 148 Compliments of COVE LIQUORS INC. Orlea ns PHONE 255-1 259 Ttt£ INCBEDIBtE BABN Antiques Books C Tunny (9ld cflungs WENDELL MURIEL SMITH On The Road To Main St. (East) Orleans, Mass. 02653 Nauset Beach Congratulations From EASTHAM SUPERETTE INC. Route 6 Eastham Compliments of IRELAND REAL ESTATE Orlea ns Compliments of HUBBARD PAINT AND SUPPLY Orlea ns DOROTHEA D. SMITH EARL W. GODWIN Rentals LUTHER CROWELL CAPE COD REALTY and Building Co. Wellfleet, Massachusetts 02667 349-2245 149 Compliments of MUSITRONICS Lou Jody Compliments of Route 6A Orleans GOOSE HUMMOCH SHOP SPORTING GOODS Congratulations From Eric THE CHEESE CORNER Orleans Linda Compliments of ROBINSON ' S 5 10 Orleans Nantucket Yarmouth Vineyard Haven Congratulations to the Class of ' 72 SEARS ROEBUCK CO Orleans 150 NAUSET MARINE INC. Best Wishes From AREA CODE 617 TELEPHONE BUSINESS 255-1500 ROUTE 6A, ORLEANS, MASSACHUSETTS 02653 PENN YAN — MERCURY BOSTON WHALER — BEARCAT AQUA SPORT — MERCRUISER TRAILEX AND SNOWCO Route 6A 255-0777 Orleans THE EVENTIDE HOUSEKEEPING COTTAGES Best Wishes From OCEAN REEF GIFT SHOP South Wellfleet Scott MAINSTAY MOTOR INN ORLEANS MOTORS INC. Roger South Wellfleet 151 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1972 FROM THE SHOPS AT PEACOCK ALLEY WEASIES INC. BLUMEN LADEN Permanent Flowers and Gifts for ALL Occasions 25S-1623 The Moppet Shop CfiiLd’ie.n s. CiottzBi. {PLaytfiingi. CAROL A. WINSLOW M1TZI A. UNGER ORLEANS ON CAPE COD THE SPECIALTY SHOP THAT CARES Unusual Fashions for Every Occasion for Any Age Jr. and Misses OPEN ALL YEAR Compliments of WELLFLEET REAL ESTATE Main Street Wellfleet HAND CUT DONUTS MADE ON CAPE COD of: wheat flours, SUGAR, MILK, EGGS, VEGETASLE SHORTENING, SALT, LEAVENING, SPICES, AND FLAVORS. TEL. 255-3364 THE DONUT SHACK ROUTE 6 NORTH EASTHAM, CAPE COD net wt. 12 o . Compliments of COVE REALTY Route 28 Orleans 152 COMPLIMENTS OF HOWARD JOHNSON ' S Orleans Peter Donna D. COMPLIMENTS OF WELLFLEET NEWS DEALER CONGRATULATIONS FROM HENRY T. CROCKER INSURANCE AGENCY Orleans : 153 GOOD LUCK FROM THE YOU ' LL ’POP-A-WHEELIE " cheaper with a low-cost m HUMPTY DU 1P7T SHOP Specializing in Furniture and Accessories for the Little Ones AT THE YANKEE PEDDLAR COVE ROAD ORLEANS, MASS. open Mon — Sat 255-4012 LOAN at THE CAPE COD FIVE CENTS SAVINGS BANK Harwichport Orleans Chatham Brewster PATRONS Clayton R. Albiston Mr. and Mrs. Stuart K. Finlay J. B. Melcher, Jr. Doctor Charles R. Bardwell Mr. and Mrs. Herbert L. Fuller Mr. and Mrs. Nils W. Miner Mrs. Mary Berrio Mr. and Mrs. James M. Gage Mr. and Mrs. Herbert E. Montgomery,, Doctor Lucien Bouchard Mr. Brendan Gahan Mary L. Morrison Vincent P. Bresnahan Doctor David C. Garre Doctor Ralph Moyer Mr. and Mrs. Lincoln Brogi Mr. and Mrs. Leo F. Gallagher Doctor Charles W. Nichols E. C. Brookshire Doctor D. W. Gessford Mr. and Mrs. Author Nickerson Mr. and Mrs. Ellsworth E. Brown, Sr. Robin L. Gibbons Mrs. Lucy Ann Niven Doctor and Mrs. Francis L. Browning Mr. and Mrs. David A. Gilmore Mr. Clifford C. O’Connor Doctor Alan T. Cahill Mrs. Helen Gould James E. Owens Doctor Sidney B. Callis Mr. and Mrs. John M. Gray Mr. and Mrs. John J. O’Connor Sumner and Margery Campbell Doctor Richard P. Gregg Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Perreault Paul T. Chamberlin Doctor Barbara R. Hamilton Mr. and Mrs. James S. Philbrick Chris Christian and son Doctor Walter M. Hamilton Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Phinney Mr. and Mrs. Layman W. Clark Mr. and Mrs. John F. Hauck Mr. and Mrs. Minot Reynolds, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Collins Mr. and Mrs. William E. Heyd Mr. and Mrs. Bernard W. Richardson Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Coombs Mrs. R. Holbrook Doctor John G. Rice Mr. and Mrs. Elmer M. Costa Mr. and Mrs. David Howe Mrs. W. J. Robicheau Mr. and Mrs. Dominic J. Creonte Mr. and Mrs. Donald B. Howes Joyce P. Roche Mr. and Mrs. Luther A. Crowell A. A. Jacobucci Doctor Edson R. Rock Linda Cullum Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Joy Doctor Robert F. Rozene Frank V. Daly Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Kane Mrs. Eleanor Schmidt Mr. and Mrs. Charles N. Deane Henry Kelley II Stanley Smith Dr. and Mrs. David A. DeFarie Mr. and Mrs. Edward P. Kerwin Mr. and Mrs. George W. Staib Doctor Robert E. Dickson Martha Kerwin Mr. and Mrs. Arthur D. Stout Louis Dinger Mr. and Mrs. Franc Ladners Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Straley Frank and Charley Donovan Mr. and Mrs. David M. Laning Mr. and Mrs. William D. Sturtevant Mr. and Mrs. Curtis E. Dorrie, Jr. Ranee Langley Doctor George M. Tai Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Dugan Doctor and Mrs. Knute Larson Mr. and Mrs. Philps Tarves, Jr. Bruce Dunne Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Longo Mr. and Mrs. Peter W. Taylor Mr. and Mrs. William Dyer Mr. and Mrs. William Lorraine Doctor Donald B. Wentworth Mr. and Mrs. Paul B. Edwards Chris Luhmann Richard C. Walton Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Eldredge Mr. and Mrs. David Luhmann Mr. and Mrs. Donald Walwer Mr. and Mrs. Gordon S. Ellis Doctor J. Robert McNutt Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Woods, Jr. Jean Emerson 155 THE ' HEAD X FOOT SHOP SNEAKE RECOR DS STAPES JEANS £ LM DEVELOPING 40i EAD STUFF Live free and beauty surrounds you, the world still astounds you each time you look at a star. Stay free, where no walls divide you, you’re free as a roaring tide so there’s no need to hide. Born free, as free as the wind blows as free as the grass grows, Born free to follow your heart. Born free, and life is worth living, but only worth living ’cause you’re born free. 157 s Tm Across the morning sky all the birds are leaving, Ah, how can they know It’s time for them to go? Before the winter fire We’ll still be dreaming, I do not count the time. Who knows where the time goes? Sad deserted shore Your fickle friends are leaving Ah, but then you know It’s time for them to go, But I will still be here, I have no thought of leaving, I do not count the time, Who knows where the time goes? So come the storms of winter And the birds of spring again. And I do not fear the time, Who knows how my love grows? Who knows where the time goes? — Sandy Denny Tell me why you are crying my son, I know you’re frightened like everyone. Is it the thunder in the distance you fear? Will it help if I stay very near? I am here. — Peter Yarrow This day has ended. It is closing upon us even as the water-lily upon its own tomorrow. What was given us here we shall keep, And if it suffices not, then again must we come together and together stretch our hands unto the giver. — Kahlil Gibran 159 Sometime, in man’s existence, After his first gasp And before his last sign, He separated reality from appearance And experienced life. Sometime, in living, Man saw that all that was, Will never be All that will be, Never is. And all that is, Becomes. Sometime, in time, All men who have existed Will have died. But only a few Will have lived. — Jon Vaughan Well something’s lost but something’s gained in living every day. — Joni Mitchell I’ve looked at life from both sides now from win and lose and still somehow it’s life’s illusions I recall I really don’t know life at all. — Joni Mitchell . _ . _ NAUSET REG H S LIBRARY

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